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  1. Conservation laws and laser cooling of atoms

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Giuliani, Giuseppe


    The straightforward application of energy and linear momentum conservation to the absorption/emission of photons by atoms allows us to establish the essential features of laser cooling of two level atoms at low laser intensities. The lowest attainable average kinetic energy of the atoms depends on the ratio {{Γ }}/{E}{{R}} between the natural linewidth and the recoil energy and tends to ER as {{Γ }}/{E}{{R}} tends to zero (in one dimension). This treatment, like the quantum mechanical ones, is valid for any value of the ratio {{Γ }}/{E}{{R}} and contains the semiclassical theory of laser cooling as the limiting case in which {E}{{R}}\\ll {{Γ }}.

  2. Dynamics of filamentary plasma jets used in plasma medicine

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Reuter, Stephan


    Atmospheric plasmas exhibit large gradients in space and time. This challenges diagnostics such as LIF or other quantitative species detection methods. Single shot and 2D measurements can supply information otherwise hidden in averaging single point measurements. Especially the interaction of jet like plasmas with ambient surroundings poses unmet challenges. In the present work, several approaches of laser diagnostics of plasma and gas phase combined with numerical simulation sow how a careful study of the plasma initiated processes can lead to an at least partial understanding of plasma interaction with liquid and biological systems. In collaboration with Ansgar Schmidt-Bleker, INP Greifswald e.V.; Sylvain Iseni, GREMI, UMR 7344, CNRS/Université d'Orléans and Jörn Winter, Helena Jablonowski, and Klaus-Dieter Weltmann, INP Greifswald e.V. BMBF FKZ 03Z2DN12.