Sample records for biogeokhimicheskikh tsiklov makro

  1. 78 FR 32464 - Notice of Determinations Regarding Eligibility To Apply for Worker Adjustment Assistance

    Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014


    ..., Inc... Clearwater, FL....... October 23, 2012. 82,701 Pfizer, Inc., Surveillance Groton, CT May 1, 2012. Testing Group Pfizer Global Supply, Makro Technologies, etc. 82,702 Electrolux Home Care...

  2. Mems-Based Waste Vibration and Acoustic Energy Harvesters

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Timothy J. Householder Approved by: Dragoslav Grbovic Thesis Advisor Bruce Denardo Co-Advisor Andres Larraza Chair, Department...MotionPro X3 high-speed camera with a Carl Zeiss MAKRO-PLANAR T*, 2-100 mm, ZF.2 macro-lens was used to observe the vibrational mode at 3910 frames

  3. Comparative in vitro study of the proliferation and growth of ovine osteoblast-like cells on various alloplastic biomaterials manufactured for augmentation and reconstruction of tissue or bone defects.


    Schmitt, Sandra C; Wiedmann-Al-Ahmad, Margit; Kuschnierz, Jens; Al-Ahmad, Ali; Huebner, Ute; Schmelzeisen, Rainer; Gutwald, Ralf


    In this in vitro study ovine osteoblast-like cells were cultured on seven different alloplastic biomaterials used for augmentation and for reconstruction of bone defects in dental and craniomaxillofacial surgery. The aim of this study was to examine the growth behaviour (viability, cell density and morphology) of ovine osteoblast-like cells on the investigated biomaterials to get knowledge which biomaterial is qualified to act as a cell carrier system in further in vivo experiments. The biomaterials were either synthetically manufactured or of natural origin. As synthetically manufactured biomaterials Ethisorb, MakroSorb, PalacosR, and PDS film were used. As biomaterials of natural origin BeriplastP, Bio-Oss and Titanmesh were investigated. The cell proliferation and cell colonization were analyzed by a proliferation assay and scanning electron microscopy. Osteoblast-like cells proliferated and attached on all biomaterials, except on Beriplast. On Ethisorb the highest cell proliferation rate was measured followed by PalacosR. Both biomaterials offer suitable growth and proliferation conditions for ovine osteoblast-like cells. The proliferation rates of Bio-Oss, MakroSorb, PDS-film and Titanmesh were low and SEM examinations of these materials showed less spread osteoblast-like cells. The results showed that ovine osteoblast-like cells appear to be sensitive to substrate composition and topography. This in vitro study provides the basis for further in vivo studies using the sheep model to examine the biocompatibility and the long-term interaction between the test material and tissue (bone regeneration).

  4. Studies of soil and ecohydrological processes in oil-gas production regions.

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Khodyreva, E. Ya.; Khodyrev, Yu. P.


    . Soil is an important component of the earth's biosphere because of its crucial role in the hydrological cycle. For revealing possible correlation between spatial distributions of the valuable elements contained both in industrial waters and in tests of soils, 79 samples are prepared and investigated. These tests are selected at superficial geochemical shooting (field monitoring methods of studies) Aznakaevskoi, Karamalinskoi and Sabanchinskoi areas of joint-stock company " Tatneft ". Circuits of distribution of valuable elements on the investigated territory are constructed also a quantitative estimation of the maintenance makro- and microcomponents is given. From the found out elements the greatest interest Na, Mg, K, Ca, Cl, Br and their connections represent because of very high concentration and scandium owing to the cost. Now cost of scandium in the world market approximately in 25 times exceeds cost of gold and is not observed yet tendencies to its decrease. Presence of impurity of salts of heavy metals and their connections in soils, drinking, underground and stratum waters, definition of their concentration and comparison from maximum concentration limit allows to establish the control over dynamics of ecohydrological conditions and in due time to take measures on reduction of negative influence of processes of development of hydrocarbon raw material by an environment.