Sample records for arbustos nativos micorrizados

  1. Global Professional Identity in Deterretorialized Spaces: A Case Study of a Critical Dialogue between Expert and Novice Nonnative English Speaker Teachers (Identidad profesional global en espacios desterritorializados: un estudio de caso de los diálogos críticos entre profesores de inglés no nativos)

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Guerrero Nieto, Carmen Helena; Meadows, Bryan


    This study analyzes the online, peer-peer dialogue between two groups of nonnative English-speaking teachers who are attending graduate programs in Colombia and the United States. Framed by the theoretical concepts of critical pedagogy and global professional identity, a qualitative analysis of the data shows that their expert vs. novice roles…

  2. Mitigation of Disagreement in Peer Review among L2 Learners and Native Speakers in a College Writing Class (Mitigación del Impacto de las Opiniones de Desacuerdo en el Proceso de Revisión por Pares entre Estudiantes de una Segunda Lengua y Hablantes Nativos en una Clase de Escritura a Nivel Universitario)

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Christoffersen, Katherine O'Donnell


    Peer review is now a commonplace practice in process-oriented writing instruction. A crucial aspect of peer review is assessing another classmate's work, which encompasses the act of disagreement. Given its prevalence in the classroom, it is necessary to analyze how L2 learners mitigate disagreement in the context of peer review with other L2…

  3. Novice Non-Native English Teachers' Reflections on Their Teacher Education Programmes and Their First Years of Teaching (Reflexiones de profesores novatos y no nativos del inglés sobre sus programas de formación y sus primeros años de instrucción)

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Akcan, Sumru


    This study investigates novice non-native English teachers' opinions about the effectiveness of their teacher education programme and the challenges during their initial years of teaching. The results of a survey administered to fifty-five novice teachers and follow-up interviews identify strengths and weaknesses in their teacher education…

  4. Comparison of the residue persistence of trifloxystrobin (25%) + tebuconazole (50%) on gherkin and soil at two locations.


    Mohapatra, Soudamini


    Residue study of trifloxystrobin and tebuconazole on gherkin was carried out at two locations (Bangalore and Gouribiddunur, India) after applications at the standard and double doses of 75 + 150 and of 150 + 300 g ha(-1) of the formulated product, trifloxystrobin (25%) + tebuconazole (50%) (Nativo 75 WG). The fungicides were determined by gas chromatography (GC) and confirmed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). Extraction and purification of the samples were carried out by Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, and Safe (QuEChERS) method after validating the analytical parameters. Initial residues of trifloxystrobin on gherkin fruits were 0.335 and 0.65 mg kg(-1) at Bangalore, and 0.34 and 0.615 mg kg(-1) at Gouribiddunur. Tebuconazole residues were 0.842 and 1.682 mg kg(-1) at Bangalore, and 0.71 and 1.34 mg kg(-1) at Gouribiddunur. Residue dissipation of the fungicides followed first-order rate kinetics. Trifloxystrobin residues dissipated at the half-life of 2.9-3.7 days, and tebuconazole at 3.2 days. At the standard dose treatment, trifloxystrobin residues dissipated to below the maximum residue limit (MRL) of 0.2 mg kg(-1) (European Union) within 3 days at both the locations. Residues of the metabolite CGA 321113 was less than the limit of quantification (LOQ; 0.05 mg kg(-1)) on all sampling days. Tebuconazole residues dissipated to below its MRL (0.05 mg kg(-1)) within 14 and 11 days, at Bangalore and Gouribiddunur, respectively. From the two trials, it was concluded that the required pre-harvest interval (PHI) for the combination formulation was 14 days. Application of Nativo 75 WG should be given before flowering to allow the residues to dissipate below the MRLs at harvest. PMID:26603299

  5. Direction and magnitude of change in soil use for a wetland area in Chile: Puren marshes, a priority site for biodiversity conservation (stage 1).

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Sepúlveda-Varas, Alejandra


    Land managers and policymakers need information about soil change caused by anthropogenic and non-anthropogenic factors to predict the effects of management on soil function, compare alternatives, and make decisions. This is particularly relevant in highly fragile ecosystems such as wetlands or humid systems. The wetlands require the presence of three key components: hydric soils, hydrophytic vegetation and wetland hydrology. Therefore, the presence of hydric soils in humid systems is essential for the existence of a wetland. In Chile, one of the geographic zones with the greatest diversity of humid systems is the coast of the Araucanía Region, which contains one of the largest and most threatened humid systems of the region, Puren Marshes, whose soils are only generically described as alluvial terraces and miscellaneous swamp. In this area, studies have reported a high intensity of anthropogenic activity, generating soil erosion, loss of wetland coverage and landscape alteration. For this first stage of a main investigation about the vulnerability of hydric soils to changes in patterns of soil use, the objective was to characterize the variables of soil use in the Puren Marshes and determinate the direction and magnitude of change in soil use in the study area for the period between 1994 and 2007 (the official reports indicate that until 1994, the total area of Puren Marshes was 1147 ha). For the analyses, were used official reports of soil use, the coverages were obtained from the project map databases "Catastro y Evaluación de los Recursos Vegetacionales Nativos de Chile" 1993 and its update for La Araucanía, Regional Government of La Araucanía 2011, DMF CONAF 2010 and IGM 2007. The map information was processed in ARCGIS 9.3.1 software under UTM coordinates, datum WGS 84 and 18 South Time extended. Was developed a multitemporal analysis by construction of transition matrix and confusion matrix. The results obtained show that for the period analysed, the