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Cheese Manufacturing Facility - Quesos La Vasco Navarra SA  

Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

... Your labels are also misbranded under section 403(f) of the Act [21 USC § 343(f)] because the statement of identity on your La Vasco Navarra ... More results from


Percutaneous extraction of transvenous defibrillator leads using the VascoExtor pacing lead removal system.  


In the implantable cardioverter defibrillator era the necessity for lead removal is not negligible. A specially designed extraction lead system for percutaneous removal of such leads is lacking, in contrast to the existing pacing lead extraction systems. We report the successful percutaneous extraction of four implantable cardioverter defibrillator leads in three patients because of lead malfunction using a novel pacemaker lead extraction system, the VascoExtor (VascoMed) system. Three leads were successfully removed in two patients using traction with special locking stylets from the superior approach. One lead was removed using the system's additional extraction tools through the femoral approach. There were no complications. This preliminary experience shows that the VascoExtor (VascoMed) pacemaker lead extraction system can also be used in implantable cardioverter defibrillator lead extraction safely and effectively. In addition to the locking stylets, adjunct percutaneous extraction tools may be needed in some cases. PMID:10490481

Vassilikos, V P; Maounis, T N; Chiladakis, J; Cokkinos, D V; Manolis, A S



Johnson-Cook Strength Model Constants for VascoMax 300 and 1080 Steels  

Microsoft Academic Search

High strength steels, VascoMax 300 and 1080, are characterized under tension at strain rates of ~1\\/s, ~500\\/s, ~1000\\/s, and ~1500\\/s and at high temperatures using the quasi-static and split Hopkinson bar techniques. The data on 1080 steel exhibited a typical strain hardening response, whereas Vasco-Max 300 steel showed diminishing flow stress beyond yielding because of localized necking in gauge section

J. D. Cinnamon; A. N. Palazotto; N. S. Brar; Z. Kennan; D. Bajaj



Johnson-Cook Strength Model Constants for VascoMax 300 and 1080 Steels  

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High strength steels, VascoMax 300 and 1080, are characterized under tension at strain rates of ?1\\/s, ?500\\/s, ?1000\\/s, and ?1500\\/s and at high temperatures using the quasi-static and split Hopkinson bar techniques. The data on 1080 steel exhibited a typical strain hardening response, whereas Vasco-Max 300 steel showed diminishing flow stress beyond yielding because of localized necking in gauge section

J. D. Cinnamon; A. N. Palazotto; N. S. Brar; Z. Kennan; D. Bajaj



Johnson-Cook Strength Model Constants for VascoMax 300 and 1080 Steels  

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High strength steels, VascoMax 300 and 1080 steel, are characterized under tension at strain rates of ˜1\\/s, ˜500\\/s, ˜1000\\/s, and ˜1500\\/s and at high temperatures (1000°F for Vascomax 300 and 1080 steel to 750°F) using the quai-static and split Hopkinson bar techniques. The data on 1080 steel exhibit a strain hardening response, whereas VascoMax 300 steel showed diminishing flow stress

John D. Cinnamon; N. S. Brar



Johnson-Cook Strength Model Constants for VascoMax 300 and 1080 Steels  

SciTech Connect

High strength steels, VascoMax 300 and 1080, are characterized under tension at strain rates of {approx}1/s, {approx}500/s, {approx}1000/s, and {approx}1500/s and at high temperatures using the quasi-static and split Hopkinson bar techniques. The data on 1080 steel exhibited a typical strain hardening response, whereas Vasco-Max 300 steel showed diminishing flow stress beyond yielding because of localized necking in gauge section of the tested specimens. The tension data are analyzed to determine the Johnson-Cook (J-C) strength model constants for the two steels. The flow stress values for VascoMax are adjusted to account for necking, and the corrected J-C model is developed.

Cinnamon, J. D.; Palazotto, A. N.; Kennan, Z. [Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Air Force Institute of Technology, WPAFB, OH 45433 (United States); Brar, N. S.; Bajaj, D. [University of Dayton Research Institute, Dayton, OH 45469-0182 (United States)



Johnson-Cook Strength Model Constants for VascoMax 300 and 1080 Steels  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

High strength steels, VascoMax 300 and 1080, are characterized under tension at strain rates of ~1/s, ~500/s, ~1000/s, and ~1500/s and at high temperatures using the quasi-static and split Hopkinson bar techniques. The data on 1080 steel exhibited a typical strain hardening response, whereas Vasco-Max 300 steel showed diminishing flow stress beyond yielding because of localized necking in gauge section of the tested specimens. The tension data are analyzed to determine the Johnson-Cook (J-C) strength model constants for the two steels. The flow stress values for VascoMax are adjusted to account for necking, and the corrected J-C model is developed.

Cinnamon, J. D.; Palazotto, A. N.; Brar, N. S.; Kennan, Z.; Bajaj, D.



Interrelationships between thermal history and mechanical properties of a secondary hardening steel. [Vasco MA steel  

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Commercial secondary hardening steel, VASCO MA, has been subjected to modified heat treatments to introduce mixed microstructures of martensite and lower bainite. Dilatometry, tensile testing, hardness measurements and slow-bend testing have been carried out and the mechanical properties obtained have been correlated to microstructure using scanning electron microscopy and metallography. Duplex microstructures containing small amounts of lower bainite are found




El impacto de las crisis de subsistencias de la década de 1850 en el País Vasco  

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Este artículo analiza las últimas crisis de subsistencias en el País Vasco antes de la construcción de los ferrocarriles. Distingue el impacto en las zonas productoras (de trigo y\\/o de maíz) y en las ciudades. En dos de éstas, a pesar de la imagen de paz social transmitida por las autoridades fueristas vascas, las subsistencias suscitaron movilizaciones populares, sólo en

Rafael Ruzafa Ortega



The Aula Espazio and the Master of Space Science & Technology in the Universidad del País Vasco (Spain)  

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We present the Aula Espazio, a facility dedicated to teach Space Sciences and Technology at Master and Doctorate level at the Universidad del País Vasco(Spain)and to promote development in this field in both the public and private sectors. A new University Observatory which homes a 50 cm telescope, a solar telescope and other instruments is also associated to the Aula.

A. Sanchez-Lavega; S. Pérez-Hoyos; R. Hueso; T. Del Río-Gaztelurrutia; A. Oleaga



Efficacy of trimetazidine on functional capacity in symptomatic patients with stable exertional angina - The VASCO-angina study.  


BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: Trimetazidine (TMZ) is a metabolic agent of proven efficacy in improving myocardial ischemia and angina. VASCO, a randomised double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial, assessed anti-anginal efficacy and safety of standard and high dose of modified-release TMZ (70mg/d and 140mg/d) in symptomatic and asymptomatic patients with chronic ischemic heart disease receiving background atenolol 50mg/d on exercise test parameters. The VASCO-angina study assessed the efficacy of the two doses of TMZ on total exercise duration (TED) and time to 1-mm ST segment depression (T1), in symptomatic patients with chronic stable angina receiving background atenolol treatment. METHODS AND RESULTS: In the all cohort of chronic stable angina patients TMZ significantly improved TED compared to baseline and to placebo. Both doses of TMZ significantly increased TED (p=0.0044 and p=0.0338 for TMZ 140mg/d and TMZ 70mg/d, respectively). A greater TED improvement was observed in TMZ 140mg/d than in TMZ 70mg/d, although the difference was not significant. Amongst patients with limiting angina during exercise test, both doses of TMZ significantly improved both T1 and TED. No difference in serious adverse events was noted between TMZ and placebo. CONCLUSIONS: The VASCO-angina gives evidence for the efficacy and tolerability of standard and high dose of TMZ in improving effort-induced myocardial ischemia and functional capacity in patients with chronic stable angina receiving background beta-blockers. PMID:23200272

Vitale, Cristiana; Spoletini, Ilaria; Malorni, Walter; Perrone-Filardi, Pasquale; Volterrani, Maurizio; Rosano, Giuseppe M C



The Aula Espazio Observatory At The Universidad Del Pais Vasco (Spain): Planetary Observations For Graduate And Undergraduate Students  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Aula Espazio Gela is a facility at the School of Technical Engineering of the Universidad del Pais Vasco (Bilbao, Spain) dedicated to the education of undergarduated and gratuated students in the research and technology of space science activities. It also promotes the collaboration between the University and industrial spatial sector. One of the main elements of this facility is an astronomical observatory that is oriented to the activities of the students of the Master in Space Science and Technology. The main instrument is a 50 cm aperture Dall-Kirham telescope with equatorial mount completely robotized that includes different CCD cameras. Here we present some of the projects developed by graduate and under-graduate students in the field of the solar system. Explicitly we present some studies dedicated to the studies of planetary atmospheres and to acquire skills on the software management of planetary images. Aknowledgements: This project is supported by the Dpto. Innovación y Promoción Económica de la Diputación Foral de Bizkaia (Basque Country).

Perez-Hoyos, Santiago; Sanchez-Lavega, A.; Hueso, R.; Rojas, J. F.



Teaching Planetary Sciences at the Universidad del País Vasco in Spain: The Aula Espazio Gela and its Master in Space Science and Technology  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Planetary science is a highly multidisciplinary field traditionally associated to Astronomy, Physics or Earth Sciences Departments. Spanish universities do not generally offer planetary sciences courses but some departments give courses associated to studies on Astronomy or Geology. We show a different perspective obtained at the Engeneering School at the Universidad del País Vasco in Bilbao, Spain, which offers a Master in Space Science and Technology to graduates in Engineering or Physics. Here we detail the experience acquired in two years of this master which offers several planetary science courses: Solar System Physics, Astronomy, Planetary Atmospheres & Space Weather together with more technical courses. The university also owns an urban observatory in the Engineering School which is used for practical exercises and student projects. The planetary science courses have also resulted in motivating part of the students to do their master thesis in scientific subjects in planetary sciences. Since the students have very different backgrounds their master theses have been quite different: From writing open software tools to detect bolides in video observations of Jupiter atmosphere to the photometric calibration and scientific use or their own Jupiter and Saturn images or the study of atmospheric motions of the Venus' South Polar Vortex using data from the Venus Express spacecraft. As a result of this interaction with the students some of them have been engaged to initiate Ph.D.s in planetary sciences enlarging a relative small field in Spain. Acknowledgements: The Master in Space Science and Technology is offered by the Aula Espazio Gela at the Universidad del País Vasco Engineer School in Bilbao, Spain and is funded by Diputación Foral de Bizkaia.

Hueso, R.; Sanchez-Lavega, A.; Pérez-Hoyos, S.



US EPA, Pesticide Product Label, VASCO GRAIN ...  

EPA Pesticide Factsheets

... rdt~l "f~:.-' rl~' ~p,l,r' li ~)ll('h t1 PU '1~ ~f! ? tht. 'Pd'!' \\,1 tJ 1.Unlh:· ~~ dfll! fl·'lX~'(.i {h ~U; I :~ . ' : i, tt'" ~'ll)(,Hlt' bl~' f·)[ 1,,,tJ~, II: .(,jl!Jtl!)n, ',I" I, ...



Da história da arte para as mídias  

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Numa leitura semiótica, o texto apresenta referenciais teóricos da história da arte que podem servir como elementos de reflexão sobre os aspectos criativos do design gráfico em ilustrações jornalísticas ou anúncios publicitários. Objetiva estabelecer conexões entre os princípios discutidos no campo artístico e as características das produções midiáticas, o que foi assunto da tese de doutorado do autor. Palavras-chave: história

História da Arte


Fotopoética da Cidade  

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The research considers the imaginary nature of the Urban space through a reading of the aesthetic analysis of images of the photographic creation. Gaston Bachelard's Phenomenology of the creative Imagination and poetic Image brings the conceptual base of the study. Fotografia, Arte, Urbanismo, Bachelard, Imaginação. Apresentação Investigamos a natureza poética do fenômeno urbano, através da análise fenomenológica de imagens da

Carlos Alberto Murad


Da Vinci's Mona Lisa  

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There has been some controversy over the true subject portrayed in Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. In particular, there are\\u000a suggestions that the painting is in fact a self-portrait. In this paper, we analyze the shapes of the features in the Mona\\u000a Lisa and a known self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci using active shape models. We conclude that the two

Dennis Lin; Jilin Tu; Shyamsundar Rajaram; Zhenqiu Zhang; Thomas S. Huang




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Este trabalho aborda as características, operacionalidade e produção pesqueira da frota serreira, no município da Raposa, no período de março a dezembro de 2003, com desembarques nos portos da Praia da Raposa e Braga. Os dados utilizados são provenientes da Capitania dos Portos do Maranhão, Progra- ma Revizee (Recursos Vivos da Zona Econômica exclusiva) e da comunidade de pescadores do

Elizabeth Galvão Soares; Milton Gonçalves da Silva Júnior


After Twenty Years: The Future of the Third Wave  

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Some five hundred years ago a small group of Portuguese leaders and thinkers--including King John II, Prince Henry the Navigator, Bartholomew Dias, and Vasco da Gama--acting with courage, determination, and imagination, inaugurated a new phase in human history, the age of discovery. They set an example that Spain, France, Britain, and the Netherlands were to follow. Slightly more than two

Samuel P. Huntington



Perfiles genéticos de longevidad y envejecimiento saludable en nonagenarios del País Vasco  

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IntroductionCurrently there are notable differences in the aging of individuals in modern populations. While some of them enjoy a long healthy aging, others develop neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease (AD). Environmental factors are critical, but genetics could explain the differences observed. It has recently been postulated that longevity genes might also be neuroprotective.

Xabier Elcoroaristizabal Martín; Fernando Gómez Busto; Iñaki Artaza Artabe; Julia Barroso Niso; Javier Goicoechea Boyer; Víctor Ortiz de Murua García de Vicuña; Marian Martínez de Pancorbo




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Recent data about the wolf (Canis lupus) in the Basque Country and Navarra In this article preliminary information about wolf's status at the Basque Country and Navarra during August 1995-August 1997 period is offered. The data have been obtained following a methodology based on personal interviews, hunting drives' results analysis and livestock damages inspections. The presence of wolves was verified



El metabolismo social del País Vasco desde el análisis de flujos materiales  

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La desvinculación de la mejora del bienestar respecto del uso de los recursos y de la contaminación es esencial para lograr un desarrollo sostenible. Para avanzar en esta dirección es preciso partir del conocimiento del metabolismo de la sociedad. Es decir, debemos analizar en qué medida nuestras sociedades “ingieren” materias primas, que son “metabolizadas” para producir bienes y servicios, y

Iñaki Arto



Percutaneous Extraction of Transvenous Defibrillator Leads Using the VascoExtor Pacing Lead Removal System  

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In the implantable cardioverter defibrillator era the necessity for lead removal is not negligible. A specially designed extraction lead system for percutaneous removal of such leads is lacking, in contrast to the existing pacing lead extraction systems. We report the successful percutaneous extraction of four implantable cardioverter defibrillator leads in three patients because of lead malfunction using a novel pacemaker

Vassilios Pericles Vassilikos; Themos Nikolaos Maounis; John Chiladakis; Dennis Vassilios Cokkinos; Antonis Stavros Manolis



Crescimento, dominância continuada e declínio da empresa: insights das histórias da General Electric e da Westinghouse  

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Este artigo compara as trajetórias de crescimento da General Electric e da Westinghouse por mais de doze décadas. Enquanto a General Electric desfrutou crescimento e existência continuados, a Westinghouse cresceu, mas também sofreu contração por três décadas e desapareceu após 110 anos de existência. A análise comparativa revelou que, afora as capacitações comparáveis no desenvolvimento de alta tecnologia, as duas

Denise L. Fleck



DaTSCAN (ioflupane I-123) injection  

Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER)

Text Version... DaTSCAN visualized abnormal DaT distribution • In 78% of patients with probable DLB ... reduced facial expression ... General practitioner (4) ... More results from



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RESUMO ñ Este trabalho objetivou determinar a viabilidade do uso da metodologia geoestatÌstica na prediÁªo do padrªo espacial da dureza, como propriedade mec‚nica da madeira de paraju (Manilkara sp). A peÁa de madeira apresentou as dimensies de 25,0 x 7,0 x 75,0 cm, correspondente a largura, espessura e comprimento, respectivamente. As duas faces da peÁa foram divididas em malhas regulares

Soares de Souza Lima; Tarcisio Oliveira da Silva; Rone Batista de Oliveira


Efeitos da simpaticotomia endoscópica sobre as artérias carótidas e vertebrais na terapêutica cirúrgica da hiperidrose primária  

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RESUMO - Objetivos: Analisar, em pacientes submetidos a simpaticotomia videotoracoscópica para tratamento da Hiperidrose Primária (HP), as conseqüências hemodinâmicas da desnervação vascular das artérias carótidas e vertebrais após a trans-secção cirúrgica da cadeia simpática torácica (simpaticotomia), através da mensuração de parâmetros ultra-sonográficos. Método: Vinte e quatro pacientes portadores de HP submetidos a quarenta e oito simpaticotomias torácicas endoscópicas foram avaliados

Jeancarlo F. Cavalcante; Carlos Alberto Almeida Araújo; Manoel Ximenes Netto; Francisco Edênio R. da Costa; Francisco de Freitas Diniz Filho; Aldo da Cunha Medeiros



Leonardo da Vinci's Geometric Sketches  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

How do you solve a problem like solids, mathematically speaking? Well, you could use this rather fascinating resource provided by the Convergence magazine. Offered as an educational resource by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA), this particular resource brings together the work of the Franciscan friar Luca Pacioli (c.1445-1509) and the geometric sketches of Leonardo Da Vinci. Both men were interested in geometry, and this piece offers up a number of plate facsimiles of illustrations created by Da Vinci. Here visitors will find an introduction to this educational resource, along with illustrations of cubes, octahedrons, and cylinders. The accompanying article was written by Frank J. Swetz, and it is easy to see how these materials could be incorporated into a classroom discussion about the history of mathematics.


Fluorine substitution enhanced photovoltaic performance of a D-A1-D-A2 copolymer.  


A new alternating donor-acceptor (D-A1-D-A2) copolymer containing two electron-deficient moieties, isoindigo and quinoxaline, was synthesized. The photovoltaic performance of this polymer could be improved by incorporating fluorine atoms into the quinoxaline units, resulting in an efficiency of 6.32%. This result highlights the attractive promise of D-A1-D-A2 copolymers for high-performance bulk heterojunction solar cells. PMID:24000353

Dang, Dongfeng; Chen, Weichao; Yang, Renqiang; Zhu, Weiguo; Mammo, Wendimagegn; Wang, Ergang




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RESUMO: Este trabalho discute a música feita pelas classes menos abastadas da Bahia do século XIX, contextualizando as práticas musicais, através da análise comparativa de informações advindas de fontes bibliográficas diversas: literatura de viajantes, abordagens histórico-analíticas do contexto urbano, análises sociais, histórias da música, notícias de jornais, coleções de cantigas, modinhas e lundus, crônicas de época ou de reconstrução de

Luciano Carôso; Pablo Sotuyo Blanco


Efetividade da reabilitação pulmonar como tratamento coadjuvante da doença pulmonar obstrutiva crônica  

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3 Introdução: O paciente portador de DPOC diminui sua atividade física global devido a piora progressiva da função pulmonar como conseqüência de qualquer forma de esforço físico por ele realizado. A reabilitação pulmonar (RP) é utilizada nos EUA e Europa como alternativa terapêutica no tratamento da DPOC. Objetivo: Avaliar a efetividade do programa de RP como tratamento coadjuvante da DPOC.





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RESUMO: O presente artigo tem por objetivo principal analisar a manifestação patêmica do sujeito apaixonado pelo belo, e em busca da fonte da eterna juventude, presente no texto publicitário do creme Prevage, recém-lançado no Brasil pela empresa de cosméticos Elizabeth Arden. Será utilizado o referencial teórico apresentado pela semiótica francesa, principalmente os estudos acerca da semiótica das paixões. A modalização

Juliana Spirlandeli BATISTA



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RESUMO - Este estudo objetiva repensar a ressignificação do papel da escola especial, frente ao desafio da inclusão educacional de alunos com deficiência intelectual, bem como a relevância da atuação do professor especialista itinerante neste processo. O texto é fundamentado nas experiências da autora como professora regente de sete alunos da Escola Especial de Educação Estimulação e Desenvolvimento - CEDAE

Nádia Aparecida Poleto


Material characterization and development of a constitutive relationship for hypervelocity impact of 1080 Steel and VascoMax 300  

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The area of hypervelocity impact and associated high energy is one of extreme interest in the research community. A specific example of this emphasis is the US Air Force test facility at Holloman Air Force Base which specializes in the field of hypervelocity impact testing. This Holloman AFB High Speed Test Track (HHSTT) is currently working to increase the speed

J. D. Cinnamon; A. N. Palazotto; Z. Kennan



The potentially dangerous asteroid 2012 DA14  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present computing methods that allow us to study the behaviour of the dynamically interesting potentially dangerous asteroid 2012 DA14. Using the freely available ORBFIT software, we can follow the orbit of the asteroid backward and forward in the future, searching for close approaches to the Earth that might lead to possible impacts. The possible impact orbit for 2026 is computed. We show that it should be possible to recover asteroid 2012 DA14, mainly in 2013 February. It is highly unlikely that asteroid 2012 DA14 will hit any geosynchronous satellites during its close approach on 2013 February 15.

Wlodarczyk, I.



Automated Support for da Vinci Surgical System.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

While adoption of da Vinci systems has been rapid worldwide, there exists a wide variance in surgical procedure performance impacting care quality, cost and patient safety negatively, due in part to inefficient training practices and limited mechanisms fo...

J. Berkley



The Overlooked H II Region DA 568  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

During the inspection of Canadian Galactic Plane Survey 1420 MHz continuum images of the outer Galaxy we have rediscovered the large, bright, H II region DA 568. Intriguingly, this region does not appear in any of the commonly used catalogs of H II regions and radio sources in the outer Galaxy. After demonstrating how DA 568 was essentially overlooked, we present new radio, infrared, and molecular line observations of the region. We show that, far from being a minor overlooked H II region, DA 568 is actually the most prominent part of a much larger star-forming complex in the Perseus arm of our Galaxy. The complex spans ~45×20 pc, contains over 104 Msolar of ionized and molecular gas, and includes the BFS 10 H II region and numerous associated IRAS sources. The star-forming complex is apparently quite evolved with most of the original giant molecular cloud having been severely disrupted by the action of DA 568.

Kerton, C. R.; Brunt, Christopher M.; Kothes, R.




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RESUMO: A caracterização da pesca de linha e da distribuição batimétrica e sazonal do esforço de pesca das frotas linheiras estabelecidas no estado da Bahia e em operação na costa central, entre Salvador e o norte do Banco de Abrolhos (13-18ºS), foi estudada com base na amostragem de desembarques monitorados pelo Programa REVIZEE em Salvador, Valença, Ilhéus e Porto Seguro



Diminished synaptosomal dopamine (DA) release and DA autoreceptor supersensitivity in schizophrenia  

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Summary Post-mortem brain regions of schizophrenics were investigated in comparison to matched controls regarding synaptosomal K+-stimulated [3H]DA release and its modulation by DA autoreceptors. Brain specimens were cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen until release experiments; synaptosomes from brain pieces preincubated with dimethylsulfoxide have unchanged ability for [3H]DA release and its autoreceptor-mediated inhibition after cryo-preservation. Release data were individually corrected for post-mortem

L. Hetey; R. Schwitzkowsky; T. Ott; H. Barz



Situação da Mulher na Astronomia Brasileira  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

O conteúdo desse texto surgiu de uma apresentação de mesmo título que fiz na XXXI Reunião Anual da Sociedade Astronômica Brasileira (SAB) em 2005. Esse tema foi inspirado originalmente pela minha participação no "2nd UIPAP International Conference on Women in Physics" realizado entre 23 e 25 de maio de 2005 no Rio de Janeiro. Essa é uma conferência internacional que acontece de três em três anos, sendo que a primeira ocorreu em 2002 na cidade de Paris, França. Participei dessa conferência como membro da delegação da Sociedade Brasileira de Física e um dos trabalhos que apresentei versava sobre a situação das mulheres na Astronomia brasileira, cujos resultados principais discorro a seguir. A situação das astrônomas, baseada nos dados dos sócios da SAB coletados no final de 2004, é comparada com a das físicas brasileiras e também com as nossas colegas americanas. Os dados identificam ainda uma maior evasão da carreira por parte das mulheres do que os homens. Alguns dos possíveis motivos da evasão são discutidos, como o desejo de constituir família e/ou isolamento. Resultados um tanto preocupantes com relação à distribuição de bolsas de produtividade do CNPq também são apresentados. As principais discussões e estratégias recomendadas nesse congresso são mencionadas de forma resumida ao final.

Silva, Adriana V. R.




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Resumo: Este artigo visou a compreensão da parte que a linguagem desempenha na criação de significado e efeito textuais. Para tal, foram analisados extractos da obra neerlandesa De joodse messias de Arnon Grunberg. O objectivo foi elaborar uma comparação ao nível estilístico entre esta obra neerlandesa e uma tradução em Português. Elementos como a ironia e temas recorrentes na literatura

Andreia Carita


revisão Secreção da Insulina: Efeito Autócrino da Insulina e Modulação por Ácidos Graxos  

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219 RESUMO A insulina exerce um papel central na regulação da homeostase da gli- cose e atua de maneira coordenada em eventos celulares que regulam os efeitos metabólicos e de crescimento. A sub-unidade ? do receptor de insulina possui atividade tirosina quinase intrínseca. A autofosforilação do receptor, induzida pela insulina, resulta na fosforilação de substratos protéicos intracelulares, como o substrato-1

Esther P. Haber; Rui Curi; Carla R. O. Carvalho; Angelo R. Carpinelli



Valor nutritivo da silagem de milho sob o efeito da inoculação de bactérias ácido-láticas  

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RESUMO - Os resultados obtidos com a inoculação microbiana de diferentes plantas forrageiras, para a produção de silagens, têm apresentado resultados conflitantes. Objetivou-se, com o presente estudo, avaliar os efeitos da inoculação microbiana da planta de milho, para a produção de silagem, sobre a digestibilidade total em carneiros. Oito carneiros machos e castrados foram distribuídos em um delineamento em cross-over,

Paulo Henrique Mazza Rodrigues; Stefano Juliano Tavares de Andrade; Juliana Martins Ruzante; Felix Ribeiro de Lima; Laércio Melotti




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FECUNDITY OF Callinectes danae SMITH (DECAPODA, PORTUNIDAE) IN LAGOA DA CONCEIÇÃO, SANTA CATARINA, BRAZIL. The estimate for the average fecundity for the C. dance population of Lagoa da Conceição (Florianópolis, Santa Catarina) was of 598.885 eggs by female. The average number of eggs and the weight of the mass of eggs, in general, increase with the female size. The variation

Joaquim Olinto Branco; Marcelo Gentil Avilar


Leonardo da vinci e la matematica  

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Sunto  Lo scopo della presente Nota è quello di illustrare come Leonardo da Vinci, contrariamente a quanto sostengono molti autori,\\u000a possedesse un eccezionale talento matematico, una mentalità tipica dei matematici unita ad una sorprendente originalità. Numerose\\u000a sue idee furono riprese e realizzate nei secoli successivi.

I. S. Fenyö



The Digital Restoration of Da Vinci's Sketches  

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A sketch, found in one of Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks and covered by the written notes of this genius, has been recently restored. The restoration reveals a possible self-portrait of the artist, drawn when he was young. Here, we discuss the discovery of this self-portrait and the procedure used for restoration. Actually, this is a restoration performed on the digital

Amelia Sparavigna



40 CFR 60.49Da - Emission monitoring.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...Subpart Da - Standards of Performance for Electric Utility Steam] [Sec. 60.49da...CONTINUED) STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE FOR NEW STATIONARY SOURCES-- Standards of Performance for Electric Utility Steam Sec....



Hot White Dwarf Luminosity Function, non-DA to DA Ratio, SDSS DR7: Possible Improvements  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Hot white dwarf luminosity functions (LF) have opened new possibilities for the analysis of the properties of WDs at the beginning of their evolution, when the hottest and the youngest objects enter WD cooling tracks. These new LFs allow the investigation of recent star formation rate and neutrino cooling, as well as determination of the DA to non-DA ratio. The latter can, in turn, give a clue about WD atmosphere transformations and chemical composition changes in the hottest WDs. However, the number of hot WDs is rather low, leading to large errors in the DA to non-DA ratio. Is a new SDSS WD catalog a solution to the problem? Some answers are given in this short review.

Krzesi?ski, J.



DA PAISAGEM SONORA À PRODUÇÃO MUSICAL: Contribuições geográficas para o estudo da paisagem  

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Resumo: Diferentes definições do conceito de paisagem vêm sendo discutidas e empregadas na Geografia desde seu surgimento enquanto ciência. No entanto, ainda que alguns admitam a(s) dinâmica(s) existente(s) na paisagem, poucos são os que a encarem além do visual. Com isso, minimizam as possibilidades de ensino acerca da realidade, dificultando o re-conhecimento dos elementos constituintes da paisagem e de sua



A Day in the Life at DaVita Academy  

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|When a company name means "giving life," the bar for learning and development programs is held high. In this article, the author describes what it takes to graduate from DaVita Academy, the soft skills training program dialysis services company DaVita offers all its employees. DaVita's chief executive officer, Kent Thiry, states that the Academy…

Weinstein, Margery



Jogo e brinquedo: reflexões a partir da teoria crítica  

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RESUMO: Este artigo de revisão bibliográfica tem como objetivo contribuir com a reflexão acerca do jogo e do brinquedo no campo da educação e busca, principalmente nos autores da Teoria Crítica, seus principais interlocutores, os subsídios necessários. Apresenta um pouco da história de alguns brinquedos e das relações do jogo com festas e rituais. Discute as mudanças que ocorreram em

Gildo Volpato



The DEAR experiment on DA?NE  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

DEAR is one of the first experiments at the new DA?NE ?-factory at the Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati dell'INFN. The objective of the DEAR experiment is to perform a precision measurement of the strong interaction shifts and widths of the K-series lines in kaonic hydrogen and the first observation of the same quantities in kaonic deuterium. The aim is to obtain a precise determination of the isospin-dependent kaon-nucleon scattering lengths which will represent a breakthrough in KN low-energy phenomenology and will allow us to determine the kaon-nucleon sigma terms. The sigma terms give a direct measurement of chiral symmetry breaking and are connected to the strangeness content of the proton. First results on background measurements with the DEAR NTP setup installed on DA?NE are reported.

Augsburger, M.; Beer, G.; Bianco, S.; Bragadireanu, A. M.; Bregant, M.; Breunlich, W. H.; Cargnelli, M.; Chatellard, D.; Curceanu (Petrascu), C.; Egger, J.-P.; Fabbri, F. L.; Gartner, B.; Guaraldo, C.; Hayano, R. S.; Iliescu, M.; Ishiwatari, T.; Ito, T. M.; Iwasaki, M.; King, R.; Knowles, P.; Koike, T.; Lauss, B.; Lucherini, V.; Marton, J.; Milotti, E.; Mulhauser, F.; Nakamura, S. N.; Ponta, T.; Sanderson, A. C.; Schaller, L. A.; Schellenberg, L.; Schneuwly, H.; Seki, R.; Tomono, D.; Yoneyama, T.; Zavattini, E.; Dear Collaboration




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RESUMO: Este estudo investiga a compreensão da metáfora em língua estrangeira. Selecionou-se expressões metafóricas em língua inglesa, a seguir, examinou-se os seus mapeamentos conceptuais (Lakoff e Johnson, 1980; Grady, 1997). Desenvolveu-se dois testes de múltipla escolha e solicitou-se que 118 participantes fizessem julgamentos dos enunciados metafóricos sem e com um pequeno contexto. Discutiremos o resultado dos testes para os enunciados

Luciane Corrêa FERREIRA


Generazione di mesoni da parte di fotoni  

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Riassunto  In relazione alle esperienze di Berkeley sulla generazione di mesoni da parte di fotoni, si calcolano nella prima approssimazione\\u000a della teoria delle perturbazioni (eg) le sezioni d'urto differenziali per il processo in questione; si fa uso della teoria pseudoscalare con accoppiamento pseudoscalare\\u000a e della teoria scalare con accoppiamento scalare. Al contrario che in lavori precedenti, nel calcolo qui sviluppato si

G. Morpurgo



Generazione di mesoni da parte di fotoni  

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\\u000a Riassunto  In relazione alle esperienze di Berkeley sulla generazione di mesoni da parte di fotoni, si calcolano nella prima approssimazione\\u000a delia teoria delie perturbazioni (eg) le sezioni d’urto differenziali per il processo in questione; si fa uso delia teoria pseudoscalare con accoppiamento pseudoscalare\\u000a e delia teoria scalare con accoppiamento scalare. Al contrario che in lavori precedenti, nel calcolo qui sviluppato si

G. Morpurgo



The real code of leonardo da vinci.  


Leonardo da Vinci was born in Italy. Among the researchers and scientists, he is favourably known for his remarkable efforts in scientific work. His investigations of atherosclerosis judiciously combine three separate fields of research. In 1506, he finished his masterpiece, painting of Mona Lisa. A careful clinical examination of the famous painting reveals a yellow irregular leather-like spot at the inner end of the left upper eyelid and a soft bumpy well-defined swelling of the dorsum of the right hand beneath the index finger about 3 cm long. This is probably the first case of familial hypercholesterolemia (FH). The FH code of Leonardo da Vinci was given immense consideration by scientists like Carl Muller, who described the xanthomas tuberosum and angina pectoris. On the contrary, Akira Endo searched for microbial metabolites that would inhibit HMG-CoA reductase, the rate-limiting enzyme in the synthesis of cholesterol and finally, Michael Brown and Joseph Goldstein published a remarkable series of elegant and insightful papers in the 70s and 80s. They established that the cellular uptake of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) essentially requires the LDL receptor. In conclusion: this was the real Code of Leonardo da Vinci. PMID:19924278

Ose, Leiv




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Desde os anos 90 existe um esforço da União Européia em promover a proteção ecológica dos corpos d'água. Com a nova Diretriz da Água do Parlamento Europeu e do Conselho, de 23 de Outubro de 2000, pela primeira vez, uma orientação ecológica foi atingida na União Européia. Várias ações estão sendo implementadas, dentre elas ressalta-se o estabelecimento de um plano

Alessandra Maciel; Maria do Carmo Sobral; Günter Gunkel


Locally formed dopamine modulates renal Na-Pi co-transport through DA1 and DA2 receptors.  

PubMed Central

The involvement of dopamine (DA) receptor subtypes in regulation of renal phosphate transport by DA, either exogenous or locally synthesized from L-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-dopa) was evaluated in opossum kidney (OK) cells with proximal tubular phenotype. DA synthesis from L-dopa by OK cells was abolished by carbidopa and benserazide, two dissimilar inhibitors of aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase. L-Dopa stimulated cyclic AMP generation and inhibited Na-dependent Pi uptake, and these effects were abolished by carbidopa and benserazide. The effects of L-dopa or DA on cyclic AMP generation and on Na-Pi co-transport were mimicked by SKF 38393, a DA1 receptor agonist, and were potentiated by S-sulpiride, a DA2 receptor antagonist. Bromocriptine, a DA2 receptor agonist, blunted in a pertussis toxin-dependent manner parathyroid hormone (PTH)-induced cyclic AMP generation and inhibition of Pi uptake. In contrast with PTH, neither L-dopa nor DA affected significantly the cytosolic calcium concentration. These results support the involvement of DA1 and DA2 receptors, positively and negatively coupled into adenylate cyclase respectively, in modulation of renal phosphate transport.

Perrichot, R; Garcia-Ocana, A; Couette, S; Comoy, E; Amiel, C; Friedlander, G



DA{phi}NE beam instrumentation  

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DA{phi}NE, the Frascati {phi}-Factory, is now under commissioning. The accelerator complex is composed of a linac, an accumulator-damping ring, and two separate main rings, one for electrons and the other for positrons, with two interaction regions in which the experiments will be placed. In order to achieve the luminosity goal, high performance instrumentation and beam diagnostics have been installed. Some of the relevant beam measurements performed are: beam emittance, transverse and longitudinal dimensions, beam positions and tunes, overlap in the interaction points, and luminosity. An overview of the diagnostic instrumentation of the accelerator complex is given together with measurement examples and discussion of operational experiences.

Ghigo, A.; Biscari, C.; Coiro, O.; Pirro, G. Di; Drago, A.; Gallo, A.; Marcellini, F.; Mazzitelli, G.; Milardi, C.; Sannibale, F.; Serio, M.; Stecchi, A.; Stella, A.; Vignola, G.; Zobov, M. [INFN Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, 00044 Frascati, Roma (Italy)



JaDaCook 2: Cooking Over Ontological Knowledge  

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JaDaCook 2 has been developed to participate in the 2nd Computer Cooking Contest 2009 (CCC-09). The system is an improved version of JaDaCook 1.0 that participated in CCC-08. We have reengineered the source code making the code more reusable and extensible. JaDaCook 2 includes general improvements and new functionality. Namely, a new form based interface, a new version of the

P. Javier Herrera; Pablo Iglesias; García Sánchez; Belén Díaz-Agudo



Melhora da Produtividade no uso do Prontuário Eletrônico do Paciente Utilizando a Engenharia da Usabilidade  

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Currently, to facilitate the storage and search of patients information medical institutions make use of Electr onic Patient Record (EPR). The first version of HUSM Cardiac Unit EPR wasn't p lanned with techniques of Usability Engineering, generating mistakes on da ta transcription. To minimize its mistakes and improve the productivity of EPR use, this work apply the principles of the

Eliana Zen; Raul Ceretta Nunes; Maria Angélica Figueiredo Oliveira; Silva Fonseca; Sérgio Nunes Pereira


i-Farm: A exploração agrícola inteligente da sociedade da informação e do conhecimento  

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Resumo A evolução que se tem vindo a observar no campo das tecnologias de informação e comunicação, em particular no que se refere à computação móvel e da monitorização remota, vem colocar um desafio extremamente interessante ao sector agrícola. Esta nova realidade coloca o conhecimento agronómico no centro das atenções, uma vez que estas tecnologias não fazem mais do que

Miguel de Castro Neto; Luís Miguel Fernandes


Avaliação da função motora em crianças com distrofia muscular congênita com deficiência da merosina  

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RESUMO - A distrofia muscular congênita (DMC) compõe um grupo de miopatias caracterizadas por hipo- tonia e fraqueza muscular notadas até o primeiro ano de vida. Em torno de 40% a 50% dos casos são decor- rentes de deficiência primária da proteína merosina (DM), os quais apresentam um fenótipo mais homogêneo, com grave comprometimento motor e respiratório. Foram avaliadas neste

Fernanda M. Rocco; Fernanda H. Gianini Luz; Alexsander Junquera Rossato; Antônio Carlos Fernandes; Acary S. B. Oliveira; Javier Toledano Beteta; Edmar Zanoteli



Depth asymmetry in da Vinci stereopsis.  


We investigated processes that determine the depth localization of monocular points which have no unambiguous depth. It is known that horizontally adjacent binocular objects are used in depth localization and for a distance of 25-40 min arc monocular points localize to the leading edge of a depth constraint zone, which is an area defined by the visibility lines between which the points in the real world must be. We demonstrate that this rule is not valid in complex depth scenes. Adding other disparate objects to the scene changes the localization of the monocular point in a way that cannot be explained by the da Vinci explanation of monocular-binocular integration. The effect of additional disparate objects is asymmetric in depth: a crossed object does not affect the da Vinci effect but an uncrossed object biases the depth localization of monocular objects to uncrossed direction. We conclude that a horizontally adjacent binocular plane does not completely determine the depth localization of a monocular point and that depth spreading from other binocular elements biases the localization process. PMID:8994582

Häkkinen, J; Nyman, G



Espessura Endometrial como Fator Orientador do Tratamento Clínico da Gravidez Tubária Íntegra  

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Objetivos: avaliar a contribuição da medida da espessura endometrial como fator orientador do tratamento clínico da gravidez tubária íntegra. Métodos: estudo observacional longitudinal, no qual se avaliou a maior medida da espessura endometrial em milímetros, no eixo longitudinal uterino, por meio da ultra-sonografia transvaginal, parâmetro que foi correlacionado com a evolução dos casos. Foram incluídas no estudo 181 pacientes que

Roberto da Costa Soares; Júlio Elito Junior; Kyung Koo Han; Luiz Camano




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Resumo Neste trabalho apresenta-se uma análise espacial da Mobilidade Sustentável (MS) dentro de uma região urbana. Para tanto, foram utilizados indicad ores de MS a partir dos quais foram definidos os índices de mobilidade sustentável (IMS) de cada sub-região (setores) dentro da região de análise. Com base nestes índices foram utilizadas f erramentas de estatística espacial que permitiram avaliar a

Denise de Miranda; Silva Correia; Vânia Barcellos; Gouvêa Campos


1991 DA: An Asteroid in a Bizarre Orbit.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Asteroidal object 1991 DA has an orbit of high inclination, crossing the planets from Mars to Uranus. This is unique for an asteroid, but not unusual for a comet of the Halley-type: it therefore seems likely that 1991 DA is an extinct or dormant comet. Pr...

D. Steel R. H. Mcnaught D. Asher



Uma leitura bergsoniana da Biologia da Cognição: implicações para a educação A bergsonian reading of the Biology of Cognition: Implications to the education  

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RESUMO: A partir da identifi cação de fortes tendências paradigmáticas em direção à complexidade, defi nida aqui como uma dinâmica de imbricamento de todas as dimensões da realidade, a autora destaca a teoria da Biologia da Cognição de Humberto Maturana e Francisco Varela como um conjunto de pressupostos fundamentais nessa nova construção. Essa importância é devida principalmente aos pressupostos revolucionários

Nize Maria Campos Pellanda


The neuroanatomical plates of Guido da Vigevano.  


Guido da Vigevano was an Italian physician and engineer who lived in the 13th and 14th centuries. He was the first scientist who used pictures to illustrate his anatomical descriptions, developing for the first time a close relationship between anatomical studies and artistic drawings. This was further developed in the Renaissance. In his textbook Anathomia are displayed six plates showing for the first time neuroanatomical structures and techniques: dissection of the head by means of trephination, and depictions of the meninges, cerebrum, and spinal cord. On the surface of the brain painting it is possible to recognize a vague patterning of cortical convolutions. Ventricles are also described and shown. This book constituted the first attempt in the history of neuroscience to illustrate an anatomical description with schematic pictures to achieve a better understanding of such complex structures. PMID:17961048

Di Ieva, Antonio; Tschabitscher, Manfred; Prada, Francesco; Gaetani, Paolo; Aimar, Enrico; Pisano, Patrizia; Levi, Daniel; Nicassio, Nicola; Serra, Salvatore; Tancioni, Flavio; Arosio, Massimo; Rodriguez y Baena, Riccardo



40 CFR 60.50Da - Compliance determination procedures and methods.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...Subpart Da - Standards of Performance for Electric Utility Steam] [Sec. 60.50da...CONTINUED) STANDARDS OF PERFORMANCE FOR NEW STATIONARY SOURCES-- Standards of Performance for Electric Utility Steam Sec. 60.50Da...



Comparação da Infiltração Marginal na Obturação Retrógra- da Comparation of the Marginal Infiltration in the Retrograde Obtu- ration  

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Key-words Este trabalho teve o objetivo de avaliar, comparativamente, a capacidade seladora do cimento de N-Rickert, quando inserido em dois preparos cavitários apicais distintos, tendo sido utilizado como substância evidenciadora da infiltração o corante Azul de Metileno a 2%. Foram utilizados 60 Incisivos Superiores, oriundos do Banco de dentes da Faculdade de Odontologia de Pernambuco, conforme aprovação do comitê de

Fernanda Braga Gomes; Diógenes Ferreira Alves; Roberto Alves dos Santos



Lessons and Challenges from a Culture and Gender Responsive School-Based Youth Program: Project Da Da Kidogo.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Project Da Da Kidogo is an innovative and culturally specific program based on the African proverb "It takes an entire village to raise a child." The program provides a wide range of services to meet the academic, social, cultural, and recreational needs of the young African American women in the community. The program focuses on peer group,…

Woo, Annie


Flutuações da temperatura eletrônica em NGC 2438 e NGC 2440  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Tradicionalmente, as abundâncias em nebulosas planetárias e regiões HII têm sido obtidas de linhas excitadas colisionalmente, as quais são fortemente dependentes da temperatura eletrônica. Alternativamente, as abundâncias químicas podem ser determinadas de linhas de recombinação, as quais são quase independententes da temperatura eletrônica. Entretanto, consideráveis diferenças têm sido encontradas entre estes dois métodos. Estas discrepâncias têm sido atribuídas às flutuações espaciais da temperatura eletrônica. Entretanto, as magnitudes necessárias de flutuações de temperatura eletrônica são consideravelmente mais altas do que aquelas preditas pelos modelos padrões de fotoionização e os mecânismos físicos que poderiam explicar as grandes flutuações de temperatura são desconhecidas. Desta forma, o estudo de variações da temperatura eletrônica em regiões HII e nebulosas planetárias tem ganho um renovado interesse. Neste trabalho apresentamos os resultados preliminares de um estudo observacional sobre variações internas da temperatura eletrônica nas nebulosas planetárias NGC 2440 e NGC 2438. Analisamos dados espectrofotométricos de fenda longa, com alta razão sinal-ruído, na faixa de 3300-6800 Å, com o espectrógrafo Cassegrain Boller & Chivens acoplado ao telescópio de 1.52 m do European Southern Observatory (ESO). Temperaturas eletrônicas foram derivadas da razão [OIII](l4959+l5007)/l4363 em diferentes posições em cada nebulosa planetária. Flutuações da temperatura eletrônica foram detectadas e suas magnitudes foram estimadas em NGC 2440 e NGC 2438.

Krabbe, A. C.; Copetti, M. V. F.



Circumstellar features in hot DA white dwarfs  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a phenomenological study of highly ionized, non-photospheric absorption features in high spectral resolution vacuum ultraviolet spectra of 23 hot DA white dwarfs. Prior to this study, four of the survey objects (Feige 24, REJ 0457-281, G191-B2B and REJ 1614-085) were known to possess these features. We find four new objects with multiple components in one or more of the principal resonance lines: REJ 1738+665, Ton 021, REJ 0558-373 and WD 2218+706. A fifth object, REJ 2156-546, also shows some evidence of multiple components, though further observations are required to confirm the detection. We discuss possible origins for these features including ionization of the local interstellar environment, the presence of material inside the gravitational well of the white dwarf, mass loss in a stellar wind and the existence of material in an ancient planetary nebula around the star. We propose ionization of the local interstellar medium as the origin of these features in G191-B2B and REJ 1738+665, and demonstrate the need for higher-resolution spectroscopy of the sample, to detect multiple interstellar medium velocity components and to identify circumstellar features that may lie close to the photospheric velocity.

Bannister, N. P.; Barstow, M. A.; Holberg, J. B.; Bruhweiler, F. C.



[Typology of nosocomial architecture on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, XVI century. Enrique Egas' model in Spain and Vasco de Quiroga's model in New Spain].  


Two visions of the nosocomial architecture are discussed, located in a close time period, 1505-1535, but inserted in two different scenarios. One is in the Renaissance Spain, proposed by the architect E. Egas (born in Toledo, Spain), and the other one in the New Spain, proposed by V. de Quiroga, who chose an architectural style coherent with the Franciscan ideals of humbleness and evangelization, which set aside the ornamentation typical of Spanish medieval hospitals rather than palatial monuments built by E. Egas. The "hospital-village" project by V. de Quiroga allowed the patients and their families to live together, which was accepted by pre-Hispanic families that in the time were extensive. The hospital-village, both in its typology and in its health conception, returns to designs already in disuse of the Spanish Middle Age by picking up the idea of a hospital as a multifunctional space in which sanitary attention, nurseries, and shelters for poor people were combined within the church. PMID:23999639

Rodríguez-Orozco, Alain Raimundo; Rodríguez Pérez, Martha Eugenia


[The pharmacokinetic effect of haloperidol on DA receptors].  


There is increasing evidence that the metabolism of haloperidol is of major significance in the action of the drug. The metabolism of haloperidol is quite simple. It keeps only typical oxidative metabolic pathway. Despite of the existing knowledge of such pathways we still do not know the exact fate of the administered compound in the serum and urine. The aim of the study was the investigation of the influence of haloperidol and its oxidative forms on D(A) and its compounds in serum. The 12,0 hour investigation demonstrated a protective effect on D(A) activity. The D(A) synthesis rate constant was increased to about the same level by GBL as well as by haloperidol. Therefore, the differences between the two regions in the reactions to the drugs to a large extent could be explained by a high and low synthesis of D(A), under controlled conditions in the olfactory tubercle and the corpus striatum. PMID:15855705

Giorgobiani, I B; Kitiashvili, S A



Thirty-Five New Pulsating DA White Dwarf Stars  

Microsoft Academic Search

We present 35 new pulsating DA (hydrogen atmosphere) white dwarf stars discovered from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) and the Hamburg Quasar Survey (HQS). We have acquired high-speed time series photometry of preselected DA white dwarfs with a prime focus CCD photometer on the 2.1 m telescope at McDonald Observatory over 15 months. We selected these stars on the

F. Mullally; R. E. Nather; D. E. Winget; Ted von Hippel; S. J. Kleinman; Atsuko Nitta; Jurek Krzesinski; S. O. Kepler; A. Kanaan; D. Koester; D. J. Sullivan; D. Homeier; S. E. Thompson; D. Reaves; C. Cotter; D. Slaughter; J. Brinkmann



Hasty?yurv?da--a complete treatise on elephants.  


Ayurv?da, the oldest existing medical science of India, which is not only responsible for the health of human beings but also, plays an important in Veterinary sciences. In India, history of traditional Veterinary medicine dates back to the era of Mah?bh?rata i.e.5000 B.C., recorded in the form of "Nakula Samhhit?". Hast?yurv?da is a treatise on elephants, Palk?pya wrote this Samhit?. The present book is available as a complete Samhit?, edited by Pandit Shivadutta Sharma. Hast?yurv?da was printed at Anand??rama press in 1894. Hast?yurv?da has 160 Adhy?y?s. This Samhit? is based on fundamental principles of Ayurv?da, containing all aspects of Sharir including Anatomy & Physiology, Rog Vigy?na, Surgery and Treatment of elephants as well as their care. It is the one and only complete printed Samhit? and rare book on Hast?yurv?da by Palk?pya. PMID:18175649

Sharma, Mahesh Chandra


Estudo de não gaussianidade nas anisotropias da RCF medidas Wmap  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A investigação do campo de flutuações da Radiação Cósmica de Fundo (RCF) pode oferecer um importante teste para os modelos cosmológicos que descrevem a origem e a evolução das flutuações primordiais. De um lado, apresenta-se o modelo inflacionário que prevê um espectro de flutuações adiabáticas distribuídas segundo uma gaussiana e, de outro, os modelos de defeitos topológicos (dentre outros) que descrevem um mecanismo para a geração de flutuações de isocurvatura que obedecem a uma distribuição não gaussiana. Este trabalho tem como objetivo caracterizar traços do modelo não gaussiano de campo misto (entre flutuações adiabáticas e de isocurvatura) nos mapas do Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP). Simulações das anisotropias da RCF no contexto de mistura indicam traços marcantes na distribuição das flutuações de temperatura, mesmo quando consideradas pequenas contribuições do campo de isocurvatura (da ordem de 0.001). O efeito da mistura entre os campos resulta na transferência de potência de flutuações em escalas angulares intermediárias para flutuações em pequenas escalas angulares. Este efeito pode ser caracterizado pela relação entre as amplitudes dos primeiros picos acústicos no espectro de potência da RCF. Neste trabalho, investigamos a contribuição do campo de isocurvatura, no contexto de mistura, sobre as observações recentes da RCF realizadas pelo WMAP. As previsões do modelo de campo misto, uma vez confrontadas com as observações em pequenas escalas angulares, podem ajudar a revelar a natureza das flutuações primordiais.

Andrade, A. P. A.; Wuensche, C. A.; Ribeiro, A. L. B.



Characterization of vinpocetine effects on DA and DOPAC release in striatal isolated nerve endings  

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The effect of vinpocetine, a nootropic drug with anti-ischemic potential, on the release of DA and its main metabolite, DOPAC, was investigated in striatum isolated nerve endings under resting and depolarized conditions. Vinpocetine does not modify the baseline release of DA or the exocytotic release of DA evoked by high K+, but inhibits the release of DA evoked by veratridine

Francisco Trejo; Vladimir Nekrassov; Mar??a Sitges



Mevalocidin: a novel, phloem mobile phytotoxin from Fusarium DA056446 and Rosellinia DA092917.  


A multiyear effort to identify new natural products was built on a hypothesis that both phytotoxins from plant pathogens and antimicrobial compounds might demonstrate herbicidal activity. The discovery of one such compound, mevalocidin, is described in the current report. Mevalocidin was discovered from static cultures of two unrelated fungal isolates designated Rosellinia DA092917 and Fusarium DA056446. The chemical structure was confirmed by independent synthesis. Mevalocidin demonstrated broad spectrum post-emergence activity on grasses and broadleaves and produced a unique set of visual symptoms on treated plants suggesting a novel mode of action. Mevalocidin was rapidly absorbed in a representative grass and broadleaf plant. Translocation occurred from the treated leaf to other plant parts including roots confirming phloem as well as xylem mobility. By 24 hr after application, over 20 % had been redistributed through-out the plant. Mevalocidin is a unique phytotoxin based on its chemistry, with the uncommon attribute of demonstrating both xylem and phloem mobility in grass and broadleaf plants. PMID:23314893

Gerwick, B Clifford; Brewster, William K; Deboer, Gerrit J; Fields, Steve C; Graupner, Paul R; Hahn, Donald R; Pearce, Cedric J; Schmitzer, Paul R; Webster, Jeffery D



In vivo dopamine (DA) receptor binding and behavioural effects of the putative DA autoreceptor antagonists (+)-AJ 76 and (+)UH 232 in rats with a unilateral nigral 6-OH-DA lesion  

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The in vivo dopamine (DA) receptor binding and behavioural properties of the recently characterised putative preferential DA autoreceptor antagonists (+)-AJ 76 and (+)-UH 232 were studied in rats with a unilateral 6-OH-DA lesion of the substantia nigra. The main findings were a) that (+)-UH 232 and (+)-AJ 76 per se failed to produce significant turning behaviour, b) that both agents

M. Hajos; S. Hjorth; K. Svensson; A. Carlsson



Determinacao de (sup 210) Pb em aguas minerais da cidade de Aguas da Prata. (Determination of (sup 210) Pb in mineral spring waters of Aguas da Prata city).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Concentration levels of (sup 210) Pb have been analyzed in 12 mineral spring waters of Aguas da Prata city. The (sup 210) Pb concentration was determined through (sup 210) Bi, by measuring the gross beta activity of the (sup 210) Pb Cr O(sub 4) precipitat...

S. R. D. Moreira



Overview of ATLAS PanDA Workload Management  

SciTech Connect

The Production and Distributed Analysis System (PanDA) plays a key role in the ATLAS distributed computing infrastructure. All ATLAS Monte-Carlo simulation and data reprocessing jobs pass through the PanDA system. We will describe how PanDA manages job execution on the grid using dynamic resource estimation and data replication together with intelligent brokerage in order to meet the scaling and automation requirements of ATLAS distributed computing. PanDA is also the primary ATLAS system for processing user and group analysis jobs, bringing further requirements for quick, flexible adaptation to the rapidly evolving analysis use cases of the early datataking phase, in addition to the high reliability, robustness and usability needed to provide efficient and transparent utilization of the grid for analysis users. We will describe how PanDA meets ATLAS requirements, the evolution of the system in light of operational experience, how the system has performed during the first LHC data-taking phase and plans for the future.

Maeno T.; De K.; Wenaus T.; Nilsson P.; Stewart G. A.; Walker R.; Stradling A.; Caballero J.; Potekhin M.; Smith D.



Recent Improvements in the ATLAS PanDA Pilot  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Production and Distributed Analysis system (PanDA) in the ATLAS experiment uses pilots to execute submitted jobs on the worker nodes. The pilots are designed to deal with different runtime conditions and failure scenarios, and support many storage systems. This talk will give a brief overview of the PanDA pilot system and will present major features and recent improvements including CernVM File System integration, the job retry mechanism, advanced job monitoring including JEM technology, and validation of new pilot code using the HammerCloud stress-testing system. PanDA is used for all ATLAS distributed production and is the primary system for distributed analysis. It is currently used at over 130 sites worldwide. We analyze the performance of the pilot system in processing LHC data on the OSG, EGI and Nordugrid infrastructures used by ATLAS, and describe plans for its further evolution.

Nilsson, P.; Caballero Bejar, J.; Compostella, G.; Contreras, C.; De, K.; Dos Santos, T.; Maeno, T.; Potekhin, M.; Wenaus, T.



Um estudo espectrofotométrico da variável cataclísmica V3885 Sgr  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Variáveis Cataclísmicas são sistemas binários cerrados compostos de uma anã vermelha que transfere matéria para uma anã branca, em sistemas não magnéticos ocorre a formação de um disco de acresção em torno da anã branca. V3885 Sgr é uma variável cataclísmica classificada como sendo do tipo nova-like. É apresentado um estudo espectrofotométrico de V3885 Sgr de alta resolução temporal feito na região do visível. A região observada é centrada em Ha e abrange também a linha de HeI 6678. O primeiro resultado obtido neste estudo é a determinação do período orbital a partir de medidas da velocidade radial da linha de Ha como sendo 0,20716071(22) dias, resolvendo inconsistências quanto a esse valor na literatura e definindo uma efeméride a longo prazo para o sistema. Com este período e as medidas de velocidade radial do perfil de linha de Ha foi construído um diagrama de massas, através do qual restringimos as massas das componentes estelares do sistema e limitamos a inclinação orbital do sistema. Foram construídos diagramas de Greenstein para as linhas de Ha e HeI, onde os espectros médios em cada intervalo de fase são representados lado a lado em escala de cinza, indicando a existência de uma emissão intensa proveniente da parte posterior do disco. A partir da tomografia Doppler obtivemos perfis de emissividade radial para o disco tanto para a linha de Ha como para HeI. Os resultados obtidos são comparados com os de outros sistemas estudados com a mesma técnica. Serão apresentados também resultados da tomografia de flickering para o sistema.

Ribeiro, F. M. A.; Diaz, M. P.



The Potential da Vinci in All of Us  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

The study of the human form is fundamental to both science and art curricula. For vertebrates, perhaps no feature is more important than the skeleton to determine observable form and function. As Leonard da Vinci's famous Proportions of the Human Figure (Virtruvian Man) illustrates, the size, shape, and proportions of the human body are defined by bones and their articulations. In this unit that focuses on the human skeleton, students are introduced to these concepts by asking them both to study da Vinci's drawing and build their own model of the human skeleton. Units on animal camouflage and architecture are also presented to further support the art and science connection.

Petto, Andrew; Petto, Sarah



Mapeamento DA Vegetacao/USO DA Terra de Areas Indigenas Utilisando-Se Dados TM/LANDSAT (Mapping of Vegetation/Land Use of Indigenous Areas Utilizing TM/LANDSAT Data).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The objective of this work is to provide environmental information about indigenous areas (Ananas Ponta da Serra, Cajueiro, Ouro, Araca, Serra da Moca, Recanto da Saudade). The study area is located in Boa Vista, Bonfim, and Alto Alegre municipalities in ...

P. Hernandezfilho K. Defaria



A parallel bit map processor architecture for DA algorithms  

Microsoft Academic Search

Bit maps have been used in many Design Automation (DA) algorithms such as printed circuit board (PCB) layout and integrated circuit (IC) design rule checking (DRC). The attraction of bit maps is that they provide a direct representation of two-dimensional images. The difficulty with large scale use of bit maps (e.g., for DRC on VLSI) is that the large amounts

Tom Blank; Mark Stefik; Willem vanCleemput



Gente da Nossa - the production of a mediated \\  

Microsoft Academic Search

Gente da nossa is the name of a TV show produced in Toronto, Canada, by a small team of second generation Portuguese\\/Azorean migrants. Mainly focused in the Portuguese migrant population residing in Canada but broadcasted to all North America and Bermuda and present in the Internet, this weekly TV show is currently being studied both as a window to the

Marta Rosales; Sonia Ferreira


Early Radar Observations of Asteroid 2012 DA14  

NASA Video Gallery

This 73-frame movie of asteroid 2012 DA14 was generated from data obtained by NASA's Goldstone Solar System Radar on the night of Feb. 15 to 16, 2013. The observations were made as the asteroid was moving away from Earth. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech › Asteroid and Comet Watch site

Anthony Greicius



Women and Technical Professions. Leonardo da Vinci Series: Good Practices.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

This document profiles programs for women in technical professions that are offered through the European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci program. The following programs are profiled: (1) Artemis and Diana (vocational guidance programs to help direct girls toward technology-related careers); (2) CEEWIT (an Internet-based information and…

Commission of the European Communities, Brussels (Belgium). Directorate-General for Education and Culture.



Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo: O objetivo deste trabalho foi investigar os gêneros de discursos utilizados por alunos da terceira série do Ensino Médio a respeito de um dos conteúdos vinculados ao ensino de química ambiental: o estudo do gás ozônio e os problemas relacionados à degradação de sua camada na atmosfera terrestre. Os resultados apontam para um nível de envolvimento discursivo em que

Marcelo Maia Cirino; Aguinaldo Robinson de Souza



The Potential da Vinci in All of Us  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The study of the human form is fundamental to both science and art curricula. For vertebrates, perhaps no feature is more important than the skeleton to determine observable form and function. As Leonard da Vinci's famous Proportions of the Human Figure (Virtruvian Man) illustrates, the size, shape, and proportions of the human body are defined…

Petto, Sarah; Petto, Andrew



Asteroid 1986 DA: Radar evidence for a metallic composition  

Microsoft Academic Search

Radar observations of the near-Earth asteroid 1986 DA were carried out at the Arecibo Observatory in April 1986, two months after its discovery. Radar results are consistent with the hypothesis that 1986 HA is a piece of NiFe metal derived from the interior of a much larger object that melted, differentiated, cooled and subsequently was disrupted in a catastrophic collision.

Steven J. Ostro; D. B. Campbell; J. F. Chandler; A. A. Hine; R. S. Hudson; K. D. Rosema; Irwin I. Shapiro



Studying and Working Abroad. Leonardo da Vinci Series: Good Practices.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This document profiles recent successful examples of students studying and working abroad as part of the European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci program, which is designed to give students across the European Union the opportunity to experience vocational training in a foreign country. The following examples are presented: (1) 3 Finnish students…

Commission of the European Communities, Brussels (Belgium). Directorate-General for Education and Culture.


Assessing “Western” Mindfulness Among Thai Therav?da Buddhist Monks  

Microsoft Academic Search

Mindfulness has its roots in Eastern contemplative traditions and is rapidly gaining popularity in Western psychology. However, questions remain regarding the validity of Western operationalizations of mindfulness. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to assess the applicability of several Western mindfulness measures among a sample of Thai Therav?da Buddhist monks. Twenty-four monks recruited from Buddhist temples in Thailand participated

Michael S. Christopher; Varinthorn Christopher; Sukjai Charoensuk



A Film on Leonardo da Vinci by Luciano Emmer  

Microsoft Academic Search

Leonardo da Vinci probably did not consider the possibility of realizing images with real movement. Many centuries later, however, the author's father, Luciano Emmer, had the idea of reinterpreting the images of the famous artist and scientist using the technique of cinema.

Michele Emmer



Observation Asteroid 2012 DA14 in the Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

On February 15, 2013 in the Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory have been made observations on the eve of the maximum approachment of an astroid 2012 DA14. For 30 minutes have taken 31 cadre and angular displacement was 22 degrees. Speed of move the asteroid off from the Earth is defined. - V=7.73 km/s

Teymurov, N. N.; Bogdanov, R. R.; Zamanov A. V.; Mammadov, F. R.; Mustafa, F. R., Mikailov, Kh. M.



40 CFR 60.48Da - Compliance provisions.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...performance of an electrostatic precipitator (ESP) operated to comply with the applicable...60.42Da(c)(2) or (d) using an ESP predictive model developed in accordance...this section. (i) You must calibrate the ESP predictive model with each PM control...



40 CFR 60.48Da - Compliance provisions.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2010 CFR

...performance of an electrostatic precipitator (ESP) operated to comply with the applicable...60.42Da(c)(2) or (d) using an ESP predictive model developed in accordance...section. (i) You must calibrate the ESP predictive model with each PM control...



Training and Health. Leonardo da Vinci Series: Good Practices.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|This document profiles programs in the fields of health and medicine that are offered through the European Commission's Leonardo da Vinci program. The following programs are profiled: (1) CYTOTRAIN (a transnational vocational training program in cervical cancer screening); (2) Apollo (a program of open and distance learning for paramedical…

Commission of the European Communities, Brussels (Belgium). Directorate-General for Education and Culture.


A teoria da percolação aplicada às galáxias aneladas peculiares  

Microsoft Academic Search

Formulado no final da década de 50, o modelo de percolação concentra-se em descrever o meio poroso, que será visto neste trabalho como uma rede de canais aleatórios, por onde escoa um fluido determinístico. Se o número de canais for suficientemente grande, então eles estarão ligados e o meio se tornará permeável à passagem do fluido. Neste caso, dizemos que

P. C. R. Poppe; V. A. F. Martin; N. G. F. de Medeiros; M. Faúndez-Abans; M. Oliveira-Abans



Síndrome da cabeça caída em doença do neurônio motor  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO - A síndrome da cabeça caída é causada por diminuição de força nos músculos extensores do pescoço sendo encontrada em diversas doenças neuro m u s c u l a res, bem como, na esclerose lateral amiotrófica. D e s c revemos o caso de três mulheres com diagnóstico de doença do neurônio motor com quadro clínico de disfagia

Paulo José Lorenzoni; Marcos Christiano Lange; Cláudia S. K. Kay; Luiz G. M. P. de Almeida; Hélio A. G. Teive; Rosana H. Scola; Lineu C. Werneck



Using DaVinci Technology for Digital Video Devices  

Microsoft Academic Search

It's not practical for one SoC processor to fit all equipment and meet today's aggressive performance, power, and cost targets. The DaVinci integrated portfolio of processors, software, and tools offers support for developing a broad spectrum of optimized digital video equipment.

Deepu Talla; Jeremiah Golston




EPA Science Inventory

EPA promulgated minimum quality assurance (QA) requirements for Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) in 40 CFR Part 60 Appendix F. Appendix F requires Da source owners to develop site-specific QA plans and report the results of EPA specified QA activities each calendar q...


Protective Immune Responses to the 42-Kilodalton (kDa) Region of Plasmodium yoelii Merozoite Surface Protein 1 Are Induced by the C-Terminal 19-kDa Region but Not by the Adjacent 33-kDa Region  

Microsoft Academic Search

Vaccination of mice with the 42-kDa region of Plasmodium yoelii merozoite surface protein 1 (MSP142 )o r its 19-kDa C-terminal processing product (MSP119) can elicit protective antibody responses in mice. To investi- gate if the 33-kDa N-terminal fragment (MSP133) of MSP142 also induces protection, the gene segment encoding MSP133 was expressed as a glutathione S-transferase (GST) fusion protein. C57BL\\/6 and

Niklas Ahlborg; Irene T. Ling; Wendy Howard; Anthony A. Holder; Eleanor M. Riley



The Near-Earth Flyby of Asteroid 2012 DA14  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

On UT 2013 February 15, the approximately 30 meter near-Earth asteroid 2012 DA14 made a close flyby of the Earth at a distance of approximately 27,000 km or 4 Earth-radii. This passage was inside the orbital distance of geosynchronous satellites and close to the Earth’s Roche limit. This close encounter was unprecedented in our advance knowledge of the incoming trajectory, thereby allowing us to forge a detailed coordinated plan for observation and testing of physical models predicting tidal effects near our planet’s Roche limit. Predicted outcomes of such close encounters include tidal disruption, changes in rotation state, and mass loss or mass redistribution due to seismic shaking. Each of these effects sensitively depend on how tidal energy is dissipated in the interior of the asteroid: a rubble pile will dissipate tidal energy differently than a solid or partially fractured monolith. The internal properties of asteroids in general and particularly those in the size range of 2012 DA14 are largely unknown. This encounter represents one of the first ever opportunities to observationally test models of the interior structure of small planetary bodies. We will present the results of a large multi-observatory campaign that obtained visible-wavelength photometric and spectroscopic observations of 2012 DA14 during its discovery epoch in 2012, and surrounding its close approach in 2013. These results include clear evidence that 2012 DA14 is now in a non-principal axis rotation state, requiring a multi-periodic tumbling model to fit its post-flyby rotational light curve. The ultimate goal of this campaign will be to investigate changes to 2012 DA14’s physical properties induced by its gravitational interactions with the Earth.

Moskovitz, Nicholas; Endicott, T.; Lister, T.; Ryan, B.; Ryan, E.; Willman, M.; Hergenrother, C.; Binzel, R.; Polishook, D.; DeMeo, F.; Benecchi, S.; Sheppard, S.; Marchis, F.; Angusteijn, T.; Birthwhistle, P.; Verveer, A.; Gulbis, A.; Nagayama, T.; Gilmore, A.; Kilmartin, P.



Yarkovsky-driven Impact Predictions: Apophis and 1950 DA  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Orbit determination for Near-Earth Asteroids presents unique technical challenges due to the imperative of early detection and careful assessment of the risk posed by specific Earth close approaches. The occurrence of an Earth impact can be decisively driven by the Yarkovsky effect, which is the most important nongravitational perturbation as it causes asteroids to undergo a secular variation in semimajor axis resulting in a quadratic effect in anomaly. We discuss the cases of (99942) Apophis and (29075) 1950 DA. The relevance of the Yarkovsky effect for Apophis is due to a scattering close approach in 2029 with minimum geocentric distance ~38000 km. For 1950 DA the influence of the Yarkovsky effect in 2880 is due to the long time interval preceding the impact. We use the available information from the astrometry and the asteroids' physical models and dynamical evolution as a starting point for a Monte Carlo method that allows us to measure how the Yarkovsky effect affects orbital predictions. We also find that 1950 DA has a 98% likelihood of being a retrograde rotator. For Apophis we map onto the 2029 close approach b-plane and analyze the keyholes corresponding to resonant close approaches. For 1950 DA we use the b-plane corresponding to the possible impact in 2880. We finally compute the impact probability from the mapped probability density function on the considered b-plane. For Apophis we have 4 in a million chances of an impact in 2068, while the probability of Earth impact in 2880 for 1950 DA is 0.04%.

Chesley, Steven R.; Farnocchia, D.; Chodas, P. W.; Milani, A.



Perfil da automedicação em idosos participantes de grupos da terceira idade de uma cidade do sul do Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo Introdução: A automedicação tem sido objeto de muitas pesquisas e assume uma importância maior quando é realizada por idosos, pois geralmente representam um grupo polimedicado. Objetivo: Avaliar a automedicação em idosos participantes de grupos da terceira idade localizados em uma cidade do sul do Brasil. Métodos: Foi realizado um estudo transversal baseado em entrevistas com idosos participantes de grupos

Edézio Antunes Cascaes; Maria Luiza Falchetti; Dayani Galato


A Inserção Feminina no Mercado de Trabalho do Agronegócio: Uma Estudo Comparativo da Sadia e da Perdigão  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo O estudo apresenta uma visão comparativa das práticas de evidenciação, no Balanço Social, dos indicadores sociais relacionados à inserção da mulher nas Empresas Sadia e Perdigão. A análise dos indicadores laborais pode oferecer informações relevantes para investidores e para a sociedade em geral quanto à proteção e ao estímulo do trabalho feminino. O estudo utiliza o banco de dados

Antonio Nunes Pereira; Vandresa Lucia Machado; Fabricio Carvalho Cipola; Claudio Jose Pinheiro; Ana Alice Vilas Boas



A influência da ocupação profissional na flexibilidade global e nas amplitudes angulares dos membros inferiores e da lombar  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo - O desenvolvimento tecnológico no ambiente de trabalho gerou um au- mento no tempo em que os indivíduos permanecem sentados enquanto trabalham em escritórios. Isto pode estar influenciando negativamente capacidades físicas inatas como a flexibilidade da cadeia posterior do corpo, porém poucos são os estudos que avaliaram a influência do trabalho nesta capacidade física. Esta avaliação pode contribuir para

Sandra Aliberti; Bergson Weber; Cabral Queiroz; Denise Pripas; Isadora Kieling; Adriana Elisa Sellmer; Amaro Malvestio; Marcel Tomonori Sera


Dinâmica da alimentação natural de Callinectes danae Smith (Decapoda, Portunidae) na Lagoa da Conceição, Florianôpolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil  

Microsoft Academic Search

FEEDING NATURAL DYNAMICS OF Callinectes danae SMITH (DECAPODA, PORTUNIDAE) FROM LAGOA DA CONCEIÇÃO, FLORIANÓPOLIS, SANTA CATARINA, BRAZIL. From March\\/91 to February\\/92 monthly collection surveys were carried out to obtain basic information about the dynamics of feeding and trophic spectrum of C. danae Smith, 1869. A total of 456 males and 527 females were caught. The diet of the species was

Joaquim Olinto Branco; José Roberto Verani



Predição de Aspectos da Emoção Constatada em Música por Descritores Cognitivos Musicais  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo. O estudo de cognição musical normalmente se utiliza de modelos computacionais para calcular aspectos específicos da percepção e interpretação da informação musical. Estes modelos são chamados na literatura de descritores acústicos quando calculam características musicais, na forma de series temporais, diretamente de arquivos de áudio. Chamamos de descritores cognitivos musicais (DCM) aos descritores acústicos que calculam aspectos contextuais da

Jose Fornari


First experiences with the da Vinci™ operating robot in thoracic surgery  

Microsoft Academic Search

Objectives: The da Vinci™ surgical robotic system was purchased at our institution in June 2001. The aim of this trial was to evaluate the applicability of the da Vinci™ operation robot for general thoracic procedures. Methods: The da Vinci™ surgical system consists of a console connected to a surgical arm cart, a manipulator unit with two instrument arms and a

J. Bodner; H. Wykypiel; G. Wetscher; T. Schmid



Dieta cetogênica e dieta de Atkins modificada no tratamento da epilepsia refratária em crianças e adultos  

Microsoft Academic Search

RESUMO Introdução: A dieta cetogênica (DC) e a dieta de Atkins modificada (DAM) são dietas terapêuticas mun- dialmente utilizadas no tratamento da epilepsia refratária em crianças e adultos. No Brasil estas modalidades de tratamento são pouco indicadas, restringindo a poucos centros. Metodologia: Revisão de literatura sobre a utilização da DC e DAM no tratamento da epilepsia refratária. Conclusões: A DC

Luciana Midori Inuzuka-Nakaharada



Brain-Specific Interaction of a 91-kDa Membrane-Bound Protein with the Cytoplasmic Tail of the 300-kDa Mannose 6Phosphate Receptor  

Microsoft Academic Search

The cytoplasmic tail of the 300 kDa mannose 6-phosphate receptor (MPR 300-CT) is thought to play an important role in sorting and targeting of lysosomal enzymes and the insulin-like growth factor II along the biosynthetic and endocytic pathway. In this study a brain specific 91 kDa protein and a 35 kDa protein salt-washed from membranes (referred as TIP 91-M and

Olaf Rosorius; Olaf-Georg Issinger; Thomas Braulke



The isolated massive DA white dwarf GD 50  

SciTech Connect

Analysis of accurate hydrogen line profiles from optical and ultraviolet spectrophotometry shows that the hot DA white dwarf GD 50 (WD 0346-011) has an exceptionally high surface gravity of log g = 9.0 + or - 0.15; the derived parameters imply a mass of 1.2 solar mass and a radius of 0.0057 solar mass, if an interior composed of carbon and oxygen is assumed. As such, it is the first well-studied, isolated DA white dwarf with a likely mass larger than that of Sirius B. Moreover, the derived mass is large enough to consider the possibility that the interior is composed of oxygen, neon, and magnesium. If GD 50 has evolved as a single object, it should be quite young. Alternatively, the star could have formed as the result of a merger of a close pair of white dwarfs. 48 refs.

Bergeron, P.; Liebert, J.; Kidder, K.M.; Holberg, J.B.; Wesemael, F. (Steward Observatory, Tucson, AZ (USA) Arizona, University, Tucson Montreal, Universite, Montreal (Canada))



[Giovanbattista da Monte (Montanus): father of modern clinical medicine].  


The figure of Giovanbattista da Monte (1489-1551) is associated with the introduction of clinical teaching at the patient's beside, in 1543, at the San Francesco Hospital of Padua. In the XVI century, teaching was still based on the explanation and comment of the ancient authors and the educational programme was founded on theoretical aspects. The "practical" approach consisted of the treatment "ex cathedra" of diseases according to the various parts of the body, without observing the course of the pathological events with a direct confirmation at the patient's beside.To his merit, Da Monte established the practise of training students to gather the case history, to carry out an objective examination, and to closely examine disease phenomena with lessons at the bedside of the patient. Practical clinical training was thus introduced as the crucial moment in the formation of the physician. PMID:16285087

Franceschetti, Diego; Agazia, Bruno; Zanchin, Giorgio



Approach of Asteroid 2012 DA14 from Samford Valley Observatory  

NASA Video Gallery

This movie from the Samford Valley Observatory in Brisbane, Australia, shows the progress of asteroid 2012 DA14 across the night sky as it nears its closest approach. It was taken at 12:59 UTC on Feb. 15 (7:59 a.m. EST, or 4:59 a.m. PST). The movie has been sped up 50 times. Credit: J. Bradshaw › Asteroid and Comet Watch site

Anthony Greicius



Da Vinci robotic-assisted radical hysterectomy procedural guide  

Microsoft Academic Search

The Da Vinci robotic surgical platform has rapidly been adopted by skilled surgeons for procedures in gynecologic oncology.\\u000a The lack of specific procedural guides and surgical atlases for robotic surgery in gynecologic oncology produces challenges\\u000a in the education of trainees in their role both as the assistant and as the console surgeon. This procedural guide was developed\\u000a in order to

Cecelia Boardman; Adam Huggins; Kathryn Hull


The DEAR experiment on DA&Fgr;NE  

Microsoft Academic Search

DEAR is one of the first experiments at the new DA&Fgr;NE ?-factory at the Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati dell'INFN. The objective of the DEAR experiment is to perform a precision measurement of the strong interaction shifts and widths of the K-series lines in kaonic hydrogen and the first observation of the same quantities in kaonic deuterium. The aim is to

M. Augsburger; G. Beer; S. Biancoc; A. M. Bragadireanuc; M. Bregant; W. H. Breunlich; M. Cargnelli; D. Chatellard; J.-P. Egger; F. L. Fabbri; B. Gartner; C. Guaraldo; R. S. Hayano; M. Iliescu; T. Ishiwatari; T. M. Ito; M. Iwasaki; R. King; P. Knowles; T. Koike; B. Lauss; V. Lucherini; J. Marton; E. Milotti; F. Mulhauser; S. N. Nakamura; T. Ponta; A. C. Sanderson; L. A. Schaller; L. Schellenberg; H. Schneuwly; R. Seki; D. Tomono; T. Yoneyama; E. Zavattini; J. Zmeskal



A quasi-passive CMOS pipeline D\\/A converter  

Microsoft Academic Search

A novel pipeline digital-to-analog converter configuration, based on switched-capacitor techniques, is described. An n-bit D\\/A conversion can be implemented by cascading n + 1 unit cells. The device count of the circuit increases linearly, not exponentially, with the conversion accuracy. The new configuration can be pipelined. Hence, the conversion rate can be increased without requiring a higher clock rate. An

Fong-Jim Wang; Gabor C. Temes; Simon Law



Surgical treatment of parietal defects with "da Vinci" surgical robot  

PubMed Central

The robotic surgery has come through the development of telemedicine and minimally invasive surgery concepts, being developed in the military medicine by NASA during the years 1970-1980. The purpose of this paper is to briefly present our experience in the new field of the robotic surgery, by analyzing the results obtained over a lot of 20 patients operated with the “da Vinci” robot within the last 5 years in the Clinical Emergency Hospital Bucharest for various abdominal defects

Vasilescu, D; Paun, S



Research of the orbital evolution of asteroid 2012 DA14  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Research of the orbital evolution of asteroid 2012 DA14 on the time interval from 1800 to 2206 is made, an object close approaches with Earth and the Moon are detected, the probability of impact with Earth is calculated. The used mathematical model is consistent with the DE405, the integration was performed using a modified Everhart's method of 27th order, the probability of collision is calculated using the Monte Carlo method.

Zausaev, A. F.; Denisov, S. S.; Derevyanka, A. E.


Model atmospheres of DA white dwarfs. I. Calculation method  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The method used to calculate DA-type white dwarf model atmospheres is described. For solution of the equation of radiative transfer Feautrier's method is used. Temperature corrections are determined by Rybicki's method. Besides, the method of integral equations proposed by Böhm-Vitense is discussed. The method of taking into account convection and the way to determine an appropriate starting convective model are described.

Galdikas, A.


Improving Security in the ATLAS PanDA System  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The security challenges faced by users of the grid are considerably different to those faced in previous environments. The adoption of pilot jobs systems by LHC experiments has mitigated many of the problems associated with the inhomogeneities found on the grid and has greatly improved job reliability; however, pilot jobs systems themselves must then address many security issues, including the execution of multiple users' code under a common 'grid' identity. In this paper we describe the improvements and evolution of the security model in the ATLAS PanDA (Production and Distributed Analysis) system. We describe the security in the PanDA server which is in place to ensure that only authorized members of the VO are allowed to submit work into the system and that jobs are properly audited and monitored. We discuss the security in place between the pilot code itself and the PanDA server, ensuring that only properly authenticated workload is delivered to the pilot for execution. When the code to be executed is from a 'normal' ATLAS user, as opposed to the production system or other privileged actor, then the pilot may use an EGEE developed identity switching tool called gLExec. This changes the grid proxy available to the job and also switches the UNIX user identity to protect the privileges of the pilot code proxy. We describe the problems in using this system and how they are overcome. Finally, we discuss security drills which have been run using PanDA and show how these improved our operational security procedures.

Caballero, J.; Maeno, T.; Nilsson, P.; Stewart, G.; Potekhin, M.; Wenaus, T.



Stroemgren photometry of ZZ Ceti and other DA white dwarfs  

SciTech Connect

Stroemgren colors for a sample of 71 stars classified as DA white dwarfs are presented. Comparison with the recent model atmospheres of the Kiel group indicates that the average gravity of 63 stars of the sample is log g = 7.98 +- 0.31, with no indication of a dependence on the effective temperature. This is consistent with the theoretical expectation that white dwarfs evolve at constant gravity. Correlations between Stroemgren colors and Greenstein multichannel colors are also given, using 52 stars that have been observed in common in the two systems. These correlations are used to compare the data with a second set of model atmospheres computed by Shipman. Contrary to what has been suggested in the past, no fundamental differences are found when confronting the Stroemgren data with the DA model atmospheres of Shipman or those of the Kiel group. Finally, observations of 11 pulsating objects reveal the existence of a narrow instability strip in the range 13 000 K> or approx. =T/sub e/> or approx. =11 000 K in a ((u-b), (b-y)) two-color diagram. The present results add evidence to the contention that all DA white dwarfs evolve to become ZZ Ceti pulsators in the instability strip.

Fontaine, G.; Bergeron, P.; Lacombe, P.; Lamontagne, R.; Talon, A.



Identification of an abundant 56 kDa protein implicated in food allergy as granule-bound starch synthase  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Rice, the staple food of South and East Asian counties, is considered to be hypoallergenic. However, several clinical studies have documented rice-induced allergy in sensitive patients. Rice proteins with molecular weights of 14-16 kDa, 26 kDa, 33 kDa and 56 kDa have been identified as allergens. Re...


Mudanças sociais e familiares na atualidade: reflexões à luz da história social e da sociologia Social and family changes: reflections in the light of social history and sociology  

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Resumo Analisa-se o processo de racionalização característico da sociedade moderna e a crise da razão iluminista. Com a desconstrução do passado são abandonadas promessas de felicidade, consideradas metanarrativas destituídas de credibilidade: as possibilidades de satisfação se concentram no presente, na sucessão das modas. O império do efêmero (Lipovetsky) libera o indivíduo do peso de sistemas de significado que exigiam dedicação

João Carlos Petrini


As relações entre identidade, memória e a pesquisa da história da psicologia The relationships between identity, memory and the research of the history of psychology  

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Resumo Este trabalho de cunho teórico discute algumas questões metodológicas que surgem com o uso da memória em pesquisas que relacionam identidade e história da Psicologia. Esta investigação fundamentou-se em uma perspectiva de identidade que a compreende como um movimento constante de transformação no tempo Este movimento é concebido como uma composição onde estão presentes elementos de continuidade e de

Marisa Todescan Dias da Silva; Marcos Brasil


Fortaleza’s Feminisms: Searching for Feminist Theory in the Centro de Referência da Mulher and the Delegacia de Defesa da Mulher  

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This study attempts to focus on the issue of how violence against women is combated in Brazil through interviewing the women who work at the Delegacia de Defesa da Mulher and the Centro de Referência da Mulher. I attempt to compare and contrast the policies and procedures of these two institutions, as well as the opinions of the women who

Paige Sweet




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RESUMO Este trabalho visa apresentar os resultados de uma pesquisa empírica exploratória sobre a percepção de gestores das Pequenas e Médias Empresas- PME no contexto brasileiro, quanto à efetividade do uso da Tecnologia da Informação - TI para a melhoria de seus processos financeiros. A metodologia utilizada foi a de estudos de casos múltiplos, conduzidos por meio de entrevistas em



Dengue: alertas clínicos e laboratoriais da evolução grave da doença* Dengue: clinical and laboratory alerts of the evolution of the serious illness  

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JUSTIFICATIVA E OBJETIVOS: A dengue é um impor- tante problema de saúde pública, sendo necessário qualifi- car a assistência no seu atendimento, objetivando reverter quadros potencialmente graves, com redução do risco de morte. O objetivo deste estudo foi buscar correlação entre sinais e sintomas clínico-laboratoriais que indiquem a sua gravidade, aumentando assim a sensibilidade da triagem da equipe de saúde

Wendell Paiva; Marina Baptista de Azevedo; Marcelle Fernandes de Souza; Recebido da Secretaria


Characterization of a dopamine receptor (DA sub 2K ) in the kidney inner medulla  

SciTech Connect

Dopamine (DA) produces a natriuretic/diuretic response in the kidney by mechanisms that are still not well understood. There is some indication that DA{sub 2} receptors may be involved in mediating the effects of DA, but little is known regarding the nature of this receptor in the kidney. Autoradiographic localization of ({sup 3}H)spiperone, a DA{sub 2} antagonist, indicated that high-density binding was restricted to inner medullary collecting ducts (IMCDs). ({sup 3}H)Spiperone binding was saturable, high affinity and high density. Functionally, DA stimulated prostaglandin E{sub 2} production by IMCD cells, an effect that could be blocked by the DA{sub 2} antagonist domperidone. These results indicate that the kidney inner medulla expresses a functional DA receptor that may represent a newly identified DA receptor subtype (here designated DA{sub 2K}). Moreover, these results suggest that the kidney inner medulla may be a significant site at which DA, either directly or indirectly, influences water and electrolyte excretion.

Huo, T.; Ye, M.Q.; Healy, D.P. (City Univ. of New York, NY (United States))



Os experimentos de Joule e a primeira lei da termodin^amica (Joule's experiments and the flrst law of thermodynamics)  

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A formula»c~ao do princ¶‡pio da conserva»c~ao da energiae um exemplo de longo amadurecimento, quase dois seculos e meio, de uma ideia que se tornou uma das leis basicas da f¶‡sica e cuja generaliza»c~ao foi alcan»cada ao ser formalizada como primeira lei da termodin^amica. No presente artigo, apresenta-se uma analise das diferentes formula»c~oes da primeira lei com o objetivo de resgatar

Julio Cesar Passos


Angular distribution for ?-->??? decays at DA?NE  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We derive the complete angular distribution for the ?-->??? processes with two pions in a C-even state which are of interest for the study of the f0(975) at a high lumisosity e+e- collider such as the DA?NE ?-factory. These are e+e- --> ?-->f0?-->???, the background reaction e+e--->?-->??-->??? and, for charged pions, the process e+e--->?-->??? and the interference of the f0 signal with this process. URA 14-36 du CNRS, associée à l'ENS de Lyon, et au LAPP d'Annecy-le-Vieux.

Colangelo, Gilberto; Franzini, Paula J.



Leonardo da Vinci and Kethem-Kiveris vena.  


In the drawing of coitus by Leonardo da Vinci are pictured the contemporary hypotheses regarding this act. The authors analyze the mamillaruteral connection depicted by the artist and grow up to believe that this is a hypothetical kiveris vena, female vein described by Anatomist Master Nicolai Physicus from the Salerno School. The Hebrew roots were found in the name. The connection is described also by Mondino in The Anathomia. The same connection can be found in the picture of the pregnant woman in Fasciculus Medicinæ by Johannes De Ketham. PMID:23391978

Dolezal, Antonín; Skorepova-Honzlova, Zita; Jelen, Karel



Da Vinci's codex and the anatomy of healthcare.  


We usually display a laid-back approach to medical jargon throughout our theatre work. The word 'perioperative' is built from the Greek word 'peri' (around) and the Latin 'operari' (to work). Latin and Greek became the prefixed language of choice for Leonardo da Vinci, and his research was pivotal in determining the way in which surgical procedures are documented. Ancient manuscripts aided the unfolding of the secrets of anatomy, and Leonardo revealed that art was the key in expressive detailed explanation. PMID:23248927

Stephens-Borg, Keith



High Resolution EUV & FUV Spectroscopy of DA White Dwarfs  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We report on recent results from a high-resolution spectroscopic survey of hot DA white dwarfs, based on IUE, FUSE and HST observations. For the first time, we address the measurement of element abundances in a completely objective manner with a spectroscopic model fitting technique, which allows us to consider formally the limits that can be placed on abundances in stars where no heavy elements are detected. We also include our latest analysis of the high resolution EUV spectrum of G191-B2B recorded by J-PEX.

Barstow, M. A.; Good, S. A.; Bannister, N. P.; Burleigh, M. R.; Holberg, J. B.; Bruhweiler, F. C.; Napiwotzki, R.; Cruddace, R. G.; Kowalski, M. P.


Immunoreactivity of the Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis 19-kDa lipoprotein  

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BACKGROUND: The Mycobacterium tuberculosis 19-kDa lipoprotein has been reported to stimulate both T and B cell responses as well as induce a number of Th1 cytokines. In order to evaluate the Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (M. avium subsp. paratuberculosis) 19-kDa lipoprotein as an immunomodulator in cattle with Johne's disease, the gene encoding the 19-kDa protein (MAP0261c) was analyzed. RESULTS: MAP0261c

Jason FJ Huntley; Judith R Stabel; John P Bannantine



Anderson-Hynes dismembered pyeloplasty performed using the da Vinci robotic system  

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Introduction. To evaluate and describe the use of the da Vinci robotic system in performing laparoscopic Anderson-Hynes pyeloplasty.Technical Considerations. Between June 2001 and February 2002, 9 patients underwent laparoscopic Anderson-Hynes pyeloplasty with the da Vinci telerobotic surgical system. The diagnosis was based on the presenting symptoms and radiologic imaging findings. The technique for da Vinci-assisted Anderson-Hynes pyeloplasty followed the same

Matthew T Gettman; Richard Neururer; Georg Bartsch; Reinhard Peschel



A 50-kDa variant form of human surfactant protein D  

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The dominant form of human surfactant protein D (SP-D) is a mul- timeric collagenous glycoprotein composed of monomeric subunits that have a molec- ular mass of 43 kDa under reducing conditions. However, in evaluating monoclonal antibodies to human SP-D, an additional monomeric subunit was identified with a reduced molecular mass of 50 kDa. This 50-kDa variant was detected in approximately

R. J. Mason; L. D. Nielsen; Y. Kuroki; E. Matsuura; J. H. Freed; J. M. Shannon



Selection-Free Zinc-Finger Nuclease Engineering by Context-Dependent Assembly (CoDA)  

PubMed Central

Engineered zinc-finger nucleases (ZFNs) enable targeted genome modification. Here we describe Context-Dependent Assembly (CoDA), a platform for engineering ZFNs using only standard cloning techniques or custom DNA synthesis. Using CoDA ZFNs, we rapidly altered 20 genes in zebrafish, Arabidopsis, and soybean. The simplicity and efficacy of CoDA will enable broad adoption of ZFN technology and make possible large-scale projects focused on multi-gene pathways or genome-wide alterations.

Sander, Jeffry D.; Dahlborg, Elizabeth J.; Goodwin, Mathew J.; Cade, Lindsay; Zhang, Feng; Cifuentes, Daniel; Curtin, Shaun J.; Blackburn, Jessica S.; Thibodeau-Beganny, Stacey; Qi, Yiping; Pierick, Christopher J.; Hoffman, Ellen; Maeder, Morgan L.; Khayter, Cyd; Reyon, Deepak; Dobbs, Drena; Langenau, David M.; Stupar, Robert M.; Giraldez, Antonio J.; Voytas, Daniel F.; Peterson, Randall T.; Yeh, Jing-Ruey J.; Joung, J. Keith



Mulheres de corpo e alma: aspectos biopsicossociais da meia-idade feminina  

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Resumo Este trabalho investigou na literatura cientÌfica os aspectos biolÛgicos, psicolÛgicos e socioculturais que se estªo em jogo na etapa da meia-idade feminina a fim de melhor compreender a vivŒncia dessa mulher. O evento da menopausa ñ caracterizada pela cessaÁªo da ovulaÁªo e por manifestaÁies fÌsicas e psÌquicas - marca este momento vital e impie questies que, se nªo forem

Maria Elizabeth Mori; Vera Lucia Decnop Coelho



Characterization of partially purified 8 kDa antigenic protein of Clonorchis sinensis  

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The 8 kDa antigenic protein of Clonorchis sinensis was partially purified by ammonium sulfate precipitation and subsequently by a column chromatographic steps. The purified protein was separated into 7 and 8 kDa protein bands through SDS-tricine gel electrophoresis, while the protein was found to migrate to a 8 kDa band in 7.5-15% SDS-PAGE. The molecular weight of the antigen was

Young-Bae Chung; Mejeong Lee; Hyun-Jong Yang; Byung-Suk Chung; Shun-Yu Lee; Min-Ho Choi; Sung-Tae Hong



Identification of sequence similarity between 60 kDa and 70 kDa molecular chaperones: evidence for a common evolutionary background?  

PubMed Central

Recent findings support the premise that chaperonins (60 kDa stress-proteins) and alpha-subunits of F-type ATPases (alpha-ATPase) are evolutionary related protein families. Two-dimensional gel patterns of synthesized proteins in unstressed and heat-shocked embryonic Drosophila melanogaster SL2 cells revealed that antibodies raised against the alpha-subunit of the F1-ATPase complex from rat liver recognize an inducible p71 member of the 70 kDa stress-responsive protein family. Molecular recognition of this stress-responsive 70 kDa protein by antibodies raised against the F1-ATPase alpha-subunit suggests the possibility of partial sequence similarity within these ATP-binding protein families. A multiple sequence alignment between alpha-ATPases and 60 kDa and 70 kDa molecular chaperones is presented. Statistical evaluation of sequence similarity reveals a significant degree of sequence conservation within the three protein families. The finding suggests a common evolutionary origin for the ATPases and molecular chaperone protein families of 60 kDa and 70 kDa, despite the lack of obvious structural resemblance between them.

Flores, A I; Cuezva, J M



[Textual Research on Chiding Disease and Matixiang Herb in Da he wai ke (External Medicine of Da He)].  


Recorded in Da he wai ke (The External Medicine of Da He) in the Ming dynasty without a corresponding disease title in contemporary scholarly concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Chiding disease was described as an acute symptomatic disease with inevitable serious conditions of convulsion-like or mania-like behavior, and as a refractory ailment. It was also considered as an alias of Hongsiding (namely the acute lymphangitis) in few ancient books. Matixiang, a Chinese herb for treatment of Chiding, was regarded as a nonsuch drug by Da he wai ke, and was considered as a take-then-cure drug by Chuang yang jing yan quan shu (Compendium for Experience in Sores Diseases). The present studies about Chiding and Matixiang show that: (1) the name of Chiding was first seen in Zhong zang jing (Master Hua's Classic of the Viscera) ; (2) Chiding was rarely mentioned in medical literature of the Song, Yuan and Qing Dynasty, but mostly seen in the Ming Dynasty; (3) Xinding and Huoyanding were found as synonyms of Chiding ; (4) the distinction between Chiding and Hongsiding (flaming sore) was revealed by comparison analysis of their etiology, affected part(s), symptoms, prognosis and syndromic pictures; (5) Chiding on the tongue is the same as "Tongue Ding" or "Sublingual Ding" in contemporary TCM and as "Sublingual Space Infection" in Western Medicine. Moreover, Chiding on the hands, feet or other skin parts could be classified as "Hands/Feet Ding" in contemporary TCM and as "Furuncle" (i.e., Acute Suppurative Folliculitis and Perifolliculitis or cellulites of the tongue) in Western Medicine; (6) Matixiang is probably deduced as Asarum forbesii Maxim., A. ichangense C. Y. Cheng et C. S. Yang, family Aristolochiaceae, or Valeriana jatamansi Jones., family Valerianaceae. PMID:23363849

Pu, Xiao-Lan; Zhang, Yi; Yang, Wen-Yu; Wu, Ya-Mei



Is the 32-kDa fragment the functional enamelin unit in all species?  


Enamelin is an extracellular enamel matrix protein essential for normal amelogenesis. After secretion, porcine enamelin is processed to generate several enamelin-degradation products. The cumulative 32-kDa enamelin is the most abundant enamelin present, and various roles for this molecule have been suggested. However, the proteolytic cleavage sites in porcine enamelin that generate the 32-kDa enamelin are not conserved across species, and the 32-kDa enamelin analogue may not be present in all species. To explore this we studied rat enamelin biochemistry using western blotting with anti-peptide IgGs to porcine 32-kDa enamelin and to the putative rat 32-kDa enamelin analogue. The dominant enamelins in secretory-stage rat enamel migrated at around 60-70 kDa. In contrast, the dominant enamelins in secretory-stage porcine enamel migrated at around 32 kDa. In contrast, secretory-stage porcine-enamel enamelins were dominated by the 32-kDa enamelin. Rat enamelin was completely removed from maturation-stage enamel without any accumulation of 32-kDa enamelin. We suggest that a discrete 32-kDa enamelin is not essential for normal amelogenesis in all species, and in pig it may be a processing product of a larger functional enamelin molecule. The pig may be an atypical model in terms of enamelin biochemistry and function, and caution should be exercised when assigning functional roles to the 32-kDa enamelin as a discrete enamel matrix entity. PMID:22243266

Brookes, Steven J; Kingswell, Nicola J; Barron, Martin J; Dixon, Michael J; Kirkham, Jennifer



Is the 32-kDa fragment the functional enamelin unit in all species?  

PubMed Central

Enamelin is an extracellular enamel matrix protein essential for normal amelogenesis. After secretion, porcine enamelin is processed to generate several enamelin-degradation products. The cumulative 32-kDa enamelin is the most abundant enamelin present, and various roles for this molecule have been suggested. However, the proteolytic cleavage sites in porcine enamelin that generate the 32-kDa enamelin are not conserved across species, and the 32-kDa enamelin analogue may not be present in all species. To explore this we studied rat enamelin biochemistry using western blotting with anti-peptide IgGs to porcine 32-kDa enamelin and to the putative rat 32-kDa enamelin analogue. The dominant enamelins in secretory-stage rat enamel migrated at around 60–70 kDa. In contrast, the dominant enamelins in secretory-stage porcine enamel migrated at around 32 kDa. In contrast, secretory-stage porcine-enamel enamelins were dominated by the 32-kDa enamelin. Rat enamelin was completely removed from maturation-stage enamel without any accumulation of 32-kDa enamelin. We suggest that a discrete 32-kDa enamelin is not essential for normal amelogenesis in all species, and in pig it may be a processing product of a larger functional enamelin molecule. The pig may be an atypical model in terms of enamelin biochemistry and function, and caution should be exercised when assigning functional roles to the 32-kDa enamelin as a discrete enamel matrix entity.

Brookes, Steven J; Kingswell, Nicola J; Barron, Martin J; Dixon, Michael J; Kirkham, Jennifer



Spectroscopic Analysis of the Interactions of Anthraquinone Derivatives (Alizarin, Alizarin-DA and Alizarin-DA-Fe) with Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA)  

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In this paper, three anthraquinones (alizarin (1,2-dihydroxy-9,10-anthraquinone), alizarin-DA (1,2-dihydroxy-9,10-anthraquinone-3-aminomethyl-N,N-diacetic\\u000a acid) and alizarin-DA-Fe (1,2-dihydroxy-9,10-anthraquinone-3-aminomethyl-N,N-diacetate-ferric(III))) with a tricyclic anthraquinone\\u000a planar structure are used as quenchers, to study their interaction with bovine serum albumin (BSA) molecules by fluorescence\\u000a spectroscopy. The results show that these three anthraquinones can bind to BSA molecules efficiently but the stabilities decrease\\u000a in the order alizarin, alizarin-DA and alizarin-DA-Fe.

Jingqun Gao; Yuwei Guo; Jun Wang; Xudong Jin; Zhiqiu Wang; Tingting Fan; Kai Li; Yongnan Xu



Changes in Non22-Kilodalton (kDa) Isoforms of Growth Hormone (GH) after Administration of 22-kDa Recombinant Human GH in Trained Adult Males  

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GH is being used by elite athletes to enhance sporting performance. To examine the hypothesis that exogenous 22-kDa recombinant hu- man GH (rhGH) administration could be detected through suppres- sion of non-22-kDa isoforms of GH, we studied seventeen aerobically trained males (age, 26.9 6 1.5 yr) randomized to rhGH or placebo treatment (0.15 IU\\/kg\\/day for 1 week). Subjects were studied



Neospora caninum: Identification of 19-, 38-, and 40-kDa Surface Antigens and a 33-kDa Dense Granule Antigen Using Monoclonal Antibodies  

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Schares, G., Dubremetz, J. F., Dubey, J. P., Bärwald, A., Loyens, A., and Conraths, F. J. 1999. Neospora caninum: Identification of 19-, 38-, and 40-kDa surface antigens and a 33-kDa dense granule antigen using monoclonal antibodies. Experimental Parasitology92, 109–119. Neospora caninum, a coccidian parasite closely related to Toxoplasma gondii, can infect a broad host range and is regarded as an

G. Schares; J. F. Dubremetz; J. P. Dubey; A. Bärwald; A. Loyens; F. J. Conraths




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RESUMO - O problema crucial que o presente artigo pretende tratar é espe- cialmente o link entre o conceito de reconhecimento e a dignidade da pessoa humana. Esse problema é analisado a partir da persepctiva de uma criminologia crítica. A tese defendida neste artigo é que a teoria do reconhecimento de Axel Honneth oferece um frutuoso arcabouço teórico para aqueles

Giovani Saavedra



Efeito da adubação foliar com KNO3 na aclimatização de bromélia cultivada in vitro  

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. Foram avaliadas as variáveis comprimento da maior folha e raiz, número de folhas, fitomassa fresca e seca das plantas e a porcentagem de plantas mortas no estágio inicial e após dois períodos de aclimatização (0; 60 e 120 dias). Concentrações maiores de KNO3 foram eficien- tes, amenizando os efeitos do estresse durante o período da aclimatização de 60 dias.

Armando Reis Tavares; Patricia Giampaoli; Shoey Kanashiro; Francismar Francisco Alves Aguiar; Edison Paulo Chu



Estratégias heurísticas da análise geométrica grega aplicadas na elaboração de textos didáticos  

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* Resumo: Os antigos geômetras gregos partilhavam de um método secreto de resolução que, graças à descrição de Pappus de Alexandria, ficamos sabendo que consistia de um movimento em busca de um princípio fundante, a análise, e de um movimento que partia deste princípio, a síntese. Embora os historiadores da matemática sejam unânimes no que concerne ao movimento dedutivo da

Antônio Jorge Soares


Comunicação vertical na Igreja de Pedro: uma história crítica do jornal da Diocese de Taubaté  

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RESUMO: Este artigo tem dois objetivos distintos. O primeiro é recuperar a trajetória do jornal O Lábaro , publicado pela Diocese de Taubaté desde 1910; o segundo é mostrar, por meio da leitura crítica de sua história, como os líderes da Igreja Católica utilizaram tal mecanismo, ao longo de quase 100 anos, para disseminar suas idéias, sem que houvesse uma

Francisco de Assis


Robotic laparoscopic surgery: a comparison of the da Vinci and Zeus systems  

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Objectives. To evaluate two currently available robotic surgical systems in performing various urologic laparoscopic procedures in an acute porcine model.Methods. Robotic laparoscopic surgery was performed in 14 swine. Data were compared between the da Vinci Robotic System and the Zeus Robotic System.Results. During laparoscopic nephrectomy, the da Vinci System (n = 6) had a significantly shorter total operating room time

Gyung Tak Sung; Inderbir S Gill



32 CFR Appendix F to Part 623 - Power of Attorney (DA Form 4881-4-R)  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

32 National Defense 3 2013-07-01...2013-07-01 false Power of Attorney (DA Form 4881-4-R...Part 623 National Defense Department of Defense (Continued) DEPARTMENT...Part 623âPower of Attorney (DA Form...



Late Quaternary vegetation and climate dynamics in the Serra da Bocaina, southeastern Brazil  

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Late Quaternary vegetation, fire and climate dynamics were studied by pollen and charcoal analysis in the Serra da Bocaina, in the coastal ranges of southeastern Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo States. Samples were taken from two cores, Serra da Bocaina 1 and 2. Seven radiocarbon dates indicate deposits of Late Pleistocene to Holocene age. During the period between

Hermann Behling; Lydie Dupont; Hugh DeForest Safford; Gerold Wefer



Comportamento verbal: uma análise da abordagem skinneriana e das extensões explicativas de Stemmer, Hayes e Sidman  

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RESUMO Para Skinner comportamento verbal é um operante modelado e mantido por conseqüências mediadas por outros. Portanto, poderia ser explicado por meio da descrição de relações funcionais organismo- ambiente. Entretanto, ao categorizar os operantes verbais Skinner não tratou satisfatoriamente com comportamentos de tipo relacional, provavelmente em função da dificuldade em determinar suas variáveis de controle. Este trabalho procurou analisar a

Ana Leda de Faria; Brino Carlos



Adubação verde como alternativa agroecológica para recuperação da fertilidade do solo  

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A recuperação da fertilidade do solo, especialmente do nutriente fósforo (P) tem custo bastante elevado, principalmente quando utilizadas fontes de adubos solúveis. Portanto, é necessário encontrar alternativas de menor custo para recuperação da fertilidade-P. O objetivo desse trabalho foi de avaliar o potencial de produtividade de fi tomassa de espécies de adubos verdes de verão e de inverno submetidas a

Cristiano André Pott; Marcelo Marques; Lopes Müller; Patrick Batista Bertelli



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Devido às previsões de envelhecimento da população brasileira para os próximos anos e a importância da cadeia produtiva do leite dentro do agronegócio brasileiro, esse trabalho buscou identificar os atributos mais valorizados pelos idosos bem como os seus hábitos de consumo do leite, além de tentar de verificar a demanda por um produto específico para sua faixa etária. Foram entrevistadas

Hechrisson Zanforlin Magdalena; Roberto Fava Scare; Anna Carolina Pirani Casanova



Leonardo da Vinci and Stroke – Vegetarian Diet as a Possible Cause  

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Leonardo da Vinci (April 15, 1452 to May 2, 1519) was an Italian Renaissance architect, musician, anatomist, inventor, engineer, sculptor, geometer, and painter. It has been gleaned from the many available historical documents that da Vinci was a vegetarian who respected and loved animals, and that he suffered from right hemiparesis in the last 5 years of his life. A

Marta Altieri; Pina Troisi



A Creative Approach to the Common Core Standards: The Da Vinci Curriculum  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

"A Creative Approach to the Common Core Standards: The Da Vinci Curriculum" challenges educators to design programs that boldly embrace the Common Core State Standards by imaginatively drawing from the genius of great men and women such as Leonardo da Vinci. A central figure in the High Renaissance, Leonardo made extraordinary contributions as a…

Chaucer, Harry



Novas perspectivas para o diagnóstico da artrite reumatóide New perspectives for the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis  

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SINOPSE Este artigo consiste em uma revisão da literatura médica sobre o diagnóstico da artri- te reumatóide, com ênfase sobre as novas perspectivas para o mesmo. Dentre essas novas possibilidades, vários marcadores sorológicos têm-se destacado, principalmente os auto- anticorpos antiperinuclear (fator antiperinuclear - FAP) e antiqueratina (anticorpo anti- queratina - AKA), pela alta especificidade. Esses podem auxiliar no diagnóstico inicial

Lia Andrade Zorzi


32 CFR 516.14 - Service of process on DA or Secretary of Army.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...Service of process on DA or Secretary of Army. 516.14 Section 516.14 National...Defense (Continued) DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY AID OF CIVIL AUTHORITIES AND PUBLIC RELATIONS...Service of process on DA or Secretary of Army. The Chief, Litigation...



Purification and characterization of a 7-kDa protein from Clonorchis sinensis adult worms.  


A 7-kDa protein was purified from extracts of adult Clonorchis sinensis by a combination of ammonium sulfate precipitation, anion exchange chromatography, cation exchange chromatography, gel-filtration chromatography, and reversed-phase FPLC. The 7-kDa protein exists in the excretory-secretory products of adult C. sinensis, but not in extracts of adult Paragonimus westermani. Also, the 7-kDa protein reacted with the sera of patients with clonorchiasis but not with paragonimiasis or normal human sera. To observe the localization of the 7-kDa protein in the tissue of adult C. sinensis, an immunogold labeling method was followed using anti-7-kDa antibody. The gold particles were observed in the basal layer below the tegumental syncytium, in the interstitial matrix of the parenchyma, and in the content of the uterus. The 7-kDa cDNA was obtained through reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction using a primer designed from N-terminal sequence analysis. Rapid amplification of cDNA ends (5'-RACE) was used to obtain the complete protein coding sequence. The sequence encodes a 90-amino acid polypeptide. The deduced amino acid sequence of the 7-kDa protein revealed no homology with proteins of different organisms reported so far. These results suggest that the 7-kDa protein is a fluid antigen and may be valuable as a tool for the immunodiagnosis of clonorchiasis. PMID:12099418

Lee, Hye-Jeong; Lee, Chang-Seok; Kim, Beom-Su; Joo, Kyoung-Hwan; Lee, Joon-Sang; Kim, Tong-Soo; Kim, Hak R



Tuning PEG-DA hydrogel properties via solvent-induced phase separation (SIPS)†  

PubMed Central

Poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate (PEG-DA) hydrogels are widely utilized to probe cell-material interactions and ultimately for a material-guided approach to tissue regeneration. In this study, PEG-DA hydrogels were fabricated via solvent-induced phase separation (SIPS) to obtain hydrogels with a broader range of tunable physical properties including morphology (e.g. porosity), swelling and modulus (G?). In contrast to conventional PEG-DA hydrogels prepared from an aqueous precursor solution, the reported SIPS protocol utilized a dichloromethane (DCM) precursor solution which was sequentially photopolymerized, dried and hydrated. Physical properties were further tailored by varying the PEG-DA wt% concentration (5 wt%–25 wt%) and Mn (3.4k and 6k g mol ?1). SIPS produced PEG-DA hydrogels with a macroporous morphology as well as increased G? values versus the corresponding conventional PEG-DA hydrogels. Notably, since the total swelling was not significantly changed versus the corresponding conventional PEG-DA hydrogels, pairs or series of hydrogels represent scaffolds in which morphology and hydration or G? and hydration are uncoupled. In addition, PEG-DA hydrogels prepared via SIPS exhibited enhanced degradation rates.

Bailey, Brennan Margaret; Hui, Vivian; Fei, Ruochong




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RESUMO - A detecção de marcadores moleculares em plantas de amendoim cultivado tem oferecido contribuição restrita, devido ao alto grau de homogeneidade genética verificada entre os genótipos intraespecíficos. Quando submetidos a mudanças fisiológicas, contudo, os padrões obtidos são de grande contribuição nos estudos elucidativos do comportamento e da fisiologia da planta durante seu desenvolvimento ontogenético. O presente trabalho teve como



[Initial experience with da Vinci robotic system in vascular surgery].  


Robotic operational systems improve accuracy, control of and skilful management of surgical procedures up to levels unachievable by a human factor itself. A surgeon is also allowed to conduct the types of miniinvasive procedures, which cannot be conducted using contemporary technologies. High degree of the procedure's safety can be achieved. Currently, the robotic surgical systems are used in top clinics worldwide and the concept of the robotic operating theatre is considered to become standard for some procedures in future. In October 2005, a multispecialist robotic centre was opened in the Hospital Na Homolce, which then created a new qualitative standard in the miniinvasive surgical management. The authors present the initial group of patients, who were operated from November 2005 to January 2006 with employement of the da Vinci robotic system, listing its pros and cons. PMID:16805339

Stádler, P; Vitásek, P; Matous, P



3D Model Atmospheres of DA White Dwarfs  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The spectroscopically determined surface gravities of cool hydrogen-atmosphere DA white dwarfs are significantly higher than the mean value of log g ˜ 8 found for hotter objects with radiative atmospheres (Teff > 13000 K). It was recently suggested that a problem with the treatment of convective energy transport in the 1D mixing-length theory was the explanation for this high-log g problem. We have now computed a grid of pure-hydrogen 3D model atmospheres with the CO5BOLD code for surface gravities from log g = 7 to 8.5 and effective temperatures from 6000 to 13000 K. Over this range, the intensity contrast of the surface granulation pattern, which describes the strength of the 3D effects, is varying significantly. We confirm the result of an earlier investigation that 3D model spectra provide a much better characterization of the mass distribution of cool white dwarfs.

Tremblay, P.-E.; Ludwig, H.-G.; Steffen, M.; Freytag, B.



Search for Metal Pollution in 81 DA White Dwarfs  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A total of 82 DA white dwarfs have been observed with the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph on the Hubble Space Telescope in a snapshot program. The targets were selected to be in the Teff range from 17 000 - 25 000 K, where optical metal lines become weak and difficult to detect. Because of the strong Si, C, and O resonance lines in the UV, this survey has a sensitivity that is comparable to that of the Keck/VLT searches for CaII K in cooler white dwarfs. These objects also have no convection zone and thus very short diffusion timescales, assuring that accretion is currently ongoing. The spectra have high resolution and in most cases fairly good S/N. About 60% of them show photospheric metal pollution, predominantly of Si, but in some cases additional metals are present. We report the results of a preliminary analysis and discuss the sources of the accreted matter and the possible rôle of radiative levitation.

Koester, D.; Gänsicke, B.; Girven, J.; Farihi, J.



DBS -- An rlogin multiplexer and output logger for DA systems  

SciTech Connect

DART Bootstrap Services (dbs) is the first component of run-control for the DART Data Acquisition system -- the DA for the 96` round of experiments at Fermilab -- though it has potential usefulness as a powerful tool in other distributed applications. dbs is an rlogin session multiplexer. It allows a user, running a single program, to start up any number of remote login sessions, feed shell commands to them, and collect their output into a single (or multiple) log files (a server keeps the sessions open and collects their output). From this program, any session can be attached to interactively so it appears just like an rlogin session -- dbs becomes transparent. When finished with this interactive mode, the user can escape back to dbs and attach to a different session if so desired. Among many other useful features, dbs supplies a mechanism for cleanup (deletion) of all processes created under a session, allowing a fresh start.

Oleynik, G.; Appleton, L.; Udumula, L.; Votava, M.



Xanthelasma and lipoma in Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.  


The painting Mona Lisa in the Louvre, Paris, by Leonardo da Vinci (1503-1506), shows skin alterations at the inner end of the left upper eyelid similar to xanthelasma, and a swelling of the dorsum of the right hand suggestive of a subcutaneous lipoma. These findings in a 25-30 year old woman, who died at the age of 37, may be indicative of essential hyperlipidemia, a strong risk factor for ischemic heart disease in middle age. As far as is known, this portrait of Mona Lisa painted in 1506 is the first evidence that xanthelasma and lipoma were prevalent in the sixteenth century, long before the first description by Addison and Gall in 1851. PMID:15326839

Dequeker, Jan; Muls, Erik; Leenders, Kathleen



Extreme Lyman ? Broadening in Cool DA and DC White Dwarfs  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We model the far red wing of the Lyman ? line of hydrogen in the atmospheres of cool white dwarfs of pure hydrogen composition. We find that this absorption process dominates all other sources of opacity in the blue part of the optical spectrum. Our successful fit of the entire spectral energy distribution of the cool DA BPM 4729 shows that the far red wing of the Ly ? line is the source of opacity that had been missing in the models. The observed sequence of cool white dwarfs in color-color diagrams is very well reproduced by our new pure hydrogen atmosphere models, suggesting that the atmospheric composition of the coolest DC white dwarfs must be revisited.

Saumon, D.; Kowalski, P. M.; Mazevet, S.



Discovery of Photospheric Germanium in Hot DA White Dwarfs  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We report the identification of Ge IV resonance lines in ultraviolet spectra of the hot DA white dwarfs Feige 24, G191-B2B, and GD 246. The lines originate in the stellar photosphere, and we measure low Ge/H abundance ratios ranging between -8.0 and -8.7. We also tentatively identify a resonance line of Sn IV blended with an Fe V line in the spectrum of G191-B2B. The presence of germanium extends our knowledge of the abundance pattern in hot white dwarfs beyond the iron group. The abundance ratio appears nearly solar, which implies either that the germanium abundance mixture in these stars has remained unaltered since leaving the main sequence or that diffusion processes (e.g., selective radiation pressure) are coincidentally reproducing a solar Ge/H ratio.

Vennes, Stéphane; Chayer, Pierre; Dupuis, Jean



Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of Sculpture  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This website from the Getty Museum accompanies the exhibition "Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of Sculpture: Inspiration and Invention", organized by the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, and on display in Los Angeles until June 20th, 2010. The website features a slide show with images of 11 works of art, some by Leonardo and some by other artists, including older artists who influenced Leonardo and his followers. An image of Donatello's Bearded Prophet, 1418-20, is accompanied by audio discussing Donatello's impact on Leonardo, while the last three slides examine the master/pupil relationship between Leonardo and a younger artist, Giovanni Francesco Rustici, 1475-1554. Visitors to the site can also listen to an introduction to the exhibition that lays out its overall intent from co-curator Julian Brooks.


Heavy-element abundance patterns in hot DA white dwarfs  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a series of systematic abundance measurements for 25 hot DA white dwarfs in the temperature range ~20 000-110 000 K, based on far-ultraviolet spectroscopy with the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS)/Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph (GHRS) on-board Hubble Space Telescope, IUE and FUSE. Using our latest heavy-element blanketed non-local thermodynamic equilibrium (non-LTE) stellar atmosphere calculations we have addressed the heavy-element abundance patterns, making completely objective measurements of abundance values and upper limits using a ?2 fitting technique to determine the uncertainties in the abundance measurements, which can be related to the formal upper limits in those stars where particular elements are not detected. We find that the presence or absence of heavy elements in the hot DA white dwarfs largely reflects what would be expected if radiative levitation is the supporting mechanism, although the measured abundances do not match the predicted values very well, as reported by other authors in the past. Almost all stars hotter than ~50 000 K contain heavy elements. For most of these the spread in element abundances is quite narrow and similar to the abundances measured in G191-B2B. However, there is an unexplained dichotomy at lower temperatures with some stars having apparently pure H envelopes and others having detectable quantities of heavy elements. The heavy elements present in these cooler stars are often stratified, lying in the outermost layers of the envelope. A few strong temperature/evolutionary effects are seen in the abundance measurements. There is a decreasing Si abundance with temperature, the N abundance pattern splits into two groups at lower temperature and there is a sharp decline in Fe and Ni abundance to zero, below ~50 000 K. When detected, the Fe and Ni abundances maintain an approximately constant ratio, close to the cosmic value of ~20. For the hottest white dwarfs observed by STIS, the strongest determinant of abundance appears to be gravity.

Barstow, M. A.; Good, S. A.; Holberg, J. B.; Hubeny, I.; Bannister, N. P.; Bruhweiler, F. C.; Burleigh, M. R.; Napiwotzki, R.



A domesticação das singularidades. Reflexões sobre o paradigma da prevenção - o caso da epidemia de HIV\\/AIDS The domestication of singularity. Reflections on the HIV\\/AIDS prevention speech paradigm  

Microsoft Academic Search

Resumo Refletindo sobre as estratégias de combate à epidemia de HIV\\/Aids, analisa-se o discurso da prevenção num quadro de subjetivação marcado pela constituição de permanente estado de alerta às situações de risco. Temos observado uma medicalização da vida com a importação para o campo da saúde da idéia de administrar riscos. Configura-se o surgimento de um projeto de vida saudável

Camila Miranda de Amorim


A estabilidade dos PAHS em função da energia da radiação interestelar nas faixas UV e raios-X  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A nebulosa CRL 618, uma proto-nebulosa planetária cuja nuvem molecular espessa envolve uma estrela B0, contém uma grande quantidade de C2H2 e CH4. Estas moléculas são consideradas os tijolos da criação de grandes moléculas carbonadas como os Hidrocarbonetos Policíclicos Aromáticos (PAHs). Esta nebulosa, por estar exposta a intensos campos de UV e Raios-X, é uma região de fotodissociação molecular que propicia a formação de novas moléculas, confirmada pela presença de C4H2 e C6H6 (Benzeno), que é a unidade básica dos PAHs. Atribui-se a esta família de moléculas orgânicas duas propriedades fundamentais, a resistência para sobreviver ao campo de radiação UV interestelar e a geração das bandas de emissão não identificadas (UIR) observadas no infravermelho. No entanto, alguns autores questionam a resistência dos PAHs ao campo de radiação UV interestelar. Empregando a técnica de Espectrometria de Massas por Tempo de Vôo, no modo de coincidência fotoelétron-fotoíon, estudamos a ionização e fragmentação das seguintes moléculas: Benzeno, Benzeno deuterado, Naftaleno, Antraceno e Fenantreno. Utilizamos uma fonte de Hélio monocromática em 21,21 eV (584,5 Å) e a radiação Síncroton do Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncroton (LNLS) em diferentes energias nas proximidades da borda do C 1s ( 290 eV). Comprovamos a estabilidade dos PAHs sob ação de UV (21,21 eV), onde eles apresentam um baixo nível de fotodissociação, produzindo fragmentos ionizados com rendimento total na ordem de 5 por cento em relação ao íon molecular pai. Entretanto, em altas energias, na faixa de Raios-X, a quebra destas moléculas torna-se mais intensa, com a produção de muitos fragmentos. Como uma das rotas de fragmentação do Naftaleno é [(C10H8) = > (C6H6+) + (C4H2) + (e-)], e como temos as evidências observacionais da existência do C4H2 e C6H6 na nebulosa CRL 618, sugerimos que este ambiente também possui o Naftaleno.

Pinotti, R.; Costa, R. K.; Boechat-Roberty, H. M.; Lago, A.; Souza, G. B.




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RESUMO: considerando que a visão é um dos sistemas sensoriais mais importantes na locomoção pois fornece informação tanto do ambiente quanto da postura e dos movimentos corporais, este estudo analisou os efeitos de um programa de treinamento perceptivo-motor no controle das atividades de locomoção em seis crianças com deficiências da visão. Para tanto, realizou-se a avaliação da locomoção durante a

Luiz Cezar; Janine Eliza de Oliveira; Silva PASSOS; Luiz Gonçalves


DA8159, a new PDE5 Inhibitor, Induces Penile Erection in Conscious and Acute Spinal Cord Injured Rabbits  

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Objectives: DA-8159 is a pyrazolopyrimidinone derivative showing potent and selective phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) inhibition. In the previous study, DA-8159 induced a dose-dependent increase in the intracavernous pressure (ICP) in anaesthetized dogs. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of DA-8159 on penile erection in conscious and acute spinal cord injured (ASCI) rabbits.Methods: DA-8159 was given orally (0.3

Kyung Koo Kang; Gook Jun Ahn; Byoung Ok Ahn; M. Yoo; Won Bae Kim



A distância e o conteúdo estelar da região HII gigante G333.1-0.4 - vínculos para a taxa de formação estelar da galáxia  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Neste trabalho apresentamos imagens de alta resolução angular da região HII gigante G333.1-0.4 obtidas através dos filtros J, H e K no telescópio de 4-m do CTIO. Este trabalho faz parte de um estudo de regiões HII gigantes no infravermelho próximo que tem por objetivo estudar a natureza da formação de estrelas massivas e traçar a estrutura espiral de nossa galáxia. Nossa determinação da distância é baseada no método da paralaxe espectroscópica de estrelas OB localizadas na seqüência principal de idade zero (ZAMS) do Diagrama HR. No caso de G333.1-0.4, a magnitude aparente das estrelas localizadas na ZAMS indica que a distância não pode ser maior do que o limite inferior determinado por técnica rádio (2,8 kpc). Resultados semelhantes foram encontrados para regiões estudadas anteriormente, reforçando a idéia de que a taxa de formação estelar na Via Láctea é menor do que o determinado a partir de dados rádio. Nossos resultados mais recentes sobre o conteúdo estelar de G333.1-0.4 revelaram vários objetos que possuem cores bastante avermelhadas (H-K > 2,0). Nós identificamos estes objetos usando os diagramas cor-cor e cor-magnitude dos aglomerados. Estes objetos apresentam um forte excesso em emissão na banda K e possivelmente se tratam de estrelas do tipo OB envolvidas por um disco/envelope circumestelar espesso. O estudo da função de massa inical desta região, em conjunto com resultados de nossos trabalhos anteriores, aponta para uma IMF independente da posição galática. A contagem de estrelas nos fornece um valor para o número de fótons no contínuo de Lyman que corrobora com a afirmação de que G333.1-0.4 se encontra mais próxima da menor distância determinada por rádio.

Figuerêdo, E.; Damineli, A.; Blum, R.; Conti, P.




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A Rede de Dinamização das Feiras da Agricultura Familiar – REDIfeira, projeto integrante do Programa de Extensão Universitária – Universidade Sem Fronteiras, da Secretaria de Ciência, Tecnologia e Ensino Superior (SETI) do Governo do Estado do Paraná, tem como objetivo, dinamizar a produção e a comercialização dos produtos produzidos pela Agricultura Familiar nos municípios do Programa de Desenvolvimento da Região

Ednaldo Michellon; Tiago Ribeiro Costa; Gisiane July Stroher; Lucas Souza Camacho; Paulo Sipoli Pereira



11 CFR 111.11 - Written questions under order (2 U.S.C. 437d(a)(1)).  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...Written questions under order (2 U.S.C. 437d(a)(1)). 111.11 Section...GENERAL COMPLIANCE PROCEDURE (2 U.S.C. 437g, 437d(a)) Enforcement § 111...Written questions under order (2 U.S.C. 437d(a)(1)). The...



11 CFR 111.14 - Witness fees and mileage (2 U.S.C. 437d(a)(5)).  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...true Witness fees and mileage (2 U.S.C. 437d(a)(5)). 111.14 Section...GENERAL COMPLIANCE PROCEDURE (2 U.S.C. 437g, 437d(a)) Enforcement § 111.14 Witness fees and mileage (2 U.S.C. 437d(a)(5)). Witnesses...



Locais e período de alimentação da cigarrinha vetora de Xylella fastidiosa, Bucephalogonia xanthophis (Berg) (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae), em mudas cítricas  

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RESUMO--A cigarrinha Bucephalogonia xanthophis (Berg) (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae) é um importante vetor da bactéria Xylella fastidiosa, agente causal da clorose variegada dos citros. Este trabalho teve como objetivo identificar o local preferido de alimentação e o período de maior atividade alimentar desta cigarrinha em citros, no sentido de elucidar o comportamento alimentar relacionado à transmissão da bactéria. O local de alimentação

Marcelo Pedreira de Miranda; Denise Nunes Viola; Rodrigo Neves Marques; Jean Patrick Bonani; João Roberto Spotti Lopes



Conhecimento e inovação em sistemas locais de produção de revestimentos cerâmicos e os novos desafi os da concorrência internacional  

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RESUMO Este trabalho tem como objetivo contribuir para a compreensão das novas dinâmicas de geração de conhecimento e inovação em sistemas loc ais de produção a partir dos desafi os da concorrência internacional, por meio da realização de estudos em dois sistemas locais da indústria de cerâmica de revestimento no Brasil, um localizado em Santa Gertrudes\\/SP e outro em Criciúma\\/SC.

Gabriela Scur FEI; Renato Garcia EPUSP



Duration of Shh signaling contributes to mDA neuron diversity.  


Sonic hedgehog (Shh) signaling is critical for various developmental processes including specification of the midbrain dopamine (mDA) neurons in the ventral mesencephalon (vMes). While the timing of Shh and its response gene Gli1 segregates mDA neurons, their overall lineage contribution to mDA neurons heavily overlaps. Here, we demonstrate that the same set of mDA neuron progenitors sequentially respond to Shh signaling (Gli1 expression), induce Shh expression, and then turn off Shh responsiveness. Thus, at any given developmental stage, cells rarely co-express Shh and Gli1. Using Shh(Cre:GFP) mice to delete the Smoothened receptor in the Shh pathway, we demonstrate that the loss of Shh signaling in Shh expressing cells results in a transient increase in proliferation and subsequent depletion of mDA neuron progenitors in the posterior vMes due to the facilitated cell cycle exit. Moreover, the change in duration of Shh signaling in vMes progenitors altered the timing of the contribution to the ventral tegmental area (VTA) and the substantia nigra pars compacta (SNc) mDA neurons. Taken together, our investigation on the relationship between the Shh-secreting and -responding cells revealed an intricate regulation of induction and cessation of Shh signaling that influences the distribution of mDA neurons in the VTA and SNc. PMID:23201023

Hayes, Lindsay; Ralls, Sherry; Wang, Hui; Ahn, Sohyun



Characterization of partially purified 8 kDa antigenic protein of Clonorchis sinensis  

PubMed Central

The 8 kDa antigenic protein of Clonorchis sinensis was partially purified by ammonium sulfate precipitation and subsequently by a column chromatographic steps. The purified protein was separated into 7 and 8 kDa protein bands through SDS-tricine gel electrophoresis, while the protein was found to migrate to a 8 kDa band in 7.5-15% SDS-PAGE. The molecular weight of the antigen was estimated to be 110 kDa by Superose 6 HR 10/30 gel filtration. The purified antigen strongly reacted with the human sera of clonorchiasis. The hyperimmune sera of BALB/c mice immunized against the 8 kDa protein were reacted with both the crude extract and the excretory-secretory product of adult worms, but not with the metacercarial extract. Immunohistochemical staining demonstrated that the protein was distributed to the tegument and subtegumental cells and also to the seminal receptacle. The present findings suggest that the 8 kDa protein is a partition of the multicomplex protein originating from various organs of adult C. sinensis, and that it is composed of several 7 and 8 kDa proteins.

Chung, Young-Bae; Lee, Mejeong; Yang, Hyun-Jong; Chung, Byung-Suk; Lee, Shun-Yu; Hong, Sung-Tae



Characterization of partially purified 8 kDa antigenic protein of Clonorchis sinensis.  


The 8 kDa antigenic protein of Clonorchis sinensis was partially purified by ammonium sulfate precipitation and subsequently by a column chromatographic steps. The purified protein was separated into 7 and 8 kDa protein bands through SDS-tricine gel electrophoresis, while the protein was found to migrate to a 8 kDa band in 7.5-15% SDS-PAGE. The molecular weight of the antigen was estimated to be 110 kDa by Superose 6 HR 10/30 gel filtration. The purified antigen strongly reacted with the human sera of clonorchiasis. The hyperimmune sera of BALB/c mice immunized against the 8 kDa protein were reacted with both the crude extract and the excretory-secretory product of adult worms, but not with the metacercarial extract. Immunohistochemical staining demonstrated that the protein was distributed to the tegument and subtegumental cells and also to the seminal receptacle. The present findings suggest that the 8 kDa protein is a partition of the multicomplex protein originating from various organs of adult C. sinensis, and that it is composed of several 7 and 8 kDa proteins. PMID:12073733

Chung, Young-Bae; Lee, Mejeong; Yang, Hyun-Jong; Chung, Byung-Suk; Lee, Shun-Yu; Choi, Min-Ho; Hong, Sung-Tae



Therapeutic effect of infused Fluosol-DA/carbogen with ephedrine, flunarizine, or nitroprusside  

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The perfluorochemical emulsion Fluosol-DA plus carbogen breathing has been shown to increase the effectiveness of radiation therapy in preclinical solid tumors when the emulsion was administered by i.v. bolus injection. Much of the enhancement in tumor radiation response was lost when the emulsion was administered slowly. The authors hypothesized that an increase in tumor perfusion resulted when Fluosol-DA was administered rapidly. In the present study, the [alpha]/[beta] agonist ephedrine, the Ca[sup 2+] channel blocker flunarizine and the nitric oxide producing vasodilating drug nitroprusside have been tested. Ephedrine administration resulted in a decrease in the radiation plus Fluosol-DA [+-] carbogen antitumor effects in both the Lewis lung carcinoma and FSaIIC tumor systems. In contrast, flunarizine administration resulted in an increase in the efficacy of the radiation plus carbogen and the radiation plus Fluosol-DA/carbogen in both emulsion was given rapidly. Even with flunarizine administration Fluosol-DA delivered slowly was less effective than when the emulsion was given rapidly. Flunarizine with Fluosol-DA infused i.v. over 30 min followed by carbogen breathing prior to and during radiation therapy resulted in a 1.7-1.6-fold increase in response compared with 2.4-2.2-fold with Fluosol-DA administered by injection i.v. and carbogen breathing prior to and during radiation therapy using growth delay of the Lewis lung carcinoma. The effects of nitroprusside were complex. This drug had considerably more effect at 10 Gy than at higher radiation doses. These studies suggest that Fluosol-DA given by i.v. injection may increase tumor perfusion and that a drug like flunarizine may be beneficial if the Fluosol-DA is administered slowly followed by carbogen breathing and radiation therapy. 45 refs., 4 figs.

Teicher, B.A.; Holden, S.A.; Northey, D.; Dewhirst, M.W.; Herman, T.S.



Heterohexamer of 56- and 63-kDa Gene 4 Helicase-Primase of Bacteriophage T7 in DNA Replication*  

PubMed Central

Bacteriophage T7 expresses two forms of gene 4 protein (gp4). The 63-kDa full-length gp4 contains both the helicase and primase domains. T7 phage also express a 56-kDa truncated gp4 lacking the zinc binding domain of the primase; the protein has helicase activity but no DNA-dependent primase activity. Although T7 phage grow better when both forms are present, the role of the 56-kDa gp4 is unknown. The two molecular weight forms oligomerize by virtue of the helicase domain to form heterohexamers. The 56-kDa gp4 and any mixture of 56- and 63-kDa gp4 show higher helicase activity in DNA unwinding and strand-displacement DNA synthesis than that observed for the 63-kDa gp4. However, single-molecule measurements show that heterohexamers have helicase activity similar to the 63-kDa gp4 hexamers. In oligomerization assays the 56-kDa gp4 and any mixture of the 56- and 63-kDa gp4 oligomerize to form more hexamers than does the 63-kDa gp4. The zinc binding domain of the 63-kDa gp4 interferes with hexamer formation, an inhibition that is relieved by the insertion of the 56-kDa species. Compared with the 63-kDa gp4, heterohexamers synthesize a reduced amount of oligoribonucleotides, mediated predominately by the 63-kDa subunits via a cis mode. During coordinated DNA synthesis 7% of the tetraribonucleotides synthesized are used as primers by both heterohexamers and hexamers of the 63-kDa gp4. Overall, an equimolar mixture of the two forms of gp4 shows the highest rate of DNA synthesis during coordinated DNA synthesis.

Zhang, Huidong; Lee, Seung-Joo; Kulczyk, Arkadiusz W.; Zhu, Bin; Richardson, Charles C.



Myelin management by the 18.5-kDa and 21.5-kDa classic myelin basic protein isoforms  

PubMed Central

The classic myelin basic protein (MBP) splice isoforms range in nominal molecular mass from 14 to 21.5 kDa, and arise from the gene in the oligodendrocyte lineage (Golli) in maturing oligodendrocytes. The 18.5-kDa isoform that predominates in adult myelin adheres the cytosolic surfaces of oligodendrocyte membranes together, and forms a two-dimensional molecular sieve restricting protein diffusion into compact myelin. However, this protein has additional roles including cytoskeletal assembly and membrane extension, binding to SH3-domains, participation in Fyn-mediated signaling pathways, sequestration of phosphoinositides, and maintenance of calcium homeostasis. Of the diverse post-translational modifications of this isoform, phosphorylation is the most dynamic, and modulates 18.5-kDa MBP’s protein-membrane and protein-protein interactions, indicative of a rich repertoire of functions. In developing and mature myelin, phosphorylation can result in microdomain or even nuclear targeting of the protein, supporting the conclusion that 18.5-kDa MBP has significant roles beyond membrane adhesion. The full-length, early-developmental 21.5-kDa splice isoform is predominantly karyophilic due to a non-traditional P-Y nuclear localization signal, with effects such as promotion of oligodendrocyte proliferation. We discuss in vitro and recent in vivo evidence for multifunctionality of these classic basic proteins of myelin, and argue for a systematic evaluation of the temporal and spatial distributions of these protein isoforms, and their modified variants, during oligodendrocyte differentiation.

Harauz, George; Boggs, Joan M.



2012 DA14 and Chelyabinsk: Same Day Coincidence?  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A long anticipated near-miss by near-Earth asteroid (NEA) 2012 DA14 on 15 February 2013 was upstaged 16 hours earlier by the impact and atmospheric explosion of a ~20 m NEA over Chelyabinsk, Russia. DA14 was earlier estimated to be 45 m across and passage at a distance under geosynchronous satellites was considered to be a record close approach by an object of that size, a once-in-40-years event. Actual Earth impact by a 20 m NEA had been estimated to be a once-in-200-years event. A simplistic calculation gives a probability of these happening on the same day of 1-in-a-billion. Within hours of the Chelyabinsk impact, it was recognized and widely reported that the two asteroids were in very different orbits and could not, at least in any readily understandable way, be physically related to each other (e.g. fragments of the same precursor body). Also, some early reports suggested that the two asteroids had very different compositions, further undermining the possibility they were pieces of the same body. (It seems unlikely, though certainly conceivable, that the two NEAs could have different compositions yet have some kind of causal connection resulting in the same-day events.) Nevertheless, incredibly tiny probabilities beg for an explanation. Here, with the benefit of hindsight, I re-examine issues that affect the probabilities, such as size, albedo, probable composition, and numbers of NEAs of these sizes. I also consider difficult issues of framing the apparent coincidence, which dominate other uncertainties. Updated information about the physical nature of the two asteroids somewhat modifies the original estimates of probabilities. Moreover, more proper ways of framing elements of the coincidence considerably reduce the improbability of the same-day events, but not nearly to the level (e.g. 1-in-1000 or perhaps 1-in-10,000) where we could rationalize dismissing the events as “just a coincidence.” The events of 15 February 2013 deserve more sophisticated investigation.

Chapman, Clark R.



Leonardo Da Vinci and stroke - vegetarian diet as a possible cause.  


Leonardo da Vinci (April 15, 1452 to May 2, 1519) was an Italian Renaissance architect, musician, anatomist, inventor, engineer, sculptor, geometer, and painter. It has been gleaned from the many available historical documents that da Vinci was a vegetarian who respected and loved animals, and that he suffered from right hemiparesis in the last 5 years of his life. A vegetarian diet has both positive and negative influences on the cerebrovascular system. In this report, a possible relation between a vegetarian diet and stroke is discussed from various perspectives as related to Leonardo da Vinci's stroke. PMID:20375518

Oztürk, Serefnur; Altieri, Marta; Troisi, Pina



GOoDA: The Generic Optimization Data Analyzer  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Modern superscalar, out-of-order microprocessors dominate large scale server computing. Monitoring their activity, during program execution, has become complicated due to the complexity of the microarchitectures and their IO interactions. Recent processors have thousands of performance monitoring events. These are required to actually provide coverage for all of the complex interactions and performance issues that can occur. Knowing which data to collect and how to interpret the results has become an unreasonable burden for code developers whose tasks are already hard enough. It becomes the task of the analysis tool developer to bridge this gap. To address this issue, a generic decomposition of how a microprocessor is using the consumed cycles allows code developers to quickly understand which of the myriad of microarchitectural complexities they are battling, without requiring a detailed knowledge of the microarchitecture. When this approach is intrinsically integrated into a performance data analysis tool, it enables software developers to take advantage of the microarchitectural methodology that has only been available to experts. The Generic Optimization Data Analyzer (GOoDA) project integrates this expertise into a profiling tool in order to lower the required expertise of the user and, being designed from the ground up with large-scale object-oriented applications in mind, it will be particularly useful for large HENP codebases

Calafiura, P.; Eranian, S.; Levinthal, D.; Kama, S.; Vitillo, R. A.



DA?NE Operation with Electron-Cloud-Clearing Electrodes  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The effects of an electron cloud (e-cloud) on beam dynamics are one of the major factors limiting performances of high intensity positron, proton, and ion storage rings. In the electron-positron collider DA?NE, namely, a horizontal beam instability due to the electron-cloud effect has been identified as one of the main limitations on the maximum stored positron beam current and as a source of beam quality deterioration. During the last machine shutdown in order to mitigate such instability, special electrodes have been inserted in all dipole and wiggler magnets of the positron ring. It has been the first installation all over the world of this type since long metallic electrodes have been installed in all arcs of the collider positron ring and are currently used during the machine operation in collision. This has allowed a number of unprecedented measurements (e-cloud instabilities growth rate, transverse beam size variation, tune shifts along the bunch train) where the e-cloud contribution is clearly evidenced by turning the electrodes on and off. In this Letter we briefly describe a novel design of the electrodes, while the main focus is on experimental measurements. Here we report all results that clearly indicate the effectiveness of the electrodes for e-cloud suppression.

Alesini, D.; Drago, A.; Gallo, A.; Guiducci, S.; Milardi, C.; Stella, A.; Zobov, M.; De Santis, S.; Demma, T.; Raimondi, P.



Mitogen-induced tyrosine phosphorylation of 41 kDa and 43 kDa proteins. Potential role in integrating multiple mitogenic signalling pathways.  

PubMed Central

We have examined the possible involvement of pertussis toxin (PT)-sensitive GTP-binding protein and protein kinase C (PKC) in mitogen-induced tyrosine phosphorylation of the 41 kDa and 43 kDa cytosol proteins using PT-pretreated (inactivation of PT-sensitive GTP-binding protein) or phorbol 12-myristate 13-acetate (PMA)-pretreated (depletion of PKC) mouse fibroblasts. The effects of the inactivation of PT-sensitive GTP-binding protein and the depletion of PKC on mitogen-stimulated tyrosine phosphorylation of the proteins were similar and varied significantly and systematically in response to growth factors. The important finding was that such inhibitory effects of PT-sensitive GTP-binding protein inactivation and PKC depletion on protein tyrosine phosphorylation induced by each mitogen always correlated well with their inhibitory effects on each mitogen-stimulated DNA synthesis. Although the extent of platelet-derived-growth-factor-induced phosphorylation of the proteins was decreased to approx. 50% in PT- and PMA-pretreated cells compared with native cells, protein phosphorylation itself was not affected and occurred at identical sites on each protein in native, PT- and PMA-pretreated cells. These results suggest that: (1) 41 kDa and 43 kDa proteins are located downstream of PT-sensitive GTP-binding protein and PKC in the mitogenic signalling pathways of growth factors, (2) protein phosphorylation occurs via a cascade of events which includes the activation of the receptor tyrosine kinases, PKC and other unidentified kinase(s) which directly participate(s) in the phosphorylation of the 41 kDa and 43 kDa proteins, and (3) their phosphorylation may play an important role in integrating multiple mitogenic signalling pathways. Images Fig. 1. Fig. 2. Fig. 3. Fig. 4. Fig. 5.

Kohno, M; Chatani, Y; Tanaka, E; Hattori, A; Nishizawa, N



Immune response of electroeluted detergent soluble 29 kDa antigen from Setaria digitata (Von Linstow).  


Filariasis is one of the typical parasitic infections which cause immune suppression during the course of infection in both humans and experimental animals. A 29 kDa protein isolated from detergent soluble antigen of S. digitata showed maximum inhibition of cell mediated immune response. The heat inactivated 29 kDa protein was found to be devoid of property of suppression of immune response in the host. Histological study of spleen of BALB/C mice immunized with 29 kDa protein showed changes in regions of spleen such as follicle, trabeculae, capsule, reticuloendothelial cells and eosinophils. The 29 kDa protein, the most reactive of the detergent soluble proteins produced partial suppression of immune response, thereby contributing to the factors responsible for the survival of filarial parasites in hosts. PMID:9854424

John, L; Raj, R K



40 CFR 60.50Da - Compliance determination procedures and methods.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...43Da as follows: (1) The percent of potential SO2 emissions (%Ps) to the atmosphere shall be computed using the following equation: ER13JN07.015 Where: %Ps = Percent of potential SO2 emissions, percent; %Rf = Percent...



32 CFR 644.512 - DA-SBA joint set-aside determination.  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY (CONTINUED) REAL PROPERTY REAL ESTATE HANDBOOK Disposal Disposal of Standing Timber, Crops, and Embedded Gravel, Sand and Stone § 644.512 DA-SBA joint set-aside determination. Section 15 of the Small Business...



32 CFR 635.23 - DA Form 4833 (Commander's Report of Disciplinary or Administrative Action).  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...responsible and accountable for completing DA Form 4833 with supporting documentation in all cases investigated by MPI, civilian detectives employed by the Department of the Army, and the PMO. The Battalion Commander or the first Lieutenant Colonel in...



Geochemistry and Genesis of the Pegmatite Limoeiro (Virgem DA Lapa-MG-Brazil).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The structure, mineralogy, geochemistry, and geological setting of the Pegmatite Limoeiro (Virgem da Lapa - MG) are presented. The country rock of this pegmatite is the Precambrian Macaubas quartz - biotite schist. The pegmatites of this region seem to be...

J. M. C. Neves A. C. P. Soares R. R. Valle



Schistosoma mansoni: Molecular Cloning and Sequencing of the 200-kDa Chemotherapeutic Target Antigen  

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Praziquantel is the drug of choice for human schistosomiasis. The efficacy of this drug is impaired in immune-deficient mice. However, transfer to B cell-depleted mice of a monoclonal antibody that recognizes a 200-kDa GPI-anchored glycoprotein of S. mansoni restores the effectiveness of praziquantel. In order to characterize this target antigen, we have isolated and sequenced cDNA clones encoding the 200-kDa

T. M. T. Hall; G. T. Joseph; M. Strand



Subepidermal blistering disease with autoantibodies against a novel dermal 200-kDa antigen  

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A number of autoimmune subepidermal blistering diseases are characterized by the distinct autoantigens of the cutaneous basement membrane zone. Recently, a few cases with autoantibodies against a novel 200-kDa dermal protein have been reported. We collected nine cases of subepidermal blistering disease with IgG antibodies against this 200-kDa antigen. In this report, we describe the clinical and immunological appearances in

Yoshie Kawahara; Detlef Zillikens; Kim B Yancey; M. Peter Marinkovich; Zhuxiang Nie; Takashi Hashimoto; Takeji Nishikawa



Uncomplicated full term pregnancy after da Vinci-assisted laparoscopic myomectomy  

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Laparoscopic surgery with the assistance of the da Vinci robotic system has been recently introduced in gynaecology, as this new technology provides three-dimensional vision and easier suture capability. This study reports, for the first time, the case of an uncomplicated full term pregnancy after laparoscopic myomectomy with the assistance of the da Vinci robotic system. The patient was a 35-year-old

Silvina Bocca; Laurel Stadtmauer; Sergio Oehninger



Qualidade da bebida de café de frutos cereja submetidos a diferentes manejos pós-colheita  

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Resumo _ O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a qualidade da bebida de café obtida de frutos cereja submetidos a diferentes práticas de manejo pós-colheita, considerando-se infecções iniciadas na planta e persistentes durante o tempo de exposição às fontes infectantes. Admitiu-se que os grãos de cereja recolhidos na planta têm máximo potencial de qualidade da bebida, avaliada por meio de

José Laércio Favarin; André Luis Gnaccarini Villela; Maria Heloisa Duarte Moraes; Helena Maria Carmignani Pescarin Chamma; José Dias Costa; Durval Dourado-Neto



Efeitos da radiação ultravioleta-B sobre a morfologia foliar de Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. (Brassicaceae)  

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s -1 de radiação fotossinteticamente ativa (PAR) com ou sem 6 kJ m -2 s -1 de radiação UV-Bbe (UV-Bbe; UV-B biologicamente efetiva). Após 21 dias, 10 folhas de cada tratamento (com e sem radiação UV-B) foram coletadas para avaliar área foliar, massa fresca e seca, AEF, densidades estomáticas e de tricomas de ambas as faces da folha, espessura da

Maria Regina Torres Boeger; Mary E. Poulson



New source performance standards, subpart Da and Db. Summary of public comments and responses  

SciTech Connect

The EPA proposed amendments to subparts Da and Db of 40 CFR part 60 on July 9, 1997. The purpose of this document is to present a summary of the public comments received on the proposed amendments to subparts Da and Db of 40 CFR part 60 and the responses developed by the EPA. This summary of comments and responses serves as the basis for revisions made to the standards between proposal and promulgation.




The use of Therav?da Buddhist practices and perspectives in mindfulness-based cognitive therapy  

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This study explores and assesses the nature and practice of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) from the perspective of Therav?da Buddhism. It is particularly concerned with how both models of training understand and apply ‘mindfulness’. The approach here is, firstly, to examine how the Therav?da understands and employs mindfulness and, secondly, to explore, and more accurately contextualize, the work of MBCT.

Richard Gilpin



Prokaryotic Expression and Analysis on the 22kDa Protein Gene of Mycobacterium paratuberculosis  

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The gene encoding 22kDa protein gene from Mycobacterium paratuberculosis C-2, chromosomal DNA was amplified by using polymerase chain reaction (PCR), the PCR product was approximately 720bp DNA segment. The PCR product was cloned into pMD-18-T vector and the cloning plasmid pMD-18-T-22 was constructed successfully. The purified 22kDa protein gene was subcloned into the expression vector pET32a(+), and the prokaryotic expression

Xinyu Liu; Chunfang Wang; Fanli Zeng; Lei Liu; Xiaoai Zhu; Yanhong Dong; Xiuyun Jiang; Yuqing Hu; Haoran Ning; Hongxia Ma; Chengbo Xu



Analysis of D\\/A and A\\/D Conversions in Quantization-based Audio Watermarking  

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Due to its advantages, quantization-based embedding has been introduced into audio watermarking to improve ro- bustness performance. Existing audio watermarking al- gorithms often focus on a given attack. However, in some transmission environments, digital audio files may suffer from the different attacks. For example, effects of D\\/A and A\\/D conversions (denoted as DA\\/AD in this paper) on audio watermarking may

Shijun Xiang; Jiwu Huang



Determinação de regiões de órbitas diretas estáveis ao redor da Lua  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Neste Trabalho estamos investigando regiões do sistema Terra-Lua que contêm órbitas diretas estáveis ao redor da Lua visando a utilização destas órbitas em futuras missões de veículos espaciais como alternativas de trajetórias com baixo custo de manutenção. Adotando-se o problema restrito de três corpos, Terra-Lua-partícula, a localização e a extensão destas regiões de estabilidade foram investigadas numericamente considerando como estável toda órbita que permanece ao redor a Lua por, no mínimo, 1000 dias com energia de dois corpos da partícula em relação à Lua negativa. A estabilidade de tais regiões está associada a duas famílias de órbitas periódicas simples H1 e H2 e a órbitas quase-periódicas associadas a elas. Uma vez identificadas as regiões de estabilidade passamos a analisá-las introduzindo, paulatinamente, outras interações relevantes ao sistema como as perturbações do Sol (via problema restrito de quatro corpos), das marés, da pressão de radiação e do achatamento terrestre. Os resultados encontrados até o momento mostram que a perturbação do Sol é a única que reduz significativamente o tamanho das regiões de estabilidade. Também estamos investigando o comportamento de tais regiões quando características intrínsecas do sistema como as excentricidades das órbitas da Terra e da Lua e a inclinação da órbita Lua são consideradas. Com este estudo estamos reunindo informações que nos permitirão compreender a evolução das regiões de estabilidade no sistema Terra-Lua, bem como estabelecer parâmetros adequados para a utilização das trajetórias estáveis em futuras missões espaciais. Agradecimentos: Este projeto conta com o apoio do CNPq, da Capes e da Fapesp.

de Melo, C. F.; Winter, O. C.; Vieira Neto, E.



The 72-kDa Metalloproteinase Immunostaining in Cervical Carcinoma: Relationship with Lymph Nodal Involvement  

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Objective: In the present study we detected 72-kDa metalloproteinase expression in our series of early stage cervical carcinomas and analyzed the relationship between 72-kDa metalloproteinase staining and risk of nodal involvement with the goal of identifying a parameter useful in predicting the metastatic potential of lesions. Materials and Methods: The medical records of 34 patients with FIGO stage I squamous

G. Gioele Garzetti; Andrea Ciavattini; Guendalina Lucarini; Gaia Goteri; Carlo Romanini; Graziella Biagini



The Self-Efficacy Questionnaire for Depression in Adolescents (SEQ-DA)  

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The 12-item clinician or self-administered Self-Efficacy Questionnaire for Depression in Adolescents (SEQ-DA) was developed as a measure of perceived ability to cope with depressive symptomatology. This study examined the reliability and validity of the SEQ-DA in a clinical population of 130 adolescents that were receiving treatment for depression. Psychometric evaluation revealed good internal consistency and test-retest reliability. Results indicated that

Bruce Tonge; Neville King; Ester Klimkeit; Glenn Melvin; David Heyne; Michael Gordon



Low strain, long life creep fatigue of AF2-1DA and INCO 718  

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Two aircraft turbine disk alloys, GATORIZED AF2-DA and INCO 718 were evaluated for their low strain long life creep-fatigue behavior. Static (tensile and creep rupture) and cyclic properties of both alloys were characterized. The cntrolled strain LCF tests were conducted at 760 C (1400 F) and 649 C (1200 F) for AF2-1DA and INCO 718, respectively. Hold times were varied

A. B. Thakker; B. A. Cowles



Physiological involvement of DA in ovarian development of the freshwater giant prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii  

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Biogenic amines such as dopamine (DA) and serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT) are able to affect numerous physiological processes in crustaceans through their actions as neuroregulators. Both DA and serotonin have been shown to be involved in the synthesis and release of neurohormones such as crustacean hyperglycemic hormone (CHH), vitellogenesis-inhibiting hormone (VIH), molt-inhibiting hormone (MIH) and those related to pigmentation which in

Y. N. Chen; H. F. Fan; S. L. Hsieh; C. M. Kuo



Image analysis of the observations of the DA240 region with the Miyun radio telescope  

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In this paper, observations of sky region DA240 with the Miyun Metre-wave Synthesis Radiotelescope (MSRT) at 232 MHz are analysed, using a new method of image processing developed by Wei. Several maps of good quality of the radio source DA240 and its surrounding region are obtained. A number of common problems encountered in metre-wave synthesis systems are solved as follows.

Ming-Zhi Wei; Shan-Jie Qian



In vitro degradation of the 32kDa PS II reaction centre protein  

SciTech Connect

The 32kDa thylakoid membrane protein is an integral component of the PS II reaction centre. The protein, although stable in the dark, undergoes light dependent turnover. Light from the UV, visible and far-red spectral regions induce 32kDa protein degradation. To better understand 32kDa protein metabolism, an in vitro degradation system is being developed. It consists of isolated thylakoid membranes than contain radiolabelled protein. The 32kDa protein is actively and specifically degraded when the thylakoid preparation is exposed to UV or visible radiation. The protein is stable in the dark. The herbicides (atrazine and DCMU) inhibit degradation in the in vitro system as they do in vivo. Additionally, several methods of isolating thylakoids are being compared to optimize the 32kDa protein degradation reaction. The preparations will be evaluated based on their ability to permit light dependent degradation of the 32kDa protein without affecting the other membrane components.

Eckenswiller, L.C.; Greenberg, B.M. (Univ. of Waterloo, Ontario (Canada))



OpenDA: Open Source Generic Data Assimilation Environment and its Application in Geophysical Process Models  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Data Assimilation techniques are essential elements in state-of-the-art development of models and their use in operational forecasting and real-time control in the fields of groundwater, surface water and soil systems. In meteorological and atmospheric sciences, steady improvements in numerical weather forecasting and climate prediction over the last couple of decades have been enabled to a large degree by the development of community-based models and data assimilation systems. The hydrologic community should learn from the experiences of the meteorological and atmospheric communities by accelerating the transition of hydrologic DA research into operations and developing community-supported, open-source modeling and forecasting systems and data assimilation tools. In 2010, a community based open source initiative named OpenDA was started. The openDA initiative bears similarities with the well-known openMI initiative. OpenDA makes use of a set of interfaces that describe the interaction between models, observations and data assimilation algorithms. It focuses on flexible applications in portable systems for modeling geophysical processes. It provides a generic interfacing protocol that allows combination of the implemented data assimilation techniques with, in principle, any time-stepping model describing a process (atmospheric processes, 3D circulation, 2D water flow, rainfall-runoff, unsaturated flow, groundwater flow, etc.). Presently, openDA features filtering techniques and calibration techniques. The presentation will give an overview of openDA and the results of some of its practical applications.

Weerts, A.; van Velzen, N.; Verlaan, M.; Sumihar, J.; Hummel, S.; El Serafy, G.; Dhondia, J.; Gerritsen, H.; Vermeer-Ooms, S.; Loots, E.; Markus, A.; Kockx, A.



Nicotinamide, Fluosol DA and Carbogen: a strategy to reoxygenate acutely and chronically hypoxic cells in vivo.  

PubMed Central

The effect of Nicotinamide and/or treatment with Fluosol DA and Carbogen breathing on the radiation response of 500-750 mg SCCVII and KHT tumours has been evaluated. Pretreatment with Fluosol DA/Carbogen or Nicotinamide resulted in relatively modest enhancements of radiation damage with enhancement factors of 1.1 and 1.3 being observed using an in vivo/in vitro clonogenic end-point. A combination of Nicotinamide and Fluosol DA/Carbogen resulted in a larger enhancement factor of 1.6 over the radiation dose ranges studied. These modification factors reflect a value close to that expected for a fully aerobic response in this survival range. Growth delay studies in the SCCVII tumour provided similar results. Using a recently developed fluorescence activated cell sorting technique, which utilizes the in vivo pharmacokinetic and DNA binding properties of the bisbenzamide stain Hoechst 33342, the effect of Nicotinamide and/or Fluosol DA/Carbogen schedules on the occurrence of acute hypoxia was assessed. The results clearly show that Nicotinamide significantly reduces the amount of 'acute hypoxia', but has a lesser effect on 'chronic' hypoxic cells. However, combinations of Nicotinamide and Fluosol DA/Carbogen significantly increase the response of both 'acutely' and 'chronically hypoxic' cells. The results provide evidence that a combination of Nicotinamide and Fluosol DA/Carbogen can provide an effective way of reoxygenating both acutely and chronically hypoxic cells.

Chaplin, D. J.; Horsman, M. R.; Aoki, D. S.



An antibody against 100- to 116-kDa polypeptides in coated vesicles inhibits triskelion binding  

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There is considerable evidence that the 100- to 116-kDa polypeptides in calf brain coated vesicles are involved in the assembly of clathrin triskelions to form coated vesicles. The authors have raised polyclonal antibodies against these polypeptides. By Western blot analysis, these antibodies bind to a distinct subset of the six polypeptides in the region 100-116 kDa. Whole cell homogenates from calf brain, calf liver, and rat liver also show immunoreactivity in the 100-kDa region with no other cross reactivity. Isolated coated vesicles from calf liver, rat brain, and soybean roots also cross-react. Stripped coated vesicles, which are depleted of clathrin but which retain the 100- to 116-kDa polypeptides, quantitatively rebind {sup 125}I-triskelions. These studies indicate that (1) specific sites on the 100- to 116-kDa polypeptides are required for assembly of coated vesicles, and (2) this antibody will be useful in clarifying more precisely the role of the 100- to 116-kDa polypeptides in coated vesicle recycling.

Mosley, S.T.; Branton, D. (Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA (USA))



The 32kDa enamelin undergoes conformational transitions upon calcium binding.  


The 32 kDa hydrophilic and acidic enamelin, the most stable cleavage fragment of the enamel specific glycoprotein, is believed to play vital roles in controlling crystal nucleation or growth during enamel biomineralization. Circular dichroism and Fourier transform infrared spectra demonstrate that the secondary structure of the 32 kDa enamelin has a high content of alpha-helix (81.5%). Quantitative analysis on the circular dichroism data revealed that the 32 kDa enamelin undergoes conformational changes with a structural preference to beta-sheet with increasing concentration of calcium ions. We suggest that the increase of beta-sheet conformation in the presence of Ca(2+) may allow preferable interaction of the 32 kDa enamelin with apatite crystal surfaces during enamel biomineralization. The calcium association constant (K(a)=1.55 (+/-0.13)x10(3)M(-1)) of the 32 kDa enamelin calculated from the fitting curve of ellipticity at 222 nm indicated a relatively low affinity. Our current biophysical studies on the 32 kDa enamelin structure provide novel insights towards understanding the enamelin-mineral interaction and subsequently the functions of enamelin during enamel formation. PMID:18508280

Fan, Daming; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani; Moradian-Oldak, Janet



DaPKC-dependent phosphorylation of Crumbs is required for epithelial cell polarity in Drosophila.  


Both in Drosophila and vertebrate epithelial cells, the establishment of apicobasal polarity requires the apically localized, membrane-associated Par-3-Par-6-aPKC protein complex. In Drosophila, this complex colocalizes with the Crumbs-Stardust (Sdt)-Pals1-associated TJ protein (Patj) complex. Genetic and molecular analyses suggest a functional relationship between them. We show, by overexpression of a kinase-dead Drosophila atypical PKC (DaPKC), the requirement for the kinase activity of DaPKC to maintain the position of apical determinants and to restrict the localization of basolateral ones. We demonstrate a novel physical interaction between the apical complexes, via direct binding of DaPKC to both Crb and Patj, and identify Crumbs as a phosphorylation target of DaPKC. This phosphorylation of Crumbs is functionally significant. Thus, a nonphosphorylatable Crumbs protein behaves in vivo as a dominant negative. Moreover, the phenotypic effect of overexpressing wild-type Crumbs is suppressed by reducing DaPKC activity. These results provide a mechanistic framework for the functional interaction between the Par-3-Par-6-aPKC and Crumbs-Sdt-Patj complexes based in the posttranslational modification of Crb by DaPKC. PMID:15302858

Sotillos, Sol; Díaz-Meco, María Teresa; Caminero, Eva; Moscat, Jorge; Campuzano, Sonsoles



The 32 kDa Enamelin Undergoes Conformational Transitions upon Calcium Binding  

PubMed Central

The 32 kDa hydrophilic and acidic enamelin, the most stable cleavage fragment of the enamel specific glycoprotein, is believed to play vital roles in controlling crystal nucleation or growth during enamel biomineralization. Circular dichroism and Fourier transform infrared spectra demonstrate that the secondary structure of the 32 kDa enamelin has a high content of ?-helix (81.5%). Quantitative analysis on the circular dichroism data revealed that the 32 kDa enamelin undergoes conformational changes with a structural preference to ?-sheet as a function of calcium ions. We suggest that the increase of ?-sheet conformation upon presence of Ca2+ may allow preferable interaction of the 32 kDa enamelin with apatite crystal surfaces during enamel biomineralization. The calcium association constant of the 32 kDa enamelin calculated from the fitting curve of ellipticity at 222 nm is Ka = 1.55 (±0.13) × 103 M?1, indicating a relatively low affinity. Our current biophysical studies on the 32 kDa enamelin structure provide novel insights towards understanding the enamelin-mineral interaction and subsequently the functions of enamelin during enamel formation.

Fan, Daming; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani; Moradian-Oldak, Janet



Promoção da saúde e trabalho: um ensaio analítico Health promotion and work: an analytic essay Promoción de la Salud y del trabajo: un ensayo analítico  

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RESUMO Este artigo teve como propósito discutir a articulação entre promoção da saúde e trabalho, na perspectiva de aproximar as práticas em saúde do trabalhador, com o enfoque na promoção da saúde. Para tanto, discutimos a trajetória histórica da promoção da saúde e das políticas de saúde do trabalhador no Brasil, apontando suas dificuldades, limitações e perspectivas. Em seguida, analisamos

Soraya Maria de MedeirosIII


Encompassing the Globe: Portugal and the World in the 16th and 17th Centuries  

NSDL National Science Digital Library

This exhibition from the Smithsonian's Sackler Gallery traces the importance of Portugal in the 16th and 17th Centuries, a time period often called the Age of Discovery. Explorers from Portugal traversed the globe, bringing back news of exotic people, animals, foods, and spices to Europe. The web exhibition highlights Portuguese voyages to Africa, Brazil, China, and Japan, and around the Indian Ocean. By simply following a few links, it is possible to view the exhibition in Google Earth, free software that will plot the routes of the Portuguese explorers, along with a chronology, as well as display the informative captions prepared for the exhibition. Images are also included, such as a salt container, heliotrope spoon, and an ivory casket or box, all from Sri Lanka, the source of cinnamon to the thriving spice trade that Vasco da Gama found when he sailed his four ships into the Indian Ocean in late 1497.



D-amphetamine (A)-induced dopamine (DA) release is not strictly dependent on newly-synthesized transmitter  

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A is thought to exert its stimulant effects by releasing DA from a newly synthesized transmitter pool. This hypothesis was evaluated directly by measuring the basal efflux and electrically-evoked release of endogenous DA and dihydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC). In striatal slices from reserpine-treated rabbits A increased DA efflux, reduced DOPAC efflux, and inhibited electrically-evoked /sup 3/H-ACh release in a concentration-dependent manner. These effects could not be mimicked by inhibition of neuronal uptake or MAO, but were blocked by inhibition of DA synthesis or neuronal uptake, and were potentiated by inhibition of MAO. In slices with intact vesicular transmitter stores A induced DA efflux was 2-fold greater than that seen in slices having no vesicular stores. Inhibition of DA synthesis reduced A-induced DA efflux by 60%, but had little effect on the ability of A to inhibit /sup 3/H-ACh release. A also increased the electrical stimulation-evoked overflow of DA (an effect which was attenuated slightly by synthesis inhibition), and potently inhibited DOPAC overflow. These results suggest that: 1) A facilitates efflux of axoplasmic DA by an accelerated exchange diffusion mechanism. The releasable axoplasmic pool is derived from newly synthesized and vesicular transmitter pools; 2) postsynaptic indices of transmitter release may be misleading; and 3) A increases electrically-evoked DA release possibly by inhibiting neuronal uptake.

Parker, E.; Cubeddu, L.



Vinpocetine and ?-tocopherol prevent the increase in DA and oxidative stress induced by 3-NPA in striatum isolated nerve endings.  


Vinpocetine is a neuroprotective drug that exerts beneficial effects on neurological symptoms and cerebrovascular disease. 3-nitropropionic acid (3-NPA) is a toxin that irreversibly inhibits succinate dehydrogenase, the mitochondrial enzyme that acts in the electron transport chain at complex II. In previous studies in striatum-isolated nerve endings (synaptosomes), we found that vinpocetine decreased dopamine (DA) at expense of its main metabolite 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid (DOPAC), and that 3-NPA increased DA, reactive oxygen species (ROS), DA-quinone products formation, and decreased DOPAC. Therefore, in this study, the possible effect of vinpocetine on 3-NPA-induced increase in DA, ROS, lipid peroxidation, and DA-quinone products formation in striatum synaptosomes were investigated, and compared with the effects of the antioxidant ?-tocopherol. Results show that the increase in DA induced by 3-NPA was inhibited by both 25 ?M vinpocetine and 50 ?M ?-tocopherol. Vinpocetine, as ?-tocopherol, also inhibited 3-NPA-induced increase in ROS (as judged by DCF fluorescence), lipid peroxidation (as judged by TBA-RS formation), and DA-quinone products formation (as judged by the nitroblue tetrazolium reduction method). As in addition to the inhibition of complex II exerted by 3-NPA, 3-NPA increases DA-oxidation products that in turn can inhibit other sites of the respiratory chain, the drop in DA produced by vinpocetine and ?-tocopherol may importantly contribute to their protective action from oxidative damage, particularly in DA-rich structures. PMID:23121080

Herrera-Mundo, Nieves; Sitges, María



Demonstration of 72-kDa and 92-kDa Forms of Type IV Collagenase in Human Skin: Variable Expression in Various Blistering Diseases, Induction During Re-Epithelialization, and Decrease by Topical Glucocorticoids  

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Type IV collagenases have been shown to play an important role in tumor metastasis and wound healing. In the present study, we have demonstrated the presence of 72-kDa and 92-kDa forms of type IV collagenase in human skin by biochemical and in situ hybridization techniques. In situ hybridization allowed us to localize the 72-kDa form mostly to fibroblasts and the

Aarne Oikarinen; Meeri Kylmäniemi; Helena Autio-Harmainen; Pekka Autio; Tuula Salo



Valor Diagnóstico da Tomografia por Emissão de Pósitrons \\/ Tomografia Computadorizada (PET-CT) com Flúor-18 Fluordeoxiglicose (FDG 18 F) em Pacientes com Carcinoma Diferenciado da Tireóide, Níveis Séricos de Tireoglobulina Elevados e Pesquisa de Corpo Inteiro com Iodo Negativa  

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RESUMO Objetivo: Avaliar o papel da PET-CT com FDG-18F na detecção de recidiva e\\/ou metástase de carcinoma diferenciado da tireóide (CDT) em pacientes com níveis elevados de tireoglobulina (TG) e PCI negativa. Pacientes e método: Os achados da PET-CT de 25 pacientes foram comparados com a avaliação histopatológica e os métodos convencionais de imagem (MC). Resultados: A PET-CT foi positiva




Efficacy of DA8159, a new PDE5 inhibitor, for inducing penile erection in rabbits with acute spinal cord injury  

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DA-8159 is a pyrazolopyrimidinone derivative which exhibits potent and selective phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibition. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of DA-8159 on inducing a penile erection in rabbits with an acute spinal cord injury (ASCI). DA-8159 was given either orally (1, 3, or 10 mg\\/kg) or intravenously (0.1 or 0.3 mg\\/kg) to conscious male

BO Ahn; KK Kang; GJ Ahn; JW Kwon; WB Kim; K-S Kang; Y-S Lee



Constitutive activation of the 41-\\/43-kDa mitogen-activated protein kinase signaling pathway in human tumors  

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The 41-kDa and 43-kDa mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinases play a pivotal role in the mitogenic signal transduction pathway and are essential components of the MAP kinase cascade, which includes MAP kinase kinase (MEK) and Raf-1. As aberrant activation of signal transducing molecules such as Ras and Raf-1 has been linked with cancer, we examined whether constitutive activation of the 41-\\/43-kDa

Rika Hoshino; Yuji Chatani; Takao Yamori; Takashi Tsuruo; Hiroya Oka; Osamu Yoshida; Yutaka Shimada; Shigeki Ari-i; Hiromi Wada; Jiro Fujimoto; Michiaki Kohno



The zinc-mediated sulfide-binding mechanism of hydrothermal vent tubeworm 400-kDa hemoglobin  

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Hydrothermal vent and cold seep tubeworms possess two hemoglobin (Hb) types, a 3600-kDa hexagonal bilayer Hb as well as a 400-kDa spherical Hb. Both Hbs can reversibly and simultaneously bind and transport oxygen and hydrogen sulfide used by the worm's endosymbiotic bacteria to fix carbon. The vestimentiferan 400-kDa Hb has been shown to consist of 24 polypeptide chains and 12

Jason F. FLORES; Stéphane M. HOURDEZ


Therapeutic Potential of Dioscorea Extract (DA-9801) in Comparison with Alpha Lipoic Acid on the Peripheral Nerves in Experimental Diabetes.  


DA-9801, a mixture of extracts from Dioscorea japonica Thunb. and Dioscorea nipponica Makino, was reported to have neurotrophic activity. Therefore, we investigated the therapeutic potential of DA-9801, in comparison with alpha lipoic acid (ALA), for peripheral nerves preservation in experimental diabetes. Experimental animals were divided into 4 groups, and each group was designated according to the type of treatment administered as follows: normal, DM, DM+DA-9801, and DM+ALA. After 16 weeks, response thresholds to tactile and thermal stimuli were higher in DM+DA-9801 group than in nontreated DM group. This degree of increase in DM+DA-9801 group indicates more therapeutic potency of DA-9801 than ALA. Western blot analysis showed more significant increase in NGF and decrease in TNF-? and IL-6 in DM+DA-9801 group than in DM or DM+ALA groups (P < 0.05). IENF density was reduced less significantly in the DM+DA-9801 group than in other DM groups (7.61?±?0.32, 4.2?±?0.26, and 6.5?±?0.30 in DM+DA-9801, DM, and DM+ALA, resp., P < 0.05). Mean myelinated axonal area in the sciatic nerves was significantly greater in DM+DA-9801 group than in other DM groups (69.2?±?5.76, 54.0?±?6.32, and 63.1?±?5.41 in DM+DA-9801, DM, and DM+ALA, resp., P < 0.05). Results of this study demonstrated potential therapeutic applications of DA-9801 for the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. PMID:23671883

Jin, Heung Yong; Kim, Sun Hee; Yu, Hea Min; Baek, Hong Sun; Park, Tae Sun



Therapeutic Potential of Dioscorea Extract (DA-9801) in Comparison with Alpha Lipoic Acid on the Peripheral Nerves in Experimental Diabetes  

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DA-9801, a mixture of extracts from Dioscorea japonica Thunb. and Dioscorea nipponica Makino, was reported to have neurotrophic activity. Therefore, we investigated the therapeutic potential of DA-9801, in comparison with alpha lipoic acid (ALA), for peripheral nerves preservation in experimental diabetes. Experimental animals were divided into 4 groups, and each group was designated according to the type of treatment administered as follows: normal, DM, DM+DA-9801, and DM+ALA. After 16 weeks, response thresholds to tactile and thermal stimuli were higher in DM+DA-9801 group than in nontreated DM group. This degree of increase in DM+DA-9801 group indicates more therapeutic potency of DA-9801 than ALA. Western blot analysis showed more significant increase in NGF and decrease in TNF-? and IL-6 in DM+DA-9801 group than in DM or DM+ALA groups (P < 0.05). IENF density was reduced less significantly in the DM+DA-9801 group than in other DM groups (7.61?±?0.32, 4.2?±?0.26, and 6.5?±?0.30 in DM+DA-9801, DM, and DM+ALA, resp., P < 0.05). Mean myelinated axonal area in the sciatic nerves was significantly greater in DM+DA-9801 group than in other DM groups (69.2?±?5.76, 54.0?±?6.32, and 63.1?±?5.41 in DM+DA-9801, DM, and DM+ALA, resp., P < 0.05). Results of this study demonstrated potential therapeutic applications of DA-9801 for the treatment of diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Jin, Heung Yong; Kim, Sun Hee; Yu, Hea Min; Baek, Hong Sun; Park, Tae Sun



Audio watermarking robust against D/A and A/D conversions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Digital audio watermarking robust against digital-to-analog (D/A) and analog-to-digital (A/D) conversions is an important issue. In a number of watermark application scenarios, D/A and A/D conversions are involved. In this article, we first investigate the degradation due to DA/AD conversions via sound cards, which can be decomposed into volume change, additional noise, and time-scale modification (TSM). Then, we propose a solution for DA/AD conversions by considering the effect of the volume change, additional noise and TSM. For the volume change, we introduce relation-based watermarking method by modifying groups of the energy relation of three adjacent DWT coefficient sections. For the additional noise, we pick up the lowest-frequency coefficients for watermarking. For the TSM, the synchronization technique (with synchronization codes and an interpolation processing operation) is exploited. Simulation tests show the proposed audio watermarking algorithm provides a satisfactory performance to DA/AD conversions and those common audio processing manipulations.

Xiang, Shijun



Low strain, long life creep fatigue of AF2-1DA and INCO 718  

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Two aircraft turbine disk alloys, GATORIZED AF2-DA and INCO 718 were evaluated for their low strain long life creep-fatigue behavior. Static (tensile and creep rupture) and cyclic properties of both alloys were characterized. The cntrolled strain LCF tests were conducted at 760 C (1400 F) and 649 C (1200 F) for AF2-1DA and INCO 718, respectively. Hold times were varied for tensile, compressive and tensile/compressive strain dwell (relaxation) tests. Stress (creep) hold behavior of AF2-1DA was also evaluated. Generally, INCO 718 exhibited more pronounced reduction in cyclic life due to hold than AF2-1DA. The percent reduction in life for both alloys for strain dwell tests was greater at low strain ranges (longer life regime). Changing hold time from 0 to 0.5, 2.0 and 15.0 min. resulted in corresponding reductions in life. The continuous cycle and cyclic/dwell initiation failure mechanism was predominantly transgranular for AF2-1DA and intergranular for INCO 718.

Thakker, A.B.; Cowles, B.A.



In vitro study on the interaction between the 32 kDa enamelin and amelogenin.  


Enamel extracelluar matrix components play vital roles in controlling crystal nucleation and growth during enamel formation. We investigated the interaction between the 32 kDa enamelin fragment and amelogenin using immunochemical and biophysical methods. Immunoprecipitation studies revealed that the 32 kDa enamelin and amelogenin eluted together from a Protein A column. Dynamic light scattering results showed that the 32 kDa enamelin had a profound effect on amelogenin assembly at pH 8.0, causing partial dissociation of the nanospheres, in a dose-dependent manner. The appearance of an isodichroic point and the shifting and intensity decrease of the ellipticity minima in the circular dichroism spectra of amelogenin following the addition of the 32 kDa enamelin were indicative of conformational changes in amelogenin and of a direct interaction between the two macromolecules. Our results collectively demonstrate that the 32 kDa enamelin has a direct interaction with amelogenin in vitro. Our current studies provide novel insights into understanding possible cooperation between enamelin and amelogenin in macromolecular self-assembly and in controlling enamel mineral formation. PMID:19263522

Fan, Daming; Du, Chang; Sun, Zhi; Lakshminarayanan, Rajamani; Moradian-Oldak, Janet



V?k??yurv?da of par??ara--an ancient treatise on plant science.  


V?k??yurv?da of Par??ara is a great contribution to the Botany in ancient India. N.N. Sircar and Roma sarkar edited this text with English translation. Notes with comparative references of modern botany were added. This book can be placed in all probability in between 1st century B.C to 4th century A.D by its linguistic style. Many scientific branches of Botany including origin of life, ecology, distribution of forests, morphology, classification, nomenclature, histology and physiology were dealt in this ancient work. Though it is presumed that this book was written by Par??ara to teach Botany to preparatory to Ayurv?da studies to ancient Ayurv?da students, it is true to the Ayurv?da personals and other disciplines related to Botany of present day as well. Aim of this article is to attract the attention of all scholars who are related to Ayurv?da and Botany and to feel the depth of the knowledge of ancient Indian botany. PMID:18175643

Prasad, G P; Neelima, G; Pratap, G P; Swamy, G K


Intramolecular proteolytic nicking and binding of Bacillus thuringiensis Cry8Da toxin in BBMVs of Japanese beetle.  


Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Cry8D insecticidal proteins are unique among Cry8 family proteins in terms of its insecticidal activity against adult Scarab beetles, such as Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica Newman). From the sequence homology with other Bt Cry proteins especially those active against beetles, such as Cry3Aa whose 3D structure is available, the structure of the Cry8D protein has been predicted to be a typical three-domain Cry protein type. In addition, the activation process of Cry8D in gut juice of susceptible insects is presumed to be similar to that of Cry3A (Yamaguchi et al., 2008). In this study, the activation process of Cry8Da in insect gut juice was closely examined. Japanese beetle gut juice proteases digested the 130kDa Cry8Da protein to produce a 64kDa protein. This 64kDa protein was active against both adult and larval Japanese beetle and considered to be an activated toxin. N-terminal sequencing of this 64kDa protein revealed that the Cry8Da leader sequence consisting of 63 amino acid residues from M(1) to F(63) was removed. As in the case of Cry3Aa, the proteases further digested the 64kDa protein to two 8kDa and 54kDa fragments. N-terminal amino acid analysis of these smaller fragments indicated that the proteases digested the loop between Alpha Helix (Alpha for short) 3 and Alpha 4. This means that the 8kDa fragment consists of Alpha 1-3 of Domain I and that the 54kDa fragment contains the remaining Domain I and full Domain II and Domain III. Size exclusion chromatography and anion exchange chromatography could not separate these 64, 54 and 8kDa proteins suggesting that the 54kDa and 8kDa fragments are still forming the toxin complex equivalent to the 64kDa protein by size and ionic charge. The sequencing and chromatography results suggest that the gut juice proteases merely nicked the loop between Alpha 3 and Alpha 4. This nicking process appeared to be essential for receptor binding of the Cry8Da toxin. BBMV binding assay revealed that the Cry8Da toxin bound to BBMV preparations from both adult and larval Japanese beetle only after the loop was nicked. Only the 54kDa fragment bound to the BBMV preparations but not the 64kDa protein. Ligand blot showed that the protease activated Cry8Da toxin, presumably the 54kDa fragment, bound to specific BBMV proteins, one or more of those would be receptor(s). The sizes and binding affinities of these Cry8Da-bound proteins of Japanese beetle BBMV differed between larvae and adults. PMID:20655921

Yamaguchi, Takuya; Sahara, Ken; Bando, Hisanori; Asano, Shin-ichiro



Chronic 5-HT Transporter Blockade Reduces DA Signaling to Elicit Basal Ganglia Dysfunction  

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Serotonin (5-HT)-selective reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are widely administered for the treatment of depression, anxiety, and other neuropsychiatric disorders, but response rates are low, and side effects often lead to discontinuation. Side effect profiles suggest that SSRIs inhibit dopaminergic activity, but mechanistic insight remains scarce. Here we show that in mice, chronic 5-HT transporter (5-HTT) blockade during adulthood but not during development impairs basal ganglia-dependent behaviors in a dose-dependent and reversible fashion. Furthermore, chronic 5-HTT blockade reduces striatal dopamine (DA) content and metabolism. A causal relationship between reduced DA signaling and impaired basal ganglia-dependent behavior is indicated by the reversal of behavioral deficits through l-DOPA administration. Our data suggest that augmentation of DA signaling would reduce side effects and increase efficacies of SSRI-based therapy.

Morelli, Emanuela; Moore, Holly; Rebello, Tahilia J.; Gray, Neil; Steele, Kelly; Esposito, Ennio; Ansorge, Mark S.



Goldstone Radar Images of Near-Earth Asteroid 2012 DA14  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

2012 DA14 made an extremely close approach within 0.00023 AU (0.09 lunar distances) on February 15, 2013. This was the closest encounter known in advance by a near-Earth asteroid with an absolute magnitude brighter than 25. We took advantage of this opportunity to image 2012 DA14 at Goldstone on February 16, 18, and 19 as the asteroid was receding from Earth. The imaging started at 00:46 UTC, slightly more than five hours after the closest approach, when the asteroid was at a distance of 0.00088 AU (0.34 lunar distances). The echoes were extraordinarily strong and we obtained some of the highest signal-to-noise ratios for any near-Earth asteroid ever observed at Goldstone. The images achieved resolutions as fine as 3.75 m x 0.00625 Hz that spatially resolve 2012 DA14 into a few dozen pixels; however, due to the diminutive dimensions of the asteroid, even this extremely high resolution is insufficient to show detailed surface features. The images indicate that 2012 DA14 is an asymmetric, angular, and elongated object with major axes of roughly 40 x 20 meters. The sequence of images obtained on February 16 spans 7.8 hours, during which the orientation of the asteroid appeared to complete close to one full rotation, suggesting that the rotation period is somewhat longer than ~8 hours. Radar speckle tracking with the Very Large Array and elements of the Very Long Baseline array show that 2012 DA14 has a relatively low obliquity and constrain the amplitude of any non-principal axis wobble after the flyby to be < 30 degrees. 2012 DA14 is among the smallest near-Earth asteroids ever spatially resolved by radar and it highlights the substantial scientific potential of the new chirp imaging system at Goldstone.

Benner, Lance A.; Brozovic, M.; Giorgini, J. D.; Jao, J. S.; Lee, C. G.; Busch, M. W.; Slade, M. A.



Abundâncias de oxigênio e enxofre nas estrelas de tipo solar da vizinhança solar  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Alguns resultados sugerem que o Sol seja 58% mais abundante em oxigênio que o meio interestelar local. Esta anomalia parece estender-se para o carbono e o criptônio. Entre as possíveis explicações deste fenômeno estão: uma supernova de tipo II que tenha enriquecido a nebulosa protosolar, tornando-a superabundante em oxigênio; um episódio de infall de material pobre em metais sobre o disco Galático, diluindo o meio interestelar local ou uma migração dinâmica do Sol de uma órbita mais interna da Galáxia para sua posição atual. A escolha entre estes cenários exige o conhecimento preciso da abundância solar em relação às anãs G da vizinhança. Neste contexto, o oxigênio e enxofre, são elementos-chave por serem ambos produzidos pelas supernovas de tipo II, devendo portanto possuir o mesmo padrão de abundância. Este projeto visa esclarecer qual a posição do Sol na distribuição local de abundâncias de enxofre e oxigênio para uma amostra de estrelas de tipo solar com idades e metalicidades bem conhecidas. Para tal, analisamos espectros de alta resolução e alta relação sinal-ruído nas regiões espectrais de ll 6300, 7774 (O) e l8695 (S). Para o enxofre encontramos que o Sol parece ser uma estrela típica dentre as da vizinhança, e que este elemento não mostra a sobreabundância para baixas metalicidades, já bem estabelecida para o oxigênio. Discutimos as abundâncias do enxofre no contexto da Evolução Química da Galáxia. Apresentamos resultados preliminares muito precisos para a linha proibida do oxigênio l6300 e comparamos estes com os obtidos para o tripleto em l7774. Quantificamos os efeitos não-ETL presentes no tripleto em função dos parâmetros atmosféricos estelares.

Requeijo, F.; Porto de Mello, G. F.



Flow Cytometric Resonance Energy Transfer Measurements Support the Association of a 95-kDa Peptide Termed T27 with the 55-kDa Tac Peptide  

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Two monoclonal antibodies (OKT27 and OKT27b) have been produced that react with distinct epitopes of a 95-kDa peptide. The T27 antigen is widely distributed, being expressed on B lymphocytes, monocytes, and adult T-leukemic cells but not on polymorphonuclear leukocytes or platelets. There was a low level of T27 expression on resting T cells that increased on T-cell activation. In preliminary

Janos Szollosi; Sandor Damjanovich; Carolyn K. Goldman; Mack J. Fulwyler; Adorjan A. Aszalos; Gideon Goldstein; Patricia Rao; Mary Anne Talle; Thomas A. Waldmann



Diagnostic role of the antibody response to the 38kDa, 16kDa proteins and lipoarabinomannan of mycobacterium tuberculosis.  


The antibody response to the 38kDa, 16kDa and Lipoarabinomannan (LAM) antigens ofMycobacterium tuberculosis was evaluated using three different ELISAs based on these antigens. The study group included tuberculosis patients (n=52), patients with HIV and TB co-infection (n=10), other chest symptomatics (n=5), HIV infected individuals (n=10), leprosy cases (n=7) and healthy controls (n=75). The results indicate that the 38kDa and LAM based ELISA for IgM/IgG has a low specificity (ranging from 69-85%) and sensitivity (ranging from 55-78%). When three ELISAs are carried out on a single patient the probability of detection of tuberculosis was significantly increased to 95.2% indicating that a single ELISA test is of low sensitivity and that a combination of ELISA's may be needed to be of any value as a diagnostic test for tuberculosis. Additionally, a western blot assay of the serum antibody response to protein fraction ofM. tuberculosis was analysed in 15 tuberculosis patients and five healthy controls. A multiple antibody response to various M.tuberculosis proteins was observed which varied from patient to patient as compared to controls who showed a single 38-39 kDa protein band positivity. These finding suggest that a western blot assay which determines the antibody response to a set of antigenic components ofM. tuberculosis could be a better serological test for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in our population. PMID:23105508

Raju, Renuka; Suneetha, Sujai; Sagili, Karuna; Meher, Vani C; Saraswathi, V; Satyanarayana, A V V; Suneetha, Lavanya M



The First Korean Experience of Telemanipulative Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Using the da Vinci System  

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With the advancement of laparoscopic instruments and computer sciences, complex surgical procedures are expected to be safely performed by robot assisted telemanipulative laparoscopic surgery. The da Vinci system (Intuitive Surgical, Mountain View, CA, USA) became available at the many surgical fields. The wrist like movements of the instrument's tip, as well as 3-dimensional vision, could be expected to facilitate more complex laparoscopic procedure. Here, we present the first Korean experience of da Vinci robotic assisted laparoscopic cholecystectomy and discuss the introduction and perspectives of this robotic system.

Kang, Chang Moo; Chi, Hoon Sang; Hyeung, Woo Jin; Kim, Kyung Sik; Choi, Jin Sub; Kim, Byong Ro



Solubilization of insoluble inorganic phosphate by Burkholderia cepacia DA23 isolated from cultivated soil  

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A mineral phosphate solubilizing bacterium, Burkholderia cepacia DA23 has been isolated from cultivated soils. Phosphate-solubilizing activities of the strain against three types of insoluble phosphate were quantitatively determined. When 3% of glucose concentration was used for carbon source, the strain had a marked mineral phosphate-solubilizing activity. Mineral phosphate solubilization was directly related to the pH drop by the strain. Analysis of the culture medium by high pressure liquid chromatography identified gluconic acid as the main organic acid released by Burkholderia cepacia DA23. Gluconic acid production was apparently the result of the glucose dehydrogenase activity and glucose dehydrogenase was affected by phosphate regulation.

Song, Ok-Ryul; Lee, Seung-Jin; Lee, Yong-Seok; Lee, Sang-Cheol; Kim, Keun-Ki; Choi, Yong-Lark



Clonorchis sinensis: Molecular Cloning and Characterization of 28-kDa Glutathione S-Transferase  

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Kang, S-Y., Ahn, I.-Y., Park, C-Y., Chung, Y-B., Hong, S.-T., Kong, Y., Cho, S-Y., and Hong, S-J. 2001. Clonorchis sinensis: Molecular cloning and characterization of 28-kDa glutathione S-transferase. Experimental Parasitology97, 186–195. A 28-kDa glutathione S-transferase (Cs28GST) was purified from a Clonorchis sinensis cytosolic fraction through anion-exchange and glutathione-affinity column chromatographies. A monoclonal antibody raised against Cs28GST reacted specifically to the

Shin-Yong Kang; Il-Young Ahn; Chi-Young Park; Young-Bae Chung; Sung-Tae Hong; Yoon Kong; Seung-Yull Cho; Sung-Jong Hong



Two-weekly dose-adjusted (DA)-EPOCH-like chemotherapy with high-dose dexamethasone plus rituximab (DA-EDOCH14-R) in poor-prognostic untreated diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.  


The activity and safety of two-weekly dose-adjusted (DA)-EPOCH (etoposide, prednisone, vincristine, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin)-like chemotherapy with high-dose dexamethasone plus rituximab (DA-EDOCH14-R) was explored in 20 patients with previously untreated poor prognosis diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). The main outcomes were compared with those of 27 poor-prognosis patients enrolled into a previous trial of 3-weekly DA-EPOCH-R. Toxicity was manageable and there were no therapy-related deaths. Three-year progression-free survival (PFS) was superior in the DA-EDOCH14-R group (95% vs. 74%, P = 0·08). Importantly, this improvement in PFS with the two-weekly DA-EDOCH14-R was particularly notable in patients with an age-adjusted International Prognostic Index of 3 (100% vs. 30%, P < 0·001). PMID:23228045

García-Suárez, Julio; Flores, Elena; Callejas, Marta; Arribas, Ignacio; Gil-Fernández, Juan-José; Olmedilla, Gabriel; Curto, Natalia; Guillén, Helga; Casco, Celia-Rosalva; Martín, Yolanda; Burgaleta, Carmen



Identification of a Bacillus thuringiensis Cry8Da toxin-binding glucosidase from the adult Japanese beetle, Popillia japonica.  


Cry8Da from Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae SDS-502 has insecticidal activity against both the larvae and adult Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica Newman). The receptor determines the specificity of the insecticidal activity of Cry proteins and hence, in order to reveal the mode of action of Cry toxin, receptor identification is a necessary step. However, a receptor for Cry8-type toxin has not been identified in the Scarabaeidae family of insects. Therefore, we aimed to identify the receptor of Cry8Da toxin in adult P. japonica BBMV. A ligand blot showed the Cry8Da toxin only bound to a 150kDa protein in the BBMV of adult P. japonica. In order to identify the Cry8Da toxin binding protein, it was purified by column chromatography and three internal amino acid sequences were determined. Two of the three internal amino acid sequences shared homology with Coleopteran ?-glucosidases. In addition, the fraction containing the Cry8Da toxin binding protein had ?-glucosidase activity but no aminopeptidase N and alkaline phosphatase activity, both of which are commonly reported as receptors for Cry toxins in Lepidopteran and Dipteran insects. The ?-glucosidase homologous genes could be amplified by PCR using degenerate oligonucleotide primers designed from a conserved sequence of Coleopteran ?-glucosidases and an internal amino acid sequence of the Cry8Da toxin binding protein. Taken together, the ?-glucosidase in adult P. japonica BBMV is the receptor for B. thuringiensis Cry8Da toxin. PMID:23541518

Yamaguchi, Takuya; Bando, Hisanori; Asano, Shin-ichiro




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Resumo - O presente estudo visa avaliar as perdas por vazamento para um setor da rede de distribuição de água da cidade de Piracicaba, SP, Brasil. Para tanto, utiliza-se um procedimento iterativo de avaliação hidráulica que considera as perdas por vazamento e a dependência das demandas com a pressão, acoplado ao simulador hidráulico EPANET 2 (Rossman, 2000), com vistas à

Alexandre Kepler Soares; Luisa Fernanda; Ribeiro Reis


Mamíferos carnívoros e sua relação com a diversidade de hábitats no Parque Nacional dos Aparados da Serra, sul do Brasil  

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Carnivore mammals and their relation with habitat diversity in Aparados da Serra National Park, southern Brazil. A survey of carnivore mammals was accomplished in Aparados da Serra National Park from February 1998 to March 2000. The park has 10,250 ha and is considered a biodiversity core area of the Atlantic Forest Biosphere Reserve in the Rio Grande do Sul State,

Maria de Fátima M. dos Santos; Mateus Pellanda; Ana Cristina Tomazzoni; Heinrich Hasenack; Sandra Maria Hartz



Norms and Cut off Scores for the Autism Spectrum Disorders Diagnosis for Adults (ASD-DA)with Intellectual Disability  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Establishing the cut-off scores for Autism Spectrum Disorder-Diagnostic (ASD-DA) scale for adults with intellectual disability (ID) and autism or PDD-NOS was the primary goal of this investigation. The aim of Study 1 was to determine if the ASD-DA was able to differentiate between adults with ID with and without an autism spectrum disorder, and…

Matson, Johnny L.; Boisjoli, Jessica A.; Gonzalez, Melissa L.; Smith, Kimberly R.; Wilkins, Jonathan



Avaliação das normas de biossegurança nas clínicas odonto- lógicas da UFPE Evaluation of biosecutrity norms in UFPE dental clinics  

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Key-words O objetivo deste trabalho foi observar o cumprimento das normas de biossegurança e os cuidados com os riscos ocupacionais pelos alunos que atenderam nas clínicas de Odontologia Preventiva, Odontopediatria, Dentística, Endodontia e nos procedimentos cirúrgicos nas clínicas de Periodontia e Cirurgia, da Faculdade de Odontologia da Universidade Federal de Pernambuco. Este trabalho consistiu em um estudo observacional, no qual

Márcia Maria; Vendiciano Barbosa Vasconcelos; Catarina da Mot; Vasconcelos Brasi; Cláudia Cristina; Brainer de Oliveira Mot; Rabelo de Carvalho


Racismo: o negro e as condições de sua inserção no mercado de trabalho brasileiro no final da década de 90  

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Resumo Este artigo tem por princípio contribuir criticamente para o debate em torno do racismo brasileiro, que se revela mais explicitamente no mercado de trabalho. Por meio de um pequeno diagnóstico, procurar-se-á confirmar a imensa dificuldade da luta em prol de uma legítima democracia, da igualdade de condições e oportunidades para a população negra, visto tamanha injustiça social, econômica e

Geruza de Fátima Tomé


Tratamento não-medicamentoso da hipertensão no idoso Non-pharmacological treatment of hypertension in the elderly  

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RESUMO O tratamento não-farmacológico da hipertensão arterial no idoso é realizado por meio de mudanças no estilo de vida. Essas mudanças podem prevenir ou retardar a instalação de hipertensão em idosos pré-hiperten- sos e reduzir níveis pressóricos elevados em idosos hipertensos. Entretanto, mudanças do comportamento habitual adquirido ao longo da vida não são facilmente realizadas, pois exigem disciplina e paciência

Claudia F. Gravina; Stela Maris Grespan; Jairo L. Borges


Uma nova versão da escala de autoconceito: Piers-Harris Children's Self-Concept Scale (PHCSCS-2)  

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Resumo. É apresentada a adaptação portuguesa da escala americana Piers-Harris Children's Self-Concept Scale (PHCSCS-2), recentemente revista e publicada em versão reduzida (Piers & Hertzberg, 2002). São referenciados os estudos que, entre nós, têm vindo a ser realizados com a versão adaptada em anterior estudo (Veiga, 1989), bem como os novos elementos por eles trazidos. São apresentadas as propriedades psicométricas da

Feliciano H. Veiga



Leonardo da Vinci, One Year on...a Different Look at Vocational Training in Europe.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Discusses the success of the Leonardo da Vinci program, a European laboratory of innovation in vocational training, a priority focus of investment in human resources and intelligence, and a way to mobilize innovative forces beyond national boundaries. Trends identified by the program focus on new information and communication technologies. (JOW)|

Le Magazine, 1996



Approach of Asteroid 2012 DA14 as Seen by Murrumbateman Observatory  

NASA Video Gallery

Movie from the Murrumbateman Observatory in Australia of asteroid 2012 DA14 during its close -- but safe -- flyby of Earth. The images were taken around 17:18 UTC (12:18 p.m. EST, or 9:18 a.m. PST) on Feb. 15, 2013. Image credit: D. Herald › Asteroid and Comet Watch site

Anthony Greicius



Manutenção da independência em idosos saudáveis: fórmula para um envelhecimento bem sucedido  

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1 realizou um interessante estudo na cidade de São Paulo que avaliou a expectativa de vida de homens e mulheres e os anos vividos com e sem incapacidade funcional. Ele chegou à conclusão que apesar da expectativa de vida das mulheres ser superior ao dos homens, elas apresentam maior proporção de anos vividos com incapacidade funcional. Chegar aos 90 anos,

Camargos MCS


A dinâmica discursiva na sala de aula e a apropriação da escrita  

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RESUMO: Este trabalho discute, no contexto da teoria sociocultural, alguns elementos que constituem a dinâmica discursiva de uma sala de aula em que a escrita e as normas ortográficas são ob- jetos de ensino-aprendizagem. O vídeo foi usado na coleta de dados e as transcrições, organizadas na forma de episódios de ensi- no, foram submetidas à análise microgenética. Essa análise

Maria do Socorro Alencar Nunes Macedo; Eduardo Fleury Mortimer



Computer-Assisted Laparoscopic Colon Resection With the Da Vinci ® System: Our First Experiences  

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PURPOSE: Telerobotic surgery is a developing and promising modality that highly improves the laparoscopic dexterity. We have performed more than 100 laparoscopic and thoracoscopic procedures since December 2002 with the aid of the Da Vinci ® robotic system. This study was designed to assess the value of robots in colonic laparoscopic surgery. We present our first cases of robotic-assisted colectomies.

Chris Braumann; Christoph A. Jacobi; Charalambos Menenakos; Ulrich Borchert; Jens C. Rueckert; Joachim M. Mueller



Minimally invasive mitral valve repair using the da Vinci robotic system  

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BackgroundMinimally invasive mitral valve repair with a shortened hospital stay and quick return to an active lifestyle is the ultimate goal for robotically assisted surgery. We evaluated our da Vinci robotically assisted mitral valve repair experience toward achieving this goal.

Antone J Tatooles; Patroklos S Pappas; Paul J Gordon; Mark S Slaughter




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O mapeamento do estilo de aprendizagem é a medição da forma de adquirir conhecimento de um indivíduo ou grupo, uma ferramenta desenvolvida por Felder-Silverman aplicada na pesquisa com o objetivo de analisar os cargos e funções das agroindústrias de carne bovina do estado de Goiás. Os quatro estilos de aprendizagem desenvolvidos pela ferramenta possibilitaram chegar ao estilo do segmento: ATIVO,

MARCÉLIO OLIVEIRA RODRIGUES; Reginaldo Santana Figueiredo; Odilon Jose De Oliveira Neto



A Integracao de Ensino das Ciencias da Saude (An Integrated Medical Education Program [in Brazil]).  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|At the Sixth Annual Reunion of the Brazilian Association of Medical Schools (VI Reuniao Anual da Associacao Brasileira de Escolas Medicas) leaders in the Brazilian medical profession proposed an integrated educational program for training students in the fields of medicine and public health. Under Brazil's present system of education, all…

Pourchet-Campos, M. A.; Guimaraes Junior, Paulino



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Este artigo apresenta os resultados de avaliações da eficácia do Programa Empreendedor Rural – PER – em alcançar seus objetivos. O PER é um programa de educação rural para produtores e trabalhadores rurais desenvolvido no Paraná e executado pelo Senar\\/PR e Sebrae\\/PR que visa elevar os estoques de capital humano e social no meio rural. O programa adota o construtivismo

Vania Di Addario Guimaraes; Fernando Curi Peres; Luis Alberto Ambrosio; Jose Roberto Fernandes Canziani



A search for a new class of pulsating DA white dwarf stars in the DB gap  

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While white dwarf stars are classified into many subgroups based on the appearance of hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen and other spectral lines - or even pure continuum with no lines in the case of the DC stars - the vast majority fall into two major subgroups: those with hydrogen atmospheres (the DA white dwarfs), and those with helium atmospheres (the

D. W. Kurtz; H. Shibahashi; V. S. Dhillon; T. R. Marsh; S. P. Littlefair



Validation of the Delvotest SP NT DA. Performance Tested Method 011101.  


Delvotest SP NT DA is designed to test milk for the presence of antibacterial substances, such as antibiotics. The test is made of an agar gel containing bacterial spores and a color indicator. The milk sample is added onto the agar gel, and the test is incubated at 64 degrees C. The principle of the test is based on the diffusion of possible inhibitory substances that may be present in the milk sample into agar. This reduces growth and acid production by the test organism, and delays or prevents the agar from changing color from purple to yellow. The Delvotest Accelerator is an automated system in which the plates containing the milk to be analyzed are placed for incubation. The Accelerator automatically detects the end of the incubation and reads the results. A sample containing antibiotic will be noted as "positive." A sample without antibiotics or with antibiotics at concentrations below detection level will be noted as "negative." The present report includes all technical details about the Delvotest SP NT DA, and the results of the validation study. The validation study demonstrates that the Delvotest SP NT DA conforms to the product performance claims and confirms the robustness of the test. The Delvotest SP NT DA is, therefore, granted Performance Tested Method certification. PMID:22468368

Hennart, Stephen L A; Faragher, John


Da Vinci robot assisted Anderson-Hynes dismembered pyeloplasty: technique and 1 year follow-up  

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In experienced hands, laparoscopic pyeloplasty is an effective alternative treatment for symptomatic ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJO). Although laparoscopic surgery can clearly benefit patients, laparoscopic pyeloplasty using conventional instrumentation is complex. The purpose of this report is to evaluate the feasibility of robot assisted laparoscopic surgery. Eleven pyeloplasties for UPJO were performed via a laparoscopic transperitoneal approach exclusively with the da

Wassilios Bentas; Marc Wolfram; Ronald Bräutigam; Michael Probst; Wolf-Dietrich Beecken; Dietger Jonas; Jochen Binder



Determinação da massa de júpiter a partir das órbitas de seus satélites: um experimento didático  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Este trabalho apresenta o roteiro piloto de uma prática observacional em astronomia, junto com os primeiros resultados obtidos nesta fase de implementacão. O projeto, que será executado em duas etapas, visa introduzir noções de Astronomia a alunos do Ensino Médio e iniciantes nos cursos de Física. O experimento consiste em medir as órbitas dos satélites Galileanos e, a partir da análise dos dados coletados, verificar a validade da Lei das órbitas de Kepler, determinando a massa do planeta Júpiter. Em uma primeira etapa, as observações serão feitas utilizando um telescópio Meade LX200 10" e câmera CCD para obter uma seqüência de imagens do planeta, que possibilitará medir o movimento de seus satélites. A segunda etapa terá início a partir do funcionamento do telescópio em modo robótico, com a possibilidade de observações via internet por instituições de ensino. Para o desenvolvimento deste experimento foram inicialmente coletadas várias imagens de Júpiter obtidas com os instrumentos citados acima. Estas imagens serviram como base para confecção dos roteiros para a experiência no nível médio e superior. Os roteiros serão inicialmente apresentados em uma home-page. Nela também se buscará uma contextualização histórica da experiência bem como o estabelecimento de relações com professores e alunos, propostas metodológicas e a disponibilização dos programas computacionais necessários para a utilização "on-line" pelos usuários. O projeto conta com apoio da Fundação VITAE.

Schlickmann, M. S.; Saito, R. K.; Becker, D. A.; Rezende, M. F., Jr.; Cid Fernandes, R.



Estudo comparativo das amplitudes de movimento da coluna cervical em idosos com diferentes níveis de aptidão  

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REsumo Introdução:Este estudo tem como objetivo analisar e comparar as amplitudes de movimento (ADM) da coluna cervical em dois grupos de idosos com níveis diferentes de aptidão física. Métodos: Foram selecionados 40 voluntários assintomáticos com idade entre 60-75 anos e subdivididos pelo seu respectivo nível de aptidão física. Os voluntários então foram submetidos a mensuração de suas respectivas ADM pelo

Cristiano Oliveira de Carvalho; Denis Aron; José Alberto; Alves Silva; Luis Flávio Horta Bicalho; Ana Paula; Leonardo Oliveira Pena Costa; Vânia Ferreira de Figueiredo



Odorico da Pordenone and the European perception of Chinese beauty in the Middle Ages  

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This paper deals with the Chinese custom of foot-binding and its first European description. It can be shown that the Franciscan missionary Odorico da Pordenone (d. 1331) had a clear idea of that practice, based on personal experience, keen observation and curious enquiry. His knowledge of the historical, social and also erotic setting is reconstructed from the text's different versions

Folker Reichert




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RESUMO - O município de Alta Floresta- MT situado na Amazônia norte Mato- grossense foi colonizado na década de 70. Neste local, a colonizadora INDECO, encontrou as condições ideais para instalar um projeto que deveria assentar pequenos agricultores da região sul (colonos) que estavam enfrentando problemas nas suas terras de origem. Esse projeto foi construído sobre o tripé Educação \\/




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The vegetable and animal composition, the structure and the use of home gardens products of the Agrarian Reform Project Rio da Areia, of Teixeira Soares County - PR (Brazil), created 15 years, were studied. The home gardens have, on average, 250 m2 of area and are classified as simultaneous. A total of 68 vegetable species and 6 animal species, distributed

Rubens Marques; Rondon Neto; Álvaro Byczkovski; José Alfredo Winnicki; Sandro Murilo; Martins Simão; Tatiana Carla Pasqualotto



Amplatzer Closure of Atrial Septal Defect and da Vinci Robot-Assisted Repair of Vascular Ring  

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Technology for minimally invasive approaches to congenital heart disease is a rapidly evolving field. This case report reviews a novel approach to combining two of the newer technologies available to treat a pediatric patient with an atrial septal defect (ASD) and a vascular ring. This report is the first to describe the use of the da Vinci surgical system to

R. G. Ohye; E. J. Devaney; J. Graziano; A. Ludomirsky



Avaliação da aplicação de fungicida às sementes de amendoim antes do envelhecimento acelerado  

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4 RESUMO - Os objetivos do trabalho foram os de avaliar o efeito da aplicação de fungicida às sementes de amendoim (Arachis hypogaea L.), que foram colhidas em distintos estádios de maturação e provenientes de plantas-mãe que foram ou não submetidas à calagem, nas condições de envelhecimento acelerado. Foram avaliados quatro lotes de sementes do cultivar Botucatu, provenientes das áreas

Claudia A. V. Rossetto; Antonio E. S. Araújo; Tatiana M. Lima



Franciscan history, apocalypticism, and reform: The Arbor vitae crucifixae Jesu of Ubertino da Casale  

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This dissertation seeks to explore the presence and significance of reform and renewal ideology, as well the apocalyptic content, found in the Spiritual Franciscan Ubertino da Casale's Arbor vitae crucifixae Jesu (1305). To accomplish these goals, this dissertation examines the historical and ideological background of the Franciscan Order and Ubertino's place in it. It also discusses the structure of the

Gregory Scott Beirich



Examination of a nerve injury-induced, 37 kDa protein: Purification and characterization  

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Following traumatic injury to the adult rat sciatic nerve the synthesis and accumulation of soluble, extra-cellular, 37 kDa protein is increased. This protein, which accumulates in the extracellular space of the injured nerve, accounts for nearly 5% of the total soluble pool of protein in an injured nerve 3 weeks after injury. 8 weeks after injury, when regeneration is nearly

Michael J. Ignatius; J. H. Pate Skene; Hans W. Muller; Eric M. Shooter



Asteroid 1986 DA: Radar Evidence for a Metallic Composition (Abstract Only).  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Radar observations of the near-Earth asteroid 1986 DA were carried out at the Arecibo Observatory in April 1986, two months after its discovery. Radar results are consistent with the hypothesis that 1986 HA is a piece of NiFe metal derived from the interi...

S. J. Ostro D. B. Campbell J. F. Chandler A. A. Hine R. S. Hudson



The Validity of the Autism Spectrum Disorders-Diagnosis for Intellectually Disabled Adults (ASD-DA)  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|Psychologists interviewed direct-care staff using a battery of assessment measures including the autism spectrum disorders-diagnosis for intellectually disabled adults (ASD-DA), the Diagnostic Assessment for the Severely Handicapped-II (DASH-II), the Matson Evaluation of Social Skills for Individuals with Severe Retardation (MESSIER), the…

Matson, Johnny L.; Wilkins, Jonathan; Boisjoli, Jessica A.; Smith, Kimberly R.



MO and DA on the SWIE Instrument on the Wind Spacecraft.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

The construction of the Faraday Cup portion of the SWIE instrument on the Wind spacecraft, participation in Mission Operations, and Data Analysis (MO and DA) of observations of the solar wind has been supported by a sequence of grants. This 'final' Report...

A. J. Lazarus



Fermentação da proteína de seis alimentos por microrganismos ruminais, incubados puros ou com monensina ou rumensin®  

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RESUMO - Avaliaram-se os efeitos da fermentação in vitro de seis alimentos: fubá de milho (FM), farelo de soja (FS), farelo de trigo (FT), sorgo (SO), glúten de milho (GM) e uréia (UR), incubados puros ou com o antibiótico monensina, esse na forma pur a para análise (Monensina) ou comercial (Rumensin®). O experimento constituiu-se de 18 unidades experimentais (três alimentos

Natália Guarino Souza Barbosa; Rogério de Paula Lana; Antônio Bento Mâncio; Arnaldo Chaer Borges; Cesar de Queiroz; Juliana Silva Oliveira



Avaliação da satisfação dos usuários de serviços de Fisioterapia Evaluation of Physical Therapy service user satisfaction  

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Resumo Objetivo: Caracterizar o perfi l sociodemográfi co e avaliar a satisfação dos usuários de serviços de Fisioterapia em Teresina (PI), com relação à agilidade para agendamento da consulta e atendimento, acolhimento, confi ança, ambiência, humanização, acessibilidade, efi cácia e expectativa sobre os serviços recebidos. Materiais e métodos: A amostra foi constituída por 376 pacientes selecionados em três clínicas de

Machado NP; Nogueira LT



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RESUMO --- Para tentar avaliar o impacto das modificações na cobertura vegetal de uma bacia nos processos hidrológicos, no trabalho aqui apresentado adotou-se como objeto de estudo um trecho, com área de drenagem de 109 km2, da sub-bacia do ribeirão Serra Azul - Minas Gerais. As variações no comportamento hidrológico foram representadas pela evapotranspiração: componente do ciclo hidrológico considerada mais

Betânia Vilas Boas Neves; Paulo César; Horta Rodrigues; Bruno Rabelo Versiani


Leonardo da vinci, omo sanza lettere: A case of surface dysgraphia?  

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This paper is intended to analyse Leonardo da Vinci's orthography from a neuropsychological perspective. In his writings many errors are found which are never made by normal subjects as slips of the pen and are specific to a neuropsychological disorder known as surface dysgraphia. Evidence is also given in support of the hypothesis that Leonardo suffered from an analogous disorder

Giuseppe Sartori



Identification and isolation of a 155-kDa protein with neuropathy target esterase activity.  


A method is presented for the isolation of a 155-kDa protein that possesses phenyl valerate hydrolysis activity in the presence of paraoxon but is inhibited by mipafox; the functional definition of neuropathy target esterase (neurotoxic esterase; NTE). Microsomes, isolated from 18-day-old chicken embryos were treated with phospholipase A2 to solubilize the NTE activity. The extract was then combined with polyoxyethylene W1 detergent and resolved by gel filtration chromatography to yield an active fraction with an approximate mass of 200 kDa. This fraction was further purified by preparative isoelectric focusing and native electrophoresis to yield two separate bands possessing NTE activity. The slower migrating band was highly enriched in a 155-kDa protein that was identified as a source of the NTE activity by affinity chromatography using 3-(9'-mercaptononylthio)-1,1,1-trifluoro-propan-2-one bound to Sepharose CL6B. This represents the first report of the isolation of NTE in its active form and aids in the confirmation of the 155-kDa protein as the most likely candidate for NTE. PMID:8812209

Mackay, C E; Hammock, B D; Wilson, B W



Low Strain, Long Life Creep Fatigue of AF2-1DA and Inco 718.  

National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

Two aircraft turbine disk alloys, GATORIZED AF2-DA and INCO 718 were evaluated for their low strain long life creep-fatigue behavior. Static (tensile and creep rupture) and cyclic properties of both alloys were characterized. The cntrolled strain LCF test...

A. B. Thakker B. A. Cowles



Monoclonal antibodies against 24?kDa surface antigen of hepatitis B viruses.  


Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection is one of the major public health problems worldwide. Effective control of HBV transmission in areas of high and intermediate endemicity would not be possible without vaccination of the vulnerable group. The diagnosis of acute and chronic hepatitis B infection is based on the detection of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg). In this study, we prepared nine hybridomas that produced monoclonal antibodies specific for HBsAg. BALB/c mice were immunized with 24?kDa HBsAg and the immune spleen cells were fused with SP2/0 myeloma cell line. We obtained seven IgG1, one IgM, and one IgG2b positive clones. The stable hybrids were sub-cloned and ascitic fluid was prepared in the BALB/c mice. After antibody purification by protein G, the affinity column was prepared and the pure 24?kDa HBsAg from cell extract was eluted from the column. Western blot analysis showed that all monoclonal antibodies are specific for 24?kDa antigen. Since 24?kDa HBsAg is used for vaccination against hepatitis, these monoclonal antibodies are the best candidate for the isolation and purification of recombinant HBsAg from yeast expression vector by affinity column to be used for vaccination. PMID:23607349

Abolhassani, Mohsen; Nejad-Moghaddam, Amir; Modaresi, Mohammad Hossein



Twisted D-?-A solid emitters: efficient emission and high contrast mechanochromism.  


Triphenylacrylonitrile and diarylamine based D-?-A luminogens exhibit typical AIE characteristics with high solid state efficiency up to unity and switchable mechanochromism with high contrast, which render them multifunctional materials for versatile applications in optical storage, volatile organic compound (VOC) detection, OLEDs, etc. PMID:23563355

Gong, Yongyang; Tan, Yeqiang; Liu, Jun; Lu, Ping; Feng, Cunfang; Yuan, Wang Zhang; Lu, Yawei; Sun, Jing Zhi; He, Gufeng; Zhang, Yongming




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Residente, monogâmica e altamente conspícua a arara-azul Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus é uma ave que pode servir de modelo para estudos de comportamento. De julho a dezembro de 1999, foram realizadas observações de comportamento reprodutivo da arara-azul no Pantanal de Miranda. Os estudos foram conduzidos no Refúgio Ecológico Caiman, onde desde 1998, esta situada a base do Projeto. O objetivo deste trabalho

Vanessa M. Bernardo; Marcos R. F. Cardoso; Carolina R. Pereira; Neiva M. R. Guedes


Molluscan mega-hemocyanin: an ancient oxygen carrier tuned by a ~550 kDa polypeptide  

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BACKGROUND: The allosteric respiratory protein hemocyanin occurs in gastropods as tubular di-, tri- and multimers of a 35 × 18 nm, ring-like decamer with a collar complex at one opening. The decamer comprises five subunit dimers. The subunit, a 400 kDa polypeptide, is a concatenation of eight paralogous functional units. Their exact topology within the quaternary structure has recently been

Bernhard Lieb; Wolfgang Gebauer; Christos Gatsogiannis; Frank Depoix; Nadja Hellmann; Myroslaw G Harasewych; Ellen E Strong; Jürgen Markl




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1 faz dela em suas reuniões. A oração é repetida ao fi nal de todos os encontros do grupo de forma ritualizada, quando os integrantes da irmandade, de mãos dadas, a proferem juntos. Pode-se dizer que a oração, naquelas condições de produção, a partir de um discurso previamente conhecido (ela não é de autoria do Grupo) e sendo enunciada pelos

Luciane Thomé Schröder


Biofortification of soybean meal: immunological properties of the 27kDa gamma-zein  

Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

Legumes, including soybeans (Glycine max), are deficient in sulfur-containing amino acids which are required for the optimal growth of monogastric animals. This deficiency can be overcome by expressing heterologous proteins rich in sulfur-containing amino acids in soybean seeds. A maize 27 kDa gam...


Elogio do cotidiano: a confiança e a arte da vida social em uma comunidade amazônica  

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Como antropóloga (em vez de, por exemplo, filósofa)1 meu objetivo é compreender e desvelar as visões de mundo de outras pessoas, em parti- cular as dos povos indígenas da floresta tropical amazônica. A versão local que, por muitos anos, venho tentando entender pertence aos Pia- roa, um povo que vive ao longo de tributários do rio Orinoco, na Vene- zuela.

Joanna Overing




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1. INTRODUÇÃO Usualmente, programas de avaliação em larga escala utilizam uma metodologia de interpretação e construção de escalas de proficiência baseada na Teoria da Resposta ao Item e na análise pedagógica das habilidades avaliadas por meio de itens âncora, selecionados com base na freqüência observada de acertos. Dessa abordagem resultam escalas que associam a cada nível de proficiência um conjunto

Lina Kátia; Mesquita de Oliveira; Creso Franco; Tufi Machado Soares




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Nas últimas décadas, verificou-se uma mudança no comportamento do consumidor no sentido de adotar uma postura mais consciente em relação aos produtos que adquire. No setor alimentício, essa evolução é nítida, em função da busca por uma maior qualidade de vida, agregando à dieta questões de saúde, incluindo produtos com menor conteúdo de gorduras e calorias, rico em fibras, pobre

Joao Guilherme de Camargo Ferraz Machado; Timoteo Ramos Queiroz; Andrea Rossi Scalco



Translocation of an 89-kDa periplasmic protein is associated with Holospora infection  

SciTech Connect

The symbiotic bacterium Holospora obtusa infects the macronucleus of the ciliate Paramecium caudatum. After ingestion by its host, an infectious form of Holospora with an electron-translucent tip passes through the host digestive vacuole and penetrates the macronuclear envelope with this tip. To investigate the underlying molecular mechanism of this process, we raised a monoclonal antibody against the tip-specific 89-kDa protein, sequenced this partially, and identified the corresponding complete gene. The deduced protein sequence carries two actin-binding motifs. Indirect immunofluorescence microscopy shows that during escape from the host digestive vacuole, the 89-kDa proteins translocates from the inside to the outside of the tip. When the bacterium invades the macronucleus, the 89-kDa protein is left behind at the entry point of the nuclear envelope. Transmission electron microscopy shows the formation of fine fibrous structures that co-localize with the antibody-labeled regions of the bacterium. Our findings suggest that the 89-kDa protein plays a role in Holospora's escape from the host digestive vacuole, the migration through the host cytoplasm, and the invasion into the macronucleus.

Iwatani, Koichi [Biological Institute, Faculty of Science, Yamaguchi University, Yoshida 1677-1, Yamaguchi 753-8512 (Japan); Dohra, Hideo [Institute for Genetic Research and Biotechnology, Shizuoka University, Ohya 836, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka 422-8529 (Japan); Lang, B. Franz [Universite de Montreal, Departement de Biochimie and Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Program in Evolutionary Biology, Montreal, Que., Canada H3C 3J7 (Canada); Burger, Gertraud [Universite de Montreal, Departement de Biochimie and Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, Program in Evolutionary Biology, Montreal, Que., Canada H3C 3J7 (Canada); Hori, Manabu [Biological Institute, Faculty of Science, Yamaguchi University, Yoshida 1677-1, Yamaguchi 753-8512 (Japan); Fujishima, Masahiro [Biological Institute, Faculty of Science, Yamaguchi University, Yoshida 1677-1, Yamaguchi 753-8512 (Japan)]. E-mail:



Exponential D\\/A converter with a dynamic range of eight decades  

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The design of exponential D\\/A converters using the nonlinearI_{C}(V_{BE})characteristic of bipolar transistors is analyzed. It is shown that if the errors of all possible sources are compensated or kept small, converters with a good relative accuracy and an extremely large dynamic range can be built.

H. Kunz



Uniform remote control of front end processors in PAN-DA  

SciTech Connect

The PAN-DA data acquisition software system encompasses support for a variety of front end processors including the Struck General Purpose Master (GPM), the Fermilab Smart Crate Controller (FSCC), and the Motorola MVME133-A VME single board computer. PAN-DA provides support for the remote control of these processors through its Remote Procedure eXecution (RPX) software. This software runs over serial lines, and in some PAN-DA environments, over the Ethernet and TCP/IP as well. Experiments E791 and E771 have successfully used RPX software in both FSCC software development and data collection during the 1990--1991 fixed target run at Fermilab. RPX software has facilitated development and testing of the Fermilab Silicon Strip Detector readout system, for which the FSCC is an integral component. RPX based control and monitoring of the GPM and the MVME133-A are essential parts of the PAN-DA data acquisition system used by E687 and E773 during the 1990--1991 run. 6 refs., 2 figs.

Berg, D.; Berman, E.; MacKinnon, B.; Nicinski, T.; Oleynik, G.; Petravick, D.; Pordes, R.; Sergey, G.; Slimmer, D.; Streets, J.; White, V.



A 23-kDa protein as a substrate for protein kinase C in bovine neutrophils. Purification and partial characterization  

SciTech Connect

In {sup 32}P{sub i}-loaded bovine neutrophils stimulated with phorbol myristate acetate (PMA), radioactivity was preferentially incorporated into a protein of low molecular mass, suggesting a PKC-dependent phosphorylation. This protein, termed 23-kDa protein, was predominantly localized in the cytosol. The apparent molecular mass of the purified protein range between 20 and 23 kDa. In the absence of mercaptoethanol, a dimer accumulated. Homogeneity of the 23-kDa protein was verified by 2D-PAGE analysis. Gel isoelectric focusing (IEF) of the purified 23-kDa protein followed by Coomassie blue staining allowed the visualization of our discrete protein bands with isoelectric points ranging between pH 6.3 and 6.7. Phosphorylation of the 23-kDa protein by ({gamma}-{sup 32}P)ATP in the presence of bovine neutrophil PKC supplemented with Ca{sup 2+}, phosphatidylserine, and diacylglycerol or with PMA occurred on serine and required the presence of mercaptoethanol. IEF of the {sup 32}P-labeled 23-kDa protein followed by autoradiography revealed for discrete bands with distinct isoelectric points similar to those of the bands stained by Coomassie blue after IEF on nonlabeled 23-kDa protein. The bands of the 23-kDa protein resolved by IEF and transfered to nitrocellulose showed ability to bind ({sup 35}S)GTP-{gamma}-S. The immunoreactivity of antibodies raised in rabbits against the bovine neutrophil 23-kDa protein was demonstrated on immunoblots after SDS-PAGE. The 23-kDa protein differed also from several other proteins of similar molecular mass that have been identified in neutrophils, namely, calmodulin, the small subunit of the low-potential cytochrome b, and a low molecular weight protein which is ADP-ribosylated by the botulinum toxin.

Stasia, M.J.; Dianoux, A.C.; Vignais, P.V. (Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires (France))



Isoform composition and stoichiometry of the approx. 90-kDa heat shock protein associated with glucocorticoid receptors  

SciTech Connect

The authors observed that the approx. 90-kDa non-steroid-binding component of nonactivated glucocorticoid receptors purified from WEHI-7 mouse thymoma cells (which has been identified as the approx. 90-kDa heat shock protein) consistently migrates as a doublet during polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis under denaturing and reducing conditions. It has recently been reported that murine Meth A cells contain a tumor-specific transplantation antigen (TSTA) which is related or identical to the approx. 90-kDa heat shock protein. The observation that TSTA and the approx. 90-kDa heat shock protein isolated from these cells exists as two isoforms of similar molecular mass and charge has suggested that the doublet observed is also due to the existence of two isoforms. They have therefore conducted this study to determine whether TSTA and the approx. 90-kDa component of glucocorticoid receptors are indeed related, to establish whether the receptor preferentially binds one isoform of the approx. 90-kDa heat shock protein, and to investigate the stoichiometry of the nonactivated receptor complex. They used the BuGr1 and AC88 monoclonal antibodies to purify, respectively, receptor-associated and free approx. 90-kDa heat shock protein from WEHI-7 cells grown for 48 h with (/sup 35/S)methionine to metabolically label proteins to steady state. The long-term metabolic labeling approach has also enabled them to directly determine that the purified non-activated glucocorticoid receptor contains a single steroid-binding protein and two approx. 90-kDa non-steroid-binding subunits. The consistency with which a approx. 1:2 stoichiometric ratio of steroid binding to approx. 90-kDa protein is observed supports the view that the approx. 90-kDa heat shock protein is a true component of nonactivated glucocorticoid-receptor complexes.

Mendel, D.B.; Orti, E.



Effects of acute amphetamine (AMPH) treatment on rat striatal dopamine (DA) receptor activity  

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Upon administration of AMPH rats display a complex series of dose and time dependent behaviors and changes in dopaminergic activity. They found a decrease in D1 DA receptor-stimulated adenylate cyclase (DA-AC) activity in rat striatal membranes after acute in vivo AMPH at a dose and time of intense stereotyped behavior. The Ka for D1-AC activity increased and the Vmax decreased in striatal membranes from rats given 7.5 mg/kg AMPH i.p. and killed 1 hr later as compared to saline (SAL) controls. They examined whether the decrease of DA-AC was due to a change in receptor number or activation of GTP-binding protein, Ns. Female Holtzman rats were injected with SAL or 7.5 mg/kg AMPH and killed 1 hr later. A 27,000 x g striatal particulate fraction was prepared for AC assay or (/sup 3/H)DA binding with 10 nM spiroperidol. They found no difference in stimulation of AC by NaF, GTP or GppNHp at any dose tested in membranes from SAL- and AMPH-treated rats. Calmodulin-stimulated AC was also unchanged after AMPH. Specific binding at a saturating concentration of (/sup 3/H)DA was 191 +/- 31 and 117 +/- 14 fmol/mg prot in membranes from SAL- and AMPH-treated rats, respectively. This suggests an alteration is occurring at the level of the D1 receptor rather than at coupling of Ns with the AC catalytic subunit.

Roseboom, P.H.; Iwaniec, L.M.; Ackerman, J.M.; Gnegy, M.E.



PanDA Pilot Submission using Condor-G: Experience and Improvements  

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PanDA (Production and Distributed Analysis) is the workload management system of the ATLAS experiment, used to run managed production and user analysis jobs on the grid. As a late-binding, pilot-based system, the maintenance of a smooth and steady stream of pilot jobs to all grid sites is critical for PanDA operation. The ATLAS Computing Facility (ACF) at BNL, as the ATLAS Tier1 center in the US, operates the pilot submission systems for the US. This is done using the PanDA 'AutoPilot' scheduler component which submits pilot jobs via Condor-G, a grid job scheduling system developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In this paper, we discuss the operation and performance of the Condor-G pilot submission at BNL, with emphasis on the challenges and issues encountered in the real grid production environment. With the close collaboration of Condor and PanDA teams, the scalability and stability of the overall system has been greatly improved over the last year. We review improvements made to Condor-G resulting from this collaboration, including isolation of site-based issues by running a separate Gridmanager for each remote site, introduction of the 'Nonessential' job attribute to allow Condor to optimize its behavior for the specific character of pilot jobs, better understanding and handling of the Gridmonitor process, as well as better scheduling in the PanDA pilot scheduler component. We will also cover the monitoring of the health of the system.

Zhao X.; Hover John; Wlodek Tomasz; Wenaus Torre; Frey Jaime; Tannenbaum Todd; Livny Miron



Aliphatic lipid substitution on 2 kDa polyethylenimine improves plasmid delivery and transgene expression.  


This study was conducted in order to develop amphiphilic, low molecular weight polymeric carriers for nonviral gene delivery. Caprylic, myristic, palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acids were grafted onto the 2 kDa polyethylenimine (PEI) and properties critical for gene delivery were investigated using 293T and bone marrow stromal cells. The extent of lipid substitution on the polymers was controlled by the lipid:PEI feed ratio during the synthesis. The toxicity of the native and lipid-substituted 2 kDa PEI was relatively lower than the 25 kDa PEI, although lipid substitution generally increased the toxicity of the polymers in vitro. Lipid substitution reduced the ability of the polymers to complex DNA, as well as the stability of final complexes, as measured by heparin-induced dissociation. Once fully complexed to a plasmid DNA, however, the lipid-substituted polymers increased the plasmid DNA delivery to the cells. In 293T cells, the lipid-substituted polymers displayed a transfection ability that was equivalent to highly effective 25 kDa PEI, but without the toxic effect associated with the latter polymer. Among the lipids explored, no particular lipid emerged as the ideal substituent for transgene expression, although linoleic acid appeared to be superior to other lipid substituents. No correlation was evident between the level of substitution and DNA delivery efficiency of the polymers, and as little as 1 lipid substitution per PEI was effective in transforming the ineffective 2 kDa PEI into an effective carrier. The current structure-function studies are providing important clues about the properties critical for gene delivery and providing carriers effective for nonviral plasmid delivery. PMID:19719326

Neamnark, Artphop; Suwantong, Orawan; Bahadur, Remant K C; Hsu, Charlie Y M; Supaphol, Pitt; Uluda?, Hasan


Rochas e metais na Pré-história para além da físico-química Rocks and metal in Prehistory beyond physics and chemistry  

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Resumo: Este ensaio pretende revisitar os fundamentos da relação simbiótica entre rochas e metal na Pré- -história. A investigação sobre metalurgia primitiva tende a perspectivar esta relação através de abordagens analíticas, no domínio da arqueometria, alicerçadas num discurso próprio da físico-química, de difícil leitura antropológica. É para a revalorização desta leitura que pretendemos contribuir, na senda do que vem sendo

Lara Bacelar Alves; Beatriz Comendador Rey


11 CFR 111.13 - Service of subpoenas, orders and notifications (2 U.S.C. 437d(a) (3), (4)).  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...subpoenas, orders and notifications (2 U.S.C. 437d(a) (3), (4)). 111.13...GENERAL COMPLIANCE PROCEDURE (2 U.S.C. 437g, 437d(a)) Enforcement § 111...subpoenas, orders and notifications (2 U.S.C. 437d(a) (3), (4))....



11 CFR 111.12 - Subpoenas and subpoenas duces tecum; depositions (2 U.S.C. 437d(a) (3), (4)).  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...subpoenas duces tecum; depositions (2 U.S.C. 437d(a) (3), (4)). 111.12...GENERAL COMPLIANCE PROCEDURE (2 U.S.C. 437g, 437d(a)) Enforcement § 111...subpoenas duces tecum; depositions (2 U.S.C. 437d(a) (3), (4))....



11 CFR 111.15 - Motions to quash or modify a subpoena (2 U.S.C. 437d(a) (3), (4)).  

Code of Federal Regulations, 2013 CFR

...Motions to quash or modify a subpoena (2 U.S.C. 437d(a) (3), (4)). 111.15...GENERAL COMPLIANCE PROCEDURE (2 U.S.C. 437g, 437d(a)) Enforcement § quash or modify a subpoena (2 U.S.C. 437d(a) (3), (4))....



Characterization of a bioactive 15 kDa fragment produced by proteolytic cleavage of chicken growth hormone.  


There is evidence for a cleaved form of GH in the chicken pituitary gland. A 25 kDa band of immunoreactive-(ir-)GH, as well as the 22 kDa monomeric form and some oligomeric forms were observed when purified GH or fresh pituitary extract were subjected to SDS-PAGE under nonreducing conditions. Under reducing conditions, the 25 kDa ir-GH was no longer observed, being replaced by a 15 kDa band, consistent with reduction of the disulfide bridges of the cleaved form. The type of protease involved was investigated using exogenous proteases and monomeric cGH. Cleaved forms of chicken GH were generated by thrombin or collagenase. The site of cleavage was found in position Arg133-Gly134 as revealed by sequencing the fragments produced. The NH2-terminal sequence of 40 amino acid residues in the 15 kDa form was identical to that of the rcGH and analysis of the remaining 7 kDa fragment showed an exact identity with positions 134-140 of cGH structure. The thrombin cleaved GH and the 15 kDa form showed reduced activity (0.8% and 0.5% of GH, respectively) in a radioreceptor assay employing a chicken liver membrane preparation. However, this fragment had a clear bioactivity in an angiogenic bioassay and was capable to inhibit the activity of deiodinase type III in the chicken liver. PMID:11720252

Arámburo, C; Carranza, M; Reyes, M; Luna, M; Martinez-Coria, H; Berúmen, L; Scanes, C G



Whole-genome sequences of DA and F344 rats with different susceptibilities to arthritis, autoimmunity, inflammation and cancer.  


DA (D-blood group of Palm and Agouti, also known as Dark Agouti) and F344 (Fischer) are two inbred rat strains with differences in several phenotypes, including susceptibility to autoimmune disease models and inflammatory responses. While these strains have been extensively studied, little information is available about the DA and F344 genomes, as only the Brown Norway (BN) and spontaneously hypertensive rat strains have been sequenced to date. Here we report the sequencing of the DA and F344 genomes using next-generation Illumina paired-end read technology and the first de novo assembly of a rat genome. DA and F344 were sequenced with an average depth of 32-fold, covered 98.9% of the BN reference genome, and included 97.97% of known rat ESTs. New sequences could be assigned to 59 million positions with previously unknown data in the BN reference genome. Differences between DA, F344, and BN included 19 million positions in novel scaffolds, 4.09 million single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) (including 1.37 million new SNPs), 458,224 short insertions and deletions, and 58,174 structural variants. Genetic differences between DA, F344, and BN, including high-impact SNPs and short insertions and deletions affecting >2500 genes, are likely to account for most of the phenotypic variation between these strains. The new DA and F344 genome sequencing data should facilitate gene discovery efforts in rat models of human disease. PMID:23695301

Guo, Xiaosen; Brenner, Max; Zhang, Xuemei; Laragione, Teresina; Tai, Shuaishuai; Li, Yanhong; Bu, Junjie; Yin, Ye; Shah, Anish A; Kwan, Kevin; Li, Yingrui; Jun, Wang; Gulko, Pércio S



On the incidence of weak magnetic fields in DA white dwarfs  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Context. About 10% of white dwarfs have magnetic fields with strength in the range between about 105 and 5 × 108 G. It is not known whether the remaining white dwarfs are not magnetic, or if they have magnetic fields too weak to be detected with the techniques adopted in the large surveys. Information is particularly lacking for the cooler (and generally fainter) white dwarfs. Aims: We describe the results of the first survey specifically devised to clarify the detection frequency of kG-level magnetic fields in cool DA white dwarfs. Methods: Using the FORS1 instrument of the ESO VLT, we have obtained Balmer line circular spectropolarimetric measurements of a small sample of cool (DA6 - DA8) white dwarfs. Using FORS and UVES archive data, we have also revised numerous white dwarf field measurements previously published in the literature. Results: We have discovered an apparently constant longitudinal magnetic field of ~9.5 kG in the DA6 white dwarf WD 2105-820. This star is the first weak-field white dwarf that has been observed sufficiently to roughly determine the characteristics of its field. The available data are consistent with a simple dipolar morphology with magnetic axis nearly parallel to the rotation axis, and a polar strength of ? 56 kG. Our re-evaluation of the FORS archive data for white dwarfs indicates that longitudinal magnetic fields weaker than 10 kG have previously been correctly identified in at least three white dwarfs. However, for one of these three weak-field stars (WD 2359-434), UVES archive data show a ~100 kG mean field modulus. Either at the time of the FORS observations the star's magnetic field axis was nearly perpendicular to the line of sight, or the star's magnetic field has rather complex structure. Conclusions: We find that the probability of detecting a field of kG strength in a DA white dwarf is of the order of 10% for each of the cool and hot DA stars. If there is a lower cutoff to field strength in white dwarfs, or a field below which all white dwarfs are magnetic, the current precision of measurements is not yet sufficient to reveal it. Based on observations collected at the European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere, Chile, under observing programme 073.D-0516, and obtained from the ESO/ST-ECF Science Archive Facility.Table 3 is available in electronic form at

Landstreet, J. D.; Bagnulo, S.; Valyavin, G. G.; Fossati, L.; Jordan, S.; Monin, D.; Wade, G. A.



A Importância do Diagnóstico Precoce na História Natural da Criança com Síndrome de Down A Importância do Diagnóstico Precoce na História Natural da Criança com Síndrome de Down A Importância do Diagnóstico Precoce na História Natural da Criança com Síndrome de Down A Importância do Diagnóstico Precoce na História Natural da Criança com Síndrome de Down A Importância do Diagnóstico Precoce na História Natural da Criança com Síndrome de Down The Importance of Early Diagnosis in the Natural History of Children with Down's Syndrome  

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A Síndrome de Down (SD) é causada, em sua maior parte (95%), por uma trissomia livre do cromossomo 21. A idade materna (acima de 35anos) é o principal fator de risco para ocorrência da SD. O acompanhamento das crianças deve ser iniciado ainda no primeiro mês de vida e a equipe deverá discutir com a família a respeito da importância

Tiago A. de Oliveira; Diego R. Moura; Thais S. Santana; Carine H. de Araújo



Sonodynamic and sonocatalytic damage of BSA molecules by Cresol Red, Cresol Red-DA and Cresol Red-DA-Fe under ultrasonic irradiation.  


The interaction of Cresol Red derivatives (Cresol Red (o-Cresolsulfonphthalein), Cresol Red-DA (3,3'-Bis [N,N-di (carboxymethyl) aminomethyl]-o-cresolsulfonphthalein) and Cresol Red-DA-Fe(III) (3,3'-Bis [N,N-di (carboxymethyl) aminomethyl]-o-cresolsulfonphthalein-Ferrous(III)) with bovine serum albumin (BSA) were studied by the combination of ultraviolet spectroscopy, circular dichroism (CD) spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy and synchronous fluorescence spectroscopy. On that basis, the sonodynamic and sonocatalytic damages of Cresol Red derivatives to BSA under ultrasonic irradiation were also investigated by means of corresponding spectrum technology. Meanwhile, some influenced factors such as ultrasonic irradiation time, Cresol Red derivatives concentration and ionic strength on the damage degree of BSA molecules were also reviewed. In addition, the binding site and damage site of BSA molecules were estimated by synchronous fluorescence spectra. Finally, the results of oxidation-extraction photometry (OEP) using several reactive oxygen species (ROS) scavengers indicated that the damage of BSA molecules is mainly due to the generation of ROS. Perhaps, this paper may offer some important subjects for broadening the application of Cresol Red derivatives in sonodynamic therapy (SDT) and sonocatalytic therapy (SCT) technologies for tumor treatment. PMID:23153545

Zou, Mingming; Li, Ying; Wang, Jun; Wang, Qi; Gao, Jingqun; Yang, Qi; Fan, Ping



Cloning of 87 kDa outer membrane protein gene of Pasteurella multocida P52.  


Pasteurella multocida serotype B:2 is the causative agent of haemorrhagic septicaemia, a fatal disease of cattle and buffaloes. Formalin inactivated whole cell bacterin is used to prepare vaccines in India. However, outer membrane proteins (OMPS) of P. multocida were reported to be potential immunogens. The 87-kDa OMP of P. multocida P52, serotype B:2 has been identified as one of the major antigens because this protein reacted with serum of vaccinated animals. The gene omp87, encoding an 87-kDa OMP was amplified and cloned into pBluescript SK(-) vector. This gene was found to localise in a 9.0 kb Hind III fragment of P. multocida genome. PMID:11676623

Chaudhuri, P; Goswami, P P



A photospheric metal line profile analysis of hot DA white dwarfs with circumstellar material  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Some hot DA white dwarfs have circumstellar high ion absorption features in their spectra, in addition to those originating in the photosphere. In many cases, the line profiles of these absorbing components are unresolved. Given the importance of the atmospheric composition of white dwarfs to studies of stellar evolution, extra-solar planetary systems and the interstellar medium, we examine the effect of including circumstellar line profiles in the abundance estimates of photospheric metals in six DA stars. The photospheric C and Si abundances are reduced in five cases where the circumstellar contamination is strong, though the relative weakness of the circumstellar Si iv absorption introduces minimal contamination, resulting in a small change in abundance. The inability of previous, approximate models to reproduce the photospheric line profiles here demonstrates the need for a technique that accounts for the physical line profiles of both the circumstellar and photospheric lines when modelling these blended absorption features.

Dickinson, N. J.; Barstow, M. A.; Welsh, B. Y.



Robot-assisted laparoendoscopic single-site pyeloplasty: technique using the da Vinci Si robotic platform.  


Conventional laparoscopic dismembered pyeloplasty (LP) is an established alternative to open pyeloplasty given equivalent intermediate-term outcomes and decreased morbidity. Laparoendoscopic single-site (LESS) pyeloplasty has the potential to further decrease the morbidity of LP, while yielding superior cosmesis. It is, however, technically very challenging even with the use of an accessory port, largely because of the difficulty of intracorporeal suturing through a single umbilical incision. Application of the da Vinci robotic surgical platform to LESS pyeloplasty (R-LESS) has the potential to overcome these limitations. We describe our technique for R-LESS pyeloplasty using the da Vinci Si robot. We have found that use of the robotic system in conjunction with certain technique modifications helps to reduce the technical difficulty of LESS pyeloplasty and to shorten the physical learning curve associated with the procedure. PMID:22260717

Seideman, Casey A; Tan, Yung K; Faddegon, Stephen; Park, Samuel K; Best, Sara L; Cadeddu, Jeffrey A; Olweny, Ephrem O



Crosslinking of hemin to a specific site on the 90-kDa ferritin repressor protein  

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Incubation of a 90-kDa ferritin repressor protein (FRP) with small amounts of radiolabeled hemin resulted in the formation of a strong interaction between the two that was stable to SDS/PAGE. Of seven other proteins tested individually, only apohemopexin and bovine serum albumin showed similar crosslinking ability, albeit to a much lower extent. ({sup 14}C)Hemin specifically crosslinked to FRP in the presence of a 50-fold excess of total wheat germ proteins. Inclusion of catalase did not prevent the reaction of hemin with FRP, suggesting that H{sub 2}O{sub 2} is not involved. The subsequent addition of a stoichiometric amount of apohemopexin did not reverse the reaction. Exhaustive digestion of the complex with Staphylococcus aureus V8 protease produced a major labeled peptide of 17 kDa. These results show the existence of a highly specific, uniquely reactive hemin binding site on FRP.

Lin, Jihjing; Thach, R.E. (Washington Univ., St. Louis, MO (United States)); Patino, M.M.; Gaffield, L.; Walden. W.E. (Univ. of Illinois at Chicago (United States)); Smith, A. (Univ. of Missouri, Kansas City (United States))



The Handedness of Leonardo da Vinci: A Tale of the Complexities of Lateralisation  

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The handedness of Leonardo da Vinci is controversial. Although there is little doubt that many of his well-attributed drawings were drawn with the left hand, the hatch marks of the shading going downwards from left to right, it is not clear that he was a natural left-hander, there being some suggestion that he may have become left-handed as the…

McManus, I. C.; Drury, Helena



Phenotypic and Gene Expression Differences between DA, BN and WOKW Rats  

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BackgroundBecause inbred rat strains are widely used as laboratory models, knowledge of phenotypic and genetic variations between strains will be useful to obtain insight into the relationship between different strains.Methods and ResultsWe studied phenotypic traits: of each strain – BN\\/K, DA\\/K and WOKW –10 male rats were studied for body weight and serum constituents at an age of 10 and

Jörn Lange; Thomas Barz; Axel Ekkernkamp; Barbara Wilke; Ingrid Klöting; Niels Follak



Genes influencing spinal bone mineral density in inbred F344, LEW, COP, and DA rats  

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Previously, we identified the regions of chromosomes 10q12–q31 and 15p16–q21 harbor quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for lumbar\\u000a volumetric bone mineral density (vBMD) in female F2 rats derived from Fischer 344 (F344) × Lewis (LEW) and Copenhagen 2331\\u000a (COP) × Dark Agouti (DA) crosses. The purpose of this study is to identify the candidate genes within these QTL regions contributing\\u000a to

Imranul Alam; Qiwei Sun; Daniel L. Koller; Lixiang Liu; Yunlong Liu; Howard J. Edenberg; Tatiana Foroud; Charles H. Turner



Failure of a robotic arm during da Vinci prostatectomy: a case report  

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We report a rare case of a da Vinci robotic arm failure during a laparoscopic robot-assisted radical prostatectomy. The articulation\\u000a joint of an Endowrist needle driver was broken and positioned at such an angle that made it impossible to remove through the\\u000a trocar. In addition, it was later discovered that a small piece of the instrument was detached and remained

Nikolaos Koliakos; Geert Denaeyer; Pieter Willemsen; Peter Schatteman; Alexander Mottrie



Transcontinental Telesurgical Nephrectomy Using the da Vinci Robot in a Porcine Model  

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ObjectivesRobotic telesurgery has been demonstrated over long distances and offers theoretical benefits to urologic training and the care of patients in remote regions. The multiple arms and three-dimensional vision of the da Vinci robotic system provide a platform conducive to long-distance telementoring and telesurgery. Whereas prior telesurgical efforts have used dedicated lines for information transmission, the public Internet offers a

Joseph R. Sterbis; Eric J. Hanly; Barry C. Herman; Michael R. Marohn; Timothy J. Broderick; Samuel P. Shih; Brett Harnett; Charles Doarn; Noah S. Schenkman



First measurements at the DA?NE ?-factory with the DEAR experimental setup  

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The relevant background for the DEAR experiment – low-energy X rays and ionizing particles – present in the DEAR interaction region of the DA?NE e+e? collider was investigated using the first-stage DEAR setup and CCD detectors. An extensive Monte Carlo simulation was performed for the present setup and beam conditions. Good quantitative agreement between measurements and simulation was achieved. This

M. Augsburger; A. M Bragadireanu; J.-P Egger; B. Gartner; C. Guaraldo; M. A Iliescu; R. King; B. Lauss; C. Petrascu; J. Zmeskal



Diffusivity of sub-1,000 Da molecules in 40 nm silicon-based alumina pores  

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Porous anodic alumina has been of an increasing interest to applications of on-chip biosensors and bioseparations. However,\\u000a the characteristics of molecular diffusion in alumina nanopores have not been fully explored. Here, we have investigated an\\u000a ultra-thin freestanding alumina membrane fabricated on a silicon substrate as a new on-chip diffusion system. Sub-1,000 Da\\u000a molecules such as caffeine were diffused through alumina pores

Xingqun Jiang; Nirankar Mishra; James N. Turner; Michael G. Spencer



Bacterial Communities from Shoreline Environments (Costa da Morte, Northwestern Spain) Affected by the Prestige Oil Spill  

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The bacterial communities in two different shoreline matrices, rocks and sand, from the Costa da Morte, northwestern Spain, were investigated 12 months after being affected by the Prestige oil spill. Culture-based and culture-independent approaches were used to compare the bacterial diversity present in these environments with that at a nonoiled site. A long-term effect of fuel on the microbial communities

Jorge Alonso-Gutierrez; Antonio Figueras; Joan Albaiges; Nuria Jimenez; Marc Vinas; Anna M. Solanas; Beatriz Novoa



Vacuolar granules in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii: polyphosphate and a 70-kDa polypeptide as major components  

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.   The alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii contains cytoplasmic vacuoles that are often filled with a dense granule that is released from the cell by exocytosis. Purified\\u000a granules contained polyphosphate, complexed with calcium and magnesium, as the predominant inorganic components. Antiserum\\u000a was raised against the major 70-kDa protein in granules purified from wall-deficient (cw15) mutants, which reacted on immunoblots with larger glycoprotein

Yutaka Komine; Laura L. Eggink; J. Kenneth Hoober



Surgical techniques: robot-assisted laparoscopic colposacropexy with the da Vinci ® surgical system  

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Colposacropexy is the gold-standard operation for repair of apical vaginal support defects. While it is feasible to perform\\u000a this operation using conventional laparoscopic techniques, a limited number of surgeons have mastered the advanced minimally\\u000a invasive skills that are required. Introduction of the da Vinci® robotic system with instruments that have improved dexterity and precision and a camera system with three-dimensional imaging

Catherine A. Matthews



Radiation tolerant D\\/A converters for the LHC cryogenic system  

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The electronic instrumentation of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) cryogenic system is expected to receive a large radiation dose (41013 nc m? 2 and 1-2 kGy (Si)) within 10 years of activity so all the electronic devices should tolerate this radiation level without a significant degradation. This paper focuses on the selection of a radiation tolerant 12-bit parallel input D\\/A

Francisco J. Franco; Yi Zonga; Juan A. de Agapito; Ana C. Fernandes; Juan Casas-Cubillos; Miguel A. Rodriguez-Ruiz


VLBI observations at 22.2 gigahertz of the radio source 0552 + 398 (DA 193)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The authors report 22.2 GHz observations of the quasar 0552+398 (DA 193). The data are used to refine the source structure model and magnetic field estimate previously reported by Spangler and colleagues in 1983. The source is found to be more compact and the magnetic field to be weaker than indicated by the previous observations. It is suggested that the object may be considered a highly compact, "naked core" object.

Fey, A. L.; Spangler, S. R.; Mutel, R. L.; Benson, J. M.



The patterns and costs of the Da Vinci robotic surgery system in a large academic institution  

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The da Vinci ™Robotic System (dVRS) is the latest advancement in laparoscopic surgery allowing the surgeon more accurate and\\u000a precise control of instrumentation with an added three-dimensional image. Technology comes with a price, $1.3 million. Due\\u000a to charitable contributions from the Durham family, the University of Nebraska was the eighth Medical Center in the USA to\\u000a obtain a dVRS in

Rhonda Prewitt; Victor Bochkarev; Corrigan L. McBride; Sonja Kinney; Dmitry Oleynikov



Design aspects of the underground structures of the Serra da Mesa Hydroelectric Power Plant  

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The Serra da Mesa Hydroelectric Power Plant, located in the Tocantins river, 210 km north of Brasilia, Brazil, is under construction and power generation will start in 1998. The installed power capacity is 1,200 MW. This project includes one of the largest underground power plants in Brazil, totaling 550,000 m3 of underground excavations for the hydraulic circuit. The underground hydraulic

J. A. Mello Franco; A. P. Assis; W. J. Mansur; J. C. F. Telles; J. A. F. Santiago



Rockfall hazard and risk analysis for Monte da Lua, Sintra, Portugal  

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The prediction of rockfall trajectories below a rock cliff is essential in susceptibility, hazard and risk maps, particularity\\u000a close to populated areas. The Monte da Lua hill area in Portugal, a tourist destination close to the historic city of Sintra\\u000a (UNESCO World Heritage), is a typical granite boulder chaos landscape where from time to time rockfalls occur, the last such

José António de Almeida; José Carlos Kullberg



A performance study comparing manual and robotically assisted laparoscopic surgery using the da Vinci system  

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Background: The objective of this study was to compare the efficacy of the da Vinci robotic system using both the three-dimensional view (3D) and two-dimensional (2D) view options with traditional manually assisted laparoscopic techniques in performing standardized exercises. Methods: To evaluate surgical efficiency in the use of robotically assisted and manual laparoscopic surgery for standardized exercises six, last-year medical students

G. Hubens; H. Coveliers; L. Balliu; M. Ruppert; W. Vaneerdeweg



Natural Law Ethics: A Comparison of the Therav?da and Thomistic Traditions  

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This thesis investigates the topic of natural law in the Therav\\u000a?da and Thomistic traditions by utilizing the methodology of comparative religious ethics. Approaches to the method such as ethical formalism, ethical naturalism, and narrative ethics are assessed with the author opting for a multidimensional approach that is religious and ethical. This multidimensional approach, as defined by William Schweiker, conducts

David Lantigua



PS-DA Model of Game Addiction: Theoretical Hypothesis and Case Analysis  

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\\u000a Excessive game play of adolescents is one of the serious problems faced by the information society. This paper reviews the\\u000a related work and programs of this field first, and then explores the mechanism which leads to Game Addiction (GA) from the\\u000a perspective of inner architecture of game. We find that game addiction is due to the PS-DA cycle embedded in

Peng Deng; Zhiting Zhu



The Ro 60 kDa autoantigen: insights into cellular function and role in autoimmunity  

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An RNA-binding protein, the Ro 60 kDa autoantigen, is a major target of the immune response in patients suffering from two systemic rheumatic diseases, systemic lupus erythematosus and Sjogren’s syndrome. In lupus patients, anti-Ro antibodies are associated with photosensitive skin lesions and with neonatal lupus, a syndrome in which mothers with anti-Ro antibodies give birth to children with photosensitive skin lesions

Xinguo Chen; Sandra L. Wolin



The Handedness of Leonardo da Vinci: A Tale of the Complexities of Lateralisation  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

|The handedness of Leonardo da Vinci is controversial. Although there is little doubt that many of his well-attributed drawings were drawn with the left hand, the hatch marks of the shading going downwards from left to right, it is not clear that he was a natural left-hander, there being some suggestion that he may have become left-handed as the…

McManus, I. C.; Drury, Helena



A native 13-kDa fatty acid binding protein from the liver fluke Fasciola hepatica  

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A 13-kDa fatty acid binding protein (FABP) (Fh13) has been isolated from the cytosol of adult Fasciola hepatica and its physicochemical and binding characteristics determined. Fh13 appears to exist as a dimer in native solution. Binding of the fluorescent fatty acid analogue 11-((5-dimethyl aminonaphthalene-1-sulfonyl) amino) undecanoic acid (DAUDA) to Fh13 results in changes in the emission spectrum, which are reversed

Anna Timanova-Atanasova; Rosita Jordanova; Georgi Radoslavov; Gergana Deevska; Ilia Bankov; John Barrett



A 232 MHz survey of the area centred on DA240  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A radio survey of the area (10° × 10°) centred on the giant radio galaxy DA240 (? = 07h45m, ? = 50.00') has been carried out with the Miyun aperture synthesis telescope at 232 MHz. The Miyun aperture synthesis telescope came into operation in October 1984. It consists of 28 paraboloids (all 9m in diameter) distributed on an EW baseline of 1.164 km, the resolution is 3'.8 × 3'.8 csc ? at 232 MHz. It has been shown (Tsien, 1982) that the thermal electron densities within the extended lobes and the eastern hotspot are very low (much less than 2 × 10 -5 cm -3). This suggests that DA240 may be located in a large-scale hole with very low mass density. Therefore, the investigation of the area centred on DA240 would be helpful to the study of the evolution of radio galaxies and to cosmology. The observational data obtained in November, 1984 have been reduced recently. A package has been developed especially for data analysis and image processing, including elimination of interferences, corrections of zero-point offset and phase distortions caused by the ionosphere and clean algorithm etc. The ionospheric effects caused by large-scale gradients have been the main problem. A self-calibration technique of "one-dimensional brightness distribution correlation" has been devised successfully for the instantaneous correction of ionospheric refraction. A good quality map of the whole area has been obtained, and more than one hundred sources with flux density greater than 0.22 Jy (the limiting flux density on the map) have been listed. The 232 MHz structure of DA240 cleaned with a Gaussian beam is shown in Fig. 3 and the central part of the map is shown in Fig. 4.

Qianshan-Jie (S. C. Tsien); Wei, Ming-Zhi



Description of Water Sorption Isotherms of Natural and Degradable Polymers Using BET and DA Equations  

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Sorption isotherms of biodegradable polymers such as chitosan with different degrees of deacetylation, starch, hydroxypropylcellulose, and polyvinyl alcohol were determined experimentally. Tests were performed at constant temperature in static conditions with the application of inorganic saturated salts solutions providing water activities aw from 0.115 to 0.94. Sorption isotherms were described using Brunauer-Emmet-Teller (BET) and Dubinin-Astakhov (DA) equations. Although BET and

Elwira Tomczak; Wladyslaw Kaminski



The Design of Intelligent Monitoring System Based on DaVinci Platform  

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In this paper, an embedded video monitoring system for intelligent control is presented. This presented system uses DaVinci-based high-speed TMS320DM6467 chip as hardware component and uses Embedded Linux Operating System as software component, in addition, it takes target detection and tracking algorithms as its core. So it can not only meet the requirements of real-time video processing and heavy computation

Pan Zhao; Zhi liang Jiang



Anti-inflammatory effects of the 70 kDa heat shock protein in experimental stroke  

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The 70-kDa heat shock protein (Hsp70) is involved in protecting the brain from a variety of insults including stroke. Although the mechanism has been largely considered to be because of its chaperone functions, recent work indicates that Hsp70 also modulates inflammatory responses. To explore how and whether Hsp70 regulate immune responses in brain ischemia, mice overexpressing Hsp70 (Hsp Tg) were

Zhen Zheng; Jong Youl Kim; Hualong Ma; Jong Eun Lee; Midori A Yenari



Toxicokinetics of the phytoestrogen daidzein in female DA\\/Han rats  

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Female DA\\/Han rats were given the phytoestrogen daidzein, either intravenously (10 mg\\/kg b.w.) or orally by gavage (10 or 100 mg\\/kg b.w.). The plasma concentration-time curve determined after i.v. administration of daidzein was fitted to a triexponential model, resulting in a final half-life (%-phase) of approximately 4 h. The oral bioavailability of 10 mg daidzein\\/kg was 9.7%, while that of

P. Janning; A. Upmeier; P. Diel; H. Michna; G. H. Degen; H. M. Bolt



Molecular cloning and immunolocalization of the 17 kDa myoglobin of Clonorchis sinensis  

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We purified the 17 kDa protein abundant in Clonorchis sinensis crude extracts. The N-terminal amino acid sequence of this protein was determined and an oligonucleotide probe synthesized. Using this probe, the cDNA encoding the protein was cloned and sequenced from the C. sinensis cDNA library. It was found to consist of a total of 150 amino acids and to have 41%

Young-Bae Chung; Hyun-Jong Yang; Sung-Jong Hong; Shin-Yong Kang; Mejeong Lee; Tae Yun Kim; Min-Ho Choi; Jong-Yil Chai; Sung-Tae Hong



Clonorchis sinensis: immunolocalization of 26 kDa glutathione S-transferase in adult worms  

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A mu-class glutathione S-transferase (Cs26GST) of molecular mass 26kDa was characterized from Clonorchis sinensis. In adult C. sinensis, the distribution of the Cs26GST was investigated by immuno-histochemistry and electron microscopy. Cs26GST was localized to the tegument and parenchyma. Immunogold labeling was strong in the tegumental cell bodies and moderate in the tegument and ova in the oviduct. It is suggested

Sung-Jong Hong; Tae Yun Kim; Shin-Yong Kang; Jae-Ran Yu; Kye-Yong Song; Seung-Yull Cho



A 37-kDa peroxidase secreted from liverworts in response to chemical stress  

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A peroxidase was purified from the culture medium of a suspension culture of Marchantia polymorpha (liverwort) after treatment with bornyl acetate, which acts as a chemical stress agent to the cells. The peroxidase was characterised as a glycoprotein of molecular mass 37-kDa having a pI of about 10 and an optimal pH of 6.5. The peroxidase was thermally stable at

Toshifumi Hirata; Yoshiyuki Ashida; Hideyuki Mori; Daisuke Yoshinaga; Lionel J. Goad



Neuronal localization of the 25-kDa specific thiamine triphosphatase in rodent brain  

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Thiamine triphosphate (ThTP) is found in small amounts in most organisms from bacteria to mammals, but little is known about its physiological role. In vertebrate tissues, ThTP may act as a phosphate donor for the phosphorylation of certain proteins; this may be part of a new signal transduction pathway. We have recently characterized a highly specific 25-kDa thiamine triphosphatase (ThTPase)

J. CZERNIECKI; G. CHANAS; M. VERLAET; L Bettendorff; A. F Makarchikov; P Leprince; P Wins; T Grisar; B Lakaye



In the Footsteps of the Buddha?: Women and the Bodhisatta Path in Therav?da Buddhism  

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:Although a woman can achieve the state of awakening known as arahatship, Theravāda Buddhist tradition states that a woman cannot achieve full and complete Buddhahood. More than this, a woman is unable to successfully aspire to Buddhahood, or progress on the path to it—in other words she cannot be a bodhisatta. In this article, Appleton explores the origins of the

Naomi Appleton



In the Footsteps of the Buddha?: Women and the Bodhisatta Path in Therav?da Buddhism  

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Although a woman can achieve the state of awakening known as arahatship, Theravāda Buddhist tradition states that a woman cannot achieve full and complete Buddhahood. More than this, a woman is unable to successfully aspire to Buddhahood, or progress on the path to it—in other words she cannot be a bodhisatta. In this article, Appleton explores the origins of the

Naomi Appleton



Pubertal isolation alters latent inhibition and DA in nucleus accumbens of adult rats.  


Puberty is a critical period for neurodevelopment of schizophrenia. In the present study, we investigated the effects of peri-pubertal social isolation on psychotic behaviors in rats and its relationship to dopamine expression. Wistar male rats were randomly divided into pubertal isolation (ISO; isolate housing, 38-51 days of age) and social (SOC) groups. Latent inhibition (LI) and behavior in open field were tested during adolescence and adulthood. After the behavioral test, dopamine (DA) levels were measured in the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), nucleus accumbens (NAC), caudate-putamen (CPU), and the hippocampus (HIP). Pubertal social isolation impaired LI and increased the DA level in the NAC of young adult rats, but not adolescent rats, and enhanced open field locomotor activity in both adolescent and young adult rats. These data suggest that development of an LI deficit can be induced by social isolation during puberty after a developmental delay, and that NAC DA maybe involved in this process, which may mirror some aspects of the ontogency of schizophrenic symptoms. PMID:19527740

Shao, Feng; Jin, Jian; Meng, Qingxuan; Liu, Mei; Xie, Xi; Lin, Wenjuan; Wang, Weiwen



Synchrotron oscillation damping by beam-beam collisions in DA?NE  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In DA?NE, the Frascati e+/e- collider, the crab waist collision scheme has been successfully implemented and tested during the years 2008 and 2009. During operations for the Siddharta experiment an unusual synchrotron damping effect induced by beam-beam collisions has been observed. Indeed, the positron beam becomes unstable above currents in the order of 200-300 mA when the longitudinal feedback is off. The longitudinal instability is damped by colliding the positron beam with a high current electron beam (˜2A) and a shift of ?-600Hz in the residual synchrotron sidebands is observed. Precise measurements have been performed by using both a commercial spectrum analyzer and the diagnostic capabilities of the DA?NE longitudinal bunch-by-bunch feedback. This damping effect has been observed in DA?NE for the first time during collisions with the crab waist scheme. Our explanation is that beam collisions with a large crossing angle produce longitudinal tune shift and spread, providing Landau damping of synchrotron oscillations.

Drago, Alessandro; Raimondi, Pantaleo; Zobov, Mikhail; Shatilov, Dmitry



Influenza viruses induce autoantibodies to a brain-specific 37-kDa protein in rabbit.  

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Immunization of rabbits with certain H1N1 influenza viruses, including the neurotropic strains NWS/33 and WSN/33 and the New Jersey/76 strain, resulted in the production of autoantibodies to a brain-specific protein of 37 kDa that is present in various species, including humans. Autoantibodies were produced to brain only; various other tissues tested were negative. These antibodies were not elicited by other influenza A or B viruses, including closely related recombinant strains, but were elicited by the isolated hemagglutinin of A/Bellamy/42 strain and by formaldehyde-fixed WSN virus--demonstrating that infection was not essential for the induction of autoantibodies. In histological studies, reaction with anti-viral antisera was specific to gray matter and was confined to sera that recognized the 37-kDa protein. Antibody binding was prominent in regions comprised of neuronal cell bodies in cellular layers of the dentate gyrus, hippocampus, cerebral cortex, and cerebellum and was undetectable in myelin-rich regions, such as the corpus callosum. The 37-kDa protein, therefore, appears to be a neuronal antigen. Antibodies directed against this protein may be involved in the pathogenesis of one or more of the neuropsychiatric disorders that occur after infection with influenza. Images

Laing, P; Knight, J G; Hill, J M; Harris, A G; Oxford, J S; Webster, R G; Markwell, M A; Paul, S M; Pert, C B



Multiple parton interactions and forward double pion production in pp and dA scattering  

SciTech Connect

We estimate the contributions by double-parton interactions to the cross sections for pp{yields}{pi}{sup 0}{pi}{sup 0}X and dA{yields}{pi}{sup 0}{pi}{sup 0}X at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC). We find that such contributions become important at large forward rapidities of the produced pions. This is, in particular, the case for dA scattering, where they strongly enhance the azimuthal-angular independent pedestal component of the cross section, providing a natural explanation of this feature of the RHIC dA data. We argue that the discussed processes open a window to studies of double quark distributions in nucleons. We also briefly address the roles of shadowing and energy loss in dA scattering, which we show to affect the double-inclusive pion cross section much more strongly than the single-inclusive one. We discuss the implications of our results for the interpretation of pion azimuthal correlations.

Strikman, M. [Department of Physics, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania (United States); Vogelsang, W. [Institute for Theoretical Physics, Universitaet Tuebingen, Auf der Morgenstelle 14, D-72076 Tuebingen (Germany)



Microscopic Observations on the Origin of Defects During Machining of Direct Aged (DA) Inconel 718 Superalloy  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Surface quality of advanced superalloys after machining is one of the major issues in the aerospace industry because it directly affects service characteristics of the machined part. Tool life of cemented carbide inserts with the TiAlN coating during machining of direct aged DA 718 alloys under roughing and finishing conditions has been under study. The defect origin on the surface of the machined part was investigated. Metallographic observations of the DA 718 were made using optical metallography and SEM/EDS. To find out the origins of surface defect formation, the morphology of machined parts and cross sections of the machined surfaces have been investigated. Two major categories of defects were detected on the surface of the machined part: cracks and tears. The origin of the cracks on the machined surface is related to shearing of the primary complex TiC/NbC carbide revealed in a structure of DA 718 alloy. At the same time, Nb-rich regions of the primary complex carbide interact with the environment (oxygen from air) during machining with further formation of low strength oxide layer on the surface, forming tears.

Dosbaeva, G. K.; Veldhuis, S. C.; Elfizy, A.; Fox-Rabinovich, G.; Wagg, T.



[History of robotics: from archytas of tarentum until Da Vinci robot. (Part II)].  


Robotic surgery is a reality. In order to to understand how new robots work is interesting to know the history of ancient (see part i) and modern robotics. The desire to design automatic machines imitating humans continued for more than 4000 years. Archytas of Tarentum (at around 400 a.C.), Heron of Alexandria, Hsieh-Fec, Al-Jazari, Bacon, Turriano, Leonardo da Vinci, Vaucanson o von Kempelen were robot inventors. At 1942 Asimov published the three robotics laws. Mechanics, electronics and informatics advances at XXth century developed robots to be able to do very complex self governing works. At 1985 the robot PUMA 560 was employed to introduce a needle inside the brain. Later on, they were designed surgical robots like World First, Robodoc, Gaspar o Acrobot, Zeus, AESOP, Probot o PAKI-RCP. At 2000 the FDA approved the da Vinci Surgical System (Intuitive Surgical Inc, Sunnyvale, CA, USA), a very sophisticated robot to assist surgeons. Currently urological procedures like prostatectomy, cystectomy and nephrectomy are performed with the da Vinci, so urology has become a very suitable speciality to robotic surgery. PMID:17658147

Sánchez-Martín, F M; Jiménez Schlegl, P; Millán Rodríguez, F; Salvador-Bayarri, J; Monllau Font, V; Palou Redorta, J; Villavicencio Mavrich, H



Identification of 62-kDa protein as an immunogenic antigen of Vibrio vulnificus for humans.  


Vibrio vulnificus infection can cause necrotizing fasciitis and sepsis and can develop within a few days despite intensive care. The mortality rate is up to 60% in vulnerable people. Most patients infected with this microbe have chronic liver disease, especially liver cirrhosis or cancer, as an underlying disease. V. vulnificus infection is opportunistic, and there is an urgent need to develop an anti- V. vulnificus vaccine. Thus, it is important to identify immunogenic antigens. We collected human sera from three subject groups: patients with V. vulnificus infection, patients with chronic liver disease but without V. vulnificus infection, and healthy volunteers with normal liver function. Immunoblots of cytosolic and membrane proteins of seven strains of V. vulnificus and one of V. parahaemolyticus were performed with sera from these groups. Although we could not demonstrate differences in antibody response between the groups, all sera showed a strong antibody response to a 62-kDa protein that was common to all strains examined. Immunoblots of Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae also showed strong antibody response to this 62-kDa protein, and the possibility of cross-reaction cannot be denied. We identified this 62-kDa protein as an immunogenic antigen of V. vulnificus for humans. PMID:24040694

Tomita, Yukiko; Higashibata, Akira; Oishi, Hirotaka; Hara, Hiromitsu; Sakagucmhi, Yoshiro



Identification of a 24 kDa excretory secretory protein in Anisakis simplex.  


A gene coding for a 24 kDa protein (22 U homologous; As22U) was isolated from the Anisakis simplex third-stage larvae cDNA library during expressed sequence tag analysis. As22U was 636 bp long, and was found to code for 212 amino acid residues with a calculated mass of 23.5 kDa and a PI of 9.06. The As22U deduced amino acid sequence harbored a signal peptide region and 16 highly conserved cysteine residues, and it was identified in both the total extracts and excretory secretory (ES) protein of A. simplex. Its molecular weight was measured at 24 kDa via western blot analysis. The expression levels of thymic stromal lymphopoietin, IL-25, and CXCL1 (Gro-?) genes were increased at 6h after recombinant As22U treatment in mouse intestinal epithelial cells. Additionally, thymus and activation-regulated chemokine gene levels were increased at 14 h after treatment. Although we do not currently have sufficient evidence to determine whether As22U plays a role as an allergen, this remains possible. Further in vivo studies may provide some insight as to the allergenic properties of As22U. PMID:22001446

Park, Ji Seoung; Cho, Min Kyoung; Yu, Hak Sun; Ahn, Soon Cheol



Albumin interacts specifically with a 60-kDa microvascular endothelial glycoprotein.  

PubMed Central

Confluent monolayers of microvascular endothelial cells, derived from the rat epididymal fat pad and grown in culture, were radioiodinated by using the lactoper-oxidase method. Their radioiodinated surface polypeptides were detected by NaDodSO4/PAGE (followed by autoradiography) and were characterized by both lectin affinity chromatography and protease digestion to identify the proteins involved in albumin binding. All detected polypeptides were sensitive to Pronase digestion, whereas several polypeptides were resistant to trypsin. Pronase treatment of the cell monolayer significantly reduced the specific binding of radioiodinated rat serum albumin, but trypsin digestion did not. Limax flavus, Ricinus communis, and Triticum vulgaris agglutinins competed significantly with radioiodinated rat serum albumin binding, whereas other lectins did not. A single 60-kDa glyco-protein was precipitated in common by these three lectins and was trypsin-resistant and Pronase-sensitive. Rat serum albumin affinity chromatography columns weakly but specifically bound a 60-kDa polypeptide from cell lysates derived from radioiodinated cell monolayers. These findings indicate that the 60-kDa glycoprotein is directly involved in a specific interaction of albumin with the cultured microvascular endothelial cells used in these experiments. Images

Schnitzer, J E; Carley, W W; Palade, G E



Purification and biochemical analysis of WprA, a 52-kDa serine protease secreted by B. subtilis as an active complex with its 23-kDa propeptide.  


The Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus subtilis produces numerous proteases that are secreted to the extracellular milieu, and as strains are generated which lack the more prominent proteases, minor ones become detectable. We have isolated a 52-kDa secreted protease from the protease-deficient strain WB600. It is encoded by the wprA gene which encompasses a signal sequence, a 46-kDa propeptide further processed to 23 kDa, and the 52-kDa mature protease. The 52-kDa and 23-kDa polypeptides were previously detected in cell-wall preparations of a wild-type strain. We have co-purified these proteins from culture supernatant, and confirmed the same N-termini and molecular weights as the membrane-bound species. The WprA protease domain has 28.5% identity to subtilisin A, and like other subtilisins, it displays a broad substrate specificity. WprA and subtilisin A have similar pH profiles, showing optimal activity near pH 7.5 for substrates with Met, Gln, or Lys residues at P1. Using a substrate with Asp at P1, another peak of activity was observed for WprA at pH 5 and at pH 6 for subtilisin A. The pH dependence of some bacterial proteases in their interaction with substrates and inhibitors may be biologically relevant. PMID:9675284

Babé, L M; Schmidt, B



Protein phosphorylation in human peripheral nerve: altered phosphorylation of a 25-kDa glycoprotein in leprosy.  


Protein phosphorylation in a low speed supernatant of human peripheral nerve (tibial and sural) homogenate was investigated. The major phosphorylated proteins had molecular mass in the range of 70, 55, 45, and 25 kDa. Mg2+ or Mn2+ was essential for maximum phosphorylation although Zn2+, Co2+, and Ca2+ could partially support phosphorylation. External protein substrates casein and histone were also phosphorylated. The protein phosphatase inhibitor orthovanadate enhanced the phosphorylation of the 45 and 25 kDa proteins significantly. Concanavalin A-Sepharose chromatography of the phosphorylated peripheral nerve proteins showed that the 25 kDa protein was a glycoprotein. Protein phosphorylation of peripheral nerves from leprosy affected individuals was compared with normals. The phosphorylation of 25 kDa protein was decreased in most of the patients with leprosy. PMID:8829144

Suneetha, L M; Korula, R J; Balasubramanian, A S



Norms and cut off scores for the autism spectrum disorders diagnosis for adults (ASD-DA) with intellectual disability  

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Establishing the cut-off scores for Autism Spectrum Disorder-Diagnostic (ASD-DA) scale for adults with intellectual disability (ID) and autism or PDD-NOS was the primary goal of this investigation. The aim of Study 1 was to determine if the ASD-DA was able to differentiate between adults with ID with and without an autism spectrum disorder, and to determine a total score cut-off

Johnny L. Matson; Jessica A. Boisjoli; Melissa L. González; Kimberly R. Smith; Jonathan Wilkins



Influence of D/A ratio on photovoltaic performance of a highly efficient polymer solar cell system.  


A new copolymer PIDTDTQx based on indacenodithiophene and quinoxaline is synthesized and characterized. The correlation between the D/A ratio, mobility, and photovoltaic properties, as well as morphology of the D/A blend based on a PIDTDTQx:PC(70) BM system is investigated. The power conversion efficiency of the polymer solar cells based on PIDTDTQx/PC(70) BM (1:4, w/w) reaches 7.51%. PMID:23044822

Guo, Xia; Zhang, Maojie; Tan, Jiahui; Zhang, Shaoqing; Huo, Lijun; Hu, Wenping; Li, Yongfang; Hou, Jianhui



Expression, Secretion, and Glycosylation of the 45- and 47-kDa Glycoprotein of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Streptomyces lividans  

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The gene encoding the 45\\/47 kDa glycoprotein (Rv1860) of Mycobacterium tuberculosis was expressed in Strep- tomyces lividans under its own promoter and under the thiostrepton-inducible Streptomyces promoter PtipA. The recombinant protein was released into the culture medium and, like the native protein, migrated as a double band at 45 and 47 kDa in sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (PAGE)

Martha Lara; L. Servin-Gonzalez; Mahavir Singh; Carlos Moreno; Ingrid Cohen; Manfred Nimtz; Clara Espitia



Identification of a 130-kDa albumin in tuatara ( Sphenodon ) and detection of a novel albumin polymorphism  

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Electrophoretic, immunochemical, and protein sequence analyses were performed on plasma albumin of the tuatara (Sphenodon), a rare reptile endemic to New Zealand. The analyses revealed that, unlike other terrestrial vertebrates, tuatara do not seem to possess a 60- to 75-kDa plasma albumin. The common form of plasma albumin in this genus has an apparent molecular mass of 130 kDa, making

Mark A. Brown; Alan Carne; Charles H. Daugherty; Geoffrey K. Chambers



The 65-kDa Carrot Microtubule-Associated Protein Forms Regularly Arranged Filamentous Cross-Bridges between Microtubules  

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In plants, cortical microtubules (MTs) occur in characteristically parallel groups maintained up to one microtubule diameter apart by fine filamentous cross-bridges. However, none of the plant microtubule-associated proteins (MAPs) so far purified accounts for the observed separation between MTs in cells. We previously isolated from carrot cytoskeletons a MAP fraction including 120-and 65-kDa MAPs and have now separated the 65-kDa

Jordi Chan; Cynthia G. Jensen; Lawrence C. W. Jensen; Max Bush; Clive W. Lloyd



A 33 kDa molecular marker of sperm acrosome differentiation and maturation in the tammar wallaby (Macropus eugenii).  


This study was undertaken to identify potential molecular markers of acrosomal biogenesis and post-testicular maturation in marsupials, using the tammar wallaby as a model species. A two-step sperm extraction procedure yielded two protein extracts of apparent acrosomal origin and a tail extract. The extracts were analysed by SDS-PAGE under reducing conditions. Several prominent polypeptide bands (45, 38 and 33 kDa) appeared common to both acrosomal extracts. Antiserum raised against the 33 kDa polypeptide from the inner acrosomal membrane matrix (IAMM) extract showed immunoreactivity with 45, 38 and 33 kDa polypeptides in both acrosomal extracts, indicating that the 33 kDa polypeptide was related to the proteins in the 45 and 38 kDa bands. Therefore, the antiserum was used as a molecular probe. Indirect immuno-fluorescence indicated that the acrosome was the major location of the 33 kDa polypeptide. This contention was confirmed by ultrastructural study: immunogold labelling indicated that the 33 kDa polypeptide associated with acrosomal matrix components throughout acrosomal development in the testes and throughout post-testicular maturation in the epididymis. The label clearly delineated the changing morphology of the maturing marsupial acrosome. This is the first study to use immunocytochemical techniques to chart testicular and post-testicular development of any sperm organelle in a marsupial. As a result of this study, a 33 kDa molecular marker of marsupial acrosome differentiation and maturation has been identified. It may be possible to chart similar events in other marsupial species and identify opportunities for manipulating fertility. PMID:10645248

Wade, M A; Lin, M



Human 60-kDa heat shock protein is a target autoantigen of T cells derived from atherosclerotic plaques.  


Epidemiological studies suggest the potential importance of an inflammatory component in atherosclerosis and support the hypothesis that immune responses to Ags of pathogens cross-react with homologous host proteins due to molecular mimicry. Protein candidates involved may be the stress-induced proteins known as heat shock proteins (HSP). In this study, we report that atherosclerotic plaques harbor in vivo-activated CD4(+) T cells that recognize the human 60-kDa HSP. Such in vivo-activated 60-kDa HSP-specific T cells are not detectable in the peripheral blood. In patients with positive serology and PCR for Chlamydia pneumoniae DNA, but not in patients negative for both, most of plaque-derived T cells specific for human 60-kDa HSP also recognized the C. pneumoniae 60-kDa HSP. We characterized the submolecular specificity of such 60-kDa HSP-specific plaque-derived T cells and identified both the self- and cross-reactive epitopes of that autoantigen. On challenge with human 60-kDa HSP, most of the plaque-derived T cells expressed Th type 1 functions, including cytotoxicity and help for monocyte tissue factor production. We suggest that arterial endothelial cells, undergoing classical atherosclerosis risk factors and conditioned by Th type 1 cytokines, express self 60-kDa HSP, which becomes target for both autoreactive T cells and cross-reactive T cells to microbial 60-kDa HSP via a mechanism of molecular mimicry. This hypothesis is in agreement with the notion that immunization with HSP exacerbates atherosclerosis, whereas immunosuppression and T cell depletion prevent the formation of arteriosclerotic lesions in experimental animals. PMID:15879154

Benagiano, Marisa; D'Elios, Mario M; Amedei, Amedeo; Azzurri, Annalisa; van der Zee, Ruurd; Ciervo, Alessandra; Rombolà, Gianni; Romagnani, Sergio; Cassone, Antonio; Del Prete, Gianfranco



Expression, processing, and glycosaminoglycan binding activity of the recombinant human 315-kDa hyaluronic acid receptor for endocytosis (HARE).  


The hyaluronic acid (HA) receptor for endocytosis (HARE; also designated stabilin-2 and FEEL-2) mediates systemic clearance of glycosaminoglycans from the circulatory and lymphatic systems via coated pit-mediated uptake. HARE is primarily found as two isoforms (315- and 190-kDa) in sinusoidal endothelial cells of the liver, lymph node, and spleen. Here we characterize the ligand specificity and function of the large stably expressed 315-HARE isoform in Flp-In 293 cell lines. Like human spleen sinusoidal endothelial cells, Flp-In 293 cell lines transfected with a single cDNA encoding the full-length 315-HARE express both the 315-kDa and the proteolytically truncated 190-kDa isoforms in a ratio of approximately 3-4:1. The 190-kDa HARE isoform generated from the 315-kDa HARE and the 315-kDa HARE specifically bound 125I-HA. Like the 190-kDa HARE expressed alone (Harris, E. N., Weigel, J. A., and Weigel, P. H. (2004) J. Biol. Chem. 279, 36201-36209), the 190- and 315-kDa HARE isoforms expressed in 315-HARE cell lines were recognized by anti-HARE monoclonal antibodies 30, 154, and 159. All 315-HARE cell lines could endocytose and degrade 125I-HA. Competition studies with live cells indicate that 190-HARE and 315-HARE bind HA with higher apparent affinity (Kd approximately 10-20 nM) than chondroitin sulfate (CS) types A, C, D, or E. Only slight competition of HA endocytosis was observed with CS-B (dermatan sulfate) and chondroitin. Direct binding assays with the 315-HARE ectodomain revealed high affinity HA binding, and lower binding affinities for CS-C, CS-D, and CS-E. A majority of each HARE isoform was intracellular, within the endocytic system, suggesting transient surface residency typical of an active endocytic recycling receptor. PMID:17145755

Harris, Edward N; Kyosseva, Svetlana V; Weigel, Janet A; Weigel, Paul H



A 160 kDa protein with carbonic anhydrase activity is complexed with rubisco on the outer surface of thylakoids  

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This study provides evidence that, in the soluble fraction from buffer-washed pea thylakoids, one form of soluble carbonic anhydrase (CA) is associated with rubisco in a stromal protein complex. On native-PAGE gels, it is present as a protein band with MW approximately 160kDa. On SDS-PAGE gels, it is resolved as a single 25-kDa polypeptide. Analysis of Western blots developed with

Galia N. Lazova; Alan J. Stemler



Transition-state analogue gamma-secretase inhibitors stabilize a 900 kDa presenilin/nicastrin complex.  


Gamma-secretase mediates the final step, which generates Alzheimer's disease Abeta amyloid protein, by cleaving the transmembrane domain of the amyloid-beta protein precursor. Four gene products, presenilin, nicastrin, APH-1, and PEN-2, are required for gamma-secretase activity that is contained within a high molecular mass complex. To further characterize gamma-secretase, we probed membranes from human neuroblastoma SH-SY5Y cells with gamma-secretase inhibitor biotin derivatives of L-685,458, pepstatin A, and the difluoro alcohol 1-Bt. These inhibitor derivatives bound and precipitated PS1 fragments from membrane CHAPSO extracts. Analysis of PS1 complexes by blue native gel electrophoresis and western blotting indicated that the CHAPSO extracts contained complexes of approximately 900, 500, and 400 kDa. With this technique, derivatives of the three inhibitors were detected only in association with the 900 kDa species. Size-exclusion chromatography showed that 13% of PS1 immunoreactivity extracted with CHAPSO was comprised within a >or=900 kDa species with the remaining eluting in fractions of 669-250 kDa but that most enzymatic activity was associated with the 900 kDa fractions. After treatment with L-685,458 inhibitor, 49% PS1 immunoreactivity was eluted in the 900 kDa fraction, supporting evidence that the inhibitor stabilized this complex. Subcellular fractionation of SH-SY5Y cells indicated that the 900 kDa complex was formed as PS1 and NCT matured through the secretory pathway and that enzymatic activity correlated with complex maturation. From these observations, we propose a model for the structure of active gamma-secretase that would consist of dimerization of 400-500 kDa subunits and be consistent with the apparent molecular mass of the complex. PMID:15766262

Evin, Geneviève; Canterford, Louise D; Hoke, David E; Sharples, Robyn A; Culvenor, Janetta G; Masters, Colin L



Induction of a 55 kDa acetylcholinesterase protein during apoptosis and its negative regulation by the Akt pathway.  


Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) is emerging as an important contributor to apoptosis in various cell types. However, overexpression of AChE does not initiate apoptosis, and cells which express AChE at basal levels grow normally, suggesting that AChE may function differently between normal and apoptotic conditions. In this study, we determined that an AChE-derived protein (?55 kDa) positively correlated with cellular apoptotic levels. The 55 kDa AChE protein was not a result of a novel splice variant of the AChE primary transcript. Instead, it was determined to be a cleaved fragment of the full-length 68 kDa AChE protein that could not be inhibited by cycloheximide (CHX) but could be suppressed by caspase inhibitors in apoptotic PC-12 cells. Furthermore, activation of the Akt cascade abolished the 55 kDa protein, and both AChE protein forms (68 and 55 kDa) accumulated in the nucleus during apoptosis. In a mouse model for ischemia/reperfusion (I/R)-induced acute renal failure, the 55 kDa AChE protein was detected in the impaired organs but not in the normal ones, and its levels correlated with the genotype of the mice. In summary, a 55 kDa AChE protein resulting from the cleavage of 68 kDa AChE is induced during apoptosis, and it is negatively regulated by the Akt pathway. This study suggests that an alternative form of AChE may play a role in apoptosis. PMID:21377978

Xie, Jing; Jiang, Hua; Wan, Yi-Han; Du, Ai-Ying; Guo, Kai-Jie; Liu, Te; Ye, Wei-Yuan; Niu, Xin; Wu, Jun; Dong, Xiao-Qin; Zhang, Xue-Jun



DA8159, a potent cGMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor, attenuates monocrotaline-induced pulmonary hypertension in rats  

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In this study, we evaluated the effects of oral administration of DA-8159, a selective phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor, on the\\u000a development of pulmonary hypertension (PH) induced by monocrotaline (MCT). Rats were administered either MCT (60 mg\\/kg) or\\u000a saline. MCT-treated rats were divided into three groups and received orally administered vehicle, or 1 mg\\/kg or 5 mg\\/kg of\\u000a DA-8159, twice a day for

Kyung Koo Kang; Gook Jun Ahn; Yong Sung Sohn; Byoung Ok Ahn; Won Bae Kim




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We present an improved spectroscopic and photometric analysis of hydrogen-line DA white dwarfs from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 4 (SDSS DR4) based on model atmospheres that include improved Stark broadening profiles with non-ideal gas effects. We also perform a careful visual inspection of all spectroscopic fits with high signal-to-noise ratios (S/Ns > 12) and present improved atmospheric parameters (T{sub eff} and log g) for each white dwarf. Through a comparison of spectroscopic and photometric temperatures, we report the discovery of 35 DA+DB/DC double degenerate candidates and two helium-rich DA stars. We also determine that a cutoff at S/N = 15 optimizes the size and quality of the sample for computing the mean mass of DA white dwarfs, for which we report a value of 0.613 M{sub sun}. We compare our results to previous analyses of the SDSS DR4 and find a good agreement if we account for the shift produced by the improved Stark profiles. Finally, the properties of DA white dwarfs in the SDSS are weighed against those of the Villanova White Dwarf Catalog sample of Gianninas et al. We find systematically lower masses (by about 3% on average), a difference that we trace back to the data reduction procedure of the SDSS. We conclude that a better understanding of these differences will be important to determine the absolute temperature scale and mean mass of DA white dwarfs.

Tremblay, P.-E.; Bergeron, P.; Gianninas, A., E-mail:, E-mail:, E-mail: [Departement de Physique, Universite de Montreal, C.P. 6128, Succ. Centre-Ville, Montreal, Quebec H3C 3J7 (Canada)



Institucionalização da \\  

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This article aims to discuss the recent paths taken by a current of Brazilian antiracism, that is, the one that defends racial quota for black people in the universities as well as in public and private jobs. It is noticeable that the discourse on

Celia Maria Marinho de Azevedo


Evaluation of the Effect of the 47 kDa Protein Isolated from Aged Garlic Extract on Dendritic Cells  

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Objective(s) Garlic (Allium sativum) is known as a potent spice and a medicine with broad therapeutic properties ranging from antibacterial to anticancer, and anticoagulant. One of the major purified garlic protein components is the 47 kDa protein. In this study, the effect of 47 kDa protein extracted from aged garlic (AGE) was evalua Materials and Methods Forty seven kDa protein was purified from AGE by ammonium sulfate precipitation and gel filtration. SDS-PAGE was used to determine the molecular weight and purity of the isolated protein. DCs were purified from spleen of BALB/c mice by Nycodenz centrifugation and their adhesiveness to the plastic dish. The 47 kDa protein isolated from AGE was added to DCs medium during the overnight culture and the expression of DC surface markers was assessed via flowcytometry. Results The 47 kDa protein-treated DCs lowered the expression of DC maturation markers including: CD40, CD86 and MHC-II in comparison with non-treated DCs; (median of 41% versus 47%, 84% versus 91% and 83% versus 90%, respectively) but we observed no statistical difference between the two groups. Conclusion Upon treatment with DCs with 47 kDa protein, DCs down regulated the expression of costimulatory and MHC-II surface molecules, which is similar to tolerogenic DC phenotype. According to the results of the present study, we found that 47 kDa protein purified from AGE can be considered as a potential candidate to generate tolerogenic DCs in vitro.

Hasan, Namdar Ahmadabad; Zuhair, Mohammad Hassan; Safari, Elahe; Bozorgmehr, Mahmood; Moazzeni, Seyed Mohammad



Underexpression of the 43 kDa inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatase is associated with cellular transformation.  

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The 43 kDa inositol polyphosphate 5-phosphatase (5-phosphatase) hydrolyses the second messenger molecules inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate [Ins(1,4,5)P3] and inositol 1,3,4,5-tetrakisphosphate [Ins(1,3,4,5)P4]. We have underexpressed the 43 kDa 5-phosphatase by stably transfecting normal rat kidney cells with the cDNA encoding the enzyme, cloned in the antisense orientation into the tetracycline-inducible expression vector pUHD10-3. Antisense-transfected cells demonstrated a 45% reduction in Ins(1,4,5)P3 5-phosphatase activity in the total cell homogenate upon withdrawal of tetracycline, and an approximately 80% reduction in the detergent-soluble membrane fraction of the cell, as compared with antisense-transfected cells in the presence of tetracycline. Unstimulated antisense-transfected cells showed a concomitant 2-fold increase in Ins(1,4,5)P3 and 4-fold increase in Ins(1,3,4,5)P4 levels. The basal intracellular calcium concentration of antisense-transfected cells (170 +/- 25 nM) was increased 1.9-fold, compared with cells transfected with vector alone (90 +/- 25 nM). Cells underexpressing the 43 kDa 5-phosphatase demonstrated a transformed phenotype. Antisense-transfected cells grew at a 1.7-fold faster rate, reached confluence at higher density and demonstrated increased [3H]thymidine incorporation compared with cells transfected with vector alone. Furthermore, antisense-transfected cells formed colonies in soft agar and tumours in nude mice. These studies support the contention that a decrease in Ins(1,4,5)P3 5-phosphatase activity is associated with cellular transformation. Images

Speed, C J; Little, P J; Hayman, J A; Mitchell, C A



[The Vitruvian Man: an anatomical drawing for proportions by Leonardo Da Vinci].  


The aim of the study was to find out and to analyse the text by Vitruvius which inspired the famous drawing by Leonardo da Vinci (circa 1490) kept in the Galleria dell'Accademia, in Venezia, Italy: the man inscribed in one circle and in one square. The book "de Architectura" by Vitruvius Marcus Pollio was printed several times since the Renaissance when both the roman architecture of antiquity and this text became very popular. From a French translation by Claude Perrault in 1864, it became easy to find a French translation with the original text in Latin (Paris, 2003, Les Belles Lettres, French text by Pierre Gros). The drawing by Leonardo da Vinci illustrates with great accuracy and fidelity the quotation of Vitruvius (with the exception of two of the 12 main relationships). The genius of Leonardo da Vinci was to keep only one trunk, head and neck for two pairs of limbs: scapular and pelvic; to make the circle tangent to the lower edge of the square; to adjust a few features of the quotation for the equilibrium of the whole figure; and of course to bring his incredible skill as a drawer (one of the best of his century). The drawing was made on a sheet of paper 344x245mm, in black ink which became dark brown with time; several lines complete the figure above and below; a short caption and a horizontal scale appear just under the drawing. The celebrity of the drawing, a symbol of the Renaissance, of the equilibrium of man and mankind, of the universality of the artists and intellectuals of the time (Humanism) made it iconic and it has been constantly reproduced and adapted especially for advertisement and logos, not only in the medical field. PMID:18951824

Le Floch-Prigent, P



Phenotypic and Gene Expression Differences between DA, BN and WOKW Rats  

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Background Because inbred rat strains are widely used as laboratory models, knowledge of phenotypic and genetic variations between strains will be useful to obtain insight into the relationship between different strains. Methods and Results We studied phenotypic traits: of each strain – BN/K, DA/K and WOKW –10 male rats were studied for body weight and serum constituents at an age of 10 and 30 weeks. In addition, a total of 95 rats were studied for life expectancy. At an age of 30 weeks, these male rats were killed by an overdose of anesthetic (Sevofluran, Abbott), and the subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissue as well as bone tissue were removed to study the expression of 20 genes. There were significant differences in body weight, serum lipids and leptin at an age of 30 weeks between strains. Regarding life expectancy, BN rats lived longest (1072±228d). The highest gene expression was found in bone of BN rats. In adipose tissues, Nfkb1 is only expressed in subcutaneous adipocytes, and 5 genes, Col2a1, Mmp9, Tnfa, Ins1 and Cyp24a1, are not expressed in adipocytes. The ranking BN?=?DA>WOKW was observed in only one gene in subcutaneous (Fto) and visceral adipocytes (Col6a1). There were no significant differences in gene expression of one gene in subcutaneous adipocytes and of 3 genes in visceral adipocytes. Comparing the gene expression in visceral and subcutaneous adipocytes, only one gene showed a comparable behavior (Bmp1). Conclusion From these results, it can be concluded that obvious phenotypic differences are caused by genetic differences between three rat strains, BN, DA and WOKW, as supported by gene expression studies in bone and adipose tissues. Especially BN rats can be used to study the genetic basis of long life.

Lange, Jorn; Barz, Thomas; Ekkernkamp, Axel; Wilke, Barbara; Kloting, Ingrid; Follak, Niels



Diagnostic potential of 16 kDa (HspX, ?-crystalline) antigen for serodiagnosis of tuberculosis  

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Background & objectives: Tuberculosis (TB) is a public health problem worldwide. Rapid and accurate diagnosis of tuberculosis is crucial to facilitate early treatment of infectious cases and to reduce its spread. The present study was aimed to evaluation of 16 kDa antigen as a serodiagnostic tool in pulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis patients in an effort to improve diagnostic algorithm for tuberculosis. Methods: In this study, 200 serum samples were collected from smear positive and culture confirmed pulmonary tuberculosis patients, 30 tubercular pleural effusions and 21 tubercular meningitis (TBM) patients. Serum samples from 36 healthy, age matched controls (hospital staff), along with 60 patients with non-tubercular respiratory diseases were also collected and evaluated. Humoral response (both IgG and IgA) was looked for 16 kDa antigen using indirect ELISA. Results: Sensitivity of detection in various categories of pulmonary TB patients ranged between 73.8 and 81.2 per cent. While in the extra-pulmonary TB samples the sensitivity was 42.8 per cent (TBM) and 63.3 per cent (tubercular pleural effusion). The test specificity in both the groups was high (94.7%). All of the non-disease controls were negative. Among non-tubercular disease controls, five patients gave a positive humoral response against 16 kDa. Interpretation & conclusions: Serodiagnostic tests for TB have always had drawbacks of suboptimal sensitivity and specificity. The antigen used in this study gave encouraging results in pulmonary TB only, while in extra-pulmonary TB (tubercular meningitis and tubercular pleural effusion), this has shown a limited role in terms of sensitivity. Further work is required to validate its role in serodiagnosis of TB especially extra-pulmonary TB.

Kaushik, Amit; Singh, Urvashi B.; Porwal, Chhavi; Venugopal, Shwetha J.; Mohan, Anant; Krishnan, Anand; Goyal, Vinay; Banavaliker, Jayant N.



Cat?licos, fidelidade conjugal e AIDS: entre a cruz da doutrina moral e as espadas do cotidiano sexual dos adeptos1  

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Neste artigo discutimos a visão da Igreja Católica sobre sexualidade na interface com a epidemia do HIV/AIDS. Nossa reflexão está embasada em pesquisa etnográfica que envolveu dois meses de observação participante do cotidiano de católicos de um bairro popular da Região Metropolitana do Recife, além de contar com entrevistas a onze dos leigos engajados nos serviços religiosos da igreja do bairro e a oito sacerdotes que realizam seus trabalhos religiosos em outras localidades. Nelas abordamos diferentes temáticas relacionadas ao enfrentamento da epidemia da AIDS. Nesse contexto, conjugalidade e fidelidade se afiguram como importantes analisadores de como aqueles lidam com a epidemia, em uma variedade de re-descrições práticas e de re-interpretações conceptuais das assertivas do discurso moral religioso – ainda que, muitos impasses permaneçam em aberto em termos das prerrogativas da Igreja e seus possíveis rebatimentos na saúde sexual dos adeptos.

Rios, Luis Felipe; de Aquino, Francisca Luciana; Munoz-Laboy, Miguel; Oliveira, Cinthia; Parker, Richard



Removal of the 33, 23 and 18 kDa extrinsic proteins of photosystem II by sulfite treatment at alkaline pH.  


We found that sulfite incubation of photosystem II submembrane fractions can induce selective depletion of the 18, 23 and 33 kDa polypeptides of the PSII oxygen evolving complex. When the sulfite treatment was done at pH 8.0, the 18 and 23 kDa proteins were removed efficiently from the PSII oxygen evolving complex. Under the same conditions, the 33 kDa subunit remained bound (even when 2 M sodium sulfite was used). However, in more alkaline conditions (pH 9.8), we show extensive removal of the 33 kDa in the presence of a low sulfite concentration (50 mM). The different extraction affinity for the 18, 23 and 33 kDa of the photosystem II complex was interpreted to mean that the 33 kDa polypeptides are bound to photosystem II by both electrostatic and hydrogen bonding forces. PMID:3284523

Beauregard, M; Morin, L; Popovic, R



Age-Associated Changes in Sympathetic Neurons Containing Neurofilament 200 kDa during Chemical Deafferentation.  


Neurofilament with a molecular weight of 200 kDa is detected in the rat sympathetic ganglia since birth. The percentage of neurons containing this neurofilament decreases during the first 20 days of life. Just solitary neurofilament-positive neurons are detected in rats at the age of 180 and 360 days. Chemical deafferentation by capsaicin, used as a model of age-associated neuron degeneration, leads to a significant reduction of the level of neurofilament-200-imminopositive neurons in comparison with the control starting from day 10 of life. Presumably, part of the sympathetic ganglionic neurons are capsaicin-positive and their function is afferent. PMID:24131006

Porseva, V V; Smirnova, V P; Korzina, M B; Emanuilov, A I; Masliukov, P M



Incidence and imaging appearance of urethrovesical anastomotic urinary leaks following da Vinci robotic prostatectomy  

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Background  The advent of the da Vinci robotic prostatectomy has several advantages over open and laparoscopic prostatectomy, including\\u000a fewer complications, better continence and potency. We evaluate the incidence and imaging features of urinary leaks after\\u000a robotic prostatectomy.\\u000a \\u000a \\u000a \\u000a Methods  A retrospective study examining the anastomotic leak rates from 490 consecutive robotic prostatectomy patients. Routine postoperative\\u000a cystography on day 7 was reviewed for presence and

Todd R. Williams; Oscar J. Longoria; Scott Asselmeier; Mani Menon



Molluscan mega-hemocyanin: an ancient oxygen carrier tuned by a ~550 kDa polypeptide  

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Background The allosteric respiratory protein hemocyanin occurs in gastropods as tubular di-, tri- and multimers of a 35 × 18 nm, ring-like decamer with a collar complex at one opening. The decamer comprises five subunit dimers. The subunit, a 400 kDa polypeptide, is a concatenation of eight paralogous functional units. Their exact topology within the quaternary structure has recently been solved by 3D electron microscopy, providing a molecular model of an entire didecamer (two conjoined decamers). Here we study keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH2) tridecamers to unravel the exact association mode of the third decamer. Moreover, we introduce and describe a more complex type of hemocyanin tridecamer discovered in fresh/brackish-water cerithioid snails (Leptoxis, Melanoides, Terebralia). Results The "typical" KLH2 tridecamer is partially hollow, whereas the cerithioid tridecamer is almost completely filled with material; it was therefore termed "mega-hemocyanin". In both types, the staggering angle between adjoining decamers is 36°. The cerithioid tridecamer comprises two typical decamers based on the canonical 400 kDa subunit, flanking a central "mega-decamer" composed of ten unique ~550 kDa subunits. The additional ~150 kDa per subunit substantially enlarge the internal collar complex. Preliminary oxygen binding measurements indicate a moderate hemocyanin oxygen affinity in Leptoxis (p50 ~9 mmHg), and a very high affinity in Melanoides (~3 mmHg) and Terebralia (~2 mmHg). Species-specific and individual variation in the proportions of the two subunit types was also observed, leading to differences in the oligomeric states found in the hemolymph. Conclusions In cerithioid hemocyanin tridecamers ("mega-hemocyanin") the collar complex of the central decamer is substantially enlarged and modified. The preliminary O2 binding curves indicate that there are species-specific functional differences in the cerithioid mega-hemocyanins which might reflect different physiological tolerances of these gill-breathing animals. The observed differential expression of the two subunit types of mega-hemocyanin might allow individual respiratory acclimatization. We hypothesize that mega-hemocyanin is a key character supporting the adaptive radiation and invasive capacity of cerithioid snails.



Structure and properties of avian small heat shock protein with molecular weight 25 kDa  

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The primary structure of chicken small heat shock protein (sHsp) with apparent molecular weight 25 kDa was refined and it was shown that this protein has conservative primary structure 74RALSRQLSSG83 at Ser77 and Ser81, which are potential sites of phosphorylation. Recombinant wild-type chicken Hsp25, its three mutants, 1D (S15D), 2D (S77D+S81D) and 3D (S15D+S77D+S81D), as well as delR mutant with

Olesya O. Panasenko; Alim Seit Nebi; Olesya V. Bukach; Steve B. Marston; Nikolai B. Gusev



Arabidopsis stromal 70-kDa heat shock proteins are essential for chloroplast development  

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70 kDa heat shock proteins (Hsp70s) act as molecular chaperones involved in essential cellular processes such as protein folding\\u000a and protein transport across membranes. They also play a role in the cell’s response to a wide range of stress conditions.\\u000a The Arabidopsis family of Hsp70s homologues includes two highly conserved proteins, cpHsc70-1 and cpHsc70-2 which are both\\u000a imported into chloroplasts (Su

Maita Latijnhouwers; Xiang-Ming Xu; Simon Geir Møller



Automatic parameterization and analysis of stellar atmospheres: A study of the DA white dwarfs  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

A method for automatically calculating the atmospheric parameters of hydrogen-rich degenerate stars from low resolution spectra is advanced and then applied to 53 DA white dwarfs. All data were taken using the Mark 2 spectrograph on the McGraw-Hill 1.3 m telescope and cover the spectral range wavelength 4100 to 7000 at a resolution of 8 Angstroms. The model grid was generated using the atmosphere code LUCIFER; which contained over 275 synthetic spectra extending from 6,000 to 100,000 K in effective temperature and 7.4 to 9.3 in log g.

McMahan, Robert Kenneth



[Science and nation: romanticism and natural history in the works of E. J. da Silva Maia].  


The works of physician and naturalist Emílio Joaquim da Silva Maia (1808-59) can be viewed as a scientific project that discovers Brazil and its inhabitants. Maia's nationalism and his romantic view of nature formed the underpinnings of his scientific theories, especially his studies on zoological geography. He subordinated the issue of the biological specificity of different regions of the world to his era's debates on the construction of Brazil as an independent nation. In his interpretations of European natural history, Maia endeavored to understand Brazilian nature as a specific achievement of the Cosmos, in keeping with Alexander von Humboldt's approach. PMID:16676427

Kury, L



Pemphigoid nodularis: a case with 230 kDa hemidesmosomes antigen associated with bullous pemphigoid antigen.  


We report a 73-year-old woman with typical clinical, histological and immunofluorescence features of pemphigoid nodularis. Direct immunofluorescence studies of prurigo nodularis-like lesions and peribullous skin showed the linear deposition of IgG and C3 at the basement membrane zone. Circulating IgG against the basement membrane was also detected by indirect immunofluorescence. The serum from the patient was shown to contain the autoantibody against 230 kDa hemidesmosomal antigen associated with bullous pemphigoid antigen. PMID:7738277

Tamada, Y; Yokochi, K; Oshitani, Y; Nitta, Y; Ikeya, T; Hara, K; Owaribe, K



Computer-assisted laparoscopic splenectomy with the da Vinci surgical robot.  


Laparoscopic splenectomy has become the standard of care for the surgical treatment of idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). The minimally invasive approach to splenic disorders such as ITP clearly results in the same benefits to the patients as have been demonstrated with the laparoscopic cholecystectomy techniques. New technologies in minimally invasive surgery have resulted in the development of robotic devises that assist the surgeon during the procedures. Robotic surgery is in its infancy at this point in time. Herein, we report a splenectomy performed with the assistance of the da Vinci surgical robot. With advancement of technology, robotic systems will play an integral role in future minimally invasive surgery. PMID:12184899

Chapman, William H H; Albrecht, Robert J; Kim, Victor B; Young, James A; Chitwood, W Randolph



Towards a Standardized Line List for G 191-B2B and other DA Type Objects  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We present a comprehensive analysis of the far UV spectrum of G 191-B2B over the range of 900-1700Å using co-added data from the FUSE and STIS archives. While previous identifications made by Holberg et al. (2003) are reaffirmed in this work, it is found that many previously unidentified lines can now be attributed to Fe, Ni, and a few lighter metals. Future work includes extending this detailed analysis to a wider range of DA objects, in the expectation that a more complete analysis of their atmospheres can be realised.

Preval, S. P.; Barstow, M. A.; Holberg, J. B.; Dickinson, N. J.



Stereoscopic augmented reality for da Vincii(TM) robotic biliary surgery  

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INTRODUCTION New laparoscopic techniques put distance between the surgeon and his patient. PRESENTATION OF CASE 3D volume rendered images directly displayed in the da Vinci surgeon's console fill this gap by allowing the surgeon to fully immerse in its intervention. DISCUSSION During the robotic operation the surgeon has a greater control on the procedure because he can stay more focused not being obliged to turn is sight out of his operative field. Moreover, thanks to depth perception of the rendered images he had a precise view of important anatomical structures. CONCLUSION We describe our preliminary experience in the quest of computer-assisted robotic surgery.

Volonte, Francesco; Buchs, Nicolas C.; Pugin, Francois; Spaltenstein, Joel; Jung, Minoa; Ratib, Osman; Morel, Philippe



Perspectives for the studies of the ? and ?' decays with KLOE-2 at DA?NE  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The status of the project for the upgrade of the Frascati ? factory, DA?NE, and the proposal for the continuation of the KLOE physics program, are reviewed. In the field of ? (?') physics, the program includes precision measurements of all of the major branching ratios, the study of the kinematic distributions of hadronic and radiative decays, the measurement of single and double-conversion decays, the improvement of the sensitivity on searches for C and CP-violafing channels. Recent KLOE achievements in the field of hadronic physics are also presented.

Bloise, C.



Raman characterization of minerals in Martian achondrites: Zagami, Nakhla and DaG 735  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We characterize here the main minerals forming three SNC achondrites (Zagami, Nakhla and DaG 735) whose properties are being extensively studied as a master degree project of first author. Zagami and Dar al Gani 735 are shergottites, while Nakhla gives name to the nakhlites. Our goal is obtaining information on the physico-chemical processes that participated in their formation and delivery to Earth. We are also studying the ability of some minerals forming the different groups to retain Mars atmospheric gases during the post-shock stages [1, 2] in order to sample Mars' atmospheric evolution [3].

Moyano-Cambero, C. E.; Trigo-Rodríguez, J. M.; Mestres, N.; Madiedo, J. M.



The first Brazilian neuropsychiatrist, José Martins da Cruz Jobim, tuberculous meningitis and mental disease.  


The intersection between infectious diseases, poverty and mental disease was an important subject to the Brazilian Neuropsychiatry in the early 19th century. José Martins da Cruz Jobim (1802-1878) was engaged in a hygienist approach based on symptomatological and anatomopathological studies. He wrote "Insânia loquaz" (Loquacious insanity), 1831, the first written text about mental illness in Brazil, founded on clinical and pathological data, compatible with tuberculous meningitis. Thus, Jobim deserves the title of the first neuropsychiatrist in Brazil. The authors critically studied the clinical history and the autopsy findings of his cases, and the main health policies at the time. PMID:23563721

Gomes, Marleide da Mota; Engelhardt, Eliasz; Chimelli, Leila



Mycobacterium leprae binds to a 25-kDa phosphorylated glycoprotein of human peripheral nerve.  


Mycobacterium leprae, the causative agent of leprosy, specifically invades and destroys the peripheral nerve, which results in the main clinical manifestation of the disease. Little is known about the bacteria-nerve protein interaction. We show in the present work that M leprae binds to a 25 kDa glycoprotein from human peripheral nerve. This protein is phosphorylatable and it binds to lectins which have alpha-mannose specificity. This M leprae-protein interaction could be of importance in the pathogenesis of leprosy. PMID:9572680

Suneetha, L M; Satish, P R; Korula, R J; Suneetha, S K; Job, C K; Balasubramanian, A S



Condições físicas do disco de acréscimo da nova-anã V4140 SGR  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Discos de acréscimo são aparatos cósmicos que permitem que matéria seja eficientemente acrescida sobre uma fonte compacta pela remoção de momento angular via tensões viscosas enquanto transforma a energia potencial gravitacional em calor e, posteriormente, em radiação. Sistemas binários semi-ligados, como Variáveis Cataclísmicas (VCs) não-magnéticas, são talvez os melhores ambientes encontrados para o estudo da física desses discos de acréscimo. O desenvolvimento de técnicas de imageamento indireto, como o mapeamento por eclipses (MME) e a tomografia Doppler, permitiu avanços importantes na compreensão da física dos processos de acréscimo desses sistemas. V4140 Sagitarii é uma VC eclipsante de curto período orbital (~ 90 min) que não havia sido classificada como nova-anã ou polar. Neste trabalho apresentamos a análise do mapeamento por eclipse feito com dados de fotometria CCD nas bandas B, V e R de V4140 Sgr realizada no LNA. O objeto foi observado no declínio de erupção em julho de 1992 e em erupção em julho de 2001, isso indicou a classificação do sistema como uma nova-anã. A análise, feita sobre os mapas já apresentados em trabalho anterior, apresenta (i) diagrama cor-cor, que indica uma emissão opticamente espessa nas partes internas do disco em quiescência (R < RL1); (ii) diagrama cor-magnitude, usado para inferir uma distância de 600 +/- 10 pc ao sistema; (iii) a distribuição radial de temperatura observada que concorda com a lei de disco espesso em estado estacionário TµR-3/4, com temperaturas em torno de 10000 K e 3000 K ns partes internas e externas do disco em quiescência, respectivamente; (iv) a evolução da distribuição de temperatura no declínio de erupção; (v) estimativa da transferência de massa de 109.9+/-0.1 M¤/ano em quiescência, similar àquelas observadas em novas-like. O sistema é comparado à outras novas-anãs (e.g. OY Car e Z Cha) em quiescência e erupção, mostrando-se tratar um objeto peculiar que difere em vários aspectos o comportamento esperado de novas-anãs.

Borges, B.; Baptista, R.



Produzione dei neutroni di bassa energia da parte della radiazione cosmica  

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\\u000a Riassunto  Viene trattata in modo elementare la teoria della diffusions dei neutroni nell’atmosfera. Per rendere conto delle 3,5 catture\\u000a in aria s-1 cm-2 sotto i 0,4 eV calcolate da Yuan in base ai suoi dati sperimentali, supponendo che i neutroni vengano generati tutti a 4\\u000a MeV, si ricava che il numero totale dei neutroni generati deve essere 22 ± 4 cm-2

M. Galli




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A castanha do brasil (Bertholletia excelsa, H.B.K.), é uma planta nativa da Amazônia, sendo uma das mais importantes espécies de exploração extrativista. Suas amêndoas apresentam alto valor econômico, tornando-se uma das principais atividades econômicas na região amazônica. O presente estudo teve como objetivo fazer um levantamento da produção e comercialização da castanha-do-brasil no Estado do Acre, n o período de

Lilliane Martins; Zenobio Perelli Gouveia E Silva; Breno Carrillo Silveira



The Glyoxysomal and Plastid Molecular Chaperones (70-kDa Heat Shock Protein) of Watermelon Cotyledons are Encoded by a Single Gene  

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The monoclonal a-70-kDa heat shock protein (hsp70) antibody recognizes in crude extracts from watermelon (Citrullus vulgaris) cotyledons two hsps with molecular masses of 70 and 72 kDa. Immunocytochemistry on watermelon cotyledon tissue and on isolated glyoxysomes identified hsp70s in the matrix of glyoxysomes and plastids. Affinity purification and partial amino acid determination revealed the 70-kDa protein to share high sequence

Bernhard Wimmer; Friedrich Lottspeich; Ida van der Klei; Marten Veenhuis; Christine Gietl



Identification of subunits of the 650 kDa 12(S)-HETE binding complex in carcinoma cells.  


Cytosol and nuclei of Lewis lung carcinoma (LLC) cells contain high affinity binding sites specific for the arachidonic acid metabolite 12(S)-hydroxy-5,8,10,14-eicosatetraenoic acid (12(S)-HETE). In this report we present evidence that the cytosolic 12(S)-HETE binding complex also occurs in human erythroleukemia (HEL) and promonocytic leukemia (U937) cells as well as in murine 3T3-L1 preadipocytes but not in intestinal epithelial cells (Int407). The cytosolic 650 kDa 12(S)-HETE-binding complex was found to consist of subunits; raising the ATP concentration in cytosol led to conversion of the 650 kDa complex to a 50 kDa binding component, presumably the actual 12(S)-HETE binding polypeptide. Lowering of the cytosolic concentration of ATP had the opposite effect, i.e., the amount of the 650 kDa complex increased. Another subunit of the 650 kDa complex was identified as heat shock protein 70 (hsp70) by Western blot analyses and coimmunoprecipitation. Hsp70 was present in substoichiometric amounts, in an approximate 1:6 ratio. The multimeric nature of the binding complex and the identification of hsp70 as a subunit suggest that there are similarities between the 12(S)-HETE binding protein and receptors of the steroid/thyroid hormone superfamily. PMID:9507984

Herbertsson, H; Kühme, T; Evertsson, U; Wigren, J; Hammarström, S



Adenoviral E1B-55kDa protein inhibits yeast mRNA export and perturbs nuclear structure.  

PubMed Central

The mechanisms of export of RNA from the nucleus are poorly understood; however, several viral proteins modulate nucleocytoplasmic transport of mRNA. Among these are the adenoviral proteins E1B-55kDa and E4-34kDa. Late in infection, these proteins inhibit export of host transcripts and promote export of viral mRNA. To investigate the mechanism by which these proteins act, we have expressed them in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Overexpression of either or both proteins has no obvious effect on cell growth. By contrast, overexpression of E1B-55kDa bearing a nuclear localization signal (NLS) dramatically inhibits cell growth. In this situation, the NLS-E1B-55kDa protein is localized to the nuclear periphery, fibrous material is seen in the nucleoplasm, and poly(A)+ RNA accumulates in the nucleus. Simultaneous overexpression of E4-34kDa bearing or lacking an NLS does not modify these effects. We discuss the mechanisms of selective mRNA transport. Images Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3

Liang, S; Hitomi, M; Tartakoff, A M



Pressure Equilibrium and Jump Study on Unfolding of 23-kDa Protein from Spinach Photosystem II  

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Pressure-induced unfolding of 23-kDa protein from spinach photosystem II has been systematically investigated at various experimental conditions. Thermodynamic equilibrium studies indicate that the protein is very sensitive to pressure. At 20°C and pH 5.5, 23-kDa protein shows a reversible two-state unfolding transition under pressure with a midpoint near 160 MPa, which is much lower than most natural proteins studied to date. The free energy (?Gu) and volume change (?Vu) for the unfolding are 5.9 kcal/mol and ?160 ml/mol, respectively. It was found that NaCl and sucrose significantly stabilize the protein from unfolding and the stabilization is associated not only with an increase in ?Gu but also with a decrease in ?Vu. The pressure-jump studies of 23-kDa protein reveal a negative activation volume for unfolding (?66.2 ml/mol) and a positive activation volume for refolding (84.1 ml/mol), indicating that, in terms of system volume, the protein transition state lies between the folded and unfolded states. Examination of the temperature effect on the unfolding kinetics indicates that the thermal expansibility of the transition state and the unfolded state of 23-kDa protein are closer to each other and they are larger than that of the native state. The diverse pressure-refolding pathways of 23-kDa protein in some conditions were revealed in pressure-jump kinetics.

Tan, Cui-Yan; Xu, Chun-He; Wong, Jun; Shen, Jian-Ren; Sakuma, Shinsuke; Yamamoto, Yasusi; Lange, Reinhard; Balny, Claude; Ruan, Kang-Cheng



Purification and characterization of a 44-kDa recombinant collagen I alpha 1 fragment from corn grain.  


This paper demonstrates that a fibrous, repetitive amino acid sequence collagen-related protein, a 44-kDa fragment of human collagen I alpha 1 (CIalpha1), was expressed in corn grain molecularly equivalent to that produced in recombinant yeast. The recombinant CIalpha1 was extracted and purified from early generation plants having low levels of recombinant protein accumulation. It was selectively extracted at low pH and purified by ion exchange and gel filtration chromatography, resulting in a 44-kDa CIalpha1 with >70% purity and 60% recovery. The N-terminal sequence, amino acid composition, and immunoreactivity closely matched those of an analogous 44-kDa CIalpha1 fragment produced by the yeast Pichia . The corn-derived 44-kDa CIalpha1 had an intact protein mass of 44088 Da, which is within 0.2% of the mass calculated from the expected sequence. Tandem mass spectrometry confirmed the primary sequence with 78% coverage. The amino acid composition analysis indicated a low level of prolyl hydroxylation. Glycoprotein staining revealed no glycosylation. PMID:19140684

Zhang, Cheng; Baez, Julio; Glatz, Charles E



New paleomagnetic constraints on the extrusion of Indochina: Late Cretaceous results from the Song Da terrane, northern Vietnam  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Samples were collected for paleomagnetic investigations from the Upper Cretaceous Yen Chau Formation in the Song Da terrane (21.7°N, 103.9°E) bounded by the Ailao Shan-Red River fault system and Song Ma fault, in an attempt to examine extrusion tectonics of East Asia. Primary nature of the high-temperature (600-690 °C) component of magnetization from 13 sites is supported by a positive fold test. The tectonic corrected data provides the characteristic Late Cretaceous paleomagnetic direction for the Song Da terrane ( D=6.4°, I=32.0° with ?95=8.5°, N=13 sites), corresponding to a paleopole lying at 82.9°N, 220.7°E ( A95=6.9°). Comparison with coeval paleomagnetic poles for the neighboring tectonic blocks indicates no latitudinal translation of the Son Da terrane with respect to the South China Block, whereas the Shan-Thai Block and the southern part of the Indochina Block revealed a southward displacement of 10.5±9.5° in latitude with respect to the Song Da terrane. We conclude that the southeastern segment of the Ailao Shan-Red River fault system to the east of the Dien Bien Phu fault is not a demarcation of the extruded Indochina Peninsula. The Indochina Block extruded probably along some faults between the Song Da terrane and the Khorat Plateau.

Takemoto, Kazuhiro; Halim, Nadir; Otofuji, Yo-ichiro; Van Tri, Tran; Van De, Le; Hada, Shigeki



Defining a novel 75-kDa phosphoprotein associated with SS-A/Ro and identification of distinct human autoantibodies  

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Mothers of children with neonatal lupus erythematosus (NLE) and heart block, as well as patients with Sjögren’s syndrome (SS) and systemic lupus erythematosus, have serum autoantibodies that recognize SS-A/Ro autoantigens including the 60-kDa ribonucleoprotein. By yeast 2-hybrid screening, we identified a novel 75-kDa protein (pp75) that interacts with the carboxyl 70% of 60-kDa SS-A/Ro. The specificity of interaction was confirmed using mammalian 2-hybrid and chemical crosslinking studies. Immunoprecipitation with radiolabeled HeLa cell extracts showed that pp75 was phosphorylated and associated with 2 other phosphoproteins of 64 kDa. In Northern blot analysis, pp75 was expressed in all tissues analyzed; the highest expression was in the human heart. Based on immunofluorescence of transfected HeLa cells, pp75 is localized predominantly in the cytoplasm, an observation confirmed by immunohistochemistry in untransfected cells. Based on Western blot and ELISA assays, sera from 14 of 84 mothers of children with NLE recognized pp75, including 1 mother in whom anti–SS-A/Ro antibodies were not detected. In addition, sera from 5 of 80 patients with SS were positive for anti-pp75 antibody. Identification of molecular partners is a first step toward elucidating the functions and possible involvement in pathogenesis of long-recognized autoantigens such as 60-kDa SS-A/Ro, which are at present poorly understood.

Wang, Dunrui; Buyon, Jill P.; Zhu, Weiguo; Chan, Edward K.L.



Primary structure of the 170-kDa surface lectin of pathogenic Entamoeba histolytica.  

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The adherence of Entamoeba histolytica to colonic mucins and to host cells appears to be predominantly mediated by a 170-kDa surface lectin of the amoebae. By using an antiserum to the purified lectin, the corresponding cDNA was isolated from an expression library of the pathogenic E. histolytica isolate HM-1:IMSS. Northern blot analysis indicated a transcript of approximately 4 kilobases, and Southern blot analyses suggested that multiple genes may encode the lectin or closely related proteins in HM-1:IMSS trophozoites. The cDNA-deduced amino acid sequence revealed an N-terminal signal peptide and a mature protein of 1270 amino acids corresponding to a molecular mass of 143 kDa, which comprises a short C-terminal cytoplasmic domain with potential phosphorylation sites, a transmembrane region, and a large extracellular portion with nine potential asparagine-linked glycosylation sites. The extracellular portion may be separated into a cysteine-poor domain and a cysteine-rich domain, the latter of which shows in part repetitive structural elements with a low degree of sequence homology to wheat germ agglutinin and to pDd63, a developmentally expressed protein of Dictyostelium discoideum. Images

Tannich, E; Ebert, F; Horstmann, R D



Insights into the morphology of the Serra da Cangalha impact structure from geophysical modeling  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Forward modeling is commonly applied to gravity field data of impact structures to determine the main gravity anomaly sources. In this context, we have developed 2.5-D gravity models of the Serra da Cangalha impact structure for the purpose of investigating geological bodies/structures underneath the crater. Interpretation of the models was supported by ground magnetic data acquired along profiles, as well as by high resolution aeromagnetic data. Ground magnetic data reveal the presence of short-wavelength anomalies probably related to shallow magnetic sources that could have been emplaced during the cratering process. Aeromagnetic data show that the basement underneath the crater occurs at an average depth of about 1.9 km, whereas in the region beneath the central uplift it is raised to 0.5-1 km below the current surface. These depths are also supported by 2.5-D gravity models showing a gentle relief for the basement beneath the central uplift area. Geophysical data were used to provide further constraints for numeral modeling of crater formation that provided important information on the structural modification that affected the rocks underneath the crater, as well as on shock-induced modifications of target rocks. The results showed that the morphology is consistent with the current observations of the crater and that Serra da Cangalha was formed by a meteorite of approximately 1.4 km diameter striking at 12 km s-1.

Vasconcelos, M. A. R.; Wünnemann, K.; Crósta, A. P.; Molina, E. C.; Reimold, W. U.; Yokoyama, E.



UniDA: Uniform Device Access Framework for Human Interaction Environments  

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Human interaction environments (HIE) must be understood as any place where people carry out their daily life, including their work, family life, leisure and social life, interacting with technology to enhance or facilitate the experience. The integration of technology in these environments has been achieved in a disorderly and incompatible way, with devices operating in isolated islands with artificial edges delimited by the manufacturers. In this paper we are presenting the UniDA framework, an integral solution for the development of systems that require the integration and interoperation of devices and technologies in HIEs. It provides developers and installers with a uniform conceptual framework capable of modelling an HIE, together with a set of libraries, tools and devices to build distributed instrumentation networks with support for transparent integration of other technologies. A series of use case examples and a comparison to many of the existing technologies in the field has been included in order to show the benefits of using UniDA.

Varela, Gervasio; Paz-Lopez, Alejandro; Becerra, Jose Antonio; Vazquez-Rodriguez, Santiago; Duro, Richard Jose



UniDA: uniform device access framework for human interaction environments.  


Human interaction environments (HIE) must be understood as any place where people carry out their daily life, including their work, family life, leisure and social life, interacting with technology to enhance or facilitate the experience. The integration of technology in these environments has been achieved in a disorderly and incompatible way, with devices operating in isolated islands with artificial edges delimited by the manufacturers. In this paper we are presenting the UniDA framework, an integral solution for the development of systems that require the integration and interoperation of devices and technologies in HIEs. It provides developers and installers with a uniform conceptual framework capable of modelling an HIE, together with a set of libraries, tools and devices to build distributed instrumentation networks with support for transparent integration of other technologies. A series of use case examples and a comparison to many of the existing technologies in the field has been included in order to show the benefits of using UniDA. PMID:22163700

Varela, Gervasio; Paz-Lopez, Alejandro; Becerra, Jose Antonio; Vazquez-Rodriguez, Santiago; Duro, Richard José



Functional domains of the 67-kDa laminin receptor precursor.  


We report the characterization of two functional domains of the metastasis-associated 67-kDa laminin receptor (67-LR). Using synthetic peptides deduced from the cDNA sequence of the 37-kDa precursor of the laminin receptor (37-LRP) as well as their corresponding affinity-purified polyclonal antibodies, we identified a unique laminin binding site as well as a membrane-associated domain of the receptor. In laminin dot blot and solid phase radioligand assays, a 20 amino acid synthetic peptide (IPCNNKGAHSVGLMWWMLAR, amino acid residues 161-180, designated peptide G) specifically bound to laminin with high affinity (Kd = 5 x 10(-8) M). Peptide G also specifically eluted the 67-LR from a laminin affinity column. Peptide G and laminin reacted with a 1:1 stoichiometry, suggesting that there is one recognition site on laminin for the peptide G domain. Immunofluorescence studies, performed on permeabilized and nonpermeabilized human A2058 melanoma cells using 10 different affinity-purified antibodies to distinct regions of the 37-LRP, identified an unusually short membrane-associated domain that was consistent with a computer predicted transmembrane domain (residues 86-101). Our data demonstrate for the first time that the 37-LRP has two functional domains consistent with the characteristics of the mature 67-LR. Furthermore, we propose peptide G as a potential inhibitor of tumor cell interactions with laminin. PMID:1834645

Castronovo, V; Taraboletti, G; Sobel, M E



Identification of novel target genes of CeTwist and CeE/DA.  


Twist, a basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factor, plays an important role in mesoderm development in many organisms, including C. elegans where CeTwist is required to direct cell fate specifications of a subset of mesodermal cells. Although several target genes of CeTwist have been identified, how this protein accomplishes its function is unclear. In addition, several human genes whose mutations cause different syndromes of craniosynostosis (premature fusion of cranial sutures) have homologues in the CeTwist pathway. Identification of novel target genes of CeTwist will shed more light on the functions of CeTwist in mesoderm development, and the corresponding human homologues will be good candidates for related syndromes with unidentified mutated genes. In our study, both CeTwist and its heterodimeric partner, CeE/DA, were overexpressed from the inducible heat-shock promoter, and potential target genes were detected with Affymetrix oligonucleotide microarrays. Using transcriptional GFP reporters, we found 11 genes were expressed in cells coincident with known CeTwist target gene products. Based on subsequent validation experiments, 9 genes were defined as novel CeTwist and CeE/DA targets. Human homologues of two of these genes might be involved in craniofacial diseases, which further validates C. elegans as a good model organism for providing insights into these disorders. PMID:16480708

Wang, Peng; Zhao, Jie; Corsi, Ann K



Monoclonal antibody to the gastrin receptor on parietal cells recognizes a 78-kDa protein  

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Four monoclonal antibodies reactive by immunofluorescence and by flow microfluorimetry with canine and porcine gastric parietal cell membranes were produced by fusion of mouse NS-1 myeloma cells with splenocytes from mice immunized with a population of canine gastric mucosal cells containing 60-70% parietal cells. One of these, an IgM antibody designated 2Cl, reacted with the surface membranes of parietal cells by immunofluorescence, flow microfluorimetry, and immunogold electron microscopy; competed with /sup 125/I-labeled gastrin for binding to gastric cells; and inhibited by 56% maximal gastrin stimulation of (/sup 14/C)aminopyrine uptake in parietal cells. The antibody immunoprecipitated /sup 125/I-labeled samples of a 78-kDa gastrin-binding protein purified from membrane extracts of porcine gastrin mucosa but did not recognize the same protein labeled covalently with /sup 125/I-labeled gastrin-(2-17)-hexadecapeptide. These observations suggest that the previously identified 78-kDa gastrin-binding protein is the gastrin receptor and that the antibody 2C1 is directed against the gastrin binding site of the gastrin receptor.

Mu, F.T.; Baldwin, G.; Weinstock, J.; Stockman, D.; Toh, B.H.



The 1.17 Day Orbit of the Double-degenerate (DA+DQ) NLTT 16249  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

New spectroscopic observations show that the double-degenerate system NLTT 16249 is in a close orbit (a = 5.6 ± 0.3 R ?) with a period of 1.17 days. The total mass of the system is estimated between 1.47 and 2.04 M ? but it is not expected to merge within a Hubble timescale (t merge ? 1011 yr). Vennes & Kawka originally identified the system because of the peculiar composite hydrogen (DA class) and molecular (C2-DQ class and CN) spectra and the new observations establish this system as the first DA plus DQ close double degenerate. Also, the DQ component was the first of its class to show nitrogen dredged up from the core in its atmosphere. The star may be viewed as the first known DQ descendant of the born-again PG1159 stars. Alternatively, the presence of nitrogen may be the result of past interactions and truncated evolution in a close binary system. Based on observations made with ESO telescopes at the La Silla Paranal Observatory under program ID 86.D-0562.

Vennes, S.; Kawka, A.; O'Toole, S. J.; Thorstensen, J. R.



Breakdown of k-factorization and J/? production in dA collisions  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In spite of the sweeping coherence effects in high energy hadron and nuclei collisions, k-factorization can be recovered for the inclusive gluon production in pA collisions at the leading logarithmic order. In open charm production at RHIC k-factorization holds numerically with about 10-20% accuracy. This allows to extrapolate the cold nuclear matter effect observed in light and charm meson production in dA collisions to that in AA ones. Unlike the open charm, the breakdown of factorization in J/? production is severe. Indeed, already at the lowest order in gluon density the main contribution to the inclusive cross section is proportional to the square of gluon density in the nucleus. As a consequence, one cannot infer the cold nuclear matter effect on J/? production in AA collisions from that in dA. We present the calculation of J/? multiplicity in the framework of the CGC (color glass condensate)/saturation and show that it agrees with the experimental data.

Tuchin, Kirill



A prologue on "Vastuguna Dipika". The Andhra Ayurv?da Nighantu of 1883 A.D.  


Vastuguna Dipika is a Nighantu Grantha written in Telugu language on Ayurv?da drugs, diets and deeds in an alphabetical order in Telugu language and it is a much popular book for more than a century. Yerra Venkata Swamy (retired district Munsif) has authored and published it on 23rd June, 1883 A.D. It is a period of printing facility introduced in India. It is edited and reprinted eight times by the successors of same "Yerra" family during a period of century. The subject content of the book has been slowly updated from edition to edition. Vastuguna Dipika comprising of 1148 pages in written. Drug like Coffee, Cabbage have been elaborately dealt with Ayurv?da viewpoint. Certain drugs like Lasuna, Haridra also have been dealt very elaborately. In this book several drugs are grouped according to action and indications. Mineral drugs and mercurial preparations are also dealt in detail. Along with the properties of drugs and diet the properties and uses of certain routine deeds like bathing, sleeping exercise etc; are explained in the book. An alphabetical index of diseases in English in found along with the alphabetical indices of drugs in English, Telugu and Sanskrit languages. PMID:18175652

Rao, M Paramkusha; Khemani, Naresh


[AnaConDa as last resort treatment. Case report of a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease].  


Treatment of patients suffering from decompensated chronic pulmonary disease (COPD) not responding to pharmacological therapy is still a major challenge in intensive care medicine. Administration of volatile anaesthetics may be a therapy of last resort in these cases. We report on a 65-year-old woman suffering from exacerbated COPD, who could not be sufficiently ventilated despite comprehensive pharmacological therapy. In order to administer a volatile anaesthetic in the ICU, we employed the "Anaesthetic Conserving Device" (AnaConDa) consisting of a vaporizer chamber embedded in a charcoal filter system. With this device, every standard intensive care ventilator can be used to deliver volatile anaesthetics in a safe and economic manner. The AnaConDa converts the open breathing system of the intensive care ventilator into a de facto half-closed system. The very low pulmonary compliance of the patient increased dramatically after administration of 0.75 vol% halothane for 48 h (27 vs. 150 ml/mbar). Elimination of CO(2) was improved and weaning from controlled ventilation was achieved. After surgical removal of a pulmonary abscess and a total of 78 days of intensive care therapy, the patient was discharged in good health. PMID:17375268

Nickel, E A; Benken, I; Bartels, U; Voelckel, W G; Quintel, M



[Repercussions of the Maria da Penha law in tackling gender violence].  


This paper presents the declarations about the Maria da Penha law made by a sample of women victims and care workers who handle situations of gender violence in the city of Porto Alegre. The data are part of a study that investigated the critical path followed by women who decide to denounce violence. The statements were selected from 45 semi-structured interviews answered by 21 women and 25 professionals from the police, legal, social and health services and nongovernmental institutions. Data were analyzed using NVivo software and one of the categories selected was the Maria da Penha law. Most respondents mentioned the positive and innovatory aspects of the law, though they also pointed out its limitations. The care workers see the legal device as an important tool for tackling violence, aligned with international conventions, bringing innovations and broadening women's access to justice. In terms of weaknesses, both women and care workers stress the inefficiency in the implementation of protective measures, the lack of material resources and manpower, the fragmentation of the health care network and the movement of conservative sectors in society to delegitimize the law. PMID:23546196

Meneghel, Stela Nazareth; Mueller, Betânia; Collaziol, Marceli Emer; de Quadros, Maíra Meneghel



Age of ultramafic high-K rocks from Planalto da Serra (Mato Grosso, Brazil)  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

The Planalto da Serra ultramafic-alkaline rocks are represented by several plugs, lava-flows and N60-80E trending dykes which are mainly represented by glimmerites, harzburgites and carbonatites. These rocks intrude the Cryogenian basal unit of the Northern Paraguay Belt in the Rio dos Cavalos rift (southeastern part of the Amazonian Craton). 40Ar/39Ar dating on the phlogopite from glimmeritic dykes and plugs yielded an age of ca. 600 Ma, which is consistent with Rb/Sr and Sm/Nd determinations on the other rock-types. These age determinations make it difficult to establish a geochronological and genetic relationship between the Planalto da Serra rocks and the Cretaceous bodies of the "Azimuth 125° Lineament", and it suggests there is a relationship between its emplacement and the beginning of the extensional tectonics responsible for the separation of the Amazonian and Laurentia Cratons. This age also indicates that the onset of the deformation of the Cuiaba Group may be older than 600 Ma.

De Min, Angelo; Hendriks, Bart; Slejko, Francesca; Comin-Chiaramonti, Piero; Girardi, Vicente; Ruberti, Excelso; Gomes, Celso B.; Neder, Renato D.; Pinho, Francisco C.



Molecular and immunological characterization of a novel 32-kDa secreted protein of Babesia microti.  


A cDNA encoding the Babesia microti 32-kDa protein was identified by serological immunoscreening of a cDNA expression library and designated as BmP32. The full length of BmP32 contains an open reading frame of 918 base pairs consisting of 306 amino acids having a significant homology with B. microti secreted antigen 1. Antiserum raised against recombinant protein (rBmP32) specifically reacted with a 32-kDa native protein of the parasite lysate using western blot analysis. The indirect immunofluorescent antibody test showed a preferable localization of BmP32 in the cytoplasm of the intra- and extracellular parasites. Moreover, BmP32 was secreted in the cytosol of infected erythrocytes, especially during the peak parasitemia and the recovery phase of the infection. Next, the antigenicity of rBmP32 was examined by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and sera from mice experimentally infected with either B. microti or closely related parasites. ELISA was highly specific and sensitive when used for the detection of B. microti antibody in a mouse model. Furthermore, mice immunized with rBmP32 emulsified with Freund's adjuvant were not significantly protected against challenge infection with B. microt i. However, high antibody titer was detected just before the challenge infection. Our data suggest that rBmP32 may be a specific diagnostic antigen but not a subunit vaccine. PMID:22494017

Ooka, Hideo; Terkawi, Mohamad A; Cao, Shinuo; Aboge, Gabriel; Goo, Youn-Kyoung; Luo, Yuzi; Li, Yan; Nishikawa, Yoshifumi; Igarashi, Ikuo; Xuan, Xuenan



Image analysis of the observations of the DA240 region with the Miyun radio telescope  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this paper, observations of sky region DA240 with the Miyun Metre-wave Synthesis Radiotelescope (MSRT) at 232 MHz are analysed, using a new method of image processing developed by Wei. Several maps of good quality of the radio source DA240 and its surrounding region are obtained. A number of common problems encountered in metre-wave synthesis systems are solved as follows. 1) Large-scale gradients in the ionosphere give rise to systematic shifts in the apparent one-dimensional positions of sources which in turn result in distortion of the shape of the synthesised beam (see Fig 1b). Instrumental phase errors and ionospheric phase irregularities cause sidelobes and degrade the dynamic range. A new method of one-dimensional image correlation analysis is used to overcome these problems. 2) Low-level interference of long duration and offset of the correlators give rise to circular arcs centred at the north celestial pole. Strong radio interference results in parallel stripes on the map (see Fig. 1a). These rings and stripes are removed by means of a digital filter of artificial fringes. 3) Due to incomplete UV-coverage, there are some radial sidelobes and gratings centred at each source on the maps. A modified CLEAN method is used to remove these sidelobes and gratings. Comparison between our calibrated maps and those made by other authors at other frequencies indicates that our processing is reliable and effective.

Wei, Ming-zhi; Qian, Shan-jie



The 20-Kilodalton (kDa) Human Growth Hormone (hGH) Differs from the 22-kDa hGH in the Effect on the Human Prolactin Receptor  

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Previously we have demonstrated that 20-kDa human GH (20K- hGH) is a full agonist for hGH receptor (hGHR) even though its complex formation with hGHR and hGH-binding protein differs from that of 22-kDa human GH (22K-hGH). In this study, we focused on the effect of 20K-hGH on human PRL receptor (hPRLR). To elucidate the effects of 20K-hGH on hPRLR and




Food residue recycling by swine breeders in a developing economy: a case study in Da Nang, Viet Nam.  


This study provides a detailed description of food residue collection by swine breeders in Da Nang, Viet Nam. In January 2011, the study surveyed 30 swine breeders in two villages with respect to locations, methods, prices, quantities, and prospects for food residue collection. The sampled swine breeders regularly visited 55 locations in central Da Nang to collect raw food residue. They then transferred the food residue to their piggeries, boiled it, and fed it to their swine. A regression analysis revealed that the total amount of food residue collected by a farm depends on the number of swine in the farm and the number of collections made per day. Swine breeders in Da Nang were estimated to collect 26.3 metric tons of organic waste per day, which amounted to 4.1% of domestic waste collected by the local government. Among the sampled swine breeders, 93% answered that they would continue using food residue for the next five years. PMID:22883688

Kato, Takaaki; Pham, Dung Thi Xuan; Hoang, Hai; Xue, Yonghai; Tran, Quang Van



Cloning and sequencing of a 16 kDa outer membrane protein gene of Pasteurella multocida P52.  


The outer membrane proteins (OMPs) of Pasteurella multocida are potential immunogens. The 16 kDa OMP of P. multocida P52, serotype B:2, was identified as one of the major immunodominant antigens. The gene omp16, encoding a 16 kDa outer membrane protein, was amplified, cloned into a pBluescript SK(-) vector and sequenced. Complete sequence homology was observed between the 16 kDa OMP gene of P. multocida P52 (serotypes B:2) and P. multocida T16 (somatic serotype 3,4). This gene was distributed among different serotypes of P. multocida and found to localize in a 6.0 kb HindII fragment of the P. multocida genome. PMID:14989359

Goswami, P P; Chaudhuri, P; Tiwari, V; Parihar, N S; Harbola, P C



M. leprae binds to a 28-30-kDa phosphorylated glycoprotein of rat peripheral nerve.  


To understand Mycobacterium leprae-peripheral nerve interaction, we have investigated the binding of M. leprae to rat peripheral nerve proteins in an in vitro model using 32P-phosphorylated proteins of the peripheral nerve. Intact M. leprae binds to a major phosphorylated protein of 28-30 kDa and, to a minor extent, to a few proteins of molecular weight 45-55 kDa. This binding was more specific for M. leprae since only insignificant binding was observed with other bacteria, such as M. bovis or Escherichia coli. M. leprae did not show binding to several phosphorylated proteins of the rat brain. The 28-30-kDa binding protein of the rat peripheral nerve was found to be a glycoprotein by concanavalin A-Sepharose column chromatography. PMID:9401488

Suneetha, L M; Satish, P R; Suneetha, S; Job, C K; Balasubramanian, A S



Comparison Between Monteiro DA Rocha and Wilhelm Olbers' Methods for the Determination of the Orbits of Comets  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In 1797, under von Zach sponsoring, Wilhelm Olbers published his work on the determination of the parabolic orbits of the comets - "Abhandlung tiber die leichteste und bequemste Methode, die Bahn eines Cometen aus einigen Beobachtungen zu berechnen von Wilhelm Olbers". Over the next century, this method would become the main tool to determine comets' parabolic orbits. Two years later, in 1799, an article of Monteiro da Rocha entitled "Determinação das Orbitas dos Cometas" is published in Memórias da Academia Real das Ciências de Lisboa. This study publishes a method to solve the problem of the determination of comets' orbits very similar with the one proposed by Olbers. In the current article we intend to provide some information about the method of Monteiro da Rocha, which in fact was formerly formulated circa 16-17 years in advance to Olbers method, and to present the results of the quantitative side-by-side comparison of methods.

Figueiredo, Fernando B.; Fernandes, João



A gene for distal arthrogryposis type I (DA-1) maps to the pericentromeric region of chromosome 9  

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Distal arthrogryposis type I (DA-1; OMIM 108120) is a highly penetrant autosomal dominant disorder characterized by multiple flexion contractures of the dital extremities. The prevalance of DA-1 is approximatley 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 50,000. DA-1 is the most common known cause of inherited club foot deformity. All affected individuals demonstrate flexion contractures at birth. The most frequently affected joints are the hands (98%) and the feet (88%). Approximately 40% have an equinovarus deformity of one or both feet. There is marked intra-and interfamilial variability in the severity of affected joints. It is demonstrated that DA-1 maps to a 65 cM pericentromeric region of chromosome 9. The maximum lod score of 5.90 was achieved with marker GS-4 ({theta}=0.0), indicating odds greater than 749,000:1 that a DA-1 locus is in this region. Using the Cooperative Human Linkage Center (CHCL) framework map of chromosome 9 (9fram.v2) as a starting point and mapping additional markers using CILINK, a pericentromeric regional map was constructed. Based on recombinant flanking markers, the physical position of the gene is placed between 9p21 and 9q21. Genetic heterogeneity is suggested by a smaller family in which linkage is excluded. Freeman-Sheldon syndrome and dominant multiple pterygium are being investigated for linkage to the same region. Although the etiologic mechanisms of club foot are heterogeneous, DA-1 is the most frequent known cause of dominantly inherited club foot and its mapping is an important step towards understanding the genetics of common limb malformations.

Bamshad, M.; Bohnsack, J.F.; Carey, J.C. [Univ. of Utah Health Sciences Center, Salt Lake City, UT (United States)



Membrane-associated 41-kDa GTP-binding protein in collagen-induced platelet activation  

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Initially we established that the binding of collagen to human blood platelets stimulates both the rapid loss of PIP2 and the generation of inositol-4,5-bisphosphate (IP2) and inositol-1,4,5-triphosphate (IP3). These results indicate that the binding of collagen stimulates inositol phospholipid-specific phospholipase C during platelet activation. The fact that GTP or GTP-gamma-S augments, and pertussis toxin inhibits, collagen-induced IP3 formation suggests that a GTP-binding protein or (or proteins) may be directly involved in the regulation of phospholipase C-mediated phosphoinositide turnover in human platelets. We have used several complementary techniques to isolate and characterize a platelet 41-kDa polypeptide (or polypeptides) that has a number of structural and functional similarities to the regulatory alpha i subunit of the GTP-binding proteins isolated from bovine brain. This 41-kDa polypeptide (or polypeptides) is found to be closely associated with at least four membrane glycoproteins (e.g., gp180, gp110, gp95, and gp75) in a 330-kDa complex that can be dissociated by treatment with high salt plus urea. Most important, we have demonstrated that antilymphoma 41-kDa (alpha i subunit of GTP-binding proteins) antibody cross-reacts with the platelet 41-kDa protein (or proteins) and the alpha i subunit of bovine brain Gi alpha proteins, and blocks GTP/collagen-induced IP3 formation. These data provide strong evidence that the 41-kDa platelet GTP-binding protein (or proteins) is directly involved in collagen-induced signal transduction during platelet activation.

Walker, G.; Bourguignon, L.Y. (Univ. of Miami Medical School, FL (USA))



An improved cirrus detection algorithm MeCiDA2 for SEVIRI and its evaluation with MODIS  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

In this study, a substantially improved version of the Meteosat cirrus detection algorithm (MeCiDA2) will be presented, which now allows application to the full earth disc visible by the Meteosat satellite. As cirrus clouds have an influence on the radiation budget of the earth, their optical properties and their global coverage has to be monitored at the global scale using instruments aboard geostationary satellites. Since MeCiDA was optimised for the area of Europe only, various changes were necessary to handle the variable conditions found over the full Meteosat disc. Required changes include the consideration of the viewing angle dependency and of the sensitivity of the 9.7 ?m channel to the ozone column. To this end, a correction is implemented that minimises the influence of the variability of the stratospheric ozone. The evaluation of the proposed improvements is carried out by using MeCiDA applied to MODIS (moderate resolution imaging spectrometer) data to address viewing angle-dependent cirrus detection, and by additionally comparing it to the cloud optical properties MOD06 cirrus product. The new MeCiDA version detects less cirrus than the original one for latitudes larger than 40°, but almost the same amount elsewhere. MeCiDA's version for MODIS is more sensitive than that for SEVIRI (spinning enhanced visible and infrared imager) with cirrus occurrences higher by 10%, and the new MeCiDA provides almost the same cirrus coverage (±0.1) as given by the cloud phase optical properties from MODIS for latitudes smaller than 50°. Finally, the influence of sub-pixel clouds on the SEVIRI cirrus detection has been examined: more than 60% of the undetected SEVIRI cirrus pixels have a cirrus coverage smaller than 0.5.

Ewald, F.; Bugliaro, L.; Mannstein, H.; Mayer, B.



Structure-expression relationships of the 15-kDa selenoprotein gene. Possible role of the protein in cancer etiology.  


Selenium has been implicated in cancer prevention, but the mechanism and possible involvement of selenoproteins in this process are not understood. To elucidate whether the 15-kDa selenoprotein may play a role in cancer etiology, the complete sequence of the human 15-kDa protein gene was determined, and various characteristics associated with expression of the protein were examined in normal and malignant cells and tissues. The 51-kilobase pair gene for the 15-kDa selenoprotein consisted of five exons and four introns and was localized on chromosome 1p31, a genetic locus commonly mutated or deleted in human cancers. Two stem-loop structures resembling selenocysteine insertion sequence elements were identified in the 3'-untranslated region of the gene, and only one of these was functional. Two alleles in the human 15-kDa protein gene were identified that differed by two single nucleotide polymorphic sites that occurred within the selenocysteine insertion sequence-like structures. These 3'-untranslated region polymorphisms resulted in changes in selenocysteine incorporation into protein and responded differently to selenium supplementation. Human and mouse 15-kDa selenoprotein genes manifested the highest level of expression in prostate, liver, kidney, testis, and brain, and the level of the selenoprotein was reduced substantially in a malignant prostate cell line and in hepatocarcinoma. The expression pattern of the 15-kDa protein in normal and malignant tissues, the occurrence of polymorphisms associated with protein expression, the role of selenium in differential regulation of polymorphisms, and the chromosomal location of the gene may be relevant to a role of this protein in cancer. PMID:10945981

Kumaraswamy, E; Malykh, A; Korotkov, K V; Kozyavkin, S; Hu, Y; Kwon, S Y; Moustafa, M E; Carlson, B A; Berry, M J; Lee, B J; Hatfield, D L; Diamond, A M; Gladyshev, V N



gLExec and MyProxy integration in the ATLAS/OSG PanDA workload management system  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Worker nodes on the grid exhibit great diversity, making it difficult to offer uniform processing resources. A pilot job architecture, which probes the environment on the remote worker node before pulling down a payload job, can help. Pilot jobs become smart wrappers, preparing an appropriate environment for job execution and providing logging and monitoring capabilities. PanDA (Production and Distributed Analysis), an ATLAS and OSG workload management system, follows this design. However, in the simplest (and most efficient) pilot submission approach of identical pilots carrying the same identifying grid proxy, end-user accounting by the site can only be done with application-level information (PanDA maintains its own end-user accounting), and end-user jobs run with the identity and privileges of the proxy carried by the pilots, which may be seen as a security risk. To address these issues, we have enabled PanDA to use gLExec, a tool provided by EGEE which runs payload jobs under an end-user's identity. End-user proxies are pre-staged in a credential caching service, MyProxy, and the information needed by the pilots to access them is stored in the PanDA DB. gLExec then extracts from the user's proxy the proper identity under which to run. We describe the deployment, installation, and configuration of gLExec, and how PanDA components have been augmented to use it. We describe how difficulties were overcome, and how security risks have been mitigated. Results are presented from OSG and EGEE Grid environments performing ATLAS analysis using PanDA and gLExec.

Caballero, J.; Hover, J.; Litmaath, M.; Maeno, T.; Nilsson, P.; Potekhin, M.; Wenaus, T.; Zhao, X.



Effect of DA-9701 on gastric emptying in a mouse model: Assessment by 13C-octanoic acid breath test  

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AIM: To evaluate the effects of DA-9701 on the gastric emptying of a solid meal using the 13C-octanoic acid breath test in a mouse model. METHODS: Male C57BL/6 mice aged > 8 wk and with body weights of 20-25 g were used in this study. The solid test meal consisted of 200 mg of egg yolk labeled with 1.5 L/g 13C-octanoic acid. The mice were placed in a 130 mL chamber flushed with air at a flow speed of 200 mL/min. Breath samples were collected for 6 h. The half-emptying time and lag phase were calculated using a modified power exponential model. To assess the reproducibility of the 13C-octanoic acid breath test, the breath test was performed two times at intervals of one week in ten mice without drug treatment. To assess the gastrokinetic effects of DA-9701, the breath test was performed three times in another twelve mice, with a randomized crossover sequence of three drug treatments: DA-9701 3 mg/kg, erythromycin 6 mg/kg, or saline. Each breath test was performed at an interval of one week. RESULTS: Repeatedly measured half gastric emptying time of ten mice without drug treatment showed 0.856 of the intraclass correlation coefficient for the half gastric emptying time (P = 0.004). The mean cumulative excretion curve for the 13C-octanoic acid breath test showed accelerated gastric emptying after DA-9701 treatment compared with the saline control (P = 0.028). The median half gastric emptying time after the DA-9701 treatment was significantly shorter than after the saline treatment [122.4 min (109.0-137.9 min) vs 134.5 min (128.4-167.0 min), respectively; P = 0.028] and similar to that after the erythromycin treatment [123.3 min (112.9-138.2 min)]. The lag phase, which was defined as the period taken to empty 15% of a meal, was significantly shorter after the DA-9701 treatment than after the saline treatment [48.1 min (44.6-57.1 min) vs 52.6 min (49.45-57.4 min), respectively; P = 0.049]. CONCLUSION: The novel prokinetic agent DA-9701 accelerated gastric emptying, assessed with repeated measurements in the same mouse using the 13C-octanoic acid breath test. Our findings suggest that DA-9701 has therapeutic potential for the treatment of functional dyspepsia.

Lim, Chul-Hyun; Choi, Myung-Gyu; Park, Hyeyeon; Baeg, Myong Ki; Park, Jae Myung



A 54-kDa protein related to ras-guanine nucleotide release factor expressed in the rat exocrine pancreas  

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.   The polymerase chain reaction was used to amplify a cDNA encoding the catalytic region of ras-guanine nucleotide release factor\\u000a (ras-GRF1) from mouse embryonic stem cell mRNA. Antibodies directed against this protein were prepared and affinity purified.\\u000a Western immunoblotting of rat tissue lysates revealed a 140-kDa protein in brain as expected but, in addition, a strongly\\u000a immunoreactive 54-kDa protein, p54,

Pierre S. Tung; Neil P. Fam; Luping Chen; Michael F. Moran



A search for a new class of pulsating DA white dwarf stars in the DB gap  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

While white dwarf stars are classified into many subgroups based on the appearance of hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen and other spectral lines - or even pure continuum with no lines in the case of the DC stars - the vast majority fall into two major subgroups: those with hydrogen atmospheres (the DA white dwarfs), and those with helium atmospheres (the DO and DB white dwarfs). Remarkably, in the range 45000 >= Teff >= 30000K there are only a few white dwarfs with helium atmospheres to be found - the vast majority are DAs in this temperature range - although white dwarfs with helium atmospheres are found at both hotter (DO) and cooler (DB) effective temperatures. This dearth of helium atmosphere white dwarfs in this temperature range is known as the `DB gap' and is understood in terms convective mixing of the outer atmospheres at the hot and cool ends of the gap, while radiative stability allows the lighter hydrogen to float to the top in the DB gap, so the stars are seen to be DA hydrogen atmosphere white dwarfs. Asteroseismology is an important tool for probing stellar interiors, and white dwarf stars are the most successfully studied group using this technique. In a stability analysis of the stars in the DB gap, Shibahashi has recently predicted the existence of a new class of pulsating white dwarf stars. He finds from models that DA white dwarfs near the red edge of the DB gap have convectively stable outer atmospheres because of a steep mean molecular weight gradient, yet nevertheless have a superadiabatic layer that renders them pulsationally unstable due to radiative heat exchange. There have been very few observational tests for pulsation among stars of this type. We have initiated a survey to search for the predicted pulsators and report here our first observations of five stars with the South African Astronomical Observatory 1.9-m telescope and University of Cape Town CCD photometer, and two stars with the William Herschel Telescope 4.2-m telescope and the ULTRACAM photometer. We have two detections at formal significance levels greater then 4? the rest are null results with upper limits of about 6-8mmag with the 1.9-m telescope and about 3mmag with the 4.2-m telescope. The two formally significant detections need confirmation, but the cases for them are good. Should they be confirmed, a new class of pulsating white dwarfs will become available for asteroseismic investigation, providing new insight into white dwarfs in general and into the DB gap in particular.

Kurtz, D. W.; Shibahashi, H.; Dhillon, V. S.; Marsh, T. R.; Littlefair, S. P.



Vale a pena desarmar? Uma avaliação do impacto da campanha de entrega voluntária de armas sobre as mortes com armas de fogo  

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Resumo O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar o impacto da campanha de entrega de armas (política de buy-back) sobre a incidência de óbitos com armas de fogo no Estado do Paraná. Visto que neste estado esta campanha teve início seis meses antes da campanha nacional, foi possível utilizar o estimador de diferenças em diferenças, em que os municípios paranaenses constituíram

Milena Karla Soares; Luiz Guilherme Dácar Da Silva Scorzafave



Variação da independência funcional em idosos hospitalizados relacionada a variáveis sociais e de saúde Variation in functional independence in hospitalized elderly related to social and health variables  

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O processo de envelhecimento, as doenças crônicas não transmissíveis e as hospitalizações podem causar declínio funcional em idosos. Alguns fatores podem potencializar esse comprometimento funcional como gênero, número de internações, presença de acompanhante e medicações em uso. Objetivo: Identificar a variação da capacidade funcional em idosos no decorrer da hospitalização e relacionar a diferença com variáveis sociais e de saúde.

Kozue Kawasaki; Maria José D'Elboux Diogo




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RESUMO: O presente trabalho teve por objetivo avaliar a eficiência na remoção de poluentes no pré- tratamento, tratamento primário e secundário de águas residuárias da lavagem e despolpa dos frutos do cafeeiro. Foram coletadas amostras em sete pontos distintos, ao longo do sistema de tratamentos para análise da DBO, DQO, sólidos sedimentáveis (SP), sólidos totais (ST), sólidos fixos totais (SFT),

Roberta Alessandra; Bruschi GONÇALVES; Antonio Teixeira de MATOS


[Effects of DA-6 on leaf photosynthetic carboxylase and protective enzyme activities and grain yield of high-yielding summer maize].  


A field plot experiment was conducted to study the effects of foliar spraying DA-6 at the rates of 10, 20, and 40 mg x L(-1) at jointing stage on the leaf photosynthetic carboxylase and protective enzyme activities and grain yield of high-yielding summer maize cultivar Denghai 661. Comparing with the control (foliar spraying surfactant and water), spraying 10, 20, and 40 mg x L(-1) of DA-6 increased the grain yield of Denghai 661 significantly, with the increment being 10.0%, 8.9%, and 9.4%, respectively, but no significant differences were observed among the DA-6 treatments. Different concentration DA-6 increased the leaf area index, net photosynthetic rate, and RuBPCase and PEPCase activities significantly, and the promotion effects on the net photosynthetic rate and RuBPCase and PEPCase activities increased with increasing concentration of DA-6. After treated with DA-6, the leaf superoxide dismutase, catalase, peroxidase, and glutathione S-transferase activities and the leaf soluble protein content at the stages of silking, grain-filling, milky, and wax maturity all increased significantly, and the leaf malondialdehyde decreased significantly, compared with the control. The catalase activity increased with increasing DA-6 concentration, but the other indices had no significant differences among the DA-6 treatments. PMID:21328943

Nie, Le-xing; Jiang, Xing-yin; Wu, Shu-hua; Zhang, Ji-wang; Liu, Peng




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Esse artigo investiga os efeitos de notícias a respeito do mau da vaca louca ou BSE sobre o consumo das carnes bovina, suína e de aves nos EUA. Presume-se que o sistema nacional de identificação animal (NAIS) poderia em tese atenuar a percepção de risco dos consumidores sobre contrair o mau da vaca louca ao consumir carnes. Sistemas de equações

Moises de Andrade Resende Filho; Brian L. Buhr




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RESUMO: O preparo convencional é muito utilizado para o cultivo da mandioca e tem preocupado produtores, técnicos, agrônomos e pesquisados em função dos problemas ambientais associados e este tipo de manejo. Dessa forma, o presente trabalho objetivou avaliar as propriedades físicas do solo e a produtividade da mandioca proporcionada por diferentes sistemas de preparo. O experimento foi realizado no município

Emerson FEY; Arno Udo DALLMEYER; Laércio Augusto PIVETTA; Laerte Gustavo PIVETTA; Julio Henrique de SOUZA


Avaliação dos Efeitos da Radiação Gama nos Teores de Carotenóides, Ácido Ascórbico e Açúcares do Fruto Buriti do Brejo (Mauritia flexuosa L.)  

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RESUMO Buriti do Brejo (Mauritia flexuosa L.) é um típico fruto da Amazônia, Nordeste e Centro-Oeste brasileiro, muito utilizado na culinária para produção de sucos, doces e vinhos. É considerado uma excelente fonte de carotenóides precursores da vitamina A, apresentando maior concentração de ?-caroteno. Além dos carotenóides também encontramos ácido ascórbico e açúcares. O ácido ascórbico administrado em quantidades suficientes

Antonio Luís; Santos LIMA; Keila dos Santos; Cople LIMA; Maysa Joppert COELHO; Jaqueline Michele




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RESUMO - Com este estudo objetivou -se determinar as expressões que justifiquem a aplicação dos testes F em grupos de experimentos com cultivares, avaliadas em diferentes fases da lua, épocas de semeadura e anos. Para efetuar a análise conjunta, adotou -se um modelo linear misto, no qual os efeitos de cultivares (C), fases da lua (L), épocas (E) e suas




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RESUMO - Este artigo analisa as mudanças nos modos de viver e de se alimentar ocorridas a partir da adoção do Padrão Técnico Moderno de produção de alimentos. As repercussões do referido padrão produtivo serão exploradas em vários aspectos: no social, no ambiental, na saúde pública, no direcionamento da pesquisa científica e, mais enfaticamente, sobre a dinâmica cultural dos povos.

Elaine de Azevedo Msc


Shadowing and absorption effects on J/psi production in dA collisions  

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The authors study medium modifications of J/{psi} production in cold nuclear media in deuterium-nucleus collisions. They discuss several parameterizations of the modifications of the parton densities in the nucleus, known as shadowing, an initial-state effect. They also include absorption of the produced J/{psi} by nucleons, a final-state effect. Both spatially homogeneous and inhomogeneous shadowing and absorption are considered. They use the number of binary nucleon-nucleon collisions as a centrality measure. Results are presented for d+Au collisions at {radical}S{sub NN} = 200 GeV and for d+Pb collisions at {radical}S{sub NN} = 6.2 TeV. To contrast the centrality dependence in pA and dA collisions, they also present pPb results at {radical}S{sub NN} = 8.8 TeV.

Vogt, R.



An Analysis of Metallic High Ion Absorption Line Profiles at DA White Dwarfs with Circumstellar Material  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Some hot DA stars exhibit circumstellar absorption in the metal resonance lines in their spectra. In many cases, these circumstellar features are unresolved from those originating in the photosphere. To better understand the effect this circumstellar blending has on photospheric abundance estimates, we present here an analysis of the unresolved metal high ion absorption features of six hot white dwarfs. In all cases, given the strong circumstellar C IV detections, the photospheric C IV abundances are reduced; conversely the weak circumstellar Si IV leads to modest photospheric abundance revisions. A possible new technique for modeling these line profiles is discussed, that can better reproduce the observations and provide a greater insight into the conditions of the circumstellar medium.

Dickinson, N. J.; Barstow, M. A.; Welsh, B. Y.



A New Timescale for Period Change in the Pulsating DA White Dwarf WD 0111+0018  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

We report the most rapid rate of period change measured to date for a pulsating DA (hydrogen atmosphere) white dwarf (WD), observed in the 292.9 s mode of WD 0111+0018. The observed period change, faster than 10-12 s s-1, exceeds by more than two orders of magnitude the expected rate from cooling alone for this class of slow and simply evolving pulsating WDs. This result indicates the presence of an additional timescale for period evolution in these pulsating objects. We also measure the rates of period change of nonlinear combination frequencies and show that they share the evolutionary characteristics of their parent modes, confirming that these combination frequencies are not independent modes but rather artifacts of some nonlinear distortion in the outer layers of the star.

Hermes, J. J.; Montgomery, M. H.; Mullally, Fergal; Winget, D. E.; Bischoff-Kim, A.



Granulation in DA white dwarfs from CO5BOLD 3D model atmospheres  

NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

Time-dependent 3D simulations of pure-hydrogen DA white dwarf atmospheres have been computed in recent years. Synthetic Balmer lines spectra drawn from these radiation-hydrodynamics (RHD) simulations have been shown to predict surface gravities significantly lower than the standard 1D models, in much better agreement with the expectation that white dwarfs cool at constant mass. We have now computed a grid of CO5BOLD pure-hydrogen 3D model atmospheres for surface gravities from log g = 7 to log g = 8.5 and effective temperatures from 6000 to 13,000 K. Over this range, we observe a significant variation of the intensity contrast of the surface granulation patterns, which indicates the strength of the 3D effects. Furthermore, the size and appearance of granules are also varying considerably. An explanation of these behaviours can lead to a better understanding of the physical processes responsible for the energy transfer in white dwarf atmospheres.

Tremblay, P.-E.; Ludwig, H.-G.; Freytag, B.; Steffen, M.


Bell's palsy: the answer to the riddle of Leonardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa'.  


The smile of the famed portrait 'The Mona Lisa' has perplexed both art historians and researchers for the past 500 years. There has been a multitude of theories expounded to explain the nature of the model's enigmatic smile. The origin of the model's wry smile can be demonstrated through a careful analysis of both documented facts concerning the portrait--some gathered only recently through the use of modern technology--and a knowledge of the clinical presentation of Bell's palsy. Bell's palsy is more prevalent in women who are either pregnant or who have recently given birth. This paper postulates that the smile of the portrait's model was due to Leonardo da Vinci's anatomically precise representation of a new mother affected by Bell's palsy subsequent to her recent pregnancy. PMID:20929717

Maloney, W J



Shadowing and absorption effects on J/{psi} production in dA collisions  

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We study medium modifications of J/{psi} production in cold nuclear media in deuterium-nucleus collisions. We discuss several parametrizations of the modifications of the parton densities in the nucleus, known as shadowing, an initial-state effect. We also include absorption of the produced J/{psi} by nucleons, a final-state effect. Both spatially homogeneous and inhomogeneous shadowing and absorption are considered. We use the number of binary nucleon-nucleon collisions as a centrality measure. Results are presented for d+Au collisions at {radical}(S{sub NN})=200 GeV and for d+Pb collisions at {radical}(S{sub NN})=6.2 TeV. To contrast the centrality dependence in pA and dA collisions, we also present p+Pb results at {radical}(S{sub NN})=8.8 TeV.

Vogt, R. [Nuclear Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California 94720 (United States) and Physics Department, University of California, Davis, California 95616 (United States)



Test of ''Crab-Waist'' Collisions at the DA{Phi}NE {Phi} Factory  

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The electron-positron collider DA{Phi}NE, the Italian {Phi} factory, has been recently upgraded in order to implement an innovative collision scheme based on large crossing angle, small beam sizes at the crossing point, and compensation of beam-beam interaction by means of sextupole pairs creating a ''crab-waist'' configuration in the interaction region. Experimental tests of the novel scheme exhibited an increase by a factor of 3 in the peak luminosity of the collider with respect to the performances reached before the upgrade. In this Letter we present the new collision scheme, discuss its advantages, describe the hardware modifications realized for the upgrade, and report the results of the experimental tests carried out during commissioning of the machine in the new configuration and standard operation for the users.

Zobov, M.; Alesini, D.; Biagini, M. E.; Biscari, C.; Bocci, A.; Boni, R.; Boscolo, M.; Bossi, F.; Buonomo, B.; Clozza, A.; Delle Monache, G. O.; Demma, T.; Di Pasquale, E.; Di Pirro, G.; Drago, A.; Gallo, A.; Ghigo, A.; Guiducci, S.; Ligi, C.; Marcellini, F. [INFN, Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, via Enrico Fermi 40, 00044 Frascati, RM (Italy)



[Teaching, research, and extension service: botanist Honório da Costa Monteiro Filho].  


The article revisits the work of Honório da Costa Monteiro Filho, highlighting his contribution to the study of economic botany and the taxonomy of Brazilian Malvaceae. Many of his seventy articles, are still cited. Yet little is known about his important role in educating agronomists involved with Brazilian flora and the creation of the Botanical Society of Brazil. These topics are discussed in the article, along with his work on a project to reform the teaching of agronomy in Brazil. The entire works of Monteiro Filho, archival documents, his correspondence with other scientists, and his observations on plant labels in herbaria were researched; interviews were also conducted with people with ties to him. PMID:23295656

Bovini, Massimo G; Peixoto, Ariane Luna



Successful treatment of esophageal metastasis from hepatocellular carcinoma using the da Vinci robotic surgical system  

PubMed Central

A 59-year-old man with metastatic an esophageal tumor from hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) presented with progressive dysphagia. He had undergone liver transplantation for HCC three and a half years prevously. At presentation, his radiological and endoscopic examinations suggested a submucosal tumor in the lower esophagus, causing a luminal stricture. We performed complete resection of the esophageal metastases and esophagogastrostomy reconstruction using the da Vinci robotic system. Recovery was uneventful and he was been doing well 2 mo after surgery. ?-fetoprotein level decreased from 510 ng/mL to 30 ng/mL postoperatively. During the follow-up period, he developed a recurrent esophageal stricture at the anastomosis site and this was successfully treated by endoscopic esophageal dilatation.

Boonnuch, Wiroon; Akaraviputh, Thawatchai; Nino, Carnivale; Yiengpruksawan, Anusak; Christiano, Arthur Andrew



Successful treatment of esophageal metastasis from hepatocellular carcinoma using the da Vinci robotic surgical system.  


A 59-year-old man with metastatic an esophageal tumor from hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) presented with progressive dysphagia. He had undergone liver transplantation for HCC three and a half years prevously. At presentation, his radiological and endoscopic examinations suggested a submucosal tumor in the lower esophagus, causing a luminal stricture. We performed complete resection of the esophageal metastases and esophagogastrostomy reconstruction using the da Vinci robotic system. Recovery was uneventful and he was been doing well 2 mo after surgery. ?-fetoprotein level decreased from 510 ng/mL to 30 ng/mL postoperatively. During the follow-up period, he developed a recurrent esophageal stricture at the anastomosis site and this was successfully treated by endoscopic esophageal dilatation. PMID:21765971

Boonnuch, Wiroon; Akaraviputh, Thawatchai; Nino, Carnivale; Yiengpruksawan, Anusak; Christiano, Arthur Andrew



Developmental regulation of murine mammary-gland 90 kDa heat-shock proteins.  


We have examined the regulation of murine mammary-gland 90 kDa heat-shock protein (hsp-90) as a function of normal development and differentiation. We find that both hsp-90 and amounts of its mRNA are modulated during development and differentiation, with the highest concentrations of mRNA and protein being present in tissues from pregnant and lactating animals respectively. Metabolic labelling experiments with [35S]methionine reveal that the rate of synthesis of hsp-90 also varies among tissues from various developmental states and correlates with the relative hsp-90 mRNA content. These data also suggest that the highest concentration of hsp-90 found in lactating mammary tissues may be due to a greater stability of this protein in this developmental state. The possible significance of the developmental modulation of mammary hsp-90 to mammary steroid-receptor properties is discussed. PMID:2730572

Catelli, M G; Ramachandran, C; Gauthier, Y; Legagneux, V; Quelard, C; Baulieu, E E; Shyamala, G



[Labor and health conditions of private school teachers in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil].  


The scientific literature on teachers' health is scarce, recent, and focuses predominantly on stress and burnout. This study describes the labor conditions of private school teachers in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia State, Brazil. Information on 250 teachers from the ten largest schools in the municipality was collected through a self-applied questionnaire. The most relevant characteristics of teachers' work, evaluated by the Job Content Questionnaire were: speed of work, creativity at work, and relations with colleagues. The most frequent complaints related to posture, mental strain, and voice problems. Prevalence of minor psychological disorders according to the Self Reporting Questionnaire-20 was 41.5%, strongly associated with long periods of intense concentration on the same job and excessive work. Results suggest an association between the prevalence of minor psychological disorders and certain characteristics of teaching work, emphasizing teachers' exposure to stress. PMID:15029320

Delcor, Núria Serre; Araújo, Tania M; Reis, Eduardo J F B; Porto, Lauro A; Carvalho, Fernando M; Oliveira e Silva, Manuela; Barbalho, Leonardo; de Andrade, Jonathan Moura



The 70 kDa heat shock protein suppresses matrix metalloproteinases in astrocytes.  


The 70 kDa heat shock protein (Hsp70) is synthesized in response to a variety of stresses, including ischemia, and is thought to act as a molecular chaperone to prevent protein denaturation and facilitate protein folding. Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), a family of serine proteases, are also upregulated by ischemia and are thought to promote cell death and tissue injury. We examined the influence of Hsp70 on expression and activity of MMPs. Astrocyte cultures were prepared from neonatal mice and transfected with retroviral vectors containing hsp70 or lacZ or mock infected, then exposed to oxygen-glucose deprivation followed by reperfusion. Zymograms and Western blots showed that Hsp70 over-expression suppressed MMP-2 and MMP-9. These findings suggest that Hsp70 may protect by regulating MMPs. PMID:15094511

Lee, Jong Eun; Kim, Yeun Jung; Kim, Jong Youl; Lee, Won Taek; Yenari, Midori A; Giffard, Rona G



Refurbishment, reloading of the Da Lat Nuclear Research Reactor and renovation of its control system  

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As the main scientific tool at the Nuclear Research Institute (NRI), the Da Lat Nuclear Research Reactor is playing a special role in the development of nuclear application in Viet Nam. Reconstructed from the previous TRIGAMARK II, it has been operating since, 1984, totalling 13,500 hrs. Since November 1992 it has undergone a general inspection followed by a complete refurbishment in response to technical requirement for ensuring its reliability and safety. The reactor, shut down for main inspection and refurbishment tasks until March 1993, was put into operation alternately with the remaining refurbishment works. In pullet the renovation of its control and instrumentation system has been carried out. This has been thought necessary due to spare part procurement problems and the need to modernize the system for improving its reliability. Finally, a programme for reloading the reactor core is being implemented, in order to increase its reserve reactivity.

Tran Ha Anh; Tran Khacan; Trinh Dinh Hal [Nuclear Research Institute, Dalat (Viet Nam)] [and others



Immobilization of Lecitase® Ultra onto a novel polystyrene DA-201 resin: characterization and biochemical properties.  


A simple, rapid, and economic method of enzyme immobilization was developed for phospholipase Lecitase® ultra (LU) via interfacial adsorption. The effect of nature of the polystyrene supports and the kinetic behavior and stability of immobilized lecitase® ultra (IM-LU) were evaluated. Six macroporous resins (AB-8, X-5, DA-201, NKA-9, D101, D4006) and two anion resins (D318 and D201) were studied as the supports. DA-201 resin was selected because of its best immobilization effect for LU. Immobilization conditions were investigated, including immobilization time, pH, and enzyme concentration. IM-LU with a lipase activity of 1,652.4?±?8.6 U/g was obtained. The adsorption process was modeled by Langmuir and Freundlich equations, and the experimental data were better fit for the former one. The kinetic constant (K (m)) values were found to be 192.7?±?2.2 mM for the free LU and 249.3?±?5.4 mM for the IM-LU, respectively. The V (max) value of free LU (169.5?±?4.3 mM/min) was higher than that of the IM-LU (53.8?±?1.5 mM/min). Combined strategies of scanning electron micrograph, thermogravimetric analysis, and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy were employed to characterize the IM-LU. FTIR spectroscopy showed that the secondary conformation of the enzyme had changed after immobilization, through which a decrease of ?-helix content and an increase of ?-sheet content were observed. The IM-LU possessed an improved thermal stability as well as metal ionic tolerance when compared with its free form. The reusability of IM-LU was also evaluated through catalyzing esterification reaction between oleic acid and glycerol. It exhibited approximately 70 % of relative esterification efficiency after six successive cycles. This immobilized enzyme on hydrophobic support may well be used for the synthesis of structural lipids in lipid area. PMID:22948602

Liu, Ning; Fu, Min; Wang, Yong; Zhao, Qiangzhong; Sun, Weizheng; Zhao, Mouming



Platelet-derived growth factor induces phosphorylation of a 64-kDa nuclear protein  

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The platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) stimulated the phosphorylation of a nuclear protein of 64 kDa (pp64) in nuclei of nontransformed normal rat kidney (NRK) cells. Low levels of phosphorylation of pp64 were observed in nuclei of serum-starved NRK cells. Fetal calf serum (FCS), PDGF, and homodimeric v-sis and PDGF A-chain protein enhanced the incorporation of 32P into pp64 over 4-fold within 30 min and over 8-fold within 2 h of exposure of NRK cells to the growth factors. In contrast, constitutive phosphorylation of 32P-labeled pp64 in nuclei of NRK cells transformed by the simian sarcoma virus (SSV) was high and only minimally stimulated by PDGF and FCS. 32P-Labeled pp64 was isolated from nuclei of PDGF-stimulated nontransformed NRK cells; the 32P of pp64 was labile in 1 M KOH, and pp64 was not significantly recognized by anti-phosphotyrosine antisera, suggesting that the PDGF-induced phosphorylation of pp64 occurred on serine or on threonine residues. However, pp64 from SSV-transformed NRK cell nuclei was significantly stable to base hydrolysis and was immunoprecipitated with anti-phosphotyrosine antisera, suggesting that pp64 from SSV-transformed cell nuclei is phosphorylated also on tyrosine. FCS, PDGF, and PDGF A- and B-chain homodimers thus stimulate the rapid time-dependent phosphorylation of a 64-kDa nuclear protein shortly after stimulation of responsive cells. The growth factor-stimulated phosphorylation of pp64 and the constitutive high levels of pp64 phosphorylation in cells transformed by SSV suggest important roles for pp64 and perhaps regulated nuclear protein kinases and phosphatases in cell division and proliferation.

Shawver, L.K.; Pierce, G.F.; Kawahara, R.S.; Deuel, T.F.



From Leonardo to da Vinci: the history of robot-assisted surgery in urology.  


What's known on the subject? and What does the study add? Numerous urological procedures can now be performed with robotic assistance. Though not definitely proven to be superior to conventional laparoscopy or traditional open surgery in the setting of a randomised trial, in experienced centres robot-assisted surgery allows for excellent surgical outcomes and is a valuable tool to augment modern surgical practice. Our review highlights the depth of history that underpins the robotic surgical platform we utilise today, whilst also detailing the current place of robot-assisted surgery in urology in 2011. The evolution of robots in general and as platforms to augment surgical practice is an intriguing story that spans cultures, continents and centuries. A timeline from Yan Shi (1023-957 bc), Archytas of Tarentum (400 bc), Aristotle (322 bc), Heron of Alexandria (10-70 ad), Leonardo da Vinci (1495), the Industrial Revolution (1790), 'telepresence' (1950) and to the da Vinci(®) Surgical System (1999), shows the incredible depth of history and development that underpins the modern surgical robot we use to treat our patients. Robot-assisted surgery is now well-established in Urology and although not currently regarded as a 'gold standard' approach for any urological procedure, it is being increasingly used for index operations of the prostate, kidney and bladder. We perceive that robotic evolution will continue infinitely, securing the place of robots in the history of Urological surgery. Herein, we detail the history of robots in general, in surgery and in Urology, highlighting the current place of robot-assisted surgery in radical prostatectomy, partial nephrectomy, pyeloplasty and radical cystectomy. PMID:21951677

Yates, David R; Vaessen, Christophe; Roupret, Morgan



[Lead poisoning: Zinc protoporphyrin in blood of children from Santo Amaro da Purificação, Bahia, Brazil].  


A cross-sectional epidemiological study has investigated lead poisoning among all the 101 children aged 1 to 5 years, living at less then 500 m from a lead smelter which has been operating since 1960 in Santo Amaro da Purificação, State of Bahia, Brazil. Lead poisoning was evaluated by determining the concentrations of zinc protoporphyrin (ZPP) in whole blood. Results were compared with those obtained from 98 children of the same age range, in a nursery from Salvador, capital of the State of Bahia. In Santo Amaro, ZPP geometric mean was 65.5 mg/dl (geometric S.D. = 1.7), much higher, therefore, than the normal threshold of 30 microg/dl recommended by the CDC-USA. A child was excluded from statistical analyses because of very high ZPP level: 789 mg/dl. In Salvador, ZPP geometric mean was 31.0 mg/dl (geometric SD = 1.6). "Extremely elevated" ZPP levels (above 156 mg/dl) were observed in 8% of the children from Santo Amaro and in none (0%) of the children from Salvador, this statistical difference being highly significant. Anaemia was present among 35.0% of the children from Santo Amaro and among 25.5% of those from Salvador. One year-old children showed the highest levels of ZPP and anaemia. No marked statistical association was found between ZPP levels and anaemia. Lead contamination of this children population remained in a permanently high level during, at least, the period from 1980 to 1992. In December, 1993 the lead smelter has definitively ceased its industrial activities in Santo Amaro da Purificação. PMID:14688915

Carvalho, F M; Neto, A M; Peres, M F; Gonçalves, H R; Guimarães, G C; Amorim, C J; Silva, J A; Tavares, T M


Characterization of the 38 kDa protein lacking in gastrula-arrested mutant Xenopus embryos.  


We have reported elsewhere that offspring from the No. 65 female of Xenopus laevis cleaved normally, but their development was arrested at the onset of gastrulation, like the Ambystoma ova-deficient (o) mutant, irrespective of mating with different wild-type males, and that an acidic, 38 kDa protein present in wild-type eggs was lacking in eggs of the female. In the current study, we first determined the partial amino acid sequence (VANLE) of one of the well-separated tryptic peptides from the protein, which was found in elongation factor 1 delta (Ef1delta) in Xenopus, and finally identified the protein as one of the Ef1delta isoforms, Ef1delta2, by peptide mass spectrometry. RT-PCR analyses for Ef1delta2 and its close homolog Ef1delta1 in wild-type oocytes and embryos demonstrated that both transcripts are maternal and Ef1delta1 is present more abundantly than Ef1delta2 throughout the stages examined. Importantly, the amount of the Ef1delta2 transcript per embryo decreased gradually after gastrulation, in accordance with the gradual decrease of the 38 kDa protein per embryo reported in our earlier study. Because pharmacological inhibition of translation induces gastrulation arrest in wild-type embryos, it is reasonable to conclude that the mutant embryos arrest in development due to the lack of Ef1delta2 that is indispensable for translation. Thus, the present study provides the first molecular information on the cause of the gastrulation-defective mutation in Amphibia. PMID:20712004

Tanaka, Tetsuya S; Nishiumi, Fumiko; Komiya, Tohru; Ikenishi, Kohji



Virtual Mobility in Reality: A Study of the Use of ICT in Finnish Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Projects.  

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

An e-mail survey and interviews collected data on use of information and communications technology (ICT) in Finnish Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects from 2000-02. Findings showed that the most common ICT tools used were e-mail, digital tools, and the World Wide Web; ICT was used during all project phases; the most common problems concerned…

Valjus, Sonja


da Vinci robotic partial nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma: an atlas of the four-arm technique  

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da Vinci robotic surgery is becoming a standard alternative to open and laparoscopic surgical techniques. Robotic partial\\u000a nephrectomy has been described in limited numbers. In this article, a surgical atlas of the transperitoneal four-arm approach\\u000a to robotic partial nephrectomy is outlined. Surgical pearls, pitfalls, and limitations are reviewed.

Sam B. Bhayani



Isolation and purification of a 316 Da preformed compound from strawberry ( Fragaria ananassa) leaves active against plant pathogens  

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An antibiotic called fragarin showing activities against bacterial and fungal plant pathogens was isolated and purified by FPLC chromatography from the soluble fraction of strawberry leaves. The molecular weight value determined by mass spectrometry is 316 Da. Fragarin remains fully active after protease treatment or alkaline hydrolysis at 100°C for 20 min. Biological and chemical analyses suggest that fragarin may

M. P Filippone; J Diaz Ricci; A Maman?? de Marchese; R. N Far??as; A Castagnaro



Science in the Art of the Italian Renaissance II: Leonardo Da Vinci's Representation of Animals in His Works1  

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Leonardo Da Vinci combined science and art in a number of his works and studies. This combina- tion of science and art is very evident in the depiction of animals in his works. Leonardo studied both the anatomy and physiology of animals in order to render them with scientific precision. This included dissections of numerous animals and studies on their




Nova ocorrência de Asiatoceratodus (Osteichthyes, Dipnoiformes) na Formação Alcântara, Eocenomaniano da bacia de São Luís, MA, Brasil  

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RESUMO - O Cretáceo médio está bem representado na Bacia de São Luís pelos depósitos predominantemente areníticos da Formação Alcântara. Na Ilha do Cajual, norte do Estado do Maranhão, nordeste do Brasil, uma paleocomunidade continental datada como de idade eocenomaniana inclui vegetais, peixes, crocodilomorfos e dinossauros. Duas placas dentárias, coletadas em uma fácies conglomerática, com sete cristas arranjadas de forma




Identification of a 130-kDa albumin in tuatara (Sphenodon) and detection of a novel albumin polymorphism.  


Electrophoretic, immunochemical, and protein sequence analyses were performed on plasma albumin of the tuatara (Sphenodon), a rare reptile endemic to New Zealand. The analyses revealed that, unlike other terrestrial vertebrates, tuatara do not seem to possess a 60- to 75-kDa plasma albumin. The common form of plasma albumin in this genus has an apparent molecular mass of 130 kDa, making it by far the largest albumin reported for any terrestrial vertebrate. Starch gel electrophoresis of samples from tuatara on 24 of the 30 islands inhabited by this genus resolved two forms of the 130-kDa albumin (albumins A and C). A third albumin of approximately 170 kDa (albumin B), reflecting a novel alloalbuminemia, was found in tuatara in three geographically isolated populations. Albumin A appears to be restricted to populations at the southern extremity of the tuatara's distribution, while albumin C was found in all but four (southern) populations. Possible explanations for the origin and distribution of these albumins are discussed. PMID:7575395

Brown, M A; Carne, A; Daugherty, C H; Chambers, G K



A Comparison of Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty Performed with the daVinci Robotic System versus Standard Laparoscopic Techniques: Initial Clinical Results  

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Purpose: Laparoscopic pyeloplasty is an accepted therapy for primary ureteropelvic junction obstruction (UPJO), however difficulty associated with intracorporeal suturing has limited widespread clinical application. We report our initial experience of laparoscopic pyeloplasty performed with the daVinci robotic system matched to procedures performed with standard laparoscopic techniques.Patients and Methods: From June 2001 until August 2001, six patients underwent definitive management of

Matthew T Gettman; Reinhard Peschel; Richard Neururer; Georg Bartsch



Performance analysis of DA and DD multiuser tap weight estimators for short code DS-CDMA systems  

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We investigate the performance of three multiuser tap weight estimators for multipath channels in data aided (DA) and decision directed (DD) modes for a BPSK DS-CDMA reverse link. The tap weights are estimated using different algorithms working separately or jointly in order to obtain good estimates as required for coherent detection or synchronization purposes. The performance of these algorithms and

M. Guenach; L. Vandendorpe



Two Crystal Structures of Bombyx mori Lipoprotein 3 - Structural Characterization of a New 30-kDa Lipoprotein Family Member  

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The 30-kDa family of lipoproteins from insect hemolymph has been the focus of a number of studies over the last few years. Recently, four crystal structures of Bombyx mori lipoprotein 7 have been determined. Here we report two crystal structures of another member of the 30-kDa lipoprotein family, Bombyx mori lipoprotein 3 (Bmlp3). The protein was isolated from its natural source, mulberry silkworm hemolymph. It crystallized in two different crystal forms, Bmlp3-p21 (space group P21) and Bmlp3-c2 (space group C2). The crystal structures were solved by molecular replacement using the coordinates of Bmlp7 as a starting model. The crystals of Bmlp3-p21 diffracted X-rays to 2.4 Å resolution and of Bmlp3-c2 to 2.1 Å resolution. Bmlp3 has an overall fold characteristic of 30-kDa lipoproteins, with a VHS-type N-terminal domain and ?-trefoil C-terminal domain. Structural comparison of Bmlp3 and Bmlp7 shows that the loops present in the C-terminal domain are flexible and participate in dimer formation. Additionally, new putative binding sites of Bmlp3 have been analyzed in detail and the electrostatic potential of the protein surface at physiological pH 7.4 conditions has been calculated. The results of these calculations are the starting point for an explanation of the recently reported cell-penetrating properties of the 30-kDa lipoproteins.

Pietrzyk, Agnieszka J.; Bujacz, Anna; Mueller-Dieckmann, Jochen; Lochynska, Malgorzata; Jaskolski, Mariusz; Bujacz, Grzegorz



Design of D-?-A type photoacid generators for high efficiency excitation at 405 nm and 800 nm.  


New sulfonium salts with diphenylamino asymmetrically substituted stilbene as a D-?-A conjugated system have been synthesized. The resulting photoacid generators exhibit a highly efficient acid photogeneration process by either one-photon 405 nm or two-photon 800 nm excitation. PMID:23939219

Jin, Ming; Xu, Haoran; Hong, Hong; Malval, Jean-Pierre; Zhang, Yuan; Ren, Aimin; Wan, Decheng; Pu, Hongting