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ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses using the DOS PATH command (for MS-DOS) to enable the microcomputer user to move from directory to directory on a hard drive. Lists the commands to be programed, gives examples, and explains the use of each. (MVL)

Traven, Bill



DOS basics  

SciTech Connect

DOS is an acronym for Disk Operating System. It is actually a set of programs that allows you to control your personal computer. DOS offers the capabilities to create and manage files; organize and maintain information placed on disks; use application programs such as WordPerfect, Lotus 123, Excel, Windows, etc. In addition, DOS provides the basic utilities needed to copy files from one area to another, delete files and list files. The latest version of DOS also offers more advanced features that include hard disk compression and memory management. Basic DOS commands are discussed.

O`Connor, P.



DOS basics.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

DOS is an acronym for Disk Operating System. It is actually a set of programs that allows you to control your personal computer. DOS offers the capabilities to create and manage files; organize and maintain information placed on disks; use application pro...

P. O'Connor




Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO: As influências da música no corpo foram objeto deste estudo conduzido junto a um grupo de enfermeiros participantes de uma disciplina de Pós-Graduação. Além de descrever essas influências, o estudo objetivou analisar a aplicabilidade da dinâmica de criatividade e sensibilidade (DCS) Corpo- Musical como forma de sensibilização do enfermeiro quanto ao uso da música na sua prática de cuidar-

Bergold LB; Alvim NAT; Cabral IE; Leila Brito Bergold; Neide Aparecida; Titonelli Alvim; Ivone Evangelista Cabral


The DosS-DosT/DosR Mycobacterial Sensor System  

PubMed Central

DosS/DosR is a two-component regulatory system in which DosS, a heme-containing sensor also known as DevS, under certain conditions undergoes autophosphorylation and then transfers the phosphate to DosR, a DNA-binding protein that controls the entry of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other mycobacteria into a latent, dormant state. DosT, a second sensor closely related to DosS, is present in M. tuberculosis and participates in the control of the dormancy response mediated by DosR. The binding of phosphorylated DosR to DNA initiates the expression of approximately fifty dormancy-linked genes. DosT is accepted to be a gas sensor that is activated in the ferrous state by the absence of an oxygen ligand or by the binding of NO or CO. DosS functions in a similar fashion as a gas sensor, but contradictory evidence has led to the suggestion that it also functions as a redox state sensor. This review focuses on the structure, biophysical properties, and function of the DosS/DosT heme sensors.

Sivaramakrishnan, Santhosh; de Montellano, Paul R. Ortiz



Avaliação clínica dos atletas paraolímpicos  

Microsoft Academic Search

O objetivo deste trabalho foi verificar de modo amplo o comportamento de variáveis importantes para a saúde pre- ventiva e o desempenho dos atletas paraolímpicos. Os pa- ratletas foram avaliados clinicamente (aplicação de ques- tionário, história clínica, exame físico) e com exames laboratoriais, raio x simples de tórax e controle de doping. A equipe brasileira que participou dos Jogos Paraolímpi-

Roberto Vital; Marcelo Bichels Leitão; Marco Túlio de Mello; Sergio Tufik



Different roles of DosS and DosT in the hypoxic adaptation of Mycobacteria.  


The DosS (DevS) and DosT histidine kinases form a two-component system together with the DosR (DevR) response regulator in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. DosS and DosT, which have high sequence similarity to each other over the length of their amino acid sequences, contain two GAF domains (GAF-A and GAF-B) in their N-terminal sensory domains. Complementation tests in conjunction with phylogenetic analysis showed that DevS of Mycobacterium smegmatis is more closely related to DosT than DosS. We also demonstrated in vivo that DosS and DosT of M. tuberculosis play a differential role in hypoxic adaptation. DosT responds to a decrease in oxygen tension more sensitively and strongly than DosS, which might be attributable to their different autooxidation rates. The different responsiveness of DosS and DosT to hypoxia is due to the difference in their GAF-A domains accommodating the hemes. Multiple alignment analysis of the GAF-A domains of mycobacterial DosS (DosT) homologs and subsequent site-directed mutagenesis revealed that just one substitution of E87, D90, H97, L118, or T169 of DosS with the corresponding residue of DosT is sufficient to convert DosS to DosT with regard to the responsiveness to changes in oxygen tension. PMID:20675480

Kim, Min-Ju; Park, Kwang-Jin; Ko, In-Jeong; Kim, Young Min; Oh, Jeong-Il



Unique Roles of DosT and DosS in DosR Regulon Induction and Mycobacterium tuberculosis Dormancy ? †  

PubMed Central

In Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the sensor kinases DosT and DosS activate the transcriptional regulator DosR, resulting in the induction of the DosR regulon, which is important for anaerobic survival and perhaps latent infection. The individual and collective roles of these sensors have been postulated biochemically, but their roles in vivo have remained unclear. This work demonstrates distinct and additive roles for each sensor during anaerobic dormancy. Both sensors are necessary for wild-type levels of DosR regulon induction, and concomitantly, full induction of the regulon is required for wild-type anaerobic survival. In the anaerobic model, DosT plays an early role, responding to hypoxia. DosT then induces the regulon and with it DosS, which sustains and further induces the regulon. DosT then loses its functionality as oxygen becomes limited, and DosS alone maintains induction of the genes from that point forward. Thus, M. tuberculosis has evolved a system whereby it responds to hypoxic conditions in a stepwise fashion as it enters an anaerobic state.

Honaker, Ryan W.; Leistikow, Rachel L.; Bartek, Iona L.; Voskuil, Martin I.



Unique roles of DosT and DosS in DosR regulon induction and Mycobacterium tuberculosis dormancy.  


In Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the sensor kinases DosT and DosS activate the transcriptional regulator DosR, resulting in the induction of the DosR regulon, which is important for anaerobic survival and perhaps latent infection. The individual and collective roles of these sensors have been postulated biochemically, but their roles in vivo have remained unclear. This work demonstrates distinct and additive roles for each sensor during anaerobic dormancy. Both sensors are necessary for wild-type levels of DosR regulon induction, and concomitantly, full induction of the regulon is required for wild-type anaerobic survival. In the anaerobic model, DosT plays an early role, responding to hypoxia. DosT then induces the regulon and with it DosS, which sustains and further induces the regulon. DosT then loses its functionality as oxygen becomes limited, and DosS alone maintains induction of the genes from that point forward. Thus, M. tuberculosis has evolved a system whereby it responds to hypoxic conditions in a stepwise fashion as it enters an anaerobic state. PMID:19487478

Honaker, Ryan W; Leistikow, Rachel L; Bartek, Iona L; Voskuil, Martin I



How to Test DoS Defenses  

Microsoft Academic Search

DoS defense evaluation methods influence how well test results predict performance in real deployment. This paper surveys existing approaches and criticizes their simplicity and the lack of realism. We summarize our work on improving DoS evaluation via development of standardized benchmarks and performance metrics. We end with guidelines on efficiently improving DoS evaluation, in the short and in the long

Jelena Mirkovic; Sonia Fahmy; P. Reiher; R. K. Thomas



Processo de enfermagem informatizado em unidade de terapia intensiva: uma prática educativa com enfermeiros Computerized nursing process in intensive therapy unit: an educative practice with the nurses Proceso de enfermería informatizado en unidad de terapia intensiva: una práctica educativa con enfermeros  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO Compreendendo-se que o processo de enfermagem é uma ferramenta imprescindível em Unidades de Terapia Intensiva (UTI), esta pesquisa convergente-assistencial objetivou avaliar a aplicação do Processo de Enfermagem informatizado, a partir da Classificação Internacional das Práticas de Enfermagem - CIPE® versão 1.0, com os enfermeiros da UTI do Hospital Universitário da Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. Como estratégia de coleta

Daniela Couto; Carvalho BarraI; Grace Teresinha; Marcon Dal


A DOS Primer for Librarians: Part II.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Provides an introduction to DOS commands and strategies for the effective organization and use of hard disks. Functions discussed include the creation of directories and subdirectories, enhanced copying, the assignment of disk drives, and backing up the hard disk. (CLB)

Beecher, Henry



Xenon spallation systematics in Angra DOS Reis  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Literature Xe data for the Angra dos Reis meteorite have been resolved into constituent spallation, fission and trapped components. The spallation Xe compositions vary over a range wider than observed in any other samples, including lunar samples. These variations are due to the mixing of spallation Xe from Ba and rare earth element targets. It is possible to infer the Ba and rare earth spallation Xe compositions. Angra dos Reis spallation Xe compositions are systematically different from those observed in lunar samples, possibly because of differences in the irradiation conditions (geometry and shielding). Thus the Angra dos Reis data appear to be superior to lunar data for predicting spallation Xe compositions in other meteorites.

Hohenberg, C. M.; Hudson, B.; Kennedy, B. M.; Podosek, F. A.



"DOS for Managers." Management Training Series.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A plan is provided for a lesson on disk operating systems (DOS) for managers. Twenty-five lesson objectives are listed, followed by suggestions for learning activities and special resources. In the presentation section, key points and content are provided for 25 instructional topics that correspond to the 25 lesson objectives. The topics are as…

Marion County Schools, Fairmont, WV.


DOS: the discrete-ordinates system. [LMFBR  

SciTech Connect

The Discrete Ordinates System determines the flux of neutrons or photons due either to fixed sources specified by the user or to sources generated by particle interaction with the problem materials. It also determines numerous secondary results which depend upon flux. Criticality searches can be performed. Numerous input, output, and file manipulation facilities are provided. The DOS driver program reads the problem specification from an input file and calls various program modules into execution as specified by the input file.

Rhoades, W. A.; Emmett, M. B.



Strains of the East Asian (W/Beijing) Lineage of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Are DosS/DosT-DosR Two-Component Regulatory System Natural Mutants? †  

PubMed Central

As part of our ongoing efforts to uncover the phenotypic consequences of genetic variability among clinical Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates, we previously reported that isolates of the “East Asian” or “W/Beijing” lineage constitutively overexpress the coordinately regulated transcriptional program known as the DosR regulon under standard in vitro conditions. This phenotype distinguishes the W/Beijing lineage from all other M. tuberculosis lineages, which normally induce expression of this regulon only once exposed to low oxygen or nitric oxide, both of which result in inhibition of bacterial respiration and replication. Transcription of the DosR regulon is controlled through a two-component regulatory system comprising the transcription factor DosR and two possible cognate histidine sensor kinases, DosS and DosT. Through sequence analysis of a carefully selected set of isolates representing each of the major M. tuberculosis lineages, we describe herein a naturally occurring frameshift mutation in the gene encoding the DosT sensor kinase for isolates of the most recently evolved W/Beijing sublineages. Intriguingly, the occurrence of the frameshift mutation correlates precisely with the appearance of the constitutive DosR regulon phenotype displayed by the same “modern” W/Beijing strains. However, complementation studies have revealed that the mutation in dosT alone is not directly responsible for the constitutive DosR regulon phenotype. Our data serve to highlight the evolutionary pressure that exists among distinct M. tuberculosis lineages to maintain tight control over DosR regulon expression.

Fallow, Ashley; Domenech, Pilar; Reed, Michael B.



Disk Operating System--DOS. Teacher Packet. Learning Activity Packets.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Learning Activity Packets (LAPs) contained in this manual are designed to assist the beginning user in understanding DOS (Disk Operating System). LAPs will not work with any version below DOS Version 3.0 and do not address the enhanced features of versions 4.0 or higher. These elementary activities cover only the DOS commands necessary to…

Oklahoma State Dept. of Vocational and Technical Education, Stillwater. Curriculum and Instructional Materials Center.


The Dos Bocas dam in Puerto Rico.  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The Dos Bocas dam in Puerto Rico was constructed in 1942 to generate hydroelectric power. Dams in this region prevent the migration of shrimp and fish to areas upstream of the dam. As a result, compared to similar reaches of undammed streams, areas that are upstream of dammed rivers have higher amounts of organic and inorganic nutrients as well as altered invertebrate populations. Loss of migratory shrimp and fish upstream from dams alters basal resources and assemblages of invertebrate competitors and prey. This photograph originally appeared on the cover of Ecological Applications (16:1) in February of 2006.

Klemow, Kenneth



DosS responds to a reduced electron transport system to induce the Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosR regulon.  


The DosR regulon in Mycobacterium tuberculosis is involved in respiration-limiting conditions, its induction is controlled by two histidine kinases, DosS and DosT, and recent experimental evidence indicates DosS senses either molecular oxygen or a redox change. Under aerobic conditions, induction of the DosR regulon by DosS, but not DosT, was observed after the addition of ascorbate, a powerful cytochrome c reductant, demonstrating that DosS responds to a redox signal even in the presence of high oxygen tension. During hypoxic conditions, regulon induction was attenuated by treatment with compounds that occluded electron flow into the menaquinone pool or decreased the size of the menaquinone pool itself. Increased regulon expression during hypoxia was observed when exogenous menaquinone was added, demonstrating that the menaquinone pool is a limiting factor in regulon induction. Taken together, these data demonstrate that a reduced menaquinone pool directly or indirectly triggers induction of the DosR regulon via DosS. Biochemical analysis of menaquinones upon entry into hypoxic/anaerobic conditions demonstrated the disappearance of the unsaturated species and low-level maintenance of the mono-saturated menaquinone. Relative to the unsaturated form, an analog of the saturated form is better able to induce signaling via DosS and rescue inhibition of menaquinone synthesis and is less toxic. The menaquinone pool is central to the electron transport system (ETS) and therefore provides a mechanistic link between the respiratory state of the bacilli and DosS signaling. Although this report demonstrates that DosS responds to a reduced ETS, it does not rule out a role for oxygen in silencing signaling. PMID:20952575

Honaker, Ryan W; Dhiman, Rakesh K; Narayanasamy, Prabagaran; Crick, Dean C; Voskuil, Martin I



DosS Responds to a Reduced Electron Transport System To Induce the Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosR Regulon?  

PubMed Central

The DosR regulon in Mycobacterium tuberculosis is involved in respiration-limiting conditions, its induction is controlled by two histidine kinases, DosS and DosT, and recent experimental evidence indicates DosS senses either molecular oxygen or a redox change. Under aerobic conditions, induction of the DosR regulon by DosS, but not DosT, was observed after the addition of ascorbate, a powerful cytochrome c reductant, demonstrating that DosS responds to a redox signal even in the presence of high oxygen tension. During hypoxic conditions, regulon induction was attenuated by treatment with compounds that occluded electron flow into the menaquinone pool or decreased the size of the menaquinone pool itself. Increased regulon expression during hypoxia was observed when exogenous menaquinone was added, demonstrating that the menaquinone pool is a limiting factor in regulon induction. Taken together, these data demonstrate that a reduced menaquinone pool directly or indirectly triggers induction of the DosR regulon via DosS. Biochemical analysis of menaquinones upon entry into hypoxic/anaerobic conditions demonstrated the disappearance of the unsaturated species and low-level maintenance of the mono-saturated menaquinone. Relative to the unsaturated form, an analog of the saturated form is better able to induce signaling via DosS and rescue inhibition of menaquinone synthesis and is less toxic. The menaquinone pool is central to the electron transport system (ETS) and therefore provides a mechanistic link between the respiratory state of the bacilli and DosS signaling. Although this report demonstrates that DosS responds to a reduced ETS, it does not rule out a role for oxygen in silencing signaling.

Honaker, Ryan W.; Dhiman, Rakesh K.; Narayanasamy, Prabagaran; Crick, Dean C.; Voskuil, Martin I.



Fast interrupt platform for extended DOS  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Extended DOS offers the unique combination of a simple operating system which allows direct access to the interrupt tables, 32 bit protected mode access to 4096 MByte address space, and the use of industry standard C compilers. The drawback is that fast interrupt handling requires both 32 bit and 16 bit versions of each real-time process interrupt handler to avoid mode switches on the interrupts. A set of tools has been developed which automates the process of transforming the output of a standard 32 bit C compiler to 16 bit interrupt code which directly handles the real mode interrupts. The entire process compiles one set of source code via a make file, which boosts productivity by making the management of the compile-link cycle very simple. The software components are in the form of classes written mostly in C. A foreground process written as a conventional application which can use the standard C libraries can communicate with the background real-time classes via a message passing mechanism. The platform thus enables the integration of high performance real-time processing into a conventional application framework.

Duryea, T. W.



Teaching Bibliometric Analysis and MS/DOS Commands.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Outlines the steps involved in bibliometric studies, and demonstrates the ability to execute simple studies on microcomputers by downloading files using only the capability of MS/DOS. Detailed illustrations of the MS/DOS commands used are provided. (eight references) (CLB)

Dou, Henri; And Others



The Pico DOS Dias Survey Starburst Galaxies  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We discuss the nature of the galaxies found in the Pico dos Dias Survey (PDS) for young stellar objects. The PDS galaxies were selected from the IRAS Point Source catalog. They have flux density of moderate or high quality at 12, 25, and 60 ?m and spectral indices in the ranges -3.00 <= ?(25, 12) <= + 0.35 and -2.50 <= ?(60, 25) <= +0.85. These criteria allowed the detection of 382 galaxies, which are a mixture of starburst and Seyfert galaxies. Most of the PDS Seyfert galaxies are included in the catalog of warm IRAS sources by de Grijp et al. The remaining galaxies constitute a homogeneous sample of luminous [log F (LB/L?) = 9.9 +/- 0.4] starburst galaxies, 67% of which were not recognized as such before. The starburst nature of the PDS galaxies is established by comparing their LIR/LB ratios and IRAS colors with a sample of emission-line galaxies from the literature already classified as starburst galaxies. The starburst galaxies show an excess of FIR luminosity, and their IRAS colors are significantly different from those of Seyfert galaxies-99% of the starburst galaxies in our sample have a spectral index ?(60, 25) < -1.9. As opposed to Seyfert galaxies, very few PDS starbursts are detected in X-rays. In the infrared, the starburst galaxies form a continuous sequence with normal galaxies. But they generally can be distinguished from normal galaxies by their spectral index ?(60, 25) > -2.5. This color cutoff also marks a change in the dominant morphologies of the galaxies: the normal IRAS galaxies are preferentially late-type spirals (Sb and later), while the starbursts are more numerous among early-type spirals (earlier than Sbc). This preference of starbursts for early-type spirals is not new, but a trait of the massive starburst nucleus galaxies (Coziol et al.). As in other starburst nucleus galaxy samples, the PDS starbursts show no preference for barred galaxies. No difference is found between the starbursts detected in the FIR and those detected on the basis of UV excess. The PDS starburst galaxies represent the FIR luminous branch of the UV-bright starburst nucleus galaxies, with mean FIR luminosity log (LIR/L?) = 10.3 +/- 0.5 and redshifts smaller than 0.1. They form a complete sample limited in flux in the FIR at 2 × 10-10 ergs cm-2 s-1.

Coziol, Roger; Torres, Carlos A. O.; Quast, Germano R.; Contini, Thierry; Davoust, Emmanuel



Genesis of the Angra dos Reis and other achondritic meteorites  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Major, minor, and trace element abundances were determined in seven Angra dos Reis samples, which included whole rocks, fassaite (clinopyroxene), olivine, and whitlockite separates, via sequential instrumental neutron activation analysis. The rare earth element abundance patterns and the trace element abundance patterns of this achondritic meteorite are discussed. A two-stage crystal-liquid fractionation model with source material containing olivine, orthopyroxene, and clinopyroxine is presented for the genesis of Angra dos Reis. Multilinear regression analysis was used to estimate possible composition and properties of the parent magmas. Angra dos Reis was compared with other achondrites, cumulate eucrites and nakhlites in particular. It is thought that the unique Angra dos Reis could not be related to those achondrites by crystal-liquid fractionation of the same parent body.

Ma, M.-S.; Murali, A. V.; Schmitt, R. A.



Towards multisensor data fusion for DoS detection  

Microsoft Academic Search

In our present work we introduce the use of data fusion in the field of DoS anomaly detection. We present Dempster-Shafer's Theory of Evidence (D-S) as the mathematical foundation for the development of a novel DoS detection engine. Based on a data fusion paradigm, we combine multiple evidence generated from simple heuristics to feed our D-S inference engine and attempt

Christos Siaterlis; Basil S. Maglaris



OptaDOS - a new tool for EELS calculations  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Many modern (Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscopes ((S)TEMs) are equipped with an energy loss spectrometer. The Electron Energy Loss (EEL) spectra collected provide an experimental method of probing the bonding within a material. With the extra addition of monochromators, the energy resolution obtainable means that even more information is revealed within the fine structure of the spectra. Interpreting the fine structure can often be aided by simulation. Density-functional theory (DFT) is one method of simulating EEL spectra. DFT allows us to simulate DOS and EEL spectra from different structures. This comparison between simulation and experiment enables us to explore how changes in the spectrum are related to changes within the sample. CASTEP is a pseudopotential DFT code which can simulate both low-loss and core-loss EEL spectra. Recent developments have resulted in a separate analysis tool, OptaDOS. This package computes various spectral properties including DOS, projected DOS, joint DOS, core-loss and low-loss EEL spectra and optical spectra. One of the important aspects of the code is the way in which the DOS is calculated. This is done via linear extrapolation or adaptive smearing, methods which are not currently available within CASTEP (or indeed any other code) and which allow detailed analysis of spectral properties. This paper summarises these developments and what they mean for the interpretation of EEL spectra.

Nicholls, R. J.; Morris, A. J.; Pickard, C. J.; Yates, J. R.



Role of the dosR-dosS Two-Component Regulatory System in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Virulence in Three Animal Models? †  

PubMed Central

The Mycobacterium tuberculosis dosR gene (Rv3133c) is part of an operon, Rv3134c-Rv3132c, and encodes a response regulator that has been shown to be upregulated by hypoxia and other in vitro stress conditions and may be important for bacterial survival within granulomatous lesions found in tuberculosis. DosR is activated in response to hypoxia and nitric oxide by DosS (Rv3132c) or DosT (Rv2027c). We compared the virulence levels of an M. tuberculosis dosR-dosS deletion mutant (?dosR-dosS [?dosR-S]), a dosR-complemented strain, and wild-type H37Rv in rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice infected by the aerosol route and in a mouse hollow-fiber model that may mimic in vivo granulomatous conditions. In the mouse and the guinea pig models, the ?dosR-S mutant exhibited a growth defect. In the rabbit, the ?dosR-S mutant did not replicate more than the wild type. In the hollow-fiber model, the mutant phenotype was not different from that of the wild-type strain. Our analyses reveal that the dosR and dosS genes are required for full virulence and that there may be differences in the patterns of attenuation of this mutant between the animal models studied.

Converse, Paul J.; Karakousis, Petros C.; Klinkenberg, Lee G.; Kesavan, Anup K.; Ly, Lan H.; Allen, Shannon Sedberry; Grosset, Jacques H.; Jain, Sanjay K.; Lamichhane, Gyanu; Manabe, Yukari C.; McMurray, David N.; Nuermberger, Eric L.; Bishai, William R.



Isotopic and chemical investigations on Angra dos Reis  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Isotope ratios and chemical abundance measurements for a variety of elements are reported for total meteorite and mineral separates of the Angra dos Reis achondrite. U-Pb, Th-Pb, and Pb-Pb ages are concordant at 4.54 eons for the total meteorite and for high-purity whitlockite, which indicates that Angra dos Reis is an early planetary differentiate that has not been disturbed for these systems since 4.54 eons ago. The implications of different ratios of Sr-87 and Sr-86 found in different components are discussed. Xe isotopic measurements show that Pu-244 was enriched in the whitlockite relative to the pyroxene by a factor of about 18. Chemical enrichment factors between the whitlockite and the fassaitic pyroxene in Angra dos Reis are presented

Wasserburg, G. J.; Tera, F.; Papanastassiou, D. A.; Huneke, J. C.



Xenon spallation systematics in Angra dos Reis. [meteoritic evolution  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Literature Xe data for the Angra dos Reis meteorite have been resolved into constituent spallation, fission and trapped components. The spallation Xe compositions vary over a range wider than observed in any other samples, including lunar samples. These variations are due to the mixing of spallation Xe from Ba and rare earth element targets. It is possible to infer the Ba and rare earth spallation Xe compositions. Angra dos Reis spallation Xe compositions are systematically different from those observed in lunar samples, possibly because of differences in the irradiation conditions (geometry and shielding). Thus the Angra dos Reis data appear to be superior to lunar data for predicting spallation Xe compositions in other meteorites.

Hohenberg, C. M.; Hudson, B.; Kennedy, B. M.; Podosek, F. A.



Reforma do Fundo de Participação dos Estados (FPE)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Este documento focaliza as opções para a reforma do Fundo de Participação dos Estados (FPE), que constitui uma das principais transferências intergovernamentais no Brasil. Este enfoque se justifica pelo fato de que essa reforma tornou-se uma prioridade política urgente após a decisão do Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) que declarou a inconstitucionalidade da fórmula atual de distribuição horizontal do FPE e

Teresa Ter-Minassian



When worlds collide - Mac to MS-DOS. [Data transfer to and from Apple Macintosh computers and MS-DOS based personal computers  

SciTech Connect

A number of methods and products, both hardware and software, to allow data exchange between Apple Macintosh computers and MS-DOS based systems. These included serial null modem connections, MS-DOS hardware and/or software emulation, MS-DOS disk-reading hardware and networking.

Busbey, A.B.



Avaliação dos efeitos centrais dos fl orais de Bach em camundongos através de modelos farmacológicos específi cos  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO: Os Remédios Florais de Bach (RFB), constituem um método alternativo de tratamento usado largamente na terapêutica de várias patologias em muitos países do mundo. Os RFB são reconhecidos como tratamento natural pela OMS desde 1956. Embora o mecanismo de ação dos RFB ainda não tenha sido elucidado, eles vêm sendo indicados para o tratamento de várias doenças neuropsiquiátricas. O

Márcia M. De-Souza; Milene Garbeloto; Karin Denez; Iriane Eger-Mangrich



Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo - Este trabalho é pioneiro para a região Centro-Oeste do Brasil e visa ao aprofundamento da problemática do aproveitamento do Rio Araguaia como via navegável para transportar as safras de grãos das regiões Centro-Norte. O Programa de Desenvolvimento da Hidrovia Tocantins- Araguaia é uma iniciativa do Ministério dos Transportes para estabelecer a navegação fluvial confiável e segura em 2.242

Rone Antônio de Azevedo


Ultrafast ligand dynamics in the heme-based GAF sensor domains of the histidine kinases DosS and DosT from Mycobacterium tuberculosis†  

PubMed Central

The transcriptional regulator DosR from M. tuberculosis plays a crucial role in the virulence to dormancy transition of the pathogen. DosR can be activated by DosT and DosS, two histidine kinases with heme-containing sensor GAF domains, capable of diatomic ligand binding, To investigate the initial processes occurring upon ligand dissociation, we performed ultrafast time-resolved absorption spectroscopy of the isolated sensor domains ligated with O2, NO and CO. The results reveal a relatively closed heme pocket for both proteins. For DosT the yield of O2 escape from the heme pocket on the picoseconds timescale upon photodissociation was found to be very low (1.5%), similar to other heme-based oxygen sensor proteins, implying that this sensor acts as an effective O2 trap. Remarkably, this yield is an order of magnitude higher in DosS (18%). For CO, by contrast, the fraction of CO rebinding within the heme pocket is higher in DosS. Experiments with mutant DosT sensor domains and molecular dynamics simulations indicate an important role in ligand discrimination of the distal tyrosine, present in both proteins, which forms a hydrogen bond with heme-bound O2. We conclude that despite their similarity, DosT and DosS display ligand-specific different primary dynamics during the initial phases of intra-protein signaling. The distal tyrosine, present in both proteins, plays an important role in these processes.

Vos, Marten H.; Bouzhir-Sima, Latifa; Lambry, Jean-Christophe; Luo, Hao; Eaton-Rye, Julian J.; Ioanoviciu, Alexandra; Ortiz de Montellano, Paul R.; Liebl, Ursula



Ultrafast ligand dynamics in the heme-based GAF sensor domains of the histidine kinases DosS and DosT from Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  


The transcriptional regulator DosR from M. tuberculosis plays a crucial role in the virulence to dormancy transition of the pathogen. DosR can be activated by DosT and DosS, two histidine kinases with heme-containing sensor GAF domains, capable of diatomic ligand binding. To investigate the initial processes occurring upon ligand dissociation, we performed ultrafast time-resolved absorption spectroscopy of the isolated sensor domains ligated with O(2), NO, and CO. The results reveal a relatively closed heme pocket for both proteins. For DosT the yield of O(2) escape from the heme pocket on the picoseconds time scale upon photodissociation was found to be very low (1.5%), similar to other heme-based oxygen sensor proteins, implying that this sensor acts as an effective O(2) trap. Remarkably, this yield is an order of magnitude higher in DosS (18%). For CO, by contrast, the fraction of CO rebinding within the heme pocket is higher in DosS. Experiments with mutant DosT sensor domains and molecular dynamics simulations indicate an important role in ligand discrimination of the distal tyrosine, present in both proteins, which forms a hydrogen bond with heme-bound O(2). We conclude that despite their similarity, DosT and DosS display ligand-specific different primary dynamics during the initial phases of intraprotein signaling. The distal tyrosine, present in both proteins, plays an important role in these processes. PMID:22142262

Vos, Marten H; Bouzhir-Sima, Latifa; Lambry, Jean-Christophe; Luo, Hao; Eaton-Rye, Julian J; Ioanoviciu, Alexandra; Ortiz de Montellano, Paul R; Liebl, Ursula



Structures of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosR and DosR?DNA Complex Involved in Gene Activation during Adaptation to Hypoxic Latency  

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On encountering low oxygen conditions, DosR activates the transcription of 47 genes, promoting long-term survival of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a non-replicating state. Here, we report the crystal structures of the DosR C-terminal domain and its complex with a consensus DNA sequence of the hypoxia-induced gene promoter. The DosR C-terminal domain contains four {alpha}-helices and forms tetramers consisting of two dimers with non-intersecting dyads. In the DNA-bound structure, each DosR C-terminal domain in a dimer places its DNA-binding helix deep into the major groove, causing two bends in the DNA. DosR makes numerous protein-DNA base contacts using only three amino acid residues per subunit: Lys179, Lys182, and Asn183. The DosR tetramer is unique among response regulators with known structures.

Wisedchaisri, Goragot; Wu, Meiting; Rice, Adrian E.; Roberts, David M.; Sherman, David R.; Hol, Wim G.J. (UWASH)



Trace Element Distribution Between Olivine and Kirschsteinite in Angra Dos Reis  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Kirschsteinite occurs interstitially to olivine grains in olivine aggregates in the Angra dos Reis angrite. Trace element abundances in these two phases in Angra dos Reis are similar to trace element abundances in these phases in LEW86010.

Fittipaldo, M. M.; Jones, R. H.; Shearer, C. K.



Research of DoS Intrusion Real-time Detection Based on Danger Theory  

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Denial of Service (DoS) attack is one of the most common network attacks on network in the present. Usually DoS attack is often executed in fraudulent way, so they have the characteristic of fraudulence and danger. A new method of DoS intrusion detection based on the immune danger theory is presented in the paper, according to the characteristic of DoS

Chun Xu; Xing-shu Chen; Hui Zhao; Yu-ming Jiang; Nian Liu; Tie-fang Wang




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RESUMO: O artigo apresenta uma reflexão sobre a relação entre a população e os recursos naturais, com enfoque específico no ecossistema dos mangais. Descreve algumas práticas da vida quotidiana e que caracterizam a exploração dos mangais na cidade de Angoche; daí parte para uma reflexão em torno dos processos de produção do espaço: a apropriação do espaço. O artigo revela

Alexandre H. M. Baia


Estudio dinámico de un potencial perturbador dependiente de dos parámetros  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El objeto del presente trabajo consiste en el estudio dinámico de un sistema dinámico caracterizado por la función hamiltoniana correspondiente a un satélite planetario perturbado por la acción del Sol y del achatamiento del planeta madre. Cuando dicha Hamiltoniana se promedia respecto de los términos de corto período, esta queda con dos grados de libertad, y su estudio puede ser realizado con las herramientas clásicas de la dinámica no-lineal. Se tratará de determinar regiones regulares y caóticas de movimiento. En el caso de estas últimas, es de particular interés la determinación de su orígen.

Miloni, O.; Brunini, A.


Detection of DoS attacks using intrusion detection sensors  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Intrusion detection systems have usually been developed using large host-based components. These components impose an extra load on the system where they run (sometimes even requiring a dedicated system) and are subject to tampering or disabling by an intruder. Additionally, intrusion detection systems have usually obtained information about host behavior through indirect means, such as audit trails or network packet traces. This potentially allows intruders to modify the information before the intrusion detection system obtains it and slows down the detection and prevention of DoS attacks, making it possible for an intruder to hide his activities. In this paper we propose work that will attempt to show that it is possible to perform intrusion detection mechanism of DoS attacks using small sensors embedded in a computer system. These sensors will look for signs of specific intrusions. They will perform target monitoring by observing the behavior of the through an audit trail or other indirect means in real time while the Snort IDS running. Furthermore, by being built into the computer system it could provide a flexible alert sensor which may not impose a considerable extra load on the host they monitor.

Ramakrishna, Pathmenanthan; Maarof, Mohd A.



Dynamic crystallization experiments on the Angra DOS Reis achondritic meteorite  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The types of cooling histories necessary to produce the porphyritic texture and the observed mineral assemblage in Angra dos Reis (ADOR) achondritic meteorite, which, on the basis of its trace element characteristics was considered to be a cumulate with a recrystallized texture, while a recent model suggested that ADOR is a porphyry. Dynamic crystallization experiments were conducted with nucleation conditions varied by melting the starting material at different degrees of superheat. The results show that, at low pressure, a volcanic or hypabyssal history of ADOR is possible. The most likely history involved cooling from a slightly subliquidus temperature with a relatively high and irregular nucleation density resulting in a granular texture with the poikilitic fassaite growing late; accumulation of some crystal is tought to be probable.

Lofgren, G. E.; Lanier, A. B.



Urano y sus dos satélites irregulares recientemente descubiertos  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Hasta hace poco tiempo, Urano era el único de los Planetas Gigantes que no poseía satélites irregulares. Esto lo diferenciaba del resto de los planetas Gigantes, al igual que la peculiar oblicuidad de su eje de spin. La gran inclinación de su eje de rotación se debe probablemente a una colisión que sufrió el planeta con otro embrión planetario al final del proceso de formación. Esta colisión habría desligado satélites exteriores preexistentes del planeta. Recientemente se han descubierto dos satélites irregulares de Urano, lo que introduce algunas nuevas cotas y condiciones en el escenario de la "Hipótesis de la Gran Colisión" . Los satélites irregulares de Urano tuvieron que ser capturados en una etapa posterior a la del escenario de la Gran Colisión, de no ser así, hubieran sido eyectados del sistema por el impulso impartido con ese gran impacto. En este trabajo, se discuten los posibles mecanismos de captura de los satélites irregulares y se presenta un nuevo posible mecanismo para dicha captura.

Parisi, M. G.; Brunini, A.


Document image archive transfer from DOS to UNIX  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

An R&D division of the National Library of Medicine has developed a prototype system for automated document image delivery as an adjunct to the labor-intensive manual interlibrary loan service of the library. The document image archive is implemented by a PC controlled bank of optical disk drives which use 12 inch WORM platters containing bitmapped images of over 200,000 pages of medical journals. Following three years of routine operation which resulted in serving patrons with articles both by mail and fax, an effort is underway to relocate the storage environment from the DOS-based system to a UNIX-based jukebox whose magneto-optical erasable 5 1/4 inch platters hold the images. This paper describes the deficiencies of the current storage system, the design issues of modifying several modules in the system, the alternatives proposed and the tradeoffs involved.

Hauser, Susan E.; Gill, Michael J.; Thoma, George R.



Dynamic crystallization experiments on the Angra dos Reis achondritic meteorite  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The types of cooling histories necessary to produce the porphyritic texture and the observed mineral assemblage in Angra dos Reis (ADOR) achondritic meteorite, which, on the basis of its trace element characteristics was considered to be a cumulate with a recrystallized texture, while a recent model suggested that ADOR is a porphyry. Dynamic crystallization experiments were conducted with nucleation conditions varied by melting the starting material at different degrees of superheat. The results show that, at low pressure, a volcanic or hypabyssal history of ADOR is possible. The most likely history involved cooling from a slightly subliquidus temperature with a relatively high and irregular nucleation density resulting in a granular texture with the poikilitic fassaite growing late; accumulation of some crystal is tought to be probable.

Lofgren, G. E.; Lanier, A. B.



Blockage of the channel to heme by the E87 side chain in the GAF domain of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosS confers the unique sensitivity of DosS to oxygen.  


Two sensor kinases, DosS and DosT, are responsible for recognition of hypoxia in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Both proteins are structurally similar to each other, but DosS is a redox sensor while DosT binds oxygen. The primary difference between the two proteins is the channel to the heme present in their GAF domains. DosS has a channel that is blocked by E87 while DosT has an open channel. Absorption spectra of DosS mutants with an open channel show that they bind oxygen as DosT does when they are exposed to air, while DosT G85E mutant is oxidized similarly to DosS without formation of an oxy-ferrous form. This suggests that oxygen accessibility to heme is the primary factor governing the oxygen-binding properties of these proteins. PMID:21536032

Cho, Ha Yeon; Cho, Hyo Je; Kim, Myung Hee; Kang, Beom Sik



The Mycobacterium DosR regulon structure and diversity revealed by comparative genomic analysis.  


Tuberculosis (TB), caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb), which claims approximately two million people annually, remains a global health concern. The non-replicating or dormancy like state of this pathogen which is impervious to anti-tuberculosis drugs is widely recognized as the culprit for this scenario. The dormancy survival regulator (DosR) regulon, composed of 48 co-regulated genes, is held as essential for Mtb persistence. The DosR regulon is regulated by a two-component regulatory system consisting of two sensor kinases-DosS (Rv3132c) and DosT (Rv2027c), and a response regulator DosR (Rv3133c). The underlying regulatory mechanism of DosR regulon expression is very complex. Many factors are involved, particularly the oxygen tension. The DosR regulon enables the pathogen to persist during lengthy hypoxia. Comparative genomic analysis demonstrated that the DosR regulon is widely distributed among the mycobacterial genomes, ranging from the pathogenic strains to the environmental strains. In-depth studies on the DosR response should provide insights into its role in TB latency in vivo and shape new measures to combat this exceeding recalcitrant pathogen. PMID:22833514

Chen, Tian; He, Liming; Deng, Wanyan; Xie, Jianping



Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth following aerobic expression of the DosR regulon.  


The Mycobacterium tuberculosis regulator DosR is induced by multiple stimuli including hypoxia, nitric oxide and redox stress. Overlap of these stimuli with conditions thought to promote latency in infected patients fuels a model in which DosR regulon expression is correlated with bacteriostasis in vitro and a proxy for latency in vivo. Here, we find that inducing the DosR regulon to wildtype levels in aerobic, replicating M. tuberculosis does not alter bacterial growth kinetics. We conclude that DosR regulon expression alone is insufficient for bacterial latency, but rather is expressed during a range of growth states in a dynamic environment. PMID:22558276

Minch, Kyle; Rustad, Tige; Sherman, David R




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RESUMO A demanda crescente dos usos das águas naturais tem gerado necessidades crescentes de processos efetivos no tratamentos de efluentes líquidos, e estratégias de gerenciamento dos recursos naturais. As tecnologias disponíveis para o controle do nitrogênio em efluentes industriais e domésticos têm se tornado uma poderosa ferramenta tanto para a correta disposição de efluentes, como para o gerenciamento das águas.

Eduardo S. Ferreira


America Inc.: John Dos Passos'"USA" as Professional Writing Textbook.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

While working as a special consultant for General Mills in 1948, John Dos Passos wrote a report explaining the latest scientific research and technological advancements and how the postwar economy was affecting General Mills and the cereal market. General Mills, using a real writer for a corporate freelance, profited from Dos Passos' expertise and…

Di Renzo, Anthony


The dormancy regulator DosR controls ribosome stability in hypoxic mycobacteria.  


It is thought that during latent infection, Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacilli are retained within granulomas in a low-oxygen environment. The dormancy survival (Dos) regulon, regulated by the response regulator DosR, appears to be essential for hypoxic survival in M. tuberculosis, but it is not known how the regulon promotes survival. Here we report that mycobacteria, in contrast to enteric bacteria, do not form higher-order structures (e.g. ribosomal dimers) upon entry into stasis. Instead, ribosomes are stabilized in the associated form (70S). Using a strategy incorporating microfluidic, proteomic, and ribosomal profiling techniques to elucidate the fate of mycobacterial ribosomes during hypoxic stasis, we show that the dormancy regulator DosR is required for optimal ribosome stabilization. We present evidence that the majority of this effect is mediated by the DosR-regulated protein MSMEG_3935 (a S30AE domain protein), which is associated with the ribosome under hypoxic conditions. A ?3935 mutant phenocopies the ?dosR mutant during hypoxia, and complementation of ?dosR with the MSMEG_3935 gene leads to complete recovery of dosR mutant phenotypes during hypoxia. We suggest that this protein is named ribosome-associated factor under hypoxia (RafH) and that it is the major factor responsible for DosR-mediated hypoxic survival in mycobacteria. PMID:22544737

Trauner, Andrej; Lougheed, Kathryn E A; Bennett, Mark H; Hingley-Wilson, Suzanne M; Williams, Huw D



33 CFR 105.245 - Declaration of Security (DoS).  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...for requesting a DoS and for handling DoS requests from a vessel. (b) At MARSEC Level 1, a facility receiving a cruise ship or a manned vessel carrying Certain Dangerous Cargo, in bulk, must comply with the following: (1)...



Organic Geochemistry of the Angra dos Reis Marine Sediments: Aliphatic and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons  

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Angra dos Reis City, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil, is an area of environmental interest due to the great tourist activity, mainly nautical. Also, Angra dos Reis is of economic importance based on its oil terminal, harbor, shipyard, and nuclear power plant. For this reason, the composition and levels of selected organic geochemical markers such as aliphatic hydrocarbons (total and

D. A. Azevedo; M. L. Gonçalves; D. B. Silva



The DosR regulon of M. tuberculosis and antibacterial tolerance.  


Adaptation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to an anaerobic dormant state that is tolerant to several antibacterials is mediated largely by a set of highly expressed genes controlled by DosR. A DosR mutant was constructed to investigate whether the DosR regulon is involved in antibacterial tolerance. We demonstrate that induction of the regulon is not required for drug tolerance either in vivo during a mouse infection or in vitro during anaerobic dormancy. Thus, drug tolerance observed in these models is due to other mechanisms such as the bacilli simply being in a non-replicating or low metabolic state. Our data also demonstrate that the DosR regulon is not essential for virulence during chronic murine infection. However, decreased lung pathology was observed in the DosR mutant. We also show that the DosR regulon genes are more highly conserved in environmental mycobacteria, than in pathogenic mycobacteria lacking a latent phase or environmental reservoir. It is possible that the DosR regulon could contribute to drug tolerance in human infections; however, it is not the only mechanism and not the primary mechanism for tolerance during a mouse infection. These data suggest that the regulon evolved not for pathogenesis or drug tolerance but for adaptation to anaerobic conditions in the environment and has been adapted by M. tuberculosis for survival during latent infection. PMID:19577518

Bartek, I L; Rutherford, R; Gruppo, V; Morton, R A; Morris, R P; Klein, M R; Visconti, K C; Ryan, G J; Schoolnik, G K; Lenaerts, A; Voskuil, M I



The DosR regulon of M. tuberculosis and antibacterial tolerance  

PubMed Central

Summary Adaptation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to an anaerobic dormant state that is tolerant to several antibacterials is mediated largely by a set of highly expressed genes controlled by DosR. A DosR mutant was constructed to investigate whether the DosR regulon is involved in antibacterial tolerance. We demonstrate that induction of the regulon is not required for drug tolerance either in vivo during a mouse infection or in vitro during anaerobic dormancy. Thus, drug tolerance observed in these models is due to other mechanisms such as the bacilli simply being in a non-replicating or low metabolic state. Our data also demonstrate that the DosR regulon is not essential for virulence during chronic murine infection. However, decreased lung pathology was observed in the DosR mutant. We also show that the DosR regulon genes are more highly conserved in environmental mycobacteria, than in pathogenic mycobacteria lacking a latent phase or environmental reservoir. It is possible that the DosR regulon could contribute to drug tolerance in human infections; however, it is not the only mechanism and not the primary mechanism for tolerance during a mouse infection. These data suggest that the regulon evolved not for pathogenesis or drug tolerance but for adaptation to anaerobic conditions in the environment and has been adapted by M. tuberculosis for survival during latent infection.

Bartek, I.L.; Rutherford, R.; Gruppo, V.; Morton, R.A.; Morris, R.P.; Klein, M.R.; Visconti, K.C.; Ryan, G.J.; Schoolnik, G.K.; Lenaerts, A.; Voskuil, M.I.



Calcium Isotopic Anomalies in the Allende CAIs and the Angrite Angra dos Reis  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Both negative 48Ca and 50Ti anomalies of the Angrite Angra dos Reis was identified in this study, and the result supported previous study of correlated negative 54Cr and 50Ti anomalies in achondrites.

Chen, H. W.; Chen, J. C.; Lee, T.; Shen, J. J.



DOS 21: PCDOS 2.0 Support Subroutine Package for the IBM Personal Computer.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The DOS21 subroutine was developed to provide direct access to selected PCDOS 2.0 system calls from Supersoft FORTRAN. These system calls, which are normally available only from assembly language, allow the programmer greater capability when using Superso...

F. McGirt



Measurements of degree of sensitization (DoS) in aluminum alloys using EMAT ultrasound.  


Sensitization in 5XXX aluminum alloys is an insidious problem characterized by the gradual formation and growth of beta phase (Mg(2)Al(3)) at grain boundaries, which increases the susceptibility of alloys to intergranular corrosion (IGC) and intergranular stress-corrosion cracking (IGSCC). The degree of sensitization (DoS) is currently quantified by the ASTM G67 Nitric Acid Mass Loss Test, which is destructive and time consuming. A fast, reliable, and non-destructive method for rapid detection and the assessment of the condition of DoS in AA5XXX aluminum alloys in the field is highly desirable. In this paper, we describe a non-destructive method for measurements of DoS in aluminum alloys with an electromagnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT). AA5083 aluminum alloy samples were sensitized at 100°C with processing times varying from 7days to 30days. The DoS of sensitized samples was first quantified with the ASTM 67 test in the laboratory. Both ultrasonic velocity and attenuation in sensitized specimens were then measured using EMAT and the results were correlated with the DoS data. We found that the longitudinal wave velocity was almost a constant, independent of the sensitization, which suggests that the longitudinal wave can be used to determine the sample thickness. The shear wave velocity and especially the shear wave attenuation are sensitive to DoS. Relationships between DoS and the shear velocity, as well as the shear attenuation have been established. Finally, we performed the data mining to evaluate and improve the accuracy in the measurements of DoS in aluminum alloys with EMAT. PMID:21232777

Li, Fang; Xiang, Dan; Qin, Yexian; Pond, Robert B; Slusarski, Kyle



Performance Sensitivities of Wireless Mesh Networks Under Path-Based DoS Attacks  

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This paper examines the performance of wireless mesh networks (WMNs) under the impact of path-based denial of service (DoS) attacks. Specifically, we study the factors that are conducive to path-based DoS attacks, while focusing external interferences, medium errors, and physical diversity. We setup a wireless mesh testbed and configure a set of experiments to gather measurements and assess the effects

Avesh Kumar Agarwal; Wenye Wang



Non-invasive tissue temperature measurements based on quantitative diffuse optical spectroscopy (DOS) of water  

PubMed Central

We describe the development of a non-invasive method for quantitative tissue temperature measurements using Broadband diffuse optical spectroscopy (DOS). Our approach is based on well-characterized opposing shifts in near-infrared (NIR) water absorption spectra that appear with temperature and macromolecular binding state. Unlike conventional reflectance methods, DOS is used to generate scattering-corrected tissue water absorption spectra. This allows us to separate the macromolecular bound water contribution from the thermally induced spectral shift using the temperature isosbestic point at 996 nm. The method was validated in intralipid tissue phantoms by correlating DOS with thermistor measurements (R = 0.96) with a difference of 1.1 ± 0.91 °C over a range of 28–48 °C. Once validated, thermal and hemodynamic (i.e. oxy- and deoxy-hemoglobin concentration) changes were measured simultaneously and continuously in human subjects (forearm) during mild cold stress. DOS-measured arm temperatures were consistent with previously reported invasive deep tissue temperature studies. These results suggest that DOS can be used for non-invasive, co-registered measurements of absolute temperature and hemoglobin parameters in thick tissues, a potentially important approach for optimizing thermal diagnostics and therapeutics.

Chung, SH; Cerussi, AE; Merritt, SI; Ruth, J; Tromberg, BJ



Non-invasive tissue temperature measurements based on quantitative diffuse optical spectroscopy (DOS) of water  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We describe the development of a non-invasive method for quantitative tissue temperature measurements using Broadband diffuse optical spectroscopy (DOS). Our approach is based on well-characterized opposing shifts in near-infrared (NIR) water absorption spectra that appear with temperature and macromolecular binding state. Unlike conventional reflectance methods, DOS is used to generate scattering-corrected tissue water absorption spectra. This allows us to separate the macromolecular bound water contribution from the thermally induced spectral shift using the temperature isosbestic point at 996 nm. The method was validated in intralipid tissue phantoms by correlating DOS with thermistor measurements (R = 0.96) with a difference of 1.1 ± 0.91 °C over a range of 28-48 °C. Once validated, thermal and hemodynamic (i.e. oxy- and deoxy-hemoglobin concentration) changes were measured simultaneously and continuously in human subjects (forearm) during mild cold stress. DOS-measured arm temperatures were consistent with previously reported invasive deep tissue temperature studies. These results suggest that DOS can be used for non-invasive, co-registered measurements of absolute temperature and hemoglobin parameters in thick tissues, a potentially important approach for optimizing thermal diagnostics and therapeutics.

Chung, S. H.; Cerussi, A. E.; Merritt, S. I.; Ruth, J.; Tromberg, B. J.



A Double Layers Detection for DoS Based on the Danger Theory  

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As one of the most common network attacks, denial of service (DoS) usually uses reasonable service requests to take excessive computing and network resources, thus causes the legitimate users to be unable to obtain the service responses. But now little research has performed within the area. This aim of the paper is to develop a double layers detection system for

Junmin Zhang; Yiwen Liang



Identificação dos vegetais destinados a ornamentação de praças, parques e creches em Campina Grande, PB  

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RESUMO O Horto Florestal Lauro Pires Xavier, situado às margens do açude de Bodocongó, em Campina Grande-PB é uma importante unidade mantida pela prefeitura no sentido de preservação e conservação de espécies. Através do viveiro, o município tem condição de aumentar as áreas verdes, proporcionando lazer e bem estar à população. Esse trabalho tem como tema à identificação dos vegetais

Mário Luiz Farias Cavalcanti; Ivan Coelho Dantas; Giselle Medeiros da Costa Silva; Luciana de Luna Costa; Maria José Benício Barros; Ronny Soffiantini Lira


Model-Checking DoS Amplification for VoIP Session Initiation  

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Current techniques for the formal modeling analysis of DoS attacks do not adequately deal with amplication attacks that may tar- get a complex distributed system as a whole rather than a specic server. Such threats have emerged for important applications such as the VoIP Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). We demonstrate a model- checking technique for nding amplication threats using a

Ravinder Shankesi; Musab Alturki; Ralf Sasse; Carl A. Gunter; José Meseguer



Regulação Econômica e a Expansão dos Serviços de Distribuição de Gás Natural Canalizado no Brasil  

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Esta dissertação trata da questão da regulação do setor de distribuição de gás natural canalizado no Brasil e as implicações que uma política de expansão dos serviços tem na regulação ótima. A primeira parte faz uma análise institucional do setor de distribuição de gás natural, identificando o papel da regulação no mesmo. A segunda parte é uma breve resenha sobre

Pablo Aurélio Lacerda de Almeida


Aplicacao das Redes Neuronais Artificiais a Deteccao dos Mercados Euronext Mais Rentaveis  

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Com este estudo investigasse a possibilidade de utilizacao de uma rede neuronial artificial na deteccao dos mercados de accoes da Euronext que proporcionam a melhor rendibilidade diaria. A rede, treinada com o algoritmo de Levenberg-Marquardt, recomenda a um investidor hipotetico a escolha do Indice de precos representativo do mercado que se preve que maior rendibilidade oferece no dia de negociacao

Paulo Horta; Carlos Mendes



Porting a Complex Machine Tool Error Compensation System from Microsoft DOS to Microsoft Windows NT.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report describes the porting of a manufacturing quality control system from PC-type computers operating on Microsoft DOS, Microsoft Windows 95, and IBM OS/2, to updated PCs operating on Microsoft Windows NT. The changes included adapting the control ...

H. T. Bandy M. A. Domez L. A. Welsch



Infrared and Isotopic Evidence for Diagenesis of Bone Apatite at Dos Pilas, Guatemala: Palaeodietary Implications  

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The use of stable carbon isotopic analysis of bone apatite to reconstruct prehistoric diets is hindered by the possibility of diagenetic alteration of carbonate during burial. We examine apatite preservation in Classic Period Maya skeletal remains from Dos Pilas, Guatemala, using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). We use weight % CO2evolved from apatite, FTIR carbonate\\/phosphate absorbance ratios, phosphate peak splitting

Lori E. Wright; Henry P. Schwarcz



Distillation Codes and Applications to DoS Resistant Multicast Authentication  

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Abstract: We introduce distillation codes, a method for streamingand storing data. Like erasure codes, distillation codesallow information to be decoded from a sufficiently largequorum of symbols. In contrast to erasure codes, distillationcodes are robust against pollution attacks, a powerfulclass of denial of service (DoS) attacks in which adversariesinject invalid symbols during the decoding process.We examine applications of distillation codes to

Chris Karlof; Naveen Sastry; Yaping Li; Adrian Perrig; J. D. Tygar



Influência do óleo de linhaça sobre o desempenho e a qualidade dos ovos de poedeiras semipesadas  

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RESUMO - O experimento foi conduzido para avaliar a influência da adição de óleo de linhaça em substituição ao óleo de soja em rações para poedeiras semipesadas sobre o desempenho e a qualidade interna e externa dos ovos. Utilizaram-se 192 poedeiras da linhagem Bovans Godline com 29 semanas de idade, distribuídas em seis tratamentos, que consistiram de uma dieta controle

Fernando Guilherme Perazzo Costa; Janete Gouveia de Souza; José Humberto Vilar da Silva; Carlos Bôa-Viagem Rabello; Cláudia de Castro Goulart; Raul da Cunha Lima Neto



Sedimentation survey of Lago Dos Bocas, Utuado, Puerto Rico, January 2010  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Lago Dos Bocas reservoir was completed in 1942 to provide water for hydroelectric power generation along the northern coast of Puerto Rico. The reservoir had an original storage capacity of 37.50 million cubic meters (Mm3). The dam is located about 9 kilometers (km) northeast of the town of Utuado, immediately downstream of the original confluence of the Río Grande de Arecibo and the Río Caonillas (fig. 1). The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) owns and operates the Lago Dos Bocas reservoir, and since 1996, the reservoir has become an essential part of the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA) North Coast Superaqueduct Project. The Superaqueduct is supplied by controlled releases for hydroelectric power generation that replenish the public-supply raw-water intake pool located about 10 km downstream from the Lago Dos Bocas Dam (fig. 1). As of 2005, the Superaqueduct supplies about 4.03 cubic meters per second (m3/s) (348,192 cubic meters per day [m3/d]) of potable water to communities along the northern coast, from Arecibo to the San Juan metropolitan area. Because of the importance of the reservoir to the North Coast Superaqueduct, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with PRASA, conducted a sedimentation survey of Lago Dos Bocas in January 2009. The results of this survey were used to estimate the useful life and the firm yield of the reservoir, and evaluate the need to dredge the reservoir.

Soler-Lopez, Luis R.



Levantamento dos Fatores Limitantes da Produtividade Leiteira na Regi- ão de Anápolis-Go  

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O presente trabalho foi realizado no município de Anápolis-GO no mês de julho de 1995. Consistiu de uma avaliação da atividade pecuária em fazendas leiteiras com o objetivo de, através da análise dos principais índices zootécnicos, determinar quais os fatores limitantes para o aumento da produtividade. Constou da aplicação de um questionário de levantamento sócio-econômico da produção em uma amostra



A relação entre escolaridade e ocupação dos jovens no Distrito Federal: Uma análise socioespacial  

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A ocupação territorial no Distrito Federal (DF) é marcada pela segregação socioespacial. Por conta da segregação, a dinâmica interna de ocupação originou uma organização espacial diferenciada das demais cidades do país, na qual a restrição à população é visível aos olhos, embora não se deixe desvelar totalmente. A concentração dos postos de trabalho no Plano Piloto e a exigência cada

Sílvia Silva; Cavalcante Leite; Karla Christina; Batista de França


In silico analysis of DosR regulon proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  


One of the challenges faced by Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis) in dormancy is hypoxia. DosR/DevR of M. tuberculosis is a two component dormancy survival response regulator which induces the expression of 48 genes. In this study, we have used DosR regulon proteins of M. tuberculosis H37Rv as the query set and performed a comprehensive homology search against the non-redundant database. Homologs were found in environmental mycobacteria, environmental bacteria and archaebacteria. Analysis of genomic context of DosR regulon revealed that they are distributed as nine blocks in the genome of M. tuberculosis with many transposases and integrases in their vicinity. Further, we classified DosR regulon proteins into eight functional categories. One of the hypothetical proteins Rv1998c could probably be a methylisocitrate lyase or a phosphonomutase. Another hypothetical protein, Rv0572 was found only in mycobacteria. Insights gained in this study can potentially aid in the development of novel therapeutic interventions. PMID:22759512

Selvaraj, Suganya; Sambandam, Vaishnavi; Sardar, Dipasri; Anishetty, Sharmila



33 CFR 104.255 - Declaration of Security (DoS).  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

... (b) At MARSEC Level 1, the Master or Vessel Security Officer (VSO), or their designated representative, of any cruise ship or manned vessel carrying Certain Dangerous Cargoes, in bulk, must complete and sign a DoS with the VSO or...



Estado da Arte para Solução dos Problemas Vibroacústica por Métodos Numéricos  

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This paper presents the fundamentals of the numerical methods used in the acoustics and vibration fields as; Finite Elements Methods (FEM), Boundary Element Methods (BEM), Acoustic Rays, and Statistical Energy Analysis (SEA). State of arts and trend for future methods are presented. Some results are presented for practical study cases. RESUMO Neste trabalho serão apresentados os fundamentos dos métodos numéricos

Palestra Convidado; REFERÊNCIA PACS; Samir N. Y. Gerges


Sedimentation History of Lago Dos Bocas, Puerto Rico, 1942-2005  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The Lago Dos Bocas Dam, located in the municipality of Utuado in north central Puerto Rico, was constructed in 1942 for hydroelectric power generation. The reservoir had an original storage capacity of 37.50 million cubic meters and a drainage area of 440 square kilometers. In 1948, the construction of the Lago Caonillas Dam on the Rio Caonillas branch of Lago Dos Bocas reduced the natural sediment-contributing drainage area to 310 square kilometers; therefore, the Lago Caonillas Dam is considered an effective sediment trap. Sedimentation in Lago Dos Bocas reservoir has reduced the storage capacity from 37.50 million cubic meters in 1942 to 17.26 million cubic meters in 2005, which represents a storage loss of about 54 percent. The long-term annual water-storage capacity loss rate remained nearly constant at about 320,000 cubic meters per year to about 1997. The inter-survey sedimentation rate between 1997 and 1999, however, is higher than the long-term rate at about 1.09 million cubic meters per year. Between 1999 and 2005 the rate is lower than the long-term rate at about 0.13 million cubic meters per year. The Lago Dos Bocas effective sediment-contributing drainage area had an average sediment yield of about 1,400 cubic meters per square kilometer per year between 1942 and 1997. This rate increased substantially by 1999 to about 4,600 cubic meters per square kilometer per year, probably resulting from the historical magnitude floods caused by Hurricane Georges in 1998. Recent data indicate that the Lago Dos Bocas drainage area sediment yield decreased substantially to about 570 cubic meters per square kilometer per year, which is much lower than the 1942-1997 area normalized sedimentation rate of 1,235 cubic meters per square kilometer per year. The impact of Hurricane Georges on the basin sediment yield could have been the cause of this change, since the magnitude of the floods could have nearly depleted the Lago Dos Bocas drainage area of easily erodible and transportable bed sediment. This report summarizes the historical change in water-storage capacity of Lago Dos Bocas between 1942 and 2005.

Soler-Lopez, Luis R.



Análise dos Conceitos Astronômicos Apresentados por Professores de Algumas Escolas Estaduais Brasileiras  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A razão para o desenvolvimento deste trabalho baseia-se no fato de que muitos professores da Educação Básica (EB) não lidam com conceitos relacionados à astronomia, e quando o fazem eles simplesmente seguem livros didáticos que podem conter erros conceituais. Como é de conhecimento geral a astronomia é um dos conteúdos a serem ensinados na EB fazendo parte dos Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais e das Propostas Curriculares do Estado de São Paulo, mas é um fato, que vários pesquisadores apontam, a existência de muitos problemas no ensino da astronomia. Com o propósito de minimizar algumas dessas deficiências foi realizado um trabalho de pesquisa com a utilização de questionários pré e pós pesquisa, para tanto foi desenvolvido um Curso de Extensão Universitária para professores da Diretoria de Ensino Regional (DE) que abrange Mauá, Ribeirão Pires e Rio Grande da Serra (no Estado de São Paulo) com os seguintes objetivos: levantar concepções alternativas; subsidiar os professores por meio de palestras, debates e workshops, e verificar o sucesso da aprendizagem após o curso, adotando-se como referência, para a análise dos resultados, os dicionários de Língua Portuguesa (FERREIRA, 2004) e Enciclopédico de Astronomia e Astronáutica (MOUR?O, 1995). Portanto, dezesseis questões foram aplicadas antes e após o curso, assim pode-se verificar após a pesquisa que 100,0% dos professores sabiam os nomes das fases da Lua, 97,0% entenderam que o Sistema Solar é composto por oito planetas, 78,1% foram capazes de explicar como ocorre um eclipse lunar, um eclipse solar e um solstício, 72,7% sabiam como explicar a ocorrência das estações do ano; 64,5% explicaram corretamente a ocorrência do equinócio, 89,7% foram capazes de definir adequadamente o termo cometa; 63,6% definiram asteróide, 54,5% meteoro, 58,1% galáxia, e 42,4% planeta. Os resultados obtidos indicam uma aprendizagem significativa por parte dos participantes.

Voelzke, Marcos Rincon; Gonzaga, Edson Pereira



Estrutura, Evolucao e Dinamica dos Sistemas Agroalimentares e Cadeias Agroindustriais Analise das estrategias de posicionamento e diferenciacao dos produtos no mercado a partir do caso da empresa Bertin alimentos  

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Análise das estratégias de posicionamento e diferenciação dos produtos no mercado a partir do caso da empresa Bertin alimentos que é muito competitivo, tanto local, regional, quanto nacional. A proposta do artigo é mostrar como algumas estratégias adotadas pela empresa foram bem sucedidas e diferenciam seus produtos das ofertas concorrentes, adquirindo assim, características desejadas pela maioria dos consumidores. --------------------------------------------------------------- With

Ronney Marcio Faial Silva; Gisleide Lima da Silva; Maria Do Rosario Alves Pereira; Cyntia Meireles de Oliveira; Daniel Ferreira da Silva



First report of White spot syndrome virus in farmed and wild penaeid shrimp from lagoa dos patos estuary, southern brazil  

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In this study, we detected White spot syndrome virus (WSSV) in wild Farfantepenaeus paulensis collected in the Lagoa dos Patos estuary and cultivated Litopenaeus vannamei. This is the first report of WSSV in F. paulensis from Lagoa dos Patos and farmed L. vannamei shrimps in Rio Grande do Sul.

Cavalli, Lissandra Souto; Romano, Luis Alberto; Marins, Luis Fernando; Abreu, Paulo Cesar



Effect of modulation frequency bandwidth on measurement accuracy and precision for digital diffuse optical spectroscopy (dDOS)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Near-infrared (NIR) frequency-domain Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy (DOS) is an emerging technology with a growing number of potential clinical applications. In an effort to reduce DOS system complexity and improve portability, we recently demonstrated a direct digital sampling method that utilizes digital signal generation and detection as a replacement for more traditional analog methods. In our technique, a fast analog-to-digital converter (ADC) samples the detected time-domain radio frequency (RF) waveforms at each modulation frequency in a broad-bandwidth sweep (50- 300MHz). While we have shown this method provides comparable results to other DOS technologies, the process is data intensive as digital samples must be stored and processed for each modulation frequency and wavelength. We explore here the effect of reducing the modulation frequency bandwidth on the accuracy and precision of extracted optical properties. To accomplish this, the performance of the digital DOS (dDOS) system was compared to a gold standard network analyzer based DOS system. With a starting frequency of 50MHz, the input signal of the dDOS system was swept to 100, 150, 250, or 300MHz in 4MHz increments and results were compared to full 50-300MHz networkanalyzer DOS measurements. The average errors in extracted ?a and ?s' with dDOS were lowest for the full 50-300MHz sweep (less than 3%) and were within 3.8% for frequency bandwidths as narrow as 50-150MHz. The errors increased to as much as 9.0% when a bandwidth of 50-100MHz was tested. These results demonstrate the possibility for reduced data collection with dDOS without critical compensation of optical property extraction.

Jung, Justin; Istfan, Raeef; Roblyer, Darren



Determinação de elementos próprios dos asteróides troianos: comparação entre as teorias semi-analítica e sintética  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Além do cálculo semi-analítico de elementos próprios dos asteróides Troianos (Beaugé & Roig 2001, Icarus 153, 391), recentemente foi apresentado um novo conjunto destes elementos próprios determinado através de uma teoria sintética (Knenezevic & Milani 2003, comunicação pessoal). As bases de dados contendo estas determinações estão disponiveis na pagina web do Asteroid Dynamical Site ( Nesta comunicação apresentamos os primeiros resultados de um estudo comparativo entre ambos conjuntos de elementos próprios, analisando suas vantagens e desvantagens, assim como os limites de precisão de cada conjunto. Mostramos que os elementos próprios sintéticos são mais precisos que os smi-analíticos para grandes amplitudes de libração do ângulo s = l-lJup, embora acontece o contrario para os corpos cuja amplitude de libração é muito pequena. Finalmente discutimos a influencia destes erros na determinação de familias de asteroides e da estrutura resonante em torno dos pontos Lagrangeanos L4 e L5.

Roig, F.; Beaugé, C.



Trace Element Distribution Between Olivine and Kirschsteinite in Angra Dos Reis  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The angrites are a small and enigmatic group of basaltic achondrites that possess unique mineralogical and chemical properties. The dominant mineralogy of the seven angrite members (Angra dos Reis, LEW 86010, LEW 87051, Asuka 881371, Sahara 99555, D Orbigny, and a new Moroccan member) is fassaite, olivine, and plagioclase. Angrites display a wide range of thermal histories, with Angra dos Reis (AdoR) exhibiting a cooling history different from that of the rapidly cooled members and from LEW86010, a more slowly cooled member. AdoR could represent either a cumulate or a porphyritic igneous rock that was later altered by metamorphism. We are re-examining the thermal history of AdoR in light of the more recently described angrite members. Our emphasis is a trace element study of low-Ca olivine, which we refer to as olivine, and high-Ca olivine, which we refer to as kirschsteinite, in AdoR.

Fittipaldo, M. M.; Jones, R. H.; Shearer, C. K.



An alternate hypothesis for the origin of Angra dos Reis - Porphyry, not cumulate  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The Angra dos Reis achondrite is a unique meteorite of potentially great importance for understanding the origins of the solar system and of the terrestrial planets. It is proposed that the meteorite, which consists of megacrysts of Al-Ti augite (fassaite) in skeletal or cellular shapes, olivine, and possibly whitlockite in a fine-grained groundmass of the same materials plus spinel, is a porphyritic igneous rock modified by metamorphism. In this interpretation, the megacrysts represent cellular-textured phenocrysts, and the fine-grain groundmass represents crystallized or devitrified magma. Phase equilibria suggest that Angra dos Reis-like compositions could grow phenocrysts of fassaite pyroxene, olivine, and whitlockite. These same compositions could crystallize, without crystal sorting or accumulation, to an almost monomineralic fassaite pyroxenite.

Treiman, A. H.



Protecting Web Services against DoS Attacks: A Case-Based Reasoning Approach  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The real-time detection is a key factor to detect and block DoS attacks within Web services. DoS attacks can be generated for different techniques that take advantage of points vulnerable within Web services. This paper describes a novel proposal based on a real time agent to classify user requests and detect and block malicious SOAP messages. The classification mechanism is based on a Case-Base Reasoning (CBR) model, where the different CBR phases are time bounded. Within the reuse phase of the CBR cycle is incorporated a mixture of experts to choose the most suitable technique of classification depending on the feature of the attack and the available time to solve the classification. A prototype of the architecture was developed and the results obtained are presented in this study.

Pinzón, Cristian; de Paz, Juan F.; Zato, Carolina; Pérez, Javier


"Click, Click, Cyclize": A DOS Approach to Sultams Utilizing Vinyl Sulfonamide Linchpins  

PubMed Central

A diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS) strategy termed “Click, Click, Cyclize” is reported. This approach relies on functional group (FG) pairing between a vinyl sulfonamide and an array of functional groups to synthesize skeletally diverse sultams. Several FG pairing pathways on central tertiary vinyl sulfonamide linchpins have been developed including intramolecular Heck, aza-Michael, ring-closing enyne metathesis, Pauson—Khand, and chemoselective oxidation/Baylis—Hillman reactions.

Zhou, Aihua; Rayabarapu, Dinesh; Hanson, Paul R.



Sm-Nd-Pu timepieces in the Angra DOS Reis meteorite  

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Isotope ratios and age estimations are presented for the ultramafic pyroxenite Angra dos Reis meteorite. A pyroxene-phosphate internal isochron age of 4.55 plus or minus 0.04 eons was obtained, in agreement with reported Pb-Pb ages. It is suggested that Sm-146 decay led to an increase in the ratio of Nd-142 to Nd-144 in pyroxene, which is greater than the ratio

G. W. Lugmair; K. Marti



Investigação dos perfís temporais de alta resolução de explosões solares tipo-III decimétricas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Explosões solares tipo-III indicam a presença de feixes de elétrons acelerados durante "flares" solares. Sua investigação fornece informações tanto sobre os processos de aceleração de partículas quanto das características do agente causador e do local de aceleração. Explosões tipo-III decimétricas são geradas por feixes de elétrons viajando através de arcos magnéticos densos da baixa coroa solar. Os perfís temporais destes fenômenos, quando tomados com alta resolução, informam sobre os mecanismos de aceleração de partículas do feixe e o meio de transporte da energia liberada a partir da região de aceleração. Usando o Brazilian Solar Spectroscope (BSS), em operação no INPE, foram registradas dezenas de explosões tipo-III decimétricas, dentro da faixa de 2050-2250 MHz com alta resolução temporal (20 ms), em 13 de setembro de 2001, entre 13:00 e 16:10 UT. Foram selecionadas 10 explosões isoladas para uma investigação estatística detalhada de seus perfís temporais, em todos os cerca de 50 canais de freqüência. Os resultados indicam que cerca de 70% dos perfís temporais são complexos tanto durante a subida quanto descida. Os 30% restantes indicam que os perfís da subida podem ser bem representados, na maioria dos casos, por um processo não-linear e uma parcela significativa por processos lineares. Os perfís temporais da descida são dominados por um decaimento não-linear. Neste trabalho, será efetuada uma análise dos perfís temporais, tanto durante a subida quanto descida do fluxo, para as explosões selecionadas, em termos dos prováveis mecanismos de aceleração e relaxamento. 2

Cecatto, J. R.; Fernandes, F. C. R.; Sawant, H. S.; Madsen, F. R. H.




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O presente trabalho tem como objetivo a caracterização dos aspectos e impactos econômicos, sociais e ambientais da monocultura da cana-de-açúcar. Isso servirá para que posteriormente se possa fazer um estudo sobre os impactos que a monocultura da cana acarretará a região de Tupã\\/SP. Em sua confecção foram consultados sites governamentais, teses e dissertações como também bibliografia pertinente ao tema. Os

Rafael Pazeto Alvarenga; Timoteo Ramos Queiroz



A Comparison of Three LISP Interpreters for MS-DOS-Based Microcomputers  

PubMed Central

We report a comparison of three commercially available LISP interpreters running on MS-DOS-based microcomputers. Marked differences were found between the different products' memory addressing abilities, error handling and debugging facilities. Editing tools, tutoring environments, windowing, graphic capabilities, operating system and port call facilities are also contrasted. Speed was tested via a group of LISP functions (benchmarks) that attempt to isolate list manipulation, iteration, function calling, recursion and mathematical calculation performance.

Kahane, Stephen N.; Johannes, Richard S.




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RESUMEN: Se describen y caracterizan dos nuevos sintáxones correspondientes a co- munidades rupícolas silicícolas bilbilitanas: Centaureo pinnatae-Dianthetum lusitani ass. nov. (con óptimo en bioclima mesomediterráneo seco-subhúmedo) y Hieracio schmidtii- Dianthetum lusitani biscutelletosum bilbilitanae subass. nov. (con óptimo en bioclima su- pra-oromediterráneo seco-subhúmedo). Se discuten sus afinidades sintaxonómicas y se aportan datos referentes a su importancia como refugio de endemismos de

Manuel B. CRESPO; José Luis SOLANAS; Elena CAMUÑAS



A Influência da Escola e da Mídia na Obtenção dos Conhecimentos Astronômicos  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O universo em que vivemos possui segredos jamais imaginados pelo homem, fruto da pequena proporção que ocupamos diante de um cosmos infinito. A astronomia funciona como um instrumento que sacia a sede humana em desvendar esses segredos, estudando as galáxias, quasares, pulsares além da existência de todos os elementos que preenchem o espaço cósmico, o vácuo, não mais vazio como se pensou em outros tempos. A mídia explora esse campo de forma mística e também científica. A difusão adequada e dentro dos padrões educacionais vigentes, de conceitos astronômicos, se faz necessária, devido sua presença nos conteúdos escolares, centros de ciência e na mídia, de modo geral. A reforma do Currículo Básico da Escola Pública da maioria dos Estados brasileiros introduziu conceitos astronômicos desde a pré-escola até o Ensino Médio. Num estudo realizado com 1.032 alunos do Ensino Médio de seis escolas estaduais, revelou-se através da aplicação de um questionário que abordava conheciment os básicos em astronomia, como estes foram adquiridos e qual era a infra-estrutura oferecida pela escola: para 66,2% dos entrevistados o professor já fez alguma apresentação a respeito de astronomia. O presente estudo revelou também que 44,5% dos alunos entrevistados adquiriram seus conhecimentos astronômicos na escola, 28,1% através da televisão e 27,4% afirmaram que seus conhecimentos foram obtidos através de outros tipos de mídia (internet, filmes e revistas). Embora o estudo revele claramente que há certo equilíbrio na forma em que os alunos obtiveram seus conhecimentos astronômicos, a mídia ainda explora e muitas vezes desperta o interesse pela astronomia com assuntos que não fazem parte de nosso cotidiano como, por exemplo, o homem na Lua, os projetos espaciais e a primeira viagem de um astronauta brasileiro no espaço. Porém, em certos casos, a mídia pode promover conhecimentos incompletos ou mesmo equivocados sobre os conceitos que envolvam a astronomia, como por exemplo a propagação do som no vácuo observado na maioria dos filmes de f icção científica ou da existência das estações do ano em função da distância da Terra ao Sol, em conformidade com o questionário aplicado.

da Cunha, W. S.; Voelzke, M. R.; Amaral, L. H.



Estudo das influencias da implantacao da usina nuclear em Angra dos Reis (Angra-1). (Study of the influences of Angra-1 nuclear power plant construction in Angra dos Reis).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report presents a comprehensive evaluation of the influence caused by Angra-1 Nuclear Power Plants (Central Nuclear Almirante Alvaro Alberto) construction on the Angra dos Reis City - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. The analysis performed adopts a multi-dime...

L. Ferreira Netto



OptaDOS: A tool for obtaining density of states, core-level and optical spectra from electronic structure codes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present OptaDOS, a program for calculating core-electron and low-loss electron energy loss spectra (EELS) and optical spectra along with total-, projected- and joint-density of electronic states (DOS) from single-particle eigenenergies and dipole transition coefficients. Energy-loss spectroscopy is an important tool for probing bonding within a material. Interpreting these spectra can be aided by first principles calculations. The spectra are generated from the eigenenergies through integration over the Brillouin zone. An important feature of this code is that this integration is performed using a choice of adaptive or linear extrapolation broadening methods which we show produces higher accuracy spectra than standard fixed-width Gaussian broadening. OptaDOS  may be straightforwardly interfaced to any electronic structure code. OptaDOS  is freely available under the GNU General Public licence from

Morris, Andrew J.; Nicholls, Rebecca J.; Pickard, Chris J.; Yates, Jonathan R.



Using 4DOS Batch Files To Create an Infrastructure That Makes It Easy for Students To Create and Maintain HTML Web Pages.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper describes the use of simple 4DOS batch files to automate the creation and maintenance of an infrastructure to assist students in creating and maintaining HTML World Wide Web pages. Background is provided on Web pages, DOS, 4DOS, and batch files. The assumptions made in creating the infrastructure are summarized, and program statements…

Snyder, Robin M.


Age and isotopic relationships among the angrites Lewis Cliff 86010 and Angra dos Reis  

SciTech Connect

Results of a wide-ranging isotopic investigation of the unique Antarctican angrite LEW-86010 (LEW) are presented, together with a reassessment of the type angrite Angra dos Reis (ADOR). The principal objectives of this study are to obtain precise radiometric ages, initial Sr isotopic compositions, and to search for the erstwhile presence of the short-lived nuclei {sup 146}Sm and {sup 26}Al via their daughter products. The isotopic compositions of Sm, U, Ca, and Ti were also measured. This allows a detailed appraisal to be made of the relations between, and the genealogy of, these two angrites.

Lugmair, G.W. (Univ. of California, San Diego, La Jolla (United States)); Galer, S.J.G. (Univ. of California, San Diego, La Jolla (United States) Max-Planck-Inst. fuer Chemie, Mainz (West Germany))



Studies of Brazilian meteorites. III - Origin and history of the Angra dos Reis achondrite  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The mineral composition of the Angra dos Reis meteorite, which fell in 1869, is described. This achondrite contains phases reported in a meteorite for the first time. Petrofabric analysis shows that fassaite has a preferred orientation and lineation, which is interpreted as being due to cumulus processes, possibly the effect of post-depositional magmatic current flow or laminar flow of a crystalline mush. The mineral chemistry indicates crystallization from a highly silica-undersaturated melt at low pressure. Several aspects of the mineral composition are discussed with reference to the implications of crystallization conditions.

Prinz, M.; Keil, K.; Hlava, P. F.; Berkley, J. L.; Gomes, C. B.; Curvello, W. S.



Rv3133c/dosR is a transcription factor that mediates the hypoxic response of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  


Unlike many pathogens that are overtly harmful to their hosts, Mycobacterium tuberculosis can persist for years within humans in a clinically latent state. Latency is often linked to hypoxic conditions within the host. Among M. tuberculosis genes induced by hypoxia is a putative transcription factor, Rv3133c/DosR. We performed targeted disruption of this locus followed by transcriptome analysis of wild-type and mutant bacilli. Nearly all the genes powerfully regulated by hypoxia require Rv3133c/DosR for their induction. Computer analysis identified a consensus motif, a variant of which is located upstream of nearly all M. tuberculosis genes rapidly induced by hypoxia. Further, Rv3133c/DosR binds to the two copies of this motif upstream of the hypoxic response gene alpha-crystallin. Mutations within the binding sites abolish both Rv3133c/DosR binding as well as hypoxic induction of a downstream reporter gene. Also, mutation experiments with Rv3133c/DosR confirmed sequence-based predictions that the C-terminus is responsible for DNA binding and that the aspartate at position 54 is essential for function. Together, these results demonstrate that Rv3133c/DosR is a transcription factor of the two-component response regulator class, and that it is the primary mediator of a hypoxic signal within M. tuberculosis. PMID:12694625

Park, Heui-Dong; Guinn, Kristi M; Harrell, Maria I; Liao, Reiling; Voskuil, Martin I; Tompa, Martin; Schoolnik, Gary K; Sherman, David R



Perfil de temperatura dos funis magnetosféricos de estrelas T Tauri com aquecimento alfvênico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Estrelas T Tauri Clássicas são objetos jovens circundados por discos de gás e poeira e que apresentam uma intensa atividade magnética. Seu espectro mostra linhas de emissão alargadas que são razoavelmente reproduzidas nos modelos de acresção magnetosférica. No entanto, o perfil de temperatura dos funis magnéticos é desconhecido. Aquecimento magnético compressional e difusão ambipolar foram considerados para estas estruturas, porém as temperaturas obtidas não são suficientes para explicar as observações. Neste trabalho, examinamos o aquecimento gerado pelo amortecimento de ondas Alfvén através de quatro mecanismos, os amortecimentos não-linear, turbulento, viscoso-resistivo e colisional como função da freqüência da onda. Inicialmente, a temperatura é ajustada para reproduzir as observações e o grau de turbulência requerido para que o mecanismo seja viável é calculado. Os resultados mostram que este é compatível com os dados observacionais. Apresentam-se, também, resultados preliminares do cálculo auto-consistente do perfil de temperatura dos funis, levando-se em conta fontes de aquecimento Alfvênica e fontes de resfriamento.

Vasconcelos, M. J.



Reproductive Dynamics of Sterna hirundinacea Lesson, 1831 in Ilha dos Cardos, Santa Catarina, Brazil  

PubMed Central

In this work, we intend to describe the reproductive dynamics of Sterna hirundinacea in an island from South Brazil. We studied the reproductive biology of this species in its natural environment and provide data on their growth, survival, and reproductive success in Ilha dos Cardos, Santa Catarina, South Brazil. Samplings were carried out daily on the island throughout the reproductive seasons of 2003, 2005, and 2006 and the different stages of development of the chicks were characterized according to age, length of the beak, and plumage characteristics. We provide a basic equation Lm = 167.91?(1 ? e?0.062t?(?0.23)) to determine the approximate age of individuals using their body mass. The main cause of chick mortality on the island was natural (63.17% in 2003, 81.41% in 2005, and 79.96% in 2006), whereas predation contributed to mortality in a proportion of 38.83% in 2003, 18.59% in 2005, and 20.04% in 2006. The absence in the area of the chicks' main predator, Kelp gull (Larus dominicanus), the large number of chicks that reached the final stages of development, and their reproductive success demonstrate that Ilha dos Cardos is an important breeding site for the species in southern Brazil.

Fracasso, Helio Augusto Alves; Branco, Joaquim Olinto; Efe, Marcio Amorim



Crystal Structures of the Response Regulator DosR From Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Suggest a Helix Rearrangement Mechanism for Phosphorylation Activation  

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The response regulator DosR is essential for promoting long-term survival of Mycobacterium tuberculosis under low oxygen conditions in a dormant state and may be responsible for latent tuberculosis in one-third of the world's population. Here, we report crystal structures of full-length unphosphorylated DosR at 2.2 {angstrom} resolution and its C-terminal DNA-binding domain at 1.7 {angstrom} resolution. The full-length DosR structure reveals several features never seen before in other response regulators. The N-terminal domain of the full-length DosR structure has an unexpected ({beta}{alpha}){sub 4} topology instead of the canonical ({beta}{alpha}){sub 5} fold observed in other response regulators. The linker region adopts a unique conformation that contains two helices forming a four-helix bundle with two helices from another subunit, resulting in dimer formation. The C-terminal domain in the full-length DosR structure displays a novel location of helix {alpha}10, which allows Gln199 to interact with the catalytic Asp54 residue of the N-terminal domain. In contrast, the structure of the DosR C-terminal domain alone displays a remarkable unstructured conformation for helix {alpha}10 residues, different from the well-defined helical conformations in all other known structures, indicating considerable flexibility within the C-terminal domain. Our structures suggest a mode of DosR activation by phosphorylation via a helix rearrangement mechanism.

Wisedchaisri, G.; Wu, M.; Sherman, D.R.; Hol, W.G.J.



CRL4-like Clr4 complex in Schizosaccharomyces pombe depends on an exposed surface of Dos1 for heterochromatin silencing.  


Repressive histone H3 lysine 9 methylation (H3K9me) and its recognition by HP1 proteins are necessary for pericentromeric heterochromatin formation. In Schizosaccharomyces pombe, H3K9me deposition depends on the RNAi pathway. Cryptic loci regulator 4 (Clr4), the only known H3K9 methyltransferase in this organism, is a subunit of the Clr4 methyltransferase complex (CLRC), whose composition is reminiscent of a CRL4 type cullin-RING ubiquitin ligase (CRL) including its cullin Cul4, the RING-box protein Pip1, the DNA damage binding protein 1 homolog Rik1, and the DCAF-like protein delocalization of Swi6 1 (Dos1). Dos2 and Stc1 have been proposed to be part of the complex but do not bear similarity to canonical ubiquitin ligase components. CLRC is an active E3 ligase in vitro, and this activity is necessary for heterochromatin assembly in vivo. The similarity between CLRC and the CRLs suggests that the WD repeat protein Dos1 will act to mediate target recognition and substrate specificity for CLRC. Here, we present a pairwise interaction screen that confirms a CRL4-like subunit arrangement and further identifies Dos2 as a central component of the complex and recruiter of Stc1. We determined the crystal structure of the Dos1 WD repeat domain, revealing an eight-bladed ?-propeller fold. Functional mapping of the putative target-binding surface of Dos1 identifies key residues required for heterochromatic silencing, consistent with Dos1's role as the specificity factor for the E3 ubiquitin ligase. PMID:24449894

Kuscu, Canan; Zaratiegui, Mikel; Kim, Hyun Soo; Wah, David A; Martienssen, Robert A; Schalch, Thomas; Joshua-Tor, Leemor



The Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosR Regulon Assists in Metabolic Homeostasis and Enables Rapid Recovery from Nonrespiring Dormancy ? †  

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis survives in latently infected individuals, likely in a nonreplicating or dormancy-like state. The M. tuberculosis DosR regulon is a genetic program induced by conditions that inhibit aerobic respiration and prevent bacillus replication. In this study, we used a mutant incapable of DosR regulon induction to investigate the contribution of this regulon to bacterial metabolism during anaerobic dormancy. Our results confirm that the DosR regulon is essential for M. tuberculosis survival during anaerobic dormancy and demonstrate that it is required for metabolic processes that occur upon entry into and throughout the dormant state. Specifically, we showed that regulon mechanisms shift metabolism away from aerobic respiration in the face of dwindling oxygen availability and are required for maintaining energy levels and redox balance as the culture becomes anaerobic. We also demonstrated that the DosR regulon is crucial for rapid resumption of growth once M. tuberculosis exits an anaerobic or nitric oxide-induced nonrespiring state. In summary, the DosR regulon encodes novel metabolic mechanisms essential for M. tuberculosis to survive in the absence of respiration and to successfully transition rapidly between respiring and nonrespiring conditions without loss of viability.

Leistikow, Rachel L.; Morton, Russell A.; Bartek, Iona L.; Frimpong, Isaac; Wagner, Karleen; Voskuil, Martin I.



The Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosR regulon assists in metabolic homeostasis and enables rapid recovery from nonrespiring dormancy.  


Mycobacterium tuberculosis survives in latently infected individuals, likely in a nonreplicating or dormancy-like state. The M. tuberculosis DosR regulon is a genetic program induced by conditions that inhibit aerobic respiration and prevent bacillus replication. In this study, we used a mutant incapable of DosR regulon induction to investigate the contribution of this regulon to bacterial metabolism during anaerobic dormancy. Our results confirm that the DosR regulon is essential for M. tuberculosis survival during anaerobic dormancy and demonstrate that it is required for metabolic processes that occur upon entry into and throughout the dormant state. Specifically, we showed that regulon mechanisms shift metabolism away from aerobic respiration in the face of dwindling oxygen availability and are required for maintaining energy levels and redox balance as the culture becomes anaerobic. We also demonstrated that the DosR regulon is crucial for rapid resumption of growth once M. tuberculosis exits an anaerobic or nitric oxide-induced nonrespiring state. In summary, the DosR regulon encodes novel metabolic mechanisms essential for M. tuberculosis to survive in the absence of respiration and to successfully transition rapidly between respiring and nonrespiring conditions without loss of viability. PMID:20023019

Leistikow, Rachel L; Morton, Russell A; Bartek, Iona L; Frimpong, Isaac; Wagner, Karleen; Voskuil, Martin I



Age and isotopic relationships among the angrites Lewis Cliff 86010 and Angra DOS Reis  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The paper presents results of a wide-ranging isotopic investigation of the the Antarctic angrite LEW-86010 (LEW), and reassesses the type angrite Angra dos Reis (ADOR) in order to obtain precise radiometric ages and initial Sr isotopic compositions, and to search for the erstwhile presence of the short-lived nuclei Sm-146 and Al-26 via their daughter products. The isotopic compositions of Sm, U, Ca, and Ti were measured to allow a detailed appraisal to be made of the relations between, and the geneology of, these two angrites. LEW proves to be severely contaminated with modern terrestrial Pb, which is shown to result from terrestrial weathering. Concordant Pb-Pb model ages of pyroxene separates are obtained; uranium isotopic compositions are normal within error. Overall, striking age and isotopic similarities between LEW and ADOR were found, suggesting almost simultaneous production on the same asteroid, even though recent experimental studies imply that the two are not comagmatic.

Lugmair, G. W.; Galer, S. J. G.



Sm-Nd-Pu timepieces in the Angra dos Reis meteorite  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Isotope ratios and age estimations are presented for the ultramafic pyroxenite Angra dos Reis meteorite. A pyroxene-phosphate internal isochron age of 4.55 plus or minus 0.04 eons was obtained, in agreement with reported Pb-Pb ages. It is suggested that Sm-146 decay led to an increase in the ratio of Nd-142 to Nd-144 in pyroxene, which is greater than the ratio of the Nd isotopes in phosphates. The effect of Pu-244 on the fission xenon components in pyroxene and phosphate is examined. The ratios of Pu-244 to Nd, U-238, and Th-232 are compared for pyroxene and phosphate separates. The exposure age of the meteorite, as obtained by the Kr-81 to Kr-83 method, was found to be 55.5 plus or minus 1.2 million years.

Lugmair, G. W.; Marti, K.



Age and isotopic relationships among the angrites Lewis Cliff 86010 and Angra dos Reis  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The paper presents results of a wide-ranging isotopic investigation of the the Antarctic angrite LEW-86010 (LEW), and reassesses the type angrite Angra dos Reis (ADOR) in order to obtain precise radiometric ages and initial Sr isotopic compositions, and to search for the erstwhile presence of the short-lived nuclei Sm-146 and Al-26 via their daughter products. The isotopic compositions of Sm, U, Ca, and Ti were measured to allow a detailed appraisal to be made of the relations between, and the geneology of, these two angrites. LEW proves to be severely contaminated with modern terrestrial Pb, which is shown to result from terrestrial weathering. Concordant Pb-Pb model ages of pyroxene separates are obtained; uranium isotopic compositions are normal within error. Overall, striking age and isotopic similarities between LEW and ADOR were found, suggesting almost simultaneous production on the same asteroid, even though recent experimental studies imply that the two are not comagmatic.

Lugmair, G. W.; Galer, S. J. G.



Measured oxygen fugacities of the Angra dos Reis achondrite as a function of temperature  

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Measurements of the oxygen fugacity (f{hook}O2) as a function of temperature (T) were made on an interior bulk sample of the cumulate achondrite, Angra dos Reis. Data clustered between the f{hook}O2-T relationship of the iron-wu??stite assemblage and 1.2 log atm units above iron-wu??stite. Interpretation of the data indicates that, throughout most of the cooling history of the meteorite, f{hook}O2 values were defined by equilibria involving iron-bearing species at values close to the f{hook}O2 of the assemblage iron-wu??stite. Measured f{hook}O2 data are compatible with crystallization and cooling at pressures greater than 50 bars. ?? 1977.

Brett, R.; Stephen, Huebner, J.; Sato, M.



Measured oxygen fugacities of the Angra dos Reis achondrite as a function of temperature  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Measurements of the oxygen fugacity, f(O2), as a function of temperature, T, were made on an interior bulk sample of the cumulate achondrite, Angra dos Reis. Data clustered between the f(O2)-T relationship of the iron-wustite assemblage and 1.2 log atm units above iron-wustite. Interpretation of the data indicates that, throughout most of the cooling history of the meteorite, f(O2) values were defined by equilibria involving iron-bearing species at values close to the f(O2) of the assemblage iron-wustite. Measured f(O2) data are compatible with crystallization and cooling at pressures greater than 50 bars.

Brett, R.; Huebner, J. S.; Sato, M.



Identification and seasonal variation of atmospheric organic pollutants in Campos dos Goytacazes, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Organic aerosol samples collected during a 1 year study at three sites in the city of Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, were examined by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Samples were acquired using a standard high-volume air sampler (Hi-Vol); extracts prepared and fractionated into aliphatic, aromatic and polar compounds. These compounds were quantified and their seasonal ambient concentration patterns discussed. High winter and low summer concentrations were observed for retene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and total suspended particulate matter (TSP), with a seasonal (winter) peak for all compounds studied. The higher concentrations observable from May to September may result from crop burning processes, which occur in the sugarcane plantations, mainly during this part of the year. The studied sites may be considered unpolluted as concentrations of benzo[a]pyrene and benzene were lower than the regulation lower limits. On the other hand, two sites were considered polluted by TSP determination.

de Almeida Azevedo, Débora; dos Santos, Celeste Yara Moreira; de Aquino Neto, Francisco Radler


The Secret List of Dos and Don'ts for Filmmaking  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Science is a massive black box to billions of people who walk the streets. However, the process of filmmaking can be equally as mystifying. As with the development of many scientific experiments, the process starts on a napkin at a restaurant…but then what? The road to scientific publication is propelled by a canonical list of several dos and don't that fit most situations. An equally useful list exists for up-and-coming producers. The list streamlines efforts, optimizes your use of the tools at your fingertips and enhances impact. Many fundamentals can be learned from books, but during this talk we will project and discuss several examples of best practices, from honing a story, to identifying audience appeal, filming, editing and the secrets of inexpensively acquiring expert help. Whether your goal is a two-minute webisode or a 90 minute documentary, these time-tested practices, with a little awareness, can give life to your films.;

Kramer, N.



The Relationship between Older Drivers' Performance on the Driving Observation Schedule (eDOS) and Cognitive Performance  

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Research question/Objective: The Driving Observation Schedule (eDOS) was developed for use in the Candrive/Ozcandrive five-year prospective study of older drivers to observe the driving behavior of older drivers and monitor changes in driving behaviors over time. The aim of this study is to describe participants’ driving performance during the eDOS driving task and investigate the association between driving performance and cognitive measures. Methods: A subset of Ozcandrive participants (n = 144, 104 male [72%], 40 female [28%], Mean age = 81.49 years, SD = 3.58 years, Range: 76 – 96 years) completed the eDOS driving task. Participants drove to their selected destinations (up to 4 locations), with observations of driving behaviors (both inappropriate and appropriate) recorded for specific driving maneuvers: intersection negotiation, lane-changing, merging, low speed maneuvers and maneuver-free driving. Driving behaviors (e.g. signalling, speed regulation, gap acceptance, lane position, ‘critical errors’) were scored by a trained observer and participants received an overall eDOS driving task score (Maximum = 100 points). Participants also completed a series of cognitive assessments as part of the Year 2 Candrive/Ozcandrive assessment protocols. Results: The overall eDOS driving task score was very high (M = 95.77; SD = 5.15; Range = 65.63 – 100). Detailed analyses of participants’ driving behavior revealed a high level of appropriate driving behavior (96%, n = 5,935 maneuvers), with few errors (4%, n = 252 maneuvers). While most participants’ performance on the cognitive assessments was high, some scores were below the criteria for cogntive impairment (BIC) according to conventional benchmarks: (MoCA: M = 26.56, SD = 2.12, Range = 19 – 30, % BIC = 28%; MMSE: M = 29.10, SD = 1.01, Range = 26–30, %BIC = 0%; Trails B: M = 111.66, SD = 43.53, Range = 50 – 301, %BIC = 6%). There was no significant relationship observed between participants’ overall eDOS driving task scores and age (r (144) = ?0.17, p > 0.05), and performance on various cognitive assessments including: MoCA (r (144) = 0.07, p > 0.1), MMSE (r (144) = 0.03, p > 0.5), Trail Making Test B (r (144) = 0.09, p > 0.1). Implications: Preliminary analyses of the eDOS driving task revealed a high level of appropriate driving behavior among Ozcandrive older drivers. Despite some participants’ cognitive performance suggesting impairment, participants’ overall eDOS driving task scores were not significantly related to cognitive performance. This finding is consistent with previous research suggesting some older drivers are able to compensate well for age-related cognitive impairment.

Koppel, Sjaan; Charlton, Judith; Langford, Jim; Vlahodimitrakou, Zafiroula; Di Stefano, Marilyn; Macdonald, Wendy; Mazer, Barbara; Gelinas, Isabelle; Vrkljan, Brenda; Marshall, Shawn




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Resumen: La conocida en Argentina como Teoría o tesis de los dos demonios se ha utilizado para, si no justificar, sí al menos querer dar una explica - ción simplista al advenimiento del golpe del gene- ral Videla y la consiguiente dictadura conocida en Argentina como el Proceso. El artículo analiza los discursos e imágenes sobre cada uno de los

José Manuel Barrio Terol


Sustainable production of non-timber forest products: Natural dye extraction from El Cruce Dos Aguadas, Petén, Guatemala  

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The traditional harvest of non-timber forest products (NTFP) in Petén, Guatemala, provides a model for integrated conservation and development programs. Conservation International and El Cruce a Dos Aguadas (El Cruce). and agricultural community in the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Northern Petén, have created a new NTFP, called Gatherings™ which is a potpourri composed of seeds, flowers and leaves. Gatherings™ is

Kevin Gould; Andrew F Howard; Gustavo Rodriguéz



Reparación laparoscópica de hernia de Morgagni. Reporte de dos casos* Laparoscopic repair of Morgagni hernia. Report of two cases  

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RESUMEN Presentamos dos pacientes con tratamiento laparoscópico de una hernia de Morgagni. Este es un defecto congénito en el diafragma anterior poco frecuente, que puede ser asintomático o causar síntomas dependiendo del contenido herniario. El tratamiento quirúrgico puede ser a cielo abierto por vía torácica o transabdominal, pero el abordaje laparoscópico también permite su reparación, tanto cuando es simple como

Palma Mallorca


Uma Análise Tipológica da Dinâmica dos Arranjos e Sistemas Produtivos e Inovativos Locais (Aspil?S) Do Nordeste do Brasil  

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O presente trabalho tem como objetivo apresentar a dinâmica produtiva e inovativa dos Arranjos e Sistemas Produtivos e Inovativos Locais (ASPILs), tendo como foco os ASPILs nordestinos. Para tanto, foi utilizado o arcabouço da teoria evolucionária tendo por base o conceito de Sistema Nacional de Inovação do qual gerou a conceituação de ASPIL. Assim, buscou-se apresentar a dinâmica de arranjos

Diogo Araújo Sampaio



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SUMMARY Preliminary rock magnetic studies of 12 prehistoric Amerin- dian pottery shards (Dos Mosquises Island, Los Roques, Venezu- ela) have been carried out in order to characterize different clay sourcings and pottery manufaacturing techniques. Although these ceramics have been excavated in a single archeological site, sty- listic features sort them out into three distinct groups: standard- ized, heterogeneous and unknown).

Myriam Rada; Vincenzo Costanzo-Álvarez; Milagrosa Aldana; Corina Campos


Short and long-lived radium isotopes in surface waters from Ilha Grande bay, Angra dos Reis, Brazil  

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The Angra dos Reis nuclear power plant site is located 130km south from Rio de Janeiro city. Seawater is used as cooling water for both units; the cooling water is pumped from Itaorna Bay and discharged into Piraquara de Fora Bay, together with the liquid effluents from the two NPPs. Piraquara de Fora Bay belongs to a large bay system,

F. C. Gomes; J. M. Godoy; Z. L. Carvalho; R. T. Lopes




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O presente trabalho teve como objectivo avaliar a eficácia dos tratamentos contra as infestantes e os efeitos colaterais sobre os artrópodes existentes no solo. Para este efeito, delinearam-se cinco modalidades: Roundup Ultra, Basta S, mobilização superficial, monda térmica e ainda uma modalidade de referência, não intervencionada (Testemunha). Foram efectuadas contagens e identificação das infestantes e de artrópodes existentes no solo,

Carlos VEIGA; Catarina LOURENÇO; Francisco VIEIRA


Spectro-photometry of the HAebe's discovered by the Pico DOS Dias survey  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We have made a statistical study of Herbig Ae/Be stars (HAeBe), a class of intermediate-mass young stellar objects. In our work we intend to increase the number of candidates with confirmed HAeBe nature, as only about a hundred of objects is known. The "Pico dos Dias Survey", a search for T Tauri stars (TT) based on IRAS colors, has revealed several new TT, as well other very interesting objects, like a hundred of probable new HAeBe. These candidates have been classified by their strong H? emission, spectral type earlier than F5 and infrared excess similar to TT. In order to confirm the young nature of these candidates, we have obtained low-resolution spectra and UBVRI photometry for a sample of 30 candidates to study their spectral energy distribution. A model to fit the spectral energy distribution (SED) has been used in order to determine the effective temperature and the luminosity, useful to estimate mass and age, and better classify our candidates. The distribution of the circumstellar material has been also inspected by using our model of SED's fit.

Sartori, M. J.; Gregorio-Hetem, J.



T.D.S. spectroscopic databank for spherical tops: DOS version  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

T.D.S. (Traitement de Donnees Spectroscopiques or Tomsk-Dijon-Spectroscopy project) is a computer package concerned with high resolution spectroscopy of spherical top molecules like CH4, CF4, SiH4, SiF4, SnH4, GeH4, SF6, etc. T.D.S. contains information, fundamental spectroscopic data (energies, transition moments, spectroscopic constants) recovered from comprehensive modeling and simultaneous fitting of experimental spectra, and associated software written in C. The T.D.S. goal is to provide an access to all available information on vibration-rotation molecular states and transitions including various spectroscopic processes (Stark, Raman, etc.) under extended conditions based on extrapolations of laboratory measurements using validated theoretical models. Applications for T.D.S. may include: education/training in molecular physics, quantum chemistry, laser physics; spectroscopic applications (analysis, laser spectroscopy, atmospheric optics, optical standards, spectroscopic atlases); applications to environment studies and atmospheric physics (remote sensing); data supply for specific databases; and to photochemistry (laser excitation, multiphoton processes). The reported DOS-version is designed for IBM and compatible personal computers.

Tyuterev, Vl. G.; Babikov, Yu. L.; Tashkun, S. A.; Perevalov, V. I.; Nikitin, A.; Champion, J.-P.; Wenger, Ch.; Pierre, C.; Pierre, G.; Hilico, J.-C.



Adaptation of reservoir engineering software to a DOS/Linux PC  

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Recent publications have described the implementation of state-of-the-art reservoir engineering applications based on integrated networks of mainframe, workstation, and desktop computers. These facilities provide excellent resources for geologic and engineering applications, but at the cost of substantial investment in computer hardware, network installation, and systems staffing. This paper describes an adaptation of similar state-of-the-art applications to a desktop platform that minimizes the required hardware and system investment. The platform is an Intel 486 or Pentium-based PC with two hard drives and 32 to 64 MB of memory. One disk is partitioned to a standard DOS/Windows environment. The other disk is partitioned to the Linux operating system. Linux is a freely available clone of Unix for the 80386/80486 CPU, which is supported by a worldwide volunteer effort. A machine of this type can be constructed from components for $4,000 to $8,000, depending on CPU and memory. A number of proprietary modeling codes have been ported over so that the PC can provide much of the capability of the network systems.

Emanuel, A.S.; Jones, R.C.; McWilliams, R.S.; Tsaio, J.C.



Estudio fotométrico y espectroscópico de dos cúmulos abiertos jóvenes del disco con apariencia globular  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se presentan y discuten resultados obtenidos en el CASLEO y en el Observatorio de Las Campanas de dos cúmulos abiertos compactos con apariencia globular: Westerlund1 (BH197), ubicado en dirección hacia el centro galáctico, y Westerlund2. A partir de espectroscopía CCD integrada de ambos e imágenes CCD en las bandas VI obtenidas para el primero de ellos, se derivan sus parámetros fundamentales y se examinan sus apariencias estructurales. Se encuentra que Westerlund1 es un cúmulo joven (7 ± 3 millones de años), ubicado sobre el plano galáctico a 1.0 ± 0.4 kpc del sol, en una región caracterizada por una absorción excepcionalmente elevada (Av~=13.0 mag), en tanto que Westerlund2 es también un cúmulo joven (4-6 millones de años) ubicado sobre el plano, en una región afectada por una absorción menor (Av~=5.7 mag). Desde el punto de vista estructural, Westerlund 1 se presenta como uno de los pocos cúmulos abiertos jóvenes de la Galaxia con apariencia tipicamente globular, en contraste con los cúmulos azules de las Nubes de Magallanes en los cuales la apariencia globular constituye un fenómeno común. Westerlund2, aunque menos rico en estrellas, puede también ser incluído dentro de esta interesante clase de objetos.

Piatti, A. E.; Clariá, J. J.; Bica, E.


ECHARPE: a fiber-fed echelle spectrograph for the Pico dos Dias Observatory  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

At least during the last ten years, the Brazilian astronomical community has been asking for an echelle spectrograph for the 1.6 m telescope installed at Pico dos Dias Observatory (Brazópolis, MG, Brazil, OPD/MCTI/LNA). Among the scientific cases are topics related to the chemical evolution of the Galaxy, asteroseismology, chemical composition and chromospheric activities of solar type stars and the relations between solar analogues and terrestrial planets. During 2009 the project finally got started. The called ECHARPE spectrograph (Espectrógrafo ECHelle de Alta Resolução para o telescópio Perkin-Elmer) is being projected to offer a spectral resolution of R ~ 50000, in the range 390-900 nm and with a single exposition. It will be a bench spectrograph with two channels: blue and red, fed by two optical fibers (object, sky or calibration) with aperture of 1.5 or 2.0 arcseconds. The instrument will be placed in one of the telescope pillar ramification, in the originals installations of a Coudé spectrograph and in a specially created environment controlled room. In this work we will present the scientific motivations, the conceptual optical design, the expected performance of the spectrograph, and the status of its development. ECHARPE is expected to be delivered to the astronomical community in 2014, fully prepared and optimized for remote operations.

Dominici, Tania P.; Castilho, Bruno; Gneiding, Clemens D.; Delabre, Bernard A.; Macanhan, Vanessa B. P.; de Arruda, Marcio V.; de Oliveira, Antonio C.; Melendez, Jorge; Vaz, Luiz P. R.; Corradi, Wagner J. B.; Franco, Gabriel A. P.; do Nascimento, Jose D.; Quast, Germano R.; Porto de Mello, Gustavo F.



A proposed application of an industrial DOS computer for distribution substation monitoring and control  

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This paper presents the design and implementation of an intelligent controller intended for use in distribution substations to perform monitoring and control duties within the framework of distribution automation needs. The hardware of the developed controller is a DOS based industrial computer running on ECB-BUS. The application software handles all input/output tasks, data collection, manipulation and control decisions with its flexible structure. This embedded controller measures bus voltage, transformer and feeder currents and calculates the real and reactive power, power factor, frequency, and total harmonic distortion of voltage and current. In addition to its local and remote data acquisition and monitoring functions by means of console and SCADA outputs, the system, through its relay outputs, is capable of performing automation tasks such as integrated Volt/Var control, overload and underfrequency detection and load shedding at the substation level. This reliable, high capacity and low cost system is completely programmable so that it can handle new requirements with new configurations easily.

Batur, I. (Electronics Industry Inc., Ankara (Turkey). Aselsan Military); Guven, A.N.; Ozay, N. (Middle East Technical Univ., Ankara (Turkey). Electrical Engineering Dept.)



Creating a Global Fiducials Program (GFP) Site: Lago Cachet Dos example in Chile  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The USGS has been acquiring remotely sensed imagery from all over the world, collecting thousands of images at more than 200 sites, and creating Literal Image Derived Products (LIDPs) as part of the Global Fiducials Program (GFP). The GFP program enables scientists to use these images to study our rapidly changing planet at carefully selected locations around the world. New GFP Sites are created and added each year. Researchers at the University of Alaska, for instance, added areas susceptible to coastal erosion for monitoring the long-term effects of high tides and storms. This presentation will guide you through the process of creating a new GFP site for your area of interest. We will describe the components of the GFP and its archive, the Global Fiducials Library. The Global Fiducials Program—Initial Site Proposal form will be presented and we will show you how to complete each component in order to propose a new site. Lago Cachet Dos, a glacier-dammed lake in southern Chile, is currently being proposed as a new GFP site and will be used as the example for this exercise. In addition, USGS web sites will be used to illustrate how a long-term imagery record can tell a story and to demonstrate viewing and downloading the type of data that will be available online and free of charge through the GFP.

Friesen, B. A.; Nimick, D. A.; Wilson, E. M.



[Cesium-157 in milk produced on farms of the Angra dos Reis Region, RJ].  


The first Brazilian Nuclear Power Plant is located in the Angra dos Reis county, about 130 km West of Rio de Janeiro. Among the radionuclides that will be released to the environment by the Nuclear Plant, tritium and radioisotopes of Cs, I, Co and Sr are the ones of greatest potential impact on the local population. During the preliminary phase of the pre-operational environmental radiological program, 137Cs resulting from nuclear explosion fallout was detected in milk samples from only one farm, among the ones included in the monitoring program. This finfing seemed odd, leading to believe on the possibility of a soil anomaly on the region, in which 137Cs would be more available for plant uptake than in normal areas, as it has been observed in some areas in various countries. Trying to explain this issue, the Radioisotopes Laboratory of the Biophysics Institute and the Radioecology Laboratory of FURNAS decided to carry on a series of analyses of 137Cs in milk, pasture and soil collected in the four farms of the program. The results demonstrated the non-existence of a soil anomaly in the region regarding the 137Cs behavior Cesium-137 concentrations in milk varied from 0.06 to 0.93 Bq/l but the differences of the average values in the four farms were not statistically significant. In one farm, occasional high peaks of 137Cs concentrations in milk were observed, which seemed to be related to the cattle management. Apparently during certain periods, the cattle grazes in sectors whose 137Cs concentrations in soil and pasture are higher than in other areas of the same farm or the region, due to the influence of micro-climate and erosion of superficial soil. PMID:4062065

De Castro, M B; Penna-Franca, E; Mendes, W; Ramos, S A; Pereira, D J



Geology, hydrology, and water quality of the Tracy-Dos Palos area, San Joaquin, California  

USGS Publications Warehouse

The Tracy-Dos Palos area includes about 1,800 square miles on the northwest side of the San Joaquin Valley. The Tulare Formation of Pliocene and Pleistocene age, terrace deposits of Pleistocene age, and alluvium and flood-basin deposits of Pleistocene and Holocene age constitute the fresh ground-water reservoir Pre-Tertiary and Tertiary sedimentary and crystalline rocks, undifferentiated, underlie the valley and yield saline water. Hydrologically most important, the Tulare Formation is divided into a lower water-bearing zone confined by the Corcoran Clay Member and an upper zone that is confined, semiconfined, and unconfined in different parts of the area. Alluvium and flood-basin deposits are included in the upper zone. Surficial alluvium and flood-basin deposits contain a shallow water-bearing zone. Lower zone wells were flowing in 1908, but subsequent irrigation development caused head declines and land subsidence. Overdraft in both zones ended in 1951 with import of surface water. Bicarbonate water flows into the area from the Sierra Nevada and Diablo Range. Diablo Range water is higher in sulfate, chloride, and dissolved solids. Upper zone water averages between 400 and 1,200 mg/l (milligrams per liter) dissolved solids and water hardness generally exceeds 180 mg/l as calcium carbonate. Nitrate, fluoride, iron, and boron occur in excessive concentrations in water from some wells. Dissolved constituents in lower zone water generally are sodium chloride and sodium sulfate with higher dissolved solids concentration than water from the upper zone. The foothills of the Diablo Range provide favorable conditions for artificial recharge, but shallow water problems plague about 50 percent of the area and artificial recharge is undesirable at this time.

Hotchkiss, W. R.; Balding, G. O.



15-Deoxyspergualin (15DOS) for therapy in an animal model of multiple sclerosis (MS): Disease modifying activity on acute and chronic relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE)  

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We examined the therapeutic effect of 15-DOS in the two models of acute and chronic relapsing EAE in Lewis rats. In the first model adult rats developed an acute severe EAE and by day 16 all animals died. Lewis rats treated with 15-DOS showed a delayed and reduced onset of clinical symptoms and mortality was prevented. In the second model

H. U. Schorlemmer; F. R. Seiler



Efeito do nível de concentrado sobre o peso dos órgãos internos e do conteúdo gastrintestinal de bovinos Nelore não-castrados  

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RESUMO - O efeito de cinco níveis de concentrado na dieta foi avaliado sobre o conteúdo do trato gastrintestinal e o peso dos órgãos internos e dos compartimentos gastrintestinais de bovinos Nelore não-castrados. Vinte e cinco animais com peso médio de 330 kg e idade média de 20 meses foram distribuídos, em delineamento inteiramente casualizado, em cinco tratamentos com diferentes

Antonia Sherlânea Chaves Véras; Sebastião de Campos Valadares Filho; José Fernando Coelho da Silva; Mário Fonseca Paulino; Paulo Roberto Cecon; Rilene Ferreira Diniz Valadares; Marcelo de Andrade Ferreira; Cristina Maria Sá Fontes



Avaliação da evolução dos valores pagos pelo SIH em Minas Gerais frente à inflação setorial da saúde no período de fevereiro de 1996 a maio de 2007  

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Resumo Uma questão atual nas políticas públicas de saúde no Brasil é o financiamento dos prestadores de serviços médico-hospitalares do Sistema Único de Saúde - SUS. Um dos meios de financiamento é o pagamento de procedimentos informados ao Sistema de Informações Hospitalares - SIH, em que o valor pago deriva do número de procedimentos efetuados conforme o valor de cada

Helen Cristiny; Teodoro Couto; Juliana Ferreira Castro; Bruno Pérez Ferreira


Sindicalismo e luta por direitos sociais do trabalh o em Juiz de Fora nos conturbados anos dos governos provisório e constitucional de Getúlio Vargas (1930-1937)  

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Resumo: A decretação de um conjunto significativo de leis trabalhistas no início de 1932 fez com que, nos anos seguintes, os dirigentes dos sindicatos re conhecidos desencadeassem variadas ações classistas em Juiz de Fora. Além de procurar forçar o empresar iado local a respeitar essa nova legislação social, reivindicavam das autoridades federais a aplicação efetiva e a ampliação dos benefícios

Luís Eduardo de Oliveira


Lack of immune responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosR regulon proteins following Mycobacterium bovis BCG vaccination.  


Mycobacterium bovis BCG is widely used as a vaccine against tuberculosis (TB), despite its variable protective efficacy. Relatively little is known about the immune response profiles following BCG vaccination in relation to protection against TB. Here we tested whether BCG vaccination results in immune responses to DosR (Rv3133c) regulon-encoded proteins. These so-called TB latency antigens are targeted by the immune system during persistent Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection and have been associated with immunity against latent M. tuberculosis infection. In silico analysis of the DosR regulon in BCG and M. tuberculosis showed at least 97% amino acid sequence homology, with 41 out of 48 genes being identical. Transcriptional profiling of 14 different BCG strains, under hypoxia and nitric oxide exposure in vitro, revealed a functional DosR regulon similar to that observed in M. tuberculosis. Next, we assessed human immune responses to a series of immunodominant TB latency antigens and found that BCG vaccination fails to induce significant responses to latency antigens. Similar results were obtained with BCG-vaccinated BALB/c mice. In contrast, responses to latency antigens were observed in individuals with suspected exposure to TB (as indicated by positive gamma interferon responses to TB-specific antigens ESAT-6 and CFP-10) and in mice vaccinated with plasmid DNA encoding selected latency antigens. Since immune responses to TB latency antigens have been associated with control of latent M. tuberculosis infection, our findings support the development of vaccination strategies incorporating DosR regulon antigens to complement and improve the current BCG vaccine. PMID:17502400

Lin, May Young; Geluk, Annemieke; Smith, Steven G; Stewart, Amanda L; Friggen, Annemieke H; Franken, Kees L M C; Verduyn, Marleen J C; van Meijgaarden, Krista E; Voskuil, Martin I; Dockrell, Hazel M; Huygen, Kris; Ottenhoff, Tom H M; Klein, Michèl R



An Experimental Study of the Performance Impact of Path-Based DoS Attacks in Wireless Mesh Networks  

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Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) are considered as cost effective, easily deployable and capable of extending Internet connectivity.\\u000a However, one of the major challenges in deploying reliable WMNs is preventing their nodes from malicious attacks, which is\\u000a of particular concern as attacks can severely degrade network performance. When a DoS attack is targeted over an entire communication\\u000a path, it is called

Avesh Kumar Agarwal; Wenye Wang



Hydrogen sulfide stimulates the catalytic activity of a heme-regulated phosphodiesterase from Escherichia coli (Ec DOS).  


Ec DOS, a heme-regulated phosphodiesterase from Escherichia coli, is an oxygen sensor enzyme composed of a heme-bound O(2) sensor domain at the N-terminus and a catalytic domain at the C-terminus. The catalytic activity of Ec DOS is substantially enhanced with the formation of a Fe(II) heme-O(2) complex. The physiological importance of H(2)S as a fourth signaling gas molecule in addition to O(2), CO and NO is an emerging focus of research, since H(2)S participates in various physiological functions. In the present study, we showed that catalysis by Ec DOS is markedly increased by H(2)S under aerobic conditions. Absorption spectral findings suggest that SH(-)-modified heme iron complexes, such as Fe(III)-SH(-) and Fe(II)-O(2) complexes, represent the active species for H(2)S-induced catalysis. We further examined the role of Cys residues in H(2)S-induced catalysis using Cys?Ala mutant enzymes. Based on the collective data, we speculate that H(2)S-induced catalytic enhancement is facilitated by an admixture of Fe(III)-SH(-) and Fe(II)-O(2) complexes formed during catalysis and modification of specific Cys residue(s) in the catalytic domain. PMID:22387619

Takahashi, Hiroto; Sekimoto, Madoka; Tanaka, Masahiro; Tanaka, Atsunari; Igarashi, Jotaro; Shimizu, Toru



(Pu-244)-Xe formation and gas retention age, exposure history, and terrestrial age of angrites LEW86010 and LEW87051 - Comparison with Angra DOS Reis  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Isotopic abundances of noble gases in two angrites LEW86010 and LEW87051 were investigated and compared with those for the basaltic achondrite Angra dos Reis. An atomic ratio Pu-244/Nd-150 = 0.00136 was calculated for LEW86010, which corresponds to a fission Xe retention age 19 +/-40 Ma younger than that of Angra dos Reis, indicating that LEW86010 formed contemporaneously with Angra dos Reis, for which a formation age of 4550 Ma was previously estimated. The LEW87051 angrite showed the lowest nominal U/Th-(He-4) gas retention age (4 Ma) ever observed for a stone meteorite. The cosmic-ray exposure histories for the three angrites were found to be very different: ages of 17.6 +/-1.0 and 0.2 or greater were calculated for LEW86010 and LEW87051, respectively, compared to a previously reported exposure age of 55.5 for Angra dos Reis.

Eugster, O.; Michel, Th.; Niedermann, S.



Rare earth elements in Angra DOS Reis and Lewis Cliff 86010, two meteorites with similar but distinct magma evolutions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Data are presented on ion microprobe measurements of REE and selected trace element abundances in individual grains of merrillite, fassaite, olivine, kirschsteinite, and plagioclase of Lewis Cliff 86010 (LEW 86010) meteorite and in merrillite and fassaite grains of Angra dos Reis (ADOR). Results show a close relationship between the two meteorites and support a magmatic origin for LEW 86010. However, the measurements indicate that, despite numerous common characteristics, the two meteorites must have been produced in separate magmatic events involving similar but distinct processes and parent melts.

Crozaz, G.; McKay, G.



Rare earth elements in Angra dos Reis and Lewis Cliff 86010, two meteorites with similar but distinct magma evolutions  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Data are presented on ion microprobe measurements of REE and selected trace element abundances in individual grains of merrillite, fassaite, olivine, kirschsteinite, and plagioclase of Lewis Cliff 86010 (LEW 86010) meteorite and in merrillite and fassaite grains of Angra dos Reis (ADOR). Results show a close relationship between the two meteorites and support a magmatic origin for LEW 86010. However, the measurements indicate that, despite numerous common characteristics, the two meteorites must have been produced in separate magmatic events involving similar but distinct processes and parent melts.

Crozaz, Ghislaine; Mckay, Gordon



Dor de dente: percepção dos usuários da atenção básica de saúde Pain of tooth: perception of users of basic health care  

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Key-words A dor é uma experiência privada e qualquer informação sobre ela provém daquele que a sente. Esta pesquisa objetivou analisar a percepção dos usuários atendidos na Atenção Básica de Saúde no município de Campina Grande - PB, quanto à dor de dente. A pesquisa foi do tipo quanti-qualitativa, descritiva e transversal, sendo os dados coletados por entrevista semi-estruturada. Dos

Ermano Batista da Costa; Vanda Sanderana; Macêdo Carneiro; Hugo Leonardo; Oliveira Pedrosa; Gustavo Pina Godoy; Araújo Amorim


On the effectiveness of route-based packet filtering for distributed DoS attack prevention in power-law internets  

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Denial of service (DoS) attack on the Internet has become a pressing problem. In this paper, we describe and evaluate route-based distributed packet filtering (DPF), a novel approach to distributed DoS (DDoS) attack prevention. We show that DPF achieves proactiveness and scalability, and we show that there is an intimate relationship between the effectiveness of DPF at mitigating DDoS attack

Heejo Lee



Supporting Security against SYN Flooding Attack in Distributed DoS Via Measuring IPFIX-Based Traffic  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Distributed denial-of-service attacks on public servers after 2000 have become a serious problem. In the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks often seen recently, multiple distributed nodes concurrently attack a single server. To assure that network services will not be interrupted, faster and more effective defense mechanisms is needed to protect against malicious traffic, especially SYN floods. One problem in detecting SYN flood traffic is that server nodes or firewalls cannot distinguish the SYN packets of normal TCP connections from those of a SYN flood attack. Our method, FDFIX, relies on the use of monitoring and measurement techniques to evaluate the impact of DoS attacks. It uses flow based measurements. Capturing flow information is very important for detecting DoS and also other kinds of attacks. Flow monitoring allows detecting suspicious traffics and in the next step can analyze attacking flows and the results can be used for defense methods. Our method provides required information for many mechanisms that use traffic measurement as their input.

Alipour, H.; Kia, M. Kashefi; Esmaeili, M.


Degradability of dimethyl terephthalate by Variovorax paradoxus T4 and Sphingomonas yanoikuyae DOS01 isolated from deep-ocean sediments.  


Two strains of bacteria were isolated from deep-ocean sediments of the South China Sea using enrichment culturing technique and they were identified as Sphingomonas yanoikuyae DOS01 (AY878409) and Variovorax paradoxus T4 (AY878410) based on 16S rRNA gene sequences. S. yanoikuyae DOS01 was only capable of transforming dimethyl terephthalate (DMTP) to monomethyl terephthalate (MMTP) without further degradation while V. paradoxus T4 exhibited ability in mineralizing DMTP as the sole source of carbon and energy. The biochemical pathway of DMTP degradation was through MMTP and terephthalic acid (TA) as major detectable degradation intermediates in the culture media by both microorganisms. V. paradoxus T4 utilized DMTP and MMTP via hydrolysis of diester and monoester in the initial steps in degradation as confirmed by total organic carbon analysis of the culture medium and esterase activity assay of the lysed cells and fraction. The specific hydrolysis activity of esterase induced by DMTP or MMTP showed that greater hydrolysis of p-nitrophenyl acetate by esterase induced by DMTP-grown cells than that induced by MMTP. Results of this research suggest that the cleavage of the two identical carboxylic ester groups of phthalate diester are carried out by highly specific esterases of the same bacteria in the environment. PMID:16955363

Wang, Yu Ping; Gu, Ji-Dong



Mycobacterium tuberculosis DosR Regulon Gene Rv0079 Encodes a Putative, 'Dormancy Associated Translation Inhibitor (DATIN)'  

PubMed Central

Mycobacterium tuberculosis is a major human pathogen that has evolved survival mechanisms to persist in an immune-competent host under a dormant condition. The regulation of M. tuberculosis metabolism during latent infection is not clearly known. The dormancy survival regulon (DosR regulon) is chiefly responsible for encoding dormancy related functions of M. tuberculosis. We describe functional characterization of an important gene of DosR regulon, Rv0079, which appears to be involved in the regulation of translation through the interaction of its product with bacterial ribosomal subunits. The protein encoded by Rv0079, possibly, has an inhibitory role with respect to protein synthesis, as revealed by our experiments. We performed computational modelling and docking simulation studies involving the protein encoded by Rv0079 followed by in vitro translation and growth curve analysis experiments, involving recombinant E. coli and Bacille Calmette Guérin (BCG) strains that overexpressed Rv0079. Our observations concerning the interaction of the protein with the ribosomes are supportive of its role in regulation/inhibition of translation. We propose that the protein encoded by locus Rv0079 is a ‘dormancy associated translation inhibitor’ or DATIN.

Kumar, Ashutosh; Majid, Mohammad; Kunisch, Ralph; Rani, Pittu Sandhya; Qureshi, Insaf A.; Lewin, Astrid; Hasnain, Seyed E.; Ahmed, Niyaz



2.3 A X-ray structure of the heme-bound GAF domain of sensory histidine kinase DosT of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  


Mycobacterium tuberculosis responds to changes in environmental conditions through a two-component signaling system that detects reduced O(2) tension and NO and CO exposures via the heme-binding GAF domains of two sensory histidine kinases, DosT and DevS, and the transcriptional regulator DosR. We report the first X-ray structure of the DosT heme-bound GAF domain (GAF(DosT)) in both oxy and deoxy forms determined to a resolution of 2.3 A. In GAF(DosT), heme binds in an orientation orthogonal to that in the PAS domains via a highly conserved motif, including invariant H147 as a proximal heme axial ligand. On the distal side, invariant Y169 forms stacking interactions with the heme with its long axis parallel and the plane of the ring orthogonal to the heme plane. In one of the two protein monomers in an asymmetric unit, O(2) binds as a second axial ligand to the heme iron and is stabilized via a H-bond to the OH group of Y169. The structure reveals two small tunnel-connected cavities and a pore on the protein surface that suggest a potential route for the access of O(2) to the sensing pocket. The limited conformational differences observed between differently heme iron-ligated GAF(DosT) monomers in the asymmetric unit may result from crystal lattice limitations since atmospheric oxygen binding likely occurs in the crystal as a result of X-ray-induced Fe(3+) photoreduction during diffraction data collection. Determination of the GAF(DosT) structure sets up a framework in which to address ligand recognition, discrimination, and signal propagation schemes in the heme-based GAF domains of biological sensors. PMID:18980385

Podust, Larissa M; Ioanoviciu, Alexandra; Ortiz de Montellano, Paul R



A estabilidade dos PAHS em função da energia da radiação interestelar nas faixas UV e raios-X  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A nebulosa CRL 618, uma proto-nebulosa planetária cuja nuvem molecular espessa envolve uma estrela B0, contém uma grande quantidade de C2H2 e CH4. Estas moléculas são consideradas os tijolos da criação de grandes moléculas carbonadas como os Hidrocarbonetos Policíclicos Aromáticos (PAHs). Esta nebulosa, por estar exposta a intensos campos de UV e Raios-X, é uma região de fotodissociação molecular que propicia a formação de novas moléculas, confirmada pela presença de C4H2 e C6H6 (Benzeno), que é a unidade básica dos PAHs. Atribui-se a esta família de moléculas orgânicas duas propriedades fundamentais, a resistência para sobreviver ao campo de radiação UV interestelar e a geração das bandas de emissão não identificadas (UIR) observadas no infravermelho. No entanto, alguns autores questionam a resistência dos PAHs ao campo de radiação UV interestelar. Empregando a técnica de Espectrometria de Massas por Tempo de Vôo, no modo de coincidência fotoelétron-fotoíon, estudamos a ionização e fragmentação das seguintes moléculas: Benzeno, Benzeno deuterado, Naftaleno, Antraceno e Fenantreno. Utilizamos uma fonte de Hélio monocromática em 21,21 eV (584,5 Å) e a radiação Síncroton do Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncroton (LNLS) em diferentes energias nas proximidades da borda do C 1s ( 290 eV). Comprovamos a estabilidade dos PAHs sob ação de UV (21,21 eV), onde eles apresentam um baixo nível de fotodissociação, produzindo fragmentos ionizados com rendimento total na ordem de 5 por cento em relação ao íon molecular pai. Entretanto, em altas energias, na faixa de Raios-X, a quebra destas moléculas torna-se mais intensa, com a produção de muitos fragmentos. Como uma das rotas de fragmentação do Naftaleno é [(C10H8) = > (C6H6+) + (C4H2) + (e-)], e como temos as evidências observacionais da existência do C4H2 e C6H6 na nebulosa CRL 618, sugerimos que este ambiente também possui o Naftaleno.

Pinotti, R.; Costa, R. K.; Boechat-Roberty, H. M.; Lago, A.; Souza, G. B.



Whole genome shotgun sequencing of one Colombian clinical isolate of Mycobacterium tuberculosis reveals DosR regulon gene deletions.  


Several genomes of different Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates have been completely sequenced around the world. The genomic information obtained have shown higher diversity than originally thought and specific adaptations to different human populations. Within this work, we sequenced the genome of one Colombian M. tuberculosis virulent isolate. Genomic comparison against the reference genome of H37Rv and other strains showed multiple deletion and insertions that ranged between a few bases to thousands. Excluding PPE and PG-PGRS genes, 430 proteins present changes in at least 1 amino acid. Also, novel positions of the IS6110 mobile element were identified. This isolate is also characterized by a large genomic deletion of 3.6 kb, leading to the loss and modification of the dosR regulon genes, Rv1996 and Rv1997. To our knowledge, this is the first report of the genome sequence of a Latin American M. tuberculosis clinical isolate. PMID:22404577

Isaza, Juan Pablo; Duque, Camilo; Gomez, Verónica; Robledo, Jaime; Barrera, Luis F; Alzate, Juan F



Seismogenic sources and crustal structure near the seismological station of Angra dos Reis (ESAR), southeastern region of Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The seismological station of Angra dos Reis (ESAR) is operating since the end of year 2000 located near to the nuclear power plants of Angra dos Reis, in the southern portion of Rio de Janeiro state, southeastern Brazil. The main objective of ESAR is defining the level of seismic activity in the area where those plants are installed, using data from a broadband seismograph that operates in a 100 cps continuous format. Epicentral determination of local seismic events is done through the back azimuth calculated with the P wave amplitude in the three component seismograms, and epicentral distance induced from the S-P time difference. Crustal structure for relating the S-P time and epicentral distance was obtained through a seismic refraction experiment using controlled sources, complemented with a detailed study of crustal structure beneath ESAR using teleseimic data and the receiver function method processed in the time domain. Since the beginning of operation ESAR has detected many local and near regional seismic events with magnitude lower than mb 4.0, most of them below mb 2.0, and not included in the Brazilian Seismic Catalogue. Epicenters of those events are spread in both oceanic and continental areas, in some cases forming clusters of different size, some of them, especially those located in the continent could belong to explosions made in stone-quarry, whereas, clusters and isolated epicenters located in the oceanic area could belong to natural earthquakes. Two of these oceanic clusters, located in the continental platform, may belong to seismogenic sources that are active near ESAR, and need further study to define its nature.

Romero, T.; Berrocal, J.; Fernandes, C.; de Lima, M. V.; Dos Reis, E.



Análisis multinivel de cadenas de suministros: dos técnicas de resolución del efecto bullwhip \\/\\/ Supply Chain Multilevel Analysis: Two Bullwhip Dampening Approaches  

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El efecto bullwhip es un fenómeno causante de ineficiencias en la gestión de la cadena de suministros. El objetivo del presente artículo es analizar el impacto sobre el rendimiento de una cadena de suministro de dos de las técnicas más comunes de resolución del efecto bullwhip: la regla de pedido (S, R) amortiguada y la adopción de prácticas de colaboración.

Elena Ciancimino; Salvatore Cannella; José David Canca Ortiz; José Manuel Framiñán Torres



Thermospheric Winds and Temperatures Observed by OI 6300 Angstrom Emission at Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil, during the Second Sundial Campaign.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Thermospheric neutral wind and temperature observations measuring OI 6300 angstroms Doppler shift and broadening by means of a Fabry-Perot interferometer were carried out at Sao Jose dos Campos (23.2 deg S, 45.9 deg W), Brazil, during the period September...

Y. Sahai H. Takahashi N. R. Teixeira R. G. Roble



Discovery of the base of the Pinal Schist and the Bear Canyon sequence below it in the eastern Metamorphic terrane of the Dos Cabezas mountains, Cochise County, Arizona  

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The eastern metamorphic terrane of the Dos Cabezas mountains is underlain by Pinal Schist (PS). Recent detailed mapping along the western edge of this terrane shows that a flat planar regional unconformity (UC) bounds this Pinal body at its western stratigraphic base. Below the UC lies 8 km[sup 2] of greenschist facies metapelites and metafelsites here given the provisional name



Un estudio de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud indica que dos dosis de vacuna contra los VPH pueden proteger tanto como el tratamiento completo

Dos dosis de Cervarix, la vacuna contra virus del papiloma humano (VPH), fueron tan efectivas como la pauta normal actual de tres dosis después de cuatro años de seguimiento. El estudio de vacuna en Costa Rica, patrocinado por el NCI, fue diseñado para evaluar la eficacia de Cervarix en una población determinada.


Ilha de Calor e Segregação Espacial: estudo de caso - sítios da Macrozona Sul do município de São José dos Campos\\/SP  

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The aim of this work is to correlate the urban heat island effect with the residential buildings characteristics in three intra-urban areas, with different social-economic conditions, inside the south region of São José dos Campos city. For this purpose a hyperspectral image was employed. It was acquired in 2006 by the airborne Hyperspectral Scanner System (HSS), sensor operated by Brazilian

Livramento Andrade; Sandra Maria Fonseca Costa; Ruy Morgado de Castro; Romero da Costa Moreira


Métodos de coleta de fezes e determinação dos coeficientes de digestibilidade da fração protéica e da energia de alimentos para o pacu, Piaractus mesopotamicus (Holmberg, 1887)  

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RESUMO - Para melhorar a alimentação do pacu (Piaracatus mesopotamicus), é necessário conhecer o nível de aproveitamento dos ingredientes utilizados em suas dietas. Neste trabalho, inicialmente, foram analisados quatro métodos de coleta de fezes, em função da precisão e da versatilidade (dissecação, extrusão, Guelph e Guelph modificado), e o tempo entre as coletas de fezes nos sistemas de Guelph, por

Eduardo Gianini Abimorad; Dalton José Carneiro



Kinetics and products from reaction of Cl radicals with dioctyl sebacate (DOS) particles in O(2): a model for radical-initiated oxidation of organic aerosols.  


The reaction of Cl radicals with bis (2-ethylhexyl) sebacate (also known as dioctyl sebacate, DOS) particles in the presence of O(2) is studied as a model of radical-initiated oxidation of organic aerosols. The uptake coefficient as measured from the rate of loss of DOS is gamma(DOS) = 1.7 (+/-0.3) indicating that a radical chain is operative. It is observed that nearly all of the detected products, accounting for 86% (+/-12%) of the reacted DOS, remain in the particles indicating that they are not efficiently volatilized. Correspondingly, the particles do not decrease in volume even after 60% of the DOS has reacted; upon further reaction the volume does decrease by up to 20%. Additionally, the mass of a DOS film increases with reaction indicating that the density increases. The two primary products identified are the ketone (38 +/- 10% yield) and alcohol (14 +/- 4% yield) resulting from reactions of alkylperoxy radicals originating from DOS oxidation. The fact that the ketone/alcohol ratio is >1 implies that the Russell mechanism, the typical fate of alkylperoxy radicals in liquids whereby both a ketone and an alcohol are generated, is not the only source of ketones. In fact, the ketone yield demonstrates a Langmuir-Hinshelwood type dependence on the O(2) concentration indicating that 44% (+/-8%) of the ketone is created from the reaction of alkoxy radicals with O(2) at the surface of the particles (at 20% O(2)). While this is a common reaction in the gas phase, it is generally not considered to occur in organic solvents. Furthermore, the appearance of gas-phase H(2)O(2) suggests that peroxy radicals react to form two ketones and H(2)O(2)via the Bennett and Summers mechanism. The absence of aldehyde products, both in the gas phase and in the particles, indicates that beta-scission of the alkoxy radicals is not significant. The results of this study suggest that organic aerosols in the troposphere are efficiently oxidized by gas-phase radicals but that their chemical transformation does not lead to their removal through volatilization. PMID:17712459

Hearn, John D; Renbaum, Lindsay H; Wang, Xi; Smith, Geoffrey D



Analysis of the Astronomical Concepts Presented by Teachers of Science, Physics, and Mathematics of São José dos Campos / SP Municipality  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The aim of this work is to conduct a survey of alternative conceptions about the basic concepts of Astronomy from schoolteachers in the City of São José dos Campos. This study covers the the state-run education system and complies with legal documents related to the curriculum of educational systems, such as the Curriculum of São Paulo State and the Parameters of the National Curriculum (PCN). Alternative conceptions, mentioned in Langhi (2009) as very important, were used, because it is believed that if a student can learn these concepts before the methodological intervention, it is possible to prepare contextualized presentations for teachers, and consequently students, to compare what they already know with the new information they obtain in the sessions at the digital mobile planetarium (DMP) of the Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul. Afterwards, they may discuss in a forum, in the form of debate, seeking to draw conclusions relevant to the topic, and transmitting the same to students in Basic Education (EB). This is a case study with a quantitative survey and a qualitative analysis of data on astronomical concepts collected through two questionnaires, one before and one after the intervention, respecting the implementation period of the study,- here called methodological intervention of content presentations at the mobile planetarium - and on respective discussions.

Pereira Gonzaga, Edson; Voelzke, Marcos Rincon



Activation of ATP Binding for the Autophosphorylation of DosS, a Mycobacterium tuberculosis Histidine Kinase Lacking an ATP Lid Motif*  

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The sensor histidine kinases of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, DosS and DosT, are responsible for sensing hypoxic conditions and consist of sensor and kinase cores responsible for accepting signals and phosphorylation activity, respectively. The kinase core contains a dimerization and histidine phosphate-accepting (DHp) domain and an ATP binding domain (ABD). The 13 histidine kinase genes of M. tuberculosis can be grouped based on the presence or absence of the ATP lid motif and F box (elements known to play roles in ATP binding) in their ABDs; DosS and DosT have ABDs lacking both these elements, and the crystal structures of their ABDs indicated that they were unsuitable for ATP binding, as a short loop covers the putative ATP binding site. Although the ABD alone cannot bind ATP, the kinase core is functional in autophosphorylation. Appropriate spatial arrangement of the ABD and DHp domain within the kinase core is required for both autophosphorylation and ATP binding. An ionic interaction between Arg440 in the DHp domain and Glu537 in the short loop of the ABD is available and may open the ATP binding site, by repositioning the short loop away from the site. Mutations at Arg440 and Glu537 reduce autophosphorylation activity. Unlike other histidine kinases containing an ATP lid, which protects bound ATP, DosS is unable to accept ATP until the ABD is properly positioned relative to the histidine; this may prevent unexpected ATP reactions. ATP binding can, therefore, function as a control mechanism for histidine kinase activity.

Cho, Ha Yeon; Lee, Young-Hoon; Bae, Young-Seuk; Kim, Eungbin; Kang, Beom Sik



Immunogenicity of Novel DosR Regulon-Encoded Candidate Antigens of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Three High-Burden Populations in Africa? †  

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Increasing knowledge about DosR regulon-encoded proteins has led us to produce novel Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigens for immunogenicity testing in human populations in three countries in Africa to which tuberculosis (TB) is endemic. A total of 131 tuberculin skin test-positive and/or ESAT-6/CFP10-positive, human immunodeficiency virus-negative adult household contacts of active pulmonary TB cases from South Africa (n = 56), The Gambia (n = 26), and Uganda (n = 49) were tested for gamma interferon responses to 7 classical and 51 DosR regulon-encoded M. tuberculosis recombinant protein antigens. ESAT-6/CFP10 fusion protein evoked responses in >75% of study participants in all three countries. Of the DosR regulon-encoded antigens tested, Rv1733c was the most commonly recognized by participants from both South Africa and Uganda and the third most commonly recognized antigen in The Gambia. The four most frequently recognized DosR regulon-encoded antigens in Uganda (Rv1733c, Rv0081, Rv1735c, and Rv1737c) included the three most immunogenic antigens in South Africa. In contrast, Rv3131 induced the highest percentage of responders in Gambian contacts (38%), compared to only 3.4% of Ugandan contacts and no South African contacts. Appreciable percentages of TB contacts with a high likelihood of latent M. tuberculosis infection responded to several novel DosR regulon-encoded M. tuberculosis proteins. In addition to significant similarities in antigen recognition profiles between the three African population groups, there were also disparities, which may stem from genetic differences between both pathogen and host populations. Our findings have implications for the selection of potential TB vaccine candidates and for determining biosignatures of latent M. tuberculosis infection, active TB disease, and protective immunity.

Black, Gillian F.; Thiel, Bonnie A.; Ota, Martin O.; Parida, Shreemanta K.; Adegbola, Richard; Boom, W. Henry; Dockrell, Hazel M.; Franken, Kees L. M. C.; Friggen, Annemiek H.; Hill, Philip C.; Klein, Michel R.; Lalor, Maeve K.; Mayanja, Harriet; Schoolnik, Gary; Stanley, Kim; Weldingh, Karin; Kaufmann, Stefan H. E.; Walzl, Gerhard; Ottenhoff, Tom H. M.



MprA and DosR Coregulate a Mycobacterium tuberculosis Virulence Operon Encoding Rv1813c and Rv1812c  

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Mycobacterium tuberculosis remains a significant global pathogen, causing extensive morbidity and mortality worldwide. This bacterium persists within granulomatous lesions in a poorly characterized, nonreplicating state. The two-component signal transduction systems MprAB and DosRS-DosT (DevRS-Rv2027c) are responsive to conditions likely to be present within granulomatous lesions and mediate aspects of M. tuberculosis persistence in vitro and in vivo. Here, we describe a previously uncharacterized locus, Rv1813c-Rv1812c, that is coregulated by both MprA and DosR. We demonstrate that MprA and DosR bind to adjacent and overlapping sequences within the promoter region of Rv1813c and direct transcription from an initiation site located several hundred base pairs upstream of the Rv1813 translation start site. We further show that Rv1813c and Rv1812c are cotranscribed, and that the genomic organization of this operon is specific to M. tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis. Although Rv1813c is not required for survival of M. tuberculosis in vitro, including under conditions in which MprAB and DosRST signaling are activated, an M. tuberculosis ?Rv1813c mutant is attenuated in the low-dose aerosol model of murine tuberculosis, where it exhibits a lower bacterial burden, delayed time to death, and decreased ability to stimulate proinflammatory cytokines interleukin-1? (IL-1?) and IL-12. Interestingly, overcomplementation of these phenotypes is observed in the M. tuberculosis ?Rv1813c mutant expressing both Rv1813c and Rv1812c, but not Rv1813c alone, in trans. Therefore, Rv1813c and Rv1812c may represent general stress-responsive elements that are necessary for aspects of M. tuberculosis virulence and the host immune response to infection.

Bretl, Daniel J.; He, Hongjun; Demetriadou, Crystalla; White, Mark J.; Penoske, Renee M.; Salzman, Nita H.



Estudo do sector eléctrico e electrónico: uma análise desagregada, ao nível dos 40 principais produtos do comércio bilateral comunitário e ao nível das principais empresas, para o período 1980 - 1992  

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Neste artigo faz-se: I) a caracterização do sector eléctrico - electrónico utilizando vários indicadores, dos quais destacamos as medidas de capital humano, em termos de stock e de fluxo, as medidas de concentração industrial e da escala mínima de eficiência (economias de escala) as medidas do peso das PMEs e as medidas da inovação tecnológica; ÍI) o ranking dos principais

Horácio Crespo Faustino




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RESUMO Historicamente, as políticas de saúde para o campo no Brasil estiveram associadas aos interesses econômicos ligados à garantia de mão-de-obra sadia para a exploração dos recursos naturais. Esse artigo busca caracterizar as políticas oficiais de saúde para a população do campo, analisando o contexto histórico, princípios, objetivos, estratégias e resultados. A experiência do Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra

Fernando Ferreira Carneiro; Anamaria Testa Tambellini


Appropriate DevR (DosR)-Mediated Signaling Determines Transcriptional Response, Hypoxic Viability and Virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis  

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Background The DevR(DosR) regulon is implicated in hypoxic adaptation and virulence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The present study was designed to decipher the impact of perturbation in DevR-mediated signaling on these properties. Methodology/Principal Findings M. tb complemented (Comp) strains expressing different levels of DevR were constructed in Mut1* background (expressing DevR N-terminal domain in fusion with AphI (DevRN-Kan) and in Mut2?devR background (deletion mutant). They were compared for their hypoxia adaptation and virulence properties. Diverse phenotypes were noted; basal level expression (?5.3±2.3 µM) when induced to levels equivalent to WT levels (?25.8±9.3 µM) was associated with robust DevR regulon induction and hypoxic adaptation (Comp 9* and 10*), whereas low-level expression (detectable at transcript level) as in Comp 11* and Comp15 was associated with an adaptation defect. Intermediate-level expression (?3.3±1.2 µM) partially restored hypoxic adaptation functions in Comp2, but not in Comp1* bacteria that co-expressed DevRN-Kan. Comp* strains in Mut1* background also exhibited diverse virulence phenotypes; high/very low-level DevR expression was associated with virulence whereas intermediate-level expression was associated with low virulence. Transcription profiling and gene expression analysis revealed up-regulation of the phosphate starvation response (PSR) in Mut1* and Comp11* bacteria, but not in WT/Mut2?devR/other Comp strains, indicating a plasticity in expression pathways that is determined by the magnitude of signaling perturbation through DevRN-Kan. Conclusions/Significance A minimum DevR concentration of ?3.3±1.2 µM (as in Comp2 bacteria) is required to support HspX expression in the standing culture hypoxia model. The relative intracellular concentrations of DevR and DevRN-Kan appear to be critical for determining dormancy regulon induction, hypoxic adaptation and virulence. Dysregulated DevRN-Kan-mediated signaling selectively triggers the PSR in bacteria expressing no/very low level of DevR. Our findings illustrate the important role of appropriate two-component- mediated signaling in pathogen physiology and the resilience of bacteria when such signaling is perturbed.

De Majumdar, Shyamasree; Vashist, Atul; Dhingra, Sakshi; Gupta, Rajesh; Singh, Alka; Challu, Vijay K.; Ramanathan, V. D.; Kumar, Prahlad; Tyagi, Jaya Sivaswami



Assembly of overlapping DNA sequences by a program written in BASIC for 64K CP/M and MS-DOS IBM-compatible microcomputers.  

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The SEQALIGN programs1 described in this report aid in the assembly of up to 100 individual overlapping DNA sequences generated by M-13 subcloning and sequencing methods. The program produces a printout of the aligned sequences presented in register. Use of the program will be facilitated because 1) it is written with the Microsoft BASIC interpreter, 2) sequence data may be entered and edited using WORDSTAR or similar word processing programs, and 3) hardware requirements for execution of the program on CP/M or MS-DOS (IBM-PC compatible) systems are minimal.

Johnston, R E; Mackenzie, J M; Dougherty, W G



Michael Porter 30 anos depois de Estratégia Competitiva: Influência do autor nos trabalhos brasileiros em estratégia ? estudo bibliométrico em trabalhos dos últimos dez anos do Enanpad  

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Os estudos de estratégia empresarial têm sido muito influenciados pelos trabalhos de Michael Porter, em particular na estratégia competitiva, análise da indústria e das vantagens competitivas das nações. Neste artigo, analisamos a influência de Porter nos trabalhos brasileiros em estratégia, a partir dos trabalhos selecionados e apresentados no ENANPAD. No levantamento para a análise dos artigos, considerando 10 anos de

Aline Botelho Schneider; Marcelo Lopes Carneiro; Fernando A. Ribeiro Serra; Manuel Portugal Ferreira




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En esta investigación se comparan dos pruebas de bondad de ajuste en términos de su error tipo I: ji-cuadrada de Pearson y Rao-Scott con corrección de segundo orden, aplicadas a datos recolectados mediante técnicas de muestreo que no cumplen los supuestos de independencia e igual probabilidad de inclusión de las observaciones, llamadas muestras complejas. Ambas pruebas se usaron para ajustar

María A. Quintero-Méndez; Mariano J. Durán-Núñez



Avaliação da neotectônica no município de Angra dos Reis, setor sul-fluminense da Serra do Mar, com base em mapas morfométricos gerados em Sistemas de Informações Geográficas (SIG)  

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Morphotectonic maps applied in neotectonics analysis was first used in 60´s and, since then, methods of evaluation of morphometric parameters have been constantly improved with the development of new techniques. In this study, the influence of the Cenozoic tectonics on the landscape dynamics is evaluated in Angra dos Reis city, based on the analysis of the correlation between morphometric (base

Elizete Domingues Salvador; Jorge Pimentel




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Over a complete two-year period, phlebotomine specimens were caught in an area of cutaneous leishmaniasis occurrence in the municipality of Angra dos Reis. A manual suction tube was used to catch phlebotomines on house walls, and also light traps in domestic and peridomestic settings and in the forest. This yielded 14,170 specimens of 13 species: two in the genus Brumptomyia and eleven in the genus Lutzomyia. L. intermedia predominantly in domestic and peridomestic settings, with little presence in the forest, with the same trend being found in relation to L. migonei, thus proving that these species have adapted to the human environment. L. fischeri appeared to be eclectic regarding location, but was seen to be proportionally more endophilic. L. intermedia and L. migonei were more numerous in peridomestic settings, throughout the year, while L. fischeri was more numerous in domestic settings except in March, April, May and September. From the prevalence of L. intermedia, its proven anthropophily and findings of this species naturally infected with Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis, it can be incriminated as the main vector for this agent of cutaneous leishmaniasis in the study area, especially in the peridomestic environment. L. fischeri may be a coadjuvant in carrying the parasite.

de Aguiar, Gustavo Marins; de Azevedo, Alfredo Carlos Rodrigues; de Medeiros, Wagner Muniz; Alves, Joao Ricardo Carreira; Rendeiro, Vanessa



Arizona State Cooperative Manpower Plan 1971, Fiscal Year.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Cooperative Area Manpower Planning System (CAMPS) committees are named, and the State of Arizona is described by its location and features, economy, population and characteristics, labor force, and so on. Manpower problems are described, anticipated socia...



Venereal Diseases in Scandinavia.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Venereal diseases in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway are handled at the outpatient clinics by dermato-venereologists, most of whom are in the process of receiving their specialty training. They make an etiologic diagnosis, treat, report cases to socia...

A. W. Frisch



Biology of Mental Disorders. New Developments in Neuroscience.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The document presents a summary of research into the biological factors associated with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and panic disorder. The report also discusses support for this research and the socia...



Diverging DOS strategy using an allene-containing tryptophan scaffold and a library design that maximizes biologically relevant chemical space while minimizing the number of compounds.  


A diverging diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS) strategy using an allene-containing tryptophan as a key starting material was investigated. An allene-yne substituted derivative of tryptophan 12 gave indolylmethylazabicyclooctadiene 17 when subjected to a microwave-assisted allenic [2 + 2] cycloaddition reaction. This same tryptophan-derived precursor afforded an indolylmethyldihydrocyclopentapyridinone 14 when subjected to a rhodium(I)-catalyzed cyclocarbonylation reaction and an indolylmethylpyrrolidinocyclopentenones 16 when reacted with molybdenum hexacarbonyl. Construction of allenic tetrahydro-?-carboline scaffolds via a Pictet-Spengler reaction and subsequent silver(I)-catalyzed cycloisomerization afforded tetrahydroindolizinoindoles (21). Attachment of allene and alkyne groups to the tetrahydro-?-carboline, followed by a microwave-assisted allenic [2 + 2] cycloaddition reaction, provided tetrahydrocyclobutaindoloquinolizinones 24 and the tetrahydrocyclopentenone indolizinoindolone 26 when reacted with molybdenum hexacarbonyl. These six scaffolds were used as templates for the construction of a virtual library of 11?748 compounds employing 44 indoles, 12 aldehydes, and 51 alkynes. Diversity analyses using a combination of cell-based chemistry space computations using BCUT (Burden (B) CAS (C) Pearlman at the University of Texas (UT)) metrics and Tanimoto coefficient (Tc) similarity calculations using two-dimensional (2D) fingerprints showed that the compounds in the virtual library occupied new chemical space when compared to the 327,000 compounds in the molecular libraries small molecule repository (MLSMR). A subset of fifty-three compounds was identified from the virtual library using the DVS package of Sybyl 8.0; this subset represents the most diverse compounds within the chemical space defined by these compounds and will be synthesized and screened for biological activity. PMID:21332123

Painter, Thomas O; Wang, Lirong; Majumder, Supriyo; Xie, Xiang-Qun; Brummond, Kay M



Heme Ligand Binding Properties and Intradimer Interactions in the Full-length Sensor Protein Dos from Escherichia coli and Its Isolated Heme Domain*  

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Dos from Escherichia coli is a bacterial gas sensor protein comprising a heme-containing gas sensor domain and a phosphodiesterase catalytic domain. Using a combination of static light scattering and gel filtration experiments, we established that, as are many other sensor proteins, the full-length protein is dimeric. The full-length dimer (association constant <10 nm) is more stable than the dimeric heme domain (association constant ?1 ?m), and the dimer interface presumably includes both sensor and catalytic domains. Ultrafast spectroscopic studies showed little influence of the catalytic domain on kinetic processes in the direct vicinity of the heme. By contrast, the properties of ligand (CO and O2) binding to the heme in the sensor domain, occurring on a microsecond to second time scale, were found to be influenced by (i) the presence of the catalytic domain, (ii) the dimerization state, and in dimers, (iii) the ligation state of the other subunit. These results imply allosteric interactions within dimers. Steady-state titrations demonstrated marked cooperativity in oxygen binding to both the full-length protein and the isolated heme domain, a feature not reported to date for any dimeric sensor protein. Analysis of a variety of time-resolved experiments showed that Met-95 plays a major role in the intradimer interactions. The intrinsic binding and dissociation rates of Met-95 to the heme were modulated ?10-fold by intradimer and sensor-catalytic domain interactions. Dimerization effects were also observed for cyanide binding to the ferric heme domains, suggesting a similar role for Met-95 in ferric proteins.

Lechauve, Christophe; Bouzhir-Sima, Latifa; Yamashita, Taku; Marden, Michael C.; Vos, Marten H.; Liebl, Ursula; Kiger, Laurent



The Residue Threonine 82 of DevR (DosR) Is Essential for DevR Activation and Function in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Despite Its Atypical Location?  

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The DevR (DosR) response regulator initiates the bacterial adaptive response to a variety of signals, including hypoxia in in vitro models of dormancy. Its receiver domain works as a phosphorylation-mediated switch to activate the DNA binding property of its output domain. Receiver domains are characterized by the presence of several highly conserved residues, and these sequence features correlate with structure and hence function. In response regulators, interaction of phosphorylated aspartic acid at the active site with the conserved threonine is believed to be crucial for phosphorylation-mediated conformational change. DevR contains all the conserved residues, but the structure of its receiver domain in the unphosphorylated protein is strikingly different, and key threonine (T82), tyrosine (Y101), and lysine (K104) residues are placed uncharacteristically far from the D54 phosphorylation site. In view of the atypical location of T82 in DevR, the present study aimed to examine the importance of this residue in the activation mechanism. Mycobacterium tuberculosis expressing a DevR T82A mutant protein is defective in autoregulation and supports hypoxic induction of the DevR regulon only very weakly. These defects are ascribed to slow and partial phosphorylation and the failure of T82A mutant protein to bind cooperatively with DNA. Our results indicate that the T82 residue is crucial in implementing conformational changes in DevR that are essential for cooperative binding and for subsequent gene activation. We propose that the function of the T82 residue in the activation mechanism of DevR is conserved in spite of the unusual architecture of its receiver domain.

Gautam, Uma Shankar; Sikri, Kriti; Tyagi, Jaya Sivaswami



The residue threonine 82 of DevR (DosR) is essential for DevR activation and function in Mycobacterium tuberculosis despite its atypical location.  


The DevR (DosR) response regulator initiates the bacterial adaptive response to a variety of signals, including hypoxia in in vitro models of dormancy. Its receiver domain works as a phosphorylation-mediated switch to activate the DNA binding property of its output domain. Receiver domains are characterized by the presence of several highly conserved residues, and these sequence features correlate with structure and hence function. In response regulators, interaction of phosphorylated aspartic acid at the active site with the conserved threonine is believed to be crucial for phosphorylation-mediated conformational change. DevR contains all the conserved residues, but the structure of its receiver domain in the unphosphorylated protein is strikingly different, and key threonine (T82), tyrosine (Y101), and lysine (K104) residues are placed uncharacteristically far from the D54 phosphorylation site. In view of the atypical location of T82 in DevR, the present study aimed to examine the importance of this residue in the activation mechanism. Mycobacterium tuberculosis expressing a DevR T82A mutant protein is defective in autoregulation and supports hypoxic induction of the DevR regulon only very weakly. These defects are ascribed to slow and partial phosphorylation and the failure of T82A mutant protein to bind cooperatively with DNA. Our results indicate that the T82 residue is crucial in implementing conformational changes in DevR that are essential for cooperative binding and for subsequent gene activation. We propose that the function of the T82 residue in the activation mechanism of DevR is conserved in spite of the unusual architecture of its receiver domain. PMID:21764934

Gautam, Uma Shankar; Sikri, Kriti; Tyagi, Jaya Sivaswami



The Serra Pelada Au-PGE deposit, Serra dos Carajás (Pará State, Brazil): geological and geochemical indications for a composite mineralising process  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Serra Pelada Au-PGE-rich deposit is located in the Serra dos Carajás, a leading mining area in Brazil. This region is characterised by a complex geological and structural framework and is affected by deep lateritisation which has lasted for more than 70 Ma. The Serra Pelada deposit is emplaced in a late-Archean low-grade metasedimentary sequence (Rio Fresco/Águas Claras Formation) which is host to other gold deposits in the region (Igarapé Bahia, Águas Claras). The Rio Fresco/Águas Claras sequence was deposited in tectonic basins developed on Archean basement and Au-bearing greenstone terranes which were intruded by PGE-rich layered mafic complexes (e.g. Luanga). The Serra Pelada mineralisation is located along a regional, complex system of strike-slip faults (Cinzento-Carajás systems) which were active during the late Archean to early Proterozoic. The mineralisation appears to be concentrated along a faulted hinge zone of a fold. Ore zone rock facies are dominated by low-grade ferruginous to carbonaceous metasiltstones and minor sandstones, locally brecciated and cemented by quartz (±sulphide) stockwork. Supergene alteration led to partial to total transformation into friable aggregates of kaolinite, Fe oxide-hydroxides, silica and secondary phosphate-sulphates even at depths exceeding 200 m. Precious metals are exceptionally enriched, with up to more than 1,000 ppm Au+PGE in some peculiar ferruginous-graphitic zones locally called "hidrotermalito". Geochemistry shows complex patterns of major and trace elements, particularly rare-earth elements (REE), in mineralised vs. nonmineralised samples. These patterns are interpreted in terms of variable degree of superposition of hydrothermal and supergene alteration. Precious metals show progressive increase from samples with hydrothermal imprint to samples with supergene imprint. The geological evolution of the Carajás region and the characteristics of mineralisation at Serra Pelada may suggest a composite mineralising process: hydrothermal activity (by fluids likely originated from granitoids) was followed by supergene alteration during long-lasting lateritisation to develop extreme precious metal enrichments in a geological context probably already anomalous for Au and PGE.

Moroni, Marilena; Girardi, Vicente A.; Ferrario, Alfredo



Discovery of the base of the Pinal Schist and the Bear Canyon sequence below it in the eastern Metamorphic terrane of the Dos Cabezas mountains, Cochise County, Arizona  

SciTech Connect

The eastern metamorphic terrane of the Dos Cabezas mountains is underlain by Pinal Schist (PS). Recent detailed mapping along the western edge of this terrane shows that a flat planar regional unconformity (UC) bounds this Pinal body at its western stratigraphic base. Below the UC lies 8 km[sup 2] of greenschist facies metapelites and metafelsites here given the provisional name of the Bear Canyon sequence (BCS). The PS above the UC is over 10 stratigraphic km, grading from 1 km conglomerate at the base (clasts are metafelsites and metasediments with very minor quartz and granite) up into 3 km of sandstones and then pelite, all with greenschist facies overprint. Relict bedding with abundant crossbedding is common; the sequence is upright. Foliation parallels bedding. Lineation is absent. The UC itself is well exposed in two places, on both sides of Happy Camp Canyon (HCC). On the west of HCC, the surface is exposed at the mouth of Bear Canyon (NW1/4 Sec. 31, T13S R28E) striking south and then southwest about 4 km, ending in the N center of Sec. 12, T14S R27E. The unconformity and the Pinal above it lie NS 30E in the north and smoothly swing to NE 50 SE in the south. Below the UC are 6 km[sup 2] of metasandstone and metafelsites of the BCS. The metasandstone is quartz-sericite schist with strong lineation ([minus]50 S70E) in its northern km of exposure. Bedding and foliation are NS 60 E in N, and NE 70 SE in S. This schist body is intruded on the E by a dike of quartz-phyric metafelsite to 1 km wide which underlies the UC along its entire length. The felsite shows strong relict flow layering and no foliation. Flow layering is NS 90 in the N, and strikes and dips variably in the S. A 1/4 km[sup 2] metafelsite plug intrudes the schist on the W, with flow layering NE 90. The two exposures of the UC are separated by a Precambrian normal fault striking N45E and dipping moderately SE under HCC alluvial fill; it has about a km of dip slip.

Erickson, R.C. (Sonoma State Univ., Rohnert Park, CA (United States). Geology Dept.)



Impact of natural climate change and historical land use on vegetation cover and geomorphological process dynamics in the Serra dos Órgãos mountain range in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Serra dos Órgãos mountain range in the hinterland of Rio de Janeiro contains extensive remnants of the Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlântica) biome, which once covered about 1.5 million km² from Northeast to South Brazil and further inland to Paraguay and Argentina. As a result of historical deforestation and recent land use intensification processes today only 5 to 8% of the original Atlantic Forest remains. Despite the dramatic habitat loss and a high degree of forest fragmentation, the remnants are among the Earth’s most diverse habitats in terms of species richness. Furthermore, they are characterized by a high level of endemism. Therefore, the biome is considered a "hotspot of biodiversity". In the last years many efforts have been taken to investigate the Mata Atlântica biome in different spatial and time scales and from different scientific perspectives. We are working in the Atlantic Forest of Rio de Janeiro since 2004 and focus in our research particularly on Quaternary landscape evolution and landscape history. By means of landscape and soil archives we reconstruct changes in the landscape system, which are mainly the result of Quaternary climate variability, young tectonic uplift and human impact. The findings throw light on paleoecological conditions in the Late Quaternary and the impact of pre-colonial and colonial land use practices on these landscapes. In this context, a main focus is set on climate and human-driven changes of the vegetation cover and its consequences for the geomorphological process dynamics, in particular erosion and sedimentation processes. Research methods include geomorphological field studies, interpretation of satellite images, physical and chemical sediment and soil analyses as well as relative and absolute dating (Feo/Fed ratio and 14C dating). For the Late Quaternary landscape evolution, the findings are compared with results from paleoclimatic and paloecological investigations in Southeast and South Brazil using other dating techniques, such as pollen analysis. The impact of early civilizations on deforestation, forest fragmentation and geomorphological process dynamics is estimated on the basis of archaeological and anthropological findings. Furthermore, historical sources, such as written documents, maps, paintings and photographs, were collected and analysed to get a more detailed picture of the younger landscape history. As a result we present a landscape genetic model for the Late Quaternary in the Serra dos Órgãos mountain range and the Guanabara Basin. Based on a functional analysis of the natural process dynamics we reconstruct the human impact on the vegetation cover and related erosion and sedimentation processes in different time periods. According to this, the polycyclic climate fluctuations in the Pleistocene emerge as periods of stability and instability in the landscape system. During dry and cool periods of the Ice Ages forests drew back and erosion processes increased, causing higher erosion and deposition rates on slopes and stronger incision of river beds, accompanied by a deposition of gravels. The colluvial soils presently found in the mountain region were mainly deposited during the last instability period in the Late Pleistocene (Wisconsin) and Early Holocene. With the return of rainforests from their retreats under wetter climate conditions in the mid Holocene, slopes were stabilized under a dense vegetation cover. In the Late Holocene erosion conditions changed again with human deforestation and land use, which led to high erosion rates in the mountainous landscape. Concerning the human impact on rainforests and geomorphological process dynamics we give an overview of the pre-historical (Sambaqui, Tupi) and historical (colonial exploitation cycles) landscape transformation and degradation processes for different landscape units within the Serra dos Órgãos and its floodplains. The results not only give a detailed picture of historical land use patterns and landscape degradation processes, but also contribute to the understanding of rece

Nehren, U.; Sattler, D.; Heinrich, J.



Não ao sedentarismo, sim à saúde: contribuições da Educação Física escolar e dos esportes No to sedentarianism, yes to health: contributions of school physical education and sports No al sedentarismo, sí a la salud: contribuciones de la educación física en la escuela y de los deportes  

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RESUMO: Um dos grandes problemas enfrentados pelos povos no mundo se refere ao sedentarismo. Associado a ele, a obesidade, as cardiopatias, a diabetes e tantas outras doenças aparecem com índices muito preocupantes principalmente nas populações de jovens em idade escolar. A tecnologia parece agravar mais ainda este quadro. Entretanto, a prática da atividade física regular, com orientação, com vestimenta e

Ubiratan Silva Alves


Tritium ((3)H) as a tracer for monitoring the dispersion of conservative radionuclides discharged by the Angra dos Reis nuclear power plants in the Piraquara de Fora Bay, Brazil.  


Presently, two nuclear power plants operate in Brazil. Both are located at Itaorna beach, Angra dos Reis, approximately 133 km from Rio de Janeiro city. The reactor cooling circuits require the input of seawater, which is later discharged through a pipeline into the adjacent Piraquara de Fora Cove. The radioactive effluents undergo ion-exchange treatment prior to their release in batches, causing the enrichment of (3)H relative to other radionuclides in the discharged waters. Under steady state conditions, the (3)H gradient in the Piraquara de Fora waters can be used to determine the dependence of the dilution factor on the distance from the discharge point. The present work describes experiments carried out at the reactor site during batch release episodes, including time series sampling at the discharge point and surface seawater sampling every 250 m to a distance of 1250 m, after a double distillation, the (3)H concentration was measured by liquid scintillation counting applying a Quantulus liquid scintillation spectrometer. The obtained results showed a linear relationship between the (3)H concentration and distance from the discharge point. At 1250 m from the discharge point a dilution index of 1:15 was measured which fits the expected value based on modeling. PMID:24959753

de Carvalho Gomes, Franciane; Godoy, José Marcus; de Carvalho, Zenildo Lara; de Souza, Elder Magalhães; Rodrigues Silva, José Ivan; Tadeu Lopes, Ricardo



Privatized Housing Dos and Don'ts.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Offers tips for higher education institutions on navigating the relationship with a privatized student housing developer: don't assume the project costs nothing, do understand the difference between your goals and the developer's, do create a feasibility study, don't treat every relationship the same, do put the student first, and don't forget the…

Milshtein, Amy



Dos and Don'ts (Pregnancy)  


... foods. Include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, calciumrich foods, lean meats, and a variety of cooked seafood. • Get ... ov U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women’s Health 1- ...


Pepita Talks Twice = Pepita habla dos veces.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This illustrated bilingual children's book (English and Spanish), relates the story of Pepita, a young Hispanic girl who is fluent in both Spanish and English. Pepita always helps when asked to talk for others in Spanish and English. But one day Pepita decides she doesn't want to help anymore. She wants to hurry and get home from school before her…

Lachtman, Ofelia Dumas


DOS-Resistant Authentication with Client Puzzles  

Microsoft Academic Search

Denial of service by server resource exhaustion has become a major security threat in open communications networks. Public-key authentication does not completely protect against the attacks because the authentication protocols often leave ways for an unauthenticated client to consume a server' s memory space and computational resources by initiating a large number of protocol runs and inducing the server to

Tuomas Aura; Pekka Nikander; Jussipekka Leiwo




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The experiment was carried out at the Forage Research Unit in the Federal University of Ceará, with the objective of evaluating the ruminal Dry Matter disappeareance (RDMD) of agroindustria l by -products (AB). Three male sheep, with permanent ruminal cannulas, were used in a randomized block design. The potencial (PD) and efetive degradabilities (ED) of by-products of cashew (BC), graviola




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Syrinx anatomy of the Dendrocolaptidae (Aves, Passeriformes). The syrinx is the vocal organ of the birds and it corresponds to a modification of the apparatus respiratorius, being at most of the cases, localized at the caudal end of the trachea and the cranial portion of the bronchi. The main purpose of this paper is to describe the syrinx anatomy of




Microsoft Academic Search

4 D.S. - DEC\\/UFV, . Resumo: Há uma estreita relação entre qualidade de vida, sustentabilidade dos recursos hídricos e controle de cargas poluidoras. Uma gama de doenças está relacionada à qualidade da água utilizada; estima-se que até 10% do tempo útil de trabalho no mundo seja desperdiçado devido às condições da água utilizada. O grande déficit nos serviços de saneamento

Aníbal da Fonseca Santiago; Maria Lúcia Calijuri



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The present study aims at analyzing, after a previous selection, the efficiency of two different types of anti -graffiti products available in the Brazilian market, by means of molding mortar substrata coated by three types of ceramic boards and protected by two types of anti - graffiti products. Later on, it was made the measurement of the parameters of color

M. M. Resende; J. S. Medeiros



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Nursing evaluation constitutes an indispensable process in treating wounds. The objectives of this article are to verify the aspects considered by nurses in the wound evaluation process, identify the material resources used in order to proceed to the evaluation, and to investigate adherence to protocols and possible difficulties in their execution. This is an exploratory-descriptive study of qualitative nature, carried

Gleicyanne Ferreira da Cruz Morais; Simone Helena; Maria Julia Guimarães; Oliveira Soares; Morais GFC; Oliveira SHS; Soares MJGO



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Quality assurance of the radiographic images concerning to equipment conditions is essential to get a good image quality, correct medical diagnostic and to prevent unnecessary dose exposure to health professionals and patients. In this work the historical analysis of 1084 Quality Assurance Technical Reports of Health institutions of the São Paulo State in Brazil over a period of 5 year

M. L. N. Ebisawa; M. F. A. Magon; Y. M. Mascarenhas


Um Ambiente para Monitoramento da Morte Súbita dos Citrus  

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This article describes the implementation and applications of computational-statistical surveillance system for the Citrus Sudden Death Disease. The data is stored in a spatio-temporal TerraLib database and statistical analysis are performed using functions written as a add-on pack- age for the R language called Rcitrus which implements some specialized statistical methods and also interfaces with other packages such as geoR,

Elias Teixeira Krainski; Paulo Justiniano Ribeiro Jr.; Pedro Ribeiro De Andrade Neto; Renato Beozzo Bassanezi



Contribuição para a popularização dos Sistemas de Informações Geográficas  

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Geographical information systems are becoming a common information management and analysis tool used in a wide and growing range of application fields. The popularization of GIS techniques request the easy-to-use softwares. From among 12 freeware softwares evaluated, Hypercube (a freeware program produced by the US Army Corps of Engineers Topographic Engineering Center) was considered the most efficient t o perform

Daniel Pereira Guimarães


Sobre as bases dos procedimentos investigativos em psicanálise  

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Resumo O presente trabalho examina as bases da pesquisa psicanalítica. Parte das marcas deixadas nas investigações psicanalíticas pelos procedimentos científicos de disciplinas como a neurologia e a neurofisiologia no século XIX. Em seguida, acompanha o surgimento de um novo objeto, o sujeito do inconsciente, o qual, ainda que requeira operações que mantenham o rigor e a precisão característicos do pensamento

Anna Carolina; Lo Bianco


Dos and Don'ts for Beginning Teachers.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Beginning teachers are advised to pace themselves; provide disciplinary options; learn to justify their teaching; be tolerant about student gripes; use the Socratic method to elicit thoughtful responses; refrain from killing discussion, solving students' personal problems, and insulting students' intelligence; listen to veteran teachers; begin…

Armstrong, Coleen



Abundancias químicas de dos binarias de HgMn  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present the results of the abundance analysis of two HgMn single-line binary systems: NGC 2287-106 and NGC 6025-14. The spectroscopic ob- servations have been carried out at the Complejo Astronómico el Leon-cito (CASLEO) with the REOSC spectrograph in cross-dispersion mode, cov- ering the spectral range 3800-5800 ?. Compared to the Sun, NGC 6025-14 shows great overabundances of Hg, Mn, P, Ga and Xe, while Hg, Mn, Sr, Pt and Zr are overabundant in NGC 2287-106. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Gonzalez, E. J.; González, J. F.; Collado, A. E.


Obtaining journal reprints: the 'dos' and 'don'ts'.  


In a search for knowledge, and to expand their own work, scientists and academicians have depended on the work of colleagues with similar interests. While attending conferences enables one to acquire useful knowledge, the information so gained is unlikely to be lasting. Furthermore, many persons learn better by reading than by listening, and reading can be done at one's own convenience. These and many other reasons account for the increasing number of reprints requested by researchers, and in medicine, by practicing clinicians. PMID:12408702

Sevinc, Alper; Ramanan, Sundaram V



Mobilidade dos Funcionários públicos Federais: Diferenças Entre os Poderes  

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Based on a special Rais-Migra tabulation that allows one to trace work trajectories,the present study estimates the total length of service for active federal civil servants,disaggregated by length of time spent at present post. Prior time is also considered,whether spent in other civil service posts or in private employment.This study was largely motivated by the need to estimate the civil

Kaizô Iwakami Beltrão; Sonoe Sugahara; Fernanda Paes Leme Peyneau; João Luis de Oliveira Mendonça



Hiperplasia estromal seudoangiomatosa nodular de mama en dos adolescentes  

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Nodular pseudoangiomatous stromal hyperplasia is a very rare benign breast lesion found in 0.4% of biopsies. It usually presents as a fast-growing palpable lesion in women between 30 and 40 years of age and is exceptionally rare in adolescents.Histological examination reveals a proliferation of stromal cells from connective tissue forming anastomosed empty pseudovascular spaces lined with myofibroblasts.We present the cases

I. Gallardo Muñoz; J. L. Raya Povedano; A. L. Santos Romero


Cultura Financeira dos Investidores e Diversificação das Carteiras  

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This paper studies the factors that determine the financial literacy level of the Portuguese individual investors and explores the relation between financial literacy and financial behavior, particularly portfolio diversification. Our results suggest that the average financial literacy level of Portuguese individual investors is low: two in three investors reveal an insufficient level of financial knowledge. We also find that the

Victor Mendes; Margarida Abreu



Application of artificial neural network in detection of DOS attacks  

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A solo attack may cause a big loss in computer and network systems, its prevention is, therefore, very inevitable. Precise detection is very important to prevent such losses. Such detection is a pivotal part of any security tools like intrusion detection system, intrusion prevention system, and firewalls etc. Therefore, an approach is provided in this paper to analyze denial of

Iftikhar Ahmad; Azween B. Abdullah; Abdullah Sharaf Alghamdi



Exercise beyond menopause: Dos and Don'ts  

PubMed Central

With a significant number of women belonging to the status of menopause and beyond, it is imperative to plan a comprehensive health program for them, including lifestyle modifications. Exercise is an integral part of the strategy. The benefits are many, most important being maintenance of muscle mass and thereby the bone mass and strength. The exercise program for postmenopausal women should include the endurance exercise (aerobic), strength exercise and balance exercise; it should aim for two hours and 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week. Every woman should be aware of her target heart rate range and should track the intensity of exercise employing the talk test. Other deep breathing, yoga and stretching exercises can help to manage the stress of life and menopause-related symptoms. Exercises for women with osteoporosis should not include high impact aerobics or activities in which a fall is likely. The women and the treating medical practitioner should also be aware of the warning symptoms and contraindications regarding exercise prescription in women beyond menopause. The role of exercise in hot flashes, however, remains inconclusive. Overall, exercising beyond menopause is the only noncontroversial and beneficial aspect of lifestyle modification and must be opted by all.

Mishra, Nalini; Mishra, V. N.; Devanshi



Divorce Matters: Visitation Dos and Don'ts  


... hurting the other or disrupting his or her life. To achieve those goals, parents may use destructive behaviors that can create a more hostile environment and seriously damage relationships. Destructive strategies can be ...


Meningioangiomatosis: Descripción de dos casos y revisión de la literatura  

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Summary Meningioangiomatosis (MA) is a rare benign intra- craneal lesion. The majority of cases are sporadic although the association of this lesion with familial neurofibromatosis (NF) type 2 is well known. NF-asso - ciated MA may be multifocal and is often asymptomatic and diagnosed at autopsy. Non-associated cases are usually symptomatic, occurs in children and young adults and frequently arise

A. Suárez-Gauthier; M. R. Gómez de la Bárcena; E. García-García; J. Hinojosa; J. R. Ricoy



Navegando na Rede Semantica dos Topic Maps com o Ulisses  

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A norma ISO-IEC 13250 Topic Maps, composta principal- mente de topicos interligados atraves de associacoes, define uma rede semantica estruturada sobre um sistema de informacao, criando uma ponte entre a gestao de informacao e os dom´inios de representacao de conhecimento. A estrutura de dados que um topic map representae um grafo; portanto, uma das melhores maneiras de visualizar um grafoe

Giovani Rubert Librelotto; Renato Preigschadt de Azevedo; Jose Carlos Ramalho; Pedro Rangel Henriques



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Evaluation of two herbicides and two application methods to control razorgrass (Paspalum virgatum) in grasslands. Field tests were conducted in San Carlos, Alajuela, to evaluate the efficacy of both glyphosate and fluazifop- butyl to control razorgrass (Paspalum virgatum) in grasslands. Glyphosate was :1,;) applied at 1.2% and 33% with a knapsack sprayer and a rope-wick applicator, ;.1., respectively. Fluazifop-butyl was

Milton Villarreal; Warner Vargas



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Being aware of the importance and relevance of the contributions of the Archivum Generale Poetarum Latinorum Brasiliensium, this article intends to expose the results of the researches concerning the brazilian literature written in Latin. The gathering of material that have been diligently carried out by this Institute have provided a valuable amount of data yet to be used in philological,

Enio Aloísio FONDA; Mirtes Rocha RODRIGUES; Cláudia Valéria; Penavel BINATO



NASA Glen Steady-State Heat Pipe Code Users Manual, DOS Input. Version 2  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The heat pipe code LERCHP has been revised, corrected, and extended. New features include provisions for pipes with curvature and bends in "G" fields. Heat pipe limits are examined in detail and limit envelopes are shown for some sodium and lithium-filled heat pipes. Refluxing heat pipes and gas-loaded or variable conductance heat pipes were not considered.

Tower, Leonard K.



Análise dos focos de calor em áreas florestais ao longo do Arco do Desflorestamento  

Microsoft Academic Search

The use of remoting Sense and the GIS technology help to detect the fire in the Brazilian Amazon Forest, mainly on the Arc of Deforestation. During the dry season the hot spots have been continuously increasing in this area. The analysis includes the cross check of satellites images with polygons of deforestation and others cartographic informations. The result shows that

Ligia Martins; Alexandre de Araujo


Formulação estratégica da manutenção industrial com base na confiabilidade dos equipamentos  

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This paper reports the use of reliability and maintainability assessments in the strategic formulation of industrial maintenance. The method was a double case study. The paper begins by a theoretical review of related concepts of stochastic variables and processes as a basis to address concepts and features from reliability studies and modeling, suited to use in managing the industrial maintenance.

Miguel Afonso Sellitto



Análise dos índices de adiposidade e de aptidão física em crianças pré-púberes  

Microsoft Academic Search

Analysis of adiposity and physical fitness indexes in prepubertal children The purpose of this study was the to assess physical fitness in prepuber- tal children aged 8-11 years old and , and by gender (32 boys and 35 girls) to analyze the relationships between adiposity indexes. The draw- ings of self-assessment modified by Faulkner were used to assess the stage

Fabrício B. Alves; Anabelle M. Barbosa; Wagner de Campos; Ricardo W. Coelho; Sérgio G. da Silva


Strengthening e-Professionalism: Discussing Social Media Dos and Don'ts with Students and Faculty  

Microsoft Academic Search

This poster presentation describes several incidents of medical professionals and students engaging in professional misconduct using social media online. It also gives advice on discussing and providing information sessions to students and faculty of health care learning institutions.

Gisela Butera; Thomas Harrod; Alexandra Gomes; Anne Linton



Aspectos linguisticos dos emprestimos em portugues (Linguistic Aspects of Adaptation into Portuguese).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines the process through which modern Portuguese borrows from other languages, mainly French and English. Portuguese adapts these derivatives to conform to its own rules of phonology, morphology, and semantics. (four references) (Author/CK)

Harmon, Ronald M.



Efficient Trapdoor-Based Client Puzzle Against DoS Attacks  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

It is well known that authentication, integrity, and confidentiality are the most important principles of network security. However, recent reports about a number of prominent Internet service providers that broke down because of malicious attacks [2, 3, 32,32] urge people to realize that all security principles must be based on service availability. “Availability” in this context refers to a service that can be accessed within a reasonable amount of waiting time after a legitimate client sends a request.

Gao, Yi; Susilo, Willy; Mu, Yi; Seberry, Jennifer



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the automotive sector is a major source of changes in production systems and industrial organization. Transformations in the sector were accelerated in the last decade, mainly in terms of production localization and supply relations. The supply side is going through merges and acquisitions; at the same time, OEMs are demanding new capabilities from their 1st tier suppliers, auto technology is

Roberto dos Reis Alvarez



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According to recent studies the strict control of glucose on blood, decrease the morbi-mortality in intensive care unit patients even cardiac surgery post-intervention patients. It was performed a retrospective observational study over two patient population of 50 subjects undergoing to elective coronary arterial surgery excluding diabetics type 1. First one we use the standard protocol (PS) since october to december

Oroso Da Silva Autores; Diz Gómez JC


Enfrentando a mastectomia: análise dos relatos de mulheres mastectomizadas sobre questões ligadas à sexualidade  

Microsoft Academic Search

Facing mastectomy: analysis of the discourse of mastectomized women about questions of sexuality. This research intended to analyze the self-perception of sexuality of six 37 to 55 year old women who had been submitted to radical mastectomy one and a half to eight years before. For this analysis, the author chose the technique of content analysis, according to which the

Tânia Pires Duarte; Ângela Nobre de Andrade



Análisis de dos estrategias para el manejo de la amenaza de parto pretérmino  

Microsoft Academic Search

ObjectiveTo compare two strategies for the management of threatened preterm labor (TPL). The first strategy was based on clinical criteria alone, while the second used rapid fibronectin testing and cervical length measured by vaginal ultrasound.

María Ramírez Pineda; José Luis Dueñas Díez; José Sala Turrens; Juan Polo Padillo; Carlos Bedoya Bergua



Influencias africanas na lingua brasileira dos terreiros (African Influences in Brazilian Language of the Voodoo Rites).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses how determination of lexical items with Sub-Saharan origin in songs of voodoo rites of candomble and umbanda in southern and northeastern Brazil is complicated by factors like existence of phonological correspondence without accompanying semantic correspondence, difficulty of determining meaning of word in a given text, and high…

Megenney, William W.




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2 ABSTRACT This s tudy aimed to identify the main factors of the drip tape c logging, when used in the application of untreated wastewater from coffee fruit pulping (ARCB) and treated wastewater from an organic filter (ARCF). For that, a hydraulic structure of evaluation was built, consisting of non-pressure compensating drippers of the model AQUA-TRAXX positioned in 0.3m spacing.

Rafael Oliveira Batista; Antonio Teixeira de Matos; Fernando França da Cunha


Projeto do sistema anti-ressonante da fiação dos transdutores para o detector Mario Schenberg  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O detector de ondas gravitacionais Mario Schenberg está sendo projetado e construído pelo grupo Gráviton. Sua construção está ocorrendo no Laboratório de Estado Sólido e Baixas Temperaturas (LESBT) da Universidade de São Paulo, na cidade de São Paulo. Esse detector possui uma massa ressonante esférica de cobre-alumínio, com 65 cm de diâmetro, pesando aproximadamente 1150 Kg, suspensa por um sistema de isolamento vibracional, que se encontra em fase de testes preliminares. A real eficácia desse sistema, entretanto, só poderá ser comprovada quando o detector estiver aparelhado com, pelo menos, um transdutor eletromecânico de altíssima sensibilidade acoplado à massa ressonante. Neste momento, não só este sistema de isolamento vibracional será posto em teste, como o do projeto da fiação que transporta os sinais de microondas até os transdutores e destes para a pré-amplificação. Apesar dessa fiação ter sido projetada para não apresentar nenhum contato com a superfície esférica da antena, de maneira a não haver nenhuma transmissão de ruído vibracional do laboratório para esta, deve-se minimizar o ruído microfônico produzido nessa fiação por oscilações mecânicas, uma vez que ela não utiliza nenhum sistema de isolamento vibracional. Com o intuito de resolver este problema, projetamos uma estrutura, formada por pequenos cilindros conectados por barras, a qual não terá nenhuma ressonância mecânica na faixa de freqüências de interesse para detecção (3000 - 3400 Hz). Desta forma, as vibrações nessa faixa não serão amplificadas. O projeto foi feito usando iterativamente, de maneira a otimizar os resultados obtidos, o programa de elementos finitos Msc/Nastran. Através de simulações feitas neste programa, determinamos os parâmetros geométricos ideais a serem utilizados, os quais proporcionam a maior região espectral de interesse livre de ressonâncias.

Vieira, S. J.., Jr.; Melo, J. L.



DOS Kapital: Has antitrust action against Microsoft created value in the computer industry?  

Microsoft Academic Search

Antitrust enforcement that efficiently constrains Microsoft's behavior benefits firms supplying complements to and\\/or substitutes for Microsoft's operating system and applications software. However, from 1991 through 1997, 29 reports of federal antitrust enforcement action against Microsoft were accompanied by declines in the value of an index of 159 computer industry firms (excluding Microsoft). The mean loss to those firms exceeded $1

George Bittlingmayer; Thomas W. Hazlett



O papel dos Larídeos como portadores de Salmonella e Listeria spp  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo: Tal como noutros países, a população de gaivotas (larídeos) aumentou exponencialmente em Portugal. Para averi- guar as implicações na Saúde Pública deste sobrecrescimento, duzentas e oitenta e cinco amostras de fezes de gaivotas foram analisadas para dois agentes potencialmente patogénicos para o Homem, Salmonella spp. e Listeria sp. Isolou-se Salmonella sp em trinta e sete amostras (13%). Os serotipos

E. L. Duartea; M. M. Guerra; F. M. Bernardo; CIÊNCIAS VETERINÁRIAS



Microsoft Academic Search

The purpose of this study was to verify the consequences of work conditions on brazilian crew members, under the point of view of health. The method used consisted of a risk mapping developed based on literature review on worker health and aviation; interviews with aeronauts inside and outside the work environment; as well as \\

Alexandre Palma; Ubirajara A. O. Mattos; Monique Assis


Corresponsabilización fiscal de dos niveles de gobierno: relaciones principal-agente  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper analyzes the problems in designing a tax sharing system when there are two governments levels with rights over the same taxes. Using a principal-agent model, the optimality of the different tax sharing systems is discussed. The presence of efficiency problems derived from the lack of cooperation between governments is proved, using Bernheim & Winstons (1986) common agency theorems.

Francisco Pérez García; Gonzalo Olcina Vauteren



Nova espécie de Pimelodus (Siluriformes, Pimelodidae) dos rios Tapajós e Tocantins, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

A new species of Pimelodus (Siluriformes, Pimelodidae) from Tapajós and Tocantins rivers, Brazil. Pimelodus tetramerus sp. nov. differs from the other species of Pimelodus Lacepède by its typical coloration, with four dark stripes on the sides of the body, the most dorsal beginning just behind the pre-dorsal plate and finishing at the end of the adipose-fin base; the second, wider

Frank Raynner V. Ribeiro; Carlos Alberto S. de Lucena



Mössbauer and vibrational DOS studies of diluted magnetic tin oxides and nano iron oxides  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The magnetic properties and Mössbauer results for SnO2 doped with 57Fe are reviewed, and the values of isomer shift and quadrupole splitting are compared with the results obtained by ab initio calculations. It is concluded that the exchange interactions between oxygen defects and magnetic atoms are responsible for long range magnetic interactions of dilute Fe ions dispersed in SnO2. Fe atom precipitated clusters may be formed in highly Fe doped SnO2 samples by annealing at relatively high temperatures for several hours. The reduction of the particle size to nano-scale dimensions induces magnetization, which can be associated with oxygen defects. We have measured the nuclear inelastic scattering (NIS) spectra of Fe oxides, and 57Fe and (Co or Mn) doped SnO2 synthesized mainly by sol-gel methods and we have derived the vibration density of states (VDOS). The local phonons are sensitive to the presence of precipitated clusters.

Nomura, K.; Rykov, A. I.; Navarro, A. M. Mudarra; Torres, C. E. Rodriguez; Errico, L. A.; Barrero, C. A.; Yoda, Y.



The Politics of Hispanic Education. Un Paso pa'lante y dos pa'tras.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This book presents an in-depth examination of 142 U.S. school districts (containing at least 5,000 students and 5 percent Hispanic enrollment) in order to understand Hispanic inequities in education and what can be done to correct these inequities. Chapter 1 presents political theory of educational policy. Chapter 2 presents an overview of the…

Meier, Kenneth J.; Stewart, Joseph, Jr.


Metathesis Cascade Strategies (ROM-RCM-CM): A DOS approach to Skeletally Diverse Sultams  

PubMed Central

The development of a ring-opening metathesis/ring-closing metathesis/cross metathesis (ROM-RCM-CM) cascade strategy to the synthesis of a diverse collection of bi- and tricyclic sultams is reported. In this study, functionalized sultam scaffolds derived from intramolecular Diels-Alder (IMDA) reactions undergo metathesis cascades to yield a collection tricyclic sultams. Additional appendage based diversity was achieved by utilizing a variety of CM partners.

Jeon, Kyu Ok; Rayabarapu, Dinesh; Rolfe, Alan; Volp, Kelly; Omar, Iman



As concepções de risco e de prevenção segundo a ótica dos usuários de drogas injetáveis  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper provides an exploratory analysis, using a qualitative approach, to percep- tions by injecting drug users (IDUs) on: (a) risks associated with injecting practices; (b) risks of HIV\\/AIDS; and (c) prevention of HIV\\/AIDS. The study was conducted in five harm reduction pro- grams in Brazil (the AjUDE-Brasil Project). Forty semi-structured interviews were carried out. The study focuses on the

Suely Ferreira Deslandes; Eduardo Alves Mendonça; Waleska Teixeira Caiaffa; Denise Doneda



Spectroscopic study of dissolved organic sulfur (DOS): a case study of mercaptans  

Microsoft Academic Search

Sulfur compounds are often present in petrochemical wastewater and can be detected by UV spectrophotometry. This technique allows to point out specific absorptions of mineral sulfide and mercaptans and can be used for the determination of acidity constants. From a quantitative point of view, using a spectral deconvolution method, a specific determination of some mercaptans is obtained. Detection limits for

B. Roig; E. Chalmin; E. Touraud; O. Thomas



Supervivencia y crecimiento larval de Arbacia punctulata (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) alimentada con cinco microalgas a dos salinidades  

Microsoft Academic Search

Larval survival and growth of Arbacia punctulata (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) fed with five micro-algae at two salinities. Fertilized eggs from an spontaneously spawn of thirty sexually mature sea urchins (Arbacia punctulata) were incubated to complete embryonic development. The echinopluteus larvae (3 ind\\/ml) were distributed into 50 plastic containers (25 containers at 30 psu and 25 containers at 40 psu) and fed

Marina García; Jesús Rosas; Iván Hernández; Aidé Velásquez; Tomas Cabrera; Carlos Maneiro


O ensino e a aprendizagem dos temas fotossíntese e respiração: práticas pedagógicas baseadas na aprendizagem significativa  

Microsoft Academic Search

The work had as objective, to analyze, from the bean germination, the students' conceptions about the previous knowledge and the learning of the themes of photosynthesis and respiration. This study involved 62 students of first grade of the secondary education from a public school, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The experiment of the bean germination, involving five different

Simone Corrêa; Santos Medeiros



Microsoft Academic Search

The study aimed to identify lifestyle behaviors and to quantify caloric expenditure in daily and labor activities of bike postmen (employees from CORREIOS - Brazilian Postal Services) of the city of São José - SC - Brazil. The methodology used an interview using the IPAQ questionnaire, anthropometric measurements and records of daily activities (measuring time spent in selecting mail, and

Eduardo Barbosa Almeida; Giselle Noceti; Ammon Xavier; Lorival José Carminatti; Milton Carlos; Della Giustina



The Science and Engineering of Materials Documento Sobre Ciencia E Engenharia DOS Materials.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Priorities in projects being developed in materials science and engineering are defined for the following sub-areas: semiconductors, ceramics, glasses, conjugate materials, catalysts, rubber, plastics, firewoods, materials for civil construction, and mate...



Entre Dos Mundos/Between Two Worlds: Bicultural Development in Context  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

How do Mexican immigrant adolescents balance different, and often oppositional, cultural influences in the acculturation process? In this article, we explore how acculturating adolescents absorb cultural messages and go about creating their (multiple) identities. Guided by Alternation Theory, in-depth qualitative interviews were conducted with 12…

Bacallao, Martica L.; Smokowski, Paul R.



HIV aspartyl protease inhibitors as promising compounds against Candida albicans Andr? Luis Souza dos Santos  

PubMed Central

Cells of Candida albicans (C. albicans) can invade humans and may lead to mucosal and skin infections or to deep-seated mycoses of almost all inner organs, especially in immunocompromised patients. In this context, both the host immune status and the ability of C. albicans to modulate the expression of its virulence factors are relevant aspects that drive the candidal susceptibility or resistance; in this last case, culminating in the establishment of successful infection known as candidiasis. C. albicans possesses a potent armamentarium consisting of several virulence molecules that help the fungal cells to escape of the host immune responses. There is no doubt that the secretion of aspartyl-type proteases, designated as Saps, are one of the major virulence attributes produced by C. albicans cells, since these hydrolytic enzymes participate in a wide range of fungal physiological processes as well as in different facets of the fungal-host interactions. For these reasons, Saps clearly hold promise as new potential drug targets. Corroborating this hypothesis, the introduction of new anti-human immunodeficiency virus drugs of the aspartyl protease inhibitor-type (HIV PIs) have emerged as new agents for the inhibition of Saps. The introduction of HIV PIs has revolutionized the treatment of HIV disease, reducing opportunistic infections, especially candidiasis. The attenuation of candidal infections in HIV-infected individuals might not solely have resulted from improved immunological status, but also as a result of direct inhibition of C. albicans Saps. In this article, we review updates on the beneficial effects of HIV PIs against the human fungal pathogen C. albicans, focusing on the effects of these compounds on Sap activity, growth behavior, morphological architecture, cellular differentiation, fungal adhesion to animal cells and abiotic materials, modulation of virulence factors, experimental candidiasis infection, and their synergistic actions with classical antifungal agents.

dos Santos, Andre Luis Souza



Grupo de Pesquisa: Estrutura, Evolução e Dinâmica dos Sistemas Agroalimentares e Cadeias Agroindustriais  

Microsoft Academic Search

The article analyzes as the loss of competitiveness of the productive chain of the milk, that left of being as producing the national one to be with the fifth place, in the period between 1998 and 2001, positively influenced the dynamics of the Sectorial Chamber and Milk and Derivatives of the State of São Paulo, lea ding its members to

Apresentação Oral-Estrutura; Cadeias Agroindustriais; ROSANA DE OLIVEIRA PITHAN E SILVA; NELSON PEDRO STA



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Comparación de dos técnicas anestésicas sobre los niveles plasmáticos de marcadores inflamatorios  

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Summary Background: The aim of this work was to determine and compare plasma levels of proinflammatory cytokines (IL-1?, IL-6 and TNF-?), C-reactive protein (CRP) and lipoperoxides in patients submitted to laparoscopic cholecystectomy under general anesthesia or regional anesthesia. Methods: Two groups of 15 patients of both sexes were sub- mitted to laparoscopic cholecystectomy either with general or regional anesthesia. In

Alejandro Bravo-Cuéllar; José Enrique Romero-Ramos; Georgina Hernández-Flores; Felipe de Jesús Romo-Pérez; Luis Bravo-Cuéllar; José Manuel Lerma-Díaz



CenterTrack: An IP Overlay Network for Tracking DoS Floods  

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Finding the source of forged Internet Protocol (IP) datagrams in a large, high-speed network is di- cult due to the design of the IP protocol and the lack of sucient capability in most high-speed, high- capacity router implementations. Typically, not enough of the routers in such a network are capa- ble of performing the packet forwarding diagnostics required for this.

Robert Stone



Unidad: Las influencias culturales en el arte mexicana (Unit: Cultural Influences in Mexican Art). Dos semanas.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This two-week unit, appropriate for bilingual education settings as well as foreign language programs, deals with the three primary cultural influences found in Mexican contemporary art. The multisensory materials, pragmatic focus, and direct creative student involvement are designed to make it a microcosmic, real-life experience. The first part…

Finere, Neal


Metástasis óseas de tumor primario desconocido. Detección mediante PET-FDG de dos tumores sincrónicos  

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A 60-year-old woman presented with noncardiac chest pain over months and negative laboratory findings. Conventional imaging methods and bone scintigraphy detected bone lesions suggesting metastatic disease from an unknown primary tumor. An 18FDG-PET scan performed to orient the search for the primary tumor found focal lesions suggesting lymphoma and identified a focal thyroid lesion and a cervical lymph node accessible

J. I. Cuenca Cuenca; I. Borrego Dorado; J. R. Rodríguez Rodríguez; E. Navarro González; R. Vázquez Albertinoa




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List of mammals from Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil. The mammal fauna from Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil, is one of the least known of the country. Works on terrestrial mammals are scarce and new species of aquatic mammals have been registered in the last years. For that reason, a commented list of the mammals of Santa Catarina based on

Jorge J. Cherem; Paulo C. Simões-Lopes; Sérgio Althoff; Maurício E. Graipel; Servidão Adélia; C. Cherem



Alterações físico-químicas dos óleos de girassol, milho e soja em frituras  

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PHYSICO-CHEMICAL ALTERATIONS OF SUNFLOWER, CORN AND SOYBEAN OILS IN DEEP FAT FRYING. The aim of this study is to determine the influence of frying time on the alterations of sunflower, corn and soybean oils during deep fat frying of potato chips. The analytical methods used to evaluate the oil alterations are: free fatty acids, peroxide value, refractive index and total

Neuza Jorge; Bruno Bellei Prazeres Soares; Vanessa Martins Lunardi; Cassia Roberta Malacrida




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The spot prices theory pre-supposes a competitive or a market place energy structure, and through it, prices exert a fundamental function over demand behavior and control. Thus, the mathematical function representing demand response related to prices variation is named response function. This paper aims to establish a adequate procedure for choosing the response function, through a proper calculation of the

Ricardo Villarroel Dávalos


Ostéotomie de fermeture postérieure par impaction intracorporéale pour dos plat postopératoire  

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Purpose of the studyThere is increasing interest in sagittal balance as an important element when planning treatment of spinal deformations. Posture disorders, particularly flatback, can be observed after surgical treatment of scoliosis. The frequency of flat back syndrome has increased with the development of spinal surgery.

C. Mazel; M. Zrig; P. Antonietti; E. De Thomasson



Protecting Web Services from DoS Attacks by SOAP Message Validation  

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Though Web Services become more and more popular, not only inside closed intranets but also for inter-enterprise communications, few eorts have been made so far to secure a Web Service's availability. Existing security standards like e.g. WS-Security only address message integrity and confidentiality, and user authentication and authorization. In this article we present a system for protecting Web Services from

Nils Gruschka; Norbert Luttenberger



Mapeamento dos ambientes aquáticos e da cobertura da terra na Bacia do Rio Purus, Amazonas, Brasil  

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The present work aims to map and characterize the aquatic environments and the ways of use and occupancy of land along the basin of purus river. To implement this work were used images of optical sensor TM \\/ satellite Landsat 5. The software was used SPRING. the floodplain covers an area of 22,184 km2. The lakes dendritic present the largest

Alberto Furtado; Martins Junior


Vibration DOS of 57Fe and Zn doped rutile Sn(Sb) oxides  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Sn oxides co-doped with Zn, Sb and 57Fe were prepared by sol-gel method, and especially the doping effect of non-magnetic Zn ions was studied. The bulk saturation magnetization is in accordance with the intensity of the magnetic component in Mössbauer spectra. The nuclear inelastic scattering (NIS) spectra of these compounds were measured in SPring 8. The vibration density of states (VDOS) of 57Fe doped Sn(Sb) oxides showed that the softening peaks around 15-20 meV appeared by doping less than 10% Zn ions. The clusters of non-magnetic ZnFe2O4 may be most probably formed under the limit of XRD detections. The results suggest that the strengthening of ferromagnetism, which appears in the dilute Zn doping, may occur due to the spin arrangement of dilute Fe3 + through magnetic defects rather than the formation of magnetic iron oxides.

Nomura, Kiyoshi; Rykov, Alexandre; Németh, Zoltán; Yoda, Yoshitaka



802.11 Disassociation DoS Attack and Its Solutions: A Survey  

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Wireless local area networks provide the connectivity at low cost with greater flexibility and mobility. IEEE 802.11 is the defacto wireless standard. It was designed to provide security however it failed to do so. As a result amendments\\/enhancements were made to overcome the flaws by first introducing Wi-Fi protected access (WPA) and then IEEE 802.11i. But both these enhancements failed

B. Aslam; M. H. Islam; S. A. Khan



NGC 2849 y NGC 6134: dos cúmulos abiertos más para el proyecto BOCCE  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The "Bologna Open Cluster Chemical Evolution" (BOCCE) project is a photometric and spectroscopic survey of Galactic open clusters (OCs), to be used as tracers of the properties and evolution of the Galactic disk. The main OCs parameters are derived in a precise and homogeneous way, and they will be used, for example, to determine the metallicity distribution in the Galactic disk and how it has evolved with time. We present here part of our last effort, concerning the photometric data obtained for NGC 2849 and NGC 6134. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Ahumada, A. V.; Bragaglia, A.; Cignoni, M.; Donati, P.; Tosi, M.; Marconi, G.


Determinación fotométrica de parámetros fundamentales de dos cúmulos abiertos del cuarto cuadrante Galáctico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present preliminary results obtained from a photometric analysis in the Washington system C and T_{1} passbands of two poorly known open clusters (OCs) located in the fourth Galactic quadrant: BH 84 and BH 211. Based on the best fits of theoretical isochrones to the (T_1,C-T_1) colour- magnitude diagrams, we derive the fundamental cluster parameters. The present results are part of a major project which aims to characterize almost a hundred OCs observed and analyzed in a homogeneous way. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Marcionni, N.; Parisi, M. C.; Clariá, J. J.; Ahumada, A. V.; Palma, T.; Piatti, A. E.


Impacto da redução dos encargos trabalhistas sobre a formalização e o salário das empregadas domésticas  

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O presente artigo faz uma avaliação da polarização de renda no Brasil para os anos de 1981 e 2003. Após diferenciar os conceitos de polarização e de desigualdade de renda, calculamos o índice de polarização da renda no Brasil, com base na metodologia proposta por Esteban, Gradin e Ray (1999). Os resultados indicam que a bipolarização se manteve praticamente constante

Maria Isabel Accoroni Theodoro; Luiz Guilherme Scorzafave



Salivary cortisol in ambulatory assessment--some dos, some don'ts, and some open questions.  


The impact of stress on health and disease is an important research topic in psychosomatic medicine. Because research on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis regulation under controlled laboratory studies lacks ecological validity, it needs to be complemented by a research program that includes momentary ambulatory assessment. The measurement of salivary cortisol offers the possibility to trace the free steroid hormone concentrations in ambulant settings. Therefore, in this article, we first discuss the role of salivary cortisol in ambulatory monitoring. We start with a brief description of HPA axis regulation, and we then consider cortisol assessments in other organic materials, followed by a presentation of common salivary markers of HPA axis regulation suitable for ambulatory assessment. We further provide an overview on assessment designs and sources of variability within and between subjects (intervening variables), acknowledge the issue of (non)compliance, and address statistical aspects. We further give an overview of associations with psychosocial and health-related variables relevant for ambulatory assessment. Finally, we deal with preanalytical aspects of laboratory salivary cortisol analysis. The relative simplicity of salivary cortisol assessment protocols may lead to an overoptimistic view of the robustness of this method. We thus discuss several important issues related to the collection and storage of saliva samples and present empirical data on the stability of salivary cortisol measurements over time. PMID:22582339

Kudielka, Brigitte M; Gierens, Andrea; Hellhammer, Dirk H; Wüst, Stefan; Schlotz, Wolff



DevR (DosR) binding peptide inhibits adaptation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis under hypoxia.  


DevR is a key regulator of the dormancy response in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tb). Using DevR as bait to screen a phage display library, a peptide, DevRS1, was obtained. DevRS1 inhibited DevR-regulated transcription and survival of nonreplicating tubercle bacilli in a hypoxia model of dormancy. DevRS1 peptide-mediated inhibition demonstrates the efficacy of intercepting DevR function to block hypoxic adaptation of M. tb. PMID:22372912

Dhingra, Sakshi; Kaur, Kohinoor; Taneja, Neetu K; Tyagi, Jaya S



Statistical image reconstruction via denoised ordered-subset statistically penalized algebraic reconstruction technique (DOS-SPART)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Statistical Image Reconstruction (SIR) often involves a balance of two requirements: the first requirement is enforcing a minimal difference between the forward projection of the reconstructed image with the measured projection data and the second requirement enforcing some kind of image smoothness, which depends on the specific selection of regularizer, to reduce the noise in the reconstructed image. The needed delicate balance between these two requirements in the numerical implementations often slow down the reconstruction speed due to either a degradation in convergence rate of the algorithm or a degradation of parallellizability of the numerical implementation algorithms. In this work, a general numerical implementation strategy has been proposed to allow the SIR algorithms to be implemented in two decoupled and alternating steps. The first step using SIR without any regularizer which allows for the use of the well-known ordered subset (OS) strategy to accelerate the image reconstruction. The second step solves a denoising problem without involving the data fidelity term. The alternation of these two decoupled steps enable one to perform SIR with both high convergence rate and high parallellizability. The total variation norm of the image has been used as an example of regularizers to illustrate the proposed numerical implementation strategy. Numerical simulations have been performed to validate the proposed algorithm. The noise-spatial resolution tradeoff curve and convergence speed of the algorithm have been investigated and compared against the conventional gradient descent based implementation strategy.

Li, Yinsheng; Niu, Kai; Tang, Jie; Chen, Guang-Hong



Datacao de obsidianas com o metodo dos tracos de fissao. (Obsidian dating by fission track method).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The fission track method was employed to obtain the age of twelve obsidian samples from Ecuador. By using the plateau-age correction method, we obtained the true age of each sample and were able to identify four groups of ages in the studied area. We stud...

A. M. O. Araya



One? "Dos" Drei. A Study of Code Switching in Child Trilingualism  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This longitudinal study focuses on the language production of two siblings, aged 6 and 9 at the beginning of the data collection period, who have been brought up in a bilingual family in New York. The parents of the two girls are native speakers of German and Spanish, respectively, and English for them is the language of education and the larger…

Davidiak, Elena




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One of the worries of a blood infusion device is to deliver without cause rupture on red blood cells. Giving importance to the assumptions made about the effects of infusion pumps in infusion of blood, carried out scientific research comparing two different types of infusion pumps on the blood cell integrity through diffuse reflectance measurements and by haemolysis analyses. In

Lucyanne Araujo Braz; Katia Calligaris Rodrigues; Roberto Pizarro Sanches; Adr iano Moraes da Silva; Renato A. Zângaro


Estudo da distribuicao da temperatura superficial do mar, na regiao da Central Nuclear de Angra dos Reis - Missao Angra 01. (Study of sea surface temperature distribution, in Angra dos Reis Nuclear Plant region - Mission Angra 01).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A study of spectral and temporal variations of sea surface temperature, using data obtained from level of satellite, aircraft and surface, with the purpose of evaluate and plot the small scale variations of sea surface temperature, due to thermal discharg...

M. R. Stevenson, C. A. Steffen, H. M. I. Villagra



Efeito dos sólidos dissolvidos da madeira no desempenho do processo kraft Effect of wood dissolved solids on kraft process performance  

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Many studies have shown that kraft-pulping yield can be improved by xylan re-adsorption into the pulp dur- ing cooking. Kraft black liquor contains a significant fraction of wood xylans, being an important source of these macromolecules. This study evaluated the effect of different additions of black liquor (25, 50, 75 and 100% v\\/v) on conventional kraft pulping. Cooking was conducted

Dalton Longue Júnior; Jorge Luiz Colodette; Fernando José Borges Gomes; Marcela Freitas



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Resumo Pretendeu-se identificar as percepções de professores de 1ºCEB, sobre as suas dificuldades sobre a educação sexual e analisar alguns factores individuais com influência nestas concepções. Os dados recolhidos por um questionário construído para o efeito foram tratados estatisticamente no programa SPSS. Os resultados sugerem maiores dificuldades na área de expressões da sexualidade e menores na de relações interpessoais. Como



Impacto dos transtornos depressivos e ansiosos sobre as manifestações da menopausa Impact of depressive and anxiety disorders over menopause manifestations  

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Objective: To establish for the first time in a Brazilian outpatient sample the impact of depressive and anxiety disorders over the symptoms of the Blatt-Kupperman menopausal index (B-K). Methods: Women (n = 86) receiving care in the menopause clinic at Instituto de Ginecologia da Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro were consecutively assessed using a structured diagnostic instrument (MINI 4.4)

Andre Barciela Veras; Arabella Rassi; Livia Mitsue; Gomes Yukizaki; Luisa Duarte Novo; Flávia Schueler Franco; Antonio Egídio Nardi


Participação social nos serviços de saúde: concepções dos usuários e líderes comunitários em dois municípios do Nordeste do Brasil  

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Social participation in management of the health care system at different levels of government is one of the key policies promoted by the Unified National Health System (SUS) in Brazil. As with any new policy, success hinges on several factors such as stakeholders' interests and opinions, which have not always been considered in the past. This paper analyzes the un-

María Luisa Vázquez; Maria Rejane Ferreira da Silva; Eliane Siqueira Campos; Ilma Kruze Grande de Arruda; Alcides da Silva Diniz; Ida Leite Veras; Ana Paula Campos Pereira



(BARS) -- Bibliographic Retrieval System, Sandia Shock Compression (SSC) database Shock Physics Index (SPHINX). PC\\/DOS version 4.0  

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The Bibliographic Retrieval System (BARS) is a database management system specially designed to retrieve bibliographic references. Two databases are available, (i) the Sandia Shock Compression (SSC) database which contains over 5600 references to the literature related to stress waves in solids and their applications, and (ii) the Shock Physics Index (SPHINX) which includes over 6200 further references to stress waves

W. Herrmann; T. J. Parker; K. Mulholland




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Abstract This paper examines,the water use in international rivers and analyses the Tigris- Euphrates basin. The issue of water,use in river systems shared by more,than two countries starts gaining importance in 1815, when the first treaty that sought to create rules for navigation in international rivers was brought to force. From the 1920s on, the use of water has been

Armando Álvares Penteado-FAAP



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Proper irrigation planning and scheduling require the availability of accurate, quick and easy to use tools. The SIMDualKc software application was developed with this purpose to compute crop evapotranspiration and irrigation scheduling using the dual crop coefficient approach (Kcb + Ke). SIMDualKc performs the soil water balance at field level, using a daily time step. This model was validated using

P. Godinho; B. Sequeira; P. Paredes; L. S. Pereira


Buen Comienzo, Buen Futuro: El Bebe de Dos Meses (Healthy Start, Grow Smart: Your Two-Month-Old).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Distributed by the U.S. Departments of Agriculture, Education, and Health and Human Services, this Spanish-language pamphlet provides parents with information and advice about their infants in the second month of life. The pamphlet outlines typical infant behavior at 2 months of age, the need for regular visits to a physician, health insurance,…

Department of Education, Washington, DC.


Caracterização dos casos de violência doméstica contra a mulher atendidos em dois hospitais públicos do Rio de Janeiro  

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This paper aims at: (a) to analyze the distribution of the cases of domestic violence against women (adolescent and adult) in relation to emergency care due to external causes; (b) to characterize the victims and the rendered care; (c) to analyze the circumstances in which events happened. In methodological terms, it tries to articulate the quantitative and qualitative approaches. The

Suely F. Deslandes; Cosme Marcelo; Furtado Passos da Silva


A psicologia feminista e a violência contra as mulheres na intimidade: a (re)construção dos espaços terapêuticos  

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RESUMO: O presente documento constitui uma reflexão crítica so- bre os pressupostos gerais das metodologias feministas aplicados ao exercício da Psicologia especificamente em contextos terapêuticos. É feita uma breve alusão ao enquadramento histórico que esteve subjacente à emergência da Psicologia feminista, bem como aos prin- cípios que estiveram na base do desenvolvimento de novas e inovado- ras práticas terapêuticas dirigidas,

Sofia Neves; Conceição Nogueira



Dose/Surface Charging and Plasma Monitor (DOS/SCM) Flight Model 2 - HiLET Subsystem Critical Design Review.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report documents the critical design review for the High Linear Energy Transfer (HiLET) instrument subsystem of the Dose/Surface Charging and Plasma Monitor Flight Model 2. The design review took place on 15 January 2004 at The Aerospace Corporation,...

J. E. Mazur W. R. Crain C. N. Camacho A. Y. Lin D. J. Mabry



Remote sensing of ecosystem light use efficiency with MODIS-based PRI - the DOs and DON'Ts  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Several studies sustained the possibility that a photochemical reflectance index (PRI) directly obtained from satellite data can be used as a proxy for ecosystem light use efficiency (LUE) in diagnostic models of gross primary productivity. This modelling approach would avoid the complications that are involved in using meteorological data as constraints for a fixed maximum LUE. However, no unifying model predicting LUE across climate zones and time based on MODIS PRI has been published to date. In this study, we evaluate the efficiency with which MODIS-based PRI can be used to estimate ecosystem light use efficiency at study sites of different plant functional types and vegetation densities. Our objective is to examine if known limitations such as dependance on viewing and illumination geometry can be overcome and a single PRI-based model of LUE (i.e. based on the same reference band) can be applied under a wide range of conditions. Furthermore, we were interested in the effect of using different faPAR (fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation) products on the in-situ LUE used as ground truth and thus on the whole evaluation exercise. We found that estimating LUE at site-level based on PRI reduces uncertainty compared to the approaches relying on a maximum LUE reduced by minimum temperature and vapour pressure deficit. Despite the advantages of using PRI to estimate LUE at site-level, we could not establish an universally applicable light use efficiency model based on MODIS PRI. Models that were optimised for a pool of data from several sites did not perform well.

Goerner, A.; Reichstein, M.; Tomelleri, E.; Hanan, N.; Rambal, S.; Papale, D.; Dragoni, D.; Schmullius, C.



A comercialização do produto turístico associado à infra-estrutura e desenvolvimento: análise da Rota dos Tropeiros\\/PR  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article understand the development of tourist attraction, the Route Tropeiros, permeated by municipalities paranaenses of Lapa, Ponta Grossa, Castro and Tibagi. The research aimed to make the process of development of tourism and its forms of marketing, identifying the attractiveness of these four cities that permeate the fate of Route Tropeiros. The research is a qualitative and exploratory research,

Lina Juliana; Tavares Viana; Daniela Rodrigues da Cunha; Francisco Antônio dos Anjos



Comparison of two sampling methods for biomonitoring using aquatic macroinvertebrates in the Dos Novillos River, Costa Rica  

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Benthic macroinvertebrates are the most commonly suggested group of organisms for freshwater biomonitoring and have been extensively studied in temperate areas. On the other hand, the methodology and theoretical background of biomonitoring have not yet been sufficiently adapted to tropical aquatic environments. The main focus of this study was the testing and comparison of two different collection methods in order

Heide Stein; Monika Springer; Bert Kohlmann



Validade da velocidade crítica para a determinação dos efeitos do treinamento no limiar anaeróbio em corredores de endurance  

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Validity of the critical velocity for determination of the training effects on the anaerobic threshold in endurance runners. The objective of this study was to analyze the validity of the critical velocity (CV) to evaluate the anaerobic threshold (AnT), before and after two different training programs in endurance athletes. Seventeen male runners (33.4 ± 4.4 years; 62.7 ± 4.3 kg;

BS Denadai; MJ Ortiz; S Stella; MT Mello


Avaliação dos dados MODIS para o estudo da cobertura vegetal da Floresta Nacional do Tapajós no estado do Pará  

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This paper presents an evaluation of Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) images for studying vegetation cover in the Tapajós National Forest region, located in the Pará State, Amazon region. For this, MODIS image at 250 m (pixel resolution) obtained in different season of the year are analyzed to discriminate and characterize forested and converted areas in this study site. MODIS



Total Library Computerization, Version 2: A DOS-Based Program from On Point, Inc., for Managing Small to Midsized Libraries.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reviews the Total Library Computerization program, which can be used to manage small to midsized libraries. Discusses costs; operating system requirements; security features; user-interface styles; and system modules including online cataloging, circulation, serials control, acquisitions, authorities control, and interlibrary loan. (Author/JMV)

Combs, Joseph, Jr.




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In the Bannach area, southeastern Pará state, diabasic, andesitic, dacitic and rhyolitic dykes swarms are found. These dykes crosscut the Archaean units (Rio Maria Granodiorite, Mogno Trondhjemite, greenstone-belts) and locally the Paleoproterozoic Bannach anorogenic granite of the Rio Maria Granite-Greenstone Terrane (TGGRM), southeastern portion of the Central Amazonian province, eastern edge of the Amazonian craton. The values of magnetic susceptibility

Ana Tayla Rodrigues Ferreira; José de Arimatéia; Costa de Almeida; Roberto Dall' Agnol


76 FR 58074 - 30-Day Notice of Proposed Information Collection: DS-7001 and DS-7005, DOS-Sponsored Academic...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Collection The Department of State collects this information to identify qualified candidates from Eurasia and South Central Asia for exchange activities sponsored by the Office of Academic Exchange Programs. Methodology Applications are...



Pismis 23 y BH 222: dos cúmulos abiertos altamente enrojecidos ubicados más allá del brazo espiral de Sagitario  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present CCD BVI photometry of the two open cluster candidates Pismis 23 and BH 222, both projected close to the direction towards the Galactic centre. Both the analysis of the colour-magnitude diagrams (CMDs), and star counts in the regions of the two objects, support their physical reality. Pismis 23 presents a main sequence and other clearly visible features in the CMDs. For this cluster we derive colour excesses E(B-V) = 2.0 ± 0.1 and E(V-I) = 2.6 ± 0.1, a distance from the Sun d = (2.5 ± 0.6) kpc and an age of (300 ± 100) Myr. BH 222 is a young stellar aggregate formed by a main sequence and a conspicuous group of luminous stars, typically supergiants. For this cluster we derive E(V-I) = 2.4 ± 0.2, d = (6.0 ± 2.7) kpc and an age of (60 ± 30) Myr. Both objects, located beyond Sagittarius arm and projected close to the direction towards the Galactic centre, are among the most distant and reddened known open clusters.

Piatti, A. E.; Clariá, J. J.



Microsoft Academic Search

This paper presents the main findings of an exploratory research carried out through the 14 largest electricity companies of the Brazilian electricity industry, with the purpose of understanding the management concepts of the current quality of work life programs at the electricity sector. This study analyzed the bio-psycho-social aspects of the programs and its main focus: legal requirements, paternalism or



Survey of network-based defense mechanisms countering the DoS and DDoS problems  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article presents a survey of denial of service attacks and the methods that have been proposed for defense against these attacks. In this survey, we analyze the design decisions in the Internet that have created the potential for denial of service attacks. We review the state-of-art mechanisms for defending against denial of service attacks, compare the strengths and weaknesses

Tao Peng; Christopher Leckie; Kotagiri Ramamohanarao



Pénfigo paraneoplásico\\/síndrome multiorgánico autoinmune paraneoplásico. Presentación de dos casos en la edad infantil. Revisión de la literatura  

Microsoft Academic Search

Paraneoplastic pemphigus is an autoimmune blistering disease associated with an occult or previously diagnosed tumor. Its clinical, histological, and immunological features have been clearly defined. It is characterized by the presence of polymorphic skin lesions and by erosions of the oral and genital mucosas that are refractory to conventional treatments. The histology can be variable and includes acantholysis or lichenoid

A. B. Cervini; V. Tosi; S. H. Kim; M. Bocian; G. Chantada; C. Nousari; O. G. Carballo; A. M. Pierini



Técnicas avançadas de sensoriamento remoto aplicadas ao estudo de mudanças climáticas e ao funcionamento dos ecossistemas amazônicos  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper aims to assess the contribution of remote sensing technology in addressing key questions raised by the Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA). The answers to these questions foster the knowledge on the climatic, biogechemical and hydrologic functioning of the Amazon, as well as on the impact of human activities at regional and global scales. Remote sensing methods

Evlyn Márcia Leão de Moraes Novo; Laerte Guimaraes Ferreira; Cláudio Barbosa; Claudio Carvalho; Edson E. Sano; Yosio Shimabukuro; Alfreado Huete; Christopher Potter; Dar. A. Roberts; Laura L. Hess; John J. Melack; Hiroki Yoshioka; Steven Klooster; Vipin Kumar; Ranga Myneni; Piyachat Ratana; Kamel Didan; Tomoaki Miura




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The services provided by the pollinators are directly linked to the reproductive success of the plants, since the transference of the pollen (genetic flow) up to the production of fruits and seeds. Five groups of floral visitors of the umbuzeiro were identified: bees (5 species), ants (6 species), wasps (6 species) and flies (8 families). The potencial pollinators were: Apis

Lílian Santos Barreto; Synara Mattos Leal; Joseane Costa dos Anjos; Marina Siqueira de Castro


Criterios tomograficos dos gliomas do tronco encefalico nas criancas. (Tomographic criteria of gliomas in the brain stem in infants).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The relationship between Computed Tomography Imaging, histopathological and prognostic data is evaluated by reviewing 37 cases of brain stem neoplasm in infants. The results indicate a presence of a cystic lesion with solid mural nodule as the single prog...

M. A. Machado Junior M. Bracchi L. D'Incerti A. Passerini




EPA Science Inventory

This ninth edition reports on a workshop on global climate change that was held in Cairo, Egypt, on May 10-12, 1999. The workshop represented a successful partnership between EPA's Office of International Affairs, Office of Research and Development (ORD), Office of Air and Radiat...


Semi-analytical model for the Seebeck coefficient in semiconductors with isotropic DOS given by a power function  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The relations for the Seebeck coefficient in a semiconductor with the isotropic density of states given by a power function are introduced within the scope of a semi-analytical model, which is based on the theoretical relations given by the foundations of the semiconductor physics as well as on experimentally defined temperature dependences of various semiconductor characteristics, but does not include any adjustable parameters. Between those characteristics the major role plays the intrinsic carrier concentration. It was demonstrated that although the introduced model is based on the simplified Maxwell-Boltzmann statistic, it is not compromised by this choice. A comparison with experimental data for five different semiconductors proves its ability to provide reliable predictions over a wide range of parameters (temperature, dopant type and concentration) not only for non-degenerated wide bandgap semiconductors (Si, Ge) but also for InAs, which represents partly degenerated narrow bandgap semiconductors with a non-parabolic density of states. Even in the case of a HgCdTe, with its extremely narrow bandgap and complex temperature dependence of the carrier concentration, the model is in good agreement with experimental data. The semi-analytical nature of the introduced model and its dependence on the abundance and reliability of the used experimental data were discussed on the example of Bi2Te3. Although the relative deficiency and controversy of the experimental results in this case significantly impede the model's applicability, it is still able to give at least qualitative predictions, which are nevertheless better than the results of the calculation of the thermopower from first principles. Being primarily addressed to the experimental community, the model provides simple relations in the case of the parabolic non-intrinsic semiconductor for thermoelectric voltage and for optimal dopant concentration for the thermogenerator within the known working temperature range, which can be useful in real-life `energy harvesting' applications.

Ibragimov, A.




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O objetivo do artigo é o cálculo de parâmetros usualmente adotados na literatura sobre previdência social, como as taxas de reposição previdenciária, alíquotas de contribuição atuarialmente justa e valores presentes de contribuições e de benefícios, para o caso brasileiro. Os cálculos são feitos para a Aposentadoria por Tempo de Contribuição (ATC) do Regime Geral de Previdência Social (RGPS) do INSS.

Daniela de Almeida Lima; Luís Eduardo Afonso



Mortalidade materna: um estudo dos níveis e das causas de óbitos no México e no Brasil entre 2000 e 2004  

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A mortalidade materna se apresenta como um grave problema social e de saúde pública, representando um importante indicador para avaliar as condições de assistência à saúde feminina. A preocupação com as mortes maternas está relacionada principalmente às repercussões sociais e econômicas que a morte de uma mulher acarreta para as famílias. Isto porque as mulheres assumem atribuições centrais na organização

Ana Paula Belon


Prevalence of dyslipidemia and risk factors in Campos dos Goytacazes, in the Brazilian State of Rio de Janeiro  

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(P<0.001), male sex (P<0.001), low familial income (P<0.001), familial history (P<0.01), overweight\\/obesity (P<0.001), waist measure (P<0.001), high blood pressure (P<0.001), and diabetes mellitus (P<0.001). The following variables had no influence on dyslipidemias: ethnicity, edu- cational level, smoking habits, and sedentary lifestyle. Conclusion - The frequency of lipid changes in the population studied was high, suggesting that measures for the early

Luiz José de Souza; João Tadeu Damian Souto Filho; Thiago Ferreira de Souza; Aldo Franklin Ferreira Reis; Carlos Gicovate Neto; Diogo Assed Bastos; Vitor Azevedo Côrtes; Félix Elias Barros Chalita; Cláudio Luiz Teixeira



Evaluation of PTW Seven29 for tomotherapy patient-specific quality assurance and comparison with ScandiDos Delta4  

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For routine quality assurance of helical tomotherapy plans, an alternative method, as opposed to the TomoTherapy suggested cylindrical solid water phantom with film and ionization chamber, is proposed using the PTW Seven29 2D-ARRAY inserted in a dedicated octagonal phantom, called Octavius. First, the sensitivity of the array to pitch was studied by varying the pitch during planning to 0.287, 0.433, 1.0, and 2.0. For each pitch selected, the dependence on field size was investigated by generating plans with field widths (FWs) of 1.06 cm, 2.49 cm, and 5.02 cm, for a total of 12 plans. Secondly, a total of 15 patient QA plans were delivered using helical tomotherapy with the Delta4 and Seven29/Octavius for comparison. Using the clinical gamma criteria, 3% and 3 mm, all FW and pitch plans had a passing percentage of >90%. For patient QA plans, the average gamma pass percentage was 97.0% (94.4–99.8%) for the Delta4 and 97.6% (92.5-100.0%) for the Seven29/Octavius. Both the Seven29/Octavius and Delta4 performed to a high standard of measurement accuracy and had a 90% or greater gamma percent for all plans and were considered clinically acceptable.

Myers, Pamela; Stathakis, Sotirios; Gutierrez, Alonso N.; Esquivel, Carlos; Mavroidis, Panayiotis; Papanikolaou, Niko




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Because of the scarcity of words about the periphytic algae in estuarine environments in the Northeast of Brazil, it was done the present study about the periphytic diatoms. The studied material was from three stations of collections, previously established, across the estuaries of the rivers Paripe and Igarassu, Itamaracá Island. Here it was collected, monthly, during the period of 12

Maria da Glória; Goncalves da Silva; Enide Eskinazi



Contribuicao ao estudo dos ditionatos de terras-raras. (Contribution for the studies of rare earth dithionates).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The main objective of this work is the synthesis and investigation of some properties of rare earth dithionates. The rare earth dithionates were prepared from the respective sulphates, by the reaction of the latter with BaS sub(2) O sub(6) in aqueous solu...

L. C. Schmitz




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Abstract: Input price volatility creates pressures for price adjustments, interfering in contracts between buyer and sales in petrochemical chain. One of the remarkable results pointed out by Fan (1998) is the role of price instability and uncertainty in the levels of vertical integration of the industry. This paper deals with the role of raw material price formula, basically nafta prices

José Maria F. J. da Silveira; Emerson Fernandes Marçal



Perfi l dos casos de meningite internados no Hospital Materno Infantil de Marília, São Paulo, entre 2000 e 2005  

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Objective: To analyze the epidemiologic profi le of me- ningitis in children admitted to the Maternal and Child Hospital of Marília, São Paulo, Brazil, after the introduction of Haemophilus infl uenzae type b vaccine. Methods: This analytical, descriptive and retrospective study enrolled patients from one month to 15 years old, admitted to the hospital with meningitis between Janu- ary\\/2000 to

Fausto Flor Carvalho; André Carvalho Kreuz; Danilo Gomes de Carvalho; Marcelo José Pádua


Termodecomposicao dos glicoheptonatos de lantanideos (III) e de itrio (III). (Thermodecomposition of lanthanides (III) and ytrium (III) glucoheptonates).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The lanthanides (III) and yttrium (III) glucoheptonates as well the D-glucoheptono 1-4 lactone were studied using common analytical methods, elemental microanalysis of carbon and hydrogen, thermogravimetry and differential scanning calorimetry. These comp...

J. Giolito




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Even though inventory is necessary to mantain operation continuity, they commit a significant amount of resources which could be employed on other projects. Oil industry in general operates with large lead times, when compared to other industrial sectors, so the inventory maintained may reach million of cubic meters in order to assure a competitive service level, so that capital costs

Angelo A. M. Freitas; Emilia V. Barbetta; Marcio S. Audi; Rubens M. Oshiro


[Implementation of indigenous people's health policy in Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: obstacles and prospects].  


This article discusses the Brazilian National Policy for Indigenous People's Health, formulated in the 1990s as part of the national Health Reform Movement and based on the creation (in 1999) of the Indigenous Healthcare Sub-System. Coordinated at the central government level under the administration of the National Health Foundation/Ministry of Health, the implementation of this sub-system required adaptations in the organization of health services systems at the local level, with the creation of Special Indigenous Health Districts. This configuration showed the need for dialogue and negotiation among the various institutions involved with indigenous affairs, from the perspective of overcoming various conflicts and operational difficulties. The current analysis identifies the difficulties in the implementation of a differentiated indigenous health policy under federal responsibility and within the decentralized Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS), since the absence of specific mechanisms and instruments regulating the operationalization of these services at the local level and the lack of more effective supervision and on-going evaluation of this policy mean that differentiated care for the indigenous population is subject to both the vices and virtues of local policy. PMID:16501742

Chaves, Maria de Betania Garcia; Cardoso, Andrey Moreira; Almeida, Celia



The Dos and Don'ts of how to Build a Planet, Using the Moon as an Example  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The bulk chemical compositions of planets may yield important clues concerning planetary origins. Failing that, bulk compositions are still important, in that they constrain calculation of planetary mineralogies and also constrain the petrogenesis of basaltic magmas. In the case of the Earth, there is little or no debate about the composition of the Earth's upper mantle. This is because our sample collections contain peridotitic xenoliths of that mantle. The most fertile of these are believed to have been little modified from their primary compositions. Using these samples and chondritic meteorites as a starting point, small perturbations on the compositions of existing samples allow useful reconstruction of the bulk silicate Earth (BSE). Elsewhere, I have argued that the next simplest case is the Eucrite Parent Body (EPB). Reconstructions based on Sc partitioning indicate that the EPB can be well approximated by a mixture of 20% eucrite and 80% equilibrium olivine. This leads to a parent body that is similar to CO (or devolatilized CM) chondrites. Partial melting experiments on CM chondrites confirm this model, because the residual solids in these experiments are dominated by olivine with minor pigonite [3]. The most difficult bodies to reconstruct are those that have undergone the most differentiation. Both the Moon and Mars may have passed through a magma ocean stage. In any event, lunar and martian basalts, unlike eucrites, were not derived from undifferentiated source regions. Reconstructions are primarily based on compositional trends within the basalts themselves with some critical assumptions: (i) Refractory lithophile elements (Ca, Al, REE, actinides) are presumed to be in chondritic relative abundances; and (ii) some major element ratio is believed to exist in a chondritic ratio (e.g., Mg/Si, Mg/Al). The most commonly used parameter is Mg/Si.

Jones, J. H.



Coleta de dados de enfermagem em unidade coronária: validação de instrumento Nursing data collection in a coronary unit: instrument validation  

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A coleta de dados é fundamental para todo o processo de enfermagem, constituindo o alicerce no qual se baseiam as etapas seguintes. O objetivo deste trabalho foi validar um instrumento de coleta de dados e elaborar um roteiro instrucional para a utilização deste pelos enfermeiros da Unidade Coronária (Ucor). METODOLOGIA: a técnica de entrevista utilizada, foi a de grupo focal,

Léa C. L. Corrêa; Lúcia M. Beccaria; Renée C. Amorim; Sirley S. Pacheco; Simone Vacondio; Petronilha B. Fechio



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The productivity of the rice is affected by several factors, among which are the diseases caused by fungus that can cause reduction in yield, in the physiologic and sanitary quality of the seed. The objective of this work was to verify the loss in yield caused by leaf diseases in irrigated rice and the efficiency of fungicides control with one

Leandro Jose Dallagnol; Lucas Navarini; Ricardo Silveiro Balardin; Alisson Gosenheimer; Anderson Antonelo Maffini



Considerações a respeito da ansiedade em jovens atletas a partir dos estágios psicossociais do desenvolvimento Considerations about the anxiety in young athletes from stages of psychosocial development  

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This review aims to consider the process of structu ring the anxiety within the theory of Psychosocial Development Erik Erikson and discuss the issue of l imitation of the studies of anxiety in sports. Thus , it is understood that the mechanisms of anxiety in the sp orting context can influence the performance of athletes and therefore a methodology for

Robério Silva de Paiva; Thaísa Vilhena Silva


Efeitos dos procedimentos de videofeedback e modelação em vídeo na mudança de comportamentos maternos Videofeedback and video modeling: effects of both procedures in mother's behavior changes  

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The objective of this work is to compare results of the use of videofeedback and video modeling procedures in parent training of preschool children about the agility to produce changes in behaviors related to the use of the diferencial reinforcement (to increase the positive attention to appropriate behaviors and to decrease the negative attention and punishment to inadequate behaviors). Two

Cynthia Borges de Moura; Edwiges Ferreira de Mattos; Fernanda Marques Jacovozzi; Kamila Alves da Silva; Ligia Tristão Casanova


As exportações e a competitividade dos complexos madeireiro e papeleiro paranaenses Exportations and competitiveness of the lumber and paper industries in the state of Paraná  

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The article analyzes the behavior and competitiveness of exportations in the State of Paraná of the Lumber and Paper Industries between 1990-2002, as well as the factors that determine the exportations performance and their interaction with the Lumber and Paper Industries international trade. The concentration index Hirschman-Hefindahl (IHH) is used to verify the evolution of the exportation markets concentration as

Pedro Silva Carvalho; Vanderlei José Sereia; Márcia Regina; Gabardo da Camara


Interpretacao dos dados de analises de iodo-131 na urina segundo o ICRP-35. (Iodine-131 urinalyses data interpretation according to ICRP-35).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In this paper is presented a statistical survey of the data obtained from Iodine-131 analysis in urine for individual internal monitoring between 1982 and 1986, among the workers of the Radioisotope Processing Department of the IPEN-CNEN/SP. The evaluatio...

C. L. Duarte J. C. G. Gaburo E. P. Rangel



A Method for Calculating Bidimensional Fourier-Bessel Transformation Functions Um Metodo Para Calculo DOS Coeficientes DA Transformada de Fourier-Bessel Bidimensional.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Gauss quadrature method is extended for the two dimensional case with restriction of the abcissas in order to obtain coefficients for Fourier-Bessel series expansion. A table of zeros for the Bessel functions is included.

J. A. G. Pereira L. G. M. Filho



El Proyecto Cunningham: Dos Idiomas; Muchos Paises, 1995-96 (The Cunningham Project: Two Languages, Many Countries, 1995-96). Research Report on Educational Grants.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report presents an evaluation of a two-way bilingual program in English and Spanish at the Cunningham Elementary School (Texas). The program was designed to extend and expand educational reform by shifting the instructional program at the school over the 5-year time span from a transitional bilingual program to a two-way bilingual, or dual…

Houston Independent School District, TX. Dept. of Research and Evaluation.


Linfoma primario cutáneo B de célula grande difuso tipo piernas según la nueva clasificación de la OMS-EORTC. dos casos  

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Primary cutaneous lymphomas are a heterogeneous group of lymphoproliferative disorders characterized by skin involvement with no evidence of systemic disease at the time of diagnosis. Their clinical behavior is generally indolent, and only occasionally is the development of extracutaneous disease observed. Since the 1980s, primary cutaneous B-cell lymphomas have been considered a specific group of lymphomas, differentiated from both T-cell

Buenaventura Hernández-Machín; Ricardo Fernández-Misa; Juan L. Alfonso; Carmen Marrero; Leopoldo Borrego



[Prevalence of anodontia in 2nd level students in Sao Jose dos Campos-correlation between third molar anomalies and other teeth].  


The authors studied 201 school children form both sexes, aging 12 to 14 years, in order to identify anodontia, including in third molars. The results indicated a congenital absence of teeth in 24.37% of the examined children, distributed into 10.44% of boys and 13.93% of girls. Anodontia was observed concerning third molar teeth and other teeth, and the correlation was calculated by the total, sex, and hemiarch. The data were presented and discussed, and the results included several conclusions. PMID:2099557

de Melo Castilho, J C; Nicodemo, R A; Bazzarella, C B; de Moraes, L C



A software oscilloscope for DOS computers with an integrated remote control for a video tape recorder. The assignment of acoustic events to behavioural observations.  


With only a little knowledge of programming IBM compatible computers in Basic, it is possible to create a digital software oscilloscope with sampling rates up to 17 kHz (depending on the CPU- and bus-speed). The only additional hardware requirement is a common sound card compatible with the Soundblaster. The system presented in this paper is built to analyse the direction a flying bat is facing during sound emission. For this reason the system works with some additional hardware devices, in order to monitor video sequences at the computer screen, overlaid by an online oscillogram. Using an RS232-interface for a Panasonic video tape recorder both the oscillogram and the video tape recorder can be controlled simultaneously and moreover be analysed frame by frame. Not only acoustical events, but also APs, myograms, EEGs and other physiological data can be digitized and analysed in combination with the behavioural data of an experimental subject. PMID:8925649

Höller, P



Agar from two coexisting species of Gracilaria (Gracilariaceae) from the Mexican Caribbean Agar de dos especies coexistentes de Gracilaria (Gracilariaceae) del Caribe mexicano  

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Gracilaria cornea and G. crassissima are similar species that coexist at Bajo Pepito in the Mexican Caribbean. Differences in agar properties from both species were determined for two reproductive categories: carposporic and undetermined, the latter mainly composed of tetrasporophytes. Agar yield (AY), agar gel strength (GS), 3,6-anhydrogalactose content (AG) and sulfate content (S) of native and alkali-treated agar were determined

Julio Espinoza-Avalos; Enrique Hernández-Garibay; José A. Zertuche-González




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The objective of the present study was to investigate the interaction between three light qualities (red, white and blue) and two nitrogen levels (IRRI +N and IRRI -N) on the simbiosis Azolla filiculoides - Anabaena azollae through the evaluation of parameters such as: Growth rate of vegetative cells and heterocists, chlorophyll, protein and proline contents and the nitrogenase and nitrate

Javier Mosquera Lenti; Abelardo Calderón Rodriguez


AVALIAÇÃO DA HIDRATAÇÃO DOS ALUNOS DO CURSO DE FORMAÇÃO DE PÁRA- QUEDISTAS MILITARES DO EXÉRCITO BRASILEIRO Assessment of hydration among Brazilian army parachuting training program rookies  

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The aim of the present study was to evaluate hydration levels in the Basic Parachutist Course (BPC - the main program for Brazilian military parachutists training) students according to their body mass and total body water variations. To this end,

Eduardo Borba Neves; André Gustavo; Vale de Oliveira; André Roberto Marinho Macedo; Márcio Nogueira de Souza; Renan Moritz; Varnier Rodrigues de Almeida


Geologia eclesiástica na cidade de Lisboa. O exemplo da Igreja do Convento dos Cardaes Ecclesiastical geology in the city of Lisbon. The example of the Cardaes Convent Church  

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SUMMARY Ecclesiastical Geology should be understood as the study of rocks used in the construction and decoration of all types of houses of worship (chapels, churches, monasteries, abbeys, etc.). The use of these occurrences as urban geological heritage sites is at the base of this work. A detailed inventory of the natural stones identified in the church of the Cardaes

P. S. Caetano; P. H. Verdial; V. Lamberto; A. Gomes; R. V. Freire



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GEOLOGY AND GEOCHRONOLOGY OF ARCHEAN GRANITOIDS OF THE XINGUARA REGION: IMPLICATIONS FOR THE EVOLUTION OF THE RIO MARIA GRANITE-GREENSTONE TERRANE, AMAZONIAN CRATON The Xinguara area, located in the Rio Maria Granite-Greenstone Terrain - Pará, is composed of several Archaean granitoids. Structures and fa bric elements visible at outcrop and microscopic scales, and zircon Pb-Pb ages suggest that these granitoids were




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The head and neck cancer accounts for approximately 5% of malignant neoplasm in a male\\/female ratio of 3:1. Several ways of treatment have been proposed such as: radiotherapy, chemotherapy, surgery or a combination of therapies. The radiotherapy induces undesirable complications in oral cavity such mucositis, xerostomia, radiation caries, trismus, lost of taste, soft tissue necrosis and osteoradionecrosis. These complications may

Luiz Carlos; Ferreira DA SILVA; Michele Nascimento PAULINELLI; Regis Almeida MEIRA


Estudo comparativo do envelhecimento do sistema capilar dos músculos: diafragma e reto anterior do abdome em ratos. Futuro modelo para o estudo de atividade física?  

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SUMMARY In the present study, the age-related changes of the capillary system were investigated in the diaphragm and rectus abdominis muscles of 1, 8, and 18-month-old rats. The activation patterns of these muscles differ in the sense that the diaphragm is regularly mobi- lized many times at each minute during the entire life of the animal, while the rectus abdominis,

Luiz E. Garcez Leme; Consuelo Junqueira Rodrigues; Aldo Junqueira Rodrigues Jr.; Eurico Thomaz de Carvalho Filho; Mariana Deckers Leme; Tomás P. Leivas



En Busqueda de la Escuela del Siglo XXI: Dos Experiencias de Autoaprendizaje (In Search of the 21st Century School: Two Self-Learning Experiences).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This book is a contribution to the dialogue that is maintained today around the problems of education. The book contains four parts: (1) "In Search of the 21st Century School. Can the Colombian New School (EN) Show Us the Way?"; (2) "Experimentation with Self-Learning Materials in Two Schools in Conchali (Chile)"; (3) "Self-Learning Module for the…

Schiefelbein, Ernesto; And Others


Neodymium, strontium and chromium isotopic studies of the LEW86010 and Angra dos Reis meteorites and the chronology of the angrite parent body  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Neodymium, stontium, and chromium isotopic studies of the LEW86010 angrite established its absolute age and the formation interval between its crystallization and condensation of Allende CAIs from the solar nebula. Pyroxene and phosphate were found to contain approximately 8% of its Sm and Nd inventory. A conventional Sm-147-Nd-143 isochron yielded an age of 4.53 +/- 0.04 Ga (2 sigma and Epsilon(sub Nd sup 143)) = 0.45 +/- 1.1. An Sm-146-Nd-142 isochron gives initial Sm-146/Sm-144 = 0.0076 +/- 0.0009 and Epsilon (sub Nd sup 142) = -2.5 +/- 0.4. The Rb-Sr analyses give initial Sr-87/Sr-86 Iota(sub Sr sup 87) = 0.698972 +/- 8 and 0.698970 +/- 18 for LEW and ADOR, respectively, relative to Sr-87/Sr-86 = 0.71025 for NBS987. The difference, Delta Iota(sub Sr Sup 87), between Iota (sub sr sup 87) for the angrites and literature values for Allende CAIs, corresponds to approximately Ma of growth in a solar nebula with a CI chondrite value of Rb-87/Sr-86 = 0.91, or approximately 5 Ma in a nebula with solar photospheric Rb-87/Sr-86 = 1.51. Excess Cr-53 from extinct Mn-53(t(sub 1/2) = 3.7 Ma)in LEW86010 corresponds to initial Mn-53/Mn-55 = 4.4 +/- 1.0 x 10(exp -5) for the inclusions as previously reported by the Paris group (Birck and Allegre, 1988). The Sm-146/Sm-144 value found for LEW86010 corresponds to solar system initial (Sm-146/Sm-144) = 0.0080 +/- 0.0009 for crystallization 8 Ma after Allende, the difference between Pb-Pb ages of angrites and Allende, or 0.0086 +/- 0.0009 for crystallation 18 Ma after Allende, using the Mn-Cr formation interval. The isotopic data are discussed in the context of a model in which an undifferentiated 'chondritic' parent body formed from the solar nebula approximately Ma after Allende CAIs and subsequently underwent differentiation accompanied by loss of volatiles. Parent bodies with Rb/Sr similar to that of CI, CM, or CO chondrites could satisfy the Cr and Sr isotopic systematics. If the angrite parent body had Rb/Sr similar to that of CV meteorites, it would have to form slightly later, approximately 2.6 Ma after the CAIs, to satisfy the Sr and CR isotopic systematics.

Nyquist, L. E.; Bansal, B.; Wiesmann, H.; Shih, C.-Y.



Análise físico-química dos méis das abelhas Apis mellifera e Melipona scutellaris produzidos em duas regiões no Estado da Paraíba  

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The honeybee is a product very appreciated, however, of easy adulteration with sugars or boiled musts. Then, it is necessary that it has some analyses for the determination its quality for commercialization. The objective of this work was the physical-chemical analysis of honeybee Apis mellifera and Melipona scutellaris to Brejo and Cariri (Paraíba State) Brazil. With the gotten results, it

Adriana Evangelista-Rodrigues; Eva Mônica; Sarmento da Silva; Ennio Marcello; Fernandes Beserra; Marcelo Luis Rodrigues



Síndrome pré-menstrual em adolescentes: um estudo transversal dos fatores biopsicossociais Premenstrual syndrome in adolescents: a transversal study of the bio-psycho-social factors  

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Objective: To evaluate the prevalence and to identify aspects related to the Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) in adolescents of private high school (Fundação Santo An- dré, Santo André - SP). Methods: Transversal study line, carried through with 360 students, ages varying from 14 to 18 years old. The evaluation had two phases. Phase one: standard protocol application to identify youths with

Maria Regina Domingues de Azevedo; Maria Ignez Saito; Eliezer Berenstein; Drauzio Viegas


EFICIÊNCIA PRODUTIVA DE EMPRESAS DA INDÚSTRIA DE ALIMENTOS NO BRASIL Grupo de Pesquisa: Estrutura, Evolução e Dinâmica dos Sistemas Agroalimentares e Cadeias Agroindustriais  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo: A indústria de alimentos no Brasil é um setor de g rande importância para a economia brasileira com poucos estudos publicados quanto ao seu desempenho operacional. Este trabalho avalia a eficiência relativa (técnica e de escala) de uma amostra de empresas de diferentes segmentos desta indústria, utilizando-se para tanto o Método DEA. Os segmentos analisados foram: Conglomerados Alimentícios; Óleos

Apresentação Oral-Estrutura; OSCAR TUPY


Estudio comparativo entre dos fuentes alimentarias aportadoras de ácidos grasos poliinsaturados n-3 y su efecto sobre el timo y el perfil lipídico de ratas  

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SUMMARY. Comparative study between two different sources of n-3 poliunsaturated fatty acids and it effect on thymus and lipid profile in rats. In the present paper we analyzed the effect caused by different recovery diets enriched with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA n-3) on thymus and serum lipid pattern. Severe depleted weanling Wistar rats (D) were divided in three groups

Inés Fernandez; Anabel N. Pallaro; Nora H. Slobodianik




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THE EFFECT OF FEEDING DIETS CONTAINING INCREASING LEVELS OF WHEAT, AND PERCENTAGE OF GERMINATED GRAINS ON PELLET QUALITY AND CARCASS QUALITY OF BROILERS. A study was conducted to investigate the effect of feeding diets containing increasing levels of wheat and percentage of germinated grains on pellet quality and the carcass quality of broilers. The experiment was carried out at Embrapa

Roberto A


Estudo do nível de desenvolvimento da coordenação motora da população escolar (6 a 10 anos de idade) da Região Autónoma dos Açores  

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Motor coordination level of school aged children (6-10 years) of the Azores Islands The purposes of this investigation were: (1) to characterize the develop- mental state of motor coordination in primary school children; (2) to identify differences between children of both genders; and to (3) identify the presence of insufficient motor coordination. Sample comprises 3742 children of both genders with

V. P. Lopes; R. G. Silva; A. Seabra; F. P. Morais


Longitudinal Study of Aging (LSOA), Version 4, Medicare Match (3 1/2-Inch Version) for DOS (for Microcomputers) (Date of Coverage: March 1993).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Hospitalization and other medical care information was obtained on the Longitudinal Study of Aging (LSOA) sample persons from the Medicare Automated Data Retrieval System (MADRS) file maintained by Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA). Information ...



Longitudinal Study of Aging (LSOA), Version 4, Medicare Match (5 1/4-Inch Version) for DOS (for Microcomputers). (Data of Coverage: March 1993).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Hospitalization and other medical care information was obtained on the Longitudinal Study of Aging (LSOA) sample persons from the Medicare Automated Data Retrieval System (MADRS) file maintained by Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA). Information ...



Patrones estacionales de crecimiento de dos variedades de alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Seasonal growth patterns of two varieties of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)  

Microsoft Academic Search

The aim of this research was to determine the optimum harvesting time of alfalfa during the different seasons of the year. The experiment was carried out from April 2000 to March 2001, at the Instituto Tecnológico Agropecuario research unit, in Nazareno, Xoxocotlán, Oaxaca. The varieties used were: Valenciana and Oaxaca. Thirty-two plots (2 x 2 m) per variety were allocated

Yuri Villegas Aparicio; Alfonso Hernández Garay; Jorge Pérez Pérez; Cándido López


Aplicacoes de Dados dos Satelites Landsat No Estudo da Evolucao Urbana de Brasilia (Application of LANDSAT Data to the Study of Urban Development in Brasilia).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The urban growth of Brasilia within the last ten years is analyzed with special emphasis on the utilization of remote sensing orbital data and automatic image processing. The urban spatial structure and the monitoring of its temporal changes were examined...

N. D. J. Parada M. D. L. N. Deoliveira C. Foresti M. Niero E. M. D. M. Parreiras



Estudo Sobre a Vegetacao Aquatica e Marginal Relacionada com a Vida dos Peixes (Study on Aquatic and River Margins Vegetation Related to Fish Life).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This study is part of the Ichthyology Research Project of the Araguaia-Tocantis region. The objective was to identify the aquatic and river margins species which are directly or indirectly related to the fish life, specifically as a source of food for the...

J. E. de Paula



Yo Ciudadano: Un Curriculo de Experiencias para Educacion Civica. Nivel: Dos (Citizen Me: An Experiential Curriculum for Citizenship Education. Level: Two).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Integrating concepts of basic citizenship education with community involvement, this experiential curriculum provides a means for developing decision making and critical thinking skills within the existing second grade social studies curriculum. The 10 lessons, translated into Spanish, cover the following concepts: friendly, unfriendly and…

Lantz, Jean



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Erosion vulnerability change estimate of soils from Natuba river watershed, Pernambuco State, using multitemporal analysis and geoprocess technics. Among the soil degradation processes, laminar erosi on is less visible and more harmful than linear ero sion. It slowly removes the soil surface layer which is resp onsible for a large part of the nutritional support to plants. The vegetation cover

Manuella Vieira; Barbosa Neto; Hewerton Alves da Silva; Cristiane Barbosa da Silva


Avaliacao DA Transformacao Radiometrica DOS Dados TM/LANDSAT-5 Em Reflectancias (Comparison of Radiometric Transformation of LANDSAT-5/TM Data to Reflectance Data).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Remote sensing data are subject to a series of radiometric effects dependent on environmental and instrumental conditions specified to the image acquisition moment. In order to optimize the extraction of target intrinsic information, it is sought to norma...

C. M. Bentz



32 CFR Appendix C to Part 197 - Procedures for the Department of State (DoS) Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS) Series  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...such non-DoD Agency classified information expected to...access and review OSD files. e. Make all necessary...use in the FRUS still classified. g. Submit to the...series volumes or to the files that were reviewed...



Estudo dos Métodos Otimizados de Aplicação de Fluidos de Corte no Processo de Retificação Study of Optimized Methods of Cutting Fluids Application in Grinding Process  

Microsoft Academic Search

Whenever precision and quality in samples are needed, with low rugosity and economic viability, the grinding process should be used. An optimized process is often recommended to achieve better results in terms of pieces and costs. Through the optimization process it is possible to foresee profits for the industrial sector, since the tools wearing, the cutting forces and the quantity




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RESUMO ñ O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a produtividade de fitomassa da parte aØrea e o acœmulo de N, P e K nas leguminosas arbÛreas em sistemas agroflorestais de alØias, bem como verificar o efeito da adiÁªo de fÛsforo sobre as leguminosas. Foram realizados experimentos de campo com a utilizaÁªo de leguminosas, com e sem adiÁªo de P, por

Luciano Rodrigues Queiroz; Cunha Coelho; Deborah Guerra Barroso; Aparecida Vieira



Observações simultâneas no óptico e infravermelho próximo dos BL Lacs PKS 2005-489 e PKS 2155-304 em diversas escalas de tempo  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A existência de variações rápidas de brilho em alguns blazares é um fenômeno bem comprovado, mas até agora não sabemos ao certo quais são os mecanismos físicos envolvidos. A maior dificuldade é a ausência de observações multibanda simultâneas que poderiam fornecer vínculos aos modelos. Buscando colaborar com a discussão estudamos o comportamento de dois BL Lacs, PKS 2005-489 e PKS 2155-304, em relação à variabilidade em diversas escalas de tempo, de poucos minutos até vários meses, com observações simultâneas em seis bandas espectrais (óptico e infravermelho próximo). Para tanto dois telescópios do LNA foram utilizados em conjunto nas campanhas observacionais realizadas em 2001 e 2002, cujos resultados são apresentados aqui. As duas fontes apresentaram características bastante diferentes, inclusive em relação à existência de variabilidade nos índices espectrais. Particularmente, registramos a primeira detecção de variações em escalas de tempo da ordem de poucos minutos em PKS 2005-489, com evidências da presença de um atraso entre as curvas de luz nas bandas V e R e a variação em R ocorrendo antes (o contrário do esperado no modelo de shock-in-jet). Em PKS 2155-304 detectamos pela primeira vez variabilidade em escalas de tempo de poucos minutos no infravermelho em um AGN. As observações indicam que as variações de brilho em blazares são o resultado da ação de mais de um fenômeno, especialmente em escalas de tempo muito curtas. Alguns cenários físicos são sugeridos para explicar os resultados observacionais.

Dominici, T. P.; Abraham, Z.; Galo, A. L.



A physics-based scheme for potentials of a-Si:H TFT with symmetric dual gate considering deep Gaussian DOS distribution  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Taking deep Gaussian and tail exponential distribution of the density of states into account, a novel scheme for potentials of amorphous silicon thin film transistor using symmetric dual gate has been present. The proposed scheme, valid from below to above threshold regimes, provides a completed solution of the potentials at the surface and mid of the layer without solving any transcendental equation. Validity of the work has been verified by extensive comparison to the rigorous numerical simulations. The calculation efficiency has finally been demonstrated. A significant promotion is obtained.

Qin, Jian; Yao, R. H.



Neodymium, strontium and chromium isotopic studies of the LEW86010 and Angra DOS Reis meteorites and the chronology of the angrite parent body  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Neodymium, strontium, and chromium isotopic studies of the LEW86010 angrite established its absolute age and the formation interval between its crystallization and condensation of Allende CAIs from the solar nebula. Pyroxene and phosphate were found to contain approximately 8% of its Sm and Nd inventory. A conventional Sm-147-Nd-143 isochron yielded an age of 4.53 +/- 0.04 Ga (2 sigma and EpsilonNd143 = 0.45 +/- 1.1. An Sm-146-Nd-142 isochron gives initial Sm-146/Sm-144 = 0.0076 +/- 0.0009 and Epsilon Nd142 = -2.5 +/- 0.4. The Rb-Sr analyses give initial Sr-87/Sr-86 IotaSr87 = 0.698972 +/- 8 and 0.698970 +/- 18 for LEW and ADOR, respectively, relative to Sr-87/Sr-86 = 0.71025 for NBS987. The difference, Delta IotaSr87, between Iota sr87 for the angrites and literature values for Allende CAIs, corresponds to approximately Ma of growth in a solar nebula with a CI chondrite value of Rb-87/Sr-86 = 0.91, or approximately 5 Ma in a nebula with solar photospheric Rb-87/Sr-86 = 1.51. Excess Cr-53 from extinct Mn-53(t1/2 = 3.7 Ma)in LEW86010 corresponds to initial Mn-53/Mn-55 = 4.4 +/- 1.0 x 10-5 for the inclusions as previously reported by the Paris group (Birck and Allegre, 1988). The Sm-146/Sm-144 value found for LEW86010 corresponds to solar system initial (Sm-146/Sm-144) = 0.0080 +/- 0.0009 for crystallization 8 Ma after Allende, the difference between Pb-Pb ages of angrites and Allende, or 0.0086 +/- 0.0009 for crystallation 18 Ma after Allende, using the Mn-Cr formation interval. The isotopic data are discussed in the context of a model in which an undifferentiated 'chondritic' parent body formed from the solar nebula approximately Ma after Allende CAIs and subsequently underwent differentiation accompanied by loss of volatiles. Parent bodies with Rb/Sr similar to that of CI, CM, or CO chondrites could satisfy the Cr and Sr isotopic systematics. If the angrite parent body had Rb/Sr similar to that of CV meteorites, it would have to form slightly later, approximately 2.6 Ma after the CAIs, to satisfy the Sr and CR isotopic systematics.

Nyquist, L. E.; Bansal, B.; Wiesmann, H.; Shih, C.-Y.



ESTUDO DE VIABILIDADE TÉCNICO-ECONÔMICA PRELIMINAR PARA PRODUÇÃO DE CARVÃO ATIVADO NO BRASIL A PARTIR DOS RESÍDUOS DO COCO: ESTUDO COMPARATIVO DOS CENÁRIOS DE PRODUÇÃO 1 Preliminary Technological-Economic Viability Study for Activated Charcoal Production in Brazil From Residual Coconut Biomass: A Comparative Study of Two Production Scenarios  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo: O objetivo da pesquisa foi desenvolver uma rota para utilização de resíduos de coco para produção de carvão ativado com co-produção de energia, visando o máximo aproveitamento e máximo rendimento energético, com o mínimo de perdas de matéria-prima. Depois de realizadas pesquisas bibliográficas sobre o atual estado de tecnologia na produção de carvão ativado com base na biomassa residual

Brunno Henrique; Souza Santiago




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This study is based on the Health Belief Model, using a quanti-qualitative approach by means of percentage calculations as quantitative data, while presenting qualitative data through content analysis. This study aims to analyze significant beliefs among nursing workers who were victims of occupational accidents while exposed to biological material, either adhering to chemoprophylactic treatment or not with antiretroviral medication. This

Giselle Clemente Sailer; Maria Helena P. Marziale



ActivitySim: large-scale agent based activity generation for infrastructure simulation  

SciTech Connect

The United States' Department of Homeland Security aims to model, simulate, and analyze critical infrastructure and their interdependencies across multiple sectors such as electric power, telecommunications, water distribution, transportation, etc. We introduce ActivitySim, an activity simulator for a population of millions of individual agents each characterized by a set of demographic attributes that is based on US census data. ActivitySim generates daily schedules for each agent that consists of a sequence of activities, such as sleeping, shopping, working etc., each being scheduled at a geographic location, such as businesses or private residences that is appropriate for the activity type and for the personal situation of the agent. ActivitySim has been developed as part of a larger effort to understand the interdependencies among national infrastructure networks and their demand profiles that emerge from the different activities of individuals in baseline scenarios as well as emergency scenarios, such as hurricane evacuations. We present the scalable software engineering principles underlying ActivitySim, the socia-technical modeling paradigms that drive the activity generation, and proof-of-principle results for a scenario in the Twin Cities, MN area of 2.6 M agents.

Gali, Emmanuel [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Eidenbenz, Stephan [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Mniszewski, Sue [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Cuellar, Leticia [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Teuscher, Christof [PORTLAND STATE UNIV



Distribuicao DOS Espacos Verdes Em Areas Urbanas: Cartografia E Analise Comparative Entre Dados TM/LANDSAT E HRV/SPOT (Distribution of Green Areas in Urban Areas: Cartography and Comparative Analysis of LANDSAT TM and HRV/SPOT Data).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The intense urbanization process that took place during the last decades in Brazil has strongly reduced the vegetation component, thus affecting the quality of life in these urban areas. Currently, the qualitative and quantitative mapping of vegetation wi...

A. L. R. Carrara C. Foresti J. R. Dossantos



Avaliação dos índices hematimétricos emitidos pelos contadores hematológicos Pentra 120 Range e Sysmex XT-2000i. Evaluation of the hematimetric index emitted by hematological accountants Pentra 120 Screeches and Sysmex XT-2000i  

Microsoft Academic Search

444 hemograms of patients were randomly analyzed by Laboratory of Clinical Analyses of HU-UFSC, processed by the accountants Pentra 120 Screeches and Sysmex XT-2000i and compared with the morphologic analysis of blood cells. The results show that there are no statistical differences between the values of VCM and RDW in both accountants and the morphologic analysis of the cells. Be-

Clarissa Polletti; Marina Meneses


Avaliação sazonal da atividade da fenilalanina amônia-liase e dos teores de fenóis e taninos totais em Byrsonima verbascifolia Rich. ex A. Juss.: uma espécie medicinal do cerrado  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO: Com o objetivo de investigar a influência de variações sazonais do ambiente físico, no estado hídrico foliar, nas trocas gasosas, na atividade da fenilalanina amônia-liase e nos teores de fenóis e taninos totais em murici, um experimento foi conduzido, a uma freqüência mensal, em área de formação campestre, com fisionomia de Cerrado sensu strictu, localizada no município de Ijaci,

A. M. Soares; R. Padre José Poggel


Transformation of the Extended Gamma Function Gamma>^2,0_0,2 [(b,x)] with Applications to Astrophysical Thermonuclear Functions DOS Campos, Brazil, 10-14 November 1997.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Two representations of the extended gamma functions Gamma^2,0_0,2 [(b,x)] are proved. These representations are exploited to find a transformation relation between two Fox's H-functions. These results are used to solve Fox's H-function in terms of Meijer's G-function for certain values of the parameters. A closed form representation of the kernel of the Bessel type integral transform is also proved.

Aslam Chaudhry, M.


Contribuicao ao estudo dos mecanismos de reparacao em Staphylococcus epidermidis: caracterizacao de mutantes sensiveis as radiacoes ultravioleta. (Contribution to the safety of repairing mechanisms in Staphylococcus epidermidis: characterization of mutants sensible to ultraviolet radiation).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Mutants obtained from N - methyl -N' - nitro - N - nitrosoguanidine (MNNG) treatment of the W(sub 5) strain or Staphylococcus epidermidis and selected for their increased UV - sensitivity were characterized according to their capacity to repair DNA damage...

H. C. Rocha Guillobel




Microsoft Academic Search

This study aimed to know the knowledge acquired by undergraduate nursing students concerning alcohol and drugs. The research was developed in 1998 at the University of São Paulo at Ribeirão Preto College of Nursing. Results: most students did not remember or attend classes discussing that topic; they had never dealt with substance users; however, they correctly responded to the concepts

Margarita A. Villar Luis; Sandra Cristina Pillon



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Palladium (II) and platinum (II) complexes 5 and 6 were synthesized using 1,2-dihydro-2,5- diphenyl-3H-1,2,4-triazole-3-thion 3 as a ligand from an isomeric mixture of 3 and 4. The unexpected structures of 5 and 6 were investigated by mass spectra, IR (DRIFT), and ESCA measurements as well as crystal structure determinations. The palladium (II) complex is tetranuclear with two groups of Pd

Jorge R. Angulo-Cornejo; Verónica Robles-Calderón; Rainer Richter; Lothar Beyer; Lothar Hennig; Heinz Böhlig; Karlheinz Hallmeier



Estudo da viabilidade de analise direta dos componentes inorganicos do carvao e coque por espectrometria de fluorescencia de raios-X. (Feasibility study of direct analysis of coal and coke inorganic components by X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The efficiency of an analysis process for coal and coke inorganic components by X-ray fluorescent spectroscopy is tested. The graphics and results are shown, concluding that this methodology can be used for regular attendments. (C.G.C.). (Atomindex citati...

A. F. Valadares J. E. Salgado J. R. Castro L. G. Pretti W. Castro Rodrigues



Indicadores antropométricos de obesidade abdominal: revisão dos artigos indexados na biblioteca SciELO Anthropometric indicators of abdominal obesity: review of the papers indexed on SciELO electronic library  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo - Recorreu-se à revisão sistemática de artigos originais publicados no período de 1993 a 2007 e indexados na Scientific Electronic Library Online - SCIELO, a fim de identificar os indicadores antropométricos utilizados na detecção da obesidade abdominal em diferentes subgrupos populacionais e sintetizar os resultados observados quanto à relação entre estes indicadores e comorbidades associadas à obesidade. Na análise

Egito Carvalho; Mauro Virgilio; Gomes de Barros


Níveis de proteína em suplementos para terminação de bovinos em pastejo durante o período de transição Seca\\/Águas: digestibilidade aparente e parâmetros do metabolismo ruminal e dos compostos nitrogenados  

Microsoft Academic Search

The objective of this trial was to evaluate ruminal, intestinal, and total tract apparent digestibilities of nutrients as well as metabolism of ruminal and nitrogenous compounds in supplemented finishing cattle during the drought to rainy transition season. Five Holstein x Zebu steers averaging 304 kg of live weight and 24 months of age located in five paddocks (0.34 ha each)

Edenio Detmann; Mário Fonseca Paulino; Sebastião de Campos Valadares Filho; Paulo Roberto Cecon; Joanis Tilemahos Zervoudakis; Luciano da Silva Cabral; Lúcio Carlos Gonçalves; Rilene Ferreira Diniz Valadares



Geoprocessamento aplicado ao mapeamento dos impactos socioambientais decorrentes das formas de uso da terra nas Áreas de Preservação Permanente (APPs) da Represa de Salto Grande no município de Americana (SP)  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Dam of Salto Grande, occupying an area of 10.5 km2, is located in the hydrographical basin of the Atibaia River, important tributary of the Piracicaba River, in the State of São Paulo. It takes care of, in the present time, to the inhabitants of the cities of Americana, Paulínia and Nova Odessa, that also use the source for activities

Joyce Rodrigues da Cruz


Efeito dos raios-x sobre o tubulo contorcido proximal de rim de camundongo (Mus musculus). Estudo ultra-estrutural. (X-rays effect on the proximal tubes of murine kidney (Mus musculus). Ultra-structural study).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The kidney alterations in mice it was submitted to total irradiation was studied, trying to determine which lesions were produced and in which sequence its occur. Knowing that irradiation, since in low doses, decrease the organism survival, since anticipa...

I. P. Pacheco



Estudo da evolução dinâmica fluvial dos rios do Amazonas com base em imagens de RADAR e satélite nos últimos 30 anos, balanço entre área de erosão e deposição e possíveis conseqüências para a ocupação humana  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Amazon region as resultant of geologic history and the climate, shelters a more extensive fluvial system and of bigger liquid mass of the Land. The analysis of products of remote sensing in the Amazônia is the technique that still persists as the main tool to assist in the execution of diverse scientific works. The agreement of the fluvial dynamics

Amaro Luiz Ferreira


Diagnóstico mineral en forraje y suero sanguíneo de bovinos lecheros en dos épocas en el valle central de México Mineral diagnosis in forage and blood serum of dairy cattle in two seasons in the Toluca Valley, Mexico  

Microsoft Academic Search

Analysis was done for Ca, P, K, Na, Mg, Cu, Fe, Zn, and Mn concentrations in rye grass (Lolium perenne) forage, feeds and the blood serum of Holstein cows (16.6±3.6 L of milk d-1). Forages, feeds and cows in small-scale production systems were sampled during the dry (April-May) and rainy (August-September) seasons. Blood samples were taken from 139 cows from

Ernesto Morales Almaráza; Ignacio Domínguez Vara; Manuel González-Ronquillo; Gerardo Jaramillo Escutia; Octavio Castelán Ortega; Nazario Pescador Sálasa; Maximino Huerta Bravo


A Contribuição da Economia das Convenções para o Entendimento sobre a Coordenação de Arranjos Produtivos na Pecuária de Corte Grupo de pesquisa: Estrutura, Evolução e Dinâmica dos Sistemas Agroalimentares e Cadeias Agroindustriais  

Microsoft Academic Search

The formation of a great number of networks based i n cooperation relations has questioned of the factors that can contribute for the success of such enterprises. Amongst the factors that help to understand the development of networks the coordination between the participants is of great importance. This article h ad as objective to identify which mechanisms of coordination used



Efecto de la fertilización sobre la calidad de la papa para procesamiento en dos suelos antioqueños con propiedades ándicas Effects of fertilization on the industrial quality of potato in two antioquian Andisol soils  

Microsoft Academic Search

En este estudio se evaluó el efecto de tres niveles de NPK a la siembra (500, 1.500 y 3.000 kg·ha -1 ) en combinación con Ca (0, 2, 3 y 7 meq·100g -1 ), Mg (0; 0,7; 1,4 y 3,0 meq·100g -1 ), B (0; 0,5; 1,0 y 2,0 ppm) y S (0, 10, 20 y 40 ppm) sobre el

José M. Cotes




Microsoft Academic Search

Several studies suggest that emotional arousal can promote memory storage. We report two studies evaluating the ef fects of emotional content on declarative memory, conducted with healthy subjects and cephalgic patients. We utilized an adaptation of two versions of the same story, with different arousing properties (neutral or emotional), which have been already employed in experiments involving the enhancing effects

A. Gasbarri; B. Arnone; A. Pompili; A. Marchetti; P. Di Fabrizio; S. Saad Calil; M. C. Tavares; C. Tomaz


Calculo dos parametros de separacao de uma centrifuga a contracorrente com variacao axial do fluxo interno. (Calculation of the separate parameters of a countercurrent centrifuge with an axially varying internal flow).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A review of the isotope separation theory for the countercurrent gas centrifuge is presented. The diffusion-convection equation is solved according to the ONSAGER-COHEN solution for the constant internal flow and adapted to an axially varying countercurre...

S. C. P. Migliavacca



Interpretacao de Dados MSS/LANDSAT para Avaliar a Distribuicao Fisica dos Manguezais de Cananeia-Iguape (Sp) (Interpretation of MSS/LANDSAT Data for Evaluation of Physical Distribution of Mangroves in Cananeia-Iguape (Sp)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Mangrove is considered responsible for the high productivity of biological and ecological coastal systems. However, it is unknown and strongly destroyed, requiring appropriate research techniques to provide fast and cheap procedures for its identification...

C. R. Silveiraespindola



Estudo Comparativo dos Efeitos de Tempestades Magneticas Em VLF na Anomalia Magnetica Do Atlantico Sul (Comparative Study of the Effects of Magnetic Storms within VLF (Very Low Frequencies) on the Magnetic Anomalies of the South Atlantic).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Effects produced in the lower ionosphere by forty magnetic storms were analyzed in the period of 1976 to 1981. Using VLF propagation path omega-Argentina/Atibaia, which is located in the Brazilian Geomagnetic Anomaly. Some storm effects which occurred in ...

N. M. Paesleme



Datacao com o metodo dos tracos de fissao: estudo da dosimetria de neutrons com filmes finos de uranio natural. (Dating by fission track method: study of neutron dosimetry with natural uranium thin films).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Fission track dating is described, focalizing the problem of the decay constant for spontaneous fission of (sup 238) U and the use of neutron dosimetry in fission track analysis. Experimental procedures using thin films of natural uranium as neutron dosim...

P. J. Iunes



COMPORTAMENTO DOS ÓLEOS DE GIRASSOL, SOJA E MILHO EM FRITURAS DE PRODUTO CÁRNEO EMP ANADO PRÉ-FRITO CONGELADO Sunflower, soybean and corn oils behavior in frozen pre-fried coated meat product frying  

Microsoft Academic Search

The ever growing utilization of fast food determined the expansion of an industry of pre-fried and fried products. The understanding of the changes that the oil undergoes during the frying processes is outstanding because it may lead to the optimization of such processes as well as to improvements on the quality of both frying oil and the finished product. The

Patrícia Vieira Del Ré; Neuza Jorge



Caracterizacao dos beach rocks do litoral sul de Pernambuco com base em evidencias petrograficas e isotopicas. (Beach rocks characterization from the southern coast of Pernambuco state based on petrography and isotopic evidences).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The study is restricted to the occurence of three lines of beachrocks located between the Maracaipe river and Sirinhaem river, southern coast of Pernambuco state. The mineralogy and petrography, made it possible the characterization of three types of ceme...

H. M. B. Assis R. F. Amaral V. A. V. Manso



A Study of the Vertical Transport of Momentum, Sensible Heat, and Water Vapor over Vegetation-Covered Surfaces in the Tropics Um Estudo DOS Transportes Verticais de Momentum, Calor Sensivele Vapor d'Agua Sobre Superficie Vegetada Nos Tropicos.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The energy balance changes with aerodynamic characteristics of the surface for four successive crop stage are presented. Parameterizations are used to calculate the sensible and water vapor fluxes. The results of the momentum, sensible heat and water vapo...

R. G. B. Andre



Some Aspects of the Problems of the Average Life of Erythrocytes with the Use of Cr51 Radioactive Sodium Chromate; ALGUNS ASPECTOS DO PROBLEMA DA DETERMINACAO DA VIDA MEDIA DOS ERITROCITOS COM O EMPREGO DO Cr51 (RADIOCROMATO DE SODIO)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Analytical expressions were derived for the survival curves of Cr⁵¹; -labeled erythrocytes. Expressions are obtained for normal erythrocytes, ; normal erythrocytes transfused into receptors containing a lethal factor, ; erythrocytes subjected to a lethal factor after formation, and potentially ; immortal erythrocytes subjected to an exterior lethal factor which destroys them ; randomly, regardless of age. (J.S.R.);




Perfil da atividade de pesquisa publicada nos anais dos congressos brasileiros de pneumologia e tisiologia nos últimos vinte anos* Profile of research published in the annals of the Brazilian Pulmonology and Phthisiology Conferences held over the last twenty years  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: To increase the knowledge base regarding pulmonology research in Brazil. Methods: A retrospective, observational study of the abstracts published in the Annals of the Brazilian Pulmonology and Phthisiology Conferences held from 1986 to 2004, quantifying the institutions of origin by geographic distribution and type, as well as categorizing the abstracts by study design and topic. Results: A total of





Microsoft Academic Search

The potential productions of many wild species have been investigated how renewable sources of products of high profitability. Some specimens have been indiscriminately exploited as a source of animal protein, such as agouti, agouti paca, prea, capybara, peccary, and the others species economically important. To view to commercial production and preservation of the species, there must be consider the sexual

Silva Santos; Antônio Chaves de Assiseto; Rafael Fortes


Evaluación post-quirúrgica de la cirugía de estenosis lumbar degenerativa por método descompresivo selectivo Avaliação dos resultados do tratamento da estenose do canal lombar pela técnica da descompressão seletiva  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective: The Senegas Recalibration Technique consists in a lumbar channel selective decompression conserving the estabilizated elements.The aim of this study was to present our experience in the treatment of the degenerative lumbar stenosis whith the Senegas technique. Methods: Thirth eight patients operated whit this technique whit a follow up of 53.92%(84-24) months were evaluated. Results: In percentual, 52.63 % of

Cristián Taleb


Uma construção social: o anexo da norma brasileira de ergonomia para o trabalho dos operadores de telemarketing A social construction process of the attach ment to the Brazilian government ergonomic regulation for telemarketing operators' work  

Microsoft Academic Search

The number of call centers is increasing in the world and in Brazil. In our country it involves around 550 000 workers. This article narrates a collective action for better condi- tions for work of telemarketing operators in Brazil, based on diseased operators' and the Union's requests to the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment (MTE). Those work- ers have

Claudio Cezar Peres; Airton Marinho-Silva; Elizabete Cavalcante-Fernandes; Lys Esther Rocha


Polimorfismo dos Fragmentos de Restricao do DNA Ribossomal em Taxonomia Molecular de Leveduras: Estudo de um Genero (Restriction Fragment Polymorphism of Ribosomal DNA in Yeasts Molecular Taxonomy: Study of a Genus).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The study explored the possibility of obtaining species-specific probes based on cloned spacer sequences of rDNA using the type strain of the yeast Metschnikowia reukaufii as a model. The study isolated, cloned and mapped its rDNA. Subsequently sub-clones...

M. O. I. Henriques



Influencia de Paredes Resistentes na Rigidez Global de Estruturas Mistas Sujeitas a Accao dos Sismos (Influence of Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls on Global Stiffness of Dual Structures under Seismic Loads).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The objective of the work is to analyze the variation in height of the stiffness of a reinforced concrete shear wall coupled with a moment resisting frame under seismic action. The characterization of an 8 story typical building was made according to comm...

A. J. Baptista



A sociabilidade em ondas sonoras: as audiências e o rádio dos anos 50 e 60 em Fortaleza The sociability in sonorous waves: the audience and the radio of years 50 and 60 in Fortaleza  

Microsoft Academic Search

The present study reflects on the meanings of the sociabilities mediated for the radio from two distinct perspectives: of the producers of the radio in the fifties and sixty of century XX and of its listeners in the same period, in the city of Fortaleza, located in the Northeast region of Brazil. This period of time presents itself as extremely

Roberta Manuel; Barros de Andrade; Erotilde Honório Silva


A new approach to species delimitation in Septoria  

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Septoria is a large genus of asexual morphs of Ascomycota causing leaf spot diseases of many cultivated and wild plants. Host specificity has long been a decisive criterium in species delimitation in Septoria, mainly because of the paucity of useful morphological characters and the high level of variation therein. This study aimed at improving the species delimitation of Septoria by adopting a polyphasic approach, including multilocus DNA sequencing and morphological analyses on the natural substrate and in culture. To this end 365 cultures preserved in CBS, Utrecht, The Netherlands, among which many new isolates obtained from fresh field specimens were sequenced. Herbarium material including many types was also studied. Full descriptions of the morphology in planta and in vitro are provided for 57 species. DNA sequences were generated for seven loci, viz. nuclear ITS and (partial) LSU ribosomal RNA genes, RPB2, actin, calmodulin, Btub, and EF. The robust phylogeny inferred showed that the septoria-like fungi are distributed over three main clades, establishing the genera Septoria s. str., Sphaerulina, and Caryophylloseptoria gen. nov. Nine new combinations and one species, Sphaerulina tirolensis sp. nov. were proposed. It is demonstrated that some species have wider host ranges than expected, including hosts from more than one family. Septoria protearum, previously only associated with Proteaceae was found to be also associated with host plants from six additional families of phanerogams and cryptogams. To our knowledge this is the first study to provide DNA-based evidence that multiple family-associations occur for a single species in Septoria. The distribution of host families over the phylogenetic tree showed a highly dispersed pattern for 10 host plant families, providing new insight into the evolution of these fungi. It is concluded that trans-family host jumping is a major force driving the evolution of Septoria and Sphaerulina. Taxonomic novelties: New genus - Caryophylloseptoria Verkley, Quaedvlieg & Crous; New species - Sphaerulina tirolensis Verkley, Quaedvlieg & Crous; New combinations - Caryophylloseptoria lychnidis (Desm.) Verkley, Quaedvlieg & Crous, Caryophylloseptoria silenes (Westend.) Verkley, Quaedvlieg & Crous, Caryophylloseptoria spergulae (Westend.) Verkley, Quaedvlieg & Crous, Sphaerulina aceris (Lib.) Verkley, Quaedvlieg & Crous, Sphaerulina cornicola (DC.: Fr.) Verkley, Quaedvlieg & Crous, Sphaerulina gei (Roberge ex Desm.) Verkley, Quaedvlieg & Crous, Sphaerulina hyperici (Roberge ex Desm.) Verkley, Quaedvlieg & Crous, Sphaerulina frondicola (Fr.) Verkley, Quaedvlieg & Crous, Sphaerulina socia (Pass.) Quaedvlieg, Verkley & Crous; Epitypifications (basionyms) - Ascochyta lysimachiae Lib., Septoria astragali Roberge ex Desm., Septoria cerastii Roberge ex Desm., Septoria clematidis Roberge ex Desm., Septoria cruciatae Roberge ex Desm., Septoria spergulae Westend., Septoria epilobii Westend., Septoria galeopsidis Westend., Septoria gei Roberge ex Desm., Septoria hyperici Roberge ex Desm., Septoria rubi Westend., Septoria senecionis Westend., Septoria urticae Roberge ex Desm.

Verkley, G.J.M.; Quaedvlieg, W.; Shin, H.-D.; Crous, P.W.



Long-term changes in pelagic tunicates of the California Current  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This study analyzes interannual variability in springtime carbon biomass of pelagic tunicates (salps, doliolids, pyrosomes, and appendicularians) over the period 1951-2002 from CalCOFI zooplankton samples taken in the southern sector of the California Current System. The results provide evidence for ecosystem changes between 1976 and 1977 and perhaps between 1998 and 1999. A cool-phase group of salps ( Salpa maxima, Pegea socia, Cyclosalpa bakeri, and Cyclosalpa affinis) that was present between 1951 and 1976 was nearly undetectable in Southern California waters during the warm phase of the California Current (1977-98). C. bakeri and C. affinis then re-appeared in 2001. A persistent group of salps ( Salpa aspera, Salpa fusiformis, Thalia democratica, Ritteriella picteti, Iasis zonaria) was observed throughout the study period. The cool-phase species tend to be distributed in mid-latitudes, while the distributions of the persistent species extend to equatorial waters. The cool-phase species have been reported to show little evidence of diel vertical migration, while most of the persistent species are reported to be diel migrants. No distinct multi-decadal patterns were observed in the dominant doliolid Dolioletta gegenbauri, but the rarer subtropical doliolid Doliolum denticulatum was present predominantly during the warm phase of the California Current. The recurrence patterns and biogeographic distributions of both salps and doliolids suggest that the warm phase of the California Current was accompanied by at least some intervals of anomalous transport "seeding" organisms from the south. Variations in total pyrosome and total appendicularian carbon biomass are not clearly related to long-term trends in the water column, although the highest pyrosome biomass occurred in earlier decades and appendicularian biomass has increased since 1999. Long-term changes in the biomass of pelagic tunicates appear to be chiefly responsible for the previously documented long-term decline in California Current total zooplankton biomass. The pattern of decline appeared to reverse in 1999, with a shift to cooler temperatures, somewhat reduced thermal stratification, and an increase in biomass of total zooplankton and of pelagic tunicates.

Lavaniegos, Bertha E.; Ohman, Mark D.



Demandas reprodutivas e a assistência às pessoas vivendo com HIV\\/AIDS: limites e possibilidades no contexto dos serviços de saúde especializado s Reproductive demands and health care for people living with HIV\\/AIDS: limits and possibilities within the context of specialized health service s  

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This qualitative study discusses how professionals in specialized health care service s in the city of São Paulo have responded to the reproductive demands of people living wit h HIV\\/AIDS. Participant observation was the main methodological strategy; the concept of healt h demands was an important theoretical reference in the analysis. According to the health profe s - sionals, reproductive

Luzia Aparecida Oliveira; Ivan França Junior


Determinação dos diagnósticos de depressão, tentativa de suicídio, gravidez, vírus da imunodeficiência humana (HIV) e doenças sexualmente transmissíveis (DST) em adolescentes e adultos jovens Determination of the diagnoses of depression, suicide attempts, pregnancy, human immunodefficiency virus (HIV), and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in adolescents and young adults  

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The purpose of this work was to determine the frequency of diagnoses of depression, suicide attempts, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs), Human Immunodefficiency Virus (HIV) and pregnancy, in data collected from 2523 medical records of adolescents between the ages of 10 to 16 years old, and 17 to 25 years old, attended at University Hospital (University Hospital \\/ State University of

Sandra Odebrecht; Vargas Nunes; Rosemarie Elizabeth de Abreu; Ana Lúcia; Mariane Vargas; Alves Nunes; Renata Merli Franco; Luisa Raizer Barbosa


Comportamiento clínico y radiológico de 290 implantes con superficie tratada mediante un primer grabado de ácido fluorhídrico y un segundo de ácido fluorhídrico con ácido nítrico: valoración a los dos años de carga precoz Clinical and radiographic behaviour of 290 dental implants with a surface treated with hydrofl uoric acid and passivated with hydrofl uoric and nitric acid: early loading results after 2 years  

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Objective: This work presents the results of clinical and radio- logical behaviour, for 2 years, of 290 implants treated with a first etching with HF and a second etching with HF and HNO3 acids and that were loaded 8 weeks after insertion. Experimental design: It is a prospective study on 290 implants placed in 56 patients with an age range

Cantero Álvarez


Desaguamento de polpa kraft branqueada de fibra curta refinada: por gravidade, vacuo e centrifugacao com aplicacao de pressao Parte 2. Efeitos dos aditivos da parte umloa I Dewatering ofrefined, bleached hardwood kraft pulp by gravity, vacuum, and centrifugation with applied pressure  

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Several wet-end chemical additives significantly affected dewatering rates according to gravity drain­ age tests (freeness), the application ofvacuum, and a modified water retention value (MWR V) test. Relatively large increases in dewatering rates, including reductions in MWR V, were obtained hy addition ofhigh-charge synthetic cationic polymers to the pulp suspensions. Results were consistent with charge neutralization and polyelectrolyte complexation within

Mark Panczyk


Absorcao real do fosforo dos fosfatos bicalcico, monoamonio, supertriplo e de ureia em bovinos, atraves da diluicao do radiofosforo (P-32). (True absorption of phosphorus from di calcium phosphate, mono ammonium phosphate, triple superphosphate and urea-phosphate in cattle by the radio phosphorus dilution technique).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

With the aim to study the utilization of alternative sources of phosphorus by ruminants. Twenty four males steers, with 250 Kg live weight and 18 months of age, were allocated in four groups of six animals each. The animals were housed in individual pens ...

J. C. Silva Filho



Lo que Piensan los Estudiantes y Profesores Sobre la Calidad de la Educacion Superior. Estudio Comparativo en 5 Instituciones de Educacion Superior--dos publicas y tres privadas--en Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico (What Students and Faculties Think about the Quality of Higher Education. Comparative Study of 5 Higher Education Institutions--Two Public and Three Private--in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study, written in Spanish, compared attitudes of students (N=302) and faculty (N=28) at five institutions of higher education (two public and three private) in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The study explored first, whether respondents believed there are significant quality differences between private and public universities and, second, what…

Yanez, Maria Lorena Hernandez


Dispersao geoquimica dos elementos Si, Al, Fe, Mn, Na, K, Cu e Zn nos solos e sua aplicacao na caracterizacao de areas geoquimicamente homogeneas. (Geochemical dispersion of Si, Al, Fe, Mn, Na, K, Cu and Zn elements in soils and their use for characterization areas geochemically homogeneous).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Variations in the chemical composition of soils are used to characterize sub-areas geochemically - homogenous. The application of this methodology in a tropical humid region of accentuated topography constitute the principal objective of the present resea...

W. R. L. Silva



Avaliação das intervenções e dos resultados esperados para o diagnóstico de enfermagem Fadiga, em portadores de Insuficiência Cardíaca Evaluation of expected outcomes of nursing interventions to address the nursing diagnosis of fatigue among patients with congestive heart failure Evaluación de las intervenciones y de los resultados esperados para el diagnóstico de enfermería Fatiga, en pacientes con Insuficiencia Cardiaca Congestiva  

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Objective: To evaluate expected outcomes of nursing interventions to address the nursing diagnosis of fatigue. Methods: A cross-sectional quasi-experimental design was used. The sample consisted of 30 coronary care unit in-patient with congestive heart failure and fatigue. A specific tool designed for this study was used to collect specific data on outcomes of nursing interventions to manage the nursing diagnosis

Alba Lúcia Bottura; Leite de Barros; Marcela Zanatta Ganzarolli


RENDIMENTO DA PUPUNHEIRA EM FUNÇÃO DA DENSIDADE DE PLANTIO, DIÂMETRO DE CORTE E MANEJO DOS PERFILHOS NO VALE DO SÃO FRANCISCO Effect of density, cut-off diameter classes and shoot number on production and yield of irrigated plant peach palm at San Francisco River Valley  

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The objective of this experiment was to evaluate the effect of planting density, cut-off diameter classes and shoot number on heart of palm production on irrigated peach palm. The experimental layout was a randomized split-plot design with a factorial arrangement in the split-plot with four replicates. The whole plots were plant spacing S¹ - 2 x 1 m and S²

José Egidio Flori; Geraldo Milanez de Resende; Marcos Antônio Drumond


Determinacao das propriedades termodinamicas e limite de estabilidade da fase fluorita dos oxidos mixtos de uranio e lantanidio, utilizando celulas galvanicas com eletrolitos solidos. (Determination of thermodynamic properties and stability limit from fluorite phase of uranium and lanthanide mixed oxides, using galvanic cells with solid electrolytes).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A method for thermodynamic properties determination for oxygen solubility in oxide systems at temperature interval 973 (<=) T (K) (<=) 1773 is described. A galvanic cell using as solid electrolytes zircon dioxide doped with 15% of calcium oxide is present...

T. N. Santiago



Desarrollo, supervivencia y crecimiento del erizo Lytechinus variegatus (Lamarck, 1816) (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) alimentado con microalgas a dos salinidades y temperaturas diferentes Development, survival and growth of sea urchin Lytechinus variegatus (Lamarck, 1816) (Echinodermata: Echinoidea) fed on microalgae at two different salinities and temperatures  

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Development, survival and growth of Lytechinus variegatus were evaluated until juvenile stage. Thirty two sexually mature specimens were collected in Laguna de Raya (10°89´N, 64°89´O), Venezuela. Sea urchins were induced to spawn by injection of 3 mL of potassium chloride (KCl) 0.5 M. Pluteus larvae were randomly distributed (3 ind mL P-1 P ) in 24 plastic containers, containing 18

Astrid Domínguez; Jesús Rosas; Aidé Velásquez; Tomas Cabrera; Ernesto Mata



ANÁLISE DA CADEIA PRODUTIVA DO LEITE DO MUNICÍPIO DE CARMO DO RIO VERDE SOB A ÓTICA DA ECONOMIA DOS CUSTOS DE TRANSAÇÃO Apresentação Oral-Estrutura, Evolução e Dinâmica do s Sistemas Agroalimentares e Cadeias Agroindustriais  

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This study aims to examine and describe the charact eristics of the dairy production chain of Carmo do Rio Verde under view the Economic Costs of Transaction (ECT). To that end, a systematic theoretical framework about ECT is arran ged, specifically some concepts of its assumptions, and the attributes of transactions (sp ecificity of assets, frequency of recurrence and uncertainty




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The article takes as its basis the current investig ation in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where the organic agriculture presents an old tradition w hich has begun with the environmentalist movements, since the 1970's. The organic processed commercialization is analyzed in the supermarket chains Carrefour and Wall-Mart in the city of Porto Alegre. These chains were chosen



Analise de transmutacao considerando o tratamento explicito dos produtos de fissao num sistema acoplado composto pelos codigos Hammer-Technion e Cinder-2. (Transmutation analysis considering and explicit fission product treatment based on a coupled Hammer-Technion and Cinder-2 system).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This work presents a study about neutron absorption in a typical PWR cell by considering an explicit treatment for the fission products. The proposed methodology to treat fission product neutron absorption in a lattice calculation combines the HAMMER-TECH...

A. Y. Abe



Interligacao dos codigos FRAP-T, FRAPCON e RELAP-4 para analise de transientes e acidentes de varetas combustiveis de reatores de agua leve. (Linking of FRAP-T, FRAPCON and RELAP-4 codes for transient analysis and accidents of light water reactors fuel rods).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The computer codes FRAP-T, FRAPCON and RELAP-4 have been linked for the fuel rod behavior analysis under transients and hypothetical accidents in light water reactors. The results calculated by thermal hydraulic code RELAP-4 give input in file format into...

A. Marra Neto A. T. Silva G. Sabundjian R. L. Freitas T. Neves Conti



Estudo sistematico dos campos hiperfinos em ligas de Heusler do tipo Rh(sub 2) YZ com impureza de (sup 119) Sn por espectroscopia Moessbauer. (Systematic study of hyperfine fields in Rh(sub 2) Y Z type Heusler alloys with (sup 119) Sn impurity using Moessbauer spectroscopy).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The magnetic hyperfine fields in the Heusler alloys Rh(sub 2) Mn (sub .98) Ge Sn (sub 02), Rh(sub 2) Mn Ge(sub .98) Sn(sub .02), Rh(sub 2) Mn Pb (sub .98) Sn (sub .02) and Rh(sub 2) Mn Sn has been studied by (sup 119) Sn Moessbauer spectroscopy at 293 K, ...

S. M. M. Ramos



O Passado como Nacao: Imagens do Imperio nas Falas Reacionarias dos Anos 30 e 40 do Seculo XX: Uma Pequena Arqueologia do Debate Publico e Privado (The Past as Nation: Images of the Empire in the Reactionary Words of the 30s and 40s in the 20th Century: A Small Archaeology of the Public Debate versus the Private One).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Suggests an archaeology of the public debate versus the private one in Brazil through analysis of the reactionary speech of a religious leader, Dom Jose Mauricio da Rocha, which produced innumerable representations of the Brazilian Empire. (PA)

de Freitas, Marcos Cezar



Communicacion Expresiva: Como los ninos nos envian mensajes [and] Comunicacion Receptiva: Como los ninos entienden nuestros mensajes [and] Interacciones de Comunicacion: Hacen falta dos. Hojas informativa de DB-LINK (Communication Interactions: It Takes Two [and] Receptive Communication: How Children Understand Your Messages to Them [and] Expressive Communication: How Children Send Their Messages to You. DB-LINK Fact Sheets).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document consists of three separately published fact sheets combined here because of the close relationship of their subject matter. The first fact sheet, "Communication Interactions: It Takes Two" (Kathleen Stremel), defines communication; suggests ways to find opportunities for interactive communication; offers specific suggestions for…

Stremel, Kathleen


Distribuição de angiologistas e cirurgiões vasculares na população brasileira: análise dos membros da SBACV - ano base 2004 Distribution of vascular surgeons and angiologists among the Brazilian population: analysis with the members of the Brazilian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery in 2004  

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Objectives: To correlate data about the real distribution of angiologists and vascular surgeons in different Brazilian regions and the ideal proportion of specialists per inhabitants of a city. Methods: The number and distribution of vascular surgeons and angiologists were obtained from the list of members of the Brazilian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery in 2004. The numbers concerning the

Jefferson Kleber Forti; Maria Elizabeth; João Alfredo de Paula; Rodrigo Rodrigues Mariano; Renato Gontijo; Raimundo Mairton Araújo Jr


Evaluation of the influence of two transport boxes on the incubation, hatching and emergence of Kemp's ridley turtle (Lepidochelys kempii) eggs Evaluación de la influencia de dos cajas de transporte de huevos sobre la incubación, la eclosión y el nacimiento de crías de tortuga lora (Lepidochelys kempii)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Anthropogenic activities directly and indirectly affect the life cycle of Kemp's ridley turtles (Lepidochelys kempii). The transport of sea turtle eggs in boxes helps to establish new nesting areas and increases the possibility of turtle survival. This study aimed to compare the effects of two types of transport boxes on egg incubation, hatching rate and turtle emergence: a conventional plastic

ML Vázquez-Sauceda; G Aguirre-Guzmán; R Pérez-Castañeda; JG Sánchez-Martínez; Martín-del Campo; J Loredo-Osti; JL Rábago-Castro



Denial of Service Attack Simulation Based-on CASL  

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Since the first denial of service (DoS) attack appears, DoS attacks cause significant financial damage every year. The majority researchers focus on detection and respond mechanism of DoS, whereas limited progress has been made in the details of DoS attacks. In this paper, we introduce custom audit scripting language (CASL) applied to write simulation program for DoS attacks. Then we

Kuo Zhao; Kexin Yang; Meng Zhang; Jinling Wang; Liang Hu



Financial Audit: The Department of State's Fiscal Year 2004 Management Representation Letter on It's Financial Statements.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The purpose of this report is to communicate our observations on the Department of State's (DOS) fiscal year 2004 management representation letter. Our objective is to help ensure that future management representation letters submitted by DOS are sufficie...



Will There Be Enough Information Technology Managers in 2010.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This research studied the availability of future information technology (IT) managers at the U.S. Department of State (DOS). Over half the DOS's Foreign Service specialist workforce is composed of Generation X -- a cohort known to change employers often. ...

A. Roecks



Osteopathic Medicine: About Osteopathic Medicine  


... Advancing the distinctive philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine Inside the AOA About the AOA AOA Membership ... DOs Licensed? How Are DOs Certified? About Osteopathic Medicine Page Content You are more than just the ...


Distributed Denial-of-Service Characterization  

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Distributed denial of service (DoS) attacks on cyber-resources are complex problems that are difficult to completely define, characterize, and mitigate. We recognize the process-nature of DoS attacks and view them from multiple perspectives. Identification of opportunities for mitigation and further research may result from this attempt to characterize the DoS problem space. We examine DoS attacks from the point of




A Prevention Model for Algorithmic Complexity Attacks  

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Denial of Service (DoS) attack has been identified in security surveys as the second largest cause of monetary loss. Hence, DoS is a very important problem that needs to be dealt with seriously. Many DoS attacks are conducted by generating extremely high rate traffic; these are classified as flooding at- tacks. Other DoS attacks, which are caused by resource consumption,

Suraiya Khan; Issa Traoré



Modernização Agrícola Francesa: a construção de um modelo analítico  

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Este artigo investiga o processo de modernização agrícola na França por meio das interpretações dos economistas, dos sociólogos e dos cientistas políticos, envolvendo especialmente o debate da sociologia e da economia rural contemporâneas. O objetivo é compreender a sua dinâmica específica pelo cruzamento entre diferentes áreas das Ciências Sociais com o intuito de construir um modelo interpretativo para a análise

Angelica Massuquetti



La estimación de un intervalo temporal (durée) en un grupo de niños de ambiente rural y urbano  

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Se han comparado los resultados obtenidos de la valoración temporal (durée) de dos intervalos transcurridos sin actividad uno y con una actividad determinada el otro (proyección de diapositivas). Los sujetos han sido dos grupos de 25 niños que cursan 4P nivel de E. G. B pertenecientes a dos medios diferentes: rural y urbano. Los resultados no difieren significativamente ni entre

Santiago Estaún i Ferrer; Imma Paltor; Xavier Urmeneta



Whenever You Use a Computer You Are Using a Program Called an Operating System.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines design, features, and shortcomings of eight disk-based operating systems designed for general use that are popular or most likely to affect the future of microcomputing. Included are the CP/M family, MS-DOS, Apple DOS/ProDOS, Unix, Pick, the p-System, TRSDOS, and Macintosh/Lisa. (MBR)

Cook, Rick



Concentración horizontal en un ambiente regulado. El caso de la distribución de electricidad en el Area Metropolitana de Buenos Aires  

Microsoft Academic Search

Al momento de la privatización, la empresa pública (SEGBA) fue separada horizontalmente en tres empresas: dos cubriendo el área del Gran Buenos Aires (EDENOR y EDESUR) y otra cubriendo un área de menor concentración demográfica cerca de la Ciudad de La Plata (EDELAP) . Las dos primeras son distribuidoras de gran envergadura con alrededor de dos millones de clientes cada

Diego Petrecolla; Carlos Romero



Os direitos da mulher à terra e os movimentos sociais rurais na reforma agrária brasileira  

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R R R R Resumo: esumo: esumo: esumo: esumo: Este artigo examina a evolução da reivindicação dos direitos da mulher à terra na reforma agrária brasileira sob o prisma dos três principais movimentos sociais rurais: o Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST), os sindicatos rurais e o movimento autônomo de mulheres rurais. O mérito maior por levantar a questão

Carmen Diana Deere



A emergência da categoria “agricultor familiar” como sujeito de direitos na trajetória do sindicalismo rural brasileiro  

Microsoft Academic Search

O processo de reconhecimento dos agricultores familiares como sujeitos de direitos apesar de ser recente quando pensado a partir da trajetória do sindicalismo rural brasileiro demonstra ter suas primeiras raízes ainda na constituição da legislação trabalhista-sindical dos anos de 1930. Visando explorar esse processo o artigo tem por objetivo analisar a emergência dos agricultores familiares como sujeitos de direitos na

Everton Lazzaretti Picolotto



Novos Aspectos da Regulação do Trabalho no Brasil. Qual o Papel do Estado?  

Microsoft Academic Search

Uma inserção civilizada dos trabalhadores nos âmbitos econômico, social e político da vida brasileira depende da existência de relações assalariadas com direitos trabalhistas e previdenciários assegurados. Não obstante, ao longo dos anos 1990 e em parte dos atuais, os trabalhadores tenderam a assumir outras posições na estrutura de ocupações – posições quase sempre distintas da de assalariados formalmente registrados. Em

André Gambier Campos



Comparacao dos resultados obtidos com os codigos RELAP4/MOD3 e RELAP4/MOD5 na simulacao da fase de despressurizacao do acidente de perda de refrigerante primario na usina nuclear de Angra-1. (Comparison of the RELAP4/MOD3 and RELAP4/MOD5 results to the loss-of-coolant accident blowdown phase simulation on the Angra-1 nuclear power station).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

It's very important to obtain information of certain thermalhydraulic parameters of the Angra 1 Nuclear Power Plant during a large LOCA in three different points: in the cold leg, in the hot leg and between the steam generator and the pump. In this way, t...

G. Sabundjian T. Neves Conti



[Stress among nurses: an examination of salivary cortisol levels on work and day off].  


The present study evaluates the use of salivary cortisol concentration as a physiological index of the stress level among nurses on their work day and day off and correlates it with the questionnaire used to measure occupational stress in nurses (Inventário de Estresse em Enfermeiros - IEE). This is a comparative, cross-sectional descriptive study in which sociodemographic data, IEE results and salivary cortisol levels were used. Fifty-seven nurses participated in the study (80.7% females and a mean age of 37.1 years old). The IEE average score was 124.5. The average cortisol level was 564.1 ng/m on work day and 354.1 ng/mL on day off. Nurses who had double workdays presented high values of salivary cortisol during the work day (638.1 ng/mL). In conclusion, salivary cortisol identified the nurses' stress level, and differences were found between a work day and day off. On the nurses' day off, their salivary cortisol levels and stress scores were lower. PMID:24346461

Pires da Rocha, Maria Cecília; Figueiredo de Martino, Milva Maria; Grassi-Kassisse, Dora Maria; Luiz de Souza, Aglécio



On the density of states of germanium telluride  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Germanium telluride (GeTe) is one of the most studied phase change materials. Surprisingly, only little is known about the density of states (DOS) in its band gap. In this paper, the DOS of amorphous GeTe films is investigated both experimentally and theoretically. We propose a model for this DOS as well as estimates of some of the transport parameters of this material. Thin films of amorphous GeTe have been deposited by sputtering. Their dark and photoconductivity have been measured as a function of temperature. By means of the modulated photocurrent technique their DOS was probed, while their absorption was investigated by photothermal deflection spectroscopy at room temperature. Numerical calculations were employed to reproduce the experimental results with a proper set of transport parameters and choice of DOS. These data constitute a good basis for further study on the influence of the DOS on the aging of the sample resistance (``resistance drift'').

Longeaud, C.; Luckas, J.; Krebs, D.; Carius, R.; Klomfass, J.; Wuttig, M.



Calculation of the density of states of transition metal monosilicides by a first-principle pseudopotential method using plane-wave basis  

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The density of states (DOS) of transition metal monosilicides of the following types of structures have been calculated; FeSi, CrB, FeB and MnP. The DOS curves of FeSi and CoSi in an equilibrium structure have a gap or quite low values at the Fermi level. The DOS of MnSi is split at the Fermi level by spin-polarization. The Fermi levels

Yoji Imai; Masakazu Mukaida; Kiyoshi Kobayashi; Tatsuo Tsunoda



Effect of mouse cumulus cells on the in vitro maturation and developmental potential of bovine denuded germinal vesicle oocytes.  


Summary We investigated the effect mouse cumulus cells (mCCs) on the in vitro maturation (IVM) and developmental potential of bovine denuded germinal vesicle oocytes (DOs). Cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs), DOs and DOs cocultured with either mCCs (DOs + mCCs) or bovine cumulus cells (bCCs; DOs + bCCs) were subjected to IVM. The meiosis II (MII) rates of DOs, glutathione (GSH) contents, zona pellucida (ZP) hardening and parthenogenetic blastocyst rates of MII oocytes were determined. The relative expression levels of bone morphogenetic protein 15 (BMP-15) and growth differentiation factor 9 (GDF-9) in MII oocytes were measured using quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR). mCCs significantly increased the MII rate of DOs from 53.5 ± 3.58% to 69.67 ± 4.72% (p < 0.05) but had no effect on the GSH content (2.17 ± 0.31 pmol/oocyte with mCCs, 2.14 ± 0.53 pmol/oocyte without mCCs). For the DOs + mCCs group, the BMP-15 and GDF-9 expression levels were significantly higher and the ZP dissolution time was significantly lower (162.49 ± 12.51 s) than that of the DOs group (213.95 ± 18.87 s; p < 0.05). The blastocyst rate of the DOs + mCCs group (32.56 ± 4.94%) was similar to that of the DOs group (31.75 ± 3.65%) but was significantly lower than that of the COCs group (43.52 ± 5.37%; p < 0.05). In conclusion, mCCs increased the MII rate of DOs and expression of certain genes in MII oocytes, and decreased the ZP hardening of MII oocytes, but could not improve their GSH content or developmental potential. PMID:23369698

Zhao, Xue-Ming; Ren, Jing-Jing; Du, Wei-Hua; Hao, Hai-Sheng; Liu, Yan; Qin, Tong; Wang, Dong; Zhu, Hua-Bin



An investigation of correlation between transport characteristics and trap states in n-channel organic field-effect transistors  

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Transport characteristics in n-channel organic field-effect transistors are discussed on the basis of density of states (DOS) for trap states determined with multiple trap and release model. First the trap-free intrinsic mobilities, the activation energies, and total effective DOS for conduction band are determined with the effective field-effect mobility versus temperature plots and total DOS of trap states. Second the

Naoko Kawasaki; Yohei Ohta; Yoshihiro Kubozono; Atsushi Konishi; Akihiko Fujiwara



Enriquecimento protéico de alimentos por levedura em fermentação semissólida: alternativa na alimentação animal  

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4 Engenheiro Agrônomo, MSc. Forragicultura Resumo - Os freqüentes aumentos nos preços de suplementos vegetais utilizados na alimentação animal têm despertado grande interesse pelo aproveitamento dos alimentos \\

Salvino Oliveira Júnior


Dissolved organic carbon and sulfur in southwestern Quebec lakes: Relationships with catchment and lake properties  

SciTech Connect

In 59 southwestern Quebec lakes, dissolved organic S (DOS) concentration averages 185{+-}92 {mu}g liter{sup -1} (9.2% of total S) and ranges from undetectable to 437 {mu}g liter{sup -1} (22% of total S). DOS can be predicted from dissolved organic C (DOC) concentrations: DOS ({mu}g liter{sup -1}) = 2.20 log{sub 10}(DOC) + 7, r{sup 2} = 0.55. When applied to 1,238 lakes from five Quebec regions, this relationship indicates that DOS can account for 8.5% (Ottawa) to 22.2% (North Shore) of total S. These results stress the importance of evaluating DOS concentrations in studies of catchment S budgets. Multiple regression models using lake and catchment properties as independent variables respectively explain 75, 43, 49, and 69% of the variance in DOC, DOS, DOC: DOS, and color. The regressions found for DOC, color, and DOS include a flowpath index, accounting for dissolved organic matter (DOM) leaching from the catchment, and a term for in-lake losses. The DOC:DOS regression includes the flowpath index, lake perimeter, and altitude and suggests that DOM supply and composition also depend on catchment properties. 23 refs., 3 figs., 5 tabs.

Houle, D.; Carignan, R.; Lachance, M. [INRS-Eau, Quebec (Canada)] [and others



Effect of structure on the electronic density of states of doped lanthanum cuprate  

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We present a series of detailed band calculations on the various structural phases of doped lanthanum cuprate: HTT, LTO, and LTT. The LTO distortion is shown to have little effect on the electronic density of states (DOS). A fit to the pressure dependence of the superconducting transition temperature indicates that only 2.5% of the DOS is affected by the HTT[r arrow]LTO transition. The LTT distortion also has little effect on the DOS for the experimental value of the octahedral tilt angle. Larger tilt angles, though, lead to a dramatic change in the DOS.

Norman, M.R. (Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois 60439 (United States)); McMullan, G.J. (Cavendish Laboratory, Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 OHE (United Kingdom)); Novikov, D.L.; Freeman, A.J. (Department of Physics and Astronomy, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois 60208 (United States))



The influence of cumulus cells during in vitro fertilization of buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) denuded oocytes that have undergone vitrification.  


The aim of this work was to evaluate whether providing a support of cumulus cells during IVF of buffalo denuded oocytes submitted to vitrification-warming enhances their fertilizing ability. In vitro matured denuded oocytes were vitrified by Cryotop in 20% EG + 20% of DMSO and 0.5 M sucrose and warmed into decreasing concentrations of sucrose (1.25 M-0.3M). Oocytes that survived vitrification were fertilized: 1) in the absence of a somatic support (DOs); 2) in the presence of bovine cumulus cells in suspension (DOs+susp); 3) on a bovine cumulus monolayer (DOs+monol); and 4) with intact bovine COCs in a 1:1 ratio (DOs+COCs). In vitro matured oocytes were fertilized and cultured to the blastocyst stage as a control. An increased cleavage rate was obtained from DOs+COCs (60.9%) compared to DOs, DOs+susp (43.6 and 38.4, respectively; P < 0.01) and DOs+monol (47.5%; P < 0.05). Interestingly, cleavage rate of DOs+COCs was similar to that of fresh control oocytes (67.8%). However, development to blastocysts significantly decreased in all vitrification groups compared to the control (P < 0.01). In conclusion the co-culture with intact COCs during IVF completely restores fertilizing capability of buffalo denuded vitrified oocytes, without improving blastocyst development. PMID:20615538

Attanasio, Laura; De Rosa, Anna; De Blasi, Marina; Neglia, Gianluca; Zicarelli, Luigi; Campanile, Giuseppe; Gasparrini, Bianca



HGSYSTEM 1 Program: HGSYSTEM version 3.0, 1995 with enhancements, 1997. Source: HGSYSTEM Custodian, Shell Research Ltd, Shell Research Centre Thornton, PO Box 1, Chester, CH1 3SH, UK, e-mail: System: a 486 or faster microprocessor runs in DOS3.3 or later. Calculations require about 3 MB in hard drive and 4 MB of RAM. Cost: free downloading from http:\\/\\/\\/hgsystem. Documentation: a user's manual and a technical reference manual can be downloaded for free from the web site, above. 1 : a review, critique, and comparison with other models  

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HGSYSTEM is a package of computer models for modeling release and atmospheric dispersion of hazardous substances, which has capabilities that may not be found together elsewhere (e.g., hydrogen fluoride\\/air\\/water thermodynamics, aerosol release, release and dispersion of mixtures, multi-component evaporation, downward vertical jets, plume lift-off, deposition, and street-canyon). There are, however, some shortcomings in its spill models and in the transition

Vasilis M Fthenakis



If Your Child Learns in Two Languages: A Parent's Guide for Improving Educational Opportunities for Children Acquiring English as a Second Language = Si su nino aprende en dos idiomes: Una guia para que las familias sepan como mejorar las oportunidades educativas de los ninos que adquieren el ingles como segunda lengua = Neu lon Ban Hoc Bang Hai Thu Tieng: Chi-nam cua phu-huynh de cai tien co hoi hoc van cua con em dang hoc Anh van nhu sinh ngu thu hai.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This guide, in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese, aims to inform parents of students who have learned or are learning English as a Second Language about appropriate approaches for educating children so that they can work with schools to ensure a high quality education for their children. The emphasis is on explaining the laws, schools, and research…

Zelasko, Nancy; Antunez, Beth


Evaluación de estimadores no paramétricos de la riqueza de especies. Un ejemplo con aves en áreas verdes de la ciudad de Puebla, México  

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Nuestro objetivo fue evaluar el desempeño de estimadores no paramétricos de la riqueza de especies con datos reales. Durante la temporada de cría de 2003 censamos las comunidades de aves en dos áreas verdes de la ciudad de Puebla (México), y obtuvimos las corres¬pondientes curvas de rarefacción, que fueron ajustadas a dos funciones de acumulación de especies no asintóticas y

J. A. González Oreja; A. A. De la Fuente-Díaz-Ordaz; L. Hernández-Santín; D. Buzo-Franco; C. Bonache-Regidor



Cirurgia Endoscópica Nasossinusal e da Base do Crânio Guiada por Computador  

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Introdução: Apesar de nas últimas décadas, as cirurgias dos seios paranasais e base de crânio terem apresentado grande progresso, principalmente com o advento dos novos instrumentais, visualização endoscópica e estudos por imagem, ainda apresentam complicações de graus variáveis. A cirurgia guiada por computador (CGC), tecnologia introduzida há poucos anos, foi idealizada para auxiliar o cirurgião na localização precisa de estruturas

Aldo C. Stamm; Shirley Pignatari; Bruno B. Sebusiani; Marcos C. Galati; Sérgio Mitsuda; Rainer G. Haetinger



Encefalopatia Hepática - Atualização T Encefalopatia Hepática - Atualização T Encefalopatia Hepática - Atualização T Encefalopatia Hepática - Atualização T Encefalopatia Hepática - Atualização Terapêutica erapêutica erapêutica erapêutica erapêutica Hepatic Encephalopathy - Therapeutic Update  

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A encefalopatia hepática (EH) é potencialmente reversível. Os principais fatores precipitantes são hemorragia digestiva e infecções bacterianas. O tratamento dos fatores precipitantes pode reverter o quadro. Antibióticos visam reduzir a absorção da amônia e aumentar sua eliminação. A lactulose, lactitol e outros dissacarídeos não degradáveis produzem acidificação dos colons, diminuindo produção e absorção de amônia. Sua eficácia vem sendo questionada

Edna Strauss



GUIDARES: Reading the Guide Star Catalog in Very Many Ways  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present some current and future variations of our Guide Star Catalog Data Retrieval Software (GUIDARES). Topics include the latest DOS version, a Unix/DOS C library, an IDL widgets version, and some future developments, such as an intelligent reclassifier, a Pocket GSC and a Pocket GUIDARES, and a WWW version which will supply finder charts through Mosaic.

Malkov, O. Yu.; Smirnov, O. M.


Contribution of acoustic modes to the density of vibrational states measured by inelastic scattering techniques  

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We consider the contribution of acoustic modes to the density of vibrational states measured by nuclear inelastic, inelastic x-ray, and inelastic neutron scattering. In nuclear and x-ray scattering, the low-energy part of the density of states (DOS) is compared with the contribution of acoustic modes to the generalized density of states. Different to that, in neutron scattering the DOS is compared with the contribution of acoustic modes to the true density of states. We argue that in general this is not correct and that similar to nuclear and x-ray scattering, the neutron data in most cases must also be compared with the contribution of acoustic modes to the generalized DOS. For neutron scattering, this contribution usually is smaller than the contribution to the true DOS. Thus, the comparison of the neutron data with the contribution of acoustic modes to the true DOS systematically overestimates the level of acoustic modes. However, an extrapolation of the neutron DOS to zero energy often exceeds even this overestimated level. In our eyes, even for glasses the manifold excess of the extrapolation of the neutron DOS to zero energy over the expected level of acoustic modes seems to be unreasonable even though in this case one can still argue on existing of additional soft modes. However, a similar excess observed also for crystalline samples clearly indicates an uncertainty of the absolute scale of the DOS measured by neutron scattering.

Chumakov, A. I. [European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, BP 220, F-38043 Grenoble (France); Russian Research Center 'Kurchatov Institute', 123182 Moscow (Russian Federation); Bosak, A.; Rueffer, R. [European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, BP 220, F-38043 Grenoble (France)




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Este trabalho é resultado de uma investigação sobre a ação dos órgãos oficiais de Assistência Técnica e Extensão rural (ATER) no nordeste brasileiro, com o objetivo avaliar as ações dos mesmos visando a implementação da nova Política Nacional de ATER (PNATER), na região como referência para o país. Ela contemplou os Estados de Bahia, Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte,

José Ribamar; Furtado de Souza


Envelhecimento, Condições de Vida e Política Previdenciária. Como ficam as mulheres?*1  

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1 INTRODUÇÃO Historicamente, os sistemas previdenciários foram constituídos com base nos contratos de gênero, onde o homem assumia o papel de provedor e a mulher, o de cuidadora da casa, das crianças, dos idosos, ou seja, dos dependentes. Isso delimitava, claramente, a posição de dependência da mulher para o sistema. Desde a segunda metade do século passado, tem-se observado mudanças

Ana Amélia Camarano; Maria Tereza Pasinato


Dock 3 Tumor Suppressor Gene.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The invention relates to a newly identified tumor suppressor gene, designated DOS (for Deleted in Osteosarcoma and alternatively referred to herein as DOCK 3) which has been cloned from human and mouse cells. The DOS nucleic acid and protein molecules and...

A. McClatchey C. Paulding D. Haber V. Yajnik



Análise comparativa do isolamento do ruído aéreo entre diferentes painéis de vedação utilizados no Brasil  

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RESUMO: O artigo aborda a avaliação do isolamento acústico de painéis de vedação que vem sendo utilizados no Brasil. Os painéis que surgem como alternativa à alvenaria convencional e o seu uso indiscrimado, sem uma avaliação dos requisitos mínimos de desempenho, são o principal objetivo deste trabalho. A análise dos resultados do índice de isolação sonora é feita através do

Danielly Borges


Doença pulmonar obstrutiva crônica e desnutrição: por que não estamos vencendo a batalha?  

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1 (TE SBPT) Objetivos: Fazer uma revisão dos mecanismos envolvidos na gênese da desnutrição em pacientes com doença pulmonar obstrutiva crônica (DPOC) e revisão sistemática dos artigos randomizados e controlados para esclarecer a contribuição de suplementação nutricional em pacientes com DPOC estável. Método: Revisão sistemática de artigos publicados na área de nutrição em todas as línguas, de várias fontes, incluindo




Dissolved organic sulfur in streams draining forested catchments in southern China.  


Dissolved organic sulfur (DOS) is an important fraction for sulfur mobilization in ecosystem. In this work stream waters were sampled in 25 forested sites in southern China to study the dissolved sulfur fractions. Dissolved sulfur was fractionated into dissolved organic sulfur (DOS) and inorganic sulfate (SO4(2-)) for 95 stream water samples. The results showed that the concentration of DOS ranged from 0 to 13.1 mg/L (average 1.3 mg/L) in all the streams. High concentrations of DOS in stream waters were found in the sites with high concentrations of sulfate. DOS constituted less than 60.1% of dissolved sulfur (average 17.9%). Statistical analysis showed that DOS concentration was correlated with SO4(2-) in streams waters and total sulfur in surface layer soils. The results also showed that DOS concentration in stream waters had a seasonal variation, but no trends were found with it. The implication was that the long term sulfur deposition had led the increase of the concentration and fraction of DOS in stream waters in acid rain prevailing regions PMID:22894106

Wang, Zhanyi; Zhang, Xiaoshan; Wang, Zhangwei; Zhang, Yi; Li, Bingwen; Vogt, Rolf



Teoria das Ondas de Elliott- Uma aplicação ao mercado de ações aa Bm&Fbovespa  

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Os preços dos ativos negociados em bolsas de valores, assim como qualquer outro tipo de commodity do mercado financeiro, oscilam naturalmente com a procura por esses produtos. Essas oscilações, juntamente com a assimetria das informações acerca dos preços desses produtos geram processos de volatilidade. Charles Dow, no início do século XX criou índices setoriais, nos quais reunia papéis da mesma

Daniele Ferreira de Sousa


Quality wines and wines protected by a designation of origin: Identifying their consumption determinants  

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In international wine markets, two different commercial strategies coexist: one from emerging countries, based on grape varieties, and one from traditional countries, based on designations of origin (DOs). This study focuses on Spain, a country with a long tradition in wine production and consumption, where there is an increasing demand for quality wine from DOs. The aim of the study

Laura Martinez-carrasco; Margarita Brugarolas; Africa Martinez-poveda



Mitigating Distributed Denial of Service Attacks with Multi-Protocol Label Switching-Traffic Engineering (MPLS-TE).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A Denial of Service (DoS) occurs when legitimate users are prevented from using a service over a computer network. A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is a more serious form of DoS in which an attacker uses the combined power of many hosts to fl...

I. Vordos



El gobierno de la educación en Inglaterra y Perú: una mirada comparada desde la economía política  

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Durante los últimos treinta años, el gobierno de la educación, como el de otros sectores, ha experimentado cambios importantes que han redefinido las escalas en las que se gobiernan los servicios educativos, así como quiénes son los actores responsables de dichos servicios. Este trabajo explora tales cambios en dos casos particulares, Inglaterra y el Perú, dos contextos cuya poca similitud

María Balarín



Disease modifying activity of 15-deoxyspergualin on acute and chronic relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis as models of multiple sclerosis (MS)  

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Due to its immunosuppressive mode of action we examined the therapeutic effects of 15-Deoxyspergualin (15-DOS) in the two models of acute and chronic relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE) in Lewis rats. Treatment of myelin basic protein (MBP) immunized rats with 15-DOS was most effective in delaying and reducing the onset of clinical symptoms, and mortality was prevented in acute EAE.

H. U. Schorlemmer; G. Dickneite



Educação continuada: um levantamento de necessidades da equipe de enfermagem 1 Lifelong learning: a survey on the nursing team necessities Educación continuada: un diagnóstico de necesidades del equipo de enfermería  

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RESUMO: A Educação Continuada é o componente essencial dos programas de formação e desenvolvimento de recursos humanos das instituições. O desenvolvimento da equipe de enfermagem é um dos fatores que pode assegurar a qualidade do atendimento ao cliente e a sobrevivência da instituição neste cenário de mudanças e competitividade. Assim, neste estudo fizemos alguns diagnósticos através do levantamento de necessidades

Milena Froes da Silva; Fabiana Alves da Conceição; Maria Madalena Januário Leite


Nuevos sistemas de frecuencia intermedia para el IAR  

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Se presenta el diagrama en bloques de los nuevos sistemas de Frecuencia Intermedia para los dos radiómetros instalados en el IAR. Entre las características más importantes del sistema podemos mencionar la posibilidad de conectar cualquiera de las dos antenas a los ``backend\\

J. C. Olalde; D. Perilli; J. J. Larrarte



Clearing a Path: The 16-Bit Operating System Jungle Offers Confusion, Not Standardization.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses the design and limited uses of the Pascal, MS-DOS, CP/M, and PC-DOS operating systems as standard operating systems for 16-bit microprocessors, especially with the more sophisticated microcomputers currently being developed. Advantages and disadvantages of Unix--a multitasking, multiuser operating system--as a standard operating system…

Pournelle, Jerry




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Objective. To describe the surgical, clinical and epidemiological characteristics in patients with pulmonary hydatid in the Hospital Nacional Dos de Mayo. Material and methods. Descriptive, retrospective and observational study. The studied population was patients with the diagnosis of pulmonary hydatid, operated and registered in the Program of Torax and Cardiovascular Surgery of the Hospital Nacional Dos de Mayo from January

Aldo Rafael; Willy Ramos; Julio Peralta; Luis Rojas; Efraín Montesinos; Alex G. Ortega-Loayza


RESPSYST: An Interactive Microcomputer Program for Education.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

RESPSYST is a computer program (written in BASICA and using MS-DOS/PC-DOS microcomputers) incorporating more than 20 of the factors that determine gas transport by the cardio-respiratory system. The five-part program discusses most of these factors, provides several question/answer sections, and relies heavily on graphics to demonstrate…

Boyle, Joseph



Solução Paralela em Agregado de PCs de um Código de Elementos Finitos Aplicado à Elasticidade Linear  

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Resumo. Este trabalho apresenta os resultados comparativos de desempenho de códigos paralelos, baseados no método dos elementos finitos aplicado à elasticidade linear para problemas estruturais, que utilizam o método dos gradientes conjugados para solução do sistema de equações. Os programas foram executados em um agregado de PCs, por ser uma opção economicamente viável, já que utiliza tecnologia depurada de alta

Flávia R. Villa Verde; Roberta R. Ferreira; Gerson H. Pfitscher


Network Ingress Filtering: Defeating Denial of Service Attacks which employ IP Source Address Spoofing  

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Recent occurrences of various Denial of Service (DoS) attacks which have employed forged source addresses have proven to be a troublesome issue for Internet Service Providers and the Internet community overall. This paper discusses a simple, effective, and straightforward method for using ingress traffic filtering to prohibit DoS attacks which use forged IP addresses to be propagated from 'behind' an

D. Senie



Características estruturais e índice de tombamento de Brachiaria decumbens cv. Basilisk em pastagens diferidas  

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RESUMO - Objetivou-se avaliar o efeito dos períodos de diferimento e de pastejo sobre a densidade populacional de perfilhos, a massa dos componentes morfológicos da forragem e o índice de tombamento em pastagens de Brachiaria decumbens cv. Basilisk. Dois ensaios foram conduzidos: o primeiro denominado ano 1 e, o segundo, ano 2. Adotou-se o esquema de parcelas subdivididas, segundo o

Manoel Eduardo Rozalino Santos; Dilermando Miranda da Fonseca; Valéria Pacheco Batista Euclides; Domicio do Nascimento Júnior; Augusto César de Queiroz; José Ivo Ribeiro Júnior



Diversity-oriented synthesis: exploring the intersections between chemistry and biology  

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Diversity-oriented synthesis (DOS) is an emerging field involving the synthesis of combinatorial libraries of diverse small molecules for biological screening. Rather than being directed toward a single biological target, DOS libraries can be used to identify new ligands for a variety of targets. Several different strategies for library design have been developed to target the biologically relevant regions of chemical

Derek S Tan



Yours, Mine or Ours: What Counts as Innovation?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this paper, I argue that research and development organizations (R&DOs) have particular perspectives on what counts as an innovation whereas the potential adopting users usually have quite different often diverse perspectives. If these "worldviews" do not overlap or speak to each other, then what R&DOs consider innovative might constitute a…

Cooksey, Ray W.




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1 - INTRODUÇÃO A densidade da madeira é uma característica complexa resultante da combinação de diversos fatôres. Existem inúmeros trabalhos mostrando sua relação com as dimensões das fibras, particularmente espessura da parede, volume dos vasos e parênquimas, proporção entre madeira primaveril e outonal, e arranjo dos elementos anatômicos. Êste assunto tem sido intensivamente estudado para as coníferas, porém para as

Celso Edmundo; Bochetti Foelkel; Maria Aparecida Mourão Brasil; Luiz Ernesto; George Barrichelo


77 FR 72776 - Airworthiness Directives; Embraer S.A. Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos-SP- BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP--BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732;...



77 FR 33334 - Airworthiness Directives; Embraer S.A. Airplanes  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos--SP-- BRASIL; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732...Putim--12227-901 S[atilde]o Jose dos Campos-SP--Brasil; telephone +55 12 3927-5852 or +55 12 3309-0732;...



Microcode simulator for Apple Macintosh  

Microsoft Academic Search

No fewer than three microcode simulators have been described in this bulletin since 1987. Carlson's [1] runs on an IBM mainframe, Donaldson's [3] on DOS machines and Dunworth's [4] on DOS or unix machines. All have a traditional textual interface. We wanted a visual interface that would display a circuit diagram (figure 1) and let a user follow the execution

Roy Fuller



Denial-of-service resistance in key establishment  

Microsoft Academic Search

Denial of service (DoS) attacks are an increasing problem for network connected sys- tems. Key establishment protocols are applications that are particularly vulnerable to DoS attack as they are typically required to perform computationally expensive cryp- tographic operations in order to authenticate the protocol initiator, and to generate the cryptographic keying material that will subsequently be used to secure the

Jason Smith; Suratose Tritilanunt; Colin Boyd; Juan Manuel González Nieto; Ernest Foo



O consumo de alimentos derivados de organismos geneticamente modificados e a saúde humana e animal  

Microsoft Academic Search

A transformação genética de plantas é uma ferramenta extraordinária da biotecnologia, que permite o aumento da produtividade dos cultivos e a melhoria da qualidade nutricional dos alimentos. Ela também permite expandir o uso das plantas para áreas até hoje inexploradas, como a síntese de produtos em biofábricas. Muitos alimentos consumidos atualmente já são produzidos - totalmente ou em parte -

Marcelo Gravina de Moraes


Development of a new lean lubrication system for near dry machining process  

Microsoft Academic Search

The minimal quantity of lubricant supply (MQL) technique has been applied to environment friendly machining processes. However, in the MQL technique, a large volume of oil mist is discharged to the environment. In this paper, a new lean lubrication system for a near dry machining process called “direct oil drop supply system (DOS)” is proposed. The performance of the DOS

T. Aoyama; Y. Kakinuma; M. Yamashita; M. Aoki



Dissonant emotions, divergent outcomes: Constructing space for emotional methodologies in development  

Microsoft Academic Search

Movimento para a liberdade das mulheres na prostituição (Movimento) and União para a protecção dos direitos dos trabalhadores (União) are mobilising for human rights around sex work and prostitution in Latin America. After a year of working with both groups, my relationship with Movimento broke down; meanwhile the relationship with União flourished and from it emerged intensive and productive ethnographic

Kate Hardy


Vozes católicas no Congresso Nacional: aborto, defesa da vida  

Microsoft Academic Search

Este levantamento sobre os argumentos apresentados nos debates do Congresso Nacional faz parte de um trabalho mais amplo sobre a tramitação de projetos de lei relativos aos direitos sexuais e reprodutivos que tramitaram na década de 90. O aborto, um dos eventos da vida reprodutiva das mulheres, aparece na pauta dos debates mais polêmicos das últimas décadas, tanto em nível

Myriam Aldana




Microsoft Academic Search

Na generalidade dos países desenvolvidos, os sistemas públicos de pensionamento têm-se confron- tado com o aumento da longevidade e com o decréscimo da natalidade das suas populações. Quase invariavelmente, a reacção dos decisores políticos traduziu-se no aumento da idade legal da reforma, isto é, da idade em que os trabalhadores são investidos no direito a receber uma pensão completa; na

Pedro Martins; Álvaro Novo; Pedro Portugal



Mulheres \\  

Microsoft Academic Search

Na virada do século XIX para o XX, o problema dos crimes sexuais transformou-se numa das maiores preocupações das autoridades públicas brasileiras. Vistos como uma das faces negativas do estágio de evolução da civilização ocidental, explicados enfaticamente como produtos da dissolução dos costumes resultante de \\

Carlos Martins Júnior



Microsoft Academic Search

Dicen Larsen- Freeman y Long (1991) que las premisas básicas para un experimento son que todos los factores excepto uno sean constantes para poder comprobar el efecto de ese factor sobre el fenómeno que se inves- tiga, y que se cuente con dos criterios esenciales: primero, que haya al me- nos dos grupos incluidos en el estudio, uno de control

Guadalupe Ruiz Fajardo



IOS: Pdp 11/45 Formatted Input/Output Task Stacker and Processer.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

IOS allows the programer to perform formated Input/Output at assembly language level to/from any peripheral device. It runs under DOS versions V8-O8 or V9-19, reading and writing DOS-compatible files. Additionally, IOS will run, with total transparency, i...

J. Koschik




Microsoft Academic Search

No contexto atual de estreitamento e volatividade do mercado de trabalho, de extremas exigências de qualificações profissionais e do excedente de mão-de-obra pouco escolarizada e qualificada, um dos maiores desafios a serem enfrentados é a inserção dos jovens no mundo do trabalho, já que estes são os mais penalizados com o desemprego e com a precarização do trabalho, que se

Carlos Soares


The Challenges for Physicians of Demonstrating Continuing Competence in the Changing World of Medical Regulation: Osteopathic Pediatrician Case Report  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The current system of continuing medical education, maintenance of certification, and renewal of medical licenses can be quite burdensome and inefficient for all practicing physicians: medical doctors (M.D.s) and doctors of osteopathic medicine (D.O.s). D.O.s have opportunities for residency training and specialty certification which are not…

Langenau, Erik E.; Gimpel, John R.



Are Dangerous Offenders Different From Other Offenders? A Clinical Profile.  


The Canadian dangerous offender (DO) statute requires the assistance of psychiatrists and psychologists in evaluating offenders' potential danger and risk of future offenses, without substantive supporting empirical clinical research on the topic. The present study compared 62 men facing Canadian DO applications to 2,414 non-DO sexual and violent offenders (ACs) and 62 non-DO offenders matched on offense type (MCs). DOs differed significantly from ACs on 30 of 45 variables and from MCs only on 6. More DOs than MCs had an extensive criminal history, were psychopaths, and had more school truancy. Compared with ACs, DOs had less education and more school adjustment problems, more disturbed childhoods, and more often were diagnosed with sadism, psychopathy, and substance abuse problems. Total sexual and violent offense convictions provided the best but weak distinction of DOs from ACs. The "three strikes" law is noted and early intervention in DOs' criminal careers is discussed. PMID:23525177

Langevin, Ron; Curnoe, Suzanne



Convergence of Ser/Thr and two-component signaling to coordinate expression of the dormancy regulon in Mycobacterium tuberculosis.  


Signal transduction in Mycobacterium tuberculosis is mediated primarily by the Ser/Thr protein kinases and the two-component systems. The Ser/Thr kinase PknH has been shown to regulate growth of M. tuberculosis in a mouse model and in response to NO stress in vitro. Comparison of a pknH deletion mutant (?pknH) with its parental M. tuberculosis H37Rv strain using iTRAQ enabled us to quantify >700 mycobacterial proteins. Among these, members of the hypoxia- and NO-inducible dormancy (DosR) regulon were disregulated in the ?pknH mutant. Using kinase assays, protein-protein interactions, and mass spectrometry analysis, we demonstrated that the two-component response regulator DosR is a substrate of PknH. PknH phosphorylation of DosR mapped to Thr(198) and Thr(205) on the key regulatory helix ?10 involved in activation and dimerization of DosR. PknH Thr phosphorylation and DosS Asp phosphorylation of DosR cooperatively enhanced DosR binding to cognate DNA sequences. Transcriptional analysis comparing ?pknH and parental M. tuberculosis revealed that induction of the DosR regulon was subdued in the ?pknH mutant in response to NO. Together, these results indicate that PknH phosphorylation of DosR is required for full induction of the DosR regulon and demonstrate convergence of the two major signal transduction systems for the first time in M. tuberculosis. PMID:20630871

Chao, Joseph D; Papavinasasundaram, Kadamba G; Zheng, Xingji; Chávez-Steenbock, Ana; Wang, Xuetao; Lee, Guinevere Q; Av-Gay, Yossef



Calculating the trap density of states in organic field-effect transistors from experiment: A comparison of different methods  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The spectral density of localized states in the band gap of pentacene (trap DOS) was determined with a pentacene-based thin-film transistor from measurements of the temperature dependence and gate-voltage dependence of the contact-corrected field-effect conductivity. Several analytical methods to calculate the trap DOS from the measured data were used to clarify, if the different methods lead to comparable results. We also used computer simulations to further test the results from the analytical methods. Most methods predict a trap DOS close to the valence-band edge that can be very well approximated by a single exponential function with a slope in the range of 50-60 meV and a trap density at the valence-band edge of ?2×1021eV-1cm-3 . Interestingly, the trap DOS is always slightly steeper than exponential. An important finding is that the choice of the method to calculate the trap DOS from the measured data can have a considerable effect on the final result. We identify two specific simplifying assumptions that lead to significant errors in the trap DOS. The temperature dependence of the band mobility should generally not be neglected. Moreover, the assumption of a constant effective accumulation-layer thickness leads to a significant underestimation of the slope of the trap DOS.

Kalb, Wolfgang L.; Batlogg, Bertram



Toward absolute density of states calculations for proteins.  


The density of states (DOS), which gives the number of conformations with a particular energy E, is a prerequisite in computing most thermodynamic quantities and in elucidating important biological processes such as the mechanism of protein folding. However, current methods for computing DOS of large systems such as proteins generally yield only the ratios of microstate counts for different energies, which could yield absolute conformation counts if the total number of conformations in phase space is known, thus motivating this work. Here, the total number of energy minima of 50-mer polyalanine, whose size corresponds to naturally occurring small proteins, was estimated under an all-atom potential energy function based on the cumulative distribution function (CDF) of conformational differences to be approximately 10(38). This estimate can place any DOS function, such as the Gaussian DOS distribution in the random energy model, on an absolute scale. Comparing the absolute conformational counts from a Gaussian DOS function with those from the CDF derived from quenched molecular dynamics ensembles shows that the former are far greater than the latter, indicating far fewer low-energy minima actually exist. In addition to showing how CDF and relative DOS calculations can yield absolute DOS for a discrete system, we also show how they can yield absolute DOS for continuous variable systems to a specified atomic variance. In the context of protein folding, knowing this phase-space "volume" of conformations in a DOS function, as well as characteristic transition times, constrains the set of possible folding mechanisms. PMID:16800526

Sullivan, David C; Lim, Carmay



Gaps and tails in graphene and graphane  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We study the density of states (DOS) in monolayer and bilayer graphene in the presence of a random potential that breaks sublattice symmetries. While a uniform symmetry-breaking potential (SBP) opens a uniform gap, a random SBP also creates tails in the DOS. The latter can close the gap again, preventing the system from becoming an insulator. However, for a sufficiently large gap the tails contain localized states with nonzero DOS. These localized states allow the system to conduct at nonzero temperature via variable-range hopping. This result is in agreement with recent experimental observations in graphane by Elias et al (2009 Science 323 610).

Dóra, B.; Ziegler, K.



Pseudofermion ferromagnetism in the Kondo lattices: a mean-field approach  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Ground state ferromagnetism of the Kondo lattices is investigated within slave fermion approach by Coleman and Andrei within a mean-field approximation in the effective hybridization model. Conditions for formation of both saturated (half-metallic) and non-saturated magnetic state are obtained for various lattices. A description in terms of universal functions which depend only on bare electron density of states (DOS) is presented. A crucial role of the energy dependence of the bare DOS (especially, of DOS peaks) for the small-moment ferromagnetism formation is demonstrated.

Irkhin, Valentin Yu.



Electronic Structures and Magnetic Properties of the C14 Laves Phase Compounds ZrMn2, TiFe2 and NbFe2  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The electronic structures were calculated by the KKR and the local-spin-density methods for ZrMn2, TiFe2 and NbFe2. The densites-of-states (DOS’s) of the C14 Laves phase compounds AB2 are characterized by the DOS’s of the atoms B(2a) and B(6h) around the Fermi level which play an important role in investigating their magnetism. We can guess from the structures of the DOS’s and the number of valence electrons whether or not a compound is magnetic.

Ishida, Shoji; Asano, Setsuro; Ishida, Junji



An effective Denial of Service Attack Detection Method in Wireless Mesh Networks  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In order to detect the DoS attack (Denial-of-Service attack) when wireless mesh networks adopt AODV routing protocol of Ad Hoc networks. Such technologies as an end-to-end authentication, utilization rate of cache memory, two pre-assumed threshold value and distributed voting are used in this paper to detect DoS attacker, which is on the basic of hierarchical topology structure in wireless mesh networks. Through performance analysis in theory and simulations experiment, the scheme would improve the flexibility and accuracy of DoS attack detection, and would obviously improve its security in wireless mesh networks.

Luan, Liangyu; Fu, Yingfang; Xiao, Peng


Testicular Cancer - Multiple Languages: MedlinePlus  


... Hindi (??????) Japanese (???) Korean (???) Portuguese (português) Russian (???????) Somali (af Soomaali) Spanish (español) Tagalog ( ... PDF Health Information Translations Return to top Portuguese (português) Testicular Self Exam Auto-exame dos testículos - português ( ...




... parents, people are always ready to offer advice. Parenting tips, parents' survival guides, dos, don'ts, shoulds ... right" way to be a good parent. Good parenting includes Keeping your child safe Showing affection and ...


Operations Guide for FORPLAN on Microcomputers (Release 14.2).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This operations guide provides information on installing and using FORPLAN Version 2, Release 14.2, on MS DOS microcomputers and gives troubleshooting information relating to operating FORPLAN on these computers. This guide includes information on: (1) th...

B. M. Kent M. Bevers K. E. Sleavin J. P. Merzenich J. Heiner



Kidney Failure - Multiple Languages: MedlinePlus  


... Hindi (??????) Japanese (???) Korean (???) Portuguese (português) Russian (???????) Somali (af Soomaali) Spanish (español) Tagalog ( ... PDF Health Information Translations Return to top Portuguese (português) Kidney Failure Falência dos rins - português (Portuguese) Bilingual ...


Formation mechanical properties and the sonic log  

SciTech Connect

A program is presented that calculates the mechanical properties of reservoir rocks from sonic logs. The program was written in Microsoft BASIC and the source code for MS-DOS, Apple Macintosh, and Amiga personal computers is given.

Elphick, R.Y.



A Visão do Universo Segundo a Concepção de um Grupo de Alunos do Ensino Médio de São Paulo  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Nesse trabalho foi identificada por meio de um questionário a visão de mundo sobre o Universo espaço e tempo entre 270 estudantes de Ensino Médio de três escolas de São Paulo. Constatou-se pouco conhecimento dos temas investigados sendo que apenas 20% dos alunos relacionaram as semanas com as fases da lua enquanto 28% associaram as estações do ano à inclinação do eixo de rotação da Terra e 23% tinham noções das distâncias entre objetos celestes próximos da Terra. Enquanto 56% conseguiram relacionar o Big Bang com a origem do Universo verificou-se que 37% reconheciam ano-luz como unidade de distância e 60% reconheciam o Sol como uma estrela. Apesar de 60% dos alunos indicarem a escola como principal fonte dos conhecimentos de astronomia seus conceitos ainda são inadequados havendo necessidade de aprimoramento da abordagem desses conteúdos pois apesar de popular a astronomia é veiculada de maneira pouco esclarecedora e com imprecissões.

Araújo, M. A. A.; Elias, D. C. N.; Amaral, L. H.; Araújo, M. S. T.; Voelzke, M. R.



Utilization of Dead Animals and Condemned Animal Offals.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This monograph is an attempt to spell out 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' with regard to utilization of animal wastes. The techniques described include urban and rural situations, describing potentialities both large and small scale. Quality standards and quality asse...

S. Divakaran



Comparison of Atmospheric Correction Procedures for Visible and Near-IR Satellite Sensor Output.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

An experiment to assess the accuracy of several atmospheric correction procedures, including four Radiative Transfer Codes (RTCs) and Dark Object Subtraction (DOS), for retrieval of surface reflectance factors from LANDSAT Thematic Mapper data in the visi...

M. S. Moran R. D. Jackson P. N. Slater P. M. Teillet



Corrosion intergranular bajo esfuerzo en uniones soldadas de acero inoxidable 304. (Intergranular stress corrosion in soldered joints of stainless steel 304.).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The intergranular stress cracking of welded joints of austenitic stainless steel, AISI 304, is a serious problem in BWR type reactors. It is associated with the simultaneous presence of three factors; stress, a critical media and sensibilization (DOS). EP...

L. Zamora



Computer program for the performance evaluation of maximum power point trackers.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Maximum power point tracking is an important issue in photovoltaics. Therefore a Pascal computer program has been developed to facilitate performance measurements on maximum power point trackers (MPPT's) using an MS-DOS microcomputer with numeric coproces...

A. T. Veltman R. Kloeckner K. K. W. Geers J. Van Twisk



Do's and Don'ts for Protecting Your Health and Your Beach's Health  


... Beach's Health Dos and Dont's for Protecting Your Health and Your Beach's Health You can do several things to keep yourself ... closed. Learn more about the risks to your health . Be sun safe Check the UV Index Use ...


Tunneling Evidence of Half-Metallic Ferromagnetism in La(0.7)Ca(0.3)MnO(3)  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Direct experimental evidence of half-metallic density of states (DOS) is observed by scanning tunneling spectroscopy on ferromagnetic La(0.7)Ca(0.3)MnO(3) which exhibits colossal magnetoresistance (SMR).

Wei, J. Y. T.; Yeh, N. C.; Vasquez, R. P.



Revisão sistemática sobre obesidade em adolescentes brasileiros  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo - O propósito deste estudo foi revisar, de forma sistemática, a literatura nacional sobre a prevalência e fatores associados à obesidade em adolescentes. A busca foi realizada nas bases de dados Pubmed e Bireme, através dos descritores: \\

Rafael Miranda Tassitano; Maria Cecília Marinho Tenório; Pedro C Hallal


"The World in a Drop of Water": The Feminist Vision of Patricia Howell.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses two films ("Dos veces mujer" and "Intima raiz") of Patricia Howell. Demonstrates how thoroughly the feminist themes Howell's films weave together around motherhood are inflected by the specific Latin American and Costa Rican contexts in which she works. (RS)

Holmlund, Chris



Experimental study of received signal performance in direct optical switching CDMA ROF system  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this paper, we experimentally demonstrate interference suppression with an optical polarity-reversing correlator (OPRC) in the DOS-CDMA (direct optical switching CDMA) ROF (radio-over-fibre) system, and investigate carrier to interference power ratio (CIR) performance.

T. Higashino; K. Tsukarnoto; S. Komaki



Department of Defense Noncombatant Evacuation Operations in the Federal Republic of Germany: Time for Tough Decisions  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This paper is an analytical study of how United States noncombatant evacuation operations (NEO) are currently envisioned to operate in the FRG based on existing United States (US) Department of State (DOS) and Department of Defense (DOD) policies and plan...

C. H. Treutler



NIH VideoCasting and Podcasting: Job Interviews  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This videocast discusses the "do`s and don`ts" of academic job interviewing and provides a perspective on what interview committees like to see. This videocast is available as a flash video, audio podcast, and video podcast.

Lori Conlan (Office of Intramural Training and Education at the National Institutes of Health)



Characteristics and biotechnology applications of aliphatic amino acid hydroxylases belonging to the Fe(II)/?-ketoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase superfamily.  


The asymmetric hydroxylation of inactive carbon atoms is still an important reaction in the industrial synthesis of valuable chiral compounds such as pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals. Applications of monooxygenation enzymes, like cytochrome P450 monooxygenases, flavin-containing monooxygenases, and Fe(II)/?-ketoglutarate-dependent dioxygenases (Fe/?KG-DOs), are strongly desired as hydroxylation biocatalysts because they have great advantages in regio- and stereoselectivity of the reactions. Recently, several novel Fe/?KG-DOs have been found to catalyze the asymmetric hydroxylation of aliphatic amino acids. Depending on their amino acid sequences, these Fe/?KG-DOs catalyze different types of regioselective hydroxylations, or C3-, C4-, and C5-hydroxylation. Additionally, most also have stereoselective sulfoxidation activities. Here, we have reviewed the characterization and process development of this novel functioning group of Fe/?KG-DOs. PMID:24682483

Hibi, Makoto; Ogawa, Jun



Personal Computer Based English-Russian and Russian-English Dictionaries of Business and Information Technology.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The properties, main features and implementation on all types of personal computers and Disk Operating Systems (DOS) of two English-Russian and Russian-English Dictionaries of Business Operations and Information Technology are described. Most of thekey te...

L. A. Golemanov A. H. Manolov



Raingauge Network Optimization and Gis: A Case Study of the Mananga Basin. Communications of the Sanitary Engineering and Water Management Division.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Contents: The Mananga basin; Rainfall analyses; The Mananga river; Cases; Ilwis (Input module, Vector module, Raster module, Tables module, Points module, Output module, Command option, Dos option); Creating the digital elevation model (DEM) (Rasterize, I...

M. J. van Dijk T. H. M. Rientjes



78 FR 45490 - Department of State Acquisition Regulation  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...including the signature), while the inventories, both quarterly and annual, shall be in Microsoft Excel format (Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Excel versions shall be compatible with versions used by DOS). Send all reports to: (1) The...



75 FR 15482 - Notice of Request for Public Comments; 60-Day Notice of Proposed Information Collection: Forms DS...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...requests for assignment of a DOS representative to escort eligible senior officials of foreign governments through the airport security screening process. The request will be used to review for entitlement to the courtesy, the specific...



Ensuring Safe Use of Contact Lens Solution  


... Consumer Updates RSS Feed Ensuring Safe Use of Contact Lens Solution Search the Consumer Updates Section Printer- ... About Eye Infections Dos and Don'ts for Contact Lens Wearers Not emptying the solution out of ...


76 FR 61360 - Notice of Intent To Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement for the Foreign Affairs Security...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...National Guard's Maneuver Training Center at Fort Pickett and Pickett Park in Nottoway County, Virginia. DOS, United States...Background: The purpose of the proposed FASTC at Fort Pickett is to consolidate existing dispersed training...



Review of Dyncorp International, LLC, Contract Number S-LMAQM-04-C-0030, Task Order 0338, for the Iraqi Police Training Program Support.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In Iraq, the Department of State (DoS) Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) is responsible for assisting in the development of police capabilities. INL, as the program execution office, used the Iraq Relief and Reconstructi...

J. T. McDermott K. Bell M. Herbaugh R. Astor R. Florence



Two-current model of the composition dependence of resistivity in amorphous (Fe{sub 100-x}Co{sub x}){sub 89-y}Zr{sub 7}B{sub 4}Cu{sub y} alloys using a rigid-band assumption  

SciTech Connect

Composition dependence of resistivity is studied in amorphous (Fe{sub 100?x}Co{sub x}){sub 89?y}Zr{sub 7}B{sub 4}Cu{sub y} (0???x???50, y?=?0, 1) alloys. The two-current model proposed by Mott for crystalline materials is extended to a disordered amorphous system where s-d scattering is dominant in electron conduction. A rigid-band assumption is made due to the small atomic number difference between Fe and Co. Band structures with a constant density of states (DOS), parabolic distributed DOS, and Gaussian distributed DOS were investigated to fit experimental data. The Gaussian distributed DOS was found to simulate the resistivity maximum and magnetic moment maximum in the Fe-rich region. The basic concepts presented here can potentially provide insight into the optimization of FeCo-based HITPERM alloys for applications at increased frequencies.

Shen, S.; Ohodnicki, P. R.; Kernion, S. J.; McHenry, M. E.



78 FR 47046 - Suggestions for Environmental Cooperation Pursuant to the United States-Colombia Environmental...  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 or faxed ((202) 647-5947) to Maina Martir- Torres, Office of Environmental Quality and Transboundary Issues...DOS-2013- 0013 FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, CONTACT: Maina Martir-Torres, telephone (202) 647-4750. SUPPLEMENTARY...



Computer Viruses: An Overview.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses the early history and current proliferation of computer viruses that occur on Macintosh and DOS personal computers, mentions virus detection programs, and offers suggestions for how libraries can protect themselves and their users from damage by computer viruses. (LRW)

Marmion, Dan



Inputs of Coma: Static Detection of Denial-of-Service Vulnerabilities  

Microsoft Academic Search

As networked systems grow in complexity, they are in- creasingly vulnerable to denial-of-service (DoS) attacks involving resource exhaustion. A single malicious in- put of coma can trigger high-complexity behavior such as deep recursion in a carelessly implemented server, causing extraordinary consumption of CPU time or stack space and making the server unavailable to legitimate clients. These DoS attacks exploit the

Richard M. Chang; Guofei Jiang; Franjo Ivancic; Sriram Sankaranarayanan; Vitaly Shmatikov