Sample records for cateterismo intermitente limpo

  1. The Magnetic Phase of Lithium Transition Metal Phosphates LiMPO4 (M=Mn, Co, Ni) Detected by μ+SR

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Ofer, Oren; Sugiyama, Jun; Brewer, Jess H.; Månsson, Martin; Prša, Krunoslav; Ansaldo, Eduardo J.; Kobayashi, Genki; Kanno, Ryoji

    The magnetic properties of the olivine-type compounds LiMPO4 (M = Mn, Co, Ni) are probed using muon spin rotation/relaxation (μSR). These materials pose an appealing magnetic structure and a high -potential technological interest as cathode materials for future rechargeable Li-ion batteries. The LiMPO4 family of compounds consists of a corner-sharing MO6 octahedra of high-spin M2+ ions manifesting an antiferromagnetic ground state below TN ≈ 30 K. Additionally, these compounds belong to a class of materials exhibiting properties between two-and three dimensional systems. A comparative study between the family members is presented.

  2. Electrical relaxation studies of olivine type nanocrystalline LiMPO4 (M=Ni, Mn and Co) materials

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Cheruku, Rajesh; Kruthika, G.; Govindaraj, G.; Vijayan, Lakshmi


    The olivine type LiMPO4 (M=Ni, Mn and Co) materials were synthesized by solution combustion technique using glycine as fuel. The structural characterizations were explored to confirm the phase formation of materials. The scanning electron microscope was used to identify the morphology of olivine materials. The local structure and chemical bonding between MO6 octahedral and (PO4)3- tetrahedral groups were probed by Raman spectroscopy. Grain and grain boundaries were contributed for ion relaxation and dc conduction in olivine materials. Two orders of enhancement in ionic conductivity was observed in these olivine materials than the reported value. Among all the explored olivine samples, LiMnPO4 showed highest enhancement in conductivity due to weak Li-O bonding and largest unit cell volume.

  3. Structural and electronic properties of solid-state (LiMPO4∣γ-Li3PO4)[010] electrochemical interface (M = Fe and Co)

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Chandrasekaran, S. Selva; Murugan, P.


    First principles density functional calculations are carried out to investigate the structural, electronic, and electrochemical properties of the bilayered nanocomposite, which is composed of LiMPO4 (M = Fe and Co) as a positive electrode and γ-Li3PO4 as a solid-state electrolyte. The calculated interfacial energy reveals that the Li-O atomic layer terminated (010) LiMPO4 surface gives better stability than its Fe-O layer termination, for constructing the solid state interface with γ-Li3PO4. Further, structural optimization shows that inter-layer distances at the interface and surface of the electrolyte are increased ≈0.1 and 0.06 Å, respectively, from its bulk value. Moreover, electronic structure calculations infer that the energy of top most occupied level in the electrode strongly depends on its thickness, whereas, this energy is almost constant for different thick electrolytes. Thus, our study suggests that by varying the thickness of LiMPO4-electrode, Li-ion vacancy formation and electrochemical performance of the nanocomposite can be altered favourably.

  4. Diffusive behavior in LiMPO4 with M=Fe, Co, Ni probed by muon-spin relaxation

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Sugiyama, Jun; Nozaki, Hiroshi; Harada, Masashi; Kamazawa, Kazuya; Ikedo, Yutaka; Miyake, Yasuhiro; Ofer, Oren; Månsson, Martin; Ansaldo, Eduardo J.; Chow, Kim H.; Kobayashi, Genki; Kanno, Ryoji


    In order to study the diffusive nature of lithium transition-metal phospho-olivines, we measured muon-spin relaxation (μ+SR) spectra for the polycrystalline LiMPO4 samples with M=Mn, Fe, Co, or Ni in the temperature range between 50 and 500 K. The μ+SR spectra under zero applied field are strongly affected by the magnetic moments of the 3d electrons in the M2+ ions so that, for LiMnPO4, it was difficult to detect the relaxation change caused by the diffusion due to the large Mn2+(S=5/2) moments. However, diffusive behavior was clearly observed via the relaxation due to nuclear dipolar fields above ˜150 K for LiFePO4, LiCoPO4, and LiNiPO4 as S decreased from 2 to 1. From the temperature dependence of the nuclear field fluctuation rate, self-diffusion coefficients of Li+ ions (DLi) at 300 K and its activation energy (Ea) were estimated, respectively, as ˜3.6(2)×10-10 cm2/s and Ea=0.10(2) eV for LiFePO4, ˜1.6(1)×10-10 cm2/s and Ea=0.10(1) eV for LiCoPO4, and ˜2.7(4)×10-10 cm2/s and Ea=0.17(2) eV for LiNiPO4, assuming that the diffusing Li+ ions jump between the regular site and interstitial sites.

  5. Rapid Microwave-Assisted Solvothermal Synthesis of Non-Olivine Cmcm Polymorphs of LiMPO4 (M = Mn, Fe, Co, and Ni) at Low Temperature and Pressure.


    Assat, Gaurav; Manthiram, Arumugam


    Lithium transition-metal phosphates, LiMPO4 (M = Mn, Fe, Co, and Ni), have attracted significant research interest over the past two decades as an important class of lithium ion battery cathode materials. However, almost all of the investigations thus far have focused on the olivine polymorph that exists in the orthorhombic Pnma space group. In this study, a distinct orthorhombic but non-olivine polymorph of LiMPO4, described by a Cmcm space group symmetry, has been synthesized with M = Mn, Fe, Co, and Ni. Of these, LiMnPO4 in the Cmcm space group is reported for the first time. A rapid microwave-assisted solvothermal (MW-ST) heating process with tetraethylene glycol (TEG) as the solvent and transition-metal oxalates as precursors facilitates the synthesis of these materials. The peak reaction temperatures and pressures were below 300 °C and 30 bar, respectively, which are several orders of magnitude lower than those of the previously reported high-pressure (gigapascals) method. X-ray diffraction (XRD) confirms the crystal structure with the Cmcm space group, and scanning electron micrographs indicate a submicrometer thin platelet-like morphology. The synthesis process conditions have been optimized to obtain impurity-free samples with the correct stoichiometry, as characterized by XRD and inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectroscopy (ICP-OES). Upon heat treatment to higher temperatures, an irreversible transformation of the metastable Cmcm polymorphs into olivine is observed by XRD and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Although the electrochemical activity of these polymorphs as lithium ion cathodes turns out to be poor, the facile synthesis under mild conditions has permitted easy access to these materials in a nanomorphology, some of which were not even possible before.

  6. Evaluation on the effectiveness of actions for controlling infestation by rodents in Campo Limpo region, Sao Paulo Municipality, Brazil.


    de Masi, Eduardo; Vilaça, Pedro José; Razzolini, Maria Tereza Pepe


    Rodents are responsible for the transmission of more than 60 diseases both to human beings and to domestic animals. The increase in rodent infestation in a given area brings several health problems to the nearby population. Thus, when infestation increases, it is time to take intervention measures. Although many countries have implemented programs aimed at controlling rodent infestation, literature on studies evaluating the effectiveness of intervention measures in urban areas is scarce. Aimed at contributing to the understanding of rodents' population dynamics in urban areas, the objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the control methods proposed by "Programa de Vigilancia e Controle de Roedores do Municipio de Sao Paulo" (Program for Rodents Surveillance and Control in Sao Paulo Municipality), conducted on Jardim Comercial District. As a first step, a survey to assess infestation rates was conducted in 1529 dwellings located in the area studied. After that, a chemical control upon rodents was accomplished in every dwelling infested. One week and six months after completion of control measures, a new evaluation on infestation rates was carried out, in order to verify the effectiveness of the procedures taken and to estimate the re-infestation capacity. Initial infestation rate was 40.0%, and the final infestation rate, 14.4%. Therefore, the effectiveness of the control methods utilized was 63.8%. It can thus be concluded that the control methods applied were quite effective.

  7. Quality of life of patients using intermittent urinary catheterization.


    Fumincelli, Laís; Mazzo, Alessandra; Martins, José Carlos Amado; Henriques, Fernando Manuel Dias; Orlandin, Leonardo


    measure and compare the quality of life of neurogenic bladder patients using intermittent urinary catheterization who were going through rehabilitation in Brazil and Portugal. multicenter, quantitative, cross-sectional, observational-analytic and correlational study executed in Brazil and Portugal. Two data collection tools were used, being one questionnaire with sociodemographic and clinical data and the World Health Organization Quality of Life-bref. Patients were included who were over 18 years of age, suffering from neurogenic urinary bladder and using intermittent urinary catheterization. in the sample of Brazilian (n = 170) and Portuguese (n = 52) patients, respectively, most patients were single (87-51.2%; 25-48.1%), had finished primary education (47-45.3%; 31-59.6%) and were retired (70-41.2%; 21-40.4%). Spinal cord injury was the main cause of using the urinary catheter in both countries. The Brazilian patients presented higher mean quality of life scores in the psychological domain (68.9) and lower scores in the physical domain (58.9). The Portuguese patients presented higher scores in the psychological domain (68.4) and lower scores in the environment domain (59.4). The execution of intermittent urinary self-catheterization was significant for both countries. in the two countries, these patients' quality of life can be determined by the improvement in the urinary symptoms, independence, self-confidence, social relationships and access to work activities. mensurar e comparar a qualidade de vida de pacientes com bexiga neurogênica em uso do cateterismo urinário intermitente em processo de reabilitação, no Brasil e em Portugal. estudo multicêntrico, Brasil e Portugal, quantitativo, transversal, observacional-analítico e correlacional. Foram utilizados dois instrumentos de coleta, um questionário de dados sociodemográficos e clínicos e World Health Organization Quality Life-bref. Foram inclusos pacientes maiores de 18 anos, com bexiga urin

  8. Understanding the thermal and mechanical stabilities of olivine-type LiMPO4 (M = Fe, Mn) as cathode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries from first principles.


    Xie, Ying; Yu, Hai-Tao; Yi, Ting-Feng; Zhu, Yan-Rong


    To elucidate the microscopic origin of the difference behaviors, first-principles calculations were performed to investigate the thermal and mechanical stabilities of LixFePO4 and LixMnPO4. The calculated free energies suggested that LiFePO4 and LiMnPO4 are thermal stable with respect to relevant oxides both in their pristine and fully delithiated states. According to the calculations, it can be identified that the shear deformations are more easier to occur with respect to the volume compressions in LixFePO4 and LixMnPO4, and this phenomenon is related to M-O(I) and M-O(II) bonds. Typically for MnPO4, Li(+) extraction from the host structures further weakens the Mn-O(I) bonds by about 33%, and it thus becomes very brittle. The shear anisotropy (AG) of MnPO4 is abnormally large and has already reached 19.05 %, which is about 6 times as large as that of FePO4. Therefore, shear deformations and dislocations occur easily in MnPO4. Moreover, as the Mn-O(I) bonds in MnPO4 are mainly spread within the {101} and {1̅01} crystal planes, the relevant slip systems thus allow the recombination of bonds at the interfaces, leading to the experimentally observed phase transformation. It can be concluded that mechanical reason will play an important role for the poor cycling performance of MnPO4.

  9. Probing magnetic order in LiMPO4 (M= Ni, Co, Fe) and lithium diffusion in LixFePO4

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Baker, P. J.; Franke, I.; Pratt, F. L.; Lancaster, T.; Prabhakaran, D.; Hayes, W.; Blundell, S. J.


    Muon spin relaxation measurements are reported on three members of the LixMPO4 series. The magnetic properties of stoichiometric samples with M= Ni, Co, Fe were investigated at low temperature. In LiNiPO4 we observe different forms of the muon decay asymmetry in the commensurate and incommensurate antiferromagnetic phases, accompanied by a change in the temperature dependence of the muon oscillation frequency. In LiCoPO4 the form of the muon decay asymmetry indicates that the correlation between layers decreases as the Néel temperature is approached from below. LiFePO4 shows more conventional behavior, typical for a three-dimensional antiferromagnet. Measurements on LixFePO4 with x=0.8,0.9, and 1 show evidence for lithium diffusion below ˜250 K and muon diffusion dominating the form of the relaxation at higher temperature. The thermally activated form of the observed hopping rate suggests an activation barrier for lithium diffusion of ˜100 meV and a diffusion constant of DLi˜10-10to10-9 cm2 s-1 at room temperature.

  10. LiMPO4 and derived NaMPO4 (M = Mn, Fe, Mg) with excellent electrochemical properties for lithium/sodium ion batteries

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Zou, Bang-Kun; Shao, Yu; Qiang, Zi-Yue; Liao, Jia-Ying; Tang, Zhong-Feng; Chen, Chun-Hua


    A simple two-step solid-state-reaction process is adopted to synthesize carbon-coated Mg-doped Li(Mn,Fe)PO4 (LMMFP) nano-particles. As positive electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries, the carbon-coated LMMFP samples show excellent electrochemical properties in a temperature range from -20 to 55 °C. For example, LiMn0.48Fe0.5Mg0.02PO4 can deliver a capacity of 146.2 mAh g-1 at 3C rate and retain 95.3% after 450 cycles at 25 °C. It can also deliver 160.7 mAh g-1 at 1C and retain 97.7% after 100 cycles at 55 °C. Even at -20 °C, it gives a capacity of 109.5 mAh g-1 with an average discharge voltage of 3.37 V at 0.2C. In Na/LMMFP cells, the LMMFP electrodes can be electrochemically converted into Mg-doped Na(Mn,Fe)PO4 (NMMFP) electrodes for sodium-ion batteries (SIBs). Ex-situ XRD proves that the derived NMMFP have an olivine-type structure and can reversibly extract and insert sodium ions. For example, NaMn0.48Fe0.5Mg0.02PO4 can deliver a reversible specific capacity of 126.9 mAh g-1 after 30 cycles at 0.1C with an average discharge voltage of 3.1 V. This study opens up a new direction on exploring olivine-type SIB cathodes.

  11. Stereo photo series for quantifying cerrado fuels in Central Brazil—volume I.


    R.D. Ottmar; R.E. Vihnanek; H.S. Miranda; M.N. Sata; S.M. Andrade


    The first volume of the Cerrado photo series is a collection of sites that represent a range of physiognomic forms of the Cerrado in central Brazil including campo limpo, campo sujo, cerrado ralo, cerrado sensu stricto, and cerrado denso. Sites include wide-angle and stereo pair photographs supplemented with information on living and dead fuels,...

  12. Structural and ac electrical properties of LiCoPO4 synthesised by template free hydrothermal approach

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Vijayan, Lakshmi; Cheruku, Rajesh; Govindaraj, G.


    Olivine structured material shows specific capacities up to 170mAh/g and can be charged in a very short time. LiMPO4, (M=transition metal ion) does not consists of heavy metal and have no memory loss like Ni-Cd, Ni-metal hydride solutions. Benefit of LiMPO4 is its flexibility for the cell design and battery applications. Li based LiCoPO4 of Orthophosphate family is synthesized by template free sucrose assisted hydrothermal method. Olivine structured compounds possess orthorhombic crystal structure with Pnma, pmnb space group having four formula units. The material is characterized through different techniques like XRD, FTIR, SEM, VSM and electrical characterization is done through impedance spectroscopy and the results are reported.

  13. [Adverse events during diagnostic and therapeutic pediatric cardiac catheterization].


    Zepeda-Arámbula, Armando; Gutiérrez-Cobian, Lorenzo; Villatoro-Fernández, Jorge Luis; Pacheco-López, Sandra Livier; Tlacuilo-Parra, Alberto


    Introducción: el objetivo de este trabajo fue determinar la frecuencia de eventos adversos durante la realización de cateterismo cardíaco tanto diagnóstico, como terapéutico pediátrico. Métodos: se revisaron los expedientes de pacientes sometidos a cateterismo cardiaco durante el periodo del 1 de Mayo al 31 de Octubre de 2014, para determinar la frecuencia de eventos adversos presentados en las primeras 24 horas posteriores al procedimiento. Resultados: durante el periodo de seis meses se realizaron 143 procedimientos, de los cuales cumplieron criterios de inclusión 126, según el tipo de procedimiento se dividieron en: diagnósticos 68 (54%) y terapéuticos 58 (46%). Se presentó algún evento adverso en 16 pacientes (13% de los procedimientos), 11.7% durante cateterismo diagnóstico y 14% durante el procedimiento terapéutico. Se clasificaron como: serios 7 (5.5%), que ponen en peligro la vida 5 (3.9%) y como catastróficos 1 (0.79%). Los factores que se asociaron con el desarrollo de algún evento adverso fueron: edad menor de un año (OR = 5.45), ingreso a sala de hemodinamia no programado (OR = 1.2), y manejo con inotrópico (OR = 7). Conclusiones: el cateterismo cardiaco realizado en nuestra unidad es un procedimiento seguro, con un porcentaje de eventos adversos similar a lo reportado a nivel mundial. Es primordial efectuar una valoración adecuada e integral del paciente antes del ingreso a sala, considerando la estratificación según las categorías de riesgo, así como el estado de gravedad del niño.

  14. [Experience in the treatment of patent ductus arteriosus closure at a mexican hospital].


    Márquez-González, Horacio; Castro-Contreras, Uriel; Cerrud-Sánchez, Carmen Emma; López-Gallegos, Diana; Yáñez-Gutiérrez, Lucelli


    Introducción: la persistencia del conducto arterioso (PCA) representa una de las enfermedades con mayor prevalencia en los hospitales que atienden cardiopatías congénitas (CC). En la actualidad en pacientes mayores de un año de edad el cierre percutáneo es la terapéutica estándar. El objetivo de este trabajo fue conocer la frecuencia, características y tratamiento de PCA en el servicio de Cardiopatías Congénitas en el Hospital de Cardiología del Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI. Métodos: en el servicio de Cardiopatías Congénitas del Hospital de Cardiología del CMN SXXI se realizó un estudio descriptivo de 2010 a 2015 de los enfermos que fueron tratados con cierre percutáneo y cirugía de PCA. Se dividieron en las siguientes edades: lactantes, preescolares, escolares, adolescentes y adultos. Se registraron las frecuencias absolutas. Resultados: se seleccionaron 187 pacientes, de los cuales los preescolares y escolares representaron el 60% del total de la muestra. El cierre percutáneo por cateterismo intervencionsta se realizó en 90%; se registró un 2% de complicaciones. Conclusiones: en esta clínica de cardiopatías congénitas, la PCA es tratada por cateterismo intervencionista en la mayoría de las etapas del ser humano, lo que ha registrado mínimas complicaciones.

  15. Intermitência alfvênica gerada por caos na atmosfera solar e no vento solar

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Rempel, E. L.; Chian, A. C.-L.; Macau, E. E. N.; Rosa, R. R.


    Dados medidos no vento solar rápido proveniente dos buracos coronais revelam que os plasmas no meio interplanetário são dominados por flutuações Alfvênicas, caracterizadas por uma alta correlação entre as variações do campo magnético e da velocidade do plasma. As flutuações exibem muitas características esperadas em turbulência magneto-hidrodinâmica totalmente desenvolvida, tais como intermitência e espectros contínuos. Contudo, os mecanismos responsáveis pela evolução de turbulência Alfvênica intermitente não são completamente compreendidos. Neste trabalho a teoria de caos é usada para explicar como sistemas Alfvênicos, modelados pela equação Schrödinger não-linear derivativa e pela equação Kuramoto-Sivashinsky, podem se tornar fortemente caóticos à medida em que parâmetros do plasma são variados. Pequenas perturbações no parâmetro de dissipação podem fazer com que o sistema mude bruscamente de um regime periódico, ou fracamente caótico, para um regime fortemente caótico. As séries temporais das flutuações do campo magnético nos regimes fortemente caóticos exibem comportamento intermitente, em que fases laminares ou fracamente caóticas são interrompidas por fortes estouros caóticos. É mostrado que o regime fortemente caótico é atingido quando as soluções periódicas ou fracamente caóticas globalmente estáveis interagem com soluções do sistema que são fortemente caóticas, mas globalmente instáveis. Estas soluções globalmente instáveis são conjuntos caóticos não-atrativos conhecidos como selas caóticas, e são responsáveis pelos fortes estouros nos regimes intermitentes. Selas caóticas têm sido detectadas experimentalmente em uma grande variedade de sistemas, sendo provável que elas desempenhem um papel importante na turbulência intermitente observada em plasmas espaciais.

  16. Groundwater recharge in different physiognomies of the Brazilian Cerrado

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Oliveira, P. T. S.; Leite, M.; Mattos, T.; Wendland, E.; Nearing, M. A.


    Since 2014, several cities of southeastern Brazil have grappled with their worst drought in nearly 80 years. To improve water availability in this region, the Brazilian government has studied the possibility of increasing groundwater use, mainly in the Guarani Aquifer System (GAS), the largest (~1.2 million km2) transnational boundary groundwater reservoir in South America. Approximately one half of the outcrop areas of the GAS are located in the Cerrado biome, the main agricultural expansion region in Brazil. Large areas of Cerrado vegetation have been converted into farmland in recent years; however, little attention has been paid to the consequences of this land cover and land use change on groundwater recharge. In this study we assessed groundwater recharge in different physiognomies of the Cerrado located in an outcrop area of the GAS. Water table fluctuations were measured from October 2011 through August 2013, by 64 monitoring wells distributed on five physiognomies of the undisturbed Cerrado. We used 20 (2.2±0.3 m), 20 (4.3±1.4 m), 14 (4.7±1.9 m), 9 (6.2±0.7 m), and 1 (42 m) monitoring wells (and average depth of wells) for "campo limpo" (cerrado grassland), "campo sujo" (shrub cerrado), "campo cerrado" (shrub cerrado), "cerrado sensu stricto" (wooded cerrado), and "cerrado sensu stricto denso" (cerrado woodland), respectively. Recharge was computed for each well using the Water Table Fluctuation method. The measured precipitation for hydrological years 2011-12 and 2012-13 were 1247 mm and 1194 mm, respectively. We found values of average annual recharge of 363 mm, 354 mm, 324 mm, and 315 mm for "campo limpo", "campo sujo","campo cerrado", and "cerrado sensu stricto", respectively. We did not find changes in the water table level in the one well located in the "cerrado sensu stricto denso". The water table in this well was 35 m deep; therefore, the amount of water that eventually reached the saturated zone was not enough to cause a rapid change in the

  17. Vestibular system paresis due to emergency endovascular catheterization.


    Simoceli, Lucinda; Sguillar, Danilo Anunciatto; Santos, Henrique Mendes Paiva; Caputti, Camilla


    Objetivo: O objetivo deste relato de caso é descrever uma causa incomum de vestibulopatia periférica associada à perda auditiva unilateral em paciente idoso pós- cateterismo de urgência.Relato de caso: Paciente do gênero masculino, 82 anos, submetido à correção de aneurisma roto de aorta abdominal, no intra-operatório sofreu infarto agudo do miocárdio necessitando de angioplastia primária. Após alta hospitalar refere queixa de hipoacusia acentuada à direita e vertigem incapacitante, sem sinais neurológicos focais. Ao exame clínico otorrinolaringológico apresentava: Teste de Weber lateralizado para a esquerda, nistagmo espontâneo para a esquerda , marcha oscilante, leve disbasia e ataxia, índex-nariz e diadococinesia normais, Teste de Romberg com oscilação sem queda e Fukuda com desvio lateral para a direita. O exame audiométrico evidenciava anacusia à direita e perda neurossensorial à esquerda em agudos, arreflexia vestibular à direita na prova calórica e, na tomografia computadorizada dos ossos temporais e tronco-encefálico, presença de haste metálica atravessando o osso temporal direito, a partir da veia jugular interna e bulbo jugular, atravessando os canais semicirculares posterior, superior e vestíbulo, projetando-se em lobo temporal. O diagnóstico radiológico foi lesão traumática por guia endovascular metálico durante cateterismo de urgência e a conduta, considerando que o paciente não havia compensado o equilíbrio, foi reabilitação vestibular.Conclusão: Queixas de tontura no paciente idoso devem ser criteriosamente avaliadas diante do seu histórico clínico patológico pois os antecedentes de doenças e tratamentos prévios, em geral, direcionam as hipóteses diagnósticas porém podem trazer alterações inesperadas.

  18. [Reversible porencephalic cyst related to shunt dysfunction].


    Santín-Amo, José M; Rico-Cotelo, María; Serramito-García, Ramón; Gelabert-González, Miguel; Allut, Alfredo G


    Introduccion. El tratamiento quirurgico de la hidrocefalia es uno de los procedimientos quirurgicos mas habituales en la neurocirugia pediatrica, y las derivaciones ventriculoperitoneales constituyen una herramienta fundamental en el tratamiento de la hidrocefalia tanto infantil como del adulto. Las complicaciones de las valvulas son relativamente frecuentes, sobre todo en la poblacion pediatrica, y, entre estas, las mas habituales incluyen: las obstrucciones, las desconexiones, el hiperdrenaje y las infecciones. Caso clinico. Niña de 7,5 años, portadora de una valvula ventriculoperitoneal, que presentaba cefalea intermitente. Un estudio con tomografia computarizada demostro una lesion quistica temporal derecha. Tras la revision valvular, la tomografia computarizada evidencio la reduccion del quiste. Conclusiones. La formacion de una cavidad porencefalica es una complicacion poco frecuente. Se relaciona con problemas en el cateter distal en pacientes con ventriculos dilatados y de las que existen escasas referencias en la bibliografia.

  19. Dynamic study of sub-micro sized LiFePO4 cathodes by in-situ tender X-ray absorption near edge structure

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Wang, Dongniu; Wang, Huixin; Yang, Jinli; Zhou, Jigang; Hu, Yongfeng; Xiao, Qunfeng; Fang, Haitao; Sham, Tsun-Kong


    Olivine-type phosphates (LiMPO4, M = Fe, Mn, Co) are promising cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries that are generally accepted to follow first order equilibrium phase transformations. Herein, the phase transformation dynamics of sub-micro sized LiFePO4 particles with limited rate capability at a low current density of 0.14 C was investigated. An in-situ X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES) measurement was conducted at the Fe and P K-edge for the dynamic studies upon lithiation and delithiation. Fe K-edge XANES spectra demonstrate that not only lithium-rich intermediate phase LixFePO4 (x = 0.6-0.75), but also lithium-poor intermediate phase LiyFePO4 (y = 0.1-0.25) exist during the charge and discharge, respectively. Furthermore, during charge and discharge, a fluctuation of the FePO4 and LiFePO4 fractions obtained by liner combination fitting around the imaginary phase fractions followed Faraday's law and the equilibrium first-order two-phase transformation versus reaction time is present, respectively. The charging and discharging process has a reversible phase transformation dynamics with symmetric structural evolution routes. P K-edge XANES spectra reveal an enrichment of PF6-1 anions at the surface of the electrode during charging.

  20. Hole polaron formation and migration in olivine phosphate materials

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Johannes, M. D.; Hoang, Khang; Allen, J. L.; Gaskell, K.


    By combining first-principles calculations and experimental x-ray photoemission (XPS) spectroscopy measurements, we investigate the electronic structure of potential Li-ion battery cathode materials LiMPO4 (M=Mn, Fe, Co, Ni) to uncover the underlying mechanisms that determine small hole polaron formation and migration. We show that small hole polaron formation depends on features in the electronic structure near the valence-band maximum and that, calculationally, these features depend on the methodology chosen for dealing with the correlated nature of the transition-metal d-derived states in these systems. Comparison with experiment reveals that a hybrid functional approach is superior to GGA+U in correctly reproducing the XPS spectra. Using this approach, we find that LiNiPO4 cannot support small hole polarons, but that the other three compounds can. The migration barrier is determined mainly by the strong- or weak-bonding nature of the states at the top of the valence band, resulting in a substantially higher barrier for LiMnPO4 than for LiCoPO4 or LiFePO4.

  1. Effects of soil and space on the woody species composition and vegetation structure of three Cerrado phytophysiognomies in the Cerrado-Amazon transition.


    Maracahipes-Santos, L; Lenza, E; Santos, J O; Mews, H A; Oliveira, B


    The Cerrado Biome is considered one of the world's biodiversity hotspots because of its rich biodiversity, the high level of endemism and the increasing threat. The Cerrado is composed by a mosaic of different vegetation types, including physiognomies that vary from grasslands (campo limpo) to savannas (typical cerrado or cerrado sensu stricto) and cerrado woodlands (cerradão). However, the factors that determine the composition of the Cerrado's flora and the structure of the physiognomies that compose this biome are still poorly understood. Here, we investigate the influence of the chemical and granulometric properties of the soil and the effect of geographic distance on the occurrence and abundance of woody species in three Cerrado phytophysiognomies - cerrado woodland (cerradão), dense cerrado savanna and typical cerrado savanna - in the Cerrado-Amazon transition. We tested the hypothesis that the edaphic characteristics and geographic space determine the species composition and the structure of the woody vegetation of these three phytophysiognomies. We demonstrate that the dissimilarities in the structure and composition of the three sites were determined more by space (13% of explanation) than edaphic properties (1%), but primarily by the interaction between these two factors (26%). We conclude that, in situations where the chemical and granulometric properties of the soil are relatively homogeneous, as we found in the present study, geographic distance between sites has a greater influence than variation in the substrate's properties on modelling the occurrence and abundance of the woody plant species in the Cerrado.

  2. Redox potential trend with transition metal elements in lithium-ion battery cathode materials

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Chen, Zhenlian; Li, Jun


    First-principles calculations are performed to investigate the relationship between the intrinsic voltage and element-lattice for the popular transition metal oxides and polyoxyanionic compounds as cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries. A V-shape redox potential in olivine phosphates LiMPO4 and orthogonal silicates Li2MSiO4 (M =Mn, Fe, Co, Ni), and an N-shape one in layered oxides LiMO2 (M =Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu) relative to transition metal M elements are found to be inversely characteristic of electronic energy contribution, which costs energy in the lithiation process and is defined as electron affinity. The maxima of electron affinity, locating at different elements for different types of crystal lattices are determined by delectronic configurations that cross the turning point of a full occupancy of electronic bands, which is determined by the cooperative effect of crystal field splitting and intraionic exchange interactions. The Ningbo Key Innovation Team, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Postdoctoral Foundation of China

  3. Species-environment relationship in the herb-subshrub layer of a moist Savanna site, Federal District, Brazil.


    Munhoz, C B R; Felfili, J M; Rodrigues, C


    The soils are seasonally or permanently saturated in the moist grassland savanna, locally known as Campo Limpo Umido. Soil moisture variation seems to determine spatial distribution of communities. The objective of this study is to analyse the relationship between environmental variables and the patterns of spatial distribution of species in the herbaceous-subshrub layer of an area of moist grassland at the Agua Limpa Farm, Brasília, DF (15 degrees 56' to 15 degrees 59' S and 47 degrees 55' to 47 degrees 58' W Gr.). An area of 400 x 400 m was divided into four sections of 200 x 200 m where four transects were randomly sampled. A line intercept method was adopted for the phytossociological study. Superficial soils samples (0-20 cm) were collected for chemical and textural analyses. Gravimetric soil moisture was measured quarterly during the study-year. A total of 85 species in 67 genera and 24 families were found. The diversity was high, Shannon's index, H', was 2.60 nats.cover(-1). Floristic composition of the transects in soils with a high gravimetric soil moisture and high content of organic matter and sand differed from those transects in soils with a lower gravimetric soil moisture indicating seasonal variation. A Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA) showed significant correlations between soil texture and soil moisture features and species distribution. Gravimetric soil moisture, organic matter, clay, silt and sand were significantly correlated to species distribution in the moist grassland determining mosaics in the vegetation.

  4. Structural and Morphological Tuning of LiCoPO4 Materials Synthesized by Solvo-Thermal Methods for Li-Cell Applications

    PubMed Central

    Manzi, Jessica; Curcio, Mariangela; Brutti, Sergio


    Olivine-type lithium metal phosphates (LiMPO4) are promising cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries. LiFePO4 (LFP) is commonly used in commercial Li-ion cells but the Fe3+/Fe2+ couple can be usefully substituted with Mn3+/Mn2+, Co3+/Co2+, or Ni3+/Ni2+, in order to obtain higher redox potentials. In this communication we report a systematic analysis of the synthesis condition of LiCoPO4 (LCP) using a solvo-thermal route at low temperature, the latter being a valuable candidate to overcome the theoretical performances of LFP. In fact, LCP shows higher working potential (4.8 V vs. 3.6 V) compared to LFP and similar theoretical capacity (167 mAh·g−1). Our goal is to show the effect of the synthesis condition of the ability of LCP to reversibly cycle lithium in electrochemical cells. LCP samples have been prepared through a solvo-thermal method in aqueous-non aqueous solvent blends. Different Co2+ salts have been used to study the effect of the anion on the crystal growth as well as the effect of solution acidity, temperature and reaction time. Materials properties have been characterized by Fast-Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopies. The correlation between structure/morphology and electrochemical performances has been investigated by galvanostatic charge-discharge cycles.

  5. General strategy for designing core-shell nanostructured materials for high-power lithium ion batteries.


    Shen, Laifa; Li, Hongsen; Uchaker, Evan; Zhang, Xiaogang; Cao, Guozhong


    Because of its extreme safety and outstanding cycle life, Li(4)Ti(5)O(12) has been regarded as one of the most promising anode materials for next-generation high-power lithium-ion batteries. Nevertheless, Li(4)Ti(5)O(12) suffers from poor electronic conductivity. Here, we develop a novel strategy for the fabrication of Li(4)Ti(5)O(12)/carbon core-shell electrodes using metal oxyacetyl acetonate as titania and single-source carbon. Importantly, this novel approach is simple and general, with which we have successfully produce nanosized particles of an olivine-type LiMPO(4) (M = Fe, Mn, and Co) core with a uniform carbon shell, one of the leading cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries. Metal acetylacetonates first decompose with carbon coating the particles, which is followed by a solid state reaction in the limited reaction area inside the carbon shell to produce the LTO/C (LMPO(4)/C) core-shell nanostructure. The optimum design of the core-shell nanostructures permits fast kinetics for both transported Li(+) ions and electrons, enabling high-power performance.

  6. Risk factors for complications in peripheral intravenous catheters in adults: secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial.


    Johann, Derdried Athanasio; Danski, Mitzy Tannia Reichembach; Vayego, Stela Adami; Barbosa, Dulce Aparecida; Lind, Jolline


    analyze the risk factors linked to complications in peripheral intravenous catheters. secondary data analysis of a randomized controlled trial with 169 medical and surgical patients placed in two groups, one with integrated safety catheter (n=90) and other using simple needle catheter (n=79), with three months follow-up time. the risk factors that raised the odds of developing complications were: hospitalization between 10-19 days (p=0.0483) and 20-29 days (p=0,0098), antimicrobial use (p=0.0288) and use of fluid solutions (p=0.0362). The 20 Gauge lowered the risks of complications (p=0.0153). Multiple analysis showed reduction of risk for the 20 Gauge (p=0.0350); heightened risk for solutions and fluids (p=0.0351) and use of corticosteroids (p=0.0214). risk factors linked to complications in peripheral intravenous catheters were: hospitalization periods between 10-29 days, antimicrobial infusion, solutions and fluids and corticosteroids. Regarding complications, 20 Gauge is a protecting factor compared with 22. Brazilian Clinical Trials Registry: RBR-46ZQR8. analisar os fatores de risco relacionados à ocorrência de complicações no cateterismo venoso periférico. análise secundária de dados de um ensaio clínico randomizado, no qual 169 pacientes clínicos e cirúrgicos foram alocados no grupo em uso de cateter de segurança completo (n = 90) e no grupo que utilizou cateter sobre agulha simples (n = 79), tempo de seguimento de três meses. os fatores de risco que aumentaram as chances de desenvolvimento de complicações foram: períodos de internação compreendidos entre 10 a 19 dias (p = 0,0483) e 20 a 29 dias (p = 0,0098), uso de antimicrobianos (p = 0,0288) e soluções e planos de soro (p = 0,0362). O calibre 20 Gauge diminuiu os riscos de ocorrência de complicações (p=0,0153). A análise múltipla apontou redução do risco para o calibre 20 (p = 0,0350); aumento do risco para a infusão de soluções e planos de soro (p = 0,0351) e administra

  7. [Biofeedback effectiveness in patients with fecal incontinence].


    Guerra-Mora, José Raúl; Buenrostro-Acebes, José María; Erciga-Vergara, Nancy; Zubieta-O'Farrill, Gregorio; Castillo-Calcáneo, Juan de Dios; Mosqueda, Maria Elena; Monroy-Argumedo, Montserrat; González-Alvarado, Carlos; Villanueva-Saenz, Eduardo


    Introducción: el origen anómalo de la arteria coronaria izquierda del seno coronario derecho (ACAOS) se caracteriza porque la arteria coronaria principal izquierda se origina anómalamente del seno de valsalva aórtico coronario derecho y cuyo trayecto puede seguir cuatro diferentes caminos hacia el lado izquierdo del corazón. Caso clínico: masculino de 73 años de edad, que ingresó al hospital por dolor precordial de tipo opresivo, intensidad 10/10 con irradiación a brazo izquierdo y cuello, acompañado de diaforesis y nausea. El diagnóstico fue de un síndrome isquémico coronario agudo sometido a terapia trombolítica Su evolución posterior fue no satisfactoria debido a diferentes complicaciones que lo llevaron a la muerte. Conclusiones: el diagnóstico del origen anómalo de la arteria coronaria izquierda del seno opuesto (ACAOS), se establece únicamente a través de métodos de diagnósticos como la angiotomografía computada cardiaca o un cateterismo cardiaco como parte del abordaje de un síndrome isquémico coronario agudo que permiten establecer las características morfológicas de las arterias coronarias como las diferentes variantes anatómicas y sus características particulares respecto a las estructuras adyacentes.

  8. [Anomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the opposite breast. Pathological case].


    Valencia-Sánchez, Jesús Salvador; Moreno-Vázquez, Alejandra; González-Díaz, Belinda; Valencia-Palacios, Beatriz Elizabeth


    Introducción: el origen anómalo de la arteria coronaria izquierda del seno coronario derecho (ACAOS) se caracteriza porque la arteria coronaria principal izquierda se origina anómalamente del seno de valsalva aórtico coronario derecho y cuyo trayecto puede seguir cuatro diferentes caminos hacia el lado izquierdo del corazón. Caso clínico: masculino de 73 años de edad, que ingresó al hospital por dolor precordial de tipo opresivo, intensidad 10/10 con irradiación a brazo izquierdo y cuello, acompañado de diaforesis y nausea. El diagnóstico fue de un síndrome isquémico coronario agudo sometido a terapia trombolítica Su evolución posterior fue no satisfactoria debido a diferentes complicaciones que lo llevaron a la muerte. Conclusiones: el diagnóstico del origen anómalo de la arteria coronaria izquierda del seno opuesto (ACAOS), se establece únicamente a través de métodos de diagnósticos como la angiotomografía computada cardiaca o un cateterismo cardiaco como parte del abordaje de un síndrome isquémico coronario agudo que permiten establecer las características morfológicas de las arterias coronarias como las diferentes variantes anatómicas y sus características particulares respecto a las estructuras adyacentes.

  9. About the Compatibility between High Voltage Spinel Cathode Materials and Solid Oxide Electrolytes as a Function of Temperature.


    Miara, Lincoln; Windmüller, Anna; Tsai, Chih-Long; Richards, William D; Ma, Qianli; Uhlenbruck, Sven; Guillon, Olivier; Ceder, Gerbrand


    The reactivity of mixtures of high voltage spinel cathode materials Li2NiMn3O8, Li2FeMn3O8, and LiCoMnO4 cosintered with Li1.5Al0.5Ti1.5(PO4)3 and Li6.6La3Zr1.6Ta0.4O12 electrolytes is studied by thermal analysis using X-ray-diffraction and differential thermoanalysis and thermogravimetry coupled with mass spectrometry. The results are compared with predicted decomposition reactions from first-principles calculations. Decomposition of the mixtures begins at 600 °C, significantly lower than the decomposition temperature of any component, especially the electrolytes. For the cathode + Li6.6La3Zr1.6Ta0.4O12 mixtures, lithium and oxygen from the electrolyte react with the cathodes to form highly stable Li2MnO3 and then decompose to form stable and often insulating phases such as La2Zr2O7, La2O3, La3TaO7, TiO2, and LaMnO3 which are likely to increase the interfacial impedance of a cathode composite. The decomposition reactions are identified with high fidelity by first-principles calculations. For the cathode + Li1.5Al0.5Ti1.5(PO4)3 mixtures, the Mn tends to oxidize to MnO2 or Mn2O3, supplying lithium to the electrolyte for the formation of Li3PO4 and metal phosphates such as AlPO4 and LiMPO4 (M = Mn, Ni). The results indicate that high temperature cosintering to form dense cathode composites between spinel cathodes and oxide electrolytes will produce high impedance interfacial products, complicating solid state battery manufacturing.

  10. Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Structural Evolution of ε-LiVOPO 4 over Multiple Lithium Intercalation

    SciTech Connect

    Lin, Yuh-Chieh; Wen, Bohua; Wiaderek, Kamila M.; Sallis, Shawn; Liu, Hao; Lapidus, Saul H.; Borkiewicz, Olaf J.; Quackenbush, Nicholas F.; Chernova, Natasha A.; Karki, Khim; Omenya, Fredrick; Chupas, Peter J.; Piper, Louis F. J.; Whittingham, M. Stanley; Chapman, Karena W.; Ong, Shyue Ping


    ε -Li x VOPO 4 is a promising multi-electron cathode for rechargeable lithium-ion bat- teries that has an extremely high theoretical capacity of 318 mAh/g. In this w ork, we demonstrate the stable cycling of more than one Li in solid-state-syn thesized ε - LiVOPO 4 over more than 20 cycles for the first time. Using a combination of densit y functional theory (DFT) calculations, X-ray pair distribution funct ion (PDF) analy- sis and X-ray Absorption Near Edge Structure (XANES) measurements, we pre sent a comprehensive analysis of the thermodynamics, kinetics and stru ctural evolution of ε -Li x VOPO 4 over the entire lithiation range. We identify two intermediate ph ases at x = 1 . 5 and 1.75 in the low-voltage regime using DFT calculations, and the comput ed and electrochemically measured voltage profiles are in excellent agree ment. Operando PDF techniques show a reversible hysteretic change in the short ( < 2° A) V-O bond lengths coupled with an irreversible extension of the long V-O bond ( > 2.4 °A) dur- ing low-voltage cycling. These observations are confirmed with EXAFS spe ctra. We identify hydrogen intercalation from the electrolyte decomposition as a likely explana- tion for the ~ 2 . 4°A V-O bond and its irreversible extension. In terms of electronic conductivity, we find Li x VOPO 4 to be a large band gap insulator across the entire lithiation range, and calculated small polaron migration barriers are similar to those of the olivine LiMPO 4 cathodes. Finally, we demonstrate that ε -LiVOPO 4 is likely to be a one-dimensional diffuser using climbing-image nudged elastic ban d calculations. These results highlight the importance of nano-sizing and carbon coating in achieving good electrochemical performance in this material.

  11. [Organic and functional limitations due to milking phenomenon: a clinical case report].


    Gómez-Henry, Juan Carlos; Rodríguez-Pérez, Francisco Antonio


    INTRODUCCIÓN: según series angiográficas, la incidencia del fenómeno de milking oscila entre 0.6 y 4 %, sin embargo, en estudios de autopsias hasta en 85 % se ha identificado puente miocárdico, patognómónico de este trastorno. La malformación del fenómeno de milking no es identificada en la mayoría de las ocasiones, pero puede tener grandes repercusiones. El propósito es ejemplificar un caso de fenómeno de milking con consecuencias de incapacidad permanente y consecuencias laborales. CASO CLÍNICO: hombre de 44 años de edad que laboralmente se ocupaba como peón albañil y peón agrícola. Como antecedentes refirió amigdalectomía y artrosis, tabaquismo de 10 cigarrillos diarios, dos o tres tazas de café diarias y dos o tres copas de vino en fin de semana. Mediante electrocardiograma se identificó ritmo sinusal y bloqueo incompleto de la rama derecha del fascículo atrioventricular. Su frecuencia cardiaca fue de 90 latidos por minuto. Para la prueba de esfuerzo se utilizó el protocolo de Bruce, que se detuvo en el primer estadio debido a crisis hipertensiva y fibrilación auricular paroxística. El cateterismo mostró tronco común izquierdo, arteria coronaria cincunfleja y arteria coronaria derecha sin lesiones, arteria descendente anterior sin lesiones con trayecto intramiocárdico y compresión sistólica en segmento medio, con lo cual se integró el diagnóstico de milking coronario. El paciente requirió incapacidad permanente total con limitación para actividades que necesitaran esfuerzo moderado.

  12. Courtship behavior of different wild strains of Ceratitis Capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae)

    SciTech Connect

    Briceno, D.; Eberhard, W.; Vilardi, J.; Cayol, J.-P.; Shelly, T.


    This study documents differences in the courtship behavior of wild strains of Ceratitis capitata (Wiedemann) from Madeira (Portugal), Hawaii (U.S.A.), Costa Rica, and Patagonia (Argentina). Some traits showed large variations and others substantial overlaps. The angle at which the male faced toward the female at the moment of transition from continuous wing vibration and intermittent buzzing changed very little during the course of courtship in all strains, but males from Madeira tended to face more directly toward the female than other males. Females tended to look more, and more directly, toward the males as courtship progressed in all strains. The distance between male and female tended to decrease as courtship proceeded in all strains, but the distances at which males initiated continuous vibration, intermittent buzzing, and jumped onto the female were relatively less variable between strains, except for the strain from Costa Rica. Flies of Madeira courted for longer and the male moved his head and buzzed his wings longer than the other strains. (author) [Spanish] Este estudio documenta diferencias en el comportamiento de cortejo de cepas silvestres de Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) provenientes de Madeira (Portugal), Hawaii (Estados Unidos de Norte America), Costa Rica y Patagonia (Argentina). Algunas caracteristicas mostraron grandes variaciones y traslape substancial. Los angulos a los cuales los machos miraron hacia las hembras cambiaron muy poco en el momento de la transicion de la vibracion continua al zumbido intermitente durante el curso del cortejo en todo las cepas, pero los machos de Madeira tendieron a enfrentar mas directamente a la hembra que otros machos. Los angulos de las hembras disminuyeron claramente durante el cortejo en todas las cepas. La distancia entre el macho y la hembra tendio a disminuir conforme el cortejo continuaba en todas las cepas, pero las distancias a las cuales los machos iniciaron la vibracion continua, el zumbido intermitente

  13. [Hemorrhagic colloid cyst of the third ventricle: fulminant deterioration].


    Martínez-Gómez, Debora; Joanes, Vicente; Herrera, Juan Manuel; Rivera-Paz, Marlon; Vanaclocha, Vicente


    Introduccion. Los quistes coloides son tumores benignos del tercer ventriculo. La mayoria permanecen asintomaticos. Sin embargo, algunos pacientes pueden desarrollar desde cefaleas intermitentes hasta un deterioro agudo e incluso muerte subita. Existen varias teorias por las que se produciria una muerte subita en estos pacientes, entre las que se incluyen el rapido crecimiento del quiste, su rotura, la alteracion del control cardiovascular reflejo mediado por el hipotalamo y, rara vez, el sangrado del quiste, con solo 15 casos descritos en la bibliografia. Caso clinico. Varon de 45 años, con hipertension arterial como unico antecedente de interes, que sufre un deterioro brusco del nivel de consciencia a causa de una hidrocefalia aguda debida a un quiste coloide hemorragico del tercer ventriculo. Se implanto un drenaje ventricular externo en cada lado e ingreso en la unidad de cuidados intensivos, donde se certifico la muerte encefalica. Tras la extirpacion del quiste mediante abordaje transcortical frontal, se confirmo el diagnostico de quiste coloide con restos de material hemolizado subagudo. Conclusion. La hemorragia en los quistes coloides es excepcional y puede producirse en pacientes tanto sintomaticos como asintomaticos, lo que dificulta, de forma extraordinaria, el reconocimiento de esta complicacion.

  14. [Effects of ß-alanine supplementation on wingate tests in university female footballers].


    Rodríguez Rodríguez, Fernando; Delgado Ormeño, Alex; Rivera Lobos, Patricio; Tapia Aranda, Víctor; Cristi-Montero, Carlos


    Introducción: El fútbol es un deporte intermitente que desarrolla acciones de alta intensidad usando la vía anaeróbica, por tal razón, la fatiga muscular se produciría principalmente por el aumento de la acidosis. La carnosina, la cual se forma a partir de L-histidina y ß-alanina, ha demostrado producir un efecto “Tampón” sobre la acidosis muscular. Objetivo: Determinar el efecto de la suplementación con ß-alanina, en tres pruebas de Wingate sucesivas, y comparar la potencia media, máxima y el lactato sanguíneo en seleccionadas universitarias de fútbol femenino. Métodos: Se evaluaron 10 jugadoras de futbol, quienes realizaron tres Wingate, descansando 5 min entre cada sprint, determinando la potencia media, máxima y el lactato al final de cada prueba, posteriormente consumieron 2,4 gr/día de ß-alanina por 30 días y se repitieron las pruebas. El grupo control (n=8) realizó las mismas pruebas, pero sin consumir el suplemento. Se usó el cicloergómetro Monark (Ergomedic 874E) y para medir lactato el Lactate Pro 2. Resultados: El grupo con suplementación, mejoró significativamente (p.

  15. Spatial distribution of tropical wetlands in Central Brazil as influenced by geological and geomorphological settings

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    De-Campos, Alfredo Borges; de Cedro, Diego Antônio Botelho; Tejerina-Garro, Francisco Leonardo; Bayer, Maximiliano; Carneiro, Gabriel Tenaglia


    Tropical wetlands in Central Brazil are located in savanna areas and are made up of more terrestrial-type wetlands - campo limpo úmido (grassland-type savanna), campo sujo úmido (shrub-type savanna), mata galeria (riverine forest); as well as more aquatic-type wetlands - vereda (valley-side marsh with palm groves of Mauritia flexuosa), várzea (backswamp), lake, and river. They are regulated by a seasonal climatic regime characterized by a wet-rainy season from October to March and then followed by a dry season. Underground water is abundant and rivers frequently overflow during the rainy season. Many of these wetlands which are protected by law are significant regulators of water quality. In order to predict tropical wetland function and draw up environmental management policies, it is important to understand how abiotic and biotic factors influence tropical wetland origin and spatial distribution. In this large-scale study we set out to investigate the influence that geological and geormorphological settings, i.e. geological substrates and geomorphological units, have on the spatial distribution of tropical wetlands in Central Brazil. Two watersheds, the Caiapó and Piracanjuba, were selected in order to carry out the study. They present different types of rock and unconsolidated surface materials. Planation surface, escarpment and steep slope, gentle slope, and aggradation are the dominant geomorphological units in the watersheds. Principal component analysis was conducted in order to determine the influence of the selected abiotic variables on the spatial distribution of tropical wetlands. The study showed that the presence of sedimentary and low-grade metamorphic rocks and planation surface strongly influence the spatial distribution of the more terrestrial-type wetlands. Geological and geomorphological settings explain about 60% of the variability in the spatial distribution of these wetland types. No clear effect of the abiotic variables selected was

  16. Recent advances in first principles computational research of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries.


    Meng, Ying Shirley; Arroyo-de Dompablo, M Elena


    To meet the increasing demands of energy storage, particularly for transportation applications such as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, researchers will need to develop improved lithium-ion battery electrode materials that exhibit high energy density, high power, better safety, and longer cycle life. The acceleration of materials discovery, synthesis, and optimization will benefit from the combination of both experimental and computational methods. First principles (ab Initio) computational methods have been widely used in materials science and can play an important role in accelerating the development and optimization of new energy storage materials. These methods can prescreen previously unknown compounds and can explain complex phenomena observed with these compounds. Intercalation compounds, where Li(+) ions insert into the host structure without causing significant rearrangement of the original structure, have served as the workhorse for lithium ion rechargeable battery electrodes. Intercalation compounds will also facilitate the development of new battery chemistries such as sodium-ion batteries. During the electrochemical discharge reaction process, the intercalating species travel from the negative to the positive electrode, driving the transition metal ion in the positive electrode to a lower oxidation state, which delivers useful current. Many materials properties change as a function of the intercalating species concentrations (at different state of charge). Therefore, researchers will need to understand and control these dynamic changes to optimize the electrochemical performance of the cell. In this Account, we focus on first-principles computational investigations toward understanding, controlling, and improving the intrinsic properties of five well known high energy density Li intercalation electrode materials: layered oxides (LiMO2), spinel oxides (LiM2O4), olivine phosphates (LiMPO4), silicates-Li2MSiO4, and the tavorite-LiM(XO4)F (M = 3d

  17. [Congenital Heart Disease in Children with Down Syndrome: What Has Changed in the Last Three Decades?


    Dias, Filipa Mestre; Cordeiro, Susana; Menezes, Isabel; Nogueira, Graça; Teixeira, Ana; Marques, Marta; Abecasis, Miguel; Anjos, Rui


    Introdução: A prevalência da síndrome de Down tem aumentado nos últimos 30 anos; 55% destas crianças apresentam cardiopatia congénita. Material e Métodos: Estudo retrospetivo longitudinal de coorte; dados clínicos obtidos em bases de dados de 1982 a 2013 com o diagnóstico de síndrome de Down ou trissomia 21 num hospital de referência em cardiologia pediátrica e cirurgia cardíaca. Objetivo: Avaliar a evolução, nas últimas três décadas, dos cuidados cardiológicos prestados às crianças com síndrome de Down ecardiopatia congénita.Resultados: Estudámos 102 doentes com síndrome de Down e cardiopatia congénita submetidos a terapêutica invasiva: cirurgiacardíaca corretiva, paliativa e cateterismo terapêutico. Em doentes referenciados no primeiro ano de vida, a referenciação foi cada vez mais precoce. O diagnóstico mais frequente foi o defeito completo do septo aurículo-ventricular (41%). Verificou-se uma tendência para cirurgia corretiva cada vez mais precoce em doentes abaixo dos 12 meses (p < 0,001). A partir de 2000, a grande maioria dos doentes foi operada antes dos seis meses de idade. As principais complicações cardíacas foram alterações de ritmo e baixo débito e as principais não cardíacas foram pulmonares e infeciosas. A taxa de mortalidade a 30 dias foi de 3/102 casos (2,9%). Dos doentes em follow-up, 89% estão em classe funcional I da NYHA. Discussão e Conclusão: A correção cirúrgica mais precoce verificada nos últimos 15 anos vai ao encontro do proposto na literatura. A taxa de mortalidade a 30 dias verificada é sobreponível aos resultados internacionais. Os doentes com síndrome de Down submetidos a cirurgia corretiva de cardiopatia congénita apresentam uma excelente capacidade funcional a longo prazo.

  18. [Laparoscopic vs opened appendicovesicostomy in pediatric patients].


    Landa-Juárez, Sergio; Montes de Oca-Muñoz, Lorena Elizabeth; Castillo-Fernández, Ana María; de la Cruz-Yañez, Hermilo; García-Hernández, Carlos; Andraca-Dumit, Roxona


    Antecedentes: la apendicovesicostomía suele practicarse para facilitar el drenaje de orina por medio del cateterismo. La tendencia a ofrecer procedimientos menos invasivos a pacientes con vejiga neurogénica ha hecho de la laparoscopia una alternativa a la cirugía abierta, por sus ventajas de recuperación, menor tiempo de íleo postoperatorio, mejor cosmética, menor dolor postquirúrgico y reintegración temprana a la vida cotidiana. Objetivo: comparar los resultados de la apendicovesicostomía laparoscópica con la abierta. Material y métodos: estudio de cohorte, observacional, analítico, longitudinal, ambispectivo, que incluyó pacientes de 6 a 16 años, con diagnóstico de vejiga neurogénica, intervenidos mediante laparoscopia y cirugía abierta entre enero de 2009 y junio 2013, recuperándose la información de los expedientes clínicos. Resultados: seis pacientes se operaron mediante laparoscopia y 14 con cirugía abierta. El tiempo quirúrgico fue mayor en el grupo intervenido mediante laparoscopia, con una mediana de 330 minutos (300-360), en comparación con el abierto de 255 minutos (180-360), diferencia estadísticamente significativa. Siete pacientes del grupo abierto tuvieron complicaciones y solo 1 del grupo laparoscópico. La diferencia en la dosis de analgésicos y en el tiempo de su consumo fue estadísticamente significativa a favor del grupo intervenido mediante laparoscopia. El grado de continencia urinaria por la derivación fue mayor para el procedimiento laparoscópico (100%) que para el abierto (64%). Conclusiones: la apendicovesicostomía laparoscópica resultó una mejor alternativa para pacientes con vejiga neurogénica con parámetros urodinámicos de capacidad vesical y presión de punto de fuga dentro de valores aceptables.

  19. [Evolution of contrast nephropathy in patients with chronic kidney disease undergoing a percutaneous coronary intervention].


    López-López, Bibiana; Pérez-López, María Juana; García-Rincón, Andrés; Vázquez-Vega, Benjamín


    Introducción: la transición epidemiológica de enfermedades infecciosas a enfermedades crónicodegenerativas está demandando mayor número de procedimientos que requieren medio de contraste, lo cual resulta ser un factor de riesgo para daño renal agudo de importancia en pacientes con enfermedad renal crónica, patología frecuente en pacientes con enfermedades crónicodegenerativas. El objetivo de este artículo es describir la frecuencia y evolución de nefropatía por medio de contraste en pacientes ambulatorios con enfermedad renal crónica sometidos a intervención coronaria percutánea. Métodos: se incluyeron 32 pacientes con daño renal al momento de su exposición al medio de contraste. Se les dio un riesgo y se les ajustaron las medidas de prevención con seguimiento a las 48 horas. El análisis estadístico se realizó con estadística descriptiva. Resultados: de 1236 cateterismos cardiacos realizados, 32 pacientes cumplieron los criterios de inclusión. El 78.13 % fueron hombres y el 21.88 % mujeres. El 96.87 % presentó enfermedades crónico-degenerativas como diabetes o hipertensión, el sobrepeso y la obesidad fueron una constante en el 65.62 % de los casos, en el 21.7 % de los pacientes la dosis de contraste fue ligeramente mayor a la recomendada. El 6.3 % desarrollaron nefropatía por medio de contraste a pesar de las medidas de prevención, sin embargo ninguno de ellos requirió sustitución de la función renal. Conclusiones: la frecuencia de nefropatía por medio de contraste en pacientes con factores de alto riesgo fue menor a la reportada en la literatura, en todos los casos se realizó valoración nefrológica y manejo previo al procedimiento.

  20. Laparoscopic adrenalectomy in a case of congenital duplication of the inferior vena cava. Case report.


    Pisano, Giuseppe; Calò, Pietro Giorgio; Piras, Stefano; Pisano, Umberto; Nicolosi, Angelo


    L’eventualità di un’emorragia intraoperatoria è la complicanza più temuta nel corso di una surrenectomia laparoscopica. Tale rischio diventa ancora più importante nel caso in cui siano presenti anomalie anatomiche rappresentate da duplicità della Vena Cava Inferiore (VCI) e da anomali confluenze delle vene surrenali. Tale riscontro, osservato nel caso descritto, ha fornito lo spunto per uno studio sull’incidenza di dette anomalie e sulle metodiche utili a prevenire la complicanza emorragica. Una donna di 39 anni è giunta alla nostra osservazione a causa di una neoformazione non funzionante del surrene destro andata incontro ad un lento ma progressivo accrescimento volumetrico. Tale neoformazione era stata riconosciuta a distanza di tempo nel corso di controlli clinici e strumentali praticati per una Poliposi Familiare del Colon, sottoposta in altra sede a Proctocolectomia Restorativa circa 8 anni prima. Già in quell’epoca era stata documentata una duplicità congenita della VCI associata ad altre anomalie vascolari e viscerali. Nel corso della surrenectomia laparoscopica, dopo aver clippato e sezionato la vena surrenalica alla sua confluenza cavale, è stata riconosciuta una seconda vena con sbocco nella vena renale destra; anch’essa trattata in modo analogo e con esito favorevole. La presenza di una duplice VCI, pur essendo un reperto piuttosto raro, è divenuta di più frequente riscontro con la diffusione di tecniche di diagnostica per immagini sempre più elaborate, in particolare l’AngioTC. La presenza di tali anomalie può rendere problematiche alcune manovre di radiologia interventistica quali il posizionamento di un filtro cavale o il cateterismo selettivo di una vena surrenalica. È però in ambito chirurgico che la duplicità della VCI può causare i maggiori inconvenienti, rappresentati da un possibile danno vascolare. La maggior parte degli Autori ritiene in proposito indispensabile un valido studio per immagini preoperatorio quale

  1. Impact of respiratory therapy in vital capacity and functionality of patients undergoing abdominal surgery.


    Fernandes, Shanlley Cristina da Silva; Santos, Rafaella Souza Dos; Giovanetti, Erica Albanez; Taniguchi, Corinne; Silva, Cilene Saghabi de Medeiros; Eid, Raquel Afonso Caserta; Timenetsky, Karina Tavares; Carnieli-Cazati, Denise


    ória, conforme o grupo randomizado. Foram incluídos 38 pacientes, sendo 20 randomizados para Grupo Pressão Positiva Intermitente e 18 para o Grupo Incentivador Inspiratório a Volume. A capacidade vital entre o D1 e Dalta do Grupo Pressão Positiva Intermitente não teve ganho significativo (média de 1.410mL±547,2 versus 1.809mL±692,3; p=0,979), assim como no Grupo Incentivador Inspiratório a Volume (1.408,3mL±419,1 versus 1.838,8mL±621,3; p=0,889). Houve melhora significativa da capacidade vital no D1 (p<0,001) e na Dalta (p<0,001) e da Medida de Independência Funcional (p<0,001) após a fisioterapia respiratória. A melhora da capacidade vital não apresentou relação com o ganho da força muscular. A fisioterapia respiratória, por meio de pressão positiva ou de incentivador inspiratório a volume, foi eficaz na melhora da capacidade vital em pacientes submetidos à cirurgia abdominal.

  2. Phlebitis associated with peripheral intravenous catheters in adults admitted to hospital in the Western Brazilian Amazon.


    Enes, Sandra Maria Sampaio; Opitz, Simone Perufo; Faro, André Ricardo Maia da Costa de; Pedreira, Mavilde de Luz Gonçalves


    To identify the presence of phlebitis and the factors that influence the development of this complication in adult patients admitted to hospital in the western Brazilian Amazon. Exploratory study with a sample of 122 peripheral intravenous catheters inserted in 122 patients in a medical unit. Variables related to the patient and intravenous therapy were analyzed. For the analysis, we used chi-square tests of Pearson and Fisher exact test, with 5% significance level. Complication was the main reason for catheter removal (67.2%), phlebitis was the most frequent complication (31.1%). The mean duration of intravenous therapy use was 8.81 days in continuous and intermittent infusion (61.5%), in 20G catheter (39.3%), inserted in the dorsal hand vein arc (36.9 %), with mean time of usage of 68.4 hours. The type of infusion (p=0.044) and the presence of chronic disease (p=0.005) and infection (p=0.007) affected the development of phlebitis. There was a high frequency of phlebitis in the sample, being influenced by concomitant use of continuous and intermittent infusion of drugs and solutions, and more frequent in patients with chronic diseases and infection. Identificar a presença de flebite e os fatores que influenciam o desenvolvimento desta complicação em pacientes adultos internados em hospital da Amazônia Ocidental Brasileira. Estudo exploratório, com amostra de 122 cateteres intravenosos periféricos instalados em 122 pacientes de uma unidade de clínica médica. Foram analisadas variáveis relacionadas ao paciente e à terapia intravenosa. Para a análise utilizaram-se os testes de Qui-quadrado de Pearson e Exato de Fisher, com nível de significância de 5%. A complicação foi o principal motivo da retirada do cateter (67,2%), e a flebite a complicação mais frequente (31,1%). O tempo médio de uso de terapia intravenosa foi de 8,81 dias, em infusão contínua e intermitente (61,5%), em cateter calibre 20G (39,3%), inseridos nas veias do arco dorsal da m

  3. [Epidermoid neoplasm of the fourth ventricle. Report of two cases].


    Santos-Franco, Jorge Arturo; Vallejo-Moncada, Cristóbal; Collado-Arce, Griselda; Villalpando-Navarrete, Edgar; Sandoval-Balanzario, M


    Introducción: los tumores epidermoides representan 1 % de las neoplasias intracraneales; el ángulo pontocerebeloso es la localización más frecuente y en el cuarto ventrículo son raros. Casos clínicos: caso 1: mujer de 22 años de edad con cefalea intensa de tres meses de evolución. Al ingreso se identificó hipertensión endocraneana. La tomografía mostró hidrocefalia con aumento del volumen del cuarto ventrículo. La paciente fue tratada con derivación ventrículo-peritoneal; posteriormente se extirpó tumoración encapsulada de aspecto perlado. El estudio histológico indicó tumor epidermoide en el cuarto ventrículo. Caso 2: mujer de 44 años de edad con vértigo ocasional de cinco años de evolución, así como con diploplía y disfagia intermitentes de tres años de evolución. Al ingresó se identificó paresia bilateral de los nervios craneales VI y VII. La tomografía computarizada y la resonancia magnética mostraron lesión en el cuatro ventrículo. El manejo fue quirúrgico. Conclusiones: la resonancia magnética es el estudio diagnóstico específico para el diagnóstico del tumor epidermoide del cuarto ventrículo que, sin embargo, puede confundirse con neurocisticercosis. Están indicados la exéresis del quiste y el tratamiento de la hidrocefalia.

  4. [Autosomal recessive GTPCH 1 deficiency: the importance of the analysis of neurotransmitters in cerebrospinal fluid].


    Moreno-Medinilla, E E; Mora-Ramirez, M D; Calvo-Medina, R; Martinez-Anton, J


    Introduccion. El deficit de la enzima trifosfato de guanosina ciclohidrolasa 1 (GTPCH 1) origina una disminucion de la sintesis de la tetrahidrobiopterina (BH4), cofactor indispensable en la sintesis de la tirosina, la dopamina y la serotonina. Es una enfermedad poco frecuente que produce un retraso o regresion psicomotora y trastornos del movimiento, y en la que el tratamiento puede mejorar o incluso corregir la clinica. Caso clinico. Niña afecta de deficit de GTPCH con herencia autosomica recesiva, diagnosticada a los 14 meses con estudio del liquido cefalorraquideo con deficit de pterinas, HVA y 5-HIAA, test de sobrecarga de fenilalanina y estudio genetico positivos. La clinica comenzo a los 5 meses con temblor cefalico y de las extremidades superiores, en reposo e intencional, intermitente, que desaparecio en un mes. El desarrollo psicomotor era normal, destacaba una hipotonia axial leve en la exploracion y las pruebas complementarias realizadas fueron normales. Posteriormente presento regresion psicomotora con perdida del sosten cefalico, disminucion de los movimientos activos, dificultad para la manipulacion bimanual, hipomimia e hipotonia global grave, lo que motivo el estudio de una encefalopatia progresiva. Tras el diagnostico de deficit de GTPCH, inicio tratamiento sustitutivo con levodopa/carbidopa, OH triptofano y BH4, con muy buena evolucion tanto motora como cognitiva. Actualmente, la paciente tiene 5 años, presenta un desarrollo psicomotor adecuado a su edad, cursa tercer curso de educacion infantil y ha alcanzado el nivel de su clase. Conclusion. Hay que destacar en este caso la mejoria tan satisfactoria, tanto motora como cognitiva, tras iniciar el tratamiento sustitutivo, ya que el nivel cognitivo suele quedar afectado en muchos casos.

  5. Analysis of the stability of housekeeping gene expression in the left cardiac ventricle of rats submitted to chronic intermittent hypoxia.


    Julian, Guilherme Silva; Oliveira, Renato Watanabe de; Tufik, Sergio; Chagas, Jair Ribeiro


    Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) has been associated with oxidative stress and various cardiovascular consequences, such as increased cardiovascular disease risk. Quantitative real-time PCR is frequently employed to assess changes in gene expression in experimental models. In this study, we analyzed the effects of chronic intermittent hypoxia (an experimental model of OSA) on housekeeping gene expression in the left cardiac ventricle of rats. Analyses via four different approaches-use of the geNorm, BestKeeper, and NormFinder algorithms; and 2-ΔCt (threshold cycle) data analysis-produced similar results: all genes were found to be suitable for use, glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase and 18S being classified as the most and the least stable, respectively. The use of more than one housekeeping gene is strongly advised. RESUMO A apneia obstrutiva do sono (AOS) tem sido associada ao estresse oxidativo e a várias consequências cardiovasculares, tais como risco aumentado de doença cardiovascular. A PCR quantitativa em tempo real é frequentemente empregada para avaliar alterações na expressão gênica em modelos experimentais. Neste estudo, analisamos os efeitos da hipóxia intermitente crônica (um modelo experimental de AOS) na expressão de genes de referência no ventrículo cardíaco esquerdo de ratos. Análises a partir de quatro abordagens - uso dos algoritmos geNorm, BestKeeper e NormFinder e análise de dados 2-ΔCt (ciclo limiar) - produziram resultados semelhantes: todos os genes mostraram-se adequados para uso, sendo que gliceraldeído-3-fosfato desidrogenase e 18S foram classificados como o mais e o menos estável, respectivamente. A utilização de mais de um gene de referência é altamente recomendada.

  6. Structural and Electrochemical Characterization of Lithium Transition Metal Phosphates

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Hashambhoy, Ayesha Maria

    The lithium ion battery has emerged as one of the most promising hybrid vehicle energy storage systems of the future. Of the potential cathode chemistries explored, lithium transition metal phosphates have generated a significant amount of interest due to their low-cost precursors, potential ease of synthesis, stability, and their environmentally friendly nature. This is in contrast to layered oxide systems such as LiCoO2, which have long been considered state of the art, but are now being reevaluated due to their structural instability at elevated temperatures, and higher cost. In particular, LiFePO4 has an operating potential comparable to those batteries available on the market (˜3.5V vs. Li/Li+), and higher theoretical specific capacity (170mAh/g vs. that of LiCoO2 which is 140mAh/g). The manganese analog to LiFePO4, LiMnPO4, exhibits a higher operating potential (˜4.1V v Li/Li+), and the same theoretical capacity, however Li-ion diffusion through this structure is much more rate limited and its theoretical capacity cannot be realized at rates suitable for commercial applications. The purpose of this work was threefold: 1) To explore the impact of Fe substitution on Mn sites in LiMnPO 4. 2) To examine the effects of alterations to the particle/electrolyte interface on rate capability. 3) To explore a novel fabrication route for LiMnPO4 using microwaves, and determine an optimal power and time combination for best performance. The coexistence of Fe and Mn on the transition metal site M, of LiMPO 4 resulted in an improved apparent Li-ion diffusivity in both Fe and Mn regimes as compared to that observed for LiFePO4 and LiMnPO 4 respectively. Calculations made from two different analysis methods, cyclic voltammetry (CV) and galvanostatic intermittent titration (GITT) drew this same conclusion. The signature characteristics observed from the CVs pertaining to single and dual phase reactions led to a delithiation model of LiFe0.5Mn0.5PO4 proposing the localization

  7. Land Use and Changes in Carbon Budget in the Brazilian Cerrado

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bustamante, M.; Potter, C.; Corbeels, M.; Scopel, E.


    Tropical savannas cover 22.5 x 106 km2, an area nearly 30% larger than the area of tropical forests. Although the average carbon \\(C\\) content of savanna vegetation is only about 25% as great as tropical forest vegetation (29 vs. 120 Mg C ha-1), land use changes in tropical savannas are even more rapid than changes in tropical forests. The Brazilian savanna, locally known as Cerrado, covers about 2 x 106 km2 and is the largest savanna formation in South America. Its area is comparable to the Miombo savanna of Southern Africa. Biomass in the Cerrado varies from 1.9 Mg C ha-1 \\(grassy campo limpo\\) to 30.5 Mg C ha-1 \\(woody cerradão\\). Cerrado vegetation can be highly productive; annual net ecosystem exchange fluxes as high as 2.5 Mg C ha-1 yr-1 have been measured although lower values are more common. Assuming approximately 40 years of land use conversion and an average net biomass change \\(29 Mg C ha-1\\), this would lead to an average loss of C from the Cerrado of nearly 0.1 Pg C y-1. These values can be higher if belowground biomass is included as in Cerrado the ratio of belowground to aboveground biomass reaches values as high as 7.7. Fire is a principle factor controlling vegetation dynamics in the Cerrado \\(especially the ratio of grass to woody biomass\\). Frequent fires kill trees and shrubs favoring grasses favoring more open vegetation types. Inversely fire suppression favors woody growth. Advances in agricultural productivity have made the Cerrado the leading region of Brazil for beef cattle production and soybean production. It is estimated that between 40% and 55% of the region has been converted to pasture and other agricultural uses with peak rates in the early 1970's. Increasing international demand of biofuels represents a new aspect of land use in the region. Soil organic matter stocks exceed biomass stocks and data on soil C storage with conversion of native savanna into pasture indicated that well-managed, cultivated pastures may provide

  8. The impact of the use of different types of gloves and bare hands for preparation of clean surgical instruments.


    Bruna, Camila Quartim de Moraes; Souza, Rafael Queiroz de; Massaia, Irineu Francisco Silva; Cruz, Áurea Silveira; Graziano, Kazuko Uchikawa


    to determine if there are differences on the safety of the preparation of clean surgical instruments using different types of gloves and bare hands and evaluate the microbiological load of these preparations without gloves. laboratory procedure with a pragmatic approach, in which the samples were handled with different types of gloves and bare hands. In addition, cytotoxicity assays were carried out by means of the agar diffusion method. Further samples were subjected to microbiological analysis after being handled without gloves. none of the samples showed cytotoxic effect. All microbiological cultures showed growth of microorganisms, but no microorganism has been recovered after autoclaving. there were no differences in the cytotoxic responses regarding the use of different types of gloves and bare hands in the handling of clean surgical instruments, which could entail iatrogenic risk. It is noteworthy that the use of gloves involves increase in the costs of process and waste generation, and the potential allergenic risk to latex. determinar se existe diferenças na segurança do preparo de instrumentais cirúrgicos relacionada ao uso de distintos tipos de luvas e das mãos nuas no preparo, e avaliar a carga microbiológica destes preparados sem luvas. experimento laboratorial com abordagem pragmática, onde amostras foram manipuladas com diferentes tipos de luvas e com as mãos nuas, elaborado teste de citotoxicidade por meio da difusão em ágar. Outras Amostras sofreram análise microbiológica após serem manipuladas sem luvas. nenhuma das amostras apresentou efeito citotóxico. Todas as culturas microbiológicas apresentaram crescimento de microrganismos, embora nenhum microrganismo tenha sido recuperado após a autoclavação. não houve diferenças nas respostas citotóxicas relacionadas ao uso de diferentes tipos de luvas e das mãos nuas na manipulação do instrumental cirúrgico limpo que sinalizasse risco de iatrogenia. Ressalta-se que o uso de luvas

  9. Mapping redox energies of electrode materials for lithium batteries

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Padhi, Akshaya Kumar

    A comparative study of oxides containing tetrahedral polyanions forming 3D-framework host structures with octahedral-site transition-metal oxidant cations addresses the following issues: (i) Chemical versatility of the framework structures allows one to determine the redox couples for different transition-metal cations with respect to the Fermi energy of a lithium anode and how they vary with changes of host structure, choice of polyanion, or degree of lithiation. (ii) Exploration of the advantage of a more open framework for Li+-ion diffusion versus the disadvantage of polaronic conduction. (iii) Identification of the cause of a reversible capacity fade with increasing current density. (iv) The design of new materials for secondary batteries. Variation of a redox energy at an M atom in an oxide depends on two factors: (a) the Madelung energy of the cation and (b) the covalent contribution to the M-O bonding, which may be modulated by a counter cation through the inductive effect. Electrochemical characterization of the spinel system Li1+x[ Mn1.5M0.5] O4, M = Co or Ni, indicates an overlap of the Mn4+/Mn3+ and M3+/M2+ redox energies at x = 0.5. The family of V (LiM) O4 spinels with M = Mn, Co or Ni has M3+/M2+ redox couples at 3.8, 4.2, and 4.8 eV, respectively, below the Fermi energy of a lithium anode, which indicates formation of (VO4)3- polyanions. Replacement of VO4 by PO4 yields ordered- olivine structures LiMPO4; Li1-xFePO4 and Li1-xFe0.5Mn0.5PO4 show Fe3+/Fe2+ and Mn3+/Mn2+ redox couples at 3.4 and 4.1 V vs. lithium, respectively. Reversible Li insertion into FePO4 retains a 3.4 V plateau vs. lithium with increasing current density, but shows a capacity that fades reversibly with current density as a result of a dynamic process. A change of about 0.8 eV between isostructural sulfates and phosphates for the Ti4/Ti3+, V3+/V2+ and Fe3+/Fe2+ couples is due to the inductive effect. These shifts illustrate that the relative positions of the redox energies remain



    Aguilar-Farias, Nicolas; Martino-Fuentealba, Pía; Espinoza-Silva, Miguel


    Introducción: los perjuicios de la inactividad física y de la conducta sedentaria (CS) en la salud de los niños han sido ampliamente respaldados por la evidencia. Sin embargo, existe limitada evidencia de cómo estos comportamientos se manifiestan en los preescolares. Por este motivo, este estudio tuvo como propósito evaluar los patrones de actividad física (AF) y CS de forma objetiva en preescolares chilenos. Método: 25 niños (4,8 } 0,50 años, 48% hombres) completaron la monitorización ambulatoria con el acelerómetro e inclinómetro ActivPALTM micro. Se midieron tiempos caminando, de pie y sentado/acostado, además de pasos acumulados por día, para ser comparados según día de la semana y período del día. Resultados: el tiempo promedio caminando fue de 147,2 } 52,23 minutos/día. El tiempo en CS fue de 468,3 } 92,22 minutos/día, con diferencias estadísticas entre días entre semana y fin de semana (484,8 vs. 426,8 min/día, p = 0,03). El 50% de los pasos fueron sumados en acumulaciones menores a 100 pasos/minuto, mientras un 50% del tiempo en CS fue acumulado en intervalos de duración de 35 segundos o menos. Discusión: los preescolares presentan patrones intermitentes de AF y CS. En los días entre semana se sientan más que durante el fin de semana, por lo cual se presenta una posibilidad de modificar este comportamiento durante el período de clases. Este reporte de patrones de AF y CS en preescolares presenta información valiosa para el diseño e implementación de estrategias para mejorar los niveles de AF y disminuir el tiempo en CS en preescolares.

  11. [Pseudomyxoma peritonei. Two-case-report].


    Carranza-Martínez, Ixchel; Cornejo-López, Gilberto; Monroy-Argumedo, Montserrat; Villanueva-Sáenz, Eduardo


    Antecedentes: el pseudomixoma peritoneal se caracteriza por la diseminación celular intraperitoneal de un tumor adenomucinoso; el apéndice cecal es la etiología más frecuente. Objetivo: reportar la experiencia de un grupo de Cirugía General y revisar la bibliografía. Casos clínicos: 1: paciente femenina de 74 años de edad, que cuatro días previos inició con dolor abdominal tipo cólico en el mesogastrio y fosa iliaca derecha, evacuaciones diarreicas y fiebre. A su ingreso al hospital se la encontró con datos de irritacion peritoneal y resistencia muscular, leucocitosis de 14,500 células por mm3, neutrófilos 89%, bandas 1%. Se diagnosticó: apendicitis aguda y se programó para laparoscopia diagnóstica, con distensión importante de asas, por lo que se decidió convertir a laparotomía. Caso 2: paciente masculino de 73 años de edad; el padecimiento actual se inició con dolor intermitente en la fosa iliaca derecha e hipogastrio, de un año de evolución. Al cuadro se agregaron: disnea, estreñimiento alternado con periodos de diarrea, plenitud gástrica, y pirosis. A la exploración física se encontró un tumor palpable en el mesogastrio y ambas fosas iliacas. Por eso se le realizó la laparotomía exploradora. En ambos casos el diagnóstico se estableció en el transoperatorio con el hallazgo de múltiples implantes tumorales mucinosos multilobulados diseminados en la cavidad peritoneal, el diagnóstico se confirmó con el reporte histopatológico de pseudomixoma peritoneal. Conclusiones: el pseudomixoma peritoneal es una neoplasia poco frecuente y de difícil diagnóstico, caracterizada por producción copiosa de ascitis mucinosa y de múltiples implantes tumorales en la serosa de las vísceras intracavitarias. El tratamiento ideal es la cirugía citorreductiva y la quimioterapia intraperitoneal perioperatoria o la quimioterapia postoperatoria, o ambas.

  12. PubMed

    Santesteban Moriones, Virginia; Ibáñez Santos, Javier


    Introducción: muy pocos suplementos nutricionales han demostrado científicamente su eficacia como ayuda ergogénica. Esta revisión analizará el monohidrato de creatina (MC), el β-hidroxi-β-metilbutirato (HMB), el bicarbonato sódico (BS), la β-alanina y la cafeína.Objetivos: analizar la eficacia, mecanismos de acción, dosis, efectos adversos y algunos deportes que se pueden beneficiar de su consumo.Métodos: búsqueda en la base de datos PubMed de revisiones bibliográficas de los últimos 15 años y artículos originales de los últimos 5 años de las sustancias estudiadas.Resultados: dosis de MC de 20 g/día durante 4-7 días son eficaces para mejorar la fuerza y la potencia muscular y el rendimiento en sprints cortos y repetidos. El HMB en dosis de 3 g/día durante un mínimo de 2 semanas contribuye al aumento de la masa magra y de la masa libre de grasa. La ingesta de 0,3 g/kg de BS mejora el rendimiento en pruebas de 400-1.500 m de atletismo y en sprintsintermitentes. Por su parte, dosis de 80 mg/kg/día de β-alanina durante 4-10 semanas pueden mejorar el rendimiento en ejercicios intermitentes de alta intensidad. Finalmente, la cafeína en dosis de 2 mg/kg mejora la capacidad de reacción y en dosis de 3-6 mg/kg mejora el rendimiento en pruebas de resistencia aeróbica.Conclusiones: los suplementos revisados presentan una demostrada eficacia en el rendimiento físico, pero hay que tener en cuenta que la mayoría de los estudios se han realizado con deportistas de nivel recreativo. Generalmente, la mejora del rendimiento físico con estos suplementos es menor cuanto mejor es el nivel deportivo del individuo; sin embargo, un incremento de apenas un 1% permite a veces avanzar varios puestos en una final. Finalmente, se debe llamar la atención sobre la importancia de optimizar la alimentación antes de plantearse la introducción de suplementos deportivos, especialmente en niños y jóvenes. Las sustancias que hemos analizado poseen una base cient

  13. Precessão do jato de 3C120: simulações hidrodinâmicas 3D

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Caproni, A.; de Gouveia dal Pino, E. M.; Abraham, Z.; Raga, A. C.


    Observações com técnicas de interferometria com longa linha de base têm mostrado a existência de um jato relativístico com componentes superluminais na região central de 3C 120. Estas componentes são ejetadas em distintas direções no plano do céu e com diferentes velocidades aparentes. Estas características foram interpretadas em trabalhos anteriores como efeitos da precessão do jato relativístico. Neste trabalho, realizamos simulações tri-dimensionais do jato de 3C 120 utilizando os parâmetros de precessão determinados em trabalhos anteriores e variando as características iniciais do jato e meio ambiente, tais como densidade numérica e temperatura. Todas as simulações foram feitas com o código hidrodinâmico YGUAZÚ-A, assumindo-se um jato adiabático descrito por uma equação de estado relativística. Pelo fato de estarmos utilizando um código hidrodinâmico, nós assumimos que a intensidade do campo magnético e a distribuição de partículas, necessários para se calcular a emissão sincrotron, são proporcionais à pressão hidrodinâmica. Comparação entre dois cenários distintos, nos quais o material do jato é ejetado com velocidade constante (jato contínuo) e com velocidade modulada por um padrão sinusoidal no tempo (jato intermitente), é apresentada e discutida. Para jatos que apresentam fenômenos de precessão e intermitência, com amplitude de variação na velocidade de injeção maior que dez por cento da velocidade média de injeção, a hipótese balística, controlada pela intermitencia, é mais provável. Por outro lado, para jatos com precessão mas sem intermitência (ou com amplitude de variabilidade em velocidade mais baixa que no caso anterior), o efeito da precessão na morfologia do jato não é desprezível. Portanto, de um modo geral, ambos efeitos (precessão e movimentos balísticos) devem estar concorrendo para afetar a morfologia dos jatos superluminais.

  14. [Allergic rhinitis in asthmatic patients].


    Reyes, Paola; Larreal, Yraima; Arias, Julia; Rincón, Enrique; Valero, Nereida


    Antecedentes: la rinitis alérgica y el asma bronquial son procesos inflamatorios crónicos de las vías respiratorias, con una correlación que varía entre 28 y 78%. Objetivos: determinar la prevalencia de rinitis alérgica en pacientes asmáticos y clasificarla según las guías Rinitis Alérgica y su Impacto en Asma (ARIA), así como detectar las concentraciones séricas de IgE total y la existencia de eosinofilia nasal y en sangre periférica. Material y método: estudio en el que pacientes asmáticos entre 7 y 14 años de edad, consultantes del servicio de Pediatría del Hospital General del Sur Dr. Pedro Iturbe, Maracaibo, Estado Zulia, Venezuela, fueron encuestados acerca de signos y síntomas sugerentes de rinitis alérgica y su efecto en la calidad de vida. Se tomaron muestras sanguíneas e hisopado nasal para hacer las determinaciones objeto de estudio. Resultados: se evaluaron 60 pacientes asmáticos, 73.3% del sexo masculino y 70% escolares. La prevalencia de rinitis alérgica se estableció en 93.3%, el tipo más frecuente según ARIA fue el intermitente leve, con 42.8%. El signo clínico más frecuente fueron las ojeras alérgicas (86.6%) y el síntoma predominante fue el goteo nasal acuoso (83.3%), la afectación en cuanto a calidad de vida estuvo representada por trastornos del sueño (39.2%). El 85.7% de los encuestados tuvo porcentajes de eosinófilos mayores a 3% y 75% tuvo valores mayores de 100 UI de IgE total sérica. El 61.9% de las muestras de moco nasal de pacientes con rinitis mostró porcentajes de eosinófilos mayores a 10%. Conclusión: existe alta prevalencia de rinitis alérgica en asmáticos confirmada mediante pruebas de laboratorio que evidencian una respuesta inflamatoria mediada por IgE.

  15. Influence of age and religious fasting on the body composition of Muslim women living in a westernized context.


    López-Bueno, Marta; González-Jiménez, Emilio; Navarro-Prado, Silvia; Montero-Alonso, Miguel A; Schmidt-RioValle, Jacqueline


    Introducción: Actualmente existe controversia acerca de si la práctica del Ramadán implica, o no, cambios en el estado nutricional y composición corporal en las mujeres que lo practican. Asimismo, estudios recientes sugieren que la edad puede constituir un factor influyente en los valores antropométricos y de composición corporal antes y al final del Ramadán. El objetivo de nuestro estudio fue analizar los efectos del ayuno practicado durante el Ramadán sobre el estado nutricional y la composición corporal en un grupo de mujeres que viven en un contexto occidentalizado, así como el efecto de la variable edad. Material y Métodos: Se llevó a cabo un estudio longitudinal con 62 mujeres, bereberes y musulmanas, de edades comprendidas entre los 18 a 61 en la ciudad norteafricana de Melilla (España). El estado nutricional se evaluó mediante antropometría y el estudio de la composición corporal, a través de bioimpedancia. Estas evaluaciones se realizaron antes del inicio del ayuno y la última semana de Ramadán. Resultados: El ayuno intermitente produce cambios importantes en el estado nutricional y en la composición corporal de las mujeres. Observándose una reducción significativa (p=0.000) en los valores del peso corporal total, índice de masa corporal, porcentaje de grasa corporal medida por bioimpedancia, y circunferencia de la cadera (p=0.008). Se encontraron diferencias significativas (p=0.000) en los valores antropométricos y de composición corporal, antes y al final del Ramadán, en función de la edad. Conclusiones: Se observaron cambios significativos en el estado nutricional y en la composición corporal en todas las mujeres al finalizar el Ramadán. Estos cambios fueron más acusados en el grupo de mujeres mayores de treinta años.

  16. Isolated primary amyloidosis of the inferior rectus muscle mimicking Graves' orbitopathy.


    Monteiro, Mário Luiz Ribeiro; Gonçalves, Allan Christian Pieroni; Bezerra, Alanna Mara Pinheiro Sobreira


    The diagnosis of Graves' orbitopathy is usually straightforward. However, orbital diseases that mimick some clinical signs of Graves' orbitopathy may cause diagnostic confusion, particularly when associated to some form of thyroid dysfunction. This report describes the rare occurrence of localized inferior rectus muscle amyloidosis in a patient with autoimmune hypothyroidism, who was misdiagnosed as Graves' orbitopathy. A 48-year-old man complained of painless progressive proptosis on the left side and intermittent vertical diplopia for 6 months. The diagnosis of Graves' orbitopathy was entertained after magnetic resonance imaging revealing a markedly enlarged, tendon-sparing inferior rectus enlargement on the left side, and an autoimmune hypothyroidism was disclosed on systemic medical workup. After no clinical improvement with treatment, the patient was referred to an ophthalmologist and further investigation was performed. The presence of calcification in the inferior rectus muscle on computed tomography, associated with the clinical findings led to a diagnostic biopsy, which revealed amyloid deposition. This report emphasizes that a careful evaluation of atypical forms of Graves' orbitopathy may be crucial and should include, yet with rare occurrence, amyloidosis in its differential diagnosis. RESUMO O diagnóstico de orbitopatia de Graves usualmente é fácil de ser estabelecido. No entanto, doenças da órbita que simulam alguns sinais clínicos da orbitopatia de Graves podem levar à confusão diagnóstica, particularmente quando associada à alguma forma de disfunção tireoidiana. Relatamos a ocorrência rara de amiloidose localizada no músculo reto inferior em paciente com hipotireoidismo autoimune, que recebeu inicialmente o diagnóstico errôneo de orbitopatia de Graves. Paciente masculino, 48 anos, com queixa de proptose progressiva e indolor do lado esquerdo e diplopia vertical intermitente há 6 meses. O diagnóstico de orbitopatia de Graves foi

  17. Sugammadex ED90 dose to reverse the rocuronium neuromuscular blockade in obese patients.


    Silva, Mauro Prado DA; Matsui, Christiano; Kim, Daniel Dongiou; Vieira, Joaquim Edson; Malheiros, Carlos Alberto; Mathias, Ligia Andrade Silva Telles


    to determine the ED90 (minimum effective dose in 90% of patients) of sugammadex for the reversal of rocuronium-induced moderate neuromuscular blockade (NMB) in patients with grade III obesity undergoing bariatric surgery. we conducted a prospective study with the biased coin up-and-down sequential design. We chosen the following doses: 2.0mg/Kg, 2.2mg/Kg, 2.4mg/Kg, 2.6mg/Kg, 2.8mg/Kg. The complete reversal of rocuronium-induced NMB considered a T4/T1 ratio ≥0.9 as measured by TOF. After induction of general anesthesia and calibration of the peripheral nerve stimulator and accelerometer, we injected rocuronium 0.6mg/kg. We administered propofol and remifentanil by continuous infusion, and intermittent boluses of rocuronium throughout the procedure. we evaluated 31 patients, of whom 26 had displayed successful reversal of the NMB with sugammadex, and failure in five. The mean time to complete moderate NMB reversal was 213 seconds (172-300, median 25-75%). The ED90 of sugammadex calculated by regression was 2.39mg/kg, with a 95% confidence interval of 2.27-2.46 mg/kg. the ED90 of sugammadex in patients with grade III obesity or higher was 2.39mg/kg. determinar a ED90 (dose mínima eficaz em 90% dos pacientes) de sugamadex para a reversão de bloqueio neuromuscular (BNM) moderado induzido pelo rocurônio em pacientes com obesidade grau III submetidos à cirurgia bariátrica. estudo prospectivo com o método de projeção sequencial para cima e para baixo da moeda enviesada. As seguintes doses foram escolhidas: 2,0mg/kg-1, 2,2mg/kg-1, 2,4mg/kg-1, 2,6mg/kg-1, 2,8mg/kg-1. A reversão completa de BNM induzido por rocurônio considerou uma relação T4/T1 ≥0,9 na medida do TOF. Após a indução da anestesia geral e calibração do estimulador de nervo periférico e acelerômetro, rocurônio 0,6mg/kg-1 foi injetado. Infusão contínua de propofol e remifentanil, e bolus intermitente de rocurônio foram injetados durante todo o procedimento. trinta e um pacientes foram

  18. Analysis of the maximum discharge of karst springs

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bonacci, Ognjen


    ) la dimension limitée du conduit karstique, (2) l'écoulement en charge, (3) le débordement dans un autre bassin, (4) le débordement du réseau s'écoulant vers la source principale par des sources temporaires dans le même bassin, (5) le stockage d'eau dans la zone surmontant l'aquifère karstique ou la zone épikarstique du bassin, et (6) des facteurs tels que le climat, le sol et le couvert végétal, l'altitude et la géologie du bassin d'alimentation. Le phénomène de capacité limitée du débit maximal des sources karstiques n'est pas pris en compte dans la modélisation des processus de précipitation-ruissellement, ce qui est probablement une des principales raisons de l'actuelle médiocre qualité de la modélisation hydrologique du karst. Resumen. Se presenta un análisis de las condiciones que limitan la descarga de algunos manantiales kársticos. Un elevado número de los manantiales estudiados muestra que, bajo condiciones de precipitación extremadamente intensa, hay un valor máximo para la descarga de los manantiales principales de la cuenca, independientemente del tamaño de ésta y del volumen de precipitación. La modelación de la descarga de manantiales kársticos no es fácil de generalizar y esquematizar debido a la existencia de numerosas características que son inherentes a los sistemas kársticos de flujo. A partir del estudio detallado de los datos publicados sobre cuatro manantiales kársticos, se identificó las posibles causas de la existencia de un caudal máximo de descarga: (1) el tamaño limitado del conducto kárstico, (2) el caudal surgente, (3) la descarga a otras cuencas, (4) el desbordamiento del sistema de flujo principal hacia manantiales intermitentes dentro de la misma cuenca, (5) el almacenamiento de agua en la zona superior del acuífero kárstico o zona epikárstica de la cuenca, y (6) factores tales como el clima, suelo y cubierta vegetal, y la altitud y geología de la zona de captación. La limitación de la

  19. Staphylococcal superantigen-specific IgE antibodies: degree of sensitization and association with severity of asthma.


    Elabras, José; Mello, Fernanda Carvalho de Queiroz; Lupi, Omar; Bica, Blanca Elena Rios Gomes; Papi, José Angelo de Souza; França, Alfeu Tavares


    um hospital universitário terciário no Rio de Janeiro (RJ). Os pacientes foram alocados consecutivamente em dois grupos de gravidade da asma segundo critérios da Global Initiative for Asthma: asma leve (AL), com asmáticos leves intermitentes ou persistentes, e asma moderada ou grave (AMG). Foram determinados os níveis séricos de anticorpos IgE antitoxinas estafilocócicas, e os resultados foram comparados por análise estatística. Foram incluídos 142 pacientes no estudo: 72 no grupo AL (mediana de idade = 46 anos; 59 do sexo feminino) e 70 do grupo AMG (mediana de idade = 56 anos; 60 do sexo feminino). Na amostra geral, 62 pacientes (43,7%) apresentaram resultados positivos para dosagens de anticorpos IgE antitoxinas estafilocócicas: enterotoxina (TX) A, em 29 (20,4%); TXB, em 35 (24,6%); TXC, em 33 (23,2%); e toxic shock syndrome toxin (TSST), em 45 (31,7%). As médias das dosagens séricas de anticorpos IgE específicos anti-TXA, TXB, TXC e TSST foram, respectivamente, de 0,96 U/l, 1,09 U/l, 1,21 U/l, e 1,18 U/l. Não houve diferença estatisticamente significativa dos resultados qualitativos ou quantitativos entre os grupos. A presença de anticorpos IgE séricos anti-TXA, TXB, TXC e TSST, foi detectada em 43,7% nessa amostra de pacientes, mas não houve associação estatisticamente significativa entre seus resultados qualitativos ou quantitativos e gravidade clínica da asma.



    Carvalho, Paulo Henrique Boaventura de; Otoch, José Pinhata; Khan, Mohamad Ali; Sakai, Paulo; Guedes, Hugo Gonçalo; Artifon, Everson Luiz de Almeida


    colonoscopias. Ao todo 50 pacientes que foram submetidos à colonoscopia foram consecutivamente divididos em três grupos: 1) infusão em bolus intermitente; 2) perfusão contínua controlada manualmente; 3) infusão automática contínua. Os pacientes foram monitorados com Bispectral IndexTM (BIS) e os níveis séricos de propofol foram coletados em três momentos diferentes. Foi necessário a preparação de uma diluição específica de propofol e o desenvolvimento de um cateter de capnografia original manufaturado para a realização do estudo. Em relação aos desfechos clínicos, houve diferença estatística na agitação (maior no grupo 1, p=0,001) e pressão arterial inicial (p=0,008). Com relação aos níveis séricos de propofol, os resultados foram semelhantes no consumo por minuto (p=0,748) e ao longo do tempo (p=0,830). Em termos de análise de custo, no grupo 1 o custo foi de R$ 7,00 (aproximadamente US$ 2,25); grupo 2, R$ 17,50 (aproximadamente US$ 5,64); e grupo 3, R$ 112,70 (cerca de US$ 36,35, p<0,001). A capnografia foi capaz de diagnosticar 100% das dessaturações de oxigênio (abaixo de 90%). O uso de propofol em bolus para colonoscopias, por meio de infusão contínua controlada manualmente ou infusão automática são semelhantes quanto à propofolemia e os resultados clínicos avaliados. Além disso, o uso de um cateter de capnografia inovador é solução de baixo custo para a detecção precoce da obstrução da via aérea.