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A Dictionary of Sensibility  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The language of sensibility in eighteenth-century Europe encompassed a number of interconnected vocabularies and offered manifold and varied meanings to terms such as virtue, imagination, sublime, character, and community. This online dictionary, hosted by the University of Virginia English Department, allows users to explore these vocabularies and meanings through excerpts from primary texts of sensibility. The Dictionary offers a list of terms (currently 24) pertaining to sensibility, each of which links to an introduction and a collection of annotated relevant excerpts. Source and critical bibliographies are also provided. Readers are invite to contribute to the Dictionary, and submission details are included at the site.


Epistemic Sensibility: Third Dimension of Virtue Epistemology  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The author tries to argue how epistemic sensibility as virtue sensibility can complement virtue epistemology. Many philosophers interrelated virtue reliabilism (e.g., Brogaard, 2006) and virtue responsibilism (e.g., Code, 1987) to virtue epistemology as two dimensions with many diverging and a few converging characters. The possible new dimension…

Belbase, Shashidhar



Direct computation of the sensible heat flux.  

USGS Publications Warehouse

An algorithm to determine the sensible heat flux from simple field measurements (wind speed, air and ground temperatures) has been developed. It provides a direct solution, in parametric form, which can be displayed graphically or tabularly. -from Author

Watson, K.



Sensibility Ergonomics Design Recommendation System Using Weather WebBot  

Microsoft Academic Search

Analysis of a customer's sensibility and preferences is an important strategy in a market that is becoming increasingly more customer oriented. In this paper, we propose the sensibility ergonomics design recommendation system using weather Web- Bot (DRS-WB). The proposed method applies sensibility ergo- nomics to increase the efficiency of merchandising for human- oriented sensible product designs. Development of DRS-WB used

Kyung-Yong Chung



Urban Signatures: Sensible Heat Flux (WMS)  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Big cities influence the environment around them. For example, urban areas are typically warmer than their surroundings. Cities are strikingly visible in computer models that simulate the Earths land surface. This visualization shows sensible heat flux predicted by the Land Information System (LIS) for a day in June 2001. (Sensible heat flux refers to transfer of heat from the earths surface to the air above; for further explanation see Sensible heat flux is higher in the cities--that is, they transfer more heat to the atmosphere--because the surface there is warmer than in the surroundings. Only part of the global computation is shown, focusing on the highly urbanized northeast corridor in the United States, including the cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington.

Jeff DeLaBeaujardiere



Indigenous Metissage: A Decolonizing Research Sensibility  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper is a report on the theoretical origins of a decolonizing research sensibility called Indigenous Metissage. This research praxis emerged parallel to personal and ongoing inquiries into historic and current relations connecting Aboriginal peoples and Canadians in the place now called Canada. I frame the colonial frontier origins of these…

Donald, Dwayne



Lo que usted debe saber antes de dar sus tejidos para investigación médica

Contiene información sobre las cosas que usted debe saber y tener en cuenta al tomar una decisión de donar sus tejidos para investigación. El tejido puede incluir materiales de su cuerpo tales como piel, cabello, uñas, sangre y orina.


Does acute intraoral pain alter cutaneous sensibility?  

PubMed Central

Cutaneous sensibility was tested in eight patients suffering from acute postoperative intraoral pain. Tactile-, cold-, warm-, and heat-pain thresholds as well as reaction time to cold pulses were unaffected by the presence of pain. However, reaction time to warm pulses was increased in the painful area on the day of pain compared to a non-painful state. The findings are discussed in relation to (1) functional convergence of different sensory fibres on central neurons (2) the phenomenon of diffuse noxious inhibitory controls and (3) secondary hyperalgesia. The observed effect of clinical pain on the warm pathway could be explained as an intrasegmental noxious inhibitory effect. PMID:3216205

Hansson, P; Ekblom, A; Lindblom, U; Marchettini, P



What develops in moral development? A model of moral sensibility  

Microsoft Academic Search

The field of moral psychology would benefit from an integrative model of what develops in moral development, contextualized within the larger scope of social science research. Moral sensibility is proposed as the best concept to embody stated aims, but the content of this concept must be more finely articulated and conceptualized as a dynamic system. Moral sensibility is defined here

Stephen A. Sherblom



Heat pipe cooling system with sensible heat sink  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A heat pipe cooling system which employs a sensible heat sink is discussed. With this type of system, incident aerodynamic heat is transported via a heat pipe from the stagnation region to the heat sink and absorbed by raising the temperature of the heat sink material. The use of a sensible heat sink can be advantageous for situations where the total mission heat load is limited, as it is during re-entry, and a suitable radiation sink is not available.

Silverstein, Calvin C.



Human Sensibility Ergonomics Approach to Vehicle Simulator Based on Dynamics  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Simulators have been used to evaluate drivers' reactions to various transportation products. Most research, however, has concentrated on their technical performance. This paper considers driver's motion perception on a vehicle simulator through the analysis of human sensibility ergonomics. A sensibility ergonomic method is proposed in order to improve the reliability of vehicle simulators. A simulator in a passenger vehicle consists of three main modules such as vehicle dynamics, virtual environment, and motion representation modules. To evaluate drivers' feedback, human perceptions are categorized into a set verbal expressions collected and investigated to find the most appropriate ones for translation and angular accelerations of the simulator. The cut-off frequency of the washout filter in the representation module is selected as one sensibility factor. Sensibility experiments were carried out to find a correlation between the expressions and the cut-off frequency of the filter. This study suggests a methodology to obtain an ergonomic database that can be applied to the sensibility evaluation of dynamic simulators.

Son, Kwon; Choi, Kyung-Hyun; Yoon, Ji-Sup



PubMed Central

Introducción El tejido adiposo blanco (TAB) subcutáneo (Sc) humano podría variar dependiendo de su localización anatómica, con diferencias en su perfil proteómico. Pacientes y métodos Se obtuvieron aspirados de TAB-Sc de seis mujeres con IMC >25 kg/m2, sometidas a liposucción. Dicho TAB-Sc se obtuvo de seis localizaciones anatómicas: abdominal superior e inferior, muslo, dorsal, flanco y cadera, analizándose su perfil proteómico mediante electroforesis bidimensional. En muslo y abdomen superior se compararon, además, las muestras obtenidas de las dos capas del TAB-Sc (profunda y superficial). Resultados Se detectaron 21 proteínas que mostraban una intensidad de expresión diferente entre las seis localizaciones anatómicas y 14 entre las capas superficial y profunda de una misma región. Entre las proteínas identificadas se incluyen: vimentina (proteína estructural); proteínas “heat-shock” (HSPs), superóxido-dismutasa, (estrés/chaperoninas); proteína fijadora de ácidos grasos 4 (FABP-4) y alfa-enolasa (metabolismo lipídico y de los hidratos de carbono, respectivamente) y ATP-sintetasa (producción de energía). Entre las regiones estudiadas, el TAB-Sc dorsal mostraba un perfil proteómico particular, con menor expresión de proteínas implicadas en la producción de energía y metabolismo (ATP-sintetasa, alfa-enolasa, HSPs y FABP-4) que el resto de regiones. Conclusiones Los niveles de expresión de diversas proteínas en el TAB-Sc humano no son homogéneos, difiriendo entre localizaciones anatómicas. Esto sugiere la existencia de diferencias funcionales en el TAB-Sc de acuerdo con su localización anatómica, lo que debe considerarse antes de asumir la extrapolación de los datos derivados del TAB-Sc de una determinada localización al de otras partes de la anatomía. PMID:23228439

Martos-Moreno, G.A.; Sackmann-Sala, L.; Berryman, D.E.; Blome, D.W.; Argente, J.; Kopchick, y J.J.



Building Awareness of Dispositions: Enhancing Moral Sensibilities in Teaching  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The purpose of this paper is to explain why and how dispositions can operate as a mechanism for enhancing teacher candidates' moral sensibilities. Dispositions conjoin the knowledge and skills of teaching with the commitments one has to achieve intended purposes. Dispositions build candidates' awareness of their own perceptions (and…

Schussler, Deborah L.; Knarr, Lea



Estimation of wet surface evaporation from sensible heat flux measurements  

Microsoft Academic Search

A new method is proposed to estimate wet surface evaporation by means of measurements of sensible heat flux and of air temperature, relative humidity, and wind speed at one level only. This formulation is made possible by the linearization of the Bowen ratio, a common assumption in other methods, such as Penman's model and its derivatives. The method will be

Nikki Vercauteren; Elie Bou-Zeid; Hendrik Huwald; Marc B. Parlange; Wilfried Brutsaert



Novel sensible thermal storage material from natural minerals  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Novel sensible thermal storage materials (TSM) were first synthesized via thermally treating the green compact obtained using clay, kaolin tailings, and hematite as major raw materials. The samples were characterized using differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetric, X-ray diffraction, thermal conductivities, petrography analysis, Fourier transformation infrared spectroscopy, and scanning electron microscopy. The thermal conductivity of the green compact reached 1.11-1.64 W m-1 K-1 after thermally treated at 200-1,000 °C. The clay component was proven to have a predominant effect on the thermal conductivity of the green compact. Kaolin tailings could act as a "modulator" for adjusting the thermal conductivity from 1.42 to 1.92 W m-1 K-1. Affecting mechanism of microstructural change of main components during sintering on thermal conductivity of TSM was prominently investigated. TSM could provide a potential candidate for thermal energy storage systems of concentrated solar power.

Li, Chuanchang; Ouyang, Jing; Yang, Huaming



ORIGINAL ARTICLE Sensible and latent heat flux response to diurnal variation in soil  

E-print Network

and latent heat fluxes released over the Tibetan Plateau not only strongly affect global circulation patternsORIGINAL ARTICLE Sensible and latent heat flux response to diurnal variation in soil surface 2010 Ã? Springer-Verlag 2010 Abstract The relationship between sensible and latent heat flux and diurnal


Sensible and latent heating of the atmosphere as inferred from DST-6 data  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The average distribution of convective latent heating, boundary layer sensible heat flux, and vertical velocity are determined for the winter 1976 DST period from GLAS model diagnostics. Key features are the regions of intense latent heating over Brazil, Central Africa, and Indonesia; and the regions of strong sensible heating due to air mass modification over the North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans.

Herman, G. F.; Schubert, S. D.; Johnson, W. T.



Sensible Heat Fluxes over an Urban Area--Vancouver, B.C  

Microsoft Academic Search

The use of the eddy correlation technique is demonstrated for the measurement of sensible heat transfer in an urban area. The problems of time and space sampling (in the horizontal and vertical) are investigated. Based on 27 summer days of observations from a roof-top site in the central built-up part of Vancouver, the diurnal variation of sensible heat transfer above

D. Yap; T. R. Oke



Regional differences in surface sensible and latent heat fluxes in China  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This study documents the variability of surface sensible and latent heat fluxes in five regions of China (Northwest China, the Tibetan Plateau, Northeast China, North China, and Southeast China) using the ERA-40 reanalysis for the years 1960-2000. The surface sensible and latent heat flux variations are remarkably different in Northwest and Southeast China. The seasonal variation of the surface sensible heat fluxes is largest in Northwest China and smallest in Southeast China. In contrast, the seasonal variation in latent heat flux is largest in Southeast China and smallest in Northwest China. The interdecadal variation of surface sensible and surface latent heat fluxes strongly depends on both the region and season. The trends in surface sensible and latent heat fluxes in all four seasons are mainly caused by variations in both the land-air temperature difference and in the specific humidity. There is also a limited contribution of wind speed in some regions, depending on the season.

Zhou, Lian-Tong; Huang, Ronghui



Morphological Texture Manipulation for The Evaluation of Human Visual Sensibility  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Since the surface texture of materials often affects human visual impressions as much as or more than the design, shape, or color properties, texture characteristics have been studied as features of object identification. We have been investigating the effect of texture on visual impression and objective identification using black fabrics that do not exhibit any effects of color. Our studies showed that visual impressions of texture correspond to complex micro-components and global structures of image features of those textures. Our results also showed that some important elements influence human visual impressions and identification of textures. Because of a variety of fibrous structures, it is not easy to provide a systematic analysis of clothing materials. Nevertheless, developing the method and collecting data on these elements and their effects using these image features will be important. To make this research applicable for wider use, we have been studying precisely what it is about an arbitrary texture that influences human visual impressions and sensibility. As a new step, in this paper, a texture is altered and transformed using the parameter estimation method of texture based on mathematical morphology, which is often used for extracting image components that are useful for representation and description. A texture is decomposed into a primitive and grain arrangement which correspond to local and global characteristics, respectively. Different textures are created by modifying the primitive and the arrangement to investigate the effects of modifications of local and global features. The relationship between the parameters and visual impressions of the modified textures were evaluated. This study shows that influence of both local and global structures of the texture along with their combinations and mutual interactions are important for identification of human visual impression.

Asano, Chie Muraki; Asano, Akira; Li, Liang; Fujimoto, Takako


Leprosy diagnosis: a device for testing the thermal sensibility of skin lesions in the field.  

PubMed Central

A handy device for testing the thermal sensibility of skin lesions has been developed and field tested in various centres in Africa and India. The instrument performed satisfactorily and its use made testing for thermal sensibility in the field practicable and straightforward. Analysis of the results of testing 260 persons, most of whom exhibited a few lesions that were characteristic of early leprosy, showed that the rate of diagnosis of sensory impairment of such skin lesions, and hence the diagnosis of leprosy, would be about 15-25% more if thermal sensibility testing using this device were added to the other tests of sensibility routinely carried out in the field. Regular use of the device in the field would help to bring more leprosy patients under treatment than at present. Images Fig. 5 PMID:2699276

Srinivasan, H.; Stumpe, B.



Cynic sensibility in British popular literature and culture, 1950 to 1987   

E-print Network

In my thesis, I focus on delineating 'The Cynic Sensibility' in British Popular Literature and Culture (1950-1987). Focusing primarily on literature and music (and, to a lesser extent, cinema/television), this works seeks ...

Curran, Kieran



[Effects of atmospheric thermally stratified condition on sensible heat within forest canopy].  


By using Eulerian second-order closure model, this paper studied the source-sink distribution and flux characteristics of sensible heat within forest canopy under atmospheric thermally stratified condition. In the daytime, a notable feature for the atmospheric stratification of forest canopy was the unstable stratification above the canopy and the stable stratification under the canopy. The changes of temperature profile indicated there was a 'hot spot' at about 2/3 of canopy height. The counter-gradient fluxes within the canopy were discovered by modeling the heat flux under weak stable atmospheric condition. Simulations of the diurnal variation of sensible heat flux were consistent with the measurements (R2 = 0.9035, P < 0.01). Adding buoyancy in the sensible heat balance equation could increase the simulation accuracy of inversion model, and improve the simulation capability for heat flux balance. PMID:20387436

Diao, Yi-Wei; Wang, An-Zhi; Guan, De-Xin; Jin, Chang-Jie; Pei, Tie-Fan



Thomas Hardy's Victorian Gothic: Reassessing Hardy's Fiction and His Gothic Sensibility.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Proposing that Thomas Hardy's fiction exhibits strong Gothic sensibilities which offer insight into his artistic vision and add to the power of his fiction, creating a new form of the Gothic, a Victorian Gothic, this dissertation reassesses the Gothic strains in Hardy's fiction. The dissertation is in eight chapters: (1) Introduction to Hardy's…

Goldstein, Norma Walrath


Effects of dynamic heat fluxes on model climate sensitivity: meridional sensible and latent heat fluxes  

Microsoft Academic Search

The authors incorporate physically based parameterizations of atmospheric meridional heat fluxes into the climate model of Wang et al. (1984) to study their effects on climate changes caused by increases of COâ abundance and solar constant variations. The physically based parameterizations calculate both the magnitudes and profiles of the sensible and latent heat fluxes in good agreement with observations. Comparisons

W. J. Jr. Gutowski; W.-C. Wang; Peter H. Stone



Effects of dynamic heat fluxes on model climate sensitivity: Meridional sensible and latent heat fluxes  

Microsoft Academic Search

We incorporate physically based parameterizations of atmospheric meridional heat fluxes into the climate model of Wang et al. (1984) to study their effects on climate changes caused by increases of CO2 abundance and solar constant variations. The physically based parameterizations calculate both the magnitudes and profiles of the sensible and latent heat fluxes in good agreement with observations. Comparisons of

W. J. Gutowski; W.-C. Wang; Peter H. Stone



Calculation of latent and sensible heat fluxes during summer in ocean area around Antarctic  

Microsoft Academic Search

THE transfer of latent and sensible heat fluxes over the ocean surface makes an important effect on the global climatic variation. The heat fluxes can be calculated directly by using the data of fluctuations of temperature, humidity and wind speed. In addition, the heat fluxes can be calculated by bulk transfer method. The former demands accurate instruments, which are difficultly

Shiming Li; Mingyu Zhou; Lirong Su; Naping Lu



Impact of Dissociation and Sensible Heat Release on Pulse Detonation and Gas Turbine Engine Performance  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A thermodynamic cycle analysis of the effect of sensible heat release on the relative performance of pulse detonation and gas turbine engines is presented. Dissociation losses in the PDE (Pulse Detonation Engine) are found to cause a substantial decrease in engine performance parameters.

Povinelli, Louis A.



Eddy fluxes of CO2, water vapor, and sensible heat over a deciduous forest  

Microsoft Academic Search

Fluxes of CO2, latent heat and sensible heat were measured above a fully-leafed deciduous forest in eastern Tennessee with the eddy correlation technique. These are among the first reported observations over such a surface. The influences of solar radiation, vapor pressure deficit and the aerodynamic and canopy resistances on these mass and energy exchanges are examined. Following a concept introduced

Shashi B. Verma; Dennis D. Baldocchi; Dean E. Anderson; Detlef R. Matt; Robert J. Clement



Mean surface temperature prediction models for broiler chickens—a study of sensible heat flow  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Body surface temperature can be used to evaluate thermal equilibrium in animals. The bodies of broiler chickens, like those of all birds, are partially covered by feathers. Thus, the heat flow at the boundary layer between broilers' bodies and the environment differs between feathered and featherless areas. The aim of this investigation was to use linear regression models incorporating environmental parameters and age to predict the surface temperatures of the feathered and featherless areas of broiler chickens. The trial was conducted in a climate chamber, and 576 broilers were distributed in two groups. In the first trial, 288 broilers were monitored after exposure to comfortable or stressful conditions during a 6-week rearing period. Another 288 broilers were measured under the same conditions to test the predictive power of the models. Sensible heat flow was calculated, and for the regions covered by feathers, sensible heat flow was predicted based on the estimated surface temperatures. The surface temperatures of the feathered and featherless areas can be predicted based on air, black globe or operative temperatures. According to the sensible heat flow model, the broilers' ability to maintain thermal equilibrium by convection and radiation decreased during the rearing period. Sensible heat flow estimated based on estimated surface temperatures can be used to predict animal responses to comfortable and stressful conditions.

Nascimento, Sheila Tavares; da Silva, Iran José Oliveira; Maia, Alex Sandro Campos; de Castro, Ariane Cristina; Vieira, Frederico Marcio Corrêa



SEBAL-based sensible and latent heat fluxes in the irrigated Gediz Basin, Turkey  

Microsoft Academic Search

Surface Energy Balance Algorithm for Land (SEBAL) is a relatively new parameterization of surface heat fluxes based on spectral satellite measurements. SEBAL requires spatially distributed, visible, near-infrared and thermal infrared data, which can be taken from Landsat Thematic Mapper. The SEBAL parameterization is an iterative and feedback-based numerical procedure that deduces the radiation, heat and evaporation fluxes. The sensible and

W. G. M Bastiaanssen



Partition of sensible heat fluxes into bare soil and the atmosphere  

Microsoft Academic Search

Energy exchanges between a bare soil and the atmosphere depend on both soil parameters and meteorological conditions. The present work has been designed to describe the sensible heat partition between soil and the atmosphere, and to develop simple methods for calculating soil heat flux from soil properties and meteorological data. The relative influences of soil properties and meteorological conditions on

P. Cellier; G. Richard; P. Robin



Sensible and latent heat forced divergent circulations in the West African Monsoon System  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Field properties of divergent circulation are utilized to identify the roles of various diabatic processes in forcing moisture transport in the dynamics of the West African Monsoon and its seasonal cycle. In this analysis, the divergence field is treated as a set of point sources and is partitioned into two sub-sets corresponding to latent heat release and surface sensible heat flux at each respective point. The divergent circulation associated with each set is then calculated from the Poisson's equation using Gauss-Seidel iteration. Moisture transport by each set of divergent circulation is subsequently estimated. The results show different roles of the divergent circulations forced by surface sensible and latent heating in the monsoon dynamics. Surface sensible heating drives a shallow meridional circulation, which transports moisture deep into the continent at the polar side of the monsoon rain band and thereby promotes the seasonal northward migration of monsoon precipitation during the monsoon onset season. In contrast, the circulation directly associated with latent heating is deep and the corresponding moisture convergence is within the region of precipitation. Latent heating also induces dry air advection from the north. Neither effect promotes the seasonal northward migration of precipitation. The relative contributions of the processes associated with latent and sensible heating to the net moisture convergence, and hence the seasonal evolution of monsoon precipitation, depend on the background moisture.

Hagos, S.; Zhang, C.



Sensible Integration.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In a response to a critique of studies on the use of sensory integration therapy with mentally retarded persons, the article suggests that the research of the authors of the critique is subject to the same criticisms leveled by them at sensory integration therapy. (DB)

Cermak, Sharon A.



A Three Component Model to Estimate Sensible Heat Flux Over Sparse Shrubs in Nevada  

USGS Publications Warehouse

It is now recognized that accurate partitioning of available energy into sensible and latent heat flux is crucial to understanding surface-atmosphere interactions. This issue is more complicated in arid and semi-arid regions where the relative contribution to surface fluxes from the soil and vegetation may vary significantly throughout the day and throughout the season. The objective of this paper is to present a three-component model to estimate sensible heat flux over heterogeneous surfaces. The surface was represented with two adjacent compartments. The first compartment is made up of two components, shrubs and shaded soil; the second compartment consists of bare, unshaded soil. Data collected at two different sites in Nevada during the summers of 1991 and 1992 were used to evaluate model performance. The results show that the present model is sufficiently general to yield satisfactory results for both sites.

Chehbouni, A.; Nichols, W.D.; Njoku, E.G.; Qi, J.; Kerr, Y.H.; Cabot, F.



Calculation of the sensible heat flux of the global ocean using satellite data  

Microsoft Academic Search

The sensible heat flux of the global ocean is derived using satellite data of Special Sensor Microwave\\/Imager (SSM\\/I) precipitable water, Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) sea-surface temperature (SST) and scatterometer wind speed. Prior to heat flux derivation, the air temperature over the sea surface in the global ocean is obtained with an iterative solving technique applied to a simplified

Jiayi Pan; Hui Lin



Latent and sensible heat fluxes overestimated and net heat flux underestimated in Lake Victoria  

E-print Network

Cozar et al. (2012) used remotely-sensed data to link phytoplankton growth to the net heat flux in both the northern and southern parts of Lake Victoria. However, the latent and sensible heat fluxes were overestimated by ~26% by assuming a constant air density of 1.3 kg m-3. As a result, the net heat flux was underestimated, bringing into question conclusions regarding the convective circulation.

Verburg, Piet



Nueva opción de tratamiento para mujeres jóvenes con cáncer de seno sensible a las hormonas

Un fármaco usado para el tratamiento del cáncer de seno (mama), conocido como exemestano, es más eficaz que tamoxifeno, un fármaco preventivo de uso común para el cáncer de seno, en la prevención de la recidiva del cáncer de seno en mujeres jóvenes que también reciben tratamiento posoperativo para suprimir el funcionamiento ovárico. Los resultados de este estudio se presentaron en mujeres que tenían un tipo de cáncer de seno en estadio inicial sensible al tratamiento hormonal.


The sensible heat fluxes over irrigated areas in western Turkey determined with a large aperture scintillometer  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

As part of an international experiment in which several methods of estimating the actual evapotranspiration were compared, two large aperture scintillometers (LAS) and a small micrometeorological station were installed in the Gediz Basin near Menemen, Turkey during the summer of 1998 by the Meteorology and Air Quality Group of the Wageningen Agricultural University. The instruments will be used to provide "ground-truth" sensible heat fluxes. At the first site, a LAS was set up over a transect of the valley from Belen to Suluklu with a path length of 2700 m. The second LAS (a path length of 670 m) together with a small micrometeorological station was installed in an irrigated cotton field west of the first site. However, due to experimental problems the scintillation method for the second site could not be applied. Instead the variance method, which just as the scintilliation method is based on the Monin-Obukhov similarity theory, was used. The 24 h average sensible heat fluxes of the valley for the entire growing season are presented and special attention is given to the LANDSAT overpass dates June 26 and August 29. The results presented in this paper show that the scintillometer is a robust and reliable "stand-alone" system that is able to provide operational estimates of areal averaged sensible heat fluxes.

Meijninger, W. M. L.; de Bruin, H. A. R.



Sensibility and taste alterations after impacted lower third molar extractions. A prospective cohort study  

PubMed Central

Objectives: To determine the incidence, severity and duration of lingual tactile and gustatory function impairments after lower third molar removal. Study Design: Prospective cohort study with intra-subject measures of 16 patients undergoing lower third molar extractions. Sensibility and gustatory functions were evaluated in each subject preoperatively, one week and one month after the extraction, using Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments and 5 different concentrations of NaCl, respectively. Additionally, all patients filled a questionnaire to assess subjective perceptions. Results: Although patients did not perceive any sensibility impairments, a statistically significant decrease was detected when Semmes-Weinstein monofilaments. This alteration was present at one week after the surgical procedure and fully recovered one month after the extraction. There were no variations regarding the gustatory function. Conclusions: Lower third molar removal under local anesthesia may cause light lingual sensibility impairment. Most of these alterations remain undetected to patients. These lingual nerve injuries are present one week after the extraction and recover one month after surgery. The taste seems to remain unaffected after these procedures. Key words:Lingual nerve, third molar, nerve injury, paresthesia, surgical extraction PMID:22322520

Ridaura-Ruiz, Lourdes; Valmaseda-Castellón, Eduard; Berini-Aytés, Leonardo; Gay-Escoda, Cosme



The relationship between Indian monsoon precipitation along the Qinghai-Tibet Highway and differences in sensible heat flux  

Microsoft Academic Search

Sensible heat flux greatly influences the Indian monsoon. In this study, we calculated sensible heat flux time-series for 12 sites over the western Tibetan Plateau using Price and Dunne's formula and adjusting the stability function. The time-series were derived from the field observations from the GEWEX Asian Monsoon Experiment (GAME)\\/Tibet programme under the Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment (GEWEX).

L. Wen; T. Yao; D. Li; L. Tian; W. Ma



Aircraft- and tower-based fluxes of carbon dioxide, latent, and sensible heat  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Fluxes of carbon dioxide, water vapor, and sensible heat obtained over a grassland ecosystem, during the First International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project (ISLSCP) Field Experiment (FIFE), using an aircraft- and two tower-based systems are compared for several days in 1987 and in 1989. The tower-based cospectral estimates of CO2, sensible heat, water vapor, and momentum, expressed as a function of wavenumber K times sampling height z, are relatively similar to the aircraft-based estimates for K x z greater than 0.1. A measurable contribution to the fluxes is observed by tower-based systems at K x z less than 0.01 but not by the aircraft-based system operating at an altitude of approximately 100 m over a 15 x 15 km area. Using all available simultaneous aircraft and tower data, flux estimates by both systems were shown to be highly correlated. As expected from the spatial variations of the greenness index, surface extrapolation of airborne flux estimates tended to lie between those of the two tower sites. The average fluxes obtained, on July 11, 1987, and August 4, 1989, by flying a grid pattern over the FIFE site agreed with the two tower data sets for CO2, but sensible and latent heat were smaller than those obtained by the tower-based systems. However, in general, except for a small underestimation due to the long wavelength contributions and due to flux divergence with height, the differences between the aircraft- and tower-based surface estimates of fluxes appear to be mainly attributable to differences in footprint, that is, differences in the area contributing to the surface flux estimates.

Desjardins, R. L.; Hart, R. L.; Macpherson, J. I.; Schuepp, P. H.; Verma, S. B.



Carbon dioxide, water vapor and sensible heat fluxes over a tallgrass prairie  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Fluxes of CO2, water vapor and sensible heat were measured in a grassland ecosystem near Manhattan, Kansas, employing the eddy correlation technique. The vegetation at this site is dominated by big bluestem ( Andropogon gerardii), switchgrass ( Panicum virgatum), and indiangrass ( Sorghastrum nutans). Diurnal patterns of the energy budget components and CO2 fluxes are evaluated on a few selected days. Influence of high atmospheric evaporative demand and low availability of soil water are examined on (a) energy partitioning, and (b) the magnitudes and patterns of atmospheric carbon dioxide exchange.

Verma, Shashi B.; Kim, Joon; Clement, Robert J.



Eddy covariance measurement of carbon, latent and sensible heat fluxes from western Lake Erie  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Long-term measurements of sensible and latent heat and carbon dioxide fluxes were performed over a boreal lake in northern American using the direct micrometeorological eddy covariance (EC) technique. Two permanent EC flux stations in western Lake Erie - Crib (41.7167N, 83.2667W, nearest distance from shore is 4.5 km) and Light (41.8314N, 83.2006W, nearest distance from shore > 12 km) sites have been operating since September, 2011. In 2012, in both sites, the sensible heat flux had its minimum in the afternoon (15:00-17:00) and peaked in the early morning (7:00-9:00) in August-November, varied from -4 W m-2 to +30 W m-2. The diurnal amplitude of H was largest in spring and in early fall (30 W m-2 in September) whereas it was smaller in July and August (20 W m-2). The latent heat flux had obvious seasonal pattern in both sites with higher values in the summer, while it did not show obvious daily courses, even did not have the day and night variation in both sites, only one trend from June to October was higher at night than during the daytime in Light site. The maximum latent heat of ~180 W m-2 in summer whereas the minimum -10 W m-2 in winter were observed. The latent heat flux dominated clearly over the sensible heat in spring and summer; that is, the Bowen ratio was less than 1 and most of the energy absorbed by the water was consumed in terms of evapotranspiration. A lookup table method was performed data gap-filling in our aquatic ecosystems in order to obtain the continuously daily, monthly and yearly carbon and water budgets. In 2012, for the annual cumulative total, the evapotranspiration was 820 and 700 mm (about 2000 and 1700 MJ m-2) in Crib and Light sites, respectively, comparing with the annual rainfall of 700 mm. The annual sensible heat was 480 and 300 MJ m-2 in Crib and Light sites, respectively. And there were four and five CO2 uptake months in Crib and Light sites, respectively. The maximum CO2 uptake month was in July in both sites, with -28 and -72 gC m-2 month-1 in Crib and Light site, respectively. For the annual cumulative total, both of the two sites showed as carbon neutral or a small sink with magnitudes of 25 and -12 g C m-2 in Crib and Light sites, respectively.

Shao, C.; Chen, J.; Stepien, C.; Bridgeman, T.; Czajkowski, K. P.; Becker, R.; Chu, H.; yang, Z.



Surface renewal analysis to obtain sensible heat flux in rice, maize and soybean canopies  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The thermal environment in the plant canopy affects plants' growth processes such as flowering and ripening. High temperatures often cause grain sterility and poor filling, and reduce crop production in tropical and temperate regions. With global warming predicted, these effects have become a major concern worldwide. In this study, surface renewal analysis, which is a novel method for estimating scalar fluxes, was applied to rice, maize and soybean canopies to understand the dynamics of sensible heat in crop canopies. Surface renewal analysis has advantages of (1) lower cost of equipment, (2) a shorter fetch requirement and (3) less disturbance in the field. The temperature of the atmosphere (T) at multiple heights was measured at 10 Hz with fine-wire thermocouples to calculate sensible heat flux (H) from the ramp pattern of T. Variations in H determined from the T measurements at canopy top was from -80 to 120 Wm-2 for rice, and it showed reasonable diurnal variation. However, H values determined from the T measurements within the canopies were smaller because of differences in temperature ramp frequency with height. These results suggest that not all turbulent structures penetrate deeply into canopies. The results for rice, maize and soybean canopies will be presented at the meeting.

Maruyama, A.; Paw U, K.; Snyder, R. L.



Irritability and sensibility: key concepts in assessing the medical doctrines of Haller and Bordeu.  


This article addresses the doctrinal controversy over the various characterizations of irritability and sensibility. In the middle of the eighteenth century, this scientific debate involved some encyclopaedist physicians, Albrecht von Haller (1709-1777), Jean-Jacques Ménuret de Chambaud (1733-1815), and Théophile de Bordeu (1722-1776). The doctor from Bern described irritability as an experimental property of the muscle fibers and made it the basis of a neo-mechanism in which organic reactions are related to the degree of irritation of the fibers. The practitioners from Montpellier considered sensibility, a property of living matter, to be a spontaneous activity of the organ and developed around this notion an original conception of the organism as the sum of the specific lives of each part. Beyond conceptual divergences, two ways of thinking whose philosophical presuppositions (conception of living matter, mechanism, and organicism), were in opposition, while their epistemological principles (experience versus observation) and their medical practices (active medicine and expectant medicine) went on to evolve in different directions. The privileged place granted to experimentation and assessment enabled physiology to be articulated as an autonomous scientific discipline; the pre-eminence of observation and attention to the radical specificity of the living being constituted the bases of clinical medicine. PMID:19245105

Boury, Dominique



Demonstration of a problem in estimating sensible heat loss from the respiratory tract by thermometry.  


We have investigated sensible respiratory loss, which is usually taken as the product of expired volume and the temperature difference between inspired and expired air (VE X delta T). Air temperature was measured with a 0.122 mm copper-constantan thermocouple mounted in the mouthpiece of a T-piece breathing system, and expired volume with a pneumotachograph. Changing air temperature (delta T) at the mouth and expired air volume (VE) were recorded simultaneously while the subject voluntarily breathed at different tidal volumes and rates. Inspired temperatures were controlled at 12.05 degrees C, 21.80 degrees C and 25.74 degrees C at a low dewpoint temperature of 4-5 degrees C. Temperature volume "loops" were constructed using an x-y plotter. The areas of each "loop" and enclosing rectangle (VE X delta T) were measured. The difference was divided by the weight of the rectangle to give the percentage of overestimation of sensible heat loss, which ranged from 5.5 to 17.2 per cent. The error increased significantly with decreasing tidal volume and increasing respiratory rate. PMID:6744095

King, F G; Manson, H J; Snellen, J W; Chang, K S



Sensible and Latent Heat Flux Variability and Response to Dry-Wet Soil Moisture Zones Across China  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Our understanding of the spatio-temporal variability of sensible and latent heat fluxes over land has advanced slowly due to the absence of long-term measurements. To help address this, we produced a long-term heat flux dataset by using a land-surface model driven using observation-based atmospheric forcing. We then corrected the dataset using net radiation observations, and validated the corrected dataset using multiple-source measurements. The results indicate that the corrected dataset represents the variability of these two heat fluxes well on various time scales. Based on the dataset, analyses show that, during 1951-2008, sensible heat flux decreased significantly over China, with a linear trend of 0.04 W m year, while latent heat flux increased at 0.02 W m year. Regionally, the trends appeared more significant in north-east China, south-west China, and the Tibetan Plateau. On average, the Tibetan Plateau showed the maximum sensible heat flux, especially over the south-west region, with averages 100 W m. Meanwhile, higher latent heat fluxes mainly covered the Yangtze-Huaihe river basin and southward, with averages 70 W m. Regarding the response of heat fluxes to soil moisture, the variations of sensible and latent fluxes were more sensitive to soil moisture over dry regions (arid and semi-arid soil moisture zones), while the stronger anomalies for both fluxes occurred over wet regions (semi-humid and humid soil moisture zones).

Li, Mingxing; Ma, Zhuguo



Multidecade Global Flux Datasets from the Objectively Analyzed Air-sea Fluxes (OAFlux) Project: Latent and Sensible Heat Fluxes,  

E-print Network

, and procedure used in developing the 49-year (1958-2006) analysis of global latent, sensible heat fluxes This report supports the release of the third version of global ocean-surface heat flux products (1958Multidecade Global Flux Datasets from the Objectively Analyzed Air-sea Fluxes (OAFlux) Project

Yu, Lisan


Global patterns of landatmosphere fluxes of carbon dioxide, latent heat, and sensible heat derived from eddy covariance,  

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Global patterns of landatmosphere fluxes of carbon dioxide, latent heat, and sensible heat derived 2011. [1] We upscaled FLUXNET observations of carbon dioxide, water, and energy fluxes to the global and meteorological data, and information on land use. We applied the trained MTEs to generate global flux fields

Chen, Jiquan


The Influence of the Sensible Heat of Rain and Subsurface Heat Transport on the Energy Balance at the Land Surface  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In land many surface models, which account for the energy balance at the land surface, subsurface heat transport is an important component that reciprocally influences ground, sensible and latent heat fluxes, and net radiation. The applied subsurface heat transport parameterizations are commonly simplified for computational efficiency. A major simplification is the disregard of the sensible heat of rain and convective subsurface heat flow, i.e. the transport of heat through moisture redistribution, which basically decouples heat transport from moisture transport at the land surface and in the subsurface. In the presented analysis, the influence of sensible heat of rain and convection on the energy balance is studied using a coupled model that integrates a subsurface moisture and energy transport model with a land surface model. It is shown that all components of the land surface energy balance depend on the sensible heat of rain. The strength of the dependence is related to the rain rate, and the temperature difference between the rain water and the soil surface. The rain water temperature is a parameter rarely measured in the field that introduces uncertainty in the calculations and is approximated using the either the air or wet bulb temperatures in different simulations. In addition it is shown that the lower boundary condition for closing the problem of subsurface heat transport has strong implications on the energy balance under dynamic equilibrium conditions. Comparison with measured data from the Meteostation Haarweg, Wageningen, The Netherlands, shows good agreement and suggests the usefulness of the proposed approach.

Kollet, S.; Cvijanovic, I.; Schüttemeyer, D.; Maxwell, R. M.; Moene, A. F.; Bayer, P.



Air-sea exchange of water vapor and sensible heat: The Humidity Exchange Over the Sea (HEXOS) results  

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Surface layer fluxes of sensible heat and water vapor were measured from a fixed-platform in the North Sea during the Humidity Exchange over the Sea (HEXOS) Main Experiment (HEXMAX). Eddy wind stress and other relevant atmospheric and oceanic parameters were measured simultaneously and are used to interpret the heat and water vapor flux results. One of the main goals of

J. DeCosmo; K. B. Katsaros; S. D. Smith; R. J. Anderson; W. A. Oost; K. Bumke; H. Chadwick



Persistent unstable atmospheric boundary layer enhances sensible and latent heat loss in a tropical great lake: Lake Tanganyika  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Energy fluxes across the surface of lakes regulate heat storage and affect the water balance. Sensible and latent heat fluxes are affected by atmospheric stability, especially for large lakes. We examined the effect of atmospheric stability on the heat fluxes on seasonal time scales at Lake Tanganyika, East Africa, by estimating hourly sensible and latent heat fluxes and net radiation using thermistor chains and meteorological stations. The atmosphere was almost always unstable, in contrast to the atmosphere above North American Great Lakes which is unstable in winter and stable in summer. Persistent atmospheric instability resulted in a 13% and 18% increase in the annual mean heat loss by latent and sensible heat fluxes, respectively, relative to conditions of neutral stability. The persistent unstable atmosphere is caused by a higher water surface temperature compared with air temperature, which we argue is the case in general in (sub)tropical lakes. Low humidity further enhanced the frequency of unstable conditions and enhanced the exchange of heat and vapor from the lake to the atmosphere. The estimated heat fluxes were sensitive to the temporal scale of data inputs and to the local values of parameters such as air density. To our knowledge this is the first paper that demonstrates and quantifies the effect of atmospheric stability on latent and sensible heat fluxes from a lake on an annual basis, using data collected from the lake surface.

Verburg, Piet; Antenucci, Jason P.



Development of a method for calculating steady-state equipment sensible heat ratio of direct expansion air conditioning units  

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A complete set of calculation method for steady-state equipment sensible heat ratio (SHR) for a direct expansion (DX) cooling coil has been developed and reported. The method was based on the fundamentals of energy conservation and heat and mass transfer taking place in the DX cooling coil, and was experimentally validated using an experimental DX A\\/C rig. With the method

Xia Liang; M. Y. Chan; Deng Shiming



Thermal comfort, skin temperature distribution, and sensible heat loss distribution in the sitting posture in various asymmetric radiant fields  

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This study aimed at investigating the thermal comfort for the whole body as well as for certain local areas, skin temperatures, and sensible heat losses in various asymmetric radiant fields. Human subject experiments were conducted to assess the overall comfort sensation and local discomfort, and local skin temperatures were measured. Through thermal manikin experiments, we discovered a new method for

Tomonori Sakoi; Kazuyo Tsuzuki; Shinsuke Kato; Ryozo Ooka; Doosam Song; Shengwei Zhu



The Views of the Classroom Teacher Candidates Related to the Environmental Science Course and the Environmental Sensibility  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This research has been performed to determine the effects of the "Environmental Science Course" within the curriculum of Classroom Teacher Program in Education Faculty on the environmental sensibilities of the students, and the ideas of the students related to the effectiveness of their environmental education. The research has been performed on…

Yenice, Nilgun; Saracaloglu, A. Seda; Karacaoglu, O. Cem



The concrete columns as a sensible thermal energy storage medium and a heater  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This study investigated storage possibility of sensible thermal energy in the concrete columns of multi-storey buildings and the heating performance of the indoors with the stored energy. In the suggested system, the dry air heated in an energy center will be circulated in stainless steel pipes through columns. The sensible thermal energy would firstly be stored by means of forced convection in column medium. Then, the stored thermal energy will transfer by natural convection and radiation from the column surfaces to indoor spaces. The transient thermal calculations are realized for a flat of the 11-storey building in Kayseri city of Turkey. The thermal energy requirement of the flat is nearby 5.3 kW as an average of a winter season. The simplified transient calculations were carried out over a concrete hollow cylindrical column having outer radius of 0.31 m and inner radius of 0.05 m corresponding an averaged column section in the sample flat. The flow temperature was selected between T = 350 and 500 K, which are considerably lower than the temperature of 573 K assumed as a limit for thermal strength of the concrete in the literature. The flow velocity ranges were selected between V = 1.0 and 5.0 m/s. The initial temperature was assumed as 293 K. After the first energy charging process of 23 h, for T = 350 K and V = 1.0 m/s, the total heat flux from the column surfaces into indoors are nearby 5.5 kW. The first charging time required to reach the energy requirement of 5.3 kW is decreased by increasing the flow velocity and temperature. Also for 5.0 m/s-350 K and 5.0 m/s-450 K, this time can decrease to 10 and 4.5 h, respectively. In addition, with 4.0 m/s-360 K or 2.0 m/s-400 K, after the energy charging of 8 h, the energy requirement of 5.3 kW can be provided by the energy discharging of 16 h and the energy charging of 8 h during 7 days. The results are very attractive in terms of the building heating systems of the future.

Ünalan, Sebahattin; Özrahat, Evrim



A sensibility analysis of model selection in modeling the reactive transport of cesium in crushed granite.  


We performed a sensibility analysis of model selection in modeling the reactive transport of cesium in crushed granite through model calibration and validation. Based on some solid phase analysis data and kinetic batch experimental results, we hypothesized three two-site sorption models in the LEHGC reactive transport model to fit the breakthrough curves (BTCs) from the corresponding column experiments. The analysis of breakthrough curves shows that both the empirical two-site kinetic linear sorption model and the semi-mechanistic/semi-empirical two-site kinetic surface complexation model, regardless of their complexity, can match our experimental data fairly well under given test conditions. A numerical experiment to further compare the two models shows that they behave differently when the pore velocity is not of the same order of magnitude as our test velocities. This result indicates that further investigations to help determine a better model are needed. We suggest that a multistage column experiment, which tests over the whole range of practical flow velocities, should be conducted to help alleviate inadequate hypothesized models. PMID:12598118

Cheng, Hwai-Ping; Li, Ming-Hsu; Li, Samuel



The Influence of Aircraft Speed Variations on Sensible Heat-Flux Measurements by Different Airborne Systems  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Crawford et al. (Boundary-Layer Meteorol 66:237-245, 1993) showed that the time average is inappropriate for airborne eddy-covariance flux calculations. The aircraft's ground speed through a turbulent field is not constant. One reason can be a correlation with vertical air motion, so that some types of structures are sampled more densely than others. To avoid this, the time-sampled data are adjusted for the varying ground speed so that the modified estimates are equivalent to spatially-sampled data. A comparison of sensible heat-flux calculations using temporal and spatial averaging methods is presented and discussed. Data of the airborne measurement systems , Helipod and Dornier 128-6 are used for the analysis. These systems vary in size, weight and aerodynamic characteristics, since the is a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the Helipod a helicopter-borne turbulence probe and the Dornier 128-6 a manned research aircraft. The systematic bias anticipated in covariance computations due to speed variations was neither found when averaging over Dornier, Helipod nor UAV flight legs. However, the random differences between spatial and temporal averaging fluxes were found to be up to 30 % on the individual flight legs.

Martin, Sabrina; Bange, Jens



An analysis of sensible respiratory heat exchange during inspiration under environmental conditions of deep diving.  


Temperature of the gas stream and mucosa were measured in the upper and lower trachea and right and left main bronchi of several anesthetized, intubated and mechanically respired mongrel dogs. Airway temperatures were measured using an airway sensor probe instrumented with microthermistors. Each thermistor was integrated into an especially designed. Wheatstone bridge whose signal of millivolts was displayed on a calibrated polygraph recorder. Diving respiratory conditions were simulated by utilization of an appropriate ventilatory periodic flow through an endotracheal airway which by-passed the efficient gas conditioning nasal turbinates of the dog. Deep diving respiratory environmental conditions of gas temperature, density and thermal capacitance (?Cp) were simulated in a hyperbaric chamber. The temperatures recorded during in vivo periodic positive pressure ventilation were applied to a quasi-steady flow model based upon the morphological dimensions of the Weibel model. An empirical mathematical model of inspiratory sensible heat loss was verified and slightly modified to better reflect the overall dimensionless heat transfer relationship Nu = 0.302 (RePr)0.786 that existed in the major bronchial airways of the experimental subject. The design of the experimental instrumentation is explained in detail, as is the basic mathematical model. Significance of the experimental findings is discussed. PMID:23719717

Johnson, C E; Linderoth, L S; Nuckols, M L



Determination of sensible heat flux over sparse canopy using thermal infrared data  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Surface temperatures, Ts, were estimated for a natural vegetative surface in Owens Valley, California, with infrared thermometric observations collected from an aircraft. The region is quite arid and is composed primarily of bushes (???30%) and bare soil (???70%). Application of the bulk transfer equation for the estimation of sensible heat, H, gave unsatisfactory values when compared to Bowen ratio and eddy correlation methods over a particular site. This was attributed to the inability with existing data to properly evaluate the resistance to heat transfer, rah. To obtain appropriate rah-values the added resistance to heat transfer, kB-1, was allowed to vary although there is both theoretical and experimental evidence that kB-1 for vegetative surfaces can be treated as constant. The present data indicate that for partial canopy cover under arid conditions kB-1 may be a function of Ts measured radiometrically. The equation determining kB-1 was simplified and tested over another arid site with good results; however, this had a limited data set (i.e., 6 data points). The dimensionless kB-1 equation is simplified for use over full canopy cover and is shown to give satisfactory estimates of H over a fully-grown wheat crop. ?? 1989.

Kustas, W.P.; Choudhury, B.J.; Moran, M.S.; Reginato, R.J.; Jackson, R.D.; Gay, L.W.; Weaver, H.L.



Vertically integrated sensible-heat budgets for stable nocturnal boundary layers  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The stable nocturnal boundary layer is commonly viewed or modelled as a balance between the temperature tendency (cooling) and vertical heat-flux divergence. Sometimes the radiative-flux divergence is also included. This perspective has dictated the design of field experiments for investigating stable nocturnal boundary layers.Tower-based micrometeorological data from three field campaigns are analysed to evaluate the vertically integrated sensible-heat budget for nocturnal stable conditions. Our analysis indicates frequent occurrence of large imbalance between the temperature tendency and vertical heat-flux divergence terms. The values of the radiative-flux divergence are generally too small and sometimes of the wrong sign to explain the residual. An analysis of random flux errors and uncertainties in the tendency term indicate that such errors cannot explain large imbalances, suggesting the importance of advection of temperature or possibly the divergence of mesoscale fluxes. The implied role of advection is consistent with circumstantial evidence. Even weak surface heterogeneity can create significant horizontal gradients in stable boundary layers. However, it is shown that existing field data and observational strategy do not allow adequate evaluation of advection and mesoscale flux divergence terms.

Nakamura, Reina; Mahrt, L.



From Sensibility to Pathology: The Origins of the Idea of Nervous Music around 1800  

PubMed Central

Healing powers have been ascribed to music at least since David’s lyre, but a systematic discourse of pathological music emerged only at the end of the eighteenth century. At that time, concerns about the moral threat posed by music were partly replaced by the idea that it could over-stimulate a vulnerable nervous system, leading to illness, immorality, and even death. During the Enlightenment, the relationship between the nerves and music was more often put in terms of refinement and sensibility than pathology. However, around 1800, this view was challenged by a medical critique of modern culture based on a model of the etiology of disease that saw stimulation as the principal cause of sickness. Music’s belated incorporation into that critique was made possible by a move away from regarding music as an expression of cosmic and social order toward thinking of it as quasi-electrical stimulation, something that was intensified by the political and cultural changes unleashed by the French Revolution. For the next hundred and fifty years, nervousness caused by musical stimulation was often regarded as a fully fledged Zivilisationskrankheit, widely discussed in psychiatry, music criticism, and literature. PMID:20219729




Assessing Inter-Sensor Variability and Sensible Heat Flux Derivation Accuracy for a Large Aperture Scintillometer  

PubMed Central

The accuracy in determining sensible heat flux (H) of three Kipp and Zonen large aperture scintillometers (LAS) was evaluated with reference to an eddy covariance (EC) system over relatively flat and uniform grassland near Timpas (CO, USA). Other tests have revealed inherent variability between Kipp and Zonen LAS units and bias to overestimate H. Average H fluxes were compared between LAS units and between LAS and EC. Despite good correlation, inter-LAS biases in H were found between 6% and 13% in terms of the linear regression slope. Physical misalignment was observed to result in increased scatter and bias between H solutions of a well-aligned and poorly-aligned LAS unit. Comparison of LAS and EC H showed little bias for one LAS unit, while the other two units overestimated EC H by more than 10%. A detector alignment issue may have caused the inter-LAS variability, supported by the observation in this study of differing power requirements between LAS units. It is possible that the LAS physical misalignment may have caused edge-of-beam signal noise as well as vulnerability to signal noise from wind-induced vibrations, both having an impact on the solution of H. In addition, there were some uncertainties in the solutions of H from the LAS and EC instruments, including lack of energy balance closure with the EC unit. However, the results obtained do not show clear evidence of inherent bias for the Kipp and Zonen LAS to overestimate H as found in other studies. PMID:24473285

Rambikur, Evan H.; Chávez, José L.



Assessing inter-sensor variability and sensible heat flux derivation accuracy for a large aperture scintillometer.  


The accuracy in determining sensible heat flux (H) of three Kipp and Zonen large aperture scintillometers (LAS) was evaluated with reference to an eddy covariance (EC) system over relatively flat and uniform grassland near Timpas (CO, USA). Other tests have revealed inherent variability between Kipp and Zonen LAS units and bias to overestimate H. Average H fluxes were compared between LAS units and between LAS and EC. Despite good correlation, inter-LAS biases in H were found between 6% and 13% in terms of the linear regression slope. Physical misalignment was observed to result in increased scatter and bias between H solutions of a well-aligned and poorly-aligned LAS unit. Comparison of LAS and EC H showed little bias for one LAS unit, while the other two units overestimated EC H by more than 10%. A detector alignment issue may have caused the inter-LAS variability, supported by the observation in this study of differing power requirements between LAS units. It is possible that the LAS physical misalignment may have caused edge-of-beam signal noise as well as vulnerability to signal noise from wind-induced vibrations, both having an impact on the solution of H. In addition, there were some uncertainties in the solutions of H from the LAS and EC instruments, including lack of energy balance closure with the EC unit. However, the results obtained do not show clear evidence of inherent bias for the Kipp and Zonen LAS to overestimate H as found in other studies. PMID:24473285

Rambikur, Evan H; Chávez, José L



Using sonic anemometer temperature to measure sensible heat flux in strong winds  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Sonic anemometers simultaneously measure the turbulent fluctuations of vertical wind (w') and sonic temperature (Ts'), and are commonly used to measure sensible heat flux (H). Our study examines 30-min heat fluxes measured with a Campbell Scientific CSAT3 sonic anemometer above a subalpine forest. We compared H calculated with Ts to H calculated with a co-located thermocouple and found that, for horizontal wind speed (U) less than 8 m s-1, the agreement was around ±30 W m-2. However, for U ? 8 m s-1, the CSAT H had a generally positive deviation from H calculated with the thermocouple, reaching a maximum difference of ?250 W m-2 at U ? 18 m s-1. With version 4 of the CSAT firmware, we found significant underestimation of the speed of sound and thus Ts in high winds (due to a delayed detection of the sonic pulse), which resulted in the large CSAT heat flux errors. Although this Ts error is qualitatively similar to the well-known fundamental correction for the crosswind component, it is quantitatively different and directly related to the firmware estimation of the pulse arrival time. For a CSAT running version 3 of the firmware, there does not appear to be a significant underestimation of Ts; however, a Ts error similar to that of version 4 may occur if the CSAT is sufficiently out of calibration. An empirical correction to the CSAT heat flux that is consistent with our conceptual understanding of the Ts error is presented. Within a broader context, the surface energy balance is used to evaluate the heat flux measurements, and the usefulness of side-by-side instrument comparisons is discussed.

Burns, S. P.; Horst, T. W.; Jacobsen, L.; Blanken, P. D.; Monson, R. K.



On the use of radiative surface temperature to estimate sensible heat flux over sparse shrubs in Nevada  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The accurate partitioning of available energy into sensible and latent heat flux is crucial to the understanding of surface atmosphere interactions. This issue is more complicated in arid and semi arid regions where the relative contribution to surface fluxes from the soil and vegetation may vary significantly throughout the day and throughout the season. A three component model to estimate sensible heat flux over heterogeneous surfaces is presented. The surface was represented with two adjacent compartments. The first compartment is made up of two components, shrubs and shaded soil, the second of open 'illuminated' soil. Data collected at two different sites in Nevada (U.S.) during the Summers of 1991 and 1992 were used to evaluate model performance. The results show that the present model is sufficiently general to yield satisfactory results for both sites.

Chehbouni, A.; Nichols, W. D.; Qi, J.; Njoku, E. G.; Kerr, Y. H.; Cabot, F.



A comparison of bowen ratio and eddy correlation sensible and latent heat flux measurements above deciduous forest  

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Sensible and latent heat flux densities (H and ?E) were measured above a mature, 18 m deciduous forest during July and August, 1988, using the Bowen ratio-energy balance (BREB) and eddy correlation (EC) methods. EC estimates ofH and ?E underestimated day-time surface available energy by 11%. EC also partitioned available energy differently than BREB. forz\\/LH and BREB favoured ?E.

Alan G. Barr; K. M. King; T. J. Gillespie; G. DEN HARTOG; H. H. Neumann



Evaluation of the uncertainties of CO2 and sensible heat flux measurements from a light aircraft platform  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Fluxes of CO2 and sensible heat were observed over the Ameriflux site in Pellston, Michigan using a twin- engine Beechcraft Duchess aircraft. Flux measurements were conducted during a series of flight legs approximately 5km in length from 150m above a predominately deciduous forest during the middle of the growing season between June 21 and July 24, 2006. A combination of a 9-hole wind probe extending from the nose of the aircraft and a GPS/INS system enabled measurement of the 3-dimensional winds at 50Hz. Dry Mole Fraction was observed at 8Hz using an NDIR analyzer with negligible sensitivity to motion. Sensible heat was measured by a FUST thermocouple just below the wind probe. The data were averaged over the set of the flight legs and the fluxes were calculated by eddy covariance. A propagation of the random and systematic errors of the measurements gives an overall uncertainty of the CO2 and sensible heat fluxes. We present an evaluation of the sources of errors and the extent to which reliable flux measurements can be made from the piloted airborne platform.

Shepson, P. B.; Martins, D. K.; Jacox, M.; Smith, J.; Hahn, M.; Santini, R.; Wyss, P.; Zimmerman, J. R.; Stirm, B. H.



Disaggregating Cooling Energy Use of Commercial Buildings Into Sensible and Latent Fractions From Whole-Building Monitored Data: Methodology and Advantages  

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Disaggregating Cooling Energy Use of Commercial Buildings Into Sensible and latent Fractions From Whole-Building Monitored Data: Methodology and Advantages S. Katipamula, Ph.D., T.A. Reddy, Ph.D. and D.E. Claridge, P.E., Ph.D. Energy Systems...) belter understanding of the sensible and latent fractions in the total cooling energy use of a building, and (ii) better regression models for energy analysis. Such a method is presented in this paper. The methodology to disaggregate sensible...

Katipamula, S.; Reddy, T. A.; Claridge, D. E.


Characterization of Turbulent Latent and Sensible Heat Flux Exchange Between the Atmosphere and Ocean in MERRA  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Turbulent fluxes of heat and moisture across the atmosphere-ocean interface are fundamental components of the Earth s energy and water balance. Characterizing both the spatiotemporal variability and the fidelity of these exchanges of heat and moisture is critical to understanding the global water and energy cycle variations, quantifying atmosphere-ocean feedbacks, and improving model predictability. This study examines the veracity of the recently completed NASA Modern-Era Retrospective analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA) product with respect to its representation of the surface turbulent heat fluxes. A validation of MERRA turbulent heat fluxes and near-surface bulk variables at local, high-resolution space and time scales is achieved by making comparisons to a large suite of direct observations. Both in situ and satellite-observed gridded surface heat flux estimates are employed to investigate the spatial and temporal variability of the surface fluxes with respect to their annual mean climatologies, their seasonal covariability of near-surface bulk parameters, and their representation of extremes. The impact of data assimilation on the near-surface parameters is assessed through evaluation of incremental analysis update tendencies produced by the assimilation procedure. It is found that MERRA turbulent surface heat fluxes are relatively accurate for typical conditions but have systematically weak vertical gradients in moisture and temperature and have a weaker covariability between the near-surface gradients and wind speed than found in observations. This results in an underestimate of the surface latent and sensible heat fluxes over the western boundary current and storm track regions. The assimilation of observations mostly acts to bring MERRA closer to observational products by increasing moisture and temperature near the surface and decreasing the near-surface wind speeds. The major patterns of spatial and temporal variability of the turbulent heat fluxes produced by MERRA compare favorably to observationally based estimates. However, MERRA is distinct in terms of amplitude. These results suggest that MERRA is likely to be a valuable resource for a number of research applications though, as with all turbulent flux estimates, systematic issues should be taken into account.

Roberts, J. Brent; Robertson, Franklin R.; Clayson, Carol Anne; Bosilovich, Michael G.



Characterization of Turbulent Latent and Sensible Heat Flux Exchange Between the Atmosphere and Ocean in MERRA  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Turbulent fluxes of heat and moisture across the atmosphere-ocean interface are fundamental components of the Earth's energy and water balance. Characterizing both the spatiotemporal variability and the fidelity of these exchanges of heat and moisture is critical to understanding the global water and energy cycle variations, quantifying atmosphere-ocean feedbacks, and improving model predictability. This study examines the veracity of the recently completed NASA Modern-Era Retrospective analysis for Research and Applications (MERRA) product with respect to its representation of the surface turbulent heat fluxes. A validation of MERRA turbulent heat fluxes and near-surface bulk variables at local, high-resolution space and time scales is achieved by making comparisons to a large suite of direct observations. Both in situ and satellite-observed gridded surface heat flux estimates are employed to investigate the spatial and temporal variability of the surface fluxes with respect to their annual mean climatologies, their seasonal covariability of near-surface bulk parameters, and their representation of extremes. The impact of data assimilation on the near-surface parameters is assessed through evaluation of incremental analysis update tendencies produced by the assimilation procedure. It is found that MERRA turbulent surface heat fluxes are relatively accurate for typical conditions but have systematically weak vertical gradients in moisture and temperature and have a weaker covariability between the near-surface gradients and wind speed than found in observations. This results in an underestimate of the surface latent and sensible heat fluxes over the western boundary current and storm track regions. The assimilation of observations mostly acts to bring MERRA closer to observational products by increasing moisture and temperature near the surface and decreasing the near-surface wind speeds. The major patterns of spatial and temporal variability of the turbulent heat fluxes produced by MERRA compare favorably to observationally based estimates. However, MERRA is distinct in terms of amplitude. These results suggest that MERRA is likely to be a valuable resource for a number of research applications though, as with all turbulent flux estimates, systematic issues should be taken into account

Robert, J. Brent; Robertson, Franklin R.; Clayson, Carol Anne; Bosilovich, Michael G.



Limits of deterministic predictability in limited area models due to sensible dependence on initial conditions  

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In the late 50ies and the 60ies the limit of predictability of weather has been shown to be 5 to 14 days by theoretical and numerical studies as consequence of sensible dependence on initial conditions. The simulation of an ensemble is the standard approach to address this uncertainty. Climatological means over time scales of 30 years are regarded as 'certain' under constant climate forcing conditions. A systematic analysis of predictability limits on different space and time scales in the earth system is still missing. It is relevant in particular for time scales between the time scales of weather and climate and helps avoiding misinterpretation of the results and/or to find an optimal configuration for the ensemble. In terms of statistics, the predictability of weather can be associated with the predictability of 6h and 100 km mean values. In mid latitudes it reaches a saturation value at the time scale of baroclinic instability Ti of 3-5 days. In the case of a purely stochastic process, this uncertainty is decreasing with N- where N is the number of instability time periods. One of the open questions is, which field variables exhibit a purely stochastic behavior and where. The application of Earth System Models is computationally demanding. Chaotic behavior may occur in some regions at certain conditions affecting the analysis. A huge number of degrees of freedom makes very long simulation times necessary. The application of limited area modeling opens the opportunity to analyse the behavior in different regions independently und thus to investigate the stochastic properties in different climates. Three different regions Europe, Africa and Central America have been simulated twice (reference and disturbance run) at standard grid resolution of 18 to 25 km using the community model COSMO-CLM. In Europe a purely stochastic behavior was found for the momentum, pressure and precipitation. A strong memory effect was found for soil moisture and temperature and a weak memory effect for the atmospheric temperature. The analysis of the simulation for Africa and Meso-America is ongoing. Predictability limits for different thresholds and variables can be calculated in terms of the ensemble size needed to keep the uncertainty below the threshold. Such maps will be presented and the differences between the variables and regions will be discussed.

Will, Andreas



An assessment of the quality of surface sensible heat flux derived from reanalysis data through comparison with station observations in Northwest China  

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The present study compares seasonal and interdecadal variations in surface sensible heat flux over Northwest China between\\u000a station observations and ERA-40 and NCEP-NCAR reanalysis data for the period 1960–2000. While the seasonal variation in sensible\\u000a heat flux is found to be consistent between station observations and the two reanalysis datasets, both land-air temperatures\\u000a difference and surface wind speed show remarkable

Lian-Tong Zhou; Ronghui Huang



Plain film, CT and MRI sensibility in the evaluation of intraorbital foreign bodies in an in vitro model of the orbit and in pig eyes  

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.   Detection and characterization of intraorbital foreign bodies (IFB) is fundamental in acute trauma setting, preventing inflammatory\\u000a sequelae or complications related to IFB movements when a MRI study is planned. Papers concerning plain film and CT sensibility\\u000a in IFB detection show controversial results. For this reason we investigated plain film, CT and MRI sensibility in the evaluation\\u000a of IFB. For

R. Lagalla; L. Manfrè; A. Caronia; F. Bencivinni; C. Duranti; F. Ponte



The farming system sensibility of the Normandy in connection with the Climatic Change (2000-2100)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The French agricultural economy is closely connected with weather-climatic conditions. For example, dryness caused by the heat-wave of 2003 seriously affected the vegetation leading to a significant slowdown of photosynthetic activity. This resulted in logical decrease of agricultural production, in particular for arable lands and fodders. The Global warming that has begun at the end of the 19th century and seems to continue and even intensify during the 21st century (GIEC, 2007) arises a question of farming system sensibility when faced with Climate Change in the future. In France, recent studies (Cloppet and al, 2009) have conducted to the probable climate features spatialization on the national territory according to different scenarios. Whatever the scenario considered, it seems that the present Norman climate type is going to disappear by the end of century to be supplanted by a type of weather influenced by raising evapotranspiration, minimal and maximum temperatures as well as a raising speed of wind and solar radiation. Globally, this could emphasize agriculture soil dryness negative impact on large cereal land and pastures production (Butault, 2009, Ruget & Brisson, 2007). However, this climatic evolution could bring some production gain when the available water content of soils allows preventing or strongly limiting the hydrous stress emergence. For the current period and horizon 2100, according to the scenario A1B of the GIEC, the evaluation and the mapping with fine spatial resolution of this pedo-climatic indicator present a capital stake to appreciate the sensitivity of the agriculture of the Normandy in connection with the climatic evolution announced for the end of the 21st century. This exploratory work has been undertaken for the departmental territory of Calvados (5500 km²). For that purpose, it has been necessary beforehand to work out a precise mapping of soils on the basis of 7514 soil boreholes. The treatment of the soil database has allowed to design a map of the available water content of soils for the 1:25,000 scale. Thereafter, the modelling and the mapping of the local evapotranspiration conditions as well as the departmental mapping of rainfalls have permitted to elaborate a calculation algorithm of hydrological balance with fine spatial resolution. The estimate and the cartographic representation of the soil dryness (hydrous deficit) for the current period and 2100 according to the scenario A1B have been obtained then by requests of the pedo-climatic database. For the current period, as far as Calvados is concerned, the results show that, the dryness of the agricultural soils of low intensity concerns a little more than 1100 km², which means one the third of the agricultural area (3500 km²). The soil dryness of strong intensity appears very circumscribed since it extends only on 182 km² (approximately 5% of agricultural area). For 2100, the results are particularly alarming. They testify to a spectacular increase in the agricultural area touched by soil dryness with a strong intensity. These would represent nearly 2500 km², which represents 70% of the agricultural area. If this kind of scenario was to be confirmed, it is all the agricultural economy of Normandy which would be deeply affected.

Le Gouée, Patrick; Cantat, Olivier; Bensaïd, Abdelkrim; Savouret, Edwige



Weakening sensible heat source over the Tibetan Plateau revisited: effects of the land–atmosphere thermal coupling  

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The bulk heat transfer coefficient (C\\u000a \\u000a H\\u000a ) indicates the land–atmosphere thermal coupling strength. We seek to detect its variability and changes on the Tibetan Plateau\\u000a (TP) during 1981–2006, particularly concerned with its effects on the sensible heat source. C\\u000a \\u000a H\\u000a is parameterized by Monin–Obukhov similarity theory combining routine meteorological measurements. The South Asian monsoon\\u000a period is characterized by weak

Xiaofeng Guo; Kun Yang; Yingying Chen



Estimation of sensible heat flux by a hybrid method of temperature profile and light-beam deflection  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A new method of sensible heat flux estimation by a hybrid use of temperature profile and light-beam deflection is proposed and tested over an asphalt pavement on fine days. A helium-neon gas laser with wavelength 0.6328 ?m was used as a light-beam source. Temperature gradient near the surface was measured by the deflection of a light-beam propagated nearly horizontally at a distance of 25 m. Measurement of the air temperature profile in the upper part of the surface layer was made by means of a copper-constantan thermocouple thermometer. The sensible heat flux was estimated from the temperature profile using profile-flux relationships. The surface temperature of the asphalt pavement rose to as high as 63 °C in the daytime and never decreased below the air temperature even in the morning in summer. The maximum value of heat flux obtained from this observation attained 365 W m-2, which was about 48% of incoming solar radiation.

Yokoi, Takehisa



Sensible Heat Flux Derived From A Satellite Images and A Large Aperture Scintillometer. Results From The Gediz-experimen  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the summer of 1998 a field experiment was carried out in the Gediz river basin near Menemen, Turkey. The main objective of this experiment, initiated by joint IWMI (International Water Management Institute)/GDRS (General Directorate of Rural Ser- vices, Government of Turkey) was to estimate the evaporation (E) using several dif- ferent methods, to compare the results and to assess the utility of each method for different applications. The Meteorology and Air Quality Group of the Wageningen University installed a large aperture scintillometers (LAS) in order to provide 'ground- truth' measurements of the sensible heat flux (H). It is the objective of this paper to present comparisons for H derived from satellites images and the LAS. Estimates of evaporation will be shown also.

Meijninger, W. M. L.; Gieske, A.; Bastiaanssen, W.; de Bruin, H. A. R.


Field programmable gate array processing for an improved low-light-level imaging system with higher detection sensibility.  


The method which employs the frame accumulation and shaped function is effective in low-light-level imaging. However, it has drawbacks of lower imaging speed and complex operation. To optimize the method, we provide the design of an improved low-light-level imaging system with higher detection sensibility. The design is developed specifically for a faster imaging speed based on field programmable gate arrays. It features the use of least-square algorithm and a saw-tooth wave varied light applied to the image sensor. By manipulation of the video signal in synchronous dynamic random access memory, a low-light-level image which was previously undetectable can be estimated. The design simplifies the imaging process and doubles the imaging speed, and makes the system adapted to long range imaging. PMID:24880380

Tang, Hongying; Yu, Zhengtao



A comparison of CO2 and sensible heat flux measurements from aircraft and tower-based platforms  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Eddy covariance fluxes of CO2 from a twin-engine Beechcraft Duchess were compared to the Ameriflux tower- based platform over a northern hardwood, deciduous forest between June 21 and July 24, 2006. Vertical wind was measured using a combination of a hemispherical pressure sensor probe and GPS/INS system on the aircraft and a sonic anemometer on the tower. The platforms employed NDIR analyzers to measure CO2 concentrations. Six flight legs, 5km in length, were averaged at heights of 150, 210, and 275m and compared with 30min averaged CO2 and sensible heat fluxes at the top of the 46m flux tower. Aircraft-based flux measurements as a function of altitude allow for assessment of flux divergence. In this paper, we compare the aircraft and tower data sets, and assess the differences in averaged fluxes, based in part on the footprint of the two platforms and flux divergence.

Martins, D. K.; Shepson, P. B.; Jacox, M.; Smith, J.; Hahn, M.; Garrity, S.; Vierling, L.; Schmid, H. P.; Vogel, C.; Zimmerman, J. R.; Wyss, P.; Santini, R.; Stirm, B.



Wavelet and Fractal Analysis of Remotely Sensed Surface Temperature with Applications to Estimation of Surface Sensible Heat Flux Density  

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Wavelet and fractal analyses have been used successfully to analyze one-dimensional data sets such as time series of financial, physical, and biological parameters. These techniques have been applied to two-dimensional problems in some instances, including the analysis of remote sensing imagery. In this respect, these techniques have not been widely used by the remote sensing community, and their overall capabilities as analytical tools for use on satellite and aircraft data sets is not well known. Wavelet and fractal analyses have the potential to provide fresh insight into the characterization of surface properties such as temperature and emissivity distributions, and surface processes such as the heat and water vapor exchange between the surface and the lower atmosphere. In particular, the variation of sensible heat flux density as a function of the change In scale of surface properties Is difficult to estimate, but - in general - wavelets and fractals have proved useful in determining the way a parameter varies with changes in scale. We present the results of a limited study on the relationship between spatial variations in surface temperature distribution and sensible heat flux distribution as determined by separate wavelet and fractal analyses. We analyzed aircraft imagery obtained in the thermal infrared (IR) bands from the multispectral TIMS and hyperspectral MASTER airborne sensors. The thermal IR data allows us to estimate the surface kinetic temperature distribution for a number of sites in the Midwestern and Southwestern United States (viz., San Pedro River Basin, Arizona; El Reno, Oklahoma; Jornada, New Mexico). The ground spatial resolution of the aircraft data varied from 5 to 15 meters. All sites were instrumented with meteorological and hydrological equipment including surface layer flux measuring stations such as Bowen Ratio systems and sonic anemometers. The ground and aircraft data sets provided the inputs for the wavelet and fractal analyses, and the validation of the results.

Schieldge, John




EPA Science Inventory

Abstract Fluxes of CO2, water vapor, and sensible heat were measured by the eddy covariance method above a young ponderosa pine plantation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains (CA) over two growing seasons (1 June¯10 September 1997 and 1 May&#...


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Marsh, David


Effect of stability correction on remote sensing estimates of near?noon sensible heat flux of alfalfa and tall fescue grass  

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Sensible heat flux (H) can be an important component of the energy balance of earth surfaces, especially under dry soil conditions and incomplete canopy cover. Estimating H from remote sensing often requires correcting for atmospheric stability to account for the effect of buoyancy, and several simplified methods have been used to make this correction. In this study, data collected from

J. O. Payero; C. M. U. Neale; J. L. Wright



Estimating sensible heat exchange between screen-covered canopies and the atmosphere using the surface renewal technique  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Screenhouses and screen-covers are widely used in arid and semi-arid agriculture to protect crops from direct solar radiation and high wind speed, and to increase water use efficiency. However, accurate estimation of crop water use under screens is still a challenge. The most reliable method that directly measures evapotranspiration, the Eddy Covariance (EC), is both expensive and complex in data collection and processing. This renders it unfeasible for day to day use by farmers. A simpler alternative is the Surface Renewal (SR) technique which utilizes high frequency temperature readings of low-cost fine-wire thermocouples, to estimate the sensible heat flux. Assuming energy conservation and employing relatively cheap complementary measurements, the evapotranspiration can be estimated. The SR technique uses a structure function mathematical analysis that filters out noise and involves a time lag parameter to provide amplitude and time period of a ramp-like temperature signal. This behavior arises from the detachment of air parcels that have been heated or cooled near the surface and sequentially renewed by air parcels from above. While the SR technique is relatively simple to employ, it requires calibration against direct measurements. The aim of this research is to investigate the applicability of the SR technique in two different types of commonly used screenhouses in Israel. Two field campaigns were carried out: In the first campaign we studied a banana plantation grown in a shading screenhouse located in the coastal plain of northern Israel. The second campaign was located in the Jordan Valley region of eastern Israel, where a pepper plantation cultivated in an insect-proof screenhouse, with a much denser screen, was examined. In the two campaigns, SR sensible heat flux estimates were calibrated against simultaneous eddy covariance measurements. To optimize the SR operation, in each campaign fine-wire (50-76 ?m) exposed T-type thermocouples were placed at several heights. Thermocouple output was continuously recorded at 10 Hz and data analysis was performed at 10, 5, 2 and 1 Hz to examine the validity of low frequency data acquisition. Results for daytime hours revealed temperature ramp amplitudes of up to 2ºC, with ramp periods spanning from several to tens of seconds. Best linear regressions between EC and SR sensible heat fluxes during validation were obtained for the thermocouples located above the screen, 0.1 m above the shading screen and 0.45 m above the insect-proof screen. The coefficients of determination were generally higher for the shading than the insect-proof screenhouses. This was due to the effect of the insect-proof screen which induces a higher resistance to airflow than the more porous shading screen that covers the banana plantation. At both campaigns, results were better for unstable than for stable boundary layers. At unstable conditions and above the canopy, low frequency data analysis produced reasonable results, such that 2 Hz analysis performed as good as 10 Hz. Parameters like turbulence intensity, two-point correlation and quadrant analysis illustrate the effect of the two different screenhouses on turbulence characteristics of the flow.

Mekhmandarov, Yonatan; Achiman, Ori; Pirkner, Moran; Tanny, Josef



Estimating sensible heat exchange between screen-covered canopies and the atmosphere using the surface renewal technique  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Screenhouses and screen-covers are widely used in arid and semi-arid agriculture to protect crops from direct solar radiation and high wind speed, and to increase water use efficiency. However, accurate estimation of crop water use under screens is still a challenge. The most reliable method that directly measures evapotranspiration, the Eddy Covariance (EC), is both expensive and complex in data collection and processing. This renders it unfeasible for day to day use by farmers. A simpler alternative is the Surface Renewal (SR) technique which utilizes high frequency temperature readings of low-cost fine-wire thermocouples, to estimate the sensible heat flux. Assuming energy conservation and employing relatively cheap complementary measurements, the evapotranspiration can be estimated. The SR technique uses a structure function mathematical analysis that filters out noise and involves a time lag parameter to provide amplitude and time period of a ramp-like temperature signal. This behavior arises from the detachment of air parcels that have been heated or cooled near the surface and sequentially renewed by air parcels from above. While the SR technique is relatively simple to employ, it requires calibration against direct measurements. The aim of this research is to investigate the applicability of the SR technique in screenhouses in two different climatic regions in Israel. Two field campaigns were carried out: In the first campaign we studied a banana plantation grown in a shading screenhouse in the coastal plane of northern Israel. In the second campaign a pepper plantation cultivated in an insect-proof screenhouse in the Jordan Valley region of eastern Israel was examined. In the two campaigns, SR sensible heat flux estimates were calibrated against simultaneous eddy covariance measurements. To optimize the SR operation, in each campaign fine-wire (50 - 78 ?m) exposed T-type thermocouples were placed at several heights. Thermocouple output was continuously recorded at 10 Hz and data analysis was performed at 10, 5, 2 and 1 Hz to examine the validity of low frequency data acquisition. Results for daytime hours revealed temperature ramp amplitudes of up to 2°C. Best linear regressions between EC and SR sensible heat fluxes during validation were obtained for the thermocouples located adjacent to the screen, for both banana and pepper screenhouses. The coefficients of determination were generally higher for the banana than the pepper screenhouses. This was due to the effect of the insect-proof screen which induces a higher resistance to airflow than the light shading screen that covers the banana plantation. At both campaigns, results were better for unstable than for stable boundary layers. At stable conditions, and at unstable conditions above the canopy, low frequency data analysis produced reasonable results, such that 2 Hz analysis performed as good as 10 Hz. Parameters like turbulence intensity, two-point correlation and quadrant analysis illustrate the effect of the two different screenhouses on turbulence characteristics of the flow.

Tanny, J.; Mekhmandarov, Y.; Achiman, O.; Pirkner, M.



Determination of Area-Averaged Sensible Heat Fluxes with a Large Aperture Scintillometer over a Heterogeneous Surface Flevoland Field Experiment  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

To test the applicability of the scintillation method over a heterogeneous area an experiment was carried out in the summer of 1998 in Flevoland (The Netherlands). In the patchy area only four crops were grown namely sugar beet, potatoes, wheat and onions. From eddy covariance measurements it was found that the heterogeneity was mainly caused by differences in thermal properties. No variations in the aerodynamics roughness length were observed. Two large aperture scintillometers were installed at a height of 11.6 and 20.4 m. A good resemblance was found between the sensible heat fluxes derived from both LAS instruments and the area-averaged fluxes obtained from the in-situ eddy covariance measurements. The slight underestimation of the lower LAS could be assessed using a blending height model and an analytical footprint model. The results also indicated that when scintillometer measurements are made below the blending height the violation to Monin-Obukhov Similarity Theory is small and that reasonable fluxes can be obtained from path-averaged structure parameters.

Meijninger, W. M. L.; Hartogensis, O. K.; Kohsiek, W.; et al.


Infrared and millimetre-wave scintillometry in the suburban environment - Part 2: Large-area sensible and latent heat fluxes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A millimetre-wave scintillometer was paired with an infrared scintillometer enabling estimation of large-area evaporation across northern Swindon, a suburban area in the UK. Both sensible and latent heat fluxes can be obtained using this technique, as it is able to provide both temperature and humidity structure parameters, offering a major advantage over conventional single-wavelength scintillometry. The first paper of this two-part series presented the measurement theory and results of the structure parameters. In this second paper, heat fluxes are obtained and analysed. These fluxes, estimated using two-wavelength scintillometry over an urban area, are the first of their kind. Source area modelling suggests the scintillometric fluxes are representative of 5-10 km2. For comparison, local-scale (0.05-0.5 km2) fluxes were measured by an eddy covariance station. Similar responses to seasonal changes are evident at the different scales but the energy partitioning varies between source areas. The response to moisture availability is explored using data from two consecutive years with contrasting rainfall patterns (2011-2012). This extensive dataset offers insight into urban surface-atmosphere interactions and demonstrates the potential for two-wavelength scintillometry to deliver fluxes over mixed land cover, typically representative of an area 1-2 orders of magnitude greater than for eddy covariance measurements. Fluxes at this scale are extremely valuable for hydro-meteorological model evaluation and assessment of satellite data products.

Ward, H. C.; Evans, J. G.; Grimmond, C. S. B.



Multi-Scale Sensible Heat Fluxes in the Suburban Environment from Large-Aperture Scintillometry and Eddy Covariance  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Sensible heat fluxes () are determined using scintillometry and eddy covariance over a suburban area. Two large-aperture scintillometers provide spatially integrated fluxes across path lengths of 2.8 and 5.5 km over Swindon, UK. The shorter scintillometer path spans newly built residential areas and has an approximate source area of 2-4 , whilst the long path extends from the rural outskirts to the town centre and has a source area of around 5-10 . These large-scale heat fluxes are compared with local-scale eddy-covariance measurements. Clear seasonal trends are revealed by the long duration of this dataset and variability in monthly is related to the meteorological conditions. At shorter time scales the response of to solar radiation often gives rise to close agreement between the measurements, but during times of rapidly changing cloud cover spatial differences in the net radiation () coincide with greater differences between heat fluxes. For clear days lags , thus the ratio of to increases throughout the day. In summer the observed energy partitioning is related to the vegetation fraction through use of a footprint model. The results demonstrate the value of scintillometry for integrating surface heterogeneity and offer improved understanding of the influence of anthropogenic materials on surface-atmosphere interactions.

Ward, H. C.; Evans, J. G.; Grimmond, C. S. B.



[Sensible cooperation in urology].  


The main features of the reform of the healthcare system disclosed by the grand coalition on 4 July 2006 include, among other points, annulment of all budgets, payment for services rendered at fixed euro rates, and introduction of complex flat rates starting in 2009. The direct and medium-term consequences involve establishment of a health fund, but also drawing on tax money, e.g., to cofinance underage children. In addition, hospital outpatient departments in specialty fields are to be completely opened. All of these measures can lead to a marked reduction of specialized practices. All in all, one must bear in mind that establishing a "health fund" represents de facto the institution of state-run medicine. PMID:16874509

Jonitz, H



Effects of climate variability on the carbon dioxide, water, and sensible heat fluxes above a ponderosa pine plantation in the Sierra Nevada (CA)  

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Fluxes of CO2, water vapor, and sensible heat were measured by the eddy covariance method above a young ponderosa pine plantation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains (CA) over two growing seasons (1 June–10 September 1997 and 1 May–30 October 1998). The Mediterranean-type climate of California is characterized by a protracted summer drought, with precipitation occurring mainly from October through May.

A. H. Goldstein; N. E. Hultman; J. M. Fracheboud; M. R. Bauer; J. A. Panek; M. Xu; Y. Qia; A. B. Guenther; W. Baugh



Long-Term Monitoring of Sensible and Latent Heat Fluxes Using Eddy Covariance at a High-Arctic Permafrost Site on Svalbard, Norway  

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Land-atmosphere interactions are an important element in the energy and water budget in permafrost regions. We present long-term measurements of sensible and latent heat fluxes at a high-arctic continuous permafrost site on Svalbard, Norway, using the eddy covariance method. The site is situated in hilly tundra at the foot of two major glaciers, and is characterized by sparse vegetation alternating

K. Piel; S. Westermann; J. Lüers; J. Boike



The impact of anthropogenic land-cover change on the Florida Peninsula Sea Breezes and warm season sensible weather  

USGS Publications Warehouse

During the twentieth century, the natural landscape of the Florida peninsula was transformed extensively by agriculture, urbanization, and the diversion of surface water features. The purpose of this paper is to present a numerical modeling study in which the possible impacts of this transformation on the warm season climate of the region were investigated. For three separate July-August periods (1973, 1989, and 1994), a pair of simulations was performed with the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System. Within each pair, the simulations differed only in the specification of land-cover class. The two different classes were specified using highly detailed datasets that were constructed to represent pre-1900 natural land cover and 1993 land-use patterns, thus capturing the landscape transformation within each pair of simulations. When the pre-1900 natural cover was replaced with the 1993 land-use dataset, the simulated spatial patterns of the surface sensible and latent heat flux were altered significantly, resulting in changes in the structure and strength of climatologically persistent, surface-forced mesoscale circulations-particularly the afternoon sea-breeze fronts. This mechanism was associated with marked changes in the spatial distribution of convective rainfall totals over the peninsula. When averaged over the model domain, this redistribution was reflected as an overall decrease in the 2-month precipitation total. In addition, the domain average of the diurnal cycle of 2-m temperature was amplified, with a noted increase in the daytime maximum. These results were consistent among all three simulated periods, and largely unchanged when subjected to a number of model sensitivity factors. Furthermore, the model results are in reasonable agreement with an analysis of observational data that indicates decreasing regional precipitation and increasing daytime maximum temperature during the twentieth century. These results could have important implications for water resource and land-use management issues in south Florida, including efforts to restore and preserve the natural hydroclimate of the Everglades ecosystem. This study also provides more evidence for the need to consider anthropogenic land-cover change when evaluating climate trends. ?? 2004 American Meteorological Society.

Marshall, C.H.; Pielke, R.A., Sr.; Steyaert, L.T.; Willard, D.A.



Sensible and latent heat flux response to diurnal variation in soil surface temperature and moisture under different freeze\\/thaw soil conditions in the seasonal frozen soil region of the central Tibetan Plateau  

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The relationship between sensible and latent heat flux and diurnal variation in soil surface temperature and moisture under\\u000a four freeze\\/thaw soil conditions was investigated using observed soil temperature and moisture and simulated sensible and\\u000a latent heat flux. The diurnal range of latent heat flux had a similar temporal change pattern as that of unfrozen soil water\\u000a at depths of 0–3 cm

Donglin Guo; Meixue Yang; Huijun Wang



Combining the bulk transfer formulation and surface renewal analysis for estimating the sensible heat flux without involving the parameter kB-1  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

single-source bulk transfer formulation (based on the Monin-Obukhov Similarity Theory, MOST) has been used to estimate the sensible heat flux, H, in the framework of remote sensing over homogeneous surfaces (HMOST). The latter involves the canopy parameter, kB-1, which is difficult to parameterize. Over short and dense grass at a site influenced by regional advection of sensible heat flux, HMOST with kB-1 = 2 (i.e., the value recommended) correlated strongly with the H measured using the Eddy Covariance, EC, method, HEC. However, it overestimated HEC by 50% under stable conditions for samples showing a local air temperature gradient larger than the measurement error, 0.4 km-1. Combining MOST and Surface Renewal analysis, three methods of estimating H that avoid kB-1 dependency have been derived. These new expressions explain the variability of H versus u*>(Tc-T>(z>)>), where u* is the friction velocity, Tc is the radiometric surface temperature, and T>(z>) is the air temperature at height, z. At two measurement heights, the three methods performed excellently. One of the methods developed required the same readily/commonly available inputs as HMOST due to the fact that the ratio between >(Tc-T>(z>)>) and the ramp amplitude was found fairly constant under stable and unstable cases. Over homogeneous canopies, at a site influenced by regional advection of sensible heat flux, the methods proposed are an alternative to the traditional bulk transfer method because they are reliable, exempt of calibration against the EC method, and are comparable or identical in cost of application. It is suggested that the methodology may be useful over bare soil and sparse vegetation.

Castellví, F.; Gavilán, P.; González-Dugo, M. P.




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´pendante comme les plantes terrestres (clas- se´es parmi les Streptophytes), les algues rouges (Rhodophytes) et les algues brunes (ligne´e des He´te´rokontes). Le dernier rapport de conjoncture a de´taille´ les

van Tiggelen, Bart


Nuclear energy: a sensible alternative  

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This book presents in-depth articles on the main issues affecting the use and usefulness of nuclear energy for peaceful domestic purposes. Topics considered include energy futures (a world study), energy demand-energy supplies, an energy-deficient society, energy shortages, the economics of light water reactors (LWRs), fast breeder reactor economics, international cooperation in the nuclear field, nuclear recycling (costs, savings, safeguards), alternative

K. O. Ott; B. I. Spinrad



Nuclear energy: a sensible alternative  

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This book presents information on energy futures; energy demand, energy supplies; exclusive paths and difficult choices--hard, soft, and moderate energy paths; an energy-deficient society; energy shortages; economics of light-water reactors; fast breeder reactor economics; international cooperation in the nuclear field; nuclear recycling; alternative fuels, fuel cycles, and reactors; the nuclear weapons proliferation issue; paths to a world with more reliable

K. O. Ott; B. I. Spinrad



Time-lagged impact of spring sensible heat over the Tibetan Plateau on the summer rainfall anomaly in East China: case studies using the WRF model  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This study explores the time-lagged impact of the spring sensible heat (SH) source over the Tibetan Plateau (TP) on the summer rainfall anomaly in East China using the Weather Research and Forecasting model. Numerical experiments for 2003 indicate that a spring SH anomaly over the TP can maintain its impact until summer and lead to a strong atmospheric heat source, characterized both by the enhanced SH over the western TP and enhanced latent heat of condensation to the east. Wave activity diagnosis reveals that the enhanced TP heating forces a Rossby wave train over the downstream regions. A cyclonic response over the northeast TP brings about a low-level northerly anomaly over northern China, while an anticyclonic response over the western Pacific enhances the subtropical high and the low-level southerly on its western flank. As a result, cold and dry airflow from mid-high latitudes, and warm and wet airflow from tropical oceans converge around the Huaihe River basin. In addition, warm advection originating from the TP induces vigorous ascending motion over the convergence belt. Under these favorable circulation conditions the eastward-propagating vortexes initiated over the TP intensify the torrential rainfall processes over the Huaihe River basin. In contrast, additional experiments considering the year 2001 with weak spring SH over the TP and an overall southward retreat of the summer rainfall belt in East China further demonstrate the role of spring SH over the TP in regulating the interannual variability of EASM in terms of wave activity and synoptic disturbances.

Wang, Ziqian; Duan, Anmin; Wu, Guoxiong



Validity and test-retest reliability of a measure of hand sensibility and manual dexterity in people with multiple sclerosis: the ReSense test.  


Abstract Purpose: To evaluate the concurrent validity and reliability of the ReSense tool, a new clinical test aimed at determining sensory and functional deficits of the hand in people with multiple sclerosis (PwMS). Methods: Study participants included 90 PwMS, 58 women, characterized by significant sensory symptoms in one or both hands. Thirty healthy subjects, 19 women, served as controls. The ReSense evaluation tool measures the ability to perceive and recognize texture and spatial properties of specific elements. ReSense scores were compared with the two-point discrimination (2PD), Semmes-Weinstein monofilament (SWM), Nine-Hole Peg Test (9-HPT), Box and Block Test (BBT) and the Functional dexterity (FDT) tests. Results: The Cronbach alpha value for the ReSense test for PwMS was 0.84. The ReSense was significantly correlated with the 9-HPT; Pearson's R?=?-0.44 and FDT; Pearson's R?=?-0.35. Significant correlations were demonstrated between the ReSense score to SWM and 2PD. The strongest correlation was found with the 2PD performed on the dominant hand; Pearson's R?=?-0.55. Conclusions: The ReSense is a valid tool developed for testing sensing properties of the hand in PwMS. We believe that the sensitivity and specificity values of this tool will assist the clinician to formulate decisions related to rehabilitation management of his/her patient. Implication for Rehabilitation The ReSense, a valid and reliable tool was developed for testing sensing properties of elements with hand manipulation in the clinic. The ReSense test score was significantly correlated with scores of manual dexterity and traditional sensibility tests. A continuous scale such as the ReSense test may provide clinicians with more precise information relating to hand performance in PwMS than traditional sensory tools. PMID:25095901

Kalron, Alon; Greenberg-Avrahami, Michal; Achiron, Anat



Inherent correlation between the total output cooling capacity and equipment sensible heat ratio of a direct expansion air conditioning system under variable-speed operation (XXG SMD SHR DX AC unit)  

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Appropriately controlling indoor air humidity at a suitable level in buildings is important. To simultaneously control both indoor air dry-bulb temperature and relative humidity requires the match between the total output cooling capacity of an A\\/C system and the total cooling load in a space served by the A\\/C system, as well as the Equipment sensible heat ratio (SHR) of

Xiangguo Xu; Liang Xia; Mingyin Chan; Shiming Deng



Observations of the scale-dependent turbulence and evaluation of the flux-gradient relationship for sensible heat for a closed Douglas-fir canopy in very weak wind conditions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Observations of the scale-dependent turbulent fluxes, variances, and the bulk transfer parameterization for sensible heat above, within, and beneath a tall closed Douglas-fir canopy in very weak winds are examined. The daytime sub-canopy vertical velocity spectra exhibit a double-peak structure with peaks at timescales of 0.8 s and 51.2 s. A double-peak structure is also observed in the daytime sub-canopy heat flux co-spectra. The daytime momentum flux co-spectra in the upper bole space and in the sub-canopy are characterized by a relatively large cross-wind component, likely due to the extremely light and variable winds, such that the definition of a mean wind direction, and subsequent partitioning of the momentum flux into along- and cross-wind components, has little physical meaning. Positive values of both momentum flux components in the sub-canopy contribute to upward transfer of momentum, consistent with the observed sub-canopy secondary wind speed maximum. For the smallest resolved scales in the canopy at nighttime, we find increasing vertical velocity variance with decreasing timescale, consistent with very small eddies possibly generated by wake shedding from the canopy elements that transport momentum, but not heat. Unusually large values of the velocity aspect ratio within the canopy were observed, consistent with enhanced suppression of the horizontal wind components compared to the vertical by the very dense canopy. The flux-gradient approach for sensible heat flux is found to be valid for the sub-canopy and above-canopy layers when considered separately in spite of the very small fluxes on the order of a few W m-2 in the sub-canopy. However, single-source approaches that ignore the canopy fail because they make the heat flux appear to be counter-gradient when in fact it is aligned with the local temperature gradient in both the sub-canopy and above-canopy layers. While sub-canopy Stanton numbers agreed well with values typically reported in the literature, our estimates for the above-canopy Stanton number were much larger, which likely leads to underestimated modeled sensible heat fluxes above dark warm closed canopies.

Vickers, D.; Thomas, C. K.



Observations of the scale-dependent turbulence and evaluation of the flux-gradient relationship for sensible heat for a closed Douglas-Fir canopy in very weak wind conditions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Observations of the scale-dependent turbulent fluxes and variances above, within and beneath a tall closed Douglas-Fir canopy in very weak winds are examined. The daytime subcanopy vertical velocity spectra exhibit a double-peak structure with peaks at time scales of 0.8 s and 51.2 s. A double-peak structure is also observed in the daytime subcanopy heat flux cospectra. The daytime momentum flux cospectra inside the canopy and in the subcanopy are characterized by a relatively large cross-wind component, likely due to the extremely light and variable winds, such that the definition of a mean wind direction, and subsequent partitioning of the momentum flux into along- and cross-wind components, has little physical meaning. Positive values of both momentum flux components in the subcanopy contribute to upward transfer of momentum, consistent with the observed mean wind speed profile. In the canopy at night at the smallest resolved scales, we find relatively large momentum fluxes (compared to at larger scales), and increasing vertical velocity variance with decreasing time scale, consistent with very small eddies likely generated by wake shedding from the canopy elements that transport momentum but not heat. We find unusually large values of the velocity aspect ratio within the canopy, consistent with enhanced suppression of the horizontal wind components compared to the vertical by the canopy. The flux-gradient approach for sensible heat flux is found to be valid for the subcanopy and above-canopy layers when considered separately; however, single source approaches that ignore the canopy fail because they make the heat flux appear to be counter-gradient when in fact it is aligned with the local temperature gradient in both the subcanopy and above-canopy layers. Modeled sensible heat fluxes above dark warm closed canopies are likely underestimated using typical values of the Stanton number.

Vickers, D.; Thomas, C.



The psychopharmacology of violence: making sensible decisions.  


Violent behavior associated with mental disorders is a common reason for admission to a psychiatric inpatient unit. Once hospitalized, patients may continue to be intermittently agitated and have persistent aggressive behaviors, preventing their discharge back into the community. Managing agitation quickly with effective pharmacological agents can avoid further escalation to aggression and violence. In the acute setting, this usually involves the parenteral use of antipsychotics, with or without benzodiazepines. Within the past decade, short-acting intramuscular formulations of second-generation antipsychotics have become available and provide a means to induce calm with a substantially lower risk of acute dystonia or akathisia compared with haloperidol. New alternative formulations that avoid injections include inhalation and sublingual administration. Longer-term management of persistent aggressive behavior by reducing the frequency and intensity of future episodes of agitation is more complex. In contrast to agitation associated with schizophrenia or bipolar mania, no agents have yet been approved by regulatory agencies for the treatment of persistent aggressive behavior. The strongest evidence supports the use of clozapine as an antihostility agent, followed by olanzapine. Adjunctive strategies with anticonvulsants and beta-adrenergic agents may also be worthwhile to consider. PMID:24571828

Citrome, Leslie; Volavka, Jan



Treatment of bipolar depression: making sensible decisions.  


A major challenge in the treatment of major depressive episodes associated with bipolar disorder is differentiating this illness from major depressive episodes associated with major depressive disorder. Mistaking the former for the latter will lead to incorrect treatment and poor outcomes. None of the classic antidepressants, serotonin specific reuptake inhibitors, or serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors have ever received regulatory approval as monotherapies for the treatment of bipolar depression. At present, there are only 3 approved medication treatments for bipolar depression: olanzapine/fluoxetine combination, quetiapine (immediate or extended release), and lurasidone (monotherapy or adjunctive to lithium or valproate). All 3 have similar efficacy profiles, but they differ in terms of tolerability. Number needed to treat (NNT) and number needed to harm (NNH) can be used to quantify these similarities and differences. The NNTs for response and remission for each of these interventions vs placebo range from 4 to 7, and 5 to 7, respectively, with overlap in terms of their 95% confidence intervals. NNH values less than 10 (vs placebo) were observed for the spontaneously reported adverse events of weight gain and diarrhea for olanzapine/fluoxetine combination (7 and 9, respectively) and somnolence and dry mouth for quetiapine (3 and 4, respectively). There were no NNH values less than 10 (vs placebo) observed with lurasidone treatment. NNH values vs placebo for weight gain of at least 7% from baseline were 6, 16, 58, and 36, for olanzapine/fluoxetine combination, quetiapine, lurasidone monotherapy, and lurasidone combined with lithium or valproate, respectively. Individualizing treatment decisions will require consideration of the different potential adverse events that are more likely to occur with each medication. The metric of the likelihood to be helped or harmed (LHH) is the ratio of NNH to NNT and can illustrate the tradeoffs inherent in selecting medications. A more favorable LHH was noted for treatment with lurasidone. However, OFC and quetiapine monotherapy may still have utility in high urgency situations, particularly in persons who have demonstrated good outcomes with these interventions in the past, and where a pressing clinical need for efficacy mitigates their potential tolerability shortcomings. In terms of maintenance therapy, adjunctive quetiapine is the only agent where the NNT vs lithium or valproate alone is less than 10 for both the prevention of mania and the prevention of depression. PMID:25407667

Citrome, Leslie



PASS: protocols for alternative sexuality and sensibility  

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It is often said that we live in a network society. Increased familiarity with technical networks has brought the concept to the forefront of public imagination making the network a dominant trope. Whether inherent or ...

Shusterman, Gemma (Gemma Lester)



Cultivating a narrative sensibility in nursing practice.  


Stories hold meaning, and when persons tell of their experiences of living with illness, they are afforded an opportunity to make sense of all that is happening. As nurses, we have the privilege of hearing the particular, gaining understanding, and creating a powerful encounter that has healing and health benefits. This is a call for nurses to more intentionally invite and listen to the stories of persons living with illness. The mnemonic STORIED is offered to help nurses weave together essential elements of a narrative practice approach: Subjective, Tell/Listen, Openness, Reflection, Invite/Intention, Engage, and Document. Nurses are the voice of the vulnerable, and to learn to listen to our patients' stories such that what is gleaned contributes to their healing is nothing less than a call to excellent care of the unique person before us. PMID:24904044

Beuthin, Rosanne E



Diabetes Reunion Celebrating Sensibly with Diabetes  

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of food at each meal. If the meal includes reasonable amounts of starches, fiber and sugar, even people with diabetes may enjoy a small dessert. We also learned that we can reduce the sugar in certain recipes and modify recipes with noncaloric sweeteners to prepare desserts that fit into diabetes meal plans


Some Philosophical Origins of an Ecological Sensibility  

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framework that allows us to help understand the significance of the vast sea of new data, genetic and otherwise, that is being collected with increasing rapidity. The worldview presented has the hope that it can help question the assumptions of the gene... ..................................................................................... 84 The Rise and Use of the Gene Concept ........................................... 88 Theory Reductionism and Genes .................................................... 103 Causation...

Carlson, Charles



Teaching Catholic Social Teaching through Communitarian Sensibilities  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

As much as Catholic social teaching is sometimes referred to as "our best kept secret" (Henriot, DeBerri, and Schultheris 1987), in recent years it has been gaining a renewed emphasis in Catholic higher education. This "renaissance" of Catholic social teaching integrates well with the self-evaluation of Catholic higher education over the past…

Burke, John Francis




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) Fanelli C, Fabbri AA, Finottti E, Fasella P, Passi S (1984) Free radicals and aflatoxin biosynthesis, Fabbri (2008) modulation of antioxidant defence in Aspergillus parasiticus is involved in aflatoxin

Di Pillo, Gianni


Geobotanica, Ecologia Vegetale, Conservazione della Natura ed Ecologia  

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Ricerca Mauro Iberite (Tilia A., Blasi C., Bonacquisti S., Del Vico E., Lattanzi E., Mollo B.) Fabio to Combat Desertification (1994) UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (1992) Fabio Attorre, Marcello Vitale, Franco Bruno, Fabio Francesconi, Mario Di Traglia, Marco Mancini, Roberto Valenti · Geobiosphere

Di Pillo, Gianni


Los Pigmentos Vegetales y la Fotosíntesis  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

En esta lección se examinarán las dos principales clases de pigmentos fotosintéticos: las clorofilas y los carotenoides. Se analizarán sus estructuras bioquímicas y su biosíntesis, y se explicará además la organización de estos pigmentos en los sistemas fotosintéticos, que son complejos proteicos que colectan y convierten la energía luminosa en energía química.


Donación de tejidos para investigación oncológica: muestras y depósitos biológicos

Hoja informativa que describe la importancia de las muestras biológicas y de los depósitos biológicos en la investigación oncológica, y los programas del NCI para aumentar el suministro de muestras biológicas de alta calidad. Explica también cómo los pacientes y otras personas pueden ayudar a apoyar la investigación que usa muestras biológicas.


Community Writing, Participatory Research, and an Anthropological Sensibility  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Participatory research is a radical praxis through which marginalized people acquire research capabilities that they use to transform their own lives. In this article, I examine how parent writers incorporated facets of community writing into their research practice as they developed their practices and identities as researchers. I also consider…

Hurtig, Janise



Healthful and Sensible School Maintenance (with Related Video)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The school year is back in full swing for millions of students across the nation trying to remember the names of their new teachers, what time lunch is served, and how to navigate the hallways and stairwells to get from one classroom to the next. Meanwhile, those responsible for keeping those education facilities clean, safe and well-maintained…

Kennedy, Mike



Lessons of Solitude: The Awakening of Aesthetic Sensibility  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper explores the contextual value of solitude in learning; in so doing, it attempts to suggest an alternative method of instruction that is based on aesthetics as the reciprocal relationship between emotions and intellect, and between action and contemplation. Such an aesthetic education or method seeks to guide the student towards the…

Caranfa, Angelo



Philosophical Enquiries into the Science of Sensibility: An Introductory Essay  

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-1797) was 23 years old when he finished writing the Philosophical Enquiry, as he attests to in the introduction), the topic of the book had long been present in Burke's mind. From his early years in college (1743's classical studies from Aristotle to Virgil, Horace and Cicero,32 an early inspiration from his college years

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Nylon flocked swab severely reduces Hexagon Obti sensibility.  


Hexagon Obti immunological blood test and flocked swab are widely used in forensic laboratories. Nevertheless, up to now, no compatibility tests have been published between sampling with the ethylene oxide treated flocked swab and the Hexagon Obti blood detection strip. In this study, we investigated this compatibility. Our work shows that sampling with ethylene oxide treated flocked swab reduces by a factor of at least 100 the detection threshold of blood using the Hexagon Obti immunological test. PMID:25575014

Frippiat, Christophe; De Roy, Gilbert; Fontaine, Louis-Marie; Dognaux, Sophie; Noel, Fabrice; Heudt, Laeticia; Lepot, Laurent



Sensible organizations: Technology and methodology for automatically measuring organizational behavior  

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We present the design, implementation, and deployment of a wearable computing platform for measuring and analyzing human behavior in organizational settings. We propose the use of wearable electronic badges capable of ...

Olguin Olguin, Daniel


Synergy and Sensibility: A Course on Entrepreneurship in Gerotechnologies  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

"Health, Technology, and Aging" is a course developed to address three significant contemporary trends: aging populations, increasingly ubiquitous technology, and the economic imperative to encourage entrepreneurship. Course content is a blend of gerontology, informatics, and entrepreneurship designed for nonbusiness majors. Six interdisciplinary…

Lorenzen-Huber, Lesa; Allen, Patricia; Kennedy-Armbruster, Carol



Independent Control of Sensible and Latent Cooling in Small Buildings  

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: Exciting New Opportunities with Air Flow Modulation," Proceedin~s of the 4th Annual Svm~osium on Imarovina Building Ener~v Efficiency Jn Hot and Humid Climates, Houston, Texas, September 15-16, 1987. p. 57. 5. Moore, T., "The Advanced Heat Pump: All...

Andrews, J.; Lamontagne, J.; Piraino, M.



$avings from thin Air: Cultivating Sensible Energy Use  

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"modes on electronics, but there's more: · Check to see if all of your products comply with the latest ENERGY STAR products generally save you at least 30% on the electric bill for that product. In some cases it is even that a replacement laptop battery for a laptop can cost roughly $100 and is expected to reach its rated cycle limit

Wang, Yuqing


Sensibility study in a flexible job shop scheduling problem  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper proposes the impact assessment of the jobs order in the optimal time of operations in a Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem. In this work a real assembly cell was studied: the AIP-PRIMECA cell at the Université de Valenciennes et du Hainaut-Cambrésis, in France, which is considered as a Flexible Job Shop problem. The problem consists in finding the machines operations schedule, taking into account the precedence constraints. The main objective is to minimize the batch makespan, i.e. the finish time of the last operation completed in the schedule. Shortly, the present study consists in evaluating if the jobs order affects the optimal time of the operations schedule. The genetic algorithm was used to solve the optimization problem. As a conclusion, it's assessed that the jobs order influence the optimal time.

Curralo, Ana; Pereira, Ana I.; Barbosa, José; Leitão, Paulo



Sensible heat observations reveal soil-water evaporation dynamics  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Soil water evaporation is important at scales ranging from microbial ecology to large-scale climate. Yet, routine measurments are unable to capture rapidly shifting near-surface soil heat and water processes involved in soil-water evaporation. The objective of this study was to determine the depth a...


Dr. Spock on Parenting: Sensible, Reassuring Advice for Contemporary Parents.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Compiling essays authored by Benjamin Spock and published in magazines, this book addresses the changing traditional family structure and the challenges faced by contemporary parents. The chapters are: (1) "Anxieties in Our Lives," discussing stressors, decisions regarding work, and late parenting; (2) "Being a Father Today," examining aspects of…

Spock, Benjamin


Spatial user interface : augmenting human sensibilities in a domestic kitchen  

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The real world is not a computer screen. When can augmented reality and ambient interfaces improve the usability of a physical environment? This thesis presents data from design studies and experiments that demonstrate the ...

Lee, Jackie Chia-Hsun



Avances sobre la influencia del tejido adiposo en el adenocarcinoma de próstata  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumen Numerosos estudios han intentado interpretar la asociación entre la obesidad y el cáncer de próstata (CaP), aunque los resultados no han sido concluyentes debido a que existe una gran dificultad para evaluar sus efectos de sobre el desarro - llo del CaP. Dicha dificultad radica en que no solo implica un exceso de grasa corporal, sino también una alteración

Constanza López Fontana; M. Eugenia Maselli Artola; M. Cristina Vanrell Rodríguez; Nicolás A. Di Milta Mónaco; Rafael Pérez Elizalde; José D. López Laur



An investigation into the thermal properties of selected sensible and latent heat storage materials  

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= air mass flow rate [lb/min], QT = total heat stored/removed during test [BTU), C = specific heat for air [BTU/lb 'F], and P m QL = net heat loss during the test run period [BTU/min). ATTS 4t represents the energy change in the air as it passed... Chloride (Nood) Figure 3. 3 Comparison of Heat Transfer Coefficients to Previous Research 34 CEivlENT I'MORTAR i OVi FLGA/t ON TFNPERATURF BOI 88 I 87 A ; 84$ R I 83 ' F 82) 80-', 4 78 IO 20 30 40 80 80 70 80 90 l00 ilO l20 TINE IN ii...

Wood, Stanley Clayton




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'y découvre l'oeil armé du stroboscope. Le long d'une normale commune à plusieurs franges, l'oeil perçoit une aussi à la petite dimension de la fente. 3. Alternateur stroboscope. - La solidarité du stroboscope et

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Sensible heat flux estimated by using satellite data over the North Pacific  

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Turbulent heat fluxes over a wide region are generally estimated by an aerodynamic bulk formula. Though a remote sensing technique can be expected to estimate global heat flux, it is difficult to obtain every physical parameter included in aerodynamic formulae by a remote sensor. In particular it is difficult to obtain air temperature at sea surface by a remote sensor,

Masahisa Kubota; Shoichi Mitsumori



Zinc'ing sensibly: controlling zinc homeostasis at the transcriptional level.  


Zinc-responsive transcription factors are found in all kingdoms of life and include the transcriptional activators ZntR, SczA, Zap1, bZip19, bZip23, and MTF-1, and transcriptional repressors Zur, AdcR, Loz1, and SmtB. These factors have two defining features; their activity is regulated by zinc and they all play a central role in zinc homeostasis by controlling the expression of genes that directly affect zinc levels or its availability. This review summarizes what is known about the mechanisms by which each of these factors sense changes in intracellular zinc levels and how they control zinc homeostasis through target gene regulation. Other factors that influence zinc ion sensing are also discussed. PMID:24722954

Choi, Sangyong; Bird, Amanda J



hierarchy demonstrated a biologically sensible or-ganizational structure of the human brain.  

E-print Network

model organisms into functional and clin- ical insights about human specializations, so as to understand. Bhatt, M. Cook, E. Boncinelli, R. Krumlauf, Nature 341, 405 (1989). 4. L. Puelles, J. L. Rubenstein et al., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 104, 17849 (2007). 20. M. B. Johnson et al., Neuron 62, 494

Hall, Spencer


Sense and Sensibility: The Case for the Nationwide Inclusion of Engineering In the K-12 Curriculum  

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The competitive status of the United States is inextricably linked to innovation just as innovation is inseparable from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. To stay competitive in innovation requires that the United States produce a 21st century workforce complete with requisite education, training, skills, and motivation. If we accept a priori that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and are

Robert E. Lindberg; Thomas E. Pinelli; James G. Batterson


Senses & Sensibility: Predator-Prey Experiments Reveal How Fish Perceive & Respond to Threats  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The predator-prey relationship is one of the most recognizable and well-studied animal relationships. One of the more striking aspects of this relationship is the differential natural selection pressure placed on predators and their prey. This differential pressure results from differing costs of failure, the so-called life-dinner principle. If a…

Jones, Jason; Holloway, Barbara; Ketcham, Elizabeth; Long, John



Surface Skin Temperature and the Interplay between Sensible and Ground Heat Fluxes over Arid Regions  

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evapotranspiration and the closely coupled water­carbon cycle play a minor role in the surface energy balance the diurnal cycle of surface skin temperature. Based on theoretical arguments and synthesis of previous based on in situ data at the Desert Rock site in Nevada with a monthly averaged diurnal amplitude of 31


Air flow and associated sensible heat exchanges in a naturally ventilated greenhouse  

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In order to investigate the three-dimensional nature of the air flow within the greenhouse, a three-dimensional sonic anemometer was used for the direct measurement of air and heat exchange inside the greenhouse and through the vent of a twin-span greenhouse equipped with a continuous roof vent at the gutter. Measurements were carried out both in the vent opening itself and

T. Boulard; G. Papadakis; C. Kittas; M. Mermier



Sensible heat and friction characteristics of plate fin-and-tube heat exchangers having plane fins  

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In the present study, 15 samples of plate fin heat exchangers with different geometrical parameters, including the number of tube rows, fin spacing and fin thickness are tested and compared in an induced flow open wind tunnel. Results are presented in the form of friction factor and Colburn j-factor against Reynolds number based on the tube collar diameter in the

Yi-Chung Hsieh; Yur-Tsai Lin



Sensibility of hydrous ethanol adulteration detection using ultrasonic parameters validated in a metrological base  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The aim of this study is to identify possible changes in fuels, in this case hydrous ethanol, through ultrasonic parameters such as attenuation and propagation speed. The system setup and method were implemented at Inmetro's Laboratory of Ultrasound. Experiments and method uncertainties were assessed accordingly to ISO/IEC Guide 98 1:2009 (Uncertainty of measurement - Part 1: Introduction to the expression of uncertainty in measurement). Mixtures of ethanol and water varying from 90% to 94% of alcohol in mass were used as testing samples. Attenuation and propagation speed were accurately measured and uncertainties evaluated. The accordingly to Brazilian biofuel regulations, the concentration of water in hydrous ethanol can be accepted at a maximum concentration of 93.8 and minimum of 92.6 of alcohol in mass. To achieve that figure, a functional combination of tested parameters should be implemented. Those results could be used as a tool to identify adulteration of biofuel, even in analysis performed on site.

K-K Figueiredo, Monique; Costa-Felix, Rodrigo P. B.; Maggi, Luis E.; Alvarenga, André V.; Romeiro, Gilberto A.



Mapping Global Consciousness: Portuguese Imperialism and the Forging of Modern Global Sensibilities  

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This article concerns the Portuguese forging of globalization, globality, and forms of global consciousness in the early modern period. In the now voluminous Anglophone literature on globalization, depiction of the Portuguese contribution to such matters is generally muted, if not ignored altogether, in favour of accounts of Columbus's famous voyage and the Spanish conquest of the Americas as the constitutive

David Inglis



Comparing simulated and measured sensible and latent heat fluxes over snow under a pine canopy  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

During the second year of the NASA Cold Lands Processes Experiment (CLPX) an eddy covariance (EC) system was operated at the local snow observation site (LSOS) from mid-February to June, 2003. The EC system was located beneath a uniform pine canopy where the trees are regularly spaced and are of si...


[Preliminary validation of the French translation of anxiety sensibility index-revised (ASI-R)].  


Anxiety sensitivity represents a stimulus-outcome expectancy that reflects individual differences in the propensity to experience fear in response to one's arousal-related bodily sensations. It refers to the fear of anxiety-related symptoms that are based on beliefs that such sensations have negative somatic, social or psychological consequences. Anxiety sensitivity occupies an important place in theory and research on panic and related interoceptive fear disorders. Findings from this body of research indicate that this construct may act as a specific vulnerability variable in the development of panic attacks and anxiety symptoms. However, anxiety sensitivity theory also has been applied to understanding mood disorders and chronic pain disorders. Thus, as a psychological construct, anxiety sensitivity holds specific relevance to understanding panic disorders and general relevance for expanding knowledge about negative emotional functioning in other pathologies. All the research on anxiety sensitivity has been completed with the 16-item Anxiety Sensitivity Index (ASI). The review of the literature using this instrument suggested that anxiety sensitivity has three lower-order factors that all load on a single higher-order factor. The lower-order factors represent Physical-Concerns, Mental Incapacitation Concerns, and Social Concerns, and the higher-order factor represents the global anxiety sensitivity construct (21). Taylor and Cox (22) suggested that this questionnaire was not designed on an a priori basis to measure the identified lower-order factors. The low number of items for the Social and Mental Incapacitation dimensions of the 16-item ASI often leads to relatively lower levels of reliability compared to the third dimension. To address this issue, Taylor and Cox (22) developed an expanded measure of the anxiety sensitivity construct. The 36-item Revised Anxiety Sensitivity Index (ASI-R) maintains the same format as the 16-item ASI, but expands the number of content domains assessed. The ASI-R was designed to assess 6 lower-order domains identified in previous factor analytic research using the 16-item ASI (21), including fear of cardiovascular symptoms, fear of respiratory symptoms, fear of gastrointestinal symptoms, fear of publicity observable reactions, fear of dissociative and neurological symptoms, and fear of cognitive dyscontrol. The principal components factor analysis using the ASI-R among psychiatric outpatients indicated that there were 4 lower-order factors tapping the constructs of (1) fear of respiratory symptoms, (2) fear of publicly observable anxiety reactions, (3) fear of cardiovascular symptoms, and (4) fear of cognitive dyscontrol (22). A recent study (27) provided an initial psychometric evaluation of the ASI-R in a large, diverse sample of people (n = 2,786) from 6 different countries: Canada, United States, Mexico, Spain, The Netherlands and France. The data suggested that the two-factor solution is most replicable than other solutions (2 to 6 factors). The underlying structure of the anxiety sensitivity construct was generally similar across countries, tapping fear about the negative consequences of anxiety-related physical and social-cognitive sensations. Lower-order factors were moderately to strongly correlated with one another and showed good internal consistency. This manuscript presents the French translation of the ASI-R and a preliminary validation study. This research was realized conjointly with the transcultural study previously mentioned (27). Seven hundred and one French university students (non-clinical participants) completed the questionnaire at the beginning of a class. Subjects were undergraduate students from 2 universities (psychology and classics). Table I provides age, sex and marital status. There were no differences between the two groups on sex. The two groups were not comparable on age and marital status. The psychology group was older than the other was. The psychology students were also more married. The total group (n = 701) comprises 79 men and 622 women, with a

Bouvard, M; Ayxères-Vighetto, A; Dupont, H; Aupetit, J; Portalier, S; Arrindell, W



ea surface temperature (SST) influences the atmosphere through its effects on sensible and  

E-print Network

of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, 104 COAS Administration Building, Oregon State University, Corvallis and Space Administration (NASA) Earth Observing System (EOS) Aqua satel- lite (AMSR-E) are introduced here. This is accomplished by analyzing surface wind stress fields from the European Centre for Medium- Range Weather

Kurapov, Alexander


Commentary: Sense and sensibility: the role of specialists in health care reform.  


How to redesign the incentives structure in the United States to reward effective coordinated care rather than production volume is a staggering public health policy challenge. In the mind of the public, there is a fine distinction between health care rationing and rational health care. Specialists have a vital but underappreciated role in reining in health care costs, but specific incentives to elicit behavior change with positive social outcomes remain ambiguous. It is imperative, therefore, that redesigning the incentives structure is thoughtfully considered, modeled, and tested prior to implementation, lest an inferior-quality model is inadvertently adopted and costs are only marginally contained. Quality metrics need to be universal and reflect real patient outcomes instead of the degree of investment by the institution in the reporting tools. Still, specialists should take immediate action to implement safe and efficient procedures and to assess their long-term impact on patients' quality of life. Scientific evaluations should guide both the assessment of the appropriateness and the safe delivery of care. Investment in high-quality data architecture and the science of health delivery implementation is an imperative if health care reform is to achieve its goals. Coordination and collaboration between specialists and primary care physicians is essential to this enterprise. Specialists can champion these efforts as they pertain to their areas of expertise by considering their care episodes in the context of the patient as a whole, working closely with generalists, and returning to the mindset of the specialist as a family doctor. PMID:22373614

Schwann, Nanette M; Nester, Brian A; McLoughlin, Thomas M



The peripheral morphological basis of tactile sensibility in the beak of geese  

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The distribution, form variability and organization of two types of encapsulated mechanoreceptors, the Grandry and the Herbst corpuscles, were studied in the beak of geese. (1) In the beak skin Grandry corpuscles were found 20 to 150 µ below the epidermis in the domestic goose (Anser anser) and 1 to 80 µ deep in the white-fronted goose (Anser albifrons). The

K.-M. Gottschaldt; Susanne Lausmann



The physiological basis of tactile sensibility in the beak of geese  

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The discharges in single afferent fibres of the ophthalmic nerve innervating the upper beak in two kinds of geese (Anser anser andAnser albifrons) were studied during manual and controlled mechanical stimulation. Three types of unit were recorded.1)Rapidly adapting units deriving from Grandry corpuscles had receptive fields of up to 12 mm in diameter which overlapped or enclosed each other in

K.-M. Gottschaldt



Comprehension from the Ground Up: Simplified, Sensible Instruction for the K-3 Reading Workshop  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The author cuts through the pressurized, strategy-overloaded, fluency-crazed atmosphere surrounding reading instruction to lay out the reading and writing workshop practices that are most effective in developing readers in the primary grades. She shares the daily how-tos needed to sustain a literacy block that engages children in authentic reading…

Taberski, Sharon



Riding the dragon: enhancing resilient leadership and sensible self-care in the healthcare executive.  


With challenges in the healthcare system growing, strengthened leader and organizational resilience is often overlooked as a factor that can support staff morale and sustain performance improvement and quality. Here we examine resilience-building practices related to self-awareness, alone time, mindfulness, and a healthy perspective. A key aspect of management resilience is weighing the costs and benefits to the executive personally and to the organization if the warning signals of impairment are left untended. To that end, we propose a leader self-care protocol, which even the busy healthcare executive can find time to undertake. Ifimplemented, the protocol will allow leaders to lessen their vulnerability to burnout and help teammates whose resilience may be stretched thin. Finally, we present healthy coping skills for daily stressors and for the sudden and overwhelming situations that can negatively affect resilience. PMID:24409599

Wicks, Robert J; Buck, Tina C



Soil-water evaporation dynamics determined with measurement of sensible heat transfer  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Soil-water evaporation is important in both the hydrologic cycle and the surface energy balance. Yet, routine measurements are unable to capture rapidly shifting near-surface soil heat and water processes involved in evaporation. Recent improvements for fine-scale measurement of soil thermal propert...


Modified Azo-Polysiloxanes for Complex Photo-Sensible Supramolecular Systems  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Here we show the possibility to obtain different types of azo-polysiloxanes capable to respond to light stimuli. The azo-polymers were prepared starting from a polysiloxane containing chlorobenzyl groups in the side-chain, using a two-step -substitution reaction. In the first step, the polysiloxanes were modified with azo-benzene groups and, in the second one, different systems, as functions of the -envisaged application (nucleobases, donor/acceptor or ammonium -quaternary groups) were connected to the side-chain. The photochromic behavior in the presence of UV irradiation or natural visible light was investigated, in solution or in the solid state. Even the maximum conversion degree from trans- to cis- configuration of the azo groups is slightly lower in the solid state as compared with the solution, the response rates are similar on the time-scale. The cis-trans relaxation behavior is different for the systems containing nucleobases, as compared with the donor/acceptor ones. In the case of the azo-polysiloxanes containing quaternary ammonium groups, the polymer aggregation capacity was investigated. The critical aggregation concentration is situated at lower values that can be explained by the azobenzenic group aggregation capacity to generate a hydrophobic micelle core.

Hurduc, Nicolae; Enea, Ramona; Resmerita, Ana Maria; Moleavin, Ioana; Cristea, Mihaela; Scutaru, Dan


Philosophical Issues, 18, Interdisciplinary Core Philosophy, 2008 BASIC SENSIBLE QUALITIES AND THE STRUCTURE  

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and white).3,4 And most people are familiar with the four (so-called) "basic tastes": sweetness, sourness neither sweet, bitter, sour, salty nor any combina- tion of those four" (Krulwich 2007). Somewhat not explicitly know how to test it" (Erickson 2008: 60).5 Color and taste are arguably the most natural

Hilber, David


Using Research to Make Sensible Literacy Decisions within Current Educational Initiatives  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article argues that literacy educators must take time to advocate for research-informed instructional responses in this age of Common Core State Standards and Race to the Top mandates. To that end, it offers four key ideas regarding: (a) what we know about instruction, (b) the need for long-term, continuously revised planning, (c) literacy in…

Goatley, Virginia J.; Hinchman, Kathleen A.



Integrating Technology on Campus: Human Sensibilities and Technical Possibilities. New Direction for Community Colleges, Number 101.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The 11 essays in this volume discuss integrating technology into the community college campus, review implementation strategies, and describe the possibilities of institutional transformation. The following articles are provided: (1) "Technology as a Catalyst for Reinventing an Institution" (Kathryn J. Neff); (2) "Navigating the Organizational…

Anandam, Kamala, Ed.



Improvements in the sensibility of MSA-GA tool using COFFEE objective function  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The sequence alignment is one of the most important tasks in Bioinformatics, playing an important role in the sequences analysis. There are many strategies to perform sequence alignment, since those use deterministic algorithms, as dynamic programming, until those ones, which use heuristic algorithms, as Progressive, Ant Colony (ACO), Genetic Algorithms (GA), Simulated Annealing (SA), among others. In this work, we have implemented the objective function COFFEE in the MSA-GA tool, in substitution of Weighted Sum-of-Pairs (WSP), to improve the final results. In the tests, we were able to verify the approach using COFFEE function achieved better results in 81% of the lower similarity alignments when compared with WSP approach. Moreover, even in the tests with more similar sets, the approach using COFFEE was better in 43% of the times.

Amorim, A. R.; Zafalon, G. F. D.; Neves, L. A.; Pinto, A. R.; Valêncio, C. R.; Machado, J. M.



Sensibility of male rats fertility against olive oil, Nigella sativa oil and pomegranate extract  

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Objective To clarify the modulatory effects of daily consumption of pomegranate extract (PE), olive oil (OO) and Nagilla sativa oil (NSO) on antioxidant activity, sperm quality and pituitary-testicular axis of adult male wistar rats. Methods Thirty-two adult male Wistar rats were divided into four equal groups, eight rats each. Using rat gastric tubes, 1.0 mL distilled water, 1.0 mL PE, 0.4 mL NSO and 0.4 mL OO were orally administered daily for 6 weeks in the first, second, third and fourth groups, respectively. Reproductive organs, body weight, sperm criteria, testosterone, FSH, LH, inhibin-B, lipid peroxidation, and antioxidant enzyme activities were investigated. At the end of the study protocol, analyses occurred at the same time. Data were analysed by ANOVA test and P<0.05 was considered to be a significant value. Results In all studied groups, malondialdehyde level was significantly decreased accompanied with an increases in glutathione peroxidase and glutathione. Rats treated with PE showed an increase in catalase activities accompanied with an increase in sperm concentration which was also observed in NSO group. In PE treated group, sperm motility was also increased accompanied with decreased abnormal sperm rate. NSO, OO and PE treated groups shows an insignificant effect on testosterone, inhibin-B, FSH and LH in comparison with control group. Conclusions These results show that administration of PE, NSO and OO could modify sperm characteristics and antioxidant activity of adult male wistar rats. PMID:23836459

Mansour, Sherif W.; Sangi, Sibghatullah; Harsha, Sree; Khaleel, Mueen A.; Ibrahim, A. R. N.



Marketing Outputs as Art? Bringing an Aesthetic Sensibility to the Marketing Curriculum  

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Can marketing outputs--advertising, packaging, product design, and retail environments--be considered a form of art? This paper explores the potential for incorporating the theories and concepts of aesthetics in the marketing curriculum in order to facilitate students' capacity to interpret marketing outputs and develop effective practical…

Petkus, Ed, Jr.; Budeva, Desislava; Chung, Christina; Dzhogleva, Hristina



Net radiation, sensible and latent heat flux densities on slopes computed by the energy balance method  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Energy balance components obtained over five grass-covered sloping surfaces near Manhattan, KS, using the Bowen ratio energy balance technique with the instruments mounted horizontally were compared with calculated values when the instruments were mounted parallel to the surfaces. Hourly values of the components changed when the instruments were parallel to the surfaces. The changes were larger at low solar angles (spring and fall) and on steeper slopes. An area average of daylight totals, assuming that all aspects were equally represented, changed only 0.1 percent on June 6 and 2.3 percent on October 11. The calculations, extended to steeper slopes, indicated small changes in the daylight totals for slopes of less than 10 deg.

Fritschen, Leo; Qian, Ping



Sex and Sensibility: A Parent's Guide to Talking Sense about Sex.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Children who grow up in an atmosphere of openness about sexuality grow up more slowly and more responsibly. This book offers parents a new framework for talking honestly about sex and sexuality with their children. The first part of the book examines new ways of thinking and talking, while the second part addresses concrete ways of raising…

Roffman, Deborah M.


Specificity and sensibility of 9-Itens Wearing-off Questionnaire in Brazilian Parkinson disease patient sample.  


Objective (1) To evaluate whether the Nine Items Questionnaire (WOQ-9) for the detection of wearing-off (WO) in Parkinson Disease (PD), by means of its screening ability, is a helpful tool to assist neurologists in diagnosing WO; (2) To determine the sensitivity and the specificity of a free Brazilian Portuguese translation of WOQ-9. Method A sample obtained by convenience included 60 patients. The WOQ-9 was answered by the patients themselves before their routine consultations. The detection of the WO by the WOQ-9 was compared with the neurologist assessment. Statistical significance was 5%. Results The WOQ-9 showed sensitivity of 100%, specificity of 10.3%, positive and negative predictive values of 54.4% and 100% respectively. The identification of WO by the WOQ-9 was congruent in 54.5% of cases with neurological evaluation. Conclusion The WOQ-9 is a convenient screening tool to aid physicians to detect WO in PD patients, and it is a quick and easy self-administered questionnaire. PMID:25410454

Santos, Jasper Guimarães; Chien, Hsin Fen; Barbosa, Egberto Reis



Investigations in cool thermal storage: storage process optimization and glycol sensible storage enhancement  

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device in order to meet the utility's mandate. The first part of this study looks at the effects of adding propylene glycol to a static-water ice thermal storage tank, in the pursuit of increasing storage capacity. The effects of glycol addition...

Abraham, Michaela Marie




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??L'auto-assemblage en solution aqueuse des copolymères di-blocs amphiphiles à base de polystyrène (hydrophobe) et de poly(acide acrylique) (hydrophile et polyélectrolyte) est connue et décrit dans… (more)

Laruelle, Gael



Strategies d'allocation des ressources et sex-ratio chez les espèces vegetales dioiques: exemple du Rumex acetosella L. (Polygonacées) et comparaison avec d'autres espèces  

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Les changements de sex-ratio (nombre de pieds males sur nombre de pieds femelles) chez les espèces dioïques pourraient refléter des contraintes au niveau de l'allocation des ressources aux structures de maintien ou a la reproduction qui affecteraient de manière privilégiée l'un des deux sexes, souvent le sexe femelle. Nous avons comparé les résultats publiés dans la littérature sur des espèces

Josep Escarré; Claudié Houssard; Alain Lacoste



Calidad de los datos del contenido en ácido fólico en vegetales recogidos en varias tablas de composición de alimentos españolas, y nuevos datos sobre su contenido en folatos  

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The relationship between adequate folate intake, ade- quate serum levels, and lowering the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, neural tube defects, neural illness and some kind of cancers have been widely stu- died. Because of the expected health benefits, the con- sumption of foods with high folate content or enriched foods is increasing. Therefore, an adequate folate intake is

A. B. Olivares; M. J. Bernal; G. Ros; C. Martínez; M. J. Periago


General Relativity Without Paradigm of Space-Time Covariance:. Sensible Quantum Gravity and Resolution of the "problem of Time"  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Covariance of space and time in General Relativity (GR) entails a number of technical and conceptual difficulties. Remarkably, these can be resolved by a paradigm shift from full 4-dimensional general coordinate invariance to invariance only with respect to spatial diffeomorphisms. The framework for a theory of gravity with this paradigm shift, from quantum to classical regimes, is presented; GR is contained as a special case. Appositely formulated as a master constraint, the Hamiltonian constraint now determines only dynamics; and is relieved of its dual role of generating symmetry transformations. The Dirac algebra, in which 4-dimensional diffeomorphism symmetry is only realized on-shell, is replaced by the master constraint algebra which possesses only spatial diffeomorphism gauge symmetry, both on- and off-shell. Decomposition of the spatial metric into unimodular and determinant, q, factors results in mutually commuting pairs of canonical variables. The classical content of GR can be captured with a Hamiltonian constraint linear in the trace of the momentum. This implies a theory of quantum gravity can be described by a Schrodinger equation first order in intrinsic time ln q accompanied with positive semi-definite probability density. The semi-classical Hamilton-Jacobi equation is also first order in intrinsic time, with the implication of being complete; and gauge-invariant physical observables can be constructed from integration constants of its complete integral solution. Classical space-time, with direct correlation of its proper times and intrinsic time intervals, emerges from constructive interference; and the physical content of GR can be regained from a theory with a true Hamiltonian generating intrinsic time translations, but with only spatial diffeomorphism symmetry. The framework also prompts natural extensions towards a well-behaved quantum theory of gravity.

Soo, Chopin; Yu, Hoi-Lai



In the absence of cancer registry data, is it sensible to assess incidence using hospital separation records?  

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Background Within the health literature, a major goal is to understand distribution of service utilisation by social location. Given equivalent access, differential incidence leads to an expectation of differential service utilisation. Cancer incidence is differentially distributed with respect to socioeconomic status. However, not all jurisdictions have incidence registries, and not all registries allow linkage with utilisation records. The British Columbia Linked Health Data resource allows such linkage. Consequently, we examine whether, in the absence of registry data, first hospitalisation can act as a proxy measure for incidence, and therefore as a measure of need for service. Methods Data are drawn from the British Columbia Linked Health Data resource, and represent 100% of Vancouver Island Health Authority cancer registry and hospital records, 1990–1999. Hospital separations (discharges) with principal diagnosis ICD-9 codes 140–208 are included, as are registry records with ICDO-2 codes C00-C97. Non-melanoma skin cancer (173/C44) is excluded. Lung, colorectal, female breast, and prostate cancers are examined separately. We compare registry and hospital annual counts and age-sex distributions, and whether the same individuals are represented in both datasets. Sensitivity, specificity and predictive values are calculated, as is the kappa statistic for agreement. The registry is designated the gold standard. Results For all cancers combined, first hospitalisation counts consistently overestimate registry incidence counts. From 1995–1999, there is no significant difference between registry and hospital counts for lung and colorectal cancer (p = 0.42 and p = 0.56, respectively). Age-sex distribution does not differ for colorectal cancer. Ten-year period sensitivity ranges from 73.0% for prostate cancer to 84.2% for colorectal cancer; ten-year positive predictive values range from 89.5% for female breast cancer to 79.35% for prostate cancer. Kappa values are consistently high. Conclusion Claims and registry databases overlap with an appreciable proportion of the same individuals. First hospital separation may be considered a proxy for incidence with reference to colorectal cancer since 1995. However, to examine equity across cancer health services utilisation, it is optimal to have access to both hospital and registry files. PMID:17026764

Brackley, Moyra E; Penning, Margaret J; Lesperance, Mary L



Diverse, Unforeseen, and Quaint Difficulties: The Sensible Responses of Novices Learning to Follow Instructions in Academic Writing  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

While academic discourse communities have been extensively studied as social contexts of forms/functions, and teachers, lessons, and students have been researched from every imaginable angle, the prevailing view of academic writing conventions is still quite normative. The conventions of the academy are often regarded as a stable collection of…

Macbeth, Karen P.



Le Lait, 1986,66 (4),353-370 Application d'une lectrode sensible la pression partielle  

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pressure of carbon dioxide pC02 in various fermented milk products such as yoghurts, kefirs and acid drinks measurements in milk products (C02 content or production in kefir, yoghurt, etc.) during manufacture

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 101 (2000) 113129 Effects of climate variability on the carbon dioxide, water, and sensible  

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, such as boreal forest (BOREAS, e.g. Margolis and Ryan, 1997), temperate broad-leafed deciduous for- est (Wofsy et, resulting in a change in canopy conductance, possibly due to cavitation of the tree xylem. This step change availability and timing of new leaf development 0168-1923/00/$ ­ see front matter ©2000 Elsevier Science B

Goldstein, Allen


Sensible improvements induced by ionic liquids in the reaction of modified carbasugars with bases for the building of constrained carbanucleosides.  


Starting from racemic 4-hydroxy-4-methyl-2-cyclopentenone, a family of enantiopure carbanucleosides locked in the northern conformation has been synthesized. The use of ionic liquids was determinant in the last step resulting in a tangible increase of the yields and dramatic reduction of reaction times and volumes of organic solvents. To our knowledge, this is the first example of the use of ionic liquids in the coupling of carbasugars with heterocyclic bases. PMID:15074946

Paoli, M Laura; Piccini, Sonia; Rodriquez, Manuela; Sega, Alessandro



Canine Sense and Sensibility: Tipping Points and Response Latency Variability as an Optimism Index in a Canine Judgement Bias Assessment  

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Recent advances in animal welfare science used judgement bias, a type of cognitive bias, as a means to objectively measure an animal's affective state. It is postulated that animals showing heightened expectation of positive outcomes may be categorised optimistic, while those showing heightened expectations of negative outcomes may be considered pessimistic. This study pioneers the use of a portable, automated apparatus to train and test the judgement bias of dogs. Dogs were trained in a discrimination task in which they learned to touch a target after a tone associated with a lactose-free milk reward and abstain from touching the target after a tone associated with water. Their judgement bias was then probed by presenting tones between those learned in the discrimination task and measuring their latency to respond by touching the target. A Cox's Proportional Hazards model was used to analyse censored response latency data. Dog and Cue both had a highly significant effect on latency and risk of touching a target. This indicates that judgement bias both exists in dogs and differs between dogs. Test number also had a significant effect, indicating that dogs were less likely to touch the target over successive tests. Detailed examination of the response latencies revealed tipping points where average latency increased by 100% or more, giving an indication of where dogs began to treat ambiguous cues as predicting more negative outcomes than positive ones. Variability scores were calculated to provide an index of optimism using average latency and standard deviation at cues after the tipping point. The use of a mathematical approach to assessing judgement bias data in animal studies offers a more detailed interpretation than traditional statistical analyses. This study provides proof of concept for the use of an automated apparatus for measuring cognitive bias in dogs. PMID:25229458

Starling, Melissa J.; Branson, Nicholas; Cody, Denis; Starling, Timothy R.; McGreevy, Paul D.



The 'Noble Lie' and Tensions in Moral Sensibility that Form the Platonic Grid; Making Modern Day 'Dogs of War'  

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Lai and Abu Ghraib demonstrate modern concern of American citizens with trusting their military to not violate human rights of combatants and non-combatants on foreign soil. Modern Americans need to be able to trust their standing, professional army...Dermott for instigating the concept for this project and for aiding and abetting my unconventional approach. You have made this daunting task enjoyable and rewarding. I have had the privilege of working with some remarkable people through the course of my career...

Lasse, Stephen R.



The Impact of Anthropogenic Land-Cover Change on the Florida Peninsula Sea Breezes and Warm Season Sensible Weather  

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During the twentieth century, the natural landscape of the Florida peninsula was transformed extensively by agriculture, urbanization, and the diversion of surface water features. The purpose of this paper is to present a numerical modeling study in which the possible impacts of this transformation on the warm season climate of the region were investigated. For three separate July-August periods (1973,

Curtis H. Marshall; ROGER A. PIELKE SR; Louis T. Steyaert; Debra A. Willard



Limitations of an eddy-correlation technique for the determination of the carbon dioxide and sensible heat fluxes  

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A modified infrared CO2 gas analyzer, a small thermocouple assembly, a heated-thermocouple anemometer for horizontal wind, and a propeller-type vertical wind sensor were used to measure the eddy fluxes of heat and CO2 above a corn crop. Experimental results of these fluxes are discussed. The main sources of errors of the eddy fluxes using these instruments were estimated:(1)Sensors with a

R. L. Desjardins; E. R. Lemon



A Good Catholic is Hard to Find: Roamin' Catholic Sensibility in Toole, McCarthy, and DeLillo  

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Studies of Catholic American literature have preferred analyses of authors whose work demonstrates a reverence to the faith they openly acknowledged. However, with the exception of Paul Giles’s American Catholic Arts and Fictions, most studies have ignored the Catholic influence in works of nonpracticing Catholics. This neglect limits the scope and undermines the complexity of Catholic American fiction to works

Peter Christopher Kunze



A comparison of CO2 and sensible heat flux measurements from aircraft and tower-based platforms  

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Eddy covariance fluxes of CO2 from a twin-engine Beechcraft Duchess were compared to the Ameriflux tower- based platform over a northern hardwood, deciduous forest between June 21 and July 24, 2006. Vertical wind was measured using a combination of a hemispherical pressure sensor probe and GPS\\/INS system on the aircraft and a sonic anemometer on the tower. The platforms employed

D. K. Martins; P. B. Shepson; M. Jacox; J. Smith; M. Hahn; S. Garrity; L. Vierling; H. P. Schmid; C. Vogel; J. R. Zimmerman; P. Wyss; R. Santini; B. Stirm



Synthesis of soluble rare-earth metal bisphthalocyanines and their Langmuir–Blodgett films for gas sensibility  

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In the present work, the synthesis of octa-4-(2,4-di-tert-pentylphenoxyl)-substituted rare-earth bisphthalocyanine with Sm, Er and Nd as central metal atom, respectively, is described. These compounds have improved solubility in organic solvents, and can form homogenous and relatively stable films at the air\\/water interface. The Langmuir film can be transferred by vertical dipping onto substrates with Z-type configuration. In Langmuir–Blodgett (LB) films,

Bingjie Liang; Chunwei Yuan; Yu Wei; Yin Zhang; Dapeng Jiang; Shaogong Zhang; Ande Lu



Realities of weather extremes on daily life in urban India - How quantified impacts infer sensible adaptation options  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Emerging and developing economies are currently undergoing one of the profoundest socio-spatial transitions in their history, with strong urbanization and weather extremes bringing about changes in the economy, forms of living and living conditions, but also increasing risks and altered social divides. The impacts of heat waves and strong rain events are therefore differently perceived among urban residents. Addressing the social differences of climate change impacts1 and expanding targeted adaptation options have emerged as urgent policy priorities, particularly for developing and emerging economies2. This paper discusses the perceived impacts of weather-related extreme events on different social groups in New Delhi and Hyderabad, India. Using network statistics and scenario analysis on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs) as part of a vulnerability analysis, the investigation provides quantitative and qualitative measures to compare impacts and adaptation strategies for different social groups. Impacts of rain events are stronger than those of heat in both cities and affect the lower income classes particularly. Interestingly, the scenario analysis (comparing altered networks in which the alteration represents a possible adaptation measure) shows that investments in the water infrastructure would be most meaningful and more effective than investments in, e.g., the traffic infrastructure, despite the stronger burden from traffic disruptions and the resulting concentration of planning and policy on traffic ease and investments. The method of Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping offers a link between perception and modeling, and the possibility to aggregate and analyze the views of a large number of stakeholders. Our research has shown that planners and politicians often know about many of the problems, but are often overwhelmed by the problems in their respective cities and look for a prioritization of adaptation options. FCM provides this need and identifies priority adaptation options when resources are scarce. 1 Parry ML, Canziani OF, Palutikof JP, van der Linden PJ, Hanson CE (eds) (2007) Contribution of Working Group II to the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge New York. 2 TERI (2007) Adaptation to Climate Change in the context of Sustainable Development. Background Paper to the conference ''Climate Change and Sustainable Development: An international workshop to strengthen research and understanding'', 7-8 April 2006, The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi.

Reckien, D.



Experimental Iotophoresis with Radio-Isotopes. II. Ionic Conduction in Each Tissue; IONTOFORESIS EXPERIMENTAL CON RADIOISOTOPOS. II. CONDUCCION IONICA POR CADA TEJIDO  

Microsoft Academic Search

A series of experiments were made to determine the degree of ion ; conduction in each individual tissue (skin, muscle, and bone). In the ; preparation, two of the tissues were removed and the third was left in situ. ; Radioactivity determinations were made in distantly located tissues and in the ; blood. It was found that the distribution gradients

U. Gelos; V. H. G. Panizza; M. A. P. Queirolo



The quest for sensible data analysis in clinical routine: Study case on the new Octavius1500 array and its associated phantoms  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We have investigated the dosimetric characteristics of the new Octavius1500 array and its associated phantoms (Oct2D and Oct4D) and compared it to the previous systems. In line with the rising amount of publications advocating the retirement of the widely used but overly lenient 3%, 3mm (global dose) gamma analysis criteria, we have also focused on deriving appropriate evaluation criteria to be used with the new measurement systems in clinical routine. Using the Octavius1500 study as an example, we advocate the use of more selective, equipment specific gamma criteria, all starting from the same, very strict acceptance criteria but adding measurement uncertainty to these.

Van Esch, Ann; Huyskens, Dominique P.; Basta, K.; Ghislain, M.; Delvaux, R.



Formation of an Oxidant-Sensible Pd(II) Coordination Compound and Its [superscript 1]H NMR Specific Characterization: A Preparative and Analytical Challenge in Current Coordination Chemistry  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A three-part experiment that leads to the synthesis of palladium(II) complex starting from a C[subscript 3]-symmetric triaminoguanidinium-based ligand is presented. In the first part, the preparation of tris-benzylidenetriaminoguanidinium chloride ([H[subscript 6]Br[subscript 3]L]Cl) by an acidic catalyzed 3-fold imine formation reaction of…

Abraham, Maria L.; Oppel, Iris M.



Kitchen Garden Herbs The sensible practice of planting a garden close by the kitchen door for easy accessibility was brought to this country by the  

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Dishes Thyme · Sage · Oregano · Rosemary · Tarragon · Lemon Thyme Herbs For Fish Dill · Parsley · Fennel · Basil · Chervil Herbs For Meat Dishes Rosemary · Bay · Oregano · Marjoram · Mint · Parsley · Sage in the garden. Other perennial herbs, such as rosemary and bay, are not hardy in New Hampshire. Grow

New Hampshire, University of


a necessary consequence of Titan's widely varying seasonal insola-tion, will affect the magnitude of the surface sensible heat flux  

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.3 and 1.6 mm with adaptive optics at the CFHT. Icarus 154, 501­515 (2001). 5. Griffith, C. A., Owen, T. Griffith, C. A., Hall, J. L. & Geballe, T. R. Detection of dailyclouds on Titan. Science 290, 509­512 (2000). 7. Wizinowich, P. et al. Performance of the W.M. Keck Observatory natural guide star adaptive optics

Cai, Long


Spatiotemporal variations in growing season exchanges of CO2, H2O,and sensible heat in agricultural fields of the Southern GreatPlains  

SciTech Connect

Climate, vegetation cover, and management create fine-scaleheterogeneity in unirrigated agricultural regions, with important but notwell-quantified consequences for spatial and temporal variations insurface CO2, water, and heat fluxes. We measured eddy covariance fluxesin seven agricultural fields--comprising winter wheat, pasture, andsorghum--in the U.S. Southern Great Plains (SGP) during the 2001-2003growing seasons. Land-cover was the dominant source of variation insurface fluxes, with 50-100 percent differences between fields planted inwinter-spring versus fields planted in summer. Interannual variation wasdriven mainly by precipitation, which varied more than two-fold betweenyears. Peak aboveground biomass and growing-season net ecosystem exchange(NEE) of CO2 increased in rough proportion to precipitation. Based on apartitioning of gross fluxes with a regression model, ecosystemrespiration increased linearly with gross primary production, but with anoffset that increased near the time of seed production. Because theregression model was designed for well-watered periods, it successfullyretrieved NEE and ecosystem parameters during the peak growing season,and identified periods of moisture limitation during the summer. Insummary, the effects of crop type, land management, and water limitationon carbon, water, and energy fluxes were large. Capturing the controllingfactors in landscape scale models will be necessary to estimate theecological feedbacks to climate and other environmental impactsassociated with changing human needs for agricultural production of food,fiber, and energy.

Fischer, Marc L.; Billesbach, David P.; Berry, Joseph A.; Riley,William J.; Torn, Margaret S.



S.674, The Sensible Advertising and Family Education Act. Hearing before the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. United States Senate, One Hundred Third Congress, First Session.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Congressional hearing discusses legislation that would require health warnings to be included in advertisements of alcoholic beverages. Opening statements are included from Senators Hollings, Burns, Danforth, Thurmond, and Simon, and from Representative Kennedy. Testimony is included from two panels of witnesses, whose members include: (1)…

Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation.


On the parameterisation of oceanic sensible heat loss to the atmosphere and to ice in an ice-covered mixed layer in winter  

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In high-latitude oceans with seasonal ice cover, the ice and the low-salinity mixed layer form an interacting barrier for the heat flux from the ocean to the atmosphere. The presence of a less dense surface layer allows ice to form, and the ice cover reduces the heat loss to the atmosphere. The ice formation weakens the stability at the base

Bert Rudels; Hans J. Friedrich; Dagmar Hainbucher; Gerrit Lohmann



CUBIERTAS VEGETALES EN VIÑEDOS: COMPORTAMIENTO DE MEZCLAS DE LEGUMINOSAS FORRAJERAS ANUALES Y EFECTOS SOBRE LA FERTILIDAD DEL SUELO Cover crops in vineyards: performance of annual forage legume mixtures and effects on soil fertility  

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A B S T R A C T With the objective of evaluating and selecting cover crops to improve soil management in vineyards (Vitis vinifera L.) cv. Cabernet Sauvignon, five cover pastures were evaluated: a) control without vegetation; b) control with spontaneous vegetation; c) legume mixture of early maturing cultivars of subterranean clover (Trifolium subterraneum L.) and burr medic (Medicago

Carlos Ovalle; Alejandro del Pozo; Arturo Lavín; Juan Hirzel



Synthese et utilisation de fibres cellulosiques phosphatees pour la valorisation de la fibre vegetale dans l'amelioration des proprietes de surface du papier et la fabrication de materiaux ignifuges  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Dans cette etude, nous souhaitions principalement greffer des groupements phosphates directement sur la cellulose comme materiau modele, et par la suite transposer les conditions optimales du design concu pour la cellulose, determine par modelisation a l'aide de l'outil JMP, sur la pate kraft. Ensuite, evaluer les proprietes physico-chimiques, optiques, d'hydrophilie, thermiques et d'inflammabilite des materiaux fabriques (feuilles ou pastilles fabriquees) a partir des fibres phosphorylees. Pour ce faire, nous avons pretraite la cellulose et la pate kraft dans une solution aqueuse de 10 a 15 % de LiCl a 70°C pendant 7 heures. Par la suite, nous avons procede a la reaction de phosphorylation in situ avec l'acide phosphorique et l'uree, dans des conditions de temperatures et de reactifs decrites par un design experimental, pendant 3 heures. La reaction de phosphorylation s'est realisee avec succes pour l'ensemble des resultats sur la cellulose, avec des taux de greffage variables selon les conditions operatoires. Les degres de substitutions (DSP), determines par ICP-OES, et les degres de polymerisation (DP), determines par viscosimetrie, etaient aussi variables, selon les conditions. L'etude des parametres experimentaux a permis de determiner les conditions optimales transposables sur la pate kraft (DSP = 1,47 et DP = 142,42 pour la cellulose, qui represente un taux de coupure de 38% de la fibre) et les facteurs critiques de la reaction. Les resultats de la reaction sur la fibre ont permis, non seulement de constater que les conditions utilisees pour la cellulose n'etaient directement transposables a la fibre, mais permettaient quand d'obtenir un DSP interessant ? a 1 avec un taux de coupure de 50 a 60 %. La structure du produit principal de la reaction (le sel de calcium du pyrophosphate d'ester de cellulose ou de pate kraft) a ete determinee par les analyses FTIR, XPS, RMN-13C et RMN-31P. L'etude de l'effet de la reaction de phosphorylation sur les proprietes physico-chimiques et optiques (blancheur/opacite, rupture, cohesion interne etc.) des feuilles fabriquees a permis de demontrer une diminution generale des proprietes de ces dernieres. De meme, une resistance a la flamme du papier phosphoryle a ete observee dans la phase de decroissance de la combustion, lors des tests de flamme et des analyses par TGA. De plus, l'analyse de l'angle de contact a demontre que le greffage des groupements phosphates augmentait l'hydrophilie de la fibre et son absorption d'eau.

Lentsolo Yalli, Gym Clerc


Cambio estructural regional y agua: Escasez, dependencia e impactos sobre el tejido económico. El caso de Andalucía\\/Structural Change and Water: Scarcity, Dependence and Impacts on the Economy. The Case of Andalusia  

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El agua es un input clave para la producción de numerosos bienes, y su escasez puede ser un factor limitante para el desarrollo regional. La gestión de este recurso en España ha estado caracterizada por medidas de oferta que han descuidado la conservación de los recursos hídricos así como la gestión de la demanda..El artículo utiliza la metodología HEM (Hypothetical




Efectos saludables de flavonoides. Estudio experimental in vitro e in vivo.  

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??La apigenina (4', 5, 7 trihidroxiflavona), flavonoide presente en distintos vegetales, tiene numerosas características saludables por las cuales elegimos un derivado hidrosoluble, la apigenina potásica,… (more)

Álvarez Sánchez, Nuria



In a recent issue of Nature (Nature 434, 956) Steve Donovan expressed his opposition to an all-online submission and peer-review system, based on the very sensible argument  

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Sir, In a recent issue of Nature (Nature 434, 956) Steve Donovan expressed his opposition to an all, but often time the revised version of the article turns out to benefit from such an exchange. In a famous Michalet, Dr. Sc. Chemistry & Biochemistry Dpt, UCLA #12;

Michalet, Xavier


On the intersection of products and concepts: opportunities for sensory analysis to improve the commercial development process 1 Prepared for: Sense And Sensibility: The IIIrd International Pangborn Symposium, Aeslund, Norway, 1998. 1  

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Commercial product development entails the creation of physical products and concepts. Concepts are both descriptions of product characteristics and statements about why consumers should buy the product. Traditionally, sensory analysis has shied away from concept work. This paper points out specific areas in which sensory analysis can make a contribution. The paper shows specific examples and interpretations for each of

Howard R. Moskowitz



Direct near-surface measurements of sensible heat fluxes in the Arctic tundra applying eddy covariance and laser scintillometry—the Arctic Turbulence Experiment 2006 on Svalbard (ARCTEX-2006)  

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Recent climate warming in the Arctic requires improvements in permafrost and carbon cycle monitoring, accomplished here by\\u000a setting up long-term observation sites with high-quality in situ measurements of turbulent atmospheric energy fluxes applying\\u000a the eddy covariance method and\\/or laser scintillometry in Arctic landscapes. Accurate quantification and well-adapted parameterizations\\u000a of turbulent energy fluxes, e.g., during neutral to stable stratified conditions, are

J. Lüers; J. Bareiss




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numai. Toate acestea au impus adoptarea Strategiei Globale pentru Conservarea Plantelor, care are drept obiectiv principal stoparea declinului diversit??ii vegetale. Acest cadru legislativ are dimensiuni globale, regionale ?i na?ionale ?i impune statelor semnatare ale Conven?iei asupra Diversit??ii Biologice realizarea, pân? în anul 2010, a unor m?suri clare elaborate în scopul conserv?rii vegetale. Strategia este orientat? c?tre toate grupele de organisme

Valeriu ALEXIU



11.701 Introduction to Planning and Institutional Processes in Developing Countries, Fall 2005  

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This introductory course is structured to cultivate the key sensibilities necessary for effective planning practice in newly industrializing countries. The word "sensibility" refers to an awareness of key developmental ...

Sanyal, Bishwapriya


Refrigeration Requirements for Ice Cream Freezing1  

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The heat removed from an ice cream mix during freezing is a function of several variables with composition predominating. This investigation compared experimental calorimetric results with predicted refrig- eration requirements. The predictions were obtained by adding the contributions of sensible heat of mix above the initial freezing point, sensible heat of unfrozen mix portion, latent heat and sensible heat of

D. R. Heldman; T. I. Hedrick




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of this study was to test the combined heat-pulse and sensible heat balance methods in a numerical code of Subsurface Environmental Processes Integration of Heat-Pulse and Sensible Heat Balance between theoretical predictions using combined heat pulse & sensible heat balance methods


Las personas con diabetes deben lograr un balance entre los  

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en un lado del plato y los alimentos bajos en carbohidratos al otro lado. Karen Halderson, MPH, RD bajos en carbohidratos, manteniendo cada uno en su propio lado del plato o de la mesa. Comer vegetales en diferentes lados de su plato y ver si su plato está "balanceado". Sin embargo, muchas veces


Informes de patología

Hoja informativa que describe el tipo de información que puede aparecer en un informe de patología, el cual contiene los resultados de la examinación visual y microscópica del tejido extirpado durante una biopsia o cirugía.


Linfedema (PDQ®)

Resumen de información revisada por expertos sobre la anatomía, la patofisiología, las manifestaciones clínicas, el diagnóstico y el tratamiento del linfedema relacionado con el cáncer, una afección en la que se acumula líquido linfático en los tejidos y causa inflamación..


¿Cómo puede usted contribuir a la investigación médica?

Información sobre la donación de muestras, como sangre y tejido, y cómo esto puede contribuir a la investigación médica. También incluye lo que usted debe saber antes de decidir si donar es lo más adecuado para usted.


Impacts des routes sur le comportement et la survie du caribou forestier.  

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??Les activités humaines ont des impacts négatifs pour plusieurs espèces animales. Le caribou (Rangifer tarandus), notamment, semble particulièrement sensible au dérangement provoqué par les structures… (more)

Leblond, Mathieu



Hydroclimatic Trends in the Mississippi River Basin from 1948 to 2004 TAOTAO QIAN, AIGUO DAI, AND KEVIN E. TRENBERTH  

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in both net longwave radia- tion and sensible heat flux, while the latent heat flux increases, net longwave radia- tion, latent heat flux, sensible heat flux, and heat flux into the ground variations in hydrometeorology. 1. Introduction Global surface temperatures have increased between 0.4° and 0

Dai, Aiguo


Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 121 (2004) 93111 Gap-filling missing data in eddy covariance measurements using  

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and global flux networks. © 2003 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Keywords: Eddy covariance; Latent heat of net ecosystem carbon exchange (NEE), latent heat flux (LE) and sensible heat flux (H), such gapsNet, equipped with eddy covariance flux towers, is operating to collect NEE, latent heat (LE) and sensible heat

Katul, Gabriel


Jan 23 Terrestrial Forest Biomes of the World Terrestrial Forest Biomes of the World  

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and turbulent fluxes of sensible and latent heat. Latent heat flux - heat that evaporates water at the surface is subsequently released to the atmosphere. Sensible heat flux - an upward transfer of heat that is conducted from constraints. #12;What are the major factors that control global patterns of temperature and precipitation? #12

Hansen, Andrew J.


MAY 2000 1347H O N G E T A L . 2000 American Meteorological Society  

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are accomplished by conser- vation of heat, salt, momentum, as well as the sensible and latent heat fluxes. 2) The maximum surface sensible and latent heat flux amounts to 2842 W m 2 . This occurs when Opal component of COAMPS is the archived Navy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System operational global

Miami, University of


Some evaluations of drag and bulk transfer coefficients over water bodies of different sizes  

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Three recent experiments allow evaluation of the bulk transfer coefficients for momentum, water vapour and sensible heat over water bodies of different sizes. As part of a study of evaporation rates from a swamp, measurements of latent and sensible heat fluxes were made over Lake Wyangan in southern N.S.W., Australia. This lake is of several kilometers diameter. In a later

B. B. Hicks



TITLE: Proteomics COURSE: MED263, "Bioinformatics Applications to Human Disease"  

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. Enter a sensible "Search title" and then upload the PMF1.txt datafile. Using the default settings, use a sensible "Search title" and then enter an appropriate sequence query in the "Query" box. Search Swiss-B search for the structure of this protein in the Protein Data Bank (http

Gleeson, Joseph G.


Ordered Images: Cooking Reality in Cops  

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This paper reports on a comparative content analysis of the reality-based television program Cops to illustrate changes and continuities influenced by official policy and other cultural indicators. Cops is seen to reflect contemporary changes in policing policy on the handling of incidents. Our analysis also reveals the perpetuation of a 'crime sensibility.' This crime sensibility is based on an image

Daniel O'Connor



Masculinity, ‘race’, and family in the colonies: protecting Aborigines in the early nineteenth century  

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Much of British imperial society in the early nineteenth century was characterised by a reformulated sensibility of manliness and family. Integral to this sensibility was the notion of men's responsibility for dependants. However, the story of Charles Wightman Sievwright, appointed as Assistant Protector of Aborigines in colonial New South Wales, serves to demonstrate that a man's duty of care for

Alan Lester; Fae Dussart



StuartM.Shieber.2006.DoestheTuringTestDemonstrateIntelligenceorNot?.InProceedingsof theTwenty-FirstNationalConferenceonArtificialIntelligence(AAAI-06),Boston,MA,1620July.  

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re- search. Its centrality arises in part because verbal behavior indistinguishable from of an agent's verbal behavior. Block (1981) characterizes it as a test of the ability to "produce a sensible sensible verbal behavior is an indication of intelligence. The syllogism that underlies the appropri

Shieber, Stuart


Supplemental material for ACP manuscript "Deposition of dinitrogen pentoxide, N2O5, to1 the snowpack at high latitudes"2  

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meteorological data for N2O5 flux and applying the same constraints to an aerodynamic method13 for sensible heat anemometer to determine the sensible heat flux by the eddy15 covariance method, we validate our aerodynamic covariance (EC) method is a more direct method to measure fluxes than the5 aerodynamic gradient method

Meskhidze, Nicholas


Visit a Farm? Surely Not!  

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Popular myth has it that visiting a farm can be dangerous, but there are only a few occasions when children have become ill during a school visit to a farm. Simple, sensible precautions, including wearing appropriate clothing, such as trousers and wellington boots (if wet) or sensible shoes, and careful hand-washing, are all that is required. The…

Graham, Bill



Proceedings of IAHS Lead Symposia held during IUGG2011 in Melbourne, Australia, July 2011) (IAHS Publ. 3XX, 2011).  

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and sensible heat fluxes (E and H) and measurements of net radiation Rn, ground heat flux G0, standard weather for different crops. In the energy balance method, only the transfer of heat as sensible heat flux is considered, in a sound analytical framework. Data from 3 flux tower stations are used to evaluate model estimated heat

Evans, Jason


Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 150 (2010) 895907 Contents lists available at ScienceDirect  

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and an atmospheric radiative transfer model to evaluate aerosol direct radiative effects on the surface heat fluxes by the canopy) is balanced by net radiation (Rn), latent heat flux (LE), sensible heat flux (SH), and ground heat flux by 2.4 WmÃ?2 (or evapotranspiration by 28mm) and sensible heat flux by 16 WmÃ?2 . As a result


2001 Macmillan Magazines Ltd ales of several animal species mimic  

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), sensible heat flux ( H), latent heat flux ( E), and ground heat flux ( G). Surface skin temperature) coupled with the Biosphere-Atmosphere Transfer Scheme (BATS) simulations. The accuracy of the algorithm into sensible, latent, or soil heat fluxes. Therefore the skin temperature of a cloudy pixel (Ts cld ) can

Mason, Robert T.


Regional Variations of Moist Static Energy Flux into the Arctic  

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The authors investigate the climmological heating of the Arctic by the atmospheric moist static energy (MSE) flux from lower latitudes based on 25 years (November 1964-1989) of the GFDL dataset. During the five month winter period (NDJFM) the transport of sensible heat by transient eddies is the largest component (50%) at 70°N, followed by the transport of sensible but by

James E. Overland; Philip Turet; Abraham H. Oort




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;#12;1-28 © Immanuel Kant SinnlichkeitIntellektuell intellektuelle Anschauung" Edmund Husserl Wahrnehumung-in-itself. These contradictions are caused by his acceptance of Kant's theoretical assumption of a dichotomy between sensibility and intellect as well as by the characteristics of non-sensibility and creativity in Kant's theory of intuition

Wu, Yih-Min


A comparison of measured and modeled turbulent fluxes over snow based on site characteristics  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Sensible and latent heat and mass flux represent a significant component of the snowcover energy and mass balance in mountain environments. Though these fluxes are computed in energy balance snow models, limited measurements exist for comparison or validation in complex, mountainous sites. Sensibl...


Kansei engineering research on the design of construction machinery  

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Kansei engineering was used to research the relationship between design elements and Kansei sensibility values in the design of earth moving machinery. The research led to several findings concerning construction machinery design that take into account the effect of such human sensibilities as the motivation to operate or acquire, or factors of psychological comfort such as familiarity, attractiveness and comfort.

Kuniaki Nakada



Como Lo Hago Yo: Myelomeningocele  

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Fortificación con ádico fólico es efectiva, pero aún falta conciencia en los jóvenes. La legalidad del aborto aumenta la importancia de la consulta prenatal. Realizo la cirugía bajo microcoscopio por razones didácticas. Irrigación continua para reducir la temperatura del tejido. Trato a la plaqueta como tejido viable. No suturo la plaqueta. No cierro músculo. ATB por una semana después de cirugía. Hidrocefalia: Válvula en todos los casos de ventriculomegalia. Médula anclada: Desanclar una sola vez. Chiari II: Revisar la válvula. Incluir en el seguimiento rendimiento escolar, puede indicar obstrucción de la válvula o médula anclada. PMID:24791217

Lazareff, Jorge



The effect of a cold-air outbreak on the continental shelf water of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico  

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for the Selected Stations 79 5. Sensible and Latent Heat Fluxes as Determined by the Bulk Aerodynamic Formulae 81 6, Time-Averaged Material Derivative of Thermal Energy and Estimates of Q +Q 83 LIST OF SYMBOLS C Specific heat for water C Drag coefficient..., the vertical fluxes of latent, radiative and sensible heat are not computed separately, but instead, their sum is estimated as the material de- rivative of thermal energy. Bulk aerodynamic formulae (Roll, 1965b) are commonly used in obtaining sensible...

Parker, Charles Allen



Mosquito Problems after a Storm (Spanish)  

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piel. WNF no incluye ninguna in- fecci?n en el sistema nervioso central. WNE es m?s grave y s? afecta el sistema nervioso central. WNE causa inflamaci?n del cerebro, del tejido que rodea al cerebro y a la m?dula espinal o inflamaci?n tanto del...

Johnsen, Mark



Safety for Senior Farmers and Ranchers (Spanish)  

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la piel, los tendones, cart?lagos y los tejidos conjuntivos), toma una forma irregular. 4 de julio de 1995. Un granjero de 77 a?os de edad muri? despu?s de caer de un vag?n de heno. Aunque hab?a dejado de trabajar con ga- nado lechero casi 2 meses...

Smith, David



The Effect of Diurnal Sea Surface Temperature Warming on Climatological Air–Sea Fluxes  

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Diurnal sea surface warming affects the fluxes of latent heat, sensible heat, and upwelling longwave radiation. Diurnal warming most typically reaches maximum values of 3°C, although very localized events may reach 7°–8°C. ...

Clayson, Carol Anne


Dental Pulp Testing: A Review  

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Dental pulp testing is a useful and essential diagnostic aid in endodontics. Pulp sensibility tests include thermal and electric tests, which extrapolate pulp health from sensory response. Whilst pulp sensibility tests are the most commonly used in clinical practice, they are not without limitations and shortcomings. Pulp vitality tests attempt to examine the presence of pulp blood flow, as this is viewed as a better measure of true health than sensibility. Laser Doppler flowmetry and pulse oximetry are examples of vitality tests. Whilst the prospect is promising, there are still many practical issues that need to be addressed before vitality tests can replace sensibility tests as the standard clinical pulp diagnostic test. With all pulp tests, the results need to be carefully interpreted and closely scrutinised as false results can lead to misdiagnosis which can then lead to incorrect, inappropriate, or unnecessary treatment. PMID:20339575

Chen, Eugene; Abbott, Paul V.



Social sensing and its display  

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This thesis proposes a public interface that functions as a social catalyst in public spaces. Like a smart mirror, it intends to reflect the social identity of the environment and increase sensibility towards the place and ...

Telhan, Orkan



Estimated global ocean wind power potential from QuikSCAT observations, accounting for turbine characteristics and siting  

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third version of global ocean? surface heat flux product wasversion of global ocean?surface heat flux products releasedglobal flux datasets from the objectively analyzed air?sea fluxes (OAFlux) project: Latent and sensible heat fluxes,

Capps, Scott B; Zender, Charles S



Teatro cubano de transición (1958-1964): Piñera y Estorino  

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muerte, otra vez, reúne a todos los personajes: Esteban, el hermano cojo, un hombre sensible y acomplejado; Diego, el playboy que se ha incorporado de lleno a la Revolución; Laura, la hermana solterona; y Dalia, la revolucionaria oportunista, esposa de...

Muñ oz, Elí as Miguel



The Poetry of P. K. Page  

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ing and insight that are particularly, almost obsessively, her own and which dis- tinguish her poetry from that of other writers. Occasionally an individual poem can be found which defines a poet's sensibility. The poem \\

Rosemary Sullivan


Industrial Waste Heat Recovery Using Heat Pipes  

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For almost a decade now, heat pipes with secondary finned surfaces have been utilized in counter flow heat exchangers to recover sensible energy from industrial exhaust gases. Over 3,000 such heat exchangers are now in service, recovering...

Ruch, M. A.





... old people: the eye problem cataracts. Back Continue Sun Smarts Staying out of the sun altogether may seem like the only logical answer. ... a hermit? The key is to enjoy the sun sensibly, finding a balance between sun protection and ...


For permission to copy or republish, contact the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronuatics 1801 Alexander Bell Drive, Suite 500, Reston, VA 20191  

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ht total enthalpy ho heat of formation K the ratio of the freestream velocities u/u- M Mach number N cp specific heat D mass diffusivity h enthalpy H stagnation enthalpy Hs sensible stagnation enthalpy

Liu, Feng


JOURNAL OF PROPULSION AND POWER Vol. 17, No. 5, SeptemberOctober 2001  

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stagnation enthalpy h = enthalpy ht = total enthalpy h0 = heat of formation K = ratio of the freestream ignition region. Nomenclature cp = speci c heat D = mass diffusivity H = stagnation enthalpy Hs = sensible

Liu, Feng


Response to "Language, Politics, and Composition: A Conversation with Noam Chomsky."  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Responds to the conversation of two eminent compositionists with Noam Chomsky. Discusses the alleged literary crisis, sensible prescriptivism versus linguistic permissiveness, police and thought control, intellectually interesting versus humanly significant topics, and rhetorical theory. (PRA)

Sledd, James



A 9000-year fire history from the Oregon Coast Range, based on a high-resolution charcoal  

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plicata Donn ex D. Don, Tsuga heterophylla (Raf.) Sarg., and Picea sitchensis (Bong.) Carr., increased espèces sensibles au feu, comme le Thuja plicata Donn ex D. Don, le Tsuga heterophylla (Raf.) Sarg. et le

Whitlock, Cathy L.


3 CFR 13605 - Executive Order 13605 of April 13, 2012. Supporting Safe and Responsible Development of...  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...benefit from lower feedstock and energy costs. By helping to power our transportation...cleaner source of energy than other fossil fuels. For these reasons, it is vital...activities, and setting sensible, cost-effective public health and...



AHRC ICT Methods Network  

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to a fox-hunting debate that took place in the British Parliament (e.g. criminal, moral, barbaric, offence surrounding and/or their level of cruelty, sensibleness, ethics and toughness. Culpeper's (2002) grouping

Rayson, Paul


Revue de presse ANGLAIS Semaine du 27 dcembre 2010  

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can circumvent censorship, criticise a government, organise a demo, share everything or be anon. Aleks : America's new internet rules are mostly sensible--but the country's real web problem is far more basic

Rennes, Université de



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at this lunacy, and I suggested that she should read a sensible evolutionary thinker like Stephen Jay Gould couldn't even figure out how one might figure it out. Certainly, my extensive Stephen Jay Gould #12

Read, Andrew


Words and Pictures: New Light on Plimpton 322  

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years ago, was called "Sherlock Holmes in Babylon" [4]. This entic- ing title gave out the message sensibilities to interpret more complex ancient mathematics? Unlike Sherlock Holmes we cannot depend solely

Little, John B.


The Regional Atmospheric Modeling System  

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and interaction of clouds and precipitating liquid and ice hydrometeors, sensible and latent heat exchange between; microscale phenomena such as tornadoes and boundary layer eddies, as well as submicroscale turbulent flow

Gohm, Alexander


BAI ET AL. VOL. XXX ' NO. XX ' 000000 ' XXXX  

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attached onto human body without introducing sensible obstruction and discomfort to human motions Integrated Multilayered Triboelectric Nanogenerator for Harvesting Biomechanical Energy from Human Motions have been developed for applications in wireless sensing systems,11 environment monitoring,12,13 bio

Wang, Zhong L.



EPA Science Inventory

EPA Region 10 has funded the Oregon Winegrape Commission in a project that promotes the LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) certification program. LIVE is an integrated winegrape production system that promotes ecologically sensible production techniques. For example, cer...


Schrepel, Eric From: Jenkins, Kris  

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alternatives such as wind, solar and biomass, we should not even be considering new coal. The only sensible negative "balance" to the system and is expensive as a peaking resource. 50 years from now, any reasonable


JOURNAL DE PHYSIQUE Colloque C8, Supplement au no 12, Tome 49, decembre 1988  

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Spectromitrie Physique 3, Universiti Joseph-Fourier (Grenoble I), B.P. 87, 38402 Saint-Martin d'H6res Cedex dependence. dance and the first neighbours of Co atoms. Our re- sults differ sensibly from those reported

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 14, 505520, 2010  

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implicated as important contributors to extreme climate events including the 1930s North Ameri- can Dust Bowl Introduction Climate feedbacks involving land-atmosphere fluxes of wa- ter, sensible heat, radiation, and dust


Energy Savings in Food Processing Dehumidification  

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intensive and often mechanically unreliable. For a decade, the authors have utilized sensible exchangers to enhance latent transfer for moisture removal in supermarkets, breweries, and HVAC applications. The correct application of these techniques results...

Turney, R. L.; Young, F. J.



Meaning and compositionality as statistical induction of categories and constraints  

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What do words and phrases mean? How do we infer their meaning in a given context? How do we know which sets of words have sensible meanings when combined, as opposed to being nonsense? As language learners and speakers, ...

Schmidt, Lauren A



Close to the edge : finding the Hammerhead Bar  

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I believe that it takes only three things to do architecture-- an intact sensibility, a deep understanding of the qualities of a place and a specific intention. This thesis explores this premise and presents a project ...

Nowell, Gregory



Real Gas Effects on the Performance of Hydrocarbon-fueled Pulse Detonation Engines  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

This paper presents results for a single-pulse detonation tube wherein the effects of high temperature dissociation and the subsequent recombination influence the sensible heat release available for providing propulsive thrust. The study involved the use of ethylene and air at equivalence ratios of 0.7 and 1.0. The real gas effects on the sensible heat release were found to be significantly large so as to have an impact on the thrust, impulse and fuel consumption of a PDE.

Povinelli, Louis A.; Yungster, Shaye



Direct Expansion Air Conditioning System Selection for Hot & Humid Climates  

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the maximum sensible load under the worst-case space and outdoor conditions, the equipment capacity will generally have to be increased. The equipment capacity adjustments for design operating conditions can result in equipment selection that is 1... to be added as second (or higher) stages to the base dehumidification units. In other words, the dehumidification units need to be at maximum capacity (run fraction of 1.0) before the other stages come on. Stages added for additional sensible capacity do...

Browning, B. K.



Waste heat driven absorption refrigeration process and system  


Absorption cycle refrigeration processes and systems are provided which are driven by the sensible waste heat available from industrial processes and other sources. Systems are disclosed which provide a chilled water output which can be used for comfort conditioning or the like which utilize heat from sensible waste heat sources at temperatures of less than F. Countercurrent flow equipment is also provided to increase the efficiency of the systems and increase the utilization of available heat.

Wilkinson, William H. (Columbus, OH)



Federico Delpino and the foundation of plant biology  

PubMed Central

In 1867, Federico Delpino, with his seminal work Pensieri sulla Biologia Vegetale (Thoughts on Plant Biology) established plant biology by defining it not in the broad general sense, namely as the science of living beings, but as a branch of natural science dedicated to the study of plant life in relation to the environment. Today, the figure and achievements of this outstanding plant scientist is almost unknown. In the following pages, I will concisely describe the main realizations of Federico Delpino and outline the significance of his work for modern plant science. PMID:21490417



Is the comprehension of idiomatic sentences indeed impaired in paranoid Schizophrenia? A window into semantic processing deficits  

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Schizophrenia patients have been reported to be more impaired in comprehending non-literal than literal language since early studies on proverbs. Preference for literal rather than figurative interpretations continues to be documented. The main aim of this study was to establish whether patients are indeed able to use combinatorial semantic processing to comprehend literal sentences and both combinatorial analysis, and retrieval of pre-stored meanings to comprehend idiomatic sentences. The study employed a sentence continuation task in which subjects were asked to decide whether a target word was a sensible continuation of a previous sentence fragment to investigate idiomatic and literal sentence comprehension in patients with paranoid schizophrenia. Patients and healthy controls were faster in accepting sensible continuations than in rejecting non-sensible ones in both literal and idiomatic sentences. Patients were as accurate as controls in comprehending literal and idiomatic sentences, but they were overall slower than controls in all conditions. Once the contribution of cognitive covariates was partialled out, the response times (RTs) to sensible idiomatic continuations of patients did not significantly differ from those of controls. This suggests that the state of residual schizophrenia did not contribute to slower processing of sensible idioms above and beyond the cognitive deficits that are typically associated with schizophrenia. PMID:25346676

Pesciarelli, Francesca; Gamberoni, Tania; Ferlazzo, Fabio; Lo Russo, Leo; Pedrazzi, Francesca; Melati, Ermanno; Cacciari, Cristina



La función de la intermediaria en Yo también hablo de la rosa  

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, dentro del cual uno se define sólo a través de estímulos internos. Su simulacro en el drama se encuentra en la posición del profesor de psicología, el cual cree que se puede descubrir la secreta razón de los impulsos del hombre dentro del individuo.... corazón —» lo interno —» razón-psicología —> pétalo de la rosa 2. aire -» lo externo —> razón-comunismo —> rosa 3. sabiduría —> lo metafísico —> intuición-vitalismo —» tejido del pétalo Además de su importancia temática, la primera escena de la...

Kerr, R. A.




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caracterización del receptor para el virus del dengue en células C6/36, Vero y U937. Localización ultraestructural del re- ceptor para el virus del dengue en tejidos de mosquitos del género Aedes. Aná- lisis de los mecanismos implicados en la regulación de la replicación y virulencia del virus del dengue, poliovirus y



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de investigación: Análisis y caracterización del receptor para el virus del dengue en células C6/36, Vero y U937. Localización ultraestructural del re- ceptor para el virus del dengue en tejidos de virulencia del virus del dengue. Producción de proteínas virales recombinantes con fines vacunales. rmangel



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de investigación: Análisis y caracterización del receptor para el virus del dengue en células C6/36, Vero y U937. Localización ultraestructural del re- ceptor para el virus del dengue en tejidos de- lencia del virus del dengue, poliovirus y virus Norwalk. Producción de proteínas virales recombinantes



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de investigación: Análisis y caracterización del receptor para el virus del dengue en células C6/36, Vero y U937. Localización ultraestructural del re- ceptor para el virus del dengue en tejidos de virulencia del virus del dengue. Producción de proteínas virales recombinantes virales con fines vacunales


Sociedad Chilena de Mecanica Computacional  

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Sociedad Chilena de Mec´anica Computacional Cuadernos de Mec´anica Computacional Vol. 6 no 1, 2008´erminos de la aceleraci´on de tiempo de m´aquina, compresi´on de memoria computacional y errores en computacional, el modelo bidominio representa un verdadero desaf´io, dado que el tejido card´iaco tiene tama

Bürger, Raimund


Comparison of measured and modeled radiation, heat and water vapor fluxes: FIFE pilot study  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The feasibility of using radio frequency receivers to collect data from automated weather stations to model fluxes of latent heat, sensible heat, and radiation using routine weather data collected by automated weather stations was tested and the estimated fluxes were compared with fluxes measured over wheat. The model Cupid was used to model the fluxes. Two or more automated weather stations, interrogated by radio frequency and other means, were utilized to examine some of the climatic variability of the First ISLSCP (International Satellite Land-Surface Climatology Project) Field Experiment (FIFE) site, to measure and model reflected and emitted radiation streams from various locations at the site and to compare modeled latent and sensible heat fluxes with measured values. Some bidirectional reflected and emitted radiation data were collected from 23 locations throughout the FIFE site. Analysis of these data along with analysis of the measured sensible and latent heat fluxes is just beginning.

Blad, Blaine L.; Hubbard, Kenneth G.; Verma, Shashi B.; Starks, Patrick; Norman, John M.; Walter-Shea, Elizabeth



A Simple Model for the Afternoon and Early Evening Decay of Convective Turbulence Over Different Land Surfaces  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A simple model to study the decay of turbulent kinetic energy (TKE) in the convective surface layer is presented. In this model, the TKE is dependent upon two terms, the turbulent dissipation rate and the surface buoyancy fluctuations. The time evolution of the surface sensible heat flux is modelled based on fitting functions of actual measurements from the LITFASS-2003 field campaign. These fitting functions carry an amplitude and a time scale. With this approach, the sensible heat flux can be estimated without having to solve the entire surface energy balance. The period of interest covers two characteristic transition sub-periods involved in the decay of convective boundary-layer turbulence. The first sub-period is the afternoon transition, when the sensible heat flux starts to decrease in response to the reduction in solar radiation. It is typically associated with a decay rate of TKE of approximately t -2 ( t is time following the start of the decay) after several convective eddy turnover times. The early evening transition is the second sub-period, typically just before sunset when the surface sensible heat flux becomes negative. This sub-period is characterized by an abrupt decay in TKE associated with the rapid collapse of turbulence. Overall, the results presented show a significant improvement of the modelled TKE decay when compared to the often applied assumption of a sensible heat flux decreasing instantaneously or with a very short forcing time scale. In addition, for atmospheric modelling studies, it is suggested that the afternoon and early evening decay of sensible heat flux be modelled as a complementary error function.

Nadeau, Daniel F.; Pardyjak, Eric R.; Higgins, Chad W.; Fernando, Harinda Joseph S.; Parlange, Marc B.



Process for vaporizing a liquid hydrocarbon fuel  


The object of the invention is to provide a process for vaporizing liquid hydrocarbon fuels efficiently and without the formation of carbon residue on the apparatus used. The process includes simultaneously passing the liquid fuel and an inert hot gas downwardly through a plurality of vertically spaed apart regions of high surface area packing material. The liquid thinly coats the packing surface, and the sensible heat of the hot gas vaporizes this coating of liquid. Unvaporized liquid passing through one region of packing is uniformly redistributed over the top surface of the next region until all fuel has been vaporized using only the sensible heat of the hot gas stream.

Szydlowski, Donald F. (East Hartford, CT); Kuzminskas, Vaidotas (Glastonbury, CT); Bittner, Joseph E. (East Hartford, CT)



Quantifying the thermodynamic entropy budget of the land surface: is this useful?  

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associated with the sensible and ground heat fluxes. As veg- etation fraction is increased, the associated entropy transfer term increases from 0.40 to 0.76 W m?2 K?1 for the midday values. From the component entropy terms, the overall entropy budget... during the daylight hours and dominated by entropy transfer associated with sensible heat and soil heat fluxes during the nighttime hours. Eddy covariance observations also show that the entropy produc- tion has a consistent sensitivity to land cover...

Brunsell, Nathaniel A.; Schymanski, S.J.; Kleidon, A.



Parameterization of surface heat fluxes above forest with satellite thermal sensing and boundary-layer soundings  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The paper is concerned with the feasibility of determining the surface flux of sensible heat from forest using surface temperatures measured by a satellite together with soundings of temperature aloft in the unstable atmospheric boundary layer. Consideration is also given to the effect of the spatial scale of the surface temperature measurement on the parameterization by means of the scalar roughness. The latent heat flux is derived from the sensible heat flux by means of the energy budget. The data used in the study have been obtained during the HAPEX-MOBILHY experiment of 1986. The approach is based on turbulence similarity for the unstable atmospheric boundary layer.

Brutsaert, Wilfried; Hsu, A. Y.; Schmugge, Thomas J.



Simulated Building Energy Performance of Single Family Detached Residences Designed for Off-Grid, Off-Pipe Operation  

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light-weight wood frame construction, slab-on-grade floor, and all-electric systems. The building envelope, mechanical system, and operational characteristics were Table 1: Base-case house characteristics GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS (ICC 1999, 2001....m.) and 5 ?F set-up in the summer (from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.). Internal heat gains Lighting: 1,964 kWh/yr electricity use converted to 100% sensible heat gains; Appliances: 6,808 kWh/yr electricity use converted to 62% as sensible heat gains, 8% as latent...

Malhotra, M.; Haberl, J.


Tracking Earth's Energy: From El Nin~o to Global Warming  

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the climate system to enable this to happen on a global basis. Incoming radiant energy may be scattered absorbed or reflected at the Earth's surface. Radiant solar (shortwave) energy is transformed into sensibleTracking Earth's Energy: From El Nin~o to Global Warming Kevin E. Trenberth · John T. Fasullo

Fasullo, John


AFFILIATIONS: TrenberTh, Fasullo, and Kiehl--National Center for Atmospheric Research,* Boulder, Colorado  

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energy, and kinetic energy before being emitted as longwave radiant energy. Energy may be stored for some by KT97 to partition radiant energy for both clear and cloudy skies. Surface sensible and latent heat Society An update of the Earth's global annual mean energy budget is given in the light of new

Fasullo, John


Living with a Brain Tumor  


... with Exercise and a Healthy Diet A sensible exercise program combined with a healthy diet can help you with treatment-related fatigue, improve flexibility, and support you in coping with anxiety and depression. It may help to know that it is ...


film & television introduction.  

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for a new cable channel; a Screenwriting student might be writing a feature-length horror script while his-fiction. Students generally complete their thesis productions immediately following the fourth semester. · MS sensibility. He or she must also keep abreast of the rapid cultural, economic, and technological changes

Finzi, Adrien


Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Neutral Atmospheric Surface Layer PHILIPPE DROBINSKI,* PIERRE CARLOTTI, JEAN-LUC REDELSPERGER,# ROBERT M. BANTA,@  

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- cess controlling energy (momentum, sensible, and la- tent heat), water vapor and pollutants exchanges) documented by a 60-m tower instrumented with eight sonic anemometers, and a high-resolution Doppler lidar (SSL; lying between the ESL top and the SL top). The sonic anemometers and Doppler lidar prove

Ribes, Aurélien


Land Surface Model Data Assimilation for Atmospheric Prediction  

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for soil moisture measurement. These are the ESA Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity (SMOS) and NASA of Civil and Environmental Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Introduction Accurate latent and sensible heat flux prediction in response to land surface soil moisture at mid

Walker, Jeff


Spearfish High School, Sparfish, South Dakota solar energy system performance evaluation, September 1980June 1981  

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Spearfish High School in South Dakota contains 43,000 square feet of conditioned space. Its active solar energy system is designed to supply 57% of the space heating and 50% of the hot water demand. The system is equipped with 8034 square feet of flat plate collectors, 4017 cubic feet of rock bin sensible heat storage, and auxiliary equipment including 8



Sunni Islam: What Students Need to Know. Footnotes. Volume 15, Number 1  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

It is the mark of a great world religion to accommodate different outlooks and sensibilities. Quite often, these differences are manifested in terms of formal divisions within the faith. In Islam, the major split is between Sunni and the various forms of Shiism, though other divisions also exist. This essay, excerpted from the book "Divisions…

Calvert, John



Greening the terrestrial biosphere: simulated feedbacks on atmospheric heat and energy circulation  

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CO2. Keywords Vegetation Á Latent heat Á Sensible heat Á Convection Á Convective rainfall Á Polar was to induce an increase in the growth of global vegetation to isolate the effect of increased LAI promoted by increased growth of terrestrial vegetation could contribute to greater surface

Cowling, Sharon A.


Computer Physics Communications 177 (2007) 180183  

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of communica- tion lines, ecological, metabolic and food webs, the Internet and other social nets, spin with time [1­14]. That is, fluxes along chains show a broad distribution, agents may interchange different that are destabi- lized due to fast activity-dependent synaptic fluctuations. This induces a great sensibility

Cortes, Jesus


An investigation of snowcover-atmosphere-ocean interactions in the northern hemisphere with a global atmospheric model coupled to a slab ocean model  

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The difference between snow versus snow free conditions is the most significant natural, seasonal change the land surface can experience. Snow affects all aspects of the surface energy balance including albedo, sensible and latent heat fluxes, and soil moisture. In addition, the presence or lack of snow plays an important role in modifying the overlying air temperature, propagating from local

Gina R. Henderson



Experimental Results from a Rational Reconstruction of MINSTREL Brandon Tearse Peter Mawhorter Michael Mateas Noah Wardrip-Fruin  

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Experimental Results from a Rational Reconstruction of MINSTREL Brandon Tearse Peter Mawhorter results from a rational reconstruction project that is aimed at exploring the creative potential of Scott the variance of the output space and the ratio of sensible to nonsensical results (as determined by hand

California at Santa Cruz, University of


Estudio financiado por los NIH indica un aumento de la supervivencia en hombres con cáncer de próstata metastásico que reciben quimioterapia desde el inicio de la terapia hormonal

Los hombres con cáncer de próstata metastásico sensible a las hormonas que recibieron el fármaco quimioterapéutico docetaxel al inicio de la terapia hormonal convencional vivieron más tiempo que los pacientes que recibieron solo terapia hormonal, de acuerdo con los resultados preliminares de un estudio clínico controlado y aleatorizado patrocinado por los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud (NIH).


Heat transfer enhancement in water when used as PCM in thermal energy storage  

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Efficient and reliable storage systems for thermal energy are an important requirement in many applications where heat demand and supply or availability do not coincide. Heat and cold stores can basically be divided in two groups. In sensible heat stores the temperature of the storage material is increased significantly. Latent heat stores, on the contrary, use a storage material that

L. F. Cabeza; H. Mehling; S. Hiebler; F. Ziegler



Thermal energy storage and regeneration  

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The newest techniques and theories covering the design and management of thermal energy storage systems in the areas of heat recovery and in circumstances where energy availability does not coincide chronologically with demand are presented. Techniques that predict the performance of sensible heat storage units in a broad range of operating conditions and methods for designing energy storage units for

F. W. Schmidt; A. John Willmott; Frank Kreith



Review on sustainable thermal energy storage technologies, Part I: heat storage materials and techniques  

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This paper reviews the development of available thermal energy storage (TES) technologies and their individual pros and cons for space and water heating applications. Traditionally, available heat has been stored in the form of sensible heat (typically by raising the temperature of water, rocks, etc.) for later use. In most of the low temperature applications, water is being used as

S. M. Hasnain



On the design of an interactive biosphere for the GLAS general circulation model  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Improving the realism and accuracy of the GLAS general circulation model (by adding an interactive biosphere that will simulate the transfers of latent and sensible heat from land surface to atmosphere as functions of the atmospheric conditions and the morphology and physiology of the vegetation) is proposed.

Mintz, Y.; Sellers, P. J.; Willmott, C. J.



Spatio-temporal analysis of surface and subsurface soil moisture for remote sensing applications within the Upper Cedar Creek Watershed  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Soil moisture is an intrinsic state variable that varies considerably in space and time. From a hydrologic viewpoint, soil moisture controls runoff, infiltration, storage and drainage. Soil moisture determines the partitioning of the incoming radiation between latent and sensible heat fluxes. Althou...


Identity, Agency and Community: Reconsidering the Pedagogic Responsibilities of Teacher Education  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article presents a model for teacher education based on an ongoing action research project at a Finnish university. This model draws on the educational theory of Dewey and the pedagogical sensibility of Bakhtin to critically consider the concepts of teacher identity and agency and to highlight the role of community in teacher development. Our…

Moate, Josephine; Ruohotie-Lyhty, Maria



Heat transfer in a pulsating heat pipe with open end Yuwen Zhang 1  

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and condenser sections of a pulsating heat pipe (PHP) with open end is modeled by analyzing thin ®lm evaporation and condensation. The heat transfer solutions are applied to the thermal model of the pulsating heat pipe to the exchange of sensible heat. The frequency and amplitude of the oscillation is almost unaected by surface

Zhang, Yuwen


Levinas on Managed Care: The (A)Proximal, Faceless Third-Party and the Psychotherapeutic Dyad  

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Emmanuel Levinas gave an account of radical, asymmetrical responsibility for the Other that is phenomenologically sensible in the proximity of face-to-face relation. This original arrangement, however, is not interminable. The approach of the third party equalizes and creates distance between self and Other by introducing ontology and epistemology. It is a necessary process of totalization that moves from a primordial

Steven D. Huett; David M. Goodman



Two and a half years ago Aalborg Univer-sity (AAU) and the private company  

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one of Denmark's largest facili- ties for research in nanotechnology, phys- ics, biotechnology of equipment with a sensible pallet of functionality to get started with nanotechnology at a price which of nanotechnology by placing the activities in nanotechnology under the In- terdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (i

Mottram, Nigel


Punjabi Childrearing IN BritainDevelopment of Identity, Religion and Bilingualism  

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This article reports the findings of a research project on the childrearing practices of Punjabi parents now living in the UK with special reference to the development of religious sensibilities, cultural identity, race awareness and bilingualism. The data were gathered through semi-structured interviews from two generations of Punjabi mothers (those of the 1970s and 1990s) living in the UK. The




Re-Searching Music Education for Civic Activism  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

I am nurtured by indigenous African musical arts education philosophy and practice, and encountered literary music education and scholarship in adulthood. It is with dual musical sensibilities that I ponder the human mission of school music education. My reflections will derive from experiences of applying African indigenous musical arts in…

Nzewi, Meki



It'll only hurt a second? Microeconomic determinants of who gets flu shots  

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Appreciating how the propensity to be immunized against the flu depends on individual characteristics and environments is essential for policies regarding influenza control to be formulated sensibly. To this point, the literature has offered little documentation on the determinants of influenza immunization. Beyond epidemiology, there are important economic issues that must be addressed to understand this form of preventive care.

John Mullahy



An energetic perspective on hydrological cycle changes in the Geoengineering Model Intercomparison Project  

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the feedback response is also small. G1 shows a smaller magnitude of land sensible heat flux rapid adjustment than in abrupt4xCO2 and a larger magnitude of latent heat flux adjustment, indicating a greater to feedback related to global mean temperature changes. Global mean temperature change is small in G1, so

Robock, Alan


A Combined Modeling and Multi-Spectral/Multi-Resolution Remote  

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energy at the surface into sensible and latent heat flux, soil moisture plays a crucial role in boundary layer development and therefore in climate modeling at both regional and global scale. Microwave. This instrument will then provide the much needed global data set of soil moisture and other surface variables

Boyer, Edmond


J. Blunden, D. S. Arndt, and M. O. Baringer, Eds. Associate Eds. K. M.Willett,A. J. Dolman, B. D. Hall, P.W.Thorne, J. M. Levy, H. J. Diamond,  

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on average since the early 1990s. · The global ocean latent and sensible heat fluxes in 2010 reflected and western Pacific Oceans. The globally-averaged heat flux from the ocean was close to that in 2009 a primary role of near-surface wind anomalies in causing heat flux anomalies; the latter, in turn, served



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by statistical regression between turbulent energy fluxes of sensible ( Hs) and latent heat (LE) against the difference etween available energy of net radiation (Rn) and the soil heat flux (G), which excluded the heat of Toledo, Toledo, OH 436063390, U. S. A; 4. Southern Global Change Program, USDA FS, 920 Main Campus

Chen, Jiquan


On the Earth's surface energy exchange determination from ERS satellite ATSR data: Part 3. Turbulent heat flux on open sea  

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This is the third in a series of papers which discusses determination of the Earth's surface energy exchange from ERS satellite Along-Track Scanning Radiometer (ATSR) data. This paper focuses on estimation of turbulence heat flux exchange by using ATSR data in areas of open sea. In this paper, we present results of net longwave radiation, latent heat flux and sensible

Yong Xue; D. T. Llewellyn-Jones; S. P. Lawrence; C. T. Mutlow



Maria Valdivieso | Keith Haines Insert your unit name via  

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/latent heat flux. The objective of this study is to evaluate global heat and freshwater budgets obtained Surface heat and freshwater fluxes are a key component in determining the oceanic heat and freshwater et al., 1997). The turbulent fluxes for heat (sensible and latent), freshwater (evaporation


Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans 37 (2004) 295311  

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­sea surface heat fluxes; Spin-up; Short-range forecast; Re-analysis; ERA-40; ERA-15 1. Introduction Global and turbulent heat fluxes. Fluxes are compared as differences between two runs with the same initialization time heat flux spin-up increases with time but levels off after 24 h; (ii) sensible and radiative flux spin

Ribes, Aurélien


J. Elder1, S. Grossman-Clarke2, A. Brazel1, H. Butler1, P. Gober1,4, N. Jones4 and C. Martin3 1School of Geographical Sciences; 2Global Institute of Sustainability; 3Applied Bio Sciences;  

E-print Network

of simple equations designed to calculate heat fluxes for the urban environment. Heat fluxes can be modeled are controlling the heat flux throughout the system at different times of the day. Materials and Methods Model (Grimmond and Oke 1999). The turbulent sensible and latent heat fluxes calculations are based

Hall, Sharon J.


RESEARCH Open Access Spatial variation of net radiation and its  

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and modeling analyses through site combinations in regional or global flux networks. Methods: A series is the sensible heat flux, LE is the latent heat flux, G is the soil heat flux, Q is the sum of other heat fluxes Introduction: Low energy balance closure (EBC) at a particular eddy-covariance flux site has increased

Chen, Jiquan


Determination of regional distributions and seasonal variations of land surface heat fluxes from Landsat7 Enhanced Thematic Mapper data over the central Tibetan Plateau area  

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In this study, a parameterization method based on Landsat-7 ETM data and field observations has been proposed and tested for deriving surface reflectance, surface temperature, NDVI, MSAVI, vegetation coverage, LAI, net radiation flux, soil heat flux, sensible heat flux and latent heat flux over heterogeneous landscape. As a case study, the methodology was applied to the experimental area of the

Yaoming Ma; Lei Zhong; Zhongbo Su; Hirohiko Ishikawa; Massimo Menenti; Toshio Koike



Design and Development of a Vacuum Dehumidification Test Facility  

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and cooling system performance measurements. The completed test facility consisted of two systems: 1) the feed-air system, which simulated the inlet-air conditions and performed the feed-air dehumidification and sensible cooling and 2) the vacuum system, which...

Schaff, Francesco Nima



Airbreathing Pulse Detonation Engine Performance  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

This paper presents performance results for pulse detonation engines taking into account the effects of dissociation and recombination. The amount of sensible heat recovered through recombination in the PDE chamber and exhaust process was found to be significant. These results have an impact on the specific thrust, impulse and fuel consumption of the PDE.

Povinelli, Louis A.; Yungster, Shaye



The Action-Sentence Compatibility Effect: It's All in the Timing  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

When participants are asked to make sensibility judgments on sentences that describe action toward the body (i.e., "Mark dealt the cards to you") or away from the body (i.e., "You dealt the cards to Mark"), they are faster to respond when the response requires an arm movement in the same direction as the action described by the sentence. This…

Borreggine, Kristin L.; Kaschak, Michael P.



Isocrates' Philosophy of Education.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Isocrates of ancient Greece attempted to create a wise and educated person in his school, not just an orator. His philosophy centered around the fact that teaching speech is not an exact science, but an art of opinions and beliefs that will educate the student to make sensible choices in life and speech, demonstrate a noble character, and be…

Mazloff, Debra


JOURNAL DE PHYSIQUE IV C3-379 Colloque C3, suppl. au Journal de Physique III, Vol. 1, octobre 1991  

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and the measurement technique are described. The free surface temperature of a shock loaded polished aluminum sample puis est focalisé grâce à des lentilles en ZnSe vers les éléments sensibles des détecteurs. Le domaine

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


I. Purpose: Provide containment requirements for use of adenoviral vectors in Laboratory Rats, Laboratory Mice and Laboratory Rabbits.  

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a biological safety cabinet under biosafety level 2 (BL2) conditions. Safer, engineered needles or needle less Reporter genes (e.g., green fluorescent protein, LacZ) BL1-N Genes with biological activity BL2-N for first hours, reduces the risk of exposure to shed virus and allows for a sensible safety factor. D. Exceptions

Paulsson, Johan


I. Purpose: Provide containment requirements for use of retroviral vectors in Laboratory  

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pseudotyped with VSV-G Env protein) into animals are to be performed within a biological safety cabinet under Genes with biological activity BL2-N for first 72 hours post inoculation followed by BL1-N housing and allows for a sensible safety factor. D. Exceptions: 1. In light of their potential to support replication

Paulsson, Johan


Universal Resistivity from Holographic Massive Gravity  

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Massive gravity provides a holographic model for theories exhibiting momentum dissipation. We provide an analytic expression for the DC conductivity. The result is universal, depending only on properties of the infra-red horizon, and holds at finite temperature and charge density. In addition, we provide a derivation of black hole thermodynamics in holographic massive gravity and show that the resulting physics is sensible.

Mike Blake; David Tong



Building umbrellas or arks? three alternatives to carbon credits and offsets  

SciTech Connect

Carbon credit markets suffer seemingly inescapable flaws that may justify alternative approaches such as carbon taxes, a complete phase-out of carbon dioxide emissions, or a global carbon fund. In the years to come, we must remember that credits are not the only sensible policy options for responding to climate change. (author)

Sovacool, Benjamin K.



How to Read a Scientific Paper (  

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major lapses in thinking, and only our own critical sensibility can prevent our friends and students of intense interest. At our most critical, scientists may bring a kind of intellectual machismo between cursory readings of papers from which you just want to know conclusions or methods, and critical

Chatterjee, Avik P.


The Precision and Energetic Cost of Snapshot Estimates in Wireless Sensor Networks  

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The Precision and Energetic Cost of Snapshot Estimates in Wireless Sensor Networks Paul G. Flikkema of the precision of the estimate and the energetic cost of computing it. We present a model that is based the fidelity of the computed estimate and the energetic cost of obtaining it. A sensible criterion


From Lady Teacher to Professional: A Case Study of Some of the First Headteachers of Girls' Secondary Schools in England.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Investigates women headteachers' professional identity and leadership styles, returning readers to the late 19th century, when the first (British) secondary schools for girls were established. Explores various issues, such as sensible dress, girls' sports, health education, and extracurricular activities, employing case studies of three Birmingham…

Watts, Ruth




EPA Science Inventory

We investigated the effects of the shape of leaf area profiles and the number of canopy layers on simulated sensible and latent heat fluxes using a gradient diffusion-based biometeorological model. Three research questions were addressed through simulation experiments: (1) Given ...


PER-MARE: Adaptive Deployment of MapReduce over Pervasive Grids Luiz Angelo Steffenel, Olivier Flauzac, Andrea Schwertner Charo, Patricia Pitthan Barcelos,  

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to the cloud, as clouds present several security issues, when compared to private or managed infrastructures successfully used to perform computations on massive amounts of data, being widely deployed on clusters, grid perspectives, several enterprises hesitate to put sensible data on the cloud and prefer to rely on internal

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


TiAgx thin films for lower limb prosthesis pressure sensors: effect of composition and structural changes in the electrical and thermal response of the films  

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1 TiAgx thin films for lower limb prosthesis pressure sensors: effect of composition and structural of such a sensors network device obeyed some basic criteria like i) a linear response with the pressure (high sensibility to the pressure); ii) low sensitivity to temperature, material composition and manufacturing

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


1911 > 2011 dans tous ses tats  

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/ 15 MK Centre du Soleil 1000 °C / 1273 K Lave d'un volcan ou coeur d'un feu de cheminée 58°C / 331 K des champs magnétiques très intenses. Des détecteurs ultra- sensibles du champ magnétique émis par

Canet, Léonie


INSTITUT NEEL Grenoble Proposition d'un sujet de thse -Anne universitaire 2009-2010  

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phonons en conditions extrêmes (jusqu'à 10mK). L'objectif scientifique est de comprendre les lois inédites ultra-sensible. L'application des mesures pour la mise au point de nouveaux dispositifs (porte

Canet, Léonie


On the volatility of measures of financial risk: an investigation using returns from European markets  

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The statistical properties of various measures of risk were investigated with a view to explaining the reasons for lack of use in finance of risk measures other than the variance, and to see if there is a sensible measure to use for cross-European comparisons. As examples, the semi-variance, the lower partial moment, the Gini, and the absolute deviation were considered.

Babak Eftekhari; Christian Pedersen; Stephen Satchell



Valoración de Riesgo Anestésico Mora-México: Una Propuesta Razonada en Evidencias  

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Estimation of the pre anesthesia factors that may be important to assess the anesthesia risk is a hard task for the anesthesiologist. This new scale named Mora-Mexico anesthesia risk evaluation is an idea based on my own experience and the information on this issue. A rational combination of 10 factors: age, weight, hyper sensibility to drugs, number of drugs used

J. Daniel Mora García; Artículo Especial


Mediating Third-Wave Feminism: Appropriation as Postmodern Media Practice.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Analyzes gendered representations of Alanis Morissette, Kate Moss, and Ally McBeal. Argue that, in each case, the appropriation of third-wave feminist tenets is accomplished via a postmodern aesthetic code of juxtaposition that serves to recontextualize and reinscribe those sensibilities in a way that ultimately functions to reify dominant…

Shugart, Helene A.; Waggoner, Catherine Egley; Hallstein, D. Lynn O'Brien



Novembre -Dcembre 2013 -N 251 SUBAQUA InfosRecherche  

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!). Si nous sommes relativement sensibles aux plaintes de nos congénères vertébrés tels le cri du chien à qui on a marché sur la queue ou celui du chat avec qui on joue un peu trop et qui nous le fait savoir

Jacquet, Stéphan


Scale Relations for Global Air-Sea Interaction  

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The role of the oceans in the formation of the earth's climate is discussed. A simple model for global air-sea interaction is proposed which takes into account the latitudinal variation of the planet's radiation budget, atmospheric sensible and latent heat transport due to baroclinic instability of zonal flow, and heat transport by ocean currents. The model permits assessment of the

A. S. Monin; S. S. Zilitinkevich



Energy balance closure at FLUXNET sites  

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A comprehensive evaluation of energy balance closure is performed across 22 sites and 50 site-years in FLUXNET, a network of eddy covariance sites measuring long-term carbon and energy fluxes in contrasting ecosystems and climates. Energy balance closure was evaluated by statistical regression of turbulent energy fluxes (sensible and latent heat (LE)) against available energy (net radiation, less the energy stored)

Kell Wilson; Allen Goldstein; Eva Falge; Marc Aubinet; Dennis Baldocchi; Paul Berbigier; Christian Bernhofer; Reinhart Ceulemans; Han Dolman; Chris Field; Achim Grelle; Andreas Ibrom; B. E. Law; Andy Kowalski; Tilden Meyers; John Moncrieff; Russ Monson; Walter Oechel; John Tenhunen; Riccardo Valentini; Shashi Verma



The Past Is All before Us: The History of Education in Hard Times  

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In this article, the author explores these questions--from what position, with what focus, and through what methods can a history be produced that is sensible of the conflicts and passions of its own time, and that can illuminate those of the past?--estimating that the books under review in several ways invite such a demanding reading. Gary…

Jones, Ken



Computer-Intensive School Environments and the Reorganization of Knowledge and Learning: A Qualitative Assessment of Apple Computer's Classroom of Tomorrow.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Apple Classroom of Tomorrow (ACOT) project is an attempt to alter the instructional premises of a selected group of seven experimental classrooms in the United States by saturating them with computer technology. A recent proposal submitted to Apple Computer described STAR (Sensible Technology Assessment/Research), which includes both…

Levine, Harold G.


Comparison of regional surface fluxes from boundary-layer budgets and aircraft measurements above boreal forest  

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Daytime surface sensible and latent heat fluxes (H s and ;Es) above boreal forest, derived independently from the boundary-layer budgets of heat and water vapor and by eddy correlation from the Twin Otter aircraft, are compared. The aircraft and boundary-layer budget values of Hs + ;Es underestimated surface available energy by 25% and 4%, respectively, when the sum of the

Alan G. Barr; Alan K. Betts; R. L. Desjardins; J. I. MacPherson



Virus Research 101 (2004) 1528 Orthoreovirus and Aquareovirus core proteins: conserved enzymatic  

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infect fish and have a genome comprising 11 RNA segments. Despite these differences, recent structural mammals, birds, and rep- tiles, whereas AqRVs have been isolated from fish, mol- luscs, and crustaceans (Dryden et al., 1993; Metcalf et al., 1991). A sensible proposal for analogous, if not homologous

Tao, Yizhi Jane


Ground-based measurements of soil water storage in Texas  

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Ground-based measurements of soil water storage in Texas Todd Caldwell Bridget Scanlon Di Long Landslides EROSION Dust Weak SOIL STRENGTH Hard Latent heat SOLAR ENERGY Sensible heat Energy-limited TRANSPIRATION Water-limited Carbon storage ECOHYDROLOGY Stress, mortality, fire Oxygen limitations MICROBIAL

Yang, Zong-Liang


A spatial autocorrelative model for targeting stream restoration to benefit sensitive nongame  

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nongame fish species as a measure of restoration success. However, mitigation of human influence will only poissons non sportifs sensibles comme mesure du succe`s de la restauration. Cepen- dant, la mitigation de l'influence is to benefit aquatic biota, particularly fish. The ``field-of-dreams'' hypothesis (Palmer et al. 1997) suggests

Vander Zanden, Jake


H A correction for sonic temperature errors resulting from flow acceleration and  

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and the desirable quality of minimal user maintenance have resulted in widespread use of this sensor as a primary, eddy covariance measurement device. Although sonic anemometers provide an excellent platform practicalities. Temperature constitutes a primary measurement because it determines the flux of sensible heat


Seasonal variation of energy and water vapor exchange rates above and below a boreal jack pine forest canopy  

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Fluxes of energy and water vapor over boreal forest stands are expected to vary during the growing season due to temporal variations in solar energy, soil and air temperature, soil moisture, photosynthetic capacity, and leaf area. To investigate this hypothesis, we measured fluxes of energy balance components (solar, latent and sensible heat, and soil and canopy heat storage) over and

Dennis D. Baldocchi; Christoph A. Vogel; Brad Hall



Physical and chemical pathways for economic recycling of cadmium telluride thin-film photovoltaic modules  

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There is a great potential that polycrystalline thin-film CdTe photovoltaic module technologies will be able to reduce manufacturing costs enough to open vast new markets. One aspect that must be addressed, however, is the environmental implication of Cd. In this paper, research conducted to explore possible economic and environmentally sensible recycling techniques is described. A successful mechanical treatment was water

Richard A. Sasala; John Bohland; Ken Smigielski



Technical Communication across Cultures: Five Philosophical Questions.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Challenges technical communicators to rethink some of the precepts of their discipline, in order to accommodate both global business ambitions and postmodern sensibilities. Questions core beliefs of many professional technical communicators. Suggests the clear, simple, and direct style of North American technical writers is an effective and…

Weiss, Edmond H.



Correcting eddy-covariance flux underestimates over a grassland  

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Independent measurements of the major energy balance flux components are not often consistent with the principle of conservation of energy. This is referred to as a lack of closure of the surface energy balance. Most results in the literature have shown the sum of sensible and latent heat fluxes measured by eddy covariance to be less than the difference between

T. E. Twine; W. P. Kustas; J. M. Norman; D. R. Cook; P. R. Houser; T. P. Meyers; J. H. Prueger; P. J. Starks; M. L. Wesely




Microsoft Academic Search

The knowledge of the mechanism of nutrient uptake from the soil and plant absorption is very important factors involved with corn ( Zea mays L.) crop fertilization practices. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the variation of different parameters based on Barber and Cushman P and K uptake model, through to sensibility analysis. This continuous



Understanding the coupled surface energy flux-valley wind system using observations in an alpine valley  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Buoyancy-driven diurnal valley winds depend on relative partitioning of incoming solar radiation into the sensible and latent heat fluxes. Evaporation and transpiration at the surface contribute to the latent heat flux, while heating of the air near the surface results from the sensible heat flux. Thus if more moisture is available at the surface, (e.g. as soil moisture or dew) then more energy will be partitioned into the latent heat flux, and less will be available for the sensible heat flux. Presented here is an analysis of observations from surface weather stations placed throughout the La Fouly catchment (~20 km^2) in southern Switzerland during the summers of 2009 and 2010. The stations were equipped with sensors to measure atmospheric and land surface variables including: incoming solar radiation, 2 m air temperature, skin temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, precipitation, soil moisture, and soil temperature. Scaling analysis is used to show how the balance between sensible and latent heat fluxes influences the buoyancy-driven valley winds. A preliminary analysis indicates that increased surface soil moisture tends to decrease the strength of slope winds both during the day and at night, while decreased soil moisture has the opposite effect. While this type of relation has been previously investigated through numerical simulations of valley or slope flows, it has not (to the authors' knowledge), been previously observed in the field.

Daniels, M. H.; Pardyjak, E.; Brutsaert, W. H.; Mage, R.; Parlange, M. B.



Neoteny, Dialogic Education and an Emergent Psychoculture: Notes on Theory and Practice  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article argues that children represent one vanguard of an emergent shift in Western subjectivity, and that adult-child dialogue, especially in the context of schooling, is a key locus for the epistemological change that implies. Following Herbert Marcuse's invocation of a "new sensibility", the author argues that the…

Kennedy, David



GEFCom2012 Hierarchical Load Forecasting Gradient boosting machines and Gaussian processes  

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discusses data cleansing, section 3 is on temperature forecasting, sections 4 and 5 introduce the GBM and GP. A brief introduction to Gaussian processes is provided in Appendix A. 2. Data cleansing A sensible first the algorithms detailed below performed acceptably well without further data cleansing. No adjustments were made

Ghahramani, Zoubin


Lipoabdominoplasty with Selective and Safe Undermining  

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Our objective is to present a new surgical concept for the aesthetic treatment of the abdominal region using the principles of liposuction associated with the traditional abdominoplasty. Lipoabdominoplasty is different from other techniques because it has the advantages of conserving perforator vessels of the abdominal wall, it preserves suprapubic sensibility, results in better abdominal contouring, has a low rate of

Osvaldo Ribeiro Saldanha; Ewaldo Bolívai De Souza Pinto; Wilson Novaes Mattos; Carlos Eduardo Pazetti; Erika Mônica Lopes Bello; Yuri Rojas; Madeline Ramos dos Santos; Ana Carolina O. de Carvalho; Osvaldo Ribeiro Saldanha Filho



Changes in wintertime evaporation and surface energy budget in 2007 and 2008 over an open water surface in Mississippi, U.S.A  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Using data measured from an eddy covariance system during two winters in 2007 and 2008, we examined how synoptic weather events affect wintertime evaporation and surface energy budget over an open water surface. The measurements were conducted in the Ross Barnett reservoir (32o26’N, 90o02’W), Mississippi, U.S.A. The fetch for the eddy covariance system exceeded 2 km in all directions and the water depth is about 4 m around the flux tower. Synoptic weather events determine large-scale meteorological properties of air masses passing over water. Cold and dry air masses promote sensible and latent heat exchange between the water surface and the atmosphere. Warm and wet air masses suppress the vertical temperature and humidity gradients and dampen exchange of sensible and latent heat exchange. Therefore, day-to-day variations in sensible and latent heat fluxes are strongly influenced by synoptic weather patterns in wintertime. Analysis of meteorological data and synoptic charts indicates that there were more cold front activities in the 2007 wintertime than in the 2008 wintertime. Our results indicate that sensible and latent heat fluxes in the 2007 winter are about 27% and 36% higher than those in the 2008 wintertime, respectively. These results suggest that future potential changes in cold front activities (intensity, frequency, and duration) may lead to substantial shifts in regional energy budget and hydrological balance in the southern regions with an abundance of open water bodies (e.g., lakes, reservoirs, swamps etc).

Liu, H.; Zhang, Y.



CFD Simulation and Analysis of the Combined Evaporative Cooling and Radiant Ceiling Air-conditioning System  

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, and the ceiling cooling system deals with the other part of sensible loads in the air-conditioned zone, so that the condensation on radiant panels and the insufficiency of cooling capacity can be avoided. The cooling water at 18? used in the cooling coils...

Xiang, H.; Yinming, L.; Junmei, W.



Ground validation of an intermittent flow visualization system  

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or C = A+B+g ( I) 29 Term by term integration leads to: T T2 1 ( 1) BC T 1 f C = l (A+B)T+ The summation is carried out until the last term alters the sum less than +0. 01%. The enthalpy change due to a change in temperature is the sensible...

Myatt, James Harold



Detection of incipient object slippage by skin-like sensing and neural network processing  

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Detection of incipient slippage is of great importance in robotics for the control of grasping and manipulation tasks. Together with fine-form reconstruction and primitive recognition, it has to be the main feature of an artificial tactile system. The system presented here is based on a neural network used to detect incipient slippage and on a skin-like sensor sensible to normal

Gaetano Canepa; Rocco Petrigliano; Matteo Campanella; Danilo De Rossi



Numerical analysis of an aeroacoustic field using Complex Variable Method  

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Numerical analysis of an aeroacoustic field using Complex Variable Method E. Gaudarda , R of this method is that the sensibility analysis is performed during the numerical simulation by investigat- ing and characterization of acoustic sources in flows. Analysis of aeroacoustic noise generation and propagation often

Boyer, Edmond


Study on the urban heat island mitigation effect achieved by converting to grass-covered parking  

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The urban heat island mitigation effect of conversion from asphalt-covered parking areas to grass-covered ones is estimated by observation and calculation. The mean surface temperature in a parking lot is calculated from a thermal image captured by an infrared camera. The sensible heat flux in each parking space is calculated based on the surface heat budget. The reduction in the

Hideki Takebayashi; Masakazu Moriyama



Commentary: Implementation, Sustainability, and Scaling up in School Contexts--Can School Psychology Make the Shift?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In the context of a broader focus on prevention and school psychology, there is no question that Elias, Zins, Graczyk, and Weissberg (2003) raise key issues in the movement toward a sensible approach to creating school and classroom environments that are responsive to children's developmental needs. The Elias et al. article argues convincingly for…

Pianta, Robert C.



Historical Fiction or Fictionalized History? Problems for Writers of Historical Novels for Young Adults.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Considers the problems associated with writing historical fiction for young adults. Discusses problems of definition, "truth," balance between historical details and fictional elements, accuracy, and provenance. Discusses how such writing negotiates the fine line between contemporary sensibilities and historical accuracy, offering a lens upon the…

Brown, Joanne



Measurements of visual double stars with a 6" reflector and a em-ccd imaging device. (French Title: Mesures d'étoiles doubles avec un télescope de 150mm et une caméra em-ccd)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper presents the measurements of 192 visual double stars obtained between Avr 2010 and Feb 2011 with a 6" reflector telescope and an EM-CCD camera. The sensibility of this kind of imaging device allowed us to obtain reliable measures for systems up to mag 12.

Sérot, J.




Microsoft Academic Search

This study reports the seasonal assessment of energy balance components and carbon dioxides fluxes over a drip irrigated kiwifruit orchard, with a Leaf Area Index (LAI) of 3 at full canopy development. The most remarkable amount of energy partitioning throughout the whole season was due to latent heat flux that had values approximating to those of sensible heat flux (about

Federica Rossi; Osvaldo Facini; Teodoro Georgiadis; Marianna Nardino


Emission of climate-relevant trace gases and succession of microbial communities during open-windrow composting  

Microsoft Academic Search

Municipal solid-waste composting is a process of increasing importance, based primarily on augmentation of microbial activity. The composting of organic matter leads not only to a reduction in waste but a sensible recycling of residuals to their origin. Carbon dioxide derived from plant matter degradation does not contribute to global warming. However, emitted nitrous oxide and methane molecules contribute to




President Huddleston Welcome, and good morning everyone--whether you're here at  

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of these rules has to do with so-called "selfies." As you have probably read, many colleges and universities have, quite sensibly, banned selfies from their commencement ceremonies. Selfies are indecorous, unprofessional, and altogether quite beneath the dignity of UNH Wildcats. [Show selfies on Jumbotron] OK, so


EnfErmEdadEs dEl jaguar En Estado silvEstrE En El surEstE dE mxico  

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la de reservorios silvestres (toxoplasmosis) de 55.5% en el Ejido Caoba. En contraste no se silvestre, leucemia viral, moquillo, par- vovirus, toxoplasmosis. Abstract Large felids are indicators, toxoplasmosis, wildlife dis- eases. Introducción Los carnívoros son muy sensibles a las perturbaciones de su

Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad


Assimilating FY3A MWRI+VIRR Window Channel Data into Chinese Land Data Assimilation System  

Microsoft Academic Search

Land surface is an important interface that exchanges energy with atmosphere, which controlled by many key factors such as albedo, soil moisture, soil temperature, surface roughness, soil emissivity and more, where albedo and surface emissitivity will contribute to the energy redistribution, soil temperature may directly affect the sensible heat in land-atmosphere exchange and soil moisture controls the partitioning of the

Q. Lu



A survey of mobility models for ad hoc network research  

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In the performance evaluation of a protocol for an ad hoc network, the protocol should be tested under realistic conditions including, but not limited to, a sensible transmission range, limited buffer space for the storage of messages, representative data traffic models, and realistic movements of the mobile users (i.e., a mobility model). This paper is a survey of mobility models

Tracy Camp; Jeff Boleng; Vanessa Davies



Organic matter recycling in a beach environment influenced by sunscreen products and increased inorganic nutrient supply (Sturla, Ligurian Sea, NW Mediterranean)  

Microsoft Academic Search

The beaches are sites where the human influence may be strong and the beach ecosystems have often shown a high sensibility to environmental alterations. These zones may be affected by a large series of anthropogenic-derived pressures, such as unbalanced inorganic nutrient input, that may cause anomalous development of primary production, altering the structure of the trophic webs. Furthermore, the utilisation

Cristina Misic; Anabella Covazzi Harriague; Francesca Trielli



Sea surface exchanges of momentum, heat, and freshwater determined by satellite remote sensing  

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1 Sea surface exchanges of momentum, heat, and freshwater determined by satellite remote sensing Sensible heat flux Shortwave radiation Surface wind fields 2 #12;Sea surface exchanges of momentum, heat and the atmosphere communicate through the interfacial exchanges of heat, freshwater, and momentum. While

Yu, Lisan


Remarkable-Tracking, Experiential Education of the Ecological Imagination  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Imagination might be understood as letting our senses, perceptions and sensibilities run free for no apparent reason. Here, for this special edition what might be "remarkable" is the "opening" of our imagination provided orally through storytelling. This opening involves the "placing" of our own and our listeners' embodied selves in the…

Payne, Phillip G.



HUME Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding Section VI "Of Probability" 1748. THOUGH there be no such thing as Chance in the world; our ignorance of the real cause  

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on the passions and affections more sensible; and in a word, begets that reliance or security, which constitutes has ever yet been found of any failure or irregularity in their operation. Fire has always burned, and water suffocated every human creature: the production of motion by impulse and gravity is an universal

Barrett, Jeffrey A.


Networks of Knowledge, Matters of Learning, and Criticality in Higher Education  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Higher education in the UK has become preoccupied with debates over the authority of knowledge and of criticality. In this article we argue that approaches to knowledge in higher education might benefit from a network sensibility that foregrounds the negotiated processes through which the material becomes entangled with the social to bring forth…

Fenwick, Tara; Edwards, Richard



Experts, Bayesian Belief Networks, rare events and aviation risk estimates  

Microsoft Academic Search

Bayesian Belief Networks (BBN) are conceptually sensible models for aviation risk assessment. The aim here is to examine the ability of BBN-based techniques to make accurate aviation risk predictions. BBNs consist of a framework of causal factors linked by conditional probabilities. BBN conditional probabilities are elicited from aviation experts. The issue is that experts are not being asked about their

Peter Brooker



[Action of dicrotophos on the development in vitro of the tibia of chick embryo].  


Comparison between Chicken embryos tibias cultured on standard medium and on added dicrotophos medium shows that the organophosphate lead to a great growth and weight decrease. Co-treatment with nicotinamide significantly reduces the teratogenic effects. These above results points to a direct sensibility of long bones to that poison. PMID:148954

Autissier-Navarro, C; Meiniel, R



Wet periods in northeastern Brazil over the past 210kyr linked to distant climate anomalies  

Microsoft Academic Search

The tropics are the main source of the atmosphere's sensible and latent heat, and water vapour, and are therefore important for reconstructions of past climate. But long, accurately dated records of southern tropical palaeoclimate, which would allow the establishment of climatic connections to distant regions, have not been available. Here we present a 210,000-year (210-kyr) record of wet periods in

Xianfeng Wang; Augusto S. Auler; R. Lawrence Edwards; Hai Cheng; Patricia S. Cristalli; Peter L. Smart; David A. Richards; Chuan-Chou Shen



Potential Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Savings in the Clinical Science Building at UTMB  

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and mass balance equations: t x(Tnom -rj + m^, x(Troom -To) = ^- where, T,^^ is the room temperature, Qkt and Q^ are the sensible loads at the interior zone and exterior zone respectively, m^.mt and m^ext are the cold deck air supply to the interior...

Liu, M.; Athar, A.; Claridge, D. E.; Reddy, T. A.; Haberl, J. S.



Context and Critical Perspective: Meeting Black Autobiography Halfway.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Black autobiography can only be viewed sensibly in the classroom if an attempt is made to come to terms with the social and historical milieu in which the work was produced and with the persona and ethos of the writer. Critical failure to do so puts critic and text at a serious disadvantage because such failure restricts critical vision to the…

Davidson, Phebe


Estimating actual evapotranspiration for a coupled human environment system: sensitivity to drought  

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Aerodynamic Resistance Net radiation (Rn) Soil Heat Flux (G) T Hot & Cold Pixels Sensible Heat Flux (H) Aerodynamic Resistance Friction Velocity Iteration Process for Stable Atmosphere 24hr ET Latent Heat Flux (LE Stability Correction Daily Reference ET HGRnET HGRnLELE where LE - the latent heat flux; - latent heat

Hall, Sharon J.


Changes in the surface roughness of snow from millimetre to metre scales S.R. Fassnacht a,  

E-print Network

. For the movement of air across the snow surface, the aerodynamic roughness length (zo) is a parameter describing the surface roughness that is used to determine sensible and latent heat fluxes between the surface in aerodynamic turbulence across a snow or ice surface. Several metrics have been used to describe the surface

Williams, Mark W.


An Ontology-Based Framework to Model a GlobalPlatform Secure Element  

Microsoft Academic Search

The role of Trusted Service Manager (TSM) is essential in the Near Field Communication (NFC) ecosystem. One of its responsibilities is to manage all or part of a secure chip hosting sensible data and applications named Secure Element (SE). The management of this SE is often based on a prior knowledge of its characteristics and on business and technical agreements

Vincent Alimi



Heat storage of pavement and its effect on the lower atmosphere  

Microsoft Academic Search

Heat flux at the air\\/ground interface was observed and analyzed for various pavement materials on summer days. The surface temperature, heat storage and its subsequent emission to the atmosphere were significantly greater for asphalt than for concrete or bare soil. At the maximum, asphalt pavement emitted an additional 150 W m?2 in infrared radiation and 200 W m?2 in sensible

Akio Wake



Beautiful Nonsense: Children's Authentic Art-Making and Deleuzian Difference  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

When we join with another who shares our sensibilities, we have potential for doing good. This article explores how the self-initiated art making of children that happens outside the classroom challenges the child emotionally and intellectually more than teacher-directed school art. Furthermore, authentic collaborative art making creates a site…

Grube, Vicky



NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY Department of Art History  

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AH_235 NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY Department of Art History INTRODUCTION TO LATIN AMERICAN ART of hybrid art forms that unite native and European sensibilities. Questions of religious and visual concerns both art and architecture from 1491-1960. The course initially focuses on Mexico and Peru


Using Mimio Boardcast in an Online Principles of Macroeconomics Course to Improve Student Performance  

Microsoft Academic Search

CCSU recognizes the impact of technological change on our student's ability to find and to keep employment. CCSU was the third post-secondary institution in the country and the first in the Southeast to require laptops of all students. As a result, CCSU is committed to incorporating technological enhancements in the classroom where sensible and feasible. Model classrooms with projectors and

Nikki McIntyre FINLAY


In 2003, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service developed Cooking Well with Diabetes (CWWD) to  

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include: Carbohydrate Foods (starch and dessert recipes); Making Recipes with Fat Better for You (main); and Diabetes Reunion ­ Celebrating Sensibly with Diabetes (holiday recipes); · Texas-style foods with ethnic method for portion control; and · diabetes, nutrition, and food safety tips with each recipe for cooking


Health and Safety Office Risk Assessment  

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Health and Safety Office Risk Assessment and Afterwards #12;University of Cambridge Health and Safety Division #12;Health and Safety Office Taking risks is a vital part of modern life and Health't do that!" But "How can you do that reasonably safely?" Sensible Risk management #12;Health

de Gispert, Adrià


Risk analysis in sterilization services: A first step towards a generic model of risk  

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Health services are environments that are very sensible to risks; they have a highly contagious natureRisk analysis in sterilization services: A first step towards a generic model of risk NEGRICHI-Marie.Flaus}, Abstract: Sterilization services are vulnerable to risks, due to the contagious nature of their environment

Boyer, Edmond


Improving Leadership and Management Practices: One Step at a Time  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Taking small steps toward change is a sensible way to improve the leadership and management practices in an early care and education program. A director must be able to make continuous improvements without alienating staff by asking them to make drastic changes that seem overwhelming and unachievable. Taking on change one step at a time is a way…

Bella, Jill



State Housing Policy and Urban School Segregation. ECS Working Paper LEC-83-13.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Urban school desegregation can be achieved through more sensible housing policies. Review of the current situation shows that some States (New York, Illinois, Michigan, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Minnesota, for example) have been able to integrate their schools by fostering the development of low and moderate income housing in particular urban…

Orfield, Gary



Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

The representation of spatial heterogeneity of soil moisture is essential for modeling processes that are nonlinearly related to soil moisture, such as the partitioning of sensible and latent heat fluxes.Remotely sensed soil moisture data is becoming increasingly available, however the variability w...


Submerged cultivation of Ganoderma lucidum biomass and immunostimulatory effects of fungal polysaccharides  

Microsoft Academic Search

Original Ganoderma lucidum strain MZKI G97 isolated from Slovenian forests was cultivated in a liquid substrate based on potato dextrose and olive oil. The influences of inoculum and oxygen partial pressure in batch and fed batch cultivation in a 10-l laboratory stirred tank reactor were studied. Fungal biomass was found to be oxygen and shear sensible. Using a 17% (wet

Marin Berovi?; Jožica Habijani?; Irena Zore; Branka Wraber; Damjan Hodžar; Bojana Boh; Franc Pohleven



Water-air transfer resistance for ammonia from flooded rice  

Microsoft Academic Search

Vertical flux densities of ammonia, water vapour and sensible heat were measured over a flooded rice field in China following the application of ammonium bicarbonate fertilizer. Aqueous and gaseous phase transfer resistances for ammonia were deduced from these measurements. The aqueous phase resistance was maximal in the morning and least in the afternoon. Stable stratification of the floodwater immediately adjacent

A. C. F. Trevitt; J. R. Freney; O. T. Denmead; Zhu Zhao-Liang; Cai Gui-Xin; J. R. Simpson




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LABORATORY ANALYSIS OF SOILS AND SPOILS BPG NOTE 2 Best Practice Guidance for Land Regeneration of achieving production of sustainable greenspace. Chemical analysis is often considered to have a relatively, for example, when vegetation fails. It is important to stress that sensibly chosen chemical analysis


Officer Developmenti Seven Habits of Highly Effective People  

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/Win: Principles of Interpersonal Leadership. This is the paradigm of human interaction. It's not "my way" or "your take some hard work, but can be sensibly achieved. Boss vs. Leader (Author Unknown) · The boss drives his/her team; the leader coaches them. · The boss depends on authority; the leader depends upon good

Sherrill, David


Motion properties of satellites around external spiral galaxies  

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We are analyzing a sample of closeby galaxy systems, each comprising a bright isolated spiral and its satellites. We find an excess (56%) of prograde satellites over retrograde, which basically holds for all angular displacements from the primary major axis. Monte Carlo simulations show that interlopers and mixing systems at different distances in the sample should not affect porcentages sensibly.

M. Azzaro; F. Prada; C. M. Gutiérrez



Impression-Oriented Music Courseware and Its Application in Elementary Schools  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to present the design and implementation of music courseware that features a music search system that uses impression keywords. The paper applies the courseware to "Kansei" (sensibility) development for elementary and junior high school students. The objectives of this courseware are to cultivate children's…

Sasaki, Shiori; Watagoshi, Kiku; Takano, Kosuke; Hirashima, Kazuo; Kiyoki, Yasushi



Estimations and Approximations: The Money Munchers  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This lesson unit is intended to help you assess how well students are able to: Model a situation. Make sensible, realistic assumptions and estimates. Use assumptions and estimates to create a chain of reasoning in order to solve a practical problem.

Mathematics Assessment Project



Inverting the Inverted Pyramid: A Conversation about the Use of Feminist Theories to Teach Journalism  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Teaching is always challenging, and for some teachers who are feminists, teaching journalism is difficult. The tenets of good journalism--objectivity and neutrality--are often antithetical to their feminist values. Educators face the dilemma of how to incorporate feminist sensibilities into teaching journalism--a profession that strives for…

Walker, Danna L.; Geertsema, Margaretha; Barnett, Barbara



The periodic table model of the gender transpositions: Part I. A theory based on masculinization and defeminization of the brain  

Microsoft Academic Search

Students of human sexuality have long tried to make sense of atypical masculinity, femininity, sexual object choice, gender identity, or clothing choice. In Part I of this paper, we propose a theory to organize and to make sensible most of the major facts about these gender transpositions—a periodic table model of the gender transpositions. People have neural substrates that have

Richard C. Pillard; James D. Weinrich




E-print Network

M�TODO DE LOCALIZACI�N DE LOS HERIDOS EN EL CASO DE UN TERREMOTO EN M�RIDA, VENEZUELA. Methodology for the localization of injured in case of an earthquake in Mérida, Venezuela. Julien Rebotier *11 rue Duvergier 75019) julio - diciembre 2006, pp 187-200. Resumen: Mérida (Venezuela) es particularmente sensible a la amenaza

Boyer, Edmond

390 February 2012-NT8 Discovery Park Impact  

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is implementing this infection-fighting nanotechnology into wound dressings for a variety of topical antiseptic and economically sensible solutions for the prevention and treatment of infected wounds. The company's core, acute and chronic wound care applications. The expertise and funding support from Discovery Park

Holland, Jeffrey


Energy Recovery System for Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units  

E-print Network

to the regenerator, and produces electricity for export. The sensible heat in the exhaust from the expander is further recovered in a waste heat boiler. A typical expander train consists of a hot gas expander, an air compressor, an auxiliary steam turbine for start...

Wen, H.; Lou, S. C.



Experimental and theoretical study of exhaust gas fuel reforming of Diesel fuel by a non-thermal arc discharge for syngas production  

E-print Network

evaluated in terms of energy efficiency and conversion rate. At low engine load, an energy efficiency of 40 vehicle, corresponding to high load and low load points. A sensibility study over O/C ratio, injected electric current and mass flow rate have been carried out. The plasma reformer performances have been

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


World championships javelin, 2005: (BBC discovers we have no athletes either)  

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pm. The wind was really blowing and he pointed out that this would make things very difficult about the event and it was the last sensible thing said about the competition. Fortunately Nieland did not qualify as he unfortunately got knocked out in the last round by the Estonian who

Hatton, Les


2004 3" International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics and Its Applications Proceedings Wrist-Located Pulse Detection using IR  

E-print Network

. The Aaerial Pulsehas been used as a fundamental way for diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine. A physician of the Chinese diagnoses and analyzes the condition of the patient only using theirfinger's sensibility orsinking, largeorsmall, empty or full, etc..Oneoftheworld's recent Chinese d i c a l trend is to develop

Park, Seong-Ook


Lubricant susceptibility of Cellactose and Avicel PH-200: a quantitative relationship.  


The lubricant susceptibility of two direct compression excipients, Avicel PH-200 and Cellactose, was determined using a model mix with metamizol sodium (dipyrone) and designed experiments to obtain a quantitative relationship by multiple regression. As a result, a new constant called specific lubricant sensibility Ls is proposed for the comparison of lubricant susceptibility in other drug-excipient systems. PMID:10738646

Estrada Flores, L; López Arellano, R; Díaz Esquivel, J J



Estimating ocean-air heat fluxes during cold air outbreaks by satellite  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Nomograms of mean column heating due to surface sensible and latent heat fluxes were developed. Mean sensible heating of the cloud free region is related to the cloud free path (CFP, the distance from the shore to the first cloud formation) and the difference between land air and sea surface temperatures, theta sub 1 and theta sub 0, respectively. Mean latent heating is related to the CFP and the difference between land air and sea surface humidities q sub 1 and q sub 0 respectively. Results are also applicable to any path within the cloud free region. Corresponding heat fluxes may be obtained by multiplying the mean heating by the mean wind speed in the boundary layer. The sensible heating estimated by the present method is found to be in good agreement with that computed from the bulk transfer formula. The sensitivity of the solutions to the variations in the initial coastal soundings and large scale subsidence is also investigated. The results are not sensitive to divergence but are affected by the initial lapse rate of potential temperature; the greater the stability, the smaller the heating, other things being equal. Unless one knows the lapse rate at the shore, this requires another independent measurement. For this purpose the downwind slope of the square of the boundary layer height is used, the mean value of which is also directly proportional to the mean sensible heating. The height of the boundary layer should be measurable by future spaceborn lidar systems.

Chou, S. H.; Atlas, D.



No minimum threshold for ozone-induced changes in soybean canopy fluxes  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Tropospheric ozone concentrations [O3] are increasing at rates that exceed any other pollutant. This highly reactive gas drives reductions in plant productivity and canopy water use while also increasing canopy temperature and sensible heat flux. It is not clear whether a minimum threshold of ozone ...


Urban Children and Intellectual Emancipation: Video Narratives of Self and Place in the City of Milwaukee  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study uses an interdisciplinary framework inspired by Ranciere (1991, 2009, 2010) ideas such as "intellectual equality," "redistribution of the sensible," and "aesthetic heterogenesis" to analyze the production of video-narratives of self and place within a group of Latino eight-year-olds attending public school in Milwaukee. The essay film,…

Trafi-Prats, Laura



Dtection de flux de contrle illgaux dans les Smartphones  

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Android operating system. Our approach allows the detection of control flow attacks on smartphones. MOTS objects to other objects. In particular, malicious applications can bypass Android system and get privacy le système Android et obtenir des informations sensibles à travers les flux de contrôles. Nous

Brest, Université de


A Hydrodynamical Model for Calculating the Vertical Temperature Profile in Lakes During Cooling  

Microsoft Academic Search

A one-dimensional hydrodynamical model is used for simulating the vertical temperature profile in a lake during cooling conditions. The vertical mixing rate is calculated by solving the equations for turbulent kinetic energy, k, and dissipation of energy, E. The heat exchange between the water and atmos- phere consists of the radiation fluxes, sensible and latent heat flux. Tempera- ture measurements

Jorgen Sahlberg



Seeing and Experiencing Relativity--A New Tool for Teaching?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

"What would you see if you were riding a beam of light?" This thought experiment, which Einstein reports to have "conducted" at the age of 16, of course has no sensible answer: as Einstein published a decade later, you could never reach the speed of light. But it does make sense to ask what you would see if you were traveling…

Kortemeyer, Gerd; Fish, Jordan; Hacker, Jesse; Kienle, Justin; Kobylarek, Alexander; Sigler, Michael; Wierenga, Bert; Cheu, Ryan; Kim, Ebae; Sherin, Zach; Sidhu, Sonny; Tan, Philip



Radio-echo studies of meteors at 68-centimeter wavelength  

Microsoft Academic Search

Radio-echo observations of sporadic meteors at 68 cm are described. Sufficient information was gathered to permit the computation of the velocity, height, duration, and intensity for most of the meteors. The principal conclusions reached are that (a) the meteors recorded at this short wavelength are seen ov. era height range not sensibly different from that at long wavelengths; (b) the

J. V. Evans




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and discharging phases. A temperature- enthalpy diagram shows the heat exchange between the two fluids. The x-axis shows net heat transfer in the form of total enthalpy change along the heat exchanger (the product of phase-change-material storage in series with sensible heat storage [4], where oils, phase-changing salts


Innostock 2012 The 12th International Conference on Energy Storage  

E-print Network

: (00 33) 5-56-84-63-71, e-mail: Nomenclature A Heat exchange surface (m2 ) Cp Sensible heat capacity ( .K-1 ) d Diameter (m) h Heat exchange coefficient (W.m-2 .K-2 ) H Enthalpy Fully developed hyd Hydraulic l Liquid (melted) PCM ld Leading edge PCM Phase Change Material s Solid

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Mean fluid temperatures in direct contact heat exchangers without phase change  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper deals with the distribution of fluid temperatures in a direct contact heat exchanger. The exchanger is considered as a column with two immiscible fluids in countercurrent flow. None of the fluids undergoes a phase change so that only sensible heat is transferred. Equations for the mean temperatures of the fluids are derived analytically by integration of the one-dimensional

J. Mitrovic; K. Stephan



December 31, 2003 Contents of NARR output AWIPS GRIB files  

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* Snow phase-change heat flux [W/m^2] accum * Evaporation [kg/m^2] accum * Potential evaporation [kg/m^2] * Sensible heat flux [W/m^2] * Latent heat flux [W/m^2] * Exchange coefficient [(kg/m^3)(m/s)] * Vegetation [%] * Ground Heat Flux [W/m^2] * Canopy conductance [m/s] * Temperature parameter in canopy conductance


J. Great Lakes Res. 26(3):305314 Internat. Assoc. Great Lakes Res., 2000  

E-print Network

. The annual cycles of latent and sensible heat flux over the Great Lakes are roughly opposite in phase-mail: INTRODUCTION Accurate characterization of the exchange of heat between the Great themselves through changes in these resultant atmospheric phenomena. Because the latent heat of evaporation


An analytical study of heat exchanger effectiveness and thermal performance in a solar energy storage system with PCM  

Microsoft Academic Search

Solar thermal energy storage systems can be categorized based on materials that store either as sensible heat or as latent heat of fusion. For convenience, the latter are designated as phase change materials (PCM). It is a fairly well accepted fact that PCM storage devices usually require less storage volume. In a recent paper, heat exchanger effectiveness for PCM storage

J. C. Y. Wang; C. C. K. Kwok; S. Lin; G. H. Vatistas



Solar2010, the 48th AuSES Annual Conference 1-3 December 2010, Canberra, ACT, Australia  

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, sensible heat storage in solids, phase change salts, and thermochemical storage cycles. Keywords exchanger to produce power straight away. The rest of the oil is passed through an oil- to-salt heat exchanger to heat molten salt for storage in an insulated tank at 386o C. Power can then be produced


Analytical model of a PCM-air heat exchanger  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper presents an analysis of a tubular heat exchanger which utilizes the latent heat of a phase-change material (PCM). In the heat exchanger, the PCM melts inside tubes while air flows across the tube banks. The sensible heat capacity of the liquid PCM and the tubes’ material is considered small in comparison with the latent heat of melting. This

Vadim Dubovsky; Gennady Ziskind; Ruth Letan



2013. American Geophysical Union. All Rights Reserved. Eos, Vol. 94, No. 31, 30 July 2013  

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. In general, heat exchange between the atmosphere and the SOHO(ESA&NASA) A modern Maunder Minimum would climate model and phased the change in of Geophysical Research-Oceans, doi:10.1002/ jgrc.20242, 2013) --EB Sensible heat flux records constrain

Blennerhassett, Peter


Biology 4410/5410 -Field Biology of Plants -Fall 2007 Instructor: Dr. David E. Lemke  

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and poison ivy. Wear sensible footwear; either sneakers or lightweight hiking boots are appropriate, sandals, etc., are not. We may hike several miles in an afternoon and do a small amount of rock climbing of fresh water to take with you while hiking. 8. A small notebook and pencil will be indispensible

Aspbury, Andrea S. - Department of Biology, Texas State University


At Odds: Strategic Planning - When the Smoke Clears  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this article, the author points out that it is discouraging to see critics still firing broadsides at strategic planning, an imperative as old as Western Civilization. Without exception, these salvos, whether prompted by misunderstanding or negative experience, lack both sensible tactic and sufficient charge, so they tend to quickly dissipate…

Cook, William J., Jr.



Empathy, Connectedness, and the Evolution of Boundaries in Self Psychological Treatment  

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This article discusses the evolution of nonlinear boundaries in the therapeutic dyad when we work from a self psychological, connectedness sensibility. Using verbatim material from a session with a borderline, fragmentation-prone and, at times, rageful patient, the article argues that boundaries should evolve so that they embrace a form and shape whose structure will provide the relationship with a depth

Richard A. Geist



Some Nuances in Intersubjective Attachment Systems: Discussion of Shelley Doctors' Article, “Notes on Incorporating Attachment Theory and Research Into Self Psychological and Intersubjective Clinical Work”  

Microsoft Academic Search

In this article I discuss Doctors's (2006) inclusive model presented in her paper, “Notes on Incorporating Attachment Theory and Research Into Self Psychological\\/Intersubjective Clinical Work.” I distinguish between linear stabilities of patterning emphasized by many attachment researchers and nonlinear properties of dyadic systems emphasized by relational and intersubjective systems, self–psychologists, and infant researchers, noting that Doctors brings both sensibilities into

Judith Pickles



Self-Determination Theory in Schools of Education: Can an Empirically Supported Framework also Be Critical and Liberating?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In many graduate schools of education there is strong resistance to formal theories, especially those that are supported through quantitative empirical methods. In this article we describe how self-determination theory (SDT), a formal and empirically focused framework, shares sensibilities with critical theorists concerning the importance of…

Ryan, Richard M.; Niemiec, Christopher P.



Information Technology Governance, Risk and Compliance in Health Care - A Management Approach  

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Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC) is an executive level concern in many enterprises today. It is an approach that addresses not only the establishment of business rules but more importantly how those rules are integrated into sensible organizational structures, embedded into the day-to-day business processes of the organization, communicated including ongoing training and monitored for compliance. In the first

Mike Krey



The action for higher spin black holes in three dimensions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the context of (2+1)-dimensional Chern-Simons SL( N, R ) × SL( N, R ) gauge fields and spin N black holes we compute the on-shell action and show that it generates sensible and consistent thermodynamics. In particular, the Chern-Simons action solves the integrability conditions recently considered in the literature.

Bañados, Máximo; Canto, Rodrigo; Theisen, Stefan



Using Graphic Texts in Secondary Classrooms: A Tale of Endurance  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In 2006, the author entered the crucible of trying to use graphic novels in her classroom to promote her students' artistic sensibilities. In this article, she discusses benefits and some problems--including access, content, and expense--of teaching graphic novels.

Rice, Mary



The Influence of Mechanical and Thermal Forcing by the Tibetan Plateau on Asian Climate  

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This paper attempts to provide some new understanding of the mechanical as well as thermal effects of the Tibetan Plateau (TP) on the circulation and climate in Asia through diagnosis and numerical experi- ments. The air column over the TP descends in winter and ascends in summer and regulates the surface Asian monsoon flow. Sensible heating on the sloping lateral

Guoxiong Wu; Yimin Liu; Tongmei Wang; Rijin Wan; Xin Liu; Weiping Li; Zaizhi Wang; Qiong Zhang; Anmin Duan; Xiaoyun Liang




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Como su fruto posee alto contenido de vitaminas A, B y C y minerales (potasio, hierro y calcio), es apreciado en EE.UU., Japón y países de Europa, donde es consumido como fruta fresca en contraestación, en la industria alimenticia y también medicinal por sus propiedades antioxidantes, antiinflamatorias y desinfectantes. Este cultivo es sensible tanto al déficit como al exceso de

H. Días; D. Pérez; M. Rodríguez Loustau


The Imaginary World of Henri Rousseau. Teacher's Guide. School Arts: Looking/Learning.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

While Henri Rousseau's work was not easily classified into any definitive artistic style of the time--impressionism, post-impressionism, fauvism, or cubism--it has been considered a forerunner of surrealism because of its dreamlike sensibility. This teaching guide provides information about Rousseau and his work, focusing on "Tropical Forest with…

Henderson, Anne


Multilingualism, Language Policy and Creative Writing in Kenya  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Language use and creative writing go hand in hand. In the process of exploring language, we also engage in the study of literature. An engagement with literature is, indeed, a continuing process of improving our capacity to use language and refining our sensibility to good language use. In Kenya, there are clearly discernible patterns of creative…

Mbithi, Esther K



Application of artificial neural networks to the design and implementation of electronic olfactory systems  

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Recent developments in electronic olfactory systems have broaden their range of applications to many industrial fields, such as the chemical, food and cosmetic industries. Mimicking the human olfactory systems, where neural processing enhances the sensibility and selectivity of the chemosensory receptor cells, the new generation of Electronic Noses combine arrays of chemical sensors with powerful artificial neural network processing algorithms.

J. Brezmes; N. Canyellas; E. Llobet; X. Vilanova; X. Correig


Uncertainty and sensitivity analysis for the environmental tritium code UFOTRI  

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Computer models are used for predicting the impact of tritium releases. Their reliability, when experimental data are limited, can be judged from benchmark tests and uncertainty analysis. First results of a parameter uncertainty and sensibility analysis are presented for the environmental tritium code UFOTRI. The uncertainty range is shown to be less than one order of magnitude. The bulk of

D. Galeriu; P. Davis; S. Chouhan; W. Raskob



PV tracking data needed in the optimal design of the azimuthal tracker’s Control program  

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The energetic efficiency of the PV panels can be sensibly increased using tracking systems. In their control program design the main parameters are the motions amplitude and the tracking steps number which are subject of optimization based on maximization of the received direct solar radiation on panel, on minimization of the driving energy for tracking, on PV type and on

I. Visa; D. V. Diaconescu; A. Duta; V. Popa



Applying a Generic Juvenile Risk Assessment Instrument to a Local Context: Some Practical and Theoretical Lessons  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article examines issues raised by the application of a generic actuarial juvenile risk instrument (the Model Risk Assessment Instrument) to New York City, a context different from the one in which it was developed. It describes practical challenges arising from the constraints of locally available data and local sensibilities and highlights…

Miller, Joel; Lin, Jeffrey



Confessions from the Performatively Confused  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

"Confessions" begins with an auto-ethnographic account of my learning-through-movement in a relationship that was intimate, therapeutic, embodied and instructive--with a teacher called Annie. It seems sensible to start with a choreographic teacher of Feldenkrais therapies and theatre-movement to think about the meanings I import from my roles as…

Williams, Rose



African Physical Review (2007) 1 Special Issue (Microfluidics):0018 37 Multispectral Imaging of a Biochip Based  

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of a Biochip Based on Surface Plasmon Resonance Nakkach Mohamed1,2 , Lecaruyer Pierre2 , Bardin Fabrice2 surface. The SPR biosensor also called biochip is recently used to study multiple interactions] of the sensible surface is acquired to compare and quantify with accuracy the response of the biochip. Precision

Boyer, Edmond



Microsoft Academic Search

Current fire suppression systems based on water use far more agent than should be required based on a comparison of its sensible enthalpy with that of nitrogen or carbon dioxide. In attempting to broaden the range of fire protection applications for which water can be used, it is desirable to determine to what degree the effect predicted based on water's

S. P. Fuss; D. J. Dye; B. A. Williams; J. W. Fleming


Wide-band airborne radar operating considerations for low-altitude surveillance in the presence of specular multipath  

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Reliable detection of low-altitude platforms while simultaneously maintaining a desired search rate can be extremely difficult due to the presence of multipath. Wide-band operation in combination with frequency diversity is a sensible approach to not only mitigate, but in some cases exploit multipath channel characteristics. While a great deal of knowledge exists for characterizing the frequency dependencies of complicated multipath

Joseph G. Teti




EPA Science Inventory

Estimates of the bacterial flux for a daylight cycle were observed at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, Richland, WA, during June 1992, using a modified Bowen ratio method. he upward daytime bacterial flux was coupled with the solar radiation/sensible heat cycle, but commenced 2 h...


Aspects of bulk atmospheric boundary layer similarity under free-convective conditions  

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For many hydrologic and atmospheric dynamic purposes the turbulent surface fluxes of sensible and latent (or evaporative) energy and of momentum must be formulated over areas covering a wide range of spatial scales; these are characteristically the scales of river basins and of the grid sizes for integration in current atmospheric circulation models. The bulk atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) similarity

Wilfried Brutsaert



A bulk similarity approach in the atmospheric boundary layer using radiometric skin temperature to determine regional surface fluxes  

Microsoft Academic Search

Profiles of wind velocity and temperature in the outer region of the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) were used together with surface temperature measurements, to determine regional shear stress and sensible heat flux by means of transfer parameterizations on the basis of bulk similarity. The profiles were measured by means of radiosondes and the surface temperatures by infrared radiation thermometry over

Wilfried Brutsaert; Michiaki Sugita



Influence of Model Physics on NWP Forecasts  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This module describes model parameterizations of sub-surface, boundary-layer,and free atmospheric processes, such as surface snow processes, soil characteristics, vegetation, evapotranspiration, PBL processes and parameterizations, and trace gases, and their interaction with the radiative transfer process. It specifically addresses how models treat these physical processes and how they can influence forecasts of sensible weather elements.




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in particular, and atmospheric boundary layer processes in general. BNL-94420-2010-AB #12;-17, 2010 November 2010 Atmospheric Sciences Division/Environmental Sciences Dept. Brookhaven National, sensible heat and latent heat fluxes are critical for atmospheric processes such as cloud and precipitation


Why the audiogram is upside-down.  


Two quite sensible ways of recording audiometric threshold data emerged in the early 1920s. They were advanced by Edmund Prince Fowler, an otologist, and by Harvey Fletcher, a physicist. Either would probably have been better than the present system, and would have preserved scientific tradition relative to the orientation of the ordinates of graphs. PMID:23316997

Jerger, James



Das Forschungsprojekt: \\  

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The stocks of white peat (slightly humified Sphagnum-peat) in Western and Central Europe are nearly depleted. Alternatives for this raw material in professional horticulture are absent. The pressure on pri- stine bogs increases. The sustainable cultivation of peat mosses (Sphagnum) seems a sensible solution ensuring a lasting supply of white peat as raw material. Sphagnum material looses more and more



Landcover Dynamics in the Niger Inland Delta (Mali) - A Classification Approach for MERIS Data  

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The Sahel, the semi-arid fringe south of the Saharan desert, is one of the most endangered zones worldwide, as are the sensible semi arid regions in Sub-Saharan Africa in general. The extent of annual flooding of the vast plains of the Niger Inland Delta during September to December depends on the amount of rainfall in the catchment areas of the

Ralf Seiler; Elmar Csaplovics



Comparison of aerodynamic and radiometric surface temperature using precision weighing lysimeters  

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Radiometric surface temperature (Ts) is commonly used as a surrogate for aerodynamic temperature (To) in computing the sensible heat flux term (H) in the energy balance. However, these temperatures may differ by several degrees, leading to possible errors (especially for large H) and their relationship is not well known. Previous researchers have established empirical and semi-empirical parameterizations of the radiometric

Paul D. Colaizzi; Steven R. Evett; Terry A. Howell; Judy A. Tolk



Comparison of aerodynamic and radiometric surface temperature using precision weighing lysimeters  

Microsoft Academic Search

ABSTRACT Radiometric surface temperature (Ts) is commonly ,used as a surrogate for aerodynamic ,temperature (To) in computing the sensible heat flux term (H) in the energy balance. However, these temperatures may differ by several degrees, leading to possible errors (especially for large H) and their relationship is not well known. Previous researchers have established empirical and semi-empirical parameterizations of the

Paul D. Colaizzi; Steven R. Evett; Terry A. Howell; Judy A. Tolk; P. O. Drawer


Practical Use of Intermountain Native Annuals in Assisted Succession  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Assisted succession is a sensible management practice that recognizes the value of introduced perennial grasses as a tool to improve the establishment of native species and allow progression along a successional gradient. We examine the role that native annual species have in succession with regards...


Cross-Language Communication in Heliodorus' "Aethiopica"  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This dissertation analyzes why Heliodorus pays so much attention to foreign languages in the Aethiopica and how his description of these linguistic phenomena colors the work. It demonstrates that Heliodorus is very careful to attribute linguistic abilities to characters in a sensible way that is in line with real-world expectations. Characters…

Groves, Robert William, IV



IEA Heat Pump Conference 2011, 16 -19 May 2011, Tokyo, Japan ENERGY EFFICIENT AIR TO AIR HEAT PUMP OPERATING WITH  

E-print Network

charge reduction. The third air-to-air heat exchanger recovers heat from exhaust air and transfers for the ventilation and the exhaust air. Both latent and sensible heats are transferred. Figure 2: Schematic00149 -1- 10th IEA Heat Pump Conference 2011, 16 - 19 May 2011, Tokyo, Japan ENERGY EFFICIENT AIR

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


European public acceptance of euthanasia: Socio-demographic and cultural factors associated with the acceptance of euthanasia in 33 European countries  

Microsoft Academic Search

In many European countries, the last decade has been marked by an increasing debate about the acceptability and regulation of euthanasia and other end-of-life decisions in medical practice. Growing public sensibility to a ‘right to die’ for terminally ill patients has been one of the main constituents of these debates. Within this context, we sought to describe and compare acceptance

Joachim Cohen; Isabelle Marcoux; Johan Bilsen; Patrick Deboosere; Gerrit van der Wal; Luc Deliens



Trajan's Rome: The Man, the City, the Empire. A Unit of Study for Grades 6-9.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The integration of the study of art and history in a broad context of social, cultural, and political meaning cultivates a students' creative, aesthetic, critical and art historical sensibilities. This unit of study explores the time of the Roman Emperor Trajan, the decades from A.D. 98 to 180, a period considered to be the height of civilization.…

Anderson, Stephen S.; Flanders, Claudia; Landers, David


Light refraction by mean temperature gradients in the near-earth atmosphere  

Microsoft Academic Search

Visible light ray paths in the atmospheric surface layer are numerically computed by division of 500- to 5000-m ranges into small intervals so that the ray path height and thus refractive index gradient is nearly constant for each step. Meteorological conditions are varied by using different combinations of sensible heat fluxes, surface stresses, and surface roughnesses. Although the effect of

C. R. Stearns; M. L. Wesely



Light refraction by mean temperature gradients in the near-earth atmosphere  

Microsoft Academic Search

Visible light ray paths in the atmospheric surface layer are numerically computed by division of 500- to 5000-m ranges into small intervals so that the ray path height and thus refractive index gradient is nearly constant for each step. Meteorological conditions are varied by using different combinations of sensible heat fluxes, surface stresses, and surface roughnesses. Mirages hide lower portions

C. R. Stearns; M. L. Wesely



Emotion capture based on body postures and  

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systems that are sensible to human emotions based on the body movements. To do so, we first review be captured by the system for being able to recognize the human emotions. Introduction 1 hal-00176161,version1 and e-systems 2007 (TIGERA'07), Hammamet : Tunisia (2007)" #12;The goal of the Human

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Emotion capture based on body postures and  

E-print Network

systems that are sensible to human emotions based on the body movements. To do so, we first review be captured by the system for being able to recognize the human emotions. Introduction 1 #12;The goalEmotion capture based on body postures and movements Alexis Clay*, Nadine Couture*, Laurence Nigay


Low-Flow Liquid Desiccant Air-Conditioning: Demonstrated Performance and Cost Implications  

SciTech Connect

Cooling loads must be dramatically reduced when designing net-zero energy buildings or other highly efficient facilities. Advances in this area have focused primarily on reducing a building's sensible cooling loads by improving the envelope, integrating properly sized daylighting systems, adding exterior solar shading devices, and reducing internal heat gains. As sensible loads decrease, however, latent loads remain relatively constant, and thus become a greater fraction of the overall cooling requirement in highly efficient building designs, particularly in humid climates. This shift toward latent cooling is a challenge for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems. Traditional systems typically dehumidify by first overcooling air below the dew-point temperature and then reheating it to an appropriate supply temperature, which requires an excessive amount of energy. Another dehumidification strategy incorporates solid desiccant rotors that remove water from air more efficiently; however, these systems are large and increase fan energy consumption due to the increased airside pressure drop of solid desiccant rotors. A third dehumidification strategy involves high flow liquid desiccant systems. These systems require a high maintenance separator to protect the air distribution system from corrosive desiccant droplet carryover and so are more commonly used in industrial applications and rarely in commercial buildings. Both solid desiccant systems and most high-flow liquid desiccant systems (if not internally cooled) add sensible energy which must later be removed to the air stream during dehumidification, through the release of sensible heat during the sorption process.

Kozubal, E.; Herrmann, L.; Deru, M.; Clark, J.; Lowenstein, A.



Vegetation fraction mapping with high resolution multispectral data in the Texas High Plains  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Land surface models use vegetation fraction to more accurately partition latent, sensible and soil heat fluxes from a partially vegetated surface as it affects energy and moisture exchanges between the earth's surface and atmosphere. In recent years, there is interest to integrate vegetation fractio...


An introduction to BAS Ships for Research Cruise  

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all plant and machinery Navigation, cargo, deck & Science operations Looking after your comfort Be Responsible Be Sensible #12;Make your own entertainment ­ the crew haven't got time to organise it for you, camera and lots of film ·Music, books, diary, sports gear ·Shop on board: toiletries, chocs, sweets

Matthews, Adrian


SHORT COMMUNICATIONS The Condor 106:386390  

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to determine whether White-throated Sparrows (Zonotrichia albicollis) employ nocturnal hypothermia during, Zonotrichia albicollis. Fase de Reposo Hipote´rmica Facultativa en Individuos de Zonotrichia albicollis que se desplazan libremente. Usamos radio transmisores sensibles a la temperatura para determinar si Zonotrichia


Kovacs et al. / Aesthetics and EcologyVol. 10 2006 61 Introduction  

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Kovacs et al. / Aesthetics and EcologyVol. 10 2006 61 Crib Notes Introduction The beauty of a landscape or organism affects human emotions as well as ecological sensibilities. Aesthetic preferences changed through time and may reflect the public understanding of ecology. We suggest that aesthetic

LeRoy, Carri J.


Rigid-flex electronics with printed passives  

Microsoft Academic Search

Summary form only given. Flat rigid circuit boards housed in prismatic casings are convenient for the office or industrial products, but the rigid prismatic form is not the most sensible and unobtrusive for portable or wearable products. Flexible forms with small rigid portions are accommodating to curved shapes to improve portability, and they can be easily fitted into tight spaces

C. K. Liu; P. K. Tju; D. C. C. Lam



Improved Ground Hydrology Calculations for Global Climate Models (GCMs): Soil Water Movement and Evapotranspiration  

Microsoft Academic Search

A physically based ground hydrology model is developed to improve the land-surface sensible and latent heat calculations in global climate models (GCMs). The processes of transpiration, evaporation from intercepted precipitation and dew, evaporation from bare soil, infiltration, soil water flow, and runoff are explicitly included in the model. The amount of detail in the hydrologic calculations is restricted to a

F. Abramopoulos; C. Rosenzweig; B. Choudhury



Sensitivity of model parameterizations for simulated latent heat flux at the snow surface for complex mountain sites  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

The snowcover energy balance is typically dominated by net radiation and sensible and latent heat fluxes. Validation of the two latter components is rare and often difficult to undertake at complex mountain sites. Latent heat flux, the focus of this paper, is the primary coupling mechanism between...


Comparision of estimation methods to determine turbulent fluxes over snow in a mountainous forested environment  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

The turbulent exchange of sensible and latent heat and mass between the snowcover and the atmosphere can represent a significant component of the snowcover energy and mass balance in mountainous environments. These fluxes are computed in land surface and energy balance snowmelt models, though few m...


I Can Lower My Risk for Type 2 Diabetes: A Guide for American Indians  


... eat. Reduce serving sizes of main courses, meat, desserts, and other foods high in fat. Increase the amount of fruits ... new outfit or a movie. "Having fruit for dessert instead of sweets has helped me lose weight." Choose Sensible Serving Sizes Amount of food Types of food Size of one serving (the ...


Evaluation of a wireless infrared thermometer with a narrow field of view  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Many agricultural applications rely on infrared sensors for remote measurement of surface temperatures, for crop status monitoring, and estimating sensible and latent heat fluxes. Historically, applications for these non-contact thermometers employed the use of hand-held or stationary industrial inf...


Recent developments in stunning and slaughter of poultry  

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A requirement under humane slaughter regulation is that stunning methods should induce immediate loss of consciousness and sensibility. If the onset of unconsciousness is not immediate, the induction of unconsciousness with a stunning method should not cause in animals avoidable anxiety, fear, pain, distress or suffering. The duration of unconsciousness induced by a stunning procedure must be longer than the

A. B. M. RAJ



Atmos. Chem. Phys., 9, 529541, 2009  

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latent and sensible heat fluxes. This diurnal heat- ing and cooling can lead to significant variations flux H. Kettle1, C. J. Merchant1, C. D. Jeffery2, M. J. Filipiak1, and C. L. Gentemann3 1School of Geo of diurnal variations in sea surface tem- perature (SST) on the air-sea flux of CO2 over the central At

Meskhidze, Nicholas


Meteorol Atmos Phys 102, 135157 (2008) DOI 10.1007/s00703-008-0289-4  

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and balloons. The urban Surface Energy Balance differs between sum- mer and winter: in summer, the solar heat dispersion was mainly driven by the surface sensible heat flux, and was highly sensitive to the urban heat stored during the previous daytime period is enough to maintain the heat re- lease at night

Ribes, Aurélien


Atmos. Chem. Phys., 9, 82118221, 2009  

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with solar radiation and clouds, thus change the radiation energy fluxes in the atmospheric column in the lower layers could be explained by a com- bination of aerosol extinction of the solar flux in the lay). This affects the energy balance of the surface, de- creasing surface latent and sensible heat fluxes, which in

Meskhidze, Nicholas


Springtime transitions of NO2, CO, and O3 over North America: Model evaluation and analysis  

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sources through photolysis and the surface sensible and latent heat fluxes, respectively. JOURNAL and Characterization Study networks, aircraft observations from the Measurement of Ozone and Water Vapor by Airbus In-Service Aircraft program, ozonesondes, and remote sensing measurements from Global Ozone Mapping Experiment, Total

Chance, Kelly


Energy budget in a semi-arid forest: magnitudes, feedbacks, and implications for  

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the canopy, measures exchange, sensible, and latent heat fluxes between the forest and the atmosphere. Two, 1993) Introduction #12;Measurements setup at Yatir Energy fluxes: Sonic anemometer, at ~9m' above;Instruments for measuring fluxes · Radiation sensors below the canopy (bottom sensors) PARtop · Radiation

Yakir, Dan


Quantification of green roof carbon dioxide, heat, and water fluxes using the gradient flux technique  

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Green roofs address several important problems associated with urbanization, but there has been limited quantification of their benefits. On the small scales necessary on a rooftop, direct eddy covariance cannot be used to measure the carbon dioxide, sensible and latent heat, and water fluxes between the plant canopy and the atmosphere. Thus, the gradient flux technique was used to calculate

J. T. de Lanoy; P. M. Orton; W. R. McGillis



Remote sensing of heat fluxes using SEBAL: Comparison between Landsat and MODIS  

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Instantaneous heat fluxes were estimated using data obtained from Landsat 5 TM (Thematic Mapper), Landsat 7 ETM+ (Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus) and Terra MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer) using Surface Energy Balance Algorithm for Land (SEBAL) model for cloud-free days. The modeled results were compared with measurements of net radiation (both incoming and outgoing short and longwave), soil, sensible and

X. Zhang; T. Berhane; M. Hill; B. Rundquist



Sensitivity of climate forcing and response to dust optical properties in an idealized model  

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responses to dust. The corresponding changes in latent and sensible heat fluxes are essential for the close particles. The sensitivity of the latent heat flux to variations in the shortwave single scattering albedo changes sign with dust height. The latent heat flux change becomes less negative as the shortwave single

Shell, Karen M.

471 Fossil Energy,CO2,  

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emitted Rayleigh 27Rayleigh 27 Aerosol 4Aerosol 4Aerosol 4 Latent heat 90 Sensible heat 16 1/4 solarconcentration(ppm) 180 200 220 240 260 280 300 320 340 360 380 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 1800 2000 Law Dome Adelie Stefan Radiation Law Radiative Fluxes in W m-2 = + 2.8 Forcing EARTH'S RADIATION BUDGET

Schwartz, Stephen E.


Jun Wang1, Sundar A Christopher1, U. S. Nair1, Jeffrey S. Reid2, Elaine M. Prins3, Jim Szykman4 1Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, AL; 2Naval Research Laboratory, Monterey CA;  

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. (a) Averaged RAMS-AROMA AOT; (b) Averaged reduction of solar flux at the surface; (c) Difference results with observations made in Texas and DOE Atmospheric Radiation Measurements (ARM) in the Southern of sensible heat due to smoke radiative effects (with smoke radiation ­ without smoke radiation); (d) Averaged

Wang, Jun


School Readiness Goal Begins with Health Care Reform.  

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Currently 59 bills are awaiting Congressional action. Meanwhile, a national coalition of economists and medical specialists (the National Leadership Coalition for Health Care Reform) are circulating a sensible consensus health reform plan proposing national practice guidelines; universal health care access; and efficient cost control, delivery,…

Penning, Nick



Expanding portion sizes in the US marketplace: Implications for nutrition counseling  

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The greater energy content of larger food portions could be contributing to the increasing prevalence of overweight. Prevention guidelines recommend ?sensible” portion sizes but do not define them. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines standard serving sizes for dietary guidance, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines standard servings for food labels. To use these standards in counseling,

LISA R. YOUNG; Marion Nestle




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directly from the original images (e.g. Lalonde et al. ECCV 2010, Zhu et al. CVPR 2010). It seems sensible. Second we show how to use these illumination maps together with colour segmentation to extend the Lalonde that our approach improves on that of Lalonde both in terms of sensitivity to shadow edges and rejection

Wyatt, Jeremy


Organization character construct of barnardian scholars  

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Early scholars, inspired by Chester I. Barnard's insights, saw clearly the tribal nature of human organizations. The idea of organization character emerged as the understructure for the uniqueness of the behavior of the organization. The theoretical basis for deriving the character of an enterprise was drawn, together with the powerful implications of such subtle sensibilities. Indeed, the entire idea of

Robert Grandford Wright



Effectively Utilizing the "Behavioral" in Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy of Sex Offenders  

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Although cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is touted as the predominant approach in sex offender-specific group treatment, a review of the field shows that the "behavioral" part of CBT has become minimal in relation to that which is cognitive. The authors show how a revitalized "behavioral sensibility" may help to enhance…

Jennings, Jerry L.; Deming, Adam



Differential Privacy and the Risk-Utility Tradeoff for Multi-dimensional Contingency Tables  

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Differential Privacy and the Risk-Utility Tradeoff for Multi-dimensional Contingency Tables Stephen extends this approach to the release of a specified set of margins from a multi-way contingency table for sensible inferences from the released data. 1 Introduction Contingency tables, databases arising from


Semi-automatically Augmenting Virtual Environments with Plausibly Located Clutter  

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1 Semi-automatically Augmenting Virtual Environments with Plausibly Located Clutter Russell features which model the clutter we find in real-world scenes. It focuses on the stages of identifying sensible potential clutter placement regions and then describes a novel use of parametric surfaces

Manchester, University of


Encouraging Agitation: Teaching Teacher Candidates to Confront Words that Wound  

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In this analytic conceptual essay, and from her standpoint as an African American woman teacher/researcher, the author presents a rich description of a personal sensibility and promising professional practice for literacy educators and those who prepare Reading/English/Language Arts teacher candidates for service among students who are…

Staples, Jeanine M.



Theory and Applications of Competitive Prediction  

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Theory and Applications of Competitive Prediction Fedor Zhdanov Computer Learning Research Centre;Abstract Predicting the future is an important purpose of machine learning research. In online learning, predictions are given sequentially rather than all at once. Peo- ple wish to make sensible decisions

Sheldon, Nathan D.


Suburban-rural energy balance comparisons in summer for Vancouver, B.C  

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Simultaneous energy balance observations at a rural and a suburban site in Vancouver, B.C. during the summer of 1983 are presented. The study is a follow-up to that conducted in 1980. Many of the 1980 results were unexpected and the present study seeks to assess their representativeness. The net radiant, turbulent sensible, and rural soil heat flux densities were measured

H. A. Cleugh; T. R. Oke



Selective IGT decision-making impairment in a patient with juvenile Parkinson's disease and pathological gambling: A role for dopaminergic therapy?  

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The orbitofrontal cortex and the dopaminergic system are structures involved in managing impulsivity and sensibility to reinforcements, and both are typically impaired in Parkinson's disease (PD). Also, l-DOPA treatment can contribute to the development of the ‘Dopamine Dysregulation Syndrome’, a syndrome that can influence the patients' personality and lead to risk-taking behaviors. In this study, we describe the case of

Riccardo Pignatti; Andrea Brioschi; Alessandro Mauro; Laura Zamarian; Johanna Wenter; Carlo Semenza



Emergency Communications over Satellite: the WISECOM Approach  

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This paper presents the overall architecture of the WISECOM system, which can quickly re-establish and provide telecommunication services after a disaster. The architecture is explained and it is described together with a role model, which adapts to the system. The work tries to map the existing complex interactions taking place nowadays in an emergency situation to a sensible architecture, which

M. Berioli; N. Courville; M. Werner



Movidas Rascuaches: Strategies of Migrant Resistance at the Mexico-U.S. Border  

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In the field of Chicana/o arts and letters, "rasquachismo" refers to the celebration of the sensibility of "los de abajo" (the underdogs), whose resourcefulness and ingenuity permit them to overcome adversity by stitching together the tools needed to survive from whatever materials they have at hand. In this article, I apply the concept of…

Spener, David



The energy balance of central Mexico City during the dry season  

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The first measurements of the energy balance fluxes of a dry, densely built-up, central city site are presented. Direct observation of the net radiation, sensible and latent heat flux densities above roof-top in the old city district of Mexico City allow the heat storage flux density to be found by residual. The most important finding is that during daytime, when

T. R. Oke; R. A. Spronken-Smith; E. Jáuregui; C. S. B. Grimmond



Computational Social Science Riccardo Pietri  

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data to study human behaviour and social interactions. It relies on the mixture of social studies and nowa- days technologies such as smartphones and Online Social Networks. CSS's studies are aimed management in Big Data. In the CSS context, sensible- data's contributions are two-fold: researchers have


RBE of Radiations in Space and the Implications for Space Travel  

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Space travellers are irradiated with cosmic rays to a dose rate considerably higher than that received on earth. In order to make sensible judgements about space exploration, the risks to health of such radiation need to be assessed. Part of the assessment of risk is to allow for the enhanced biological effectiveness of high LET radiations with respect to others.

A. A. Edwards



Determination of ocean surface heat fluxes by a variational method  

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A new technique of determination of the ``nonsolar'' heat flux (sum of the latent, sensible, and net infrared fluxes) at the ocean surface is proposed. It applies when oceanic advection remains weak and thus relies on a one-dimensional modeling approach. It is based on a variational data assimilation scheme using the adjoint equation formalism. This allows to take advantage of

H. Roquet; S. Planton; P. Gaspar



What Drives Biodiversity? An Empirical Assessment of the Relation between Biodiversity and the Economy  

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The environmental discussion is increasingly extended to the question of how to preserve biodiversity. As sensible regulation of biodiversity utilization uses politically set incentive schemes, it is required to discus the monetary value of biodiversity. Consequently, the relation between economic incentives and biodiversity is in the focus of our paper. By using bird species as bio indicators we derive first

Andreas Freytag; C. Vietze; W. Völkl



When Food Is a Foe.  

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Although only 5% of the population has severe food allergies, school business officials must be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Banning foods and segregating allergic children are harmful practices. Education and sensible behavior are the best medicine when food allergies and intolerances are involved. Resources are listed. (MLH)

Fitzgerald, Patricia L.



Writers' Organizations and Resources Page 1 of 2  

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, engaging, and literary prose fiction with a modern view, a classic sensibility, and a west-coast flavor.A. in Creative Writing is a nationally known program offering tracks in fiction and poetry. http of poetry, music, film and art events in Sacramento) Poetry Night in Davis http

California at Davis, University of


Physically Sound Orthogonality Procedures for Atomic Physics Calculations  

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A physically sensible orthogonality procedure for use in atomic calculations is described. For clarity we focus on the orthogonalization of ejected-election orbitals to bound target orbitals for calculation of single ionization of multielectron atoms. A simple application to electron ionization of helium is given to illustrate the general analytic properties of the procedure and its practicability.

Alvin M. Halpern; Brian K. Thomas



On the mystery of the perennial carbon dioxide cap at the south pole of Mars  

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A perennial ice cap has long been observed near the south pole of Mars. The surface of this cap is predominantly composed of carbon dioxide ice. The retention of a CO2 ice cap results from the surface energy balance of the latent heat, solar radiation, surface emission, subsurface conduction, and atmospheric sensible heat. While models conventionally treat surface CO2 ice

Xin Guo; Mark Ian Richardson; Alejandro Soto; Anthony Toigo



Homodigital Neurovascular Island Flaps for Digital Pulp Loss  

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Terminal amputations with loss of the distal pulp are common injuries. This report analyses 64 consecutive cases of advanced or exchanged homodigital neurovascular island flaps operated on by one surgeon between 1981–1986. The surgical technique, indications, contra-indications and five year results are evaluated. Overall, these flaps provide reliable vascularity as well as normal sensibility at the distal end of the




Managing Method: A Critical Inquiry into Language Policy in a Tertiary Institution in the United Arab Emirates  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The development of critical sensibilities in English Language Teaching (ELT) in recent years has seen challenges to assumptions and methodologies in the field, placing an explicit focus on the manifestation of structures and relations of power. The critical stance affords a growing acceptance of English Language Teaching as a complex situated…

Hunt, Neil D.



Training Ircam's score follower [audio to musical score alignment system  

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This paper describes our attempt to make the hidden Markov model (HMM) score following system, developed at Ircam, sensible to past experiences in order to obtain better audio to score real-time alignment for musical applications. A new observation modeling based on Gaussian mixture models is developed which is trainable using a learning algorithm we would call automatic discriminative training. The

Arshia Cont; Diemo Schwarz; Norbert Schnell



Measuring Readability of Polish Texts: Baseline Experiments Bartosz Broda1  

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Measuring Readability of Polish Texts: Baseline Experiments Bartosz Broda1 , Maciej Ogrodniczuk1/31, Warsaw, Poland Abstract Measuring readability of a text is the first sensible step to its simplification. In this paper we present an overview of the most common approaches to automatic measuring of readability


Hugh Violette maintained an ongoing and deep commitment to the world of professional forestry. At the time of his death, he was Chairman of the New England  

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brought to others. A special tree-planting ceremony was held by Hugh's family, friends, colleagues in the woods, on the water, steering a snow sled or in the cabin of his 185 Cessna float plane ­ allowed him of forest operations, as well as his ability to develop sensible, cost-effective strategies for cutting

Thomas, Andrew


A relationship between heat transfer to sea ice and temperature-salinity properties of Arctic Ocean waters  

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It is demonstrated that the characteristic temperature-salinity relationship shown by thermocline waters of the Arctic Ocean can be reproduced using a simple model based on transfer of heat directly from these waters to sea ice. From this we deduce that there is direct sensible heat flux from waters of Atlantic origin to the ice cover, such interaction could play a

R. M. Moore; D. W. R. Wallace