Coronavirus (COVID-19) Search - How does it work?

Using a combination of search terms* for what is currently known as Coronavirus (COVID-19), has provided a link off its homepage that the public can use to quickly access federally-funded research on the COVID-19 disease.

Upon linking to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) research results, users can access freely available peer-reviewed literature (journal articles and accepted manuscripts) using the Public Access tab in the search results. Citations and other types of research, such as scientific and technical reports may be found by way of the Text tab.

For those new to, uses software that supports federated search, a technology that searches, in real-time, over 70 information sources (e.g., databases) across the leading federal science and technology agencies in the U.S. When searching, you will get up-to-date results for the information sources searched. This provides the user with the most recent published information of any given source searched since the searches are performed in real-time. The technology also provides users with up to 100 relevant results from the source searched and provides those results in ranked order. This gives users the most relevant results for the query versus providing results that are viewed as generally less relevant for the search. See About and FAQs to learn more about and federated search.

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*Search terms and quick link query: "Coronavirus" OR "2019-nCoV" OR "2019nCoV" OR "COVID-19" OR "SARS-CoV-2"


For the latest public health information about COVID-19, visit the CDC

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