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Resumo: O objetivo deste artigo é mostrar a crítica lockeana ao argumento da existência necessária de Deus, o famoso argumento ontológico, levado a cabo por Descartes. Segundo Locke, este modo de provar a existência de Deus, formu- lado pela primeira vez por Santo Anselmo no Medievo, poderia ser utilizado do mesmo modo por um ateu para provar a existência única

Saulo Henrique; Souza Silva


Landscape Specification Resizing Leandro Cruz, Luiz Velho and Djalma Lucio  

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Landscape Specification Resizing Leandro Cruz, Luiz Velho and Djalma Lucio VISGRAF Lab - IMPA Rio://{egalin, apeytavi, eguerin} Abstract--In this work, we introduce a method for resizing a landscape specification, i the landscape dimensions while keeping its overall appearance. Our method is based on the insertion and removal


Metaheurística algoritmo genético para solução de problemas de planejamento florestal com restrições de integridade  

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2 RESUMO - Os objetivos deste trabalho foram desenvolver e testar um algoritmo genético (AG) para a solução de problemas de gerenciamento florestal com restrições de integridade. O AG foi testado em quatro problemas, contendo entre 93 e 423 variáveis de decisão, sujeitos às restrições de singularidade, produção mínima e produção máxima, periodicamente. Todos os problemas tiveram como objetivo a

Flávio Lopes Rodrigues; Helio Garcia Leite; Heleno do Nascimentos Santos; Agostinho Lopes de Souza; Gilson Fernandes da Silva



Hierarchical Generalized Triangle Strips Luiz Velho y , Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo z , and Jonas Gomes y  

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Hierarchical Generalized Triangle Strips Luiz Velho y , Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo z , and Jonas sequences of a mesh. We apply the method to construct a single generalized triangle strip that completely generates the triangulation and the triangle strip si­ multaneously, using a mesh refinement scheme


Projective Texture Atlas and Applications Luiz Velho and Jonas Sossai Jr.  

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parametriza- tion without introducing distortions into the mapping. For this reason, an atlas structure allows local mappings with small distortion. Texture atlas generation can be naturally posed as an optiProjective Texture Atlas and Applications Luiz Velho and Jonas Sossai Jr. Abstract. The use


Brazilian mosquito (Diptera: Culicidae) fauna: I. Anopheles species from Porto Velho, Rondônia state, western Amazon, Brazil.  


This study contributes to knowledge of Anopheles species, including vectors of Plasmodium from the western Brazilian Amazon in Porto Velho, Rondônia State. The sampling area has undergone substantial environmental changes as a consequence of agricultural and hydroelectric projects, which have caused intensive deforestation and favored habitats for some mosquito species. The purpose of this study was to diagnose the occurrence of anopheline species from collections in three locations along an electric-power transmission line. Each locality was sampled three times from 2010 to 2011. The principal adult mosquitoes captured in Shannon trap were Anopheles darlingi, An. triannulatus, An. nuneztovari l.s., An.gilesi and An. costai. In addition, larvae were collected in ground breeding sites for Anopheles braziliensis, An. triannulatus, An. darlingi, An. deaneorum, An. marajoara, An. peryassui, An. nuneztovari l.s. and An. oswaldoi-konderi. Anopheles darlingi was the most common mosquito in the region. We discuss Culicidae systematics, fauna distribution, and aspects of malaria in altered habitats of the western Amazon. PMID:23152319

Morais, Sirlei Antunes; Urbinatti, Paulo Roberto; Sallum, Maria Anice Mureb; Kuniy, Adriana Akemi; Moresco, Gilberto Gilmar; Fernandes, Aristides; Nagaki, Sandra Sayuri; Natal, Delsio



The Afeição augen-gneiss Suite and the record of the Cariris Velhos Orogeny (1000-960 Ma) within the Riacho do Pontal fold belt, NE Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Early Tonian (˜1000-920 Ma) rocks occur within the Transversal Zone of the Borborema Province in Northeast Brazil comprising the 700 km-long sigmoidal Cariris Velhos belt. The Afeição augen-gneiss Suite crops out in the internal zone of the Riacho do Pontal fold belt, about 100 km southwestward of the closest Cariris Velhos occurrence within the Transversal Zone, and has been proposed to represent a continuation of this belt within the Southern subprovince of the Borborema Province. Several plutons included within this unit intrude or are thrust upon metavolcanosedimentary sequences of three different units (Santa Filomena, Paulistana and Morro Branco complexes). The Afeição Suite is composed mostly of calc-alkaline, high-K, peraluminous, high-silica ferroan and magnesian granites. Chondrite-normalized REE patterns are moderate to highly fractionated, with a pronounced negative Eu anomaly. Incompatible element spidergrams show a negative Nb-Ta anomaly, akin to convergence setting (Cordilleran-type) granites. U-Pb zircon data constrain the age of crystallization between 1000 and 960 Ma, thus confirming chrono-correlation with the Cariris Velhos belt. Values of ?Nd(t) between -1.0 and +3.1 and TDM of 1.2-1.5 Ga, similar to other Cariris Velhos occurrences, suggest variable mixing of Tonian juvenile sources with older crustal sources, the latter involving Archean/Paleoproterozoic basement. Although there are currently no reliable geochronological data for the supracrustal sequences of the internal zone, cross-cutting relationships indicate that the Santa Filomena and Morro Branco complexes are older or of similar age to the Afeição Suite, and thus could be related to the Cariris Velhos Orogeny. Based on petrographic, lithogeochemical, geochronological and isotope data, and according to previous models proposed for the Cariris Velhos belt, we interpret the Afeição Suite as the southwestern edge of a continental margin magmatic arc accreted to this portion of West Gondwana during the Early Tonian. Late-Brasiliano dextral displacement through the western branch of the Pernambuco shear zone separated these Cariris Velhos occurrences from its equivalents within the Transversal Zone of the Borborema Province (Recanto-type augen-gneiss of the Alto Pajeú Terrane).

Caxito, Fabrício de Andrade; Uhlein, Alexandre; Dantas, Elton Luiz



SIMUMAT-2008 El Problema Inverso en Redes Finitas  

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SIMUMAT-2008 El Problema Inverso en Redes Finitas El Problema Inverso en Redes Finitas Grupo Inverso en Redes Finitas Presentaci´on Grupo de Investigaci´on VARIDIS · http://www-ma3.upc;SIMUMAT-2008 El Problema Inverso en Redes Finitas Introducci´on Problema inverso de conductividad Grafo

Bendito, Enrique


Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIR) gene diversity in a population naturally exposed to malaria in Porto Velho, Northern Brazil.  


Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIR) are expressed mainly in natural killer cells and specifically recognize human leukocyte antigen (HLA) class I molecules. The repertoire of KIR genes and KIR-HLA pairs is known to play a key role in the susceptibilities to and the outcomes of several diseases, including malaria. The aim of this study was to investigate the distribution of KIR genes, KIR genotypes and KIR-HLA pair combinations in a population naturally exposed to malaria from Brazilian Amazon. All 16 KIR genes investigated were present in the studied population. Overall, 46 KIR genotypes were defined. The two most common genotypes in the Porto Velho communities, genotypes 1 and 2, were present at similar frequencies as in the Americas. Principal component analysis based on the frequencies of the KIR genes placed the Porto Velho population closer to the Venezuela Mestizos, USA California hispanic and Brazil Paraná Mixed in terms of KIR gene frequencies. This analysis highlights the multi-ethnic profile of the Porto Velho population. Most of the individuals were found to have at least one inhibitory KIR-HLA pair. Seventy-five KIR-HLA pair combinations were identified. The KIR-2DL2/3_HLA-C1, KIR3DL1_HLA-Bw4 and KIR2DL1_HLA-C2 pairs were the most common. There was no association between KIR genes, KIR genotypes or KIR-HLA pair combinations and malaria susceptibility in the studied population. This is the first report on the distribution of KIR and known HLA ligands in the Porto Velho population. Taken together, these results should provide baseline information that will be relevant to population evolutionary history, malaria and other diseases studies in populations of the Brazilian Amazon. PMID:25656387

Perce-da-Silva, D S; Silva, L A; Lima-Junior, J C; Cardoso-Oliveira, J; Ribeiro-Alves, M; Santos, F; Porto, L C M S; Oliveira-Ferreira, J; Banic, D M



UM Weather  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Sponsored by The Weather Underground at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, UM Weather bills itself as the "Internet's premier source of weather information." The site offers several general audience tools such as the Fast Forecast for any city in the US, ski weather, and weather cams. But, it also provides access to over two dozen weather software packages, a new computer model forecasts page, and most impressively a list of close to 400 other weather related Web sites. Professionals and researchers will appreciate the non-technical feel of the site and the valuable information they can procure from it.


Risk factors and prevalence of newborn hearing loss in a private health care system of Porto Velho, Northern Brazil  

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OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence of hearing loss and to analyze the results of newborn hearing screening and audiological diagnosis in private health care systems. METHODS Cross-sectional and retrospective study in a database of newborn hearing screening performed by a private clinic in neonates born in private hospitals of Porto Velho, Rondônia, Northern Brazil. The screening results, the risk for hearing loss, the risk indicators for hearing loss and the diagnosis were descriptively analyzed. Newborns cared in rooming in with their mothers were compared to those admitted to the Intensive Care Unit regarding risk factors for hearing loss. RESULTS: Among 1,146 (100%) enrolled newborns, 1,064 (92.8%) passed and 82 (7.2%) failed the hearing screening. Among all screened neonates, 1,063 (92.8%) were cared in rooming and 83 (7.2%) needed intensive care; 986 (86.0%) were considered at low risk and 160 (14.0%) at high risk for hearing problems. Of the 160 patients identified as having high risk for hearing loss, 83 (37.7%) were admitted to an hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit, 76 (34.5%) used ototoxic drugs and 38 (17.2%) had a family history of hearing loss in childhood. Hearing loss was diagnosed in two patients (0.2% of the screened sample). CONCLUSIONS: The prevalence of hearing loss in newborns from private hospitals was two cases per 1,000 evaluated patients. The use of ototoxic drugs, admission to Intensive Care Unit and family history of hearing loss were the most common risk factors for hearing loss in the studied population. PMID:24142311

de Oliveira, Juliana Santos; Rodrigues, Liliane Barbosa; Aurélio, Fernanda Soares; da Silva, Virgínia Braz



Estructura orbital en el Problema Restringido Rectilíneo Isósceles  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Para definir problemas en Mecánica Celeste se utilizan diferentes parámetros. El conocimiento de la dinámica del problema para valores particulares de estos parámetros nos permite entender el comportamiento en casos más generales. El Problema Restringido Rectilíneo Isósceles puede ser considerado como el caso límite del Problema de Sitnikov cuando la excentricidad tiende a uno o como el Problema Isósceles cuando la masa central tiende a cero. Se ha compactificado el espacio de fases y analizado la dinámica en el límite. Esto ha permitido separar el espacio de fases en diferentes regiones dependiendo de las clases de órbitas.

Orellana, R. B.


The Lapedo Child Reborn: Contributions of CT Scanning and Rapid Prototyping for an Upper Paleolithic Infant Burial and Face Reconstruction. The Case of Lagar Velho Interpretation Centre, Leiria, Portugal  

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The Lagar Velho rock shelter became known worldwide since the discovery, in late 1998, of a nicely preserved Upper Paleolithic burial, containing an almost complete child skeleton, whose later anatomical study provided strong evidence for an admixture between the latest Neanderthal communities of Iberia and the first anatomically modern humans during the few millennia that the two populations co-existed. Given

F. Almeida; P. Bártolo; N. Alves; H. Almeida; M. Ponce de Léon; C. Zollikofer; B. Pierson; P. Serra; C. Duarte; E. Trinkaus



Motivacion El problema de optimizacion Metaheuristicas unificadas paralelas Resultados experimentales Conclusiones Resolucion de un problema de optimizacion de  

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sujeto a las restricciones. Se mejora un problema inicial resuelto mediante algoritmos gen´eticos. Los m electricidad sujeto a las restricciones. Se mejora un problema inicial resuelto mediante algoritmos gen´eticos algoritmos gen´eticos. Los m´etodos exhaustivos no son aplicables aqu´i debido a que el espacio de posibles

Giménez, Domingo


Busqueda Dispersa para el problema de Ordenacion Lineal de Corte Minimo  

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l´inea recta. Este problema puede ser formulado co- mo un problema de programaci´on entera y se Este problema es un problema NP-Dif´icil [7, 6] y puede ser expresado como un problema de programaci´on

Duarte, Abraham


I quaderni del Marconi La Biomatematica in un problema  

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: · Roberto Chignola - Ricercatore di Patologia generale dell'Universtità degli studi di Verona per la- cercatore di Patologia Generale presso l'Università degli Studi di Verona, che ha presentato un problema

Zuccher, Simone


Arquitectura, esquema, significado Problemas de semntica de la arquitectura  

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Arquitectura, esquema, significado Problemas de semántica de la arquitectura Architecture, scheme, semelhança, esquema dinâmico. Resumen. El artículo trata de la situación específica de la arquitectura para su aplicación a la arquitectura. Proponemos aquí el concepto de esquema dinámico de manera

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Resolucion por programacion parametrica del problema Multiobjetivo Lineal Difuso  

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Resumen  En este artículo se propone una solución difusa al problema Multiobjetivo Lineal Difuso. Tal solución contiene, como valores\\u000a particulares, las soluciones puntuales que otros autores han obtenido. El método que se emplea es independiente de la linealidad\\u000a de las funciones de pertenencia que se consideren. El problema también se extiende al caso en que el conjunto de restricciones\\u000a sea, junto

Miguel Delgado; José Luis Verdegay; Amparo Vila




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Introduction: Hepatic capillariosis, caused by Capillaria hepatica (Calodium hepaticum) (Bancroft, 1893), Travassos, 1915 (Nematoda, Trichinelloidea, Capillariidae), is a common zoonosis in rodents but is rare in humans. Seventy-two cases in humans have been reported worldwide since the first case was described by MACARTHUR in 192417,27. This study aimed to determine the prevalence of Capillaria hepatica in humans and rodents in an urban area of Porto Velho, the capital of Rondônia, in Brazil. Methods: After conducting a census of the area, 490 residents were randomly selected, and, after signing a term of consent, provided blood samples that were screened for anti-Capillaria hepatica antibodies. Simultaneously, rats were captured to assess the prevalence of this parasite in rodents by histopathological examination in liver sections. Results: A prevalence of 1.8% was found among residents who had specific antibodies at a dilution of 1:150, indicating exposure to parasite eggs; 0.8% of the subjects also had positive titers at a dilution of 1:400, indicating true infection. The prevalence in rats was 2%. Conclusions: The prevalence of infection with this parasite among humans and rats was low. While the prevalence encountered among humans was within the limits reported in the literature, the prevalence among rodents was much lower. PMID:25651325

da Rocha, Elierson José Gomes; Basano, Sérgio de Almeida; de Souza, Márcia Maria; Honda, Eduardo Resende; de Castro, Márcio Botelho; Colodel, Edson Moleta; Silva, Jéssica Carolinne Damasceno e; Barros, Lauro Prado; Rodrigues, Elisa Sousa; Camargo, Luís Marcelo Aranha



Simulating Deforestation and Carbon Loss in Amazonia: Impacts in Brazil's Roraima State from Reconstructing Highway BR-319 (Manaus-Porto Velho).  


Reconstruction of Highway BR-319 (Manaus-Porto Velho) would allow for access from the "arc of deforestation" in the southern part of Brazil's Amazon region to vast blocks of forests in central and northern Amazonia. Building roads is known to be a major driver of deforestation, allowing entry of squatters, and other actors. Rather than deforestation along the highway route, here we consider the road's potential for stimulating deforestation in a separate location, approximately 550 km north of BR-319's endpoint in Manaus. Reconstructing BR-319 has great potential impact to start a new wave of migration to this remote region. The southern portion of the state of Roraima, the focus of our study, is already connected to Manaus by Highway BR-174. We modeled deforestation in southern Roraima and simulated carbon emissions between 2007 and 2030 under four scenarios. Simulations used the AGROECO model in DINAMICA-EGO © software. Two scenarios were considered with reconstruction of BR-319 and two without this road connection. For each of the two possibilities regarding BR-319, simulations were developed for (1) a "conservation" (CONSERV) scenario that assumes the creation of a series of protected areas, and (2) a "business-as-usual" (BAU) scenario that assumes no additional protected areas. Results show that by 2030, with BR-319 rebuilt, deforestation carbon emissions would increase between 19 % (CONSERV) and 42 % (BAU) over and above those corresponding to no-road scenarios. PMID:25472831

Barni, Paulo Eduardo; Fearnside, Philip Martin; Graça, Paulo Maurício Lima de Alencastro



Selección de los principales problemas de seguridad de las vacunas  

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ExtractoEjemplos recientes de los principales beneficios en salud pública de la vacunación incluyen reducciones globales de la mortalidad por sarampión y el registro de niveles bajos de enfermedades evitables por vacunas en Estados Unidos. No obstante, los problemas reales o percibidos de seguridad de las vacunas pueden ejercer un impacto adverso sobre los programas de vacunación. La monitorización sólida de

John K. Iskander; Jane Gidudu; Nelson Arboleda; Wan-Ting Huang



Algoritmo genetico para o problema de rotas de cobertura multiveiculo  

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Algoritmo gen´etico para o problema de rotas de cobertura multive´iculo Washington Alves de¸c~oes sub´otimas s~ao obtidas aplicando-se duas propostas de algoritmo gen´etico (AG), os quais geram rotas de tamanho menor poss´ivel. Palavras-chave: Programa¸c~ao inteira e combinat´oria, algoritmo gen´etico

Gomes, Francisco A. M.


The Dynamics of Transmission and Spatial Distribution of Malaria in Riverside Areas of Porto Velho, Rondônia, in the Amazon Region of Brazil  

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The study area in Rondônia was the site of extensive malaria epidemic outbreaks in the 19th and 20th centuries related to environmental impacts, with large immigration flows. The present work analyzes the transmission dynamics of malaria in these areas to propose measures for avoiding epidemic outbreaks due to the construction of two Hydroelectric Power Plants. A population based baseline demographic census and a malaria prevalence follow up were performed in two river side localities in the suburbs of Porto Velho city and in its rural vicinity. The quantification and nature of malaria parasites in clinical patients and asymptomatic parasite carriers were performed using microscopic and Real Time PCR methodologies. Anopheles densities and their seasonal variation were done by monthly captures for defining HBR (hourly biting rate) values. Main results: (i) malaria among residents show the riverside profile, with population at risk represented by children and young adults; (ii) asymptomatic vivax and falciparum malaria parasite carriers correspond to around 15% of adults living in the area; (iii) vivax malaria relapses were responsible for 30% of clinical cases; (iv) malaria risk for the residents was evaluated as 20–25% for vivax and 5–7% for falciparum malaria; (v) anopheline densities shown outdoors HBR values 5 to 10 fold higher than indoors and reach 10.000 bites/person/year; (vi) very high incidence observed in one of the surveyed localities was explained by a micro epidemic outbreak affecting visitors and temporary residents. Temporary residents living in tents or shacks are accessible to outdoors transmission. Seasonal fishermen were the main group at risk in the study and were responsible for a 2.6 fold increase in the malaria incidence in the locality. This situation illustrates the danger of extensive epidemic outbreaks when thousands of workers and secondary immigrant population will arrive attracted by opportunities opened by the Hydroelectric Power Plants constructions. PMID:20169070

Katsuragawa, Tony Hiroshi; Gil, Luiz Herman Soares; Tada, Mauro Shugiro; de Almeida e Silva, Alexandre; Costa, Joana D'Arc Neves; da Silva Araújo, Maisa; Escobar, Ana Lúcia; Pereira da Silva, Luiz Hildebrando



BR-319: Brazil's Manaus-Porto Velho highway and the potential impact of linking the arc of deforestation to central amazonia.  


Brazil's BR-319 Highway linked Manaus, in the state of Amazonas, to Porto Velho, Rondônia, until it became impassable in 1988. Now it is proposed for reconstruction and paving, which would facilitate migration from the "Arc of Deforestation" in the southern part of the Amazon region to new frontiers farther north. The purpose of the highway, which is to facilitate transport to São Paulo of products from factories in the Manaus Free Trade Zone, would be better served by sending the containers by ship to the port of Santos. The lack of a land connection to Manaus currently represents a significant barrier to migration to central and northern Amazonia. Discourse regarding the highway systematically overestimates the highway's benefits and underestimates its impacts. A variety of changes would be needed prior to paving the highway if these potential impacts are to be attenuated. These include zoning, reserve creation, and increased governance in various forms, including deforestation licensing and control programs. More fundamental changes are also needed, especially the abandonment of the long-standing tradition in Brazil of granting squatters' rights to those who invade public land. Organizing Amazonian occupation in such a way that road construction and improvement cease to lead to explosive and uncontrolled deforestation should be a prerequisite for approval of the BR-319 and other road projects for which major impacts are expected. These projects could provide the impetus that is needed to achieve the transition away from appropriation of public land by both small squatters and by grileiros (large-scale illegal claimants). A delay in reconstructing the highway is advisable until appropriate changes can be effected. PMID:16990982

Fearnside, Philip M; de Alencastro Graça, Paulo Maurício Lima



Problemas faciles, dificiles y muy dificiles Santiago Figueira  

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Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales Departamento de Computaci´on Semana de la Computaci´on 2006 #12;M´etodos" Mec´anico, realizable. ¿Como podemos definir los m´etodos efectivos? Los m´etodos resuelven problemas´umeros naturales y devuelven n´umeros naturales. f : N N o g : N � N N o h : N � N � N N #12;M´etodos efectivos

Figueira, Santiago


Estructuras de comunicación para la resolución de problemas de manera distribuida en la ingeniería concurrente  

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Se presenta el problema de la comunicación en la resolución de problemas distribuidos. Se analizan las siguientes tecnologías de la comunicación: actores, pizarrones, las comunicaciones homogéneas y heterogéneas en un ambiente de multiagentes. Se ilustra la discusión con ejemplos del ambiente para el Diseño de Objetos Estructurados (Design of Structured Objects - DESO). El prototipo actual integra algunos sistemas preexistentes

Leonid B. Sheremetov


Algoritmos genéticos para la resolución de problemas de Programación por Metas Entera. Aplicación a la Economía de la Educación  

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En este trabajo se presenta un algoritmo genético para la resolución de problemas de Programación por Metas Entera. Este tipo de problemas presentan en general un gran número de dificultades para su resolución utilizando algoritmos tradicionales de Programación Entera, siendo en la mayoría de los casos de problemas reales demasiado costosa computacionalmente para afrontarla con garantías. Sin embargo, se mostrará

Rafael Caballero; Julián Molina Luque; Angel Torrico González; Trinidad Gómez Nuñez


Hibridacion entre Filtros de Particulas y Meta-heuristicas para resolver problemas dinamicos  

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optimizaci´on en los cuales la descripci´on del problema y/o los datos relevantes cambian en el tiempo. Para de adaptaci´on a cambios. Los m´etodos metaheur´isticos son procedimientos para explorar de forma´es de la hibridaci´on de los m´etodos anteriores. 1. Introducci´on Muchos problemas de optimizaci´on con

Pantrigo Fernández, Juan José


Examen Final de Metodos Numericos (I. Q.) Problemas Fecha: 12 de enero de 2009 Tiempo total: 3 horas  

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Examen Final de M´etodos Num´ericos (I. Q.) Problemas Fecha: 12 de enero de 2009 Tiempo total: 3 Final de M´etodos Num´ericos (I. Q.) Problemas Fecha: 12 de enero de 2009 Tiempo total: 3 horas Problema, queda x(t) = e-t cos 2t - cos 2t - 2 sin 2t 4 sin 2t - 3 cos 2t . #12;Examen Final de M´etodos Num

Casanellas, Marta


Examen Final de Metodos Numericos (I. Q.) Problemas Fecha: 25 de junio de 2008 Tiempo total: 3 horas  

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Examen Final de M´etodos Num´ericos (I. Q.) Problemas Fecha: 25 de junio de 2008 Tiempo total: 3 sin(3x), c1, c2, c3 R. En este caso, no existe ninguna soluci´on peri´odica. #12;Examen Final de M´etodos Num´ericos (I. Q.) Problemas Fecha: 25 de junio de 2008 Tiempo total: 3 horas Problema 2 [2 puntos

Casanellas, Marta


Algoritmos Basados en Nubes de Particulas y Evolucion Diferencial para el Problema de  

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Algoritmos Basados en Nubes de Part´iculas y Evoluci´on Diferencial para el Problema de Optimizaci con variables reales pode- mos destacar a los algoritmos basados en nubes de part´iculas y evoluci propuestas en la literatura. Este estu- dio permite analizar las distintas t´ecnicas en funci´on de sus

Granada, Universidad de


Interpoladores Espaciais para Gerao de Superfcies de Densidade Populacional na Amaznia Brasileira: problemas e perspectivas.  

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Interpoladores Espaciais para Geração de Superfícies de Densidade Populacional na Amazônia de superfícies de densidade populacional na Amazônia Brasileira. Os principais problemas de mais utilizados para gerar superfícies de densidade populacional. Discute-se a aplicabilidade destes

Camara, Gilberto


Problemas especiales de los metodos para valorar el dinero en el tiempo  

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Este es material de curso del libro Decisiones Empresariales bajo Riesgo e Incertidumbre. El nivel del libro es basico. Se usan muy pocas matematicas y puede ser usado por gerentes. En este capitulo cuatro se estudian algunos problemas especiales que se encuentran al usar los metodos estudiados en el capitulo tres. Se introduce la idea de tasas de descuento no-constantes,

Ignacio Velez-Pareja



El problema de la vivienda en la prensa: entre contradicciones y falacias  

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El problema de la vivienda se muestra como una preocupación constante, objeto de la atención de la opinión pública a lo largo del tiempo, de tal forma que su repercusión espacial subjetiva es superior a lo meramente cuantificable por la cartografía urbana. El análisis de las valoraciones de diferentes agentes, recogidas en la prensa durante el periodo 2004-2007, pone de

José Luis Vara Muñoz; Julio Vinuesa Angulo



El papel de la afectividad en la resolución de problemas matemáticos  

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Resumen En este trabajo se estudia la influencia de las creencias, actitudes y emociones (afectivi- dad) que el alumnado de 3º y 4º curso de Educación Secundaria Obligatoria experimenta cuando se enfrenta a la resolución de problemas de matemáticas. El objetivo que se persi- gue es poner de manifiesto el importante papel que desempeñan los afectos en el éxito o

Nuria Gil Ignacio; Lorenzo J. Blanco Nieto; Eloísa Guerrero Barona



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Este trabajo tiene la pretensión de ser una crítica al teorema formulado por Okishio y recogido por el gran economista marxista Michio Morishima. El resultado, como se verá, resulta sorprendente. Pero una advertencia: nada más lejos de mi intención hacer siquiera un análisis histórico de ambos problemas. Eso ya ha sido hecho, hay mucha literatura al respecto y ha servido

Antonio Mora Plaza



Aplicación de una heurística de búsqueda tabú en un problema de programación de tareas en línea flexible de manufactura  

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Una de las preocupaciones claves en el proceso de toma de decisiones para la solución de problemas de programación de tareas, consiste en lograr el adecuado balance entre calidad de la solución y complejidad o costo de la técnica usada. En este trabajo se propone una metodología basada en búsqueda tabú que permite obtener soluciones aceptables a un problema de

R. B Acero; J. F Torres



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Este estudio presenta un nuevo modelo matemático y un procedimiento metaheurístico de búsqueda voraz adaptativa y aleatoria (GRASP, por sus siglas en inglés) para resolver el problema de stock de corte ordenado. Este problema ha sido introducido recientemente en la literatura. Es apropiado minimizar la materia prima usada por las industrias que manipulan inventarios reducidos de productos, tales como las

Rodrigo Rabello Golfeto; Antônio Carlos Moretti; Salles Neto


Utilidad de distintas ayudas en la resolución de un problema de insight y su relación con las estrategias metacognitivas  

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Resumen: En este trabajo se analiza la relación entre las estrategias meta- cognitivas (EM) y la eficacia de distintas ayudas en la resolución de un problema de insight. Los participantes intentaron resolver el problema de las tres bombillas sin ninguna ayuda o después de recibir distintas pistas que diferían en el nivel de abstracción, y respondieron al cuestionario de auto-informe

Reinaldo Martínez-Fernández; Elisabet Tubau; Llorenç Guilera; Samuel Rabanaque; Edgar Sánchez


La Resolución de Problemas Matemáticos: Avances y Perspectivas en la Construcción de una Agenda de Investigación y Práctica  

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La resolución de problemas es dominio de estudio que ha influido notablemente en las agendas de investigación en educación matemática y en las propuestas del currículum matemático y las prácticas de instrucción. En este trabajo se intenta caracterizar los principios que le dan sustento a los programas de investigación y se revisan temas relevantes de la resolución de problemas en

Manuel Santos Trigo; Centro de Investigación



Our address: UM Waste Management Services  

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Our address: UM Waste Management Services 1655 Dean Road Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2159 Directions to the Waste Management Services shop and offices: From Central and North Campuses, by UM bus: Take down the driveway to the large garage at the end. You have arrived at UM Waste Management Services

Awtar, Shorya


Modelos auxiliares para problemas de programacion lineal con coeficientes imprecisos en las restricciones  

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Resumen  En este artículo se considera un problema de Programación Lineal en el que los coeficientes del sistema de inecuaciones lineales,\\u000a que definen el conjunto de restricciones, están dados de forma imprecisa o vaga. Se supone entonces que tales coeficientes\\u000a pueden ser definidos mediante números difusos. Se propone un enfoque de resolución basado en las distintas versiones existentes\\u000a para la comparación

L. Campos; J. L. Verdegay



Michael Faraday e o manuscrito Matter: uma solução metafísica para o problema da ação a distância  

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O texto aqui traduzido, intitulado simplesmente Matéria, revela um Faraday muito pouco conhecido. É notório que Michael Faraday (1791-1867) fez grandes contribuições para a ciência do eletromagnetismo; dentre elas, duas merecem destaque: a descoberta ex- perimental da indução eletromagnética e a elaboração teórica do conceito de linhas de força, alternativa à explicação (de perspectiva newtoniana) baseada na ação a distân-

Sonia Maria Dion



Studi Storici Luigi Simeoni, LVII, 2007 Maurizio VIROLI, Il Dio di Machiavelli e il problema morale dell'Italia, Laterza,  

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Studi Storici Luigi Simeoni, LVII, 2007 Maurizio VIROLI, Il Dio di Machiavelli e il problema morale a quella che nacque quattro secoli prima a Firenze e che Machiavelli contribuì a mantenere viva e. Machiavelli non era, secondo Viroli (che affronta la concezione di Dio di Machiavelli soprattutto nel primo

Boyer, Edmond



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Se investiga en la línea: la formación universitaria del personal en el mejoramiento de la calidad de la educación, para contribuir a la formación en valores y de la cultura general integral en los docentes en formación en el proceso de enseñanza aprendizaje mediante problemas y actividades prácticas con un enfoque humanista. Hubo deficiencias al potenciarse la función formativa de

Manuel Silverio Carbonell Vargas




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La ciencia y la tecnología han crecido de una manera muy significativa en las últimas décadas, con lo cual el ser humano ha obtenido así respuesta a una gran diversidad de problemas. Todos estos avances que se han logrado nos han ayudado a conocer y comprender de una manera mucho más eficiente el entorno que nos rodea. Además, dentro de

Jeffersson Saúl Reyes Lasso; Fernando Sandoya



Algoritmo Tabú para un problema de distribución de espacios = Tabu Search Algorithm for a Room Allocation Problem  

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La distribución de espacios es un problema que habitualmente se presenta en situaciones reales cuando se deben asignar simultáneamente diferentes conjuntos de espacios (despachos, habitaciones, salas, etc.) distribuidos entre edificios y\\/o plantas entre varios grupos de personas de tal forma que se minimicen las distancias entre los espacios asignados a cada grupo y la sede de dicho grupo. Esta situación

Alfredo G. Hernández-Díaz; Flor M. Guerrero Casas; Rafael Caballero Fernández; Julián Molina Luque



LIRMM UM II Component based Software Architecture  

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1 LIRMM UM II Component based Software Architecture of Robot Controllers R. Passama, D. Andreu, C component approaches and robot control architectures. This methodology defines a process that guides architecture, useful for analysis and integration, and a dedicated component-based language, focusing

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Media Contact Annette Gallagher, UM Communications  

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for domestic consumption, the growth of a porcelain industry in the first quarter of the seventeenth century. Sayumi Harb, Department of East Asian Languages and Culture, Connecticut College; and Dr. Chang Qing holidays. General Admission (not including programs) is $10, senior citizens and non-UM students are $5

Shyu, Mei-Ling


eABC : um repositório institucional virtual  

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O eABC surge no contexto dos repositórios institucionais desenvolvidos pela Universidade de Aveiro. Neste artigo descreve-se resumidamente em que consistem estes repositórios e algumas dificuldades que advêm aquando da sua implementação. Com este artigo pretende-se também apresentar um caso prático do uso da tecnologia XML e de algumas das tecnologias que lhe estão associadas como o XPath, o XQuery e

Johnny Santos; Cláudio Teixeira; Joaquim Sousa Pinto


Aceleraci'on de la convergencia en m'etodos de Jacobi para el Problema Sim'etrico de Valores  

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puede resolver por m'etodos de Jacobi. Para reducir el tiempo de ejecuci'on de estos m'etodos se puede posibilidad de reducci'on del tiempo de ejecuci'on con­ siste en usar m'etodos por bloques [3] con los que seAceleraci'on de la convergencia en m'etodos de Jacobi para el Problema Sim'etrico de Valores

Giménez, Domingo


Extinctions at 7um and 15um from the ISOGAL survey  

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The extinction laws at 7um and 15um are derived for more than 120 sightlines in the inner Galactic plane based on the ISOGAL survey data and the near-infrared data from DENIS and 2MASS. The tracers are the ISOGAL point sources with [7]-[15]extinctions at 7 and 15um in terms of the near-infrared extinction in the Ks band. The distribution of the derived extinctions around 7 micron (A_7) is well represented by a Gaussian function, with the peak at about 0.47A_Ks and ranging from 0.33 to 0.55A_Ks (using the near-infrared extinctions of Rieke & Lebovsky 1985). There is some evidence that A_7/A_Ks may vary significantly depending on the line of sight. The derived selective extinction at 15um suffers uncertainty mainly from the dispersion in the intrinsic color index (Ks-[15])_0 which is affected by dust emission from mass-losing AGB stars. The peak value of A_15 is around 0.40A_Ks.

B. W. Jiang; J. Gao; A. Omont; F. Schuller; G. Simon




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Sistemas em grade e agregados de computadores têm sido amplamente empregados como alternativa para aplicações científicas que necessitam de processamento de alto desempenho. Entretanto, é comum que essas aplicações utilizem apenas uma parte do conjunto de instruções de um processador de propósito geral, comumente encontrado nos nodos dos agregados e grades. Como alternativa este trabalho propõe o fluxo de concepção

Alexandra Aguiar; Fabiano Kist; Márcio E. Kreutz; João Carlos Furtado; Rafael R. Santos; Tatiana G. S. Santos


Examen Final de Metodos Numericos (I. Q.) Problemas Fecha: 12 de enero de 2009 Tiempo total: 3 horas  

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Examen Final de M´etodos Num´ericos (I. Q.) Problemas Fecha: 12 de enero de 2009 Tiempo total: 3 aplicar: 1. El m´etodo de Euler con paso h = 1/4; 2. El m´etodo RK2 con paso h = 1/2; y 3. El m´etodo RK4,43, ¿cu´al de los tres m´etodos anteriores proporciona un valor m´as preciso? [0.5 p.] c) ¿Y cu´al de

Casanellas, Marta


Parylene supported 20um*20um uncooled thermoelectric infrared detector with high fill factor  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Presented is a novel design for an uncooled surface-micromachined thermoelectric (TE) infrared (IR) detector. The detector features a P-doped polysilicon/Nichrome (Cr20-Ni80) thermocouple, which is embedded into a thin layer of Parylene-N to provide structural support. The low thermal conductivity (~0.1W/m.K), chemical resistance, and ease of deposition/patterning of Parylene-N make it an excellent choice of material for use in MEMS thermal detectors. This detector also features an umbrella-like IR absorber composed of a three layer stack of NiCr/SiN/NiCr to optimize IR absorption. The total device area is 20 um * 20 um per pixel with an absorber area of ~19 um * 19 um resulting in a fill factor of 90%. At room temperature, a DC responsivity of ~170V/W with a rise time of less than 8 ms is measured from the fabricated devices in vacuum when viewing a 500K blackbody without any concentrating optics. The dominant source of noise in thermoelectric IR detectors is typically Johnson noise when the detectors are operating in an open circuit condition. The fabricated detectors have resistances about 85KOhm which results in Johnson noise of about 38nV/Hz^0.5. The D* is calculated to be 9 * 106 cm*Hz0.5/ W. Preliminary finite element analysis indicates that the thermal conduction from the hot junction to the substrate through the TE wires is dominant ( GTE >> Gparylene) considering the fabricated dimensions of the parylene film and the TE wires. Thus, by further reducing the size of the TE wires, GTE can be decreased and hence, responsivity can be improved while the parylene film sustains the structural integrity of the cell.

Modarres-Zadeh, Mohammad J.; Carpenter, Zachary S.; Rockley, Mark G.; Abdolvand, Reza



"Uh" and "Um" Revisited: Are They Interjections for Signaling Delay?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Clark and Fox Tree (2002) have presented empirical evidence, based primarily on the London-Lund corpus (LL; Svartvik & Quirk, 1980), that the fillers "uh" and "um" are conventional English words that signal a speaker's intention to initiate a minor and a major delay, respectively. We present here empirical analyses of "uh" and "um" and of silent…

O'Connell, Daniel C.; Kowal, Sabine



NormalShop: Modeling surface mesostructure Thiago Pereira Luiz Velho  

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. Finally, all changes are mapped back to the original atlas. is acquiring normals with photometric methods. Besides being more intuitive for the user, normals in this mapping are in fact an RGBN image. This lets us to the original charts. Keywords-normal maps, RGBN image, details, base surface, filtering, warping, texture


Análisis bibliométrico sobre el Aprendizaje Basado en Problemas (ABP) en la educación superior a partir de la base de datos ERIC  

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El estudio bibliométrico descriptivo que sigue presenta tendencias de investigación sobre el aprendizaje basado en problemas entre 1974 y 2009. Se sirve de la base de datos ERIC y trabaja con una muestra de 1007 documentos. Se analizan los registros a tenor de cuatro variables: el año de publicación o realización, la titulación, el área de conocimiento y la tipología

José Luis Menéndez Varela; Eva Gregori Giralt; Guillem Antequera Gallego



El Pensamiento Económico de John Maynard Keynes y Milton Friedman. Un estudio de sus teorías a través de 4 problemas centrales  

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El presente trabajo está enmarcado en el estudio del pensamiento económico universal. Trae a colación la obra de dos de los pensadores y hacedores de la política económica más relevantes del siglo XX en el Capitalismo: John Maynard Keynes y Milton Friedman. Abordamos, de forma comparativa y analítica el tratamiento que dan ambos autores a cuatro problemas fundamentales de la

Yoandris Sierra Lara




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La solución a los problemas informacionales ha sido una preocupación de la Bibliotecología y las Ciencias de la Información, ellas se basan en la existencia de pasos que facilitan el uso y manejo de la información. Ambas ciencias son la base para la solución a la problemática social que se plantea en el presente artículo: necesidad de un servicio de

Noemí Dueñas Bravo; Aida Guadalupe Sánchez Santamaría; Anay María Sánchez Rivas



Problemas de rutas con ventanas de tiempo y carga y descarga simultanea: diseño de filtros en algoritmos de intercambio (caso de un vehículo)  

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En este trabajo se propone un método para diseñar algoritmos para el Problema de Rutas de Vehículos con Ventanas de Tiempo, y con Carga y Descarga simultánea (VRPTW mixto) basados en las conocidas técnicas de mejora o intercambio r-ópotimos. Este método consiste en incorporar un mecanismo que filtre los intercambios que van a dar lugar a rutas factibles. El resultado

Joaquín Antonio Pacheco Bonrostro; Cristina Rocio Delgado Serna



Una propuesta para el dise~no de m'etodos de Jacobi unilaterales por bloques para el Problema Sim'etrico de Valores Propios \\Lambda  

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los tiempos de ejecuci'on te'oricos con los de un m'etodo bilateral por bloques. Palabras clave: m'etodosUna propuesta para el dise~no de m'etodos de Jacobi unilaterales por bloques para el Problema Sim'etrico de Valores Propios. Se estudian dos m'etodos secuenciales y sus versiones paralelas, y se comparan

Giménez, Domingo


Il problema del litio.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Contents: 1. Introduzione. 2. La nucleosintesi del Big Bang. 3. Il litio nelle stelle di popolazione II. 4. I modelli stellari standard. 5. Il litio negli ammassi aperti. 6. Meccanismi di distruzione "non standard". 7. I modelli non-standard applicati alla popolazione II. 8. L'evoluzione Galattica del litio. 9. Quali stelle producono litio? 10. Il litio come elemento chiave per dare un nome agli oggetti stellari più minuscoli. 11. Conclusioni.

D'Antona, F.



Usina do Trabalho do Ator: um teatro canibal  

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FALL 1999 97 Usina do Trabalho do Ator: um teatro canibal Gilberto lele O grupo Usina do Trabalho do Ator é um teatro-laboratório que vem trabalhando desde 1992, em Porto Alegre, estado do Rio Grande do Sul, no Brasil. O trabalho concentra...-se em pesquisar técnicas corpóreas e vocais de representação teatral para atores e bailarinos. A base desta técnica está na fisicalidade do ator. O trabalho fiindamenta-se nas teorias e práticas do teatro contemporâneo e na investigação de formas...

Icle, Gilberto



A comparison between HadCM3 integrations for COAPEC using Beowulf (UM version 4.5) and Cray T3E (UM version 4.4)  

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A comparison between HadCM3 integrations for COAPEC using Beowulf (UM version 4.5) and Cray T3E (UM on a Cray T3E using Unified Model version 4.4, the other on a Beowulf cluster using UM version 4 community has expressed concern as to whether Beowulf clusters are suitable platforms for climate model

Matthews, Adrian


Cryptography and Schur's Conjecture UM Bozeman, November 19, 2004  

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Cryptography and Schur's Conjecture UM Bozeman, November 19, 2004 Advertisement for our seminar of cryptography and fi- nite fields. Addition and multiplication on these keep financial data secure. Numbers polynomials used in Cryptography: Cyclic polynomials have the form x xn. The famous R

Fried, Michael


Architectural-Level Risk Analysis Using UMLy g  

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6/12/2010 1 Architectural-Level Risk Analysis Using UMLy g IEEE Transactions on Software Introduction Background Risk analysis methodology Conclusion Discussion KAIST SE LAB 2010 2/27 #12;6/12/2010 2 at the architecture level is more beneficial than assessment at later development phases Risk analysis methodology

Bae, Doo-Hwan


Cinco Ws e um H para o jornalismo na web  

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A influência da Internet nas mais diversas áreas de intervenção humana provocou alterações profundas nas rotinas profissionais e lúdicas dos cidadãos. No campo do jornalismo, a Internet influenciou fortemente a actividade profissional, permitindo ainda o aparecimento de um novo tipo de jornalismo comummente chamado ciberjornalismo, webjornalismo ou jornalismo digital. Embora as características deste novo tipo de jornalismo estejam perfeitamente identificadas

João Canavilhas



Die Organisatoren des Summer Science Camps um Carmen Stadelhofer (Mitte)  

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Die Organisatoren des Summer Science Camps um Carmen Stadelhofer (Mitte) freuten sich über den ­ angeführt von einem ebenso fröhlichen wie rüstigen Seniorenpaar. Das sechste Summer Science Camp hat der Forschungsferien und des Science Camps fertigten Fluggeräte an... und führten Experimente durch

Pfeifer, Holger


The International Space Station Urine Monitoring System (UMS)  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A device capable of making in-flight volume measurements of single void urine samples, the Urine Monitoring System (UMS), was developed and flown on seven U.S. Space Shuttle missions. This device provided volume data for each urine void from multiple crewmembers and allowed samples of each to be taken and returned to Earth for post-flight analysis. There were a number of design flaws in the original instrument including the presence of liquid carry-over producing invalid "actual" micturition volumes and cross-contamination between successive users from residual urine in "dead" spots". Additionally, high or low volume voids could not be accurately measured, the on-orbit calibration and nominal use sequence was time intensive, and the unit had to be returned and disassembled to retrieve the volume data. These problems have been resolved in a new version, the International Space Station (ISS) UMS, that has been designed to provide real-time in-flight volume data with accuracy and precision equivalent to measurements made on Earth and the ability to provide urine samples that are unadulterated by the device. Originally conceived to be interfaced with a U.S.-built Waste Collection System (WCS), the unit now has been modified to interface with the Russian-supplied Sanitary Hygiene Device (ASY). The ISS UMS provides significant advantages over the current method of collecting urine samples into Urine Collection Devices (UCDs), from which samples are removed and returned to Earth for analyses. A significant future advantage of the UMS is that it can provide an interface to analytical instrumentation that will allow real-time measurement of urine bioanalytes allowing monitoring of crewmember health status during flight and the ability to provide medical interventions based on the results of these measurements. Currently, the ISS UMS is scheduled to launch along with Node-3 on STS-130 (20A) in December 2009. UMS will be installed and scientific/functional verification completed prior to placing the instrument into operation. Samples collected during the verification sequence will be returned for analyses on STS-131 (19A) currently scheduled for launch in March 2010. The presence of a UMS on ISS will provide the capability to conduct additional collaborative human life science investigations among the ISS International Partners.

Feeback, Daniel L.; Cibuzar, Branelle R.; Milstead, Jeffery R.; Pietrzyk,, Robert A.; Clark, Mark S.F.




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TERESA PENA, PRESIDENTE DA SOCIEDADE PORTUGUESA DE FÍSICA, EM ENTREVISTA "UM PAÍS SEM CI�NCIA N�O � Teresa Pena, Professora do Instituto Superior Técnico e Presidente da Sociedade Portuguesa de Física, em entrevista à Revista Pontos de Vista. Saiba mais da Sociedade Portuguesa de Física, uma entidade que tem como

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


A Importância de um Layout na Armazenagem de Produtos Acabados Um Estudo de Caso: Diplomata S\\/A Industrial e Comercial  

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Este estudo analisou os princípios relacionados às disciplinas de Organização, Sistemas e Métodos e Administração Logística. Os termos abordados foram: layout, armazenagem, logística e centro de distribuição. Este teve como caso prático a empresa Diplomata S\\/A Industrial e Comercial, que apresenta problemas devido à disponibilidade de espaço físico atual para estocagem de seus produtos finais. Neste estudo analisou-se a capacidade

Poliana Soares Hudson; Samir Rodrigues Haddad


Um satélite brasileiro para observação do diâmetro solar  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Propomos uma missão espacial para medir a forma e o diâmetro solar com o objetivo de ajudar a determinar o potencial gravitacional do Sol e a sua rotação com precisão, testar modelos teóricos de variação de energia e pela primeira vez medir os modos g de oscilação. As observações serão obtidas através do instrumento denominado APT (Astrometric and Photometric Telescope) descrito por Kuhn(1983). A sensibilidade do instrumento é de 0,2 mas em 27 dias para as observações do diâmetro solar feitas a cada minuto. Esta é uma missão de três anos de duração e pode complementar as medidas que serão feitas pelo satélite PICARD (a ser lançado em 2007). Outros parâmetros físicos podem ser obtidos com as mesmas imagens o que certamente interessará à comunidade de física solar. Um primeiro contato foi realizado com a agência espacial brasileira que pretende lançar um satélite científico a cada dois anos.

Emilio, M.; Leister, N. V.; Benevides Soares, P.; Teixeira, R.; Kuhn, J.



Links um und ber Lego Mindstorm RCX und NXT Einfhrungen  

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Links um und über Lego Mindstorm RCX und NXT Einführungen Einführung LEGO RCX vs. NXT Essentials an NXT Tutorial Lego öffnet den Zugang zur Firmware von Mindstorm-NXT Freie Programmierung nun ermöglicht! http


Assessment of Tropical Cyclone Track Forecast Errors using GDAPS (UM)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

After the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) began issuing official five-day tropical cyclone (TC) forecasts in 2003, the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA) started issuing official five-day forecasts of TCs in May 2012 after 2 year of beta test. Forming a selective consensus (SCON) by proper removal of a likely erroneous track forecast is hypothesized to be more accurate than the non-selective consensus (NCON) of all model tracks that are used for the five-day forecasts. Conceptual models describing large track error mechanisms, which are related to known tropical cyclone motion processes being misrepresented in the dynamical models, are applied to forecasts during the 2012 western North Pacific typhoon season by the Global Data Assimilation and Prediction System (GDAPS (UM N512 L70)) which is KMA's main operational model. GDAPS (UM) is one of consensus members used in making KMA's five-day forecasts and thus analysis of its track error tendencies would be useful for forming a SCON forecast. All 72-h track errors greater than 320 km are examined on the basis of the approach developed by Carr and Elsberry (2000a, b). Tropical-influenced error sources caused 37% (47 times / 126 erroneous forecasts) of the GDAPS (UM) large track forecast errors primarily because an incorrect beta effect-related process depicted by the model contributed to the erroneous forecasts. Midlatitude-influenced error sources accounted for 63% (79 times / 126 error cases) in the GDAPS (UM) erroneous forecasts mainly due to an incorrect forecast of the midlatitude system evolutions. It is proposed that KMA will be able to issue more reliable TC track information if a likely model track error is recognized by optimum use of conceptual models by Carr and Elsberry (2000a, b) and a selective consensus track is then the basis for an improved warning.

Kim, D.; Kim, J.; Chang, K.; Byun, K.; Lee, J.



Vehicle Use Policy Outline the policy regarding vehicle use at the University of Michigan (U-M).  

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(U-M). Policy 1. Vehicles owned or leased and furnished by the U-M are to be used exclusively for university business. 2. Operators must be U-M faculty, staff, students or contracted employees under the direct supervision of a U-M staff member. 3. All vehicles must be parked on U-M property (owned or leased

Kirschner, Denise


Um Framework para a Simulao de Redes Mveis Ad hoc Alexandre Mele & Markus Endler  

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Um Framework para a Simulação de Redes Móveis Ad hoc Alexandre Mele & Markus Endler Departamento de, um framework flexível para a prototipação e simulação de protocolos para redes móveis ad hoc. Depois.11. Palavras-chave Redes Móveis Ad hoc, Framework, Simulação, Roteamento, Prototipação de Protocolos #12;Um

Endler, Markus


UM Computer Science 2014-2015 Parent/Guardian Consent & Contact Form  

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UM Computer Science 2014-2015 Parent/Guardian Consent & Contact Form Print Child's Name: __________ I/we give our son/daughter permission to participate in the UM Computer Science workshop to the provision of any necessary emergency treatment to my son/daughter during the program by UM Computer Science

Chu, Xi


STS-40 Exp. No. 192 urine monitoring system (UMS) on OV-102's middeck  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

STS-40 Experiment No. 192, Fluid-Electrolyte Regulation During Space Flight, urine monitoring system (UMS) is set up on the middeck of Columbia, Orbiter Vehicle (OV) 102, at the side hatch. The UMS is attached to OV-102's waste collection system (WCS). The urine specimen tray with sample tubes appears to the right of the UMS equipment.



Resultados do desenvolvimento de um propulsor à plasma no Brasil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Uma das partes mais importantes de um satélite é o controle de atitude do mesmo. E se tratando de um satélite científico, a atenção para este sistema deve ser redobrada. Uma possibilidade atraente para executar esta tarefa é a propulsão elétrica. Aqui, mostraremos resultados obtidos pelo propulsor à plasma PHALL-01, desenvolvido na Universidade de Brasília entre 2000 e 2003. Este é derivado do propulsor russo SPT-100 (Stationary Plasma Thruster), mas com o emprego inovador de um arranjo de imãs permanentes como fonte do campo magnético, este último o agente da aceleração do plasma. Esta alteração foi motivada pelo objetivo de que o mesmo operasse com o mínimo de potência elétrica. A partir da formulação teórica do mecanismo de aceleração, tendo como base as equações da magnetohidrodinâmica, pode-se obter vínculos sob os quais o propulsor pudesse ser construído. O mais forte destes é o que dita a topologia do campo magnético. Sendo assim, foram realizadas simulações computacionais, que definiram a geometria do propulsor. Após construído, este foi diagnosticado usando-se sondas de Langmuir e analisadores de energia. Como resultados, obtivemos a distribuição espacial da temperatura, densidade e potencial do plasma, bem como a distribuição angular do feixe produzido pelo mesmo em vários regimes de operação. O espectro de energia do feixe de plasma também foi medido, indicando íons de até 560eV. Combinando estes resultados, calculou-se o empuxo do propulsor: 84mN; e o impulso específico: 1083s. Estes demonstram que o mesmo estará qualificado, num futuro próximo, para o emprego no controle de atitude de satélites científicos, ou até mesmo como parte do conjunto propulsor primário, responsáveis pela transferência de órbitas.

Ferreira, I. S.; Ferreira, J. L.



Common Correlations between 60, 100 and 140 um Intensities in the Galactic Plane and Magellanic Clouds  

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We investigate the far-infrared SED of the Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds by using the COBE (COsmic Background Explorer) / DIRBE (Diffuse InfraRed Background Experiment) ZSMA (Zodi - Subtracted Mission Average) maps at wavelengths of 60 um, 100 um and 140 um. We analyze three regions: the Galactic plane region with the Galactic latitude |b|color correlation between the 140 - 100 um and 60 - 100 um intensity ratios in all the three galaxies. Although this color correlation cannot be explained by any existing model, it fits very well the far-infrared color of nearby star forming galaxies.

Yasunori Hibi; Hiroshi Shibai; Mitsunobu Kawada; Takafumi Ootsubo; Hiroyuki Hirashita




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We present a stellar population study of three H II galaxies (Mrk 36, UM 408, and UM 461) based on the analysis of new ground-based high-resolution near-infrared J, H, and K{sub p} broadband and Br{gamma} narrowband images obtained with Gemini/NIRI. We identify and determine the relative ages and masses of the elementary star clusters and/or star cluster complexes of the starburst regions in each of these galaxies by comparing the colors with evolutionary synthesis models that include the contribution of stellar continuum, nebular continuum, and emission lines. We found that the current star cluster formation efficiency in our sample of low-luminosity H II galaxies is {approx}10%. Therefore, most of the recent star formation is not in massive clusters. Our findings seem to indicate that the star formation mode in our sample of galaxies is clumpy, and that these complexes are formed by a few massive star clusters with masses {approx}>10{sup 4} M{sub Sun }. The age distribution of these star cluster complexes shows that the current burst started recently and likely simultaneously over short timescales in their host galaxies, triggered by some internal mechanism. Finally, the fraction of the total cluster mass with respect to the low surface brightness (or host galaxy) mass, considering our complete range in ages, is less than 1%.

Lagos, P. [Centro de Astrofisica da Universidade do Porto, Rua das Estrelas, 4150-762 Porto (Portugal); Telles, E. [Observatorio Nacional, Rua Jose Cristino, 77, Rio de Janeiro 20921-400 (Brazil); Nigoche-Netro, A. [Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia (IAA), Glorieta de la Astronomia s/n, 18008 Granada (Spain); Carrasco, E. R., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Gemini Observatory/AURA, Southern Operations Center, Casilla 603, La Serena (Chile)



Star Cluster Complexes and the Host Galaxy in Three H II Galaxies: Mrk 36, UM 408, and UM 461  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a stellar population study of three H II galaxies (Mrk 36, UM 408, and UM 461) based on the analysis of new ground-based high-resolution near-infrared J, H, and Kp broadband and Br? narrowband images obtained with Gemini/NIRI. We identify and determine the relative ages and masses of the elementary star clusters and/or star cluster complexes of the starburst regions in each of these galaxies by comparing the colors with evolutionary synthesis models that include the contribution of stellar continuum, nebular continuum, and emission lines. We found that the current star cluster formation efficiency in our sample of low-luminosity H II galaxies is ~10%. Therefore, most of the recent star formation is not in massive clusters. Our findings seem to indicate that the star formation mode in our sample of galaxies is clumpy, and that these complexes are formed by a few massive star clusters with masses gsim104 M sun. The age distribution of these star cluster complexes shows that the current burst started recently and likely simultaneously over short timescales in their host galaxies, triggered by some internal mechanism. Finally, the fraction of the total cluster mass with respect to the low surface brightness (or host galaxy) mass, considering our complete range in ages, is less than 1%.

Lagos, P.; Telles, E.; Nigoche-Netro, A.; Carrasco, E. R.



Star Cluster Complexes and the Host Galaxy in Three HII Galaxies: Mrk 36, UM 408, and UM 461  

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We present a stellar population study of three HII galaxies (Mrk 36, UM 408, and UM 461) based on the analysis of new ground-based high resolution near-infrared J, H and Kp broad-band and Br narrow-band images obtained with Gemini/NIRI. We identify and determine relative ages and masses of the elementary star clusters and/or star cluster complexes of the starburst regions in each of these galaxies by comparing the colors with evolutionary synthesis models that include the contribution of stellar continuum, nebular continuum and emission lines. We found that the current star cluster formation efficiency in our sample of low luminosity HII galaxies is ~10%. Therefore, most of the recent star formation is not in massive clusters. Our findings seem to indicate that the star formation mode in our sample of galaxies is clumpy, and that these complexes are formed by a few massive star clusters with masses > 10^4 Mo. The age distribution of these star cluster complexes shows that the current burst started recently an...

Lagos, Patricio; Nigoche-Netro, A; Carrasco, Eleazar Rodrigo



A high performance active pixel sensor with 0.18um CMOS color imager technology  

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A high performance 0.18 um CMOS image sensor technology has been successfully developed and fully characterized. 3T active pixel sensor (APS) with non-silicide source\\/drain process is provided to reduce dark current and increase photoresponse. By optimizing photodiode junction profile with the appropriate thermal cycle, the dark current can be drastically reduced. Small pixel pitch 2.8um~4.0um demonstrates the low dark current

Shou-Gwo Wuu; Ho-Ching Chien; Dun-Nian Yaung; Chien-Hsien Tseng; C. S. Wang; Chin-Kung Chang; Yu-Kung Hsaio



Recovery Act: Novel Kerf-Free PV Wafering that provides a low-cost approach to generate wafers from 150um to 50um in thickness  

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The technical paper summarizes the project work conducted in the development of Kerf-Free silicon wafering equipment for silicon solar wafering. This new PolyMax technology uses a two step process of implantation and cleaving to exfoliate 50um to 120um wafers with thicknesses ranging from 50um to 120um from a 125mm or 156mm pseudo-squared silicon ingot. No kerf is generated using this method of wafering. This method of wafering contrasts with the current method of making silicon solar wafers using the industry standard wire saw equipment. The report summarizes the activity conducted by Silicon Genesis Corporation in working to develop this technology further and to define the roadmap specifications for the first commercial proto-type equipment for high volume solar wafer manufacturing using the PolyMax technology.

Fong, Theodore E.



Draft Genome Sequence of Herpotrichiellaceae sp. UM 238 Isolated from Human Skin Scraping  

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Herpotrichiellaceae spp. are known to be opportunistic human pathogens. Here, we report the ~28.46-Mb draft genome of Herpotrichiellaceae sp. UM 238, isolated from human skin scraping. The UM 238 genome was found to contain many classes of protective genes that are responsible for fungal adaptation under adverse environmental conditions. PMID:23409267

Yew, Su Mei; Chan, Chai Ling; Tan, Ruixin; Soo-Hoo, Tuck Soon; Na, Shiang Ling; Hassan, Hamimah; Ngeow, Yun Fong; Hoh, Chee-Choong; Lee, Kok Wei; Yee, Wai-Yan



Um Framework para Proviso de QoS em Redes Mveis Sem Fio1  

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Um Framework para Provisão de QoS em Redes Móveis Sem Fio1 Luciana dos Santos Lima, Antônio Tadeu A provisão de QoS em redes móveis sem fio integrando soluções isoladas encontradas na literatura. Esses descrita através de um cenário simulado em que serviços integrados são oferecidos sobre uma rede IP Móvel

Colcher, Sérgio


CQMsg - Classificador e Qualificador de Mensagens: um instrumento para apoio à avaliação de fóruns temáticos  

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Most distance learning educational platforms provi de devices to support exchange of asynchronous messages. This art icle presents a tool developed to support studies on the evaluation base d on posted messages in educational discussion forums. Resumo. A maioria das plataformas educacionais utilizadas em cursos a distância provê um dispositivo capaz de ser utiliza do como um local concentrador de

Marcos Elia; Ilan Chamovitz


Usina de ciências: um espaço pedagógico para aprendizagens múltiplas  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Entendemos que o Ensino de Astronomia é especialmente apropriado para motivar os alunos e aprofundar conteúdos em diversas áreas do conhecimento, pois envolve temas ligados à Física, Matemática, Química, Computação, Tratamento de Imagens e Instrumentação de Alta Precisão, além daqueles pertinentes as áreas de Geografia, História e Antropologia. Contudo, apesar do caráter interdisciplinar que esta ciência possui, a realidade atual é que a maioria dos professores em sala de aula não foram devidamente capacitados, durante o período de formação acadêmica, para ministrar conteúdos de Astronomia nos atuais Ensinos Fundamental e Médio. Neste trabalho, discutiremos de maneira ampla, num primeiro momento, a realidade do atual ensino de ciências praticado no Estado da Bahia, apontando por dependência administrativa, o crescimento e a redução do número de escolas, da taxa de analfabetismo por faixa etária, da escolarização, do atendimento, da aprovação, reprovação e abandono, de equipamentos e laboratórios e o grau de formação dos nossos atuais professores em pleno exercício de atividade docente. Num segundo momento, discutiremos o papel do Observatório Astronômico Antares/UEFS dentro desse contexto, ou seja, suas ações implementadas ao longo dos últimos anos e em particular, o recente projeto de extensão Ensino e Difusão de Astronomia, financiado pela Fundação Vitae, que procura traduzir no lúdico, no brincar de ciências, um espaço pedagógico para aprendizagens múltiplas. Neste, o papel do professor multiplicador associado ao laboratório de kits didáticos, de fácil construção e manipulação (alguns dos quais serão mostrados), perfazem os principais veículos para o desenvolvimento de conhecimentos, atitudes, habilidades e valores que preparam os nossos alunos para a carreira técnico-científica e para sua participação crítica e criativa na Sociedade.

Martin, V. A. F.; Poppe, P. C. R.; Orrico, A. C. P.; Pereira, M. G.



Development of Lagrangian vertical coordinate for UM ENDGame dynamical core  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Some theoretical reasons and results from numerical atmospheric models support the hypothesis that Lagrangian conservation properties and related properties of a numerical model dynamical core can be improved by the use of a Lagrangian or quasi-Lagrangian vertical coordinate (LVC). This may lead to improved accuracy for long range forecasts and improved physical realism for climate simulations. In this research we implement the LVC in ENDGame, the next generation dynamical core of the atmospheric Unified Model (UM), currently being developed by the Met Office. Since Lagrangian surfaces fold over time, locations of coordinate surfaces need to be reinitialised and values of atmospheric fields remapped to new surface levels. Some of desirable properties of remapping schemes are conservation of total mass, energy and entropy, as well as preservation of balance. Firstly, we implemented LVC formulation in 1D version of the ENDGame dynamical core, based on the compressible Euler equations. The vertical advection terms are no longer calculated for the implicit time scheme used here, thus reducing the numerical cost. The eigenvalues of numerically calculated normal modes for both idealised hydrostatic initial state and some real sounding profiles indicate stability of 1D LVC formulation. Next, we tested various remapping strategies and methods. Some strategies focus on conservation properties through choice of remapped quantities (total model mass, energy and entropy) while others on preserving balance (separately remapping hydrostatic balance and non-hydrostatic part). We implement various remapping methods, like piecewise polynomial (parabolic, PPM, and quartic, PQM) and piecewise spline (PSM) methods. Mass is conserved due to exact evaluation of cell averages between old and new coordinate levels. Depending on the choice of remapped quantity, either total energy or entropy can be conserved together with the mass, but apparently not both of them. We also explore the influence of boundary conditions (BC) on polynomial reconstruction in remapping schemes and subsequently prognostic values in lower- and uppermost model layers. Further research addresses the frequency of remapping in dependance of space- and timescales of Lagrangian surfaces folding. In addition, the choice of new model levels is investigated, leading towards the full 3D model version.

Kavcic, I.; Thuburn, J.



September 2012 Help Sheet: Using "UM Jobs" to Hire Tenure-Track Faculty  

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announcement that application materials must be submitted through the UM Jobs website: http://umjobs.silkroad announcement, HRS will post it at, and in Higher Education and Inside Higher

Vonessen, Nikolaus


Reliability and clinical validity of UM-CIDI DSM-III-R generalized anxiety disorder  

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This is the first in a series of reports on the long-term test-retest reliability and procedural validity of the UM-CIDI, a modified version of the Composite International Diagnostic Interview used in the US National Comorbidity Survey (NCS). This report focuses on DSM-III-R Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). The NCS administered the UM-CIDI to a nationally representative sample of 8098 respondents in

Hans-Ulrich Wittchen; Ronald C. Kessler; Shanyang Zhao; Jamie Abelson



Desenvolvimento de um data logger portátil para sinais de movimento utilizando cartões MMC  

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Resumo - Neste artigo descreve-se o desenvolvimento de um data logger portátil para armazenagem de sinais relacionados ao movimento humano. O sistema utiliza cartões MultiMediaCard™ como dispositivo de armazenamento de alta capacidade e um microcontrolador com oito canais de conversão A\\/D para entrada dos sinais analógicos provenientes de sensores de movimento ou eletrodos de eletromiografia. A taxa de amostragem pode

R. E. M. Farias; J. P. J Conti; E. F. Manffra; P. Nohama


UM-PRS: An Implementation Of The Procedural Reasoning System For Multirobot Applications  

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The Procedural Reasoning System (PRS) is a generalpurpose reasoning system that is particularlysuited for use in domains in which there are predeterminedprocedures for handling the situations thatmight arise. We have just completed an implementationof PRS written in C++, which we call theUniversity of Michigan Procedural Reasoning System(UM-PRS). In this paper, we show how UM-PRS providesa critical level of representation for

Jaeho Lee; Marcus J. Huber; Edmund H. Durfee; Patrick G. Kenny



UM-PRS V3.0 Programmer and User Guide  

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The University of Michigan Procedural Reasoning System (UM-PRS) is an object--oriented(C++) implementation of PRS as described in [1, 2, 3, 4, 6] and other papers. This document'sprimary purpose is to explain everything that is required to create an UM-PRS application. Toa lesser extent, the document will familiarize readers to PRS's concepts. For a more completediscussion of the theoretical and philosophical

Marcus J. Huber; Jaeho Lee; Patrick Kenny; Edmund H. Durfee



O ensino de Física Quântica na perspectiva sociocultural: uma análise de um debate entre futuros professores mediado por um interferômetro virtual de Mach-Zehnder  

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Resumo: O presente trabalho apresenta uma análise das interações discursivas de nove estudantes do curso de licenciatura em física em uma atividade didática mediada por um interferômetro virtual de Mach-Zehnder. O objetivo desse estudo é analisar as tensões nos enunciados dos alunos à luz do referencial sociocultural e avaliar em que medida os significados em física quântica são criados e

Alexandro Pereira; Fernanda Ostermann; Cláudio Cavalcanti


Influence of a Novel Inhibitor (UM8190) of Prolylcarboxypeptidase (PRCP) on Appetite and Thrombosis  

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Preclinical pharmacological characterization of a novel inhibitor (UM8190) of prolylcarboxypeptidase (PRCP) was investigated. We synthesized and evaluated a library of proline-based analogs as prospective recombinant PRCP (rPRCP) inhibitors and inhibitors of PRCP-dependent prekallikrein (PK) activation on human pulmonary artery endothelial cells (HPAEC). Among the newly synthesized compounds, UM8190 was further characterized in vivo using methods that encompassed a mouse carotid artery thrombosis model and animal model of food consumption. (S)-N-dodecyl-1-((S)-pyrrolidine-2-carbonyl) pyrrolidine-2-carboxamide [Compound 3 (UM8190)] was selected for further evaluation from the initial assessment of its PRCP inhibitory action (Ki= 43 µM) coupled with its ability to block PRCP-dependent PK activation on HPAEC (Ki= 34 µM). UM8190 demonstrated excellent selectivity against a panel of carboxypeptidases and serine proteases and blocked bradykinin (BK) generation and BK-induced permeability by 100%, suggesting that it may be useful in preventing the local production of large amounts of BK. Furthermore, UM8190 showed an anorexigenic effect when systemically administered to fasted mice, reducing food intake in a dose- and time-dependent manner. In a mouse carotid artery thrombosis model, it also demonstrated an antithrombotic effect. UM8190 is a selective PRCP inhibitor and it may represent a new anorexigenic, and antithrombotic drug, that works by inhibiting PRCP–mediated mechanisms. PMID:22664251

Rabey, F. M.; Gadepalli, R.S.V.S.; Diano, S.; Cheng, Q.; Tabrizian, T.; Gailani, D.; Rimoldi, J.M.; Shariat-Madar, Z.



The merging dwarf galaxy UM 448: chemodynamics of the ionized gas from VLT integral field spectroscopy  

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Using VLT/FLAMES optical IFU observations, we present a detailed study of UM 448, a nearby Blue Compact Galaxy (BCG) previously reported to have an anomalously high N/O abundance ratio. NTT/SuSI2 images reveal a morphology suggestive of a merger of two systems of contrasting colour, whilst our H-alpha emission maps resolve UM 448 into three separate regions that do not coincide with the stellar continuum peaks. UM 448 exhibits complex emission line profiles, with lines consisting of a narrow, central component, an underlying broad component and a third, narrow blue-shifted component. Radial velocity maps show signs of solid body rotation across UM 448, with a projected rotation axis that correlates with the continuum morphology of the galaxy. A spatially-resolved, chemodynamical analysis is presented. Whilst the eastern tail of UM 448 has electron temperatures (Te) that are typical of BCGs, we find a region within the main body of the galaxy where the narrow and broad [O III] 4363 line components trace temper...

James, B L; Barlow, M J; Walsh, J R; Westmoquette, M S



UM-PRS: An implementation of the procedural reasoning system for multirobot applications  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The Procedural Reasoning System (PRS) is used in applications where predetermined situations might arise. The UM-PRS provides a reasoning system that represents robotic applications even in unpredictable domains, such as the robotic reconnaissance task domain outlined here. UM-PRS incorporates a changing context, rather than relying solely on a prearranged plan. The UM-PRS here provides representation important in the reasoning and interface between a mission plan and the executable map of an outdoor vehicle that changes its behavior based on what it comes in contact with in its environment. PRS is thus used in the dynamic control of such a vehicle, providing the basis for coordinating the joint task of multiple robotic vehicles by the their individual observations and representation.

Lee, Jaeho; Huber, Marcus J.; Durfee, Edmund H.; Kenny, Patrick G.



High performance 0.25-um CMOS color imager technology with non-silicide source\\/drain pixel  

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A high performance 0.25 um CMOS image sensor technology has been developed to overcome device scaling and process issues. Non-silicide source\\/drain pixel (3 transistors, 3.3 um×3.3 um, fill factor: 28%) is provided to reduce dark current and increase photoresponse. By optimizing thermal oxide in STI structure, double ion implanted source\\/drain junction and using H2 annealing, the dark current can be

Shou-Gwo Wuu; Dun-Nian Yaung; Chien-Hsien Tseng; Ho-Ching Chien; Chung S. Wang; Yean-Kuen Hsiao; Chin-Kung Chang; B. J. Chang



Subdivision Curves on Triangular Meshes Dimas Martinez Morera, Luiz Velho, and Paulo Cezar Carvalho  

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and the advantages of using these curves, it is natural to extend them to non-euclidean geometries. In section 3 we schemes to non-euclidean geometries, and the main contributions of this work are lately presented


Expression Transfer between Photographs through Multilinear AAM's Ives Mac^edo Emilio Vital Brazil Luiz Velho  

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and analyze expres- sive facial images, while separating both style (subject's identity) and content- driven animation. Expression Transfer is a method for map- ping a photographed expression performed, visemes and three-dimensional poses from monocular video or film, from which we adopt some ideas to 2D


Draft Genome Sequence of Ochroconis constricta UM 578, Isolated from Human Skin Scraping  

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Ochroconis constricta is a soilborne dematiaceous fungus that has never been reported to be associated with human infection. Here we report the first draft genome sequence of strain UM 578, isolated from human skin scraping. The genomic information revealed will contribute to a better understanding of this species. PMID:24744321

Chan, Chai Ling; Yew, Su Mei; Na, Shiang Ling; Tan, Yung-Chie; Lee, Kok Wei; Yee, Wai-Yan; Ngeow, Yun Fong



Nas redes sociais, a influncia de cada um vai muito alm do que se pensava  

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Nas redes sociais, a influência de cada um vai muito além do que se pensava Uma equipa de cientistas portugueses mostrou que, nas redes online como o Facebook ou o Twitter, a influência das opiniões Tóquio, as opiniões que estamos constantemente a proclamar perante os nossos amigos nas redes sociais

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


MetUM-GOML1: a near-globally coupled atmosphere-ocean-mixed-layer model  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Well-resolved air-sea interactions are simulated in a new ocean mixed-layer, coupled configuration of the Met Office Unified Model (MetUM-GOML), comprising the MetUM coupled to the Multi-Column K Profile Parameterization ocean (MC-KPP). This is the first globally coupled system which provides a vertically resolved, high near-surface resolution ocean at comparable computational cost to running in atmosphere-only mode. As well as being computationally inexpensive, this modelling framework is adaptable - the independent MC-KPP columns can be applied selectively in space and time - and controllable - by using temperature and salinity corrections the model can be constrained to any ocean state. The framework provides a powerful research tool for process-based studies of the impact of air-sea interactions in the global climate system. MetUM simulations have been performed which separate the impact of introducing interannual variability in sea surface temperatures (SSTs) from the impact of having atmosphere-ocean feedbacks. The representation of key aspects of tropical and extratropical variability are used to assess the performance of these simulations. Coupling the MetUM to MC-KPP is shown, for example, to reduce tropical precipitation biases, improve the propagation of, and spectral power associated with, the Madden-Julian Oscillation and produce closer-to-observed patterns of springtime blocking activity over the Euro-Atlantic region.

Hirons, L. C.; Klingaman, N. P.; Woolnough, S. J.



SciMulator: Um Ambiente de Simulao de Workflows Cientficos em Redes P2P*  

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SciMulator: Um Ambiente de Simulação de Workflows Científicos em Redes P2P* Jonas Dias1 , Carla networks. Resumo. O crescimento dos experimentos científicos em larga escala motiva a busca por ambientes paradigma Many Task Computing (MTC). Ambientes Peer-to-Peer (P2P) podem atender esta demanda, pelo fácil

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Automating the Hunt for Volcanoes on Venus , U.M. Fayyad  

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Automating the Hunt for Volcanoes on Venus M.C. Burl ¢¡ , U.M. Fayyad ¡ , P. Perona , P. Smyth on classical filtering and statistical pattern recog- nition techniques, for automatically locating volcanoes in the Magellan SAR database of Venus. Training for the specific volcano-detection task is obtained

Smyth, Padhraic


Detection of the 205 um [NII] Line from the Carina Nebula  

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We report the first detection of the 205 um 3P1 - 3P0 [NII] line from a ground-based observatory using a direct detection spectrometer. The line was detected from the Carina star formation region using the South Pole Imaging Fabry-Perot Interferometer (SPIFI) on the Antarctic Submillimeter Telescope and Remote Observatory (AST/RO) at South Pole. The [NII] 205 um line strength indicates a low-density (n ~ 32 cm^-3 ionized medium, similar to the low-density ionized halo reported previously in its [OIII] 52 and 88 um line emission. When compared with the ISO [CII] observations of this region, we find that ~27% of the [CII] line emission arises from this low-density ionized gas, but the large majority ~ 73% of the observed [CII] line emission arises from the neutral interstellar medium. This result supports and underpins prior conclusions that most of the observed [CII] 158 um line emission from Galactic and extragalactic sources arises from the warm, dense photodissociated surfaces of molecular clouds. The detection of the [NII] line demonstrates the utility of Antarctic sites for THz spectroscopy.

T. E. Oberst; S. C. Parshley; G. J. Stacey; T. Nikola; A. Loehr; J. I. Harnett; N. F. H. Tothill; A. P. Lane; A. A. Stark; C. E. Tucker




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on the occasion ofthe Baldrige Program's 25th anniversary. As President Ronald Reagan's Secretary of Commerce~ .'.REAGAN PRESIDEN TIAL L IBRARY AND MUSE UM July 20, 2012 Harry Hertz, President Reagan wrote "The [Baldrige] Award salutes companies that improve the qualities of their goods

Magee, Joseph W.



EPA Science Inventory

Water is collected in a polyethylene or glass container and shipped to the laboratory. nown aliquots of the sample are filtered through a 0.1 to 0.22 um pore mixed cellulose ester (MCE). arbon extraction replica is prepared from a portion of the filter and is examined in the TEM ...


MetUM-GOML: a near-globally coupled atmosphere-ocean-mixed-layer model  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Well-resolved air-sea interactions are simulated in a new Ocean Mixed Layer coupled configuration of the Met Office Unified Model (MetUM-GOML), comprising the MetUM coupled to the Multi-Column K Profile Parametrization ocean (MC-KPP). This is the first globally coupled system which provides a vertically resolved, high near-surface resolution ocean at comparable computational cost to running in atmosphere-only mode. As well as being computationally inexpensive, this modelling framework is adaptable - the independent MC-KPP columns can be applied selectively in space and time - and controllable - by using temperature and salinity corrections the model can be constrained to any ocean state. The framework provides a powerful research tool for process-based studies of the impact of air-sea interactions in the global climate system. MetUM simulations have been performed which separate the impact of introducing interannual variability in sea surface temperatures (SSTs) from the impact of having atmosphere-ocean feedbacks. The representation of key aspects of tropical and extra-tropical variability are used to assess the performance of these simulations. Coupling the MetUM to MC-KPP is shown, for example, to reduce tropical precipitation biases, improve the propagation of, and spectral power associated with, the Madden-Julian Oscillation and produce closer-to-observed patterns of springtime blocking activity over the Euro-Atlantic region.

Hirons, L. C.; Klingaman, N. P.; Woolnough, S. J.



Propriedades químicas de um Neossolo Quartzarênico sob diferentes sistemas de manejo no Cerrado mato-grossense  

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Resumo - O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o efeito de diferentes usos da terra e sistemas de manejo do solo, nas características químicas de um Neossolo Quartzarênico, no Cerrado de Mato Grosso. Os tratamentos estudados foram: cerrado nativo; uma pastagem de baixa produtividade com 22 anos de implantação; plantio convencional com 1 e 4 anos de uso e diferentes

Leidivan Almeida Frazão; Marisa de Cássia Píccolo; Brigitte Josefine Feigl; Carlos Clemente Cerri; Carlos Eduardo Pellegrino Cerri



ConPor: um modelo de gerao conceitual para o Lucia Specia, Lucia Helena Machado Rino  

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ConPor: um modelo de geração conceitual para o português Lucia Specia, Lucia Helena Machado Rino ­ 13565-905 ­ São Carlos ­ SP ­ Brasil {lspecia,lucia} Abstract. This paper describes Con

Specia, Lucia


Tecnologia de Informao Aplicada Educao: Um (Meta) Curso no Ambiente AulaNet  

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Rio de Janeiro -- PUC­Rio R. M. S. Vicente 225 Gávea Rio de Janeiro 22453900 Brasil aulanet@les.inf.puc­rio at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC­Rio). AulaNet is an environment for the creation, PUC­RioInf.MCC17/00. Março de 2000. RESUMO Este trabalho descreve um curso desenvolvido

Endler, Markus



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1. Introdução Começaremos por enunciar alguns princípios\\/convicções adquiridos ao longo dos anos através de experiências ligadas à Formação de Professores e neste caso no domínio da Tecnologias de Informação e Comunicação (TIC). Poderemos resumir estes princípios\\/convicções da seguinte maneira: - Não é possível manter um sistema educativo actualizado e dinâmico sem que os professores e outros agentes intervenientes no processo

Maria José Machado


Um Instrumento para a Avaliação de Estressores Psicossociais no Contexto de Emprego  

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Resumo Os contextos onde se desenvolvem as atividades humanas apresentam características diferentes que têm importantes implicações no momento da elaboração e aplicação de procedimentos de avaliação. O contexto de emprego é muito importante para importantes setores de nossa população. Moos desenvolveu um marco conceitual sócio-ecológico no qual a relação, entre os acontecimentos vitais estressantes e as condutas adaptativas, encontra-se influenciada

Nora Leibovich de Figueroa; Marta Schufer; Roberto Muiños; Claudia Marro; Elizabeth Aranda Coria




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INTEGRAÇÃO DE AVANÇADAS TECNOLOGIAS DE GENÉTICA E MÉTODOS COMPUTACIONAIS SOFISTICADOS. OBJECTIVO? AJUDAR OS MÉDICOS A MELHORAR DIAGNÓSTICOS NA MEDICINA DO CORAÇÃO. #12;Depois do aperfeiçoamento das tecnologias pa cardíacas. A tecnologia permite analisar um elevado núme- ro de alterações genéticas em simultâneo, de for

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


Retroalimentação e cálculo das necessidades de materiais: um procedimento sistemático para reaproveitamento de resíduos industriais  

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Resumo: Pelas pressões cada vez mais fortes e constantes, exercidas por organizações dos mais variados tipos e principalmente pela sociedade, as empresas na atualidade se vêem forçadas a estabelecer um fluxo coerente de seus produtos acompanhando do início ao fim, seu ciclo de vida. O mundo que viu nascer a importância da logística tradicional, agora assiste o aparecimento da logística

Miroslava Hamzagic; Paulino G. Francischini


U-M Undergraduate Student Chris Plampin's Remarks School of Nursing Groundbreaking  

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U-M Undergraduate Student Chris Plampin's Remarks School of Nursing Groundbreaking April 5, 2013 of Michigan. Naturally, this excellent reputation drew me to the School of Nursing and ever since I received Good morning. My name is Chris Plampin and I am honored to speak on behalf of my peers. The School

Eustice, Ryan


Análise da pulverização de um fungicida na cultura do feijão, em função do tipo de ponta e do volume aplicado  

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RESUMO A cultura do feijão (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) é uma das mais importantes na agricultura brasilei- ra. A ocorrência de doenças é um sério fator de influência no seu desenvolvimento e produtivida- de. Objetivou-se com o experimento instalado no município de Ponta Grossa (PR) analisar diferen- tes condições de pulverização para aplicação de um fungicida. Semeou-se a cultivar carioca FT-

Luiz Claudio Garcia; Altair Justino; Hamilton Humberto Ramos



Insurance Coverage Policy Outline the policy regarding insurance coverage on University of Michigan (U-M) vehicles.  

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Insurance Coverage Policy Objective Outline the policy regarding insurance coverage on University-M are covered by the U-M self insurance program administered by Risk Management. 3. U-M vehicles owned and leased through Fleet Service included insurance coverage as part of the monthly lease rates. 4. U

Kirschner, Denise



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Resumo - O presente estudo visa avaliar as perdas por vazamento para um setor da rede de distribuição de água da cidade de Piracicaba, SP, Brasil. Para tanto, utiliza-se um procedimento iterativo de avaliação hidráulica que considera as perdas por vazamento e a dependência das demandas com a pressão, acoplado ao simulador hidráulico EPANET 2 (Rossman, 2000), com vistas à

Alexandre Kepler Soares; Luisa Fernanda; Ribeiro Reis


Classificac~ao Associativa Utilizando Selec~ao e Construc~ao de Regras: um Estudo Comparativo  

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; e GARSS, que aplica algoritmo gen´etico para selecionar um subconjunto de regras que maxi- mize a medida AUC. Neste trabalho, apresentamos o MORLEA, que utiliza um algoritmo gen´etico multi-objetivo para~ao semelhante a do algoritmo C4.5 Abstract. Associative classification is a hybrid approach that has been veri

Batista, Gustavo


VizieR Online Data Catalog: 1.1-2.4um spectra of 7 young M and L dwarfs (Manjavacas+, 2014)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Our targets were observed with the Infrared Spectrometer And Array Camera (ISAAC) mounted on the Very Large Telescope (VLT) ath the UT3 telescope. The instrument was operated in low-resolution mode with the 0.3" slit at central wavelengths 1.25um, 1.65um, and 2.2um. This setup provides spectra with resolving powers of ~1700, 1600, and 1500 from 1.1-1.4um (J band), 1.42-1.82um (H band), and 1.82-2.5um (K band). (2 data files).

Manjavacas, E.; Bonnefoy, M.; Schlieder, J. E.; Allard, F.; Rojo, P.; Goldman, B.; Chauvin, G.; Homeier, D.; Lodieu, N.; Henning, T.



Observations of the new gravitational lens system UM 673 = Q 0142-100  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The authors have recently initiated a high resolution direct imaging survey of a selected sample of highly luminous quasars (HLQs). The observations are carried out with the 2.2 m telescope at ESO, and with the VLA at the NRAO, New Mexico. Following the first observing run at ESO, the authors have reported the discovery of a new gravitational lens system for the HLQ UM 673 = Q 0142-100. Additional observations supporting this interpretation are discussed here. Application of gravitational optometry to this system is given: a value of M0 = 2.4×1011M_sun; is derived for the mass of the lensing galaxy located between UM 673 A and B and a most likely estimate of ?t = 7 weeks is found for the expected delay between the arrival times of a similar variability event in the two lensed images of the quasar (H0 = 75 km s-1Mpc-1, q0 = 0).

Surdej, J.; Magain, P.; Swings, J.-P.; Borgeest, U.; Courvoisier, T. J.-L.; Kayer, R.; Kellermann, K. I.; Kuhr, H.; Refsdal, S.



VizieR Online Data Catalog: Subaru H images of UM673 (Koptelova+, 2014)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We carried out H-band observations of UM673 with the Subaru Infra-Red Camera and Spectrograph (IRCS) using an adaptive optics system with 188 control elements (AO188). The images were reduced following the procedure described in "Subaru Data Reduction CookBook: Imaging Observation with IRCS" by Y. Minowa (see also Minowa et al. 2005ApJ...629...29M). The final Subaru H-band stack image of UM673 was created by coadding 22 reduced single exposure images. We also created the exposure time map of the stack image. The 17x10arcsec subframe of the stack image and the corresponding exposure map displayed in Figures 1 and 2 of the paper are available as fits files. (2 data files).

Koptelova, E.; Chiueh, T.; Chen, W. P.; Chan, H.-H.



VizieR Online Data Catalog: SCUBA-2 850um survey in ? Ori cluster (Williams+, 2013)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We observed a circular region with diameter 0.5° (about the diameter of the full Moon) towards the sigma Orionis cluster at 850um. The data were taken in queue mode over numerous observing runs from 2011 October to 2013 January (programme IDs: M11BH02A, M12AH02A and M12BH47A) in median (JCMT band 3) weather conditions, defined by the zenith optical depths at 225GHz lying between 0.08 and 0.12. This corresponds to precipitable water vapour levels ~2-3mm and zenith optical depths at 850um ~0.25-0.35. The total on-source integration time was 31h. (1 data file).

Williams, J. P.; Cieza, L. A.; Andrews, S. M.; Coulson, I. M.; Barger, A. J.; Casey, C. M.; Chen, C.-C.; Cowie, L. L.; Koss, M.; Lee, N.; Sanders, D. B.



Novas estratgias comunicativas como fator de qualidade na interao de surdos em um sistema organizacional  

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122 Novas estratégias comunicativas como fator de qualidade na interação de surdos em um sistema formulário web e verificar se o uso de novas estratégias comunicativas melhora a interação dos surdos. Foram (MAC), uma com a interface original do sistema, e outra com o uso de novas estratégias comunicativas

Barbosa, Alberto


Um enfoque antropológico para o ensino de astronomia no nível médio  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Há uma enorme carência de materiais didático-pedagógicos em astronomia para professores do ensino médio, sobretudo materiais que explorem também aspectos humanísticos. A origem do Universo é um bom exemplo desta constatação central. Embora tal origem teve explicações culturais diversas, os professores não têm informações sobre isso e muito menos material que trabalhe diferentes visões de mundo e treinamento que os capacite a abordá-las devidamente. Conseqüentemente o ensino de astronomia costuma ser tecnicista e dissociado do aspecto humano que alimenta o grande interesse e curiosidade que esses temas despertam. Aqui apresentamos propostas visando contribuir para reverter esse quadro e trabalhamos distintas visões de Universo: espontâneas, autóctones e científicas. Desenvolvemos práticas, materiais instrucionais e textos para viabilizar a adoção de um enfoque antropológico para o ensino de astronomia no nível médio, no qual as culturas humanística e científica sejam integradas de uma maneira contextualizada e eficaz para aquele ensino. Estas propostas foram aplicadas em um curso de treinamento para professores da rede pública de diferentes disciplinas. A receptividade dos professores à abordagem proposta e os resultados alcançados foram muito estimulantes. Destes, destacamos: produção de roteiros de atividades; desenvolvimento de práticas didático-pedagógicas específicas (e.g., encenação de mitos; dança primordial guarani; "criação" de constelações e interpretações pluriculturais; etc.); e sugestões concretas para a efetiva realização de um ensino interdisciplinar contextualizado, onde questões cosmogônicas servem de mote para iniciar tal ensino. Discutimos estes resultados e como o enfoque adotado pode instrumentalizar os professores para leituras de mundo que incluem naturalmente aspectos culturais, sociais e históricos associados aos temas estudados. (PPGECNM/UFRN; PRONEX/FINEP; NUPA/USP; Temáticos/FAPESP)

Costa, G. B.; Jafelice, L. C.



Paula Salgado Lucena Rodrigues Um Sistema de Gerac~ao de Express~oes Faciais  

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Rio de Janeiro Dezembro de 2007 #12;Paula Salgado Lucena Rodrigues Um Sistema de Gera¸c~ao de Express Centro T´ecnico Cient´ifico -- PUC­Rio Rio de Janeiro, 20 de Dezembro de 2007 #12;Todos os direitos´atica pela PUC-Rio (Pon- tif´icia Universidade Cat´olica do Rio de Janeiro). Ao longo do Doutorado atuou como



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UNIVERSIDADE FEDERAL DO RIO DE JANEIRO COMO PARTE DOS REQUISITOS NECESS´ARIOS PARA A OBTENC¸ ~AO DO GRAU DE Mattoso Maia, Ph.D. RIO DE JANEIRO, RJ - BRASIL MARC¸O DE 2006 #12;SANTOS, ANA LU´ISA DE ARAUJO Um M´etodo de Ocultamento de Erros em Transmiss~ao de V´ideo [Rio de Janeiro] 2006 X, 91 p. 29,7 cm (COPPE

de Queiroz, Ricardo L.


A característica educadora da obra de Sófocles: a busca por um homem ideal no conceito de \\  

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Resumo: No período clássico (séculos VI e V a.C.), a Grécia passou por um processo de transição. As transformações ocorridas na sociedade causaram conflitos na forma de viver do homem grego, que se tornaram temas das tragédias apresentadas nas cidades-Estado do século V a.C. Pela importância dada à tragédia no período clássico, esse gênero literário acabou por ser usado pelos

Paulo Rogério de Souza; José Joaquim Pereira Melo


A Report to the Joint Chairs of the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee and the House Appropriations Committee on the Workload of the UMS Faculty.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report provides data and recommendations on the workload and productivity of University of Maryland System (UMS) faculty. It outlines the state budgetary policy that mandates the report and explains UMS policy on faculty workload. The data in the report reflect teaching standards in place in 1993-94, prior to the adoption of the current UMS…

Maryland Univ., College Park.


The UM-Dearborn Observatory: Variable-object Research from an Urban Site  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Since its construction in 2007, the UM-Dearborn Observatory has provided a valuable educational tool both for students at UM-Dearborn and our neighbor-institution the Henry Ford Community College, and for the public at-large. We have recently (Jan 2014) added a systematic long-term research program with our 0.4m main telescope, to photometrically monitor a number of bright variable objects, including X-ray binaries and chemically-peculiar metal-poor stars over long timescales. We ultimately envision assembling a photometric database of (at least) four-color photometry over years-decades (i.e., many hundreds of orbital timescales for close binaries), with the preponderance of datapoints taken by undergraduates. To conduct this program, we have had to overcome a number of site challenges, the solutions of which will be useful to many programs using small telescopes at urban sites. The 0.4m telescope lies on a shared building within UM-Dearborn's main Fairlane campus - i.e., is about 20 meters above sea level, near several sources of water vapor (including an active steam vent less than 15 meters away), experiences significant mechanical vibrations from other building functions, and lies about 6 miles from central Detroit, well within the Detroit-Ann Arbor conurbation. Observing conditions are thus highly variable, with 5 arcsecond seeing typical and significant transparency variations observed even during a clear night. Nevertheless, we are now able to make scientifically useful observations in a semi-automatic way, to which our chosen scientific niche is well-suited. We present here our solutions to these challenges, along with initial results from our ongoing monitoring program.

Clyne, Elisabeth; Clarkson, William I.; Rasmussen, Eric J; Bord, Donald J.; Dage, Kristen; Matzke, David; Swift, Carrie



A questionnaire-based (UM-PDHQ) study of hallucinations in Parkinson's disease  

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Background Hallucinations occur in 20–40% of PD patients and have been associated with unfavorable clinical outcomes (i.e., nursing home placement, increased mortality). Hallucinations, like other non-motor features of PD, are not well recognized in routine primary/secondary clinical practice. So far, there has been no instrument for uniform characterization of hallucinations in PD. To this end, we developed the University of Miami Parkinson's disease Hallucinations Questionnaire (UM-PDHQ) that allows comprehensive assessment of hallucinations in clinical or research settings. Methods The UM-PDHQ is composed of 6 quantitative and 14 qualitative items. For our study PD patients of all ages and in all stages of the disease were recruited over an 18-month period. The UPDRS, MMSE, and Beck Depression and Anxiety Inventories were used for comparisons. Results and Discussion Seventy consecutive PD patients were included in the analyses. Thirty-one (44.3%) were classified as hallucinators and 39 as non-hallucinators. No significant group differences were observed in terms of demographics, disease characteristics, stage, education, depressive/anxiety scores or cognitive functioning (MMSE) between hallucinators and non-hallucinators. Single mode hallucinations were reported in 20/31 (visual/14, auditory/4, olfactory/2) whereas multiple modalities were reported in 11/31 patients. The most common hallucinatory experience was a whole person followed by small animals, insects and reptiles. Conclusion Using the UM-PDHQ, we were able to define the key characteristics of hallucinations in PD in our cohort. Future directions include the validation of the quantitative part of the questionnaire than will serve as a rating scale for severity of hallucinations. PMID:18570642

Papapetropoulos, Spiridon; Katzen, Heather; Schrag, Anette; Singer, Carlos; Scanlon, Blake K; Nation, Daniel; Guevara, Alexandra; Levin, Bonnie



Isoalantolactone inhibits UM-SCC-10A cell growth via cell cycle arrest and apoptosis induction.  


Isoalantolactone is a sesquiterpene lactone compound isolated from the roots of Inula helenium L. Previous studies have demonstrated that isoalantolactone possesses antifungal, anti-bacterial, anti-helminthic and anti-proliferative properties in a variety of cells, but there are no studies concerning its effects on head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). In the present study, an MTT assay demonstrated that isoalantolactone has anti-proliferative activity against the HNSCC cell line (UM-SCC-10A). Immunostaining identified that this compound induced UM-SCC-10A cell apoptosis but not necrosis. To explain the molecular mechanisms underlying its effects, flow cytometry and western blot analysis showed that the apoptosis was associated with cell cycle arrest during the G1 phase, up-regulation of p53 and p21, and down-regulation of cyclin D. Furthermore, our results revealed that induction of apoptosis through a mitochondrial pathway led to up-regulation of pro-apoptotic protein expression (Bax), down-regulation of anti-apoptotic protein expression (Bcl-2), mitochondrial release of cytochrome c (Cyto c), reduction of mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP) and activation of caspase-3 (Casp-3). Involvement of the caspase apoptosis pathway was confirmed using caspase inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK pretreatment. Together, our findings suggest that isoalantolactone induced caspase-dependent apoptosis via a mitochondrial pathway and was associated with cell cycle arrest in the G1 phase in UM-SCC-10A cells. Therefore, isoalantolactone may become a potential drug for treating HNSCC. PMID:24098753

Wu, Minjun; Zhang, Hua; Hu, Jiehua; Weng, Zhiyong; Li, Chenyuan; Li, Hong; Zhao, Yan; Mei, Xifan; Ren, Fu; Li, Lihua



Isoalantolactone Inhibits UM-SCC-10A Cell Growth via Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis Induction  

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Isoalantolactone is a sesquiterpene lactone compound isolated from the roots of Inula helenium L. Previous studies have demonstrated that isoalantolactone possesses antifungal, anti-bacterial, anti-helminthic and anti-proliferative properties in a variety of cells, but there are no studies concerning its effects on head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). In the present study, an MTT assay demonstrated that isoalantolactone has anti-proliferative activity against the HNSCC cell line (UM-SCC-10A). Immunostaining identified that this compound induced UM-SCC-10A cell apoptosis but not necrosis. To explain the molecular mechanisms underlying its effects, flow cytometry and western blot analysis showed that the apoptosis was associated with cell cycle arrest during the G1 phase, up-regulation of p53 and p21, and down-regulation of cyclin D. Furthermore, our results revealed that induction of apoptosis through a mitochondrial pathway led to up-regulation of pro-apoptotic protein expression (Bax), down-regulation of anti-apoptotic protein expression (Bcl-2), mitochondrial release of cytochrome c (Cyto c), reduction of mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP) and activation of caspase-3 (Casp-3). Involvement of the caspase apoptosis pathway was confirmed using caspase inhibitor Z-VAD-FMK pretreatment. Together, our findings suggest that isoalantolactone induced caspase-dependent apoptosis via a mitochondrial pathway and was associated with cell cycle arrest in the G1 phase in UM-SCC-10A cells. Therefore, isoalantolactone may become a potential drug for treating HNSCC. PMID:24098753

Wu, Minjun; Zhang, Hua; Hu, Jiehua; Weng, Zhiyong; Li, Chenyuan; Li, Hong; Zhao, Yan; Mei, Xifan; Ren, Fu; Li, Lihua



Exerccios Adicionais Observao: Estes exerccios so um complemento queles apresentados no livro. Eles  

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Exercícios Adicionais Observação: Estes exercícios são um complemento àqueles apresentados no livro recomendamos fazê-los depois de ter feito os exercícios do livro proposto pela equipe de AL. Somatórios 1 operações + e · que satisfaçam aos axiomas de espaço vetorial da denição 3.1 do livro. #12;Dados os símbolos

Lewiner, Thomas (Thomas Lewiner)


Comparing the genomes of Helicobacter pylori clinical strain UM032 and Mice-adapted derivatives  

PubMed Central

Background Helicobacter pylori is a Gram-negative bacterium that persistently infects the human stomach inducing chronic inflammation. The exact mechanisms of pathogenesis are still not completely understood. Although not a natural host for H. pylori, mouse infection models play an important role in establishing the immunology and pathogenicity of H. pylori. In this study, for the first time, the genome sequences of clinical H. pylori strain UM032 and mice-adapted derivatives, 298 and 299, were sequenced using the PacBio Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) technology. Result Here, we described the single contig which was achieved for UM032 (1,599,441 bp), 298 (1,604,216 bp) and 299 (1,601,149 bp). Preliminary analysis suggested that methylation of H. pylori genome through its restriction modification system may be determinative of its host specificity and adaptation. Conclusion Availability of these genomic sequences will aid in enhancing our current level of understanding the host specificity of H. pylori. PMID:23957912



Wissenschaft, die unsere Kultur verändert. Tiefenschichten des Streits um die Evolutionstheorie  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Die Evolutionstheorie ist eine der erfolgreichsten wissenschaftlichen Theorien. Sie erlaubt es, unsere Herkunft zu verstehen und riskante Merkmale gerade der menschlichen Spezies zu begreifen. Zugleich ist die Evolutionstheorie eine der umstrittensten Theorien. Das liegt nicht an ihrer empirischen Tragfähigkeit, sondern an ihrem Gegenstand. Sie handelt nämlich nicht nur - wie Hunderte andere wissenschaftliche Theorien - von der "Welt da draußen“, sondern vor allem auch von uns selbst und von unserem Platz in dieser Welt. Den einen gilt sie obendrein als Überwinderin religiösen Aberglaubens, den anderen als neuer Zugang zu Gott und seinem Wirken in der Welt. Ferner sehen die einen in der Evolution eine unbezweifelbare Tatsache gleich der Schwerkraft oder dem Holocaust, die anderen aber eine - noch oder dauerhaft - unbewiesene Hypothese oder gar eine falsche Schöpfungslehre. Und während die meisten Streitfragen solcher Art nach wechselseitig akzeptierten Regeln ‚normaler Wissenschaft‘ geklärt werden, wird bei der Frage nach dem Woher unserer Spezies und Kultur die intellektuelle Zuständigkeit von Wissenschaft mitunter überhaupt bezweifelt. Anscheinend geht es schon um recht tiefe Schichten unserer Kultur und nicht nur der wissenschaftlichen, wenn - wie seit 150 Jahren - um die Evolutionstheorie gestritten wird. Wie sehen diese Schichten aus?

Patzelt, Werner J.


Photometric monitoring of the doubly imaged quasar UM673: possible evidence for chromatic microlensing  

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We present the results of two-band CCD photometric monitoring of the gravitationally lensed quasar Q 0142-100 (UM 673).The data, obtained at ESO-La Silla with the 1.54 m Danish telescope in the Gunn i-band (October 1998 - September 1999) and in the Johnson V-band (October 1998 to December 2001), were analyzed using three different photometric methods. The light-curves obtained with all methods show variations, with a peak-to-peak amplitude of 0.14 magnitude in $V$. Although it was not possible to measure the time delay between the two lensed QSO images, the brighter component displays possible evidence for microlensing: it becomes bluer as it gets brighter, as expected under the assumption of differential magnification of a quasar accretion disk

Th. Nakos; F. Courbin; J. Poels; C. Libbrecht; P. Magain; J. Surdej; J. Manfroid; I. Burud; J. Hjorth; L. Germany; C. Lidman; G. Meylan; E. Pompei; J. Pritchard; I. Saviane



University AlbUM: A Digital Collection of University of Maryland Images  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The Old Line State has long been home to a number of fine institutions of higher education, and the flagship public university is the University of Maryland in College Park. Their library system has been involved in creating a number of digital collections, and the impetus for this particular offering was the University's 150th anniversary celebration. Drawing on their broad archive of historical photographs, they have created the University AlbUM website to intrigue and entice those who might wish to learn a bit more about the University's past. Visitors to the site can browse the photographs via a set of themes, including "Sports", "Agriculture", "Campus + Buildings", "Events", and "People". Those persons with a temporal bent may wish to browse the photographs by decade to find documents such as minutes from the campus literary society and illustrations from various campus publications.


MiR-222 Targeted PUMA to Improve Sensitization of UM1 Cells to Cisplatin  

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microRNAs have been shown to play critical roles in regulating the chemosensitivity of cancer cells. As a member of the oncogenic miRNAs (oncomiRs), miR-222 has been reported to drive the oncogenesis of many types of malignancies. However, little is known concerning the specific role of miR-222 in human oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). The present study explored the role and mechanism of miR-222 in increasing the expression of p53 up-regulated modulator of apoptosis (PUMA) and enhancing the sensitivity of OSCC to cisplatin (CDDP). Results showed that antisense (As)-miR-222 inhibits the expression of miR-222. In contrast, PUMA was dramaticallyup-regulated. IC50 values were significantly decreased in cells treated with As-miR-222 combined with CDDP, to a greater extent than in cells treated with CDDP alone. Furthermore, As-miR-222 enhanced apoptosis and inhibited the invasiveness of UM1 cells. Analysis of the above data suggested that, in UM1 cells, there might be a regulatory loop between miR-222 and PUMA, and that miR-222 inhibition increased the chemosensitivity to CDDP. These findings demonstrated that down-regulation of miR-222 could enhance the chemosensitivity of human OSCC cells to CDDP, and that the combination of As-miR-222 and CDDP could be an effective therapeutic strategy by boosting the expression of PUMA for controlling the growth of OSCC. PMID:25474084

Jiang, Fangfang; Zhao, Wei; Zhou, Lijie; Liu, Zifeng; Li, Wenqing; Yu, Dongsheng



Comparative genomic analysis of Mycobacterium iranicum UM_TJL against representative mycobacterial species suggests its environmental origin  

PubMed Central

Mycobacterium iranicum is a newly reported mycobacterial species. We present the first comparative study of M. iranicum UM_TJL and other mycobacteria. We found M. iranicum to have a close genetic association with environmental mycobacteria infrequently associated with human infections. Nonetheless, UM_TJL is also equipped with many virulence genes (some of which appear to be the consequence of transduction-related gene transfer) that have been identified in established human pathogens. Taken all together, our data suggest that M. iranicum is an environmental bacterium adapted for pathogenicity in the human host. This comparative study provides important clues and forms the basis for future functional studies on this mycobacterium. PMID:25417557

Tan, Joon Liang; Ngeow, Yun Fong; Wee, Wei Yee; Wong, Guat Jah; Ng, Hien Fuh; Choo, Siew Woh




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Abstrakt P?ísp?vek vymezuje základní sm?ry výzkumu v oblasti um?lé inteligence na Ústavu informatiky Provozn? ekonomické fakulty MZLU v Brn?. Metody a technologie um?lé inteligence jsou aplikovány na ekonomických p?ípadech z praxe. Detailn?ji jsou popsány dva v sou?asné dob? ?ešené projekty, diagnostický systém hodnocení podnikové finan?ní situace neuronovými sít?mi v podob? klasifika?ní úlohy a regresní a predik?ní úloha ?ešená evolu?ními metodami.

Martin Pokorný


Soluciones a Problemas de Ingenieria de Rios  

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Mississippi River basinSheet erosion in the Upper Mississippi River basin #12;12 Crop field area of the Imha;Slide 63 PGC2 Typical dike construction on the Mississippi River Phil Combs, 8/29/2002 #12;33 Example 3

Julien, Pierre Y.



Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Fluid from a characterized continuous flow culture chemostat containing 29 microorganisms was subjected to a low speed centrifugation, 4000 x g, followed by sequential filtration through 0.45 and 0.22um membranes. The sterilized chemostat fluid was then centrifuged for 3h at 150,000 x g, washed in ...


Thouless theorem for one and two degrees of freedom (Teorema de Thouless para um e dois graus de liberdade)  

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Realizamos uma demonstracao acess´ ivel do teorema de Thouless para um ou dois graus de liberdade, usando somente mecanica quantica elementar. Este teoremae especialmenteutil para encontrar o vacuo relativo au m conjunto de operadores bosonicos transformados. Outra motivacaoe a existencia de experimentos envolvendo ´ ions capturados ou campos em eletrodinamica quantica de cavidades, usualmente modelados por osciladores harmonicos interagindo linearmente.

A. R. Bosco de Magalhaes; Avila Fonseca; M. C. Nemes


Investigation of a prototype 150 um microfluidic device and IMS-ToF mass spectrometry for high-  

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Investigation of a prototype 150 um microfluidic device and IMS-ToF mass spectrometry for high Principle Investigators - Just ran our 10,000th sample Name Changing to "Duke Proteomics and Biological Mass Murphy2, Steven Cohen2, Jim Langridge4, Geoff Gerhardt2, and M. Arthur Moseley1 1Duke Proteomics Core

Richardson, David



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Uma discussão sobre a formação de professores que sejam capazes de incorporar as tecnologias digitais na educação como recurso no processo de ensino -aprendizagem nas escolas da educação básica no Brasil passa necessariamente por um questionament o da prática atual das nossas licenciaturas em plena Era da Informação... De uma maneira geral, nas licenciaturas brasileiras ainda não se usam os

Simão Marinho


Origin and characteristics of yardangs in the Um Al-Rimam depressions (N Kuwait)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Although Arabia hosts one of the largest deserts in the world, studies regarding aeolian erosional features in general and yardangs in particular are rare. The principal aim of this study is to delineate and investigate the various forms of yardangs in the Um Al-Rimam depressions in the northern part of Kuwait. The study area consists of two main depressions connected by neck area made up of continental sediments. Both depressions are surrounded by a dissected escarpment and their floors host muddy playas. On lithological bases, three main types of yardang have been identified: 7 yardangs are sculptured in sandstones of Lower Fars Formation (Lower to Middle Miocene), 23 are carved in calcretic rocks of Ghar Formation (Oligocene to Lower Miocene), and 11 yardangs are developed in Quaternary sediments. Their mean orientation NW (297°) coincides with the prevailing direction of the strong local northwesterly wind called the shamal. The average length/width ratio is 1.5:1. The wide geographic distribution of yardangs around the margins of the northern depression is due to sand blasting. This is explained by the annual sand accumulation measured in the study area where the northern depression shows 143 times higher accumulation than the southern depression, the neck area and the platform above the depressions. Also, the field measurements for annual erosional rates show that the sides of the yardangs are more affected by erosion compared to their middle parts. Remarkably slight mineralogical variations were detected within the surface sediments of Um Al-Rimam depressions and the Quaternary muddy yardangs which indicate a common origin. The age of yardangs is unknown but annual erosional rates on a small Quaternary muddy yardang suggest that they range in age between 44 and 1500 years depending on yardang size. It is believed, as indicated from field observation and interpretation of aerial photos, that the majority of yardangs are pre-existing bedrock forms. These forms were developed by paleo-surface hydrological processes which were modified by wind action in latter phase.

Al-Dousari, Ali. M.; Al-Elaj, Maraheb; Al-Enezi, Eqbal; Al-Shareeda, Abdulaziz



BUDDA (Bulge/Disk Decomposition Analysis) - um novo programa para análise estrutural de galáxias  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Tem sido prática comum nos últimos anos estudar a distribuição de luminosidade em galáxias fazendo uso da informação contida em toda a imagem da galáxia, já que esta técnica tem se mostrado muito mais confiável do que o simples ajuste de perfis radiais de luminosidade. Através destes estudos bidimensionais, melhores resultados tem sido obtidos na análise e.g. do Plano Fundamental, de correlações entre os parâmetros estruturais de galáxias, de sub-estruturas como barras e anéis nucleares etc. Apresentamos um novo código bidimensional, o BUDDA, de análise estrutural de galáxias, que será disponibilizado para a comunidade. Desenvolvido por nós, o código determina os parâmetros estruturais de galáxias de forma prática e robusta, e pode ser aplicado genericamente em qualquer estudo sobre a formação, evolução e estrutura de galáxias. O programa ainda permite a avaliação direta de sub-estruturas, através de imagens residuais que são obtidas ao se subtrair, das imagens originais, bojo e disco sintéticos que melhor representam essas componentes da galáxia sob consideração. Será apresentada a forma de utilização do código, bem como séries de testes que atestam a sua funcionalidade. Além disso, os resultados da aplicação do código em uma amostra de 51 galáxias serão expostos como exemplo prático, e do seu enorme potencial de uso.

Gadotti, D. A.; de Souza, R. E.; Dos Anjos, S.



Estimation of broadband emissivity (8-12 um) from ASTER data by using RM-NN.  


Land surface window emissivity is a key parameter for estimating the longwave radiative budget. The combined radiative transfer model (RM) with neural network (NN) algorithm is utilized to directly estimate the window (8-12 um) emissivity from the brightness temperature of the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) with 90 m spatial resolution. Although the estimation accuracy is very high when the broadband emissivity is estimated from AST05 (ASTER Standard Data Product) by using regression method, the accuracy of AST05 is about ± 0.015 for 86 spectra which is determined by the atmosphere correction for ASTER 1B data. The MODTRAN 4 is used to simulate the process of radiance transfer, and the broadband emissivity is directly estimated from the brightness temperature of ASTER 1B data at satellite. The comparison analysis indicates that the RM-NN is more competent to estimate broadband emissivity than other method when the brightness temperatures of band 11, 12, 13, 14 are made as input nodes of dynamic neural network. The estimation average accuracy is about 0.009, and the estimation results are not sensitive to instrument noise. The RM-NN is applied to extract broadband emissivity from an image of ASTER 1B data in China, and the comparison against a classification based multiple bands with 15 m spatial resolution shows that the estimation results from RM-NN are very good. PMID:23037062

Mao, K B; Ma, Y; Shen, X Y; Li, B P; Li, C Y; Li, Z L



Evaluation of natural radionuclides at Um-Greifat area, eastern desert of Egypt.  


Air borne radiometric maps and remote sensing techniques were used to explore for the occurrence of radioactive materials. The previous techniques recorded radioactive mineralization for the first time along the NW-SE trending fault zones within the Miocene clastic-carbonate sediments. In the present study, gamma-ray spectrometry was used to confirm the presence of this mineralization. Concentrations of radionuclides, associated within the iron ochre at Um-Greifat area, have been measured, using a hyper-pure germanium spectrometer. The variation in concentration of radionuclides for the area under investigation can be classified into A, B and C regions of high, medium and low natural radioactivity. In region A, average concentration in Bqkg(-1) has been observed to range from 1858 to 4062 for 238U, between 29 and 151 for 232Th, from 60 to 136 for 235U and between 46 and 409 Bqkg(-1) for 40K. Radium equivalent activities (Ra(eq)) in addition to external and internal hazard indices (H(ex), H(in)) have also been determined. Ra(eq) varies between 1901 and 4307Bqkg(-1), which exceeds the permitted value (370Bqkg(-1)) and H(ex) and H(in) are higher than 1. The high activity concentration within region A points to an environmental hazard, while regions B and C have less exposure effect on human beings. PMID:12573328

Nada, A



BSSDATA - um programa otimizado para filtragem de dados em radioastronomia solar  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A partir de 1998, entrou em operação regular no INPE, em São José dos Campos, o Brazilian Solar Spectroscope (BSS). O BSS é dedicado às observações de explosões solares decimétricas com alta resolução temporal e espectral, com a principal finalidade de investigar fenômenos associados com a liberação de energia dos "flares" solares. Entre os anos de 1999 e 2002, foram catalogadas, aproximadamente 340 explosões solares classificadas em 8 tipos distintos, de acordo com suas características morfológicas. Na análise detalhada de cada tipo, ou grupo, de explosões solares deve-se considerar a variação do fluxo do sol calmo ("background"), em função da freqüência e a variação temporal, além da complexidade das explosões e estruturas finas registradas superpostas ao fundo variável. Com o intuito de realizar tal análise foi desenvolvido o programa BSSData. Este programa, desenvolvido em linguagem C++, é constituído de várias ferramentas que auxiliam no tratamento e análise dos dados registrados pelo BSS. Neste trabalho iremos abordar as ferramentas referentes à filtragem do ruído de fundo. As rotinas do BSSData para filtragem de ruído foram testadas nos diversos grupos de explosões solares ("dots", "fibra", "lace", "patch", "spikes", "tipo III" e "zebra") alcançando um bom resultado na diminuição do ruído de fundo e obtendo, em conseqüência, dados onde o sinal torna-se mais homogêneo ressaltando as áreas onde existem explosões solares e tornando mais precisas as determinações dos parâmetros observacionais de cada explosão. Estes resultados serão apresentados e discutidos.

Martinon, A. R. F.; Sawant, H. S.; Fernandes, F. C. R.; Stephany, S.; Preto, A. J.; Dobrowolski, K. M.



Mobilidades: um novo direito s cidades/metrpoles? Redes de transporte e produo do espao urbano: Tours e Salvador sobre novos trilhos  

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Tema Mobilidades: um novo direito às cidades/metrópoles? Título Redes de transporte e produção do in "Diálogos Brasil França 2012 Construir a metrópole contemporânea, Sao Paulo : Brazil (2012)" #12;Redes de que qualquer espaço pode ser analisado e concebido considerando-o como um lugar, como uma rede ou como

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


SPOLM 2008 ISSN 1806-3632 Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 05 e 06 de agosto de 2008. ANLISE DE UM ALGORITMO DE OTIMIZAO DE REDES DE  

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ALGORITMO DE OTIMIZAÇÃO DE REDES DE FILAS FINITAS Helinton A. L. Barbosa Departamento de Estatística ­ ICEx de espera em redes de filas finitas gerais com servidores múltiplos. Um método de aproximação é utilizado para estimar o desempenho da rede de filas e um algoritmo iterativo de busca é empregado para

Cruz, Frederico


Dental Schools AxiUm is the complete clinic management system to over 27 dental institutions in North America and Europe. A  

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Dental Schools AxiUm is the complete clinic management system to over 27 dental institutions in North America and Europe. A is the complete clinic management system to over 27 dental institutions dental institutions in North America and Europe. A comprehensive package, AxiUm eliminates the need

Cui, Yan



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Este trabalho tem como objetivo analisar o comportamento e a importância atual dos setores de produção agrícola e de industrialização de café de cada um dos principais Estados produtores brasileiros (Minas Gerais, Espírito Santo, São Paulo, Paraná, Bahia e Rondônia) em relação às respectivas economias estaduais e em relação aos demais setores da economia nacional. Para tanto, foi construído um

Fernando Malateaux Sakon; Joaquim Jose Martins Guilhoto; Flavia Maria De Mello Bliska; Denise Imori; Fernanda Sartori De Camargo




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RESUMO - Neste Trabalho procura-se sintetizar a realidade da área de pavimentação, enfatizando os reduzidos investimentos em obras e pesquisas e a necessidade atual de boas condições de tráfego na rede face a um uso mais intensivo. São arrolados elementos que preocupam os engenheiros e a sociedade sobre os danos aos pavimentos provocados pelo excesso de carga associado a um

João Fortini Albano; Luis Antonio Lindau



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be represented as: kQ; Tk = w 0;0 jQ[0; 0]\\GammaT [0; 0]j + X i;j w i;j jQ 0 [i; j]\\GammaT 0 [i; j]j Where Q[0; 0] and T [0; 0] correspond to the overall average intensity of that color channel; Q 0 [i; j] and T 0 [i:j] represent the [i; j]­th truncated (the mth greatest), quantized (­1, 0, 1) wavelet coefficients (terms) of Q


Project UM-HAUL: A self-unloading reusable lunar lander  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The establishment of a lunar base is technologically and financially challenging. Given the necessary resources and political support, it can be done. In addition to the geopolitical obstacles, however, there are logistical problems involved in establishing such bases that can only be overcome with the acquisition of a significant transportation and communications network in the Earth-Moon spatial region. Considering the significant number of payloads that will be required in this process, the mass-specific cost of launching these payloads, and the added risk and cost of human presence in space, it is clearly desirable to automate major parts of such an operation. One very costly and time-consuming factor in this picture is the delivery of payloads to the Moon. Foreseeable payloads would include atmospheric modules, inflatable habitat kits, energy and oxygen plant elements, ground vehicles, laboratory modules, crew supplies, etc. The duration of high-risk human presence on the Moon could be greatly reduced if all such payloads were delivered to the prospective base site in advance of crew arrival. In this view, the idea of a 'Self-Unloading Reusable Lunar Lander' (SURLL) arises naturally. The general scenario depicts the lander being brought to low lunar orbit (LLO) from Earth atop a generic Orbital Transfer Vehicle (OTV). From LLO, the lander shuttles payloads down to the lunar surface, where, by means of some resident, detachable unloading device, it deploys the payloads and returns to orbit. The general goal is for the system to perform with maximum payload capability, automation, and reliability, while also minimizing environmental hazards, servicing needs, and mission costs. Our response to this demand is UM-HAUL, or the UnManned Heavy pAyload Unloader and Lander. The complete study includes a system description, along with a preliminary cost analysis and a design status assessment.


VizieR Online Data Catalog: AKARI 2.5-5um spectra of nearby Type-1 AGNs (Kim+, 2015)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The 2.5-5.0um NIR spectra were obtained with the IRC infrared spectrograph on the AKARI satellite during phase 3 of the AKARI operation, i.e., our observation was carried out during 2008-2011 after the helium cooling was over. We used the NG grism mode which provides a spectral resolution of R=120?/3.6?m. (2 data files).

Kim, D.; Im, M.; Kim, J. H.; Jun, H. D.; Woo, J.-H.; Lee, H. M.; Lee, M. G.; Nakagawa, T.; Matsuhara, H.; Wada, T.; Oyabu, S.; Takagi, T.; Ohyama, Y.; Lee, S.-K.



Characteristics of InAs/InGaAsP quantum dot laser diodes lasing at 1.55um  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We have measured I-V, L-I curves and electroluminescence spectra from InAs/InGaAsP quantum dot (QD) laser diodes (LDs) to investigate how to optimize QD LDs for high output power. The slope of an L-I curve, which is proportional to the differential quantum efficiency, decreased rapidly after lasing due to heat in cw mode. Since the heat problem is not significant in pulse mode, the efficiency is constant up to a rather high current level. In spite of the heat problem, the maximum output power is over 79 mW from a single facet in cw mode at 20 °C. At the same temperature, the lowest threshold current is 132 mA with cavity length, width and QD layers of 500 um, 5 um and 7 stacks, respectively. The characteristic temperatures of QD LD are 188 K and 111 K under pulse and cw mode, respectively. Typical lasing wavelength is around 1.55 um. The slope efficiency, internal loss and gain are 0.368 W/A, 5.2 cm-1 and 15 cm-1, respectively.

Lee, Eungu; Jang, Yudong; Kim, Namje; Lee, Donghan; Pyun, Suhyun; Ko, Deokgil; Yoon, Juhyung; Jeong, Weonguk; Jang, Jongwon



NE VIII lambda 774 and time variable associated absorption in the QSO UM 675  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

We discuss measurements of Ne VIII lambda 774 absorption and the time variability of other lines in the z(sub a) approximately equal z(sub e) absorption system of the z(sub e) = 2.15 QSO UM 675 (0150-203). The C IV lambda 1549 and N V 1240 doublets at z(sub a) = 2.1340 (shifted approximately 1500 km/s from z(sub e) strengthened by a factor of approximately 3 between observations by Sargent, Boksenberg and Steidel (1981 November) and our earliest measurements (1990 November and December). We have no information on changes in other z(sub a) approximately equal z(sub e) absorption lines. Continued monitoring since 1990 November shows no clear changes in any of the absorptions between approximately 1100 and 1640 A rest. The short timescale of the variability (less than or approximately equal to 2.9 yr rest) strongly suggests that the clouds are dense, compact, close to the QSO, and photoionized by the QSO continuum. If the line variability is caused by changes in the ionization, the timescale requires densities greater than approximately 4000/cu cm. Photoionization calculations place the absorbing clouds within approximately 200 pc of the continuum source. The full range of line ionizations (from Ne VIII lambda 774 to C III lambda 977) in optically thin gas (no Lyman limit) implies that the absorbing regions span a factor of more than approximately 10 in distance or approximately 100 in density. Across these regions, the total hydrogen (H I + H II) column ranges from a few times 10(exp 18)/sq cm in the low-ionization gas to approximately 10(exp 20)/sq cm where the Ne VIII doublet forms. The metallicity is roughly solar or higher, with nitrogen possibly more enhanced by factors of a few. The clouds might contribute significant line emission if they nearly envelop the QSO. The presence of highly ionized Ne VIII lambda 774 absorption near the QSO supports recent studies that link z(sub a) approximately equal to z(sub e) systems with X-ray 'wamr absorbers. We show that the Ne VIII absorbing gas would itself produce measurable warm absorption -- characterized by bound-free O VII or O VIII edegs near 0.8 keV -- if the column densities were N(sub H) greater than or approximately equal to 10(exp 21)/sq cm (for solar abundances).

Hamann, Fred; Barlow, Thomas A.; Beaver, E. A.; Burbidge, E. M.; Cohen, Ross D.; Junkkarinen, Vesa; Lyons, R.



User's manual (UM) for the enhanced logistics intratheater support tool (ELIST) database utility segment version for solaris 7.  

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This document is the User's Manual (UM) for the Enhanced Logistics Intratheater Support Tool (ELIST) Database Utility Segment. It tells how to use its features to administer ELIST database user accounts.

Dritz, K.



Luto por um avio aparecido Destroos captados por satlite indicam que o voo MH37O caiu no ndico. A esperana desaparece. A dor no  

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- nhã de 11 de dezembro de 1999. Estava a olhar para a televisão, lembra-se, para um mapa dos Açores com Cox e também Richard Aboulafia (da consultora Teal Group) reconhe- cem que existe o risco de se repe

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica



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We present Integral Field Unit GMOS-IFU data of the compact H II galaxy UM 408, obtained at the Gemini South telescope, in order to derive the spatial distribution of emission lines and line ratios, kinematics, plasma parameters, and oxygen abundances as well the integrated properties over an area of 3''x4.''4 equivalent with {approx}750 pc x 1100 pc located in the central part of the galaxy. The starburst in this area is resolved into two giant regions of about 1.''5 and 1'' ({approx}375 and {approx}250 pc) diameter, respectively and separated 1.5-2'' ({approx}500 pc). The extinction distribution concentrate its highest values close but not coincident with the maxima of H{alpha} emission around each one of the detected regions. This indicates that the dust has been displaced from the exciting clusters by the action of their stellar winds. The ages of these two regions, estimated using H{beta} equivalent widths, suggest that they are coeval events of {approx}5 Myr with stellar masses of {approx}10{sup 4} M {sub sun}. We have also used [O III]/H{beta} and [S II]/H{alpha} ratio maps to explore the excitation mechanisms in this galaxy. Comparing the data points with theoretical diagnostic models, we found that all of them are consistent with excitation by photoionization by massive stars. The H{alpha} emission line was used to measure the radial velocity and velocity dispersion. The heliocentric radial velocity shows an apparent systemic motion where the east part of the galaxy is blueshifted, while the west part is redshifted, with a relative motion of {approx}10 km s{sup -1}. The velocity dispersion map shows supersonic values typical for extragalactic H II regions. We derived an integrated oxygen abundance of 12+log(O/H) = 7.87 summing over all spaxels in our field of view. An average value of 12+log(O/H) = 7.77 and a difference of {delta}(O/H) = 0.47 between the minimum and maximum values (7.58 {+-} 0.06-8.05 {+-} 0.04) were found, considering all data points where the oxygen abundance was measured. The spatial distribution of oxygen abundance does not show any significant gradient across the galaxy. On the other hand, the bulk of data points are lying in a region of {+-}2{sigma} dispersion (with {sigma} = 0.1 dex) around the average value, confirming that this compact H II galaxy, like other previously studied dwarf irregular galaxies, is chemically homogeneous. Therefore, the new metals processed and injected by the current star formation episode are possibly not observed and reside in the hot gas phase, whereas the metals from previous events are well mixed and homogeneously distributed through the whole extent of the galaxy.

Lagos, Patricio; Telles, Eduardo [Observatorio Nacional, Rua Jose Cristino, 77, Rio de Janeiro, 20921-400 (Brazil); Munoz-Tunon, Casiana [Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias, Via Lactea s/n, 38200 La Laguna (Spain); Carrasco, Eleazar R. [Gemini Observatory/AURA, Southern Operations Center, Casilla 603, La Serena (Chile); Cuisinier, Francois [Observatorio do Valongo UFRJ, Ladeira do Pedro Antonio 43, Rio de Janeiro 20080-090 (Brazil); Tenorio-Tagle, Guillermo [Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica Optica y Electronica, AP 51, 72000 Puebla (Mexico)], E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail:



Searching for radiative pumping lines of OH masers: II. The 53.3um absorption line towards 1612MHz OH maser sources  

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This paper analyzes the 53.3um line in the ISO LWS spectra towards a similar sample of OH/IR sources. We find 137 LWS spectra covering 53.3um and associated with 47 galactic OH/IR sources. Ten of these galactic OH/IR sources are found to show and another 5 ones tentatively show the 53.3um absorption while another 7 sources highly probably do not show this line. The source class is found to be correlated with the type of spectral profile: red supergiants (RSGs) and AGB stars tend to show strong blue-shifted filling emission in their 53.3um absorption line profiles while HII regions tend to show a weak red-shifted filling emission in the line profile. GC sources and megamasers do not show filling emission feature. It is argued that the filling emission might be the manifestation of an unresolved half emission half absorption profile of the 53.3um doublet. The 53.3 to 34.6um equivalent width (EW) ratio is close to unity for RSGs but much larger than unity for GC sources and megamasers while H II regions only show the 53.3um line. The pump rate defined as maser to IR photon flux ratio is approximately 5% for RSGs. The pump rates of GC sources are three order of magnitude smaller. Both the large 53.3 to 34.6um EW ratio and the small pump rate of the GC OH masers reflect that the two detected `pumping lines' in these sources are actually of interstellar origin. The pump rate of Arp 220 is 32%--much larger than that of RSGs, which indicates that the contribution of other pumping mechanisms to this megamaser is important.

J. H. He; P. S. Chen



Bem-estar em peixesRevista de Etologia 2006, Vol.8, N1, 51-61 Bem-estar Animal: um Conceito Legtimo para Peixes?  

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51 Bem-estar em peixesRevista de Etologia 2006, Vol.8, N°1, 51-61 Bem-estar Animal: um Conceito, Portugal Os peixes constituem um valioso recurso para os humanos. O seu bem-estar tem sido alvo de existentes. O conceito de bem-estar animal tem vindo a ser aplicado a peixes, com alguma controvérsia ligada

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


Discovery of a Rich Cluster at z = 1.63 using the Rest-Frame 1.6um "Stellar Bump Sequence" Method  

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We present a new two-color algorithm, the "Stellar Bump Sequence" (SBS), that is optimized for robustly identifying candidate high-redshift galaxy clusters in combined wide-field optical and mid-infrared (MIR) data. The SBS algorithm is a fusion of the well-tested cluster red-sequence method of Gladders & Yee (2000) with the MIR 3.6um - 4.5um cluster detection method developed by Papovich (2008). As with the cluster red-sequence method, the SBS identifies candidate overdensities within 3.6um - 4.5um color slices, which are the equivalent of a rest-frame 1.6um stellar bump "red-sequence". In addition to employing the MIR colors of galaxies, the SBS algorithm incorporates an optical/MIR (z' - 3.6um) color cut. This cut effectively eliminates foreground 0.2 1.0 galaxies and add noise when searching for high-redshift galaxy overdensities. We demonstrate using the z ~ 1 GCLASS cluster sample that similar to the red sequence, the stellar bump sequence appears to be a ubiquitous feature of high-redshift cluster...

Muzzin, Adam; Demarco, Ricardo; Lidman, Chris; Nantais, Julie; Hoekstra, Henk; Yee, H K C; Rettura, Alessandro



Imagens do céu ontem e hoje - um multimídia interativo de astronomia e uma nova exposição no MAST  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

"Imagens do Céu Ontem e Hoje" é o título de uma nova exposição que está sendo inaugurada no Museu de Astronomia e Ciências Afins (MCT), que inclui experimentos interativos, maquetes, réplicas e 8 terminais de computador com um multimídia interativo sobre Astronomia para consulta dos visitantes. O multimídia apresenta um conteúdo bastante extenso, que engloba quase todos os temas em Astronomia, consistindo numa fonte de divulgação e pesquisa para um público que vai das crianças até estudantes universitários. O conteúdo está distribuído em mais de 500 páginas de texto divididas em 4 módulos: "O Universo", "Espectroscopia", "Telescópios" e "Observando o Céu". Cada módulo é subdividido em 5 seções, em média, cada uma iniciada por uma animação que ilustra os temas a serem abordados na seção. Ao final da animação, uma lista de temas é apresentada sob o título "Saiba Mais". Para exemplificar, o módulo "O Universo" contém as seguintes seções: "O Universo visto pelo homem", "Conhecendo o Sistema Solar", "Indo além do Sistema Solar", "Nossa Galáxia, a Via-Láctea" e "Indo mais além, a imensidão do Universo". A seção "Conhecendo o Sistema Solar", por sua vez, tem os seguintes temas: "A origem do Sistema Solar", "O Sol", "Os planetas", "Satélites, asteróides, cometas e outros bichos..." e "O Sistema Solar em números". Cada texto é repleto de imagens, quadros, desenhos, esquemas, etc, além de passatempos ao final de cada seção, incluindo jogos interativos, quadrinhos e curiosidades, que auxiliam o aprendizado de forma divertida. Apresentamos neste trabalho as idéias gerais que permearam a produção da exposição, e uma viagem pelo multimídia para exemplificar sua estrutura e conteúdo. O multimídia será posteriormente disponibilizado para o público externo pela página eletrônica do MAst e/ou por intermédio de uma publicação comercial.

Caretta, C. A.; Lima, F. P.; Requeijo, F.; Vieira, G. G.; Alves, F.; Valente, M. E. A.; de Almeida, R.; de Garcia, G. C.; Quixadá, A. C.



Community Structure and Activity of a Highly Dynamic and Nutrient-Limited Hypersaline Microbial Mat in Um Alhool Sabkha, Qatar  

PubMed Central

The Um Alhool area in Qatar is a dynamic evaporative ecosystem that receives seawater from below as it is surrounded by sand dunes. We investigated the chemical composition, the microbial activity and biodiversity of the four main layers (L1–L4) in the photosynthetic mats. Chlorophyll a (Chl a) concentration and distribution (measured by HPLC and hyperspectral imaging, respectively), the phycocyanin distribution (scanned with hyperspectral imaging), oxygenic photosynthesis (determined by microsensor), and the abundance of photosynthetic microorganisms (from 16S and 18S rRNA sequencing) decreased with depth in the euphotic layer (L1). Incident irradiance exponentially attenuated in the same zone reaching 1% at 1.7-mm depth. Proteobacteria dominated all layers of the mat (24%–42% of the identified bacteria). Anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria (dominated by Chloroflexus) were most abundant in the third red layer of the mat (L3), evidenced by the spectral signature of Bacteriochlorophyll as well as by sequencing. The deep, black layer (L4) was dominated by sulfate reducing bacteria belonging to the Deltaproteobacteria, which were responsible for high sulfate reduction rates (measured using 35S tracer). Members of Halobacteria were the dominant Archaea in all layers of the mat (92%–97%), whereas Nematodes were the main Eukaryotes (up to 87%). Primary productivity rates of Um Alhool mat were similar to those of other hypersaline microbial mats. However, sulfate reduction rates were relatively low, indicating that oxygenic respiration contributes more to organic material degradation than sulfate reduction, because of bioturbation. Although Um Alhool hypersaline mat is a nutrient-limited ecosystem, it is interestingly dynamic and phylogenetically highly diverse. All its components work in a highly efficient and synchronized way to compensate for the lack of nutrient supply provided during regular inundation periods. PMID:24658360

Al-Thani, Roda; Al-Najjar, Mohammad A. A.; Al-Raei, Abdul Munem; Ferdelman, Tim; Thang, Nguyen M.; Shaikh, Ismail Al; Al-Ansi, Mehsin; de Beer, Dirk



The U. S. Geological Survey, Digital Spectral Library: Version 1 (0.2 to 3.0um)  

USGS Publications Warehouse

We have developed a digital reflectance spectral library, with management and spectral analysis software. The library includes 498 spectra of 444 samples (some samples include a series of grain sizes) measured from approximately 0.2 to 3.0 um . The spectral resolution (Full Width Half Maximum) of the reflectance data is <= 4 nm in the visible (0.2-0.8 um) and <= 10 nm in the NIR (0.8-2.35 um). All spectra were corrected to absolute reflectance using an NIST Halon standard. Library management software lets users search on parameters (e.g. chemical formulae, chemical analyses, purity of samples, mineral groups, etc.) as well as spectral features. Minerals from borate, carbonate, chloride, element, halide, hydroxide, nitrate, oxide, phosphate, sulfate, sulfide, sulfosalt, and the silicate (cyclosilicate, inosilicate, nesosilicate, phyllosilicate, sorosilicate, and tectosilicate) classes are represented. X-Ray and chemical analyses are tabulated for many of the entries, and all samples have been evaluated for spectral purity. The library also contains end and intermediate members for the olivine, garnet, scapolite, montmorillonite, muscovite, jarosite, and alunite solid-solution series. We have included representative spectra of H2O ice, kerogen, ammonium-bearing minerals, rare-earth oxides, desert varnish coatings, kaolinite crystallinity series, kaolinite-smectite series, zeolite series, and an extensive evaporite series. Because of the importance of vegetation to climate-change studies we have include 17 spectra of tree leaves, bushes, and grasses. The library and software are available as a series of U.S.G.S. Open File reports. PC user software is available to convert the binary data to ascii files (a separate U.S.G.S. open file report). Additionally, a binary data files are on line at the U.S.G.S. in Denver for anonymous ftp to users on the Internet. The library search software enables a user to search on documentation parameters as well as spectral features. The analysis system includes general spectral analysis routines, plotting packages, radiative transfer software for computing intimate mixtures, routines to derive optical constants from reflectance spectra, tools to analyze spectral features, and the capability to access imaging spectrometer data cubes for spectral analysis. Users may build customized libraries (at specific wavelengths and spectral resolution) for their own instruments using the library software. We are currently extending spectral coverage to 150 um. The libraries (original and convolved) will be made available in the future on a CD-ROM.

Clark, Roger N.; Swayze, Gregg A.; Gallagher, Andrea J.; King, Trude V.V.; Calvin, Wendy M.



Um Modelo Conceitual Compatvel com a Plataforma EDUCOM/IMS para Comparao de Ambientes de Educao na  

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veículo de comunicação para a apresentação de aulas à distância (conferência multimídia). Um processo de o AulaNetTM (provenientes de 21 instituições) e 316 alunos estão matriculados nos 39 cursos oferecidos neste semestre; o Virtual-U e Web-CT também contam com uma grande comunidade de usuários e o mesmo

Fontoura, Marcus F.


Morphology of Spitzer 24um-Detected Galaxies in the UDF: the Links between the Star Formation and Galaxy Morphology  

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We have studied the morphologies of luminous infrared galaxies (LIRGs;\\u000aL_IR(8-1000um)>10^11 Lsun) at 0.3< z<1.4 in the HST Ultradeep Field (UDF) by\\u000acalculating concentration and asymmetry indices and comparing the results with\\u000asimilar calculations for: (1) galaxies at similar redshift that are less\\u000ainfrared-active; and (2) local LIRGs. We find that the high-redshift samples\\u000aare dominated by galaxies with concentrations

Y. Shi; G. H. Rieke; C. Papovich; P. G. Perez-Gonzalez; E. Le Floch



Silver and silver-bearing minerals at the Um Samiuki volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit, Eastern Desert, Egypt  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Um Samiuki Zn Cu Pb Ag mineralisation, south Eastern Desert, Egypt is hosted by felsic volcanic rocks which form part of the 712-Ma-old, east-west-trending Shadli Volcanic Belt. Two major occurrences of massive sulphides are present at the top of rhyolitic breccia in the Western and Eastern mine areas. In each occurrence, a bornite-bearing zone is overlain by a pyrite-chalcopyrite-bearing zone and underlain by a disseminated, Cu-depleted zone. In the massive sulphide ore, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, pyrite, galena, bornite and tetrahedrite tennantite are major minerals, whereas arsenopyrite, pyrrhotite, molybdenite and magnetite are accessory phases. Covellite and digenite are common secondary minerals. Bornite, tetrahedrite tennantite and covellite contain high amounts of silver (averages of 1.97, 1.39 and 1.82 wt% respectively). Based on mineralogical balance calculations, bornite and covellite accommodate 80% of silver in the Um Samiuki deposit. Ag was incorporated in the crystal structure of the early-crystallised copper sulphides and sulphosalts and silver minerals. The temperature, sequential precipitation of the fluids and the structure of the crystallising phases control the distribution of silver. Post-depositional deformation and metamorphic processes caused liberation, remobilisation and redeposition of silver within the massive sulphides.

Shalaby, Ibrahim M.; Stumpfl, Eugen; Helmy, Hassan M.; El Mahallawi, Mahmoud M.; Kamel, Omar A.



Cloning, nucleotide sequence, and expression of the chromate resistance determinant of Pseudomonas aeruginosa plasmid pUM505.  

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The chromate resistance determinant of Pseudomonas aeruginosa plasmid pUM505 was cloned into broad-host-range vector pSUP104. The hybrid plasmid containing an 11.1-kilobase insert conferred chromate resistance and reduced uptake of chromate in P. aeruginosa PAO1. Resistance to chromate was not expressed in Escherichia coli. Contiguous 1.6- and 6.3-kilobase HindIII fragments from this plasmid hybridized to pUM505 but not to P. aeruginosa chromosomal DNA and only weakly to chromate resistance plasmids pLHB1 and pMG6. Further subcloning produced a plasmid with an insert of 2,145 base pairs, which was sequenced. Analysis of deletions revealed that a single open reading frame was sufficient to determine chromate resistance. This open reading frame encodes a highly hydrophobic polypeptide, ChrA, of 416 amino acid residues that appeared to be expressed in E. coli under control of the T7 promoter. No significant homology was found between ChrA and proteins in the amino acid sequence libraries, but 29% amino acid identity was found with the ChrA amino acid sequence for another chromate resistance determinant sequenced in this laboratory from an Alcaligenes eutrophus plasmid (A. Nies, D. Nies, and S. Silver, submitted for publication). Images FIG. 3 FIG. 5 PMID:2152903

Cervantes, C; Ohtake, H; Chu, L; Misra, T K; Silver, S



Geochemistry of the Neoproterozoic metasediments of Malhaq and Um Zariq formations, Kid metamorphic complex, Sinai, Egypt: Implications for source-area weathering, provenance, recycling, and depositional tectonic setting  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Um Zariq and Malhaq formations occupy roughly the northern half of the Kid metamorphic complex of SE Sinai, in the NE part of the Arabian-Nubian Shield. The Um Zariq Formation metasediments are relicts of an old sedimentary sequence (Cryogenian; 813 ± 6 Ma), whereas the Malhaq Formation records several phases of Ediacaran sedimentation and volcanic activity (615-607 Ma). The Um Zariq Formation is mainly represented by well-bedded metapelitic schists, while the Malhaq Formation comprises a series of structureless to schistose felsic to intermediate metavolcanics interbedded with mica-rich phyllites and schists. The Um Zariq metasediments are depleted in SiO2, CaO and K2O and enriched in TiO2, Al2O3 and K2O relative to those of the Malhaq Formation. Aside from the relatively low Ni and Cr concentrations, compatible transition elements of these metasediments are comparable to average crustal contents. Except for marked Sr depletion, LILEs are around average continental crust values. Pronounced negative Nb-Ta anomalies and enrichment of Um Zariq samples in Th, U, Zr, Ti and Y relative to Malhaq ones are the main features of HFSEs. The REE patterns of all samples are parallel to sub-parallel LREE-enriched, with distinct negative Eu anomalies and weakly fractionated HREE segments. The source rocks of the Malhaq Formation metasediments underwent mild to moderate chemical weathering, whereas those of the Um Zariq Formation have suffered severe chemical weathering. These metasediments are predominately derived from felsic to intermediate igneous sources, with a particular slight addition from recycled sedimentary source to the Malhaq Formation metasediments. They are collectively geochemically immature and have suffered minor sedimentary recycling, with the experience of the Malhaq Formation metasediments from higher degree of sorting and reworking. The Malhaq and Um Zariq metasediments were originally deposited in a continental arc setting, most probably back-arc basin, despite the wide time span between their individual depositions.

El-Bialy, Mohammed Zaky



The yfhQ gene of Escherichia coli encodes a tRNA:Cm32/Um32 methyltransferase  

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Background Naturally occurring tRNAs contain numerous modified nucleosides. They are formed by enzymatic modification of the primary transcripts during the complex RNA maturation process. In model organisms Escherichia coli and Saccharomyces cerevisiae most enzymes involved in this process have been identified. Interestingly, it was found that tRNA methylation, one of the most common modifications, can be introduced by S-adenosyl-L-methionine (AdoMet)-dependent methyltransferases (MTases) that belong to two structurally and phylogenetically unrelated protein superfamilies: RFM and SPOUT. Results As a part of a large-scale project aiming at characterization of a complete set of RNA modification enzymes of model organisms, we have studied the Escherichia coli proteins YibK, LasT, YfhQ, and YbeA for their ability to introduce the last unassigned methylations of ribose at positions 32 and 34 of the tRNA anticodon loop. We found that YfhQ catalyzes the AdoMet-dependent formation of Cm32 or Um32 in tRNASer1 and tRNAGln2 and that an E. coli strain with a disrupted yfhQ gene lacks the tRNA:Cm32/Um32 methyltransferase activity. Thus, we propose to rename YfhQ as TrMet(Xm32) according to the recently proposed, uniform nomenclature for all RNA modification enzymes, or TrmJ, according to the traditional nomenclature for bacterial tRNA MTases. Conclusion Our results reveal that methylation at position 32 is carried out by completely unrelated TrMet(Xm32) enzymes in eukaryota and prokaryota (RFM superfamily member Trm7 and SPOUT superfamily member TrmJ, respectively), mirroring the scenario observed in the case of the m1G37 modification (introduced by the RFM member Trm5 in eukaryota and archaea, and by the SPOUT member TrmD in bacteria). PMID:16848900

Purta, Elzbieta; van Vliet, Françoise; Tkaczuk, Karolina L; Dunin-Horkawicz, Stanislaw; Mori, Hirotada; Droogmans, Louis; Bujnicki, Janusz M



Mental health problems of undocumented migrants (UMs) in the Netherlands: a qualitative exploration of help-seeking behaviour and experiences with primary care  

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Objective To explore health-seeking behaviour and experiences of undocumented migrants (UMs) in general practice in relation to mental health problems. Design Qualitative study using semistructured interviews and thematic analysis. Participants 15 UMs in the Netherlands, varying in age, gender, country of origin and education; inclusion until theoretical saturation was reached. Setting 4 cities in the Netherlands. Results UMs consider mental health problems to be directly related to their precarious living conditions. For support, they refer to friends and religion first, the general practitioner (GP) is their last resort. Barriers for seeking help include taboo on mental health problems, lack of knowledge of and trust in GPs competencies regarding mental health and general barriers in accessing healthcare as an UM (lack of knowledge of the right to access healthcare, fear of prosecution, financial constraints and practical difficulties). Once access has been gained, satisfaction with care is high. This is primarily due to the attitude of the GPs and the effectiveness of the treatment. Reasons for dissatisfaction with GP care are an experienced lack of time, lack of personal attention and absence of physical examination. Expectations of the GP vary, medication for mental health problems is not necessarily seen as a good practice. Conclusions UMs often see their precarious living conditions as an important determinant of their mental health; they do not easily seek help for mental health problems and various barriers hamper access to healthcare for them. Rather than for medication, UMs are looking for encouragement and support from their GP. We recommend that barriers experienced in seeking professional care are tackled at an institutional level as well as at the level of GP. PMID:25416057

Teunissen, Erik; Sherally, Jamilah; van den Muijsenbergh, Maria; Dowrick, Chris; van Weel-Baumgarten, Evelyn; van Weel, Chris



The c2d Spitzer Spectroscopic Survey of Ices Around Low-Mass Young Stellar Objects: I. H2O and the 5-8 um Bands  

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With the goal to study the physical and chemical evolution of ices in solar-mass systems, a spectral survey is conducted of a sample of 41 low luminosity YSOs using 3-38 um Spitzer and ground-based spectra. The long-known 6.0 and 6.85 um bands are detected toward all sources, with the Class 0-type YSOs showing the deepest bands ever observed. In almost all sources the 6.0 um band is deeper than expected from the bending mode of pure solid H2O. The depth and shape variations of the remaining 5-7 um absorption indicate that it consists of 5 independent components, which, by comparison to laboratory studies, must be from at least 8 different carriers. Simple species are responsible for much of the absorption in the 5-7 um region, at abundances of 1-30% for CH3OH, 3-8% for NH3, 1-5% for HCOOH, ~6% for H2CO, and ~0.3% for HCOO- with respect to solid H2O. The 6.85 um band likely consists of one or two carriers, of which one is less volatile than H2O because its abundance relative to H2O is enhanced at lower H2O/tau_9.7 ratios. It does not survive in the diffuse interstellar medium (ISM), however. The similarity of the 6.85 um bands for YSOs and background stars indicates that its carrier(s) must be formed early in the molecular cloud evolution. If an NH4+ salt is the carrier its abundance with respect to solid H2O is typically 7%, and low temperature acid-base chemistry or cosmic ray induced reactions must have been involved in its formation. Possible origins are discussed for the carrier of an enigmatic, very broad absorption between 5 and 8 um. Finally, all the phenomena observed for ices toward massive YSOs are also observed toward low mass YSOs, indicating that processing of the ices by internal ultraviolet radiation fields is a minor factor in the early chemical evolution of the ices. [abridged

A. Boogert; K. Pontoppidan; C. Knez; F. Lahuis; J. Kessler-Silacci; E. van Dishoeck; G. Blake; J. Augereau; S. Bisschop; S. Bottinelli; T. Brooke; J. Brown; A. Crapsi; N. Evans II; H. Fraser; V. Geers; T. Huard; J. Jorgensen; K. Oberg; L. Allen; P. Harvey; D. Koerner; L. Mundy; D. Padgett; A. Sargent; K. Stapelfeldt



'~nd'Vf {1 R f 0 10 A I 1 (I N ISP:tUm~ UHP:M~ UIYI~UJt4 ANN ARBOR,MICH  

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'~nd'Vf {1 R f 0 10 A I 1 (I N 0 ~ 11/29/66 ISP:tUm~ UHP:M~ UIYI~UJt4 ANN ARBOR,MICH SIDE) and the command verification word {mainframe 46) #12;BENDIX SYSTEMS DIVISION ANN ARBOR,MICH NO. REV.NO. SIDE/ CC

Rathbun, Julie A.



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ANÁLISE DE UM ALGORITMO PARA OTIMIZAÇÃO DE REDES DE FILAS H. A. L. BARBOSA, G. B. CALDAS, F. R. B de áreas de espera em redes de filas finitas, abertas e acíclicas, com serviços gerais e servidores número de servidores da rede, como era de se esperar, mas independe do quadrado do coeficiente de

Cruz, Frederico



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OF MENTAL DISORDERS, DRUG OR ALCOHOL ADDICTION (UM1,U19) Funding Opportunity Number: PAR-13-087, PAR-13 mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction. Release and Expiration: Release Date: January 11, 2013 of pharmacological agents to treat and to study mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction. The objectives

Farritor, Shane


Dear Colleagues, The following is the UM Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy, which is being distributed to all faculty, staff and  

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Dear Colleagues, The following is the UM Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy, which is being distributed a student's alcohol or other drug use, please refer them to Counseling and Psychological Services, which System University of Michigan Health System University of Michigan Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) Policy

Eustice, Ryan


Journal of Counter-Ordnance Technology (Fifth International Sy um on Technology and Mine Problem) 1 Hydrodynamics of Falling Mine in Water Column  

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Journal of Counter-Ordnance Technology (Fifth International Sy um on Technology and Mine Problem) 1 1 mposi Hydrodynamics of Falling Mine in Water Column Peter C. Chu, Anthony F. Gilles, Chenwu Fan, Peter Fleischer Abstract-- The hydrodynamic features of a falling mine into the water column

Chu, Peter C.


Journal of Counter-Ordnance Technology (Sixth International Sym um on Technology and Mine Problem, NPS, 10-13 Uncertainty in Acoustic Mine Detection Due to  

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Journal of Counter-Ordnance Technology (Sixth International Sym um on Technology and Mine Problem, NPS, 10-13 May, 2004) 1 1 posi Uncertainty in Acoustic Mine Detection Due to Environmental Variability and sea mines, both of which present a credible threat to invading forces and require a disproportionately

Chu, Peter C.


Leading the way,staying in touch,making the difference spring 14 UM-Dearborn geology students don't  

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, you will learn more about the excep- tional research being conducted by our students, faculty, staffEpARTmEnTS 3 Chancellor's Perspective Daniel Little discusses experiential learning. 4 On the Pond What's happening, what's new and what's what at UM-Dearborn 24 AfterSchool School Ties, Alumni Engagement, Why I

Lu, Yi


LQES Laboratrio de Qumica do Estado Slido Instituto de Qumica -UNICAMP Nanocincia e Nanotecnologia: um bom motivo para a  

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:// Nanociência e Nanotecnologia: um bom motivo para a Cooperação Científica Brasil-Argentina Oswaldo Luiz Alves, Campinas, SP, Brasil. 1. Introdução A Nanociência e a Nanotecnologia (N&N) - áreas do Nanociências e Nanotecnologia. Fazendo uso da Internet e, algumas vezes, das facilidades de vídeo

Campinas, Universidade Estadual de


Calculus Courses for UM Freshmen MTH 161: Calculus I, 4 credits. Limits and continuity, derivatives and applications, the definite integral and  

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Calculus Courses for UM Freshmen MTH 161: Calculus I, 4 credits. Limits and continuity, derivatives, with a pre-med track, or in a BS program. MTH 171: Calculus I, 4 credits. The theory of limits only. MTH 172: Calculus II, 4 credits. Additional topics on the derivative and definite integral

Shyu, Mei-Ling


ALTERNATIVE FUEL VEHICLE (AFV) INFORMATION Over 98% of the U-M auto passenger fleet is flex fuel vehicles (FFV). A FFV is capable of operating on  

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ALTERNATIVE FUEL VEHICLE (AFV) INFORMATION Over 98% of the U-M auto passenger fleet is flex fuel with ethanol's chemical properties. FFV's qualify as alternative fuel vehicles under the Energy Policy Act of both. FFV's are equipped with an engine and fuel system designed specifically to be compatible

Kirschner, Denise


Technology Development for High-Efficiency Solar Cells and Modules Using Thin (<80 um) Single-Crystal Silicon Wafers Produced by Epitaxy: June 11, 2011 - April 30, 2013  

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Final technical progress report of Crystal Solar subcontract NEU-31-40054-01. The objective of this 18-month program was to demonstrate the viability of high-efficiency thin (less than 80 um) monocrystalline silicon (Si) solar cells and modules with a low-cost epitaxial growth process.

Ravi, T. S.



O beat e o bit do rock brasileiro: internet, indústria fonográfica e a formação de um circuito médio para o rock no Brasil  

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Resumo: Uma das principais características do rock brasileiro é que ele sempre circulou pelo mainstream fonográfico. Em cinqüenta anos de história, o rock brasileiro foi lançado por grandes gravadoras, esteve em trilhas sonoras de telenovelas, entre outros elementos típicos desse modelo de distribuição. Mas, nas últimas duas décadas, é possível notar a formação de um circuito de rock brasileiro entre

Danilo Fraga


Significant Awards and Recognition U-M Hospitals and Health Centers receive the 2011 Environmental Leadership Circle Award for fifth year  

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and benefits, and work/life balance. The U-M Health System was one of 27 health care facilities campus- wide initiatives in energy efficiency, recycling, and alternative transportation. Environmental and 2003 Michigan Recycling Coalition Recycler-of-Year in the Outstanding Reduction and Reuse Program

Shyy, Wei


FUEL DEVICE APPLICATION Use this application to request a fuel device to access the University of Michigan (U-M) Parking and Transportation  

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FUEL DEVICE APPLICATION Use this application to request a fuel device to access the University of Michigan (U-M) Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) service stations for fuel. A fuel device owned and managed by PTS Fleet Services equipped with an automated fuel device. Please read the Use

Kirschner, Denise



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RESUMO As alterações ocorridas a partir da Revolução Industrial intensificaram o uso dos recursos naturais, propiciando novas formas de apropriação dos territórios, acelerando o esgotamento de elementos da natureza e do ambiente, tornando as riquezas naturais cada vez mais escassas, raras e caras. O uso dos recursos hídricos e sua conservação é um dos principais desafios do desenvolvimento sustentável, devido

Marta Celina


Percepção astronómica de um grupo de alunos do ensino médio de uma escola da rede estadual de São Paulo  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Sendo a Astronomia uma das cièncias mais antigas da humanidade, e considerando sua importáncia histórica e cultural, é de extrema releváncia que tópicos relacionados a ela sejam tratados nas escolas. Embora os Parámetros Curriculares Nacionais do Ensino Médio (PCN-EM) e as Orientaçiacute;es Complementares aos Parámetros (PCN+) apontem a importáncia de uma abordagem significativa de conceitos relacionados à Astronomia nas aulas de Física, muitos estudantes terminam o Ensino Médio (EM) sem compreender a razão de certos acontecimentos de origem celeste, ainda que estes façam parte de seu cotidiano e sejam alvos da curiosidade natural dos jovens. Da observação dessa curiosidade em alunos de uma escola pública paulista, na cidade de Suzano, surgiu o interesse em investigar os conhecimentos básicos em Astronomia dos alunos do Ensino Médio desta escola, constituindo-se este como principal objetivo desta pesquisa. Para tanto foi elaborado um questionário de múltipla escolha aplicado inicialmente a 34 alunos do primeiro ano e, posteriormente, a mais 310, distribuídos entre as très séries do Ensino Médio dos períodos matutino e noturno. Dessa forma, observou-se que 73,9% dos estudantes identificaram o Sol como sendo uma estrela, 67,1% mostraram compreender a sucessão entre dia e noite e 52,3% relacionaram o Big Bang à origem do Universo. Em contrapartida, apenas 34,5% relacionaram as estaçíes do ano à inclinação do eixo de rotação da Terra, 21,3% indicaram a influència gravitacional simultánea da Lua e do Sol como responsável pelo fenòmeno das marés, 24,5% indicaram corretamente quais são os objetos celestes mais próximos da Terra, 36,1% identificaram ano-luz como uma medida de distáncia e 34,2% reconheceram as estrelas cadentes como meteoros, evidenciando-se assim o pequeno discernimento dos estudantes quanto aos fenòmenos e termos astronòmicos do cotidiano. Além disso, foram comparadas as respostas de alun! os de diferentes séries e períodos, observando-se, dentre ou tras coi sas, que os estudantes do terceiro ano apresentam um percentual de acertos semelhante ao dos alunos do primeiro, caracterizando que a abordagem de tópicos relacionados à astronomia no Ensino Médio não tem contribuído de forma significativa para uma maior compreensão dos fenòmenos e conceitos.

de Oliveria, E. F.; Voelzke, M. R.



Geochemical and K Ar age constraints on the Late Neoproterozoic (?) gneisses at Um Tenassib area, north Eastern Desert, Egypt  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Wadi Um Tenassib metamorphic rocks consist mainly of biotite gneiss and biotite-hornblende gneiss with subordinate intercalations of amphibolite, migmatitic gneiss, and aplitic granite. Biotite-hornblende gneiss, biotite gneiss, and aplitic granite are geochemically characterized and their cooling ages are determined by using the K-Ar method on biotite. The Um Tenassib gneisses (UTG) range in composition from quartz diorite/monzodiorite to granodiorite. They were derived from igneous rocks that pertain to calc alkaline and metaluminous to weakly peraluminous affinities and were generated in continental volcanic arc setting. REE patterns of the UTG are moderately fractionated (La N/Lu N = 5.9-7.5) relative to those of the aplitic granite (La N/Lu N = 33). The similarity in the geochemical characteristics and REE patterns of both gneiss types indicate their magmatic consanguinity. Amphiboles of the UTG biotite-hornblende gneisses are mainly hornblende, together with few paragasitic hornblende and edenite. Plagioclase composition is oligoclase to andesine (An 21-46) in the biotite-hornblende gneiss, and oligoclase (An 11-26) in the biotite gneiss. Mineral chemistry of amphibole and plagioclase indicate that the gneisses were metamorphosed under low- to medium-pressure of 2.6-6.4 kbar and at medium to high temperatures of 660-755 °C. The K-Ar biotite cooling ages (seven samples) range from 585 ± 12 Ma to 598 ± 12 Ma for the UTG, except one biotite-hornblende gneiss sample gives age of 577 ± 11 Ma. These ages suggest a latest metamorphic cooling event at ca. 585-600 Ma time span, which is consistent with the proposed cooling ages of ˜600 Ma for the Elat metamorphic rocks [Cosca, M.A., Shimron, A., Caby, R., 1999. Late Precambrian metamorphism and cooling in the Arabian-Nubian Shield: petrology and 40Ar/ 39Ar geochronology of metamorphic rocks of the Elat area (southern Israel). Precamb. Res. 98, 107-127]. It may indicate that the metamorphism of the UTG might have been contemporaneous with the suggested regional metamorphism at 620 ± 10 Ma for Sinai metamorphic rocks (Cosca et al., 1999) and/or the emplacement age at 614 Ma for the granodiorite in the study area [Stern, R.J., Hedge, C.E., 1985. Geochronological and isotopic constraints on the Late Precambrian crustal evolution in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. Am. J. Sci. 285, 97-127]. These ages also lie within the range of magmatic activity of the Younger Granites in the North Eastern Desert (575-600 Ma).

Eliwa, Hassan A.



Geochemistry of the Neoproterozoic metasediments of Malhaq and Um Zariq formations, Kid Metamorphic Complex, Sinai, Egypt: implications for source-area weathering, provenance, recycling, and depositional tectonic setting  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Kid Metamorphic Complex of SE Sinai represents a thick volcano-sedimentary succession that underwent polyphase deformation and greenschist to upper amphibolite facies metamorphism in the NE part of the Arabian-Nubian Shield (ANS). The Malhaq and Um Zariq Formations, the target of this study, occupy roughly the northern half of this complex. The Malhaq Formation records several phases of Ediacaran sedimentation and volcanic activity (615-607 Ma), whereas Um Zariq Formation metasediments are relicts of an older sedimentary sequence (Cryogenian; 813±6 Ma). The Malhaq Formation comprises a series of dark gray structureless to schistose felsic to intermediate metavolcanics interbedded and intercalated with fine- to medium-grained foliated mica-rich phyllites and schists, while the Um Zariq Formation is a dominantly metasedimentary sequence, mainly represented by well-bedded metapelitic schists. Malhaq metasediments are enriched in SiO2, CaO and K2O and depleted in TiO2, Al2O3 and K2O relative to those of Um Zariq Formation. Aside from the relatively low Ni and Cr concentrations, compatible transition elements of these metasediments are comparable to average crustal contents. Except for marked Sr depletion, LILEs are around average continental crust values. Pronounced negative Nb-Ta anomalies in all samples, and general enrichment of Um Zariq samples in Th, U, Zr, Ti and Y relative to Malhaq ones are the main features of HFSEs. The REE patterns of all samples are parallel to sub-parallel LREE-enriched, with distinct negative Eu anomalies and weakly fractionated HREE segments. Geochemical investigations have revealed that the source rocks of Malhaq Formation metasediments underwent mild to moderate chemical weathering, whereas those of Um Zariq Formation have suffered severe chemical weathering. These metasediments are predominately derived from felsic to intermediate igneous sources, with a particular slight addition from recycled sedimentary source to the Malhaq Formation metasediments. They are collectively geochemically immature and have suffered minor sedimentary recycling, with the bearing of Malhaq Formation metasediments from advanced degree of sorting and reworking. The Malhaq and Um Zariq metasediments had been originally deposited in a continental arc setting, most probably back-arc basin, despite the wide time span between their individual depositions. Various geochemical evidences imply that the main source from which these two chronologically distinct metasediments (Ediacaran vs. Cryogenian) have been derived from the juvenile (arc-type) Arabian-Nubian Shield crust.

El-Bialy, Mohammed Z.



Jets and Outflows from Young Stellar Objects in the Carina Nebula Observed in [Fe II] 1.64 um  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present [Fe II] 1.64 um imaging observations for jets and outflows from young stellar objects (YSOs) over the northern part (~24'x45') of the Carina Nebula, a massive star forming region. The observations were performed with IRIS2 of Anglo-Autralian Telescope and the seeing was ~1.5". Several jets and outflows features are detected at eight different regions, and named as forbidden emission line regions (FELRs). One new candidate for Herbig-Haro Object is identified comparing our [Fe II] images to H_alpha images of Hubble Space Telescope. FELRs have knotty or longish shapes, and distribute around the triangular area formed by three star clusters Tr 14, Tr 15, and Tr 16, which contain many massive stars. The detection rate of FELRs against previously identified YSOs is 1.4 %. We estimate the outflow rate from the [Fe II] flux based on some assumptions. The jet-driving objects are identified for three FELRs (FELR-2, -4, and -7), for which we study the relations between the outflow rate and the YSO physical parameters from the radiative transfer model fitting. The ratios of the outflow rate over the disk accretion rate are consistent for FELR-4 and -7 with the previously reported values, while it is higher for FELR-2. The masses of jet-driving objects are low or intermediate, and they are not likely to become massive stars (> 8 Ms). Other YSO physical parameters, such as luminosity and age, show reasonable relations or trends.

Shinn, Jong-Ho; Pyo, Tae-Soo; Lee, Jae-Joon; Lee, Ho-Gyu; Kim, Hyun-Jeong; Koo, Bon-Chul; Sung, Hwankyung; Chun, Moo Young; Lyo, A.-Ran; Moon, Dae-Sik; Kyeong, Jaemann; Park, Byeong-Gon; Hur, Hyeonoh; Lee, Yong-Hyun



Morphology of Spitzer 24um-Detected Galaxies in the UDF: the Links between the Star Formation and Galaxy Morphology  

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We have studied the morphologies of luminous infrared galaxies (LIRGs; L_IR(8-1000um)>10^11 Lsun) at 0.3UDF) by calculating concentration and asymmetry indices and comparing the results with similar calculations for: (1) galaxies at similar redshift that are less infrared-active; and (2) local LIRGs. We find that the high-redshift samples are dominated by galaxies with concentrations similar to local late-type disk galaxies; however, they are significantly more asymmetric than most local galaxies but are similar in both regards to local LIRGs. On average, the high-redshift infrared-active galaxies are slightly more asymmetric than the less-active ones, although they do include a significantly higher portion of highly asymmetric (merging?) systems and a lower portion of more concentrated, symmetric ones. The morphological similarity of infrared-active and typical infrared-inactive galaxies at high-redshift suggests that they may be from the same parent population, but ...

Shi, Y; Papovich, C; Pérez-González, P G; Rieke, G H



Morphology of Spitzer 24um-Detected Galaxies in the UDF: the Links between the Star Formation and Galaxy Morphology  

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We have studied the morphologies of luminous infrared galaxies (LIRGs; L_IR(8-1000um)>10^11 Lsun) at 0.3UDF) by calculating concentration and asymmetry indices and comparing the results with similar calculations for: (1) galaxies at similar redshift that are less infrared-active; and (2) local LIRGs. We find that the high-redshift samples are dominated by galaxies with concentrations similar to local late-type disk galaxies; however, they are significantly more asymmetric than most local galaxies but are similar in both regards to local LIRGs. On average, the high-redshift infrared-active galaxies are slightly more asymmetric than the less-active ones, although they do include a significantly higher portion of highly asymmetric (merging?) systems and a lower portion of more concentrated, symmetric ones. The morphological similarity of infrared-active and typical infrared-inactive galaxies at high-redshift suggests that they may be from the same parent population, but are in different stages of an episodic star formation process. The similarity between high-redshift and local LIRGs suggests that a certain level of asymmetry is generally associated with LIRG-level activity.

Y. Shi; G. H. Rieke; C. Papovich; P. G. Perez-Gonzalez; E. Le Floch



Measurements on CO Concentration and gas temperature at 1.58 um with Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The technique based on tunable diode laser absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) has been developed to realize the real-time and dynamic measurement of the combustion-generated pollutants. In this paper the fundamental of concentration and temperature measurement with TDLAS is presented. To validate the method, an experimental system of TDLAS is set up. A simple VCSEL diode without temperature controller is used for direct absorption and WMS setup. Restricted by modulation voltage and noise from diode laser and detector, concentration of 0.2% for 1 m path length can be detected. Temperature measurement in tube furnace is also carried out by CO2 absorption lines near 1.58um, and below 800K the difference between calculation by TDLAS and temperature signal by K-thermocouple is less than 60K. The method to eliminate the effects of the particles is also discussed here. By using three-order polynomial program, the measurement can be not affected by particles and power fluctuation.

Wang, Fei; Li, Ning; Huang, Qunxing; Yan, Jianhua; Cen, Kefa



Rund um die Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche  

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Studienleistungen, die an anderen deutschen Universitäten oder im Ausland erbracht wurden, wird durch das ECTS-System Internationale Büro. BWL in sieben Schwerpunkten: Accounting, Tax- ation and Capital Markets / Corporate Governance: Management and Corporate Control / Decision & Risk / Education, Labour Relations and Employment

Knüpfer, Christian


Para um modelo do \\  

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In this paper, a model is outlined for the interactional analysis of code-switching (CS) as a communicative phenomenon separate from the alternation of speech varieties (AL, alternancia linguística) which is a purely structural phenomenon. Communicative codes are viewed as general mechanisms to manifest intentions at several levels of discourse organization. A given communicative code mobilizes and organizes sets of both

Celso Alvarez Cáccamo




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Resumo Este artigo documenta os eventos que levaram ao iminente colapso de uma tentativa de reabilitar um ecossistema degradado na Tanzânia central, concentrando-se nas conseqüências do fracasso em monitorar sistematicamente os indicadores sócio-econômicos e ambientais. Em 1979, tomou-se uma decisão de retirar todo os animais de produção em pastoreio de uma área semi-árida na Tanzânia central devido a seu efeito

R. Brian Ogle


Tema 2: IPXarxes de Computadors Problemas de direccionamiento  

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, asignar direcciones a las redes a partir del rango y sabiendo que cada red tiene como máximo a las redes a partir del rango proporcionado, sabiendo que el router R1 usa la IP para que se quieren poner hasta un máximo de 20 usuarios en las redes 4 y 5. Determinar el nuevo


PROBLEMAS DE ALGEBRA LINEAR 1. Numeros complexos 2  

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qualquer z C. (b) Conclua que se = a + ib, com a, b R e b = 0, ´e raiz de p(z) (isto ´e, verifica p() = 0), ent~ao = a - ib tamb´em o ´e. (c) Mostre que se n = 3 e p tem uma raiz complexa com parte imagin´aria n~ao­nula, ent~ao p possui tr^es ra´izes distintas. (d) Calcule todas as ra´izes complexas de

Cannas da Silva, Ana


El teatro en Panamá: Entre problemas, excepciones y esperanzas  

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propaganda al régimen "popular" y "nacionalista." Esta fue una época en la que muchos intelectuales se vendieron al mejor postor. Si bien tenemos una Escuela Nacional de Teatro, ella trabaja con bajos presupuestos, con pocos profesores y escasos alumnos... años después de fundada, con la obra La casamentera de Thorton Wilder, dirigida por Frank McMullan de la Universidad de Yale. En el medio teatral, otro aspecto que no permite que el teatro tome fuerzas es la ausencia de salas adecuadas para la...

Domí nguez, Daniel



Uso de antibióticos en México: revisión de problemas y políticas  

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The inappropriate use of antibiotics signifies a risk for in- dividual health and a waste of health resources. It triggers the development of antibiotic resistance, which increases expenditures and mortality related to infectious disease, and is hence considered a serious public health problem. The World Health Organization has thus recommended a series of strategies to be included within national pharmaceutical

Anahí Dreser; Veronika J Wirtz; Kitty K Corbett; Gabriela Echániz



El Problema Ambiental y el Estilo de Desarrollo  

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La toma de conciencia de la problemática ambiental en el decenio de los sesenta, planteó sorpresivamente la duda sobre la posibilidad de sostener el ritmo de desarrollo alcanzado por los países industrializados. El gigantesco crecimiento de la plataforma tecnológica obtenido durante el presente siglo, pero especialmente desde la última guerra mundial, estaba empezando a encontrar los límites, impuestos por la

Augusto Ángel



Centro de Asistencia al Usuario (CAU) Tienes algn problema informtico?  

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Universidad (RedUA, Aula Virtual, Recursos electrónicos, Red Iris, VPN - Red Privada Virtual) Instalación de Aula virtual Corrección de exámenes por lectura óptica Equipos audiovisuales (dotación en aulas;Redes y comunicaciones Conexión a la red de la UA desde fuera de la Universidad (RedUA, Aula Virtual

Escolano, Francisco


El problema de comunicacion en Stéfano de Armando Discépolo  

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instancia en que la comunicación se ve en peligro. Don Alfonso y María Rosa, los padres de Stéfano, no pueden comunicarse con Margarita, la mujer argentina de su hijo. Don Alfonso desconfía de la palabra como desconfía de todo lo abstracto; prefiere... el texto: Narigón, boca grande y sensual, pelo duro corto. En su desconcierto mental es inexpresivo. Su voz robusta no tiene modulaciones. Mueve los brazos sin violencia, con las manos rígidas, los codos sin juego. Sólo sus pensamientos son...

Dowling, Lee H.




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Tobacco use is currently a public health problem which represents a global epidemic responsible of an enormous damage to people's health. Worldwide, 1100 million people smoke, 4 million die every year because of diseases related to tobacco use, and it is estimated that the death toll will be as high as 10 million people for year 2030; 7 million of

Luis Pinillos A; Mercedes Quesquén P; Félix Bautista G; Ebert Poquioma R




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, ..., Xn una muestra aleatoria simple de tama~no n de una variable aleatoria con funci´on de densidad: f: la funci´on de densidad de una variable aleatoria N(µ, 2 ) es la siguiente: f(x) = 1 2 exp - 1 2 x funci´on de densidad f(x) = 1 x -1 para x > 1 y > 1. (a) Obtener el estimador de m´axima verosimilitud

Gil, Ana Arribas


Astrofsica Extragalctica y Cosmologa. Problemas y preguntas clave I.  

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densidad crítica del universo? 17. ¿Qué es un universo Einstein-de Sitter? 18. Dada la ecuación de parámetros cosmológicos favorecidos en la actualidad? 21. ¿Cómo se escala la densidad de materia con la expansión del universo? ¿por qué? 22. ¿Cómo se escala la densidad de radiación con la expansión del universo

Aretxaga, Itziar


Astrofsica Extragalctica y Cosmologa. Problemas y preguntas clave II.  

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que pueden radiar los objetos astronómicos a z=10? 5. ¿Cuál es la densidad de energía por fotones hoy densidad de energía del CMB o la densidad de materia bariónica? 8. ¿Qué es mayor hoy en día la densidad de universo tiene una balance tal que la densidad de materia-energía es "0=1 ¿Garantiza eso que "(t)=1 en

Aretxaga, Itziar


Astrofsica Extragalctica y Cosmologa. Problemas y preguntas clave II.  

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que pueden radiar los objetos astronómicos a z=10? 5. ¿Cuál es la densidad de energía por fotones hoy densidad de energía del CMB o la densidad de materia bariónica? 8. ¿Qué es mayor hoy en día la densidad de es la de la época inflacionaria? 30. Si el universo tiene una balance tal que la densidad de materia

Aretxaga, Itziar


Problema de asignación óptima de salones resuelto con Búsqueda Tabú  

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Classroom assignment is considered as a complex and typical mathematical optimization problem in operation research, that is tried to solve in different ways by several research groups all over the globe. A mathematical model and a methodology based on Tabú search are presented in order to find feasible solutions that minimize the objective function by using constructive algorithms, neighbor structures

John Fredy; Franco Baquero; Eliana Mirledy; Toro Ocampo; Ramón Alfonso; Gallego Rendón




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c > R > 0. Sea C la circunferencia de centro (c,0,0) y radio R contenida en el plano {y = 0}. Se) S2. Para cada t I, sea Rt la semirrecta af´in con origen en 0 y vector director (t). Demostrar que origen son difeomorfismos de S. 11. (Superficies regladas). Una superficie reglada es una superficie con

Rosales, César



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plana p.p.a. cuya traza esta contenida en un disco cerrado D de radio R centrado en el origen. Probar origen generada por el vector (cos(),sen()). Demostrar que en los puntos de corte de la traza de con R que si (s0) D entonces la recta af´in normal de en s0 contiene al origen y |k(s0)| 1/R. Deducir que

Rosales, César



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The inverse conductivity problem deals with the determination of the conductivity ? in the interior of a domain ? appearing on the equation div(??u )= 0 from the measurements of u and ?u ?? at the boundary ?? (Dirichlet-to-Neumann map ?? ). A survey of the problem is done. We show the main results and techniques since the original and




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´on). En el semiplano {(x,y,z) R3 /y = 0, x 0} tomamos una cir- cunferencia C de centro (c,0,0) y radio r giro de 90o centrado en el origen en el plano z = 0 y e3 = (0,0,1). Demostrar que C coincide con la uni

Rosales, César


ACOR hibrido con multiples colonias para problemas de optimizacion continua  

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tiempo. Este tipo de algo- ritmo se conoce com´unmente como un m´etodo multi- colonia. El objetivo de la este tipo de algoritmos hacia un m´etodo multi-colonia para incrementar la capacidad de ex- ploraci, y los m´etodos de BL utilizados, SW y Simplex. En la Secci´on IV se ex- plica como se hace la

Granada, Universidad de


Artropatía vertebral de Charcot en lesionados medulares: problema diagnóstico  

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Neuropathic osteoarthropathy, or Charcot joint disease, was first described in 1868 in patients affected by tabes dorsalis, and it is currently a recognized entity among the sequelae of chronic spinal cord lesions. However, its diagnosis and treatment are still under discussion, and various publications make reference to the difficulties of differential diagnosis in cases of osteoarthropathies of infectious origin affecting

S. Salvador-de la Barrera; M. Piñeiro-Temprano; I. García-Fraga; M. E. Ferreiro-Velasco; A. Montoto-Marqués; A. Rodríguez-Sotillo




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In the agricultural region of Petrolina- PE\\/Juazeiro-BA, located in the São Francisco River VaIIey, in the Brazilian Semi-Arid region, grape is one of the most technified and important crops. Social demands for better living quality have favored the use of new technologies, like Fruit lntegrated Production System (FIP), which assures a rational production, a great economy and environmental preservation. With

Francisca Nemaura; Pedrosa Haji


Conv^enio IMPA-Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie (Jussieu, Paris) Foi assinado recentemente um conv^enio entre o IMPA e a Universidade Pierre et Marie Curie  

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Conv^enio IMPA-Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie (Jussieu, Paris) Foi assinado recentemente um conv^enio entre o IMPA e a Universidade Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC, Jussieu, Paris). Est~ao previstas atividades

Solodov, Mikhail V.


Teaching Computer Graphics in Brazil M. WALTER1, A. FRERY2, CARLA M.D.S. FREITAS3, LEO P. MAGALH ~AES4, LUIZ VELHO5  

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Teaching Computer Graphics in Brazil M. WALTER1, A. FRERY2, CARLA M.D.S. FREITAS3, L´EO P. MAGALH about computer graphics teaching and education in Brazil. We hope this discussion will further The activities related with Computer Graphics Teaching in Brazil have received relatively little attention


O professor do IST diz que a poltica europeia hoje um deserto de ideias onde no h uma viso estratgica para o futuro  

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EUA têm de remover as restrições legais à exportação de energia que vem dos anos 70. 0 que os líderesO professor do IST diz que a política europeia é hoje um deserto de ideias onde não há uma visão pensamento e convergência política. A segunda questão é a incapacidade de a Europa po- tenciar os seus

Instituto de Sistemas e Robotica


Vínculos sobre um modelo de quartessência de Chaplygin usando observações do satélite chandra da fração de massa de gás em aglomerados de galáxias  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Observações de Supernovas do tipo Ia mostram que a expansão do Universo está acelerando. Segundo as equações de Einstein uma componente com pressão negativa (energia escura) é necessária para explicar a aceleração cósmica. Além da energia escura é usualmente admitido que no Universo há também uma matéria exótica com pressão zero, que é chamada de matéria escura. Essa componente possui um papel fundamental na formação de estruturas no Universo. Recentemente tem se explorado a possibilidade de que matéria e energia escura poderiam ser unificadas através de uma única componente, que tem sido denominada de quartessência. Um exemplo de fluido com essas características é o Gás de Chaplygin Generalizado, que possui uma equação de estado da forma p = -A/ra. Inicialmente consideramos o caso especial a = 1 (gás de Chaplygin) e vinculamos parâmetros do modelo utilizando observações em raios-X do satélite Chandra da fração de massa de gás em aglomerados de galáxias. Uma comparação dos vínculos obtidos com esse teste com outros testes, tais como supernovas e idade do Universo, mostra que esse teste é bastante restritivo. Exibiremos ainda resultados para o caso em que a curvatura é nula e o parâmetro a está compreendido no intervalo -1 < a 1.

de Souza, R. S.



Deep 15um AKARI observations in the CDFS: estimating dust luminosities for a MIR-selected sample and for Lyman Break Galaxies and the evolution of L(dust)/L(UV) with the redshift  

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Deep observations of the CDFS have been secured at 15um with AKARI/IRC infrared space telescope (ESA open time). From these observations, we define a sample of MIR-selected galaxies at 15um and we also obtain 15um flux densities for a sample of LBGs at z=1 already observed at 24um with Spitzer/MIPS. Number counts for the MIR-selected sample show a bump around a 15um flux density of 0.2mJy that can be attributed to galaxies at z>0.4 and at z>0.8 for the fainter part of the bump. This bump seems to be shifted as compared to other works and a possible origin can be the Cosmic variance. Thanks to this dataset, we have tested, on the two above samples at z=1, the validity of the conversions from monochromatic luminosities nu.f(nu) at a rest-frame wavelength of 8um by a comparison with total dust luminosities estimated from Spitzer rest-frame 12um data that we use as a reference. We find that the 8um dust luminosities are not all consistent and that some of them are better when compared to L(dust) evaluated from longer wavelength luminosities. We also find that the rest-frame 8um luminosities provide globally good estimates of L(dust). By comparing our data for the two samples to several libraries of SEDs, we find that models can explain the diversity of the observed f(24)/f(15) ratio quite reasonably for the MIR-selected sample and better for the LBG sample which are less dispersed than the MIR selection. However, when we analyse the luminosity dependence of this ratio, we find important discrepancies. Finally, we revisit the evolution of L(dust)/L(UV) ratio with the redshift z by re-calibrating previous L(dust) at z=2 based on our results and added new data points at higher redshifts. The decreasing trend is amplified as compared to the previous estimate.

Denis Burgarella; Veronique Buat; Tsutomu T. Takeuchi; Takehiko Wada; Chris Pearson



User's manual (UM) for the enhanced logistics intratheater support tool (ELIST) software segment version for solaris 7.  

SciTech Connect

This document is the User's Manual (UM) for the Enhanced Logistics Intratheater Support Tool (ELIST) Software Segment. It tells how to use the end-user and administrative features of the segment. The instructions in Sections 4.2.1, 5.3.1, and 5.3.2 for the end-user features (Run ELIST and Run ETEdit) only cover the launching of those features in the DII COE environment; full details on the operation of ELIST and ETEdit in any environment can be found in the documents listed in Section 2.1.3 and referenced elsewhere in this document. On the other hand, complete instructions for the administrative features (Add Map Data and Delete Map Data) are presented in Sections 4.2.2, 5.3.3, and 5.3.4 of this document.

Dritz, K.



Análise sobre o Conhecimento de um Grupo de Alunos do Ensino Médio da Rede Estadual de São Paulo sobre Termos e Fenômenos Astronômicos do Cotidiano  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Embora os Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais do Ensino Médio (PCN-EM) e as orientações complementares a esses Parâmetros (PCN+) apontem a importância de uma abordagem significativa de conceitos relacionados à astronomia nas aulas de Física, muitos estudantes terminam o Ensino Médio (EM) sem compreender a razão de certos acontecimentos de origem celeste, ainda que estes façam parte de seu cotidiano. Este trabalho tem por objetivo analisar os conhecimentos básicos em astronomia dos alunos de EM da escola estadual Batista Renzi, bem como investigar os meios através dos quais estes conhecimentos foram adquiridos. Para tanto foi elaborado um questionário de múltipla escolha aplicado a 310 alunos distribuídos entre as três séries do EM dos períodos matutino e noturno. Dessa forma, observou-se que apenas 34,5% relacionaram as estações do ano à inclinação do eixo de rotação da Terra, 21,3% indicaram a influência gravitacional da Lua e do Sol como responsáveis pelo fenômeno das marés, 24,5% indicaram corretamente quais são os objetos celestes mais próximos da Terra, 36,1% identificaram ano-luz como uma medida de distância e 34,2% reconheceram uma estrela cadente como meteoro. Em contrapartida, 67,1% compreendiam a sucessão entre dia e noite, 73,9% identificaram o Sol como estrela e 52,3% relacionaram o Big Bang à origem do Universo. Além disso, foram comparadas as respostas de alunos de diferentes séries e períodos, observando-se, dentre outras coisas, que os estudantes do terceiro ano apresentam um percentual de acertos semelhante ao dos alunos do primeiro, caracterizando que a abordagem de tópicos relacionados à astronomia no EM não tem contribuído para uma maior compreensão dos fenômenos e conceitos.

de Oliveira, E. F.; Voelzke, M. R.; Amaral, L. H.



Na recente data de 23 de Agosto de 2011, tivemos um encontro de estudos onde nossa companheira Irta introduziu-nos o tema Timor-Leste, atravs do documentrio de 40 minutos,  

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mundo não viu. A questão da guerra tão recente e tão pouco comentada na mídia mundial, um país que oNa recente data de 23 de Agosto de 2011, tivemos um encontro de estudos onde nossa companheira Irta a apresentadora Irta. Após prestigiarmos o documentário este que nos deu uma ampla visão sobre a guerra no país

Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


Automating the Hunt for Volcanoes on Venus M.C. Burl yz , U.M. Fayyad z , P. Perona y , P. Smyth z , and M.P. Burl z  

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Automating the Hunt for Volcanoes on Venus M.C. Burl yz , U.M. Fayyad z , P. Perona y , P. Smyth z and statistical pattern recog­ nition techniques, for automatically locating volcanoes in the Magellan SAR database of Venus. Training for the specific volcano­detection task is obtained by synthesizing feature

Smyth, Padhraic


Redes Neuronais e Aprendizagem Automtica Exame de 5/2/04  

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Redes Neuronais e Aprendizagem Automática Exame de 5/2/04 Resolução do Problema 4 Enunciado: Considere uma rede neuronal com uma única saída [1,0]o . Esta rede é utilizada num problema de classificação optimizada for o erro quadrático, a saída da rede, após o treino, é um estimador da probabilidade

Almeida, Luis B.


Project UM-HAUL (UnManned Heavy pAyload Unloader and Lander): The design of a reusable lunar lander with an independent cargo unloader  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

Project UM-Haul is the preliminary design of a reusable lunar transportation vehicle that travels between a lunar parking orbit and the lunar surface. This vehicle is an indispensible link in the overall task of establishing a lunar base as defined by the NASA Space Exploration Initiative. The response to this need consists of two independent vehicles: a lander and an unloader. The system can navigate and unload itself with a minimum amount of human intervention. The design addresses structural analysis, propulsion, power, controls, communications, payload handling and orbital operations. The Lander has the capacity to decend from low lunar orbit (LLO) to the lunar surface carrying a 7000 kg payload, plus the unloader, plus propellant for ascent to LLO. The Lander employs the Unloader by way of a motorized ramp. The Unloader is a terrain vehicle capable of carrying cargoes of 8,500 kg mass and employs a lift system to lower payloads to the ground. The system can perform ten missions before requiring major servicing.



Modelling future changes in climate, ozone-depleting substances and ozone precursor emissions using the whole-atmosphere UM-UKCA model  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Using the recently upgraded whole-atmosphere UM-UKCA chemistry-climate model, we investigate the atmospheric response to future changes in a) greenhouse gases under the RCP4.5 and 8.5 scenarios for climate change, b) ozone-depleting substances (ODS) and a recovery of the ozone layer and c) ozone precursor emissions and tropospheric oxidising capacity. In addition, we combine theses scenarios in order to explore the interactions between individual perturbations. Within this framework, the coupled stratosphere-troposphere system and whole-atmosphere chemistry allows us to study the impacts of changes in composition of the stratosphere on the troposphere and vice versa. Under a scenario for moderate climate change (RCP4.5), we find that by the year 2100: 1) the stratosphere significantly impacts the troposphere via changes in stratosphere-troposphere exchange (STE) but the chemical changes induced in the troposphere do not impact the stratosphere, 2) perturbations are linearly additive with regard to the total ozone column and tropospheric odd oxygen budget, 3) while the Brewer-Dobson circulation strengthens under climate change (with an increase in the tropical upward mass flux at 70hPa of 17%), this strengthening is offset by ozone recovery (which on its own leads to a decrease in the mass flux of 9%) and 4) the tropospheric ozone burden decreases by 10% given mitigation of its precursor emissions but this is offset by climate change and stratospheric ozone recovery (9% and 6% increases in the burden respectively).

Banerjee, A.; Archibald, A. T.; Maycock, A. C.; Abraham, L.; Telford, P.; Braesicke, P.; Pyle, J. A.



Espectroscopia multi-objeto e imageamento de Abell 586 com GMOS - o estado dinâmico de um aglomerado de galáxias com arcos gravitacionais  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Nesse trabalho é apresentado um estudo do conteúdo de massa do aglomerado de galáxias A586 (z = 0.171) bem como sua distribuição espacial. Isso foi feito a partir de dados de espectroscopia multi-objeto e imageamento obtidos com o instrumento GMOS acoplado ao telescópio Gemini-Norte. A massa desse aglomerado foi estudada a partir da posição dos seus arcos gravitacionais (lentes fortes), da medida estatística da distorção na forma das galáxias de fundo (lentes fracas) e através da dispersão de velocidades de uma amostra de cerca de 30 galáxias pertencentes ao aglomerado (teorema do virial). Os dois primeiros métodos não dependem do estado dinâmico do aglomerado, enquanto que o terceiro sim. Desse modo, comparando seus resultados pode-se estimar o grau de relaxamento desse sistema. Dados de raios X presentes na literatura também serão incluídos nessa análise. Nossos resultados preliminares a partir das técnicas de lentes fracas, mostram que, supondo que a distribuição de massa desse aglomerado seja a de uma esfera isotérmica, espera-se que ele apresente uma dispersão de velocidades de 1330+/-78 km s-1, em contradicao com medidas similares feitas por Dahle et al. 2002 que encontram valores tão altos quanto 1680 km s-1. Já o estudo dinâmico resultou numa dispersão de velocidades de ~950 km s-1.

Cypriano, E. S.; Sodrã©, L., Jr.; Kneib, J.-P.; Campusano, L.




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APPLICATION Campus Address Entered By: Sale Replacement Exchange Payment: Credit Card Check Money Order Other purchasing a parking permit. A replacement fee will be asssessed on all lost or stolen permits. Retirees. By signing below the applicant acknowledges that he/she has read and understands the information above

Miami, University of


Ho-Nee-Um Trail.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Appreciation and concern for the preservation of our natural resources by all citizens is the primary concern of this teacher's guide for use in the elementary grades. It employes the use of a filmstrip in conjunction with a local nature trail, to guide students in developing awareness - by looking closely, listening, touching, and smelling. Major…

Irwin, Harriet; And Others


Age-related changes in auditory nerve-inner hair cell connections, hair cell numbers, auditory brain stem response and gap detection in UM-HET4 mice.  


This study compared the timing of appearance of three components of age-related hearing loss that determine the pattern and severity of presbycusis: the functional and structural pathologies of sensory cells and neurons and changes in gap detection (GD), the latter as an indicator of auditory temporal processing. Using UM-HET4 mice, genetically heterogeneous mice derived from four inbred strains, we studied the integrity of inner and outer hair cells by position along the cochlear spiral, inner hair cell-auditory nerve connections, spiral ganglion neurons (SGN), and determined auditory thresholds, as well as pre-pulse and gap inhibition of the acoustic startle reflex (ASR). Comparisons were made between mice of 5-7, 22-24 and 27-29months of age. There was individual variability among mice in the onset and extent of age-related auditory pathology. At 22-24months of age a moderate to large loss of outer hair cells was restricted to the apical third of the cochlea and threshold shifts in the auditory brain stem response were minimal. There was also a large and significant loss of inner hair cell-auditory nerve connections and a significant reduction in GD. The expression of Ntf3 in the cochlea was significantly reduced. At 27-29months of age there was no further change in the mean number of synaptic connections per inner hair cell or in GD, but a moderate to large loss of outer hair cells was found across all cochlear turns as well as significantly increased ABR threshold shifts at 4, 12, 24 and 48kHz. A statistical analysis of correlations on an individual animal basis revealed that neither the hair cell loss nor the ABR threshold shifts correlated with loss of GD or with the loss of connections, consistent with independent pathological mechanisms. PMID:25665752

Altschuler, R A; Dolan, D F; Halsey, K; Kanicki, A; Deng, N; Martin, C; Eberle, J; Kohrman, D C; Miller, R A; Schacht, J



Modelling future changes in climate, ozone-depleting substances and ozone precursor emissions using the whole-atmosphere UM-UKCA model  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Using the recently upgraded whole-atmosphere UM-UKCA chemistry-climate model, we investigate the atmospheric response to future changes in a) greenhouse gases under the RCP4.5 and 8.5 scenarios for climate change, b) ozone-depleting substances (ODS) and a recovery of the ozone layer and c) ozone precursor emissions and tropospheric oxidising capacity. In addition, we combine these scenarios in order to explore the interactions between individual perturbations. Within this framework, the coupled stratosphere-troposphere system and whole-atmosphere chemistry allows us to study the impact of changes in composition of the stratosphere on the troposphere and vice versa. We find that by the year 2100: 1) the stratosphere significantly impacts the troposphere via changes in stratosphere-troposphere exchange (STE) but the chemical changes induced in the troposphere do not impact the stratosphere, 2) perturbations are linearly additive with regard to the total ozone column and tropospheric odd oxygen budget, 3) while the Brewer-Dobson Circulation strengthens under climate change (with an increase in the DJF 70hPa tropical upwards mass flux of ~20% at RCP4.5 and exceeding 30% at RCP8.5), this strengthening is offset by ozone recovery (which on its own leads to a decrease in the mass flux of ~10%) and 4) tropospheric ozone decreases given mitigation of its precursor emissions (with a 10% decrease in ozone burden) but this can be offset by climate change at both RCP4.5 and 8.5 and stratospheric ozone recovery (increasing the burden by 6-13%).

Banerjee, Antara; Maycock, Amanda; Archibald, Alexander; Telford, Paul; Abraham, Luke; Braesicke, Peter; Pyle, John



Tips To help ReDUCe YoUR soDiUM iNTAKe Read the nutrition facts label for sodium content and choose the product that is lower in  

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Science and Human Nutrition, 3/09 What Sodium doeS in the Body · Helps maintain water balance · RegulatesTips To help ReDUCe YoUR soDiUM iNTAKe 1 2 3 4 5 Read the nutrition facts label for sodium content at the table. Sodium: The Facts By Beth H. Olson, Ph.D., MSU Extension Nutrition Specialist, Department of Food


Advancements in the Retrieval of CO2 from an Airborne IM-CW Lidar operating in 1.57-um Region  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Accurate understanding of carbon balance in the environment is critical to projections of the future evolution of the Earth's climate. Uncertainties in the modeling of carbon sources and sinks remain large due to the limited set of observations from the current network of in-situ and surface measurements. Global, spaceborne measurements of atmospheric CO2 can reduce these uncertainties. As a result, the NRC Decadal Survey (DS) of Earth Science and Applications from Space identified Active Sensing of CO2 Emissions over Nights, Days, and Seasons (ASCENDS) as an important mid-term (Tier II) mission. The active space remote measurement of the column CO2 mixing ratio (XCO2) that is called for by the NRC in the ASCENDS mission requires the simultaneous measurement of the CO2 number density column and the O2 number density column to derive the average XCO2 column. The NRC recommendation calls for XCO2 to be measured to a precision of less than 2 ppm and must be made without bias from aerosols, dust, or clouds. This paper discusses the latest flight test results from the Multi-Functional Fiber Laser Lidar (MFLL), a laser absorption spectrometer (LAS) system under developed by ITT Exelis under evaluation by NASA LaRC for the ASCENDS mission. The MFLL is a multi-frequency intensity-modulated continuous-wave (IM-CW) LAS operating near 1.57 um to obtain remote CO2 column measurements. During these tests, encoded modulation techniques for minimizing the impact of thin clouds on CO2 measurements were demonstrated and the MFLL remote CO2 column measurements were evaluated against airborne in situ CO2 profile measurements under a wide variety of surface and atmospheric conditions. This paper describes the modulation techniques employed and presents algorithms minimizing bias from thin clouds on CO2 retrievals. MFLL and in situ CO2 data comparisons are presented and observations of CO2 column enhancements in the Four Corner's power plant plumes and CO2 uptake over the cornfields in Nebraska and Iowa are discussed.

Harrison, F.; Browell, E.; Dobler, J.; Kooi, S.; McGregor, D.; Choi, Y.



Art & Mathematics: The Interstices of the Abstract and Concrete  

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Matemática Pura e Aplicada Luiz Velho Interatividades - Ciclo Arte, Ciência e Tecnologia 2 Outline and Discussion Luiz Velho Interatividades - Ciclo Arte, Ciência e Tecnologia 3 Art and Mathematics · Questions experiences... Luiz Velho Interatividades - Ciclo Arte, Ciência e Tecnologia 4 Mathematics "The Art


Computer Animation IMPA Instituto de Matemtica Pura e Aplicada  

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· Ray Tracing · Blobby Shapes · 3D Cartoon Shading © Luiz Velho 3 Wireframe Animation · My First Steps1 Computer Animation Luiz Velho IMPA ­ Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada © Luiz Velho 2 Outline · Wireframe Animation · Motion Graphics · Procedural Animation · Motion Capture · Facial Animation



Microsoft Academic Search

O modal dutoviário é reconhecido como o meio mais eficaz de se transportar grandes volumes de petróleo e seus derivados por longas distâncias, mas que também exige um grande controle operacional. Isto torna a otimização do transporte de produtos neste sistema dutoviário, um problema de alta relevância do ponto de vista econômico, já que o preço final destes produtos depende

Rennó Frota; Moraes Alves


Garcinia cambogia - uma espécie vegetal como recurso terapêutico contra a obesidade?6  

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Resumo Atualmente, a obesidade é um problema de saúde pública mundial, tanto nos países desenvolvidos como nos em desenvolvimento, apresentando elevação de sua prevalência. A transição nutricional é um processo de modificações seqüenciais no padrão de nutrição e consumo que acompanha mudanças econômicas, sociais e demográficas, e mudanças do perfil de saúde das populações. Este trabalho objetiva abordar a comprovação

Ana C S Santos; Michelle S Alvarez; Priscila B Brandão; Ary G Silva



Microsoft Academic Search

This text addresses the problems related to the policies of democratizing basic education in France. It focuses on secondary school, considered the weak link in the French educational system. The article begins by questioning the conceptions, models, ideologies and possible conditions underlying the project of \\




Validez del Youth Self Report para problemas de conducta en niños mexicanos  

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ABSTRACT. Recently there has been a growing ,interest and research regarding the relationship among personality and psychopathologies in children, with a main focus inthe area of behavioral and emotional problems, drugs use, etc. However, there is a lack of instruments ,of proper ,measurement ,in spite that those are not adapted to our culture and environment. This problem is also aggravated

Patricia Andrade Palos



Congreso Internacional 1810-2010: 200 aos de Iberoamrica -1817 EL AGUA Y ALGUNOS PROBLEMAS  

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populación del planeta. Las reservas mundiales de agua dulce están restringidas a una parcela mínima de de agua dulce están restringidas a una parcela mínima de países o en pocos continentes (tabla 1 e 2

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Hibridacin entre GRASP y Path relinking para abordar problemas de registrado de imgenes mdicas 3D  

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in- vestigación muy activa dentro del campo de la visión por ordenador. La aproximación del enfoque relinking evolutivo. Los experimentos lle- vados a cabo en este trabajo muestran el buen rendimiento de este

Granada, Universidad de



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En este trabajo se presentan los resultados de un estudio meta-analítico sobre la efectividad de los programas multicomponentes en el tratamiento de sujetos con adicción al tabaco. Una búsqueda exhaustiva de la literatura nos permitió identificar 16 trabajos empíricos realizados en España entre 1980 y 1996, dando lugar a un total de 37 estudios independientes que recogían datos de 1.979

Julio Sánchez Meca; José Olivares Rodríguez; Ana Isabel; Rosa Alcázar



La Antigerencia, ¿una nueva forma de hacer Gerencia? (Un problema de investigación cualitativa)  

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The Antimanagement: a new way of doing Management? A qualitative research problem To argue the idea of Antimanagement implies to question the way to make Management, because his praxis has obviated its political nature by which its essence acquires sense, since it is consider the optimization the search and achievement of objectives. In this context, it is raised the intention

Antonio José Monagas



E-print Network Centro de C´alculo Cient´ifico y Tecnol´ogico (CCCT). Facultad de Ciencias. Universidad Central de´omputo Cient´ifico (CEMVICC). Facultad Experimental de Ciencias y Tecnolog´ia. Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia-Venezuela. L´opez, Hilda. Molina, Br´igida. bmolina

Raydan, Marcos



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The industrial planning has experimented great advances since its beginning for a middle of 20 th century. It has been demonstrated its applications importance into the several industrial where its involved even though the difficult of design exact algorithms that resolved the variants. It has been applied heuristics methods for the planning problems due their high complexity; especially Artificial Intelligence

Manuel Tupia; David Mauricio



El problema de la distancia en la venta por Internet. Un sentido de la perspectiva geográfica  

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El comercio electrónico se perfila como una nueva forma de intercambio comercial que podría dar lugar a unos resultados geográficamente positivos, como una mayor distribución de la riqueza y el empleo. Hay ciertos productos y servicios que son extremadamente susceptibles a la distribución electrónica como los servicios financieros, la música, o la programas informáticos, pero cuando se trata de mercancías

Rita Lázaro Sevilla



Aplicando Metodos de Aprendizaje Sensible al Coste para Mejorar Problemas de Big Data  

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´ecnicas de miner´ia de datos no est´an bien preparadas para afrontar los requerim- ientos de tiempo y espacio datos y las tecnolog´ias de miner´ia de datos han quedado desbordados por no poder hacer frente a dichas,vlopez,j.m.benitez,herrera} Abstract. Debido a la explosi´on y proliferaci´on de datos en los ´ultimos a~nos, surge la necesidad de

Granada, Universidad de


A novel solution to the gated x-ray detector gain droop problema)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Microchannel plate (MCP), microstrip transmission line based, gated x-ray detectors used at the premier ICF laser facilities have a drop in gain as a function of mircostrip length that can be greater than 50% over 40 mm. These losses are due to ohmic losses in a microstrip coating that is less than the optimum electrical skin depth. The electrical skin depth for a copper transmission line at 3 GHz is 1.2 ?m while the standard microstrip coating thickness is roughly half a single skin depth. Simply increasing the copper coating thickness would begin filling the MCP pores and limit the number of secondary electrons created in the MCP. The current coating thickness represents a compromise between gain and ohmic loss. We suggest a novel solution to the loss problem by overcoating the copper transmission line with five electrical skin depths (˜6 ?m) of Beryllium. Beryllium is reasonably transparent to x-rays above 800 eV and would improve the carrier current on the transmission line. The net result should be an optically flat photocathode response with almost no measurable loss in voltage along the transmission line.

Oertel, J. A.; Archuleta, T. N.



Linear programming applied to healthcare problems Programação linear aplicada a problemas da área de saúde  

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Objective and Method: To present a mathematical modeling technique by means of linear programming as an efficient tool to solve problems related to optimization in healthcare. Two applications are approached: formulation of a balanced diet at a minimum cost and optimal allocation of resources for a set of medical interventions that comply with cost and medical visit restrictions. Results: The

Frederico Rafael Moreira


Programação linear aplicada a problemas da área de saúde* Linear programming applied to healthcare problems  

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Objective and Method: To present a mathematical modeling technique by means of linear programming as an efficient tool to solve problems related to optimization in healthcare. Two applications are approached: formulation of a balanced diet at a minimum cost and optimal allocation of resources for a set of medical interventions that comply with cost and medical visit restrictions. Results: The

Frederico Rafael Moreira


Solucion de Problemas y Procesos Cognoscitivos (Problem Solving and Cognitive Processes). Publication No. 41.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The study of problem solving is made through the analysis of the process that leads to the final answer. The type of information obtained through the study of the process is compared with the information obtained by studying the final answer. The experimental technique used permits to identify the sequence of questions (tactics) that subjects ask…

Rimoldi, Horacio J. A.


O problema de inteligenta artificiala ---planificarea Raluca Budiu (  

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O problemâ??a de inteligent¸â??a artificialâ??a --- planificarea Raluca Budiu (ralucav¸ie planificâ??arii, a¸sa cum este ea â??int¸eleasâ??a de inteligent¸a artificialâ??a, sâ??a con­ siderâ??am urm planificare. Pâ??inâ??a acum nimic nu pare sâ??a se lege de inteligent¸a artificialâ??a. Sâ??a presupunem â??insâ??a câ??a X

Budiu, Mihai


Criticalidad auto-organizada y el problema del confinamiento magnetico de plasmas en  

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lejos del equilibrio termodin´amico, debido a los fuertes gradientes de densidad y temperatura que es cuantificarse f´acilmente [1]. S´olo es necesario que el producto de la densidad de combustible a confinar, n, y

Martín-Solís, José Ramón


Problemas de Geometria Diferencial, Master Primer semestre, 2009/2010. Semana 3.  

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. Niven y H. Zuckerman, secciones 7.5 y 7.6). 7. Ya de paso, demostrar que si es racional, entonces H(R estructura producto. Demostrar que la aplicaci´on F : R2 T2 dada por F(t1, t2) = (exp 2it1, exp 2it2) es un difeomorfismo local en cada punto. 2. Sea R un numero irracional y definamos G : R R2 como G(t) = (t, t

Guijarro, Luis


Colonias: Problems and Promise. Desperate Situations, Local Innovations = Colonias: Problemas y Promesa. Situaciones Dificiles, Innovaciones Locales.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Colonias--unincorporated, low-income settlements endemic to the U.S. borderlands--have inadequate infrastructure and dismal living conditions, but also provide a creative solution to the housing dilemma faced by many border families. Colonias are most common in Texas and New Mexico, primarily as a result of weak rural planning laws, and are…

Borderlines, 1998



Soluciones analiticas AL problema de jets con velocidad de eyeccion variable EN EL tiempo  

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Se presenta un nuevo metodo que permite resolver de manera exacta y analitica las ecuaciones que describen un jet hipersonico con velocidad de eyeccion variable en el tiempo. El metodo se basa en consideraciones sencillas de conservacion de momento para las superficies de trabajo que se forman en el interior del jet. Como ejemplo, se presentan soluciones para jets con

J. Canto; A. C. Raga; P. D'Alessio



Resolucion numerica de problemas evolutivos semilineales sobre dominios irregulares mediante metodos mimeticos paralelizables  

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@t = r ¢ (K(x)rˆ(x;t)) ¡ S(ˆ(x;t)) + f(x;t); (x;t) 2 › £ (0;T); acompa~nada de ciertas condiciones iniciales y de contorno. Suponemos que el dominio espacial › µR2 es un conjunto abierto y acotado de geometr¶‡a irregular, K es un tensor simetrico y defl- nido positivo, S es una funcion no lineal suave y f es un termino fuente\\/sumidero.

L. Portero; A. Arraras; J. C. Jorge



Examen final XC (Problemas) Nombre: ................................................................................ 11 de Enero de 2005 Apellidos: ...............................................................................  

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una red (N7). R4 Internet Servidor Sede Central Delegación PPP0 PPP0eth0 eth1 eth0 eth0 eth0 eth0 eth2eth1 eth1 eth0feth0 eth1 eth1 R1 R5 R3 R2 N1 N3 N4 N5 N6 N7 N2 HA Hb Hc SW1 Para el tráfico interno se

Politècnica de Catalunya, Universitat


Examen final de Xarxes de Computadors (XC) Problema 1 18/1/2008 NOMBRE: APELLIDOS DNI  

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las direcciones y máscaras: eth0: / 24 eth1: / 24 eth2: / 30 Contesta las respuesta. R1 Internet LAN 2 eth0 eth1 eth2 LAN 1 #12;d) ¿cuantos servidores DNS serán necesarios? Razona la

Politècnica de Catalunya, Universitat



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perpendicular a BC. El cable se apoya en una polea de radio despreciable y se une a la estructura en A. Dibuje.3.- En la estructura de la figura, EG es un cable y F una polea de radio despreciable. Dibuje los elementos del conjunto (palanca ABC, biela vertical con origen en D y cuchilla CDE), dibujando (sin realizar

Romero, Ignacio



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Los estudios epidemiológicos revelan que el Trastorno por Déficit de Atención con o sin hiperactividad se presenta en un 3 hasta un 6% de los niños en edad escolar por lo tanto, en un aula de educación primaria o secundaria podemos encontrar la razonable cifra de 1 o 2 niños con este trastorno. La sintomatología del TDAH implica dos bloques

Isabel Orjales Villar


Busqueda de Vecindad Variable secuencial y paralela: una aplicacion al problema de la  

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mejores que los m´etodos anteriores en un menor intervalo de tiempo. En [6] se propo- nen seis algoritmos tiempo de ejecuci´on, proporcionando soluciones de mayor calidad. Keywords: maxcut, paralelismo, NVIDIA´as tarde se presentan algunas variantes ([17,11]). En [8] se obtienen cotas superiores y un m´etodo heur

Duarte, Abraham


Scatter Search aplicado aplicada al problema de la minimizacion del profile de matrices y grafos  

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la estrategia Path Relinking como m´etodo base para la genera- ci´on de nuevas soluciones mediante los 70 pero en el estado del arte no se encuentra ning´un m´etodo eficiente para la resoluci´on del obtener en tiempo polin´omico. Por ejemplo, en [19] se proponen varios algoritmos que encuentran la soluci

Duarte, Abraham



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Some theoretical aims are made by Ecoperspectivas Research Group in order to development a set of criteria and proposals for science teaching in basic education. The idea of science like culture activity than makes possible the construction of different representations of social and natural world is in the center of the group considerations; in addition are introduced the conceptions of

Juan Carlos; Orozco Cruz; Steiner Valencia Vargas; Olga Méndez Núñez; Gladys Jiménez Gómez; José Pablo; Edgar Morin; El Método



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The purpose of this paper is to present some considerations of the authors, about the development of the evaluation process, above the performance of the professors in the Higher Institutions of Guantánamo territory during the last years. Such intent is justified beginning with the proof that the effectiveness in the application of the evaluation of the performance of these professionals



Problemas de Geometria Diferencial, Master Primer semestre, 2009/2010. Semana 6.  

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menos un vector v TpM tal que v(f) = 0, Para cada p M, se define p TpM como p = { u TpM : dfp(u) = 0. Supongamos que en cada punto p, TpM = 1, p · · · h, p. Demuestre que alrededor de cada p, existe un entorno

Guijarro, Luis


El problema fiscal colombiano: ¿se trata de una baja presión tributaria?  

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Resumen: Durante los años noventa América Latina adelantó reformas estructurales, influenciando positivamente la gestión de las finanzas públicas y mejorando los sistemas tributarios en varios países. Al analizar las finanzas públicas colombianas se observa un gran aumento en el tamaño del Estado e ineficiencia del sistema tributario, reflejada en baja presión tributaria en términos internacionales. En este contexto, se analiza

Remberto Rhenals M



Las tcnicas de computacin de altas prestaciones intentan dar respuesta a numerosos problemas de Ciencia  

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de innovación, investigación y desarrollo, parques tecnológicos, parques industriales, centros de 1C OB 6 Programación Paralela 1C OB 6 Técnicas de Optimización y Paralelización 1C OB 6 Software de en la página web del máster. LUGAR DE IMPARTICI�N Todas las clases se transmiten en directo por

Fraguela, Basilio B.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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,050 for the Alzheimer's Association! Because of your generous donations, she placed third for the individual to finding a cure! Announcements PTRS Annual Phonathon SAVE-THE-DATE Calling all PTRS Students and Faculty

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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: A Moving Story" Gammon M. Earhart, PT, PhD, Professor Program in Physical Therapy, Department of Anatomy and their phone number is 443-869-4515. Kickstarter Campaign Alumnus Gene Shirokobrod, DPT 2011 (pictured below

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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in the current week's issue. Thanks for sharing!!!!! Stay Connected University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, 100 Penn Street, Allied Health Building, Baltimore Department on May 20th for an informal dialogue on various telehealth topics within and connected to physical

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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in the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science. Doug will be honored at Alumni Day on Wednesday in the current week's issue. Thanks for sharing!!!!! #12;7 Stay Connected University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, 100 Penn Street, Allied Health

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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in the current week's issue. Thanks for sharing!!!!! Stay Connected University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, 100 Penn Street, Allied Health Building, Baltimore of the physical teaching space in Room 146 & 152. Thank to those involved in the planning and execution

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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in the current week's issue. Thanks for sharing!!!!! Stay Connected University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, 100 Penn Street, Allied Health Building, Baltimore and Tonas Kalil, PT, DPT, MGA (current adjunct faculty and faculty, respectively), just completed its 26th

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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. Marchese brings extensive experience, expertise and scholarship in pediatric physical therapy and we in the current week's issue. Thanks for sharing!!!!! Stay Connected University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, 100 Penn Street, Allied Health Building, Baltimore

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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in the current week's issue. Thanks for sharing!!!!! #12;7 Stay Connected University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, 100 Penn Street, Allied Health and Mary Department News Physical Rehabilitation Science Graduate Program We are pleased to welcome U

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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for the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, to UMBF, Inc./PTRS 2017 Welcome, then mail to in the current week's issue. Thanks for sharing!!!!! Stay Connected University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, 100 Penn Street, Allied Health Building, Baltimore

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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in the current week's issue. Thanks for sharing!!!!! Stay Connected University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, 100 Penn Street, Allied Health Building, Baltimore

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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in the current week's issue. Thanks for sharing!!!!! Stay Connected University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, 100 Penn Street, Allied Health Building, Baltimore is currently collecting data in the community of Blantyre and will be sending weekly updates of their progress

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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, 2013 7:30 AM To: Bethke, Donna Subject: The Chairs' Chatter - 10.2.13 October 2, 2013 Physical Therapy Therapy (PT) Month! This is a time to celebrate our pride in being part of the physical therapy field Seminar will feature a presentation by PhD student Wan-Wen Liao. The title of her talk will be: "Strength

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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Therapy and Rehabilitation Science The Chairs' Chatter #12;2 Greetings! We hope many of our DPT students Science Research Seminar This week's Rehabilitation Science Research Seminar will feature a talk by Dr Connected University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Weber, David J.


1.3-um Raman fiber amplifier  

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The results of experimental research and numerical modeling of the 1.3 micrometers Raman fiber amplifier based on the high Gao2 doped fiber are presented. The Raman amplifier was pumped by the P2O5-doped fiber Raman laser. The measurements of gain and noise figure in broad range of experimental conditions are fulfilled. The amplifier gain coefficient was measured to be 42 dB\\/W.

Eugeni M. Dianov; I. A. Bufetov; Mikhail M. Bubnov; M. V. Grekov; Sergei A. Vasiliev; Oleg I. Medvedkov; A. V. Shubin; Alexei N. Guryanov; Vladimir F. Khopin; M. V. Yashkov; Evelyn M. DeLiso; D. L. Butler




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In 1896 J. M. Synge was living in Paris trying to be a literary critic in French literature. Knowing the Gaelic language and advised by W. B. Yeats, Synge, two years later, gives up his career as a literary critic and goes to the Aran Islands. In this region isolated from the European cultural universe he knows a reality whose

Geraldo Ferreira de Lima


UM Space REU Final Report Eric Haengel  

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Appendix B: RF tone generation and ADC12 code. 8 7 Appendix C: Data collection via arduino. 15 8 Appendix D430F5137 development kit, which included two boards, two antennae, two battery packs, and some pin headers. The cost of this develoment kit was $150, and the programming cable (the MSP-FET430UIF) cost

De Roo, Roger


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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and interprofessional education (IPE) to determine what IPE concepts should be part of a well-designed global health, certifications, and special interests within the PT profession including neurology, orthopedics, pediatrics curriculum. The focus of the roundtable was to look at the intersection of global health education

Weber, David J.


Die Verdienste Leonhard Eulers um den Potentialbegriff  

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Zusammenfassung Im Anschluß an die Arbeit Edm. Hoppes über „Prioritätsfragen“ (22. Band, 6. Heft dieser Zeitschrift) wird die Einführung des Potentialbegriffes behandelt und der Prioritätsnachweis erbracht, daß weder Lagrange noch Laplace, sondern Euler der eigentliche Begründer der Potentialtheorie ist.

Rudolf Brenneke



Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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to the participating DPT students on the Open House panel: Tyiesha Brown, Chelsea David, Katie Duerling, John Grossman III Groundbreaking University of Maryland School of Medicine Dean E. Albert Reece, M.D., Ph.D., M signed jersey, a Smyth bracelet, 2 Ravens tickets, and much more) going on throughout the night. If you

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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, Campus Center Room 351 Odessa Addison, PhD, Post-Doc Fellow -"Importantce of Hip Intramuscular Fat the use of dance and investigating neural mechanisms in people with Parkinson's disease. Additional Presentations Include: "The Importance of Intramuscular Fat in Older Adult Function" Odessa Addison, Ph

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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mechanisms in people with Parkinson's disease. Additional Presentations Include: "The Importance of Intramuscular Fat in Older Adult Function" Odessa Addison, DPT, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow "The effect of self-triggered sensory cueing on sit-to-stand movement in individuals with Parkinson's disease" Cheng-Chieh Lin, PT, MPT

Weber, David J.


Sistema de Balizamento de um Veículo Autônomo  

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The goal of this paper is to present the project and development of a mobile robot. It was develop an autonomous system to do the self parking correctly and in a safe mode. The vehicle, before start the parking procedures, calculates if the target spot is enough. For validation, the mechanic structure of the vehicle was done with LEGO pieces,

Hariel Petry Pitz; José F. Velozo


UmSistema Sistema AnimaoBaseado  

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. #12; lMovies and television -- Terminator 2, Titanic, StarWars and others. lMedicine -- study to correctly represent the mainMoCap abstractions and entities. l Used paradigm: digital video editing + UNIX l Rendering: OpenGL l Standard GUI facilities: XForms l Real­time animation preview l Tested


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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degree, and is about to start work on his PhD! In each location today, we entertained swarms of bright-eyed the team via their Facebook page at: Malawi IPE Team Adjunct Faculty in the News #12;3 Dr. Gene Shirokobrod, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, 100 Penn Street, Allied Health Building, Baltimore

Weber, David J.


Disfluencies Signal Theee, Um, New Information  

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. Tanenhaus1 Speakers are often disfluent, for example, saying "theee uh candle" instead of "the candle." Pro competitors (e.g., camel, candle), and followed spoken instructions to move the objects. The first instruction comprehenders interpret disfluent references like "theee, uh, candle"? The standard approach to reference

DeAngelis, Gregory


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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, Maryland. Abstract submission site now open! Proposal submission deadline is July 14, 2014. Abstract International Society for Posture & Gait Research World Congress in Vancouver, British Columbia. The meeting a startling loud acoustic stimulus can be modified by arm training in standing in persons post-stroke" Vicki L

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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Balance Tests Among Individuals with High and Low Risk of Falling" UMCP Student Taylor Keenan "EffectsD The Effectiveness of Reactive versus Volitional Balance Training to Prevent Falls: Pilot Study Preliminary ResultsFall in Standing Humans?" Elizabeth J. Woytowicz, BS "Cognitive Brain Function and Balance Impairments Following

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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and Go Test, The 30-Second Chair Stand Test, The 4-Stage Balance Test, and the Activities participated in the Balance Screenings. Under Dr. Linda Horn's leadership, students (Jennifer White, Andrea Abdul-Haqq, Faunice Jackson, Alex Bevacqua, and Karen Fletcher) performed four tests: The Timed Up

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: UM SOM PTRS  

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are located on the shared "V" drive in the Research folder. Please welcome Alex and Brian to PTRS! Alexandra (Alex) Cirillo is our newest Clinical Research Assistant. Alex completed her Masters of Public Health, where he earned his M.S. degree in occupational therapy this past spring. Assistant Professor, Kelly

Weber, David J.


We asked CalTeCh alUms To Tell Us hoW CalTeCh has Changed Their World--or thE World. here's WhaT TheY had To saY  

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EndnoTES We asked CalTeCh alUms To Tell Us hoW CalTeCh has Changed Their World--or thE World. here's WhaT TheY had To saY: Caltech helped create our current understanding of how the brain operates with one another and the university, the second-order effect is a powerful network that can itself be world-changing



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PLANEJAMENTO DE TOPOLOGIA DE REDES DE FILAS FINITAS GERAIS COM SERVIDORES MÚLTIPLOS Frederico R. B desafiadores, que é o problema de otimização de redes de filas finitas gerais com servidores múltiplos a alocação ótima das áreas de espera na rede. O coeficiente de variação do serviço desempenhou um papel

Cruz, Frederico



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III ERPO NE 2009 ­ 19 e 20 de Novembro de 2009 ­ Fortaleza/CE 1 SIMULAÇÃO DO DESEMPENHO DE REDES DE simulação do desempenho de redes de filas finitas gerais sem área de espera. Este é um problema relevante para otimização de redes de filas finitas gerais. A medida de desempenho aqui analisada é a taxa de

Cruz, Frederico


Vinhoto e cama de frango como coadjuvantes na compostagem de bagaço de cana de açúcar  

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Resumo: Atualmente, a agricultura está passando por um proc esso de modernização, trazendo com isso inúmeros fatores negativos que influenciam na degradação do meio ambiente. Dejetos estão sendo jogados em lugares impróprios trazendo danos ao ar, solo e águas. Percebendo a gravidade deste problema, este trabalho foi realiza do visando contribuir para o melhoramento das condições ambientais e propor renda

Fernando Lira; Renato Cassol de Oliveira



The notion of sense: presenting a non-fregean alternative  

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Resumo: Há sérios problemas, contudo, no que concerne à caracterização da noção de sentido fregeano. Por vezes, Frege sugere que o sentido de um nome próprio é dado por uma descrição definida associada, cujo conteúdo individua a referência do nome em questão. Por sua vez, Bertrand Russell rejeita expressamente o sentido fregeano, e, ao mesmo tempo, afirma que nomes próprios

Rodrigo Jungmann



Segmentac~ao e Classificac~ao de Padr~oes Visuais Baseadas em Campos Receptivos e Inibitorios  

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´elite. Enquanto a I-PyraNet foi aplicada sobre um problema de detecc¸~ao de faces. Ambos alcanc¸aram bons--The human visual system is one of the most fascinating mechanisms from nature. It is through the visual system that humans are able to accomplish their most basic tasks, like watching TV, until the most

Lewiner, Thomas (Thomas Lewiner)


Mecânica celeste.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Contents: Os princípios da mec@OSC@@CCF@anica celeste. O problema de 2-corpos. O sistema de equações canônicas. A teoria das perturbações. O movimento de um satélite artifical. A teoria lunar e o movimento de outros satélites naturais. A teoria planetária. Procedimentos numéricos.

de Luca, N.; Ferraz-Mello, S.


Nanotecnologia farmacêutica aplicada ao tratamento da malária  

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Apesar do desenvolvimento tecnológico e científico, a malária permanece como um dos maiores problemas de saúde a serem combatidos. As estratégias modernas para o controle da doença prevêem ações conjuntas, como o combate do inseto vetor, diagnóstico rápido e preciso, garantia de terapêutica adequada, redução dos casos de resistência, além do desenvolvimento de novos agentes terapêuticos e vacina e através

Lúcio Figueira Pimentel; Agenor Tavares Jácome Júnior; Vanessa Carla Furtado Mosqueira; Nereide Stela Santos-Magalhães



Não ao sedentarismo, sim à saúde: contribuições da Educação Física escolar e dos esportes No to sedentarianism, yes to health: contributions of school physical education and sports No al sedentarismo, sí a la salud: contribuciones de la educación física en la escuela y de los deportes  

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RESUMO: Um dos grandes problemas enfrentados pelos povos no mundo se refere ao sedentarismo. Associado a ele, a obesidade, as cardiopatias, a diabetes e tantas outras doenças aparecem com índices muito preocupantes principalmente nas populações de jovens em idade escolar. A tecnologia parece agravar mais ainda este quadro. Entretanto, a prática da atividade física regular, com orientação, com vestimenta e

Ubiratan Silva Alves


Utilização de modelos de regressão logística para a previsão de risco de liquidez em micro e pequenas empresas  

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O presente estudo teve como objetivo investigar fatores limitantes da gestão de capital de giro em micro e pequenas empresas (MPEs) na cidade de Viçosa, MG. Para constatar a influência de variáveis na probabilidade de risco de liquidez, foi elaborado um modelo de regressão logística, em que a variável dependente foi construída pela identificação de problemas de capital de giro,

Marco Aurélio Marques Ferreira; Evandro Rodrigues de Faria




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In this work the position control of the five fingers artificial robotic hand BRAHMA (Brazilian Anthropomorphic Hand) is investigated. To simulate the behavior of such a complex system, a dynamic linear model and a dynamic non-linear model both with 22 degrees of freedom were developed. The multivariable control strategy was implemented using a state space representation through state feedback of



Migrac ¸ ˜ ao de um kernel de tempo real para um processador digital de sinais  

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Considering the complexity growth on signal processing applications and the performance of newest generation digital signal processors the use of small kernels for the signal processing domain becomes common. The use of an operating system facilitates the organization and management of application tasks. This work describes the porting process of a real time kernel to a DSP. The ported kernel

Augusto M. Nacif; Luiz Fernando; E. Moreira; Iabrudi Tavares; Monteiro da Mata; Claudionor Nunes Coelho Jr; Luiz Filipe Vieira; Marcos Augusto Vieira


A construção de um instrumento de avaliação discente de um programa de pós-graduação  

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This paper presents the process of developing an instrument for students' assessment of a Graduate Program. That process encompassed a series of steps involving a sample of 14 faculty members of a Psychology Graduate Program as well as a pilot sample of 52 graduate students. The revised instrument was tested on a group of 62 students (46 masters and 17

Lilian Milnitsky Stein; Denise Falcke; Kátia Bones Rocha; Luciana Moreira de Ávila; Mariana Porto; Ruwer de Azambuja



Thales Miranda de Almeida Vieira Galerias Inteligentes e otimizac~ao de  

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. Luiz Velho Rio de Janeiro Janeiro de 2010 #12;Thales Miranda de Almeida Vieira Galerias Inteligentes e Coordenador do Centro T´ecnico Cient´ifico -- PUC­Rio Rio de Janeiro, 15 de Janeiro de 2010 #12;Todos os; orienta- dor: Thomas Lewiner; co­orientadores: Adelailson Peixoto, Luiz Velho. -- Rio de Janeiro : PUC­Rio


Toma de decisiones a pie de campo en fútbol. Opinión de los médicos de equipos profesionales ante siete casos problema  

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Introducción: Para identificar si existe o no discrepancia entre los médicos de equipo de fútbol en decisiones a pie de campo, se realiza una encuesta sobre casos clínicos comunes. \\u000a\\u000aMaterial y método: Durante la reunión anual de la Asociación Española de Médicos de Equipos de Fútbol se realizó una encuesta individual y anónima sobre 7 supuestos médicos de asistencia inmediata




Temas y problemas del idioma espanol en la prensa (Spanish Language Topics and Problems in the Press).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This section consists of reprints on the following topics: (1) the misuse of "en"; (2) anglicisms; (3) widespread use of vulgar language; (4) an interview with Emilio Criado on Spanish language variation; (5) use of the feminine in professional titles; and (6) Spanish, the national language of Latin American countries. (AMH)

El Brocense; And Others



Decision e Informacion en Solucion de Problemas. Publicacion No. 77 (Information and Decision Making in Problem Solving. Publication No. 77).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A technique using information and decision-making theories to evaluate problem solving tactics is presented. In problem solving, the process of solution is evaluated by investigating the questions that the subject doing the problem solving asks. The sequence of questions asked is called a tactic. It is assumed that: (1) tactics are the observable…

Rimoldi, Horacio J. A.; And Others


Fonaments d'Ones, Fluids i Termodin`amica curs 2013 P Coleccion de Problemas I (Fluidos)  

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´etrica tiene el valor de 1 atm? (Utilizar la densidad del agua de mar = 1.03�103 kg/m3 ). (b)¿Cu´anto mide la las alturas de los dos l´iquidos se quedan a h1 y h2 (ver la figura). Si la densidad del mercurio es 1, determinar la densidad 2 del otro l´iquido. 1.8 P (exam.2010). Un sistema de recipientes est´a formado por

Bulashenko, Oleg M.


Aportes del Aprendizaje Basado en Problemas (ABP) en la ensenanza de la Fisiologia Animal en un programa de Zootecnia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Based on difficulties observed on the subject of technical-scientific conceptualization and the integration of theory and practice in learning animal physiology for students in the Animal Science program at the National University of Colombia in Medellin, this research paper proposes a problem-based learning strategy founded on the method of Problem Based Learning (PBL), applied specifically to the issues of thermoregulation and physiological stress in domestic animals. In this case study, a sample size of eight students was presented with a pedagogical problem during the first session that would then be solved during the course. In order to evaluate the process, three surveys were conducted called Level Test Formulations (NF) performed at different times of the trial: one before beginning the topic (NF 1), one after three theoretical classes had been given and before beginning the fieldwork (NF 2), and another one after the end of the process (NF 3). Finally, individual interviews were conducted with each student to know the students' perceptions regarding the method. The information obtained was subjected to a qualitative analysis and categorization, using the QDA Miner program which reviewed and coded texts from the surveys and individual interviews, supplemented in turn, by field observation, analyzing the conceptual change, the theory-practice relationship and the correlation between the variables and categories established. Among the main results obtained, it should be noted that following the implementation of PBL in this Animal Physiology course, support for conceptual change was demonstrated and the formulated problem served as a connector between theory and practice. Moreover, there was a fusion of prior knowledge with newly acquired knowledge, meaningful learning, improvement in the level of conceptualization and an increase in the scientificness of definitions; it also led to problem-solving and overcoming epistemological obstacles such as multidisciplinarity and nonlinearity. As a result of this research, it is recommended that this method be evaluated in other topics related to Animal Physiology, in other sciences, in larger sample sizes, as well as to address the issue of evaluation applied directly to this method. Key words: Problem Based Learning (PBL), conceptual change, integration of theory and practice, significatif learning, animal physiology, thermoregulation, physiological stress.

Reinartz-Estrada, Monica


La Biotecnología en los Cultivos: Problemas Potenciales para los Países en Desarrollo  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

Excerpts from an Oxfam report examine GM crops are an answer to world hunger for some. To others, these crops are a health risk and an environmental threat because some GM crops: have proven to be genetically unstable, do not do what they were designed to do, are a risk to human health, particularly children, cause animals who eat them to become immune to antibiotics, and spread and destroy natural crops.

Laura Spinney (Oxfam GB; )



Efectos del sexo, el nivel educativo y el nivel económico en el afrontamiento de los problemas en personas muy mayores  

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Introduction and objectivesthe ageing process is known to differ depending on certain structural variables such as age, gender, educational level and income. Accordingly, it is important to know whether there are personal and contextual factors that influence the use of strategies for coping with problems in very old age. The present study analyses the role of gender, educational level and

A. B. Navarro; B. Bueno



Departamento de Fisica y Matematicas Matematicas -Grado en Biologia Hoja de problemas sobre funciones de varias variables  

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centradas en el origen de radio z - 1. #12;b) Los cortes con los planos OXZ y OY Z son las rectas z = ±x y z = ±y, respectivamente. Las curvas de nivel son circumferencias centradas en el origen de radio z, respectivamente. Las curvas de nivel son circumferencias centradas en el origen de radio z. Observa que el


Geometria diferencial. Problemas 1 1. Como podriamos definir una variedad con borde? Sugerencia: permite que las cartas sean  

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variedad diferenciable: Pn (R) = {rectas en Rn+1 que pasan por el origen} . Sugerencia: casi cualquier´iamos haber asumido que todas las cartas son difeomorfismos sobre la bola de radio 1. Probar que tambi´en podr

Enciso, Alberto


Problema comunic?rii ?tiin?ifice: de ce este necesar accesul liber (Open Access)? O perspectiv? transatlantic?  

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dori s? fie invizibil în motoarele de c?utare? Este clar, a?adar, c? viitorul publica?iilor ?tiin?ifice, din orice domeniu, va fi formatul electronic, este îns? mai pu?in clar cum vom ajunge acolo. Mult material ?tiin?ific exist? deja în format..., Universitatea din Kansas, pl?te?te anual mai mult de 4 milioane de dolari numai în acest scop – este clar c?, mai devreme sau mai târziu, se va ajunge la momentul sist?rii abonamentului, ceea ce înseamn? limitarea accesului la publica?iile de spe- cialitate...

Greenberg, Marc L.; Emmett, Ada



Delimitacion de las Zonas Dialectales de Mexico: Objetivos y Problemas (Delimitation of Dialect Zones in Mexico: Objectives and Problems)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Before creating a linguistic map of Mexican dialects, it is necessary to determine the dialect regions of the country. An extensive questionnaire must be written and distributed to collect data from a representative sample of the population for an accurate picture of the language. (CK) (Text in Spanish.)

Blanch, Juan M. Lope



Problemas contractuales y acuerdos de subcontratación: El caso de la logística frigorífica en la industria alimentaria valenciana  

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Las empresas agroalimentarias recurren cada vez más a subcontratar los servicios logísticos que requieren para entregar sus productos a los clientes. Las transacciones entre ellas y sus proveedores requieren a menudo la inversión en activos específicos. Estos activos son de diversa naturaleza, su incidencia es especialmente significativa en el caso de productos perecederos y su intensidad varía de unas empresas




Contaminación por nitrógeno inorgánico en los ecosistemas acuáticos: problemas medioambientales, criterios de calidad del agua, e implicaciones del cambio climático  

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climate change. The major environmental problems related to inorganic nitrogen pollution in aquatic ecosystems are: (1) acidification of lakes and rivers with low or reduced alkalinity; (2) eutrophication of fresh and marine waters (with the additional problem of toxic algae); and (3) direct toxicity of nitrogenous compounds to aquatic animals. Additionally, inorganic nitrogen pollution could induce adverse effects on human

J. A. Camargo; A. Alonso


Solar Physics Topics in High School: Analysis of a Course with Practical Activities at Dietrich Schiel Observatory. (Spanish Title: Temas de Física Solar Para Estudiantes de Escuelas Secundarias: un Análisis de un Curso con Enfoque Práctico en el Observatorio Dietrich Schiel.) Tópicos de Física Solar no Ensino Médio: Análise de um Curso com Atividades Práticas no Observatório Dietrich Schiel  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This work analyses results obtained in a solar physics course for high school students promoted at the Dietrich Schiel Observatory of the University of São Paulo (USP). The course was elaborated by the authors with the intention of investigating student's concepts about the Sun, teaching topics of modern physics related to the Sun and providing students with knowledge about our star as well. The methodology of data gathering consisted of audio and video records of classes and of semi-structured interviews, and analysis of answers to written questionnaires. The results showed that most high school students conceived the Sun as made of fire, while sunspots were thought to be holes in the Sun. Even though some students did know that a spectrum is formed using a prism or diffraction grating, most of them ignored the nature of the observed spectral lines. Through the course, this topic was developed by means of a practical approach with solar and lamp spectra observations. The results obtained in the course point to the importance of science centers as partners in formal education. In this specific case, the Solar Room at the Dietrich Schiel Observatory is as a favorable environment for teaching modern physics in high school. Este artículo analiza los resultados obtenidos en un curso sobre la física solar, auspiciado por el Observatorio Dietrich Schiel de la USP para estudiantes de las escuelas secundarias. El curso fue diseñado por los autores con la intención de investigar las concepciones sobre el sol, enseñar temas relacionados con la física moderna del Sol y conocimientos generales sobre el astro rey. La metodología utilizada para la recolección de datos consistió en grabar, en audio y video, las clases, las entrevistas semi-estructuradas y las respuestas a los cuestionarios escritos. Los resultados mostraron que la mayoría de los participantes conciben el Sol como constituido por fuego y las manchas solares en la superficie solar como agujeros. Aunque algunos estudiantes sabían que un espectro puede estar formado por un prisma o red de difracción, la mayor parte de ellos desconocía la naturaleza de las líneas espectrales. A lo largo del curso, esta cuestión fue trabajada con un enfoque práctico mediante la observación del espectro solar y de las lámparas durante clases expositivas/dialogadas. Los resultados obtenidos en el curso mustran la importancia de los centros de ciencia como un apoyo en la educación formal. En este caso en particular, la Sala Solar del Observatorio Dietrich Schiel se destaca como un entorno favorable para la enseñanza de la física moderna en la escuela secundaria. Este trabalho analisa resultados obtidos em um curso sobre física solar para alunos do ensino médio promovido pelo Observatório Dietrich Schiel da USP. O curso foi elaborado pelos autores com a intenção de investigar concepções sobre o Sol, ensinar tópicos de física moderna relacionados ao Sol e conhecimentos gerais sobre o astro rei. A metodologia de coleta de dados consistiu em gravação em áudio e vídeo das aulas e das entrevistas semi-estruturadas, e respostas a questionários escritos. Os resultados mostraram que a maioria dos participantes concebeu o Sol como constituído por fogo e as manchas solares como buracos na superfície solar. Embora alguns alunos soubessem que um espectro pode ser formado por um prisma ou rede de difração, a maior parte deles desconhecia a natureza das linhas espectrais. Ao longo do curso, este tema foi trabalhado com uma abordagem prática com observação do espectro solar e de lâmpadas e em aulas expositivo-dialogadas. Os resultados obtidos no curso apontam para a importância dos centros de ciências como parceiros da educação formal. Neste caso específico, a Sala Solar do Observatório Dietrich Schiel é um ambiente propício para o ensino de física moderna no ensino médio.

Calbo Aroca, Silvia; Donizete Colombo, Pedro, Jr.; Celestino Silva, Cibelle



Comparative research on medicine application with 0.53-um, 1.06-um, and 1.32-um Nd:YAG lasers  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Because of its high power and excellent optical features, laser has almost been applied to everywhere of medical research and clinic. Over the past several years, laser medical has achieved a rapid progress, and laser medical instruments has developed promptly, each new wavelength can be successfully applied in diagnostic and treatment of diseases. Among the medical lasers, Nd:YAG solid-state laser systems have proven useful in surgical use operate, such as neurosurgery, gastroenterology, cardioangiology, urology, gynecology, dermatology and ENT. As with other solid-state lasers, the Nd:YAG laser can be made to emit various wavelengths by means of suitable resonator configurations and some newest solid-state laser technology, pumped by the Krypton lamp, the Nd:YAG laser at room temperature exhibits transition at 1.06 micrometer Nd:YAG, using nonlinear crystal and Q-switch to double its frequency can attain 0.53 micrometer green beam. In our laser systems, the efficiency at 1.06 micrometer is more than 3 percent, an efficiency of 0.5 percent at 1.32 micrometer and 0.53 micrometer can be attained. For a power of 100w at 1.06 micrometer, 15w at 1.32 micrometer and 0.53 micrometer can therefore be produced. All of three kinds Nd:YAG laser hold these characteristics: high output power; optical fiber transition that can be cooperated with endoscope. The paper mainly discusses laser operating characteristics and clinic applications of three kinds wavelengths at 0.53 micrometer 1.06 micrometer and 1.32 micrometer Nd:YAG laser systems.

Li, Yahua; Li, Zhenjia; Zhu, Changhong; Huang, Yizhong



UM-Dearborn Conference and Projects Highlight Alternative Energy Progress  

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the university of michigan-dearborn Engineer dearborn Energy for the Future #12;cecs, defense sector team up for Job training 1 new Program and Project management graduate degree 1 the future is now: energy industries (e.g., engi- neering, information technology, military, government, healthcare, energy

Lu, Yi



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.1.3. Comparison 19 2.2. Tracking System 20 2.3. Mobile Computing Power 23 3. Augmented Reality Applications 23 information regarding the new advances in construction modeling and simulation, computer graphics, programming during working on various fields relative to GPS, GIS, and positioning. #12;6 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER

Kamat, Vineet R.


ELEKTRA: Um Chatterbot para Uso em Ambiente Educacional  

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**** Resumo. A E ducação à Distância vem despertando muito interesse de pesquisadores de diversas áreas. Por isso, também vem sendo muito a bordada em congressos, workshops e seminários. Muito se discute sobre a união entre tecnologia e educação visando complementar a formação de estudantes. Com a pesquisa em Inteligência Artificial, surgiram os chatterbots. Chatterbots são programas destinados a demonstrar

Michelle Denise Leonhardt; Daiane Dorneles de Castro; Liane Margarida; Rockenbach Tarouco



Motivando Alunos em Circuitos Digitais: um Estudo de Caso  

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This paper describes some ideas developed over the years when teaching Digital Circuits in the Computer and Mecathronics Engineering courses at UCDB. We show experiments and tools used, but focusing more in the practical aspects. This ended up motivating the students in learning how to use lab equipments and in designing, assembling and debugging digital circuits. These techniques have been

Mauro Conti Pereira; Priscila da Silva Martins; Edson Antônio Batista; Alexandre César; Rodrigues da Silva; Fabrizio Leonardi


Kranke, Ströme, Strahlenfelder – Medizin und Elektrizität um 1900  

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\\u000a Die Beziehungsgeschichte zwischen äußeren Kräften, wundersamen Fluiden oder magnetischen Feldern und der Medizin ist alt.\\u000a Bereits lange vor 1900 hatten beide eine durchaus innige Verbindung konstituiert, die gleichwohl nicht immer frei von Wunderglauben,\\u000a Scharlatanerie und Betrug war. Stellvertretend hierfür mag die Geschichte des Mesmerismus gelten, der zunächst im französischen\\u000a Ancien régime, aber bald auch im revolutionären Frankreich und schließlich in

Wolfgang U. Eckart


Socialização parental e valores: um estudo com adolescentes  

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Abstract This study investigates the relations between,the perception of parental practices of socialization and,the teenager’s values. Two thousand and four (2.004) teenagers of both sexes, from public and private schools aged between,10 and 18 were contacted. Two questionnaires were used: the Teenage Parental Socialization Scale and the Questionnaire of Psychosocial Values. The results reveal that the teenagers’ perceptions of parental

Raquel Moraesa; Cleonice Camino; Joselí B. da Costa; Leoncio Camino; Luciane Cruz



Um Olhar sobre "Beleza Americana" (A Look at "American Beauty").  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Discusses the film "American Beauty" in light of a reading of Karl Marx. Finds that the film shows the circularity which marks bourgeois society, even though the rhythm of industry and renovation of the society masks it. States that Marx praises the industry, invention, and innovation of the bourgeoisie. (BT)

Bissoto, Maria Luisa



'PARÁ BELO', um clone do tomateiro adaptado à Amazônia Oriental  

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PARÁ BELO', a tomato clone adapted in Eastern Amazon In Brazil, tomatoes are produced in the cool and dry regions such as Southeast, South, and Center-west, where the climate favors the growth and production of the tomato crop. In the Eastern Amazon, as well as other humid tropical regions, with hot and humid conditions and soils infested with southern wilt

Simon S. Chengk; Elizabeth Y. Chu



Artigo de Reflexão Filosofia em um novo século1  

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The central intellectual fact of the present era is that knowledge grows. This growth of knowledge is quietly transforming philosophy, making it possible to do a new kind of philosophy. With the abandonment of the

Felipe Oliveira de Sous


ATRIBUIO DE ISBN O ISBN -International Standard Book Number - um  

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internacional padronizado que identifica numericamente os livros segundo o título, o autor, o país, a editora; · catálogos de exposição; · discursos; · guias; ·livros em fita cassete, CD, DVD (audiolivros); ·livros para preenchimento do formulário encontram-se em

dos Santos, C.A.



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and the brain, and the underlying cellular processes of learning, memory and retrieval of information. In each that occur in single neurons to the expansive cellular networks that ultimately give rise to perception · Senior Independent Study: BIOl 45100 · Senior Independent Study: BIOl 45200 Cellular Neurophysiology

Wilson, Mark A.


Dança-educação: um projeto de pesquisa e extensão  

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Starting from the need to deepen the study about the dancing in scholar Physic Education, we developed a research and extension project, titled dancing- education. The aim was to enable the body exploration, the knowledge of the dancing manifestation diversity, so well as the argument and the though about dancing. The methodology was lined in research-action and we developed 16

Telma Cristiane Gaspari



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The purpose of this article is to do an introduction about concepts related with asynchronous logic and to do an overview of the important operational features in contemporary applications, with examples of the developments and researches in the area.

Leo Weber



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Studies using small animals has contributed for the understanding of respiratory mechanics. In these occasions, specific ventilators with sophisticated resources need be applied. This work presents a microcontroled mechanical ventilator developed for small animals with similar resources found in human's ventilators and proposes a new method to obtain\\/control the PEEP. Ventilator performances were done in models of respiratory systems of

A. F. Cruz; A. Giannella-Neto; F. C. Jandre


Odontologia: Um breve histórico Dentistry: A historical brief  

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Key-words O presente trabalho baseia-se em uma revisão da literatura, abordando os aspectos históricos referentes à consolidação da Odontologia como profissão regulamentada, assim como uma reflexão crítica a respeito das caracterís - ticas deste exercício profissional e seu embasamento. Devido a uma falta notadamente sentida por parte da literatura científica a respeito da história da Odontologia, o objetivo deste trabalho

Ricardo Henrique; Alves da Silva; Arsenio Sales-Peres



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The adoption of ERPs systems by small and middle-sized companies may not be possible due to their cost. At the same time, when adapting ERP to the company's particular needs, the user keeps depending on the system's sellers due to the lack of access and knowledge of the respective code. Free and open- source software may promote advantages to the

Ailton da Silva Ferreira


Technological Foresight - Um instrumento para política científica e tecnológica1  

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Este texto tem por objetivo apresentar a abordagem de technological foresight2, crescentemente utilizada em vários países como instrumento para a alocação de fundos públicos de C&T, para definição de priorida- des de pesquisa e para melhorar a articulação das organizações de pes- quisa com as redes de inovação e o setor produtivo. São discutidas suas bases teóricas, suas principais características




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Genetic algorithms are used to solve the radial feeder problems of routing and sizing. A coding strategy with em- bedded knowledge base is used to reduce the solution search space to a fraction of possible solutions. An individual with two twin chromosomes with different alphabets is used to code a complete solution. With a slight modification in the objective func-



Strategien, um sicher ans Ziel zu kommen Orientierung  

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Analysis of Sensations, which was published in 1886, physicist Ernst Mach made the following success by Johannes Muller, has also assumed an al- most exclusively physical character." When Ernst Mach in this issue describe the interplay of such disparate sensory faculties for navigation. Ernst Mach continued


Proposta de um modelo de referência para as tecnologias multimédia  

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Digital multimedia has become one of the key concepts in the context of Information Systems Technologies. However, given it is now such a widely used expression, it is often loosely applied, making it difficult to compare the multiple technologies, applications and services. This paper aims at contributing to clarify the various usages of the multimedia concept by suggesting a reference

Nuno Magalhães Ribeiro; Luis Borges Gouveia



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The reduction in the world readiness of drinking water is demanding a new conscience from the population in relation to the use of that resource, indispensable for the accomplishment of the human activities and for our survival. In Brazil the auto- mation begins to be used in the basic services of drinkable water supply, with the main goal being the



A carreira acadmica de um formando da 1 turma de  

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Imagens médicas #12;11/12/2011 3 Experiência em empresas: Telecomunicações Z Tecnologia em Comunicação pela Faculdade de Medicina Desenvolvida em Matlab Usado por mais de 50 grupos em todo o mundo #12

Carvalho, João Luiz


Transferências orbitais dentro do modelo quase bicircular no sistema Terra-Lua-Sol  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O problema quase bicircular planar consiste na determinação da dinâmica de um corpo, de massa desprezível, que se move sob o campo gravitacional de três corpos. No caso estudado, o quarto corpo é considerado um satélite artificial e os demais são a Terra, a Lua e o Sol, formando o sistema de três corpos. Este modelo permite a construção de uma hamiltoniana similar a do problema restrito de três corpos (PRTC), incluindo termos periódicos não autônomos, provenientes da presença do Sol, portanto pode ser entendido como uma perturbação ao PRTC. Suas órbitas periódicas aparecem isoladas e possuem o mesmo período solar. Os pontos de equilíbrio colineares possuem o mesmo caráter de estabilidade linear dos pontos lagrangianos (L1, L2 e L3) do PRTC, sendo do tipo sela x centro x centro, instável na direção x e estáveis nas direções y e z. As órbitas periódicas tridimensionais ao redor do ponto colinear é chamada órbita Halo. O objetivo deste trabalho é determinar órbitas de transferências de baixo consumo de combustível para um veículo espacial partindo de uma órbita de estacionamento ao redor da Terra em direção a uma órbita Halo do ponto L1, situado entre a Terra e Lua. Esta tarefa pode ser transformada no problema de valor de contorno: dado um ponto inicial na órbita de estacionamento, um ponto final na órbita halo e o tempo de transferência, deseja-se obter a trajetória que liga estes dois pontos e que minimize os incrementos de velocidade do veículo. Essas transferências são realizadas baseadas no método de Lambert e analisadas de modo a fornecer um baixo consumo. Posteriormente, é feita uma comparação de consumo com as órbitas de transferência equivalentes do PRTC.

Corrêa, A. A.; de Almeida Prado, A. F. B.; Stuchi, T. J.; Beaugé, C.



Astronomy in High School: Using a Mini-Planetarium to Understand Details of the Apparent Movement of Stars. (Spanish Title: Astronomía en la Escuela Secundaria: Comprendiendo los Detalles del Movimiento Aparente de Las Estrellas con un Miniplanetario.) Astronomia no Ensino Médio: Compreendendo Detalhes do Movimento Aparente das Estrelas com um Miniplanetário  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The aim of this article is to present part of the results obtained by the intervention made from the author's Master degree project, which consisted in the development of a set of Astronomy classes for first year of High School students from a private school in the "Distrito Federal", Brasilia, Brazil, making use of a didactical material called mini-planetarium (MP) as the main resource. Using Paulo Freire's contextualization and dialogicity ideas as a theoretical framework guided by these lessons, it was proposed to the students the assembly and application of that resource in a planetarium session. During the project, some subjects such as the apparent trajectory of stars through Brasilia's sky, the location of the cardinal points beginning from the Southern Cross constellation, the color of stars and the stars being seen from a particular place were emphasized. It was found that the students showed an improvement of their understanding about these subjects, as well as a significant excitement with the developed methodology. El objetivo de este trabajo es presentar algunos de los resultados obtenidos en el proyecto de la tesis de maestría del autor, que incluyó el desarrollo de algunas clases de Astronomía, con estudiantes del primer año del bachillerato de una escuela privada del Distrito Federal (Brasilia, Brasil), utilizando como materia prima didáctica el recurso llamado miniplanetario (MP). Utilizando como base teórica orientadora de esas clases las ideas de contextualización y dialógica de Paulo Freire, fue propuesto a los estudiantes el montaje y la utilización de este recurso en una función de planetario. Durante el proyecto, se enfatizaron asuntos tales como la trayectoria aparente de las estrellas del cielo de Brasilia, la ubicación de los puntos cardinales a partir de la constelación de la Cruz del Sur, los colores de las estrellas y las estrellas vistas desde una localidad determinada. Se constató que los estudiantes mostraron una mejora en la comprensión de estas cuestiones y demostraron un gran interés por esta metodología. O objetivo deste artigo é apresentar parte dos resultados obtidos com a intervenção feita como projeto da dissertação de mestrado do autor, que consistiu no desenvolvimento de um conjunto de aulas de Astronomia, com alunos do 1º Ano do Ensino Médio de uma escola da rede privada do Distrito Federal (Brasília, Brasil), empregando como recurso principal um material didático chamado miniplanetário (MP). Utilizando como pressuposto teórico norteador dessas aulas as ideias de contextualização e dialogicidade de Paulo Freire, foi proposta aos estudantes a montagem e utilização desse recurso em uma sessão de planetário. Durante o projeto, enfatizaram-se assuntos como a trajetória aparente das estrelas para o céu de Brasília, a localização dos pontos cardeais a partir da constelação do Cruzeiro do Sul, as cores das estrelas e as estrelas vistas de uma determinada localidade. Apurou-se que os alunos apresentaram melhoria na compreensão desses assuntos, bem como demonstraram expressiva empolgação com essa metodologia desenvolvida.

dos Santos Leão, Demetrius



Learning about the Sky from the Environment: An Experience Working Along One Year with Students of Elementary Education. (Spanish Title: Aprendiendo sobre EL Cielo Desde el Entorno: Una Experiencia Trabajando Durante un Año Junto a Estudiantes del Primario.) Aprendendo sobre o Céu a Partir do Entorno: Uma Experiência de Trabalho ao Longo de um Ano com Alunos de Ensino Fundamental  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Research developed with 95 students of the 6th year of elementary education in a public school of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais. It was a continuous work from February to December 2013, which led the students to participate in activities of observation of the environment, specifically the sky, analyzing the changes occurred. We focused on the study of variations in temperature, rainfall, day length, variations in the size of the shadows and changes in the aspect of the Moon. Our focus of analysis targeted the discussion of the knowledge that these students had about the topics indicated and as they entered the stage during the implementation of the proposal. The results showed a limited perception that students have of their environment, however, lately expanded due to the undertaken activities, especially in relation to the Moon. Working with systematic measure procedures reveals the careful handling of data so that they become understandable to students, and working with the shadows points towards the students first understand how shadows are formed, and then apply this knowledge to Astronomy. Finally, we conclude that the lived process consisted of an initial step of a work that should be encouraged for the subsequent years of training of these students. Proyecto de investigación desarrollado con 95 alumnos del sexto año de primaria en una escuela pública de Uberlândia, Minas Gerais. Fue un trabajo continuo, de febrero a diciembre de 2013, que llevó a los estudiantes a participar en actividades de observación de su entorno, entre ellas, el cielo, analizando los cambios ocurridos. Nos centramos en el estudio de las variaciones en la temperatura, las precipitaciones, la duración del día, las variaciones en el tamaño de las sombras y los cambios en los aspectos de la Luna. Nuestro foco de análisis se centró en discutir el conocimiento que estos estudiantes tenían sobre los temas indicados al inicio y término de la propuesta. Los resultados mostraron una percepción limitada que los estudiantes tienen de su alrededor la cual, sin embargo, se expandió debido a las actividades llevadas a cabo, sobre todo en relación con la Luna. Trabajar con medidas sistemáticas revela el manejo cuidadoso de los datos para que sean comprensibles para los estudiantes, así como el trabajo con las sombras para que comprendan primero como se forman estas para después trabajarlas en Astronomía. Por último, llegamos a la conclusión de que el proceso desarrollado consistió en una etapa inicial de una obra que debe ser profundizado en los años posteriores de la formación de estos estudiantes. Projeto de pesquisa desenvolvido com 95 alunos do 6º ano do Ensino Fundamental de uma escola pública estadual de Uberlândia, Minas Gerais. Foi um trabalho contínuo, de fevereiro a dezembro de 2013, o qual levou os alunos a participarem de atividades de observação do entorno, dentre ele, o céu, analisando as mudanças ocorridas. Focamos no estudo das variações de temperaturas, chuvas, duração do dia, variações do tamanho das sombras e mudanças nos aspectos da Lua. Nosso foco de análise centrou-se em discutir os conhecimentos que os referidos alunos tinham acerca dos temas indicados no início e ao término da implementação da proposta. Os resultados mostraram a percepção limitada que os estudantes possuem de seu entorno, todavia, ampliada em função das atividades desenvolvidas, principalmente no que se refere à Lua. O trabalho com medidas sistemáticas revela o cuidado no tratamento dos dados para que eles se tornem compreensíveis aos alunos, assim como o trabalho com as sombras sinaliza para que os alunos primeiramente compreendam como as sombras são formadas para depois trabalhar isso em Astronomia. Por fim, concluímos que o processo vivido constituiu-se em uma etapa inicial de um trabalho que deve ser estimulado para os anos subsequentes da formação desses alunos.

Longhini, Marcos Daniel; Gomide, Hanny Angeles



Educao (Porto Alegre, impresso), v. 36, n. 2, p. 180-191, maio/ago. 2013 Os contedos deste peridico de acesso aberto esto licenciados sob os termos da Licena  

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política em nossas sociedades do pós-Segunda Guerra Mundial e seus efeitos na transformação do saber descrever o problema da constituição do sujeito democrático em contexto pós-Segunda Guerra como sendo um, concernentes ao novo tipo de sujeito exigido pelo funcionamento do programa de reconstrução europeia do pós-guerra

Paris-Sud XI, Université de



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RESUMO O envolvimento da comunidade é um elemento fundamental para maior êxito no planejamento da arborização urbana. O presente trabalho teve os objetivos de, junto à população local, escolher espécies para plantio nas calçadas e colaborar no envolvimento das pessoas em solucionar os freqüentes problemas relacionados à educação ambiental. Na primeira fase constataram-se 2.551 indivíduos plantados, 76 espécies e 1.314

Luzia Ferreira da Silva; Andrea Volpe-Filik; Ana Maria Liner; Pereira Lima; Ferreira da Silva Filho


UmUm SistemaSistema dede Animao BaseadoAnimao Baseado emem Movimento CapturadoMovimento Capturado  

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Movies and television ­ Terminator 2, Titanic, Star Wars and others. q Medicine ­ study of motion deaf the main MoCap abstractions and entities. q Used paradigm: digital video editing ­ motions are independent Standard GUI facilities: XForms q Real-time animation preview q Tested on SGI, RS6000 and Linux


High-resolution superconducting x-ray spectrometers with an active area of 282 um x 282 um  

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Superconducting tunnel junctions coupled to superconducting absorbers may be used as high-resolution, high-efficiency X-ray spectrometers. We have tested devices with niobium X-ray absorbing layers coupled to aluminum layers that serve as quasiparticle traps. In this work we measured the current pulses from a large area tunnel junction using an amplifier based on an array of 100 SQUIDs. Using this amplifier and a 282 micron X 282 micron junction, we have measured an energy resolution of 19 eV FWHM for 1.5 keV X rays and 21 eV for 2.6 keV X rays. The area of this junction is eight times the area of any junction previously measured to have such high energy resolution.

Mears, C.A.; Labov, S.E.; Frank, M.; Netel, H.; Hiller, L.J.; Lindeman, M.A.; Chow, D.; Barfknecht, A.T.



Discussions about the Nature of Science in a Course on the History of Astronomy. (Spanish Title: Discusiones sobre la Naturaleza de la Ciencia en un Curso sobre Historia de la Astronomía.) Discussões sobre a Natureza da Ciência em um Curso sobre a História da Astronomia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

There are an increasing number of researches in science education that affirm the importance of discussions on the "nature of science" in basic education level as well as in teacher training. The history of science applied to education is a way to contextualize epistemological discussions, allowing both the understanding of scientific content and learning about science concepts. We present some reasonably consensual definitions on the nature of science that have been widely discussed by the academic community. We show also some episodes in the history of astronomy which can lead to discussions involving some aspects of the nature of science, and how they can do it. Hay un número creciente de investigaciones en la enseñanza de las ciencias que afirman la importancia de debates sobre la "naturaleza de la ciencia" en la educación básica y formación del profesorado. La historia de la ciencia aplicada a la educación es una manera de contextualizar los debates de la epistemología, lo que permite tanto la comprensión de los contenidos científicos como el aprendizaje de conceptos científicos. En esto trabajo, presentamos algunas definiciones bastante consensuales sobre la naturaleza de la ciencia que han sido ampliamente discutidas por la comunidad académica y mostramos cómo algunos episodios en la historia de la astronomía pueden llevar a discusiones sobre algunos aspectos de la naturaleza de la ciencia. Há um número crescente de pesquisas na área de ensino de ciências que afirmam a importância de discussões sobre a "natureza da ciência" na educação básica e na formação de professores. A história da ciência aplicada ao ensino é uma maneira de contextualizar discussões epistemológicas, permitindo tanto a compreensão de conteúdos científicos quanto o aprendizado de noções sobre as ciências. Neste trabalho apresentamos algumas definições razoavelmente consensuais sobre a natureza da ciência que foram amplamente discutidas pela comunidade acadêmica e mostramos como alguns episódios da história da astronomia podem levar a discussões envolvendo alguns dos aspectos da natureza da ciência.

Pires de Andrade, Victória Flório; L'Astorina, Bruno



The Practice of Research of a Basic Education Teacher Involving Mental Models of the Phases of the Moon and Eclipses. (Spanish Title: La Práctica de Investigación de un Maestro de Educación BÁsica con El Uso de los Modelos Mentales de Las Fases de la Luna Y Eclipses.) A Prática de Pesquisa de um Professor do Ensino Fundamental Envolvendo Modelos Mentais de Fases da Lua e Eclipses  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The inclusion of basic education teachers in the survey domain is a controversial issue and fully debated in the academy. The opportunity for a collective work that incorporated school teachers from a public school to a university's group of physics teaching at university allowed us to glimpse the redefinition of the function of a science teacher (a coauthor of this paper) by himself, such that now he includes research on the knowledge construction by students in his teacher practice. The formation of inter-institutional groups for action planning and research in these areas has proved productive for the task of knowledge construction to support educational processes in school, while the university enriches its collection of experiences critically validated, and can consider the results in teachers initial and continued education. The active participation of the teacher in a research group at the university led him to reflect on the possible didactical ways to be described, analyzed and communicated to other teachers. The construction of a pedagogy that took into account the mental models of students on the basic topics of astronomy, and the changes developed resulting from the lessons taught, led to far-reaching consequences on the pedagogy adopted by the teacher, who incorporates now a new vision of science and alternative forms to dialogue with students, essential components for a researcher in Science Education. La inclusión de los maestros de la escuela básica en el universo de la investigación es polémica y está en amplio debate en el mundo académico. La oportunidad de trabajo colectivo de los maestros de una escuela pública en Río de Janeiro con un grupo universitario de enseñanza de la física nos ha permitido vislumbrar la redefinición de la función de un maestro de ciencias (uno de los coautores de este documento) por él mismo, ahora para incluir la investigación sobre la construcción del conocimiento por los alumnos en su práctica como docente. La formación de grupos interinstitucionales para la planificación de la acción y la investigación ha resultado productiva para el trabajo de construcción de conocimiento de apoyo a los procesos educativos en la escuela, mientras que la universidad enriquece su colección de experiencias validadas, considerando los resultados de la educación inicial y continua de maestros. La participación activa del maestro en un grupo de investigación en la universidad lo llevó a reflexiones sobre los posibles caminos didácticos que pueden ser descriptos, analizados y comunicados a los demás docentes. La construcción de una pedagogía propia, que tuvo en cuenta los modelos mentales de los estudiantes sobre los temas básicos de astronomía, y los cambios desarrollados a partir de las lecciones que enseñó, trajeron consecuencias de largo alcance sobre la pedagogía adoptada por el maestro, que ahora incorpora una nueva visión de la ciencia y formas alternativas al diálogo con los estudiantes, los componentes esenciales para un investigador en Educaciónen Ciencias. A inclusão do professor da escola básica no universo da pesquisa é questão controvertida e em pleno debate no meio acadêmico. A oportunidade de trabalho coletivo que incorporou professores de uma escola municipal no Rio de Janeiro a um grupo de ensino de Física da universidade nos possibilitou vislumbrar a ressignificação da função de um professor de Ciências (co-autor deste trabalho) por ele próprio, agora passando a incluir a pesquisa sobre a construção de conhecimento pelos alunos em sua prática como docente. A formação de grupos interinstitucionais para o planejamento de ações e de pesquisas tem-se mostrado produtiva para um trabalho de construção de conhecimentos a fim de subsidiar processos educativos na escola, ao mesmo tempo em que a universidade enriquece seu acervo de experiências validadas criticamente, podendo considerar seus resultados na formação inicial e continuada de professores. A participação ativa do professor num grupo de pesquisa na universidade o

Pessôa Queiroz, Glória; Jubitipan Borges de Sousa, Carlos; Auxiliadora Delgado Machado, Maria



Hacia Una Pedagogia de Solucion de Problemas en La Educacion Ambiental. Serie Educacion Ambiental 15 (Pedagogy of Solutions and Problems in Environmental Education. Environmental Education Series 15.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document discusses the teaching of problem solving in environmental education. From an interdisciplinary viewpoint, this study describes some strategies for teaching that can favor the practice of educational activities oriented toward solving the concrete problems of the surrounding environment. The volume is divided into seven chapters. The…

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, Santiago (Chile). Regional Office for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Presa de decisions damunt mateix del camp de futbol. Opinió dels metges d'equips professionals davant de set casos problema  

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Introducció: Per identificar si hi ha discrepància o no entre els metges d'equip de futbol en decisions a peu de camp, es fa una enquesta sobre casos clínics comuns. \\u000a\\u000aMaterial i mètode: Durant la reunió anual de l'Asociación Española de Médicos de Equipos de Fútbol es va fer una enquesta individual i anònima sobre 7 supòsits mèdics d'assistència immediata damunt

Jordi Ardèvol Cuesta; Lluís Til Pérez



Novos algoritmos de Lagrangeano aumentado com penalidade quadratica aplicados a problemas de otimizac~ao com restric~oes de igualdade  

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´a - UNESPAR\\FECILCAM Campo Mour~ao -PR RESUMO Nesta palestra, ser~ao apresentados dois~ao linear; Lagrangeano augmentado; Fun¸c~oes de penalidade; Experimentos num´ericos. Refer^encias E. G

Paraná, Universidade Federal do


La corrosin es un problema permanente en la economa y la industria en general, y en particular, en el entorno ambiental: agua, suelo y atmsfera. Los contaminantes  

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humana, alteran la vida acuática y la propia calidad del agua. El control de la corrosión contribuye a mantener la calidad del medio ambiente, lo cual ya es considerado como una disciplina central en la ciencia conocimiento para el control de la corrosión en las industrias, la infraestructura y los ambientes afectados y


EL DISCURSO CÓMICO DE SHAKESPEARE Y PROBLEMAS QUE PLANTEA SU TRADUCCIÓN AL ESPAÑOL Comic discourse in Shakespeare and the problems it presents to its translation into Spanish  

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This contrastive analysis of some well known Spanish translations of The Merry Wives of Windsor and the original text reveals the enormous difference which exists between the Elizabethan and the terminal texts in an aspect whose relevance to the stylistic and thematic structure of this work is out of question; namely the ambiguities and puns which pervade the text of



El software educativo en la escuela cubana: una propuesta metodológica para el desarrollo de habilidades en la resolución de problemas aritméticos. Estudio de caso  

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Integrar las tecnologías digitales en las aulas y centros educativos así como replantear y redefinir los contenidos del currículum parecen medidas urgentes. Llevarlo a cabo, entre otras medidas, implicará necesariamente realizar importantes inversiones económicas en dotación de recursos tecnológicos suficientes para los centros educativos y en la creación de redes telemáticas educativas; desarrollar estrategias de formación del profesorado y de

Enrique Medina Hernández



ALGORITMO DE BÚSQUEDA TABÚ APLICADO A LA SOLUCIÓN DEL PROBLEMA DE CORTE BIDIMENSIONAL GUILLOTINADO Tabu Search algorithm for solving the two dimensional guillotined problem  

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The problem of restricted bidimensional guillotine cutting of pieces, is a classic optimization problem characterized by its high computational complexity, and its practical applications in the engineering area. This document presents the efficiency of the Tabu Search technique using a codification approach based on binary trees adapted to the structure of the problem. With the purpose of evaluating the performance




Geometria III, Problemas 5 Segundo semestre, 2009/10. (R) es el plano proyectivo con la estructura diferencial estudiada en clase.  

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circunferencia con centro (t, t2 ) y radio t. Halle (t0)(f). (d) Si C0 es la circunferencia unidad centrada en el origen, escriba la matriz de dC0 en las bases de vectores coordenados de la carta global de M y la

Guijarro, Luis


Geometria III, Problemas 5 Primer semestre, 2010/11. (R) es el plano proyectivo con la estructura diferencial estudiada en clase.  

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circunferencia con centro (t, t2 ) y radio t. Halle (t0)(f). (d) Si C0 es la circunferencia unidad centrada en el origen, escriba la matriz de dC0 en las bases de vectores coordenados de la carta global de M y la

Guijarro, Luis


E.T.S. Ingenieria Informatica. Dpto. Ciencias de la Computacion e Inteligencia Artificial Metodologia de la Programacion II. Curso 2002-03. Relacion de Problemas II: Recursividad  

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E.T.S. Ingenier´ia Inform´atica. Dpto. Ciencias de la Computaci´on e Inteligencia Artificial´aximo com´un divisor de dos enteros. 1 #12;E.T.S. Ingenier´ia Inform´atica. Dpto. Ciencias de la Computaci

Castillo, Luis


Uso de Marcadores Difusos para Solucionar el Problema de la Coplanaridad en la Calibracion de la Camara en 3D. Aplicacion en  

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emparejamientos entre marcadores logrados en la etapa anterior. La SC es un proceso que implica mucho tiempo de propio proce- so. Por lo tanto, hay un fuerte inter´es en el dise~no de m´etodos autom´aticos que den

Granada, Universidad de


Comparing the use of 4.6 um lasers versus 10.6 um lasers for mitigating damage site growth on fused silica surfaces  

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The advantage of using mid-infrared (IR) 4.6 {micro}m lasers, versus far-infrared 10.6 {micro}m lasers, for mitigating damage growth on fused silica is investigated. In contrast to fused silica's high absorption at 10.6 {micro}m, silica absorption at 4.6 {micro}m is two orders of magnitude less. The much reduced absorption at 4.6 {micro}m enables deep heat penetration into fused silica when it is heated using the mid-IR laser, which in turn leads to more effective mitigation of damage sites with deep cracks. The advantage of using mid-IR versus far-IR laser for damage growth mitigation under non-evaporative condition is quantified by defining a figure of merit (FOM) that relates the crack healing depth to laser power required. Based on our FOM, we show that for damage cracks up to at least 500 {micro}m in depth, mitigation using a 4.6 {micro}m mid-IR laser is more efficient than mitigation using a 10.6 {micro}m far-IR laser.

Yang, S T; Matthews, M J; Elhadj, S; Cooke, D; Guss, G M; Draggoo, V G; Wegner, P J



Controle da Tarefa de Estacionamento de um Veículo Autônomo através do Aprendizado de um Autômato Finito usando uma Rede Neural JCC  

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This paper presents the SEVA system (Autonomous Vehicle Parking S imulator). This tool was used to implement a robust control system for autonomous vehicle parking ba sed on a FSA (Finite State Automata) and also ba sed on an ANN (Artificial Neural Networks). Initially a FSA was developed in o rder to control t he vehicle performing a parallel parking

F. Osório; F. Heinen; L. Fortes


Representaes Qunticas no Espao de Fases Uma funo de onda abstrata | > um vetor em um espao de Hilbert. Esse vetor pode ser expresso  

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espaço de Hilbert. Esse vetor pode ser expresso em termos de uma infinidade de representações ortonormais. Assim nenhuma função das coordenadas (q,p) pode ser definida de forma a ser interpretada como" dado o Princípio da Incerteza. Uma excelente revisão desse formalismo pode ser encontrado em [13,14]. 2

de Aguiar, Marcus A. M.


Audiomagnetotelluric (AMT) soundings in the proximity of the Camaqua (RS) mines  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Audiomagnetotelluric soundings were carried out in the region near Camaqua Mines (State of Rio Grande do Sul) with two distinct objectives: in the area of Rodeio Velho, corroborative evidences were sought for geological interpretation based on previous geomagnetic and gravity data; in Santa Maria, comparative soundings were planned between mineralized and non-mineralized areas. In Rodeio Velho, the soundings confirm sediment thicknesses of hundreds of meters, probably affected by vertical structures and the presence of alternating intercalated resistive and conductive layers. In the area of Santa Maria, the soundings in the mineralized areas present a more conducting intermediary layer which is approximately coincident with the position of the mineralized layer.

Padilha, Antonio Lopes; Vitorello, Icaro; Trivedi, Nalin Babulal; Dacosta, Jose Marques



Análise dos Conceitos Astronômicos Apresentados por Professores de Algumas Escolas Estaduais Brasileiras  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A razão para o desenvolvimento deste trabalho baseia-se no fato de que muitos professores da Educação Básica (EB) não lidam com conceitos relacionados à astronomia, e quando o fazem eles simplesmente seguem livros didáticos que podem conter erros conceituais. Como é de conhecimento geral a astronomia é um dos conteúdos a serem ensinados na EB fazendo parte dos Parâmetros Curriculares Nacionais e das Propostas Curriculares do Estado de São Paulo, mas é um fato, que vários pesquisadores apontam, a existência de muitos problemas no ensino da astronomia. Com o propósito de minimizar algumas dessas deficiências foi realizado um trabalho de pesquisa com a utilização de questionários pré e pós pesquisa, para tanto foi desenvolvido um Curso de Extensão Universitária para professores da Diretoria de Ensino Regional (DE) que abrange Mauá, Ribeirão Pires e Rio Grande da Serra (no Estado de São Paulo) com os seguintes objetivos: levantar concepções alternativas; subsidiar os professores por meio de palestras, debates e workshops, e verificar o sucesso da aprendizagem após o curso, adotando-se como referência, para a análise dos resultados, os dicionários de Língua Portuguesa (FERREIRA, 2004) e Enciclopédico de Astronomia e Astronáutica (MOUR?O, 1995). Portanto, dezesseis questões foram aplicadas antes e após o curso, assim pode-se verificar após a pesquisa que 100,0% dos professores sabiam os nomes das fases da Lua, 97,0% entenderam que o Sistema Solar é composto por oito planetas, 78,1% foram capazes de explicar como ocorre um eclipse lunar, um eclipse solar e um solstício, 72,7% sabiam como explicar a ocorrência das estações do ano; 64,5% explicaram corretamente a ocorrência do equinócio, 89,7% foram capazes de definir adequadamente o termo cometa; 63,6% definiram asteróide, 54,5% meteoro, 58,1% galáxia, e 42,4% planeta. Os resultados obtidos indicam uma aprendizagem significativa por parte dos participantes.

Voelzke, Marcos Rincon; Gonzaga, Edson Pereira



VizieR Online Data Catalog: NGC 891 70-500um images (Hughes+, 2014)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present new, reduced Herschel Space Observatory PACS and SPIRE 70, 160, 250, 350, and 500 micron observations of NGC 891 taken has part of the Very Nearby Galaxy Survey (P.I.: C. Wilson) and an additional PACS 100 micron image taken from the Herschel EDGE-on galaxy Survey (P.I.: E. Murphy). The PACS 70, 100 and 160 observations were reduced with the Herschel Interactive Processing Environment (HIPE) v.11.0.1 with PACS Calibration v.32 and Scanamorphos v.22.0 (Roussel, 2013PASP..125.1126R). The SPIRE 250, 350, and 500 micron observations data were reduced with HIPE v.11.0.12 including the latest calibration due for inclusion in HIPE v.12.0 (Bendo et al., 2013MNRAS.433.3062B), and BriGAdE (Smith, in preparation). Complete details on the data reduction may be found in the paper. Image properties are summarised in images.dat. Please note that the FITS images presented here do not include the calibration factors to account for extended sources, nor colour corrections as described in the paper. The raw data can be retrieved from the Herschel Science Archive (ESA). (2 data files).

Hughes, T. M.; Baes, M.; Fritz, J.; Smith, M.; Parkin, T.; Gentile, G.; Bendo, G.; Wilson, C.; Allaert, F.; Bianchi, S.; De Looze, I.; Verstappen, J.; Viaene, S.; Boquien, M.; Boselli, A.; Clements, D.; Davies, J.; Galametz, M.; Madden, S.; Remy-Ruyer, A.; Spinoglio, L.



DualBeam metrology: a new technique for optimizing 0.13-um photo processes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A DualBeam Metrology system was investigated for the application of obtaining 3-dimensional (3D) characterization of a 130 nm ground rule KrF photolithography process. Integrated circuit devices are 3-dimensional in structure and, hence, should be best characterized using 3-dimensional techniques to ensure adherence to the design architecture and the desired process window for manufacturing. The need for 3D metrology is further required for the characterization and monitoring of critical layer processes and equipment performance. The metrology used in this investigation is a novel technique for critical feature cross sectioning. The process for DualBeam metrology uses a focused ion beam (FIB) for milling or cutting the cross section through the photoresist or process film. An integrated scanning electron microscope (SEM) provides high-resolution imaging of the features, and a flexible automated metrology package collects and analyzes the data. To demonstrate the feasibility of the technique, critical dimension (CD) data and sidewall angle (SWA) measurements were captured from 130 nm lines and 150 nm contacts at 1:1 densities. The critical criteria for the characterization of the photolithography process window are CD control, depth of focus (DOF), exposure latitude, and feature sidewall angle or profile. Using the DualBeam technique, 2D and 3D data are captured on a single machine platform using a cut, look, and measure routine. A further benefit is the availability of high-resolution cross-sectional SEM images that can be used qualitatively to validate the quantitative data. The results presented here show the performance of this 130 nm ground rule process and the benefits of utilizing this efficient characterization technique.

Berger, Steven D.; Desloge, Denis; Virgalla, Robert J.; Davis, Todd; Paxton, Ted A.; Witko, David



10-um thin GaAs membrane manufactured by nonselective etching  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The aim of this paper is to determine an optimum nonselective etching solution in order to manufacture an as thin as possible, uniform and high quality GaAs membrane. Three different etching systems in various proportions of the components were analyzed. A high quality 10 micrometer thin GaAs membrane was obtained using the [1(H3PO4)]: [1(CH3OH)]: [3(H2O2)] etching solution. The micromachined GaAs membranes are manufactured to be used as support for microwave circuits as well as in high temperature sensor applications.

Mueller, Alexandru; Petrini, Ioana; Avramescu, Viorel; Iordanescu, Sergiu A.; Marcelli, Romolo; Foglietti, Vittorio; Dragoman, M.



VizieR Online Data Catalog: MIPS 24um calibrators (Engelbracht+, 2007)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The data were all obtained using the MIPS small-field photometry mode astronomical observation template (AOT). For most targets, two cycles of photometry using 3s exposures were obtained, resulting in 14 individual images at each of two telescope nod positions (excluding the short exposure that starts the data-taking sequence at each of the two telescope nod positions). Starting with the raw data downloaded from the Spitzer Science Center (SSC), these data were processed using version 3.06 of the MIPS Data Analysis Tool (DAT; Gordon et al., 2005PASP..117..503G), which performs standard processing of infrared detector array data (slope fitting, dark subtraction, linearity correction, flat fielding, and mosaicking), as well as steps specific to the array used in MIPS (droop correction and dynamic range extension using the first difference frame) -- these steps are described in more detail in the paper. (5 data files).

Engelbracht, C. W.; Blaylock, M.; Su, K. Y. L.; Rho, J.; Rieke, G. H.; Muzerolle, J.; Padgett, D. L.; Hines, D. C.; Gordon, K. D.; Fadda, D.; Noriega-Crespo, A.; Kelly, D. M.; Latter, W. B.; Hinz, J. L.; Misselt, K. A.; Morrison, J. E.; Stansberry, J. A.; Shupe, D. L.; Stolovy, S.; Wheaton, W. A.; Young, E. T.; Neugebauer, G.; Wachter, S.; Perez-Gonzalez, P. G.; Frayer, D. T.; Marleau, F. R.



VizieR Online Data Catalog: Chamaeleon III 870um sources maps (Belloche+, 2011)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The 870 micron dust continuum emission map of the Chamaeleon III molecular cloud displayed in Fig. 2 is available at CDS in FITS format. The data were obtained with the bolometer camera LABOCA at the APEX telescope. They were calibrated, reduced, co-added, gridded, smoothed to an effective angular resolution of 21.2" (FWHM), and written in FITS format with the BoA software. The flux density unit is Jy/21.2"-beam. The coordinates are equatorial (J2000) and the offsets are in RADIO projection. (1 data file).

Belloche, A.; Parise, B.; Schuller, F.; Andre, P.; Bontemps, S.; Menten, K. M.



VizieR Online Data Catalog: Chamaeleon I 870um sources (Belloche+, 2011)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Table 2 lists the sources extracted with GAUSSCLUMPS from the filtered 870 micron continuum emission map of Chamaeleon I obtained with the bolometer camera LABOCA at the APEX telescope. These sources are listed in the order in which they were found by GAUSSCLUMPS, i.e. roughly in order of decreasing peak flux density. The 870 micron dust continuum emission map of the Chamaeleon I molecular cloud is available in FITS format. The data were obtained with the bolometer camera LABOCA at the APEX telescope. They were calibrated, reduced, co-added, gridded, smoothed to an effective angular resolution of 21.2" (FWHM), and written in FITS format with the BoA software. The flux density unit is Jy/21.2"-beam. The coordinates are equatorial (J2000) and the offsets are in RADIO projection. (6 data files).

Belloche, A.; Schuller, F.; Parise, B.; Andre, P.; Hatchell, J.; Jorgensen, J. K.; Bontemps, S.; Weiss, A.; Menten; K. M.; Muders, D.




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Vegetation structure and soil profile characteristics of Eriophorum tus- sock tundra in northern Yukon Territory, Canada, were studied. Based on twenty sample plots, a vegetation synthesis table was constructed. Constancy and average cover values were calculated for all the vascular plant species. The following species, Eriophorum vaginatum, Ledum decumbens, Betula glandulosa, Vaccinium vitis-idaea, Empetrum nigrum, Rubus chamaemorus, Carex lugens and




Construção e validação de um sistema hipermídia para o ensino de Física Moderna  

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We relate the characteristics and the potentiality of a hypermedia system elaborated in order to support the teaching and learning of Modern Physics topics at High School level. The research involved the production and validation of a software based on ausubelian principles, studies regarding the insertion of Modern Physics in High School, debates related to the Science- Technology-Society-Environment movement, considerations

Daniel Iria Machado; Roberto Nardi


VizieR Online Data Catalog: WISE and HIP 22um excess stars (Wu+, 2013)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this paper, we present a catalog that includes 141 bright candidates (<=10.27mag, V band) showing an excess of infrared (IR) at 22?m. Of these 141 candidates, 38 stars are known IR-excess stars or disks, 23 stars are double or multiple stars, and 4 are Be stars while the remaining more than 70 stars are identified as 22 ?m excess candidates in our work. The criterion for selecting candidates is Ks-[22]?m. All these candidates are selected from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer all-sky data cross-correlated with the Hipparcos main catalog and the likelihood-ratio technique is employed. Considering the effect of background, we introduce the IRAS 100?m level to exclude the high background. We also estimate the coincidence probability of these sources. In addition, we present the optical to mid-IR spectral energy distributions and optical images for all the candidates, and give the observed optical spectra of six stars with the National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences' 2.16m telescope. To measure for the amount of dust around each star, the fractional luminosity is also provided. We also test whether our method of selecting IR-excess stars can be used to search for extra-solar planets; we cross-match our catalog with known IR-excess stars with planets but found no matches. Finally, we give the fraction of stars showing excess IR for different spectral types of main-sequence stars. (2 data files).

Wu, C.-J.; Wu, H.; Lam, M.-I.; Yang, M.; Wen, X.-Q.; Li, S.; Zhang, T.-J.; Gao, L.



UM0125464 (C02)Retusin-7-methylether (C01) Chrysin (C04)  

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* DMSO SR1 nophenolred nophenolred,noAB nophenolred nophenolred,noAB DMSO SR1 0 2 -2 3 4 5 6 CYP1B1 CYP1A1 AML 05H163* 2 4 0 6 8 10 12 +DMSO -DMSO +DMSO -DMSO CYP1B1 CYP1A1 log2-foldchange/t0 log2-folddifference/ plastic-DMSO log2-foldchanget24h /t 0 log2-foldchanget24h /t 0 05H163 08H012 08H112 09H046 10H038

Cai, Long


Optical design of the 1-5-um infrared camera of the IAC  

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An infrared liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooled focal reducer camera has been designed to be used at the 1.5 m (f\\/13.8) Carlos Sanchez IR Telescope (CST) at the Observatorio del Teide. The image quality is better than 30 micrometers (typical pixel size of the detector) with an image scale of 0.5 arcsec\\/pixel. The final design is a very compact system which

Antonio Manescau; F. Javier Fuentes; Vicente Sanchez



Corpos no interior de um recipiente fechado e transparente em queda livre  

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Neste artigo discutimos uma nova demonstracao experimental da independencia das propriedades dos corpos (massa, composicao quimica, forma, etc.) na queda livre. Eh uma das experiencias mais simples, porem uma das mais importantes da Mecanica, tendo sido realizada e repensada repetidamente por diversos cientistas tais como Galileu e Newton. Nossa versao eh introduzir dentro de uma garrafa fechada e transparente uma pena e uma pedra observando a queda simultanea destes corpos. Por nao haver a necessidade de produzir vacuo, esta versao pode ser repetida por qualquer aluno e professor de ensino medio e universitario em qualquer ambiente, evidenciando sua viabilidade e aplicabilidade na sala de aula. English version of abstract: In this paper we discuss a new experimental demonstration of the independence of the properties of bodies (mass, chemical composition, shape, etc) in free fall. This is one of the simplest experiments in mechanics, though one of the most important ones, having been repeatedly carried out a...

Lunazzi, Jose Joaquin



Balança Interativa: um software para auxiliar o desenvolvimento do raciocínio algébrico  

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The present study investigated an educational software, Interactive Scale (Balança Interativa), as a tool to develop algebraical concepts, particularly the notions of equivalence, equation and inequation. The research was conducted at a public school in Fortaleza, CE with ten mathematics teachers and the computer school teacher. Teachers participated in a training and meeting to discuss the software use. Researchers conducted

Monalisa de Abreu Leite; Karla Angélica; Silva do Nascimento


Bethke, Donna From: on behalf of UM SOM PTRS  

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in the current week's issue. Thanks for sharing!!!!! Stay Connected University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, 100 Penn Street, Allied Health Building, Baltimore

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: on behalf of UM SOM PTRS  

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in the current week's issue. Thanks for sharing!!!!! Stay Connected #12;6 University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science, 100 Penn Street, Allied Health

Weber, David J.


Bethke, Donna From: on behalf of UM SOM PTRS  

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contributions to the profession of physical therapy in any area clinical practice. Dr. Alon will deliver:// Announcements Rehabilitation Science Research Seminar #12;5 Greetings! This week's seminar will feature a talk. Earhart, PT, PhD, Associate Professor Program in Physical Therapy, Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology

Weber, David J.


Um analista do comportamento olha para tratamentos tradicionais de pedófilos e estupradores  

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The paper discusses treatment of the behavior of rapists and pedophiles from a behavior analytic view point. We look at the treatment programs from the standpoint of the relation between the treatment environment and the conditions in which sexual offenses occur. Hence, we consider the relationship between the response treated in therapy and the response occurring in the non-treatment environment,

Joseph E. Spradlin; Kathy J. Saunders; Dean C. Williams; Jerry A. Rea


MRC-SPECT: A Sub-500 um Resolution MR-Compatible SPECT System for Simultaneous Dual-  

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- Modality Study of Small Lab Animals 1Liang Cai, Z. M. Shen, J. C. Zhang, 4Chin-Tu Chen, 1,2,3L. J. Meng 1, University of Chicago. 2012 Small Animal SPECT Workshop, Tucson, AZ Table of Content Introduction Detector were obtained with a multiecho fast low angle shot (FLASH) sequence written by Professor Brad Sutton

Arizona, University of


O riso como expressão de um posicionamento na cidade: o encontro de Demócrito e Hipócrates  

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The Pseudo-Hippocratic letters relate the fictitious meeting between Democritus and Hippocrates. This document is the basis which allows us to think about how the hippocratic tradition and Democritus' philosophy treat the concepts of man's and city's health. This paper aims to show some aspects of the relationship between man and the city, given the concept of health present in the

Priscilla Gontijo Leite



640x480 MCT 3- to 5-um snapshot focal plane array  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A 640 X 480 snapshot IRCMOS array with 25 micron pitch operating in the 3 - 5 microns range was fabricated and an image demonstrated at the Infrared Laboratory (LIR). The readout circuit with 2 pC charge handling capacity was designed and processed with a 1.2 micrometer design rules standard CMOS technology. Photovoltaic (PV) detectors were achieved by ion implantation in liquid phase epitaxy MCT layers and interconnected by indium bumps on the readout circuit. A description of the component is given and the main electro-optical characteristics are presented. The pixel operability is greater than 99.8% and a NEDT of 15 mK was measured at half dynamics. Excellent imagery has been obtained with this component operating at 77 K and f/2 optics.

Audebert, Patrick; Giotta, Dominique; Mottin, Eric; Rambaud, Philippe; Marion, Francois




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Use of science fiction films in science teaching has been proposed by several authors. As discourses about science, built up from concrete socio-cultural contexts, films raise issues derived from social debates, revealing ideological positions concerned to science, technology and its relations to societal current problems. Such aspects make films particularly interesting as way to introduce sociopolitical discussions in classroom. Using

Luís Paulo Piassi; Maurício Pietrocola


Handbook for Future Students University of northern British ColUmBia | 2  

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......................................................16 + Health Sciences...........................................18 + Nursing....................................................32 + Off Campus: Into the Wild...........................34 Life on Campus + Your Home Away From Home of northern British Columbia, UNBC is one of Canada's best small universities. We have a passion for teaching

Northern British Columbia, University of


Please fill in: Name/UM Registration # C380 Med Inn, SPC 5838  

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) Heart failure Yes No e) Swelling in your legs or feet (not caused by walking) Yes No f) Heart arrhythmia of the following cardiovascular or heart problems? a) Heart attack Yes No b) Stroke Yes No c) Angina Yes No d (heart beating irregularly) Yes No g) High blood pressure Yes No h) Any other heart problem that you

Shyy, Wei


A 10 um Resolution Secondary Emission Monitor for Fermilab's Targeting Station  

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Improvement in focusing the proton beam onto the antiproton production target necessitates the development of a higher resolution beam profile monitor. Two designs for the construction of a multiwire profile mointor grid are presented. The first is a conventional strung and tensioned Ti wire design. The second is a photo etched Ti grid of wires bonded to a ceramic substrate. Both have a central wire spacing of 125 {mu}m. The completed beam profile monitors are designed to operate in a 120 GeV beam pulse of 5 x 10{sup 12} protons with a 1.5{mu}s duration and will be installed in late 1993.

Hurh, P.; O'Day, S.; Dombrowski, R.; Page, T.; /Fermilab



Modelamento, Construo, Instrumentao, Localizao, Simulao e Controle de um Veculo Areo  

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matemático Formalismo de Euler-Lagrange (Lagrangiano) Leis de Newton Isaac Newton Leonhard Euler Joseph matemático Formalismo de Euler-Lagrange (Lagrangiano) Leis de Newton Isaac Newton Leonhard Euler Joseph

Williams, Brian C.


Comparison of OPO and Mark-III FEL for tissue ablation at 6.45 um  

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We have investigated the experimental consequences of two picosecond infrared lasers, both tuned to 6.45micrometers and focused on ocular tissue. The exposure conditions were comparable, other than pulse repetition rate, where an optical parametric oscillator\\/amplifier laser (OPA) system operates at a kilohertz and the Mark-III FEL at 3 gigahertz. In both cases, the peak intensity was near 2x1014 W\\/m2 and

Glenn S. Edwards; M. Shane Hutson; Susanne Hauger; John A. Kozub; Jin-Hui Shen; Charles Shieh; Katie Topadze; Karen Joos



Sistema Tutor Inteligente integrado a Monitoria Estudantil para elaboração de um Assistente Virtual de Ensino Inteligente  

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This paper shows the project of extra activities carried on for students with support from Monitoring Aid, giving teachers a more complete vision about the cognitive situation of their students by the information system available on the Internet. The integration of this project to the formal architecture of Intelligent Tutoring Systems has obtained satisfactory results to teaching-learning in Computer area

Breno S. B. Assunção; Edelson S. Lopes; Vandor R. V. Rissoli


Classe hospitalar: aspectos da relação professor-aluno em sala de aula de um hospital  

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Hospital classes: aspects of teacher-student interaction in a hospital classroom Hospital classes were created to ensure continuity of learning for children and adolescents, making it easier for them to return to the school environment after their recovery. Through sessions of direct observation of teacher-student interactions in the hospital classroom, it was possible to note that the teacher's most frequent activities

José Gonçalves Medeiros; Andréia Ayres Gabardo



ECOLDER: Editor Colaborativo de Diagramas de Entidades e Relacionamentos Integrado a um Ambiente Virtual de Aprendizagem  

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This article presents a web-based collaborative tool, named ECOLDER, which was integrated with Moodle virtual learning environment. It aims to enhance the processes of teaching and learning the data conceptual modeling, as well as allowing that these discipline practices could be expanded outside of the classroom environment. Resumo. Este artigo apresenta uma ferramenta colaborativa baseada na web, denominada ECOLDER, integrada

Amanda Almeida da Silva; Trícia Souto Santos; José Maria; N. David


Um Ambiente para Ensino de Programação com Feedback Automático de Exercícios  

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The teaching-and-learning process of algorithms and computer programming still has a large number of difficulties. Learning Environments (LE) have been proposed to solve that challenge. One proposal is to use the LE's to solve the problem of following each student's step in the process of constructing algorithms. This paper presents a study about techniques of algorithms auto-marking that allows immediately

Mireille Pinheiro Moreira; Eloi Luiz Favero


Planeta ROODA 2.0: um olhar no desenvolvimento tecnológico do ambiente virtual social de aprendizagem  

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The socialization of internet has been making it easier for people to access information and interact with each other, which was very difficult because of cultural or geographic limits. Therefore, Education has to be aware of such changes in society to remain up-to-date. This study proposes the technical reworking of an e-learning environment of Planeta Rooda, based on Web 2.0,

Patrícia Alejandra Behar; Cristina Alba Wildt Torrezzan; Augusto Simon


Socialização Parental e Valores: Um Estudo com Adolescentes Parental Socialization and Values: A Study with Teenagers  

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This study investigates the relations between the perception of parental practices of socialization and the teenager's values. Two thousand and four (2.004) teenagers of both sexes, from public and private schools aged between 10 and 18 were contacted. Two questionnaires were used: the Teenage Parental Socialization Scale and the Questionnaire of Psychosocial Values. The results reveal that the teenagers' perceptions

Raquel Moraes; Cleonice Camino; Luciane Cruz; Guarabira Brasil; João Pessoa


"I May Be Crackin', But Um Fackin": Racial Humor in "The Watsons Go To Birmingham--1963"  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article examines the utilization of racial humor in Christopher Paul Curtis' novel, "The Watsons Go To Birmingham--1963." The theoretical perspectives that inform the analysis include critical race theory and humor theory. The results of the analysis reveal that the use of humor in this book is influenced to a significant degree by race and…

McNair, Jonda C.



Eficácia e padrões de utilização da oxigenoterapia de deambulação – experiência de um hospital universitário  

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AimsTo determine patterns of ambulatory oxygen (AO) use among patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and interstitial lung diseases, and analyze the effects of this therapy on daily activities and quality of life (QoL).

T. Vieira; I. Belchior; J. Almeida; V. Hespanhol; J. C. Winck



Teaching Advanced Concepts in Computer Networks: VNUML-UM Virtualization Tool  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In the teaching of computer networks the main problem that arises is the high price and limited number of network devices the students can work with in the laboratories. Nowadays, with virtualization we can overcome this limitation. In this paper, we present a methodology that allows students to learn advanced computer network concepts through…

Ruiz-Martinez, A.; Pereniguez-Garcia, F.; Marin-Lopez, R.; Ruiz-Martinez, P. M.; Skarmeta-Gomez, A. F.



Einladung zur 4. Veranstaltung am 12. 03. 2012 um 19.00 Uhr im Super C,  

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,,Fördervereins aachen_fenster ­ raum für bauen und kultur" Aachen, den 1.03. 2012 Die von der Initiative Aachen in der Planungsphase engagiert begleiteten Campusprojekte der RWTH Aachen: Innenstadt, West und Melaten werden Aachen im nächsten Jahrzehnt entscheidend verändern. An ihnen machen sich viele Hoffnungen fest

Borchers, Jan



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Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) have been widely used in the control of automated industrial processes. The diagnosis, solution and learning of PLC failures represent an important topic in automation. However, there are not many special- ized references about this issue and, besides, the lack of expert people has aggravated the problem. This paper aims at proposing an approach for the



Modelamento, Construo, Instrumentao, Localizao, Simulao e Controle de um Veculo Areo  

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matemático Formalismo de Euler-Lagrange (Lagrangiano) Leis de Newton Isaac Newton Leonhard Euler Joseph matemático Formalismo de Euler-Lagrange (Lagrangiano) Leis de Newton Isaac Newton Leonhard Euler Joseph

Williams, Brian C.


250 um inner diameter hollow waveguide for Er:YAG laser radiation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Advanced application of Er:YAG laser radiation in medical treatment requires a suitable, very precise delivery of this light to a target. In some cases (urology, cardiology, or endodontic treatments), thin waveguides are needed. Therefore a preliminary investigation was conducted with 250/360 ?m inner/outer diameter hollow glass waveguides. The waveguide has inner coating made from cyclic olefin polymer and silver layers. All delivery systems were simple and consisted of lens, protector, and the waveguide. The laser source was the Er:YAG system working in a free-running regime and generating radiation at 2.94 ?m wavelength. For testing, output laser energy up to 100 mJ with a repetition rate of 1 Hz was chosen. The output laser spatial profile was approximately TEM00 mode, so the structure changes behind the delivery system were readily detected. The energy delivery characteristics were also checked, and the transmission reached 77%. The maximum input fluence into the waveguide was 200 mJ/cm2, and no significant damages to waveguides were observed after the measurements.

N?mec, Michal; Jelínková, Helena; Miyagi, Mitsunobu; Iwai, Katsumasa; Matsuura, Yuji



Educacao Fisica Escolar: A Construcao de um Conceito (School Physical Education: The Construction of a Concept).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Seeks to understand school physical education praxis in light of the human development theories of Lev Vygotsky. Develops a methodology of teaching and a conception of learning that enables students to recognize physical education as a school discipline connected to a dynamic curriculum. (BT)

Colpas, Ricardo Ducatti



Application of attenuated phase-shift masks to sub-0.18-um logic patterns  

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In this work, we explore the application of attenuated phase-shift masks (APSM) to sub-0.18 micrometers logic patterning. Particular attention is paid to proximity effects and the common process corridor between dense and isolated features, a key challenge of logic-level lithography. Using PROLITH simulation, we evaluate APSM performance as a function of mask transmission and stepper illumination mode. The optimum process

Michael Fritze; Peter W. Wyatt; David K. Astolfi; Paul Davis; Andrew V. Curtis; Douglas M. Preble; Susan G. Cann; S. Denault; David Chan; Joe C. Shaw; Neal T. Sullivan; Robert Brandom; Martin E. Mastovich




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This paper describes five (5) Junior High teachers in-service development process in a Presidente Prudente-SP-Brazil school during the years 2004 and 2005. The adopted method was fundamented in the reflecting about and in the action scheme and also in the development of projects of work to promote a Constructionist, Contextualized and Meaningful environment (CCS). The Information and Communication Technology (TIC)

Flaviana Santos Silva; Maria da Graça; Moreira da Silva


Distribution of benthic foraminifers (>125 um) in the surface sediments of the Arctic Ocean  

USGS Publications Warehouse

Census data on benthic foraminifers (>125 ?m) in surface sediment samples from 49 box cores are used to define four depth-controlled biofacies, which will aid in the paleoceanographic reconstruction of the Arctic Ocean. The shelf biofacies contains a mix of shallow-water calcareous and agglutinated species from the continental shelves of the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas and reflects the variable sedimentologic and oceanic conditions of the Arctic shelves. The intermediate-depth calcareous biofacies, found between 500 and 1,100 meters water depth (mwd), contains abundant Cassidulina teretis , presumably indicating the influence of Atlantic-derived water at this depth. In water depths between 1,100 and 3,500 m, a deepwater calcareous biofacies contains abundant Oridorsalis umbonatus . Below 3,500 mwd, the deepwater mixed calcareous/agglutinated biofacies of the Canada, Makarov, and Eurasian Basins reflects a combination of low productivity, dissolution, and sediment transport. Two other benthic foraminiferal species show specific environmental preferences. Fontbotia wuellerstorfi has a depth distribution between 900 and 3,500 mwd, but maximum abundance occurs in the region of the Mendeleyev Ridge. The elevated abundance of F. wuellerstorfi may be related to increased food supply carried by a branch of Atlantic water that crosses the Lomonosov Ridge near the Russian Continental Shelf. Triloculina frigida is recognized to be a species preferring lower slope sediments commonly disturbed by turbidites and bottom currents. INTRODUCTION At present, our understanding of the Arctic Ocean lags behind our understanding of other oceans, and fundamental questions still exist about its role in and response to global climate change. The Arctic Ocean is particularly sensitive to climatic fluctuations because small changes in the amounts of sea-ice cover can alter global albedo and thermohaline circulation (Aagaard and Carmack, 1994). Numerous questions still exist regarding the nature and timing of paleoclimatic events in the Arctic Ocean. In order to attempt to answer some of these questions, baseline studies are imperative. This report discusses the distribution of benthic foraminifers in surface sediment samples from 49 box cores (figs. 1 and 2, table 1) collected by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) with the assistance of the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). A modern data set of benthic foraminiferal distribution is necessary for interpreting the paleoclimatic and oceanographic history of the Arctic Ocean.

Osterman, Lisa E.; Poore, Richard Z.; Foley, Kevin M.



A manufacturable shallow trench isolation process for sub-0.2 um DRAM technologies  

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A highly manufacturable and defect-free shallow trench isolation (STI) process is demonstrated by using 64M DRAM as a sensitive monitor. In the STI flow, a special sequence of extra anneal (1100C) after corner oxidation (i.e., liner oxide) and an RTA (1000C) anneal after HDP CVD oxide deposition can result in a significantly higher yield in 64M DRAM by effectively reducing

W. Y. Lien; W. G. Yeh; C. H. Li; K. C. Tu; I. H. Chang; H. C. Chu; W. R. Liaw; H. F. Lee; H. M. Chou; C. Y. Chen; M. H. Chi



Zum Auf und Ab des Meeresspiegels in Skandinavien: Langer Streit um Eustasie oder Isostasie  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The phenomenon of the rise of the Scandinavian shield during the Holocene and the concomitant fall in level of the Baltic Sea has been investigated for centuries. Already in medieval times, there were reports about the coastlines of the Gulf of Bothnia that are full of relevant observations. During the eighteenth century, scientists such as Celsius and Linnaeus collected observations such as these. The result was that the search for the possible explanations of this rise-and-fall phenomenon intensified. The generally favoured explanation was that there was an active sinking of sea level in the Baltic rather than an active rising of the land surface in Fennoscandia. This was because water was seen as mobile, in contrast to a „terra firma". The relevant discussion was often emotional, and here, we try to illustrate it using material from the Geologenarchiv Freiburg (von Hoff, von Buch and Goethe). No more than a few decades later, it became obvious by the theory of Ice Age that both the sea level and the land could be mobile (eustatic sea level changes—glacial isostasy). Additionally, of course, plate tectonics had some influence: Norway is situated at the western end of the Eurasian plate and is part of a passive continental margin. There are still open research problems, many of which can be addressed using modern methods of satellite-based geophysics and geodesy. Some other aspects as the permanent uplift trend of Scandinavia since the Cambrium or the rhythmic to and fro of magma in the upper mantle during the Pleistocene are mentioned.

Seibold, Eugen; Seibold, Ilse



Exerccios Adicionais -Determinantes Observao: Estes exerccios so um complemento queles apresentados no livro. Eles foram  

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apresentados no livro. Eles foram elaborados com o objetivo de oferecer aos alunos exercícios de cunho mais teórico. Nós recomen- damos fazê-los depois de ter feito os exercícios do livro proposto pela equipe de AL que B = A-1 . 4. Estude a demonstração da Regra de Cramer (Lema 6.20 do livro). Use a fórmula do lema

Lewiner, Thomas (Thomas Lewiner)


Helpful Tips for Graduation Day from the staff of the UM School  

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to the Indoor Practice Facility if at all possible and tell your guests to do the same. The lines get pretty to the left after walking across the stage to receive your diploma cover. Graduate students wear yours to the left throughout. #12;Make sure you have your name card with you (the one we mailed you)! If you forget

Tchumper, Gregory S.



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RESUMO: Atualmente é o consumidor quem detém o poder, que a partir de maiores conhecimentos e informações passa a exigir cada vez mais pela qualidade dos produtos a serem consumidos. Desta forma é ele quem sinaliza os caminhos que as empresas alimentícias devem seguir para garantir satisfação dos clientes. Os agricultores também têm responsabilidade quanto à qualidade dos produtos, devendo



Movimentos sociais, sindicato e imigrao Um estudo sobre o movimento dos trabalhadores sem-documentos na  

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que a autora contextualiza e problematiza a nomenclatura a partir da luta política dos trabalhadores uma data fundamental na história dos movimentos sociais e em particular das lutas dos imigrantes. Foi

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


Comportamento da Fundao de um Prottipo de Estrutura de Conteno em Solo Reforado com Geotxtil Notecido  

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satisfatória as novas condições de trabalho. Com isso, para contribuir com o avanço no estado da arte, programou-se a execução, no pátio da Empresa Ober S.A, em Nova Odessa - SP, de uma série de oito protótipos

Zornberg, Jorge G.


Empirische Beziehungen zur Sauerstoffkoordination um Antimon(III) und Tellur(IV) in Antimoniten und Telluriten  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The strong variability of bond length between Sb(III) or Te(IV) and oxygen is correlated with distances to more distant oxygen atoms in the trans position. Closer approach of the trans-oxygen atom leads to lengthening of the bond in question. Hyperbolic functions represent suitable approximations for the correlations and give the bond lengths on the average within 0.04 Å. The distance relations are discussed for various limiting coordinations corresponding to 3, 4, and 5.

Trömel, M.



Perfil perinatal dos recém-nascidos de um hospital universitário da região Sul do Brasil  

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Introduction: We have analyzed the data concerning the delivery of 766 newborns at the maternity ward of a school hospital in order to assess the perinatal conditions surrounding all births, with an emphasis on gestational age, birth weight, mode of delivery, birth conditions, and childbirth and newborn care. The study also aimed at identifying such pregnancy-related maternal variables as more

José Aparecido Granzotto


Percepção e julgamento da retaliação organizacional: construção e validação fatorial de um instrumento  

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Perception and judgment of organizational retaliation: construction and factorial validation of an instrument. This article presents two studies about the construction and validation of an instrument to measure the perception and the judgment of the organizational retaliation. In the first study, the scale initially composed by 31 items was applied to a sample of 187 subjects. Data were submitted to

Helenides Mendonça; Dulce Pires Flauzino; Álvaro Tamayo; Maria das Graças Torres Paz



Limnological features after a flushing event in Paranoá Reservoir, central Brazil Características limnológicas após um \\  

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Aim: Paranoá Reservoir was subjected to an intense eutrophication during at least three decades (1968 to 1998) due to higher human occupation of the catchment area and nutrients inflow derived to inadequate sewage treatment. The occurrence of large blooms of Microcystis aeruginosa, extended areas of aquatic macrophytes (Eichhornia crassipes), and frequent fish kills were observed during this period. Nutrient loading

C. Padovesi-Fonseca; Bloco L


Process margin enhancement for 0.25-um metal etch process  

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This study evaluates electron beam stabilization of UV6, a positive tone Deep-UV (DUV) resist from Shipley, for a 0.25 micrometer metal etch application. Results are compared between untreated resist and resist treated with different levels of electron beam stabilization. The electron beam processing was carried out in an ElectronCureTM flood electron beam exposure system from Honeywell International Inc., Electron Vision.

Chung Y. Lee; Wei Wen Ma; Eng H. Lim; Alex T. Cheng; Raymond Joy; Matthew F. Ross; Selmer S. Wong; Trey Marlowe




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Resumo. Sistemas de Recomendação (SR) são hoje amplamente utilizados, principalmente na área de e-commerce como, por exemplo, e Neste trabalho, propõe-se a utilização destes sistemas na educação, especificamente para a recomendação de conteúdo em dispositivos móveis. A vantagem de se utilizar sistemas de recomendação em dispositivos móveis está na facilidade da entrega da recomendação aos usuários. Com base

Sílvio César Cazella


Um mecanismo automático para busca de parâmetros de técnicas de classificação utilizando algoritmos genéticos  

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Some classification techniques demand parameter configuration in the training process. The performance of the generated classifiers depends on the parameter values. Therefore, it is necessary to search for the set of values that maximize the classifier's performance. This search process turns out to be a hard task if performed manually. This work proposes to automate this process using genetic algorithms.

Suelen Marconsini Loureiro; Letícia Rosetti Margoto; Rodrigo Mendonça Queiroga


Um Estudo Comparativo entre Tr^es Geradores de Numeros Aleatorios  

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´isticos como Simu- lated Annealing, Algoritmos Gen´eticos e GRASP, tornando-se, assim, de suma im- port´atica da PUC-Rio. Os geradores de n´umeros aleat´orios s~ao utilizados em diversos algoritmos probabil´iricos utilizados para avaliar a qualidade dos geradores. Quest~oes pr´aticas como velocidade do algoritmo

Endler, Markus



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The great volume of data generates in Precision Agriculture can be analyzed in a more efficient way through the use of techniques of Data Mining, existing among other, the technique based on the analogy with the processes of natural selection and evolutionary genetics: Genetic Algorithms. The present work aims the development of a genetic algorithm to determine the behavior of



From the Chair Dear Alumni and Friends of the UM Psychology Department,  

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(below) became the Department Chair. Rich will be remembered for many modernizations within countless hours developing and perfecting interactive databases and process management tools that help a relationship with you, our alumni; such as the newsletter and the annual tailgate event. The entire department

Michigan, University of


Nice of you to join us. University of British ColUmBia  

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the government of BC passed the University Act, creating UBC. ... and initiated you into the UBC Convocation. yes-born life. to keep the magic happening, you don't have to do much. this little book will be your guideAe two or more female grads Welcome to the club. this is hoW the magic started: You crossed the stage

Pulfrey, David L.


Fatores que afetam os investimentos em Tecnologia de Informação: O caso de um Terminal de \\  

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Port terminals logistics' management is supported basically in information management. Some Brazilian container terminals have invested large amounts in last generation IT (Information Technology) to manage and offer quality services. The objective of this research is identifying factors that affect i nvestments in IT at a p ort company using an d combining the dimensions: strategic variables (MAÇADA and BECKER,

Rafael Mello Oliveira



U-M researchers find driver of breast cancer stem cell metastasis

Researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center have found that a cancer gene linked to aggressive spread of the disease promotes breast cancer stem cells. The finding implies a new way to target the behavior of these lethal cells. The finding involves the cancer gene RhoC, which has previously been shown to promote metastasis of many types of cancer. RhoC levels increase as breast cancer progresses and high levels of RhoC are associated with worse patient survival.


Construção de um catálogo de aglomerados abertos para estudo da dinâmica da estrutura espiral da Galáxia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Os aglomerados abertos são objetos de grande valor para o estudo da dinâmica da Galáxia devido esses objetos terem uma faixa de idade relativamente ampla. O trabalho visa estudar a dinâmica da estrutura espiral da Galáxia principalmente através do uso desses aglomerados, uma vez que o estudo da cinemática desses objetos é fundamental para esse objetivo. Nosso grupo trabalha no sentido de construir uma base de dados de aglomerados abertos contendo coordenadas, distância, idade, movimentos próprios e velocidades radiais e já disponibiliza uma nova versão do catálogo de aglomerados abertos o qual é uma compilação de edições anteriores, principalmente Lynga (1987), Mermilliod (1995) e ESO-B (Lauberts 1982). Nossa amostra possui cerca de 1630 aglomerados, mas nem todos os parâmetros acima citados foram determinados em sua totalidade. Para determinarmos esses parâmetros, derivamos as cores intrínsecas das estrelas membro de cada aglomerado a partir de seus tipos espectrais (busca feita no SIMBAD) obtendo assim o excesso de cor individual. A distribuição dos excessos de cor foi então utilizada para derivarmos o avermelhamento médio para cada aglomerado. De maneira similar, os tipos espectrais foram usados para estimar as magnitudes absolutas, e com as magnitudes absolutas e aparentes determinamos a respectiva distribuição do módulo de distância e finalmente a distância. Para determinar as idades foram confeccionados os diagramas cor-magnitude das estrelas de cada aglomerado onde foram superpostas a Seqüência Principal de Idade Zero (ZAMS). Superpomos a ZAMS de Schmidt-Kaler e isócronas de composição solar. Essas isócronas foram usadas para determinação das idades dos aglomerados. Uma vez que não temos ainda resultados finais, apresentamos então alguns diagramas cor-magnitude os quais foram usados para determinação, principalmente, da distância e idade dos aglomerados.

Carlos, I. M.; Lépine, J. R. D.



Atributos químicos e físicos de um Argissolo Vermelho-Amarelo em sistema integrado de produção agroecológica  

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The objective of this study was to evaluate the influence of agroecological management systems on physical and chemical attributes of an Udult soil. The following areas were selected: conventional tillage (corn\\/beans); no tillage (eggplant\\/corn); consortium of passion fruit\\/Desmodium sp.; fig cultivation; and an agroforestry system (AFS). The undisturbed soil samples were taken from two layers (0-5 and 5-10 cm) and

Maria Ribeiro da Silva



TEMAS LIVRES FREE THEMES O processo de construção de mapas de risco em um hospital público  

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The paper presents a discussion about the experience of building a risk map by workers in a public hospital, in Rio de Janeiro city, resting on concepts of occupational health surveillance, total quality and biosafety. It goes from the first step to persuade the workers and managers, to identify the potential sources of risk in the work environment, the elaboration

Evandro Chagas; Yara Hahr Marques Hökerberg; Maria Angélica Borges; Brani Rozemberg; Paulo Marcelo Tenório Cotias



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Resumo - A principal tarefa da engenharia de reservatórios é o desenvolvimento e gerenciamento de campos de petróleo a fim de determinar a melhor estratégia de produção e recuperação de óleo e gás. Dependendo do caso, procura-se buscar a maximização da produção de hidrocarbonetos e de indicadores econômicos, ou realizar uma comparação entre projetos para que se trabalhe com projetos

L. Nakajima; C. C. Mezzomo; D. J. Schiozer; I. R. Guilherme


Aprender a ser: Desenvolvimento pessoal e profissional de professores através de um projecto1 2  

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In the last decade, School has been facing several changes and challenges. Teachers are constantly trapped between the Educational System changes and classroom daily routine and, very often, they don't know how to deal with all those situations. So, we believe it is very important to facilitate teachers' development of mechanisms and actions that allow them passing beyond those different

Rita Carmo; Sónia Mendes; Margarida César


Desenvolvimento de um Sistema para Anlise da Variabilidade da Freqncia Cardaca  

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), Departamento de Engenharia Elétrica (ENE), Faculdade de Tecnologia (FT), Universidade de Brasília (UnB), Brasil Medicina (FMD), Universidade de Brasília (UnB), Brasil, 70910-090 Fone: +55 61 307 2274, Fax: +55 61 273

Carvalho, João Luiz


Visualizao de Msica Distncia de um Gesto Joo Tiago Gomes Maria Beatriz Carmo Ana Paula Cludio  

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Motion e desde então surgiram aplicações em diversos domínios, como, por exemplo, na área da medicina ou esta abordagem só possível com recurso à tecnologia (hardware e software) que existe hoje. � importante

Cláudio, Ana Paula


Bethke, Donna From: on behalf of UM SOM PTRS  

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and Nerve" in Philadelphia on March 22-25, 2014. The title of her talk was, "The neurologic upper extremity Meetings (CSM) in Las Vegas, NV last month:

Weber, David J.


Application of 2-um wavelength holmium lasers for treatment of skin diseases  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Theoretical and experimental analysis of the efficiency of application of 2 micrometers pulsed holmium laser for cosmetic and plastic surgery and dermatology is carried out. Preliminary experiments were carried out on rats. Solid state 2 micrometers pulsed laser was allowed to operate in free running mode with pulse energy up to 1.5 J and pulse repetition rate up to 5 Hz. To deliver emission to the object a flexible quartz fiber without further focusing of 2.5 m in length and 400 micrometers of the core diameter was used. The effect of the different power density emission on the skin was studied. The second stage was the study of the influence of 2 micrometers emission on human skin. The results of the removal of hemangioma, papilloma, telangiectasia, nevus, nevus acantholytic, xanthelasma palpebral, verruca, chloasma, pigmental spots, tattoos, etc. are presented. Precision, simplicity, efficiency, and the high cosmetic effect of these operations is noted.

Shcherbakov, Ivan A.; Klimov, Igor V.; Tsvetkov, Vladimir B.; Nerobeev, Alexander I.; Sadovnikova, Lija B.; Eliseenko, Vladimir I.



Discovery of Radio Jets in z~2 ULIRGs with Deep 9.7um Silicate Absorption  

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Recent Spitzer observations have revealed a substantial population of z~2 ULIRGs with deep silicate absorption (\\tau_{9.7}>1). This paper reports a 20cm radio study of such a sample to elucidate their physical nature. We discover that a substantial fraction (40%) of deep silicate absorption ULIRGs at z~2 are moderately radio-loud with L_{1.4GHz}=10^{25}--10^{26}WHz^{-1}. This is in strong contrast with z1. In addition, we observe radio jets in two of our sources where one has a double lobe structure ~200kpc in extent, and another shows a one-sided jet extending ~90kpc from the nucleus. The likely high inclination of the latter, coupled with its deep silicate absorption, implies the mid-IR obscuration does not share an axis with the radio jets. These sources are highly obscured quasars, observed in the transition stage after the birth of the radio source, but before feedback effects dispel the ISM and halt the black hole accretion and starburst activity.

Anna Sajina; Lin Yan; Mark Lacy; Minh Huynh



Digital Video, Digital TV IMPA -Instituto de Matemtica Pura e  

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Tech Trends Multiple Video Sources Video Analysis Local Processing Interaction Multiple Threads 121 Digital Video, Digital TV and Beyond Luiz Velho IMPA - Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada 2 Outline Video in the Digital Age Deployment of Digital Video Enabling Technologies Research @ VISGRAF


The Aripuana Park and the Polonoroeste Programme. IWGIA Document No. 59.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Polonoroeste program is a World Bank-funded colonization project in central Brazil. This document looks at the indigenous peoples of the Aripuana Park which lies in the path of the development plan. The main objective of the $1.5 billion project is to pave a highway from Cuiaba to Porto Velho. The project consists of the highway, colonization…

Junqueira, Carmen; Mindlin, Betty


A shading pipeline for 2D animation techniques HEDLENA BEZERRA  

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-by- frame animation. The complete system provides a flexible framework for designing and generating new styles of 2D/3D animations. 4. References [Johnson] Johnson, Scott F. "Lumo: Illumination for CelA shading pipeline for 2D animation techniques HEDLENA BEZERRA 1 , LUIZ VELHO 2 , BRUNO FEIJÓ 1 1


Color Halftoning with Stochastic Dithering and Adaptive Clustering  

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Color Halftoning with Stochastic Dithering and Adaptive Clustering Luiz Velho, Jonas Gomes IMPA ­ Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada Rio de Janeiro, BRAZI Introduction The reproduction of color images of using different media in the color reproduction process: film, paper, monitor screens, video, etc


Histogram-Based HDR Video IMPA Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada  

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Histogram-Based HDR Video Luiz Velho IMPA ­ Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada Figure 1: Captured LDR images with exposures -1.5 EV, 0 EV, +1.5 EV; HDR image in pseudocolor; and tonemapped image programs developed by pioneer researchers, such as HDRShop and Photosphere, HDR support has been


Realistic, RealTime Rendering of Ocean Waves Microsoft Research  

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Realistic, Real­Time Rendering of Ocean Waves Yaohua Hu Microsoft Research Luiz Velho IMPA Xin Tong surface in real time. Our system can render calm ocean waves with sophisticated lighting effects at 100 in recreating the look and feel of the ocean water. Our second idea is a view-dependent representation of wave

Rajamani, Sriram K.


Hierarchical Triangle Strips IMPA --Instituto de Matem'atica Pura e Aplicada,  

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Hierarchical Triangle Strips Luiz Velho IMPA -- Instituto de Matem'atica Pura e Aplicada, Estrada introduce a method to construct hierarchical triangle strips that completely cover surfaces given in many applications of geometric modeling and computer graphics. The triangle strips representation


Journals -Intellect 1 of 1 6/1/08 4:42 PM  

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and horizontal axes, which have high-resolution sensors that together capture the current viewing orientation level, the Visorama simulates an optical device that uses a binocular display to show the image, as various possible navigation routes. Author(s): André Parente * | Luiz Velho * 1Contact: André Parente Ph


The genome of a songbird Wesley C. Warren1  

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. Mello9 , Pat Minx1 , Peter Lovell9 , Tarciso A. F. Velho9 , Margaret Ferris2 , Christopher N. Balakrishnan2 , Saurabh Sinha2 , Charles Blatti2 , Sarah E. London2 , Yun Li2 , Ya-Chi Lin2 , Julia George2 , Jason Howard8 , Martin Vo¨lker11 , Bejamin M. Skinner12 , Darren K. Griffin12 , Liang Ye1 , William M

Edwards, Scott


Marcelo Medeiros Carneiro Interfaces Assistidas para Deficientes Visuais utilizando  

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Velho (IMPA) Marcelo Gattass (PUC-Rio) Rio de Janeiro, abril de 2003 PUC-Rio Técnico Científico - PUC-Rio Rio de Janeiro, 30 de abril de 2003 PUC-Rio-CertificaçãoDigitalNº9716393/CA Estado do Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) onde desenvolve projetos científicos. Ficha Catalográfica Carneiro


Sueni de Souza Arouca Metodo implicito para reconstruc~ao de curvas  

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´e Eugenio Leal Coordenador Setorial do Centro T´ecnico Cient´ifico -- PUC­Rio Rio de Janeiro, 13 de Licenciatura em Matem´atica na Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro ­ UERJ (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil). Ficha Pacheco R. Velho. -- Rio de Janeiro : PUC­Rio, Departamento de Matem´atica, 2006. v., 64 f: il. ; 29,7 cm



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Distribution of Hg along soil profiles from the Madeira River Basin between Porto Velho-RO and the mouth at the Amazon River, showed the highest concentrations varying with soil horizons depending on texture and organic matter content of a given layer. Highest Hg concentrations were found in clay soils, being influenced by soil type.

D. P. Linhares; J. M. da Silva; T. R. de Lima; J. P. O. Gomes; R. Almeida; W. R. Bastos



Soybean production and conversion of tropical forest in the Brazilian Amazon: The case of Vilhena, Rondônia  

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PortoVelho,wherethebeansareloadedontobargesand sent down the Madeira River to Itacoatiara, near Manaus, for processing or transport on ocean liners to European and Asian ports (Fig. 2). Second, it was important to choose a municipality with variability in both natural and anthropogenic land covers...

Brown, J. Christopher; Koeppe, Matthew; Coles, Benjamin; Price, Kevin P.



MUAN: A Stop Motion Animation System Margareth Catoia Varela1  

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MUAN: A Stop Motion Animation System Margareth Catoia Varela1 , Luiz Velho1 , Bruno Madeira1,lvelho,madeira,hedlena }, Abstract. MUAN is a Stop Motion Animation System for Education. The MUAN system allows animation movie production offering an integrated kit of hardware and software

Paris-Sud XI, Université de


478 Fossil primates walls of rock overhangs and deep caves. See PALE-  

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-old child, buried near Lagar Velho, Portugal, about 25 Ka. The burial pattern and most of the child of hybridization between Neanderthals and moderns, but other researchers argued that the morphology was not that different from what could be expected in a robust anatom- ically modern child and that hybridization would

Delson, Eric



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Floeter, Sergio Ricardo


An image-based shading pipeline for 2D animation Hedlena Bezerra1  

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Traditional animation [1], sometimes called cel anima- tion, hand-drawn animation, cartoon animation, or 2DAn image-based shading pipeline for 2D animation Hedlena Bezerra1 Bruno Feij´o1 Luiz Velho2 1 PUC 110 22460-320 Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil Abstract Shading for cel animation based


Character Animation from Motion Capture Data  

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Editing and Filtering 7 3.1 Cartoon Animation Filter . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 4 Motion transfor- mations applied to motion and implemented a cartoon animation filter [1], which aims at makingCharacter Animation from Motion Capture Data Technical Report Adriana Schulz Instructor: Luiz Velho


Atmos. Chem. Phys., 14, 1206912083, 2014  

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Velho, Rondônia, in the southwestern part of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, and was selected Institute, University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil 2Department of Earth and Exact Sciences, Federal University of São Paulo, Diadema, Brazil 3Centre of Atmospheric Sciences, School of Earth, Atmospheric

Pierce, Jeffrey


An Architecture for Motion Capture Animation  

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An Architecture for Motion Capture Animation Fernando Wagner da Silva Luiz Velho Jonas Gomes Paulo Janeiro - Brazil #12;q Computer Animation Systems q Motion Capture (MoCap) q MoCap Animation System q. â no angular data. â requires post-processing. q Magnetic ã real-time animation. â high encumbrance


Architecture FernandoWagner  

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An Architecture forMotion Capture Animation FernandoWagner da Silva Luiz Velho Jonas Gomes Paulo Janeiro ­ Brazil #12; lComputer Animation Systems lMotion Capture (MoCap) lMoCap Animation System l System post­processing. lMagnetic ãreal­time animation. âhigh encumbrance (lots of cables). âlow sampling rate


Variational Texture Atlas Construction and Applications , Jonas Sossai Jr.  

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parametrization without introducing distortions into the mapping. For this reason, an atlas structure is often local mappings with small distortion. Texture atlas generation can be naturally posed as an optimizationVariational Texture Atlas Construction and Applications Luiz Velho , Jonas Sossai Jr. Keywords


Diorites of the High-K Calc-Alkalic Association: Geochemistry and Sm-Nd Data and Implications for the Evolution of the Borborema Province, Northeast Brazil  

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Accretion of exotic terranes during the Cariris Velhos (late Mesoproterozoic to early Neoproterozoic) and Brasiliano (late Neoproterozoic) events has been proposed as an important process of continental growth in Borborema province, northeastern Brazil. If this hypothesis holds true, it is reasonable to assume that the roots of these accreted blocks have variable chemical and isotopic compositions. Here, we investigate this

Gorki Mariano; Sergio Pacheco Neves; Adejardo Francisco Da Siva Filho; Ignez De Plnho Guimaraes



Studiar L'inglese dalle elementari--Problema europeo: Una proposta nuova della pedagogia cibernetica (Beginning the Study of English in the Elementary School Grades--A European Problem: A New Proposal from Cibernetic Education).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Warns the European community of the dangers of accepting English as the international language and urges the adoption of Esperanto, a neutral language without its own cultural tradition, as the international lingua franca. (CFM)

Chiti-Batelli, Andrea



SOS! Ayuda para Padres: Una Guia Practica para Manejar Problemas de Conducta Comunes y Corrientes. (SOS! Help for Parents: A Practical Guide for Handling Common Everyday Behavior Problems.) Leader's Guide.  

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This Spanish-language version of "SOS" provides parents with guidance for handling a variety of common behavior problems based on the behavior approach to child rearing and discipline. This approach suggests that good and bad behavior are both learned and can be changed, and proposes specific methods, skills, procedures, and strategies for parents…

Clark, Lynn


Design of a system for solving the Labor Scheduling Problem in an airport\\/Diseño de un sistema para la resolución del problema de programación de turnos en un aeropuerto  

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In this work, a system to solve the labor scheduling problem in a passengers flow model at an airport is developed. Specifically, the objective consists on rationalizing personnel costs (check and security), at the same time that the minimum level of service required in the passengers transit (measured with the waiting time) is guaranteed. The system is compounded by three




A hybrid of genetic algorithm and bottleneck shifting for flexible job shop scheduling problemA hybrid of genetic algorithm and bottleneck shifting for flexible job shop scheduling problem  

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Flexible job shop scheduling problem (fJSP) is an extension of the classical job shop scheduling problem, which provides a closer approximation to real scheduling problems. We develop a new genetic algorithm hybridized with an innovative local search procedure (bottleneck shifting) for the fJSP problem. The genetic algorithm uses two representation methods to represent solutions of the fJSP problem. Advanced crossover

Jie Gao; Mitsuo Gen; Linyan Sun




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The purpose of this study was to identify leprosy patients' psychosocial problems experienced after they were informed about their diagnosis. We foccused attention upon concerns and behavioral changes related to their families, friends, jobs and to themselves. Data were obtained by a two opened questions interview and they were analysed with the aid of artificial intelligence techniques. These inteligence tools

Lúcia Maria Frazão Helene; Manly Theoto Rocha


Nine Tips To Help Faith Leaders and Their Communities Address Teen Pregnancy = Nueve consejos para ayudar a lideres espirituales y sus comunidades a hacerle frente al problema del embarazo en la adolescencia.  

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To support faith communities in protecting teenage boys and girls from too-early sexual activity and teen pregnancy, the National Campaign To Prevent Teen Pregnancy's Task Force on Religion and Public Values has compiled these nine tips which summarize a wealth of experience and advice from faith leaders around the country. The members of the Task…

National Campaign To Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Washington, DC.


E.T.S. Ingenieria Informatica. Dpto. Ciencias de la Computacion e Inteligencia Artificial Metodologia de la Programacion II. Curso 2002-03. Relacion de Problemas I: Gestion de Memoria Dinamica  

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E.T.S. Ingenier´ia Inform´atica. Dpto. Ciencias de la Computaci´on e Inteligencia Artificial; return 0; } #12;E.T.S. Ingenier´ia Inform´atica. Dpto. Ciencias de la Computaci´on e Inteligencia que aparece #12;E.T.S. Ingenier´ia Inform´atica. Dpto. Ciencias de la Computaci´on e Inteligencia

Castillo, Luis


Identificabilidade e estabilidade dos parâmetros no método Grade of Membership (GoM): considerações metodológicas e práticas  

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O método Grade of Membership (GoM) tem sido cada vez mais utilizado por demógrafos brasileiros e tem a vantagem de possuir um parâmetro que mensura a heterogeneidade individual, com base nas correlações não-observáveis entre as categorias de resposta das variáveis de interesse, gerando um medida do grau de pertencimento de cada indivíduo a perfis extremos. Alguns autores, contudo, chamam atenção para questões importantes na calibragem dos modelos finais que utilizam o programa GoM versão 3.4, como o problema de identificabilidade – soluções múltiplas para parâmetros estimados. Neste artigo, é sugerido um procedimento capaz de identificar um modelo final com solução única que descreva os tipos puros mais fidedignos à base de dados, em uma tentativa de otimização. Para ilustrar esse processo, utilizou-se uma base de dados correspondente a um levantamento econômico e sociodemográfico de uma população de pequenos agricultores residentes ao longo da Rodovia Transamazônica, no Estado do Pará. Também identificou-se a existência de instabilidade nos parâmetros estimados pelo programa GoM 3.4, sendo proposto um método de estabilização de seus valores. Com esses procedimentos combinados, os usuários do programa GoM 3.4 poderão descrever sua base de dados de forma mais adequada e responder às críticas sobre questões de identificabilidade e estabilidade dos modelos resultantes. Essas soluções empíricas são relevantes por afetarem cálculos de prevalência e de incidência de eventos de interesse, além de trazerem consequências importantes sobre o ponto e o momento corretos para intervenções de políticas públicas ou de planejamento prospectivo em análises de projeção. PMID:21709732

Guedes, Gilvan Ramalho; Caetano, André Junqueira; Machado, Carla Jorge; Brondízio, Eduardo Sonewend



Configurazione a minima energia per reti di sensori wireless  

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del tempo di vita dei nodi . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 3 Il problema di configurazione a minima potenza del problema . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 3.2.1 Potenza richiesta da un generico

Schenato, Luca



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consistente en modelar completamente un problema complejo y resolverlo usando software libre de la Web. Las método Simplex: desarrollo analítico e interpretación gráfica. 2 Problema dual: planteamiento y

Rapaport, Iván


Estudo da região HII galática NGC 2579  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Desde a descoberta dos gradientes de abundância química em galáxias espirais, as regiões HII galáticas têm sido intensamente estudadas com o objetivo de determinar a forma do gradiente de abundância química na Via-Láctea. Entretanto, a forma do gradiente galático continua controversa e existem muitas regiões HII que continuam inexploradas. A região HII galática NGC 2579 é um objeto que aparece em imagens Ha, como uma pequena mancha brilhante de aproximadamente 2 segundos de arco de diâmetro a 20 segundos de arco ao leste de RCW 20, sendo NGC 2579 muitas vezes confundida com esta última. Apesar de seu alto brilho superficial, NGC 2579 é um objeto pouco estudado provavelmente por problemas de identificação deste objeto. Como parte de um projeto de reavaliação dos gradientes de abundância química das regiões HII na Via-Láctea, estamos realizando um estudo extensivo das propriedades físicas básicas como temperatura eletrônica, densidade eletrônica e composição química da região HII galática NGC 2579. Analisamos dados espectrofotométricos de fenda longa na faixa de 3700Å a 7750Å obtidos com o telescópio de 1.52 m do ESO, Chile, em 2002. Determinamos a temperatura eletrônica usando a razão entre as linhas do [OIII] (l4959+l5007/l4363) e a densidade eletrônica pela razão entre as linhas do [SII] (l6716/l6731). As abundâncias químicas do O, N, Cl, S, Ne e He foram determinadas. Realizamos um estudo de imagens fotométricas nas bandas UBVRI obtidas em 2000 no observatório astronômico San Pedro Mártir, México, para identificar e classificar as estrelas ionizantes de NGC 2579 e determinar a distância deste objeto.

Riffel, R.; Copetti, M. V. F.



Uma Comparação entre Técnicas de Propagação de Erros em Astrofísica: Monte Carlo x Bootstrap  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Neste trabalho é feito um estudo comparativo entre dois algoritmos numéricos usados para propagação de erros em dados experimentais. Um deles é conhecido por Método de Monte carlo e o outro por Método de Bootstrap. Recentemente, Dhullon & Watson argüiram que a aplicação do método de Monte Carlo introduz ruído nos dados, e propuseram então a utilização do Bootstrap como alternativa capaz de produzir resultados superiores. O objetivo deste trabalho é testar a validade dessa afirmação. As duas técnicas foram aplicadas a três problemas diferentes: o ajsute de modelos de emissão LTE simples e atmosfera estelar a espectros estelares observados e o ajuste de curvas de luz de eclipses de Variáveis Cataclísmicas para a detemrinação da distribuição radial de brilho dos seus discos de acréscimo. Os métodos foram testados quanto à sua robusteza, ou seja, a capacidade de prover resultados coerentes enre si. Além disso, as soluções dos métodos foram comparadas. Os resultados indicam que não existe evidência de superioridade de um métodos em relação ao outro.

Zabot, Alexandre; Baptista, Raymundo



Variação temporal do gradiente radial de o/h a partir de uma amostra de nebulosas planetárias  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Gradientes radiais de abundância são observados no disco de nossa Galáxia e também em outras galáxias espirais. No caso da Galáxia, o principal problema relativo aos gradientes é sua variação temporal, que constitui um dos principais vínculos aos modelos de evolução química da Galáxia. As nebulosas planetárias são particularmente interessantes no estudo dos gradientes e suas variações, tanto espaciais como temporais. São objetos brilhantes, podendo ser observadas a grandes distâncias, e têm abundâncias relativamente precisas de diversos elementos químicos. Além disso, sendo originadas de estrelas com massas entre 0.8 e 8 massas solares na sequência principal, incluem objetos com idades e populações diferentes, o que as torna especialmente interessantes ao estudo da variação temporal dos gradientes. Neste trabalho, apresentamos resultados recentes sobre a variação temporal do gradiente de O/H a partir de uma amostra contendo cerca de 200 nebulosas, para as quais obtivemos distâncias por métodos estatísticos. As abundâncias foram parcialmente obtidas a partir de observações em Itajubá e La Silla, sendo as restantes obtidas da literatura. Os resultados mostram, pela primeira vez, evidências de um achatamento do gradiente de O/H, de -0.11 dex/kpc para -0.06 dex/kpc nos últimos 9 giga-anos ou de -0.08 dex/kpc para -0.06 dex/kpc nos últimos 5 giga-anos. Esses valores apresentam um bom acordo com alguns modelos recentes para a evolução química da Galáxia. (FAPESP/CNPq)

Maciel, W. J.; Costa, R. D. D.; Uchida, M. M. M.



Controle orbital de satélites artificiais com propulsão e uso de gravidade lunar  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A redução do custo de combustível de uma manobra é atualmente a grande prioridade de todos os programas espaciais existentes no mundo. As manobras assistidas pela gravidade são uma ótima forma de se contornar o problema pois proporcionam economias com vasto impacto no custo final da missão. Neste trabalho é feito um estudo particular do controle orbital de um satélite artificial da Terra usando a gravidade da Lua. O objetivo é estudar uma técnica econômica para uma mudança de plano de um satélite que está em órbita em volta da Terra. A idéia principal desta abordagem é enviar primeiramente o veículo espacial em direção à Lua usando uma manobra mono-impulsiva para que assim o campo gravitacional da Lua possa fazer a mudança de plano desejada (sem custo de combustível) e só então retornar o veículo aos valores iniciais de semi-eixo e excentricidade usando uma manobra bi-impulsiva tipo Hohmann. Para tanto, é assumido que a espaçonave inicia em uma órbita circular coplanar à órbita da lua em torno da Terra e a meta é colocá-la em uma órbita similar que difere da órbita inicial somente pela inclinação. São usadas equações analíticas baseadas na abordagem Patched Conics para se calcular a variação na velocidade, momento angular, energia e inclinação do veículo espacial que realiza esta manobra. Várias simulações são feitas para se avaliar as economias de combustível envolvidas.

Torres, K. S.; de Almeida Prado, A. F. B.



Estudo comparativo entre estrelas centrais de nebulosas planetárias deficientes em hidrogênio  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Apresentamos neste trabalho o resultado de um estudo das principais características espectrais das estrelas centrais de nebulosas planetárias (ECNP) deficientes em hidrogênio. A origem e a evolução dessas estrelas ainda constitui um problema em aberto na evolução estelar. Geralmente esses objetos são divididos em [WCE], [WCL] e [WELS]. Os tipos [WCE] e [WCL] apresentam um espectro típico de uma estrela Wolf-Rayet carbonada de população I e as [WELS] apresentam linhas fracas de carbono e oxigênio em emissão. Existem evidências que apontam a seguinte sequência evolutiva : [WCL] = > [WCE] = > [WELS] = > PG 1159 (pré anã-branca). No entanto, tal cenário apresenta falhas como por exemplo a falta de ECNP entre os tipos [WCL] e [WCE]. Baseados em uma amostra de 24 objetos obtida no telescópio de 1.52m em La Silla, Chile (acordo ESO/ON), ao longo do ano 2000, apresentamos os resultados da comparação das larguras equivalentes de diversas linhas relevantes entre os tipos [WCL], [WCE] e [WELS]. Verificamos que nossos dados estão de acordo com a sequência evolutiva. Baseado nas linhas de C IV, conseguimos dividir pela primeira vez as [WELS] em dois grupos principais. Além disso, os dados reforçam a afirmação de que as [WCE] são as estrelas que possuem a maior temperatura entre as ECNP deficientes em hidrogênio. Discutimos ainda, a escassez de dados disponíveis na literatura e a necessidade da obtenção de parametros físicos para estes objetos.

Marcolino, W. L. F.; de Araújo, F. X.



Captura de satélites durante a formação de Júpiter  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O planeta Jupiter apresenta um grande número de satélites irregulares. As características das órbitas destes objetos indicam que os mesmos não teriam se formado ao redor do planeta que se encontram. As teorias existentes são de que estes objetos teriam se formado em uma região distante do planeta e sua evolução dinâmica os teria levado a uma captura gravitacional pelo planeta. Tendo em vista que o processo de captura gravitacional sem efeitos dissipativos não produz uma captura permanente, estudamos o processo de captura durante o estágio de formação do planeta. Realizamos simulações numéricas para os casos de satélites prógrados e retrógrados que inicialmente se encontram ao redor de Jupiter com sua massa atual e então, evoluimos a integração voltando no tempo de modo que o planeta sofra uma redução em sua massa (de 100% para 10% de sua massa atual) e verificamos o instante em que o satélites escapa do planeta (quando sua energia do problema de dois corpos se torna positiva). Assim, analisando o problema inverso no tempo, obtivemos em qual estágio de formação de Jupiter aquele hipotético satélite teria sido capturado. Os resultados mostram que os satélites retrógrados são capturados assim que entram na região delimitada pela esfera de Hill do planeta, enquanto que os satélites prógrados só são capturados quando entram numa região bem mais próxima ao planeta, uma fração da esfera de Hill.

Winter, O. C.; Vieira Neto, E.; Yokoyama, T.



In Anthony Jameson, Ccile Paris, and Carlo Tasso (Eds.), User Modeling: Proceedings of the Sixth International Con ference, UM97. Vienna, New York: Springer Wien New York. CISM, 1997. Available on-line from  

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and goals. 1 Introduction: Generating Health Promotion Advice User models in current adaptive information systems embody knowledge about users' goals and beliefs in order to present tailored information of the user's current perspective(s) as well as beliefs, and able to handle a dialectic rather than logic

Grasso, Floriana