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Evaluación de la influencia de la revaluación del tipo de cambio sobre la demanda de turismo en Colombia  

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El turismo representa una actividad fundamental dentro de una economía, por los diferentes impactos que tiene sobre otros sectores. En el mundo se está viviendo cierto auge en la actividad turística, reflejando Colombia similares tendencias en esta materia. Recientemente se está presentando un fenómeno revaluativo del tipo de cambio peso-dólar, aspecto este que motiva al estudio de tal situación, e

Raúl Quejada Pérez; Felipe Del Río Carrasquilla



An Approach to Textual Steganography  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Textual steganography is a means of concealing an encoded message within text. The appeal in such a system is its potential for hiding the fact that encoding is taking place. The failure to hide the presence of encoding is a form of information leakage and an inherent risk since it suggests that there is important or valuable information in transit. This is considered a major limitation of existing cryptographic techniques as applied to secure information transfer. In this paper, we describe an experimental system that we have developed as a test bed for textual steganography. This system allows us to explore the application of part of speech tagging, word sense disambiguation and synonym replacement as component strategies for textual steganography.

Morran, Michael; Weir, George R. S.


Making sense of digital textuality  

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One of the fundamental developments brought about by interactive and multilinear digital technology is the greater structural fragmentation of texts and the consequent re-evaluation of textual coherence. While the concept of text is contingent on some internal coherence, the new text type of electronic hypertext places new challenges on this paradigm by allowing ways of reading texts which would appear

Jukka Tyrkkö



TextualTextualTextualTextual ConversationConversationConversationConversation AAAAgentgentgentgent forforforfor EnhancingEnhancingEnhancingEnhancing AttractionAttractionAttractionAttraction inininin E-learningE-learningE-learningE-learning1111 Xuetao Mao1  

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TextualTextualTextualTextual ConversationConversationConversationConversation AAAAgentgentgentgent:Keywords:Keywords:Keywords: e-learning; agent; conversational agent; NLP. Abstract.Abstract.Abstract.Abstract. E-learning is one: interactivity and durability. In this context, Conversational Agents are a promising approach for improving

Sansonnet, Jean-Paul


Social-Textual Search and Ranking Ali Khodaei  

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be effectively integrated into the textual search engines. We propose a new social relevance ranking basedSocial-Textual Search and Ranking Ali Khodaei Department of Computer Science University of Southern focused on textual con- tent of data. Emergence of social networks and Web 2.0 applications makes

Shahabi, Cyrus


Model-Driven Analysis and Synthesis of Textual Concrete Syntax  

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Model-Driven Analysis and Synthesis of Textual Concrete Syntax Pierre-Alain Muller1 , Frédéric textual concrete syntaxes with meta-models is still a challenge. Textual concrete syntaxes compilers to generate parsers. Unfortunately, these generated parsers produce concrete syntax trees, leaving

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Towards Discovering Criminal Communities from Textual Data  

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database for further investigation with criminal network analysis tools. In this paper, we propose a methodTowards Discovering Criminal Communities from Textual Data Rabeah Al-Zaidy Benjamin C. M. Fung Amr, Canada, H3G 1M8 {r_alzaid, fung, youssef} ABSTRACT In many criminal cases

Fung, Benjamin C. M.


Learning Semantic Annotations for Textual Cases  

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In this paper, we propose an approach to attach semantic an- notations to textual cases for their representation. To achieve this goal, a framework that combines machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and domain knowledge to semi-automatically learn seman- tic annotations for a collection of documents from the field of predictive maintenance is presented.

Eni Mustafaraj; Martin Hoof; Bernd Freisleben



Recognising Textual Entailment with Robust Logical Inference  

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We use logical inference techniques for recognising textual entailment, with theorem proving operating on deep semantic interpre- tations as the backbone of our system. However, the performance of theorem proving on its own turns out to be highly dependent on a wide range of background knowledge, which is not necessarily included in pub- lically available knowledge sources. Therefore, we achieve

Johan Bos; Katja Markert



The PASCAL Recognising Textual Entailment Challenge  

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This paper describes the PASCAL Net- work of Excellence Recognising Textual Entailment (RTE) Challenge benchmark 1. The RTE task is defined as recognizing, given two text fragments, whether the meaning of one text can be inferred (en- tailed) from the other. This application- independent task is suggested as capturing major inferences about the variability of semantic expression which are commonly

Ido Dagan; Oren Glickman; Bernardo Magnini



Identifying Representative Textual Sources in Blog Networks  

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then describe the analysis performed on that data under three categories: network characteriza- tion, text analysis and visualization to facilitate a study of the Irish blogosphere from a cultural studies perspective. We focus on solving the practical issues that arise when the goal is to perform textual analysis

Hammerton, James


Textual tinkerability: encouraging storytelling behaviors to foster emergent literacy  

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This paper presents textual tinkerability, a new concept for fostering early literacy skills during parent-child reading. Textual tinkerability maps storytelling gestures to changes in animation and text to assist reading exploration and demonstration of the link between text, spoken word, and concept. TinkRBooks are flexible tablet-based storybooks that allow readers to actively explore concepts in text using textual tinkerability. When

Angela Chang; Cynthia Breazeal; Fardad Faridi; Tom Roberts; Glorianna Davenport; Henry Lieberman; Nick Montfort




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TEXTUAL ECONOMY THROUGH CLOSE COUPLING OF SYNTAX AND SEMANTICS Matthew Stone Bonnie Webber Dept, thatexploitsthe hearer's recognitionof inferentiallinkstomaterial elsewhere withina sentence. Textual economy argue that achieving textual economy imposes strong requirements on the representation and reasoning

Stone, Matthew


Visual Contextual Advertising: Bringing Textual Advertisements to Images Yuqiang Chen  

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Visual Contextual Advertising: Bringing Textual Advertisements to Images Yuqiang Chen Ou Jin Gui Advertising in the case of textual Web pages has been studied extensively by many researchers. However advertisement for the multimedia data is be- coming a reality. In this paper, we address the novel problem

Yang, Qiang


Differential Effects of Textual Enhancement Formats on Intake  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study investigated the effects of textual enhancement formats (number and choice of typographical cues) on the intake of plural markers in English as a second language among grade eight native French-speaking students. An experimental reading task integrating different formats of textual enhancement into a text was created. A split-plot…

Simard, Daphnee



Essjay's "Ethos": Rethinking Textual Origins and Intellectual Property  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discussions of intellectual property are often the focus of rhetoric and composition research, and the question of textual origins grounds these discussions. Through an examination of Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia anyone can edit, this essay addresses disciplinary concerns about textual origins and intellectual property through a discussion…

Brown, James J., Jr.



Automatic Generation of Textual Summaries from Neonatal Intensive Care Data  

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1 Automatic Generation of Textual Summaries from Neonatal Intensive Care Data Fran�ois Portet a-ward experiment in a Neonatal ICU (NICU) showed that human expert textual descriptions of NICU data lead to better of Technology, 46 avenue F�lix Viallet, 38031 Grenoble, France #12;2 1 Introduction Doctors and nurses caring

Reiter, Ehud


Automatic Generation of Textual Summaries from Neonatal Intensive Care Data  

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Introduction Doctors and nurses caring for sick babies in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) must make1 Automatic Generation of Textual Summaries from Neonatal Intensive Care Data François Portet a-ward experiment in a Neonatal ICU (NICU) showed that human expert textual descriptions of NICU data lead to better

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Text Mining: Finding Nuggets in Mountains of Textual Data  

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extraction, text categorization, clustering, customerrelationship management 1. MINING TEXT "There is gold a companiesintranet. But today there is more you can do: text mining helps to dig out the hidden gold from textualText Mining: Finding Nuggets in Mountains of Textual Data Jochen Dijrre, Peter Gerstl, Roland

Wu, Xindong


Causal discovery from medical textual data.  

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Medical records usually incorporate investigative reports, historical notes, patient encounters or discharge summaries as textual data. This study focused on learning causal relationships from intensive care unit (ICU) discharge summaries of 1611 patients. Identification of the causal factors of clinical conditions and outcomes can help us formulate better management, prevention and control strategies for the improvement of health care. For causal discovery we applied the Local Causal Discovery (LCD) algorithm, which uses the framework of causal Bayesian Networks to represent causal relationships among model variables. LCD takes as input a dataset and outputs causes of the form variable Y causally influences variable Z. Using the words that occur in the discharge summaries as attributes for input, LCD output 8 purported causal relationships. The relationships ranked as most probable subjectively appear to be most causally plausible. PMID:11079942

Mani, S.; Cooper, G. F.



The effect of textual variation on concept based information retrieval.  

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Accounting for textual variation in the documents and queries processed by information retrieval systems is considered essential for achieving good retrieval. Recent research has called into question several of the techniques used to support this endeavor. This paper reports on experiments with a concept based information retrieval system which relies on a program called MetaMap to account for textual variation in the process of mapping biomedical text such as MEDLINE bibliographic citations to the UMLS Metathesaurus. The experiments confirm that the effort expended in handling textual variation is well-spent for at least one type of concept based information retrieval. PMID:8947691

Aronson, A. R.



Textphonetik und Aussprachekorrektur (Textual Phonetics and Pronunciation Correction)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The specific problems involved in teaching pronunciation cannot be solved by the techniques of phonemic analysis alone. What is needed is an extension of these techniques to include the principles of textual phonetics. (CFM)

Thurow, Joachim



Textual collisions: the writing process and the Modernist experiment  

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This dissertation explores textual junctures such as this in the compositional processes of James Joyce, Djuna Barnes, Mina Loy and Ezra Pound that illuminate how these modernists negotiated the fraught position of being an author in the early...

Hollis, Erin Michelle



Cheiro : creating expressive textual communication and anthropomorphic typography  

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Despite rapid technological advancement and improvement in network bandwidth, people still like to use text for remote communication. Simplicity, directness and anonymity make textual chat the most popular method of ...

Lam, Francis, S.M. Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Diabetes Mellitus tipo 1 y lactancia artificial antes del sexto mes de vida DIABETES MELLITUS 1 AND ARTIFICIAL LACTATION BEFORE SIXTH MONTH OLD  

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Objective: to determine if consumption of cow's milk or its derivatives before six months of age is a risk factor for the development of diabetes mellitus type 1. Material and methods: retrospective study of cases and controls in patients older six months, with diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type 1, from Instituto Nacional de Salud del Niño in the period 1994-2004.



A Computational Approach to Qualitative Analysis in Large Textual Datasets  

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In this paper I introduce computational techniques to extend qualitative analysis into the study of large textual datasets. I demonstrate these techniques by using probabilistic topic modeling to analyze a broad sample of 14,952 documents published in major American newspapers from 1980 through 2012. I show how computational data mining techniques can identify and evaluate the significance of qualitatively distinct subjects of discussion across a wide range of public discourse. I also show how examining large textual datasets with computational methods can overcome methodological limitations of conventional qualitative methods, such as how to measure the impact of particular cases on broader discourse, how to validate substantive inferences from small samples of textual data, and how to determine if identified cases are part of a consistent temporal pattern. PMID:24498398

Evans, Michael S.



Shaping Up? Three Acts of Education Studies as Textual Critique  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper presents a study of dominant educational discourses through textual critique and argues that such an approach enables education studies to preserve an important distinction from teacher training. The texts deconstructed here are specific to English education, but the discourses at work have international relevance as the rhetorics of…

McDougall, Julian; Walker, Stephen; Kendall, Alex



Voice Construction, Assessment, and Extra-Textual Identity  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The concept of voice has long attracted the attention of teachers, but more recently has also been the focus of a growing body of research aiming to understand voice as self-representation in writing. Adopting a socio-cultural orientation to voice, studies have revealed much about how textual choices are used by readers to build images of…

Tardy, Christine M.



Recognizing Textual Parallelisms with Edit Distance and Similarity Degree  

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Detection of discourse structure is crucial in many text-based applications. This pa- per presents an original framework for de- scribing textual parallelism which allows us to generalize various discourse phe- nomena and to propose a unique method to recognize them. With this prospect, we discuss several methods in order to iden- tify the most appropriate one for the prob- lem,

Marie Guégan; Nicolas Hernandez



Augmenting Spatio-Textual Search With an Infectious Disease Ontology  

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Augmenting Spatio-Textual Search With an Infectious Disease Ontology Michael D. Lieberman Jagan Sperling HUD Office of Policy Development & Research (PD&R) 451 7th St. SW, Room 8146 Washington, DC 20410 USA Abstract-- A system is described that automatically categorizes

Samet, Hanan


10th International Conference Statistical Analysis of Textual Data  

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chronologiques : 143 ans de discours gouvernemental au Québec Publié dans : Bolasco Sergio, Chiari Isabella for segmenting large textual corpora in uniform periods. Firstly, vocabulary growth is adjusted by calculating in distinct periods. This method is applied to the "Queen's speeches" which have been given by the Quebec

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Latent Semantic Analysis of Textual Data Preslav Nakov  

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Latent Semantic Analysis of Textual Data Preslav Nakov Latent Semantic Analysis of Text Information. The results of an experimental application of LSA for educational purposes are also present. Latent Semantic Analysis The Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) is a powerful statistical technique for indexing, retrieval

Hearst, Marti


Using latent semantic analysis to improve access to textual information  

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This paper describes a new approach for dealing with the vocabulary problem in human-computer interaction. Most approaches to retrieving textual materials depend on a lexical match between words in users' requests and those in or assigned to database objects. Because of the tremendous diversity in the words people use to describe the same object, lexical matching methods are necessarily incomplete

S. T. Dumais; George W. Furnas; Thomas K. Landauer; Scott Deerwester; Richard Harshman



Reclaiming Literacies: Competing Textual Practices in a Digital Higher Education  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This essay examines the implications of the ubiquitous use of the term "digital literacies" in higher education and its increasing alignment with institutional and organisational imperatives. It suggests that the term has been stripped of its provenance and association with disciplinary knowledge production and textual practice. Instead…

Lea, Mary R.



Combining Shallow and Deep NLP Methods for Recognizing Textual Entailment  

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We combine two methods to tackle the textual entailment challenge: a shallow method based on word overlap and a deep method using theorem proving tech- niques. We use a machine learning tech- nique to combine features derived from both methods. We submitted two runs, one using all features, yielding an ac- curacy of 0.5625, and one using only the shallow

Johan Bos; Katja Markert



Legitimate Textual Borrowing: Direct Quotation in L2 Student Writing  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Using textual analysis and interviews with student writers, this study aims to provide an insight into second language students' use of direct quotations in their MA theses by comparing direct quotations in high-rated and low-rated Master's theses, and by exploring student writers' own motivations to quote directly from sources. The corpus…

Petric, Bojana



Generating Textual Storyline to Improve Situation Awareness in Disaster Management  

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Generating Textual Storyline to Improve Situation Awareness in Disaster Management Wubai Zhou, Chao to minimize the consequent loss of the disasters, a critical task in disaster management is to efficiently and properties. In order to minimize the consequent loss of a catastrophe like this, a critical task in disaster

Chen, Shu-Ching


Textual Analyses of Nutrition Messages on Prime Time Television.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Using textual analysis of 805 incidents in 10 television programs and surrounding commercials, foods portrayed were compared with nutrition guidelines. Foods tended to be higher in fat and lower in fiber, and food portrayals had social and psychological meanings. Adverse health effects of foods low in nutrients were not depicted. (Contains 57…

Wadsworth, Laurie A.; Berenbaum, Shawna



A Posteriori Indexing, Classification and Retrieval of Textual Data.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The paper reports on a series of programs that have been developed at the Moore School to process data-bases, consisting of textual items, and to index and arrange the data items in accordance with an automatically generated classification system. The programs produce the directories and the rearranged data-base on microfilm, where it may be…

Prywes, Noah S.; And Others


Star Trek rerun, reread, rewritten: Fan writing as textual poaching  

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This essay rejects media?fostered stereotypes of Star Trek fans as cultural dupes, social misfits, or mindless consumers, perceiving them, in Michel de Certeau's term, as “poachers” of textual meanings who appropriate popular texts and reread them in a fashion that serves different interests. Specifically, the essay considers women who write fiction based in the Star Trek universe. First, it outlines

Henry Jenkins III




Microsoft Academic Search

If the process of translating is not at all simple, the process of translating an audiovisual text is still more complex. Apart from technical problems such as lip synchronisation, there are other factors to be consid- ered such as the use of the language and textual structures deemed appropri- ate to the channel of communication. Bearing in mind that most

Montse Corrius Gimbert


Teaching the analysis of textual data: an experiential approach  

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As qualitative research methods becomemore refined, so there is an increasing need to teach data analysis methods. This paper offers a group method — based on experiential learning principles — for teaching the analysis of textual data. Terms are defined, an outline for a preliminary theory input is offered and then the group method, itself, is described. Variants of the

Philip Burnard



Textual standardization and the DSM-5 "common language".  


In February 2010, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) launched their DSM-5 website with details about the development of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5). The APA invited "the general public" to review the draft diagnostic criteria and provide written comments and suggestions. This revision marks the first time the APA has solicited public review of their diagnostic manual. This article analyzes reported speech on the DSM-5 draft diagnostic criteria for the classification Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. It demonstrates how textual standardization facilitates the cultural portability of the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria such that a community of speakers beyond the borders of the APA come to be seen as exemplary speakers, writers, and revisers of the professional style. Furthermore, analysis shows how co-authoring practices recontextualize the "voice" and persona of putative patient reported speech on Criterion D2. As a consequence of textual standardization, spoken discourse becomes recontextualized as the product of scientific inquiry and the organization of psychiatric knowledge. PMID:24682628

Kelly, Patty A



Instantánea del cáncer colorrectal

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer colorrectal; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


A Semi-supervised Topic-driven Approach for Clustering Textual Answers to Survey Questions  

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cluster a specific type of text documents: textual responses gathered through a survey system. Due such questions, text clustering can be employed. This technique categorizes a collection of text documentsA Semi-supervised Topic-driven Approach for Clustering Textual Answers to Survey Questions Hui Yang

Yang, Hui


The Effect of Different Textual Narrations on Students' Explanations at the Submicroscopic Level in Chemistry  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The effect of different textual versions (macroscopic (control), submicroscopic, and guided imagery) of the explanation of a chemical phenomenon on students' submicroscopic explanation of a related phenomenon was examined. The sample included 152 pre-service science teachers. The three textual versions of the explanation were distributed randomly…

Al-Balushi, Sulaiman M.



Dynamic Concept-Based Taxonomy used for image recovery based on their textual description  

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Dynamic Concept-Based Taxonomy used for image recovery based on their textual description Jaime of textual descriptions in order to recover images using a dynamic taxonomy. This taxonomy is stored of taxonomies, dynamic taxonomies, faceted classification, faceted taxonomies, information recovery, navigation

Pinto, David Eduardo


A Rhetoric of Textual Feminism: (Re)reading the Emotional in Virginia Woolf's "Three Guineas."  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Explores the concept of a rhetoric of textual feminism. Defines the concept and discusses its functions by citing Virginia Woolf and Kenneth Burke. Argues that a rhetoric of textual feminism reveals the emotional, and critiques Woolf's "Three Guineas" to reread the emotional. (HB)

Ratcliffe, Krista



A study of methods for textual satisfaction assessment Elizabeth Ashlee Holbrook & Jane Huffman Hayes &  

E-print Network

subsystem of a nuclear power plant, the developer must build and present a safety case to "prove tracing procedures to find relations between the textual safety requirements and the textual design, USA e-mail: #12;1 Introduction Mission- or safety-critical systems often undergo

Dekhtyar, Alexander


Analysis of Financial Markets' Fluctuation by Textual Information  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this study, we proposed a new text-mining methods for long-term market analysis. Using our method, we analyzed monthly price data of financial markets; Japanese government bond market, Japanese stock market, and the yen-dollar market. First we extracted feature vectors from monthly reports of Bank of Japan. Then, trends of each market were estimated by regression analysis using the feature vectors. As a result, determination coefficients were over 75%, and market trends were explained well by the information that was extracted from textual data. We compared the predictive power of our method among the markets. As a result, the method could estimate JGB market best and the stock market is the second.

Izumi, Kiyoshi; Goto, Takashi; Matsui, Tohgoroh


Atlas del Genoma del Cáncer

Es posible que haya más de 200 tipos diferentes de cáncer y muchos subtipos más, cada uno de estos causado por errores en el ADN que desencadenan el crecimiento descontrolado de las células. La identificación de los cambios en el conjunto completo de ADN de cada tipo de cáncer, su genoma, y el entendimiento de cómo interactúan dichos cambios para impulsar el proceso de la enfermedad sentarán las bases de una era individualizada de tratamiento del cáncer.


Self-plagiarism and textual recycling: legitimate forms of research misconduct.  


The concept of self-plagiarism frequently elicits skepticism and generates confusion in the research ethics literature, and the ethical status of what is often called "textual recycling" is particularly controversial. I argue that, in general, self-plagiarism is unethical because it is deceptive and dishonest. I then distinguish several forms of it and argue against various common rationalizations for textual recycling. I conclude with a discussion of two instances of textual recycling, distinguishing them in terms of their ethical seriousness but concluding that both are ethically problematic. PMID:24325212

Bruton, Samuel V



Biomedical data retrieval utilizing textual data in a gene expression database by Richard Lu, MD.  

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Background: The commoditization of high-throughput gene expression sequencing and microarrays has led to a proliferation in both the amount of genomic and clinical data that is available. Descriptive textual information ...

Lu, Richard, M.D



The Army as Textual Community: Exploring Mismatches in the Concepts of Attribution, Appropriation, and Shared Goals  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This webtext examines the practices of authorial attribution in textual production in higher education (where notions of individual authorship and intellectual property prevail, particularly at military academies) and in the military (which has a more public conception of authorship).

Anson, Chris; Neely, Shawn



TAAABLE: Text Mining, Ontology Engineering, and Hierarchical Classification for Textual Case-Based Cooking  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper presents how the TAAABLE project addresses the textual case-based reasoning challenge of the CCC, thanks to a combination of prin- ciples, methods, and technologies of various fields of knowledge-based system technologies, namely CBR, ontology engineering (manual and semi-automatic), data and text-mining using textual resources of the Web, text annotation (used as an indexing technique), knowledge representation, and hierarchical

Fadi Badra; Rokia Bendaoud; Rim Bentebitel; Pierre-antoine Champin; Julien Cojan; Amélie Cordier; Sylvie Desprès; Stéphanie Jean-daubias; Jean Lieber; Thomas Meilender; Alain Mille; Emmanuel Nauer; Amedeo Napoli; Yannick Toussaint



Gross's anatomy: textual politics in science/biology education research  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In approaching how the grotesque is—or should be—situated within contemporary science (biology) education practices, Weinstein and Broda undertake a passionate reclaim of an education that is at the same time scientific, critical, and liberatory. However legitimate, their work offers more than they probably could have anticipated: It exemplifies how the textual structure of a research article can be such as to "tip-off" readers about how it is supposed to be understood. In this way, what one learns from reading the manuscript is grounded on the way the authors examine the data presented. That is, the findings are not intrinsic to the materials collected, but constructed within the analyses that precede/follow the account of each one of the four "specimens" reported. Therefore, the present commentary seeks to re-consider the original study from an alternative perspective, one that challenges its seemingly objective (re)construction of facts by placing emphasis on how the text contains instructions for its own interpretation and validation. Ultimately, the purpose here is to describe and discuss the interpretive and validation work that is done by this discursive mechanism of self-appraisal rather than discredit the two authors' initiative.

Reis, Giuliano



Extracting the Textual and Temporal Structure of Supercomputing Logs  

SciTech Connect

Supercomputers are prone to frequent faults that adversely affect their performance, reliability and functionality. System logs collected on these systems are a valuable resource of information about their operational status and health. However, their massive size, complexity, and lack of standard format makes it difficult to automatically extract information that can be used to improve system management. In this work we propose a novel method to succinctly represent the contents of supercomputing logs, by using textual clustering to automatically find the syntactic structures of log messages. This information is used to automatically classify messages into semantic groups via an online clustering algorithm. Further, we describe a methodology for using the temporal proximity between groups of log messages to identify correlated events in the system. We apply our proposed methods to two large, publicly available supercomputing logs and show that our technique features nearly perfect accuracy for online log-classification and extracts meaningful structural and temporal message patterns that can be used to improve the accuracy of other log analysis techniques.

Jain, S; Singh, I; Chandra, A; Zhang, Z; Bronevetsky, G



Fusion of laboratory and textual data for investigative bioforensics.  


Chemical and biological forensic programs focus on the identification of a threat and acquisition of laboratory measurements to determine how a threat agent may have been produced. However, to generate investigative leads, it might also be useful to identify institutions where the same agent has been produced by the same or a very similar process, since the producer of the agent may have learned methods at a university or similar institution. We have developed a Bayesian network framework that fuses hard and soft data sources to assign probability to production practices. It combines the results of laboratory measurements with an automatic text reader to scan scientific literature and rank institutions that had published papers on the agent of interest in order of the probability that the institution has the capability to generate the sample of interest based on laboratory data. We demonstrate the Bayesian network on an example case from microbial forensics, predicting the methods used to produce Bacillus anthracis spores based on mass spectrometric measurements and identifying institutions that have a history of growing Bacillus spores using the same or highly similar methods. We illustrate that the network model can assign a higher posterior probability than expected by random chance to appropriate institutions when trained using only a small set of manually analyzed documents. This is the first example of an automated methodology to integrate experimental and textual data for the purpose of investigative forensics. PMID:23313599

Webb-Robertson, Bobbie-Jo; Corley, Courtney; McCue, Lee Ann; Wahl, Karen; Kreuzer, Helen



The conditioning of textual responses using "extrinsic" reinforcers.  


Six 4-year-old Ss were presented with a textual program consisting of 26 words arranged so the word stimuli were gradually combined into sentences and then short "stories." Three Ss were given the No-Reinforcement condition first, and only social reinforcers were presented. They were switched to the Reinforcement condition as soon as they requested discontinuance of the activity. The other three Ss were given Reinforcement-No Reinforcement-Reinforcement treatments. The No-Reinforcement treatment in this case lasted until S requested discontinuance of the activity. The reinforcers were mixed edibles and trinkets, as well as tokens backed up by small plastic toys on a 1:24 ratio. The unit of response was the number of new texts acquired as a result of each of the 45-min experimental sessions. It was demonstrated that the program, procedure, and reinforcement conditions produced curves which are analogous to those produced in common operant-conditioning procedures. The results indicate that other operant principles may be studied in this significant area of human behavior, with important practical consequences. PMID:13916029




Vacunas contra los virus del papiloma humano

Hoja informativa acerca de las vacunas contra los virus del papiloma humano (VPH) para prevenir infecciones con ciertos tipos de VPH, los cuales son la causa principal del cáncer de cuello del útero o cérvix.


Instantánea del cáncer de endometrio

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de endometrio; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de esófago

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de esófago; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de riñón

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de riñón; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de tiroides

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de tiroides; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de páncreas

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de páncreas; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de ovario

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de ovario; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de vejiga

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de vejiga; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de próstata

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de próstata; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de pulmón

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de pulmón; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Textrous!: extracting semantic textual meaning from gene sets.  


The un-biased and reproducible interpretation of high-content gene sets from large-scale genomic experiments is crucial to the understanding of biological themes, validation of experimental data, and the eventual development of plans for future experimentation. To derive biomedically-relevant information from simple gene lists, a mathematical association to scientific language and meaningful words or sentences is crucial. Unfortunately, existing software for deriving meaningful and easily-appreciable scientific textual 'tokens' from large gene sets either rely on controlled vocabularies (Medical Subject Headings, Gene Ontology, BioCarta) or employ Boolean text searching and co-occurrence models that are incapable of detecting indirect links in the literature. As an improvement to existing web-based informatic tools, we have developed Textrous!, a web-based framework for the extraction of biomedical semantic meaning from a given input gene set of arbitrary length. Textrous! employs natural language processing techniques, including latent semantic indexing (LSI), sentence splitting, word tokenization, parts-of-speech tagging, and noun-phrase chunking, to mine MEDLINE abstracts, PubMed Central articles, articles from the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM), and Mammalian Phenotype annotation obtained from Jackson Laboratories. Textrous! has the ability to generate meaningful output data with even very small input datasets, using two different text extraction methodologies (collective and individual) for the selecting, ranking, clustering, and visualization of English words obtained from the user data. Textrous!, therefore, is able to facilitate the output of quantitatively significant and easily appreciable semantic words and phrases linked to both individual gene and batch genomic data. PMID:23646135

Chen, Hongyu; Martin, Bronwen; Daimon, Caitlin M; Siddiqui, Sana; Luttrell, Louis M; Maudsley, Stuart



Textrous!: Extracting Semantic Textual Meaning from Gene Sets  

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The un-biased and reproducible interpretation of high-content gene sets from large-scale genomic experiments is crucial to the understanding of biological themes, validation of experimental data, and the eventual development of plans for future experimentation. To derive biomedically-relevant information from simple gene lists, a mathematical association to scientific language and meaningful words or sentences is crucial. Unfortunately, existing software for deriving meaningful and easily-appreciable scientific textual ‘tokens’ from large gene sets either rely on controlled vocabularies (Medical Subject Headings, Gene Ontology, BioCarta) or employ Boolean text searching and co-occurrence models that are incapable of detecting indirect links in the literature. As an improvement to existing web-based informatic tools, we have developed Textrous!, a web-based framework for the extraction of biomedical semantic meaning from a given input gene set of arbitrary length. Textrous! employs natural language processing techniques, including latent semantic indexing (LSI), sentence splitting, word tokenization, parts-of-speech tagging, and noun-phrase chunking, to mine MEDLINE abstracts, PubMed Central articles, articles from the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM), and Mammalian Phenotype annotation obtained from Jackson Laboratories. Textrous! has the ability to generate meaningful output data with even very small input datasets, using two different text extraction methodologies (collective and individual) for the selecting, ranking, clustering, and visualization of English words obtained from the user data. Textrous!, therefore, is able to facilitate the output of quantitatively significant and easily appreciable semantic words and phrases linked to both individual gene and batch genomic data. PMID:23646135

Daimon, Caitlin M.; Siddiqui, Sana; Luttrell, Louis M.; Maudsley, Stuart



A Dynamic Ensemble Framework for Mining Textual Streams with Class Imbalance  

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Textual stream classification has become a realistic and challenging issue since large-scale, high-dimensional, and non-stationary streams with class imbalance have been widely used in various real-life applications. According to the characters of textual streams, it is technically difficult to deal with the classification of textual stream, especially in imbalanced environment. In this paper, we propose a new ensemble framework, clustering forest, for learning from the textual imbalanced stream with concept drift (CFIM). The CFIM is based on ensemble learning by integrating a set of clustering trees (CTs). An adaptive selection method, which flexibly chooses the useful CTs by the property of the stream, is presented in CFIM. In particular, to deal with the problem of class imbalance, we collect and reuse both rare-class instances and misclassified instances from the historical chunks. Compared to most existing approaches, it is worth pointing out that our approach assumes that both majority class and rareclass may suffer from concept drift. Thus the distribution of resampled instances is similar to the current concept. The effectiveness of CFIM is examined in five real-world textual streams under an imbalanced nonstationary environment. Experimental results demonstrate that CFIM achieves better performance than four state-of-the-art ensemble models. PMID:24982961

Song, Ge



El Informe Anual a la Nación indica que las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer continúan declinando: los avances en el tratamiento del cáncer varían según el tipo de cáncer

Las organizaciones oncológicas principales de la nación informan que el riesgo de los estadounidenses de morir de cáncer sigue disminuyendo y que las tasas de casos nuevos de cáncer permanecen estables. El Informe Anual a la Nación sobre el Estado del Cáncer, de 1975 a 2002, señala que las tasas de mortalidad de cáncer que se observaron para todos los cánceres combinados disminuyeron 1,1 por ciento por año de 1993 a 2002.


Textuality and Interpretive Logic: the Construction of Fabulae and Character in Quentin's Section of The Sound and the Fury  

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Textual determinacy cannot be construed either as an inherent aspect of textuality, nor can it be discounted altogether as an invalid epistemological category. Instead, the construction of a text necessarily anticipates and exploits the pressure of a reader's interpretive, abductive logic. This allows the prefiguring in the text of readerly recognitions which become meaningful in terms of the intertextual and

Kenneth Paradis



Effects of Textual and Animated Orienting Activities and Practice on Learning from Computer-Based Instruction.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes study designed to examine the effects of textual and/or computer animated orienting strategies and practice on rule-using and problem-solving skills of elementary school students using computer-assisted instruction. Four different versions of a lesson based on Isaac Newton's Law of Motion are described, and results are analyzed. (28…

Rieber, Lloyd P.; Hannafin, Michael J.



Textual Enhancement of Two L2 Arabic Forms: A Classroom-Based Study  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Research on textual enhancement (TE) has given rise to several factors that may play a role in generating learners' noticing of target forms, one of which pertains to the nature of the target form(s). In particular, results have suggested that learners are more likely to notice more meaning-bearing forms than less meaning-bearing forms.…

Park, Eun Sung; Nassif, Lama



The Textual and Cultural Authenticity of Patrick Henry's "Liberty or Death" Speech  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Argues that Patrick Henry's "Liberty or Death" speech of 1775 lacks textual authenticity and discusses how and why a text was created to replace the oral tradition of "Liberty or Death" and why its influence has continued for two hundred years. (MH)

Hample, Judy



Mining, Indexing, and Searching for Textual Chemical Molecule Information on the Web  

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tagging that con- siders long-term dependencies at the sentence level. To sub- string searches of chemical approaches out-perform traditional methods for document search with ambiguous chemical terms. CategoriesMining, Indexing, and Searching for Textual Chemical Molecule Information on the Web Bingjun Sun

Mitra, Prasenjit


The Effects of Visual and Textual Annotations on Spanish Listening Comprehension, Vocabulary Acquisition and Cognitive Load  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The purpose of this experimental study was to investigate the effects of textual and visual annotations on Spanish listening comprehension and vocabulary acquisition in the context of an online multimedia listening activity. 95 students who were enrolled in different sections of first year Spanish classes at a community college and a large…

Cottam, Michael Evan



Exploring "Girl Power": Gender, Literacy and the Textual Practices of Young Women Attending an Elite School  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Popular discourses concerning the relationship between gender and academic literacies have suggested that boys are lacking in particular, school-based literacy competencies compared with girls. Such discourses construct "gender" according to a binary framework and they obscure the way in which literacy and textual practices operate as a site in…

Charles, Claire



A Unified Data Mining Solution for Authorship Analysis in Anonymous Textual Communications  

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documents for addressing the anonymity problem called authorship analysis is the focus of most cybercrime and passwords. To solve these kinds of cybercrime cases, investigators usually have to backtrack to IP addresses analysis in anonymous online textual communication for the purpose of cybercrime investigation. Below

Fung, Benjamin C. M.


Tonal Interface to MacroMolecules (TIMMol): A Textual and Tonal Tool for Molecular Visualization  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

We developed the three-dimensional visualization software, Tonal Interface to MacroMolecules or TIMMol, for studying atomic coordinates of protein structures. Key features include audio tones indicating x, y, z location, identification of the cursor location in one-dimensional and three-dimensional space, textual output that can be easily linked…

Cordes, Timothy J.; Carlson, C. Britt; Forest, Katrina T.



Information Structure and Practice as Facilitators of Deaf Users' Navigation in Textual Websites  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Deaf users might find it difficult to navigate through websites with textual content which, for many of them, constitutes the written representation of a non-native oral language. With the aim of testing how the information structure could compensate for this difficulty, 27 prelingual deaf users of sign language were asked to search a set of…

Fajardo, I.; Canas, J. J.; Salmeron, L.; Abascal, J.



Negotiating the Textuality of Further Education: Issues of Agency and Participation  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Students in Further Education colleges in England read and write in many different kinds of ways in different areas of their everyday lives. As part of their participation in Further Education, these students face a multitude of literacy demands: through the bureaucracies of the college, the pedagogic content of their courses, the textual nature…

Fowler, Zoe



Grammaire de texte et apprentissage de l'ecrit (Textual Grammar and the Teaching of Writing).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Textual grammar provides a means of examining the relationship between the sentence and the text as a whole, and it is in that context that the problems of learning a second language become clear and that it becomes important for the teacher to understand how the text functions so as to impart it to students. (MSE)

Woodley, Marie-Paule



The Relation of Knowledge of Textual Integration Devices to Expository Text Comprehension under Different Assessment Conditions  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this study we propose a theoretical construct (called "rhetorical competence") that represents the ability of readers to detect, understand, and use the "linguistic cues" or "discourse markers" that texts contain. We measure one of the three postulated components of rhetorical competence (knowledge of textual integration markers), assessing…

Sanchez, Emilio; Garcia, J. Ricardo



A New Framework for Textual Information Mining over Parse Trees. CRESST Report 805  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Textual information mining is a challenging problem that has resulted in the creation of many different rule-based linguistic query languages. However, these languages generally are not optimized for the purpose of text mining. In other words, they usually consider queries as individuals and only return raw results for each query. Moreover they…

Mousavi, Hamid; Kerr, Deirdre; Iseli, Markus R.



The Illusion of Inclusion: A Critical Race Theory Textual Analysis of Race and Standards  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this article, Julian Vasquez Heilig, Keffrelyn Brown, and Anthony Brown offer findings from a close textual analysis of how the Texas social studies standards address race, racism, and communities of color. Using the lens of critical race theory, the authors uncover the sometimes subtle ways that the standards can appear to adequately address…

Heilig, Julian Vasquez; Brown, Keffrelyn D.; Brown, Anthony L.



Complexities and Dynamics of Korean Graduate Students' Textual Borrowing in Academic Writing  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Academic writing in U.S. higher education often involves textual borrowing, referred to as the integration and documentation of reading sources and carried out with summaries, quotes, and paraphrases. Second language (L2) English students are likely to use sources inappropriately and consequentially are accused of plagiarism based on university…

Rhee, Eunsook Ha



The Aesthetics of Textual Production: Reading and Writing with Umberto Eco  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In "The Name of the Rose," Umberto Eco essentially presents an educative vision of some basic semiotic principles that infuse the textual form of a popular fictional genre--the detective story. In effect, it characterizes the postmodernization of the traditional "whodunnit" moving the genre from the realm of "the real" or the plausible into the…

Trifonas, Peter Pericles



Cerno: Light-Weight Tool Support for Semantic Annotation of Textual Documents  

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, Italy Abstract. Enrichment of text documents with semantic metadata reflecting their meaning facilitates agents. This is to be achieved by enriching web data with semantic annotations. These are similar to XMLCerno: Light-Weight Tool Support for Semantic Annotation of Textual Documents Nadzeya Kiyavitskaya1

Cordy, James R.


A model of textual affect sensing using real-world knowledge  

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This paper presents a novel way for assessing the affective qualities of natural language and a scenario for its use. Previous approaches to textual affect sensing have employed keyword spotting, lexical affinity, statistical methods, and hand-crafted models. This paper demonstrates a new approach, using large-scale real-world knowledge about the inherent affective nature of everyday situations (such as \\

Hugo Liu; Henry Lieberman; Ted Selker



A Meta-Analysis of Learning Science Concepts from Textual Materials.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Meta-analysis techniques were used to analyze the effects of different types of aids to learning science concepts from textual materials. The studies analyzed dealt with aids for selecting the important information contained in written materials and aids for building internal connections among the parts of printed materials. Studies pertaining to…

Horak, Willis J.


Textual Dimensions of Urban Space in M.A. Bulgakov's Master and Margarita  

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space as a text in literary texts. The model is then used to prove the thesis that Moscow space functions as a text in M.A. Bulgakov's Master and Margarita. Three prominent loci within the Moscow of Master and Margarita demonstrate the textuality...

Dement, Sidney Eric



Conditioned Observation of Books and Accelerated Acquisition of Textual Responding by Preschool Children  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

We report an experiment investigating the effects of conditioning books as reinforcers for observing responses on the learning of textual responses by pre-school children. The independent variable was the acquisition of conditioned reinforcement of observing responses and choice of book stimuli in free play settings where children could choose to…

Tsai, Hshin-hui; Greer, R. Douglas



Instantánea del cáncer de cuello uterino

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de cuello uterino; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Automatic textual annotation of video news based on semantic visual object extraction  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this paper, we present our work for automatic generation of textual metadata based on visual content analysis of video news. We present two methods for semantic object detection and recognition from a cross modal image-text thesaurus. These thesaurus represent a supervised association between models and semantic labels. This paper is concerned with two semantic objects: faces and Tv logos. In the first part, we present our work for efficient face detection and recogniton with automatic name generation. This method allows us also to suggest the textual annotation of shots close-up estimation. On the other hand, we were interested to automatically detect and recognize different Tv logos present on incoming different news from different Tv Channels. This work was done jointly with the French Tv Channel TF1 within the "MediaWorks" project that consists on an hybrid text-image indexing and retrieval plateform for video news.

Boujemaa, Nozha; Fleuret, Francois; Gouet, Valerie; Sahbi, Hichem



Textual pantheism: an examination of the influence of Spinozian pantheism on the English romantics  

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. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page ABSTRACT . . ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS . . tv TABLE OF CONTENTS . CHAFER v I INTRODUC11ON . . God, Interpretation, and the Substitutive Interplay of Master-Selves . . . . . . The Primacy of (the) Word: Spinozism, Pantheism..., and Romanticism. . . . 3 17 II TEXTUAL PANTHEISM. 33 A Seventeenth-Century Idea about God Authors and Texts, Authors as Texts . "Come now, and let us reason together" 'There is nothing outside the text". 38 39 54 74 III "THE TYPES AND SYMBOLS...

Hooton, William Ross



Textual History as Language History? Text Categories, Corpora, Editions, and the Witness Depositions from the Salem Witch Trials  

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KU ScholarWorks | Textual History as Language History? Text Categories, Corpora, Editions, and the Witness Depositions from the Salem Witch Trials 2012 by Peter Grund This work has been made available... be found at the link below. Grund, Peter. 2012. “Textual History as Language History? Text Categories, Corpora, Editions, and the Witness Depositions from the Salem Witch Trials.” Studia Neophilologica 84(1): 40–54. Published version:

Grund, Peter



Visual Presentation as a Welcome Alternative to Textual Presentation of Gene Annotation Information  

PubMed Central

The functions of a gene are traditionally annotated textually using either free text (Gene Reference Into Function or GeneRIF) or controlled vocabularies (e.g., Gene Ontology or Disease Ontology). Inspired by the latest word cloud tools developed by the Information Visualization Group at IBM Research, we have prototyped a visual system for capturing gene annotations, which we named Gene Graph Into Function or GeneGIF. Fully developing the GeneGIF system would be a significant effort. To justify the necessity and to specify the design requirements of GeneGIF, we first surveyed the end-user preferences. From 53 responses, we found that a majority (64%, p < 0.05) of the users were either positive or neutral toward using GeneGIF in their daily work (acceptance); in terms of preference, a slight majority (51%, p > 0.05) of the users favored visual presentation of information (GeneGIF) compared to textual (GeneRIF) information. The results of this study indicate that a visual presentation tool, such as GeneGIF, can complement standard textual presentation of gene annotations. Moreover, the survey participants provided many constructive comments that will specify the development of a phase-two project ( to visually annotate each gene in the human genome. PMID:20865558

Desai, Jairav; Flatow, Jared M.; Song, Jie; Zhu, Lihua J.; Du, Pan; Huang, Chiang-Ching; Lu, Hui; Lin, Simon M.



Using Semantic Web technology to support icd-11 textual definitions authoring.  


The beta phase of the 11th revision of International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) intends to accept public input through a distributed model of authoring. One of the core use cases is to create textual definitions for the ICD categories. The objective of the present study is to design, develop, and evaluate approaches to support ICD-11 textual definitions authoring using Semantic Web technology. We investigated a number of heterogeneous resources related to the definitions of diseases, including the linked open data (LOD) from DBpedia, the textual definitions from the Unified Medical Language System (UMLS) and the formal definitions of the Systematized Nomenclature of Medicine-Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT). We integrated them in a Semantic Web framework (i.e., the Linked Data in a Resource Description Framework [RDF] triple store), which is being proposed as a backend in a prototype platform for collaborative authoring of ICD-11 beta. We performed a preliminary evaluation on the usefulness of our approaches and discussed the potential challenges from both technical and clinical perspectives. PMID:23601451

Jiang, Guoqian; Solbrig, Harold R; Chute, Christopher G



Reconsidering the Rhizome: A Textual Analysis of Web Search Engines as Gatekeepers of the Internet  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Critical theorists have often drawn from Deleuze and Guattari's notion of the rhizome when discussing the potential of the Internet. While the Internet may structurally appear as a rhizome, its day-to-day usage by millions via search engines precludes experiencing the random interconnectedness and potential democratizing function. Through a textual analysis of four search engines, I argue that Web searching has grown hierarchies, or "trees," that organize data in tracts of knowledge and place users in marketing niches rather than assist in the development of new knowledge.

Hess, A.


Visual-textual joint relevance learning for tag-based social image search.  


Due to the popularity of social media websites, extensive research efforts have been dedicated to tag-based social image search. Both visual information and tags have been investigated in the research field. However, most existing methods use tags and visual characteristics either separately or sequentially in order to estimate the relevance of images. In this paper, we propose an approach that simultaneously utilizes both visual and textual information to estimate the relevance of user tagged images. The relevance estimation is determined with a hypergraph learning approach. In this method, a social image hypergraph is constructed, where vertices represent images and hyperedges represent visual or textual terms. Learning is achieved with use of a set of pseudo-positive images, where the weights of hyperedges are updated throughout the learning process. In this way, the impact of different tags and visual words can be automatically modulated. Comparative results of the experiments conducted on a dataset including 370+images are presented, which demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach. PMID:22692911

Gao, Yue; Wang, Meng; Zha, Zheng-Jun; Shen, Jialie; Li, Xuelong; Wu, Xindong



Viewing experiences of two-dimensional photos and textual content on autostereoscopic three-dimensional displays  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We examined the image quality, image clarity, and viewing comfort of 2-D images rendered on an autostereoscopic display. Opinions on daily use of the content was gathered. Two different stereo displays were used in the experiments--a lenticular lens stereo display employing fixed 3-D stereo and a display with a switchable lenticular lens structure. Images were rendered on the displays with three different rendering schemes. Photos of natural scenes, artificial content, and content containing textual elements were used as the test stimuli. When images with natural scenes or artificial content were categorized into clusters according to the amount of details, significant differences in image quality, image clarity, and viewing comfort scores were observed. When two of the schemes were compared using the images containing textual elements, a significant difference in the viewing comfort and a significant increase in perceived stereoscopic depth impression were found with one of the schemes. Furthermore, image quality and viewing comfort were better with the 2-D display mode than with the 3-D mode. The use of the 2-D text content in the 3-D display mode seemed to be acceptable in general, but for longer term and repeated use, improvements in text quality should be considered. The results indicate that an increase in detail levels may decrease the evaluated image quality, clarity, and viewing comfort. Moreover, for all experimental conditions, better image quality, increased image clarity, and a more comfortable viewing experience had a positive influence on decisions of daily use.

Salmimaa, Marja; Järvenpää, Toni; Pölönen, Monika



Textual and visual content-based anti-phishing: a Bayesian approach.  


A novel framework using a Bayesian approach for content-based phishing web page detection is presented. Our model takes into account textual and visual contents to measure the similarity between the protected web page and suspicious web pages. A text classifier, an image classifier, and an algorithm fusing the results from classifiers are introduced. An outstanding feature of this paper is the exploration of a Bayesian model to estimate the matching threshold. This is required in the classifier for determining the class of the web page and identifying whether the web page is phishing or not. In the text classifier, the naive Bayes rule is used to calculate the probability that a web page is phishing. In the image classifier, the earth mover's distance is employed to measure the visual similarity, and our Bayesian model is designed to determine the threshold. In the data fusion algorithm, the Bayes theory is used to synthesize the classification results from textual and visual content. The effectiveness of our proposed approach was examined in a large-scale dataset collected from real phishing cases. Experimental results demonstrated that the text classifier and the image classifier we designed deliver promising results, the fusion algorithm outperforms either of the individual classifiers, and our model can be adapted to different phishing cases. PMID:21824844

Zhang, Haijun; Liu, Gang; Chow, Tommy W S; Liu, Wenyin



The effects of question types in textual reading upon retention of biology concepts  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Do instructional questions to students enhance learning? If so, do certain types of questions cause greater learning outcomes than others? The area of instructional questions and questioning strategies has generated much research over the past two decades. A number of studies have found instructional questions to account for a large fraction of teaching time (Bellack et al., 1963; Schreiber, 1967; Moyer, 1967). Teacher use of oral questions in instruction, especially higher level cognitive questions, has consistently shown positive effects on student achievement (Redfield & Rousseau, 1981). Questions asked after oral prose presentations in psychology have been found to enhance recall of factual information (Sefkow & Meyers, 1980). Some large teacher training programs have specific instruction in questioning strategies (Lanier & Davis, 1972; Lowery, 1974). Questioning in textual reading has also been investigated, especially in the social sciences and languages, with respect to both the presence of questions in a text and the position and type of such questions. Although there are conflicting results, in general, questions placed within text materials have appeared to cause significantly higher performance than reading the materials without questions (Rothkopf & Bisbicos, 1967; Rothkopf & Bloom, 1970; Watts & Anderson, 1971; Quellmalz, 1972; Reynolds, Standiford, & Anderson, 1979; Corrozi, 1971). Questions placed after the reading have been found to be significantly more productive than prequestions, or questions placed immediately before the reading passages (Rothkopf & Bisbicos, 1967; Frase, Patrick, & Schumer, 1970; Watts & Anderson, 1971). In one study, placing questions before the associated information reduced paragraph reading time from the time required when questions followed the information passage (Morasky & Wilcox, 1970). Finally, higher level cognitive post- and prequestions (comprehensive and application) have consistently produced more learning than recall and factual questions (Watts & Anderson, 1971; Falker, 1974; Rickards, 1974, 1976). The effect of placing questions directly within textual narrative has been much less researched than the issue of placing questions before or after the reading passage. The effect of this interspersed questioning strategy as part of science textbooks is apparently unresearched to date. The purpose of the research reported here was to determine the relative effects of certain question types when these questions were interspersed throughout the reading passage in textual materials for students in university introductory biology. It was hypothesized for experimental purposes that students reading a passage in biology concepts with specific types of interspersed questions would comprehend and retain no more of that passge than students reading the same passage without interspersed questions.

Leonard, William H.; Lowery, Lawrence F.


Integrating Language and Literature: Teaching Textual Analysis with Input and Output Activities and an Input-to-Output Approach  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Modern Language Association report and "Profession" issue from summer 2007 (Geisler et al., 2007) are highly indicative of the increasingly debated concerns in the profession surrounding (1) the traditional division of foreign language curriculum between "language" and "literature" and (2) the instruction of textual analysis (or practice of…

Weber-Feve, Stacey



Translation Competence and Translation Performance: Lexical, Syntactic and Textual Patterns in Student Translations of a Specialized EU Genre  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper reports the findings of a study aiming to reveal the recurring patterns of lexical, syntactic and textual errors in student translations of a specialized EU genre from English into Hungarian. By comparing the student translations to the official translation of the text, this article uncovers the most frequent errors that students made…

Karoly, Adrienn



Analyzing layering in textual design: a multimodal approach for examining cultural, linguistic, and social migrations in digital video  

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This paper explores the nature of layering noisy and moving features in video to better understand how the movement of people, their ideas, and their texts are shifting functions of design and circulation within digital contexts. Drawing from video collected as part of an ethnography of digital literacies in urban contexts, features of textual design in a music video will

Myrrh Domingo



Text + Book = Textbook? Development of a Conceptual Framework for Non-Textual Elements in Middle School Mathematics Textbooks  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study is an initial analytic attempt to iteratively develop a conceptual framework informed by both theoretical and practical perspectives that may be used to analyze non-textual elements in mathematics textbooks. Despite the importance of visual representations in teaching and learning, little effort has been made to specify in any…

Kim, Rae Young



Albedo polarimétrico de asteroides del grupo Hungaria  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

La región del cinturón de asteroides en donde se encuentra el grupo de los Hungarias (a= 1.79 a 1.98 UA, i=15 a 40 grados) es la única zona donde es común encontrar objetos de tipo taxonómico E, caracterizados por altos albedos, colores relativamente neutros y espectros sin detalles. Este tipo de asteroides está relacionado espectralmente con ciertos meteoritos (aubritas) que indican la existencia de episodios de gran calentamiento que ocurrieron durante la formación del Sistema Solar. Como el espectro de los asteroides de tipo E es idéntico a los de tipo M y P, la única forma de clasificar un asteroide en alguno de estos tres tipos taxonómicos es mediante el albedo. En este trabajo se presentan resultados preliminares sobre la determinación polarimétrica de albedos para objetos de este grupo utilizando el polarímetro CASPROF de CASLEO.

Gil-Hutton, R.; Benavidez, P.



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.CSIC: LIBROS o PARTE DE LIBRO Metadato Campo DC Cualificador Observaciones 1. AUTOR dc.contributor author Number (ISBN). Código internacional de identificación del libro. 10. IDENTIFICADOR: OTRO (DL, NIPO) dc.identifier other Otros códigos de identificación del libro (DL, NIPO, etc.). Se consignará el tipo de código en


A Defense of the Ambrosian Strophic Sequence of Simaetha's Incantation in Theocritus' Idyll 2 Pharmaceutria, with Reference to the Superiority of its Textual Witness  

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In the last century, various scholars have argued that the strophic sequence of Simaetha's incantation in Theocritus' Idyll 2 should not be determined simply on the basis of the textual witness. Rather, they assert that ...

Maltsbarger, Jason Dal



A comparison of textual and echoic prompts on the acquisition of intraverbal behavior in a six-year-old boy with autism  

PubMed Central

A comparison of textual and echoic prompts was conducted to determine which form of prompts was more effective for teaching intraverbal behavior to a 6-year-old boy with autism. A multiple baseline design across three sets of questions measured (a) the number of full-sentence target answers, (b) partial answers that made sense, and (c) partial answers that did not make sense, or no response, to direct questions asked. A fading procedure using either scripted textual or scripted echoic prompts was employed to evoke the child's correct answers. Although both forms of prompts were effective, results indicated that textual prompts were much more effective. These findings suggest that textual prompts may be effective in teaching complex skills to children with autism. ImagesFig. 1 PMID:22477229

Finkel, Amy S.; Williams, Randy L.



Medición de los parámetros cosmológicos q0, OmegaM, y OmegaLambda, usando supernovas de Tipo Ia distantes  

Microsoft Academic Search

Las supernovas de tipo Ia son una herramienta de gran precisión para la medición de distancias de interés cosmológico. Los métodos recientes de calibración de su luminosidad intrínseca, que hacen uso de la forma de las curvas de luz en varios colores y permiten diferenciar entre supernovas distantes, intrínsecamente débiles, u oscurecidas por extinción, reducen la dispersión del método que

A. Clocchiatti



A review of "'Paper-Contestations' and Textual Communities in England, 1640-1675" by Elizabeth Sauer  

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and engender future studies seeking to similarly refocus our understanding of seventeenth-century writing. Elizabeth Sauer. ?Paper-Contestations? and Textual Communities in England, 1640- 1675. Toronto: University of Toronto Press , 2005. vii + 199 pp.... $50.00. Review by JAMEELA LARES, THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI. In this rewarding study, Elizabeth Sauer proposes that the mid-seven- teenth century theatrical mode migrated into print, especially with the closing of the theaters in 1642...

Lares, Jameela



Mapping annotations with textual evidence using an scLDA model  

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Most of the knowledge regarding genes and proteins is stored in biomedical literature as free text. Extracting information from complex biomedical texts demands techniques capable of inferring biological concepts from local text regions and mapping them to controlled vocabularies. To this end, we present a sentence-based correspondence latent Dirichlet allocation (scLDA) model which, when trained with a corpus of PubMed documents with known GO annotations, performs the following tasks: 1) learning major biological concepts from the corpus, 2) inferring the biological concepts existing within text regions (sentences), and 3) identifying the text regions in a document that provides evidence for the observed annotations. When applied to new gene-related documents, a trained scLDA model is capable of predicting GO annotations and identifying text regions as textual evidence supporting the predicted annotations. This study uses GO annotation data as a testbed; the approach can be generalized to other annotated data, such as MeSH and MEDLINE documents. PMID:22195141

Jin, Bo; Chen, Vicky; Chen, Lujia; Lu, Xinghua



Textual therapy on the relationship between medicine and grammar in Galen.  


In this paper we will explore some ancient ideas about the relationship of grammar and medicine. There are two grounds for expecting that the great doctor-philologist Galen would talk of (deficient) texts in terms of patients to be healed. One is the ancient grammatical tradition classifying medicine and grammar as sister disciplines. The other is the extensive tradition of using biological and medical metaphors for language and texts. However, it will turn out that medical overtones are significantly absent from Galen's rhetoric about philology and from his own linguistic metalanguage. Instead of comparing the remedying and corrective activities of the doctor and the textual critic, he connects medicine (and to some extent texts) with weaving and architecture. In fact, this corresponds to his own, alternative classification of the sciences. We seek an explanation for this state of affairs in Galen's general anxiety to be taken for a philologist or grammarian rather than a serious doctor. This may have led to a refusal to dignify grammar by applying medical terminology to it. However, the aversion he claims for the grammarian can be shown to be mostly a rhetorical posturing, since Galen does talk about medical and grammatical practice in similar and revealing terms: curing a patient and fixing a text require moral courage, and this sets these activities apart from morally irrelevant ones such as house-repair and clothes-mending. PMID:21560568

Sluiter, Ineke



Large Scale Near-Duplicate Celebrity Web Images Retrieval Using Visual and Textual Features  

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Near-duplicate image retrieval is a classical research problem in computer vision toward many applications such as image annotation and content-based image retrieval. On the web, near-duplication is more prevalent in queries for celebrities and historical figures which are of particular interest to the end users. Existing methods such as bag-of-visual-words (BoVW) solve this problem mainly by exploiting purely visual features. To overcome this limitation, this paper proposes a novel text-based data-driven reranking framework, which utilizes textual features and is combined with state-of-art BoVW schemes. Under this framework, the input of the retrieval procedure is still only a query image. To verify the proposed approach, a dataset of 2 million images of 1089 different celebrities together with their accompanying texts is constructed. In addition, we comprehensively analyze the different categories of near duplication observed in our constructed dataset. Experimental results on this dataset show that the proposed framework can achieve higher mean average precision (mAP) with an improvement of 21% on average in comparison with the approaches based only on visual features, while does not notably prolong the retrieval time. PMID:24163631

Wang, Cheng; Zhang, Xin; Wang, Hui



Large scale near-duplicate celebrity web images retrieval using visual and textual features.  


Near-duplicate image retrieval is a classical research problem in computer vision toward many applications such as image annotation and content-based image retrieval. On the web, near-duplication is more prevalent in queries for celebrities and historical figures which are of particular interest to the end users. Existing methods such as bag-of-visual-words (BoVW) solve this problem mainly by exploiting purely visual features. To overcome this limitation, this paper proposes a novel text-based data-driven reranking framework, which utilizes textual features and is combined with state-of-art BoVW schemes. Under this framework, the input of the retrieval procedure is still only a query image. To verify the proposed approach, a dataset of 2 million images of 1089 different celebrities together with their accompanying texts is constructed. In addition, we comprehensively analyze the different categories of near duplication observed in our constructed dataset. Experimental results on this dataset show that the proposed framework can achieve higher mean average precision (mAP) with an improvement of 21% on average in comparison with the approaches based only on visual features, while does not notably prolong the retrieval time. PMID:24163631

Qiao, Fengcai; Wang, Cheng; Zhang, Xin; Wang, Hui



Determinación del Continuo No-Estelar en AGNs del Tipo NLS1  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Narrow Line Seyfert 1 (NLS1) are a subclass of AGN with Seyfert 1 characteristics but without broad prominent lines. We approach the determination of the non-stellar continuum using the spectral synthesis technique. In order to achieve this goal, we chose a sample of 130 NLS1 up to z = 0.1. Using this method we determined: (a) central black holes masses, (b) acretion rates, (c) electronic densities in the narrow line region, and we found some correlations between these parameters. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Oio, G. A.; Vega Neme, L.; Schmidt, E.; Ferreiro, D.


Ambienti Circumstellari ed Interstellari di Supernovae di vario Tipo ed Applicazioni Astrofisiche  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Nella presente tesi vengono studiati gli ambienti circumstellari ed interstellari di supernovae (anche SNe; singolare SN) di vario tipo. In particolare si descrivono alcune applicazioni astrofisiche, relative a questi ambienti, che permettono di desumere informazioni sui sistemi stellari progenitori delle supernovae o di determinare le distanze a tali oggetti. L' emissione radio da supernovae, prodotta nell' ambiente circumstellare ad opera dell'interazione idrodinamica del gas di SN con l' ambiente circostante, puo' essere impiegata come mezzo di indagine del sistema di pre-supernova. In particolare si e' introdotta l'idea che tale emissione possa essere impiegata nel caso delle SNe di tipo Ia come test dei sistemi progenitori di tipo simbiotico. Il test e' stato effettuato sulla SN 1986G, per la quale avevamo ottenuto limiti superiori a lunghezze d'onda radio. Nel caso che un sistema simbiotico sia responsabile di una SN Ia, l'interazione tra l' ejecta e una shell circumstellare origina, in un'epoca molto prossima al massimo di luce, un'emissione radio rivelabile con strumenti tipo Very Large Array. Inoltre l'emissione radio fornisce informazioni circa gli stadi di pre-supernova nel caso di altri tipi di supernova. In questo lavoro di tesi vengono presentati i risultati ottenuti nel caso delle SNe di tipo II 1984E e 1986E. Queste due SNe non mostrano emissione radio: la prima, in prossimita del massimo ottico, stava interagendo con una shell circumstellare prodotta da un episodio di perdita di massa di breve durata in fase di pre-supernova; la seconda, invece e' la prima SN ``vecchia'' ad essere rivelata nell' ottico ma non nel radio (l' oggetto non ha ancora iniziato la fase di supernova remnant ed emette radiazione ottica prodotta ancora per interazione circumstellare). In ambiente circum-interstellare, gli echi di luce, prodotti dallo scattering della luce della supernova ad opera della polvere presente, possono essere utilizzati per determinare le distanze extra-galattiche per via puramente geometrica (Sparks 1994; 1996). Osservazioni da terra, in imaging e polarimetria, sono state utilizzate per selezionare un numero promettente di candidati, che mostrano emissione visibile alla posizione della supernova. Tali candidati sono promettenti non solo per l' applicazione del metodo descritto ma anche per dedurre informazioni circa le supernovae medesime e le relative popolazioni stellari.

Boffi, Francesca R.


Computers in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language: Access to the Diversity of Textual Genres and Language Skills  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the area of language teaching both language skills and textual genres can be worked with simultaneously (thus responding to the Brazilian Curricular Parameters and to the trends in contemporary education, which emphasize contextualized teaching) by means of computers. Computers can make the teaching process dynamic and rich, since they enable the access to the foreign language through virtual environments, which creates a larger number of learning contexts, with all their specific vocabulary and linguistic features in real communication. This study focuses on possible applications of this kind of approach. The computer online is a resource of diverse textual genres and can be an important tool in the language classroom as well as an access to authentic material produced in contextualized practice close to real-life communication. On the other hand, all these materials must be appropriately used without ever worshipping the technology as if it were a miraculous solution. After all, the professional pedagogic skills of the teacher should never be forgotten or taken for granted. In this study, a series of interviews with teachers was carried out - both with Brazilian teachers of the public sector (basic education) and language institutes (private English courses) as well as teacher trainers (university professors), in order to verify if the teachers were prepared to work with informatics in teaching practices, and check the professionals’ views on the subject. The ideas of Maingueneau and Marcuschi about textual genres are a theoretical base in this work, besides the concept of cognitive economy. The text and its typology are focused here as the basic material for teaching English, through digital technologies and hypermedia. The study is also based on Sharma and Barrett’s notion of blended learning as a balanced combination of technological resources and traditional practices in the classroom. Thus, this is an attempt to investigate the relevance of information and communication technologies in the education and professional practice of English teachers in Brazil in the context of the 21st century.

Dos Santos, Roberto-Márcio; Sobrinho, Jerônimo Coura


On textual and contextual position of the ophthalmological treatise of bodhisattva n?g?rjuna.  


Medical knowledge in India began to be introduced to China in earliest from the Later Han Dynasty period to the times of Wei-Qin and South & North Dynasties. This is proved by many Buddhist medical books appeared in those days. Of the contents of Indian medicine, the theory of four major elements affected Chinese medicine more than did the theory of body fluids. Based on the theory of four major elements that was began to be introduced in Fú shu? fú y? j?ng, an attempt to establish a new medical system was made in Zh?u hòu b?i y?f?ng written by Táo Hóng-j?ng and S?n S?-mi?o who tried to develop etiology further but could not achieve any great outcomes. Unlike the foregoing situation, Indian medicine aroused a large echo in China in the field of ophthalmology with ophthalmological knowledge mentioned in Su?rutasa hit? and 'J?nzh?n-shù'(cataract couching) introduced as a surgical treatment of cataract. The Su?rutasa hit? which is one of the three major texts of Indian medicine contains additional information on surgical operations not introduced in the Carakasa hit?. The technique of cataract surgery was particularly popular in the Tang and Song dynasty periods in China under the name Lóng shù pú sà y?n lùn(The Ophthalmological Treatise of Bodhisattva N?g?rjuna) or Lóng shù lùn and was even designated as a subject to educate medical officers. While the original text of Lóng shù pú sà y?n lùn was not handed down, the first testimony that show the trace of the introduction of this text into China was the Ti?n zhú j?ng lùn y?n mentioned in Wài tái mì yào(Arcane Essential from the Imperial Library) written by Wang Tao. Long shàng dào ren who was mentioned as the compiler of the book is assumed to be Lóng shù. Although Ti?n zhú j?ng lùn y?n introduced anatomical knowledge about the eyeball that could have not been in the traditional Chinese medicine, this book has only limited quantity of information in this regard. Thereafter, Tài píng shèng huì f?ng (Holy Prescriptions for Universal Relief) compiled by a national agency at the beginning of the Song Dynasty period introduced Lóng shù pú sà y?n lùn without clear indication of the reference. Contemporary with this book, many ophthalmological books such as Mì chuán y?n k? lóng mù lùn(Longmu's Ophthalmology Secretly Handed Down) were published. As Chinese culture was spreading out into surrounding countries, medical knowledge was also introduced to Korean peninsula and Japan. The ophthalmological knowledge contained in Lóng shù pú sà y?n lùn was also reflected and some parts of it were introduced in I shin b? in Japan. Based on the policy decision of King Sejong, the fourth king of Joseon Dynasty, large scaled promoting projects of medical knowledge was established. It is notable that the Ui bang ryu chwi compiled as a result of the synthesis of the medical treatises available at that time initiated by King Sejong contained a considerable part of Lóng shù pú sà y?n lùn in reedited form that had already passed into oblivion in China. The intellectuals in Joseon Dynasty who participated in the compilation of Ui bang ryu chwi not only indicated that Lóng shù pú sà y?n lùn was a medical text published in the times of Wei-Qin and South & North Dynasties in China but also clearly indicated the textual reference and left the original text for later generation without modifying the contents. According to the Ui bang ryu chwi, the Lóng shù pú sà y?n lùn indicated that the core causes of eye diseases were heat, winds, and three body fluids(trido a) and contained the analyses of symptoms, related treatments, and several analyses of wrong treatments. In addition, Lóng shù pú sà y?n lùn explained diverse eye diseases through more than 30 medical treatments. In particular, this book accurately described golden needle acupuncture for treatment of a Nèi-zhàng understood to be cataract. Therefore, this book is a significant textual record in the history of ophthalmological medicine in East

Kim, Seongsu; Kang, Sungyong



The social organization of representations of history: the textual accomplishment of coming to terms with the past.  


This paper is concerned with the social organization of collective memory and representations of history in the context of how post-communist democracies reckon with former regimes. It specifically centres on the textual accomplishment of coming to terms with the past in the 'Tism?neanu Report' condemning Communism in Romania. The focus is on how the Report displays and shapes the ideological contours of coming to terms with the past around a particular 'social representation' of history. Several constitutive features of the Report that facilitate bringing off a particular 'representation of history' are identified: (a) the construction of a practical framework for the inquiry as a matter of public concern and attention; (b) the production of 'Communism' as an empirical category with uniquely bound features; and (c) the structuring of time by bringing together a political agenda and national identity. The present argument tries to place representations of history (and coming to terms with the past) as something in need of constitution rather than simply relied on. It is suggested that a conception of coming to terms with the past as a textual accomplishment may lead to a fuller appreciation of the structure, function and salience of representations of history as integral part of moral/political/legal courses of action. PMID:18817593

Tileag?, Cristian



Chemical Understanding and Graphing Skills in an Honors Case-Based Computerized Chemistry Laboratory Environment: The Value of Bidirectional Visual and Textual Representations  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The case-based computerized laboratory (CCL) is a chemistry learning environment that integrates computerized experiments with emphasis on scientific inquiry and comprehension of case studies. The research objective was to investigate chemical understanding and graphing skills of high school honors students via bidirectional visual and textual…

Dori, Yehudit J.; Sasson, Irit



Richness, Redundancy or Relational Salience? A Comparison of the Effect of Textual and Aural Feedback Modes on Knowledge Elaboration in Higher Education Students' Work  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study examines the effects of formative assessment feedback commentaries utilizing textual and aural media on the quality of knowledge elaboration within the written work of a sample of 104 higher education students. A randomized, mixed methodological approach was adopted that examined changes within the students' work over a period of one…

Gleaves, Alan; Walker, Caroline



September 18, 2007 13:16 Proceedings Trim Size: 9in x 6in PSB08Textpriors1 INTEGRATION OF MICROARRAY AND TEXTUAL DATA  

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OF MICROARRAY AND TEXTUAL DATA IMPROVES THE PROGNOSIS PREDICTION OF BREAST, LUNG AND OVARIAN CANCER PATIENTS O in cancer. Our results show that prediction of the outcome with the text prior was significantly better-to-noise ratio and often suffer from a small sample size. This causes that genes are often differently expressed


Tipos comunes de cáncer en la población general

La lista de cánceres comunes incluye cánceres que se diagnostican con mayor frecuencia en Estados Unidos. Esta página ofrece las estadísticas de incidencia y mortalidad más recientes para estos tipos de cancer.



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TABLA DE ADAPTACIONES DE ASIGNATURAS SUPERADAS EN EL PROGRAMA SIMULTÁNEO DERECHO-ADE POR LAS ASIGNATURAS DEL GRADO DE DERECHO 1º CURSO DERECHO Créditos Tipo DERECHO-ADE Créditos Tipo Derecho Romano 6 FB Derecho Romano 6 FB Historia del Derecho Español y de las Instituciones 6 FB Historia del Derecho Español

Escolano, Francisco


Efectos heterogéneos del trabajo infantil en la adquisición de habilidades cognitivas  

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El estudio se ocupa de los efectos heterogéneos del trabajo en la formación de capital humano a través de una definición amplia de trabajo que incluye toda actividad asociada a responsabilidades no escolares. Dada la variedad de responsabilidades asumidas por niños y adolescentes peruanos, se toma en cuenta dos criterios para clasificar los diferentes tipos de trabajo: el tipo de

Carmen Ponce



Masculine Hegemony in March Madness? A Textual Analysis of the Gendered Language Used by Newspaper and Online Sportswriters Covering NCAA Women's and Men's Basketball Tournaments  

Microsoft Academic Search

The primary goal of this textual analysis was to examine narratives and descriptors sportswriters used when covering the NCAA Division I women’s and men’s basketball tournaments (March Madness). Drawing principally from a masculine hegemonic framework, this research examined articles published with bylines over a 26-day period in 2006 coinciding with March Madness. Articles came from The New York Times, USA

Edward Martin Kian



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 11 de septiembre de 2012

Con la ayuda de herramientas genéticas, investigadores han identificado subconjuntos de células que parecen impulsar el crecimiento de tumores en ratones. Estos resultados ofrecen factores adicionales que sustentan la hipótesis de la existencia de células madre del cáncer, es decir, la idea de que algunos tumores contienen células que se autorenuevan y dan origen a todo tipo de células tumorales.


Paciente anciano portador de marcapasos: Características y evolución en función del tipo de dispositivo empleado  

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ObjectiveThe objectives of this study were two-fold: a) to describe the characteristics of a group of elderly patients with pacemakers, and b) to evaluate clinical and functional outcomes and mortality in these patients according to the type of device implanted during a 4-year follow-up.

Teresa Pareja Sierra; Jorge Castro Dorticós; María Paz Jiménez Jiménez; Javier Balaguer Recena



Relaciones fundamentales de la población de galaxias de tipo temprano del cúmulo de Antlia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present the results of a study of more than 100 early-type galaxies in Antlia Cluster, that span from giant ellipticals to dwarf ellipticals, covering a magnitude range of 11 magnitudes (M_{V_T} = -22 to -11). We perform surface photometry of these galaxies, and their total magnitudes, surface brightnesses and radii are determined on the basis of the Sérsic law fits. Finally, the fundamental relations between them are analyzed. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Calderón, J. P.; Bassino, L. P.; Cellone, S. A.; Smith Castelli, A. V.; Caso, J. P.


Spin-Peierls distortions in TiPO4  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

On the basis of single-crystal x-ray diffraction we show that TiPO4 undergoes a spin-Peierls distortion below 74.5(5) K, with a dimerization of the Ti chains along the c axis. Between 74.5(5) and 111.6(3) K, TiPO4 develops an incommensurate (IC) phase with temperature-dependent q vector (?1,0,0). Density functional calculations strongly suggest that the IC phase results from a frustration of the lock-in spin-Peierls transition due to the competition of three energetically almost degenerate crystal structures and elastic coupling of the Ti chains via the bridging PO4 units. The phase transition into the IC phase is of second order, but the lock-in transition into the spin-Peierls distortion below 74.5 K is of weak first order in nature.

Bykov, Maxim; Zhang, Jian; Schönleber, Andreas; Wölfel, Alexander; Ali, Sk Imran; van Smaalen, Sander; Glaum, R.; Koo, H.-J.; Whangbo, M.-H.; Reuvekamp, P. G.; Law, J. M.; Hoch, C.; Kremer, R. K.



One Way Laser Ranging In The Solar System : Tipo  

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The Tipo project, Télémétrie InterPlanétaire Optique (InterPlanetary Optical Teleme- try), is a one-way laser ranging experiment proposed in the frame of the first Mars Sample Return mission scheduled in 2007. A clock, a time tagging unit and a photo- detection system are implemented on board the spatial vehicle that will orbit around Mars. The principle of the experiment lies on

E. Samain



Textual abuse: Faulkner's Benjy.  


William Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury has become a classic in literary history. Since its publication in 1929, it has sustained critical interest worldwide. Over time, analyses of this work have reflected shifting cultural perspectives of the inscribed human dynamics such as gender, race and sexuality. This paper contends that a similar critical development cannot be detected around the reception of the character of the "idiot," Benjy. Faulknerian scholarship, regardless of its place in time or trend, persists in conflating the dehumanized images of Benjy with the lived experience of disability, thus perpetuating oppressive disability prejudice and limiting the richness of the character's metaphoric potential. Acknowledging this critical lacuna, historicizing and theorizing Benjy's character from a disability perspective could lead to a deeper understanding of human experience. PMID:15877197

Truchan-Tataryn, Maria



Textual Data in Psychiatry  

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Personal meaning in subjective experience is a key element in the treatment of persons with mental disorders. Open-response speech samples would appear to be suitable for studying this type of subjective experience, but there are still important challenges in using language as data. Scientific principles involved in sample size calculation, validity, and reliability may be applicable, by analogy, to data collected in the form of words. We describe a rationale for including computer-assisted techniques as one step of a qualitative analysis procedure that includes manual reading. Clarification of a framework for including language as data in psychiatric research may allow us to more effectively bridge biological and psychometric research with clinical practice, a setting where the patient’s clinical “data” are, in large part, conveyed in words. PMID:22850301

Yang, Suzanne; Mulvey, Edward P.; Falissard, Bruno




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RESUMEN En este trabajo se propone un modelo para predecir y estimar de forma cualitativa los impactos ambientales que los visitantes de un área recreativa provocan, dependiendo del tipo de actividades que realizan y de las características del paraje. Este método podría servir como herramienta para gestionar el turismo y planificar las áreas recreativas de for- ma que pueda satisfacerse

Manuela Andrés Abellán; Antonio del Cerro Barja; Javier Benayas del Alamo


Composição química, evolução e cinemática de estrelas de tipo solar  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A composição química das estrelas de tipo solar é um diagnóstico extremamente valioso da evolução química do disco da Galáxia. Existe alguma evidência de que tal evolução tem sido heterogênea no espaço e ao longo do tempo e que a composição química do Sol pode não ser um padrão representativo de abundâncias. Neste trabalho, foram obtidas as abundâncias dos elementos químicos C, N, Na, Mg, Si, Ca, Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Sr, Y, Zr, Ba, La, Ce, Nd e Sm em uma amostra de estrelas de tipo solar na vizinhança solar (distâncias £ 25 pc). A técnica empregada foi a análise espectroscópica diferencial em relação ao Sol, baseando-se em dados de alta resolução (R ~ 46.000) e alta razão sinal/ruído (S/R > 300), obtidos com o espectrógrafo échelle de bancada do telescópio de 1,5 m do CTIO. Adicionalmente, abundâncias de C e N foram obtidas através de síntese de bandas moleculares dos Sistemas Eletrônicos Swan do C2 e Vermelho do CN utilizando-se um programa de síntese espectral. Os parâmetros atmosféricos foram estabelecidos usando cores fotométricas, o equilíbrio de excitação e ionização de linhas do Fe e a análise da temperatura e da luminosidade estelares no diagrama HR. Os resultados de abundâncias químicas obtidos proporcionam uma melhor compreensão da relação das abundâncias conhecidas para o Sol com a das estrelas anãs de tipo G da população local, uma vez que as razões de abundâncias de diversos elementos (em relação ao ferro) obtidas para estrelas de metalicidade semelhante à solar diferem daquelas obtidas para o Sol. Tais resultados também contribuem para um melhor entendimento do processo de evolução química da vizinhança solar e do enriquecimento nucleossintético do disco galáctico.

Silva, R. O.; Porto de Mello, G. F.; Milone, A. C.




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Sommario Obiettivo del presente lavoro è valutare il rischio di frattura dell'osso spongioso nel corpo di una vertebra lombare quando sono modificate proprietà meccaniche dell'osso, - la rigidezza, la porosità, la resistenza anisotropa - di soggetti anziani ed osteoporotici. A tal fine si è messo a punto un modello tridimensionale agli elementi finiti di tipo continuum based dell'unità funzionale spinale

A. Boccaccio; P. Vena; D. Gastaldi


Resourcing families: Geographies of opportunity and the networking of knowledge about children's learning and development Resourcing parents of infants to support literacy learning and development: an examination of textual networks and information pathways  

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In this paper I draw on the ecological survey of the Parents Information Networks project to identify and analyse texts that are significant for their promotion of early literacy by sponsors of literacy (Brandt, 1998), their existence in multiple forms, media and modes (book, website, pamphlet, magazine), and their widespread diffusion through social and textual networks. I use conceptual resources

Helen Nixon



Sulla termodinamica dei materiali di tipo differenziale in campi elettromagnetici  

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Sunto  Si determinano le equazioni approssimate del bilancio relativistico di un sistema continuo carico ed, associando ad esse la\\u000a versione relativistica della diseguaglianza di Clausius-Duhem proposta da P. M. Quan, si estendono i risultati della termodinamica\\u000a di Coleman dei materiali differenziali al caso che sia presente un campo elettromagnetico.

Antonio Romano



Importancia del consumo de carnes, pescados y mariscos en la alimentación en México. Efectos del ingreso y factores socioeconómicos sobre su gasto  

Microsoft Academic Search

El objetivo de este trabajo consiste en explicar el comportamiento del gasto en carnes en los hogares mexicanos, mediante la aplicación empírica de modelos probabilísticos de elección binaria tipo logit y probit. Los modelos permitirán verificar distintas hipótesis acerca de la asociación entre las decisiones en el hogar sobre el gasto en productos cárnicos y un conjunto de variables, tales

Irma Martínez Jasso; Pedro A. Villezca Becerra




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Escolano, Francisco


II Seminario Informal (mas Formal) Sem^antica do PVS: Tipos Dependentes e Aplicac~oes  

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II Semin´ario Informal (mas Formal) Sem^antica do PVS: Tipos Dependentes e Aplica¸c~oes Andr´e Luiz Outubro de 2004 Andr´e Luiz Galdino Universidade de Bras´ilia #12;II Semin´ario Informal (mas Formal) Sem´ilia #12;II Semin´ario Informal (mas Formal) Sem^antica do PVS: Tipos Dependentes e Aplica¸c~oes O que ´e

Ayala-Rincón, Mauricio


F. Fasso`. Universita` di Padova. a.a. 2013-14 Presentazione del Corso di Laboratorio  

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programmazione simbolico- numerico di alto livello, del tipo degli attuali Maple, Mathematica, MuPad, etc. Per programmazione utilizzato e` Mathematica. Questo non e` pero` un corso su Mathematica; piuttosto, e` un corso con finale svolto in modo autonomo (ma sempre in gruppo). FAQ: · Perche` solo Mathematica e non anche altri

Fassò, Francesco


Textual Studies in Public Address.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Traditionally, the study of public address has meant the study of great speakers, focusing on individual speech texts, or the speaking careers of individual orators. So dominant was this traditional study of public address that, in its halcyon decades of the l930s, 1940s, and 1950s, it all but eliminated other approaches to rhetorical criticism.…

Lucas, Stephen E.


Aztec homosexuality: the textual evidence.  


Male and female homosexuality among the Aztecs during the period immediately prior to the Spanish Conquest has been studied infrequently, even though a Nahuatl document, the Florentine Codex, written shortly after the Spanish Conquest, contains a number of texts on the subject. The Florentine Codex has been translated into English; however, the translators use biased and erroneous translations in the sections of the manuscript which mention homosexuality, and the actual meaning is unavailable to anyone who does not know Nahuatl. This paper is a new translation and an introductory study of the available texts on homosexuality in the Florentine Codex. The attitudes of the Aztecs toward homosexual men and women can be inferred from these texts, and there are tantalizing fragments which given an indication of how homosexuality fit into Aztec society. PMID:8113605

Kimball, G



Textual Liberation - Slides and Paper  

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nerys, lgbt, lwaxana troi, majel barrett, marriage, matriarchies in space, molly o'brien, motherhood, number one, nyota uhura, opaka, queer, rad women, ro laren, saavik, seven of nine, sisterhood, star trek, star trek xi, starfleet, strong female... nerys, lgbt, lwaxana troi, majel barrett, marriage, matriarchies in space, molly o'brien, motherhood, number one, nyota uhura, opaka, queer, rad women, ro laren, saavik, seven of nine, sisterhood, star trek, star trek xi, starfleet, strong female...

Coker, Catherine



High Risk Narratives: Textual Adventures  

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The paper explores how individual chosen risk is rendered in texts using 5 recent popular best selling books. They describe high adventure in distant, exotic locales—jungles, storms, mountains, and at sea. Dramaturgical analysis, based on Kenneth Burke's pentad of actor, acts, scene, agency and purpose, reveals how differential attention to and focus upon some aspects of the narrative selected actors

Peter K. Manning



Textual Encounters and Pedagogic Interventions  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

School, typically, is no place to be caught being queer and knowledge about homosexuality for the majority of young lesbian, gay and bisexual people is routinely constructed within communities of practice. In this paper, I draw upon my own and others' literacy practices to show how our identities and readings of texts were framed by being…

Vicars, Mark



Pamphlet and Textual Ephemera Collection  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The worlds of theater, tourism, and urban development all come together in this delightful and intriguing digital collection. Created by staff members at the University of Washington Libraries Digital Collection group, the collection includes pamphlets, books, and theater programs that cover tourism in Washington State, urban development in Seattle, the world of theatrical amusements in the area, and the Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition of 1909. The Seattle architecture offerings are quite useful, and they include promotional brochures for new buildings and a pamphlet that explores the later development of the land which contained the first home of the University of Washington. The theater programs collection contains original programs from a diverse range of production from the early days of Seattle Theater, including productions of "Just Out of College" and "The Pirates of Penzance". All told, the entire collection contains 115 items and it's well worth a look.


Gleevec disminuye la recidiva del cáncer en pacientes con tumor estromal gastrointestinal primario

Los resultados preliminares de un estudio clínico grande aleatorio y controlado con placebo, en pacientes con tumor estromal gastrointestinal (GIST) primario, un tipo de tumor que por lo general se encuentra en el estómago o en el intestino delgado, demostraron que los pacientes a los que se administró mesilato de imatinib (Gleevec®) luego de la extirpación total de su tumor tuvieron una probabilidad significativamente menor de padecer una recidiva del cáncer en comparación con aquellos a los que no se administró imatinib.


Temas y rumbos del teatro rural hispanoamericano del siglo XX.  

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de peculiaridades fonéticas. Son pocos, en realidad, los autores de dramas campesinos que no se han servido del pintoresco lenguaje del campo.1 Algunos autores utilizan fábulas del acervo folklórico para montar piezas de teatro con el fin de...

Neglia, Erminio G.



Abundâncias de oxigênio e enxofre nas estrelas de tipo solar da vizinhança solar  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Alguns resultados sugerem que o Sol seja 58% mais abundante em oxigênio que o meio interestelar local. Esta anomalia parece estender-se para o carbono e o criptônio. Entre as possíveis explicações deste fenômeno estão: uma supernova de tipo II que tenha enriquecido a nebulosa protosolar, tornando-a superabundante em oxigênio; um episódio de infall de material pobre em metais sobre o disco Galático, diluindo o meio interestelar local ou uma migração dinâmica do Sol de uma órbita mais interna da Galáxia para sua posição atual. A escolha entre estes cenários exige o conhecimento preciso da abundância solar em relação às anãs G da vizinhança. Neste contexto, o oxigênio e enxofre, são elementos-chave por serem ambos produzidos pelas supernovas de tipo II, devendo portanto possuir o mesmo padrão de abundância. Este projeto visa esclarecer qual a posição do Sol na distribuição local de abundâncias de enxofre e oxigênio para uma amostra de estrelas de tipo solar com idades e metalicidades bem conhecidas. Para tal, analisamos espectros de alta resolução e alta relação sinal-ruído nas regiões espectrais de ll 6300, 7774 (O) e l8695 (S). Para o enxofre encontramos que o Sol parece ser uma estrela típica dentre as da vizinhança, e que este elemento não mostra a sobreabundância para baixas metalicidades, já bem estabelecida para o oxigênio. Discutimos as abundâncias do enxofre no contexto da Evolução Química da Galáxia. Apresentamos resultados preliminares muito precisos para a linha proibida do oxigênio l6300 e comparamos estes com os obtidos para o tripleto em l7774. Quantificamos os efeitos não-ETL presentes no tripleto em função dos parâmetros atmosféricos estelares.

Requeijo, F.; Porto de Mello, G. F.



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 07-20-2010

El doctor Harold Varmus, acompañado de su esposa Constance Casey (centro), presta juramento como director del NCI ante la Secretaria del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos, Kathleen Sebelius, el lunes 12 de julio. (Foto cortesía de Chris Smith) El 12 de julio, el doctor Harold Varmus prestó juramento ante la Secretaria del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos, Kathleen Sebelios, como el decimocuarto director del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer.


El pronóstico del cáncer

Hoja informativa sobre la predicción de resultados y recuperación de una enfermedad, y sobre cómo las estadísticas ayudan a los médicos a hacer una estimación del pronóstico de un paciente con cáncer.


Espectroscopia del Cometa Halley  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se reportan observaciones espectroscópicas del cometa Halley. Los espectros fueron tomados usando el espectrógrafo del telescopio reflector de 1 metro del Observatorio Nacional de Venezuela. Se utilizó óptica azul, con una red de difracción de 600 lineas/min, obteniéndose una dispersión de 74.2 A/mm y una resolución de 2.5 A, en el rango espectral de 3500 a 6500 A. Seis placas fueron tomadas con emulsión IIa-O y dos con IIa-D. Los tiempos de exposición fueron entre 10 y 150 minutos. El cometa se encontraba entre 0.70 y 1.04 UA del Sol, y entre 1.28 y 0.73 UA de la Tierra. Las emisiones más prominentes en el espectro, son las del CN, C2, y C3. Otras emisiones detectadas corresponden a CH, NH2 y Na. Los espectros muestran un fuerte continuo, indicando un contenido significativo de polvo. Se detectó mayor intensidad del contínuo, en la dirección anti solar, lo cual es evidencia de la cola de polvo.

Naranjo, O.; Fuenmayor, F.; Ferrin, L.; Bulka, P.; Mendoza, C.



Criteri di esistenza di soluzioni periodiche per una classe di equazioni differenziali del secondo ordine non lineari  

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Sommario  Si stabiliscono criteri sufficienti per l'esistenza di soluzioni periodiche di periodo ? per equazioni del tipo\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a $$\\\\ddot x + f(x, \\\\dot x)\\\\dot x + g(x) = e(t)$$\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a con e(t) funzione periodica di periodo ?.

Gaetano Villari



Control del cáncer y salud mundial: noticia del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI)

En combinación con una reunión de alto nivel de las Naciones Unidas sobre enfermedades no transmisibles en países en vías de desarrollo, el doctor Harold Varmus, director del NCI, y el doctor Ted L. Trimble, del NCI, han publicado un comentario en Science Translational Medicine sobre “La integración del control del cáncer en la salud mundial" (Integrating Cancer Control into Global Health).


Estudo espectral em raios-X duros de fontes do tipo Z com o HEXTE/RXTE  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Apresentam-se os resultados de um estudo espectral em raios-X de fontes do tipo Z. As fontes do tipo Z são binárias de raios-X de baixa massa (BXBM) com campo magnético intermediário (B~109G). Esta classe de fontes é composta por apenas 6 fontes Galácticas (a saber: ScoX-1, 9, 7, CygX-2, 5 e 0). A nossa análise se concentra na faixa de raios-X duros (E ~ 20keV), até cerca de 200keV, faixa ótima de operação do telescópio "High Energy X-ray Timing Experiment" (HEXTE), um dos três telescópios de raios-X à bordo do Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE). Nossa motivação para tal estudo, uma busca de caudas em raios-X duros em fontes do tipo Z, foi o pouco conhecimento sobre a emissão nesta faixa de energia das referidas fontes quando comparadas, por exemplo, as fontes do tipo atoll (também BXBM). Apresentam-se a análise/redução de dados e explicita-se a maneira como o HEXTE mede o ru1do de fundo. Especial atenção é direcionada a este item devido a localização das fontes do tipo Z e também ao problema de contaminação por fontes próximas. Com exceção de ScoX-1, nenhuma cauda em raios-X duros foi encontrada para as outras fontes, a despeito de resultados de detecção dessas caudas em algumas fontes pelo satélite BeppoSAX. As interpretações deste resultado serão apresentadas. Do ponto de vista deste estudo, nós deduzimos que a produção de caudas de raios-X duros em fontes do tipo Z é um processo disparado quando, pelo menos, uma condição é satisfeita: o brilho da componente térmica do espectro precisa estar acima de um certo valor limiar de ~4´1036ergs-1.

D'Amico, F.; Heindl, W. A.; Rothschild, R. E.



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

No se puede negar que vivimos en una comunidad global, en la que los eventos de una ciudad o país pueden tener graves consecuencias para los residentes de otra ciudad o país a miles de kilómetros de distancia. Ya sea la pandemia del virus H1N1, los recientes disturbios en Irán o la recesión económica mundial, es evidente que esta interconectividad trae consigo retos importantes. Pero también puede crear oportunidades sin precedentes, en particular aquellas que podrían mejorar sustancialmente la salud pública.


Mucolipidose tipo III - pseudo-Hurler: relato de um caso Mucolipidosis type III - pseudo-Hurler: a case description  

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RESUMO Objetivo: Relato de um caso de mucolipidose tipo III polidistrofia - pseudo-Hurler (ML III), enfocando a raridade e os métodos diagnósticos. Descrição: Criança com oito anos de idade, sexo fe- minino, baixa estatura (abaixo do percentil 5, NCHS), história de rigidez articular há 4 anos. A rigidez se iniciou nas mãos e evoluiu com o comprometimento das articula- ções

Alberto S. Castroviejo; Andréia Fernandes Magalhães


Museo Universitario del Chopo Datos del plan de estudio  

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and roll 4. Mambo 5. Merengue 6. Disco 7. Cumbia 8. Cha cha cha 9. Salsa en Línea 10. Hip Hop 11. CancionesMuseo Universitario del Chopo Datos del plan de estudio Nombre del Taller: Dancing en México

Islas, León


Pruebas de Papanicolaou y del virus del papiloma humano (VPH)

Hoja informativa que describe los exámenes selectivos de detección del cáncer de cérvix, los cuales incluyen la prueba de Papanicolaou y la prueba de los virus del papiloma humano. La hoja informativa incluye también información acerca de las pautas de exámenes de detección del cáncer de cérvix.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 08-17-2010

En la reunión del 20 de julio, los miembros del comité revisaron los resultados finales de esos estudios, en los cuales no se pudo confirmar la información que llevó a la aprobación acelerada. Las mujeres del estudio inicial, llamado E2100, recibieron paclitaxel (Taxol) solo o paclitaxel más bevacizumab para tratar el cáncer de mama localizado recidivante.


Fisiología del crecimiento  

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ExtractoEl crecimiento humano es un proceso dinámico y complejo que comienza con la fertilización del óvulo y se completa con la fusión de las epífisis y las metáfisis de los huesos largos, que caracteriza la terminación de la adolescencia. El crecimiento ocurre en fases, con características distintivas en términos de influencias dominantes derivadas de factores y patrones genéticos, ambientales\\/nutricionales y

Arlan L. Rosenbloom



-DERECHO PBLICO DEL ESTADO AUTONMICO La implantacin del Mster universitario en Derecho Pblico del Estado Autonmico  

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- DERECHO P�BLICO DEL ESTADO AUTON�MICO La implantación del Máster universitario en Derecho Público del Estado Autonómico extinguirá el Máster Oficial en Derecho Autonómico y Local. Por esta razón se materias del Máster Oficial en Derecho Autonómico y Local. Los estudiantes que comenzaron el Máster Oficial

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


Introduccion. Una matriz de m filas y n columnas con elementos en el cuerpo K es un rectangulo de elementos de K (es decir, numeros) del tipo  

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Matrices Introducci´on. Una matriz de m filas y n columnas con elementos en el cuerpo K es un rect ... ... ... ... am1 am2 · · · amn . El elemento aij est´a en la fila i y la columna j. Notaremos por Mm�n(K) al + · · · + ainbnj. El elemento pij es el producto escalar de fila i de la matriz A y la columna j de la matriz B

Ramírez-Ros, Rafael


Semantic Annotation for Textual Entailment Recognition  

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that underlie entailment. Consider the following example from RTE 2: ­ T: The widow of John Lennon, Yoko Ono Ono is John Lennon's widow. Here, the judgment on the validity of this entailment is based on the semantic properties of the appositive construction - The widow of John Lennon, Yoko Ono - whereby two noun

Ido, Dagan


Textual Tinkerability: Encouraging Storytelling Behaviors to Foster  

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tinkerability. When reading TinkRBooks, both parents and children can alter text (character attributes and parts's academic success and is widely recognized as one of the most difficult things young children learn to do opportunities for literacy development in some children. Highly educated parents who have high

Lieberman, Henry


Bracket study : textual, computational, and digital  

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Bracket system is an important and characteristic component in the traditional Chinese architecture. Much has been studied about the system - its origin, historical evolution, structure, and composition - in the traditional ...

Wu, Qiong, 1972-



[Textual research and explanation of "Qi - Huang"].  


Since the main contents of the Huang di nei jing (Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon) was completed in the Warring States, in the form of questions and answers between Huang Di and Qi Bo, Qi - Huang is used as the appellation for Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon in later generation. As the Yellow Emperor's Inner Canon laid the foundation for the development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), in the Song Dynasty, Qi Bo and Huang Di was jointly called Qi - Huang for the first time in Bian que xin shu (Medical Understanding of Bian Que) by Dou Cai. And they were also worshipped as the orthodox ancestors of medicine in the shrine with new implication. Since then, Qi - Huang had an extended meanings for orthodox TCM or TCM science. However, in most cases, Qi - Huang was the appellation of TCM and TCM science. Meanwhile, new words derived from Qi - Huang have their respective meanings, such as "the art of Qi - Huang" and "the theoretical principles of Qi - Huang" standing for the science of TCM or the art of healing, and the theoretical principles. As for the "Qi - Huang physicians", it represents the TCM doctors and specialists. Dan xi shou jing (Medical Mirror of Danxi) by Wu Shangmo in the Ming Dynasty says that "meeting Qi - Huang specialists". "Qi - Huang books" means TCM books. And Qi - Huang profession refers to TCM profession, etc. It can be seen that the term Qi - Huang does have a rich content of Chinese traditional culture. PMID:12639432

Zhu, Jianping



Textual Views in Model Driven Engineering  

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Building views on abstract models is one of the key concepts of model-driven engineering. Different views help to present concepts behind a model in a way that they can be understood and edited by different stakeholders or developers in different roles. Within graphical modelling several approaches exist allowing the definition of explicit holistic, partial or combined graphical views for models.On

Thomas Goldschmidt; Steffen Becker; Axel Uhl



Museo Universitario del Chopo Datos del plan de estudio  

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separación de la agrupación musical más importante del Siglo XX, a nuestros días, The Beatles Imparte NACIONAL AUT�NOMA DE M�XICO #12;Revisar la historia de la banda de rock los Beatles, a través del análisis paralelos en el tiempo del cuarteto Liverpool. CONTENIDO 1. La historia des los Beatles, desde sus inicios

Islas, León


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 09-14-2010

Las mediciones ecocardiográficas del ventrículo izquierdo del corazón sirven para que los médicos monitoreen el funcionamiento cardiaco durante el tratamiento contra el cáncer. Una reducción de la fracción de eyección ventricular izquierda (LVEF) durante el tratamiento puede indicar daño cardiaco provocado por los fármacos. Haga clic para ampliar.


MÉXICO: DESIGUALDAD SOCIAL Y POBREZA Saldos del “gobierno del empleo”  

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El gobierno de Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, carente de oficio y de sentido común, no solamente es el gobierno del desempleo sino que también es el gobierno del aumento de las desigualdades sociales y, por tanto, de la pobreza. Y cómo no debería serlo, sí se trata de un gobierno conservador que les quita a los pobres para darles a los

Martín Carlos Ramales Osorio



Atlas del Genoma del Cáncer - Estudio de caso: cáncer cerebral

Cuando no se encuentra en el quirófano o está ayudando a pacientes, el doctor Brennan dirige un laboratorio que estudia la forma más común de cáncer de cerebro, el glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), el primer tipo de cáncer analizado por el TCGA. La mayoría de los pacientes con esta forma mortal de cáncer viven de 12 a 15 meses después de ser diagnosticados; menos de 10 % llegan al umbral de los cinco años de supervivencia.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 10-13-2009

El sobrediagnóstico ocurre cuando una prueba de detección detecta un cáncer que no es mortal. A veces se le llama seudo-enfermedad, uno muere con esos tumores y no por ellos. Cuando un examen selectivo de detección detecta este tipo de tumor que luego se extirpa, aparentemente ha sido tratado con éxito, lo cual hace que se piense que el examen de detección es efectivo cuando, en realidad, el examen detectó algo que no era mortal.


El valor del consejo en el Libro del caballero Zifar Patricia ROCHWERT-ZUILI  

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1 El valor del consejo en el Libro del caballero Zifar Patricia ROCHWERT-ZUILI Textes et cultures Libro del caballero Zifar la definición del consejo como elemento fundamental del molinismo. El análisis la realeza. Palabras clave: Consejo, palabra, amistad, verdad, seso, entendimiento, Libro del

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Teatro uruguayo hacia el fin del siglo  

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del Interior y la Asociación General de Autores del Uruguay, y presidida por un representante del Ministerio de Educación y Cultura. 84 LATIN AMERICAN THEATRE REVIEW Pero los magros recursos asignados al Fondo de Teatro por dicha ley, consistentes...

Pignataro Calero, Jorge




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En este trabajo se aborda el posible origen evolutivo del derecho como una consecuencia del desarrollo social de nuestra especie. Otras especies con sistemas sociales similares presentan varias reglas para la convivencia en grupo. Algunas de estas reglas son comunes en todas las especies con comportamiento social. El desarrollo de la sociobiología en las últimas décadas es una herramienta importante

Axel P. Retana-Salazar


Siga adelante: la vida después del tratamiento del cáncer

E-book con consejos para supervivientes de cáncer e información sobre temas relacionados con la vida después del tratamiento, entre ellos, la atención médica de seguimiento, los cambios físicos y emocionales y los cambios en el estilo de vida.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 3 de enero 2013

En Estados Unidos nos bombardean con información sobre los exámenes de detección del cáncer. Los comerciales radiales tratan de atraer a la gente a los centros médicos subrayando los beneficios de los exámenes de detección del cáncer de pulmón. Algunos grupos de defensa promueven los exámenes para el cáncer de próstata o de mama. Y los medios enfatizan los beneficios de estas pruebas. Pero mucha gente no entiende la complejidad de estos procedimientos.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 05-25-2010

Aproximadamente 41.000 participantes en un estudio en el Reino Unido se sometieron una sola vez a una examen de detección en la parte inferior del colon mediante el uso de un sigmoidoscopio, un instrumento delgado en forma de tubo que se inserta a través del recto para buscar lesiones precancerosas o cancerosas. Este dispositivo también tiene una herramienta para extraer pólipos potencialmente precancerosos.


Como Solicitar Los Beneficios del Seguro del Desempleo Transcripcin  

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depende en los ingresos que ha ganado en un periodo de 12 meses...esto es lo que se le llama ingresos del éste Segundo...usted puede visitar nuestro sitio de Internet y presentar su solicitud en línea O. Busque el enlace de la "Lista de Verificación" en nuestro sitio del Internet. Púlselo e imprímalo. Al


Se da a conocer el plan del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer para acelerar la investigación del cáncer

En la 100va Reunión Anual de la Asociación Estadounidense de Investigación del Cáncer realizada en Denver, el director del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, doctor John E. Niederhuber, dio a conocer detalles importantes, tales como financiamiento de más subvenciones, creación de una plataforma para atención personalizada del cáncer y un programa acelerado de genética del cáncer que hará avanzar la investigación oncológica en este nuevo ambiente económico.


Antioxidantes y prevención del cáncer

Hoja informativa acerca de los antioxidantes, sustancias que pueden proteger las células del daño causado por moléculas inestables conocidas como radicales libres. El daño de los radicales libres puede resultar en cáncer.


Case Study: del Amo Bioventing  

EPA Science Inventory

The attached presentation discusses the fundamentals of bioventing in the vadose zone. The basics of bioventing are presented. The experience to date with the del Amo Superfund Site is presented as a case study....


Harold Varmus investido bajo juramento como 14.º director del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

Ganador del Premio Nobel, doctor Harold E. Varmus, prestó juramento hoy como 14.º director del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI).  "Es muy estimulante que estés de regreso con nosotros", dijo la secretaria del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos Kathleen Sebelius en la ceremonia de toma de juramento. “Hoy se abre un nuevo capítulo para el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer”.


VIII Encuentro Nacional de Teatro del CLETA  

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popular de las "calaveras," poemitas satíricos que se circulan en México por motivo del día dos de noviembre, "Día de los Muertos," destacaron esa noche las "calaças" originales del Llanero Solitito; por ejemplo, la siguiente a propósito del actual... contribuir al fortalecimiento de organizaciones políticas y sociales que contribuyan a la destrucción del sistema de explotación del hombre por el hombre." Durante los diez días que duró el VIII Encuentro, hubo presentaciones tanto en foros cerrados como...

Frischmann, Donald H.



11th Conference of the European Society for Textual Scholarship (ESTS 2014) Textual Trails  

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for proposals: 14 May 2014 Texts tend to travel across space and time, carried by sound waves, written on parchments and codices, sealed in envelopes and travel trunks, and streaming as bits in the internet of the genesis of one writing or an editorial history of one literary work, or they can run through a historical

Roos, Teemu



PubMed Central

Resumen A partir de un relevamiento de tipo etnográfico, se describen lugares de encuentro de HSH en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires y sus prácticas sexuales. El reconocimiento de tales espacios, así como las características que asumen en ellos los encuentros sexuales entre los HSH, plantean obstáculos específicos en la adopción de comportamientos preventivos y, asimismo, generan nuevos desafíos para las actividades de prevención. Se plantean las dificultades y debates conceptuales que la misma categoría presenta, y sus consecuencias en el abordaje preventivo y teórico-metodológico para las ciencias sociales. Además, se proponen nuevos interrogantes acerca de los alcances y las limitaciones del modelo preventivo del VIH/Sida para HSH. PMID:21874154

Barreda, Victoria; Carballo-Dieguez, Alex; Marone, Ruben; Balan, Ivan; Pando, Maria Angeles; Avila, Maria Mercedes



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 29 de marzo de 2011

Los artículos originales en inglés se encuentran disponibles en las páginas del NCI Cancer Bulletin. El Boletín es una publicación del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), una entidad gubernamental de los Estados Unidos creada en 1937.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 21 de junio de 2011

Los artículos originales en inglés se encuentran disponibles en las páginas del NCI Cancer Bulletin. El Boletín es una publicación del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), una entidad gubernamental de los Estados Unidos creada en 1937.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 28 de febrero de 2012

Los artículos originales en inglés están disponibles en las páginas del NCI Cancer Bulletin. El Boletín es una publicación del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), una entidad gubernamental de los Estados Unidos creada en 1937.


en el mundo Trasplante del arroz en Madagascar  

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Ciencias y Tecnologías del Agua » con la ayuda del Ministerio de Asuntos Extranjeros. África del Norte y internacional MERGUSIE, dedicado al manejo integral del agua en la cuenca vertiente del Merguellil. De éste han tecnologías del agua » del Nepad Los lazos entre el Instituto y el NEPAD (The New Partnership for Africa


Neutron Diffraction Study of the Nuclear and Magnetic Structure of the CrVO 4Type Phosphates TiPO 4and VPO 4  

Microsoft Academic Search

The nuclear structures of TiPO4and VPO4have been refined from neutron powder data using the Rietveld technique. For both compounds, the CrVO4type nuclear structure (Cmcm, ZZ = 4) was confirmed at 2 K with residuals ofRN= 0.033 (TiPO4) andRN= 0.022 (VPO4). In this structure the magnetic ions form chains running along thec-axis. For VPO4, magnetic ordering with a propagation vector k

R. Glaum; M. Reehuis; N. Stüßer; U. Kaiser; F. Reinauer



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 12-08-2009

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) recientemente puso a disposición carteles y broches de promoción en español para aumentar la concientización sobre los estudios clínicos. Se pretende que los instrumentos animen la conversación con pacientes de cáncer que pudieran estar interesados en participar en un estudio clínico.


modelado y analisis del transporte del herbicida glifosato en una ...  

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tools for the study of water and contaminant transport in the unsaturated zone. This paper presents ... Tests were designed to. characterize the ... laboratory and field data. RESUMEN ..... donde t1 2/ es la vida-mitad (half-life) del contaminante. El parámetro t1 2/ .... En Soil Science Society of America Journal, 44, 892-898.

(Tom N. Jagatic)



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de sexo y la forma en que esto afecta las actividades colaborativas. En el presente trabajo se describen los resultados de un experimento desarrollado con el fin de establecer que la diferencia de sexo]. Varios estudios también han demostrado que las diferencias de sexo en el uso del computador están

Guerrero, Luis


Método de determinación del origen geográfico del polen apícola comercial  

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Cinco muestras de marcas de polen apícola, que son frecuentes en el comercio regional, han sido estudiadas y su composición po- línica analizada mediante diferentes técnicas con el objetivo de conocer su origen geográfico. Se han usado tres métodos que pueden con- siderarse complementarios: los valores porcentuales del análisis de polen por microscopía óptica, el análisis colorimétrico y el estudio

Pilar de Sá-Otero; Silvia Marcial-Bugarín; Sandra Armesto-Baztán; Emilia Díaz-Losada



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 04-27-2010

Cada vez es más evidente que los esfuerzos mundiales de salud de mayor éxito dependen no solo del aporte de las mentes más brillantes, sino de la colaboración entre ellas para marcar la diferencia en el escenario global. Este enfoque es el motor impulsor detrás de una asociación excepcional con el NCI, financiada en parte por Susan G.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 01-05-2010

Al caminar por los pasillos del nuevo centro oncológico integral en la sede de Ciencias Médicas de la Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR) en San Juan, uno debe mantener los ojos abiertos. La mujer que pasa caminando vigorosamente podría ser la doctora Marcia Roxana Cruz-Correa, y no debe uno perderse la oportunidad de conocerla.



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Se elaboraron dos tipos de galletas, en polvorón y en pasta seca, con base en un almidón comercial de maíz (Zea mays L.) y un almidón aislado de plátano (Musa paradisiaca), como una alterna- tiva tecnológica de este fruto, el cual es subutilizado. El contenido de almidón en los productos se mantuvo constante y las condicio- nes de procesamiento se

Luis A. Bello-Pérez; Sonia G. Sáyago-Ayerdi; Lizbeth I. Montiel-Salas



Linux un sistema operativo di tipo Unix. La principale differenza rispetto ai "veri" sistemi Unix consiste nel fatto che Linux pu essere copiato liberamente e gratuitamente,  

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LINUX Linux è un sistema operativo di tipo Unix. La principale differenza rispetto ai "veri" sistemi Unix consiste nel fatto che Linux può essere copiato liberamente e gratuitamente, compreso l'intero codice sorgente. Il termine Linux, per essere precisi, si riferisce solo al kernel. Il kernel è il nucleo

Rossi, Francesca



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E’ormai noto che esiste la possibilità rivoluzionaria di utilizzare il fegato per il trattamento della stadio terminale delle epatopatie. Nel gennaio 1980 si celebra il decimo anna di sopravvivenza con fegato trapiantato (la più lunga della letteratura) di un paziente da noi trattato. Si tratta di uno dei 12 malati sottoposti a trapianto e seguiti per più di 5 anni. La nota positiva di questa tipo di trattamento è rappresentata dall’eccellente tenore di vita che i pazienti conducono e dalla riabilitazione sociale e professionale. La nota negativa è data, invece, dal fatto che i buoni risultati non vengono raggiunti con regolarità e non possono essere previsti con esattezza. In questa breve rassegna considereremo la esperienza da noi fatta presso l’Università di Denver nel Colorado, mettendo in risalto le cause dell’elevata mortalità precoce e le prospettive future di questa mezzo terapeutico. PMID:21572898





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La producción de café en México ostenta amplia relevancia tanto en el plano económico como social. El trabajo se centra en las características del grano de café que podrían aprovecharse, junto con otras estrategias para incrementar su consumo. Por esta razón se realizó un análisis de las estadísticas de oferta y demanda para el café consumido en el país, en

Gustavo Guerra G; Leoncio Reyes B; Juan Ruiz-Ramírez



Microflora patógena del queso blanco \\  

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Resumen: Resumen: Resumen: Resumen: Resumen: El queso telita, es un queso blanco de pasta cocida que se vende sumergido en suero y es elaborado por pequeños productores en queseras artesanales, ubicadas en varios estados del país. Las deficientes condiciones sanitarias de producción, almacenamiento, transporte y comercialización para este producto, son causas importantes de contaminación con microorganismos entre los que pueden

José Gregorio Márquez


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 4 de enero de 2011

En esta edición especial del Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, usted conocerá las diversas formas en que el NCI está apoyando los esfuerzos de colaboración internacional en las áreas de investigación, capacitación, comunicación y demás actividades relacionadas con una mejor comprensión del cáncer y el tratamiento de pacientes con esta enfermedad.


Variabilità interannuale del fi toplancton del Lago di Tovel (Trentino, Italia)  

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RIASSUNTO - Variabilità interannuale del fi toplancton del Lago di Tovel (Trentino, Italia) - Lo studio del fi toplancton del Lago di Tovel nel periodo 2002-2004 ha avuto come principali obiettivi l'analisi della variabilità interannuale delle dinamiche stagionali nel Bacino Principale e nella Baia Rossa, il confronto tra le associazioni fi toplanctoniche attuali e passate (prima e dopo la scomparsa




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ECONOMIA, VALORIZZAZIONE, GESTIONE DEL PATRIMONIO TURISTICO Giovedì 23 Giugno 2011 Giovedì23 Giugno 2011 ore 09.00 Presentazione del corso di laurea Aula A Facoltà di Economia UNIVERSITA'DEGLI STUDI DI SALERNO #12;Il corso di laurea interateneo, Economia, Valorizzazione, Gestione del Patrimonio Turistico

Costagliola, Gennaro


Uso del Los SIG en ModelosUso del Los SIG en ModelosUso del Los SIG en Modelos Hidrolgicos y de Calida de Agua  

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Calida de Agua Uso del Los SIG en Modelos Hidrol�gicos y de Calida de Agua (Caso de Uso Cuenca del Ri Luis R. P�rez-Alegr�a PhD P.E.Luis R. P�rez-Alegr�a PhD P.E. #12;Usos del AguaUsos del AguaUsos del AguaUsos del Agua Navegaci�n Consumo Humano HigieneHigiene PescaRecreaci�n #12;Calidad del Agua

Gilbes, Fernando



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:00 19:00-20:00 Economía del turismo internacional: impactos y modelos Sistemas y Tecnología Economía del turismo internacional: impactos y modelos Sistemas y Tecnología Economía del turismo internacional:00-20:00 Economía del turismo internacional: impactos y modelos Sistemas y Tecnología Economía del turismo

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 03-02-2010

Algunas mujeres con cáncer de ovarios reportan síntomas que incluyen dolor abdominal, meteorismo y sensación de llenura antes de que haya un diagnóstico. Pero un estudio nuevo concluye que vigilar estos síntomas relativamente inespecíficos en las mujeres tendría un valor limitado en la detección de la enfermedad. Los médicos tendrían que evaluar a 100 mujeres con estos síntomas para encontrar un cáncer de ovarios, informaron los investigadores en Internet en la revista Journal of the National Cancer Institute del 28 de enero.


Malattie cistiche del parenchima renale  

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\\u000a La malattia cistica del parenchima renale rappresenta un eterogeneo gruppo di malattie a carattere congenito, ereditario e\\u000a non, e acquisito caratterizzate dalla presenza di formazioni cistiche. Il riscontro di formazioni cistiche renali è molto\\u000a frequente nella pratica clinica quotidiana. Solo un’adeguata conoscenza degli aspetti anatomopatologici permette la giusta\\u000a comprensione delle manifestazioni cliniche e la corretta interpretazione dei reperti radiologici. Compito

Fulvio Stacul; Marco F. Cavallaro; Maria A. Cova


Recensin del libro: Modelos Matemticos  

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Recensión del libro: Modelos Matemáticos Rafael Ortega Ríos (Aparecerá en la Revista Española de Física) Este libro, breve, elegante y lleno de buen gusto matemático, me parece muy recomendable para de aplicación; cuanto se necesita está claramente expuesto en el mismo libro. Hay cuatro capítulos

Sanz-Serna , J M


Lecciones del de comerciode la  

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Udios china-méxico © 2011 Por características tipográficas y de diseño editorial miGUel ÁnGel porrúa, librero Estudios del Desarrollo Universidad nacional aUtónoma de méxico, Centro de Estudios China-México t Desarrollo Económico y Social (Brasil) cafta: Tratado de Libre Comercio de Centro América (Republica

Tufts University



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. Tipos de accesos. Arquitectura ISDN. Protocolo LAPD TEMA Nº 4: Protocolos TCP/IP Ipv4 y IPv6, IPX, ICMP, Douglas. Redes Globales de Información con Internet y TCP/IP Tercera Edición. Pretince Hall 3.- COMER, Douglas. Interconectividad de Redes con TCP/IP Volumen II Pretince Hall #12;

Vásquez, Carlos


Neutron Diffraction Study of the Nuclear and Magnetic Structure of the CrVO 4Type Phosphates TiPO 4and VPO 4  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The nuclear structures of TiPO 4and VPO 4have been refined from neutron powder data using the Rietveld technique. For both compounds, the CrVO 4type nuclear structure ( Cmcm, ZZ = 4) was confirmed at 2 K with residuals of RN= 0.033 (TiPO 4) and RN= 0.022 (VPO 4). In this structure the magnetic ions form chains running along the c-axis. For VPO 4, magnetic ordering with a propagation vector k = ( {1}/{2} 0 0) was found between 2 and 10.3(5) K. This magnetic structure shows antiferromagnetic intra-chain as well as inter-chain ordering. The magnetic moments are aligned parallel to the b-axis and reach the value (? exp= 0.8(1) ? B. In the temperature range from 10.3(5) K up to the Néel point TN= 25.5(5) K an incommensurate magnetic structure with increasing kxcomponent of the propagation vector (0.5 ? kx? 0.561) was found. In contrast to the vanadium compound no magnetic ordering was detected for TiPO 4down to 2 K.

Glaum, R.; Reehuis, M.; Stüßer, N.; Kaiser, U.; Reinauer, F.



L'avifauna del Laghetto del Frassino (Peschiera del Garda, Verona, Veneto)  

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Ten years of ornithological research at Lake Frassino (located near Peschiera del Garda, Verona, Italy) have produced a check-list of the birds dwelling at this Site of Community Importance (S.I.C.) to be produced. Our surveys have revealed that this water basin where ducks stop al- most exclusively during the day represents, together with nearby Lake Garda, the most important wintering



Dr. Matas Alvarado (CV breve) Investigador Titular del Departamento de Computacin del CINVESTAV, Miembro Regular de  

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Dr. Mat�as Alvarado (CV breve) Investigador Titular del Departamento de Computaci�n del CINVESTAV� Mat�as Alvarado Mentado Curriculum Vitae CURRENT POSITION Research Scientist (Investigador CINVESTAV 3

Alvarado, Matías


Turismo de masas y transporte: el gran reto del turismo del siglo XXI  

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El turismo masas es una de las grandes consecuciones del estado del bienestar, al tiempo que ha venido generando una actividad económica importante. En este contexto, el turismo internacional aumentó un 50 por ciento en los años noventa. Es cierto que la tecnología ha avanzado mucho para evitar los impactos que esta movilidad genera, si bien el aumento del turismo

José Ángel Hernández Luis



Control del dolor: Apoyo para las personas con cáncer

Libro sobre el control del dolor en pacientes con cáncer. Cubre los métodos y medicinas, así como los efectos físicos y emocionales del dolor. Es una adaptación cultural para el público de habla hispana del libro en inglés Pain Control.


Manual de montaje del Telescopio Solar  

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telescopio (LUNT 102 mm H) · Tapa del tubo · Tapa del prisma · Prisma · Buscador (instalado) · Ocular Zoom: (7.2 ­ 21.5 mm) · Tapas (x2) · Anillas para electrónica 8. Quitar tapas 9. Poner ocular 10.Alargar tubo 11.Colocar Parasol 12


Clausura de curso del Mster en Gestin Sostenible y Tecnologas del Agua de la Universidad de Alicante  

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Clausura de curso del Máster en Gestión Sostenible y Tecnologías del Agua de la Universidad de el Tratamiento del Agua (ATTA) pronunciará la ponencia de clausura Finaliza el curso de los estudios oficiales del Máster en Gestión Sostenible y Tecnologías del Agua de la UA que imparte el Instituto del Agua

Escolano, Francisco


¿Cómo puedo usar los servicios del CIS?

El Servicio de Información sobre el Cáncer del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer maneja también la línea telefónica para dejar de fumar 1-877-448-7848 (1-877-44U-QUIT), la cual proporciona información gratuita para dejar de fumar y apoyo a fumadores que desean dejar el tabaco. Nuestro servicio no tiene ningún costo ni cuota de pago. El servicio se brinda en inglés y en español, de lunes a viernes de 8 de la mañana a 8 de la noche, hora del Este.


Produccion Gaseosa del Cometa Halley: Erupciones Y Fotodisociacion del Radical OH  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

RESUMEN:En este trabajo informamos la detecci6n de 20 erupciones en la li'nea de =18cm (1667MHz) del radical OH en el Cometa Halley.Las observaciones incluyen todos los monitoreos existentes y se extienden desde 120 dias antes del perihelio hasta 90 dias despues.Se detectan bruscos crecimientos en el flujo medido,hasta un factor 1O,seguidos por decaimientos lentos asociados con la fotodisociaci6n del OH. Se obtuvieron valores para el tiempo de vida fotoquimico del OH y del H2O basandose en el modelo desarrollado previamente por Silva(1988). Esos tiempos de vida estan de acuerdo con predicciones teoricas y con las observaciones en el Ultravioleta, y los resultados, los que son fuertemente dependientes de la velocidad heliocentrica del Coineta (variando hasta un factor 6), han sido calculados para varios rangos de velocidad entre +28 y -28 km/seg. Key wo'L :

Silva, A. M.; Mirabel, I. F.



Departamento de Filosofa del Derecho y Derecho Internacional Privado Presentacin  

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Departamento de Filosofía del Derecho y Derecho Internacional Privado Presentación El Departamento de Filosofía del Derecho y Derecho Internacional Privado está compuesto por las siguientes áreas de personalizada, los profesores del Departamento de Filosofía del Derecho y Derecho Internacional Privado ruegan

Escolano, Francisco


Modelo Hidrulico Operacional del Oeste de Puerto Rico  

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Puerto Rico Introducción El Instituto de Investigaciones Sobre Recursos de Agua y el Ambiente de Puerto del Modelo Hidráulico Operacional del Sistema de Distribución de Agua del Oeste de Puerto Rico. El agua. · Reserva Nodos que representan una fuente de agua externa del sistema. · Tanques Nodos con

Gilbes, Fernando


28 de mayo del 2007 Curriculum Vitae  

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de la Organizaciâ??on de Estados Americanos. 1987 Premio Dudley del Observatorio Dudley. 1988 Becaâ??es Organizadores de las Siguientes Reuniones (29): Symposium on Herbig­Haro Objects, T Tauri Stars and Related

Rodriguez, Luis F.


28 de mayo del 2007 Curriculum Vitae  

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de la Organizaci´on de Estados Americanos. 1987 Premio Dudley del Observatorio Dudley. 1988 Beca´es Organizadores de las Siguientes Reuniones (29): Symposium on Herbig-Haro Objects, T Tauri Stars and Related

Rodriguez, Luis F.



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electr´onica Se trata de una funci´on del operardor nocturno (Ap´endice C). 1.2. Tapas de la ´optica Para proteger la ´optica del telescopio hay dos tapas, una para el telescopio principal y otra para el buscador. La maniobra para quitarlas o colocarlas tiene cierto peligro, debido a que el peso de ambas tapas


La evolucion del modernismo en Puerto Rico  

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metros e hizo uso del encabal- gamiento y de la cesura en mitad de sus versos, cambiando asi el antiguo romance (Franco 151). Ademas, Dario resucito la cuaderna via medieval y el verso alejandrino. Ruben Dario descubrio nuevas posibilidades foneticas... metros e hizo uso del encabal- gamiento y de la cesura en mitad de sus versos, cambiando asi el antiguo romance (Franco 151). Ademas, Dario resucito la cuaderna via medieval y el verso alejandrino. Ruben Dario descubrio nuevas posibilidades foneticas...

Gonzalez-Hernandez, Miriam Mercedes



Orígenes y desarrollo del teatro guatemalteco.  

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teatral bifurcado en dos corrientes muy definidas—la de nuestro mundo indígena y la de nuestro mundo mestizo. La primera se desborda por los pueblos del interior del país, a la sombra de las iglesias, en los patios de las alcaldías municipales o en las... sutil, más amable por menos sangriento, pero muy eficaz para lograr la total cristianización de aquellos pueblos, apareció el teatro inmediatamente después de la conquista. Se adaptaron las danzas locales, 42 LATIN AMERICAN THEATRE REVIEW...

Carrillo, Hugo




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positivos y posibles perjuicios que puede tener la práctica del ciclo indoor e indoor walking sobre la salud Julián Álvarez García, Médico, Especialista en Medicina de la EF y el Deporte, Doctor en Medicina, Experto en Fisiología del Ejercicio, Profesor de Medicina Deportiva de la UMH, Asesor médico de la

Escolano, Francisco


Cronología acotada de la década del '80  

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Alezzo. Teatro Regina. (Abril) Marathón, de Ricardo Monti. Dirección: Jaime Kogan. Teatro: Los teatros de San Telmo. La puesta estuvo a cargo del Equipo del Teatro Payró. La ubicamos como textualidad emergente de los '70. Es una alegoría con... discurso marginal de la radio y la historieta. Con este intertexto más el material que le proporcionan las películas de una época, recrea un mundo de nostalgia: el paso de la niñez a la adolescencia. (Agosto) Extraño juguete, de Susan Torres Molina...

Cazap, S.; Giustachini, A.; Massa, C.; Semelman, A.; Sikora, Marina F.



Calidad de Imagen del Telescopio UNAM212  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El telescopio UNAM2l2, del Observatorio Astronómico Nacional, situado en la Sierra de San Pedro Mártir (Baja California, México), cumplira en un futuro muy cercano siete años de uso para fines de investigación astronómica. Aunque en este tiempo no se ha efectuado un estudio sistemático acerca de su comportamiento óptico y de los factores que influyen en la calidad de las imágenes, se han realizado pruebas diversas, estudios parciales y reuniones especificas, cuyos resultados no siempre se han difundido ampliamente y generalmente no se han presentado por escrito. Es por ello que hemos creido necesario intentar una recopilación de la información existente para poder con ella establecer un diagnóstjco que, aunque no sea definitivo, sirva de base para futuros trabajos tendientes a optimizar el comportamiento óptico del telescopio. Es evidente que un buen número de las conclusiones que se presentan son resultado del trabajo de muchas personas ó de esfuerzos colectivos. Asimismo, hemos tratado de localizar información bibliográfica que pueda ser de utilidad. Nuestro objetivo primordial ha consistido en centrarnos en la óptica del telescopio y su calidad, pero también se han considerado otros aspectos que puedan afectar las imágenes obtenidas tales como: celda del primario, `seeing' local y externo, flexiones posibles en la estructura mecánica del telescopio, etc.

Cobos, F. J.; Teiada de Vargas, C.



Precio del agua y relocalización del recurso en la economía andaluza. Una aproximación desde un modelo de equilibrio general aplicado  

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El objetivo de este trabajo consiste en analizar los efectos que tendría un incremento en la tarifa del agua del sector agrario sobre la conservación del recurso, la eficiencia en el consumo y la posible relocalización del mismo entre los diferentes sectores productivos. La política tarifaria se aplicará sobre el sector agrario debido, por un lado, al excesivo consumo de

M. Alejandro Cardenete; G. J. D. Hewings; E. Velázquez



Effects of imbedded aids on prose?related textual material  

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Selected Imbedded Aids, units of assistance and enrichment placed within text book prose, were incorporated into five selected literary readings of a college?freshman anthology. Two independent studies were conducted to answer these research questions: 1. Do Imbedded Aids provide an immediate aid to comprehension?2. What is the effect of practice with Aids material on comprehension recall?Students enrolled in Reading Improvement

Jane Warren Meeks



Evaluating Graphical vs. Textual Displays in Dual-Task Environments  

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not a person's sole or primary task. Today, as information from chat tools, Web alert systems, stock trackers, score tickers, geological activity, ocean currents, schedules, and other sources affect desktop computer messages from his colleagues, or an investment professional may want to monitor stock prices while sending

McCrickard, Scott


Selecting the Content of Textual Descriptions of Geographically Located  

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2003a], has been applied to produce summaries of time series data in the weather, gas turbine for winter road maintenance application. Modern weather forecasting is largely guided by numerical weather weather parameters (such as road surface tempera- ture and wind speed) for several thousand geographical

Reiter, Ehud


The representation of female athletes in textual and visual media  

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Whilst the participation of women in sport can be traced back at least as far as 1000BC, there is evidence to suggest that barriers to women’s participation in sport still exist. One possible barrier that can be investigated is the representation of female athletes in the media. This paper outlines the results of two studies designed to investigate the coverage

Christeen George; Andrew Hartley; Jenny Paris



Matching experiments across species using expression values and textual information  

PubMed Central

Motivation: With the vast increase in the number of gene expression datasets deposited in public databases, novel techniques are required to analyze and mine this wealth of data. Similar to the way BLAST enables cross-species comparison of sequence data, tools that enable cross-species expression comparison will allow us to better utilize these datasets: cross-species expression comparison enables us to address questions in evolution and development, and further allows the identification of disease-related genes and pathways that play similar roles in humans and model organisms. Unlike sequence, which is static, expression data changes over time and under different conditions. Thus, a prerequisite for performing cross-species analysis is the ability to match experiments across species. Results: To enable better cross-species comparisons, we developed methods for automatically identifying pairs of similar expression datasets across species. Our method uses a co-training algorithm to combine a model of expression similarity with a model of the text which accompanies the expression experiments. The co-training method outperforms previous methods based on expression similarity alone. Using expert analysis, we show that the new matches identified by our method indeed capture biological similarities across species. We then use the matched expression pairs between human and mouse to recover known and novel cycling genes as well as to identify genes with possible involvement in diabetes. By providing the ability to identify novel candidate genes in model organisms, our method opens the door to new models for studying diseases. Availability: Source code and supplementary information is available at: Contact: Supplementary information: Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online. PMID:22689770

Wise, Aaron; Oltvai, Zoltan N.; Bar-Joseph, Ziv



Combination of visual and textual similarity retrieval from medical documents.  


Medical visual information retrieval has been an active research area over the past ten years as an increasing amount of images are produced digitally and have become available in patient records, scientific literature, and other medical documents. Most visual retrieval systems concentrate on images only, but it has become apparent that the retrieval of similar images alone is of limited interest, and rather the retrieval of similar documents is an important domain. Most medical institutions as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) produce many complex documents. Searching them, including a visual search, can help finding important information and also facilitates the reuse of document content and images. The work described in this paper is based on a proposal of the WHO that produces large amounts of documents from studies but also for training. The majority of these documents are in complex formats such as PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Goal is to create an information retrieval system that allows easy addition of documents and search by keywords and visual content. For text retrieval, Lucene is used and for image retrieval the GNU Image Finding Tool (GIFT). A Web 2.0 interface allows for an easy upload as well as simple searching. PMID:19745431

Eggel, Ivan; Müller, Henning



From Lexical Cohesion to Textual Coherence: --A Data Driven Perspective  

E-print Network

of discourse usage and (2) coherence constraints empirically derived. A novel model of coherence structure the same entities. Evidence exists that knowledge about rhetorical relations between different segments addressed when a Rhetorical Parser was presented in [Marcu 1997]. Marcu's results are based

Harabagiu, Sanda M.


The Measurement of Textual Coherence with Latent Semantic Analysis.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Illustrates use of Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) for predicting coherence through reanalyzing two studies that manipulated coherence of texts and assessed readers' comprehension. Finds that LSA predicts effects of text coherence on comprehension. Notes that LSA can be applied as an automated method that produces coherence predictions similar to…

Foltz, Peter W.; Kintsch, Walter; Landauer, Thomas K



The measurement of textual coherence with latent semantic analysis  

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Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) is used as a technique for measuring the coherence of texts. By comparing the vectors for 2 adjoining segments of text in a high?dimensional semantic space, the method provides a characterization of the degree of semantic relatedness between the segments. We illustrate the approach for predicting coherence through reanalyzing sets of texts from 2 studies that

Peter W. Foltz; Walter Kintsch; Thomas K. Landauer



Textual Borderlands: Students' Recontextualizations in Writing Children's Books  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article examines a children's book writing workshop for middle school students of color in which 12 girls participated. The curriculum was developed to create intersections between students' in- and out-of-school lives. The students' writing within the workshop is analyzed by unpacking their "recontextualizations" of settings, characters,…

Stone, Jennifer C.



Textual Descriptors for Browsing People by Visual Appearance  

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This paper presents a first approach to build colour and structural descriptors for information retrieval on a people database.\\u000a Queries are formulated in terms of their appearance that allows to seek people wearing specific clothes of a given colour\\u000a name or texture. Descriptors are automatically computed by following three essential steps. A colour naming labelling from\\u000a pixel properties. A region

Francesc Tous; Agnès Borràs; Robert Benavente; Ramón Baldrich; María Vanrell; Josep Lladós



Textual Challenges: A Brief Guide to Choosing Shakespearean Editions  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

How should educators go about selecting appropriate editions of Shakespeare's plays for use in political science courses? Shakespeare is turning up on many politics syllabi, but, at times, the editions chosen seem to reflect primarily a concern for price or publisher reputation over pedagogical and scholarly considerations. This article offers an…

Cornell, Christine; Malcolmson, Patrick



Automatic Generation of Textual Summaries from Neonatal Intensive Care Data  

E-print Network

summaries of mobile phone manuals (Lagan-Fox et al., 2006) also showed a decision-making improvement to be presented effectively to the medical staff. Although the most common approach is to present the data-based health reports. Perhaps the most successful applications have been tools that (partially) automate

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Downloading textual hidden web content through keyword queries  

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An ever-increasing amount of information on the Web today is available only through search interfaces: the users have to type in a set of keywords in a search form in order to access the pages from certain Web sites. These pages are often referred to as the Hidden Web or the Deep Web. Since there are no static links to

Alexandros Ntoulas; Petros Zerfos; Junghoo Cho



Textual Article Clustering in Newspaper Pages Marco Aiello & Andrea Pegoretti  

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and newsletters; we can read a book in electronic format. Nevertheless, there is a body of paper documents still document, these tasks must be performed by a human operator, which involves high costs in terms of work. There are various applications of DIA: from the digitaliza- tion of old books and newspapers to the automatic

Aiello, Marco


Constructing and Analyzing Uncertain Social Networks from Unstructured Textual Data  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Social network analysis and link diagrams are popular tools among intelligence analysts for analyzing and understanding criminal and terrorist organizations. A bottleneck in the use of such techniques is the manual effort needed to create the network to analyze from available source information. We describe how text mining techniques can be used for extraction of named entities and the relations among them, in order to enable automatic construction of networks from unstructured text. Since the text mining techniques used, viz. algorithms for named entity recognition and relation extraction, are not perfect, we also describe a method for incorporating information about uncertainty when constructing the networks and when doing the social network analysis. The presented approach is applied on text documents describing terrorist activities in Indonesia.

Johansson, Fredrik; Svenson, Pontus


The Logic and Discovery of Textual Allusion David Bamman  

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, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclama- tion ... Thus begins Martin sons an "Ado- nis" in Death of a Salesman, there is no doubt that this is an allusion to a Classical of Latin literature, we must also keep in the mind a text's Nachleben ­ how it has been received

Gordon, Geoffrey J.


Extracting the textual and temporal structure of supercomputing logs  

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Supercomputers are prone to frequent faults that adversely affect their performance, reliability and functionality. System logs collected on these systems are a valuable resource of information about their operational status and health. However, their massive size, complexity, and lack of standard format makes it difficult to automatically extract information that can be used to improve system management. In this work

Sourabh Jain; Inderpreet Singh; Abhishek Chandra; Zhi-Li Zhang; Greg Bronevetsky



Readability of Textual Material--A Survey of the Literature.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This literature review documents the state-of-the-art of readability assessment and indicates directions for future research in readability measurement. The period since 1953 is emphasized, although there is some consideration of earlier work. Primary emphasis within the review is based on readability measurement; however, a final section is…

Williams, Allan R., Jr.; And Others


Generating Dialogues for Virtual Agents Using Nested Textual Coherence Relations  

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for Research in Computing The Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes MK7 6AA, UK 3 agent. By creating mapping rules for a few well-selected relations, we can produce coherent dialogues with proper assignment of turns for the speakers in a majority of cases. 1 Introduction The task

Piwek, Paul


Safety for battered women in a textually mediated legal system  

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This paper proposes a shift in legal advocacy approaches employed by activists in the US battered women's movement that would take into account how the work of criminal justice professionals (police officers, probation officers, judges, and prosecutors) is organized. While judicial procedures may be more successful in bringing domestic abusers to justice than in the past, they are less successful

Ellen Pence



Integrating Animations, Narratives and Textual Information for Improving Physics Learning  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Introduction: This article examined the effect of multimedia instruction on students' learning outcomes (achievement and interest) in secondary school physics. Method: The sample comprised of 517 (294 boys and 223 girls) students who came from 12 senior secondary schools in Ibadan Educational Zone 1, Oyo State, Nigeria. Their ages ranged between…

Adegoke, Benson Adesina



A Data Model for Use with Formatted and Textual Data.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents data model based on text data model (TDM), universal relation model, and nonfirst normal form (NFNF) relations, and discusses applicability to text processing and document retrieval systems. Highlights include database technology applied to information retrieval, NFNF and universal relation, and TDM integration with NFNF universal…

Desai, B. C.; And Others



Ruminati : modeling the detection of textual cyber-bullying  

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The scourge of cyber-bullying has received widespread attention at all levels of society including parents, educators, adolescents, social scientists, psychiatrists and policy makers at the highest echelons of power. ...

Dinakar, Karthik



Diagrammatic Vs Textual Query Languages: A Comparative Experiment  

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and testing of any interface. However, very few studies aiming at validating the usability of a system have of language is hard to use by non­ programmers. Thus, alternative query modalities have been proposed [Batini et al. 1991] for a survey of visual query languages, and [Shneiderman 1983] for the definition


Cockpit data link displays - An evaluation of textual formats  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Data link technologies are being investigated for air/ground information transfer for commercial aircraft operation. This study was designed to measure which of four alpha-numeric display formats for display of data link information would lead to the quickest and most accurate memory retrieval in a part-task simulation environment. Pilots viewed a clearance for 10-15 seconds and were subsequently queried about the content of that clearance. Speed and accuracy of responses were measured across three retention tasks. The three retention tasks included free recall of a particular clearance. recognition of a previous clearance, and the comparison of element values between a previously displayed and current clearance. Each format was tested with and without a distraction task. Subjective ratings of each format were also collected. The analyses revealed no significant differences for reaction time or accuracy among the four formats. Explanations for these results as well as alternative methodologies are discussed.

Mcgann, Alison; Lozito, Sandra; Corker, Kevin



The Sounds of Early Cinema in Britain: Textual, Material  

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Columns Fiona Ford (University of Nottingham), Another Mystery from the Pen of Mr Edgar Wallace? The Case in Silent Operas Derek B. Scott (University of Leeds), Variety Performance as Captured in Early Film 4

Miranda, Eduardo Reck


General Purpose Textual Sentiment Analysis and Emotion Detection Tools  

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in many domains: opinion mining, prediction, feedbacks, etc. However, building a general purpose tool. 1.2 Difficulties and existing approaches A difficult aspect of sentiment analysis is the fact and the holder like in [11]. Phenomenon Example Polarity Negation it's not good ; no one thinks it is good

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Lexical Patterns in L2 Textual Gist Identification Assessment  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Gist identification or coherent situation model construction performance is an important criterion not only in L1 and L2 reading comprehension assessment but also in every aspect of discourse processing. Whereas most previous L2 research has investigated schematic knowledge of readers about relations within a text, more recent studies have used…

Yamada, Kyoko



Modeling the Detection of Textual Cyberbullying Karthik Dinakar+  

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]. According to recent studies, almost 43% of teens in the United States alone reported being victims emo- tional and psychological suffering [3]. Many of these cases have tragically ended in suicides

Lieberman, Henry


A Template Engine for Parsing Objects from Textual Representations  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Template engines are widely used for separation of business and presentation logic. They are commonly used in web applications for clean rendering of HTML pages. Another area of usage is message formatting in distributed applications where they transform objects to appropriate representations. This paper explores the possibility of using templates for a reverse process—for creating objects starting from their representations. We present the prototype of engine that we have developed, and describe benefits and drawbacks of this approach.

Rajkovi?, Milan; Stankovi?, Milena; Markovi?, Ivica



Localización del Esfuerzo de Pesca en la Pesquería Chileno-Transzonal del Jurel (Trachurus murphyi)  

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Este trabajo analiza condicionantes de la localización del esfuerzo pesquero de la flota chilena que opera en la pesquería transzonal del Jurel, considerando datos por viaje para el periodo 1987-2004. Desde principios de los años 1990s esta flota comenzó a desplazarse más allá de las 200 mn, condicionada por cambios en la distribución espacial de este recurso. Se presume que

Julio Peña Torres; Mabyr Valderrama




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Esta investigación tiene como objetivo conocer los factores que influyen en la toma de decisiones de financiamiento a largo plazo en la industria metalmecánica del Valle del Cauca (Colombia), hasta ahora no explorados. Se realiza un estudio para el periodo 2000-2006, utilizando como método, el análisis de la estructura financiera y la aplicación de un modelo econométrico de Datos de




Preguntas y respuestas acerca del Estudio del Tamoxifeno y Raloxifeno (STAR)

El Estudio del Tamoxifeno y Raloxifeno (STAR, por sus siglas en inglés) es un estudio clínico (un estudio de investigación conducido con voluntarios) diseñado para ver cómo el medicamento raloxifeno (Evista®) se compara con el medicamento tamoxifeno (Nolvadex®) en reducir la incidencia de cáncer del seno en las mujeres con alto riesgo de desarrollar la enfermedad.


Dr. Matas Alvarado (CV breve) Investigador Titular del Departamento de Computacin del CINVESTAV; Miembro Regular de  

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Dr. Matías Alvarado (CV breve) Investigador Titular del Departamento de Computación del CINVESTAV. JOS� MATÍAS ALVARADO MENTADO Curriculum Vitae DATOS PROFESIONALES Investigador CINVESTAV 3B (Febrero JCR ISI 1. Alvarado Matias, Sheremetov, L., Bañares, R. & Cantú, F. (Guest Eds.) Special Issue

Alvarado, Matías


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 3 de enero de 2012

Dra. Rachel Ballard-Barbash Nuevos indicios del papel de la obesidad en el cáncer A medida que ha aumentado la prevalencia de la obesidad alrededor del mundo, se ha incrementado también la preocupación sobre sus consecuencias en la salud pública. Los índices de obesidad se han más que duplicado desde 1980, según la Organización Mundial de la Salud.


Impacto economico del turismo en el Mercosur y Chile (1990-2000)  

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El objetivo del presente trabajo consiste en describir la situacion del turismo actual y analizar la evolucion del turismo receptivo en la region del MERCOSUR y Chile en la decada de los noventa. Tambien se propone un modelo econometrico que recoge el impacto positivo del turismo en el crecimiento del PIB del sector servicios. This paper describes present situation of

Rodrigo Gardella; Eva Aguayo



III Festival del Siglo de Oro (Chamizal)  

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SPRING 1978 111 III Festival del Siglo de Oro (Chamizal) E. JARABA-PARDO El Siglo de Oro fue, por la fecundidad de los autores y por las influencias trascendentales de sus obras en el posterior desarrollo de la dramaturgia universal, uno de los... todos los actos de los hombres son guiados por Dios, quien se muestra como supremo hacedor de todo cuanto acontece a las criaturas. Se encuentran, pues, en síntesis en el teatro del Siglo de Oro unos valores particularmente antagónicos de la sociedad...

Jaraba-Pardo, E.



El Servicio de Información sobre el Cáncer del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

El Servicio de Información del Cáncer (CIS) del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer facilita la información más actualizada y precisa sobre el cáncer a pacientes, a sus familias, al público en general y a profesionales médicos. El CIS brinda respuestas personalizadas a preguntas específicas sobre el cáncer y asistencia a los fumadores que quieren abandonar el hábito. Comuníquese con el CIS al 1-800-422-6237 (1-800-4-CANCER) o al 1-877-448-7848 (1-877-44U-QUIT).


La reconstrucción del seno después de una mastectomía

Hoja informativa que describe la reconstrucción del seno (mama) después de una mastectomía. Contiene información sobre las opciones quirúrgicas, los cuidados de seguimiento y los exámenes de detección del cáncer de seno después de la reconstrucción.


Exámenes selectivos de detección del cáncer colorrectal

Un ejemplo excelente del poder de la investigación de prevención es el progreso sustancial que hemos logrado en la reducción de la incidencia y muerte por cáncer colorrectal, con nuevos conocimientos que iluminan el camino a incluso mayores reducciones en un futuro cercano.


Facultad de Derecho DATOS DEL ALUMNO  

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Facultad de Derecho DATOS DEL ALUMNO APELLIDOS 1º 2º NOMBRE NIF DIRECCI�N LOCALIDAD CP PROVINCIA EMAIL TFNO. FIJO TFNO. MOVIL IMPORTANTE Para obtener los correspondientes títulos de Derecho y ADE, el elección, con los siguientes requisitos: - Los créditos de libre elección necesarios son 30,5 para Derecho

Escolano, Francisco


Uso Eficiente del Agua en Ingenios Azucareros  

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El impacto que produce el alto consumo de agua en regiones donde este recurso es limitado, alienta al desarrollo de nuevas técnicas que permitan analizar la administración eficiente del agua en las industrias y que comúnmente se concreta realizando balances detallados para diferentes configuraciones propuestas de uso de agua. En este trabajo se presenta una metodología alternativa, mediante el cálculo

Alejandra Ingaramo; Humberto Heluane; Mauricio Colombo; Tomás Argüello; Mario Cesca



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SCT CC3001 Algoritmos y estructuras de datos 10 FI3104 Métodos numéricos para la ciencia e ingeniería. Código Nombre CC3001 Algoritmos y estructuras de datos Nombre en Inglés Algorithms and data structures Aprendizaje Al termino del curso se espera que el estudiante conozca, aplique y analice las estructuras de

Rapaport, Iván


Le origini del mondo Giuseppe Longo  

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Bang: T= 0 ( anni fa) La storia di una lenta morte termica ? L'energia totale dell ogni grandezza fisica Q diminuisce con il volume V R età = t 1/R3 1/t3 La densità di energia #12;Le origini #12;Formazione del sistema solare storia Geologia Fisica Chimica Biologia Fisica dell

Santorelli, Pietro


Research in Automated Reasoning Alvaro del Val  

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Research in Automated Reasoning Alvaro del Val E.T.S. Inform´atica Universidad Aut´onoma de Madrid, and then using reasoning algorithms to extract consequences from that knowledge. Knowledge representation deals with the issue of defining languages suitable for various domains and reasoning tasks; automated reasoning

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad



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Es un hecho fácilmente constatable que la actividad económica en gene- ral e industrial en particular se localiza de forma desigual a lo largo de la geografía española. El presente trabajo plantea un modelo que tiene como objetivo analizar la incidencia de las economías externas en la dis- tribución territorial del empleo de los distintos sectores industriales. El modelo incorpora




SPTIMA EDICIN Del 18 de marzo al  

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de Seguridad de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Profesor: D. Daniel Campos Navas. Fiscal de la Seguridad. CTC 3. Caso práctico Profesor: D. Andrés Martínez Calvo. Secretaría General delTesoro y Política

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


GEOGRAFAAGRARIA (1 parte del Tema 1)  

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;Diferenciación de los paisajes agrarios Usos del suelo Técnicas de riego empleadas Formas y tamaños de las (suelos y climas), biológicos (cultivos) y culturales sobre un espacio económico no urbano de la

Escolano, Francisco


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 19 de julio de 2011

Le invitamos a que comparta esta publicación con sus amigos, familiares y colegas y nos ayude a continuar nuestra misión de difundir las investigaciones más recientes sobre la prevención, el tratamiento y la información del cáncer.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 24 de abril de 2012

Le invitamos a que comparta esta publicación con sus amigos, familiares y colegas y nos ayude a continuar nuestra misión de difundir las investigaciones más recientes sobre la prevención, el tratamiento y la información del cáncer.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 11 de octubre de 2011

Le invitamos a que comparta esta publicación con sus amigos, familiares y colegas y nos ayude a continuar nuestra misión de difundir las investigaciones más recientes sobre la prevención, el tratamiento y la información del cáncer.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 8 de noviembre de 2011

Le invitamos a que comparta esta publicación con sus amigos, familiares y colegas y nos ayude a continuar nuestra misión de difundir las investigaciones más recientes sobre la prevención, el tratamiento y la información del cáncer.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 27 de marzo de 2012

Le invitamos a que comparta esta publicación con sus amigos, familiares y colegas y nos ayude a continuar nuestra misión de difundir las investigaciones más recientes sobre la prevención, el tratamiento y la información del cáncer.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 22 de mayo de 2012

Le invitamos a que comparta esta publicación con sus amigos, familiares y colegas y nos ayude a continuar nuestra misión de difundir las investigaciones más recientes sobre la prevención, el tratamiento y la información del cáncer.


Piano Lauree Scientifiche: Aspetti matematici del Rudiger Achilles  

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Bologna, 3 Febbraio 2014 3 / 19 #12;GPS III SATELLITE Piano Lauree Scientifiche: Aspetti matematici delPiano Lauree Scientifiche: Aspetti matematici del GPS R¨udiger Achilles Universit`a di Bologna Bologna, 3 Febbraio 2014 Piano Lauree Scientifiche: Aspetti matematici del GPS R¨udiger Achilles Bologna

Achilles, Rüdiger


Economía del narcotráfico, Plan Colombia y conflicto interno en Colombia  

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El artículo presenta una semblanza del entorno político reciente que compromete una dimensión de las estrategias de la lucha contra las drogas; un mapa del mercado de narcóticos, especialmente centrado en el de cocaina; los fundamentos de la estrategia de lucha contra el narcotráfico y los elementos de su crísis; la dimensión del Negocio de la cocaína, considerando una cuantificación

Olmedo Vargaz Hernández



Análisis del Proceso Software Basado en Modelos de Producción Industrial  

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La modelización del Proceso Software constituye un marco de referencia para la organización de las actividades que involucran todas las etapas del desarrollo, tendente a la resolución de problemas que el propio desarrollo de software plantea y genera a medida que evoluciona. La modelización del proceso se hace mas compleja a medida que el desarrollo tecnológico, metodológico y, fundamentalmente la

Alicia Mon


Lecturas sobre derecho del medio ambiente t. IV  

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Explorando los algunos aspectos vulnerables del derecho del medio ambiente, se tratan, entre otros, las responsabilidades civiles de aquellos que menoscaban nuestro hábitat, y del aseguramiento que se debe tener para el transporte y almacenamiento de desechos peligrosos, no solo a la luz de la legislación colombiana, sino de la argentina, chilena y española.

Autores varios


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 31 de enero de 2012

Dr. Nils Daulaire Salud mundial a través de la colaboración y el liderazgo Para conmemorar el Día Mundial del Cáncer que tuvo lugar el 4 febrero, el doctor Nils Daulaire, director de la Oficina de Asuntos Internacionales del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos habla sobre las razones por las cuales los Estados Unidos deben participar en iniciativas para mejorar la salud mundial.


Crecimiento del PIB vs. Consumo de Energa (variacin % respecto del ao base 1990)  

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2 3 4 #12;5 Crecimiento del PIB vs. Consumo de Energía (variación % respecto del año base 1990) 0 Coal Nuclear Energy Hydro electric 16 #12;17 Venezuela Santiago Existing pipeline Planned pipeline% Diesel-fuel oil 13% Hydro 39% Natural gas 36% Coal 18% Others 2% Diesel-fuel oil 5% 19 Sistema MW % SING

Catholic University of Chile (Universidad Católica de Chile)


Publicaciones del IGME: serie Hidrogeologa y aguas subterrneas, n 14. VI Simposio del Agua en Andaluca. I: 669-678  

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Publicaciones del IGME: serie Hidrogeología y aguas subterráneas, nº 14. VI Simposio del Agua en Andalucía. I: 669-678 Problemática de la calidad de las aguas de la Vega de Granada para el riego del tabaco Castillo Martín, Antonio* y Sánchez Díaz, Luis** * CSIC e Instituto del Agua de la Universidad de Granada

Castillo, Antonio


Estructura y paleogeografa de los materiales del Trisico en la terminacin meridional del Arco de Cazorla (Jan, Cordillera  

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243 Estructura y paleogeografía de los materiales del Triásico en la terminación meridional del relleno de la cuenca del Guadalquivir. La dirección de la ma- yor parte de las estructuras en la Sierra de del Arco y sobre la evolución de esta gran estructura, donde existen importantes accidentes que delimi

Herrera, Carlos M.


Anatomia delle componenti ossee dell'ATM; Anatomia del disco articolare;  

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· Anatomia delle componenti ossee dell'ATM; · Anatomia del disco articolare; · Anatomia del tessuto retrodiscale; · Anatomia dei legamenti capsulari ed extra capsulari; · Anatomia del muscolo; · Anatomia del nervo trigemino; · Anatomia del nervo facciale; · Anatomia del nervo ipoglosso

Di Pillo, Gianni


Estudio para la prevención del cáncer necesita voluntarias: El Estudio del Tamoxifeno y Raloxifeno (STAR) se realiza en Norteamérica

El Estudio del Tamoxifeno y Raloxifeno (STAR, por sus siglas en inglés), uno de los estudios más importantes realizados para la prevención del cáncer del seno, está ahora reclutando voluntarias en más de 400 centros en los Estados Unidos, Puerto Rico y Canadá.


El Sexto Festival de Teatro Español del Siglo de Oro  

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SPRING 1981 79 El Sexto Festival de Teatro Español del Siglo de Oro Arturo Pérez-Pisonero El Sexto Festival de Teatro Español del Siglo de Oro, celebrado en el Chamizal National Memorial en las fechas del 6 al 22 de marzo, ha presen tado, como... ofrece el teatro del Siglo de Oro. Y en tusiasmo, en este caso genuino, ha sido el del público, quien unas noches ha aplaudido los aciertos, y otras, como aquel otro de los corrales, se ha burlado jocosamente de la impericia de los actores. Pero al...

Pé rez-Pisonero, Arturo




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ENERGIA DEL SOL Ts = 5780 K P = 3, 86 � 1026 W Constant solar = 1377 W/m2 4H1 + 2e- He4 + 2 utilitzar per a aprofitar l'energia solar. #12;LA RADIACI´O SOLAR #12;LA RADIACI´O SOLAR #12;#12;#12;LA;APROFITAMENT DE LA RADIACI´O SOLAR La radiaci´o solar la podem convertir en altres formes d'energia per

Batiste, Oriol


Una década de búsqueda del teatro hondureño  

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colectiva, y por la efervescencia política de la época. De tres grupos se destacan: El Teatro Experimental la Merced (TEUM); El Teatro Obrero del Pueblo Unido (TOPU); y Teatro Popular Universitario (TPU). En estos grupos actúan jóvenes que despuntarán... de teatro popular e intento para generar una plataforma artística y de política cultural a tono con esa época de transformaciones sociales en Centroamérica. Su eslogan mismo, "Por SPRING 1992 109 un nuevo teatro para una nueva sociedad," fue punto...

Reyes G., Candelario



Concentración del fragmento aminoterminal del pro-péptido natriurético cerebral en plasma como marcador biológico predictivo de mortalidad en las neumonías adquiridas en la comunidad.  

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??Objetivo: Evaluar la relación entre la concentración plasmática del fragmento aminoterminal del pro-péptido natriurético cerebral (NT-proBNP) en el momento del diagnóstico de neumonía adquirida en… (more)

Tazón Varela, Manuel Antonio



Prdidas de insercin en diferentes tipos de materiales y rboles El gran avance que se est produciendo en los sistemas WiFi y WiMAX, y su habitual  

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gran avance que se está produciendo en los sistemas WiFi y WiMAX, y su habitual utilización en el mundo Dispersión Antena Polarización Banda de trabajo WiFi WiMAX #12;Pérdidas de inserción en diferentes tipos Abstract The advance occurring in WiFi and WiMAX systems, and their habitual use in the world

Autonoma de Madrid, Universidad



Microsoft Academic Search

Il cavallo è frequentemente soggetto a eventi traumatici che esitano in ferite di vario tipo. Questo è dovuto alla sua indole nevrile, al tipo di lavoro che svolge (corsa, salto ad ostacoli, endurance, gare di agilità, trekking, ecc.), ed all'ambiente in cui vive. A causa dell'impossibilità di poter aggredire chirurgicamente alcuni tipi di ferita per la localizzazione che hanno sul




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DERECHOS DEL EMPLEADO LEy PARA LA PROtECCión DEL EMPLEADO COntRA LA PRuEbA DEL POLígRAfO PROHIBICIONES ExENCIONES DERECHOS DE LOS ExAMINADOS CUMPLIMIENTO Generalmente se le prohíbe al empleador que le aspirante a un trabajo por haberse negado a someterse a la prueba o por haberse acogido a otros derechos

Rock, Chris


julio-septiembre2006Cinvestav74 Resea del libro  

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julio-septiembre2006·Cinvestav74 Reseña del libro Ejemplos prácticos del uso de la resonancia Departamento de Química en 1993, conocería personalmente a todos los autores del libro. En algunas ocasiones comenté con ellos la dificultad de encontrar libros de texto en los que se abordaran ejemplos reales


An evening at "La Clinica del Pueblo".  


This article describes a typical evening at the Clinica del Pueblo in the Hispanic neighborhood of Adams-Morgan in Washington, D.c. The Clinical del Pueblo began operating in 1983 in response to the urgen medical needs of Central American refugees arriving in the Washington D.c. area. The refugees bring with them severe trauma, fear, and health problems caused by the civil was and exacerbated by inadequate or non-existant health services. Approximately 80,000 Salvadoran refugees live in the area. They do not receive adequate health care for 3 reasons. 1) Because the US goverment is unwilling to recognize them as true refugees, they live with the constant threat of deportatin back to the violence from which they have fled. 2) Refugees lack the ability to pay for private care. 3) Langauage and culture create frightening barriers to health care for the refugees. For those who do seek care, these barriers can lead to the inadequate or incomplete diagnoses and poor compliance and follow-up. Plenty International and the Central American Refugee Center responded to these problems by organizing a free clinic to provide not only medical care but also a training course for volunteers. The director of the clinic organizes the course, the classes are taught by a variety of people including the clinic's volunteer physicians, nurses, and public health educators as well as graduates of previus training courses and people from the wider community. The services of the clinic reach only a small portion of the population in need. However, the fact that free medical services are now available to some Central American refugees make the Clinica del Pueblo an important program. PMID:12281149

Shefsky, M L




PubMed Central

Existen prejuicios en relación con la vejez, incluso entre los profesionales que se dedican a la gerontología. Uno común y peligroso es considerar que los viejos son todos enfermos o discapacitados. La relación médico-paciente es la piedra angular de la práctica y ética médicas. Para alcanzar el respeto por los adultos mayores es necesaria una medicina prudente, basada en una práctica en la cual la reflexión ética y clínica pueda contribuir. Esto último es posible si se hacen valer los derechos del adulto mayor, en particular como paciente para la toma de decisiones. PMID:20379380

Barrantes-Monge, Melba; Rodríguez, Eduardo; Lama, Alexis



Efecto del Programa de Entrenamiento “Manejo del Dolor” en la Documentación de Enfermería en el Expediente Electrónico  

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Resumen En el presente trabajo se muestra la importancia de entrenar al personal de enfermería para mejorar la documentación en el expediente electrónico. Se eligió el manejo del dolor por ser un área prioritaria; una alta proporción de pacientes en período post operatorio cursa con dolor, por lo tanto, la documentación debe ser útil para la toma de decisiones clínicas. Se implementó un programa de entrenamiento denominado “Manejo del Dolor” dirigido al personal de enfermería. Se utilizó la tecnología de la información como herramienta para fortalecer el conocimiento con base en la revisión sistemática de la literatura; el personal de enfermería participante seleccionó la mejor evidencia; posteriormente se trabajó en la transferencia de este conocimiento a la práctica a través del diseño de un protocolo para el manejo del dolor. Se concluye que el conocimiento del manejo del dolor es fundamental para que enfermería documente con mayor precisión sus intervenciones. PMID:24199106

Monsiváis, María Guadalupe Moreno; Guzmán, Ma. Guadalupe Interial; Flores, Paz Francisco Sauceda; Arreola, Leticia Vázquez



V Festival Nacional del Nuevo Teatro: Las fuentes inagotables del arte  

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intento por recrear teatralmente las peripecias del narco-tráfico en Colombia con Golpe de suerte, es indudable que el conjunto dramático La Candelaria ha aprendido de sus fracasos para sorprendernos con el montaje de una obra que, en consenso de los...

Má rceles Daconte, Eduardo



Análisis del dispositivo de balón coil para la oclusión del Ductus Arterioso Persistente  

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RESUMEN: El ductus arterioso persistente (PDA) es uno de los defectos cardiacos congénitos más comunes. Consiste en una comunicación vascular anormal durante la vida extrauterina, entre la aorta descendente y la arteria pulmonar izquierda. El PDA puede llevar al desarrollo de complicaciones importantes como hipertensión pulmonar, edema pulmonar y endocarditis bacteriana. Actualmente el manejo del PDA se hace por medio

A. C. Silva; J. C. Briceño; A. García


Los Derechos de los Pacientes del Centro Clnico  

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Los Derechos de los Pacientes del Centro Clínico Los Derechos de los Pacientes del Centro Clínico medir las respuestas de los pacientes al tratamiento. Existen procesos que protegen los derechos de paciente que se observen los derechos fundamentales de la dignidad humana. Esta Declaración de Derechos


Entornos generosos para el crimen: Analisis del narcotrafico en Colombia  

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El objetivo de este trabajo es explicar el éxito de la industria de las drogas ilegales en Colombia mediante el concepto de «generosidad del entorno». La industria de las drogas ilegales en Colombia se puede considerar exitosa porque los narcotraficantes colombianos han: (i) movilizado altas cantidades de cocaína alrededor del mundo, (ii) generado altos niveles de recursos financieros y (iii)

Isaac Beltrán y Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán; Isaac Beltrán; Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán



Luchando infructuosamente contra la hidra: un modelo sencillo del narcotráfico  

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En este artículo se presenta un modelo sencillo del narcotráfico que incorpora los riesgos de esta actividad. El modelo contribuye a explicar dos características notables del narcotráfico: la generación de ganancias extraordinarias y la gran capacidad de reproducción en condiciones de prohibición y represión. El modelo genera una relación directa entre la represión a la oferta –la estrategia dominante de




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I CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL DEL AGUA .... por la vida Jueves 09 y viernes 10 de junio de 2005/Ciudad. Temática: Riesgos y agua. Hacia una redefinición del riesgo para una mejor gestión social. Julien Rebotier (IHEAL), Paris 3 ­ Sorbonne Nouvelle. Los riesgos socionaturales y el agua, un enfoque renovado para una

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Paso del Norte Watershed Council Coordinated Water Resources Database Project  

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cooperative database project that would provide streamlined access to a range of water resource data in the Paso del Norte region. In August of 2002, the El Paso Water Utilities provided initial funding to the Paso del Norte Watershed Council to develop a...

Brown, Christopher; Sheng, Zhuping; Rich, Matt


Decoding F508del Misfolding in Cystic Fibrosis  

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The functional deficiency of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR), a plasma membrane chloride channel, leads to the development of cystic fibrosis. The deletion of a phenylalanine at residue 508 (F508del) is the most common cause of CFTR misfolding leading to the disease. The F508del misfolding originates in the first nucleotide-binding domain (NBD1), which induces a global conformational change in CFTR through NBD1’s interactions with other domains. Such global misfolding produces a mutant chloride channel that is impaired in exocytic trafficking, peripheral stability, and channel gating. The nature and atomic details of F508del misfolding have been subject to extensive research during the past decade. Current data support a central role for NBD1 in F508del misfolding and rescue. Many cis-acting NBD1 second-site mutations rescue F508del misfolding in the context of full-length CFTR. While some of these mutations appear to specifically counteract the F508del-induced misfolding, others release certain inherent conformational constraints of the human wild-type CFTR. Several small-molecule correctors were recently found to act on key interdomain interfaces of F508del CFTR. Potential rational approaches have been proposed in an attempt to develop highly effective small molecule modulators that improve the cell surface functional expression of F508del CFTR. PMID:24970227

Wang, Xiaodong Robert; Li, Chenglong



Hoja informativa sobre la calidad del aire interior  

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· Moho · Polen · Caspa del pelo de los animales · Humo secundario del tabaco · Formaldehído · Monóxido de deshumidificador para ayudar a controlar el moho. · Limpie para eliminar el polvo y el pelo de los animales


ATTIVIT SPORTIVE DEL POLITECNICO 2 Trofeo dei Poli regionali  

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Leonardo, la parigina Eleonore Delattre studentessa Erasmus di Design, Marco Ferrario di Architettura della 36a Course Croisiere Edhec nella rada di Brest. Ecco i partecipanti, tutti del Politecnico: Marco Lecco fra la rappresentativa del Polo di Como (in blu) e Leonardo, poi vincitore con i `Biggols'. Altre


El presidente Obama anuncia nombramiento del doctor Harold Varmus

En los últimos cinco años como director del NCI, y en otras funciones ejercidas durante muchos años, he disfrutado ampliamente cada oportunidad que he tenido de visitar los laboratorios y las oficinas, desde Bethesda hasta Frederick, para conocer en persona a los miembros del personal y compartir mis opiniones sobre temas importantes en torno a la ciencia y al manejo de este gran Instituto.


Pastoral del Nino: Bringing the Abundant Life to Paraguayan Children  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Pastoral del Nino is transforming children's lives in rural Paraguay. Part of Pastoral Social (Catholic Social Services), Pastoral del Nino's primary focus is to bring "vida en abundancia" (the abundant life) to families by ensuring that mothers survive childbirth and children reach their first birthdays. In addition, the organization promotes…

Austin, Ann Berghout; Aquino, Cyle; Burro, Elizabeth



Publicaciones del IGME: serie Hidrogeologa y aguas subterrneas, n 14. VI Simposio del Agua en Andaluca. I: 619-628. 2005  

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Publicaciones del IGME: serie Hidrogeología y aguas subterráneas, nº 14. VI Simposio del Agua en) , Benavente Herrera, José(2) e Hidalgo Estévez, Mª del Carmen(3) (1) CSIC e Instituto del Agua (Univ. Granada). C/ Ramón y Cajal, 4. 18071Granada. Correo electrónico: (2) Instituto del Agua (Univ

Castillo, Antonio


Molecular basis of DEL phenotype in the Chinese population  

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Background Rh blood group system is the most complex and immunogenetic blood group system. Prevalent RHD alleles vary in different populations. We conducted the present study to examine the genotype of DEL individuals and to elucidate whether novel alleles exist in the Chinese population. Methods DEL phenotype was identified by a serologic adsorption-elution method. The nucleotide sequences of ten RHD exons and exon-intron boundary regions were evaluated by RHD gene-specific PCR-SSP and sequencing. Results Of 42306 samples from individual donors and patients, 165 samples were typed as D-negative. Among these D-negative samples, 41 DEL individuals were observed. Thirty-seven DELs were confirmed to have the RHD1227A allele. Two DELs seemed to have RHD-CE-D hybrid alleles, including one RHD-CE (4–7)-D and one RHD-CE (2–5)-D. Two novel RHD alleles were found among the rest of the DEL samples, including one RHD93T?>?A and one RHD838G?>?A. Conclusion In this study, about 24.85% (41/165) of the apparent D-negative Chinese individuals were DEL. RHD1227G?>?A is the most frequent allele in Chinese DEL phenotypes, accounting for 90.24% (37/41). The RHD-CE-D hybrid allele might be the second most frequent DEL allele in the Chinese population. Our study would contribute to the understanding of the molecular mechanism underlying D antigen expression of DEL individuals and provide useful information for designing suitable genotyping strategies in RhD-negative individuals in Asia. PMID:24884404



Llamado a cubrir Beca de investigacin. Uso del agua en Sistemas de Produccin Agrcola del Chaco Semirido.  

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Llamado a cubrir Beca de investigación. Uso del agua en Sistemas de Producción Agrícola del Chaco agua en sistemas de producción agrícola en el Chaco Semiárido mediante modelos funcionales de cultivo

Nacional de San Luis, Universidad


Declaración del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer sobre la aprobación de la vacuna de VPH por la FDA

Hace casi dos décadas que los investigadores del NCI y de otras instituciones comenzaron a investigar las causas fundamentales del cáncer cervical. Esta búsqueda científica resultó en la aprobación de hoy de la vacuna GardasilTM por la Food and Drug Administration.


[La Medicina del Lavoro: 100 volumes].  


With these pages La Medicina del Lavoro starts its 100th volume, so we have yet another historical occasion to celebrate the oldest occupational health journal in the world that is still publishing. Over the last few years we have had many occasions to celebrate, for example several anniversaries of the Journal (the 80th volume in 1989, 90 years in 1992, 100 years in 2001); the centenary of the foundation of the Clinica del Lavoro "Luigi Devoto" of Milan in 2001; the celebration of the 300 years' anniversary of the publication of De Morbis Artificum Diatriba by Bernardino Ramazzini, and we obviously hope to continue for many years to come in this positive outlook. One hundred volumes makes for a very large collection, with the highs and lows ofthe Journal's history (here we mean the variations in number of pages and physical size of the Journal). It is thanks to the Editors-in-chief(there have been very few so we can cite them all: Luigi Devoto, 1901-1936; Luigi Preti, 1936-1941; Enrico Vigliani, 1943-1992; e Vito Foà, 1992 to the present); the contributors who in various ways and with varying degrees of commitment but always with an exceptional personal participation, that it has been possible to reach 100 volumes, starting with C. Moreschi who, along with Luigi Devoto, was the first and sole editor at the Journal's foundation; up to the present extended and impressive editorial board; the printers (from the first. Tipografia Cooperativa, Via dei Molini in Pavia, to the latest: Casa Editrice Mattioli in Fidenza); the sponsors, including the most evident who, via advertising (rather limited as a matter offact), directly gave information about themselves, but also those who have often been or are behind the scenes, ensuring fundamental support which is not visible; content. articles, news, events, reports, ideas, opinions, photographs, tables, numbers... etc, which are really impossible to sum up. But the true collection which, for obvious reasons, cannot be individually named, consists of the people and the ideas that have enriched the history of the Journal in its over 100 years of existence. And the subscribers, above all, who by their almost anonymous presence have been the true guarantors of the Journal's ife. And of course the contributors who with their articles have consigned a part of their lives to history. Starting from 1925 we counted nearly 11.000, a really grand number. It would be wonderful if we could invite them all to a hypothetical (and impossible) grand convention to simply say "Thank you, your contributions will not be forgotten". There have been 100 volumes but in actual fact the Journal is more than 100 years old. It was founded in Pavia in 1901 as Il Lavoro-Rivista di fisiologia, clinica ed igiene del lavoro, and between 1901 and 1910 only three volumes were published, then, due to the difficulties during the First World War and the immediate post-war years, there were no issues in 1916, 1918 and 1919. Issues finally became regular in 1920 with volume 11; from that moment on not one issue was missed and the Journal even got through the Second World War without interruptions. In 1925, with volume 16, it took on the name that still distinguishes it to-day: La Medicina del Lavoro, "the official standard bearer of a work of enormous scientific, social and political content" as Luigi Devoto presented the event at the time. The first few years of the Journal were difficult ones (with only three volumes published in 10 years) to the effect that events such as the First International Congress on Occupational Diseases (Milano, 1906), the foundation of the International Commission for Occupational Health (1906), the First National Italian Congress on Occupational Diseases (Palermo, 1907), and above all the inauguration of the Clinica del Lavoro in Milano (20 March, 1910) are not reported in the Journal, which by 1911 had resumed publication but had moved to Milan. Many years have passed since those first three volumes and in the meantime we have moved on to another century and

Zocchetti, C




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El precio internacional del café, como el de la mayoría de los productos primarios se ha caracterizado por la inestabilidad y las grandes fluctuaciones. La formación del precio del café verde es un proceso complejo que depende de una multiplicidad de variables, como la calidad y disponibilidad del producto, el lugar de origen, el sitio de compra, las expectativas de

Franz Alonso Hamann S



Lecciones del programa de prevención temprana de la violencia, Medellín, Colombia  

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Se describen las características y evolución del Programa de Prevención Temprana de la Agresión del Municipio de Medellin, Colombia, que, al parecer, es la más amplia experiencia de su género en Latinoamérica. Se realiza la primera evaluación del impacto atribuible a este programa, focalizada en su etapa inicial. El análisis antes \\/ después reporta varios efectos positivos del Programa. Conclusión

Luis Fernando Duque; José Fernando Orduz; Juan de Jesús Sandoval; Beatriz Elena Caicedo; Joanne Klevens



Evoluzione della vegetazione nei pressi del Lago di Lavarone (TN) negli ultimi 2200 anni  

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RIASSUNTO - Evoluzione della vegetazione nei pressi del Lago di Lavarone (TN) negli ultimi 2200 anni - Lo studio pollinico e paleolimnologico della sequenza S5 proveniente dal Lago di Lavarone, condotto nel corso del progetto OLOAMBIENT, ha permesso di ottenere un quadro dettagliato sull'evoluzione del territorio nei pressi del lago negli ultimi 2200 anni. Sulla base delle informazioni archeologiche e

Enrico ARPENTI; Maria Letizia FILIPPI


El metabolismo social del País Vasco desde el análisis de flujos materiales  

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La desvinculación de la mejora del bienestar respecto del uso de los recursos y de la contaminación es esencial para lograr un desarrollo sostenible. Para avanzar en esta dirección es preciso partir del conocimiento del metabolismo de la sociedad. Es decir, debemos analizar en qué medida nuestras sociedades “ingieren” materias primas, que son “metabolizadas” para producir bienes y servicios, y

Iñaki Arto



Comunicacionas mansualas dal Instituto Intllrnacional de la Potase, Berna (Suiza) Ciencia del Suelo  

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del Suelo 728 continuacion N° 5/1981 La quimica del potasio en suelos arenosos* (On the chemistry of potassium in sandy soils) D, L. Sparks Profesor Auxiliar de Qulmica Fisica del Suelo, Departamento de y nativo en suelos Dothan. Sparks D.L., Zelazny L. W., Martens D. C.: Cineticas del Intercambio de

Sparks, Donald L.


La Revolucin del Shale Gas Profesor: Hugh Rudnick  

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La Revolución del Shale Gas Mayo 2011 Profesor: Hugh Rudnick Profesional Externo: Verónica Cortés........................................................................................................................................ 6 ¿Qué es el Shale Gas...................................................................................................................................... 7 Shale Gas

Rudnick, Hugh


ARTICLEINPRESS Seismic stratigraphy of Lago Fagnano sediments (Tierra del Fuego,  

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S in the heart of the Island of Tierra del Fuego, Lago Fagnano occupies the deepest of a chain of en strong tectonic pulses along the MFT system. Gravity cores show a regular alternation of light and dark

Gilli, Adrian



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FRAGOMEN, DEL REY, BERNSEN & LOEWY, LLP US IMMIGRATION CLIENT ALERT If you have any questions about to the United States. This Client Alert provides general guidance on procedures, including visa issuance at U

Scharer, John E.


ESTRUCTURAS ALGEBRAICAS Nombre del profesor: Jos F. Fernando Galvn  

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ESTRUCTURAS ALGEBRAICAS Grupos A Nombre del profesor: Jos� F. Fernando Galv�n Tutor�as: ser�n en el estructura. Factores invariantes y divisores elementales. El grupo de las unidades de un cuerpo finito

Fernando, Jose F.


Servei d'Activitats Culturals Normativa interna del SAC  

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Servei d'Activitats Culturals Normativa interna del SAC Formaci� 1. Lloc, dates i horaris Els� altres criteris, si ho considera oport�. 5. Anul�laci� d'un curs El SAC es reserva la possibilitat de

Oro, Daniel


Los discursos del miedo en la prensa uruguaya  

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A fines de julio de 2002 el Uruguay sufre una de sus peores crisis financieras, económicas y sociales. Reprogramaciones de las cuentas bancarias, tanto de instituciones privadas como del Estado, supuestos saqueos por \\

María Ángela Giaimo


Living Legacy: A Conversation with Carolina Gomez del Valle.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Carolina Gomez del Valle has been involved in training other Montessorians in Mexico, Chile, Nicaragua, Peru, and Taiwan. This interview explores her experiences with Montessori education and describes how she has woven her religious training and Montessori philosophy together. (PAM)

Montessori Life, 1993



Gli approcci terapeutici al trattamento del dolore cronico  

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\\u000a La terapia del paziente con dolore cronico inizia molto prima dell’incontro con il clinico, poiché tutto ciò che ha preceduto\\u000a il primo appuntamento, in un lasso di tempo talvolta molto lungo, ha portato il paziente a una parziale presa di coscienza\\u000a ed elaborazione del proprio disagio (Ercolani 1997). Presentandosi dal clinico, il paziente tende il più delle volte a sottovalutare

Gianluca Castelnuovo; Mauro Ercolani; Mario Tavola; Daniele Rovaris; Lara Bellardita; Paola Cuzziol; Enrico Molinari


Student Competition: Siting Potential Dams at Camp Del Webb, Utah  

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Siting Potential Dams at Camp Del Webb, Utah Presented By: Kyle Wamser Problem ? Camp Del Webb is Lacking an Onsite Lake ? High Adventure Bases generally need aquatics ? Large lake nearby, but transportation is required ? Possible Solution... hillshade ? Finding Possible Lake Locations ? Added three potential dam sites ? Calculated watersheds ? Extended dams through terrain to prevent runoff on the sides ? Calculated watershed dam elevation, which identified lakes Results...

Wamser, William Kyle



Aportació a coneixement florístic del Moianès (Catalunya central)  

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Seguint en la línia d'ampliació del coneixement florístic de l'àrea del Moianès, presentem dades d'interès corològic de 46 tàxons. Es tracta bàsicament d'espècies d'ambients forestals i pradencs, bona part no citades d'aquest sector i algunes de molt rares o inexistents al territori ausosegàrric. Hi ha un primer grup d'espècies, que a les terres catalanes són bàsicament pirinenques [Linum viscosum L.,

Arnau Mercadé López



Difusión de resultados iniciales del Estudio del Tamoxifeno y del Raloxifeno (STAR): el fármaco para el tratamiento de la osteoporosis, raloxifeno, es tan efectivo como el Tamoxifeno en la prevención de cáncer de seno invasor

Los resultados iniciales del Estudio del Tamoxifeno y del Raloxifeno, STAR, demuestran que el fármaco raloxifeno, actualmente utilizado para prevenir y tratar la osteoporosis en mujeres posmenopáusicas, funciona tan bien como el tamoxifeno para reducir el riesgo de cáncer de seno entre las mujeres posmenopáusicas que tienen riesgo elevado de padecer la enfermedad. Preguntas y respuestas


¿Qué es el Servicio de Información sobre el Cáncer del NCI?

El Servicio de Información sobre el Cáncer (CIS) del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) es un programa financiado con fondos del Gobierno Federal y fue establecido en 1975 como un componente fundamental de la misión y los programas de educación e información del cáncer del NCI. Comuníquese con nosotros para hablar con un especialista capacitado en información quien puede responder a sus preguntas relacionadas con el cáncer en inglés y español.


SOLICITUD DE PERMISOS PARA PUBLICAR EN LA WEB DE LA UA A la atencin del Director del Servicio de Informtica.  

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SOLICITUD DE PERMISOS PARA PUBLICAR EN LA WEB DE LA UA A la atención del Director del Servicio de conozca): BAJA DE PERMISOS en las siguientes direcciones web (en caso de que las conozca):

Escolano, Francisco


V339 Del (Nova Del 2013) is a weak non-super-soft X-ray source  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

V339 Del (Nova Del 2013) is currently being monitored approximately daily by Swift-XRT. X-ray analysis has been complicated due to optical loading caused by photons from the very bright optical source. (For a discussion of optical loading in the XRT, see our help page.) At early times, the data were collected mainly in Windowed Timing mode to mitigate this issue, and no X-ray source was detected (ATel #5283, #5305, #5318).

Page, K. L.; Beardmore, A. P.



Cirug?a de los trastornos del comportamiento: el estado del arte  

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Introducción: La cirugía de los trastornos del comportamiento (CTC) se está convirtiendo en un tratamiento más común desde el desarrollo de la neuromodulación. Métodos: Este artículo es una revisión no sistemática de la historia, indicaciones actuales, técnicas y blancos quirúrgicos de la CTC. Dividimos su historia en 3 eras: la primera comienza en los inicios de la psicocirugía y termina con el desarrollo de las tícnicas estereotácticas, cuando comienza la segunda era. Ésta se caracteriza por la realización de lesiones estereotácticas. Nos encontramos transitando la tercera era, que comienza cuando la estimulación cerebral profunda (ECP) comienza a ser usada en CTC. Resultados: A pesar de los errores graves cometidos en el pasado, hoy en día, la CTC está renaciendo. Los trastornos psiquiátricos que se más frecuentemente se tratan con cirugía son: depresión refractaria, trastorno obsesivo-compulsivo y síndrome de Tourette. Además, algunos pacientes con agresividad fueron tratados quirúrgicamente. Hay varios blancos estereotácticos descriptos para estos trastornos. La estimulación vagal puede ser usada también para depresión. Conclusión: Los resultados de la ECP en estos trastornos parecen alentadores. Sin embargo, se necesitan más estudios randomizados para establecer la efectividad de la CTC. Debe tenerse en cuenta que una apropiada selección de pacientes nos ayudará a realizar un procedimiento más seguro así como también a lograr mejores resultados quirúrgicos, conduciendo a la CTC a ser más aceptada por psiquiatras, pacientes y sus familias. Se necesita mayor investigación en varios temas como: fisiopatología de los trastornos del comportamiento, indicaciones de CTC y nuevos blancos quirúrgicos. PMID:25165612

Yampolsky, Claudio; Bendersky, Damian



Publicaciones del IGME: serie Hidrogeologa y aguas subterrneas, n 14. VI Simposio del Agua en Andaluca. II: 1.229-1.236. 2005  

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Publicaciones del IGME: serie Hidrogeología y aguas subterráneas, nº 14. VI Simposio del Agua en Andalucía. II: 1.229-1.236. 2005 Sobre la calidad físico-química de las aguas superficiales del área metropolitana de Granada Sánchez Díaz, Luis* y Castillo Martín, Antonio** * Instituto del Agua. Universidad de

Castillo, Antonio


0.0 -8 objectius pel mil.lenni A la Cimera del Millenni, celebrada l'any 2000, el conjunt dels Estats  

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a b 0.0 - 8 objectius pel mil.lenni A la Cimera del Mil·lenni, celebrada l'any 2000, el conjunt dels Estats membres de les Nacions Unides van aprovar la Declaració del Mil·lenni, en la qual: Van considerar com a valors fonamentals del nou mil·lenni: q La llibertat q La igualtat q La solidaritat q La

Oro, Daniel


Ingenieros militares en España en el siglo XIX. Del arte de la guerra en general a la profesión del ingeniero en particular  

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Esta comunicación tiene por objeto mostrar las diferentes opciones profesionales del Cuerpo de Ingenieros Militares español durante el siglo XIX. Una corporación técnica y facultativa que desde principios del ochocientos perdió algunas competencias del campo de la ingeniería civil. En este trabajo señalaremos la adaptación de los mecanismos de selección de estos ingenieros y las reivindicaciones que realizaron para equipararse

José Ignacio Muro Morales



La reparación del daño como mecanismo de tutela de la persona. Del daño a la salud a los nuevos daños extrapatrimoniales  

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En la actualidad, el operador del Derecho se enfrenta a dos de los más importantes problemas del nuevo derecho de daños: por un lado, la clasificación del perjuicio y, por el otro, la reparación correspondiente a cada una de sus categorías, que debe estar informada por el principio de reparación integral, y que impone en consecuencia considerar más que las

Milagros Koteich Khatib


Componentes naturales y de uso del suelo vulnerables a las variaciones del nivel del mar en la costa atlántica de México  

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Palabras clave Regionalizaci6n de costas, fislografia, vulnerabilidad costera, uso del suelo Absúact Geomorphological alaradenstia of the mastal iongitudinal prn* and the arrangwent of the physiographical stmcture allowed the rmnition of two zonas: a) the intertidai zone -a basic sntne for dired imoaci of sea leve1 dame: and b) an adjacent peritidál (supralittoral) hnge &n area of cushioning or of polential

Mano Arturo; Ortiz Pérez; Ana Patricia; Méndez Linares


Autores y tendencias del teatro ecuatoriano en la década de los 90  

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teatro del absurdo, extendido entonces en Europa y México, y por otra, con el teatro "político," teatro para las masas, explícitamente orientado a su educación para el cambio social. La década de los ochenta fue de transición, la crisis del teatro... varios capítulos y dramatizados cortos, semanales. La gran mayoría de los actores han provenido del teatro, del teatro costumbrista y del café teatro de inicios de los 90. Y no ha faltado el caso de una obra con sus actores que pasaron del teatro a la...

Breilh, Alfredo



2013 Alumni-Elected Trustees Nicole Bisagni DelToro '91, Bethesda, MD  

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and entrepreneurship. Ms. DelToro previously served as Business Unit Manager, Romac International. Ms. Del's Council of Cornell Women; a member of the Class of 1981 Class Council and serves on the College


Coordinacin de la Especializacin en Ingeniera del Gas Natural Valle de Sartenejas, Universidad Simn Bolvar,  

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DEL GAS NATURAL Grado académico que otorga Especialista en Ingeniería del Gas Natural. Perfil de emitidas por personal docente o autoridades de una Universidad de reconocido prestigio. Comprobante de pago

Vásquez, Carlos


La revolución keynesiana y sus pioneros: los keynesianos y la política del gobierno 1933-1939  

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En este artículo el autor, sobre la base de un análisis de las principales contribuciones económicas de la década del 30, destaca los elementos de Keynesianismo implícitos en los primeros aportes de Currie y en general del grupo de \\

Alan Sweezy; Traducción de Mario García



El té y la prevención del cáncer: Solidez y límites de la evidencia científica

Hoja informativa que resume los resultados de estudios realizados sobre el té y la prevención del cáncer. Incluye información sobre los ingredientes del té y las consideraciones de seguridad sobre el consumo de esta bebida.


La economa del agua de riego Jos A. Gmez-Limn  

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#12;La economía del agua de riego en España José A. Gómez-Limón Javier Calatrava Alberto Garrido Caja Rural, Sociedad Cooperatica de Crédito. La economía del agua de riego en España Todos los derechos Directiva Marco de Agua: ¿Un modelo alternativo del uso del agua? Llorenç Avellà, José Carles y Carles

Oñate, Juan J.


Synthetic Biology Domitilla Del Vecchio* and Richard M. Murray**  

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1 Synthetic Biology Domitilla Del Vecchio* and Richard M. Murray** *Department of Mechanical functions is now pos- sible, leading to the birth of a new field called synthetic biology. Sophisticated functions that are highly sought in synthetic biology range from recognizing and killing cancer cells

Del Vecchio, Domitilla


Anthropogeography and Rainforest Ecology in Bocas Del Toro Province, Panama.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The economy of Bocas del Toro province, in northwest Panama, is predominantly bio-technic. Different people have made different uses of the plants and animals of the area over time. Emphasis is placed on the system of Indian silviculture whereby native po...

B. L. Gordon



Responsabile del procedimento: Luigi CALISSI UNIVERSIT DEGLI STUDI DI GENOVA  

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chirurgiche e diagnostiche integrate (DISC), per il settore scientifico disciplinare MED/08 Anatomia patologica, settore concorsuale 06/A4 Anatomia patologica; Vista la deliberazione del Dipartimento sopra disciplinare MED/08 Anatomia patologica, settore concorsuale 06/A4 Anatomia patologica, di cui alle premesse

Genova, Università degli Studi di


Responsabile del procedimento: Luigi CALISSI UNIVERSIT DEGLI STUDI DI GENOVA  

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Università, per il settore scientifico disciplinare BIO/06 Anatomia Comparata e Citologia e per il programma il settore scientifico disciplinare BIO/06 Anatomia Comparata e Citologia, di cui alle premesse del giudicatrice: Prof. Mauro VALLARINO - Ordinario inquadrato nel settore scientifico disciplinare BIO/06 Anatomia

Genova, Università degli Studi di


Inauguracin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Universidades y sociedad del conocimiento . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4  

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 Dinámica poblacional, mercados laborales y migraciones . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27 #12;U niversidad y sociedad del conocimiento; Dinámi- ca poblacional, mercados laborales y Investigaciones Interdisciplinarias en Ciencias y Hu- manidades, dijo que el seminario fue concebido a partir de

Islas, León


La economía del carbón en el Caribe colombiano  

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La crisis energética que se inició en 1973, despertó en la economía mundial el interés por energéticos sustitutos del petróleo. Colombia no fue la excepción y en la búsqueda de tales sustitutos se asoció en 1976 con una empresa filial de la corporación norteamericana Exxon, para explorar, explotar y exportar los carbones de El Cerrejón Zona Norte, ubicados en el

Joaquín Viloria De La Hoz



Estimación endógena del repudio en mercados soberanos de crédito  

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En vista de la falta de fundamentos teóricos en la bibliografía relacionada con el repudio en los mercados soberanos de crédito, se construye un modelo que considera todas las peculiaridades de los mercados internacionales de crédito. En particular, se incluye la idea de sanciones en el caso de repudio. Del modelo se extraen diversas conclusiones que contrastan con lo existente.

Fausto Hernández Trillo



Luchando Infructuosamente contra la Hidra: Un Modelo Sencillo del Narcotráfico  

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En este artículo se construye un modelo sencillo del narcotráfico que contribuye a explicar dos características notables de esta actividad: la generación de ganancias extraordinarias y la gran capacidad de reproducción en condiciones de prohibición y represión. El modelo establece una relación directa entre la represión a la oferta, la cual ha sido la principal estrategia en la lucha contra

Carlos Humberto Ortiz Q



Parsing bottom-up Idea del parsing bottom-up  

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Parsing bottom-up 1 #12;Idea del parsing bottom-up · Costruisce l'abero sintattico iniziando dalle: int * int + int #12;Esempio Il parsing bottom-up riduce una stringa al simbolo iniziale invertendo le parsing bottom-up Sia I la stringa in input repeat prendi una sottostringa non vuota di I dove X e' una

Rossi, Francesca



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segunda circular enero 2011 CIENCIA, TECNOLOGÍA, POLÍTICA Y PLANIFICACI�N DEL AGUA Y DE LA ENERGÍA EN LOS REGADÍOS. ASPECTOS SOCIOEC�NOMICOS Y AMBIENTALES. AGRICULTURA, AGUA Y ENERGÍA colaboran MADRID varias cuestiones gene- rales que orientan la realización de este Congreso titulado AGRICULTURA, AGUA Y

Escolano, Francisco


Control del dolor: Apoyo para las personas con cáncer

Contiene información sobre las medicinas contra el dolor para pacientes con cáncer, los planes para controlarlo, cómo hablar con su equipo de atención médica sobre el dolor que usted siente y qué hacer para controlar los efectos físicos y emocionales del mismo.


Design, aerodynamics and autonomy of the DelFly.  


One of the major challenges in robotics is to develop a fly-like robot that can autonomously fly around in unknown environments. In this paper, we discuss the current state of the DelFly project, in which we follow a top-down approach to ever smaller and more autonomous ornithopters. The presented findings concerning the design, aerodynamics and autonomy of the DelFly illustrate some of the properties of the top-down approach, which allows the identification and resolution of issues that also play a role at smaller scales. A parametric variation of the wing stiffener layout produced a 5% more power-efficient wing. An experimental aerodynamic investigation revealed that this could be associated with an improved stiffness of the wing, while further providing evidence of the vortex development during the flap cycle. The presented experiments resulted in an improvement in the generated lift, allowing the inclusion of a yaw rate gyro, pressure sensor and microcontroller onboard the DelFly. The autonomy of the DelFly is expanded by achieving (1) an improved turning logic to obtain better vision-based obstacle avoidance performance in environments with varying texture and (2) successful onboard height control based on the pressure sensor. PMID:22617112

de Croon, G C H E; Groen, M A; De Wagter, C; Remes, B; Ruijsink, R; van Oudheusden, B W



La Usina del Lenguaje: Teoría de la Poesía Neobarroca  

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La usina del lenguaje: Teoría de la poesía neobarroca examines one of the most relevant poetry tendencies of the last thirty years: the Neo-baroque. In this dissertation I have endeavored to analyze the works of a number of Hispano-American poets...

De Cuba, Pablo A.



UNIVERSITA' DEL SALENTO Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Innovazione  

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OF DENSE GAS FLOWS: APPLICATION TO ORGANIC RANKINE CYCLES TURBINES Coordinatore del Ph.D. Prof. Ing by a proper design of the turbine blade. The present work is devoted to improve the understanding-conventional working fluid are pointed out. Then, high performance airfoils and turbine blade shapes for transonic

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Análisis del ciclo de vida en proyectos de ingeniería civil  

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RESUMEN: El propósito de las actividades de análisis y diseño en la ingeniería civil, es determinar, como los factores técnicos y económicos, pueden ser alterados para crear la mayor utilidad al menor costo. En la actua- lidad el análisis del ciclo de vida de proyectos de ingeniería civil, se ha relegado a un concepto netamente teó- rico, es por esto

O. J. Mojica


Los determinantes sociales del pensamiento: ni anomalismo ni funcionalización  

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El principal objetivo del presente trabajo es indagar si las habituales tentativas por descifrar el pensamiento desde un punto de vista sociológico, a pesar de su vehemente compromiso antirreduccionista, podrían aceptar en último término la reducción de ideas, argumentos y doctrinas a sus presuntos determinantes sociales. En una primera etapa analizamos el “sociologismo anómalo” de Martin Kusch, señalamos algunas de

Josep M. Bech



Los hijos del terremoto: Imágenes de un recuerdo  

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, escapados de los pogroms, que llegaron a América buscando el paraíso. ¿Qué clase de negocio era para ellos el paraíso? Nunca lo supieron, porque el terre moto del absurdo los arrastró al campo a arar esta tierra que no entendían mientras elevaban salmos...

Dauster, Frank



Metodología de la Encuesta Nacional de Evaluación del Desempeño  

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Objective. To describe the sampling design, operative strat- egy, and data management used in the Encuesta Nacional de Evaluación del Desempeño (Mexican National Performance Assessment Survey). Material and Methods. A probabil- istic, multistage, stratified sample was used to make infer- ences for each state of the country with representativeness of the urban and rural localities of Mexico. The survey was

Oswaldo Palma-Coca



Breve panorama del teatro en Ecuador durante los años 80  

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: el Teatro de la Carpa, constituido por la actriz nacional Támara Navas y el director alemán Christoph Baumann. Lo interesante de su trabajo radica en la interpretación que realizó del texto de Franz Kafka Informe para una Academia la actriz Navas...

Almeida Naveda, Eduardo



Nel quadro del complesso sforzo di risanamento della finanza  

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e MIP, e da Harvard Business Review Italia affronterài temi descritti con la partecipazione di Risponde e conclude Antonio Mastrapasqua Presidente INPS Modera Enrico Sassoon Direttore Harvard Business Review Italia La modernizzazione della Pubblica Amministrazione per la competitività del Paese: il caso


Al Prof. Luca Beltrametti Direttore del Dipartimento di Economia  

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Mod. D3 Al Prof. Luca Beltrametti Direttore del Dipartimento di Economia Indirizzo Via Vivaldi 5, Darsena, Genova n. fax. 010 2095208 e-mail: Oggetto: votazioni in data 18 Economia, con mandato fino al 31.10.2015. Richiesta di pubblicizzazione della disponibilità ad essere

Robbiano, Lorenzo


Las zonas mineras españolas a finales del XIX  

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PRESENTACIÓN Jugh James Rose, capellán de las compañías mineras inglesas, francesas y alemanas de Linares, es el autor de la obra Untrodden Spain and her black country being sketches of the life and character of the Spaniard of the interior publicada en dos volúmenes en Londres en 1875. De él sabemos que ejerció como capellán del ejército en Dover y

María Antonia López Burgos



La fiesta del mulato de Luisa Josefina Hernández  

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, 1962), pp. 439-510; La calle de la gran ocasión (Xalapa: Universidad Veracruzana, 1962); Arpas blancas, conejos dorados, en La Palabra y el Hombre, no. 28 (oct-dic 1963), 637-91; La hija del rey, en Cuarta antología de obras en un acto (México...

Nigro, Kirsten F.



I quaderni del Marconi La Biomatematica in un problema  

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;3 Presentazione L'ITIS Marconi è stato scelto, per l'a.s. 2005/2006, come scuola Polo per l'attua- zione del Gabriela Freddo Giorgia Marchetto Giacomo Banterle Marco Furlani Dimitri Ruffo Massimiliano Battiston Mattia Gaiga Michele Segna Tommaso Benasi Plinio Longo Marco Scandola Luca Castellani Federico Lorenzi

Zuccher, Simone


La política educativa a començaments del segle XXI  

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La política educativa que hay que desarrollar en España a comienzos del siglo XXI debe formar parte de las estrategias que se siguen en todas partes para mejorar los conocimientos y las competencias de toda la población y, especialmente, de las nuevas generaciones. Este trabajo repasa las enseñanzas que se derivan de los estudios internacionales como Pisa, que sirven de

M. Jesús San Segundo Gómez de Cadiñanos




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RESUMEN Los recientes desastres naturales han llamado la atencion de los medios de comunicacion hacia los posibles efectos del cambio climatico en Bolivia. Muchos de los desastres fueron atribuidos al calentamiento global, a El Nino o al agujero de ozono, entre otros. El presente art´õculo trata de identificar la posible relacion de los desastres naturales observados o predichos con estos

Marcos Andrade



Tratamiento del paludismo pediátrico: Papel de las intervenciones nutricionales  

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ResumenEl paludismo es una causa primordial de morbilidad y mortalidad en niños, particularmente en África subsahariana. Aunque se ha logrado un progreso considerable en el tratamiento del paludismo pediátrico con el tratamiento de combinación basado en la artemisinina, siguen existiendo numerosos obstáculos que se oponen a la puesta en práctica efectiva de estas nuevas opciones terapéuticas sumamente eficaces. Análogamente, si

Akoto Kwame Osei; Davidson H. Hamer



Los procesos territoriales del Occidente de México, 1823-1917  

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El territorio mexicano y particularmente el del occidente, durante el periodo 1823-1917 registró grandes transformaciones en la configuración de sus unidades geopolíticas, tanto en el nivel de las entidades federativas como al interior de ellas; lo cual se interpreta como el resultado de intereses y luchas regionales que se han venido manifestando en la modificación y cambios de ciertas unidades

Hirineo Martínez Barragán



Desconfianza y Desobediencia: Discurso y Práctica del Derecho en México  

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En agosto del 2002, la Secretaría de Gobernación (SEGOB), junto con la Fundación Este País, publicó los resultados de una encuesta nacional que buscaba evaluar la cultura y prácticas políticas de los mexicanos.[1] De acuerdo con los resultados de la encuesta, el 45% de los encuestados afirmaron creer que ni los ciudadanos ni las autoridades respetaban la ley; el 71%

Catalina Perez Correa



The mercury clock of the Libros del Saber  

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The Libros del Saber de Astronomia is a compilation of various Arabic astronomical works translated into Castilian in the second half of the thirteenth century, under the direction of King Alfonso X of Spain. A section describing a mercury clock has been suggested to be of particular significance in view of the likely invention of the mechanical clock around this

A. A. Mills



Solar activity and earth rotation variability R. Abarca del Rioa,  

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Solar activity and earth rotation variability R. Abarca del Rioa, *, D. Gambisb , D. Salsteinc , P to investigate a possible connection with solar activity fluctuations from interannual to secular time scales in AAM and LOD agrees with that in solar activity with regard to the decadal cycle in the stratospheric

Dai, Aiguo


Early evolution of the extraordinary Nova Del 2013 (V339 Del)  

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We determine the temporal evolution of the luminosity L(WD), radius R(WD) and effective temperature Teff of the white dwarf (WD) pseudophotosphere of V339 Del from its discovery to around day 40. Another main objective was studying the ionization structure of the ejecta. These aims were achieved by modelling the optical/near-IR spectral energy distribution (SED) using low-resolution spectroscopy (3500 - 9200 A), UBVRcIc and JHKLM photometry. During the fireball stage (Aug. 14.8 - 19.9, 2013), Teff was in the range of 6000 - 12000 K, R(WD) was expanding non-uniformly in time from around 66 to around 300 (d/3 kpc) R(Sun), and L(WD) was super-Eddington, but not constant. After the fireball stage, a large emission measure of 1.0-2.0E+62 (d/3 kpc)**2 cm**(-3) constrained the lower limit of L(WD) to be well above the super-Eddington value. The evolution of the H-alpha line and mainly the transient emergence of the Raman-scattered O VI 1032 A line suggested a biconical ionization structure of the ejecta with a disk-...

Skopal, A; Tarasova, T N; Kato, T; Fujii, M; Teyssier, F; Garde, O; Guarro, J; Edlin, J; Buil, C; Antao, D; Terry, J N; Lemoult, T; Charbonnel, S; Bohlsen, T; Favaro, A; Graham, K



Seminario sobre temas estratégicos del agua en América Latina y el Caribe agenda para la acción  

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En el corto plazo, con apoyo del Banco, América Latina y el Caribe se preparan para elaborar un informe regional sobre financiamiento del agua a ser presentado a las agencias de financiamiento durante el Tercer Foro Mundial del Agua, a llevarse a cabo en 2003 en Kyoto. Para contribuir en este proceso, el Banco organizó el presente seminario e invitó

Jerson Kelman; Benedito Braga; Humberto Peña; César Herrera Toledo; Víctor Pochat; Max Campos; Margaret Catley-Carson; Peter Rogers; Raymundo José Garrido; Adrián Baltanás García; Arnold Sánchez; Herman Rosa; Michel Camdessus; Enrique V. Iglesias; Hyperides Pereira de Macedo; Jamal Saghir; Aser Cortines Peixoto Filho; Sergio Heumann; Linda Kemeny; Fuensanta Díaz Cobacho; Carlos M. Jarque



Contenido del programa de estudios Conceptos generales. Biomolculas. Agua, sus propiedades e interacciones.  

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Contenido del programa de estudios Bioquímica Conceptos generales. Biomoléculas. Agua, sus propiedades e interacciones. Hidrofobicidad. Polaridad. Capacidad disolvente del agua. Agua y PH. Constante de disociación del agua y PH. Sistema bicarbonato-ácidocarbónico. Proteínas. Aminoácidos. Características


Anlisis de cambios en la calidad del agua en Puerto Rico utilizando Sistemas de  

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An�lisis de cambios en la calidad del agua en Puerto Rico utilizando Sistemas de Informaci�n Geogr � Calidad del agua (Puerto Rico) � Maria Uriarte de Columbia University � Charles B. Yackulic , Yili Lim � Calidad del agua (Cuenca Guavate) � Keyla Torres, Elizabeth Pab�n y Fredmarie Oyola, Alexandra Rivera

Gilbes, Fernando


del Moral Bibliography Mount St. Helens RECENT RESEARCH PAPERS (links to available papers are provided)  

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. American Journal of Botany 92: 27-36. #12;del Moral Bibliography Mount St. Helens Page 2 del Moral, R., D.Mdel Moral Bibliography Mount St. Helens Page 1 RECENT RESEARCH PAPERS (links to available papers are provided): del Moral, R. 2010a. Thirty years of permanent vegetation plots, Mount St. Helens, Washington

del Moral, Roger


Ciclo de vida del VIH Enlace y fusin: El VIH empieza su ciclo de vida  

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VIH debe también ligarse a las proteínas CCR5 ó CXCR4 (co- receptores) para entrar en la célula receptor CD4 glucoproteína del VIH envoltura del VIH CCR5 receptor o CXCR4 receptor Un servicio del

Levin, Judith G.


Variation in gestation length as breeding season advances in Bruna dels Pirineus beef cattle breed  

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Note Variation in gestation length as breeding season advances in Bruna dels Pirineus beef cattle was investigated in the Bruna dels Pirineus beef cattle breed. A total of 359 gestations belonging to five breeding length / beef cattle / Bruna dels Pirineus Résumé -- Variation de la durée de gestation selon l'avance de

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Aportació al coneixement florístic de les Guilleries i del Collsacabra (Catalunya Oriental),II  

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Presentem noves dades corològiques per a la flora vascular dels massissos de les Guilleries i del Collsacabra. En total, tractem 25 tàxons que podem dividir en cinc grups: 1.- nous per a les Guilleries (Peucedanum officinale L., Senecio adonidifolius Loisel., etc.); 2.- nous pel Collsacabra (Carex liparocarpos Gaudin, Seseli tortuosum L., etc.); 3.- nous per un ampli sector del nord-est

Aaron Pérez-Haase; Efrem Batriu; Arnau Mercadé López



Estudio del Hidrógeno neutro en dirección al remanente de supernova W28  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se presenta un relevamiento del hidrógeno neutro alrededor del remanente de supernova W28 realizado con el radiotelescopio australiano de Parkes. Se analizan rasgos de emisión y absorción. Se muestra la existencia de estructuras anulares asociadas con el remanente. Se compara la distribución del hidrógeno neutro con la ubicación de máseres de OH detectados en la línea de 1720 MHz.

Dubner, G.; Velazquez, P.; Green, A.; Goss, W. M.; Reynoso, E.


Prot. n. P-88/14 Del 24.02.2014  

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valore del test del sudore "border-line" e diagnosi incerta di Fibrosi Cistica" da svolgersi presso il Nazionali o Internazionali debitamente attestate nell'ambito della Fibrosi Cistica Pubblicazioni inerenti lo Screening per Fibrosi Cistica - Test del sudore -Genetica della Fibrosi Cistica Ai sensi dell

Guidoni, Leonardo


Efecto del suelo en la tasa de crecimiento de especies tropicales con distribuciones contrastantes  

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1 Efecto del suelo en la tasa de crecimiento de especies tropicales con distribuciones contribuir a limitar la distribución de las especies. Uno de ellos es la fertilidad del suelo, la que con frecuencia es menor en los bosques más húmedos. Para evaluar el posible rol de la fertilidad del suelo en la

Bermingham, Eldredge


Spectral Characterization of Volcanic Earthquakes at Nevado del Ruiz Volcano Using  

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Spectral Characterization of Volcanic Earthquakes at Nevado del Ruiz Volcano Using Spectral Band methods in a two-class classification problem of volcanic earthquakes recorded at Nevado del Ruiz Volcano, seismic-volcanic events, spectral analysis. 1 Introduction Nevado del Ruiz is an ice-capped volcano placed

Duin, Robert P.W.


El Mecanismo Causal del Voto de Oposición a una Obra Vial: Una exploración Espacial y Sociológica  

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Este estudio presenta la geografía y los mecanismos causales del voto de oposición en el plebiscito a la construcción del segundo piso del Periférico en la ciudad de México. Contiene una revisión de la literatura especializada, una descripción de la obra y el plebiscito, sus resultados, indicadores socioeconómicos, y la aplicación de diversas técnicas de estadística espacial y pruebas no

Carlos J. Vilalta y Perdomo



Programa de Apoyos para la Superacin del Personal Acadmico de la UNAM Resultados del 2 periodo de la convocatoria 2011  

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Colegio de Ciencias y Humanidades Maestría Bassiouk Evdokimenko Vladimir Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares Vladimir Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares Estancia Sabática Blancas Neria Andrés Instituto de de Geología Estancia Sabática Castañeda Serrano María Del Pilar Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria y

Islas, León



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América Latina y el Caribe es la única región en desarrollo que puede acabar con el hambre en nuestra generación. Tiene 52,4 millones de personas subnutridas (10% de población) y 9 millones de niños con desnutrición crónica, pero también es la principal productora mundial de alimentos y tiene recursos financieros, naturales, humanos e institucionales para hacer del hambre un recuerdo

Jose Luis Viveros; Niemeyer Almeida Filho



Sueo y conversin. Reelaboracin, dramatizacin y funcin del motivo del eunuco de Candaces en dos autos de Caldern  

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agua, y dijo el eunuco: Aquí hay agua; ¿qué impide que yo sea bautizado? Felipe dijo: Si crees de todo carro; y descendieron ambos al agua, Felipe y el eunuco, y le bautizó. / Cuando subieron del agua, el

Boyer, Edmond



E-print Network

se estudia la extensión de la ecuación de Green-Ampt para la infiltración de agua en presencia de un encharcamiento del suelo y balance de agua durante un hietograma de lluvia natural. El modelo se contrasta

Boyer, Edmond


Esercitazione del 7 marzo 2003 Progetto del sistema di controllo di vibrazione per la sospensione di un'automobile  

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di un'automobile (sospensione attiva) Il sistema raffigurato rappresenta lo schema semplificato pneumatico-ammortizzatore-telaio di un'automobile. Il sistema è caratterizzato dalla massa equivalente M dell'automobile esercitare sulla ruota e sul telaio dell'automobile e come azione disturbante d il profilo dell'asperità del

Monaco, Salvatore


Esercitazione del 14 febbraio 2003 Progetto del sistema di controllo di vibrazione per la sospensione di un'automobile  

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sospensione di un'automobile (sospensione attiva) Il sistema raffigurato rappresenta lo schema semplificato pneumatico-ammortizzatore-telaio di un'automobile. Il sistema è caratterizzato dalla massa equivalente M dell'automobile esercitare sulla ruota e sul telaio dell'automobile e come azione disturbante d il profilo dell'asperità del

Monaco, Salvatore


Esercitazione del 21 marzo 2003 Progetto del sistema di controllo di vibrazione per la sospensione di un'automobile  

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di un'automobile (sospensione attiva) Il sistema raffigurato rappresenta lo schema semplificato pneumatico-ammortizzatore-telaio di un'automobile. Il sistema è caratterizzato dalla massa equivalente M dell'automobile esercitare sulla ruota e sul telaio dell'automobile e come azione disturbante d il profilo dell'asperità del

Monaco, Salvatore


Esercitazione del 28 febbraio 2003 Progetto del sistema di controllo di vibrazione per la sospensione di un'automobile  

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sospensione di un'automobile (sospensione attiva) Il sistema raffigurato rappresenta lo schema semplificato pneumatico-ammortizzatore-telaio di un'automobile. Il sistema è caratterizzato dalla massa equivalente M dell'automobile esercitare sulla ruota e sul telaio dell'automobile e come azione disturbante d il profilo dell'asperità del

Monaco, Salvatore


La democracia constitucional en América Latina y las evoluciones recientes del presidencialismo. Memorias Encuentro del Instituto Iberoamericano de Derecho Constitucional  

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Siempre será oportuno reflexionar sobre la democracia, su contenido, sus desafíos, su presente y su futuro, las transformaciones y percepciones que de ella se tienen. No son pocas las preocupaciones o inquietudes que la democracia suscita en esta parte del mundo, y muestra de ello son los más variados estudios e informes sobre el estado actual de la democracia y

Pedro Pablo Vanegas


Futuro de las telecomunicaciones en México ¿Cuál debe ser el rol del gobierno ante los nuevos escenarios del mercado?  

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El objetivo del presente artículo es analizar las decisiones de política pública que está llevando a cabo el gobierno de México para impulsar la competencia en el mercado de telecomunicaciones. Para ello, se identifica la forma en la que está organizado este sector y se utilizan herramientas provenientes de la teoría económica de redes para evaluar las acciones de este

Fernando G. Toriz Flores




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La globalización y el desarrollo local son términos utilizados en diversos foros internacionales de la vida económica, política y social. Para los países que hoy forman parte del consenso de Washington, es un tema de primer orden. Así, la globalización permea las políticas, sociales, económicas y financieras para los países emergentes, las cuales representan para algunos países beneficios y para

Lorenzo Salgado García



Evidence for single origins of 35delG and delE120 mutations in the GJB2 gene in Anatolia.  


Eighteen different sequence changes, including three novel alterations, were detected in GJB2, encoding connexin 26, in 371 Turkish probands with non-syndromic sensorineural hearing loss. Two frequently detected mutations, 35delG and delE120, were shown to have single origins based on the conserved genotypes of two closely linked microsatellite and five single nucleotide polymorphism markers. Carrier frequencies of 35delG and delE120 in Egypt and Turkic populations of the Near East provide insights about the origin of these two mutations. PMID:15617546

Tekin, M; Bo?oclu, G; Arican, S T; Orman, M N; Tastan, H; Elsobky, E; Elsayed, S; Akar, N



Uso del agua activada y con tratamiento magnético del tomate en condiciones de organopónico Use of the activated water and with magnetic treatment of the tomato under organoponics conditions  

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RESUMEN. Se realizó una investigación en el organopónico del Instituto de Investigaciones de Riego y Drenaje (IIRD), durante dos años sobre la aplicación del agua con tratamientos físico- químicos (activación y magnetización) para el riego del tomate variedad Rilia. Durante el período, se estudió la dinámica de crecimiento estableciéndose las diferencias entre los tratamientos de magnetización y activación del agua

Carmen E. Duarte; Greter Guevara; Maykel Méndez


Estudios de la Zona No Saturada del Suelo Vol. VI. J. lvarez-Bened y P. Marinero, 2003 ELIMINACIN DE NITRATOS POR DESNITRIFICACIN EN LA ZONA NO SATURADA DEL SUELO EN  

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Estudios de la Zona No Saturada del Suelo Vol. VI. J. Álvarez-Benedí y P. Marinero, 2003 385 ELIMINACI�N DE NITRATOS POR DESNITRIFICACI�N EN LA ZONA NO SATURADA DEL SUELO EN UN HUMEDAL DEL CINTUR�N PERI-Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, 48940 Leioa (Bizkaia), RESUMEN. Los cambios de usos del suelo

Chave, Jérôme


Consejo Asesor del Decanato de Estudios Tecnolgicos Acta 10-2011 Pg. 1 de 3 UNIVERSIDAD SIMON BOLIVAR  

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Litoral; la TSU. Ana Rosa Ibañez, Asesora del Decano y el Lic. William Contreras, Asistente al Decano Normas y Procedimientos del Decanato y de las Coordinaciones Docentes. 1. Consideración del Orden del Día

Vásquez, Carlos


La "conversione" delle cellule della cute che producono insulina: nuova arma contro diabete e tumore del pancreas  

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tumore del pancreas Uno studio dell'Università degli Studi di Milano su PNAS scopre un metodo, sicuro alterarne il DNA. Straordinarie le potenzialità nella terapia del diabete e del tumore al pancreas. La i vari tipi di diabete e per il tumore del pancreas. La ricerca, finanziata da AIRC, MIUR e Regione

De Cindio, Fiorella


Talleres del primer cuatrimestre. Curso 2013-2014 LAS TARDES DE CINE. CINE EN VERSIN ORIGINAL EN EL MACA  

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Talleres del primer cuatrimestre. Curso 2013-2014 1 LAS TARDES DE CINE. CINE EN VERSIÃ?N ORIGINAL EN: 88 min. #12;Talleres del primer cuatrimestre. Curso 2013-2014 2 12 de diciembre Un pez llamado Wanda EVALUACIÃ?N PROPUESTA POR EL PROFESOR *REALIZAR LA ENCUESTA DE SATISFACCIÃ?N DEL CURSO #12;Talleres del primer

Escolano, Francisco


Economia del Sistema Foresta-Legno 2001-2002 26-11-2011 Gestione dei beni comuni  

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Economia del Sistema Foresta-Legno 2001-2002 26-11-2011 1 Gestione dei beni comuni: esperienze 70% del fabbisogno energetico delle popolazioni africane e del sud-est asiatico. · Economia informale;Economia del Sistema Foresta-Legno 2001-2002 26-11-2011 2 Uno sviluppo diseguale Cambiamenti della

Pettenella, Davide


Prenatal Care in the Paso del Norte Border Region  

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OBJECTIVES: The impact of a Medicaid-managed care system on access to prenatal care was investigated.STUDY DESIGN: Postpartum interviews and medical chart abstractions were conducted among 493 Hispanic women who reside on the El Paso Texas\\/Juarez Mexico border (the Paso del Norte region). Descriptive analysis identified barriers and facilitators to prenatal care. Logistic regression identified the impact of social and demographic

Judith T Fullerton; Carlene Nelson; Rachel Shannon; Julia Bader




Library of Congress Historic Buildings Survey, Historic Engineering Record, Historic Landscapes Survey

2. COURSE OF THE LATERAL THROUGH DEL NORTHWEST MAR PARK. - Highline Canal, Sand Creek Lateral, Beginning at intersection of Peoria Street & Highline Canal in Arapahoe County (City of Aurora), Sand Creek lateral Extends 15 miles Northerly through Araphoe County, City & County of Denver, & Adams County to its end point, approximately 1/4 mile Southest of intersectioin of D Street & Ninth Avenue in Adams County (Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Commerce City Vicinity), Commerce City, Adams County, CO


La generación de 1924: El dilema del realismo  

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posible en el medioambiente—un teatro hecho dentro de los contornos del realismo burgués contra el cual habían peleado tan duramente, y al parecer, tan sin éxito. Pero sólo al parecer. Para comprender el alcance de Ulises, solamente hay que comparar... tono serio gidiano a pesar de su aplastante ironía. Curiosamente, es de construcción realista, aunque una muy problemática representación habría tenido que recurrir a una estilización poco realista. Como los Autos de Villaurrutia, relaciona una...

Dauster, Frank



Récord de longevidad del Correlimos Zarapitín (Calidris ferruginea)  

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En aquesta nota es descriu el control d'un territ bec-llarg disset anys després del seu anellament. L'ocell es va marcar com a jove el 5 de setembre de 1975 a Friesland (Holanda) i es va recapturar el 3 d'agost de 1992 al delta de l'Ebre, 6173 dies després de l'anellament. Fins ara la màxima longevitat demostrada per a aquesta espècie

Jordi Figuerola



La computacin y sus versiones : El Debate del Software  

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La computación y sus versiones : El Debate del Software Software Libre vs. Software Privativo Pablo controladas por el código (el software). Pero ... ¿Quién controla el código? ¿De quién recibe órdenes tu computadora? ¿Tenemos derecho a saber exactamente qué hace nuestra computadora? #12;¿Qué es el Software Libre

De Nápoli, Pablo Luis


El presidente Obama anuncia nombramiento del doctor Harold Varmus

En un correo electrónico enviado al personal del NCI, el doctor Francis Collins, director de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud, dijo que Varmus “trae consigo un experiencia sin igual a todo nivel, no solo en la investigación científica más avanzada, sino también como líder en la creación de estrategias para mejorar el cuidado de los pacientes, la educación científica, la capacitación y el diseño de novedosas alianzas entre el sector público y el privado”.


Wetlands of the Magellanic Steppe (Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina)  

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Our main objective was to classify vegetation and soils of wetlands in northern Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) along a latitudinal\\u000a precipitation gradient within the Magellanic Steppe Zone. We presented the first detailed ecological characterization of these\\u000a wetlands by relating floristic composition to local site conditions, bedrock and climate. The survey consisted of 125 phytosociological\\u000a censuses and 52 soil profile descriptions.

Marta B. Collantes; Juan A. Anchorena; Susana Stoffella; Celina Escartín; Ruth Rauber



Le Thorium Molten Salt Reactor : Au del du MSBR  

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Le Thorium Molten Salt Reactor : Au delà du MSBR L. Mathieu, D. Heuer, A. Billebaud, R. Brissot, C Général De Gaulle, 92140 Clamart, France Résumé La ré-évaluation du concept de Molten Salt Breeder Reactor réflexion est menée afin de trou- ver des solutions et ainsi d'aboutir au concept du Thorium Mol- ten Salt

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Del carnaval como 'metáfora' al teatro de carnaval  

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ocasiones "sus piruetas van llenando la noche de fantasía, todo es color y alegría." Pese a sus "gracias" y burlas es un dios sorprendentemente obediente y burocrático, que se detiene ante los límites y tabúes trazados por la cultura hegemónica ("debe..." (que separa al escenario de la platea y al murguista del público), lo mismo mantiene "la quinta pared" que separa el tablado de la calle. Estas representaciones también se caracterizan por la búsqueda de conformar a las autoridades, por estar...

Remedi, Gustavo



Polymorphisms of ? - defensin genes in Valle del Belice dairy sheep  

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The aim of this work was to study ?-defensin 1 (SBD1) and ?-defensin 2 (SBD2) genes in Valle del Belice dairy sheep in order to identify polymorphisms that can be utilized as markers of the analyzed\\u000a genes, and search for the functional effects and roles of the identified polymorphisms (variation of the amino acid sequence\\u000a of the protein and stability

Giuseppina Monteleone; Davide Calascibetta; Mariangela Scaturro; Paola Galluzzo; Marisa Palmeri; Valentina Riggio; Baldassare Portolano


Un gobierno alternativo en una región olvidada de Colombia: entrevista al taita Floro Alberto Tunubalái Paja, gobernador del departamento del Cauca  

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El Departamento del Cauca está situado al Sur de Colombia. En los últimos años ha ocupado el penúltimo lugar en su aporte económico al país. Lós índices de pobreza son grandes, la oferta de trabajo es baja y la desatención y disminución del Estado se acentúa, haciendo cada vez más dificil la solución de las desigualdades sociales que vive la

Diego Jaramillo Salgado




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153 LA INDUSTRIALIZACI�N DE PUEBLA Y EL CONTROL DEL AGUA A MEDIADOS DEL SIGLO XIX. CONFLICTOS Y REDES DE LOS NUEVOS EMPRESARIOS. Evelyne Sanchez FRAMESPA-CNRS La competencia por el agua en México: un agua como una riqueza que mereciera su atención. Hasta el más observador de ellos, Alejandro de

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


YouTube i la destrucci del temps 1. El 22 de novembre del passat 2008, es va emetre (i s'emet) mundialment en directe  

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'acurada realització com el muntatge escènic no tenen res a envejar a les grans superproduccions musicals dels grans voluptuosa figura vehicular de la cantant pop Katy Perry, acompanyada d'algunes icones emblemàtiques del Tub cultural Paul Virilio exposa al seu assaig breu The perspective of Real Time (1997) tot un entramat de

Geffner, Hector



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La presente investigación tiene como objetivo estimar la importancia del costo del transporte en la demanda de turismo receptivo de largo plazo en Uruguay para los turistas argentinos. Para ello el estudio considera información trimestral para el período 1998.I-2010.III y se aplica a los efectos de la estimación, técnicas de cointegración y vectores autorregresivos con mecanismos de corrección de error

Juan Gabriel Brida; Pablo Daniel Monterubbianesi; Mauricio Serviansky



Nuevo sitio web en español del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, (NCI, por sus siglas en inglés) en español - Silvia Inéz Salazar - transcript

Transmisiones de radio para promover en espa%XF1ol | Nuevo sitio web en espa%XF1ol del Instituto Nacional del C%XE1ncer, (NCI, por sus siglas en ingl%XE9s) en espa%XF1ol | Transcripci%XF3n Transmisiones de radio para promover


Estudios de la Zona No Saturada del Suelo Vol. VI. J.lvarez-Bened y P. Marinero, 2003 MODELIZACIN Y SIMULACIN NUMRICA DEL TRANSPORTE DE SOLUTOS VOLTILES NO  

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Estudios de la Zona No Saturada del Suelo Vol. VI. J.Álvarez-Benedí y P. Marinero, 2003 245 acciones de restauración de suelos contaminados. Algunos compuestos químicos son solubles en agua y las propiedades hidráulicas del suelo en la zona no saturada (Karagunduz et al. 2001; Feng et al

Politècnica de Catalunya, Universitat


Factores determinantes del tamaño del Sector no Lucrativo en las Comunidades Autónomas españolas\\/Determinant factors for the Size of the Nonprofit Sector in the Spanish regions  

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En este trabajo se analizan los factores determinantes del tamaño del Sector No Lucrativo en las Comunidades Autónomas españolas, a partir de las hipótesis que se derivan de las aportaciones teóricas más relevantes de la literatura económica en este ámbito. Para ello se realiza un análisis econométrico multivariante que somete a contraste las hipótesis propuestas por la teoría económica para




Nova Del 2013 (V339 Del) is now a bright super-soft X-ray source  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Regular Swift XRT monitoring of nova Del 2013 since our report in ATEL #5470 has revealed a decrease in the high absorbing column affecting the optically thin harder X-ray emission above 1 keV; spectral fits suggest N_H ~ 5x10^22 cm^-2 around day 45 and N_H ~ 1.8x10^22 around day 65 after discovery on Aug 14, 2013.

Osborne, Julian P.; Page, Kim; Beardmore, Andrew; Woodward, Chick; Schwarz, Greg; Bode, Mike; Ness, Jan-Uwe; Shore, Steve; Starrfield, Sumner; Wagner, Mark; Walter, Fred



Contourlet Textual Features: Improving the Diagnosis of Solitary Pulmonary Nodules in Two Dimensional CT Images  

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Objective To determine the value of contourlet textural features obtained from solitary pulmonary nodules in two dimensional CT images used in diagnoses of lung cancer. Materials and Methods A total of 6,299 CT images were acquired from 336 patients, with 1,454 benign pulmonary nodule images from 84 patients (50 male, 34 female) and 4,845 malignant from 252 patients (150 male, 102 female). Further to this, nineteen patient information categories, which included seven demographic parameters and twelve morphological features, were also collected. A contourlet was used to extract fourteen types of textural features. These were then used to establish three support vector machine models. One comprised a database constructed of nineteen collected patient information categories, another included contourlet textural features and the third one contained both sets of information. Ten-fold cross-validation was used to evaluate the diagnosis results for the three databases, with sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, the area under the curve (AUC), precision, Youden index, and F-measure were used as the assessment criteria. In addition, the synthetic minority over-sampling technique (SMOTE) was used to preprocess the unbalanced data. Results Using a database containing textural features and patient information, sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, AUC, precision, Youden index, and F-measure were: 0.95, 0.71, 0.89, 0.89, 0.92, 0.66, and 0.93 respectively. These results were higher than results derived using the database without textural features (0.82, 0.47, 0.74, 0.67, 0.84, 0.29, and 0.83 respectively) as well as the database comprising only textural features (0.81, 0.64, 0.67, 0.72, 0.88, 0.44, and 0.85 respectively). Using the SMOTE as a pre-processing procedure, new balanced database generated, including observations of 5,816 benign ROIs and 5,815 malignant ROIs, and accuracy was 0.93. Conclusion Our results indicate that the combined contourlet textural features of solitary pulmonary nodules in CT images with patient profile information could potentially improve the diagnosis of lung cancer. PMID:25250576

Wang, Jingjing; Sun, Tao; Gao, Ni; Menon, Desmond Dev; Luo, Yanxia; Gao, Qi; Li, Xia; Wang, Wei; Zhu, Huiping; Lv, Pingxin; Liang, Zhigang; Tao, Lixin; Liu, Xiangtong; Guo, Xiuhua



Measuring Distraction and Awareness Caused by Graphical and Textual Displays in the Periphery  

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. There are several forms of peripheral displays, some of the most widely recognized being stock tickers, email alert displays include stock tickers, road signs, billboards, clocks, and windows. More recently, new techniques given time. People use systems clocks, load monitors, e-mail monitors, stock tickers, and a variety

McCrickard, Scott


Measuring Distraction and Awareness Caused by Graphical and Textual Displays in the Periphery  

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Peripheral displays provide a means to present information to users in the periphery of the computer desktop. There are several forms of peripheral displays, some of the most widely recognized being stock tickers, email alert tools, and percent-done indicators. The use of such displays inevitably leads to the questions of how successful they are at communicating information to the user

Jacob Somervell; Ragavan Srinivasan; Kim Woods; Omar Vasnaik


Feminist critique and the Pueblos as textual : an architectural translation of Monique Wittig  

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This thesis poses the question of a feminist architecture that is not based on 'women' per say - their involvement as architects, their difference, or as users - but on the possibilities 1), of the world as perceived, ...

Lew, Margaret Elizabeth



The General Agreement on Trade in Services: A Review of its Textual Clarity and Consistency  

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Julian Arkell has selected extracts relating to a few key Articles of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) from his review of the issues which appeared in the Geneva Association “Etudes et Dossiers” No. 247, November 2001. His aim was to provoke an assessment by private sector advocacy groups of the commercial priorities for improving the framework language

Julian Arkell



The Second PASCAL Recognising Textual Entailment Challenge Roy Bar-Haim  

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answer. Given the question "Who is John Lennon's widow?", the text "Yoko Ono unveiled a bronze statue of her late husband, John Lennon, to com- plete the official renaming of England's Liverpool 1 Airport as Liverpool John Lennon Airport." entails the expected answer "Yoko Ono is John Lennon

Ido, Dagan


TALE AS OLD AS TIME: A Textual Analysis of Race and Gender in Disney Princess Films  

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The Walt Disney Company has undergone increasing scrutiny for some of the themes found within their films; however no study has been done to specifically address the Disney Princess franchise. Therefore I focus my paper on the incredibly popular Disney Princess franchise, and the representations of race and gender within its films. In order to thoroughly examine the race and

Vanessa Matyas



Understanding Illustrations of Physical Laws by Integrating Differ ences in Visual and Textual Representations  

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An important problem in the integration of vision and language is comprehending explanatory diagrams, such as those found in science and engineering textbooks. One class of diagrams, which we call juxtaposition diagrams, illustrate a physical principle by comparing two similar situations that vary in a carefully chosen way. This paper describes research in progress on a computational model, JUXTA, which

Ronald W. Ferguson; Kenneth D. Forbus



JADT 2010 : 10th International Conference on Statistical Analysis of Textual Data  

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(Quantitative Kidney DataBase) est une base de données relationnelle créée pour centraliser les résultats d proposition de celles-ci pour validation ou modification via une interface. Abstract The Quantitative Kidney DataBase (QKDB) is a relational database that was created in order to centralize kidney- related

Ligozat, Anne-Laure


WebGuard: A Web Filtering Engine Combining Textual, Structural, and  

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on the Internet such as pornography, violence, racism, etc., effective Web site classification and filtering multimedia content on the Web, pornography is also considered as one of the most harmful, especially, a company which examines operations on the Internet, online sales related to pornography add up to 10

Chahir, Youssef


Critical Health Literacy: Shifting Textual-Social Practices in the Health Classroom  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper will consider ways in which students are constructed as aliens in health classrooms. Creating the classroom as a setting for health promotion requires closer attention to those who make use of such space. If classrooms are places where diversity exists and is recognised, then health educators are challenged to consider how students are…

Renwick, Kerry



A computer program for creating keyword indexes to textual data files  

USGS Publications Warehouse

A keyword-in-context (KWIC) or out-of-context (KWOC) index is a convenient means of organizing information. This keyword index program can be used to create either KWIC or KWOC indexes of bibliographic references or other types of information punched on. cards, typed on optical scanner sheets, or retrieved from various Department of Interior data bases using the Generalized Information Processing System (GIPSY). The index consists of a 'bibliographic' section and a keyword-section based on the permutation of. document titles, project titles, environmental impact statement titles, maps, etc. or lists of descriptors. The program can also create a back-of-the-book index to documents from a list of descriptors. By providing the user with a wide range of input and output options, the program provides the researcher, manager, or librarian with a means of-maintaining a list and index to documents in. a small library, reprint collection, or office file.

Moody, David W.



A surfacebased approach to identifying discourse markers and elementary textual units  

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­based algorithm that em­ ploys knowledge of cue phrase usages in order to determine automatically clause rhetor­ ically to the understanding of those texts; usu­ ally, these units are clause­like units. Also other fea­ tures, the following: 1. The orthographic en­ vironment that characterized the usage

Marcu, Daniel


Combining spatial, textual and temporal analysis for the construction and incremental formalization of knowledge  

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With the advent of the World Wide Web, availability of data is no longer an issue. However organizing and analyzing information is becoming an increasingly complicated task. Formal representation and structuring of knowledge is necessary...

Maloor, Preetam



"And They Got Married by the Church ...": "Crazy Stories" and the Possibilities of Collaborative Textual Transformations  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article is informed by multiliteracies pedagogy which recognizes the dynamic nature of reading and writing, particularly in relation to the multiple languages, literacy practices, texts, modalities, and interactions that are part of our world. This framework offers educators a greater appreciation of students' collaborations and text…

Simon, Lisa



Writing Material in Chemical Physics Research: The Laboratory Notebook as Locus of Technical and Textual Integration  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article, drawing on ethnographic study in a chemical physics research facility, explores how notebooks are used and produced in the conduct of laboratory science. Data include written field notes of laboratory activity; visual documentation of "in situ" writing processes; analysis of inscriptions, texts, and material artifacts produced in the…

Wickman, Chad



Reading and Seeing Themselves: Boys of Color and Textual (Non-)Connection  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The discourse on multicultural literature has focused on providing children of color opportunities to "see themselves" in the texts they read. Since the 1920s, advocates like W.E.B. DuBois have stressed that "visibility" in literature fosters positive psychological development among underrepresented groups of children, in addition to promoting…

Sciurba, Katie



The power of words: Enhancing music mood estimation with textual input of lyrics  

Microsoft Academic Search

Music mood estimation (MME) is a key technology in mood-based music recommendation. While mainstream MME research nowadays relies on audio music analysis, exploring the significance of lyrics text in predicting song emotion is gaining attention in recent years. One major impediment to MME research is the lack of a clearly labeled and publicly available dataset annotating the emotion ratings of

Chung-Yi Chi; Ying-Shian Wu; Wei-rong Chu; D. C. Wu; J. Y.-j. Hsu; R. T.-H. Tsai



‘Mister D.J., Cheer Me Up!’: Musical and Textual Features for Automatic Mood Classification  

Microsoft Academic Search

Mass consumption of large collections of digital music asks for efficient and intuitive ways of organization. In this article, a system is presented which recognizes the evoked music mood on the basis of a wide variety of features, closely sticking to real world conditions. A two-dimensional mood model is discussed in which moods resemble binary values for arousal and valence

Björn Schuller; Clemens Hage; Dagmar Schuller; Gerhard Rigoll



SEAL: Spatio-Textual Similarity Search Ju Fan Guoliang Li Lizhu Zhou Shanshan Chen Jun Hu  

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Places, mobile users have profiles consisting of active regions and interest tags. In wildlife monitoring Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua National Laboratory for Information Science and Technology (TNList), Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China., liguoliang

Li, Guoliang


The Angle of Articulation in Textual Movement. Cognitive Science Research No. 60.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Natural systems are self-organizing and stratify according to the angular articulation of their movements. In particular, movement is relative to the levels that define its behavior space. As natural phenomenon, text production is self-referential, In generating information, the intention of the producer of a text becomes specified. Specifying of…

Bierschenk, Bernhard


Machine Learning Based Classification of Textual Stimuli to Promote Ideation in Bioinspired Design  

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sentences from a biology corpus and indicate whether each sentence prompts an idea for solving a specific design problem. The surveys are used to develop and evaluate text classification tools. Two idea generation studies are performed in which participants...

Glier, Michael W



Problemes de L'Analyse Textuelle/Problems of Textual Analysis.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This text compiles papers treating problems in literary analysis which were read at a conference at the University of Toronto, Canada. Papers include: (1) "Elements Phonostylistiques du Texte Litteraire," (2) Some uses of the Grammar in Poetic Analysis, (3) "Morphosyntaxe et Stylistique," (4) "Le Lexique dans l'Oeuvre Litteraire," (5) "Analyse…

Leon, Pierre R., Ed.; And Others


The Efficacy of Corrective Feedback and Textual Enhancement in Promoting the Acquisition of Grammatical Redundancies  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Many second language acquisition researchers (e.g., Doughty & Williams, 1998; R. Ellis, 2007; Long, 1996, 2007; Lyster, Lightbown, & Spada, 1999; Russell & Spada, 2006) have advocated the use of negative feedback to promote learner noticing of errors and the internalization of correct forms. At the same time, the true efficacy of this practice is…

Lyddon, Paul A.



Weaving the word: The metaphorics of weaving and female textual production  

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A culture records the symbols of its own heritage on the body of a textile, much like a text encodes a page. Drawing on anthropology, language theory, and analysis of Greek myths, as well as some late-eighteenth and early-nineteenth century texts, this dissertation examines scenes of weaving wherein women transform a domestic craft into a tool for signification. In each

Kathryn Sullivan Kruger



A Model of Textual Affect Sensing using Real-World Knowledge  

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. Such a system that analyzes affective qualities sentence by sen- tence is of practical value when people want-human and human-computer interactions suggest, people most naturally interact with their computers in a social and affec- tively meaningful way, just like with other people. [11] Success- ful social interaction means

Lieberman, Henry


Classification of images on the Internet by visual and textual information  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this paper, we study computational models and techniques to combine textural and image features for classification of images on Internet. A framework is given to index images on the basis of textural, pictorial and composite information. The scheme makes use of weighted document terms and color invariant image features to obtain a high-dimensional similarity descriptor to be used as an index. Based on supervised learning, the k-nearest neighbor classifier is used to organize images into semantically meaningful groups of Internet images. Internet images are first classified into photographical and synthetical images. After classifying images into photographical and synthetical images, we further classify photographical images into portraits and non-portraits. Further, synthetical images are classified into button and non-button images.

Gevers, Theo; Aldershoff, Raango; Smeulders, Arnold W. M.



Revisiting violent videogames research: Game Studies perspectives on aggression, violence, immersion, interaction, and textual analysis  

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Thus far, the bulk of effects research on violent video games demonstrates troubling cor- relations between playing violent video games and increases in (or primers for) aggres- sive behavior, which suggests that overall, violent video games may be detrimental to so- ciety. However, there may be significant weaknesses in this body of research, concerning not only methodological issues such as

Kyle Kontour


Analysis of Textual Variation by Latent Tree Structures Teemu Roos and Yuan Zou  

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at 2We do not intend to play down the importance of such tools but to emphasize that their role overviews, see e.g. [3], [8], [20]. The methods can be roughly categorized as distance-matrix based methods nodes have degree three (one parent, two children). Neither assumption is valid in stemmatology: i

Roos, Teemu


Extra-textual talk in shared book reading: a focus on questioning  

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In this study we investigated the frequency and types of questions asked when parents read with their four-year-old children, the relationship between the frequency and types of questions parents and children asked, and the relationship between these and the children's early literacy knowledge. Forty dyads shared two narrative texts and two non-narrative texts. Overall, there were relatively few questions asked during

Ann Anderson; Jim Anderson; Jacqueline Lynch; Jon Shapiro; Ji Eun Kim



Extra-textual talk in shared book reading: a focus on questioning  

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In this study we investigated the frequency and types of questions asked when parents read with their four-year-old children, the relationship between the frequency and types of questions parents and children asked, and the relationship between these and the children's early literacy knowledge. Forty dyads shared two narrative texts and two non-narrative texts. Overall, there were relatively few questions asked during

Ann Anderson; Jim Anderson; Jacqueline Lynch; Jon Shapiro; Ji Eun Kim



Extra-Textual Talk in Shared Book Reading: A Focus on Questioning  

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In this study we investigated the frequency and types of questions asked when parents read with their four-year-old children, the relationship between the frequency and types of questions parents and children asked, and the relationship between these and the children's early literacy knowledge. Forty dyads shared two narrative texts and two…

Anderson, Ann; Anderson, Jim; Lynch, Jacqueline; Shapiro, Jon; Kim, Ji Eun



Exploring Formative Feedback on Textual Assignments with the Help of Automatically Created Visual Representations  

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Learners, particularly lifelong learners, often find it difficult to determine the scope of their expertise. Formative feedback could help them do so. To use this feedback productively, it is essential to then suggest to them the remedial actions they need to overcome the gaps in their knowledge. This paper presents the design considerations of a…

Berlanga, A. J.; van Rosmalen, P.; Boshuizen, H. P. A.; Sloep, P. B.



Integrating Query of Relational and Textual Data in Clinical Databases: A Case Study  

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Objectives: The authors designed and implemented a clinical data mart composed of an integrated information retrieval (IR) and relational database management system (RDBMS). Design: Using commodity software, which supports interactive, attribute-centric text and relational searches, the mart houses 2.8 million documents that span a five-year period and supports basic IR features such as Boolean searches, stemming, and proximity and fuzzy searching. Measurements: Results are relevance-ranked using either “total documents per patient” or “report type weighting.” Results: Non-curated medical text has a significant degree of malformation with respect to spelling and punctuation, which creates difficulties for text indexing and searching. Presently, the IR facilities of RDBMS packages lack the features necessary to handle such malformed text adequately. Conclusion: A robust IR+RDBMS system can be developed, but it requires integrating RDBMSs with third-party IR software. RDBMS vendors need to make their IR offerings more accessible to non-programmers. PMID:12509355

Fisk, John M.; Mutalik, Pradeep; Levin, Forrest W.; Erdos, Joseph; Taylor, Caroline; Nadkarni, Prakash



Textual Authority in Bram Stoker's Dracula; or, What's Really at Stake in Action Research?  

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In a previous issue of Educational Action Research, Jean?Claude Couture revisited his involvement in a university action research project with particular reference to his complicity in – and, eventually, resistance to – working for the interests of the university. In his essay, entitled ‘Dracula as action researcher’. Couture uses the 1992 movie, Bram Stoker's Dracula, as a source of metaphors

Noel Gough




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Resumo: Considerando o atual quadro de reorientação oficial do ensino de língua materna, este trabalho tem por objetivos: a) verificar em que medida o ENEM, enquanto instrumento de avaliação do ensino médio, está contemplando as contribuições teórico- metodológicas mais recentes sobre ensino de produção de texto; b) discutir as implicações do modelo de avaliação esboçado no instrumento para o ensino



[Textual research on the author of Dasheng bian (Compiled Texts on Successful Birth)].  


Dasheng bian (Compiled Texts on Successful Birth), a famous book of TCM obstetrics compiled by JI Zhai-a lay Buddhist in the Qing dynasty, had a great influence on posterity. However, the name and the life of JI Zhai, is seldom known by the people. According to the record in the Biography of Physicians of Past Generations in China, JI Zhai took his mother's surname. According to the County Annals of Huoshan cited by Research on Chinese Medical Books of Xin'an of WANG Le-tao, the name of JI Zhai is Ye Feng, another name is Weifeng, the alias is JI Zhai. Ji Zhai made a sign of "ZHANG Ji-zhai's recording" in the marginal notes of Jizhai jiying qifang Jijiumen (emergency section of urgent and rare prescriptions of Ji Zhai), which told us that Ji Zhai took his mother's surname of Zhang: his father's surname was Ye. According to the Recording of Gaily-painted Pleasure Boat in Yangzhou of LI dou, Dasheng bian was finished after JI Zhai collected the experiences of Wang midwife in Yangzhou. PMID:19930960

Meng, Qing-yun



Patterns of Enquiry: Textual Analysis of a Classroom Discussion Unit on Bee Feeding Behaviour.  

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This paper constitutes an analysis of "Honey Bee Communication: An Enquiry into Two Concepts of Animal Behavior," a unit of classroom discussion modules developed by the Patterns of Enquiry Project at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. The conceptual framework of the analysis consists of four major items: (1) descriptive…

Binns, Richard W.


Spatio-Textual Similarity Joins Panagiotis Bouros, Shen Ge, and Nikos Mamoulis  

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and they may also be associated to lo- cations; photographs in photo-sharing services, such as Flickr an API, via which users can search for photos by specifying keywords and a spatial search range. Recently,bars} {gardening,shop} {music,shop} {music,theater} {theater,sports} {music} {sports

Mamoulis, Nikos


Undocumented in a Documentary Society: Textual Borders and Transnational Religious Literacies  

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While transnationalism has emerged as a growing area of interest in Writing Studies, the field has not fully examined how migrants' movement across national borders shapes their literacy practices. This article offers one answer to this question by reporting on an ethnographic study of the transnational religious literacies of a community of…

Vieira, Kate



"Reading Between the Brides": Lucrezia Vizzana's Componimenti musicali in Textual and Musical Context  

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at the Monestery of San Petronio and the unauthorized maestro di musica at Santa Cristina. After the death of Archbishop Alfonso Paleotti (1531-1610) in 1610, the 2 watchfulness of the Episcopal eye became seemingly more lax and from around 1615, Vernizzi... musicali marked the peak of artistic, musical, and devotional activities at Santa Cristina della Fondazza, and is Vizzana’s only known published collection. The convent necrology reveals Vizzana’s early retirement from music because of increasingly...

Mitchell, Katrina



Employing Textual and Facial Emotion Recognition to Design an Affective Tutoring System  

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Emotional expression in Artificial Intelligence has gained lots of attention in recent years, people applied its affective computing not only in enhancing and realizing the interaction between computers and human, it also makes computer more humane. In this study, emotional expressions were applied into intelligent tutoring system, where learners'…

Lin, Hao-Chiang Koong; Wang, Cheng-Hung; Chao, Ching-Ju; Chien, Ming-Kuan



Integrating Textual Thinking into the Introductory College-Level Foreign Language Classroom  

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One of the characteristics of the well-documented bifurcation in collegiate foreign language (FL) instruction is the difficult transition from lower- to upper-level instruction. Particularly pronounced are the expectations placed on readers at the upper level. No longer engaged in surface readings and sentence-level exercises that stay focused on everyday situations with clear intent and unambiguous meaning, learners at the upper




Textual Objects: Accounting for the Role of Texts in the Everyday Life of Complex Organizations  

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Texts function as both means and motive for human activity in the same way that other technological objects function: They move from private mediational means to public motive as part of the shifting consciousness that sustains the everyday life of complex organizations. In complex organizations, the status of \\

Cheryl Geisler




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Written sources of information are gen- erally the best way to store data or other kind of human created materials and creations, like songs, music etc. From very beginnings of human civili- zation, people realized that valuable and impor- tant \\

Grcevski Nikola; Mihajlov Dragan; Gorgevic Dejan


Truly Toffee and Raisin Hell: A Textual Analysis of Lipstick Names  

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The appeal of lipsticks named Triple Chocolate Parfait or Hot Mama and what they communicate to women and, by extension, others are the subjects of this article. Based on Goffman’s concept\\u000a of presentation of self and impression management as theory and Barthes’ semiotic model as method, I studied the names of\\u000a 1,722 lipsticks of 52 national brands. The findings show,

Debra Merskin



Testing Visual Information Retrieval Methodologies Case Study: Comparative Analysis of Textual, Icon, Graphical, and "Spring" Displays.  

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Discussion of visual information retrieval systems focuses on an approach for testing novel interfaces that uses bottom-up, stepwise testing to allow evaluation of a visualization itself, rather than restricting evaluation to the system instantiating it. Presents a case study of undergraduates that compares a new visualization technique to more…

Morse, Emile; Lewis, Michael; Olsen, Kai A.



Tilting at windmills: the worldly conditions of authorship and textual criticism  

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]. They are succeeding because it has become de rigueur to be self-conscious about our critical theories" (71). Although the equation of Marxist thinking with social-text thinking might be an unfortunate lapse, the bulk of Shillingsburg's article is enlightening...]. They are succeeding because it has become de rigueur to be self-conscious about our critical theories" (71). Although the equation of Marxist thinking with social-text thinking might be an unfortunate lapse, the bulk of Shillingsburg's article is enlightening...

Creamer, Maureen Louise



Reading Repression: Textualizing the Linguistic Marginalization of Nonnative English-Speaking Teachers in Arizona  

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This discussion draws attention to the discriminatory efforts of policymakers in Arizona to professionally marginalize public school teachers deemed to have an accent. In addition to debunking the linguistic and pedagogic validity of this policy, we emphasize the role of the media in the (re)construction and justification of language ideologies…

Blum, Avram; Johnson, Eric J.



Curating inscription: the legacy of textual exhibitions of tattooing in colonial literature  

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This thesis argues that the colonial context of the tattoo‘s reintroduction to the west, and the exhibitionary nature of its cultural presence in the Euro-American public‘s consciousness, has been mediated and to a degree determined by cultural understandings of processes of exhibition and display. The tattoo‘s role in performances of Otherness has allowed it to be manipulated and utilized by

Anne Elizabeth Werner



Vivir para contarlo: la cada del ngel en la comedia de santos1 Luis Gonzlez Fernndez  

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antagonista, Lucifer, Satán, Belcebú o por llamarlo por su nombre más llano, el Demonio o Diablo. El papel --o dramaturgos reflejan la batalla que opuso Lucifer a Dios y la posterior caída del ángel rebelde al infierno serpiente edénica, el Satán del libro de Job, el Lucifer del libr

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


El Course Experience Questionnaire (CEQ). Aproximación a un indicador de calidad del sistema universitario australiano  

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El Course Experience Questionnaire és un dels instruments dissenyats per a valorar la qualitat de l’ensenyament universitari, que s’aplica de manera global a les universitats australianes, tant públiques com privades. És un indi-cador dels cursos que s’imparteixen a la universitat des del punt de vista de l’estudiant. El present article estudia l’evolució històrica, l’estructura i el funcionament d’aquest qüestionari amb

Jordi Armengol Roura



Nota informativa Reuni de personal docent i investigador del dia 18 de mar de 2010  

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no pressupostari de l'IVA del programa de R+D, que és una de les novetats d'aquest exercici pressupostari 2010; el no pressupostari de l'IVA del programa de R+D (541A) El pressupost 2010 ha ampliat el tractament no pressupostari de l'IVA suportat a la totalitat del programa 541A. El tractament no pressupostari de l'IVA

Oro, Daniel


MONITOR DE PILATES B1. Bases biomdicas del Pilates (15 HORAS).  

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1/2 MONITOR DE PILATES B1. Bases biomédicas del Pilates (15 HORAS). 1.1. Fundamentos de Anatomía Pilates como actividad física saludable. Indicaciones y mejora de patologías mediante la práctica del Pilates B2. Bases teórico-prácticas del Método Pilates en los programas de Acondicionamiento Físico

Escolano, Francisco


RESERVA DE PLAZA Y MATRCULA Ttulo: Curso Superior Universitario en Adaptacin del  

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RESERVA DE PLAZA Y MATRÍCULA Título: Curso Superior Universitario en Adaptación del Método Pilates profesional. · Hoja de inscripción cumplimentada Curso Superior Universitario en Adaptación del Método Pilates Método Pilates ha demostrado su eficacia en el acondicionamiento físico del ser humano y en el abordaje

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad