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Reformulation of Engineering Education at Undergraduate Level in the Faculdad de Ingenieria y Ciencias Hidricas Universidad Nacional del Litoral--Water Resources and Engineering Degrees.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper explains the educational changes in the Water Resources Engineering program offered by the Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Santa Fe, Argentina, for the last 20 years at the undergraduate level. The need for modernizing the engineering teaching program occurred due to changes in the social system in which the concepts of development…

Theiler, Julio; Isla, Miguel; Arrillaga, Hugo; Ceirano, Eduardo; Lozeco, Cristobal


Strategies, Programs and Projects 2008 of the Astrophysical Group "SPACE-Universidad Nacional Mayor De San Marcos, Peru" - Preparing for the IYA2009  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a review of our efforts to introduce astronomy as scientific career in Peru, showing how our astronomy outreach programs have been one of the most important keys to reach our national astronomical scientific goals, remarking the crucial role that the celebration of the IYA2009 must play, in order to promote PhD programmes in astronomy in developing countries. We show the importance of the creation of the Seminario Permanente de Astronomía y Ciencias Espaciales (SPACE) in the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, as an academic scientific and cultural center in Peru, to support our 26 years-old "Astronomical Fridays” which are addressed to wide range of public, from schoolchildren to scientists. We also show how important was to rediscover our ancient astronomical cultural past of Incas in order to promote the construction of a Astronomical Center located near Cusco city over 4000 meters above sea level, which includes a tourist-educational observatory, a scientific optical observatory and a solar radio observatory.

Vera, Victor; Aguilar, M.; Huisacayna, J.



Physics Department, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Of. 370, Edif. 404, Ciudad Universitaria, Bogotá, Colombia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The vibrational modes of a C molecule irradiated with ultrafast laser pulses are studied, using a tight binding approach with variable occupations. It is shown that for the same level of electronic excitation, measured through the electronic temperature, each mode suffers a distinct softening. Excited trajectories below and above the damage threshold, are examined. It is shown that the bond breaking processes and the ulterior fragmentation might be described in terms of the activation of softened vibrational modes; and that the changes in frequency can be dramatically larger than those estimated with the isothermal model.

Rios, Carlos; Valencia, Felipe



Speckle Interferometry and Speckle Photometry of Binary Stars at Telescopes of Observatorio Astronomico Nacional  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Observatorio Astronomico Nacional (OAN) is a facility of the Instituto de Astronomía of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (IA-UNAM). There are two astronomical sites where the four telescopes are mounted: one site is located at San Pedro Mártir (OAN-SPM), Baja California, and the second one at Tonantzintla (OAN-T), near Puebla, Mexico. These telescopes can be effectively used for speckle interferometric and for speckle photometric measurements of binary and multiple stars with the Rayleigh resolution limit R = 1.22 ?/D. Regular speckle interferometric measurements of binary stars have been made with telescopes of the OAN since 2008. In 2011 we start speckle photometric measurements in three colors (V,R,I). In 2012 two more spectral bands (U,B) were added.

Orlov, V.


Exoplanet Surveys at Universidad de Chile  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present and highlight the first results of the three main exoplanet surveys we are currently conducting at Universidad de Chile: CHEPS, Red Giant Exoplanets (radial velocity), and TraMoS (transit lightcurves). We have several interesting candidates at the Calan-Hertfordshire Extrasolar Planet Search (CHEPS) project, which is aimed at searching for the currently missing southern bright transiting planets at a few m/s radial velocity precision. Using the same technique, we are also characterizing the planetary population in a constrained sample of Red Giant stars. The Transit Monitoring from the South (TraMoS) project is aimed both at improving transit parameters and at detecting any kind of lightcurve variability from several known southern exoplanet systems.

Rojo, Patricio; Jenkins, James; Hoyer, Sergio; Jones, Matías



El papel de la Universidad en el desarrollo y la innovación tecnológica: la experiencia catalana (Relación Universidad-Empresa-Gobierno)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Este trabajo busca proporcionar algunos elementos que permitan valorar una de las facetas de la contribución de la Universidad a su nueva misión, aquella orientada al desarrollo tecnológico y, como consecuencia, al desarrollo económico. En la primera parte se plantea que la nueva misión de la Universidad, además de las funciones clásicas referidas a la formación de recurso humano y

Dolly Yazmín Camacho Corredor



Rare Astronomy Books at Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A brief view of astronomy titles at Special Funds Section from main library of the Universidad de Guadalajara is do. Some diagrams appearing in our Sacrobosco's Sphaera Mundi edition ( < 1485) that no in previous editions, are shown and described. Also are shown marginalia in a Copernicus' first edition (1543) of De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium and some hypothesis on their origins. Other author reviewed is Athanasius Kircher. This work was partially supported by Universidad de Guadalajara.

de Alba-Martinez, D. J.



The Observatorio Astronómico Nacional - Tonantzintla: Site Evaluation  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The objective of this contribution is to present some results of an evaluation on the local conditions at the site that were considered in order to propose that the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional, Tonantzintla, (OAN-Tonantzintla) become a National Facility for Astronomy Education. The evaluation included a quantitative diagnostic (CCD photometry) on the quality of the local sky. The attributes of the 1-m telescope, the current instrumentation and a well planned upgrading that includes new instrumentation is considered at the basis for a successful transition maintaining the attractiveness of the site for astronomy education. A 3-year upgrading program actually in progress at UNAM is providing funding for that purpose. Physics and astronomy programs at college and graduated levels at UNAM will benefit from this, yielding clear connections among astronomy researchers and educators and students at various levels. Although the OAN-Tonantzintla faces the danger of deteriorating its sky conditions, we are maintaining awareness of the night sky characteristics in long-term monitoring campaigns and encouraging the local authorities to find alternative solutions to this problem.

Hernández-Toledo, H. M.; Martínez-Vázquez, L. A.; Pani-Cielo, A.



Advances in optical technologies at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this work, it is shown a panoramically view of advances and works on fundamental optical technology developed and Physics Section at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú PUCP in Lima Peru. This includes works in, precision optics manufacturing, optical testing, and optical design and simulation and also in optical thin film evaporation and its design techniques

Baldwin, Guillermo; Asmad, Miguel; Romero, Sandra; Gonzales, Franco; Gálvez, Gonzalo; Sánchez, Rubén; Córdova, Darwin



The Optometry Program at Universidad Autonoma de la Laguna, Mexico.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A description of the optometry program at the Universidad Autonoma de la Laguna (Mexico) provides information on the composition of the faculty, design of the five-year program as compared with the traditional four-year program, curriculum content, clinical education, visiting lecturer program, and certification of graduates. (MSE)

Gonzalez, Agustin L.



Faculty Activity Analysis in the Universidad Tecnica Del Estado Campuses.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

An analysis of academic activities of college faculty at the eight campuses of Chile's Universidad Tecnica del Estado was conducted. Activities were grouped into seven categories: direct teaching, indirect teaching, research, community services, faculty development, academic administration, and other activities. Following the narrative…

Karadima, Oscar


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 01-05-2010

Al caminar por los pasillos del nuevo centro oncológico integral en la sede de Ciencias Médicas de la Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR) en San Juan, uno debe mantener los ojos abiertos. La mujer que pasa caminando vigorosamente podría ser la doctora Marcia Roxana Cruz-Correa, y no debe uno perderse la oportunidad de conocerla.


Vozes católicas no Congresso Nacional: aborto, defesa da vida  

Microsoft Academic Search

Este levantamento sobre os argumentos apresentados nos debates do Congresso Nacional faz parte de um trabalho mais amplo sobre a tramitação de projetos de lei relativos aos direitos sexuais e reprodutivos que tramitaram na década de 90. O aborto, um dos eventos da vida reprodutiva das mulheres, aparece na pauta dos debates mais polêmicos das últimas décadas, tanto em nível

Myriam Aldana



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 16 de enero 2013

El Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer ha suspendido su publicación a partir del 16 de enero de 2013. El archivo del Boletín, que cuenta con todas las ediciones publicadas desde 2009 a 2013, permanecerá a disposición de los lectores en el sitio web del NCI.


Se lanza Red Nacional de Estudios Clínicos del NCI

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) puso en marcha una nueva red de investigación de estudios clínicos con el objetivo de mejorar el tratamiento de más de 1,6 millones de estadounidenses que reciben un diagnóstico de cáncer cada año.


[Description of assessment processes at the Medical School of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: a ten year experience].  


Globalization of health care seems to be irreversible and beyond cultural differences and local realities; consequently, medical education needs to have a common set of core principles or standards that may be applied worldwide. The aim of participating in assessment processes is to guarantee that medical education takes place in a sufficiently rich environment to promote extensive academic purposes. The Medical School of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) participated in three assessment processes that included three stages: internal assessment, external assessment, and accreditation judgment. Two of these assessments were voluntarily carried out following the standards set by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education-LCME, and they took place in 1997 and 2007. The other assessment was based on standards set by the Chilean accrediting organism, the National Committee for Undergraduate Program Accreditation (Comité Nacional de Acreditación de Pregrado-CNAP) and took place in the year 2001. In all three experiences, internal assessment was the most enriching stage, stimulating refections among students and teachers in order to recognize areas of strengths and weaknesses. External assessment processes, especially those based on international standards, are very important for the institutional and program development of Medical Schools. The PUC Medical School on its whole learnt how to carry out an assessment process and was able to improve several weaknesses without pressure, moving from quality assurance to quality enhancement. The present paper analyzes the major challenges involved in an external assessment process. PMID:21140066

Sánchez D, Ignacio; Riquelme P, Arnoldo; Moreno B, Rodrigo; Salas I, Sofía; Pertuzé R, Julio; García C, Patricia



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 07-20-2010

El doctor Harold Varmus, acompañado de su esposa Constance Casey (centro), presta juramento como director del NCI ante la Secretaria del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos, Kathleen Sebelius, el lunes 12 de julio. (Foto cortesía de Chris Smith) El 12 de julio, el doctor Harold Varmus prestó juramento ante la Secretaria del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos, Kathleen Sebelios, como el decimocuarto director del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer.


Speckle Interferometry at the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional. IV  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present speckle interferometric measurements of binary stars performed during September and October of 2009 with the 2.1 m telescope of the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional at SPM (Mexico). We report here the results of 200 measurements of 196 pairs with a primary limiting magnitude of V = 12.3. The measured angular separations range from 0".115 to 5".26. Ninety seven pairs have separations less than 1". The mean error in separation is 0".03 and 1°.5 in position angle. The usual 180° ambiguity was corrected for a majority of position angles by comparison with observations performed by other observers.

Orlov, V. G.; Voitsekhovich, V. V.; Guerrero, C. A.




Microsoft Academic Search

This work is to analyze the university's mission, in a context of changes imposed by globalization and tech- nological innovations. During the decade of 30, with the Universidade do Brasil, in Rio de Janeiro and the Universidade de São Paulo The Brazilian university appears. It is approximately 80 years old, it's histo- rical period is short compared to that of





Microsoft Academic Search

Parque Nacional Carara is located midway along the Pacific versant of Costa Rica in the transition zone between dry tropical forest to the north and wet tropical forest to the south. We documented patterns of biodiversity among three sites within Parque Nacional Carara and compared the park's overall herpetofaunal community to those found in the dry tropical forest to the



Ambient Dose Equivalent measured at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología Department of Nuclear Medicine  

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Ambient dose equivalent values were determined in several sites at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología, Departmento de Medicina Nuclear, using TLD-100 and TLD-900 thermoluminescent dosemeters. Additionally, ambient dose equivalent was measured at a corridor outside the hospitalization room for patients treated with 137Cs brachytherapy. Dosemeter calibration was performed at the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, Laboratorio de Metrología, to known

O. Ávila; C. L. Torres-Ulloa; L. A. Medina; F. E. Trujillo-Zamudio; I. Gamboa de Buen; A. E. Buenfil; M. E. Brandan



Ayuda para usar el sitio web en español del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

Página de guía que le permite al lector entender la forma en que está organizado el sitio web del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), las categorías de información disponibles y las políticas que rigen este sitio web.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 28 de febrero de 2012

Los artículos originales en inglés están disponibles en las páginas del NCI Cancer Bulletin. El Boletín es una publicación del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), una entidad gubernamental de los Estados Unidos creada en 1937.


Ambient Dose Equivalent measured at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerologi´a Department of Nuclear Medicine  

Microsoft Academic Search

Ambient dose equivalent values were determined in several sites at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerologi´a, Departmento de Medicina Nuclear, using TLD-100 and TLD-900 thermoluminescent dosemeters. Additionally, ambient dose equivalent was measured at a corridor outside the hospitalization room for patients treated with 137Cs brachytherapy. Dosemeter calibration was performed at the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, Laboratorio de Metrologi´a, to known

O. A´vila; C. L. Torres-Ulloa; L. A. Medina; F. E. Trujillo-Zamudio; I. Gamboa de Buen; A. E. Buenfil; M. E. Brandan



The development of the Heliometer of the Observatório Nacional  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Observatório Nacional at Rio de Janeiro has developed a new heliometer to perform accurate measurements of the solar diameter. The equipment makes use of split parabolic mirrors, rather than split achromatic lenses as objective. In its first campaign this reflector heliometer generated a few thousands of images of the Sun through which we evaluate the precision of the solar diameter measurements as been 5 mas. The mechanical and thermal stability of the instrument is guaranteed by the use of a telescope tube manufactured in carbon fiber. The tube firmly holds the heliometric mirrors and the CCD camera that collects the images. The perfect lodging between the two half-mirrors over its supporting plate defines the angular instrumental separation between the two images of the sun. The heliometric mirrors and supporting plate have been made in ceramic material in order to ensure the stability of the optical configuration and to maintain the two images of the solar disk displaced by a fixed angle in relation to each other. To verify the stability of the instrument we designed the procedures of collimation and comparison. The collimation consists of using the heliometer for measuring the diameter of an artificial solar image specifically created for this purpose. The comparison is performed by measuring the residual unfold of a punctual image after been unfold by two opposed heliometers. The heliometric approach allows the measurement of the solar diameter at any heliolatitude and can be undertaken as often as desired. Computer programs have been developed for automated image acquisition and analysis. The optical and mechanical design has been performed by using 3D computer aided design software.

d'Ávila, Victor; Reis, Eugênio; Penna, Jucira; Oliveira, Luiz Carlos; Coletti, Alissandro; Matias, Victor; Andrei, Alexandre; Boscardin, Sergio



The orchid-bee faunas (Hymenoptera: Apidae) of 'Parque Nacional do Monte Pascoal', 'Parque Nacional do Descobrimento' and three other Atlantic Forest remnants in southern Bahia, eastern Brazil.  


The orchid-bee faunas of 'Parque Nacional do Monte Pascoal', 'Parque Nacional do Descobrimento' and three other Atlantic Forest remnants ranging from 1 to 300 ha in southern Bahia, eastern Brazil, were surveyed. Baits with seventeen different scents were used to attract orchid-bee males. Four thousand seven hundred and sixty-four males belonging to 36 species were actively collected with insect nets during 300 hours from November, 2008 to November, 2009. Richness and diversity of orchid bees found in this study are the highest ever recorded in the Atlantic Forest domain. Eufriesea dentilabris (Mocsáry, 1897) and Eufriesea violacea (Blanchard, 1840) were collected at the 'Parque Nacional do Monte Pascoal', the first record of these species for the state of Bahia and the northernmost record for both species. Females Exaerete dentata (Linnaeus, 1758) were also collected at 'Parque Nacional do Monte Pascoal' and old records of Eufriesea aeneiventris (Mocsáry, 1896) in this area makes this site the richest and most diverse concerning its orchid-bee fauna in the entire Atlantic Forest and similar to areas in the Amazon Basin. PMID:23917575

Nemésio, A



Astrophysics education at Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico: From children popularization to posgraduate courses  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Astrophysics growing group of the Universidad de Guadalajara situation is shown. Programs and activities developed at different levels are described, as popularization for children and adults (some in colaboration with Tourism Bureau and Jalisco State Education Secretary), licenciatura \\" (\\ BSc) courses actually taugth and posgraduate courses to be taugth in near future. Facilities and some exercises are shown.

de Alba-Martinez, D. J.



An Experiment in Systematized Course Design for ESP at the Universidad Simon Bolivar.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In order to bring about some continuity and coherence among the various English for Special Purposes (ESP) courses at the Universidad Simon Bolivar, a systematization project was undertaken. The purpose was to provide general guidelines for the production and future revision of materials while taking into account the specific characteristics of…

Curiel, Dolores N.; And Others


Promoting Entrepreneurial Culture in the University: The Institutional Collaborative Model at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper presents a case of collaboration between different types of public services and the private sector for the promotion of an entrepreneurial culture. This collaboration is achieved by means of a centre established and developed by the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, the Centro de Iniciativas Emprendedoras (the Centre for Entrepreneurial…

de Pablo, Isidro; Alfaro, Fernando; Rodriguez, Miriam; Valdes, Esperanza




Microsoft Academic Search

El sistema para gestionar la actividad científica del Departamento de Informática de la Universidad de Guantánamo surge debido a la necesidad de gestionar de manera más rápida, segura y eficaz los procesos que se desarrollan actualmente en dicho centro. Fue desarrollado utilizando los lenguajes PHP del lado del servidor con CodeIgniter como framework y JavaScript del lado del cliente. Se

Denis Boizan Romero



El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer publica nuevo atlas de mortalidad por cáncer

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI, por sus siglas en inglés) ha publicado un nuevo atlas, el Atlas de Mortalidad por Cáncer en los Estados Unidos, 1950-94, que muestra los patrones geográficos de las tasas de mortalidad por cáncer durante más de cuatro décadas, en más de 3.000 condados a lo largo del país.


Enlightenment, Education, and the Republican Project: Chile's "Instituto Nacional" (1810-1830)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article analyses the establishment of the "Instituto Nacional de Chile" between 1810 and 1830 as a crucial element of a political and cultural project advanced from an enlightened and republican elite. Its early inception in 1813 resulted from the necessity of consolidating a republican order, as shown by the different projects between 1810…

Baeza Ruz, Andres



Consumo de drogas entre adolescentes: resultados de la Encuesta Nacional de Adicciones, 1998  

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Objective. The aim of this paper is to describe drug and associated factors use among adolescents (12 to 17 years of age). Material and Methods. Data come from the re- cent Encuesta Nacional de Adicciones, 1998 (National Sur- vey on Addictions) undertaken in urban areas of Mexico. A probabilistic, multi-stage, stratified cluster sampling design was used to select the study

Ma Elena Medina-Mora; Patricia Cravioto; Jorge Villatoro; Clara Fleiz; Fernando Galván-Castillo; Roberto Tapia-Conyer



El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer lanza el sitio en la Internet

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI, por sus siglas en ingls) anunci hoy el lanzamiento de (, que ha sido mejorado significativamente, es muy fcil de navegar y brinda en un solo sitio toda la informacin sobre el cáncer


Aspectos generales de la Red Nacional de Estudios Clínicos del NCI

Reseña general sobre la estructura organizativa de la Red Nacional de Estudios Clínicos del NCI, así como un resumen de los cambios que se están llevando a cabo y una sinopsis de cómo estos cambios se basan en el éxito del programa de Grupos Cooperativos.


"La Hermandad" and Chicanas Organizing: The Community Rhetoric of the "Comision Femenil Mexicana Nacional" Organization  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

To address the need for situated accounts of community rhetoric, this article examines the legacy of the first Chicana feminist organization, the "Comision Femenil Mexicana Nacional (CFMN)." The CFMN and their archival collection provide[d] Chicanas an education about how to interpret, be and act in the world. To invent a rhetorical…

Leon, Kendall Marie



8th Argentinean Bioengineering Society Conference (SABI 2011) and 7th Clinical Engineering Meeting  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In September 2011, the Eighteenth Edition of the Argentinean Bioengineering Society Conference (SABI 2011) and Seventh Clinical Engineering Meeting were held in Mar del Plata, Argetina. The Mar del Plata SABI Regional and the School of Engineering of the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata invited All bioengineers, engineers, physicists, mathematicians, biologists, physicians and health professionals working in the field of Bioengineering to participate in this event. The overall objectives of the Conference were: To provide discussion of scientific research results in Bioengineering and Clinical Engineering. To promote technological development experiences. To strengthen the institutional and scientific communication links in the area of Bioengineering, mainly between Universities of Latin America. To encourage students, teachers, researchers and professionals to establish exchanges of experiences and knowledge. To provide biomedical engineering technology solutions to the society and contributing ideas for low cost care. Conference photograph Conference photograph Conference photograph Conference photograph EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE SABI 2011 Chair Dra Virginia L Ballarin Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Co-Chair Dra Teresita R Cuadrado Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Local Comittee Dr Gustavo Abraham Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Dra Josefina Ballarre Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Dr Eduardo Blotta Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Agustina Bouchet Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dr Marcel Brun Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Silvia Ceré Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Dra Mariela Azul Gonzalez Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Dra Lucia Isabel Passoni Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dr Juan Ignacio Pastore Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Dra Adriana Scandurra Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata SCIENTIFIC ADVISORY COMMITTEE President Dr Gustavo Meschino Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Comittee Dr Gustavo Abraham Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Mg Rubén Acevedo Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos Ing Pablo Agüero Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Ing Mariela Ambrustolo Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dr Ricardo Armentano Universidad Favaloro Dra Virginia L Ballarin Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Josefina Ballarre Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Dr Eduardo Blotta Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Ing Marco Benalcázar Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Mg Freddy Geovanny Benalcázar Palacios Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo, Ecuador Dr Roberto Boeri Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET - INTEMA Dra Agustina Bouchet Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dr Ariel Braidot Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos Dr Marcel Brun Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Silvia Ceré Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Ing Fernando Clara Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dr Raúl Correa Prado Universidad Nacional de San Juan Bioing Pablo Cortez Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Teresita R Cuadrado Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata - CONICET Ing Eduardo De Forteza Universidad Favaloro Dra Mariana Del Fresno Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires Dr Martín Diaz Informática Médica Hospital Aleman de Buenos Aires - GIBBA Ing Julio César Doumecq Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Mg Ana María Echenique Universidad Nacional de San Juan Bioing Pedro Escobar Universidad Nacional del Centro, Olavarría, Pcia de Buenos Aires Dr Fernando Daniel Farfán Universidad Nacional de Tucumán Dr Carmelo Felice Universidad Nacional de Tucumán - CONICET Dr Elmer Fernández Universidad Católica de Córdoba - CONICET Ing José Flores Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos Dr Arturo Gayoso Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Dra Bioing Agustina Garcés Universidad Nacional de San Juan ¬- CONICET Bioing Luciano Gentile Universidad Favaloro Mg María Eugenia Gómez Universida

Meschino, Gustavo Javier; Ballarin, Virginia L.



[The nursing course of Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora: 1977-1979].  


Historic-social research aiming at: characterize the nursing superior teaching in Juiz de Fora city and to discuss the reason and motivations which determined the creation of Nursing Course of the Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora. Primary source: written documents and oral testimony. The results discussion was guided by Pierre Bourdieu. In the 1970's, Education Ministry Department of University Subjects undertook efforts to create nursing courses in federal universities. As the process of negotiation meant to incorporate Hermantina Beraldo Nursing College to Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora failed, in 1978 a Department of Nursing was bind to UFJF Medical College and, in 1970, the Nursing Course of this same university started functioning. PMID:19768324

Figueiredo, Mariangela Aparecida Gonçalves; Baptista, Suely de Souza



Experience the magic of light and color: outreach activity by Universidad del Valle student chapter  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

During 2007, the Universidad del Valle Student Chapter presented a proposal for developing an educational outreach activity for children from an underprivileged zone to the Optical Society of America Foundation (OSAF) and to SPIE. The activity was carried out jointly by OSA and SPIE Universidad del Valle Student Chapters in the hillsides of Santiago de Cali, in a zone known as "Pueblo Joven" during 2008. It was aimed to boys and girls with ages between 8 and 13 years and was called "Experience the magic of light and color". The main purpose was to bring the children some basic concepts on optics and to encourage them to explore science through optics. The Universidad del Valle Student Chapters designed a series of talks and practical workshops where children participated in hands-on experiments that easily explain the fundamental concepts of light phenomena. Afterwards the children presented their achievements in a small science fair offered to the community and tried to explain in their own words what they learned and built. In this work, we present the most successful experimental designs and the educational standards we tried to develop with this activity.

Valdes, Claudia; Reyes, Camilo; Osorio, Alberto; Solarte, Efrain



EQUAÇÕES DE VOLUME PARA A FLORESTA NACIONAL DO TAPAJÓS (Volume equations for the Tapajós National Forest)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Com o objetivo de atender a demanda de informações acerca de relações quantitativas para a Floresta Nacional do Tapajós, Estado do Pará, selecionaram-se equações de volume para andiroba (Carapa guianensis), abiurana (diversos gêneros), jutaí-açu (Hymenaea courbaril), jarana (Holopyxidium jarana), ucuuba- da-terra-firme (Virola sp), taxi-vermelho (Sclerolobium chrysophyllum), maçaranduba (Manilkara huberi), além de equações abrangentes, para qualquer espécie. Testaram-se 16 equações, nove

José Natalino Macedo Silva


El Servicio de Información sobre el Cáncer del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

El Servicio de Información del Cáncer (CIS) del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer facilita la información más actualizada y precisa sobre el cáncer a pacientes, a sus familias, al público en general y a profesionales médicos. El CIS brinda respuestas personalizadas a preguntas específicas sobre el cáncer y asistencia a los fumadores que quieren abandonar el hábito. Comuníquese con el CIS al 1-800-422-6237 (1-800-4-CANCER) o al 1-877-448-7848 (1-877-44U-QUIT).



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Uno de los propósitos principales del plan de desarrollo 2007 – 2012 y el Programa Sectorial de Educación, es elevar la calidad educativa para cubrir las necesidades del país, por tal motivo las Universidades Tecnológicas realizan un cambio en su nivel de enseñanza al ofrecer ya no solo el nivel 5B (TSU), sino también el 5B (Ingeniería), y así ampliar

Mabilia Romero Guevara



Developing Flexible Dual Master's Degree Programs at UPAEP (Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla) and OSU (Oklahoma State University)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In 2006, UPAEP (Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla) and OSU (Oklahoma State University) signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) to develop more than 20 dual master's degree programs. This special partnership has allowed students from Mexico and the United States to study two master degree programs, in two languages, in two…

Fabregas-Janeiro, Maria G.; de la Parra, Pablo Nuno



B-Learning for Literary Studies in the European Space of Higher Education: Research at Universidad Complutense Madrid  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report presents the work of LEETHi ("Spanish and European Literatures from Text to Hypertext"), a research group based at Universidad Complutense Madrid, whose projects have focused on the teaching of literature from an intercultural perspective while also helping students to develop competence in information literacy, following the impact of…

Lopez-Varela, Asuncion; Sanz, Amelia



Towards a complete 14C AMS facility at the Universidade Federal Fluminense (Niterói, Brazil): Sample preparation laboratory tests  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The new radiocarbon sample preparation laboratory at the Physics Institute of the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF) in Brazil is discussed and early trials with reference materials are presented, leading up to the installation of a single-stage AMS system in early 2012.

Anjos, R. M.; Macario, K. D.; Gomes, P. R. S.; Linares, R.; Queiroz, E.; Carvalho, C.



[The Bernardino Álvarez Farm Hospital and Farm School: antecedents to Instituto Nacional de Neurología y Neurocirugía].  


By 1960, México's Manicomio General (General Asylum) could no longer fulfill the functions for which it was created so implementation of the so-called Castañeda Operation began, an initiative designed to close down and relocate psychiatric patients to other institutions. At that time, Dr. Manuel Velasco-Suárez was in charge of the General Direction of Neurology, Mental Health and Rehabilitation, and planned to create the Institute of Neurology on a site he already possessed for its construction. The Asylum was a dependency of the aforementioned Direction and Velasco- Suárez decided that some patients at the Castañeda could be moved to the old hacienda house that stood on that terrain. Thus was born the Bernardino Álvarez Farm Hospital. A year later, in 1961, the Farm School for the Weak-Minded, also named Bernardino Álvarez was established there as well. This paper examines the history of these two institutions as antecedents to the Instituto Nacional de Neurología y Neurocirugía. PMID:24687360

Rodríguez-de Romo, Ana Cecilia; Castañeda-López, Gabriela



Ambient Dose Equivalent measured at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología Department of Nuclear Medicine  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Ambient dose equivalent values were determined in several sites at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología, Departmento de Medicina Nuclear, using TLD-100 and TLD-900 thermoluminescent dosemeters. Additionally, ambient dose equivalent was measured at a corridor outside the hospitalization room for patients treated with 137Cs brachytherapy. Dosemeter calibration was performed at the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, Laboratorio de Metrología, to known 137Cs gamma radiation air kerma. Radionuclides considered for this study are 131I, 18F, 67Ga, 99mTc, 111In, 201Tl and 137Cs, with main gamma energies between 93 and 662 keV. Dosemeters were placed during a five month period in the nuclear medicine rooms (containing gamma-cameras), injection corridor, patient waiting areas, PET/CT study room, hot lab, waste storage room and corridors next to the hospitalization rooms for patients treated with 131I and 137Cs. High dose values were found at the waste storage room, outside corridor of 137Cs brachytherapy patients and PET/CT area. Ambient dose equivalent rate obtained for the 137Cs brachytherapy corridor is equal to (18.51+/-0.02)×10-3 mSv/h. Sites with minimum doses are the gamma camera rooms, having ambient dose equivalent rates equal to (0.05+/-0.03)×10-3 mSv/h. Recommendations have been given to the Department authorities so that further actions are taken to reduce doses at high dose sites in order to comply with the ALARA principle (as low as reasonably achievable).

Ávila, O.; Torres-Ulloa, C. L.; Medina, L. A.; Trujillo-Zamudio, F. E.; de Buen, I. Gamboa; Buenfil, A. E.; Brandan, M. E.



Ambient Dose Equivalent measured at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia Department of Nuclear Medicine  

SciTech Connect

Ambient dose equivalent values were determined in several sites at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia, Departmento de Medicina Nuclear, using TLD-100 and TLD-900 thermoluminescent dosemeters. Additionally, ambient dose equivalent was measured at a corridor outside the hospitalization room for patients treated with {sup 137}Cs brachytherapy. Dosemeter calibration was performed at the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, Laboratorio de Metrologia, to known {sup 137}Cs gamma radiation air kerma. Radionuclides considered for this study are {sup 131}I, {sup 18}F, {sup 67}Ga, {sup 99m}Tc, {sup 111}In, {sup 201}Tl and {sup 137}Cs, with main gamma energies between 93 and 662 keV. Dosemeters were placed during a five month period in the nuclear medicine rooms (containing gamma-cameras), injection corridor, patient waiting areas, PET/CT study room, hot lab, waste storage room and corridors next to the hospitalization rooms for patients treated with {sup 131}I and {sup 137}Cs. High dose values were found at the waste storage room, outside corridor of {sup 137}Cs brachytherapy patients and PET/CT area. Ambient dose equivalent rate obtained for the {sup 137}Cs brachytherapy corridor is equal to (18.51{+-}0.02)x10{sup -3} mSv/h. Sites with minimum doses are the gamma camera rooms, having ambient dose equivalent rates equal to (0.05{+-}0.03)x10{sup -3} mSv/h. Recommendations have been given to the Department authorities so that further actions are taken to reduce doses at high dose sites in order to comply with the ALARA principle (as low as reasonably achievable).

Avila, O. [Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, AP 18-1027, 11801, DF (Mexico); Torres-Ulloa, C. L. [Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares, AP 18-1027, 11801, DF (Mexico); Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, AP 70-542, 04510, DF (Mexico); Medina, L. A. [Instituto de Fisica, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, AP 20-364, 01000, DF (Mexico); Unidad de Investigacion Biomedica en Cancer INCan-UNAM, Av. San Fernando 22 C.P. 14080 (Mexico); Trujillo-Zamudio, F. E. [Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia (INCan), Av. San Fernando 22, C.P. 14080 (Mexico); Gamboa de Buen, I. [Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, AP 70-543, 04510 DF (Mexico); Buenfil, A. E.; Brandan, M. E. [Instituto de Fisica, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, AP 20-364, 01000, DF (Mexico)



La restricción intertemporal del presupuesto. Una evaluación empírica para el Gobierno Nacional Central de Colombia, 1950-2010  

Microsoft Academic Search

En este documento se analiza la sostenibilidad fiscal del Gobierno Nacional Central en Colombia utilizando el enfoque de la Restricción Intertemporal de Presupuesto. Los resultados empíricos revelan que la estrategia fiscal actual es sostenible. No obstante, se vislumbran problemas de insolvencia en el largo plazo, lo que implica generar un mayor superávit primario en comparación con el actualmente programado. Lo

Álvaro Hernando Chaves



El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer de EE. UU. y la República del Perú firman una Declaración de Intención

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer y la República del Perú firmaron una declaración de intención para compartir el interés en fomentar la investigación biomédica de oncología, basándose en la colaboración mutua de ambas entidades, así como el objetivo común de educar y capacitar la futura generación de científicos y clínicos en investigación oncológica.


Evaluación y perspectivas del Código Nacional de Recursos Naturales de Colombia en sus 30 años de vigencia  

Microsoft Academic Search

Los artículos presentados estudian la eficacia, vigencia y perspectivas del Código Nacional de Recursos Naturales, decreto 2811 de 1974, teniendo de presente el avanzado estado de la ciencia en Colombia establecido por la Constitución del 91, y la Ley 99 de 1993; de esta manera los doctrinantes retoman la historia y las funciones del Código, la biodiversidad, la diversidad de

Autores varios


Importancia de los deslizamientos en el Parque Nacional Podocarpus, Loja, Ecuador Importance of landslides in Podocarpus National Park, Loja, Ecuador  

Microsoft Academic Search

We present preliminary data on the pioneer vegetation found on natural and man-made landslides in the Parque Nacional de Podocarpus (PNP). The natural landslides selected were distributed between 2100 and 3200 m (216 study sites), while the man-made landslides were situated between 1900 and 2800 m above sea- level (216 study sites). Sampling followed Blanquet (1979) and the altitudinal gradient

Pablo Lozano; Rainer Bussmann


Se da a conocer el plan del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer para acelerar la investigación del cáncer

En la 100va Reunión Anual de la Asociación Estadounidense de Investigación del Cáncer realizada en Denver, el director del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, doctor John E. Niederhuber, dio a conocer detalles importantes, tales como financiamiento de más subvenciones, creación de una plataforma para atención personalizada del cáncer y un programa acelerado de genética del cáncer que hará avanzar la investigación oncológica en este nuevo ambiente económico.


The Earnings Impact of Training Duration in a Developing Country. An Ordered Probit Selection Model of Colombia's "Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje" (SENA).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Estimates the earnings impact of an extensive inservice training program in the developing world, Colombia's Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje (SENA), through a comparison of nongraduates' and graduates' earnings profiles. (JOW)

Jimenez, Emmanuel; Kugler, Bernardo



Fiber-Optic Telecommunications Technical Assistance to Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica, Honduras (ENEE). Final Report. Task 5: Economic and Financial Feasibility. Volume 2: Financial Projections.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Attached are schedules and figures from Project Finance Advisors, LLC ('PFA's') economic model (the Model) developed to measure the viability Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica's (ENEE) sponsorship and support for a fiber optic communications initiativ...



Development and first year of results from the Heliometer of Observatório Nacional  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Recent research on global climate changes points to three distinct sources of climate disturbance: anthropogenic; natural changes in the oceans and atmosphere; and irregularities in the solar cycles. One of the most direct ways to survey an exogenous component of the climatic variability is through the measurement of variations in the diameter and shape of the solar disk. At Observatório Nacional/MCTI, Rio de Janeiro, after several years of diameter observation using a CCD Solar Astrolabe, these measurements are now performed by a state-of-the-art Solar Heliometer. The heliometric method is one of the most successful techniques to measure small variations of angles. Its principle has been used for the latest space borne astrometric missions, aiming to milli-arcsecond precision. The success of this method relies in the fact that it minimizes the dependence of angular measurements to the thermal and mechanical stability of the instrument. However in the classic heliometer the objective is split into two halves to which is applied a linear displacement along the cut, thus still leaving room for a residual dependence with the focus, due to non-concentricity of the beams of the two images. The focus variation, as well as the effects brought by the large temperature variations during solar observations, was tackled in the Solar Heliometer by having all optical elements and their niches made on CCZ, and the telescope tube on carbon fiber, both materials of negligible thermal coefficient. Additionally, the measures are made perpendicular to the separation direction and the plate scale can be known at every time from the solar motion itself. We present the results from the first year of measurements, in special exploring the upheaval of solar activity on late 2011.

Andrei, Alexandre H.; D'Ávila, Victor A.; Neto, Eugânio Reis; Penna, Jucira L.; Boscardin, Sérgio C.; Coletti, Alissandro; Oliveira, Luiz C.; Sigismondi, Costantino



The origin of oriented lakes in the Andean foreland, Parque Nacional Torres del Paine (Chilean Patagonia)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine and surrounding area in the Magallanes foreland basin in Chilean Patagonia is the site for numerous lakes fed by glaciers and rivers in the Andean highlands to the west. The lakes are elongate and have conspicuously systematic orientations. We hypothesize that the origin of the oriented lakes lies in the fault system, composed of a right-lateral strike-slip fault set oriented 58° from north, a left-lateral strike-slip set oriented 87°, and a thrust fault set oriented 167°, that exists within the underlying rocks. To test this hypothesis quantitatively, we determined the shape and orientation of the lakes by fitting each lake with an ellipse of appropriate aspect ratio, and later with multiple ellipses consistent with the composite geometry of some lakes. We then examined the faults in the area in terms of their kinematics, orientation and distribution. The distribution of lake orientations showed three distinct groups which appear to correspond to the three main fault groups. For lakes fitted with multiple ellipses, the difference in means between the right-lateral, left-lateral, and thrust faults and their corresponding groups of lakes are 3.05°, 1.57°, and 5.17°. Using a Kolmogorov-Smirnov (K-S) statistical test to compare the orientations of faults with respect to the lakes suggests that there is not a strongly significant difference between the fault orientations and the corresponding lake groups. These results indicate that the faults have a profound control on the orientation, shape, and distribution of the lakes. We attribute this to faults and their damage zones being weaker and therefore prone to a faster rate of erosion, and to stress perturbations associated with discontinuous faults resulting in localized high density fracturing and surface subsidence. These results have implications for lake and drainage system morphologies in other foreland basins along the Andes and other similar settings.

Gonzales, Joseph; Aydin, Atilla



The Aula Espazio and the Master of Space Science & Technology in the Universidad del País Vasco (Spain)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present the Aula Espazio, a facility dedicated to teach Space Sciences and Technology at Master and Doctorate level at the Universidad del País Vasco(Spain)and to promote development in this field in both the public and private sectors. A new University Observatory which homes a 50 cm telescope, a solar telescope and other instruments is also associated to the Aula. The most important activities of the Aula are developed within the context of the Master in Space Science and Technology offered in the Engineering School of Bilbao (Spain) which is designed to provide a link between basic research and space technology. The Master in Space Science and Technology is a one year master designed to give an overall view of the science and technology involved in space projects. It is open for graduates in Engineering and graduates in Physics. This master covers both the basic science aspects of space science and the technological development that space activities require. It is a multidisciplinary master with several University departments participating (Applied Physics, Theoretical Physics, Systems Engineering and Automatic control and Electronics and Telecommunications) and with important contributions from companies involved in space technology and Spanish public organisms in the space area. More information at: Acknowledgements: The Aula Espazio is funded by the Diputación Foral de Bizkaia/Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia, the Escuela Ténica Superior de Ingeniería de Bilbao and the Universidad del País Vasco.

Sanchez-Lavega, A.; Pérez-Hoyos, S.; Hueso, R.; Del Río-Gaztelurrutia, T.; Oleaga, A.



Aerial view of the eastern border of the Parque Nacional Soberania in central Panama following a fire.  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

An aerial view of the eastern border of the Parque Nacional Soberania in central Panama following a fire. The park borders on an extensive monoculture of the invasive grass Saccharum spontaneum. The fire was severe enough to kill small remnant patches of trees that remained in the monoculture, but not severe enough to enter the contiguous forest of the national park. Experimental plantings of native trees also escaped the fire and are visible in the upper right of the photograph. This photograph originally appeared on the cover of Ecological Applications (17:5) in July of 2007.

Ziegler, Christian



Catalogue of the type specimens deposited in the Mollusca Collection of the Museu Nacional / UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  


A curatorial revision of the type specimens deposited in the Mollusca Collection of the Museu Nacional / UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (MNRJ) revealed the existence of 518 lots of type specimens (holotypes, neotypes, syntypes and paratypes) for 285 names of molluscan taxa from 88 families, including 247 gastropods, 30 bivalves, three cephalopods and five scaphopods. A total of 106 holotypes and one neotype are deposited in the MNRJ. Type material for ten nominal taxa described as being deposited in the MNRJ was not located; the probable reasons are discussed. Some previously published erroneous information about types in the MNRJ is rectified. A total of 37 type specimens are illustrated. PMID:24871828

Pimenta, Alexandre Dias; Monteiro, Júlio César; Barbosa, André Favaretto; Salgado, Norma Campos; Coelho, Arnaldo Campos Dos Santos



[The Universidad de Buenos Aires in the 1970s: analysis of the press release expressing solidarity with Rodolfo Puiggrós].  


This article reconstructs the historical context surrounding the emission of a press release by authorities of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, expressing their solidarity with historian and university rector Rodolfo Puiggrós after his resignation. In his term, Puiggrós attempted to fuse the institution's scientific and technological plans with the new development model initiated by Héctor Cámpora and the Peronist movement in 1973. The article makes reference to the project of university transformation promoted by Puiggrós, combining the ideological traditions of Marxism, reformism, and nationalism. A few key points, useful for analyzing the reasons behind Puiggrós's resignation, are presented, and the arguments highlighted within this press release, published by Office of Media and Communications on October 5, 1973, are discussed. PMID:23681463

Recalde, Aritz



[Theses on hepatitis at the Faculdade de Medicina of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 1837-2000].  


An inventory of the theses on hepatitis of the Faculdade de Medicina of the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro between 1837 and 2000 is presented. The analysis indicates the potential and limits for discussion of the evolutionary framework of scientific knowledge on these health problems in Brazil. The theories are also discussed in light of their scientific reference points and the technological and social changes that influenced them. The landmarks in medical education and knowledge about hepatitis are identified and categorized, considering that the theses reveal at the very least the state of the art on the subject. The study makes it possible to explore the foundations upon which the scientific knowledge on hepatitis were built and indicate possibilities for research in the reconstruction of scientific knowledge of other health problems. PMID:22872394

Gaze, Rosangela; Carvalho, Diana Maul de; Tura, Luiz Fernando Rangel; Martins, Carolina Passos Telles Taveira; Lobato, Vanessa Maria Tavares



Potencial de reciclaje de los residuos de una institución de educación superior: el caso de la Universidad Autónoma de Baja California  

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Solid waste characterization is the first step that must be taken within the planning of an integrated waste management program. This paper reports the results of a characterization study of the waste from Campus Mexicali I of the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California (UABC), Mexico. The objective of this research was to quantify the reduction and recycling potential of the

Armijo de Vega



Diseño de la cadena de suministro de los productos alimenticios que demanda la dirección de alimentación de la Universidad Central de Las Villas  

Microsoft Academic Search

La Dirección de Alimentación de la Universidad Central Marta Abreu de las Villas es la encargada de elaborar y abastecer los alimentos que se consumen en las diferentes dependencias que se destinan para el consumo. Dicha dirección adolece de un desempeño adecuado debido, entre otros aspectos, a la falta de integración, coordinación y racionalidad en sus procesos por carecer de

Manley Torriente Jackson



La experiencia en la estructuración del PPS de la Universidad Polítécnica de San Luis Potosí - Programa para el Impulso de Asociaciones Público-Privadas en Estados Mexicanos (PIAPPEM)  

Microsoft Academic Search

Presentación expuesta durante el Cuarto Encuentro Técnico en Materia de Estructuración de Proyectos de Asociación Público-Privada, llevado a cabo en Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas, México, el 16, 17 y 18 de febrero de 2011. La Universidad Politécnica de San Luis Potosí observa cinco beneficios de trabajar con una Alianza Público Privada (APPs): 1) La Secretaría espera obtener un valor presente neto

Samuel Soberano



E-learning for the environment : The Universidade Aberta (Portuguese Open Distance University) experience in the environmental sciences post-graduate courses  

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Purpose – In recent decades, there has been an increase of public awareness about environmental problems. A simultaneous effort to increase educational course offerings in this area has been made. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the first edition of the blended learning MSc in Environmental Citizenship and Participation that is offered by Universidade Aberta, Lisbon, Portugal. This

P. Bacelar-Nicolau; S. Caeiro; A. P. Martinho; U. M. Azeiteiro; F. Amador



Una Arquitectura Abierta para Intermediaci ´ on en Servicios Web  

Microsoft Academic Search

We propose an open architecture to integrate available web services into a common framework. The aim of this propo- sal is to make available to a user community in a designated environment (e.g. a mall or a railway station) a portfolio of services already available through the web. A service abs- traction layer provides a common model to access services,

Manuel J. Fern; Judith S. Rodr ´ õguez; Luis E. Anido


Nuevo sitio web en español del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer, (NCI, por sus siglas en inglés) en español - Silvia Inéz Salazar - transcript

Transmisiones de radio para promover en espa%XF1ol | Nuevo sitio web en espa%XF1ol del Instituto Nacional del C%XE1ncer, (NCI, por sus siglas en ingl%XE9s) en espa%XF1ol | Transcripci%XF3n Transmisiones de radio para promover


Bases para el diseño de un plan estratégico de la Unidad del Sistema de Parques Nacionales y el Sistema Nacional de Áreas Protegidas  

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Colombia cuenta con el Sistema de Parques Nacionales Naturales -SPNN- y está en el proceso de constituir un Sistema Nacional de Áreas Protegidas -SINAP- que articule la variedad de áreas protegidas de iniciativa municipal, departamental, regional, colectiva y privada. La Unidad Administrativa Especial del Sistema de Parques Nacionales Naturales -UAESPNN- es la entidad responsable de administrar el primero de estos

Francisco Alberto Galán



[Voice disorder clinic in the speech therapy outpatient unit at "Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais"].  


This study set out to describe the profile of the patients with voice complaints and/or alterations who were attended between July 2003 and December 2006 at the speech therapy outpatient unit of "Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais." This was analyzed according to age, sex, profession, schooling, origin, treatment performed and factors that interfere in medical care evolution. This was a retrospective study based on the analysis of the recorded data of the individuals according to a specifically prepared Protocol. The results showed that the individuals included in this study were predominantly young women, referred by a specialist from Belo Horizonte, who do not work and also have incomplete elementary school education. Attendance of those patients was on an individual basis, and almost half of them were discharged by the speech therapist. The elderly patients, who have functional or psychogenic dysphonia and a neutral or wheezy type of voice, showed a close correlation with the discharge rate by speech therapist. The younger individuals with organo-functional dysphonia bore a statistical correlation with abandoning treatment. The individuals who eventually abandoned treatment did not bear any correlation with the crossed variables. PMID:21808900

Menezes, Letícia Neiva de; Behlau, Mara; Gama, Ana Cristina Côrtes; Teixeira, Letícia Caldas



Teaching Space and Planetary Sciences: The Aula Espazio and the Master in Space Science, Technology and Observations at Universidad del País Vasco (Spain)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present the Aula Espazio, a facility dedicated to teach Space Sciences at Master and Doctorate level at the Universidad del País Vasco (Spain) and to promote development in this field in both the public and private sectors. A new University Observatory which homes a 50 cm telescope, a solar telescope and other instruments is associated to the Aula. We present here the teaching and outreach activities to be organized regarding Planetary Sciences. The most important ones are developed within the context of the Master in Space Science, Technology and Observations offered in the Engineering School in Bilbao (Spain) which is designed to provide a link between basic research and space technology. Detailed information about the aula can be found at: Acknowledgements: This facility is funded by the local government: Diputación Foral de Bizkaia, the Escuela Ténica Superior de Ingeniería de Bilbao and The Universidad del País Vasco.

Sanchez-Lavega, Agustin; Hueso, R.; Pérez-Hoyos, S.; del Rio, T.; Oleaga, A.



A journey through the skill of healing at the Historical Museum of the "Hospital Nacional de Clínicas de Córdoba - Argentina".  


The Museum of History "Hospital Nacional de Clínicas", from the National University of Cordoba, República Argentina, it's charged with the knowledge continuity of the Health Science, in time and space. Its guiding motto says: "I'll be a shield to stop the wind that wants to erase the imprint of men that shaped the history of the School of Medical Sciences by their work." To accomplish the tasks, general and particular objectives were settled. The Museum has a Library divided in three sections: Classical, Contemporary and Virtual. It counts with a specialized Information and Documentation Centre. Courses about different topics are given as well as the course of History of Medicine for Grade and post grade careers, completing with humanistic contents, the students education exclusively scientific and technical. For high school and Bachelor students there is a program called: "Education - Apprenticeship strategies at the Museum". These strategies are arranged to fit the programmes and levels of formal education for educational institutions. The heritage of the Museum consists of more than a thousand apparatus and tools that served the research and instruction at the different professorships of the School of Medical Sciences. Many of them obsolete they allow us to understand the evolution of science and technique, within the broad field of Health Science, since the creation of the School of Medical Sciences in 1877. PMID:20481374

Cremades, Norma Acerbi



[Eccrine Porocarcinoma: clinical-pathological study of 19 cases in the Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Neoplásicas, Lima - Peru].  


In order to describe the clinical-pathological characteristics of the cases of Eccrine Porocarcinoma (EP) found in the Instituto Nacional de Enfermedades Neoplásicas (INEN), a cross-sectional study was carried out, including all EP cases recorded between 1998 and 2009. A revision of the clinical-pathological records indentified and a new reading of the pathology slides of the cases found were performed. 19 EP cases were found, the median age of which was 64 years (range: 37-98). EP was primarily found on male patients (57.9%) and was most commonly located on the foot (21.1%), followed by the head, thorax and thigh (15.8%, respectively). In one case, EP was located on the gluteal region, and showed an unusually invasive behavior and rectal involvement. We conclude that EP is a rather uncommon entity in Peru. Its most common location is on the foot and it affects mostly male patients for the most part. PMID:24100819

Casavilca, Sandro; Lama, Anny; Guerrero, Melvy; Essary, Lydia R; Mantilla, Raúl; Cano, Luis; Barrionuevo, Carlos



El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) anuncia su nueva política de reuniones libres de humo de tabaco para abordar peligros graves de salud pública

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI), que forma parte de los Institutos Nacionales de la Salud, anunció hoy una nueva política que requiere que todas las reuniones y conferencias organizadas o financiadas principalmente por el NCI se lleven a cabo en un estado, condado, ciudad o pueblo que haya adoptado una política integral de ambientes libres de humo de tabaco, a menos que circunstancias especificas justifiquen la exención.


Genus Ixodes (Acari: Ixodidae) in Mexico: Adult Identification Keys, Diagnoses, Hosts, and Distribution (El genero Ixodes (Acari: Ixodidae) en Mexico: claves de identificacion para adultos, diagnosis, huespedes y distribucion).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Identification keys, diagnoses, hosts, and distribution data are provided for adults of the 26 species of Ixodes known from Mexico. Data are from specimens deposited in the Coleccion Nacional de Acaros (CNAC), Instituto de Biologia Universidad Nacional Au...

C. Guzman-Cornejo R. G. Robbins



Archive for the history of psychology in Spain: The Archivo Histórico, Bibliográfico y Documental de Psicología of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.  


In this article, we describe the content, sources, and history of the Archivo Histórico de la Facultad de Psicología (the Historical Archive for the History of Psychology) at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM, Spain). This archive is the result of the task carried out by some professors of the Faculty of Psychology at UAM for the preservation and increase of sources for a history of psychology in Spain. Collections from the 19th to the 20th century were recovered because of the UAM effort and some other contributions. Most of the sources for a history of psychology in the Spanish context were unknown and nearly lost before Faculty of Psychology's task. Among other projects, UAM archive is acquiring classical texts of psychology by buying facsimiles from different publishing houses and, what is more relevant, they guarantee access to the sources for research purposes. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved). PMID:23397924

Quintana, José; Sáiz, Milagros; Balltondre, Mónica; Sáiz, Dolors



Teaching Planetary Sciences at the Universidad del País Vasco in Spain: The Aula Espazio Gela and its Master in Space Science and Technology  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Planetary science is a highly multidisciplinary field traditionally associated to Astronomy, Physics or Earth Sciences Departments. Spanish universities do not generally offer planetary sciences courses but some departments give courses associated to studies on Astronomy or Geology. We show a different perspective obtained at the Engeneering School at the Universidad del País Vasco in Bilbao, Spain, which offers a Master in Space Science and Technology to graduates in Engineering or Physics. Here we detail the experience acquired in two years of this master which offers several planetary science courses: Solar System Physics, Astronomy, Planetary Atmospheres & Space Weather together with more technical courses. The university also owns an urban observatory in the Engineering School which is used for practical exercises and student projects. The planetary science courses have also resulted in motivating part of the students to do their master thesis in scientific subjects in planetary sciences. Since the students have very different backgrounds their master theses have been quite different: From writing open software tools to detect bolides in video observations of Jupiter atmosphere to the photometric calibration and scientific use or their own Jupiter and Saturn images or the study of atmospheric motions of the Venus' South Polar Vortex using data from the Venus Express spacecraft. As a result of this interaction with the students some of them have been engaged to initiate Ph.D.s in planetary sciences enlarging a relative small field in Spain. Acknowledgements: The Master in Space Science and Technology is offered by the Aula Espazio Gela at the Universidad del País Vasco Engineer School in Bilbao, Spain and is funded by Diputación Foral de Bizkaia.

Hueso, R.; Sanchez-Lavega, A.; Pérez-Hoyos, S.



Actas de la 4th mesa redonda sobre investigacion en "Lenguas Extranjeras" en la Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana 1996. (Proceedings from the 4th Roundtable on Investigation in Foreign Languages in the Autonomous Metropolitan University 1996).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The articles included in this volume were selected as exemplary papers from the conference in Mexico. The goal of the forum was to provide an opportunity for researchers from the three branches of the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM) to meet and discuss research projects currently in progress at the university. The works presented here…

Zoreda, Margaret Lee, Comp.; Diop, Mamoudou Si, Comp.; Vivaldo Lima, Javier, Comp.


URJC GB dataset: Community-based seed bank of Mediterranean high-mountain and semi-arid plant species at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain).  


The Germplasm Bank of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos was created in 2008 and currently holds 235 accessions and 96 species. This bank focuses on the conservation of wild-plant communities and aims to conserve ex situ a representative sample of the plant biodiversity present in a habitat, emphasizing priority ecosystems identified by the Habitats Directive. It is also used to store plant material for research and teaching purposes. The collection consists of three subcollections, two representative of typical habitats in the center of the Iberian Peninsula: high-mountain pastures (psicroxerophylous pastures) and semi-arid habitats (gypsophylic steppes), and a third representative of the genus Lupinus. The high-mountain subcollection currently holds 153 accessions (63 species), the semi-arid subcollection has 76 accessions (29 species,) and the Lupinus subcollection has 6 accessions (4 species). All accessions are stored in a freezer at -18 °C in Kilner jars with silica gel. The Germplasm Bank of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos follows a quality control protocol which describes the workflow performed with seeds from seed collection to storage. All collectors are members of research groups with great experience in species identification. Herbarium specimens associated with seed accessions are preserved and 63% of the records have been georreferenced with GPS and radio points. The dataset provides unique information concerning the location of populations of plant species that form part of the psicroxerophylous pastures and gypsophylic steppes of Central Spain as well as populations of genus Lupinus in the Iberian Peninsula. It also provides relevant information concerning mean seed weight and seed germination values under specific incubation conditions. This dataset has already been used by researchers of the Area of Biodiversity and Conservation of URJC as a source of information for the design and implementation of experimental designs in these plant communities. Since they are all active subcollections in continuous growth, data is updated regularly every six months and the latest version can be accessed through the GBIF data portal at This paper describes the URJC Germplasm Bank and its associated dataset with the aim of disseminating the dataset and explaining how it was derived. PMID:24843289

Alonso, Patricia; Iriondo, José María



URJC GB dataset: Community-based seed bank of Mediterranean high-mountain and semi-arid plant species at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain)  

PubMed Central

Abstract The Germplasm Bank of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos was created in 2008 and currently holds 235 accessions and 96 species. This bank focuses on the conservation of wild-plant communities and aims to conserve ex situ a representative sample of the plant biodiversity present in a habitat, emphasizing priority ecosystems identified by the Habitats Directive. It is also used to store plant material for research and teaching purposes. The collection consists of three subcollections, two representative of typical habitats in the center of the Iberian Peninsula: high-mountain pastures (psicroxerophylous pastures) and semi-arid habitats (gypsophylic steppes), and a third representative of the genus Lupinus. The high-mountain subcollection currently holds 153 accessions (63 species), the semi-arid subcollection has 76 accessions (29 species,) and the Lupinus subcollection has 6 accessions (4 species). All accessions are stored in a freezer at -18 °C in Kilner jars with silica gel. The Germplasm Bank of Universidad Rey Juan Carlos follows a quality control protocol which describes the workflow performed with seeds from seed collection to storage. All collectors are members of research groups with great experience in species identification. Herbarium specimens associated with seed accessions are preserved and 63% of the records have been georreferenced with GPS and radio points. The dataset provides unique information concerning the location of populations of plant species that form part of the psicroxerophylous pastures and gypsophylic steppes of Central Spain as well as populations of genus Lupinus in the Iberian Peninsula. It also provides relevant information concerning mean seed weight and seed germination values under specific incubation conditions. This dataset has already been used by researchers of the Area of Biodiversity and Conservation of URJC as a source of information for the design and implementation of experimental designs in these plant communities. Since they are all active subcollections in continuous growth, data is updated regularly every six months and the latest version can be accessed through the GBIF data portal at This paper describes the URJC Germplasm Bank and its associated dataset with the aim of disseminating the dataset and explaining how it was derived.

Alonso, Patricia; Iriondo, Jose Maria



The golden age of Drosophila research at the Universidade de São Paulo (USP): A testimonial on the decades 1940-1950.  


This article is a testimonial written by the first author regarding the research work performed with Drosophila between 1943 and 1959, at the Departamento de Biologia Geral of the Universidade de São Paulo (USP), which permitted the building of a nucleus of excellence. This research work, focused on the systematics and population genetics of the Neotropical species, began during the first of Dobzhansky's six visits to USP. Special attention was given to the multinational megaprojects conducted during his longer stays, from August 1948 to July 1949 and from June 1955 to July 1956. The role played by the Rockefeller Foundation is duly remembered, and so is the undeniable contribution brought by Dobzhansky, to the establishment of several laboratories dedicated to research in the field of natural population genetics and to the qualification of human resources. On the other hand, important "backstage" episodes are retrieved which were omitted in the official history and occurred from the planning to the execution of the project, carried out on the Angra dos Reis islands. Special attention was given to the relationship problems which resulted from Dobzhansky's, the leader's, difficult personality and contributed to the failure of the second and last multinational project. PMID:24688301

de Magalhães, Luiz Edmundo; Vilela, Carlos Ribeiro



Birds of Antioquia: Georeferenced database of specimens from the Colecci?n de Ciencias Naturales del Museo Universitario de la Universidad de Antioquia (MUA)  

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Abstract The department of Antioquia, Colombia, lies in the northwestern corner of South America and provides a biogeographical link among divergent faunas, including Caribbean, Andean, Pacific and Amazonian. Information about the distribution of biodiversity in this area is of relevance for academic, practical and social purposes. This data paper describes the dataset containing all bird specimens deposited in the Colección de Ciencias Naturales del Museo Universitario de la Universidad de Antioquia (MUA). We curated all the information associated with the bird specimens, including the georeferences and taxonomy, and published the database through the Global Biodiversity Information Facility network. During this process we checked the species identification and existing georeferences and completed the information when possible. The collection holds 663 bird specimens collected between 1940 and 2011. Even though most specimens are from Antioquia (70%), the collection includes material from several other departments and one specimen from the United States. The collection holds specimens from three endemic and endangered species (Coeligena orina, Diglossa gloriossisima, and Hypopirrhus pyrohipogaster), and includes localities poorly represented in other collections. The information contained in the collection has been used for biodiversity modeling, conservation planning and management, and we expect to further facilitate these activities by making it publicly available.

Rozo, Andrea Morales; Valencia, Fernando; Acosta, Alexis; Parra, Juan Luis



The Dasypodidae (Mammalia, Xenarthra) from the Urso Fóssil Cave (Quaternary), Parque Nacional de Ubajara, State of Ceará, Brazil: paleoecological and taxonomic aspects.  


This paper deals with xenarthrans osteoderms assigned to Dasypus aff. D. novemcinctus, Euphractus sexcinctus and Cabassous sp. The material was collected in subsurface, from 0.10 to 0.60 m in the Urso Fóssil Cave, Parque Nacional de Ubajara, State of Ceará, northeastern Brazil. The ages of sediment samples from levels 4 and 5 (depths of 0.40 and 0.50 m) were determined by thermoluminescence technique, and indicated ages of 8,000 and 8,200 years BP for each layer respectively. The presence in these layers of early Holocene xenarthrans taxa can contribute to the understanding of the biotic evolution of the northwest region of Ceará during the last 10,000 years. Two of the three identified taxa still occur in the region: Dasypus novemcinctus and Euphractus sexcinctus. The Dasypodidae fauna here reported includes animals with generalist feeding habits and current wide geographical distribution. It is suggested, therefore, that the climatic and environmental conditions in the early Holocene were very similar the actual ones, and that the absence of Cabassous may be conditioned to other factors, such as anthropogenic action and loss of habitat by fragmentation of the vegetation. PMID:24519005

Oliveira, Paulo V; Ribeiro, Ana Maria; Oliveira, Edison V; Viana, Maria Somália S



Vigilando la Calidad del Agua de los Grandes Rios de la Nacion: El Programa NASQAN del Rio Grande (Rio Bravo del Norte)  

USGS Publications Warehouse

La Oficina del Estudio Geologico de los Estados Unidos (U.S. Geological Survey, 0 USGS) ha monitoreado la calidad del agua de la cuenca del Rio Grande (Rio Bravo del Norte) desde 1995 como parte de la rediseiiada Red Nacional para Contabilizar la Calidad del Agua de los Rios (National Stream Quality Accounting Network, o NASOAN) (Hooper and others, 1997). EI programa NASOAN fue diseiiado para caracterizar las concentraciones y el transporte de sedimento y constituyentes quimicos seleccionados, encontrados en los grandes rios de los Estados Unidos - incluyendo el Misisipi, el Colorado y el Columbia, ademas del Rio Grande. En estas cuatro cuencas, el USGS opera actualmente (1998) una red de 40 puntos de muestreo pertenecientes a NASOAN, con un enfasis en cuantificar el flujo en masa (la cantidad de material que pasa por la estacion, expresado en toneladas por dial para cada constituyente. Aplicacando un enfoque consistente, basado en la cuantificacion de flujos en la cuenca del Rio Grande, el programa NASOAN esta generando la informacion necesaria para identificar fuentes regionales de diversos contaminantes, incluyendo sustancias qui micas agricolas y trazas elementos en la cuenca. EI efecto de las grandes reservas en el Rio Grande se puede observar segun los flujos de constituyentes discurren a 10 largo del rio. EI analisis de los flujos de constituyentes a escala de la cuenca proveera los medios para evaluar la influencia de la actividad humana sobre las condiciones de calidad del agua del Rio Grande.

Lurry, Dee L.; Reutter, David C.; Wells, Frank C.; translated by Rivera, M.C.; Munoz, A.



The Tutorial Education Program on the Formation of the New Milenium's Meteorologist: 20 Years of Project Experience at Universidade Federal de Pelotas - Brazil  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Programa de Educação Tutorial (Tutorial Education Program), also known as "PET", has the objective to finance students with potential, encouraging and providing extracurricular activities in order to promote the integration with the academic market and the development of study programs in graduate school, preparing a professional that in the future will operate in a global market, transforming and fighting for the professional interests of their class. The design of the program dates back to 1970 and is based on the model of learning and guidance to form the student. The groups are composed gradually, through an annual selection. The deployment and implementation of the groups consider the inclusion of new members in different stages of their school program, working in an integrated manner. To apply, students must submit satisfactory academic performance, without failures on any course and commit to devote a minimum of twenty hours per week to the program activities. Deployed at Universidade Federal de Pelotas - Brazil, in 1991, the group has contributed to the training of students of Meteorology through the concept of teaching-research-extension activities. We believe that PET has been of utmost importance in the training of the new millennium's professional, given that the objectives of this program seek to provide an excellent level of academic training to undergraduates, encouraging their entry into the graduate studies; stimulating the improvement of the quality of teaching degree through the development of new practices and teaching experience; multiplying the activities developed by scholars and increase their interactions with program's faculty and other students of the institution. With the highly competitive market requiring specialized professionals, the high investment in students with potential can be reversed for the benefit of the profession.

Foster, P.



Teaching Planetary Sciences with the Master in Space Science and Technology at Universidad del País Vasco UPV/EHU: Theory and Practice works  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Master in Space Science and Technology is a postgraduate course at the Universidad del País Vasco in Spain ( It has two elective itineraries on space studies: scientific and technological. The scientific branch is intended for students aiming to access the PhD doctorate program in different areas of space science, among them the research of the solar system bodies. The theoretical foundations for the solar system studies are basically treated in four related matters: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics of the Solar System, Planetary Atmospheres, and Image Processing and Data Analysis. The practical part is developed on the one hand by analyzing planetary images obtained by different spacecrafts from public archives (e. g. PDS), and on the other hand from observations obtained by the students employing the 50 cm aperture telescope and other smaller telescopes from the Aula EspaZio Gela Observatory at the Engineering Faculty. We present the scheme of the practice works realized at the telescope to get images of the planets in different wavelengths pursuing to study the following aspects of Planetary Atmospheres: (1) Data acquisition; (2) Measurements of cloud motions to derive winds; (3) Measurement of the upper cloud reflectivity at the different wavelengths and position in the disk to retrieve the upper cloud properties and vertical structure. The theoretical foundations accompanying these practices are then introduced: atmospheric dynamics and thermodynamics, and the radiative transfer problem. Acknowledgments: This work was supported by Departamento de Promoción Económica of Diputación Foral Bizkaia through a grant to Aula EspaZio Gela at E.T.S. Ingeniería (Bilbao, Spain).

Sanchez-Lavega, Agustin; Hueso, R.; Perez-Hoyos, S.



The development of the Heliometer of the Observatorio Nacional of Rio de Janeiro and application to the study of the Sun-Earth system  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This work presents the development and construction of the Heliometer of the Observatório Nacional/MCTI. This instrument is designed to monitor changes on the solar diameter with the accuracy of the next-generation solar satellites. A review of the heliometric method is made and the building and testing of 4 prototypes is described. The instrument has a mirror objective split in dihedral, formed by the hemi-sections of a parabolic mirror. The materials that form the instrument have thermal and mechanical stability to 10^(-7). The number of optical parts is minimized and their quality is greater than {?}/12. An original software for the automated collection and analysis of the images was developed. With its latest version fully developed, we conducted an observational campaign of 9 days, deriving more than 70000 heliometric images of the Sun. The measured solar diameter has a standard deviation of 0.5 arcseconds, with no instrumental bias, and limited only by the provisional atmospheric modeling. Therefore, by improving the statistics, an accuracy at milliarcseconds can be achieved. A study of the correlation between the solar diameter and the geomagnetic field intensity was made. A correspondence between the peaks of the series related to solar activity, namely, the semidiameter variation, the flares index, and the sunspots counts, and the number of negative peaks on the intensity of the geomagnetic field is found. It must be cautioned though that it is a complex correspondence, requiring different modes of response and phase dependence on the stage of the cycle of solar activity. The straightforward interpretation of observational evidence indicates that the semidiameter of the Sun seems to vary significantly prior to the corresponding variations of the geomagnetic field. The effect is most evident in the downward phase of the solar cycle.

Reis Neto, Eugênio



First steps of vulagarization of science in the late ninetheen century: The Yearbook of the Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de Chapultepec, Mexico during the period of Mr. Angel Anguiano (1878-1889)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Since the founding of the Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de Chapultepec in 1878 during the presidential term of General Porfirio Diaz, begins the publication of the Yearbook of the Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de Chapultepec (from now on OAN) in a period when the positivist paradigm based on will boost science as a means of national progress. Here we describe the actions taken by the observatory's director and editor of the publication, the engineer Angel Anguiano, to initiate and successfully carry out the exchange of scientific publications and / or dissemination through the exchange of the Yearbook of the OAN, both nationally and internationally. The importance of conferences to which he attended started the sharing printed information relating to subjects such as astronomy, meteorology, cartography and geography. The Yearbook was intended to publish two or three months before the beginning of each year and according to the editor would serve to popularize science, making its contents available to anyone with basic knowledge of geometry or for amateur astronomers. I find that the yearbook was the publication that was released to the observatory in the country and abroad, but was sent to distant places where no one speaks or reads Spanish. I think that the content of articles published in, did not respond and objective and informative to the public as mentioned by, because at the late 1800s, 90% of the inhabitants of the Mexican Republic were illiterate and lived in rural areas. The access to the Bulletin was the Mexican intellectual elite grouped into societies, astronomical or meteorological observatories and another wealthy person individually. The same happened abroad. The collection of data from reports to the Secretaria de Fomento, that was the government agency that funds money destined to different scientific institutions founded during this period were published in the Yearbook, the oficios that sent the OAN over a hundred sites in the world responding to the exchange of scientific publications of the mentioned areas through the Library. These documents are available on the Fund of National Astronomical Observatory Historical Archive of the UNAM. The importance of this publication is reflected in the fact that it has continued publishing without interruption since 1881 and gave rise to the Bulletin of the OAN which later became the Boletin del Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de Tacubaya in and finally to the Boletin del Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de Tonantzintla y Tacubaya.

Zueck, S. L.



Linea abierta -- Comunicacion en espanol. Nivel Uno (Open Line -- Communication in Spanish. Level One).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This text is the first of a series of four units concerning language skills for Spanish speakers of limited English-speaking ability in grades 6-9. The text includes a variety of learning experiences designed to develop competence in the student's cognitive and affective skills derived from the following basic areas: listening, speaking, reading,…

Dissemination and Assessment Center for Bilingual Education, Austin, TX.


Percepcion de los profesores universitarios acerca del concepto cultura cientifica y de sus implicaciones en el nuevo bachillerato del Recinto de Rio Piedras de la Universidad de Puerto Rico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

El Senado Academico del Recinto de Rio Piedras de la Universidad de Puerto Rico aprobo en el ano academico 2005-2006 la Certificacion 46, que contiene los lineamientos de un nuevo bachillerato. Este nuevo bachillerato introdujo cambios significativos en el curriculo tradicional. Entre ellos se encuentra la reduccion del componente de educacion general y el de Ciencias Biologicas en particular. La reduccion de creditos en el componente de Ciencias Biologicas ha obligado a reevaluar el concepto de cultura cientifica que desarrollan esos cursos. El proposito del estudio consistio en auscultar las percepciones de los profesores de las Facultades de Administracion de Empresas, Humanidades, Ciencias Sociales, Ciencias Naturales, Educacion y Estudios Generales del Recinto de Rio Piedras de la Universidad de Puerto Rico en torno al concepto de cultura cientifica, los contenidos disciplinares del curso de Ciencias Biologicas y la reduccion de creditos en el nuevo bachillerato. Las preguntas que guiaron la investigacion fueron: ¿cuales son las percepciones que tienen los profesores de las Facultades de Administracion de Empresas, Ciencias Sociales, Estudios Generales, Ciencias Naturales, Humanidades y Educacion, en torno al concepto de cultura cientifica y los contenidos disciplinares del curso de Ciencias Biologicas? ¿cuales son las percepciones que tienen los profesores de Ciencias Biologicas en torno al concepto cultura cientifica y los contenidos disciplinares del curso de Ciencias Biologicas? ¿existen diferencias significativas por facultad, genero, experiencia, rango y nombramiento en las percepciones que tienen los profesores del Recinto de Rio Piedras de la Universidad de Puerto Rico sobre los elementos que caracterizan la cultura cientifica y los contenidos biologicos que deben tener los egresados del Recinto? ¿que implicaciones curriculares tienen estos testimonios en el desarrollo del concepto de cultura cientifica en el nuevo bachillerato? Para realizar la investigacion se utilizo una metodologia cuantitativa y la herramienta para lograrlo fue una encuesta. La encuesta se analizo estadisticamente mediante analisis de frecuencias y por cientos, prueba ANOVA, prueba t, pruebas Post Hoc de Tukey y de Levene. Tambien se realizo nuevamente una prueba de confiabilidad mediante el alfa de Cronbach. Los resultados reflejaron que los profesores de las Facultades de Administracion de Empresas, Ciencias Sociales, Ciencias Naturales, Educacion, Humanidades, Estudios Generales y el Departamento de Ciencias Biologicas tienen una percepcion muy positiva del concepto de cultura cientifica, los contenidos curriculares de Ciencias Biologicas y del nuevo bachillerato.

Ramos Pastrana, Nilsa


Antecedentes de la evolucion historica de los recursos de uranio de la region de Cuyo entre 1951-1968. (Antecedents of historical evolution of the uranium resources in the Cuyo region, between 1951 and 1968).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The present article pretends to summarize the initial stage of the development of national uranium resources - focusing the labor done by the Escuela Superior de Ingenieria en Combustible of the Universidad Nacional de Cuyo - between the years 1951 and 19...

A. A. Vergara Bai



EDITORIAL: The 29th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases The 29th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases  

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The 29th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases (ICPIG) was held in Cancún, Mexico, on 12-17 July, 2009, under the sponsorship of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, UNAM, the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, UAM, and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). ICPIG, founded in 1953, has since been held biennally, and nowadays it covers both fundamental

J. de Urquijo



First records of the ticks Amblyomma calcaratum and A. pacae (Acari: Ixodidae) parasitizing mammals of Mexico Primeros registros de las garrapatas Amblyomma calcaratum y A. pacae (Acari: Ixodidae) parasitando mamíferos de México  

Microsoft Academic Search

Based on study of ticks deposited in the Colección Nacional de Ácaros, Instituto de Biología, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, we report the fi rst records in Mexico for two species of Amblyomma: Amblyomma calcaratum ex Tamandua mexicana, and Amblyomma pacae ex Tapirus bairdii. These new records increase the number of species recorded for the genus Amblyomma in Mexico to

Carmen Guzmán-Cornejo; Tila M. Pérez; Santiago Nava; Alberto A. Guglielmone; Colección Nacional



[The Spanish AIDS study group and Spanish national AIDS plan (GESIDA/Secretaría del plan nacional sobre el Sida) recommendations for the treatment of tuberculosis in HIV-infected individuals (Updated January 2013)].  


This consensus document was prepared by an expert panel of the Grupo de Estudio de Sida (GESIDA [Spanish AIDS Study Group]) and the Plan Nacional sobre el Sida (PNS [Spanish National AIDS Plan]). The document updates current guidelines on the treatment of tuberculosis (TB) in HIV-infected individuals contained in the guidelines on the treatment of opportunistic infections published by GESIDA and PNS in 2008. The document aims to facilitate the management and treatment of HIV-infected patients with TB in Spain, and includes specific sections and recommendations on the treatment of drug-sensitive TB, multidrug-resistant TB, and extensively drug-resistant TB, in this population. The consensus guidelines also make recommendations on the treatment of HIV-infected patients with TB in special situations, such as chronic liver disease, pregnancy, kidney failure, and transplantation. Recommendations are made on the timing and initial regimens of antiretroviral therapy in patients with TB, and on immune reconstitution syndrome in HIV-infected patients with TB who are receiving antiretroviral therapy. The document does not cover the diagnosis of TB, diagnosis/treatment of latent TB, or treatment of TB in children. The quality of the evidence was evaluated and the recommendations graded using the approach of the Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation Working Group. PMID:23541879

Rivero, Antonio; Pulido, Federico; Caylá, Joan; Iribarren, José A; Miró, José M; Moreno, Santiago; Pérez-Camacho, Inés



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer

No se puede negar que vivimos en una comunidad global, en la que los eventos de una ciudad o país pueden tener graves consecuencias para los residentes de otra ciudad o país a miles de kilómetros de distancia. Ya sea la pandemia del virus H1N1, los recientes disturbios en Irán o la recesión económica mundial, es evidente que esta interconectividad trae consigo retos importantes. Pero también puede crear oportunidades sin precedentes, en particular aquellas que podrían mejorar sustancialmente la salud pública.


[Why must we celebrate the 150 years from the National Academy of Medicine of Mexico foundation?].  


En primer lugar, permítaseme expresar mi más profundo agradecimiento al presidente de la Academia Nacional de Medicina de México, el doctor Enrique Ruelas Barajas, por haberme hecho el gran honor de invitarme a dictar esta conferencia que lleva el nombre de un mexicano excepcional, de un personaje ilustre del siglo XX, de quien fuera rector de la Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, director de la Escuela Nacional de Medicina de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México y rector de nuestra máxima Casa de Estudios, fundador del Instituto Nacional de Cardiología que ahora lleva su nombre y miembro de El Colegio Nacional, así como académico honorario y expresidente de la Academia, el maestro Ignacio Chávez. PMID:24894303

Varela Rueda, Carlos E



The 29th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases  

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The 29th International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases (ICPIG) was held in Cancún, Mexico, on 12–17 July, 2009, under the sponsorship of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, UNAM, the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, UAM, and the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP).ICPIG, founded in 1953, has since been held biennally, and nowadays it covers both fundamental and

J de Urquijo



Seguimiento fotométrico de tránsitos exoplanetarios  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Unidad de Astronomía of the Universidad de Antofagasta (Chile) has begun a collaboration with the University College London, the Observatorio Astronómico de Córdoba and the Instituto de Astronomía Teórica y Experimental at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, to enlarge a rich database of exoplanetary transits, with the efforts from both profesional and amateur astronomers. These data will be used to test Transit Timing Variations (TTVs) and help to improve the existing exoplanet databases. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Char, F.; Unda-Sanzana, E.; Kipping, D.; Colazo, C.; Núñez, R.; Guzzo, P.; Schneiter, M.; Colque, J. P.


Technology for communicational development and learning in psychomotor disability  

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The applied investigation and experimental development project described in this paper has been carried out by Grupo Ingeniería Clínica of the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional together with two Special Education Schools dependent on the Ministry of Education of Córdoba Province. Its aim is the development of computer access assistive tools for students with mobility limitations, and with or without intellectual problems

I. Trento; M. Santucci; S. Tula; E. González



Efecto antiulceroso del extracto hidroalcohólico liofilizado de hojas de Bixa orellana (achiote), en ratas Antiulcer effect of lyophilized hydroalcoholic extract of Bixa orellana (annatto) leaves in rats  

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Objective: To identify the secondary metabolites present in Bixa orellana leaves extract, to evaluate the extract protection against ethanol injury, and histopathology study of the stomach glandular region. Design: Prospective, experimental and analytical research. Setting: Biochemistry and Nutrition Research Center laboratories, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Biological material: Bixa orellana leaves extract and male albino rats. Interventions: Secondary metabolites

Oscar Huamán; Miguel Sandoval; Inés Arnao; Elsa Béjar


Analysis of the Use of Twitter as a Learning Strategy in Master's Studies  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The present study analyses the use of Twitter in the course Social Media and Digital Learning, taught as part of a master's programme at Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (Spain). The main purpose of the use of this resource was to develop a learning community. This was implemented through the micro design of activities. A mixed…

Feliz, Tiberio; Ricoy, Carmen; Feliz, Sálvora



Hepatoprotección antioxidante de la cáscara y semilla de Vitis vinifera L. (uva)  

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Objective: To determine by TBARS test (substances reactive to thiobarbituric acid) the antioxidant and liver protection effect induced by Vitts vinifera L. grape skin and seeds in animals of experimentation with alcoholic aggression. Design: Experimental study. Setting: Alberto Guzman Barron Biochemistry and Nutrition Research Center, Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru. Biologic material: Albino male

Miguel Sandoval; Karen Lazarte; Inés Arnao


Del socialismo de Estado a la economía de mercado. Experiencias en Alemania Oriental  

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En esta conferencia, dictada en la Universidad Nacional en Abril de 1993, se describe el proceso de transformación de Alemania Oriental y se analiza el proceso de reestructuración económica, tomando como ejemplo la industria de la construcción naval. Su detallado análisis de los efectos de la reunificación alemana y la transformación de la economía de Alemania Oriental todavía no son

Heiner Heseler



On inverse scattering at a fixed energy for potentials with a regular behaviour at infinity  

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We study the inverse scattering problem for electric potentials and magnetic fields in {\\\\bb R}^d, d\\\\geq 3 , that are asymptotic sums of homogeneous terms at infinity. The main result is that all these terms can be uniquely reconstructed from the singularities in the forward direction of the scattering amplitude at some positive energy. Research partially supported by Universidad Nacional

Ricardo Weder; Dimitri Yafaev



Using Virtualization and Automatic Evaluation: Adapting Network Services Management Courses to the EHEA  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper outlines the adaptation of a course on the management of network services in operating systems, called NetServicesOS, to the context of the new European Higher Education Area (EHEA). NetServicesOS is a mandatory course in one of the official graduate programs in the Faculty of Computer Science at the Universidad Nacional de Educacion a…

Ros, S.; Robles-Gomez, A.; Hernandez, R.; Caminero, A. C.; Pastor, R.



The Student Strike at the National Autonomous University of Mexico: A Political Analysis.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Analyzes political tensions related to student strikes at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), 1998-2000, which were sparked by proposed tuition fees. Discusses conflict between social justice sentiments focused on free and egalitarian access to higher education versus market-driven views promoting selective, competitive higher…

Rhoads, Robert A.; Mina, Liliana



8th Argentinean Bioengineering Society Conference (SABI 2011) and 7th Clinical Engineering Meeting  

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In September 2011, the Eighteenth Edition of the Argentinean Bioengineering Society Conference (SABI 2011) and Seventh Clinical Engineering Meeting were held in Mar del Plata, Argetina. The Mar del Plata SABI Regional and the School of Engineering of the Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata invited All bioengineers, engineers, physicists, mathematicians, biologists, physicians and health professionals working in the field

Gustavo Javier Meschuino; Virginia L Ballarin



Carta abierta a las organizaciones y personas que trabajan en el área del cáncer acerca de los estudios clínicos en la comunidad

El doctor Varmus reafirma el compromiso del NCI con los pacientes que participan en estudios clínicos en la comunidad y explica en qué consiste la transición al nuevo Programa de Investigación Oncológica Comunitaria del NCI (NCORP).


Acoustic engineering at Universidad de las Americas, Ecuador  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Acoustics, like science, an instrument to develop new technologies, comfortable atmospheres, and pleasant sounds, has not had a sufficient push in Ecuador. The shortage of professionals in the area, and the social ignorance of the advances and benefits of acoustics have been part of the problem. The University of the Americas has taken the initiative to develop an undergraduate program-only in the country-of sound and acoustics engineering, to contribute to the formation of professional futures that fortify the recent labor market in the areas of audio, professional, and acoustic engineering. This work presents/displays the results of the studies made for the creation of the race, the curricular mesh, and its projections.

Bravo, Luis A.; Naranjo, Jaime O.; Tassara, Alberto



Antimicrobial susceptibility patterns for pathogens isolated from patients in Latin American medical centers with a diagnosis of pneumonia: analysis of results from the SENTRY Antimicrobial Surveillance Program (1997) 1 1 SENTRY Latin America Study Group includes: H.S. Sader (Brazil-Latin America Coordinator); J. Sampaio (Lâmina Laboratory, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil); C. Zoccoli (Santa Lúzia Laboratory, Florianopolis, Brazil); J.M. Casellas (Centro de Estudios en Antimicrobianos, San Isidro, Argentina); J. Smayevsky (Microbiology Laboratory C.E.M.I.C., Buenos Aires, Argentina); V. Prado (Faculdad de Medicina de Chile, Santiago, Chile); E. Palavecino (Universidad Catolica del Chile, Santiago, Chile); H. Bagnulo (Hospital Maciel, Montivideo, Uruguay); J.A. Robledo (Corporation Para Investigaciones Biologicas, Medellin, Colombia); and J. Sifuentes-Osornio (Instituto Nacional de la Nutricion, Ciudade del Mexico, Mexico)  

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Pneumonia is the most common fatal hospital-acquired infection, with attributable mortality rates ranging from 30 to 60%. Rapid initiation of optimal antimicrobial therapy is essential for obtaining treatment success. In this report the antimicrobial susceptibility of 556 strains from the lower respiratory tract were collected by the SENTRY Antimicrobial Surveillance Program (1997). These strains were isolated from hospitalized patients with

Helio S. Sader; Ronald N. Jones; Ana C. Gales; P. Winokur; Kari C. Kugler; Michael A. Pfaller; Gary V. Doern



V Semana Nacional de Conscientização da Epilepsia em Campinas  

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V National Week of Epilepsy Awareness in Campinas Epilepsy is a common neurological condition and 70% can achieve seizure control, however, it is still often to observe myths and beliefs regarding epilepsy in our society. The National Demonstration Project on Epilepsy part of WHO\\/ILAE\\/IBE Global Campaign Against Epilepsy in Brazil brought important changes in our society through a national movement

Paula T. Fernandes; Ana Lúcia A. Noronha; Pablo Gimenez; Ana Carolina Coan; Li Hui Ling



Northeast Project/CNEN (Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The subprojects from the Northeast/CNEN project, that aims to disseminate the benefits of nuclear energy are described. Those subprojects are the following: food conservation, energy, health, hydric resources, mineral and agriculture, all of them have as ...

R. N. Alves G. F. Ribeiro J. O. V. Lima G. H. Dornelles J. J. Laborne



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 02-02-2010

En un estudio clínico en fase inicial que probó una vacuna terapéutica en pacientes con leucemia mieloide crónica (LMC) que tomaban el fármaco imatinib (Gleevec), no se pudieron detectar células cancerosas en 7 de los 19 participantes por un tiempo promedio de 22 meses. Los resultados del estudio fueron publicados en el número del 1º de enero de la revista Clinical Cancer Research.


Lengua nacional: Fichas de trabajo 4 (National Language: Workbook 4).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This consumable, graded workbook can be used for exercises, tests, and individualized learning. Each level contains 30 units divided into four groups of exercises: reading analysis, grammar, composition, and spelling. Ten general tests are also included. For the accompanying reader, see FL 004 050. (Author/SK)

Peniche Leger, Maria Elena, Ed.


Lengua nacional: Fichas de trabajo 6 (National Language: Workbook 6).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This consumable, graded workbook can be used for exercises, tests, and individualized learning. Each level contains 30 units divided into four groups of exercises: reading analysis, grammar, composition, and spelling. Ten general tests are also included. For the accompanying reader, see FL 004 052. (Author/SK)

Peniche Leger, Maria Elena, Ed.


Lengua nacional: Fichas de trabajo 3 (National Language: Workbook 3).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This consumable, graded workbook can be used for exercises, tests, and individualized learning. Each level contains 30 units divided into four groups of exercises: reading analysis, grammar, composition, and spelling. Ten general tests are also included. For the accompanying reader, see FL 004 049. (Author/SK)

Peniche Leger, Maria Elena, Ed.


Lengua nacional: Fichas de trabajo 5 (National Language: Workbook 5).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This consumable, graded workbook can be used for exercises, tests, and individualized learning. Each level contains 30 units divided into four groups of exercises: reading analysis, grammar, composition, and spelling. Ten general tests are also included. For the accompanying reader, see FL 004 051. (Author/SK)

Peniche Leger, Maria Elena, Ed.


Lengua Nacional: Fichas de trabajo 2 (National Language: Workbook 2).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This consumable, graded workbook can be used for exercises, tests, and individualized learning. Each level contains 30 units divided into four groups of exercises: reading analysis, grammar, composition, and spelling. Ten general tests are also included. For the accompanying reader, see FL 004 048. (Author/SK)

Peniche Leger, Maria Elena, Ed.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 04-27-2010

Cada vez es más evidente que los esfuerzos mundiales de salud de mayor éxito dependen no solo del aporte de las mentes más brillantes, sino de la colaboración entre ellas para marcar la diferencia en el escenario global. Este enfoque es el motor impulsor detrás de una asociación excepcional con el NCI, financiada en parte por Susan G.


MEDLINEplus Informacion de Salud de la Biblioteca Nacional de Medicina  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

MEDLINEplus, the National Library of Medicine's free health Web site is now available in Spanish. Spanish-speaking Americans can now access real-time health information from the National Institutes of Health and other credible medical agencies. Current features include interactive health tutorials covering medical procedures, surgeries, and disease, a full-color medical encyclopedia, and more. Additionally, each page of this Web site contains a link to its corresponding English-language page, and vice versa, which non-Spanish-speaking doctors and other medical professionals could use to facilitate communication with their patients. Some of the features currently available at the English-language site are not yet available in Spanish.



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 05-25-2010

Aproximadamente 41.000 participantes en un estudio en el Reino Unido se sometieron una sola vez a una examen de detección en la parte inferior del colon mediante el uso de un sigmoidoscopio, un instrumento delgado en forma de tubo que se inserta a través del recto para buscar lesiones precancerosas o cancerosas. Este dispositivo también tiene una herramienta para extraer pólipos potencialmente precancerosos.


Analysis of forensic samples in Banco Nacional de Datos Genéticos  

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Analysis of forensic samples to evaluate the rate of success for molecular markers: autosomal STRs, Y chromosome, and mitochondrial DNA. Since 2006 to date a total of 390 forensic samples were analyzed: bones, teeth, hairs, swabs, stains and paraffin embedded tissue. Bones and teeth, were pulverized in a Freezer Mill, extracted by chloroform\\/phenol\\/isoamyl alcohol method, and then purified with Centricon

O. Santapa; S. Filippini; S. Valente; M. B. Rodriguez Cardozo



Traditions of the Sun  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This Web site explores the desire shared by past civilizations and today's society to observe and study the sun. It features two interactive modules, which include satellite images, aerial photographs, panoramic pictures, time-lapse videos and other multimedia. Each module is focused on a different ancient culture: Maya in the Yucatan and Native Americans in Chaco Canyon. The site is a collaboration among NASA; the National Park Service at Chaco Canyon; the Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Mexico; and Space Imaging and Ideum, a media design company.



NASA Network  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

The NASA Network includes nine NASA operated and partner operated stations covering North America, the west coast of South America, the Pacific, and Western Australia . A new station is presently being setup in South Africa and discussions are underway to add another station in Argentina. NASA SLR operations are supported by Honeywell Technical Solutions, Inc (HTSI), formally AlliedSignal Technical Services, The University of Texas, the University of Hawaii and Universidad Nacional de San Agustin.

Carter, David; Wetzel, Scott



Efecto del glicerol sobre la catálisis por fosfatasa ácida de bajo peso molecular de hígado de alpaca (Lama pacos)  

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Objective: To determine the effect of glycerol on hydrolisis of p-nitrophenyl phosphate at pH 5,0 by low molecular weight acid phosphatase from alpaca liver. Design: Experimental analytical study. Setting: Biochemistry and Nutrition Research Center, Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru. Materials: Disodic p-nitrophenyl phosphate salt, glacial acetic acid, glycerol, tricloroacetic acid, sulfuric acid, ammonium molibdate,

Emilio Guija; Fernando Arauco; Hielke Haak-Mares; Mercedes Soberón



Ten years of Meridian Astronomy studies in Argentina  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In 1996, through a Cooperation Agreement between the Universidad Nacional de San Juan and the Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada de España (ROA), the San Fernando Automatic Meridian Circle of this Institute was installed in San Juan, to be jointly operated by this research center and the Observatorio Astronómico Félix Aguilar (OAFA). In these 10 years, the telescope has been working uninterruptedly, and in this paper we inform about its results and its observation program. FULL TEXT IN SPANISH

Mallamaci, C. C.; Pérez, J. A.; Marmolejo, L. F.; Navarro, J. L.; Sedeño, J. A.; Muiños, J. L.; Belizón, F.; Montojo, J.; Vallejo, M.


La experiencia de CNEA (Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica) en prepararse para el sistema nacional de acreditacion de laboratorios. (CNEA's (Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica) experience in the preparation of a national system for laboratory accreditation).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Within the regional markets, as it is the case of MERCOSUR, the laboratories which are suppliers of test and calibration results, are mutually recognized through the National Accreditation Systems. In Argentina there is a project to create a Center for th...

N. H. Piacquadio T. A. Palacios V. A. Casa J. H. Koll



PREFACE: 21st Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (SLAFES XXI)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (SLAFES) started in Caracas-Venezuela, and over time the symposia have taken place in 9 different Latin American countries. The last five events took place in Mérida-Venezuela (2002), Havana-Cuba (2004), Puebla-Mexico (2006), Puerto Iguazú-Argentina (2008) and Maragogi-Brazil (2011). During the last years, in the different SLAFES editions, the aim has been to bring together researches from Latina America and invite renowned scientists from around the world to a unique forum to discuss the latest developments regarding Solid state Physics. The 21st Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (SLAFES XXI) was held in Villa de Leyva-Colombia, from September 30 to October 04, 2013. The 21st SLAFES version featured the participation of experts in various areas of Solid State Physics from countries such as Belgium, Germany, United States, Spain, Ireland, Chile, Argentina and Brazil, had 270 submitted works and was attended by 140 researchers. The development of this event was made possible by financial support from the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Universidad del Norte-CO, Universidad de Magdalena-CO, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco-BR and the Academia Colombiana de Ciencias Exatas, Naturales y Física. Editors Professor J Albino Aguiar Departamento de Física Universidade Federal de Pernambuco 50670-901 Recife PE Brazil e-mail: Professor Jairo Roa-Rojas Grupo de Física de Nuevos Materiales Departamento de Física Universidad Nacional de Colombia A.A. 5997 Bogotá DC, Colombia e-mail: Professor Carlos Arturo Parra Vargas Grupo Física de Materiales Escuela de Física Universidad Padagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia Tunja Colombia e-mail: Professor David A Land\\'i nez Téllez Grupo de Física de Nuevos Materiales Departamento de Física Universidad Nacional de Colombia A.A. 5997 Bogotá DC Colombia e-mail: Professor Laura T Corredor Bohórquez Departamento de Física Universidade Federal de Pernambuco 50670-901 Recife PE Brazil e-mail: Professor Arkady Shanenko Departamento de Física Universidade Federal de Pernambuco 50670-901 Recife PE Brazil e-mail: Professor Renato F Jardim Instituto de Física Universidade de S\\~ao Paulo CP 66318 S\\~ao Paulo SP Brazil e-mail: Professor Francois Peeters Department Fysica Universiteit Antwerpen Groneneborgerlann 171 B-2020, Antwerpen Belgium e-mail: Organizing committee ChairmanCarlos Arturo Parra Vargas Proceedings EditorJosé Albino Aguiar Program ChairJairo Roa-Rojas SecretaryAura Janeth Barón González TreasurerArmando Sarmiento Santos Speaker ChairRafael González Hernández Fernando Naranjo Mayorga David A Landínez Téllez Jesús Oswaldo Morán José Sierra Ortega

Aguiar, J. Albino



Acoustics: A branch of engineering at the Universidad Austral de Chile (UACh)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

At the end of the 1960s, the first acousticians graduating at UACh had acquired an education in applied physics and musical arts, since there was no College of Engineering at that time. Initially, they had a (rather modest) four-year undergraduate program, and most of the faculty were not specialized teachers. The graduates from such a program received a sound engineering degree and they were skilled for jobs in the musical industry and sound reinforcement companies. In addition, they worked as sound engineers and producers. Later, because of the scientific, industrial and educational changes in Chile during the 1980s, the higher education system had massive changes that affected all of the undergraduate and graduate programs of the 61 universities in Chile. The UACh College of Engineering was officially founded in 1989. Then, acoustics as an area of expertise was included, widened and developed as an interdisciplinary subject. Currently, the undergraduate program in acoustics at UACh offers a degree in engineering sciences and a 6-year professional studies in Civil Engineering (Acoustics), having two main fields: Sound and Image, and Environment and Industry.

Poblete, Victor; Arenas, Jorge P.; Sommerhoff, Jorge



Psychological Coping and Well-Being of Male Latino Undergraduates: "Sobreviviendo la Universidad"  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study examined 100 male Latino undergraduates' cultural self-esteem, perceived educational barriers, cultural fit, coping responses (CRs), and subsequent well-being within higher education. The most commonly reported CR for Latino males was to actively find out more about the situation and take a positive planned action. Assessing group mean…

Gloria, Alberta M.; Castellanos, Jeanett; Scull, Nicholas C.; Villegas, Francisco J.



Acid rain: a case study at the Universidade de Sao Paulo campus, Sao Paulo State, Brazil.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The phenomena called acid rain is considered, by many researchers, one of the most serious environmental problem. This work has the aim of showing, in a theoretical and practical study, the problems caused by the atmospheric- pollutant emission, through n...

P. Galvao



Survey of emission-line galaxies: Universidad Complutense de Madrid list  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

A low-dispersion objective-prism survey for low-redshift emission-line galaxies (ELGs) is being carried out by the University Complutense de Madrid with the Schmidt telescope at the German-Spanish Observatory of Calar Alto (Almeria, Spain). A 4 deg full aperture prism, which provides a dispersion of 1950 A/mm, and IIIaF emulsion combination has been used to search for ELGs selected by the presence of H-alpha emission in their spectra. Our survey has proved to be able to recover objects already found by similar surveys with different techniques and, what is more important, to discover new objects not previously cataloged. A compilation of descriptions and positions, along with finding charts when necessary, is presented for 160 extragalactic emission-line objects. This is the first list, which contains objects located in a region of the sky covering 270 sq deg in 10 fields near alpha = 0(sup h) and delta = 20 deg.

Zamorano, J.; Rego, Gallego, J.; Gallego, J. G.; Vitores, A. G.RA, R.; Gonzalez-Riestra, R..; Rodriguez-Caderot, G.



[Cutaneous myiasis by Cochliomyia hominivorax (Coquerel) (Diptera Calliphoridae) in Hospital Universidad del Norte, Soledad, Atlántico].  


Human myiasis is the parasitism of human tissues by fly larvae. Diagnoses are based on clinical pattern of tissue damage and presence of insect stages. Herein, a case myiasis is described in a seven-year-old female child. She presented with fever associated with abscessed scalp lesions containing exposed larvae. Severe pediculosis was also observed. The patient was hospitalized and treated with clindamycin, gentamicin (for bacterial secondary infections) and ivermectin (treatment for lice) after which the patient showed clinical improvement and was discharged four days later. Since human myiasis can be caused by a number of different species, larvae were collected from the patient and identified as those of Cochliomyia hominivorax (Diptera: Calliphoridae). Because other cases of coinfestation of flies and lice are on record, health workers are to be alerted about the possible pediculosis-myasis risk. PMID:19753834

de la Ossa, Napoleón; Castro, Luis Eduardo; Visbal, Lila; Santos, Ana María; Díaz, Esther; Romero-Vivas, Claudia M E



Valor nutricional de alimentos para suínos determinado na Universidade Federal de Lavras  

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Six metabolism trials were conducted in the Animal Science Department at University of Lavras- (UFLA) with the objective to evaluate the chemical and nutritional composition of 8 protein and 10 energetic feeds utilized in swine rations. In the first metabolism assay , the pigs of means of 40.4 kg were utilized and the feeds cotton meal, micronized soybean, soybean meal,

Zuleide Alves de Souza Santos; Rilke Tadeu Fonseca de Freitas; Elias Tadeu Fialho; Paulo Borges Rodrigues; José Augusto de Freitas Lima; Douglas de Carvalho Carellos; Patricia Azevedo Castelo Branco; Vinicius de Souza Cantarelli



Diseño metodológico de la Encuesta Nacional sobre Violencia contra las Mujeres en México  

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Objective. To describe the methodology, the research de- signs used, the estimation and sample selection, variable definitions, collection instruments, and operative design and analytical procedures for the National Survey Violence Against Women in Mexico. Material and Methods. A com- plex (two-step) cross-sectional study was designed and the qualitative design was carried out using in-depth interviews and participant observation in health

Gustavo Olaiz; Aurora Franco; Oswaldo Palma; Carlos Echarri; Rosario Valdez; Cristina Herrera



Diseño metodológico dela Encuesta Nacional sobre Violencia contra las Mujeres en México  

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Abstract Objective. To describe the methodology, the research de- signs used, the estimation and sample selection, variable definitions, collection instruments, and operative design and analytical procedures ,for the National Survey Violence Against Women,in Mexico. Material and Methods. A com- plex (two-step) cross-sectional study was designed and the qualitative design was carried out using in-depth interviews and participant observation,in health,care units.

Gustavo Olaiz; Aurora Franco; Lic en Tr Soc; Oswaldo Palma; Carlos Echarri; en Demografía; M en Antrop; Cristina Herrera


Depositación polínica anual en el Parque Nacional Pre-Delta, Entre Ríos, Argentina  

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Annual pollen deposition in the Pre-Delta National Park (Entre Ríos, Argentina). This work aims to analyze the seasonal pattern and the diversity of the Pre-Delta National Park vegetation (Entre Ríos, Argentina) as reflected by the deposited pollen along a year. Pollen has been monitored monthly with Tauber traps over one year (since August 2004 to July 2005). The pollen traps



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 17 de julio de 2012

La salud de los adolescentes y adultos jóvenes supervivientes de cáncer es peor que la salud de las personas que no tienen antecedentes de la enfermedad, y sus conductas son menos saludables, según un estudio. Estos supervivientes fuman más y se ejercitan menos, sufren una mayor cantidad de enfermedades crónicas, son obesos, tienen una salud mental y física precaria y enfrentan más obstáculos financieros para el acceso a la atención médica.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 31 de enero de 2012

Dr. Nils Daulaire Salud mundial a través de la colaboración y el liderazgo Para conmemorar el Día Mundial del Cáncer que tuvo lugar el 4 febrero, el doctor Nils Daulaire, director de la Oficina de Asuntos Internacionales del Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de los Estados Unidos habla sobre las razones por las cuales los Estados Unidos deben participar en iniciativas para mejorar la salud mundial.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 4 de diciembre de 2012

Los pacientes con cáncer avanzado que hablaron con sus médicos sobre su cuidado durante sus últimos días de vida en las etapas más tempranas de la enfermedad, recibieron un cuidado menos agresivo en su último mes de vida. Asimismo, tuvieron una probabilidad menor de usar servicios para enfermos terminales, según indican los resultados de un nuevo estudio.


Mapeamento da cobertura da terra na Floresta Nacional de Tapajós - PA utilizando imagem de coerência polarimétrica  

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The assessment of the polarimetric coherence information with full polarimetric data was studied using the region classification. The pair of HH and VV bands showed the relevant information of the phase difference among every band pairs, so the HH and VV bands were used to generate the polarimetric coherence data (CoPHH-VV). The Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) complex full polarimetric

Graziela Balda Scofield




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The flood plain of Paraná river problably mantain, one of the last considerable populations of neotropical big cats, represented by jaguar (Panthera onca) and puma (Puma concolor). Large felids depend on the landscape to obtain food and habitat. Fire is a huge natural agent that can change the landscape, modifying flora and fauna species. In the Ilha Grande National Park,

Kauê Cachuba de Abreu; Letícia de Paulo Koproski; Ângela Márcia Kuczach; Pedro Chaves de Camargo; Tiago Giarola Boscarato


Linfadenomegalia superficial (LAS): Correlato clínico patológico en 154 pacientes del Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia, Lima, Perú  

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Introducción: la linfadenomegalia superficial (LAS) son hallazgos clínicos frecuentes en la práctica médica que pueden ser las primeras manifestaciones de una enfermedad de trascendencia o de un síndrome clínico específico. Objetivo: realizar un correlato clínico-patológico en pacientes con LAS que acudieron por primera vez a la consulta médica sin un diagnóstico conocido. Materiales y Métodos: estudio prospectivo transversal en el

Fernando Osores Plenge; Raúl Gutiérrez Rodríguez; Oscar Guerra Amaya; Juan Cortez-Escalante; Juan C. Ferrufino Lach; Leandro Huayanay; Isaias Rodríguez; Betty Bustamante; Ciro Maguiña Vargas



Hallazgos histopatológicos en la gastritis nodular. Experiencia en el Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMEN INTRODUCCIÓN: La gastritis nodular (GN) es un hallazgo endoscópico frecuente en adultos. Desde enero de 1994 a abril 1997 hemos observado que de 3600 endoscopías altas 261 pacientes presentaban este hallazgo. Se piensa que la GN es más frecuente en adultos jóvenes y sobretodo en mujeres. Existe bibliografía que afirma que se presenta en niños con más frecuencia y

Samuel Maghidman; Jaime Cok; Alejandro Bussalleu; TRABAJOS ORIGINALES



Ciencia-ficcion Cubana: El proyecto nacional del hombre nuevo socialista  

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The Cuban and Latin American literary canon does not pay much attention to the development of the science fiction genre. However, the study and incorporation of this genre is key to the complete understanding of such canon. This investigation focuses on the relationship between the traditional Cuban literary canon and the ideas brought up by the 1959 revolution on the

Juan Carlos Toledano Redondo



Memoria del Primer Seminario Nacional de Energia (Memoir of the First Seminar on Energy).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report is a collection of papers presented at a seminar on energy held in Costa Rica. The studies concentrate on the countries of Central America. Conclusions and recommendations are given for solar, wind, and biomass energy. Hydraulic resources in C...



Valve Surgery at the Hospital de Cardiologia Y Neumologia Del Centro Medico Nacional IMSS *  

PubMed Central

From January 1964 until February 1985, we performed 8,370 prosthetic valve procedures; this represents 54.32% of our total surgical load. Approximately 93% of the replacements were for rheumatic valve disease; the rest were for ischemic, myxomatous, degenerative, congenital, and traumatic heart disease. All cases were between New York Heart Association (NYHA) Classes II and IV; almost all patients had heart catheterizations before surgery. During the last 6 years, all patients had echocardiograms before undergoing heart catheterization.

Martinez-Banuet, Rogelio; Maulen-Radovan, Ximena; Ibarra-Perez, Carlos; Diaz-Devis, Cuauhtemoc; Ramirez-Godinez, Fernando; Palacios-Macedo, Xavier



La transferencia de conocimiento y el Plan Nacional de I+D+I  

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The transfer of knowledge is having more and more con- sideration in the definition of R+D+I public policies, that is reflected in the National Program as its main refe- rence. The creation of the new Ministry of Sciencie and Innovation, will help to increase these policies, bringing up new tools for transfer of knowledge that help to miti- gate the

Otilia Mó Romero


The acoustic design of the Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico City  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this paper the acoustic design of the separate buildings housing the school of music, school of drama, and school of dance that opened in 1996 will be described. Spaces that JHA designed included practice rooms, studios, rehearsal rooms, black box, and concert hall. Details of room acoustic treatments, sound isolation measures, and venturi air flow will be illustrated. An overview of the entire project will also include the 500 seat multipurpose theater (with variable absorption systems) and the Alla Magna. Differences between the American and Mexican styles of consulting, importing of materials, installation, and commissioning will also be discussed.

Cooper, Rusell




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The lightweight concrete can be used in the civil engineering for structural aims or filling. The use of this material allows benefits by the reduction of the weight of the structures and, when used in coverings or closures, in the thermal natural conditioning of the environments. This study analyses the potentiality of the use of the expanded clay produced in

R. A. Cremonini



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 11 de septiembre de 2012

Con la ayuda de herramientas genéticas, investigadores han identificado subconjuntos de células que parecen impulsar el crecimiento de tumores en ratones. Estos resultados ofrecen factores adicionales que sustentan la hipótesis de la existencia de células madre del cáncer, es decir, la idea de que algunos tumores contienen células que se autorenuevan y dan origen a todo tipo de células tumorales.


El Museo Nacional de Antropologia de Mexico. (The Mexican National Museum of Anthropology)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Designed as a potential attraction of tourist income and for popular education, the National Museum of Anthropology provides instruction for children and adults, publications, public lectures, library services, and other educational services. (LY)

Lopez, Gilberto



Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 8 de noviembre de 2011

Le invitamos a que comparta esta publicación con sus amigos, familiares y colegas y nos ayude a continuar nuestra misión de difundir las investigaciones más recientes sobre la prevención, el tratamiento y la información del cáncer.


Short-period cataclysmic variables at Observatorio Astronomico Nacional IA UNAM.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present results of time-resolved spectroscopy and photometry of faint (∼17-19 mag) Cataclysmic Variable stars with periods around the minimum orbital period (∼80 min). In this work we concentrated to our results of study of CVs systems which have evolved beyond the period minimum (so-called bounce-back systems). Using various instruments attached to 2.1m, 1.5m and 0.84m telescopes of OAN SPM of IA UNAM we explored conditions and structure of accretion disks in those short-period Cataclysmic Variables. We showed that the accretion disk in a system with an extremely low mass ratio (≤0.05) grows in the size reaching 2:1 resonance radius and is relatively cool. The disk in such systems also becomes largely optically thin in the continuum, contributing to the total flux less than the stellar components of the system. In contrast, the viscosity and the temperature in spiral arms formed at the outer edge of the disk are higher and their contribution in continuum plays an increasingly important role. We model such disks and generate light curves which successfully simulate the observed double-humped light curves in the quiescence. Thanks to support of our programs by the Time Allocation Commission of OAN SPM, the perfect astroclimate in the observatory, and the phase-locked method of spectroscopic observations, the significant progress in the study of bounce-back systems using a small size telescope was reached.

Zharikov, S.



Resultados del Estudio Nacional de Colografía de Tomografía Computarizada: preguntas y respuestas

Estudios anteriores encontraron que la colografía de tomografía computarizada, también conocida como colonoscopia virtual, era prometedora como método de examen selectivo de detección de cáncer colorrectal debido a su precisión, seguridad, rentabilidad y aceptabilidad por parte de los pacientes.


Boletín del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer - 6 de noviembre de 2012

Nuevos resultados de tres estudios clínicos resaltan la evolución de opciones de tratamiento para mujeres con cáncer de mama HER2 positivo. Estos cánceres, los cuales producen demasiada proteína HER2, constituyen una forma maligna de la enfermedad y representan aproximadamente 20 por ciento de todos los casos de cáncer de mama diagnosticados.



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No contexto atual de estreitamento e volatividade do mercado de trabalho, de extremas exigências de qualificações profissionais e do excedente de mão-de-obra pouco escolarizada e qualificada, um dos maiores desafios a serem enfrentados é a inserção dos jovens no mundo do trabalho, já que estes são os mais penalizados com o desemprego e com a precarização do trabalho, que se

Carlos Soares


Primera conferencia a nivel nacional para tratar asuntos genéticos importantes para la población hispana/latina

La reunión cumbre de la Red de Consulta Comunitaria Hispana/Latina en Genética (HLGCCN, por sus siglas en inglés), la primera reunión de este tipo, se llevará a cabo en Washington, D.C., del 22 al 24 de junio de 2003.


Experimental Multi-University Graduate Class in Volcanology  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Graduate students in volcanology need a wide variety of scientific and cultural perspectives to become proficient at understanding volcanoes and their moods. With this in mind, a six-university consortium in Earth hazards organized an advanced graduate class on supereruptions during the 2006 winter semester. The Earth Hazards (EHaz) university consortium consists of Michigan Technological University (Houghton, Mich.), the University at Buffalo (N.Y.), McGill University (Montreal, Quebec, Canada), the University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM; Mexico City), and the Universidad de Colima (Colima, Mexico), and it is funded by the U.S. Department of Education and couterpart agencies in Mexico and Canada as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Rose, William I.; Stix, John



Measurement of seeing in Bogotá by Differential Images Monitoring Movement  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The search for a suitable site for the location of an observatory in the torrid zone is a task that requires time and effort. We present a project wich aims to search such place along three phases: (1) A careful analysis of temporal series of meteorological variables available in the literature and databases (IDEAM), (2) The use of a meteorological model and satellite images in order to filter only a few places and (3) The use of the DIMM technique to determine the optical seeing in the places selected in (2). The DIMM techique is currently working with the instrumentation available at the Observatorio Astronómico at Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá.

Londoño, S. P.; Pinzón, G.



A new species of Scaris from southeastern Brazil, with notes on S. nessimiani and S. bahiensis (Homoptera: Cicadellidae).  


A new leafhopper species, Scaris angrensis sp.nov., is described and illustrated based on an adult male from Angra dos Reis, State of Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil. The holotype is deposited in the entomological collection of Museu Nacional, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The new species seems to be more closely related to S. bahiensis because of its single ventral process on the aedeagal base, being distinguished from that by the apical shape of the stylus. A problem related to the illustrations in the original description of S. nessimiani and S. bahiensis is herein corrected. PMID:12298297

Coelho, Luci Boa Nova; Da-Silva, Elidiomar Ribeiro



Catalogo General de Universidades, 1970-1971: Federacion de Universidades Privadas de America Central y Panama (General Catalog of Universities, 1970-1971: Federation of Private Universities of Central America and Panama).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document contains the 1970-1971 catalogues of five universities belonging to the Federation of Private Universities of Central America and Panama (FUPAC). The catalogues provide information on university administrators and staff, historical background, admission requirements, degree programs, scholarships, and courses. The catalogues included…

Federacion de Universidades Privadas de America Central y Panama, Guatemala City (Guatemala).


A experiência da Universidade São Francisco com o internato médico de psiquiatria utilizando a metodologia da aprendizagem baseada em problemas The experience of Universidade São Francisco with the medical internship in psychiatry using the problem-based learning method  

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In the last few years, medical education has been going through curricular and pedagogical changes with the purpose of educating a new health professional. One of the pedagogical alternatives is the education based on problem-solving, which works essentially with the construction of knowledge using signifi cant experiences. Such learning model has enabled curricular changes, which, in the fi eld of

Fernando Ribeiro da Silva Paulin; Regina Caeli; Guerra Poças; Bragança Paulista




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This project had as purpose to increase the reciclaje process in the University Dr. José Gregorio Hernández (UJGH), by means of the design of an art with cans and to contribute this way to modify the behavior of the students keeping in mind that they will be in a professional future and they stood out in different areas of the

José Gregorio Hernández


[Doctor in medicine Juan de la Fuente and the first professor's chair at the Real y Pontificia Universidad de México].  


In this paper, we analyze Juan de la Fuente's life and work. De la Fuente was a medical doctor with medical studies in Sigüenza and Sevilla, minor Spanish universities at that time. Born in Mallorca, he came to New Spain in 1563 and later, he was the first professor in the new Faculty of Medicine in the Royal and Pontifical University of Mexico. His life could be considered as an example of a brilliant professional career developed by a Spanish Medical Doctor coming to the New World, in his case to Mexico. Being a doctor in the main Mexican hospitals, and caring for numerous and select patients. Also was selected as visitador and protomédico, important responsibilities in the regulation of medical practice and quality of medicaments. As a cultivated man, he was a typical case of a humanist. He not only was interested in medicine, but also in natural history, dialectics and philosophy, with a good knowledge of Latin, classical literature and so on. He won the first Medicine Cathedral in 1578 and continued in this place until his death. PMID:21982197

Viesca-Treviño, Carlos; Aceves-Pastrana, Patricia




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This study analyzes the Psychological Practice in the context of university's crises and the dismount of public mental health services in São Paulo. It defines the Psychological Emergency Practice and put in evidence the actual empiric panorama due to the health public policy neo-liberal innovations. It presents and discusses the public university modernization and its influence on the university services.

Maria Luisa; Sandoval SCHMIDT


El Proyecto Universidad Desescolarizada: A Feasibility Study of Teaching at a Distance in Colombia, S.A.  

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Plans for a nationwide system of education at a distance in Colombia, South America, are now under way to meet growing demands for higher education and to decentralize the current university system. Prior to this decision, a feasibility project was undertaken by the University of Antioquia. The project and results are reported. (Author/JMD)

James, Arthur; Arboleda, Jairo



"Indigenising" or "Interculturalising" Universities in Mexico?: Towards an Ethnography of Diversity Discourses and Practices inside the "Universidad Veracruzana Intercultural"  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Multicultural discourse has reached Latin American higher education in the form of a set of policies targeting indigenous peoples. These policies are strongly influenced by the transfer of European notions of "interculturality", which, in the Mexican context, are understood as positive interactions between members of minority and majority…

Dietz, Gunther; Cortes, Laura Mateos



A constituição das creches nas universidades públicas estaduais paulistas e os direitos sociais da mulher e da criança pequena1  

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In this article, day care centers are focused in the light of the Brazilian Legislation, with a basis on the CLT - Consolidation of the Working Laws - of 1943 and the Federal Constitution of 1988. The Program \\

Sueli Helena de Camargo


Mediterranean alcohol-drinking pattern and mortality in the SUN (Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra) Project: a prospective cohort study.  


Moderate alcohol intake has been related to lower mortality. However, alcohol use includes other dimensions beyond the amount of alcohol consumed. These aspects have not been sufficiently studied as a comprehensive entity. We aimed to test the relationship between an overall alcohol-drinking pattern and all-cause mortality. In a Mediterranean cohort study, we followed 18 394 Spanish participants up to 12 years. A validated 136-item FFQ was used to assess baseline alcohol intake. We developed a score assessing simultaneously seven aspects of alcohol consumption to capture the conformity to a traditional Mediterranean alcohol-drinking pattern (MADP). It positively scored moderate alcohol intake, alcohol intake spread out over the week, low spirit consumption, wine preference, red wine consumption, wine consumed during meals and avoidance of binge drinking. During the follow-up, 206 deaths were identified. For each 2-point increment in a 0-9 score of adherence to the MADP, we observed a 25 % relative risk reduction in mortality (95 % CI 11, 38 %). Within each category of alcohol intake, a higher adherence to the MADP was associated with lower mortality. Abstainers (excluded from the calculations of the MADP) exhibited higher mortality (hazard ratio 1·82, 95 % CI 1·14, 2·90) than participants highly adherent to the MADP. In conclusion, better adherence to an overall healthy alcohol-drinking pattern was associated with reduced mortality when compared with abstention or departure from this pattern. This reduction goes beyond the inverse association usually observed for moderate alcohol drinking. Even moderate drinkers can benefit from the advice to follow a traditional MADP. PMID:24480368

Gea, Alfredo; Bes-Rastrollo, Maira; Toledo, Estefania; Garcia-Lopez, Martin; Beunza, Juan J; Estruch, Ramon; Martinez-Gonzalez, Miguel A



University Entrepreneurship in a Developing Country: The Case of the P. Universidad Catolica de Chile, 1985-2000  

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Privatization in higher education is usually understood either as the surge of private institutions or as universities' growing reliance on private sources of funding or otherwise operating more like firms. Joining the growing literature on university entrepreneurship, this is a case study on the less examined problem of entrepreneurial…

Bernasconi, Andres




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SUMMARY A retrospective analysis of a thirteen years experience in the surgical management of adnexal mass in girls and teenagers younger than 19 years old was done. We reviewed the clinical course and pathological findings of 106 patients. A 62% of adnexal masses were due to neoplasic formation, the majority of them originated in the ovary. Among the neoplasic lesions,



[Rediscovery of Melipona subnitida Ducke (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in the "Restinga" in the Nacional Park Lençóis Maranhenses, Barreirinhas, MA, Brazil].  


Approximately 95 years after the original description, a nest of Melipona subnitida Ducke was rediscovered in the state of Maranhão, in a restinga ecosystem of the Barreirinhas municipality, Northeastern Brazil. The voucher specimens are deposited in the collection of the "Laboratório de Estudos sobre Abelhas" of the "Departamento de Biologia UFMA". PMID:18575706

Rêgo, Márcia; Albuquerque, Patrícia




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After pointing out the problems involving the nuddng of historie time series of eco- nomic aggregates, the main estimates of Spanish national income are described, indica- °i>g shortcomings and disparities. Pro£ Prados de la Escosura's work is thorou^ly •\\



Technologia educativa: Lengua nacional 3. Guiones didacticos para el profesor (Educational Technology: National Language 3. Teacher's Guide).  

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This is the third in a series of six teacher's guides designed to accompany the Senda textbooks (FL 004 047 through 004 052). It contains instructions for presenting the lessons and for handling the individual needs of the pupils. (Author/SK)

Peniche Leger, Maria Elena


Avaliação dos dados MODIS para o estudo da cobertura vegetal da Floresta Nacional do Tapajós no estado do Pará  

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This paper presents an evaluation of Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) images for studying vegetation cover in the Tapajós National Forest region, located in the Pará State, Amazon region. For this, MODIS image at 250 m (pixel resolution) obtained in different season of the year are analyzed to discriminate and characterize forested and converted areas in this study site. MODIS



Análise da composição florística e fitossociológica da floresta nacional do Tapajós com o apoio geográfico de imagens de satélites  

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The objective of this work was to analyze the distribution of the vegetation cover of several portions of the Tapajos National Forest (TNF) in the State of Pará, through phytosociologic and floristic attributes supported by satellite images in primary (PF) and secondary (SF) forest areas. For this it was sampled 35 transects of 10 m ´ 250 m in PF

Evandro Luiz; Mendonça MACHADO


The tissue bank at the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares: ISO 9001:2000 certification of its quality management system  

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Tissue banking is a complex operation concerned with the organisation and coordination of all the steps, that is, from donor\\u000a selection up to storage and distribution of the final products for therapeutic, diagnostic, instruction and research purposes.\\u000a An appropriate quality framework should be established in order to cover all the specific methodology as well as the general\\u000a aspects of quality

María Esther Martínez-Pardo; David Mariano-Magaña



Se lanza Lung-MAP, el primer estudio de medicina de precisión de la Red Nacional de Estudios Clínicos

Hoy se anunció el inicio de un estudio clínico denominado Protocolo Modelo para el Cáncer de Pulmón (Lung-MAP) en lo que constituye un esfuerzo de colaboración excepcional entre organizaciones públicas y privadas. Lung-MAP es un estudio clínico que utiliza varios fármacos, está compuesto por varios grupos de participantes y se basa en los biomarcadores de pacientes con cáncer de pulmón de células escamosas en estadio avanzado.


Helicobacter pylori en niños atendidos en el Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia durante los años 2003 al 2006  

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INTRODUCTION: There is a lack of awareness of the prevalence of infection by Helico- bacter pylori (HP) and its histopathological characterization in children in Peru. OBJECTIVES: To report the clinical and histopathological characteristics of infection by HP in children in Cayetano Heredia Public Hospital (HNCH) in Lima, Peru. METHODS: Information was obtained on endoscopies and biopsies done on children between

Ana Muñoz Urribarri; Jaime Cok García; Alejandro Bussalleu Rivera; Aldo Maruy Saito; Félix Takami Angeles


Ecologia de mosquitos (Diptera, Culicidae) em áreas do Parque Nacional do Iguaçu, Brasil: 1 ­ Distribuição por hábitat  

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A study of the mosquito fauna in the Iguaçu National Park focused on population be- havior in four biotopes with different types of plant cover inside the Park. Systematic bimonthly diurnal and nocturnal human bait and Shannon trap captures were conducted in both forest and domiciliary environments over the course of 24 months. A total of 20,273 adult mosquito specimens

Anthony Érico Guimarães; Catarina Macedo Lopes; Rubens Pinto de Mello; Jeronimo Alencar




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This paper contains an analysis of the economic effects of human capital onproduction, measured as Gross Value Added per full-time equivalent worker. To thisend, a Cobb-Douglas type production function has been used, with Gross Value Added(GVA) a function of human capital and private and public physical capital. Provincialdata from the 1990s were used. Results obtained applying the panel-data techniqueshow human



Bioenergetics and diving activity of internesting leatherback turtles Dermochelys coriacea at Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas, Costa Rica.  


Physiology, environment and life history demands interact to influence marine turtle bioenergetics and activity. However, metabolism and diving behavior of free-swimming marine turtles have not been measured simultaneously. Using doubly labeled water, we obtained the first field metabolic rates (FMRs; 0.20-0.74 W kg(-1)) and water fluxes (16-30% TBW day(-1), where TBW=total body water) for free-ranging marine turtles and combined these data with dive information from electronic archival tags to investigate the bioenergetics and diving activity of reproductive adult female leatherback turtles Dermochelys coriacea. Mean dive durations (7.8+/-2.4 min (+/-1 s.d.), bottom times (2.7+/-0.8 min), and percentage of time spent in water temperatures (Tw) < or =24 degrees C (9.5+/-5.7%) increased with increasing mean maximum dive depths (22.6+/-7.1 m; all P< or =0.001). The FMRs increased with longer mean dive durations, bottom times and surface intervals and increased time spent in Tw< or =24 degrees C (all r2> or =0.99). This suggests that low FMRs and activity levels, combined with shuttling between different water temperatures, could allow leatherbacks to avoid overheating while in warm tropical waters. Additionally, internesting leatherback dive durations were consistently shorter than aerobic dive limits calculated from our FMRs (11.7-44.3 min). Our results indicate that internesting female leatherbacks maintained low FMRs and activity levels, thereby spending relatively little energy while active at sea. Future studies should incorporate data on metabolic rate, dive patterns, water temperatures, and body temperatures to develop further the relationship between physiological and life history demands and marine turtle bioenergetics and activity. PMID:16215215

Wallace, Bryan P; Williams, Cassondra L; Paladino, Frank V; Morreale, Stephen J; Lindstrom, R Todd; Spotila, James R



Factores asociados con sobrepeso y obesidad en niños mexicanos de edad escolar: resultados de la Encuesta Nacional de Nutrición 1999  

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Objective. The objective of the study was to measure the prevalence of overweight and obesity in Mexican school- age children (5-11 years) in the National Nutrition Survey 1999 (NNS-1999). Material and Methods. Overweight and obesity (defined as an excess of adipose tissue in the body) were evaluated through the Body Mass Index (BMI) in 10 901 children, using the standard

Bernardo Hernández; Lucía Cuevas-Nasu; Teresa Shamah-Levy; Eric A Monterrubio; Claudia Ivonne Ramírez-Silva; Raquel García-Feregrino; Jaime Sepúlveda-Amor


Abuso de Inhalantes. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuse de Drogas. (Inhalant Abuse. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

National surveys indicate that more than 22.9 million Americans have abused inhalants at least once in their lives. NIDA's Monitoring the Future study reveals that approximately 17.3 percent of eighth-graders have abused inhalants. Parents and children ne...



El fracaso de la derecha en México. El comportamiento electoral del Partido Acción Nacional (PAN) y su llegada al poder  

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El ascenso al poder en el año 2000 de la derecha en México, representada por el PAN, fue resultado de una larga lucha contra el partido del antiguo régimen (Partido Revolucionario Institucional, PRI) y enmarcada dentro de los cauces legales (participación en procesos electorales) Una vez que el PAN asume el poder, su desempeño como partido en el Gobierno dejó

Manuel Zúñiga Aguilar



[Consensus report for the clinical care of smoking cessation in Spain. Comité Nacional para la Prevención del Tabaquismo].  


Tobacco use presents an odd confluence of circumstances: it is a significant and high threat to health, and there is a lack of motivation among health workers to act accordingly. Yet we have effective interventions. It is really hard to identify any other determinant of health presenting this mixture of lethality, prevalence, and lack of care, despite having effective treatments readily available. On the other hand, smoking cessation interventions are considered as the gold standard of preventive interventions, far above other preventive measures commonly used. This has prompted the National Committee for Smoking Prevention to develop a consensus document for the Clinical Care of Smoking Cessation in Spain. The purpose of this technical and scientific document is to agree on a basic proposal of quality of care to tackle smokers to quit. This document would serve as a guideline in the clinical practice in our country. The aims of this agreement are to review the effectiveness of the existing therapies for smoking cessation, to synthesize their available evidence, and to set the basic minimum standards of care in the clinical practice of patients who smoke. The consensus sets the strategies, and the evidences that support them, in order to assist both the smokers who want to quit, and the smokers who do not, setting out the steps to intervene in the most adequate. PMID:23246167

Camarelles Guillem, Francisco; Dalmau González-Gallarza, Regina; Clemente Jiménez, Lourdes; Díaz-Maroto Muñoz, José Luis; Lozano Polo, Adelaida; Pinet Ogué, María Cristina



PREFACE: XIV Mexican School on Particles and Fields  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The XIV Mexican School on Particles and Fields took place from 8-12 November, 2010, in the colonial city of Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico. The format of the school was such that the morning sessions were devoted to theoretical and experimental reviews, whereas parallel thematic sessions were held in the afternoons. All the reviews and seminars were delivered by experts of international prestige on subjects which are of current interest to the global scientific community and are also actively pursued within Mexico. In order to equip the attending graduate students and post docs with the necessary introductory tools to allow them to benefit substantially from the specialized seminars, a series of mini-courses were offered prior to the event from 4-7 November 2010, in the Auditorium of the Faculty of Science of the University of Michoacan (UMSNH). The length of each course was about 5 hours, English being the language of instruction. An informal and friendly atmosphere was encouraged during the courses so that the students could overcome their inhibitions and actively participate in the discussions. A novel feature of this event was a colloquium aimed at the general public and younger students of pre-undergraduate level, which allowed the expert scientists to reach out to a wider community and raise their awareness and interest in one of the most fascinating and vital fields of knowledge. The XIV-MSPF was organized by the Division of Particles and Fields of the Mexican Physical Society. It was generously sponsored by several institutions: Consejo Estatal de Ciencia y Tecnológico (COECyT) del Estado de Michoacán, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Universidad de Sonora, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad de Guanajuato, Universidad de Sinaloa, Centro de Investigaciones de Estudios Avanzados del IPN (CINVESTAV), Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACyT), la Academia Mexicana de Ciencias and, most importantly, the Red Nacional de Física de Altas Energías. At a personal level, we are very grateful to Dr Juan Carlos D'Olivo (President of the Red Nacional de Física de Altas Energías), Dr Pedro Mata Vázquez (Director of COECyT), Dr Ricardo Becerril Bárcenas (Director of the Institute of Physics and Mathematics, UMSNH), Dr Rigoberto Vera Mendoza (Director of the Faculty of Science, UMSNH) and Dr José Napoleón Guzmán Ávila (Coordinator of Scientific Research, UMSNH) for their invaluable support in all organizational matters, which enabled the school to become a reality. We gratefully acknowledge the help of our colleagues in the organizing committee: Alexis Aguilar, Alejandro Ayala, Wolfgang Bietenholz, Alberto Güijosa, Gabriela Murguía, Sarira Sahu (UNAM), Eduard de la Cruz Burelo, Abdel Pérez-Lorenzana (CINVESTAV), Elena Cáceres (UCOL), David Delepine (UG), Mariana Kirchbach (UASLP), Ildefonso León (UAS), Juan Carlos Arteaga-Velázquez (for his impeccable work in managing the web page of the school) and Víctor Villanueva (UMSNH). Most of them contributed to the extra work involved in refereeing the contributions submitted for this publication. Many thanks also go to all the student volunteers for the efficiency and dedication with which they carried out their duties. At the registration desk, we relied on the hard work of Xiomara Gutiérrez, Enif Gutiérrez (UMSNH) and Mara Diaz Pancardo. Several post docs and PhD students provided invaluable support in all organizational matters: Adolfo Huet, Cliffor Compeán, Rocío Bermúdez, Saúl Sánchez, Anabel Trejo, Iraís Rubalcava, Khépani Raya, José Juan González, Saúl Hernández Ortiz (UMSNH), Alfredo Galaviz, and Alan Aganza (USON). Their help in carrying out the organization of the school was essential and without their collaboration, this school would not have been the same. We also acknowledge the help of the administrative secretary Maria Esperanza Jaramillo of IFM (UMSNH). We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the speakers for delivering excellent lectures and seminars which made this event a success.

Bashir, Adnan; Contreras, Guillermo; Raya, Alfredo; Tejeda-Yeomans, Maria Elena



77 FR 44715 - Additional Designations, Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Interior 1, Fraccionamiento Jardines Universidad, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; DOB 19...Interior 1, Fraccionamiento Jardines Universidad, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; DOB 27...Interior 1, Fraccionamiento Jardines Universidad, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico;...



Executive committee  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

ChairVice Chair Toshiyuki AzumaRoberto Rivarola Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics LabUniversidad Nacional de Rosario and Advanced Science InstituteInstituto de Fisica Rosario RIKEN, JapanRosario, Argentina SecretaryMembers Dominique VernhetJoachim Burgdörfer, Austria Institut des NanoSciences de Paris Birgit Lohmann, Australia Université Pierre et Marie Curie Hossein Sadeghpour, USA Paris, FranceThomas Stöhlker, Germany Past ChairJim McCann, UK Barry DunningGuoqing Xiao, China Physics & AstronomyXiaohong Cai, China Rice University, HoustonXinwen Ma, China Texas, USAYongtao Zhao, China TreasurerFernando Martin, Spain Henrik CederquistLuis Mendez, Spain Alba Nova University CenterAnatoli Kheifets, Australia Stockholm University Stockholm, Sweden Details of the general committee are available in the PDF

Xiao, Guoqing; Cai, Xiaohong; Ding, Dajun; Ma, Xinwen; Zhao, Yongtao



[Speech by Carlos Matus in the presentation of Adiós, Señor Presidente].  


The text of this article was written by Carlos Matus and read aloud by him at the first presentation of his book Adiós, Señor Presidente [Goodbye, Mr. President] in Venezuela in 1987. Matus describes the problems of the governments of Latin America of that day, in order to address the growing gap between the capacity of governments to govern and the complexity of social systems. For Matus, bridging this gap requires theories, techniques, systems and methods so as to develop government projects in which the governability of the system is not less than the magnitude of its problems. This document was recovered from the Mario Testa fund, in the Center for Documentation and Research Pensar en Salud (CEDOPS) of the Institute of Collective Health in the Universidad Nacional de Lanús. PMID:24823613

Matus, Carlos



[Reflexions about the curricula at the faculty of medicine in the XXI century].  


In this paper we review the main medical programs from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) faculty of medicine in the first seventy-five years of twentieth century. We have selected those instances that are representative of special moments in the development of Mexican medical knowledge, and also corresponding to the need to prepare medical students in view of social demands. The first programs are those of Ignacio Chavez in 1934, concerned mainly with the introduction into the curricula of medical specialties such as cardiology or neurology. After those, the 1956 and 1960 programs are mentioned and briefly analyzed; both were founded on the concern to develop a clinical reasoning in the student. Finally, the 1974 Integral General Medicine Program directed its interest to social and environmental themes. PMID:21527967

Viesca Treviño, Carlos



Statistical panorama of female physics graduate students for 2000-2010 in Peru  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We report the results of a statistical study on the number of women entering the undergraduate and master's programs of physics at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Peru. From 2006 through 2010, 13 female students entered the master's degree program but no females graduated with the degree. Considering that Peru is a developing country, a career in physics is not considered an attractive professional choice even for male students because it is thought that there are no work centers to practice this profession. We recommend that the causes preventing female physics students from completing their studies and research work be analyzed, and that strategies be planned to help women complete their academic work. We are considering getting help from the Peruvian Physics Society (SOPERFI) in order to draw more attention for our plan.

Cerón Loayza, María Luisa; Bravo Cabrejos, Jorge Aurelio



Education and public outreach during the spring equinox, 2012  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We organized for third occasion a solar physics activities during the spring equinox of 2012. On March 20 a group of researchers and their graduate students, amateur astronomers and educators all of them members of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) went to a beautiful village named Tepoztlan, Morelos, located 30 minutes from the City and Mexico. We give lectures and install solar telescopes in the garden of the former convent of Tepoztlan near a mountain considered sacred. During the equinox day the mountain is climbed by thousands of individuals to catch solar energy that they consider vital, specially during a year that many of them consider the end of a era. Through media and advertisements we invite visitors to our free event. We expected to hear different assumptions about our closest star, the Sun, and interact with different socio-cultural views at the same time that we presented our concepts of science in a every day language.

Zueck, S. L.; Lara, A.



HAMC2 Astrometry and Photometry calibration and comparison of its data with those of other modern CCD catalogues  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The second Hispano-Argentinian Meridian Catalogue (HAMC2) contains more than 12.500.000 positions and magnitudes of stars brighter than V=16.5 and with declinations between -30° and 0°. It has been computed from the CCD observations of the San Fernando Automatic Meridian Circle (CMASF) installed at present at the Carlos U. Cesco Observatory (CUC) in San Juan (Argentina). The CMASF is operated jointly by the Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada (ROA) of Spain, owner of the instrument, and the Observatorio Astronómico Félix Aguilar (OAFA) of the Universidad Nacional de San Juan (Argentina), owner of the CUC. The catalogue will be published in the first half of 2008. In this paper we present the work carried out to implement the HAMC2, the CCD camera sensor calibration and finally the comparison of its astrometric and photometric results with other modern CCD catalogues in order to detect and to remove possible systematic errors.

Muiños, J. L.; Vallejo, M.; Belizón, F.; Montojo, F. J.; Mallamaci, C. C.; Pérez, J. A.; Marmolejo, L. F.; Navarro, J. L.; Sedeño, J.



Costa Rica Variable Star Observation Program: Continuation of the research started in the Second Astronomical Observation Regional Campaign TAD/IAU Tegucigalpa Honduras, 1998.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the last months of January and February, it was the Second Astronomical Observation Regional Campaign TAD/IAU in the Suyapa Astronomical Observatory, Tegucigalpa, Honduras; sponsored by the International Astronomical Union, Honduras Government and the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras. In that opportunity, during the campaign, it began a variable star observation program, according to international regulation of the American Association of Variable Stars Observers (AAVSO). The activities were about the use of general experimental techniques that allow people to do studies naked eye, with telescopes or photometers depending on the observed star magnitude. The continuation in Costa Rica of that research added to some gotten results will be presented in this work.

Araya Rodriguez, E.



Evaluation of a solar intermittent refrigeration system for ice production operating with ammonia/lithium nitrate  

SciTech Connect

A novel solar intermittent refrigeration system for ice production developed in the Centro de Investigacion en Energia of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico is presented. The system operates with the ammonia/lithium nitrate mixture. The system developed has a nominal capacity of 8 kg of ice/day. It consists of a cylindrical parabolic collector acting as generator-absorber. Evaporator temperatures as low as -11 C were obtained for several hours with solar coefficients of performance up to 0.08. It was found that the coefficient of performance increases with the increment of solar radiation and the solution concentration. A dependency of the coefficient of performance was not founded against the cooling water temperature. Also it was found that the maximum operating pressure increases meanwhile the generation temperature decreases with an increase of the solution concentration. (author)

Rivera, W.; Moreno-Quintanar, G.; Best, R. [Centro de Investigacion en Energia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, A.P. 34, 62580 Temixco, Mor. (Mexico); Rivera, C.O.; Martinez, F. [Facultad de Ingenieria Campus Coatzacoalcos, Universidad Veracruzana, Av. Universidad Km 7.5, 96530 Coatzacoalcos, Ver. (Mexico)



Gene frequencies and admixture estimates in a Mexico City population.  


Five hundred and ten students of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México were tested to determine the distribution of ABO, MN, Rr-Hr blood groups, and serum haptoglobin, albumin, and Factor Bf types. Based on the results we found that the proportion of Indian and White genes are of 56.16 and 43.84%, respectively in the dihybrid model and 2.93, 56.22, and 40.85% for Blacks, Indians, and Whites in the trihybrid one. The present study reveals a higher proportion of Indian genes in the Mexico City population than estimated in previous publications. Reasons why the present results apply to a much larger group of Mexico City mestizos than the previous ones are given. PMID:3099584

Lisker, R; Perez-Briceño, R; Granados, J; Babinsky, V; de Rubens, J; Armendares, S; Buentello, L



[Uriel García Cáceres, prominent leader and teacher of public health in Peru].  


Dr. Uriel García Cáceres, prominent physician, researcher and Peruvian historian, was born in the city of Cusco in 1922. He studied medicine at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (1942-1950). He was influenced by Dr. Pedro Weiss and as a result he worked in the field of Pathological Anatomy, where he made substantial discoveries such as the description of kidney nodules associated with the verrucous stage of bartonellosis or Carrion?s disease. His most important contributions are in the paleopathology field, in which he helped create a better understanding of Peruvian ancient pathology. Dr. García Cáceres also participated in the political arena; he was Peru?s Minister of Health, a position in which he served selflessly and always working for the good of the health of all Peruvians. At 91 years old, he is always tenacious and cheerful, and above all, he is a teacher with a readiness to learn. PMID:24718543

Ugarte Ubilluz, Oscar



Chilean Astronomers and the Birth of Cerro Tololo  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

P# JMEN. Hace treinta afios que se tnict6 en Chile la de n luga adecuado pata establecer observatoro astron6ini- Co, que a en wi ieflector de 1 in de diam'etrr . importante destacar el papel que le corres-pondi6 al Obseiwatorio Nacional de Ia Universidad de `Chile -- re'.-. tarde Departamento de de la inisma Univer- sidad .- en 1 de este proycoto. Los resultados han ido mucho mct5 impoftaftes lo esperado . de tal nodo q. el prc -ama destinado a instalar ui telescopio de tama- f ha I levado al establ ecimiento de iri centro de acti- cientfica de relieve inten-acional. ALb(TRA . Thifty years ago the search for a site adequate for the est 1ishment of an astronomical was fn (Thile. Initially it was planned that the main telescope would be a 1 in i-cf lector. It is importaft to the role played by th O Astm-'n6mioo Nacional de la Unfversidad de Cbf Ic - later 0: Depaftamento de of the same University - in the development of this project. The results have been much more important than was e:-:pected initially: in thiS way the prr gram for a telescope of moderate size was transfo -med in a major project wh i ch 1 cad to the estab 1 ). shinent of an i nt i ona 1 center of scieftific research. AQ/ W : OBSERVATORIES

Moreno, H.



RATIR: Reionization and Transients Infra-Red Camera. A New Instrument to Identify High Red-Shift GRBs  

NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

We are currently constructing the cryogenic infrared portion of the RATIR instrument at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) in collaboration with University of California, Berkeley (UCB) and The University of Mexico (UNAM). The infrared instrument will consist of two 2048x2048 Hawaii 2RG detectors, one on axis and one off axis using diachronic. The detectors will be operated using state-of-the-art Teledyne SIDECAR (System Image, Digitizing, Enhancing, Controlling, And Retrieving) ASICs (Application- Specific Integrated Circuits) similar to NIRSpec on JWST. The visible portion of the instrument is currently being developed at UCB consisting of two CCD imagining cameras. Once completed, the two sections will be integrated into the RATIR instrument. Mounted on a dedicated, fully-automated 1.5-m telescope, the instrument will provide rapid (<10 min) identification of VHR GRBs allowing high-resolution spectroscopic follow-up observations with large aperture telescopes possible. The hosting Observatorio Astronomico Nacional of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), located on the Sierra de San Pedro Martir in Baja California, Mexico, provides great seeing (-1 aresec), good weather, dark skies, and significant sky coverage so that RATIR will detect a significant number of Swift afterglows. While not all GRBs will be at high red shifts, the resulting light curves, combined with X-ray/UV observations, will address several open questions, including the nature of both "dark GRBs" and the GRB emission mechanism.

Rapchun, David A.



PASCOS 2012 – 18th International Symposium on Particles Strings and Cosmology  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The XVII International Conference on Strings, Particles and Cosmology, PASCOS 2012, was held in the City of Mérida, Mexico, from June 3–8, 2012. The conference series is aimed at exploring the interface and interplay between particle physics, string theory and cosmology. With the advent of new data, the emphasis of the XVIII edition of PASCOS was on phenomenology and the interpretation of recent observational and experimental results. The conference followed the format of previous conferences in this series, with plenary reviews and contributed presentations in parallel sessions. The lectures covered a wide range of subjects which included: Dark matter and dark energy, flavor physics and CP violation, neutrino physics, supersymmetry, Higgs physics, baryogenesis and EDMs, supergravity, high energy cosmic rays, string and F–theory GUTs, and string phenomenology. This is the first time that PASCOS was held in Latin America. The aim to do it in Mexico was to engage the Latin American community and thus to bring the conference to a wider and different audience, a goal which was thoroughly achieved. The venue was held at the Hotel Fiesta Americana in the beautiful city of Mérida. The social events included a reception with typical local food at the Katun restaurant, conference dinner at the historical Quinta Montes Molina, and an excursion to the archeological site of Dzibilchaltún including a swim at the famous cenote. PASCOS 2012 was possible thanks to the generous support of the following sponsors: CONACyT (Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología), UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México: Consejo Técnico de la Investigación Científica, Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, Instituto de Física), Cinvestav, (Centro de Estudios Avanzados del IPN: U. Zacatanco, U. Mérida and Secretaría General), ICyTDF (Instituto Científico y Tecnológico del D.F.), PIFI (Programa Integral de Fortalecimiento Institucional, Universidad de Guanajuato, Campus León), SMF (Sociedad Mexicana de Física), ICTP (International Centre for Theoretical Physics), BUAP (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla), the Government of the State of Yucatán, the University of Hamburg, and Telmex. We also want to acknowledge the invaluable help of the staff of the Mexican Physical Society, in particular Lic. Santos Zúñniga Sánchez and Ms. Claudia Velasco Marín, and of the conference secretaries, Ms. Lizette Ramírez Bermúdez (UNAM) and Ms. Mariana del Castillo Sánchez (Cinvestav), for their support before, during and after the organization of PASCOS 2012. Last but not least, we would like to thank all the PASCOS 2012 participants for their attendance and for contributing to make the conference an engaging and stimulating event. The organizers, Myriam Mondragón, Adnan Bashir, David Delepine, Francisco Larios, Oscar Loaiza, Axel de la Macorra, Lukas Nellen, Sarira Sahu, Humberto Salazar and Liliana Velasco–Sevilla.



PREFACE: The IX Mexican Workshop on Particles and Fields  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The IX Mexican Workshop on Particles and Fields was held in the beautiful city of Colima, in the South-West of Mexico, from 17-22 November 2003. The proceedings of the Workshop were delayed due to problems with a previous publisher, we are very grateful that Journal of Physics: Conference Series kindly agreed to publish the proceedings rapidly at this late stage. The Workshop aimed to cover, through invited lectures delivered by internationally known experts, the most recent developments in the field. There was also a series of short seminars as well as a poster session, which allowed the whole community to participate with their most recent research results. A special session was dedicated to awarding the Division Medal to Professor Benjamin Grinstein, from The University of California, San Diego, for his outstanding contributions to the field. This volume contains the written version of the material presented at the Workshop. The Workshop was attended by more than 100 participants, including faculty members, postdocs and graduate students. It was organized by the Particles and Fields Division of the Mexican Physical Society, and generously sponsored by several institutions: Universidad de Colima, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás Hidalgo, Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Avanzados del IPN (CINVESTAV), Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (Conacyt). The Local Organizing Committee was integrated by Paolo Amore, Alfredo Aranda, Carlos Moisés Hernóndez Suórez (Director of the Physics Faculty), Arturo Gonzólez Larios, Enrique Farías Martínez, and Myriam Cruz Calvario, all from the University of Colima. The members of the National Organizing Committee were Adnan Bashir (IFM-UMSHN), Jens Erler (IF-UNAM), Heriberto Castilla Valdés (CINVESTAV-U.Zacatenco), Gabriel López Castro (CINVESTAV-U.Zacatenco), Myriam Mondragón (IF-UNAM) and Luis Villaseñ or (IFM-UMSHN). We gratefully acknowledge the help given by each one of them to the organization of the Workshop. Many thanks also to our Conference Secretaries Patricia Carranza and Soledad López for their efficiency and readiness to help, and to the many students of the University of Colima who helped us with innumerable tasks. Last but not least, we thank most warmly all the speakers for their excellent lectures.

Amore, Paolo; Aranda, Alfredo; Bashir, Adnan; Mondragón, Myriam; Raya, Alfredo



Enhancing Graduate Education and Research in Ocean Sciences at the Universidad de Concepcion (UDEC) and in Chile: Cooperation Between UDEC and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution  

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The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA (WHOI) and the University of Concepcion, Chile (UDEC) entered into an MOU to enhance graduate education and research in ocean sciences in Chile and enhance research for understanding the Southeastern Pacific Ocean. The MOU was drafted and signed after exchange visits of faculty. The formulation of a five year program of activities included: exchange

J. Farrington; S. Pantoja



Umbilical cord blood transplantation in hematologic diseases in patients over 15 years old: long-term experience at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.  


Most patients who require a sibling stem cell transplantation do not have a matched donor. In our experience, only 1/3 patients have a matched unrelated donor (MUD); therefore, the majority of the patients will require umbilical cord blood (UCB). Patients treated for hematologic diseases with UCB transplants were included. UCB selection and conditioning regimens were performed according to the Minnesota group. Graft-versus-host disease (GVHD) prophylaxis, infection prevention, and patient care were performed according to institutional guidelines. We analyzed patients and graft demography, neutrophil and platelet recovery, chimerism kinetics, GVHD incidence, overall (OS), progression-free survival (PFS) and transplant-related mortality (TRM). We included 29 patients with a median age of 34.8 years (range 15-55). Eighteen were male and the median weight was 72.6 kg (range 54-100). Nineteen patients had acute leukemia. Myeloablative (MA) conditioning was used in 27 patients. Seventeen received double UCB (DUCB) grafts. Median total nucleated cell (10(7)/kg) was 4.2 (range 3.9-4.9) and 4.4 (range 2.8-6.3) for single UCB (SUCB) and DUCB transplants, respectively. Median time for neutrophil engraftment was 24.7 (range 14-43) and 25.8 days (range 14-52) after SUCB and DUCB transplants, respectively. Median time for platelet engraftment was 147 (range 30-516) and 81 days (range 37-200) after SUCB and DUCB transplants, respectively. All the patients receiving MA conditioning had >95% chimerism shortly after transplant. Cumulative incidence of grades II-IV and III-IV acute GVHD was 41% and 20%, respectively. Localized chronic GVHD was seen in 14% of the patients. Median follow-up was 16.7 months (range 1-63). Five-year OS and PFS were 38% and 39%, respectively. One-year TRM was 42%. UCB transplantation is associated with potential cure of hematologic malignancies and our results are similar to other series. Studies are needed to decrease mortality and improve immune reconstitution. PMID:24315012

Ramirez, P; Nervi, B; Bertin, P; Poggi, H; Lagos, M; Selman, C; Pizarro, I; Jara, V; Wiestruck, A; Barriga, F



E-Learning for the Environment: The Universidade Aberta (Portuguese Open Distance University) Experience in the Environmental Sciences Post-Graduate Courses  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Purpose: In recent decades, there has been an increase of public awareness about environmental problems. A simultaneous effort to increase educational course offerings in this area has been made. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the first edition of the blended learning MSc in Environmental Citizenship and Participation that is offered by…

Bacelar-Nicolau, P.; Caeiro, S.; Martinho, A. P.; Azeiteiro, U. M.; Amador, F.



De la Educacion Liberadora: La Educacion en General y la Universidad en Particular (Concerning Liberalizing Education: Education in General and the University in Particular).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper offers some theoretical proposals for a radical re-thinking of educational theory. Rather than offering concrete methods for reform, it seeks to point out the general direction for change if education is to strive toward the liberation of man. The relationship of man to history, culture, and knowledge is considered, as is the role of…

Fiori, Ernani Maria


New approach to chaotic encryption 1 Partially supported by Consejo de Desarrollo Cient??fico y Human??stico, Universidad Central de Venezuela. 1  

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We describe a computational procedure to encrypt a message, provided that the transmitter and the receiver dispose of identical, but otherwise not synchronized, chaotic dynamical systems. The technique is based upon the fact that the symbolic dynamics of these two systems can be used in order to sequentially construct data blocks which reproduce those from the input file.

E. Alvarez; A. Fernández; P. Garc??a; J. Jiménez; A. Marcano



El trabajo político e ideológico en la universidad cubana de hoy. El socialismo en las nuevas condiciones del siglo XXI: una opción viable  

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Un objetivo de primer orden en todos los años de Revolución ha sido lograr en los graduados universitarios la formación integral de un profesional revolucionario. Los cambios operados en la situación internacional después del derrumbe del campo socialista y la desaparición de la URSS así como el incremento de la agresividad económica e ideológica del gobierno de Estados Unidos y

Anay Pulgarón Ramos



Federacion de Universidades Privadas de America Central y Panama: Boletin Estadistico (Federation of Private Universities of Central America and Panama: Statistical Bulletin).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This statistical bulletin provides details on the universities belonging to the Federation of Private Universities of Central America and Panama (FUPAC): Central American University, Rafael Landivar University, Saint John's College, University of Santa Maria La Antigua, Jose Simeon Canas University, Doctor Mariano Galvez University, and the…

Serrano, Jorge A.


Environmental Remote Sensing for Natural Resources Management: A Workshop in Collaboration with Faculdade de Agronomia e Engenharia Florestal, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane  

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A workshop titled: Environmental Remote Sensing for Natural Resources Management was held from June 12 23, 2006 at Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo Mozambique. The workshop was initiated through an invitation and pre-course evaluation form to interested NGOs, universities, and government organizations. The purpose of the workshop was to provide training to interested professionals, graduate students, faculty and researchers at

R. A. Washington-Allen; T. E. Fatoyinbo; N. S. Ribeiro; H. H. Shugart; M. D. Therrell; K. T. Vaz; L. von Schill



Environmental Remote Sensing for Natural Resources Management: A Workshop in Collaboration with Faculdade de Agronomia e Engenharia Florestal, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A workshop titled: Environmental Remote Sensing for Natural Resources Management was held from June 12 23, 2006 at Eduardo Mondlane University in Maputo Mozambique. The workshop was initiated through an invitation and pre-course evaluation form to interested NGOs, universities, and government organizations. The purpose of the workshop was to provide training to interested professionals, graduate students, faculty and researchers at Mozambican institutions on the research and practical uses of remote sensing for natural resource management. The course had 24 participants who were predominantly professionals in remote sensing and GIS from various NGOs, governmental and academic institutions in Mozambique. The course taught remote sensing from an ecological perspective, specifically the course focused on the application of new remote sensing technology [the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) C-band radar data] to carbon accounting research in Miombo woodlands and Mangrove forests. The 2-week course was free to participants and consisted of lectures, laboratories, and a field trip to the mangrove forests of Inhaca Island, Maputo. The field trip consisted of training in the use of forest inventory techniques in support of remote sensing studies. Specifically, the field workshop centered on use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and collection of forest inventory data on tree height, structure [leaf area index (LAI)], and productivity. Productivity studies were enhanced with the teaching of introductory dendrochronology including sample collection of tree rings from four different mangrove species. Students were provided with all course materials including a DVD that contained satellite data (e.g., Landsat and SRTM imagery), ancillary data, lectures, exercises, and remote sensing publications used in the course including a CD from the Environmental Protection Agency's Environmental Photographic Interpretation Center's (EPA-EPIC) program to teach remote sensing and data CDs from NASA's SAFARI 2000 field campaign. Nineteen participants evaluated the effectiveness of the course in regards to the course lectures, instructors, and the field trip. Future workshops should focus more on the individual projects that students are engaged with in their jobs, replace the laboratories computers with workstations geared towards computer intensive image processing software, and the purchase of field remote sensing instrumentation for practical exercises.

Washington-Allen, R. A.; Fatoyinbo, T. E.; Ribeiro, N. S.; Shugart, H. H.; Therrell, M. D.; Vaz, K. T.; von Schill, L.



A Ideia de Universidade no Brasil: Influencia do Movimento de Cordoba (The Idea of the University in Brazil: Influences of the Cordoba Movement).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Examines influences of the Cordoba Movement in formulation of ideas concerning the inseparability among teaching, research, and extension--a new paradigm for the Brazilian university. Finds the formulation of this inseparability had its origins in the Brazilian student movement of the 1960s which included theses of the Cordoba Manifesto. (BT)

Mazzilli, Sueli



Estudio comparativo de los hábitos de higiene oral entre alumnos de 1º, 3º y 5º de odontología de la Universidad Internacional de Cataluña  

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Summary Objectives: The aim of this paper is to analyze the oral hygienic habits in a student population of the International University of Catalunya (UIC) and to evaluate their periodontal health care. Material and Methods: In a total population of 217 students of 1st (34.1%), 3rd (39.6%9 and 5th (26.35%) a dental ques- tionnaire on oral hygiene and smoking habits

O. Freixa; O. Luis; D. Violant; A. Santos


Relativity, cosmology, topological mass and supergravity; Proceedings of the Fourth Silarg Symposium on Gravity, Gauge Theories and Supergravity, Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela, December 5-11, 1982  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Recent advances in the theory of quantum gravity and its application to the study of the very early universe are examined in reviews and reports. Topics discussed include the background-field method, superunification from 11 dimensions, axion cosmology, twistor bundles as a formalism for unified gauge theories of gravitation and other Yang-Mills fields, the inner horizon of the Kerr-Newman metric, and the causal Green function in a Robertson-Walker universe with linear expansion. Consideration is also given to gravitational instability in the presence of a magnetic field, cylindrical gravitational waves, quantum fluctuations in the early universe, and vector-field quantization in curved space-time.

Aragone, C.


Smoking status, changes in smoking status and health-related quality of life: findings from the SUN ("Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra") cohort.  


We aimed to evaluate the association between smoking, changes in smoking, and quality of life in a cohort of Spanish university graduates. Smoking habits were self-reported at baseline and four years later. Quality of life was assessed using the Short Form-36 (SF-36) at year 4. Statistical differences in SF-36 scores between groups were determined using ANCOVA with age and sex as covariates. Out of 5,234 eligible participants over 2000-2006, there were 2,639 non-smoker participants, 1,419 ex-smokers, and 1,048 smokers. Within the previous four years, 435 participants became recent quitters and 205 starters. Comparing smoking and health status in year 4, non-smokers showed better scores than the other categories of ever smoking in all dimensions except in the vitality scale value, which was similar in non-smokers and in those smoking less than 15 cigarettes/day. Comparing changes in smoking and health in year 4, continuing smokers had statistically significant worse scores than non-smokers in general health, social functioning, role-emotional and mental health, whereas recent quitters showed statistically significant improvements in role-emotional and mental health over those who had continued smoking or those who became smokers. Our findings support a dose-response relationship between cigarette consumption and a worse quality of life in general and mental health in particular. They also support that changes in smoking have an impact on health. PMID:19440285

Guitérrez-Bedmar, Mario; Seguí-Gómez, María; Gómez-Gracia, Enrique; Bes-Rastrollo, Maira; Martínez-González, Miguel A



Nicotiana glauca invertase: characterization and effects of endogenous alkaloids fn2 fn2 Career researchers of the Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (conicet), Argentina  

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An acid-soluble invertase from Nicotiana glauca has been studied for the first time. The plant was selected because it is known that the genus Nicotiana has vacuolar alkaloids; the same localization of the acid-soluble invertases in higher plants. The enzyme was partially purified and the optimum pH, Km, Mr, activation energy, fructose effect, activation by protein, sugar specificity, lectin activation

Hebe P Rojo; Emma N Quiroga; Marta A Vattuone; Antonio R Sampietro



Lengua nacional: Fichas de trabajo 1. Metodo de lectura y escritura (National Language: Workbook 1. A Method of Reading and Writing).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This consumable, graded workbook can be used for exercises, tests, and individualized learning. Each level contains 30 units divided into four groups of exercises: reading analysis, grammar, composition, and spelling. Ten general tests are also included. For the accompanying reader, see FL 004 047. (Author/SK)

Peniche Leger, Maria Elena, Ed.


ARTIGO ARTICLE Bases para uma política nacional de ciência, tecnologia e inovação em saúde The basis for a Brazilian national policy in science, technology, and innovation in health  

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This paper discusses the basis for a Brazilian National Policy in Science, Technology, and Innovation in Health (PNCTI\\/S) as the structural element for a Brazilian health research effort. At least since the National Research Coun- cil (CNPq) was founded in 1951, this huge effort, including a set of nearly 18,000 researchers in 4,900 research groups, has not been backed by

Reinaldo Guimarães



Cambios del EEG por habituación y condicionamiento en niños de tres a 15 años que acuden al Instituto Nacional de Rehabilitación (INR)  

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SUMMARY During waking, stimuli activate the sensory pathways giving rise to sensation and the response to such stimulation. The electrobiochemical changes and modifications in EEG rhythms event- related synchronization or event-related desynchronization, ERD or ERS) propagated in the specific and unspecific cortex are added to the changes elicited by the responses and to the new signals originated by those same

Héctor Brust-Carmona; Francisco Ramírez-Aboytes; José Martínez; Ángel Rodríguez Miguel; Blanca Flores-Ávalos; Oscar Yáñez-Suárez



Efeitos da Exploração Madeireira de Baixo Impacto sobre uma Comunidade de Aves de Sub-bosque na Floresta Nacional do Tapajós, Pará, Brasil  

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RESUMO Este estudo compara a resposta de uma comunidade aves à exploração madeireira de baixo impacto através da distribuição das espécies em floresta controle e manejada ao longo de cinco anos com amostragem pré e pós-exploração. O procedimento de ordenação mostrou que a similaridade da comunidade de aves após a exploração madeireira foi menor que a similaridade entre as amostras

Luiza Magalli; Pinto HENRIQUES; Joseph M. WUNdERLE; C. OREN; Michael R. WILLIG


La Adopción de las estampas jaliscienses en el imaginario nacional mexicano mediante la educación = The adoption of the Jalisco symbols in the mexican national imaginary through the education  

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Des de finals del segle XIX, l'Estat mexicà, que tenia urgència per construir la unitat\\u000anacional, va promoure els símbols que servissin per crear aquesta cohesió. Per això,\\u000aes va valer de les estampes i símbols emblemàtics de la identitat de la nació: el charro,\\u000ael mariachi i el tequila, elements populars entorn dels quals es va anar construint un

Angélica Peregrina



Diversidade de helmintos intestinais em mamíferos silvestres e domésticos na Caatinga do Parque Nacional Serra da Capivara, Sudeste do Piauí, Brasil  

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Biodiversity studies allow ecosystem assessment and monitoring of environmental changes and impacts. Parasite diversity could reflect the host\\/ parasite coevolutionary process and the environment changes that permit the loss, gain or maintenance of species. This survey used species\\/morphotypes of helminths eggs found in feces from seven wild mammal species (the groups Dasypodidae and Large Cats, and Tamandua tetradactyla, Cebus apella,

Martha Lima Brandão; Marcia Chame; José Luis Passos Cordeiro; S. A. de M. Chaves



[Diversity of wild and domestic mammal's intestinal helminths from the Caatinga of the Parque Nacional Serra da Capivara, Southeast of Piauí, Brazil].  


Biodiversity studies allow ecosystem assessment and monitoring of environmental changes and impacts. Parasite diversity could reflect the host/ parasite coevolutionary process and the environment changes that permit the loss, gain or maintenance of species. This survey used species/morphotypes of helminths eggs found in feces from seven wild mammal species (the groups Dasypodidae and Large Cats, and Tamandua tetradactyla, Cebus apella, Alouatta caraya, Cerdocyon thous, Pecari tajacu) and from two domestic species (Canis familiaris and Sus scrofa), which occur within the Serra da Capivara National Park (PNSC) and surrounding areas in order to analise the diversity of mammal intestinal helminths. This work used the helminthological fauna findings of wild and domestic mammals, to consider a possible helminth flux between these two host groups using Unweighted Pair Group Method with Arithmetic Mean (UPGMA) of the hosts based on helminthological fauna composition. The results indicate that the region of the PNSC still maintains environmental conditions that still keep wild mammal helminthological fauna composition different from the one found for domestic mammals. PMID:20040186

Brandão, Martha Lima; Chame, Marcia; Cordeiro, José Luis Passos; de Miranda Chaves, Sérgio Augusto



Anais do 14. encontro nacional de fisica de particulas e campos. (Proceedings of the 14. national meeting on particle physics and fields).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This publication contains the papers presented during the 14. national meeting on particle physics and fields. Works on the areas of gravitation, cosmology, quantum mechanics, string models; symmetry, current algebras, interaction models; particle decays ...



Anais do 12. Encontro Nacional de Fisica de Particulas e Campos. (Proceedings of the 12. National Meeting on Particle Physics and Fields).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This publication contains the Proceedings presented during the 12. National Meeting on Particle Physics and Fields. Works on the areas of gravitation, quantum mechanics, string models; symmetry, current algebras, interaction models; particle decays, and t...

A. L. Santos E. R. B. Mello J. A. M. Simoes J. A. Chinellato V. Pleitez



Politica Nacional sobre Discapacidad: Un Informe del Progreso, Diciembre 2000-Diciembre 2001 (National Disability Policy: A Progress Report, December 2000-December 2001).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This report (written in Spanish) of the National Council on Disability (NCD) describes the nation's progress in advancing public policies to increase the inclusion, empowerment, and independence of people with disabilities in light of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The report covers December 2000 through December 2001. It reviews…

National Council on Disability, Washington, DC.


La Problematica Tecnologica Latinoamericana y Sus Implicaciones en el Desarrollo de una Ingenieria Nacional (Latin America Technological Problem and Its Implications in the Development of National Engineering).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report introduces four perspectives to follow up: (1) Strategical elements that hasten the technological development within the Latin American countries; (2) Technological Policy within Latin America; (3) Characterization of the development of the Lat...

G. Tirado E. Paredes M. Genova L. Alvaray J. Giordani



Obtencion de anticuerpos anti-prolactina a partir de prolactina humana de produccion nacional. (Obtention of antibodies anti prolactin from human prolactin of national production).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

In this work was studied the use of the the Prolactin hormone as immuno gen, which is obtained in Cuba by the pharmaceutical institute Mario Munoz, to produce the antibody antiprolactin. Was made the validation of obtained antibody (tritatium, specificity...

R. Caso M. Mosquera E. Perez C. Amanz



Adiccion al Tabaco. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Tobbaco Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Tobacco use kills nearly half a million Americans each year, with one in every six U.S. deaths the result of smoking. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body, causing many diseases and compromising smokers health in general. Nicotine, a component of ...



Cocaina Abuso y Adiccion. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Cocaine Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Cocaine abuse and addiction continues to be a problem that plagues our nation. For instance, from 1965 to 1967, only 0.1 percent of youths had ever used cocaine, but rates rose throughout the 1970s and 1980s, reaching 2.2 percent in 1987. After a brief de...



Abuso de la Marihuana. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Marijuana Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The use of marijuana can produce adverse physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral changes, and contrary to popular belief it can be addictive. Marijuana smoke, like cigarette smoke, can harm the lungs. The use of marijuana can impair short-term memory,...



Abuso y Adiccion a la Metanfetamina. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuse de Drogas. (Methamphetamine Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The abuse of methamphetamine a potent and highly addictive psychostimulant is a very serious problem in the United States. Methamphetamine abuse leads to devastating medical, psychological, and social consequences. Adverse health effects include memory lo...



VIH/SIDA. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuse de Drogas. (HIV/AIDS. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Initially characterized by relatively localized outbreaks, HIV/AIDS has now become a pandemic that has literally put the world at risk, affecting diverse populations in different ways. And while all nations are affected by HIV/AIDS, each faces differing u...



Heroina: Abuso y Adiccion. Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (Heroin Abuse and Addiction. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Heroin is a highly addictive drug, and its abuse has repercussions that extend far beyond the individual user. The medical and social consequences of drug abuse HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, fetal effects, crime, violence, and disruptions in family, workplace, ...



Abuso de la MDMA (Extasis). Instituto Nacional Sobre el Abuso de Drogas (MDMA (Ecstasy) Abuse. National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Report Series).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The so-called club drug MDMA continues to be used by millions of Americans across the country, despite evidence of its potential harmful effects. 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, or ecstasy) has gained a deceptive reputation as a safe drug among i...



Vicisitudes de la política exterior y la seguridad nacional en México y la relación con Estados Unidos al inicio del siglo XXI  

Microsoft Academic Search

The following essay evaluates Mexican Foreign and National Security policies during Pre- sident Vicente Fox's term (2000-2006). The author suggests that both policies lacked a strategic plan that granted the protection of Mexican interests throughout the War on Te- rrorism led by the US government. In this sense, the absence of coordination amidst the Cabinet, which provoked several conflicts between

Abelardo Rodríguez Sumano



Fiber-Optic Telecommunications Technical Assistance to Empresa Nacional de Energia Electrica, Honduras (ENEE). Final Report. Task 8: Developmental Impact Analysis.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Project Finance Advisors, LLC (PFA) is conducting a multi-disciplinary study examining the overall feasibility of Empresa Natcional de Energia Electrica providing telecommunication services or transmission capacity to telecom/media operators and other cus...



Acreditacion de laboratorios de ensayos en CNEA (Comision Nacional de Energia Atomica). (Accreditation of testing laboratories in CNEA (National Atomic Energy Commission)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The recognition of the technical capability of a testing laboratory is carried out by Laboratory Accreditation Bodies as the result of a satisfactory evaluation and the systematic follow up of the certified qualification. In Argentina the creation of a Na...

N. H. Piacquadio V. A. Casa T. A. Palacios



PREFACE: Introduction to the proceedings of Dynamics Days South America 2010  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This proceedings presents selected contributions from the participants of South America Dynamics Days 2011, which was hosted by the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Brazil, in July 2010. Dynamics Days was founded in 1980 and is the longest standing and most respected international series of meetings devoted to the field of dynamics and nonlinearity. Traditionally it has brought together researchers from a wide range of backgrounds - including physics, biology, engineering, chemistry and mathematics - for interdisciplinary research into nonlinear science. Dynamics Days South America 2010 marked the beginning of the South American branch of Dynamics Days. It brought together, for the first time in South America, researchers from a wide range of backgrounds who share a common interest in the theory and applications of nonlinear dynamics. Thus, South American researchers had a forum to promote regional as well as international scientific and technological exchange and collaboration especially, but not exclusively, on problems that are particularly relevant for the development of science and technology in the South American region. Furthermore, the conference also brought together prominent scientists from around the world to review recent developments in nonlinear science. This conference comprised plenary invited talks, minisymposia, contributed talks and poster sessions. The articles that are compiled here were chosen from among the works that were presented as contributed talks and posters. They represent a good selection which allows one to put issues that were discussed during the conference into perspective. It is possible to evaluate the success of an initiative by using several indices. In relation to attendees, the conference had 311 participants from 22 countries, who presented 341 works. About 86% of the participants came from South American countries. These figures allow one to classify this Dynamics Days conference as that with the greatest number of attendees ever. Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to all the participants for their presentations, discussions, and remarkable interactions with one another. The tireless work undertaken by all the members of the International Advisory Committee and the Organizing Committee must also be recognized. We also wish to express our deep appreciation for the Scientific Societies and Research Support Agencies which supported the conference and provided all the resources which were necessary to make this idea of a South American Dynamics Days come true. Elbert E N Macau, Tiago Pereira, Antonio F B A Prado, Luiz F R Turci, and Othon C WinterEditors Conference photograph Conference photograph Conference photograph Conference photograph International Advisory Committee Adilson E MotterNorthwestern UniversityEvanston - IL - USA Alfredo OzorioCentro Brasileiro de Pesquisas FísicasRio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil Celso Grebogi (Chair)University of AberdeenAberdeen - UK Ed OttUniversity of MarylandCollege Park - MD - USA Epaminondas Rosa JrIllinois State UniversityNormal - IL - USA Hans Ingo WeberPontifícia Universidade CatólicaRio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil Holger KantzMax Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex SystemsDresden - Germany Jason Gallas (Co-chair)Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do SulPorto Alegre - RS - Brazil José Roberto Rios LeiteUniv. Federal de PernanbucoRecife - PE - Brazil Jürgen KurthsPotsdam Institute for climate Impact ResearchHumboldt University, Berlin - Germany Kenneth ShowalterWest Virginia UniversityMorgantown - WV - USA Lou PecoraNaval Research LabWashington - DC - USA Luis Antonio AguirreUniversidade Federal de Minas GeraisBelo Horizonte - MG - Brazil Marcelo VianaIMPA - Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e AplicadaRio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil Miguel A F SanjuánUniversidad Rey Juan CarlosMadrid - Spain Paulo Roberto de Souza MendesPontifícia Universidade CatólicaRio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil Roland KorbeleUniversidade de São PauloSão Carlos - SP - Brazil Rubens SampaioPontifícia Universidade CatólicaRio de Ja

Macau, Elbert E. N.; Pereira, Tiago; Prado, Antonio F. B. A.; Turci, Luiz F. R.; Winter, Othon C.



78 FR 36635 - Additional Designations, Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Sereno No. 4361, Col. Fracc. Jardines Universidad, Zapopan, Jalisco C.P. 45110...Sereno No. 4361, Col. Fracc. Jardines Universidad, Zapopan, Jalisco C.P. 45110...Sereno No. 4361, Col. Fracc. Jardines Universidad, Zapopan, Jalisco C.P....



78 FR 66990 - Additional Designations, Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Sereno No. 4361, Col. Fracc. Jardines Universidad, Zapopan, Jalisco C.P. 45110...Sereno No. 4361, Col. Fracc. Jardines Universidad, Zapopan, Jalisco C.P. 45110...Sereno No. 4361, Col. Fracc. Jardines Universidad, Zapopan, Jalisco C.P....



List of Participants  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Abigail Alvarez OlarteCINVESTAV Alba Leticia Carrillo MonteverdeDCI-UG Alberto CarramiñanaINAOE Aldo MorselliFERMI Alejandro CastillaDCI-UG Alejandro IbarraTechnical University of Munich Alma D Rojas PachecoFCFM-BUAP Alma Xochitl Gonzalez MoralesInstituto de Ciencias Nucleares, UNAM Andrew Walcott BeckwithAmerican Institute of Beam Energy Physics Ariadna Montiel ArenasDepartamento de Física, CINVESTAV Arnulfo ZepedaCinvestav Arturo Alvarez CruzInstituto de Fisica, UNAM Axel de la MacorraUNAM, IAC Azar MustafayevUniversity of Minnesota Benjamin JaramilloDCI-UG Vincent BertinCPPM-Marseille Carlos Alberto Vaquera-AraujoDCI-UG Carlos MuñozMadrid Autonoma U. & Madrid, IFT Carmine PagliaroneINFN, FNAL Carolina Lujan PeschardDCI-UG Christiane Frigerio MartinsUniversidade Federal do ABC-São Paulo Csaba BalazsMonash University David DelepineDCI-UG David G CerdenoUniversidad Autonoma de Madrid & Instituto de Fisica Teorica Debasish MajumdarSaha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India Dibyendu PanigrahiKandi Raj College, Kandi, Murshidabad, INDIA-742137 Dupret Alberto Santana BejaranoUniversidad de Sonora Departamento de Investigacion en Fisica Ernest MaRiverside U.C. Esteban Alejandro Reyes Pírez MontañezInstituto de Física, UNAM Federico Ortiz TrejoINSTITUTO DE ASTRONOMÍA - UNAM Francisco José de Anda NavarroUniversidad de Guadalajara González Alvarez Francisco JavierCINVESTAV-Depto. Física Gustavo Medina TancoICN-UNAM Hernando Efrain Caicedo OrtizInstituto Politecnico Nacional - IPN J D VergadosCERN & Ioannina U. James R BoyceJefferson Lab Jason SteffenFERMILAB Javier Montaño DomínguezDCI-UG Jeevan SolankiMandsaur Institue of Technology MP India Joe SatoSaitama University Jorge Luis Navarro EstradaUNAM-ICN and Universidad del Atlantico (B/quilla-Col.) Jose A R CembranosUniversity of Minnesota José DíazIFIC Jose Didino Garcia AguilarDepto. de Fisica. Cinvestav Keith OliveUniversity of Minnesota Konstantia BalasiUniversity of Ioannina, Greece Lilian Prado GonzalezBUAP, FCFM Lorenzo Díaz CruzBUAP Facultad de Ciencias Físico Matemáticas Luis Rey Díaz BarrónDivisión de Ciencias e Ingenierías Luis UrenaUniversidad de Guanajuato Magda LolaDept. of Physics, University of Patras, Greece Mahmoud WahbaEgyptian Center for Theoretical Physics, MTI Marcus S CohenNew Mexico State University Mario A Acero OrtegaICN - UNAM Mario E GomezUniversidad de Huelva Mark PipeUniversity of Sheffield Mauro NapsucialeDCI-UG Mirco CannoniUniversidad de Huelva Mónica Felipa Ramírez PalaciosUniversidad de Guadalajara Murli Manohar VermaLucknow university, India Nassim BozorgniaUCLA Octavio Obregón Octavio ValenzuelaIA-UNAM Oleg KamaevUniversity of Minnesota Osamu SetoHokkai-Gakuen University Pedro F González DíazIFF, CSIC, Serrano 121, 28006 Madrid, Spain Qaisar ShafiBartol Research Inst. and Delaware U. Raul Hennings-YeomansLos Alamos National Laboratory René Ángeles MartínezDepartamento de Fisica, del DCI de la Universidad de Guanajuato Reyna XoxocotziBUAP, FCFM Rishi Kumar TiwariGovt. Model Science College, Rewa (MP) INDIA Roberto A SussmanICN-UNAM Selim Gómez ÁvilaDCI-UG Sugai KenichiSaitama University Susana Valdez AlvaradoDCI-UG TVladimir - 2K CollaborationColorado State University Tonatiuh MatosCINVESTAV Valeriy DvoeglazovUniversidad de Zacatecas Vannia Gonzalez MaciasDCI-UG Vladimir Avila-ReeseInstituto de Astronomia, UNAM Wolfgang BietenholzINC, UNAM (Mexico) Yamanaka MasatoKyoto Sangyo University Yann MambriniLPT Orsay Yu-Feng ZhouInstitute of Theotretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, PR China Aaron HigueraDCI-UG Azarael Yebra PérezDCI-UG César Hernández AguayoDCI-UG Jaime Chagoya AlvarezDCI-UG Jonathan Rashid Rosique CampuzanoDCI-UG José Alfredo Soto ÁlvarezDCI-UG Juan Carlos De Haro SantosDCI-UG Luis Eduardo Medina MedranoDCI-UG Maria Fatima Rubio EspinozaDCI-UG Paulo Alberto Rodriguez HerreraDCI-UG Roberto Oziel Gutierrez CotaDCI-UG Rocha Moran Maria PaulinaDCI-UG Xareni Sanchez MonroyDCI-UG



Astroclimate at San Pedro Mártir - I. Seeing statistics between 2004 and 2008 from the Thirty Meter Telescope site-testing data  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present comprehensive seeing statistics for the San Pedro Mártir site derived from the Thirty Meter Telescope site-selection data. The observations were obtained between 2004 and 2008 with a Differential Image Motion Monitor (DIMM) and a Multi-Aperture Scintillation Sensor (MASS) combined instrument (MASS-DIMM). The parameters that are statistically analysed here are the whole atmosphere seeing (measured by the DIMM), the free atmosphere seeing (measured by the MASS) and the ground-layer (GL) seeing, which is the difference between the total seeing and the free atmosphere seeing. We have made a careful data coverage study, along with statistical distributions of simultaneous MASS-DIMM seeing measurements, in order to investigate the nightly, monthly, seasonal, annual and global behaviour, as well as possible hourly seeing trends. Although this campaign covers five years, the sampling is uneven, with 2006 and 2007 being the best sampled years in terms of seasonal coverage. The overall results yield a median seeing of 0.78 arcsec (DIMM), 0.37 arcsec (MASS) and 0.59 arcsec (GL). Therefore, the strongest contribution to the whole atmosphere seeing comes from a strong ground layer. We find that the best season is summer, while the worst season is winter, in accordance with previous studies. It is worth noting that the best yearly results are correlated with the best sampled years. The hourly analysis shows that there is no statistically significant tendency for seeing degradation towards dawn. The seeing values are slightly larger than those reported previously, which might be the result of climate changes. Based on observations obtained at the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional at San Pedro Mártir, Baja California, México, operated by the Instituto de Astronomía, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

Sánchez, L. J.; Cruz-González, I.; Echevarría, J.; Ruelas-Mayorga, A.; García, A. M.; Avila, R.; Carrasco, E.; Carramiñana, A.; Nigoche-Netro, A.



[Bibliometry of biological systematics in Latin America during the twentieth century in three global databases].  


We present a review of the biological systematic research in Latin America during the twentieth century, applying a bibliometric analysis to the information contained in international databases with the largest number of biological records: Biosis (since 1969), CAB (since 1910) and Science Citation Index (since 1900), to recognize certain patterns and trends regarding the document production. We obtained 19079 documents and 1387 journals for Biosis, 14326 and 2537 for CAB, 3257 and 1636 for SCI. Of the documents, 54.6% related to new species, 15.3% dealt with morphology, 14.9% keys, 12.5% descriptions, 10.6% cases of synonymies, 6% new genera, 4.9% new geographical records, 23.6% geographical distribution, 4.2% redescriptions, and 3.6% with new nomenclatural combinations. The regions mentioned were South America with 11.9%, Central America with 4% and America (all) with 2.56%. Nineteen Latin American countries appear, whereas outside this region we found the United States of America with 12.6% of representation and Canada with 3%. Animals (65.6%) were the most studied taxa, which was 1.7 times higher than what was published for plants (37%), 11 times higher than fungi (6%) and nearly 30 times higher than microorganisms (2.3%). Out of the 155 journals that produced 66% of the papers, 76.5% were better represented in Biosis, 21.4% in CAB and 2% in SCI. Twenty-nine journals published 33% of the articles, the maximum number of records obtained was 69% for Biosis, CAB 24% and 6.9% for SCI, three (10.3%) are in biology, 11 (37.9%) in botany, 13 (44.8%) zoology, and two (6.9%) paleontology; eight of these journals (27.5%) were published in Latin America and twenty were indexed in the Science Citation Index. In the last two years more journals of the region that publish on taxonomy have been indexed, but their impact factor is still low. However, the impact factor of a number of Latin American journals that published biodiversity increased with time. Countries that are more interested in studying the Latin American biota from the taxonomic point of view are Brazil, the United States, Argentina and Mexico. The most active institutions in this discipline were the Universidade de São Paulo, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro; together they produced 24% of the documents. PMID:20527457

Michán, Layla; Llorente-Bousquets, Jorge



[Distance learning in the nursing area: report of an experience].  


This study aims at reporting an experience of offering a course in the master program of the Universidad Nacional de Rosário. The purpose is to offer elements for a reflection on a conception of long-distance education, as an adequate and efficient modality of education, aiming at enabling a teaching with quality to a determined clientele. The course was developed in three moments: video-conference, long-distance didactic activities and a seminar. The tutoring was shared by establishing the challenge of having a dialogic relation with the students. Authors believe that long-distance education is an adequate pedagogical tool to qualify nurses who have no access to traditional graduate studies. Therefore it enables the qualification of a greater number of nurses, geographically dispersed, who are unable to scape from the routine of their personal and professional lives. Facing the need to form the country's nursing workers and qualify nurses to act as teachers, long-distance learning is an effective and possible pedagogical strategy. PMID:14978575

Bastos, Marisa Antonini Ribeiro; Guimarães, Eliane Marina Palhares



Mexican national pyronometer network calibration  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In order to take advantage of the solar radiation as an alternate energy source it is necessary to evaluate the spatial and temporal availability. The Mexican National Meterological Service (SMN) has a network with 136 meteorological stations, each coupled with a pyronometer for measuring the global solar radiation. Some of these stations had not been calibrated in several years. The Mexican Department of Energy (SENER) in order to count on a reliable evaluation of the solar resource funded this project to calibrate the SMN pyrometer network and validate the data. The calibration of the 136 pyronometers by the intercomparison method recommended by the World Meterological Organization (WMO) requires lengthy observations and specific environmental conditions such as clear skies and a stable atmosphere, circumstances that determine the site and season of the calibration. The Solar Radiation Section of the Instituto de Geofísica of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México is a Regional Center of the WMO and is certified to carry out the calibration procedures and emit certificates. We are responsible for the recalibration of the pyronometer network of the SMN. A continuous emission solar simulator with exposed areas with 30cm diameters was acquired to reduce the calibration time and not depend on atmospheric conditions. We present the results of the calibration of 10 thermopile pyronometers and one photovoltaic cell by the intercomparison method with more than 10000 observations each and those obtained with the solar simulator.

VAldes, M.; Villarreal, L.; Estevez, H.; Riveros, D.



Optical, electrical and structural characterization of CuInSe2 thin films  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The present issue of physica status solidi (b) comprises papers presented at the XVII Latin American Symposium on Solid State Physics (SLAFES 2004) in Havana, Cuba, 6-9 December 2004. Further papers from this conference are published in phys. stat. sol. (c) 2, No. 10 (2005).The cover picture refers to the article [1] on polycrystalline CuInSe2 films by Clara Calderón et al. and shows the crystal structure of CuInSe2 (right) and that of the In-rich phase CuIn3Se5 (left) which were used for the simulation and analysis of the X-ray diffraction spectra.Clara Lilia Calderón Triana is teacher at the Solar Cells Laboratory of Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá where she has been working on solar cells and semiconductor materials since 1995. In particular, she is fabricating thin film solar cells based on CuInSe2 and Cu(In,Ga)Se2. At SLAFES 2004, Clara Calderón received the physica status solidi Young Researcher Award for her second presentation entitled Study of electrical transport properties of ZnO thin films used as front contact of solar cells [2] which is published as Editor's Choice of this issue.

Calderón, C.; Gordillo, G.; Romero, E.; Bolaños, W.; Bartolo-Pérez, P.



Array of CCD's for the 1m. Schmidt telescope  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We describe the array of CCDs (YIC Camera) attached to the Schmidt Telescope located in the Observatorio Nacional de Llano del Hato, Merida, Venezuela. Currently the camera has 16 CCDs (2048×2048) cooled to below -80C. The camera can be used in drift-scan mode (within 7deg of equator) or guided mode. Two filter mosaics (UBUV and BVRI) and a low-pass filter with a 7000 AA cutoff are available. An objective prism of dispersion 500 AA/mm is also available. This prototype camera was designed for the QUEST project., a collaboration of Yale and Indiana Universities (USA) with the Universidad de los Andes and CIDA (Venezuela). A second phase camera will have 96 CCDs (4096 by 1024). The system has been working since early 1997. Even thought it is still under commisioning, an important quantity of astronomical data have been acquired. Half of the dark time is assigned to the QUEST project, observing in drift-scan mode with the UBUV filter set, or with the objective prism and no filters. The rest of the time is open to projects like the Survey for low luminosity Hx emission-line galaxies (UCM - CIDA), Variability Survey near the Galactic Plane (Yale, CFA, CIDA, Indiana), Catalogo Astrometrico y movimientos para el area de la "Carte du Ciel" zona San Fernando (CIDA - ROA), Solar System Science (ULA - Yale).

Sanchez, G.; Abad, C.; della Prugna, F. A.



An undergraduate program for astronomy in México  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Astronomy in Mexico has an ancient tradition, reinforced during the XXth century by groups working in theoretical and observational astronomy. During the 90s, the Great Millimeter Telescope (a single 50-m antenna) has been approved, and a 6-m infrared telescope is under study. Graduate and undergraduate programs must be improved to prepare future Mexican and Latin American astronomers to take advantage of these facilities. To meet the challenge, two traditional Mexican programs (Instituto de Astronomia-UNAM and Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica, Optica y Electronica-INAOE) are updating their graduate programs for. Similarly, the Departamento de Astronomia de la Universidad de Guanajuato is joining physicists in the first undergraduate program in Mexico in Physics and Engineering with an option in Astrophysics. This will prepare students so that they can choose between industry, academia or national laboratories, either in Physics or Astronomy. Jobs in academia have been scarce; many students had to give up their goals after one or two postdoctoral positions. Graduate and undergraduate programs must adjust, by broadening the scope of present programs so that students are better prepared for other job opportunities. We present a BSc program designed by astronomers and physicists to try to address some of these concerns and prepare the students for either continuing with graduate studies or finding employment in an ever-changing job market.

Bravo-Alfaro, Hector; Migenes, Victor


Virtual reality and project management for astronomy  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Over the years astronomical instrumentation projects are becoming increasingly complex making necessary to find efficient ways for project communication management. While all projects share the need to communicate project information, the required information and the methods of distribution vary widely between projects and project staff. A particular problem experienced on many projects regardless of their size, is related to the amount of design, planning information and how that is distributed among the project stakeholders. One way to improve project communications management is to use a workflow that offers a predefined way to share information in a project. Virtual Reality (VR) offers the possibility to get a visual feedback of designed components without the expenses of prototype building, giving an experience that mimics real life situations using a computer. In this contribution we explore VR as a communication technology that helps to manage instrumentation projects by means of a workflow implemented on a software package called Discut designed at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM). The workflow can integrate VR environments generated as CAD models.

Martínez, L. A.; Villarreal, J. L.; Angeles, F.; Bernal, A.; Bribiesca, E.; Flores, R.



Radiocarbon dating and compositional analysis of pre-Columbian human bones  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Analysis of ancient human bones found in "El Cóporo", an archaeological site in Guanajuato, Mexico; were performed using a multi techniques scheme: 14C radiocarbon dating, IBA (Ion Beam Analysis), SEM-EDS (Scanning Electron Microscope Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy). We measured the elemental composition of the bones, especially some with a superficial black pigmentation. Soil samples collected from the burial place were also analyzed. The 14C dating was performed with a new High Voltage Europe 1 MV Tandentron Accelerator Mass Spectrometer (AMS) recently installed in the IFUNAM (Instituto de Física, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). The radiocarbon dating allowed us to determine the date of death of the individual in a period between the year 890 and 975 AD, which is consistent with the late period of the Cóporo civilization. The element sample analysis of bones with the surface black pigmentation show higher levels of Fe, Mn and Ba compared when bone's black surface was mechanically removed. These three elements were found in soil samples from the skeleton burial place. These results indicate more likely that the bone black coloration is due to a postmortem alteration occurring in the burial environment.

Andrade, E.; Solís, C.; Canto, C. E.; de Lucio, O. G.; Chavez, E.; Rocha, M. F.; Villanueva, O.; Torreblanca, C. A.



Technology for communicational development and learning in psychomotor disability  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The applied investigation and experimental development project described in this paper has been carried out by Grupo Ingeniería Clínica of the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional together with two Special Education Schools dependent on the Ministry of Education of Córdoba Province. Its aim is the development of computer access assistive tools for students with mobility limitations, and with or without intellectual problems that need adaptations to access to a computer in order to learn, communicate, work, etc. On the other hand, it demonstrates the benefits that the use of a computer gives to these students. The evaluation of their performance was made trough Dr. Marianne Frostig's Developmental Test of Visual Perception and reading and writing graphic tests, comparing the results of the tests made on paper with those made on computer. Thus, an interdisciplinary team was formed by Engineering, Psychology and Special Education professionals, and 40 students were evaluated. The design of the mouse and keyboard had some adaptations. At present, the rating test stage is being achieved, and the preliminary results allow us to anticipate that pupils with psychomotor disabilities may manifest their perceptual ripeness and reach education in a more efficient way through the use of informatics tools according to their needs and possibilities.

Trento, I.; Santucci, M.; Tula, S.; González, E.



Radioinhibition process in Argentinian garlic and onion bulbs  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Technological aspects of garlic and onion bulbs subjected to the radioinhibition process and extended storage under warehouse conditions were studied. Garlic and onion of the "Colorado" and "Valenciana sintética 14" varieties respectively, were irradiated in dormancy period with an average dose of 50.0 Gy of 60Co gamma rays and kept in storage up to ten months post-harvest. Throughout the control period (180-300 days post-harvest) obvious benefits were attained as to reducing the weight loss and increasing the percentage of marketable bulbs. In general, the irradiated bulbs were superior to the non-irradiated ones with regard to the external aspect, firmness and internal aspect, while the odor of the bulbs was not affected by the process. The radioinhibition process does not seem to affect adversely the levels of dry matter, carbohydrates and ascorbic acid as well as the acidity in onion bulbs. In two marketing trials a very favourable reception was perceived in the consumer public regarding the quality of the products. These studies have promoted the construction of a multipurpose irradiation facility in the Universidad Nacional del Sur for the development of the radiation processing technology.

Curzio, O. A.; Croci, C. A.


PREFACE: The XI Mexican School on Particles and Fields  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The XI Mexican School on Particles and Fields took place on 2-13 August 2004, in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, México. The School continued with the tradition of promoting High Energy Physics among the younger generation in Mexico. Thus, it was aimed specifically at graduate students and postdocs. The School consisted of several courses delivered by international experts on subjects of current interest to the scientific community. The length of each course was of six to eight hours, English being the language of instruction. A novelty in this edition of the School was its total duration (two weeks as opposed to one), the number of hours assigned to one subject, and the addition of some experimental courses for the students to overcome their inhibitions of a direct encounter with the equipment and its usage. There were also a few overview talks delivered by local experts on the current status of some of the research fields actively pursued in Mexico. The XI-MSPF was organized by the Particles and Fields Division of the Mexican Physical Society. It was generously sponsored by several institutions: Universidad de Veracruz, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo, Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Avanzados del IPN (CINVESTAV) and Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACyT). We are very grateful to Dr Raúl Arias Lovillo, Dr Víctor Manuel Alcaráz Romero, Dr Asdrúbal Flóres López and Mtro Walter Saiz González, head of the Academic Secretariat, Director and Subdirector of the Office of Scientific Research and Director of the Division of Exact Sciences of the University of Veracruz, respectively, for their invaluable support in all senses to our Summer School. We also appreciate the important and useful assistance provided by Dr Rubén Bernardo Morante López, Director of the Museum of Anthropology of Xalapa, and Dr Héctor Coronel Brizio of the Secretariat of Education and Culture of the state of Veracruz. We acknowledge the help of our colleagues in the Organizing Committee: Norma Bagatella Flores (FFIA-U. Veracruzana), Heriberto Castilla Valdés (CINVESTAV-U. Zacatenco), Lorenzo Díz Cruz (FCFM-BUAP), Juan José Godina Nava (CINVESTAV-U. Zacatenco), Gerardo Herrera Corral (CINVESTAV-U. Zacatenco), German Mandujano Vallejo (FFIA-U. Veracruzana), Miguel Ángel Pérez Angón (CINVESTAV-U. Zacatenco), Efraín Rojas Marcial (FFIA-U. Veracruzana) and Carlos Vargas Madrazo (FFIA-U Veracruzana). Many thanks also to our Conference Secretaries Patricia Carranza and Soledad López for the efficiency with which they carried out their job and their dedication. Special thanks go to María Guadalupe Colorado Hernández and Javier Ignacio Fragoso Tizapan, whose help in carrying out the School was essential, without their collaboration this School would not have been the same. We take this opportunity to thank most warmly all the speakers for delivering excellent lectures which made this event a success. Moreover, to our utmost delight, the students participated very enthusiastically and we hope that this school will contribute considerably towards their academic development. The future of scientific endeavour always depends upon the students. Adnan Bashir (IFM-UMSNH) Jens Erler (IF-UNAM) Rául Hernández (FFIA-UV) Myriam Mondragón (IF-UNAM) Luis Villaseñor (IFM-UMSNH)




Microsoft Academic Search

The main objective of this paper was to test the h ypothesis that at least 46 counties of Maranhão State may be included into th e Brazilian Semi-arid Zone. Such hypothesis comes from the climatic, social as well economical characteristics prevailing in those counties. In order to do this job, we utiliz ed the Aridity Index. Unfortunately, we only have

O Maranhão; José de Jesus; Sousa Lemos


Metronidazole and clarithromycin resistance in Helicobacter pylori determined by measuring MICs of antimicrobial agents in color indicator egg yolk agar in a miniwell format. The Gastrointestinal Physiology Working Group of Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia and the Johns Hopkins University.  

PubMed Central

Resistance of Helicobacter pylori to metronidazole often causes failure of commonly used combination drug treatment regimens. We determined the MICs of metronidazole and clarithromycin against 18 H. pylori strains from Peru using tetrazolium egg yolk (TEY) agar. The MIC results obtained by agar dilution with petri dishes were compared with the results found through a miniwell format. The results of the two protocols for measuring drug susceptibility differed by no more than 1 dilution in all cases. On TEY agar, bright-red H. pylori colonies were easy to identify against a yellow background. Sixty-one percent (11 of 18) of the strains were resistant to metronidazole (MIC, > or = 4 micrograms/ml) and 50% (9 of 18) were resistant to clarithromycin (MIC, > or = 0.125 micrograms/ml), whereas none (0 of 5) of the strains tested were resistant to tetracycline (MIC, > or = 1 micrograms/ml). Thus, the prevalence of metronidazole and clarithromycin resistance in Peru is higher than that in developed regions of the world. The miniwell plate with TEY agar allows easy H. pylori colony identification, requires about one-third less of the costly medium necessary for petri dish assaying, conserves space, and yields MICs equivalent to those with agar dilution in petri dishes.

Vasquez, A; Valdez, Y; Gilman, R H; McDonald, J J; Westblom, T U; Berg, D; Mayta, H; Gutierrez, V



Caracteristicas de los Estudiantes de Ciencias Agricolas y de Economia Domestica de la Universidad de Puerto Rico (Characteristics of the Agricultural Science and Home Economics Students of the University of Puerto Rico). Publicacion 135.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

As part of a U.S. Department of Agriculture research project on young adults, a questionnaire was distributed in the fall of 1977 to all agriculture science and home economics students at the University of Puerto Rico in order to determine their personal and parental backgrounds; work, college, and high school experiences; life goals and attitudes…

Lube, Edna Droz; Calero, Reinaldo


Body mass index, body weight perception and common mental disorders among university employees in Rio de Janeiro Índice de massa corporal, percepção do peso corpo- ral e transtornos mentais comuns entre funcionários de uma universidade no Rio de Janeiro  

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Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Objective: Objective: Objective: Objective: Objective: We tested the hypothesis that inadequate self-perception of body weight with or without obesity would be associated with common mental disorders (CMD). Method: Method: Method: Method: Method: We analyzed cross-sectional data from 4,030 university employees participating in the longitudinal Pró-Saúde Study Phase 1 (1999) in Rio de Janeiro. Participants (22-59 years

Alessandra Bento Veggi; Claudia S Lopes; Eduardo Faersteina; Rosely Sichieria


Índice de massa corporal, percepção do peso corporal e transtornos mentais comuns entre funcionários de uma universidade no Rio de Janeiro Body mass index, body weight perception and common mental disorders among university employees in Rio de Janeiro  

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Abstract Abstract Abstract Abstract Objective: Objective: Objective: Objective: Objective: We tested the hypothesis that inadequate self-perception of body weight with or without obesity would be associated with common mental disorders (CMD). Method: Method: Method: Method: Method: We analyzed cross-sectional data from 4,030 university employees participating in the longitudinal Pró-Saúde Study Phase 1 (1999) in Rio de Janeiro. Participants (22-59 years

Alessandra Bento Veggi; Claudia S Lopes; Eduardo Faerstein; Rosely Sichieri


La Seccion de Investigacion sobre Educacion Medica de la Facultad de Medicina de la Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico (The Medical Education Investigation Section of the School of Medicine of UNAM).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document is an English-language abstract (approximately 1,500 words) of a survey of Mexican medical education needs for the future. To plan for these needs, SISEM of UNAM was formed with the objectives of carrying out and promoting investigations in the different areas of medical education. It also wants to distribute the information…

Campillo Sainz, Carlos; Alvarez, Tostado, Juan


[Distribution of financial resources according to the productivity (determined by bibliometry) in the Medical Research Laboratories of the Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidad de São Paulo (Brazil)].  


A challenge that research managers have to face is how to "reallocate" agency budgets in order to bring them in line with the results of performance reviews. Research policies must develop a strategic plan describing their goals, devise yardsticks to measure their progress, and tie that performance to allocate research funds with some degree of priority. Though Brazil already has a substantial presence in world's science, scientific enterprise must be used to strengthen it. The first step should be to raise standards in Brazilian science by concentrating the resources on supporting excellence. A strategy to judge biomedical research productivity should include tactics to disclose whether the resulting publications have appeared in the field's most respected, peer-reviewed journals. A pilot project to road-test the above-discussed ideas on performance measurements was conducted at the Laboratories of Medical Research (Clinical Hospital, University of São Paulo School of Medicine). These Laboratories perform a vast proportion of biomedical research at the country's largest University. This article illustrates that confidence in fairness and consistency with which funds are now being allocated has helped to improve productivity, thus showing that this strategy is fruitful. PMID:10962862

Montes, G S




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Despite advances in the Unified Health System in Brazil, it has been inadequate for the resolution of health problems of the community. Thus, former graduates could provide subsides for a better understanding of the relationship between education and practice. The purpose of this study was to analyze the perception of former students of the State University of Londrina about their

Márcia Hiromi Sakai; Luiz Cordoni Junior


User satisfaction with pharmacy services in the Brazilian National STD\\/AIDS Program: validity and reliability issues Satisfação de usuários do Programa Nacional de DST\\/AIDS com a dispensação de medicamentos: aspectos de validade e confi abilidade  

Microsoft Academic Search

The objective of this study is to evaluate the psy- chometric properties of a user satisfaction scale regarding the Brazilian National STD\\/AIDS Pro- gram, specifically related to dispensing AIDS medicines. The scale was developed and applied in a study covering 10 Brazilian States that eval- uated the quality of medicine dispensing. The questionnaire was answered by 1,412 people liv- ing

Escola Nacional de Saúde; Pública Sergio Arouca; Thiago Botelho Azeredo; Maria Auxiliadora Oliveira; Vera Lucia Luiza; Ângela Esher; Mônica Rodrigues Campos



Red de Telefonia Celular y Sistema de Radiolocalizadores con Cubrimiento Nacional. Informe Final. Tarea 3. Diseno (Cellular Telephone Network and System for Radio Location with National Coverage. Final Report. Work 3. Design).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The report, written in Spanish, is the result of a Feasibility Study conducted on the Cellular Telephone Network and System for Radio Location with National Coverage in Colombia. The principal objective of the report was to develop a detailed design for t...



Comunidades y arrecifes coralinos del Parque Nacional Marino Ballena, costa del Pacífico de Costa Rica Coral communities and reefs of Ballena Marine National Park, Pacific coast of Costa Rica  

Microsoft Academic Search

The coral communities and reefs at Ballena Marine National Park, on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, were studied using three 10-m long transects per site, parallel to the coast, with 1-m2 quadrants. A total of 15 species of corals (11 hermatypic and 4 ahermatypic) were found, which when added to previous reports for the park makes a total

Juan José Alvarado; Jorge Cortés; Cindy Fernández; Jaime Nivia


Resultados Preliminares DA Analise Visual de Dados Sarex E Descricao das Atividades de Campo NA Floresta Nacional Do Tapajos (Preliminary Results of the Visual SAREX Data and Description of the Field Work Activities in the Tapajos National Forest).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This work presents the preliminary results of the visual interpretation of the C/SAREX data, HH polarization, narrow and swath mode. This data was compared with TM/Landsat data. The test site corresponds to the Tapajos National Forest and surroundings. Th...

P. H. Filho L. V. Dutra S. Amaral



Terapia ocupacional e farmacodependência: categorização e atualização das publicações nacionais Occupational therapy and pharmacodependence: categorization and update of national publications Terapia ocupacional y farmacodependencia: clasificación y actualización de publicaciones nacional  

Microsoft Academic Search

ReSumO: Esta pesquisa tem por finalidade atualizar e sistematizar as publicações sobre dependência química e terapia ocupacional. Realizou-se um embasamento histórico, conceitual e epidemiológico da farmacodependência, assim como suas abordagens terapêuticas. O objetivo desta atualização é organizar e descrever categorias temáticas derivadas dos artigos nacionais publicados sobre esta problemática e correlacionar com os apontamentos teóricos e procedimentais encontrados na literatura

Daniela Carraro Antoniassi; Juliana Aureana Leal; Solange Aparecida Tedesco


Primera Reunion de la Comision Nacional de Analisis y Evaluacion del Sistema Educativo: Informe Final (The First Meeting of the National Committee for Analysis and Evaluation of the Educational System: Final Report).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document contains the legislation creating the National Committee for Analysis and Evaluation of the Educational System and the final report of that committee's first meeting. The report deals with each level from elementary to higher education. For each level it describes and considers curriculum, school buildings, human resources, current…

Ministerio de Cultura y Educacion, Buenos Aires (Argentina). Centro National de Documentacion e Informacion Educativa.


Present Status of Historical Seismicity Studies in Colombia and Venezuela  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

After the publication of the SISRA (CERESIS-1985) regional project, a unified catalog of seismic parameters and intensities for South America, researchers in historical seismicity have continued advancing on different scales in the area of this study of seismic hazard. The most important initiatives carried out in this area in Colombia and Venezuela can be grouped as follows: a) Reviews of destructive earthquakes in national and international historic archives, principally by Altez and FUNVISIS in Venezuela and Espinosa, Salcedo, and Sarabia et al in Colombia, leading to the preparation of seismologic catalogues, scientific and dissemination articles, reports, books, among others. b) Organization and systematization of historic information to develop public domain data bases and information, specifically the Historic Seismologic Teleinformation System in Venezuela, carried out between 2004 and 2008 under the coordination of Christl Palme and accessible on-line: As well, the "Historia Sísmica de Colombia 1550-1830" (Seismic History in Colombia 1550-1830) data base, in CD-ROM, by Espinosa Baquero (2003) and the historic seismicity information system of Colombia (Servicio Geológico Colombiano-Universidad Nacional de Colombia), published on the internet in 2012: c) Macroseismic studies for the development of intensity attenuation equations and the quantification and revaluation of basic historic earthquake parameters using isoseismal maps (Rengifo et al., Palme et al., Salcedo et al., among others) and procedures such as Boxer and Bakun & Wentworth (Palme et al., Dimaté, among others), which have produced significant changes in the parameters of some of the large earthquakes. d) Symposiums of researchers to promote interest and development in the discipline, including Jornadas Venezolanas de Sismología Histórica (Venezuelan Congress of Historical Seismology), held periodically between 1997 and 2012, the year of the sixth edition. As well, national and international research groups have been formed to work actively on global projects, such as the Geophysics Laboratory of Universidad de Los Andes in Venezuela. In the future, international groups will be formed to jointly treat issues including localization and size of destructive events along borders, common scales for the evaluation of intensities, integrated data bases, etc. Additionally the methods employed will be validated by paleoseismology, neotectonics and instrumental seismicity, among others.

Sarabia, A.; Cifuentes, H.; Altez Ortega, R.; Palme, C.; Dimate, C.



Evolution of the Earthquake Catalog in Central America  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Central America (CA) is known as a seismically active region in which several historic destructive earthquakes have occurred. This fact has promoved the development of seismic hazard studies that provide necessary estimates for decision making and risk assessment efforts, requiring a complete and standardized seismic catalog. With this aim, several authors have contributed to the study of the historical seismicity of Central America (e.g. Grases, Feldaman; White y Harlow, 1993; White et al. 2004; Ambraseys y Adams, 2001; Peraldo y Montero, 1999), who complied historical data. A first catalogue was developed by Rojas (1993) that comprises the 1522 to 1993 period. This information was integrated in 2007, together with data from the International Seismological Centre (CASC) and the national catalogs of CA countries in a new regional catalogue. Since 2007 a continuous effort has been done in order to complete and update this CA earthquake catalog. In particular, two workshops were held in 2008 and 2011 in the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain), joining experts from the different CA countries who worked each one in its own catalogue covering the entire region and the border with northwestern Colombia and southern Mexico. These national catalogues were later integrated in a common regional catalogue in SEISAN format. At this aim it was necessary to solve some problems, like to avoid duplicity of events, specially close to the boundaries, to consider the different scales of magnitude adopted by different countries, to take into account the completeness by the different national networks, etc. Some solutions were adopted for obtaining a homogenized catalogue to Mw, containing historical and instrumental events with Mw > 3.5 from 1522 up to 2011. The catalogue updated to December 2007 was the basis for the first regional hazard study carried out by Benito et al., (2011) as part of the collaborative RESIS II project under coordination of NORSAR. The ones updated to 2011 is been used in a new seismic hazard study for the entire region. The responsable institutions of each CA country are: INSIVUMEH in Guatemala; Servicio Nacional de Estudios Territoriales, (SNET) in El Salvador; Red Sismológica National-RSN and Observatorio Sismológico and Vulcanológico de Costa Rica-OVSICORI, Observatorio Sismológico de la Universidad de Panama-UPA and Centro Sismológico de America Central, CASC This catalog is a very useful tool to conduct regional or local seismic hazard studies.

Rojas, W.; Camacho, E. I.; Marroquín, G.; Molina, E.; Talavera, E.; Benito, M. B.; Lindholm, C.



Lesson's-learned from a 2003-2006 USA-Honduras NGO and University Geosciences Education Partnership in Land use Land / Land Cover Change Analysis using Remote Sensing and GPS  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Between 2004 and 2006 the Loma Linda University ESSE21 Mesoamerican Project (Earth System Science Education for the 21st Century) collaborated with a series of academic, NGO (nongovernmental) and government agencies, including a USAID (United States Agency for International Development) integrated environmental resource management project to: a) build the human and technical capacity of local partners in the use of geospatial technologies, e.g. GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing, b) improve their capacity to apply these tools to biodiversity, health, sustainability, protected-area management, and other NRM (Natural Resource Management) decision-making needs and problems, and c) establish long term institutional relationships for teacher/student exchange, including development of joint curricula and research projects focused on health geoinformatics as well as sustainable development. Much of this has contributed toward a new "geotourism" effort adopted by Honduras called the SAVE Honduras strategy (Scientific, Academic, Volunteer, Educational). A central element of this initiative is to increase joint collaborative research and learning together by students and faculty at US universities working with Honduran institutions (private and public). See SAVE Strategy page = In the presentation we describe our experience over the last three years collaborating with key partners such as the Central American Observatory of Suyapa based at the UNAH (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras) which has opened a new GIS/Remote Sensing Laboratory. We also collaborated closely with CURLA (Centro Universitario Regional del Litoral Atlántico) located near La Ceiba--a land grant-type institution- -to support outreach and extension activities by students and staff to local-level NGOs and community groups dealing with conservation, hazards mitigation, biodiversity, fisheries and related problems. We have also participated in joint "informal education" efforts doing environmental and ecotourism outreach with groups such as the Hugh Parkey Foundation and EarthWatch Institute in Belize and others in Honduras such as FUCSA (Fundacion Cuero y Salado), FUPNAPIB (Fundacion Parque Nacional Pico Bonito), REHDES (Red Ecologista Hondurena para el Desarrollo Sostenible), and SMBC (Sociedad Mesoamericana para la Biologia y Conservacion). See more about the projects on water resources, herpetofauna on the Pacific coast, and the West Indian manatee at: Lessons learned about designing, organizing, implementing, and financing such geosciences educational partnerships will be presented as well as describing "next steps". Suggestions about how other universities could join with us will be also proposed.

Ford, R. E.



Karstic Phenomena Susceptibility Map of MÉXICO  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Approximately 20% of the territory of México is underlain by karstifiable rocks, mostly limestones and in lesser proportions gypsum. The majority of these rocks are distributed along the eastern and southern Sierra Madre, the state of Chiapas and the Yucatán peninsula. Differences in geological structure, climate and geomorphic history have resulted in a great variety of karstic landscapes and types of forms. Several important population centers, including large cities with several million inhabitants and numerous smaller towns are built on karstic terrains and obtain their water supplies from karstic aquifers and/or dispose of their waste products on this type of terrain. Severe problems of waste disposal and aquifer contamination have occurred. Additionally, numerous instances of catastrophic collapse and formation of karstic sinkholes have been registered in the Mexican territory, which have affected many communities, roads and other infrastructure, and have even cost several lives. Lack of knowledge of the special characteristics of karstic terrains and their distribution has compounded these problems. As a first approach to these issues, the existing map of Mexican karst (Espinasa-Pereña, 2007) was modified according to the geotechnical classification proposed by Waltham & Fookes (2003). An important consideration taken into account is the difference in speed of development of karstic features depending on lithology, which makes karst developed in gypsum much more hazardous than limestone karst, and also the degree of soil coverage and the types of sinkholes developed on the cover. Also taken in consideration are the differences between karst developed in the Sierra Madre, with rocks highly deformed and fractured, and karst developed on the Yucatán peninsula with almost negligible deformation of the rocks. The resulting map will be useful to Civil Protection authorities as a tool in prognosticating possible affectations due to karstic phenomena. References: ESPINASA-PEREÑA, R., 2007, "El Karst de México", Mapa NA III 3, in Coll-Hurtado, A., Coord., "Nuevo Atlas Nacional de México", Instituto de Geografía, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. WALTHAM, A.C. and FOOKES, P.G., 2003, Engineering classification of karst ground conditions, Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrology, Vol. 36, pp. 101-118.

Espinasa-Pereña, R.



75 FR 64782 - Additional Designations, Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...C.V., Tijuana, Baja California Norte, Mexico; Calle Astronomos No. 2214, Colonia Indeco Universidad, Fraccionamiento Otay Universidad, Tijuana, Baja California Norte, Mexico; DOB 25 Feb 1965; POB Aramberri, Nuevo Leon,...



77 FR 68679 - Hispanic-Serving Agricultural Colleges and Universities (HSACU)  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Inter American University of Puerto Rico-San German Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico-Ponce Universidad Del Turabo Universidad Metropolitana University of Puerto Rico-Arecibo University of Puerto Rico-Humacao University of...



77 FR 63418 - Additional Designations, Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Patria No. 685 Interior 1, Fraccionamiento Jardines Universidad, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; DOB 27 Mar 1978; POB Patria No. 685 Interior 1, Fraccionamiento Jardines Universidad, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; DOB 27 Mar 1978; POB...



76 FR 6843 - Additional Designations, Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Jalisco, Mexico; Ricardo Giradles 5107, Colonia Jardines de Universidad, Guadalajara, Mexico; Vereda del Canario 1, Guadalajara...Jalisco, Mexico; Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico; Universidad, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico; DOB 19 Dec 1964;...



Updated Colombian Seismic Hazard Map  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Colombian seismic hazard map used by the National Building Code (NSR-98) in effect until 2009 was developed in 1996. Since then, the National Seismological Network of Colombia has improved in both coverage and technology providing fifteen years of additional seismic records. These improvements have allowed a better understanding of the regional geology and tectonics which in addition to the seismic activity in Colombia with destructive effects has motivated the interest and the need to develop a new seismic hazard assessment in this country. Taking advantage of new instrumental information sources such as new broad band stations of the National Seismological Network, new historical seismicity data, standardized global databases availability, and in general, of advances in models and techniques, a new Colombian seismic hazard map was developed. A PSHA model was applied. The use of the PSHA model is because it incorporates the effects of all seismic sources that may affect a particular site solving the uncertainties caused by the parameters and assumptions defined in this kind of studies. First, the seismic sources geometry and a complete and homogeneous seismic catalog were defined; the parameters of seismic rate of each one of the seismic sources occurrence were calculated establishing a national seismotectonic model. Several of attenuation-distance relationships were selected depending on the type of seismicity considered. The seismic hazard was estimated using the CRISIS2007 software created by the Engineering Institute of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México -UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico). A uniformly spaced grid each 0.1° was used to calculate the peak ground acceleration (PGA) and response spectral values at 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3.0 seconds with return periods of 75, 225, 475, 975 and 2475 years. For each site, a uniform hazard spectrum and exceedance rate curves were calculated. With the results, it is possible to determinate environments and scenarios where the seismic hazard is a function of distance and magnitude and also the principal seismic sources that contribute to the seismic hazard at each site (dissagregation). This project was conducted by the Servicio Geológico Colombiano (Colombian Geological Survey) and the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (National University of Colombia), with the collaboration of national and foreign experts and the National System of Prevention and Attention of Disaster (SNPAD). It is important to stand out that this new seismic hazard map was used in the updated national building code (NSR-10). A new process is ongoing in order to improve and present the Seismic Hazard Map in terms of intensity. This require new knowledge in site effects, in both local and regional scales, checking the existing and develop new acceleration to intensity relationships, in order to obtain results more understandable and useful for a wider range of users, not only in the engineering field, but also all the risk assessment and management institutions, research and general community.

Eraso, J.; Arcila, M.; Romero, J.; Dimate, C.; Bermúdez, M. L.; Alvarado, C.



Volcanic Risk Perception in Five Communities Located near the Chichón Volcano, Northern Chiapas, Mexico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Chichón volcano (17° 19’ N and 93° 15’ W) is located in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. This volcano is classified by UNESCO as one of the ten most dangerous volcanos in the world. The eruptions of March and April in 1982 affected at least 51 communities located in the surroundings of the volcano and caused the death of about 2000 people. In this work we evaluate the risk perception in five communities highly populated: Juárez, Ostuacán, Pichucalco, Reforma and Sunuapa. We selected these communities because they have a high possibility to be affected by a volcanic eruption in the future. Our survey was carried out during February and March 2006. A total of 222 families were interviewed using a questionnaire to measure risk perception. These questionnaires retrieved general information as how long people had been living there and their reasons to do so; their experiences during the 1982 events, their opinion about the authorities participation and their perception of volcanic risk; the plans of the community for disaster prevention and mitigation. Some of the most important results are: (1). People perceive a very low volcanic risk and the 70% of interviewees believe that a new eruption in the future is almost improbable because it happened in 1982. This result is particularly interesting because, according to the state government, more than 100,000 inhabitants will be directly affected in case of a new similar eruption; (2). About 95% of the population do not know the current activity of the volcano and consider that the authorities do not inform properly to their communities; (3). The response of the authorities during the events of 1982 was ranked as deficient mainly because they were unable provide shelters, storage facilities, food as well as medicine and health care access; (4). Approximately 60% of the community will accept to be re-located again in case of a new eruption; (5). About 70% of the population will not accept to be re-located because they do not know any plan, strategy, emergency schemes or shelters locations no even evacuation routes. In conclusion, during the 1982 eruption the risk perception of the population played an important role in the social impact on the region. We believe that if the population had had a proper perception of their volcanic risk, the number of casualties would have been lower. Thus, the present low volcanic risk perception of the five studied communities can be considered as an important element of vulnerability. Frances Rodríguez-VanGort1 and David A. Novelo-Casanova2 (1) Posgrado Instituto de Geofísica, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Ciudad Universitaria, México Distrito Federal (2) Departamento de Sismología Instituto de Geofísica, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Ciudad Universitaria, México Distrito Federal

Rodriguez, F.; Novelo-Casanova, D. A.



Sampling strategy for a core collection of Peruvian quinoa germplasm.  


Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) is an Andean crop with a high potential for cultivation under temperate agricultural conditions. A new quinoa cultivar for such an environment requires plant characteristics that may be available primarily largely in genetic resources held in gene banks. A core collection may simplify management and enhance the utilisation of quinoa genetic resources. This paper describes the development of a core subset of the whole quinoa gene bank (1029 accessions) of the Universidad Nacional del Altiplano (UNAP). All accessions available in this gene bank have location and altitude descriptors and a partial description for qualitative and quantitative descriptors. The core collection (103 accessions) contains chosen ecotypes or landraces that capture most of the genetic variability available in this Peruvian germplasm. The accessions were selected for the core collection based on a geographically stratified non-overlapping sampling procedure. The number of accessions that were allocated to the core subset was determined using a proportional method adjusted by the relative importance of the quinoa crop in each geographical cluster as determined by its acreage. The sampling method also considered the morphological diversity within four geographical clusters of at least 100 accessions. The multivariate pattern of morphological variation was defined within each of these clusters by independent principal component analyses. A comparison of phenotypic diversity between the entire collection and its core subset confirmed that the proper sampling strategy for this core collection of Peruvian quinoa germplasm had been applied. The most important phenotypic correlations between quantitative descriptors observed in the entire collection, which may be under the control of co-adapted gene complexes, were also preserved by the core collection. The most comprenhensive quinoa core collection should consider accessions from other gene banks in Bolivia and Ecuador, a few accessions from coastal Chile and wild sympatric cross-compatible Chenopodium species. This core collection will be a point of entry to the proper exploitation of the genetic resources available in respective quinoa gene banks. PMID:24710887

Ortiz, R; Ruiz-Tapia, E N; Mujica-Sanchez, A



Georadar Archaeological Prospection at the Historical Center of the Merida City, Yucatan, Mexico.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This paper shows the results of the georadar archaeological prospection carried out by the Laboratorio de Prospección Arqueologica from the Instituto de Investigaciones Antropologicas (IIA) of the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM) verifing the archaeological and historical information recovered by the Departamento de Patrimonio Arqueologico y Natural del Municipio (DPANM) del Ayuntamiento de Merida en el Centro Histerico de la Ciudad de Merida under a joint project. The Historical Center of Merida has been classified as a "zone of high patrimonial value" after the topographic data and the historical documents recovered showed a long-term occupation, non interrupted since pre-Columbian times, when T Ho was the great capital of the northern region of the Maya area. For the rehabilitation program of the Historical Center of Merida has been a great priority to verify the existence of archaeological remains, pre-Columbian or colonial, under the present streets, gardens and plazas that could be damaged during the public infrastructure works. In order to prevent any damage to the patrimony a large georadar study was carried out pulling 200 and 400 MHz antennas of the GSSI SIR System 2 for 16500 m of the city streets, focusing in the areas where infrastructure works were imminent. After the analysis of the radar data it was possible to build up a map with the location of the most noticeable archaeological remains under the pavement of the streets that confirmed many of the topographic and documental proposed places. As a final result, by the first time a city government has available information to take present urban decisions, while preventing the damage to the archaeological patrimony of the same city.

Barba, L.; Ortiz, A.; Blancas, J.; Ligorred, J.



The la Plata Astronomical Data Center  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

RESUMEN. El Centro de Datos Astron6micos tiene su sede en la Facuitad de Ciencias Astron6micas y Geofisicas d la Universidad Nacional de La Plata y funciona por convenio entre esta facultad y el Centre des Stellaires de la Universite' Louis Pasteur en Estrasburgo (CDS), Francia. La finalidad de este centro es la de proveer a los astr6nomos del area con copias de los alrededor de 500 acumulados y/o preparados por el CDS a la vez que promover la producci6n y/o acumulaci6n de en el rea. Para la realizaci6n de esta tarea se cuenta con el apoyo del Centro Superior para el Procesamiento de la Informaci6n (CESPI) de la UNLP cuyos equipos se describen. Las tareas que se estan realizando incluyen la distribuci6n de SIMBAD a los astr6nomos argentinos y se efectuan ensayos de distribuci6n en linea de CD-ROM TEST DISK del Astronomical Data Center (ADC) de la NASA que contiene los 31 mas solicitados por los astr6nomos de todo el mundo. ABSTRACl The La Plata Astronomical Data Center operates by an agreement between the Facultad de Ciencias Astron6micas y Geofisicas at La Plata University and the Centre des Donnees Stellaires of Louis Pasteur University at Strasbourg (CDS), France. The purpose of the Center is to provide to the area astronomers with copies of the catalogs they need amongst those stored and/or prepared at CDS. At the same time the center will act of the astronomical data produced within its area. K words: DATA ANALYSIS

Marraco, H. G.



The Yale/San Juan Southern Proper Motion Program  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The SPM is based on photographic plates taken at our observatory at El Leoncito, Argentina and will yield absolute proper motions and positions to magnitude B 19 for approximately 1 million stars south of declination -20 degrees. The SPM is a joint program between the Yale Southern Observatory and the Universidad Nacional de San Juan, Argentina. The SPM Catalog 2.0 provides positions, absolute proper motions, and photographic BV photometry for over 320,000 stars and galaxies. All objects contained in the SPM 1.0 Catalog (the South Galactic Pole region) are also included in this version. Note that SPM 1.0 has been replaced by SPM 1.1 which has slightly different astrometry (mostly proper motions) due to refinement of the magnitude equation correction in the SPM 2.0 Catalog. The Catalog covers an area of 3700 square degrees in an irregularly bounded band between declinations of -43 and -22 degrees, but excluding fields in the plane of the Milky Way. Stars cover the magnitude range 5 < V < 18.5. The standard errors for the best measured stars are as follows: 20 mas for positions in each coordinate; 2 mas/yr for absolute proper motions and 0.05 mag in B and V bandpasses. In addition to the Catalog, a list of CCD calibrating sequences in BV is provided. It contains 7783 stars. The new feature of the Catalog is an extensive list of cross-identifications with external special catalogs which include all major astrometric catalogs and a large number of astrophysically interesting objects. The Catalog is available on the WWW at Our web-site contains several useful plots showing the sky coverage, error distribution, a quick comparison with the Hipparcos proper motions, etc.

van Altena, W. F.; Girard, T. M.; Platais, I.; Kozhurina-Platais, V.; Ostheimer, J.; Lopez, C. E.; Mendez, R. A.



Geodiversity and geoheritage research and education in Mexico  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Geosites, geomorphosites, geoheritage, geodiversity and other related research and educational fields have been absent in the curricula of Mexican universities, although some efforts to consider those topics started in 2004 (Garrido, 2004). In the case of Mexico, Geographers have been the main promoters of the study of geoparks and, more recently, geomorphosites; studies on geosites have been developed by geologists although, in all cases, concrete examples are very limited in number since no systematic work has been proposed. A general educational project to promote the study and research on Geoparks (including Geodiversity, Geoconservation, Geosites and Geomorphosites) has been recently proposed atthye Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. The main components of this project include: a) Teaching. Starting only this year, the School of Geography (undergraduate level) incorporated for the first time a subject specifically related to geoparks, geosites and geomorphosites. The subject is complemented with other, more specifically related to the land use management, cartography and (geo)tourism; b) Research. At the Institute of Geography, projects to conduct systematic research on geoparks and related items has just started; c) Natural heritage promotion and Geotourism. In a national context, where tourism has received official attention and extraordinary financial support, Geotourism plays an important part of the educational project. A proposal has been submitted to the Ministry of Tourism so that students are expected to get an official certificate to carry out activities related to the promotion of the natural heritage as a (Geo)tourist Guide. Among general goals, the creation of regional and national networks of geoparks, and participation in international efforts (geosites and geomorphosites lists), are also considered.

Palacio, J. L.



Event Clustering: Accuracy and Precision of Multiple Event Locations with Sparse Networks  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the last 15 years passive PASSCAL experiments have been fielded on every continent. Most of these deployments were designed to record teleseismic or large local seismic events to infer crustal and mantle structure. However, the deployments inevitably record small, local seismicity. Unfortunately, the configuration of the experiments are not optimal for location (typically the stations are arranged in linear arrays), and the seismicity is recorded at a very limited number of stations. The standard location procedure (Geiger's method) is severely limited without a detailed crustal model. A number of methods have been developed to improve relative location precision, including Joint Hypocenter Determination (JHD) and Progressive Multiple Event Location (PMEL). In this study we investigate the performance of PMEL for a very sparse network where there appears to be strong event clustering. CHARGE is a passive deployment of broadband seismometers in Chile and Argentina, with a primary focus of investigating the changes in dip along the descending Nazca Plate. The CHARGE stations recorded a large number of small, local events in 2000-2002. For this study events were selected from the northern profile (approximately along 30o S) in Chile. The events look similar, and appear to be clustered southeast of the city of La Serena. We performed three sets of experiments to investigate precision: (1) iterative Master Event Corrections to measure the scale length of clusters, (2) PMEL locations, and (3) PMEL locations using a cross-correlation to determine accurate relative phase timing. The analysis shows that for the PMEL experiment clusters must occupy an area of 600 km2 for the results to be consistent. We will present a method to estimate the precision errors based on bootstrapping. Charge Team: S. Beck, G. Zandt, M. Anderson, H. Folsom, R. Fromm, T. Shearer, L. Wagner, and P. Alvarado (all University of Arizona), J. Campos, E. Kausel, and J. Paredes (all University of Chile), E. Triep (Universidad Nacional de San Juan), M. Bufaliza and M. Araujo (all INPRES)

Baldwin, T. K.; Wallace, T. C.



Enhancing Diversity In The Geosciences; Intensive Field Experience In USA And Mexico For Middle And High School Teachers Serving Large Hispanic Populations.  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

To encourage Hispanic participation and enrolment in the geosciences and ultimately enhance diversity within the discipline, we recruited ten middle and high school science teachers serving large Hispanic populations (60-97%) for a paid three-week field experience supported by an NSF Opportunities for Enhancing Diversity in the Geosciences grant. In 2006, the field experiences focused on volcanic events and the water problems of the Central part of Mexico. In 2008, the field experiences focused on karstic and hydrogeological conditions of the Yucatan Peninsula. In addition to the geological aspects of the fieldwork experience, the trip to Mexico exposed the teachers to a social environment outside of their community where they interacted with a diverse group of scientists from the Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Centro de Investigacion Cientifica de Yucatan (CICY) and Centro Nacional de Desastres (CENAPRED). A key part of this project was the encounter between American and Mexican teachers that included a day of presentations, panel discussion and some class-room activities. Direct interaction between the cooperating teachers and the American and Mexican geoscientists provided actual scientific research experiences to educate and to help dispel misconceptions the teachers themselves may have had about who geoscientists really are and what they do. Teachers of the 2006 group produced educational materials from their field experiences and presented these materials at professional conferences. We measured the efficacy of these activities quantitatively via pre- and post-tests assessing confidence levels, preconceptions and biases, NIU staff observations of participants in their home institutions, and evaluations of participants' field books and pedagogical materials. We present these data here and identify specific activities that are both effective and efficient in changing teacher behaviours and attitudes enabling them to better connect with their Hispanic students in their Geoscience classrooms. Post experience activities of the 2008 group will build on these results.

Leal-Bautista, R. M.; Kitts, K. B.; Velazquez Oliman, G.; Perry, E. C.



Traditions of the Sun, One Model for Expanding Audience Access  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Internet is a powerful tool with which to expand audience access, bringing students, teachers and the public to places and resources they might not otherwise visit or make use of. We will present Traditions of the Sun, an experiential Web site that invites exploration of the world's ancient observatories with special emphasis on Chaco Culture National Historic Park in the Four Corners region of the US and several sites in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Traditions of the Sun includes resources in English and Spanish along with a unique trilingual on-line book, "Traditions of the Sun, A Photographic Journal," containing explanatory text in Yucatec Maya as well. Traditions of the Sun offers rich opportunities for virtual visits to ancient sites used for solar observing while learning about current NASA research on the Sun and indigenous solar practices within a larger historical and cultural context. The site contains hundreds of photographs, historic images and rich multimedia to help tell the story of the Sun-Earth Connection. Visitors to the site can zoom in on the great Mayan cities of Chichen Itza, Uxmal, Dzibilchaltun, and Mayapan to learn about Mayan astronomy, history, culture, and science. They can also visit Chaco Canyon to watch sunrise over Pueblo Bonito on the summer solstice, take a virtual reality tour of the great kiva at Casa Rinconada or see panoramic vistas from Fajada Butte, an area which, for preservation purposes, is restricted to the public. Traditions of the Sun provides one model of how exploration and discovery can come to life for both formal and informal audiences via the Internet. Traditions of the Sun is a collaborative project between NASA's Sun-Earth Connection Education Forum, the National Park Service, Instituto National de Antropologia e Historia, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, and Ideum.

Hawkins, I.; Paglierani, R.



Decadal changes and delayed avian species losses due to deforestation in the northern Neotropics  

PubMed Central

How avifauna respond to the long-term loss and fragmentation of tropical forests is a critical issue in biodiversity management. We use data from over 30 years to gain insights into such changes in the northernmost Neotropical rainforest in the Sierra de Los Tuxtlas of southern Veracruz, Mexico. This region has been extensively deforested over the past half-century. The Estación de Biología Tropical Los Tuxtlas, of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM), protects a 640 ha tract of lowland forest. It became relatively isolated from other forested tracts between 1975 and 1985, but it retains a corridor of forest to more extensive forests at higher elevations on Volcán San Martín. Most deforestation in this area occurred during the 1970s and early 1980s. Forest birds were sampled on the station and surrounding areas using mist nets during eight non-breeding seasons from 1973 to 2004 (though in some seasons netting extended into the local breeding season for some species). Our data suggested extirpations or declines in 12 species of birds subject to capture in mist nets. Six of the eight species no longer present were captured in 1992–95, but not in 2003–2004. Presence/absence data from netting and observational data suggested that another four low-density species also disappeared since sampling began. This indicates a substantial time lag between the loss of habitat and the apparent extirpation of these species. Delayed species loss and the heterogeneous nature of the species affected will be important factors in tropical forest management and conservation.

Shaw, David W.; Escalante, Patricia; Rappole, John H.; Oehlenschlager, Richard J.



PREFACE: Third Congress on Materials Science and Engineering (CNCIM-Mexico 2012)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Third Congress on Material Science and Engineering (CNCIM-México 2012), which took place in Mérida, México, from 27 February to 2 March 2012 was organized by three research groups (cuerpos académicos) from the Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán: Ingeniería Física (UADY-CA-27), Modelado y Simulación Computacional de Sistemas Físicos (UADY-CA-101) and Química Fundamental y Aplicada (UADY-CA-32), in collaboration with the Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados (Cinvestav-Mérida). The First Congress in Material Science and Engineering (CNCIM-2010), was organized in Puebla, México in February 2010. This was followed by CNCIM-2011 held in Toluca, México in February 2011. The CNCIM-México 2012 Conference consisted of plenary talks (8), invited talks (10), oral contributions (54) and poster presentations (70). The topics of the Conference were: Synthesis and Preparation of Materials: Organic and Inorganic Characterization of Materials: Novel Methods and Techniques Applications of Materials: Environment, Medicine, Pharmacy, Technology, Food and Renewable Energy New Materials: Composites, Nanostructures, and from Natural Sources Theory: New Methods and Computer Simulations We want to thank the Organizing Committee, the Institutions and Sponsors supporting the Conference, and everyone who contributed to the organization of this meeting, for their invaluable efforts in order to guarantee the complete success of this conference. Editors Romeo de Coss Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del I.P.N. (Cinvestav-Mérida) A.P. 73 Cordemex 97310, Mérida, Yucatán, México Gabriel Murrieta-Hernández Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán Calle 60 No. 491-A, Centro Histórico, C.P. 97000, Mérida, Yucatán, México Aarón Aguayo-González Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán Calle 60 No. 491-A, Centro Histórico, C.P. 97000, Mérida, Yucatán, México Efraín Rubio-Rosas Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla Ciudad Universitaria, Col. San Manuel, C.P. 72570, Puebla, Puebla, México Ernesto Chigo-Anota Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla Ciudad Universitaria, Col. San Manuel, C.P. 72570, Puebla, Puebla, México Enrique Vigueras-Santiago Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México Instituto Literario No. 100, Col. Centro 50000, Toluca, Edo. de México, México Session Chairs Gabriel Canto Santana, Universidad Autónoma de Campeche. Enrique Vigueras Santiago, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. César Cab, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Alejandro ávila Ortega, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Jesús Barrón Zambrano, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Maritza de Coss, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Jorge A. Tapia González, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. David Muñoz Rodríguez, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Mario Pérez Cortes, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Jesús García Serrano, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo. Rubén Arturo Medina Esquivel, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. César R. Acosta, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Organizing Committee Aarón Aguayo González, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Gabriel Murrieta Hernández, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Alejandro Tapia González, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Cristian Carrera Figueiras, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. Heriberto Hernández Cocoletzi, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Ernesto Chigo Anota, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Efraín Rubio Rosas, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla. Enrique Vigueras Santiago, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México. Romeo de Coss, Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados (Cinvestav-Mérida). Organizers: Organizers Sponsors: Sponsors

de Coss, Romeo; Murrieta-Hernández, Gabriel; Aguayo-González, Aarón; Rubio-Rosas, Efraín; Chigo-Anota, Ernesto; Vigueras-Santiago, Enrique



Integracao de Dados Topograficos E de Sensoriamento Remoto Para a Classificacao de Florestas Tropicais: Caso DA Floresta Nacional de Tapajos (Integration of Topographical and Remotely-Sensed Data for the Classification of Tropical Rain Forests: The Case of Tapajo's National Forest).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The objective of this work is to integrate the orbital images with cartographical data for classifying tropical forest areas. The Tapajo's National Forest, located in Para State, between Santerem and Itaituba cities, was selected for this study. It compri...

P. H. Filho Y. E. Shimabukuro D. C. L. Lee



Efeito da exploração de madeira e tratamentos silviculturais na composição florística e diversidade de espécies em uma área de 136ha na Floresta Nacional do Tapajós, Belterra, Pará Effects of logging and silvicultural treatments on floristic composition and species diversity in a 136ha area in the Tapajós National Forest, Belterra, Pará  

Microsoft Academic Search

Changes occurring in floristic composition and species diversity in a 136ha area, in the Tapajós National Forest, during 22 years of monitoring are discussed. The in- fluences of timber harvesting and of the different intensities of thinning applied seeking to induce an increase in the number of commercially valuable timber species are considered. All trees with DBH ? 5,0cm present

Lia Cunha de Oliveira; Hilton Thadeu; Zarate do Couto; José Natalino; Macedo Silva; João Olegário; Pereira de Carvalho


On strict positive real systems design: guaranteed cost and robustness issues 1 1 This research was supported by grants from “Fundação de Amparo á Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo, FAPSEP” and “Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cient??fico e Tecnológico, CNPq”, Brazil  

Microsoft Academic Search

This paper deals with unbounded nonlinear real uncertainty and proposes a solution to the strict positive real control problem by dynamic output feedback. Besides, a guaranteed cost problem, solved by LMI optimization combined with line search, is introduced in order to provide robust performance.

J. Bernussou; J. C. Geromel; M. C. de Oliveira



MEGARA developments at LICA-UCM  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

LICA-UCM is the brand new laboratory for scientific advanced instrumentation (Laboratorio de Investigación Científica Avanzada) at Universidad Complutense de Madrid where MEGARA integration will take place.

Zamorano, J.; Gil de Paz, A.; Gallego, J.; Cardiel, N.; Eliche-Moral, M. C.; Pascual, S.; Castillo-Morales, A.; Marino, R. A.; Villar, V.; García-Vargas, M. L.; Tulloch, S. M.; Maldonado, M.; Sánchez-Blanco, E.; Carrasco, E.; Sánchez, F. M.; Vílchez, J. M.; Muñoz, V.; Aguirre, D.; The Megara Team



Spatiotemporal variability and meteorological control of particulate matter pollution in a large open-pit coal mining region in Colombia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Luis Morales-Rincon (1), Hernan Porras-Diaz (1), Rodrigo Jiménez (2,*) (1) Geomatic Research Group, Department of Civil Engineering, Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga, Santander 680002, Colombia; (2) Air Quality Research Group, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota, DC 111321, Colombia *Corresponding author: phone +57-1-316-5000 ext. 14099, fax +57-1-316-5334, e-mail The semi-desertic area of Central Cesar, Colombia, produced approximately 44 million tons of coal in 2011. This mining activity has been intensively developed since 2005. There are currently 7 large-scale mining projects in that area. The coal industry has strongly impacted not only the ecosystems, but also the neighboring communities around the coal mines. The main goal of the research work was to characterize spatial and temporal variations of particulate matter (total suspended particulates - TSP - and particulate matter below 10 ?m - PM10) as measured at various air quality monitoring stations in Cesar's coal industry region as well as to study the relationship between these variability and meteorological factors. The analysis of the meteorological time series of revealed a complex atmospheric circulation in the region. No clear repetitive diurnal circulation patterns were observed, i.e. statistical mean patterns do not physically represent the actual atmospheric circulation. We attribute this complexity to the interdependence between local and synoptic phenomena over a low altitude, relatively flat area. On the other hand, a comparison of air quality in the mining area with a perimeter station indicates that coal industry in central Cesar has a mayor effect on the levels of particulate matter in the region. Particulate matter concentration is highly variable throughout the year. The strong correlation between TSP and PM10 indicates that secondary aerosols are of minor importance. Furthermore, particle concentrations are the highest in January and February, being the correlation between the TSP and PM10 measurements not as strong during this time period. This could be associated with the spatial and temporal variability of wet deposition as well as a larger mechanical and eolic resuspension of particles. We found that precipitation drastically reduces the levels of particulate matter. In order to describe the effect of wet deposition, a mathematical model was developed based on a first order relaxation proportional to the precipitation rate. Daily average concentrations and daily accumulated precipitation were used in this model, which showed high concentration reductions even for low precipitation levels essentially for all stations. Monthly precipitation values showed a better correlation with TSP concentrations. Finally, we found evidence of a significant decrease in global radiation due to particulate matter, particularly during the dry season, which could potentially affect farming and agricultural activities in the region.

Morales Rincon, L. A.; Jimenez-Pizarro, R.; Porras-Diaz, H.




NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Complex systems represent one of the richest and more fascinating fields of current scientific research. The reason behind this is the important role that the properties of complex systems and materials play in a variety of different but overlapping areas in physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and social sciences, like medicine and economy. Such unusually broad research field is, therefore, of primary interest nowadays in pure science and technology. The role of statistical physics in this new field of complex systems has been present since its onset and it has been accelerating recently. Methods developed for studying ordering phenomena in simple systems have been generalized for application to more complex forms of matter (polymers, biological macromolecules, glasses, etc) and complex processes (e.g. chaos, turbulence, economy, jamming, biological processes). In particular, many different phenomena (considered in the past to belong to separate research fields) have now a common description. Pillars of such a description are the concepts of scaling and universality. The International Conference on `Scaling Concepts and Complex Systems' (a satellite meeting of STATPHYS21) was devoted to give an overview on recent developments around these two concepts. The Conference took place in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico, in July 9-14 2001. The meeting was held in the Gordon Conference style and was attended by about 100 scientists, it covered a large variety of theoretical and experimental research topics of current interest in complex systems and materials. The meeting consisted of a total number of about 40 invited and contributed talks and a poster session. The topics covered included: scaling behaviour, supra-molecular systems, aggregation, aggregation kinetics, growth mechanisms, disordered systems, soft condensed matter (polymers, biological polymers, bio-colloids, gels, colloids, membranes and interfacial phenomena), granular matter, phase separation and out-of-equilibrium dynamics, non-linear dynamics, chaos, turbulence and chaotic dynamics. The present issue contains a substantial number of the invited and contributed talks presented at the meeting. We made an effort to arrange these papers with an order similar to that of presentation during the meeting. It is our pleasure to thank the scientific committee, all the speakers, the session chairs and all participants who contributed to the success of the conference. We are grateful to the Bonino-Pulejo Foundation (Messina-Italy), and to the President On. Nino Calarco, for the Patronage and the enthusiastic support. Our thanks goes also for the Messina University, the INFM (Istituto Nazionale per la Fisica della Materia, Italy), the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACyT, Mexico) and the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM). The Conference was sponsored by the INFM-Sec.C, CONACyT, UNAM, the Bonino-Pulejo Foundation which contributed financial support to participants and to the publication of the present issue. We are grateful to them for the support. Last, but not the least, we express our warmest gratitude to all the members of the local organizing committee for their assistance and for the work spent in organizing this meeting and especially to Professor~Alberto Robledo for his valuable advice.

Mallamace, Francesco; Quintana, Jacqueline



Obituary -- Salvador González Bedolla  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

It is with great sadness that I must communicate the passing of our colleague Salvador Félix González Bedolla. The observational astronomers of the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional owe much to his pioneering effort at San Pedro Mártir, work that formed him as an astronomer, and helped him become one of the best photometric observers in México and, at the Instituto de Astronomóa of the UNAM, the academic technician with the highest productivity of articles derived from observations at the OAN. Salvador was an excellent student. He obtained the highest achievement award (Gabino Barreda) in high school, studied physics at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and also finished the credits for his Master's degree in Physics with only his thesis separating him from his degree, an act which was constantly put off until his death. He began his career in Astronomy in 1973 under Dr. Eugenio Mendoza. Later he worked with Josef Warman in the observation of short period stars in the Observatorio `José Arbol y Bonilla'' in Zacatecas, México. I then began working continuously with him in this field of research which, thanks to his great work capacity, produced very good results. He continued in these fields of research not only within the Institute of Astronomy, but also in other research facilities, especially two: With the variable group from the Observatory at Nice, France, beginning in 1985, specializing in the pulsation of early stars. His main interest was in the ? Cep stars and in the possibility of relating these stars to the new types of variables (such as the OB stars, the `53 Per' variables, the `ultrashort' period and the ``slow'' and Be variables) discovered near this zone. Hence, in view of this, his efforts were aimed at monitoring the stars that belong to these new groups in order to discover if they are really different from the classical ? Cep stars. Moreover, beginning in 1984, Salvador began working with a group of astronomers from the Instituto de Astronomóa de Andalucóa, Spain. His participation was active and indispensable in international campaigns which were carried out to study short period pulsators with very complex sets of frequencies using an analysis of light curves. Thanks to his observations, which were quite reliable, the pulsational and astrophysical characteristics of a great number of them have been resolved. Also, during these investigations, many new pulsators were discovered, especially Delta Scuti stars. Salvador also dedicated many years to teaching. Beginning in 1972, he taught physics and chemistry at the Colegio de Ciencias y Humanidades of the UNAM where he also developed programs, evaluated candidates for teaching posts and published books about his specialities. His loss, a product of the senseless violence of modern life in México City, is mourned by the Instituto de Astronomóa, UNAM, since he always tried to develop his activities with a high degree of professionalism and with great enthusiasm. Salvador, your colleagues and friends miss you and your memory will always remain with us.

Peña, H. José



Mapping the complex kinematics of LL objects in the Orion nebula  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

LL Orionis-type objects (LL objects) are hyperbolic bowshocks visible around young stars in the outer Orion nebula, many of which are also associated with curved, highly collimated jets. The bowshocks are clearly due to the supersonic interaction between an outflow from the young star and an environmental flow from the core of the nebula, but the exact nature of these flows has not yet been established. We present the first high-resolution optical spectra of two of these objects, LL 1 and LL 2, together with their associated Herbig-Haro (HH) jets, HH 888 and HH 505. We combine multiple long-slit echelle spectra in the H? 6563 Å and [N ii] 6584 Å lines to produce velocity maps of the two objects at a resolution of 4text{arcsec} × 2text{arcsec} × 11 {km s^{-1}}. The gas motions within both stellar bowshocks are of rather low velocity (10-20 km s-1), but there are important differences between the two objects. LL 1 shows a high degree of symmetry, whereas LL 2 has very asymmetric kinematics that seem to follow velocity gradients in the surrounding nebula. We also measure the line-of-sight velocity for multiple knots in the HH 888 and HH 505 jets, and combine our spectroscopy with new and existing proper-motion measurements to reconstruct the three-dimensional kinematics of the jets. The knot motions in both jets are very similar: both flows are inclined at 40° to 60° from the plane of the sky, with exclusively redshifted knots to the north and exclusively blueshifted knots to the south. In both cases, one also sees a deceleration along the length of the jets, from >200 km s-1 close to the respective stars down to <100 km s-1 farther out. The marked contrasts that we find between the kinematics of the jets and the kinematics of the stellar bowshocks are evidence that the two phenomena are not causally related. Regular patterns in the dynamic ages of the HH 505 knots imply periodic ejections on three different time-scales: 50, 12 and 4 yr. We use line ratios and photometry to measure electron densities and excitation/ionization conditions in the stellar bowshocks and jet knots. The LL 1 bowshock has a bright inner shell with density ?3000 cm-3 (compared with a local nebula density of ?1000 cm-3) and line ratios that are consistent with equilibrium photoionization models. The bowshock also has a fainter outer rim, where the line ratios show evidence of shock excitation. Many of the jet knots also show evidence for a shock contribution to their excitation and have densities from 1000 to 8000 cm-3. Based on observations obtained at the Observatorio Astronómico Nacional, San Pedro Mártir, Baja California, Mexico, which is operated by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Based on observations with the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, obtained at the Space Telescope Science Institute, which is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc., under a cooperative agreement with the National Science Foundation. iraf is distributed by the National Optical Astronomy Observatories, which is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc., under cooperative agreement with the National Science foundation. Velocities in the frame of the local standard of rest are obtained by subtracting 18.1 km s-1 from the heliocentric values. Traditionally, [O iii] is normalized by H? rather than H? in order to minimize the effects of extinction. In our case, the extinction is known to be low (Section 6), so the main effect of using H? instead is to shift the y-axis by the intrinsic Balmer decrement of ˜0.5 dex.

Henney, William J.; García-Díaz, Ma. T.; O'Dell, C. R.; Rubin, Robert H.



Field Courses for Volcanic Hazards Mapping at Parícutinand Jorullo Volcanoes (Mexico)  

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During the last decades, Mexico has suffered several geologic phenomena-related disasters. The eruption of El Chichón volcano in 1982 killed >2000 people and left a large number of homeless populations and severe economic damages. The best way to avoid and mitigate disasters and their effects is by making geologic hazards maps. In volcanic areas these maps should show in a simplified fashion, but based on the largest geologic background possible, the probable (or likely) distribution in time and space of the products related to a variety of volcanic processes and events, according to likely magnitude scenarios documented on actual events at a particular volcano or a different one with similar features to the volcano used for calibration and weighing geologic background. Construction of hazards maps requires compilation and acquisition of a large amount of geological data in order to obtain the physical parameters needed to calibrate and perform controlled simulation of volcanic events under different magnitude-scenarios in order to establish forecasts. These forecasts are needed by the authorities to plan human settlements, infrastructure, and economic development. The problem is that needs are overwhelmingly faster than the adjustments of university programs to include courses. At the Earth Science División of the Faculty of Engineering at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, the students have a good background that permits to learn the methodologies for hazards map construction but no courses on hazards evaluations. Therefore, under the support of the university's Program to Support Innovation and Improvement of Teaching (PAPIME, Programa de Apoyo para la Innovación y Mejoramiento de la Enseñanza) a series of field-based intensive courses allow the Earth science students to learn what kind of data to acquire, how to record, and process in order to carry out hazards evaluations. This training ends with hazards maps that can be used immediately by the authorities after proper review by peers. This project has been running for two years and hazards maps for the region of Parícutin and Jorullo volcanoes have been carried out. The students have been applying their knowledge and got results in a very short time and at the same time socially very important.

Victoria Morales, A.; Delgado Granados, H.; Roberge, J.; Farraz Montes, I. A.; Linares López, C.




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These images of HH 30 show changes over only a five-year period in the disk and jets of this newborn star, which is about half a million years old. The pictures were taken between 1995 and 2000 with the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 aboard NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. Astronomers are interested in the disk because it is probably similar to the one from which the Sun and the planets in our solar system formed. Hubble reveals an edge-on disk (located at the bottom of the images), which appears as a flattened cloud of dust split into two halves by a dark lane. The disk blocks light from the central star. All that is visible is the reflection of the star's light by dust above and below the plane of the disk. The disk's diameter is 450 astronomical units (one astronomical unit equals the Earth-Sun distance). Shadows billions of miles in size can be seen moving across the disk. In 1995 and 2000, the left and right sides of the disk were about the same brightness, but in 1998 the right side was brighter. These patterns may be caused by bright spots on the star or variations in the disk near the star. The dust cloud near the top of these frames is illuminated by the star and reflects changes in its brightness. The star's magnetic field plays a major role in forming the jets (located above and below the disk), which look like streams of water from a fire hose. The powerful magnetic field creates the jets by channeling gas from the disk along the magnetic poles above and below the star. The gaps between the compact knots of gas seen in the jet above the disk indicate that this is a sporadic process. By tracking the motion of these knots over time, astronomers have measured the jet's speed at between 200,000 to 600,000 miles per hour (160,000 and 960,000 kilometers per hour). Oddly, the jet below the disk is moving twice as fast as the one above it. Credits: NASA, Alan Watson (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico), Karl Stapelfeldt (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), John Krist and Chris Burrows (European Space Agency/Space Telescope Science Institute)



Relationship Between Precipitation Chemistry and Meteorological Parameters at a Urban Site in the North of Queretaro State  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A total of 50 wet precipitation samples were collected per event at the Juriquilla site from mid-May 2009 to the end of May 2010. The Juriquilla sampling site was located on the roof of the Geoscience Building, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, at the Juriquilla Campus in the city of Querétaro located at 20°41'58"N and 100°27'28" W, at 1920 meters above sea level (masl). Sampling was done in passive collectors that consisted of a high density polyethylene funnel connected to a 2-liter polyethylene bottle, supported by a rod 1.5 m above the roof. One of the collectors was used to take samples for trace metals. The analysis was done in soluble and insoluble fractions. Al, Ag, As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Hg, Mn, Ni, Pb, V and Zn were analyzed by atomic absorption spectroscopy with a graphite furnace accessory. The other collector was used to measure pH and major ions (SO4-2, Cl-, NO3-, Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+, K+ and NH4+) in the soluble fractions, because it was assumed that these ions are completely soluble in rainwater. The major ions SO4-2, Cl-, and NO3-, were analyzed by a Varian Model 2010 ion chromatograph; Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+ and K+ were determined by flame atomic absorption spectrometry and NH4+ by a UV spectrophotometer. In this study, synoptic maps were used to analyze the transport of air masses before rainfall, enabling back trajectories to be used to estimate the source region of pollutants. To understand the variety of synoptic weather conditions, data were associated with the corresponding air mass back trajectories calculated by the NOAA HYSPLIT model (Hybrid Single-Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory Model). Back trajectory models have very simple advection schemes to calculate the previous position of an air parcel by using estimated wind speed and direction for the time period prior to arrival at the selected site. In this study, the origin of the air mass for an event was evaluated by a three-day back-trajectory before arrival to Queretaro. Mass back trajectories were calculated for 1000 and 2000 meters above ground level (MAGL), because winds at these levels should be a good approximation to the mean transport wind, since this pressure level frequently lies near the center of the transport layer. Finally, trajectories were classified by eight different directions according to the directions of the air masses before rainfall.

García Martínez, R.; Hernández, G.; Solis, S.; Torres, M. D.; Padilla, H.; Báez, A.



The Seismic Strong Motion Array Project (SSMAP) and the September 5, 2012 Mw=7.6 Nicoya, Costa Rica Earthquake  

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Seismic gaps along the subduction zones are locations where large earthquakes have not occurred in a long time. The Cocos plate is subducting beneath the Caribbean plate in Costa Rica, and the Nicoya Peninsula, located in northwestern Costa Rica, has been identified as a seismic gap. The previous major earthquakes in Nicoya occurred on 1853, 1900 and 1950, which indicates about a 50-year recurrence interval for the characteristic earthquake cycle. Since 2006, the seismic strong motion array project (SSMAP) for the Nicoya Peninsula in northwestern Costa Rica has been composed of 10 sites with Geotech A900/A800 accelerographs (three-component) and GPS timing. Our digital accelerographs array has been deployed as part of our ongoing research on large earthquakes, including the potential Nicoya event, in conjunction with the Earthquake and Volcano Observatory (OVSICORI) at the Universidad Nacional in Costa Rica. From 2006 to 2012, 28 events were relocated using the SSMAP and OVSICORI data with moderate magnitudes (4 < Mw< 6.5), and were mainly located in Nicoya Peninsula region. On September 5, 2012, a Mw=7.6 earthquake occurred in the seismic gap and appears to be the expected event based on the 50 years recurrence interval, but was instead 62 years later. The main shock focal mechanism was thrust faulting, propagating downdip, of the Cocos plate in the Middle America trench with strike N54W and dip 20 degrees NE. The mainshock and 15 early aftershocks were relocated by using SSMAP, OVSICORI, and UCSC networks. The final location of the mainshock is 9.671 N and 85.878 W with a depth of 18 km. The maximum accelerations from two A900 stations perpendicular to the trench, Fortuna (distance 112km) and Pedernal (distance 128 km) are: 13.8% and 8.9 % g, respectively. In addition, the October 10 (MW 5.3) and 24(Mw 6.6) aftershocks recorded at Tamarindo (distances 40 km and 70 km, respectively) showed accelerations of 2.4% and 8.2% g; respectively. The mainshock acceleration data from SSMAP, University of Costa Rica, and National Electricity Institute networks were analyzed for a new attenuation relationship: Acceleration = -203 ln(R) + 1110 with M=7.6 and R = hypocentral distance.

Simila, Gerald; Mohammadebrahim, Ehsan; McNally, Karen; Quintero, Ronnie; Segura, Juan



Initiatives of Application of the Bakun-Wentworth's Method for the Estimation of Macroseismic Parameters in the Northern South America and the Caribbean Region  

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The assessment of location, magnitude and uncertainties of great historical earthquakes is a key issue for understanding the seismic potential and PSHA of a region. In the last years independent techniques using only macrosesismic data points have been developed as, for example, the approach of Bakun and Wentworth (1997) or BW. This method has been largely applied in different tectonic contexts (Bindi et al., 2013), in different UE international projects and in estimations of location, magnitude and epistemic uncertainties (Bakun et al., 2011). We focus on some regional calibration initiatives in Northern South America and areas of the Caribbean Region. BW has been calibrated by Palme et al. (2005) and Choy et al. (2012) for earthquakes of the Mérida Andes and the Venezuela Central Regions. As well, BW calibrations have been proposed for the interandean Valley in Ecuador (Beauval et al., 2010), in the Hispaniola (Bakun et al, 2012) and for the northeastern Caribbean region (ten Brink et al., 2011). Preliminary BW calibration for the southeastern region of Cuba has been proposed by Gómez-Capera et al. (2012). Applications to historical earthquakes in Cuba have given encouraging results mainly for offshore events and are presented in the present study. We also present preliminary results for some earthquakes that have been recently studied in literature as for example the historical earthquakes of 1743 (Salcedo Hurtado and Gómez-Capera in press) and 1785 (Salcedo Hurtado and Castaño Castaño, 2011) which occurred close to Bogotá, BW method and intensity relationship of the literature were used. We present comparisons and sensibility analysis of the different relationships obtained in the region as well as uncertainty assessment. We also note that the magnitude parameter depends strongly on the regional calibration. Because of the availability of new macroseismic studies in Colombia (Servicio Geológico Colombiano y Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2013; available online inórica/), Venezuela ( and Caribbean Region, in the future it is expected to propose models for macroseismic intensity attenuations of regional character especially in Colombia and in Venezuela in the Cumaná region. This region has a rich earthquake history. In this topic of the regional calibration of intensity attenuation relationships, the situation is challenging because several historical and recent earthquakes in this region are attributed to subduction zones. It is therefore necessary to involve focal depth. This is still an open problem.

Gomez Capera, A.; Bindi, D.; Cifuentes, H.; Choy, J.; Chuy Rodriguez, T.; Garcia, J.; Massa, M.; Palme, C.; Pierristal, G.; Salcedo Hurtado, E.; Sanchez Vasquez, A.



Prevalence of dementia in Latin America, India, and China: a population-based cross-sectional survey  

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Summary Background Studies have suggested that the prevalence of dementia is lower in developing than in developed regions. We investigated the prevalence and severity of dementia in sites in low-income and middle-income countries according to two definitions of dementia diagnosis. Methods We undertook one-phase cross-sectional surveys of all residents aged 65 years and older (n=14?960) in 11 sites in seven low-income and middle-income countries (China, India, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Mexico, and Peru). Dementia diagnosis was made according to the culturally and educationally sensitive 10/66 dementia diagnostic algorithm, which had been prevalidated in 25 Latin American, Asian, and African centres; and by computerised application of the dementia criterion from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV). We also compared prevalence of DSM-IV dementia in each of the study sites with that from estimates in European studies. Findings The prevalence of DSM-IV dementia varied widely, from 0·3% (95% CI 0·1–0·5) in rural India to 6·3% (5·0–7·7) in Cuba. After standardisation for age and sex, DSM-IV prevalence in urban Latin American sites was four-fifths of that in Europe (standardised morbidity ratio 80 [95% CI 70–91]), but in China the prevalence was only half (56 [32–91] in rural China), and in India and rural Latin America a quarter or less of the European prevalence (18 [5–34] in rural India). 10/66 dementia prevalence was higher than that of DSM-IV dementia, and more consistent across sites, varying between 5·6% (95% CI 4·2–7·0) in rural China and 11·7% (10·3–13·1) in the Dominican Republic. The validity of the 847 of 1345 cases of 10/66 dementia not confirmed by DSM-IV was supported by high levels of associated disability (mean WHO Disability Assessment Schedule II score 33·7 [SD 28·6]). Interpretation As compared with the 10/66 dementia algorithm, the DSM-IV dementia criterion might underestimate dementia prevalence, especially in regions with low awareness of this emerging public-health problem. Funding Wellcome Trust (UK); WHO; the US Alzheimer's Association; and Fondo Nacional De Ciencia Y Tecnologia, Consejo De Desarrollo Cientifico Y Humanistico, and Universidad Central De Venezuela (Venezuela).

Rodriguez, Juan J Llibre; Ferri, Cleusa P; Acosta, Daisy; Guerra, Mariella; Huang, Yueqin; Jacob, KS; Krishnamoorthy, ES; Salas, Aquiles; Sosa, Ana Luisa; Acosta, Isaac; Dewey, Michael E; Gaona, Ciro; Jotheeswaran, AT; Li, Shuran; Rodriguez, Diana; Rodriguez, Guillermina; Kumar, P Senthil; Valhuerdi, Adolfo; Prince, Martin



Magnetometry and archaeological prospection in Mexico  

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Luis Barba Laboratorio de Prospección Arqueológica Instituto de Investigaciones Antropológicas Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México The first magnetic survey in archaeological prospection was published in 1958 in the first number of Archaeometry, in Oxford. That article marked the beginning of this applications to archaeology. After that, magnetic field measurements have become one of the most important and popular prospection tools. Its most outstanding characteristic is the speed of survey that allows to cover large areas in short time. As a consequence, it is usually the first approach to study a buried archaeological site. The first attempts in Mexico were carried out in 196. Castillo and Urrutia, among other geophysical techniques, used a magnetometer to study the northern part of the main plaza, zocalo, in Mexico City to locate some stone Aztec sculptures. About the same time Morrison et al. in La Venta pyramid used a magnetometer to measure total magnetic field trying to find a substructure. Some years later Brainer and Coe made a magnetic survey to locate large stone Olmec heads in San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan, Veracruz. Technology development has provided everyday more portable and accurate instruments to measure the magnetic field. The first total magnetic field proton magnetometers were followed by differential magnetometers and more recently gradiometers. Presently, multiple sensor magnetometers are widely used in European archaeology. The trend has been to remove the environmental and modern interference and to make more sensitive the instruments to the superficial anomalies related to most of the archaeological sites. There is a close relationship between the geology of the region and the way magnetometry works in archaeological sites. Archaeological prospection in Europe usually needs very sensitive instruments to detect slight magnetic contrast of ditches in old sediments. In contrast, volcanic conditions in Mexico produce large magnetic contrast between the igneous rocks and the sediments in archaeological context, thus the use of less sensitive instruments works fine for these conditions. Surveys in archaeological sites in Mexico during last 30 years have provided enough evidence that the best conditions to apply magnetic prospection is in lacustrine environment where the ancient inhabitants used igneous rocks as building material. These conditions has been more common than expected in the Trans volcanic Belt where most of the lakes were densely occupied in ancient times. Because most lakes were surrounded by quite recent volcanos, it was pretty common to use the basaltic and andesitic rocks to build the archaeological structures. In this contribution some of the most successful applications of the magnetic technique in archaeology will be shown to illustrate the possibilities of the magnetometry in archaeological prospection.

Barba Pingarron, L.; Laboratorio de Prospeccion Arqueologica



PREFACE: X Meeting on Recent Advances in the Physics of Fluids and their Applications  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The X Meeting on Recent Advances in Physics of Fluids and Related Applications (Fluids 2008) was held in Santa Fe, Argentina, on 19-21 November 2008. It belongs to a series of meetings that started in 1989 and has continued - except for just one occasion - every other year. Thus, the first meeting took place in the city of Tandil in 1989 followed by three events in the city of La Plata (1991-93-95), Tunuyán (Mendoza) in 1997, Paraná (Entre Rios) in 1999, Buenos Aires in 2001, Tandil in 2003 and Mendoza in 2006. These meetings gather together most of the people working in Fluid Mechanics and related problems in Argentina. The objective of the meetings is to provide a forum to facilitate the interactions between participants in a friendly academic atmosphere. This goal is achieved by means of lectures and technical presentations on different subjects and from different points of view, the only constraint being the current academic/technical interest. Applications usually deal with problems of local interest. In the present meeting a variety of lecture topics were presented, among them we might mention Capillary Hydrodynamics, Wetting, Density Currents, Instabilities, Elastic-Dynamics, Flows in Porous Media, Sediment Transport, Plasma Dynamics, etc. In particular, we would like to highlight the specially invited lectures given by Dr Ramon Cerro (Chemical and Material Engineering Department University of Alabama in Huntsville, USA), Dr David Quéré (Physique et Mécanique des Milieux Hétérogènes ESPCI, FRANCE), Dr Marcelo García (College of Engineering University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Dr Víctor Calo (Earth and Environmental Science and Engineering, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (ICES), University of Texas at Austin). In addition, we had 18 invited talks and more than fifty contributions that were presented in poster sessions. On behalf of both the Honorary Committee and the Local Committee, we would like to thank the Institutions that sponsored the Meeting, namely: the National Scientific Research Council of Argentina (CONICET) and the National Agency for Scientific and Technology Promotion (ANPCyT), who supported the meeting with grants-in-aid; and the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, who provided all the logistic support needed to achieve a successful and enjoyable Conference. All the papers constituting this volume of Journal of Physics: Conference Series have been reviewed by experts in the field; though they are just a limited number of the works presented at the Meeting the volume provides a scientific record of the topics discussed. We hope that the readers will enjoy the reading. Fernando Adolfo Saita and María Delia Giavedoni

Saita, Fernando Adolfo; Giavedoni, María Delia



Cáncer de hígado

Información acerca del cáncer de hígado, lo cual incluye temas como tratamiento, prevención, genética, causas, exámenes selectivos de detección, estudios clínicos y estadísticas del Instituto Nacional del Cáncer.


Relationships with Shareholders and Creditors Financial Leverage (Relaciones con Accionistas y Acreedores. Apalancamiento Financiero) (Spanish)  

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This is a teaching material for a module of Financial Analysis at Universidad Tecnológica de Bolivar. The educational material was developed with Professor Ricardo Davila from Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia. The written material has been modified several times using the feedback from students and other users. This material is an unpublished one. This chapter deals with the relationships with shareholders,

Ignacio Vélez; Ricardo Dávila



Working Capital Management and Financial Planning (Administración del Capital de Trabajo y Planeación Financiera) (Spanish)  

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This is a teaching material for a module of Financial analysis at Universidad Tecnológica de Bolivar. The educational material was developed with Professor Ricardo Davila from Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia. The written material has been modified several times using the feedback from students and other users. This material is an unpublished one. This chapter presents tips on how to manage

Ignacio Vélez; Ricardo Dávila



Assessing Heterogeneous Student Bodies Using a Methodology that Encourages the Acquisition of Skills Valued by Employers  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This work compares the results of three assessment systems used in two Spanish universities (the "Universidad Politecnica de Madrid" and the "Universidad Catolica de Avila"): the traditional system based on final examinations, continuous assessment with periodic tests and a proposed system (specially designed for heterogeneous student bodies)…

Perdigones, Alicia; Garcia, Jose Luis; Valino, Vanesa; Raposo, Cecilia




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This paper intends to assess the current situation of the application process of academic loans in higher education institutions and to visualize new decision-making scenarios to generate spaces, dynamics and methodologies needed for its appropriate implementation. The study was based on three national universities: Universidad Militar Nueva Granada in Bogotá, Corporación Universita- ria del Meta -Unimeta-, and Universidad de los




Una Mirada al Futuro: Doctrina, Estrategia, Nuevas Amenazas y el Rol del Poder Aéreo  

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Hemos delineado unas ideas que esperamos puedan servir para contribuir en la elaboración de la concepción Estratégica Aeroespacial y Nacional. La ocurrencia de conflictos de nuevas características que se suman a los tradicionales, hacen aún más compleja, la ya dinámica temática de la Defensa Aeroespacial Nacional. Nuestro trabajo no agota el tema ni la totalidad de las ideas relacionadas, pero

Horacio Matias Orefice



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Objective. To describe the surgical, clinical and epidemiological characteristics in patients with pulmonary hydatid in the Hospital Nacional Dos de Mayo. Material and methods. Descriptive, retrospective and observational study. The studied population was patients with the diagnosis of pulmonary hydatid, operated and registered in the Program of Torax and Cardiovascular Surgery of the Hospital Nacional Dos de Mayo from January

Aldo Rafael; Willy Ramos; Julio Peralta; Luis Rojas; Efraín Montesinos; Alex G. Ortega-Loayza


Report on the Fourth Advanced Chilean School of Astrophysics: Interferometry in the Epoch of ALMA and VLTI  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The interferometry school in the epoch of ALMA and VLTI ( was held at the campus of the Universidad Católica de Chile, in Santiago, during 4-8 December 2006. This FONDAP Center for Astrophysics school was organised jointly by Pontificia Uni-versidad Católica de Chile, Universidad de Concepción, ESO, ALMA, the Na-tional Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), the U.S. Naval Research Labo-ratory (NRL) and the U.S. Office of Naval Research Global (ONRG).

Barrientos, F.; Nagar, N.; Mirabel, F.



Resultados preliminares sobre a implantacao de laboratorio para a medida do radiocarbono natural. (Preliminary results on the implantation of a laboratory for the measurement of natural radiocarbon).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Though the project 'Amazonia I', activity 'Paleoclimatology', sub-project 'hydrologic cycle', the Centro de Energia Nuclear da Agricultura (CENA) from Universidade de Sao Paulo has received recently, from Atomic Energy International Agency a research appa...

C. L. R. Pessenda R. Pessenda V. F. Nascimento Filho R. L. Victoria E. Matsui




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Objective: To determine the abnormalities in pap smears found in external ambulatory service to pregnant women in Hospital San Jose , Hospital level II Susana Lopez de Valencia and universitary center health Alfonso Lopez de la Universidad del Cauca in

Luis A. Ospina; María Piedad Acosta; Diego Illera


77 FR 36041 - Additional Designations, Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Central 1191-35, Condominio Malaga, Colonia Parques de la Castellana, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; Local 9 Zona E, Plaza Universidad, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; Avenida Nayar 222, Colonia Ciudad del Sol, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; Avenida...



78 FR 12356 - Notice Pursuant to the National Cooperative Research and Production Act of 1993-Telemanagement Forum  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA; Ultrapower Software Co., Ltd, Beijing, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA; Universidad del Cauca, Cauca, COLOMBIA; Universita degli Studi di Milano, Crema, ITALY; University of Colorado School of...



77 FR 2347 - Additional Designations, Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Lombardo Toledano, Culiacan, Sinaloa C.P. 80010, Mexico; Boulevard Universitarios No. 789, Local 4, Colonia Villa Universidad, Culiacan, Sinaloa C.P. 80010, Mexico; Localidad San Jose del Barranco S/N, Badiraguato, Sinaloa C.P....



New Insights into the Cleaning of Paintings: Proceedings from the Cleaning 2010 International Conference. Held in Spain. Smithsonian Contributions to Museum Conservation Number 3.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

New Insights into the Cleaning of Paintings conference that was held at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia in Spain, in collaboration with the Smithsonians Museum Conservation Institute. This was the first major international conference on this topic...



Doctor Edward L. Trimble

En septiembre de 2011, el doctor Harold Varmus designó al doctor Edward Trimble director del nuevo Centro para la Salud Mundial (CGH) del NCI. El doctor Trimble cursó sus estudios de pregrado en el Harvard College y se graduó en medicina y salud pública en la Universidad John Hopkins. Se formó en obstetricia y ginecología en el Centro Médico de la Universidad Vanderbilt y luego en oncología ginecológica en el Centro Oncológico Memorial Sloan-Kettering.


Pick-Up Ion Instabilities at Planetary Magnetospheres  

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This effort involved the analysis of low frequency waves as observed by the Galileo spacecraft near the Galilean moon, Io. Io is a significant source of material, especially SO2, and various products of dissociation, and further these atoms and molecules are readily ionized. The initial velocity of the ions is essentially that of the neutral species, i.e., the Keplerian velocity. The plasma, on the other hand is co-rotating, and there is a differential flow of the order 57 km/s between the plasma and the neutral particles. Thus pick-up ion instabilities are Rely to occur within the Jovian magnetosphere. Indeed, magnetometer observations from the Galileo spacecraft clearly show ion cyclotron waves that have been identified with a large variety of plasma species, such as O+, S++ (which has the same gyro-frequency as O+), S+, and SO2+. Typically, however, the dominant frequency is near the SO2+ gyro-frequency. The research effort was originally planned to be a team effort between Robert J. Strangeway as the Principal Investigator, and Debbie Huddleston, who was an Assistant Research Geophysicist at UCLA. Unfortunately, Dr. Huddleston took a position within Industry. The effort was therefore descoped, and Dr. Strangeway instead pursued a collaboration with Dr. Xochitl Blanco-Cano, of the Instituto de Geofisica, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. This has proved to be a productive collaboration, with several papers and publications arising out of the effort. The magnetic field oscillations near lo generally fall into two types: ion cyclotron waves, with frequencies near an ion gyro-frequency, and lower frequency mirror-mode waves. The ion cyclotron waves are mainly transverse, and frequently propagate along the ambient magnetic field. The mirror-mode waves are compressional waves, and they have essentially zero frequency in the plasma rest frame. One of the purposes of our investigation is to understand what controls the types of wave modes that occur, since both wave modes can be drive unstable by the pressure anisotropy associated with the pick up ions. The pick ion velocity is perpendicular to the ambient magnetic field, and is generally much larger than the thermal velocity, at least initially. At its simplest, we found that the ion cyclotron waves are controlled by the parameters of the species in gyro-resonance with the wave. Thus, while the growth rates for the lower mass (higher gyro-frequency) pick-up ions are generally larger, we found that the heavier SO2+ ion cyclotron waves are generally preferred. This is because one of the effects of the wave instability is to diffuse the ions in pitch angle and energy. The lower mass ions therefore consist of both a ring of recently created pick-up ions, and a thermal background. This thermal background quenches the ion cyclotron instability. SO2+ is different, however. Being a molecule, the species can also dissociate. Our analysis suggests that the dissociation acts on a time scale comparable to or faster than the velocity space diffusion time scale. There are consequently no thermal SO2+ ions to quench the instability. We have also investigated the mirror-mode. This mode can at times grow more rapidly than the individual ion cyclotron waves. This is mainly because the mirror-mode can grow off the pressure anisotropy of the individual species with which the waves are in resonance. Lastly, as part of this effort we have begun to investigate the instability for obliquely propagating modes. Galileo observations show that at times the ion cyclotron waves are significantly elliptically polarized, and further the wave vector is at a large angle to the field, significant growth can occur for oblique propagation. Depending on the group velocity of the waves, it is possible that obliquely propagating modes have higher advective growth rate, but this has yet to be determined.

Strangeway, Robert J.; Sharber, James (Technical Monitor)



Use of Physio-Hydrological Units for SMOS Validation at the Valencia Anchor Station Study Area  

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The SMOS space mission will soil moisture over the continents and ocean surface salinity with the sufficient resolution to be used in global climate change studies. With the aim of validating SMOS land data and products at the Valencia Anchor Station site (VAS) in a Mediterranean Ecosystem area of Spain, we have designed a sample methodology using a subdivision of the landscape in environmental units related to the spatial variability of soil moisture (Millán-Scheiding, 2006; Lopez-Baeza, et al. 2008). These physio-hydrological units are heterogeneously structured entities which present a certain degree of internal uniformity of hydrological parameters. The units are delimited by integrating areas with the same physio-morphology, soil type, vegetation, geology and topography (Flugel, et al 2003; Millán-Scheiding et al, 2007). Each of these units presented over the same pedological characteristics, vegetation cover, and landscape position should have a certain degree of internal uniformity in its hydrological parameters and therefore similar soil moisture (SM). The main assumption for each unit is that the dynamical variation of the hydrological parameters within one unit should be minimum compared to the dynamics of another unit. This methodology will hopefully provide an effective sampling design consisting of a reduced number of measuring points, sparsely distributed over the area, or alternatively, using SM validation networks where each sampling point is located where it is representative of the mean soil moisture of a complete unit area. The Experimental Plan for the SMOS Validation Rehearsal Campaign at the VAS area of April-May 2008 used this environmental subdivision in the selection and sampling of over 21.000 soil moisture points in a control area of 10 x 10 km2. The ground measurements were carried out during 4 nights corresponding to a drying out period of the soil. The sampling consisted of 700 plots with 4 volumetric SM cylinders and 7 Delta-T Theta Probe measurements (with 3 repetitions each), covering the whole area. This experimental campaign permits the characterization of the soil moisture distribution within each physio-hydrological unit and results in a soil moisture map of the VAS site. All of it used for the validation of the aircraft observations done throughout the campaign. The ground measurement results obtained indicate that soil properties and vegetation cover are the parameters of the physio-hydrological units that most influence the moisture of the soil. This relationship will permit a more simple delimitation of the physio-hydrological Units and a reduction of the number of sample points for the calibration/validation of SMOS products. References: Lopez-Baeza, E., R. Acosta, M.C. Antolin, F. Belda, A. Cano, E. Carbo, M. Crapeau, A. Fidalgo S. Juglea, Y. Kerr, B. Martinez, C. Millan-Scheiding, D. Rodriguez, K. Saleh, J. Sanchis, J.-P. Wigneron(10), Other Contributors: J.E. Balling, C. Domenech, EOLAB, A.G. Ferreira J. Ferrer, J. Grant, J. Marco C. Narbon, B. Navascues, OCEANSNELL, E. Rodriguez-Camino, N. Skou, S. Søbjærg, P. Soriano, J. Tamayo, S. Tauriainen, E. Torre G. Torregrosa, A. Velazquez Blazquez, S. Vidal (2008): Validation of SMOS Products over Mediterranean Ecosystem Vegetation at the Valencia Anchor Station Reference Area. SMOS Cal/Val AO I.D. no. 3252. Experimental Plan SMOS Validation Rehearsal Campaign. University of Valencia, April 2008 Millan-Scheiding, C. (2006): Aproximación a la Humedad del Suelo en el Altiplano de Requena-Utiel. Preparación para la Campaña de Cal/Val de la Misión Espacial SMOS. Trabajo de Investigación de III Ciclo. Universidad de Valencia. Millán-Scheiding, C., C. Antolín, A. Cano, E. López-Baeza (2007): Uso de Unidades Fisio-Hidrológicas en la Monitorización de la Humedad del Suelo con SMOS. III Simposio Nacional sobre el Control de la Degradación de Suelos y la Desertificación. Costa Calma (Pájara), Fuerteventura, 16 al 20 de Septiembre 2007

Millán-Scheiding, C.; Antolín, C.; Marco, J.; Soriano, M. P.; Torre, E.; Requena, F.; Carbó, E.; Cano, A.; Lopez-Baeza, E.



Usage and Effectiveness of a Fully Automated, Open-Access, Spanish Web-Based Smoking Cessation Program: Randomized Controlled Trial  

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Background The Internet is an optimal setting to provide massive access to tobacco treatments. To evaluate open-access Web-based smoking cessation programs in a real-world setting, adherence and retention data should be taken into account as much as abstinence rate. Objective The objective was to analyze the usage and effectiveness of a fully automated, open-access, Web-based smoking cessation program by comparing interactive versus noninteractive versions. Methods Participants were randomly assigned either to the interactive or noninteractive version of the program, both with identical content divided into 4 interdependent modules. At baseline, we collected demographic, psychological, and smoking characteristics of the smokers self-enrolled in the Web-based program of Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (National Distance Education University; UNED) in Madrid, Spain. The following questionnaires were administered: the anxiety and depression subscales from the Symptom Checklist-90-Revised, the 4-item Perceived Stress Scale, and the Heaviness of Smoking Index. At 3 months, we analyzed dropout rates, module completion, user satisfaction, follow-up response rate, and self-assessed smoking abstinence. Results A total of 23,213 smokers were registered, 50.06% (11,620/23,213) women and 49.94% (11,593/23,213) men, with a mean age of 39.5 years (SD 10.3). Of these, 46.10% (10,701/23,213) were married and 34.43% (7992/23,213) were single, 46.03% (10,686/23,213) had university education, and 78.73% (18,275/23,213) were employed. Participants smoked an average of 19.4 cigarettes per day (SD 10.3). Of the 11,861 smokers randomly assigned to the interactive version, 2720 (22.93%) completed the first module, 1052 (8.87%) the second, 624 (5.26%) the third, and 355 (2.99%) the fourth. Completion data was not available for the noninteractive version (no way to record it automatically). The 3-month follow-up questionnaire was completed by 1085 of 23,213 enrolled smokers (4.67%). Among them, 406 (37.42%) self-reported not smoking. No difference between groups was found. Assuming missing respondents continued to smoke, the abstinence rate was 1.74% (406/23,213), in which 22,678 were missing respondents. Among follow-up respondents, completing the 4 modules of the intervention increased the chances of smoking cessation (OR 1.95, 95% CI 1.27-2.97, P<.001), as did smoking 30 minutes (OR 1.58, 95% CI 1.04-2.39, P=.003) or 1 hour after waking (OR 1.93, 95% CI 1.27-2.93, P<.001) compared to smoking within the first 5 minutes after waking. Conclusions The findings suggest that the UNED Web-based smoking cessation program was very accessible, but a high level of attrition was confirmed. This could be related to the ease of enrollment, its free character, and the absence of direct contact with professionals. It is concluded that, in practice, the greater the accessibility to the program, the lower the adherence and retention. Professional support from health services and the payment of a reimbursable fee could prevent high rates of attrition.



The Red de Monitoreo de BosquesAndinos: A communication platform for science and policy in the Andean countries  

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A workshop held in October 2012 in Lima, Peru, brought together more than 40 scientists and policy makers working in Andean forest ecosystems, one of the richer and most threatened ecosystems of the world. Among the various results of the workshop, there is the formation of the network "Red de Bosques Andinos". The goals of the network include to stimulate scientific research in Andean forest ecosystems by promoting collaboration among scientists, and to serve as a platform to facilitate applied research and communication between scientists and policy makers. Current members of the network include scientists of Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Germany, Peru, USA, and representatives of Ministries of Environment and the National Climate Change Adaptation Programs of Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru. The network has started to work in two critical documents for the region. The first one is an extended protocol to monitor diversity and carbon in Andean forests. This protocol, partly based on unpublished efforts, has been developed by the Instituto de Ecología Regional, Universidad de Tucuman, Argentina, and has been revised and improved by experts working in the Andes. The document describe methods to document ecological changes that take place over mid- and long periods of time. It focuses on monitoring changes on the diversity and growth of trees, shrubs and lianas, cover of herbaceous species, and carbon content in forests. This extended protocol will be a useful tool for students and researchers interested in conducting long-term ecological research. Moreover, the use of this tool will produce standardized data needed to understand ecological processes that take place at large spatial scales. The document will be freely available at The second document consists of an analysis of the dynamics of trees and carbon in the Andean region. The members of the network have contributed with data of more than 70 permanent forest plots located from Colombia to Argentina, some of them monitored since 1990. The initial results indicate that warmer, wetter, and more seasonal forests had higher rates of turnover of individuals, and biomass. Most of these patterns held for both, tropical and subtropical forest plots. The study will be completed in 2013, and will be the first study of forest dynamics and carbon content for the countries in the region. Finally, it is the aim of the Andean Forest Network to bring together scientists and policy-makers interested in research, management and conservation of the Andean forest. The creation of the network and the development of its first two products have been possible thanks to the financial support of the Swiss Agency of International Cooperation (COSUDE) through the CIMA project, the Dutch Technical Agency (GIZ), and the endorsement of the Secretaría General de Naciones (SG-CAN). The coordination of the network is currently held by Selene Báez, at CONDESAN ( Please contact us if you need more information or if you are interested in becoming part of the network.

Baez, S.; Cuesta, F. X.; Malizia, A.; Carilla, J.; Bustamante, M.; Yepes, A.



[Interventional study in the natural evolution of Chagas disease. Evaluation of specific antiparasitic treatment. Retrospective-prospective study of antiparasitic therapy].  


In this study is presented the comparative therapeutical experience comparing the Allopurinol, Benznidazol y Nifurtimox, in a prospective following in a long term, considering the responses to the parasitemia, specific serology and evolution of the clinic manifestations and complementaries in the 535 chronic chagasic cases (44.5%), instead of 668 patients who did not get any treatment (1203 chagasic cases followed for more than 5 years average). This study was done between April 1984 and April 1994 in patients with and without cardiopathy, in the Córdoba Hospital and the Salud Estudiantil Direccion, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (U.N.C.); from them, 309 patients were given Allopurinol, 130 were given Benznidazol, and 96 were given Nifurtimox, with usual doses of Benznidazol and Nifurtimox, but with Allopurinol it was made an study evaluating the answering-doses, with a following time of post-therapeutic average of 55.6 months (D.S. = + -57 m.) The comparative parameters were the starting clinic characteristics, the qualitative and quantitative for Chagas, the pre-treatment xerodiagnostic, the treatment fulfillment, the treatment duration, the adverse effects, the treatment abandon, the time of postreatment longitudinal following till the last clinic-complementary evaluation, the clinic characteristics at the end of the following period; quantitative and qualitative serology for Chagas after the treatment, and post-treatment xerodiagnostic. It was observe a prevalence of Electrocardiographic Changes in the ECG in rest, in the first complementary evaluation in 76 of the 535 "Treated" and in the 225 "No-treated" patients, being Electrocardiographic abnormality proportion much more in the "No-treated" patients (P = 0.000000). After the end of the following period it was thought to have been found Miocardic Damage Progression in 120 patients "No-treated" and in 31 "Treated" patients (17.9% and 5.8% respectively) (P = 0.0000000). The complications in the evolution course were proved in 113 of the "No-treated" and in 19 of the "Treated" patients (16.9% and 3.5%, being this a statistically significant difference (P = 0.0000000). The mortality along the evolution was proved in 37 of the "No-Treated:" patients and in 7 of the "Treated" patients (5.5% and 1.3%), being this a statistically significant difference (P = 0.00019). The most tolerated drug and the one with the least incidence of therapeutic abandons was the Allopurinol. The xerodiagnostic negativization percentages were 72.5% for Allopurinol, 76.4% for Benznidazol and 76.5% for Nifurtimox (non-significant differences). A year and two years after the end of the treatment was made a titled serology with the Inmunofluorescence and Indirect Hemoaglutination Tests, getting significant statistical differences between the three drugs, resulting lower the values obtain after the treatment with Benznidazol and Nifurtimox than with Allopurinol (P = 0.0042 and P = 0.00039), respectively). The biggest proportion of Progression in the Cardiopathies, Complications, General Mortality and Attributed Mortality in "No Treated" (specially in older than 30 years) significant both for infected patient and slight cardiopathy, stabilises the possibility of stopping or reducing the morbid course of the Chronic Chagasic Cardiopathy, specially relevant in the formers, where the pathogenic process seems to be accelerated related to the latters. The negativation of the parasitemia and the parasitemia and the title disminution of the specific serology like effectiveness treatment parameters, and the stopping in the progression or dissemination of the incidence in new cases of Chronic Chagasic Cardiopathies were considered to be the real benefit of the antiparasitaric therapeutic in the Chagas Disease. As a conclusion, it is thought that the further the instauration of the specific antiparasitaric treatment the more the possibilities of effectiveness, as well as the increase in the probabilities of

Gallerano, R R; Sosa, R R



Variations of the Geomagnetic Field During the Holocene-Pleistocene: Relative Paleointensity Records From South-Western Argentina  

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I present a review of the research carried out by the Group of Geomagnetism at Universidad Nacional del Centro (Argentina) on paleointensity records from bottom sediments from three lakes: Escondido (Gogorza et al., 2004), Moreno (Gogorza et al., 2006) and El Trébol (Gogorza et al., 2007; Irurzun et al., 2008) (South-Western Argentina, 41° S, 71° 30'W). Based on these studies, we construct a first relative (RPI) stack for South-Western Argentina covering the last 21,000 14C years BP. The degree of down-core homogeneity of magnetic mineral content as well as magnetic mineral concentration and grain sizes vary between all lakes and are quantified by high-resolution rock magnetic measurements. Rock magnetic studies suggest that the main carriers of magnetization are ferrimagnetic minerals, predominantly pseudo-single domain magnetite The remanent magnetization at 20 mT (NRM20mT) was normalized using the anhysteric remanent magnetization at 20mT (ARM20mT), the saturation of the isothermal remanent at 20 mT (SIRM20mT) and the low field magnetic susceptibility {k}. Coherence function analysis indicates that the normalised records are free of environmental influences. Our paleointensity (NRM20mT/ ARM20mT) versus age curve shows a good agreement with published records from other parts of the world suggesting that, in suitable sediments, paleointensity of the geomagnetic field can give a globally coherent, dominantly dipolar signal. References Gogorza, C.S.G., Irurzun, M.A., Chaparro, M.A.E., Lirio, J.M., Nuñez, H., Bercoff, P.G., Sinito, A.M. Relative Paleointensity of the Geomagnetic Field over the last 21,000 years bp from Sediment Cores, Lake El Trébol, (Patagonia, Argentina). Earth, Planets and Space. V58(10), 1323-1332. 2006. Gogorza, C.S.G., Sinito, A.M., Lirio, J.M., Nuñez, H., Chaparro, M.A.E., Bertorello, H.R. Paleointensity Studies on Holocene-Pleistocene Sediments from Lake Escondido, Argentina. Physical of the Earth and Planetary Interiors, Elsevier, ISSN 0031-9201. V145, 219-238. 2004. Gogorza, C.S.G., Torcida, S., Irurzun, A., Chaparro, M.A.E., Sinito, A.M. A Pseudo-Thellier Relative Paleointensity Record in Sediments From Lake El Trébol, South Argentina. Geofísica Internacional. In Revision. 2007. Irurzun, M.A., Gogorza, C.S.G., Torcida, S., Lirio, J.M., Núnez, H., Bercoff, P., Chaparro, M.A.E., Sinito, A.M. Rock Magnetic Properties and Relative Paleointensity Stack Between 11 and 21 14C kyr B.P. from Sediment Cores, Lake Moreno (Patagonia, Argentina). In Preparation. 2008.

Gogorza, C. S.



Accelerations from the September 5, 2012 (Mw=7.6) Nicoya, Costa Rica Earthquake  

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Since 1984, the Seismic Network of the Volcanological and Seismological Observatory of Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional (OVSICORI-UNA) has been recording and registering the seismicity in Costa Rica. Before September 2012, the earthquakes registered by this seismic network in northwestern Costa Rica were moderate to small, except the Cóbano earthquake of March 25, 1990, 13:23, Mw 7.3, lat. 9.648, long. 84.913, depth 20 km; a subduction quake at the entrance of the Gulf of Nicoya and generated peak intensities in the range of MM = VIII near the epicentral area and VI-VII in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Six years before the installation of the seismic network, OVSICORI-UNA registered two subduction earthquakes in northwestern Costa Rica, specifically on August 23, 1978, at 00:38:32 and 00:50:29 with magnitudes Mw 7.0 (HRVD), Ms 7.0 (ISC) and depths of 58 and 69 km, respectively (EHB Bulletin). On September 5, 2012, at 14:42:02.8 UTC, the seismic network OVSICORI-UNA registered another large subduction earthquake in Nicoya peninsula, northwestern Costa Rica, located 29 km south of Samara, with a depth of 21 km and magnitude Mw 7.6, lat. 9.6392, long. 85.6167. This earthquake was caused by the subduction of the Cocos plate under the Caribbean plate in northwestern Costa Rica. This earthquake was felt throughout the country and also in much of Nicaragua. The instrumental intensity map for the Nicoya earthquake indicates that the earthquake was felt with an intensity of VII-VIII in the Puntarenas and Nicoya Peninsulas, in an area between Liberia, Cañas, Puntarenas, Cabo Blanco, Carrillo, Garza, Sardinal, and Tamarindo in Guanacaste; Nicoya city being the place where the maximum reported intensity of VIII is most notable. An intensity of VIII indicates that damage estimates are moderate to severe, and intensity VII indicates that damage estimates are moderate. According to the National Emergency Commission of Costa Rica, 371 affected communities were reported; most reports were of damage to homes, bridges, roads, aqueducts, schools and public buildings. There were 12 structures reported with damages in hospitals and health care sites, specifically in Hojancha, Nandayure, Nicoya, Santa Cruz and Puntarenas. There are no reports of deaths from the earthquake and only 78 injured and a total of 1474 people mobilized, which includes hospital evacuations and preventive transfers. 223 schools were reported with various damages, mostly in Santa Cruz, Nicoya, Carrillo, Nandayure, and Puntarenas. A total of 98 homes were reported with severe damage, 805 with moderate damage and 87 with minor damage. In general, the buildings in the Nicoya Peninsula (where the highest intensities were reported) endured the Nicoya Earthquake. Also, acceleration data from OVSICORI, UCR, LIS-UCR, and the Seismic Strong Motion Array Project (SSMAP) show a range of accelerations (500 - 10 cm/sec2) for distance range of 30-250 km, respectively.

Simila, G. W.; Quintero, R.; Burgoa, B.; Mohammadebrahim, E.; Segura, J.



Decision Theories used in Areas Planning around La Colacha Basin (Cordoba, Argentina) considering Natural and Human Hazards  

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The authors of U.P.M. have had relations with Argentine Universities and Administrations, in part with J.M.Cisneros that is Professor at Universidad Nacional de Rio Cuarto in Prov. de Córdoba Arg., and have applied Decision Theories with Mathematic tools for the planning of defences and uses of soils in these areas and especially of La Colacha bassin enlarged with larger areas around it as "Cuenca de los Arroyos Menores" at West and South of Rio Cuarto. These large flat lands have loess soils brought by winds from Los Andes that are much far at West, there is a very old line of not high mountains at West near the study area from which rivers flow with little slopes to somehow lower flat areas at West with some marshes. Rivers through loess get regressive erosions with rains forming kilometres long ditches in the loess called "cárcavas" some meters deep and quite large across otherwise flat agricultural lands, and J.M. Cisneros, that has numerous publications about local soil uses, has directed diverse genie rural works to halt the regression of some of them. Part of the study is about protection against floods and "cárcavas". There are famous experiences and records of higher inundations of large areas by rivers. Latitude of Rio Cuarto is 31°25' South, that area is temperate refreshed by south winds, Zonda föhn winds from West being hotter and drier, and there are monsoons and so winter in July is dry and summer and December has rains, that average 829mm per year. Wind erosion and fires occur frequently on these loess soils in winter. This is an excellent area for agriculture but some actual uses may be not sustainable in long term such as excesses with genetically engineered soy, and the authors have studied aided with mathematical models (ELECTRE I, PROMETHEE and Expert Choice) the preferences of various alternative systems of land use (Autochthonous forest, High value forest, Traditional farms, Erosion control Crop with agriculture use, and Erosion control Crop with industrial use (biomass) ) in view of diverse Criteria (Water erosion index, Eolian erosion index, Implementation facility, Water resources, Economical Benefits, Hand power, Environmental Impacts, social Acceptance), as contribution for territorial planning, in part in relation with local official agencies. There are numerous references in local Spanish Argentine literature about the region uses of soils, some of J.M.Cisneros, and many general references, let note about Decision Theory: (1) Grau, J. B., Antón, J.M., Tarquis A. M., Andina, D. Election of water Resources Management Entity using a Multi-criteria decision (MCD) Method in Salta Province (Argentine)". CITSA 2008, Orlando 29 June-2 July, 2008. (2) Roy, B., D. Bouyssou. Aidé Multicritère à la Décision: Méthodes et cas. Economica, Paris 1993. (3) Saaty, T. The Analytic Hierarchy Process, Mac Graw-Hill, New York, 1980.

Antón, Jose M.; Grau, Juan B.; Tarquis, A. M.; Cisneros, Jose M.; Andina, Diego



SIRGAS: ITRF densification in Latin America and the Caribbean  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The continental reference frame of SIRGAS (Sistema de Referencia Geocéntrico para las Américas) is at present realized by the SIRGAS Continuously Operating Network (SIRGAS-CON) composed by about 200 stations distributed over all Latin America and the Caribbean. SIRGAS member countries are qualifying their national reference frames by installing continuously operating GNSS stations, which have to be consistently integrated into the continental network. As the number of these stations is rapidly increasing, the processing strategy of the SIRGAS-CON network was redefined during the SIRGAS 2008 General Meeting in May 2008. The new strategy relies upon the definition of two hierarchy levels: a) A core network (SIRGAS-CON-C) with homogeneous continental coverage and stabile site locations ensures the long-term stability of the reference frame and provides the primary link to the ITRS. Stations belonging to this network have been selected so that each country contributes with a number of stations defined according to its surface and guarantying that the selected stations are the best in operability, continuity, reliability, and geographical coverage. b) Several densification sub-networks (SIRGAS-CON-D) improve the accessibility to the reference frame. The SIRGAS-CON-D sub-networks shall correspond to the national reference frames, i.e., as an optimum there shall be as many sub-networks as countries in the region. The goal is that each country processes its own continuously stations following the SIRGAS processing guidelines, which are defined in accordance with the IERS and IGS standards and conventions. Since at present not all of the countries are operating a processing centre, the existing stations are classified in three densification networks (a Northern, a middle, and a Southern one), which are processed by three local processing centres until new ones are installed. As SIRGAS is defined as a densification of the ITRS, stations included in the core network, as well as in the densification sub-networks match the requirements, characteristics, and processing performance of the ITRF. The SIRGAS-CON-C network is processed by DGFI (Deutsches Geodätisches Forschungsinstitut, Germany) as the IGS-RNAAC-SIR. The Local Processing Centres are for the Northern sub-network IGAC (Instituto Geográfico Augustín Codazzi, Colombia), for the middle sub-network IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estátistica, Brazil), and for the Southern sub-network IGG-CIMA (Instituto de Geodesia y Geodinámica, Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Argentina). These four Processing Centres deliver loosely constrained weekly solutions for station coordinates (i.e., satellite orbits, satellite clock offsets, and Earth orientation parameters are fixed to the final weekly IGS solutions and coordinates for all sites are constrained to ?1 m). The individual contributions are integrated in a unified solution by the SIRGAS Combination Centres (DGFI and IBGE) according to the following strategy: 1) Individual solutions are reviewed/corrected for possible format problems, data inconsistencies, etc. 2) Constraints imposed in the delivered normal equations are removed. 3) Sub-networks are individually aligned to the IGS05 reference frame by applying the No Net Rotation (NNR) and No Net Translation (NNT) conditions. 4) Coordinates obtained in (3) for each sub-network are compared to IGS05 values and to each other in order to identify possible outliers. 5) Stations with large residuals (more than 10 mm in the N-E component, and more than 20 mm in the Up component) are reduced from the normal equations. Steps (3), (4), and (5) are done iteratively. 6) Since at present the four Analysis Centres are processing GPS observations only and all of them use the Bernese Software for computing weekly solutions, relative weighting factors are not applied in the combination. 7) Individual normal equations are accumulated and solved for computing a loosely constrained weekly solution for station coordinates (i.e., coordinates for all stations are constrained to 1 m). This

Brunini, C.; Costa, S.; Mackern, V.; Martínez, W.; Sánchez, L.; Seemüller, W.; da Silva, A.



EDITORIAL: Squeezed states and uncertainty relations  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

This special issue of Journal of Optics B: Quantum and Semiclassical Optics is composed mainly of extended versions of talks and papers presented at the Eighth International Conference on Squeezed States and Uncertainty Relations held in Puebla, Mexico on 9-13 June 2003. The Conference was hosted by Instituto de Astrofísica, Óptica y Electrónica, and the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. This series of meetings began at the University of Maryland, College Park, USA, in March 1991. The second and third workshops were organized by the Lebedev Physical Institute in Moscow, Russia, in 1992 and by the University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA, in 1993, respectively. Afterwards, it was decided that the workshop series should be held every two years. Thus the fourth meeting took place at the University of Shanxi in China and was supported by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics (IUPAP). The next three meetings in 1997, 1999 and 2001 were held in Lake Balatonfüred, Hungary, in Naples, Italy, and in Boston, USA, respectively. All of them were sponsored by IUPAP. The ninth workshop will take place in Besançon, France, in 2005. The conference has now become one of the major international meetings on quantum optics and the foundations of quantum mechanics, where most of the active research groups throughout the world present their new results. Accordingly this conference has been able to align itself to the current trend in quantum optics and quantum mechanics. The Puebla meeting covered most extensively the following areas: quantum measurements, quantum computing and information theory, trapped atoms and degenerate gases, and the generation and characterization of quantum states of light. The meeting also covered squeeze-like transformations in areas other than quantum optics, such as atomic physics, nuclear physics, statistical physics and relativity, as well as optical devices. There were many new participants at this meeting, particularly from Latin American countries including, of course, Mexico. There were many talks on the subjects traditionally covered in this conference series, including quantum fluctuations, different forms of squeezing, unlike kinds of nonclassical states of light, and distinct representations of the quantum superposition principle, such as even and odd coherent states. The entanglement phenomenon, frequently in the form of the EPR paradox, is responsible for the main advantages of quantum engineering compared with classical methods. Even though entanglement has been known since the early days of quantum mechanics, its properties, such as the most appropriate entanglement measures, are still under current investigation. The phenomena of dissipations and decoherence of the initial pure states are very important because the fast decoherence can destroy all the advantages of quantum processes in teleportation, quantum computing and image processing. Due to this, methods of controlling the decoherence, such as by the use of different kinds of nonlinearities and deformations, are also under study. From the very beginning of quantum mechanics, the uncertainty relations were basic inequalities distinguishing the classical and quantum worlds. Among the theoretical methods for quantum optics and quantum mechanics, this conference covered phase space and group representations, such as the Wigner and probability distribution functions, which provide an alternative approach to the Schr\\"odinger or Heisenberg picture. Different forms of probability representations of quantum states are important tools to be applied in studying various quantum phenomena, such as quantum interference, decoherence and quantum tomography. They have been established also as a very useful tool in all branches of classical optics. From the mathematical point of view, it is well known that the coherent and squeezed states are representations of the Lorentz group. It was noted throughout the conference that another form of the Lorentz group, namely, the 2 x 2 representation of the SL(2,c) group, is becoming

Jauregue-Renaud, Rocio; Kim, Young S.; Man'ko, Margarita A.; Moya-Cessa, Hector



PREFACE: Spanish Relativity Meeting/ERE2009Gravitation in the Large  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Scientists working in Relativity, Gravitation and Cosmology in Spanish institutions have been organising the Spanish Relativity Meetings (ERE) for more than 30 years now, and 2009 was the turn of the group at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) to continue this well established tradition. There is no doubt these meetings have become a benchmark in the field not only because of the high scientific level reached in each edition, but also because of the almost legendary relaxed atmosphere. The support of our sponsors --Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, through the funding actions FIS2008-03716-E and FIS2008-04494-E, Basque Government, UPV/EHU, and Spanish Relativity and Gravitation Society (SEGRE)-- and specially the scientific and social contributions of all the participants turned the ERE2009 a memorable edition for us, and we hope this is also the impression of everyone else involved in this meeting. The organising committee was very pleased to present an excellent panel of invited speakers to dissert on four topics that are gathering enormous interest and activity: Quantum and thermodynamical effects in Gravity, Modern Cosmology, Numerical Relativity and Black holes. But the meeting also boasted a high scientific level thanks to the more than a hundred other participants from many different countries whose enthusiasm was an excellent proof of the good health of Relativity, Gravitation and Cosmology as a research area. The scientific programme started on the 7th, with an opening by a representative of the Principal of the University of the Basque Country, along with the Deputy Mayor of Bilbao, and the Chair of the conference, José M.M. Senovilla. Lectures were delivered on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th of September 2009 following a scheme of plenary sessions in the morning (the first lecture always being an invited one) and two parallel sessions in the afternoon. There were of course coffee-breaks to refresh bodies and spirits and encourage the interaction between the participants and promote collaborative links, as scientific interaction is one of the main purposes of the meeting. The 10th was devoted to an emotional homage to Prof. Jesús Martín, with special talks to honour his scientific and academic careers. And last but not least, there was a quite plenty programme of social events, as has become customary in the ERE meetings; the programme started on the 6th with a friendly reception at the ''Ein Prosit'' bar, on the 7th we had a reception at the ''Salón Árabe'' of the Bilbao Town Hall hosted by the Deputy Mayor, the SEGRE public lecture in the Main Library of Bilbao on the 8th, a guided visit to the ''Ría de Bilbao'' on the Txinbito boat, and a closing dinner at the Aspaldiko restaurant in Loiu. As editors of these proceedings and members of the Organizing Committee we want to take advantage of this opportunity to thank warmly everyone who made this conference possible and make the wish that in future editions to be held in Bilbao we will have again such a splendid support from the institutions and the scientific community. Ruth Lazkoz and Raül Vera Invited Speakers Roberto Emparan (Universitat de Barcelona) Frans Pretorius (Princeton University) Joseph Silk (University of Oxford) Robert M. Wald (University of Chicago) Scientific Committee M. Alcubierre (ICN, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) R. Beig (Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Viena) C. Cutler (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Inst. of Technology) T. Damour (Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques) R. Maartens (Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, University of Portsmouth) F. Quevedo (DAMTP, University of Cambridge) Local Organising Committee J. Ibáñez R. Lazkoz J. M. M. Senovilla (Chair) R. Vera (Secretary and webmaster) Conference photograph MICINN_logo EJ_logo UPV_logo SEGRE_logo BILBAO_logo FISIKA_logo GRG_logo

Lazkoz, Ruth; Vera, Raül



Revisão sistemática sobre obesidade em adolescentes brasileiros  

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Resumo - O propósito deste estudo foi revisar, de forma sistemática, a literatura nacional sobre a prevalência e fatores associados à obesidade em adolescentes. A busca foi realizada nas bases de dados Pubmed e Bireme, através dos descritores: \\

Rafael Miranda Tassitano; Maria Cecília Marinho Tenório; Pedro C Hallal


Proceedings of University Seminar on Pollution and Water Resources. Volume IX: 1975-1978.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Contents: Federal saline water conversion program (1976); Salinity management and the development of the Colorado River Basin; Plan nacional hidraulico (Mexican national water plan-1973); The unanswered challenge: Planning to meet the total water resource...

G. J. Halasi-Kun K. Widmer



Evaluation of Refractivity Profiles from CHAMP and SCA-C GPS Radio Occultation.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The GeoForschungsZentrum's Challenging Minisatellite Payload for Geophysical Research and Application (CHAMP, Germany-US) and the Comision Nacional de Actividades Especiales' Satelite de Aplicaciones Cientificas-C (SAC-C, Argentina-US) missions are the fi...

P. Poli C. C. Ao J. Joiner M. de la Torre Juarez R. Hoff



Term Dictionary Widget Spanish

Diccionario de cncer Definiciones fciles de entender de trminos relacionados con el cncer y la medicina. | Aclaracin Este widget proporciona contenido del Instituto Nacional del Cncer (NCI) y est disponible como


Transformación de los programas de estudios clínicos del NCI

Información sobre los programas e iniciativas del NCI que patrocinan, realizan, crean o apoyan estudios clínicos, entre los que se incluyen la Red Nacional de Estudios Clínicos (NCTN) y el Programa de Investigación Oncológica Comunitaria (NCORP) del NCI.


Rapid Photometry of the delta Scuti Variable 63 Her.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Delta Scuti variable 63 Her was observed during 21 nights at two observatories (Observatorio del Teide, Tenerife Island, Spain and Observatorio Astronomico Nacional de San Pedro Martir in Baja California, Mexico). Six frequencies of pulsation are unam...

A. Mangeney M. Chevreton J. A. Belmonte W. Daeppen O. Saint-Pe



75 FR 15772 - Additional Designations, Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act  

Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

...Militar Nacional 607092 (Mexico); Electoral Registry No. MRGNPR73051625H400 (Mexico); (INDIVIDUAL) [SDNTK] 35. VALENZUELA ZUNIGA, Ruben Alejandro, Privada Garcia Conde No. 107, Int. 06, Col. San Felipe, Chihuahua, Chihuaha, Mexico;...



Contribuicao geofisica a folha Patos (PI). (Geophysical contribution for Folha Patos (PI, Brazil)).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

As a part of PLGB (Brazilian Geologic reconnaissance program), executed in 1986-1989 period by Companhia de Pesquisa de Recursos Minerais - CPRM to the Departamento Nacional da Producao Mineral - DNPM, geophysical studies were carried out in the Patos Qua...

J. C. Rodrigues A. C. Mota M. J. Metelo R. M. Vasconcelos



NCI en el congreso de ASCO 2014

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) participará en el 50° congreso anual de la Sociedad Americana de Oncología Clínica (ASCO) que tendrá lugar del 30 de mayo al 3 de junio de 2014 en Chicago, Illinois.


Informe de Labores 1995-1996. (Work report 1995-1996).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares presents the results obtained from the activities carried out during the period 1995-1996. This report is divided into 3 main sections, plus a statistical appendix. The first section points out the impor...

National Institute of Nuclear Resea



Collaborative Research and Support Program on Food Intake and Human Function: Mexico Project.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The Mexico Collaborative Research and Support Program on Nutrition and Function (Mexico CRSP) was a joint effort of researchers from the Instituto Nacional de la Nutricion Salvador Zubiran (INN), Division de Nutricion de Comunidad in Mexico City and the U...

L. H. Allen G. H. Pelto A. Chavez



Prevalencia de Bocio Endemico en la Poblacion escolar de Bolivia (Prevalence of Endemic Goiter in the School Population of Bolivia).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Although goiter has been endemic in Bolivia since the days of colonization, the actual magnitude and severity of the disease has never been measured. This 1981 study by the Instituto Nacional de Alimentacion y Nutricion was conducted to statistically meas...

R. Vera G. Varela M. Feraudi V. Cossio R. Lopez



El NCI inicia un estudio para evaluar la utilidad de la secuenciación genética para mejorar los resultados en los pacientes

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) lanzará este mes un estudio clínico piloto denominado M-PACT con la finalidad de evaluar si el tratamiento asignado según mutaciones genéticas específicas puede brindar beneficios a pacientes con tumores sólidos metastásicos.


Cheralite Quartzites in Itiuba Mountains-Bahia, Brazil.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Quartzitic pebbles of anomalous radioactivity were found by the geologists of the 'Comissao Nacional de Energia Nuclear' of Brazil (CNEN) in November 1964 in the Vicinity of Santa Rosa, municipality of Jaguarari, Bahia. A radioactive anomaly of large exte...

E. Gorsky V. A. Gorsky



Chapman Conference on Rainfall Fields  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Chapman Conference on Rainfall Fields, sponsored by AGU, was the first of its kind; it was devoted to strengthening scientific interaction between the North American and Latin American geophysics communities. It was hosted by Universidad Simon Bolivar and Instituto Internacional de Estudios Avanzados, in Caracas, Venezuela, during March 24-27, 1986. A total of 36 scientists from Latin America, the United States, Canada, and Europe participated. The conference, which was convened by I. Rodriguez-Iturbe (Universidad Simon Bolivar) and V. K. Gupta (University of Mississippi, University), brought together hydrologists, meteorologists, and mathematicians/statisticians in the name of enhancing an interdisciplinary focus on rainfall research.

Gupta, V. K.


Minor planets' positions obtained in May-June 1980 at the GPO telescope of ESO La Silla - Two discoveries  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In May and June 1980, we have observed Minor Planets at the ESO La Silla. The instrument GPO (f= 4 m, D = 40 cm) was used. By clear sky, magnitude 18 could be attained. Measures and reductions were performed at the Observatorio do Valongo with the Ascorecord measuring machine (0.1 ?) and by means of five reference stars on the Burrough computer (UFRJ) and on the IBM 370 computer at the Rio Datacentro PUC (Pontificale Universidade Catolica), as well as a part on the UNIVAC at Uccle (SAO Catalogue, Least Squares and Dependences Methods). UFRJ is the Universidade Federal of Rio de Janeiro.

Debehogne, H.; de Freitas Mourao, R. R.; Tavares, O. C.; Nunes, M.



The New 40 Meter Radiotelescope of OAN at Yebes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Observatorio Astronómico Nacional (OAN) of Spain (Instituto Geográfico Nacional - Ministerio de Fomento) is building a new 40 meter parabolic radiotelescope in its premises at Centro Astronómico de Yebes (CAY), near Guadalajara, Spain. The instrument, whose construction is progressing well, is expected to be available for observations in 2004. The new radiotelescope will be equiped with state-of-the-art receivers in the 2 to 115 GHz range (including the geodetic S/X bands), and will join the astronomical and geodetic VLBI networks (EVN and IVS) from the start of its operations.

Colomer, Francisco



Lo_que_usted-ncer_de_pulmonSjSjBOOKMOBI]8&-28? F MSY`fnu|?B 4"z$&(*,.02468 :@HBPD`F4HXJLvNRTVXZ\\^` bd`f#@h+j2l:nB;pJrSDt[7vaxhzo|v~~|!6*fr"V3.32kk " ^ MOBINb:7 HP#%$&R EXTHt kprj2014-04-30d&Instituto Nacional del Cncere&Instituto Nacional del Cncer Ciiw es horizontal-lrkindle:embed:0008 ,>


Presentación: el Fórum a debate  

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La posibilidad de escribir un libro sobre el Fórum empezó a tomar forma gracias a una ayuda que la Comissió Permanent de Recerca de la Universidad de Barcelona brindó al Seminario de Filosofía Política. Previamente, sin embargo, se iban fraguando en el espíritu de este último las inquietudes y esperanzas necesarias para empezar a trabajar; es imposible disociar, por tanto,

Juan Manuel Checa




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RESUMEN En enero del 2005, el laboratorio de nematología de la Universidad de Costa Rica diagnosticó la presencia de Globodera pallida en un cultivo de papa, ubicado en la zona Norte de Cartago. Esta plaga estaba ausente en Costa Rica, por lo tanto es necesario del uso de metodologías más rápidas y certeras, que le brinden al agricultor un diagnóstico

Danny Humphreys Pereira


Hybrid educational worlds  

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The GSyC\\/LibreSoft research group at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos has been investigating serious games with smartphones. In our approach, platform developers and educators do not need to create complete virtual worlds, which are in general very time and effort consuming. In the games that have been developed, participants are provided through a mobile phone with the necessary information to

Gregorio Robles; Jorge Fernandez Gonzalez; Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona; Julio Ramiro



UCS-PROMOVE: The Engineer of the Future  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Universidade de Caxias do Sul (UCS) elaborated the cooperative project called "The engineer of the future", with the objective of promoting science and engineering among high school teachers and students. This project aims to improve the quality of the teaching and to increase the interest of students in technological areas, leading to a…

Villas-Boas, V.



Benchmarking in European Higher Education: A Step beyond Current Quality Models  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper presents the findings of a two-year EU-funded project (DG Education and Culture) "Benchmarking in European Higher Education", carried out from 2006 to 2008 by a consortium led by the European Centre for Strategic Management of Universities (ESMU), with the Centre for Higher Education Development, UNESCO-CEPES, and the Universidade de…

Burquel, Nadine; van Vught, Frans




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SANTOS, I. B. dos; MIRANDA, L. H. M. de; OKAMOTO, T.; FIGUEIREDO, F. B.; SCHUBACH, T. M. P.; LEME, L. R. P.; QUINTELLA, L. P.; TORTELLY, R. American tegumentary leishmaniose in dogs from Rio de Janeiro, review. Revista Universidade Rural: Série Ciências da Vida, Seropédica, RJ: EDUR, v. 28 n 1, p. 27-38, jan-juh, 2008. American tegumentary leishmaniasis in dogs




Educational Research and Doctoral Dissertations: A Review within a Research Community  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article presents some results arising from the meta-analysis of the educational research that has been developed at Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal). The intention was to understand the status of the educational research produced, the main thematic trends studied, affiliated scientific domains, conceptual frames mobilized, and…

Alves, Mariana Gaio; Azevedo, Nair Rios; Goncalves, Teresa N. R.




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RESUMO: O estudo foi baseado no projeto da OEA e adaptado pela Escola de Enfermagem da UNIFESP, buscando analisar a situação sobre os conteúdos de álcool e outras drogas ministradas na graduação de enfermagem no Brasil. O objetivo desse trabalho foi avaliar a situação do ensino sobre a temática, álcool e drogas, na graduação em Enfermagem da Universidade Federal do

Robison Boni; Sandra C Pillon; Elisangela C. Santos; Marcio W. Camata; Marluce S. Macieira


Los premiados con el nobel de economía, \\  

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Como docente en economía quiero hacer un breve y atrevido comentario. a raíz del otorgamiento del Premio Nobel de Economía 1993 a los profesores Douglas C. North y Robert W. Fogel de las Universidades de Washington (Sant Louis) y Chicago respectivamente, por sus investigaciones en el área de la Historia Económica. La primera opinión expresada por el profesor Douglas al

Hugo Silva S



A Dynamic Action in the Engineering Teaching.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The main proposal of this paper is to present research performed during a practical subject in the last year of the electrical engineer undergraduate course, emphasis in electrotechnics, at the Universidade Sao Judas Tadeu. Several activities are developed to provide the students variable and continued information about their performance in many…

Pegollo, Carlos Alberto Goebel; Shiga, Alberto Akio


Astronomy in Venezuela  

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Since the installation of the Observatorio Cagigal in Caracas, astronomy in Venezuela has developed steadily, and, in the last few decades, has been strong. Both theoretical and observational astronomy now flourish in Venezuela. A research group, Grupo de Astrofísica (GA) at the Universidad de Los Andes (ULA) in Mérida, started with few members but now has increased its numbers and

Patricia Rosenzweig



Current Developments in Education in Mexico and Trends for the 1980s: A Modified Delphi Project.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Twenty-nine professional educators at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara and post-graduate students of educational administration participated in a study to identify trends in education based on change in the society and the environment. Researchers used a modification of Delphi Technique, an intuitive method for organizing and sharing the…

Sanders, Stanley G.


Via de parto em gestações sucessivas em adolescentes: estudo de 714 casos  

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Objetivo: analisar a associação da via de partos consecutivos de 714 gestantes adolescentes, que pariram na Maternidade do Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, no período de janeiro a dezembro de 2001. Pacientes e Métodos: em estudo prospectivo, analítico, transversal, tipo incidência, foi analisada a sucessão das vias de parto da primeira até a quarta gestação de 714

Vamberto Oliveira de Azevedo Maia; Alessandra Costa de Azevedo Maia; Fábio Lima Queiroga; Vamberto Oliveira de Azevedo Maia Filho; Aline Brandão de Araújo; Luís André Marinho Lippo; Rivaldo Mendes de Albuquerque



Distance Education Research.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Reviews six papers from the Open University Distance Education Research Group which cover the following topics: the credibility of distance education, admission systems, distance methods in adult basic education, the Universidad Estatal a Distancia (Costa Rica), Radio Ecca (Canary Islands), and the Open University (Great Britain). (EAO)

Curran, Chris



Estudos epidemiológicos e controle químico de Phakopsora euvitis  

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Epidemiological studies and chemical control of Phakopsora euvitis In January of 2003 typical symptoms of rust were verified on leaves of grape vine (Vitis vinifera), in the experimental areas of the Universidade Estadual Paulista, campus of Ilha Solteira, in Selvíria, Mato Grosso do Sul and Ilha Solteira, São Paulo State, Brazil. This is the first report of this vine disease

Erika S. Naruzawa; Mercia I. B. Celoto; Marli F. S. Papa; Germison V. Tomquelski; Aparecida C. Boliani



Piercing the Bubble: How Management Students Can Confront Poverty in Colombia  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article describes the current relationship between management education in Colombia and the efforts of the management program at Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB) in Medellin to reduce local poverty. The article uses the metaphor of "the bubble" to illustrate how social class, family socialization, and the current UPB management…

Rosenbloom, Al; Cortes, Juan Alejandro



Some Social Implications of Distance Education.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Social implications of distance education at the university level are considered, based primarily on the case of La Universidad Estatal a Distancia (UNED) of Costa Rica. UNED, which is Costa Rica's attempt to implement Great Britain's open university philosophy of education, was developed in response to the following needs: to provide…

Borden, George A.


Proceso de Trabajo y Sindicalismo Universitario  

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Resumen: El presente texto versa sobre el carácter específico del proceso de trabajo en las instituciones universitarias. A la luz de la diferenciación en tre trabajo productivo e impro- ductivo elaborada por Marx, se sostiene que la la bor de las universidades públicas es de tipo improductivo, en el sentido de que, al menos en el corto plazo, no contribuye

Jaime Puyana Ferreira


The Education of the Active Televiewer of School Age.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In response to a series of problem symptoms related to the influence of television on students, a team of professors at the Universidad de Playa Ancha de Ciencias de la Educacion in Chile undertook a project designed to train television viewers to become critical viewers of the medium. Specific objectives of the project included: (1) to design a…

Munoz, Patricio Calderon; Torres, Miguel Reyes


Present State of CAD Teaching in Spanish Universities  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

During the 1990s, all Spanish Universities updated the syllabuses of their courses as a result of the entry into force of the new Organic Law of Universities ("Ley Organica de Universidades") and, for the first time, "Computer Assisted Design" (CAD) appears in the list of core subjects (compulsory teaching content set by the government) in many of…

Garcia, Ramon Rubio; Santos, Ramon Gallego; Quiros, Javier Suarez; Penin, Pedro I. Alvarez




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SHIGAKI, F.; FREITAS, N.; BERTO A.; CEDDIA, M. B.; ZONTA, E.; LIMA, E. Hydrous stress influence in growth parameters, N accumulation and productive in different varieties of sugar cane in Miracema - RJ. Revista Universidade Rural: Série Ciências da Vida, Seropédica, RJ: EDUR, v.24, n.1, p. 63-71, jan.- jun., 2004. To verify hydric stress influence in growth parameters, N accumulation




FERTILIZANTE DE LIBERAÇÃO LENTA NA FORMAÇÃO DE MUDAS DE MARACUJAZEIRO AMARELO Fertilization of low liberation in cutting formation of yellow passion fruits  

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Aiming to evaluate the production of yellow passion fruits cuttings with covering Entec fertilization an experiment was carried out in exposed sky condition at orchard of Universidade Estadual de Mato Grosso do Sul (UEMS), Mato Grosso do Sul. It was tested five Entec dosages: 0; 3; 6; 9 and 12 kg m -3 . A randomized block design was used

Vander Mendonça; Mauro da Silva Tosta; João Riquelme Machado; Antônio Roseiro; Goulart Júnior; Joel da Silva Tosta; Guilherme Augusto Biscaro



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This study conducted in greenhouse in the orchard of the Universidade Federal de Lavras (UFLA), evaluated the influence of the grafting and of indolbutyric acid (IBA) upon fig tree Ficus carica L propagation. The cuttings removed from the year old branches of adult fig trees cultivar Roxo de Valinhos, were collected every fiftteen days fortnight in the period from April



Development of Enhanced Performance Tunable RF Materials and Devices for On The Move (OTM) Communication Systems.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report summarizes the different experiments performed in the Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez (UACJ) and the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) to begin a new line of study for our community in radar materials. Radars require materials that h...

C. A. Martinez-Perez D. Zubia J. J. Mireles P. E. Garcia-Casillas



Presencia de Schedophilus haedrichi Chirichigno, 1973 (Osteichthyes: Centrolophidae) en el Pacífico colombiano y ampliación de su rango de distribución geográfica  

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A new record of Schedophilus haedrichi is reported. The individual was caught on a hand line in the North Colombian Pacific Ocean and constitutes the northernmost record of this species in the region. The specimen was compared morphologically and meristically with the only two specimens registered for Colombia (in the re- ference collection of Universidad del Valle, Colombia) and with

Alexander Tobón-López; Efraín A. Rubio


Personnel for Health Care: Case Studies of Educational Programmes, Volume 2.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A compilation of case studies of training programs for health personnel consists of nonevaluative descriptions of innovative efforts. Contents include: The University of New Castle, New South Wales, Australia: Developing a New Medical School (D. Maddison); Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia: Dental Manpower Training (R. Guerrero, C. Tasama);…

Katz, F. M., Ed.; Fulop, T., Ed.


Reproduccion y Desarrollo Larvario del Pargo Dienton (Lutjanus griseus L. 1758) (Pisces: Lutjanidae) Cultivado en Cautiverio  

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The mangrove snapper, Lutjanus griseus L. 1758 is an important commercial species in Vene- zuela. Approximately 5200 juveniles were harvested from La Restinga Lagoon, and fed with fresh fish at the Universidad de Oriente since 1992. In July, 1995, sexual maturity was determined in 32 individuals of 400- 450 g. The induction of spawning was performed in two trials, using



Combined Rock Magnetic and Dielectric studies applied to stratigraphic and archeological problems in Venezuela  

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In the last few years the paleomagnetism research group, at the Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas (Venezuela), has undertaken combined studies of rock magnetism (e.g. natural magnetic remanence, magnetic susceptibility, hysteresis parameters etc.) and dielectric properties (maximum current depolarization temperatures and average activation energies) in Cretaceous and Paleogene sedimentary sequences from eastern and western Venezuela. Our main goal has been

V. Costanzo-Alvarez; M. Aldana; N. Suarez



Descubrimiento del conocimiento en base de datos utilizando herramienta de software libre, caso: DAIS  

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El desempeño académico es un indicador que muestra el nivel de desempeño escolar de los estudiantes, en el presente artículo se describe los resultados del proceso de descubrimiento del conocimiento en bases de datos (KDD) para identificar las asignaturas que inciden en el rendimiento académico de los estudiantes de la División Académica de Informática y Sistemas de la Universidad Juárez

José Luís Gómez Ramos; Homero Alpuín Jiménez; Candelario Vicente Osorio; Mirtha Angelica; Taracena Martinez


Brazilian Electronic Journal of Economics (BEJE)  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The Brazilian Electronic Journal of Economics is published by the Department of Economics, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil. The aim of the journal is to publish original articles in the areas of "economics of the Internet, network economics, and economics of information." The site provides the full text of the articles in the journal.



Observations of a complete sample of Halpha emission-line galaxies. Long-slit spectroscopy of galaxies in UCM lists 1 and 2  

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Spectroscopic observations for the full sample of Halpha emission-line galaxy candidates (ELGs) from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid objective-prism survey Lists 1 and 2 have been obtained in order to investigate fully the properties of the survey constituents as well as the selection characteristics and completeness limits of the survey itself. The spectroscopic data include redshifts, line fluxes, equivalent widths,

J. Gallego; J. Zamorano; M. Rego; O. Alonso; A. G. Vitores



Relationship between student performance on conceptual and computational problems of chemical equilibrium  

Microsoft Academic Search

The main objective of this study is to compare student performance on problems requiring conceptual understanding or the use of algorithmic solution strategies, that is, computational problems. Seventy?eight science major freshman students at the Universidad de Oriente (Venezuela) were tested to obtain information on various aspects of chemical equilibrium. Results obtained support the hypothesis that students who perform better on

Mansoor Niaz



Developing Student Critical Thinking Skills through Teaching Psychology: An Interview with Claudio S. Hutz.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Presents an interview with Claudio S. Hutz, who is dean of Instituto de Psicologia at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where he has been teaching psychology since 1977. Discusses topics such as teaching psychology in Brazil and developing critical thinking skills. (CMK)

McCarthy-Tucker, Sherri



What Is Educational Technology?  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Featured in this issue are the English translations of two speeches delivered to graduate students in educational technology at Pontificia Universidade, Porto Alegre, Brazil. Henry Ingle defines educational technology in the traditional as well as modern sense, describes its essential elements, and discusses situations in which the use of…

Ingle, Henry T.



Producción y adquisición de la acentuación española en habla espontánea: el caso de los estudiantes taiwaneses  

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El presente experimento tiene por objeto el análisis de la producción de la acentuación en habla espontánea. Para ello tomamos 77 diálogos realizados entre 53 alumnos taiwaneses (distribuidos en 3 cursos o niveles) que estudian español en la Universidad Ching-Yi de su país. De los resultados se desprende que la producción de la acentuación española no plantea dificultades destacables a

Maximiano Cortés Moreno



Aerosol Transport Questions Arising From Micro Pulse Lidar Measurements During MILAGRO  

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A Micro Pulse Lidar (MPL) was operated by Argonne National Laboratory at the Universidad de Tecámac site (T1) during the MILAGRO field campaign in March 2006 in the environs of Mexico City. Located approximately 40 km north of the urban center of Mexico City, the T1 site was expected to observe the transport and evolution of aerosols as they moved

R. Kotamarthi; R. Coulter; M. Pekour



Colaboración y alianzas

La OLACPD coordinará, desarrollará y administrará programas multidisciplinarios de investigación del cáncer para América Latina en asociación con otras entidades del gobierno de los Estados Unidos y organizaciones sin fines de lucro. Fomentará convenios de colaboración con ministerios nacionales de salud, instituciones de investigación, universidades y científicos en toda América Latina.



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The purpose of study is to measure the level of financial literacy of accounting students at the Universidad Veracruzana; campus Mocambo, considering that financial education is the knowledge that people have on financial issues in order to solve everyday problems regarding financial management. The variables analyzed include age, gender, race, socioeconomic status, learning styles and student's perceptions on financial services,

Elena Moreno-García; Moreno Boca del Río; Arturo García-Santillán; Juan Pablo Munguía-Tiburcio



MEGARA optical design: the new integral field unit and multi-object spectrograph for the GTC 10m telescope  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We describe the optical design of MEGARA, the future optical Integral Field Unit (IFU) and Multi-Object Spectrograph (MOS) for the 10.4-m Gran Telescopio CANARIAS (GTC). MEGARA is being built by a Consortium of public research institutions led by the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM, Spain) that also includes INAOE (Mexico), IAA-CSIC (Spain) and UPM (Spain).

García-Vargas, María. Luisa; Sánchez-Blanco, Ernesto; Carrasco, Esperanza; Gil de Paz, Armando; Páez, Gonzalo; Pérez, Ana; Gallego, Jesús; Sánchez, Francisco; Vílchez, José M.




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This paper discuss the partial results of a research project at Universidade Federal Fluminense. The researcherss aim is to investigate kinds of knowledge demanded and\\/or used by engineer when they are working. The knowledge is going to be compared with that is acquired by professionals during their undergraduate, as well as the directorsexpectations about what kind of professionals they are

Emmanuel Paiva de Andrade; Guilherme Silva Xavier de Brito; Martha Lucia; Alcantara de Oliveira


Photoproduction of charm particles at Fermilab  

SciTech Connect

A brief description of the Fermilab Photoproduction Experiment E831 or FOCUS is presented. The experiment concentrates on the reconstruction of charm particles. The FOCUS collaboration has participants from several Central American and Latin American institutions; CINVESTAV and Universidad Autonoma de Puebla from Mexico, University of Puerto Rico from the United States, and Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Fisicas in Rio de Janeiro from Brasil.

Cumalat, John P. [University of Colorado, Department of Physics Boulder, Colorado 80309 (United States)



Educating and Training Undergraduate Applied Statisticians.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

A course on Applied Statistics, offered since 1978 at the Instituto de Matematica e Estatistica, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brasil, is designed to educate statisticians at the bachelor's level for jobs in government statistical offices, industry, and business. (Author/LMO)

Peres, Clovis A.; And Others



Optimization of Fenton's oxidation of chemical laboratory wastewaters using the response surface methodology  

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Establishing a treatment process for practical and economic disposal of laboratory wastewaters has become an urgent environmental concern of the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Universidade Estadual de Maringá (State University of Maringá), Brazil. Fenton and related reactions are potentially useful oxidation processes for destroying toxic organic compounds in water. In these reactions, hydrogen peroxide is combined with ferrous

Cláudia Telles Benatti; Célia Regina Granhen Tavares; Terezinha Aparecida Guedes



Entrepreneurship in the Engineering Curriculum: Some Initial Results of PUC-Rio's Experiment.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The ideal of the entrepreneurial spirit has played a key role in shaping the current reform of engineering education at the Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio). The previous paradigm of a science-based conceptual engineer has given place to what may be termed a science-based entrepreneurial engineer. This paper discusses…

Aranha, Jose Alberto S.; Pimenta-Bueno, J. A.; Scavarda do Carmo, Luiz Carlos; da Silveira, Marcos A.


Family Background and Students' Achievement on a University Entrance Exam in Brazil  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper examines the determinants of students' performance on the entrance test at Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil. Particular attention is paid to the importance of family background variables, such as parents' education and family income, on students' performance and how they relate to the probability of attending public schools…

Guimaraes, Juliana; Sampaio, Breno



Brazil's Higher Education Responses to the Global Challenges of the 21st Century. Thinking Brazil. No. 23  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

"Thinking Brazil" is an electronic publication of the Brazil Institute. This issue of "Thinking Brazil" highlights the research of Elizabeth Balbachevsky. On July 24, 2006, Elizabeth Balbachevsky, Woodrow Wilson Center Public Policy Scholar and Associate Professor of Political Science, Universidade de Sao Paulo, presented her research on the…

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, 2006



Programa em Educação a Distância para a Melhoria das Condições de Aprendizagem da Matemática  

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Resumo - A fim de fundamentar uma ação pedagógica diferenciada, frente ao elevado número de reprovações e desistências que ocorrem em disciplinas iniciais de Matemática na Universidade de Caxias do Sul, apresentamos um programa através do qual investigamos as reais possibilidades de constituir nova opção para alunos reprovados em Cálculo Diferencial e Integral I. Num ambiente virtual de aprendizagem os

Isolda G. De Lima; Laurete Z. Sauer



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The performance of four crispleaf lettuce cultivars in sole crop and intercropped with carrot in two strip- intercropping systems was evaluated in an experiment carried out from March to June of 2001, in the vegetable garden of the Departament of Plant science of the Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-Árido - UFERSA, Mossoró-RN. The experimental design was of randomized complete blocks

Regina Fernandes da Costa Saldanha; Maria Zuleide de Negreiros; Francisco Bezerra Neto; Rodrigo Albuquerque; Soares Guimarães


A Proposal for the Development of Ramon E. Betances Community College. Final Report.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In 1972, the Puerto Rican Research and Resources Center began to develop a college which would respond to the inadequacies of the present educational system in meeting the needs of Puerto Ricans. Although a community college was orignially envisioned, the end result was a plan for a university (universidad Boricua) which will have learning centers…

Alicea, Victor G.; Schaefer, Dennis P.


Associação movimento solidário colméia : um espaço para o resgate da cidadania das mulheres  

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Este trabalho tem como objetivo apresentar dados de uma investigação que o Grupo de Pesquisa Sexualidade e Escola (GESE) da Fundação Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG) vem realizando junto às integrantes da Associação Movimento Solidário Colméia. Foram realizados vários encontros que funcionaram como um espaço narrativo em que as mulheres participaram ouvindo, contando e contrapondo histórias e fatos de

Guiomar Freitas Soares



An experience of educational innovation for the collaborative learning in Software Engineering  

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This paper describes the experience in collaborative learning based educational innovation for the Software Engineering Subject at the Telecommunications Engineering School of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. We describe the context of evolution of the Software Engineering related subjects in the Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering (specialization in Telematics) for their adaptation to the educational and organizational postulates of the

Juan C. Yelmo; Juan Fernandez-Corugedo



La historia de los servicios públicos en las ciudades gallegas: un programa de investigación  

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El trabajo expone los objetivos y los resultados de un programa de investigación desarrollado desde hace una década en el seno de la Universidade da Coruña, en el que se analiza la implantación y desarrollo de los principales servicios públicos en las ciudades gallegas, desde una perspectiva histórica. Se parte de la constatación de la creciente importancia atribuida a las

Alberte Martínez López; Jesús Mirás Araujo



Reingeniería de la Ontología de Ambar Utilizando Mapas Conceptuales  

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En este trabajo se describe la Ingeniería de Conocimiento, como forma de obtener mayor conocimiento pedagógico del Sistema Generador de Ambientes de Enseñanza-Aprendizaje (AMBAR), y así poder realizar reingeniería de la ontología ya existente del dominio (1). El proyecto AMBAR es un proyecto de I&D que se está llevando a cabo en la Escuela de Computación de la Universidad Central

Antonio Silva-Sprock; María Gertrudis López; Nora Montaño; Vanessa Miguel



Microsoft Academic Search

La gravedad de los problemas ambientales obliga a replantear el papel de la educación ante ella; reivindicando así sus aportes al respecto. En la Universidad recae una responsabilidad de primer orden en la socialización de los conocimientos y en la formación de una nueva cultura de respeto al entorno natural y social y sus valores. Se necesita, y es impostergable,

Yaima Gómez González; Diamelys Pimentel Rivera; Maray Martínez Sánchez



Tecnología para la gestión ambiental en el sistema de gestión de recursos humanos en instituciones de educación superior  

Microsoft Academic Search

Se planteó en la investigación que las Instituciones de Educación Superior en Cuba (específicamente la Universidad de Holguín) presentan la necesidad de INTEGRAR la Gestión Ambiental y la Gestión de Recursos Humanos, debido al papel fundamental que juega el hombre en el desempeño exitoso de cualquier organización y por consiguiente las consecuencias que esta provoca en el entorno.

Yunelsy Ortiz Chávez



Integration of Web 2.0 Tools in a VLE to Improve the EFL Spanish University Entrance Examination Results: A Quasiexperimental Study  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The article shows the results of a research project designed to improve the results in the English section of the Spanish University Admission Examination, or PAU, Prueba de Acceso a la Universidad (EFL-PAU henceforth). Using a quasi-experimental methodology relevant data was collected from both groups during a whole academic year just before…

Martin-Monje, Elena



Corpus Linguistics, Network Analysis and Co-Occurrence Matrices  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article describes research undertaken in order to design a methodology for the reticular representation of knowledge of a specific discourse community. To achieve this goal, a representative corpus of the scientific production of the members of this discourse community (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, UPV) was created. This article…

Stuart, Keith; Botella, Ana



Building Intercultural Competence through Intercultural Competency Certification of Undergraduate Students  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Intercultural Competency Certificate (CCI in Spanish) designed for the Universidad Popular Autonoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP University) is a theory based comprehensive plan to develop undergraduate students' intercultural competence. This Certificate is based in the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS) developed by…

Janeiro, Maria G. Fabregas; Fabre, Ricardo Lopez; Nuno de la Parra, Jose Pablo



Effects of Self-Control and Thinking Tools Training on Academic Performance of Undergraduate Venezuelan Students.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study examined the relative effectiveness of two variations of an elective course on self-control and study behavior in modifying academic performance of freshmen undergraduate students enrolled in the independent studies program of the Universidad Simon Bolivar, in Venezuela. Of the 29 freshmen students selected to participate in this study,…

Yaber, Guillermo


The Valuation and Cost of Credit Insurance Schemes for SMEs: The Role of the Loan Guarantee Associations  

Microsoft Academic Search

David Camino And Clara Cardone are both associate professors of Accounting and financeat the Department of Business economics at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, Small and Medium enterprise (SEMs) have important limitations from the finanicial viewpoint. Their reduced capability to generate resources (Self financing) and their high finanical cost as compared with the profitability of investment, makes them highly

David Camino; Clara Cardone



APPRAISALWEB: An Online Platform for the Pedagogical Evaluation of Web-Based Language Learning Resources  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper presents APPRAISALWeb, a 2-year Research & Development project jointly funded by the "Universidad Politecnica de Valencia" and the regional government of Valencia (Spain), and developed by the CAMILLE Research Group at that university. In general terms, the project aims to suggest a comprehensive methodology for the pedagogical analysis…

Seiz-Ortiz, Rafael; Gimeno-Sanz, Ana; de Siqueira, Jose Macario



Ten Years of Cybertech: The Educational Benefits of Bullfighting Robotics  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

After 10 years of organizing the Cybertech robotics competition, this paper presents this unique and innovative educational experience of teaching engineering at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM), Spain. Cybertech is not only a well-known robotic contest in Spain due to the "Robotaurus" bullfighting, but is also a whole academic activity…

Hernando, M.; Galan, R.; Navarro, I.; Rodriguez-Losada, D.



Teaching Business Communication in Nicaragua  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Global partnerships between educational institutions are one mechanism for building a capacity to educate students and prepare them for the global economy. In this article, the author describes a seminar on business communication he taught to the faculty members of Universidad Centroamerica de Managua (UCA) in Managua, Nicaragua. The purpose of…

Sapp, David Alan



Intercultural University of Veracruz: A Holistic Project Promoting Intercultural Education  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper describes the Intercultural University of Veracruz (UVI), an institutional Programme at the University of Veracruz in Mexico (Universidad Veracruzana Intercultural), as a product of the analysis and research carried out over a 10-year period on cultural diversity and education. There were several institutions and over 20 people involved…

Tellez, Sergio; Sandoval, Juan Carlos; Gonzalez, Octaviano



Spanish Students and Teachers' Preferences towards Computer-Based and Paper-and-Pencil Tests at Universities  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This study was conducted to identify and analyze some significant features that influence students and teachers about computer-based tests (CBT) and paper-and-pencil tests (P&P) at the context of the PAULEX Project. In order to do that, a large experiment has been developed at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Polytechnic University of…

De-Siqueira, Jose Macario; Peris-Fajarnes, Guillermo; Gimenez, Fernando; Magal-Royo, Teresa



A Soft Take-Off in the Direction of "Bologna"  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In the 2009-2010 academic year, ten new degrees have begun to be taught at the UPM (Universidad Politecnica Madrid), which is the first group of degrees that this university will offer within the framework of the EHEA (European Higher Education Area). One of these new degrees is the Building Engineering Degree, which was implemented in September…

Casaravilla Gil, Ana; Cava, Maria Victoria Cuevas; del Rio Merino, Mercedes; Arrebola, Carmen Vinas



Integrating Free Computer Software in Chemistry and Biochemistry Instruction: An International Collaboration  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

At the Universidad de Caldas, Manizales, Colombia, we used their new computer facilities to introduce chemistry graduate students to biochemical database mining and quantum chemistry calculations using freeware. These hands-on workshops allowed the students a strong introduction to easily accessible software and how to use this software to begin…

Cedeno, David L.; Jones, Marjorie A.; Friesen, Jon A.; Wirtz, Mark W.; Rios, Luz Amalia; Ocampo, Gonzalo Taborda



Internet, Multimedia and Virtual Laboratories in a 'Third World' Environment.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes the development of low-cost multimedia courses and materials for use on the Internet, as well as virtual laboratories, at the Universidad Estatal a Distancia (Costa Rica). Explains how simultaneous production of traditional printed materials and online courses, outsourcing, and the use of HTML and Java can reduce costs for developing…

Monge-Najera, Julian Antonio; Rivas Rossi, Marta; Mendez-Estrada, Victor Hugo



A Blended-Learning Pedagogical Model for Teaching and Learning EFL Successfully through an Online Interactive Multimedia Environment  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Faced with the need to teach English to a large number of students, the "Universidad de Concepcion," Chile, has created an innovative Communicative English Program using ICT, which is made up of four modules covered in four academic terms. The English program aims to develop integrated linguistic skills with a focus on learning for authentic…

Banados, Emerita



Faculty-Librarian Collaboration: A Mexican Experience.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes the user education program developed at the Universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez (Mexico). Topics include the faculty-librarian partnership; information needs of library users, both faculty and students; library facilities; electronic classrooms; faculty training; and educational models and learning processes. (LRW)

Lau, Jesus



Information Technologies in Higher Education: Lessons Learned in Industrial Engineering  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article describes a teaching experience in which information and communication technologies were applied in five industrial engineering courses at the Universidad de Tarapaca in Chile. The paper compares the performance and course pass rates of the e-learning platform and portable pocket PC platform with those of the same courses teaching in…

Delgado-Almonte, Milagros; Andreu, Hernando Bustos; Pedraja-Rejas, Liliana



Leaving the Land of Digital Natives  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Camilo Jimenez taught writing and literature at the prestigious Universidad Javeriana in Columbia for nine years until his resignation in December 2011, for reasons explained in this article. Having found that only three out of thirty of his students in his "Assessment of Non-Fiction Texts" course could successfully summarize a work in one…

Jimenez, Camilo; Corral, Will H.



Reflection on the Role of Artists: A Case Study on the Hidden Visual Curriculum of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In 2005, Maria Acaso, professor in Art Education at the Universidad Complutense Madrid in Spain and a co-author of this article, conducted a comparative research project on visual configurations at different art schools in Europe and the United States. The study of hidden visual curriculum examines how knowledge and cultural/political/social…

Baker, Marissa H.; Ng-He, Carol; Lopez-Bosch, Maria Acaso



Second-Language Issues and Multiculturalism  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article presents the reports from the international research correspondents (IRCs) on the topic of second-language issues and multiculturalism through an informal polling using a questionnaire in six countries. The participating IRCs include: (1) Marta Infante of Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile; (2) Anita Poon of Hong Kong…

Mallozzi, Christine A., Comp.; Malloy, Jacquelynn A., Comp.



Summative Self-Assessment in Higher Education: Implications of Its Counting towards the Final Mark  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Introduction: Our study aims at assessing the validity of summative criteria-referenced self-assessment in higher education, and in particular, if that validity varies when the professor counts self-assessment toward the final mark. Method: One hundred and twenty-two first year students from two groups in Teacher Education at the Universidad de…

Tejeiro, Ricardo A.; Gomez-Vallecillo, Jorge L.; Romero, Antonio F.; Pelegrina, Manuel; Wallace, Agustin; Emberley, Enrique



Designing Feedback to Support Language Acquisition Using the "Ingenio" Authoring Tool  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The increasing demand for high quality innovative foreign language teaching and learning materials led the CAMILLE R&D Group at the Universidad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain) to design a completely online language-independent authoring tool and content manager to allow teachers from around the world to design and deliver tailor-made online…

Gimeno Sanz, Ana; De-Sequeira, Jose Macario



The Discourse of Interculturality and Its Transnational Migration: Towards a Comparative Analysis of Its Appropriation by Academic and Political Actors in the State of Veracruz  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper analyses the ways in which social and educational networks are being configured around the actors participating in the increasingly transnational field of intercultural education both at the Universidad Veracruzana Intercultural and the Veracruz State Ministry of Education. It starts by defining the notion of discursive migration as…

Cortes, Laura Selene Mateos



"LiveUSB Mediated Education": A Method to Facilitate Computer Supported Education  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

In this paper the authors analyse the design and implementation of a course about learning management systems (LMS). The course was first given in Cuba and then in Guatemala and Peru, within the project USo+I: "Universidad, Sociedad e Innovacion, Mejora de la pertinencia de la educacion en las ingenierias de Latinoamerica" financed by the European…

Garrote, Ramon; Pettersson, Tomas; Christie, Michael



Job Satisfaction among Mexican Alumni: A Case of Incongruence between Hunch-based Policies and Labor Market Demands  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

During decades, the Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla (BUAP) like many other Mexican universities has tried to contribute to the national development by offering different educational programs presumed to be better attuned to the needs of the labor market. In this paper we explore the association of three different waves of major offering…

Cabrera, Alberto F.; de Vries, Wietse; Anderson, Shaquana



Creating E-Books in a Distributed and Collaborative Way.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes how groups of authors can create electronic books through unsupervised collaborative work. Proposes a Web-based groupware system that allows building Web sites that can be considered as electronic books without the need of an editor, and describes experiences at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain). (Author/LRW)

Perez, Ruth Cobos; Alaman, Xavier



A Course on Experimental Design for Different University Specialties: Experiences and Changes over a Decade  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

We analyse the origin and development of an Experimental Design course which has been taught in several faculties of the Universidad de la Republica and other institutions in Uruguay, over a 10-year period. At the end of the course, students were assessed by carrying out individual work projects on real-life problems, which was innovative for…

Martinez Luaces, Victor; Velazquez, Blanca; Dee, Valerie



"Design for All in the Context of the Information Society": Integration of a Specialist Course in a Generalist M.Sc. Program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This paper describes an educational research experience that took place in the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Master's program offered at the Escuela Universitaria de Ingenieria Tecnica de Telecomunicacion, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Madrid, Spain. The focus is to provide details of the motivation behind and the design and subsequent…

Godino-Llorente, J. I.; Fraile, R.; Gonzalez de Sande, J. C.; Osma-Ruiz, V.; Saenz-Lechon, N.



Impact in the School System of a Strategy for Identifying and Selecting Academically Talented Students: The Experience of Program PENTA-UC  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The study explores the consequences, for participating schools, of the implementation of a system for the identification and selection of academically talented students, in the context of an extracurricular enrichment program operating at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. The participants were 73 students, 50 teachers, and seven members of…

Arancibia, Violeta; Lissi, Maria Rosa; Narea, Marigen



First Steps in the Development of the Inventario de Comportamiento de Estudio: The Spanish Version of the Study Behavior Inventory  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The Inventario de Comportamiento de Estudio (ICE), a Spanish version of the Study Behavior Inventory (SBI), was developed and tested using 594 undergraduate students at la Universidad de las Americas, in the state of Puebla, Mexico. A team of bilingual specialists was assembled to produce a translation that might be generic enough to be understood…

Bliss, Leonard B.; Vinay, Diana Maria Alejandra



Topic 101: Eleven Campuses, One University, Many Strikes  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Students from the University of Puerto Rico (UPR) went on strike in April, and, soon after, 10 of the 11 campuses of a public system with more than 60,000 students were closed. "Once recintos, una universidad" (eleven campuses, one university) was the maxim students used to emphasize the concept of the UPR as a system unified by similar goals,…

Navarro-Rivera, Pablo



Introversion/Extroversion & Teachers' Perception on Dominican EFL College Students' Performance = La Introversion/Extroversion vs. La Percepcion Profesoral en el Desempeno de Estudiantes Universitarios Dominicanos de Ingles como Lengua Extranjera  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This article discusses the relationship between introversion/extroversion and a student's performance (academic achievement) as perceived by Teachers of English as a Foreign Language in three regional centers of the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo. There have been a great number of international studies already published to try to explain…

Tavarez Da Costa, Pedro



Training for Distance Teaching through Distance Learning.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

Describes a mixed-mode bachelor degree course in English language teaching at the Universidad Autonoma de Puebla (Mexico) that was designed to help practicing teachers write appropriate distance education materials by giving them the experience of being distance students. Includes a course outline and results of a course evaluation. (Author/LRW)

Cadorath, Jill; Harris, Simon; Encinas, Fatima



Programa Academico de Dominio de Ingles Como Lengua Extranjera (Academic Program in English as a Foreign Language).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

The guide presents the newly-developed curriculum of the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana at Iztapalapa (Mexico) for its program in English as a foreign language. An introductory section provides background information on the initiative to design a new curriculum. The second section presents the principles on which the curriculum and its methods…

Flores Revilla, Maria Teresa; Zoreda, Margaret Lee; Vivaldo Lima, Javier; Blanco Lopez, Guadalupe; Caballero Robles, Teresita del Rosario; Mercau Appiani, Virginia


UNOSAT: the First University Brazilian Nanosatellite  

Microsoft Academic Search

In 2000 it was created in the Universidade Norte do Paraná, UNOPAR University, an educational undergraduate aerospace group called SPACE. During the 51st International Astronautical Congress in Brazil, the participant students got in contact with different small satellite programs from different universities. Motivated by these contacts they began the a nanosatellite project feasibility study. Contacts were made in the beginning

F. Stancato; E. M. Manhas M. Oliveira Jr.; L. H. Mendes; G. Oliveira



Success factors for creating a PMO aligned with the objectives and organizational strategy  

Microsoft Academic Search

This article deals with how to implement a Project Management Office that is aligned with the objectives and organizational strategy. This study documents the experience provided by the implementation of a PMO at the Department of Technology at the Universidad Te?cnica Particular de Loja, which methodology for managing projects was evolved from a documented oriented version to a deliverable oriented

José Carrillo V; M. E. Abad; A. S. Cabrera; D. H. Jaramillo



Development of Ultra-high Mechanical Damping Structures Based on Nano-scale Properties of Shape Memory Alloys.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

This report results from a contract tasking Universidad del Pais Vasco as follows: The objective of the project is explore micro- and nano-scale pillars fabricated from Cu-Al-Ni shape memory alloys (SMA) to evaluate their potential for ultra-high mechanic...

J. San Jose



Avaliação das normas de biossegurança nas clínicas odonto- lógicas da UFPE Evaluation of biosecutrity norms in UFPE dental clinics  

Microsoft Academic Search

Key-words O objetivo deste trabalho foi observar o cumprimento das normas de biossegurança e os cuidados com os riscos ocupacionais pelos alunos que atenderam nas clínicas de Odontologia Preventiva, Odontopediatria, Dentística, Endodontia e nos procedimentos cirúrgicos nas clínicas de Periodontia e Cirurgia, da Faculdade de Odontologia da Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. Este trabalho consistiu em um estudo observacional, no qual

Márcia Maria; Vendiciano Barbosa Vasconcelos; Catarina da Mot; Vasconcelos Brasi; Cláudia Cristina; Brainer de Oliveira Mot; Rabelo de Carvalho


Efectos difusivos en la formación de enanas blancas de Helio de baja masa en sistemas binarios cerrados  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In the last years, and thanks to advances in observational techniques, many astronomers have discovered in a great number of binary radio-pulsars the presence of a helium white dwarf resulting from a previous evolutionary state in which the progenitor of this star experienced one or more episodes of mass transfer to the compact component in the pair. That is the case for PSR B1855+09 (van Kerkwijk, M. H., Bell, J. F, Kaspi, V. M., & Kulkarni, S. R. 2000, ApJ 530, L37), where the mass for the white dwarf is known accurately from measurements of the Shapiro delay of the pulsar signal, MWD = 0.258+0.028-0.016 M?; for PSR J02018 + 4232 (Bassa, C. G., van Kerkwijk, M. H., & Kulkarni, S. R. 2003, A&A, 403, 1067), the spectra confirm that the companion is a helium-core white dwarf of ? 0.2 M?. On the other hand, there are several authors (Ferraro, F., Possenti, A., Sabbi, E., & D'Amico, N. 2003, ApJ, 596, L211; Bassa et al. 2003) that have identified the optical binary companion to the BMSP PSR J1911 - 5958A, located in the halo of the Galactic globular cluster NGC 6752, like a blue star whose position in the color-magnitude diagram is consistent with the cooling sequence of a low-mass, ? 0.17 - 0.20 M?, low metallicity helium white dwarf at the cluster distance. Finally, the color and magnitude of the stellar companion for B 1620-26 indicate that is a white dwarf of 0.34 ± 0.04 M? (Sigurdson, S., Richer, H. B., Hansen, B. M., Stairs, I. H. & Thorset, S. E. 2003, Science, 301, 193S). This has motivated us to study the formation of low mass helium white dwarfs in the context of binary evolution. For that purpose, using the code of binary evolution, entirely developed in the Facultad de Ciencias Astronómicas y Geofísicas of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina, we have investigated the effects of diffusive processes on the evolution of a star member of a close binary system. A similar study was performed for Althaus, L. G., Serenelli, A. M., & Benvenuto, O. G. (2001, MNRAS, 323, 471) but in that paper the mass transfer was mimicked by subtracting mass to a progenitor of 1 M? to obtain the mass for the desired object. Actually, our binary code has a full nuclear reactions network for hydrogen and helium burning that allowed us to follow the abundances of fifteen isotopes throughout the entire evolution of the star. We have also included a detailed equation of state. The mass loss treatment is non conservative. We have modified the conditions for the beginning and end of mass transfer episodes. In our previous version, we assumed it to occur when the stellar radius was greater or smaller, respectively, that the Roche Lobe radius for the star. This introduced numerical problems, especially at the end of mass transfer phases. We adopted H. Ritter (1988, A&A, 202, 93) formulation that considers a finite scale height in the stellar atmosphere. The numerical behaviour in much more satisfactory, besides that it constitutes a more appropriate description for the physical problem. We perform the calculations for the evolution of the primary star in a close binary system of initial mass 2 M?, initial period of 1 day, initial mass ratio of 1.4142 and solar metallicity. We have done the calculations in four cases: A) with diffusion and all Roche Lobe overflows, B) with diffusion and only the first Roche Lobe overflow, C) without diffusion and all Roche Lobe overflows, D) without diffusion and only the first Roche Lobe overflow. Cases B) and D) where performed to compare with results obtained for Althaus et al. (2001). The main conclusion of this work is that the age of these objects is mainly determined by diffusive effects, and the late stages of mass transfer, not considered in Althaus et al. (2001), constituted a minor effect on the scales of cooling times.

De Vito, M. A.; Benvenuto, O. G.


Recent SO2 camera and OP-FTIR field measurements in Mexico and Guatemala  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Between 22 and 30 November 2012 a field campaign was carried out at Mexico and Guatemala with the objectives of state the volcanic gas composition and flux fingerprints of Popocatepetl, Santiaguito, Fuego and Pacaya by exploiting simultaneously UV-camera and FTIR measurements. Gases were measured remotely using instruments sensitive to ultraviolet and infrared radiation (UV spectrometer, SO2-camera and OP-FTIR). Data collection depended on the requirements of the methodology, weather condition and eruptive stage of the volcanoes. OP-FTIR measurements were carried out using the MIDAC interferometer with 0.5 cm-1 resolution. Spectra were collected in solar occultation mode in which the Sun acts as an infrared source and the volcanic plume is interposed between the Sun and the spectrometer. At Santiaguito spectra were also collected in passive mode using the lava flow as a radiation source. The SO2-camera used for this study was a dual camera system consisting of two QS Imaging 640s cameras. Each of the two cameras was outfitted with two quartz 25mm lens, coupled with two band-pass filters centred at 310nm and at 330nm. The imaging system was managed by a custom-made software developed in LabView. The UV-camera system was coupled with a USB2000+ spectrometer connected to a QP1000-2-SR 1000 micron optical fiber with a 74-UV collimating lens. For calibration of plume imagery, images of five quartz cells containing known concentration path-lengths of SO2 were taken at the end of each sampling. Between 22 and 23 November 2012 UV-camera and FTIR observations were carried out at Popocatepetl. During the time of our observation, the volcano was characterised by pulsing degassing from the summit crater forming a whitish plume that dispersed rapidly in the atmosphere according to wind direction and speed. Data were collected from the Observatorio Atmosférico Altzomoni (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) at 4000 metre a.s.l. and at a distance of ~12 km from the volcano summit. SO2 camera observations were made for ~30 and 130 minutes on the 22 and 23 November, respectively, with a sampling rate of ~7 seconds. FTIR measurements were carried out for 20 and 15 minutes on 22 and 23 November. At Santiaguito volcano, we carried out volcanic gas measurements on 27 and 28 November 2012. During the period of our observations the volcano activity was characterised by lava flow extrusion on the S flank of dome edifice. Occasionally, incandescent blocks detached from the lava flow front rolling onto the dome flanks. During the time of our survey the explosive activity was low frequency (every ~5 - 6 hours). We observed a persistent and sustained degassing plume was observed occasionally polluted by ash. However, on 28 November at 5:25 local time, a violent pyroclastic flow occurred generating an ash-plume that rose ~5 km passing Santa Maria's summit and spreading ~30 km south. SO2 camera and FTIR data were simultaneously collected on 27 November from El Mirador at a distance of ~2 Km from the lava-dome. Data were collected for ~75 and ~90 minutes for SO2-camera and FTIR, respectively. On 28 November, due to the pyroclastic flow event, only distal solar occultation FTIR measurements and open-path UV spectra (using a USB spectrometer) were collected from the west flank of Santa Maria volcano. Both UV and IR spectra were recorded for ~60 minutes Ash released by the pyroclastic flow was sampled from a distance of 6.5 km from the volcano collecting the fallout products along a 60 minute time interval Data from the volcanic plumes of Pacaya and Fuego were collected on 29 and 30 November 2012. During our survey the eruptive activity of Pacaya consisted of weak puffing from the summit crater, while Fuego showed a weak outgassing occasionally interrupted by explosion from its summit crater. In both days, we carried out only SO2 camera measurements due to the poor weather conditions which prevented solar FTIR measurments. At both volcanoes, UV images were taken for a period of ~45 minutes from a distance of ~ 3 km and ~ 10 km, respectively. In th

La Spina, Alessandro; Salerno, Giuseppe; Burton, Michael



Symbolic algorithms for the computation of Moshinsky brackets and nuclear matrix elements  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

To facilitate the use of the extended nuclear shell model (NSM), a FERMI module for calculating some of its basic quantities in the framework of MAPLE is provided. The Moshinsky brackets, the matrix elements for several central and non-central interactions between nuclear two-particle states as well as their expansion in terms of Talmi integrals are easily given within a symbolic formulation. All of these quantities are available for interactive work. Program summaryTitle of program:Fermi Catalogue identifier:ADVO Program summary URL: Program obtainable from: CPC Program Library, Queen's University of Belfast, N. Ireland Licensing provisions:None Computer for which the program is designed and others on which is has been tested:All computers with a licence for the computer algebra package MAPLE [Maple is a registered trademark of Waterloo Maple Inc., produced by MapleSoft division of Waterloo Maple Inc.] Instalations:GSI-Darmstadt; University of Kassel (Germany) Operating systems or monitors under which the program has beentested: WindowsXP, Linux 2.4 Programming language used:MAPLE 8 and 9.5 from MapleSoft division of Waterloo Maple Inc. Memory required to execute with typical data:30 MB No. of lines in distributed program including test data etc.:5742 No. of bytes in distributed program including test data etc.:288 939 Distribution program:tar.gz Nature of the physical problem:In order to perform calculations within the nuclear shell model (NSM), a quick and reliable access to the nuclear matrix elements is required. These matrix elements, which arise from various types of forces among the nucleons, can be calculated using Moshinsky's transformation brackets between relative and center-of-mass coordinates [T.A. Brody, M. Moshinsky, Tables of Transformation Brackets, Monografias del Instituto de Fisica, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 1960] and by the proper use of the nuclear states in different coupling notations. Method of solution:Moshinsky's transformation brackets as well as two-nucleon matrix elements are provided within the framework of MAPLE. The transformation brackets are evaluated recursively for a given number of shells and utilized for the computation of the two-particle matrix elements for different coupling schemes and interactions. Moreover, a simple notation has been introduced to handle the two-particle nuclear states in ll-, LSJ-, and jj-coupling, both in the center-of-well and the relative and center-of-mass coordinates. Restrictions onto the complexity of the problem:The program supports in principle an arbitrary number of shell states with the only limitation given by the computer resources themselves. Typically, the time requirements for the recursive computation of the Moshinsky brackets and matrix elements increase rapidly with the number of the allowed shell states but can be reduced significantly by the pre-calculation of the transformation brackets. Unusual features of the program:Moshinsky brackets are computed and provided in either numeric, algebraic or some symbolic form. In addition, the two-particle matrix elements are calculated for a scalar potential, spin-orbit coupling and tensorial forces, both in floating-point and algebraic notation. All two-particle matrix elements are expressed in terms of the Talmi integrals but can be evaluated also explicitly for several predefined types of the interaction. To simplify the handling of the program, a short but very powerful notation has been introduced which help the user to deal with the two-particle states in various coupling notations. The main commands of the current version of the program are described in detail in Appendix B. Typical running time:The computation of all Moshinsky brackets in floating-point notation, up to ?=6, takes about 5 s at a 2.26 GHz Intel Pentium IIII processor with 512 MB; in algebraic form, the same computations take about 13 s. Similarly, the computation of these brackets up to ?=10 requires in numeric and algebraic form about 5 and 15 min, respectively. Once the

Ursescu, D.; Tomaselli, M.; Kuehl, T.; Fritzsche, S.



Calibration and uncertainty estimation of erythemal radiometers in the Argentine Ultraviolet Monitoring Network  

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The erythemal radiometers of the Ultraviolet Monitoring Network of the Argentine Servicio Meteorologico Nacional were calibrated in an extensive in situ campaign from October 1998 to April 1999 with Austrian reference instruments. Methods to correct the influence of the location's horizon and long-term detector changes are applied. The different terms that contribute to the measurement uncertainty are analyzed. The expanded

Alexander Cede; Eduardo Luccini; Liliana Nunez; Ruben D. Piacentini; Mario Blumthaler



Sustainable Trail Management in Costa Rica National Parks: The use of photography for trail surfacing decisions under tropical rainforest  

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Resumen: El Parque Nacional Volcán Poas (PNVP) es el parque mas visitado de Costa Rica. Sus facilidades físicas, accesibilidad, y su proximidad a las mayores ciudades del país hacen del PNVP un destino preferido por visitantes locales y extranjeros. Ademas de su cono volcánico activo, los senderos del parque son muy apreciados. Las condiciones lluviosas que prevalecen a través del

Juan A Aguirre




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La plantación azucarera comienza su expansión en Cuba a mediados de la década del ’60 del siglo XVIII. El aumento de la demanda y, por consiguiente, de los precios del azúcar en el mercado internacional favoreció el auge de esa rama de la economía nacional.

Javier Figueroa Ledón



The Spanish Organizational Structure for Organ Donation – Up to Date  

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SummaryAt the end of 1989, the Organización Nacional de Trasplantes (ONT) was created within the Spanish Department of Health. It has become a common meeting place for professionals involved in all types of transplantation, the central and autonomous administrations, the media, and Spanish society in general. It has a formal but flexible management structure, which ensures that the hospital transplant

B. Miranda; J. Cañón; N. Cuende



La política brasileña para los residuos sólidos urbanos. Los planteamientos de catadores y empresarios en sus páginas electrónicas  

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El gobierno brasileño señala la posibilidad de aprobar la política nacional para los residuos sólidos urbanos (PNRS). La propuesta del Proyecto de Ley 1991\\/07 está en trámite en la cámara de los diputados desde el año 1991. Los senadores mantuvieron una charla con los catadores, empresarios del reciclaje y empresarios de servicios de gestión de residuos sólidos urbanos para conocer

Fábio Fonseca Figueiredo



Depresión posparto: ¿se encuentra asociada a la violencia basada en género? Post partum depression: is it associated to gender based violence?  

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Introduction: Post partum depression and gender based violence are very common disorders in women; the importance of early diagnosis and prompt treatment is to avoid future consequences in women, newborns and the family. Objectives: To determine the association between post partum depression and gender based violence. Design: Exploratory cross-sectional. Place: Hospital Nacional Docente Madre Niño San Bartolome, Lima, Peru. Participants:

Juan Escobar; Percy Pacora; Nilton Custodio; Walter Villar



LOS HISPANOS Y EL CÁNCER DE PÁNCREAS: COSAS PARA SABER por el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer Una de las causas principales de muerte relacionadas con el cáncer en los hispanos o latinos de los Estados Unidos es una enfermedad poco común pero con frecuencia



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Más de ocho años han transcurrido desde la publicación de la segunda edición de esta obra, durante los cuales se han producido transformaciones en el orden legal en materia de autoría y participación, que han estimulado a los estudiosos del derecho a hacer aportes doctrinales y a la jurisprudencia nacional a hacer nuevos pronunciamientos. El nuevo Código Penal (Ley 599

Alberto Suárez Sánchez


Bojayá: entre el miedo y los medios  

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El día en que en la iglesia de Bojayá las FARC hicieron estallar una pipeta de gas que mató a 119 civiles y dejó heridas a otras 90, ese municipio en la ribera del Atrato dejó de ser un desconocido pueblo de la geografía colombiana. Los ojos de la comunidad nacional e internacional se volcaron allí. La masacre se convirtió

Aída Carolina Lancheros Ruiz; Julián Andrés Rincón Ortiz


Argentina: Nacionalismo, Migración e Identidad  

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Las naciones no son una característica inherente al ser humano. Esto es real, pero hoy día el tenar una se ha convertido en imprescindible al punto de ser una tragedia el no tenerla. Miles de desplazados, apátridas, migrantes nos recuerdan esta realidad de una forma cruda y cruel. Por otro lado, en un planeta donde los estados tienden a borrar

María Eugenia Cruset


Conflictes armats i drets civils  

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En 1995 las Naciones Unidas ratificaban un protocolo sobre la RESPONSABILIDAD DE PROTEGER ante la pasividad internacional en muchos conflictos. En 2005 el Gobierno Español se mostraba dispuesto a participar activamente en la defensa de la población civil en caso de violación de sus derechos. En los últimos 50 años los conflictos del mundo han generado una gran cantidad de

Joaquim Alsina



TV news and political change in BrazilThe impact of democratization on TV Globo's journalism  

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The article analyzes the changes that since the mid-1990s have transformed journalistic practices in Brazil's most powerful media institution. More especially, the aim is to investigate the transformation of TV Globo's News Division and situate this process in relation to the democratization of Brazilian politics and society. Based on content analysis of Jornal Nacional, TV Globo's main newscast, and on

Mauro Porto



Luminous flux and correlated color temperature determination for LED sources  

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Recently, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) have found several applications from lighting to automotive displays, screens, traffic signaling and many other. These emerging applications require some of their visual quality characteristics to be measured as accurately as possible in an objective physical manner. Therefore the Photometry Laboratory and the Sources Spectroradiometry Laboratory of the Centro Nacional de Metrologia (CENAM) of Mexico

A. Estrada-Hernández; L. P. González-Galván; H. Zárate-Hernández; R. Cardoso; E. Rosas



Complicaciones Perinatales y Vía de Parto en Recién Nacidos de Madres Adolescentes Tempranas y Tardías, 1995-1997  

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RESUMEN OBJETIVOS: Conocer las complicaciones perinatales y la vía de terminación de parto en adolescentes tempranas y tardías. MATERIALES Y MÉTODOS: Estudio analítico, observacional, comparativo en- tre adolescentes tempranas y tardías en relación con el tipo de parto y las complicaciones perinatales en el Hospital Nacional Daniel A. Carrión entre enero de 1995 y diciembre 1997. RESULTADOS: El 18,6% de





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Este trabalho é resultado de uma investigação sobre a ação dos órgãos oficiais de Assistência Técnica e Extensão rural (ATER) no nordeste brasileiro, com o objetivo avaliar as ações dos mesmos visando a implementação da nova Política Nacional de ATER (PNATER), na região como referência para o país. Ela contemplou os Estados de Bahia, Pernambuco, Paraíba, Rio Grande do Norte,

José Ribamar; Furtado de Souza


Lamellar bodies as a diagnostic test of fetal lung maturity  

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Objectives: To determine the number of lamellar bodies in the amniotic fluid indicating fetal lung maturity and to define the effectiveness of a diagnostic test in a healthy pregnant population. Methods: The study took place at the Hospital General de Zona #16 Centro Médico Nacional del Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social. Torreón, Coahuila, México, where 264 pregnant women were followed-up

J. Roiz-Hernández; E. Navarro-Solis; E. Carreón-Valdéz



Papel de los Servicios de Urgencias y Emergencias en la donación de órganos  

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Para nadie es un secreto que España es el pri- mer país del mundo en materia de donación y trasplantes. Para los más iniciados tampoco lo es que ello se debe en gran medida a un peculiar modelo organizativo instaurado por la Organiza- ción Nacional de Trasplantes (ONT) hace ahora 20 años 1 . Este modelo, en realidad una forma




Estados Unidos y cuatro países de América Latina se unen para combatir el cáncer

El Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) de Estados Unidos formalizó esta semana alianzas bilaterales con los gobiernos de Argentina, Brasil, México y Uruguay, para acelerar el avance contra el cáncer en la población hispana de Estados Unidos y de América Latina y mejorar la investigación del cáncer.


Fomento de la investigación del cáncer en América Latina

La Oficina para el Desarrollo de Programas de Cáncer en América Latina (OLACPD), fruto de una alianza innovadora entre el Instituto Nacional del Cáncer (NCI) y el Centro Internacional Fogarty (FIC), fue creada en reconocimiento de la oportunidad de apoyar y mejorar la investigación y el tratamiento del cáncer en América Latina.


Tenaga Nasional Berhad Technical Specifications Manual. Final Submittal.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The U.S. Trade and Development Agency funded this report, conducted by R.W. Beck. The study updates the overhead transmission line design manual and related specifications for Tenaga Nacional Berhad in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This report, in three volumes...



L’incidence du recours à l’intérim sur la mesure de la productivité du travail des branches industrielles ; suivi d'un commentaire de Ferhat Mihoubi  

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[spa] La incidencia del recurso al trabajo temporario sobre la medición de la productividad laboral de las ramas industriales . . En la contabilidad nacional, se reparten las plantillas según las ramas de la actividad en la que son asalariadas. Por tanto, los interinos, asalariados de empresas de trabajo temporario, se registran en la rama correspondiente. La productividad aparente del

Lucie Gonzalez; Ferhat Mihoubi



UBVRI photometry of southern T Tauri stars (Batalha+ 1998)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present full tables of the photoelectric photometry of T Tauri Stars observed in the 0.5m telescope at Laboratorio Nacional de Astronomia (Brazil). The photometry was performed with the instrument FOTRAP (Jablonski et al., 1994PASP..106.1172J, see text). For a description of the UBVRI photometric system, see e.g. (2 data files).

Batalha, C. C.; Quast, G. R.; Torres, C. A. O.; Pereira, P. C. R.; Terra, M. A. O.; Jablonski, F.; Schiavon, R. P.; Sartori, M. J.



Clinical-etiological and therapeutic profile of 719 Mexican epileptic children  

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Rationale. We performed this study with the intention of describing the clinical-etiological characteristics and therapeutic responses in a group of epileptic children seen at the Instituto Nacional de Pediatría (INP), a tertiary facility in Mexico City. Methods. All patients who attended the Epileptic Clinic between March and June 1998 and fulfilled the selection criteria were enrolled in the study. Clinical

Matilde Ruiz-García; Cristina Sosa-de-Martinez; Adalberto González-Astiazarán; Fernando Rueda-Franco



'In Vivo' Dosimetry in High Dose Rate Brachytherapy for Cervical Cancer Treatments  

SciTech Connect

In this prospective study, rectal dose was measured 'in vivo' using TLD-100 crystals (3x3x1 mm{sup 3}), and it has been compared to the prescribed dose. Measurements were performed in patients with cervical cancer classified in FIGO stages IB-IIIB and treated with high dose rate brachytherapy (HDR BT) at the Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia (INCan)

Gonzalez-Azcorra, S. A.; Ruiz-Trejo, C.; Buenfil, A. E. [Instituto de Fisica, UNAM, A.P. 20-364, Mexico 01000 D.F. (Mexico); Mota-Garcia, A.; Poitevin-Chacon, M. A.; Santamaria-Torruco, B. J.; Rodriguez-Ponce, M.; Herrera-Martinez, F. P. [Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia, Mexico 14000 D.F. (Mexico); Gamboa de Buen, I. [Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, UNAM, A.P. 70-543, Mexico 04510 D.F. (Mexico)



Instability of the current sheath in plasma focus devices  

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We suggest a possible explanation to account for the previously observed existence of pressure dependent regimes during the implosion phase of plasma focus devices, in terms of viscous dominated Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities. Member of Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas (CONICET).

L. Bilbao; H. Bruzzone




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Este trabajo analiza la relación existente entre la estructura del mercado y la rentabilidad en el sector bancario español en el período 1986-95 uti- lizando una medida directa de eficiencia. Los resultados obtenidos per- miten rechazar la hipótesis tradicional de colusión tanto en el sector de las cajas de ahorros como en la banca nacional ya que no se encuentra




Síndrome metabólico en adolescentes con sobrepeso y obesidad  

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Objective: To determine the presence of metabolic syndrome in overweight and obese adolescent population. Design: Clinical study. Setting: Endocrinology service. Hospital Nacional Dos de Mayo. Participants: Adolescents. Interventions: We studied 195 adolescents between 10 to 19 year-old. Inclusion criteria was that they should be overweight or obese. We used the reference population of Must et al. with the following diagnosis

Jaime Pajuelo; Ivonne Bernui; Violeta Nolberto; Alberto Peña; Luis Zevillanos



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A principios de la década del noventa Colombia introdujo una serie de reformas fiscales que al parecer estuvieron dirigidas a desconcentrar el gasto nacional y a mejorar la cobertura y eficiencia en la provisión de bienes públicos.1 En esencia, las reformas redefinieron las responsabilidades de gasto en todos los niveles de gobierno y modificaron el sistema de transferencias del nivel

Ana María Iregui; Jorge Ramos; Luz Amparo Saavedra



Una nota sobre la sostenibilidad fiscal y el nexo entre los ingresos y gastos del Gobierno Colombiano  

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En este trabajo se analiza empíricamente la sostenibilidad fiscal en Colombia a través de las técnicas de cointegración. En particular, usando los ingresos tributarios y los gastos primarios del gobierno nacional central para el período 1990Q1 a 2008Q4 (datos reales y ajustados por el ciclo económico), en el documento se examina si las cuentas fiscales del gobierno han sido sostenibles

Ignacio Lozano; Enrique Cabrera




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Este trabajo resume, por un lado los aportes centrales de una investigación más amplia denominada Políticas Públicas y Formación pa ra el Trabajo en Argentina. Articulaciones de una Política Neoliberal2 , cuyo eje fue e l análisis, desde una perspectiva c rítica, de un Programa focalizado e implementado a escala nacional en la República Argentina - el Proyecto Joven -

Esther Levy



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Se realiza un estudio comparado del grado de desarrollo del gobierno electrónico en distintas regiones y países del mundo, dedicándole una atención particular al caso Cuba. Para ello se utiliza el Índice de desarrollo de gobierno electrónico (IDGE) establecido por las Naciones Unidas. A partir de los componentes del IDGE que son, el índice de servicios en línea (ISL), el

Alejandro de Armas Suárez; Roberto de Armas Urquiza