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  1. Differences between Czech and Slovak Economic Higher Education from 1945 to 1953

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Chalupecký, Petr; Johnson, Zdenka


    This paper discusses the development of economic higher education in Czechoslovakia from 1945 to 1953, ie before the emergence of new economic universities with the same name: University of Economics (Vysoká škola ekonomická) in Prague and Bratislava. Its aim is to determine possible similarities and differences in economic education between the…

  2. Outflow from a Nocturnal Thunderstorm.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    P AD-A093 796 ILLINOIS STATE WATER SURVEY URBANAF/ .2 OUTFLOW FROM A NOCTURNAL THUNDERSTORM. (U) NOV a0 R W SCOTT NSF-ATHN78-0a865 UNCLASSIFIED SWS...CR-242 ARO-15529.5-6S N I muuuuuuuuuuuu iDA0937 9 6 State Water Survey Division k istitute of METEOROLOGY SECTION 0 uJD AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS...SWS Contract Report 242 / F OUTFLOW FROM A NOCTURNAL THUNDERSTORM Robert W. Scott Meteorology Section Illinois State Water Survey -- DTIC ELECTE CD

  3. The Triboluminescence of Zinc Cadmium Sulfide

    DTIC Science & Technology


    iHon o I. 20 1. The light output is proportional to phosphor thickness and appears to be...CM CM 1 =3 < -a c n3 CD O) c o c o en (/) OJ c u s_ o to > 3 cr ai en ( UJD/M^) indino iHon 22 o o o o O o O o G 0...O O o m o CM o o o 00 o o o CM J0 -Jo o — [ mo/^-H) indino iHon u o OJ +J 011^ U M <u •^ •■-3 E o ’ D- in > > Of- 00 »o —