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Introducing 3.0 and a more precise search! 3.0 will make your search results more relevant than ever. While Version 2.0 introduced relevancy ranking to the search of government science databases and Web sites, 3.0 will take relevancy ranking a step further. 3.0 incorporates:

  • Query input improvements
    • Terms automatically ANDED
    • Phrases using quotation marks identified
    • Boolean searching enhanced
      • Accepts logical operators AND, OR, NOT
      • Supports parentheses and wildcards

  • MetaRank
    • A sophisticated method of ranking the results of your science queries
    • Uses the metadata available – including information within abstracts and snippets – to rank queries

  • Early viewing of results
    • Allows you to begin working with results while continues to search databases in real time
    • When your search is complete, you can retrieve the additional ranked results

  • Enhanced Advanced Search
    • Enhanced fielded searching
    • Ability to match ANY or ALL fields
    • Ability to search the full record

  • More intuitive site navigation
    • Easy to use drop-down menus
    • Context sensitive help
    • Session preferences link

  • Permanent Link
    • Navigate directly to the original document by selecting Permanent Link

    Stay tuned for the most precise searching yet at!

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