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La globalización y el desarrollo local son términos utilizados en diversos foros internacionales de la vida económica, política y social. Para los países que hoy forman parte del consenso de Washington, es un tema de primer orden. Así, la globalización permea las políticas, sociales, económicas y financieras para los países emergentes, las cuales representan para algunos países beneficios y para

Lorenzo Salgado García



Tratamiento del embarazo intersticial con metotrexato local y sistémico  

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To evaluate methotrexate treatment in an interstitial pregnancy.We report the case of a 28-year-old woman with a 9-week history of amenorrhea and a pregnancy implanted in the right uterine cornu. The ?-human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) level was 45.617 mU\\/ml and the size of the gestational sac was 31 × 30 mm. After local methotrexate injection by laparoscopy and three systemic

Gemma Tamarit; Antonio Bolós; Antonio Pellicer




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It presents the project of creation of a Virtual Group formed by high -qualified technology specialists in different local and foreign universities, which will be in charge of preparing the way for the execution of the new role the universities will have in the Knowledge Society. The Integrated Plan puts together the execution of projects in order to get urban\\/rural



Arroyo del Vizcaíno, Uruguay: a fossil-rich 30-ka-old megafaunal locality with cut-marked bones.  


Human-megafauna interaction in the Americas has great scientific and ethical interest because of its implications on Pleistocene extinction. The Arroyo del Vizcaíno site near Sauce, Uruguay has already yielded over 1000 bones belonging to at least 27 individuals, mostly of the giant sloth Lestodon. The assemblage shows some taphonomic features suggestive of human presence, such as a mortality profile dominated by prime adults and little evidence of major fluvial transport. In addition, several bones present deep, asymmetrical, microstriated, sharp and shouldered marks similar to those produced by human stone tools. A few possible lithic elements have also been collected, one of which has the shape of a scraper and micropolish consistent with usage on dry hide. However, the radiocarbon age of the site is unexpectedly old (between 27 and 30 thousand years ago), and thus may be important for understanding the timing of the peopling of America. PMID:24258717

Fariña, Richard A; Tambusso, P Sebastián; Varela, Luciano; Czerwonogora, Ada; Di Giacomo, Mariana; Musso, Marcos; Bracco, Roberto; Gascue, Andrés



Red inalmbrica de la Universidad de Alicante La Red Inalmbrica de la UA (eduroam) es una extensin de la red local, disponible en el 99% del Campus de San  

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Red inalámbrica de la Universidad de Alicante La Red Inalámbrica de la UA (eduroam) es una extensión de la red local, disponible en el 99% del Campus de San Vicente. eduroam (Educational Roaming) es no puedan utilizarse en la red wireless de la UA o sufran problemas de navegación o conexión. No se ofrecerá

Escolano, Francisco


-DERECHO PBLICO DEL ESTADO AUTONMICO La implantacin del Mster universitario en Derecho Pblico del Estado Autonmico  

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- DERECHO P�BLICO DEL ESTADO AUTON�MICO La implantación del Máster universitario en Derecho Público del Estado Autonómico extinguirá el Máster Oficial en Derecho Autonómico y Local. Por esta razón se materias del Máster Oficial en Derecho Autonómico y Local. Los estudiantes que comenzaron el Máster Oficial

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad



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Históricamente los desarrollos turísticos han generado impactos ambientales y socioculturales negativos en áreas de alta riqueza paisajística en donde, convivían minorías étnicas de manera equilibrada con su entorno. Lo anterior, se atribuye principalmente a que, la capacidad de carga de gran número de destinos turísticos ha sido rebasada, derivada del exceso de visitantes que desean disfrutar el paisaje. Asimismo, el

Reyna María Ibáñez Pérez




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El objetivo de este trabajo es analizar las relaciones de cooperación y conflicto entre una compañia minera y las comunidades, los Nuevos Movimientos Sociales y los tres niveles de gobierno involucrados. La compañia Minera inició operaciones para una mina a cielo abierto de oro y plata con el apoyo de oficiales de los gobiernos locales, estatales y federal. Los habitantes

José G. Vargas-Hernández



Making COD statistics useful for public health at local level in the city of Cape Town: utilidad para la salud p?blica a nivel local en Ciudad del Cabo.  

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OBJECTIVE: To review the quality of the coding of the cause of death (COD) statistics and assess the mortality information needs of the City of Cape Town. METHODS: Using an action research approach, a study was set up to investigate the quality of COD information, the accuracy of COD coding and consistency of coding practices in the larger health subdistricts. Mortality information needs and the best way of presenting the statistics to assist health managers were explored. FINDINGS: Useful information was contained in 75% of death certificates, but nearly 60% had only a single cause certified; 55% of forms were coded accurately. Disagreement was mainly because routine coders coded the immediate instead of the underlying COD. An abridged classification of COD, based on causes of public health importance, prevalent causes and selected combinations of diseases was implemented with training on underlying cause. Analysis of the 2001 data identified the leading causes of death and premature mortality and illustrated striking differences in the disease burden and profile between health subdistricts. CONCLUSION: Action research is particularly useful for improving information systems and revealed the need to standardize the coding practice to identify underlying cause. The specificity of the full ICD classification is beyond the level of detail on the death certificates currently available. An abridged classification for coding provides a practical tool appropriate for local level public health surveillance. Attention to the presentation of COD statistics is important to enable the data to inform decision-makers. PMID:16583080

Bradshaw, Debbie; Groenewald, Pamela; Bourne, David E.; Mahomed, Hassan; Nojilana, Beatrice; Daniels, Johan; Nixon, Jo



Evaluación de la toxicidad del extracto metanólico de hojas de Passiflora edulis Sims (maracuyá), en ratas Passiflora edulis Sims (passion fruit) leaves methanol extract toxicity in rats  

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Objective: To determine oral toxicity of Passiflora edulis leaves methanol extract repeated doses in rats. Design: Experimental study. Setting: Institute of Clinical Research and Institute of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru. Biological material: Adult female and male albino rats, and Passiflora edulis leaves. Methods: Passiflora edulis leaves harvested in Trujillo were dried at

Juan Rojas; David Díaz



Local Anesthetics  

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Local anesthetics are used broadly to prevent or reverse acute pain and treat symptoms of chronic pain. This chapter, on the\\u000a analgesic aspects of local anesthetics, reviews their broad actions that affect many different molecular targets and disrupt\\u000a their functions in pain processing. Application of local anesthetics to peripheral nerve primarily results in the blockade\\u000a of propagating action potentials, through

F. Yanagidate; G. R. Strichartz


Quantum Locality?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Robert Griffiths has recently addressed, within the framework of a `consistent quantum theory' that he has developed, the issue of whether, as is often claimed, quantum mechanics entails a need for faster-than-light transfers of information over long distances. He argues that the putative proofs of this property that involve hidden variables include in their premises some essentially classical-physics-type assumptions that are not entailed by the precepts of quantum mechanics. Thus whatever is proved is not a feature of quantum mechanics, but is a property of a theory that tries to combine quantum theory with quasi-classical features that go beyond what is entailed by quantum theory itself. One cannot logically prove properties of a system by establishing, instead, properties of a system modified by adding properties alien to the original system. Hence Griffiths' rejection of hidden-variable-based proofs is logically warranted. Griffiths mentions the existence of a certain alternative proof that does not involve hidden variables, and that uses only macroscopically described observable properties. He notes that he had examined in his book proofs of this general kind, and concluded that they provide no evidence for nonlocal influences. But he did not examine the particular proof that he cites. An examination of that particular proof by the method specified by his `consistent quantum theory' shows that the cited proof is valid within that restrictive version of quantum theory. An added section responds to Griffiths' reply, which cites general possibilities of ambiguities that might make what is to be proved ill-defined, and hence render the pertinent `consistent framework' ill defined. But the vagaries that he cites do not upset the proof in question, which, both by its physical formulation and by explicit identification, specify the framework to be used. Griffiths confirms the validity of the proof insofar as that pertinent framework is used. The section also shows, in response to Griffiths' challenge, why a putative proof of locality that he has described is flawed.

Stapp, Henry P.



Intoxicación por administración parenteral de insecticidas organoclorados e hidrocarburos aromáticos  

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Resumen: La intoxicación por vía parenteral debida a insectici- das organoclorados e hidrocarburos aromáticos, es muy poco frecuente. La toxicidad comporta efectos locales y sistémicos que pueden llegar a comprometer la vida del paciente. Se pre- senta el caso clínico de un varón que desarrolló una importante reacción local necrótico-inflamatoria, con leve afectación sisté- mica hepática y renal, tras administrarse

Martínez-Pérez J; Muñoz E; Santiago Nogué


Atlas del Genoma del Cáncer

Es posible que haya más de 200 tipos diferentes de cáncer y muchos subtipos más, cada uno de estos causado por errores en el ADN que desencadenan el crecimiento descontrolado de las células. La identificación de los cambios en el conjunto completo de ADN de cada tipo de cáncer, su genoma, y el entendimiento de cómo interactúan dichos cambios para impulsar el proceso de la enfermedad sentarán las bases de una era individualizada de tratamiento del cáncer.


Orígenes y desarrollo del teatro guatemalteco.  

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teatral bifurcado en dos corrientes muy definidas—la de nuestro mundo indígena y la de nuestro mundo mestizo. La primera se desborda por los pueblos del interior del país, a la sombra de las iglesias, en los patios de las alcaldías municipales o en las... sutil, más amable por menos sangriento, pero muy eficaz para lograr la total cristianización de aquellos pueblos, apareció el teatro inmediatamente después de la conquista. Se adaptaron las danzas locales, 42 LATIN AMERICAN THEATRE REVIEW...

Carrillo, Hugo




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LOCALIZATIONS W. G. DWYER 1. Introduction The aim of this paper is to describe the concept of localization, as it usually to Bousfield. 1.1. Localization. We start with the following very simple situation: o C is a category


Local-scale dynamics and local drivers of bushmeat trade.  


Bushmeat management policies are often developed outside the communities in which they are to be implemented. These policies are also routinely designed to be applied uniformly across communities with little regard for variation in social or ecological conditions. We used fuzzy-logic cognitive mapping, a form of participatory modeling, to compare the assumptions driving externally generated bushmeat management policies with perceptions of bushmeat trade dynamics collected from local community members who admitted to being recently engaged in bushmeat trading (e.g., hunters, sellers, consumers). Data were collected during 9 workshops in 4 Tanzanian villages bordering Serengeti National Park. Specifically, we evaluated 9 community-generated models for the presence of the central factors that comprise and drive the bushmeat trade and whether or not models included the same core concepts, relationships, and logical chains of reasoning on which bushmeat conservation policies are commonly based. Across local communities, there was agreement about the most central factors important to understanding the bushmeat trade (e.g., animal recruitment, low income, and scarcity of food crops). These matched policy assumptions. However, the factors perceived to drive social-ecological bushmeat trade dynamics were more diverse and varied considerably across communities (e.g., presence or absence of collaborative law enforcement, increasing human population, market demand, cultural preference). Sensitive conservation issues, such as the bushmeat trade, that require cooperation between communities and outside conservation organizations can benefit from participatory modeling approaches that make local-scale dynamics and conservation policy assumptions explicit. Further, communities' and conservation organizations' perceptions need to be aligned. This can improve success by allowing context appropriate policies to be developed, monitored, and appropriately adapted as new evidence is generated. Dinámicas a Escala Local y Conductores Locales del Mercado de Carne de Caza. PMID:24975683

Nyaki, Angela; Gray, Steven A; Lepczyk, Christopher A; Skibins, Jeffrey C; Rentsch, Dennis



Local Labor Markets  

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I examine the causes and the consequences of differences in labor market outcomes across local labor markets within a country. The focus is on a long-run general equilibrium setting, where workers and firms are free to move across localities and local prices adjust to maintain the spatial equilibrium. In particular, I develop a tractable general equilibrium framework of local labor

Enrico Moretti



Local Labor Markets  

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I examine the causes and the consequences of differences in labor market outcomes across local labor markets within a country. The focus is on a long-run general equilibrium setting, where workers and firms are free to move across localities and local prices adjust to maintain the spatial equilibrium. In particular, I develop a tractable general equilibrium framework of local labor

Enrico Moretti


Aging in Sweden: local variation, local control.  


Aging in Sweden has been uniquely shaped by its history-most notably the long tradition of locally controlled services for older adults. We considered how local variations and local control shape the experience of aging in Sweden and organized the paper into 3 sections. First, we examine aging in Sweden along demography, economy, and housing. Next, we trace the origins and development of the Swedish welfare state to consider formal supports (service provision) and informal supports (caregiving and receipt of care). Finally, we direct researchers to additional data resources for understanding aging in Sweden in greater depth. Sweden was one of the first countries to experience rapid population aging. Quality of life for a majority of older Swedes is high. Local control permits a flexible and adaptive set of services and programs, where emphasis is placed on improving the quality and targeting of services that have already reached a plateau as a function of population and expenditures. PMID:24127459

Davey, Adam; Malmberg, Bo; Sundström, Gerdt



Localized and locally advanced bladder cancer  

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Opinion statement  Localized and locally advanced bladder cancer represents a heterogeneous spectrum of diseases with different biologic and\\u000a clinical behavior. It varies with respect to invasive potential, propensity for metastases, and sensitivity to chemotherapy.\\u000a Although several significant surgical advances have been made over the past 20 years in the treatment of muscle-invasive bladder\\u000a cancer, resulting in decreases in perioperative morbidity and

Fabio Calabrò; Cora N. Sternberg



Localized Prostate Cancer  


... a decision aid for men with clinically localized prostate cancer (available at ... A Decision Aid for Men With Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer Page 1 of 24 Introduction Men with clinically ...


Time to Go Local!  


... Bar Home Current Issue Past Issues Time to Go Local! Past Issues / Winter 2007 Table of Contents ... health topic pages, you will find "Go Local" links that take you to information about ...


Localization and lattice fermions  

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I review how the phenomenology of localization applies to fermions in lattice gauge theory, present measurements of the localization length and other quantities, and discuss the consequences for things like the overlap kernel.

Benjamin Svetitsky



Localization in light nuclei  

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We investigate the presence of spatial localization in nuclei using a method that maps the nucleon same-spin pair probability and is based on the density-matrix. The method is used to study spatial localization of light nuclei within the Hartree-Fock approximation. We show that the method provides an alternative tool for studying spatial localization in comparison to the localization observed from maxima in the nuclear mass density.

P. -G. Reinhard; J. A. Maruhn; A. S. Umar; V. E. Oberacker



Iterated Local Search  

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Iterated Local Search has many of the desirable features of a metaheuristic: it is simple, easy to implement, robust, and highly effective. The essential idea of Iterated Local Search lies in focusing the search not on the full space of solutions but on a smaller subspace defined by the solutions that are locally optimal for a given optimization engine. The

Helena R. Lourenço; Olivier C. Martin; Thomas Stützle



Think globally, act locally?  

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While climate change is obviously a global environmental problem, there is nevertheless potential for policy initiatives at the local level. Although the competences of local authorities vary between countries, they all have some responsibilities in the crucial areas of energy and transport policy. This paper examines local competences in Sweden and the UK and looks at the responses to the

Ute Collier; Ragnar E Löfstedt



Local Food Markets Sustainability  

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Local Food Markets Organics Sustainability Cooperatives CSA Florida Agricultural Commodity and Policy Outlook Conference Jennifer L. Clark November 15, 2012 #12;What is "local" food? Source: Per USDA, there is no consensus

Hill, Jeffrey E.


Preserving digital local news  

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Much local news -- important documentation of local history -- is being lost. The fact that a lot of news media is now available digitally, presents new opportunities but also new challenges for such preservation. We explore issues and approaches for collection and management of born digital local news. Purpose Design\\/methodology\\/approach\\/findings We examine several specific bottlenecks for implementing this project.

Robert B. Allen; Kirsten A. Johnson




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LOCALIZATIONS W. G. DWYER 1. Introduction The aim of this paper is to describe the concept of localization, as it usually comes up in topology, and give some examples of it. Many of the results we will describe are due to Bousfield. 1.1. Localization. We start with the following very simple situation: · C


On Local Dilatation Invariance  

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The relationship between local Weyl scaling invariant models and local dilatation invariant actions is critically scrutinized. While actions invariant under local Weyl scalings can be constructed in a straightforward manner, actions invariant under local dilatation transformations can only be achieved in a very restrictive case. The invariant couplings of matter fields to an Abelian vector field carrying a non-trivial scaling weight can be easily built, but an invariant Abelian vector kinetic term can only be realized when the local scale symmetry is spontaneously broken.

T. E. Clark; S. T. Love



The Local Velocity Anomaly  

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There is a velocity discontinuity at about 7 Mpc between the galaxies of the Local Sheet that are moving together with low internal velocity dispersion and the adjacent structures. The Local Sheet bounds the Local Void. The Local Sheet is determined to have a peculiar velocity of 260 km/s away from the center of the void. In order for this large velocity to be generated by an absence of gravity, the Local Void must be at least 45 Mpc in diameter and be very empty.

R. Brent Tully



The regular-locally-compact coreflection of a stably locally compact locale  

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The regular-locally-compact coreflection of a stably locally compact locale locally compact locales and perfect maps as a coref* *lective subcategory of the category of stably locally compact locales and perfect maps, (ii) the category of compact regular locales and continuous maps

Escardó, Martín


Instantánea del cáncer colorrectal

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer colorrectal; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.



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Choice among local, non-local, and cultivar seeds for restoring native ecosystems is not purely an academic question—it also has practical consequences. In this article we summarize a series of genetic and competition studies of big bluestem (Andropogon gerardii Vitman. [Poaceae]), Indian grass (Sorghastrum nutans (L.) Nash. [Poaceae]), and purple prairie clover (Dalea purpurea Vent.[Fabaceae]) from remnant and restored Illinois (local)

Danny J Gustafson; David J Gibson; Daniel L Nickrent



Local anaesthetics: 10 essentials.  


This review seeks to address 10 essential questions regarding the clinical use of local anaesthetics. Each local anaesthetic has distinctive physicochemical properties but with the same mode of action; they block voltage-gated sodium channels in the axon. Sodium channel block is brought about by a conformational change and the creation of a positive charge in the channel pore. Different local anaesthetics can reach the local anaesthetic binding site in the axon from the cytoplasmic compartment (classic hydrophilic pathway), or directly via its lipid membrane (hydrophobic pathway), or can enter via large-pore channels (alternative hydrophilic pathway). Beyond the nervous system, local anaesthetics exert beneficial effects on pain and can affect the inflammatory response and the haemostatic system. There are problems with the efficacy of local anaesthetics in the presence of local inflammation, and with significant intravascular toxicity, which can be fatal. But when preventive measures are taken, the incidence of cardiac arrest is low. Intralipid has been proposed to treat systemic local anaesthetic overdose and has been enthusiastically adopted worldwide, even though the mechanism of action is incompletely understood. Intralipid is an aid to the management of local anaesthetic toxicity rather than an antidote and meticulous conduct of regional anaesthesia remains paramount. All local anaesthetics are toxic, in a dose- and time-dependent manner, on virtually all tissues, including nerves and muscles. The question of whether local anaesthetics protect against perioperative tumour progression cannot be answered at this moment, and results from clinical (retrospective) studies are equivocal. Future areas of interest will be the design of new subtype-specific sodium channel blockers, but as we look forward, older local anaesthetics such as 2-chloroprocaine are being reintroduced into the clinical setting. Multimodal perineural analgesia and liposomal bupivacaine may replace catheter techniques for some indications. PMID:25192265

Lirk, Philipp; Picardi, Susanne; Hollmann, Markus W



The regular-locally-compact coreflection of a stably locally compact locale  

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The regular-locally-compact coreflection of a stably locally compact locale Mart�in H�otzel Escard as the patch frame. We show that the patch construction exhibits (i) the category of regular locally compact locales and perfect maps as a coreflective subcategory of the category of stably locally compact locales

Escardó, Martín


Calidad de Imagen del Telescopio UNAM212  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El telescopio UNAM2l2, del Observatorio Astronómico Nacional, situado en la Sierra de San Pedro Mártir (Baja California, México), cumplira en un futuro muy cercano siete años de uso para fines de investigación astronómica. Aunque en este tiempo no se ha efectuado un estudio sistemático acerca de su comportamiento óptico y de los factores que influyen en la calidad de las imágenes, se han realizado pruebas diversas, estudios parciales y reuniones especificas, cuyos resultados no siempre se han difundido ampliamente y generalmente no se han presentado por escrito. Es por ello que hemos creido necesario intentar una recopilación de la información existente para poder con ella establecer un diagnóstjco que, aunque no sea definitivo, sirva de base para futuros trabajos tendientes a optimizar el comportamiento óptico del telescopio. Es evidente que un buen número de las conclusiones que se presentan son resultado del trabajo de muchas personas ó de esfuerzos colectivos. Asimismo, hemos tratado de localizar información bibliográfica que pueda ser de utilidad. Nuestro objetivo primordial ha consistido en centrarnos en la óptica del telescopio y su calidad, pero también se han considerado otros aspectos que puedan afectar las imágenes obtenidas tales como: celda del primario, `seeing' local y externo, flexiones posibles en la estructura mecánica del telescopio, etc.

Cobos, F. J.; Teiada de Vargas, C.



Local Toxicity from Local Anesthetic Polymeric Microparticles  

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Background Local tissue injury from sustained release formulations for local anesthetics can be severe. There is considerable variability in reporting of that injury. We investigated the influence of the intrinsic myotoxicity of the encapsulated local anesthetic (lidocaine, low; bupivacaine, high) on tissue reaction in rats. Methods Cytotoxicity from a range of lidocaine and bupivacaine concentrations was measured in C2C12 myotubes over 6 days. Rats were given sciatic nerve blocks with 4 microparticulate formulations of lidocaine and bupivacaine: 10% (w/w) lidocaine poly-lactic-co-glycolic acid (PLGA), 10% (w/w) bupivacaine PLGA, 50% (w/w) lidocaine PLGA, and 50% (w/w) bupivacaine PLGA. Effectiveness of nerve blockade was assessed by a modified hotplate test and weight-bearing measurements. Myotoxicity was scored in histologic sections of injection sites. Bupivacaine and lidocaine release kinetics from the particles were measured. Results Median sensory blockade duration for 50% (w/w) lidocaine was 255 (90–540) min versus 840 (277–1215) min for 50% (w/w) bupivacaine (P=0.056). All microparticulate formulations resulted in myotoxicity. The choice of local anesthetic did not influence the severity of myotoxicity. Median myotoxicity scores for 50% (w/w) lidocaine compared to 50% (w/w) bupivacaine at 4 days was 3.4 (2.1–4.2) vs. 3.3 (2.9–3.5)(P=0.44) and at 14 days 1.9 (1.8–2.4) versus 1.7 (1.3–1.9)(P=0.23) respictively. Conclusions Lidocaine and bupivacaine PLGA microspheres resulted in similar degrees of myotoxicity, irrespective of drug loading. Intrinsic myotoxicity did not predict tissue injury from sustained release of these anesthetics. Caution is warranted in the use of such devices near muscle and nerve. PMID:23460564

McAlvin, J. Brian; Reznor, Gally; Shankarappa, Sahadev A.; Stefanescu, Cristina F.; Kohane, Daniel S.



Local Power: Tribe & Township.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines the service infrastructure of a rural township in South Africa and the struggle to acquire services like water and electricity. Discusses the interaction of a system of transitional local councils and tribal authorities in the face of local government elections. (LZ)

Matlala, Padi; Moloi, Dudley



Standards and Local Control.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Results of a Council for Basic Education poll of 1,000 voters argue for redefining local control of public education and for raising standards in every part of the country. School boards can ensure easy public access to national standards, demand that local standards be written in plain English, and lobby state officials to clarify statewide…

Cross, Christopher T.



Localization of Interference Fringes.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses a proof for determining the localized fringes position arrived at when one considers the interference of two extended sources when one is able to observe fringes only at certain points in space. Shows how the localized fringes may be found in a device used to observe Newton's rings. (Author/CS)

Simon, J. M.; Comastri, Silvia A.



Localization of magnetic pills  

PubMed Central

Numerous therapeutics demonstrate optimal absorption or activity at specific sites in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Yet, safe, effective pill retention within a desired region of the GI remains an elusive goal. We report a safe, effective method for localizing magnetic pills. To ensure safety and efficacy, we monitor and regulate attractive forces between a magnetic pill and an external magnet, while visualizing internal dose motion in real time using biplanar videofluoroscopy. Real-time monitoring yields direct visual confirmation of localization completely noninvasively, providing a platform for investigating the therapeutic benefits imparted by localized oral delivery of new and existing drugs. Additionally, we report the in vitro measurements and calculations that enabled prediction of successful magnetic localization in the rat small intestines for 12 h. The designed system for predicting and achieving successful magnetic localization can readily be applied to any area of the GI tract within any species, including humans. The described system represents a significant step forward in the ability to localize magnetic pills safely and effectively anywhere within the GI tract. What our magnetic pill localization strategy adds to the state of the art, if used as an oral drug delivery system, is the ability to monitor the force exerted by the pill on the tissue and to locate the magnetic pill within the test subject all in real time. This advance ensures both safety and efficacy of magnetic localization during the potential oral administration of any magnetic pill-based delivery system. PMID:21257903

Laulicht, Bryan; Gidmark, Nicholas J.; Tripathi, Anubhav; Mathiowitz, Edith



Marco polo localization  

Microsoft Academic Search

We introduce the Marco Polo Localization approach, where we apply sound as a tool for gathering range measurements between robots, and use those to solve a range-only Simulta- neous Localization and Mapping problem. Range is calculated by correlating two recordings of the same sound, recorded on a pair of robots, after which the resulting time delay estimate is converted to

Eric Beowulf Martinson; Frank Dellaert




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LOCALLY, LOCALLY THRESHOLD AND PIECEWISE TESTABLE LANGUAGES. SOME IMPLEMENTED or not a language give* *n by its minimal automaton or by its syntactic semigroup is locally testable, threshold locally * *testable, strictly locally testable, or piecewise testable. The level of local testability

Trakhtman, Avraham



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LOCALLY, LOCALLY THRESHOLD AND PIECEWISE TESTABLE LANGUAGES. SOME IMPLEMENTED ALGORITHMS D whether or not a language given by its minimal automaton or by its syntactic semigroup is locally testable, threshold locally testable, strictly locally testable, or piecewise testable. The level of local testability

Trakhtman, Avraham


Local likelihood estimation  

SciTech Connect

In this work, we extend the idea of local averaging to likelihood-based regression models. One application is in the class of generalized linear models (Nelder and Wedderburn (1972). We enlarge this class by replacing the covariate form chi..beta.. with an unspecified smooth function s(chi). This function is estimated from the data by a technique we call Local Likelihood Estimation - a type of local averaging. Multiple covariates are incorporated through a forward stepwise algorithm. In a number of real data examples, the local likelihood technique proves to be effective in uncovering non-linear dependencies. Finally, we give some asymptotic results for local likelihood estimates and provide some methods for inference.

Tibshirani, R.J.



Title of Document | 1 LOCAL UNION CONTACT LIST  

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Title of Document | 1 LOCAL UNION CONTACT LIST Collective Bargaining Agreements are located Bargaining unit Union CX Clerical and Allied Services Coalition of University Employees (CUE) 814 Morena NX Registered Nurses California Nurses Association (CNA) 3160 Camino del Rio South San Diego

Gleeson, Joseph G.


Refining Protein Subcellular Localization  

PubMed Central

The study of protein subcellular localization is important to elucidate protein function. Even in well-studied organisms such as yeast, experimental methods have not been able to provide a full coverage of localization. The development of bioinformatic predictors of localization can bridge this gap. We have created a Bayesian network predictor called PSLT2 that considers diverse protein characteristics, including the combinatorial presence of InterPro motifs and protein interaction data. We compared the localization predictions of PSLT2 to high-throughput experimental localization datasets. Disagreements between these methods generally involve proteins that transit through or reside in the secretory pathway. We used our multi-compartmental predictions to refine the localization annotations of yeast proteins primarily by distinguishing between soluble lumenal proteins and soluble proteins peripherally associated with organelles. To our knowledge, this is the first tool to provide this functionality. We used these sub-compartmental predictions to characterize cellular processes on an organellar scale. The integration of diverse protein characteristics and protein interaction data in an appropriate setting can lead to high-quality detailed localization annotations for whole proteomes. This type of resource is instrumental in developing models of whole organelles that provide insight into the extent of interaction and communication between organelles and help define organellar functionality. PMID:16322766

Scott, Michelle S; Calafell, Sara J; Thomas, David Y; Hallett, Michael T



Geography of local configurations  

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A $d$-dimensional binary Markov random field on a lattice torus is considered. As the size $n$ of the lattice tends to infinity, potentials $a=a(n)$ and $b=b(n)$ depend on $n$. Precise bounds for the probability for local configurations to occur in a large ball are given. Under some conditions bearing on $a(n)$ and $b(n)$, the distance between copies of different local configurations is estimated according to their weights. Finally, a sufficient condition ensuring that a given local configuration occurs everywhere in the lattice is suggested.

David Coupier



Local copying and local discrimination as a study for non-locality of a set  

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We focus on the non-locality concerning local copying and local discrimination, especially for a set of orthogonal maximally entangled states in prime dimensional systems, as a study of non-locality of a set of states. As a result, for such a set, we completely characterize deterministic local copiability and show that local copying is more difficult than local discrimination. From these result, we can conclude that lack algebraic symmetry causes extra non-locality of a set.

Masaki Owari; Masahito Hayashi



Nilpotent -local finite groups  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We provide characterizations of -nilpotency for fusion systems and -local finite groups that are inspired by known result for finite groups. In particular, we generalize criteria by Atiyah, Brunetti, Frobenius, Quillen, Stammbach and Tate.

Cantarero, José; Scherer, Jérôme; Viruel, Antonio



Focus on Local Reaction.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses how the student newspaper "The Lance" (at Westside High School in Omaha, Nebraska) covered the shootings at Columbine High School. Notes that the staff localized the event and brought the student body into the story. (RS)

Howe, Rod



Stereotype locally convex spaces  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We give complete proofs of some previously announced results in the theory of stereotype (that is, reflexive in the sense of Pontryagin duality) locally convex spaces. These spaces have important applications in topological algebra and functional analysis.

Akbarov, S. S.



Local entropy generation analysis  

SciTech Connect

Second law analysis techniques have been widely used to evaluate the sources of irreversibility in components and systems of components but the evaluation of local sources of irreversibility in thermal processes has received little attention. While analytical procedures for evaluating local entropy generation have been developed, applications have been limited to fluid flows with analytical solutions for the velocity and temperature fields. The analysis of local entropy generation can be used to evaluate more complicated flows by including entropy generation calculations in a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) code. The research documented in this report consists of incorporating local entropy generation calculations in an existing CFD code and then using the code to evaluate the distribution of thermodynamic losses in two applications: an impinging jet and a magnetic heat pump. 22 refs., 13 figs., 9 tabs.

Drost, M.K.; White, M.D.



Local Public Finance  

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In this essay, we survey the literature on local public finance. The first part deals with the normative theory of local public\\u000a finance, starting from the question when it is beneficial to decentralize public services. We then analyze the functioning\\u000a of a system of competitive jurisdictions in the spirit of Tiebout. The final part of the essay deals with constitutional

Charles B. Blankart; Rainald Borck


Investigating Local Ecosystems  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The purpose of this Science NetLinks lesson is to guide students through investigations of the habitats of local plants and animals; to explore some of the ways animals depend on plants and each other. In order to learn about living environments, young children should begin with direct observation of their immediate surroundings, such as a backyard, schoolyard or local pond. As students observe their environment, they should have many opportunities to record and communicate their findings using words and pictures.

Science Netlinks;



Local Representations of Binding Local Representations of Binding  

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Local Representations of Binding Local Representations of Binding Randy Pollack LFCS, University, Stephanie Weirich Version of July 24, 2007 #12;Local Representations of Binding Local Representations Use syntactically distinct classes for (locally) bound variables vs (globally bound) "free" parameters. The idea

Pollack, Randy


Local relativistic exact decoupling.  


We present a systematic hierarchy of approximations for local exact decoupling of four-component quantum chemical Hamiltonians based on the Dirac equation. Our ansatz reaches beyond the trivial local approximation that is based on a unitary transformation of only the atomic block-diagonal part of the Hamiltonian. Systematically, off-diagonal Hamiltonian matrix blocks can be subjected to a unitary transformation to yield relativistically corrected matrix elements. The full hierarchy is investigated with respect to the accuracy reached for the electronic energy and for selected molecular properties on a balanced test molecule set that comprises molecules with heavy elements in different bonding situations. Our atomic (local) assembly of the unitary exact-decoupling transformation--called local approximation to the unitary decoupling transformation (DLU)--provides an excellent local approximation for any relativistic exact-decoupling approach. Its order-N(2) scaling can be further reduced to linear scaling by employing a neighboring-atomic-blocks approximation. Therefore, DLU is an efficient relativistic method well suited for relativistic calculations on large molecules. If a large molecule contains many light atoms (typically hydrogen atoms), the computational costs can be further reduced by employing a well-defined nonrelativistic approximation for these light atoms without significant loss of accuracy. We also demonstrate that the standard and straightforward transformation of only the atomic block-diagonal entries in the Hamiltonian--denoted diagonal local approximation to the Hamiltonian (DLH) in this paper--introduces an error that is on the order of the error of second-order Douglas-Kroll-Hess (i.e., DKH2) when compared with exact-decoupling results. Hence, the local DLH approximation would be pointless in an exact-decoupling framework, but can be efficiently employed in combination with the fast to evaluate DKH2 Hamiltonian in order to speed up calculations for which ultimate accuracy is not the major concern. PMID:22755566

Peng, Daoling; Reiher, Markus



Temas y rumbos del teatro rural hispanoamericano del siglo XX.  

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de peculiaridades fonéticas. Son pocos, en realidad, los autores de dramas campesinos que no se han servido del pintoresco lenguaje del campo.1 Algunos autores utilizan fábulas del acervo folklórico para montar piezas de teatro con el fin de...

Neglia, Erminio G.



Local E(11)  

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We give a method of deriving the field-strengths of all massless and massive maximal supergravity theories in any dimension starting from the Kac-Moody algebra $E_{11}$. Considering the subalgebra of $E_{11}$ that acts on the fields in the non-linear realisation as a global symmetry, we show how this is promoted to a gauge symmetry enlarging the algebra by the inclusion of additional generators. We show how this works in eleven dimensions, and we call the resulting enlarged algebra $E_{11}^{local}$. Torus reduction to $D$ dimensions corresponds to taking a subalgebra of $E_{11}^{local}$, called $E_{11,D}^{local}$, that encodes the full gauge algebra of the corresponding $D$-dimensional massless supergravity. We show that each massive maximal supergravity in $D$ dimensions is a non-linear realisation of an algebra $\\tilde{E}_{11,D}^{local}$. We show how this works in detail for the case of Scherk-Schwarz reduction of IIB to nine dimensions, and in particular we show how $\\tilde{E}_{11,9}^{local}$ arises as a s...

Riccioni, Fabio



Locality in Networks Jukka Suomela  

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Locality in Networks Jukka Suomela Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT Department;1. Locality and Local Algorithms ­ brief introduction #12;Locality in Networks · Basic setting: · nodes act based on local information only · behaviour of node v = function of information available in O(1)-radius

Suomela, Jukka


Gravitational Anderson localization.  


We present a higher dimensional model where gravity is bound to a brane due to Anderson localization. The extra dimensions are taken to be a disordered crystal of branes, with randomly distributed tensions of order the fundamental scale. Such geometries bind the graviton and thus allow for arbitrarily large extra dimensions even when the curvature is small. Thus this model is quite distinct from that of Randall and Sundrum where localization is a consequence of curvature effects in the bulk. The hierarchy problem can be solved by having the standard model brane live a distance away from the brane on which the graviton is localized. The statistical properties of the system are worked out and it is shown that the scenario leads to a continuum of four dimensional theories with differing strengths of gravitational interactions. We live on one particular brane whose gravitational constant is G(N). PMID:23383775

Rothstein, Ira Z



The Local Velocity Field  

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We only see a small fraction of the matter in the universe, but the rest gives itself away by the impact of its gravity. The distortions from pure Hubble flow (or peculiar velocities) that this matter creates have the potential to be a powerful cosmological tool, but are also a nuisance for extragalactic astronomers who wish to use redshifts to estimate distances to local galaxies. We provide a quick overview of work on the local peculiar velocity field, discussing both simple spherical infall models, non-parametric modeling using redshifts surveys, and full velocity and density field reconstruction from peculiar velocities. We discuss results from a multiattractor model fit to data from the SFI++ sample of peculiar velocities - the best peculiar velocity data currently available. We also talk about the future of samples for the study of the local velocity field, especially the 2MASS Tully-Fisher (2MTF) survey.

Karen L. Masters



Locally resonant sonic materials  


We have fabricated sonic crystals, based on the idea of localized resonant structures, that exhibit spectral gaps with a lattice constant two orders of magnitude smaller than the relevant wavelength. Disordered composites made from such localized resonant structures behave as a material with effective negative elastic constants and a total wave reflector within certain tunable sonic frequency ranges. A 2-centimeter slab of this composite material is shown to break the conventional mass-density law of sound transmission by one or more orders of magnitude at 400 hertz. PMID:10976063

Liu; Zhang; Mao; Zhu; Yang; Chan; Sheng



On Local -factors Dihua Jiang  

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On Local -factors Dihua Jiang School of Mathematics, University of Minnesota Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA February 27, 2006 Contents 1 Introduction 1 2 Basic Properties of Local -factors 5 2 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 2.3 Remarks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 3 Local Converse

Jiang, Dihua


Practical Local Magnitude Calculation for Local Networks  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this study, we developed a Matlab application (Ml_Calc) to calculate local magnitude (Ml) for small institudes which has just one or more seismic stations. Ml_Calc algorithm suitable for velocity or acceleration sensors' data obtained by Güralp Systems digitizers. The selected earthquake data can be transferred from SCREAM software to Ml_Calc online or offline. The Ml_Calc algorithm provides two types of solutions for distance, one of them is P-S time differences and the other one is epicentre of earthquake and station coordinates, if earthquake is known. During Ml calculation, instrument correction has been removed and converted to real displacement in milimeter. The obtained displacement data converted to Wood Anderson Seismometer output by using Z=[0;0]; P=[-6.28+4.71j; -6.28-4.71j]; A0=[2080]. Obtained maximum displacement amplitude (A) and distances (dist) used in formula (1) for distances less than 200km and formula (2) for more than 200km. Ml=log10(A)-(-1.118-0.0647*dist+0.00071*dist2-3.39E-6*dist3+5.71e-9*dist4) (1) Ml=log10(A)+(2.1173+0.0082*dist-0.0000059628*dist2) (2) Ml_Calc is a software that easy to implement, can be used for educational purpose and user friendly. Due to this characteristics, Ml_Calc software offered a practical solution to individual users to Ml calculation.

Tunc, B.; Tunc, S.; Caka, D.




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The present work discuss about the evaluation of the acute systemic toxicity post deletion of the LD50 test (median lethal dose). The three alternative animal tests now employed, the Fixed Dose Procedure, the Acute Toxic Class Method and the Up and Down Procedure, give rise to significant improvements in animal welfare. Although, the total replacement of animal tests it is

Marize C. Valadares


Acta Phytogeogr. Suec. 85 Succession and local species turnover on Mount St. Helens  

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51 Acta Phytogeogr. Suec. 85 Succession and local species turnover on Mount St. Helens Succession and local species turnover on Mount St. Helens, Washington Roger del Moral Department of Botany, University Phytogeogr. Suec. 85: 51-60. ISBN 91-7210-085-0. Abstract The 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens provided

del Moral, Roger


Local Sites of Globalisation  

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Taking into account that global economic and political processes are materialised and manifested on a local level, these processes provoke changes in the material culture of the city i.e. of environment, architecture, commodities etc. as well as in social interaction and cultural practice. These changes are not to be interpreted as homogenious adaptations abstract global effects, but they are translated

Kathrin Wildner; Sergio Tamayo



Principle of relative locality  

SciTech Connect

We propose a deepening of the relativity principle according to which the invariant arena for nonquantum physics is a phase space rather than spacetime. Descriptions of particles propagating and interacting in spacetimes are constructed by observers, but different observers, separated from each other by translations, construct different spacetime projections from the invariant phase space. Nonetheless, all observers agree that interactions are local in the spacetime coordinates constructed by observers local to them. This framework, in which absolute locality is replaced by relative locality, results from deforming energy-momentum space, just as the passage from absolute to relative simultaneity results from deforming the linear addition of velocities. Different aspects of energy-momentum space geometry, such as its curvature, torsion and nonmetricity, are reflected in different kinds of deformations of the energy-momentum conservation laws. These are in principle all measurable by appropriate experiments. We also discuss a natural set of physical hypotheses which singles out the cases of energy-momentum space with a metric compatible connection and constant curvature.

Amelino-Camelia, Giovanni [Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita 'La Sapienza', and Sez. Roma1 INFN, P. le A. Moro 2, 00185 Roma (Italy); Freidel, Laurent; Smolin, Lee [Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, 31 Caroline Street North, Waterloo, Ontario N2J 2Y5 (Canada); Kowalski-Glikman, Jerzy [Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Wroclaw, Pl. Maxa Borna 9, 50-204 Wroclaw (Poland)



Teaching Local History.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This Social Science Docket theme issue focuses on teaching local history and included theme and non-themed articles, lesson plans, learning activities, and book, movie, and museum reviews designed for K-12 social studies teachers. Articles and materials in this issue are: "Editing Is Not Censorship" (Alan Singer); "Teachers Respond to 'Editing Is…

Singer, Alan, Ed.



Lithium Local Pseudopotential Using  

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Lithium Local Pseudopotential Using DFT Sergio Orozco Student Advisor: Chen Huang Faculty Mentor Lithium LPS Test Lithium LPS #12;Density Functional Theory (DFT) Successful quantum mechanical approach (1979) #12;Building LPS for Lithium Create a LPS using NLPS density for Lithium Test LPS by comparing

Petta, Jason


Think globally: Act locally  

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Recent evidence derived from transgenic mouse models and findings in humans with mutations affecting thyroid hormone (TH) metabolism have convincingly supported a model of TH signalling in which regulated local adjustment of active TH concentrations is far more important than circulating plasma hormone levels. Although this theory was put forward several years ago and has been supported by significant, but

Ulrich Schweizer; Joachim M. Weitzel; Lutz Schomburg



Think globally, act locally  

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he title of this article is taken from the 1998 Worl d Development Repor tof the United Nations Develo p - ment Program, for, arguably, many local dental issue s today cannot be fully understood unless seen in the context o f the global economy . The current use of the term economic globalizatio nsimpl y indicates the extent to

Valerie Reinke



Think Globally, Act Locally  

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Despite numerous cooperative collection development endeavors, the building of library collections has remained a highly individual and local practice. The physicality of bound volumes has posed a distinct limitation on our ability to share collections, although libraries have made huge strides in recent years. Electronic resources and the ability to digitize our physical holdings offer the potential to redirect our

Sarah E. Thomas



Local community on trial  

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While plenty has been written about the reinvention of the social by the Third Way as a new governmentality of control, consensus, and social integration, less has been said about its subtle elision of social and the local, and the implications of this elision for urban and regional regeneration. This is the theme taken up by this paper, beginning with

Ash Amin



Local Likelihood Estimation  

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A scatterplot smoother is applied to data of the form {(x1, y1), (x2, y2, …, (xn, yn)} and uses local fitting to estimate the dependence of Y on X. A simple example is the running lines smoother, which fits a least squares line to the y values falling in a window around each x value. The value of the estimated

Robert Tibshirani; Trevor Hastie



Cerebral Localization in Antiquity  

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Fragments of neurology can be found in the oldest medical writings in antiquity. Recognizable cerebral localization is seen in Egyptian medical papyri. Most notably, the Edwin Smith papyrus describes hemiplegia after a head injury. Similar echoes can be seen in Homer, the Bible, and the pre-Hippocratic writer Alcmaeon of Croton. While Biblical writers thought that the heart was the seat

F. Clifford Rose



Developing Local Community Leaders.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The successful development of local leaders is the goal of leadership training and community development. Development involves defining and developing leadership. Although leader-centered leadership offers few chances of meeting the maintenance needs of the group as a whole, shared leadership allows the group to join in the decision-making…

Dyer, Delwyn A.; Williams, Oscar M.


Local Pharmacy Information  

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Local Pharmacy Information Below is a list of pharmacies within close proximity to the Florida with your insurance provider to identify the network pharmacies for your plan prior to having your prescription filled. CVS/Pharmacy 1. 1819 West Tennessee Street Tallahassee, FL 32304 (850) 576-0147 (Open 24

Weston, Ken


Local mucociliary defence mechanisms  

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The lung is continually at risk of exposure to noxious environmental agents and respiratory pathogens. An elaborate series of defence mechanisms have been developed to protect the airways from these insults. The lower respiratory tract is protected by local mucociliary mechanisms that involve the integration of the ciliated epithelium, periciliary fluid and mucus. Mucus acts as a physical and chemical

M. A. Chilvers; C. O’Callaghan



Local microwave background radiation  

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An inquiry on a possible local origin for the Microwave Background Radiation is made. Thermal MBR photons are contained in a system called {\\it magnetic bottle} which is due to Earth magnetic field and solar wind particles, mostly electrons. Observational tests are anticipated.

Domingos S. L. Soares



Local spin foams  

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The central object of this paper is a holonomy formulation for spin foams. Within this new represen- tation, we analyze three general requirements: locality, composition law, cylindrical consistency. In particular, cylindrical consistency is shown to fix the arbitrary normalization of the vertex amplitude in the case of Euclidean signature.

Elena Magliaro; Claudio Perini



Local Group(s)  

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The properties of the galaxies of the Local Group are reviewed, followed by a brief discussion of nearby groups. The galaxy groups in our vicinity - the M81 group, the Cen A group, and the IC 342/Maffei group - are in many respects Local Group analogs: Their luminosity functions, galaxy content, fractional galaxy type distribution, crossing times, masses, and zero-velocity surface radii are similar to those of the Local Group. Also, the nearby groups usually consist of two subgroups, some of which approach each other and may ultimately merge to form a fossil group. These poor groups contrast with the less evolved, loose and extended galaxy ``clouds'' such as the Scl group and the CVn I cloud. These are characterized by long crossing times, are dominated by gas-rich, late-type galaxies, and lack gas-deficient, low luminosity early-type dwarfs. These clouds may be groups still in formation. The local Hubble flow derived from the clouds and groups is very cold.

Eva K. Grebel



Local Gaseous Filaments  

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Cosmological simulations indicate there is a web of low density gas strung between galaxies and galaxy clusters. This material is responsible for the formation of galaxies and galaxy clusters at high redshift and remains as a reservoir of material for the continuing evolution of galaxies in the local universe. In addition, the processes of star formation and merging may enrich

M. E. Putman; J. L. Rosenberg; E. V. Ryan-Weber; J. T. Stocke



Local Climate Snapshots  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This interactive visualization provides a clear, well-documented snapshot of current and projected values of several climate variables for local areas in California. The climate variables include observed and projected temperatures, projected snowpack, areas vulnerable to flooding due to sea level rise, and projected increase in wildfires. The projected values come from expert sources and well-established climate models.

Commission, California E.


Locales and Locale Expressions in Isabelle\\/Isar  

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Locales provide a module system for the Isabelle proof as- sistant. Recently, locales have been ported to the new Isar format for structured proofs. At the same time, they have been extended by locale expressions, a language for composing locale specications, and by struc- tures, which provide syntax for algebraic structures. The present paper presents both and is suitable as

Clemens Ballarin



Screening of antibacterial activity of Amaicha del Valle (Tucumán, Argentina) propolis  

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Propolis is extensively used in Argentine folk medicine. Alcoholic extracts of propolis from four localities of Amaicha del Valle (El Paraiso, La Banda Este, La Banda Oeste and El Molino), Province of Tucumán and from Cerrillos, Province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina were prepared. All showed antibacterial activity against Gram positive bacteria, the propolis from La Banda Este being the

M. I. Nieva Moreno; M. I. Isla; N. G. Cudmani; M. A. Vattuone; A. R. Sampietro



Reinventando Kelowna: jubilaciones, tecnología, vino y turismo en una ciudad del hinterland de Canadá  

Microsoft Academic Search

En esta trabajo analizamos la transformación de Kelowna, una ciudad de 150 mil habitantes en el valle del Okanagan en el interior de la provincia de la Colombia Británica en Canadá, bajo el impacto del constante cambio que impone el neoliberalismo a ciudades y regiones. Estudiamos los esfuerzos históricos de los grupos dominantes locales en hacer la ciudad competitiva –

Patricia Tomic; Ricardo Trumper; Luis Aguiar



THz Local Oscillator Technology  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The last decade has seen a number of technological advancements that have now made it possible to implement fully solid state local oscillator chains up to 2 THz. These chains are composed of cascaded planar multiplier stages that are pumped with W-band high power sources. The high power W-band sources are achieved by power combining MMIC amplifiers and can provide in access of 150 mW with about 10% bandwidth. Planar diode technology has also enabled novel circuit topologies that can take advantage of the high input power and demonstrate significant efficiencies well into the THz range. Cascaded chains to 1.9 THz have now been demonstrated with enough output power to successfully pump hot-electron bolometer mixers in this frequency range. An overview of the current State-of-the-Art of the local oscillator technology will be presented along with highlighting future trends and challenges.

Mehdi, Imran



Stable local oscillator module.  

SciTech Connect

This report gives a description of the development of a Stable Local Oscillator (StaLO) multi-chip module (MCM). It is a follow-on report to SAND2006-6414, Stable Local Oscillator Microcircuit. The StaLO accepts a 100MHz input signal and produces output signals at 1.2, 3.3, and 3.6 GHz. The circuit is built as a multi-chip module (MCM), since it makes use of integrated circuit technologies in silicon and lithium niobate as well as discrete passive components. This report describes the development of an MCM-based version of the complete StaLO, fabricated on an alumina thick film hybrid substrate.

Brocato, Robert Wesley



Cerebral localization in antiquity.  


Fragments of neurology can be found in the oldest medical writings in antiquity. Recognizable cerebral localization is seen in Egyptian medical papyri. Most notably, the Edwin Smith papyrus describes hemiplegia after a head injury. Similar echoes can be seen in Homer, the Bible, and the pre-Hippocratic writer Alcmaeon of Croton. While Biblical writers thought that the heart was the seat of the soul, Hippocratic writers located it in the head. Alexandrian anatomists described the nerves, and Galen developed the ventricular theory of cognition whereby mental functions are classified and localized in one of the cerebral ventricles. Medieval scholars, including the early Church Fathers, modified Galenic ventricular theory so as to make it a dynamic model of cognition. Physicians in antiquity subdivided the brain into separate areas and attributed to them different functions, a phenomenon that connects them with modern neurologists. PMID:20183203

Rose, F Clifford



Local normal galaxies  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

In the near future, high energy (E greater than 20 MeV) gamma ray astronomy offers the promise of a new means of examining the closest galaxies. Two and possibly three local galaxies, the Small and Large Magellanic Clouds and M31, should be visible to the high energy gamma ray telescope on the Gamma Ray Observatory, and the first should be seen by GAMMA-1. With the assumptions of adequate cosmic ray production and reasonable magnetic field strengths, both of which should likely be satisfied, specific predictions of the gamma ray emission can be made separating the concepts of the galactic and universal nature of cosmic rays. A study of the synchrotron radiation from the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) suggests that the cosmic ray density is similar to that in the local region of our galaxy, but not uniform. It is hoped the measurements will be able to verify this independent of assumptions about the magnetic fields in the LMC.

Fichtel, Carl E.



Classical dynamical localization.  


We consider classical models of the kicked rotor type, with piecewise linear kicking potentials designed so that momentum changes only by multiples of a given constant. Their dynamics display quasilocalization of momentum, or quadratic growth of energy, depending on the arithmetic nature of the constant. Such purely classical features mimic paradigmatic features of the quantum kicked rotor, notably dynamical localization in momentum, or quantum resonances. We present a heuristic explanation, based on a classical phase space generalization of a well-known argument, that maps the quantum kicked rotor on a tight-binding model with disorder. Such results suggest reconsideration of generally accepted views that dynamical localization and quantum resonances are a pure result of quantum coherence. PMID:25379918

Guarneri, Italo; Casati, Giulio; Karle, Volker



Local River Life  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

In this lesson, students will identify rivers in their local area and compile information about aquatic life in or near these habitats. Through research in various books or other sources, the students will learn more about the various animal and plant species living in riparian areas. The compiled information can be assembled into a class book, combining both text and drawings related to aquatic life.



Local Interconnect Networking  

Microsoft Academic Search

\\u000a \\u000a Local interconnect network (LIN) is a communication protocol that has been established for automotive vehicles [Kopetz et al. 2003]. This protocol is based on the SCI (UART) data format with single master\\/multiple slave architecture. A consortium formed\\u000a in 1998, comprising AUDI, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Volvo, Volkswagen, VCT, and Motorola worked on establishing a specification\\u000a for this protocol. The development of LIN

B. T. Fijalkowski


Tropical Severe Local Storms  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The module provides a brief overview of severe local storms in the tropics. Basic ingredients for thunderstorms and assessment of thunderstorm potential from soundings are described. Then properties and hazards of ordinary thunderstorms, multicellular thunderstorms, supercells are reviewed. Conditions conducive to supercell formation in the tropics are examined along with methods of identifying them in radar and satellite images. Supercell and non-supercell tornado properties and formation are described. Finally, tornadoes, waterspouts, and dust devils properties are compared.




Localized malignant pleural mesothelioma.  


Localized malignant pleural mesothelioma (LMPM) is a rare tumor; previously only 52 cases have been reported in the English literature. This type of tumor should be distinguished from diffuse malignant pleural mesothelioma, because a good outcome may be obtained by surgical resection. We report a case of LMPM which grew rapidly within 1 year. Surgical resection was performed, and at present, 6 months since the operation, the patient remains free of the disease. PMID:22566254

Nakano, Takayuki; Hamanaka, Rurika; Oiwa, Kana; Nakazato, Kenei; Masuda, Ryota; Iwazaki, Masayuki



Locally Metric Spacetimes  

E-print Network

Spacetimes have conventionally been described by a global Lorentzian metric on a differentiable four-manifold. Herein we explore the possibility of spacetimes defined by a connection, which is locally but not globally Levi-Civita. The general method of obtaining such connections is presented for the non-degenerate case followed by an example that modifies the Robertson-Walker spacetimes for flat spacelike hypersurfaces.

Richard Atkins



Local chiral fermions  

E-print Network

Borici's construction of minimally doubled chiral fermions builds on a linear combination of two unitarily related naive fermion actions. Being strictly local, extremely efficient numerical implementation should be possible. The resulting system is symmetric under the subgroup of the hypercubic group that preserves a major hypercube diagonal. The symmetry includes both parity even and odd transformations, but allows for an anisotropy to appear at finite lattice spacing.

Michael Creutz



Fast local superfusion technique  

Microsoft Academic Search

A system for rapid, local superfusion of cultured neurones and their neurites with various different test drugs is elucidated.\\u000a An area of down to 30 ?m diameter was superfused with the aid of two micropipettes, one for delivering the test solution and\\u000a the other for its removal. Active removal of solution within the dead-space of the delivery pipette guarantees, on

N. S. Veselovsky; F. Engert; H. D. Lux



Localization of moving sound  

Microsoft Academic Search

The final position of a moving sound source usually appears to be displaced in the direction of motion. We tested the hypothesis\\u000a that this phenomenon, termed auditory representational momentum, is already emerging during, not merely after, the period\\u000a of motion. For this purpose, we investigated the localization of a moving sound at different points in time. In a dark anechoic

Stephan Getzmann; Jörg Lewald



A local fluctuation theorem  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The fluctuation theorem gives an analytic expression for the probability, in a nonequilibrium system of finite size observed for a finite time, that the dissipative flux will flow in the reverse direction to that required by the second law of thermodynamics. In the present paper a local version of the fluctuation theorem (LFT) is derived heuristically. We find that in the case of planar Poiseuille flow of a Newtonian fluid between thermostated walls, nonequilibrium molecular dynamics simulation results support our proposed LFT.

Ayton, Gary; Evans, Denis J.; Searles, Debra J.



Enhanced local tomography  


Local tomography is enhanced to determine the location and value of a discontinuity between a first internal density of an object and a second density of a region within the object. A beam of radiation is directed in a predetermined pattern through the region of the object containing the discontinuity. Relative attenuation data of the beam is determined within the predetermined pattern having a first data component that includes attenuation data through the region. In a first method for evaluating the value of the discontinuity, the relative attenuation data is inputted to a local tomography function .function..sub..LAMBDA. to define the location S of the density discontinuity. The asymptotic behavior of .function..sub..LAMBDA. is determined in a neighborhood of S, and the value for the discontinuity is estimated from the asymptotic behavior of .function..sub..LAMBDA.. In a second method for evaluating the value of the discontinuity, a gradient value for a mollified local tomography function .gradient..function..sub..LAMBDA..epsilon. (x.sub.ij) is determined along the discontinuity; and the value of the jump of the density across the discontinuity curve (or surface) S is estimated from the gradient values.

Katsevich, Alexander J. (Los Alamos, NM); Ramm, Alexander G. (Manhattan, KS)



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 07-20-2010

El doctor Harold Varmus, acompañado de su esposa Constance Casey (centro), presta juramento como director del NCI ante la Secretaria del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos, Kathleen Sebelius, el lunes 12 de julio. (Foto cortesía de Chris Smith) El 12 de julio, el doctor Harold Varmus prestó juramento ante la Secretaria del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos, Kathleen Sebelios, como el decimocuarto director del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer.


El pronóstico del cáncer

Hoja informativa sobre la predicción de resultados y recuperación de una enfermedad, y sobre cómo las estadísticas ayudan a los médicos a hacer una estimación del pronóstico de un paciente con cáncer.


Espectroscopia del Cometa Halley  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Se reportan observaciones espectroscópicas del cometa Halley. Los espectros fueron tomados usando el espectrógrafo del telescopio reflector de 1 metro del Observatorio Nacional de Venezuela. Se utilizó óptica azul, con una red de difracción de 600 lineas/min, obteniéndose una dispersión de 74.2 A/mm y una resolución de 2.5 A, en el rango espectral de 3500 a 6500 A. Seis placas fueron tomadas con emulsión IIa-O y dos con IIa-D. Los tiempos de exposición fueron entre 10 y 150 minutos. El cometa se encontraba entre 0.70 y 1.04 UA del Sol, y entre 1.28 y 0.73 UA de la Tierra. Las emisiones más prominentes en el espectro, son las del CN, C2, y C3. Otras emisiones detectadas corresponden a CH, NH2 y Na. Los espectros muestran un fuerte continuo, indicando un contenido significativo de polvo. Se detectó mayor intensidad del contínuo, en la dirección anti solar, lo cual es evidencia de la cola de polvo.

Naranjo, O.; Fuenmayor, F.; Ferrin, L.; Bulka, P.; Mendoza, C.



Metodología de la Encuesta Nacional de Evaluación del Desempeño  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objective. To describe the sampling design, operative strat- egy, and data management used in the Encuesta Nacional de Evaluación del Desempeño (Mexican National Performance Assessment Survey). Material and Methods. A probabil- istic, multistage, stratified sample was used to make infer- ences for each state of the country with representativeness of the urban and rural localities of Mexico. The survey was

Oswaldo Palma-Coca



Control del cáncer y salud mundial: noticia del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI)

En combinación con una reunión de alto nivel de las Naciones Unidas sobre enfermedades no transmisibles en países en vías de desarrollo, el doctor Harold Varmus, director del NCI, y el doctor Ted L. Trimble, del NCI, han publicado un comentario en Science Translational Medicine sobre “La integración del control del cáncer en la salud mundial" (Integrating Cancer Control into Global Health).


Local E11  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We give a method of deriving the field-strengths of all massless and massive maximal supergravity theories in any dimension starting from the Kac-Moody algebra E11. Considering the subalgebra of E11 that acts on the fields in the non-linear realisation as a global symmetry, we show how this is promoted to a gauge symmetry enlarging the algebra by the inclusion of additional generators. We show how this works in eleven dimensions, and we call the resulting enlarged algebra E11local. Torus reduction to D dimensions corresponds to taking a subalgebra of E11local, called E11,Dlocal, that encodes the full gauge algebra of the corresponding D-dimensional massless supergravity. We show that each massive maximal supergravity in D dimensions is a non-linear realisation of an algebra tilde E11,Dlocal. We show how this works in detail for the case of Scherk-Schwarz reduction of IIB to nine dimensions, and in particular we show how tilde E11,9local arises as a subalgebra of the algebra E11,10Blocal associated to the ten-dimensional IIB theory. This subalgebra corresponds to taking a combination of generators which is different to the massless case. We then show that tilde E11,Dlocal appears as a deformation of the massless algebra E11,Dlocal in which the commutation relations between the E11 and the additional generators are modified. We explicitly illustrate how the deformed algebra is constructed in the case of massive IIA and of gauged five-dimensional supergravity. These results prove the naturalness and power of the method.

Riccioni, Fabio; West, Peter



Magnetic Localized Surface Plasmons  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Here, we introduce the concept of magnetic localized surface plasmons (LSPs), magnetic dipole modes that are supported by cylindrical metal structures corrugated by very long, curved grooves. The resonance wavelength is dictated by the length of the grooves, allowing us to tune it to values much larger than the size of the particle. Moreover, magnetic LSPs also exist for extremely thin metal disks and, therefore, they could be used to devise metasurfaces with magnetic functionalities. Experimental evidence of the existence of these magnetic LSPs in the microwave regime is also presented, although the concept is very general and could be applied to terahertz or infrared frequencies.

Huidobro, Paloma A.; Shen, Xiaopeng; Cuerda, J.; Moreno, Esteban; Martin-Moreno, L.; Garcia-Vidal, F. J.; Cui, Tie Jun; Pendry, J. B.



Immunocytochemical localization of oxytocin in the equine corpus luteum  

E-print Network

direct or local pathway between the ovary and the uterine horn on the adjacent side in cattle, sheep and swine, while in the mare a systemic luteolytic effect seems more likely (Del Campo and Ginther, 1973). Hysterectomy of cattle, sheep and swine... results in the maintenance of the corpus luteum and a partial hysterectomy with the remaining uterine tissue and ovary on the same side allows the corpus luteum to regress quickly. In the mare, total hysterectomy caused retention of the corpus luteum...

Murray, Melanie Ann



SUSY breaking in local string\\/F-theory models  

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We investigate bulk moduli stabilisation and supersymmetry breaking in local string\\/F-theory models where the Standard Model is supported on a del Pezzo surface or singularity. Computing the gravity mediated soft terms on the Standard Model brane induced by bulk supersymmetry breaking in the LARGE volume scenario, we explicitly find suppressions by Ms\\/MP ~ Script V-1\\/2 compared to M3\\/2. This gives

R. Blumenhagen; J. P. Conlon; S. Krippendorf; S. Moster; F. Quevedo




SciTech Connect

Einstein's principle that no signal travels faster than suggests that observations in one spacetime region should not depend on whether or not a radioactive decay is detected in a spacelike separated region. This locality property is incompatible with the predictions of quantum theory, and this incompatibility holds independently of the questions of realism, objective reality, and hidden variables. It holds both in the pragmatic quantum theory of Bohr and in realistic frameworks. It is shown here to hold in a completed realistic quantum theory that reconciles Einstein's demand for a description of reality itself with Bohr's contention that quantum theory is complete. This completed realistic quantum theory has no hidden variables, and no objective reality in which observable attributes can become definite independently of observers. The, theory is described in some detail, with particular attention to those aspects related to the question of locality. This completed realistic quantum theory is in principle more comprehensive than Bohr.' s pragmatic quantum theory because it is not limited in principle by the requirement that the observed system be physically separated from the observing one. Applications are discussed.

Stapp, Henry P.



The local interstellar medium  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The structure of the local interstellar medium is reviewed with emphasis on the new observations of the cold neutral component. The properties of the high latitude molecular clouds are discussed as well as their relationship to the 'infrared cirrus' and atomic gas. The molecular clouds are shown to lie preferentially along the loops and filaments of local H I gas, but a detailed examination shows the CO and H I peaks are offset from one another. An expansion velocity of 7 km/s is derived for one of the shells, suggesting an expansion energy of about 8 x 10 to the 47th ergs, which is somewhat smaller than that expected for a supernova explosion. If the pressure in the clumps of the high latitude clouds is in equilibrium with the surrounding gas, the pressure in the shells is 10,000-100,000/cu cm K, an order of magnitude higher than what is generally argued to exist in the interstellar medium.

Blitz, Leo



Medial Axis Local Planner: Local Planning for Medial Axis Roadmaps  

E-print Network

implemented this local planner and have tested it in 2D and 3D rigid body and 8D and 16D fixed base articulated linkage environments. We compare MALP with a straight-line local planner (SL), a typical local planer used in motion planning that interpolated...

Manavi, Kasra Mehron



Intellectuals and the Local State: The Australian Local Government Literature  

Microsoft Academic Search

Literature on the local state in Australia is reviewed and several characteristic features are identified. These include the absence of fundamental questions about the place of local government within the overall state; the lack of effort to explain change; and the prevalence of ideological conservatism. It is concluded that alternative futures for local government require a more critical and open

Martin Mowbray



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

No se puede negar que vivimos en una comunidad global, en la que los eventos de una ciudad o país pueden tener graves consecuencias para los residentes de otra ciudad o país a miles de kilómetros de distancia. Ya sea la pandemia del virus H1N1, los recientes disturbios en Irán o la recesión económica mundial, es evidente que esta interconectividad trae consigo retos importantes. Pero también puede crear oportunidades sin precedentes, en particular aquellas que podrían mejorar sustancialmente la salud pública.


Local Experts in Social Media  

E-print Network

The problem of finding topic experts on social networking sites has been a continued topic of research. This thesis addresses the problem of identifying local experts in social media systems like Twitter. Local experts are experts with a topical...

Bachani, Vandana



Meeting the Local Skills Demand.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In Brittany, a project that integrates training and social development was designed to meet local labor market needs. Key features are innovative uses of training (pretraining, alternating training and work) and strong company involvement in local regeneration. (SK)

Beccarelli, Catherine



Going Local to Find Help  


... Bar Home Current Issue Past Issues Cover Story: Traumatic Brain Injury Going Local to Find Help Past Issues / Fall ... local health and social services for survivors of TBI is as important as knowing about the medical ...


Sleep locally, act globally.  


In most animals, sleep is considered a global brain and behavioral state. However, recent intracortical recordings have shown that aspects of non-rapid eye movement (NREM) sleep and wakefulness can occur simultaneously in different parts of the cortex in mammals, including humans. Paradoxically, however, NREM sleep still manifests as a global behavioral shutdown. In this review, the authors examine this paradox from an evolutionary perspective. On the basis of strategic modeling, they suggest that in animals with brains composed of heavily interconnected and functionally interdependent units, a global regulator of sleep maintains the behavioral shutdown that defines sleep and thereby ensures that local use-dependent functions are performed in a safe and efficient manner. This novel perspective has implications for understanding deficits in human cognitive performance resulting from sleep deprivation, sleep disorders such as sleepwalking, changes in consciousness that occur during sleep, and the function of sleep itself. PMID:22572533

Rattenborg, Niels C; Lima, Steven L; Lesku, John A



Local control stations  

SciTech Connect

This paper describes research concerning the effects of human engineering design at local control stations (i.e., operator interfaces located outside the control room) on human performance and plant safety. The research considered both multifunction panels (e.g. remote shutdown panels) as well as single-function interfaces (e.g., valves, breakers, gauges, etc.). Changes in performance shaping factors associated with variations in human engineering at LCSs were estimated based on expert opinion. By means of a scaling procedure, these estimates were used to modify the human error probabilities in a PRA model, which was then employed to generate estimates of plant risk and scoping-level value/impact ratios for various human engineering upgrades. Recent documentation of human engineering deficiencies at single-function LCSs was also reviewed, and an assessment of the current status of LCSs with respect to human engineering was conducted.

Brown, W.S.; Higgins, J.C. [Brookhaven National Lab., Upton, NY (United States); Wachtel, J.A. [Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC (United States). Div. of Systems Research



Headphone localization of speech  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Three-dimensional acoustic display systems have recently been developed that synthesize virtual sound sources over headphones based on filtering by head-related transfer functions (HRTFs), the direction-dependent spectral changes caused primarily by the pinnae. In this study, 11 inexperienced subjects judged the apparent spatial location of headphone-presented speech stimuli filtered with nonindividualized HRTFs. About half of the subjects 'pulled' their judgments toward either the median or the lateral-vertical planes, and estimates were almost always elevated. Individual differences were pronounced for the distance judgments; 15 to 46 percent of stimuli were heard inside the head, with the shortest estimates near the median plane. The results suggest that most listeners can obtain useful azimuth information from speech stimuli filtered by nonindividualized HRTFs. Measurements of localization error and reversal rates are comparable with a previous study that used broadband noise stimuli.

Begault, Durand R.; Wenzel, Elizabeth M.



Localized wave pulse experiments  

SciTech Connect

The Localized Wave project of the Strategic System Support Program has recently finished an experiment in cooperation with the Advanced SONAR group of the Applied Research Laboratory of the University of Texas at Austin. The purpose of the experiment was three-fold. They wanted to see if (1) the LW pulse could propagate over significant distances, to see if (2) a new type of array and drive system specifically designed for the pulse would increase efficiency over single frequency tone bursts, and to see if (3) the complexity of our 24 channel drivers resulted in better efficiency than a single equivalent pulse driving a piston. In the experiment, several LW pulses were launched from the Lake Travis facility and propagated over distances of either 100 feet or 600 feet, through a thermocline for the 600 foot measurements. The results show conclusively that the Localized Wave will propagate past the near field distance. The LW pulses resulted in extremely broad frequency band width pulses with narrow spatial beam patterns and unmeasurable side lobes. Their array gain was better than most tone bursts and further, were better than their equivalent piston pulses. This marks the first test of several Low Diffraction beams against their equivalent piston pulses, as well as the first propagation of LW pulses over appreciable distances. The LW pulse is now proven a useful tool in open water, rather than a laboratory curiosity. The experimental system and array were built by ARL, and the experiments were conducted by ARL staff on their standard test range. The 600 feet measurements were made at the farthest extent of that range.

Chambers, D L; Henderson, T L; Krueger, K L; Lewis, D K; Zilkowski, R N



Weak localization and weak anti-localization in topological insulators  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Weak localization and weak anti-localization are quantum interference effects in quantum transport in a disor- dered electron system. Weak anti-localization enhances the conductivity and weak localization suppresses the conductivity with decreasing temperature at very low temperatures. A magnetic field can destroy the quantum interference effect, giving rise to a cusp-like positive and negative magnetoconductivity as the signatures of weak localization and weak anti-localization, respectively. These effects have been widely observed in topological in- sulators. In this article, we review recent progresses in both theory and experiment of weak (anti-)localization in topological insulators, where the quasiparticles are described as Dirac fermions. We predicted a crossover from weak anti-localization to weak localization if the massless Dirac fermions (such as the surface states of topo- logical insulator) acquire a Dirac mass, which was confirmed experimentally. The bulk states in a topological insulator thin film can exhibit the weak localization effect, quite different from other system with strong spin- orbit interaction. We compare the localization behaviors of Dirac fermions with conventional electron systems in the presence of disorders of different symmetries. Finally, we show that both the interaction and quantum interference are required to account for the experimentally observed temperature and magnetic field dependence of the conductivity at low temperatures.

Lu, Hai-Zhou; Shen, Shun-Qing



Local Anomalies, Local Equivariant Cohomology and the Variational Bicomplex  

E-print Network

The locality conditions for the vanishing of local anomalies in field theory are shown to admit a geometrical interpretation in terms of local equivariant cohomology, thus providing a method to deal with the problem of locality in the geometrical approaches to the study of local anomalies based on the Atiyah-Singer index theorem. The local cohomology is shown to be related to the cohomology of jet bundles by means of the variational bicomplex theory. Using these results and the techniques for the computation of the cohomology of invariant variational bicomplexes in terms of relative Gel'fand-Fuks cohomology introduced in [6], we obtain necessary and sufficient conditions for the cancellation of local gravitational and mixed anomalies.

Roberto Ferreiro Perez



Essentials of Local Anesthetic Pharmacology  

PubMed Central

It is impossible to provide effective dental care without the use of local anesthetics. This drug class has an impressive history of safety and efficacy, but all local anesthetics have the potential to produce significant toxicity if used carelessly. The purpose of this review is to update the practitioner on issues regarding the basic pharmacology and clinical use of local anesthetic formulations. PMID:17175824

Becker, Daniel E; Reed, Kenneth L



Local linear perceptrons for classification  

Microsoft Academic Search

A structure composed of local linear perceptrons for approximating global class discriminants is investigated. Such local linear models may be combined in a cooperative or competitive way. In the cooperative model, a weighted sum of the outputs of the local perceptrons is computed where the weight is a function of the distance between the input and the position of the

Ethem Alpaydin; Michael I. Jordan



The early experiences of local climate change adaptation in Norwegian compared with that of local environmental policy, Local Agenda 21 and local climate change mitigation  

Microsoft Academic Search

Norwegian experiences on local environmental policy, Local Agenda 21 (LA21), local climate change mitigation (CCM) and local climate change adaptation (CCA) are compared in this article. One conclusion is that local CCA lacks the normative impetus for local action that LA21 and local CCM have had, thus making it harder to include CCA in serious policy-making at the local level

Carlo Aall



The early experiences of local climate change adaptation in Norwegian compared with that of local environmental policy, Local Agenda 21 and local climate change mitigation  

Microsoft Academic Search

Norwegian experiences on local environmental policy, Local Agenda 21 (LA21), local climate change mitigation (CCM) and local climate change adaptation (CCA) are compared in this article. One conclusion is that local CCA lacks the normative impetus for local action that LA21 and local CCM have had, thus making it harder to include CCA in serious policy-making at the local level

Carlo Aall



Museo Universitario del Chopo Datos del plan de estudio  

E-print Network

and roll 4. Mambo 5. Merengue 6. Disco 7. Cumbia 8. Cha cha cha 9. Salsa en Línea 10. Hip Hop 11. CancionesMuseo Universitario del Chopo Datos del plan de estudio Nombre del Taller: Dancing en México

Islas, León


Pruebas de Papanicolaou y del virus del papiloma humano (VPH)

Hoja informativa que describe los exámenes selectivos de detección del cáncer de cérvix, los cuales incluyen la prueba de Papanicolaou y la prueba de los virus del papiloma humano. La hoja informativa incluye también información acerca de las pautas de exámenes de detección del cáncer de cérvix.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 08-17-2010

En la reunión del 20 de julio, los miembros del comité revisaron los resultados finales de esos estudios, en los cuales no se pudo confirmar la información que llevó a la aprobación acelerada. Las mujeres del estudio inicial, llamado E2100, recibieron paclitaxel (Taxol) solo o paclitaxel más bevacizumab para tratar el cáncer de mama localizado recidivante.


Entanglement quantification by local unitaries  

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Invariance under local unitary operations is a fundamental property that must be obeyed by every proper measure of quantum entanglement. However, this is not the only aspect of entanglement theory where local unitaries play a relevant role. In the present work we show that the application of suitable local unitary operations defines a family of bipartite entanglement monotones, collectively referred to as "shield entanglement". They are constructed by first considering the (squared) Hilbert- Schmidt distance of the state from the set of states obtained by applying to it a given local unitary. To the action of each different local unitary there corresponds a different distance. We then minimize these distances over the sets of local unitaries with different spectra, obtaining an entire family of different entanglement monotones. We show that these shield entanglement monotones are organized in a hierarchical structure, and we establish the conditions that need to be imposed on the spectrum of a local unitary f...

Monras, A; Giampaolo, S M; Gualdi, G; Davies, G B; Illuminati, F



Solving problems locally.  


Some of the key factors that contribute to an effective immunization program are reviewed, focusing on organization (the cold chain, vaccines, injection equipment, and training) and management. The 3 steps of the organization phase are: to examine the objectives of the plan and the population served, determining what is needed, looking for underserved areas, and calculating the number of immunizations to be given; to determine one 's resources, paying particular attention to transport, referigerators, deep freezes, and infection and sterilization equipment; and to identify what tasks must be performed to achieve program ojectives, realizing that the main areas of concern are the system which ensure that staff have done what is necessary to do the job properly. Organization of the cold chain involves ordering replacements, spare parts, fuel supplies, installation, and monitoring. I for vaccines, different vaccines have different storage requirements, and checklists on correct storage procedures are necessary for each vaccine. The person responsible for storage must also sign for all arriving vaccine and enter it into the stocks. Finally, forms are needed to record vaccine used and individuals immunized. The forms should be simple to use. In terms of injection equipment, it must be determined what is needed, and attention must be paid to the system of ordering, receipt, and storage of equipment. Training should be carried out by supervisors, and the method should be based on teaching the tasks. Regarding management, the District Medical Officer most likely will have overall responsibility. At the community level, shared management, where everyone takes some responsibility and which therefore leads to decisions everyone understands may be best. 1 way to achieve this is to have the staff of each immunization unit meet together as a team, encouraging them to identify and resolve local problems locally. The immunization program requires special supervision because of the different components involved. Someone should be trained as a supervisor and visit several units once every 6 weeks or so to look at the quality of the tasks being performed. By monitoring the process rather than simply the work done, the supervisor should be able to help and support the staff in their work. PMID:12268038

Gowers, P



Instantánea del cáncer de pulmón

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de pulmón; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de riñón

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de riñón; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de tiroides

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de tiroides; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de páncreas

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de páncreas; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de ovario

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de ovario; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de endometrio

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de endometrio; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de próstata

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de próstata; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de esófago

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de esófago; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Instantánea del cáncer de vejiga

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de vejiga; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Fisiología del crecimiento  

Microsoft Academic Search

ExtractoEl crecimiento humano es un proceso dinámico y complejo que comienza con la fertilización del óvulo y se completa con la fusión de las epífisis y las metáfisis de los huesos largos, que caracteriza la terminación de la adolescencia. El crecimiento ocurre en fases, con características distintivas en términos de influencias dominantes derivadas de factores y patrones genéticos, ambientales\\/nutricionales y

Arlan L. Rosenbloom



Local positioning system  

SciTech Connect

Navigation systems have been vital to transportation ever since man took to the air and sea. Early navigation systems utilized the sextant to navigate by starlight as well as the magnetic needle compass. As electronics and communication technologies improved, inertial navigation systems were developed for use in ships and missile delivery. These systems consisted of electronic compasses, gyro-compasses, accelerometers, and various other sensors. Recently, systems such as LORAN and the Global Positioning System (GPS) have utilized the properties of radio wave propagation to triangulate position. The Local Positioning System (LPS), described in this paper, is an implementation of a limited inertial navigation system designed to be used on a bicycle. LPS displays a cyclist`s current position relative to a starting location. This information is displayed in Cartesian-like coordinates. To accomplish this, LPS relies upon two sensors, an electronic compass sensor and a distance sensor. The compass sensor provides directional information while the distance sensor provides the distance traveled. This information yields a distance vector for each point in time which when summed produces the cyclist`s current position. LPS is microprocessor controlled and is designed for a range of less than 90 miles.

Kyker, R.



Accelerating localization microscopy  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Localization microscopy methods allow the acquisition of fluorescence microscopy images with a resolution of tens of nanometres. However, these techniques are generally limited in speed because of the requirement that in each frame fluorophores must be well separated. This condition can be lifted by developing improved analysis techniques which allow data to be extracted from images in which the point spread functions of the fluorophores overlap (at the expense of an increased computational load). These improved analysis techniques build more information into the model for the system, either about the probable appearance of overlapping fluorophores in the spatial domain, or about blinking behaviour in the temporal domain. Here we discuss a method which incorporates both types of information, where we create a Hidden Markov Model including the photophysical processes occuring when fluorophores blink and bleach. This Bayesian analysis of blinking and bleaching (3B) technique allows super-resolution information to be obtained from live cells labelled with standard fluorescent proteins, with a temporal resolution of a few seconds and a spatial resolution of 50 nm.

Fox-Roberts, Patrick; Cox, Susan



Impact of Local Sensors  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Forecasters at the 45th Weather Squadron (45 WS) use observations from the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) wind tower network and the CCAFS (XMR) daily rawinsonde observations (RAOB) to issue and verify wind advisories and warnings for operations. These observations are also used by the National Weather Service (NWS) Spaceflight Meteorology Group (SMG) in Houston, Texas and the NWS Melbourne, Florida (NWS MLB) to initialize their locally-run mesoscale models. In addition, SMG uses these observations to support shuttle landings at the Shuttle Landing Facility (SLF). Due to impending budget cuts, some or all of the KSC/CCAFS wind towers on the east-central Florida mainland and the XMR RAOBs may be eliminated. The locations of the mainland towers and XMR RAOB site are shown in Figure I. The loss of these data may impact the forecast capability of the 45 WS, SMG and NWS MLB. The AMU was tasked to conduct an objective independent modeling study to help determine how important these observations are to the accuracy of the model output used by the forecasters. To accomplish this, the Applied Meteorology Unit (AMU) performed a sensitivity study using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model initialized with and without KSC/CCAFS wind tower and XMR RAOB data.

Watson, Leela R.; Bauman, William H., III



Local shading analysis.  


Local analysis of image shading, in the absence of prior knowledge about the viewed scene, may be used to provide information about the scene. The following has been proved. Every image point has the same image intensity and first and second derivatives as the image of some point on a Lambertian surface with principal curvatures of equal magnitude. Further, if the principal curvatures are assumed to be equal there is a unique combination of image formation parameters (up to a mirror reversal) that will produce a particular set of image intensity and first and second derivatives. A solution for the unique combination of surface orientation, etc., is presented. This solution has been extended to natural imagery by using general position and regional constraints to obtain estimates of the following: ¿ surface orientation at each image point; ¿ the qualitative type of the surface, i.e., whether the surface is planar, cylindrical, convex, concave, or saddle; ¿ the illuminant direction within a region. Algorithms to recover illuminant direction and estimate surface orientation have been evaluated on both natural and synthesized images, and have been found to produce useful information about the scene. PMID:21869181

Pentland, A P



Growing local food: scale and local food systems governance  

Microsoft Academic Search

“Scaling-up” is the next hurdle facing the local food movement. In order to effect broader systemic impacts, local food systems\\u000a (LFS) will have to grow, and engage either more or larger consumers and producers. Encouraging the involvement of mid-sized\\u000a farms looks to be an elegant solution, by broadening the accessibility of local food while providing alternative revenue streams\\u000a for troubled

Phil Mount


An EPR local theory with a local correlation  

E-print Network

A local theory with a local correlation is proposed to give an explanation for the contractions in the GHZ-like proofs for Bell's theorem and the violation to Bell's inequality. It agrees with the experimental predictions for the GHZ state of three entangled spins, the Bell state of two entangled spins and one spin state. It is found that the contradiction in the GHZ-like proofs and the violation to Bell's inequality can be attributed to the local correlation.

W LiMing; Zhilie Tang



Global/Local Dynamic Models  

SciTech Connect

Many dynamic systems involve a number of entities that are largely independent of each other but interact with each other via a subset of state variables. We present global/local dynamic models (GLDMs) to capture these kinds of systems. In a GLDM, the state of an entity is decomposed into a globally influenced state that depends on other entities, and a locally influenced state that depends only on the entity itself. We present an inference algorithm for GLDMs called global/local particle filtering, that introduces the principle of reasoning globally about global dynamics and locally about local dynamics. We have applied GLDMs to an asymmetric urban warfare environment, in which enemy units form teams to attack important targets, and the task is to detect such teams as they form. Experimental results for this application show that global/local particle filtering outperforms ordinary particle filtering and factored particle filtering.

Pfeffer, A; Das, S; Lawless, D; Ng, B



Localization of fields on brane  

E-print Network

Warped braneworld scenario provides an alternative to the usual Kaluza-Klein compactification of extra dimensions through the so-called localization of fields. Randall-Sundrum type models do not directly prove, rather, assume that all standard model fields are localized to the TeV brane. I will provide the mechanism for addressing the problem and discuss the issue of localization of fields on the brane for various types of braneworld models available in the literature.

Ratna Koley



Continuous boundary local Fourier transform  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Local Fourier Transform (LFT) provides a nice tool for concentrating both a signal and its Fourier transform. But there are certain properties of this algorithm that make it unattractive for various applications. In this paper, some of these disadvantages are explored, and a new approach to localized Fourier analysis is proposed, the continuous boundary local Fourier transform (CBLFT), which attempts to correct some of these shortcomings. Results ranging from segmentation to representation cost to compression are also presented.

Larson, Brons M.; Saito, Naoki



Tutorial to Locales and Locale Interpretation Clemens Ballarin  

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experiments. Today, locales are a simple yet powerful extension of the Isar proof language. The present with Isabelle and Isar is presumed. 1 Introduction Locales are based on contexts. A context can be seen if it is a conclusion x1. . . xn. [[ A1; . . . ;Am

Dougherty, Daniel J.


Globetrotters and Local Heroes? Labor Migration, Basketball, and Local Identities  

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This article addresses the global migration of sports labor. The contested presence of North American players in English basketball, first documented by Maguire (1988), is considered in the context of questions regarding the reception of migrants in local cultures. A 2-year ethnographic project incorporating participant observations, interviews, and focus groups investigated fans' consumption of local basketball. Complex and nuanced interpretations

Mark Falcous; Joseph Maguire



Intergovernmental Transfers to Local Governments  

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Intergovernmental transfers are a major source of finance to local governments. Overall, they are a surprisingly stable and persistent component of the complex system of intergovernmental regulatory and fiscal relations, even as the responsibilities and powers of subnational governments evolve over time. Transfers facilitate local fiscal adjustment to fiscal shocks arising from natural events such as major storms and floods,

David E. Wildasin



Locality-Aware Content Distribution  

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We present the design and deployment of the Julia locality aware content distribution algorithm. Our novel contributions a re lo- cality aware node selection, forming a dynamically changing topology and division of the file into varying length chunks based on locality of the transfer. We present a large scale WAN deployment on over than 250 PlanetLab machines. We show that

Danny Bickson; Dahlia Malkhi



New local gazetteers from China  

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Purpose – New (post-1949) Chinese local gazetteers are one of the major primary resources for contemporary China Studies in the field of history, social sciences, humanities and sciences. Major research libraries in North America have collected them; however, the research value of this series of publications has not yet fully explored. This paper aims at examining how new local gazetteers

Susan Xue



Local Tax Reform in Pennsylvania.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report reviews local tax reform and describes an approach to simulating the effects of proposed tax reform on local school districts in Pennsylvania. The microcomputer spreadsheet simulation led to the development of a model able to meet the feasibility criteria established for such a simulation model. The model was designed to input…

Hartman, William T.


A data locality optimizing algorithm  

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This paper proposes an algorithm that improves the locality of a loop nest by transforming the code via interchange, reversal, skewing and tiling. The loop transformation rrlgorithm is based on two concepts: a mathematical formulation of reuse and locality, and a loop transformation theory that unifies the various transforms as unimodular matrix tmnsfonnations. The algorithm haa been implemented in the

Michael E. Wolf; Monica S. Lam



Horizontal plane localization in children  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Recently, an ASHA (1996) task force on auditory processing disorders (APD) recommended the assessment of several psychoacoustic processes for identifying APD. One of the processes listed was localization. To date, little data exist on localization capabilities in children. Therefore, this project investigated the feasibility of assessing localization in children with the purpose of developing an APD screening test. Six children, age 6.5 to 7.5 years, have thus far been evaluated. This age range was chosen because it is an optimum age, for educational purposes, to identify APD. Three stimuli were used: a 500-Hz tone, a 4000-Hz tone, and NU-CHIPS monosyllabic words. Tone duration was 1 s; the average word duration was 469 ms. Right-left localization was evaluated at 45 and 315 deg azimuth and front-rear localization at 0 and 180 deg. Each source was presented 24 times in random order to each subject. Although the data were highly variable, results revealed significantly better localization for right-left (88.2%) than for front-rear (80.5%). Within the front-rear condition, performance was better for rear (84.7%) than for front (76.4%) localization. There was no significant difference between right versus left localizations. Across stimuli performance was best for 500 Hz and poorest for words.

Goshorn, Edward L.; Goshorn, Jennifer D.; Cone, E. Mary



Local Political Leadership in Spain  

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While different European programmes to modernise local government have clearly shown that local political leadership needs to be reinforced, the procedures designed to work towards attaining such a goal are less clear. Addressing this general problem, this article focuses on how this is to be achieved in Spain. It examines the political leadership of mayors in the ‘Big Cities’ as

Guadalupe Martínez-Fuentes



Local Heparin, Superficial Vein Thrombosis  

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Local, topical effects of heparins on the skin still need deeper investigations. The lack of evidence is mainly due to the lack of large investments in this field. Three main local actions of heparin on the skin can be defined: (1) the anticoagulant action, (2) the microcirculatorymodulatory action determining important control of the microcirculation in case of excessive vasoconstriction or

Maria Rosaria Cesarone; Gianni Belcaro; M. Corsi; Edmondo Ippolito; Silvia Errichi; Andrea Di Renzo; Andrea Ledda; Filiberto Fano; Marisa Cacchio; Roberto Adovasio



Intelligent Fault Localization in Software  

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Thtis paper reports on two areas of research in softmare fault localization. We propose a conceptual model of software fault localization with roots in cognitive science. The model has both shallow and deep reasoning phases. It requires the programmer to activate complex knowledge bases and build internal models of the Buggy code and a correct representation. An architecture for an

Ilene Burnstein; Nitya Jani; Steve Mannina; Joe Tamsevicius; Michael Goldshteynl; Louis Lendif



Local linear perceptrons for classification.  


A structure composed of local linear perceptrons for approximating global class discriminants is investigated. Such local linear models may be combined in a cooperative or competitive way. In the cooperative model, a weighted sum of the outputs of the local perceptrons is computed where the weight is a function of the distance between the input and the position of the local perceptron. In the competitive model, the cost function dictates a mixture model where only one of the local perceptrons give output. Learning of the local models' positions and the linear mappings they implement are coupled and both supervised. We show that this is preferable to the uncoupled case where the positions are trained in an unsupervised manner before the separate, supervised training of mappings. We use goodness criteria based on the cross-entropy and give learning equations for both the cooperative and competitive cases. The coupled and uncoupled versions of cooperative and competitive approaches are compared among themselves and with multilayer perceptrons of sigmoidal hidden units and radial basis functions (RBFs) of Gaussian units on the application of recognition of handwritten digits. The criteria of comparison are the generalization accuracy, learning time, and the number of free parameters. We conclude that even on such a high-dimensional problem, such local models are promising. They generalize much better than RBF's and use much less memory. When compared with multilayer perceptrons, we note that local models learn much faster and generalize as well and sometimes better with comparable number of parameters. PMID:18263476

Alpaydin, E; Jordan, M I



Localization scheme for relativistic spinors.  


A new method to determine localized complex-valued one-electron functions in the occupied space is presented. The approach allows the calculation of localized orbitals regardless of their structure and of the entries in the spinor coefficient matrix, i.e., one-, two-, and four-component Kramers-restricted or unrestricted one-electron functions with real or complex expansion coefficients. The method is applicable to localization schemes that maximize (or minimize) a functional of the occupied spinors and that use a localization operator for which a matrix representation is available. The approach relies on the approximate joint diagonalization (AJD) of several Hermitian (symmetric) matrices which is utilized in electronic signal processing. The use of AJD in this approach has the advantage that it allows a reformulation of the localization criterion on an iterative 2 × 2 pair rotating basis in an analytical closed form which has not yet been described in the literature for multi-component (complex-valued) spinors. For the one-component case, the approach delivers the same Foster-Boys or Pipek-Mezey localized orbitals that one obtains from standard quantum chemical software, whereas in the multi-component case complex-valued spinors satisfying the selected localization criterion are obtained. These localized spinors allow the formulation of local correlation methods in a multi-component relativistic framework, which was not yet available. As an example, several heavy and super-heavy element systems are calculated using a Kramers-restricted self-consistent field and relativistic two-component pseudopotentials in order to investigate the effect of spin-orbit coupling on localization. PMID:22225138

Ciupka, J; Hanrath, M; Dolg, M



Museo Universitario del Chopo Datos del plan de estudio  

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separación de la agrupación musical más importante del Siglo XX, a nuestros días, The Beatles Imparte NACIONAL AUT�NOMA DE M�XICO #12;Revisar la historia de la banda de rock los Beatles, a través del análisis paralelos en el tiempo del cuarteto Liverpool. CONTENIDO 1. La historia des los Beatles, desde sus inicios

Islas, León


An Open Localization and Local Communication Embodied Sensor  

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In this paper we describe a localization and local communication system which allows situated agents to communicate locally, obtaining at the same time both the range and the bearing of the emitter without the need of any centralized control or any external reference. The system relies on infrared communications with frequency modulation and is composed of two interconnected modules for data and power measurement. Thanks to the open hardware license under which it is released, the research community can easily replicate the system at a low cost and/or adapt it for applications in sensor networks and in robotics.

Gutierrez, Alvaro; Campo, Alexandre; Dorigo, Marco; Amor, Daniel; Magdalena, Luis; Felix, Monasterio-Huelin



Local unitary versus local Clifford equivalence of stabilizer states  

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We study the relation between local unitary (LU) equivalence and local Clifford (LC) equivalence of stabilizer states. We introduce a large subclass of stabilizer states, such that every two LU equivalent states in this class are necessarily LC equivalent. Together with earlier results, this shows that LC, LU and SLOCC equivalence are the same notions for this class of stabilizer states. Moreover, recognizing whether two given stabilizer states in the present subclass are locally equivalent only requires a polynomial number of operations in the number of qubits.

M. Van den Nest; J. Dehaene; B. De Moor



Wetlands of the Magellanic Steppe (Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina)  

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Our main objective was to classify vegetation and soils of wetlands in northern Tierra del Fuego (Argentina) along a latitudinal\\u000a precipitation gradient within the Magellanic Steppe Zone. We presented the first detailed ecological characterization of these\\u000a wetlands by relating floristic composition to local site conditions, bedrock and climate. The survey consisted of 125 phytosociological\\u000a censuses and 52 soil profile descriptions.

Marta B. Collantes; Juan A. Anchorena; Susana Stoffella; Celina Escartín; Ruth Rauber



Topological simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM): toward exact localization without explicit localization  

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This paper presents a new method for simultaneous localization and mapping that exploits the topology of the robot's free space to localize the robot on a partially constructed map. The topology of the environment is encoded in a topological map; the particular topological map used in this paper is the generalized Voronoi graph (GVG), which also encodes some metric information

Howie Choset; Keiji Nagatani



Hogares receptores de remesas en México: límites y posibilidades para el desarrollo local y regional  

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En México existe un amplio consenso en el sentido que las remesas de los migrantes mexicanos en Estados Unidos tienen un fuerte impacto en el desarrollo de las economías locales y regionales. Las posiciones varían desde las muy optimistas, como las del gobierno federal mexicano, que no sólo valoran el impacto económico actual, sino también las potencialidades futuras de estos

Fernando Lozano Ascencio




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LOCALLY COMPACT CONTRACTIVE LOCAL GROUPS LOU VAN DEN DRIES AND ISAAC GOLDBRING Abstract. We study locally compact contractive local groups, that is, locally compact local groups with a contractive pseudo-automorphism. We prove that if such an object is locally connected, then it is locally isomorphic to a Lie group

Goldbring, Isaac


Local Times Around the World  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This guide attempts to list all of the world's countries with a description of the local time in a region. Areas are grouped in a hierarchy by continent (region), country, and location. With each selection, information is given on geographical location; current local time, the current observed time, and the dates during which Daylight Savings Time is observed. Geographical locations are listed in degrees, minutes and seconds format. Current local time details the weekday and date and time from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).


Local Extrema in Quantum Chaos  

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We numerically investigate both the number and the spatial distribution of local extrema of 'chaotic' Laplacian eigenfunctions on two-dimensional manifolds and demonstrate two new universality phenomena. Blum, Gnutzmann \\& Smilansky have numerically demonstrated that the $k-$th eigenfunction has typically $\\sim 0.06k$ nodal domains -- we give numerical evidence that it typically has $\\sim \\sigma \\cdot k$ local extrema, where $\\sigma = 0.58 \\pm 0.02$ is a universal constant. Using the discrepancy as a measure of quality of distribution, we show that the local extrema are more regularly spread than a regular grid.

Florian Pausinger; Stefan Steinerberger



Late and postglacial vegetation and fire history in Southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego  

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Two 17,000-yr-old peat bog records from low-elevation sites in Tierra del Fuego (Harberton, 54°54?S) and southern Patagonia (Río Rubens, 52°4?48?S) and one c. 14,000calyr BP record from the upper treeline in Tierra del Fuego (Paso Garibaldi, 54°43?S) were analyzed for pollen, charcoal, and plant macrofossils to reconstruct changes in regional and local vegetation, fire frequency, and bog hydrology, respectively. Past

Vera Markgraf; Ulli M. Huber



Al tratamiento del agua potable para mejo-rar su sanidad o calidad bacteriolgica se  

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Al tratamiento del agua potable para mejo- rar su sanidad o calidad bacteriológica se le refiere desinfección usado por los proveedores locales para disminuir la contami- nación bacteriológica del agua. Este método tam- bién puede ser usado por los propietarios de pozos de agua particulares. Pozos de agua Los


Supporting Change through Local Action  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

To improve current civil society and achieve the possibilities globalization offers, we must incorporate an education-for-empowerment approach to lifelong learning. This chapter explores the potential, promise, and implications for local action and dialogue.

Larson, Desi




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& Sons, Ltd. 1 INTRODUCTION In West Africa, campaigns against land degradation and poor agriculturalLOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT, LAND DEGRADATION AND THE `GESTION DES TERROIRS ' APPROACH IN WEST AFRICA: POLICIES AND PITFALLS SIMON BATTERBURY* Department of Geography & Earth Sciences, Brunel

Batterbury, Simon



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management system and communications plan consistent with existing state and federal energy emergencyCALIFORNIA ENERGY COMMISSION LOCAL GOVERNMENT EMERGENCY PLANNING HANDBOOK April 2004 PUBLICATION.....................................................................................................................2 SECTION II: HOW TO PREPARE THE PLAN Step 1: Designate an Energy Emergency Coordinator



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a local weather station, I made a least-absolute-deviations (LAD) regression model that accounts for three world-wide, some results from a modification of the model that includes both temperature and humidity

Vanderbei, Robert J.


Local control of Hamiltonian chaos  

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We review a method of control for Hamiltonian systems which is able to create smooth invariant tori. This method of control is based on an apt modification of the perturbation which is small and localized in phase space.

Cristel Chandre; Guido Ciraolo; Ricardo Lima; Michel Vittot



Recovering Entanglement by Local Operations  

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We investigate the phenomenon of bipartite entanglement revivals under purely local operations in systems subject to local and independent classical noise sources. We explain this apparent paradox in the physical ensemble description of the system state by introducing the concept of "hidden" entanglement, which indicates the amount of entanglement that cannot be exploited due to the lack of classical information on the system. For this reason this part of entanglement can be recovered without the action of non-local operations or back-transfer process. For two noninteracting qubits under a low-frequency stochastic noise, we show that entanglement can be recovered by local pulses only. We also discuss how hidden entanglement may provide new insights about entanglement revivals in non-Markovian dynamics.

A. D'Arrigo; R. Lo Franco; G. Benenti; E. Paladino; G. Falci



Local Hamiltonians in quantum computation  

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In this thesis, I investigate aspects of local Hamiltonians in quantum computing. First, I focus on the Adiabatic Quantum Computing model, based on evolution with a time- dependent Hamiltonian. I show that to succeed using ...

Nagaj, Daniel



Recovering entanglement by local operations  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We investigate the phenomenon of bipartite entanglement revivals under purely local operations in systems subject to local and independent classical noise sources. We explain this apparent paradox in the physical ensemble description of the system state by introducing the concept of “hidden” entanglement, which indicates the amount of entanglement that cannot be exploited due to the lack of classical information on the system. For this reason this part of entanglement can be recovered without the action of non-local operations or back-transfer process. For two noninteracting qubits under a low-frequency stochastic noise, we show that entanglement can be recovered by local pulses only. We also discuss how hidden entanglement may provide new insights about entanglement revivals in non-Markovian dynamics.

D'Arrigo, A.; Lo Franco, R.; Benenti, G.; Paladino, E.; Falci, G.



MÉXICO: DESIGUALDAD SOCIAL Y POBREZA Saldos del “gobierno del empleo”  

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El gobierno de Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, carente de oficio y de sentido común, no solamente es el gobierno del desempleo sino que también es el gobierno del aumento de las desigualdades sociales y, por tanto, de la pobreza. Y cómo no debería serlo, sí se trata de un gobierno conservador que les quita a los pobres para darles a los

Martín Carlos Ramales Osorio



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 09-14-2010

Las mediciones ecocardiográficas del ventrículo izquierdo del corazón sirven para que los médicos monitoreen el funcionamiento cardiaco durante el tratamiento contra el cáncer. Una reducción de la fracción de eyección ventricular izquierda (LVEF) durante el tratamiento puede indicar daño cardiaco provocado por los fármacos. Haga clic para ampliar.


Entanglement quantification by local unitaries  

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Invariance under local unitary operations is a fundamental property that must be obeyed by every proper measure of quantum entanglement. However, this is not the only aspect of entanglement theory where local unitaries play a relevant role. In the present work we show that the application of suitable local unitary operations defines a family of bipartite entanglement monotones, collectively referred to as "mirror entanglement". They are constructed by first considering the (squared) Hilbert-Schmidt distance of the state from the set of states obtained by applying to it a given local unitary. To the action of each different local unitary there corresponds a different distance. We then minimize these distances over the sets of local unitaries with different spectra, obtaining an entire family of different entanglement monotones. We show that these mirror entanglement monotones are organized in a hierarchical structure, and we establish the conditions that need to be imposed on the spectrum of a local unitary for the associated mirror entanglement to be faithful, i.e. to vanish on and only on separable pure states. We analyze in detail the properties of one particularly relevant member of the family, the "stellar mirror entanglement" associated to traceless local unitaries with nondegenerate spectrum and equispaced eigenvalues in the complex plane. This particular measure generalizes the original analysis of [Giampaolo and Illuminati, Phys. Rev. A 76, 042301 (2007)], valid for qubits and qutrits. We prove that the stellar entanglement is a faithful bipartite entanglement monotone in any dimension, and that it is bounded from below by a function proportional to the linear entropy and from above by the linear entropy itself, coinciding with it in two- and three-dimensional spaces.

A. Monras; G. Adesso; S. M. Giampaolo; G. Gualdi; G. B. Davies; F. Illuminati



Higgs Field and Localization Problem  

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We analyze the role that the excited states of the Higgs field could play in a possible solution to the so called localization problem of Quantum Theory. We seek a solution to the aforementioned point without introducing additional fundamental constants or extra hypotheses, as has been done in previous works. The electron and Higgs field do indeed have solitonic solutions. This last feature renders, in the one-dimensional case, a solution to the localization problem.

A. Camacho; H. Dehnen



Local Anesthesia and Nerve Blocks  

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\\u000a Many inguino-scrotal procedures in urology can be performed under local anesthesia. Sometimes local anesthetics are used to\\u000a supplement post-operative pain relief in patients who had general anesthesia. The common nerve blocks are an inguinal block\\u000a for hernia repairs and inguinal orchidectomies, a cord block for vasectomies, and a penile block for circumcision and frenuloplasty.\\u000a The testis and scrotum are innervated

Hashim Hashim


Locally advanced unresectable pancreatic cancer.  


Twenty-five percent of patients with pancreatic cancer present with locally advanced disease that is unresectable, and the treatment strategy for these patients is controversial, with options including chemotherapy alone, concurrent chemoradiation, or induction chemotherapy followed by chemoradiation. Abstracts presented at the 2014 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting (#4001, #4126, and #4024) addressed local control, quality of life, and prognostic factors associated with current regimens of induction chemotherapy and subsequent chemoradiation. PMID:25076335

Johung, Kimberly L; Saif, Muhammad Wasif; Chang, Bryan W



El valor del consejo en el Libro del caballero Zifar Patricia ROCHWERT-ZUILI  

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1 El valor del consejo en el Libro del caballero Zifar Patricia ROCHWERT-ZUILI Textes et cultures Libro del caballero Zifar la definición del consejo como elemento fundamental del molinismo. El análisis la realeza. Palabras clave: Consejo, palabra, amistad, verdad, seso, entendimiento, Libro del

Paris-Sud XI, Université de



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En este trabajo se aborda el posible origen evolutivo del derecho como una consecuencia del desarrollo social de nuestra especie. Otras especies con sistemas sociales similares presentan varias reglas para la convivencia en grupo. Algunas de estas reglas son comunes en todas las especies con comportamiento social. El desarrollo de la sociobiología en las últimas décadas es una herramienta importante

Axel P. Retana-Salazar


Teatro uruguayo hacia el fin del siglo  

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del Interior y la Asociación General de Autores del Uruguay, y presidida por un representante del Ministerio de Educación y Cultura. 84 LATIN AMERICAN THEATRE REVIEW Pero los magros recursos asignados al Fondo de Teatro por dicha ley, consistentes...

Pignataro Calero, Jorge



Vacunas contra los virus del papiloma humano

Hoja informativa acerca de las vacunas contra los virus del papiloma humano (VPH) para prevenir infecciones con ciertos tipos de VPH, los cuales son la causa principal del cáncer de cuello del útero o cérvix.


Optimal local implementation of non-local quantum gates  

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We investigate the minimal resources that are required in the local implementation of non-local quantum gates in a distributed quantum computer. Both classical communication requirements and entanglement consumption are investigated. We present general statements on the minimal resource requirements and present optimal procedures for a number of important gates, including CNOT and Toffoli gates. We show that one bit of classical communication in each direction is both necessary and sufficient for the non-local implementation of the quantum CNOT, while in general two bits in each direction is required for the implementation of a general two bit quantum gate. In particular, the state-swapper requires this maximum classical communication overhead. Extensions of these ideas to multi-party gates are presented.

J. Eisert; K. Jacobs; P. Papadopoulos; M. B. Plenio



Local cloning of entangled states  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We investigate the conditions under which a set S of pure bipartite quantum states on a D×D system can be locally cloned deterministically by separable operations, when at least one of the states is full Schmidt rank. We allow for the possibility of cloning using a resource state that is less than maximally entangled. Our results include that: (i) all states in S must be full Schmidt rank and equally entangled under the G-concurrence measure, and (ii) the set S can be extended to a larger clonable set generated by a finite group G of order |G|=N, the number of states in the larger set. It is then shown that any local cloning apparatus is capable of cloning a number of states that divides D exactly. We provide a complete solution for two central problems in local cloning, giving necessary and sufficient conditions for (i) when a set of maximally entangled states can be locally cloned, valid for all D; and (ii) local cloning of entangled qubit states with nonvanishing entanglement. In both of these cases, we show that a maximally entangled resource is necessary and sufficient, and the states must be related to each other by local unitary “shift” operations. These shifts are determined by the group structure, so need not be simple cyclic permutations. Assuming this shifted form and partially entangled states, then in D=3 we show that a maximally entangled resource is again necessary and sufficient, while for higher-dimensional systems, we find that the resource state must be strictly more entangled than the states in S. All of our necessary conditions for separable operations are also necessary conditions for local operations and classical communication (LOCC), since the latter is a proper subset of the former. In fact, all our results hold for LOCC, as our sufficient conditions are demonstrated for LOCC, directly.

Gheorghiu, Vlad; Yu, Li; Cohen, Scott M.



Locally adaptive document skew detection  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper proposes a new approach to the detection of local orientation and skew in document images. It is based on the observation that there are many documents where a single global estimate of the page skew is not sufficient. These documents require local adaptation to deal robustly with todays complex configurations of components on the page. The approach attempts to identify regions in the image which exhibit locally consistent physical properties and consistent physical properties and consistent orientation. To do this, we rapidly compute a coarse segmentation and delineate regions which differ with respect to layout and/or physical content. Each region is classified as text, graphics, mixed text/graphics, image or background using local features and additional features are extracted to estimate orientation. The local orientation decisions are propagated where appropriate to resolve ambiguity and to produce a global estimate of the skew for the page. The implementation of our algorithms is demonstrated on a set of images which have multiple regions with different orientations.

Sauvola, Jaakko J.; Doermann, David S.; Pietikaeinen, Matti



Locally linear time temporal logic R. Ramanujam  

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Locally linear time temporal logic R. Ramanujam The Institute of Mathematical Sciences C. I. T agents, where the temporal modalities are local. These modalities not only refer to local next­instants and local eventuality, but also global views of agents at any local instant, which are updated due

Ramanujam, R.


Local B-model Yukiko Konishi  

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Local B-model and MHS Yukiko Konishi Motivation Local Mirror Symmetry Question Mixed Hodge of Mixed Hodge Structures Yukawa coupling Comments Problems Local B-model and Mixed Hodge Structure Yukiko-22, 2009 (Joint work with Satoshi Minabe) #12;Local B-model and MHS Yukiko Konishi Motivation Local Mirror

Konishi, Yukiko


Local Defect Correction in Numerical Simulation  

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Local Defect Correction in Numerical Simulation of Surface Remelting Martijn Anthonissen Technische with moving heat sources. To account for the local high activity due to the heat source, we introduce local uniform grids and couple the solutions on the global coarse and local fine grids using local defect

Eindhoven, Technische Universiteit


Active Markov localization for mobile robots  

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Localization is the problem of determining the position of a mobile robot from sensor data. Most existing localization approaches are passive, i.e., they do not exploit the opportunity to control the robot's effectors during localization. This paper proposes an active localization approach. The approach is based on Markov localization and provides rational criteria for (1) setting the robot's motion direction

Dieter Fox; Wolfram Burgard; Sebastian Thrun



Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This very impressive site should serve as a model for any local archive that creates a Web presence. Well-designed and very easy to use, the site offers a number of research guides as well as detailed information and downloadable fact sheets on records related to the census, poor law, civil registration, military service, wills, taxation, and many others. Visitors will also find a selection of resources on local history, including maps, books, newspapers, and photographs. In addition, the site contains a special section for genealogy researchers, the bread and butter of most local archives. This section offers extensive information in a number of guides and a flash tutorial. General information on the archives and an online catalog complete the site, though the latter is currently under construction.


Local entanglability and multipartite entanglement  

SciTech Connect

We introduce a physically motivated classification of pure quantum states describing n qubits. We characterize all multipartite states which can be maximally entangled to local auxiliary systems using controlled operations. A state has this property if and only if one can construct out of it an orthonormal basis by applying independent local unitary operations. This implies that those states can be used to encode locally the maximum amount of n independent bits. Examples of these states are the so-called stabilizer states, which are used for quantum error correction and one-way quantum computing. We give a simple characterization of these states and construct a complete set of commuting unitary observables which characterize the state uniquely. Furthermore we show how these states can be prepared and discuss their applications.

Kruszynska, C.; Kraus, B. [Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Innsbruck, Technikerstrasse 15, A-6020 Innsbruck (Austria)



Adiabatic optimization without local minima  

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Several previous works have investigated the circumstances under which quantum adiabatic optimization algorithms can tunnel out of local energy minima that trap simulated annealing or other classical local search algorithms. Here we investigate the even more basic question of whether adiabatic optimization algorithms always succeed in polynomial time for trivial optimization problems in which there are no local energy minima other than the global minimum. Surprisingly, we find a counterexample in which the potential is a single basin on a graph, but the eigenvalue gap is exponentially small as a function of the number of vertices. In this counterexample, the ground state wavefunction consists of two "lobes" separated by a region of exponentially small amplitude. Conversely, we prove if the ground state wavefunction is single-peaked then the eigenvalue gap scales at worst as one over the square of the number of vertices.

Michael Jarret; Stephen P. Jordan



Local entanglability and multipartite entanglement  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We introduce a physically motivated classification of pure quantum states describing n qubits. We characterize all multipartite states which can be maximally entangled to local auxiliary systems using controlled operations. A state has this property if and only if one can construct out of it an orthonormal basis by applying independent local unitary operations. This implies that those states can be used to encode locally the maximum amount of n independent bits. Examples of these states are the so-called stabilizer states, which are used for quantum error correction and one-way quantum computing. We give a simple characterization of these states and construct a complete set of commuting unitary observables which characterize the state uniquely. Furthermore we show how these states can be prepared and discuss their applications.

Kruszynska, C.; Kraus, B.



Local Group Proper Motion Dynamics  

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Our knowledge of the dynamics and masses of galaxies in the Local Group has long been limited by the fact that only line-of-sight velocities were observationally accessible. This introduces significant degeneracies in dynamical models, which can only be resolved by measuring also the velocity components perpendicular to the line of sight. However, beyond the solar neighborhood, the corresponding proper motions have generally been too small to measure. This has changed dramatically over the past decade, especially due to the angular resolution and stability available on the Hubble Space Telescope. Proper motions can now be reliably measured throughout the Local Group, as illustrated by, e.g., the work of the HSTPROMO collaboration. In this review, I summarize the importance of proper motions for Local Group science, and I describe the current and future observational approaches and facilities available to measure proper motions. I highlight recent results on various Milky Way populations (globular clusters, th...

van der Marel, Roeland P



Locally anisotropic gravity and strings  

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We shall present an introduction to the theory of gravity on locally anisotropic spaces modelled as vector bundles provided with compatible nonlinear and distinguished linear connection and metric structures (such spaces are obtained by a nonlinear connection reduction or compactification from higher dimensional spaces to lower dimensional ones and contain as particular cases various generalizations of Kaluza{endash}Klein and Finsler geometry). We shall analyze the conditions for consistent propagation of closed strings in locally anisotropic background spaces. The connection between conformal invariance, the vanishing of the renormalization group {beta}-function of the generalized {sigma}-model, and field equations of locally anisotropic gravity will be studied in detail. {copyright} 1997 Academic Press, Inc.

Vacaru, S.I. [Department of Statistical and Nuclear Physics, Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, 5 Academy str., Chisinau, 2028, (Republic of Moldova)] [Department of Statistical and Nuclear Physics, Institute of Applied Physics, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, 5 Academy str., Chisinau, 2028, (Republic of Moldova)



Local demands on sterile neutrinos  

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In a model independent manner, we explore the local implications of a single neutrino oscillation measurement which cannot be reconciled within a three-neutrino theory. We examine this inconsistency for a single region of baseline to neutrino energy $L/E$. Assuming that sterile neutrinos account for the anomaly, we find that the {\\it local} demands of this datum can require the addition to the theory of one to three sterile neutrinos. We examine the constraints which can be used to determine when more than one neutrino would be required. The results apply only to a given region of $L/E$. The question of the adequacy of the sterile neutrinos to satisfy a global analysis is not addressed here. Finally, using the results of a 3+2 analysis, we indicate values for unknown mixing matrix elements which would require two sterile neutrinos due to local demands only.

David C. Latimer; David J. Ernst



Localization via Automorphisms of the CARs. Local gauge invariance  

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The classical matter fields are sections of a vector bundle E with base manifold M. The space L^2(E) of square integrable matter fields w.r.t. a locally Lebesgue measure on M, has an important module action of C_b^\\infty(M) on it. This module action defines restriction maps and encodes the local structure of the classical fields. For the quantum context, we show that this module action defines an automorphism group on the algebra A, of the canonical anticommutation relations on L^2(E), with which we can perform the analogous localization. That is, the net structure of the CAR, A, w.r.t. appropriate subsets of M can be obtained simply from the invariance algebras of appropriate subgroups. We also identify the quantum analogues of restriction maps. As a corollary, we prove a well-known "folk theorem," that the algebra A contains only trivial gauge invariant observables w.r.t. a local gauge group acting on E.

Hendrik Grundling; Karl-Hermann Neeb



Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with Particle Swarm Localization  

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In this article the authors present a simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) method based on probability distribution function matching. The algorithm randomly samples the posteriori pdf based on the reverse models of the range sensors, and then uses a simple function matching method to evaluate pose suggestions, which are proposed by a modified version of the particle swarm optimization method.

B. Todor; D. Darabos



Local Unitary Quantum Cellular Automata  

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In this paper we present a quantization of Cellular Automata. Our formalism is based on a lattice of qudits, and an update rule consisting of local unitary operators that commute with their own lattice translations. One purpose of this model is to act as a theoretical model of quantum computation, similar to the quantum circuit model. It is also shown to be an appropriate abstraction for space-homogeneous quantum phenomena, such as quantum lattice gases, spin chains and others. Some results that show the benefits of basing the model on local unitary operators are shown: universality, strong connections to the circuit model, simple implementation on quantum hardware, and a wealth of applications.

Perez-Delgado, Carlos A



Existentially closed locally finite groups  

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We investigate this class of groups originally called ulf (universal locally finite groups) of cardinality lambda . We prove that for every locally finite group G there is a canonical existentially closed extention of the same cardinality, unique up to isomorphism and increasing with G . Also we get, e.g. existence of complete members (i.e. with no non-inner automorphisms) in many cardinals (provably in ZFC). We also get a parallel to stability theory in the sense of investigating definable types.

Shelah, Saharon



Hand surgery using local anesthesia.  


Most hand traumas and elective surgical disorders of the hand can be treated quickly, easily, inexpensively, and effectively in an outpatient clinic. Although many surgeons prefer general anesthesia, the senior author routinely uses local anesthesia without sedation almost exclusively for carpal and cubital tunnel release, fasciectomy, arthrodesis, arthroplasty, synovectomy, and trauma, including the repair of tendons, nerves, ligaments, fractures, and soft tissue defects. After completing more than 10,000 procedures, the authors have found great benefits through the use of local anesthesia, which are detailed in the article. PMID:24093653

Wong, King H; Huq, Nasim S; Nakhooda, Aqib



Stabilizer states and local realism  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The central focus of this work is to make progress towards understanding entanglement as a resource for computation by examining the quantum correlations that can be extracted from stabilizer states. As such, we focus on the stabilizer formalism, local realism, and the convergence of the two. We contribute to the understanding and manipulation of stabilizer states by providing a simple and compact graphical description of them. Using our stabilizer-state graphs we demonstrate how Clifford operations and Pauli measurements on stabilizer states can be illustrated graphically. Moreover, we demonstrate how our graphical description of stabilizer states can actually be extended to encompass all stabilizer codes. The inability to explain quantum measurement results in local realistic terms is the most striking divergence of quantum mechanics from classical physics. We consider measurements on spatially separated quantum systems and learn when the measurement correlations are consistent with local realism. If they are, we provide an algorithm that generates a local realistic model for them. When the measurement correlations are not so describable, our algorithm generates a Bell inequality violated by them. Unfortunately, this program becomes computationally infeasible when the number of measurements becomes large. For this reason, we also explicitly give a large class of Bell inequalities for an arbitrary number of systems and dichotomic observables. We also examine local realism through probabilistic theories, which include local realistic models, quantum mechanics, and more. Finally, we study the stabilizer-state violation of local realism. We begin by examining local realistic models for Pauli measurements on stabilizer states which satisfy a single highly-motivated property. Beginning with these models, we then examine how much stronger quantum correlations are than classical ones. This is done by allowing some classical communication. Under this paradigm, we introduce a simple communication model that reproduces all global quantum correlations. Studying the successes and failures of this simple model uncovers two properties essential for any successful communication model. Furthermore, we construct a universal model with these properties that reproduces all quantum measurement results for Pauli measurements on stabilizer states.

Elliott, Matthew B.


Localization of eigenvalues with applications  

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Major Subject: Mathematics LOCALIZATION OP EIGENVALUES WITH APPLICATIONS A Thesis by CHARLOTTE NYQUIST DE SPIEGEL Approved as to style and content by: ca% (Head of Department) gr (Member (Memb a (g December 1975 AB STRACT Localization.... Choose any u, 8 entry of C (U), This entry is det(U[n~8]). Suppose ok = Bk for k = l, . . . , t. and a & 8 1. Consider the sub- t+1 ?rix U[ul, ~ ~ . , u +1~81, ~ ~ . , 8 +1], This submatrix will contain a row of zeros. Thus as det(U[o~8]) det(U[oi ~c...

Spiegel, Charlotte Nyquist de



The localized quantum vacuum field  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A model for the localized quantum vacuum is proposed in which the zero-point energy (ZPE) of the quantum electromagnetic field originates in energy- and momentum-conserving transitions of material systems from their ground state to an unstable state with negative energy. These transitions are accompanied by emissions and re-absorptions of real photons, which generate a localized quantum vacuum in the neighborhood of material systems. The model could help resolve the cosmological paradox associated with the ZPE of electromagnetic fields, while reclaiming quantum effects associated with quantum vacuum such as the Casimir effect and the Lamb shift. It also offers a new insight into the Zitterbewegung of material particles.

Dragoman, D.



The Local Dimension of Energy  

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 expensive for one entity to consider it alone. In  Sweden during the early  1970s,  DH  networks  were  heavily  dependent  on  fossil  fuels  but  now  over  seventy  percent of fuel for DH comes from renewable feedstocks such as biomass and municipal  waste. In Finland, aside from a small... made by successful local governments can be narrowed to three key factors. First, they have all recognised the co-benefits of a local energy strategy: a reduction in fuel poverty, increased employment, improved quality of life and mitigation...

Kelly, Scott



Local Food Systems: Concepts, Impacts, and Issues.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This comprehensive overview of local food systems explores alternative definitions of local food, estimates market size and reach, describes the characteristics of local consumers and producers, and examines early indications of the economic and health im...

M. Da Pra, M. Hand, S. Clark, S. Martinez, S. Pollack, S. Vogel



Localization of Classical Waves II: Electromagnetic Waves.  

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Localization of Classical Waves II: Electromagnetic Waves. Alexander Figotin \\Lambda Department We consider electromagnetic waves in a medium described by a position dependent dielectric constant at all times. Localization of electromagnetic waves is a consequence of Anderson localization


Siga adelante: la vida después del tratamiento del cáncer

E-book con consejos para supervivientes de cáncer e información sobre temas relacionados con la vida después del tratamiento, entre ellos, la atención médica de seguimiento, los cambios físicos y emocionales y los cambios en el estilo de vida.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 05-25-2010

Aproximadamente 41.000 participantes en un estudio en el Reino Unido se sometieron una sola vez a una examen de detección en la parte inferior del colon mediante el uso de un sigmoidoscopio, un instrumento delgado en forma de tubo que se inserta a través del recto para buscar lesiones precancerosas o cancerosas. Este dispositivo también tiene una herramienta para extraer pólipos potencialmente precancerosos.


Como Solicitar Los Beneficios del Seguro del Desempleo Transcripcin  

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depende en los ingresos que ha ganado en un periodo de 12 meses...esto es lo que se le llama ingresos del éste Segundo...usted puede visitar nuestro sitio de Internet y presentar su solicitud en línea O. Busque el enlace de la "Lista de Verificación" en nuestro sitio del Internet. Púlselo e imprímalo. Al


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 3 de enero 2013

En Estados Unidos nos bombardean con información sobre los exámenes de detección del cáncer. Los comerciales radiales tratan de atraer a la gente a los centros médicos subrayando los beneficios de los exámenes de detección del cáncer de pulmón. Algunos grupos de defensa promueven los exámenes para el cáncer de próstata o de mama. Y los medios enfatizan los beneficios de estas pruebas. Pero mucha gente no entiende la complejidad de estos procedimientos.


Local statistics of lattice dimers  

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We show how to compute the probability of any given local configuration in a random tiling of the plane with dominos. That is, we explicitly compute the measures of cylinder sets for the measure of maximal entropy ? on the space of tilings of the plane with dominos.We construct a measure ? on the set of lozenge tilings of the

Richard Kenyon



Local statistics of lattice dimers  

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We show how to compute the probability of any given local configuration in a random tiling of the plane with dominos. That is, we explicitly compute the measures of cylinder sets for the measure of maximal entropy $\\mu$ on the space of tilings of the plane with dominos. We construct a measure $\

Richard Kenyon



Local Decisions and Global Networks  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Impact of economic and urban planning on the natural environment can be studied through local situations: California conservation students realized the detrimental effects of a seemingly beneficial dam project. Students were inspired to initiate community-state action to correct damage to wildlife, sanitation, and farming. (AV)

King, David C.; Long, Cathryn J.



Predicting Localized Corrosion in Seawater  

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A number of alloys, including stainless steels, aluminum, and nickel-based alloys, are used in seawater for various applications. The localized corrosion of these materials is af- fected, among other factors, by temperature, microbial activ- ity, chlorination, and fl ow rate. A predictive model, based on the calculation of repassivation and corrosion potentials, is presented and compared to fi eld experiences

N. Sridhar; C. S. Brossia; D. S. Dunn; A. Anderko



Local cloning of CAT states  

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In this Letter we analyze the (im)possibility of the exact cloning of orthogonal three-qubit CAT states under local operation and classical communication(LOCC) with the help of a restricted entangled state. We also classify the three-qubit CAT states that can(not) be cloned under LOCC restrictions and extend the results to the n-qubit case.

Ramij Rahaman



Local Control of Blood Flow  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Organ blood flow is determined by perfusion pressure and vasomotor tone in the resistance vessels of the organ. Local factors that regulate vasomotor tone include myogenic and metabolic autoregulation, flow-mediated and conducted responses, and vasoactive substances released from red blood cells. The relative importance of each of these factors…

Clifford, Philip S.



Local control of blood flow  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Organ blood flow is determined by perfusion pressure and vasomotor tone in the resistance vessels of the organ. Local factors that regulate vasomotor tone include myogenic and metabolic autoregulation, flow-mediated and conducted responses, and vasoactive substances released from red blood cells. The relative importance of each of these factors varies over time, from tissue to tissue, and among vessel generations.

Philip Clifford (Medical College of Wisconsin)



Establishing a Local Education Foundation.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper describes the process of establishing local education foundations for the purpose of raising revenues to supplement, not supplant, existing school programs. Plans to identify funding sources and define the purpose of the foundation tied to student and academic achievement must emerge in order to solicit private individuals or groups,…

Pressley, James S.; Markland, Maureen S.


Linking Global and Local Concerns.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Global Trends Workshops for secondary science and social studies teachers and supervisors conducted collaboratively by the Center for Environmental/Energy Education and the Tennessee Valley Authority's Environmental/Energy Education Program are described. The workshops helped teachers learn how to merge global trends with local concerns. (RM)

Berne, Richard C.; Judy, John M.



Annual Report State/Local  

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Research Annual Report 2009 #12;Federal State/Local Private/Other16% 65% Federal Funding by Agency U.S. Department of Education $ 6,351,387 Office of Naval Research $ 5,821,801 National Science Security $ 50,954 U.S. Department of Elder Affairs $ 35,207 National Foundation on the Arts & Humanities

Richman, Fred


Local Food: Revolution and Reality  

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A food revolution is emerging in America out of growing concerns about obesity and other diet-related health problems. The revolution is most visible today in the local food movement, which is a continuation of the organic food movement, which in turn has its roots in the natural food movement of the 1960s. The revolution is spreading through and beyond mainstream

John E. Ikerd



Erosion Control for Local Roads  

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Erosion Control Handbook for Local Roads M I N N E S OT A DEPARTME N T OF T R A N S PORTATION was extremely helpful in identifying key issues and concerns of those responsible for controlling erosion on low. This report does not constitute a standard, specification, or regulation. 2 #12;Table of Contents Erosion

Minnesota, University of


Arthur Smith, Local Baptist Pastor.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Written and published by the students at Gary High School this volume has three articles dealing with East Texas life. The first "Arthur Smith" (David Hancock and others) is an account of growing up in Marian County, Texas is described by the local Baptist minister. The pastor begins with the year of his birth and gives detailed information about…

Heaton, Moss, Ed.



National and Local Resource Sharing  

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This paper attempts to address the significant issues of library inter-dependence in a resource sharing environment. The concept of cooperative collection development has emerged as a vital component in an individual library's efforts to supply the information needs of its patrons. This is discussed in the context of both national and local requirements. Specifically, attention is focused on (1) the

Joel S. Rutstein



Lab 2: Drawing Local Connections  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Students annotate a photograph of their local study site and then develop a more abstract diagram of the site that highlights the flow of energy and matter among the four components of the Earth system. The investigation concludes with students sharing their diagrams and creating a single class diagram to represent their study site.


Institute for Local Self Reliance  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The ILSR offers a vision of sustainable, self-reliant cities and promotes energy conservation as a key player in urban economic development. A national organization, its work is informed by projects in communities and through connections to grassroots organizations, small businesses, farmers, and local governments.



Local Evaluation of Chemistry Journals  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper reports on the evaluation of local usage statistics of a specific set of chemistry journals at the University of Denver in Colorado, USA. The objective of the study is to demonstrate that commercial publishers in chemistry charge considerably more for their journals than those from the non-commercial sector. There are three variables…

Kraus, Joseph R.; Hansen, Rachel



Enhancing open-source localization  

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Pootle is a web portal which is designed to be a web translation tool. We can run Pootle like an internet server and run a local copy on an intranet. Pootle has a user friendly interface which ensures better quality and easier translation of projects. Users can log into the Pootle and create their own projects under any language, and

Farzana Forhad




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NAME: LOCAL ADDRESS: PHONE:EMAIL: MAJOR: GPA:EXPECTED GRADUATION DATE: AGE RANGE: Sex: 18-19 YRS Female Male SEMESTER AVAILABILITY: Yes, I am willing to commit to 16 hours of M-POWER training in the Fall of 2013 and work 24 hours of events. Please complete both sides of this form and submit


Mobile robot localization using landmarks  

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We describe an efficient method for localizing a mobile robot in an environment with landmarks. We assume that the robot can identify these landmarks and measure their bearings relative to each other. Given such noisy input, the algorithm estimates the robot's position and orientation with respect to the map of the environment. The algorithm makes efficient use of our representation

Margrit Betke; Leonid Gurvits



Treatment of localized esophageal cancer  

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The treatment of localized esophageal cancer (LEC) is controversial. The approaches that are used in daily practice include surgery or radiation alone, preoperative or postoperative radiation, preoperative or postoperative chemotherapy, and definitive or preoperative chemoradiation. The varied modalities used to treat LEC reflect both the lack of randomized trial data and the suboptimal results with current therapy. Nonetheless, the available

Baruch Brenner; David H. Ilson; Bruce D. Minsky



Superbubbles and Local Cosmic Rays  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

We consider the possibility that distinctive features of the local cosmic ray spectra and composition are influenced by the Solar system being embedded within the cavity of an ancient superbubble. Shifts in the measured cosmic ray composition between 10(exp 11) and 10(exp 20) eV as well as the "knee" and "second knee" may be understood in this picture.

Streitmatter, Robert E.; Jones, Frank C.



Brasilia: Commercial Street, Local Shopping  

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Brasilia is a planned city that has been both criticized as a failed utopia acclaimed as a masterpiece of modernist architecture. The city is mapped out into sections forming the shape of a bird or airplane. This photograph is taken in one of Brasilia’s local commerce sectors in the ‘wings’ of the city.

Chet Smolski



Library Clout in Local Cable.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes the role of the Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington, Indiana, in the development of a Community Access Channel through a local cable television (CATV) franchise. The services offered on the channel, the resources required, and the potential of the channel as a community communications resource are outlined. (JL)

Smith, Don R.



Local Initiative for Economic Development.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In fall 1982, in an effort to address a rising unemployment rate in its service area, Pueblo Community College (PCC) joined with local community leaders and the Pueblo Economic Development Corporation to explore feasible, practical, and workable assistance models which would foster the retention and development of small businesses. Numerous…

Zeiss, P. Anthony


Localized scleroderma variants: pharmacologic implications.  


Scleroderma, a complex syndrome, is a disease with varied, yet presumably related subtypes. We searched articles relating to localized scleroderma. By detailing these similarities and differences we gain increased knowledge. Furthermore, by understanding parallels and dissimilarities, possible mechanisms and interventions should be clarified. PMID:22905721

Jackson, Chantal Tauben; Maibach, Howard I



Localized modulated waves in microtubules.  


In the present paper, we study nonlinear dynamics of microtubules (MTs). As an analytical method, we use semi-discrete approximation and show that localized modulated solitonic waves move along MT. This is supported by numerical analysis. Both cases with and without viscosity effects are studied. PMID:24985453

Zdravkovi?, Slobodan; Bugay, Aleksandr N; Aru, Guzel F; Maluckov, Aleksandra



State and Local Revenue Potential.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report contains the results of an extensive study into State and local tax revenue potentials for the 15 Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) States. It identifies both the degree of current use and the potential for increased use of (1) general and selective sales and gross receipts taxes, (2) death and gift taxes, (3) property taxes,…

Quindry, Kenneth E.


Fractal Superconductivity near Localization Threshold  

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Fractal Superconductivity near Localization Threshold Mikhail Feigel'man Landau Institute, Moscow-electron states are extended but fractal and populate small fraction of the whole volume How BCS theory should be modified to account for eigenstates fractality ? #12;Mean-Field Eq. for Tc #12;#12;3D Anderson model: = 0

Fominov, Yakov


Local Conservation Laws and the Structure of the Many-Body Localized States  

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We construct a complete set of local integrals of motion that characterize the many-body localized (MBL) phase. Our approach relies on the assumption that local perturbations act locally on the eigenstates in the MBL phase, ...

Serbyn, Maksym


Sound localization by echolocating bats  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Echolocating bats emit ultrasonic vocalizations and listen to echoes reflected back from objects in the path of the sound beam to build a spatial representation of their surroundings. Important to understanding the representation of space through echolocation are detailed studies of the cues used for localization, the sonar emission patterns and how this information is assembled. This thesis includes three studies, one on the directional properties of the sonar receiver, one on the directional properties of the sonar transmitter, and a model that demonstrates the role of action in building a representation of auditory space. The general importance of this work to a broader understanding of spatial localization is discussed. Investigations of the directional properties of the sonar receiver reveal that interaural level difference and monaural spectral notch cues are both dependent on sound source azimuth and elevation. This redundancy allows flexibility that an echolocating bat may need when coping with complex computational demands for sound localization. Using a novel method to measure bat sonar emission patterns from freely behaving bats, I show that the sonar beam shape varies between vocalizations. Consequently, the auditory system of a bat may need to adapt its computations to accurately localize objects using changing acoustic inputs. Extra-auditory signals that carry information about pinna position and beam shape are required for auditory localization of sound sources. The auditory system must learn associations between extra-auditory signals and acoustic spatial cues. Furthermore, the auditory system must adapt to changes in acoustic input that occur with changes in pinna position and vocalization parameters. These demands on the nervous system suggest that sound localization is achieved through the interaction of behavioral control and acoustic inputs. A sensorimotor model demonstrates how an organism can learn space through auditory-motor contingencies. The model also reveals how different aspects of sound localization, such as experience-dependent acquisition, adaptation, and extra-auditory influences, can be brought together under a comprehensive framework. This thesis presents a foundation for understanding the representation of auditory space that builds upon acoustic cues, motor control, and learning dynamic associations between action and auditory inputs.

Aytekin, Murat


Antioxidantes y prevención del cáncer

Hoja informativa acerca de los antioxidantes, sustancias que pueden proteger las células del daño causado por moléculas inestables conocidas como radicales libres. El daño de los radicales libres puede resultar en cáncer.


Case Study: del Amo Bioventing  

EPA Science Inventory

The attached presentation discusses the fundamentals of bioventing in the vadose zone. The basics of bioventing are presented. The experience to date with the del Amo Superfund Site is presented as a case study....


Se da a conocer el plan del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer para acelerar la investigación del cáncer

En la 100va Reunión Anual de la Asociación Estadounidense de Investigación del Cáncer realizada en Denver, el director del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, doctor John E. Niederhuber, dio a conocer detalles importantes, tales como financiamiento de más subvenciones, creación de una plataforma para atención personalizada del cáncer y un programa acelerado de genética del cáncer que hará avanzar la investigación oncológica en este nuevo ambiente económico.


Sacroplasty for Local or Massive Localization of Multiple Myeloma  

SciTech Connect

The purpose of this study was to assess the efficacy of cementoplasty in the treatment of sacral multiple myelomas. We retrospectively reviewed the records of eight patients (four women and four men; age range 47-68 years; mean age 57.8) who underwent cementoplasty for painful osteolytic localization of multiple myeloma between April 2007 and May 2009. The patients had difficulty walking because of increasing pain. Six patients had persistent pain despite other cementoplasties for vertebral and femoral localization, whereas two patients referred at the time of diagnosis had only sacral lesions. The clinical indication for treatment was (1) a pain intensity score {>=}5 on visual analogue scale (VAS) and (2) pain totally or partially refractory to analgesic treatment in patients with a life expectancy >3 months. Technical planning was based on computed tomography and/or magnetic resonance imaging. Six patients had previously undergone radiotherapy or chemotherapy and were receiving varying doses of analgesics, whereas sacroplasty represented the first treatment for two patients. Five patients had monolateral local involvement, and the other patients had massive involvement of the sacrum; Technical success was achieved in all cases. We had only one small and asymptomatic foraminal leak. All patients experienced improvement in symptoms after the procedure, as demonstrated by improved VAS scores and performance status (PS) and decreased analgesic dose constant during follow-up. In our experience, percutaneous stabilization can be used effectively and safely in patients with focal or extensive involvement of the sacrum by multiple myeloma.

Basile, Antonio, E-mail: [Ospedale Ferrarotto, via Citelli 6, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (Italy); Tsetis, Dimitrios [Medical School of Crete, Department of Radiology, University Hospital of Heraklion (Greece); Cavalli, Maide; Fiumara, Paolo; Raimondo, Francesco Di [Ospedale Ferrarotto, via Citelli 6, Department of Haematology (Italy); Coppolino, Francesco [Policlinico P. Giaccone, Department of Radiology (Italy); Coppolino, Carmelo [Ospedale Ferrarotto, via Citelli 6, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (Italy); Mundo, Elena [Ospedale Garibaldi, Department of Radiology (Italy); Desiderio, Carla [Ospedale Ferrarotto, via Citelli 6, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (Italy); Granata, Antonio [Ospedale Vittorio Emanuele, via Plebiscito 125, Department of Nephrology (Italy); Patti, Maria Teresa [Ospedale Ferrarotto, via Citelli 6, Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (Italy)




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A CATEGORICAL PROOF OF THE EQUIVALENCE OF LOCAL COMPACTNESS AND EXPONENTIABILITY IN LOCALE THEORY CHRISTOPHER F. TOWNSEND ABSTRACT. A well known result in locale theory shows that a locale is locally compact between the opens of locales in terms of natural transformations. Here we use this represen- tation


Topological Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM): Toward Exact Localization Without Explicit Localization  

Microsoft Academic Search

One of the critical components of mapping an unknown environment is the robot's ability to locate itself on a partially explored map. This becomes challenging when the robot experiences positioning error, does not have an external positioning device, nor the luxury of engineered landmarks placed in its free space. This paper presents a new method for simultaneous localization and mapping

Howie Choset; Keiji Nagatani



Harold Varmus investido bajo juramento como 14.º director del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

Ganador del Premio Nobel, doctor Harold E. Varmus, prestó juramento hoy como 14.º director del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI).  "Es muy estimulante que estés de regreso con nosotros", dijo la secretaria del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos Kathleen Sebelius en la ceremonia de toma de juramento. “Hoy se abre un nuevo capítulo para el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer”.


Investigacin Centro de Investigacin y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politcnico Nacional  

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ecosistemas costeros, calidad e Intrusión de agua costera de mar en acuíferos de agua dulce. Jorge Iván Euán y cuerpos de agua, peligros, y aproximaciones para el manejo costero. Gerardo Gold Bouchot Niveles tropicales a impactos locales y globales, utilizando indicadores de calidad del agua, estado trófico


Towards a Systematic Construction of Realistic D-brane Models on a del Pezzo Singularity  

E-print Network

A systematic approach is followed in order to identify realistic D-brane models at toric del Pezzo singularities. Requiring quark and lepton spectrum and Yukawas from D3 branes and massless hypercharge, we are led to Pati-Salam extensions of the Standard Model. Hierarchies of masses, flavour mixings and control of couplings select higher order del Pezzo singularities, minimising the Higgs sector prefers toric del Pezzos with dP3 providing the most successful compromise. Then a supersymmetric local string model is presented with the following properties at low energies: (i) the MSSM spectrum plus a local B-L gauge field or additional Higgs fields depending on the breaking pattern, (ii) a realistic hierarchy of quark and lepton masses and (iii) realistic flavour mixing between quark and lepton families with computable CKM and PMNS matrices, and CP violation consistent with observations. In this construction, kinetic terms are diagonal and under calculational control suppressing standard FCNC contributions. Prot...

Dolan, Matthew J; Quevedo, Fernando



Waterford Area Local History Collection  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Located west of Racine and southwest of Milwaukee, the town of Waterford, Wisconsin sits along the Fox River. In addition to its scenic location, Waterford also happens to have a vibrant public library that has worked with other local organizations to create this elaborate digital local history archive. Working in partnership with the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections, they have created this digital home for an array of maps, photographs, books, manuscripts, and other printed ephemera. The thematic headings include "community", "maps", and "people and portraits" As the town served as a popular resort for decades, visitors will be delighted to learn that the archive has several dozen photographs of the various leisure pursuits that were popular throughout the town and its outlying areas.


Subcellular localization of pituitary enzymes  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A cytochemical procedure is reported for identifying subcellular sites of enzymes hydrolyzing beta-naphthylamine substrates, and to study the sites of reaction product localization in cells of various tissues. Investigations using the substrate Leu 4-methoxy-8-naphthylamine, a capture with hexonium pararosaniline, and the final chelation of osmium have identified the hydrolyzing enzyme of rat liver cells; this enzyme localized on cell membranes with intense deposition in the areas of the parcanaliculi. The study of cells in the anterior pituitary of the rat showed the deposition of reaction product on cell membrane; and on the membranes of secretion granules contained within the cell. The deposition of reaction product on the cell membrane however showed no increase or decrease with changes in the physiological state of the gland and release of secretion granules from specific cells.

Smith, R. E.



Systemic effects of local radiotherapy  

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SUMMARY Radiotherapy is generally used to treat a localized target that includes cancer. Mounting evidence indicates that radiotherapy also recruits biological effectors outside the treatment field, and has systemic effects. The implications of this aspect are discussed in this review, in the context of understanding the role of the host’s immune system in cooperating with standard cytotoxic treatments. Since effects from both chemotherapy and radiotherapy are sensed by the immune system, their combination with immunotherapy presents a new therapeutic opportunity. Radiotherapy carries the advantage of directly interfering with the primary tumor site, and potentially reverting some of the established immuno-supressive barriers present within the tumor microenvironment, ideally recovering the role of the primary tumor as an effective immunogenic hub. Local radiation also triggers systemic effects that can be harnessed in combination with immunotherapy to induce responses outside the radiation field. This review will cover some of the preclinical and clinical evidence in this regard. PMID:19573801

Formenti, Silvia C.; Demaria, Sandra



VIII Encuentro Nacional de Teatro del CLETA  

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popular de las "calaveras," poemitas satíricos que se circulan en México por motivo del día dos de noviembre, "Día de los Muertos," destacaron esa noche las "calaças" originales del Llanero Solitito; por ejemplo, la siguiente a propósito del actual... contribuir al fortalecimiento de organizaciones políticas y sociales que contribuyan a la destrucción del sistema de explotación del hombre por el hombre." Durante los diez días que duró el VIII Encuentro, hubo presentaciones tanto en foros cerrados como...

Frischmann, Donald H.



Dining Philosophers with Crash Locality 1  

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Ideally, distributed algorithms isolate the side-effects of faults within local neighborhoods of impact. Failure locality quanti- fies this concept as the maximum radius of impact caused by a given fault. We present new locality results for the dining philosophers problem subject to crash failures. The optimal crash locality for dining is 0 in synchronous networks, but degrades to 2 in

Scott M. Pike; Paolo A. G. Sivilotti



LOCAL FOOD DIGEST: Food Hub Overview  

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LOCAL FOOD DIGEST: Food Hub Overview Greg Schweser Associate Director, Sustainable Local Foods, University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs LOCAL FOOD MOVEMENT Food hub development has become a focus in the local food movement as an opportunity to provide scale-appropriate infrastructure to small

Netoff, Theoden



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LOCALLY HOMOGENEOUS RIGID GEOMETRIC STRUCTURES ON SURFACES SORIN DUMITRESCU Abstract. We study locally homogeneous rigid geometric structures on surfaces. We show that a locally homogeneous projective connection on a compact surface is flat. We also show that a locally homogeneous unimodular affine connection

Boyer, Edmond


Formal Concept Analysis applied to Fault Localization  

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Formal Concept Analysis applied to Fault Localization Peggy Cellier IRISA, Campus Bealieu, 35042] in order to improve the fault localization. Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) has already been used for several Syntaxic Tree (AST) to improve fault localization, it gives a evaluation plan. 2. FAULT LOCALIZATION

Ferré, Sébastien


Locally Checkable Proofs Mika Goos & Jukka Suomela  

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Locally Checkable Proofs Mika G¨o¨os & Jukka Suomela Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT G¨o¨os, Suomela (HIIT) Locally Checkable Proofs 7th June 2011 1 / 15 #12;Basic Question 1 What global information can we infer from local structure? G¨o¨os, Suomela (HIIT) Locally Checkable Proofs 7th

Suomela, Jukka


Local Factorization of Functions Technical Report  

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Local Factorization of Functions Technical Report June, 2001 (Revised October, 2003) Volker Tresp Abstract This paper is concerned with the notion of a local factorization distribution. We introduce the notions of local independence and of the local Kullback-Leibler divergence. We

Tresp, Volker


Localic Priestley Duality Christopher F. Townsend  

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Localic Priestley Duality Christopher F. Townsend 30th January 1996 Abstract Given the category ordered Stone locales. These are classically just the ordered Stone spaces. It is well known that the localic analogue for the coherent spaces is the category of co- herent locales. We prove, entirely


Computational methods for global/local analysis  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Computational methods for global/local analysis of structures which include both uncoupled and coupled methods are described. In addition, global/local analysis methodology for automatic refinement of incompatible global and local finite element models is developed. Representative structural analysis problems are presented to demonstrate the global/local analysis methods.

Ransom, Jonathan B.; Mccleary, Susan L.; Aminpour, Mohammad A.; Knight, Norman F., Jr.



Robust Monte Carlo localization for mobile robots  

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Mobile robot localization is the problem of determining a robot's pose from sensor data. This article presents a family of probabilistic localization algorithms known as Monte Carlo Localization (MCL). MCL algorithms represent a robot's belief by a set of weighted hypotheses (samples), which approximate the posterior under a common Bayesian formulation of the localization problem. Building on the basic MCL

Sebastian Thrun; Dieter Fox; Wolfram Burgard; Frank Dellaert



Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Forest Harvesters  

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A real-time SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) approach to harvester localization and tree map generation in forest environments is presented in this paper. The method combines 2D laser localization and mapping with GPS information to form global tree maps. Building an incremental map while also using it for localization is the only way a mobile robot can navigate in large

Mikko Miettinen; Matti Öhman; Arto Visala; Pekka Forsman



Multivariate Ensemble Sensitivity with Localization  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

So far in the literature, covariance localization (tapering) has not been applied when performing ensemble sensitivity analysis. Sampling error in computing the sensitivities via lagged covariances leads to an over-estimation of the impact of a perturbation. Most commonly when computing sensitivities, the analysis covariance is approximated with the corresponding diagonal matrix. Two consequences follow: (1) the multi-variate sensitivity is approximated by a univariate sensitivity, and (2) sampling error in off-diagonal elements are obviated. It is unknown, however, how much information is lost by ignoring the off-diagonal elements in the full covariance. When forecasts depend on many details of the previous analysis, it is reasonable to expect that the diagonal approximation is too severe. The purpose of this presentation is to clarify the effects of the diagonal approximation, and investigate the need for localization when off-diagonal elements are considered. Motivated by examples arising from sensitivities estimated within a cycling mesoscale ensemble data assimilation system, for easier interpretation we turn to the two-scale model first presented by Lorenz in 2005. We show that for most problems, an efficient matrix inversion is possible by finding a minimum-norm solution, and employing appropriate matrix factorization. Comparing the full inversion with off-diagonal elements, the fine-scale sensitivity estimates can be substantially different from those arising when the diagonal approximation is used. Localization on the sensitivity can be handled by an off-line empirical or Bayesian estimation technique. Because the sensitivity estimated from the full inversion is subject to sampling error, it is sensitive to the localization. The results show that compared to typical practices, more complete ensemble sensitivity formulations may be needed to draw robust inferences in general.

Hacker, Joshua; Lei, Lili



Logical operations with Localized Structures  

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We show how to exploit excitable regimes mediated by localized structures (LS) to perform AND, OR, and NOT logical operations providing full logical functionality. Our scheme is general and can be implemented in any physical system displaying LS. In particular, LS in nonlinear photonic devices can be used for all-optical computing applications where several reconfigurable logic gates can be implemented in the transverse plane of a single device, allowing for parallel computing.

Jacobo, Adrian; Matias, Manuel A; Colet, Pere; 10.1088/1367-2630/14/1/013040



Learning non-local dependencies  

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This paper addresses the nature of the temporary storage buVer used in implicit or statistical learning. Kuhn and Dienes (Kuhn, G., & Dienes, Z. (2005). Implicit learning of nonlocal musical rules: implicitly learning more than chunks. Journal of Experimental Psychology-Learning Memory and Cognition, 31(6) 1417-1432) showed that people could implicitly learn a musical rule that was solely based on non-local

Gustav Kuhn; Zoltán Dienes



Localization on round sphere revisited  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We consider supersymmetric gauge theories on round 3-sphere with a certain background gauge field. The Lagrangians break the usual symmetry because the background gauge field which we have turned on violates the isometry. In order to maintain the supersymmetry, we choose unfamiliar charged Killing spinors as = 2 SUSY parameters. We perform localization calculous within this setup and find the double sine function as we expected. We comment on more direct relationship between theories on round sphere and squashed sphere via Weyl transformation.

Tanaka, Akinori



Localization in optics - Quasiperiodic media  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

An experiment to probe the (quasi)localization of the photon is proposed, in which optical layers are constructed following the Fibonacci sequence. The transmission coefficient has a rich structure as a function of the wavelength of light and, in fact, is multifractal. For particular wavelengths for which the resonance conditions is satisfied, the light propagation has scaling with respect to the number of layers, as well as an interesting fluctuation.

Kohmoto, Mahito; Sutherland, Bill; Iguchi, K.



Changes in Our Local Environment  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Developed for Alaska Native students, this activity can be customized for other regions. Students interview elders or other long-term residents of the community to document their knowledge of local changes to the landscape and climate. Based on the information and photos they acquired from the interview, students return to photo locations to observe and record changes. Finally, they develop ideas about potential impacts of a warming climate to the ecosystem that surrounds them.

Curriculum, Alaska S.; Grant, Alaska S.


Local method for detecting communities  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We propose a method of community detection that is computationally inexpensive and possesses physical significance to a member of a social network. This method is unlike many divisive and agglomerative techniques and is local in the sense that a community can be detected within a network without requiring knowledge of the entire network. A global application of this method is also introduced. Several artificial and real-world networks, including the famous Zachary karate club, are analyzed.

Bagrow, James P.; Bollt, Erik M.



Localization for random block operators  

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We continue the investigations of Kirsch, Metzger and the second-named author [J. Stat. Phys. 143, 1035--1054 (2011)] on spectral properties of a certain type of random block operators. In particular, we establish an alternative version of a Wegner estimate and an improved result on Lifschitz tails at the internal band edges. Using these ingredients and the bootstrap multi-scale analysis, we also prove dynamical localization in a neighbourhood of the internal band edges.

Martin Gebert; Peter Müller



Forest commons and local enforcement  

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This article examines the relationship between local enforcement and forests used as commons. It uses a unique multicountry dataset, created over the past 15 years by the International Forestry Resources and Institutions Research Program. Drawing on original enforcement and forest commons data from 9 countries, we find that higher levels of local enforcement have a strong and positive but complex relationship to the probability of forest regeneration. This relationship holds even when the influence of a number of other factors such as user group size, subsistence, and commercial importance of forests, size of forest, and collective action for forest improvement activities is taken into account. Although several of the above factors have a statistically significant relationship to changes in the condition of forest commons, differences in levels of local enforcement strongly moderate their link with forest commons outcomes. The research, using data from diverse political, social, and ecological contexts, shows both the importance of enforcement to forest commons and some of the limits of forest governance through commons arrangements. PMID:18768821

Chhatre, Ashwini; Agrawal, Arun



Forest commons and local enforcement.  


This article examines the relationship between local enforcement and forests used as commons. It uses a unique multicountry dataset, created over the past 15 years by the International Forestry Resources and Institutions Research Program. Drawing on original enforcement and forest commons data from 9 countries, we find that higher levels of local enforcement have a strong and positive but complex relationship to the probability of forest regeneration. This relationship holds even when the influence of a number of other factors such as user group size, subsistence, and commercial importance of forests, size of forest, and collective action for forest improvement activities is taken into account. Although several of the above factors have a statistically significant relationship to changes in the condition of forest commons, differences in levels of local enforcement strongly moderate their link with forest commons outcomes. The research, using data from diverse political, social, and ecological contexts, shows both the importance of enforcement to forest commons and some of the limits of forest governance through commons arrangements. PMID:18768821

Chhatre, Ashwini; Agrawal, Arun



Indoor localization using magnetic fields  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Indoor localization consists of locating oneself inside new buildings. GPS does not work indoors due to multipath reflection and signal blockage. WiFi based systems assume ubiquitous availability and infrastructure based systems require expensive installations, hence making indoor localization an open problem. This dissertation consists of solving the problem of indoor localization by thoroughly exploiting the indoor ambient magnetic fields comprising mainly of disturbances termed as anomalies in the Earth's magnetic field caused by pillars, doors and elevators in hallways which are ferromagnetic in nature. By observing uniqueness in magnetic signatures collected from different campus buildings, the work presents the identification of landmarks and guideposts from these signatures and further develops magnetic maps of buildings - all of which can be used to locate and navigate people indoors. To understand the reason behind these anomalies, first a comparison between the measured and model generated Earth's magnetic field is made, verifying the presence of a constant field without any disturbances. Then by modeling the magnetic field behavior of different pillars such as steel reinforced concrete, solid steel, and other structures like doors and elevators, the interaction of the Earth's field with the ferromagnetic fields is described thereby explaining the causes of the uniqueness in the signatures that comprise these disturbances. Next, by employing the dynamic time warping algorithm to account for time differences in signatures obtained from users walking at different speeds, an indoor localization application capable of classifying locations using the magnetic signatures is developed solely on the smart phone. The application required users to walk short distances of 3-6 m anywhere in hallway to be located with accuracies of 80-99%. The classification framework was further validated with over 90% accuracies using model generated magnetic signatures representing hallways with different kinds of pillars, doors and elevators. All in all, this dissertation contributes the following: 1) provides a framework for understanding the presence of ambient magnetic fields indoors and utilizing them to solve the indoor localization problem; 2) develops an application that is independent of the user and the smart phones and 3) requires no other infrastructure since it is deployed on a device that encapsulates the sensing, computing and inferring functionalities, thereby making it a novel contribution to the mobile and pervasive computing domain.

Pathapati Subbu, Kalyan Sasidhar


State and Local Government on the Net  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

State and Local Government on the Net is a listing of pointers to state, county, and city government pages. Sites included are those which meet the criteria of being produced and managed by state, county, or local agencies. Each state is divided into state, county and local sites when available. Links to Native American tribal sites, federal resources related to state and local governments, and national organizations serving state and local governments are also included.



Local food systems: concepts, impacts, and issues  

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Consumer demand for food that is locally produced,marketed, and consumed is generating increased interest in local food throughout the United States. As interest grows, so do questions about what constitutes local food and what characterizes local food systems. What Is the Issue? This study provides a comprehensive literature-review-based overview of the current understanding of local food systems, including: alternative defi

Steve Martinez; Michael Hand; Michelle Da Pra; Susan Pollack; Katherine Ralston; Travis Smith; Stephen Vogel; Shellye Clarke; Luanne Lohr; Sarah Low; Constance Newman



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 29 de marzo de 2011

Los artículos originales en inglés se encuentran disponibles en las páginas del NCI Cancer Bulletin. El Boletín es una publicación del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), una entidad gubernamental de los Estados Unidos creada en 1937.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 21 de junio de 2011

Los artículos originales en inglés se encuentran disponibles en las páginas del NCI Cancer Bulletin. El Boletín es una publicación del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), una entidad gubernamental de los Estados Unidos creada en 1937.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 28 de febrero de 2012

Los artículos originales en inglés están disponibles en las páginas del NCI Cancer Bulletin. El Boletín es una publicación del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), una entidad gubernamental de los Estados Unidos creada en 1937.


en el mundo Trasplante del arroz en Madagascar  

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Ciencias y Tecnologías del Agua » con la ayuda del Ministerio de Asuntos Extranjeros. África del Norte y internacional MERGUSIE, dedicado al manejo integral del agua en la cuenca vertiente del Merguellil. De éste han tecnologías del agua » del Nepad Los lazos entre el Instituto y el NEPAD (The New Partnership for Africa


Cosmological expansion and local physics  

SciTech Connect

The interplay between cosmological expansion and local attraction in a gravitationally bound system is revisited in various regimes. First, weakly gravitating Newtonian systems are considered, followed by various exact solutions describing a relativistic central object embedded in a Friedmann universe. It is shown that the 'all or nothing' behavior recently discovered (i.e., weakly coupled systems are comoving while strongly coupled ones resist the cosmic expansion) is limited to the de Sitter background. New exact solutions are presented which describe black holes perfectly comoving with a generic Friedmann universe. The possibility of violating cosmic censorship for a black hole approaching the big rip is also discussed.

Faraoni, Valerio; Jacques, Audrey [Physics Department, Bishop's University, 2600 College Street, Sherbrooke, Quebec, J1M 0C8 (Canada)



Probing the local interstellar medium  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A sophisticated model of solar wind expansion is applied to deduce a range of parameters for the local interstellar medium that predicts a location for the heliospheric shock of about 30 AU. It is found that either the interstellar magnetic field is more than double the presently accepted value of 0.3 nT, or the pressure due to galactic cosmic rays with energies near 0.1 MeV is that obtained by simple extrapolation of the observed flux at higher energies inside the heliosphere. Alternatively, some combination of these two external effects yields an effective interstellar pressure approximately quadruple present estimates.

Suess, S. T.; Dessler, A. J.



Problems in local emergency management  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Local governments (county and city) take the most active role in responding to natural and manmade disasters, yet very little is understood about the role of the emergency manager-the administrator who organizes and coordinates the emergency response of a community. This article describes the more common organizational niches that emergency managers are placed into, and it examines some of the political, institutional, and budgetary constraints that hinder the emergency manager's operations. Finally, it suggests strategies for solving these problems and identifies areas for further research.

Labadie, John R.



Genetic Algorithms and Local Search  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The first part of this presentation is a tutorial level introduction to the principles of genetic search and models of simple genetic algorithms. The second half covers the combination of genetic algorithms with local search methods to produce hybrid genetic algorithms. Hybrid algorithms can be modeled within the existing theoretical framework developed for simple genetic algorithms. An application of a hybrid to geometric model matching is given. The hybrid algorithm yields results that improve on the current state-of-the-art for this problem.

Whitley, Darrell



RNA Localization Meets Wingless Signaling  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

In many tissues in many organisms, messenger RNA (mRNA) is not randomly distributed throughout a cell, but is targeted and accumulated in specific subcellular locations. Signal transduction pathways can be extremely sensitive to gradients of signaling proteins and represent a cellular phenomenon where RNA localization may be important. Manseau discusses how targeting of the RNA for a secreted ligand, Wingless (Wg), is important in promoting proper Wg signaling in early Drosophila embryos and the mechanism for achieving this subcellular targeting. The possible mechanistic models for how restricted wg mRNA distribution influences Wg signaling are also detailed.

Lynn J. Manseau (University of Arizona;Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and the Interdisciplinary Program in Genetics REV)



Local Basis Expansions for MEG Source Localization. Partha P. Mitra1  

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1 Local Basis Expansions for MEG Source Localization. Partha P. Mitra1 , H.Maniar1 1 Department of Neuroscience, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY, USA Abstract-- We discuss the use of local basis expansions include: localization of spontaneous activity, simultaneous localization in source space and temporal


Applications of local fractional calculus to engineering in fractal time-space: Local fractional differential equations with local fractional derivative  

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This paper presents a better approach to model an engineering problem in fractal-time space based on local fractional calculus. Some examples are given to elucidate to establish governing equations with local fractional derivative.

Xiao-Jun Yang



Dynamical Localization in Disordered Quantum Spin Systems  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We say that a quantum spin system is dynamically localized if the time-evolution of local observables satisfies a zero-velocity Lieb-Robinson bound. In terms of this definition we have the following main results: First, for general systems with short range interactions, dynamical localization implies exponential decay of ground state correlations, up to an explicit correction. Second, the dynamical localization of random xy spin chains can be reduced to dynamical localization of an effective one-particle Hamiltonian. In particular, the isotropic xy chain in random exterior magnetic field is dynamically localized.

Hamza, Eman; Sims, Robert; Stolz, Günter



Adaptively local 1-dimensional subproblems  

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We provide a new insight of the difficulty of nonparametric estimation of a whole function. A new method is invented for finding a minimax lower bound of globally estimating a function. The idea is to adjust automatically the direction to the nearly hardest I-dimensional subproblem at each location, and to use locally the difficulty of I-dimensional subproblem. In a variety of contexts, our method can give not only attainable global rates, but also constant factors. Comparing with the existing techniques, our method has the advantages of being easily implemented and understood, and can give constant factors as well. We illustrate the lower bound by using examples of nonparametric density estimation as well as nonparametric regression. Concise proofs of the lower rates are given. Applying our lower bound to deconvolution setting, we obtain the best attainable global rates of convergence. With the existing techniques, it would be extremely difficult to solve such a problem. oAbbreviated title. Local I-d subproblems.

Jianqing Fan



FLOOR: fusing locally optimal registrations.  


Most registration algorithms, such as Demons, align two scans by iteratively finding the deformation minimizing the image dissimilarity at each location and smoothing this minimum across the image domain. These methods generally get stuck in local minima, are negatively impacted by missing correspondences between the images, and require careful tuning of the smoothing parameters to achieve optimal results. In this paper, we propose to improve on those issues by choosing the minimum from a set of candidates. Our method generates such candidates by running the registration algorithm multiple times varying the setting of the smoothing and the image domain. We iteratively refine those candidates by fusing them with the outcome of alternative approaches and locally adapting the smoothing parameters. We implement our algorithm based on Demons and find alternative minima via manifold learning. Compared to those two methods, our 600 pairwise registrations of cardiac MRIs significantly better handle the large shape variations of the heart and the different field of views captured by scans. PMID:24505761

Ye, Dong Hye; Hamm, Jihun; Desjardins, Benoit; Pohl, Kilian M



ISS Local Environment Spectrometers (ISLES)  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

In order to study the complex interactions between the space environment surrounding the ISS and the ISS surface materials, we propose to use lowcost, high-TRL plasma sensors on the ISS robotic arm to probe the ISS space environment. During many years of ISS operation, we have been able to condut effective (but not perfect) extravehicular activities (both human and robotic) within the perturbed local ISS space environment. Because of the complexity of the interaction between the ISS and the LEO space environment, there remain important questions, such as differential charging at solar panel junctions (the so-called "triple point" between conductor, dielectric, and space plasma), increased chemical contamination due to ISS surface charging and/or thruster activation, water dumps, etc, and "bootstrap" charging of insulating surfaces. Some compelling questions could synergistically draw upon a common sensor suite, which also leverages previous and current MSFC investments. Specific questions address ISS surface charging, plasma contactor plume expansion in a magnetized drifting plasma, and possible localized contamination effects across the ISS.

Krause, Linda Habash; Gilchrist, Brian E.



Localized lossless authentication watermark (LAW)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A novel framework is proposed for lossless authentication watermarking of images which allows authentication and recovery of original images without any distortions. This overcomes a significant limitation of traditional authentication watermarks that irreversibly alter image data in the process of watermarking and authenticate the watermarked image rather than the original. In particular, authenticity is verified before full reconstruction of the original image, whose integrity is inferred from the reversibility of the watermarking procedure. This reduces computational requirements in situations when either the verification step fails or the zero-distortion reconstruction is not required. A particular instantiation of the framework is implemented using a hierarchical authentication scheme and the lossless generalized-LSB data embedding mechanism. The resulting algorithm, called localized lossless authentication watermark (LAW), can localize tampered regions of the image; has a low embedding distortion, which can be removed entirely if necessary; and supports public/private key authentication and recovery options. The effectiveness of the framework and the instantiation is demonstrated through examples.

Celik, Mehmet U.; Sharma, Gaurav; Tekalp, A. Murat; Saber, Eli S.



Local lattice effects in oxides  

SciTech Connect

Neutron diffraction measurements were used to investigate the local atomic structure of manganese and cobalt oxides. Static Jahn-Teller (JT) distortions present in the lightly doped perovskite manganates were found in metallic compositions as well. The cooperativeness of the distortions is however lost as the doping is increased. In the two-layer manganates, the existence of a local JT effect helps explain the similarities in the properties between cubic and layered systems. In the cobalt system, the coupling strength of the lattice to the e{sub g} states during the thermal activation from the ground, low-spin (LS) state to an excited, intermediate (IS) or high-spin (HS) states for Co in LaCoO{sub 3} changes as a function of temperature. The introduction of extra carriers by doping of La{sub 1-x}Sr{sub x}CoO{sub 3} stabilizes the IS JT states, populated at a rate proportional to the charge density. The JT distortions induced in this system are dynamic in nature if compared to the ones in the manganates. (c) 1999 American Institute of Physics.

Louca, Despina [Los Alamos National Laboratory, Condensed Matter and Thermal Physics Group, MST 10, MS K764, Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545 (United States); Kwei, George H. [Los Alamos National Laboratory, Condensed Matter and Thermal Physics Group, MST 10, MS K764, Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545 (United States)



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 04-27-2010

Cada vez es más evidente que los esfuerzos mundiales de salud de mayor éxito dependen no solo del aporte de las mentes más brillantes, sino de la colaboración entre ellas para marcar la diferencia en el escenario global. Este enfoque es el motor impulsor detrás de una asociación excepcional con el NCI, financiada en parte por Susan G.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 01-05-2010

Al caminar por los pasillos del nuevo centro oncológico integral en la sede de Ciencias Médicas de la Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR) en San Juan, uno debe mantener los ojos abiertos. La mujer que pasa caminando vigorosamente podría ser la doctora Marcia Roxana Cruz-Correa, y no debe uno perderse la oportunidad de conocerla.



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de sexo y la forma en que esto afecta las actividades colaborativas. En el presente trabajo se describen los resultados de un experimento desarrollado con el fin de establecer que la diferencia de sexo]. Varios estudios también han demostrado que las diferencias de sexo en el uso del computador están

Guerrero, Luis


modelado y analisis del transporte del herbicida glifosato en una ...  

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tools for the study of water and contaminant transport in the unsaturated zone. This paper presents ... Tests were designed to. characterize the ... laboratory and field data. RESUMEN ..... donde t1 2/ es la vida-mitad (half-life) del contaminante. El parámetro t1 2/ .... En Soil Science Society of America Journal, 44, 892-898.

(Tom N. Jagatic)


Método de determinación del origen geográfico del polen apícola comercial  

Microsoft Academic Search

Cinco muestras de marcas de polen apícola, que son frecuentes en el comercio regional, han sido estudiadas y su composición po- línica analizada mediante diferentes técnicas con el objetivo de conocer su origen geográfico. Se han usado tres métodos que pueden con- siderarse complementarios: los valores porcentuales del análisis de polen por microscopía óptica, el análisis colorimétrico y el estudio

Pilar de Sá-Otero; Silvia Marcial-Bugarín; Sandra Armesto-Baztán; Emilia Díaz-Losada



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 12-08-2009

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) recientemente puso a disposición carteles y broches de promoción en español para aumentar la concientización sobre los estudios clínicos. Se pretende que los instrumentos animen la conversación con pacientes de cáncer que pudieran estar interesados en participar en un estudio clínico.


Productivity Improvement for State and Local Government.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

A wide variety of works on productivity improvement approaches for State and local governments are cited in this annotated bibliography for the local government policymaker, chief executive officer, or department manager interested in improving personal o...



34 CFR 361.15 - Local administration.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...2010-07-01 2010-07-01 false Local administration. 361.15 Section 361.15 Education...for Vocational Rehabilitation Services Administration § 361.15 Local administration. (a) If the State plan provides...



Sensor network localization based on natural phenomena  

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Autonomous localization is crucial for many sensor network applications. The goal of this thesis is to develop a distributed localization algorithm for the PLUG indoor sensor network by analyzing sound and light sensory ...

Kim, Daniel Sang



All things being unequal : locality in movement  

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In this thesis I demonstrate that a simplified theory of locality \\ has greater success in accounting for locality in movement than more complicated alternatives that have been suggested. In particular, I argue that closeness ...

Doggett, Teal Bissell, 1975-



Strategies for Local Low-Carbon Development  

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waste management) Businesses, consumers, local community groups Agriculture, environmental and sustainable development groups Waste management companies, recycling andwaste management) ? Businesses, consumers, local community groups ? Agriculture, environmental & sustainable development groups ? Waste management companies, recycling &

Zhou, Nan



Molecular insights into intracellular RNA localization  

PubMed Central

Localization of mRNAs to specific destinations within a cell or an embryo is important for local control of protein expression. mRNA localization is well-known to function in very large and polarized cells such as neurons, and to facilitate embryonic patterning during early development. However, recent genome-wide studies have revealed that mRNA localization is more widely utilized than previously thought to control gene expression. Not only can transcripts be localized asymmetrically within the cytoplasm, they are often also localized to symmetrically-distributed organelles. Recent genetic, cytological, and biochemical studies have begun to provide molecular insight into how cells select RNAs for transport, move them to specific destinations, and control their translation. This review will summarize recent insights into the mechanisms and function of RNA localization with a specific emphasis on molecular insights into each step in the mRNA localization process. PMID:23351709

Blower, Michael D.



Design System for Locally Fabricated Gallium Arsenide  

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Design System for Locally Fabricated Gallium Arsenide Digital Integrated Circuits by Anthony Edward, 26 November, 1990 © Anthony Parker 1990 Gallium Arsenide Digital Integrated Circuits Project System for Locally Fabricated Gallium Arsenide Digital Integrated Circuits A thesis submitted to Sydney


44 CFR 60.26 - Local coordination.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...Local coordination. (a) Local flood plain, mudslide (i.e., mudflow) and flood-related erosion area management, forecasting, emergency preparedness, and damage abatement programs should be coordinated with relevant Federal, State, and...



The Local Group: Our Galactic Neighborhood.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents information on the properties and largest spirals of the Local Group galaxies. Explains the three categories of galaxies, identifies the brightest members of the Local Group, and discusses recent discoveries within the group. (ML)

Hodge, Paul



Localized shrinkage factors and minimax results  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A condition is derived under which a localized shrinkage factor estimator will be minimax. A specific localized shrinkage factor estimator is described. The nonapplicability of the derived condition to some estimators is shown. Several comments concerning these results are made.

Kostal, H.



The structure of local gravity theories  

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We discuss the structure of local gravity theories as resulting from the idea that locally gravity must be physically characterized by tidal acceleration, and show how this relates to both Newtonian gravity and Einstein's general relativity.

Maurice J. Dupre



Acoustic Source Localization Using the Acoustic ENSBox  

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Acoustic Source Localization Using the Acoustic ENSBox Andreas M. Ali Kung Yao Electrical of new deployable acoustic sensor platforms presents opportunities to develop automated tools for bio-acoustic Keywords Bioacoustics, distributed signal processing, acoustic source localization, wireless sensor

Grether, Gregory


Local shear in general magnetic stellarator geometry  

SciTech Connect

A nonlinear ballooning mode formulation in general magnetic coordinates is developed for the cold ion electrostatic drift wave problem in stellarators. It is shown that local ripple shear, not global average shear, radially localizes microturbulent modes which are located along the field lines by local ripple curvature wells. It is argued that microturbulence in stellarators depends dominantly on local ripple shear and curvature and may be rather insensitive to global (or average) shear and curvature.

Waltz, R.E. (General Atomics, P.O. Box 85608, San Diego, California 92186-9784 (United States)); Boozer, A.H. (College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia 23185 (United States) Max-Planck Instituet fuer Plasmaphysik, D-8046 Garching bei Muenchen (Germany))



Guide to Finding a Local Specialist  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This online article, from Biodiversity Counts, is a guide to finding local specialists who are knowledgeable about plants and arthropods. It includes an overview of how local specialists can be of help, a link to the Directory of Local Specialists who have agreed to work with participating schools, a list of additional organizations, with links to Web sites, that are good sources for local specialists and tips from two middle school teachers.


Symmetric states: local unitary equivalence via stabilizers  

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We classify local unitary equivalence classes of symmetric states via a classification of their local unitary stabilizer subgroups. For states whose local unitary stabilizer groups have a positive number of continuous degrees of freedom, the classification is exhaustive. We show that local unitary stabilizer groups with no continuous degrees of freedom are isomorphic to finite subgroups of the rotation group SO(3), and give examples of states with discrete stabilizers.

Curt D. Cenci; David W. Lyons; Laura M. Snyder; Scott N. Walck



Nuclear localization and the heat shock proteins  

Microsoft Academic Search

The highly conserved heat shock proteins (HSP) belong to a subset of cellular proteins that localize to the nucleus. HSPs\\u000a are atypical nuclear proteins in that they localize to the nucleus selectively, rather than invariably. Nuclear localization\\u000a of HSPs is associated with cell stress and cell growth. This aspect of HSPs is highly conserved with nuclear localization\\u000a occurring in response

A. A. Knowlton; M. Salfity



Instantánea del cáncer de cuello uterino

Información sobre las tendencias de incidencia, mortalidad y financiamiento del NCI sobre el cáncer de cuello uterino; así como ejemplos de actividades del NCI y adelantos en la investigación de este tipo de cáncer.


Radioimmune localization of occult carcinoma  

SciTech Connect

Patients with a rising serum carcinoembryonic antigen level and no clinical or roentgenographic evidence of recurrent or metastatic cancer present a treatment dilemma. Eleven such patients, 10 with a previously treated colorectal carcinoma and 1 with a previously treated breast carcinoma, received an injection of the anticarcinoembryonic antigen monoclonal antibody ZCE-025 labeled with the radioisotope indium 111. Nuclear scintigraphy was performed on days 3 and 5 through 7 to detect potential sites of tumor recurrence. The monoclonal antibody scan accurately predicted the presence or absence of occult malignancy in 7 (64%) patients. Second-look laparotomy confirmed the monoclonal antibody scan results in the patients with colorectal cancer, and magnetic resonance imaging confirmed metastatic breast cancer. This study demonstrates that In-ZCE-025 can localize occult carcinoma and may assist the surgeon in facilitating the operative exploration. In-ZCE-025 assisted in the initiation of adjuvant therapy for the patient with breast cancer.

Duda, R.B.; Zimmer, A.M.; Rosen, S.T.; Gilyon, K.A.; Webber, D.; Spies, S.; Spies, W.; Merchant, B. (Northwestern Univ. Medical School, Chicago, IL (USA))



Local intensity adaptive image coding  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The objective of preprocessing for machine vision is to extract intrinsic target properties. The most important properties ordinarily are structure and reflectance. Illumination in space, however, is a significant problem as the extreme range of light intensity, stretching from deep shadow to highly reflective surfaces in direct sunlight, impairs the effectiveness of standard approaches to machine vision. To overcome this critical constraint, an image coding scheme is being investigated which combines local intensity adaptivity, image enhancement, and data compression. It is very effective under the highly variant illumination that can exist within a single frame or field of view, and it is very robust to noise at low illuminations. Some of the theory and salient features of the coding scheme are reviewed. Its performance is characterized in a simulated space application, the research and development activities are described.

Huck, Friedrich O.



Anderson localization in active arrays  

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In a dissipationless linear lattice, spatial disorder induces localization of the lattice eigenstates and blocks spreading of wave packets. The addition of nonlinearity to the lattice Hamiltonian causes interaction between the eigenstates, which results in a slow packet spreading. We go beyond the disipationless limit and consider nonlinear disordered arrays that are subjected to the dissipative losses and energy pumping. We show that the Anderson modes of the disordered Ginsburg-Landau lattice possess excitation thresholds with respect to the pumping strength. When pumping is increased above the treshold for the band-edge modes, the lattice dynamics yields an attractor in the form of a stable multipeak pattern. The Anderson attractor is the result of a joint action by the pumping-induced mode excitation, nonlinearity-induced mode interactions, and dissipative stabilization. The regimes of Anderson attractors can be potentially realized with polariton condensates lattices and cavity-QED arrays.

T. V. Laptyeva; A. A. Tikhomirov; O. I. Kanakov; M. V. Ivanchenko



Exploring Mars using local resources  

SciTech Connect

This paper takes the reader on a {ital second} human expedition to Mars. Following confirmation that life once existed on Mars during the first human mission launched in 2018, crew members of our subsequent mission, assisted by robotic devices, spend two years on Mars pursuing three goals: (1) continue the search for further evidence of ancient life and what may still exist, (2) safely endure their extended stay on Mars, and (3) lay the foundation for the eventual human settlement of the planet. A cornerstone in achieving these three goals, as discussed in the paper, will be the utilization of local resources as we further learn to {open_quote}{open_quote}live off the land{close_quote}{close_quote}. {copyright} {ital 1996 American Institute of Physics.}

Brody, S. [NASA Headquarters, Washington, District of Columbia 20546 (United States); McKay, C. [NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California 94035 (United States); Kaplan, D. [NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas 77058 (United States); Rapp, D. [Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California 91109 (United States)



Matryoshka Locally Resonant Sonic Crystal  

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The results of numerical modelling of sonic crystals with resonant array elements are reported. The investigated resonant elements include plain slotted cylinders as well as various their combinations, in particular, Russian doll or Matryoshka configurations. The acoustic band structure and transmission characteristics of such systems have been computed with the use of finite element methods. The general concept of a locally resonant sonic crystal is proposed, which utilises acoustic resonances to form additional band gaps that are decoupled from Bragg gaps. An existence of a separate attenuation mechanism associated with the resonant elements, which increases performance in the lower frequency regime has been identified. The results show a formation of broad band gaps positioned significantly below the first Bragg frequency. For low frequency broadband attenuation a most optimal configuration is the Matryoshka sonic crystal, where each scattering unit is composed of multiple concentric slotted cylinders. Thi...

Elford, Daniel P; Kusmartsev, Feodor V; Swallowe, Gerry M



Volcanoes: Local Hazard, Global Issue  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

In this module, students can explore two ways that volcanoes affect Earth: by directly threatening people and the environments adjacent to them, and by ejecting aerosols into the atmosphere. The module consists of three investigations in which they will study the local effects of volcanism using images of Mount St. Helens, examine how the effects of volcanic activity can be remotely sensed and monitored from space using NASA data for Mount Spurr in Alaska, and see how geography and spatial perspective are useful in addressing global issues in the tracking and mapping of aerosol hazards such as the ash cloud emitted by the 1989 eruption on Redoubt Volcano. Each investigation is complete with overview, a list of materials and supplies, content preview, classroom procedures, worksheets, background, and evaluation.


Headphone localization of speech stimuli  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Recently, three dimensional acoustic display systems have been developed that synthesize virtual sound sources over headphones based on filtering by Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTFs), the direction-dependent spectral changes caused primarily by the outer ears. Here, 11 inexperienced subjects judged the apparent spatial location of headphone-presented speech stimuli filtered with non-individualized HRTFs. About half of the subjects 'pulled' their judgements toward either the median or the lateral-vertical planes, and estimates were almost always elevated. Individual differences were pronounced for the distance judgements; 15 to 46 percent of stimuli were heard inside the head with the shortest estimates near the median plane. The results infer that most listeners can obtain useful azimuth information from speech stimuli filtered by nonindividualized RTFs. Measurements of localization error and reversal rates are comparable with a previous study that used broadband noise stimuli.

Begault, Durand R.; Wenzel, Elizabeth M.



Image compression in local helioseismology  

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Context. Several upcoming helioseismology space missions are very limited in telemetry and will have to perform extensive data compression. This requires the development of new methods of data compression. Aims. We give an overview of the influence of lossy data compression on local helioseismology. We investigate the effects of several lossy compression methods (quantization, JPEG compression, and smoothing and subsampling) on power spectra and time-distance measurements of supergranulation flows at disk center. Methods. We applied different compression methods to tracked and remapped Dopplergrams obtained by the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory. We determined the signal-to-noise ratio of the travel times computed from the compressed data as a function of the compression efficiency. Results. The basic helioseismic measurements that we consider are very robust to lossy data compression. Even if only the sign of the velocity is used, time-distance helioseismology is still...

Löptien, Björn; Gizon, Laurent; Schou, Jesper



Cancer screening by local volunteers.  


In a tribal village in Kerala, India, local volunteers were trained to work in a programme for the primary prevention of tobacco-related cancers and the secondary prevention of common cancers. They gathered data on the use of tobacco and alcohol in a population of some 19,000 people, and identified one or more warning signals of cancer in 430 persons, who were subsequently examined by physicians. Confirmation was obtained of 10 new cancers, 7 recurrent cancers, 46 oral precancerous conditions, and 58 precancers at other sites. The community's awareness of cancer problems increased and the people learnt about the importance of self-examination in the detection of breast cancer and oral cancer. PMID:9060235

Mathew, B; Wesley, R; Dutt, S C; Amma, S; Sreekumar, C



Observer Localization in Multiverse Theories  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The progression of theories suggested for our world, from ego- to geo- to helio-centric models to universe and multiverse theories and beyond, shows one tendency: The size of the described worlds increases, with humans being expelled from their center to ever more remote and random locations. If pushed too far, a potential theory of everything (TOE) is actually more a theories of nothing (TON). Indeed such theories have already been developed. I show that including observer localization into such theories is necessary and su_cient to avoid this problem. I develop a quantitative recipe to identify TOEs and distinguish them from TONs and theories in-between. This precisely shows what the problem is with some recently suggested universal TOEs.

Hutter, Marcus



String fluid in local equilibrium  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We study the solutions of string fluid equations under the assumption of a local equilibrium which was previously obtained in the context of the kinetic theory. We show that the fluid can be foliated into noninteracting submanifolds whose equations of motion are exactly that of the wiggly strings considered previously by Vilenkin and Carter. In a special case of negligible statistical variance in either the left- or the right-moving directions of microscopic strings, the submanifolds are described by the action of a null-current-carrying chiral string. When both variances vanish the submanifolds are described by the Nambu-Goto action and the string fluid reduces to the string dust introduced by Stachel.

Schubring, Daniel; Vanchurin, Vitaly



Nuclear localization of matrix metalloproteinases.  


Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) were originally identified as matrixin proteases that act in the extracellular matrix. Recent works have uncovered nontraditional roles for MMPs in the extracellular space as well as in the cytosol and nucleus. There is strong evidence that subspecialized and compartmentalized matrixins participate in many physiological and pathological cellular processes, in which they can act as both degradative and regulatory proteases. In this review, we discuss the transcriptional and translational control of matrixin expression, their regulation of intracellular sorting, and the structural basis of activation and inhibition. In particular, we highlight the emerging roles of various matrixin forms in diseases. The activity of matrix metalloproteinases is regulated at several levels, including enzyme activation, inhibition, complex formation and compartmentalization. Most MMPs are secreted and have their function in the extracellular environment. MMPs are also found inside cells, both in the nucleus, cytosol and organelles. The role of intracellular located MMPs is still poorly understood, although recent studies have unraveled some of their functions. The localization, activation and activity of MMPs are regulated by their interactions with other proteins, proteoglycan core proteins and / or their glycosaminoglycan chains, as well as other molecules. Complexes formed between MMPs and various molecules may also include interactions with noncatalytic sites. Such exosites are regions involved in substrate processing, localized outside the active site, and are potential binding sites of specific MMP inhibitors. Knowledge about regulation of MMP activity is essential for understanding various physiological processes and pathogenesis of diseases, as well as for the development of new MMP targeting drugs. PMID:22226510

Mannello, Ferdinando; Medda, Virginia



Local Bayesian inversion: theoretical developments  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We derive a new Bayesian formulation for the discrete geophysical inverse problem that can significantly reduce the cost of the computations. The Bayesian approach focuses on obtaining a probability distribution (the posterior distribution), assimilating three kinds of information: physical theories (data modelling), observations (data measurements) and prior information on models. Once this goal is achieved, all inferences can be obtained from the posterior by computing statistics relative to individual parameters (e.g. marginal distributions), a daunting computational problem in high dimensions. Our formulation is developed from the working hypothesis that the local (subsurface) prior information on model parameters supercedes any additional information from other parts of the model. Based on this hypothesis, we propose an approximation that permits a reduction of the dimensionality involved in the calculations via marginalization of the probability distributions. The marginalization facilitates the tasks of incorporating diverse prior information and conducting inferences on individual parameters, because the final result is a collection of 1-D posterior distributions. Parameters are considered individually, one at a time. The approximation involves throwing away, at each step, cross-moment information of order higher than two, while preserving all marginal information about the parameter being estimated. The main advantage of the method is allowing for systematic integration of prior information while maintaining practical feasibility. This is achieved by combining (1) probability density estimation methods to derive marginal prior distributions from available local information, and (2) the use of multidimensional Gaussian distributions, which can be marginalized in closed form. Using a six-parameter problem, we illustrate how the proposed methodology works. In the example, the marginal prior distributions are derived from the application of the principle of maximum entropy, which allows one to solve the entire problem analytically. Both random and modelling errors are considered. The uncertainty measure for estimated parameters is provided by 95 per cent probability intervals calculated from the marginal posterior distributions.

Moraes, Fernando S.; Scales, John A.



Microflora patógena del queso blanco \\  

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Resumen: Resumen: Resumen: Resumen: Resumen: El queso telita, es un queso blanco de pasta cocida que se vende sumergido en suero y es elaborado por pequeños productores en queseras artesanales, ubicadas en varios estados del país. Las deficientes condiciones sanitarias de producción, almacenamiento, transporte y comercialización para este producto, son causas importantes de contaminación con microorganismos entre los que pueden

José Gregorio Márquez



Microsoft Academic Search

La producción de café en México ostenta amplia relevancia tanto en el plano económico como social. El trabajo se centra en las características del grano de café que podrían aprovecharse, junto con otras estrategias para incrementar su consumo. Por esta razón se realizó un análisis de las estadísticas de oferta y demanda para el café consumido en el país, en

Gustavo Guerra G; Leoncio Reyes B; Juan Ruiz-Ramírez



Local cloning of entangled states Vlad Gheorghiu  

E-print Network

Local cloning of entangled states Vlad Gheorghiu Department of Physics Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA 15213, U.S.A. March 16, 2010 Vlad Gheorghiu (CMU) Local cloning of entangled states March 16, 2010 1 / 18 #12;Outline 1 Introduction 2 LOCC vs Separable Operations 3 Local cloning entangled states

Griffiths, Robert B.


Local Search Strategies for Satisfiability Testing  

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. It has recently been shown that local search is surprisingly good atfinding satisfying assignments for certain classes of CNF formulas [24]. Inthis paper we demonstrate that the power of local search for satisfiabilitytesting can be further enhanced by employinga new strategy, called "mixedrandom walk", for escaping from local minima. We present experimentalresults showing how this strategy allows us to

Bart Selman; Henry Kautz; Bram Cohen



Noise Strategies for Improving Local Search  

Microsoft Academic Search

It has recently been shown that local search is sur- prisingly good at f?inding satisfying assignments for certain computationally hard classes of CNF formu- las. The performance of basic local search methods can be further enhanced by introducing mechanisme for escaping from local minima in the search space. We will compare three such mechanisms: simulated annealing, random noise, and a

Bart Selman; Henry A. Kautz; Bram Cohen



A primigravida allegedly allergic to local anaesthetics  

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Pregnant patients may give a history of allergy to local anaesthetics, but many of these supposed allergies have not been investigated. There is cross-reactivity between the amide local anaesthetics, which are the only group available in the UK for regional analgesia. We report the management of a primigravida who gave a history of allergy to two local anaesthetics, lidocaine and

S Brown; J. R Jenkins



The local state of immigration controls  

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Following the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, it is manifest that local authorities have a central role in the implementation of immigration control and the policing of asylum seekers and others subject to controls. The forced dispersal of asylum seekers and the linking of essential local authority administered welfare services to immigration status represent the integration of the local state

Steve Cohen



Art and Place: The Local Connection.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Stresses the importance of local arts, focusing on encouraging modern dance at the local level. Addresses issues such as audience participation, sense of ownership and community, and accessibility that accompanies local art. Considers the implications for K-12 modern dance education. (CMK)

Van Dyke, Jan



A local hierarchy theory for acyclic digraphs  

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Local hierarchy theory focuses on direct links in acyclic digraphs. In- and out-degrees are used to determine the local hierarchical number for each vertex in the graph. Together, these local hierarchical numbers form a vector through which hierarchical properties are studied. The main tool, leading to a partial order of acyclic digraphs is a form of generalized Lorenz curve. Gini-like

L Egghe; R Rousseau



Closed locally minimal nets on tetrahedra  

SciTech Connect

Closed locally minimal networks are in a sense a generalization of closed geodesics. A complete classification is known of closed locally minimal networks on regular (and generally any equihedral) tetrahedra. In the present paper certain necessary and certain sufficient conditions are given for at least one closed locally minimal network to exist on a given non-equihedral tetrahedron. Bibliography: 6 titles.

Strelkova, Nataliya P [M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow (Russian Federation)



Diverse Local Literacies and Standardizing Policies  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The authors challenge educators to speculate on how to address local issues in a world that is increasingly diverse and global. This Research and Policy section emphasizes the seemingly paradoxical importance of both local and global literacy, illuminating the tension between the preservation of local literacy and a global standardization of…

Bomer, Randy; Maloch, Beth



Duality and vanishing of generalized local cohomology  

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In this paper we study local duality and the vanishing and non-vanishing of generalized local cohomology. In particular for a local ring R and a finitely generated R-module N, the category $N^\\\\bot$ of finitely generated R-modules M with $H^{i}_{\\\\frak m}(M, N) = 0$ for all i ? depth N is studied.

Jurgen Herzog; Naser Zamani



Matching Image with Multiple Local Features  

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In this paper, we present the fusional feature composed of Affine-SIFT, MSER and color moment invariants. The fusional feature is more robust and distinctive than a single local feature. Instead of adding three local features together simply, an efficient two-level matching strategy is devised with the fusional feature, which speeds up the establishment of the local correspondences. To remove partial

Yudong Cao; Honggang Zhang; Yanyan Gao; Xiaojun Xu; Jun Guo



environmental health The Local Board of Health  

E-print Network

environmental health The Local Board of Health Environmental Health Primer Second Edition #12;The Local Board of Health Environmental Health Primer Second Edition Author Carrie Hribar, MA Project Director � Public Health Policy National Association of Local Boards of Health Editor Mark Schultz, MEd


C.20 Local Rings T. Y. Lam  

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C.20 Local Rings T. Y. Lam. A commutative ring R is called a local ring if it has exactly one maximal id* *eal, or equivalently, R 6= 0 and the nonunits of R form an ideal m. For such a local ri* *ng (R, m), R=m is a field, called the residue field

Lam, Tsit-Yuen


Daoism and Local Cults in modern Suzhou  

E-print Network

case study of the relationship between elite Daoist institutions and local cults, particularly spirit #12; Daoism and Local Cults in modern Suzhou: A Case Study of Qionglongshan Vincent Goossaert #12;200 Daoism and Local Cults in Modern Suzhou: A Case Study of Qionglongshan Vincent Goossaert

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Localization: A Career for the New Millennium  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Founded in 2000, the Localization Generalist Certificate Program at Austin Community College (ACC) was the recipient of the 2004 ClientSide Excellence Award in the category of Localization Educational Services. It is the only community college program of its kind and one of only a handful of programs worldwide. What is localization and why is it…

Gibbs, Hope J.



Constructive Incremental Learning from Only Local Information  

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We introduce a constructive, incremental learning system for regression problems that models data by means of spatially localized linear models. In contrast to other approaches, the size and shape of the receptive field of each locally linear model, as well as the parameters of the locally linear model itself, are learned independently, that is, without the need for competition or

Stefan Schaal; Christopher G. Atkeson



Predicting Local Invasive Recurrence After Conservative Treatment

At 12 years follow-up, DCIS local recurrence rates are 32 percent for excision alone, 16 percent for excision plus radiotherapy (based on prospective randomized trials), and 1 percent for mastectomy. Most local recurrence occurs at or near the primary lesion and the most important cause of local recurrence appears to be inadequate excision.


Multirobot Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using  

E-print Network

concurrently with a simultaneous localization and mapping process (SLAM). In this paper, we develop a mapINVITED P A P E R Multirobot Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Using Manifold Representations of multirobot simultaneous localization and mapping. We are inspired by the notion of a manifold, which takes

Mataric, Maja J.


Variabilità interannuale del fi toplancton del Lago di Tovel (Trentino, Italia)  

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RIASSUNTO - Variabilità interannuale del fi toplancton del Lago di Tovel (Trentino, Italia) - Lo studio del fi toplancton del Lago di Tovel nel periodo 2002-2004 ha avuto come principali obiettivi l'analisi della variabilità interannuale delle dinamiche stagionali nel Bacino Principale e nella Baia Rossa, il confronto tra le associazioni fi toplanctoniche attuali e passate (prima e dopo la scomparsa



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 4 de enero de 2011

En esta edición especial del Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, usted conocerá las diversas formas en que el NCI está apoyando los esfuerzos de colaboración internacional en las áreas de investigación, capacitación, comunicación y demás actividades relacionadas con una mejor comprensión del cáncer y el tratamiento de pacientes con esta enfermedad.



E-print Network

ECONOMIA, VALORIZZAZIONE, GESTIONE DEL PATRIMONIO TURISTICO Giovedì 23 Giugno 2011 Giovedì23 Giugno 2011 ore 09.00 Presentazione del corso di laurea Aula A Facoltà di Economia UNIVERSITA'DEGLI STUDI DI SALERNO #12;Il corso di laurea interateneo, Economia, Valorizzazione, Gestione del Patrimonio Turistico

Costagliola, Gennaro


Ozone studies in the Paso del Norte region  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Paso del Norte region forms the largest contiguous bi-national conglomerate on the US-Mexico border. With a combined population of around 2 million inhabitants, the Paso del Norte region is isolated, more than 500 km away from the nearest urban area of comparable size, thus making it an ideal location for air quality studies of an isolated urban environment. The meteorological conditions leading to a high ozone episode in this region, such as the historical ozone episode of June 2006, are analyzed. It is well known that stagnation and minimal winds, high temperatures, and pressure ridges over the region are conducive to high ozone episodes. In addition, the planetary boundary height is studied to understand its impact on high ozone episodes. Several studies report that ground level ozone non-attainment regulations could be caused not only by local emissions, but also by atmospheric transport. In this work the atmospheric advection of pollutants into the region is analyzed using HYSPLIT backward trajectories. Furthermore, a novel backward trajectory clustering technique is implemented for the summer of 2006. The "ozone weekend effect" (OWE) is a phenomenon by which in some geographical regions ambient ozone concentrations tend to be higher on weekends than on weekdays, despite the lower emissions of ozone precursors during those days. The observed local OWE has never previously been studied in terms of the photolysis rates of four of the main ozone precursors. In this research a novel method that allows the calculation of actinic fluxes, photolysis frequencies and photolysis rates with a high degree of accuracy and reliability has been developed. This method utilizes a combination of the experimental data available for this region in conjunction with a radiative transfer model (TUV model). Three weekend-weekday cases during summers 2006, 2009 and 2010 are studied in this work. In this research, the photolysis impact on the local OWE is studied. The results obtained from this photolysis study demonstrate that the local ground level ozone formation is not only influenced by the strong solar radiation and changing aerosol makeup, but also by other heterogeneous factors and reactions. In addition, this research provided good evidence that the ground level ozone precursor regime in El Paso during the ozone episode of June 2006 was mostly VOC-limited. Much of this estimation was derived from measurements of local ambient VOC/NOx ratios. This finding shows that at least during June 2006, the non-linear surface ozone production increased during weekends compared to workdays in a habitually VOC-limited regime. The seasonal variations of columnar ozone as measured by a Multi-filter Rotating Shadowband instrument installed at the UTEP campus are analyzed for the first time for this region and results are presented. This investigation has addressed the problem of ground-level ozone formation in the Paso del Norte region. Urban ozone is a complex problem with many aspects that are not fully understood. In this investigation, a range of techniques has been used to address the study of local surface ozone episodes with the purpose of acquiring new insights and knowledge that will help understand and remediate the diverse atmospheric pollution events that affect this bi-national region recurrently. Innovative techniques were developed and used, ranging from the use of local ambient atmospheric pollution data to the utilization of complex modeling techniques to achieve the best possible computer results. Finally, the influence of ground level ozone concentrations in admissions to hospitals for this region due to respiratory diseases is analyzed. The comprehensive results obtained in this work will help to better understand ozone formation in the Paso del Norte Region for future policy regulation implementations.

Becerra-Davila, Fernando


On the concept of Bell's local causality in local classical and quantum theory  

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The aim of this paper is to give a sharp definition of Bell's notion of local causality. To this end, first we unfold a framework, called local physical theory, integrating probabilistic and spatiotemporal concepts. Formulating local causality within this framework and classifying local physical theories by whether they obey local primitive causality --- a property rendering the dynamics of the theory causal, we then investigate what is needed for a local physical theory, with or without local primitive causality, to be locally causal. Finally, comparing Bell's local causality with the Common Cause Principles and relating both to the Bell inequalities we find a nice parallelism: Bell inequalities cannot be derived neither from local causality nor from a common cause unless the local physical theory is classical or the common cause is commuting, respectively.

G. Hofer-Szabó; P. Vecsernyés



Texture classification by local rank correlation  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A new approach to texture classification based on local rank correlation is proposed here. Its performance is compared with Laws' method which uses local convolution with feature masks. In the experiments, texture samples are classified based on their distribution of local statistics, either rank correlations or convolutions. The new method achieves generally optimal classification rates. It appears to be more robust because local order statistics are unaffected by local sample differences due to monotonic shifts of texture gray values and are less sensitive to noise.

Harwood, D.; Subbarao, M.; Davis, L. S.



Coal severance taxation and local public finance  

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This paper: 1) elaborates the local impacts rationale and investigates the use of the rationale or justification among states applying a coal severance tax; 2) summarizes and assesses existing evidence of local coal-related socio-economic and fiscal impacts; 3) investigates state provisions for distribution of severance tax revenues to local jurisdictions; 4) presents evidence on the fiscal condition of selected local governments in coal producing areas; and 5) draws some conclusions about the validity and public policy implications of the local impacts rationale.

Ervin, O.L.



Uso del Los SIG en ModelosUso del Los SIG en ModelosUso del Los SIG en Modelos Hidrolgicos y de Calida de Agua  

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Calida de Agua Uso del Los SIG en Modelos Hidrol�gicos y de Calida de Agua (Caso de Uso Cuenca del Ri Luis R. P�rez-Alegr�a PhD P.E.Luis R. P�rez-Alegr�a PhD P.E. #12;Usos del AguaUsos del AguaUsos del AguaUsos del Agua Navegaci�n Consumo Humano HigieneHigiene PescaRecreaci�n #12;Calidad del Agua

Gilbes, Fernando



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:00 19:00-20:00 Economía del turismo internacional: impactos y modelos Sistemas y Tecnología Economía del turismo internacional: impactos y modelos Sistemas y Tecnología Economía del turismo internacional:00-20:00 Economía del turismo internacional: impactos y modelos Sistemas y Tecnología Economía del turismo

Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad


Drift-induced excitable localized states.  


Excitable localized states, spatial structures which possess both the features of temporal excitable pulses and of transverse cavity solitons, have been theoretically predicted in model systems as single pulses of light localized in space with a finite and deterministic duration. We study experimentally the nucleation of laser localized structures on a device defect and its motion along a spatial gradient. We demonstrate that in the reference frame of the drifting localized structure, the resulting dynamics presents the typical features of excitable systems. In particular, for specific parameter values, we observe that the nucleation of laser localized structures is triggered by noise, while the drift of the localized structure up to a spatial region where it vanishes provides the deterministic orbit which brings the system back to its initial rest state. The control of such structures may open the way to novel applications of localized structures beyond that of simple stationary bits. PMID:24476270

Turconi, M; Giudici, M; Barland, S



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 03-02-2010

Algunas mujeres con cáncer de ovarios reportan síntomas que incluyen dolor abdominal, meteorismo y sensación de llenura antes de que haya un diagnóstico. Pero un estudio nuevo concluye que vigilar estos síntomas relativamente inespecíficos en las mujeres tendría un valor limitado en la detección de la enfermedad. Los médicos tendrían que evaluar a 100 mujeres con estos síntomas para encontrar un cáncer de ovarios, informaron los investigadores en Internet en la revista Journal of the National Cancer Institute del 28 de enero.


Local stretch zeroing NMO correction  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this paper we present a new method of normal move-out (NMO) correction called local stretch zeroing (LSZ) method that avoids NMO stretch. The method eliminates the theoretical curves that generate interpolated data samples responsible for NMO stretch. Pre-correction time sampling interval is preserved by reassigning and zero padding of true data samples. The optimum mute zone selection feature of the LSZ method eliminates all interfering reflection events at far offsets. The resulted stacked section from the LSZ method contains generally higher frequency components than a normal stack, and preserves most of the shallow reflectors. The LSZ method requires that zero-offset width of the time gate, i.e. zero-offset time difference between two adjacent reflections, be larger than the dominant period. The major shortcoming of the method occurs when CMP data are over- or under-NMO corrected. Both synthetic and real world examples show the efficiency of the LSZ method over the conventional NMO (CNMO) correction. The method loses its superiority when CMP data are over- or under-NMO corrected.

Kazemi, N.; Siahkoohi, H. R.



Damage-induced localized hypermutability  

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Genome instability continuously presents perils of cancer, genetic disease and death of a cell or an organism. At the same time, it provides for genome plasticity that is essential for development and evolution. We address here the genome instability confined to a small fraction of DNA adjacent to free DNA ends at uncapped telomeres and double-strand breaks. We found that budding yeast cells can tolerate nearly 20 kilobase regions of subtelomeric single-strand DNA that contain multiple UV-damaged nucleotides. During restoration to the double-strand state, multiple mutations are generated by error-prone translesion synthesis. Genome-wide sequencing demonstrated that multiple regions of damage-induced localized hypermutability can be tolerated, which leads to the simultaneous appearance of multiple mutation clusters in the genomes of UV-irradiated cells. High multiplicity and density of mutations suggest that this novel form of genome instability may play significant roles in generating new alleles for evolutionary selection as well as in the incidence of cancer and genetic disease. PMID:21406975

Sterling, Joan F; Roberts, Steven A; Chao, Frank G; Xu, Hong; Zhang, Leilei; Walsh, Jesse; Resnick, Michael A



Segmentation in local hospital markets.  


This study examines evidence of market segmentation on the basis of patients' insurance status, demographic characteristics, and medical condition in selected local markets in California in the years 1983 and 1989. Substantial differences exist in the probability patients may be admitted to particular hospitals based on insurance coverage, particularly Medicaid, and race. Segmentation based on insurance and race is related to hospital characteristics, but not the characteristics of the hospital's community. Medicaid patients are more likely to go to hospitals with lower costs and fewer service offerings. Privately insured patients go to hospitals offering more services, although cost concerns are increasing. Hispanic patients also go to low-cost hospitals, ceteris paribus. Results indicate little evidence of segmentation based on medical condition in either 1983 or 1989, suggesting that "centers of excellence" have yet to play an important role in patient choice of hospital. The authors found that distance matters, and that patients prefer nearby hospitals, moreso for some medical conditions than others, in ways consistent with economic theories of consumer choice. PMID:8417270

Dranove, D; White, W D; Wu, L



Fingerprints of a Local Supernova  

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The results of precise analysis of elements and isotopes in meteorites, comets, the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, the solar wind, solar flares, and the solar photosphere since 1960 reveal fingerprints of a local supernova (SN), undiluted by interstellar material. Heterogeneous SN debris formed the planets. The Sun formed on the neutron (n) rich SN core. The ground-state masses of nuclei reveal repulsive n-n interactions that trigger n-emission and a series of nuclear reactions that generate solar luminosity, the solar wind, and the measured flux of solar neutrinos. The location of the Sun's high-density core shifts relative to the solar surface as gravitational forces exerted by the major planets cause the Sun to experience abrupt acceleration and deceleration, like a yoyo on a string, in its orbit about the ever-changing centre-of-mass of the solar system. Solar cycles (surface magnetic activity, solar eruptions, and sunspots) and major climate changes arise from changes in the depth of the energetic SN core remnant in the interior of the Sun.

Oliver Manuel; Hilton Ratcliffe



Matryoshka locally resonant sonic crystal  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The results of numerical modelling of sonic crystals with resonant array elements are reported. The investigated resonant elements include plain slotted cylinders as well as various their combinations, in particular, Russian doll or Matryoshka configurations. The acoustic band structure and transmission characteristics of such systems have been computed with the use of finite element methods. The general concept of a locally resonant sonic crystal is proposed, which utilises acoustic resonances to form additional band gaps that are decoupled from Bragg gaps. An existence of a separate attenuation mechanism associated with the resonant elements, which increases performance in the lower frequency regime has been identified. The results show a formation of broad band gaps positioned significantly below the first Bragg frequency. For low frequency broadband attenuation a most optimal configuration is the Matryoshka sonic crystal, where each scattering unit is composed of multiple concentric slotted cylinders. This system forms numerous gaps in the lower frequency regime, below Bragg bands, whilst maintaining a reduced crystal size viable for noise barrier technology. The finding opens new perspectives for construction of sound barriers in the low frequency range usually inaccessible by traditional means including conventional sonic crystals.

Elford, Daniel P.; Chalmers, Luke; Kusmartsev, Feodor V.; Swallowe, Gerry M.


On local dark matter density  

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In 2012, we applied a three-dimensional formulation to kinematic measurements of the Galactic thick disk and derived a surprisingly low dark matter density at the solar position. This result was challenged by Bovy & Tremaine (2012, ApJ, 756, 89), who claimed that the observational data are consistent with the expected dark matter density if a one-dimensional approach is adopted. We analyze the assumption at the bases of their formulation and their claim that this returns a lower limit for the local dark matter density, which is accurate within 20%. We find that the validity of their formulation depends on the underlying mass distribution. We therefore analyze the predictions that their hypothesis casts on the radial gradient of the azimuthal velocity dV/dR and compare it with observational data as a testbed for the validity of their formulation. We find that their hypothesis requires too steep a profile of dV(Z)/dR, which is inconsistent with the observational data both in the Milky Way and in external ga...

Bidin, C Moni; Carraro, G; Mendez, R A; Moyano, M



Evolving Culture vs Local Minima  

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We propose a theory that relates difficulty of learning in deep architectures to culture and language. It is articulated around the following hypotheses: (1) learning in an individual human brain is hampered by the presence of effective local minima; (2) this optimization difficulty is particularly important when it comes to learning higher-level abstractions, i.e., concepts that cover a vast and highly-nonlinear span of sensory configurations; (3) such high-level abstractions are best represented in brains by the composition of many levels of representation, i.e., by deep architectures; (4) a human brain can learn such high-level abstractions if guided by the signals produced by other humans, which act as hints or indirect supervision for these high-level abstractions; and (5), language and the recombination and optimization of mental concepts provide an efficient evolutionary recombination operator, and this gives rise to rapid search in the space of communicable ideas that help humans build up better high-...

Bengio, Yoshua



Image compression in local helioseismology  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Context. Several upcoming helioseismology space missions are very limited in telemetry and will have to perform extensive data compression. This requires the development of new methods of data compression. Aims: We give an overview of the influence of lossy data compression on local helioseismology. We investigate the effects of several lossy compression methods (quantization, JPEG compression, and smoothing and subsampling) on power spectra and time-distance measurements of supergranulation flows at disk center. Methods: We applied different compression methods to tracked and remapped Dopplergrams obtained by the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory. We determined the signal-to-noise ratio of the travel times computed from the compressed data as a function of the compression efficiency. Results: The basic helioseismic measurements that we consider are very robust to lossy data compression. Even if only the sign of the velocity is used, time-distance helioseismology is still possible. We achieve the best results by applying JPEG compression on spatially subsampled data. However, our conclusions are only valid for supergranulation flows at disk center and may not be valid for all helioseismology applications.

Löptien, B.; Birch, A. C.; Gizon, L.; Schou, J.



Communication environments for local networks  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This report studies the problem of providing high performance communication services to computers on a local network, or other high-speed network, without sacrificing compatibility with existing communication protocols. The focus of the investigation is the network interface, the I/O controller which interfaces computers to the network medium. The network interface proposed in this report contains a novel processing element called the filter, in addition to a fairly common microprocessor based architecture. The filter is a high-speed custom processor and a memory which holds programmable descriptions of packet formats and connection records for the protocols supported by the interface. The filter could be implemented using VLSI or a small amount of readily available bit-slice components. The filter enables the interface to process most transmissions as they arrive on the communications medium. Filter processing adds negligible delay to the overall communication path and, in most cases, replaces processing which is conventionally performed in the software of the interface microprocessor or the host. Thus, communications systems built with the new interface are limited by the speed of the medium and not by processing delays. The filter interface is shown to be practical for a 10 Mbps medium and several protocols, including the Internet Protocol (IP) and the Transmission Control Protocol(TCP).

Mockapetris, P. V.



Local News Coverage in a Social Capital Capital: Election 2000 on Minnesota's Local News Stations  

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This article examines local news coverage of an election in one of the nation's “social capital capitals,” Minnesota. In Minnesota, according to theorized connections between civic involvement and news media use, we might expect the orientation of local news to be local and the quality of coverage of local campaigns to be high. Content analysis of all evening newscasts on

Daniel Stevens; Dean Alger; Barbara Allen; John L. Sullivan




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. It is regarded as the non-abelian extension of the classical Artin reciprocity law in the local abelian fields. One is about the uniqueness of the local Langlands reciprocity map, which is a consequence to the local Langlands conjecture. One is about the uniqueness of the local Langlands reciprocity map, which

Jiang, Dihua


Local Language Program The Microsoft Local Language Program provides people access to technology  

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Local Language Program The Microsoft Local Language Program provides people access to technology to technology through language and culture as well as empowers individuals in local communities to create economic opportunities, build IT skills, enhance education outcomes, and sustain their local language

Narasayya, Vivek


Local Economic Development in an Age of Devolution: The Question of Rural Localities  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

There is limited recent research on the strategies that rural local governments are employing in the face of changing intergovernmental relationships, especially in relation to local economic development. This paper draws on data from a survey of local governments in the Ohio River Valley Region that includes a mix of localities on the urban-rural…

Dewees, Sarah; Lobao, Linda; Swanson, Louis E.



Local Conservation Laws and the Structure of the Many-Body Localized States  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We construct a complete set of local integrals of motion that characterize the many-body localized (MBL) phase. Our approach relies on the assumption that local perturbations act locally on the eigenstates in the MBL phase, which is supported by numerical simulations of the random-field XXZ spin chain. We describe the structure of the eigenstates in the MBL phase and discuss the implications of local conservation laws for its nonequilibrium quantum dynamics. We argue that the many-body localization can be used to protect coherence in the system by suppressing relaxation between eigenstates with different local integrals of motion.

Serbyn, Maksym; Papi?, Z.; Abanin, Dmitry A.



Local Estimators for Spacecraft Formation Flying  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A formation estimation architecture for formation flying builds upon the local information exchange among multiple local estimators. Spacecraft formation flying involves the coordination of states among multiple spacecraft through relative sensing, inter-spacecraft communication, and control. Most existing formation flying estimation algorithms can only be supported via highly centralized, all-to-all, static relative sensing. New algorithms are needed that are scalable, modular, and robust to variations in the topology and link characteristics of the formation exchange network. These distributed algorithms should rely on a local information-exchange network, relaxing the assumptions on existing algorithms. In this research, it was shown that only local observability is required to design a formation estimator and control law. The approach relies on breaking up the overall information-exchange network into sequence of local subnetworks, and invoking an agreement-type filter to reach consensus among local estimators within each local network. State estimates were obtained by a set of local measurements that were passed through a set of communicating Kalman filters to reach an overall state estimation for the formation. An optimization approach was also presented by means of which diffused estimates over the network can be incorporated in the local estimates obtained by each estimator via local measurements. This approach compares favorably with that obtained by a centralized Kalman filter, which requires complete knowledge of the raw measurement available to each estimator.

Fathpour, Nanaz; Hadaegh, Fred Y.; Mesbahi, Mehran; Nabi, Marzieh



Malattie cistiche del parenchima renale  

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\\u000a La malattia cistica del parenchima renale rappresenta un eterogeneo gruppo di malattie a carattere congenito, ereditario e\\u000a non, e acquisito caratterizzate dalla presenza di formazioni cistiche. Il riscontro di formazioni cistiche renali è molto\\u000a frequente nella pratica clinica quotidiana. Solo un’adeguata conoscenza degli aspetti anatomopatologici permette la giusta\\u000a comprensione delle manifestazioni cliniche e la corretta interpretazione dei reperti radiologici. Compito

Fulvio Stacul; Marco F. Cavallaro; Maria A. Cova


Lecciones del de comerciode la  

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Udios china-méxico © 2011 Por características tipográficas y de diseño editorial miGUel ÁnGel porrúa, librero Estudios del Desarrollo Universidad nacional aUtónoma de méxico, Centro de Estudios China-México t Desarrollo Económico y Social (Brasil) cafta: Tratado de Libre Comercio de Centro América (Republica

Tufts University


Recensin del libro: Modelos Matemticos  

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Recensión del libro: Modelos Matemáticos Rafael Ortega Ríos (Aparecerá en la Revista Española de Física) Este libro, breve, elegante y lleno de buen gusto matemático, me parece muy recomendable para de aplicación; cuanto se necesita está claramente expuesto en el mismo libro. Hay cuatro capítulos

Sanz-Serna , J M


Teleradiology in the local environment  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Teleradiology can be defined as the remote transmission of radiographic images for clinical use or expert interpretation. This definition indicates that there is a physical distance that impedes patient care between the interpreting expert and the primary physician, which can be overcome through electronic communications. The major benefit of such a system is faster communication of images with expert interpretation to remote sites. Depending on the application, teleradiology can extend the usefulness of the radiologist or make the primary physician's job much less time consuming by saving trips to radiology. In addition, patient interaction can be improved by eliminating the interval between the study and the availability of the images and report. It has not been satisfactorily determined that this more rapid system will lead to improved patient care but most students of the current delivery system recognize its limitations and the promise of electronic communications. The authors confine their remarks to the hospital and immediate clinics, leaving the wider area networks to the other presentations in this seminar, and they draw on the experience of the group at the University of Florida in establishing teleradiology to all the intensive care units two years ago and several other more limited, point-to-point electronic communication links. They have, during the past year, worked very hard at establishing several local area networks with digital archiving capability within their institution. This borders on the notion of picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), but has not reached that full potential. The authors find it is useful to concentrate on the teleradiology component because a number of projects can be undertaken without the need of a complete PACS environment. An extensive bibliography, compiled from select sources, is included.

Staab, Edward V.; Honeyman, Janice C.; Frost, Meryll M.; Bidgood, W. Dean



The ATLAS Local Trigger Processor (LTP) 018  

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The Local Trigger Processor (LTP) receives timing and trigger signals from the Central Trigger Processor (CTP) and injects them into the Timing, Trigger and Control (TTC) system of a sub-detector front-end TTC partition. The LTP allows stand-alone running by using local timing and trigger signals or by generating them from memory. In addition, several LTPs of the same sub-detector can be daisy-chained. The LTP can thus be regarded as a switching element for timing and trigger signals with input from the CTP or the daisy-chain, from local input, or from the internal data generator, and with output to the daisy-chain, to the TTC partition, or to local output. Finally, in combined mode several LTPs can be connected together using their local outputs and local inputs to allow stand-alone running of combinations of different sub-detectors.

Borrego-Amaral, P; Farthouat, Philippe; Gällnö, P; Pessoa-Lima, H; Maeno, T; Resurreccion-Arcas, I; De Seixas, J M; Schuler, G; Spiwoks, R; Torga-Teixeira, R; Wengler, T; 10th Workshop on Electronics for LHC and Future Experiments



Localization of atomic ensembles via superfluorescence  

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The sub-wavelength localization of an ensemble of atoms concentrated to a small volume in space is investigated. The localization relies on the interaction of the ensemble with a standing wave laser field. The light scattered in the interaction of standing wave field and atom ensemble depends on the position of the ensemble relative to the standing wave nodes. This relation can be described by a fluorescence intensity profile, which depends on the standing wave field parameters, the ensemble properties, and which is modified due to collective effects in the ensemble of nearby particles. We demonstrate that the intensity profile can be tailored to suit different localization setups. Finally, we apply these results to two localization schemes. First, we show how to localize an ensemble fixed at a certain position in the standing wave field. Second, we discuss localization of an ensemble passing through the standing wave field.

M. Macovei; J. Evers; C. H. Keitel; M. S. Zubairy



San Juan, Puerto Rico -Jueves 07 Diciembre 2006. Actualizado a las 12:45:28 PM Investigarn del  

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investigación sobre el posible cierre del Observatorio de Arecibo y su impacto en la economía local. La Comercio, Turismo, Urbanismo e Infraestructura, que presiden los senadores Orlando Parga y Carlos Díaz una pesquisa sobre el impacto en la economía de Arecibo. #12;


Locality and Loop Scheduling on NUMA Multiprocessors  

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An important issue in the parallel execution of loopsis how to partition and schedule the loops onto theavailable processors. While most existing dynamicscheduling algorithms manage load imbalances well,they fail to take locality into account and thereforeperform poorly on parallel systems with non-uniformmemory access times. In this paper, we proposea new loop scheduling algorithm, Locality-based DynamicScheduling (LDS), that exploits locality, anddynamically

Hui Li; Sudarsan Tandri; Michael Stumm; Kenneth C. Sevcik



Locally inequivalent four-qubit hypergraph states  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Hypergraph states as real equally weighted pure states are important resources for quantum codes of non-local stabilizers. Using local Pauli equivalence and permutational symmetry, we reduce the 32 768 four-qubit real equally weighted pure states to 28 locally inequivalent hypergraph states and several graph states. The calculation of geometric entanglement supplemented with entanglement entropy confirms that further reduction is impossible for true hypergraph states.

Chen, Xiao-yu; Wang, Lei



Local quanta, unitary inequivalence, and vacuum entanglement  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this work we develop a formalism for describing localised quanta for a real-valued Klein-Gordon field in a one-dimensional box [0,R]. We quantise the field using non-stationary local modes which, at some arbitrarily chosen initial time, are completely localised within the left or the right side of the box. In this concrete set-up we directly face the problems inherent to a notion of local field excitations, usually thought of as elementary particles. Specifically, by computing the Bogoliubov coefficients relating local and standard (global) quantisations, we show that the local quantisation yields a Fock representation of the Canonical Commutation Relations (CCR) which is unitarily inequivalent to the standard one. In spite of this, we find that the local creators and annihilators remain well defined in the global Fock space FG, and so do the local number operators associated to the left and right partitions of the box. We end up with a useful mathematical toolbox to analyse and characterise local features of quantum states in FG. Specifically, an analysis of the global vacuum state |0G>?FG in terms of local number operators shows, as expected, the existence of entanglement between the left and right regions of the box. The local vacuum |0L>?FL, on the contrary, has a very different character. It is neither cyclic (with respect to any local algebra of operators) nor separating and displays no entanglement between left and right partitions. Further analysis shows that the global vacuum also exhibits a distribution of local excitations reminiscent, in some respects, of a thermal bath. We discuss how the mathematical tools developed herein may open new ways for the analysis of fundamental problems in local quantum field theory.

Vázquez, Matías R.; del Rey, Marco; Westman, Hans; León, Juan



A Guideline to Local Anesthetic Allergy Testing  

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Patients with a history of adverse reactions to a local anesthetic may often be incorrectly labeled as “allergic.” Determining if a patient is allergic to a local anesthetic is essential in the selection of appropriate pain control techniques. Local anesthetic allergy testing may be performed safely and with reasonable accuracy by a knowledgeable practitioner. This paper presents guidelines for an allergy testing method. ImagesFigure 1 PMID:3318567

Canfield, David W.; Gage, Tommy W.



Local Fractional Fokker-Planck Equation  

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New kind of differential equations, called local fractional differential\\u000aequations, has been proposed for the first time. They involve local fractional\\u000aderivatives introduced recently. Such equations appear to be suitable to deal\\u000awith phenomena taking place in fractal space and time. A local fractional\\u000aanalog of Fokker-Planck equation has been derived starting from the\\u000aChapman-Kolmogorov condition. Such an equation is

Kiran M. Kolwankar; Anil D. Gangal



Searching Local Information in Mobile Databases  

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A mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is a set of moving objects that communicate with each other via unregulated, short-range wireless technologies such as IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth, or Ultra Wide Band (UWB). No fixed infrastructure is assumed or relied upon. An important application domain of MANET?s is local resource discovery. In a local resource discovery application, a user finds local resources

Ouri Wolfson; Bo Xu; Huabei Yin; Hu Cao



Localization of lattice fermions: lessons for overlap  

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Lattice fermions in a fluctuating gauge field can show localization, much like electrons in a disordered potential. We study the spectrum of localized and extended states of supercritical Wilson fermions in gauge ensembles generated with plaquette and improved actions. When the Wilson fermion operator is used to construct the overlap kernel, the mobility edge, that is the boundary between the localized and extended states, determines the range of the kernel.

Benjamin Svetitsky; Yigal Shamir; Maarten Golterman



Local and nonlocal observables in quantum optics  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

It is pointed out that there exists an unambiguous definition of locality that enables one to distinguish local and nonlocal quantities. Observables of both types coexist in quantum optics, but one must be very careful when attempting to measure them. A nonlocal observable that formally depends on the spatial position {\\boldsymbol{r}} cannot be locally measured without disturbing the measurements of this observable at all other positions.

Bialynicki-Birula, Iwo



Local Energy Velocity of Classical Fields  

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It is proposed to apply a recently developed concept of local wave velocities to the dynamical field characteristics, especially for the canonical field energy density. It is shown that local energy velocities can be derived from the lagrangian directly. The local velocities of zero- and first- order for energy propagation has been obtained for special cases of scalar and vector fields. Some important special cases of these results are discussed.

I. V. Drozdov; A. A. Stahlhofen



Lipid Emulsion for Local Anesthetic Systemic Toxicity  

PubMed Central

The accidental overdose of local anesthetics may prove fatal. The commonly used amide local anesthetics have varying adverse effects on the myocardium, and beyond a certain dose all are capable of causing death. Local anesthetics are the most frequently used drugs amongst anesthetists and although uncommon, local anaesthetic systemic toxicity accounts for a high proportion of mortality, with local anaesthetic-induced cardiac arrest particularly resistant to standard resuscitation methods. Over the last decade, there has been convincing evidence of intravenous lipid emulsions as a rescue in local anesthetic-cardiotoxicity, and anesthetic organisations, over the globe have developed guidelines on the use of this drug. Despite this, awareness amongst practitioners appears to be lacking. All who use local anesthetics in their practice should have an appreciation of patients at high risk of toxicity, early symptoms and signs of toxicity, preventative measures when using local anesthetics, and the initial management of systemic toxicity with intravenous lipid emulsion. In this paper we intend to discuss the pharmacology and pathophysiology of local anesthetics and toxicity, and the rationale for lipid emulsion therapy. PMID:21969824

Ciechanowicz, Sarah; Patil, Vinod



When local isn't best  

PubMed Central

This paper attempts to explain circumstances under which local may be or may not be best. Natural selection may lead to local adaptation (LA), or it may be constrained by gene flow, founder effects, small population size, genetic drift, and archetype. ‘Specialist’ species display greater LA than ‘generalist’ species. Local genotypes are to a certain extent transient, being a consequence of past historical genetic patterns. Two recent meta-analyses found that while local performance exceeded the performance of a randomly chosen nonlocal population in 71% of comparisons, general adaptation across environments was as frequent as LA. Genotypes for restoration are most likely to be effective if they are adapted to current site conditions. As environmental change accelerates, both globally and locally, exceptions to ‘local is best’ may increase. For these reasons, ‘local is best’ may be better thought of as a testable hypothesis rather than as a general assumption. While either local or nonlocal plant material may be most effective for restoration practice depending on individual circumstances, local material will continue to be the first choice for restoration practitioners whenever this option is feasible and effective. PMID:24187591

Jones, Thomas A



High speed fluorescence photoactivation localization microscopy imaging  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Imaging live biological samples to study biomolecular dynamics requires a very high spatial and temporal resolution. Superresolution localization microscopy has allowed researchers to investigate biological systems whose sizes are below the diffraction limit (200-250 nm) using an optical microscope. Fluorescence Photoactivation Localization Microscopy (FPALM) and other localization microscopy techniques have recently been shown to be capable of rendering superresolution images obtained with acquisitions of shorter than 0.5 seconds. Here we will discuss the FPALM imaging technique, at both lower and higher imaging speeds. This talk will focus on the advantages, challenges, and drawbacks of high speed imaging localization microscopy.

Nelson, Andrew J.; Gunewardene, Mudalige S.; Hess, Samuel T.



The Galaxies of the Local Group  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Local group membership; 3. The Andromeda galaxy (M31); 4. The Milky Way system; 5. The Triangulum galaxy (M33); 6. The Large Magellanic Cloud; 7. The Small Magellanic Cloud; 8. The elliptical galaxy M32 (= NGC 221); 9. The irregular dwarf galaxy NGC 6822; 10. The starburst galaxy IC 10; 11. Faint dwarf irregular galaxies; 12. Spheroidal galaxies; 13. The most luminous dwarf spheroidal galaxies; 14. Dwarf spheroidals in the Andromeda subgroup; 15. Faint dwarf spheroidals; 16. The outer fringes of the Local Group; 17. Intergalactic matter in the Local Group; 18. Dynamical and physical evolution; 19. Properties of the Local Group; 20. Conclusions; Glossary; Bibliography; Object index.

Bergh, Sidney



Exploring local, regional, and seasonal hydrology  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Gary Randolph, David Smith, Pat Kennedy, Warrern Tomkiewicz, Mark Abolins, and Bob Myers Topics: seasonal hydrology patterns; local and regional hydrology patterns Course Type: intro Description Students will ...



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OAK-B135 Global gyrokinetic simulations of turbulence include physical effects that are not retained in local flux-tube simulations. nevertheless, in the limit of sufficiently small {rho}* (gyroradius compared to system size) it is expected that a local simulation should agree with a global one (at the local simulation radius) since all effects that are dropped in the local simulations are expected to vanish as {rho}* {yields} 0. In this note, global simulations of a well-established test case are indeed shown to recover the flux-tube limit at each radius.




Localized scleroderma and regional inflammatory myopathy.  


Inflammatory myopathy is rare in localized scleroderma. We report 2 new cases of regional inflammatory myopathy associated with localized scleroderma and review 10 reported cases of localized scleroderma associated with an inflammatory myopathy with regional muscle involvement, more often in the upper extremities. Serum creatine kinase was mildly elevated or normal. Histopathology often showed perimysial inflammation and plasma cell infiltration. These cases demonstrate that inflammatory myopathy should be considered in patients with localized scleroderma and regional muscle weakness, pain or atrophy. Muscle biopsy can confirm the diagnosis of myositis, which if identified, will require anti-inflammatory and/or immunosuppressive therapy. PMID:24569141

Zivkovi?, Saša A; Freiberg, William; Lacomis, David; Domsic, Robyn T; Medsger, Thomas A



Angular momentum in the Local Group  

SciTech Connect

We briefly review models for the Local Group and the acquisition of its angular momentum. We describe early attempts to understand the origin of the spin of the galaxies discussing the hypothesis that the Local Group has little angular momentum. Finally we show that using Peebles` least action principle there should be a rather large amount of orbital angular momentum compared to the magnitude of the spin of its galaxies. Therefore the Local Group cannot be thought as tidally isolated. Using Peebles` trajectories we give a possible set of trajectories for Local Group galaxies which would predict their spin.

Dunn, A. [Cambridge Univ. (United Kingdom). Inst. of Astronomy; Laflamme, R. [Los Alamos National Lab., NM (United States)



L'avifauna del Laghetto del Frassino (Peschiera del Garda, Verona, Veneto)  

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Ten years of ornithological research at Lake Frassino (located near Peschiera del Garda, Verona, Italy) have produced a check-list of the birds dwelling at this Site of Community Importance (S.I.C.) to be produced. Our surveys have revealed that this water basin where ducks stop al- most exclusively during the day represents, together with nearby Lake Garda, the most important wintering



Isolation and assessment of phytate-hydrolysing bacteria from the DelMarVa Peninsula  

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Summary The Delaware-Maryland-Virginia (DelMarVa) Penin- sula, flanking one side of the Chesapeake Bay, is home to a substantial broiler chicken industry. As such, it produces a significant amount of manure that is typically composted and spread onto local crop- lands as a fertilizer. Phytate (myo inositol hexak- isphosphate), the major form of organic phosphorus in the manure, can be hydrolysed

Jane E. Hill; David Kysela; Menachem Elimelech



Assessment of local deformation using EBSD: Quantification of local damage at grain boundaries  

SciTech Connect

Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) in conjunction with scanning electron microscopy was used to assess localization of the local misorientation to grain boundary. In order to quantify the degree of localization, a parameter, which was referred to as the grain boundary local misorientation, was proposed. Through crystal orientation measurements using deformed Type 316 stainless steel, it was shown that the grain boundary local misorientation increased with the applied plastic strain. Particularly, at several grain boundaries, the grain boundary local misorientation was more than 3 times the local misorientation averaged for the whole area. Surface observations revealed that the large local misorientation near the grain boundaries was attributed to the impeded slip steps rather than the number of slip steps observed on the surface. The magnitude of the grain boundary local misorientation had a week correlation with grain boundary length or grain boundary misorientation, and no correlation was found for twin boundaries. Finally, it was shown that the maximum grain boundary local misorientation could be estimated statistically, and the estimated maximum value for the specimen surface with an area of 80 mm{sup 2} was 10.6 times the averaged value. - Highlights: Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer The grain boundary local misorientation was proposed. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer The maximum grain boundary local misorientation could be estimated statistically. Black-Right-Pointing-Pointer The large local misorientation was attributed to the impeded slip steps.

Kamaya, Masayuki, E-mail:



Contributed Paper Biodiversity Conservation in Local Planning  

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Contributed Paper Biodiversity Conservation in Local Planning JAMES R. MILLER, MARTHA GROOM. Many planners and conservation scientists have called for broader use of planning and regulatory tools actions in local planning. We found that biodiversity conservation was seldom a major consideration

Miller, James R.


Local and Global Thinking in Statistical Inference  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this reflective paper, we explore students' local and global thinking about informal statistical inference through our observations of 10- to 11-year-olds, challenged to infer the unknown configuration of a virtual die, but able to use the die to generate as much data as they felt necessary. We report how they tended to focus on local changes…

Pratt, Dave; Johnston-Wilder, Peter; Ainley, Janet; Mason, John



Page Migration with Limited Local Memory Capacity  

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Page Migration with Limited Local Memory Capacity Susanne Albers ? Hisashi Koga ?? Abstract. Most previous work on page migration assumes that each pro­ cessor, in the given distributed environment, has infinite local memory capacity. In this paper we study the migration problem under the realistic assumption

Imai, Hiroshi


Local History and Problem-Based Learning  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The combination of students, local history, researching, and problem-based learning creates a powerful opportunity for learning to all involved. This article provides one example of how an elementary teacher and a teacher educator have used local resources and problem-based learning to teach a fourth grade unit about human communities and the…

Wieseman, Katherine C.; Cadwell, Doni



Semi-supervised protein subcellular localization  

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Background: Protein subcellular localization is concerned with predicting the location of a protein within a cell using computational method. The location information can indicate key functionalities of proteins. Accurate predictions of subcellular localizations of protein can aid the prediction of protein function and genome annotation, as well as the identification of drug targets. Computational methods based on machine learning, such

Qian Xu; Derek Hao Hu; Hong Xue; Weichuan Yu; Qiang Yang




E-print Network

LOCALIZED AURORA BEYOND THE AURORAL OVAL Harald U. Frey1 Received 3 June 2005; revised 8 September 2006; accepted 10 October 2006; published 2 March 2007. [1] Aurora is the result of the interaction, there are localized regions of aurora that are unrelated to the ovals and exhibit different morphological, spatial

California at Berkeley, University of


Local Cloning of Arbitrarily Entangled Multipartite States  

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We examine the perfect cloning of non-local, orthogonal states with only local operations and classical communication. We provide a complete characterisation of the states that can be cloned under these restrictions, and their relation to distinguishability. We also consider the case of catalytic cloning, which we show provides no enhancement to the set of clonable states.

Alastair Kay; Marie Ericsson



Evidence for Invariants in Local Search  

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It is well known that the performance of a stochastic local search procedure depends upon the setting of its noise pa- rameter, and that the optimal setting varies with the prob- lem distribution. It is therefore desirable to develop general priniciples for tuning the procedures. We present two sta- tistical measures of the local search process that allow one to

David A. Mcallester; Bart Selman; Henry A. Kautz



Local Wealth and Teachers' Salaries in Pennsylvania.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Findings of a study that examined the relationship between Pennsylvania teachers' salaries and local wealth are presented in this paper. Statistical analyses of 491 Pennsylvania school districts involved regression, t tests, and chi square. Findings indicate that two factors had a statistically significant impact on local teacher salaries: (1) the…

Matthews, Kenneth M.; And Others


Local Government Restructuring: Privatization and Its Alternatives  

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Local government restructuring should no longer be viewed as a simple dichotomy between private and public provision. A 1997 survey of chief elected township and county officials in New York shows that local governments use both private and public sector mechanisms to structure the market, create competition, and attain economies of scale. In addition to privatization and inter-municipal cooperation, two

Mildred Warner; Robert Hebdon



A multi-local optimization algorithm  

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The development of efficient algorithms that provide all the local minima of a function is crucial to solve certain subproblems\\u000a in many optimization methods. A “multi-local” optimization procedure using inexact line searches is presented, and numerical\\u000a experiments are also reported. An application of the method to a semi-infinite programming procedure is included.

Teresa León; Susana Sanmatías; Enriqueta Vercher



Urban design and local economic development  

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Although the enhancement of architectural quality has traditionally been considered by planners as an apolitical issue, a number of urban governments and political elites are beginning to acknowledge the link between urban design and broader economic policies. Birmingham is a case study of a local authority that has explicitly recognized that improved urban design can contribute to local economic regeneration.

Phil Hubbard



Concerns about crime and local television news  

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“If it bleeds it leads.”; The crime story is the most popular topic for the typical local television news broadcast, comprising at least 28% of the stories covered. The present hypothesis predicts that greater amounts of local television news viewing will be associated with greater support for policies that punish criminals as opposed to support for policies that address social

Todd C. Trautman



Sensor Placement for Triangulation Based Localization  

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Sensor Placement for Triangulation Based Localization Onur Tekdas, Student Member, IEEE, and Volkan of a sensor-network deployed in the same workspace. This paper addresses the problem of computing the minimum number and placement of sensors so that the localization uncertainty at every point in the workspace

Bystroff, Chris


Local anaesthesia outside the operating room  

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An increasing number of minor surgical procedures are performed under local anaesthesia in clinical settings outside the operating room, where monitoring and resuscitation equipment—as well as personnel skilled in resuscitation—may not be readily available. Serious adverse effects and even fatalities may result from the use of local anaesthetic agents, arising from a variety of causes such as systemic toxicity, allergy,

SK Chan; MK Karmakar; PT Chui


Local Ownership and Radio Market Structure  

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The Telecommunications Act of 1996 changed the nature of radio markets. Recent policy recommendations from the Federal Communications Commission and the U.S. Congress have led to questions about localism in local radio markets. This study analyzes station ownership, the number of clusters, radio programming, and audience data from 32 radio markets and compares the information for the years 2000, 2004,

Todd Chambers



Multicultural Policy within Local Government in Australia.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines results from an Australian survey of multicultural policies within local government. Local administrators reported a broad array of good practices, though there were significant service gaps for non-English-speaking residents and a general reluctance to tackle instances of serious intercommunity tension. There was also some reluctance to…

Dunn, Kevin; Thompson, Susan; Hanna, Bronwyn; Murphy, Peter; Burnley, Ian



On the value locality of store instructions  

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Value locality, a recently discovered program attribute that describes the likelihood of the recurrence of previ- ously-seen program values, has been studied enthusias- tically in the recent published literature. Much of the energy has focused on refining the initial efforts at pre- dicting load instruction outcomes, with the balance of the effort examining the value locality of either all reg-

Kevin M. Lepak; Mikko H. Lipasti



On the value locality of store instructions  

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Value locality, a recently discovered program attribute that describes the likelihood of the recurrence of previously-seen program values, has been studied enthusiastically in the recent published literature. Much of the energy has focused on refining the initial efforts at predicting load instruction outcomes, with the balance of the effort examining the value locality of either all register-writing instructions, or a

Kevin M. Lepak; Mikko H. Lipasti



Silent Stores and Store Value Locality  

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Value locality, a recently discovered program attribute that describes the likelihood of the recurrence of previously seen program values, has been studied enthusiastically in the recent published literature. Much of the energy has focused on refining the initial efforts at predicting load instruction outcomes, with the balance of the effort examining the value locality of either all register- writing instructions

Kevin M. Lepak; Gordon B. Bell; Mikko H. Lipasti



Biologically Inspired Mobile Robot Vision Localization  

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We present a robot localization system using biologically inspired vision. Our system models two extensively studied human visual capabilities: (1) extracting the ldquogistrdquo of a scene to produce a coarse localization hypothesis and (2) refining it by locating salient landmark points in the scene. Gist is computed here as a holistic statistical signature of the image, thereby yielding abstract scene

Christian Siagian; Laurent Itti



Particle Filters for Mobile Robot Localization  

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Particle Filters for Mobile Robot Localization Dieter Fox, Sebastian Thrun, Wolfram Bur­ gard of mobile robotics. In particular, we report results of applying particle filters to the problem of mobile environment. The localization problem is a key problem in mobile robotics, as it plays a fundamental role

Burgard, Wolfram


Mainstreaming Sustainability in Local Economic Development Practice  

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Sustainable development objectives now form a central part of the local economic development practitioner's remit. So an understanding of the concepts used and the tools required to mainstream sustainability is vital. The paper reviews economic, environmental and social conceptualisations of sustainability as these relate to local development practice. It distinguishes between weak sustainability 'no-regrets' policy instruments (such as ecological modernisation,

Tony Jackson



Biomass for energy and materials Local technologies -  

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Biomass for energy and materials Local technologies - in a global perspective Erik Steen Jensen Bioenergy and biomass Biosystems Department Risø National Laboratory Denmark #12;Biomass - a local resource, slaughterhouse waste. #12;Biomass characteristics · Biomass is a storable energy carrier, unlike electricity


Putting local features on a manifold  

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Local features have proven very useful for recognition. Manifold learning has proven to be a very powerful tool in data analysis. However, manifold learning application for images are mainly based on holistic vectorized representations of images. The challenging question that we address in this paper is how can we learn image manifolds from a punch of local features in a

Marwan Torki; Ahmed M. Elgammal



Multicultural Social Studies: The Local History Connection  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Local history can help prepare students for standardized tests by helping them enhance their memories and possess solid understanding of the concepts that are fundamental to a particular discipline or field of study. Although it can effectively be argued that the study of local history may aid in the mastery of U.S. history topics, another often…

Danker, Anita C.



Developing Partnerships to Promote Local Innovation  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Local innovation in agriculture and natural resource management is the process through which individuals or groups discover or develop new and better ways of managing resources, building on and expanding the boundaries of their existing knowledge. Prolinnova (Promoting Local Innovation) is a NGO-led global partnership programme that is being built…

Waters-Bayer, Ann; van Veldhuizen, Laurens; Wettasinha, Chesha; Wongtschowski, Mariana



Capturing, sharing, and using local place information  

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With new technology, people can share information about everyday places they go; the resulting data helps others find and evaluate places. Recent applications like Dodgeball and Sharescape repurpose everyday place information: users create local place data for personal use, and the systems display it for public use. We explore both the opportunities -- new local knowledge, and concerns -- privacy

Pamela J. Ludford; Reid Priedhorsky; Ken Reily; Loren G. Terveen



Monocular vision based robot self-localization  

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In this paper, we propose a position tracking method for robot self-localization with monocular vision. The robot is able to locate itself relying solely on its onboard monocular camera, and the localization result will not be affected by odometer error caused by wheel slippage. Our approach uses the Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) for feature detection and matching over consecutive

Jiaolong Yang; Lei Chen; Wei Liang



Osteoid osteoma. Diagnosis, localization, and treatment.  


The preoperative insertion of a needle under computed tomographic scan, performed under local anesthesia, is a convenient and important new way to localize the nidus in osteoid osteoma. It necessitates less bone removal, which should reduce the postoperative fracture rate. It should also help to locate the lesion during surgery. Some clinical points and previously unstressed pathologic findings are also discussed. PMID:2044277

Marcove, R C; Heelan, R T; Huvos, A G; Healey, J; Lindeque, B G



Localized Rayleigh Instability in Evaporation Fronts  

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A qualitatively different manifestation of the Rayleigh instability is demonstrated, where, instead of the usual extended undulations and breakup of the liquid into many droplets, the instability is localized, leading to an isolated narrowing of the liquid filament. The localized instability, caused by a nonuniform curvature of the liquid domain, plays a key role in the evaporation of thin liquid films off solid surfaces.

Haim Diamant; Oded Agam



Automatic Eye Localization in Color Images  

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In this paper, we present a new efficient method for accurate eye localization in color images. Our algorithm is based on robust feature filtering and explicit geometric clustering. This combination enhances localization speed and robustness by relying on geometric relationships between pixel clusters instead of other properties extracted from the image. Furthermore, its efficiency makes it well suited for implementation

José Gilvan Rodrigues Maia; Fernando De Carvalho Gomes; Osvaldo De Souza



Engaging Senior Citizens in Local Education  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

During the past several years, school district personnel have faced an arduous task of convincing a local electorate--including those who are not directly associated with local schools--to increase its own tax rate. Convincing demographic groups that have a vital interest in improving school facilities can be an easier task. Parents who want to…

Geier, Brett A.



The Structure of Spatial Localization Roberto Casati  

E-print Network

1 The Structure of Spatial Localization Roberto Casati CNRS, Seminaire d'Epistémologie Comparative's death and John's buttering of the toast, and more elusive entities, such as the surface of the table in the case of material objects, but not in the case of #12;THE STRUCTURE OF SPATIAL LOCALIZATION 2 events

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Host range and local parasite adaptation.  

PubMed Central

Parasites may be expected to become locally adapted to their hosts. However, while many empirical studies have demonstrated local parasite adaptation, others have failed to demonstrate it, or have shown local parasite maladaptation. Researchers have suggested that gene flow can swamp local parasite-host dynamics and produce local adaptation only at certain geographical scales; others have argued that evolutionary lags can account for both null and maladaptive results. In this paper, we use item response theory (IRT) to test whether host range influences the likelihood of parasites locally adapting to their hosts. We collated 32 independent experiments testing for local adaptation, where parasites could be assigned as having either broad or narrow host ranges (BHR and NHR, respectively). Twenty-five tests based on BHR parasites had a significantly lower average effect size than seven NHR tests, indicating that studies based on BHR parasites are less likely to demonstrate local parasite adaptation. We argue that this may relate to evolutionary lags during diffuse coevolution of BHR parasites with their hosts, rather than differences in experimental approaches or other confounds between BHR and NHR studies. PMID:11934361

Lajeunesse, Marc J; Forbes, Mark R



Localized correlation treatment using natural bond orbitals  

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We present studies using natural bond orbitals (NBOs) as a starting point for a localized electron correlation treatment, as these kind of localized orbitals lead to CCSD results which show significant transferability and exponential decay patterns in the T?2 amplitudes. The NBO CCSD approach combines the advantages of both the HF CCSD formulation (less amplitudes, orthogonal orbitals) and the AO-based

N. Flocke; Rodney J. Bartlett



22 CFR 228.40 - Local procurement.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2011 CFR

...FOR COMMODITIES AND SERVICES FINANCED BY USAID Conditions Governing Source and Nationality of Local Procurement Transactions for USAID Financing § 228.40 Local procurement...implementing document, or a waiver is approved by USAID in accordance with subpart F of this...



Local Feature Selection in Text Clustering  

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Abstract. Feature selection has improved the performance of text clus- tering. Global feature selection tries to identify a single subset of features which are relevant to all clusters. However, the clustering process might be improved by considering different subsets of features for locally de- scribing each cluster. In this work, we introduce the method ZOOM-IN to perform local feature selection

Marcelo N. Ribeiro; Manoel J. R. Neto; Ricardo Bastos Cavalcante Prudêncio



Local government cooperating to protect groundwater  

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In the early 1980's, Minnesota policymakers worked to establish a cooperative local-state effort in southeastern Minnesota to protect groundwater. Two task forces were formed for the purpose of considering new or stronger regulations concerning sinkholes, water wells, individual sewage systems, feedlots, erosion control and solid waste. The Comprehensive Local Water Planning Act was passed in 1985. Plan preparation is voluntary




How State and Local Interagency Partnerships Work.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This newsletter theme issue describes a state-local team partnership model for interagency transition efforts for young adults with deaf-blindness. Excepts from a presentation by Jane M. Everson identify key aspects and characteristics of effective state and local interagency partnerships. These include: (1) strategies for initiating and…

Rachal, Patricia, Ed.



Climate Change Adaptation for Local Government  

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Climate Change Adaptation for Local Government A Resource Guide June 2011 Jenny Fraser, Adaptation to Climate Change Team, Simon Fraser University #12;Page 1 of 26 Climate Change Adaptation for Local: RESOURCES THAT SUPPORT CLIMATE CHANGE ASSESSMENT 3. Past and Future Climate Change and Its Impacts 4

Pedersen, Tom


Human proteins characterization with subcellular localizations.  


Proteins are responsible for performing the vast majority of cellular functions which are critical to a cell's survival. The knowledge of the subcellular localization of proteins can provide valuable information about their molecular functions. Therefore, one of the fundamental goals in cell biology and proteomics is to analyze the subcellular localizations and functions of these proteins. Recent large-scale human genomics and proteomics studies have made it possible to characterize human proteins at a subcellular localization level. In this study, according to the annotation in Swiss-Prot, 8842 human proteins were classified into seven subcellular localizations. Human proteins in the seven subcellular localizations were compared by using topological properties, biological properties, codon usage indices, mRNA expression levels, protein complexity and physicochemical properties. All these properties were found to be significantly different in the seven categories. In addition, based on these properties and pseudo-amino acid compositions, a machine learning classifier was built for the prediction of protein subcellular localization. The study presented here was an attempt to address the aforementioned properties for comparing human proteins of different subcellular localizations. We hope our findings presented in this study may provide important help for the prediction of protein subcellular localization and for understanding the general function of human proteins in cells. PMID:24862400

Yang, Lei; Lv, Yingli; Li, Tao; Zuo, Yongchun; Jiang, Wei



Local procedural approaches for axillary hyperhidrosis.  


When medical options for axillary hyperhidrosis have failed, botulinum toxin is an effective, safe, and well-tolerated, although temporary, treatment option. For long-lasting or permanent efficacy, some patients turn to local procedures, such as superficial liposuction or manual curettage, or more invasive local surgery. Newer, minimally invasive treatments have become available, such as microwave energy thermolysis. PMID:25152347

Glaser, Dee Anna; Galperin, Timur A



Local Sequence-structure Motifs in Rna  

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RNA enjoys increasing interest in molecular biology; despite this interest fundamental algorithms are lacking, e.g. for identifying local motifs. As proteins, RNA molecules have a distinctive structure. Therefore, in addition to sequence information, structure plays an important part in assessing the sim- ilarity of RNAs. Furthermore, common sequence-structure features in two or several RNA molecules are often only spatially local,

Rolf Backofen; Sebastian Will



Polychromatic dynamic localization in curved photonic lattices  

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Dynamic localization is the suppression of the broadening of a charged-particle wave packet as it moves along a periodic potential in an a.c. electric field. The same effect occurs for optical beams in curved photonic lattices, where the lattice bending has the role of the driving field, and leads to the cancellation of diffraction. Dynamic localization was also observed for

Alexander Szameit; Ivan L. Garanovich; Matthias Heinrich; Andrey A. Sukhorukov; Felix Dreisow; Thomas Pertsch; Stefan Nolte; Andreas Tünnermann; Yuri S. Kivshar



State and Local Revenue Potential, 1970.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report contains results of an extensive study into State and local tax revenue potentials for the 15 Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) States and presents quantitative data on the 50 State-local tax systems. Data set forth in the 35 statistical tables enable the researcher to compare his State's total tax revenues with those of each of…

Quindry, Kenneth E.


Local Change Renata Wassermann Sven Ove Hansson  

E-print Network

. Efficient operations for belief change should affect the beliefs of the agent locally, that is, the changesLocal Change Renata Wassermann Sven Ove Hansson ILLC Department of Philosophy University of Amsterdam Stokholm University Abstract An agent can

Amsterdam, University of


Household schooling investment: Local labor market influence  

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The objective of this study is to examine the influence of local labor markets and non-labor market factors on household education investment. Examining the relationship between household schooling choices, non-labor market factors, and local labor markets yields insight into how these factors influence household education investment. Ultimately, the study will be of importance to policymakers concerned about the changing structure

Thea Christine Graham



Cryptographic Hardness of Random Local Functions Survey  

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Cryptographic Hardness of Random Local Functions ­ Survey Benny Applebaum School of Electrical of their output bits depend on a constant number of input bits. The feasibility of such highly efficient-local predicate P to a randomly chosen d-size subset of the input bits. Formally, this can be viewed as selecting

Applebaum, Benny


Chemical Aspects of Local and Regional Anesthesia  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The practical sides of local or regional anesthesia are explained by two applications of local anesthetics under moderately demanding circumstances. The examples illustrated are surgical repair of the severed lower tendon of the left index finger and the case of pregnant woman involving the delivery of a child in the early stages of cervical…

Brunsvold, Robert; Ostercamp, Daryl L.



The garbage collection advantage: improving program locality  

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As improvements in processor speed continue to outpace improve- ments in cache and memory speed, poor locality increasingly degrades performance. Because copying garbage collectors move objects, they have an opportunity to improve locality. However, no static copy- ing order is guaranteed to match program traversal orders. This pa- per introduces online object reordering (OOR) which includes a new dynamic, online

Xianglong Huang; Stephen M. Blackburn; Kathryn S. McKinley; J. Eliot B. Moss; Zhenlin Wang; Perry Cheng



California's Transition To Local Renewable Energy  

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Rozier. #12;"I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't haveCalifornia's Transition To Local Renewable Energy: 12,000 Megawatts By 2020 A Report on the Governor's Conference on Local Renewable Energy June 7, 2012 #12;This report was made possible

Kammen, Daniel M.


Noise sustained propagation: Local versus global noise  

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We expand on prior results on noise supported signal propagation in arrays of coupled bistable elements. We present and compare experimental and numerical results for kink propagation under the influence of local and global fluctuations. As demonstrated previously for local noise, an optimum range of global noise power exists for which the medium acts as a reliable transmission ``channel.'' We

M. Löcher; N. Chatterjee; F. Marchesoni; W. L. Ditto; E. R. Hunt



Simultaneous Localization, Mapping and Moving Object Tracking  

Microsoft Academic Search

Simultaneous localization, mapping and moving object tracking (SLAMMOT) involves both simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) in dynamic en- vironments and detecting and tracking these dynamic objects. In this paper, we establish a mathematical framework to integrate SLAM and moving ob- ject tracking. We describe two solutions: SLAM with generalized objects, and SLAM with detection and tracking of moving objects (DATMO).

Chieh-chih Wang; Charles E. Thorpe; Sebastian Thrun; Martial Hebert; Hugh F. Durrant-whyte



Ceiling vision based localizer for mobile robot  

Microsoft Academic Search

When mobile robots perform their missions, the self-localization is needed basically. Several past researches established how to obtain their location information from the environment by using a distance sensor or a camera. However, these methods have map-making problem when the environment changes and localization problem while the robot moves from sensing features has typical affine and occlusion characteristics. This paper

Seung-Hun Kim; Changwoo Park; Sewoong Jun



Square Root SAM Simultaneous Localization and Mapping  

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Square Root SAM Simultaneous Localization and Mapping via Square Root Information Smoothing Frank Solving the SLAM problem is one way to enable a robot to explore, map, and navigate in a previously of these methods as an alternative to EKF-based approaches. 1 Introduction The problem of simultaneous localization

Leonard, John J.


Dr. Matas Alvarado (CV breve) Investigador Titular del Departamento de Computacin del CINVESTAV, Miembro Regular de  

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Dr. Mat�as Alvarado (CV breve) Investigador Titular del Departamento de Computaci�n del CINVESTAV� Mat�as Alvarado Mentado Curriculum Vitae CURRENT POSITION Research Scientist (Investigador CINVESTAV 3

Alvarado, Matías


Local Projections of Low-Momentum Potentials  

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Nuclear interactions evolved via renormalization group methods to lower resolution become increasingly non-local (off-diagonal in coordinate space) as they are softened. This inhibits both the development of intuition about the interactions and their use with some methods for solving the quantum many-body problem. By applying "local projections", a softened interaction can be reduced to a local effective interaction plus a non-local residual interaction. At the two-body level, a local projection after similarity renormalization group (SRG) evolution manifests the elimination of short-range repulsive cores and the flow toward universal low-momentum interactions. The SRG residual interaction is found to be relatively weak at low energy, which motivates a perturbative treatment.

K. A. Wendt; R. J. Furnstahl; S. Ramanan



Scale-locality of magnetohydrodynamic turbulence  

SciTech Connect

We investigate the scale-locality of cascades of conserved invariants at high kinetic and magnetic Reynolds numbers in the 'inertial-inductive range' of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence, where velocity and magnetic field increments exhibit suitable power-law scaling. We prove that fluxes of total energy and cross-helicity - or, equivalently, fluxes of Elsaesser energies - are dominated by the contributions of local triads. Corresponding spectral transfers are also scale-local when defined using octave wavenumber bands. Flux and transfer of magnetic helicity may be dominated by nonlocal triads. The magnetic stretching term also may be dominated by non-local triads but we prove that it can convert energy only between velocity and magnetic modes at comparable scales. We explain the disagreement with numerical studies that have claimed conversion non locally between disparate scales. We present supporting data from a 1024{sup 3} simulation of forced MHD turbulence.

Aluie, Hussein [Los Alamos National Laboratory; Eyink, Gregory L [JOHNS HOPKINS UNIV.




EPA Science Inventory

This project is developing an Internet web site and associated community linkages to provide relevant-time air quality and local traffic and transit information, in English and Spanish, to the international communities of El Paso, Texas, Sunland Park, New Mexico and Ciud...


Derivative Estimation with Local Polynomial Fitting Derivative Estimation with Local Polynomial Fitting  

E-print Network

Derivative Estimation with Local Polynomial Fitting Derivative Estimation with Local Polynomial derivatives nonparametrically with- out estimating the regression function. Derivative estimation plays of regression curves, analysis of human growth data, etc. Hence, the study of estimat- ing derivatives


On local boundary CFT and non-local CFT on the boundary  

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The holographic relation between local boundary conformal quantum field theories (BCFT) and their non-local boundary restrictions is reviewed, and non-vacuum BCFT's, whose existence was conjectured previously, are constructed.

K. -H. Rehren



Localities and their natural gas : stories of problem diffusion, state preemption, and local government capacity  

E-print Network

The rapid rise of oil and gas production in the United States poses a new set of policy challenges for local governments. Striving to balance the goals of encouraging economic growth and mitigating its side effects, local ...

Agatstein, Jessica C



Thinking global, acting local? British local authorities and their environmental plans  

Microsoft Academic Search

With the increasing globalisation of environmental policy?making it might be expected that the traditionally strong role of British local authorities would be weakening. Yet local authorities have been extremely active in promoting their role as local environmental guardians. In particular there has been a widespread emergence since the late 1980s of local environmental plans that attempt to highlight and co?ordinate

Stephen Ward



Approach of simultaneous localization and mapping based on local maps for robot  

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An extended Kalman filter approach of simultaneous localization and mapping(SLAM) was proposed based on local maps. A local\\u000a frame of reference was established periodically at the position of the robot, and then the observations of the robot and landmarks\\u000a were fused into the global frame of reference. Because of the independence of the local map, the approach does not cumulate

Bai-fan Chen; Zi-xing Cai; De-wen Hu



Turismo de masas y transporte: el gran reto del turismo del siglo XXI  

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El turismo masas es una de las grandes consecuciones del estado del bienestar, al tiempo que ha venido generando una actividad económica importante. En este contexto, el turismo internacional aumentó un 50 por ciento en los años noventa. Es cierto que la tecnología ha avanzado mucho para evitar los impactos que esta movilidad genera, si bien el aumento del turismo

José Ángel Hernández Luis



Thinking globally, acting locally — institutionalizing climate change at the local government level in Durban, South Africa  

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Durban is unusual among cities worldwide in having a municipal government that has developed a locally rooted climate change adaptation strategy. This paper considers how climate change came to be considered by local government against four institutional markers: the emergence of climate change advocates among local politicians and civil servants; climate change as a significant issue in municipal plans; staff

Debra Roberts



Signal machines : localization of isolated accumulation Signal machines : localization of isolated  

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Signal machines : localization of isolated accumulation Signal machines : localization of isolated'Orléans, Orléans, FRANCE 6 mars 2011 Journées Calculabilités Paris 1 / 39 #12;Signal machines : localization of isolated accumulation 1 Signal machines and isolated accumulations 2 Necessary conditions

Durand-Lose, Jérôme


Anderson Localization for the Almost Mathieu Equation, III. SemiUniform Localization, Continuity of  

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Anderson Localization for the Almost Mathieu Equation, III. Semi­Uniform Localization, Continuity Mathieu operator, (H !;â??;` \\Psi)(n) = \\Psi(n + 1) + \\Psi(n \\Gamma 1) +â?? cos(Ã?!n + `)\\Psi(n), has semi Introduction In this paper we study localization for the almost Mathieu operator H !;â??;` acting on ` 2 (Z): (H


Intrinsic Localization and Mapping with 2 Applications: Diffusion Mapping and Marco Polo Localization  

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Institute of Technology Abstract We investigate Intrinsic Localization and Mapping (ILM) for teams of mobileIntrinsic Localization and Mapping with 2 Applications: Diffusion Mapping and Marco Polo that bring out its potential: Diffusion Mapping and Marco Polo localization. 1 Introduction In many mobile

Dellaert, Frank


Local Legal Infrastructure and Population Health  

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Objectives. We explored the association between the legal infrastructure of local public health, as expressed in the exercise of local fiscal and legislative authority, and local population health outcomes. Methods. Our unit of analysis was public health jurisdictions with at least 100?000 residents. The dependent variable was jurisdiction premature mortality rates obtained from the Mobilize Action Toward Community Health (MATCH) database. Our primary independent variables represented local public health’s legal infrastructure: home rule status, board of health power, county government structure, and type of public health delivery system. Several control variables were included. We used a regression model to test the relationship between the varieties of local public health legal infrastructure identified and population health status. Results. The analyses suggested that public health legal infrastructure, particularly reformed county government, had a significant effect on population health status as a mediator of social determinants of health. Conclusions. Because states shape the legal infrastructure of local public health through power-sharing arrangements, our findings suggested recommendations for state legislation that positions local public health systems for optimal impact. Much more research is needed to elucidate the complex relationships among law, social capital, and population health status. PMID:22897523

Patton, Dana J.



Metric sparsification and operator norm localization.  

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We study an operator norm localization property and its applications to the coarse Novikov conjecture in operator K-theory. A metric space X is said to have operator norm localization property if there exists a positive number c such that for every r>0, there is R>0 for which, if m is a positive locally finite Borel measure on X, H is a separable infinite dimensional Hilbert space and T is a bounded linear operator acting on L^2(X,m) with propagation r, then there exists an unit vector v satisfying with support of diameter at most R and such that |Tv| is larger or equal than c|T|. If X has finite asymptotic dimension, then X has operator norm localization property. In this paper, we introduce a sufficient geometric condition for the operator norm localization property. This is used to give many examples of finitely generated groups with infinite asymptotic dimension and the operator norm localization property. We also show that any sequence of expanding graphs does not possess the operator norm localization property.

Xiaoman Chen; Romain Tessera; Xianjin Wang; Guoliang Yu


Can EPR non-locality be geometrical?  

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The presence in Quantum Mechanics of non-local correlations is one of the two fundamentally non-intuitive features of that theory. The non-local correlations themselves fall into two classes: EPR and Geometrical. The non-local characteristics of the geometrical type are well-understood and are not suspected of possibly generating acausal features, such as faster-than-light propagation of information. This has especially become true since the emergence of a geometrical treatment for the relevant gauge theories, i.e. Fiber Bundle geometry, in which the quantum non-localities are seen to correspond to pure homotopy considerations. This aspect is reviewed in section 2. Contrary-wise, from its very conception, the EPR situation was felt to be paradoxical. It has been suggested that the non-local features of EPR might also derive from geometrical considerations, like all other non-local characteristics of QM. In[7], one of the authors was able to point out several plausibility arguments for this thesis, emphasizing in particular similarities between the non-local correlations provided by any gauge field theory and those required by the preservation of the quantum numbers of the original EPR state-vector, throughout its spatially-extended mode. The derivation was, however, somewhat incomplete, especially because of the apparent difference between, on the one hand, the closed spatial loops arising in the analysis of the geometrical non-localities, from Aharonov-Bohm and Berry phases to magnetic monopoles and instantons, and on the other hand, in the EPR case, the open line drawn by the positions of the two moving decay products of the disintegrating particle. In what follows, the authors endeavor to remove this obstacle and show that as in all other QM non-localities, EPR is somehow related to closed loops, almost involving homotopy considerations. They develop this view in section 3.

Ne`eman, Y. [Tel-Aviv Univ. (Israel). Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences]|[Univ. of Texas, Austin, TX (United States). Center for Particle Physics; Botero, A. [Texas Univ., Austin, TX (United States)



Local SAR in Parallel Transmission Pulse Design  

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The management of local and global power deposition in human subjects (Specific Absorption Rate, SAR) is a fundamental constraint to the application of parallel transmission (pTx) systems. Even though the pTx and single channel have to meet the same SAR requirements, the complex behavior of the spatial distribution of local SAR for transmission arrays poses problems that are not encountered in conventional single-channel systems and places additional requirements on pTx RF pulse design. We propose a pTx pulse design method which builds on recent work to capture the spatial distribution of local SAR in numerical tissue models in a compressed parameterization in order to incorporate local SAR constraints within computation times that accommodate pTx pulse design during an in vivo MRI scan. Additionally, the algorithm yields a Protocol-specific Ultimate Peak in Local SAR (PUPiL SAR), which is shown to bound the achievable peak local SAR for a given excitation profile fidelity. The performance of the approach was demonstrated using a numerical human head model and a 7T eight-channel transmit array. The method reduced peak local 10g SAR by 14–66% for slice-selective pTx excitations and 2D selective pTx excitations compared to a pTx pulse design constrained only by global SAR. The primary tradeoff incurred for reducing peak local SAR was an increase in global SAR, up to 34% for the evaluated examples, which is favorable in cases where local SAR constraints dominate the pulse applications. PMID:22083594

Lee, Joonsung; Gebhardt, Matthias; Wald, Lawrence L.; Adalsteinsson, Elfar



A mouse protein that localizes to acrosome and sperm tail is regulated by Y-chromosome  

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Background Acrosomal proteins play crucial roles in the physiology of fertilization. Identification of proteins localizing to the acrosome is fundamental to the understanding of its contribution to fertilization. Novel proteins are still being reported from acrosome. In order to capture yet unreported proteins localizing to acrosome in particular and sperm in general, 2D-PAGE and mass spectrometry analysis of mouse sperm proteins was done. Results One of the protein spots identified in the above study was reported in the NCBI database as a hypothetical protein from Riken cDNA 1700026L06 that localizes to chromosome number 2. Immunofluorescence studies using the antibody raised in rabbit against the recombinant protein showed that it localized to mouse acrosome and sperm tail. Based on the localization of this protein, it has been named mouse acrosome and sperm tail protein (MAST, [Q7TPM5 (]). This protein shows 96% identity to the rat spermatid specific protein RSB66. Western blotting showed that MAST is expressed testis-specifically. Co-immunoprecipitation studies using the MAST antibody identified two calcium-binding proteins, caldendrin and calreticulin as interacting partners of MAST. Caldendrin and calreticulin genes localize to mouse chromosomes 5 and 8 respectively. In a Yq-deletion mutant mouse, that is subfertile and has a deletion of 2/3rd of the long arm of the Y chromosome, MAST failed to localize to the acrosome. Western blot analysis however, revealed equal expression of MAST in the testes of wild type and mutant mice. The acrosomal calcium-binding proteins present in the MAST IP-complex were upregulated in sperms of Yq-del mice. Conclusions We have identified a mouse acrosomal protein, MAST, that is expressed testis specifically. MAST does not contain any known motifs for protein interactions; yet it complexes with calcium-binding proteins localizing to the acrosome. The misexpression of all the proteins identified in a complex in the Yq-del mice invokes the hypothesis of a putative pathway regulated by the Y chromosome. The role of Y chromosome in the regulation of this complex is however not clear from the current study. PMID:24256100



Localized spoof plasmons in closed textured cavities  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Localized spoof plasmons arising with textured closed surfaces have been theoretically studied and experimentally verified, which resemble the localized surface plasmons (LSPs) in the optical regime. In this work, we go one step further and demonstrate that part of the resonance modes in closed textured cavities pertain to spoof localized surface plasmons (spoof-LSPs) modes. We show the existence of spoof LSPs in periodically textured perfect electric conductor circular cavities and make an analogy between these spoof LSPs and the real LSPs in closed metallic cavities with the Drude model in the optical regime. Also, a metamaterial approach is presented to capture the resonant features of these modes.

Li, Zhuo; Xu, Bingzheng; Gu, Changqing; Ning, Pingping; Liu, Liangliang; Niu, Zhenyi; Zhao, Yongjiu



Adatoms and Anderson localization in graphene  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We address the nature of the disordered state that results from the adsorption of adatoms in graphene. For adatoms that sit at the center of the honeycomb plaquette, as in the case of most transition metals, we show that the ones that form a zero-energy resonant state lead to Anderson localization in the vicinity of the Dirac point. Among those, we show that there is a symmetry class of adatoms where Anderson localization is suppressed, leading to an exotic metallic state with large and rare charge droplets, that localizes only at the Dirac point. We identify the experimental conditions for the observation of the Anderson transition for adatoms in graphene.

García, Jose H.; Uchoa, Bruno; Covaci, Lucian; Rappoport, Tatiana G.



False localizing signs in traumatic brain injury  

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Background Hemiparesis ipsilateral to a mass-occupying lesion can be due to Kernohan-Woltman Notch Phenomenon (KWNP). This syndrome implies a false-localizing sign because clinical findings lead the examiner to an incorrect neuroanatomical diagnosis. The contralateral crus cerebri (pyramidal tract) is pressed against the tentorial incisum and a resultant hemiparesis is found on the same side of the lesion. Review A detailed literature search of false-localizing signs is presented. Conclusions Not infrequently, patients presenting to a physiatrist may have incomplete records. The existence of false localizing signs may point the physician towards the wrong underlying pathology. PMID:19557561




Quantum Spherical Spins with Local Symmetry  

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We construct a quantum system of spherical spins with a continuous local symmetry. The model is exactly soluble in the thermodynamic limit and exhibits a number of interesting properties. We show that the local symmetry is spontaneously broken at finite as well as zero temperatures, implying the existence of classical and quantum phase transitions with a nontrivial critical behavior. The dynamical generation of gauge fields and the equivalence with the $CP^{(\\mathcal{N}-1)}$ model in the limit $\\mathcal{N}\\rightarrow\\infty$ are investigated. The dynamical generation of gauge fields is a consequence of the restoration of the local symmetry.

Gomes, Pedro R S



Localization of relativistic particles and uncertainty relations  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Localization of relativistic particles and their position-momentum uncertainty relations are not yet fully understood. We discuss two schemes of photon localization that are based on the energy density. One scheme produces a positive operator-valued measure for localization. It coincides with the number density operator and reproduces an effective 3×3 polarization density matrix. Another scheme results in a probability distribution that is conditioned on the detection. In both schemes the uncertainty relations for transversal position and momentum approach the Heisenberg bound ?p?z=1/2?.

Terno, Daniel R.