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  1. Microinjection of A. aegypti embryos to obtain transgenic mosquitoes.


    Jasinskiene, Nijole; Juhn, Jennifer; James, Anthony A


    In this video, Nijole Jasinskiene demonstrates the methodology employed to generate transgenic Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which are vectors for dengue fever. The techniques for correctly preparing microinjection needles, desiccating embryos, and performing microinjection are demonstrated.

  2. GreenView and GreenLand Applications Development on SEE-GRID Infrastructure

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Mihon, Danut; Bacu, Victor; Gorgan, Dorian; Mészáros, Róbert; Gelybó, Györgyi; Stefanut, Teodor


    Eastern Europe) regions. On the other hand, GreenLand is used for generating maps for different vegetation indexes (e.g. NDVI, EVI, SAVI, GEMI) based on Landsat satellite images. Both applications are using interpolation and random value generation algorithms, but also specific formulas for computing vegetation index values. The GreenView and GreenLand applications have been experimented over the SEE-GRID infrastructure and the performance evaluation is reported in [6]. The improvement of the execution time (obtained through a better parallelization of jobs), the extension of geographical areas to other parts of the Earth, and new user interaction techniques on spatial data and large set of satellite images are the goals of the future work. References [1] GreenView application on Wiki, [2] SEE-GRID-SCI Project, [3] Gorgan D., Stefanut T., Bâcu V., Mihon D., Grid based Environment Application Development Methodology, SCICOM, 7th International Conference on "Large-Scale Scientific Computations", 4-8 June, 2009, Sozopol, Bulgaria, (To be published by Springer), (2009). [4] Gorgan D., Bacu V., Stefanut T., Rodila D., Mihon D., Grid based Satellite Image Processing Platform for Earth Observation Applications Development. IDAACS'2009 - IEEE Fifth International Workshop on "Intelligent Data Acquisition and Advanced Computing Systems: Technology and Applications", 21-23 September, Cosenza, Italy, IEEE Published in Computer Press, 247-252 (2009). [5] Mihon D., Bacu V., Stefanut T., Gorgan D., "Grid Based Environment Application Development - GreenView Application". ICCP2009 - IEEE 5th International Conference on Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing, 27 Aug, 2009 Cluj-Napoca. Published by IEEE Computer Press, pp. 275-282 (2009). [6] Danut Mihon, Victor Bacu, Dorian Gorgan, Róbert Mészáros, Györgyi Gelybó, Teodor Stefanut, Practical Considerations on the GreenView Application Development and

  3. Atmospheric aerosol and gaseous pollutant concentrations in Bucharest area using first datasets from the city AQ monitoring network

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Balaceanu, Cristina; Iorga, Gabriela


    PM10 urban background with about 86%; relative contribution of urban background to regional background is about 37%; Relatively low inter-sites correlation coefficients and no significant geographic differences between sites, more or less uniform traffic pattern suggests local sources may play an important role; PM10average and median values systematically exceed the limit value of 50 ?g/m3 at traffic and industrial sites; at background sites the PM10 are below 50?g/m3 but are higher that values at similar sites in Europe; CO and SO2 do not put serious problems relative to their limits values as NOx does; NOx shows a temporal variation with higher values during the cold season; All gaseous pollutants contribute to the PM10 levels but a significant inter-annual variation of this contribution seems not to be observed; Pollution level in Bucharest seems to be higher than in other European cities for traffic, industrial and suburban background sites; regional background in the larger area of Bucharest seems to be similar with the suburban background sites in other European sites. Seven pollution episodes were identified, from which only one in the cold season has been attributed to the long-range transport. During this episode PM10 levels varied between 161-205 ?g/m3 for all sites, the dominant wind direction was NE (10.2%), with an average wind speed of 1.6 m/s. This shows that local pollution sources seem to have more impact on AQ than the long-range transport. Data presented here give an overview of the range of air pollution concentrations to expect under typical meteorological and seasonal conditions in the larger area of Bucharest. Acknowledgements: Dr. Ing. Danut Cociorva, Leader of the Air Quality Control Group-NIRD-ICIM Bucharest, is gratefully acknowledged for his permission to analyse the data. The air mass back trajectories were calculated using HYSPLIT transport and dispersion model: ready.html. Financial support from ÖAD Austria, Programm

  4. List of Posters

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    List of Posters: Dark matter annihilation in the Galactic galo, by Dokuchaev Vyacheslav, et al. NEMO developments towards km3 telescope in the Mediterranean Sea. The NEMO project. Neutrino Mediterranean Observatory By Antonio Capone, NEMO Collaboration. Alignment as a result from QCD jet production or new still unknown physics at LHC? By Alexander Snigirev. Small-scale fluctuations of extensive air showers: systematics in energy and muon density estimation By Grigory Rubtsov. SHINIE: Simulation of High-Energy Neutrino Interacting with the Earth By Lin Guey-Lin, et al.. Thermodynamics of rotating solutions in n+1 dimensional Einstein - Maxwell -dilation gravity By Ahmad Sheykhi, et al.. Supernova neutrino physics with future large Cherenkov detectors By Daniele Montanino. Crossing of the Cosmological Constant Barrier in the string Inspired Dark Energy Model By S. Yu. Vernov. Calculations of radio signals produced by ultra-high and extremely high energy neutrino induced cascades in Antarctic ice By D. Besson, et al.. Inflation, Cosmic Acceleration and string Gravity By Ischwaree Neupane. Neutrino Physics: Charm and J/Psi production in the atmosphere By Liudmila Volkova. Three generation flavor transitions and decays of supernova relic neutrinos By Daniele Montanino. Lattice calculations & computational quantum field theory: Sonification of Quark and Baryon Spectra By Markum Harald, et al.. Generalized Kramers-Wannier Duality for spin systems with non-commutative symmetry By V. M. Buchstaber, et al.. Heavy ion collisions & quark matter: Nuclear matter jets and multifragmentation By Danut Argintaru, et al.. QCD hard interactions: The qT-spectrum of the Higgs and Slepton-pairs at the LHC By Guiseppe Bozzi. QCD soft interactions: Nonperturbative effects in Single-Spin Asymmetries: Instantons and TMD-parton distributions By Igor Cherednikov, et al.. Gluon dominance model and high multiplicity By Elena Kokoulina. Resonances in eta pi- pi- pi+ system By Dmitry Ryabchikov