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  1. Streaming Scholarship: Using Fan Vids to Teach "Harry Potter"

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Winters, Sarah Fiona


    This article argues that Harry Potter fan vids can be used in the classroom as works of secondary criticism about J. K. Rowling's primary text. It makes two claims: the first is that vids can be read as criticism of a particular text (in this case Harry Potter) alongside other critical essays on that text; the second is that the practice of…

  2. VID22 is required for transcriptional activation of the PSD2 gene in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


    Miyata, Non; Miyoshi, Takuya; Yamaguchi, Takanori; Nakazono, Toshimitsu; Tani, Motohiro; Kuge, Osamu


    Phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is synthesized through decarboxylation of phosphatidylserine (PS), catalysed by PS decarboxylase 1 (Psd1p) and 2 (Psd2p) and the cytidine 5'-diphosphate (CDP)-ethanolamine (CDP-Etn) pathway. PSD1 null (psd1Δ) and PSD2 null (psd2Δ) mutants are viable in a synthetic minimal medium, but a psd1Δ psd2Δ double mutant exhibits Etn auxotrophy, which is incorporated into PE through the CDP-Etn pathway. We have previously shown that psd1Δ is synthetic lethal with deletion of VID22 (vid22Δ) [Kuroda et al. (2011) Mol. Microbiol. 80: , 248-265]. In the present study, we found that vid22Δ mutant exhibits Etn auxotrophy under PSD1-depressed conditions. Deletion of VID22 in wild-type and PSD1-depressed cells caused partial defects in PE formation through decarboxylation of PS. The enzyme activity of PS decarboxylase in an extract of vid22Δ cells was ∼70% of that in wild-type cells and similar to that in psd2Δ cells and the PS decarboxylase activity remaining in the PSD1-depressed cells became almost negligible with deletion of VID22. Thus, the vid22Δ mutation was suggested to cause a defect in the Psd2p activity. Furthermore, vid22Δ cells were shown to be defective in expression of the PSD2 gene tagged with 6×HA, the defect being ameliorated by replacement of the native promoter of the PSD2 gene with a CYC1 promoter. In addition, an α-galactosidase reporter assay revealed that the activity of the promoter of the PSD2 gene in vid22Δ cells was ∼5% of that in wild-type cells. These results showed that VID22 is required for transcriptional activation of the PSD2 gene.

  3. VID-R and SCAN: Tools and Methods for the Automated Analysis of Visual Records.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Ekman, Paul; And Others

    The VID-R (Visual Information Display and Retrieval) system that enables computer-aided analysis of visual records is composed of a film-to-television chain, two videotape recorders with complete remote control of functions, a video-disc recorder, three high-resolution television monitors, a teletype, a PDP-8, a video and audio interface, three…

  4. National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Vids for Grids. New Media for the New Energy Workforce

    SciTech Connect

    Eckhart, Gene


    The objective of this program was to use a new media videos posted on YouTube to augment education about the emerging Smart Grid. All of the specific tasks have been completed per plan, with twelve videos and three podcasts posted on YouTube on the NEMA Vids4Grids channel.

  5. Tbf1 and Vid22 promote resection and non-homologous end joining of DNA double-strand break ends.


    Bonetti, Diego; Anbalagan, Savani; Lucchini, Giovanna; Clerici, Michela; Longhese, Maria Pia


    The repair of DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) is crucial for maintaining genome stability. The Saccharomyces cerevisiae protein Tbf1, which is characterized by a Myb domain and is related to mammalian TRF1 and TRF2, has been proposed to act as a transcriptional activator. Here, we show that Tbf1 and its interacting protein Vid22 are new players in the response to DSBs. Inactivation of either TBF1 or VID22 causes hypersensitivity to DSB-inducing agents and shows strong negative interactions with mutations affecting homologous recombination. Furthermore, Tbf1 and Vid22 are recruited to an HO-induced DSB, where they promote both resection of DNA ends and repair by non-homologous end joining. Finally, inactivation of either Tbf1 or Vid22 impairs nucleosome eviction around the DSB, suggesting that these proteins promote efficient repair of the break by influencing chromatin identity in its surroundings.

  6. ADST Software Design Document for the BDS-D VIDS-equipped M1

    DTIC Science & Technology


    idVA220U402. uAoi 1* klime !’=e - MWWPmemiANd Budgut Pojecs(004MW15S1oa WuhpmC 205W. t. AGENCY USE ONLY ) RPORT DATE 3.RE’OR TYPE ANDo DATES COVERED...CSCs and CSUs, as well as changes to and reuse of existing MI Simulator CSCs and CSUs. Diagrams and narratives are used to explain how the new VIDS...been depressed or released. Specific button actions may generate brief user alert messages to appear on the display panel. Changed button values or

  7. VidCat: an image and video analysis service for personal media management

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Begeja, Lee; Zavesky, Eric; Liu, Zhu; Gibbon, David; Gopalan, Raghuraman; Shahraray, Behzad


    Cloud-based storage and consumption of personal photos and videos provides increased accessibility, functionality, and satisfaction for mobile users. One cloud service frontier that is recently growing is that of personal media management. This work presents a system called VidCat that assists users in the tagging, organization, and retrieval of their personal media by faces and visual content similarity, time, and date information. Evaluations for the effectiveness of the copy detection and face recognition algorithms on standard datasets are also discussed. Finally, the system includes a set of application programming interfaces (API's) allowing content to be uploaded, analyzed, and retrieved on any client with simple HTTP-based methods as demonstrated with a prototype developed on the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

  8. Components of the Vid30c are needed for the rapamycin-induced degradation of the high-affinity hexose transporter Hxt7p in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


    Snowdon, Chris; Hlynialuk, Chris; van der Merwe, George


    Saccharomyces cerevisiae adapts to changing nutrient conditions by regulating its genome-wide transcription profile and cell-wide protein complement in correlation with the reigning nutrient conditions. The target of rapamycin (TOR) signalling pathway is one of the major control mechanisms within the cell that facilitates these changes. The transcription, intracellular trafficking, and protein turnover of nutrient transporters, including the hexose transporter proteins (Hxts), are regulated in response to nutrient conditions. The Vid and Gid proteins facilitate the nutrient-dependent degradation of the gluconeogenic enzymes FBPase and Mdh2p when glucose-starved cells are replenished with glucose. Three members of the VID and GID gene families, VID30/GID1, GID2, and VID28/GID5 are needed for the rapamycin or nitrogen starvation-induced degradation of the high-affinity hexose transporter Hxt7p is shown here. In addition, evidence that the functions of several Vid and Gid proteins are in close relation to the TOR signalling pathway is provided.

  9. The "Kid Vid" Crusade.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Foote, Susan Bartlett; Mnookin, Robert H.


    Reviews the events surrounding the Federal Trade Commission's efforts to regulate television advertising aimed at children. Discusses the fairness of children's advertising and considers the question of who should make decisions regulating children's viewing: the family or the government. (GC)

  10. A VidEo-Based Intelligent Recognition and Decision System for the Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery

    PubMed Central

    Yin, Xu-Cheng; Wang, Zhi-Bin; Zhou, Fang; Hao, Hong-Wei


    The phacoemulsification surgery is one of the most advanced surgeries to treat cataract. However, the conventional surgeries are always with low automatic level of operation and over reliance on the ability of surgeons. Alternatively, one imaginative scene is to use video processing and pattern recognition technologies to automatically detect the cataract grade and intelligently control the release of the ultrasonic energy while operating. Unlike cataract grading in the diagnosis system with static images, complicated background, unexpected noise, and varied information are always introduced in dynamic videos of the surgery. Here we develop a Video-Based Intelligent Recognitionand Decision (VeBIRD) system, which breaks new ground by providing a generic framework for automatically tracking the operation process and classifying the cataract grade in microscope videos of the phacoemulsification cataract surgery. VeBIRD comprises a robust eye (iris) detector with randomized Hough transform to precisely locate the eye in the noise background, an effective probe tracker with Tracking-Learning-Detection to thereafter track the operation probe in the dynamic process, and an intelligent decider with discriminative learning to finally recognize the cataract grade in the complicated video. Experiments with a variety of real microscope videos of phacoemulsification verify VeBIRD's effectiveness. PMID:26693249

  11. Public health assessment for Tutu Wellfield, St. Thomas, St. Thomas County, Virgin Islands. Cerclis No. VID982272569. Final report

    SciTech Connect


    The Tutu Wellfield National Priorities List (NPL) site is in east-central St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Island. Twenty-two wells in the Turpentine Run Basin contain at minimum a trace of volatile organic contaminants. Volatile and chlorinated hydrocarbons including benzene; toluene; 1,2-trans-dichloroethene (DCE); trichloroethene (TCE); and tetrachloroethene (PCE) were detected in several of the wells. The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) has concluded that the Tutu Wellfield National Priorities List (NPL) site, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, poses a public health hazard for past, present, and possible future ingestion of contaminated groundwater.

  12. Alpha One Foundation


    Languages French (Francais) German (Deutsch) Italian (Italiano) Spanish (Español) Portuguese (Portugues) Swedish (Svenska) Donate One Time Monthly Keep In Touch | About Us | Contact Us | What is the Alpha-1 ...

  13. Perception et réceptivité des proches-aidants à l'égard de la vidéosurveillance intelligente pour la détection des chutes des aînés à domicile.


    Lapierre, Nolwenn; Proulx Goulet, Chloë; St-Arnaud, Alain; Ducharme, Francine; Meunier, Jean; Turgeon Londei, Sophie; Saint-Arnaud, Jocelyne; Giroux, Francine; Rousseau, Jacqueline


    To address the issue of falls, which are increasing as the population ages, an intelligent video-monitoring system is being developed. The aim of the study is to explore caregivers' perceptions of and receptiveness to a prototype of this fall detection system. A cross-sectional mixed-method study was carried out with individual interviews of 18 caregivers. Statistical frequencies and content analysis were conducted (SPSS and N'Vivo). The results show that most participants (n = 15/18) liked the intelligent video-monitoring system and were willing to use it. They would worry less if they could be alerted if a care recipient fell, but they were concerned about privacy and cost. Participants had a positive perception of the system and expressed their wishes regarding the kind of alert and the person to contact in case of a fall.

  14. Sma Barn Pa Daghem: En studie av personalens samspel med barn och foraldrar vid lamning, hamtning och fri lek (Infants at Day Care: A Study of Staff Interaction with Children and Their Parents during Leaving, Collecting and Free Play).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Lothigius, Anita Holmstedt

    This thesis presents a picture of how staff interact with infants (age group 1-3 years old) and parents at three day care centers. The study focused on the situations of leaving and collecting the children and the children's time of free play both in and outdoors. The theoretical content has an attachment/psycho-dynamical perspective with emphasis…

  15. A Tool for the Analysis of Motion Picture Film or Video Tape.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Ekman, Paul; Friesen, Wallace V.


    A visual information display and retrieval system (VID-R) is described for application to visual records. VID-R searches and retrieves events by time address (location) or by previously stored ovservations or measurements. Fields are labeled by writing discriminable binary addresses on the horizontal lines outside the normal viewing area. The…

  16. "I Learn More at School": A Critical Perspective on Workplace-Related Second Language Learning In and Out of School

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Sandwall, Karin


    This article presents a case study of a student involved in language learning at a work placement, as part of the basic Swedish language programme for adult immigrants, Svenska for invandrare (Sfi), in Gothenburg, Sweden. In accordance with the predominant economic agenda, this system is assumed to accelerate labour market entrance as well as…

  17. The A-Train Observes Tropical Storm Debby

    NASA Video Gallery

    The A-Train is a group of spacecraft flying in close formation allowing data taken by each instrument to be correlated to the other instruments: Aqua, CloudSat, CALIPSO, Parasol, and Aura. This vid...

  18. Press Clippings of Swedish Scientific and Military Personalities.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    followed in Sweden . All together the Americans were impressed by our civilian defense, and the report in Life on "Operation Granite " caused -ng RAGNAR NILSSON LFollowing is a translation of a newspaper article in Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm, November 5, 19587 They Change Our Lives... Ragnar Nilsson, professor of microbiology and from 1943 to August 1 this year director of the College of Agriculture, was born in Varmland in 1905. He

  19. Êtes-vous prêt pour un code bleu en cabinet?

    PubMed Central

    Moore, Simon


    Résumé Problème traité Les urgences médicales sont fréquentes dans le cabinet des médecins de famille, mais nombreux sont ceux qui ne sont pas préparés à répondre aux urgences. Une vidéo éducative en ligne traitant des urgences en cabinet pourrait améliorer la réponse des médecins et de leur personnel aux urgences. Un outil comme celui-là n’a jamais été décrit auparavant. Objectif du programme Utiliser les pratiques fondées sur les données probantes pour produire une vidéo éducative expliquant comment se préparer à parer à une urgence dans un cabinet médical, disséminer la vidéo en ligne et évaluer l’attitude des médecins et de leur personnel à l’égard de la vidéo. Description du programme Une vidéo de 6 minutes a été produite en s’appuyant sur une revue de la littérature récente et des politiques des organismes réglementaires canadiens. La vidéo décrit l’équipement d’urgence recommandé, l’amélioration de la réponse à l’urgence et la formation du personnel en cabinet. Les médecins et leur personnel ont été invités à visualiser la vidéo en ligne à L’opinion de l’auditoire sur le format de la vidéo et son contenu a été évaluée par l’entremise d’un sondage (N = 275). Conclusion Les résultats du sondage indiquent que la vidéo était pertinente et bien présentée, et le format en ligne était pratique et satisfaisant. Les participants s’inscriraient à d’autres formations ayant recours à cette technologie et étaient d’accord pour dire que ce programme améliorerait les soins aux patients.

  20. Main internal dose forming factors for inhabitants of contaminated regions at current phase of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident (Kyiv region as an example).


    Vasylenko, V V; Nechaev, S Yu; Tsigankov, M Ya; Ratia, G G; Berkovskyy, V B; Pikta, V O; Shpachenko, D I; Zadorozhna, G M; Mishhenko, L P


    Metoiu doslidzhennia ie vyznachennia osnovnykh chynnykiv formuvannia dozy vnutrishn'ogo oprominennia u meshkantsiv radioaktyvno zabrudnenykh terytoriy KyIvs'koI oblasti za rezul'tatamy provedennia kompleksnogo dozymetrych nogo monitoryngu.Materialy i metody. Dlia doslidzhen' bulo obrano 3 naselenykh punkty (NP) – s. Ragivka, s. Zelena Poliana Polis'kogo rayonu ta s. Karpylivka Ivankivs'kogo rayonu. Dvichi na rik, u travni ta zhovtni, u meshkantsiv tsykh NP bulo provedeno vyznachennia vmistu inkorporovanogo 137Cs shliakhom priamogo vymiriuvannia na lichyl'nykakh vyp rominiuvannia liudyny (LVL) bezposeredn'o za mistsem prozhyvannia, zibrano osnovni produkty kharchuvannia dlia vyznachennia vmistu v nykh radionuklidiv 90Sr ta 137Ss, i provedeno opytuvannia meshkantsiv tsykh sil shchodo rivniv spo zhyvannia tsykh produktiv. V roboti vykorystano matematychni, dozymetrychni, radiokhimichni metody.Rezul'taty ta vysnovky. Otsinky dozy vnutrishn'ogo oprominennia vid nadkhodzhennia 137Cs z molokom ta kartopleiu skladaiut' vid 0,3 do 34 % vid dozy za danymy LVL. Vnesok u dozu vnutrishn'ogo oprominennia vid 137Cs za rakhunok spozhyvannia moloka ne bil'sh, nizh v 2 razy, perevyshchuie vnesok za rakhunok spozhyvannia kartopli pry odnakovykh rivniakh spozhyvannia tsykh produktiv. Vnesok u dozu vnutrishn'ogo oprominennia vid 90Sr za rakhunok spozhyvannia mo loka ta kartopli pryblyzno odnakovyy. Spozhyvannia grybiv ta inshykh mistsevykh produktiv dykoI pryrody meshkan tsiamy obstezhuvanykh naselenykh punktiv ie odnym z osnovnykh chynnykiv formuvannia dozy vnutrishn'ogo oprominen nia, obumovlenoI nadkhodzhenniam 137Cs.

  1. Detecting forest canopy change due to insect activity using Landsat MSS

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Nelson, R. F.


    Multitemporal Landsat multispectral scanner data were analyzed to test various computer-aided analysis techniques for detecting significant forest canopy alteration. Three data transformations - differencing, ratioing, and a vegetative index difference - were tested to determine which best delineated gypsy moth defoliation. Response surface analyses were conducted to determine optimal threshold levels for the individual transformed bands and band combinations. Results indicate that, of the three transformations investigated, a vegetative index difference (VID) transformation most accurately delineates forest canopy change. Band 5 (0.6 to 0.7 micron ratioed data did nearly as well. However, other single bands and band combinations did not improve upon the band 5 ratio and VID results.

  2. Active protection of mice against Salmonella typhi by immunization with strain-specific porins.


    Isibasi, A; Ortiz-Navarrete, V; Paniagua, J; Pelayo, R; González, C R; García, J A; Kumate, J


    NIH mice were immunized with between 2.5 and 30 micrograms of two highly purified porins, 34 kDa and 36 kDa, isolated from the virulent strain Salmonella typhi 9,12, Vi:d. Of mice immunized with 10 micrograms of porins, 90% were protected against a challenge with up to 500 LD50 (50% lethal doses) of S. typhi 9,12,Vi:d and only 30% protection was observed in mice immunized with the same dose of porins but challenged with the heterologous strain Salmonella typhimurium. These results demonstrate the utility of porins for the induction of a protective status against S. typhi in mice.

  3. The Use of Video in Knowledge Transfer of Teacher-Led Psychosocial Interventions: Feeling Competent to Adopt a Different Role in the Classroom (L'utilisation de la vidéo dans le transfert de connaissances dans les interventions psychosociales menées par les enseignants : sentir que l'on a la compétence d'adopter un rôle différent dans la salle de classe)

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Beauregard, Caroline; Rousseau, Cécile; Mustafa, Sally


    Because they propose a form of modeling, videos have been recognised to be useful to transfer knowledge about practices requiring teachers to adopt a different role. This paper describes the results of a satisfaction survey with 98 teachers, school administrators and professionals regarding their appreciation of training videos showing teacher-led…

  4. TARDEC’s VICTORY SIL is a Key Tool for Advancing Standardized Ground Vehicle Electronic Architecture

    DTIC Science & Technology


    TARDEC_VEA_VIDS_1.0 Geodetic datum N/A N/A Timestamp uncertainty 0 0 Minimum update period 0 0 Nominal data available 0, 0, 0 0, 0, 0...memory and CPU utilization and very low heat dissipation. Overall, developing and executing services on a Small-SWAP Board type computer on a

  5. Visual Motion Perception

    DTIC Science & Technology


    an observtr to did not paebrce a vid 3-1) canoes lear to dei-the liv of - pecee .= Be- shape We believe this is a ttrral, ecologicallY -.Ald test of...monoular intion implies that th lou of te Mscdcls2 ca: Cria rdt of apailsiert couasia indiuction is an ca! cotia orbe peeetia ceelllra poultin f.-ooiraaai

  6. Risk Aversion: As Perceived by U.S. and Swedish Officers

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Gottfridsson wrote about risk in the thesis ―‗Alla soldater ner - alla hem‘: riskbedömning vid tjänstgöring i utlandsstyrkan; en fallstudie av insatserna i...Neuroeconomics: The consilience of brain and decision. Science 306, no. 5695 (October 2004): 447-452. Gottfridsson, Per. 2006. Alla soldater ner

  7. Basic Research in Human Factors

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Department of the Army position , policy, or decision, uinless so designated by other official documentation. "I ", ~ :’ v-’. ~ *~ .... ’ **,~ - L: L1-.x...Drtsr it of Psycology , amen Perfomnce nter, Chio State niversity D&vid R. LioroVitz, C -Zt" Tecnology Associates, Inc., EnglwAood, C) Marilyn M. Mantai

  8. Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy and its impact on the fetus, the newborn and in childhood

    PubMed Central

    Urrutia-Pereira, Marilyn; Solé, Dirceu


    OBJECTIVE: Vitamin D deficiency (VDD) in pregnant women and their children is an important health problem with severe consequences for the health of both. Thus, the objectives of this review were to reassess the magnitude and consequences of VDD during pregnancy, lactation and infancy, associated risk factors, prevention methods, and to explore epigenetic mechanisms in early fetal life capable of explaining many of the non-skeletal benefits of vitamin D (ViD). DATA SOURCE: Original and review articles, and consensus documents with elevated level of evidence for VDD-related clinical decisions on the health of pregnant women and their children, as well as articles on the influence of ViD on epigenetic mechanisms of fetal programming of chronic diseases in adulthood were selected among articles published on PubMed over the last 20 years, using the search term VitD status, in combination with Pregnancy, Offspring health, Child outcomes, and Programming. DATA SYNTHESIS: The following items were analyzed: ViD physiology and metabolism, risk factors for VDD and implications in pregnancy, lactation and infancy, concentration cutoff to define VDD, the variability of methods for VDD detection, recommendations on ViD replacement in pregnant women, the newborn and the child, and the epigenetic influence of ViD. CONCLUSIONS: VDD is a common condition among high-risk pregnant women and their children. The routine monitoring of serum 25(OH)D3 levels in antenatal period is mandatory. Early preventive measures should be taken at the slightest suspicion of VDD in pregnant women, to reduce morbidity during pregnancy and lactation, as well as its subsequent impact on the fetus, the newborn and the child. PMID:25662013

  9. Social responsibility tools in online gambling: a survey of attitudes and behavior among Internet gamblers.


    Griffiths, Mark D; Wood, Richard T A; Parke, Jonathan


    To date, little empirical research has focused on social responsibility in gambling. This study examined players' attitudes and behavior toward using the social responsibility tool PlayScan designed by the Swedish gaming company Svenska Spel. Via PlayScan, players have the option to utilize various social responsibility control tools (e.g., personal gaming budgets, self-diagnostic tests of gambling habits, self-exclusion options). A total of 2,348 participants took part in an online questionnaire study. Participants were clientele of the Svenska Spel online gambling Web site. Results showed that just over a quarter of players (26%) had used PlayScan. The vast majority of those who had activated PlayScan (almost 9 in 10 users) said that PlayScan was easy to use. Over half of PlayScan users (52%) said it was useful; 19% said it was not. Many features were seen as useful by online gamblers, including limit setting (70%), viewing their gambling profile (49%), self-exclusion facilities (42%), self-diagnostic problem gambling tests (46%), information and support for gambling issues (40%), and gambling profile predictions (36%). In terms of actual (as opposed to theoretical) use, over half of PlayScan users (56%) had set spending limits, 40% had taken a self-diagnostic problem gambling test, and 17% had used a self-exclusion feature.

  10. Visual search and coordination changes in response to video and point-light demonstrations without KR.


    Horn, R R; Williams, A M; Scott, M A; Hodges, N J


    The authors examined the observational learning of 24 participants whom they constrained to use the model by removing intrinsic visual knowledge of results (KR). Matched participants assigned to video (VID), point-light (PL), and no-model (CON) groups performed a soccer-chipping task in which vision was occluded at ball contact. Pre- and posttests were interspersed with alternating periods of demonstration and acquisition. The authors assessed delayed retention 2-3 days later. In support of the visual perception perspective, the participants who observed the models showed immediate and enduring changes to more closely imitate the model's relative motion. While observing the demonstration, the PL group participants were more selective in their visual search than were the VID group participants but did not perform more accurately or learn more.

  11. Testing and validation of methods for dose measuring in anisotropic fields under occupational exposure in interventional cardiology.


    Voloskyi, V N; Chumak, V V; Bakhanova, O V; Morgun, A A


    Metoju roboty bula eksperymental'na perevirka praktychnogo zastosuvannja rozroblenoi' dlja umov AES metodyky ocinky indyvidual'noi' efektyvnoi' dozy za pokazannjamy chotyr'oh dozymetriv v umovah neodnoridnogo zovnishn'ogo gamma-oprominennja z vidomymy kutovymy harakterystykamy polja vyprominjuvannja. Materialy ta metody doslidzhen': provedeno dvi serii' eksperymental'nyh fantomnyh doslidzhen' v umovah rentgen-operacijnoi' na robochyh miscjah likariv intervencijnoi' kardiologii' pid chas provedennja operacij. Rezul'taty ta vysnovky: pokazano, shho dozovi polja v tili medychnogo pracivnyka harakteryzujut'sja znachnymy gradijentamy, pokazannja indyvidual'nyh dozymetriv, zalezhno vid miscja roztashuvannja, mozhut' vidriznjatysja vid 1,5 do 10 raziv, otzhe, vykorystannja odnogo dozymetra ne daje dostatn'oi' informacii' dlja dostovirnoi' ocinky efektyvnoi' dozy. Doslidzhennja pidtverdyly mozhlyvist' zastosuvannja metodyky AES na robochomu misci intervencijnogo kardiologa. Prodemonstrovano neobhidnist' kontrolju doz na kryshtalyk oka.

  12. Evaluation of Die Chilling Effects during Forging of Nimonic-80A Superalloy

    SciTech Connect

    Shahriari, D.; Sadeghi, M. H.; Amiri, A.; Cheraghzadeh, M.


    Nimonic-80A is a kind of nickel-based superalloys which is used in high temperature components of land gas turbines. In this paper, the influence of four design factors: die temperature, strain rate, friction coefficient and geometry size of ring sample over the variation of internal diameters (VID) and forging load (FL) was studied. It was done by means of design methodology based on DOE-designated full factorial and FE simulations. FEM and experimental results showed that the variation of internal diameters and forging load had inverse proportion to the die temperature. Regression models were developed by using the response surface methodology (RSM) for VID and FL. Rate of the dynamic recrystallization varied depending on different amounts of die temperature. The results can be used in the semi-isothermal forging of complex part of the Nimonic-80A.

  13. Liquid-filled Canyons on Titan

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Poggiali, Valerio; Mastrogiuseppe, Marco; Hayes, Alexander; Seu, Roberto; Birch, Samuel; Lorenz, Ralph; Grima, Cyril; Kargel, Jeffrey; Hofgartner, Jason


    During a close flyby, Cassini's RADAR altimeter observed a system of channels pertaining to the Vid Flumina system that drain into Titan's Ligeia Mare. While SAR images have been used to identify fluvial valleys in networks that extend for hundreds of kilometers, they can't directly prove the presence and/or physical extent of liquid channels filling them. Analysis of altimeter echoes shows that the channels are located in deep (~500 m) canyons and have strongly specular surface reflections that indicate they are currently liquid-filled. Liquid elevations in Vid Flumina and its lower tributaries are at the same level of Ligeia Mare to within the altimeter's vertical accuracy of ~15m, which is a function of both the RADAR instrument as well as the precision of Cassini's reconstructed ephemeris. Specular reflections are also observed in higher order tributaries that occur hundred meters above the level of Ligeia Mare, consistent with drainage feeding into the main channel system.

  14. Nowhere to Hide: The Growing Threat to Air Bases

    DTIC Science & Technology


    to hunt his flying birds in the air.”2 Douhet’s observation still rings true, as demonstrated by the aforemen- tioned attack on the Helmand air base...for military and intelligence organizations. Take the case of a protest group called SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness). This group use a Mikrokopter drone to vid- eotape a live pigeon shoot as a means of deterring and interfering with a legal hunting outing. On 21 February

  15. Annotated Bibliography of Selected NPRDC Publications on Total Quality Management

    DTIC Science & Technology


    leadership; tools for improving work processes; the Backaitis, N., & effect of reward systems on Rosen, H. H. (June 1990 ). behavior and motivation; team...84M D1100 December 1990 Archester Houston, Ph.D., Editor NPRDC-AP-91 -04 quality. By removing potential sources of tinuing to assist process...prestigious Japanese Deming Research Focus In April 1990 , the DON’s Executive Prize, awarded to companies and ind;vid- Steering Group for TQM chartered a

  16. Environmental impact of irrigation in la violada district (Spain): I. Salt export patterns.


    Isidoro, D; Quílez, D; Aragüés, R


    Salt loading in irrigation return flows contributes to the salinization of the receiving water bodies, particularly when originated in salt-affected areas as frequently found in the middle Ebro River basin (Spain). We determined the salt loading in La Violada Gully from the total dissolved solids (TDS) and flows (Q) during the 1995 to 1998 hydrological years. Since this gully collects flows from various sources, an end-member mixing analysis (EMMA) was performed to quantify the drainage flow from La Violada Irrigation District (VID). Three flow components were identified in La Violada Gully: drainage waters from VID (Qd); tail-waters from irrigation ditches, spill-over, and seepage from the Monegros Canal (Qo); and ground water inflows (Qg) originating in the dryland watershed. Gypsum in the soils of VID was the main source for salts in La Violada Gully (flow-weighted mean TDS=1720 mg L-1, dominated by sulfate and calcium). The contribution of Qg to the total gully flow during the 1996 irrigation season was low (6.5% of the total flow). The 1995 to 1998 annual salt load average in La Violada Gully was 78 628 Mg, 71% of which was exported during the irrigation season. The 1995 to 1998 irrigation season salt load average in Qd was 43 015 Mg (77% of the total load). Thus, irrigated agriculture in VID was the main source of salt loading in this gully, with a yield of 11.1 Mg of salts per hectare of irrigated land for the irrigation season. Efficient irrigation systems and irrigation management practices that reduce Qd are key factors for controlling off-site salt pollution of these gypsum-rich irrigated areas.

  17. Environmental impact of irrigation in La Violada District (Spain): II. Nitrogen fertilization and nitrate export patterns in drainage water.


    Isidoro, D; Quílez, D; Aragüés, R


    Fertilizer leaching affects farm profitability and contributes to nonpoint-source pollution of receiving waters. This work aimed to establish nitrate nitrogen export from La Violada Gully in relation to nitrogen fertilization practices in its basin (La Violada Gully watershed, VGW, 19,637 ha) and especially in La Violada Irrigation District (VID, 5282 ha). Nitrogen (N) fertilization in VID (and VGW) was determined through interviews with local farmers for the hydrologic years 1995 and 1996 and NO3-N load in the gully was monitored from 1995 to 1998. The N fertilizer applied in VGW was 2175 Mg in 1995 and 2795 Mg in 1996. About 43% was applied in VID (945 Mg in 1995 and 1161 Mg in 1996). The most fertilized crop was corn: 398 kg N ha-1 (665 Mg) in 1995 and 453 kg N ha-1 (911 Mg) in 1996. Nitrogen fertilization was higher than N uptake for irrigated crops, especially for corn and rice. Nitrate N load in La Violada Gully averaged 427.4 Mg yr-1. Seventy-five percent of the exports took place during the irrigation season (321.8 Mg). During the non-irrigation season maximum NO3-N loads (3.1 Mg NO3-N d-1) were found after heavy rains following the N side-dressing of wheat in the rain-fed area of VGW (February). During the irrigation season NO3-N load was determined by outflow from the district (caused by irrigation) and to a lesser extent by changes in NO3 concentration (caused by fertilization), showing peaks in April (pre-sowing corn N fertilization and first irrigations) and June to August (highest irrigation months and corn side-dress N applications, maximum 6.3 Mg NO3-N d-1 in July). Adjusting N fertilization to crops' needs, improving irrigation efficiencies, and better scheduling N fertilization and irrigation in corn could reduce N export from VID.

  18. Flood Control Twin Valley Lake, Wild Rice River, Norman County Minnesota. Part 1. Fish and Wildlife Compensation Plan. Part 2. Water Quality Evaluation. Part 3. Section 404(b)(1) Evaluation. Draft Supplement.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    acquisition and passive management should in- crease wildlife values over those resulting from more intensive economic uses. o. Needs for downstream...MPU’s that could be obtained through a more passive management program. fh. [o Corp; (f Fngint.,er should investigate the possibilitv of pro- vid in...common habitat management practice bv the Minnesota I)NR and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in western Minnesota. Trained fire crews usually accomplish

  19. Characterization of Vertical Impact Device Acceleration Pulses Using Parametric Assessment: Phase II Accelerated Free-Fall

    DTIC Science & Technology


    ACCELERATED FREE -FALL Mr. Chris Perry Mr. Chris Burneka Warfighter Interface Division Ms. Rachael Christopher ORISE Mr. Chris Albery Infoscitex...of Vertical Impact Device Acceleration Pulses Using Parametric Assessment: Phase II Accelerated Free -Fall 5a. CONTRACT NUMBER FA8650-14-D-6500...bungee cord system interfaced between the VID free -fall carriage and the reaction mass to provide an initial velocity at carriage release. The approach

  20. The Hueckel Model for Small Metal Clusters. 3. Anion Structures and HMO (Hueckel Molecular Orbital) Electron Affinities.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Electron Affinities by S N Lindsay, Lin Chu, Youqi Wang and Thomas F. George Prepared fur Publication 1in Journal of Chemical Physics 5epartments of...Affinities. 12. PERSONAL AUTIHORiS) D. M. LIndsay, L. Chu, Y. Wang and Thomas F. George 13. TYPE OF REPORT 13b. TIME COVERED vid. OATE OF REPORT fVro .1o...New York, New York 10031 Youqi Wang Department of Chemistry California Institute of Technology Pasadena, Califonia 91125 Thomas IF. Georg Departments

  1. Vacancy-induced dissolution of precipitates in out-of-equilibrium systems: A test case of Fe X (X =C ,N,O) alloys

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Schuler, Thomas; Nastar, Maylise; Soisson, Frédéric


    Various out-of-equilibrium processes produce a supersaturation of vacancies in the material. When these defects show attractive binding energy with solutes, they will form stable point defect-solute clusters which will stabilize solutes in the solid solution with respect to the equilibrium case. Hence the out-of-equilibrium dynamic solubility limit increases, which can lead to the dissociation of solute precipitates. This vacancy-induced precipitate (VID) dissolution mechanism is an alternative to the well-known ballistic mixing effect (BAL) under irradiation, and it is also relevant for quenching, ball milling, and severe plastic deformation. Under irradiation, a BAL is efficient at low temperature only, whereas a VID is expected to be effective at intermediate temperatures. A quantitative and consistent prediction of the interstitial solute solubility limit increase generated by both BAL and VID mechanisms is presented starting from ab initio binding energies and migration energies of solutes and point defects, and using a low-temperature expansion of the free energy of the solid solution. These results are discussed for three alloys: FeC, FeN, and FeO, the latter being relevant to discuss the stability of oxide dispersed strengthened alloys microstructure under irradiation. We also suggest an experiment that would be able to determine steady-state vacancy supersaturations from the measure of solute partial pressures in out-of-equilibrium systems.

  2. Liquid-Filled Channels On Titan

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Poggiali, V.; Mastrogiuseppe, M.; Hayes, A.; Seu, R.; Birch, S. P.; Hofgartner, J. D.; Flamini, E.; Lorenz, R. D.; Grima, C.; Kargel, J. S.; Mullen, J.


    Saturn's largest moon, Titan, has an active methane-based hydrologic cycle that drives processes and formation of landforms bearing striking similarities to hydrogeologic and meteorological processes and features on Earth. During a close flyby (~1400 km) in May 2013, Cassini's RADAR instrument observed the hydrocarbon sea Ligeia Mare using its altimetry mode. In addition to observing the sea, these observations also covered a sequence of channels pertaining to the Vid Flumina drainage basin. While radar images have been used to identify fluvial valleys in networks that extend for hundreds of kilometers, these images do not directly probe the existence or extent of any liquid-filled channels in the valleys. Herein, we use the Cassini altimetry over Vid Flumina to, for the first time, directly detect the presence of liquid-filled channels on Titan and characterize their width and geomorphologic context. Our discovery confirms that Titan does indeed have liquid filled channels in the present epoch. Steep-sided channels extend hundreds of meters below the surrounding terrain and in some cases exhibit canyon morphology. Liquid elevations in Vid Flumina and its lower tributaries are at the same level of Ligeia Mare to within the instrument vertical accuracy (~15m). We also find higher order tributaries that occur several hundred meters above the level of Ligeia Mare, consistent with drainage feeding into the main channel system.

  3. Mapping Soil hydrologic features in a semi-arid irrigated area in Spain

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Jiménez-Aguirre, M.° Teresa; Isidoro, Daniel; Usón, Asunción


    The lack of soil information is a managerial problem in irrigated areas in Spain. The Violada Irrigation District (VID; 5234 ha) is a gypsic, semi-arid region in the Middle Ebro River Basin, northeast Spain. VID is under irrigation since the 1940's. The implementation of the flood irrigation system gave rise to waterlogging problems, solved along the years with the installation of an artificial drainage network. Aggregated water balances have been performed in VID since the early 1980's considering average soil properties and aggregated irrigation data for the calculations (crop evapotranspiration, canal seepage, and soil drainage). In 2008-2009, 91% of the VID was modernized to sprinkler irrigation. This new system provides detailed irrigation management information that together with detailed soil information would allow for disaggregated water balances for a better understanding of the system. Our goal was to draw a semi-detailed soil map of VID presenting the main soil characteristics related to irrigation management. A second step of the work was to set up pedotransfer functions (PTF) to estimate the water content and saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ks) from easily measurable parameters. Thirty four pits were opened, described and sampled for chemical and physical properties. Thirty three additional auger holes were sampled for water holding capacity (WHC; down to 60 cm), helping to draw the soil units boundaries. And 15 Ks tests (inverse auger hole method) were made. The WHC was determined as the difference between the field capacity (FC) and wilting point (WP) measured in samples dried at 40°C during 5 days. The comparison with old values dried at 105°C for 2 days highlighted the importance of the method when gypsum is present in order to avoid water removal from gypsum molecules. The soil map was drawn down to family level. Thirteen soil units were defined by the combination of five subgroups [Typic Calcixerept (A), Petrocalcic Calcixerept (B), Gypsic

  4. Experimental reconstruction of historical WBC measuring procedure in 1986.


    Vasynenko, V V; Ivanova, O M; Lytvynets, L O; Pikta, V O; Zadorozhna, G M; Chepurnyi, M I; Likhtariov, I A


    Metoiu doslidzhennia ie eksperymental'ne vidnovlennia protsedury provedennia LVL vymiriuvan' 1986 roku ta otsinka ïkh minimal'no detektovanoï aktyvnosti.Materialy i metody. Doslidzhennia buly provedeni na gamma radiometri SRP 68 01 zi stsyntyliatsiy̆nym detekto rom na osnovi krystalu NaI(Tl) ∅ 30 x 25 mm2 ta odnokanal'nomu spektrometri NC 482 VM (firmy Bicron) zi stsyntyliatsiy̆nym detektorom na osnovi krystalu NaI(Tl) ∅ 52 x 52 mm2. U roboti vykorystano zakhysnu kameru eks pertnogo lichyl'nyka vyprominiuvannia liudyny (LVL), gomogenni fantomy tila liudyny z radioaktyvnym napov niuvachem, rezul'taty LVL vymiriuvan' patsiientiv radiatsiy̆nogo reiestru (RR) NNTsRM, otrymani za dopomogoiu LVL «Skrynner ZM». V roboti vykorystano dozymetrychni ta matematychni metody.Rezul'taty ta vysnovky. Vidnovleno protseduru provedennia LVL vymiriuvan' na pryladakh, iaki vykorystovuva lys' u 1986 rotsi dlia vyznachennia vmistu inkorporovanogo radiotseziiu u naselennia RZT. Za provedenoiu otsinkoiu minimal'no detektovana aktyvnist' LVL vymiriuvan', provedenykh u 1986 rotsi, lezhyt' u mezhakh vid 1,3 kBk · or ganizm 1 (u vypadku zastosuvannia odnokanal'nogo spektrometra NC 482 VM zi stsyntyliatsiy̆nym detektorom na os novi krystalu ∅ 52 x 52 mm2) do 7,4 kBk · organizm 1 (u vypadku zastosuvannia gamma radiometra SRP 68 01 zi stsyntyliatsiy̆nym detektorom na osnovi krystalu NaI(Tl) ∅ 30 x 25 mm2) dlia dorosloï liudyny pry chasi vymiriu vannia 60 s; vid 0,8 kBk · organizm 1 do 5,6 kBk · organizm 1, vidpovidno – dlia pidlitka; ta vid 0,5 kBk · organizm 1 do 3,8 kBk · organizm 1, vidpovidno – dlia dytyny.

  5. Influences of consolidation processes on local paper structure

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Sung, Yongjoo

    The accurate measurement of the structural parameters such as thickness, grammage, apparent density and surface topography, and the proper evaluation of the variation of each parameter, are very important not only for predicting the end use properties of the paper, but also for diagnosing the pa permaking processes. The difficulty of the measurement of thickness at fine scale ˜1 mm has been an impediment to the understanding of local paper structure. To address this problem, a twin laser profilometer instrument (TLP) for non-contacting measurement of local thickness and surface topography was developed, characterized and calibrated in this work. The fundamental relationships between structural parameters were reexamined with various handsheet samples. The effects of wet pressing on the local paper structure were evaluated using laboratory static press and commercial press felts. The different press pressure had no significant influence on the local density variation of the handsheet samples. The influences of felts on the surface topography were also successfully observed. The different densification effects of soft nip and hard nip calendering processes were evaluated by direct comparison of structural parameters before and after processing. The much higher selective reduction in local thickness (larger reduction for the thicker area) by the hard nip calendering process resulted in different relationships between structural parameters. The various periodic variations in the paper structure were also detected, analyzed and identified. The effects of different forming elements such as the conventional foil system and the velocity induced drainage (VID) system on the paper structure and end use properties were evaluated with pilot machine trials and commercial product produced using different forming elements. Generally, the VID samples showed better formation, less two sidedness in the fine distribution through thickness direction, and less densification during

  6. Compte rendu de la table ronde du 35ème congrès de la sfetb à metz (10-12 juin 2015) concernant les brûlures péribuccales

    PubMed Central

    Perrot, P.


    Summary La table ronde de chirurgie portant sur les brûlures péribuccales était divisée en deux parties: «prise en charge en aigu des brûlures péribuccales» et «séquelles de brûlures péribuccales / session de cas cliniques adulte et enfant». Ceci en est le résumé, construit en revoyant les prises vidéo en direct de la session, à laquelle assistait l’auteur PMID:28149241

  7. The Toxicology of Fire

    DTIC Science & Technology


    papers.j D. Pathology A representative number of animals -were examin~ed post mortem - for gross and. microscoopic pathology, The inicropat-hology was...e Medical_ Division- were desig~ned-to measure quantitatively and Qontinuously blef 6rq, during and aftbt flamie atta~c’k1the air te~mparaturea and...aohanges recorded by the measuring instruments wtth their physiological effe’ots’ýi1 osti nubr of goats were i . spcsod under rLiVid medical supervision

  8. Computerized Production Process Planning. Volume 4. Appendices D, E, and F To Benefit Analysis.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    SOAY ISOcOM YO 9 44 i -i li ci Ci 0N)1$) S±SN)I31S *VU31 * * 4 t 4 4 * 0 c a 0 0$) SNIAVS IO1Wa’ ic 4 4 CN$3 SSSNIS SN ±zu0* 4040 * CN$ SONIAVS...0 0 am 0 0 a 04$)S~NIAV()I$~)4 ’. ’SIV U e 0 t Cl0 N N 0%) SN$AS NINN~VId~f~ SS33oooo Peot V 0 0 n Cl0 C: C if 01S) S31IJV 9NINY SS~O l v -N NNto - 0

  9. Proceedings of the Annual Conference on Ada (Trademark) Technology (2nd) Held at Hampton, Virginia on March 27, 28, 1984.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    in the module identifier. A or building blocks , which can be connected in a level-l module, indicated by the digit 1, is a variety of ways to form...provided the necessary feedback for devoted to arrays and the block -if, the cadets and Instructors to assess the well-known problem of counting change is...leUgI (CUNY) . lie is A merMbir if tlit At, riide iate. rh, catch, of course, IEEE and IEEE Computer Socictv. t,, pr,,vid th, building blocks . They need

  10. An Infrared Survey of the Diffuse Emission within 5 deg of the Galactic Plane.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    gnus X ’’’gion between the 11 cmi tii’f’S( ’ l I t .’’ !tl t IIo MS ll A’ii tss i ’vId hby% Vend k(,i a ,nd ill’ miditr ’e . ’h a id...The Hill regions are meas- ured to be larger, than the 3 by 10 arc min beam size and are comparable to the sizes measured at radio frequencies. 2...the semiregular variable 17 T 0 23 10 t 19 20 21 24 Figure ;. Extended Source Signature. The radio source W40 (Westerhout) is shown in the center

  11. Data Collection Methods. Semi-Structured Interviews and Focus Groups

    DTIC Science & Technology


    like? P5: I usually study in the library. I can’t study in my dorm room because my roommate is always playing video games or playing guitar . It’s...Study. Can’t in dorm rm - rmmate playing vid. games/ guitar . Distracting. Go 4 quiet. M - Usu. trip/length stay? 8 - Depends. stay betw 10...I can’t study in my dorm room because my roommate is always playing video games or his guitar , so it’s too distracting there. So I go to the

  12. PFAS - A threat for groundwater and drinking water supply in Sweden?

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Lewis, Jeffrey; Banzhaf, Stefan; Ahlkrona, Malva; Arnheimer, Berit; Barthel, Roland; Bergvall, Martin; Blomquist, Niklas; Jacks, Gunnar; Jansson, Cecilia; Lissel, Patrik; Marklund, Lars; Olofsson, Bo; Persson, Kenneth M.; Sjöström, Jan; Sparrenbom, Charlotte


    , namely, A Non-Toxic Environment, Flourishing Lakes and Streams and Good-Quality Groundwater. Although the survey of PFAS in our groundwater supplies will take time, it is feasible. Much research in the field of hydrogeology and geochemistry remains before a viable and cost-effective groundwater remediation method can be operational. Until then, it is essential that measures are taken to identify the present distribution and magnitude of PFAS in groundwater and prevents its further spread in our most important aquifers. Afzelius, H. et al., 2014. Vågar vi dricka kranvattnet? (Do we dare drinking tap water?), Svenska Dagbladet. Bergman, Å., Hansson, S.O., Hellsten, E., 2014. En miljöskandal av historiska mått (An environmental scandal of historic proportions), Svenska Dagbladet. Lewis, J. et al., 2014. Kartlägg det förorenade dricksvattnet (Survey the contaminated drinking water), Svenska Dagbladet. OECD, 2002. Hazard Assessment of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate (PFOS) and its Salt.

  13. The Swedish Interplanetary Society (1950-1969) and the formation of IAF and IAA

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Ingemar Skoog, A.


    With a growing interest for rocket technology and space travel after WW II a number of new "space societies" were formed in the period 1948-1951 in addition to the ones already existing in Germany, the UK and the US since before WW II. Soon came the need for a common international platform for exchange of information and experience, and the concept of an international federation of astronautical societies emerged. Sweden was one of the 8 countries to sign the original declaration to create an International Astronautical Federation on October 2, 1950 in Paris at the 1st International Astronautical Congress. The Swedish Society for Space Research (Svenska Sällskapet för Rymdforskning) was formed a few days after the historical event in Paris. The name was soon to be changed to the Swedish Interplanetary Society (Svenska Interplanetariska Sällskapet, SIS). Sweden was one of the 10 countries to sign the IAF foundation in 1951 in London and in the following year the first Constitution of IAF in Stuttgart. The SIS quickly grow to a membership of several hundred persons and its membership in IAF promoted an intensive exchange of journals, and the annual participation at the IAC gave growth to start study projects on spacecraft and sounding rockets, and the publication of astronautical journals in Swedish. In 1957 the first Swede was elected vice-president of IAF. Not too long after the IAF foundation the idea of an international body of distinguished individuals emerged, in addition to the body of "member societies" (IAF). Upon the initiative of Theodor von Karman, Eugen Sänger and Andrew Haley the IAF council approval of an International Academy of Astronautical was given on August 15, 1960 during the 11th IAC in Stockholm. This IAC in Stockholm gave a large publicity to space research and astronautics in Sweden, and put the activities of the SIS in the focus of the general public. This paper presents the Swedish involvement in the foundation of IAF and IAA. It also

  14. Merging pedigree databases to describe and compare mating practices and gene flow between pedigree dogs in France, Sweden and the UK.


    Wang, S; Leroy, G; Malm, S; Lewis, T; Strandberg, E; Fikse, W F


    Merging pedigree databases across countries may improve the ability of kennel organizations to monitor genetic variability and health-related issues of pedigree dogs. We used data provided by the Société Centrale Canine (France), Svenska Kennelklubben (Sweden) and the Kennel Club (UK) to study the feasibility of merging pedigree databases across countries and describe breeding practices and international gene flow within the following four breeds: Bullmastiff (BMA), English setter (ESE), Bernese mountain dog (BMD) and Labrador retriever (LBR). After merging the databases, genealogical parameters and founder contributions were calculated according to the birth period, breed and registration country of the dogs. Throughout the investigated period, mating between close relatives, measured as the proportion of inbred individuals (considering only two generations of pedigree), decreased or remained stable, with the exception of LBR in France. Gene flow between countries became more frequent, and the origins of populations within countries became more diverse over time. In conclusion, the potential to reduce inbreeding within purebred dog populations through exchanging breeding animals across countries was confirmed by an improved effective population size when merging populations from different countries.

  15. Television food marketing to children revisited: the Federal Trade Commission has the constitutional and statutory authority to regulate.


    Pomeranz, Jennifer L


    The evidence reveals that young children are targeted by food and beverage advertisers but are unable to comprehend the commercial context and persuasive intent of marketing. Although the First Amendment protects commercial speech, it does not protect deceptive and misleading speech for profit. Marketing directed at children may fall into this category of unprotected speech. Further, children do not have the same First Amendment right to receive speech as adults. For the first time since the Federal Trade Commission's original attempt to regulate marketing to children in the 1970s (termed KidVid), the political, scientific, and legal climate coalesce to make the time well-suited to reevaluate the FTC's authority for action. This paper analyzes the constitutional authority for the FTC to regulate television food marketing directed at children as deceptive in light of the most robust public health evidence on the subject.

  16. Compte rendu de la table ronde du 36ème Congrès de la SFB à Cassis (1-3 Juin 2016), première partie: brûlures chimiques, brûlures électriques

    PubMed Central

    Le Floch, R.; Laguerre, J.; Perrot, P.


    Summary La table ronde du congrès 2016 de la SFB a duré toute la journée du 2 juin et portait sur les brûlures non thermiques. A la différence du résumé concernant les brûlures radiques, qui est en cours de réalisation par les auteurs des communications, celui-ci a été commis par les auteurs de cet article, à partir des notes prises en séance et de la vidéo réalisée pendant la communication. Le lecteur voulant approfondir le sujet pourra se rapprocher de l’auteur de la communication, systématiquement cité. PMID:28289367

  17. Human cell mediated immunity to porins from Salmonella typhi.


    Blanco, F; Isibasi, A; Raúl González, C; Ortiz, V; Paniagua, J; Arreguín, C; Kumate, J


    The current studies were undertaken to assess the role of the porins and outer membrane proteins (OMP) in the human immune response to Salmonella typhi 9, 12 Vi:d. Experiments were performed to determinate the lymphocyte activation response to porins in individuals who had been vaccinated against typhoid fever. 10 healthy volunteers were studied before and 10 days after oral or subcutaneous immunisation. Five patients with typhoid fever were also studied. Lymphocyte activation was measured by the 3H thymidine incorporation assay. Individuals with typhoid fever as well as those immunised with oral vaccine responded well to porins and outer membrane proteins, as opposed to those immunised with the subcutaneous vaccine. These results suggest that the porins and OMP play a role in the cellular immune response against Salmonella typhi.

  18. Liquid-filled canyons on Titan

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Poggiali, V.; Mastrogiuseppe, M.; Hayes, A. G.; Seu, R.; Birch, S. P. D.; Lorenz, R.; Grima, C.; Hofgartner, J. D.


    In May 2013 the Cassini RADAR altimeter observed channels in Vid Flumina, a drainage network connected to Titan's second largest hydrocarbon sea, Ligeia Mare. Analysis of these altimeter echoes shows that the channels are located in deep (up to 570 m), steep-sided, canyons and have strong specular surface reflections that indicate they are currently liquid filled. Elevations of the liquid in these channels are at the same level as Ligeia Mare to within a vertical precision of about 0.7 m, consistent with the interpretation of drowned river valleys. Specular reflections are also observed in lower order tributaries elevated above the level of Ligeia Mare, consistent with drainage feeding into the main channel system.

  19. Distribution of radiative crystal imperfections through a silicon ingot

    SciTech Connect

    Flø, A. Burud, I.; Kvaal, K.; Olsen, E.; Søndenå, R.


    Crystal imperfections limit the efficiency of multicrystalline silicon solar cells. Recombination through traps is more prominent in areas with high density of crystal imperfections. A method to visualize the distribution of radiative emission from Shockley Read Hall recombination in silicon is demonstrated. We use hyperspectral photoluminescence, a fast non-destructive method, to image radiatively active recombination processes on a set of 50 wafers through a silicon block. The defect related emission lines D1 and D2 may be detected together or alone. The D3 and D4 seem to be correlated if we assume that an emission at the similar energy as D3 (VID3) is caused by a separate mechanism. The content of interstitial iron (Fe{sub i}) correlates with D4. This method yields a spectral map of the inter band gap transitions, which opens up for a new way to characterize mechanisms related to loss of efficiency for solar cells processed from the block.

  20. Hémangiome intestinal: une cause inhabituelle d'hémorragie digestive inexpliquée, rapport d'un cas

    PubMed Central

    Kharrasse, Ghizlane; Hadjkacem, Hanane; Azouguagh, Rachid; Soufi, Mehdi; El Malki, Omar; Ismaili, Moulay Ezzahy; Mohcine, Raouf; Ifrine, Lahcen; Belkouchi, Abdelkader


    Les hémangiomes de l'intestin grêle (HG) sont des tumeurs bénignes et rares du tube digestif, parfois responsables d'hémorragie digestive. Le diagnostic positif de ces lésions est souvent difficile mais rendu plus aisé grâce à l'avènement de la vidéo capsule endoscopique (VCE), le traitement est essentiellement chirurgical. Nous rapportons une nouvelle observation d'un hémangiome caverneux du jéjunum révélé par une hémorragie digestive récidivante et diagnostiqué par VCE et nous discutons l'apport de cet examen dans la prise en charge de l'hémorragie digestive inexpliquée tout en la comparant aux autres explorations actuellement disponibles. PMID:25709722

  1. Evolution of vertical knickpoints (waterfalls) with resistant caprock: Insights from numerical modeling

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Haviv, I.; Enzel, Y.; Whipple, K. X.; Zilberman, E.; Matmon, A.; Stone, J.; Fifield, K. L.


    Vertical knickpoints (waterfalls) mark a prominent process transition zone whose governing mechanics is not represented by conventional stream power incision models. We examine the evolution of vertical knickpoints with resistant caprock utilizing numerical simulations that explicitly represent (1) face failure mechanisms, (2) flow acceleration and amplified erosion above a knickpoint lip, (3) deposition and removal of coarse debris below the knickpoint, and (4) base level lowering or tectonic uplift rates. Our model demonstrates that knickpoint retreat rate, where the subcaprock is weak or vertically jointed and base level fall rates are steady, is likely to become tied to downstream conditions and equal to the downstream incision rate divided by channel gradient. Mechanically, this coupling occurs where the subcaprock reaches a threshold height for failure in shear or buckling or where the weathering rate of the subcaprock is higher than the downstream incision wave velocity (Vi_ds). The height of the subcaprock face can influence its gravitational stability and the knickpoint lateral erosion rate and lead to a feedback between downstream incision and retreat rate. Retreat rate can be lower than Vi_ds during transients, which could be long (>106 years) and set by the weathering rate of the subcaprock or influenced by lag debris evacuation. Key variables other than discharge can be important in setting retreat rates. These include base level lowering rate, the rock strength of stratigraphic units downstream of the knickpoint, and the size and flux of sediment contributed from above the knickpoint or from the canyon walls. Two types of oversteepened reaches can form in association with a vertical knickpoint: (1) an upstream, free fall-induced, oversteepened reach whose length is longer than the flow acceleration zone and (2) a downstream coarse debris-induced oversteepened reach. Although the model was constructed with caprock-type knickpoints in mind, some of its

  2. Potential impacts of a proposed reservoir on hydrologic and water-quality conditions in Little Rush Creek watershed, Fairfield County, Ohio

    USGS Publications Warehouse

    Hren, Janet; Jones, R.L.


    Water-quality and discharge measurements were made at three sites on Indian Run and one site on Little Rush Creek between February and December, 1979. Indian Run was observed above and below the U.S. Soil Conservation Service Reservoir, VI-D. Little Rush Creek was observed 1.1 miles downstream from the proposed U.S. Soil Conservation Reservoir, VI-A, site. Data from the Indian Run sites were used to predict the potential water-quality conditions in and downstream from the proposed Little Rush Creek Reservoir. Temperatures measured in Indian Run at the reservoir outflow were as much as 4oc greater than those at the inflow. Dissolved-oxygen saturation ranged from 62 to 110 percent in the inflow and from 57 to 120 percent in the outflow. Indian Run and Little Push Creek are characterized by moderately hard to very hard calcium bicarbonate water. The concentration of dieldrin in water samples from both Little Rush Creek and the outflow from the reservoir on Indian Run was 0.01 micrograms per liter, and in reservoir-surface samples it was 0.02 micrograms per liter. Chlordane concentration in a bottom material sample from the reservoir was 26 micrograms per kilogram. Catfish taken from the reservoir contained 190 micrograms per kilogram chlordane. All sites showed a good diversity in benthic invertebrate communities. Blue-green algal blooms occurred in the reservoir, indicating nutrient-enriched conditions. Because of similarities in land use and watershed characteristics, water in the proposed reservoir VI-A is expected to be similar in quality to that of reservoir VI-D. The new reservoir will not significantly affect downstream water quality.

  3. SU-E-J-104: Evaluation of Accuracy for Various Deformable Image Registrations with Virtual Deformation QA Software

    SciTech Connect

    Han, S; Kim, K; Kim, M; Jung, H; Ji, Y; Choi, S; Park, S


    Purpose: The accuracy of deformable image registration (DIR) has a significant dosimetric impact in radiation treatment planning. We evaluated accuracy of various DIR algorithms using virtual deformation QA software (ImSimQA, Oncology System Limited, UK). Methods: The reference image (Iref) and volume (Vref) was first generated with IMSIMQA software. We deformed Iref with axial movement of deformation point and Vref depending on the type of deformation that are the deformation1 is to increase the Vref (relaxation) and the deformation 2 is to decrease the Vref (contraction) .The deformed image (Idef) and volume (Vdef) were inversely deformed to Iref and Vref using DIR algorithms. As a Result, we acquired deformed image (Iid) and volume (Vid). The DIR algorithms were optical flow (HS, IOF) and demons (MD, FD) of the DIRART. The image similarity evaluation between Iref and Iid was calculated by Normalized Mutual Information (NMI) and Normalized Cross Correlation (NCC). The value of Dice Similarity Coefficient (DSC) was used for evaluation of volume similarity. Results: When moving distance of deformation point was 4 mm, the value of NMI was above 1.81 and NCC was above 0.99 in all DIR algorithms. Since the degree of deformation was increased, the degree of image similarity was decreased. When the Vref increased or decreased about 12%, the difference between Vref and Vid was within ±5% regardless of the type of deformation. The value of DSC was above 0.95 in deformation1 except for the MD algorithm. In case of deformation 2, that of DSC was above 0.95 in all DIR algorithms. Conclusion: The Idef and Vdef have not been completely restored to Iref and Vref and the accuracy of DIR algorithms was different depending on the degree of deformation. Hence, the performance of DIR algorithms should be verified for the desired applications.

  4. Features of cellular effects of combined exposure to ionizing radiation and copper ions.


    Hapieienko, D D


    Postijne zrostannja masshtabiv vykorystannja himichnyh rechovyn ta dzherel ionizujuchogo vyprominjuvannja v riznyh galuzjah promyslovosti, medycyni, nauci zbil'shuje i'h vplyv na vsi komponenty pryrodnogo seredovyshha. Tozh zrostaje jmovirnist' odnochasnogo vplyvu radiacijnogo ta himichnogo faktoriv na biologichni ob'jekty, a v zv’jazku z cym pytannja osoblyvostej kombinovanoi' dii' riznyh za svojeju pryrodoju faktoriv staje vse bil'sh aktual'nym. Metoju roboty stalo doslidzhennja osoblyvostej okremogo ta kombinovanogo vplyvu ionizujuchogo vyprominjuvannja ta solej midi na zhyttjezdatnist' klityn in vitro. Materialy i metody. Doslidzhennja vykonani na pereshhepljuvanij kul'turi klityn linii' L929. Acetat midi (Cu(CH3COOH)2) dodavaly do kul'tury klityn cherez 1 godynu pislja i'h oprominennja. Oprominennja klityn provodyly cherez 24 godyny pislja posadky. Proliferatyvnu aktyvnist' klityn ocinjuvaly za kinetykoju rostu. Rezul'taty doslidzhen' pokazaly, shho cytotoksychnist' ioniv midi projavljajet'sja pry koncentracii' 1 mkmol'/l. Kombinovana dija ionizujuchogo vyprominjuvannja v subletal'nyh dozah ta ioniv midi v koncentracijah 0,001 ta 1 mkmol'/l pryzvela do zbil'shennja kil'kosti atypovyh polikariocytiv. Vysnovky. Pry inkubacii' klityn z ionamy midi v riznyh koncentracijah sposterigajet'sja jak aktyvacija, tak i ingibuvannja proliferatyvnoi' ta mitotychnoi' aktyvnosti klityn. Vyzhyvannja klityn ta mitotychna aktyvnist' pry oprominenni zmenshujut'sja z pidvyshhennjam dozy, a indeks polikariocytiv zrostaje. Pry kombinovanomu vplyvi ionizujuchogo vyprominjuvannja ta ioniv midi na klityny in vitro sposterigaly zminy morfofunkcional'nyh vlastyvostej klityn, jaki prjamo proporcijno ne zalezhaly ni vid dozy oprominennja, ni vid koncentracii' ioniv midi.

  5. Accuracy of nonmolecular identification of growth-hormone- transgenic coho salmon after simulated escape.


    SundströM, L F; Lõhmus, M; Devlin, R H


    Concerns with transgenic animals include the potential ecological risks associated with release or escape to the natural environment, and a critical requirement for assessment of ecological effects is the ability to distinguish transgenic animals from wild type. Here, we explore geometric morphometrics (GeoM) and human expertise to distinguish growth-hormone-transgenic coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch) specimens from wild type. First, we simulated an escape of 3-month-old hatchery-reared wild-type and transgenic fish to an artificial stream, and recaptured them at the time of seaward migration at an age of 13 months. Second, we reared fish in the stream from first-feeding fry until an age of 13 months, thereby simulating fish arising from a successful spawn in the wild of an escaped hatchery-reared transgenic fish. All fish were then assessed from 'photographs by visual identification (VID) by local staff and by GeoM based on 13 morphological landmarks. A leave-one-out discriminant analysis of GeoM data had on average 86% (72-100% for individual groups) accuracy in assigning the correct genotypes, whereas the human experts were correct, on average, in only 49% of cases (range of 18-100% for individual fish groups). However, serious errors (i.e., classifying transgenic specimens as wild type) occurred for 7% (GeoM) and 67% (VID) of transgenic fish, and all of these incorrect assignments arose with fish reared in the stream from the first-feeding stage. The results show that we presently lack the skills of visually distinguishing transgenic coho salmon from wild type with a high level of accuracy, but that further development-of GeoM methods could be useful in identifying second-generation,fish from nature as a nonmolecular approach.


    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Wall, R. J.


    I/O, label I/O, parameter I/O, etc.) to facilitate image processing and provide the fastest I/O possible while maintaining a wide variety of capabilities. The run-time library also includes the Virtual Raster Display Interface (VRDI) which allows display oriented applications programs to be written for a variety of display devices using a set of common routines. (A display device can be any frame-buffer type device which is attached to the host computer and has memory planes for the display and manipulation of images. A display device may have any number of separate 8-bit image memory planes (IMPs), a graphics overlay plane, pseudo-color capabilities, hardware zoom and pan, and other features). The VRDI supports the following display devices: VICOM (Gould/Deanza) IP8500, RAMTEK RM-9465, ADAGE (Ikonas) IK3000 and the International Imaging Systems IVAS. VRDI's purpose is to provide a uniform operating environment not only for an application programmer, but for the user as well. The programmer is able to write programs without being concerned with the specifics of the device for which the application is intended. The VICAR Interactive Display Subsystem (VIDS) is a collection of utilities for easy interactive display and manipulation of images on a display device. VIDS has characteristics of both the executive and an application program, and offers a wide menu of image manipulation options. VIDS uses the VRDI to communicate with display devices. The first step in using VIDS to analyze and enhance an image (one simple example of VICAR's numerous capabilities) is to examine the histogram of the image. The histogram is a plot of frequency of occurrence for each pixel value (0 - 255) loaded in the image plane. If, for example, the histogram shows that there are no pixel values below 64 or above 192, the histogram can be "stretched" so that the value of 64 is mapped to zero and 192 is mapped to 255. Now the user can use the full dynamic range of the display device to display

  7. Étude théorique et expérimentale de la propagation des vibrations émises par un trafic ferroviaire se déplaçant à vitesse constante

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Picoux, B.; Le Houédec, D.


    Dans cet article, nous présentons un modèle numérique spécialement conçu pour l'étude des vibrations basses fréquences couplant un sol stratifié à une voie ferrée supportant un train se déplaçant à vitesse constante. Les résultats ainsi obtenus sont en accord avec les observations expérimentales suivantes: pour une augmentation des vitesses, on note une majoration des déplacements à la surface du sol et dans la voie. Dans le but de la validation qualitative du modèle numérique, des mesures sur sites dont le sol est particulièrement “mou” ont également été réalisées. Une chaîne de mesures composée d'une caméra vidéo numérique rapide, d'un vélocimètre laser et de plusieurs accéléromètres est disposée aux abords d'une voie ferrée dans la région d'Amiens. Des tests géomécaniques et sismiques préalables sont mis en œuvre pour évaluer les paramètres mécaniques du sol. A l'issue de ces mesures, la vitesse des ondes de Rayleigh est calculée (proche de 100m/s). Les résultats issus des mesures de vidéo numérique rapide sont comparés à ceux du modèle. Les déplacements maximum ainsi que les vitesses particulaires à la surface du sol peuvent alors être retrouvés bien que la totalité du signal n'ait pas été prise en compte dans le modèle.

  8. Dispositifs opto-électropiques à commande par coordonnées

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Smovge, A. K.


    The approach has been explained theoretically and experimentally considering analog coordinate-controlled optoelectronic devices as an alternative to custom potentiometers and variable resistors, whose potentially unreliable element, a wiping electromechanical contact, is eliminated through the use of an optoelectronic conversion principle. The new designs have been proposed and requirements for discrete-continuous photoresistor structure have been determined by using both simple numeric and analytical models for a realization of the coordinate dependence of the output voltage and internal resistance with predetermined accuracy. The new type of optoelectronic coordinate-controlled delay line of millisecond-range pulsed signals have been proposed as well as the design of two-dimensional sensor of displacements. The new method for upgradding the noise immunity, based on the use of the photoconductivity response time dependence from the illuminance have been proposed. Une direction de recherches a été justifiée théoriquement et expérimentalement. Cette étude considère les dipositifs opto-électroniques à commande par coordonnées comme une alternative aux potentiomètres classiques dont l'élément défaillant éventuel, à savoir le contact électrique mobile de frottement, est supprimé par l'emploi d'une méthode de conversion optoélectronique. La nouvelle construction a été proposée et les exigences concernant la structure photorésistance discret-continu ont été déterminées par l'emploi des deux méthodes de calcul numérique et analytique. De nouvelles structures du dispositif de retard des signaux impulsionnels dans la gamme des millisecondes avec une durée de retard réglable à commande par coordonnées aussi bien que du vidéocapteur positionnel bidimensionnel sont proposées. Une nouvelle méthode de l'augmentation de sensibilité de ce vidéocapteur aux obstacles optiques, basée sur la dépendance du temps de la photoréponse du niveau d

  9. Effect of radiation and non radiation environmental factors on children hematopoietic system.


    Bebeshko, V G; Bruslova, K M; Stankevych, V V; Tsvietkova, N M; Lyashenko, L O; Galkina, S G; Pushkaryova, T I; Kolos, V I; Kuznetsova, O Ye; Honchar, L O; Yatsemyrskii, S M; Samson, Y M


    Meta. Vyznachyty vplyv radiatsiy̆nykh ta neradiatsiy̆nykh chynnykiv dovkillia na rozvytok zmin v gemopoezi u ditey̆ ta obґruntuvaty kryteriï formuvannia grupy pidvyshchenogo ryzyku rozvytku gematologichnoï patologiï.Materialy i metody. Predstavleni rezul'taty kliniko gematologichnogo obstezhennia 1465 ditey̆, zhyteliv Kyïvs' koï, Zhytomyrs'koï ta Chernigivs'koï oblastey̆ za period z 2008 r. po 2014 r. Z nykh: 777 ditey̆ z anemiiamy, 466 – zi zminamy v gemogramakh, 191 – z gostrymy ley̆kemiiamy. Otsiniuvaly dozy oprominennia ditey̆, zv’iazok stupenia integ ral'nogo zabrudnennia terytoriy̆ z pokaznykamy gemopoezu ta perebigom gematologichnoï patologiï. U 121 dytyny vyznachaly vmist metaliv u volossi, nigtiakh i krovi.Rezul'taty. Vstanovleni nay̆bil'sh chasti prychyny rozvytku anemiy̆ u ditey̆, osoblyvosti perebigu gostrykh ley̆ kemiy̆ zalezhno vid stupenia integral'nogo zabrudnennia terytoriï. Dolia ditey̆, zhyteliv duzhe zabrudnenykh tery toriy̆ z pro V GLL ta T GLL z initsial'nym ley̆kotsytozom ta nespryiatlyvym perebigom zakhvoriuvannia, bula bil' shoiu porivniano z doleiu khvorykh pomirno zabrudnenykh regioniv (r = –0,47). Vstanovlenyy̆ priamyy̆ koreliatsiy̆nyy̆ zv’iazok mizh vidsotkom ditey̆ z monotsytozamy ta stupenem zabrudnennia terytoriï: na duzhe zabrudnenykh tery toriiakh prozhyvalo 20,2 % takykh ditey̆, na pomirno zabrudnenykh – 10,3 % (r < 0,05). Vmist Pb, Cu, Cr, Mn, Zn u biologichnykh tkanynakh ditey̆ ne perevyshchuvav dopustymi vidnosno GDK. Riven' Zn v usikh ditey̆ znakhodyvsia na nyzhniy̆ mezhi normatyvnogo. Indyvidual'ni rivni metaliv u volossi, nigtiakh ta krovi ne zalezhaly vid stati khvorykh ta dozy oprominennia. Obgruntovani kryteriï formuvannia grupy pidvyshchenogo ryzyku rozvytku onkogemato logichnoï patologiï u ditey̆, iaki prozhyvaiut' v ekologichno nespryiatlyvykh regionakh.Vysnovky. Radiatsiy̆ni ta neradiatsiy̆ni chynnyky dovkillia vplyvaiut' na rozvytok zmin v

  10. Estimated emission reductions from California's enhanced Smog Check program.


    Singer, Brett C; Wenzel, Thomas P


    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requires that states evaluate the effectiveness of their vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance (I/M) programs. This study demonstrates an evaluation approach that estimates mass emission reductions over time and includes the effect of I/M on vehicle deterioration. It includes a quantitative assessment of benefits from pre-inspection maintenance and repairs and accounts for the selection bias effect that occurs when intermittent high emitters are tested. We report estimates of one-cycle emission benefits of California's Enhanced Smog Check program, ca. 1999. Program benefits equivalent to metric tons per day of prevented emissions were calculated with a "bottom-up" approach that combined average per vehicle reductions in mass emission rates (g/gal) with average per vehicle activity, resolved by model year. Accelerated simulation mode test data from the statewide vehicle information database (VID) and from roadside Smog Check testing were used to determine 2-yr emission profiles of vehicles passing through Smog Check and infer emission profiles that would occur without Smog Check. The number of vehicles participating in Smog Check was also determined from the VID. We estimate that in 1999 Smog Check reduced tailpipe emissions of HC, CO, and NO(x) by 97, 1690, and 81 t/d, respectively. These correspond to 26, 34, and 14% of the HC, CO, and NO(x) that would have been emitted by vehicles in the absence of Smog Check. These estimates are highly sensitive to assumptions about vehicle deterioration in the absence of Smog Check. Considering the estimated uncertainty in these assumptions yields a range for calculated benefits: 46-128 t/d of HC, 860-2200 t/d of CO, and 60-91 t/d of NO(x). Repair of vehicles that failed an initial, official Smog Check appears to be the most important mechanism of emission reductions, but pre-inspection maintenance and repair also contributed substantially. Benefits from removal of nonpassing

  11. Apport des moyens endoscopiques dans la dilatation des sténoses caustiques de l’œsophage

    PubMed Central

    Seydou, Togo; Abdoulaye, Ouattara Moussa; xing, Li; Zi, Sanogo Zimogo; sekou, Koumaré; Wen, Yang Shang; Ibrahim, Sankare; Sekou, Toure Cheik Ahmed; Boubacar, Maiga Ibrahim; Saye, Jacque; Jerome, Dakouo Dodino; Dantoumé, Toure Ousmane; Sadio, Yena


    Introduction Toutes les sténoses symptomatiques de l’œsophage peuvent être dilatées par voie endoscopique. Nous évaluons l'apport des moyens endoscopiques dans la prise en charge de la dilatation œsophagienne pour sténose caustique de l’œsophage (SCO) au Mali. Méthodes IL s'agissait d'une étude descriptive et prospective réalisée dans le service de chirurgie thoracique à l'hôpital du Mali. Au total 46 dossiers cliniques de patients on été enregistrés et subdivisés en 4 groupes en fonction de la topographie des lésions cicatricielles. Le nombre de cas d'assistance endoscopique réalisé a été déterminé afin de comprendre l'apport des moyens endoscopiques dans le succès de la dilatation des SCO. Pour les 2 différentes méthodes de dilatation utilisées, le résultat du traitement et le coût ont comparés. Résultats La FOGD a été utilisée dans 19 cas (41.30%) de dilatation avec la bougie de Savary Guillard et dans 47.82% des cas dans la dilatation de Lerut. La vidéo-laryngoscopie a été utilisé 58.69% des cas de dilatation à la bougie de Lerut. Le passage de guide métallique et / ou de fil-guide a été réalisée dans 39.13% avec la vidéo laryngoscopie et dans 58.68% avec la FOGD. Dans la comparaison des deux méthodes, il existe une différence significative dans la survenue des complications (p=0.04075), l'anesthésie générale (p=0.02287), l'accessibilité à la méthode (p=0.04805) et la mortalité (p=0.00402). Conclusion La SCO est une pathologie grave et sous évaluée au Mali. Les moyens endoscopiques contribuent considérablement au succès de la dilatation œsophagienne pour sténose caustique dans les différentes méthodes utilisées. PMID:27200129

  12. Charging of the Electric Vehicles in Private Sector: Technical and Economic Aspects

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Grackova, L.; Oleinikova, I.; Klavs, G.


    The economic aspect considered in the work is related to the charging of an electric vehicle (EV) at a single private house when this is done every day. To perform the relevant cost estimation it was necessary to determine: the average annual electricity consumption under the condition of everyday charging an EV and the average electricity consumption off the mains for covering a distance of 100 km by an EV and the time in hours for its charging. Comparison is made for the day-time intervals from which it is possible to choose the preferable for proper loading the electric line and the most beneficial for the consumer. Under analysis are two EV connection scenarios for 100 individual households from which 10%, 20% and 30% have EVs, with 8-h duration of each charging at the current of 13A. The authors consider the consumption and electric energy payment packages which - with planned opening of the electric energy market on January 1, 2015 - will offer the clients the enterprises rendering services on the electric energy sale. Šajā rakstā tiek analizēts vidējais diennakts elektroenerģijas patēriņš un diennakts slodzes grafiki privātmājās apstākļos, kad privātmājas īpašnieki lādē elektroautomobili katru dienu vidējam brauciena attālumam 100 km. Elektroautomobiļa uzlādes režīmi tiek analizēti, ņemot vērā patēriņa elektriskās slodzes grafika kvalitāti raksturojošos rādītājus un patērētāja ekonomiskos ieguvumus. Lai novērtētu ekonomiski stimulētu patērētāju elektroautomobiļa uzlādes laika izvēles ietekmi uz diennakts elektriskās slodzes aizpildījuma koeficientu, tika izveidoti un analizēti 2 scenāriji, kas apraksta 100 privātmāju ar dažādu elektroautomobiļu piederības īpatsvaru divas atšķirīgas automobiļu uzlādes gadījumus.

  13. Full-Scale Test and Analysis of a PRSEUS Fuselage Panel to Assess Damage-Containment Features

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Bergan, Andrew; Bakuckas, John G.; Lovejoy, Andrew E.; Jegley, Dawn C.; Linton, Kim A.; Korkosz, Gregory; Awerbuch, Jonathan; Tan, Tein-Min


    Stitched composite technology has the potential to substantially decrease structural weight through enhanced damage containment capabilities. The most recent generation of stitched composite technology, the Pultruded Rod Stitched Efficient Unitized Structure (PRSEUS) concept, has been shown to successfully arrest damage at the sub-component level through tension testing of a three stringer panel with damage in the form of a two-bay notch. In a joint effort undertaken by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Boeing Company, further studies are being conducted to characterize the damage containment features of the PRSEUS concept. A full-scale residual strength test will be performed on a fuselage panel to determine if the load capacity will meet strength, deformation, and damage tolerance requirements. A curved panel was designed, fabricated, and prepared for residual strength testing. A pre-test Finite Element Model (FEM) was developed using design allowables from previous test programs to predict test panel deformation characteristics and margins of safety. Three phases of testing with increasing damage severity include: (1) as manufactured; (2) barely visible impact damage (BVID) and visible impact damage (VID); and (3) discrete source damage (DSD) where the panel will be loaded to catastrophic failure. This paper presents the background information, test plan, and experimental procedure. This paper is the first of several future articles reporting the test preparations, results, and analysis conducted in the test program.

  14. Investigation of modification X-ray induced bystander effect in vitro.


    Shemetun, O V; Talan, O O


    Meta: doslidyty modyfikaciju radiacijno-indukovanogo efektu svidka, sprychynenogo rentgenivs'kym oprominennjam peryferychnoi' krovi ljudyny in vitro, shljahom zastosuvannja antyoksydantnogo vitaminnogo preparatu. Material doslidzhennja: limfocyty peryferychnoi' krovi ljudyny. Metody: modeljuvannja radiacijno-indukovanogo efektu svidka in vitro v zmishanyh kul'turah limfocytiv, oprominenyh v dozi 1 Gr, ta neoprominenyh limfocytiv krovi osib riznoi' stati, GTG-zabarvlennja metafaznyh hromosom ta i'h cytogenetychnyj analiz. Rezul'taty: pry vvedenni antyoksydantnogo preparatu v zmishanu kul'turu pered kul'tyvuvannjam chastota aberacij hromosom v klitynah-svidkah statystychno-dostovirno ne vidriznjalas' vid kontrol'noi' (r > 0,05). Vysnovky: vykorystannja antyoksydantnogo preparatu (vodorozchynni formy vitaminiv E, S i A) v koncentracii' 40 mkg/ml modyfikuje radiacijno-indukovanyj efekt svidka v neoprominenyh limfocytah peryferychnoi' krovi ljudyny pry i'h sumisnomu kul'tyvuvanni z limfocytamy, oprominenymy v dozi 1 Gr. Antyoksydant zapobigaje rozvytku vtorynnogo oksydatyvnogo stresu v neoprominenyh klitynah, niveljuje rozvytok v nyh radiacijno-indukovanogo efektu svidka ta zabezpechuje zberezhennja stabil'nosti i'h hromosomnogo aparatu.

  15. Probe measurements of electron energy spectrum in Helium/air micro-plasma at atmospheric pressure

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Demidov, V. I.; Adams, S. F.; Miles, J. A.; Koepke, M. E.; Kurlyandskaya, I. P.; Hensley, A. L.; Tolson, B. A.


    It is experimentally demonstrated that a wall probe may be a useful instrument for interpretation of electron energy spectrum in a micro-plasma with a nonlocal electron distribution function at atmospheric pressure. Two micro-plasma devices were fabricated with three layers of molybdenum metal foils with thickness of 0.1 mm separated by two sheets of mica insulation with thickness of 0.11 mm. In one device a hole with the diameter of 0.2 mm formed a cylindrical discharge cavity that passed through the entire five layers. In the second device the hole has the diameter of 0.065 mm. In both devices the inner molybdenum layer formed a wall probe, while the outer layers of molybdenum served as the hollow cathode and anode. The discharge was open into air with flow of helium gas. It is found that the wall probe I-V trace is sensitive to the presence of helium metastable atoms. The first derivative of the probe current with respect to the probe potential shows peaks revealing fast electrons at specific energies arising due to plasma chemical reactions. The devices may be applicable for developing analytical sensors for extreme environments, including high radiation and vibration levels and high temperatures. This work was performed while VID held a NRC Research Associateship Award at AFRL.

  16. X-ray survival characteristics and genetic analysis for nine saccharomyces deletion mutants that show altered radiation sensitivity

    SciTech Connect

    Game, John C.; Williamson, Marsha S.; Baccari, Clelia


    The availability of a genome-wide set of Saccharomyces deletion mutants provides a chance to identify all the yeast genes involved in DNA repair. Using X-rays, we are screening these mutants to identify additional genes that show increased sensitivity to the lethal effects of ionizing radiation. For each mutant identified as sensitive, we are confirming that the sensitivity phenotype co-segregates with the deletion allele and are obtaining multipoint survival-versus-dose assays in at least two haploid and one homozygous diploid strains. We present data for deletion mutants involving the genes DOT1, MDM20, NAT3, SPT7, SPT20, GCN5, HFI1, DCC1 and VID21/EAF1, and discuss their potential roles in repair. Eight of these genes have a clear radiation-sensitive phenotype when deleted, but the ninth, GCN5, has at most a borderline phenotype. None of the deletions confer substantial sensitivity to ultra-violet radiation, although one or two may confer marginal sensitivity. The DOT1 gene is of interest because its only known function is to methylate one lysine residue in the core of the histone H3 protein. We find that histone H3 mutants (supplied by K. Struhl) in which this residue is replaced by other amino-acids are also X-ray sensitive, seeming to confirm that methylation of the lysine-79 residue is required for effective repair of radiation damage.

  17. Detecting delaminations and disbondings on full-scale wing composite panel by guided waves based SHM system

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Monaco, E.; Boffa, N. D.; Memmolo, V.; Ricci, F.; Maio, L.


    A full-scale lower wing panel made of composite material has been designed, manufactured and sensorised within the European Funded research project named SARISTU. The authors contributed to the whole development of the system, from design to implementation as well as to the impacts campaign phase where Barely Visible and Visible Damages (BVID and VID) are to be artificially induced on the panel by a pneumatic impact machine. This work summarise part of the experimental results related to damages production, their assessment by C-SCAN as reference NDT method as well as damage detection of delimitations by a guided waves based SHM. The SHM system is made by customized piezoelectric patches secondary bonded on the wing plate acting both as guided waves sources and receivers. The paper will deal mostly with the experimental impact campaign and the signal analyses carried out to extract the metrics more sensitive to damages induced. Image reconstruction of the damages dimensions and shapes will be also described based mostly on the combination of metrics maps over the plate partial surfaces. Finally a comparison of damages maps obtained by the SHM approach and those obtained by "classic" C-SCAN will be presented analyzing briefly pros and cons of the two different approached as a combination to the most effective structural maintenance scenario of a commercial aircraft.

  18. Acritarchs from Ponta Grossa Formation and their stratigraphic significance: Devonian of Parana basin

    SciTech Connect

    Dino, R.


    The Devonian fossil record in the Parana basin of Brazil is restricted to the Ponta Grossa Formation, a potential source rock unit. Paleontological studies of the macrofauna from this formation indicated an Early Devonian age. For this paper a wide range of surface samples and core samples from eight wells drilled by Pauliperto (a CESP-IPT joint venture) have been studied. Microplankton from the Devonian of the Parana basin never before described are presented here, together with their biostratigraphical and paleoecological implications. Intrabasinal and interbasinal correlations are also made. From a total of 60 species identified until now, twenty forms having well-defined stratigraphic ranges and broad (intercontinental) geographic representation are described herein. This assemblage is marked by the presence and diversity of the Subgroups Polygonomorphitae and Pteromorphitae. The Subgroup Acanthomorphitae is also well represented. The Emsian-Frasnian age previously established for the Ponta Grossa Formation through other palynological studies is further confirmed by the paleomicroplankton evidence. Moreover, the chronostratigraphic limits of these sediments may now be refined even further. Thus, depsite the presence of long-ranging forms, other species, such as Triangulina alargada, which is restricted to the Emsian in the La Vid Formation in northern Spain, allow a better chronostratigraphic subdivision of the Ponta Grossa Formation. The abundance of forms of Tasmanites together with a large quantity and diversity of microplankton provides the basis for the paleoecologic interpretations.

  19. Volumetric image display for complex 3D data visualization

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Tsao, Che-Chih; Chen, Jyh Shing


    A volumetric image display is a new display technology capable of displaying computer generated 3D images in a volumetric space. Many viewers can walk around the display and see the image from omni-directions simultaneously without wearing any glasses. The image is real and possesses all major elements in both physiological and psychological depth cues. Due to the volumetric nature of its image, the VID can provide the most natural human-machine interface in operations involving 3D data manipulation and 3D targets monitoring. The technology creates volumetric 3D images by projecting a series of profiling images distributed in the space form a volumetric image because of the after-image effect of human eyes. Exemplary applications in biomedical image visualization were tested on a prototype display, using different methods to display a data set from Ct-scans. The features of this display technology make it most suitable for applications that require quick understanding of the 3D relations, need frequent spatial interactions with the 3D images, or involve time-varying 3D data. It can also be useful for group discussion and decision making.

  20. Problems following hippocampal irradiation in interventional radiologists - doses and potential effects: a Monte Carlo simulation.


    Chumak, V; Morgun, A; Bakhanova, E; Loganovsky, K; Loganovska, T; Marazziti, D


    Metoiu doslidzhennia bulo vyvchyty zakonomirnosti formuvannia doz na gipokamp v umovakh roboty likaria inter ventsiynogo kardiologa u rentgen operatsiyniy metodom Monte Karlo, a takozh vstanovyty Ikhniy zv’iazok z efek tyvnoiu dozoiu (shcho vykorystovuiet'sia u radiatsiynomu zakhysti) ta pokazanniamy indyvidual'nykh dozymetriv, shchob otsinyty ymovirnist' dosiagnennia protiagom kar’iery rivnia dozy, pry iakomu mozhut' sposterigatysia taki radiatsiyni efekty, iak kognityvni porushennia ta inshi nervovo psykhichni rozlady.Materialy i metody: modeliuvannia metodom Monte Karlo doz oprominennia gipokampiv likaria za dopomogoiu gibrydnogo voksel'no matematychnogo fantoma dlia typovykh angiografichnykh proektsiy ta energetychnykh spektriv, vlastyvykh dlia protsedur interventsiynoI kardiologiI.Rezul'taty: pokazano, shcho oprominennia golovy ie syl'no neodnoridnym i zalezhyt' vid rentgenografichnoI pro ektsiI: vidminnist' doz oprominennia livogo ta pravogo gipokampa mozhe stanovyty do dvokh z polovynoiu raziv, za pevnykh umov doza u livomu gipokampi mozhe vdvichi perevyshchuvaty efektyvnu dozu, iaku otsiniuvaly za poshyrenym algorytmom podviynoI dozymetriI.Vysnovky: dozy na gipokamp protiagom stazhu profesiynogo oprominennia mozhut' siagaty velychyn, pry iakykh mo zhut' z’iavytysia kognityvni ta emotsiyno povedinkovi porushennia, tomu glyboke vyvchennia efektiv oprominennia mozku pratsivnykiv interventsiynoI radiologiI ie vkray neobkhidnym.

  1. Adolescence et pornographie sur la toile

    PubMed Central

    Haza, Marion


    Dans cet article, nous abordons la question de l’accès à la pornographie sur Internet par les adolescents. Nous déclinons plusieurs facettes de ces rencontres: la rencontre «fortuite», quand les adolescents sont confrontés à des images intempestives, des publicités ou spams avec des contenus pornographiques; la rencontre «spectatrice», quand les adolescents cherchent activement des vidéos ou photos mettant en scène la sexualité; et enfin la rencontre «actrice», quand les adolescents se mettent en scène eux-mêmes, seuls ou à plusieurs, de façon pornographique sur le Net. A partir d’exemple, nous réfléchissons aux enjeux de ces rencontres virtuelles précoces de la sexualité adulte par rapport au développement adolescent et à la représentation de leur propre sexualité en construction. PMID:22876261

  2. LHC, le Big Bang en éprouvette




    Notre compréhension de l’Univers est en train de changer… Bar des Sciences - Tout public Débat modéré par Marie-Odile Montchicourt, journaliste de France Info. Evenement en vidéoconférence entre le Globe de la science et de l’innovation, le bar le Baloard de Montpellier et la Maison des Métallos à Paris. Intervenants au CERN : Philippe Charpentier et Daniel Froideveaux, physiciens au CERN. Intervenants à Paris : Vincent Bontemps, philosophe et chercheur au CEA ; Jacques Arnould, philosophe, historien des sciences et théologien, Jean-Jacques Beineix, réalisateur, producteur, scénariste de cinéma. Intervenants à Montpellier (LPTA) : André Neveu, physicien théoricien et directeur de recherche au CNRS ; Gilbert Moultaka, physicien théoricien et chargé de recherche au CNRS. Partenariat : CERN, CEA, IN2P3, Université MPL2 (LPTA) Dans le cadre de la Fête de la science 2008

  3. LHC, le Big Bang en éprouvette

    SciTech Connect


    Notre compréhension de l’Univers est en train de changer… Bar des Sciences - Tout public Débat modéré par Marie-Odile Montchicourt, journaliste de France Info. Evenement en vidéoconférence entre le Globe de la science et de l’innovation, le bar le Baloard de Montpellier et la Maison des Métallos à Paris. Intervenants au CERN : Philippe Charpentier et Daniel Froideveaux, physiciens au CERN. Intervenants à Paris : Vincent Bontemps, philosophe et chercheur au CEA ; Jacques Arnould, philosophe, historien des sciences et théologien, Jean-Jacques Beineix, réalisateur, producteur, scénariste de cinéma. Intervenants à Montpellier (LPTA) : André Neveu, physicien théoricien et directeur de recherche au CNRS ; Gilbert Moultaka, physicien théoricien et chargé de recherche au CNRS. Partenariat : CERN, CEA, IN2P3, Université MPL2 (LPTA) Dans le cadre de la Fête de la science 2008

  4. Expression of Cyclin d1 protein and CCND1 та PNKP genes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in clean up worker of Chornobyl accident with different state of immune system.


    Bazyka, D A; Kubashko, A V; Ilyenko, I M; Belyaev, O A; Pleskach, O J


    Meta. Doslidyty zminy rivniv Cyclin D1+ klityn ta asotsiyovanykh geniv CCND1 ta PNKP u mononuklearakh peryfe rychnoI krovi v uchasnykiv likvidatsiI naslidkiv avariI (ULNA) na ChAES z riznym imunnym statusom v zalezhnosti vid dozy oprominennia.Materialy i metody. Proanalizovano vidnosnyy riven' Cyclin D1+ klityn u mononuklearakh peryferychnoI krovi 39 ULNA na ChAES, cholovikiv, oprominenykh u dozi u diapazoni (0,01–2,00) Gr. Imunologichnyy status obstezhenykh vyz nachavsia za rivnem CD3/19, CD4/8, CD3/HLA DR, SD3/16/56 metodom protochnoI tsytofluorymetriI ta za vmistom Ig klasiv A,M,G metodom imunofermentnogo analizu u krovi. Ekspresiia geniv CCND1 ta PNKP, iaki pov’iazani z Syclin D1, provodylos' za metodom polimeraznoI lantsiugovoI reaktsiI u real'nomu chasi. Porivniannia rezul'tativ zdiysniuva los' iz vidpovidnymy danymy, otrymanymy vid 18 zdorovykh cholovikiv, iaki ne maly kontaktu z ionizuiuchym vyp rominiuvanniam vyshche pryrodn'ogo fonu.Rezul'taty. Pokazano, shcho vidsotok Suclin D1+ klityn zbil'shuiet'sia za normu v osib, oprominenykh u dozi > 0,1 Gr, ta koreliuie z dozoiu oprominennia (rs = 0,417, p = 0,048). Vidkhylennia rivnia Cyclin D1+ klityn za mezhi kontrol'nykh zna chen' pov’iazuiet'sia zi zminamy v klitynniy ta gumoral'niy lankakh imunitetu. Zmenshennia vidsotku Cyclin D1+ klityn za mezhi kontrol'nykh znachen' v ULNA na ChAES iz dozoiu < 0,35 Gr suprovodzhuiet'sia znyzhenniam rivniv CD3+ ta pidvy shchenniam CD3 16+56+ limfotsytiv; u osib, oprominenykh u dozi > 0,35 Gr, zbil'shennia vidsotku Cyclin D1+ klityn asotsiiuiet'sia zi znyzhenniam CD3+ ta tendentsiieiu shchodo znyzhennia CD3+16+56+ limfotsytiv u poiednanni zi zbil'shen niam rivnia IgG. Zbil'shennia rivniv CD4+, CD19+, Ireg. ta IgG suprovodzhuiet'sia poiavoiu koreliatsiynykh zv’iazkiv mizh Cyclin D1+ ta CD3 16+56+ klitynamy (rs = 0,872, p = 0,049), Cyclin D1+ ta CD8+ i IgG (rs = 0,683, p = 0,042; rs = 0,809, p = 0,014), Cyclin D1+ ta CD4+ (rs = 0,602, p = 0,029), Cyclin D1+ ta CD19+ i

  5. Vestibular and acustic dysfunctions in clean up workers of Chornobyl accident (30 years of follow up).


    Zabolotnyi, D I; Mishchanchuk, N S


    Meta – vyvchyty kliniko elektrofiziologichni porushennia pry vestybuliarniy̆ ta akustychniy̆ dysfunktsiiakh v uchas nykiv likvidatsïï naslidkiv avariï na Chornobyl's'kiy̆ atomniy̆ elektrostantsiï v zalezhnosti vid dozy ta tryvalosti diï ionizuiuchoï radiatsiï, osoblyvosti determinovanykh efektiv vprodovzh 30 rokiv pislia avariï.Material ta metody. U 7812 uchasnykiv likvidatsiï naslidkiv avariï na ChAES (ULNA na ChAES) cholovichoï stati, u to mu chysli u 325 osib, vidibranykh dlia prolongovanykh doslidzhen', u 1986 2015 rr. provedeni standartni kliniko elektrofiziologichni obstezhennia funktsiy̆ vestybuliarnogo ta akustychnogo analizatoriv. Vykonani matematychni metody analizu iz zastosuvanniam programnykh paketiv SYSTAT, EPICURE ta EGRET.Rezul'taty. Vstanovleni vestybuliarna ta akustychna dysfunktsiï za tsentral'nym typom z progresuiuchym rozvyt kom gal'mivnykh protsesiv u stovburomozkovykh, pidkorkovo korkovykh strukturakh vestybuliarnogo ta akustychnogo analizatoriv. Vyznachena zalezhnist' zmin u tsykh strukturakh vid velychyny dozy ta tryvalosti diï ionizuiuchoï radiatsiï. Vstanovleni zakonomirnosti determinovanykh radiatsiy̆nykh efektiv u vzaiemozv'iazku z formuvanniam or ganichnoï tserebrovaskuliarnoï patologiï v ULNA na ChAES u viddaleni pisliaavariy̆ni roky, iaki uzgodzhuiut'sia z ney̆ rofiziologichnymy, MRT ta inshymy obstezhenniamy, shcho pidtverdzheno pry koreliatsiy̆nomu analizi.Vysnovky. Vidznacheno, shcho vestybuliarna ta akustychna dysfunktsiï v ULNA na ChAES proiavliaiut'sia kliniko elekt rofiziologichnymy zminamy na rivni tsentral'nykh struktur doslidzhuvanykh analizatoriv, iaki vkazuiut' na para lelizm spil'nogo mekhanizmu determinovanykh radiatsiy̆nykh efektiv pry dozi 0,20 Gr,a takozh ïkh dozozalezhnist' u dy namitsi 30 pisliaavariy̆nykh rokiv. Vstanovleno, shcho vestybuliarna dysfunktsiia v ULNA na ChAES proiavliaiet'sia klinichno ranishe, a elektroakustychni ta elektrofiziologichni zminy pry

  6. Radiation protection monitoring zone population NPP according to experts in case of emergency.


    Prilipko, V A; Shevchenko, K K


    I, ne vidpovidaie vymogam zakoniv UkraIny „Pro vykorystannia iadernoI energiI ta radiatsiynu bezpe ku ” ta „Pro zakhyst naselennia i terytoriy vid nadzvychaynykh sytuatsiy tekhnogennogo ta pryrodnogo kharakteru ”, shcho vymagaie zoseredzhennia uvagy DIIaRU na ts'omu pytanni.

  7. Les jeux de hasard chez les enfants et les adolescents

    PubMed Central

    Gupta, Rina; Pinzon, Jorge L


    RÉSUMÉ Même si, au Canada, les mineurs n’ont pas le droit de jouer à des jeux de hasard légalisés, les adolescents participent souvent à des jeux de hasard soit légalisés (produits de loterie, casino, terminaux de jeux vidéo), soit autonomes (jeux de cartes, paris sportifs, dés) à la maison et en milieu scolaire. Chez les adultes, le taux de prévalence de dépendance aux jeux de hasard au cours de la vie se situe entre 1 % et 2 %. D’après les données existantes, la prévalence chez les adolescents serait de deux à quatre fois plus élevée. On ne sait pas grand-chose des facteurs de risque d’apparition et de perpétuation d’une dépendance pathologique aux jeux de hasard. Le présent document de principes vise à informer les pédiatres, les médecins de famille et les autres professionnels de la santé des connaissances émergentes sur les jeux de hasard pendant l’enfance et l’adolescence et du risque de conséquences graves qui s’y rattachent. On y exhorte également les gouvernements fédéral, provinciaux et territoriaux à inclure cette question dans leur programme et à tenir compte des facteurs sociopolitiques associés aux jeux de hasard.

  8. Wheat VIN3-like PHD finger genes are up-regulated by vernalization.


    Fu, Daolin; Dunbar, Mignon; Dubcovsky, Jorge


    The term 'vernalization' describes the acceleration of the transition between the vegetative and reproductive stages after exposing plants to an extended period of low temperature. In Arabidopsis, vernalization promotes flowering by silencing the flowering repressor gene FLOWERING LOCUS C (FLC). Mitotically stable repression of FLC is the result of chromatin modifications mediated by the Vernalization-INsensitive 3 (VIN3) and VIN3-Like (VIL) proteins. In this study, we identified and characterized three VIL genes in diploid wheat (Triticum monococcum L.), named TmVIL1, TmVIL2, and TmVIL3. Similar to Arabidopsis VIN3, all three wheat VIL proteins carry three conserved domains including a plant homeodomain finger motif (PHD), a fibronectin type III domain (FNIII), and a VIN3 interacting domain (VID). Genetic mapping placed TmVIL1, TmVIL2, and TmVIL3 loci in the centromeric regions of chromosome 5, 6, and 1, respectively. The chromosome location of TmVIL1 is close to that of the vernalization gene VRN-D5, but more precise mapping information is required to validate this relationship. Transcription of the wheat VIL genes was up-regulated by vernalization, with a peak after 4-6 weeks of cold treatment. When transferred back to warm conditions, transcript levels of the wheat VIL genes returned to pre-vernalization levels. In addition, the transcript levels of wheat VIL genes are affected by photoperiod. This study indicates that wheat VIL genes have retained a similar structure and transcriptional regulation as their Arabidopsis VIN3/VIL homologues, suggesting that they might have retained some of their functions.

  9. Ionic Liquids as Novel Lubricants and /or Lubricant Additives

    SciTech Connect

    Qu, J.; Viola, M. B.


    This ORNL-GM CRADA developed ionic liquids (ILs) as novel lubricants or oil additives for engine lubrication. A new group of oil-miscible ILs have been designed and synthesized with high thermal stability, non-corrosiveness, excellent wettability, and most importantly effective anti-scuffing/anti-wear and friction reduction characteristics. Mechanistic analysis attributes the superior lubricating performance of IL additives to their physical and chemical interactions with metallic surfaces. Working with a leading lubricant formulation company, the team has successfully developed a prototype low-viscosity engine oil using a phosphonium-phosphate IL as an anti-wear additive. Tribological bench tests of the IL-additized formulated oil showed 20-33% lower friction in mixed and elastohydrodynamic lubrication and 38-92% lower wear in boundary lubrication when compared with commercial Mobil 1 and Mobil Clean 5W-30 engine oils. High-temperature, high load (HTHL) full-size engine tests confirmed the excellent anti-wear performance for the IL-additized engine oil. Sequence VID engine dynamometer tests demonstrated an improved fuel economy by >2% for this IL-additized engine oil benchmarked against the Mobil 1 5W-30 oil. In addition, accelerated catalyst aging tests suggest that the IL additive may potentially have less adverse impact on three-way catalysts compared to the conventional ZDDP. Follow-on research is needed for further development and optimization of IL chemistry and oil formulation to fully meet ILSAC GF-5 specifications and further enhance the automotive engine efficiency and durability.

  10. An Induction Motor Based Wind Turbine Emulator

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Sokolovs, A.; Grigans, L.; Kamolins, E.; Voitkans, J.


    The authors present a small-scale wind turbine emulator based on the AC drive system and discuss the methods for power coefficient calculation. In the work, the experimental set-up consisting of an AC induction motor, a frequency converter, a synchronous permanent magnet generator, a DC-DC boost converter and DC load was simulated and tested using real-life equipment. The experimentally obtained wind turbine power and torque diagrams using the emulator are in a good agreement with the theoretical ones. Šajā rakstā parādīta mazas jaudas vēja turbīnas emulatora izveide ar maiņstrāvas piedziņas sistēmu, kā arī analizētas vairākas turbīnas jaudas koeficienta analītiskās aprēķina metodes. Vēja turbīnas emulatora eksperimentālais stends, kas sastāv no asinhronā elektromotora, frekvenču pārveidotāja, sinhronā pastāvīgo magnētu ģeneratora, līdzstrāvas paaugstinošā pārveidotāja un slodzes, tika pārbaudīts gan simulēšanas vidē, gan uz reālām iekārtām. Eksperimentāli iegūtās vēja turbīnas emulatora jaudas un momenta diagrammas ir salīdzinātas ar teorētiskajām.

  11. Classification of crystal defects in multicrystalline silicon solar cells and wafer using spectrally and spatially resolved photoluminescence

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Lausch, D.; Mehl, T.; Petter, K.; Svarstad Flø, A.; Burud, I.; Olsen, E.


    In this contribution, spectral photoluminescence (SPL) imaging detecting both the spectral distribution and the lateral position is applied on recombination active defects in multicrystalline silicon solar cells and wafers. The result is analysed by a Multivariate Curve Resolution (MCR) algorithm using the spectral photoluminescence response and their positions. (i) Without any pre-assumptions made, the algorithm distinguishes four different recombination active defect types. Looking at the spatial distribution, it is shown that two of these defect types coincide with two defect types that have been distinguished on solar cell level using an analysis of forward and reverse biased electroluminescence (denoted as Type-A and -B) previously. (ii) Using SPL, all previously classified defects can also be distinguished at the wafer level. Therefore, the defects limiting the solar cell efficiency are already present in the wafer material and not introduced by the solar cell process. This is of particular interest for the question of how to predict the solar cell efficiency based on the PL measurements at the wafer level. The SPL is able to distinguish between the recombination activity of the dominant Type-A and -B defects that cannot be distinguished by classical PL measurements of the band-to-band recombination at the wafer level. The technique also highlights the changes in recombination activity of the given defects throughout the fabrication process. (iii) Additionally, it is shown that the spectral peak positions of Type-A defects coincide with the known D3 and D4 lines and of Type-B defects with the D1 line on both solar cell and wafer level. Two further defects are captured by the MCR algorithm denoted as Type-VID3 and Type-D07 defects occurring as spot-like defects in isolated positions. Their spectral PL response is analysed as well.

  12. Seasonal difference in brain serotonin transporter binding predicts symptom severity in patients with seasonal affective disorder.


    Mc Mahon, Brenda; Andersen, Sofie B; Madsen, Martin K; Hjordt, Liv V; Hageman, Ida; Dam, Henrik; Svarer, Claus; da Cunha-Bang, Sofi; Baaré, William; Madsen, Jacob; Hasholt, Lis; Holst, Klaus; Frokjaer, Vibe G; Knudsen, Gitte M


    Cross-sectional neuroimaging studies in non-depressed individuals have demonstrated an inverse relationship between daylight minutes and cerebral serotonin transporter; this relationship is modified by serotonin-transporter-linked polymorphic region short allele carrier status. We here present data from the first longitudinal investigation of seasonal serotonin transporter fluctuations in both patients with seasonal affective disorder and in healthy individuals. Eighty (11)C-DASB positron emission tomography scans were conducted to quantify cerebral serotonin transporter binding; 23 healthy controls with low seasonality scores and 17 patients diagnosed with seasonal affective disorder were scanned in both summer and winter to investigate differences in cerebral serotonin transporter binding across groups and across seasons. The two groups had similar cerebral serotonin transporter binding in the summer but in their symptomatic phase during winter, patients with seasonal affective disorder had higher serotonin transporter than the healthy control subjects (P = 0.01). Compared to the healthy controls, patients with seasonal affective disorder changed their serotonin transporter significantly less between summer and winter (P < 0.001). Further, the change in serotonin transporter was sex- (P = 0.02) and genotype- (P = 0.04) dependent. In the patients with seasonal affective disorder, the seasonal change in serotonin transporter binding was positively associated with change in depressive symptom severity, as indexed by Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression - Seasonal Affective Disorder version scores (P = 0.01). Our findings suggest that the development of depressive symptoms in winter is associated with a failure to downregulate serotonin transporter levels appropriately during exposure to the environmental stress of winter, especially in individuals with high predisposition to affective

  13. Potential (mis)match?: Marriage Markets amidst Socio-Demographic Change in India, 2005–2050

    PubMed Central

    Kashyap, Ridhi; Esteve, Albert; García-Román, Joan


    We explore the impact of socio-demographic change on marriage patterns in India by examining the hypothetical consequences of applying three sets of marriage pairing propensities – contemporary patterns by age, by age and education, and changing propensities that allow for greater educational homogamy and reduced educational asymmetries – to future population projections. Future population prospects for India indicate three trends that will impact marriage patterns: i) female-deficit in sex ratios at birth; ii) declining birth cohort size; iii) female educational expansion. Existing literature posits declining marriage rates for men arising from skewed sex ratios at birth (SRB) in India’s population. In addition to skewed SRBs, India’s population will experience female educational expansion in the coming decades. Female educational expansion and its impact on marriage patterns must be jointly considered with demographic changes, given educational differentials and asymmetries in union formation that exist in India, as across much of the world. We systematize contemporary pairing propensities using data from the 2005–2006 Indian National Family Health Survey and the 2004 Socio-Economic Survey and apply these and the third set of changing propensities to IIASA/VID multi-state population projections by educational attainment using an iterative longitudinal projection procedure. If today’s age patterns of marriage are viewed against age-sex population composition until 2050, men experience declining marriage prevalence. However, when education is included, women, particularly those with higher education experience a more salient rise in non-marriage. Significant changes in pairing patterns towards greater levels of educational homogamy and gender symmetry can counteract a marked rise in non-marriage. PMID:25604846

  14. Impact of CYP24A1 overexpression on growth of colorectal tumour xenografts in mice fed with vitamin D and soy.


    Höbaus, Julia; Tennakoon, Samawansha; Heffeter, Petra; Groeschel, Charlotte; Aggarwal, Abhishek; Hummel, Doris M; Thiem, Ursula; Marculescu, Rodrig; Berger, Walter; Kállay, Enikö


    Our previous studies showed that the 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D (1,25-D3) catabolizing enzyme, 1,25-dihydoxyvitamin D 24 hydroxylase (CYP24A1) was overexpressed in colorectal tumours and its level correlated with increased proliferation. We hypothesised that cells overexpressing CYP24A1 have growth advantage and a diet rich in vitamin D and soy would restore sensitivity to the anti-tumourigenic effects of vitamin D. Soy contains genistein, a natural CYP24A1 inhibitor. To determine causality between CYP24A1 and tumour growth, we established xenografts in male SCID mice with HT29 cells stably overexpressing either GFP-tagged CYP24A1 or GFP. Mice were fed with either high (2500 IU D3/kg) or low vitamin D (100 IU D3/kg) diet in the presence or absence of soy (20% diet). In vitro, cells overexpressing CYP24A1 grew faster than controls. 1,25-D3, the active vitamin D metabolite, reduced cell number only in the presence of the CYP24A1 inhibitor VID400. Regardless of the amount of vitamin D in the diet, xenografts overexpressing CYP24A1 grew faster, were heavier and more aggressive. Soy reduced tumour volume only in the control xenografts, while the tumours overexpressing CYP24A1 were larger in the presence of dietary soy. In conclusion, we demonstrate that CYP24A1 overexpression results in increased aggressiveness and proliferative potential of colorectal tumours. Irrespective of the dietary vitamin D3, dietary soy is able to increase tumour volume when tumours overexpress CYP24A1, suggesting that combination of vitamin D3 and soy could have an anti-tumourigenic effect only if CYP24A1 levels are normal.

  15. Kinetics of biosorption of hazardous metals by green soil supplement

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bagla, Hemlata; Khilnani, Roshan


    of the biosorption in terms of the order of the rate constant were studied applying different kinetic models such as First order, Second order, Pseudo-first order, Pseudo-second order and the intra particle diffusion model. But among these models best fitting model was Lagergren pseudo second order model. The correlation coefficients of all the elements have R2 values close to 1 indicating the applicability of pseudo second order model to the present system. The applicability of this model suggested that biosorption of elements under study, on DCP was based on chemical interactions between metals and active sites of biosorbent. References 1. E. Tipping, Cation Binding by Humic Substances. Cambridge University Press, 2002. 2. S. Lagergren, Zur theorie der sogenannten adsorption geloster stoffe. Kungliga Svenska Vetenskapsakademiens, Handlingar vol. 24, no.4, pp. 1-39, 1898. 3. Y. S. Ho and G. McKay, "Pseudo-second order model for sorption processes," Process Biochem., vol. 34, no. 5, pp. 451-465, Jul. 1999. 4. N. S. Barot and H. K. Bagla, "Extraction of humic acid from biological matrix - dry cow dung powder," Green Chem. Lett. Rev., vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 217-221, 2009.

  16. Removal of Co(II) from waste water using dry cow dung powder : a green ambrosia to soil

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bagla, Hemlata; Khilnani, Roshan


    work, DCP has been utilized without pre or post chemical treatment. Thus it manifests the principal of green chemistry and proves to be an eco-friendly biosorbent. References 1. N.S. Barot, H.K. Bagla, Biosorption of Radiotoxic 90Sr by Green adsorbent: Dry Cow Dung Powder, Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 294, pp. 81-86, (2012). 2. N.S. Barot, H.K. Bagla, Eco-friendly waste water treatment by cow-dung powder (Adsorption studies of Cr(III), Cr (VI) & Cd(II) using Tracer Technique), Desalination & Water Treatment, 38(1-3), pp.104-113, (2012). 3. N.S. Barot, R.P. Khilnani, H.K. Bagla, "Biosorptive profile of Synthetic and Natural Humiresin for the remediation of Metallic Water Pollutants", Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, 301(1):1-9, (2014). 4. S. Lagergren, Zur theorie der sogenannten adsorption geloster stoffe. Kungliga Svenska Vetenskapsakademiens, Handlingar 24(4):1-39, (1898).

  17. Predictive value of laboratory hematological parameters for thromboses development in patients with spontaneous and radiation associated Ph negative myeloproliferative neoplasms.


    Mishcheniuk, O Yu; Klymenko, S V


    nezalezhno vid radiatsiynogo anamnezu khvorykh. V osnovniy ta kontrol'niy grupi patsiientiv z ET vidsutnia riznytsi mizh PPK faktora „leykotsyty > 10,0 · 109/l ” (r = 0,509), otzhe vin mozhe zastosovuvatys' pry spontanniy ta radiatsiyno asotsiyovaniy ET.

  18. Trajectories of prediagnostic functioning in Parkinson's disease.


    Darweesh, Sirwan K L; Verlinden, Vincentius J A; Stricker, Bruno H; Hofman, Albert; Koudstaal, Peter J; Ikram, M Arfan


    past 5 years, Parkinson's disease cases developed additional motor features (postural imbalance, rigidity, and postural abnormalities) and increasingly reported problems in basic daily activities. Parkinson's disease cases also increasingly reported anxiety symptoms, depressive symptoms, and use of laxatives throughout study follow-up, although differences with controls only became statistically significant in the last years before diagnosis. In conclusion, in patients with prediagnostic Parkinson's disease, impairments in instrumental daily activities, which require both motor and non-motor skills, pre-date difficulties in more physically oriented daily

  19. Dopamine D2 receptor gene variants and response to rasagiline in early Parkinson's disease: a pharmacogenetic study.


    Masellis, Mario; Collinson, Shannon; Freeman, Natalie; Tampakeras, Maria; Levy, Joseph; Tchelet, Amir; Eyal, Eli; Berkovich, Elijahu; Eliaz, Rom E; Abler, Victor; Grossman, Iris; Fitzer-Attas, Cheryl; Tiwari, Arun; Hayden, Michael R; Kennedy, James L; Lang, Anthony E; Knight, Jo


    Parkinson symptoms from Weeks 12 to 36 after correction for multiple testing. This is the largest and most comprehensive pharmacogenetics study to date examining clinical response to an anti-parkinsonian drug and the first to be conducted in patients with early stage Parkinson's disease receiving monotherapy. The results indicate a clinically meaningful benefit to rasagiline in terms of the magnitude of improvement in parkinsonian symptoms for those with the favourable response genotypes. Future work is needed to elucidate the specific mechanisms through which these DRD2 variants operate in modulating the function of the nigrostriatal dopaminergic

  20. Comparing language outcomes in monolingual and bilingual stroke patients.


    Hope, Thomas M H; Parker Jones, 'Ōiwi; Grogan, Alice; Crinion, Jenny; Rae, Johanna; Ruffle, Louise; Leff, Alex P; Seghier, Mohamed L; Price, Cathy J; Green, David W


    , based on trends learned from monolingual data alone, and this was significant (P < 0.05, corrected for multiple comparisons) in 13/22 language tasks. Both patient groups appeared to be sensitive to damage in the same sets of regions, though the bilinguals were more sensitive than the monolinguals. media-1vid1 10.1093/brain/awv020_video_abstract awv020_video_abstract.

  1. Influence of eNOS gene 4a/b VNTR polymorphism on development of endothelial dysfunction and respiratory system disorders in children - residents of radioactively contaminated areas.


    Stepanova, Ye I; Kolpakov, Ye; Zyhalo, V M; Lytvynets, O M; Kondrashova, V H; Vdovenko, V Yu; Skvarska, O O; Leonovych, O S


    Meta roboty – doslidyty rol' polimorfizmu geniv eNOS u rozvytku endotelial'noI dysfunktsiI ta funktsional' nykh rozladiv systemy dykhannia u ditey – meshkantsiv radioaktyvno zabrudnenykh terytoriy.Materialy i metody doslidzhennia. Dlia vyznachennia mozhlyvykh asotsiatyvnykh zv’iazkiv polimorfizmu u 4 mu introni gena eNOS z pokaznykamy, shcho kharakteryzuiut' funktsional'nyy stan endoteliiu ta bronkholegenevoI sys temy, provedeno obstezhennia 184 ditey. Z nykh osnovnu grupu sklaly 135 ditey – meshkantsiv radioaktyvno zabrud nenykh terytoriy, kontrol'nu – 49 ditey, iaki prozhyvaly v „chystykh ” shchodo radioaktyvnogo zabrudnennia regionakh i ne nalezhaly do postrazhdalykh vnaslidok Chornobyl's'koI avariI kontyngentiv. Provodyly molekuliarno gene tychne doslidzhennia z vyznachenniam polimorfizmu v 4 mu introni gena eNOS. Doslidzhennia ventyliatsiynoI spro mozhnosti legeniv otsiniuvaly za dopomogoiu metodu pnevmotakhografiI. Dlia reiestratsiI endoteliyzalezhnoI reaktsiI sudynnogo rusla na zminy umov krovopostachannia vykorystovuvaly termografichnyy sposib. Vyznachennia rivniv azotystykh spoluk NO2 ta NO3 provodyly za standartnoiu metodykoiu z vykorystanniam reaktyvu Grissa. Riven' inkorporovanogo 137Cs v organizmi vyznachaly za dopomogoiu lichyl'nyka vyprominiuvannia liudyny Skrynner 3M vyrobnytstva Instytutu ekologiI liudyny.Rezul'taty. Dity osnovnoI grupy za chastotoiu polimorfnykh 4a/b genotypiv ta aleliv 4a i 4b gena eNOS ne vidriznia lysia vid kontroliu ta danykh literatury. U ditey osnovnoI grupy z genotypom 4a/4b u porivnianni z dit'my, iaki ma ly genotyp 4b/4b, vidmichalosia zbil'shennia tryvalosti vidnovlennia krovoobigu do vykhidnogo rivnia pislia ok liuziynoI proby; sposterigalosia znyzhennia vmistu nitrytu v syrovattsi krovi; zmenshennia integral'nykh pokaznykiv elastychnosti i roztiazhnosti legenevoI tkanyny, prokhidnosti dykhal'nykh shliakhiv; u 1,5 raza chastishe reiestruvalysia oznaky bronkhospazmu. Tsi nespryiatlyvi efekty buly

  2. Advanced Concept for Creation of Security Holograms / PROGRESĪVĀ Koncepcija AIZSARDZĪBAS Hologrammas Izveidei

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bulanovs, A.; Gerbreders, S.


    A new concept is proposed for digital hologram production along with the relevant techniques developed in our laboratory. The main idea of the concept is to maximally separate the calculation of hologram from its optical recording on the light-sensitive media. A special file format containing information on each holographic pixel is created at the stage of calculation. The file is a device-independent by structure, and can be employed for recording a hologram using any of the existing techniques (dot-matrix, optical matrix lithography, e-beam lithography). An optical lithography device is applied to calculate the images for a spatial light modulator at the stage of hologram recording in accordance with the data from the file and in conformity with the hardware features of the device. The proposed method was tested and successfully used to record security holograms. For commercial use a software package and an optical recording system have been developed. Šajā rakstā tiek apskatītas koncepcijas un metodes, kuras tiek izmantotas drošības hologrammu ražošanai mūsu laboratorijā. Koncepcijas galvenā ideja ir hologrammas aprēķina posmu maksimālais sadalījums no hologrammu optiskā ieraksta uz gaismas jūtīgām vidēm. Hologrammas aprēķina posmā tiek izveidots īpaša formāta fails, kas satur pilnu informāciju par katru hologrāfisko pikseli. Pēc struktūras fails ir neatkarīgs no ierīces un to var izmantot hologrammas ierakstam pēc jebkuras no esošajām tehnoloģijām. Hologrammas ieraksta posmā optiskā litogrāfijas iekārta pēc faila datiem veic SLM (Spatial Light Modulator) attēla aprēķinu, ievērojot iekārtas darbības īpatnības. Piedāvātā metode ir pārbaudīta un veiksmīgi tiek izmantota drošības hologrammu ierakstam. Izstrādāta programmu pakete un optiskā ieraksta iekārta komerciālai izmantošanai.

  3. High Power Coax Window

    SciTech Connect

    Neubauer, M. L.; Dudas, A.; Sah, R.; Elliott, T. S.; Rimmer, R. A.; Stirbet, M. S.


    A su­per­con­duct­ing RF (SRF) power cou­pler ca­pa­ble of han­dling 500 kW CW RF power is re­quired for pre­sent and fu­ture stor­age rings and linacs. There are over 35 cou­pler de­signs for SRF cav­i­ties rang­ing in fre­quen­cy from 325 to 1500 MHz. Cou­pler win­dows vary from cylin­ders to cones to disks, and RF power cou­plers are lim­it­ed by the abil­i­ty of ce­ram­ic win­dows to with­stand the stress­es due to heat­ing and me­chan­i­cal flex­ure. We pro­pose a novel ro­bust co-ax­i­al SRF cou­pler de­sign which uses com­pressed win­dow tech­nol­o­gy. This tech­nol­o­gy will allow the use of high­ly ther­mal­ly con­duc­tive ma­te­ri­als for cryo­genic win­dows. Using com­pressed win­dow tech­niques on disk co-ax­i­al win­dows will make sig­nif­i­cant im­prove­ments in the power han­dling of SRF cou­plers. We pre­sent the bench test re­sults of two win­dow as­sem­blies back to back, as well as in­di­vid­u­al win­dow VSWR in EIA3.125 coax. A vac­u­um test as­sem­bly was made and the win­dows baked out at 155C. The pro­cess­es used to build win­dows is scal­able to larg­er di­am­e­ter coax and to high­er power lev­els.

  4. Working with people to make changes: a behavioural change approach used in chronic low back pain rehabilitation.


    Harman, Katherine; Macrae, Marsha; Vallis, Michael; Bassett, Raewyn


    Objet : Décrire l'approche suivie par un physiothérapeute qui a dirigé un programme de réadaptation pour militaires blessés atteints de lombalgie chronique. Le programme visait à améliorer les techniques d'autoefficacité et d'autoprise en charge. Méthode : Cette étude qualitative en profondeur a utilisé des données audio et vidéo enregistrées à la suite d'entrevues et des observations sur le terrain. Basée sur un processus d'analyse inductive, la discussion sur les thèmes émergents a abouti à une description de la démarche du physiothérapeute. Résultats : L'approche comporte trois éléments: établissement d'une relation de confiance par la création d'une complicité, établissement, dans l'esprit des patients, d'un besoin de participer activement à la réadaptation et découverte de solutions de réadaptation pratiques que chaque patient en particulier est le plus susceptible d'adopter. Cette approche correspond aux théories actuelles sur les changements de comportement en santé (p. ex., modèle transthéorique du changement, entrevues de motivation, modèle de motivation de l'autoprise en charge par les patients et autoprise en charge par les patients) et les éléments de l'alliance thérapeutique. En se basant sur l'alliance thérapeutique (complicité) et des techniques de modification du comportement, le physiothérapeute s'est concentré sur l'importance perçue d'un changement de comportement (besoin) et est passé ensuite à l'autoefficacité du patient au cours de la phase des solutions. Conclusions : Si nous reconnaissons que la réadaptation oblige les patients à adopter de nouveaux comportements, une sensibilisation aux techniques qui appuient les changements de comportement pourrait améliorer les résultats du traitement.

  5. Vascular cognitive impairment neuropathology guidelines (VCING): the contribution of cerebrovascular pathology to cognitive impairment.


    Skrobot, Olivia A; Attems, Johannes; Esiri, Margaret; Hortobágyi, Tibor; Ironside, James W; Kalaria, Rajesh N; King, Andrew; Lammie, George A; Mann, David; Neal, James; Ben-Shlomo, Yoav; Kehoe, Patrick G; Love, Seth


    /severe occipital leptomeningeal cerebral amyloid angiopathy, moderate/severe arteriolosclerosis in occipital white matter, and at least one large infarct (area under the receiver operating characteristic curve 77%). The presence of 0, 1, 2 or 3 of these features resulted in predicted probabilities of vascular cognitive impairment of 16%, 43%, 73% or 95%, respectively. We have developed VCING criteria that are reproducible and clinically predictive. Assuming our model can be validated in an independent dataset, we believe that this will be helpful for neuropathologists in reporting a low, intermediate or high likelihood that cerebrovascular disease contributed to cognitive

  6. Molecular Epidemiology of HIV-1 Infection among Men who Have Sex with Men in Taiwan in 2012

    PubMed Central

    Huang, Szu-Wei; Wang, Sheng-Fan; Cowó, Ángel E.; Chen, Marcelo; Lin, Yu-Ting; Hung, Chun-Po; Chen, Yi-Hsien; Yang, Jyh-Yuan; Tang, Hung-Jen; Chen, Yi-Ming Arthur


    created a video ( to correct such misconception in its AIDS prevention campaign. PMID:26039757

  7. About study of radiation flux carried out on the stand, which is designed for testing of space ultraviolet polarimeter

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Nevodovskiy, P. V.; Vidmachenko, A. P.; Geraimchuk, M. D.; Ivahiv, O. V.


    . Studies of stratospheric ozone layer from near-earth orbit utilizing ultraviolet polarimeter // Acta Astronautica. 2009, vol. 64, no. 1, p. 54-58. 3. Nevodovskij P. V. Kvantakons and optimization of their parameters for astronomical observations // Kinematika i Fizika Nebesnykh Tel. 2001, vol. 17, no. 3, p. 279-288. 4. A. P. Vid'machenko, P. V. Nevodovsky. A cooled photomultiplier with an InGaAs photocathode developed for the spectropolarimetry observations // Kinematika i Fizika Nebesnykh Tel. 2000, Suppl. 3, p. 283-285. 5. P. Nevodovsky! i, A. Morozhenko, A. Vidmachenko, M. Geraimchuk, A. Zbrutskyi,! Yu. Kur eniov, V. Sergunin, Yu. Hirniak, O. Ivakhiv. Ultraviolet Polarimeter for Studying the Aerosol Component in the Earth Atmosphere // International Symposium on Atmospheric Radiation and Dynamics. Session 1. "Satellite sounding of atmosphere and surface". ISARD - 2013. June 24-27 2013. Peterhof, St Petersburg, Russia. P. 21.

  8. [Efficacy of tumor necrosis factor-alpha inhibitors in fistulising perianal Crohn's disease].


    Bor, Renáta; Farkas, Klaudia; Bálint, Anita; Szűcs, Mónika; Abrahám, Szabolcs; Baradnay, Gellért; Wittmann, Tibor; Szepes, Zoltán; Nagy, Ferenc; Molnár, Tamás


    Bevezetés: A tumornekrózis-faktor-alfa-gátlókat egyre gyakrabban alkalmazzák a súlyos Crohn-betegség kezelésében. Célkitűzés: A szerzők retrospektív módon értékelték a perianalis fisztulázó Crohn-betegség miatt indított anti-TNF-alfa terápia rövid és hosszú távú hatékonyságát. Módszer: Tumornekrózis-faktor-alfa-gátló kezelésben részesült 68 betegnél meghatározták a luminaris és perianalis aktivitás változását, a komplett fisztulazáródás arányát és a műtéti beavatkozások szükségességét. Eredmények: A kezelés megkezdése után 12 héttel a betegek több mint 80%-ánál a perianalis aktivitás csökkent, 60%-ukban komplett remissziót láttak. Egyéves kezelés alatt a betegek harmadánál a fisztulák záródtak, de a biológiai szer elhagyását követően minden második személynél a sipolyok recidiváltak. Legtöbb esetben a tumornekrózis-faktor-alfa-gátló mellett szükség volt immunszuppresszív kezelésre. A befejezett egyéves terápia alatt a betegek 45%-ánál legalább egy alkalommal végeztek sebészi beavatkozást, többségében ismételt seton-drenázst vagy tályogfeltárást. Következtetések: A tumornekrózis-faktor-alfa-gátló kezelés hatékony a perianalis Crohn-betegség kezelésében. Az immunszuppresszív szerek sok esetben nem hagyhatók el, és nagy arányban van szükség rectummegtartó sebészi beavatkozásokra. A terápia elhagyása utáni magas sipolyrecidíva-arány miatt mérlegelendő a folyamatos tumornekrózis-faktor-alfa-gátló kezelés. Orv. Hetil., 2013, 154(49), 1943–1948.

  9. The Development and Testing of a Checklist to Study Behaviour Change Techniques used in a Treatment Programme for Canadian Armed Forces Members with Chronic Non-specific Low Back Pain.


    Harman, Katherine; MacRae, Marsha; Vallis, Michael


    Objectif : On signale une utilisation accrue, par les physiothérapeutes, de tout un éventail de techniques de modification du comportement (TMC) et l'on constate des effets bénéfiques. Il manque toutefois des définitions de ces techniques qui sont spécifiques à la physiothérapie et l'on ne sait pas trop comment nous les avons utilisées dans la pratique. Cette étude a créé une nomenclature et une description préliminaires de TMC chez les patients souffrant de lombalgie chronique non spécifique (LCNS) et l'on en a fait l'essai pratique. Méthodes : Les questions figurant sur la liste de contrôle des techniques de modification des comportements en physiothérapie (TMC-PT) ont été tirées d'une nomenclature créée pour la psychologie et aussi d'études publiées au cours desquelles on a utilisé des démarches basées sur la thérapie comportementale cognitive en physiothérapie. La validité du contenu a été vérifiée au moyen de sondages d'experts cliniques et de recherches. On a utilisé des enregistrements vidéo d'un programme de réadaptation de l'autoprise en charge d'un patient d'une durée de six semaines pour la formation, l'essai de fiabilité et l'essai pratique de la liste de contrôle TMC-PT. Résultats : La majorité des experts sondés a approuvé les éléments de la liste. La fiabilité intra et interévaluateurs a varié de modérée à élevée. Au cours de l'étude pratique, on a observé un vaste éventail de types de TMC (comportementales, cognitives et motivationnelles) à la fois en classe et au gymnase. Conclusions : La nomenclature des TMC découlant de cette étude et la liste de contrôle TMC-PT aideront à explorer plus à fond le changement de comportement à la pratique de la physiothérapie. L'observation selon laquelle les TMC ont été intégrées dans la pratique de la physiothérapie dans le cadre de cette étude démontre comment les physiothérapeutes peuvent jouer un rôle en modifiant le comportement

  10. Learning From Experience: Development of a Cognitive Task List to Perform a Safe and Successful Non-Rotational Forceps Delivery.


    Simpson, Andrea N; Gurau, David; Secter, Michael; Mocarski, Eva; Pittini, Richard; Snelgrove, John; Hodges, Ryan; Windrim, Rory; Higgins, Mary


    Objectif : La hausse des taux d’accouchement par césarienne a entraîné une baisse des taux d’accouchement instrumental. Cette situation a donné lieu à un nouveau défi sur le plan pédagogique en ce qui concerne l’enseignement et l’acquisition de compétences. Dans le cadre de l’enseignement offert aux stagiaires, certaines tâches menées par le subconscient pourraient passer inaperçues (car elles sont automatiques) et donc ne pas être abordées par le personnel de supervision. Cette étude avait pour but de créer un nouvel outil pour relever ce défi : identifier les étapes de base requises pour la réussite d’un accouchement par forceps non rotationnels en toute sûreté. Méthodes : Les membres du personnel infirmier de la salle de travail et d’accouchement de trois hôpitaux universitaires d’envergure ont identifié les cliniciens qu’ils considéraient comme étant particulièrement compétents en matière d’accouchements par forceps non rotationnels. Les obstétriciens dont les noms revenaient les plus souvent ont été conviés à participer à l’étude. Après avoir offert leur consentement par écrit, les participants ont été filmés pendant l’exécution d’un accouchement par forceps non rotationnels sur un modèle. Deux cliniciens ont passé en revue toutes les vidéos et ont documenté toutes les composantes verbales et non verbales de l’évaluation. Une analyse thématique a combiné les résultats en un résumé intégré. Le résumé initial a par la suite été distribué aux participants pour que l’on obtienne leur approbation. Résultats : Dix-sept cliniciens ont ainsi été identifiés et ont consenti à participer à l’étude. Les thèmes identifiés ont été les suivants : la nécessité de procéder à une évaluation rigoureuse de l’admissibilité de la patiente à un accouchement opératoire, le rôle de l’équipe multidisciplinaire, la nécessité d’une communication rigoureuse et adapt

  11. [Impact of animal-assisted intervention on rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injury].


    Zsoldos, Amanda; Sátori, Agnes; Zana, Agnes


    Bevezetés: Az állatasszisztált programok interdiszciplináris megközelítést képviselnek, komplementer módszerként integrálhatók a preventív, a terápiás és a rehabilitációs folyamatokba. Célkitűzés: A vizsgálat célkitűzése a gerincvelősérültek pszichés adaptációjának, szociális reintegrációjának segítése, valamint a hosszú hospitalizáció által okozott elszigeteltségérzés és depresszió csökkentése volt. A szerzők hipotézise szerint az állatasszisztált intervenció komplementer terápiaként hatékonyan beilleszthető a gerincvelősérült személyek rehabilitációs folyamatába. Módszer: A programban 15 felnőttkorú, gerincvelősérült személy vett rész 5 héten keresztül, hetente két alkalommal. A résztvevők először szociodemográfiai kérdőívet töltöttek ki, majd a program lezárását követően rövid nyílt kérdéses, irányított interjún vettek részt. A terepmunka során, a foglalkozásokon részt vevők megfigyelését követően, kvalitatív adatelemzést végeztek. Eredmények: A terápiás állat hatására érzelmi állapotot érintő pozitív változások következtek be. A résztvevők új ismereteket, készségeket sajátítottak el. A szocializáció és a csoportkohézió javult. Következtetések: Az állatasszisztált aktivitás terápiás elemekkel kiegészítve jótékony hatású lehet a gerincvelősérültek rehabilitációjában. A vizsgálat során szerzett tapasztalatok segítségül szolgálhatnak egy későbbi állatasszisztált terápiás program kidolgozásához gerincvelősérült betegek részére. Orv. Hetil., 2014, 155(39), 1549–1557.

  12. Influence of Light Intensity and Temperature on Cultivation of Microalgae Desmodesmus Communis in Flasks and Laboratory-Scale Stirred Tank Photobioreactor

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Vanags, J.; Kunga, L.; Dubencovs, K.; Galvanauskas, V.; Grīgs, O.


    kultivācijas temperatūra ir 25 °C un gaismas intensitāte - 300 μmol m2 s-1. Savukārt D. communis kultivācija fotobioreaktorā pie tādiem pašiem apstākļiem deva vidējus biomasas produktivitātes rezultātus gaismas limitēšanas dēļ arī tad, kad gaismas intensitāte tika palielināta eksperimenta laikā (maksimālā biomasas produktivitāte - 0.25 g 1-1d-1; maksimālā biomasas koncentrācija - 1.78 g 1-1).

  13. Learning From Experience: Qualitative Analysis to Develop a Cognitive Task List for Vaginal Breech Deliveries.


    Secter, Michael B; Simpson, Andrea N; Gurau, David; Snelgrove, John W; Hodges, Ryan; Mocarski, Eva; Pittini, Richard; Windrim, Rory; Higgins, Mary


    Objectif : De nos jours, dans le domaine de l’obstétrique, il est difficile d’acquérir les compétences cliniques nécessaires à la tenue d’un accouchement vaginal du siège (AVS) en toute sûreté. Des stratégies pédagogiques novatrices sont requises, puisque l’exposition des stagiaires en obstétrique à l’AVS demeure limitée. Cette étude avait pour objectif d’identifier, au moyen de démonstrations filmées par des spécialistes, les compétences verbales et non verbales nécessaires à la prise en charge de l’AVS. Méthodes : Les membres du personnel infirmier de la salle de travail et d’accouchement de trois importants hôpitaux universitaires ont identifié les cliniciens qu’ils considéraient comme étant compétents en matière d’AVS. Les obstétriciens les plus souvent identifiés ont été conviés à participer à l’étude. Les participants ont été filmés alors qu’ils procédaient à un AVS sur un simulateur d’accouchement; à ces occasions, nous leur avons également demandé de nous entretenir de leur évaluation et de leur technique, ainsi que de nous fournir des conseils cliniques issus de leur expérience. Deux membres de l’étude ont passé en revue toutes les vidéos et ont documenté les composantes verbales et non verbales de l’évaluation, les ont groupées en thèmes communs et en ont rédigé une synthèse. Cette synthèse a été transmise à tous les participants et a été analysée par des obstétriciens expérimentés de l’étranger. Résultats : Dix-sept cliniciens ont été identifiés; 12 (70 %) ont consenti à participer à l’étude. Parmi les thèmes identifiés, on trouvait les suivants : évaluation méticuleuse et counseling prégrossesse; rôles de l’équipe multidisciplinaire; nécessité d’une communication attentive et adéquate avec les parents; techniques d’accouchement particulières; et documentation et soins postpartum. Une liste des tâches cliniques a été g

  14. Learning From Experience: Qualitative Analysis to Develop a Cognitive Task List for Kielland Forceps Deliveries.


    Simpson, Andrea N; Hodges, Ryan; Snelgrove, John; Gurau, David; Secter, Michael; Mocarski, Eva; Pittini, Richard; Windrim, Rory; Higgins, Mary


    Objectif : La malposition fœtale constitue une indication courante menant à la tenue d’une césarienne au cours du deuxième stade du travail. Les forceps de Kielland sont un outil utile dans certaines situations pour assurer la réussite de l’accouchement vaginal; toutefois, les occasions d’en apprendre l’utilisation se font rares. Nous avions pour objectif d’identifier les composantes verbales et non verbales de la tenue en toute sûreté d’un accouchement au moyen de forceps de Kielland en filmant des démonstrations menées par des praticiens spécialisés sur des modèles, et ce, dans le but de rédiger une liste de tâches à des fins pédagogiques. Méthodes : Les infirmières du service d’obstétrique de trois hôpitaux universitaires ont identifié les cliniciens qu’elles considéraient comme étant compétents en ce qui concerne les accouchements par forceps de Kielland. Ces médecins ont consenti à l’entreprise et ont été filmés pendant l’exécution d’un accouchement par forceps de Kielland sur un modèle; pendant cette simulation, ils ont pris soin de décrire leur évaluation et leur technique, en plus de partager des conseils cliniques fondés sur leur expérience. Deux cliniciens ont passé en revue les vidéos de façon indépendante et ont consigné les composantes verbales et non verbales de l’évaluation; une analyse thématique a été menée et une liste de tâches de base a été élaborée. L’algorithme a été distribué aux participants afin d’assurer un consensus. Résultats : Onze cliniciens ont été identifiés; huit d’entre eux ont consenti à participer au projet. Les thèmes communs ont été la prévention de la malposition persistante (dans la mesure du possible), une évaluation exhaustive visant à déterminer la pertinence de la tenue d’un accouchement par forceps, les rôles de l’équipe multidisciplinaire, la description des forceps de Kielland et les aspects techniques associés

  15. [Relationship between early maladaptive schemas, attachment quality and fear of darkness].


    Kopcsó, Krisztina; Láng, András


    Bevezetés: Bár a sötéttől való félelem előfordulási gyakorisága gyermekkorban a legmagasabb, a jelenség fiatal felnőttkorban sem elhanyagolható. Célkitűzés: A sötéttől való félelem korai maladaptív sémákkal és kötődési minőséggel mutatott összefüggéseinek feltárása fiatal felnőttkorban, valamint a félelem nemi különbségeinek kimutatása. Módszer: A kérdőívcsomagot a félelem gyakoriságát és intenzitását mérő saját fejlesztésű kérdőív, a Young-féle Séma Kérdőív rövidített változata és a kötődés dimenzionális mérését szolgáló két mérőeszköz alkotta. A teszteket 120 egyetemista (közülük 68 nő) töltötte ki. Eredmények: A sötéttől való félelem gyakorisága az elkerülő, intenzitása a független és a szorongó kötődési minőséggel mutatott kapcsolatot. A sötéttől való félelem jellemzői számos korai maladaptív sémával összefüggést mutattak. A nők sötéttől való félelme a férfiakénál intenzívebb és gyakoribb volt. Következtetések: Az eredmények rámutatnak, hogy a sötéttől való félelem fokozott mértékének hátterében a személy kognitív jellegzetességeinek és kötődési mintázatának sajátosságai állnak. Ez a sötéttől való félelem lehetséges klinikai relevanciájára hívja fel a figyelmet. Orv. Hetil., 2014, 155(49), 1967–1972.

  16. On testing of the photometer-polarimeter UVP layout using a telescope on Earth's surface

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Nevodovskyi, P. V.; Vidmachenko, A. P.; Morozhenko, O. V.; Zbrutskyi, O.; Ivakhiv, O. V.


    . V. Studies of stratospheric ozone layer from near-earth orbit utilizing ultraviolet polarimeter // Acta Astronautica. 2009, vol. 64, no 1, p. 54-58. 3. Nevodovskij P. V. Kvantakons and optimization of their parameters for astronomical observations Kinematika i Fizika Nebesnykh Tel. 2001, vol. 17, no. 3, p. 279-288. 4. A. P. Vid'machenko, P. V. Nevodovsky. A cooled photomultiplier with an InGaAs photocathode developed for the spectropolarimetry observations // Kinematika i Fizika Nebesnykh Tel. 2000. Suppl. 3, p. 283-285. 5. Morozhenko A. V., Vidmachenko A. P., Nevodovskiy P. V., Kostogryz N. M. On the efficiency of polarization measurements while studying aerosols in the terrestrial atmosphere // Kinematics and Physics of Celestial Bodies. 2014, vol. 30, no. 1, p. 11-21. 6. A.V. Morozhenko, A.P. Vidmachenko, P.V. Nevodovskyi. Aerosol in the upper layer of earth's atmosphere // Kinematics and Physics of Celestial Bodies. 2013, vol. 29, no. 5, p. 243-246. 7. Morozhenko A.V. Polarimetry of twilight sky and stratospheric aerosol // Kinematics and Physics of Celestial Bodies. 2010, vol. 26, no. 1, p. 36-38.

  17. [Impact of attachment to God and religious coping on life satisfaction].


    Láng, András


    Bevezetés: A vallásosság hatása a mentális és fizikai egészségre, illetve az élettel való elégedettségre sokat vizsgált területe a pszichológiának. Ugyanakkor ezek a vizsgálatok kevesebb figyelmet fordítanak arra, hogy a vallásosság megélése, az Isten-kapcsolat milyen szerepet játszik hívő emberek élettel való elégedettségében. Célkitűzés: A szerző célkitűzése az volt, hogy megvizsgálja az Istenhez való kötődés és a vallásos megküzdés hatását az élettel való elégedettségre. Módszer: A kérdőívcsomagot 94 (49 nő, 45 férfi), önmagát római katolikusnak valló személy töltötte ki. Átlagéletkoruk 30,8±6,2 év volt. Túlnyomó többségük (96,8%) legalább érettségivel rendelkezett. A kérdőívcsomag a Kötődés Istenhez Leltárt, a Vallásos Megküzdés Skála rövidített változatát, valamint a Diener-féle Élettel Való Elégedettség Skálát tartalmazta. Eredmények: A negatív vallásos megküzdés és az Istenhez való szorongó kötődés a demográfiai változókon felül, negatív irányban befolyásolták az élettel való elégedettség mértékét. Következtetések: Az eredmények rámutatnak arra, hogy a negatív Isten-kép jelentősen befolyásolhatja a hívők élettel való elégedettségét, ami mentális és fizikai egészségükre is kihatással lehet. Orv. Hetil., 2013, 154(46), 1843–1847.

  18. Geochemical analysis of Lower Toarcian black shale from Mecsek Mountain, Hungary

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Podobni, András; Rübsam, Wolfgang; Schwark, Lorenz; Kovács, János; Fekete, József


    section investigated. Variable, but mainly high HI values (100-700 mgHC/gTOC) allow attributing the OM to a type II kerogen. Results are in agreement with previous studies showing that the OM is mainly composed of liptinites, which point to algal and land plant-derived OM [2]. Moreover, variable contributions from marine and terrigenous sources are also attested by the ratio of isoprenoids (pristane and phytane) and the corresponding n-alkanes. Accumulation of OM occurred under mildly reducing, most likely anoxic, conditions as indicated by Pr/Phy ratios of about 1.5 and mainly low HHI values <0.1 [3]. It can be thus anticipated that OM preservation was favoured by low oxygen levels in bottom waters and high sediment accumulation rates, resulting in an efficient OM burial. Therefore, OM accumulation at the western margin of the Tethyan Ocean was controlled by processes differing from those in the epicontinental basin of the Western Tetyhan shelf. A high surface productivity at the slope of the shelf might have been stimulated by the upwelling of nutrient-rich bottom waters and might further promoted the formation of an expanded oxygen minimum zone. [1] McArthur, J. M., Algeo, T.J., van de Schootbrugge, B., Li, Q., Howarth, R.J., 2008. Basinal restriction, black shales, Re-Os dating, and the Early Toarcian (Jurassic) oceanic anoxic event. Paleoceanography 23, PA4217, doi: 10.1029/2008PA001607. [2] Varga, A., Raucsik, B., Hámorné Vidó, M., Rostási, Á., 2007. Isotope geochemistry and characterization of hydrocarbon potential of black shale from Óbánya Siltstone Formation. Földtani Közlöny 137, 449-472. [3] Peters, K.E., Walters, C.C., Moldowan, J.M., 2005. The Biomarker Guide: Volume 2, Biomarkers and Isotopes in Petroleum Systems and Earth History. Cambridge University Press, 1132 pp.

  19. Sail-Type Wind Turbine for Autonomous Power Supplay: Possible Use in Latvia

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Sakipova, S.; Jakovics, A.


    Under the conditions of continuous increase in the energy consumption, sharply rising prices of basic energy products (gas, oil, coal), deterioration of environment, etc., it is of vital importance to develop methods and techniques for heat and power generation from renewables. The paper considers the possibility to use a sail-type wind turbine for autonomous power supply in Latvia, taking into account its climatic conditions. The authors discuss the problems of developing a turbine of the type that would operate efficiently at low winds, being primarily designed to supply power to small buildings and farms distant from centralized electricity networks. The authors consider aerodynamic characteristics of such a turbine and the dependence of the thrust moment of its pilot model on the airflow rate at different angles of attack. The pilot model with a changeable blade shape has been tested and shows a good performance. Darbs veltīts vienam no atjaunojamo enerģiju veidiem - vēja enerģijai, analizētas tās izmantošanas iespējas. Vispirms īsi raksturota vēja enerģijas izmantošana pasaulē, kā arī vērtētas izmantošanas perspektīvas no inženiertehniskā un klimatisko apstākļu viedokļa. Turpinājumā raksturota situācija Latvijā, t. sk., arī vēja potenciāla pieejamība dažādos reģionos, kā arī vēja enerģijas izmantošanas efektivitāti raksturojošie lielumi. Konstatējot problēmu, rast vēja turbīnu risinājumus Latvijas apstākļiem ar maziem vidējiem vēja ātrumiem, izveidots buras tipa turbīnas modelis. Šī modeļa raksturlielumu izpēte veikta vēja tunelī Karagandas universitātē, konstatējot relatīvi labus efektivitātes rādītājus tiešai un pretējai vēja plūsmai. Izmantojot mērījumu rezultātus, ierosināti sistēmas uzlabojumi, kurus plānots pētīt turpmāk. Šādas sistēmas potenciāli var rast lietojumu tur, kur nepieciešami autonomi enerģijas avoti.

  20. La place de la thoracoscopie dans la prise en charge des pathologies thoraciques: à propos de 104 cas

    PubMed Central

    Lakranbi, Marwane; Rabiou, Sani; Ghalimi, Jamal; Issoufou, Ibrahim; Ouadnouni, Yassine; Smahi, Mohamed


    Introduction La thoracoscopie est l'exploration endoscopique de la cavité pleurale, des organes avoisinants (diaphragme, péricarde, médiastin) et du poumon. Le but de ce travail se veut d'abord didactique; décrivant la thoracoscopie, ses techniques ainsi que sa place dans la prise en charge de la pathologie thoracique (indications et perspectives thérapeutiques) et informatif en rapportant l'expérience de notre équipe. Méthodes Il s'agit d'une étude rétrospective intéressant 104 thoracoscopies à visée diagnostique et/ou thérapeutique réalisées au service de chirurgie thoracique du Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Hassan II de Fès, sur une période de 04 ans (Août 2008-décembre 2012). Nous avons exclu de notre étude les cas ayant bénéficié d'une médiastinoscopie ainsi que les cas ayant bénéficié d'une thoracoscopie dans le cadre des traumatismes fermés du thorax ou des plaies thoraciques. Résultats L’ âge moyen des patients est de 47 ans, avec des extrêmes allant de 18 à 80 ans, et une légère prédominance masculine à 54%. La thoracoscopie est d'ordre pleural chez 86 patients, pulmonaire chez 10 patients et médiastinale chez 8 patients. La thoracoscopie avait une indication à visée diagnostique chez 87 cas et thérapeutique chez 52 patients (talcage dans 45 cas, décortication pleuropulmonaire dans 2 cas, résection de kystepleuro-péricardique dans 2 cas, cure de pneumothorax dans 2 cas et une fenêtre péricardique). L’évolution post opératoire etait marquée par une amélioration clinico-radiologique chez 40 malades, 11 ont présenté une amélioration clinique seule, 6 ont présenté une persistance ou une récidive de l’épanchement. Conclusion La thoracoscopie représente un réel gain en matière de diagnostic de certaines pathologies intra-thoraciques. Son intérêt thérapeutique limité doit être éventuellement étendu grâce à la chirurgie thoracique vidéo assistée, qui est une technique récente fiable

  1. Continuing education to go: capacity building in psychotherapies for front-line mental health workers in underserviced communities.


    Ravitz, Paula; Cooke, Robert G; Mitchell, Scott; Reeves, Scott; Teshima, John; Lokuge, Bhadra; Lawson, Andrea; McNaughton, Nancy; Skinner, Wayne; Cooper, Carolynne; Fefergrad, Mark; Zaretsky, Ari


    Objectif : Aborder l’écart entre les besoins et l’accès, et entre les lignes directrices de traitement et leur mise en œuvre pour la maladie mentale, par la création de capacité des travailleurs de première ligne de la santé. Méthodes : À la suite d’une évaluation des besoins d’apprentissage, des cours de formation continue en milieu de travail sur les psychothérapies fondées sur des données probantes ont été mis au point à l’intention des travailleurs de première ligne dans des milieux communautaires sous-desservis. Les cours de 5 heures sur les fondements de la thérapie cognitivo-comportementale, la psychothérapie interpersonnelle, la technique d’entrevue motivationnelle, et la thérapie comportementale dialectique comportaient tous des simulations enregistrées sur vidéo, des plans de leçon interactifs, et des rappels de comportement en pratique clinique. Deux cours, offerts en ordre séquentiel dans 7 milieux sous-desservis, ont été soumis à une évaluation de méthodes mixtes. Quatre-vingt-treize travailleurs de première ligne non médicaux se sont inscrits au programme. Une analyse de variance des mesures répétées a servi à évaluer les changements des connaissances et de l’auto-efficacité avant et après l’intervention. Les données qualitatives de 5 groupes de discussion semi-structurés de 25 participants ont également été analysées. Résultats : Des changements significatifs des connaissances (P < 0,001) avant et après l’intervention ont été observés chez ceux qui ont terminé le cours. L’auto-efficacité en counseling s’est améliorée chez les participants qui ont suivi le premier cours offert (P = 0,001). Les décrocheurs étaient beaucoup moins fréquents dans les petits groupes d’apprentissage menés par les pairs que dans le format autodirigé. L’analyse qualitative a révélé une confiance améliorée, un meilleur moral, des changements du comportement dans la pratique auto

  2. Learning from experience: development of a cognitive task-list to assess the second stage of labour for operative delivery.


    Hodges, Ryan; Simpson, Andrea; Gurau, David; Secter, Michael; Mocarski, Eva; Pittini, Richard; Snelgrove, John; Windrim, Rory; Higgins, Mary


    Objectif : Le fait d’assurer la disponibilité de l’accouchement vaginal opératoire constitue l’une des stratégies pouvant permettre d’atténuer la hausse des taux de césarienne. Toutefois, les programmes de formation actuels semblent inadéquats. Nous avons cherché à identifier, de façon systématique, les étapes de base de l’évaluation des femmes en étant au deuxième stade du travail afin de déterminer si la tenue d’un accouchement opératoire sûr s’avère possible dans leur cas, ainsi qu’à formuler une liste de tâches spécialisée visant à aider les résidents et les obstétriciens à déterminer le mode d’accouchement le plus sûr pour leurs patientes. Méthodes : Les membres du personnel infirmier de la salle de travail et d’accouchement de trois hôpitaux universitaires d’envergure ont identifié les cliniciens qu’ils considéraient comme étant particulièrement compétents en matière d’accouchements vaginaux opératoires. Les obstétriciens dont les noms revenaient les plus souvent ont été conviés à participer à l’étude. Les participants ont été filmés pendant l’exécution d’une évaluation normale du deuxième stade du travail sur un modèle. Deux cliniciens ont passé en revue toutes les vidéos et ont documenté toutes les composantes verbales et non verbales de l’évaluation; ces composantes ont été groupées en thèmes généraux et combinées sous forme d’une liste de tâches spécialisée intégrée. Cette liste de tâches a par la suite été remise à tous les participants pour qu’ils puissent formuler des commentaires additionnels, vérifiée en fonction des directives cliniques de la SOGC et reformulées, ce qui a permis la production d’une liste de tâches spécialisée finale. Résultats : Trente cliniciens ont ainsi été identifiés et 20 d’entre eux ont consenti à participer à l’étude. Les thèmes identifiés ont été les suivants : évaluation du caractère ad

  3. Small Hydropower in Latvia and Intellectualization of its Operating Systems / Par Mazo HIDROENERĢĒTIKU LATVIJĀ un TĀS Staciju VADĪBAS SISTĒMAS INTELEKTUALIZĀCIJU

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Mahnitko, A.; Gerhards, J.; Linkevics, O.; Varfolomejeva, R.; Umbrasko, I.


    The authors estimate the potential for power generation from water resources of small and medium-sized rivers, which are abundant in Latvia. They propose the algorithm for optimal operation of a small-scale hydropower plant (SHPP) at the chosen optimality criterion in view of the plant's participation in the market. The choice of SHPP optimization algorithm is made based on two mathematical programming methods - dynamic and generalized reduced gradient ones. Approbation of the algorithm is illustrated by an example of optimized SHPP operation. Darbā analizētas tradicionālo un pieejamo vietējo atjaunojamo energoresursu - mazo un vidējo upju hidroresursa izmantošanas iespējas Latvijas enerģētikā. Tiek sniegts faktiskais materiāls šajā jautājumā, kas iegūts, balstoties uz oficiālos avotos publicētiem citu autoru iepriekš veiktajiem pētījumiem. Tiek atzīmēts, ka teritoriju, kas atrodas mazo upju tuvumā un nav ietvertas centralizētās elektroapgādes sistēmā, saimnieciskā apgūšana rada apstākļus patērētāju stimulēšanai izmantot autonomus vietējos energoresursus, ieskaitot hidroenerģiju, izmantojošas mazas jaudas energoiekārtas. Atjaunojamās enerģijas tehnoloģiju un iekārtu pastāvīga attīstība un pilnveidošanās veicinās mazo upju plūsmas izmantošanas elektroenerģijas ražošanas efektivitātes paaugstināšanos. Mūsdienu enerģētikas attīstības koncepcija, kas balstīta uz viedo tīklu (smart grids) izveidi, ļauj paaugstināt mazās hidroenerģētikas darbības efektivitāti, integrējot to elektroenerģētiskajā sistēmā. Mazo hidroelektrostaciju (MHES) darbības vadības sistēmas intelektualizācijas pamatā jābūt kompleksam algoritmam un programmām, kas ļauj tiešsaistes (online) režīmā nodrošināt izdevīgu MHES darbības grafiku (režīmu) maksimālā ienākuma gūšanai, balstoties uz zināmu elektroenerģijas cenas prognozi attiecīgajam laika periodam (diennaktij). MHES darbības optimiz

  4. Development of Modified Pag (Polyalkylene Glycol) High VI High Fuel Efficient Lubricant for LDV Applications

    SciTech Connect

    Gangopadhyay, Arup; McWatt, D. G.; Zdrodowski, R. J.; Liu, Zak; Elie, Larry; Simko, S. J.; Erdemir, Ali; Ramirez, Giovanni; Cuthbert, J.; Hock, E. D.


    Engine oils play a critical role in friction reduction. Improvements in engine oil technology steadily improved fuel economy as the industry moved through ILSAC GF-1 to GF-5 specifications. These improvements were influenced by changes in base oil chemistry, development of new friction modifiers and their treat levels, and the total additive package consisting of various other components. However, the improvements are incremental and further fuel consumption reduction opportunities are becoming more challenging. Polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based engine oils are being explored as a step forward for significant fuel consumption reduction. Although PAG fluids are used in many industrial applications, its application as an engine oil has been explored in a limited way. The objective of this project is to deep dive in exploring the applicability of PAG technology in engine oil, understanding the benefits, and limitations, elucidating the mechanism(s) for friction benefits, if any, and finally recommending how to address any limitations. The project was designed in four steps, starting with selection of lubricant technology, followed by friction and wear evaluations in laboratory bench tests which are relatively simple and inexpensive and also served as a screener for further evaluation. Selected formulations were chosen for more complex engine component level tests i.e., motored valvetrain friction and wear, piston ring friction using a motored single cylinder, and motored engine tests. A couple of formulations were further selected based on component level tests for engine dyno tests i.e., Sequence VID (ASTM D6709) for fuel economy, Sequence IVA (ASTM D6891) for valvetrain wear, and Sequence VG (ASTM D6593) for sludge and varnish protection. These are some of the industry standard tests required for qualifying engine oils. Out of these tests, a single PAG oil was selected for chassis roll dynamometer tests for fuel economy and emission measurements using FTP (Federal

  5. Towards A Moon Village: Vision and Opportunities

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Foing, Bernard


    or interest. Just let us know your views! Highlights and recommendations can be found on *Moon Village Workshops Organisers Team: Bernard Foing (ESA/ESTEC & ILEWG), Aidan Cowley, Guillermo Ortega, Linda van Hilten (ESA), Vid Beldavs, David Dunlop, Jim Crisafulli (International Lunar Decade), ESTEC Moon Village workshop 2015 WGs co-conveners: Peter Batenburg, Andrea Jaime, Abigail Calzada, Angeliki Kapoglou, Chris Welch, Susanne Pieterse, Daniel Esser, Audrey Berquand, Daniel Winter, Dmitri Ivanov, Simone Paternostro, Matias Hazadi, Oscar Kamps, Marloes Offringa

  6. Integrating geophysical and hydrochemical borehole-log measurements to characterize the Chalk aquifer, Berkshire, United Kingdom

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Schürch, Marc; Buckley, David


    niveaux aquifères. Les méthodes géophysiques utilisées pour les diagraphies en forage étaient le calibrage, la résistivité concentrée, la résistivité par induction, le rayonnement gamma, la température du fluide, la conductivité électrique du fluide, un courantomètre à impulsions et à flux de chaleur, avec une sonde vidéo pour l'examen des parois du forage. Une sonde multiparamètre a été utilisée pour mesurer la température, la conductivité électrique, l'oxygène dissous, le pH et le potentiel redox dans le fluide du forage à la descente. Une forte perméabilité développée dans la craie par les écoulements souterrains forme le principal niveau d'écoulement du site d'étude de Banterwick Barn ; elle est constituée d'un système de conduits qui crée une connexion hydraulique locale efficace entre les forages. Cet horizon est formé de plusieurs niveaux de haut-fonds lithifiés, qui impliquent l'existence d'une lacune de sédimentation susceptible pouvant correspondre à une discordance. Une plus faible température de l'eau souterraine, une plus forte concentration en oxygène dissous, les indications du courantomètre sur un écoulement préférentiel dans la craie indiquent une circulation rapide de l'eau souterraine le long de cet horizon. En répétant les diagraphies à des moments différents de l'année sous des conditions hydrauliques variées, d'autres horizons d'écoulements d'eau dans l'aquifère de la craie ont été reconnus. Resumen. Se ha integrado técnicas geofísicas e hidroquímicas de registro de sondeos para caracterizar las propiedades hidráulicas e hidrogeoquímicas del acuífero de la Creta en perforaciones de Berkshire (Reino Unido). Las medidas en los sondeos tenían como objetivo localizar fisuras en las cretas, así como determinar su extensión espacial entre sondeos y calidad química de las aguas subterráneas. Entre los métodos de testificación geofísica utilizados, se halla el calibre, la resistividad

  7. Etude par Imagerie à faible Niveau dans le proche Infrarouge d'une Emission de la haute Atmosphère

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Pautet, Pierre-Dominique


    requises pour de bonnes observations dans le domaine du proche infrarouge ont aussi été étudiées. Ensuite, la construction d'une station mobile de prise de vues est détaillée. Celle-ci doit permettre d'observer l'émission et d'obtenir des résultats exploitables par la suite. Trois méthodes d'observation ont été décrites: visuelle, photographique et à l'aide d'un détecteur CCD. La troisième, qui a été retenue, a été vue plus en détail. Le matériel utilisé, de la caméra à la plate-forme de prise de vues en passant par les objectifs et les filtres optiques, est ensuite décrit. Lorsque le matériel a été choisi, un protocole d'observation a été défini et mis au point. Le choix du site d'observation a été crucial. Plusieurs lieux géographiques ont été retenus et sont présentés dans le mémoire. Le déroulement d'une séance de prise de vue a été décrit afin de faciliter un futur programme d'observation. Deux séquences types d'observations ont été plus particulièrement détaillées: -la réalisation de panoramas permettant une étude des structures que fait apparaître l'émission, -la réalisation de séquences vidéos afin d'étudier la dynamique du phénomène. Dans une quatrième partie, je décris les méthodes de traitement des images qui ont été développées. Tout d'abord, des prétraitements sont appliqués aux images pour corriger les défauts (champ plat, offset,?). Ensuite, une méthode de restitution géographique permet d'obtenir une image plus exploitable de la couche émissive ; elle n'est alors plus observée à partir d'une station au sol, mais en employant une caméra virtuelle située à la verticale du site d'observation. Différents problèmes liés à cette méthode ont aussi été traités: réfraction atmosphérique proche de l'horizon, passage d'une surface atmosphérique à la surface du pixel correspondant, et effet de Van Rhijn. Plusieurs traitements ont été appliqués aux images pour faciliter leur