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  1. DEU Needs on Ammunition Storage in Missions Abroad

    DTIC Science & Technology


    climatic conditions 1 e.g. the German Basic Law (particularly Article 87 a/b, Article 24, para 2, Article ...35 and Article 91), the Ger- man Weapons Law and the German law on explosive substances (Explosives Act) 2 German Joint Service Regulations are employed and re- ceive further specialist training. In close cooperation and coordination with the Bundeswehr technical centers, the

  2. The Relationships between a Dedicated Education Unit and Quality of Nursing Care

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Tochterman, Lori A.


    The Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) is a model of clinical teaching which has gained widespread acceptance and national recognition as an innovative method of clinical education for undergraduate nursing students (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2010; Warner & Burton, 2009). The primary goals and benefits of the DEU for schools of nursing are…

  3. Effect of the dedicated education unit on nursing student self-efficacy: A quasi-experimental research study.


    George, Lynn E; Locasto, Lisa W; Pyo, Katrina A; W Cline, Thomas


    Although the Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) has shown initial promise related to satisfaction with the teaching/learning environment, few studies have examined student outcomes related to the use of the DEU as a clinical education model beyond student satisfaction. The purpose of this quantitative, quasi-experimental study was to compare student outcomes from the traditional clinical education (TCE) model with those from the DEU model. Participants were students enrolled in a four-year baccalaureate program in nursing (n = 193) who had clinical education activities in one of three clinical agencies. Participants were assigned to either the DEU or a TCE model. Pre-clinical and post-clinical self-efficacy scores were measured for each group using an adapted Generalized Self-Efficacy Scale (Schwarzer and Jerusalem, 1995). Both groups experienced a significant increase in self-efficacy scores post clinical education. The increase in self-efficacy for the DEU students was significantly greater than the increase in self-efficacy for the traditional students. Self-efficacy is considered an important outcome of nursing education because high self-efficacy has been linked to making an easier transition from student to nursing professional. This study supports the quality of the DEU as a clinical education model by examining student self-efficacy outcomes.

  4. Dedicated education unit: implementing an innovation in replication sites.


    Moscato, Susan R; Nishioka, Vicki M; Coe, Michael T


    An important measure of an innovation is the ease of replication and achievement of the same positive outcomes. The dedicated education unit (DEU) clinical education model uses a collaborative academic-service partnership to develop an optimal learning environment for students. The University of Portland adapted this model from Flinders University, Australia, to increase the teaching capacity and quality of nursing education. This article identifies DEU implementation essentials and reports on the outcomes of two replication sites that received consultation support from the University of Portland. Program operation information, including education requirements for clinician instructors, types of patient care units, and clinical faculty-to-student ratios is presented. Case studies of the three programs suggest the DEU model is adaptable to a range of different clinical settings and continues to show promise as one strategy for addressing the nurse faculty shortage and strengthening academic-clinical collaborations while maintaining quality clinical education for students.

  5. Effects of Computer Based Learning on Students' Attitudes and Achievements towards Analytical Chemistry

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Akcay, Hüsamettin; Durmaz, Asli; Tüysüz, Cengiz; Feyzioglu, Burak


    The aim of this study was to compare the effects of computer-based learning and traditional method on students' attitudes and achievement towards analytical chemistry. Students from Chemistry Education Department at Dokuz Eylul University (D.E.U) were selected randomly and divided into three groups; two experimental (Eg-1 and Eg-2) and a control…

  6. An analysis of partnership performance: the St. Johns Mercy Medical Center-Saint Louis University School of Nursing dedicated education unit project.


    Murray, Teri A; Macintyre, Richard C; Teel, Cynthia S


    The purpose of this article is to analyze the St. Johns Mercy Medical Center (SJMMC)-Saint Louis University School of Nursing (SLUSON) dedicated education unit (DEU) project for partnership effectiveness. The DEU, an innovative and collaborative academic-service partnership, reconceptualizes the role of the faculty and staff nurse in the clinical educational process. In a DEU, the staff nurse provides the clinical instruction to the student, and the faculty member coaches the staff nurse on the teaching-learning process. Rather than explore the effectiveness of the DEU as an innovative clinical pedagogy, this article analyzes the relationship between the academic and service institutions for strategic effectiveness. The analysis is based on themes found across three successful and distinct academic partnerships and other evaluative models from business, government, and alliance research. The themes and models provide the frameworks needed to analyze the SJMMC-SLUSON academic-service partnership for structure, process, and outcomes. This analysis can serve as a guide for the development of academic-service partnership practices to facilitate successful, sustainable, and replicable partnerships that benefit both institutions.

  7. Pre-Service Teachers' Personal Value Orientations and Attitudes toward the Teaching Profession in Turkey

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Necla, Sahin-Firat


    This study examined the relationship between pre-service teachers' personal value orientations and their attitudes toward the teaching profession. The study was conducted with the participation of 612 students at DEU's Buca Faculty of Education during the 2014/2015 academic year. Data were collected using the Portrait Values Questionnaire (PVQ)…

  8. Afloat Spectrum Management News. Volume 6: Frequency Plans in Five Easy Steps

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    Victorin Kagoue (DEU); Aad de Jong [Netherlands (NLD)]; Ken Roberts (GBR); Arie Klerk (NLD). AESOP engineers have conducted tests on the Single...Lieutenant (LT) Frederick Calalang, Commander, Amphibious Squadron Three (COMPHIBRON THREE), said: “OPTASK COMMs is a critical OPTASK for a Strike Group

  9. Cardiovascular birth defects and prenatal exposure to female sex hormones: a reevaluation of data reanalysis from a large prospective study.


    Hook, E B


    In data of the U.S. Collaborative Perinatal Study (CPS), the Drug Epidemiology Unit (DEU) reported a relative risk of about 2.3 between maternal female sex hormone exposure during months 1 to 4 of pregnancy and cardiovascular malformation in infants (Heinonen et al., '77a N. Engl. J. Med., 296:67-70). Wiseman and Dodds-Smith ('84, Teratology, 30:359-370) reexamined the original CPS data and found the DEU had made some errors in classification of exposure and disease. Also they challenged the classification of cases as "exposed" in those born to mothers who received the compounds outside the day 19 to 50 window of cardiovascular embryogenesis. Wiseman and Dodds-Smith stated that their reanalysis "clearly showed that there was [in the data used by the DEU] no statistically significant association between exposure in the critical organogenic period of pregnancy and cardiac malformation in offspring." They did not undertake any statistical analysis, but their reanalysis resulted in a wide-spread nonacceptance of the association reported by the DEU. The study reported here reclassified the cases of the original DEU study in accord with the implications of the Wiseman and Dodds-Smith reanalysis of exposure and disease. After this reclassification, an effect magnitude measure of association, the relative risk rose from 2.33 to 2.48 and remained nominally significant statistically at the .05 level. Thus, if anything, the quantitative consequences of the Wiseman and Dodds-Smith review of the data, when applied in an unbiased manner, result in an increase in the measure of effect.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  10. Payload specialist station study: Volume 2, part 3: Program analysis and planning for phase C/D

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)


    The controls and displays (C&D) required at the Orbiter aft-flight deck (AFD) and the core C&D required at the Payload Specialist Station (PSS) are identified in this document. The AFD C&D Concept consists of a multifunction display system (MFDS) and elements of multiuse mission support equipment (MMSE). The MFDS consists of two CRTs, a display electronics unit (DEU), and a keyboard. The MMSE consists of a manual pointing controller (MPC), five digit numeric displays, 10 character alphanumeric legends, event timers, analog meters, rotary and toggle switches. The MMSE may be hardwired to the experiment, or interface with a data bus at the PSS for signal processing. The MFDS has video capability, with alphanumeric and graphic overlay features, on one CRT and alphanumeric and graphic (tricolor) capability on a second CRT. The DEU will have the capability to communicate, via redundant data buses, with both the spacelab experiment and subsystem computers.

  11. Aid Loss Probability System for Officers (AID-O). Volume 1. Executive Summary.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    rtillet-y, Infant ry, of- Military Intelligence . 1000 7 P rom otioni P assove r, Temporary (; made less than Maj. , Control Biranch (does not (j(lal (𔃺...DOIPU £031, £030.3 00*. 001110109 CRUM DCUWO.L A0310 COWC, Coro . Chief ot chepleate, The Prieum g TO i acoe deu~d w umeratasom dM~arsslOseral. Chie of

  12. You Want Me in Outpatient Oncology Nursing? A New Graduate Story.


    Hawley, McKenzie


    When I was in nursing school, I was one of a handful of students presented with a unique opportunity to fulfill our medical-surgical nursing requirement: a six-week clinical rotation at a large, outpatient, National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer center. This opportunity was an innovative experiment between the College of Nursing at Seattle University and the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA). The collaboration was coined the Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) by nursing management.

  13. Adapting Strategic Aircraft Assets to a Changing World: Technology Insertion to Provide Flexibility

    DTIC Science & Technology


    PROCESSOR L ALTm AMSS-- A MtAAn S Sute m DEU DATAI A RT HF-- Hgh Frquen- AIRCRAFT nrNTERC SUBSYST MSM St Legend: ALT- Altimeter AMSS- Altitude Motion Sensor...these are superior computer systems. To put this information in perspective, note that most 1992 consumers would not want to buy 1982 computer (; instead, they would want to buy the latest technology, such as a 486. If they owned the older 8088, they would remember that it

  14. Transcriptomic Changes in Zebrafish Embryos and Larvae Following Benzo[a]pyrene Exposure

    PubMed Central

    Fang, Xiefan; Corrales, Jone; Thornton, Cammi; Clerk, Tracy; Scheffler, Brian E.; Willett, Kristine L.


    Benzo[a]pyrene (BaP) is an environmentally relevant carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting compound that causes immediate, long-term, and multigenerational health deficits in mammals and fish. Previously, we found that BaP alters DNA methylation patterns in developing zebrafish, which may affect gene expression. Herein, we performed a genome-wide transcriptional analysis and discovered differential gene expression and splicing in developing zebrafish. Adult zebrafish were exposed to control or 42.0 ± 1.9 µg/l BaP for 7 days. Eggs were collected and raised in control conditions or continuously exposed to BaP until 3.3 and 96 h post–fertilization (hpf). RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) was conducted on zebrafish embryos and larvae. Data were analyzed to identify differentially expressed (DE) genes (changed at the gene or transcript variant level) and genes with differential exon usage (DEU; changed at the exon level). At 3.3 hpf, BaP exposure resulted in 8 DE genes and 51 DEU genes. At 96 hpf, BaP exposure altered expression in 1153 DE genes and 159 DEU genes. Functional ontology analysis by Ingenuity Pathway Analysis revealed that many disease pathways, including organismal death, growth failure, abnormal morphology of embryonic tissue, congenital heart disease, and adverse neuritogenesis, were significantly enriched for the DE and DEU genes, providing novel insights on the mechanisms of action of BaP-induced developmental toxicities. Collectively, we discovered substantial transcriptomic changes at the gene, transcript variant, and exon levels in developing zebrafish after early life BaP waterborne exposure, and these changes may lead to long-term adverse physiological consequences. PMID:26001963

  15. Rural model dedicated education unit: partnership between college and hospital.


    Harmon, Lisa M


    This article describes the pilot project development of a rural model Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) by a rural college nursing program and a rural hospital to increase student nurses' confidence and proficiency and improve recruitment of prepared rural staff nurses. Traditionally, for economies of scale, most student clinical rotations occurred in urban settings with the number of students per clinical instructor allowed by the state board of nursing. College budget constraints negated the placement of fewer than this mandated maximum number of students in a rural hospital with a clinical instructor; moreover, rural hospitals could not accommodate 10 students at one time. Rural nursing students were anxious in the urban settings, and this anxiety precluded learning in many instances. Rural hospitals face higher registered nurse vacancies than urban centers. Of the nurses applying for open positions, many were not prepared for the demands of rural nursing, resulting in increased turnover and high orientation costs. The rural model DEU addressed issues of both the nursing program and the hospital. The design and development of the rural model DEU and the advantages of the partnership for the college nursing program and the hospital are discussed. Initial outcomes and serendipitous findings from the pilot project are also discussed.

  16. The NATO Warsaw Summit: How to Strengthen Alliance Cohesion (Strategic Forum, Number 296)

    DTIC Science & Technology


    solidarity among Europeans is under siege. NATO as an organization is not immune from these developments. On the one hand, both Russia and the Islamic ...BEL SVN CAN DEU HRV NOR FRA ESP HUN GBR USA TUR DNK NLD CZE ROU PRT EST GRC LVA SVK LUX POL LTU Figure. NATO Defense Expenditure Data Source: Dr. G. Alexander Crowther, Daniel Fiott, Dr. Christopher J. Lamb, Colonel Rich- ard H.M. Outzen, USA , and Dr. Luis Simon for com- menting on an

  17. Can histologic changes of the upper pole justify a conservative approach in neonatal duplex ectopic ureterocele?


    Arena, F; Nicotina, A; Cruccetti, A; Centonze, A; Arena, S; Romeo, G


    The aim of this study was to review the histology of the upper-pole segment in patients with duplex-system ectopic ureterocele (DEU) to determine if less aggressive surgery is justified in prenatally-diagnosed cases. The study included 15 consecutive patients with DEU treated between 1991 and 1999. The diagnosis was made according to the criteria of the Section on Urology of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The histology specimens were assessed for dysplastic, inflammatory, and obstructive changes. All 15 patients were surgically treated by heminephro-ureterectomy and the surgical specimens were histologically examined. Nine cases were diagnosed prenatally; the histology of the upper-pole segment in these patients showed segmental renal microcystic dysplasia, chondroid metaplasic islands, and an inflammatory tubulointerstitial nephropathy in 6 (66.6%) and nephroblastomatosis in 2 (22.2%). The histology of the 6 postnatally-diagnosed patients showed segmental multicystic renal dysplasia, inflammatory tubulo-interstitial nephropathy, and segmental parenchymal scars. The upper-pole histology of the prenatally-diagnosed patients did not show any evidence of reversible histologic changes. Considering this findings and the good outcome of patients treated with upper-pole nephroureterectomy, less aggressive surgery with preservation of the upper pole does not seem justified.

  18. Central Greenland Holocene Deuterium Excess Variability

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Masson-Delmotte, V.; Jouzel, J.; Falourd, S.; Cattani, O.; Dahl-Jensen, D.; Johnsen, S.; Sveinbjornsdottir, A. E.; White, J. W. C.

    Water stable isotopes (oxygen 18 and deuterium) have been measured along the Holocene part of two deep ice cores from central Greenland, GRIP and North GRIP. Theoretical studies have shown that the second-order isotopic parameter, the deu- terium excess (d=dD-8d18O), is an indicator of climatic changes at the oceanic mois- ture source reflecting at least partly changes in sea-surface-temperature. The two deu- terium excess records from GRIP and North GRIP show a long term increasing trend already observed in Antarctic deep ice cores and related to changes in the Earth's obliquity during the Holocene : an decreased obliquity is associated with a larger low to high latitude annual mean insolation gradient, warmer tropics, colder poles, and a more intense atmospheric transport from the tropics to the poles, resulting in a higher moisture source temperature and higher deuterium excess values. Superimposed onto this long term trend, central Greenland deuterium excess records also exhibit small abrupt events (8.2 ka BP and 4.5 ka BP) and a high frequency variability.

  19. Lunar rock types - The role of plagioclase in non-mare and highland rock types

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Hubbard, N. J.; Gast, P. W.; Nyquist, L. E.; Rhodes, J. M.; Bansal, B. M.; Wiesmann, H.; Shih, C.-Y.


    Some nonmare and highland rock types (14310 type KREEP and very high Al2O3 basalts) have the internal chemical variations expected for a plagioclase-liquid system. The observed Eu variations in these rock types suggest a D(Eu) 1/p of 0.6 to 0.7. The Sr variations suggest a D(Sr) 1/p of about 0.6, with values as low as 0.35 suggested for some materials from sample 14063. Common Apollo 14 KREEP and Apollo 15 KREEP do not show internal Sr, Eu, Al2O3 variations consistent with the D(Eu, Sr) 1/p values derived for 14310 type KREEP. Major element and experimental data indicate that olivine or pyroxene is a large, perhaps dominant, controller of chemical variations within common Apollo 14 KREEP. The application of these distribution coefficients to pure anorthosites like 15415 yields the model dependent conclusion that the silicate liquids with which such anorthosites may have been chemically equilibrated have not yet been analyzed and perhaps not directly sampled.

  20. Partnering to educate: dedicated education units.


    Dapremont, Jill; Lee, Shirleatha


    A current focus of the healthcare industry is centered on addressing the nursing shortage. In the midst of a nursing faculty shortage the Institute of Medicine (2010) recently released a report that calls for increasing the number of baccalaureate prepared nurses to 80% of the workforce by 2020. Therefore, nursing schools are faced with graduating more nurses to meet the demand. Yet, admission to schools of nursing are often limited because of clinical placement sites. The Dedicated Education Unit (DEU) model has been recently introduced to address the challenge of increasing the enrollment of nursing students in spite of a nationwide shortage of nursing faculty. Dedicated Education Units are clinical sites in hospitals where staff nurses serve as preceptors for students in all levels of their nursing education. This model is designed to improve practice education to better prepare students for actual practice while decreasing the number of faculty required at clinical sites. The purpose of this article is to discuss the implications of this model for nursing education, our experience with the DEU model, and issues of deliberation.

  1. Transport Properties of Multivalent Cations in Nafion-117 Membrane with Mixed Ionic Composition.


    Chaudhury, Sanhita; Agarwal, Chhavi; Goswami, A


    The transport characteristics of multivalent cations like Ba(2+) and Eu(3+) have been studied in bi-ionic form of the Nafion-117 membrane. The membranes have been prepared by loading different proportions of H(+)-Ba(2+)/Mg(2+)-Ba(2+)/Ba(2+)-Eu(3+)/H(+)-Eu(3+)/Na(+)-Eu(3+). The cationic compositions of the membranes have been determined from the measured ion exchange isotherms. Results show that the self-diffusion coefficient of Ba(2+) (D(Ba)) in H-Ba/Mg-Ba systems as well as the self-diffusion coefficient of Eu(3+) (D(Eu)) in H-Eu/Na-Eu systems are strongly dependent on the membrane ionic compositions and decreased continuously with increasing concentration of the highly hydrated ions (H(+)/Na(+)/Mg(2+)) in the membrane. Increase in the proportion of H(+)/Na(+)/Mg(2+) ions in the membrane increases the effective charge on the membrane matrix. This causes stronger electrostatic interaction of the less hydrated multivalent ions (Ba(2+)/Eu(3+)) with the membrane matrix charges, which ultimately results in their slower self-diffusion coefficients. The higher the valence, the stronger the electrostatic interaction is with the fixed ionic charges; hence, in general, D(Eu) is affected more as compared to D(Ba). On the basis of the free-volume theory for polymers, the effective interaction potential (Φ) of the Ba(2+) with the fixed ionic sites in the membrane has been calculated and found to be on the order of approximately millivolts. The higher the proportion of hydrated ion in the membrane, the higher the Φ is and the stronger the ion pair formation is with the fixed ionic sites in the membrane. However, in the Ba-Eu system, as the electrostatic interactions of the two ions with the membrane matrix are close, D(Ba) and D(Eu) are independent of the membrane ionic composition. The ionic composition dependence of D(Ba) in the H-Ba system is reflected in the transport rate of Ba(2+), showing the importance of such measurements in understanding the transport

  2. Effects of Specific Multi-Nutrient Enriched Diets on Cerebral Metabolism, Cognition and Neuropathology in AβPPswe-PS1dE9 Mice

    PubMed Central

    Jansen, Diane; Zerbi, Valerio; Arnoldussen, Ilse A. C.; Wiesmann, Maximilian; Rijpma, Anne; Fang, Xiaotian T.; Dederen, Pieter J.; Mutsaers, Martina P. C.; Broersen, Laus M.; Lütjohann, Dieter; Miller, Malgorzata; Joosten, Leo A. B.; Heerschap, Arend; Kiliaan, Amanda J.


    Recent studies have focused on the use of multi-nutrient dietary interventions in search of alternatives for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer's disease (AD). In this study we investigated to which extent long-term consumption of two specific multi-nutrient diets can modulate AD-related etiopathogenic mechanisms and behavior in 11-12-month-old AβPPswe-PS1dE9 mice. Starting from 2 months of age, male AβPP-PS1 mice and wild-type littermates were fed either a control diet, the DHA+EPA+UMP (DEU) diet enriched with uridine monophosphate (UMP) and the omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), or the Fortasyn® Connect (FC) diet enriched with the DEU diet plus phospholipids, choline, folic acid, vitamins and antioxidants. We performed behavioral testing, proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy, immunohistochemistry, biochemical analyses and quantitative real-time PCR to gain a better understanding of the potential mechanisms by which these multi-nutrient diets exert protective properties against AD. Our results show that both diets were equally effective in changing brain fatty acid and cholesterol profiles. However, the diets differentially affected AD-related pathologies and behavioral measures, suggesting that the effectiveness of specific nutrients may depend on the dietary context in which they are provided. The FC diet was more effective than the DEU diet in counteracting neurodegenerative aspects of AD and enhancing processes involved in neuronal maintenance and repair. Both diets elevated interleukin-1β mRNA levels in AβPP-PS1 and wild-type mice. The FC diet additionally restored neurogenesis in AβPP-PS1 mice, decreased hippocampal levels of unbound choline-containing compounds in wild-type and AβPP-PS1 animals, suggesting diminished membrane turnover, and decreased anxiety-related behavior in the open field behavior. In conclusion, the current data indicate that specific multi-nutrient diets can influence AD

  3. Using a dedicated education unit clinical education model with second-degree accelerated nursing program students.


    Sharpnack, Patricia A; Koppelman, Catherine; Fellows, Bonnie


    Rising health care costs have underscored the need for new graduates to effectively transition to professional practice. Effective academic-practice partnerships, such as dedicated education units (DEUs), can be useful in facilitating the transfer of knowledge from the classroom to the clinical setting. This randomized experimental study found the DEU clinical model to be valuable in facilitating the transfer of knowledge in second-degree accelerated program students as evaluated by course, simulation, and standardized assessment scores and self-evaluations. Successful transition to clinical practice is reported by practice partners; time allotted for orientation program requirements was reduced and retention on the unit of hire was improved. Additional research is needed to understand the effectiveness of second-degree accelerated nursing programs and how to revise the clinical education element of the program to meet the unique needs of these students.

  4. Creating a Dedicated Education Unit in Long-Term Care.


    Fox, Jodie R


    adults needing long-term care (LTC) may rise in future aging populations, necessitating an increase in the <1% of nurses currently certified in gerontological nursing. An innovative clinical model, the dedicated education unit (DEU), has been used globally with positive results. The purpose of the current review is to explore the DEU and its possible use in LTC settings, and identify if this clinical model increases nursing students' knowledge of the nursing role. Current literature, including a systematic review, is analyzed and rated for quality. Synthesis of findings show the DEU clinical model may increase student interest and knowledge of LTC nursing through collaboration with the practicing LTC nurse. More longitudinal studies are needed to determine the success of the DEU model as a long-term solution to this clinical problem. [Journal of Gerontological Nursing, xx(x), xx-xx.].

  5. Genome3D: exploiting structure to help users understand their sequences

    PubMed Central

    Lewis, Tony E.; Sillitoe, Ian; Andreeva, Antonina; Blundell, Tom L.; Buchan, Daniel W.A.; Chothia, Cyrus; Cozzetto, Domenico; Dana, José M.; Filippis, Ioannis; Gough, Julian; Jones, David T.; Kelley, Lawrence A.; Kleywegt, Gerard J.; Minneci, Federico; Mistry, Jaina; Murzin, Alexey G.; Ochoa-Montaño, Bernardo; Oates, Matt E.; Punta, Marco; Rackham, Owen J.L.; Stahlhacke, Jonathan; Sternberg, Michael J.E.; Velankar, Sameer; Orengo, Christine


    Genome3D ( is a collaborative resource that provides predicted domain annotations and structural models for key sequences. Since introducing Genome3D in a previous NAR paper, we have substantially extended and improved the resource. We have annotated representatives from Pfam families to improve coverage of diverse sequences and added a fast sequence search to the website to allow users to find Genome3D-annotated sequences similar to their own. We have improved and extended the Genome3D data, enlarging the source data set from three model organisms to 10, and adding VIVACE, a resource new to Genome3D. We have analysed and updated Genome3D's SCOP/CATH mapping. Finally, we have improved the superposition tools, which now give users a more powerful interface for investigating similarities and differences between structural models. PMID:25348407

  6. Tasks and tools for battlefield reconnaissance

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Strecker, Sebastian


    The continuous development on the field of electro-optics has certainly a big influence on the field of military vehicles. The same way it increases the own visual and thereby the operational range, it also increases the danger of detection by enemy forces. This conflict between the enhancement of sensor performance on one side and the minimization of vehicle signature by design on the other side is the major issue in the field of battlefield reconnaissance. The understanding of the interaction between the theoretical sensor performance, its limitation caused by atmospheric effects and the constructive limitations in the vehicle's signature minimization is mandatory for a realistic assessment of sensor systems. This paper describes the tasks and tools for battlefield reconnaissance at the Bundeswehr Technical Center for Weapons and Ammunition (WTD 91) in Meppen (DEU).

  7. Prime Contract Awards of $100,000 or More by Federal Supply Classification or Service Category and Purchasing Office, FY 88. Part 2. (5610-9999).

    DTIC Science & Technology


    4 44OWA.aɜUW 4) .4 u 0 0. m4 0 4 ( U) u M U) C) Wj AULA it Al t.. - CC 1-4. .4O .4 gn U 110 0 0 a Q10 .1 Lc C-4 .v C Z 0C .4 LL.LL, 0 :34 b t 4L...0 C I OUE-4 i MOO -~ 4)= = 0.c0 0 *it O0 - 0O0-vc W.J OUC.) f - 44 -4 0 c ’ tIC C -C C C 0 L .4UV - 0) G-4 U- -4 C In -. EUMd - . X MU (dEU-4 -4 -1W o

  8. ADRON Instrument for Luna-Resource and Luna-Glob Missions

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Golovin, D.; Mitrofanov, I.; Barmakov, Y.; Bogolubov, E.; Litvak, M.; Sanin, A.; Kozyrev, A.; Malakhov, A.; Mokrousov, M.; Schatzkij, V.; Smirnov, G.; Ryzhkov, V.; Kurdumov, I.; Shvetsov, V.; Tretyakov, V.; Varenikov, A.; Vostrukhin, A.


    The interest to Moon investigations was increasing last decade. Many scientific and exploration missions were developed and about ten spacecrafts reached our nearest cosmic neighbor for detailed studying. Russian instrument LEND (Lunar Exploration Neutron Detector) received new interesting data about global lunar surface and distribution of hydrogen (water) enriched regions near poles in particular using collimation technique. Two of these regions are now landing sites of Russian-Indian project Luna-Resource and Russian lander Luna-Glob with planned launches in 2014 and 2015 respectively. One of scientific instruments onboard landers of both missions is ADRON (Active Detector of gamma Rays and Neutrons). The main tasks of the experiment are: 1) Definition of composition of the soil in the landing site; 2) Hydrogen content and distribution along depth; 3) Radiation background measurement; 4) Registering of Gamma-Ray Bursts. ADRON instrument is based on available heritage of design of DAN (MSL 2011, NASA) and MGNS (BepiColombo 2014, ESA). The concept ADRON is based on is the well-known method of nuclear well neutron logging for geological applications when detectors measure flux of scattered and moderated neutrons emitted by generator. Using scintillator one can detect spectrum of gamma-rays from soil and the lines intensities of this spectrum will indicate amount of a corresponding element in the subsurface up to 1 m depth during experiment on lunar surface. Instrument consists of two separate units: Pulse Neutron Generator (PNG) and Detectors and Electronic Unit (DEU). DEU (weight 3.8 kg, size 260×217×127 mm), besides of electronic for instrument control, contains LaBr3 crystal for measuring spectra of gamma rays and He3 proportional counters to detect thermal and epithermal neutrons. Fast electronics allow to get time profiles of gamma and neutrons flux with time resolution of up to 1 microsecond. PNG unit (weight 2.6 kg, size 331×125×45 mm) is connected to

  9. MetaSINEs: Broad Distribution of a Novel SINE Superfamily in Animals

    PubMed Central

    Nishihara, Hidenori; Plazzi, Federico; Passamonti, Marco; Okada, Norihiro


    SINEs (short interspersed elements) are transposable elements that typically originate independently in each taxonomic clade (order/family). However, some SINE families share a highly similar central sequence and are thus categorized as a SINE superfamily. Although only four SINE superfamilies (CORE-SINEs, V-SINEs, DeuSINEs, and Ceph-SINEs) have been reported so far, it is expected that new SINE superfamilies would be discovered by deep exploration of new SINEs in metazoan genomes. Here we describe 15 SINEs, among which 13 are novel, that have a similar 66-bp central region and therefore constitute a new SINE superfamily, MetaSINEs. MetaSINEs are distributed from fish to cnidarians, suggesting their common evolutionary origin at least 640 Ma. Because the 3′ tails of MetaSINEs are variable, these SINEs most likely survived by changing their partner long interspersed elements for retrotransposition during evolution. Furthermore, we examined the presence of members of other SINE superfamilies in bivalve genomes and characterized eight new SINEs belonging to the CORE-SINEs, V-SINEs, and DeuSINEs, in addition to the MetaSINEs. The broad distribution of bivalve SINEs suggests that at least three SINEs originated in the common ancestor of Bivalvia. Our comparative analysis of the central domains of the SINEs revealed that, in each superfamily, only a restricted region is shared among all of its members. Because the functions of the central domains of the SINE superfamilies remain unknown, such structural information of SINE superfamilies will be useful for future experimental and comparative analyses to reveal why they have been retained in metazoan genomes during evolution. PMID:26872770

  10. Genome3D: a UK collaborative project to annotate genomic sequences with predicted 3D structures based on SCOP and CATH domains

    PubMed Central

    Lewis, Tony E.; Sillitoe, Ian; Andreeva, Antonina; Blundell, Tom L.; Buchan, Daniel W.A.; Chothia, Cyrus; Cuff, Alison; Dana, Jose M.; Filippis, Ioannis; Gough, Julian; Hunter, Sarah; Jones, David T.; Kelley, Lawrence A.; Kleywegt, Gerard J.; Minneci, Federico; Mitchell, Alex; Murzin, Alexey G.; Ochoa-Montaño, Bernardo; Rackham, Owen J. L.; Smith, James; Sternberg, Michael J. E.; Velankar, Sameer; Yeats, Corin; Orengo, Christine


    Genome3D, available at, is a new collaborative project that integrates UK-based structural resources to provide a unique perspective on sequence–structure–function relationships. Leading structure prediction resources (DomSerf, FUGUE, Gene3D, pDomTHREADER, Phyre and SUPERFAMILY) provide annotations for UniProt sequences to indicate the locations of structural domains (structural annotations) and their 3D structures (structural models). Structural annotations and 3D model predictions are currently available for three model genomes (Homo sapiens, E. coli and baker’s yeast), and the project will extend to other genomes in the near future. As these resources exploit different strategies for predicting structures, the main aim of Genome3D is to enable comparisons between all the resources so that biologists can see where predictions agree and are therefore more trusted. Furthermore, as these methods differ in whether they build their predictions using CATH or SCOP, Genome3D also contains the first official mapping between these two databases. This has identified pairs of similar superfamilies from the two resources at various degrees of consensus (532 bronze pairs, 527 silver pairs and 370 gold pairs). PMID:23203986

  11. Crystal Structures of SlyA Protein, a Master Virulence Regulator of Salmonella, in Free and DNA-bound States

    SciTech Connect

    Dolan, Kyle T.; Duguid, Erica M.; He, Chuan


    SlyA is a master virulence regulator that controls the transcription of numerous genes in Salmonella enterica. We present here crystal structures of SlyA by itself and bound to a high-affinity DNA operator sequence in the slyA gene. SlyA interacts with DNA through direct recognition of a guanine base by Arg-65, as well as interactions between conserved Arg-86 and the minor groove and a large network of non-base-specific contacts with the sugar phosphate backbone. Our structures, together with an unpublished structure of SlyA bound to the small molecule effector salicylate (Protein Data Bank code 3DEU), reveal that, unlike many other MarR family proteins, SlyA dissociates from DNA without large conformational changes when bound to this effector. We propose that SlyA and other MarR global regulators rely more on indirect readout of DNA sequence to exert control over many genes, in contrast to proteins (such as OhrR) that recognize a single operator.

  12. Evolutionary active transposable elements in the genome of the coelacanth.


    Chalopin, Domitille; Fan, Shaohua; Simakov, Oleg; Meyer, Axel; Schartl, Manfred; Volff, Jean-Nicolas


    The apparent morphological stasis in the lineage of the coelacanth, which has been called a "living fossil" by many, has been suggested to be causally related to a slow evolution of its genome, with strongly reduced activity of transposable elements (TEs). Analysis of the African coelacanth showed that at least 25% of its genome is constituted of transposable elements including retrotransposons, endogenous retroviruses and DNA transposons, with a strong predominance of non-Long Terminal Repeat (non-LTR) retrotransposons. The coelacanth genome has been shaped by four major general bursts of transposition during evolution, with major contributions of LINE1, LINE2, CR1, and Deu non-LTR retrotransposons. Many transposable elements are expressed in different tissues and might be active. The number of TE families in coelacanth, but also in lungfish, is lower than in teleost fish, but is higher than in chicken and human. This observation is in agreement with the hypothesis of a sequential elimination of many TE families in the sarcopterygian lineage during evolution. Taken together, our analysis indicates that the coelacanth contains more TE families than birds and mammals, and that these elements have been active during the evolution of the coelacanth lineage. Hence, at the level of transposable element activity, the coelacanth genome does not appear to evolve particularly slowly.

  13. Design, synthesis and extraction studies of a new class of conformationally constrained (N,N,N',N'-tetraalkyl)7-oxabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-2,3-dicarboxamides.


    Sharma, Shikha; Panja, Surajit; Bhattachariya, Arunasis; Dhami, Prem S; Gandhi, Preetam M; Ghosh, Sunil K


    A new class of conformationally constrained 7-oxabicyclo[2.2.1]heptane-2,3-dicarboxamides (OBDA) of three secondary amines was synthesized, and their extraction behavior for trivalent and tetravalent actinides in HNO3 medium was studied. Amongst the diamides, N,N-bis-2-ethylhexyl substituted diamide showed the best results for actinide extraction. This diamide also exhibited a very low level of extraction for Sr(ii) and Ru(iii) which is desirable, thus providing higher selectivity for actinides. The stripping of extracted metal ions was achieved using 0.1 M oxalic acid for Pu(iv) or pH ∼ 2 solution for Am(iii). Third phase formation was not observed for the OBDA ligand even for a higher concentration of Eu up to 5 g L(-1) with retention of good DEu. The tridentate nature of the OBDA ligand was ascertained by studying the IR and NMR spectra of the Eu(iii) complex with the ligand. The OBDA showed the formation of a mixture of mono- and di-solvated species of Eu(iii) as indicated by the slope analysis method and ESI-MS. Density functional theoretical (DFT) study was carried out to determine the energy optimized structure of the free ligand and its Am(3+) complex.


    SciTech Connect

    Kondratenko, A. M.; Kondratenko, M. A.; Morozov, Vasiliy; Derbenev, Yaroslav S.; Lin, Fanglei; Zhang, Yuhong; Filatov, Yuri


    In the Jefferson Lab’s Electron-Ion Collider (JLEIC) project, an injector of polarized ions into the collider ring is a superconducting 8 GeV booster. Both figure-8 and racetrack booster versions were considered. Our analysis showed that the figure-8 ring configuration allows one to preserve the polarization of any ion species during beam acceleration using only small longitudinal field with an integral less than 0.5 Tm. In the racetrack booster, to pre-serve the polarization of ions with the exception of deu-terons, it suffices to use a solenoidal Siberian snake with a maximum field integral of 30 Tm. To preserve deuteron polarization, we propose to use arc magnets for the race-track booster structure with a field ramp rate of the order of 1 T/s. We calculate deuteron and proton beam polari-zations in both the figure-8 and racetrack boosters includ-ing alignment errors of their magnetic elements using the Zgoubi code.

  15. StatXFinder: a web-based self-directed tool that provides appropriate statistical test selection for biomedical researchers in their scientific studies.


    Suner, Aslı; Karakülah, Gökhan; Koşaner, Özgün; Dicle, Oğuz


    The improper use of statistical methods is common in analyzing and interpreting research data in biological and medical sciences. The objective of this study was to develop a decision support tool encompassing the commonly used statistical tests in biomedical research by combining and updating the present decision trees for appropriate statistical test selection. First, the decision trees in textbooks, published articles, and online resources were scrutinized, and a more comprehensive unified one was devised via the integration of 10 distinct decision trees. The questions also in the decision steps were revised by simplifying and enriching of the questions with examples. Then, our decision tree was implemented into the web environment and the tool titled StatXFinder was developed. Finally, usability and satisfaction questionnaires were applied to the users of the tool, and StatXFinder was reorganized in line with the feedback obtained from these questionnaires. StatXFinder provides users with decision support in the selection of 85 distinct parametric and non-parametric statistical tests by directing 44 different yes-no questions. The accuracy rate of the statistical test recommendations obtained by 36 participants, with the cases applied, were 83.3 % for "difficult" tests, and 88.9 % for "easy" tests. The mean system usability score of the tool was found 87.43 ± 10.01 (minimum: 70-maximum: 100). A statistically significant difference could not be seen between total system usability score and participants' attributes (p value >0.05). The User Satisfaction Questionnaire showed that 97.2 % of the participants appreciated the tool, and almost all of the participants (35 of 36) thought of recommending the tool to the others. In conclusion, StatXFinder, can be utilized as an instructional and guiding tool for biomedical researchers with limited statistics knowledge. StatXFinder is freely available at

  16. Effects of β-d-mannuronic acid, as a novel non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication within immunosuppressive properties, on IL17, RORγt, IL4 and GATA3 gene expressions in rheumatoid arthritis patients

    PubMed Central

    Barati, Anis; Jamshidi, Ahmad Reza; Ahmadi, Hossein; Aghazadeh, Zahra; Mirshafiey, Abbas


    Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the most common form of chronic inflammatory arthritis characterized by pain, swelling and destruction of joints, with a resultant disability. Disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) and biological drugs can interfere with the disease process. In this study, the effect of β-d-mannuronic acid (M2000) as a novel non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) with immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory effects together with antioxidant effects was evaluated on IL17, RORγt, IL4 and GATA3 gene expression in 12 RA patients. Previously, M2000 driven from sodium alginate (natural product; patented, DEU: 102016113018.4) has shown a notable efficacy in experimental models of multiple sclerosis, RA and nephrotic syndrome. This study was performed on 12 patients with RA who had an inadequate response to conventional treatments. During this trial, patients were permitted to continue the conventional therapy excluding NSAIDs. M2000 was administered orally at a dose of 500 mg twice daily for 12 weeks. The peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) were collected before and after treatment to evaluate the expression levels of IL4, GATA3, IL17 and RORγt. The gene expression results showed that M2000 has a potent efficacy, so that it could not only significantly decrease IL17 and RORγt levels but also increase IL4 and GATA3 levels after 12 weeks of treatment. Moreover, the gene expression results were in accordance with the clinical and preclinical assessments. In conclusion, M2000 as a natural novel agent has therapeutic and immunosuppressive properties on RA patients (identifier: IRCT2014011213739N2).

  17. Expanding the REE Partitioning Database for Lunar Materials

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Rapp, Jennifer F.; Draper, David S.


    Positive europium anomalies are ubiquitous in the plagioclase-rich rocks of the lunar highlands, and complementary negative Eu anomalies are found in most lunar basalts. This is taken as evidence of a large-scale differentation event, with crystallization of a global-scale lunar magma ocean (LMO) resulting in a plagioclase flotation crust and a mafic lunar interior from which mare basalts were later derived. However, the extent of the Eu anomaly in lunar rocks is variable. Some plagioclase grains in a lunar impact rock (60635) have been reported to display a negative Eu anomaly, or in some cases single grains display both positive and neagtive anomalies. Cathodoluminescence images reveal that some crystals have a negative anomaly in the core and positive at the rim, or vice versa, and the negative anomalies are not associated with crystal overgrowths. Oxygen fugacity is known to affect Eu partitioning into plagioclase, as under low fO2 conditions Eu can be divalent, and has an ionic radius similar to Ca2+ - significant in lunar samples where plagioclase compositions are predominantly anorthitic. However, there are very few experimental studies of rare earth element (REE) partitioning in plagioclase relevant to lunar magmatism, with only two plagioclase DEu measurements from experiments using lunar materials, and little data in low fO2 conditions relevant to the Moon. We report on REE partitioning experiments on lunar compositions. We investigate two lunar basaltic compositions, high-alumina basalt 14072 and impact melt breccia 60635. These samples span a large range of lunar surface bulk compositions. The experiments are carried out at variable fO2 in 1 bar gas mixing furnaces, and REE are analysed by and LA-ICP-MS. Our results not only greatly expand the existing plagioclase DREE database for lunar compositions, but also investigate the significance of fO2 in Eu partitioning, and in the interpretation of Eu anomalies in lunar materials.

  18. Caffeine exposure alters cardiac gene expression in embryonic cardiomyocytes.


    Fang, Xiefan; Mei, Wenbin; Barbazuk, William B; Rivkees, Scott A; Wendler, Christopher C


    Previous studies demonstrated that in utero caffeine treatment at embryonic day (E) 8.5 alters DNA methylation patterns, gene expression, and cardiac function in adult mice. To provide insight into the mechanisms, we examined cardiac gene and microRNA (miRNA) expression in cardiomyocytes shortly after exposure to physiologically relevant doses of caffeine. In HL-1 and primary embryonic cardiomyocytes, caffeine treatment for 48 h significantly altered the expression of cardiac structural genes (Myh6, Myh7, Myh7b, Tnni3), hormonal genes (Anp and BnP), cardiac transcription factors (Gata4, Mef2c, Mef2d, Nfatc1), and microRNAs (miRNAs; miR208a, miR208b, miR499). In addition, expressions of these genes were significantly altered in embryonic hearts exposed to in utero caffeine. For in utero experiments, pregnant CD-1 dams were treated with 20-60 mg/kg of caffeine, which resulted in maternal circulation levels of 37.3-65.3 μM 2 h after treatment. RNA sequencing was performed on embryonic ventricles treated with vehicle or 20 mg/kg of caffeine daily from E6.5-9.5. Differential expression (DE) analysis revealed that 124 genes and 849 transcripts were significantly altered, and differential exon usage (DEU) analysis identified 597 exons that were changed in response to prenatal caffeine exposure. Among the DE genes identified by RNA sequencing were several cardiac structural genes and genes that control DNA methylation and histone modification. Pathway analysis revealed that pathways related to cardiovascular development and diseases were significantly affected by caffeine. In addition, global cardiac DNA methylation was reduced in caffeine-treated cardiomyocytes. Collectively, these data demonstrate that caffeine exposure alters gene expression and DNA methylation in embryonic cardiomyocytes.

  19. The use of reed canary grass and giant miscanthus in the phytoremediation of municipal sewage sludge.


    Antonkiewicz, Jacek; Kołodziej, Barbara; Bielińska, Elżbieta Jolanta


    The application of municipal sewage sludge on energy crops is an alternative form of recycling nutrients, food materials, and organic matter from waste. Municipal sewage sludge constitutes a potential source of heavy metals in soil, which can be partially removed by the cultivation of energy crops. The aim of the research was to assess the effect of municipal sewage sludge on the uptake of heavy metals by monocotyledonous energy crops. Sewage sludge was applied at doses of 0, 10, 20, 40, and 60 Mg DM · ha(-1) once, before the sowing of plants. In a 6-year field experiment, the effect of four levels of fertilisation with sewage sludge on the uptake of heavy metals by two species of energy crops, reed canary grass (Phalaris arundinacea L.) of 'Bamse' cultivar and giant miscanthus (Miscanthus × giganteus GREEF et DEU), was analysed. It was established that the increasing doses of sewage sludge had a considerable effect on the increase in biomass yield from the tested plants. Due to the increasing doses of sewage sludge, a significant increase in heavy metals content in the energy crops was recorded. The heavy metal uptake with the miscanthus yield was the highest at a dose of 20 Mg DM · ha(-1), and at a dose of 40 Mg DM · ha(-1) in the case of reed canary grass. Research results indicate that on account of higher yields, higher bioaccumulation, and higher heavy metal uptake, miscanthus can be selected for the remediation of sewage sludge.

  20. Caffeine exposure alters cardiac gene expression in embryonic cardiomyocytes

    PubMed Central

    Fang, Xiefan; Mei, Wenbin; Barbazuk, William B.; Rivkees, Scott A.


    Previous studies demonstrated that in utero caffeine treatment at embryonic day (E) 8.5 alters DNA methylation patterns, gene expression, and cardiac function in adult mice. To provide insight into the mechanisms, we examined cardiac gene and microRNA (miRNA) expression in cardiomyocytes shortly after exposure to physiologically relevant doses of caffeine. In HL-1 and primary embryonic cardiomyocytes, caffeine treatment for 48 h significantly altered the expression of cardiac structural genes (Myh6, Myh7, Myh7b, Tnni3), hormonal genes (Anp and BnP), cardiac transcription factors (Gata4, Mef2c, Mef2d, Nfatc1), and microRNAs (miRNAs; miR208a, miR208b, miR499). In addition, expressions of these genes were significantly altered in embryonic hearts exposed to in utero caffeine. For in utero experiments, pregnant CD-1 dams were treated with 20–60 mg/kg of caffeine, which resulted in maternal circulation levels of 37.3–65.3 μM 2 h after treatment. RNA sequencing was performed on embryonic ventricles treated with vehicle or 20 mg/kg of caffeine daily from E6.5-9.5. Differential expression (DE) analysis revealed that 124 genes and 849 transcripts were significantly altered, and differential exon usage (DEU) analysis identified 597 exons that were changed in response to prenatal caffeine exposure. Among the DE genes identified by RNA sequencing were several cardiac structural genes and genes that control DNA methylation and histone modification. Pathway analysis revealed that pathways related to cardiovascular development and diseases were significantly affected by caffeine. In addition, global cardiac DNA methylation was reduced in caffeine-treated cardiomyocytes. Collectively, these data demonstrate that caffeine exposure alters gene expression and DNA methylation in embryonic cardiomyocytes. PMID:25354728

  1. Population structure, antimicrobial resistance, and mutation frequencies of Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates from cystic fibrosis patients.


    del Campo, Rosa; Morosini, María-Isabel; de la Pedrosa, Elia Gómez-G; Fenoll, Asunción; Muñoz-Almagro, Carmen; Máiz, Luis; Baquero, Fernando; Cantón, Rafael


    Forty-eight Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates recovered from sputum samples from 26 cystic fibrosis (CF) patients attending our CF unit (1995 to 2003) were studied. Mean yearly incidence of isolation was 5.5%, and all were strains recovered from young patients (< or = 12 years). The isolation was linked to clinical exacerbation in 35% of the cases, but only 27% of these were not accompanied by other CF pathogens. Fifty percent of the patients presented with two to four isolates over the studied period. Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis-SmaI digestion revealed a high heterogeneity (32 pulsotypes among 48 isolates) and the persistence over a 6-month period of a single clone (clone A) in two patients. This clone, presenting a varied multiresistance phenotype, was identified as the Spain23F-1 clone and was also recognized in six other patients, including two out of nine patients from the CF unit of Sant Joan de Deu Hospital, Barcelona, Spain. In our isolates, 16 different serotypes were recognized, the most frequent being 23F (33.3%), 19F (18.8%), 6A (6.2%), and 6B (6.2%). High overall resistance rates were observed: to penicillin, 73%; to cefotaxime, 33%; to erythromycin, 42%; to tetracycline, 58%; to chloramphenicol, 48%; and to trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, 67%. Resistance to fluoroquinolones was not detected. Multiresistance was a common feature (60%). The percentage of S. pneumoniae strains with increased frequencies of mutation to rifampin resistance (> or = 7.5 x 10(-8)) was significantly higher (P = 0.02) in CF (60%) than among non-CF (37%) isolates in the same institution (M. I. Morosini et al., Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. 47:1464-1467, 2003). Even though a clear association with acute exacerbations could not be observed, long-term clonal persistence and variability, high frequency of antibiotic resistance, and hypermutability indicate the plasticity for adaptation of S. pneumoniae to the CF lung environment.

  2. Pyroxenes in Martian meteorites as petrogenetic indicators

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    McKay, Gordon; Le, L.; Mikouchi, T.; Makishima, J.; Schwandt, C.


    approx.80% while D(Sr) and D(Eu) only increase by 20-30% at oxygen fugacities near IW. The different Al dependency of D for trivalent REE vs. divalent Eu and Sr considerably complicates the calibration of the Eu oxybarometer.

  3. Three-source-partitioning of soil carbon pools and fluxes and priming effects induced by carbohydrates of different availability

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Blagodatskaya, E.; Khomyakov, N.; Myachina, O.; Blagodatsky, S.; Kuzyakov, Y.


    Soil organic matter (SOM) is not uniform and includes: 1) fresh input of plant-derived organics, i.e. root exudates and rhizodeposits, 2) partially decomposed plant residues and 3) old humus material. The partitioning of these three carbon sources in soil C pools (microbial biomass and dissolved organic matter) and quantification of their contributions in soil CO2 ?uxes is a current challenge in soil science aiming to reveal the C pathways and drivers in terrestrial ecosystems. We applied uniformly labeled 14C-cellulose and 14C-glucose (as low and easily available substrates, respectively) in Ap of loamy Haplic Luvisol developed under C3 vegetation. Miscanthus x giganteus (Greef et Deu) - a perennial C4 plant - was grown for 12 years before the experiment with glucose/cellulose addition. Natural differences in the abundance of 13C between C4 and C3 plants were used to distinguish between old SOC (> 12 years) and recent Miscanthus-derived C (< 12 years). This enabled us to estimate mechanisms and sources of priming effects (PE) during decomposition of applied substrates with varying availability. The real and apparent priming effects were distinguished by partitioning of microbial C for substrate-C and SOM-derived C. Microbial specific growth rates and activity of hydrolytic enzymes were determined to reveal the mechanisms of real PEs. Both short-term apparent and long-term real PEs were induces by glucose, while the cellulose input caused only real PE. Remarkably, the shift to the domination of slow-growing microorganisms was observed during real PEs independently of substrate quality. This is the first direct confirmation of the hypothesized presumable contribution of K-strategists to real priming. 2.5-3 times increase in beta-glucosidase and phosphatase activity coupled with real PE in soil treated with glucose indicated that strong limitation and microbial starvation after glucose consumption caused the PE. Contrary to that the 75% increase in cellobiohydrolase

  4. The Cr Redox Record of fO2 Variation in Angrites. Evidence for Redox Conditions of Angrite Petrogenesis and Parent Body

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Shearer, Charles K.; Bell, Aaron S.; Burger, Paul V.; Papike, James J.; Jones, John; Le, Loan


    Angrites represent some of the earliest stages of planetesimal differentiation. Not surprisingly, there is no simple petrogenetic model for their origin. Petrogenesis has been linked to both magmatic and impact processes. Studies demonstrated that melting of chondritic material (e.g. CM, CV) at redox conditions where pure iron metal is unstable (e.g., IW+1 to IW+2) produced angrite-like melts. Alternatively, angrites were produced at more reducing conditions (DEu/DGd with fO2, between plagioclase and fassaitic pyroxene in equilibrium with an angrite melt composition. They used their observations to estimate the fO2 of crystallization to be approximately IW+0.6 for angrite LEW 86010. This estimate is only a "snapshot" of fO2 conditions during co-crystallization of plagioclase and pyroxene. Preliminary XANES analyses of V redox state in pyroxenes from D'Orbigny reported changes in fO2 from IW-0.7 during early pyroxene crystallization to IW+0.5 during latter episodes of pyroxene crystallization [15]. As this was a preliminary report, it presented limited information concerning the effects of pyroxene orientation and composition on the V valence measurements, and the effect of melt composition on valence and

  5. Therapeutic plasma exchange in acute disseminated encephalomyelitis in children.


    Borras-Novell, Cristina; García Rey, Enric; Perez Baena, Luis Francisco; Jordan Garcia, Iolanda; Catella Cahiz, Dolors; Cambra, Francisco


    Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) is an inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system that is probably due to an autoimmune mechanism with an acute presentation and a monophasic course. The management of patients with ADEM is based on supportive therapy, corticosteroids, and intravenous immunoglobulin, and in selected cases, with therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE). The aim of our study is to evaluate the efficacy of TPE, as adjuvant therapy in pediatric patients with ADEM. We retrospectively reviewed the medical records of children with the diagnosis of ADEM between 2009 and 2011 to which TPE was indicated and were admitted in the ICU of Hospital Sant Joan de Deu (Spain). The diagnosis of ADEM was made by clinical and laboratory criteria and by the presence of compatible lesions on cranio-spinal Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). For signaling TPE, we followed the guidelines established by the American Association of Apheresis (ASFA) in 2010. Five cases were identified. The predominant neurological symptoms in our patients were: altered level of consciousness, seizures, motor deficits, cranial nerve disorders, and aphasia. Most important demyelinating lesions were located in cortical and subcortical white matter of the brain and highlighted brainstream. Patients performed between 4 and 5 sessions, with no reported side effects. Progressive clinical improvement was evident in all patients, with good neurosensory response to stimulation, cessation of seizures, and recovery of limb mobility. Nowadays, one patient's right paresis persists and another suffers epileptic seizures. None of the cases in our series presented new episodes of demyelination. Due to the suggested immune-mediated pathogenesis of ADEM, treatment is based on immunomodulatory agents, being glucocorticoids the most important ones. The treatment can be complemented with intravenous immunoglobulin and plasmapheresis. Available data suggests that plasma exchange is beneficial

  6. Diffusion of REE, Hf and Sr in Olivine

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Remmert, P.; Dohmen, R.; Chakraborty, S.


    We have determined diffusion coefficients of the rare earth elements Ce, Nd, Sm, Eu, Lu, and also of Sr and Hf, in single crystals of natural olivine at atmospheric pressure, at an oxygen fugacity of 10-5 Pa and a temperature of 1275 °C. Sources of diffusants were thin films of olivine composition doped with the relevant elements. Thin films were produced by PLD (pulsed laser deposition) and RBS (Rutherford backscattering) was used to measure thickness and stoichiometry of the films as well as to analyze the concentration profiles. The concentration profiles were numerically fitted to yield the following diffusion coefficients (D, in m2/s): log DCe: -19.61 ± 0.21; log DNd: -19.54 ± 0.11; log DSm: -19.15 ± 0.05; log DEu: -19.10; log DLu: -19.00, log DHf: -20.23 ± 0.07; log DSr: -18.7. Diffusion coefficients of the rare-earth elements increase from Ce to Lu, demonstrating the role of ionic radius in controlling diffusion because all REE are trivalent. The tetravalent and divalent cations hafnium and strontium diffuse an order of magnitude slower and faster, respectively, than the REE in olivine. This highlights the important influence of ionic charge on diffusion rates. The diffusion coefficients of the REE are slower by a few orders of magnitudes than the diffusion rate of Cr in olivine [1]. The rates found in this study are slower than those assumed by a model [2] for compositional modification of melt inclusions in olivine. Use of our data in their calculations indicates that it will take longer to modify the composition of melt inclusions in olivine (millions of years rather than thousands of years) but the fractionation of HREE from LREE will be larger. [1] Ganguly J, Ito M (2006) Geochim Cosmochim Acta, 70, 799-809. [2] Cottrell E, Spiegelman M, Langmuir CH (2002) Geochem Geophys Geosyst, doi:10.1029/2001GC000205

  7. Comparison of carbon balance in Mediterranean pilot constructed wetlands vegetated with different C4 plant species.


    Barbera, Antonio C; Borin, Maurizio; Cirelli, Giuseppe L; Toscano, Attilio; Maucieri, Carmelo


    This study investigates carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) emissions and carbon (C) budgets in a horizontal subsurface flow pilot-plant constructed wetland (CW) with beds vegetated with Cyperus papyrus L., Chrysopogon zizanioides (L.) Roberty, and Mischantus × giganteus Greef et Deu in the Mediterranean basin (Sicily) during the 1st year of plant growing season. At the end of the vegetative season, M. giganteus showed the higher biomass accumulation (7.4 kg m(-2)) followed by C. zizanioides (5.3 kg m(-2)) and C. papyrus (1.8 kg m(-2)). Significantly higher emissions of CO2 were detected in the summer, while CH4 emissions were maximum during spring. Cumulative CO2 emissions by C. papyrus and C. zizanioides during the monitoring period showed similar trends with final values of about 775 and 1,074 g m(-2), respectively, whereas M. giganteus emitted 3,395 g m(-2). Cumulative CH4 bed emission showed different trends for the three C4 plant species in which total gas release during the study period was for C. papyrus 12.0 g m(-2) and ten times higher for M. giganteus, while C. zizanioides bed showed the greatest CH4 cumulative emission with 240.3 g m(-2). The wastewater organic carbon abatement determined different C flux in the atmosphere. Gas fluxes were influenced both by plant species and monitored months with an average C-emitted-to-C-removed ratio for C. zizanioides, C. papyrus, and M. giganteus of 0.3, 0.5, and 0.9, respectively. The growing season C balances were positive for all vegetated beds with the highest C sequestered in the bed with M. giganteus (4.26 kg m(-2)) followed by C. zizanioides (3.78 kg m(-2)) and C. papyrus (1.89 kg m(-2)). To our knowledge, this is the first paper that presents preliminary results on CO2 and CH4 emissions from CWs vegetated with C4 plant species in Mediterranean basin during vegetative growth.

  8. Psychological distress and community approach to the voice of the community health agent.


    Paiva, Pâmela Câmpelo; Torrenté, Mônica de Olivera Nunes de; Landim, Fátima Luna Pinheiro; Branco, July Grassiely de Oliveira; Tamboril, Bruna Caroline Rodrigues; Cabral, Ana Larisse Teles


    The user in psychological distress needs a service that provides a targeted assistance, that welcomes when required, acting as originator care device to the user on the network of health care. This study aimed to describe how people in psychological distress are perceived by the community in the voice of the community health worker. It is a qualitative research conducted with eighteen Community Health Agents, a Primary Care Unit Health (UAP) located in BE IV, in Fortaleza, Ceará. We used a semi-structured and individual interview. Data processing was due to the content analysis. Ethical and legal aspects on the advice No. 957,595. Through the speeches of ACS, it describes how the community perceives the person in psychic suffering and how it positions itself in the face of your everyday problems, as regards the rejection, prejudice, discrimination ne loss of identity. However it is emphasized that, because of being inserted in the community, the community health worker realizes more accurate way in which this social group is the person in mental distress. The rejection of the person who became ill is seen as a fairly common reaction, accompanied by prejudice and discrimination, marginalizing her from society. O usuário em sofrimento psíquico necessita de um serviço que proporcione uma assistência direcionada, que acolha no momento necessário, atuando como dispositivo ordenador do cuidado ao usuário na rede de atenção a saúde. Objetivou-se descrever como as pessoas em sofrimento psíquico são percebidas pela comunidade na voz do agente comunitário de saúde. Trata-se de uma pesquisa qualitativa, realizada junto a dezoito Agentes Comunitários de Saúde, de uma Unidade de Atenção Primaria a Saúde (UAPS) situada na SER IV, em Fortaleza-Ceará. Utilizou-se uma entrevista semiestruturada e individual. O processamento dos dados deu-se pela análise de conteúdo. Aspectos éticos e legais sob parecer Nº 957.595. Através dos discursos dos ACS, descrevemos

  9. Non-Invasive Ventilation in Patients with Heart Failure: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.


    Bittencourt, Hugo Souza; Reis, Helena França Correia Dos; Lima, Melissa Santos; Gomes, Mansueto


    ão invasiva, tolerância ao exercício; e os termos livres: pressão positiva em dois níveis nas vias aéreas (BIPAP), pressão positiva contínua em vias aéreas (CPAP), CF e seus correlatos na língua inglesa, com a combinação dos operadores booleanos (AND e OR). A avaliação da qualidade metodológica se deu via escala de PEDro. Foram calculadas as médias ponderadas e o intervalo de confiança (IC) de 95%. Meta-análise foi realizada com software Review Manager versão 5.3 (Colaboração Cochrane). Foram incluídos quatro ensaios clínicos randomizados. Estudos individuais sugerem que a VNI contribuiu para melhora da CF. VNI resultou em melhora na distância do teste de caminhada de seis minutos (TC6) (68,7m 95% IC: 52,6 a 84,9) comparado ao grupo controle. Concluimos que a VNI é uma intervenção que promove efeitos importantes na melhora da CF de pacientes com IC. No entanto, há uma lacuna na literatura de quais são os parâmetros mais adequados para aplicação dessa técnica.

  10. Trace element partitioning in rock forming minerals of co-genetic, subduction-related alkaline and tholeiitic mafic rocks in the Ural Mountains, Russia

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Krause, J.; Brügmann, G. E.; Pushkarev, E. V.


    (DOpx•Cpx(Lu) = 0.31) towards the LREE (DOpx•Cpx(Nd) = 0.01). The partition coefficients for plagioclase/clinopyroxene and K-feldspar/clinopyroxene in the alkaline melanogabbros decrease from the LREE (DPlg•Cpx(La) = 0.91, DK-fs•Cpx(La)=0.26) to the MREE (DPlg•Cpx(Sm) = 0.02, DK-fs•Cpx(Sm) = 0.006), but both mineral pairs have similar DEu (DPlg•Cpx(Eu) = 0.25, DK-fs•Cpx(Eu) = 0.23). Plagioclase/clinopyroxene partition coefficients for all REE in the tholeiitic gabbros are 3-5 times higher, if compared to those of the alkaline gabbros (DPlg•Cpx(La) = 1.7, DPlg•Cpx(Sm) = 0.034). Apatite/clinopyroxene partition coefficients for the REE decrease from the LREE (DAp•Cpx(La) = 65 in alkaline and 120 in tholeiitic gabbro) to the HREE (DAp•Cpx(Lu) = 4.5 in alkaline and 5.3 in tholeiitic gabbro). The lower partition coefficients for apatite/clinopyroxene and plagioclase/clinopyroxene in the alkaline melanogabbros can be explained by higher clinopyroxene/melt partition coefficients in this system. The higher Al2O3-content in clinopyroxene from the alkali gabbros (Al2O3 = 3.5-7 wt.%), if compared to clinopyroxene in the tholeiitic gabbros (Al2O3 = 2.0-4.5 wt.%) can account for a stronger partitioning of the REE into clinopyroxene in the alkaline rocks (e.g. Gaetani and Grove 1995). Experimental data by Gaetani (2004) also indicate a systematic increase of the Cpx/melt partition coefficients for the REE with increasing Al2O3 and Na2O contents of the parental melt in mafic systems. This is in agreement with the assumed compositional differences between the alkaline and the tholeiitic parental melts. Gaetani, G.A., 2004. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, Vol. 147, 511-527. Gaetani, G.A., Grove, T.L, 1995. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Vol. 59, 1951-1962. Ionov, D.A., Griffin, W.L., O'Reily, S.Y., 1997. Chemical Geology, Vol. 141, 153-184.

  11. Farmyard Manure and Fertilizer Effects on Seed Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Yield in Green House Production

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    László, M.


    crescentes dosagens de 0 e 18.0 grama vaso-1 diminuiram a produção assima de 250% em médio da duas misturas. 12. Numero de tuberculos 0-20 mm e 20 mm- por planta com os manejos de 0 e 18.0 grama vaso-1 foi possível aumentar em media 200% sobre a mistura padrão. Os manejo de 18.0 grama de adubo vaso-1 já causaram importante diminuição em relação caso a absoluto controle. 13. Numero total de tuberculos por planta entre manejos foi melhor a dosagem de 7.2 grama vaso-1 adubo complexo 4N:14P:8K comparando da mistura padrão. Nos verificamos-se que a mistura padrão sempre deu menor rasultados do que as outras misturas (i.e.: 1 e 2). Entre as misturas 1 e 2 a melhor foi a número 2. (80% latossolo vermelho novo, 10% palha de arroz queimado, 10% esterco de curral). Com esta mistura e com relação a mistura padrão, foi possível aumentar o número de tuberculos 0-20 mm com 77%. No caso do adubação, verificamos que grande quantidades de adubo acima de 7.2 grama vaso-1, de modo rigoroso diminuiu a produção de batata-semente pré- básica. Este fato deve ser considerado para a eleição das dosagens de adubos. Deve-se indicar o caso de número de tuberculos acima 20 mm-, onde em relação mistura padrão foi possivel aumentar em média 73% os resultados. Reconhecimento: Esta pesquisa foi apoio da Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuaria- Centro Nacional de Pesquisas de Hortaliças, Brasília-DF e Centro Pesquisa de Solo e Agroquímica do Academia Húngara de Ciências, Budapest References Kádár I-Márton L.-Horváth S. 2000. Mineral fertilisation of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) on calcareous chernozem soil. Plant Production. 49: 291-306. Kurnik E.-Németh T.-Márton L.-Radimszki L. 2001. Effects of a new environment friendly deep fertilization system on a limy chernozem soil parameters. Agrochemistry and Soil Science. Budapest. In press László M. 2000. Nutrition of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) on Hungary on a chernozem soil. Acta Agronomica Óváriensis. 42: 81