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Lignin phenols used to infer organic matter sources to Sepetiba Bay - RJ, Brasil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Lignin phenols were measured in the sediments of Sepitiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and in bedload sediments and suspended sediments of the four major fluvial inputs to the bay; São Francisco and Guandu Channels and the Guarda and Cação Rivers. Fluvial suspended lignin yields (?8 3.5-14.6 mgC 10 g dw -1) vary little between the wet and dry seasons and are poorly correlated with fluvial chlorophyll concentrations (0.8-50.2 ?gC L -1). Despite current land use practices that favor grassland agriculture or industrial uses, fluvial lignin compositions are dominated by a degraded leaf-sourced material. The exception is the Guarda River, which has a slight influence from grasses. The Lignin Phenol Vegetation Index, coupled with acid/aldehyde and 3.5 Db/V ratios, indicate that degraded leaf-derived phenols are also the primary preserved lignin component in the bay. The presence of fringe Typha sp. and Spartina sp. grass beds surrounding portions of the Bay are not reflected in the lignin signature. Instead, lignin entering the bay appears to reflect the erosion of soils containing a degraded signature from the former Atlantic rain forest that once dominated the watershed, instead of containing a significant signature derived from current agricultural uses. A three-component mixing model using the LPVI, atomic N:C ratios, and stable carbon isotopes (which range between -26.8 and -21.8‰) supports the hypothesis that fluvial inputs to the bay are dominated by planktonic matter (78% of the input), with lignin dominated by leaf (14% of the input) over grass (6%). Sediments are composed of a roughly 50-50 mixture of autochthonous material and terrigenous material, with lignin being primarily sourced from leaf.

Rezende, C. E.; Pfeiffer, W. C.; Martinelli, L. A.; Tsamakis, E.; Hedges, J. I.; Keil, R. G.



Metal concentrations, fluxes, inventories and chronologies in sediments from Sepetiba and Ribeira Bays: A comparative study  

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Three sediment cores were sampled at Sepetiba Bay and four cores at Ribeira Bay, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. Sediment accumulation rates and chronologies were obtained from 210Pb activity-depth profiles. Sediment accumulation rates in Ribera Bay ranged from 1.2mmy?1 in the inner bay to 2.6mmy?1 close to its entrance. In Sepetiba Bay two sediment accumulation rates were observed: a lower

Franciane de Carvalho Gomes; José Marcus Godoy; Maria Luiza D. P. Godoy; Zenildo Lara de Carvalho; Ricardo Tadeu Lopes; Joan Albert Sanchez-Cabeza; Luiz Drude de Lacerda; Julio Cesar Wasserman



Distribution and fluxes as macrodetritus of phosphorus in red mangroves, Sepetiba Bay, Brazil  

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The distribution and dynamics of phosphorus have been studied in the mangroves of Sepetiba Bay, Brazil. Leaf fall contributes 3.0 kg P ha=1yr=1to the sediment. The total above ground biomass of the R. mangle stand was about 65.3 t ha=1, the P accumulation was 3.9 kg P ha=1where 63% of the total P-biomass was accumulated in the leaves. The biomass

C. A. R. Silva; A. A. Mozeto; á. R. C. Ovalle



Combined SEM/AVS and attenuation of concentration models for the assessment of bioavailability and mobility of metals in sediments of Sepetiba Bay (SE Brazil).  


This study proposes a new methodology to study contamination, bioavailability and mobility of metals (Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb, and Zn) using chemical and geostatistics approaches in marine sediments of Sepetiba Bay (SE Brazil). The chemical model of SEM (simultaneously extracted metals)/AVS (acid volatile sulfides) ratio uses a technique of cold acid extraction of metals to evaluate their bioavailability, and the geostatistical model of attenuation of concentrations estimates the mobility of metals. By coupling the two it was observed that Sepetiba Port, the urban area of Sepetiba and the riverine discharges may constitute potential sources of metals to Sepetiba Bay. The metals are concentrated in the NE area of the bay, where they tend to have their lowest mobility, as shown by the attenuation model, and are not bioavailable, as they tend to associate with sulfide and organic matter originated in the mangrove forests of nearby Guaratiba area. PMID:23498658

Ribeiro, Andreza Portella; Figueiredo, Ana Maria Graciano; dos Santos, José Osman; Dantas, Elizabeth; Cotrim, Marycel Elena Barboza; Figueira, Rubens Cesar Lopes; Silva Filho, Emmanoel V; Wasserman, Julio Cesar



Dial organic carbon fluctuations in a mangrove tidal creek in Sepetiba bay, Southeast Brazil.  


The carbon (C) concentration and flux, as dissolved organic carbon (DOC), particulate organic carbon (POC) and macrodetritus (MD), were quantified through 4 tidal cycles in a mangrove tidal creek in Southeastern Brazil. DOC was the major fraction of the total C concentration, accounting for 68 and 61% of the total C concentration during ebb and flood periods respectively. Concentrations of DOC (Ebb = 3.41 +/- 0.57 mgC.L-1 and Flood = 3.55 +/- 0.76 mgC.L-1) and POC (Ebb = 1.73 +/- 0.99 mgC.L-1 and Flood = 1.28 +/- 0.45 mgC.L-1) were relatively similar during the four tidal cycles. Macrodetritus presented a wide variation with concentration peaks probably related to external forces, such as winds, which enrich the ebb flow with leaf litter. DOC and POC fluxes depended primarily on tidal and net water fluxes, whereas MD fluxes were not. The magnitude of the DOC and POC fluxes varied with the area flooded at high tide, but not the MD fluxes. DOC was the major form of carbon export to Sepetiba Bay. During the four tidal cycles, the forest exported a total of 1.2 kg of organic carbon per ha, mostly as DOC (60%), followed by POC (22%) and MD (18%). PMID:18278319

Rezende, C E; Lacerda, L D; Ovalle, A R C; Silva, L F F



Assessment of heavy metals in Egretta thula: case study: Coroa Grande mangrove, Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  


This study focuses on metals analysis in kidney and liver tissues of Egretta thula which were collected prostrate or newly dead in Coroa Grande mangrove, Sepetiba Bay, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, between March 2005 and October 2008. Kidney and liver were collected and analysed to evaluate heavy metal pollution. High values and widest range were detected for all metals in liver and kidney tissues. Geometric mean differences from metals concentrations for Zn, Cd, Ni, Pb, Cu, and Cr, respectively, were found in both organs. Results from linear regression analysis were non-significant in kidney (r = -0.79975, P = 0.10428), and in liver (r = -0.53193, P = 0.35618). With ANOVA analysis for metal accumulation differences (kidney*liver), at the 0.05 level, the results were significantly different (F = 33.17676, P = 0.00000; F = 12.47880, P = 0.00000). These results indicate that Sepetiba Bay shows worrying levels of metals in this study with E. thula, showing potential power of widespread biological and mutagenic adverse effects in trophic levels, and therefore, signalling risk to human health. PMID:21437402

Ferreira, A P



Effect of Rj Genotype and Cultivation Temperature on the Community Structure of Soybean-Nodulating Bradyrhizobia  

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The nodulation tendency and community structure of indigenous bradyrhizobia on Rj genotype soybean cultivars at cultivation temperatures of 33/28°C, 28/23°C, and 23/18°C for 16/8 h (day/night degrees, hours) were investigated using 780 bradyrhizobial DNA samples from an Andosol with 13 soybean cultivars of four Rj genotypes (non-Rj, Rj2Rj3, Rj4, and Rj2Rj3Rj4). A dendrogram was constructed based on restriction fragment length polymorphism of the PCR products (PCR-RFLP) of the 16S-23S rRNA gene internal transcribed spacer region. Eleven Bradyrhizobium U.S. Department of Agriculture strains were used as a reference. The dendrogram indicated seven clusters based on similarities among the reference strains. The occupancy rate of the Bj123 cluster decreased with increasing cultivation temperature, whereas the occupancy rates of the Bj110 cluster, Be76 cluster, and Be94 cluster increased with increasing cultivation temperature. In particular, the Rj2Rj3Rj4 genotype soybeans were infected with a number of Bj110 clusters, regardless of the increasing cultivation temperature, compared to other Rj genotype soybean cultivars. The ratio of beta diversity to gamma diversity (H??/H??), which represents differences in the bradyrhizobial communities by pairwise comparison among cultivation temperature sets within the same soybean cultivar, indicated that the bradyrhizobial communities tended to be different among cultivation temperatures. Multidimensional scaling analysis indicated that the infection of the Bj110 cluster and the Bj123 cluster by host soybean genotype and the cultivation temperature affected the bradyrhizobial communities. These results suggested that the Rj genotypes and cultivation temperatures affected the nodulation tendency and community structures of soybean-nodulating bradyrhizobia. PMID:22156423

Shiro, Sokichi; Yamamoto, Akihiro; Umehara, Yosuke; Hayashi, Masaki; Yoshida, Naoto; Nishiwaki, Aya; Yamakawa, Takeo



Acid Volatile Sulfides (avs) and the Bioavailability of Trace Metals in the Channel of the SÃO Francisco River, Sepetiba Bay - de Janeiro-Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Sepetiba Bay has 430 Km2 of internal and 2,500 Km2 area of the drainage basin (Lacerda et al., 2007), located 60 km west of the city of Rio de Janeiro. Sepetiba Bay has 430 Km2 of internal and 2,500 Km2 area of the drainage basin (Lacerda et al., 2007), located 60 km west of the city of Rio de Janeiro.The San Francisco channel comes from the Guandu River and empties into Sepetiba Bay and is the main contributor of freshwater to the estuarine system. The Guandu River system/channel of San Francisco receives contribution of domestic and industrial effluents, which go largely to Sepetiba Bay. This work aimed to evaluate the .This work aimed to evaluate the ratio SEM/AVS as a way of predicting bioavailability trace metals from industrial sewage, mainly, in the estuarine system of Sepetiba. This model is based on the property of some Divalent metal cations (Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb and Zn), by presenting a low solubility constant, are removed from the soluble fraction by precipitation, forming secondary metal sulfides. Were held four transects, made up of three points each, the coast line to the center of the Bay. The surface sediment was collected with a van Veen sampler type ,packed in glass jars and kept frozen until analysis.The determination of SEM/AVS followed the methodology described by Allen et al. (1991). The variation between sulfide 159.88 ± 0.05 µmol/g on 12 points. The metals that entered the sum of simultaneous extraction were: Cd, Cu, Ni, Pb and Zn ranging from: 6.47 ± 0.11 µmol/g on sum.The means (± standard deviation) ratio SEM/AVS per transect were: 1.04 ± 1.20 (transect 1); 0.48 ± 0.53 (transect 2); 1.26 ± 1.32 (transect 3) and 0.18 ± 0.14 (transect 4). Only transects 1 and 3 had higher results than 1 , meaning that there are more divalent metal sulfides in the environment. This means that only the sulfides would not be capable of complex and may reflect the potential bioavailability of these in the aquatic environment. There is no statistical difference between the transects. According to the studies done previously in the area for concentrations of AVS MADDOCK et at. (2007) found values greater than 290 ?mol g-1, MACHADO et al. (2008) found concentrations between 5.2-121 ?mol g-1 in the Herons Cove and RODRIGUES (2013) found concentrations between 14.26 to 41.46 ?mol g-1 in the Engenho's Sac.The results may reflect the oxic conditions of the environment, which interferes with the reduction of SO4. Additionally, other mechanisms of metal retention in the sediment may be occurring at the site, together with the interfering sulfide. Key words: estuary sediment and simultaneous extraction of metals.

Monte, Christiane; Rodrigues, Ana Paula; Marinho, Matheus; Quaresma, Tássia; Machado, Wilson



Geochemical behavior and dissolved species control in acid sand pit lakes, Sepetiba sedimentary basin, Rio de Janeiro, SE - Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This work shows the influence of pluvial waters on dissolved components and mineral equilibrium of four sand pit lakes, located in the Sepetiba sedimentary basin, SE Brazil. The sand mining activities promote sediment oxidation, lowering pH and increasing SO 4 contents. The relatively high acidity of these waters, similar to ore pit lakes environment and associated acid mine drainage, increases weathering rate, especially of silicate minerals, which produces high Al concentrations, the limiting factor for fish aquaculture. During the dry season, basic cations (Ca, Mg, K and Na), SiO 2 and Al show their higher values due to evapoconcentration and pH are buffered. In the beginning of the wet season, the dilution factor by rainwater increases SO 4 and decreases pH values. The aluminum monomeric forms (Al(OH) 2+ and Al(OH) 2+), the most toxic species for aquatic organisms, occur during the dry season, while AlSO 4+ species predominate during the wet season. Gibbsite, allophane, alunite and jurbanite are the reactive mineral phases indicated by PHREEQC modeling. During the dry season, hydroxialuminosilicate allophane is the main phase in equilibrium with the solution, while the sulphate salts alunite and jurbanite predominate in the rainy season due to the increasing of SO 4 values. Gibbsite is also in equilibrium with sand pit lakes waters, pointing out that hydrolysis reaction is a constant process in the system. Comparing to SiO 2, sulphate is the main Al retriever in the pit waters because the most samples (alunite and jurbanite) are in equilibrium with the solution in both seasons. This Al hydrochemical control allied to some precaution, like pH correction and fertilization of these waters, allows the conditions for fishpond culture. Equilibrium of the majority samples with kaolinite (Ca, Mg, Na diagrams) and primary minerals (K diagram) points to moderate weathering rate in sand pit sediments, which cannot be considered for the whole basin due to the anomalous acidification of the studied waters.

Marques, Eduardo D.; Sella, Sílvia M.; Bidone, Edison D.; Silva-Filho, Emmanoel V.



75 FR 52818 - R.J. Corman Railroad Company/Central Kentucky Lines, LLC-Trackage Rights Exemption-CSX...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Central Kentucky Lines, LLC-- Trackage Rights Exemption--CSX Transportation, Inc...grant additional limited overhead trackage rights \\1\\ to R.J. Corman Railroad Company...1\\ The original rights were obtained by R.J. Corman...



Location, structure, and motion of Jupiter's dusk magnetospheric boundary from ?1625 to 2550 RJ  

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We report on plasma observations along Jupiter's dusk magnetospheric flank from ?1625 to 2550 RJ using measurements from the Solar Wind Around Pluto instrument onboard New Horizons (NH). NH observed 16 magnetopause crossings between 1654 and 2429 RJ that were identified by transitions between magnetotail\\/boundary layer and magnetosheath plasma. These transitions were either sharp, with the magnetopause clearly separating two

R. W. Ebert; D. J. McComas; F. Bagenal; H. A. Elliott



Research on RJ has recently focused on the physiological functions of its individual  

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, particularly those of the most abun- dant protein, named MRJP1 (Major Royal Jelly Protein). It represents 48, it shows 1. INTRODUCTION Royal jelly (RJ) is a part of the diet of honeybee larvae and it plays a major 2000; accepted 25 October 2000) Abstract ­ Royal jelly (RJ) was separated by ultracentrifugation

Boyer, Edmond


PCR-based karyotyping of Anopheles gambiae inversion 2Rj identifies the BAMAKO chromosomal form  

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Background The malaria vector Anopheles gambiae is polymorphic for chromosomal inversions on the right arm of chromosome 2 that segregate nonrandomly between assortatively mating populations in West Africa. One such inversion, 2Rj, is associated with the BAMAKO chromosomal form endemic to southern Mali and northern Guinea Conakry near the Niger River. Although it exploits a unique ecology and both molecular and chromosomal data suggest reduced gene flow between BAMAKO and other A. gambiae populations, no molecular markers exist to identify this form. Methods To facilitate study of the BAMAKO form, a PCR assay for molecular karyotyping of 2Rj was developed based on sequences at the breakpoint junctions. The assay was extensively validated using more than 700 field specimens whose karyotypes were determined in parallel by cytogenetic and molecular methods. As inversion 2Rj also occurs in SAVANNA populations outside the geographic range of BAMAKO, samples were tested from Senegal, Cameroon and western Guinea Conakry as well as from Mali. Results In southern Mali, where 2Rj polymorphism in SAVANNA populations was very low and most of the 2Rj homozygotes were found in BAMAKO karyotypes, the molecular and cytogenetic methods were almost perfectly congruent. Elsewhere agreement between the methods was much poorer, as the molecular assay frequently misclassified 2Rj heterozygotes as 2R+j standard homozygotes. Conclusion Molecular karyotyping of 2Rj is robust and accurate on 2R+j standard and 2Rj inverted homozygotes. Therefore, the proposed approach overcomes the lack of a rapid tool for identifying the BAMAKO form across developmental stages and sexes, and opens new perspectives for the study of BAMAKO ecology and behaviour. On the other hand, the method should not be applied for molecular karyotyping of j-carriers within the SAVANNA chromosomal form. PMID:17908310

Coulibaly, Mamadou B; Pombi, Marco; Caputo, Beniamino; Nwakanma, Davis; Jawara, Musa; Konate, Lassana; Dia, Ibrahima; Fofana, Abdrahamane; Kern, Marcia; Simard, Frederic; Conway, David J; Petrarca, Vincenzo; Torre, Alessandra della; Traore, Sekou; Besansky, Nora J



[Deterritorialization of artisanal fisheries in Sepetiba Bay (State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil): an overview of occupational health and environmental issues].  


This paper outlines the consequences of deterritorialization of artisan fishing folk in Sepetiba Bay in the State of Rio de Janeiro on the occupational and health status of this population living in the area. By means of the concept of social determinants in health, it compares the new patterns of growth in the region with the living and occupational health conditions of these workers. This relationship was explained after conducting semi-structured interviews and focus groups. The results point to a strong relationship between the port undertakings and the installations of the nuclear program of the Brazilian Navy with subsistence and extractive fishing, contributing to an increase in the time spent at sea and the inherent occupational risks involved in subsistence fishing. This is in addition to the economic and environmental impacts on the productivity and quality of fishing production, which are a direct consequence of the dredging works and the new navigation and anchoring norms established and imposed by the state. PMID:25272109

Freitas, Marcelo Bessa; Rodrigues, Silvio Cesar Alves



RJ Flatt, List of publications (February 2013) 1. Flatt R.J "Dispersants in concrete", chapter 9 in Polymers in Particulate Systems: Properties and  

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", chapter 9 in Polymers in Particulate Systems: Properties and Applications, Ed. Hackley V.A., Somasundran P and future durability challenges for reinforced concrete structures", Materials and Corrosion 2012, 63, No. Kjeldsen A.M., Flatt R.J. and Bergstr�m L., "Relating the molecular structure of comb-type

Lygeros, John


Nutrient-plankton models with nutrient recycling S. R.-J. Jang1  

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Nutrient-plankton models with nutrient recycling S. R.-J. Jang1 and J. Baglama2 1. Department recycling can actually stabilize the nutrient- plankton interaction. Keywords: instantaneous nutrient of nutrient-plankton interaction with dif- ferent complexity have been constructed and analyzed since

Baglama, James


The Canadian Automated Meteor Observatory (CAMO): System overview R.J. Weryk a,  

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The Canadian Automated Meteor Observatory (CAMO): System overview R.J. Weryk a, , M.D. Campbell 10 January 2013 Accepted 19 April 2013 Available online 3 May 2013 Keywords: Meteors Image processing for the Canadian Automated Meteor Observatory (CAMO), an automated two-station video meteor system designed

Wiegert, Paul



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production rate of high-Z impurities, which can produce hollow electron temperature profiles in unfavorableSPECTROSCOPIC OBSERVATIONS OF IMPURITIES IN TOKAPOLE II DISCHARGES PLP 79 6 May 1979 R.J. Groebner. Impurity concentrations, line radiated power, and impurity behavior have been studied in Tokapole II

Sprott, Julien Clinton


Title: Tree Demography in the Tropical Rain Forest in Guyana Author: Zagt, R.J.  

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that for Chlorocardium seedlings exploited forests are not light at all, and how they cope with the gloom. The lastTitle: Tree Demography in the Tropical Rain Forest in Guyana Author: Zagt, R.J. Year: 1997 ISBN: 90 the results of a 4-year PhD study on the growth and survival of three tropical rain forest trees in Guyana

Machado, Jose-Luis


Print Unit, Hastings Building University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RJ  

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) and other graphics file formats � Professional DTP software (e.g. Quark XPress, InDesign) #12;Print Unit quality when you print it. For the purposes of printed publications, all your graphics should be a minimumPrint Unit, Hastings Building University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RJ T (01273) 678216 E

Sussex, University of


RPS/GMM Approach toward the Localization of Myocardial Infarction MA Mneimneh, RJ Povinelli  

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RPS/GMM Approach toward the Localization of Myocardial Infarction MA Mneimneh, RJ Povinelli on the ability to identify the segments, extent, and centroid of infarcts through ECG signals and body surface ordinary leads contain the necessary information to identify the segment of the infarct. This hypothesis

Povinelli, Richard J.


Lightcurve Analysis of the Near-Earth Asteroid (162566) 2000 RJ34  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Analysis of CCD photometry observations of the near-Earth asteroid (162566) 2000 RJ34 indicates a period of 50.5 ± 0.1 h. The amplitude was 0.78 ± 0.03 mag. The long period nearly commensurate with an Earth day made it critical that at least two stations, well-separated in longitude, be involved in the observing campaign.

Warner, Brian D.; Benishek, Vladimir



75 FR 75205 - R.J. Corman Railroad Company/Central Kentucky Lines, LLC-Trackage Rights Exemption-CSX...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Central Kentucky Lines, LLC-- Trackage Rights Exemption--CSX Transportation, Inc. Pursuant to a written trackage rights agreement dated February 5, grant limited overhead trackage rights to R.J. Corman Railroad...



Evidence for a distant \\/greater than 8,700 RJ\\/ Jovian magnetotail - Voyager 2 observations  

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A correlative survey of magnetometer (MAG) and Planetary Radio Astronomy (PRA) 1.2 kHz continuum radiation measurements from Voyager 2 provide evidence for at least eight distant Jovian magnetotail sightings occurring about once a month over the first 2\\/3 of 1981 at distances of approximately 5,000 to 9,000 RJ. The occurrences of these events are in good agreement with prior Plasma

R. P. Lepping; L. F. Burlaga; M. D. Desch; L. W. Klein



Turismo Náutico em Angra dos Reis – RJ : a sustentabilidade em questão.  

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??Dissertação (mestrado)—Universidade de Brasília, Centro de Desenvolvimento Sustentável, 2011. O turismo está em franca expansão e se desenvolvendo a taxas bastante significativas no Brasil. Em… (more)

Medeiros, Márcio Bastos



C.D. Hewitt R.J. Stouffer A.J. Broccoli J.F.B. Mitchell Paul J. Valdes  

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C.D. Hewitt Ã? R.J. Stouffer Ã? A.J. Broccoli J.F.B. Mitchell Ã? Paul J. Valdes The effect of ocean model of the oceanic mixed layer and a sea ice model (e.g. Manabe and Broccoli 1985; Hewitt and Mitchell.J. Stouffer Ã? A.J. Broccoli NOAA/Geophysical

Broccoli, Anthony J.



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THE DUTCH OPEN TELESCOPE R.J. RUTTEN, R.H. HAMMERSCHLAG AND F.M. BETTONVIL Sterrekundig Instituut, Postbus 80 000, NL­3508 TA, Utrecht Abstract. The Dutch Open Telescope is now being installed at La Palma: solar physics, telescope design, atmospheric turbulence 1. DOT history The Dutch Open Telescope (DOT

Rutten, Rob


42. Vonsattel JP, Myers RH, Stevens TJ, Ferrante RJ, Bird ED, Richardson EP Jr. Neuropathological classification of Hun-  

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of the neostria- tum against excitotoxic damage by neurotrophin-producing, genetically modified neural stem cells42. Vonsattel JP, Myers RH, Stevens TJ, Ferrante RJ, Bird ED, Richardson EP Jr. Neuropathological contributes to symptoms of HD. The striatum receives reciprocal topographically organized projec- tions from

Fischl, Bruce


Results of the radiological survey at 27 Schlosser Drive, Rochelle Park, New Jersey (RJ004)  

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Maywood Chemical Works (MCW) of Maywood, New Jersey, generated process wastes and residues associated with the production and refining of thorium and thorium compounds from monazite ores from 1916 to 1956. MCW supplied rare earth metals and thorium compounds to the Atomic Energy Commission and various other government agencies from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s. Area residents used the sandlike waste from this thorium extraction process mixed with tea and cocoa leaves as mulch in their yards. Some of these contaminated wastes were also eroded from the site into Lodi Brook. At the request of the US Department of Energy (DOE), a group from Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducts investigative radiological surveys of properties in the vicinity of MCW to determine whether a property is contaminated with radioactive residues, principally {sup 232}Tb, derived from the MCW site. The survey typically includes direct measurement of gamma radiation levels and soil sampling for radionuclide analyses. The survey of this site, 27 Schlosser Drive, Rochelle Park, New Jersey (RJ004), was conducted on July 14, 1991. Results of the survey demonstrated no radionuclide concentrations in excess of the DOE Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program criteria. The radionuclide distributions were not significantly different from normal background levels in the northern New Jersey area.

Foley, R.D.; Brown, K.S.



Results of the radiological survey at 27 Schlosser Drive, Rochelle Park, New Jersey (RJ004)  

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Maywood Chemical Works (MCW) of Maywood, New Jersey, generated process wastes and residues associated with the production and refining of thorium and thorium compounds from monazite ores from 1916 to 1956. MCW supplied rare earth metals and thorium compounds to the Atomic Energy Commission and various other government agencies from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s. Area residents used the sandlike waste from this thorium extraction process mixed with tea and cocoa leaves as mulch in their yards. Some of these contaminated wastes were also eroded from the site into Lodi Brook. At the request of the US Department of Energy (DOE), a group from Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducts investigative radiological surveys of properties in the vicinity of MCW to determine whether a property is contaminated with radioactive residues, principally [sup 232]Tb, derived from the MCW site. The survey typically includes direct measurement of gamma radiation levels and soil sampling for radionuclide analyses. The survey of this site, 27 Schlosser Drive, Rochelle Park, New Jersey (RJ004), was conducted on July 14, 1991. Results of the survey demonstrated no radionuclide concentrations in excess of the DOE Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program criteria. The radionuclide distributions were not significantly different from normal background levels in the northern New Jersey area.

Foley, R.D.; Brown, K.S.



Results of the radiological survey at 31 Schlosser Drive, Rochelle Park, New Jersey (RJ003)  

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Maywood Chemical Works (MCW) of Maywood, New Jersey, generated process wastes and residues associated with the production and refining of thorium and thorium compounds from monazite ores from 1916 to 1956. MCW supplied rare earth metals and thorium compounds to the Atomic Energy Commission and various other government agencies from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s. Area residents used the sandlike waste from this thorium extraction process mixed with tea and cocoa leaves as mulch in their yards. Some of these contaminated wastes were also eroded from the site into Lodi Brook. At the request of the US Department of Energy (DOE), a group from Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducts investigative radiological surveys of properties in the vicinity of MCW to determine whether a property is contaminated with radioactive residues, principally {sup 232}Tb, derived from the MCW site. The survey typically includes direct measurement of gamma radiation levels and soil sampling for radionuclide analyses. The survey of this site, 31 Schlosser Drive, Rochelle Park, New Jersey (RJ003), was conducted on July 14, 1991. Results of the survey demonstrated no radionuclide concentrations in excess of the DOE Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program criteria. The radionuclide distributions were not significantly different from normal background levels in the northern New Jersey area.

Foley, R.D.; Brown, K.S.



Results of the radiological survey at 31 Schlosser Drive, Rochelle Park, New Jersey (RJ003)  

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Maywood Chemical Works (MCW) of Maywood, New Jersey, generated process wastes and residues associated with the production and refining of thorium and thorium compounds from monazite ores from 1916 to 1956. MCW supplied rare earth metals and thorium compounds to the Atomic Energy Commission and various other government agencies from the late 1940s to the mid-1950s. Area residents used the sandlike waste from this thorium extraction process mixed with tea and cocoa leaves as mulch in their yards. Some of these contaminated wastes were also eroded from the site into Lodi Brook. At the request of the US Department of Energy (DOE), a group from Oak Ridge National Laboratory conducts investigative radiological surveys of properties in the vicinity of MCW to determine whether a property is contaminated with radioactive residues, principally [sup 232]Tb, derived from the MCW site. The survey typically includes direct measurement of gamma radiation levels and soil sampling for radionuclide analyses. The survey of this site, 31 Schlosser Drive, Rochelle Park, New Jersey (RJ003), was conducted on July 14, 1991. Results of the survey demonstrated no radionuclide concentrations in excess of the DOE Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program criteria. The radionuclide distributions were not significantly different from normal background levels in the northern New Jersey area.

Foley, R.D.; Brown, K.S.



Steepest Descent Adaptation of Min-Max Fuzzy If-Then Rules 1 R.J. Marks II, S. Oh, P. Arabshahi ,  

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Steepest Descent Adaptation of Min-Max Fuzzy If-Then Rules 1 R.J. Marks II, S. Oh, P. Arabshahi propagated from output to input, through the min and max operators used during the inference stage. This is feasible because the operations of min and max are continuous differentiable functions and therefore can

Arabshahi, Payman


77 FR 1667 - Nelson S. Galgoul, Av. Edison Passess 909, Rio De Janeiro, R.J., Brazil 20531-070, Respondent...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...the United States to Iran via Brazil, without the required U...Galgoul, who was located in Brazil. In so doing, Galgoul committed...Rio De Janeiro, R.J., Brazil 20531-070, and when acting...person, firm, corporation, or business organization related to...



Dinâmica populacional de Melanoides tuberculatus (Müller, 1774) em um riacho impactado da Vila do Abraão, Ilha Grande, Angra dos Reis, RJ, Brasil.  

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??Melanoides tuberculatus (Müller, 1774) é um gastrópode dulceaquícola de origem afroasiática, atualmente com uma distribuição cosmopolita, devido a seu comportamento invasivo. Utilizamos em nosso trabalho… (more)

Igor Christo Miyahira



Integrated Tools for American Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Surveillance and Control: Intervention in an Endemic Area in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil.  


American cutaneous leishmaniasis (ACL) is a focal disease whose surveillance and control require complex actions. The present study aimed to apply integrated tools related to entomological surveillance, environmental management, and health education practices in an ACL-endemic area in Rio de Janeiro city, RJ, Brazil. The distribution of the disease, the particular characteristics of the localities, and entomological data were used as additional information about ACL determinants. Environmental management actions were evaluated after health education practices. The frequency of ACL vectors Lutzomyia (N.) intermedia and L. migonei inside and outside houses varied according to environment characteristics, probably influenced by the way of life of the popular groups. In this kind of situation environmental management and community mobilization become essential, as they help both specialists and residents create strategies that can interfere in the dynamics of vector's population and the contact between man and vectors. PMID:22988458

Gouveia, Cheryl; de Oliveira, Rosely Magalhães; Zwetsch, Adriana; Motta-Silva, Daniel; Carvalho, Bruno Moreira; de Santana, Antônio Ferreira; Rangel, Elizabeth Ferreira



Integrated Tools for American Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Surveillance and Control: Intervention in an Endemic Area in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil  

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American cutaneous leishmaniasis (ACL) is a focal disease whose surveillance and control require complex actions. The present study aimed to apply integrated tools related to entomological surveillance, environmental management, and health education practices in an ACL-endemic area in Rio de Janeiro city, RJ, Brazil. The distribution of the disease, the particular characteristics of the localities, and entomological data were used as additional information about ACL determinants. Environmental management actions were evaluated after health education practices. The frequency of ACL vectors Lutzomyia (N.) intermedia and L. migonei inside and outside houses varied according to environment characteristics, probably influenced by the way of life of the popular groups. In this kind of situation environmental management and community mobilization become essential, as they help both specialists and residents create strategies that can interfere in the dynamics of vector's population and the contact between man and vectors. PMID:22988458

Gouveia, Cheryl; de Oliveira, Rosely Magalhaes; Zwetsch, Adriana; Motta-Silva, Daniel; Carvalho, Bruno Moreira; de Santana, Antonio Ferreira; Rangel, Elizabeth Ferreira



Deep MMT Transit Survey of the Open Cluster M37 IV: Limit on the Fraction of Stars with Planets as Small as 0.3RJ  

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We present the results of a deep (15 lsim r lsim 23), 20 night survey for transiting planets in the intermediate-age open cluster M37 (NGC 2099) using the Megacam wide-field mosaic CCD camera on the 6.5 m MMT. We do not detect any transiting planets among the ~1450 observed cluster members. We do, however, identify a ~1RJ candidate planet transiting

J. D. Hartman; B. S. Gaudi; M. J. Holman; B. A. McLeod; K. Z. Stanek; J. A. Barranco; M. H. Pinsonneault; S. Meibom; J. S. Kalirai



Deep MMT Transit Survey of the Open Cluster M37 IV: Limit on the Fraction of Stars With Planets as Small as 0.3 R_J  

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We present the results of a deep (15 ~< r ~< 23), 20 night survey for\\u000atransiting planets in the intermediate age open cluster M37 (NGC 2099) using\\u000athe Megacam wide-field mosaic CCD camera on the 6.5m MMT. We do not detect any\\u000atransiting planets among the ~1450 observed cluster members. We do, however,\\u000aidentify a ~ 1 R_J candidate

J. D. Hartman; B. S. Gaudi; M. J. Holman; B. A. McLeod; K. Z. Stanek; J. A. Barranco; M. H. Pinsonneault; S. Meibom; J. S. Kalirai



Charophytes as a nutrient and energy reservoir in a tropical coastal Lagoon impacted by humans (RJ, Brazil).  


In the Imboassica Lagoon (22 degrees 24'S and 42 degrees 42'W) (Macaé, RJ, Brazil), two species of macroalgae of the genus Chara (C. angolensis and C. fibrosa) registered in large areas were identified. The lagoon is subject to several relevant anthropic impacts, of which untreated sewage is one of the most important. Results of the biomass distribution as analyzed in different areas of the lagoon showed values ranging from 172 to 510 gDW x m(-2). As for the nutrient concentration, the results presented large fluctuations, with carbon values ranging from 325 to 392 mg x g(-1)DW, those of nitrogen, from 14 to 27 mg x g DW, and of phosphorus from 0.45 to 0.85 mg.g(-1) DW. This led to large fluctuations of the C:N:P ratio (from 387:24:1 to 872:47:1). The minimum and maximum energetic values of the biomass were 9.54 e 12.34 kJ x g(-1)DW. Smaller C:N:P ratios tended to occur in more eutrophic areas. The association between biomass and nutrient concentration showed that the highest quantities in the beds are found in oligotrophic areas. The Spearman correlation between nutrient concentration in the water column and biomass was r(s) = 0.45 (p < 0.05) for nitrogen and r(s) = 0.50 (p < 0.01) for phosphorus (n = 30). The large total biomass associated with nutrient concentration and energy content indicates that Charophytes are an important biological compartment in the structure and metabolism of the lagoon. PMID:15622845

Palma-Silva, C; Albertoni, E F; Esteves, F A



International Conference on Mathematics and Computational Methods Applied to Nuclear Science and Engineering (M&C 2011) Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, May 8-12, 2011, on CD-ROM, Latin American Section (LAS) / American Nuclear Society (ANS)  

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and Engineering (M&C 2011) Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, May 8-12, 2011, on CD-ROM, Latin American Section (LAS) / American Nuclear Society (ANS) ISBN 978-85-63688-00-2 APPLICATION OF NOVEL GLOBAL VARIANCE REDUCTION


Keynes, R.J. and Stern, C.D. (1988) The development of neural segmentation in vertebrate embryos. In: The making of the nervous system. (J. Parnavelas, C.D. Stern and R.V. Stirling,  

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. In: The making of the nervous system. (J. Parnavelas, C.D. Stern and R.V. Stirling, eds.). Oxford in vertebrate embryos. In: The making of the nervous system. (J. Parnavelas, C.D. Stern and R.V. Stirling, eds.V. Stirling, eds.). Oxford University Press pp. 84-100. #12;Keynes, R.J. and Stern, C.D. (1988

Stern, Claudio


[Development and migration of cyathostome infective larvae (Nematoda: Cyathostominae) in bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon) in tropical climate, in Baixada Fluminense, RJ, Brazil].  


A study following the development and migration of Cyathostominae infective larvae was conducted from July 2003 to November 2004 in tropical climate, Baixada Fluminense, RJ, Brazil. Samples of naturally infected feces were placed on 12 m2 plot each month on a cyathostomin-free "Bermuda grass" pasture (Cynodon dactylon). After Seven days, samples of feces and grass were collected every week at 8 a.m, 1 and 5 p.m., weighed and processed by Baermann technique. Higher survival of L3 was found at dry season, 15 and 12 weeks on feces and sward respectively, at rainy season the survival was smaller. The multivariable analysis of main components was evident the influence of time and environment variables on L3 recovery from feces and grass. Close relationship between time and the number of L3 in feces could be noted, in contrast with L3 in sward. The climatic conditions influenced directly the number of infective larvae. The infective larvae were recovered during three times and the Kruskal-Wallis test did not present significance among them. PMID:19602314

do Couto, Melissa C M; Quinelato, Simone; de Souza, Tarcísio M; dos Santos, Claudia Navarro; Bevilaqua, Cláudia Maria L; Anjos, Débora H da S; Sampaio, Ivan B M; Rodrigues, Maria de Lurdes de A



[Domestic violence against children and prospects for intervention of the Family Health Program: the experience of the Family Doctor Program/Niterói (RJ, Brazil)].  


This study seeks to estimate the prevalence of psychological and physical violence practiced against children in the family environment among clients of the Family Medical Program in Niterói (RJ). It also discloses some potential opportunities for action in the prevention, early detection and monitoring of families experiencing violence. This population-based survey was conducted with face-to-face interviews with parents or legal sponsors of 278 children registered in 27 teams of the Family Health Program. The population studied was randomly selected among children up to ten years of age. The Brazilian version of Parent-Child Conflict Tactics Scales - CTSPC was employed to assess the occurrence of this type of violence. Psychological aggression occurred in 96.7% (CI 95%: 94.7-98.8) of the households, and corporal punishment occurred in 93.8% (CI 95%: 92.0-96.7). Minor physical violence was reported by 51.4% (CI 95%: 45.5-57.3) of the respondents, and severe physical maltreatment by 19.8% (CI 95%: 15.1-24.5) of them. Although the mother was the foremost perpetrator of all kinds of maltreatment, most of the children were abused by both parents. In view of these results, domestic violence against children should be seen as a main concern for the Family Health Program. PMID:21808916

Rocha, Pedro Carlos Xavier da; Moraes, Claudia Leite



AG?tDjM}0l5$Rj@. # NAG?t$N8D?t$r#(x) $GI=$9. $3$N$H$, #(x) $OA26aE*$Kx/ log x  

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AG?tDjM}0l5$Rj@. # :4F#FF + NAG?t$N8D?t$r#(x) $GI=$9. $3$N$H$­, #(x) $OA26a!?t$H$$$$, $=$NAmOBH!?t # n#x #(n) = # p#x # log x log p # log p $r#(x) $GI=$9. $3$3$G # p#x $Ox 0J2NAG?tp $KEO$kOB$rI=$9. Nc 1.4 1(n) $H#(n) $N>v$_9~$_@Q$O (1 # #)(n) = log n $H$J$k. NAG0x?tJ,2r$r n = p m1 1

Sato, Atsushi


Um Estudo Exploratório sobre Inteligência Competitiva no Brasil AUTOR  

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This is an exploratory study and its main objective was to analyse the daily work from Competitive Intelligence Professionals, as analysts and managers in Brasil. It was developed under a sample based on 79 companies among 500 companies from Maiores and Melhores Guide 2007, with a structured questionnaire and interviews. The main results indicated that companies follow the competitors every



Relações Brasil-Argentina: Uma análise dos avanços e recuos  

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Nada há de original em afirmar que as relações Brasil-Argentina foram erráticas durante grande parte da História. A real dimensão das convergências e divergências é, contudo, menos evidente. Este artigo tenta examinar de forma objetiva os ciclos de avanços e recuos, conforme esquematizado no gráfico ao lado. A política externa argentina sempre sofreu impulsos contraditórios de dependência e autonomia, isolacionismo

Alessandro Warley Candeas



Calophyllaceae J. Agardh em Goiás e Tocantins & Hypericaceae Juss. No Distrito Federal, Brasil.  

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??Dissertação (mestrado)—Universidade de Brasília, Instituto de Ciências Biológicas, Departamento de Botânica, 2014. Este trabalho faz parte dos projetos “Flora do Distrito Federal, Brasil” e “Flora… (more)

Alkimim, Wanderson de Oliveira



Impact of nurse-led outpatient management of children with asthma on healthcare resource utilisation and costs A.W.A. Kamps*, R.J. Roorda*, J.L.L. Kimpen#, A.W. Overgoor-van de Groes*, L.C.J.A.M. van Helsdingen-Peek*, P.L.P. Brand  

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Impact of nurse-led outpatient management of children with asthma on healthcare resource utilisation and costs. A.W.A. Kamps, R.J. Roorda, J.L.L. Kimpen, A.W. Overgoor-van de Groes, L.C.J.A.M. van Helsdingen-Peek, P.L.P. Brand. #ERS Journals Ltd 2004. ABSTRACT: The high burden of asthma on healthcare utilisation and costs warrants economic appraisal of management approaches. The authors previously demonstrated that the efficacy of nurse-led

A. W. A Kamps


R.J. Wieringa Axiomatic Specification of  

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. It will be shown in chapter 7 that the theory presented here provides the needed conceptual foundations (identity and rigid designation), axiomatic set theory (the hierarchy of sets) and systems theory (state 20 3.3 Attributes, properties and operations 22 Chapter 4. The generalization hierarchy 23 4.1 Types

Wieringa, Roel



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2 ABSTRACT.- BRASIL-SATO, M. DE C.; SANTOS, M. D. DOS (Helminths of Myleus micans (Lütken, 1875) (Characiformes: Serrasalminae) from the São Francisco river, Brazil.) Helmintos de Myleus micans (Lütken, 1875) (Characiformes: Serrasalminae) do rio São Francisco, Brasil. Revista Brasileira de Parasitologia Veteriná- ria, v. 12, n. 3, p. 131-134, 2003. Departamento de Biologia Animal, UFRRJ, Km 47, Antiga Rod. Rio-São




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Resumo : O presente artigo visa apontar a relevância do e studo da língua espanhola em países de língua portuguesa como o Brasil. Objetiva-se com is so alertar e chamar a atenção do leitor brasileiro, em especial, de que o fato de serem lí nguas (portuguesa-espanhola) parecidas nem sempre a comunicação (escrita, oral, leitora e audi tiva) pode ser entendida




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O presente estudo tem por objetivo verificar como as correntes artísticas responderam ao estabelecimento da ditadura militar no Brasil. Nosso objeto é a produção artística engajada do primeiro período de regime militar, de 1964 a 1968 (do golpe ao AI- 5). É necessário determinar o nível de engajamento de diferentes grupos artísticos e como os suportes foram utilizados para esta

Rodrigo Medina Zagni


Estudo etnobotânico em duas comunidades rurais (Limeira e Ribeirão Grande) de Guaratuba (Paraná, Brasil)  

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RESUMO: Realizou-se levantamento etnobotânico em duas comunidades rurais etnicamente distintas (Limeira e Ribeirão Grande) de Guaratuba (Paraná, Brasil) para identificar plantas utilizadas na terapêutica popular, utilizando-se entrevistas semi-estruturadas (n= 11 e n= 7, respectivamente). Além de informações sócio-econômicas sobre a população amostrada, as seguintes informações sobre o uso de plantas medicinais foram registradas: nome popular, indicação terapêutica, parte usada, modo


Religio e TeRRiTRio no BRasil: 1991/2010  

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Carneiro de Andrade Capa e editoração José Antônio de Oliveira Este livro não pode ser comercializado;informação importante Este livro contém 60 mapas. O leitor poderá acessá-los por meio de hiperlinks a cada Religiosa e Indi- cadores Sociais no Brasil, publicado em 2003, e do livro Religião e Sociedade em Capitais


Avança Brasil: environmental and social consequences of Brazil's planned infrastructure in Amazonia.  


"Avança Brasil" (Forward Brazil) is a package of 338 projects throughout Brazil; the portion of the plan to be carried out in Brazil's Legal Amazon region totals US$43 billion over 8 years, US$20 billion of which would be for infrastructure causing environmental damage. Brazil's environmental impact assessment system is not yet capable of coping with the challenge presented by Avança Brasil. Generic problems with the licensing process include stimulation of a lobby in favor of construction before decisions are made on the advisability of the projects, the "dragging effect" of third parties, whereby economic activity is attracted to the infrastructure but escapes the environmental impact assessment system, a tendency for consulting firms to produce favorable reports, a bureaucratic emphasis on the existence of steps without regard to the content of what is said, and the inability to take account of the chain of events unleashed when a given project is undertaken. The environmental and social costs of forest loss are high; among them is loss of opportunities for sustainable use of the forest, including loss of environmental services such as biodiversity maintenance, water cycling, and carbon storage. The benefits of export infrastructure are meager, especially from the point of view of generating employment. Much of the transportation infrastructure is for soybeans, while the hydroelectric dams contribute to processing aluminum. The example of Avança Brasil makes clear the need to rethink how major development decisions are made and to reconsider a number of the plan's component projects. PMID:12402090

Fearnside, Philip M



Diagnóstico de doença de Alzheimer no Brasil: avaliação cognitiva e funcional. Recomendações do Departamento Científico de Neurologia Cognitiva e do Envelhecimento da Academia Brasileira de Neurologia  

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RESUMO - As heterogeneidades educacional e cultural da população brasileira condicionam características p e c u l i a res ao diagnóstico da doença de Alzheimer (DA) no Brasil. Este consenso teve o objetivo de recomendar condutas baseadas em evidências para este diagnóstico. Foram avaliados sistematicamente artigos sobre o diagnóstico de DA no Brasil disponíveis no PUBMED ou LILACS. Para

Ricardo Nitrini; Paulo Caramelli; Cássio Machado de Campos Bottino; Benito Pereira Damasceno; Sonia Maria Dozzi Brucki; Renato Anghinah



Archaeal and bacterial communities of heavy metal contaminated acidic waters from zinc mine residues in Sepetiba Bay  

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Mining of metallic sulfide ore produces acidic water with high metal concentrations that have harmful consequences for aquatic\\u000a life. To understand the composition and structure of microbial communities in acid mine drainage (AMD) waters associated with\\u000a Zn mine tailings, molecular diversity of 16S genes was examined using a PCR, cloning, and sequencing approach. A total of\\u000a 78 operational taxonomic units

Welington I. Almeida; Ricardo P. Vieira; Alexander Machado Cardoso; Cynthia B. Silveira; Rebeca G. Costa; Alessandra M. Gonzalez; Rodolfo Paranhos; João A. Medeiros; Flávia A. Freitas; Rodolpho M. Albano; Orlando B. Martins




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LIVROS DIDÁTICOS E SUAS FUN��ES PARA O PROFESSOR DE MATEMÁTICA NO BRASIL E NA FRAN�A. Clovis RESUMO Esse texto aborda as funções do livro didático de matemática em dois n que visa pôr em evidência o livro didático de matemática como «vetor de formação continuada» para os

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Waves in the chromosphere: observations R.J. Rutten  

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decisively so far, neither as magnetic modes in network elements nor as acoustic modes in below. Submitted to arXiv Astro-ph on December 6, 2010 to remedy this neglect and to demonstrate my newest latex

Rutten, Rob


J.D. McBride R.J. Leatherbarrow  

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protein in most human mast cells, and accounts for 95% of the trypsin-like activity in mast cells derived of active sites in tryptase which prevent access by large protein inhibitors. Abbreviations: BBI, Bowman±Birk inhibitor; LDTI, leech-derived tryptase inhibitor; Orn, ornithine. Human tryptase (EC is a mast

Leatherbarrow, Robin J.


Bistability in Communication Networks R.J. Gibbens1  

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to failures or overloads. How- ever, unless care is taken a dynamic routing strategy that appears of being accepted. However if second choice routes require more network resource (hold more circuits or possibly hold circuits for longer) then the network performance, as measured for exam- ple by its overall

Kelly, Frank


rj^TTY?^ /H\\ Ris-R-559 Department of  

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1.1. The Department of Energy Technology 5 1.2. The Reactor Physics Group 6 1.3. Heat Transfer and Combustion 8 1.4. Reservoir Group 9 1.5. Danish Reactor DR 1 10 1.6. The Environmental Modelling Group 11 2 Calibration Laboratory 17 2.4. Fundamental Combustion Research 18 2.5. Experimental Investigation


[Science, aesthetics and race: images and texts inO Brasil Médico, 1928-1945].  


This study addresses the formation of discourse about race and eugenics in texts and images published in O Brasil Médico, between 1928 and 1945. The documental analysis inspired on Foucault's theoretical and methodological perspectives, especially the concept of biopolitics, encountered references to the problems of eugenics amongst the Brazilian population, as well as a set of illustrations, mostly photographs of black people's bodies. A contradiction was identified, where a universalistic discourse about race was expressed at the same time that discourses about eugenics and biotypes revealed concerns about the degeneration of the formation of the Brazilian race. These discourses describe a Brazilian race with an idealized standard of physical and moral normality to serve as a model for the development and modernization of the nation. PMID:24346202

Silva, Eliana Gesteira da; Fonseca, Alexandre Brasil



Reproductive biology of the characid dourado Salminus franciscanus from the São Francisco River, Brasil.  


The neotropical characid Salminus franciscanus is an economically valuable migratory fish whose populations have been drastically reduced in recent decades due to industrial and economic development in Brasil. To study its reproduction, a total of 283 adult specimens were captured in the Upper São Francisco River, downstream from the Três Marias dam, Minas Gerais, south-eastern Brasil, from August 2009 to July 2010. The gonadal maturity stages were determined from histological features of the gonads and gonadosomatic index (GSI). Gametogenesis was assessed by light and electron microscopy. For analysis of the oocyte's surface and fecundity, mature females were subjected to hormonal induction and oocyte stripping. Fish in resting (Stage 1) were common in all samplings, ripening/ripe and spawning (Stages 2 and 3) were predominant in October-November and December-January and post-spawning (Stage 4) occurred from December-January extending until April-May. The GSI followed the morphological changes of gonadal maturation, with a peak in October-November, when maximum GSI (7.08 in females and 3.46 in males) was achieved. From scanning electron microscopy, stripped oocytes showed a funnel-shaped micropyle and a simple oocyte surface arrangement, which is typical for non-adhesive eggs. Fecundity ranged from 160 to 440×10(3) oocytes per female and 129 to 175×10(3)oocytes/kg. The results of this study indicate that S. franciscanus reproduces in the Upper São Francisco River from October to January, exhibiting a total spawning pattern, non-adhesive eggs and high fecundity, providing support for aquaculture and conservation biology of this important neotropical characid fish. PMID:23618945

Freitas, Leonardo J A; Prado, Paula S; Arantes, Fabio P; Santiago, Kleber B; Sato, Yoshimi; Bazzoli, Nilo; Rizzo, Elizete



[Reproducibility and relative validity of the Food Frequency Questionnaire used in the ELSA-Brasil].  


This study evaluated the reproducibility and relative validity of the Food Frequency Questionnaire (FFQ) used in the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil). Participants (n = 281) completed the FFQ and three food records on two occasions during a 12-month period. Energy and nutrient values from food records were disattenuated and log-transformed. Reproducibility and validity were assessed by the intra-class correlation coefficient (ICC). Agreement between the two methods was evaluated by classification in tertiles. In the evaluation of reproducibility, ICC estimated ranged from 0.55 to 0.83 for protein and vitamin E, respectively. On relative validity, ICC ranged from 0.20 to 0.72 for selenium and calcium, respectively. Exact and adjacent agreement between methods varied from 82.9% for vitamin E to 89% for lipids and calcium (mean 86%). Average disagreement was 13.6%. In conclusion, this FFQ showed satisfactory reliability for all nutrients and reasonable validity, especially for energy, macronutrients, calcium, potassium, and vitamins E and C. PMID:23459823

Molina, Maria Del Carmen Bisi; Benseñor, Isabela M; Cardoso, Letícia de Oliveira; Velasquez-Melendez, Gustavo; Drehmer, Michele; Pereira, Taísa Sabrina Silva; Faria, Carolina Perim de; Melere, Cristiane; Manato, Lívia; Gomes, Andrea Lizabeth Costa; Fonseca, Maria de Jesus Mendes da; Sichieri, Rosely



Subjective social status, self-rated health and tobacco smoking: Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil).  


Using baseline data from ELSA-Brasil (N = 15,105), we investigated whether subjective social status, measured using three 10-rung "ladders," is associated with self-rated health and smoking, independently of objective indicators of social position and depression symptoms. Additionally, we explored whether the magnitude of these associations varies according to the reference group. Subjective social status was independently associated with poor self-rated health and weakly associated with former smoking. The references used for social comparison did not change these associations significantly. Subjective social status, education, and income represent distinct aspects of social inequities, and the impact of each of these indicators on health is different. PMID:23818507

Camelo, Lidyane do V; Giatti, Luana; Barreto, Sandhi M



Hipertensão arterial sistêmica no Brasil: o que avançamos no conhecimento de sua epidemiologia? Systemic hypertension in Brazil: how much have we improved our knowledge about its epidemiology?  

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RESUMO A hipertensão arterial sistêmica (HAS), um dos prin- cipais determinantes da morbidade e mortalidade cardiovasculares, tem sido objeto de estudo em todo o mundo, seja por seus aspectos clínicos, fisiopatológicos ou como problema de saúde na coletividade. No Brasil, os primeiros estudos sobre prevalência surgiram na década de 1970, com produções crescentes na litera- tura e em congressos desde

Marta de Medeiros Neder; Arthur Augusto; Nogueira Borges


A formulação da nova política de saúde no Brasil em tempos de democratização : entre uma conduta estatista e uma concepção societal de atuação política  

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O presente artigo tem por objetivo traçar o perfil dos atores constitutivos do movimento de saúde no Brasil a partir de meados da década de 70, focalizando seus aportes institucionais, nexos organizativos e articulações discursivas, com vistas a aferir o papel destes atores na formulação da nova política nacional de saúde no período da democratização. Como parte deste objetivo, pretendemos

Ana Maria Doimo; Marta M. Assumpção Rodrigues


Rev. Brasil. Biol., 60(2): 299-306 FLIGHT ACTIVITY AND COLONY STRENGTH IN THE STINGLESS BEE M. bicolor 299  

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Rev. Brasil. Biol., 60(2): 299-306 FLIGHT ACTIVITY AND COLONY STRENGTH IN THE STINGLESS BEE M. bicolor 299 FLIGHT ACTIVITY AND COLONY STRENGTH IN THE STINGLESS BEE Melipona bicolor bicolor (APIDAE as the Atlantic forest. Key words: stingless bees, flight activity, climate conditions, resource collection

São Paulo, Universidade de


Flanagan RJ, Mitchell RJ, and Karron JD. 2010. Increased relative abundance of an invasive competitor for pollination, Lythrum salicaria, reduces seed number in Mimulus  

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competitor for pollination, Lythrum salicaria, reduces seed number in Mimulus ringens. OECOLOGIA in press and abundance of an invasive exotic, Lythrum salicaria L. (Lythraceae), influences reproductive success of a co of Lythrum salicaria lowered mean seed number in Mimulus ringens fruits. This effect was most pronounced when

Karron, Jeffrey D.



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of calcined high level waste into the borosilicate base glass show that a low melting point CsLiMoO4 phase for immobilising high level nuclear waste is to vitrify the waste by combining it with a borosilicate base glass as lanthanides and actinides; some of the species present can have low solubility limits in borosilicate glass

Sheffield, University of


Molybdenum in Nuclear Waste Glasses -Incorporation and Redox state R.J. Short, R.J. Hand, N.C. Hyatt,  

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are also reported. INTRODUCTION Borosilicate glasses used for the vitrification of HLW have good long term) that are high in Mo are particularly likely to cause devitrification in borosilicate glasses due to the low a sodium borosilicate base glass composition specified by BNFL and containing a simulated HLW composition

Sheffield, University of


DATA ACQUISITION FOR THE DOT R.J. Rutten, P. Sutterlin, P.C. van Haren  

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Technische Begeleidingscommissie (steering committee); chair Achterberg, members Pel, Verkerk, Hammerschlag) ­ observations with the above, especially in concert with SOHO, TRACE, and/or other Canary Island telescopes detailed one being the application to NOVA titled "Instrumentation for the Dutch Open Telescope" by Rutten

Rutten, Rob


1 RJ Buttery/FESAC/June 2014 Establishing the Physics Basis for Sustaining  

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power Minimize stress on heat handling systems Minimize size and operating cost This talk will focus & assess integration of Reactor Materials High efficiency Current Drive FNSF Design Develop self Decision Nuclear Science & Enabling Technology Develop Nuclear Materials & Breeding Blankets High


Almerio B. Franca Petrobras-E&P-BC, Av. Chile 65, Rio de Janeiro RJ, Brazil  

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and improving mine reclamation. Paul E. Potter Department of Geology, University of Cincinnati, P.O. Box 210013 Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati in 1987, studying the stratigraphy and reservoirs Ph.D. from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in 2001, studying the stratigraphy

Maynard, J. Barry


Short snooze can do you good BY R.J. IGNELZI COPLEY NEWS  

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group snoozed at 1 p.m. before repeating the test. The study, published in Nature Neuroscience, found sleep is when you dream, and is a very light sleep and one of the last stages of sleep," Mednick says

Mednick, Sara C.


Geochemical behavior of heavy metals in differents environments in Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon - RJ/Brazil.  


The accelerated urbanisation without a planning, brought several environmental problems to Rio de Janeiro coastal zone, especially in areas such as Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon, which receives a great amount of untreated sewage every day. To assess the nature, potentially sources and extent of heavy metal pollution in the lagoon, sediments from the surrounding streets, from the entrance of the main canal that drains to the lagoon and from the bottom of the lagoon were collected and analysed by a modified selective extraction procedure in order to study the geochemical partitioning and bioavailability of Zn, Cu, Cr, Ni and Pb in these three compartments. The present study verified an increase in the Cu, Pb and Zn concentrations in the north of the Rodrigo de Freitas lagoon. Despite the different levels of oxidation between the sediments accumulated in the streets and in the bottom of the lagoon, the geochemical partitioning of the heavy metals did not show any pattern of variation for the metals, except for the element Cu. No concentrations were found in the soluble phase of samples collected in the surfacial sediments of the lagoon, suggesting no bioavailability of heavy metals. PMID:21670872

Fonseca, Estefan M; Baptista Neto, José A; Fernandez, Marcos A; McAlister, John; Smith, Bernard



An Introduction to Topological Field Theory 1 R.J. Lawrence 2  

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In classical mechanics, there are two ways of describing the possible evolutions of a system. The first defined, and axiomatic encapsulations of the properties of TQFTs. In these notes we will be concerned simple geometry. As will be seen in the lecture, these structures are related to the quantum group

Lawrence, Ruth Elke


Magnonics: Experiment to Prove the Concept V.V. Kruglyak and R.J. Hicken  

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within an Aharonov-Bohm geometry14 , and in magnetic logic devices19 . Typically, the spin waves experiment is required to take advantage of effects such as those predicted in Ref. 14. In this paper, we propose an all-optical time domain experiment for investigation of propagating exchange spin waves

Exeter, University of


[Freshwater snails of the Campus of Manguinhos, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, RJ].  


A survey of freshwater gastropods of the Campus of Manguinhos, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro, was carried out during the last two years aiming to compare the current species with those found at the beginning of this century. Among 18 breeding sites in 880,000m2 of the surveyed area, 13 showed the following species: Antillorbis nordestensis; Biomphalaria glabrata; Biomphalaria straminea; Lymnaea columella; Melanoides tuberculatus; Physa cubensis; Pomacea glauca and Pomacea lineata. Notably, Biomphalaria tenagophila reported by Lutz in 1918, had disappeared and B. straminea and the Asiatic thiarid M. tuberculatus had been introduced. No specimens infected with Schistosoma mansoni were found. PMID:11460215

Fernandez, M A; Thiengo, S C; Boaventura, M F



Generic Shape Learning and Recognition1 Alexandre R.J. Franois2  

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exact models are not available. We propose an original approach, in which learning and recognition intend to use segmented tridimensional descriptions, the parts being modeled by generalized cylinders, and are quasi-invariants under projection and viewpoint change. Both types of parameters take discrete values

Southern California, University of


Biological Control of Listeria monocytogenes in silage JA Mayer RJ Merry HAS Epton DC Sigee1  

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. Neutralization of the cell-free extracts eliminated the inhibition of Listeria where it was solely due to p) cv Kempe (T-D isolates)gave less clear zones with diffuse outer edges. Cell-free extracts from two-six lactic acid bacteria antagonistic towards Listeria were selected by in vitro testing. Cell-free extracts

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


.,'r:....J._~'.-._.__..~_ . " .' ,~. ,.,_,_.'~... ~.,., ...,_",. This is only a prcprint. Not for citation.  

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. Not for citation. Full-Wave Modeling of the Transmission of Sound over Theater Seats: Ncar Field Investigation. Acoust. Soc. Am. 89,19-26, (1991)] is applied to a computer simulation of sound transmission across-333, (1991)]. The full-wave solution accounts for the acoustic pressure diffusely scattered by the chairs

Maher, Robert C.


Theorie en beginsel. R.J. Dam en zijn controverse met H.J. Pos [tekst  

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In January 1932, Dr Roelf Jan Dam (1896-1945), a classical scholar who was the Principal of the Gereformeerd Gymnasium at Kampen, sent a fifteen page 'bezwaarschrift' (gravamen) to the Board of Governors of the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. His objections were directed against the philosophical and linguistic views and methods of Dr Hendrik Josephus Pos (1898-1955), who was a professor

J. Noordegraaf



Preliminary statistical studies concerning the Campos RJ sugar cane area, using LANDSAT imagery and aerial photographs  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The two phase sampling technique was applied to estimate the area cultivated with sugar cane in an approximately 984 sq km pilot region of Campos. Correlation between existing aerial photography and LANDSAT data was used. The two phase sampling technique corresponded to 99.6% of the results obtained by aerial photography, taken as ground truth. This estimate has a standard deviation of 225 ha, which constitutes a coefficient of variation of 0.6%.

Parada, N. D. J. (principal investigator); Costa, S. R. X.; Paiao, L. B. F.; Mendonca, F. J.; Shimabukuro, Y. E.; Duarte, V.



Influence of the modern light environment on mood TA Bedrosian and RJ Nelson  

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travel, televisions and computers have dramatically altered the timing of light used to entrain regions. Therefore, it is possible that exposure to light at night, which has become pervasive, may decades, in parallel with increasing exposure to light at night. Strong evidence already links circadian

Nelson, Randy J.


Retrospective analysis of melanocytic lesions in children at the National Cancer Institute-RJ*  

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Skin cancer is the most common neoplasm in Brazil. Melanoma accounts for 4% of these neoplasms. Although childhood melanoma is rare, there is evidence that its incidence is increasing, placing it among the most important public health problems for the future. This work sought to conduct a retrospective review of cases of suspected melanocytic skin lesions in children, their diagnosis and management, and evaluate the sentinel lymph node biopsy method in some cases of cutaneous melanoma. PMID:24770528

Bomm, Lislaine; de Carvalho, Ricardo Vianna; Lima, Fernanda Ferreira da Silva; de Oliveira, Lidicie Natalia Braga; Tolstoy, Fernanda; Lobao, Dolival



PERMANENT GENETIC RESOURCES NOTE 871 Franken RJ, Hik DS (2004) Influence of habitat quality, patch size,  

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(Salvelinus namaycush) MARYCLARE F. ROLLINS,* NINH V. VU,* INGRID B. SPIES and STEVEN T. KALINOWSKI microsatellite loci isolated from lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush). The number of alleles at these loci ranged: Lake trout, microsatellite, primer, Salvelinus namaycush Received 13 May 2008; revision accepted 7 June


Vice-Reitoria para Assuntos Comunitrios Coordenao de Bolsas e Auxlios  

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Vicente, 225 ­ Gávea 22451-900 - Rio de Janeiro - RJ ­ Brasil Tel./Fax: (21) 3527 ­ 1356 LISTA DE DOCUMENTOS PROUNI 2014.1 1) DOCUMENTO DE IDENTIFICA��O do candidato e dos Membros do seu Grupo Familiar RG e Portaria Nº 02 de 06/01/2014); Certidão de Nascimento ou RG de todos os membros do grupo familiar menores


Comparative study of satellite and ground techiniques for cloudcover determination and their effect over the radiative transfer model BRASIL-SR.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Information about cloud cover is a very important input data for radiative transfer models and great effort is being made to improve its measurements. The BRASIL- SR model is a radiative transfer model that evaluates surface solar irradiation from cloud cover coefficient and climatological values of temperature and albedo. The original algorithm to derive cloud cover coefficient is based on the fact that clouds presents a bigger reflectance than Earth surface. Then, cloud cover coefficient is obtained for each pixel from GOES 8 visible channel-1 (0.52-0.75?m) from a linear relation between the maximum and minimum values over a specific time period. To minimize systematic errors caused by permanent cloudy or clear sky conditions, or caused by electronic noise, Martins has proposed two new algorithms. The first one is based on the albedo variability of clouds and Earth surface over a time period. The algorithm calculates the mean value and standard deviation of five minor visible radiance values measured by GOES-8 for each pixel in a one-month period. Clouds present a larger variability and, therefore, the standard deviation will be also larger when cloud contamination is present. The mean value is assigned to clear sky condition if cloud contamination is absent. Overcast condition is associated with the maximum radiance value measured. The second algorithm uses the ratio between the infrared radiance (10.2-11.2?m) and the visible radiance to identify cloud contamination in a pixel. The clear sky condition is associated to high values of this ratio and the overcast condition is associated to low ratio values (if snow coverage is absent). A linear relation between the two conditions is employed to obtain the cloud cover coefficient in both algorithms. Souza has developed an algorithm to determine cloud cover coefficient from images obtained by a CCD sensor on a ground platform. The CCD sensor operates in the visible range (0.4-0.7?m) and is adapted to a fisheye lens. The algorithm defines thresholds values for the saturation component of the IHS system to classify a pixel. Clear skies are identified by high values of saturation in the visible range while cloudy condition presents a mixture of various wavelengths and consequently lower saturation values. In this work we compare these three satellite techniques using data collected in the BSRN radiation station of Florianópolis (27° 28'S, 48° 29'W) with the data obtained from the camera in the ground platform. The main goal is to optimize the results obtained by each of these three satellite techniques when applied as input data for the BRASIL-SR model. The study encompasses the period from January/2002 to March/2002.

Martins, F.; Souza, M.; Pereira, E.


Earlier age at menarche is associated with higher diabetes risk and cardiometabolic disease risk factors in Brazilian adults: Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil)  

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Objectives Early menarche has been linked to higher risk of type 2 diabetes in Western and Asian societies, yet whether age at menarche is associated with diabetes in Latin America, where puberty and diabetes may have different life courses, is unknown. We tested the hypothesis that earlier menarche is associated with higher diabetes risk in Brazilian adults. Methods We used data from 8,075 women aged 35-74 years in the Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil) who had complete information on age at menarche, diabetes status, and covariates. Diabetes was defined based on self-reported physician diagnosis, medication use, and laboratory variables (fasting glucose, 2-hour glucose, and glycated hemoglobin). Poisson regression was used to generate risk ratios (RR) and 95% confidence intervals (CI). Results Menarche onset < 11 years [vs. 13-14 years (referent)] was associated with higher risk of diabetes (RR = 1.34; 95% CI: 1.14-1.57) after adjusting for sociodemographic factors, maternal education, maternal and paternal diabetes, and birth weight. This persisted after further control for BMI at age 20 years and relative leg length. Additionally, among those not taking diabetes medications, earlier menarche [<11 years vs. 13-14 years (referent)] was associated with higher % glycated hemoglobin (p < 0.001), alanine aminotransferase (p < 0.001), triglycerides (p < 0.001), C-reactive protein (p = 0.003), waist circumference (p < 0.001), and BMI measured at baseline exam (p < 0.001). Conclusion These findings support the hypothesis that earlier menarche is associated with greater risk for adult diabetes and cardiometabolic disease in the Brazilian context. PMID:24438044



Prevalência de diarréia na população do Distrito Docente-Assistencial do Tucumã, Rio Branco, Estado do Acre, Brasil, em 2003 Prevalence of Diarrhoea in the Population of the Medical Care and Training District of Tucumã, Rio Branco, Acre State, Brazil, in 2003  

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Resumo O objetivo deste estudo transversal foi determinar a prevalência da diarréia em amostra da população urbana da cidade de Rio Branco, Estado do Acre, Brasil, abrangendo pessoas de todas as faixas etárias. Após validação do questionário-pa- drão pelo estudo-piloto, foi selecionada amostra aleatória de 159 pessoas de 0 a 77 anos de idade. A prevalência geral da diarréia no

Raquel Rangel Cesario; José Tavares-Neto


Estimation of the bacterial community diversity of soybean-nodulating bradyrhizobia isolated from Rj-genotype soybeans  

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The diversities of communities of soybean-nodulating indigenous bradyrhizobia in Japan were estimated using mathematical ecology methods based on the results of polymerase chain reaction–restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis of the 16S–23S rDNA internal-transcribed spacer region. Polar ordination analysis indicated a significant correlation between the compositions of bradyrhizobial communities and northern latitudes in Japan. This result suggests that the composition and

Yuichi Saeki; Mai Minami; Akihiro Yamamoto; Shoichiro Akao



Diet and feeding daily rhythm of Pimelodella lateristriga (Osteichthyes, Siluriformes) in a coastal stream from Serra do Mar - RJ.  


The present study was carried out in Mato Grosso fluvial system, a costal drainage from Serra do Mar. We analysed the diet and the feeding daily rhythm of Pimelodella lateristriga from samples carried out during 24 hours over a 4 hour fishing interval, in June, July and September, 2006 as well as in January and February, 2007. Diet was described from the Feeding Index (IAi) and feeding daily rhythm was verified through the Gut Fullness Index (GFI). Pimelodella lateristriga diet was composed of 37 items, being aquatic insects the most important ones. IAi analysis revealed that Diptera, Trichoptera and Ephemeroptera amounted to 90% of the diet. Autochthonous invertebrates were the most important consumed items. Pimelodella lateristriga concentrated its feeding activities in the nocturnal period (10:00 PM to 2:00 AM) with marked significant differences (F = 16.11; gl = 5; p < 0.05) between each diurnal and nocturnal periods. Between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM, foraging activity was gradually reduced. We concluded that P. lateristriga has an insectivorous diet and a nocturnal feeding habit with greater activity between 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM. PMID:21180924

Mazzoni, R; Moraes, M; Rezende, C F; Iglesias-Rios, R



76 FR 59011 - Airworthiness Directives; BAE Systems (Operations) Limited Model BAe 146 and Avro 146-RJ Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...required by paragraphs (g) and (h) of this AD, the chromium plating on the outer diameter of any pin is found cracked, or the...material is exposed, or any corrosion is found on the chromium plating on the outer diameter of any pin, before further...




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University, Bloomington, IN 47405 USA, Key words: Puerto Rico, ferns, Caribbean (Selaginella krugii Hieron.) previously found in only four municípios. Alternatively, six common pteridophytes #12;PREVIOUSLY KNOWN PUERTO RICAN DISTRIBUTION: Aguas Buenas, Barranquitas, Bayamon, Caguas, Cayey

Barker, Michael S.


76 FR 6575 - Airworthiness Directives; BAE Systems (Operations) Limited Model BAe 146 and Avro 146-RJ Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...NLG main fittings and, if cracks are found, replacement of the NLG with a serviceable...participate in developing this AD. We received no comments on the NPRM or on the determination...with their substance. But we might have found it necessary to use different words from those in the MCAI to ensure the AD...product of U.S. registry. There are no retained......



76 FR 31459 - Airworthiness Directives; BAE SYSTEMS (OPERATIONS) LIMITED Model BAe 146 and Avro 146-RJ Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...NLG main fittings and, if cracks are found, replacement of the NLG with a serviceable...participate in developing this AD. We received no comments on the NPRM or on the determination...with their substance. But we might have found it necessary to use different words from those in the MCAI to ensure the AD...product of U.S. registry. There are no retained......



Omnidirectional Video Applications T.E. Boult, R.J. Micheals, M. Eckmann, X. Gao, C. Power, and S. Sablak  

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for omni-directional imaging in Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT). The study clearly demonstrated to recognize the room in which the camera is located. Addressing the question of "Where have I been?", we with a wide angle lens producing a FOV has a horizontal resolution of ppd (pixels per degree) and a vertical

Boult, Terrance E.


P. Levi, R.J. Ahlers, F. May, M. Schanz (Eds.), Mustererkennung 1998, Springer, Berlin, pp. 93--100, 1998.  

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of many image analysis and computer vision tasks ranging from medical image processing to robot navigation. Ideally it should be efficient to compute and correspond well with the physical objects depicted


75 FR 12158 - Airworthiness Directives; BAE SYSTEMS (Operations) Limited Model Avro 146-RJ and BAe 146 Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Customer Support (Building 37), BAE SYSTEMS (Operations) Limited, Prestwick International Airport, Ayrshire, KA9 2RW, Scotland, Fax +44 (0) 1292 675432, e-mail, at the applicable time in paragraph...



75 FR 49377 - Airworthiness Directives; BAE Systems (Operations) Limited Model Avro 146-RJ and BAe 146 Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Limited, Prestwick International Airport, Ayrshire, KA9 2RW, Scotland; fax +44 (0) 1292 675432; e-mail raengliason@baesystems...Department, Prestwick International Airport, Ayrshire, KA9 2RW, Scotland, United Kingdom; telephone +44 1292 675207; fax +44...



75 FR 53855 - Airworthiness Directives; BAE Systems (Operations) Limited Model BAe 146 and Avro 146-RJ Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...BAE Systems (Operations) Limited, Customer Information Department, Prestwick International Airport, Ayrshire, KA9 2RW, Scotland, United Kingdom; telephone +44 1292 675207; fax +44 1292 675704; e-mail;...



75 FR 27959 - Airworthiness Directives; BAE Systems (Operations) Limited Model BAe 146 and Avro 146-RJ Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...where insulation material was found to be fouling pulleys in the aileron interconnect circuit in the cabin roof...the material to be drawn into the gap between the pulley and the pulley guard. This condition, if not detected and...



Interactions of 3D mantle flow and continental lithosphere near passive margins R.J. Farrington a,  

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the general influence of 3D geometry as well as a more specific tectonic analogue of the Australian plate axis localising hot cylindrical upwelling plumes. At very fast plate speeds, the shear flow stationary or very slowly moving for a long period of time prior to around 43 million years ago when fast

Sandiford, Mike


Enabling Technology for Distributed Multimedia Applications J.W. Wong, K.A. Lyons, R.J. Velthuys,  

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documents, stored in database servers, are retrieved by remote users over a broadband network. Emphasis and video) and/or discrete (image and text) data are accessed interactively by remote users. Application Toronto Laboratory Centre for Advanced Studies, initiated a major project on Broadband Services. The goal

von Bochmann, Gregor


Enabling Technology for Distributed Multimedia Applications J.W. Wong, K.A. Lyons, R.J. Velthuys,  

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, stored in database servers, are retrieved by remote users over a broadband network. Emphasis is placed are accessed interactively by remote users. Application areas include multimedia news, digital libraries, home Toronto Laboratory Centre for Advanced Studies, initiated a major project on Broadband Services. The goal

von Bochmann, Gregor


Enabling Technology for Distributed Multimedia Applications J.W. Wong, K.A. Lyons, D. Evans, R.J. Velthuys,  

E-print Network

, stored in database servers, are re- trieved by remote users over a broadband network. Emphasis is placed continuous (audio and video) and/or discrete (image and text) data are accessed interactively by remote users Toronto Laboratory Centre for Advanced Studies, initiated a major project on Broadband Services. The goal

Szafron, Duane


Bistability in Communication Networks R.J. Gibbens 1 , P.J. Hunt 1 , and F.P. Kelly  

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to failures or overloads. How­ ever, unless care is taken a dynamic routing strategy that appears of being accepted. However if second choice routes require more network resource (hold more circuits or possibly hold circuits for longer) then the network performance, as measured for exam­ ple by its overall

Grimmett, Geoffrey


Mobbs, D., Petrovic, P., Marchant, J.L., Hassabis, D., Weiskopf, N., Seymour, B., Dolan, R.J., and  

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-Israel, 2009). Sleep quality is also altered in many pathological conditions, including primary sleep disorders (e.g., sleep apnea) and many psychiatric disorders (e.g., depression). Even in individuals., and Nakanishi, S. (2013). Neuron 78, this issue, 537­544. Reinforcing Rhythms in the Sleeping Brain

Reber, Paul J.


P. Quaresma and R.-J. Back (Ed.); THedu'11 EPTCS ??, 2012, pp. 111, doi:10.4204/EPTCS.??.??  

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. Wenzel & B. Wolff This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. Isabelle/PIDE as Platform for Educational Tools Makarius Wenzel and Burkhart Wolff Universit´e Paris-Sud 11, LRI, Orsay

Wenzel, Makarius "Markus"


75 FR 38953 - Airworthiness Directives; BAE Systems (OPERATIONS) LIMITED Model BAe 146 and Avro 146-RJ Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Operations) Ltd issued Inspection Service Bulletin (SB) 32-158. This SB was classified mandatory by the UK [United Kingdom...repetitive inspections, by embodiment of Messier-Dowty SB.146-32- 150. As part of a recent accident...



Retail promotions and perceptions of R.J. Reynolds' novel dissolvable tobacco in a US test market  

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Background With declining cigarette sales, tobacco manufacturers have been developing and marketing new smokeless products, such as R. J. Reynolds' dissolvable tobacco, Camel Sticks, Strips and Orbs. This study assessed the availability, price and point-of-purchase promotional strategies for Camel Dissolvables, and investigated consumer awareness, interest and perception of these products in the Indiana test market. Methods An exploratory retail audit of point-of-purchase promotions was conducted in a random sample of retailers from 6 store categories (n = 81) in the test market area. Data included: store type, location, product placement, forms/flavors carried, price, types and locations of advertisements and promotions, and ad messages. An Awareness-Attitude-Usage (AAU) survey was used to gauge consumer awareness and knowledge of tobacco products including Camel Dissolvables. Respondents were shown promotional materials from a package onsert and perceptions and interest in the Camel Dissolvables were assessed. An Intended Target Survey (ITS) compared subjects' perceptions of ad targets for several non-tobacco products, as well as Camel Snus, Camel No. 9 and Camel Dissolvables. Respondents were asked to identify each ad's intended target category, perceived targetedness, and purchase intent. Results The products were carried by 46% of stores, most frequently gas stations (100%) and convenience stores (75%). They were shelved near smokeless tobacco (70%), cigarettes (25%) or candy (5%). Prices ranged from $3.59 -$4.19 per package; most stores carried at least 1 promotional item. Ad messages included: "Dissolvable Tobacco" (60%). "Free Trial" (24%), "Special Price" (24%), "What's Your Style?" (22%). At 14% of stores, free trial packs of Camel Dissolvables were offered with another Camel purchase. Awareness was reported by 42% of respondents (n = 243), and trial by 3%. Consumer interest was very low, but younger respondents (< 40 years) were more familiar with Camel Dissolvables (60% vs. 45% for those > 40 years, p < .01). Males, as well as current and former smokers had higher rates of interest and trial; only 1% of never smokers reported trial. In the ITS, only for the 3 tobacco product ads, was perceived targetedness for smokers significantly higher than for non-smokers. Smokers and nonsmokers perceived that the ads targeted smokers. Conclusions Current retail promotional strategies for Camel Sticks, Strips & Orbs appear to be targeting a select audience, primarily current smokers. Overall, consumer awareness, interest and trial were low. PMID:21569637



Baetid mayflies are very messy eaters: evidence from field experiments in a tropical stream, Ilha Grande, RJ, Brazil  

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Mayflies may play an important role in periphyton dynamics. In previous field exclusion experiments, we had found that baetid mayflies (Americabaetis sp. and Cloeodes sp.) had a strong negative impact on periphyton. In this study we quantified the contributions of mayfly consumptive and non-consumptive effects on periphyton in the absence of shrimp. We carried out five field experiments: an egestion

F. Krsulovic; T. Moulton



Baetid mayflies are very messy eaters: evidence from field experiments in a tropical stream, Ilha Grande, RJ, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Mayflies may play an important role in periphyton dynamics. In previous field exclusion experiments, we had found that baetid mayflies (Americabaetis sp. and Cloeodes sp.) had a strong negative impact on periphyton. In this study we quantified the contributions of mayfly consumptive and non-consumptive effects on periphyton in the absence of shrimp. We carried out five field experiments: an egestion rate experiment to quantify periphyton consumed by mayflies and four shrimp exclusion experiments using electricity to exclude shrimps from natural substrate to estimate total removal of periphyton by mayflies. By comparing total removal with estimated ingestion, we estimated non-consumptive loss. We starved mayflies for 0, 3 and 6 h and assumed that periphyton egested would be replaced by ingestion at the same time. We found that, after 3h, 52.8% of the initial amount of periphyton in the mayfly alimentary canal was lost due to egestion, and 77.9% after 6h. During shrimp absence mayflies accumulated over control level and significantly reduced periphyton. Estimated ingestion was 2 to 23% of the periphyton depletion, thus mayfly non-consumptive periphyton removal contributed 98 to 77% of all periphyton lost inside electrified areas. Our results suggest that mayfly have strong negative non-consumptive effects on periphyton.

Krsulovic, F.; Moulton, T.



3. Freedman, M.S., Lucas, R.J., Soni, B., von Schantz, M., Munoz, M., David-Gray,  

E-print Network

. Berson, D.M., Dunn, F.A., and Takao, M. (2002). Phototransduction by retinal ganglion cells that set). Melanopsin-expressing ganglion cells in primate retina signal colour and irradiance and project to the LGN mammalian cells photoresponsive. Nature 433, 741­745. 12. Qiu, X., Kumbalasiri, T., Carlson, S.M., Wong, K

Whitney, David



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three hours, entire blocks were reduced to ashes and concrete foundations. Altogether, 32,000 people experts warn that the most dam- aging and deadly wildfires are yet to come, given the wrong coincidence, and continued human settlement in fire-prone ecosystems. State forestry officials estimated that, in 2000

Handy, Susan L.


A historical review of R.J. Reynolds' strategies for marketing tobacco to Hispanics in the United States.  


Hispanics are the fastest growing racial/ethnic group in the United States, and smoking is the leading preventable cause of morbidity and mortality among this population. We analyzed tobacco industry documents on R. J. Reynolds' marketing strategies toward the Hispanic population using tobacco industry document archives from the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library ( between February-July 2011 and April-August 2012. Our analysis revealed that by 1980 the company had developed a sophisticated surveillance system to track the market behavior of Hispanic smokers and understand their psychographics, cultural values, and attitudes. This information was translated into targeted marketing campaigns for the Winston and Camel brands. Marketing targeted toward Hispanics appealed to values and sponsored activities that could be perceived as legitimating. Greater understanding of tobacco industry marketing strategies has substantial relevance for addressing tobacco-related health disparities. PMID:23488493

Iglesias-Rios, Lisbeth; Parascandola, Mark



Degree of threat to the biological diversity in the Ilha Grande State Park (RJ) and guidelines for conservation.  


The State Park of Ilha Grande is only a part (5,594 hectares) of the entire island (19,300 hectares) which is located off the south coast of Rio de Janeiro state, between the cities of Mangaratiba and Angra dos Reis. Approximately half of the Park area (47%) is covered by dense Atlantic forest. The secondary forest growth is in a process of ecological succession close to attaining maturity (43%) and the remaining part (10%) is composed of human-altered areas (1%), rocky outcrops with herbaceous vegetation (7%), mangroves and beaches (2%). The fauna is well represented but already shows signs of degradation with introduced species. The analysis of the degree of threat has shown that the dense forest habitat has a relatively stable status of conservation while the secondary forest, the mangrove and the herbaceous vegetation on rocky outcrops (and their fauna) are categorized as vulnerable. The area altered by human occupation is considered threatened. Since the coastal area where Ilha Grande is located is well known for its beautiful scenery (known as the green coast, because of the contrast between the ocean and the Atlantic forest covering the Serra do Mar mountain chain). There is a strong possibility for tourism to become the means in which to achieve economic sustainability for conservation. Contradictorily, tourism is also the major threat to local biodiversity and its landscape units. Because tourism is not organized and controlled, during high season the numbers grow above local capacity, giving rise to a proliferation of hotels, guesthouses and camping grounds. The resulting untreated open sewage, random garbage disposal and other harmful activities form the major threats to biodiversity. PMID:12530174

Alho, C J R; Schneider, M; Vasconcellos, L A



Brasil-Senegal: Seminrio Internacional  

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) A mulher africana e sua inserção social e econômica na história senegalesa. Profa. Maria Isabel Mendes de Guisse (Universidade Cheikh Anta Diop/IFAN, Senegal) Mulheres, imigração e família no Senegal. Profa



PubMed Central

Objetivo Realizar uma análise da inserção da ética e humanidades no currículo do Curso de Medicina da Escola Superior em Ciências da Saúde - ESCS, escola pública do Distrito Federal, Brasil, de forma a contribuir com o processo de gestão curricular. Metodologia O Estudo é de coorte e documental. Foram pesquisados 37 termos relacionados à ética e 36 referentes à humanização nos objetivos educacionais e conteúdo dos módulos temáticos, habilidades e atitudes e interação ensino-serviço-comunidade, de 1a a 4a série e no programa do internato no currículo (ano 2006) e no projeto pedagógico do Curso de Medicina (2001). Resultados Maior inserção da humanização, ética e bioética na 1a e 2a série, quando comparado à inserção na 3a e 4a série e no internato, (IC95%-?=0,034, pvalue=0,007). Unidade de habilidades e atitudes: freqüência das 3 temáticas no currículo da 1a a 4a séries (IC95%-?=0,026, pvalue=0,013). Quando comparada a inserção entre o internato e as quatro primeiras séries, observa-se que nestas a inserção da temática humanização é superior (IC95%-?=0,042, pvalue=0,029). Conclusão O currículo desenvolvido no ano de 2006 na ESCS apresentou correlação com o projeto pedagógico do curso e contemplou a temática de forma abrangente, em todas as séries e internato. PMID:20396594

Novaes, Maria Rita Carvalho Garbi; Novaes, Luiz Carlos Garcez; Guilhem, Dirce; Lolas, Fernando; Silveira, Carla; Guiotti, Murilo



Life Course Socioeconomic Position and C-Reactive Protein: Mediating Role of Health-Risk Behaviors and Metabolic Alterations. The Brazilian Longitudinal Study of Adult Health (ELSA-Brasil)  

PubMed Central

Background Chronic inflammation has been postulated to be one mediating mechanism explaining the association between low socioeconomic position (SEP) and cardiovascular disease (CVD). We sought to examine the association between life course SEP and C-reactive protein (CRP) levels in adulthood, and to evaluate the extent to which health-risk behaviors and metabolic alterations mediate this association. Additionally, we explored the possible modifying influence of gender. Methods and Findings Our analytical sample comprised 13,371 participants from ELSA-Brasil baseline, a multicenter prospective cohort study of civil servants. SEP during childhood, young adulthood, and adulthood were considered. The potential mediators between life course SEP and CRP included clusters of health-risk behaviors (smoking, low leisure time physical activity, excessive alcohol consumption), and metabolic alterations (obesity, hypertension, low HDL, hypertriglyceridemia, and diabetes). Linear regression models were performed and structural equation modeling was used to evaluate mediation. Although lower childhood SEP was associated with higher levels of CRP in adult life, this association was not independent of adulthood SEP. However, CRP increased linearly with increasing number of unfavorable social circumstances during the life course (p trend <0.001). The metabolic alterations were the most important mediator between cumulative SEP and CRP. This mediation path accounted for 49.5% of the total effect of cumulative SEP on CRP among women, but only 20.2% among men. In consequence, the portion of the total effect of cumulative SEP on CRP that was mediated by risk behaviors and metabolic alterations was higher among women (55.4%) than among men (36.8%). Conclusions Cumulative SEP across life span was associated with elevated systemic inflammation in adulthood. Although health-risk behaviors and metabolic alterations were important mediators of this association, a sizable fraction of this association was not mediated by these factors, suggesting that other pathways might play a role, especially among men. PMID:25309988

Camelo, Lidyane V.; Giatti, Luana; Neves, Jorge Alexandre Barbosa; Lotufo, Paulo A.; Bensenor, Isabela M.; Chor, Dora; Griep, Rosane Harter; da Fonseca, Maria de Jesus Mendes; Vidigal, Pedro Guatimosim; Kawachi, Ichiro; Schmidt, Maria Ines; Barreto, Sandhi Maria




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variety of magnetic configurations in a device of the same size, field strength, wall cleanliness, etc of contributions to the understanding of magnetically-confined, toroidal plasmas. Most of the experiments have used

Sprott, Julien Clinton


2010 IREP Symposium-Bulk Power System Dynamics and Control VIII (IREP), August 1-6, 2010, Buzios, RJ, Brazil Resource-Adequacy-Based Capacity Market Design  

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in the electricity prices. In addition, price caps motivated by the regulators' concern over the exercise of market analyze key aspects of today's capacity market designs. Our main finding is that some design elements help

Gross, George


Nichols WJ Jr, Bartelt RJ, Coss AA, King BH. 2010. Methyl 6-methylsalicylate: a female-produced pheromone component of the parasitoid wasp Spalangia endius.  

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that are secreted to the outside of insects and elicit responses from conspecifics (Blomquist and Vogt 2003). They are used in many different behavioral contexts, e.g., as attractants or repellants. This study examined is a widely distributed, 2-3 mm long parasitoid wasp. Its natural hosts are the pupal stage of various flies

King, Bethia H.


2010 IREP Symposium-Bulk Power System Dynamics and Control VIII (IREP), August 1-6, 2010, Buzios, RJ, Brazil Probabilistic Resource Planning With Explicit Reliability Considerations  

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2010 IREP Symposium- Bulk Power System Dynamics and Control ­ VIII (IREP), August 1-6, 2010, Buzios of Illinois, Champaign, USA. Abstract- The main objective of power system planning is maintaining an adequate planning paradigm. I. INTRODUCTION A main objective of power system planning is to maintain an adequate

Gross, George


Kinship and Leprosy in the Contacts of Leprosy Patients: Cohort at the Souza Araújo Outpatient Clinic, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 1987-2010.  


A broad variety of factors have been associated with leprosy among contacts, including socioeconomic, epidemiological, and genetic characteristics. Data from 7,174 contacts of leprosy patients from a leprosy outpatient clinic in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1987-2010, were analyzed to investigate the effects of kinship, individual, and contextual factors on leprosy. Multivariate analyses were performed using a robust estimation method. In the prevalence analysis, close kinship (sibling OR = 2.75, offspring OR = 2.00, and other relatives OR = 1.70), socioeconomic factors, and the duration of exposure to the bacillus were associated to leprosy. In the incidence analysis, significant risks were found for all categories of kinship (parents RR = 10.93, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, and bride/groom RR = 7.53, sibling RR = 7.03, offspring RR = 5.34, and other relatives RR = 3.71). Once the treatment of the index case was initiated, other factors lost their significance, and the index case bacteriological index and BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guérin vaccine) protection had a greater impact. Our findings suggested that both genetic susceptibility and physical exposure play an important role in the epidemiology of leprosy, but it was not possible establishing the role of genetic factor. Analyses of other factors related to the genotype of individuals, such as genetic polymorphisms, are needed. PMID:23690793

Dos Santos, Daiane Santos; Duppre, Nadia Cristina; Sales, Anna Maria; Nery, José Augusto da Costa; Sarno, Euzenir Nunes; Hacker, Mariana Andréa



DINAME 2013 -Proceedings of the XV International Symposium on Dynamic Problems of Mechanics M.A. Savi (Editor), ABCM, Buzios, RJ, Brazil, February 17-22, 2013  

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simulation NOMENCLATURE t = time M = mass matrix K= stiffness matrix C= damping matrix G= constraint matrix to either transfer motion with low energy loss or to dissipate the kinetic energy of the system. Whenever, detachment), the waves generated by the local ruptures, and the local contact characteristics (stiffness

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


An Overset Grid Method for the Study of Reflex Tearing K.L. Maki, R.J. Braun, T.A. Driscoll  

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domain moves in accordance with the blink cycle, comprised of two subsequent parts in this study: the upstroke or opening of the lids, and 1 #12;Reflex Tearing 2 L Air A 1C (units: microns) 0.02-0.05 (M) 5 2

Bacuta, Constantin


I.T. Chapman, J.P. Graves, O. Sauter, C. Zucca, O. Asunta, R.J. Buttery, S. Coda, T. Goodman, V. Igochine, T. Johnson,  

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;. #12;© 2013 UNITED KINGDOM ATOMIC ENERGY AUTHORITY The following article appeared in Nucl. Fusion 53 This is an author-created, un-copyedited version of an article accepted for publication in Nuclear Fusion. IOP to the Culham Publications Officer, Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (CCFE), Library, Culham Science Centre


B. Gabrys, R.J. Howlett, and L.C. Jain (Eds.): KES 2006, Part I, LNAI 4251, pp. 968 975, 2006. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2006  

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Erectile Dysfunction (ED), a type of sexual dysfunction, however as few as 5% seek treatment. ED may affect & Computer Technology, TEI of Lamia 35100 Lamia, Greece Abstract. Manipulation of Male sexual dysfunction (or, intelligent medical diagnosis system, hybrid intelligent system. 1 Introduction Human sexual dysfunction (or


Uso de técnicas de geoprocessamento e do modelo matemático USLE para avaliação de processos erosivos na bacia hidrográfica do Rio Caceribu RJ  

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This study evaluated the rate of loss of soil and carry out a mapping of water erosion in the basin of the river Caceribu, located in the State of Rio de Janeiro, using modeling of environmental systems and techniques of GIS. We prepared the maps of the factors erodibility (K), erosivity (R), slope and length of the ramp (LS) and

Alexandre da Silva Ferreira


Hypoallergenicity and immunological characterization of enzyme-treated royal jelly from Apis mellifera.  


Royal jelly (RJ), the exclusive food for queen bees, is taken as a dietary supplement because it is highly rich in nutrients. However, RJ is known to induce an anaphylactic response in some individuals. We evaluated in the present study the hypoallergenicity of alkaline protease-treated RJ in vitro and in vivo. We first confirmed that this treated RJ contained the same levels of vitamins, minerals and specific fatty acid as in untreated RJ. We then showed that the IgE-binding capacity of the treated RJ was very significantly reduced by conducting in vitro assays of the blood from RJ-sensitive patients. An in vivo skin-prick test on the RJ-sensitive patients also showed that, in the majority of the patients (3 out of 4 tested), the treated RJ did not evoke any allergenic response. It is thus advantageous to prepare hypoallergenic RJ by a protease enzyme treatment for its safe consumption. PMID:23563566

Moriyama, Tatsuya; Yanagihara, Miyako; Yano, Erika; Kimura, Goro; Seishima, Mariko; Tani, Hiroko; Kanno, Tomoko; Nakamura-Hirota, Tooru; Hashimoto, Ken; Tatefuji, Tomoki; Ogawa, Tadashi; Kawamura, Yukio



Brazil = Brasil. America = Las Americas [Series].  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Written for teachers to use with migrant children in elementary grades, this bilingual English/Spanish social studies resource booklet provides an encyclopedia-style overview of Brazil's history, geography, economy, and culture. Topics include Brazil's form of government; geographic regions; holidays; climate; people; music; carnaval celebration;…

Toro, Leonor; And Others


Talidomida no Brasil: vigilância com responsabilidade compartilhada?  

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This paper discusses issues related to the regulation and rational use of thalidomide in Brazil, by means of a historical approach comprising three different stages. The first part is a historical review of the controversial drug since it was first synthesized, then marketed and sub- sequently banned during the 1950s and 60s, until the present, when an apparently irreversible process

Maria Auxiliadora Oliveira; Jorge Antônio Zepeda Bermudez; Arthur Custódio Moreira de Souza



O Desenvolvimento da Orientação Profissional no Brasil  

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RESUMO O objetivo deste artigo é descrever o desenvolvimento da Orientação Profissional brasileira, desde suas origens até a atualidade. Inicialmente, é feita uma breve recapitulação histórica do desenvolvimento da Orientação Profissional no ambiente internacional. Em seguida, são descritos os fatos históricos de mai- or relevância para o nascimento e o desenvolvimento da Orientação Profissional em nosso país, as rela- ções

Mônica Sparta


Sediment mixing and accumulation in a mangrove ecosystem: evidence from 210Pb, 234Th and 7Be  

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210Pb, 234Th and 7Be activities were measured to establish sediment accumulation rates, estimate sediment mixing rates, and determine the depth of the sediment mixed layer in the Sepetiba Bay mangrove ecosystem near Rio de Janeiro City, Brazil. Three sediment cores were collected from Enseada das Garças, a typical exposed tidal flat region with a sequence of sedimentary features. The seaward

Joseph M. Smoak; Sambasiva R. Patchineelam



Royal jelly prevents the progression of sarcopenia in aged mice in vivo and in vitro.  


Sarcopenia is characterized by the age-related loss of muscle mass and strength. One of the mechanisms of sarcopenia is the loss in the function and number of muscle satellite cells. Royal jelly (RJ) is a health food used worldwide. To obtain better digestion and absorption than RJ, protease-treated RJ (pRJ) has been developed. RJ and pRJ have been suggested to have potential pharmacological benefits such as prolonging the life span and reducing fatigue. Because these effects may improve sarcopenia and the functions of satellite cells, we examined the effects of RJ or pRJ treatment on the skeletal muscles in an animal model using aged mice. In vivo, RJ/pRJ treatment attenuated the decrease in the muscle weight and grip strength and increased the regenerating capacity of injured muscles and the serum insulin-like growth factor-1 levels compared with controls. In vitro, using isolated satellite cells from aged mice, pRJ treatment increased the cell proliferation rate, promoted cell differentiation, and activated Akt intracellular signaling pathway compared with controls. These findings suggest that RJ/pRJ treatment had a beneficial effect on age-related sarcopenia. PMID:23657970

Niu, Kaijun; Guo, Hui; Guo, Yinting; Ebihara, Satoru; Asada, Masanori; Ohrui, Takashi; Furukawa, Katsutoshi; Ichinose, Masakazu; Yanai, Kazuhiko; Kudo, Yukitsuka; Arai, Hiroyuki; Okazaki, Tatsuma; Nagatomi, Ryoichi



Honeybee royal jelly and nobiletin stimulate CRE-mediated transcription in ERK-independent and -dependent fashions, respectively, in PC12D cells.  


To prove the pharmacological actions of honeybee royal jelly (RJ) on the nervous system, we examined the effects of RJ on CRE-mediated transcription. RJ increased CRE-mediated transcription in PC12D cells. Moreover, CRE-mediated transcriptional activity by RJ was enhanced by nobiletin. U0126, a MEK inhibitor, inhibited CRE-mediated transcription by combining RJ plus nobiletin without affecting transcription by RJ alone. These results suggest that RJ stimulates CRE-mediated transcription via an ERK-independent cascade, whereas the increasing CRE-mediated transcriptional effect by nobiletin is dependent on ERK phosphorylation. Combining RJ plus nobiletin may activate effectively neuronal functions via enhancement of CRE-mediated transcription. PMID:21747212

Fujiwara, Hironori; Kogure, Ako; Sakamoto, Masahiro; Yamakuni, Tohru; Mimaki, Yoshihiro; Murata, Kiyoshi; Hitomi, Nobuyuki; Yamaguchi, Kikuji; Ohizumi, Yasushi



Royal jelly has estrogenic effects in vitro and in vivo  

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Royal jelly (RJ) from honeybees (Apis mellifera) is traditionally thought to improve menopausal symptoms. The potential estrogenic activities of RJ were investigated using various approaches. RJ competed for binding of 17?-estradiol to the human estrogen receptor ? and ? but its affinities were weak compared with diethylstilbestrol and phytoestrogens. The reporter gene expression assays suggested that 0.1–1mg\\/ml RJ activated estrogen

Satoshi Mishima; Kazu-Michi Suzuki; Yoichiro Isohama; Naoko Kuratsu; Yoko Araki; Makoto Inoue; Takeshi Miyata



Gastrointestinal enzyme production of bioactive peptides from royal jelly protein and their antihypertensive ability in SHR  

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In order to clarify the potential physiological function of royal jelly (RJ), we report here the gastrointestinal enzyme production of antihypertensive peptides from RJ. Intact RJ and its protein fraction did not retard the action of angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) activity at all. However, development of ACE inhibition power of RJ was newly observed by pepsin hydrolysis (IC50=0.358 mg protein\\/mL),

Toshiro Matsui; Akiko Yukiyoshi; Shima Doi; Hiroyuki Sugimoto; Hideo Yamada; Kiyoshi Matsumoto



High Power Testing of a 17 GHz Photocathode RF Gun S.C. Chen, B.G. Danly, J. Gonichon, C.L. Lin, R.J. Temkin, S.R. Trotz, J.S. Wurtele,  

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High Power Testing of a 17 GHz Photocathode RF Gun S.C. Chen, B.G. Danly, J. Gonichon, C.L. Lin, R photocathode gun. The 11 2 cell, -mode, copper cavity was tested with 5-10 MW, 100 ns, 17.145 GHz pulses from without breakdown, a compact system, and high brightness. While existing RF guns operate from 144 M Hz

Wurtele, Jonathan


C.J. Ham, J.W. Connor, S.C. Cowley, C.G. Gimblett, R.J. Hastie, T.C. Hender and T.J. Martin  

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scenarios #12;Enquiries about copyright and reproduction should in the first instance be addressed Controlled Fusion and is reproduced with their permission Further reproduction distribution of this paper), and complete agreement is obtained with the analytic theory for this demanding test of the code. #12;Strong


A.W.D., Larkum, R.J. Orth, C.M. Duarte (eds.), 2006, Seagrasses: Biology, Ecology and Conservation, Springer, ISBN: 978-1-4020-2942-4 (hardback), US$ 99.00, 691 pages.  

SciTech Connect

The relish of scientists for, and funding of research on, seagrasses probably stems from two sources: seagrasses are a defined taxonomic unit often growing in monotypic stands, making academic study tractable; and, seagrasses are increasingly recognized globally as important components of shallow water systems, and potential key indicators of ecosystem health. The 26 chapters covering ~700 pages provide a long overdue treatment of the state of the science on seagrasses. This book is an honest, thorough and heroic attempt to compile a mass of knowledge by a herd of 80 researcher “cats” representing 15 countries. The chapters “…provide the necessary background on what brought each topic where it is today and indicate where future research needs to go to advance the field to the next level.” Seagrass science is in its infancy, but, as demonstrated, is advancing rapidly. Volumes with recent topical treatments of seagrasses include World Atlas of Seagrasses (Green and Short 2003), Seagrass Ecology (Hemminga and Duarte 2000), and Global Seagrass Research Methods (Short and Coles 2001) are useful compliments to this book.

Thom, Ronald M.




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(replacing aluminum) and vias (replacing tungsten) for improved electrical conductivity and electromigration filling, while Grinberg et al. explored aluminum thermomigration to form signal paths through silicon

Salama, Khaled


EUS—predicting the future? 1 1 Pfau PR, Ginsberg GG, Lew RJ, et al. EUS Predictors of Long-Term Survival in Esophageal Carcinoma Gastrointest Endosc 2001;54:463–9  

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QUESTION:What endosonographic findings are predictive of long term survival in patients with esophageal carcinoma?DESIGN:Retrospective review.SETTING:University in the United States (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA).PATIENTS:Two hundred three consecutive patients with biopsy-proven esophageal\\/gastroesophageal junction carcinoma over a 66-month period.DATA:Medical records for each patient were reviewed for patient demographics, endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) stage, patient’s treatment, and survival outcome. Patient survival was tracked from

Kelvin Hornbuckle; James Scheiman



2006/3/13 IVIGIVIG --Instituto Virtual Internacional de MudanInstituto Virtual Internacional de Mudanas Globaisas Globais Centro de Tecnologia, Bloco I, Sala 129 CEP: 21945-970 Rio de Janeiro RJ  

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Columbia University


Please cite this article in press as: R.J. Monnat Jr, From broken to old: DNA damage, IGF1 endocrine suppression and aging, Dna Repair (2007), doi:10.1016/j.dnarep.2007.03.018  

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and in mouse models. Niedernhofer et al. [1] were stimulated to re-examine a mouse model of Ercc1 deficiency [3 and progressive progeroid features that led to multi-organ system failure and death at the age of 16. The clinical reduced levels of XPF and ERCC1 proteins; were UV-sensitive as measured by both UV survival

Monnat, Ray


Comment on “Effect of the vapor phase on the salinity of halite-bearing aqueous fluid inclusions estimated from the halite dissolution temperature”, by M. Steele-MacInnis and R.J. Bodnar  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Recently Steele-MacInnis and Bodnar reported an experimental study on the estimation of the salinity of halite bearing fluid inclusions from dissolution temperatures of halite crystals, in the presence and absence of a vapour phase Steele-MacInnis and Bodnar (2013). The authors present new purely empirical equations to calculate fluid inclusion bulk salinity, which is mainly determined by dissolution temperature of halite (SLV?LV) with a minor correction due to presence of a vapour phase at higher temperatures, similar to the study of Bakker (2012). The experimental approach in their work is inappropriate, it does not provide experimental data, and it does not illustrate an estimate of uncertainty, accuracy and precision of the results. The mathematical modelling with purely empirical best-fit equations is insufficient, and partly erroneous. Comparison with the model from Bakker (2012) results in highly incorrect, inconsistent and imprecise statements about the quality of the results from Bakker (2012). Furthermore, the authors use “supplementary data” to continue a discussion without peer-review.

Bakker, Ronald J.



978-1-4244-7467-7/10/$26.00 2010 IEEE 2010 IREP Symposium-Bulk Power System Dynamics and Control VIII (IREP), August 1-6, 2010, Buzios, RJ, Brazil  

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. The underlying quantities for such instruments are either Locational Marginal Prices (LMP) or shadow prices walk away if it is negative. � FGR - Holder is entitled to the shadow price on a specific congested are equivalent due to the following fundamental relationship between nodal price differences and flowgate shadow

Oren, Shmuel S.


Calcium Aluminates: Proceedings of International Conference, Avignon, 18 21 May 2014. Fentiman CH, Mangabhai RJ and Scrivener KL (Editors). IHS BRE Press, 2014, EP104. ISBN 978-1-84806-316-7.  

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OF MORTARS CHEMICAL COMPOSITION ON ALGAL BIOFOULING E. DALOD, A. GOVIN, R. GUYONNET and P. GROSSEAU SPIN is among parameters which affects the most biofouling kinetics. The main objective of this study to characterize the influence of the mortar chemistry on biofouling, Portland cement (CEMI) and aluminate cement


Reproductive responses in ewes treated with eCG or increasing doses of royal jelly.  


This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of administering increasing doses of royal jelly (RJ) on reproductive parameters in ewes. Additionally, this study compared using RJ vs. equine chorionic gonadotropin (eCG) in estrous cycle control. In May (transitional period between anestrous and the breeding season) 37 multiparous, winter-lambing Awassi ewes 3-6 years of age (average body weight of 53+/-1.2 kg) were fitted with intravaginal flourogestone acetate-impregnated sponges (FGA, 40 mg) for 12 days. Ewes were randomly assigned into five treatment groups to receive no RJ (CON, n=7), 250 mg RJ/d (RJ250, n=8), 500 mg RJ/d (RJ500, n=8), 750 mg RJ/d (RJ750, n=7), or 600IU eCG (eCG, n=7). Royal jelly was administrated orally on daily basis when sponges were in place while eCG was administered on the day of sponge withdrawal (d 0). Behavioral estrus was checked using fertile Awassi rams at 6h intervals for 5 days beginning on d 1. Interval from d 0 to onset of estrus was shorter (P<0.05) in eCG than in CON and RJ250 groups. No differences in the onset of estrus were detected among the RJ-treated groups. The intervals from d 0 to first progesterone rise were shorter (P<0.05) in the eCG-treated compared with RJ-treated and control ewes (100+/-15.3, 138.4+/-14, 135.7+/-15, 155.6+/-15, 154.4+/-15.1h in eCG, CON, RJ250, RJ500, and RJ750, groups, respectively). The overall pregnancy rate from mating at induced estrus was 75.7% (28/37). Of these ewes, 23/37 (64.8%) lambed within 155 days following d 0. Lambing rate was higher (P<0.05) in the RJ500 group compared with controls. Lambing rate from mating at induced estrus was 2/7 (28.5%), 4/8 (50%), 8/8 (100%), 4/7 (57%), and 5/7 (71%) in CON, RJ250, RJ500, RJ750, and eCG groups, respectively. Results of the present study demonstrate that eCG but not RJ was effective in improving estrus expression in ewes during the transition between the non-breeding and breeding seasons. Royal jelly may be effective in improving pregnancy and lambing rates but further studies are required to confirm such findings. PMID:16023311

Kridli, R T; Al-Khetib, S S



Contribution of lipids in honeybee (Apis mellifera) royal jelly to health.  


Honeybee (Apis mellifera) royal jelly (RJ) has a long history in human medicine because of its health-protecting properties. To develop a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of lipids in RJ, this article reviews the available literature on lipid compounds identified from RJ extracts and in vitro pharmacological effects of 10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid in RJ and other closely related compounds, some of which are also identified as lipid compounds in RJ. Overall, the lipids in RJ are composed of mostly (aliphatic) fatty acids, almost all of which are present as free fatty acids and scarcely any as esters. Most fatty acids in RJ are medium-chain fatty acids, whether hydroxylated in terminal and/or internal positions, terminated with mono- or dicarboxylic acid groups, and saturated or monounsaturated at the 2-position. Besides these fatty acids, lipids in RJ contain sterols in minor amounts. Lipids in RJ are useful as preventive and supportive medicines with functionalities that include potential inhibitors of cancer growth, immune system modulators, alternative therapies for menopause, skin-aging protectors, neurogenesis inducers, and more. Taken together, the evidence suggests that health-protecting properties of RJ can be, in part, ascribed to actions of lipids in RJ. PMID:23351082

Li, Xing'an; Huang, Chaoqun; Xue, Yunbo



Resultados do desenvolvimento de um propulsor à plasma no Brasil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Uma das partes mais importantes de um satélite é o controle de atitude do mesmo. E se tratando de um satélite científico, a atenção para este sistema deve ser redobrada. Uma possibilidade atraente para executar esta tarefa é a propulsão elétrica. Aqui, mostraremos resultados obtidos pelo propulsor à plasma PHALL-01, desenvolvido na Universidade de Brasília entre 2000 e 2003. Este é derivado do propulsor russo SPT-100 (Stationary Plasma Thruster), mas com o emprego inovador de um arranjo de imãs permanentes como fonte do campo magnético, este último o agente da aceleração do plasma. Esta alteração foi motivada pelo objetivo de que o mesmo operasse com o mínimo de potência elétrica. A partir da formulação teórica do mecanismo de aceleração, tendo como base as equações da magnetohidrodinâmica, pode-se obter vínculos sob os quais o propulsor pudesse ser construído. O mais forte destes é o que dita a topologia do campo magnético. Sendo assim, foram realizadas simulações computacionais, que definiram a geometria do propulsor. Após construído, este foi diagnosticado usando-se sondas de Langmuir e analisadores de energia. Como resultados, obtivemos a distribuição espacial da temperatura, densidade e potencial do plasma, bem como a distribuição angular do feixe produzido pelo mesmo em vários regimes de operação. O espectro de energia do feixe de plasma também foi medido, indicando íons de até 560eV. Combinando estes resultados, calculou-se o empuxo do propulsor: 84mN; e o impulso específico: 1083s. Estes demonstram que o mesmo estará qualificado, num futuro próximo, para o emprego no controle de atitude de satélites científicos, ou até mesmo como parte do conjunto propulsor primário, responsáveis pela transferência de órbitas.

Ferreira, I. S.; Ferreira, J. L.




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The objective of this paper is to critically analyze the social inclusion and environmental impacts of the National Program for Production and Use of Biodiesel (PNPB). The results show that social and environmental gains were well below the Federal Government initial expectations. In the social area, the social inclusion potential of the program was severely impaired, mainly because the cultivation

Marcio Alvarenga Junior; Carlos Eduardo Frickmann Young



Teatro no Brasil: Como transmitir sinais de dentro das chamas.  

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dentro das chamas. Muitos intelectualmente morrem sem consciência. Para outros, a consciência é a causa mortis. E o que acontece com o teatro, acontece também com o cinema, com a literatura, com a música, com as artes plásticas, etc. O impasse do... do divertimento. As poucas tentativas sérias são ainda superficiais. Em essência permanece um teatro alienado e, mesmo quando se propõe ao contrário, alienante. A esperança é que um novo saia das cinzas. Um teatro que mergulhe com firmeza e decisão...

Peixoto, Fernando



21 a 26 de Maio de 2000 CURITIBA (PR) -BRASIL  

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of the electric industry restructuring. We explain how in an energy only market, long term supply contracts one of the overriding concerns guiding the restructuring of the electric power industry. The slogan of step with the notion of a deregulated industry with competitive supply. In fact, the concept

Oren, Shmuel S.


Sistemas Complementares de Energia Eólica e Hidráulica no Brasil  

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One important historical challenge to the operation planning of the Brazilian interconnected electrical system has been the seasonal stabilization of the energy supply, due to the stochastic nature of hydro resources. Most of the significant Brazilian hydro power stations rely on the hydrological regimes of the Southeast, which have a remarkable tendency for seasonal fluctuations of significant amplitude. In the

Dario Jackson Schultz; Nelson de Andrade Rocha; Rogério Motta Bittencourt; Camargo Schubert Engenheiros


Feminização e transmissão intergeneracional da pobreza no Brasil  

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Palavras-chave: feminização da pobreza; transmissão intergeracional da pobreza; domicílios chefiados por mulher Resumo: A feminização da pobreza (FP) tem sido vista como um resultado de mudanças na estrutura familiar, as quais levam as mulheres a assumir o papel de provedoras dos domicílios onde vivem. Conseqüentemente, os estudos sobre FP tomam com indicador de pobreza, a prevalência de domicílios chefiados por

Maria Salet Ferreira Novellino; João Raposo Belchior


Esfingídeos (Lepidoptera, Sphingidae) do município de Beruri, Amazonas, Brasil  

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Hawkmoths were collected at District of Beruri, low river Purus, State of Amazonas in three periods September-October\\/2002, July\\/ 2003 and November-December\\/2003. A 250W mixed mercury vapor lamp was used to atract insects on a white sheet in the nights collecting periods of 12 consecutive hours. 295 specimens were collected of 46 species, and 20 genera were identified, with predominance of

Catarina da Silva Motta; Francisco Felipe Xavier-Filho




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pyrochlore and ground water are generally consistent with relatively low pH, low activities of Na+ , Ca2+ , F or from the pyrochlore themselves through selective immobilisation of Ce as Ce4+ . Keywords: pyrochlore with magnetite in abundant large crystals (mm-cm) and weathered white pyrochlore. However, this complex has been

Boyer, Edmond


Constraining depth of anisotropy in the Amazon region (Northern Brasil)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Seismic data recorded between November 2009 and September 2013, at the permanent station PTGA of the Brazilian seismic network were used to constrain the depth of anisotropy in the lithosphere beneath the station. 90 receiver functions (RF) have been computed, covering the backazimuthal directions from 0° to 180°. Both radial (R) and transverse (T) components of the RF contain useful information about the subsurface structure. The isotropic part of the seismic velocity profile at depth mainly affects the R-RF component, while anisotropy and dipping structures produce P-to-S conversion recorded on the T-RF component (Levin and Park, 1998; Savage, 1998). The incoming (radially polarized) S waves, when passing through an anisotropic crust, splits and part of it is projected onto the transverse component. The anisotropy symmetry orientations (?) can be estimated by the polarity change of the observed phases. The arrival times of the phases is related to the depth of the conversion. Depth and ? are estimated by isolating phases at certain arrival times. SKS shear-wave splitting results from previous studies in this area (Krüger et al., 2002, Rosa et al., 2014), suggest the presence of anisotropy in the mantle with orientation of the fast splitting axis (about E-W) following major deep tectonic structures. The observed splitting orientation correlates well with the current South America plate motion (i.e. relative to mesosphere), and with observed aeromagnetic trends. This similarity leaves open the possibility of a linkage between the upper mantle fabric imaged by shear wave splitting analysis and the lower crustal structure imaged by aeromagnetometry. In this study we unravel, from RF data, two layers in which anisotropy concentrates, i.e. the lower crust and the upper mantle. Lower crustal and upper mantle anisotropy retrieved by RFs give some new hints in order to interpret the previously observed anisotropic orientations from SKS and the aeromagnetic anomalies.

Bianchi, Irene; Willy Corrêa Rosa, João; Bokelmann, Götz




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territorial e bom solo; Recursos naturais (minerais, petróleo) Grande potencial para energias renováveis (hidro, solar, vento, marés); Conhecimento científico; População criativa (jeitinho brasileiro...). #12

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


The mineral economy of Brazil--Economia mineral do Brasil  

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This study depicts the Brazilian government structure, mineral legislation and investment policy, taxation, foreign investment policies, environmental laws and regulations, and conditions in which the mineral industry operates. The report underlines Brazil's large and diversified mineral endowment. A total of 37 mineral commodities, or groups of closely related commodities, is discussed. An overview of the geologic setting of the major mineral deposits is presented. This report is presented in English and Portuguese in pdf format.

Gurmendi, Alfredo C.; Barboza, Frederico Lopes; Thorman, Charles H.



Educação formal, mulher e gênero no Brasil contemporâneo  

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Resumo: Resumo: Resumo: Resumo: Resumo: O objetivo do artigo é evidenciar o descompasso entre a situação de homens e mulheres no sistema educacional brasileiro e as metas nacionais e internacionais de igualdade de oportunidades de gênero na educação. Para tanto analisa e interpreta estatísticas educacionais, resoluções das conferências internacionais da década de 1990 e documentos de instâncias multilaterais, governamentais e




Proteomic analysis of the royal jelly and characterization of the functions of its derivation glands in the honeybee.  


To identify candidate royal jelly (RJ) proteins that might affect the physiologic status of honeybee colony members, we used shotgun proteomics to comprehensively identify the RJ proteome as well as proteomes of the hypopharyngeal gland (HpG), postcerebral gland (PcG), and thoracic gland (TG), from which RJ proteins are assumed to be derived. We identified a total of 38 nonredundant RJ proteins, including 22 putative secretory proteins and Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein complex acid labile subunit. Among them, 9 proteins were newly identified from RJ. Comparison of the RJ proteome with the HpG, PcG, and TG proteomes revealed that 17 of the 22 putative secretory RJ proteins were derived from some of these glands, suggesting that the RJ proteome is a cocktail of proteins from these three glands. Furthermore, pathway analysis suggested that the HpG proteome represents the molecular basis of the extremely high protein-synthesizing ability, whereas the PcG proteome suggests that the PcG functions as a reservoir for the volatile compounds and a primer pheromone. Finally, to further characterize the possible total RJ proteome, we identified putative secretory proteins in the proteomes of these three glands. This will be useful for predicting novel RJ protein components in future studies. PMID:23157659

Fujita, Toshiyuki; Kozuka-Hata, Hiroko; Ao-Kondo, Hiroko; Kunieda, Takekazu; Oyama, Masaaki; Kubo, Takeo



Supersymmetric Dark Matter and Lepton Flavor Violation  

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invariance. Following Eq. 1.59, these are Lsoft =?bracketleftbig˜Q†im2Qij ˜Qj + ˜d†Rim2Dij ˜dRj + ˜u†Rim2Uij˜uRj + ˜L†im2Lij˜Lj + ˜e†Rim2Eij˜eRj +m2Hu|Hu|2 +m2Hd|Hd|2bracketrightbig ? 12bracketleftbigM1¯?0?0 +M2¯?A?A +M3¯˜gB˜gBbracketrightbig ? i2...

Soleimani, Ali



Reproductive responses following royal jelly treatment administered orally or intramuscularly into progesterone-treated Awassi ewes  

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An experiment was conducted to determine whether natural royal jelly (RJ) paste administered orally or intramuscularly (i.m.) in conjunction with exogenous progesterone is associated with improved reproductive responses in ewes. Thirty 3–6-year-old Awassi ewes were randomly allocated into three (RJ-capsule, RJC; RJ-injection, RJI and control, CON) groups of 10 ewes each. All ewes were treated with intravaginal progesterone sponges for

M. Q Husein; R. T Kridli



Suppression of allergic reactions by royal jelly in association with the restoration of macrophage function and the improvement of Th1\\/Th2 cell responses  

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We studied the immunomodulatory effects of royal jelly (RJ), the principal food source of the queen honeybee. In this study, suppression of allergic reactions by RJ was investigated in DNP-KLH immunized mice (DNP-KLH mice). Oral administration of RJ (1 g\\/kg) to DNP-KLH mice significantly decreased the serum levels of antigen-specific Ig E and significantly inhibited DNP-KLH mediated-histamine release from mast

Hideki Oka; Yutaka Emori; Naomi Kobayashi; Yoshiro Hayashi; Kikuo Nomoto



[Genetic analysis for developmental behavior of honeybee colony's royal jelly production traits in western honeybees].  


Analyses of genotypic effects for colony's royal jelly (RJ) yields and RJ in each queen cell as well as acceptances of queen cell cups of three lines of Western honeybees (Apis melliffera Lingistica) were conducted by using a genotypic model for analyzing the genetic and non-genetic effects. Analytis approaches of conventional and conditional variance and correlation were employed to evaluate the developmental behavior of honeybee colony's RJ producing ability. The results indicated that significant variance due to genotypic effect was detected for colony's RJ yields and RJ in each queen cell cup at all stages, while the acceptance of queen cell cups was found variance significantly at 10 stages of its total 11. It meant that the three traits were dominated by genotypic effect. Significant conditional variances were found at some stages when no unconditional one being detected. Correlation analysis between same trait at different stages indicated that the significant coefficients always existed due to genotypic effects for RJ yields and RJ in each queen cell cup. Although the significant coefficients of the acceptance of queen cell cup at different stages were found at most of the stages, the coefficients were not found in come of the stages. These results indicated that the genotypic effects dominated in early stages of colony's RJ yield and RJ in each queen cell cup influencing its late stages in the same way, but the acceptance of queen cells cup was not. The analysis of correlation between different pair of traits showed that the coefficients between colony's RJ yields and RJ in each queen cell cup were significant at all stages, and while the coefficients between colony's RJ yields and the acceptance of queen cell cups were not always significant at all stages. It was because the genotypic effects dominated the former pair of traits had harmonious effects, while the later pair of traits were not. PMID:12939800

Li, Jian-Ke; Chen, Sheng-Lu; Zhong, Bo-Xiong; Su, Song-Kun



Supporting Information for "A smooth, non-singular, and faithful discretization  

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by York and Karplus,1 which we have adopted for our switching/Gaussian methodology. The parameters Rsw around atom J is defined to be Rsw,J = RJ 14 NJ . (S.1) The scaling parameter J is defined as J = 1 2 + RJ Rsw,J - RJ Rsw,J 2 - 1 28 . (S.2) These two equations complete the definitions of Rin,J and Rout

Herbert, John


3D Character Model Creation from Cel Animation and its Applications Yutaka Ono,  

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) 1 (a): (b): c Disney 3. xy 0 z ( xy z ) 1 #12;4. 4.1 m j(1, 2, · · · , m) i n 4.2 j sj Rj Tomasi 11,j Fij(qij) qij pi Rj, sj Fij(x) qij x y z f ij pi 2 pi Rj , sj qij fij rj c Disney Fij (x) = ( x - fij) (f): (a) (c) (g) (i): (d) (f) c Disney G(S) = 1jm (V (Sj) + K(Sj)) (2) V (Sj) = L(Sj) - 1 m 1j m L

Ouhyoung, Ming


Comprehensive identification of novel proteins and N-glycosylation sites in royal jelly  

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Background Royal jelly (RJ) is a proteinaceous secretion produced from the hypopharyngeal and mandibular glands of nurse bees. It plays vital roles in honeybee biology and in the improvement of human health. However, some proteins remain unknown in RJ, and mapping N-glycosylation modification sites on RJ proteins demands further investigation. We used two different liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry techniques, complementary N-glycopeptide enrichment strategies, and bioinformatic approaches to gain a better understanding of novel and glycosylated proteins in RJ. Results A total of 25 N-glycosylated proteins, carrying 53 N-glycosylation sites, were identified in RJ proteins, of which 42 N-linked glycosylation sites were mapped as novel on RJ proteins. Most of the glycosylated proteins were related to metabolic activities and health improvement. The 13 newly identified proteins were also mainly associated with metabolic processes and health improvement activities. Conclusion Our in-depth, large-scale mapping of novel glycosylation sites represents a crucial step toward systematically revealing the functionality of N-glycosylated RJ proteins, and is potentially useful for producing a protein with desirable pharmacokinetic and biological activity using a genetic engineering approach. The newly-identified proteins significantly extend the proteome coverage of RJ. These findings contribute vital and new knowledge to our understanding of the innate biochemical nature of RJ at both the proteome and glycoproteome levels. PMID:24529077



Branching Systems  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

For a digraph G = (V, E) with a specified subset R(j) of V, its nodes, a branching B(j) rooted at R(j) is a forest in G such that for each node u in V - R(j) there is exactly one edge of B(j) entering u. A branching system B = [B(j): j ? J] is a collection of edge-disjoint branchings, with specified root-sets, in G. Given costs c(i) on the edges i of G, and given root sets R(j), we survey the use of matroids to find a least cost branching system, B.

Edmonds, Jack


Royal jelly protects from taxol-induced testicular damages via improvement of antioxidant status and up-regulation of E2f1.  


This study was carried out to evaluate the protective effects of royal jelly (RJ) on taxol (TXL)-induced damage of the testis. Wistar rats were divided into control and test groups. The test group was divided into five subgroups; the first four groups along with TXL administration (7.5?mg/kg body weight (bw), weekly), received various doses of RJ (0, 50, 100, and 150?mg/kg bw). The last group received only RJ at 100?mg/kg. Royal jelly lowered the TXL-induced malondialdehyde and nitric oxide levels and enhanced the total thiol molecules in the testis. Remarkably RJ reduced the TXL-induced pathological injuries such as cellular shrinkage and seminiferous tubule depletion. Taxol-reduced sperm viability (27.5?±?2.98 % vs. 85.0?±?8.6% in the control group) was recovered by RJ administration as 80.5?±?10.6% of the sperm were found alive in the group of animals which received 150?mg/kg RJ. The TXL-exposed and TXL plus RJ-administered animals showed a significant up-regulation of transcription factor E2f1 mRNA. Our data suggest that the TXL-induced histopathological and biochemical alterations could be protected by the administration of RJ. The RJ protective effects might be attributed to its antioxidant capacity and its capability in the regulation of E2f1 expression. PMID:24377747

Delkhoshe-Kasmaie, Fatemeh; Malekinejad, Hassan; Khoramjouy, Mona; Rezaei-Golmisheh, Ali; Janbaze-Acyabar, Hamed



Discipline with Dignity: Oakland Classrooms Try Healing Instead of Punishment  

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Nelson Mandela's adage, "I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends" captures the profoundly inclusive nature of restorative justice (RJ). The hallmark of RJ is intentionally bringing together people with seemingly diametrically opposed viewpoints--particularly people who have harmed with people who have been harmed--in a…

Davis, Fania



This is a PDF file of the manuscript that has been accepted for publication.  

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, Asia. Thomas J.D. Halliday [], School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol, BS8 1RJ; current address: Department of Earth Sciences, University College London,], School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol, BS8 1RJ; Mikhail B. Efimov [efimov

Benton, Michael


Royal jelly enhances migration of human dermal fibroblasts and alters the levels of cholesterol and sphinganine in an in vitro wound healing model  

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Oral administration of royal jelly (RJ) promotes wound healing in diabetic mice. Concerns have arisen regarding the efficacy of RJ on the wound healing process of normal skin cells. In this study, a wound was created by scratching normal human dermal fibroblasts, one of the major cells involved in the wound healing process. The area was promptly treated with RJ at varying concentrations of 0.1, 1.0, or 5 mg/ml for up to 48 hrs and migration was analyzed by evaluating closure of the wound margins. Furthermore, altered levels of lipids, which were recently reported to participate in the wound healing process, were analyzed by HPTLC and HPLC. Migration of fibroblasts peaked at 24 hrs after wounding. RJ treatment significantly accelerated the migration of fibroblasts in a dose-dependent manner at 8 hrs. Although RJ also accelerated the migration of fibroblasts at both 20 hrs and 24 hrs after wounding, the efficacy was less potent than at 8 hrs. Among various lipid classes within fibroblasts, the level of cholesterol was significantly decreased at 8 hrs following administration of both 0.1 ug/ml and 5 mg/ml RJ. Despite a dose-dependent increase in sphinganines, the levels of sphingosines, ceramides, and glucosylceramides were not altered with any concentration of RJ. We demonstrated that RJ enhances the migration of fibroblasts and alters the levels of various lipids involved in the wound healing process. PMID:21103081

Kim, Juyoung; Kim, Youngae; Yun, Hyejeong; Park, Hyemin; Kim, Sun Yeou; Lee, Kwang-Gill; Han, Sang-Mi



The Astrophysical Journal, 695:336356, 2009 April 10 doi:10.1088/0004-637X/695/1/336 C 2009. The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved. Printed in the U.S.A.  

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.0RJ planets within extremely hot Jupiter (EHJ; 0.4 day), very hot Jupiter (VHJ; 1.0 .0 day), and hot Jupiter (HJ; 3.0 day) period ranges, respectively. For 0.5RJ planets with a period of only 4.23 days shocked the astronomical community. The existence of such a "hot Jupiter" (HJ

Gaudi, B. Scott


An Investigation into the Oxidation State of Molybdenum in Simplified High Level Nuclear Waste Glass Compositions  

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. INTRODUCTION Alkali borosilicate glasses are used by British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) to vitrify HLW raffinates in an alkali borosilicate glass composition that is currently used for HLW vitrification in the UK Glass Compositions R.J. Short, R.J. Hand and N.C. Hyatt, ISL, Department of Engineering Materials

Sheffield, University of


Toward Complete Path Planning for Planar 3R-Manipulators Among Point Obstacles  

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.C. Trinkle1 and R.J. Milgram2 1 Department of Computer Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY.C. Trinkle and R.J. Milgram 2. C-free - the complement in C-space of the closure of C-obstacle. C

Trinkle, Jeff


Dr. Robert Lucas Professor of Neurobiology, Faculty of Life Sciences,  

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Dr. Robert Lucas Professor of Neurobiology, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Manchester, Chaurasia SS, Melyan Z, Liu C, Cameron MA, Tarttelin EE, Iuvone PM, Hankins MW, Tossini G, Lucas RJ (2006-mammalian vertebrates PLoS Biology 4(8):e254 Melyan Z, Tarttelin EE, Bellingham J, Lucas RJ, Hankins MW (2005). Addition

Miyashita, Yasushi


Galileo dust data from the jovian system: 2000 to 20031 H. Krugera,b,1, D. Bindschadlerc, S. F. Dermottd, A. L. Grapse, E. Grunb,f , B. A. Gustaf-2  

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Galileo dust data from the jovian system: 2000 to 20031 H. Kr¨ugera,b,1, D. Bindschadlerc, S. F The Galileo spacecraft was the first man-made satellite of Jupiter, orbiting the8 planet between December 1995 dust environment be-10 tween approximately 2 and 370 RJ (jovian radius RJ = 71492km). The Galileo dust

Hamilton, Douglas P.


A finite element method using singular functions for the Poisson ...  

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on a domain with cracks and considers a higher-order method when f?H1( ). Copyright ? .... j=1. ? l?Lj j; l? (rj;!j)sj; l(rj;?j). (10) where w2 ?H3?. ( )?H1. 0 ( ) for any ¿0 satisfies. ? w2 ?. N. ? ..... difference of (33) and (33) gives that u ? u2 h



Georg-August-Universitt Gttingen, Bereich Humanmedizin Publikationen und Hochschulschriften 2005  

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. Kleindienst A, McGinn MJ, Harvey HB, Colello RJ, Hamm RJ, Bullock MR (2005) Enhanced hippocampal neurogenesis MR (2005) Assessment of cerebral S100B levels by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy after lateral) Neurological picture. Feeding cats might be dangerous: penetrating orbital and brain injury without

Gollisch, Tim


A new Polyrhachis (Myrma) vestita-group species from Sulawesi (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae)  

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A new Polyrhachis (Myrma) vestita-group species from Sulawesi (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Formicinae) R.J. Kohout Kohout, R.J. A new Polyrhachis (Myrma) vestita-group species from Sulawesi (Hymenoptera-group; new species; new records; Sulawesi. Polyrhachis vanachterbergi, a new species in the recently

Villemant, Claire


Royal Jelly Prevents Osteoporosis in Rats: Beneficial Effects in Ovariectomy Model and in Bone Tissue Culture Model  

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Royal jelly (RJ) has been used worldwide for many years as medical products, health foods and cosmet- ics. Since RJ contains testosterone and has steroid hormone-type activities, we hypothesized that it may have beneficial effects on osteoporosis. We used both an ovariectomized rat model and a tissue culture model. Rats were divided into eight groups as follows: sham-operated (Sham), ovariectomized

Saburo Hidaka; Yoshizo Okamoto; Satoshi Uchiyama; Akira Nakatsuma; Ken Hashimoto; S. Tsuyoshi Ohnishi; Masayoshi Yamaguchi



Determination of sugars in royal jelly by HPLC1  

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A HPLC method with refractive index detection (RID) was developed for sugar determination in royal jelly (RJ). The method enables the determination of the three main sugars of royal jelly (fructose, glucose and sucrose), and maltose, which is sometimes present in RJ. The method ensures adequate sensitivity, quantitative recoveries, does not suffer from matrix interferences and shows good repeatability. It

Giulio SESTA


Changes in protein components and storage stability of Royal Jelly under various conditions  

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The changes in quality of Royal Jelly (RJ) stored at ?20 °C, 4 °C, and room temperatures under dark and light conditions for up to 7 months were investigated. The results showed that colour, viscosity, fractions of water-soluble protein (WSP) and simple sugars of RJ changed significantly during storage at room temperature, but not at ?20 °C. The viscosity and

Chinshuh Chen; Soe-Yen Chen



Effect of Royal Jelly on serum lipids in experimental animals and humans with atherosclerosis  

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The primary objective of this review was to assess the size and consistency of Royal Jelly (RJ) effect on serum lipids in experimental animals and humans. The data from animal studies were pooled, where possible, and statistically evaluated by Student's t-test. Meta-analysis was used for the evaluation of human trials. It was found that RJ significantly decreased serum and liver

J. Vittek



50. Charakterizierung der Hauptproteine des Apis mellifera L. Futtersaftes mit der  

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-90 % der gesamten Proteine des Futtersaftes [Royal Jelly (RJ), und Arbeiterinnenfuttersaft (WJ)] ausmachen gibt an, daß alle MRJP zu einer Proteinfa- milie - der MRJP Familie (von major royal jelly mellifera L. larval jelly by cDNA cloning and sequencing The major proteins of larval jelly [royal jelly (RJ

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Annals of Operations Research 138, 179187, 2005 c 2005 Springer Science + Business Media, Inc. Manufactured in The Netherlands.  

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Annals of Operations Research 138, 179­187, 2005 c 2005 Springer Science + Business Media, Inc Janeiro, RJ, Brazil L.T. NOGUEIRA COPPE/Sistemas, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Caixa Postal 68511, CEP 21945-970, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil F. PROTTI IM and NCE

Hell, Pavol


Implementing Restorative Justice Practice in Schools: What Pedagogy Reveals  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In the ongoing pursuit for creating safe, nurturing and relational school cultures, educators continue to turn to restorative justice (rj) principles and practice. Predominantly, schools begin to engage with rj in an effort to address harm done, causing its discourse to be situated in literature tied to classroom management and behaviour. However,…

Vaandering, Dorothy



Royal jelly has estrogenic effects in vitro and in vivo.  


Royal jelly (RJ) from honeybees (Apis mellifera) is traditionally thought to improve menopausal symptoms. The potential estrogenic activities of RJ were investigated using various approaches. RJ competed for binding of 17beta-estradiol to the human estrogen receptor alpha and beta but its affinities were weak compared with diethylstilbestrol and phytoestrogens. The reporter gene expression assays suggested that 0.1-1 mg/ml RJ activated estrogen receptors, leading to enhanced transcription of a reporter gene through an estrogen-responsive element. 1 mg/ml RJ stimulated the mRNA expression of estrogen-responsive pS2 and vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) by increasing gene transcription in MCF-7 cells. Treatment with RJ at concentrations ranging from 0.5 to 1 mg/ml enhanced MCF-7 cell proliferation, but concomitant treatment with 1 microM tamoxifen blocked this effect. In vivo studies using ovariectomized rats showed that 17beta-estradiol (20 mg/kg, s.c.) treatment restored VEGF expression in both uterus and brain, whereas RJ (1 g/kg, s.c.) restored it in uterus but not in brain. These findings provide evidence that RJ has estrogenic activities through interaction with estrogen receptors followed by endogenous gene expressions. PMID:15946813

Mishima, Satoshi; Suzuki, Kazu-Michi; Isohama, Yoichiro; Kuratsu, Naoko; Araki, Yoko; Inoue, Makoto; Miyata, Takeshi



Osteoinductive and anti-inflammatory effect of royal jelly on periodontal ligament cells.  


Royal jelly (RJ) has been reported to possess several physiological and pharmacological properties such as the ability to prevent osteoporosis in rats and anti-inflammatory effects. We hypothesized that RJ could have beneficial effects on the prevention or treatment of periodontal diseases, which are chronic inflammatory diseases caused by bacterial infection that result in resorption of the tooth-supporting bone. We assessed the effect of RJ on mineralization in mouse periodontal ligament cell clone 22 (MPDL22 cells), which are of an osteogenic and cementogenic lineage. The mRNA expression of osteopontin, osteocalcin and osterix, and mineralized nodule formation were significantly enhanced in RJ-treated MPDL22 cells. In addition, we investigated the effects of RJ on the production of inflammatory cytokines from MPDL22 cells stimulated with lipopolysaccharide (LPS) of Porphyromonas gingivalis, a periodontopathic bacterium. RJ suppressed LPS-induced interleukin-6 and CXC chemokine ligand 10 production from MPDL22 cells. Furthermore, RJ suppressed the expression of CD54 in MPDL22 cells: CD54 is the adhesion molecule involved in the accumulation of leukocytes in periodontal lesions. These findings suggest that the osteoinductive and anti-inflammatory effects of RJ can provide benefits for the treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases. PMID:21878736

Yanagita, Manabu; Kojima, Yuko; Mori, Kenta; Yamada, Satoru; Murakami, Shinya



Oral mucosal adhesive films containing royal jelly accelerate recovery from 5-fluorouracil-induced oral mucositis.  


Oral mucositis induced by chemotherapy or radiotherapy has an impact upon quality-of-life, is dose-limiting for chemotherapy, and causes considerable morbidity. We evaluated the effect of royal jelly (RJ) on 5-fluorouracil (5-FU)-induced oral mucositis in hamsters. Oral mucositis was induced in hamsters through a combination of 5-FU treatment and mild abrasion of the cheek pouch. RJ was contained in chitosan-sodium alginate film (RJ film). Films were attached to the oral mucosa and the healing process examined by measuring the area of mucositis, myeloperoxidase (MPO) activity, microscopic aspects, and RT-PCR for detection of pro-inflammatory cytokines (tumor necrosis factor-?, interleukin-1?). Furthermore, we evaluated the radical-scavenging activity of RJ and generation of keratinocyte growth factor from human periodontal ligament fibroblasts. RJ films (10%, 30%) significantly improved recovery from 5-FU-induced damage, reduced MPO activity and the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Additionally, RJ showed radical-scavenging activity. These data suggest that topical application of films that contain RJ had a healing effect on the severe oral mucositis induced by 5-FU and that the effect was caused by the anti-inflammatory or anti-oxidative activities of RJ. PMID:23357874

Watanabe, Shinichi; Suemaru, Katsuya; Takechi, Kenshi; Kaji, Hiroaki; Imai, Kimie; Araki, Hiroaki



Energetic particles in the jovian magnetotail.  


When the solar wind hits Jupiter's magnetic field, it creates a long magnetotail trailing behind the planet that channels material out of the Jupiter system. The New Horizons spacecraft traversed the length of the jovian magnetotail to >2500 jovian radii (RJ; 1 RJ identical with 71,400 kilometers), observing a high-temperature, multispecies population of energetic particles. Velocity dispersions, anisotropies, and compositional variation seen in the deep-tail (greater, similar 500 RJ) with a approximately 3-day periodicity are similar to variations seen closer to Jupiter in Galileo data. The signatures suggest plasma streaming away from the planet and injection sites in the near-tail region (approximately 200 to 400 RJ) that could be related to magnetic reconnection events. The tail structure remains coherent at least until it reaches the magnetosheath at 1655 RJ. PMID:17932283

McNutt, R L; Haggerty, D K; Hill, M E; Krimigis, S M; Livi, S; Ho, G C; Gurnee, R S; Mauk, B H; Mitchell, D G; Roelof, E C; McComas, D J; Bagenal, F; Elliott, H A; Brown, L E; Kusterer, M; Vandegriff, J; Stern, S A; Weaver, H A; Spencer, J R; Moore, J M



Oral administration of royal jelly facilitates mRNA expression of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor and neurofilament H in the hippocampus of the adult mouse brain.  


Royal jelly (RJ) is known to have a variety of biological activities toward various types of cells and tissues of animal models, but nothing is known about its effect on brain functions. Hence, we examined the effect of oral administration of RJ on the mRNA expression of various neurotrophic factors, their receptors, and neural cell markers in the mouse brain. Our results revealed that RJ selectively facilitates the mRNA expression of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF), a potent neurotrophic factor acting in the brain, and neurofilament H, a specific marker predominantly found in neuronal axons, in the adult mouse hippocampus. These observations suggest that RJ shows neurotrophic effects on the mature brain via stimulation of GDNF production, and that enhanced expression of neurofilament H mRNA is involved in events subsequently caused by GDNF. RJ may play neurotrophic and/or neuroprotective roles in the adult brain through GDNF. PMID:15849420

Hashimoto, Manabu; Kanda, Masafumi; Ikeno, Kumiko; Hayashi, Yoshirou; Nakamura, Tadashi; Ogawa, Yoshinobu; Fukumitsu, Hidefumi; Nomoto, Hiroshi; Furukawa, Shoei



An integrated approach to offshore wind energy assessment: Great Lakes 3D Wind Experiment. Part I. Calibration and testing RJ Barthelmie1, SC Pryor1, CM Smith1, P Crippa1, H Wang1, R. Krishnamurthy2, R. Calhoun2, D Valyou3, P Marzocca3, D Matthiesen4, N.  

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(WRF). Location Lidar systems were deployed at 2 meteorological masts ( ) on opposite sides of the wind SgurrEnergy Galion lidar Wind farm Meteorological mast mounted cup anemometers Pre-experiment testing/ZephIR wind speeds were > 0.98 (Fig. 3). Lidar measurement systems Natural Power's ZephIR lidar (Fig. 4) uses

Polly, David


R.R. Harrison, H. Fotowat, R. Chan, R.J. Kier, A. Leonardo, and F. Gabbiani, "A wireless neural/EMG telemetry system for freely moving insects," to appear in: Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2010), Paris  

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/EMG telemetry system for freely moving insects," to appear in: Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS 2010), Paris, France, 2010. A Wireless Neural/EMG Telemetry System developed a miniature telemetry system that captures neural, EMG, and acceleration signals from a freely

Harrison, Reid R.


Understanding Light Harvesting in Radial Junction Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Solar Cells  

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The radial junction (RJ) architecture has proven beneficial for the design of a new generation of high performance thin film photovoltaics. We herein carry out a comprehensive modeling of the light in-coupling, propagation and absorption profile within RJ thin film cells based on an accurate set of material properties extracted from spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements. This has enabled us to understand and evaluate the impact of varying several key parameters on the light harvesting in radially formed thin film solar cells. We found that the resonance mode absorption and antenna-like light in-coupling behavior in the RJ cell cavity can lead to a unique absorption distribution in the absorber that is very different from the situation expected in a planar thin film cell, and that has to be taken into account in the design of high performance RJ thin film solar cells. When compared to the experimental EQE response of real RJ solar cells, this modeling also provides an insightful and powerful tool to resolve the wavelength-dependent contributions arising from individual RJ units and/or from strong light trapping due to the presence of the RJ cell array. PMID:24619197

Yu, Linwei; Misra, Soumyadeep; Wang, Junzhuan; Qian, Shengyi; Foldyna, Martin; Xu, Jun; Shi, Yi; Johnson, Erik; Cabarrocas, Pere Roca i



Iogenic Ion Loss via Magnetic Filaments in Jupiter's Magnetotail  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We show that energetic ions with Iogenic (sulfur-rich) composition are recurrently injected at 150 ±30RJ (RJ = 71,492 km) anti-sunward of Jupiter and funnelled down the magnetotail. The particle events show velocity dispersion and were observed during the first half of 2007 by the PEPSSI (Pluto Energetic Particle Spectrometer Science Investigation) instrument on the Pluto-bound New Horizons (NH) spacecraft. Our survey to 2562 RJ down the magnetotail characterizes the behavior of ˜few-keV—1 MeV particles and their environment, yielding an estimate of the injection site location. A case study of one of the most interesting of the many sulfur-rich events, beginning on day-of-year 118, 28 April 2007, contributes to the determination that the ˜400 RJ-wide > 9000RJ -long magnetotail is actually composed of narrow ˜1 RJ -diameter filaments stretching down the tail. Reconciling this with the large (˜500 RJ ) plasmoid interpretation supported by the NH/SWAP (Solar Wind Around Pluto) observations is an opportunity to greatly expand our understanding of the Jovian magnetotail and its particle dynamics. The impact of Io's vulcanism is clear as far down the tail as we observed, but between events the abundance of the solar wind tracer helium grows as the spacecraft recedes from the planet, possibly due to solar wind flux tubes mixing with the Jovian flux tubes liberating material trapped in the Io taurus and inner magnetosphere into interplanetary space.

Hill, Matthew; Haggerty, Dennis; McNutt, Ralph L., Jr.; Paranicas, Chris


Geographical influences on content of 10-hydroxy-trans-2-decenoic acid in royal jelly in China.  


The content of 10-hydroxy-trans-2-decenoic acid (10-HDA), a marker compound in royal jelly (RJ), is the most important criterion in grading RJ for commercial trade and varies with its origin. To identify the effect of geographical origin on 10-HDA content in RJ, 138 samples were collected from 19 provinces of China (divided into three groups) produced by either Apis mellifera ligustica Spinola, 1806 or a hybrid of A. m. ligustica and Apis mellifera carnica Pollman, 1879 and analyzed for moisture, sugar, crude protein, ash, acid, and 10-HDA concentration. The results show that RJ from western China has a significantly higher 10-HDA level (2.01 +/- 0.05%) than those from northeastern (1.87 +/- 0.05%) and eastern (1.75 +/- 0.03%) China. RJ secreted by hybrid bees contained more 10-HDA (1.89 +/- 0.03%) than that secreted by A. m. ligustica (1.78 +/- 0.03%). The 10-HDA content of RJ produced during flowering of rape (Brassica campestris L.), lime (Tilia amurensis Ruprecht), and vitex (Vitex negundo L. variety heterophylla (Franch.) Rehder) was 1.92, 1.80, and 1.68%, respectively. The results would be helpful during the process of price determination of RJ by providing some basis of geographical, bee strain, and botanical information for commercial trade. PMID:24224235

Wei, Wen-Ting; Hu, Yuan-Qiang; Zheng, Huo-Qing; Cao, Lian-Fei; Hu, Fu-Liang; Hepburn, H Randall



Hatchability rate and embryonic growth of broiler chicks following in ovo injection royal jelly.  


1. The objectives of this study were to compare the hatchability, chick body and internal organs weights and plasma testosterone concentration of hatchlings after in ovo administration of royal jelly (RJ) on d 7 of incubation. 2. Fertile eggs (n = 150) were injected into the air sac or yolk sac with 0.5 ml normal saline solution or normal saline and pure RJ. The eggs were randomly divided into 5 groups of 30 eggs each: NC, control eggs receiving no injection; ASA, air sac-injected eggs given normal saline solution; ARJ, air sac-injected eggs injected with pure RJ; YSA, yolk sac-injected eggs receiving normal saline solution and YRJ, yolk sac-injected eggs given pure RJ. 3. Injection of RJ significantly decreased hatchability (46.7%) compared with injection of saline solution (68.3%). Hatchability was lower in ARJ (33.3 %) and YRJ (60.0%) groups than in the NC group (90.0%). Hatchability in ASA (70.0%) and YSA (66.66%) groups were comparable to the NC group. 4. In ovo injection of RJ into both sacs increased chicks' absolute and relative body, heart, liver and testes weights compared to the control group whereas plasma testosterone concentration was similar among the different groups. 5. It was concluded that in ovo injection of RJ may be an effective method to increase the body weight of hatched chicks as an absolute value (CWT) and chicks' internal organ weights. PMID:24840127

Moghaddam, A A; Borji, M; Komazani, D



Effect of royal jelly on experimental colitis Induced by acetic acid and alteration of mast cell distribution in the colon of rats.  


This study investigated the effects of royal jelly (RJ) on acetic acid-induced colitis in rats. Twenty adult female Wistar albino rats were divided into four treatment groups of 5 animals each, including a control group (Group I); Group II was treated orally with RJ (150 mg kg(-1) body weight); Group III had acetic acid-induced colitis; and Group IV had acetic acid-induced colitis treated orally with RJ (150 mg kg(-1) body weight) for 4 weeks. Colitis was induced by intracolonic instillation of 4% acetic acid; the control group received physiological saline (10 mL kg(-1)). Colon samples were obtained under deep anaesthesia from animals in all groups. Tissues were fixed in 10% formalin neutral buffer solution for 24 h and embedded in paraffin. Six-micrometre-thick sections were stained with Mallory’s triple stain and toluidine blue in 1% aqueous solution at pH 1.0 for 5 min (for Mast Cells). RJ was shown to protect the colonic mucosa against the injurious effect of acetic acid. Colitis (colonic damage) was confirmed histomorphometrically as significant increases in the number of mast cells (MC) and colonic erosions in rats with acetic acid-induced colitis. The RJ treatment significantly decreased the number of MC and reduced the area of colonic erosion in the colon of RJ-treated rats compared with rats with untreated colitis. The results suggest that oral treatment with RJ could be used to treat colitis. PMID:21263740

Karaca, T; Bayiroglu, F; Yoruk, M; Kaya, M S; Uslu, S; Comba, B; Mis, L



Serum and liver tissue bio-element levels, and antioxidant enzyme activities in carbon tetrachloride-induced hepatotoxicity: protective effects of royal jelly.  


The liver is a vital organ, and its function is generally impaired by chemicals. Some natural compounds have a protective role against liver diseases such as royal jelly (RJ). To our knowledge, there are no data available on the effect of RJ therapy on the levels of bio-element metabolisms and antioxidant enzyme activities in the carbon tetrachloride (CCl(4))-induced liver damage. Therefore, in the present study, we have investigated the role of RJ therapy in the trace and major elements and antioxidant enzymes in CCl(4)-induced hepatotoxicity in rats. Antioxidant enzyme activities decreased in the CCl(4)-treated group more than they did in the sham and RJ-administered groups. Many bio-element levels were also reduced in only the CCl(4)-treated group. This showed that the depletion of trace elements was related to erythrocyte antioxidant enzyme activities. RJ administration clearly increased the trace and major element levels and antioxidant enzyme activities in RJ groups. RJ may be used as functional foods because of their naturally high antioxidant potential and rich element content. PMID:22510102

Cemek, Mustafa; Y?lmaz, Fatma; Büyükokuro?lu, Mehmet Emin; Büyükben, Ahmet; Aymelek, Fatih; Ayaz, Ahmet



[Effect of long-term treatment with royal jelly on insulin resistance in Otsuka Long-Evans Tokushima Fatty (OLETF) rats].  


Royal jelly (RJ) is known to have abundant nutritional properties and a variety of biological activities. To investigate the effects of RJ on insulin resistance, 10-week-old Otsuka Long-Evans Tokushima Fatty (OLETF) rats, a type 2 diabetic model, were treated for 4 weeks with RJ (10, 30, and 300 mg/kg, p.o.). RJ treatment tended to decrease systolic blood pressure and significantly decreased serum levels of insulin and the Homeostasis Model Assessment ratio, an index of insulin resistance. In isolated and perfused mesenteric vascular beds of OLETF rats, RJ treatment resulted in significant reduction of the sympathetic nerve-mediated vasoconstrictor response to periarterial nerve stimulation (PNS) and potentiation of the calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) nerve-mediated vasodilator response to PNS, compared with that in untreated OLETF rats. However, RJ treatment did not significantly affect norepinephrine-induced vasoconstriction and CGRP-induced vasodilation. These results suggest that RJ could be an effective and functional food to prevent the development of insulin resistance. PMID:17978564

Nomura, Masataka; Maruo, Naomi; Zamami, Yoshito; Takatori, Shingo; Doi, Shima; Kawasaki, Hiromu



Royal jelly can diminish secondary neuronal damage after experimental spinal cord injury in rabbits.  


The aim of this experimental study was to investigate the neuroprotective effect of Royal jelly (RJ) on traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI). Twenty-one New Zealand male rabbits, weighing between 2.5 and 3.0 kg were divided into three groups: Sham (no drug or operation, n = 7), Control (laminectomy+single dose of 1 ml/kg saline orally, after trauma; n = 7) and RJ (laminectomy+100mg/kg RJ, orally, after trauma, n = 7). Laminectomy was perfor med at T10 and balloon catheter was applied extradurally for traumatic SCI. Four and 24h after surgery, rabbits were evaluated according to the Tarlov scoring system. Blood, cerebrospinal fluid and tissue sample from spinal cord were taken for measurements of antioxidant status or detection of apoptosis. Four hours after SCI, all animals in control or RJ treated groups became paraparesic. Significant improvement was observed in RJ treated group, 24h after SCI, with respect to control. Traumatic SCI led to increase in the lipid peroxidation and decrease enzymic or non-enzymic endogenous antioxidative defense systems, and increase in apoptotic cell numbers. RJ treatment mostly prevented lipid peroxidation and also augmented endogenous enzymic or non-enzymic antioxidative defense systems. Again, RJ treatment significantly decreased the apoptotic cell number induced by SCI. PMID:22538080

Aslan, Adem; Cemek, Mustafa; Buyukokuroglu, Mehmet Emin; Altunbas, Korhan; Bas, Orhan; Yurumez, Yusuf




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/ 10001636, Domingas Pereira da Cruz / 10008397, Fabiana Rosa do Amaral / 10001803, Faustina Pereira da Cunha / 10004368, Flavia Danieli Santos Rodrigues / 10001274, Glaucineia Lemos Vicente / 10002204, Janaina Pereira candidato em ordem alfabética. 10003292, Eric Douglas Ribeiro da Silva / 10002938, Jucicleide Pereira

Maier, Rudolf Richard


Magnetˆ ometros Fluxgates amorfos robustos para pesquisa em Sondagens Geomagn´ eticas Profundas no Brasil  

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Twenty portable fluxgate magnetometers have been constructed with amorphous cores (metallic glass ribbon wound in a polycarbonate spool) to sense variations of the field in three orthogonal axes. The field is measured from the second harmonic induced voltage at the same time interval of the core saturation. The magnetic sensors are lodged in a case specially designed for rugged field

Wanderli Kabata; Icaro Vitorello; Marcelo Banik; Nalin B. Trivedi; Wagner C. Cunha



USO E ABUSO DE DROGAS PSICOTRÓPICAS NO BRASIL Use and abuse psychotrophics drugs in Brazil  

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The author describes the studies performed by CEBRID on the drugs consumptiom in the country, commenting the main results, with emphasis in the surveys among students and the 1 st household survey in São Paulo's State.

José Carlos Fernandes Galduróz; Aldous Huxley



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The aim of this paper was to analyze the impact of different fiscal policies over the national economic growth and income distribution. The simulations were done using a general equilibrium model. The results show the existence of alternative policies, which can, at the same time to promote economic growth and income distribution. Among the applied simulation, the following were identified

Adelar Fochezatto; Izete Pengo Bagolin



Dirofilariose canina na Ilha de São Luís, Nordeste do Brasil: uma zoonose potencial  

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A survey on the prevalence of canine heartworm was conducted in 1,495 dogs from Maranhão Island, State of Maranhão, Northeastern Brazil, from 1991 to 1994, by testing for mi- crofilariae in blood. Of the total, 1,358 (12.8% of which were infected) were dogs with no known history; they included 1,265 homeless animals (10.3% with microfilariae) and 93 kept by owners

Silvia Maria Mendes Ahid; Ricardo Lourenço-de-Oliveira; Lauro Queiroz Saraiva



Zooarqueologia dos mamferos aquticos e semi-aquticos da Ilha de Santa Catarina, sul do Brasil  

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) and b) cetaceans: Eubalaena australis (Desmoulins, 1822), Delphinus delphis Linnaeus,1758, Stenella, 1804.. Three species of semi-aquatic mammals were also recorded: Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris (Linnaeus, 1758), Tapirus terrestris (Linnaeus, 1758) and Lontra longicaudis (Olfers, 1818). Both sites presented

Simões-Lopes, Paulo César


La exportación de servicios en América Latina: Los casos de Argentina, Brasil y México  

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La exportación de servicios es uno de los fenómenos más dinámicos de la economía internacional contemporánea. Actividades que anteriormente se prestaban fundamentalmente dentro de las fronteras de cada país hoy son internacionalmente transables —desde la salud y la educación, hasta los servicios contables, legales o de investigación y desarrollo, pasando por la publicidad y el diseño. Esto es producto fundamentalmente

Paulo Bastos Tigre; Marta Calmon; Jorge Martínez; Andrés Niembro; Ramón Padilla; Eduardo Portas; Claudia Schatan; Verónica Vega


Consideracoes Historicas sobre o Ensino Profissionalizante no Brasil (Historical Considerations about Professional Education in Brazil).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Analyzes the paths taken in professional education in Brazil from the colonial period until the formation of the republic. Refers to specialists as well as specific laws for each period described in the study. (BT)

Barros, Marta Silene Ferreira



Geração e transmissão da energia elétrica: impacto sobre os povos indígenas no Brasil  

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This paper presents an overview of the effects of electric power generation and trans- mission on indigenous communities in Brazil. According to data from FUNAI (the Brazilian gov- ernment's Board of Indian Affairs), there are 156 cases of direct impact, present or future, of the electric power sector on Indian settlements geographically distributed throughout Brazil, 65% of which are located

Sergio Koifman



Gastrópodes e bivalves límnicos do trecho médio da bacia do Rio Doce, Minas Gerais, Brasil  

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Gastropods and freshwater bivalves from the median region of the Rio Doce basin, Minas Gerais, Brazil. A survey of the lymnic malacofauna from the mid-segment of the Rio Doce basin was carried out from 1999 to 2001. The studied region is permanently submitted to the impact of mining, reforestation, urban waste, metallurgy, and includes two areas of high priority preservation.

Teofânia H. D. A. Vidigal; Maria M. G. S. M. Marques; Henry P. Lima; Francisco A. R. Barbosa


Primeiro registro documentado do gavião-pega-macaco, Spizaetus tyrannus, para o estado do Ceará, Brasil  

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First documented record of the Black Hawk-Eagle Spizaetus tyrannus to the state of Ceará, Brazil. The Black Hawk-Eagle has a wide but discontinuous range along Latin American rainforests. We present the first documented record of the species to the state of Ceará, in a montane moist forest enclave surrounded by semi-arid lowlands. The record was documented by a tape recording

Ciro Albano; Weber Girão; Thieres Pinto



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Habitat fragmentation has some negative consequences to bird populations, including high nest predation rates due to the access of predators to the interior of small fragments. Qur purpose was to test the hypothesis that nest predation rates is inversely related to forest fragment size in forests at 'Tri~ngulo Mineiro', Minas Gerais state, Brazil. We conducted two experiments with artificial nests,

Celine Melo; Miguel Angelo Marini


Distribuição sazonal de vetores da malária em Machadinho d'Oeste, Rondônia, Região Amazônica, Brasil  

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The objective of this study was to describe the seasonal distribution of malaria vectors in Machadinho d'Oeste, Rondônia State, Brazil. The study was based on data from the Brazilian National Health Foundation (FUNASA) for the period from April 1993 to November 1994. A total of 97 field visits were conducted, and 93 intradomiciliary and 95 peridomiciliary collections were performed. The

Reinaldo Souza-Santos



Mapeamento dos ambientes aquáticos e da cobertura da terra na Bacia do Rio Purus, Amazonas, Brasil  

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The present work aims to map and characterize the aquatic environments and the ways of use and occupancy of land along the basin of purus river. To implement this work were used images of optical sensor TM \\/ satellite Landsat 5. The software was used SPRING. the floodplain covers an area of 22,184 km2. The lakes dendritic present the largest

Alberto Furtado; Martins Junior


Queda dos homic?dios em S?o Paulo, Brasil: uma an?lise descritiva  

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Objetivo Descrever a evolução da mortalidade por homicídios no Município de São Paulo segundo tipo de arma, sexo, raça ou cor, idade e áreas de exclusão/inclusão social entre 1996 e 2008. Métodos Estudo ecológico de série temporal. Os dados sobre óbitos ocorridos no Município foram coletados da base de dados do Programa de Aprimoramento das Informações sobre Mortalidade, seguindo a Classificação Internacional de Doenças, Décima Revisão (CID-10). Foram calculadas as taxas de mortalidade por homicídio (TMH) para a população total, por sexo, raça ou cor, faixa etária, tipo de arma e área de exclusão/inclusão social. As TMH foram padronizadas por idade pelo método direto. Foram calculados os percentuais de variação no período estudado. Para as áreas de exclusão/inclusão social foram calculados os riscos relativos de morte por homicídio. Resultados As TMH apresentaram queda de 73,7% entre 2001 e 2008. Foi observada redução da TMH em todos os grupos analisados, mais pronunciada em homens (?74,5%), jovens de 15 a 24 anos (?78,0%) e moradores de áreas de exclusão social extrema (?79,3%). A redução ocorreu, sobretudo, nos homicídios cometidos com armas de fogo (?74,1%). O risco relativo de morte por homicídio nas áreas de exclusão extrema (tendo como referência áreas com algum grau de exclusão social) foi de 2,77 em 1996, 3,9 em 2001 e 2,13 em 2008. Nas áreas de alta exclusão social, o risco relativo foi de 2,07 em 1996 e 1,96 em 2008. Conclusões Para compreender a redução dos homicídios no Município, é importante considerar macrodeterminantes que atingem todo o Município e todos os subgrupos populacionais e microdeterminantes que atuam localmente, influenciando de forma diferenciada os homicídios com armas de fogo e os homicídios na população jovem, no sexo masculino e em residentes em áreas de alta exclusão social. PMID:21390415

Peres, Maria Fernanda Tourinho; Vicentin, Diego; Nery, Marcelo Batista; de Lima, Renato Sergio; de Souza, Edinilsa Ramos; Cerda, Magdalena; Cardia, Nancy; Adorno, e Sergio



Ocorrência de Puma concolor (Linnaeus) (Felidae, Carnivora) em áreas de vegetação remanescente de Santa Catarina, Brasil  

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PRESENCE OF PUMA CONCOLOR (LINNAEUS) (FELIDAE, CARNIVORA) ON REMNANT HABITATS IN SANTA CATARINA, BRAZIL. Several reports on puma (Puma concolor) have been done in the State of Santa Catarina, Southern Brazil, most of them in remnant original habitats above 800 meters. These records show a thight relationship between the puma with the altitude and mostly with the habitat quality. In

Marcelo Mazzolli



Distribuição Espacial da Ocupação no Setor de Turismo: Brasil e Regiões  

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Este documento está embasado em uma série de estudos e pesquisas que o Ipea desenvolve desde 2003, a respeito do mercado de trabalho no setor de turismo, com o objetivo de subsidiar a formulação de políticas públicas, o planejamento e a monitoração do desempenho desse setor, bem como seu impacto econômico e social, nos níveis nacional, regional e estadual. Aqui

Margarida Hatem Pinto Coelho



Alphitobius diaperinus como veiculador de Clostridium perfringens em granjas avícolas do interior paulista - Brasil  

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The Alphitobius diaperinus (lesser mealworm) is considered an important world poultry plague. Due to its behavior characteristics and biological habits that make its control difficult it is considered a vector of pathogenic agents. The objective of this research was to investigate the little mealworm as possible vector of Clostridium perfringens in broiler houses, located in different parts of the state

Juliano VittoriI Rubén; Pablo Schocken-IturrinoI; César Augusto Martins; Gislaine Gomes; Caroline Peters


Mapas de irradiação solar para o Brasil - Resultados do Projeto SWERA  

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The SWERA project is an international project financed by GEF\\/UNEP which aims at providing a consistent and easily accessible database to increase confidence levels of investors and influence decision centers to foster the insertion of renewable energies on the energy matrix of selected pilot countries. The project is now at the stage of formatting information, validating of energy resource models,

Fernando Ramos Martins; Enio Bueno Pereira; Samuel Luna de Abreu



Perfil psicológico de prestação de jogadores profissionais de futebol do Brasil  

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Performance psychological profile of Brazilian professional soccer players The aim of the present research was to evaluate the psychological per- formance of professional Brazilan soccer players has measured by self- confidence, negativity, attention, motivation, imagery, positivity and competitive attitude. The sample consisted of 529 players: 266 played at the regional and 263 competed at the national championships. The instrument used

Álvaro C. Mahl



PubMed Central

Background After hearing about the reproducible and excellent results of the Ponseti method for clubfoot treatment, a group of Brazilian orthopaedic surgeons organized and participated in a standardized national program to teach the Ponseti technique in 21 different cities across Brazil. Methods A total of 21 Ponseti symposiums were organized in a standard fashion from January, 2007 to December, 2008. They consisted of a two-day program with lectures, hands-on cast application, and discussion of local clinical cases presented by orthopaedic surgeons. Thirteen Brazilian orthopaedic surgeons, who had been trained by the University of Iowa or centers recognized by them, taught the method. Financial support for travel was provided by an English charity: La Vida (Vital Investment for Developing Aid in Latin America). The physicians who attended the symposiums answered questionnaires before and after the training. Results About 7% of the 8000 orthopaedic surgeons in Brazil (556 orthopaedic surgeons) were trained. These orthopaedic surgeons stated that they had treated about 4905 babies in the previous year via other methods, including extensive surgery. Seventeen percent of the surgeons did not know about the Ponseti technique at the start of the symposium. Eighty-eight percent reported they felt able to treat children with the Ponseti technique after the symposium. Ninety-four percent of respondents reported that the symposium changed their way of treating clubfoot Conclusions These Ponseti symposiums brought about an exchange of medical information and empowered the participants. This program is a good educational tool which can be used in eradicating neglected clubfoot in Brazil. PMID:22096418

Nogueira, Monica Paschoal; Pereira, Julio Cesar Rodrigues; Duarte, Paulo Schiavom; Lourenco, Alexandre; Tedesco, Ana Paula; Ferreira, Laura Alves; Forlin, Edilson; Volpi, Reinaldo; Violante, Francisco; Brandao, Gilberto; Novaes, Eduardo; Zabeu, Jose Luis Amin; Kim, Jung Ho; Aguiar, Carlos; Merlotti, Maria Henriqueta Renno



Ergonomics at Volkswagen Brasil. Multidisciplinary work to equalize health, productivity and quality.  


Following the technological developments and presented to the multidisciplinary processes as automakers, Volkswagen Brazil, represented by its ergonomists, through this paper, shows the importance of ergonomic efficiency of management applied to various levels of life of a product, since its creation to its final implementation on production lines.The preventive work of ergonomists during the processes leading to production of a vehicle is accomplished through assessments on a simulated system called the Digital Factory. Since the initial stages to final product delivery there is a need for a multidisciplinary aligning the concepts of ergonomics, productivity and quality of product. Industrial Engineering, Process Engineering, ergonomists and workers are involved in the analysis made through the Workshop's showing the importance of discussion between the various users of the systems. The processes of series are also equipped with a set of certifications flow of job and planned audits on items that describe processes and applied ergonomics. PMID:22317399

Filus, Rodrigo; Wruca, Rodrigo; Charleaux, Vanessa; Ortega, Auro; Ferreira, Claudio; Jesus, Leandro; Stramari, Anderson; Neufel, Michel; Maia, Uyara



Nova espécie de Pimelodus (Siluriformes, Pimelodidae) dos rios Tapajós e Tocantins, Brasil  

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A new species of Pimelodus (Siluriformes, Pimelodidae) from Tapajós and Tocantins rivers, Brazil. Pimelodus tetramerus sp. nov. differs from the other species of Pimelodus Lacepède by its typical coloration, with four dark stripes on the sides of the body, the most dorsal beginning just behind the pre-dorsal plate and finishing at the end of the adipose-fin base; the second, wider

Frank Raynner V. Ribeiro; Carlos Alberto S. de Lucena



Caracterização citomorfológica, cultural, molecular e patogênica de Rhizoctonia solani Kühn associado ao arroz em Tocantins, Brasil  

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In Tocantins State, Northern Brazil, the incidence of Rhizoctonia sheath blight on rice is important, causing significant yield losses on rice crops under irrigation. The main objective of this research was to determine the anastomosis group (AG) of R. solani associated with rice in that area, testing the hypothesis that these isolates are from the AG- 1 IA, which is

Elaine Costa Souza; Eiko Eurya Kuramae; Andreia Kazumi Nakatani; Marco Antonio Basseto; Anne Sitarana Prabhu; Paulo Cezar Ceresini



Avaliação do estado nutricional da comunidade indígena Parkatêjê, Bom Jesus do Tocantins, Pará, Brasil  

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The nutritional status of the Mãe-Maria indigenous community in Bom Jesus do To- cantins, Pará State, Brazil, was ascertained in a descriptive study in which ninety percent of the total population (278 individuals) agreed to participate. Weight-for-height and height-for-age indices and Body Mass Index (BMI) were ascertained for children and adults by gender, respec- tively, as were weight and height

Jane de Carlos Santana Capelli; Sergio Koifman



Leishmaniose tegumentar americana humana e canina no Município de Mariluz, Estado do Paraná, Brasil  

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An outbreak of American cutaneous leishmani- asis was reported in 2002 in Mariluz, northwest- ern Paraná State, Brazil. Of 38 humans who were investigated, four had healed lesions, ten showed lesions in the healing process, and 24 had active lesions. Of the 126 dogs, 20 (15.9%) presented suggestive lesions and 24 (19%) had positive se- rology. Parasites isolated from two

Maria Valdrinez Campana Lonardoni; Thaís Gomes Verzignassi Silveira; Waneska Alexandra Alves; Ana Nilce Silveira Maia-Elkhoury; Umberto Assis Membrive; Norberto Assis Membrive; Gesse Rodrigues; Nélio Reis; Paulo Donizete Zanzarini; Edna Ishikawa; Ueslei Teodoro




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The main goal of this study was to evaluate the Southeastern Brazilian climate conditions through temperature-humidity index (THI) and to present a bioclimatic mapping relating to animal and human thermal comfort. The THI values were estimated by air-temperature and relative humidity for a period from 1980 to 2000. Four intervals of THI were used to classify human performance (THI <



Contratos de transferência tecnológica: um estudo sobre aquisição de tecnologia em polímeros no Brasil  

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This paper examines how the Brazilian polymer producers (plastics, rubbers and fibers) access the technologies they need for the maintenance of their business. A study was made in INPI (Brazilian Patent Office) to ascertain what type of contract of technology transfer was registered in that office, over a period of 17 years. In addition, employees that deal with technology were

Carlos A. Hemais; Henrique M. Barros; Elizabeth O. R. Rosa



O estado da arte dos estudos do jornalismo digital no Brasil  

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Since 1996, with the publication of the Manual for Internet Journalism by Bahia Federal University's College of Communication, Brazilian researchers have studied the emergence and growth of digital journalism. This article presents the current state of research into Brazilian digital journalism as it has evolved from the Research Group in Online Journalism (GJOL), an influential team of researchers that has

Carla Schwingel


Análise filogenética de potyvírus causando endurecimento dos frutos do maracujazeiro no Nordeste do Brasil  

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Amostras foliares de plantas de maracujá-amarelo (Passiflora edulis f. flavicarpa) com sintomas típicos de endurecimento dos frutos foram coletadas nos estados de Pernambuco, Paraíba e Sergipe. A infecção viral foi comprovada por meio de teste sorológico e gama de hospedeiros. Os seis isolados virais obtidos foram capazes de infetar várias espécies testadas, porém apresentando diferenças na intensidade dos sintomas induzidos

Ana Verônica S. Nascimento; Ana R. R. Souza; Poliane F. Alfenas; Genira P. Andrade; Murilo G. Carvalho; Gilvan Pio-Ribeiro; F. Murilo Zerbini



Novas opções, antigos dilemas: mulher, família, carreira e relacionamento no Brasil  

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This paper presents part of the results of a research project on the identity of the urban middle class Brazilian women, and on how they perceive maternity, close relationships, sexuality, marriage and career, among other aspects of their lives. We interviewed 25 university students, aged 18 to 28, and enrolled in different courses of private and public universities of Rio

Maria Lúcia Rocha-Coutinho




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This work aims to contribute to the inter-specific delimitation of Pernambucan species of Heliotropium by a pollen morphology study. The species studied were H. angiospermum Murray, H. curassavicum L., H. elongatum (Lehm.)

José Iranildo; Miranda de Melo; Margareth Ferreira de Sales


Strigiformes e Caprimulgiformes em Santa Catarina, sul do Brasil: Registros relevantes e novas localidades  

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Strigiformes and Caprimulgiformes in Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil: Relevant records and new localities. With the growing ornithological research in Santa Catarina, many localities have already acquired good knowledge about their avifauna, but, some groups of birds are still sub-sampled in most of these ornithological studies. This sub-sampling of certain avian groups, such as the nocturnal (Strigiformes and Caprimulgiformes), may

Evair Legal; Tiago João Cadorin; Glauco Ubiratan Kohler




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Nowadays, it is perceptible a very significant growth in tourism and its segmentations are developing expressively. All these activities increase the income of the destination and improve the quality of life of its population. The focused segment in this article concerns about people who travel to gaming and gambling, their main motivation. This area in tourism brings high profits; improves

Dario Luiz Dias Paixão


Transferencias entre gobiernos y representación política: elementos empíricos de juicio de Argentina, Brasil y México  

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(Disponible en idioma inglés únicamente) En los países en desarrollo, las transferencias entre gobiernos desde el nivel central son una fuente importante de ingresos para la mayoría de los gobiernos subnacionales. Y es probable que su importancia aumente aún más, si se toman en cuenta las iniciativas de descentralización en América Latina y otras regiones. En este trabajo se investiga

Moritz Kraemer



Uso e disponibilidade de recursos medicinais no município de Ouro Verde de Goiás, GO, Brasil1  

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Use and availability of medicinal resources in Ouro Verde de Goiás, Goiás State, Brazil). The goal of this study was to conduct an ethnobotanical survey of the medicinal plants used by rural and urban communities in the town of Ouro Verde de Goiás, situated in the mato grosso goiano meso-region of the state of Goiás; to pinpoint species native to

Cristiane Soares; Pereira da Silva; Carolyn Elinore; Barnes Proença


Prontidão do Capital Humano: vetores, funções e competências estratégicas - caso Brasil Telecom  

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In the present work vectors, functions and competence are analyzed within a learning and growing perspective. The main objective of the analysis is to evince one of the most important strategic assets in the present organizations, the promptness of the human capital. The research undertaken had a qualitative and exploratory quality. The application of the analysis occurred through the data

José Moreira da Silva; Rosilene Locks; Selma Netto Borges


The case of Magneti Marelli Brasil: Endogenous and exogenous factors in local dominant technology development  

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Countries and automotive companies are searching for ways to reduce vehicle dependence on oil and its environmental impacts. Hybrid engines, as well as hydrogen, natural gas, alcohol, and other fuels, have been proposed and tested as options to the currently dominant gasoline paradigm. Through a case study, this paper presents the endogenous and exogenous factors that allowed Magneti Marelli Sistemas

P. T. de Souza Nascimento; A. S. O. Yu; Francisco Nigro; Robson Quinello; R. de Fatima S. Macri Russo; N. C. Lima



Proteomic analysis of Apis cerana and Apis mellifera larvae fed with heterospecific royal jelly and by CSBV challenge.  


Chinese honeybee Apis cerana (Ac) is one of the major Asian honeybee species for local apiculture. However, Ac is frequently damaged by Chinese sacbrood virus (CSBV), whereas Apis mellifera (Am) is usually resistant to it. Heterospecific royal jelly (RJ) breeding in two honeybee species may result in morphological and genetic modification. Nevertheless, knowledge on the resistant mechanism of Am to this deadly disease is still unknown. In the present study, heterospecific RJ breeding was conducted to determine the effects of food change on the larval mortality after CSBV infection at early larval stage. 2-DE and MALDI-TOF/TOF MS proteomic technology was employed to unravel the molecular event of the bees under heterospecific RJ breeding and CSBV challenge. The change of Ac larval food from RJC to RJM could enhance the bee resistance to CSBV. The mortality rate of Ac larvae after CSBV infection was much higher when the larvae were fed with RJC compared with the larvae fed with RJM. There were 101 proteins with altered expressions after heterospecific RJ breeding and viral infection. In Ac larvae, 6 differential expression proteins were identified from heterospecific RJ breeding only, 21 differential expression proteins from CSBV challenge only and 7 differential expression proteins from heterospecific RJ breeding plus CSBV challenge. In Am larvae, 17 differential expression proteins were identified from heterospecific RJ breeding only, 26 differential expression proteins from CSBV challenge only and 24 differential expression proteins from heterospecific RJ breeding plus CSBV challenge. The RJM may protect Ac larvae from CSBV infection, probably by activating the genes in energy metabolism pathways, antioxidation and ubiquitin-proteasome system. The present results, for the first time, comprehensively descript the molecular events of the viral infection of Ac and Am after heterospecific RJ breeding and are potentially useful for establishing CSBV resistant populations of Ac for apiculture. PMID:25102167

Zhang, Yi; Zhang, Guozhi; Huang, Xiu; Han, Richou



Royal jelly modulates oxidative stress and apoptosis in liver and kidneys of rats treated with cisplatin.  


Cisplatin (CDDP) is one of the most active cytotoxic agents in the treatment of cancer and has adverse side effects such as nephrotoxicity and hepatotoxicity. The present study was designed to determine the effects of royal jelly (RJ) against oxidative stress caused by CDDP injury of the kidneys and liver, by measuring tissue biochemical and antioxidant parameters and investigating apoptosis immunohistochemically. Twenty-four Sprague Dawley rats were divided into four groups, group C: control group received 0.9% saline; group CDDP: injected i.p. with cisplatin (CDDP, 7?mg?kg(-1) body weight i.p., single dose); group RJ: treated for 15 consecutive days by gavage with RJ (300?mg/kg/day); group RJ + CDDP: treated by gavage with RJ 15 days following a single injection of CDDP. Malondialdehyde (MDA) and glutathione (GSH) levels, glutathione S-transferase (GST), glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px), and superoxide dismutase (SOD) activities were determined in liver and kidney homogenates, and the liver and kidney were also histologically examined. RJ elicited a significant protective effect towards liver and kidney by decreasing the level of lipid peroxidation (MDA), elevating the level of GSH, and increasing the activities of GST, GSH-Px, and SOD. In the immunohistochemical examinations were observed significantly enhanced apoptotic cell numbers and degenerative changes by cisplatin, but these histological changes were lower in the liver and kidney tissues of RJ + CDDP group. Besides, treatment with RJ lead to an increase in antiapoptotic activity hepatocytes and tubular epithelium. In conclusion, RJ may be used in combination with cisplatin in chemotherapy to improve cisplatin-induced oxidative stress parameters and apoptotic activity. PMID:21904651

Karadeniz, Ali; Simsek, Nejdet; Karakus, Emre; Yildirim, Serap; Kara, Adem; Can, Ismail; Kisa, Fikrullah; Emre, Habib; Turkeli, Mehmet



Effects produced by Royal Jelly on haematopoiesis: relation with host resistance against Ehrlich ascites tumour challenge.  


Royal jelly (RJ) was shown to exhibit immunomodulatory properties, although its biological activity is still unclear. In order to elucidate the mechanism whereby RJ activates the immunological system, we examined the role of this substance on the haematopoietic response of Ehrlich ascites tumour (EAT)-bearing mice. Our results demonstrated that RJ prevented the myelosupression induced by the temporal evolution of the tumour and abrogated the splenic haematopoiesis observed in EAT-bearing mice. The stimulating effect of RJ was also observed in vitro on the multipotent bone marrow stem cells, evaluated by the long-term bone marrow cultures (LTBMCs). The study of survival clearly showed the antitumour activity of RJ. Treatment was given prophylactically for 20 days and therapeutically for 3, 8 and 13 days. Except for the treatment with the lower dose of 500 mg/kg, given for 23 days, all the other dose schedules were able to prolong survival. A more effective antitumoural response was observed with the more prolonged treatment regimen. In this regard, the administration of RJ for 33 days produced the highest protection reaching an extension of survival at about 38%, 71% and 85% for the doses of 500, 1000 and 1500 mg/kg, respectively, whereas with the 23 and 28 days treatment schedules, survival increased at a rate of 19% and 23%, respectively, and comparable results were found among the effective doses of RJ. Increased survival rate might be related to the decreased Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) levels observed in EAT-bearing mice after RJ treatment. These results point to RJ as a promising modifier of biological response leading to myeloprotection and antitumour activity. PMID:15710337

Bincoletto, Claudia; Eberlin, Samara; Figueiredo, Camila A V; Luengo, Marcos B; Queiroz, Mary L S



Civil Disorder Participation: A Critical Examination of Recent Research  

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Reviews literature on riot participation and advocates an alternate focus for future studies which acknowledges variation in riot behavior and which focuses on interactional environments of individuals prior to and during civil disorders. (RJ)

McPhail, Clark




EPA Science Inventory

IS THE DOSE-RESPONSE LINEAR OR NONLINEAR FOR GENOTOXIC EFFECTS? Preston, RJ. Environmental Carcinogenesis Division, NHEERL, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711 For considerations of cancer risk assessment from exposure to environmenta...


Society's Survival: Equal Educational Opportunities  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses the property valuation system which is available for taxation by school districts to finance their educational programs. Contends that a shift in classification from property valuation to income may not solve the regional disparities in district wealth. (RJ)

Buchmiller, Archie



Pleural needle biopsy  


... a collection of fluid around the lung ( pleural effusion ) or other abnormality of the pleural membrane. Pleural ... Broaddus VC, Light RW. Pleural effusion. In: Mason RJ, Broaddus VC, ... of Respiratory Medicine . 5th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Elsevier ...



EPA Science Inventory

The GRK4 subfamily of G protein-coupled receptor kinases. Alternative splicing, gene organization, and sequence conservation. Premont RT, Macrae AD, Aparicio SA, Kendall HE, Welch JE, Lefkowitz RJ. Department of Medicine, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Duke Univer...


Optimal Utilization of Limited Educational Resources  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Article is an outgrowth of two conference presentations by the author at the Regional Seminar on Financing and Cost of Education in Central America and Panama, Guatemala City, Guatemala, September 6-11, 1971. (RJ)

Hatley, Richard V.



Abraham, Karl BF173.A159 Abandon scolaire LC65  

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Abraham, Karl BF173.A159 Abandon scolaire LC65 Abus (sexuel) RJ507 Accouchement RG Accoutumance spécifiques P93 Comportement (modification du) BF637.B4 Comportement agressif HM1116 Comportement animal QL751

Nesterov, Yurii




... Salvi RJ “Salicylate ototoxicity: review and synthesis.” American Journal of Otolaryngology , 12:33–47, 1991. Gorig A and ... Living without a balancing mechanism.” The New England Journal of Medicine , 246:458–460, 1952. Koegel L. Ototoxicity: “ ...


Icarus 194 (2008) 562574  

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during the aerobraking * Corresponding author. E-mail address: (R.J. Lillis/2001­ 01/2002) missions. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) spacecraft recently completed aerobraking

California at Berkeley, University of


Head and Neck Cancers  


... Mendenhall WM, Mancuso AA, Amdur RJ, et al. Squamous cell carcinoma metastatic to the neck from an unknown head ... V, et al. Oral health and risk of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck and esophagus: results ...


Usual Dietary Intakes: Further Information

Freedman LS, Midthune D, Carroll RJ, Krebs-Smith S, Subar AF, Troiano RP, Dodd K, Schatzkin A, Bingham SA, Ferrari P, Kipnis V. Adjustments to improve the estimation of usual dietary intake distributions in the population.


Table of Contents CORD 2014  

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s 5C Method of Communication for Emergency Medicine ResidentEmergency Medicine (CORD-EM) Taskforce Report on Remediation of Interpersonal and CommunicationCommunication Skills Curriculum Sobehart RJ, Pollock G Western Journal of Emergency

Pham, Kevin



Drug-induced pulmonary disease  


Drug-induced pulmonary disease is lung disease brought on by a bad reaction to a medicine. ... Maldonado F, Limper AH. Drug-induced pulmonary disease. In: Mason RJ, ... of Respiratory Medicine . 5th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier ...


c INRA/DIB-AGIB/EDP Sciences, 2010 DOI: 10.1051/apido/2010033  

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- position of RJ has been the topic of many stud- ies. Thus, several bioactive substances have Apidologie monocytes (Kimura et al., 1995), antibacterial and antioxidative peptides (Fontana et al., 2004; Guo et al


Magnetohydrodynamic lattice Boltzmann simulations of turbulence and rectangular jet flow  

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Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) investigations of decaying isotropic turbulence and rectangular jets (RJ) are carried out. A novel MHD lattice Boltzmann scheme that combines multiple relaxation time (MRT) parameters for the velocity field with a single...

Riley, Benjamin Matthew



Hypersensitivity pneumonitis  


Rose CS, Lara AR. Hypersensitivity pneumonia. In: Mason RJ, Broaddus VC, Martin TR, et al., eds. Murray and Nadel's Textbook of Respiratory Medicine . 5th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Elsevier Saunders; 2010:chap ...


How to breathe when you are short of breath  


Celli BR, ZuWallack RL. Pulmonary rehabilitation. In: Mason RJ, Murray JF, Broaddus VC, et al., eds. Murray and Nadel's Textbook of Respiratory Medicine . 5th ed. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Saunders; 2010:chap ...


Nonparametric Estimation via Convex Programming  

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on “concrete” domains X (e.g., distributions on fine grids obtained by discretization of densities ...... [18] Hastie, T.J., Tibshirani, R.J., Freedman, J., The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data ... Lecture Notes in Mathematics 1738, 87–



Draft Umatilla/Willow Subbasin Plan May 28, 2004 Literature Cited  

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Science 53:164-173. Bisson, P.A. and Bilby, R.E. (1998) Organic matter and trophic dynamics. In: R.J. #12) (1998) Phase I and II Water Exchange, Overview, Umatilla Basin Project, Oregon. Bureau of Reclamation


Osteogenic Sarcoma - Study Publications

Fitzhugh CD, Wise B, Baird K, Tsokos M, Helman L, Mackall C, Savage SA, Warren KE. Secondary supratentorial primitive neuroectodermal tumor following treatment of childhood osteosarcoma. Pediatr Blood Cancer 2009 May 11. Mirabello L, Troisi RJ, Savage


Additional File Nested clade phylogeographic analysis  

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, and nested clades were designated on the resulting networks (Fig. A1). GeoDis 2.5 [A8] was used to examine RC, Dyer RJ, Beheregaray LB, Sunnucks P: Babies and bathwater: a comment on the premature obituary

Pierce, Naomi E.


Mercury resistance is encoded by transferable giant linear plasmids in two chesapeake bay Streptomyces strains.  


The Streptomyces strains CHR3 and CHR28, isolated from the Baltimore Inner Harbor, contained two and one, respectively, giant linear plasmids which carry terminally bound proteins. The plasmids pRJ3L (322 kb), from CHR3, and pRJ28 (330 kb), from CHR28, carry genes homologous to the previously characterized chromosomal Streptomyces lividans 66 operon encoding resistance against mercuric compounds. Both plasmids are transmissible (without any detectable rearrangement) to the chloramphenicol-resistant S. lividans TK24 strain lacking plasmids and carrying a chromosomal deletion of the mer operon. S. lividans TK24 conjugants harboring pRJ3L or pRJ28 exhibited profiles of mercury resistance to mercuric compounds similar to those of Streptomyces strains CHR3 and CHR28. PMID:9726886

Ravel, J; Schrempf, H; Hill, R T




EPA Science Inventory

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals: prepubertal exposures and effects on sexual maturation and thyroid activity in the female rat. A focus on the EDSTAC recommendations. Goldman JM, Laws SC, Balchak SK, Cooper RL, Kavlock RJ. Reproductive Toxicology Division, National H...


78 FR 75289 - Airworthiness Directives; BAE Systems (Operations) Limited Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...OPERATIONS) LIMITED Model BAe 146 series airplanes and Model Avro 146-RJ...revising the maintenance program by incorporating...and should be applied, pending compliance...Time Limits/Maintenance Checks...OPERATIONS) LIMITED Model BAe...



2008 Connatre aujourd'hui, mieux vivre demain Patrick Lehodey1, Inna Senina1, Beatriz Calmettes1, John  

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Atmospheric circulation and radiationClimate Model (AOGCM) Sea Ice Earth System Model (ESM) From R.J. Stouffer and radiation Allows Interactive CO2 Ocean circulation Plant ecology and land use Earth System Model (ESM) Sea

Hawai'i at Manoa, University of


Earth Surface Processes and Landforms Earth Surf. Process. Landforms 27, 403423 (2002)  

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of Geography and Archaeology, University of Exeter, Amory Building, Rennes Drive, Exeter, Devon, EX4 4RJ, UK of farming practices and changes in the timing of farming activities (e.g. a switch from spring- to autumn

Owens, Philip


R u t c o r R e p o r t  

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Aplicada, Estrada Dona Casto- rina, 110. Rio de Janeiro, RJ, CEP 22460-320, Brazil, #12 was partially supported in part by a Faculty Research Grant from Rutgers Business School -- Newark and New


Some Implications for Afro-American Culture: Rationalism and Western Music  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Will the computer or instruments powered by electrical energy become the most efficient means by which to produce Western music, replacing the live performer? If so, what will be the effects of electronic, mechanical music on society? (Author/RJ)

Walton, Ortiz M.




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-temporal power of the source and Rj(f) are I Ã?I full-rank time-invariant spatial covariance matrices encod- ing the covariance matrices, whose mean is given by the theory of statistical room acoustics and whose variance j(n, f) = vj(n, f) Rj(f) (2) where vj(n, f) are scalar time-varying variances encoding the spectro

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


A note on the meaning of mixture viscosity using the classical continuum theories of mixtures  

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In this paper we provide a brief review of the basic equations for the flow of two linearly viscous fluids using the mixture theory equations given in Atkin and Craine [R.J. Atkin, R.E. Craine, Continuum theories of mixtures: applications, J. Inst. Math. Appl. 17 (1976) 153; R.J. Atkin, R.E. Craine, Continuum theories of mixtures: basic theory and historical development, Quart.

Mehrdad Massoudi; Mehrdad



University of Glasgow School of Interdisciplinary Studies  

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Maths 1 Sem Literacy 1 (CR) (M6) (AF) (M6) 2 SHC Seminar Group 1 Contemporary Social Issues (GTA) (R218) (JC) (R149) (RJ) (R345/6) (R232) 2 SHC Lect A SHC Seminar Group 2 Child Development 1 (SJ) (R127) (GTA) (RJ) (R151) (KW) (R127) 2 SHC Lect B SHC Seminar Group 3 (SJ) (R127) (GTA) (R127) 3 Eng Lit 2B

Guo, Zaoyang


Reproductive responses in ewes treated with eCG or increasing doses of royal jelly  

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This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of administering increasing doses of royal jelly (RJ) on reproductive parameters in ewes. Additionally, this study compared using RJ vs. equine chorionic gonadotropin (eCG) in estrous cycle control. In May (transitional period between anestrous and the breeding season) 37 multiparous, winter-lambing Awassi ewes 3–6 years of age (average body weight of 53±1.2kg)

R. T. Kridli; S. S. Al-Khetib



Evaluation of ( E)-10-hydroxydec-2-enoic acid as a freshness parameter for royal jelly  

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(E)-10-hydroxydec-2-enoic acid (10-HDA) is the main fatty acid present in royal jelly (RJ). Among the criteria for royal jelly quality analysis, 10-HDA content has been proposed as a freshness parameter. In this study, 10-HDA content variations under controlled temperature storage, were evaluated as an aging indicator of RJ samples from two origins (France and Thailand). For a 12 month period,

Jean-François Antinelli; Sarah Zeggane; Renée Davico; Catherine Rognone; Jean-Paul Faucon; Louisette Lizzani




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In order to study a possible immunomodulatory effect of the royal jelly (RJ) secreted by mandibular and hypopharingeal glands of the worker honeybee (Apis mellifera Linne.) we have used a well established rodent model. The CBA mice were given s.c. 0.1 ml of RJ, 7 days before, or immediately after, the immunization with sheep red blood cells (SRBC), The Y59



Fifty-seven-kDa Protein in Royal Jelly Enhances Proliferation of Primary Cultured Rat Hepatocytes and Increases Albumin Production in the Absence of Serum  

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We have previously shown that 57-kDa protein in royal jelly (RJ) was specifically degraded in proportion to both storage temperature and storage period, and we suggested that it could be useful as a marker of freshness of RJ (Kamakura, M., Fukuda, T., Fukushima, M. and Yonekura, M. (2001) Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem. 65, 277–284.). Here, we investigated the physiological effects of

Masaki Kamakura; Noriko Suenobu; Makoto Fukushima



The Family of Major Royal Jelly Proteins and Its Evolution  

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.   A cDNA encoding a new member of the gene family of major royal jelly proteins (MRJPs) from the honeybee, Apis mellifera, was isolated and sequenced. Royal jelly (RJ) is a secretion of the cephalic glands of nurse bees. The origin and biological\\u000a function of the protein component (12.5%, w\\/w) of RJ is unknown. We show that the MRJP gene

Stefan Albert; Debashish Bhattacharya; Jaroslav Klaudiny; Jana Schmitzová; Jozef Simúth



Royal Jelly prolongs the life span of C3H\\/HeJ mice: correlation with reduced DNA damage  

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In this study, we investigate the effect of dietary Royal Jelly (RJ) on tissue DNA oxidative damage and on the life span of C3H\\/HeJ mice. In C3H\\/HeJ mice that were fed a dietary supplement of RJ for 16 weeks, the levels of 8-hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG), a marker of oxidative stress, were significantly reduced in kidney DNA and serum. Secondly, we determined

Shin-ichiro Inoue; Satomi Koya-Miyata; Shimpei Ushio; Kanso Iwaki; Masao Ikeda; Masashi Kurimoto



Oral administration of royal jelly inhibits the development of atopic dermatitis-like skin lesions in NC\\/Nga mice  

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We have shown previously that in addition to IL-4, IL-5 and IL-10, antigen-specific interferon-? (IFN-?) production by spleen cells from ovalbumin (OVA)\\/Alum-immunized mice is inhibited by the administration of royal jelly (RJ). Since it has been shown that both Th1 and Th2 cytokines play pathogenic roles in the generation of atopic dermatitis (AD), we have examined whether RJ suppresses the

Yoshifumi Taniguchi; Keizo Kohno; Shin-ichiro Inoue; Satomi Koya-Miyata; Iwao Okamoto; Norie Arai; Kanso Iwaki; Masao Ikeda; Masashi Kurimoto



A royal jelly as a new potential immunomodulator in rats and mice  

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In order to study a possible immunomodulatory effect of the royal jelly (RJ) secreted by mandibular and hypopharingeal glands of the worker honeybee (Apis mellifera Linné.) we have used a well established rodent model. The CBA mice were given s.c. 0.1 ml of RJ, 7 days before, or immediately after, the immunization with sheep red blood cells (SRBC). The Y59

Lidija Šver; Nada Oršoli?; Zoran Tadi?; Bela Njari; Ivica Valpotic



Fatty Acids Derived from Royal Jelly Are Modulators of Estrogen Receptor Functions  

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Royal jelly (RJ) excreted by honeybees and used as a nutritional and medicinal agent has estrogen-like effects, yet the compounds mediating these effects remain unidentified. The possible effects of three RJ fatty acids (FAs) (10-hydroxy-2-decenoic-10H2DA, 3,10-dihydroxydecanoic-3,10DDA, sebacic acid-SA) on estrogen signaling was investigated in various cellular systems. In MCF-7 cells, FAs, in absence of estradiol (E2), modulated the estrogen receptor

Paraskevi Moutsatsou; Zoi Papoutsi; Eva Kassi; Nina Heldring; Chunyan Zhao; Anna Tsiapara; Eleni Melliou; George P. Chrousos; Ioanna Chinou; Andrey Karshikoff; Lennart Nilsson; Karin Dahlman-Wright; Immo A. Hansen



Some properties of the main protein of honeybee (Apis mellifera) royal jelly  

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Royal jelly (RJ) was separated by ultracentrifugation (245000 ? g for 5 h at 6 °C) into three physically distinct fractions with different distribution of its components (proteins, sugars and fatty acids): yellowish fluid supernatant (61% w\\/w of RJ), yellowish-brown gelatinous sediment (32% w\\/w) and white nearly solid sediment (7%, w\\/w). Ultracentrifugation of the solvated gelatinous fraction was a suitable

IMÚ Jozef S L


Identification of a novel hypocholesterolemic protein, major royal jelly protein 1, derived from royal jelly.  


Royal jelly (RJ) intake lowers serum cholesterol levels in animals and humans, but the active component in RJ that lowers serum cholesterol level and its molecular mechanism are unclear. In this study, we set out to identify the bile acid-binding protein contained in RJ, because dietary bile acid-binding proteins including soybean protein and its peptide are effective in ameliorating hypercholesterolemia. Using a cholic acid-conjugated column, we separated some bile acid-binding proteins from RJ and identified the major RJ protein 1 (MRJP1), MRJP2, and MRJP3 as novel bile acid-binding proteins from RJ, based on matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry. Purified MRJP1, which is the most abundant protein of the bile acid-binding proteins in RJ, exhibited taurocholate-binding activity in vitro. The micellar solubility of cholesterol was significantly decreased in the presence of MRJP1 compared with casein in vitro. Liver bile acids levels were significantly increased, and cholesterol 7?-hydroxylase (CYP7A1) mRNA and protein tended to increase by MRJP1 feeding compared with the control. CYP7A1 mRNA and protein levels were significantly increased by MRJP1 tryptic hydrolysate treatment compared with that of casein tryptic hydrolysate in hepatocytes. MRJP1 hypocholesterolemic effect has been investigated in rats. The cholesterol-lowering action induced by MRJP1 occurs because MRJP1 interacts with bile acids induces a significant increase in fecal bile acids excretion and a tendency to increase in fecal cholesterol excretion and also enhances the hepatic cholesterol catabolism. We have identified, for the first time, a novel hypocholesterolemic protein, MRJP1, in RJ. Interestingly, MRJP1 exhibits greater hypocholesterolemic activity than the medicine ?-sitosterol in rats. PMID:25144734

Kashima, Yuri; Kanematsu, Satoshi; Asai, Saori; Kusada, Mio; Watanabe, Suzuyo; Kawashima, Takuji; Nakamura, Tadashi; Shimada, Masaya; Goto, Tsuyoshi; Nagaoka, Satoshi



Energetic particle evidence for magnetic filaments in Jupiter's magnetotail  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Jupiter's immense magnetotail was uniquely traversed and observed in situ to 2562 Jovian radii (RJ = 71,492 km) for the first time by the Pluto-bound New Horizons spacecraft during the first half of 2007. We show evidence that energetic ions with sulfur-rich composition traceable to Io's volcanism originated 150 ± 40 RJ antisunward of the planet and were recurrently released and funneled by the magnetic field down the magnetotail. Ions detected at New Horizons by the Pluto Energetic Particle Spectrometer Science Investigation (PEPSSI) instrument showed unmistakable signatures of velocity dispersion. We performed a survey of the unambiguous dispersion events observed by PEPSSI and provide a quantitative description of each event's dispersion characteristics. Energetic ions are sensitive probes of the magnetic field structure in the magnetotail; so, for a case study of one of the most interesting events, beginning on day of year 118, 28 April 2007, we are also able to estimate small-scale features of the magnetotail. Our observations (which include energies above ˜2 keV/nuc and total energies below ˜1 MeV), combined with straightforward simulations of particle flow, are consistent with narrow spatial structures, or filaments, on the order of 5 RJ wide in the ˜400 RJ wide > 9000 RJ long magnetotail; the Solar Wind Around Pluto plasma instrument measurements show coherent structures on a much larger scale (˜500 RJ) in the same region.

Hill, Matthew E.; Haggerty, Dennis K.; McNutt, Ralph L.; Paranicas, Christopher P.



The Effect of Topical Application of Royal Jelly on Chemoradiotherapy-Induced Mucositis in Head and Neck Cancer: A Preliminary Study  

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Purpose. One of the common side effects experienced by head and neck cancer patients on chemoradiotherapy is mucositis. Severe mucositis may be controllable by limiting cancer therapy, but it has resulted in decreasing the completion rate of chemoradiotherapy. The efficacy of royal jelly (RJ) as prophylaxis against chemoradiotherapy-induced mucositis was evaluated through clinical scoring of oral and pharyngeal mucositis. Methods. In this randomized, single-blind (physician-blind), clinical trial, 13 patients with head and neck cancer requiring chemoradiation were randomly assigned to two groups. Seven patients assigned to the study group received RJ, and 6 patients were assigned to the control group. RJ group patients took RJ three times per day during treatment. The patients in both groups were evaluated twice a week for the development of mucositis using Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events version 3.0. Results. A significant reduction in mucositis was seen among RJ-treated patients compared with controls (P < 0.001). Conclusion. This study demonstrated that prophylactic use of RJ was effective in reducing mucositis induced by chemoradiotherapy in head and neck cancer patients. However, further studies are needed because of the small sample size and the absence of double blinding.

Kogashiwa, Yasunao; Moro, Yorihisa; Kohno, Naoyuki



Storage-Induced Damage to Red Blood Cell Mechanical Properties Can Be Only Partially Reversed by Rejuvenation  

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Summary Background The storage of red blood cells (RBC) is associated with impairment of their properties that can induce a circulatory risk to recipients. In a preceding study (2009), we reported that post-storage rejuvenation (RJ) of stored RBC (St-RBC) efficiently reduced the storage-induced RBC/endothelial cell interaction, while only partially reversing the level of intracellular Ca2+, reactive oxygen species, and surface phosphatidylserine. In the present study, we examined the RJ effectiveness in repairing St-RBC mechanical properties. Methods RBC, stored in CPDA-1 without pre-storage leukoreduction, were subjected to post-storage RJ, and the deformability, osmotic fragility (OF), and mechanical fragility (MF) of the rejuvenated St-RBC (St-RBCRj) were compared to those of untreated St-RBC and of freshly-collected RBC (F-RBC). Results 5-week storage considerably increased OF and MF, and reduced the deformability of St-RBC. All alterations were only partially (40–70%) reversed by RJ, depending on the extent of the damage: the greater the damage, the lesser the relative effect of RJ. Conclusion The findings of the present and preceding studies suggest that different St-RBC properties are differentially reversed by RJ, implying that some of the changes occur during storage and are irreversible. PMID:25053933

Barshtein, Gregory; Gural, Alexander; Manny, Noga; Zelig, Orly; Yedgar, Saul; Arbell, Dan



Royal Jelly prolongs the life span of C3H/HeJ mice: correlation with reduced DNA damage.  


In this study, we investigate the effect of dietary Royal Jelly (RJ) on tissue DNA oxidative damage and on the life span of C3H/HeJ mice. In C3H/HeJ mice that were fed a dietary supplement of RJ for 16 weeks, the levels of 8-hydroxy-2-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG), a marker of oxidative stress, were significantly reduced in kidney DNA and serum. Secondly, we determined the effect of dietary RJ on the life span in C3H/HeJ mice. The 50% mice survivals of intermediate- (about 6 mg/kg weight) and high-dose groups (about 60 mg/kg weight) were reached at significantly longer times than that of the control group according to the generalized Wilcoxon test (p<0.05). The average survival times were 88 weeks for the control group vs. 79 weeks for the low-dose group (about 0.6 mg/kg weight), 112 weeks for the intermediate-dose group and 110 weeks for the high-dose group, respectively, showing that RJ extended the average survival time by about 25% compared to the control group. However, RJ did not extend the total life span. These results indicated that dietary RJ increased the average life span of C3H/HeJ mice, possibly through the mechanism of reduced oxidative damage. PMID:12954483

Inoue, Shin-ichiro; Koya-Miyata, Satomi; Ushio, Shimpei; Iwaki, Kanso; Ikeda, Masao; Kurimoto, Masashi



Protective potential of Royal Jelly against carbon tetrachloride induced-toxicity and changes in the serum sialic acid levels.  


Royal Jelly (RJ) is used in the Turkish folk medicine for the treatment of number of disorders. The present study describes the hepatoprotective and antioxidant activities of the RJ against carbon tetrachloride (CCl(4))-induced acute liver damage. Sprague-Dawley rats were used for the experiment. CCl(4) (0.8 ml/kg; s.c.) and RJ (50, 100, 200mg/kg; orally) were given every other day, for 20 days. Malondialdehyde, reduced glutathione in whole blood and tissues; ceruloplasmin, sialic acid, ascorbic acid, retinol, ?-carotene and liver enzymes levels in serum were measured. Additionally, histopathological alterations in the liver were examined. RJ exerted the significant protective effect on liver damage as well as on oxidative stress induced by CCl(4), resulting in reduced lipid peroxidation and improved endogenous antioxidant defence systems. It also reduced the elevated levels of liver enzymes. Histopathological study further confirmed the hepatoprotective effect of RJ, when compared with the CCl(4) treated control groups. In conclusion, present study reveals biological evidence that supports the use of RJ in the treatment of chemical-induced hepatotoxicity. PMID:20637822

Cemek, Mustafa; Aymelek, Fatih; Büyükokuro?lu, Mehmet Emin; Karaca, Turan; Büyükben, Ahmet; Yilmaz, Fatma



Royal jelly stimulates bone formation: physiologic and nutrigenomic studies with mice and cell lines.  


Royal jelly (RJ) has diverse physiological and pharmacological functions. We observed its weak estrogenic activity in the previous study. RJ stimulated the proliferation of mouse osteoblast-like MC3T3-E1 cells at 0.1 mg/ml, and the effect was blocked by the specific estrogen receptor antagonist ICI 182,780. The addition of 0.1-1.0 mg/ml RJ enhanced collagen production in culture medium. Oral administration of RJ to normal female mice for 9 weeks increased the ash content of their tibiae. DNA microarray analysis revealed significant changes in gene expression related to extracellular matrix formation when the femurs of mice fed RJ were analyzed. Quantitative reverse transcriptase-PCR (RT-PCR) confirmed up-regulation of procollagen I alpha1 gene expression. These data suggest that RJ as a whole or some of its individual components stimulates production of type I collagen and other activities for bone formation through action on osteoblasts. PMID:17031045

Narita, Yukio; Nomura, Johji; Ohta, Shozo; Inoh, Yoshikazu; Suzuki, Kazu-Michi; Araki, Yoko; Okada, Shinji; Matsumoto, Ichiro; Isohama, Yoichiro; Abe, Keiko; Miyata, Takeshi; Mishima, Satoshi



Effect of royal jelly in ovo injection on embryonic growth, hatchability, and gonadotropin levels of pullet breeder chicks.  


The objectives of this study were to compare the following: (1) hatchability, (2) chicks' body and internal organs weights, and (3) plasma gonadotropin levels of hatchlings after in ovo administration of royal jelly (RJ) on Day 7 of incubation. Fertile eggs (n = 270) were injected into the air sac or yolk sac with 0.5 mL normal saline solution consisting of four formulations (normal saline solution with antibiotics, ultrafiltrate RJ, pure RJ, and RJ with antibiotics). The eggs were randomly divided into nine groups of 30 eggs each: (i) C: the control eggs received no injection, (ii) ASA: air sac-injected eggs received normal saline solution with antibiotics, (iii) ARJ: air sac-injected eggs received pure RJ, (iv) ARJA: air sac-injected eggs received RJ with antibiotics, (v) ARJF: air sac-injected eggs received RJ ultrafiltrate solution, (vi) YSA: yolk sac-injected eggs received normal saline solution with antibiotics, and (vii) YRJ: yolk sac-injected eggs received pure RJ, (viii) YRJA: yolk sac-injected eggs received RJ with antibiotics, and (ix) YRJF: yolk sac-injected eggs received ultrafiltrate RJ solution. Hatchability rate was lower in ARJ (46.7%), ARJA (43.3%), ARJF (43.3%), and YRJF (46.7%) groups than in the control (80.0%; P < 0.05). Hatchability rate in ASA (70.0%), YSA (66.7%), YRJ (66.7%), and YRJA (63.3%) groups were comparable to the control (P > 0.05). In ovo injection of RJ and or RJ with antibiotics in both sacs increased chicks' body weight (CWT), heart weight (HWT), and liver weight (LWT) and FSH and LH levels compared with control (P < 0.05). CWT in YRJ (37.02 g), YRJA (37.03 g), ARJ (36.82 g), and ARJA (36.89 g) groups were higher than control (34.9 g; P < 0.05). Similarly, HWT significantly increased in YRJ (0.22 g), YRJA (0.21 g), ARJ (0.20 g), and ARJA (0.20 g) in comparison to control (0.18 g; P < 0.05). In addition, LWT were higher in YRJ (0.83 g), YRJA (0.82g), ARJ (0.81g), and ARJA (0.81g) than control (0.72 g; P < 0.05). Six hours post-hatch, the mean plasma FSH and LH levels in ARJ (1.13 and 2.80 mIu/mL), YRJ (1.32 and 3.36 mIu/mL), ARJA (1.23 and 2.95 mIu/mL), and YRJA (1.31 and 3.28 mIu/mL) groups were higher than in the control (0.56 and 1.48 mIu/mL, P < 0.05). We concluded that in ovo administration of RJ or RJ with antibiotics might be an effective method to increase CWT, chicks' internal organs weights, and LH and FSH secretion rate without deleterious effect on hatchability. However, further research should be conducted to determine the putative endocrine disruptive effects of RJ and its byproducts. PMID:23726295

Moghaddam, Aliasghar; Karimi, Isaac; Borji, Mohsen; Bahadori, Sirous; Abdolmohammadi, Alireza




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RESUMO Realiza-se a primeira notificação sobre as espécies de fungos Agaricales da Estação Ecológica de Aracuri, localizada no município de Esmeralda, Rio Grande do Sul. São apresentadas descrições e\\/ou discussões e ilustrações das seguintes espécies: Hypholoma subviride (Berk. & M.A. Curtis) Dennis, Pholiota spumosa (Fr.) Singer, Stropharia rugosoannulata Farl. ex Murrill, Cyptotrama asprata (Berk.) Redhead & Ginns, Lepista sordida (Fr.)

Marcelo Aloisio Sulzbacher; Jair Putzke; Marisa Terezinha; Lopes Putzke; Vagner Gularte Cortez




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Risk Factors for Tuberculosis in the AIDS Cases Reported in Brazil, 1980-200 0 Background: Aids affects the epidemiological characteristics o f tuberculosis, due to both the changes in the clinical progress of th e jointly affected patients, as well as the increase in the number o f tuberculosis cases among individuals having tested positive fo r hiv\\/aids. This may lead

Josué Laguardia; Edgar Merchán-Hamann



A proteinase inhibitor from Caesalpinia echinata (pau-brasil) seeds for plasma kallikrein, plasmin and factor XIIa.  


Caesalpinia echinata is a tree belonging to the Leguminosae family. The red color of the trunk, looking like burning wood ('brasa' in Portuguese), is the origin of the name Brazil. Seeds of leguminous plants contain high amounts of serine proteinase inhibitors that can affect different biological processes. Here we show that a protein isolated from seeds of C. echinata is able to inhibit enzymes that participate in blood coagulation and fibrinolysis. This inhibitor (CeKI) was purified to homogeneity by ion exchange and reversed-phase chromatography. SDS-PAGE indicated a single polypeptide chain with a molecular mass of 20 kDa. CeKI inhibits human plasma kallikrein ( K i =3.1 nM), plasmin ( K i =0.18 nM), factor XIIa ( K i =0.18 nM), trypsin ( K i =21.5 nM) and factor Xa ( K i =0.49 mM). CeKI inhibited kinin release from highmolecular- mass kininogen by kallikrein in vitro . The N-terminal sequence, determined by automatic Edman degradation, identified the inhibitor as a member of the Kunitz family. The secondary structure, determined by circular dichroism, is mainly a random coil followed by beta-sheet structure. The action of CeKI on enzymes of the blood-clotting intrinsic pathway was confirmed by prolongation of the activated partial thromboplastin time. PMID:15576329

Cruz-Silva, Ilana; Gozzo, Andrezza J; Nunes, Viviane A; Carmona, Adriana K; Faljoni-Alario, Adelaide; Oliva, Maria Luiza V; Sampaio, Misako U; Sampaio, Claudio A M; Araujo, Mariana S




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O geoprocessamento é uma importante ferramenta para se compreender a estrutura e a dinâmica das paisagens em diversas escalas temporais e espaciais, quando aplicado à ecologia de paisagem traz elementos tanto para o estudo das interações do homem com o meio ambiente, quanto para compreender os processos ecológicos. Dessa forma objetiva-se com este artigo, levantar as situações ambientais associadas à

Joyse Tatiane Souza dos Santos; Heriberto Wagner Amanajás Pena



Obstetric care in Brazil: An analysis of the situation Assistência obstétrica no Brasil: Uma análise de situação  

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Objective: To evaluate the situation of obstetric care in Brazil. Methods: Analysis of data from the Ministry of Health: Information System on Mortality; Information System on Live Births; Information System on Ambulatory Care of the Brazilian Unified Health System; Information System on Hospital Care of the Brazilian Unified Health System. Others source of data: the Brazilian Institute of Geography and

Marcia de Freitas; Conceição Aparecida de Mattos Segre; Arnaldo Augusto Franco de Siqueira


Inventário de macroliquens epífi tos sobre árvores utilizadas na arborização urbana em Curitiba, Paraná, Brasil: Subsídio para biomonitoramento urbano  

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Inventory of epiphytic macrolichens on trees used in urban arborization in Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil. The fl oristic composition of epiphytic macrolichens on the following tree species used in urban arborization in Curitiba was analysed: Acer negundo , Lagerstroemia indica , Ligustrum lucidum , Parapiptadenia rigida , Cassia leptophylla , Syagrus romanzofÞ ana , Tabebuia alba , Tabebuia chrysotricha , Tabebuia

Sionara Eliasaro; Patrícia Wolf Veiga; Cristine Gobel Donha; Lucas Nogueira



Desnutrição e obesidade infantis em duas coortes de base populacional no Sul do Brasil: tendências e diferenciais  

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Prevalence of anthropometric deficits and of obesity were studied in two population- based birth cohort studies in the city of Pelotas in Southern Brazil, in 1982 and 1993. All hospital delivered babies in each one-year period were identified, and samples of approximately 20% were visited at home at around 12 months of age, totalling 1,449 children submitted to anthropometric examination

Cora L. Post; Cesar G. Victora; Fernando C. Barros; Bernardo L. Horta; Paula R. V. Guimarães



Dogmatism and the "Knowledge Gap" among Users of the Mass Media of Communication: A Study in Brasilia, Brasil.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A study was conducted to discover whether (1) use of each of the print and broadcast media could be correlated with subjects' knowledge level, and (2) whether controlling for dogmatism would increase the proportion of media users, with higher levels of knowledge among those less dogmatic, and decrease the proportion among the more dogmatic.…

Simmons, Robert E.; Garda, Eduardo Carlos


Registros documentados de cinco novos trinta-réis (Charadriiformes: Sternidae) no estado do Ceará, nordeste do Brasil  

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Documented records of five terns (Charadriiformes: Sternidae) new for the State of Ceará, north-east Brazil. We present new records, based on museum specimens and\\/or photographs, of five species of Sternidade for the State of Ceará in north- east Brazil, namely, Black Noddy Anous minutus (apparently the first from Brazilian mainland), Least Tern Sternula antillarum, Black Tern Chlidonias niger, Arctic Tern

Weber Girão; Ciro Albano; Alberto A. Campos; Thieres Pinto; Caio J. Carlos


Analise e Avaliacao Teorica dos Leiloes de Compra de Energia Eletrica Proveniente de Empreendimentos Existentes no Brasil  

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The reform process that the Brazilian electric industry has been undergoing since the mid 90's suffered a great inflection after the energy rationing of 2001 and the financial Revista EconomiA Set\\/Dez 2006

Tiago B. Correia; Elbia Melo


Exigências Líquidas e Dietéticas de Energia, Proteína e Macroelementos Minerais de Bovinos de Corte no Brasil1  

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Partial or total data, from several works, on nutritional requirements of bovine, were utilized. In all the experiments, the comparative slaughter technique was used, with the slaughter of a representative sample of the experimental animals at the beginning of the feeding period and the determination of the empty body composition. The fat, protein, energy, Ca, P, Mg, Na and K

Fabiano Ferreira da Silva; Sebastião de Campos; Valadares Filho; Luís Carlos Vinhas Ítavo; Cristina Mattos Veloso; Rilene Ferreira Diniz Valadares; Paulo Roberto Cecon; Pedro Veiga Rodrigues Paulino; Eduardo Henrique


Límites de la cooperación internacional ambiental: el caso del Programa Piloto para la Protección de los Bosques Tropicales de Brasil  

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Beyond its many achievements, an analysis of the green alliances of the Pilot Program for the Protection of the Tropical Forests of Brazil (PPG7, Portuguese acronym), as well as the conflicts present in its cre- ation and implementation, of the results achieved, and of the circumstances in which it came to an end, demonstrate that the PPG7 contributed little to

Joseph S. Weiss



Monitoramento de florestas plantadas no Brasil: indicadores sociais e econômicos Monitoring of planted forests in Brazil: socio-economic Indicators  

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RESUMO: Define-se o bom manejo como sendo aquele que é ecologicamente adequado, socialmente justo e economicamente viável. Critérios e indicadores sócio-econômicos para o monitoramento de sustentabilidade oferecem os meios para se avaliar a justiça social e a viabilidade econômica do manejo de florestas plantadas. O objetivo principal desta apresen- tação é sugerir alguns indicadores e instigar os participantes a pensar

Luiz Carlos; Estraviz Rodriguez


A assembléia de aves de áreas úmidas em dois sistemas de cultivo de arroz irrigado no extremo sul do Brasil  

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The wetland bird assemblage in two irrigated rice fields in southern Brazil. Seventeen wetland bird counts were conducted from November 1998 to March 1999 in two 52 ha rice paddies using no-tillage and \\

Rafael A. Dias; Maria Inês Burger



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Resumen Nowadays, the issues related to woman health, seek to get a new integrality focus. It will be able to go beyond the limited effects of a biomedical model in health. Not considering the life experience and cultural aspects of the women and their family. This study aimed to understand the influence of the cultural context during pregnancy and in

Maria de Lourdes; Denardin Budó; Eliane Tatsch Neves; Marcio Rossato Badke



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O estudo descrito neste trabalho pretende realizar uma análise econométrica a cerca do consumo de açaí, fruto regional de alto consumo pelos Paraenses, realizada na região metropolitana de Belém no Eviews 3.1 utilizando a relação do consumo com algumas variáveis definidas para a pesquisa (preço da farinha de tapioca, da farinha, das despesas familiares com alimentação e quantidade de pessoas

Carlos Gilberto Vieira da Silva Júnior; Edivaldo Lima Sousa Filho; Rafaela Casseb e Silva; Heriberto Wagner Amanajás Pena



Prevalência de cárie radicular em adultos e idosos na região sudeste do Estado de São Paulo, Brasil  

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In recent decades there has been an increase in the occurrence of dental root surface caries, es- pecially among adults and senior citizens. This study aimed to identify root surface caries prevalence in adults and seniors from southeast São Paulo State, Brazil. An epidemiological sur- vey was carried out among 1,475 dentate adults, ages 35 to 44 and 65 to

Lilian Berta Rihs; Ronaldo Seichi Wada



Predação de Opisthocomus hoazin por Spizaetus ornatus e de Bubulcus ibis por Bubo virginianus em Tocantins, Brasil  

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Predation of Cattle Egret by the Great Horned Owl and Hoazin by the Ornate Hawk-Eagle in western Tocantins State, Brazil. We report the predation of Hoazin Opisthocomus hoazin by an immature Ornate Hawk-Eagle Spizaetus ornatus, a new prey for this species in Brazil. The Ornate Hawk-Eagle roosted together with Hoazin assembly in branches of Sapium haematospermum, typical river borderline vegetation.

Túlio Dornas; Renato Torres Pinheiro


Queimadas de cana-de-açúcar no Brasil: efeitos à saúde respiratória Sugar cane burning in Brazil: respiratory health effects  

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The article aimed to update scientifi c literature information about respiratory health effects caused by sugarcane burning, considering the expansion of sugarcane plantations in Brazil and in the state of São Paulo. Articles published between 1996 and 2006, which deal with the health effects of sugarcane burning and\\/or air pollutants originating from this burning, were discussed. These studies suggest that

Helena Ribeiro


The Effect of an Organic Pesticide on Mortality and Learning in Africanized Honey Bees (Apis mellifera L.) in Brasil  

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Seven experiments were conducted. First, the influence of the consumption of different concentrations of the organic pesticide Bioganic ® on mortality was assessed at 11 different time intervals in Africanized honey bees (Apis mellifera L.) as was direct application of the pesticide to the abdomen. Results indicated that the pesticide was not lethal to bees regardless of concentration at any

Charles I. Abramson; Jordan B. Singleton; Maritza K. Wilson; Paulo A. Wanderley



Retrospective prevalence and incidence of drug-induced agranulocytosis in the city of São Paulo-Brasil.  


Retrospective study carried out in São Paulo, Brazil, from September 1981 through March 1990. During this period the study investigated 19,389 hematological patients, aiming to assess the prevalence and estimate the incidence of drug-induced agranulocytosis. To assess the Hematology Center's catch population, where the study took place, we adopted the incidence of hemophilia A, chronic myeloid leukemia and acute leukemia, described by the international literature as reference for our catch population estimate. Our findings revealed a prevalence of 1 case of agranulocytosis per 3,878 subjects treated at the São Paulo Hematology Center which translates into an incidence of 0.44 to 0.82 cases of agranulocytosis per million inhabitants, per year. PMID:8235248

Hamerschlak, N; Montezuma, M P; Bacal, N; Szterling, L N; Rosenfeld, L G; Guerra, C C



Diálogos com o ensino médio 5: a escola de ensino médio no Brasil analisada a partir de dados do INEP  

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This working paper discusses schooling performance in secondary schools in Brazil using the ENEM as the database. Initially, we obtained different dimensions related to the student’s perception concerning himself, his school and his socioeconomic level with the use of factorial analyses. Private and public schools were compared. We observed that federal and private ones showed some resemblance, with a much

André Braz Golgher



Diálogos com o ensino médio 6 : o estudante de ensino médio no Brasil analisado a partir de dados do INEP  

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This working paper discusses the correlation between different factors and school performance in the secondary school with the use of data from INEP, such as the ENEM, and also the Demographic Census. We compared state, municipal, federal and private schools in topics, such as: student performance, sex, age and ethnic distribution, socioeconomic levels, school’s physical infrastructure, etc. Moreover, different dimensions

André Braz Golgher



Novas observações e dados reprodutivos do pato-mergulhão Mergus octosetaceus na região do Jalapão, Tocantins, Brasil  

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The Endangered Brazilian Merganser Mergus octosetaceus is currently largely restricted to clear-water rivers and streams with rapids in the Brazilian Cerrado. The main extant populations occur in Minas Gerais, where the species is rather well known, Goiás and Tocantins states. In the Jalapão region of eastern Tocantins, six expeditions searching for mergansers were made in 2007 and 2008, along a

Marcelo de Oliveira Barbosa; Marissônia Lopes de Almeida



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Este artigo tem a finalidade de analisar as atividades e estabelecimentos de duas Regiões de Integração do Estado do Pará - Tocantins e Carajás - nos anos de 2000, 2005 e 2010 através da análise de indicadores econômicos que definem as economias dos municípios de acordo com a Matriz Bidimensional do Dinamismo Econômico. O trabalho obteve resultados coerentes com a

Heriberto Wagner Amanajás Pena; João Alberto Feio Maynart Tenório; Júlia Helena Maia do Nascimento; Nayara Alencar Moriconi; Pamela da Silva Coelho



Tabaco, álcool e outras drogas entre adolescentes em Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil: uma perspectiva de gênero  

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This study assesses the relationship between gender and use of psychoactive substances (al- cohol, nicotine, and illicit drugs) by teenagers. In 2002, a cross-sectional study was carried out in the urban area of Pelotas, southern Brazil. Multi-stage sampling was used to obtain a sam- ple of adolescents, 15 to 18 years of age. Subjects were interviewed using a self-applied confiden-

Rogério Lessa Horta; Bernardo Lessa Horta; Ricardo Tavares Pinheiro; Blanca Morales; Marlene Neves Strey



Jornal da Cincia, Ano XXI, no. 595, 13 Abril 2007 Como o Brasil evitar o apago de imagens  

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Espacial Internacional e no ainda mais questionável programa de missão tripulada a Marte. No final de 2005 NASA? Não seria melhor fazer um satélite brasileiro com tecnologia americana ou francesa? O tempo se


Chuva de sementes sob Ficus cestrifolia (Moraceae) em áreas com vegetação secundária no Vale do Itajaí, Santa Catarina, Brasil  

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Seed rain from Ficus cestrifolia was analysed on degraded lands in the Vale do Itajaí, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Five traps (1 m x 1 m) were installed underneath four Ficus cestrifolia fig trees for the purpose of seed rain collection and subsequent analysis. The vegetation was in its initial stage of regeneration. Experiments were realized from June 2001 to May

Carlos Augusto Krieck; Daniela Fink; Carlos Eduardo Zimmermann



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Brazil and Portugal, for reasons of history and immigration, share a similar culture and language. This is a inter cultural research for to compare a specific motivational processes and psychological functions involved in volunteer work. The work of volunteers is also a very important activity in the social support of cancer patients and needs further evaluation in both of countries.

Camila B. de Souza; Maria do Rosário; N. Bacalhau; Maria de Jesus Moura; José Henrique Volpi; Sónia Marques; Maria Rosalina; G. Rodrigues



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The proposal that article is to discuss Dois perdidos numa noite suja (1966) of Plínio Marcos, performed by various theater groups, among them the Group of Theater Forja, linked to the Union of Metalworkers of São Bernardo do Campo, in 1984. For this, trying examine the themes of engagement, violence, marginalization, misery, loneliness, social inclusion perverse, the individual and the



Brazilian Conference on Dynamics, Control and their Applications Dincon'2007 UNESP Campus de So Jos do Rio Preto, SP, Brasil  

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for a four rotor aircraft with fixed pitch blades are considered. The purpose of this study is to investigate describes the rotor dynamics. The main simplifying assumptions adopted with respect to flight dynamics rotor aircraft. After introducing simplifying assumptions, the flight dynamics equations for the four

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Global magnetodisk disturbances and energetic particle injections at Jupiter  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

made by the Galileo Energetic Particles Detector and the plasma wave/radio instrument are analyzed to establish relationships between dynamic processes observed independently in the distant and the inner Jovian disk (at 80-120 Jovian radii (RJ) and 10-25 RJ, respectively). It is first shown that global magnetospheric disturbances identified from the radio emissions (the "energetic events" are well correlated with reconnection/reconfiguration events observed at the outer edge of the disk. Then, considering all Galileo perijoves, it is also demonstrated that the energetic events occurring as Galileo was at less than ~25 RJ are systematically associated with new injections of energetic particles seen from ~10 to 25 RJ. This demonstrates that major disturbances commonly affect the whole magnetodisk, from 10 to 80-120 RJ. Overall, their phenomenology involves simultaneous auroral activation, formation of new sources of radio emission (narrow-band kilometric radiation) and particle injections in the Io torus, magnetic reconfigurations, and radial flow bursts in the distant disk, over time scale of a few hours.

Louarn, Philippe; Paranicas, Christopher P.; Kurth, William S.



A "clean cigarette" for a clean nation: a case study of Salem Pianissimo in Japan  

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Objective: To illustrate, through internal industry documents, how RJ Reynolds exploited the concerns of the Japanese society about cleanliness to market the concept of cleaner, implicitly healthier cigarettes in Japan. Design: Systematic keyword and opportunistic website searches of formerly private internal industry documents. Results: Industry documents show that RJ Reynolds developed marketing plans based upon their cultural assumptions of Japanese people as fastidious about hygiene and manners, and with relatively high penchants to try new products. RJ Reynolds found there was also a growing concern for health, the environment, and smokers were conscious about annoying others. Deodorised consumer products were one of Japan's biggest trends. These characteristics presented RJ Reynolds with a profitable formula for marketing Salem Pianissimo, a clean cigarette with less smell and smoke. Salem Pianissimo, a 100 mm cigarette claiming to contain 1 mg tar and 0.1 mg nicotine, targeted women since menthol cigarettes were popular among 18–24 year old female smokers, although Japan's law prohibited those below 20 years to smoke and the tobacco industry had a voluntary code disallowing advertising to women and youth. Conclusion: RJ Reynolds successfully launched its clean cigarette, Salem Pianissimo, in Japan aiming to exploit perceived cultural characteristics such as a penchant for cleanliness, an eagerness to try new products, and social harmony. PMID:15564222

Assunta, M; Chapman, S



Antihypertensive effect of peptides from royal jelly in spontaneously hypertensive rats.  


We have shown that Protease N treated Royal Jelly (ProRJ) and peptides from ProRJ (Ile-Tyr (IY), Val-Tyr (VY), Ile-Val-Tyr (IVY)) inhibited angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) activity and they have an antihypertensive effect in repeated oral administration for 28 d on spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR). We investigated the contributive ratio of these peptides in ProRJ for antihypertensive effect in single oral administration on SHR. In single oral administration of each peptide and peptides mixture (MIX; IY, VY and IVY) at doses of 0.5, 1 and 10 mg/kg, systolic blood pressure (SBP) of SHR was reduced dose-dependently. This antihypertensive effect was held for 8 h. These results suggest that peptides contributed to the antihypertensive effect of ProRJ. And the contributive ratio of MIX in ProRJ for antihypertensive effect was computed to be about 38%. Therefore it is considered that intake of peptides, as a functional food would be beneficial for improving blood pressure in people with hypertension. PMID:14758031

Tokunaga, Katsu-hiko; Yoshida, Chie; Suzuki, Kazu-michi; Maruyama, Hiroe; Futamura, Yoshihiro; Araki, Yoko; Mishima, Satoshi



Towards functional proteomics of minority component of honeybee royal jelly: the effect of post-translational modifications on the antimicrobial activity of apalbumin2.  


This study illustrates multifunctionality of proteins of honeybee royal jelly (RJ) and how their neofunctionalization result from various PTMs of maternal proteins. Major proteins of RJ, designated as apalbumins belong to a protein family consisting of nine members with M(r) of 49-87 kDa and they are accompanied by high number of minority homologs derived from maternal apalbumins. In spite of many data on diversity of apalbumins, the molecular study of their individual minority homologous is still missing. This work is a contribution to functional proteomics of second most abundant protein of RJ apalbumin2 (M(r) 52.7 kDa). We have purified a minority protein from RJ; named as apalbumin2a, differ from apalbumin2 in M(r) (48.6 kDa), in N-terminal amino acids sequences - ENSPRN and in N-linked glycans. Characterization of apalbumin2a by LC-MALDI TOF/TOF MS revealed that it is a minority homolog of the major basic royal jelly protein, apalbumin2, carrying two fully occupied N-glycosylation sites, one with high-mannose structure, HexNAc2Hex9, and another carrying complex type antennary structures, HexNAc4Hex3 and HexNAc5Hex4. We have found that apalbumin2a inhibit growth of Paenibacillus larvae. The obtained data call attention to functional plasticity of RJ proteins with potential impact on functional proteomics in medicine. PMID:19322786

Bíliková, Katarína; Mirgorodskaya, Ekaterina; Bukovská, Gabriela; Gobom, Johan; Lehrach, Hans; Simúth, Jozef



Resistance to the mainlandization of criminal justice practices: a barrier to the development of restorative justice in Hong Kong.  


This article examines the political and legal barriers to introducing restorative justice (RJ) in Hong Kong. It argues that the processes involved in RJ may be in conflict with the rule of law, which is regarded by the citizens of Hong Kong as sacrosanct in their resistance to the "mainlandization" of criminal justice practices after China resumed sovereignty of Hong Kong. It is argued that, because it could admit such potentially harmful Chinese criminal justice concepts as "rule by the people," "absence of the presumption of innocence," "leniency for self-confession and severity for resistance," and "toeing the party line," RJ would be devoid of any restorative substance and could breach the principles of due process. PMID:21490000

Lo, T Wing



Joule heating rate need not equal I2R, where R is the Ohmic resistance: The case of voltaic cells  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The electrolyte within a charging or discharging voltaic cell, carrying current I, has time-dependent carrier densities. Therefore the energy conservation argument that equates the total rate of Joule heating P to the rate of decrease of electrical energy is inappropriate because it neglects changes in chemical energy. Explicit study of two systems (the lead-acid cell and the Zn-Cu cell) shows that the Joule heating resistance RJ=P/I2 differs from the Ohmic resistance R=?V/I (?V is the voltage drop across the electrolyte). R/RJ can be greater than or less than unity. RJ involves only the current-carrying ions, whereas R involves all of the ions.

Saslow, Wayne M.



Origin and function of the major royal jelly proteins of the honeybee (Apis mellifera) as members of the yellow gene family.  


In the honeybee, Apis mellifera, the queen larvae are fed with a diet exclusively composed of royal jelly (RJ), a secretion of the hypopharyngeal gland of young worker bees that nurse the brood. Up to 15% of RJ is composed of proteins, the nine most abundant of which have been termed major royal jelly proteins (MRJPs). Although it is widely accepted that RJ somehow determines the fate of a female larva and in spite of considerable research efforts, there are surprisingly few studies that address the biochemical characterisation and functions of these MRJPs. Here we review the research on MRJPs not only in honeybees but in hymenopteran insects in general and provide metadata analyses on genome organisation of mrjp genes, corroborating previous reports that MRJPs have important functions for insect development and not just a nutritional value for developing honeybee larvae. PMID:23855350

Buttstedt, Anja; Moritz, Robin F A; Erler, Silvio



The protective effect of royal jelly on chronic lambda-cyhalothrin toxicity: serum biochemical parameters, lipid peroxidation, and genotoxic and histopathological alterations in swiss albino mice.  


The present study was undertaken to investigate the protective effect of royal jelly (RJ) against toxicity induced by a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide, lambda-cyhalothrin (LCT), in Swiss albino mice. Animals were randomly divided into six groups of six animals each. The control group received distilled water alone, whereas mice in the treatment groups received RJ alone (100 or 250 mg/kg of body weight), LCT alone (668 ppm), or RJ+LCT for 21 days. All mice (100%) survived until the end of experiment and were sacrificed at the end of 24 hours. Blood, bone marrow, and liver and kidney tissues were analyzed for aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT), blood urea nitrogen (BUN), creatinine, malondialdehyde (MDA), and reduced glutathione (GSH) levels and micronucleus (MN) frequency, chromosomal aberrations (CAs), and pathological damages. Serum AST, ALT, BUN, and creatinine levels were elevated in mice treated with LCT alone compared with the other tested groups (P<.05). LCT-induced oxidative damage caused a significant decrease in GSH levels and a significant rise in MDA levels of liver and kidney tissues. LCT alone-treated mice presented higher frequencies (P<.05) of MNs, CAs, and abnormal metaphases compared with the controls; moreover, the mitotic index was lower than in controls (P<.05). Oral treatment with RJ significantly ameliorated the indices of hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, lipid peroxidation, and genotoxicity induced by LCT. Both doses of RJ tested provided significant protection against LCT-induced toxicity, and its strongest effect was observed at the dose level of 250 mg/kg of body weight. In vivo results suggest that RJ is a potent antioxidant against LCT-induced toxicity, and its protective effect is dose dependent. PMID:21663479

Cavu?o?lu, Külti?in; Yapar, Kür?ad; Oruç, Ertan; Yalç?n, Emine



Pharmacological basis of traditional medicines and health supplements as curatives.  


Traditional Oriental medicines and health supplements have been empirically used to treat various ailments but most of them have not been evaluated objectively to prove their efficacies. We have been investigating the medical benefits of traditional Oriental medicines and health supplements as alternatives and their varied actions and mechanisms by pharmacological approaches. The study on airway inflammation has shown that even a Kampo preparation, Bakumondo-to, has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, immunomodulatory, secretory-modulating, and metabolic regulatory actions. All of its actions are based on the restoration of normal molecular and cellular functions through DNA transcriptional regulation. In other previous studies, we showed that a health supplement, royal jelly (RJ) has weak estrogenic activity. RJ competes with 17beta-estradiol for binding to the human estrogen receptors alpha and beta, although it is much weaker than diethylstilbestrol in binding affinity. Treatment of MCF-7 cells with RJ enhances proliferation, and concomitant treatment with tamoxifen blocked this effect. A reporter gene assay showed that RJ enhanced transcription of the luciferase gene through the estrogen-responsive element in MCF-7 cells. Furthermore, subcutaneous injection of RJ restored the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor gene in the uteri of ovariectomized rats. We suggest that the diverse pharmacological functions of RJ can be ascribed, in part, to its estrogenic effects. We hypothesize that traditional medicine, which has multiple actions, may be better than Western medicine of a single component to treat various diseases including "Mibyou" (presymptomatic disease). Our findings provide new ideas about the nature of disorders nd disease-state development that involve complicated mechanisms and will contribute to novel principles to prevent diseases and establish new treatments. Adoption of the means of translational research should provide an objective background for efficacy and stimulate broader application and usage of traditional medicines and health supplements. PMID:17287592

Miyata, Takeshi



Novel approach to curatives of Mibyou (presymptomatic diseases).  


  The traditional Oriental medicine and health supplement have been empirically practiced but most of them have not come through objective examination to prove their efficacy. From pharmacological aspect, we have been investigating the medical benefits of traditional Oriental medicines and health supplements as curatives and their varied actions and mechanisms. The study on airway inflammation has shown that even a Kampo preparation, Bakumondo-to, has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, immunomodulatory, secretory-modulating and metabolic regulatory actions. The base of all its actions is founded on the restoration of normal molecular and cellular functions through DNA transcriptional regulation. In other previous studies, we showed that a health supplement, royal jelly (RJ) has weak estrogenic activity. RJ competes with 17?-estradiol for binding to the human estrogen receptors ? and ?, though it is much weaker than diethylstilbestrol in binding affinity. Treatment of MCF-7 cells with RJ enhances proliferation, and concomitant treatment with tamoxifen blocked this effect. A reporter gene assay showed that RJ enhanced transcription of the luciferase gene through the estrogen-responsive element in MCF-7 cells. Furthermore, subcutaneous injection of RJ restored the expression of vascular endothelial growth factor gene in the uteri of ovariectomized rats. We suggest that the diverse pharmacological functions of RJ can be ascribed, in part, to its estrogenic effects. We hypothesize that polyherbal medicines and health supplements, which have multiple actions, may be better than Western medicine of single component to treat various diseases including 'Mibyou' (presymptomatic disease). Our findings provide us with a new idea on the nature of disorder and disease-state development which involve complicated mechanisms and will contribute to novel principles to prevent diseases and establish new treatment. Adoption of means of translational research should provide objective background for efficacy and stimulate broader application and usage of traditional medicines and health supplements as curatives of Mibyou. PMID:21881301

Miyata, Takeshi



Shifting Global Invasive Potential of European Plants with Climate Change  

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. 1314 14 9 0.027 Silene conoidea L. 1666 22 16 0.020 Clematis vitalba L. 1868 25 22 0.00044 Clematis orientalis L. (Native to China) 685 15 13 7.5610 29 Ranunculus ficaria L. 1520 52 48 1.8610 212 Presented are the number of counties in which the species..., Whittaker RJ, Ladle RJ, Erhard M (2005) Reducing uncertainty in projections of extinction risk from climate change. Global Ecology and Biogeography 14: 529–538. 25. Hoffmann MH (2001) The distribution of Senecio vulgaris: Capacity of climatic range models...

Peterson, A. Townsend; Stewart, Aimee; Mohamed, Kamal I.; Araú jo, Miguel B.




SciTech Connect

This report is an initial report on the laboratory effort executed under RPP-PLAN-33338, Test Plan for the Assessment of Technetium Leachability in Cement-Stabilized Basin 43 Groundwater Brine. This report delineates preliminary data obtained under subcontract 21065, release 30, from the RJ Lee Group, Inc., Center for Laboratory Sciences. The report is predicated on CLS RPT-816, Draft Report: Assessment of Technetium Leachability in Cement Stabilized Basin 43 Groundwater Brine. This document will be revised on receipt of the final RJ Lee Group, Inc., Center for Laboratory Sciences report, which will contain data subjected to quality control and quality assurance criteria.




Off-line Robust Receding Horizon Control for Hybrid Systems using Constrained Positively Invariant Sets  

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: P 6) u = Kix CPI Oi (5) P := s i=1Oi (5) 6) (4) 3.2 Mode-2 6) mode-2 L 1- 2- l Lv N ln (4) min U THEN (mode-1) u(t) = Kix(t) ELSE (mode-2) u(t) = ulw (0|t) #12;1 (5) (4) (2) (1) x(t) s i=1Oi : CPI 6) 2 s i=1Oi CPI Oi Ki Ki s i=1Oi 2 . 2 2 u(t) = f(x(t)) = Fjx(t) + gj x(t) Rj (8) j = 1, . . ., K Rj Fj gj


October 1, 1995 / Vol. 20, No. 19 / OPTICS LETTERS 1961 Optical solitons supported by competing nonlinearities  

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envelopes E1 and E2, we obtain coupled equations in the form i E1 z 1 id1 E1 j 1 g1 2 E1 j2 1 x2E1 E2 exp 2iDkz 1 x3 jE1j2 1 rjE2j2 E1 0 , i E2 z 1 id2 E2 j 1 g2 2 E2 j2 1 x2E 2 1 exp iDkz 1 2x3 jE1j2 1 rjE1j2 E2


Physical and Chemical Characterization of Kuwaiti Atmospheric Dust and Synthetic Dusts: Effects on the Pressure Drop and Fractional Efficiency of HEPA Filters  

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Al-Attar, I.; Wakeman, R. J.; Tarleton, E. S.; Husain, A.



Protective role of Royal Jelly (honeybee) on genotoxicity and lipid peroxidation, induced by petroleum wastewater, in Allium cepa L. root tips.  


In the present study, the protective effect of Royal Jelly (RJ) on genotoxicity and lipid peroxidation, induced by petroleum wastewater, in Allium cepa L. root-tip cells was investigated. For this purpose, we used the malondialdehyde (MDA) level, mitotic index (MI), frequency of micronucleus (MN) and chromosomal aberrations (CAs) as indicators of genotoxicity and lipid peroxidation, and correlated these data with statistical parameters. In additional to the genotoxic analysis, we examined changes in the root anatomy of A. cepa seeds treated with the wastewater. Heavy metal concentrations in the wastewater were measured by atomic absorption spectrophotometry. The seeds were divided into six groups as control, wastewater and RJ treatment groups. They were treated with the wastewater alone, RJ alone (25 and 50 microm doses) and RJ + wastewater for 10 consecutive days. As a result, the mean concentrations of heavy metals in the wastewater were observed to be in the order: Pb > Fe > Al > Ni > Cu > Zn > Cr > Cd. The results showed that there was a significant alteration in MI and in the frequency of MN and CAs in the seeds exposed to the wastewater when compared with the controls. The wastewater exposure resulted in a significant increase in CAs and MN formation (P < 0.05). The wastewater also caused a decrease in MI (P < 0.05). Additionally, there was a significant increase in the MDA levels of the roots exposed to the wastewater (P < 0.05). Heavy metals in the petroleum wastewater significantly increased the MDA production, indicating lipid peroxidation. Moreover, light micrographs showed anatomical damages such as an accumulation of chemical compounds in cortex parenchyma, cell death, an unusual form of cell nucleus and unclear vascular tissue. However, the RJ treatment caused amelioration in the indices of lipid peroxidation and MI, and in the frequency of CAs and MN, when compared with the group treated with petroleum wastewater alone (P < 0.05). Also, the RJ application caused the recuperation of anatomical structural damages induced by the petroleum wastewater. Each dose of RJ provided protection against the wastewater toxicity, and the strongest protective effect was observed at dose of 50 microm. In vivo results showed that RJ is a potential protector against toxicity induced by petroleum wastewater, and its protective role is dose-dependent. PMID:19947151

Türkmen, Zafer; Cavu?o?lu, Külti?in; Cavu?o?lu, Kür?at; Yapar, Kür?ad; Yalçin, Emine



A dipeptide YY derived from royal jelly proteins inhibits renin activity.  


Renin is the rate limiting enzyme in the renin-angiotensin (RA) system that regulates blood pressure and electrolyte balance. In this study, we investigated the renin inhibitory effect of a royal jelly (RJ)-derived peptide. A dipeptide YY was isolated from the digested fraction of RJ proteins by proteases and was found to inhibit human renin activity. The inhibition constant (Ki) of YY was estimated to be 10 microM when the Km was 0.16 microM using sheep angiotensinogen as the substrate. The peptide was observed to lower blood pressure in spontaneously hypertensive rats. PMID:18506359

Sultana, Afroza; Nabi, A H M Nurun; Nasir, Uddin M; Maruyama, Hiroe; Suzuki, Kazu-Michi; Mishima, Satoshi; Suzuki, Fumiaki



Efficacy of royal jelly on methotrexate-induced systemic oxidative stress and damage to small intestine in rats.  


The aim of this present study is to investigate the mucositis caused by methotrexate (MTX), as well as whether the application of royal jelly (RJ) has a protective effect on oxidative stress. This present study included six groups each consisted of 12 Wistar rats. Distilled water (po: peroral) was given to the 1st group as placebo for 10 days and MTX (20 mg/kg, intraperitoneal: ip) on the 7th day. The 2nd group received RJ (50mg/kg, po) for 10 days and normal saline (NS) instead of MTX. RJ (50mg/kg) was given to the 3rd group for 10 days and MTX on the 7th day. The 4th group received RJ (100 mg/kg, po) for 10 days and NS was given intraperitoneally. RJ (100mg/kg) was given to the 5th group for 10 days and a single dose of MTX. Distilled water was given to the 6th (control) group for 10 days and intraperitoneal NS on the 7th day. Malondialdehyde (MDA), glutathione peroxidase and superoxide dismutase were analyzed in blood samples on the 11th day. Morphological and histopathological changes were examined in the intestinal tissue samples. Villus length and mucosal thickness, as well as the villus length/crypt ratio, were significantly decreased with MTX administration, and the semi-quantitative histological evaluation (SQHE) score was measured high (p<0.001). In addition, a decrease in the antioxidant parameters and an increase in the MDA levels were identified. The villus length and SQHE were significantly different in the groups receiving RJ (p<0.001) as compared to the MTX group. Although RJ addition had no effect on the decreased mucosal thickness and villus/crypt ratio in MTX groups, it caused an improvement in the antioxidant levels and a remarkable decrease in MDA levels. Adding RJ has a decreasing effect on the MTX-induced intestinal damage and it has a suppressive effect on MTX-induced oxidative stress by means of increasing antioxidant enzyme activity and decreasing lipid peroxidation. PMID:23983375

Kaynar, Leylagül; Cetin, Aysun; Hacioglu, Sibel K; Eser, Bar??; Koçyigit, ?smail; Canöz, Özlem; Tasdemir, Arzu; Karadag, Canan; Kurnaz, Fatih; Saraymen, Recep; Silici, Sibel



Restorative Justice as Reflective Practice and Applied Pedagogy on College Campuses  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Restorative justice (RJ) is both a methodology for dealing with conflict and a process for modeling more positive human relations after social harm. As both method and process, the benefits of developing restorative practices on college campuses go well beyond just the many positive community-oriented outcomes of facilitated conflict resolution…

Rinker, Jeremy A.; Jonason, Chelsey



CompAQS is an advanced concentric imaging spectrometer optimised for DOAS retrievals which operates in the wavelength range of 420-590 nm.  

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Retrieval Algorithm Optimised for the Compact Air Quality Spectrometer, CompAQS J. Anand1, R.J. Leigh1, P over all other regions ­ thus revealing the anthropogenic NO2 signature over the world. 3. Algorithm, while Figure 4 shows only the Pacific Ocean being considered. In this investigation we consider only


A&A 381, 771782 (2002) DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361:20011566  

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, and M. A. G. Maia2 1 Onsala Space Observatory, 43992 Onsala, Sweden e-mail:, 2 Observat´orio Nacional, Rua Gal. Jos´e Cristino 77, RJ 20921, Brazil e formation Send offprint requests to: D. de Mello, e-mail: Based on observations

Maia, Marcio Antonio Geimba



EPA Science Inventory

TISSUE REMODELING IN THE HUMAN LUNG IN RELATION TO PARTICLE CONCENTRATION AND METAL CONTENT. J Gallagher1, J Inmon1, S Schlaegle2, A Levine2, T Rogers3, J Scott1, F Green4, M Schenker5, K Pinkerton5 1NHEERL, US-EPA, RTP, NC, USA; 2RJ Lee Group Inc, Monroeville, Pa, USA; ...


Microrobot Design Using Fiber Reinforced Composites School of Engineering & Applied Sciences  

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1 Microrobot Design Using Fiber Reinforced Composites R.J. Wood School of Engineering & Applied an entirely new framework for creating microrobots which makes novel use of composite materials. This framework includes a new fabrication process termed Smart Composite Microstructures (SCM) for integrating

Wood, Robert


Description of Oculogryphus shuensis sp. n. (Coleoptera, Lampyridae), the first species of the genus in the Sino-Japanese realm, with a modified key to the subfamily Ototretinae  

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, grants NSC100-2313-B-178-002-MY2 and NSC102-2313-B-178-003-MY3. References Holt BG, Lessard JP, Borregaard MK, Fritz SA, Araújo MB, Dimitrov D, Fabre PH, Graham CH, Graves GR, Jønsson KA, Nogués-Bravo D, Wang Z, Whittaker RJ, Fjeldså J, Rahbek C (2013...

Jeng, Ming-Luen; Engel, Michael S.



Long term retention of retigabine in a cohort of people with drug resistant epilepsy  

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Long term retention of retigabine in a cohort of people with drug resistant epilepsy Tim Wehner a and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London WC1N 3BG, United Kingdom b Epilepsy Society, Chalfont St Peter SL9 0RJ) and University of Lausanne, CH-1011 Lausanne, Switzerland d Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland (SEIN

Guillas, Serge



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THE EFFECT OF AN INSECT CHITIN SYNTHESIS INHIBITOR ON HONEY BEES E.W. HERBERT, Jr. R.J. ARGAUER * H. SHIMANUKI * U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service """ Bioenvironmental Bee-flying colonies of honey bees. Brood rearing was temporarily terminated for a period of 2-3 weeks depending

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Ohgaki H., Kusama K., Matsukura N., Morino K., Hasegawa H., Sato S., Takayama S. & Sugimura T.  

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,5-! quinoline, from broiled sardine, cooked beef and beef extract. Carcinogenesis 5, 921-924 Peleran J.C., Rao D,5-1) quinoline from broiled sardine, fried beef and beef extract. Gann75, 467-470 Turesky R.J., Skipper P-naphtoflavone (BNF), TCDD ou l'isosafrole (ISF). Certaines formes de la famille Il sont inductibles par le

Boyer, Edmond


Master of Accountancy in Financial Accounting Text Books for Fall 2011  

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Master of Accountancy in Financial Accounting Text Books for Fall 2011 1 Business Valuations. Year: 2006 Ethics in Business (Ethics in Business) Professor: Dr. Michael Santoro e-Address: Professor: Ronald Strauss e-Address: Textbook: Business and Professional Ethics

Lin, Xiaodong


Human Tear Film Dynamics with an Overset Grid Method  

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Human Tear Film Dynamics with an Overset Grid Method Kara L. Maki1 , R.J. Braun1 , W.D. Henshaw2 University Supported by the NSF #12;What is Human Tear Film? A multilayer structure playing a vital role in health and function of the eye. Typical thickness of each layer in microns. Cornea: Modeled as a flat

Bacuta, Constantin


Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids 77 (2007) 363366 Heparin, lipoproteins, and oxygenated fatty acids in blood  

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, and oxygenated fatty acids in blood: A cautionary note$ T.L. Goodfrienda,b,Ã?, T.L. Pedersene , R.J. Grekinc,d , B before blood is drawn and if lipase inhibitors are omitted from stored samples. Published by Elsevier Ltd to be incorporated into the complex lipids of blood cells and lipoproteins. Heparin is often administered to humans

Hammock, Bruce D.

361 High-Rate System Energy Modeling for Ba=ery-Powered Mobile Systems  

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Model: Model Construction Mean Absolute Root-Mean-Square #12;What are the limitations? #12 67% 82% 58% Accuracy = 100% ­ Root_Mean_Square(Instant_Rela.ve_Error) #12;Errors Molded Model + PCA #12;x y yj rj y=f(x) Training data points dj xj xj 3. Total-Least-Square

Zhong, Lin


The Correspondents Report: The Capital; Midwest; Northeast; South; West Coast  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reports on: turning back cuts in social services in Washington, D.C.; the movement of minorities toward construction trades in the Midwest; the possibilities of racial violence this year in the Northeast; the making of a black Congressman in the South; and, the making of a black Mayor in the West Coast. (RJ)

Race Relations Reporter, 1973



In vitro antiviral effect of meroditerpenes isolated from the Brazilian seaweed Stypopodium zonale (Dictyotales).  


The meroditerpenoids atomaric acid (1), epitaondiol (2) and the peroxylactone of 5'a-desmethyl-5'-acetylatomaric acid (3) were isolated from the Brazilian brown alga Stypopodium zonale collected in two localities (Búzios and Marataízes, RJ and ES States). These compounds showed strong anti-HSV-1 activity in vitro but neither of them inhibited the transcriptase reverse enzyme of HIV-1. PMID:17713872

Soares, Angelica Ribeiro; Abrantes, Juliana Lourenço; Lopes Souza, Thiago Moreno; Leite Fontes, Carlos Frederico; Pereira, Renato Crespo; de Palmer Paixão Frugulhetti, Izabel Christina; Teixeira, Valéria Laneuville



UMA Media base Metadata Management using Oracle Database System  

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UMA Media base ­ Metadata Management using Oracle Database System R.J. Solberg1 , P. Drege1 , A describes the media base in a Universal Multimedia Access (UMA) test bed for handling multimedia presentations in an MPEG-21 environment. The media base introduces an effective way of storing, query organiz

Nørvåg, Kjetil


Droop models of nutrient-plankton interaction with intratrophic predation  

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Droop models of nutrient-plankton interaction with intratrophic predation S. R.-J. Jang1 , J are positive, plankton populations can become extinct if the input nutrient concentration is modeled randomly and interpret nutrient-plankton interactions very successfully. Intratrophic predation on the other hand has

Baglama, James


Journal of Superconductivity, Vol. 8, No. 5, 1995 The ab-plane optical conductivity of high-To supercon-  

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-To supercon- ductors D.B. Tanner, 1 M.A. B. Dabrowski, 4 J.P Quijada, I D.N. Basov, 2 T. Timusk, 2 R.J. KelleyPublishingCorporation #12;564 Tanner et al. cal conductivity. As a pertinent example, the optical conductivity for pure d

Tanner, David B.


National Marine Fisheries Service -2010 Status of U.S. Fisheries Year stock was  

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/Aleutian Islands King and Tanner Crabs Blue king crab - Pribilof Islands 2010 2010 Foy, R.J. 2010. Stock Assessment/Aleutian Islands King and Tanner Crabs Blue king crab - Saint Matthews Island 2010 2010 Gaeuman, W. and J. Zheng. Box 103136, Anchorage, Ak 99510. Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands King and Tanner Crabs Golden king crab


Fetal, Infant, and Maternal Mortality During Periods of Economic Instability  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

One of the most sensitive indicators of the general socioeconomic level of a nation is the infant mortality rate. Evidence indicates that economic recessions and upswings have played a significant role in fetal, infant, and maternal mortality in the last 45 years. (RJ)

Brenner, M. H.


369 Produced by Communications and Marketing, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences,  

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. Neves, Leader, Virginia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit College of Forestry and Wildlife of Nevada R.J. Neves, leader, Virginia Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit #12;1 1 INTRODUCTION streams, and even urban streams. Some are coldwater trout streams and others are warmwater bass streams

Liskiewicz, Maciej


The Importance of Perceptions in Restorative Justice Conferences: The Influence of Offender Personality Traits on Procedural Justice and Shaming  

Microsoft Academic Search

Research suggests that restorative justice (RJ) conferences are more just than traditional court processing due to the presence of procedural justice (PJ). These conferences also promote reintegrative shaming which, in contrast to disintegrative shaming, allows offenders to repair their ties with the community. Yet, fairness and the type of shaming experienced may depend on perceptions of the offender. We argue

Heather L. Scheuerman; Shelley Keith Matthews



Experiments in Fluids 15, 108-116 (1993) Exl rimentsinFluids  

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jump in circular jet impingement and in other thin liquid films X. Liu, J. H. Lienhard V Department thickness of liquid sheet p hydrostatic pressure r radius measured from jet stagnation point rj radius interface Red Reynolds number of the jet, usd/v. s liquid sheet thickness after hydraulic jump u(r,y) radial

Lienhard V, John H.


Proceedings of the 2003 Particle Accelerator Conference A HIGH-FIELDPULSED SOLENOIDMAGNET FOR LIQUID METAL  

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-of-principle test- ingof a liquid-jet target system with pulses of loi3 protons. THE TARGETRY CONCEPT A muon, the magnetic pres- sure on the mercury once inside the solenoid will damp mechanical perturbation of the jet FOR LIQUID METAL TARGET STUDIES H.G. Kirk`, M. Iarocci, J. Scaduto, R.J. Weggel, BNL, Upton, NY 11973, USA G

McDonald, Kirk


Apidologie 39 (2008) 225232 Available online at: c INRA/DIB-AGIB/ EDP Sciences, 2008  

E-print Network

sulphuric acid (Garcia-Amoedo and Almeida- Muradian, 2002) and different drying meth- ods: freeze drying and long life-span of the queen bee are responsible for the strong ap- peal of this product on consumers, but in the last years the interest of Eu- ropean beekeepers for the production of RJ increased. This brought

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


The Racial Bureaucracy, 1941-1971: From Prejudice to Discrimination to Racism  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Deals with the development of the racial bureaucracy'' (public civil rights agencies) during the past 30 years, 1941-71; focuses on the issues and changes relating to the era of prejudice'' (1941-57), the era of discrimination'' (1957-67), and the era of racism'' (since 1967). (RJ)

Levy, Burton



The proteolytic systems of ruminal microorganisms Rowett Research Institute, Bucksburn, Aberdeen AB2 9SB, UK  

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The proteolytic systems of ruminal microorganisms RJ Wallace Rowett Research Institute, Bucksburn arising from proteolysis are potential nutrients for the growth of rumen microorganisms, but they are also categories of rumen microorganisms. Bacteria are mainly responsible for dietary protein breakdown, while

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


ELSEVIER Journal of Marine Systems 7 (1996) 203-219 Sensitivity study of an upper ocean model in a coastal bay  

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are determined from wind and buoyancy turbulent kinetic energy, as well as the effect of shear instability these with the main run. 1. Introduction The upper ocean supplies most of the energy for circulation and turbulence of an upper ocean model in a coastal bay J. Gan a,*, R.G. Ingram a, R.J. Greatbatch b aDep. of Atmospheric

Gan, Jian-Ping


Carbon fixed during fumigation with elevated [CO2] (which was depleted in stable 13C isotope,  

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, Garten CT, Norby RJ (2012) Soil carbon and nitrogen cycling and storage throughout the soil profile, P = 0.26 Final FACE harvest reveals increased soil carbon and nitrogen storage under elevated [CO2 on soil carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycling. · Biogeochemical and isotopic analyses of soil samples to 90


GEORGE RAYMOND MCKEE, JR. Department of Engineering Physics  

E-print Network

. Instrum. 75, 3493 (2004). Investigation of the time-delay estimation method for turbulent velocity, Rev. Sci. Instrum. 75, 3490 (2004). Enhanced Sensitivity Beam Emission Spectroscopy System for Nonlinear Turbulence Stuides, D.K. Gupta, R.J. Fonck, G.R. McKee, D.J. Schlossberg, M.W. Shafer, Rev. Sci

Sheridan, Jennifer


Teaching Perspectives and Usage of Journal Writing by Clinical Faculty  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The purpose of this study was to investigate the associations between teaching perspectives (TPs), faculty usage and perceptions of reflective journaling (RJ), and demographic characteristics among clinical faculty in nursing, social work, and counseling. A combination of causal-comparative and correlational designs was utilized, with stratified…

Alschuler, Mari L.



Dirofilaria immitis (Leidy, 1856) no entorno de um caso felino: um estudo sobre sua transmissão Dirofilaria immitis (Leidy, 1856) in the neighborhood of a feline case: a study about the transmission  

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Dirofilaria immitis preferably infects canids and can, in lower frequency, be found in cats (Felis catus Linnaeus, 1758). The parasite may be transmitted by various Culicidae species. Motivated by an autochtone feline heartworm case diagnosed in the region of Engenho Novo - RJ (S 22 o 90' e WO 43 o 27'), the following issues were surveyed: 1) the local

Aline Serricella Branco; Flavya Mendes-de-Almeida; Maria Carolina Ferreira Faria; Letícia Mattos de Souza-Dantas; Norma Vollmer Labarthe


This article was downloaded by:[Matricardi, E. A. T.] On: 20 February 2007  

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{, M. A. COCHRANE§, M. PEDLOWSKI|| and W. CHOMENTOWSKI{ {Department of Geography, Michigan State University, 1405 S. Harrison Road, Room 101, East Lansing, MI 48823 §Department of Geography, South Dakota Goytacazes, RJ 28013-600, Brazil (Received 31 August 2005; in final form 12 April 2006 ) Large

Camara, Gilberto


Remote sensing detection of droughts in Amazonian forest canopies  

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7 1 Environmental Change Institute, School of Geography and Environment, Oxford University, Oxford OX1 3QY, UK; 2 School of Geography, University of Exeter, Devon EX4 4RJ, UK; 3 School of Geography, Federal University of Vic¸osa, Vic¸osa, Brazil; 5 Remote Sensing Division, National Institute for Space

Malhi, Yadvinder


Urban Ecosystems, 6: 99121, 2002 c 2003 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Manufactured in The Netherlands.  

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environmental implications CYNTHIA S. SIMMONS Department of Geography, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant dos Goytacazes, RJ, Brazil LUIZ GUILHERME TEIXEIRA SILVA EMBRARA/CPATU, Bel´em, Brazil Received April to Brazil, nor is it confined to the Amazon region. Nevertheless, this paper focuses on contemporary land

Simmons, Cynthia S.


Linnaeus' herbarium cabinet: a piece of furniture and its function  

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Linnaeus' herbarium cabinet: a piece of furniture and its function Staffan Mu¨ ller-Wille ESRC 4RJ The Swedish 18th-century naturalist Carolus (Carl) Linnaeus is habitually credited with laying innovation of Linnaeus' has largely gone unnoticed. He seems to have been one of the first botanists to leave


Development of a simple and sensitive fluorimetric method for isolation of coumaphos-hydrolysing bacteria  

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-hydrolysing bacteria R.L. Harcourt*, I. Horne, T.D. Sutherland, B.D. Hammock1 , R.J. Russell and J.G. Oakeshott . Incorporation of coumaphos into agar plates allowed the rapid detection of coumaphos-hydrolysing bacteria when tool to screen for bacteria possessing phosphotriesterase activity. INTRODUCTION Organophosphorus (OP

Hammock, Bruce D.


Wisdom et al. 1 Effective Management Strategies for Sage-Grouse and Sagebrush: A Question of Triage?  

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Wisdom et al. 1 1 Effective Management Strategies for Sage-Grouse and Sagebrush: A Question.J., M.M. Rowland, and R.J. Tausch. 2005. Effective management strategies for sage-grouse and sagebrush. These high extirpation risks are exemplified by status and trends of Greater sage-grouse (Centrocercus


Theory and Applications of Categories, Vol. 22, No. 1, 2009, pp. 1-23. DUALITY FOR CCD LATTICES  

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-23. DUALITY FOR CCD LATTICES FRANCISCO MARMOLEJO, ROBERT ROSEBRUGH, AND R.J. WOOD Abstract. The 2-category of constructively completely distributive latt* *ices is shown to be bidual distributive (CCD) lattices were introduced in* * [F&W] and further studied in the series of papers [RW2

Chapman, Robin


Physics 116A Winter 2011 Elementary row operations and some applications  

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Physics 116A Winter 2011 Elementary row operations and some applications 1. Elementary row operations Given an N Ã? N matrix A, we can perform various operations that modify some of the rows of A. There are three classes of elementary row operations, which we shall denote using the following notation: 1. Rj

California at Santa Cruz, University of


Pr^et `a Voter with re-encryption mixes P Y A Ryan1  

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Pr^et `a Voter with re-encryption mixes P Y A Ryan1 and S A Schneider2 1 University of Newcastle, 2 of which is shown in Figure 1. Obelix Asterix Panoramix Idefix 7rJ94K Fig. 1. Pr^et `a Voter ballot form

Schneider, Steve


Technische Universitt Kaiserslautern Prof. Dr. Sven O. Krumke  

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weights wj and release dates rj on unrelated machines in the online paradigm of jobs arriving over time Kaiserslautern, May 30, 2014 Online Optimization (SS 2014) Homework 6 IN-CLASS EXERCISES (To be done makespan minimization problem, it is possible to obtain a 2- competitive online algorithm in the online

Krumke, Sven O.


NCI-CCR Pediatric Oncology Branch - Pediatric Psycho-Oncology Professionals Profile Listings - Rhonda Robert

Robert RS, Paxton RJ, Palla SL, Yang G, Askins MA, Joy SE, Ater JL. Feasibility, Reliability, and Validity of the Pediatric Quality of Life InventoryT Generic Core Scales, Cancer Module, and Multidimensional Fatigue Scale in Long-Term Adult Survivors of Pediatric Cancer.


The Case for a Drop-Out School  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes the setting up and the history of a store-front school on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, which attempts to cater to the needs of dropouts from schools around the city who have felt completely disaffected from their education--the students being from white, middleclass, professional, and politically liberal families. (RJ)

Rich, Adrienne



Technological innovation in the airline industry: The impact of regional jets  

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This paper explores the impact of the regional jet (RJ), an important new technological innovation in the airline industry, on service patterns and service quality. The paper's theoretical analysis predicts that the frequency advantage of RJs over jets, a consequence of their small size, should have led to the emergence of point-to-point (PP) service in thin markets where such service

Jan K. Brueckner; Vivek Pai



75 FR 31324 - Airworthiness Directives; Bombardier, Inc. Model CL-600-2B19 (Regional Jet Series 100 & 440...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Manual; and Canadair Regional Jet TR RJ/178-1, dated March 8, 2010, to Canadair Regional Jet Airplane Flight Manual CSP...not have a significant economic impact, positive or negative, on a...Model CL-600-2B19 (Regional Jet Series 100 & 440)...



J. PHYS. IV FRANCE 7 (1997) Colloque C2, Supplkment au Journal de Physique 111d'avril 1997  

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the distribution and fate of heavy metal species dissolved in surface waters is their coprecipitation Characterizationof Heavy Metal Incorporationin Calcite by XAFS Spectroscopy G.M. Larnble*'**, R.J. Reeder***and P. Analysis of the first shells indicates that the immediate coordination of both metal ions is approximately

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Calcretes, fluviolacustrine sediments and subsidence patterns in Permo-Triassic salt-walled minibasins of the south Urals, Russia  

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Calcretes, fluviolacustrine sediments and subsidence patterns in Permo-Triassic salt 1RJ, UK àBritish Geological Survey, Murchison House, West Mains Road, Edinburgh EH9 3LA, UK §SchoolCaspian salt tectonic province. The basin can potentially add much to the understanding of fluviolacustrine

Benton, Michael


Macroinvertebrates associated with Chara in a tropical coastal lagoon (Imboassica lagoon, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)  

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Imboassica lagoon is an urban coastal lagoon located in the municipality of Macaé (RJ), which has been exposed to a process of artificial eutrophication through the inflow of untreated sewage, as well as artificial openings of the sandbar that separates it from the ocean, provoking drastic modifications in this ecosystem. The sampling for the analysis of the community of macroinvertebrates

Edélti Faria Albertoni; Cleber Palma-Silva; Francisco de Assis Esteves



molecules farnesol and dodecanol inhibit serum-induced filamentation in  

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-dependent Candida albicans morphogenesis via Ras1-PKA signaling. Curr. Biol. 19, 621­629. 4. Lo, H.J., Kohler, J transduction and morphogenesis in Candida albicans. In The Mycota VIII. Biology of the Fungal Cell. R.J. Howard). Morphogenesis in Candida albicans. Annu. Rev. Microbiol. 61, 529­553. 7. Zheng, X., Wang, Y., and Wang, Y. (2004

McFadden, Geoff


TAO, Vol. 15, No. 3, 493-502, September 2004 Statistical Assessment for the Hazard of Large Aftershocks  

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, National Central University, No. 300 Junda Road, Chung-Li, Taiwan, ROC; E-mail: Real-time University, Chung-Li, Taiwan, ROC *Corresponding author address:Dr. Yuh-Ing Chen, Institute of Statistics and rescue efforts. In this paper, we employ the Reasenberg-Jones (RJ) model to describe the time-magni- tude

Chen, Yuh-Ing


Scientific Method, Statistical Method, and the Speed of Light.  

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Scientific Method, Statistical Method, and the Speed of Light. R.J. Mackay and R.W. Oldford Working is "statistical method"? Is it the same as "scientific method"? This paper answers the first question history and the details of a single study allow us to place the method of statistics within the larger

Oldford, R.W.


Project EARTH-13-HB1: The impact of sea-ice on the photophysiology of Arctic marine phytoplankton  

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to as the photosynthesis-irradiance (P-E) curve . There is current uncertainty as to how primary productivity (and the P-based experimental work. The student will work closely with leading experts in the fields of biogeochemistry, marine 326: 539. MacIntyre HL, Kana TM, Anning T, Geider RJ (2002) Photoacclimation of photosynthesis

Henderson, Gideon


Project EARTH-13-HB1: The impact of sea-ice on the photophysiology of Arctic marine phytoplankton  

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to as the photosynthesis-irradiance (P-E) curve . There is current uncertainty as to how primary productivity (and the P work. The student will work closely with leading experts in the fields of biogeochemistry, marine 326: 539. MacIntyre HL, Kana TM, Anning T, Geider RJ (2002) Photoacclimation of photosynthesis

Henderson, Gideon


1494 Anal. Chem. 1988, 60, 1494-1498 related to the relatively small number of total ions utilized  

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, K. G.; Reiily, J. P. Anal. Chem. 1987, 57, 1884. (25) Cotter, R. J.; Honovich, J.; Olthoff, J. "Time-of-flight for determining the mass spectra. CONCLUSION It would be a significant advance if the mass resolution of 1500, J. M. Int. J. Mass Spectrom. Ion Phys. 1980. 34. 197. Cotter, R.'J. Anal. Chem. 1984, 56, 485A

Chait, Brian T.


Apidologie 34 (2003) 569575 INRA/DIB-AGIB/ EDP Sciences, 2003  

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clinical symptoms, can be treated with the bacteriostatic antibiotic oxytetracycline (OTC), which has been;570 R.J. Waite et al. and Shimanuki, 1980; Hoopingarner and Nelson, 1987; Kochansky, 2000), and resist- ance of P. larvae subsp. larvae to OTC has recently been reported in the US and South America (Alippi

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Incorporating mortality into habitat selection to identify secure and risky habitats for savannah elephants  

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: African savannah elephant Anthropogenic features Habitat quality Habitat selection Mortality Source elephants C.L. Roever a, , R.J. van Aarde a, , M.J. Chase a,b,c a Conservation Ecology Research Unit, Department of Zoology and Entomology, University of Pretoria, Hatfield 0083, South Africa b Elephants Without

Pretoria, University of


Author's personal copy Surface geosciences (hydrologyhydrogeology)  

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and the biophysical vitality of river systems Robert J. Naiman *, Joshua J. Latterell 1 , Neil E. Pettit 2 , Julian D substantially altered flow characteristics relative to their natural states. To cite this article: R.J. Naiman:// C. R. Geoscience 340 (2008) 629­643 * Corresponding author. E-mail address: naiman

Olden, Julian D.


Large scale simulations of the jet-IGM interaction  

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A (Chandra archive, courtesy P. Strub) large cocoon width elliptically shaped cluster gas marks bow shock;Critical Radius for Spherical Symmetry bow shock velocity caused by jet > blastwave velocity r1//rj = 0 spherical bow shocks! - critical radius depends on . #12;Outline · Pretty data: Cygnus A · Parameters of jet

Krause, Martin


Genetic detection of cryptic species in the frillfin goby Bathygobius soporator  

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, Bloco A, 21941-470 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil b Tropical Marine Ichthyology Group (Ictiologia Marinha to their reproductive biology (adhesive benthic eggs with parental care and short length of larval life). The (A.M. Sole´-Cava). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 320 (2005) 211­223 www

Solé-Cava, Antonio M.


A Reconstructed Phase Space Approach for Distinguishing Ischemic from Non-Ischemic ST Changes using Holter ECG Data  

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using Holter ECG Data MW Zimmerman, RJ Povinelli, MT Johnson, KM Ropella Marquette University, Milwaukee spaces of the ECG signal is proposed. There is a clinical need for the creation of an automated system Myocardial ischemia is a common heart condition that is often difficult to detect from routine ECG recordings

Povinelli, Richard J.


Copyright 2008. American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, Soil Science Society of America, 677 S. Segoe Rd., Madison, WI 53711, USA. Nitrogen in Agricultural Systems,  

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401 Copyright © 2008. American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, Soil Science Monograph 49. 11 Nitrogen Transformations in Submerged Soils R.J. Buresh International Rice Research Kessel University of California, Davis Soils with continuous or intermittent submergence by water

Florida, University of



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Major Professor: Bruce A. Babcock Dissertation: The Theory and Practice of Green Insurance: Insurance.E. Gray, R.L. Hellmich, L.V. Kaster, T.E. Hunt, R.J. Wright, K. Pecinovsky, T.L. Rabaey, B.R. Flood, and E

Radeloff, Volker C.


AGU: OKAYA Ch01_Page -10/22/2007, 03:58AM MTC Geophysical Monograph 175  

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, Central South Island, New Zealand John Beavan, Susan Ellis, Laura Wallace, and Paul Denys, New Zealand? R. Sutherland, D. Eberhart-Phillips, R.A. Harris, T. Stern, J. Beavan, S. Ellis, S. Henrys, S. Cox, R.J. Norris, K.R. Berryman, J. Townend, S. Bannister, J. Pettinga, B. Leitner, L. Wallace

Okaya, David



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INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL METHODS IN ENGINEERING Int. J. Numer. Meth. Engng 2001; 50Ã?omico Bariloche (CAB); 8400 Bariloche; Argentina 2Departamento de MatemÃ?aticas; Universidad de Buenos Aires. GetÃ?ulio Vargas 333; 25651-070 PetrÃ?opolis; RJ; Brazil E-mail: E-mail: gustavo@cab

Duran, Ricardo


Universittsmedizin Gttingen Publikationen und Hochschulschriften 2007  

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algorithm in patients with follicular lymphoma--role of radioimmunotherapy. ANN HEMATOL, 86(2): 81-7. 6 against malignant lymphoma? Biotechnol J (Internet-Journal), 2(11): 1435-43. 3. Chapuy B, Wulf G, Tessen for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. BONE MARROW TRANSPL, 40(11): 1007-17. 12. Gralla RJ, Griesinger F (2007

Gollisch, Tim


STELLAR SPECTRA A. Basic Line Formation  

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STELLAR SPECTRA A. Basic Line Formation R.J. Rutten Sterrekundig Instituut Utrecht February 6, 2007 classification ("Annie Cannon") 3 1.1 Stellar spectra morphology-Boltzmann calibration of the Harvard sequence ("Cecilia Payne") 7 2.1 Payne's line strength diagram

Walter, Frederick M.



Microsoft Academic Search

Let (R;m ;k ) be a commutative noetherian local ring in which two is a unit. We prove that if J is a ve generated grade four perfect ideal in R ,t hen the minimal resolution of R=J by free R modules is an associative, dierential, graded commutative algebra. This result extends and completes the work in (16) and (17),

Andrew R. Kustin


Invasive potential of cattle fever ticks in the southern United States  

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(5):912–917. 14. Miller RJ, Davey RB, George JE: First report of permethrin-resistant Boophilus microplus (Acari: Ixodidae) collected within the United States. J Med Entomol 2007, 44(2):308–315. 15. Kuttler KL: World-wide impact of babesiosis. Boca Raton, Florida...

Giles, John R.; Peterson, A. Townsend; Busch, Joseph D.; Olafson, Pia U.; Scoles, Glen A.; Davey, Ronald B.; Pound, J. Mathews; Kammlah, Diane M.; Lohmeyer, Kimberly H.; Wagner, David M.



Myth as History, History as Myth: Family and Church Among Italo-Americans  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Asserts that the history of white ethnics has been written far too long as the story of disorganization and disintegration. Argues that the themes of rebirth and creativity should be explored, discarding the myth of the American as a new man emerging after stripping away Old World traditions and institutions. (Author/RJ)

Passi, Michael M.



The Significance of Critical Theory for Restorative Justice in Education  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Restorative justice (RJ), a distinctive philosophical approach that seeks to replace punitive, managerial structures of schooling with those that emphasize the building and repairing of relationships has been embraced in the past two decades by a variety of school systems worldwide in an effort to build safe school communities. Early studies…

Vaandering, Dorothy



Victor Matveev, MRB / NIDDK / NIH Numerical Integration of 3D Reaction-Diffusion Equations  

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Victor Matveev, MRB / NIDDK / NIH Numerical Integration of 3D Reaction-Diffusion Equations (Difference methods for parabolic PDEs, boundary value problem) Reaction-Diffusion Problem: Calcium : [Ca2 CaBj ) : Rj = -k+ j [Bj][Ca2+ ] + k- j ([Bj]total - [Bj]) (3) · Diffusion/heat equation in one

Matveev, Victor V.


Simple Real-Time Flight Over Arbitrary-Sized Terrains EDUARDO POYART  

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, RJ, Brazil Abstract. Terrain visualization is an area of active research that has [1]. Our version allows arbitrary sized terrains and is not restricted to square terrains with a side. These applications vary from computer games to computer-assisted installations of well equipment on the ocean bed


Planetary and Space Science 54 (2006) 14821495 The solar wind interaction with Venus through the eyes of the  

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Planetary and Space Science 54 (2006) 1482­1495 The solar wind interaction with Venus through the eyes of the Pioneer Venus Orbiter C.T. Russella,b,�, J.G. Luhmannc , R.J. Strangewaya a Institute Abstract Venus has no internal magnetic dynamo and thus its ionosphere and hot oxygen exosphere dominate

California at Berkeley, University of


EARTH PRP-004 Progress Report February June 2005  

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EARTH PRP-004 Progress Report February �June 2005 4 July 2005. R.J. de Meijer Kernfysisch document presents an overview of the essential events related to the Earth AntineutRino TomograpHy (EARTH Committee. Although EARTH was only mentioned in the future outlook and not as a part of the evaluation

Learned, John


Dispatching Equal-length Jobs to Parallel Machines to Maximize Throughput  

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Dispatching Equal-length Jobs to Parallel Machines to Maximize Throughput David P. Bunde1, nonpreemptive scheduling of equal-length jobs on parallel machines. Jobs have arbitrary release times and deadlines and a scheduler's goal is to maximize the number of completed jobs (Pm | rj, pj = p | P 1 - Uj

Goldwasser, Michael


A Novel Scanning Imaging DOAS System for Measurements of Air Quality  

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comprises of a concentric arrangement of a spherical meniscus lens, concave spherical mirror and curvedA Novel Scanning Imaging DOAS System for Measurements of Air Quality R. Graves, R.J. Leigh and P an advanced concentric imaging spectrometer optimised for DOAS retrievals which operates in the wavelength


Personality Traits Predict Cognitive Control Ability Ranjani Prabhakaran, David J.M. Kraemer, & Sharon L. Thompson-Schill  

E-print Network

-withdrawal states double dissociate spatial from verbal two-back performance. Journal of Experimental Psychology of Experimental Psychology: General, 112, 516-540. 9. Sutton, S.K. & Davidson, R.J. (1997). Prefrontal Brain, & Sharon L. Thompson-Schill Department of Psychology and Center for Cognitive Neuroscience University

Thompson-Schill, Sharon


NCI-CCR Pediatric Oncology Branch - Pediatric Psycho-Oncology Professionals Profile Listings - Ursula Sansom-Daly

Sansom-Daly, U.M., Peate, M., Wakefield, C.E., Bryant, R.A., Cohn, R.J. (2011, November 7). A Systematic Review of Psychological Interventions for Adolescents and Young Adults Living with Chronic Illness. Health Psychology. Advance online publication.


C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E Dr. Rebecca Jo Safran  

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C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E Dr. Rebecca Jo Safran Assistant Professor Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado 80309 E-MAIL rebecca.safran 2008 Safran, R.J., and M. Vitousek. 2008. Evolutionary Biology: Arms Race in the Eye of the Beholder

Safran, Rebecca

429 Cite this article: Seddon N, Botero CA, Tobias  

E-print Network

, MacGregor HEA, Rubenstein DR, Uy JAC, Weir JT, Whittingham LA, Safran RJ. 2013 Sexual selection, Jason T. Weir7, Linda A. Whittingham4 and Rebecca J. Safran8 1 Edward Grey Institute, University mixed results and the mechanisms involved remain unclear. Here, we use a novel phylogenetic approach

Rubenstein, Dustin R.


C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E Dr. Rebecca Jo Safran  

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C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E Dr. Rebecca Jo Safran Assistant Professor Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado 80309 E-MAIL rebecca.safran 2008 Safran, R.J., J.Adelman, K.J. McGraw and M. Hau. 2008. Sexual signal exaggeration affects

Safran, Rebecca


Reply to: European barn swallows use melanin pigments to color their feathers brown  

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Forum Reply to: European barn swallows use melanin pigments to color their feathers brown Riccardo to all the researches who have used this information for any inconvenience this may have caused. Address; accepted 28 March 2005. REFERENCES McGraw KJ, Safran RJ, Evans MR, Wakamatsu K, 2004. European barn

McGraw, Kevin J.


Positive Carotenoid Balance Correlates with Greater Reproductive Performance in a Wild Bird  

E-print Network

J. Safran1 *, Kevin J. McGraw2 , Matthew R. Wilkins1 , Joanna K. Hubbard1 , Julie Marling1 1 the estimation of signal information content or the costs of trait expression. Citation: Safran RJ, McGraw KJ, 2010 Copyright: Ã? 2010 Safran et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms

McGraw, Kevin J.


ARTICLE IN PRESS Theoretical Computer Science ( )  

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Direct Theoretical Computer Science journal homepage: A randomized competitive algorithm Janeiro, RJ, Brazil a r t i c l e i n f o Article history: Received 12 December 2006 Received in revised Competitive analysis Function evaluation AND/OR trees a b s t r a c t Recently, Charikar et al. investigated

Laber, Eduardo Sany


Jackson K. Njau Assistant Professor  

E-print Network

.K. and Hlusko, L.J. 2010. Fine-Tuning Paleoanthropological Reconnaissance using High-Resolution Satellite microwear texture analysis of hominins recovered by the Olduvai Landscape Paleoanthropology Project, 1995. Paleoanthropology Society A30. 2008 Brochu, C.A., Njau, J.K., Blumenschine, R.J., & Densmore, Ll.D. Giant horned

Polly, David


Gene Transfer is a Major Factor in Bacterial Evolution Ruiting Lan and Peter R. Reeves  

E-print Network

Gene Transfer is a Major Factor in Bacterial Evolution Ruiting Lan and Peter R. Reeves Department adaptation re- vealed far more extensive gene transfers, examples be- ing the rj& gene cluster Mol. Biol. Evol. 13(1):47-55. 1996 0 1996 by the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution. ISSN

Lan, Ruiting


Empirical model of the Io plasma torus: Voyager measurements  

Microsoft Academic Search

We present a description of plasma conditions in the Io plasma torus, between 5 and 10 RJ, based on Voyager 1 observations obtained in March 1979. The model includes updated analyses of Plasma Science (PLS) data obtained along the spacecraft trajectory as well as Ultraviolet Spectrometer (UVS) observations of composition made remotely from Jupiter. The plasma characteristics observed along the

Fran Bagenal



1529-6466/00/0052-0001$05.00 Introduction to U-series Geochemistry  

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4 Place Jussieu 75252 Paris cedex 05, France 2 Department of Earth Sciences Wills Memorial Building University of Bristol Bristol, BS8 1RJ, United Kingdom 3 Department of Earth Sciences University of Oxford-SERIES GEOCHEMISTRY During the last century, the Earth Sciences underwent two major revolutions in understanding

Henderson, Gideon


Conservation science and elephant management in  

E-print Network

Conservation science and elephant management in southern Africa R.J. van Aarde* , T.P. Jackson* and S.M. Ferreira* T HE PREVAILING INCREASE IN ELEPHANT numbers across areas of southern Africa raises southern Africa. These should facilitate local movements and regional dispersal both within and even

Pretoria, University of


Demodernizing Consciousness  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Youth culture and counterculture in contemporary Western societies are complex phenomena that may be viewed from a variety of social science perspectives. The authors analyze these cultures as embodiments of demodernizing consciousness with which they hold they have considerable firsthand experience. (RJ)

Berger, Peter L.; And Others



A General Scheme for Designing Monotone Algorithms for Scheduling Problems with  

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rj1 . In the online setting, job j and its processing requirement pj become known at the release date. In the online setting, the jobs arrive over time, where each job becomes known at its release date and must the online algorithm A to schedule the jobs during the online-phase. The payment scheme P in the online

Krumke, Sven O.


Online Scheduling of Linear Deteriorating Jobs on Parallel Machines  

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Online Scheduling of Linear Deteriorating Jobs on Parallel Machines Sheng Yu Prudence W. H. Wong algorithms have only been studied for Pm | pj = bjsj, online-list | Cmax [3], in which a job has the problem Pm | pj = bjsj, rj, online | Cmax, i.e., aj = 0. In this setting, for any job Jj, cj = sj + bjsj

Wong, Prudence W.H.


Illinois Probes the State Aid Question  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes Illinois's three-part program to give $30 million in direc t aid to parents of non-public school students. Contends that all major st ate programs to give financial aid to non-public schools throughout the nat ion may hang in the balance, pending the outcome in the courts of the Illi nois program. (RJ)

Sutor, David




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al. J. Heart Lung Transplant. 25, 579­ 588 (2006). 5. Lefkowitz, R.J. et al. Mol. Cell 24, 643 detrimental to the cell in diseases such as heart failure. GRK-mediated desensiti- zation may also at GPCRs. Increased GRK2 expression may also have led to another aspect of heart failure, as observed

Cai, Long


Observatory Collaboration  

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. Cameron, B. Cleveland, A.P. Ferraris, G. Doucas, H. Heron, C. Howard, N.A. Jelley, A.B. Knox, M. Lay, W.S. McDonald, M.S. Neubauer, F.M. Newcomer, R.J. Pearce, R.G. Van de Water, R. Van Berg, P. Wittich

Waltham, Chris


arXiv:nucl-ex/0502021v125Feb2005 XXX/XXX-XXX Electron Energy Spectra, Fluxes, and Day-Night Asymmetries of  

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. Heise,7 R.L. Helmer,14,1 R.J. Hemingway,3 A. Hime,7 C. Howard,11 M.A. Howe,15 M. Huang,13 P. Jagam,4 N. Tafirout,5, o Y. Takeuchi,11, p G. Tesi´c,3 M. Thomson,11 M. Thorman,9 T. Tsui,1 R. Van Berg,10 R.G. Van de


nuclex/9910016 The Sudbury Neutrino Observatory  

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. Cleveland, A.P. Ferraris, G. Doucas, H. Heron, C. Howard, N.A. Jelley, A.B. Knox, M. Lay, W. Locke, J. Lyon.S. McDonald, M.S. Neubauer, F.M. Newcomer, R.J. Pearce, R.G. Van de Water, R. Van Berg, P. Wittich

Waltham, Chris


PREFACE: XI Latin American Workshop on Nonlinear Phenomena  

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The XI Latin American Workshop on Nonlinear Phenomena (LAWNP) has been held in Búzios-RJ, Brazil, from 5-9 October 2009. This international conference is one in a series that have gathered biennially, over the past 21 years, physicists and other scientists who direct their work towards several aspects of nonlinear phenomena and complex systems. The main purpose of LAWNP meetings is

Celia Anteneodo; Marcos G. E. da Luz



RACHEL J. BEANE Department of Geology 6800 College Station Bowdoin College Brunswick, Maine 04011-8468  

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PUBLICATIONS (* denotes undergraduate student author) Grew, E.S., Yates, M.G., Beane, R.J., Floss, C. and Gerbi.), Geological Society of America International Book Series, v. 10, p.577-597. Beane, R. and Leech, M., 2007.G., and Sorensen, S.S., eds., Convergent Margin Terranes and Associated Regions. Geological Society of America

Beane, Rachel J.


National Student Conference in Metallic Materials Halifax Hall, Endcliffe Village, University of Sheffield  

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;Linear friction welding of aluminium to copper Imran Bhamji, RJ Moat, M Preuss, PL Threadgill, AC Addison Stir Welding Sam Gascoyne1 , BP Wynne1 , PB Prangnell2 , 1 Advanced Metallic Systems CDT, University Reactions in Aluminium to Steel Ultrasonic Spot Welding Farid Haddadi The University of Manchester #12

Cambridge, University of


Herniation of the temporomandibular joint into the external auditory meatus secondary to benign necrotising otitis externa  

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The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is intimately related to the external auditory meatus (EAM). Herniation of the joint into the EAM occurs secondary to neoplasia, trauma, inflammation and developmental problems [Conover GL, Crammond RJ. Tympanic plate fracture from mandibular trauma. J Oral Maxillofac Surg 1985;43:292–4; Ali TS, Rubinstein JT. Rheumatoid arthritis of the temporomandibular joint with herniation into the external auditory

Neil C.-W. Tan; Alan Wilson; Jonathan Buckland



Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 228, 306316 (2000) doi:10.1006/jcis.2000.6922, available online at on  

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Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 228, 306­316 (2000) doi:10.1006/jcis.2000.6922, available Cedex 9, France; Department of Geological Sciences, University of Colorado, Boulder Colorado 80309-0399; and Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol BS8 1RJ, United Kingdom E-mail: manceau

Illinois at Chicago, University of


Net primary productivity allocation and cycling of carbon along a tropical forest elevational transect in the  

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, Devon EX4 4RJ, UK, zUniversidad San Antonio Abad, Apartado 921, Cusco, Peru, §Department of Biology C dynamics along a transect ranging from lowland Amazonia to the high Andes in SE Peru. Fine root time, soil water content, temperature, tropical montane forests Received 18 November 2009; revised

Malhi, Yadvinder


18 October 1996 Chemical Physics Letters 261 (1996) 246-252  

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-principles molecular dynamics simulation of water dissociation on TiO2 (110) RJ.D. Lindan a, N.M. Harrison a, J-principles molecular dynamics calculations of water adsorption on TiO2 (110). We find that dissociative adsorption powders [4] indicate that water dissociation occurs on TiO2 surfaces and that the (110) surface


Fuel-Burn Impact of Re-Designing Future Aircraft with Changes in Mission Specifications  

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Fuel-Burn Impact of Re-Designing Future Aircraft with Changes in Mission Specifications Anil observed. Results from aircraft redesigns indicate that variations in design mission specifications can that can be flown by the aircraft with its full design payload RJ Regional Jet Ph.D. Candidate, Department

Alonso, Juan J.


Os systematics of OsIrRu alloy grains from southwestern Oregon  

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187 Os�186 Os systematics of Os�Ir�Ru alloy grains from southwestern Oregon R.J. Walkera,*, A November 2004 Available online 28 December 2004 Editor: B. Wood Abstract More than 100 Os�Ir�Ru alloy rights reserved. Keywords: Os�Ir�Ru alloys; mantle; 186 Os/188 Os; 187 Os/188 Os 0012-821X/$ - see front

Mcdonough, William F.


RESEARCH ARTICLE A model for the analysis of nonviral gene therapy  

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in gene delivery and expression while maintaining the advantages of this method. Optimization depends. Quantitative and reproducible methods that can be disseminated and utilized by multiple investiga- torsRESEARCH ARTICLE A model for the analysis of nonviral gene therapy GA Banks1 , RJ Roselli1 , R Chen


A. E.K.Ris Ris-M-QEI Title and author(s)  

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the same operational history and a number of such elements is called a moc. By de- fining a series of mocs's by Torben Petersen 2 9 pages-f- tables-)- illustrations Date 11 July 1977 Department or group Department of Reactor Technology Group's own registration numbers) RT-10-14 RP-7-76 TP/ds-rj Abstract In multicycle fuel


Ris-R-1326(EN) Proceedings of the ENDOW Workshop  

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Risø-R-1326(EN) Proceedings of the ENDOW Workshop 'Offshore Wakes: measurements and Modelling' R.J. Barthelmie (editor) Risø National Laboratory, Roskilde March 2002 #12;ENDOW WORKSHOP Risø, DK March 2002 2 Windfarms (ENDOW)' and featured a series of eight presentations discussing modelling of wakes and boundary


Protons and Electrons in Jupiter's Magnetic Field: Results from the University of Chicago Experiment on Pioneer 10  

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Fluxes of high energy electrons and protons are found to be highly concentrated near the magnetic equatorial plane from distances of ~ 30 to ~ 100 Jovian radii (RJ). The 10-hour period of planetary rotation is observed as an intensity variation, which indicates that the equatorial zone of high particle fluxes is inclined with respect to the rotation axis of

J. A. Simpson; G. Lentz; R. B. McKibben; A. Mogro-Campero; M. Perkins; K. R. Pyle; A. J. Tuzzolino; J. J. O'Gallagher



The Cassini \\/ Huygens Flyby of Jupiter  

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The Cassini \\/ Huygens spacecraft will fly by Jupiter December 30, 2000 en route to its final destination at Saturn in 2004. Jupiter science observations will span a 6 month period beginning October 1, 2000. Although the Cassini flyby of Jupiter is at a relatively distant 140 Rj, there are many important science objectives for the Jupiter flyby. One of

C. J. Hansen; D. L. Matson; J. P. Lebreton; S. J. Bolton; L. J. Spilker; T. V. Johnson; D. I. Bindschadler



Diverse plasma populations and structures in Jupiter's magnetotail.  


Jupiter's magnetotail is the largest cohesive structure in the solar system and marks the loss of vast numbers of heavy ions from the Jupiter system. The New Horizons spacecraft traversed the magnetotail to distances exceeding 2500 jovian radii (R(J)) and revealed a remarkable diversity of plasma populations and structures throughout its length. Ions evolve from a hot plasma disk distribution at approximately 100 R(J) to slower, persistent flows down the tail that become increasingly variable in flux and mean energy. The plasma is highly structured-exhibiting sharp breaks, smooth variations, and apparent plasmoids-and contains ions from both Io and Jupiter's ionosphere with intense bursts of H(+) and H(+)(3). Quasi-periodic changes were seen in flux at approximately 450 and approximately 1500 R(J) with a 10-hour period. Other variations in flow speed at approximately 600 to 1000 R(J) with a 3- to 4-day period may be attributable to plasmoids moving down the tail. PMID:17932282

McComas, D J; Allegrini, F; Bagenal, F; Crary, F; Ebert, R W; Elliott, H; Stern, A; Valek, P



Title : will be set by the publisher Editors : will be set by the publisher  

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The last few years have shown that giant planets like our Jupiter and Saturn are relatively common et al. 2001). (M J = 1:899 #2; 10 30 g is the mass of Jupiter, RJ= 7:0 #2; 10 9 cm its mean radius of habitable planets, and, possibly, of extraterrestrial life. We review brie y the main observational results

Guillot, Tristan


Neoclassical Tearing Modes in Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor Experiments  

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auxiliary heating, where plasma temperature is relatively low, tearing modes are believed to be mainly driven by the current gradient rJ, J is the inductive current and the magnetic islands are believed heating schemes, plasma temperature increases and the plasmas becomes more collisionless. When the ion



EPA Science Inventory

Use of the Ribonuclease Protection Assay (RPA) for Identifying Chemicals that Elicit Hypersensitivity Responses. L.M. Plitnick, 1, D.M. Sailstad, 2, and R.J. Smialowicz, 2 1UNC, Curriculum in Toxicology, Chapel Hill, NC and 2USEPA, NHEERL, RTP, NC. The incidence of aller...



EPA Science Inventory

CYTOKINE PROFILING FOR CHEMICAL RESPIRATORY SENSITIZERS. LM Plitnick1, SE Loveless2, GS Ladics2, MP Holsapple3, MJ Selgrade4, DM Sailstad4 & RJ Smialowicz4. 1UNC, Chapel Hill, NC; 2DuPont Co., Haskell Laboratory, Newark, DE; 3Dow Chemical, Midland, MI & 4USEPA, NHEERL, RTP, NC....


Presence of Avian Influenza Viruses in Waterfowl and Wetlands during Summer 2010 in California: Are  

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Presence of Avian Influenza Viruses in Waterfowl and Wetlands during Summer 2010 in California for low pathogenic avian influenza viruses (LPAIv), the environment plays a critical role RJ, Fleskes JP, Ip HS (2012) Presence of Avian Influenza Viruses in Waterfowl and Wetlands during

Mladenoff, David


Quantifying the effects of promoting smokeless tobacco as a harm reduction strategy in the USA  

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BackgroundSnus (a form of smokeless tobacco) is less dangerous than cigarettes. Some health professionals argue that snus should be promoted as a component of a harm reduction strategy, while others oppose this approach. Major US tobacco companies (RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris) are marketing snus products as cigarette brand line extensions. The population effects of smokeless tobacco promotion will depend

Adrienne B Mejia; Pamela M Ling; Stanton A Glantz



Image segmentation techniques provide objective quantitative data characterising  

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developed at the Leiden University Medical Center allows to assess the luminal stenosis/aneurism]. References: 1. Fact report: Heart, stroke and vascular diseases: AIHW Cat. No. CVD 27. Canberra: AIHW and National Heart Foundation of Australia, Cardiovascular Disease Series No. 22 (2004) 2. I.M. Adame, R.J. van

Zudilova-Seinstra, Elena


Fusion Engineering and Design 85 (2010) 969973 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect  

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Fusion Engineering and Design 85 (2010) 969­973 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect Fusion workshop on the topic of fusion power W.R. Meiera, , A.R. Raffrayb , R.J. Kurtzc , N.B. Morleyd , W Alamos, NM, USA a r t i c l e i n f o Article history: Available online 8 December 2009 Keywords: Fusion

Raffray, A. René


ORIGINAL ARTICLE Chronic dim light at night provokes reversible depression-like  

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ORIGINAL ARTICLE Chronic dim light at night provokes reversible depression-like phenotype: possible role for TNF TA Bedrosian, ZM Weil and RJ Nelson The prevalence of major depression has increased with rising rates of depression. Chronic exposure to LAN is linked to increased risk of breast cancer, obesity

Nelson, Randy J.


Protective role of Royal Jelly (honeybee) on genotoxicity and lipid peroxidation, induced by petroleum wastewater, in Allium cepa L. root tips  

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In the present study, the protective effect of Royal Jelly (RJ) on genotoxicity and lipid peroxidation, induced by petroleum wastewater, in Allium cepa L. root?tip cells was investigated. For this purpose, we used the malondialdehyde (MDA) level, mitotic index (MI), frequency of micronucleus (MN) and chromosomal aberrations (CAs) as indicators of genotoxicity and lipid peroxidation, and correlated these data with

Zafer Türkmen; Külti?in Çavu?o?lu; Kür?at Çavu?o?lu; Kür?ad Yapar; Emine Yalçin



Prediction of interest rate using CKLS model with stochastic parameters  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Chan, Karolyi, Longstaff and Sanders (CKLS) model is a popular one-factor model for describing the spot interest rates. In this paper, the four parameters in the CKLS model are regarded as stochastic. The parameter vector ?(j) of four parameters at the (J+n)-th time point is estimated by the j-th window which is defined as the set consisting of the observed interest rates at the j'-th time point where j?j'?j+n. To model the variation of ?(j), we assume that ?(j) depends on ?(j-m), ?(j-m+1),…, ?(j-1) and the interest rate rj+n at the (j+n)-th time point via a four-dimensional conditional distribution which is derived from a [4(m+1)+1]-dimensional power-normal distribution. Treating the (j+n)-th time point as the present time point, we find a prediction interval for the future value rj+n+1 of the interest rate at the next time point when the value rj+n of the interest rate is given. From the above four-dimensional conditional distribution, we also find a prediction interval for the future interest rate rj+n+d at the next d-th (d?2) time point. The prediction intervals based on the CKLS model with stochastic parameters are found to have better ability of covering the observed future interest rates when compared with those based on the model with fixed parameters.

Ying, Khor Chia; Hin, Pooi Ah



Bias-dependent amino-acid-induced conductance changes in short semi-metallic carbon nanotubes  

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Bias-dependent amino-acid-induced conductance changes in short semi-metallic carbon nanotubes G-acid adsorption are bias-dependent. PACS number: 72.80.RJ Submitted to: Nanotechnology #12;Bias that is confirmed by calculations for armchair tubes that are not presented in this paper), or semiconducting tubes

Pulfrey, David L.


Qualitative analysis of Camel Snus' website message board—users' product perceptions, insights and online interactions  

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BackgroundIn 2006, RJ Reynolds began test-marketing Camel Snus, a new smokeless tobacco (SLT) product. Promotion included use of a brand website, a relatively new marketing channel used by tobacco companies, which allowed visitors to learn about the product and discuss it with others on the website's message board. Our study aimed to examine early experiences with and perceptions of Camel

Olivia Ann Wackowski; M Jane Lewis; Cristine D Delnevo



INTRODUCTION It is difficult, and in many cases impossible, to  

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- and subsequent-cycle) elements from first-cycle bones that are found in their first site of deposition. Benton Department of Geology, University of Bristol, Bristol BS8 1RJ, United Kingdom ABSTRACT Rare earthINTRODUCTION It is difficult, and in many cases impossible, to identify reworked bone elements

Benton, Michael


Bacteriophage ?MAM1, a Viunalikevirus, Is a Broad-Host-Range, High-Efficiency Generalized Transducer That Infects Environmental and Clinical Isolates of the Enterobacterial Genera Serratia and Kluyvera  

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-679. In Schaechter M (ed), The Encyclopedia of Microbiology, 3rd 583  ed. Elsevier, Oxford.  584  15. Citorik RJ, Mimee M, Lu TK. 2014. Bacteriophage-based synthetic biology for the 585  study of infectious diseases. Curr Opin Microbiol 19C:59-69. 586  16. Masters M...

Matilda, Miguel A.; Salmond, George P. C.



Fault-Tolerant Facility Location CHAITANYA SWAMY  

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facility location problem, where each client j has a requirement that rj distinct facilities serve it algorithms, facility location, k-median problem A preliminary version of this article [Swamy and Shmoys 2003.1145/1383369.1383382 1383369.1383382 1. Introduction Facility location is a classical problem

Shmoys, David B.


An approximation algorithm for the fault tolerant metric facility location problem  

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We consider a fault tolerant version of the metric facility location problem in which every city, j, is required to be connected to rj facilities. We give the first non-trivial approximation algorithm for this problem, having an approximation guarantee of 3 · Hk ,w herek is the maximum requirement and Hk is the k-th harmonic number. Our algorithm is along

Kamal Jain; Vijay V. Vazirani



Name: dhr. prof. dr. W.J.A Dhert Regenerative Medicine  

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to the project `In vitro/vivo studies on the use of plasma- sprayed coatings' (1992) Publications · Custers RJ · PhD in Orthopaedic Biomaterials (1993): "Plasma-sprayed coatings and hard-tissue compatibility in a goat transverse process model. Kruyt MC, Wilson CE, de Bruijn JD, van Blitterswijk CA, Oner CF, Verbout

Utrecht, Universiteit


Restorative Justice: Pedagogy, Praxis, and Discipline  

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In the on-going effort of designing school contexts in support of proactive discipline, a range of practices and theoretical frameworks have been advanced, from behaviorist approaches to social and emotional learning. This article describes the theory and practice of restorative justice (RJ), with the aim of defining this distinctive paradigm, in comparison to other forms of discipline, as one that

Brenda E. Morrison; Dorothy Vaandering



This paper has been downloaded from the Building and Environmental Thermal Systems Research Group at Oklahoma State University (  

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.E. Fisher, R.J. Liesen. 1997. Development of a Heat Balance Procedure for Calculating Cooling Loads, ASHRAE. #12;BN-97-4-1 (RP-875) Development for Calculatin of a Heat Balance g Cooling Loads Procedure Curtis O. Pedersen, Ph.D. Fe//ow ASHRAE Daniel E. Fisher, Ph.D. Member ASHRAE Richard J. Liesen, Ph.D. Associate



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, Russia; e-mail: Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol BS8 1RJ, UK; e-mail: àSchool of Earth, Ocean and Environmental Sciences, University Tatarian (latest Permian) age. Here we report a third tetrapod track locality from the Russian Permo

Benton, Michael


VOLUME 80, NUMBER 25 P H Y S I C A L R E V I E W L E T T E R S 22 JUNE 1998 Reversible Intercalation of Charged Iodine Chains into Carbon Nanotube Ropes  

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Intercalation of Charged Iodine Chains into Carbon Nanotube Ropes L. Grigorian,1,2 K. A. Williams,1 S. Fang,1, Z-contrast electron microscopy, and electrical transport data. Iodine-doped SWNTs are found, 72.80.Rj, 78.30.Na The laser-assisted [1] or arc-assisted [2] growth of single-wall carbon nanotubes

Pennycook, Steve


Impedance matching techniques for ethernet communication systems  

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requirements for individual components within the Gigabit Ethernet port, such as the RJ45 magjack or the physical layer, the system can easily be out of tolerance for return loss error. A simple impedance matching circuit could match the CAT5 cable...

Kamprath, Richard Alan



Modified Valsalva test differentiates primary from secondary cough headache  

PubMed Central

I suppose that the patient number 14, reported in the article of RJ Lane et al. on “Modified Valsalva test differentiates primary from secondary cough headache ”in a recent issue of your esteemed journal, was probably suffering from spontaneous intracranial hypotension syndrome (SIH) caused by cervical manipulation. PMID:24251800



Infinite Dimensional VARs and Factor Models  

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N1 0 #1; #1; #1; 0 1 1 CCCCCCCA ; where NX j=2 rj1 = O(N). The IVAR model when combined with ut = R"t yields an in?nite-dimensional spatiotemporal model. The model can also be viewed more generally as a ?dynamic network?, with R and #8; capturing...

Chudik, Alexander; Pesaran, M Hashem


C U R R I C U L U M V I T A E Dr. Rebecca Jo Safran  

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in barn swallows Hirundo rustica. Journal of Avian Biology. Fall 2010. In review 5. Billerman, S, G genetics of migratory European (Hirundo rustica rustica) and sedentary East- Mediterranean (H. r.J. Sheldon, F.H. Winkler, D.W., and Lovette, I.J. Phylogeny of the genus Hirundo and the Barn Swallow

Safran, Rebecca


An experimental study of tympanic-membrane and manubrium vibrations in F. Akache1,3  

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.R.J. Funnell1,2,3 , S.J. Daniel1,3 1 McGill Auditory Sciences Laboratory, McGill University 2 Dept. BioMedical Research Meeting of the Association for Research in Otolaryngology, New Orleans, 2005. Accepted-ear structures are easily approachable and because rats are less expensive than other species used in middle

Funnell, W. Robert J.


An Adaptive Kalman Filter for Removing Baseline Wandering in ECG  

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) Diagnostic ECG Database and to a ECG signal disturbed by white noise and a second order baseline wanderingAn Adaptive Kalman Filter for Removing Baseline Wandering in ECG Signals MA Mneimneh, EE Yaz, MT Johnson, RJ Povinelli Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, USA Abstract Baseline wandering interference

Povinelli, Richard J.


16 October 1998 Z .Chemical Physics Letters 295 1998 285288  

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spectra of tungsten oxide D. Kraus a , R.J. Saykally b , V.E. Bondybey a,b,) a Institut fur Physikalische Received 3 August 1998 Abstract Gas-phase WO was generated by laser vaporization and its electronic spectra investigated by cavity ringdown laser Z . 16 y1 absorption spectroscopy CRLAS . The tungsten isotopic structure

Cohen, Ronald C.


A Survey of Urban Economics  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Concentrates on studies of growth, composition (industry and population), and spatial form of urban areas--models of growth and intraurban land use, and urban simulation and efforts to build large scale statistical models for analyzing the impact of government policies on patterns of urban development. (RJ)

Goldstein, Gerald S.; Moses, Leon N.



Measurement of the Lidar Ratio for Atmospheric Aerosols using a 180-Backscatter Nephelometer  

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Measurement of the Lidar Ratio for Atmospheric Aerosols using a 180°-Backscatter Nephelometer, and Environmental Optics Doherty, S.J., T.L. Anderson, and R.J. Charlson, Measurement of the lidar ratio-1832. #12;1 Abstract: Laser radar (lidar) can be used to estimate atmospheric extinction coefficients due


Presynaptic Control of Release of Amine  

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in studies on rats performed in 1971 (4). Animals were allowed to eat a test diet that con- tained of theirnutrientprecursors tryptophan, tyrosine, and dopamine and can thus be influenced by eating 'real' foods or taking physiologically (by eating certain "real" foods) or experimen- tally (by administering the pure nu- R.J. Wurtman

Wurtman, Richard



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& secretary: Prof. dr. ir. A.J. Mouthaan Promotors: Prof. dr. R.J. Boucherie Prof. dr. P.J.M. Bakker Members.J. Boucherie, en Prof. dr. P.J.M. Bakker #12;"Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we in contact te brengen met mijn (wat zou blijken) promotoren: Richard Boucherie en Piet Bakker. Richard, vanaf

Boucherie, Richard J.



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for learning deep excavation response," Computers and Geotechnics, Elsevier, Vol. 37, 2010, in press Cho W to Deep Excavations," Canadian Geotechnical Journal, Vol. 43 (1), 2006, 43-58. Finno, R.J., Voss. F.T., Jr, 2009 Finno, R., "Evaluating Excavation Support Systems to Protect Adjacent Structures," DFI Journal

Ottino, Julio M.



EPA Science Inventory

NRMRL-RTP-193b Miller*, C.A., Dreher, KL, Wentsel*, R., and Nadeau*, R.J. Environmental Impacts of the Use of Orimulsion (R): Report to Congress on Phase I of the Orimulsion Technology Assessment Program, Volume 2. 2001. EPA/600/R-01/056b (NTIS PB2002-109040). 05/15/2000 The rep...



EPA Science Inventory

PUB REPORT NRMRL-RTP-193a Miller*, C.A., Dreher, KL, Wentsel*, R., and Nadeau*, R.J. Environmental Impacts of the Use of Orimulsion: Report to Congress on Phase 1 of the Orimulsion Technology Assessmernt Program: Volume 1:. 2001. EPA/600/R-01/056a (NTIS PB2002-109039). 05/15/200...


verso impressa ISSN 0101-7438 / verso online ISSN 1678-5142 Pesquisa Operacional, v.30, n.2, p.487-514, Maio a Agosto de 2010 487  

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ENGINE SCHEDULING IN RAILROAD YARDS Jodelson A. Sabino* Dep. de Engenharia Industrial / PUC-Rio Rio José Eugênio Leal Dep. de Engenharia Industrial / PUC-Rio Rio de Janeiro ­ RJ, Brazil jel-objective function that considers both fixed and variable transportation costs involved in moving railroad cars

Birattari, Mauro


Consumer Impact on Biotic Resource Consumer Behavior: Pattern of Resource Consumption  

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Consumer Impact on Biotic Resource Diversity Consumer Behavior: Pattern of Resource Consumption Consequences for Resource Species Consumer: Predator, Herbivore (Granivore), Parasite Not ScavengerRj] - iRiCt i Consumer choice (dietary preference) ij Resource competition #12;Top-Down Perspective When

Caraco, Thomas


Original article Endocronological and behavioural effects  

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administration to broody turkey hens (Meleagris gallopavo)* D. Guémené R.J. Etches rINRA, Station de Recherches'une administration orale de p-chlorophénylalanine (PCPA) à des dindes couveuses (Meleagris gallopavo). L'évolution de

Paris-Sud XI, Université de