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LOS DERECHOS DE PROPIEDAD SOBRE LA TIERRA Reglas de juego y cambios en su institucionalidad  

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Los derechos de propiedad sobre la tierra todavía son objeto de estudio en el siglo XXI, aunque ya debiera ser un tema superado, desde México hasta Argentina para sólo mencionar a Latinoamérica, hay cuestiones de la tierra por resolver y disculpas para asumir actitudes al respecto; aquí se presenta una revisión sobre los cambios que han sucedido últimamente en Colombia,

Ricardo Lozano Botache; José M. González Afanador; Diana M. Osma R



¿Cómo crear una unidad de arritmias en el siglo xxi?  

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Arrhythmia and cardiac electrophysiology services are an innovative and fast-growing branch of clinical cardiology. Initiating an arrhythmia unit involves proper selection of personnel, as well as technical, structural, and organizational requirements. Proper selection of personnel includes specialized and well-trained physicians, nurses, and medical technicians in the electrophysiology laboratories and on the hospital wards. Standard electrophysiology laboratories must support the full

Karl-Heinz Kuck; Erik Wissner; Andreas Metzner


En torno al Siglo de los Niños  

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Willen KOOPS ; Michael ZUCKERMAN (eds.). Beyond the Century of the Child : cultural history and developmental psychology. Denyse BAILLARGEON. Un Québec en mal d´enfants. La médicalisation de la maternité, 1910-1970. Enrique PERDIGUERO (comp.). Salvad al niño. Estudios sobre la protección\\u000aa la infancia en la Europa mediterránea a comienzos del siglo XX.

Rosa Ballester Añón



First wild XXY house mice  

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Laboratory house mice (Mus musculus) with the XXY condition can be generated with ease and have been used as a biomedical model. However, although the XXY constitution\\u000a has been described in humans and many domestic and wild mammal species, and a very large number of wild house mice have been\\u000a karyotyped previously, no wild individuals of M. musculus with an

Heidi C. Hauffe; Mabel D. Giménez; Silvia Garagna; Jeremy B. Searle



Prenatal diagnosis and 47,XXY.  


In this contribution, we consider detection of 47,XXY by a variety of available methods. These include traditional invasive procedures, screening with maternal serum analytes and fetal ultrasound, and most recently cell-free fetal DNA. Since its introduction in the late 1960s, prenatal genetic diagnosis has evolved greatly. Serendipitious detection of 47,XXY was not infrequent when prenatal genetic diagnosis routinely involved testing by the invasive procedures CVS and amniocentesis. In 2013 this is much less common and relatively few pregnancies in the U.S. and Europe are tested without prior screening protocols, traditionally maternal serum analyte and fetal ultrasound (NT). These protocols are not designed to identify 47,XXY or other X-chromosome aneuploides and with screening by analysis of cell-free DNA in maternal blood, this situation may or may not be altered. Increased numbers of cases could be detected if intake increases and vendors offer information on 47,XXY. A further consideration is that ability of array CGH to detect microdeletions or microduplications below resolution of a karyotype could make return to direct testing using an invasive procedure attractive. PMID:23359597

Simpson, Joe Leigh; Samango-Sprouse, Carole




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SUMMARY Within the frame of an international interest to explain and re- duce violent behavior, criminological profiles provide relevant knowledge on the characteristics and circumstances concerning violent events, their authors and victims. In this review the main lines of investigation on this subject are addressed, as well as some of the most important findings and inquiries yet to be solved.

Luz Anyela Morales; Jairo Muñoz-Delgado; Ana María Santillán; Rita Arenas; Fernando Chico; Ponce de León; A. Blumstein



Asian Americans: A Quality Market for Force XXI.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The futuristic Army envisioned in the Force XXI concept will depend on high quality personnel for success. As the Army evolves into a technologically sophisticated and information intensive force, it will find itself in increasingly stiff competition with...

R. E. Ball



Mobile Strike Force - Designing the Force XXI Division.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This monograph examines the Mobile Strike Force methodology used to design the Force XXI division. This methodology seeks to integrate current and future technologies into the organization to increase versatility and lethality while reducing the size of t...

J. S. Bess



52. Photocopy of photograph (Plate XXI, Modjeski report) WILLAMETTE BRIDGE, ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

52. Photocopy of photograph (Plate XXI, Modjeski report) WILLAMETTE BRIDGE, DIAGRAM SHOWING RATE OF PROGRESS IN SINKING CAISSONS - Burlington Northern Railroad Bridge, Spanning Willamette River at River Mile 6.9, Portland, Multnomah County, OR


Proposed Force XXI Engineer Designs: Viable Combat Multipliers.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This monograph analyzes the ability of two proposed engineer organizations to adequately support the future Force XXI Division. Examinations of four historical case studies determine engineer support requirements for division operations. The U.S. Army's p...

W. D. Brinkley



Testicular tumor in an XXY dog.  


Klinefelter syndrome has been described in various species in addition to humans, including cat, pig, horse, and dog. It is associated with low levels of male hormones, sterility, breast enlargement, and small testes. Patients with Klinefelter syndrome have a higher risk for several malignancies. Knowledge about genetic disorders of the dog is comparatively sparse. This is mainly due to the difficult canine karyotypic pattern. We present the case of a canine patient with clinically and cytogenetically confirmed Klinefelter syndrome who developed a testicular tumor at a very early age. Testicular tumors are common in dogs, normally affecting elderly patients (median age, >9 years). In the present case, however, the dog was only 5 years old, allowing the conclusion that the XXY constitution may have promoted the early onset of testicular tumor disease. PMID:18503830

Reimann-Berg, Nicola; Murua Escobar, Hugo; Nolte, Ingo; Bullerdiek, Jörn



47,XXY males: sex chromosomes and tooth size.  


Permanent tooth crowns of 47,XXY males were found to be generally larger than those of control males and females and their first-degree male and female relatives. These results suggest that tooth-size increase in 47,XXY males is due to a direct genetic effect and support the concept of the presence of a specific growth gene (or genes) in the human X and Y chromosomes. The effect of this gene (or genes) seems to be the promotion of tooth growth, and the Y chromosome is more effective than the X chromosome in this respect. PMID:7446531

Alvesalo, L; Portin, P



Oscillator strengths and lifetimes in Ge XXI  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We have calculated energy splittings of 53 fine-structure levels as well as oscillator strengths and radiative decay rates for all electric-dipole-allowed and intercombination transitions among the (1s22s22p6)3s2(1S), 3s3p(1,3Po), 3s3d(1,3D), 3s4s(1,3S), 3s4p(1,3Po), 3s4d(1,3D), 3s4f(1,3Fo), 3p2(1S,3P,1D), 3p3d(1,3Po,1,3Do,1,3Fo), 3p4s(1,3Po) and 3d2(1S,3P,1D,3F,1G) states of Ge XXI, using extensive configuration-interaction (CI) wavefunctions, obtained with the CIV3 computer code of Hibbert. The important relativistic effects in intermediate coupling are incorporated by means of the Breit-Pauli Hamiltonian. In order to keep our calculated energy splittings as close as possible to the experimental values, we have made small adjustments to the diagonal elements of the Hamiltonian matrices. Our excitation energies, including their ordering, are in excellent agreement with the available experimental results. The enormous mixing among several fine-structure levels makes it very difficult to identify them correctly with the result that their positions in the calculation of Ivanova et al are interchanged compared to our results and the experimental values. From our transition probabilities, we have also calculated radiative lifetimes of some fine-structure levels. Our calculated oscillator strengths and the lifetimes are found to be in good agreement with the other available theoretical results. In this calculation, we also predict new data for several fine-structure levels where no other theoretical and/or experimental results are available.

Gupta, G. P.; Msezane, A. Z.



Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Flight School XXI.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This research examined the effectiveness of the U.S. Army's Flight School XXI (FSXXI) flight training program in comparison to the previous (legacy) flight training program. The primary focus of the research was whether or not FSXXI produces graduates tha...

M. L. Wesolek



La escolaridad en trabajadoras sexuales de la ciudad de San José, Costa Rica, al iniciarse el siglo XXI  

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Schooling in sex workers from San José, Costa Rica, at the beginning of the twenty-first century. San Jose is the capitol city of Costa Rica, a small Central American country characterized by a higher educational level, higher per capita income and higher living standards than the rest of the countries in the region. A study in 1975 indicated that female

Iris Amalia; Ramírez Sánchez; Julián Monge-Nájera; Roxana Morales Bonilla


Trabajo sexual femenino en la ciudad de San José, Costa Rica: un enfoque sociobiológico al iniciarse el siglo XXI  

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Female sex work in San Jose, Costa Rica: a sociobiology approach. In Costa Rica, sex work has been studied for decades from a pre-evo- lutionary perspective, and often with an underlying patriarchal bias because sex work is seen as a social pathology, ignoring contributions from sociobiology and evolutionary psychology. In this study, we measured the performance of predictions made by

Julián Monge-Nájera; Roxana Morales Bonilla; Iris Amalia


Social Behavior and Autism Traits in a Sex Chromosomal Disorder: Klinefelter (47XXY) Syndrome  

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Although Klinefelter syndrome (47,XXY) has been associated with psychosocial difficulties, knowledge of the social behavioral\\u000a phenotype is limited. We examined specific social abilities and autism traits in Klinefelter syndrome. Scores of 31 XXY men\\u000a on the Scale for Interpersonal Behavior and the Autism Spectrum Questionnaire were compared to 24 and 20 control men respectively.\\u000a XXY men reported increased distress during

Sophie van Rijn; Hanna Swaab; André Aleman; René S. Kahn



Long survival in a 69,XXY triploid male.  


We report on an infant with a 69,XXY chromosome constitution who survived for 10 1/2 months; this is the longest survival reported with this condition to date. The infrequency of this disorder, data on natural history, and improved survival, possibly due to better management of respiratory illness and prematurity, are all factors worth noting in counseling on such rare conditions. Genotyping demonstrated the extra genome to be of maternal origin. PMID:3777027

Sherard, J; Bean, C; Bove, B; DelDuca, V; Esterly, K L; Karcsh, H J; Munshi, G; Reamer, J F; Suazo, G; Wilmoth, D



Achievement of meiosis in XXY germ cells: study of 543 sperm karyotypes from an XY\\/XXY mosaic patient  

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Human sperm chromosomes from a 46,XY\\/ 47,XXY male were obtained using the technique of in vitro penetration of zona-free hamster eggs. The analysis of 543 sperm complements shows a significantly increased incidence (0.9%) of hyperhaploid gonosomal 24,XY sets, with a lack of the expected corresponding gonosomal hypohaploidies, and a normal rate of autosomal non-disjunctions. These results support the suggestion that

J. Cozzi; E. Chevret; S. Rousseaux; R. Pelletier; V. Benitz; H. Jalbert; B. Sèle



Social Behavior and Autism Traits in a Sex Chromosomal Disorder: Klinefelter (47XXY) Syndrome  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Although Klinefelter syndrome (47,XXY) has been associated with psychosocial difficulties, knowledge of the social behavioral phenotype is limited. We examined specific social abilities and autism traits in Klinefelter syndrome. Scores of 31 XXY men on the Scale for Interpersonal Behavior and the Autism Spectrum Questionnaire were compared to 24…

van Rijn, Sophie; Swaab, Hanna; Aleman, Andre; Kahn, Rene S.



Can biological or clinical parameters predict testicular sperm recovery in 47,XXY Klinefelter's syndrome patients?  

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BACKGROUND: Contradictory results are available regarding prediction of testicular sperm extraction in 47,XXY patients. This study, therefore, aimed at assessing the availability of testicular sperm and evaluates clinical parameters predicting successful sperm retrieval in azoospermic 47,XXY Klinefelter's syndrome patients. METHODS: Sperm recovery procedures were performed in 50 non-mosaic azoospermic Klinefelter patients. The facial hair pattern and the presence of gynaecomastia

V. Vernaeve; C. Staessen; G. Verheyen; A. Van Steirteghem; P. Devroey; H. Tournaye



XXI International Baldin Seminar on High Energy Physics Problems  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The XXI International Baldin Seminar on High Energy Physics Problems "Relativistic Nuclear Physics and Quantum Chromodynamics", organized by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research was held from September 10 to 15, 2012 in Dubna, Russia. The Seminar continues the series of traditional meetings and was established by an outstanding scientist Academician A.M. Baldin(1926-2001). Among conferences that were organized by Alexander Mikhailovich Baldin of special importance is just this series of the International Seminars on High-Energy Physics Problems started in 1969 with support of M.A. Markov (1908-1994). They have been given an inofficial, somewhat witty, name "Baldin autumn".


FORCE XXI Division Design Analysis (DDA) Phases II and III Division Combat Service Support (CSS) Analysis.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In 1995, TRADOC initiated the analytical process described in the March 1995 draft Joint Venture (JV) Campaign Plan. The resulting analyses provide the basis for redesigning today's Warfighting Army for the 21st century. The Force XXI Division Design Anal...

A. C. McGrady



[Medicopsychosocial syndrome of polygonosomies (XXX, XXY, XYY, syndromes etc...)].  


This is an attempt to describe a common syndrom of polygonosomy. Medical, psychological and social incidences of XXX, XXY, XYY, genotypes indicate that these chromosomal aberrations share identical features: phenotypic abnormalities (high stature, dermatoglyphes abnormalities), neuropsychic troubles (neurological symptoms and mental fragility) and antisocial tendancy. One can suppose that at least some polygonosomic persons have a minimal brain dysfunction (or damage), which causes more vulnerability to environnement, deprivation and stress. Relational, educational and socio-economical factors appear now to have a marked role in the etiopathogenesis of these psychiatric troubles. Some forensic and ethical problems of human genetic research are reviewed, such as the so-called "criminal chromosome", supplementary Y chromosome, a myth based upon false and premature scientific assertions. PMID:1001241

Benezech, M; Bourgeois, M



Expanding the phenotypic profile of boys with 47, XXY: the impact of familial learning disabilities.  


The aim of the study was to examine the impact of familial learning disabilities (FLD) on the phenotypic profile of 47, XXY males and the possibility that 47, XXY males with more severe cognitive deficits may be partially a consequence of familial dyslexia/reading disorder. We wondered if FLD could pose an additional risk for complex neurodevelopmental differences in 47, XXY. The neurodevelopmental profile of males with 47, XXY has been characterized by developmental dyspraxia, language-based learning disorders, executive dysfunction, reading, and attentional deficits. One hundred eighteen boys with 47, XXY diagnosed prenatally who did not receive early hormonal treatment were divided into two groups based on positive histories of FLD and given comprehensive neurodevelopmental evaluations between 36 and 108 months. The assessments included intelligence (nonverbal and verbal), neuromotor (fine and gross), speech, and language. The group with FLD performed significantly lower in multiple neurodevelopmental domains of the Wechsler of VIQ P = 0.015, FSIQ P = 0.0005, the Brief IQ P = 0.0525 of the Leiter, in Auditory Comprehension P = 0.0505, Expressive Communication P = 0.0055, and neuromotor domains of Manual Coordination P = 0.0032, Fine Motor Control P = 0.0378, and Motor Coordination P = 0.008. Our study demonstrates the influence of FLD on neurodevelopment and expands the phenotypic profile of 47, XXY, suggesting some neurodevelopmental variability is attributable to other factors than the additional X. FLD may increase the vulnerability of the 47, XXY children and anticipatory guidance should be provided to families. PMID:24715716

Samango-Sprouse, Carole A; Stapleton, Emily J; Mitchell, Francie L; Sadeghin, Teresa; Donahue, Thomas P; Gropman, Andrea L



Tdy-negative XY, XXY and XYY female mice: breeding data and synaptonemal complex analysis.  


In this paper we have compared the breeding performance of Tdy-negative XY, XXY and XYY females to assess the relative importance of the lack of a second X chromosome compared with the presence of a Y chromosome, in reducing fertility. The XY females were of poor fertility, although five of twelve produced at least one offspring. The XXY females had larger, more frequent litters, and a longer reproductive lifespan, implicating the lack of a second X as the major cause of the poor fertility of XY females. Nevertheless, XYY females appeared to be more seriously affected than the XY females, suggesting that the presence of the Y may be a contributory factor. Pachytene analysis demonstrated that the Y is a very inefficient pairing partner for the X during female meiosis. In XY females only 11% of pachytene cells had the X and Y paired; in XXY females the two X chromosomes paired and the Y was almost always a univalent, while in XYY females the X paired with a Y in only 15% of pachytene cells. The presence of unpaired sex chromosomes has previously been implicated as a cause of oocyte loss during pachytene, and the proportion of cells with unsynapsed sex chromosomes decreased as pachytene proceeded, suggesting that they were progressively eliminated. Significantly, protection against elimination was afforded not only by synapsis between sex chromosomes, but also by self-synapsis if a sex chromosome remained as a univalent. It is concluded that sex chromosome univalence leading to pachytene oocyte failure is responsible for the postnatal oocyte deficiency seen in XY females. A separate study has shown that XXY females have a similar level of oocyte deficiency. It is suggested that the presence of a second X chromosome improves the fertility of XXY females, compared with XY females, by improving oocyte quality and by eliminating the production of lethal XY and OY zygotes. The genotype frequencies for the offspring of XY and XYY females differed from those predicted from the pachytene data. The XY females showed a marked deficiency of XO offspring compared with XXY and XYY aneuploid offspring, whereas the XXY females had fewer than expected XXY and XYY aneuploid offspring. PMID:8464005

Mahadevaiah, S K; Lovell-Badge, R; Burgoyne, P S



El trabajo político e ideológico en la universidad cubana de hoy. El socialismo en las nuevas condiciones del siglo XXI: una opción viable  

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Un objetivo de primer orden en todos los años de Revolución ha sido lograr en los graduados universitarios la formación integral de un profesional revolucionario. Los cambios operados en la situación internacional después del derrumbe del campo socialista y la desaparición de la URSS así como el incremento de la agresividad económica e ideológica del gobierno de Estados Unidos y

Anay Pulgarón Ramos



En Busqueda de la Escuela del Siglo XXI: Dos Experiencias de Autoaprendizaje (In Search of the 21st Century School: Two Self-Learning Experiences).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This book is a contribution to the dialogue that is maintained today around the problems of education. The book contains four parts: (1) "In Search of the 21st Century School. Can the Colombian New School (EN) Show Us the Way?"; (2) "Experimentation with Self-Learning Materials in Two Schools in Conchali (Chile)"; (3) "Self-Learning Module for the…

Schiefelbein, Ernesto; And Others


Vicisitudes de la política exterior y la seguridad nacional en México y la relación con Estados Unidos al inicio del siglo XXI  

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The following essay evaluates Mexican Foreign and National Security policies during Pre- sident Vicente Fox's term (2000-2006). The author suggests that both policies lacked a strategic plan that granted the protection of Mexican interests throughout the War on Te- rrorism led by the US government. In this sense, the absence of coordination amidst the Cabinet, which provoked several conflicts between

Abelardo Rodríguez Sumano



Social Function in Multiple X and Y Chromosome Disorders: XXY, XYY, XXYY, XXXY  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Klinefelter syndrome (47,XXY) was initially described in the context of its endocrinologic and physical features; however, subsequent studies have revealed specific impairments in verbal skills and social functioning. Males with sex chromosomal aneuploidies are known to have variability in their developmental profile with the majority presenting…

Visootsak, Jeannie; Graham, John M., Jr.



47,XXY Klinefelter syndrome: clinical characteristics and age-specific recommendations for medical management.  


47,XXY (Klinefelter syndrome) is the most frequent sex chromosomal disorder and affects approximately one in 660 newborn boys. The syndrome is characterized by varying degrees of cognitive, social, behavioral, and learning difficulties and in adulthood additionally primary testicular failure with small testes, hypergonadotropic hypogonadism, tall stature, and eunuchoid body proportions. The phenotype is variable ranging from "near-normal" to a significantly affected individual. In addition, newborns with Klinefelter syndrome generally present with a normal male phenotype and the only consistent clinical finding in KS is small testes, that are most often not identified until after puberty. Decreased awareness of this syndrome among health professionals and a general perception that all patients with 47,XXY exhibit the classic textbook phenotype results in a highly under-diagnosed condition with up to 75% of the patients left undetected. Typically, diagnosis is delayed with the majority of patients identified during fertility workup in adulthood, and only 10% of patients diagnosed prior to puberty. Early detection of this syndrome is recommended in order to offer treatment and intervention at the appropriate ages and stages of development for the purpose of preventing osteopenia/osteoporosis, metabolic syndrome, and other medical conditions related to hypogonadism and to the XXY as well as minimizing potential learning and psychosocial problems. The aim of this review is to present the clinical aspects of XXY and the age-specific recommendations for medical management. © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. PMID:23345262

Aksglaede, Lise; Link, Katarina; Giwercman, Aleksander; Jørgensen, Niels; Skakkebaek, Niels E; Juul, Anders



Re-engineering Mexican higher education toward economic development and quality. The XXI century challenge  

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Mexico has faced deep economic and social changes over the last decade. Higher education institutions have been reacting to these changes by emphasising high cost models of quality and low less than rates. However, social problems in national life, suggest that the XXI century challenge for Mexican higher education institutions, goes beyond the present day achievements. Low cost and high

Alejandro Mungaray-Lagarda



[Biennial Survey of Education, 1926-1928. Bulletin, 1930, No. 16. Chapter XXI - Chapter XXII  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document contains chapters XXI and XXII of the Biennial Survey of Education document, covering the years 1926-1928. The two chapters are: (21) Statistics of city school systems, 1927-28; and (22) Statistics of universities, colleges, and professional schools for 1927-28. [Due to its size, this bulletin has been processed as three separate…

Office of Education, United States Department of the Interior, 1930



47,XXY/48,XXXY/49,XXXXY mosaic with hydrocephaly: a case report and review of the literature  

PubMed Central

Klinefelter's syndrome is a frequent genetic sexual alteration in males, associated with the 47,XXY aneuploidy. Several syndrome variants are caused by different X and Y polysomy and mosaicisms, including the 49,XXXXY condition described by some authors as Fraccaro's syndrome. Mosaics with three or more different chromosomal lines are very rare. Here, we describe a case with XXY/XXXY/XXXXY mosaic in a newborn with clinical features of Fraccaro's syndrome, but also with obstructive hydrocephaly which has not been reported previously.

Duenas-Arias, Jesus E; Aguilar-Medina, Maribel; Arambula-Meraz, Eliakym; Valenzuela-Camacho, Juliana B; Vega-Solano, Angelina; Granados, Julio; Ramos-Payan, Rosalio



Double trisomy (48,XXY,+21) in monozygotic twins: case report and review of the literature.  


The occurrence of double aneuploidy in the same individual is a relatively rare phenomenon. We describe twin newborns with typical clinical features of Down's syndrome, of which one revealed 48,XXY,+21 GTG-band karyotype. The second newborn died 2 days after its birth, and was clinically diagnosed having Down syndrome. Due to the same clinical features of the twins, the common placenta and amniotic sac, we speculate that they were monozygotics and as a result the second newborn should also be a Klinefelter. The purpose of this report is to present a rare case of possible coincidence of double aneuploidy in newborn twins. A review of the literature showed that double trisomy (48,XXY,+21) in a twin newborn infant has never occurred. PMID:15050879

Iliopoulos, Dimitrios; Poultsides, George; Peristeri, Vasiliki; Kouri, Georgia; Andreou, Alexandros; Voyiatzis, Nikolaos



Double trisomy (48,XXY,+21) in monozygotic twins: case report and review of the literature  

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The occurrence of double aneuploidy in the same individual is a relatively rare phenomenon. We describe twin newborns with typical clinical features of Down’s syndrome, of which one revealed 48,XXY,+21 GTG-band karyotype. The second newborn died 2 days after its birth, and was clinically diagnosed having Down syndrome. Due to the same clinical features of the twins, the common placenta and

Dimitrios Iliopoulos; George Poultsides; Vasiliki Peristeri; Georgia Kouri; Alexandros Andreou; Nikolaos Voyiatzis



Expanding Health Insurance Coverage for Children Under Title XXI of the Social Security Act  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The US Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has recently released this new report. Expanding Health Insurance Coverage for Children Under Title XXI of the Social Security Act, looks at how states are responding to the creation of the State Children's Health Insurance Program, and estimates how many children may have gained health insurance coverage under the program. The report also provides estimates of uninsured children and the goals of policy makers for expanding coverage.

Office., United S.



Calmodulin regulates dimerization, motility, and lipid binding of Leishmania myosin XXI.  


Myosin XXI is the only myosin expressed in Leishmania parasites. Although it is assumed that it performs a variety of motile functions, the motor's oligomerization states, cargo-binding, and motility are unknown. Here we show that binding of a single calmodulin causes the motor to adopt a monomeric state and to move actin filaments. In the absence of calmodulin, nonmotile dimers that cross-linked actin filaments were formed. Unexpectedly, structural analysis revealed that the dimerization domains include the calmodulin-binding neck region, essential for the generation of force and movement in myosins. Furthermore, monomeric myosin XXI bound to mixed liposomes, whereas the dimers did not. Lipid-binding sections overlapped with the dimerization domains, but also included a phox-homology domain in the converter region. We propose a mechanism of myosin regulation where dimerization, motility, and lipid binding are regulated by calmodulin. Although myosin-XXI dimers might act as nonmotile actin cross-linkers, the calmodulin-binding monomers might transport lipid cargo in the parasite. PMID:24379364

Batters, Christopher; Ellrich, Heike; Helbig, Constanze; Woodall, Katy Anna; Hundschell, Christian; Brack, Dario; Veigel, Claudia



Descubrimiento, geografía y origen de los discursos hispanoamericanos  

Microsoft Academic Search

Imaginación del Nuevo Mundo. Diez estudios sobre los inicios de la narrativa hispanoamericana. By JOSE JUAN ARROM. México: Siglo XXI Editores, 1991. Pp. 196.Signs, Songs, and Memory in the Andes: Translating Quechua Language and Culture. By REGINA HARRISON. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1989. Pp. xvii, 233.The Armature of Conquest: Spanish Accounts of the Discovery of America, 1492–1589. By BEATRIZ

Angela I. Robledo



Fe XXI Emission Line Ratios as Electron Temperature Diagnostics for the Coronae of Cool Stars  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Theoretical Fe xxi electron temperature and density sensitive emission line ratios are presented for R_1 = Ileft( {2s^2 2p^2 {}^3P_1 - 2s2p^3 {}^5S} right)/Ileft( {2s^2 2p^2 {}^3P_0 - 2s^2 2p^2 {}^3P_1 } right) and R_2 = Tleft( {2s^2 2p^2 {}^3P_1 - 2s2p^2 {}^1S} right)/Tleft( {2s^2 2p^2 {}^3P_0 - 2s^2 2p^2 {}^3P_1 } right) . A comparison of these with observational data for the 1973 December 17 solar flare, obtained by the Naval Research Laboratory's S082A and S082B spectrographs on board Skylab, reveals reasonably good agreement between theory and observation for R 1[= I(242.07 mathop ? limits^c)/I(1354.08 Å)], which provides some support for the accuracy of the atomic data adopted in the line ratio calculations. However, our results for R 2 indicate that the emission feature in flare spectra at 338.06 Å, previously identified as the Fe xxi 2s 22p 2 3 p 1 - 2s 22p 2 1 S line, is not due to this species but may be the Ca v 3p 4 3 p 1 - 3p 33d 3 P 2 transition. The potential of using R 1 as an electron temperature diagnostic for the Fe xxi line emitting regions of cool star coronae, through a combination of Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer and Hubble Space Telescope observations, is briefly discussed.

Keenan, F. P.; Foster, V. J.; Aggarwal, K. M.; Widing, K. G.



Uniparental disomy (UPD) for fra(X) in a 47,XXY male  

SciTech Connect

We report a 4-year-old hyperactive, mentally retarded male with 47,XXY and UPD for fra(X). Speech and motor delay were first noted at age 15 months. He has no dysmorphic features, normal ears, hyperextensible joints, small testes, and no history of seizures. His mother has prominent lowest ears, a long midface, anteverted nostrils, hyperextensible joints, malocclusion, and had learning problems in school. Routine chromosome analysis revealed the proband to be 47,XXY. Parental chromosomes were normal in number. The proband was fra(X) positive [30/160 cells, 18%]. No cells had two expressed fra(X)s; however, this may be a function of the low level of expression and the number of cells scored. Maternal cells were also fra(X) positive [19/205, 9.2%]. Southern analysis demonstrated the mother to be heterozygous for a methylated, full mutation (>220 repeats); her normal FMR-1 gene was disproportionately unmethylated. The proband had two fully expanded and methylated FMR-1 genes, one the same size as the maternal gene and the other >620 repeats. RFLP analysis revealed a maternal meiotic II error, the result of which was UPD of the X chromosome.

Torfs, C.P.; Christianson, R.E.; Amos, J.A.; Huang, X.L.; Kang, X.Z. [Center for Human Genetics Boston Univ. School of Medicine, Boston, MA (United States)] [and others



Ovotesticular disorder of sexual development and a rare 46,XX/47,XXY karyotype.  


Ovotesticular disorder of sexual development (DSD) is characterized by the presence of both ovarian and testicular tissues in the same individual. The most common karyotype is 46,XX. Here, we report the case of a boy with a 46,XX/47,XXY karyotype diagnosed as ovotesticular DSD by gonadal biopsy. A 5-month-old boy presented with hypospadias, unilateral cryptorchidism, and a micropenis. Pelvic magnetic resonance imaging revealed a suspicious gonad tissue that is solid in structure in the right scrotum and a suspicious gonad that is cystic in structure in the left inguinal canal. He underwent a diagnostic laparoscopy. Cytogenetic analysis of peripheral blood revealed a 46,XX/47,XXY karyotype. Histopathologic examination of the left gonad showed ovarian tissue containing primordial follicles with ipsilateral undifferentiated tuba uterina. The right gonad showed immature testis tissue. He underwent left gonadectomy and hypospadias repair, and was raised as a male. Through this rare case, we highlight the importance of histological and cytogenetic investigation in DSD. PMID:23612643

Ozsu, Elif; Mutlu, Gul Yesiltepe; Cizmecioglu, Filiz M; Ekingen, Gülsen; Muezzinoglu, Bahar; Hatun, Sukru



CSS Operations in Support of Force XXI Division Redesign - A Bridge to the Future or Before Its Time.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This paper analyzes the combat service support concept for the redesigned Force XXI Division to determine if the concept improves the efficiency and effectiveness of support to the maneuver battalions and division as a whole. The paper begins with a analy...

S. W. Pate



Communication Strategy of Transboundary Air Pollution Findings in a US-Mexico Border XXI Program Project  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

From 1996 to 1997, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) conducted an air quality study known as the Lower Rio Grande Valley Transboundary Air Pollution Project (TAPP). The study was a US-Mexico Border XXI program project and was developed in response to local community requests on a need for more air quality measurements and concerns about the health impact of local air pollutants; this included concerns about emissions from border-dependent industries in Mexico, known as maquiladoras. The TAPP was a follow-up study to environmental monitoring done by EPA in this area in 1993 and incorporated scientific and community participation in development, review of results, and public presentation of findings. In spite of this, critical remarks were leveled by community activists against the study's preliminary "good news" findings regarding local air quality and the influence of transboundary air pollution. To resolve these criticisms and to refine the findings to address these concerns, analyses included comparisons of daily and near real-time measurements to TNRCC effects screening levels and data from other studies along with wind sector analyses. Reassessment of the data suggested that although regional source emissions occurred and outliers of elevated pollutant levels were found, movement of air pollution across the border did not appear to cause noticeable deterioration of air quality. In spite of limitations stated to the community, the TAPP was presented as establishing a benchmark to assess current and future transboundary air quality in the Valley. The study has application in Border XXI Program or other air quality studies where transboundary transport is a concern since it involved interagency coordination, public involvement, and communication of scientifically sound results for local environmental protection efforts.

Mukerjee, Shaibal



Communication strategy of transboundary air pollution findings in a US-Mexico Border XXI program project.  


From 1996 to 1997, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) conducted an air quality study known as the Lower Rio Grande Valley Transboundary Air Pollution Project (TAPP). The study was a US-Mexico Border XXI program project and was developed in response to local community requests on a need for more air quality measurements and concerns about the health impact of local air pollutants; this included concerns about emissions from border-dependent industries in Mexico, known as maquiladoras. The TAPP was a follow-up study to environmental monitoring done by EPA in this area in 1993 and incorporated scientific and community participation in development, review of results, and public presentation of findings. In spite of this, critical remarks were leveled by community activists against the study's preliminary "good news" findings regarding local air quality and the influence of transboundary air pollution. To resolve these criticisms and to refine the findings to address these concerns, analyses included comparisons of daily and near real-time measurements to TNRCC effects screening levels and data from other studies along with wind sector analyses. Reassessment of the data suggested that although regional source emissions occurred and outliers of elevated pollutant levels were found, movement of air pollution across the border did not appear to cause noticeable deterioration of air quality. In spite of limitations stated to the community, the TAPP was presented as establishing a benchmark to assess current and future transboundary air quality in the Valley. The study has application in Border XXI Program or other air quality studies where transboundary transport is a concern since it involved interagency coordination, public involvement, and communication of scientifically sound results for local environmental protection efforts. PMID:11740622

Mukerjee, Shaibal



Klinefelter's Syndrome, 47,XXY, in Male Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Supports a Gene Dose Effect from the X Chromosome  

PubMed Central

Background Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a systemic autoimmune disease that predominantly affects women. Despite Klinefelter's syndrome (47,XXY) and SLE coexisting in isolated cases, no association has been established with SLE or any other autoimmune disease. Methods: Sex chromosome genotyping was performed in 981 SLE patients (213 were men). A first group of 843 SLE patients from 378 multiplex families and a second group of 138 men with non-familial SLE were evaluated. Fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) and karyotyping in transformed B cell lines enumerated chromosomes for selected cases. Results Of 213 men with SLE, five had Klinefelter's syndrome (or 1 in 43). Four of them were heterozygous at X markers. FISH and karyotyping confirmed Klinefelter’s syndrome in the fifth. An overall rate of 235 47,XXY per 10,000 male SLE patients (95%CI: 77 to 539) was found, a dramatic increase over the known prevalence of Klinefelter's syndrome in an unselected population (17 per 10,000 live male births). Asking men with SLE about fertility was highly sensitive (100%) for Klinefelter’s syndrome. All 768 SLE women were heterozygous at X. Conclusions 47,XXY Klinefelter's syndrome, often subclinical, is increased in men with SLE by ~14-fold, compared to its prevalence in men without SLE. Diagnostic vigilance for 47,XXY males in SLE is warranted. These data are the first to associate Klinefelter's syndrome with an autoimmune disease found predominantly in women. The risk of SLE in Klinefelter's syndrome is predicted to be similar to the risk in normal 46,XX women and ~14-fold higher than in 46,XY men, consistent with SLE susceptibility being partly explained by a X chromosome gene dose effect.

Scofield, R. Hal; Bruner, Gail R.; Namjou, Bahram; Kimberly, Robert P.; Ramsey-Goldman, Rosalind; Petri, Michelle; Reveille, John D.; Alarcon, Graciela S.; Vila, Luis M.; Reid, Jeff; Harris, Bryan; Li, Shibo; Kelly, Jennifer A.; Harley, John B.



Behavioral and Social Phenotypes in Boys With 47,XYY Syndrome or 47,XXY Klinefelter Syndrome  

PubMed Central

OBJECTIVE: To contrast the behavioral and social phenotypes including a screen for autistic behaviors in boys with 47,XYY syndrome (XYY) or 47,XXY Klinefelter syndrome (KS) and controls and investigate the effect of prenatal diagnosis on the phenotype. METHODS: Patients included 26 boys with 47,XYY, 82 boys with KS, and 50 control boys (ages 4–15 years). Participants and parents completed a physical examination, behavioral questionnaires, and intellectual assessments. RESULTS: Most boys with XYY or KS had Child Behavior Checklist parental ratings within the normal range. On the Child Behavior Checklist, mean problem behaviors t scores were higher in the XYY versus KS groups for the Problem Behavior, Externalizing, Withdrawn, Thought Problems, and Attention Problems subscales. On the Conners’ Parent Rating Scale–Revised, the XYY versus KS group had increased frequency of hyperactive/impulsive symptoms (P < .006). In addition, 50% and 12% of the XYY and KS groups, respectively, had scores >15 for autism screening from the Social Communication Questionnaire. For the boys with KS, prenatal diagnosis was associated with fewer problem behaviors. CONCLUSIONS: A subset of the XYY and KS groups had behavioral difficulties that were more severe in the XYY group. These findings could guide clinical practice and inform patients and parents. Boys diagnosed with XYY or KS should receive a comprehensive psychoeducational evaluation and be screened for learning disabilities, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and autism spectrum disorders.

Roeltgen, David P.; Kushner, Harvey; Zinn, Andrew R.; Reiss, Allan; Bardsley, Martha Zeger; McCauley, Elizabeth; Tartaglia, Nicole



Donor-derived 47, XXY in an unrelated cord blood transplant recipient.  


A 65-year-old Japanese male with therapy-related myelodysplastic syndrome was admitted for unrelated cord blood transplantation. A cord blood unit from a male donor was obtained from the Japan Cord Blood Bank Network. The patient then received a conditioning regimen consisting of fludarabine, intravenous busulfan, and total body irradiation. Successful engraftment was obtained. The bone marrow examination on day 28 revealed trilineage engraftment, and chimerism analysis by variable number of tandem repeat polymerase chain reaction confirmed complete donor chimerism. At that time, conventional cytogenetics of the bone marrow aspirate showed 20 out of 20 metaphases with the 47, XXY karyotype characteristic of Klinefelter syndrome. Klinefelter syndrome is the most common genetic cause of human male infertility with a reported prevalence of 0.1-0.2% in the general population. In Japan Cord Blood Bank Network, there is no informed consent from parents about the possibility that post-unrelated cord blood transplantation patient evaluation may reveal donor-origin inherited diseases including cytogenetic abnormality. It is desirable to have opportunities in Japan discussing whether parents will be notified of the possibility that post-unrelated cord blood transplantation evaluation may reveal donor-derived illness incidentally. PMID:24555174

Kawaguchi, Kuniki; Nakamura, Takayuki; Nohara, Masayuki; Koteda, Satoko; Nomura, Kei; Morishige, Satoshi; Oku, Eijiro; Imamura, Rie; Mouri, Fumihiko; Seki, Ritsuko; Osaki, Koichi; Hashiguchi, Michitoshi; Yoshimoto, Kohji; Nagafuji, Koji; Okamura, Takashi



The coronal FeXXI lambda 1354.094 line in AB Doradus  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The active late-type star AB Doradus was observed in February 1996 with the Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph of the Hubble Space Telescope using the low resolution G140L grating. The observations covered one half of the star's rotation cycle (P = 0.514 d) with 11.5 min time resolution. The strong coronal FeXXI lambda 1354.094 line formed at 107 K was analysed and its emission measure (EM) derived. This EM is much higher than that derived from recent XMM-Newton observations (Güdel et al. 2001), and earlier EXOSAT (Collier Cameron et al. 1988) and ASCA/EUVE (Mewe et al. 1996) data, as well, requiring a variability by a factor of 5. The physical reason for the variability remains unknown, since (outside flares) the observed broad band variability of AB Dor is much smaller. Based on observations with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space telescope, obtained at the Space Telescope Science Institute, which is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc., under the NASA contract NAS 5-26555.

Vilhu, O.; Muhli, P.; Mewe, R.; Hakala, P.



XXI century projections of wind-wave conditions and sea-level rise in the Black sea  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Projection of regional climate changes for XXI century is one of the priorities of EC environmental programme. Potential worsening of the waves' statistics, sea level rise and extreme surges are the principal negative consequences of the climate change for marine environment. That is why the main purpose of this presentation is to discuss the above issue for the Black sea region (with a strong focus to the south-west subregion because the maximum heights of waves exceeding 10 m occur just here) using output of several global coupled models (GCM) for XXI century, wave simulation, long-term observations of sea level and statistical techniques. First of all we tried to choose the best coupled model (s) simulated the Black sea climate change and variability using the control experiments for 20 century (203). The principal result is as follows. There is not one model which is simulating adequately even one atmospheric parameter for all seasons. Therefore we considered (for the climate projection) different outputs form various models. When it was possible we calculated also the ensemble mean projection for the selected model (s) and emission scenarios. To calculate the wave projection we used the output of SWAN model forced by the GCM wind projection for 2010 to 2100. To estimate the sea level rise in XXI century and future surges statistics we extrapolate the observed sea level rise tendencies, statistical relation between wave heights and sea level and wave scenarios. Results show that in general, the climate change in XXI century doesn't lead to the catastrophic change of the Black sea wind-wave statistics including the extreme waves in the S-W Black sea. The typical atmospheric pattern leading to the intense storm in the S-W Black sea is characterized by the persistent anticyclonic area to the North of the Black sea and cyclonic conditions in the Southern Black sea region. Such pressure pattern causes persistent and strong eastern or north-eastern wind which generates the high waves in the S-E Black sea. The climate projections show that the frequency of such atmospheric pattern will not principally increase. The recent probability of the extreme wave height (exceeding 8 to10 m) in the S-W Black sea (~1 occurrence per 10 years) will not be much worse in XXI century. Similar conclusion is true for the storm surges along the Bulgarian coastline. Expected sea level rise in the Black sea basin for XXI century due to regional climate changes is about 2 mm per year (±50%). However, some Black sea subregions (such as Odessa and Varna bay) are characterized by fivefold sea level rise because of the local land subsidence. So, this geomorphologic effect is the most dangerous local consequence for the sustainable development and management of the coastal zone in such subregions. This study was supported by EC project "THESEUS".

Polonsky, A.; Garmashov, A.; Fomin, V.; Valchev, N.; Trifonova, E.



Prepubertal unilateral gynecomastia and the presence of 47,XXY mosaicism in breast epithelial cells: a case report.  


Breast enlargement in prepubertal boys is a rare condition. This case report describes an otherwise healthy 3-year old non-obese boy who developed a large unilateral cystic breast mass measuring approximately 9 × 6 × 4 cm. The mass was initially treated as a lymphatic malformation, and sclerotherapy with Picibanil (OK-432) was attempted without any detectable effect on size. The mass was later excised. The pathological examination revealed mammary gland tissue suggestive of idiopathic gynecomastia. FISH revealed 47, XXY mosaicism in the abnormal breast epithelial cells, but not in peripheral blood lymphocytes. PMID:23414896

Andersen, Peter Stemann; Petersen, Bodil Laub; Juul, Anders; Andersen, Mikael



Programas de Educacion Inicial en America Latina y los Curriculos Nacionales en el siglo XXI. [Latin American Early Childhood Educational Programs and National Curriculum in the 21st Century.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes the history of early childhood education in Chile and recent educational reforms. Offers an overview of the Chilean Early Childhood Education program and discusses the new national curriculum and issues arising from its implementation. Describes methods taken to help implement the new curriculum nationwide and to assist teachers in…

Peralta, Maria Victoria



Extensive spectroscopic data for multiply ionized scandium: Sc III to Sc XXI  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Context. Spectroscopic data for scandium is sparse, while an extensive set is needed to introduce this element into stellar opacity calculations and, more importantly, into stellar models dealing with radiative diffusion. Aims: Our goal is to provide extensive energy levels and radiative transitions data for nineteen ionization stages of scandium relevant to stellar interiors, namely from Sc iii to Sc xxi. Methods: We used the FAC code. This code provides ab initio theoretical values for energy levels in jj-coupling and oscillator strengths of all permitted transitions. Detailed correspondences are established with compiled data from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) database, to locate as much as possible the observed levels and lines at their experimental values and to estimate the quality of our data. Comparison were also made with the spectroscopic data delivered by Kurucz. Results: The theoretical data retained in tables include 21 842 levels and more than two millions transtions. By comparison, the NIST compilation gives a total of 820 levels and 677 gf-values. The good agreement obtained when comparing the new data with those of the NIST compilation demonstrates their quality. This work on scandium shows that the FAC code is efficient in providing spectrocopic data that are unavailable from laboratory analyses but necessary for accurate simulations of stellar plasmas. Full Tables 4-6 and extensive line lists for each ion are only available in electronic form at the CDS via anonymous ftp to ( or via

Massacrier, G.; Artru, M.-C.



Electron density determinations of stellar coronae using Fe XXI ndarrow2p (n=3,4,5,6) transitions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The idea of using L-shell iron spectroscopic information to infer the electron density has become very attractive following the availability of high-resolution data measured by current x-ray observatories. Following suggestions in [1], we developed the n darrow2p line (n=3,4,5,6) intensities in Fe XXI as a diagnostic that is sensitive to densities near 10^13 cm-3 and applied it to Chandra observations of HR1099. HULLAC code predictions of the density sensitivity were checked with the Livermore EBIT-II ion trap for low densities. Checks at high density are in progress at the Princeton NSTX tokamak. For HR1099 we find a density of about 2 to 8 x 10^13 cm-3. This is in the range of 10^12 - 10^13 cm-3 that was determined using the Fe XXI EUV line ratios (102/128 ÅÅobserved with EUVE [2]. This work was performed under the auspice of DOE by UC-LLNL under contract W-7405-Eng-48 and supported by DOE OFES and by NASA SARA grants to LLNL, GSFC, PPPL and Columbia University.\\$[1]. Wargelin, et al, APJ 496 (1998). [2]. Ayres,et al, APJ, 549, (2001) 554)

Chen, H.; Beiersdorfer, P.; Liedahl, D. A.; Bitter, M.; Brown, G. V.; Kahn, S. M.



Social attention, affective arousal and empathy in men with Klinefelter syndrome (47,XXY): evidence from eyetracking and skin conductance.  


Individuals with an extra X chromosome (Klinefelter syndrome) are at risk for problems in social functioning and have an increased vulnerability for autism traits. In the search for underlying mechanisms driving this increased risk, this study focused on social attention, affective arousal and empathy. Seventeen adults with XXY and 20 non-clinical controls participated in this study. Eyetracking was used to investigate social attention, as expressed in visual scanning patterns in response to the viewing of empathy evoking video clips. Skin conductance levels, reflecting affective arousal, were recorded continuously during the clips as well. Empathic skills, i.e. participants' understanding of own and others' emotions in response to the clips was also assessed. Results showed reduced empathic understanding, decreased visual fixation to the eye region, but increased affective arousal in individuals with Klinefelter syndrome. We conclude that individuals with XXY tend to avoid the eye region. Considering the increased affective arousal, we speculate that this attentional deployment strategy may not be sufficient to successfully downregulate affective hyper-responsivity. As increased affective arousal was related to reduced empathic ability, we hypothesize that own affective responses to social cues play an important role in difficulties in understanding the feelings and intentions of others. This knowledge may help in the identification of risk factors for psychopathology and targets for treatment. PMID:24416272

van Rijn, Sophie; Barendse, Marjolein; van Goozen, Stephanie; Swaab, Hanna



Social Attention, Affective Arousal and Empathy in Men with Klinefelter Syndrome (47,XXY): Evidence from Eyetracking and Skin Conductance  

PubMed Central

Individuals with an extra X chromosome (Klinefelter syndrome) are at risk for problems in social functioning and have an increased vulnerability for autism traits. In the search for underlying mechanisms driving this increased risk, this study focused on social attention, affective arousal and empathy. Seventeen adults with XXY and 20 non-clinical controls participated in this study. Eyetracking was used to investigate social attention, as expressed in visual scanning patterns in response to the viewing of empathy evoking video clips. Skin conductance levels, reflecting affective arousal, were recorded continuously during the clips as well. Empathic skills, i.e. participants' understanding of own and others' emotions in response to the clips was also assessed. Results showed reduced empathic understanding, decreased visual fixation to the eye region, but increased affective arousal in individuals with Klinefelter syndrome. We conclude that individuals with XXY tend to avoid the eye region. Considering the increased affective arousal, we speculate that this attentional deployment strategy may not be sufficient to successfully downregulate affective hyper-responsivity. As increased affective arousal was related to reduced empathic ability, we hypothesize that own affective responses to social cues play an important role in difficulties in understanding the feelings and intentions of others. This knowledge may help in the identification of risk factors for psychopathology and targets for treatment.

van Rijn, Sophie; Barendse, Marjolein; van Goozen, Stephanie; Swaab, Hanna



Model estimations of the Arctic sea ice conditions in XXI century  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Dynamic-thermodynamic sea ice model, developed in AARI is applied for estimations of recent and future sea ice conditions in the Arctic Basin. The model describes sea ice cover in terms of relative areas of level ice, ridges with fixed form, and leads. The main equations of model are stationary impulse balance equation and non-stationary mass balance equation with parameterizations of heat and dynamic processes in level ice, leads and ocean mixed layer. The parameterizations include: quasi-stationary thermodynamic model for level sea ice, Brown parameterization of atmospheric boundary layer, McPhee parameterization of the ocean mixed layer, Kenig-Langlo & Augstein parameterization of incoming longwave radiation, Monin -Obukchov parameterization for stratified atmospheric surface layer, Shine parameterization for shortwave radiation balance, parameterizations of heat processes in leads (similar Ebert and Curry), Flato and Hibler parameterization of internal ice stresses in the framework of cavitating fluid, Hakkinen and Mellor estimations of oceanic heat fluxes in the Barents, Bering and Greenland seas, and some intuitive data about ridge melting. External forcing of the model are: fixed dynamic topography of the Arctic ocean and monthly mean fields for relative humidity, total cloudiness and solid precipitation, and NCEP/NCAR or from different scenarios data about atmospheric surface pressure and surface level air temperature. Numerical experiments with a dynamic-thermodynamic sea ice model under NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis forcing allowed to reproduce the thinning of the sea ice cover in the main part of the Arctic Basin, that had been documented by Rothrock et all (1999), as well as well-know strong decrease of sea ice area in 2007 and 2008. Follow our model estimations the main reason of the sea ice thinning and decline is the changes in atmospheric circulation. The second reason is the increase of atmospheric surface layer temperature. Using as atmospheric forcing the results of prognostic estimations follow scenario A1B from ECHAM5/MPI-OM, HAD CM3 and CCSR/NIES/FRCGC models for period 2000 - 2100 the estimations of sea ice cover had been done. It is shown that despite the strong decrease of sea ice cover area and volume, especially with data from ECHAM5/MPI-OM and CCSR/NIES/FRCGC, numerical experiments with dynamic-thermodynamic model show that under all three scenarios multy-year ice will save in the Canadian Basin up to the end of XXI century.

Makshtas, Alexander; Shutilin, Sergey



EUV measurements of Kr XXI–Kr XXXIV and the effect of a magnetic-dipole line on allowed transitions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We observed and analysed the extreme-ultraviolet spectra of highly charged ions of Kr XXI–Kr XXXIV produced in an electron beam ion trap (EBIT). The beam energies varied between 1.1 and 30 keV, and the wavelengths were observed between 3 and 17.3 nm with uncertainties of ?0.003 nm. Six new lines were identified, and wavelength uncertainties have been improved for twelve additional transitions. It was found that a line intensity ratio for allowed transitions 3s23p–3s23d in Al-like Kr XXIV strongly deviated from predictions based on statistical weighting of the excited levels. Collisional-radiative modelling showed that this effect, which is due to the magnetic-dipole transition within the ground configuration 3s23p, offers sensitive diagnostics of electron density in the regime of interest to fusion tokamaks, EBITs, and other low-density plasmas.

Podpaly, Y. A.; Gillaspy, J. D.; Reader, J.; Ralchenko, Yu



PREFACE: 21st Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (SLAFES XXI)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (SLAFES) started in Caracas-Venezuela, and over time the symposia have taken place in 9 different Latin American countries. The last five events took place in Mérida-Venezuela (2002), Havana-Cuba (2004), Puebla-Mexico (2006), Puerto Iguazú-Argentina (2008) and Maragogi-Brazil (2011). During the last years, in the different SLAFES editions, the aim has been to bring together researches from Latina America and invite renowned scientists from around the world to a unique forum to discuss the latest developments regarding Solid state Physics. The 21st Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (SLAFES XXI) was held in Villa de Leyva-Colombia, from September 30 to October 04, 2013. The 21st SLAFES version featured the participation of experts in various areas of Solid State Physics from countries such as Belgium, Germany, United States, Spain, Ireland, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, had 270 submitted works and was attended by 140 researchers. The development of this event was made possible by financial support from the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad del Norte-CO, Universidad de Magdalena-CO, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco-BR and the Academia Colombiana de Ciencias Exatas, Naturales y Física. Editors Professor J Albino Aguiar Departamento de Física Universidade Federal de Pernambuco 50670-901 Recife PE Brazil e-mail: Professor Jairo Roa-Rojas Grupo de Física de Nuevos Materiales Departamento de Física Universidad Nacional de Colombia A.A. 5997 Bogotá DC, Colombia e-mail: Professor Carlos Arturo Parra Vargas Grupo Física de Materiales Escuela de Física Universidad Padagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia Tunja Colombia e-mail: Professor David A Land\\'i nez Téllez Grupo de Física de Nuevos Materiales Departamento de Física Universidad Nacional de Colombia A.A. 5997 Bogotá DC Colombia e-mail: Professor Laura T Corredor Bohórquez Departamento de Física Universidade Federal de Pernambuco 50670-901 Recife PE Brazil e-mail: Professor Arkady Shanenko Departamento de Física Universidade Federal de Pernambuco 50670-901 Recife PE Brazil e-mail: Professor Renato F Jardim Instituto de Física Universidade de S\\~ao Paulo CP 66318 S\\~ao Paulo SP Brazil e-mail: Professor Francois Peeters Department Fysica Universiteit Antwerpen Groneneborgerlann 171 B-2020, Antwerpen Belgium e-mail: Organizing committee ChairmanCarlos Arturo Parra Vargas Proceedings EditorJosé Albino Aguiar Program ChairJairo Roa-Rojas SecretaryAura Janeth Barón González TreasurerArmando Sarmiento Santos Speaker ChairRafael González Hernández Fernando Naranjo Mayorga David A Landínez Téllez Jesús Oswaldo Morán José Sierra Ortega

Aguiar, J. Albino




Microsoft Academic Search

La plantación azucarera comienza su expansión en Cuba a mediados de la década del ’60 del siglo XVIII. El aumento de la demanda y, por consiguiente, de los precios del azúcar en el mercado internacional favoreció el auge de esa rama de la economía nacional.

Javier Figueroa Ledón



New trends in light and optics teaching; building bridges to the information society--the OPTICA XXI project  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In our emerging Society of Information, Light and Optics have a crucial importance not only in Science and Technology but also in the widest range of aspects of our every day life. In this communication we will present a project presented to the EC program Socrates action Comenius 3. The project aims the establishment of a network, the OPTICA XXI network, involving eighteen educational institutions from seven European countries and a transnational consortium (CoLoS - Conceptual Learning Of Science). Our activities are focused on the development and promotion at European scale of new positive good practices on teaching optics and optics related technologies at basic and secondary schools by leading the students to an active volunteer and committed participation in the teaching/learning process through practice and experimentation, making intensive use of the new instruments and resources of the Information Society. Text and workbooks with electronic interactive versions will be produced in all languages of the countries involved. Educational hands on kits of experiments with different levels of difficulty, from basic optics to photonics and telecommunications, will be produced and commercialized. Interactive web sites and virtual simulation tools and labs will be established. Two international conferences will be held as well as a number of course for schoolteachers and contests and activities for school students.

Costa, Manuel F.



Disertación sobre justicia y equidad  

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«Disertación sobre equidad y justicia» es básicamente una respuesta a una inquietud en particular que yo tenía sobre las distintas posiciones que existen sobre estos dos temas y cómo definir cuál es la más acertada. Hice una descripción del punto de vista de Amartya Sen -la violación de los derechos sobre la propiedad privada es justificable si evitan las hambrunas-

Sayuri P. Tamura



Summaries of oral sessions at the XXI World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics, Boston, Massachusetts, 17-21 October 2013: state of the field.  


The XXI World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics (WCPG), sponsored by the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics (ISPG), took place in Boston, Massachusetts, on 17-21 October 2013. Approximately 900 participants gathered to discuss the latest findings in this rapidly advancing field. The following report was written by student travel awardees. Each was assigned one or more sessions as a rapporteur. This manuscript represents topics covered in most, but not all of the oral presentations during the conference, and contains some of the major notable new findings reported. PMID:24912047

Akpudo, Hilary; Aleksic, Branko; Alkelai, Anna; Burton, Christie; Carillo Roa, Tania; Chen, David T W; Cheng, Min-Chih; Cocchi, Enrico; Davis, Lea K; Giori, Isabele G; Hubbard, Leon M; Merikangas, Alison; Moily, Nagaraj S; Okewole, Adeniran; Olfson, Emily; Pappa, Irene; Reitt, Markus; Singh, Ajeet B; Steinberg, Julia; Strohmaier, Jana; Ting, Te-Tien; van Hulzen, Kimm J E; O'Shea, Anne; DeLisi, Lynn E



Increased basal and pulsatile secretion of FSH and LH in young men with 47,XXY or 46,XX karyotypes  

PubMed Central

Objective The regulation of normal sexual maturation and reproductive function is dependent on a precise hormonal regulation at hypothalamic, pituitary, and gonadal levels. The aim of this study was to investigate the neuroendocrine integrity of the pituitary-gonadal axis in patients with primary testicular failure due to supernumerary X chromosomes. Design Cross-sectional study. Methods In this study, 7 untreated patients with primary gonadal insufficiency due to SRY-positive 46,XX (n=4) and 46,XXY karyotypes (n=3) aged 18.8 years and 25 age-matched healthy controls participated. Reproductive hormones, testicular size, and overnight LH and FSH serum profiles and overnight urine LH and FSH excretion were determined. Results Basal LH and FSH secretion was elevated 6.3- and 25.4-fold respectively in the patients and the amount of LH and FSH secreted per burst were 2.0- and 6.6-fold elevated. We found significantly more LH but not FSH peaks per 24 h, as estimated by the Weibull ? analysis. There was no difference between approximate entropy ratios or Weibull ? analyses indicating comparable orderliness and regularity of LH and FSH secretion. Overnight urinary LH and FSH excretion was significantly elevated in patients compared with controls and correlated significantly with calculated total overnight LH and FSH secretion respectively, thus validating deconvolution. Conclusion In this group of patients with severe hypergonadotropic hypogonadism due to a supernumerary X chromosome, higher basal, pulsatile, and total LH and FSH secretion were associated with significantly more LH peaks per 24 h in comparison with healthy controls. Thus, our data indicate that in patients with Klinefelter syndrome and XX male karyotypes the entire hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis has undergone functional changes.

Aksglaede, Lise; Jensen, Rikke Beck; Carlsen, Elisabeth; Kok, Petra; Keenan, Daniel M; Veldhuis, Johannes; Skakkebaek, Niels E; Juul, Anders



Evolution in Intensity and Frequency of Extreme Events of Precipitation in Northeast Region and Brazilian Amazon in XXI Century  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The aim of this research was evaluate changes in frequency and intensity of extreme events of precipitation in Brazilian Amazon and Northeast Region, doubling CO2 concentration in agreement of IPCC A2 emissions scenarios (Nakicenovic et al., 2001). For this evaluation was used ETA model (Chou et al., 2011), forced with CCSM3 Global model data (Meehl, 2006) to run 4 experiments, only for January, February and March: 1980-1990, 2000-2010, 2040-2050 and 2090-2100. Using the first decade as reference (1980-1990), was evaluated changes occurred in following decades, with a methodology to classify extremes events adapted from Frich (2002) and Gao (2006). Higher was the class, more intense is the event. An increase of 25% was observed in total precipitation in Brazilian Amazon for the end of XXI century and 12% for extreme events type 1, 9% for events type 2 and 10% for type 3. By the other hand, a 17% decrease of precipitation in Brazilian Northeast was observed, and a pronounced decay of 24% and 15% in extreme events contribution type 1 and 2 to total amount of precipitation, respectively. The difference between total normal type events was positive in this three decades compared with reference decade 1980-1990, varying positively from 4 to 6 thousand events included in normality by decade, these events was decreased in your majority of Class 1 events, which presented a decay of at least 3.500 events by each decade. This suggests an intensification of extreme events, considering that the amount of precipitation by class increased, and the number of events by class decreased. To Northeast region, an increasing in 9% of contribution to events type 3 class was observed, as well as in the frequency of this type of events (about of 700 more events). Major decreasing in number of classes extreme events occur in 2000-2010, to classes 1 and 3, with 7,2 and 5,6%, and by the end of century in class 3, with 4,5%. For the three analyzed decades a total decrease of 8.400 events was accounted. This first results support an increase in occurrence of determined extreme events classes/types of precipitation, but also an increase of precipitation in raining seasons in Amazon region, as well as an increase in the intensity of dry season in Northeast region.

Fonseca, P. M.; Veiga, J. A.; Correia, F. S.; Brito, A. L.



Ciclos políticos en Colombia: impacto fiscal en el siglo XX e impacto sobre la distribución del ingreso durante los ultimos 30 años  

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La orientación ideológica de los gobiernos, el momento de las elecciones y los intereses particulares de los dirigentes pueden afectar de manera importante la política económica en cualquiera de sus componentes. Se puede esperar que un gobierno establezca sus políticas en materia económica, ya sea siguiendo los preceptos ideológicos que el partido político al cual pertenece haya proclamado, o bien,

John Jairo Gómez Ríos



Atomic data from the Iron Project. XLV. Relativistic transition probabilities for carbon-like Ar XIII and Fe XXI using Breit-Pauli R-matrix method  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Breit-Pauli R-matrix method developed under the Iron Project has been used to obtain extensive sets of oscillator strengths and transition probabilities for dipole allowed and intercombination fine structure transitions in carbon like ions, Ar XIII and Fe XXI. The complete set consists of 1274 fine structure bound energy levels and 198 259 oscillator strengths for Ar XIII, and 1611 bound levels and 300 079 oscillator strengths for Fe XXI. These correspond to levels of total angular momenta of 0 <= J <= 7 of even and odd parities formed from total spin of 2S+1=5, 3, 1, and orbital angular momenta 0 <= L<= 9 with n<= 10, 0 <= l<= 9 for each ion. The relativistic effects are included in the Breit-Pauli approximation. The close coupling wavefunction expansion for each ion is represented by the lowest 15 fine structure levels of target configurations, 2s22p, 2s2p2 and 2p3. The energy levels are identified spectroscopically using a newly developed identification procedure. The procedure also makes a correspondence between the fine structure energy levels and LS terms. This provides the check for completeness of the calculated levels. Comparison is made of the present energies and the f-values with the available observed and theoretical values. Present transition probabilities agree very well with the relativistic atomic structure calculations of Mendoza et al. for the intercombination transitions, 2s2p3(5S{o}_2) - 2s22p2(3P1,2,1D_2). This further indicates that the importance of the neglected Breit interaction decreases with ion charge and constrains the uncertainty in the present calculations to within 15% even for the weak transitions. Completes tables are only available in electronic form at the CDS via anonymous ftp to ( or via

Nahar, S. N.




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Con este trabajo pretendemos acercarnos al Carnaval de Andalucía occidental a partir de su recuperación durante la Transición y los gobiernos socialistas en la década de los años ochenta del pasado siglo XX. Este proceso tuvo lugar en un marco de participación ciudadana, modernización económica, estado del bienestar, constitución de las comunidades autónomas, sociedad del espectáculo y del entretenimiento, y

Francisco José García Gallardo



Programa de Trabajo para la Investigacion de la Salud de la Mujer en el Siglo XXI: Nuevas Fronteras en la Salud de la Mujer. Volumen 8 (Agenda for Research on Women's Health for the 21st Century: New Frontiers in Women's Health. Volume 8).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report summarizes thousands of issues and questions raised by more than 1,500 womens health professionals and advocates throughout the United States. Their recommendations for addressing the major diseases and health risks affecting women create a co...



Proceedings of the Twenty-First NASA Propagation Experiments Meeting (NAPEX XXI) and the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS) Propagation Studies Miniworkshop  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The NASA Propagation Experimenters (NAPEX) meeting is convened each year to discuss studies supported by the NASA Propagation Program. Representatives from the satellite communications industry, academia and government who have an interest in space-ground radio wave propagation are invited to NAPEX meetings for discussions and exchange of information. The reports delivered at this meeting by program managers and investigators present recent activities and future plans. This forum provides an opportunity for peer discussion of work in progress, timely dissemination of propagation results, and close interaction with the satellite communications industry. NAPEX XXI took place in El Segundo, California on June 11-12, 1997 and consisted of three sessions. Session 1, entitled "ACTS Propagation Study Results & Outcome " covered the results of 20 station-years of Ka-band radio-wave propagation experiments. Session 11, 'Ka-band Propagation Studies and Models,' provided the latest developments in modeling, and analysis of experimental results about radio wave propagation phenomena for design of Ka-band satellite communications systems. Session 111, 'Propagation Research Topics,' covered a diverse range of propagation topics of interest to the space community, including overviews of handbooks and databases on radio wave propagation. The ACTS Propagation Studies miniworkshop was held on June 13, 1997 and consisted of a technical session in the morning and a plenary session in the afternoon. The morning session covered updates on the status of the ACTS Project & Propagation Program, engineering support for ACTS Propagation Terminals, and the Data Center. The plenary session made specific recommendations for the future direction of the program.

Golshan, Nasser (Editor)




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Este tema presenta un conjunto de cuestiones relacionadas con las transformaciones históricas más recientes del trabajo y del empleo. Intentaremos aquí seguir su trayectoria en la segunda mitad del siglo XX para poder analizar las tendencias más recientes del mercado de trabajo que se proyectan hacia el siglo XXI y que sirven de contexto y de marco de explicación al

Antonio Santos Ortega


Battlefield Robots for Army XXI.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Robotics represent the greatest unfulfilled technological promise of the late twentieth century, and perhaps nowhere is this more true than in the area of military robotics. Closer examination of this issue suggests a compelling question. Is this failure ...

M. L. Swinson



AESOP XXI: Summary of Proceedings.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The theme of the May 1980 meeting of the Association for Energy Systems, Operations, and Programming (AESOP) was Information Exchange With An Emphasis on Management. Session I, the AESOP Washington Report, involved organizational, personnel, and structura...



Revisão sistemática sobre obesidade em adolescentes brasileiros  

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Resumo - O propósito deste estudo foi revisar, de forma sistemática, a literatura nacional sobre a prevalência e fatores associados à obesidade em adolescentes. A busca foi realizada nas bases de dados Pubmed e Bireme, através dos descritores: \\

Rafael Miranda Tassitano; Maria Cecília Marinho Tenório; Pedro C Hallal



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Resumen. En este trabajo se presentan dos modelos para la predicción de fracturas óseas debidas respectivamente a sobrecargas no fisiológicas y a cargas fisiológicas actuantes sobre un tejido degradado. En lo que se refiere al primero, se plantea un criterio de fractura desde un punto de vista de Mecánica de Medios Continuos, es decir, macroscópico, pero incluyendo la dependencia de

M Doblaré; J. M García-Aznar; M. J. Gómez-Benito


Lo que usted necesita saber sobre? el cáncer

La serie de folletos Lo que usted necesita saber sobre? está diseñada para pacientes con cáncer y proporciona información sobre muchos tipos de cáncer. Cada folleto incluye información acerca de los síntomas, diagnóstico y tratamiento del cáncer. En todos los títulos de la serie, se ofrece también información adicional acerca de los problemas emocionales y preguntas para hacer al doctor.


Testicular tumor in an XXY dog  

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Klinefelter syndrome has been described in various species in addition to humans, including cat, pig, horse, and dog. It is associated with low levels of male hormones, sterility, breast enlargement, and small testes. Patients with Klinefelter syndrome have a higher risk for several malignancies. Knowledge about genetic disorders of the dog is comparatively sparse. This is mainly due to the

Nicola Reimann-Berg; Hugo Murua Escobar; Ingo Nolte; Jörn Bullerdiek



PGD in 47,XXY Klinefelter's syndrome patients  

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The use of ICSI has been a major breakthrough in the treatment of male infertility. Even azoospermic patients with focal spermatogenesis in the testis, may benefit from the ICSI technique in order to father a child. As ICSI use has become more common, centres have introduced infertility treatment for Klinefelter patients. To date, 34 healthy children have been born using

C. Staessen; H. Tournaye; E. Van Assche; A. Michiels; L. Van Landuyt; P. Devroey; I. Liebaers; A. Van Steirteghem



A new neuropsychology for the XXI century.  


Regardless of the significant interest in comparing neuropsychological syndromes across cultures, little interest is observed in comparing these syndromes across time. Most of the neuropsychological syndromes were described during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century (e.g., aphasia, alexia, agraphia, acalculia, etc.). However, living conditions have so dramatically changed during the last 100 years that those classical neuropsychological syndromes have to be re-stated and reconsidered; eventually, new syndromes could be proposed. In this paper, an analysis of the impact of the new living conditions in spoken language, written language, numerical abilities, memory, spatial orientation, people recognition, and executive functions is presented. It is concluded that it is time to re-analyze and re-interpret the classical neuropsychological syndromes; and develop new assessment procedures, more in accordance with the twenty-first century living conditions. PMID:23702677

Ardila, Alfredo



Sobre el estado evolutivo de ? Pictoris  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Desde el descubrimiento de fuertes excesos infrarrojos en ? Pictoris, esta estrella ha sido muy estudiada y es considerada candidata a poseer un sistema planetario propio. ? Pic está rodeada de un disco asimétrico de polvo que se observa de canto y que esta vacío a distancias <= 40 AU. Esto se considera una fuerte evidencia en favor de la presencia de (al menos) un planeta gigante. Recientemente se han observado líneas de material circunestelar que se han interpretado como consecuencia de la caída de objetos cometarios sobre esta estrella. Recientemente se ha utilizado la existencia del disco de polvo para atribuir una edad corta (pre - secuencia principal) a ?Pic. Sin embargo, la evaporación de estos cometas provee suficiente polvo como para explicar la presencia del disco observado sin necesidad de edades cortas. En este trabajo mostramos que la comparación entre la tasa de impactos cometarios estimada en el Sistema Solar para diferentes etapas de su evolución y los datos observados en ? Pic indica edades avanzadas para ? Pic. Esta estimación debe tomarse con cautela ya que depende de la estructura de los sistemas planetarios. Además mostramos que, desde el punto de vista de la evolución estelar y con las incertezas presentes en la luminosidad y la temperatura efectiva, existe un continuo de edades posible para ? Pic. Sin embargo, empleando los datos provenientes de los flujos cometarios encontramos que una edad prolongada es consistente con ambos tratamientos.

Brunini, A.; Benvenuto, O. G.


Educacion intercultural (Intercultural Education).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This journal, which provides abstracts of its articles primarily in Spanish and a couple in English, contains studies (estudios) and notes (notas), as well as relevant book reviews (recensiones). Studies in this issue (No. 4, 2003) are: "Estrategias de Ensenanza para la Educacion Civica y Ciudadana en el Siglo XXI" (Teaching Strategies for Civic…

Estudios sobre Educacion, 2003




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En pleno Siglo XXI, nos es imposible pensar que vivimos en un México Bárbaro, ese México del que nos habló en su momento “John Kenneth Turner” dónde dio a conocer el despotismo y la forma tan arbitraria con la que manejaba al pueblo mexicano Porfirio Díaz. Hoy después de tantos años de luchas y de logros políticos y sociales, podemos

Marco Antonio Lima Facio



Estudio de los efectos de la ayuda al desarrollo sobre el comportamiento fiscal de los gobiernos en Centroamérica  

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Desde su aparición, el papel y la efectividad de la ayuda al desarrollo ha sido una cuestión muy debatida tanto por la comunidad científica como por otras esferas de la sociedad, políticos, técnicos y evidentemente, la población civil. Pese al notable descenso en los flujos de ayuda internacional durante la última década del siglo pasado, esta vía de financiación sigue

Mariola Gozalo Delgado



Consideraciones clínicas sobre la resorción radicular externa por impactación dentaria  

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La resorción externa por presión (RREP) consiste en una pérdida de tejido dentinario y cementario de las raíces dentarias que se origina a nivel del ligamento periodontal, ocasionada por presiones prolongadas y mantenidas sobre la raíz. Presentamos tres casos con diferente repercusión y tratamiento. Según el distinto grado de afecta­ ción se describe y clasifica el tratamiento de RREP a

Martínez Lozano MA; Forner Navarro L; Sánchez Cortés JL


Sperm segregation patterns by fluorescence in situ hybridization studies of a 46,XY,t(2;6) heterozygote giving rise to a rare triploid product of conception with a 69,XXY,t(2;6)(p12;q24)der(6)t(2;6)(p12;q24)pat karyotype.  


A blighted ovum diagnosed initially by ultrasound was determined to be a partial hydatidiform mole with a 69,XXY,t(2;6)(p12;q24)der(6)t(2;6)(p12;q24)pat karyotype by cytogenetic analysis. The triploid state arose through dispermy in which both spermatozoa carried rearranged chromosomes, one carrying a balanced translocation through alternate segregation and the other an unbalanced derivative chromosome 6 through adjacent 1 segregation. Segregation analysis of 7,000 spermatozoa from the father was performed with a three-color fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) protocol using alpha-satellite 6, telomeric 2p, and telomeric 6q probes. Segregation frequencies of normal and balanced products (alternate segregation), adjacent 1, adjacent 2, and 3:1 were 49.9%, 42.4%, 2.5%, and 4.2%, respectively. The high percentage of alternate segregation is consistent with the knowledge of their preferential outcome. However, the high incidence of adjacent 1 sperm highlights the abnormality risk. Alternate and adjacent 1 segregations (92.3%) accounted for the observed rearranged chromosomes in the triploid. The most viable imbalanced combination would be the one carrying the der(6) chromosome, but since the unbalanced segment comprises 3.6% of the haploid autosomal length (HAL), no risk of a viable imbalanced offspring is indicated. However, an increased likelihood of recurrent miscarriages is likely, and this is confirmed by the couple's two earlier miscarriages. Sperm segregation patterns of translocation carriers determined by FISH can help in ascertaining expected and unexpected karyotypes. The high frequency of adjacent 1 products shows that the presence of the additional derivative chromosome in the partial mole, though rare in occurrence, should be less surprising. PMID:12567417

Lim, A S T; Lim, T H; Kee, S K; Chieng, R; Tay, S K



Información sobre el cáncer para hispanos y latinos

Cada vez más estadounidenses sobreviven al cáncer y continúan llevando vidas productivas. Sin embargo, muchos hispanos y latinos en los Estados Unidos no han escuchado este mensaje, y no se han beneficiado de los adelantos en los campos de la detección temprana y el tratamiento. El nuevo sitio web del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer,, lanzado el día 2 de abril de 2007, comunica enérgicamente el mensaje de que el cáncer puede prevenirse y tratarse, y ofrece, además, información sobre todos los aspectos de la enfermedad.


30 anos de investigação sobre externalidades do IDE para as empresas nacionais: que conclusões?  

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Resumo: Durante as últimas três décadas, surgiu uma vasta literatura sobre a existência potencial de externalidades do IDE para as empresas domésticas traduzidas em ganhos de produtividade. Esta ocorrência relaciona-se com o facto de as empresas multinacionais possuírem activos intangíveis que podem ser transmitidos às empresas domésticas. A análise empírica não dá, contudo, indicações claras sobre o fenómeno. Neste artigo,

Nuno Crespo; Maria Paula Fontoura



Recubrimientos sol-gel obtenidos por deposición electroforética (EPd) sobre metales  

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El proceso sol-gel es un método de gran interés para la producción de películas vítreas sobre metales, que actúan como barrera protectora frente a la oxidación y aumentan su resistencia a la corrosión. Se han obtenido recubrimientos inorgánicos e híbridos de distintas composiciones sobre distintos metales usando técnicas como inmersión, centrifugado y pulverización. Aunque estos métodos proporcionan recubrimientos con buenas



Transformaciones en el Discurso sobre la Epidemia al VIH como una Epidemia Sexuada - Paradojas y Enigmas en la Respuesta Global  

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Así como el discurso sobre sexualidad experimentó la influencia central de los procesos técnicos y políticos generados por la epidemia, igualmente el discurso global sobre la epidemia de SIDA a lo largo de tres décadas ha sido marcado por estos momentos cambiantes en el discurso sobre la sexualidad y su diversidad. Desde un momento inicial en que el SIDA fue

Carlos F. Cáceres


NCI Anuncia Contribuciones para Incrementar Acceso de Minorías a Información sobre el Cáncer

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) anunció este mes una variedad de contribuciones que totalizan casi 1 millón de dólares para ayudar a desarrollar la investigación y programas para comprender y finalmente romper la División Digital que existe en muchas poblaciones minoritarias para el acceso y uso de la información sobre el cáncer disponible en la Internet. Las contribuciones son un esfuerzo del Servicio de Información sobre el Cáncer (CIS), dependiente de la NCI, para trabajar con grupos y organizaciones regionales para el control del cáncer para probar estrategias destinadas a aumentar las comunicaciones sobre el cáncer en comunidades deficientemente atendidas


Sobre a largura da última superfície de espalhamento  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

De acordo com o modelo do "Big-Bang", no universo primordial a matéria estava em equilíbrio térmico com a radiação. Com a expansão a temperatura da radiação cai. Quando a temperatura chega em torno dos 4.000K, os espalhamentos diminuem, começando a recombinação dos prótons e elétrons em Hidrogênio neutro (era conhecida como da recombinação). Ao final da recombinação, os fótons se propagam livremente sofrendo, em princípio, somente os efeitos do "redshift" cosmológico. Esses fótons nos alcançam hoje como a radiação cósmica de fundo (RCF), e parecem vir de uma superfície esférica ao nosso redor, tal que o raio dela é a distância que ele viajou desde seu último espalhamento na época da recombinação. Naturalmente, esse processo não ocorreu abruptamente, implicando na existência de uma largura no espaço dos "redshifts" que deve depender do modelo cosmológico específico e dos processos físicos considerados. Neste trabalho analisamos os efeitos de diferentes modelos - a saber, aqueles com decaimento do vácuo L(t), criação de matéria, quintessência e gás de Chaplygin - sobre a última superfície de espalhamento da RCF, em particular sua largura e a função visibilidade, que determina a probabilidade de um fóton ter tido seu último espalhamento num "redshift" z. No caso particular dos modelos com decaimento do vácuo, existe uma forte dependência da função visibilidade com L(t). Tais efeitos poderão ser testados através da análise dos resultados de experimentos mais precisos que estão atualmente em andamento, como por exemplo, o WMAP.

Nobre, M. A. S.; Pires, N.; Lima, J. A. S.



[Clinical research XXI. From the clinical judgment to survival analysis].  


Decision making in health care implies knowledge of the clinical course of the disease. Knowing the course allows us to estimate the likelihood of occurrence of a phenomenon at a given time or its duration. Within the statistical models that allow us to have a summary measure to estimate the time of occurrence of a phenomenon in a given population are the linear regression (the outcome variable is continuous and normally distributed -time to the occurrence of the event-), logistic regression (outcome variable is dichotomous, and it is evaluated at one single interval), and survival curves (outcome event is dichotomous, and it can be evaluated at multiple intervals). The first reference we have of this type of analysis is the work of the astronomer Edmond Halley, an English physicist and mathematician, famous for the calculation of the appearance of the comet orbit, recognized as the first periodic comet (1P/Halley's Comet). Halley also contributed in the area of health to estimate the mortality rate for a Polish population. The survival curve allows us to estimate the probability of an event occurring at different intervals. Also, it leds us to estimate the median survival time of any phenomenon of interest (although the used term is survival, the outcome does not need to be death, it may be the occurrence of any other event). PMID:24878091

Rivas-Ruiz, Rodolfo; Pérez-Rodríguez, Marcela; Palacios, Lino; Talavera, Juan O



PREFACE: XXI International Conference on Spectral Line Shapes (ICSLS 2012)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The 21st International Conference on Spectral Line Shapes, ICSLS, was held in the historic main building of St Petersburg State University (St. Petersburg, Russia) on 3-9 June 2012. The event continued the tradition started in 1978 in Meudon Observatory in Paris. Representatives of line shape physics have since met every two years in different locations in Europe and North America. The most recent events were held in St John's, Newfoundland, Canada (2010), Valladolid, Spain (2008), and Auburn, AL (USA). Traditionally, the conferences consider experimental and theoretical issues of studying spectral line shapes, diagnostic utilization of spectral line profiles observed in absorption, emission or scattering of electromagnetic radiation by atoms, molecules, and clusters in different environments, including neutral environments, laboratory low and fusion plasmas, astrophysical conditions, and planetary atmospheres. The Conference was attended by over 100 professionals from Europe, Asia, America, Africa and New Zealand. The conference program was put together in such a way so as to exclude any parallel sessions. Five afternoon sessions featured 19 invited talks and 20 oral contributions, and two evening sessions offered 61 poster presentations, including post-deadline posters. This setup allowed for a relaxed and unhurried discussion of results and facilitated productive networking. The invited talks were selected by recommendation of members of the International Scientific Committee. The Organizers would like to thank all the members of the International Scientific Committee for their proposals on the agenda and their valuable advice. When considering candidates for oral contributions, the organizers took into account the suggestions and preferences of potential conference participants. When selecting the theses of poster presentations, the organizers focused on the topics in line with the theme of the conference and studies with well-formulated results. It must be noted that this year's conference included a noticeably larger number of reports on astrophysical applications and physics of planetary atmospheres. Another significant trend was related to a new area of inquiry: low temperature spectra, near-surface processes, and control and management of new technological processes. There were more presentations on elementary processes during the formation of spectral lines. Most of the presented studies were included in the Conference Proceedings publication. For the first time ever the proceedings will be published as a volume of Journal of Physics: Conference Series, published by the Institute of Physics (UK), making it possible to access the materials of the conference online. All published studies underwent peer review. The organizers would like to thank all the reviewers who found time to review the submissions against a very tight deadline during the summer. Professor N G Skvortsov, Vice-Rector for Research of St Petersburg State University, opened the conference. His speech was followed by a brief welcome message from Professor A Devdariani of St Petersburg State University, Deputy Chair of the Organizing Committee. An informal welcome party was held before the opening session. The cultural program of the event included various sightseeing tours, and a hydrofoil boat ride to the fountain city of Peterhof, where the delegates toured the park and attended a conference dinner. Organizers would like to express their appreciation to St Petersburg musicians, P Laul and D Kouzov for an excellent classical music concert. The conference included a meeting of the International Scientific Committee the minutes of the event are included in this volume (article number 011004). Most importantly, the next meeting, 22nd ICSLS, has been scheduled for 2014 in The Center for Laser Applications, The University of Tennessee Space Institute, US. Professor Christian Parriger will coordinate the organization. Organizers of the St Petersburg Conference would like to wish him and his colleagues every success for the next conference in Tennessee.

Devdariani, Alexander Z.



Human Intelligence: Long-Range Surveillance for Force XXI.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This monograph examines the utility of long-range surveillance human intelligence as part of a larger intelligence gathering system. The paper proposes that even with the acquisition of high-technology intelligence gathering systems, such as Unmanned Aeri...

L. C. Cochran



Office of the 21st Century Workforce. XXI, Fall 2002.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document presents information on the U.S. Department of Labor's activities in the following topics areas: developing a skilled workforce; keeping workers safe; building workforce security; and connecting workers with jobs. The following items are included: (1) a discussion by the president and chief executive officer of Cisco Systems, Inc.,…

XXI, 2002



Aging in the Americas into the XXI Century.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The term 'demographic transition' refers to a gradual process whereby a society moves from a situation of high rates of fertility and mortality to one of low rates. This transition is characterized first by declines in infant and childhood mortality as in...




EPA Science Inventory

The Environmental Health Workgroup homepage represents a cross-divisional initiative, serving the environmental and human health interests of Mexico as well as those of the U.S. Contents describe the workgroups's mission, objectives, importance, history, projects, status, new dir...


Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer 1975-2002 con una sección especial sobre las tendencias de tratamiento: preguntas y respuestas

Las organizaciones oncológicas principales de la nación informan que el riesgo de los estadounidenses de morir de cáncer sigue disminuyendo y que las tasas de casos nuevos de cáncer permanecen estables. El Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer, de 1975 a 2002, señala que las tasas de mortalidad de cáncer que se observaron para todos los cánceres combinados disminuyeron 1,1 por ciento por año de 1993 a 2002.


El Servicio de Información sobre el Cáncer del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

El Servicio de Información del Cáncer (CIS) del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer facilita la información más actualizada y precisa sobre el cáncer a pacientes, a sus familias, al público en general y a profesionales médicos. El CIS brinda respuestas personalizadas a preguntas específicas sobre el cáncer y asistencia a los fumadores que quieren abandonar el hábito. Comuníquese con el CIS al 1-800-422-6237 (1-800-4-CANCER) o al 1-877-448-7848 (1-877-44U-QUIT).


Prazer e perigo: notas sobre feminismo, sex-shops e S\\/M  

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O objeto deste artigo é o de discutir as novas conceituações sobre a sexualidade, desejo e corpo desenvolvidas pelas teorias feministas de origem anglo-saxã no exame da pornografia. Além de um mapeamento desta literatura, são analisados aspectos relacionados a novas formas de erotismo, a partir de pesquisa exploratória junto a sex-shops em São Francisco e Berkeley, EUA. São analisadas tendências

Maria Filomena Gregori




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A mediação social é um tema que nos últimos anos vem ganhando espaço nas discussões sobre o desenvolvimento rural, mais especificamente, nas questões referentes à intervenção para o desenvolvimento. Este processo compreende uma relação que se apresenta como uma “via de mão dupla”, ou seja, a via representa a relação, uma das mãos é os mediadores, e a outra é

Cidonea Machado Deponti; Jalcione Almeida



Influência do óleo de linhaça sobre o desempenho e a qualidade dos ovos de poedeiras semipesadas  

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RESUMO - O experimento foi conduzido para avaliar a influência da adição de óleo de linhaça em substituição ao óleo de soja em rações para poedeiras semipesadas sobre o desempenho e a qualidade interna e externa dos ovos. Utilizaram-se 192 poedeiras da linhagem Bovans Godline com 29 semanas de idade, distribuídas em seis tratamentos, que consistiram de uma dieta controle

Fernando Guilherme Perazzo Costa; Janete Gouveia de Souza; José Humberto Vilar da Silva; Carlos Bôa-Viagem Rabello; Cláudia de Castro Goulart; Raul da Cunha Lima Neto




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RESUMO ñ O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o efeito da adiÁªo de dois tipos de aditivos minerais (microssÌlica e metacaulim) sobre as propriedades de chapas de cimento-madeira, aplicando-se diferentes teores aditivos (0, 20 e 30%). O aglomerante empregado na produÁªo dos painØis foi o cimento Portland tipo ARI, juntamente com partÌculas de madeira de Eucalyptus urophylla. Os resultados indicaram

Gilmar Correia Silva; Jair Figueiredo




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Resumo Pretendeu-se identificar as percepções de professores de 1ºCEB, sobre as suas dificuldades sobre a educação sexual e analisar alguns factores individuais com influência nestas concepções. Os dados recolhidos por um questionário construído para o efeito foram tratados estatisticamente no programa SPSS. Os resultados sugerem maiores dificuldades na área de expressões da sexualidade e menores na de relações interpessoais. Como



UMA EXPERIÊNCIA COM O PROJETO MANHATTAN NO ENSINO FUNDAMENTAL An experience with the Manhattan Project in the Elementary School  

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Resumo: O presente artigo discute uma dissertação de mestrado que utilizou uma perspectiva educacio- nal voltada à formação de cidadãos e defendida na proposta de Edgar Morin e no relatório da UNESCO sobre educação para o século XXI. Para isso, aborda a importância de uma nova prática escolar, preocupa- da em manter o estudante como centro das atividades em sala

Rafaela Samagaia; Luiz O. Q. Peduzzi


O que bil?ngues bimodais t?m a nos dizer sobre desenvolvimento bil?ngue?  

PubMed Central

O objetivo deste trabalho é apresentar o que as pesquisas que estamos desenvolvendo com crianças ouvintes, filhas de pais surdos, adquirindo Língua Brasileira de Sinais (Libras) e Português e Língua de Sinais Americana (ASL) e Inglês (Lillo-Martin et al. 2010) têm a nos dizer sobre desenvolvimento bilíngue. Os dados deste estudo fazem parte de um banco de dados de interações espontâneas coletadas longitudinalmente, alternando contextos de aquisição da Libras e do português como língua alvo, no Brasil e dados coletados longitudinalmente. nos mesmos contextos, de crianças adquirindo ASL e inglês1. Além disso, há também dados do estudo experimental com testes aplicados nos dois pares de línguas que se agregam ao presente estudo. Uma visão geral dos estudos desenvolvidos sobre a aquisição bilíngue bimodal por crianças ouvintes, filhas de pais surdos, será apresentada e, então, serão expostos alguns aspectos linguísticos deste tipo de aquisição, considerando as discussões sobre aquisição bilíngue a partir da pesquisa realizada.

de Quadros, Ronice Muller; Lillo-Martin, Diane; Pichler, Deborah Chen




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El objetivo de esta investigación fue determinar si las disposiciones fiscales del artículo 215 de la Ley del Impuesto sobre la Renta (LISR), sobre precios de transferencia a las empresas partes relacionadas, a las cuales les indica que deberán apegarse a la Guía de la Organización para la Cooperación y el Desarrollo Económico (OCDE), violentan los principios de constitucionalidad, legalidad

Martha Luisa Puente Esparza; J. Humberto González Álvarez




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RESUMEN: La creciente explosión demográfica, sobre todo en los países subdesarrollados, como lo es México, se han dado a la tarea de aumentar los productos alimentarios de origen animal por citar un ejemplo, la explotación de ovinos, mismo que a su vez se buscan nuevas alternativas para su alimentación, sobre todo con costos mínimos, por ello la utilización de recursos

O. S. Escamilla Gallegos; P. Zárate Fortuna; M. Rodríguez Morales; J. García Jiménez; M. González



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RESUMEN: Introducción: Con entrenamiento adecuado, los estudiantes de medicina pueden convertirse en lí- deres de opinión con futura injerencia sobre las políticas de salud, así como ayudar al público a en- tender las consecuencias de los embarazos indeseados y del aborto. El objetivo del presente estudio ha sido examinar el nivel de conocimientos sobre métodos anticonceptivos (MAC) previos al inicio

Guillermo Horacio; Cáceres Pallavidino; Echevarría Avellaneda; Domingo José Pomares


O Debate sobre a Homossexualidade Mediado por Representações Sociais: Perspectivas Homossexuais e Heterossexuais The Debate on Homosexuality Mediated by Social Representations: Homosexual and Heterosexual Perspectives  

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Resumo O objetivo deste trabalho foi estudar as representações sociais da homossexualidade entre estudantes universitários, segundo orientação sexual e sexo. Foram aplicadas uma questão de associação livre sobre a palavra homossexualidade e outra sobre as possíveis causas da mesma, sendo os dados analisados segundo os princípios da análise de conteúdo. Houve diferenças significativas entre os grupos, possibilitando-nos encontrar diferentes maneiras

Anderson Scardua; Edson Alves de Souza


NCI en el congreso de ASCO: Breve reseña de los resultados de investigaciones sobre cánceres en mujeres

En el congreso anual de la Sociedad Americana de Oncología Clínica (ASCO) 2014 celebrado en junio en Chicago, se destacaron los resultados de varios estudios clínicos patrocinados por el NCI sobre cánceres en la mujer. En su conjunto, estos resultados representan avances importantes en nuestra comprensión de cómo tratar estas enfermedades y mejorar las vidas de quienes se ven afectadas por ellas.



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Resumen. En este trabajo se analiza el efecto ejercido por tres tipos de recubrimientos superficiales sobre las prestaciones frente al desgaste y la fatiga de una aleación de aluminio 7075, en estado T6, solubilización y maduración al pico de máxima resistencia. Los recubrimientos analizados fueron la deposición mediante la técnica de PVD de una capa de bisulfuro de molibdeno dopada

D. González; M. Brizuela; G. Atxaga; A. M. Irisarri; B. Zamorano



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O presente trabalho teve como objectivo avaliar a eficácia dos tratamentos contra as infestantes e os efeitos colaterais sobre os artrópodes existentes no solo. Para este efeito, delinearam-se cinco modalidades: Roundup Ultra, Basta S, mobilização superficial, monda térmica e ainda uma modalidade de referência, não intervencionada (Testemunha). Foram efectuadas contagens e identificação das infestantes e de artrópodes existentes no solo,

Carlos VEIGA; Catarina LOURENÇO; Francisco VIEIRA


Datos sobre la biometría del Pájaro moscón (Remiz pendulinus) en la provincia de Alicante (SE de España)  

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Aquesta nota presenta dades biomètriques sobre la longitud de l'ala i el pes del teixidor en una localitat d'hivernada de la provincia d'Alacant. Es va obtenir una mitjana de la longitud de l'ala de 55,88 mm (SD= 1,85; n= 51), amb un rang de 51-60 mm. La mitjana del pes va ser 9,33 g (SD=0,52; n=51) (8-10,5). No es van

Ignacio García Peiró



Cálculo de una losa de pavimento apoyada en toda su extensión sobre una base granular con carga de esquina  

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Se desarrolla el cálculo de un losa firme de hormigón apoyada sobre una base granular de módulo de reacción ?.\\u000aEl método ideado para este cálculo se basa en suponer las ecuaciones dadas por la elasticidad, válidas a cierta\\u000adistancia de los puntos de aplicación de las cargas (hipótesis de Saint-Venant), considerando un estado de\\u000adeformación cilíndrica. Para aplicar dichas

Javier Jenaro Mac-Lennan



Estudio sobre las dosis de radiación y los riesgos de cáncer causados por la prueba atómica “Trinity” realizada en 1945

El NCI tiene planeado realizar entrevistas en profundidad para determinar cuál era la alimentación característica de las poblaciones indígenas americanas, hispanas (latinas) y chicanas que vivían en New Mexico a mediados de 1940 y utilizar información fácilmente disponible sobre la alimentación y el estilo de vida de las poblaciones blancas. Estas entrevistas representan un paso importante para hacer estimaciones de las dosis de radiación generadas por la prueba Trinity.


The radiochemistry in XXI century-A troubled future in the present  

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The nuclear and radiochemistry (RC) devlopment in near future can be predicted today becasuse of obvious and hard determinations of their fate in post-Chernobyl conversion period. This report examined possibilities to forecast some general tendencies in the development of RC as a special region of inorganic and physical chemistry of isotopomers.

Karelin, A.I; Shcherbakov, V.A. [V.G. Khlopin Radium Institute, St. Petersburg (Russian Federation)



Women's role in the Engineering career: situation in the XXI century  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

There is no doubt that women education and attendance to university have facilitated their access to almost all the working sectors. At the same time, it has point out a break point between the traditional scenario and the actual reality, how achievements have been obtained thanks to day by day fight, little steps and advances give impulse to women to a full participation in the working area, diversifying her role in different fields and occupying in work market different roles that recently were exclusive for men. For example: army, truck drivers, miners and airplane pilots among others. However, not everything are lights in this reflection with an optimistic touch, there are shadows too, opposition, obstacles, impediments and difficulties in the society or in women herself that have to be avoided when they incorporate in different labour markets. The difficulties that women have been overcome and the gender inequality that still can be found, even in occidental societies, are something that concerns to all of us. We believe that it is necessary centuries to overcome certain aspects that, in some way, are impregnated in the society, life style, rules of conduct, culture, or simply learned by the people that are really difficult not only to elude them as to avoid them. Throughout this work some examples will be shown that corroborate this comment. This subject is wide, complex and difficult. For this reason, we will put a limit on it and we will focus on the Spanish society as a part of the western advanced societies. With regard to the working area, we will delimited this study to the engineering careers showing some allusive numbers, actual university studies in this field and related them to earlier decades. In this way, a comparative analysis on the evolution of this scenario can be established. There are many papers and manuscripts that talk about different aspects in female success, such as women in sport, highly gifted and women, etc. For this reason we are going to centre our work on engineering at different places: corporations, institutions, etc where women play a role in the work market. Although it is not easy "gender roles" change if the internal structure and perception of the society, people's descriptive believes or the respective societies that support it don't do it, it has a certain relation with the stereotypes and prejudices. The origin of the preconceived opinion against women holding certain roles that traditionally were for males are found in the inconsistency perception among the characteristics requires for that role and the well assimilated believes about how are women. In this work, we will show some data related with women performance in different studies and different work markets in which there is an evident quantitative difference between men and women.

María González-Tirados, Rosa



Astronomical Papers. Volume XXI. Part I. The Orbit of Polyhymnia and the Mass of Jupiter.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The motion of Polyhymnia is sensitive to the mass of Jupiter because of nearly commensurate mean motions and actual close approaches. In the study, observations of the minor planet, extending from 1854 to 1969, are discussed and compared with numerically ...

P. M. Janiczek



Demography of peoples of the Russian North in the beginning of XXI century.  


Against the background of natural decline in population of all Russia, in particular, the Russians, the demographic situation of peoples of the North is at times considered as "moderately optimistic". In this case the growth of their number serves according to last population census, as a decisive factor. Contrary to the above, many researchers in different regions and among different peoples of the North speak about economic decline and growth of unemployment, an impoverishment of indigenous northerners, their high morbidity and death rate and estimate the demographic situation as "catastrophic". The criterion thus becomes the social crisis in northern settlements. Estimating the demographic situation it is necessary to lean on demographic criteria as such. But the dynamics of the number of the North's peoples, i.e. the sole result of the population census reflecting "well-being", is not such a pure demographic criterion. It was, as we have shown, investigating the data of four population censuses of the USSR (1959,1970,1979,1989), determined in many respects not only, and not at all so much by their demographic movement (i.e. birth rate and death rate), but rather by ethnic (assimilation) processes, and sometimes simply by discrepancies in the census work. While in 1959-89 peoples of the North used to be assimilated by other peoples, in 1989-2002 a reverse tendency became pronounced among some of these peoples. Over a quarter of an inter-census growth was due to ethnic assimilation among six peoples (the Khants, Mansis, Itelmens, Selkups, Kets and Saami). The comparison of inter-census living out among peoples of the North demonstrates that the death rate among them is considerably higher, than the very high death rate of the entire population of Russia. The actual demographic parameters provide evidence for obviously unfavorable tendencies. There was a sharp decrease in birth rate (the overall ratio has decreased from 30% during the 5-year period before the 1989 census up to 18% in 1999-2002). Death rate has grown. Though the overall ratio is lower, than for the whole population of Russia, it is explained by the young age structure of peoples of the North (only 6 % are older than 60, and 18 %--are older than 45; in Russia--18% and 37% accordingly). The average life expectancy (a more adequate yardstick to measure mortality) among peoples of the North is more than 10 years less than the average Russian one. It is less, than among other indigenous peoples of the North (in Scandinavia, Alaska, Canada and Greenland). The share of deaths due to external reasons (accidents, poisonings, suicides and homicides) is enormous; among peoples of the Tyumen North it makes 37% of all the deaths, and in Russia as a whole it is 14% (though the Russian figure itself is far too high by international standards). It is exactly the death rate that determines the nature of the demographic situation. No ultrahigh birth rate in the modern world can serve as an indicator of "well-being" (otherwise the demographically safe region would be Africa south of Sahara). Therefore, certainly we have to define the demographic condition of peoples of the North as a crisis. And further decrease in birth rate with such a high death rate can surely lead to their factual depopulation. Numerical smallness makes them most vulnerable in this respect, while in fact the prospect of vanishing worries much more numerous peoples just as well. PMID:17929647

Bogoyavlenskiy, Dmitriy




ERIC Educational Resources Information Center


Minnesota State Dept. of Education, St. Paul. Div. of Vocational and Technical Education.


Planck early results. XXI. Properties of the interstellar medium in the Galactic plane  

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Planck has observed the entire sky from 30 GHz to 857GHz. The observed foreground emission contains contributions from different phases of the interstellar medium (ISM). We have separated the observed Galactic emission into the different gaseous components (atomic, molecular and ionised) in each of a number of Galactocentric rings. This technique provides the necessary information to study dust properties (emissivity,

A. Abergel; P. A. R. Ade; N. Aghanim; M. Arnaud; M. Ashdown; J. Aumont; C. Baccigalupi; A. Balbi; A. J. Banday; R. B. Barreiro; J. G. Bartlett; E. Battaner; K. Benabed; A. Benoît; J.-P. Bernard; M. Bersanelli; R. Bhatia; J. J. Bock; A. Bonaldi; J. R. Bond; J. Borrill; F. Boulanger; M. Bucher; C. Burigana; P. Cabella; J.-F. Cardoso; A. Catalano; L. Cayón; A. Challinor; A. Chamballu; L.-Y. Chiang; C. Chiang; P. R. Christensen; S. Colombi; F. Couchot; A. Coulais; B. P. Crill; F. Cuttaia; T. M. Dame; L. Danese; R. D. Davies; R. J. Davis; P. de Bernardis; G. de Gasperis; A. de Rosa; G. de Zotti; J. Delabrouille; J.-M. Delouis; F.-X. Désert; C. Dickinson; S. Donzelli; O. Doré; U. Dörl; M. Douspis; X. Dupac; G. Efstathiou; T. A. Enßlin; F. Finelli; O. Forni; M. Frailis; E. Franceschi; S. Galeotta; K. Ganga; M. Giard; G. Giardino; Y. Giraud-Héraud; J. González-Nuevo; K. M. Górski; S. Gratton; A. Gregorio; I. A. Grenier; A. Gruppuso; F. K. Hansen; D. Harrison; S. Henrot-Versillé; D. Herranz; S. R. Hildebrandt; E. Hivon; M. Hobson; W. A. Holmes; W. Hovest; R. J. Hoyland; K. M. Huffenberger; T. R. Jaffe; A. H. Jaffe; W. C. Jones; M. Juvela; E. Keihänen; R. Keskitalo; T. S. Kisner; R. Kneissl; L. Knox; H. Kurki-Suonio; G. Lagache; A. Lähteenmäki; J.-M. Lamarre; A. Lasenby; R. J. Laureijs; C. R. Lawrence; S. Leach; R. Leonardi; C. Leroy; P. B. Lilje; M. Linden-Vørnle; M. López-Caniego; P. M. Lubin; J. F. Macías-Pérez; C. J. MacTavish; B. Maffei; N. Mandolesi; R. Mann; M. Maris; D. J. Marshall; E. Martínez-González; S. Masi; S. Matarrese; F. Matthai; P. Mazzotta; P. McGehee; P. R. Meinhold; A. Melchiorri; L. Mendes; A. Mennella; M.-A. Miville-Deschênes; A. Moneti; L. Montier; G. Morgante; D. Mortlock; D. Munshi; A. Murphy; P. Naselsky; P. Natoli; C. B. Netterfield; H. U. Nørgaard-Nielsen; F. Noviello; D. Novikov; I. Novikov; S. Osborne; F. Pajot; R. Paladini; F. Pasian; G. Patanchon; O. Perdereau; L. Perotto; F. Perrotta; F. Piacentini; M. Piat; S. Plaszczynski; E. Pointecouteau; G. Polenta; N. Ponthieu; T. Poutanen; G. Prézeau; S. Prunet; J.-L. Puget; J. P. Rachen; W. T. Reach; R. Rebolo; W. Reich; C. Renault; S. Ricciardi; T. Riller; I. Ristorcelli; G. Rocha; C. Rosset; J. A. Rubiño-Martín; B. Rusholme; M. Sandri; D. Santos; G. Savini; D. Scott; M. D. Seiffert; P. Shellard; G. F. Smoot; J.-L. Starck; F. Stivoli; V. Stolyarov; R. Stompor; R. Sudiwala; J.-F. Sygnet; J. A. Tauber; L. Terenzi; L. Toffolatti; M. Tomasi; J.-P. Torre; M. Tristram; J. Tuovinen; G. Umana; L. Valenziano; J. Varis; P. Vielva; F. Villa; N. Vittorio; L. A. Wade; B. D. Wandelt; A. Wilkinson; N. Ysard; D. Yvon; A. Zacchei; A. Zonca



[Cardiac surgery in XXI centure--science, technics of pure art?].  


Modern cardiac surgery developes signifficanly, exspeccialy in the last few years. Cardiac surgeons have to explore very advanced technics provading the new surgical treatment with less invasive and more "patient friendly" modalities. New methods of surgical treatment based on the actual balance beetwen science, enginering techniqe in the art of medical treatment are presented in the paper. PMID:18540322

Sadowski, Jerzy



Comments on "Sexology and Social Work in a Case of Klinefelter (47,XXY) Syndrome."  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This very brief comment on Herzog and Money (1993) concerning Klinefelter syndrome claims that the use of an antiandrogen with an individual whose endocrine status is already compromised by low levels of testosterone is inappropriate. (DB)

Goldberg, Benjamin




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This article summarizes the principal findings of the studies on institutions and development as they refer to the Dominican case study, in the context of the Project Institutions and Development in Latin America, which is directed by Alejandro Portes of the University of Princeton. The project analyses the national experiences of development in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and the Dominican

Wilfredo Lozano



Geophysical variables and behavior: XXI. Geomagnetic variation as possible enhancement stimuli for UFO reports preceding earthtremors.  


The contribution of geomagnetic variation to the occurrence of UFORs (reports of UFOs) within the New Madrid States during the 6-mo. increments before increases in the numbers of IV-V or less intensity earthquakes within the central USA was determined. Although statistically significant zero-order correlations existed between measures of earthquakes, UFORs and geomagnetic variability, the association between the latter two deteriorated markedly when their shared variance with earthquakes was held constant. These outcomes are compatible with the hypothesis that geomagnetic variability (or phenomena associated with it) may enhance UFORs but only if tectonic stress and strain are increasing within the region. PMID:3982943

Persinger, M A



Deep-space radiation exposure analysis for solar cycle XXI (1975-1986)  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Ionizing radiation exposures and associated dosimetric quantities are evaluated for the 11-year solar cycle ending in 1986. Solar flare fluences for the 55 largest flares occurring during the cycle are superimposed on the Galactic cosmic ray flux. Published summaries of flare data from the Interplanetary Monitoring Platform (IMP)-7 and IMP-8 satellites are used that include flares whose integrated fluences are greater than 10 to the 7th protons/sq cm for energies in excess of 10 MeV. A standard cosmic ray environment model for ion flux values at solar minimum and maximum is invoked with an assumed sinusoidal variation between the lower and upper limits. The radiation shielding analysis is carried out for equivalent water-shield thicknesses between 2 and 15 g/sq cm. Results are expressed in terms of cumulative incurred dose equivalents for deep-space missions lasting between 3 months and 3 years. It was found that medium-to-large flare contributions are of greatest importance for the shorter term missions, while the Galactic component dominates for the longer duration missions.

Nealy, John E.; Simonsen, Lisa C.; Townsend, Lawrence W.; Wilson, John W.



[Reflexions about the curricula at the faculty of medicine in the XXI century].  


In this paper we review the main medical programs from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) faculty of medicine in the first seventy-five years of twentieth century. We have selected those instances that are representative of special moments in the development of Mexican medical knowledge, and also corresponding to the need to prepare medical students in view of social demands. The first programs are those of Ignacio Chavez in 1934, concerned mainly with the introduction into the curricula of medical specialties such as cardiology or neurology. After those, the 1956 and 1960 programs are mentioned and briefly analyzed; both were founded on the concern to develop a clinical reasoning in the student. Finally, the 1974 Integral General Medicine Program directed its interest to social and environmental themes. PMID:21527967

Viesca Treviño, Carlos



Some seasonal characteristics in atmospheric methane concentration in the beginning of the XXI century  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Global average value of atmospheric methane concentrations have been increasing during the XX century, but this growth nearly stopped with the beginning of the 2000th. Such "stable" situation is the proper time for studying the seasonal cycle and extreme changes of air methane concentration. One of the most interesting periods for such investigations is autumn and winter 2006/07 [1] when a number of weather abnormalities (warm air temperature up to above 0°C, almost permanent cloudiness and absence of snow cover, and so on) in Moscow region created very specific conditions for air methane existence. Temporal variations in air methane concentration within the Moscow city have been studied using the data of observations at 12 stations of Moscow municipal environmental monitoring agency "Mosecomonitoring" in 2004-2008 [2]. It was found that near-surface air concentration of methane was much higher this time than few years before and after. The values of cold season methane concentrations in Moscow region have been compared with similar data measured in the North of Kola Peninsula (at WMO GAW station "Teriberka"), in the Sankt Petersburg region (the two stations of Roshydromet), in Finland and Hungary (the stations of NOAA GMD Carbon Cycle Sampling Network). Winter maxima (more or less) of methane concentrations were revealed almost each year at all these stations, but not everywhere they were simultaneous and as high as those had been found in Moscow. The reasons of winter 2006/07 high methane concentrations in Moscow and other regions of Northern Eurasia may be special weather conditions which could cause both decrease of air methane sinks and increase of methane emissions from natural and anthropogenic sources. Perhaps, the late growth of global atmospheric methane concentration after 2007 [3] was partly produced by those seasonal anomalies in the Northern Hemisphere. References: 1. E. Fedorova, A. Ginzburg, A. Vinogradova. Seasonal variations of atmospheric methane and hot winter 2006-2007 // Geophys. Res. Abstracts, 2007, Vol. 9, SRef-ID: 1607-7962/gra/EDU2007-A-06049. 2. A.A. Vinogradova, E.I. Fedorova, I.B. Belikov, et al. Temporal variations in carbon dioxide and methane concentrations under urban conditions // Izv., Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics, 2007, Vol. 43, No. 5, pp. 599-611. 3. Rigby M., Prinn R.G., Fraser P.J., et al. Renewed growth of atmospheric methane // Geophys. Res. Lett., 2008, Vol. 35. doi: 10,1029/2008GL036037

Vinogradova, Anna; Ginzburg, Alexander; Fedorova, Evgeniya



Follow-Up Study of 1991 Dental Hygiene Graduates. Volume XXI, No. 4.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In a continuing effort to measure the quality of their Dental Hygiene program, explore the need for changes, and substantiate the program's goals for accreditation standards, a follow-up study was conducted of the 1991 Dental Hygiene program graduates from William Rainey Harper College (WRHC) in Palatine, Illinois. Surveys were mailed to all 28…

Holt, Marianne; Lucas, John A.


Wetlands and methane emission in the XXI century: RCM-based projection for Northern Eurasia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Russia has largest resources of wetlands in the world. Marshes and forested swamps occupy up to 20% of country's territory. The role of wetlands in the natural processes and human society is multifunctional: from providing wildlife habitat and biodiversity to determining water filtration and runoff control. Wetland is an important agent in the global cycling of greenhouse gases. Their exchanges with the atmosphere affects to the regional and global climates thus represent an essential component of environment. In this study the changes in the spatial distributions of wetlands and methane emission are evaluated using the output from MGO GCM/RCM future climate projection. The calculations were performed for the late 20th century (1981-2000) and mid 21st century (2041-2060) under IPCC A2 GHG/aerosols emission scenario. Several characteristics including moisture coefficient and water table have been analysed in order to describe wetland distribution across Eurasia. It has been found that there is a considerable uncertainty in distributions of the analysed characteristics that complicates wetland identification. The water table depth has been adopted to approximate observed distribution of wetlands. As projected by the regional climate model for the mid 21st century the wetland area will expand, notably in May and September and shrink in summer. Evaluated are methane emissions for the late 20th century over wetlands and its possible changes by the mid 21st century. According to RCM projection the methane emission will likely increase in the forthcoming 50 years due to climate warming by approximately 30%. Modeling deficiencies in the wetland distributions and methane emission calculations are discussed. An attention in the analysis is also given to the expected changes in the methane emission potential due to taliks and lakes.

Pikaleva, A.



Chemical evolution. XXI - The amino acids released on hydrolysis of HCN oligomers  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Major amino acids released by hydrolysis of acidic and basic HCN oligomers are identified by chromatography as Gly, Asp, and diaminosuccinic acid. Smaller amounts of Ala, Ile and alpha-aminoisobutyric acid are also detected. The amino acids released did not change appreciably when the hydrolysis medium was changed from neutral to acidic or basic. The presence of both meso and d, l-diaminosuccinic acids was established by paper chromatography and on an amino acid analyzer.

Ferris, J. P.; Wos, J. D.; Nooner, D. W.; Oro, J.



Partial discharge. XXI. Acoustic emission based PD source location in transformers  

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Acoustic emission-based partial discharge source location has been applied successfully to power transformers in both factory and field environments, and this method is becoming an established test procedure with a high success rate. With the aid of local utilities and utility laboratories that use acoustic emission apparatus daily, we expect further advances in this technology and an improved basis for




Will the Force XXI Revolution in Military Logistics Support Coalition Operations in 2010.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The President's National Security Strategy emphasizes coalition operations to secure basic U.S. national goals, protect and promote U.S. interests, and create preferred international conditions. The U.S. Army is currently undergoing a revolution in milita...

A. R. Cunningham



Soap-based detergent formulations: XXI. Amphoteric derivatives of fatty amides of aminoethylethanolamine1  

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Amides and 2-alkyl-N-(2-hydroxyethyl)-imidazolines were converted into various types of sulfated or sulfonated amphoteric\\u000a lime soap dispersants. The alkylimidazolines could be readily hydrolyzed to give amidoamines. The cyclized amphoteric surfactants\\u000a were generally superior in detergency and lime soap dispersing ability to analogous surfactants derived from amidoamines.\\u000a Some of the cyclized surfactants, when formulated with soap and silicate builder, washed about as

F. D. Smith; W. M. Linfield



Case report: Sadistically motivated offending in an individual with chromosome constitution 47 XXY  

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A case is reported of a young man who had been detained within a maximum security hospital following an apparently motiveless knife attack on a young woman. Features of his presentation suggested schizophreniform psychosis with an underlying personality disorder most closely resembling that of sadistic personality disorder. Subsequent investigation and assessment revealed first clcctroencephalographic abnormalities followed by the chromosomal aberration

Mark Davidson



Twenty Years of Brassinosteroids: Steroidal Plant Hormones Warrant Better Crops for the XXI Century  

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The discovery of brassinosteroids (BS) just over 20 years ago opened a new era in studies of bio-regulation in living organisms. Previously, the only known role of steroids as hormones was in animals and fungi; now a steroidal hormone in plants had been added. Progress in brassinosteroid research has been very rapid. Only 20 years passed between the discovery of

Vladimir Khripach; Vladimir Zhabinskii; Aede de Groot



XXY: The Hidden Disability and a Prototype for an Infantile Presentation of Developmental Dyspraxia (IDD).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

There is an increased incidence of language-learning disabilities with dyslexia by school age. As infants and toddlers, these children have neuromotor and speech dysfunction within their first year. This article postulates that the language and motor dysfunction is caused by infantile presentation of developmental dyspraxia rather than a…

Samango-Sprouse, Carole; Rogol, Alan



Sexology and Social Work in a Case of Klinefelter (47,XXY) Syndrome.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A man with mental retardation, in detention for five years because of sex offenses with preadolescent boys, was not only diagnosed as having Klinefelter syndrome when a social worker read suspected the possibility and arranged for a chromosome test. The importance of a complete medical work-up is emphasized in such cases. (JDD)

Herzog, Daniel; Money, John



[Blood Safety in the XXI century. Transfusion transmitted infectious diseases. International and Mexican view].  


Currently worldwide, the transfusion of blood components cannot be done without residual risks, as compared to those countries with a high human development index, mostly in Europe, that have blood donation systems based on 100% repeat volunteer donors and use molecular biology techniques in screening for infectious diseases. In Latin America and the Caribbean countries, prevention of transfusion-transmissible diseases requires special and different strategies due to several factors: the high prevalence of replacement donors, their specific geographical location, climate, genetic, and sociocultural status of the population make them vulnerable to endemic diseases such as dengue, malaria, and Chagas disease. Thus it is necessary to create local approaches to increase blood safety and achieve the goals set by the Pan American Health Organization. PMID:24481434

Rojo Medina, Julieta



Forecasting the Effects of Army XXI Design Upon Multinational Force Compatibility.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The United States has fought alone before, and it is possible that it will do so again. However, the far greater likelihood is that the United States will fight with an ally or as part of a coalition-another Desert Storm is more likely than another Grenad...

B. Nichiporuk



Prevalence and natural history of Graves' orbitopathy in the XXI century.  


Graves' orbitopathy (GO) is an autoimmune disorder and the main extrathyroidal expression of Graves' disease. There is a spectrum of ocular involvement in Graves' disease, from complete absence of symptoms and signs to sight-threatening conditions. The prevalence of GO varies in different published series of Graves' patients, due to confounding factors (new diagnosis vs long-lasting disease, way of defining and assessing ocular involvement, treatment of hyperthyroidism with potentially GO-modifying treatments, such as radioiodine). Recent studies, however, suggest that most Graves' patients have mild or no GO at presentation, while moderate-to-severe GO is rare, and sight-threatening GO (mostly due to dysthyroid optic neuropathy) is exceptional in non-tertiary referral centers. The natural course of GO is incompletely defined, particularly in patients with moderate- to-severe GO, because these patients require prompt and disease-modifying therapies for orbital disease. In patients with mild GO at presentation, progression to severe forms is rare, while partial or complete remission is frequent. Progression of pre-existing GO or de novo occurrence of GO is more likely in smokers. There seems to be a trend towards a decline in progression of GO, possibly due to a better control of risk factors (cigarette smoking, thyroid dysfunction, etc.) and a closer interaction between endocrinologists and ophthalmologists allowing an improved integrated management of thyroid and orbital disease. PMID:23587873

Piantanida, E; Tanda, M L; Lai, A; Sassi, L; Bartalena, L




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En los últimos años los investigadores han mostrado un creciente interés en las relaciones interorganizativas verticales, principalmente en la Cadena de Suministro. La ausencia de trabajos previos de revisión bibliográfica sobre este tema, que permitan plantear las cuestiones clave a estudiar en Gestión de la Cadena de Suministro, nos ha llevado a realizar un análisis de contenido de la investigación

M. T. Martínez Fernández; T Vallet Bellmunt; R. Barreda Tarrazona



Algunos efectos del mercado único europeo sobre la economía española: Un análisis a través de un modelo de equilibrio general aplicado  

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En este trabajo se examinan algunos efectos de la aplicación de las normas del Mercado Único europeo sobre la economía española. La metodología se basa en simulaciones a partir de un modelo de equilibrio general aplicado especialmente diseñado al efecto. El modelo tiene dos características particulares: por una parte, se incluyen aspectos de competencia imperfecta tales como rendimientos crecientes a

Antonio G. Gómez-Plana; Oscar Bajo-Rubio


Efeito do nível de concentrado sobre o peso dos órgãos internos e do conteúdo gastrintestinal de bovinos Nelore não-castrados  

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RESUMO - O efeito de cinco níveis de concentrado na dieta foi avaliado sobre o conteúdo do trato gastrintestinal e o peso dos órgãos internos e dos compartimentos gastrintestinais de bovinos Nelore não-castrados. Vinte e cinco animais com peso médio de 330 kg e idade média de 20 meses foram distribuídos, em delineamento inteiramente casualizado, em cinco tratamentos com diferentes

Antonia Sherlânea Chaves Véras; Sebastião de Campos Valadares Filho; José Fernando Coelho da Silva; Mário Fonseca Paulino; Paulo Roberto Cecon; Rilene Ferreira Diniz Valadares; Marcelo de Andrade Ferreira; Cristina Maria Sá Fontes



Entrevista a Leandro Cañibano, presidente de la Asociación Española de Contabilidad y Administración de Empresas, sobre las Normas Internacionales de Información Financiera (NIIF)  

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Entrevista a Leandro Cañibano, presidente de la Asociación Española de Contabilidad y Administración de Empresas, sobre las Normas Internacionales de Información Financiera (NIIF). Interview to Leandro Cañibano, president of the Spanish Accounting Association of Business Administration, on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Leandro Cañibano




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Se detennino el efecto de hacer el desle- Cultural practices to control of mango chado de frutos de mango en el suelo y sobre una stem-end rot caused by Botryodiplodia theo- lamina de hierro galvanizado (lamina de zinc), bromaes Pat. The following practices were eva- eliminando 0 dejando el pedunculo para ambos luated for the control of stem-end rot of

Eugenia Gonzalez; Gerardina Umana; Luis Felipe Arauz



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PO C O S E S A B E D E L A S V I N C U L A C I O N E S del internacionalismo anarquista con los movimientos sociales en México en las últimas décadas del siglo X I X. Hasta ahora, quienes han to- cado este tema han privilegiado, sobre todo, la formación y

Clara E. LIDA; Carlos ILLADES



[The quality of cancer registry. From a methodology approach].  


Since 1996 at the unit of epidemiological research of the "Hospital de Pediatría en Centro Medico Nacional Siglo XXI" a cancer registry in children has been done. This registry has been a pioneer with special features like be only in child population attended in Mexico City. The following paper describes the main characteristics of the registry, the strategy used to obtain the data, the quality criterion applied for selecting data like timeliness, validated and complete. A longitudinal and prolective data was obtained. There was a training period for obtaining and register the data. The data was obtained from children with neoplasm attended at the mentioned hospital above. The diagnosis of a solid neoplasm was established by histology and marrow aspirated studies. The population studied was children (0-14 years). It was calculated the incidence (per 1000 000 children/year) by age, sex, diagnosis and place of residence. The trend was evaluated by estimating the average annual percent of change. PMID:23383474

Fajardo-Gutiérrez, Arturo; González-Miranda, Guadalupe




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En el Archivo General de Indias de Sevilla se conserva el expediente de un pleito que enfrentó a Alonso Pérez, copista y clérigo de Medina del Campo, y a Francisco Fernández de Córdoba, conocido impresor de Valladolid, en activo entre 1541 y 1570. Cada uno de los litigantes pretendía los derechos de publicación de los cantorales para las Indias, en

Emilio Ros-Fábregas




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This article synthesizes the trajectory of secondary education in Mexico during the first half of the 19 th century, from the perspective of the government policies of the times. A broad explanation is given of the transformations and customs of secondary education as part of the process of conformation of the Mexican educational system. The paper is based on a



Studies of malformation syndromes in man XXXX: Multiple congenital anomalies\\/mental retardation syndrome or variant familial developmental pattern; differential diagnosis and description of the McDonough syndrome (with XXY son from XY\\/XXY father)  

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The McDonough syndrome is a “new” MCA\\/MR syndrome which was found in 3 children (1 girl, 2 boys) of non-consanguineous parents. The affected children were mentally retarded (IQ 47-67) and had congenital heart defect, sternal deformity, kyphosis and craniofacial anomalies (anteverted auricles, upward slanted palpebral fissures, squint); cryptorchidism was present in the 2 boys. In addition a possible VFDP is

Gerhard Neuhguserl; John M. Opitz



Biosystematic Studies of Ceylonese Wasps, XXI: A Revision of the Bethylinae and Epyrinae (Cephalonomiini and Sclerodermini) (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Keys are presented to the family-, genus-, and species-level taxa. New taxa are: Odontepyris muesebecki, O. ruficrus, O. mandibularis, O. ventralis, Goniozus comatus, G. villosus, G. ecarinatus, G. lucidulus, G. valvolicola, G. fulgidus, G. rutherfordi, C...

K. V. Krombein



Neurocognitive Outcomes of Individuals with a Sex Chromosome Trisomy: XXX, XYY, or XXY--A Systematic Review  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Aim: To review systematically the neurodevelopmental characteristics of individuals with sex chromosome trisomies (SCTs). Method: A bibliographic search identified English-language articles on SCTs. The focus was on studies unbiased by clinical referral, with power of at least 0.69 to detect an effect size of 1.0. Results: We identified 35…

Leggett, Victoria; Jacobs, Patricia; Nation, Kate; Scerif, Gaia; Bishop, Dorothy V. M.



E-mentoring and e-leadership importance in the quality of distance and virtual education Century XXI  

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This paper emphasizes as its main objective how new technologies can assist teachers. The use of information and communication technology in educational settings in the future of teaching is examined with regard to new functions and roles of teachers in coming university distance scenarios. The specific case of the virtual leader and mentor is studied. Special attention is given to

I. García Carreño


The New Approaches to the Planning and Management of Education at the Threshold of the XXI Century.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The crisis in education that faces the nations of the world at the end of the 20th century requires not only a new approach to the development of education as a social institution, but also the restructuring of the traditional systems of planning and management of education. The democratization of educational planning is called for, in which a…

Onushkin, V. G.


Forest- and agroclimatic potential in the Altai-Sayan ecoregion under climate change during the XXI century  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Altai Sayan ecoregion (ASE), central Asia, is located in Russia, Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan, within the window 80-102° E and 42-57° N, north of the territory of Tibet. The ASE is a territory with a great variety of landscapes observed at a short distance: from nival and tundra landscapes at highlands, to taiga (dark-needled and light-needled) and subtaiga at middle elevations, to steppes at lower elevations. This southern part of Siberia is known as having a high agroclimatic potential due to favorable climatic and soil resources. Crops of food, forage, and biofuels primarily reside in steppe and forest-steppe zones and are resistant to frequent droughts and the cold climate. Regional studies over the Altai-Sayan ecoregion have already registered a change in climate at the end of the 20th century: January temperatures increased 1-2°C and July temperatures increased 0.7-1.5°C over the last 50 years in the northern portion of ASE; in the southern, more continental portion of ASE, both January and July temperature increased two times greater, 2-4°C and 1.4-3.2°C,0 respectively. Our goal was to model how mountain vegetation in ASE may be altered in a changing climate through the century to the year 2080 and if the agroclimatic potential in the lowlands of ASE may benefit from climate change. We used our montane bioclimatic vegetation model (MontBioCliM) to predict the future vegetation distribution, coupling MontBioCliM with the HadCM3 A2 and B1 climate change scenarios for 2020, 2050, and 2080. MontBioCliM is an envelope-type model that predicts a vegetation type from three climatic indices: growing degree days, base 5C; negative degree days below 0°C; and annual moisture index (a ratio between growing degree days and annual precipitation). Our model runs indicated that by 2080, forest habitats would decrease from 52% to 48% according to the moderate scenario B1 and from 52% to 38% according the harsh A2 scenario. In a warmer climate, grasslands better adapted to hot and dry climates would replace forest which may not be regenerate because of an increased potential for severe and large fires. At the expense of forests, more potential agricultural lands were modeled to appear in new forest-steppe and steppe habitats in foothills and lowlands in ASE. These lands might become suitable for growing traditional crops and introducing new crops. Bioclimatic models determining crop range and regression models determining crop yields were constructed and applied to the above climate change scenarios. Crops were predicted to extend in size and to 2-fold increase. However, due to shortage of water in the future dry climate crops would necessitate irrigation. A new agroclimatic potential of the Altai-Sayan ecoregion was predicted to evolve as climate changes.

Parfenova, E. I.; Tchebakova, N.; Lysanova, G.; Soja, A. J.




EPA Science Inventory

From 1996 to 1997, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) conducted an air quality study known as the Lower Rio Grande Valley Transboundary Air Pollution Project (TAPP). The study was a U.S.-Mexico Border X...


A Method For The Longitudinal Study Of Behavioral Development In Infants And Children: The Early Development Of XXY Children  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report summarizes preliminary results from a behavioral study of 13 male infants who were ascertained to have an XX Y sex chromosome complement at birth and who are being followed longitudinally through early ontogenesis. (CM)

Walzer, Stanley; And Others



Interdisciplinary Study for Knowledge and Dating of the San Francesco Convent in Stampace, Cagliari - Italy Xiii-Xxi Century)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Franciscan monastery, situated in the historic center of Cagliari (Sardinia), was founded in the thirteenth century, and transformed during the later centuries, up to the present day. The complexity of the case and the lack of objective data about its history has led us to carry out an interdisciplinary inquiry, in order to achieve a better knowledge of the building, preliminary for the drafting of a restoration project that respects all the signs that the time left. Starting from a deep examination of the indirect sources, turned out to be incomplete, the investigation continued with the execution of a survey with laser scanner and with the characterization of materials and related diseases of degradation. For the laser scanner survey we used a Faro Focus 3D, versatile and lightweight instrument that allows to perform scans with high speed point acquisition and high accuracy. For data elaboration we used the JRC 3D Reconstructor Software by the Gexcel srl. The characterization of the materials was performed on a reasoned sampling of natural and artificial materials, referring to masonry, interstitial mortars and plasters, carried out at strategic points, representative of the various phases of the construction. The samples were studied through mineralogical-petrographic methods with instrumental techniques for the analysis of component materials (OM, X-Ray diffraction). The data obtained, crossed with the results of the reconstruction of historical maps, of the examination of masonry techniques and of the analysis of pattern elements (arches, vaults, decorative elements), have facilitated stratigraphic analysis and helped to advance chronological reasoned hypothesis referring to the building. Besides, an interdisciplinary approach for the study of cultural heritage is very important to define a proper restoration and conservation intervention.

Giannattasio, C.; Grillo, S. M.; Vacca, G.




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Resumen Se llevó a cabo la evaluación del cultivo de Pleurotus ostreatus, para determinar el residuo sobre el cual este hongo genera mejor crecimiento y producción. Los sustratos evaluados fueron residuos agroindustriales del departamento de Cundinamarca (capacho de uchuva, cáscara de arveja y tusa de maíz); teniendo como sustrato control el aserrín de roble. Las mezclas a evaluar fueron empacadas

Claudia López-Rodríguez; Ricardo Hernández-Corredor; Christian Suárez-Franco; Marta Borrero; Facultad de Ciencias



La implementación de acuerdos comerciales preferenciales en América Latina: Las experiencias de CH, CR, ES, PE en la implementación de las disposiciones sobre acceso a mercados en el marco de los tratados de libre comercio con Estados Unidos  

Microsoft Academic Search

Este estudio abordará los desafíos y dificultades asociadas con la implementación y administración de las disposiciones sobre acceso a mercados, con especial énfasis en aquellas relacionadas con aduanas y facilitación del comercio. El análisis se realizará para los Tratados de Libre Comercio de Chile - EE.UU; Perú - EE.UU y para el Tratado de Libre Comercio entre Estados Unidos, Centroamérica

Juan Luis Zuñiga; Brian Rankin Staples



Effects of dietary lipid level on growth, survival and body composition of Brazilian codling (Urophycis brasiliensis Kaup, 1858) Efecto de los niveles de lípidos dietarios sobre el crecimiento, supervivencia y composición proximal de la brótola (Urophycis brasiliensis Kaup, 1858)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumen.- El objetivo del presente trabajo es determinar la influencia de los niveles de lípidos en dietas formuladas sobre el crecimiento, supervivencia, índice hepatosomático (HSI) y composición proximal del músculo e hígado de la brótola. Se fabricaron tres dietas diferentes (40% proteína cruda) con 3%, 6% y 10% de aceite de pescado, obteniendo un 5%, 8% y 11% de lípidos

Sergio N. Bolasina; Jorge L. Fenucci



· • Estudo baseado na teoria piagetiana sobre a fidelidade em dois contos de As Mil e uma Noites na versão de Galland 1 Study based on Piaget's theory about fidelity in two stories extracted from \\  

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Resumo: Caracteriza-se por um estudo teórico numa visão piagetiana sobre dois contos da coletânea As Mil e uma Noites na versão de Galland. O objetivo é analisar, nas narrativas, a virtude e a fidelidade, verificando se as relações entre os personagens são mantidas pelo amor, pelo respeito mútuo e relações de eqüidade ou pelo medo e obediência apresentado entre os

Luana Carramillo Going



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ReSUMeN Objetivo: Determinar el nivel de conocimientos sobre el VIH\\/SIDA y las prácticas sexuales de los escolares de 14 a 17 años de la ciudad de Tacna, Perú. Materiales y métodos: Estudio transversal realizado entre septiembre y noviembre del 2004, se realizó un muestreo probabilística bietápico por conglomerados en instituciones educativas nacionales y privadas. Se incluyeron 399 escolares que respondieron

Fresia Catacora-López; Javier Villanueva-Roque


Efecto de la fertilización sobre la calidad de la papa para procesamiento en dos suelos antioqueños con propiedades ándicas Effects of fertilization on the industrial quality of potato in two antioquian Andisol soils  

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En este estudio se evaluó el efecto de tres niveles de NPK a la siembra (500, 1.500 y 3.000 kg·ha -1 ) en combinación con Ca (0, 2, 3 y 7 meq·100g -1 ), Mg (0; 0,7; 1,4 y 3,0 meq·100g -1 ), B (0; 0,5; 1,0 y 2,0 ppm) y S (0, 10, 20 y 40 ppm) sobre el

José M. Cotes




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Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world due to its organoleptic properties and its ability to keep individuals alert. However, its consumption is frequently associated with negative health effects. This paper reviews the most recent information about the relation between coffee and health. A number of epidemiological studies carried out in the last decade consistently

Martín Gotteland; Saturnino de Pablo V



Sobre el origen del código  

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There are several experimental evidences suggesting a primeval world where ribonucleic acid (RNA) was responsible of both code for genetic information, and of catalyze a limited number of reactions. Within this \\

Genético Fumiyoshi Watanabe; Michelle Robles; José A. García




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After pointing out the problems involving the nuddng of historie time series of eco- nomic aggregates, the main estimates of Spanish national income are described, indica- °i>g shortcomings and disparities. Pro£ Prados de la Escosura's work is thorou^ly •\\




SciTech Connect

We have detected the Doppler signature of a gas-giant exoplanet orbiting the star HD 38283, in an eccentric orbit with a period of almost exactly one year (P = 363.2 {+-} 1.6 d, m sin i = 0.34 {+-} 0.02 M{sub Jup}, e = 0.41 {+-} 0.16). The detection of a planet with period very close to one year critically relied on year-round observation of this circumpolar star. Discovering a planet in a 1 AU orbit around a G dwarf star has prompted us to look more closely at the question of the habitability of the satellites of such planets. Regular satellites orbit all the giant planets in our solar system, suggesting that their formation is a natural by-product of the planet formation process. There is no reason for exomoon formation not to be similarly likely in exoplanetary systems. Moreover, our current understanding of that formation process does not preclude satellite formation in systems where gas giants undergo migration from their formation locations into the terrestrial planet habitable zone. Indeed, regular satellite formation and Type II migration are both linked to the clearing of a gap in the protoplanetary disk by a planet, and so may be inextricably linked. Migration would also multiply the chances of capturing both irregular satellites and Trojan companions sufficiently massive to be habitable. The habitability of such exomoons and exo-Trojans will critically depend on their mass, whether or not they host a magnetosphere, and (for the exomoon case) their orbital radius around the host exoplanet.

Tinney, C. G.; Wittenmyer, Robert A.; Bailey, Jeremy A.; Horner, J. [Department of Astrophysics, School of Physics, University of New South Wales, NSW 2052 (Australia); Butler, R. Paul [Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington, 5241 Broad Branch Road NW, Washington, DC 20015-1305 (United States); Jones, Hugh R. A. [Centre for Astrophysical Research, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, AL10 9AB (United Kingdom); O'Toole, Simon J. [Anglo-Australian Observatory, P.O. Box 296, Epping, NSW 1710 (Australia); Carter, Brad D., E-mail: [Faculty of Sciences, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Queensland 4350 (Australia)



The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets. XXI. Three new giant planets orbiting the metal-poor stars HD 5388, HD 181720, and HD 190984  

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We present the discovery of three new giant planets around three metal-deficient stars: HD 5388 b (1.96 MJup), HD 181720 b (0.37 MJup), and HD 190984 b (3.1 MJup). All the planets have moderately eccentric orbits (ranging from 0.26 to 0.57) and long orbital periods (from 777 to 4885 days). Two of the stars (HD 181720 and HD 190984) were

N. C. Santos; M. Mayor; W. Benz; F. Bouchy; P. Figueira; G. Lo Curto; C. Lovis; C. Melo; C. Moutou; D. Naef; F. Pepe; D. Queloz; S. G. Sousa; S. Udry



The HARPS search for southern extrasolar planets XXI. Three new giant planets orbiting the metal-poor stars HD5388, HD181720, and HD190984  

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We present the discovery of three new giant planets around three\\u000ametal-deficient stars: HD5388b (1.96M_Jup), HD181720b (0.37M_Jup), and\\u000aHD190984b (3.1M_Jup). All the planets have moderately eccentric orbits (ranging\\u000afrom 0.26 to 0.57) and long orbital periods (from 777 to 4885 days). Two of the\\u000astars (HD181720 and HD190984) were part of a program searching for giant\\u000aplanets around a sample

N. C. Santos; M. Mayor; W. Benz; F. Bouchy; P. Figueira; G. Lo Curto; C. Lovis; C. Melo; C. Moutou; D. Naef; F. Pepe; D. Queloz; S. G. Sousa; S. Udry



[The economic crisis at the beginning of the XXI century and mortality in Spain. Trend and impact on social inequalities. SESPAS Report 2014].  


This study aimed to assess the impact of the current economic crisis on mortality trends in Spain and its effect on social inequalities in mortality in Andalusia. We used data from vital statistics and the Population Register for 1999 to 2011, as provided by the Spanish Institute of Statistics, to estimate general and sex- and age-specific mortality rates. The Longitudinal Database of the Andalusian Population (2001 census cohort) was used to estimate general mortality rates and ratios by educational level. The annual percentages of change and trends were calculated using Joinpoint regressions. No significant change in the mortality trend was observed in Spain from 2008 onward. A downward trend after 1999 was confirmed for all causes and both sexes, with the exception of nervous system-related diseases. The reduction in mortality due to traffic accidents accelerated after 2003, while the negative trend in suicide was unchanged throughout the period studied. In Andalusia, social inequalities in mortality have increased among men since the beginning of the crisis, mainly due to a more intense reduction in mortality among persons with a higher educational level. Among women, no changes were observed in the pattern of inequality. PMID:24612790

Ruiz-Ramos, Miguel; Córdoba-Doña, Juan Antonio; Bacigalupe, Amaia; Juárez, Sol; Escolar-Pujolar, Antonio




ERIC Educational Resources Information Center


Minnesota State Dept. of Education, St. Paul. Div. of Vocational and Technical Education.


Tabanidae (Diptera) of Amaz?nia XXI. Descriptions of Elephantotus gen. n. and E. tracuateuensis sp. n. (Diachlorini) from the Brazilian coast  

PubMed Central

Abstract Elephantotus, a new genus of Tabanidae from the Amazon coast, Brazil, is described based on a new species E. tracuateuensis. Five females were collected in Pará State, and a male in Maranhão State. Arguments are presented for separating the new genus from Dasybasis, as well as the possibility of its occurrence being related to the nesting sites of coastal birds. The new species is characterized by its large size (x = 2.15 cm, n = 5 females), glabrous eyes, reddish-brown tegument, light brown frontal callus not touching the edges of the eyes, extending up to the vertex that has traces of ocelli, basal plate of the antennal flagellum with obtuse angle, without a tooth or spine, wings hyaline, with brown basal cells, without appendix in the fork of vein R4+5, and genital furca wide with extended flaps.

Gorayeb, Inocencio de Sousa



Aerospace century XXI: Space sciences, applications, and commercial developments; Proceedings of the Thirty-third Annual AAS International Conference, Boulder, CO, Oct. 26-29, 1986  

SciTech Connect

Papers are presented on rocket UV observations of Comet Halley, a space system for microgravity research, transitioning from Spacelab to Space Station science, and assemblers and future space hardware. Also considered are spatial and temporal scales of atmospheric disturbances, Doppler radar for prediction and warning, data management for the Columbus program, communications satellites of the future, and commercial launch vehicles. Other topics include space geodesy and earthquake predictions, inverted cellular radio satellite systems, material processing in space, and potential for earth observations from the manned Space Station.

Morgenthaler, G.W.; Koster, J.N.



The ATLAS3D project - XXI. Correlations between gradients of local escape velocity and stellar populations in early-type galaxies  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We explore the connection between the local escape velocity, Vesc, and the stellar population properties in the ATLAS3D survey, a complete, volume-limited sample of nearby early-type galaxies. We make use of ugriz photometry to construct Multi-Gaussian Expansion models of the surface brightnesses of our galaxies. We are able to fit the full range of surface brightness profiles found in our sample, and in addition we reproduce the results of state-of-the-art photometry in the literature with residuals of 0.04 mag. We utilize these photometric models and SAURON integral-field spectroscopy, combined with Jeans dynamical modelling, to determine the local Vesc derived from the surface brightness. We find that the local Vesc is tightly correlated with the Mg b and Fe5015 line strengths and optical colours, and anti-correlated with the H? line strength. In the case of the Mg b and colour-Vesc relations we find that the relation within individual galaxies follows the global relation between different galaxies. We intentionally ignored any uncertain contribution due to dark matter since we are seeking an empirical description of stellar population gradients in early-type galaxies that is ideal for quantitative comparison with model predictions. We also make use of single stellar population (SSP) modelling to transform our line strength index measurements into the SSP-equivalent parameters age (t), metallicity ([Z/H]) and ?-enhancement [?/Fe]. The residuals from the relation are correlated with age, [?/Fe], molecular gas mass and local environmental density. We identify a population of galaxies that occur only at low Vesc that exhibit negative gradients in the Mg b- and Colour-Vesc relations. These galaxies typically have young central stellar populations and contain significant amounts of molecular gas and dust. Combining these results with N-body simulations of binary mergers we use the Mg b-Vesc relation to constrain the possible number of dry mergers experienced by the local early-type galaxy population - a typical massive early-type galaxy can have experienced only ˜1.5 major mergers before becoming a significant outlier in the Mg b-Vesc relation.

Scott, Nicholas; Cappellari, Michele; Davies, Roger L.; Kleijn, Gijs Verdoes; Bois, Maxime; Alatalo, Katherine; Blitz, Leo; Bournaud, Frédéric; Bureau, Martin; Crocker, Alison; Davis, Timothy A.; de Zeeuw, P. T.; Duc, Pierre-Alain; Emsellem, Eric; Khochfar, Sadegh; Krajnovi?, Davor; Kuntschner, Harald; McDermid, Richard M.; Morganti, Raffaella; Naab, Thorsten; Oosterloo, Tom; Sarzi, Marc; Serra, Paolo; Weijmans, Anne-Marie; Young, Lisa M.



Proceedings of the Twenty-First NASA Propagation Experimenters Meeting (NAPEX XXI) and the Advanced Communications Technology Satellite (ACTS) Propagation Studies Miniworkshop  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The NASA Propagation Experimenters (NAPEX) meeting is convened each year to discuss studies supported by the NASA Propagation Program. Representatives from the satellite communications industry, academia and government who have an interest in space-ground radio wave propagation are invited to NAPEX meetings for discussions and exchange of information. The reports delivered at this meeting by program managers and investigators present recent activities and future plans. This forum provides an opportunity for peer discussion of work in progress, timely dissemination of propagation results, and close interaction with the satellite communications industry.

Golshan, Nasser (Editor)



The `PAMIR XXI' Project of a Complex Setup for the PCR Study in a Wide Energy Range 1014 - 1018 eV  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A new comprehensive EAS experiment for multi-component study of the energy spectrum behavior and composition of the PCR in a wide energy range 1014 - 1018 eV is launched at the Pamirs this year. The experimental setup of ~ 1 km2 in area combines conventional EAS array technique with those of X-Ray emulsion chamber, Cherenkov detector array and Cherenkov atmospheric imaging telescopes (IACT). The goals of the experiment and the experimental techniques are discussed.

Borisov, Alexander; Muminov, Khikmat; Galkin, Vladimir; Puchkov, Vitaly



Women's Satisfaction with Body Image before Pregnancy and Body Mass Index 4 Years after Delivery in the Mothers of Generation XXI  

PubMed Central

Background Body image satisfaction (BIS) influences body weight regulation and may contribute to long-term healthier lifestyle after pregnancy. Thus, we aimed to assess the association between BIS before pregnancy and body mass index (BMI) 4 years after the index pregnancy. Methods As part of the follow-up of a birth cohort, 3612 women with prepregnancy BMI >18.5 kg/m2 were reevaluated 4 years after the birth of a child. BIS was defined as the difference between perceived and ideal body size before pregnancy, assessed by Stunkard Silhouettes after birth. The associations of BIS with BMI change (continuous) and BMI classes at 4 years, based on measured weight and height, were estimated using linear and multinomial regression, respectively. Results Among women with normal prepregnancy BMI, those who felt too small, regarding their ideal, had a 0.25 kg/m2 smaller increase in BMI within 4 years and a lower likelihood of becoming overweight or obese [multivariate-adjusted odds ratio (OR)?=?0.63; 95% confidence interval (95%CI): 0.44–0.91 and OR?=?0.21; 95%CI: 0.05–0.91, respectively) than those satisfied with body image. Feeling too large was associated with a 0.41 kg/m2 larger increase in BMI and a higher risk of becoming overweight or obese (OR?=?2.12; 95%CI:1.73–2.59 and OR?=?3.42; 95%CI:2.02–5.79, respectively). A similar, non-significant, trend was observed for overweight women. Obese women who felt too large had a non-significant decrease in BMI. Conclusions BIS plays a role in maternal body weight after delivery. Realistic body size goals may promote the motivation to lose weight and contribute to higher success in attaining them.

Henriques, Ana; Alves, Elisabete; Barros, Henrique; Azevedo, Ana



Proceedings of the XXI International Workshop High Energy Physics and Quantum Field Theory (QFTHEP 2013). 23 30 June, 2013. Saint Petersburg Area, Russia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Workshop continues a series of workshops started by the Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University (SINP MSU) in 1985 and conceived with the purpose of presenting topics of current interest and providing a stimulating environment for scientific discussion on new developments in theoretical and experimental high energy physics and physical programs for future colliders. Traditionally the list of workshop attendees includes a great number of active young scientists and students from Russia and other countries. This year the Workshop is organized jointly by the SINP MSU and the SPbSU and it will take place in the holiday hotel "Baltiets" situated in a picturesque place of the Karelian Isthmus on the shore of the Gulf of Finland in the suburb of the second largest Russian city Saint Petersburg. Scientific program, the main topics to be covered are: * Higgs searches and other experimental results from the LHC and the Tevatron; impact of the Higgs-like boson observed * Physics prospects at Linear Colliders and super B-factories * Extensions of the Standard Model and their phenomenological consequences at the LHC and Linear Colliders * Higher order corrections and resummations for collider phenomenology * Automatic calculations and Monte Carlo simulations in high energy physics * LHC/LC and astroparticle/cosmology connections * Modern nuclear physics and relativistic nucleous-nucleous collisions * Detectors for future experiments in high energy physics The Workshop will include plenary and two parallel afternoon sessions. The plenary sessions will consist of invited lectures. The afternoon sessions will include original talks. Further details are given at


Biennial Survey of Education in the United States, 1928-1930. Bulletin, 1931, No. 20. Volume I. Chapter XXI: Educational Boards and Foundations  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Contained herein is the biennial report on the Educational Boards and Foundations of the United States from 1928-1930. Reports of funding and grants invested are available from the following: (1) General Education Board; (2) Rockefeller Foundation; (3) Carnegie Corporation of New York; (4) Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; (5)…

Evans, Henry R.



Extreme Geophysical and Weather Related Disasters in the First Decade of the XXI Century - How do the Patterns of these Two Groups of Perils Differ?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The first decade of the 21st century saw natural disasters with an unprecedent level of losses, such as the costliest natural disaster ever, the earthquake and tsunami disaster of March 2011 in Japan (US 210bn in direct economic losses), or Hurricane Katrina in 2005 (US 125bn in direct economic losses). In the first half year of 2011, a fierce tornado season occurred in the US with record-breaking thunderstorm-related losses (US$ 24bn in direct economic losses). Analysing drivers of increasing losses, the most prominent one is increasing and more than ever spatially concentrated destroyable wealth in course of urban sprawl, where loss amplifying factors such as increasingly interwoven streams of goods and services across regions or knock-on catastrophes contribute to recently observed very large losses. Looking at longer time series of annually aggregated numbers and losses of geophysical and weather-related disasters, we find regional indications for the hypothesis that besides socioeconomic changes in wealth and development patterns also natural variability and climate change are already involved in the specific time series patterns of the weather-related proportion. This has to be seen against the background of scientific studies demonstrating an interrelation of anthropogenic climate change and weather extremes.

Hoeppe, P.; Faust, E.; Bove, M.



77 FR 43290 - Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP); Final Allotments to States, the District of Columbia...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 available for certain States). Title XXI of the Social Security Act (the Act...Federal matching funds to States, the District of Columbia...under title XXI of the Social Security Act (the Act). States may implement...



42 CFR 457.622 - Rate of FFP for State expenditures.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...administration made under an approved State child health assistance plan. The rate of...has an approved title XXI State child health plan; (2) The expenditures...State's approved title XXI State child health plan; (3) State...



78 FR 14034 - Health Insurance Providers Fee  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...low-income, elderly, or disabled...XXI of the Social Security Act...providing health care benefits...low-income, elderly, or disabled...XXI of the Social Security Act...Children's Health Insurance...low-income, elderly, or disabled...XXI of the Social Security Act...providing health care...



78 FR 45564 - Notice of Lodging of Proposed Modification of Amended Consent Decree Under the Clean Air Act  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...proposed Joint Stipulation to Modify Section XXI of the Amended Consent Decree with the United...modification are those set forth in Section XXI of the Amended Consent Decree. Generally...the Joint Stipulation to Modify Section XXI of the Amended Consent Decree....



[The Spanish AIDS study group and Spanish national AIDS plan (GESIDA/Secretaría del plan nacional sobre el Sida) recommendations for the treatment of tuberculosis in HIV-infected individuals (Updated January 2013)].  


This consensus document was prepared by an expert panel of the Grupo de Estudio de Sida (GESIDA [Spanish AIDS Study Group]) and the Plan Nacional sobre el Sida (PNS [Spanish National AIDS Plan]). The document updates current guidelines on the treatment of tuberculosis (TB) in HIV-infected individuals contained in the guidelines on the treatment of opportunistic infections published by GESIDA and PNS in 2008. The document aims to facilitate the management and treatment of HIV-infected patients with TB in Spain, and includes specific sections and recommendations on the treatment of drug-sensitive TB, multidrug-resistant TB, and extensively drug-resistant TB, in this population. The consensus guidelines also make recommendations on the treatment of HIV-infected patients with TB in special situations, such as chronic liver disease, pregnancy, kidney failure, and transplantation. Recommendations are made on the timing and initial regimens of antiretroviral therapy in patients with TB, and on immune reconstitution syndrome in HIV-infected patients with TB who are receiving antiretroviral therapy. The document does not cover the diagnosis of TB, diagnosis/treatment of latent TB, or treatment of TB in children. The quality of the evidence was evaluated and the recommendations graded using the approach of the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation Working Group. PMID:23541879

Rivero, Antonio; Pulido, Federico; Caylá, Joan; Iribarren, José A; Miró, José M; Moreno, Santiago; Pérez-Camacho, Inés



XXI Seminario Nazionale. La Valutazione dell'Uso e della Sicurezza dei Farmaci: Esperienze in Italia. Istituto Superiore di Sanita. Roma, 10 Dicembre 2012. Riassunti. (XXI National Workshop. Drug Use and Safety: Italian Experiences. Istituto Superiore di Sanita. Rome, December 10, 2012. Abstract Book).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This book includes the abstracts that will be presented during the Seminar as oral communications or posters. The Seminar, this year in its twenty first edition, is divided in three sessions that will focus on some of the main research topics on drugs in ...

F. M. Ippolito P. Ruggeri R. Da Cas



Algumas Considerações Sobre a Sazonalidade no IPCA  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article presents the results of the analysis of IPCA (Consumer Price Index) seasonality and its items in the period between January 1995 and December 2000. The discussion is based in the points surveyed by Bryan and Cecchetti (1995) regarding the idiosyncratic feature in the seasoning changes of the prices which imply that, despite the items in the IPCA present

Francisco Marcos R. Figueiredo; Roberta Blass Staub



Preguntas para el doctor sobre el cáncer

Serie de preguntas, organizadas por tema, que los pacientes con cáncer pueden hacerle al médico o a otros miembros de su equipo de atención médica para conocer más acerca de su tipo de cáncer y lo que pueden esperar.


Todo Sobre OSHA (All About OSHA).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace for their employees. OSHAs role is to assure the safety and health of Americas workers by setting and enforcing standards; providing training, outreach, and education; establishing par...



Reflecting on Character (Reflexionando Sobre el Caracter).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Responding to the "Proyecto Resolana" article in the July/August 1980 issue of this journal, the article notes the heterogeneity of Hispanic Americans, the three main effects of the European conquest on people of the Western Hemisphere, and attempts to further define the character of Hispanic Americans. (SB)

Candelaria, Cordelia



Resolución de consultas anónimas sobre DNS  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumen—La utilización de DNS como mecanismo base de nuevos servicios telemáticos basados en resolución de nombres puede suponer riesgos en seguridad y privacidad. La información intercambiada entre clientes y servidores viaja sin ningún tipo de protección. Dicha información puede ser capturada por malware o servidores de acceso deshonestos y acabar siendo vendida para su utilización en técnicas de spamming o

Joaquín García-Alfaro; Sergio Castillo-Pérez


La Educacion de los Jesuitas en Cuba durante el Siglo XVI (1566-1574) (Jesuit Education in Cuba during the 16th Century (1566-1574).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Explains the relationship between Spanish colonialism in Cuba, evangelization of the Indians, and the origins of Cuban culture, as well as the role the Jesuits played in this process of transculturation. Analyzes the first phase in the history of the educational work of the Jesuits in Cuba (1566-1574). (BT)

Puentes, Roberto Valdes



Un estudio exploratorio sobre el desarrollo de creencias sobre síntomas como señales de hipertensión arterial  

Microsoft Academic Search

Aunque la hipertensión arterial es un trastorno asintomático, muchos pacientes hipertensos están con- vencidos de experimentar síntomas indicadores de los cambios en su tensión arterial (TA), y los con- sejos y prescripciones médicas pueden verse afectados por estas creencias. Diversos estudios han mos- trado que los pacientes hipertensos usan con frecuencia síntomas como indicadores del estado de su tensión arterial

Genoveva Granados Gámez; Jesús Gil Roales-Nieto; José Luis; Ybarra Sagarduy



MMPI Profiles of Males with Abnormal Sex Chromosome Complements  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Nine males with Klinefelter's syndrome (XXY) and seven XYY males, located primarily in prisons and psychiatric hospitals, were administered the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory. (Author/KW)

Rosen, M.; And Others



Selective Reductions. XXI. 9-Borabicyclo(3.3.1) Nonane in Tetrahydrofuran as a New Selective Reducing Agent in Organic Synthesis. Reaction with Selected Organic Compounds Containing Representative Functional Groups.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The approximate rates, stoichiometry, and products of the reaction of 9-borabicyclo(3.31) nonane (9-BBN) with selected organic compounds containing representative functional groups under standard conditions (tetrahydrofuran, 25 C) were determined in order...

H. C. Brown S. Krishnamurthy N. M. Yoon



Design and Analysis of Salmonid Tagging Studies in the Columbia Basin, Volume XXI; A Summary of Methods for Conducting Salmonid Fry Mark-Recapture Studies for Estimating Survival in Tributaries, Technical Report 2005-2006.  

SciTech Connect

Productivity and early fry survival can have a major influence on the dynamics of fish stocks. To investigate the early life history of fish, numerous methods have been developed or adapted to these much smaller fish. Some of the marking techniques provide individual identification; many others, only class identification. Some of the tagging techniques require destructive sampling to identify a mark; other methods permit benign examination and rerelease of captured fish. Sixteen alternative release-recapture designs for conducting fry survival investigations were examined. Eleven approaches were found capable of estimating survival parameters; five were not. Of those methods capable of estimating fry survival, five required unique marks, four required batch-specific marks, and two approaches required remarking and rereleasing captured fry. No approach based on a simple batch mark was capable of statistically estimating survival.

Skalski, John



Life sciences and space research XXIII(2): Planetary biology and origins of life; Proceedings of the Topical Meeting and Workshops XX, XXI and XXIII of the 27th COSPAR Plenary Meeting, Espoo, Finland, July 18-29, 1988  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

This volume includes chapters on exobiology in space, chemical and early biochemical evolution, life without oxygen, potential for chemical evolution in the early environment of Mars, planetary protection issues and sample return missions, and the modulation of biological evolution by astrophysical phenomena. Papers are presented on the results of spaceflight missions, the action of some factors of space medium on the abiogenic synthesis of nucleotides, early peptidic enzymes, microbiology and biochemistry of the methanogenic archaeobacteria, and present-day biogeochemical activities of anaerobic bacteria and their relevance to future exobiological investigations. Consideration is also given to the development of the Alba Patera volcano on Mars, biological nitrogen fixation under primordial Martian partial pressures of dinitrogen, the planetary protection issues in advance of human exploration of Mars, and the difficulty with astronomical explanations of periodic mass extinctions.

Schwartz, A. W. (editor); Dose, K. (editor); Raup, D. M. (editor); Klein, H. P. (editor); Devincenzi, D. L. (editor)



A Course in Baluchi. Volume Two  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Volume Two contains Units XXI through XXX of the Baluchi course. Unit XXI introduces the Arabic script as adapted for Baluchi. Special conventions, abbreviations, numerals, and punctuation symbols are discussed next, and several sections are devoted to the orthography of certain substantive and verbal affies. A series of reading drills which…

Barker, Muhammad Abd-al-Rahman; Mengal, Aqil Khan


78 FR 45208 - Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP); Final Allotments to States, the District of Columbia...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...funding available to each State, the District of Columbia...Title XXI of the Social Security Act (the...federal matching funds to States, the District of Columbia...under title XXI of the Social Security Act (the Act). States may implement the...



26 CFR 1.5000A-2 - Minimum essential coverage.  

...XXI) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C. 1396a(a)(10)(A)(ii)(XXI)); (B) Optional coverage of tuberculosis-related services under section 1902(a)(10)(A)(ii)(XII) of the Social Security Act (42 U.S.C....



Historia de una reconversión silenciosa. El capital francés en España, c. 1800-1936  

Microsoft Academic Search

Este artículo trata de reconstruir la trayectoria de la inversión francesa en España desde principios del siglo XIX hasta los albores de la Guerra Civil. Para ello, se describen la implantación y apogeo del modelo de inversión francés durante buena parte del siglo XIX; así como su agotamiento y posterior reestructuración a partir del cambio de siglo y, en especial,

Rafael Castro Balaguer



Los ojos de la NASA sobre la Tierra  

NASA Video Gallery

La NASA cuenta con más de una decena de satélites que estudian la Tierra. Conoce la información que recaban los satélites, junto con Gilberto Colón, asistente especial del subdirector del Centro de...


Lo que usted necesita saber sobre™ el cáncer de pulmón

Folleto que describe las opciones de tratamiento, los diferentes médicos que tratan el cáncer de pulmón, la obtención de una segunda opinión, los cuidados de seguimiento y las fuentes de apoyo para alguien que ha sido diagnosticado recientemente con cáncer de pulmón.


Lo que usted necesita saber sobre? el cáncer de seno

Publicación que describe las opciones de tratamiento, la obtención de una segunda opinión, los cuidados de seguimiento y las fuentes de apoyo para alguien que ha sido diagnosticado recientemente con cáncer de seno.


Semana da conscientização sobre a importânciado ácido fólico  

Microsoft Academic Search

Week of Awareness About the Importance of Folic Acid In the first week of October, the Associação Brasileira de Epilepsia (ABE) celebrated the Week of Awareness of the importance of folic acid. On this occasion, representatives of the ABE were present in Women's Outpatient Clinics such as Gynecology, Epilepsy Clinic and that of the Woman's Home giving information to women

Carina Nasser; Cássia Nobre; Suely Mesquita; José Gomes Ruiz; Hosana Reis Carlos; Lígia Prouvot; Elza Márcia



Sobre as bases dos procedimentos investigativos em psicanálise  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo O presente trabalho examina as bases da pesquisa psicanalítica. Parte das marcas deixadas nas investigações psicanalíticas pelos procedimentos científicos de disciplinas como a neurologia e a neurofisiologia no século XIX. Em seguida, acompanha o surgimento de um novo objeto, o sujeito do inconsciente, o qual, ainda que requeira operações que mantenham o rigor e a precisão característicos do pensamento

Anna Carolina; Lo Bianco


Algo sobre el "Don" (Something about the Word "Don")  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses the many uses of the honorific title of "Don" in Spanish literature and Spanish colloquial speech. It may be used to joke and express irony, as in the expression "don ladron" (sir thief), and forms part of many idiomatic expressions. (Text is in Spanish.) (TL)

Pruneda, Armandino G.



Epilepsy. Fact Sheet = Epilepsia. Hojas Informativas Sobre Discapacidades.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This fact sheet, written in both English and Spanish, provides a definition, information on incidence, typical characteristics, and educational implications of epilepsy. It notes that epilepsy is classified as "other health impaired" under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and that children with epilepsy or seizure disorders…

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, Washington, DC.


Verdad Sobre Teresita Terebrans (Truth About Tessie Terebrans).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The pamphlet describes in very simple terms the habits of the pine weevil Dendroctonus terebrans. The insect attacks pine trees to get at the resin, which it needs for nourishment. Healthy trees can shed the insect, but trees damaged or exposed by poor lo...

W. H. Bennett H. E. Ostmark



Lo que usted necesita saber sobre™ el cáncer de seno

E-book que describe las opciones de tratamiento, los diferentes médicos que tratan el cáncer de seno, la obtención de una segunda opinión, los cuidados de seguimiento y las fuentes de apoyo para alguien que ha sido diagnosticado recientemente con cáncer de seno.


Consecuencias de las contracciones excentricas del diafragma sobre su funcion  

Microsoft Academic Search

Introduction and Objectives: Eccentric contractions are those that occur after a muscle has been stretched, and they can predispose the muscle to damage. Most previous studies have been performed on limb muscles, and the potential consequences of eccentric contractions on the respiratory muscles are therefore unknown. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of repeated eccentric contractions

Joaquim Gea; Ercheng Zhu; Juan B. Galdiz; Norman Comtois; Igor Salazkin; JoseAntonio Fiz; Alejandro Grassino


Consecuencias de las contracciones excéntricas del diafragma sobre su función  

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Introduction and ObjectivesEccentric contractions are those that occur after a muscle has been stretched, and they can predispose the muscle to damage. Most previous studies have been performed on limb muscles, and the potential consequences of eccentric contractions on the respiratory muscles are therefore unknown. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of repeated eccentric contractions on

Joaquim Gea; Ercheng Zhu; Juan B. Gáldiz; Norman Comtois; Igor Salazkin; José Antonio Fiz; Alejandro Grassino



Cambio Climático en Bolivia: Impactos sobre Bosque y Biodiversidad  

Microsoft Academic Search

Bolivia tiene un nivel de biodiversidad extremadamente alto y pocos países del mundo tienen mayor diversidad de ecosistemas que Bolivia, cuyas características geográficas varían en altura (entre 200 y 6000 m.s.n.m), precipitación (entre 200 y 5000 mm\\/año), temperaturas (glacial hasta tropical) y topografía, y por lo tanto en tipos de vegetación. Los principales tipos de ecosistemas son representados en 22

Lykke E. Andersen



Iniciativa sobre Efectividad: Primeros frutos (Initiative about Effectiveness: First Fruits).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Spanish- and Portuguese-language bulletin is a follow-up to No. 15 (PS 030 558), which examined some Effectiveness Initiative (EI) projects. This issue presents some beginning efforts to reflect on what has been learned through EI and to draw conclusions. The articles cover the results of EI projects from such angles as their relations with…

Moreno Garcia, Teresa, Ed.




Microsoft Academic Search

A good number of new human fossils have been added in the last decades to the Pliocene record, between 5.3-1.8 MaBP, lightening an initial stage of the human evolution. These remains have been co- llected and examined from tens of sites in East- and South Africa, and the actual collection includes a dozen of species of hominid genera: Ardipithecus, Australopithecus,



[Parenting Information: Drugs. Informacion Para los Padres: Sobre las Drojas.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

These two booklets provide basic information about drugs and drug abuse and are part of a series of 22 booklets, designed specifically to help parents understand their children and help them to learn. "Let's Talk about Drug Abuse," (booklet #18), reviews foreign substances or drugs young people are often exposed to (i.e., tobacco, alcohol,…

Moreno, Steve



Microsoft Academic Search

Cryopreserved semen has impaired fertility compare to fresh semen. The lower post-thaw viability and fertility is related with the spermatozoa sub lethal dys- function establishes in part of the survival population. These facts are relations with many factors (e.g. cold shock, cooling rate, extender composition, and osmotic stress) during the cryopreservation process. In this paper factor affecting the quality or

MC Stornelli; CM Tittarelli; CA Savignone; MA Stornelli


Noves dades sobre briòfits semifòssils de la Garrotxa  

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Hom ha estudiat els briòfits semifòssils dels diferents nivells torbosos de quatre columnes sedimentàries extretes de dipòsits quaternaris de la zona volcànica de la Garrotxa. Hom ha determinat 5 taxons: Drepanocladus aduncus, Leptodyctium riparium, Eurhynchium\\u000aschleicheri, Homalothecium<\\/i> sp. i Meesia triquetra. M. triquetra<\\/i> no s'havia trobat mai a Catalunya i només se'n coneixen dues citacions a tota la península Ibèrica,

Ramón Pérez-Obiol; Creu Casas i Sicart



Lo que usted necesita saber sobre™ el cáncer de pulmón

E-book que describe las opciones de tratamiento, los diferentes médicos que tratan el cáncer de pulmón, la obtención de una segunda opinión, los cuidados de seguimiento y las fuentes de apoyo para alguien que ha sido diagnosticado recientemente con cáncer de pulmón.


Spina Bifida. Fact Sheet = Espina Bifida. Hojas Informativas Sobre Discapacidades.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This fact sheet offers definitions of the three types of spina bifida (spina bifida occulta, meningocele, and myelomeningocele), outlines their incidence, describes characteristics of individuals with spina bifida, and reviews educational implications. The fact sheet discusses the need for many children with myelomeningocele to learn to manage…

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, Washington, DC.


Sobre prestamos y clasificaciones linguisticas (Regarding Borrowing and Linguistic Classification).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article explores the traditionally accepted etymologies of several lexical borrowings in the indigenous languages of the Americas within the framework of comparative linguistics and linguistic classification. The first section presents a general discussion of the problem of tracing lexical borrowings in this context. The section features a…

Key, Mary Ritchie



R evisando f R agmentos del « a R chivo » conceptual latinoame R icano a fines del siglo XX1 R eviewing f R agments of the latin a me R ican c onceptual \\  

Microsoft Academic Search

The proposal of decolonial thought requires the critical generation of a genealogy detached from colonial power. In this search, the article proposes an excursion through some of the circulating explanatory categories of the Latin American academic discourse at the moment of the emergence of paradigmatic changes with postmodern debt. This discussion does not remain closed, but instead opens up to



16 CFR 303.45 - Exclusions from the act.; (xix) Afghans and throws; (xx) Sleeping bags; (xxi) Antimacassars and tidies; (xxii) Hammocks...principally of slats, rods, or strips, composed of wood, metal, plastic, or leather. (8) All textile fiber products...



42 CFR 457.320 - Other eligibility standards.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...pertaining to eligibility for a separate child health program under title XXI. (c...eligibility for coverage under a separate child health plan, a State may accept self-declaration...benefits under the State's separate child health program. (2)...



Photocopy from Evan Leigh's Modern Cotton Spinning (Vol 1), Manchester, ...  

Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

Photocopy from Evan Leigh's Modern Cotton Spinning (Vol 1), Manchester, 1873 (PL XXI); illustration of turbine and belt system. - Harmony Manufacturing Company, Mill Number 3, 100 North Mohawk Street, Cohoes, Albany County, NY


Designing a Professional Development Plan for the Support Operations Officer of the Forward Support Company.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This thesis analyzed the responsibilities of the support operations officer in the FSC of the Force XXI division redesign. Based on these responsibilities, the research question, does the Army need to design a specific professional development plan to tra...

E. W. Zimmerman



Command and Control Experimentation Lessons Learned From the US Army Division Advanced Warfighting Experiment (DAWE).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The purpose of this paper is to identify command and control (C2) experimentation lessons learned from the data collection and analysis processes of the US Army Division XXI Advanced Warfighting Experiment (DAWE). These lessons learned will assist the ana...

D. W. Kroening L. Leath



14 CFR 302.24 - Evidence.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...editions, including electronic versions. (xx) Official Guide of the Railways and Russell's Official National Motor Coach Guide. (xxi) The Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide, and the Rand McNally Road Atlas, United...



14 CFR 302.24 - Evidence.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...editions, including electronic versions. (xx) Official Guide of the Railways and Russell's Official National Motor Coach Guide. (xxi) The Rand McNally Commercial Atlas and Marketing Guide, and the Rand McNally Road Atlas, United...



76 FR 74061 - Federal Financial Participation in State Assistance Expenditures; Federal Matching Shares for...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program, and Aid to Needy Aged...Medicaid) and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expenditures...are used in the Children's Health Insurance Program under Title XXI,...



75 FR 69082 - Federal Financial Participation in State Assistance Expenditures; Federal Matching Shares for...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Medicaid, the Children's Health Insurance Program, and Aid to Needy Aged...Medicaid) and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) expenditures...are used in the Children's Health Insurance Program under Title XXI,...



El efecto del cloruro de N-cetilpiridina sobre la absorción de un colorante reactivo sobre Leacril. Potencial zeta y termodinámica de absorción  

Microsoft Academic Search

Nous avons entrepis des recherches de type expérimentel sur l'absorption et le potentiel de flux de Remazol Blue R (RBB-R) avec des fibres Leacril traitées et non traitées avec 10^-3 M de chlorure de N-cétylpyridine (N-CP-CI). Les modèles de faisceaux capillaires utilisés sont ceux de Goring et Mason, Biefer et Mason, et Chang et Roberston. Le comportement qualitatif du potential

Manuel Espinosa Jiménez; Alfonso Ontiveros Ortega; E. Giménez Martín



Epidemiology of double aneuploidies involving chromosome 21 and the sex chromosomes.  


The chance of two chromosome abnormalities occurring in one conceptus is very small. However, some authors have suggested that double aneuplodies (DAs) might be more common than the product of their individual frequencies. The nonrandomness of such DA events was considered to be evidence that nondisjunction (NDJ) may be genetically determined. Data collected from the National Down syndrome Cytogenetic Register (NDSCR) in England and Wales and from the literature indicate that the frequencies of all nonmosaic DAs, except for 48,XXY,+21, are lower than expected, probably because of strong intrauterine selection against such pregnancies. Collectively, we identified 52 cases of nonmosaic 48,XXY,+21; 28 cases of 48,XYY,+21; and 14 cases of 48,XXX,+21 in liveborns and 13 cases of 48,XXY,+21; four cases of 48,XYY,+21; and two cases of 48,XXX,+21 after prenatal diagnoses. Among these cases, analysis of the published unbiased cytogenetic surveys of liveborn DS revealed 24 cases of 48,XXY,+21; nine cases of 48,XYY,+21; and seven cases of 48,XXX,+21. These figures are different from the expected proportion of 1:1:1 (P < 0.001), with carriers of XXY overrepresented in the group of carriers of DA. Mechanisms put forth to account for the higher occurrence of 48,XXY,+21 may include greater accessibility of disomic ovum to Y-carrying sperm, and promotion of NDJ in ovum by Y-bearing sperm. 48,XXY,+21 DA was found to be age-dependent, as the proportion of mothers over age 35 (x = 33.0) was increased over the general population. This is in contrast to the apparently age-independent 48,XYY,+21 DA, with a mean maternal age of 24.7 (P < 0.001). Paternal ages were also remarkably different between the groups, with a mean age of 37.9 in 48,XXY,+21 cases and a mean age of 27.9 in 48,XYY,+21 cases (P < 0.01). Maternal age-related factors, rather than genetic predisposition, may play a more important role in the etiology of the most common DA, 48,XXY,+21. PMID:15704133

Kovaleva, Natalia V; Mutton, David E



Male infertility in Northeast China: molecular detection of Y chromosome microdeletions in azoospermic patients with Klinefelter's syndrome.  


The prevalence of microdeletions of azoospermia factor (AZF) among azoospermic Klinefelter's syndrome (KFS) patients shows conflicting data. We aimed to detect this frequency in a Northeast Chinese population, and to investigate the possible association between AZF microdeletions and KFS by comparison with previous conflicting reports. Eighty men affected with KFS and a random healthy control group comprising 60 fertile men and women were recruited. AZF microdeletions were detected by multiplex polymerase chain reaction using 9 specific sequence-tagged sites. Karyotype analyses were performed on peripheral blood lymphocytes using standard G-banding. Finally, azoospermia was confirmed in 77 men affected with KFS and no AZF microdeletions were found. Karyotype analysis revealed 1 patient with karyotype 47,XXY,inv (9) (p11, q13), and 2 with mosaic karyotypes (46,XX/47,XXY and 46,XY/47,XXY). All other patients had karyotype 47,XXY. Review of the literature showed that these results were similar to those of other regions of Northeast Asia, but differed from those obtained from Caucasian populations. Our results supported the proposal that AZF microdeletions and KFS result from separate genetic defects. The prevalence of AZF in azoospermic KFS patients varies among populations, and it might result from genetic drift or selective pressure. These results suggest that routine screening for classical AZF microdeletions among infertile azoospermic men with a 47,XXY karyotype might not be necessary in Northeast Chinese individuals. However, it remains imperative for patients considering assisted reproductive treatments, particularly for those with mosaic karyotypes. PMID:24301758

Zhang, H-G; Zhang, Z-B; Wang, R-X; Yu, Y; Yu, X-W; Fadlalla, E; Liu, R-Z



Políticas de vivienda social en el Gran Santiago: proletarización de los sectores populares urbanos  

Microsoft Academic Search

La sumatoria de los procesos productivos, migraciones y pobreza que ha afectado a Santiago de Chile durante el siglo XX ha configurado un cuadro de déficit de viviendas entre los sectores populares como consecuencia del fuerte crecimiento poblacional, la falta de infraestructura urbana y la inestabilidad laboral de los sectores más desposeídos. Es en la segunda mitad del siglo citado

Rodrigo Rocha Pérez; Patricio Antilef Osorio; José Villarroel de la Sotta



Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph Survey of Far-Ultraviolet Coronal Forbidden Lines in Late-Type Stars  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We describe an extensive search with the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) for ultraviolet coronal (T>106 K) forbidden lines in a sample of 29 F-M dwarfs, giants, and supergiants. Measuring coronal lines in the 1150-1700 Å band with STIS has important advantages of superior velocity resolution and an absolute wavelength calibration compared with using the Chandra or XMM-Newton grating spectrometers to observe permitted transitions of the same ion stages in the kilovolt X-ray region. Fe XII ??1242, 1349 (T~2×106 K) and Fe XXI ?1354 (107 K) are well known from solar studies and have been reported in previous stellar work. A search for other coronal forbidden lines in the 1200-1600 Å region was largely negative. The few candidate identifications (e.g., Ar XIII ?1330 and Ca XV ?1375) are too faint to be diagnostically useful. We add new dwarfs to the list of Fe XII detections, including the nearby solar twin ? Cen A (G2 V). Clear detections of Fe XXI were obtained in dMe stars, active giants, a short-period RS CVn binary, and possibly in active solar-type dwarfs. We developed a semiempirical method for removing the C I blend that partially affects the Fe XXI ?1354 profile. As discussed recently by Johnson et al., Capella (? Aur; G8 III+G1 III) displays clear Fe XXI variability between Goddard High-Resolution Spectograph (GHRS) and STIS observations 4 yr apart, which is apparently due to a substantial decline in the contribution from the G8 primary. We present an alternative model of the GHRS and STIS era profiles using information in the two sets of line shapes jointly, as well as knowledge of the behavior of Fe XXI profiles of other late-G ``clump'' giants similar to Capella G8. The full survey sample also provides a context for the apparent variability: the Fe XXI flux of the G8 star in the GHRS spectrum is nearly identical (in LFeXXI/Lbol) to other clump giants of similar LX/Lbol, but it had dropped at least a factor of 6 in the STIS measurement. The He II ?1640 B? feature-which is thought to be responsive to coronal irradiation-also showed significant changes between the GHRS and STIS epochs, but the decrease in the G8 star was much smaller than Fe XXI. The Fe XII flux displays a correlation with the ROSAT 0.2-2 keV X-ray flux that can be described by an ?=0.5 power law. Fe XXI exhibits a steeper, perhaps linear (?=1), correlation with the ROSAT flux down to an activity level of LX/Lbol~10-5, below which detections of the coronal forbidden line are rare. There is no evidence of large, systematic Doppler shifts in either Fe XII ?1242 or Fe XXI ?1354. This suggests that the emissions arise dominantly in confined structures, analogous to magnetic loops on the Sun, rather than, say, in a hot wind. The Fe XII and Fe XXI line widths generally are close to thermal (FWHM~40-90 km s-1 at T~106.2-107.0 K), except for the Hertzsprung-gap giants 31 Comae (G0 III) and Capella G1 and the K1 subgiant primary of HR 1099, all of which show evidence for excess broadening in Fe XXI (Fe XII is obscured in these objects by broad N V ?1242 features). If the excess broadening is rotational, it implies that the hot coronae of ``X-ray-deficient'' 31 Com and Capella G1 are highly extended, contrary to the compact structures suggested by recent density estimates in a number of active coronal sources.

Ayres, Thomas R.; Brown, Alexander; Harper, Graham M.; Osten, Rachel A.; Linsky, Jeffrey L.; Wood, Brian E.; Redfield, Seth



Satellite spectra for helium-like titanium. Part II  

SciTech Connect

K/sup ..cap alpha../ x-ray spectra of helium-like titanium, Ti XXI, from Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor (TFTR) plasmas have been observed with a high resolution crystal spectrometer and have been used as a diagnostic of central plasma parameters. The data allow detailed comparison with recent theoretical predictions for the Ti XXI helium-like lines and the associated satellite spectrum in the wavelength range from 2.6000 to 2.6400 A. Improved values for the excitation rate coefficients of the Ti XXI resonance line, the intercombination lines and the forbidden line, and new theoretical results on the wavelengths and transition probabilities for beryllium-like satellites due to transitions of the type 1s/sup 2/ 2lnl' - 1s2p2l'' nl'' with n = 2-4 have been calculated.

Bitter, M.; Hill, K.W.; Zarnstorff, M.; von Goeler, S.; Hulse, R.; Johnson, L.C.; Sauthoff, N.R.; Sesnic, S.; Young, K.M.; Tavernier, M.



A Rare Case of Klinefelter Syndrome Patient with Quintuple Mosaic Karyotype, Diagnosed by GTG-Banding and FISH  

PubMed Central

Klinefelter syndrome (KS) is the most common sex chromosomal disorder in men. Most of these patients show the 47,XXY karyotype, whereas approximately 15% of them are mosaics with variable phenotype. A 39-year-old male investigated for primary infertility, was clinically normal with small firm testes and elevated levels of FSH, LH and low level of testosterone. Total azoospermia was confirmed on semen analysis. Testicular histopathology revealed no spermatogenesis and absence of germ cells. Karyotype from whole blood culture showed cells with 47,XXY/46,XX/ 45,X/48,XXXY/ 46,XY mosaicism. The predominant cell line was 47,XXY (83.67%). This was confirmed by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). Also the presence of a small population of cells with the 48,XXXY and 45,X karyotypes was detected by FISH. This case illustrates the utility of FISH as an adjunct to conventional cytogenetics in assess the chromosome copy number in each cell line of a mosaic.

Karimi, Hamideh; Sabbaghian, Marjan; Haratian, Kaveh; Vaziri Nasab, Hamed; Farrahi, Faramarz; Moradi, Shabnam Zari; Tavakolzadeh, Tayebeh; Beheshti, Zahra; Gourabi, Hamid; Meybodi, Anahita Mohseni




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This paper aims to review and reflect about psychosocial issues concerning genetic tests, in the context of the new medical paradigm of Predictive Medicine and the emerging perspective of Psychosocial Genetics. Psychosocial implications underlying the practice of genetic tests for late onset diseases require a special attention and a systematic multidisciplinary approach, including psychosocial evaluation and intervention, in order to

José A. Zagalo-Cardoso; Luísa Rolim



Traumatic Brain Injury. Fact Sheet = Lesion Cerebral Traumatica (TBI). Hojas Informativas Sobre Discapacidades.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This fact sheet, written in both English and Spanish, offers general information about traumatic brain injury. Information includes a definition, incidence, individual characteristics, and educational implications. The signs of traumatic brain injury are listed and include physical disabilities, difficulties with thinking, and social, behavioral,…

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, Washington, DC.


Sobre las edades de las componentes del sistema PSR B1855+09  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the last few years several low-mass white dwarfs (helium white dwarfs, He WD) have been detected as companions to millisecond pulsars. In this kind of systems, pulsar emission is activated by mass transfer episodes, which also lead to the formation of the He WD, thus if we set the zero age point at the end of this mass loss transfer episodes, the ages of both objects should be the same. In this sense, PSR B1855+09 system casts some doubts about the correctness of theoretical white dwarf models. The age of the pulsar inferred from its spin-down rate is 5 Gyr. However, existing determination of the mass of the white dwarf companion of this system and recent optical detection of it, which has allowed to infer its effective temperature, have led to an estimative age of 10 Gyr for the white dwarf. Noteworthly, available theoretical calculations used to infer the cooling age of the He WDs, neglect element diffusion. In this work, we present evolutionary calculations for He WDs taking into account the effects of gravitational settling, and chemical and thermal diffusion in a self consistent way, and in particular we use the results to determine cooling ages for He WDs. We find that models within the mass range 0.19 <= M/Msolar <= 0.41 suffer from diffusion-induced thermonuclear flashes, during which an appreciable amount of the hydrogen of the envelope is burnt. Only after the hydrogen envelope has been reduced enough so as not to be able to produce another thermonuclear flash, He WD models evolve towards their final cooling track. During this evolutionary stage, cooling rate is determined by whether stable hydrogen burning is relevant or not. We find that diffusion-induced thermonuclear flashes reduce the hydrogen envelope so as to prevent stable hydrogen burning from being an appreciable source of energy for the models, which are then forced to a rapid cooling. In this way, expected ages for these objects are drastically reduced when compared to the case in which diffusion is neglected (as these models predict thick hydrogen envelopes and thus, a cooling stage dominated by stable hydrogen burning). In particular, we find for the white dwarf companion to PSR B1855+09 an age of 4±2 Gyr, which is in very good agreement with the spin-down age of this pulsar and also shows that the age discrepancy previously found is due to an oversimplification in the physical ingredients of theoretical models.

Serenelli, A. M.; Althaus, L. G.; Benvenuto, O. G.



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Pienso que discutir la optimista predicción teórica global del Sr. Revelle, en la perspectiva que él se pone es difícil, ya que se ubica en una situación ideal, en donde incluso, están resueltos los obstáculos de tipo económico. Tiene además, la ventaja de manejar cifras muy acertadas para afirmar su tesis. Sin embargo, pensar que los países en desarrollo puedan,



Trastornos alimentarios en el deporte: factores de riesgo, consecuencias sobre la salud, tratamiento y prevención  

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Eating disorders appear with relative frequency in sports, such as gymnastics, figure skating or resistance sports, in which weight control is important. Their inci- dence is greater in women, frequently appearing a low self-esteem, a distorted body image in which the body is perceived with an excess of weight, inefficiency, perfectio- nism and a sense of control loss, with compensatory

S. Márquez




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New records or confirmation of recently reported distributional range extensions or altitudinal movements are given or 14 species of birds from Ecuador: Cairina moschata, Netta erythrophthalma, Leucopternis semiplumbeus, Forpus coelestis, Crotophaga sulcirostris, Eriocnemis mosquera, Furnarius cinnamomeus, Pseudocolaptes boissonneautii, Phlegopsis nigromaculata, Querula purpurata, Cyclarhis gujanensis, Progne subis, Haplospiza rustica y Carduelis olivacea. The new records and their releva nce to the

Diego F. Cisneros-Heredia


Notas sobre los Sonidos Consonantes en Espanol (Notes on Consonant Sounds in Spanish)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper examines the Spanish phonetic system, as set forth by Navarro Tomas in his "Manual de Pronunciacion Espanola," and discusses the influences exerted by certain sounds over others. (Text is in Spanish.) (CK)

Ezquerra, Raimundo



Opiniones de Arrow sobre la equidad, la eficiencia y la democracia  

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I. La función objetiva de la economía. Arrow (1975a, pp. 6-7) considera que el creciente papel del gobierno es tal vez la más grande de todas las tendencias contradictorias del capitalismo contemporáneo. Las metas y las funciones del gobierno difieren marcadamente de las perseguidas por empresas lucrativas. El crecimiento de su papel y su tamaño no podrá dejar de afectar

G. R. Feiwel



Perspectivas de las mujeres maltratadas sobre la violencia de pareja en México  

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Objective. To identify personal, cultural, and institutional factors that hinder the solution to domestic violence. Ma- terial and Methods. In Quintana Roo, Coahuila, and Mex- ico City, 26 in-depth interviews with women currently suffering from intimate partner violence and others who had already found a solution were carried out, between May and November 2003. Results. Among women's explana- tions to

Carolina Agoff; Ari Rajsbaum; Cristina Herrera



Diseño metodológico de la Encuesta Nacional sobre Violencia contra las Mujeres en México  

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Objective. To describe the methodology, the research de- signs used, the estimation and sample selection, variable definitions, collection instruments, and operative design and analytical procedures for the National Survey Violence Against Women in Mexico. Material and Methods. A com- plex (two-step) cross-sectional study was designed and the qualitative design was carried out using in-depth interviews and participant observation in health

Gustavo Olaiz; Aurora Franco; Oswaldo Palma; Carlos Echarri; Rosario Valdez; Cristina Herrera



Diseño metodológico dela Encuesta Nacional sobre Violencia contra las Mujeres en México  

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Abstract Objective. To describe the methodology, the research de- signs used, the estimation and sample selection, variable definitions, collection instruments, and operative design and analytical procedures ,for the National Survey Violence Against Women,in Mexico. Material and Methods. A com- plex (two-step) cross-sectional study was designed and the qualitative design was carried out using in-depth interviews and participant observation,in health,care units.

Gustavo Olaiz; Aurora Franco; Lic en Tr Soc; Oswaldo Palma; Carlos Echarri; en Demografía; M en Antrop; Cristina Herrera


FRANKENFOODS E REPRESENTAÇÕES SOCIAIS: percepções contemporâneas sobre biotecnologia, natureza e alimentação  

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Through an analysis of contemporary perceptions of biotechnology, nature and food, this work is an endeavour to provide elements and analytical perspectives that contribute to an understanding of the social representations about genetically modified crops and foods.

Renata Menasche


Efecto de las colisiones sobre el Plano Fundamental de bulbos de galaxia espirales  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The main aspects of the Fundamental Plane (FP) relation for ellipticals and early type bulges can be explained assuming the virialization of the systems, however, the observed dispersions are larger than instrumentation errors and have been thought to have physical basis. Even more, it is expected that the scatter and the position that different objects ocupy on it, could give clues on the mechanisms of galaxy formation and on the evolutionary path of galaxies. The FP relation has been observed and confirmed in the local Universe and it has been recently estimated for galaxies at intermediate redshifts. However, these estimations are based on a low statitical number and effects such as the evolution of the stellar populations and the presence of dust may introduce additional dispersion. Scannapieco & Tissera (2003) studied the mass distribution of disk systems and the way in which this distribution is modified by mergers. These authors have used numerical simulations which included gravitation, hydrodynamics, cooling and stellar formation in a cosmological frame work. As a consecuence, the collision parameters and the physical features of the simulated objects are the result of the consistent formation of the structure in a hierarchical scenario. The results show that depending on the caracteristics of the potential well, some systems may suffer gas inflows as a result of tidal fields during the orbital decay of the satellite system. This gas inflow originates a star burst previous to the fusion (i.e. secular evolution) which tends to form bulges with exponential profiles. In this work we present preliminary results on the effects of mergers on the FP defined by bulges. We found that the simulated bulges determines a FP in agreement with observations. We have detected that the mergers could significantly affect the FP depending on the internal properties of the galactic systems. And, particularly, secular evolution is found to play a critical role in the determination of a FP with the observed slope (Smith Castelli et al., 2004, in preparation).

Smith Castelli, A.; Scannapieco, C.; Tissera, P.


Estudo sobre excrecao de (sup 210) Po na urina. (Excretion of (210) Po in urine).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The urine of mines's workers is analysed to detect the presence of (210) Po. The results were compared the workers and with a control population. Cigarettes samples were analysed and confirmed the (210) presence. The control population was divided in smok...

A. M. G. Fonseca Azeredo



Enfrentando a mastectomia: análise dos relatos de mulheres mastectomizadas sobre questões ligadas à sexualidade  

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Facing mastectomy: analysis of the discourse of mastectomized women about questions of sexuality. This research intended to analyze the self-perception of sexuality of six 37 to 55 year old women who had been submitted to radical mastectomy one and a half to eight years before. For this analysis, the author chose the technique of content analysis, according to which the

Tânia Pires Duarte; Ângela Nobre de Andrade



Impacto de oito semanas de treinamento com pesos sobre a força muscular de homens e mulheres  

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Impact of an eight-week weight training program on the mus- cular strength of men and women The objective of the present study was to verify the impact of an eight-week weight training program (WT) on the muscular strength. To do so, 23 men (20.7 ± 1.7 years) and 15 women (20.9 ± 2.1 years), apparently healthy and moderately active (regular

Raphael Mendes Ritti Dias; Edilson Serpeloni Cyrino; Emanuel Péricles Salvador; Fábio Yuzo Nakamura; Fábio Luiz Cheche Pina; Arli Ramos de Oliveira



Speech and Language Disorders. Fact Sheet = Trastornos del Habla y Lenguaje. Hojas Informativas Sobre Discapacidades.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This fact sheet on speech and language disorders is presented in English and Spanish. It provides information on the definition of speech and language disorders and possible causes; the incidence (about one in ten people); and characteristics of delayed communication, speech disorders, and language disorders. It notes educational implications,…

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, Washington, DC.



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The objective of this work was to evaluate the effect of the two minerals additives (microsilica and meta-kaolin) on the properties of wood cement-bonded particleboard (WCBP) with different amounts (0%, 20% and 30%) of additives. Portland cement of high initial resistance was used in the production of panels as binder material. It was mixed with Eucalyptus urophylla wood particles to

Gilmar Correia Silva; Jair Figueiredo; Érika da Silva Ferreira



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Plants from Piperaceae family are known to contain in their composition substances with insecticidal properties. Identification and isolation of compounds from these plants represent an alternative to conventional chemical insecticides, representing a promosing alternative to the incorporation of nex substances to the pest management, with important ecological advantages, like low environmental and human impact. The present study was developed to



Una nota sobre el modelo de telaraña y los mercados a futuro  

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Generalmente se acepta que los mercados que funcionan con expectativas del tipo “telaraña” son ineficientes y que agentes con expectativas correctas podrían explotar esta ineficiencia ya sea a través de convertirse en productores del bien en cuestión o vendiendo las predicciones propias que serían más acertadas que la del tipo “telaraña”. Esta nota presenta un tercer método para explotar las

Maurice W. Schiff



Incidencia de los tipos del mercado monetario sobre los precios de las operaciones bancarias  

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Within a global frame leading to the elaboration of an interest rate risk pricing model applicable to financial institutions which takes the basis risk into account, the current paper analyses the long-term impact of the most representative Spanish monetary market interest rates variations over the interest rates offered by financial institutions. With that purpose, Johansen’s cointegration methodology is applied by

Cristóbal González Baixauli; Román Ferrer




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Effect of plant density on yield and quality of corn fodder. The experiment was condunted at the Alfredo Volio Mata Experimental Station of the University of Costa Rica, located at 1542 meters above sea level. The purpose was to determine the effect of plant density on total forage mass and the nutritive value of corn. Three diferent plant distances we-

Jorge Elizondo; Carlos Boschini


Um Estudo sobre Gerência de Configuração de Software aplicada ao Desenvolvimento Baseado em Componentes  

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This study aims to analyze the Software Configurati on Management (SCM) approach for conventional development and identify points that need to be tai lored to support Component Based Development (CBD). We believe that adapting SCM process to support CBD by applying variants for producer and consumer teams is the best way to take advantage of the benefits of SCM a

Ribeiro Dantas; Hamilton Oliveira; Leonardo Gresta; Paulino Murta; Cláudia Maria; Lima Werner


Reflexiones sobre el buen gobierno corporativo en las empresas periodõ ´sticas  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumen: El interes por el gobierno corporativo en las empresas informativas no es un tema nuevo, pero ha adquirido singular relevancia en los ultimos anos, como resultado de las transformaciones que se han vivido en los esquemas de propiedad y de gestion de las compan ˜õ ´as. En este artõ ´culo se trata de explicar por quela naturaleza de los

Angel Arrese


Influência do ciclo de polimerização sobre a dimensão vertical de oclusão em próteses totais  

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Dimensional changes in the acrylic resin base during polymeri- zation procedure can cause increase in occlusion vertical dimen- sion in complete dentures. The objective of this study was to eva- luate the influence of different polimerization cycles in water bath on the occlusion vertical dimension in complete dentures. Three cycles were used to cure upper complete dentures, one for a



Efeitos do treinamento aeróbio de alta intensidade sobre a economia de corrida em atletas de endurance  

Microsoft Academic Search

ORTIZ, M. J.; STELLA, S.; MELLO, M. T.; DENADAI, B. S. Effects of high intensity aerobic training on the ruming economy in endurance runners. R. bras. Ci. e Mov. 2003; 11(3): 53-56. The objective of this study was to analyze the effects of high intensity training on running economy (RE) in endurance athletes. Seventeen runners (33.4 + 4.4 years; 62.7

Marcelo Janini Ortiz; Benedito Sérgio Denadai; Sérgio Stella; Marco Túlio de Mello


Sobre a quantizacao de um sistema classicamente caotico. (Quantization of classically chaotic system).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Some propeties of a quantization in terms of observables of a classically chaotic system, which exhibits a strange are studied. It is shown in particular that convenient expected values of some observables have the correct classical limit and that in thes...

N. F. Godoy




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The purpose of this article is to analyze the consequences of the exchange rate fluctuation on the results and market value of the Brazilian flat steel companies, in the last five years. In this period, two different scenarios could be identified: in 2002, when the US dollar strengthened relative to the Real, and, in 2003\\/2004, when an appreciation of the



Perspectiva General sobre la Sordo-Ceguera (Overview on Deaf-Blindness). DB-LINK.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This overview provides basic information on the causes of deaf-blindness and the particular challenges faced by individuals who are deaf-blind. Causes of deaf-blindness include various syndromes, multiple congenital anomalies, prematurity, congenital prenatal dysfunction, and various postnatal causes. Differences between people deaf-blind from…

Miles, Barbara


Actitud en niños y adultos sobre los estereotipos de género en juguetes infantiles  

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Resumen. El trabajo muestra cómo a través del juego las nuevas generaciones aprenden y reproducen los patrones de conducta que observan en su entorno familiar, social, escolar y, especialmente, en los medios de comunicación. En este estudio participan 400 niños de entre tres y siete años de edad y 200 universitarios, y se realiza un análisis de las preferencias y

María del Carmen; Martínez Rein; Manuel Vélez Ce



neuromuscular sobre o consumo máximo de oxigênio e salto vertical em atletas iniciantes de voleibol  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO As alterações ocorridas na performance motora de jovens en- volvidos em treinamentos especializados ainda não são muito cla- ras. Este é um conhecimento de suma importância para a correta prescrição desses treinos. O objetivo deste estudo foi verificar a influência do treinamento nas variáveis neuromotoras e orgânicas de jovens atletas na modalidade voleibol em diferentes momen- tos do programa.

Alexandre Altini Neto; Ídico Luiz Pellegrinotti; Maria Imaculada; L. Montebelo


Conocimientos maternos sobre signos de peligro en diarrea aguda en el marco de la estrategia AIEPI  

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de hidratación. Métodos: Estudio descriptivo por medio de una encuesta. Se aplicó un instrumento de investigaciones operativas de AIEPI, a 204 cuidadores elegidos consecutivamente que asistieron por primera vez a la consulta de crecimiento y desarrollo de un hospital de nivel I en Popayán, Colombia. Se midieron variables: edad materna, sexo, edad del niño, área (rural-urbana), estrato socioeconómico, vínculo al





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Effect of alcohol-gel hand hygiene on nosocomial infections due to multi-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae. Handwashing is considered the most important and effective infection control measure to prevent transmission of nosocomial pathogens. However, compliance with handwashing by health care workers is low. A new modality for hand hygiene is alcohol gel rub, which reduces time required, does not damage the skin and



Evite los Conceptos Erróneos cuando Enseñe sobre las Plantas  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The resource is useful for teacher's professional development by alerting educators to many plant misconceptions in teaching literature. In the thought provoking, peer reviewed resource fifty misconceptions are identified. Some misconceptions are easier to identify because they are oversimplifications, overgeneralizations, or misidentifications. Others are more difficult to identify because they are obsolete concepts and terms or flawed research.

David R. Hershey (biology education consultant;)



The Science and Engineering of Materials Documento Sobre Ciencia E Engenharia DOS Materials.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Priorities in projects being developed in materials science and engineering are defined for the following sub-areas: semiconductors, ceramics, glasses, conjugate materials, catalysts, rubber, plastics, firewoods, materials for civil construction, and mate...



La atención de enfermería sobre el impacto de la enfermedad crónica en la familia  

Microsoft Academic Search

1 . La magnitud del impacto que una enfermedad provoca en la familia y la persona, está determinada por factores tales como: la forma en que inicia, el curso, las demandas que genera, el grado de incapaci- dad que causará, la gravedad, la frecuencia de las recaídas, los pro- blemas que se desencadenarán li- gados con las tareas del ciclo

Elena Mora-Escalante


Conocimientos, actitudes y prácticas sobre el tabaquismo en estudiantes de Enfermería y Obstetricia del Instituto \\  

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The study of smoking in people in the phase of academic education is important considering that they will orientate about the risks of chronic diseases in the future. This cross-sectional observational descriptive study with an analytical component determined prevalence, characteristics of the smoking habit, knowledge and attitudes towards the smoking in students registered in 2007 in the Institute \\

Morel de Festner JC; Andrés Barbero



Profesionalismo: Un estudio fenomenologico sobre experiencias de universitarios en programas de salud  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Some studies suggest that, upon admission, medicine programs students display eagerness for community service, aspirations to be useful, and to contribute to society's well-being. Those same studies reflect that qualities of idealism, moral nature, and internal motivation, suffer a subsequent diminishing. The researchers inferred that the main reason for this process of change in the mood and disposition of these future physicians lies in the modeling they receive from medical professionals throughout clinical learning activities, by way of behavior and relationships exhibited during daily interaction with peers, patients and the students themselves. This phenomenological study used a cross-sectional sample to explore the experiences of future health workers as they went through didactic and clinical phases of their training curriculum. The study employed semi-structured interviews and reflective journals to explore those experiences and to discover the meanings ascribed by the participants. The analysis revealed that the students defined "professionalism" in terms of scientific knowledge, commitment, respect for human dignity, comradeship, courtesy, empathy, integrity, altruism, motivation. They also described their feelings as they went through the didactic and clinical experiences, and recognized as very important the extracurricular activities of community service, describing them as useful opportunities which contributed to understand their work in terms of a mission dedicated to the achievement of the social benefit. From their individual perspectives, the clinical environment could, in general, be described as congruent with those characteristics of professionalism. During the study we had the opportunity to share, in a little deeper way, the environment... the world... of this small group of young students as we went on trying to decipher their feelings and thoughts. At the end, we realized the richness of their sensibilities, we perceived the intensity of their moral and ethical convictions, we were able to understand their concerns, worries, struggles and efforts. This life event had profound and significant repercussions in our personal and professional life. As a result, and from now on, we will no longer look at our young scholars and apprentices without imagining a noble spirit, with goals which at times could seem unattainable... without completely visualizing or conceiving real hope for a better country.

Lopez Ortiz, Wilma J.


30 Anos de Investigação Sobre Externalidades do IDE para as Empresas Domésticas – Que Conclusões?  

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During the last three decades, a vast literature emerged on the empirical evidence of productivity spillovers from FDI. This is related to the fact that multinational firms own intangible assets which may be transmitted to domestic firms and thereby raise their productivity level. Results obtained so far are however mixed, and it does not seem possible to get a straightforward

Nuno Crespo; Maria Paula Fontoura



Programa de relajación creativa y su incidencia sobre los niveles de creatividad motriz infantil  

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In\\u2029 this\\u2029 study\\u2029 we\\u2029 analyse\\u2029 the\\u2029 effects\\u2029 that\\u2029 a\\u2029 creative\\u2029 relaxation\\u2029 programme\\u2029 can\\u2029 have\\u2029 on\\u2029 the\\u2029 levels\\u2029 of\\u2029 motor\\u2029 creativity\\u2029 (fluidity,\\u2029 originality\\u2029 and\\u2029 imagination)\\u2029 of\\u2029 a\\u2029 group\\u2029 of\\u2029 children\\u2029 in\\u2029 the\\u2029 last\\u2029 year\\u2029 of\\u2029 Infant\\u2029 Education.\\u2029For\\u2029this\\u2029purpose,\\u2029two groups\\u2029of\\u2029children\\u2029took\\u2029part:\\u2029a control\\u2029group\\u2029that\\u2029did\\u2029not\\u2029receive\\u2029an\\u2029 intervention\\u2029programme\\u2029and\\u2029an\\u2029experimental\\u2029group\\u2029that\\u2029received\\u2029a\\u2029creative\\u2029relaxation\\u2029programme.\\u2029The\\u2029 levels\\u2029of\\u2029motor\\u2029creativity of\\u2029the\\u2029two\\u2029groups\\u2029were\\u2029assessed using\\u2029the\\u2029test\\u2029Thinking\\u2029Creatively\\u2029in\\u2029Action\\u2029 and\\u2029 Movement\\u2029 by\\u2029 Torrance.\\u2029 A\\u2029 significant\\u2029 improvement\\u2029 in\\u2029 the\\u2029 variables\\u2029 studied\\u2029 was\\u2029 perceived\\u2029 in\\u2029 the\\u2029 experimental\\u2029group\\u2029in\\u2029comparison\\u2029to\\u2029the\\u2029control\\u2029group.



Contribución a la teoría de Chandrasekhar sobre la dinámica de los sistemas estelares  

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Within Chandrasekhar's theory on the dynamics of stellar systems, the shape of regular extragalactic nebulae is explained. Starting from the mentioned author's differential equations several important theorems are proved, which allow to attack the problem from a new point of view. Al first approximation, it is supposed that a regular extragalactic nebula is a stellar system the velocity field of

Juan J. de Orús



Notas sobre o conceito de empresário e empresa no código civil brasileiro  

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The concept of entrepreneur that Brazilian legislators introduced in the Civil Code lacks precision. Interpreters must peruse several other articles to understand the meaning of said concept. The ambiguity created by the wording of article 966 and its sole paragraph leads to the conclusion that, regardless the fact that this part of the Brazilian Civil Code is designated as \\

Rachel Sztajn


Comparación de dos técnicas anestésicas sobre los niveles plasmáticos de marcadores inflamatorios  

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Summary Background: The aim of this work was to determine and compare plasma levels of proinflammatory cytokines (IL-1?, IL-6 and TNF-?), C-reactive protein (CRP) and lipoperoxides in patients submitted to laparoscopic cholecystectomy under general anesthesia or regional anesthesia. Methods: Two groups of 15 patients of both sexes were sub- mitted to laparoscopic cholecystectomy either with general or regional anesthesia. In

Alejandro Bravo-Cuéllar; José Enrique Romero-Ramos; Georgina Hernández-Flores; Felipe de Jesús Romo-Pérez; Luis Bravo-Cuéllar; José Manuel Lerma-Díaz



Evidencia reciente sobre programas preescolares (Recent Evidence on Preschool Programs). ERIC Digest.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Noting that growing evidence indicates that high-quality preschool child development programs contribute to the short- and long-term development of children living in poverty, this Digest summarizes recently reported experimental and quasi-experimental studies of Head Start and similar programs. Recently reported experimental studies include those…

Schweinhart, Lawrence J.


Astroblema Domo de Vargeão, SC Registro de Impacto Meteorítico sobre Rochas Vulcânicas da Bacia do Paraná  

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O Domo de Vargeão é um dos raros exemplos de astroblemas em território brasileiro. Localizada na região oeste do estado de Santa Catarina, esta notável depressão circular possui aproximadamente 12 quilômetros de diâmetro e exibe desníveis abruptos de até 150 m entre suas bordas e as porções internas. A feição circular hoje existente nesse local representa o remanescente erosivo de

Alvaro Penteado Crósta; César Kazzuo-Vieira; Asit Choudhuri; Alfonso Schrank


Abertura Financeira e Vulnerabilidade Externa na América Latina: os impactos sobre Brasil, México e Argentina  

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Resumo: Este trabalho, na primeira seção, define o que costuma ser entendido como um processo de abertura financeira, identifica os níveis que compõem este processo, e lista as principais justificativas teóricas costumeiramente apresentadas para a implementação deste tipo de política. Na segunda seção, discute-se teoricamente o impacto dos processos de liberalização financeira na autonomia de política econômica e no grau

Juan Pablo Painceira; Marcelo Dias Carcanholo


Consideracoes Historicas sobre o Ensino Profissionalizante no Brasil (Historical Considerations about Professional Education in Brazil).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Analyzes the paths taken in professional education in Brazil from the colonial period until the formation of the republic. Refers to specialists as well as specific laws for each period described in the study. (BT)

Barros, Marta Silene Ferreira




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This paper evaluates the contribution of cash transfer programmes to the observed fall in inequality in Brazil between 1995 and 2004 as well as its impact on poverty. We use the 2004 Brazilian National Household Survey (PNAD) that for the first time collected data on the incidence of some of the cash transfer programmes. We develop a methodology to separate

Fabio Veras Soares; Sergei Soares; Marcelo Medeiros; Rafael Guerreiro Osório



Crescimento de filmes anodicos sobre niobio. (Growth of anodic films on niobium).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The analysis of the response of the galvanostatic growth of anodic films on niobium metal in aqueous solutions is shown. The first spark voltage showed a dependence upon value of current density that could be explained as the incorporation of anions into ...

M. A. B. Gomes L. O. S. Bulhoes



Competência social e empatia: um estudo sobre resiliência com crianças em situação de pobreza  

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Social competence and empathy: Study about resilience with children in poverty Resumo O objetivo desse estudo foi avaliar a competência social e a empatia em crianças escolares que vivem em situação de po- breza. Participaram da pesquisa 100 crianças, de ambos os sexos, com idades entre seis e nove anos. Os instrumentos utilizados foram o Teste das Histórias Incompletas (THI)

Alessandra Marques Cecconello; Sílvia Helena Koller




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No-tilled soils have higher penetration resistances and bulk density values than tilled soils. Shallow compaction may be alleviated using deep tillage practices. The objectives of this study were to determine the effects of soil alleviation on: 1- soil physical properties at maize sowing and harvest, 2- root abundance, maize yield and its components. Three experiments were conducted during the 2004\\/05



Um estudo sobre a permanência e a evasão na Educação a Distância 1  

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The article describes a research carried out in distance education. In this experience it was our aim to investigate the evasion in this education system, distance education. The interactions were analysed in the light of some categories in order to identify the dialoguesconversations in the perspective of Paulo Freires and Jean Piagets theories. It showed the need of dialogue conversation

Rute Vera; Maria Favero


Sobre la aplicación de la analogía para derivar un teorema extendido de Pitágoras para el tetraedro  

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A Abbssttrraacctt:: The trirectangular tetrahedron is a three-dimensional generalization of the two-dimensional right triangle. It is a corner cut from a cube by means of an oblique plane, just as a right triangle is a corner cut from a square by means of an oblique line. The tetrahedron mentioned also obeys an Extended Pythagorean Theorem in which the sum of

M. A. Murray-Lasso




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O caminho percorrido para que as questões do género e do desenvolvimento e em especial a sua interligação sejam assuntos importantes e alvo de atenção tanto académica como política, foi longo. Várias áreas do conhecimento, como a sociologia, a antropologia e a economia, contribuem para a construção do conhecimento neste domínio, a par de outras mais recentes como os estudos

Vanda Margarida De Jesus Dos Santos Narciso; Pedro Damiao de Sousa Henriques




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THE HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY EFFECTS ON CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE IN CLIMATERIC WOMAN The reason of this review is that when being coronary heart disease (CHD) the main cause of morbility and mortality in 65 years older women from west countries (45 % of the deaths) and to exist controversy in the prescription of the hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for primary and

Luis Daniel Navarro



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SUMMARY This paper describes the activities carried out in the Enhanced Research Program on Billfish in Venezuela (PIIMV) for the period from January 2006 to July 2007. During the period indicated 16 trips were carried out in 2006 and four in 2007, monitored by PIIMV observers, which represented a coverage rate in 2006 of 7% for all the trips made

Luís A. Marcano; Freddy Arocha; José Alío; Jesús Marcano; A. Lárez; X. Gutiérrez; G. Vizcaino



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Additional information is presented on the distribution of various exotic species of Brassicaceae, introduced recently to central Mexico. Three populations of Thlaspi arvense L. and Sinapis alba L. are reported. The species Diplotaxis muralis (L.) DC., Hirschfeldia incana (L.) Lagrèze-Fossat and Brassica tournefortii Gouan, known previously from northern Mexico, are now naturalized at various localities in the central part of



Reflexiones sobre el sistema y las políticas de innovación del País Vasco  

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El primer capítulo de este documento compara el sistema de innovación vasco con el de otros países avanzados, basándose para ello en las estadísticas de I+D y en el indicador europeo de innovación (EIS). En segundo lugar, el sistema vasco se compara con el de otras regiones, basándose en las tipologías de regiones europeas y españolas elaboradas por el autor,

Mikel Navarro



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The F1560 carburized steel is used in the gears manufacturing industry and high hardness values combined with good toughness are required in order to withstand wear and fatigue problems. Cryogenic treatments have been used for some time to improve the properties of different automotive devices and it could be a way to increase the gear life. However one inconvenience is

M. Preciado; M. Solaguren-Beascoa; P. M. Bravo; J. M. Alegre



Estimativa de impacto da amamentação sobre a mortalidade infantil Impact estimates of breastfeeding over infant mortality  

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Objective Infant mortality in the state of São Paulo has decreased in the last years and it seems to be leveling off at a limit beyond which further reductions are challenging. Early neonatal causes account for 50% of these deaths and the remaining are mostly due to pneumonia and diarrhea. This study is to assess the impact of breastfeeding over

Maria Mercedes Loureiro Escuder; Sonia Isoyama Venancio; Julio César Rodrigues


Iniciativa sobre Efectividad: Un entorno para el aprendizaje (Initiative about Effectiveness: An Environment for Learning).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Spanish- and Portuguese-language bulletin presents articles focusing on the Effectiveness Initiative (EI), a project of the Bernard van Leer Foundation for making a qualitative analysis of those elements of the programs of Early Childhood Development (ECD) that benefit the participants and their communities and cultures. The first article…

Moreno Garcia, Teresa, Ed.




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Human emotional interchange implicates expression\\/recognition of emotions. The human face is a conspicuous place to express\\/read emotion. Certain emotions associate with emotional tearing, differentiable from basal and reflex tearing. Murube, Murube and Murube (1999) classified emotional tearing in requesting- and offering -help. The validity of that typology was evaluated using faces of people of both sexes crying because of their



Um Estudo sobre Técnicas de Aprendizado de Máquina aplicadas à Mineração de Dados  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper presents a comparative study between the application of Artificial Neural Networks and the k-Means algorithm, for Data Mining. Such machine learning techniques are used as tools for data classification and clustering. The database used treats on a psychological experiment that analyses the human behavior based in a scale. Resumo. Este artigo apresenta um estudo comparativo entre a aplicação

Maicon de Brito; Denise Regina Pechmann



Territorios agrarios y realidades rururbanas: Reflexiones sobre el desarrollo rural a partir del caso pampeano bonaerense  

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The debate on rural development has undergone a strong renewal due to transformations in agriculture, and in rural economies and societies. In this context, a broader vision of the rural medium has been observed, which includes rururban spaces where services and supply chains relating to local and regional production and consume are located. Of particular importance are non-agricultural occupations as

Silvia Gorenstein; Martín Napal; Mariana Olea



Impacto da redução dos encargos trabalhistas sobre a formalização e o salário das empregadas domésticas  

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O presente artigo faz uma avaliação da polarização de renda no Brasil para os anos de 1981 e 2003. Após diferenciar os conceitos de polarização e de desigualdade de renda, calculamos o índice de polarização da renda no Brasil, com base na metodologia proposta por Esteban, Gradin e Ray (1999). Os resultados indicam que a bipolarização se manteve praticamente constante

Maria Isabel Accoroni Theodoro; Luiz Guilherme Scorzafave



Políticas trabalhista, Fundiária e de Crédito Agrícola e Seus Impactos Adversos Sobre a Pobreza no Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper discusses the question of the concentrated pattern of agriculturaldevelopment in Brazil, as expressed in the predominance of large-scale production,high level of mechanization and low absorption of non-qualified labor. It is proposed,initially, the existence of two conflicting explanations for this fact: the first, thatblames our historical heritage, characterized by the predominance of the latifúndio,with the implication that the solution

Gervásio Castro de Rezende



Mental Retardation. Fact Sheet = El Retraso Mental. Hojas Informativas Sobre Discapacidades.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This fact sheet on mental retardation is written in both English and Spanish. It begins with a vignette of a 15-year-old boy with mental retardation. Mental retardation is briefly explained as are some causes of mental retardation. It notes that a diagnosis of mental retardation looks at two things: first, the ability of a person's brain to learn,…

National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities, Washington, DC.


Informe sobre el proyecto contrastivo hispano-hungaro (Report on the Spanish-Hungarian Contrastive Project)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A description of a contrastive linguistics project in Hungary aiming to augment linguistic theories in the Spanish language and propound theories for scientific and artistic translation. (Text is in Spanish.) (CK)

Fulei-Szanto, Andres



Acción biocida de plantas de Piper tuberculatum Jacq. sobre Diatraea saccharalis (Lepidóptera, Pyralidae)  

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The biocid action of DCM:MeOH (2:1), EtOH and aqueous extracts of leaves, stems and mature spikes (with fruits and seeds) of field plants and DCM:MeOH (2:1) extract of in vitro plants of Piper tuberculatum on III larval stage of Diatraea saccharalis was evaluated. The method was by inoculating the previously eluted extract with distillate water as topic applications on the

Gladys V. Soberón; Consuelo Rojas; Jorge Saavedra; Massuo J. Kato; Guillermo E. Delgado


O olhar da equipe e usuários de um hospital geral sobre a necessidade de intervenção psicológica  

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The intervention of the psychology professional in the hospital context is becoming more and more necessary and common. In view of this, the present article is a research report that was carried out in a public hospital in Santa Maria city in the Rio Grande do Sul state. It aims to analyses the expectations of the health staff and users

Jossiele Fighera; Eliani Venturini Viero


La realidad sobre el “Gou Qi Zi” o bayas Goji (Fructus Lycii)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Gou Qi Zi or Goji berry (Fructus Lycii), classified in the chinese pharmacopeia as yin nutrients for liver blood and kidney essence deficiencies, have immunostimulatory, hematopoietic, hepatoprotective, hypoglycemic, hypotensive and even antineoplastic coadjuvant properties, which have even been demonstrated in several trials, both in animals and humans.Despite these excellent properties, a «mythifying» advertising campaign has led to massive production and

F. Salgado



Declaración sobre los cambios que tendrán lugar próximamente en los programas de estudios clínicos del NCI

Los estudios clínicos son elementos fundamentales en la transformación de los descubrimientos científicos en métodos prácticos para prevenir y tratar el cáncer. En esta declaración, hacemos un resumen de los cambios que están teniendo lugar en las organizaciones que realizan estudios clínicos bajo los auspicios del NCI.


Efeito de ambiente sobre a produtividade de feijão carioca para o Estado de Santa Catarina  

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ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS ON YIELD OF CARIOCA BEAN IN SANTA CATARINA STATE Fifteen common bean genotypes (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) were evaluated as to adaptability and stability of grain yield in five environments for crop season and late crop season, during 2006 and 2007. Adaptability and stability were estimate by Eberhart and Russell (1966) and by Wricke e Weber (1986) methods. The

Fabiani Da Rocha; Diego Toaldo; Leiri Daiane Barili; Naine Martins do Vale; Soraya Garcia; Jefferson Luís Meirelles Coimbra; Gilcimar Adriano Vogt; Altamir Frederico Guidolin



Efecto del lavado con etilendiamina sobre las propiedades de las nanopartículas de óxido de estaño  

Microsoft Academic Search

Tin oxide, is a compound used in many technological applications among them as gas sensor and in the production of varistors, electronic devices, electrocatalitic electrodes and fotovoltaic cells, among others. In this work the controlled precipitation method was used to synthesize tin oxide of nanometric size using tin sulfate precursor. The control of different stages of the synthesis process was

M. S. CAStro; J. B. Justo



Microsoft Academic Search

The observational campaign carried out on May 15-24, 2002, as part of the FluTuA Program, is described here. During 10 days, 5 minute averaged measurements of (i) solar radiation fluxes (incoming and outcoming) and long wave radiation fluxes (atmospheric and surface emission), at 6 m above the sea level; (ii) air temperature, relative humidity and horizontal wind components, at 11

Jacyra Soares; Amauri Pereira de Oliveira; Jacques Servain; Sarasvati de Araújo Bacellar


Planetary protection: Elements for cost minimization  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In line with the UN Outer Space Treaty (article IX of the Outer Space Treaty—London/Washington January 27, 1967) [United Nations Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies (the “Outer Space Treaty”) referenced 610 UNTS 205—resolution 2222(XXI) of December 1966 [1

Debus, Andre



NRA: First Multiwavelength, Multiple Layer Doppler Imaging of an Active Binary  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

In this final report, grantee reports on data obtained from 26 orbits of continuous observing time with the Hubble Space Telescope's Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph in order to produce a comprehensive 2-D image of the RSCVn V824 Ara at MgII, CIV and for the first time ever, the coronal diagnostic line of FeXXI 1356A.

Dempsey, Robert C.



Report to the Congress on the Extension of Trade Promotion Authority. Consistent with Section 2103(C)(2) of the Trade Act of 2002.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

On August 6, 2002, President Bush signed the Trade Act of 2002 (Trade Act), Title XXI of which contains the Bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority Act of 2002 (TPA Act). The TPA Act provides, in part, for trade authorities procedures to apply to bills imple...



Review: The emerging role of Mediterranean diets in cardiovascular epidemiology: Monounsaturated fats, olive oil, red wine or the whole pattern?  

Microsoft Academic Search

Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of death worldwide at the turn of the XXI century [1]. Although it has been projected that by 2020, 71% of deaths due to ischaemic heart disease (IHD), will occur in developing countries [2], developed countries currently continue to exhibit unacceptable high absolute rates of cardiovascular mortality. Interestingly, IHD has a surprisingly low incidence

Miguel Ángel Martínez-González; Almudena Sánchez-Villegas



Klinefelter syndrome and neurological disease  

Microsoft Academic Search

Six patients with Klinefelter syndrome (47,XXY) and different neurological disease are described. Essential tremor has been reported repeatedly but its significance deserves further studies. The prevalence of epilepsy with the Klinefelter syndrome is higher in comparison with the normal population, but it is not greater than expected in the population of a mental hospital. Therefore we suggest that the neurological

E. Boltshauser; M. Meyer; T. Deonna



Testicular Function in Klinefelter Syndrome  

Microsoft Academic Search

Klinefelter syndrome (KS) is the most common genetic form of male hypogonadism, but the phenotype becomes evident only after puberty. During childhood, and even during early puberty, pituitary-gonadal function in 47,XXY subjects is relatively normal, but from midpuberty onwards, FSH and LH levels increase to hypergonadotropic levels, inhibin B decreases to undetectable levels, and testosterone after an initial increase levels

Anne M. Wikström; Leo Dunkel



Incontinentia pigmenti in a boy with Klinefelter's syndrome  

Microsoft Academic Search

A boy with the cutaneous lesions of incontinentia pigmenti is described. Chromosomal analysis revealed the 47,XXY karyotype of Klinefelter's syndrome. Since incontinentia pigmenti trait is usually lethal in males, the possibility of the second X chromosome protecting against fetal death is discussed.

A D Ormerod; M I White; E McKay; A W Johnston



Klinefelter's syndrome and incontinentia pigmenti Bloch-Sulzberger  

Microsoft Academic Search

We report a newborn with incontinentia pigmenti Bloch-Sulzberger and male phenotype. Chromosome analysis revealed a Klinefelter's syndrome 47,XXY. These findings are compatible with the hypothesis of dominant sexlinked genes carried on the X-chromosome in this disease.

Jtirgen Kunze; Ulrich H. Frenzel; Elke Hüttig; Frank-Reiner Grosse; Hans-Rudolf Wiedemann



"Advances in Coupled Air Quality, Farm Management and Biogeochemistry to address bidirectional ammonia flux"  

EPA Science Inventory

A cropland farm management modeling system for regional air quality and field-scale applications of bi-directional ammonia exchange was presented at ITM XXI. The goal of this research is to improve estimates of nitrogen deposition to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and ambien...


An Interesting Prenatal Diagnosis: Double Aneuploidy  

PubMed Central

Double aneuploidy, the existence of two chromosomal abnormalities in the same individual, is a rare condition. Early diagnosis of this condition is important to offer termination of pregnancy in genetic counselling. Cytogenetic analysis with amniocentesis and ultrasound examination is valuable for diagnosis of double aneuploidy. In this report we present a case with the karyotype of 48XXY+21 diagnosed prenatally.

Aydin, Cetin; Yalcin, Yakup; Sen Selim, Halime



X Chromosome Abnormalities and Cognitive Development: Implications for Understanding Normal Human Development.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Argues that knowledge from studies of individuals with sex chromosome abnormalities can further understanding of aspects of normal human development. Studies of XO girls, XXY boys, XXX girls, and males with a fragile X chromosome are summarized to demonstrate how results contribute to knowledge about normal cognitive development and about…

Walzer, Stanley



Integrable structures for a generalized Monge-Ampère equation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We consider a third-order generalized Monge-Ampère equation uyyy - u{xxy/ 2 } + uxxxuxyy = 0, which is closely related to the associativity equation in two-dimensional topological field theory. We describe all integrable structures related to it: Hamiltonian, symplectic, and also recursion operators. We construct infinite hierarchies of symmetries and conservation laws.

Verbovetsky, A. M.; Vitolo, R.; Kersten, P.; Krasil'shchik, I. S.



Beta approximations for bridge sampling  

Microsoft Academic Search

We consider the problem of simulating X conditional on the value of X +Y , when X and Y are independent positive random variables. We propose approximate methods for sampling (X|X+Y) by approximating the fraction (X\\/z|X+ Y = z) with a beta random variable. We discuss applications to Levy processes and infinitely divisible distributions, and we report numerical tests for

Paul Glasserman; Kyoung-kuk Kim



La progettazione di nuovi servizi d'area per la competitività e la qualificazione dei sistemi industriali  

Microsoft Academic Search

As a phenomenon, globalisation is not historically new. Nowadays, it has at least two aspects that make it peculiar, one related to a huge economic growth over social issues and, the other, to the massive technical evolution occurred in the XXI century, events both never seen before in human history. The acceleration of hi-tech evolution permitted in few decades the

Cavallo Marino; Degli Esposti Piergiorgio



Flora of the U.S.S.R. Volume 21. Labiatae.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Volume XXI completes the treatment of Labiatae. It covers 44 additional genera with a total of 544 species found in the USSR. The whole family, represented by 913 species, thus closely approaches grasses in range. This volume contains two new genera, Meta...

N. K. Shishkin



Diseño de una red para proveer servicios de voz y d atos en la ciudad de Guayaquil usando el acceso inalámbrico del estándar WiMAX  

Microsoft Academic Search

With the gradual globalization of the processes, th e technology deployment in recent years, the explosive growth of Internet and the increasing com petition among operators, the XXI century telecommunications has entered a period of technolo gical and market revolution, where the main concern that chart the destiny of the sector will be the convergence based on the IP protocol.

Carlos Eduardo; Escobar Muentes; Gustavo Galindo; Juan Carlos Avilés


75 FR 54586 - Submission for OMB Review; Comment Request  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...The Department of Agriculture has submitted the...Desk Officer for Agriculture, Office of Information...criteria, including size as measured by annual...required to report market information to the...Title: National Organic Program. OMB Control...XXI of the Food, Agriculture, Conservation...



Effects of sex chromosome aneuploidy on male sexual behavior.  


Incidence of sex chromosome aneuploidy in men is as high as 1:500. The predominant conditions are an additional Y chromosome (47,XYY) or an additional X chromosome (47,XXY). Behavioral studies using animal models of these conditions are rare. To assess the role of sex chromosome aneuploidy on sexual behavior, we used mice with a spontaneous mutation on the Y chromosome in which the testis-determining gene Sry is deleted (referred to as Y(-)) and insertion of a Sry transgene on an autosome. Dams were aneuploid (XXY(-)) and the sires had an inserted Sry transgene (XYSry). Litters contained six male genotypes, XY, XYY(-), XXSry, XXY(-)Sry, XYSry and XYY(-)Sry. In order to eliminate possible differences in levels of testosterone, all of the subjects were castrated and received testosterone implants prior to tests for male sex behavior. Mice with an additional copy of the Y(-) chromosome (XYY(-)) had shorter latencies to intromit and achieve ejaculations than XY males. In a comparison of the four genotypes bearing the Sry transgene, males with two copies of the X chromosome (XXSry and XXY(-)Sry) had longer latencies to mount and thrust than males with only one copy of the X chromosome (XYSry and XYY(-)Sry) and decreased frequencies of mounts and intromissions as compared with XYSry males. The results implicate novel roles for sex chromosome genes in sexual behaviors. PMID:18363850

Park, J H; Burns-Cusato, M; Dominguez-Salazar, E; Riggan, A; Shetty, S; Arnold, A P; Rissman, E F



The Eye Book of Master Peter of Spain – a glimpse of diagnosis and treatment of eye disease in the Middle Ages  

Microsoft Academic Search

Peter Hispanus, who became Pope John XXI, wrote a book about eye diseases and their treatment in the 13th century. De Oculis was not a scholarly treatise about eye diseases, but a manual intended for general physicians. Nevertheless, Latin copies were made into the 16th century, indicating its influence and importance. We present the first published English translation of De

Walter J. Daly; Robert D. Yee



Massing Effects in the Information Domain: A Case Study in Aggressive Information Operations.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In 1995, the Department of the Army, Forces Command, and the Training and Doctrine Command began a joint venture called Force XXI, the focus of which was to understand how information-age technology could improve the U.S. Army's warfighting capabilities. ...

J. E. Hutton M. W. Garrett T. F. Metz T. W. Bush



Prevalence and Psychosocial Correlates of Depressive Symptoms among Adolescents and Adults with Klinefelter Syndrome  

PubMed Central

Purpose To determine the prevalence and psychosocial correlates of depressive symptoms among adolescents and adults with Klinefelter syndrome (XXY). Methods Individuals (n=310) aged 14–75 years with self-reported XXY were recruited from regional and national support networks to complete a web-based survey. Depressive symptoms were assessed using the Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale. Perceived consequences (Illness Perceptions Questionnaire), perceived stigma (Perceived Social Stigmatization Scale), and coping (Ways of Coping Checklist-Revised) were also measured and evaluated as correlates of depressive symptoms. Results 68.8% of the study participants reported clinically significant levels of depressive symptoms as indicated by a CES-D score ?16. The use of emotion-focused coping strategies (p<0.01), perceptions of stigmatization (p<0.01), perceived negative consequences of XXY (p<0.01), and the importance of having children in the future (p<0.05) were all significantly associated with depressive symptoms. Conclusions Individuals with XXY may be at increased risk for depression. Routine screening for depressive symptoms and appropriate referral and evaluation may be warranted.

Turriff, Amy; Levy, Howard P.; Biesecker, Barbara



Stone Arrow Heads  

Microsoft Academic Search

THE interesting investigations of Mr. Redding on the method of making the above objects, as referred to in NATURE, vol. xxi. p. 613, have been somewhat anticipated by Mr. Paul Schumacher, ``Methods of making stone weapons,'' Bull. U.S. Geol. and Geog. Survey, vol. iii. p. 547, 1877, which again was a translation from an earlier publication in Archiv für Anthropologie,

W. L. Distant



Description of children with 45,X/46,XY karyotype.  


We hypothesized that because 45,X/46,XY (X/XY) children share a cell line with Turner syndrome (TS), they also share co-morbidities described in TS. In addition, the presence of the Y chromosome in brain and in other body tissues would influence their function. On the basis of our findings, we aimed to establish optimal procedures for clinical evaluation, management, and follow-up of these children. Sixteen X/XY children were evaluated and managed at a single institution as part of standard clinical care as established at the time between 1969 and 2009. In January of 2005, we started retrospective record review of all X/XY children in combination with cohort follow-up (of those who had not reached adult height) until August of 2009. The study included review of clinical presentation, clinical characteristics, diagnostic measures, radiologic studies, karyotype studies, psycho-endocrinology evaluation, and growth-promoting treatments. There was no specific intervention. Phenotype reflected cell line distribution. The presence of 45,X cell line explains how X/XY children have abnormalities similar to girls with TS, while presence of Y chromosome explains why they have tomboyish behavior. In conclusion, these children require clinical evaluation similar to that performed in female children with TS, including cardiovascular, renal, endocrine, growth and development, autoimmune, psychological, and educational evaluation. Specific management needs to be tailored to the presence of Y chromosomal material. PMID:21997800

Tosson, Hanan; Rose, Susan R; Gartner, Lou Ann




EPA Science Inventory

The Lower Rio Grande Valley Transboundary Air Pollution Project (TAPP) was a U.S.-Mexico Border XXI Program project to assess transboundary air pollution in and near Brownsville, Texas. The study used a three-site air monitoring network very close to the border to capture the d...


45 CFR 155.725 - Enrollment periods under SHOP.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...under title XIX of the Social Security Act or a State child health plan under title XXI of the Social Security Act; or...coverage under a SHOP, under such Medicaid plan or a State child health plan (including any waiver or demonstration...



Use of Technologies in Education and Training; Supplement to Army Science Board Ad Hoc Study.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Table of Contents -- Force XXI: The Chief of Staff, 5 March 1994; Trip report: CSA to Europe and Africa, 9-15 August; The United States Military Academy's advance technology classroom; Trip report: Air Command and Staff College, Montgomery, Alabama, 13 Ju...



U.S. Army Medical Department Journal (October-December 1999).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This issue of the AMEDD Journal is dedicated to the combat medic of the future, the 91W Healthcare Specialist. Several articles in this issue focus on the 91W or the missions they accomplish. '91W: Force XXI Combat Medic' provides a concise overview of th...

D. A. Sammarco J. B. Peake M. R. Wymes R. A. De Lorenzo S. H. Pincus



Are we teaching our students to think systematicall y? Systems Thinking in Engineering Education  

Microsoft Academic Search

Analytical and systematic skills have been emphasized as one of the most important professional abilities for the XXI century. Hence, the need for instilling in engineering students those skills has been reinforced (e.g. ABET's A-K required outcomes for accreditation). But how math and engineering courses in fact promote the acquisition of those skills is still not clear. One tool developed

Gretchen Molina; Alexandra Medina-Borja


Spatial patterns and diversity of bryozoan communities from the Southern Ocean: South Shetland Islands, Bouvet Island and Eastern Weddell Sea  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this study, we report new data on the biodiversity and the geographic and bathymetric distribution of bryozoans collected during the ANT XXI\\/2 cruise (November 2003 to January 2004) in the Eastern Weddell Sea and Bouvet Island, and during the Spanish Antarctic expedition ECOQUIM (January 2006) in the South Shetland Islands. Our data on distribution were analysed together with previous

Blanca Figuerola; Toni Monleón-Getino; Manuel Ballesteros



Scaling GDL for Multi-cores to Process Planck HFI Beams Monte Carlo on HPC  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

After reviewing the majors progress done in GDL –now in 0.9.4– on performance and plotting capabilities since ADASS XXI paper (Coulais et al. 2012), we detail how a large code for Planck HFI beams Monte Carlo was successfully transposed from IDL to GDL on HPC.

Coulais, A.; Schellens, S. M.; Duvert, S. G.; Park, J.; Arabas, S.; Erard, S.; Roudier, G.; Hivon, D. E.; Mottet, D. S.; Laurent, D. B.; Pinter, M.; Kasradze, N.; Ayad, M.



Using Continuous-Planning Techniques to Achieve Autonomy and Coordination Among Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  

Microsoft Academic Search

Existing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems exhibit shortcomings in providing continuous, responsive, timely, and detailed information and targeting support to Army tactical commander's combat operations in an Army XXI battlespace. To synchronize Tactical UAV missions with supported operations, time is the critical element. Anything that can reduce TUAV planning time, while maintaining plan effectiveness, will expedite execution of a TUAV's

Gerald M. Powell


Global Clinics in Biotechnology: A Global Partnership between Industry and Academia  

Microsoft Academic Search

In the XXI st Century, access to high-speed and internet communication poses an interesting paradig m in engineering and science education, relying on the capability of academia to incorporate a global and interdisciplinary conscience into students' learnin g. Industry has, for a long time, lead globalization e fforts due to its world-wide business nature. With this in mind, the Global

Anthony Bright; Rosa Buxeda; Lorenzo Saliceti-Piazza; Elsie Parés-Matos; Anthony Tran; Thomas Kelleher


49,XXXXY: a distinct phenotype. Three new cases and review  

Microsoft Academic Search

Over 100 cases of 49,XXXXY syndrome have been published to date. Classic findings include radioulnar synostosis, hypogonadism, and mental retardation. The majority of reported cases have not distinguished the 49,XXXXY syndrome from Klinefelter syndrome (47,XXY), and these patients are frequently labelled as having Klinefelter syndrome or as being a \\

J Peet; D D Weaver; G H Vance



Reduced recombination and paternal age effect in Klinefelter syndrome  

Microsoft Academic Search

The parental origin of the additional sex chromosome was studied in 47 cases with an XXY sex chromosome consitution. In 23 cases (49%), the error occurred during the first paternal meiotic division. Maternal origin of the additional chromosome was found in the remaining 24 cases (51%). Centromeric homo- versus heterozygosity could be determined in 18 out of the 24 maternally

Isabel Lorda-Sanchez; Franz Binkert; Marco Maechler; Wendy P. Robinson; Albert A. Schinzel



Revision of International Geomagnetic Reference Field released  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A 1995 revision of the International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF) was adopted by the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA) during the XXI General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics held in Boulder, Colo., in July 1995.

IAGA Division V, Working Group 8,


Mobile Strike force 2010.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This paper describes the Mobile Strike Force (MSF) 2010 analysis. This analysis provided input to the TRADOC Commander and the Chief of Staff of the Army to support decisions regarding FORCE XXI development and to the Battle Laboratory Integration and Tec...

T. J. Bailey S. R. George R. R. Groover B. P. Sheehan M. R. Anderson



Mass inequalities in quantum chromodynamics  

SciTech Connect

By use of variational arguments and flavor independence, p mass inequalities are derived between ground-state mesons, m/sub x/y-bar> or =(1/2)(m/sub xx/+m/sub yy/), and baryons, m/sub x/yy> or =(1/2)(m/sub xxy/+m/sub yyy/). .AE

Nussinov, S.



Uso de soluções nutritivas no desenvolvimento e no estado nutricional de mudas de goiabeira: macronutrientes  

Microsoft Academic Search

Nutrition solutions in the culture of guava: effect in the development and nutricional state. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of different nutritional solutions on development and concentration of nutrients in guava cuttings. Two cv., Paluma and Século XXI, and four nutritional solutions were evaluated, in factorial scheme (2x4) with three replications. The cv. Paluma was

Claudenir Facincani Franco; Renato De Mello Prado



78 FR 44349 - Semiannual Regulatory Agenda  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...78 Tuesday, No. 141 July 23, 2013 Part XXI Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection...implement various changes made under title XIV of the Dodd-Frank Act to strengthen consumer...the implementation process on the title XIV rules. To date it has proposed two...



Planetary protection: Elements for cost minimization  

Microsoft Academic Search

In line with the UN Outer Space Treaty (article IX of the Outer Space Treaty—London\\/Washington January 27, 1967) [United Nations Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and Other Celestial Bodies (the “Outer Space Treaty”) referenced 610 UNTS 205—resolution 2222(XXI) of December 1966 [1

Andre Debus



Observaciones de campo sobre la biologia de Metriona elatior (Col.: Chrysomelidae) en Solanum elaeagnifolium (Solanaceae) del uruguay  

Microsoft Academic Search

\\u000a Abstract  Field observations on the biology ofMetriona elatior (Col.: Chrysomelidae) onSolanum elaeagnifolium (Solanaceae) from Uruguay.\\u000a \\u000a Specimens ofMetriona elatior were found feeding on leaves of the silverleaf nightshade,Solanum elaeagnifolium, from the eastern of Uruguay since 1984. According to a field study the young leaves were skeletonized since spring to early\\u000a autumn by larvae and adults. Oothecae and pupae were found mainly on

R. Ponce de Leon; E. Morelli; P. Gonzalez Wainer



Impacto dos transtornos depressivos e ansiosos sobre as manifestações da menopausa Impact of depressive and anxiety disorders over menopause manifestations  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: To establish for the first time in a Brazilian outpatient sample the impact of depressive and anxiety disorders over the symptoms of the Blatt-Kupperman menopausal index (B-K). Methods: Women (n = 86) receiving care in the menopause clinic at Instituto de Ginecologia da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro were consecutively assessed using a structured diagnostic instrument (MINI 4.4)

Andre Barciela Veras; Arabella Rassi; Livia Mitsue; Gomes Yukizaki; Luisa Duarte Novo; Flávia Schueler Franco; Antonio Egídio Nardi


Estudios Sobre Politica Cientifica y Tecnologica de Panama (Studies on the Scientific and Technological Policy in Panama).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In broad terms, all papers deal with technology transfer in terms of industrial property, inventions, patents, technical know-how, scientific and technological needs analyses, the R&D system, and science policy in Panama. Possible problem areas are identi...



Lecturas sobre educacion de adultos en America latina (Readings on Adult Education in Latin America). Serie: Retablo de Papel 14.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Twelve essays written in Spanish on the state of adult education in Latin America are presented. The essays are organized into three main sections, including: "Concepto y evolucion historica de la educacion de adultos" (Conception and Historical Evolution of Adult Education); "Aspectos particulares" (Specific Subjects); and "Tendencias y…

Latapi, Pablo, Comp.; Castillo, Alfonso, Comp.


Influência de fatores químicos do solo sobre a incidência do mal-do-Panamá na bananeira cv. pacovan na Paraíba  

Microsoft Academic Search

This objective of this work was to investigate the correlation of chemicals soil factors and its influences with the incidence and severity of Panama disease ( Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense ) in banana tree ( Musa sapientium cv. pacovan) in the State of Paraíba. The work was carried out at Areia, Alagoa Nova, Bananeiras and Lagoa Seca Municipalities, where

Edson Batista Lopes; Carlos Henrique de Brito; Ivanildo Cavalcanti de Albuquerque; Arlington Ricardo


Efecto de la radiacion ionizante sobre el genoma de drosophila melanogaster. (Radiation effects on the Drosophila melanogaster genome).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

When DNA of living beings has been damaged, the cells show different responses depending on their physiological state. Repair mechanisms can be classified into two groups: constitutive which are always present in the cells and inductible, which must be st...

C. Arceo-Maldonado



Algumas Considerações sobre as Metodologias de Cálculo da Estimativa da Incerteza de Medição Citadas no ISO GUM 95  

Microsoft Academic Search

According the requisites of the ISO\\/IEC 17025 Standard all the laboratories of the Brazilian Net of Calibration (RBC) and of the Brazilian Net of Testing (RBLE) must present the uncertainties of the measurement results from their accredited jobs. And specifically, the laboratories of the RBLE have their dead line in December 2002 stipulated by Inmetro. Probably, since this subject is

Paulo R. G. Couto; Jackson da Silva Oliveira; Leonardo Rodrigues Cinelli


¿Qué traen las personas al juego? Experimentos de campo sobre la cooperación en los recursos de uso común  

Microsoft Academic Search

El estudio de la acción colectiva requiere la comprensión de los incentivos individuales y de las restricciones institucionales que guían a las personas en la decisión de cooperar o no, en el grupo que enfrenta este dilema. El uso de ecosistemas locales por parte de grupos de individuos es sólo un ejemplo en el que la extracción individual incrementa el

Cárdenas Juan Camilo; Elinor Ostrom



Teorí­as de primer y segundo orden sobre el potencial de ciertas figuras de equilibrio de cuerpos celestes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Uno de los problemas que aborda la Mecánica Celeste es la determinación de las figuras de equilibrio de los cuerpos celestes. Para investigar su solución mediante métodos directos, se precisa evaluar el potencial generado por su autogravitación, el generado por su fuerza centrí­fuga y el generado por la fuerza de atracción entre los cuerpos. Los métodos clásicos de Finlay y Kopal que afrontan estos problemas, para determinar el potencial autogravitatorio en las configuraciones de equilibrio, emplean desarrollos en serie de los potenciales interior y exterior del potencial autogravitatorio. Estos métodos incurren en el error de suponer la convergencia en capas donde resulta cuestionable dicha convergencia para estos desarrollos en serie. En este trabajo se han elaborado unos algoritmos que contemplan toda la casuí&stica y que permiten una manipulación efic iente del producto de polinomios de Legendre, del producto de funciones asociada s de Legendre y del producto de armónicos esféricos como combinacióon lineal de ellos mismos, respectivamente. Se han obtenido, para primer y segundo orden en las amplitudes, los desarrollos correctos para los potencial es interior y exterior del potencial autogravitatorio para configuraciones de equilibrio aisladas, y , en primer orden de amplitudes, los mismos potenciales para los sistemas binarios próximos. Se ha elaborado un método analítico, en primer orden respecto de las amplitudes, para la determinación del potencial de marea en sistemas binarios próximos en el cual se manifiesta la forma de la componente secundaria del sistema

Gumbau, Manuel Forner




Microsoft Academic Search

In the fast food industry has generated billions o f dollars around the globe. In the seventies, Americans have to spend more than six bi llion dollars in this type of meal, in the year two thousand, that figure was up to eighteen t imes greater. The three major U.S. networks Burger King, McDonald's and Tricon Global Restaurants, every two

Cléber Alves Ferreira


Amenaza y persuasión en mensajes de salud sobre consumo de alcohol: de la teoría a la práctica  

Microsoft Academic Search

Information about alcohol and its consequences comes from two opposing poles. On the one hand, messages about the benefits of drinking alcohol coming from publicity, group of friends or the social milieu in general. On the other hand, the information provided by professionals and health authorities, which is based, mainly, in explaining the possible negative consequences of consumption, with the




Microsoft Academic Search

In this work, we present the microstructural and stress-corrosion contact behaviour of two glass-based coatings with different SiO2 (61% and 64%) content on the Ti6Al4V alloy. These coatings are designed for biomedical implants in order to improve the fixation to the host bone. The glasses used for the coatings belongs to the SiO2-CaO-MgO-Na2O-K2O-P2O5 system and they were obtained using a

J. Pavón; M. Caillate; M. Anglada; E. Saiz; A. P. Tomsia


Efecto del Potencial Sobre la Corrosión Bajo Tensión de Latón - ? en Soluciones De NaNo2  

Microsoft Academic Search

The effect of the electrode potential, solution pH and copper alloy content on the stress corrosion cracking susceptibility and crack propagation rate of ?- brass in 1M NaNO2 solution have been studied. The materials tested were pure copper (99.99%) and ?-brasses with the following nominal compositions (wt %):.63Cu-37Zn; 70Cu-30Zn; 80Cu-20Zn; 90Cu- 10Zn. Stress corrosion cracking susceptibility was determined by means

M. Graciela Alvarez; Patricia Lapitz; Silvia Fernandez; José R. Galvele



Microsoft Academic Search

Effect of applications of organic residues on maize performance in two soils of Yaracuy State, Venezuela The intense land cultivation for maize cropping on the last 50 years in Yaracuy State, Venezuela, caused an accelerated soil degradation expressed by loss of soil organic matter and crop productivity. With the objective of improving those parameters, the use of organic residues were

Isabel Arrieche; Orlando Mora



Efeito de diferentes níveis de sombreamento sobre o crescimento inicial de Jatropha curcas L. em casa de vegetação5  

Microsoft Academic Search

This work aimed getting information about the best luminosity to improve the initial growth of Jatropha curcas L. plants. The study was carried out during six month in the green house of Faculdade Salesiana de Vitória, ES, Brazil. Plants, obtained from seed germination and one month old, were submitted to four different shading levels (40%, 50%, 70% e 87%). The

Rosemary B Sesma; Valdir G Demuner; Selma A Hebling


Una nota sobre la sostenibilidad fiscal y el nexo entre los ingresos y gastos del Gobierno Colombiano  

Microsoft Academic Search

En este trabajo se analiza empíricamente la sostenibilidad fiscal en Colombia a través de las técnicas de cointegración. En particular, usando los ingresos tributarios y los gastos primarios del gobierno nacional central para el período 1990Q1 a 2008Q4 (datos reales y ajustados por el ciclo económico), en el documento se examina si las cuentas fiscales del gobierno han sido sostenibles

Ignacio Lozano; Enrique Cabrera



El efecto de las prácticas de gobierno corporativo sobre la valuación de mercado y políticas de pago de compañías chilenas  

Microsoft Academic Search

(Disponible en idioma inglés únicamente) En este trabajo nos preguntamos si las prácticas de conducción empresarial al nivel de compañía en un país dado inciden o no en la valuación de mercado de esas compañías. Esta cuestión es esencial para poder evaluar los beneficios potenciales que puede reportar a las empresas un cambio de sus prácticas, aún cuando las mismas

Fernando Lefort; Eduardo Walker



Sobre el principio y posterior hegemonía económico-política y militar de EE.UU tras la Segunda Guerra Mundial  

Microsoft Academic Search

Las principales tendencias de desarrollo económico y social dentro de la estructura del capitalismo moderno se expresan en EE.UU de la forma más preponderante. La posición político-militar del gigante americano lo transforma en el centro neurálgico del imperialismo mundial, al liderar el bloque del Atlántico Norte, y al llevar a cabo una política de reacción contra las fuerzas de Movimiento

José Antonio Ascanio Barrio



Conhecimento sobre o molusco gigante africano Achatina fulica entre estudantes de uma escola pública na Região Metropolitana do Recife  

Microsoft Academic Search

Students' knowledge on the African giant mollusk Achatina fulica in a public school in the Recife metropolitan region. The African giant mollusk Achatina fulica Bowdich, 1822 was introduced into Brazil in 1988 as a substitute for the European escargot Helix sp. This action did not induce the expected results and the gastropod has become an invasive species according to records

Renata Manzi de Souza; Ângelo Giuseppe; Chaves Alves; Marcos Souto Alves


Efecto del glicerol sobre la catálisis por fosfatasa ácida de bajo peso molecular de hígado de alpaca (Lama pacos)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: To determine the effect of glycerol on hydrolisis of p-nitrophenyl phosphate at pH 5,0 by low molecular weight acid phosphatase from alpaca liver. Design: Experimental analytical study. Setting: Biochemistry and Nutrition Research Center, Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru. Materials: Disodic p-nitrophenyl phosphate salt, glacial acetic acid, glycerol, tricloroacetic acid, sulfuric acid, ammonium molibdate,

Emilio Guija; Fernando Arauco; Hielke Haak-Mares; Mercedes Soberón



Primeres interaccions depredatòries del Bernat Pescaire (Ardea cinerea) sobre nius de Cotorreta de Pit Gris (Myiopsitta monachus) a Barcelona  

Microsoft Academic Search

Les poblacions silvestres de Bernat Pescaire i Cotorreta de Pit Gris han estat presents en els jardins de la ciutat de Barcelona, cohabitant sense problemes aparents des de 1974. En aquesta nota es presenten les primeres accions depredadores del Bernat Pescaire en nius de Cotorreta de Pit Gris. Vuit de les onze interaccions foren observades en nius considerats grans (més

Josep García; Xavier Tomás



Primeras interacciones depredatorias de Garza Real Ardea cinerea sobre nidos de Cotorra Argentina Myiopsitta monachus en Barcelona  

Microsoft Academic Search

The first records of the Grey Heron Ardea cinerea preying on nests of the Monk Parakeet Myiopsitta monachus in Barcelona Grey Herons and Monk Parakeets have co-existed in the gardens of the city of Barcelona (NE Spain) since 1974, apparently without problems. The first records of Grey Herons preying on nests of Monk Parakeets are presented in this note. Eight

Josep García; Xavier Tomás



Study of the Surface Layer on an Extremely Rough Surface US Estudo DA Camada Limite Superficial Sobre Superficie Extremamente Rugosa.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Experimental data for the surface layer obtained over a rough surface of a tropical savannah were used to compute the stability functions for momentum (phi sub M) and sensible heat (phi sub H) under unstable conditions. The computed functions are consider...

L. D. A. Sa L. C. B. Molion



Scientific Theory on the Origin of the Solar System . Teoria Cientifica Sobre El Origen Del Sistema Solar.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A theory, based on solar activity, for the origin of the solar system is discussed. The formation of the planets and their atmospheres, the origin of the sun, and meteorites are also discussed. The observations since 1949 supporting the theory are present...

G. Tapia De Navarro



Más Conceptos Erróneos a Evitar en la Enseñanza sobre las Plantas  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The resource is useful for teacher's professional development by alerting educators to many plant misconceptions in teaching literature. In the thought provoking, peer reviewed resource fifty misconceptions are identified. Some misconceptions are easier to identify because they are oversimplifications, overgeneralizations, or misidentifications. Others are more difficult to identify because they are obsolete concepts and terms or flawed research.

David Hershey (biology education consultant;)



El Impacto de los Cambios Climáticos sobre la Salud en Bolivia: Estimación de Costos y Beneficios hasta el 2100  

Microsoft Academic Search

Bolivia es en uno de los países con mayor vulnerabilidad a enfermedades en Latinoamérica. De los 327 municipios que se tenían el 2003, gran parte de ellos presentaron altos grados de vulnerabilidad en lo que se refiere a las Enfermedades Diarreicas Agudas (EDA’s) e Infecciones Respiratorias Agudas (IRA’s) en el occidente del país y alta vulnerabilidad en Malaria y Dengue

Oscar Molina




Microsoft Academic Search

Effect of diets on biology and life table of Euseius concordis (Chant) (Acari: Phytoseiidae) Laboratory studies to obtain information about biology and life tables of the predatory mite Euseius concordis (Chant) were carried out. Mites were sampled in grapevines 'Criolla Negra', in Tarabana, Lara state, Venezuela. At the laboratory, E. concordis was fed on two sources consisting in minnieroot pollen

NOTA TÉCNICA; Carmen Escalona; Carlos Vásquez



Estudios com XPS del oxido formado sobre Ti puro. (XPS studies of the oxide formed on pure Ti).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The XPS technique was used to study titanium samples oxidized at 200 ton of pure oxigen at different times and temperatures with the aim of producing variable oxide thicknesses. The thicknesses of different oxigen layers were determined by the nuclear rea...

P. Cremery D. David G. Beranger C. Oviedo E. A. Garcia




Microsoft Academic Search

Effect of paclobutrazol and nitrates of potasium and calcium on the development of the mango 'Tommy Atkins' Effects of paclobutrazol, nitrates of potassium (KNO3) and calcium (Ca(NO3)2) on the growth and development of mango 'Tommy Atkins' were studied. Four-year old trees grafted on mango 'Hilacha', spaced 8 m x 4 m, were used under a completely randomized design with a

Katiuska Cárdenas; Eybar Rojas


Liv and Lucky in Liverland. . . Color Us Healthy! A Workbook about Your Liver = Un Cuaderno de trabajo sobre tu higado.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This workbook/coloring book, on the liver and good health is designed for primary school students. The 21 line drawings illustrate different aspects of liver function, maintaining a healthy liver, and preventing liver disease. Each page is captioned in both English and Spanish. (ND)




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Ethephon has been used in the tropical and subtropical regions of Brazil, where the vegetative growth of grapevine is continuous, with different finalities. However, little is know about the effects of this treatment on the distribution and accumulation of nutrients and carbohydrates and on the growth of grapevine. For this purpose, young plants of SO4 rootstock were sprayed with ethephon



Influencia de las técnicas de ahorro energético sobre la saturación de oxígeno en paciente con EPOC portador de oxígeno líquido  

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We present the case of a 76-year-old male diagnosed of severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in chronic respiratory insufficiency phases with home oxygen-therapy criteria, carrier of a portable oxygen therapy system. During exercise he presented desaturation that seriously limited all of his daily life activities. The patient was included in a respiratory rehabilitation program consisting of health care education,

M. Molleda-Marzo; R. Coll-Artés; M. T. Pascual-Soria; H. Prieto-Arce



Imaginarios sobre inmigración peruana en la prensa escrita chilena: una mirada a la instalación de la agenda de la diferencia  

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Build and install the media agenda in the public opinion is well know routine exercise in the written press. This article works its relationship with immigration and how it represents and is marking its footprint in the chilean press. Peruvian immigration and a look at the press coverage are chosen to reflect a relationship that comes to stress the concept


Influencia del Secado sobre la Captación de Agua de Pectina Extraída a partir del Citrus x Aurantifolia Swingle  

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The present study analyzed the effect of temperature during the drying of the pectin and its result over the gellying. This research seeks to prevent the separation of the metilester's groups of polygalacturonic acid and provides an optimum temperature at which the pectin suffered a minor loss of quality which allows the molecule keeps more esterified, increasing their gellying capacity.

Cecilia Grunauer E; Fabiola Cornejo


Comienza la construcción de instalación patrocinada por el NCI en Puerto Rico para realizar estudios clínicos sobre el cáncer

El gobierno de Puerto Rico ha destinado $196 millones de dólares para construir un hospital oncológico de 287 000 pies cuadrados en San Juan, que contará con 96 camas. El nuevo hospital es el primero en su clase en la región caribeña y en él se llevarán a cabo tratamientos para el cáncer y estudios clínicos.


General Information about Learning Disabilities (Fact Sheet Number 7) = Informacion General sobre Impedimentos en el Aprendizaje (Fact Sheet Number 19).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This fact sheet providing general information about learning disabilities is presented in both English and Spanish versions. It begins with the federal definition of learning disabilities and a discussion of its implications followed by estimates of incidence. Typical characteristics of students with learning disabilities are then summarized as…

Interstate Research Associates, Inc., Washington, DC.



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Customer satisfaction is one of the most frequently focused themes in specialized publications and widely recognized as one of the main objectives of the quality management activities within the companies. Thus, information about consumer satisfaction is of great importance mainly to enterprises to the consumer market as the food industry. This paper results from a qualitative research based on case

Roberto Giloli Rotondaro; Isabel Cristofoletti; Aymeé Tamara Torres


El Conocimiento Ocupacional y del Yo para los Grupos Especiales. Monografias sobre el Conocimiento Ocupacional y del Yo.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Spanish translation of ED 132 428 includes the three papers representing Office of Education attempts to face the need for improving delivery of career education to special portions of the population. New additions are brief sections on basic definitions and additional considerations of the significance of work. The first paper, on career…

Hoyt, Kenneth B.


Nuevos resultados sobre la cinemática global y nuclear de NGC 253: movimientos no circulares y emisión en Br ?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Continuing with previous research (Camperi et al., BAAA, 54, 377, 2011), new heliocentric radial velocity distributions are presented for the nearby galaxy NGC 253, obtained from the ionized hydrogen recombination line H?. These distributions have been derived from long-slit spectroscopy for various position angles. It is also shown the heliocentric radial velocity distribution corresponding to part of the infrared data (ionized hydrogen recombination line Br?) observed with the Phoenix spectrograph of the Gemini South Observatory. Sequential mapping with the long slit using this instrument will enable to study in detail the kinematics of the galaxy's core, which is strongly obscured by dust. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Camperi, J. A.; Gunthardt, G. I.; Díaz, R. J.; Agüuero, M. P.; Gimeno, G.; Pessev, P.


Abuso de Inhalantes. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuse de Drogas. (Inhalant Abuse. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

National surveys indicate that more than 22.9 million Americans have abused inhalants at least once in their lives. NIDA's Monitoring the Future study reveals that approximately 17.3 percent of eighth-graders have abused inhalants. Parents and children ne...



The ABCs of Special Education: A Handbook for Parents = El ABS Sobre Educacion Especial: Un Folleto para los Padres.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This bilingual handbook is intended to help parents understand their rights under P.L. 94-142, the Education for All Handicapped Children Act. The following topics are addressed: the Act's legislative history, identification of special education, explanation of P.L. 94-142, parents' rights to know, student records, student testing, students'…

Ewing, Preston E., Jr.; Hinton, Valeska S.


Education in Mexico: Historical Evolution and Ethnographic Perspectives. Essay Review of "Un siglo de educacion en Mexico," edited by Pablo Latapi Sarre; "We Are All Equal: Student Culture and Identity at a Mexican Secondary School, 1988-1998," by Bradley A. U. Levinson; and "Learning as Cultural Practice: How Children Learn in a Mexican Mazahua Community. A Study on Culture and Learning," by Mariette de Haan.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reviews three books that (1) provide a systemic overview of schooling in Mexico in the 20th century, (2) present a critical ethnography of Mexican student culture and identity formation, and (3) incorporate analyses of indigenous cultural practices into cognitive theory. Reflects on the future of Mexican education in view of political corruption…

Pescador, Octavio Augusto



Analysis of ultraviolet and X-ray observations of three homologous solar flares from SMM  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Three homologous flares observed in the UV lines of Fe XXI and O V and in X-rays from the SMM were studied. It was found that: (1) the homology of the flares was most noticeable in Fe XXI and soft X-ray emissions; (2) the three flares shared many of the same loop footprints which were located in O V bright kernals associated with hard X-ray bursts; and (3) in spite of the strong spatial homology, the temporal evolution in UV and X-ray emissions varied from flare to flare. A comparison between the UV observations and photospheric magnetograms revealed that the basic flare configuration was a complex loop system consisting of many loops or bundles of loops.

Cheng, Chung-Chieh; Pallavicini, Roberto



New model for nucleon generalized parton distributions  

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We describe a new type of models for nucleon generalized parton distributions (GPDs) H and E. They are heavily based on the fact nucleon GPDs require to use two forms of double distribution (DD) representations. The outcome of the new treatment is that the usual DD+D-term construction should be amended by an extra term, {xi} E{sub +}{sup 1} (x,{xi}) which has the DD structure {alpha}/{beta} e({beta},{alpha}, with e({beta},{alpha}) being the DD that generates GPD E(x,{xi}). We found that this function, unlike the D-term, has support in the whole -1 <= x <= 1 region. Furthermore, it does not vanish at the border points |x|={xi}.

Radyushkin, Anatoly V. [JLAB, Newport News, VA (United States)



Testicular function and fertility in men with Klinefelter syndrome: a review.  


Klinefelter syndrome, 47,XXY (KS), is the most frequent sex chromosome aberration in males, affecting 1 in 660 newborn boys. The syndrome is characterized by testicular destruction with extensive fibrosis and hyalinization of the seminiferous tubules resulting in small testes, hypergonadotropic hypogonadism, and azoospermia in the majority of cases. Until recently, infertility was considered an untreatable condition in KS. However, with the development of new advanced assisted reproductive techniques such as testicular sperm extraction (TESE) combined with ICSI it seems that KS patients should no longer be labelled as infertile. Especially, microdissection (micro)-TESE has proved to be an advantageous procedure for the identification of testicular spermatozoa in KS. The aim of this review was to describe current knowledge on the testicular changes occurring in KS, the associated changes in reproductive hormones and spermatogenesis, and the existing possibilities of biological fatherhood in 47,XXY patients. PMID:23504510

Aksglaede, L; Juul, A



48,XXYY, 48,XXXY and 49,XXXXY syndromes: not just variants of Klinefelter syndrome  

PubMed Central

Sex chromosome tetrasomy and pentasomy conditions occur in 1:18 000–1:100 000 male births. While often compared with 47,XXY/Klinefelter syndrome because of shared features including tall stature and hypergonadotropic hypogonadism, 48,XXYY, 48,XXXY and 49,XXXXY syndromes are associated with additional physical findings, congenital malformations, medical problems and psychological features. While the spectrum of cognitive abilities extends much higher than originally described, developmental delays, cognitive impairments and behavioural disorders are common and require strong treatment plans. Future research should focus on genotype–phenotype relationships and the development of evidence-based treatments. Conclusion The more complex physical, medical and psychological phenotypes of 48,XXYY, 48,XXXY and 49,XXXXY syndromes make distinction from 47,XXY important; however, all of these conditions share features of hypergonadotropic hypogonadism and the need for increased awareness, biomedical research and the development of evidence-based treatments.

Tartaglia, Nicole; Ayari, Natalie; Howell, Susan; D'Epagnier, Cheryl; Zeitler, Philip



The expansion velocities of laser-produced plasmas determined from extreme ultraviolet spectral line profiles  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The expansion of laser-produced plasma is determined from the shapes of spectral lines of highly ionized iron emitted in the extreme ultraviolet. The plasmas were produced by focusing the pulse from a Nd:glass laser onto solid planar targets, and spectra were recorded with a high-resolution grazing-incidence spectrograph. From the Doppler broadening of lines of Fe XX and Fe XXI, expansion velocities of about 830 km/s were determined. The relative time-averaged ion abundances of Fe XVIII, Fe XIX, Fe XX, and Fe XXI are estimated for three different spectra. The abundances do not differ by more than a factor of 4 for any of the spectra.

Feldman, U.; Doschek, G. A.; Behring, W. E.; Cohen, L.



46,X,del(X)(q13) Turner's Syndrome Female with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in a Pedigree Multiplex for SLE  

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Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) disproportionately affects females. Recent work demonstrates that men with Klinefelter's syndrome (47,XXY males) have a similar risk of developing SLE as do genotypic females. We present an unusual case of an African American family with two SLE affected individuals in which one of the SLE patients also has Turner's syndrome [46,X,del(X)(q13)]. While not definitive, this family raises interesting questions regarding the role of genes located on the X chromosome in the development of SLE. The paucity of case reports documenting the overlap of SLE with Turner's syndrome while there is and association of male SLE with Klinefelter's syndrome suggests a lower risk of SLE in Turner's females. These observations are consistent with a gene dose effect at X with two X chromosomes (46,XX or 47,XXY) conferring higher risk and one X chromosome (46,XY or 45,XO) conferring lower risk of SLE.

Cooney, Carisa M.; Bruner, Gail R.; Aberle, Teresa; Namjou-Khales, Bahram; Myers, Linda K.; Feo, Lourdes; Li, Shibo; D'Souza, Anil; Ramirez, Alia; Harley, John B.; Scofield, R. Hal



Reviews of Books  

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NIGEL SPIVEY. The Ancient Olympics. New York: Oxford University Press, 2004. Pp. xxi, 273. $39-95 (CDN). Reviewed by Onno M. van NijfKAUSHIK ROY. From Hydaspes to Kargil: A History of Warfare in India from 326 BC to AD 1999. New Delhi: Manohar, 2004. Pp. 283. Rs 595. Reviewed by Pradeep BaruaNATHAN ROSENSTEIN. Rome at War: Farms, Families, and Death in

Onno M. van Nijf; Pradeep Barua; Elena Isayev; Ian Wood; Jonathan Riley-Smith; John France; Anthony Disney; John Patrick Donnelly SJ; Lawrence Manley; John W. Dardess; Peter C. Perdue; Daniel K. Richter; Enrico Dal Lago; John G. Reid; Simon Burrows; Mark A. Burkholder; H. W. Brands; Daniel A. Baugh; Gregory Mann; Penelope Carson; Mark J. Hudson; Richard J. Smith; Holger H. Herwig; Lamar Cecil; Donald Denoon; Martin Francis; Alfred E. Eckes; Christina Twomey; Geoffrey Bolton; James Searing; Anders Stephanson; Nils Arne Sørensen; Andreas Fahrmeir; Stephen G. Craft; Barbara Hately-Broad; Jill Stephenson; Gary Herrigel; Judith Roosblad; James C. Van Hook; Donald Reid; Helen Hintjens; Ann Trotter; Tore Tingvold Petersen; Nur Bilge Criss; Ronald J. Granieri; G. F. Goodwin; Ralph B. Levering; Robert Looney; Richard C. Thornton; James A. Bill; Otis L. Scott; Ronald Steel; Michael Geyer; Paul R. Williams; Sumit Ganguly; Ted Hopf; Björn Hettne; David N. Gibbs; Richard J. Harknett; Johannes J. G. Jansen; Kim Richard Nossal; Johan M. G. van der Dennen; William C. Wohlforth; Jack Snyder



Elementary gates for quantum computation  

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We show that a set of gates that consists of all one-bit quantum gates [U(2)] and the two-bit exclusive-OR gate [that maps Boolean values (x,y) to (x,x?y)] is universal in the sense that all unitary operations on arbitrarily many bits n [U(2n)] can be expressed as compositions of these gates. We investigate the number of the above gates required to

Adriano Barenco; Charles H. Bennett; Richard Cleve; David P. Divincenzo; Norman Margolus; Peter Shor; Tycho Sleator; John A. Smolin; Harald Weinfurter



Volumetric magnetic resonance imaging study of the brain in subjects with sex chromosome aneuploidies  

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OBJECTIVESCognitive impairment has been reported in people with sex chromosome aneuploides (SCAs) and it has been proposed that the presence of an extra sex chromosome may have an adverse effect on neurodevelopment. This study examines the hypothesis with structural MRI of the brain.METHODSThirty two subjects with SCA (XXX (n=12), XYY (n=10), and XXY (n=10)) from a birth cohort study were

Michael M Warwick; Gillian A Doody; Stephen M Lawrie; Julia N Kestelman; Jonathan J K Best; Eve C Johnstone



Review Article: Ancient Warfare  

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Richard A. Gabriel and Karen S. Metz. From Sumer to Rome: The Military Capabilities of Ancient Armies. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1991. Pp. xxi, 182. $45.00 (us)Victor Davis Hanson, ed. Hoplites: The Classical Greek Battle Experience. London and New York: Roudledge, 1991. Pp. xvi, 286. $39.95 (us)W. Kendrick Pritchett. The Greek State at War. Part V. Berkeley: University of California

Paul Cartledge



Chromosome abnormalities in sperm of individuals with constitutional sex chromosomal abnormalities  

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The most common type of karyotype abnormality detected in infertile subjects is represented by Klinefelter’s syndrome, and the most frequent non-chromosomal alteration is represented by Y chromosome long arm microdeletions. Here we report our experience and a review of the literature on sperm sex chromosome aneuploidies in these two conditions. Non mosaic 47,XXY Klinefelter patients (12 subjects) show a significantly

A. Ferlin; A. Garolla; C. Foresta



Sympagic occurrence of Eusirid and Lysianassoid amphipods under Antarctic pack ice  

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During three Antarctic expeditions (2004, ANT XXI-4 and XXII-2; 2006, ANT XXIII-6) with the German research icebreaker R\\/V Polarstern, six different amphipod species were recorded under the pack ice of the Weddell Sea and the Lazarev Sea. These cruises covered Austral autumn (April), summer (December) and winter (August) situations, respectively. Five of the amphipod species recorded here belong to the

Rupert H. Krapp; Jørgen Berge; Hauke Flores; Bjørn Gulliksen; Iris Werner



Klinefelter Syndrome and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma  

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Patients with a 47,XXYkaryotype (Klinefelter syndrome) appear to have on increased risk of developing cancer, especially male breast cancer and germ cell tumors, but rarely malignant hematologic disorders. We report a patient with a low grade B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma with a 47,XXY karyotype in both the tumor and constitutional cells. This is only the 13th reported case of malignant lymphoma

Mervyn Humphreys; Philip Lavery; Curly Morris; Norman Nevin



Prenatal Diagnosis of Sex Chromosome Abnormalities: The 8Year Experience of a Single Medical Center  

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Objective: To assess the indications for prenatal karyotyping of sex chromosomal abnormalities (SCAs) during pregnancy. Methods: All singleton pregnancies interrupted in our institute because of SCAs (1998–2005) were categorized into subgroups of 45,XO (Turner syndrome), 47,XXY (Klinefelter syndrome), 47,XXX and 47,XYY. The indications for prenatal diagnostic testing were recorded. Results: There were 67 SCAs pregnancies: 33% Turner syndrome, 28% Klinefelter

Zvi Vaknin; Orit Reish; Ido Ben-Ami; Eli Heyman; Arie Herman; Ron Maymon



Age paternel et risques pour la descendance  

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Resume  L’âge auquel le mâle se reproduit peut influer sur la qualité de sa descendance. Chez l’homme, le vieillissement paternel\\u000a peut augmenter le risque des avortements spontanés à répétition, celui des aneuploïdies qui conduisent au syndrome XXY ou,\\u000a avec une plus faible probabilité, à la Trisomie 21, le risque d’apparition de syndromes autosomiques dominants (SAD) et celui\\u000a de certaines mutations récessives

Maurice Auroux; Kremlin Bicetre



Natural hazards phenomena mitigation with respect to seismic hazards at the Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility  

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This report provides information on the seismic hazard for design of the proposed Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility (ERDF), a facility designed for the disposal of wastes generated during the cleanup of Hanford Site aggregate areas. The preferred ERDF site is located south and east of 200 East and 200 West Areas. The Washington State Groundwater Protection Program (WAC 173-303-806 (4)(a)(xxi))




On a Lorentz-invariant interpretation of noncommutative space–time and its implications on noncommutative QFT  

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By invoking the concept of twisted Poincaré symmetry of the algebra of functions on a Minkowski space–time, we demonstrate that the noncommutative space–time with the commutation relations [x?,x?]=i???, where ??? is a constant real antisymmetric matrix, can be interpreted in a Lorentz-invariant way. The implications of the twisted Poincaré symmetry on QFT on such a space–time is briefly discussed. The

M. Chaichian; P. P. Kulish; K. Nishijima; A. Tureanu



Distribution of alpha 1-antitrypsin (PI) phenotypes in chromosome abnormalities.  


PI phenotypes (including subtypes) were determined for 168 individuals with chromosomal abnormalities ascertained in Adelaide. These included patients with mosaicism, trisomy 21, trisomy 13, trisomy 18, and various sex chromosome aberrations (45,X, 47,XXX, 47,XXY, 47, XYY, and 48,XXXY). Data did not support an existing proposition that mildly deficient PI phenotypes predispose to abnormal chromosome segregation during mitosis of meiosis. Phenotypic distributions of each group were statistically similar to control populations of cord bloods and bloods donors. PMID:6971795

Mulley, J C; Sutherland, G R



Discovery of Narrow X-Ray Absorption Lines from NGC 3783 with the Chandra High Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer  

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We present the first grating-resolution X-ray spectra of the Seyfert 1 galaxy NGC 3783, obtained with the High Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer on the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. These spectra reveal many narrow absorption lines from the H-like and He-like ions of O, Ne, Mg, Si, S, and Ar as well as Fe XVII-Fe XXI L-shell lines. We have also identified

Shai Kaspi; W. N. Brandt; Hagai Netzer; Rita Sambruna; George Chartas; Gordon P. Garmire; John A. Nousek



Utilização de hardware reconfigurável para acelerar a satisfação booleana  

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* Trabalho financiado com a bolsa da FCT-PRAXIS XXI\\/BD\\/21353\\/99 Resumo - Este artigo apresenta um estudo de possibilidade de aceleração da satisfação booleana com a ajuda do hardware reconfigurável. A satisfação booleana (SAT) é um problema importante que tem muitas aplicações em CAD e outras áreas. Neste artigo propomos uma técnica de desenvolvimento orientada a problema em geral para acelerar

Iouliia Skliarova; António B. Ferrari



Satisfação booleana: algoritmos, aplicações, implementações  

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* Trabalho financiado com a bolsa da FCT-PRAXIS XXI\\/BD\\/21353\\/99 Resumo - Neste artigo considera-se em detalhe o problema de satisfação booleana (SAT) e descrevem-se os algoritmos discretos completos que são normalmente utilizados para a sua solução. É mostrado que SAT tem inúmeras aplicações práticas. Portanto, o desenvolvimento e a implementação de algoritmos eficientes assumem actualmente grande importância. Finalmente, são analizadas

Iouliia Skliarova; António B. Ferrari



Rates of trisomies 21, 18, 13 and other chromosome abnormalities in about 20 000 prenatal studies compared with estimated rates in live births  

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Data were analyzed on the results of 19675 prenatal cytogenetic diagnoses reported to two chromosome registries on women aged 35 or over for whom there was no known cytogenetic risk for a chromosome abnormality except parental age. The expected rates at amniocentesis of 47,+21; 47,+18; 47,+13; XXX; XXY; XYY; and other clinically significant cytogenetic defects by maternal age were obtained

Dina M. Schreinemachers; Philip K. Cross; Ernest B. Hook



Nitrous oxide measurements during EIFEX, the European Iron Fertilization Experiment in the subpolar South Atlantic Ocean  

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We measured the vertical water column distribution of nitrous oxide (N2O) during the European Iron Fertilization Experiment (EIFEX) in the subpolar South Atlantic Ocean during February\\/March 2004 (R\\/V Polarstern cruise ANT XXI\\/3). Despite a huge build-up and sedimentation of a phytoplankton bloom, a comparison of the N2O concentrations within the fertilized patch with concentrations measured outside the fertilized patch revealed

Sylvia Walter; Ilka Peeken; Karin Lochte; Adrian Webb; Hermann W. Bange



Brain morphology in Klinefelter syndrome Extra X chromosome and testosterone supplementation  

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Article abstract—Objective: This study focuses on variation in brain morphology associated with supernumerary X chromosome and Klinefelter syndrome (KS). Using an unselected birth cohort of KS subjects and high-resolution MRI, the authors investigated the neuroanatomic consequences of the 47,XXY karyotype in the presence and absence of exogenous testosterone supplementation. Methods: Regional brain volumes were measured in 10 subjects with KS

A. J. Patwardhan; S. Eliez; B. Bender; M. G. Linden; A. L. Reiss


Prognostic value of the clinical and laboratory evaluation in patients with nonmosaic Klinefelter syndrome who are receiving assisted reproductive therapy  

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Objective: To characterize clinical and laboratory findings in nonmosaic 47,XXY patients that may help to predict spermatogenetic activity in their testicles.Design: Prospective study.Setting: Assisted reproductive technology program.Patient(s): Twenty patients with nonmosaic Klinefelter syndrome who underwent testicular sperm retrieval for IVF.Main Outcome Measure(s): The correlation between basal FSH, LH and testosterone levels, mean testicular volume, and results of the hCG test

Igael Madgar; Jehoshua Dor; Ruth Weissenberg; Gil Raviv; Yehezkel Menashe; Jacob Levron



Reviews of Books  

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BRUCE G. TRIGGER. Understanding Early Civilizations: A Comparative Study. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2003. Pp. xiii, 757. $50.00 (US). Reviewed by Robert McC. AdamsJOHN A. LYNN. Battle: A History of Combat and Culture. Boulder: Westview Press, 2003. Pp. xxv, 399. $27.50 (US). Reviewed by Hew StrachanRICHARD A. GABRIEL. The Great Armies of Antiquity. Westport: Praeger, 2002. Pp. xxi, 430.

Robert Mc C. Adams; Hew Strachan; R. M. Sheldon; Hugh Laracy; Arthur M. Eckstein; Marjorie Chibnall; Roger Collins; Felipe Fernández-Armesto; John Norris; Peter C. Perdue; Mark A. Burkholder; John M. Murrin; Simon Burrows; Paul Webb; Donald Denoon; James J. Fox; James L. Huffman; Elizabeth Greenhalgh; Lothar Höbelt; Madeline Y. Hsu; Phyllis M. Martin; Sneh Mahajan; Laurent Goetschel; Brian Bond; Jay Winter; David Day; Raymond Millen; Philip Carabot; Henry Ashby Turner Jr; Desmond Morton; Frank Ninkovich; Nicholas J. Cull; Sabine Lee; Sheila Carapico; Ritchie Ovendale; Michael Share; Cathie Carmichael; Robert D. English; Richard Ned Lebow; Mark W. McLeod; Michael Krepon; Doug Owram; Peter J. Smith; Hendrik Spruyt; Peter Karsten; Bradley R. Simpson; David Mayers; Qiang Zhai; Peter Sluglett; James Lee Ray; Arthur Jay Klinghoffer; John Kent; Stephen M. Walt; M. June Flanders; William R. Thompson; Immanuel Wallerstein



Reviews of Books  

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Micahel Williams. Deforesting the Earth: From Prehistory to Global Crisis. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 2003. Pp. xxvi, 689. $70.00 (US). Reviewed by Paul W. HirtRichard P. Hallion. Taking Flight: Inventing the Aerial Age from Antiquity through the First World War. New York: Oxford University Press, 2003. Pp. xxi, 531. $49.95 (CDN). Reviewed by Robin HighamA. B. Bosworth.

Paul W. Hirt; Robin Higham; Waldemar Heckel; Albert E. Dien; John J. Contreni; Nicholas Tarling; Eric Van Young; David Williams; John Christian Laursen; Christoph T. Maier; James M. Powell; Michael Brett; Michael Williams Jr; Stephen F. Dale; Arthur M. Eckstein; Ida Altman; Ian K. Steele; Jon E. Wilson; P. G. M. Dickson; H. T. Dickinson; Rick Szostack; Donald Reid; Philip G. Dwyer; Thomas R. Metcalf; Gunther E. Rothenberg; Helmut Walser Smith; Martin Klein; David Wetzel; David Curtis Wright; Martin Legassick; Mitchell Yockelson; Norman E. Saul; Hew Strachan; Linda Bryder; James A. Reilly; Igor Lukes; Gabriel Gorodetsky; Catherine R. Schenk; William Sheridan Allen; John W. Jeffries; David Dutton; Geoffrey Till; Robert Edwin Herzstein; Thomas Borstelmann; Dale R. Herspring; Ralph N. Clough; Jean-Christian Lambelet; Warren I. Cohen; Jeffrey Grey; Andrew Preston; George C. Herring; Patricia E. Roy; John R. Gillis; Neville Kirk; Barry Eichengreen; Randall L. Schweller; Raphael Israeli



JAS review of books  

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Andrew Scott, Running on Empty, Pluto Press, 2000, pp 330, $32.95Carol Johnson, Governing Change Keating to Howard, University of Queensland Press in association with the API network, 2000, pp v + 175, pb $29.95Marian Simms and John Warhurst (eds), Howard's Agenda: The 1998 Australian Election, University of Queensland Press, pp xxi + 260, pb $29.95Charles Fox, Fighting Back: The Politics

Mark Latham; David Black; Paul D Williams; Janet McCalman; John McQuilton; Tim Bowden; Dennis Foley; Marian Sawer; Philip Bull; Debbie Hindley; Richard Waterhouse; Van Ikin; Karl Neuenfeldt; Jan Kociumbas; Richard Freadman; George Seddon; Lachlan Irvine; Dean Chan; Jim Hagan; Anne Pender; Simon Ryan; Glen McLaren; James Jupp; Miriam Lo; Tseen Khoo; Jodi Fitzhardinge; Sue Bond; Fiona Paisley



[Fyodor Mikhailovich Lazarenko and the development of Orenburg Scientific Histological School].  


The article presents the main aspects of life and scientific investigations of F. M. Lazarenko, the founder of the Orenburg scientific histological school, the corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. The major directions and the results of scientific research of F. M. Lazarenko are described together with the research of his disciples and Orenburg histological school representatives working in Orenburg State Medical Academy during the period from 1930s to the beginning of XXI century. PMID:24592710

Shevliuk, N N



On integrable structures for a generalized Monge-Ampere equation  

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We consider a 3rd-order generalized Monge-Ampere equation u_yyy - u_xxy^2 + u_xxx u_xyy = 0 (which is closely related to the associativity equation in the 2-d topological field theory) and describe all integrable structures related to it (i.e., Hamiltonian, symplectic, and recursion operators). Infinite hierarchies of symmetries and conservation laws are constructed as well.

Paul Kersten; Iosif Krasil'shchik; Alexander Verbovetsky; Raffaele Vitolo



Reviews of Books  

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FERGUS MILLAR. A Greek Roman Empire: Power and Belief under Theodosius II (408–450). Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA: University of California Press, 2006. Pp. xxvi, 279. $49.95 (US). Reviewed by H.A. DrakeERIC J. GOLDBERG. Struggle for Empire: Kingship and Conflict under Louis the German, 817–876. Ithaca, NY and London: Cornell University Press, 2006. Pp. xxi, 388. $47.50 (US). Reviewed by

H. A. Drake; John J. Contreni; Clyde G. Reed; Jeremy Black; Deborah Howard; Alec Ryrie; Andrew Cayton; Daniel Brower; Alan Frost; David Andrew Roberts; John B. Hattendorf; Norrin M. Ripsman; Eugene F. Irschick; Max Quanch; A. J. R. Russell-Wood; Reginald C. Stuart; Nancy Mitchell; Ruth Ginio; Andre Bächtiger; F. R. Bridge; Allan Cassels; Frank Ninkovich; Lothar Höbelt; Maurizio Peleggi; Donald Reid; Andrew J. Crozier; Roger Adelson; Terry Copp; Keith Neilson; D. B. Goldey; Betty Miller Unterberger; David W. McFadden; George Egerton; Neville Thompson; John Charmley; Trevor C. Salmon; Michael Seidman; Ian F. W. Beckett; Desmond Morton; Günter Bischof; Lawrence D. Stokes; D. W. Ellwood; Michael F. Hopkins; Scott Lucas; Catherine R. Schenk; Bennett Kovrig; Laurence J. Silberstein; Michael Dumper; Michelle Mart; John Darwin; Glen St J. Barclay; Christopher J. Gerry; Mira Wilkins; Linda B. Hall; Nigel J. Ashton; Caroline Andrew; Ole Elgström; Geoffrey Jones; D. E. Moggridge; Richard E. Lee; Gary B. Ostrower; Charles F. Doran



Hematologic malignancies and Klinefelter syndrome. a chance association?  


Klinefelter syndrome was first described in 1942 as an endocrine disorder characterized by gynecomastia, hypogonadism, small testes, and elevated levels of follicle-stimulating hormone. An extra X chromosome (i.e., 47,XXY) was subsequently demonstrated in these patients and an increased incidence of leukemia and lymphoma has been described. We report a retrospective study of a series of unselected patients with Klinefelter syndrome diagnosed by cytogenetic studies and the occurrence of hematologic malignancies. The literature is also reviewed. PMID:12547150

Keung, Yi-Kong; Buss, David; Chauvenet, Allen; Pettenati, Mark



Hematologic malignancies and Klinefelter syndrome  

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Klinefelter syndrome was first described in 1942 as an endocrine disorder characterized by gynecomastia, hypogonadism, small testes, and elevated levels of follicle-stimulating hormone. An extra X chromosome (i.e., 47,XXY) was subsequently demonstrated in these patients and an increased incidence of leukemia and lymphoma has been described. We report a retrospective study of a series of unselected patients with Klinefelter syndrome

Yi-Kong Keung; David Buss; Allen Chauvenet; Mark Pettenati



From GI Joe to starship trooper: the evolution of information support for individual soldiers  

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As we approach the millennium, numerous programs and research plans have focused on the use of advanced technology to improve the effectiveness of military forces. Examples include: the Army XXI concepts and the Army After Next (http:\\/\\/\\/aan.html) concepts for military technology beyond the year 2020. Technologies to improve the effectiveness of soldiers include advanced tactical communications, the Global Positioning Satellite

David L. Hall; James Llinas



[Is it useful to modify the care of Klinefelter's syndrome to improve the chances of paternity?].  


Until a few years ago, Klinefelter syndrome with a homogeneous 47.XXY karyotype was considered a model of absolute male sterility. In this review, we will discuss: (1) potential fertility following TEsticular Sperm Extraction-IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection (TESE-ICSI), (2) the physiopathology of spermatogenic failure and the origin of focal spermatogenesis and risk of aneuploidy in potential offspring, (3) the advantage of searching for and cryopreserving spermatozoa in adolescent instead of adult patients. In previous published series, TESE was successful in almost 50% of patients and pregnancy rate following ICSI was not obviously different from other causes of spermatogenic failure. The rate of positive sperm extraction seemed to be better for younger patients. During childhood, the survival rate of 47.XXY spermatogonia is low. However, a few spermatogonia are able to eliminate their extra X chromosome, giving rise to rare clones of 46.XY gonia which are the origin of rare foci of complete spermatogenesis after puberty. Several arguments suggest that this focal spermatogenesis decreases with age. This suggests there would be a benefit to patients if TESE were performed in adolescences and spermatozoa were cryopreserved. In addition, androgenotherapy is a common treatment of Klinfelter syndrome but carries a risk of decreasing focal spermatogenesis by lowering gonadotropins. Preservation of spermatozoa from adolescence by TESE would allow androgenotherapy to be prescribed with less concern for future reproductive capacity. Controlled studies should be done to determine the best age for TESE-ICSI in 47.XXY homogeneous Klinefelter syndrome patients. PMID:20727517

Plotton, I; Brosse, A; Lejeune, H



SNP-based non-invasive prenatal testing detects sex chromosome aneuploidies with high accuracy  

PubMed Central

Objective To develop a single nucleotide polymorphism- and informatics-based non-invasive prenatal test that detects sex chromosome aneuploidies early in pregnancy. Methods Fifteen aneuploid samples, including thirteen 45,X, two 47,XXY, and one 47,XYY, along with 185 euploid controls, were analyzed. Cell-free DNA was isolated from maternal plasma, amplified in a single multiplex PCR assay that targeted 19,488 polymorphic loci covering chromosomes 13, 18, 21, X, and Y, and sequenced. Sequencing results were analyzed using a Bayesian-based maximum likelihood statistical method to determine copy number of interrogated chromosomes, calculating sample-specific accuracies. Results Of the samples that passed a stringent quality control metric (93%), the algorithm correctly identified copy number at all five chromosomes in all 187 samples, for 934/935 correct calls as early as 9.4 weeks of gestation. We detected 45,X with 91.7% sensitivity (CI: 61.5-99.8%) and 100% specificity (CI: 97.9-100%), and 47,XXY and 47,XYY. The average calculated accuracy was 99.78%. Conclusion This method non-invasively detected 45,X, 47,XXY, and 47,XYY fetuses from cfDNA isolated from maternal plasma with high calculated accuracies, and thus offers a non-invasive method with the potential to function as a routine screen allowing for early prenatal detection of rarely diagnosed yet commonly occurring sex aneuploidies.

Samango-Sprouse, Carole; Banjevic, Milena; Ryan, Allison; Sigurjonsson, Styrmir; Zimmermann, Bernhard; Hill, Matthew; Hall, Megan P.; Westemeyer, Margaret; Saucier, Jennifer; Demko, Zachary; Rabinowitz, Matthew



Integrated sight: future improvement for Land Warrior  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Integrated Sight (IS) is a Technology Demonstration program within the Force XXI Land Warrior Program. Like the other Force XXI Land Warrior components, the IS is a candidate for future technology insertion into the Land Warrior (LW) program. The IS integrates an uncooled thermal imager, eye- safe laser rangefinder, electronic compass, CCD camera and infrared laser pointer into a single lightweight sight. It can mount on weapons or be used in a handheld or tripod mode. The functionality of the IS provides the fighting soldier with the ability to acquire targets during daylight, darkness, adverse weather, and through battlefield obscurants to provide target position data (azimuth and range) for indirect fire. Standardized interfaces enable digital target location data and imagery to be transmitted to and from the LW computer/radio subsystem (CRS). By integrating the sensors into a single unit, the IS offers reductions in weight, power, and size which is expected to improve the LW soldier's fightability. The impact of sensor integration on the LW soldier's tasks will be evaluated during Force XXI Land Warrior testing. The IS is being developed jointly by Raytheon Texas Instruments Systems (RTIS), the U.S. Army CECOM RDEC Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate, and the U.S. Army Soldier Systems command. This paper provides a comparative assessment of the IS and the LW baseline Weapon Subsystem, and outlines the expected improvements that the IS provides the fighting soldier.

Randello, Joe S.; Marshall, Lawrence T.; Velez, Mario E.; Frink, Bob



Energy release topology in a multiple-loop solar flare  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The temporal and spatial structures of the UV and X-ray emissions and the magnetic field configuration in the November 12, 1980 flare observed from SMM have been studied. The UV observations were done in the O V and Fe XXI lines with a spatial resolution of 10 arcsec. The observations show that the impulsive UV bursts, and also the hard X-ray bursts by their temporal correlation with the impulsive O V emission, occurred in small localized kernels. By comparing the O V, Fe XXI, and X-ray raster images of the flare with the magnetogram, these emission kernels were identified as footpoints of interacting magnetic flux loops. The temporal evolution of the O V/Fe XXI emission shows that there was considerable preheating in the flare plasma some 8-9 minutes prior to the onset of the main hard X-ray bursts. The results are interpreted as indicating that the primary flare energy release occurred in a highly sheared multiloop structure, which lies along a magnetic neutral line. By either beam particle propagation or convective motion, flare energy is transported via a common footpoint to another loop which brightened later. The preheating of the flare plasma is shown to create a more favorable environment for energetic particle acceleration which resulted in the main impulsive hard X-ray bursts.

Cheng, C.-C.; Pallavicini, R.; Acton, L. W.; Tandberg-Hanssen, E.



A tortoiseshell male cat: chromosome analysis and histologic examination of the testis.  


Tortoiseshell coat color is normally restricted to female cats due to X-linkage of the gene that encodes the orange coat color. Tortoiseshell male cats do, however, occur at a low frequency among tortoiseshell cats because of chromosome aberrations similar to the Klinefelter syndrome in man: the extra X chromosome of a 39,XXY karyotype introduces the possibility of an orange and a non-orange allele which produce the mixture of orange and non-orange coat spotting known as tortoiseshell. We analyzed the chromosome complement of a fibroblast culture and did histological examinations of testicular tissue from a tortoiseshell male cat referred to us. Chromosome analysis using RBA-banding consistently revealed a 39,XXY karyotype. Histological examinations of testis biopsies from this cat showed degeneration of the tubules, hyperplasia of the interstitial tissue, and complete loss of germ cells. Immunostaining using anti-vimentin and anti-VASA (DDX4) showed that only Sertoli cells and no germ cells were observed in the testicular tubules. As no sign of spermatogenesis was detected, we conclude that this is a classic case of a sterile, male tortoiseshell cat with a 39,XXY chromosome complement. PMID:24335095

Pedersen, A S; Berg, L C; Almstrup, K; Thomsen, P D



Battlefield awareness computers: the engine of battlefield digitization  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

To modernize the army for the 21st century, the U.S. Army Digitization Office (ADO) initiated in 1995 the Force XXI Battle Command Brigade-and-Below (FBCB2) Applique program which became a centerpiece in the U.S. Army's master plan to win future information wars. The Applique team led by TRW fielded a 'tactical Internet' for Brigade and below command to demonstrate the advantages of 'shared situation awareness' and battlefield digitization in advanced war-fighting experiments (AWE) to be conducted in March 1997 at the Army's National Training Center in California. Computing Devices is designated the primary hardware developer for the militarized version of the battlefield awareness computers. The first generation of militarized battlefield awareness computer, designated as the V3 computer, was an integration of off-the-shelf components developed to meet the agressive delivery requirements of the Task Force XXI AWE. The design efficiency and cost effectiveness of the computer hardware were secondary in importance to delivery deadlines imposed by the March 1997 AWE. However, declining defense budgets will impose cost constraints on the Force XXI production hardware that can only be met by rigorous value engineering to further improve design optimization for battlefield awareness without compromising the level of reliability the military has come to expect in modern military hardened vetronics. To answer the Army's needs for a more cost effective computing solution, Computing Devices developed a second generation 'combat ready' battlefield awareness computer, designated the V3+, which is designed specifically to meet the upcoming demands of Force XXI (FBCB2) and beyond. The primary design objective is to achieve a technologically superior design, value engineered to strike an optimal balance between reliability, life cycle cost, and procurement cost. Recognizing that the diverse digitization demands of Force XXI cannot be adequately met by any one computer hardware solution, Computing Devices is planning to develop a notebook sized military computer designed for space limited vehicle-mounted applications, as well as a high-performance portable workstation equipped with a 19', full color, ultra-high resolution and high brightness active matrix liquid crystal display (AMLCD) targeting the command posts and tactical operations centers (TOC) applications. Together with the wearable computers Computing Devices developed at the Minneapolis facility for dismounted soldiers, Computing Devices will have a complete suite of interoperable battlefield awareness computers spanning the entire spectrum of battle digitization operating environments. Although this paper's primary focus is on a second generation 'combat ready' battlefield awareness computer or the V3+, this paper also briefly discusses the extension of the V3+ architecture to address the needs of the embedded and command post applications.

Ho, Jackson; Chamseddine, Ahmad




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Non-physical barriers had been tested in US and Canada as a system to avoid fish entrance in harmful areas at power plants or in canals for water delivery and irrigation. Among these barriers we tested strobe light's effect on delta smelt, a small osmerid endemic to the San Francisco Estuary. The results of the tests conducted at the USBR Hydraulic

Luiz Gustavo; M. SILVA


Que Sucede? Manual Informativo Sobre Rehabilitacion y Educacion Especial en Costa Rica (What's Happening? Informative Manual on Rehabilitation and Special Education in Costa Rica).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The manual, in Spanish, provides descriptions of rehabilitation, medical, and special education services; centers and institutions which offer physical and mental rehabilitation services; and lists of professionals and advocacy organizations in Costa Rica. Part 1 includes an overview of rehabilitation and special education, a short history of…

de Mezerville, Gaston; And Others



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O crescimento acelerado das cidades acarretou sérios prejuízos à qualidade ambiental das áreas de expansão urbana, pois a ocupação urbana desordenada configurada nestes espaços substituiu de forma degradante o espaço natural transformando-o em espaço construído sem qualquer planejamento urbano que levasse em conta a vegetação como componente essencial da qualidade de vida humana. Dentro deste contexto, o bairro Parque Verde,



Actividad antioxidante de la melatonina sobre el hígado graso inducido por etionina en ratones# Antioxidant activity of melatonin on fatty liver induced by ethionine in mice  

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SUMMARY The aim of this study was to determine the antioxidant activity of melatonin in female mice with ethionine-induced hepatic oxidative stress (HOS), and the effect of this hormone on the gluthatione peroxidase enzyme antioxidant activity. Twenty adult female NMRI mice were given intraperitoneally 3 mg\\/kg melatonin in 1% ethanol daily for 15 days, and 1% ethanol to the control

SM Ferraro; A López-Ortega


Relación entre el potencial zeta y la deposición en el lavado de impurezas sólidas sobre tejidos de algodón, poliéster y poliéster-algodón tratados con diferentes aprestos  

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Deposition of solid impurities of textile substrates, in washing, is due to different causes which can be of mechanical, chemicai, electrical or adsorption origin.\\u000aThe electrical phenomenon is studied by the electrokinetic potential or zeta potential. This potential depends on the fibre surface and the polar medium in which in steeped. For this reason, we used cotton, polyester, and polyester-cotton

Francisco Javier Carrión Fité; José Ribé Pons



Estudos polarograficos sobre o comportamento do indio (III) em meio aquoso de azoteto de sodio. (Polarographic studies about indium (III) behaviour in aqueous media of sodium azide).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The present study shows some polarographic behavior of indium (III) in azide media that is close those observed in a thiocyanate solution. The presence of azide ligand decreases the overpotential in the discharge of indium whose catalytic character can be...

R. Tokoro



Acupuntura de compensación (balance): un estudio experimental sobre su eficacia en el tratamiento de los dolores radiculares en un modelo de rata con hernia discal  

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BackgroundLumbar disc herniation (LDH) is a common clinical disease accounting for lumbocrural pain in the majority of the patients. The incidence of LDH has risen quickly in the past years. The theory of balance acupuncture is a new method firstly established by Dr. Wang Wenyuan and further developed according to a large amount of clinical studies which have come to

Y. Wang; H. Yuan; D. Xu; W. Y. Wang



Perspectivas sobre las escuelas charter: Una resena para padres de familia (Perspectives on Charter Schools: A Review for Parents). ERIC Digest.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Recently, charter schools have gained popularity with parents, students, and others as alternatives to public schools, but what are charter schools and what effects are they having? This Spanish-language Digest defines charter schools and clarifies some of the administrative and legal details surrounding such schools. The Digest also lays out some…

Donahoo, Saran


Análisis de la influencia de polimorfismos en APOE, APOA5, LPL, LIPC y CETP sobre los niveles de triglicéridos en población laboral malagueña  

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IntroductionTriglyceride levels are considered to be an independent vascular risk factor. The influence of polymorphisms in genes such as APOE, APOA5, LPL, LIPC and CETP on these levels has been separately described. The aim of the present study was to analyze the combined effects of these polymorphisms and their interaction with environmental factors.

María José Ariza; Ana María Hornos; Francisco Javier Barón; Eva Calvo-Bonacho; José Rioja; Pedro Valdivielso; Juan Carlos Sainz-Gutierrez; Montserrat Ruiz-Moraga; José Antonio Gelpi; Pedro González-Santos; Miguel Ángel Sánchez-Chaparro



Vínculos sobre um modelo de quartessência de Chaplygin usando observações do satélite chandra da fração de massa de gás em aglomerados de galáxias  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Observações de Supernovas do tipo Ia mostram que a expansão do Universo está acelerando. Segundo as equações de Einstein uma componente com pressão negativa (energia escura) é necessária para explicar a aceleração cósmica. Além da energia escura é usualmente admitido que no Universo há também uma matéria exótica com pressão zero, que é chamada de matéria escura. Essa componente possui um papel fundamental na formação de estruturas no Universo. Recentemente tem se explorado a possibilidade de que matéria e energia escura poderiam ser unificadas através de uma única componente, que tem sido denominada de quartessência. Um exemplo de fluido com essas características é o Gás de Chaplygin Generalizado, que possui uma equação de estado da forma p = -A/ra. Inicialmente consideramos o caso especial a = 1 (gás de Chaplygin) e vinculamos parâmetros do modelo utilizando observações em raios-X do satélite Chandra da fração de massa de gás em aglomerados de galáxias. Uma comparação dos vínculos obtidos com esse teste com outros testes, tais como supernovas e idade do Universo, mostra que esse teste é bastante restritivo. Exibiremos ainda resultados para o caso em que a curvatura é nula e o parâmetro a está compreendido no intervalo -1 < a 1.

de Souza, R. S.



Sobre o metodo de particao e a teoria quantica de perturbacao - espectros discretos. (Partitioning method and the perturbation quantum theory - discrete spectra).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Lower and upper bounds to eigenvalues of the Schroedinger equation H (Psi) = E (Psi) (H = H(sub 0) + V) and the convergence condition, in Schonberg's perturbation theory, are presented. These results are obtained using the partitioning technique. It is pr...

P. G. Logrado



Observaciones sobre la biología de Octopus mimus (Cephalopoda: Octopoda) en la costa peruana Observations about the biology of Octopus mimus (Cephalopoda: Octopoda) in the Peruvian coast  

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The Gould Octopus, Octopus mimus Gould, 1852 is widely distributed along the Peruvian coast and is target of an important artisanal fishery. The size-weight relationship in Ilo and Callao shows an allometric growth for both sexes. The females reach a spawning size at 14,3 cm of mantle length. That size was used to estimate a minimum weight of catch of

Franz Cardoso; Piero Villegas; Carlota Estrella



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The inotropic and chronotropic effects of Amiloride (AMI) and Dichloro-benzamil Amiloride (DBC-AMI) were studied on the guinea pig isolated atria, also, the interaction between these drugs and Beta-methyl-Digoxin (BM-DIGO), epinephrine and low extracellular potassium (1 mM). AMI (10 M) has a negative chronotropic and positive inotropic effects, not dependent on the autonomic system. DCB-AMI has a bimodal effect on the

M. Padrón-Nieves; C. Alfonso; V. Lamanna; M. Pérez-González


Efeitos da Exploração Madeireira de Baixo Impacto sobre uma Comunidade de Aves de Sub-bosque na Floresta Nacional do Tapajós, Pará, Brasil  

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RESUMO Este estudo compara a resposta de uma comunidade aves à exploração madeireira de baixo impacto através da distribuição das espécies em floresta controle e manejada ao longo de cinco anos com amostragem pré e pós-exploração. O procedimento de ordenação mostrou que a similaridade da comunidade de aves após a exploração madeireira foi menor que a similaridade entre as amostras

Luiza Magalli; Pinto HENRIQUES; Joseph M. WUNdERLE; C. OREN; Michael R. WILLIG


Guia para la Ensenanza Combinada de Ingles y Ciencia. Para Padres/sobre Padres. (A Guide to Teaching English and Science Together. For Parents/about Parents).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In the past, students who knew only a little English (called limited English proficient, or LEP), were usually taught only low-level science and mathematics. Now, new science and mathematics teaching methods can help LEP students get a good education in both fields. This guide will help parents know if their children are learning as much as…

Schwartz, Wendy


Revisão sistemática sobre a efetividade da fisioterapia aquática no tratamento da fibromialgia Effectiveness of aquatic physical therapy in treating patients with fibromyalgia: systematic review  

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The Physical therapy interventions promote functionality and fostering quality of life in the rheumatic diseases. Comparison between aquatic physical therapy and a non specific exercise program execution or physical therapy executed on land, for patients with fibromyalgia. The study type was the systematic review of randomized clinical trials. Patients with fibromyalgia whose diagnostic was based on the criteria of the

Regiane Mazzarioli; Pereira Nogueira; Jefferson Rosa Cardoso


[Actividad inhibitoria de dihidroxifenil propenona sobre betalactamasas de Enterobacter cloacae: estudio preliminar en el desarrollo de fármacos para enfrentar la resistencia bacteriana].  


Introduction: Enterobacter cloacae is a pathogenic microorganism with the ability to produce betalactamase enzymes, which makes them resistant to betalactamic antibiotics. Additionally, the limited activity of enzymatic inhibitors has been identified, and, therefore, the design of new drugs and the promotion of their rational use are the only possibilities to overcome this problem. Objective: The aim of this research was to evaluate the effect of dihydroxy-phenyl-propenone on a clinical isolate of E. cloacae , as well as its activity on a betalactamase isolated from this resistant microorganism in order to contribute to the search for new betalactamase inhibitors. Materials and methods: Dihydroxy-phenyl-propenone chalcone was synthesized and evaluated on a clinical isolate of E. cloacae to determine the minimum inhibitory concentration by broth microdilution; once the betalactamase enzyme was purified by affinity chromatography, a spectrophotometric analysis was done to evaluate its kinetic activity. Results: The minimum inhibitory concentration value of dihydroxy-phenyl-propenone on E. cloacae was 35 µg/ml; the recovery percentage of the betalactamase from the microorganism was 31.75% and the kinetic parameters were V max =1.7 x 10 -3 µM/min and K M = 2330 µM, which show an important inhibitory activity. Conclusion: Dihydroxy-phenyl-propenone has shown inhibitory activity on betalactamase enzymes and the ability to protect the chemical integrity of betalactamic antibiotics; this synergistic effect turns it into a promising compound in the search for new alternatives to overcome bacterial resistance. PMID:24968043

Mora, Cristina Lucía; Castaño, Julián; Jaramillo, María Consuelo



Resultados preliminares sobre a implantacao de laboratorio para a medida do radiocarbono natural. (Preliminary results on the implantation of a laboratory for the measurement of natural radiocarbon).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Though the project 'Amazonia I', activity 'Paleoclimatology', sub-project 'hydrologic cycle', the Centro de Energia Nuclear da Agricultura (CENA) from Universidade de Sao Paulo has received recently, from Atomic Energy International Agency a research appa...

C. L. R. Pessenda R. Pessenda V. F. Nascimento Filho R. L. Victoria E. Matsui



International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs Newsletter, July 1991-December 1992 = Boletin de Grupo Internacional de Trabajo sobre Asuntos Indigenas, Septiembre 1991-Diciembre 1992.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document contains seven consecutive English-language issues of the IWGIA Newsletter, from July 1991 through December 1992, followed by the seven corresponding issues in Spanish. These newsletters provide educators with a resource on the history, current conditions, and struggles for self-determination of indigenous peoples around the world.…

IWGIA Newsletter, 1992



Efeitos da adição de vagens de algaroba sobre a composição química e a microbiota fúngica de silagens de capim-elefante  

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The objective of this trial was to evaluate the chemical composition and fungal microbiota of different proportions of elephantgrass and mesquite pod silages: 100:0, 67:33, 34:66, and 0:100, respectively. A complete randomized design with four replications per treatment was used. The material was ensiled in PVC silos and remained sealed during a 120-days period. After opening the silos, silage samples

Ângela Maria Vieira Batista; Adriana Guim; Iraci Saraiva Souza; Krystyna Gourlach Lira; Mércia Virginia Ferreira dos Santos; José Carlos Batista Dubeux Júnior




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Effect of cupric hydroxide on root and shoot growth of container grown Pachyra insignis and Andira inermis under nursery conditions Circling, matting and kinking roots constitute a problem for the container nursery industry. Studies have demonstrated the usefulness of chemical root pruning with copper hydroxide. The application of copper compounds to inner wall surface of containers prevents root growth at

María E. Arboleda; Dámaso Bautista



Steppin' On Up: A Post-Secondary Guide for Migrant Students = Tomando Accion: Una Guia para los Estudiantes Migrantes Sobre Que Hacer Despues de la Escuela Secundaria.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This bilingual guide (English and Spanish) provides information for migrant students on postsecondary education. The guide includes information on: (1) career planning, involving self-exploration, occupational exploration, and strategies for reaching career objectives; (2) planning for postsecondary education during high school, including a…

Western Stream Migrant Education Program Coordination Center, Portland, OR.



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SUMMARY A series of clinical observations have confirmed the presence of drastic alterations on the wake-sleep cycle associated with indus- trial solvent inhalation. The psychotropic effects of these substances embrace a diversity of functions in humans, such as the capacity to attend to, and respond with readiness, to the environmental stimulus; besides it affects the capacity to estimate time. The

Adrián Martínez; Gustavo Luna; José María Calvo; Alejandro Valdés-Cruz; Victor Magdaleno-Madrigal; Rodrigo Fernández-Mas; David Martínez; Augusto Fernández-Guardiola



Tax and Record Keeping Information for Family Child Care = Informacion Sobre los Impuestos y la Documentacion para el Cuidado Infantil en el Hogar.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This pamphlet from the Children's Foundation, in both English- and Spanish-language versions, provides advice to child care providers on record-keeping methods. The pamphlet also gives definitions and guidance on business expenses (100% deductible, shared personal and business, and depreciated capital expenses), time-space formula, self-employment…

Gellert, Sandra


EFEITO DA ADUBAÇÃO ORGÂNICA SOBRE AS FRAÇÕES DE CARBONO DE SOLOS CUL TIVADOS COM ALFACE AMERICANA Organic fertilizer effects upon carbon fractions from soils cultivated with iceberg lettuce  

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This study evaluated the effects of organic and mineral fertilizers and liming, on humic, fulvic, and organic carbon fractions of an Inceptisol and an Oxisol grown with lettuce. The experiment was carried out at the Soil Science Department of Federal University of Lavras, Minas Gerais state, Brazil. It was performed with 5 levels of soil conditioner (0, 20, 40, 100,

Edilene Carvalho Santos Marchi; Marco Antônio Rezende Alvarenga; Giuliano Marchi; Carlos Alberto Silva; Jarso Luiz de Souza Filho


A música como experiência e diferencial mercadológico no turismo: um estudo de caso sobre o trecho Serro a São Gonçalo do Rio Preto - Estrada Real - MG  

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The search for places, which provide meaningful and unique experiences, is increasing in the tourism activity, and consequently, it is necessary to change the marketing strategy in places and attractions. The musical expression of Minas Gerais is not promoted as cultural contrast, although it is a great tourist attraction. This article suggests the use of the experimental marketing and the

Mariana Helena; Diniz Ferreira; Mileno Dias Marquezini



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Background: Borago officinalis L. seeds and the whole plant are used as medicinal plants. Gamma linolenic acid, an important essential fatty acid from the omega-6 family is present in its seeds. Objectives: To analyze the effect of the seeding depth, seed maturity, germination promoters, and\\/or stratification on the emergence percentage, vigor index and time to reach a 50% emergence were

Alejandro Solís; Rosemarie Wilckens; Maritza Tapia; Susana Fischer; Daniel Sorlino; Marisol Berti


Mejoramiento de la Calidad Nutritiva de los Cereales: Informe del Seminario sobre Produccion Selectiva y Fortificacion (Improving the Nutrient Quality of Cereals).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Under joint sponsorship of AID and the Ralston Purina Company, sixteen experts participated in workgroups focused on: various techniques of selective production and fortification; wheat; rice; corn; sorghum and millet; and alternative methods of forticati...




Microsoft Academic Search

Effect of diets on biology and life table of Euseius concordis (Chant) (Acari: Phytoseiidae) Laboratory studies to obtain information about biology and life tables of the predatory mite Euseius concordis (Chant) were carried out. Mites were sampled in grapevines 'Criolla Negra', in Tarabana, Lara state, Venezuela. At the laboratory, E. concordis was fed on two sources consisting in minnieroot pollen

Carmen Escalona; Carlos Vásquez


Catalysts for Change: Three Case Studies of Quality Education Worldwide = Catalizadores del Cambio: Tres Casos de Estudio sobre la Educacion de Calidad en el Mundo  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Public education is the cornerstone of democracy and is absolutely fundamental to a democratic, civil and prosperous society. Beyond the boundaries of the United States, other countries are working to provide quality education to their children through civil society institutions. In particular, there are three extraordinary organizations in Peru,…

Puriefoy, Wendy D.



How To Talk to Your Teens and Children about AIDS = Como hablar con sus adolescentes y sus ninos sobre el SIDA.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Two brochures, one in English and one in Spanish, provide parents with basic information that will enable them to educate their children about Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Contents address 11 questions: (1) What is AIDS? (2) How do you get AIDS? (3) How is AIDS not spread? (4) Who can get AIDS? (5) How can you tell if someone has…

National PTA, Chicago, IL.


Caso Chernobyl: sus repercusiones en el sistema Internacional sobre responsabilidad civil por danos nucleares. (Chernobyl case: its repercussions on the International System on Civil Liability for Nuclear Damages).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

With the discovery of the Nuclear Energy the world has been development her life the present investigation is based in the accident of the one of the most important Nuclear Power Plant in the world, situated in the Union of Socialist Sovietic Republics. T...

J. L. Gonzalez Guadarrama




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RESUMO: Este artigo propõe uma análise da imagem da mulher que se esboça em alguns artigos do Código Penal Brasileiro. Para isso, vale mo-nos de algumas orientações teóricas da Análise do Discurso, no que diz respeito a Formaçõe s Discursivas, Ação e Racionalidade e Intencionalidade. Através desse aparato teórico, o trabalho levanta algumas questões de ordem lingüístico-discursivas, fundadoras de um

Carla Roselma; Athayde GUIMARAES; Gustavo Miranda SILVA; Priscilla Chantal; Duarte MARCHESANI


Estudio comparativo entre dos fuentes alimentarias aportadoras de ácidos grasos poliinsaturados n-3 y su efecto sobre el timo y el perfil lipídico de ratas  

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SUMMARY. Comparative study between two different sources of n-3 poliunsaturated fatty acids and it effect on thymus and lipid profile in rats. In the present paper we analyzed the effect caused by different recovery diets enriched with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA n-3) on thymus and serum lipid pattern. Severe depleted weanling Wistar rats (D) were divided in three groups

Inés Fernandez; Anabel N. Pallaro; Nora H. Slobodianik



Efeitos de um programa de orientação de atividade física e nutricional sobre o nível de atividade física de mulheres fisicamente ativas de 50 a 72 anos de idade  

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Effects of an intervention program of physical activity and nutrition orientation on the physical activity level of physical- ly active women aged 50 to 72 years old The promotion of a physically active lifestyle in elderly people has been used as a strategy to promote improvement in health standards and quality of life. The objective of this study was to

Marcela Ferreira; Sandra Matsudo; Victor Matsudo; Glaucia Braggion




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THE EFFECT OF FEEDING DIETS CONTAINING INCREASING LEVELS OF WHEAT, AND PERCENTAGE OF GERMINATED GRAINS ON PELLET QUALITY AND CARCASS QUALITY OF BROILERS. A study was conducted to investigate the effect of feeding diets containing increasing levels of wheat and percentage of germinated grains on pellet quality and the carcass quality of broilers. The experiment was carried out at Embrapa

Roberto A



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Residual effect of acidulated or burnt Riecito phosphoric rock on maize grown in soils with variable levels of calcium With the purpose of evaluating the residual effect of phosphoric rock from Riecito (Venezuela) treated with vinaza or high temperatures, three successive crops of corn, used as indicative plant, were grown in an acid soil (pH 3.7) whitewashed up to pH

Shirley M. Fernández; Carlos A. Meza



Percepción de los Clientes Bancarios sobre las Acciones de Recuperación del Servicio en Chile Perception of the Retail Banking Customers Regarding the Service Recovery Efforts in Chile  

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RESUMEN. El artículo valida, desde el punto de vista de los clientes bancarios, seis acciones que los bancos deberían tomar para manejar los reclamos de los clientes. Ellas son la corrección de los errores, la indemnización, la atención a los consumidores, el tiempo que se demoran los bancos en dar una respuesta al reclamo y el tiempo y esfuerzo que



Politica Nacional sobre Discapacidad: Un Informe del Progreso, Diciembre 2000-Diciembre 2001 (National Disability Policy: A Progress Report, December 2000-December 2001).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report (written in Spanish) of the National Council on Disability (NCD) describes the nation's progress in advancing public policies to increase the inclusion, empowerment, and independence of people with disabilities in light of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The report covers December 2000 through December 2001. It reviews…

National Council on Disability, Washington, DC.


V Congresso Brasileiro de Agroinformática, SBI-AGRO Londrina, 28 a 30 de setembro de 2005 ORGANIZANDO INFORMAÇÃO NA WEB SOBRE AGROECOLOGIA  

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Aiming to improve the access of producers and extension technicians to the information of the thematic Agroecology, it is been developed an environment in web that uses tools that allow the dialogs between the interested parties, and organizes information to the events and notices of the area. The representation of the knowledge uses, beyond the traditional structures, a site of




Estudo Sobre a Vegetacao Aquatica e Marginal Relacionada com a Vida dos Peixes (Study on Aquatic and River Margins Vegetation Related to Fish Life).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This study is part of the Ichthyology Research Project of the Araguaia-Tocantis region. The objective was to identify the aquatic and river margins species which are directly or indirectly related to the fish life, specifically as a source of food for the...

J. E. de Paula



Uso de los Datos de Biomonitoreo para Informar sobre la Evaluacion Infantil (American translation is: USING BIOMONITORING DATA TO INFORM EXPOSURE ASSESSMENT IN CHILDREN)  

EPA Science Inventory

Discussing the challenges associated with estimating and interpreting toxicant exposures and health risks from biomonitoring data. This extended abstract was translated in Spanish and published in Acta Toxicologica Argentina....



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French bread represents 85% of the Brazilian bread market and frozen bread is a trend in this market. The objective of this project is to study the influence of yeast and vegetal shortening on physical and textural parameters of frozen part baked breads stored for 28 days. The objective was to produce a frozen part baked bread with physical and

Laura G. CARR; Carmen C. TADINI


Television Viewing = Lo que los padres de estudiantes dotados necesitan saber sobre ver...television. What Parents of Gifted Students Need To Know about...Series.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This booklet (Practitioner's Guide), in both an English version and a Spanish version, is intended to help parents apply the findings of research to parental mediation of television viewing by their children, including gifted children. Research facts are briefly summarized and implications for the home are drawn. Suggestions for parents are…

Siegle, Del, Ed.


INFLUÊNCIA DA SANIFICAÇÃO SOBRE A QUALIDADE DE MELÃO AMARELO MINIMAMENTE PROCESSADO: PARTE II Influence of the sanitation on the quality of the fresh cut yellow melon: part II  

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+ 1 o C durante 16 dias. Foram realizadas análises de sabor, textura, aparência e cor. Ocorreu redução linear nos valores das notas de sabor e textura ao longo do período de armazenamento. As notas variaram entre 8 (muito boa) e 7 (moderadamente boa) nos períodos iniciais, reduzindo para 6 (ligeiramente boa) e 5 (indiferente) ao final do período de

Helga Parra dos Santos; Roberta Hilsdorf; Piccoli do Valle


Efecto del quitosán de alto peso molecular y del alginato de sodio sobre la hidrofobicidad y adhesión de Candida albicans a células  

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The aim of the present paper is to evaluate the effect of the high molecular weight chitosan (HMWC) and of sodium alginate (NaAL) on surface hydrophobicity of Candida albicans and on adhesion of the yeast to epithelial cells and fibroblasts of different proceeding. For this study, a collection strain and seven isolates of C. albicans from saliva (patients with denture

Ana Isabel Azcurra; Silvina Ruth Barembaum; María Alejandra Bojanich; Silvia Edith Calamari; Javier Aguilar; Luis José Battellino; Susana Tereza Dorronsoro


Influence of the Environment on the Mechanical Characteristics of Composite Materials: Design Considerations Influencia Del Medio Ambiente Sobre Las Caracteristicas Mecanicas de Los Materiales Compuestos. Consideraciones de Diseno.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The effects of temperature and humidity on the mechanical behavior of composite materials are discussed. The absorption of humidity by a polymeric matrix is reviewed. Other environmental factors, such as radiation and time, and their effects are also exam...

J. P. Sanjaunbenito



Etica Comercial: Manual sobre la Administracion de una Empresa Comercial Responsable. (Business Ethics: A Manual for Managing a Responsible Business Enterprise in Emerging Market Economics.)  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Published under the auspices of the Commerce Department's Good Governance Program, this book is a comprehensive manual on how to design and implement a business ethics program that is in accordance with modern standards of responsible business conduct. It...



6. Seminario IIE-ININ-IMP sobre especialidades tecnologicas. Mesa 8: computacion. (6. Seminar of the IIE-ININ-IMP on technological specialties. Topic 8: computation).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The document includes 10 papers presented at the 6. Seminar of the IIE-ININ-IMP (Mexico) on technological specialties in the field of computation. (Topic 8). Three items were in INIS subject scope and a separate abstract was prepared for each of them. (At...



Sistema de cúmulos globulares de la galaxia lenticular NGC 6861: en busca de indicios sobre la formación de las S0s.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a preliminar photometric study of the globular cluster system (GCS), associated to the lenticular galaxy (S0) NGC 6861, which is located in a low density environment (d˜31.8 Mpc). It is based on GEMINI/GMOS images (GS-2010B-Q-2: PI Lilia P. Bassino) in the filters g', r', i' of three fields, one of them centered in the galaxy. We find a large number of GCs candidates and detect the presence of at least two sub-populations of GCs (``blue''/metal-poor and ``red''/metal-rich). The spatial distribution of ``red'' candidates presents a higher concentration toward the galaxy (associated to the bulge?), while the distribution of ``blue'' candidates is more homogeneus over the three fields (associated to the halo?). In the color-magnitud diagram, the ``blue'' GC candidates show a possible mass-luminosity relation, known as ``blue-tilt'', probably detected for the first time in a lenticular galaxy. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Escudero, C. G.; Faifer, F. R.; Bassino, L. P.; Calderón, J. P.; Caso, J. P.


Pick and Choose: A Videotape Series on Nutrition for Migrant Families (Coja y Escoja: Peliculas para Television Sobre la Nutricion para las Familias Migratorias).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

One of the major problems faced by migrant workers throughout the United States is a lack of awareness of the relationship between proper diet and an individual's general health and well being. To help solve this problem was the major objective of the series "Pick and Choose." The three 15-minute programs in the series present information related…



Políticas Trabalhista e Fundiária e seus Efeitos Adversos Sobre o Emprego Agrícola, a Estrutura Agrária e o Desenvolvimento Territorial Rural no Brasil  

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This paper discusses the question of the concentrated pattern of agricultural developmentin Brazil, as expressed in the predominance of large-scale production, high level ofmechanization and low absorption of non-qualified labor. It is proposed, initially, theexistence of two conflicting explanations for this fact: the first, that blames our historicalheritage, characterized by the predominance of the latifúndio, with the implication thatthe solution

Gervásio Castro de Rezende



Adiccion al Tabaco. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Tobbaco Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Tobacco use kills nearly half a million Americans each year, with one in every six U.S. deaths the result of smoking. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, causing many diseases and compromising smokers health in general. Nicotine, a component of ...



Cocaina Abuso y Adiccion. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Cocaine Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Cocaine abuse and addiction continues to be a problem that plagues our nation. For instance, from 1965 to 1967, only 0.1 percent of youths had ever used cocaine, but rates rose throughout the 1970s and 1980s, reaching 2.2 percent in 1987. After a brief de...



Tips for Parents on Keeping Children Drug Free = Consejos para Los Padres Sobre Como Mantener a Los Hijos Libres de La Droga.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Research shows that recent trends in youth drug use have stabilized; however, the rates of use remain at high levels. It has been shown that the earlier drug use is initiated, the more likely a person is to develop drug problems later in life. Youth substance abuse may lead to many other problems that affect not only the child, but also the…

Department of Education, Washington, DC. Office of Intergovernmental and Interagency Affairs.


Abuso de la Marihuana. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Marijuana Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The use of marijuana can produce adverse physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral changes, and contrary to popular belief it can be addictive. Marijuana smoke, like cigarette smoke, can harm the lungs. The use of marijuana can impair short-term memory,...



Abuso y Adiccion a la Metanfetamina. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuse de Drogas. (Methamphetamine Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The abuse of methamphetamine a potent and highly addictive psychostimulant is a very serious problem in the United States. Methamphetamine abuse leads to devastating medical, psychological, and social consequences. Adverse health effects include memory lo...



VIH/SIDA. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuse de Drogas. (HIV/AIDS. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Initially characterized by relatively localized outbreaks, HIV/AIDS has now become a pandemic that has literally put the world at risk, affecting diverse populations in different ways. And while all nations are affected by HIV/AIDS, each faces differing u...



Heroina: Abuso y Adiccion. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Heroin Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Heroin is a highly addictive drug, and its abuse has repercussions that extend far beyond the individual user. The medical and social consequences of drug abuse HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, fetal effects, crime, violence, and disruptions in family, workplace, ...



Abuso de la MDMA (Extasis). Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (MDMA (Ecstasy) Abuse. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The so-called club drug MDMA continues to be used by millions of Americans across the country, despite evidence of its potential harmful effects. 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, or ecstasy) has gained a deceptive reputation as a safe drug among i...




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Face à importância da informação para o atual contexto social, em especial para a gestão empresarial, analisa-se a informação como um ativo a ser gerenciado, uma vez que é infinitamente reutilizável, não deteriorável e nem tampouco depreciável. A gestão da informação transforma valores e cultura organizacionais. Sua efetivação contribui para o alcance dos atuais desafios das empresas: qualidade, produtividade e

Andreina Alves de Sousa


Área temática: Globalização e internacionalização de empresas Participação em Feiras: Uma Pesquisa Exploratória sobre Expositores Brasileiros e Estrangeiros em Eventos Internacionais  

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The international activity most associated with the increase of the company's competitiveness is the participation in international trade shows. This article identifies the main facts which encourage the participation of Brazilian and foreign exhibitors in international fairs. The data were collected live during the International Food Fair (Sial) that took place in Paris in 2006 and via email. To form