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  1. Comparisons of ergonomic evaluation tools (ALLA, RULA, REBA and OWAS) for farm work.


    Kong, Yong-Ku; Lee, Sung-Yong; Lee, Kyung-Suk; Kim, Dae-Min


    The purpose of this study was to validate the agricultural lower limb assessment (ALLA) ergonomic checklist, which was developed for various agricultural tasks in Korea. One hundred and ninety-six working postures were selected from the real agricultural tasks to verify ALLA, a lower limb body posture assessment tool, and then evaluated by 16 ergonomic experts. Hit rate, quadratic weighted κ, one-way analysis of variance and t-test analyses were applied to compare ALLA with other assessment tools. ALLA analysis had a superior hit rate with ergonomic expert assessment compared with other assessment tools. Quadratic weighted κ analysis also showed that ALLA provided superior estimates of risk levels for farm working postures. ALLA would be an appropriate assessment tool to estimate risk factors for various lower limb body postures which frequently occur in agricultural tasks in Korea. ALLA is a simple and accurate risk assessment tool that could be usefully applied to identify and mitigate risk factors and work-related musculoskeletal disorders in agricultural tasks, and also to evaluate the effects of control and intervention for working conditions.

  2. Ground penetrating radar survey finalized to the recovery of the ``S. Agata alla Badia'' church in Catania (eastern Sicily, Italy)

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Imposa, S.; Barone, F.; Gresta, S.; Leone, A.


    Numerous archaeological sites dating to the greek-roman period have been found in the underground of the city of Catania (eastern Sicily, Italy). Their presence is a testimony of the several settlements that have followed in this area over time. In this work we have conducted electromagnetic surveys, consisting of ten georadar profiles, inside the church of “S. Agata alla Badia”, damaged during the earthquake occurred in eastern Sicily on 13 December 1990. The aim was to investigate the area where the church is located to obtain information useful for its structural recovery. Mechanical drillings were also carried out to reconstruct the local stratigraphy, which could be complicated by the presence of underground cavities and artefacts, as evidenced by recent excavations beneath the Catania Cathedral, in the nearby Piazza Duomo. From the interpretation of the GPR data, the presence of ancient masonry structures underlying the recent foundations was highlighted. In addition, the GPR survey allowed us to identify and locate reflective horizons in the subsurface, probably due to the presence of materials with different state of aggregation and/or to buried structures.

  3. Quantification of character-impacting compounds in Ocimum basilicum and 'Pesto alla Genovese' with selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry.


    Amadei, Gianluca; Ross, Brian M


    Basil (Ocimum basilicum) is an important flavourant plant which constitutes the major ingredient of the pasta sauce 'Pesto alla Genovese'. The characteristic smell of basil stems mainly from a handful of terpenoids (methyl cinnamate, eucalyptol, linalool and estragole), the concentration of which varies according to basil cultivars. The simple and rapid analysis of the terpenoid constituents of basil would be useful as a means to optimise harvesting times and to act as a quality control process for basil-containing foodstuffs. Classical analytical techniques such as gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) are, however, slow, technically demanding and therefore less suitable for routine analysis. A new chemical ionisation technique which allows real-time quantification of traces gases, Selected Ion Flow Tube Mass Spectrometry (SIFT-MS), was therefore utilised to determine its usefulness for the assay of terpenoid concentrations in basil and pesto sauce headspace. Trace gas analysis was performed using the NO(+) precursor ion which minimised interference from other compounds. Character-impacting compound concentration was measured in basil headspace with good reproducibility and statistically significant differences were observed between cultivars. Quantification of linalool in pesto sauce headspace proved more difficult due to the presence of interfering compounds. This was resolved by careful selection of reaction product ions which allowed us to detect differences between various commercial brands of pesto. We conclude that SIFT-MS may be a valid tool for the fast and reproducible analysis of flavourant terpenoids in basil and basil-derived foodstuffs. Copyright © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

  4. [Surveillance system OKkio alla SALUTE: the role of primary school in the promotion of healthy life style--results in 2008].


    Lamberti, A; Spinelli, A; Baglio, G; Nardone, P; Silani, M T; Mastantuono, E; Teti, S; Menzano, M T; Galeone, D


    In 2007 the Italian Ministry of Health/CCM promoted and funded the project "System of surveys of behavioral risks in ages 6-17", coordinated by the National Institute of Health. One of the aims of the project is the definition and implementation of a data collection system on the weight of primary school children, their eating habits, physical activity and school initiatives favoring the healthy growth of children, called "OKkio alla SALUTE". In 2008 the first survey of OKkio was conducted in 18 Italian regions. 45,590 third grade school children in 2610 classes participated. Information was collected from 2461 schools. The responses of the head teachers showed that 64% of the schools have a canteen, used by 70% of children. Only 12% of schools include the provision of a balanced mid-morning snack. Frequently there are educational activities related to physical activity and healthy eating that, in some cases, also involve the families of the children. 29% of the schools cannot guarantee two hours of physical activity as suggested by the school curriculum because of the lack or inadequacy of the gym or the structure of the timetables. The information gathered through the cooperation of school administrators, teachers and health workers, has helped to describe the major health educational activities of the school, that is confirmed to be the ideal venue for promoting healthy lifestyles in young people.

  5. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Light curves of WASP-52 (Mancini+, 2017)

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Mancini, L.; Southworth, J.; Raia, G.; Tregloan-Reed, J.; Molliere, P.; Bozza, V.; Bretton, M.; Bruni, I.; Ciceri, S.; D'Ago, G.; Dominik, M.; Hinse, T. C.; Hundertmark, M.; Jorgensen, U. G.; Korhonen, H.; Rabus, M.; Rahvar, S.; Starkey, D.; Calchi Novati, S.; Figuera Jaimes, R.; Henning, T.; Juncher, D.; Haugbolle, T.; Kains, N.; Popovas, A.; Schmidt, R. W.; Skottfelt, J.; Snodgrass, C.; Surdej, J.; Wertz, O.


    Light curves of transit events of the extrasolar planet WASP-52b. One of the datasets was obtained using the Cassini 1.52m Telescope (Gunn r) at the Astronomical Observatory of Bologna in Loiano (Italy). Three of the datasets were obtained using the Zeiss 1.23m telescope (Cousins R and Cousins I) at the German-Spanish Astronomical Centre at Calar Alto (Spain). Four of the datasets were obtained using the MPG 2.2m telescope (Sloan g, Sloan r, Sloan i, Sloan z) at the ESO Observatory in La Silla (Chile). Four of the datasets were obtained using the 1.54m Danish Telescope at the ESO Observatory in La Silla (Chile). (2 data files).

  6. Exercises for mind and body: Giulio Mancini, collecting, and the beholding of landscape painting in the seventeenth century.


    Gage, Frances


    This article explores the intellectual foundations for the development of princely art collections, and of Italian picture galleries in particular, as spaces for combined physical and mental exercise and recreation. This study then establishes the relationship between the therapeutic function of picture galleries and the manner in which landscape paintings produced for princely collectors at this moment in Italy embodied ideals of both exercise and repose.

  7. Una ricerca sul bilinguismo precoce italo-inglese (Research on Early Italian-English Bilingualism).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Taeschner, Traute; And Others


    The purpose of this study was to attempt to verify the theory of Taeschner and Volterra (1976) that bilingual children pass through three distinct phases while becoming perfectly bilingual. The 12 subjects were English-Italian bilingual children between the ages of 1.6 and 4.6. (CFM)

  8. Myth as History, History as Myth: Family and Church Among Italo-Americans

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Passi, Michael M.


    Asserts that the history of white ethnics has been written far too long as the story of disorganization and disintegration. Argues that the themes of rebirth and creativity should be explored, discarding the myth of the American as a new man emerging after stripping away Old World traditions and institutions. (Author/RJ)

  9. Aqui y Alla en California. (Here and There in California).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Galarza, Ernesto

    One in the series "Coleccion Mini-Libros" (Mini-Book Collection) written in Spanish as an enrichment tool for the Spanish speaker, the booklet is a compilation of photographs accompanied by brief descriptions of various points of beauty and interest throughout the State of California. Among the points of interest described are La Sierra Nevada,…

  10. Mission Assurance, Threat Alert, Disaster Resiliency and Response (MATADRR) Product Reference Guide

    DTIC Science & Technology


    5410 Technical Manager/ Performer ARDEC Robert Giarratano 973-724-8096 Italo Grasso ARDEC Robert Giarratano 973-724-8096 Italo Grasso 973-724-8052 Technology...Performer ARDEC Robert Giarratano 973-724-8096 Italo Grasso 973-724-8052 8 WebEOC

  11. Ipotesi di variazioni del clima correlate alla precessione dei nodi lunari

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    de Donà, Giuseppe


    The paper shows the existence of a striking correlation between seasonal and yearly mean temperatures, recorded from 1925 through 2003 at the Arabba Avalanche Center, and the Moon's latitude over the ecliptic during the same period. Also the mean amount of rain in the same time period may be controlled by the Moon, but this quantity shows an anti-correlation to the lunar latitude instead of the direct correlation displayed by the mean temperatures.

  12. "Tanto Necesitamos De Aqui Como Necesitamos De Alla": "Leer Juntas" among Mexican Transnational Mothers and Daughters

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    de la Piedra, Maria Teresa


    This paper presents part of the results of a qualitative study about literacy practices of Mexican transnational mothers, who live in and frequently cross the border between two countries (the United States and Mexico). Drawing on sociocultural approaches to literacy and literature on transnationalism, I analyze one practice: "leer…

  13. "Alla en Guatemala": Transnationalism, Language, and Identity of a Pentecostal Guatemalan-American Young Woman

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Ek, Lucila D.


    This article examines the transnationalism of a Pentecostal Guatemalan-American young woman who is a second-generation immigrant. Amalia traveled to Guatemala from when she was six months old until her sophomore year in college. These visits to Guatemala have helped her maintain her Guatemalan language, culture, and identity in the larger Southern…


    SciTech Connect

    Merlini, M.


    The principles of activation analysis and the methods of detection and measurement of radioactivity from neutron irradiated samples are described. The application of this method in different fields is mentioned. An example of the use of activation analysis in biology is given; and the results of a study on the manganese content in different parts of a lamellibranch, Unio mancus elongatus (Pfeiffer) of Lago Maggiore, are presented and discussed. (auth)

  15. Credit for All--A Marketing Research Report into Credit-Bearing Courses.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Hunter, Lucy; And Others

    A British project examined the level of awareness of the Department of Continuing Education's adult program, Open Studies (OS), in Lancashire and South Cumbria. It assessed what the public and ethnic minority groups thought about accreditation of courses, which segments of the public would be interested in accredited courses, and what prices…

  16. Aqui y Alla: Exploring Our Lives through Poetry--Here and There

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Schlessman, Elizabeth


    The bilingual poetry and stories of Salvadoran writer Jorge Argueta have been an invaluable resource in this author's classroom. She has used poems from "Talking with Mother Earth" for homework and class analysis during a study of ecosystems, the story "Xochitl and the Flowers" to lead into persuasive writing, and "Bean Soup" to teach…

  17. 76 FR 76122 - Senior Executive Service Performance Review Board

    Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014


    ... Mediation and Conciliation Service and; Nadine Mancini, General Counsel, Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission. Mary Johnson (General Counsel, National Mediation Board) continues to serve as a...

  18. Crop water use measurement using a weighing lysimeter at the Dayr Alla Research Station in the Jordan Valley, Jordan

    USDA-ARS?s Scientific Manuscript database

    Since 2003, a regional project funded by USDA-ARS-OIRP has focused on improving irrigation scheduling in Jordan, Palestine and Israel. The Middle Eastern Regional Irrigation Management Information Systems (MERMIS) project involves cooperators from Palestine, Jordan, Israel and the United States, all...

  19. Il contributo di G. Braga alla Sociologia del linguaggio (The Contributions of G. Braga to the Sociology of Language).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Tessarolo, Marisella


    Discusses Braga's contribution to the study of the sociology of language. Braga developed a dynamic interdisciplinary model of verbal communication based on theories of sociology and linguistics and stressed the importance of language in the acculturation of an individual and in the determination of that individual's status in society. (CFM)

  20. Fibrocystic breast disease


    ... Mary C. Mancini, MD, PhD, Department of Surgery, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-Shreveport, Shreveport, Louisiana. Review provided by VeriMed Healthcare Network. Also reviewed ...

  1. Sull' Applicazione di Paradigmi della Linguistica alla Theoria dei Testi Letterari (On the Application of Linguistic Paradigms to Literary Text Theory).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Fasoli, Paolo


    Summarizes trends over the last century of analyzing literature (poetry and prose) through the aid of linguistic theory. The contributions and shortcomings of various schools (Structuralist, Danish, Formalist, Transformationalist, Generativist) to the evaluation of literature are briefly outlined. (LET)

  2. You and Beyond. Culture and Social Organization Booklet 2. Teacher's Edition=Tu y mas alla. Cultura y organizacion social libro 2. Manual para El Maestro.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    California State Univ., Los Angeles. National Dissemination and Assessment Center.

    The booklet is part of a grade 10-12 social studies series produced for bilingual education. The series consists of six major thematic modules, with four to five booklets in each. The interdisciplinary modules are based on major ideas and designed to help students understand some major human problems and make sound, responsive decisions to improve…

  3. Aluminum oxide formation at Al/La(1-x)Sr(x)MnO3 interface: a computational study for resistance random access memory applications.


    Lee, Nodo; Lansac, Yves; Jang, Yun Hee


    Resistance random access memory (ReRAM) is emerging as a next-generation nonvolatile memory. One of the most promising materials for the ReRAM application is a composite of a reactive metal [such as aluminum (Al)] and a mixed-valance manganite [such as La(1-x)Ca(x)MnO3 (LCMO) and La(1-x)Sr(x)MnO3 (LSMO)]. One of the current hypotheses regarding the origin of the resistive switching of such systems is a voltage-controlled reversible formation of a high-resistance aluminum oxide (AlO(x)) layer at the Al/LC(S)MO interface through oxygen migration from LC(S)MO. To validate this hypothesis, quantum mechanics (density functional theory) calculations were carried out on an atomistic model of the resistive-switching phenomena at the Al/LSMO interface (the composite systems of Al/LSMO and AlO(x)/LSMO) as well as on the component materials such as Al, AlO(x), LaMnO3, LaMnO(3-delta), La(1-x)Sr(x)MnO3, and La(1-x)Sr(x)MnO(3-delta). The changes in the structure, energy, and electronic structure of these systems during the oxygen vacancy formation in LSMO, the oxygen migration through the Al/LSMO interface, and the AlO(x) formation were investigated.

  4. Minor myocardial damage is a prevalent condition in patients with acute heart failure syndromes and preserved systolic function with long-term prognostic implications: a report from the CIAST-HF (Collaborative Italo-Argentinean Study on cardiac Troponin T in Heart Failure) study.


    Perna, Eduardo R; Aspromonte, Nadia; Cimbaro Canella, Juan P; Di Tano, Giuseppe; Macin, Stella M; Feola, Mauro; Coronel, María L; Milani, Loredano; Parras, Jorge I; Milli, Massimo; García, Edgar H; Valle, Roberto


    Half of patients with acute heart failure syndromes (AHFS) have preserved left ventricular ejection fraction (PLVEF). In this setting, the role of minor myocardial damage (MMD), as identified by cardiac troponin T (cTnT), remains to be established. To evaluate the prevalence and long-term prognostic significance of cTnT elevations in patients with AHFS and PLVEF. This retrospective, multicenter, collaborative study included 500 patients hospitalized for AHFS with PLVEF (ejection fraction ≥40%) between October 2000 and December 2006. Blood samples were collected within 12 hours after admission and were assayed for cTnT. MMD was defined as a cTnT value of ≥0.020 ng/mL. Mean age was 73 ± 12 years, 47% were female, 38% had an ischemic etiology, and New York Heart Association (NYHA) class was 2.2 ± 0.7. Mean cTnT value was 0.149 ± 0.484 ng/mL, and cTnT was directly correlated with serum creatinine (Spearman's Rho = 0.35, P < .001) and NYHA class (0.25, P < .001). MMD was diagnosed in 220 patients (44%). Patients with MMD showed lower left ventricular ejection fraction (P < .05), higher serum creatinine (P < .001), higher prevalence of ischemic etiology and diabetes mellitus, a worse NYHA class (P < .001), and higher natriuretic peptide levels (P < .001) as compared with patients without MMD. At 6-month follow-up, overall event-free survival was 55% and 75% in patients with and without MMD (P < .001), respectively. On multivariate Cox regression analysis, only NYHA class (HR = 1.50; P = .002) and MMD (HR = 1.81; P = .001) were identified as predictors of events. Increased cTnT levels were detected in approximately 50% of patients with AHFS with preserved systolic function, and were found to correlate with clinical measures of disease severity. The presence of MMD was associated with a worse long-term outcome, lending support to cTnT-based risk stratification in the setting of AHFS. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

  5. Innovations in Master's Nursing Education: New Ways of Learning for the Marketplace. Proceedings of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing Annual Conference on Master's Education (7th, San Antonio, Texas, December 4-6, 1997).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Washington, DC.

    This proceedings document presents eight papers given at a 1997 conference on nursing education at the master's degree level. The papers are: (1) "Reality of the Marketplace for Advanced Practice Nursing" (Mary Elizabeth Mancini); (2) "Providing Faculty with the Skills to Teach in a Changing World" (Diane Skiba); (3) "Charting New Territory:…

  6. Control of Chaos: New Perspectives in Experimental and Theoretical Science. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos in Applied Sciences and Engineering. Theme Issue. Part 1. Volume 8, Number 8, August 1998.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    emerging new areas and directions in nonlinear dynamics and complexity. The philosophy and policy of this journal, as well as its commitment to readability...Optimized Periodic Inputs .................................... 1707 R. Mettin Clustering Bifurcation and Spatiotemporal Intermittency in RF-Driven...1843 D. Maza, H. Mancini, S. Boccaletti, R. Genesio and F. T. Arecchi Diffusion Parameter Control of Spatiotemporal Chaos

  7. The first winter solstice observed at the meridian line of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome. (Italian Title: Il primo solstizio d'inverno alla meridiana di S. Maria degli Angeli in Roma)

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Sigismondi, C.


    The great meridian line in the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Rome was built in 1701/1702 with the scope to measure the Obliquity of the Earth's orbit in the following eight centuries, upon the will of pope Clement XI. During the winter solstice of 1701 the first measurements of the obliquity have been realized by Francesco Bianchini, the astronomer who designed the meridian line, upgrading the similar instrument realized by Giandomenico Cassini in San Petronio, Bononia. In this paper the accuracy of the data observed by Francesco Bianchini is discussed and compared with up-to-date ephemerides. The modern situation of this historical instrument is also presented.

  8. Bisogni linguistici dei discenti di italiano alla scuola di lingua e cultura italiana per stranieri di Siena (Linguistic Needs of Students of Italian at the School of Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners of Siena).

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Maggini, Massimo; Parigi, Valerio


    Presents the results of a questionnaire administered to students of Italian at the School for Foreigners of Siena to determine the following: (1) student characteristics; (2) student motivations for studying Italian; (3) student interests; (4) student linguistic needs; and (5) student evaluation of the program. (CFM)

  9. The Languages of Italian Canadians.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Vizmuller-Zocco, Jana


    Examines the transplantation of dialects of Italian abroad, particularly to Canada. Argues that any discussion of the language of immigrants from Italy has to start from the premise that they brought their dialect, not Italian, to their new home. Conclusions indicate that "Italo-Canadian" shares many linguistic characteristics with…


    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center



  11. The Italian Experience in the United States.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Tomasi, Silvano M., Ed.; Engel, Madeline H., Ed.

    Questions of group identity, power, and organization are being increasingly recognized as crucial for an understanding of the American scene. Very little attention has been given to Italo-Americans in social science literature, perhaps because of cultural and linguistic barriers to research on their adjustment in this society. Four main sections…

  12. Tendency towards maximum complexity in a nonequilibrium isolated system

    SciTech Connect

    Calbet, Xavier; Lopez-Ruiz, Ricardo


    The time evolution equations of a simplified isolated ideal gas, the {open_quotes}tetrahedral{close_quotes} gas, are derived. The dynamical behavior of the Lopez-Ruiz{endash}Mancini{endash}Calbet complexity [R. Lopez-Ruiz, H. L. Mancini, and X. Calbet, Phys. Lett. A >209, 321 (1995)] is studied in this system. In general, it is shown that the complexity remains within the bounds of minimum and maximum complexity. We find that there are certain restrictions when the isolated {open_quotes}tetrahedral{close_quotes} gas evolves towards equilibrium. In addition to the well-known increase in entropy, the quantity called disequilibrium decreases monotonically with time. Furthermore, the trajectories of the system in phase space approach themore » maximum complexity path as it evolves toward equilibrium.« less

  13. Outcomes After Cardiac Arrest in an Adult Burn Center

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Kutsogiannis DJ. Predictors of survival following in-hospital adult cardiopulmonary resuscitation. CMAJ 2002;167(4): 343–8. [5] Nadkarni VM, Larkin GL, Peberdy...Med 2009;361:22–31. [7] Peberdy MA, Kaye W, Ornato JP, Larkin GL, Nadkarni V, Mancini ME, et al. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation of adults in the...2000;28(2):517–20. [9] Reis AG, Nadkarni V, Perondi MB, Grisi S, Berg RA. A prospective investigation into the epidemiology of in- hospital pediatric

  14. Anthropology: Focus Upon Ethnic Studies.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    New York State Education Dept., Albany. Bureau of General Education Curriculum Development.

    This course syllabus is designed to serve as the basis for a one-semester, 12th grade anthropology course or a one-year, 12th grade ethnic studies course. As such it can be used as the culminating course in a kindergarten-grade 12 sequence. The ethnic studies component is based on data collected by an Italo-American Curriculum Studies Project and…

  15. The Institute for the Study of Non–Model Organisms and other fantasies

    PubMed Central

    Sullivan, William


    In his classic novel Invisible Cities, Italo Calvino describes a series of fantastic imagined cities that fulfill core human needs that remain unmet in ordinary cities. In light of the recent founding of a number of high-profile biomedical institutes, Calvino's descriptions encourage us to consider the unmet needs of the biomedical community and imagine unorthodox institutes designed to fulfill these needs. PMID:25633358

  16. Operation and maintenance guidance: A procedures manual for solar domestic hot water systems at Camp Darby; Guida al funzionamento ed alla manutenzione: Un manuale procedurale per gli impianti solari di produzione di acqua calda sanitaria di Camp Darby (in English;Italian)

    SciTech Connect

    Belk, J.P.; Williams, W.R.; Feldman, M.R.


    Solar domestic hot water systems have been installed at Camp Darby and the Leghorn Army Depot near Livorno, Italy, by the United States Army. These systems range from single panel installations providing hot water to maintenance shops to large multipanel systems serving barracks. Guidance provided in this bilingual (English-Italian) report includes operating and maintenance procedures and recommendations for spare parts inventory. Operating procedures address start-up, normal operations, shut-down, and response to abnormal conditions; maintenance procedures address collector fluid drainage and replacement and equipment change-out. Flow diagrams reflecting as-built conditions are also included for many of the systems. Water quality andmore » corrosion control are also discussed.« less

  17. Statistical manifestation of quantum correlations via disequilibrium

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Pennini, F.; Plastino, A.


    The statistical notion of disequilibrium (D) was introduced by López-Ruiz, Mancini, and Calbet (LMC) (1995) [1] more than 20 years ago. D measures the amount of ;correlational structure; of a system. We wish to use D to analyze one of the simplest types of quantum correlations, those present in gaseous systems due to symmetry considerations. To this end we extend the LMC formalism to the grand canonical environment and show that D displays distinctive behaviors for simple gases, that allow for interesting insights into their structural properties.

  18. Upper bounds on quantum uncertainty products and complexity measures

    SciTech Connect

    Guerrero, Angel; Sanchez-Moreno, Pablo; Dehesa, Jesus S.


    The position-momentum Shannon and Renyi uncertainty products of general quantum systems are shown to be bounded not only from below (through the known uncertainty relations), but also from above in terms of the Heisenberg-Kennard product . Moreover, the Cramer-Rao, Fisher-Shannon, and Lopez-Ruiz, Mancini, and Calbet shape measures of complexity (whose lower bounds have been recently found) are also bounded from above. The improvement of these bounds for systems subject to spherically symmetric potentials is also explicitly given. Finally, applications to hydrogenic and oscillator-like systems are done.

  19. Brazilian exchange rate complexity: Financial crisis effects

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Piqueira, José Roberto C.; Mortoza, Letícia Pelluci D.


    With the financial market globalization, foreign investments became vital for the economies, mainly in emerging countries. In the last decades, Brazilian exchange rates appeared as a good indicator to measure either investors' confidence or risk aversion. Here, some events of global or national financial crisis are analyzed, trying to understand how they influenced the "dollar-real" rate evolution. The theoretical tool to be used is the López-Mancini-Calbet (LMC) complexity measure that, applied to real exchange rate data, has shown good fitness between critical events and measured patterns.

  20. International Conference: Fundamentals of Laser Assisted Micro- & Nanotechnologies (FLAMN-07). Workshop: Laser Cleaning and Artworks Conservation (LCAC). St. Petersburg, Russia, 25-28 June 2007. Abstracts

    DTIC Science & Technology


    RADIATION WITH ADJUSTABLE IMPULSE SHAPE .....................................................................46 Allas A., Veiko V., Kudryavtsev A...73 Mulenko S.A., Kudryavtsev Y.V., Gorbachuk N.T., Luches A., Caricato A.P., Veiko V.P., Chuiko V.A., Petrov A.A. CONTROL OF STEEL...adjustable impulse shape Allas A.1, Veiko V.2, Kudryavtsev A.3, Saprykin L.3, 1 "Center TRIZ "Tvorchestvo", Ltd., St.-Petersburg, Oktyabrskaya emb. 6

  1. Design of a Plant for Final Enrichment of Aqueous Solutions of D$sub 2$O Up to a Concentration of 99.8%. Part I. Chemical Design--Physics of the Plant; PROGETTO DI UN IMPIANTO PER L'ARRICCHIMENTO FINALE DI SOLUZIONI ACQUOSE DI D$sub 2$O FINA ALLA CONCENTRAZIONE DEL 99,8%. PARTE I. PROGETTO CHIMICO FISICO DELL'IMPIANTO

    SciTech Connect

    Finzi, S.; Marchetti, C.; Renzoni, R.


    The first of four reports on the design of a plant for producing 99.75 mole% D/sub 2/O from preconcentrated solutions is presented. The isotopic and chemicophysical design is treated, all the necessary theoretical considerations for the calculations being given. (T.R.H.)

  2. Robustness of the Gaussian interferometric power in two optomechanical systems

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Es-Sahely, Y.; El Qars, J.; Daoud, M.; Ahl Laamara, R.

    In two optomechanical systems, we study the robustness of the Gaussian interferometric power (GIP) against thermal noises. We use the Mancini et al. criterion to distinguish between entangled and separable states. Also, we employ the GIP to capture the nonclassical feature of the two studied systems beyond entanglement. We evaluate explicitly these two indicators of nonclassicality as functions of parameters characterizing the environment and the optomechanical systems (temperature, coupling, etc). We show that the inseparable quantum correlations decay strongly enough than those existing in separable states under thermal noises. On the other hand, when the separability criterion failed, the GIP remains almost constant and nonzero in the two systems even for high temperatures. This show that the GIP is an appropriate measure to capture the quantumness of correlations especially for systems coupled to environment strongly affected by thermal noises.

  3. A generalized statistical complexity measure: Applications to quantum systems

    SciTech Connect

    Lopez-Ruiz, R.; Nagy, A.; Romera, E.


    A two-parameter family of complexity measures C-tilde{sup ({alpha},{beta})} based on the Renyi entropies is introduced and characterized by a detailed study of its mathematical properties. This family is the generalization of a continuous version of the Lopez-Ruiz-Mancini-Calbet complexity, which is recovered for {alpha}=1 and {beta}=2. These complexity measures are obtained by multiplying two quantities bringing global information on the probability distribution defining the system. When one of the parameters, {alpha} or {beta}, goes to infinity, one of the global factors becomes a local factor. For this special case, the complexity is calculated on different quantum systems: H-atom, harmonic oscillator, andmore » square well.« less

  4. Entropy and complexity analysis of hydrogenic Rydberg atoms

    SciTech Connect

    Lopez-Rosa, S.; Departamento de Fisica Aplicada II, Universidad de Sevilla, 41012-Sevilla; Toranzo, I. V.


    The internal disorder of hydrogenic Rydberg atoms as contained in their position and momentum probability densities is examined by means of the following information-theoretic spreading quantities: the radial and logarithmic expectation values, the Shannon entropy, and the Fisher information. As well, the complexity measures of Cramer-Rao, Fisher-Shannon, and Lopez Ruiz-Mancini-Calvet types are investigated in both reciprocal spaces. The leading term of these quantities is rigorously calculated by use of the asymptotic properties of the concomitant entropic functionals of the Laguerre and Gegenbauer orthogonal polynomials which control the wavefunctions of the Rydberg states in both position and momentum spaces. The associatedmore » generalized Heisenberg-like, logarithmic and entropic uncertainty relations are also given. Finally, application to linear (l= 0), circular (l=n- 1), and quasicircular (l=n- 2) states is explicitly done.« less

  5. Measuring complexity in Brazilian economic crises

    PubMed Central

    Mortoza, Letícia P. D.; Piqueira, José R. C.


    Capital flows are responsible for a strong influence on the foreign exchange rates and stock prices macroeconomic parameters. In volatile economies, capital flows can change due to several types of social, political and economic events, provoking oscillations on these parameters, which are recognized as economic crises. This work aims to investigate how these two macroeconomic variables are related with crisis events by using the traditional complex measures due to Lopez-Mancini-Calbet (LMC) and to Shiner-Davison-Landsberg (SDL), that can be applied to any temporal series. Here, Ibovespa (Bovespa Stock Exchange main Index) and the “dollar-real” parity are the background for calculating the LMC and SDL complexity measures. By analyzing the temporal evolution of these measures, it is shown that they might be related to important events that occurred in the Brazilian economy. PMID:28301506

  6. A Career in Manuscripts: Genres and Purposes of a Physician’s Writing in Rome, 1600–1630*

    PubMed Central

    De Renzi, Silvia


    Following the stellar career of papal physician Giulio Mancini, the article brings into focus learned doctors’ uses of, and relationships with, manu- scripts. Manuscripts were the main outcome of their practice — as letters of consultation to patients and colleagues, as consilia of various kinds, including for use in courts of law, and also in the form of key professional tools such as casebooks. Clues found in Mancini’s rich paper-trail shed light on material aspects of his professional writing and on the role that circulating knowledge in manuscript had in creating and sustaining medical networks. The article also argues that even in a domain as shaped by print as early modern medicine, physicians’ use of this medium should not be taken for granted; especially in courtly settings, scribal, as opposed to print, publishing provided them with an effective means of building the social relationships on which their careers depended. PMID:22298938

  7. A comparison of LMC and SDL complexity measures on binomial distributions

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Piqueira, José Roberto C.


    The concept of complexity has been widely discussed in the last forty years, with a lot of thinking contributions coming from all areas of the human knowledge, including Philosophy, Linguistics, History, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and many others, with mathematicians trying to give a rigorous view of it. In this sense, thermodynamics meets information theory and, by using the entropy definition, López-Ruiz, Mancini and Calbet proposed a definition for complexity that is referred as LMC measure. Shiner, Davison and Landsberg, by slightly changing the LMC definition, proposed the SDL measure and the both, LMC and SDL, are satisfactory to measure complexity for a lot of problems. Here, SDL and LMC measures are applied to the case of a binomial probability distribution, trying to clarify how the length of the data set implies complexity and how the success probability of the repeated trials determines how complex the whole set is.

  8. Measuring complexity in Brazilian economic crises.


    Mortoza, Letícia P D; Piqueira, José R C


    Capital flows are responsible for a strong influence on the foreign exchange rates and stock prices macroeconomic parameters. In volatile economies, capital flows can change due to several types of social, political and economic events, provoking oscillations on these parameters, which are recognized as economic crises. This work aims to investigate how these two macroeconomic variables are related with crisis events by using the traditional complex measures due to Lopez-Mancini-Calbet (LMC) and to Shiner-Davison-Landsberg (SDL), that can be applied to any temporal series. Here, Ibovespa (Bovespa Stock Exchange main Index) and the "dollar-real" parity are the background for calculating the LMC and SDL complexity measures. By analyzing the temporal evolution of these measures, it is shown that they might be related to important events that occurred in the Brazilian economy.

  9. Some New Reflections on Mr. Palomar

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bertolami, O.


    The character Mr. Palomar, the alter-ego of the Italian author Italo Calvino, appeared for the first time in 1975 on the pages of the ``Il Corriere della Sera'', and then more or less regularly till its debut as a book in 1983. Through illuminating thoughts and reflections based on observations, for instance, of sea waves, Mr. Palomar discovers that they induce a peaceful and inspirational state of mind that prevents coronary and mental illnesses, and also holds the key to capturing the complexity of the world reducing it into its most elementary mechanisms. In this contribution I will survey some of Mr. Palomar's thoughts while he observes the sky and speculate on others that he might have explored if he shared our contemporary knowledge of the cosmos. I will also discuss the thoughts of other authors on how, cosmological thinking affects the human condition.

  10. Automatic Clustering of Rolling Element Bearings Defects with Artificial Neural Network

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Antonini, M.; Faglia, R.; Pedersoli, M.; Tiboni, M.


    The paper presents the optimization of a methodology for automatic clustering based on Artificial Neural Networks to detect the presence of defects in rolling bearings. The research activity was developed in co-operation with an Italian company which is expert in the production of water pumps for automotive use (Industrie Saleri Italo). The final goal of the work is to develop a system for the automatic control of the pumps, at the end of the production line. In this viewpoint, we are gradually considering the main elements of the water pump, which can cause malfunctioning. The first elements we have considered are the rolling bearing, a very critic component for the system. The experimental activity is based on the vibration measuring of rolling bearings opportunely damaged; vibration signals are in the second phase elaborated; the third and last phase is an automatic clustering. Different signal elaboration techniques are compared to optimize the methodology.

  11. First optical observations of artificial Earth's satellites

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Rykhlova, L. V.


    A review of the first optical observations of the artificial satellites in the USSR as well as in former communist countries (DDR, Romania,Poland) is given. The role by Alla G. Masevich, I.D. Zhongolovich and Yu.V. Batrakov is underlined in the organization of observations.

  12. Hypersonic-Flow Governing Equations with Electromagnetic Files

    DTIC Science & Technology


    CO. [15] B. Finzi, Principio d’azione stazionaria nell’elettrodinamica dei fluidi, Annali di Matematica Pura e Applicata 50 (1960) 321–339. [16] L...Waves, 2nd Edition, W. H. Freeman & Company, San Francisco CA, 1970. [45] E. Persico, Introduzione alla Fisica Matematica , 3rd Edition, Zanichelli

  13. Policies on Special Needs Education: Competing Strategies and Discourses

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Tisdall, E. Kay M.; Riddell, Sheila


    This paper critically examines the array of policy approaches that have been adopted in the field of special needs education in Scotland over recent years. These are characterized in the following ways: (1) supporting or changing the child--an individualized approach; (2) making schools inclusive for all--a systems approach; (3) challenging the…

  14. SCDC Spanish Curricula Units. Fine Arts Strand, Unit 9, Grade 3, Supplement & Ditto Packet.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Spanish Curricula Development Center, Miami Beach, FL.

    The supplement and ditto packet to the fine arts strand of unit nine for third graders contains illustrations, ditto masters, and four songbooks to help the teacher carry out the fine arts activities of this unit. Materials for both group activities and seatwork are included. Kit 33 uses the songbook "Canciones de Aqui y de Alla" and…

  15. Imaging Prostate Cancer with Positron Emission Tomography

    DTIC Science & Technology


    radio- TLC system, any unchelated 64Cu remains at the origin while the 64Cu-1 moves with the solvent front. These results are representative of a positive control for transchelation. In this radio- TLC system, any 64Cu that is transchelated to serum proteins migrates with the solvent

  16. Rotary-Balance Testing for Aircraft Dynamics (Les Essais sur Balance Rotative pour l’Etude de la Dynamique du Vol de l’Avion)

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Applied Yawing Moments by Use of Rotary Balance Data. NACA TN 3321, 1954. 16. Bazzocchi, B.: Un Metodo per la Deterininazione alla Galleria del Vento ...with an on-line vehicle motion analysis program to permit rapid evaluations of airplane spin characteristics. 7- by 10-Foot Wind- Tunel Apparatus...values of parameters included in a mathematical model of the aerodynamic behavior of an aircraft as applied to dynamic tests in a wind tunel . In this

  17. Predictive Model for Jet Engine Test Cell Opacity

    DTIC Science & Technology


    CONTR0~.LINO OFFICE NAME AND ADDRESS It. REPORT OATE AFESC/RDVS September 30, 1981 Tyndall ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ UME ABFlrd 3201. menor PAGES Tyndll FB, lorda 3403...wmq!.Iahgur *.......... ...-- wi t o o ei - ~~’ - * . W M;.icit? A -Ry 19 - * - - .WWF 𔃺 I twi ORIN 14 L* Mal "AlLa IFr 1 41F’Act I_ AM-FI O6 Pa

  18. Parental Encouragement of Healthy Lifestyles for Their Children and Personally Caring about Healthy Lifestyles Is Positively Associated with Children Using Vitamin D Supplements.


    Munasinghe, Lalani L; Yuan, Yan; Faught, Erin L; Willows, Noreen D; Veugelers, Paul J


    Supplement users have better vitamin D status, and parenting is key to promoting a child's healthy behaviours. We examined the association of parental encouragement of and caring about healthy lifestyles with children's use of vitamin D supplements and multivitamins. A provincially representative sample of grade 5 students (n = 2686; 10-11 years) and their parents across the province of Alberta, Canada, was surveyed in 2014. Students were asked about use of multivitamins and/or vitamin D supplements. Parents were asked whether they cared about and encouraged healthy lifestyles. Mixed effect multiple logistic regression identified the association of parental responses with children's use of supplements; 29% and 54% of children took vitamin D supplements and multivitamins, respectively. They were more likely to take vitamin D supplements if their parents cared 'very much' vs. 'not at all/a little bit' about eating healthy foods (OR = 1.43; 95% CI = 1.08, 1.89), cared 'quite a lot' (OR = 1.55; 95% CI = 1.17, 2.04) and 'very much' (OR = 1.67; 95% CI = 1.26, 2.21) vs. 'not at all/a little bit' about physical activity, and encouraged 'very much' vs. 'not at all/a little bit' their children to eat healthy foods (OR = 1.51; 95% CI = 1.05, 2.17). Children whose parents personally cared for eating healthy foods were more likely to take multivitamins ('quite a lot' and 'very much' compared to 'not at all/a little bit' (OR = 1.60; 95% CI = 1.13, 2.28 and OR = 1.46; 95% CI = 1.04, 2.06, respectively). Education and parental encouragement of healthy lifestyles should be part of the public health initiatives to promote supplementation of vitamin D among children.

  19. Misura della sezione d'urto totale e Dello scattering elastico all'energia Nel centro di massa di $$\\sqrt{s}=1.8$$ TeV (in Italian)

    SciTech Connect

    Paoletti, Riccardo


    La produzione di eventi elastici è stata misurata al Collider Tevatron del Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Batavia. 11.~ U .S.A.) alla energia nel centro di massa. di √s = 1800 GeV, nell'intervallo 0.06 < I t I< 0.24. Sono forniti dettagli sull'esperimento CDF che ha compiuto la misura e sui criteri di selezione degli eventi.

  20. Computing Device Applications of Group IV Nanoparticle Spectroscopy

    DTIC Science & Technology


    results in the formation of a deeply crevassed porous silicon surface. The resulting nodules are reportedly passivated by hydrogen atoms on all...a CCD camera, imaged using a microscope objective. Nanospheres were observed migrating across the field of view. In fact, convection heating of the...anticipation that the imposed drift would dominate both convection and Brownian motion. No effect of the drift voltage was discerned. Speculating that silicon

  1. Mass Spectrometry Vapor Analysis for Improving Explosives Detection Canine Proficiency

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Mass Spectrometry Vapor Analysis for Improving Explosives Detection Canine Proficiency Ta-Hsuan Ong, Ted Mendum, Geoff Geurtsen, Jude Kelley, Alla...ABSTRACT: Canines remain the gold standard for explosives detection in many situations, and there is an ongoing desire for them to perform at to unintentional explosive odors through training material cross-contamination. A sensitive, real-time (~1 sec) vapor analysis mass

  2. Code Validation Utilizing Spectral Data Analysis of ICF Implosion Experiments on OMEGA

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Gunderson, Mark; Haynes, Donald, Jr.; Delamater, Norman; Regan, Sean


    Time-resolved spectral data from recent ICF implosion experiments of plastic microballoons containing deuterium fuel doped with argon is proving quite useful in checking the corresponding 1D and 2D simulation results from the multi-dimensional hydrocode RAGE [1]. Comparisons with experimental density and temperature determined by fitting theoretical argon line shapes generated by MERL [2] to experimental data show that the simulated density and temperature in the fuel are too large unless some seed for mixing is incorporated. We use a nonuniform drive as a seed for mix. The need for mix is further supported through simulations using the 1D Lagrangian code HYADES (no mix) that give neutron yields an order of magnitude larger than that seen in experiment. This work was performed under NLUF grant DE-FG03-01SF22224 and DOE contract No. W-7405-ENG-36. [1] Gittings, M.L., SAIC's adaptive grid Eulerian hydrocode, DNA Numerical Methods Symposium, Apr 1992. [2] Mancini, R.C., Kilcrease, D.P., Woltz, L.A., and Hooper Jr., C.F., Comput. Phy. Commun. 63, 314-322 (1991).

  3. [Improving home auto-control in diabetic children: reducing atherogenic risk].


    Bayes García, R; Campoy Folgoso, C; Pérez Bonilla, E; Molina Font, J


    Insulin-dependent Diabetes (IDDM) is a major endocrine abnormality in children and the greatest morbi-mortality problems for diabetic patients are those related to cardiovascular complications (macro-microangiopaties), where kept hyperlipidemia and hyperglucemia play a fundamental patogenic role. The programs for optimization of home autocontrol have reduced frequent metabolic derangements. The aim of this study was to analyze the metabolic control state and its relationships with plasma lipids and atherogenic ratios in diabetic patients that were submitted to a program for optimization of home autocontrol of this illness. Blood samples were taken fom 49 IDDM, aged 10.53 +/- 0.51 (+/- SEM) years old, with a mean evolution period of 4.34 +/- 0.38 years, at the begining of the program (Stage I) and 6 months later (Stage II). Biochemical Analysis: Total Cholesterol (TC), cholesterol joined to high density lipoprotein (HDLc), Triglycerides (TG) and Phospholipids (Ph) were measured by microspectrphotometric methods. Cholesterol joined to very low and low density lipoproteins (VLDLc and LDLc, respectively) were calculated by Friedwald's formula. Apoproteins A and B (Apo A and Apo B) were measured using Mancini's method, Glycemia levels (Gly) by peroxidase's method, Glycosilated Serum Protein (GSP) by colormetric's method and Glycosilated haemoglobine (HbA1c) by chromatographic separation using cationic interchange microcolumns. 65% of the patients showed a significant decrease in plasma levels of Gly, GSP and HbA1c percentage between Stages I and II (Favourable Metabolic Control).(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  4. Visual detail about the body modulates tactile localisation biases.


    Margolis, Aaron N; Longo, Matthew R


    The localisation of tactile stimuli requires the integration of visual and somatosensory inputs within an internal representation of the body surface and is prone to consistent bias. Joints may play a role in segmenting such internal body representations, and may therefore influence tactile localisation biases, although the nature of this influence remains unclear. Here, we investigate the relationship between conceptual knowledge of joint locations and tactile localisation biases on the hand. In one task, participants localised tactile stimuli applied to the dorsum of their hand. A distal localisation bias was observed in all participants, consistent with previous results. We also manipulated the availability of visual information during this task, to determine whether the absence of this information could account for the distal bias observed here and by Mancini et al. (Neuropsychologia 49:1194-1201, 2011). The observed distal bias increased in magnitude when visual information was restricted, without a corresponding decrease in precision. In a separate task, the same participants indicated, from memory, knuckle locations on a silhouette image of their hand. Analogous distal biases were also seen in the knuckle localisation task. The accuracy of conceptual joint knowledge was not correlated with tactile localisation bias magnitude, although a similarity in observed bias direction suggests that both tasks may rely on a common, higher-order body representation. These results also suggest that distortions of conceptual body representation may be more common in healthy individuals than previously thought.

  5. [Effect of the minor and moderate malnutrition on immunity, inflammatory and nutritional proteins at Côte d'Ivoire child].


    Houphouët, Félix Yapi; Yapo, Adou; Dodehe, Yeo; Ahiboh, Hugues; Nguessan, Jean David; Hauhouot, Attoungré Marie-Laure; Dagui, Monnet; Djaman Allico, Joseph


    This study was realiszed in Côte d'Ivoire at the children from 5 to 15 years old. The purpose of this study was to determine the alteration of immunity, inflammatory and nutritional proteins at 142 children (30 minor and 12 moderated malnutrition). The nutritional state or the state of malnutrition was to appreciate by Weight/height ratio which is the most usued by far. Immunity, inflammatory and nutritional proteins were measured by radical immunodiffusion according to Mancini. The results of this study showed that the Albumin was lowered (p<0.01) during the moderate and minor malnutrition in comparison to the children.On the other hand, it was observed an increased of CRP in both forms of malnutrition (p<0.05).Also, the index prognostic nutritional and inflammatory who, allows to appreciate simultaneously the inflammatory and nutritional state (PINI) was increased in the malnutrition moderated with regard to the minor malnutrition and to the children (p<0.05).Besides, immunity proteins remain unchanged in both forms of malnutrition in comparison to the healthy children (p<0.05). Finally, this study shows that the moderate and malnutrition are associated with an inflammatory process and of protein consumption notably the Albumin .These observations suggest that determination of the nutritional status requires the use of the clinical method coupled with the biological examinations.

  6. [Agammaglobulinemia with the absence of circulating B-lymphocytes. 9 cases].


    Bejaoui, M; Barbouche, M R; Mellouli, F; Tirellil, N; Dellagi, K


    Agammaglobulinemia with absence of circulating B lymphocytes is a rare genetically transmitted immunodeficiency that appears in early childhood and affect mainly boys. The clinical manifestations of the disease are rather heterogeneous. Nine patients (7 boys and 2 girls) were diagnosed as suffering from agammaglobulinemia with absence of circulating B lymphocytes, over a period of 6 years. Quantitation of immunoglobulins and search for circulating B lymphocytes were respectively performed by the Mancini method and immunofluorescence using T specific (anti-CD3, anti-CD4 and anti-CD8) and B (anti-CD19) monoclonal antibody. The disease started to manifest clinically at the mean age of 8.7 months (4-16 months). The mean age at diagnosis is 4 years (1-11 years). The clinical manifestations were essentially recurrent infections of the lung and the gastrointestinal tract. However, bacterial meningitidis was observed in 3 patients. Severe complications such as an echovirus 27 meningoencephalitis and a chronic active hepatitis (1 patient) and a pericarditis (1 patient) were observed. All of our patients lacked circulating B lymphocytes and had low or null immunoglobulin levels. Five patients were treated by intravenous immunoglobulin (Ig) and 3 were treated by intramuscular immunoglobulin with a residual IgG level respectively of 5.5 g/l and 3.3 g/l. Recurrent infections are the principal manifestation of the agammaglobulinemia, early Ig treatment is the only therapy allowing improved.

  7. Cultural, social and personal ways of experiencing love – an analysis of the perception of subjectivity

    PubMed Central

    Gori, Claudia


    Summary This article is based on analysis of 4 couple’s personal and public documents, in order to integrate personal choices, values and ideas with cultural representations and social attitudes. Moreover, being based on Italian sources from the nineteenth century, the study offers an historical insight on the Italian nation-building process and its political and social foundations. This study is based on archival and printed primary sources from: Gianna Maffei and Ercole Trotti Mosti (Museo Centrale del Risorgimento – Roma – MCRR); Augusto Pierantoni and Grazia Mancini (Museo Centrale del Risorgimento – Roma); Luigi Majno and Ersilia Bronzini (Archivio Unione Femminile Nazionale – Milano); Angiolo Orvieto and Laura Cantoni (Archivio Contemporaneo Bonsanti del Gabinetto Vieuesseux – Firenze – ACGV). This study reflects on love as a political and moral issue, by linking the personal sphere of subjectivity to the public dimension of the political community. An extensive understanding of the role played by the perception and the expression of sentiments can be considered as the central issue of this analysis. PMID:22037756

  8. Medical competence, anatomy and the polity in seventeenth-century Rome

    PubMed Central

    De Renzi, Silvia


    At the centre of this article are two physicians active in Rome between 1600 and 1630 who combined medical practice with broader involvement in the dynamic cultural, economic and political scene of the centre of the Catholic world. The city's distinctive and very influential social landscape magnified issues of career-building and allows us to recapture physicians’ different strategies of self-fashioning at a time of major social and religious reorganization. At one level, reconstructing Johannes Faber and Giulio Mancini's medical education, arrival in Rome and overlapping but different career trajectories contributes to research on physicians’ identity in early modern Italian states. Most remarkable are their access to different segments of Roman society, including a dynamic art market, and their diplomatic and political role, claimed as well as real. But following these physicians from hospitals to courts, including that of the Pope, and from tribunals to the university and analysing the wide range of their writing – from medico-legal consilia to political essays and reports of anatomical investigations – also enriches our view of medical practice, which included, but went beyond, the bedside. Furthermore, their activities demand that we reassess the complex place of anatomical investigations in a courtly society, and start recovering the fundamental role played by hospitals – those quintessential Catholic institutions – as sites of routine dissections for both medical teaching and research. (pp. 551–567) PMID:21949463

  9. Regional Stratigraphy and Petroleum Systems of the Illinois Basin, U.S.A.

    USGS Publications Warehouse

    Swezey, Christopher S.


    The publication combines data on Paleozoic and Mesozoic stratigraphy and petroleum geology of the Illinois basin, U.S.A., in order to facilitate visualizing the stratigraphy on a regional scale and visualizing stratigraphic relations within the basin. Data are presented in eight schematic chronostratigraphic sections arranged approximately from north to south, with time denoted in equal increments along the sections, in addition to the areal extent of this structural basin. The stratigraphic data are modified from Hass (1956), Conant and Swanson (1961), Wilman and others (1975), American Association of Petroleum Geologists (1984, 1986), Olive and McDowell (1986), Shaver and others (1986), Thompson (1986), Mancini and others (1996), and Harrison and Litwin (1997). The time scale is taken from Gradstein and others (2004). Additional stratigraphic nomenclature is from Harland and others (1990), Babcock and others (2007), and Bergstrom and others (2008). Stratigraphic sequences as defined by Sloss (1963, 1988) and Wheeler (1963) also are included, as well as the locations of major petroleum source rocks and major petroleum plays. The stratigraphic units shown are colored according to predominant lithology, in order to emphasize general lithologic patterns and to provide a broad overview of the Illinois basin. For the purpose of comparison, three columns on the right show schematic depictions of stratigraphy and interpreted events in the Illinois basin and in the adjacent Michigan and Appalachian basins.

  10. Lo Gnomone Clementino Astronomia Meridiana in Basilica

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Sigismondi, Costantino


    Costruito per chiara volontà del papa 70 anni dopo il caso Galileo, lo Gnomone Clementino è un grande telescopio solare che non fa uso di lenti a 92 anni dall’invenzione del cannocchiale. Queste due caratteristiche basterebbero da sole a giustificare l’interesse verso questo strumento. L’astronomia meridiana è alla base dell’astrometria e dell’astrofisica moderna. Lo Gnomone Clementino sta oggi all’astronomia, come il veliero “Amerigo Vespucci” sta alla Marina Italiana. E’ possibile svolgere ogni genere di osservazione e studio su questo strumento, e dal 2002 vi tengo lezioni teorico-pratiche del corso di Storia dell’Astronomia e La Terra nel Sistema Solare della Sapienza, Università di Roma, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia. Questo testo aggiunge alcuni tasselli alla ricerca storica sulla meridiana, appoggiandosi, com’è naturale, sulle spalle di giganti che mi hanno preceduto in questi studi. In particolare la misura dell’azimut della meridiana, ed il suo inquadramento tra gli strumenti simili ed alcuni studi di astrometria sui dati del 1701-1703 di Bianchini, che sono apparsi fin’ora soltanto su riviste specializzate ed in Inglese vengono qui proposti in Italiano e semplificati, per valorizzare sempre più questa straordinaria opera d’arte e di scienza.

  11. UAV and Computer Vision in 3D Modeling of Cultural Heritage in Southern Italy

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Barrile, Vincenzo; Gelsomino, Vincenzo; Bilotta, Giuliana


    On the Waterfront Italo Falcomatà of Reggio Calabria you can admire the most extensive tract of the walls of the Hellenistic period of ancient city of Rhegion. The so-called Greek Walls are one of the most significant and visible traces of the past linked to the culture of Ancient Greece in the site of Reggio Calabria territory. Over the years this stretch of wall has always been a part, to the reconstruction of Reggio after the earthquake of 1783, the outer walls at all times, restored countless times, to cope with the degradation of the time and the adjustments to the technical increasingly innovative and sophisticated siege. They were the subject of several studies on history, for the study of the construction techniques and the maintenance and restoration of the same. This note describes the methodology for the implementation of a three-dimensional model of the Greek Walls conducted by the Geomatics Laboratory, belonging to DICEAM Department of University “Mediterranea” of Reggio Calabria. 3D modeling we made is based on imaging techniques, such as Digital Photogrammetry and Computer Vision, by using a drone. The acquired digital images were then processed using commercial software Agisoft PhotoScan. The results denote the goodness of the technique used in the field of cultural heritage, attractive alternative to more expensive and demanding techniques such as laser scanning.

  12. Analysis of spontaneous MEG activity in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease using spectral entropies and statistical complexity measures

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bruña, Ricardo; Poza, Jesús; Gómez, Carlos; García, María; Fernández, Alberto; Hornero, Roberto


    Alzheimer's disease (AD) is the most common cause of dementia. Over the last few years, a considerable effort has been devoted to exploring new biomarkers. Nevertheless, a better understanding of brain dynamics is still required to optimize therapeutic strategies. In this regard, the characterization of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is crucial, due to the high conversion rate from MCI to AD. However, only a few studies have focused on the analysis of magnetoencephalographic (MEG) rhythms to characterize AD and MCI. In this study, we assess the ability of several parameters derived from information theory to describe spontaneous MEG activity from 36 AD patients, 18 MCI subjects and 26 controls. Three entropies (Shannon, Tsallis and Rényi entropies), one disequilibrium measure (based on Euclidean distance ED) and three statistical complexities (based on Lopez Ruiz-Mancini-Calbet complexity LMC) were used to estimate the irregularity and statistical complexity of MEG activity. Statistically significant differences between AD patients and controls were obtained with all parameters (p < 0.01). In addition, statistically significant differences between MCI subjects and controls were achieved by ED and LMC (p < 0.05). In order to assess the diagnostic ability of the parameters, a linear discriminant analysis with a leave-one-out cross-validation procedure was applied. The accuracies reached 83.9% and 65.9% to discriminate AD and MCI subjects from controls, respectively. Our findings suggest that MCI subjects exhibit an intermediate pattern of abnormalities between normal aging and AD. Furthermore, the proposed parameters provide a new description of brain dynamics in AD and MCI.

  13. Levels of serum immunoglobulins in apparently healthy children and adults in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


    Obiandu, C; Okerengwo, A A; Dapper, D V


    Serum levels of the immunoglobulins: IgG, IgA and IgM were determined by the single radial immunodiffusion technique of Mancini in a total of 122 apparently healthy subjects consisting of 43 children (20 males; 23 females) aged 5-12 years and 79 adults (39 males; 40 females) aged 18-65 years resident in Port Harcourt, southeastern Nigeria. The effects of age and sex on the serum levels of the various immunoglobulin types were also determined. The mean values and ranges for the various immunoglobulin types are presented for both children and adults. Although, female children were found to have significantly lower mean values of IgA compared to male children (p<0.05), there were no significant differences in the mean values of both IgG and IgM between male and female children involved in the present study (p>0.05). However, female adults had significantly higher mean values of IgG and significantly lower mean values of IgA compared to male adults (p<0.05); suggesting a significant gender difference in the value of both IgG and IgA amongst adult subjects. No significant differences were observed in the mean values of any of the various types of immunoglobulin between adults and children. The present study reports mean values of the various types of immunoglobulin in apparently healthy children and adults resident in Port Harcourt, southeastern Nigeria. Significant gender differences were observed for some of the immunoglobulin types only amongst adults. Our results suggest that these gender differences amongst adults were apparently a gradual build-up from childhood. The results also confirm suggestions that levels of some immunoglobulin types seen amongst African adults may have possibly been attained during childhood. Our study could be of value since previous reports in this regard have been relatively scanty especially in this part of Nigeria.

  14. Characterisation of a new species of Trichodorus Cobb, 1913 (Triplonchida: Trichodoridae) from Iran based on morphological and molecular data.


    Asghari, Ramezan; Eskandari, Ali; Tanha Maafi, Zahra; Decraemer, Wilfrida


    Trichodorus zanjanensis n. sp., collected from the rhizosphere of wild almond tree (Amygdalus scoparia Spach) in Zanjan Province, Iran, is described and illustrated based on morphological and molecular data. The new species is characterised by its body length (772-819 μm in males; 704-953 μm in females), and in having medium-sized onchiostyle (60-64 μm in males; 59-65 μm in females) and a short dorsal overlap of the intestine. Males of the new species have two ventromedian cervical papillae posterior to onchiostyle region, ventrally curved spicules, smooth, long and wide manubrium, gradually continuing in a narrower anterior part of the blade provided with bristles and marked from the wider and transversely striated main part of the blade, tapered towards distal end, three ventromedian precloacal supplements, the posterior one (SP1) situated at the level of anterior blade and gubernaculum situated at 24-25 μm from the cloaca. Females have one pair of sublateral body pores in the vulva region, medium rounded triangular to oval sclerotised vaginal pieces in lateral view, and pear-shaped vagina. The new species resembles T. persicus De Waele & Sturhan, 1987, T. minzi De Waele & Cohn, 1992 and T. taylori De Waele, Mancini, Roca & Lamberti, 1982. The results of morphological and morphometric comparisons and molecular data based on sequences of the partial 18S and D2-D3 expansion segments of 28S rRNA genes, clearly separated T. zanjanensis n. sp. from these known species and supported the description of T. zanjanensis n. sp. as a new species.

  15. Behavior as information about threat in anxiety disorders: a comparison of patients with anxiety disorders and non-anxious controls.


    van den Hout, Marcel; Gangemi, Amelia; Mancini, Francesco; Engelhard, Iris M; Rijkeboer, Marleen M; van Dams, Marcel; Klugkist, Irene


    Gangemi, Mancini, and van den Hout (2012) argued that anxious patients use safety behaviors as information that the situation in which the safety behaviors are displayed is dangerous, even when that situation is objectively safe. This was concluded from a vignette study in which anxious patients and non-clinical controls rated the dangerousness of scripts that were safe or dangerous and in which the protagonist did or did not display safety behaviors. Patients were more likely to take safety behavior as evidence that the situation was dangerous, especially in safe situations. Their non-clinical group may not have been psychologically naïve. We critically replicated the Gangemi et al. study using a psychologically non-informed control group. The same materials were used and patients (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, Social Phobia; n = 30 per sub-group) were compared to matched non-patients. Using Bayesian statistics, data from the Gangemi et al. samples and the present groups were (re-)analyzed testing the hypothesis relative to non-patients, patients infer threat from safety behaviors, especially if displayed in safe situations. The Gangemi et al. data yielded a Bayes factor of 3.31 in support of the hypothesis. The present Bayes Factor was smaller (2.34), but strengthened the support for the hypothesis expressed by an updated Bayes factor of 3.31 × 2.34 = 7.75. The finding that anxious patients infer threat from safety behaviors, in particular in safe contexts, was corroborated, suggesting one way in which safety behaviors are involved in the maintenance of anxiety disorders. Copyright © 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  16. Efficacy of Bilevel-auto Treatment in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Not Responsive to or Intolerant of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Ventilation

    PubMed Central

    Carlucci, Annalisa; Ceriana, Piero; Mancini, Marco; Cirio, Serena; Pierucci, Paola; D'Artavilla Lupo, Nadia; Gadaleta, Felice; Morrone, Elisa; Fanfulla, Francesco


    Background: Ventilation with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) is the gold standard therapy for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). However, it was recently suggested that a novel mode of ventilation, Bilevel-auto, could be equally effective in treating patients unable to tolerate CPAP. The aim of this study was to investigate the ability of Bilevel-auto to treat OSA patients whose nocturnal ventilatory disturbances are not completely corrected by CPAP. Methods: We enrolled 66 consecutive OSA patients, not responsive to (group A) or intolerant of (group B) CPAP treatment, after a full night of manual CPAP titration in a laboratory. Full polysomnography data and daytime sleepiness score were compared for each group in the three different conditions: basal, during CPAP, and during Bilevel-auto. Results: The apnea-hypopnea index decreased significantly during CPAP in both groups; however, in the group A, there was a further significant improvement during Bilevel-auto. The same trend was observed for oxygenation indices, while the distribution and the efficiency of sleep did not differ following the switch from CPAP to Bilevel-auto. Conclusions: This study confirmed the role of Bilevel-auto as an effective therapeutic alternative to CPAP in patients intolerant of this latter mode of ventilation. Moreover, extending the use of Bilevel-auto to those OSA patients not responsive to CPAP, we showed a significantly better correction of nocturnal respiratory disturbances. Citation: Carlucci A, Ceriana P, Mancini M, Cirio S, Pierucci P, D'Artavilla Lupo N, Gadaleta F, Morrone E, Fanfulla F. Efficacy of Bilevel-auto treatment in patients with obstructive sleep apnea not responsive to or intolerant of continuous positive airway pressure ventilation. J Clin Sleep Med 2015;11(9):981–985. PMID:25902825

  17. Observation of Interspecies Ion Separation in Inertial-Confinement-Fusion Implosions via Imaging X-ray spectroscopy

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Joshi, Tirtha Raj


    Interspecies ion separation has been proposed as a yield-degradation mechanism in inertial-confinement-fusion (ICF) experiments. We present direct experimental evidence of interspecies ion separation in direct-drive ICF experiments performed at the OMEGA laser facility. These experiments were designed based on the fact that interspecies ion thermo-diffusion would be strongest for species with large mass and charge difference. The targets were spherical plastic shells filled with D2 and Ar (1% by atom). Ar K-shell spectral features were observed primarily between the time of first-shock convergence and slightly before neutron bang time, using a time- and space-integrated spectrometer, streaked crystal spectrometer, and two gated multi-monochromatic X-ray imagers fielded along quasi-orthogonal lines-of-sight. Detailed spectroscopic analyses of spatially resolved Ar K-shell lines reveal deviation from the initial 1%-Ar gas fill and show both Ar-concentration enhancement and depletion at different times and radial positions of the implosion. The experimental results are interpreted with radiation-hydrodynamic simulations that include recently implemented, first-principles models of interspecies ion diffusion. The experimentally inferred Ar-atom-fraction profiles agree gently with calculated profiles associated with the incoming and rebounding first shock. This work was done in collaboration with P. Hakel, S. C. Hsu, E. L. Vold, M. J. Schmitt, N. M. Hoffman, R. M. Rauenzahn, G. Kagan, X.-Z. Tang, Y. Kim, and H. W. Herrmann of LANL, and R. C. Mancini of UNR. LA-UR-16-24804. Supported by the LANL ICF and ASC Programs under US-DoE contract no. DE-AC52-06NA25396.

  18. Experimental investigation of opacity models for stellar interiors, inertial fusion, and high energy density plasmas

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bailey, James


    Theoretical opacities are required for calculating energy transport in plasmas. In particular, understanding stellar interiors, inertial fusion, and Z-pinches depends on the opacities of mid-atomic-number elements in the 150-300 eV temperature range. These models are complex and experimental validation is crucial. For example, solar models presently disagree with helioseismology and one possible explanation is inadequate opacities. Testing these opacities requires a uniform plasma at temperatures high enough to produce the ion charge states that exist in the sun. Typical opacity experiments heat a sample using x-rays and measure the spectrally resolved transmission with a backlight. The difficulty grows as the temperature increases because the heating x-ray source must supply more energy and the backlighter source must be bright enough to overwhelm the plasma self emission. These problems were overcome using the dynamic hohlraum x-ray source at Sandia's Z facility to measure the transmission of a mixed Mg-Fe plasma heated above 150 eV. This capability will also advance opacity science for other high energy density plasmas. This tutorial describes opacity experiment challenges including accurate transmission measurements, plasma diagnostics, and quantitative model comparisons. The solar interior serves as a focal problem and Z facility experiments are used to illustrate the techniques. **In collaboration with C. Iglesias (LLNL), R. Mancini (U. Nevada), J.MacFarlane, I. Golovkin and P. Wang (Prism), C. Blancard, Ph. Cosse, G. Faussurier, F. Gilleron, and J.C. Pain (CEA), J. Abdallah Jr. (LANL), and G.A. Rochau and P.W. Lake (Sandia). ++Sandia is a multiprogram laboratory operated by Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Company, for the United States Department of Energy under contract DE-AC04-94AL85000.

  19. Summary of the 1981 Campground Receipt Study.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    CY 82 are discussed in Part III. 6 ,- o W "S’" * 2.• -. o (9.5 percent) and motorhomes (12.7 percent). There is, however, sub- stantial variation at...Tables 1-3. For example, McNary L&D and Lake Oahe had (Table 2) the highest percentages of motorhomes (25.6 and 25.2 percent, respectively) of all...a correlation be- tween these in-transit visitors and the use of motorhomes . Further analysis of the data (e.g. making a RAP run for these two

  20. [Perché la legionellosi è una tra le più temibili ICA].


    Delia, S


    La Legionellosi è una polmonite che può presentare un decorso variabile a seconda se i soggetti colpiti risiedono nel loro domicilio, sono ospiti di strutture recettive o sono ospedalizzati. In ambito ospedaliero, che annovera questa patologia tra le più pericolose Infezioni Correlate all'Assistenza (ICA), si registrano decisamente i casi più gravi e assai spesso letali. Gli errori nella Valutazione del Rischio e negli interventi di risanamento contribuiscono alla proliferazione all'interno delle condutture idriche di un temibile microrganismo che può essere eliminato o ridotto solo con un approccio multidisciplinare.

  1. Imagineering the astronomical revolution - Essay review

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Jardine, Nicholas.


    Concerning following Books: (I) Transmitting knowledge - words, images, and instruments in early modern Europe. Kusukawa and Maclean (eds.), OUP, Oxford, 2006; (II) Widmung, Welterklärung und Wissenschaftslegitimierung: Titelbilder und ihre Funktionen in der wissenschaftlichen Revolution. Remmert, Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden, 2005; (III) The power of images in early modern science. Lefevre, Renn and Schoepflin (eds.), Birkhäuser, Basel, 2003; (IV) Immagini per conoscere - dal Rinascimento alla rivoluzione scientifica. Meroi and Pogliano (eds.), Olschki, Florenz, 2001; (V) Erkenntnis Erfindung Konstruktion - Studien zur Bildgeschichte von Naturwissenschaften und Technik vom 16. bis zum 19. Jahrhundert. Holländer (ed.), Mann, Berlin, 2000.

  2. Index of International Publications in Aerospace Medicine

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Buenos Aires, Argentina: Sociedad Interamericana de Psicologia Aeronáutica, 1989. Marquis R. Hygiène Pratique de l’Aviateur et de l’Aéronaute. Paris...Os Vôos da Psicologia no Brasil: Estudos e Práticas na Aviação. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil: Departamento de Aviação Civil, 2001. 38 Corkindale KG...USA: Ashgate, 2000. de Meo E. Psicologia e Psicopatologia, Nozioni Applicate alla Medicina Aeronautica. Torino, Italy: I.T.E.R., 1940. Miller JC

  3. Adding a Capability to Extract Sentiment from Text Using HanDles

    DTIC Science & Technology


    to those issues, or how that author feels about them. The area of automated opinion mining and sentiment analysis (OMSA) uses natural language ...I’m not going to give the plot away, but if you like your Clint Eastwood as a hard-nosed tough guy with foul language alla Dirty Harry or Heartbreak...such a disaster. Especially given Swardson’s stellar performance in Just Go With It. This movie is not a flop, its not an " oops ", its not a mistake

  4. The acoustic design of the Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico City

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Cooper, Rusell


    In this paper the acoustic design of the separate buildings housing the school of music, school of drama, and school of dance that opened in 1996 will be described. Spaces that JHA designed included practice rooms, studios, rehearsal rooms, black box, and concert hall. Details of room acoustic treatments, sound isolation measures, and venturi air flow will be illustrated. An overview of the entire project will also include the 500 seat multipurpose theater (with variable absorption systems) and the Alla Magna. Differences between the American and Mexican styles of consulting, importing of materials, installation, and commissioning will also be discussed.

  5. The Use of Ion Implantation for Materials Processing.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Amsterdam. 1983) p. 35 5 . 191 J.M. Lambert. P.A. Treado. D . Trbojevic . R.(; Alias. A.R 13J N.,.W. Hartley, K.S. (Graboski, C.R. (jossett and...Technology 105, pp.53 4-541,(1983). 89. J. M. Lambert, P. A. Treado, D . Trbojevic , R. G. Allas, A. R. Knudson, G. W. Reynolds, and F. R. Vozzo...VACUUM CARBURIZATION IN STEEL . .................................... 21 D . Farkas, 1. L. Singer, and M. Rangaswamy D . BOLTZMANN APPROACH TO CASCADE

  6. The Use of Ion Implantation for Materials Processing.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    SPUTTERING ANALYSIS WITH PIXE.......................... 31 J.M. Lambert, P.A. Treado, D . Trbojevic ,2 R.G. Alias, A.R. Knudson, G.W. Reynolds and F.R...Lambert and P. . Treado I D . Trbojevic R. G. Allas and A. R. Knudson 3 G. W. Reynolds and F. R. Vozzo 4 IGeorgetown University Washington, D . C. and...D.C. 20057 and 20375 D . Trbojevic Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. 20057 R.G. Alias and A.R. Knudson Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C

  7. A Result on the Computational Complexity of Heuristic Estimates for the A Algorithm.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    algorithm is shown to be less efficient than the Dijkstra algorithm, LA - according to the complexity measure "number of node expansion." Researchers...THIS PAGE1Pon Des Entered) OR.TR- 83-034 A Result on the Computational Complexity of Heuristic Estimates for the A* Algorithm Marco Valtorta...alla Teoria doi Problemi." i i 4 a..... . - 22 - P__ e£jnjs of AICA 1980, Bari, Italy, 177-193 (in Italian). [HNRaph68] Hart, Peter A., Nils J. Nilsson

  8. [ Monotherapy with tamsulosin].


    Sciarra, Alessandro


    G.G. è un paziente di 62 anni, in condizioni generali discrete, che giunge alla nostra osservazione per la presenza di sintomi urinari del basso tratto urinario, International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS) pari a 16. Anamnesi familiare negativa per carcinoma prostatico. Il paziente esegue terapia con calcio antagonista per ipertensione arteriosa. Ha subito un intervento di colecistectomia. Il paziente riferiva inoltre una qualità di vita negativamente influenzata da sintomi minzionali irritativi che lo portavano ad alzarsi più di 3 volte a notte per urinare ed una pollachiuria diurna ogni 3 ore. Viene inoltre riferita un'attività sessuale moderatamente insoddisfacente.

  9. Polar asymmetry of La{sub (1−δ)}Al{sub (1+δ)}O{sub 3}/SrTiO{sub 3} heterostructures probed by optical second harmonic generation

    SciTech Connect

    Rubano, Andrea; De Luca, Gabriele; Marrucci, Lorenzo


    By combining transport measurements and optical second harmonic generation, we have investigated heterostructures formed between crystalline thin films of LaAlO{sub 3}, with varying stoichiometry and TiO{sub 2}-terminated SrTiO{sub 3}(001) substrates. Optical second harmonic generation directly probes the polarity of these heterostructures, thus complementing the transport data. The stoichiometry and the growth temperature are found to be critical parameters for controlling both the interfacial conductivity and the heterostructure polarity. In agreement with the previous work, all of the samples display an insulator-to-metal transition in the Al-reach region, with the conductivity first increasing and then saturating at the highest Al/La ratios. Themore » second harmonic signal also increases as a function of the Al/La ratio, but, at the highest growth temperature, it does not saturate. This unusual behavior is consistent with the formation of an ordered structure of defect dipoles in the LaAlO{sub 3} film caused by the off-centering of excess Al atoms in agreement with the theory.« less

  10. Laser interferometry of radiation driven gas jets

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Swanson, Kyle James; Ivanov, Vladimir; Mancini, Roberto; Mayes, Daniel C.


    In a series of experiments performed at the 1MA Zebra pulsed power accelerator of the Nevada Terawatt Facility nitrogen gas jets were driven with the broadband x-ray flux produced during the collapse of a wire-array z-pinch implosion. The wire arrays were comprised of 4 and 8, 10μm-thick gold wires and 17μm-thick nickel wires, 2cm and 3cm tall, and 0.3cm in diameter. They radiated 12kJ to 16kJ of x-ray energy, most of it in soft x-ray photons of less than 1keV of energy, in a time interval of 30ns. This x-ray flux was used to drive a nitrogen gas jet located at 0.8cm from the axis of the z-pinch radiation source and produced with a supersonic nozzle. The x-ray flux ionizes the nitrogen gas thus turning it into a photoionized plasma. We used laser interferometry to probe the ionization of the plasma. To this end, a Mach-Zehnder interferometer at the wavelength of 266 nm was set up to extract the atom number density profile of the gas jet just before the Zebra shot, and air-wedge interferometers at 266 and 532 nm were used to determine the electron number density of the plasma right during the Zebra shot. The ratio of electron to atom number densities gives the distribution of average ionization state of the plasma. A python code was developed to perform the image data processing, extract phase shift spatial maps, and obtain the atom and electron number densities via Abel inversion. Preliminary results from the experiment are promising and do show that a plasma has been created in the gas jet driven by the x-ray flux, thus demonstrating the feasibility of a new experimental platform to study photoionized plasmas in the laboratory. These plasmas are found in astrophysical scenarios including x-ray binaries, active galactic nuclei, and the accretion disks surrounding black holes1. This work was sponsored in part by DOE Office of Science Grant DE-SC0014451.1R. C. Mancini et al, Phys. Plasmas 16, 041001 (2009)

  11. Capsule implosions driven by dynamic hohlraum x-rays

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bailey, James


    Dynamic hohlraum experiments at the Z facility already implode capsules with up to 80 kJ absorbed x-ray energy. However, many challenging issues remain for ICF. The present experiments use diagnostic capsules to address two of these issues: symmetry measurement and control and building understanding of the capsule/hohlraum implosion system. A suite of x-ray spectrometers record time and space resolved spectra emitted by Ar tracer atoms in the implosion core, simultaneously from up to three different quasi-orthogonal directions. Comparing the results with simulation predictions provide severe tests of understanding. These data also can used to produce a tomographic reconstruction of the time resolved core temperature and density profiles. X-ray and neutron diagnostics are used to examine how the implosion conditions change as the capsule design changes. The capsule design changes include variations in CH wall thickness and diameter, Ge-doped CH shells, and SiO2 shells. In addition, a new campaign investigating Be capsule implosions is beginning. Be capsules may offer superior performance for dynamic hohlraum research and it may be possible to investigate NIF-relevant Be implosion issues such as the fill tube effects, sensitivity to columnar growth associated with sputtered Be capsule fabrication, and the effect of Cu dopants on implosion conditions. Sandia is a multiprogram laboratory operated by Sandia Corporation, a Lockheed Martin Company, for the U.S. Dept. of Energy under contract No. DE-AC04-94AL85000. * In collaboration with G.A. Rochau, G.A. Chandler, S.A. Slutz, P.W. Lake, G. Cooper, G.S. Dunham, R.J. Leeper, R. Lemke, T.A. Mehlhorn, T.J. Nash, D.S. Nielsen, K. Peterson, C.L. Ruiz, D.B. Sinars, J. Torres, W. Varnum, Sandia; R.C. Mancini, T.J. Buris-Mog, UNR; I. Golovkin, J.J. MacFarlane, PRISM; A. Nikro, D. Steinman, J.D. Kilkenny, H. Xu, General Atomics; M. Bump, T.C. Moore, K-tech; D.G. Schroen, Schafer

  12. [Health expenditure for prevention in Italy (2006-2013): descriptive analysis, regional trends and international comparisons].


    Signorelli, Carlo; Odone, Anna; Bianco, Daniela; Di Vivo, Natalia; Bevere, Francesco


    Il dato dell'Organizzazione per la cooperazione e lo sviluppo economico (OCSE) del 2012, che indicava l'Italia come il Paese con la più bassa spesa in prevenzione sanitaria, ha dato lo spunto per una raccolta sistematica e un'analisi critica dei flussi disponibili sulla spesa per le attività di prevenzione in Italia. Le statistiche correnti di spesa sanitaria sono raccolte centralmente dall'Agenzia nazionale per i servizi sanitari regionali (Agenas) attraverso i modelli di rilevazione dei costi dei livelli essenziali di assistenza (LEA) delle aziende USL. Le tre macroaree dei LEA sono: assistenza distrettuale, assistenza ospedaliera e assistenza sanitaria collettiva in ambiente di vita e di lavoro. Le spese per la prevenzione rientrano in quest'ultima e sono ripartite nelle seguenti voci: attività di prevenzione rivolte alle persone, igiene degli alimenti e della nutrizione, igiene e sanità pubblica, prevenzione e sicurezza negli ambienti di lavoro, sanità pubblica veterinaria, attività medico-legale per finalità pubblica. Tra il 2006 e il 2013, ultimo dato disponibile, la spesa per le attività di prevenzione del Servizio sanitario nazionale (SSN) è rimasta costante in rapporto alla spesa sanitaria totale (4,2%), pari a 4,9 miliardi nel 2013. Nel periodo di studio considerato (2006-2013) appaiono in aumento le spese per le attività rivolte alle persone (+8,7%), attribuibili soprattutto a vaccinazioni e screening, e in diminuzione le attività di igiene pubblica (-5,7%) e quelle della sanità pubblica veterinaria (-3,8%). I confronti internazionali indicano una spesa per la prevenzione del 2,9% rispetto alla spesa sanitaria totale, costante negli anni e nella media dei Paesi OCSE. Per la prevenzione, l'Italia spende tanto quanto i Paesi che non possiedono un servizio sanitario pubblico; il dato risulta inferiore del 5% rispetto alla programmazione nazionale, con poche eccezioni e molta variabilità regionale all'interno delle componenti delle voci di spesa

  13. Geographic variation in social acceptability of wildland fuels management in the western United States

    USGS Publications Warehouse

    Brunson, M.; Schindler, Bruce A.


    Contemporary natural resource management requires consideration of the social acceptability of management practices and conditions. Agencies wishing to measure, respond to, and influence social acceptability must understand the nuances of public perception regarding controversial issues. This study explores social acceptability judgments about one such issue: reduction of wildland fuel hazards on federal lands in the western United States. Citizens were surveyed in four locations where fire has been a significant ecological disturbance agent and public land agencies propose to reduce wildland fuel levels and wildfire hazards via prescribed burning, thinning, brush removal, and/or livestock grazing. Respondents in different locations differed in their knowledge about fire and fuel issues as well in their acceptability judgments. Differences are associated with location-specific social and environmental factors as well as individual beliefs. Results argue against using a??one-size-fits-alla?? policies or information strategies about fuels management.

  14. L'eliosismologia: onde sismiche per studiare l'interno del Sole

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Di Mauro, M. P.


    Negli ultimi cinquanta anni siamo stati testimoni di una straordinaria rivoluzione della conoscenza e comprensione della nostra stella grazie alla nascita dell'Eliosismologia, lo studio delle oscillazioni solari. Analogamente a ciò che accade nella Terra durante i terremoti, anche l'interno del Sole è pervaso continuamente da onde sismiche che provocano piccole oscillazioni, ovvero deformazioni della fotosfera. Le oscillazioni sono la manifestazione di diversi processi che avvengono all'interno della struttura del Sole e le frequenze sismiche dei modi osservati e misurati sulla superficie sono legate direttamente ai parametri fisici degli strati interni attraversati dalle onde sismiche. Lo studio delle oscillazioni rappresenta, quindi, l'unico metodo diretto per studiare la struttura e la dinamica interna del Sole. In questo articolo verranno illustrate le caratteristiche generali delle oscillazioni solari e verranno presentati i risultati importanti e i progressi notevoli raggiunti grazie all'Eliosismologia.

  15. Dressed or undressed? How to measure children's body weight in overweight surveillance?


    Censi, Laura; Spinelli, Angela; Roccaldo, Romana; Bevilacqua, Noemi; Lamberti, Anna; Angelini, Veronica; Nardone, Paola; Baglio, Giovanni


    To simplify body weight measurement and, particularly, to encourage children and their parents to participate in the Italian nutritional surveillance system OKkio alla SALUTE, children were measured with clothes and then the weight was corrected for the estimated weight of the clothes. In the present study we compared the children's weight measured in underwear, as recommended by the WHO (WWHO), with that obtained using the OKkio alla SALUTE protocol (WOK) and investigated how the latter affects the calculation of BMI and the assessment of overweight and obesity prevalence. Weight (twice in close sequence, with and without clothing) and height were measured. A checklist was used to describe the type of clothing worn. The estimated weight of clothing was subtracted from the WOK. BMI was calculated considering both values of weight and height; ponderal status was defined using both the International Obesity Task Force and WHO BMI cut-offs. Thirty-seven third grade classes of thirteen primary schools in Rome and in two towns in the Lazio Region were recruited. The anthropometric measurements were taken on 524 children aged 8-9 years. The error in the calculation of BMI from WOK was very low, 0·005 kg/m2 (95 % CI -0·185, 0·195 kg/m2); the agreement between the percentages of overweight (not including obesity) and obese children calculated with the two methods was very close to 1 (κ = 0·98). The error in BMI and in nutritional classification can be considered minor in a surveillance system for monitoring overweight/obesity, but eases the procedure for measuring children.

  16. Nationwide program of education for undergraduates in the field of disaster medicine: development of a core curriculum centered on blended learning and simulation tools.


    Ingrassia, Pier Luigi; Ragazzoni, Luca; Tengattini, Marco; Carenzo, Luca; Della Corte, Francesco


    In recent years, effective models of disaster medicine curricula for medical schools have been established. However, only a small percentage of medical schools worldwide have considered at least basic disaster medicine teaching in their study program. In Italy, disaster medicine has not yet been included in the medical school curriculum. Perceiving the lack of a specific course on disaster medicine, the Segretariato Italiano Studenti in Medicina (SISM) contacted the Centro di Ricerca Interdipartimentale in Medicina di Emergenza e dei Disastri ed Informatica applicata alla didattica e alla pratica Medica (CRIMEDIM) with a proposal for a nationwide program in this field. Seven modules (introduction to disaster medicine, prehospital disaster management, definition of triage, characteristics of hospital disaster plans, treatment of the health consequences of different disasters, psychosocial care, and presentation of past disasters) were developed using an e-learning platform and a 12-hour classroom session which involved problem-based learning (PBL) activities, table-top exercises, and a computerized simulation (Table 1). The modules were designed as a framework for a disaster medicine curriculum for undergraduates and covered the three main disciplines (clinical and psychosocial, public health, and emergency and risk management) of the core of "Disaster Health" according to the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM) international guidelines for disaster medicine education. From January 2011 through May 2013, 21 editions of the course were delivered to 21 different medical schools, and 524 students attended the course. The blended approach and the use of simulation tools were appreciated by all participants and successfully increased participants' knowledge of disaster medicine and basic competencies in performing mass-casualty triage. This manuscript reports on the designing process and the initial outcomes with respect to learners

  17. The orbital record in stratigraphy

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)

    Fischer, Alfred G.


    Orbital signals are being discovered in pre-Pleistocene sediments. Due to their hierarchical nature these cycle patterns are complex, and the imprecision of geochronology generally makes the assignment of stratigraphic cycles to specific orbital cycles uncertain, but in sequences such as the limnic Newark Group under study by Olsen and pelagic Cretaceous sequence worked on by our Italo-American group the relative frequencies yield a definitive match to the Milankovitch hierarchy. Due to the multiple ways in which climate impinges on depositional systems, the orbital signals are recorded in a multiplicity of parameters, and affect different sedimentary facies in different ways. In platform carbonates, for example, the chief effect is via sea-level variations (possibly tied to fluctuating ice volume), resulting in cycles of emergence and submergence. In limnic systems it finds its most dramatic expression in alternations of lake and playa conditions. Biogenic pelagic oozes such as chalks and the limestones derived from them display variations in the carbonate supplied by planktonic organisms such as coccolithophores and foraminifera, and also record variations in the aeration of bottom waters. Whereas early studies of stratigraphic cyclicity relied mainly on bedding variations visible in the field, present studies are supplementing these with instrumental scans of geochemical, paleontological, and geophysical parameters which yield quantitative curves amenable to time-series analysis; such analysis is, however, limited by problems of distorted time-scales. My own work has been largely concentrated on pelagic systems. In these, the sensitivity of pelagic organisms to climatic-oceanic changes, combined with the sensitivity of botton life to changes in oxygen availability (commonly much more restricted in the Past than now) has left cyclic patterns related to orbital forcing. These systems are further attractive because (1) they tend to offer depositional continuity

  18. PREFACE: FLUIDOS 2010: XI Meeting on Recent Advances in the Physics of Fluids and their Applications

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bove, Italo; Cabeza, Cecilia; Martí, Arturo C.; Sarasúa, Gustavo


    anticipate enjoying another successful FLUIDOS meeting to be held in one of the main cultural centres of the continent. Italo Bove, Cecilia Cabeza, Arturo C Martí, and Gustavo SarasúaEditors

  19. Resource Assessment of the In-Place and Potentially Recoverable Deep Natural Gas Resource of the Onshore Interior Salt Basins, North Central and Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

    SciTech Connect

    Ernest A. Mancini


    . Seventy-five percent of the gas is estimated to be from late cracking of oil in the source rock. Lewan (2002) concluded that much of the thermogenic gas produced in this basin is the result of cracking of oil to gas in deeply buried reservoirs. The efficiency of expulsion, migration and trapping has been estimated to range from 0.5 to 10 percent for certain basins (Schmoker, 1994: Zimmerman, 1999). The estimate of the total hydrocarbons generated for the Mississippi Interior Salt Basin is 910 billion barrels using the method of Schmoker (1994), and the estimate of the total hydrocarbons generated is 1,540 billion barrels using the Platte River software application. The estimate of gas generated for this basin is 3,130 TCF using the Platte River software application, and 4,050 TCF using the method of Schmoker (1994). Seventy-five percent of the gas is estimated to be from late cracking of oil in the source rock. Claypool and Mancini (1989) report that the conversion of oil to gas in reservoirs is a significant source of thermogenic gas in this basin. The Manila and Conecuh Subbasins are oil-prone. Although these subbasins are thermally mature for oil generation and expulsion, they are not thermally mature for secondary, non-associated gas generation and expulsion. The gas produced from the highly productive gas condensate fields (Big Escambia Creek and Flomaton fields) in these subbasins has been interpreted to be, in part, a product of the cracking of oil to gas and thermochemical reduction of evaporite sulfate in the reservoirs (Claypool and Mancini, 1989). The areas in the North Louisiana and Mississippi Interior Salt Basins with high potential for deeply buried gas reservoirs (>15,000 ft) have been identified. In the North Louisiana Salt Basin, these potential reservoirs include Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous facies, especially the Smackover, Cotton Valley, Hosston, and Sligo units. The estimate of the secondary, non-associated gas generated from cracking of oil

  20. Designing an orally available nontoxic p38 inhibitor with a fragment-based strategy.


    Guarnieri, Frank


    The MAPK p38 became a focal point of inflammatory research when it was recognized that it played a key role in the production of the pro-inflammatory molecules TNF-alpha, IL-beta, and cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2). The pharmaceutical industry devoted enormous efforts to creating p38 inhibitors, because blocking p38 had the potential of downregulating a group of pro-inflammatory mediators, and thus, one drug could have a cocktail effect. The market potential seemed to be clearly established (Bonafede et al., Clinicoecon Outcomes Res 6:381-388, 2014) with a multiplicity of TNF-alpha antibodies and a soluble receptor (Mewar and Wilson, Br J Pharmacol 162:785-791, 2011) already on the market, although the relationship between TNF-alpha production and p38 activation is a complicated two-way (Sabio and Davis, Semin Immunol 26:237-245, 2014) signal transduction process. With the discovery that activated p38 stabilizes (Mancini and Di Battista, Inflamm Res 60:1083-1092, 2011) COX-2 mRNA and upregulates expression of IL-beta (Bachstetter and Van Eldik, Aging Dis 1:199-211, 2010) probably in a similar manner, inhibiting p38 appeared to be a way of blocking TNF-alpha, COX-2, and IL-beta simultaneously. At Locus Pharmaceuticals we jumped on this opportunity, because we believed that our fragment-based drug discovery approach was ideally suited for making a potent small molecule p38 inhibitor that did not bind in the ATP site, but also had the solubility, lack of planarity, and low molecular weight required of a clinical candidate. Just to be clear, in our experience highly planar compounds often result in poor pharmacokinetics, because they tend to bind strongly to plasma proteins. At Locus we typically repeated assays by adding increasing amounts of plasma to check for potency degradation in the presence of blood. We found this to be a useful early indicator of pharmacokinetics and in vivo behavior. It became clear from our work and the work of others that binding to the ATP site

  1. Geological and geophysical activities at Spallanzani Science Department (Liceo Scientifico Statale "Lazzaro Spallanzani" - Tivoli, Italy)

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Favale, T.; De Angelis, F.; De Filippis, L.


    The high school Liceo Scientifico "Lazzaro Spallanzani" at Tivoli (Rome) has been fully involved in the study of geological and geophysical features of the town of Tivoli and the surrounding area in the last twelve years. Objective of this activity is to promote the knowledge of the local territory from the geological point of view. Main activities: • School year 2001-2002: Setting up inside the school building of a Geological Museum focusing on "Geological Evolution of Latium, Central Italy" (in collaboration with colleagues M. Mancini, and A. Pierangeli). • March, 15, 2001: Conference of Environmental Geology. Lecturer: Prof. Raniero Massoli Novelli, L'Aquila University and Società Italiana di Geologia Ambientale. • School years 2001-2002 and 2002-2003: Earth Sciences course for students "Brittle deformation and tectonic stress in Tivoli area". • November, 2003: Conference of Geology, GIS and Remote Sensing. Lecturers: Prof. Maurizio Parotto and Dr Alessandro Cecili (Roma Tre University, Rome), and Dr Stefano Pignotti (Istituto Nazionale per la Ricerca sulla Montagna, Rome). • November, 2003, 2004 and 2005: GIS DAY, organized in collaboration with ESRI Italia. • School year 2006-2007: Earth Sciences course for students "Acque Albule basin and the Travertine of Tivoli, Latium, Central Italy" (focus on travertine formation). • School year 2010-2011: Earth Sciences course for students "Acque Albule basin and the Travertine of Tivoli. Geology, Hydrogeology and Microbiology of the basin, Latium, Central Italy" (focus on thermal springs and spa). In the period 2009-2010 a seismic station with three channels, currently working, was designed and built in our school by the science teachers Felice De Angelis and Tomaso Favale. Our seismic station (code name LTTV) is part of Italian Experimental Seismic Network (IESN) with identification code IZ (international database IRIS-ISC). The three drums are online in real time on websites http

  2. Medium-chain acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenase bound to a product analogue, hexadienoyl-coenzyme A: effects on reduction potential, pK(a), and polarization.


    Pellett, J D; Sabaj, K M; Stephens, A W; Bell, A F; Wu, J; Tonge, P J; Stankovich, M T


    2,4-Hexadienoyl-coenzyme A (HD-CoA) has been used to investigate the redox and ionization properties of medium-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase (MCAD) from pig kidney. HD-CoA is a thermodynamically stabilized product analogue that binds tightly to oxidized MCAD (K(dox) = 3.5 +/- 0.1 microM, pH 7.6) and elicits a redox potential shift that is 78% of that observed with the natural substrate/product couple [Lenn, N. D., Stankovich, M. T., and Liu, H. (1990) Biochemistry 29, 3709-3715]. The midpoint potential of the MCAD.HD-CoA complex exhibits a pH dependence that is consistent with the redox-linked ionization of two key glutamic acids as well as the flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD) cofactor. The estimated ionization constants for Glu376-COOH (pK(a,ox) approximately 9.3) and Glu99-COOH (pK(a,ox) approximately 7.4) in the oxidized MCAD.HD-CoA complex indicate that while binding of the C(6) analogue makes Glu376 a stronger catalytic base (pK(a,ox) approximately 6.5, free MCAD), it has little effect on the pK of Glu99 (pK(a,ox) approximately 7.5, free MCAD) [Mancini-Samuelson, G. J., Kieweg, V., Sabaj, K. M., Ghisla, S., and Stankovich, M. T. (1998) Biochemistry 37, 14605-14612]. This finding is in agreement with the apparent pK of 9.2 determined for Glu376 in the human MCAD.4-thia-octenoyl-CoA complex [Rudik, I., Ghisla, S., and Thorpe, C. (1998) Biochemistry 37, 8437-8445]. The pK(a)s estimated for Glu376 and Glu99 in the reduced pig kidney MCAD.HD-CoA complex, 9.8 and 8.6, respectively, suggest that both of these residues remain protonated in the charge-transfer complex under physiological conditions. Polarization of HD-CoA in the enzyme active site may contribute to the observed pK(a) and redox potential shifts. Consequently, the electronic structures of the product analogue in its free and MCAD-bound forms have been characterized by Raman difference spectroscopy. Binding to either the oxidized or reduced enzyme results in localized pi-electron polarization of the

  3. A new eco-hydrological distributed model for the analysis of the climate change impact on water resources of Mediterranean ecosystems: the Flumendosa basin case study in Sardinia

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Sarigu, Alessio; Cortis, Clorinda; Montaldo, Nicola


    In the last three decades, climate change and human activities increased desertification process in Mediterranean regions, with dramatic consequences for agriculture and water availability. For instance in the Flumendosa reservoir system in Sardinia the average annual runoff in the latter part of the 20th century was less than half the historic average rate, while the precipitation over the Flumendosa basin has decreased, but not at such a drastic rate as the discharge, suggesting a marked non-linear response of discharge to precipitation changes. With the objective of analyzing and looking for the reasons of the historical runoff decrease a new ecohydrological model is developed and tested for the main basin of the Sardinia island, the Flumendosa basin. The eco-hydrological model developed couples a distributed hydrological model and a vegetation dynamic model (VDM). The hydrological model estimates the soil water balance of each basin cell using the force-restore method and the Philips model for runoff estimate. Then it computes runoff propagation along the river network through a modified version of the Muskingum -Cunge method (Mancini et al., 2000; Montaldo et al., 2004). The VDM evaluates the changes in biomass over time from the difference between the rates of biomass production (photosynthesis) and loss (respiration and senescence), and provides LAI, which is then used by the hydrological model for evapotranspiration and rainfall interception estimates. Case study is the Flumendosa basin (Sardinia, basin area of about 1700 km2), which is characterized by a reservoir system that supplies water to the main city of Sardinia, Cagliari. Data are from 42 rain stations (1922-2008 period) over the entire basin and data of runoff are available for the same period. The model has been successfully calibrated for the 1922 - 2008 period for which rain, meteorological data and discharge data are available. We demonstrate that the hystorical strong decrease of runoff is

  4. [Immune, inflammatory, and nutritional protein profile in children with iron deficiency in Côte d'Ivoire].


    Yapi, Houphouët Félix; Ahiboh, Hugues; Yayo, Eric; Edjeme, Angele; Attoungbre-Hauhouot, Marie Laure; Allico, Joseph Djaman; Monnet, Dagui


    Throughout the world and particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, deficiencies in trace elements constitute a real public health problem because of the insufficient nutritional quality of food. These trace elements are necessary for many of the body's biochemical reactions. The role of microelements such as vitamin A and zinc has been established in the functioning of the immune system and secretion of inflammatory reaction proteins, but the role of iron in these functions remains to be elucidated. The sample consists of 186 children (3/4) 80 with an iron deficiency and 106 with normal iron status. They range in age from 5 to 15 years and all attend school in the department of Adzope. The study excluded all children with parasites that might affect blood iron, protein and other hematological indicators, in particular, Plasmodium falciparum, Giardia intestinalis, Trichomonas intestinalis, Ascaris lumbricoides, and Ancylostoma. Inflammatory, immune and nutritional proteins were measured by radial immunodiffusion (Mancini's method). Ferritin was measured by a specific immunoenzymatic assay. Hematological indicators were tested by an automatic blood cell counter. Nutritional status was estimated by the weight/height ratio (W/H). This analysis showed that iron deficiency was associated with reduced IgG levels (p < 0.05), although immunoglobulins A and M remained stable (p > 0.05. Iron deficiency was also associated with reduced levels of thyroxine-binding prealbumin (TBPA) and albumin (p < 0.05). Inflammatory proteins did not differ significantly between the two groups (p > 0.05). Furthermore, the prognostic inflammatory and nutritional index (PINI) did not show any inflammatory, vital or nutritional risk, because it was lower than or equal to 2. Finally, malnutrition was not observed in the iron-deficient children: the difference in the weight/height ratio (W/H = 96.58 +/- 2.4%) between the children with iron deficiency and those with normal iron status (98.7 +/- 4.3%) did

  5. Monitoring biodegradation of hydrocarbons by stable isotope fractionation

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Dorer, Conrad; Fischer, Anko; Herrmann, Steffi; Richnow, Hans-Hermann; Vogt, Carsten


    nitrate, sulfate or ferric iron as electron acceptor or using light as energy source [3,4,5]. Significantly different lambda values were also observed for the anaerobic degradation of xylenes initiated by the BSS [5]. The different lambda values obtained for the anaerobic degradation of toluene and xylenes might be caused by slightly different reaction mechanisms of BSS isoenzymes. In comparison, lambda and/or ɛbulk values for the methyl monohydroxylation of toluene with oxygen as co-substrate were significantly different for two tested strains each containing a different toluene attacking enzyme, indicating that specific enzymes for aerobic methyl group oxidation reactions can be detected by CSIA and 2D-CSIA. Our results show that the combined carbon and hydrogen isotope fractionation approach has great potential to elucidate biodegradation pathways of monoaromatic hydrocarbons in microcosm and field studies. Current work focus on (i) 2D-CSIA of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons in degradation experiments using whole cells, and (ii) 2D-CSIA of aromatic hydrocarbons in in vitro experiments using cell extracts. [1] Fischer et al. (2008) Environ. Sci. Technol. 42, 4356-4363 [2] Mancini et al. (2008) Environ. Sci. Technol. 42, 8290-8296 [3] Vogt et al. (2008) Environ. Sci. Technol. 42, 7793-7800 [4] Tobler et al. (2008) Environ. Sci. Technol. 42, 7786-7792 [5] Herrmann et al. (2009) Environ. Microbiol. Reports 1, 535-544

  6. Aspetti deontologici e giuridici della Responsabilità professionale del chirurgo in Italia. Evoluzione storica a partire dal '900.


    Picardi, Nicola


    È pleonastico ricordare che ogni individuo raziocinante delle essere responsabile delle sue azioni: deve agire con la coscienza degli scopi che si propone evitando possibili conseguenze negative dei suoi atti. In ambito medico questo tipo di responsabilità è codificata con le norme della "deontologia". Per secoli l'arte terapeutica è stata praticata da individui dotati di una particolare vocazione ed una particolare cultura acquisita da Maestri dell'arte ancor prima che dalla propria esperienza, con nozioni di erboristeria e di elementari conoscenze anatomiche e di fisiologia, circondati da un'aura sacerdotale e da un rispetto derivante dal timore e dall'ammirazione per il coraggio e auspicabilmente dai successi, e facendo riferimento nell'occidente mediterraneo alle regole operative fissate nel Giuramento di Ippocrate, di significato tra il sacro ed il deontologico. Lo sviluppo delle tecniche anestesiologiche a partire dalla seconda metà dell'800 ha determinato l'ampliamento delle iniziative chirurgiche di tipo elettivo, a fianco con gli storici interventi in emergenza per la cura di lesioni traumatiche, ancor prima delle acquisizioni riguardanti le infezioni. Con l'espansione del campo di azione della chirurgia, le possibili complicanze ed i possibili insuccessi hanno fatto da contrappeso ai sentimenti di rispetto e di fiducia nei confronti dei chirurghi, giungendo a far assimilare in tali casi la loro opera quale causa all'origine di danni, provocati rientrando quindi nella categoria dei reati sottoposti alla Legge penale. Così, al termine deontologico di "responsabilità" valido per ogni iniziativa ed ogni professione, per i medici è venuto ad associarsi la qualifica di "professionale", con un significato di presunta colpevolezza. Da una parte le regole deontologiche si sono ampliate, ed hanno coinvolto direttamente il paziente nella fase decisionale delle terapie chirurgiche, formalizzate programmaticamente in moderni codici deontologici ed

  7. Effects of surface states, defects and dopants on the optical and magnetic properties of low-dimensional materials

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Podila, Ramakrishna

    a range of magnetic properties in ZnO can result, depending on the sample preparation and annealing conditions. For example, within the same ZnO sample we have observed ferro- to para- and diamagnetic responses depending on the annealing conditions. We also explored the effects of surface states on the magnetic behavior of nanoscale ZnO through detailed calculations. In the case of grapheme, we have observed new combination modes in the range from 1650 to 2300 cm-1 in single-(SLG), bi-, few-layer and incommensurate bilayer graphene (IBLG) on silicon dioxide substrates. A peak at ˜1860 cm-1 (iTALO- ) is observed due to a combination of the in-plane transverse acoustic (iTA) and the longitudinal optical (LO) phonons. The intensity of this peak decreases with increasing number of layers and this peak is absent for bulk graphite. The overtone of the out-of-plane transverse optical (oTO) phonon at ˜1750 cm-1, also called the M band, is suppressed for both SLG and IBLG. In addition, two previously unidentified modes at ˜2200 and ˜1880 cm-1 are observed in SLG. The 2220 cm -1 (1880 cm-1) mode is tentatively assigned to the combination mode of in-plane transverse optical (iTO) and TA phonons (oTO+LO phonons) around the K point in the graphene Brillouin zone. Finally, the peak frequency of the 1880 (2220) cm-1 mode is observed to increase (decrease) linearly with increasing graphene layers. Finally, we find that the high curvature in sub-nm SWCNTs leads to (i) an unusual S-like dispersion of the G-band frequency due to perturbations caused by the strong electron-phonon coupling, (ii) an activation of diameter-selective intermediate frequency modes that are as intense as the radial breathing modes (RBMs), and (iii) a clear observation of the IR modes.

  8. Combined chelation based on glycosyl-mono- and bis-hydroxypyridinones for aluminium mobilization: solution and biodistribution studies.


    Chaves, Sílvia; Dron, Paul I; Danalache, Florina A; Sacoto, Diana; Gano, Lurdes; Santos, M Amélia


    Taking into account the recognized interest of a poly-pharmacological strategy in chelation therapy, a study of aluminium combined chelation based on 3-hydroxy-4-pyridinone (3,4-HP) compounds with complementary properties, associated to different denticity, size and extrafunctionality, is presented herein. In particular, Al-chelation has been explored, using a tetradentate IDA bis-(3,4-HP) ligand, L, and two N-glycosyl mono-(3,4-HP) derivatives (A or B). Combined complexation studies with the tetradentate and the most promising bidentate ligand (A) evidenced the formation of ternary complexes with high thermodynamic stability (Al-L-A) being the predominant species at physiological pH. In vivo studies on the ability for radiotracer ((67)Ga) removal from loaded mice, as a model of aluminium accumulation in body, have shown that the simultaneous administration to (67)Ga-loaded mice of a mono- and a bis-(3,4-HP) chelator (e.g. A and L) leads to a rapid metal elimination from main organs and whole animal model. This may be rationalized by coadjuvation and eventual synergistic effects, due to complementary accessibility of the chelators to different cellular compartments.

  9. Kinetic study of a sheath formation in the Ignitor

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Batishchev, Oleg


    Proposed Ignitor burning plasma experiment is characterized by almost ideal alignment of the magnetic field to the first wall. This leads to a situation, when sheath is parallel to the magnetic field, and its structure is determined by cross-field plasma transport. High magnetic field and relatively high plasma density (and temperature) make electron gyro-orbits and Debye length comparable, while ion Larmor radius is two orders bigger. We simulate collisionless ''parallel'' sheath for the typical Ignitor parameters using time-dependent two-dimensional in both real space and velocity Fokker-Planck code ALLA [1]. We treat both electrons and ions self-consistently. The rectangular simulation domain has 100-1000 Debye dimensions. Time scale is a fraction of the lowest of the electron plasma and electron gyration periods. Self-consistent electric field is obtained through Poisson equation. We observe sheath formation, its time evolution (oscillations), and calculate sheath-transmission coefficients to be used in the fluid codes. [1] O.V.Batishchev et al., J. Plasma Phys, part II, 347, 1999.

  10. Kinetic simulation of a hot spot formation in high-Z plasma

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Batishchev, Oleg; Bychenkov, Valery; Rozmus, Wojciech


    The so-called "hot spots" formed in a plasma heated by lasers having transverse spatial modulations give rise to steep temperature gradients with the scale comparable to the electron-ion mean free path. This indicates that the nonlocal transport effects can be important. Both the spatial transport and non-uniform heating of electrons by strong laser field may cause significant deviation of the electron distribution function (EDF) from the Maxwellian [1,2]. To study inhomogeneous hot spot formation we deploy 1D2V Fokker-Planck code ALLA [3], which includes e-e and e-i collisions, ambipolar electric field, and inverse bremsstrahlung plasma heating. Unlike particle methods it's free of statistical fluctuations and allows more accurate resolution of the EDF tail that is important to study the reduction of the electron plasma wave damping. We present results of the kinetic simulations with hot spots of various shapes and intensities, as well as a comparison with the results for homogeneous plasma heating and analytical models for EDF in high Z-plasmas. [1] A.B.Langdon, Phys.Rev.Lett. 44, 575 (1980); [2] E.Fourkal, V.Yu.Bychenkov, W.Rozmus et al., Phys. Plasmas 8 (2) 550 (2001); [3] O.Batishchev et al., J.Plasma Phys. 61 (3) 347 (1999).

  11. Ureidoglycolate hydrolase, amidohydrolase, lyase: how errors in biological databases are incorporated in scientific papers and vice versa.


    Percudani, Riccardo; Carnevali, Davide; Puggioni, Vincenzo


    An opaque biochemical definition, an insufficient functional characterization, an interpolated database description, and a beautiful 3D structure with a wrong reaction. All these are elements of an exemplar case of misannotation in biological databases and confusion in the scientific literature concerning genes and enzymes acting on ureidoglycolate, an intermediate of purine catabolism. Here we show biochemical evidence for the relocation of genes assigned to EC (ureidoglycolate hydrolase, releasing ammonia), such as allA of Escherichia coli or DAL3 of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, to EC (ureidoglycolate lyase, releasing urea). The EC should be more appropriately named ureidoglycolate amidohydrolase and include genes equivalent to UAH of Arabidopsis thaliana. The distinction between ammonia- or urea-releasing activities from ureidoglycolate is relevant for the understanding of nitrogen metabolism in various organisms and of virulence factors in certain pathogens rather than a nomenclature problem. We trace the original fault in database annotation and provide a rationale for its incorporation and persistence in the scientific literature. Notwithstanding the technological distance, yet not surprising for the constancy of human nature, error categories and mechanisms established in the study of the work of amanuensis monks still apply to the modern curation of biological databases.

  12. Size estimates for fat inclusions in an isotropic Reissner-Mindlin plate

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Morassi, Antonino; Rosset, Edi; Vessella, Sergio


    In this paper we consider the inverse problem of determining, within an elastic isotropic thick plate modelled by the Reissner-Mindlin theory, the possible presence of an inclusion made of a different elastic material. Under some a priori assumptions on the inclusion, we deduce constructive upper and lower estimates of the area of the inclusion in terms of a scalar quantity related to the work developed in deforming the plate by applying simultaneously a couple field and a transverse force field at the boundary of the plate. The approach allows us to consider plates with a boundary of Lipschitz class. The first author is supported by PRIN 2015TTJN95 ‘Identification and monitoring of complex structural systems’. The second author is supported by FRA 2016 ‘Problemi Inversi, dalla stabilità alla ricostruzione’, Università degli Studi di Trieste. The second and the third authors are supported by Progetto GNAMPA 2017 ‘Analisi di problemi inversi: stabilità e ricostruzione’, Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica (INdAM).

  13. Characterization of size, strength and structure of aluminum-polymer dual-coagulant flocs under different pH and hydraulic conditions.


    Rong, Hongyan; Gao, Baoyu; Dong, Min; Zhao, Yanxia; Sun, Shenglei; Yanwang; Yue, Qinyan; Li, Qian


    The objectives of this study are to investigate the impact of papermaking sludge product (LA) on coagulation performance and floc properties under different solution pH and hydraulic conditions. LA was synthetized by grafting acrylamide onto the lignin that contained in papermaking sludge. Characterization of LA, such as FTIR, SEM, zeta potential and molecular weight, showed that target product was obtained successfully. LA was used in combination with aluminum sulfate or polyaluminum chloride, namely Al-LA (Al was dosed firstly) and LA-Al (LA was dosed firstly), in humic acid water treatment. Floc properties and coagulation behaviors of aluminum salts and the dual-coagulants were comparatively evaluated. Results showed that DOC removal was improved by LA at pH 4 ~ 9 and the removal variations caused by different pH were decreased. Flocs formed at pH 5 and pH 8 gave quite large floc size. Floc recoverability declined as initial pH increased. Floc size, growth rate and recoverability were in the order of Al-LA>LA-Al>Al. Furthermore, flocs formed at pH 7 showed the weakest resistance to increasing shear force. Fractal dimension was rather high at pH 7 and 8 and it was in the following order: Al>LA-Al>Al-LA. Copyright © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

  14. Measurement of thermophysical properties coupled with LCA assessment for the optimization of a historical building retrofit

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bortolin, A.; Bison, P.; Cadelano, G.; Ferrarini, G.; Fortuna, S.


    Historical buildings are a significant part of the Italian building stock and, in most cases, need deep refurbishment interventions to reach the energy criteria required by the current standards. A workflow that integrates on-site surveys and building modeling is mandatory to obtain effective energy saving measures. This work describes the analysis and modeling of the San Vito alla Rivera church, a XIV century building that was damaged during 2009 L'Aquila earthquake, suffering a partial collapse of the façade and of the roof. The latter was selected for a complete restoration that could improve its thermal performance while maintaining, as much as possible, the original structure. Several elements of the roof were collected in situ in order to measure, in laboratory, its thermophysical properties applying standard techniques and alternative methods based on infrared thermography. The accurate characterization of the materials was the starting point for the estimation of the environmental impact of the retrofit aimed to reach a defined thermal transmittance. A model of the building was created with TRNSYS software to calculate the energy consumption before and after the intervention. A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) analysis was conducted on different insulation materials to determine the one with the lowest impact.

  15. Preliminary studies concerning the application of different braking arrangements on Italian freight trains

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Pugi, Luca; Rindi, Andrea; Ercole, Andrea Giuseppe; Palazzolo, Alessandro; Auciello, Jury; Fioravanti, Duccio; Ignesti, Mirko


    Freight wagons are usually equipped with the standard Union Internationale des Chemins de Fer pneumatic brake. On long trains, the propagation of the pneumatic signals along the pipe and different braking/loading conditions may produce delays and/or differences in the application of the braking effort along the train. This phenomenon may cause heavy longitudinal forces exchanged between wagons through buffers and draw gear. In particular, the workgroup n.6 (freight trains composition) of the Italcertifer committee has performed some preliminary studies concerning the application of LL braking operative conditions on freight wagons trains travelling on Italian lines. Partners have cooperated in this workgroup; however, in this paper, the attention is focused on methodologies and results concerning the contribution of University of Florence. The results of this activity, coordinated by RFI-CESIFER have been used to emanate the 20/07 rule of the RFI ('Modifiche alla Prefazione Generale all'Orario di Servizio') which modify the composition criterion rules of freight trains on the Italian Railways in order to introduce and discipline the application of the LL braking operative condition.

  16. Stress fractures of the base of the metatarsal bones in young trainee ballet dancers

    PubMed Central

    Albisetti, Walter; De Bartolomeo, Omar; Tagliabue, Lorenzo; Camerucci, Emanuela; Calori, Giorgio Maria


    Classical ballet is an art form requiring extraordinary physical activity, characterised by rigorous training. These can lead to many overuse injuries arising from repetitive minor trauma. The purpose of this paper is to report our experience in the diagnosis and treatment of stress fractures at the base of the second and third metatarsal bones in young ballet dancers. We considered 150 trainee ballet dancers from the Ballet Schools of "Teatro Alla Scala" of Milan from 2005 to 2007. Nineteen of them presented with stress fractures of the base of the metatarsal bones. We treated 18 dancers with external shockwave therapy (ESWT) and one with pulsed electromagnetic fields (EMF) and low-intensity ultrasound (US); all patients were recommended rest. In all cases good results were obtained. The best approach to metatarsal stress fractures is to diagnose them early through clinical examination and then through X-ray and MRI. ESWT gave good results, with a relatively short time of rest from the patients’ activities and a return to dancing without pain. PMID:19415273

  17. Central radio galaxies in groups: cavities, bubbles and the history of AGN heating

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Giacintucci, S.; Venturi, T.; Raychaudhury, S.; Vrtilek, J.


    E' noto che le regioni centrali degli ammassi e gruppi di galassie costituiscono un ambiente in cui gas caldo e plasma radioemittente proveniente dalle galassie dominanti interagiscono tra loro. In particolare, si pensa che la radioemissione dell'AGN centrale ed i suoi possibili cicli di attivita', siano strettamente legati alla presenza di cavita' e "bubbles" nel gas intergalattico. Si presentera' lo status di un progetto osservativo effettuato con il Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT, India) su di un campione di 18 gruppi di galassie, osservati a tre frequenze radio (235 MHz, 325 MHz e 610 MHz). Lo studio della morfologia radio degli AGN centrali e la relativa analisi spettrale permettono di ottenere stime sull'eta' di questi oggetti, e sulla loro energia totale, che a loro volta sono in relazione con le proprieta' X dei gruppi stessi. Per tutti gli oggetti del campione sono disponibili osservazioni Chandra di proprieta'. Per due oggetti del campione, 4C+24.36 (al centro di AWM04) e NGC741 (al centro di RSOG17) verra' presentato uno studio dettagliato.

  18. Padus, Sandalus, Gens Fadiena. Underwater Surveys in Palaeo-Watercourses (ferrara District - Italy)

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bucci, G.


    In the ambit of our program of researches on ancient rivers in Ferrara hinterland (Italy), we have been joining a Scientific - Didactic Project between Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici dell'Emilia Romagna, Comune di Portomaggiore Assessorato alla Cultura, CMAS A.CDCI. - Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques Federation ITA F07 - Associazione CMAS Diving Center Italia. The Project is focused on underwater archaeological surveys in ex quarry lakes, following the Rivers Padus and Sandalus between Voghiera, Gambulaga and Portomaggiore (Ferrara District). Here we are going to introduce our most recent results, after the last immersions and a 3D bathymetrical survey completed by echo-side scan sonar in Tramonto Lake at Gambulaga, explaining the connection with remote sensing investigations and direct surveys applied to underwater archaeology of the inland water. The main submerged structure individuated is a part of wooden dock on the left side of Padus, in front of the Necropolis of Fadieni (1st-3rd cent. A.D.). Thanks to the study of 183 finds coming from the lake, involving students and young collaborators of the Archaeological National Museum of Ferrara, we are reconstructing the ancient landscape between Proto-Imperial Age and Late Antique.

  19. How changes in nutrition have influenced the development of allergic diseases in childhood

    PubMed Central


    The increasing prevalence of allergic diseases in childhood in the last decades could be linked to concomitant dietary changes, especially with the modified and lower consumption of fruit, vegetables and minerals. The consumption of these foods by pregnant women and children in the first years of life seems to be associated with a reduced risk of asthma and related symptoms. Foods that can prevent the development of wheezing through their antioxidant effects contain vitamin C and selenium; blood levels of these elements correlate negatively with the risk of wheezing. Intake of vitamin E during pregnancy also appears to be correlated with a reduced risk of wheezing for the unborn child. Similarly, low intake of zinc and carotenoids by pregnant women is associated with an increased risk of wheezing and asthma in childhood. Fiber also has anti-inflammatory properties and protective effects against allergic diseases such as atopic dermatitis and asthma. The consumption of fat influences the development of the airways. Populations in Western countries have increased their consumption of n-6 PUFAs and, in parallel, reduced n-3 PUFAs. This has led to decreased production of PGE2, which is believed to have a protective effect against inflammation of the airways. Conflicting hypotheses also concern vitamin D; both an excess and a deficiency of vitamin D, in fact, have been associated with an increased risk of asthma. Further studies on the role of these substances are necessary before any conclusions can be drawn on a clinical level. Astratto La crescente prevalenza negli ultimi decenni delle malattie allergiche in età pediatrica potrebbe essere legata a concomitanti cambiamenti nella dieta, in particolare alla minore e modificata introduzione di frutta, verdura e minerali. Il consumo di questi alimenti da parte delle donne in gravidanza e dei bambini nei primi anni di vita sembra essere associato ad un ridotto rischio di asma e di sintomi correlati. Gli alimenti che

  20. Geophysical techniques in the historical center of Venice (Italy): preliminary results from HVSR and multichannel analysis of surface waves

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Trevisani, Sebastiano; Rocca, Michele; Boaga, Jacopo


    This presentation aims to outline the preliminary findings related to an extensive seismic survey conducted in the historical center of Venice, Italy. The survey was conducted via noninvasive and low-cost seismic techniques based on surface waves analysis and microtremor methods, mainly using single station horizontal to vertical spectral ratio techninques (HVSR) and multichannel analysis of surface waves in passive (ReMI) and active (MASW) configurations. The importance and the fragility of the cultural heritage of Venice, coupled with its peculiar geological and geotechnical characteristics, stress the importance of a good knowledge of its geological architecture and seismic characteristics as an opportunity to improve restoration and conservation planning. Even if Venice is located in a relatively low seismic hazard zone, a local characterization of soil resonance frequencies and surficial shear waves velocities could improve the planning of engineering interventions, furnishing important information on possible local effects related to seismic amplification and possible coupling within buildings and soil resonance frequencies. In the specific we collected more than 50 HVSR single station noise measurements and several passive and active multichannel analysis of surface waves located in the historical center. In this work we report the characteristics of the conducted seismic surveys (instrumentation, sampling geometry, etc.) and the preliminary findings of our analysis. Moreover, we discuss briefly the practical issues, mainly of logistic nature, of conducting this kind of surveys in a peculiar and crowed historical center as represented by Venice urban contest. Acknowledgments Instrumentation acquired in relation to the project co-financed by Regione Veneto, POR-CRO, FESR, 2007-2013, action 1.1.1. "Supporto ad attività di ricerca, processi e reti di innovazione e alla creazione di imprese in settori a elevato contenuto tecnologico"

  1. Meningococco B: controllo di due focolai epidemici mediante vaccinazione

    PubMed Central


    Riassunto La problematica di un efficace approccio vaccinale nei confronti del Meningococco B (MenB) è stata superata identificando con la metodica della "reverse vaccinology" alcuni antigeni capaci di indurre una risposta verso la maggior parte dei ceppi di MenB circolanti nel mondo. Il nuovo vaccino MenB a 4 componenti (4CMenB) è stato autorizzato in Europa, Australia e Canada, ed è entrato nei calendari di immunizzazione pediatrica internazionali: Australia, Canada, UK. In Italia, le prime regioni che hanno raccomandato la vaccinazione contro il MenB sono state Basilicata e Puglia. La gestione di epidemie/focolai epidemici richiede la messa in atto di una risposta rapida da parte delle autorità sanitarie nei confronti di una emergenza sanitaria ad elevato impatto, anche emotivo, sulla popolazione, come recentemente dimostrato in due università americane. Alla dichiarazione di focolaio epidemico in atto, in entrambi i contesti si è attivata una procedura per l'uso del vaccino 4CMenB non ancora autorizzato negli USA. È stato così possibile organizzare gli interventi di profilassi attiva nei due campus universitari, adottando il primo impiego su larga scala del nuovo vaccino 4CMenB e conseguendo, in tempi relativamente brevi, elevati tassi di copertura vaccinale. A fronte di circa 14000 studenti immunizzati con almeno una dose, non è stata segnalata alcuna problematica di eventi avversi conseguenti all'immunizzazione; ad oggi non si sono verificati casi nei soggetti che hanno ricevuto il vaccino. Come conseguenza dei due focolai descritti, è oggi in corso la valutazione da parte dell'FDA per l'estensione dell'uso del vaccino 4CMenB negli Stati Uniti negli adolescenti e giovani adulti. PMID:25916017

  2. Adverse reactions to blood donations: the READ project

    PubMed Central

    Garozzo, Giovanni; Crocco, Isabella; Giussani, Barbara; Martinucci, Annalisa; Monacelli, Stefano; Randi, Vanda


    Background In 2006 in Italy 2,404,267 donations of blood components were made by 1,539,454 donors; approximately 55% of the donations were collected directly by Transfusion Structures (TS), while about 45% were collected in Donation Centres managed by Associations and Federations of Donors. The aim of the READ (Rilevamento Eventi Avversi alla Donazione) project is to create a network of TS to test a standardised system for monitoring adverse events (AE) related to blood donations. Materials and methods Shared, standardised data collection forms, compatible with the forms produced by the ISBT-EHN, were prepared. Two types of form were used: (i) a form to collect data on single events (READ 1), to be used at the individual collection sites; (ii) a form for processing the data collected by each TS (READ 2). Results Between February and August 2008 six TS collected data related to the donation of 89,332 units of blood. Overall, 523 AE were recorded. The AE occurred in 0.59% of the donations. The mean duration of the symptoms was 17 minutes. Fifteen percent of the symptoms were related to the venipuncture (mainly haematomas) and 77% to vasovagal AE. The AE were defined severe (grade C) in 47 cases. The donations in which AE were recorded were completed in 81% of the cases; 59% of the AE did not require treatment. Three donors were monitored briefly (for less than 4 hours) in hospital. Conclusions The use of standardised forms enabled the collection of data that could be analysed. Some problems related to the performance of the haemovigilance programme did, however, emerge: (i) organisational problems, (ii) limited sensitivity, (iii) inadequate training, and (iv) poorly defined responsibilities. These problems must be resolved at various levels: local, regional and national. PMID:20104279

  3. Sviluppi di Ricevitori E di Componentistica Per Banda 3 mm Ad INAF-OA Cagliari

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Navarrini, Alessandro


    L'INAF-OA Cagliari (OACa) sta sviluppando un ricevitore criogenico a basso rumore basato su un mixer SSB (Single Side Band) a superconduttore SIS (Superconductor-Insulator-Superconductor) per la banda 3 mm. Il ricevitore, acquistato da IRAM, è stato fortemente modificato per essere adattato al fuoco Gregoriano di SRT (Sardinia Radio Telescope). Lo strumento è caratterizzato da una nuova criogenia a ciclo chiuso 4 K (per evitare l'uso di elio liquido in antenna), da un nuovo oscillatore locale (di tipo ALMA Banda 3) e da un nuovo sistema di controllo e di monitoraggio basato su schede Raspberry ed Arduino sviluppato ad OACa. Verranno presentati i recenti sviluppi sul ricevitore, inclusi i risultati preliminari della misura della temperatura di rumore, che raggiunge un valore pari a Trec=66 K alla frequenza di 86 GHz, nonostante la criogenia non sia ancora ottimizzata. L'INAF-OACa è coinvolto nel progetto AETHRA (Advanced European Technologies for Heterodyne Receivers for Astronomy) nel quadro del programma Radionet/Horizon2020 per il quale sta contribuendo al WP1 (Work Package 1). Lo scopo del WP1 è di sviluppare e costruire un dimostratore di un array di ricevitori a doppia polarizzazione per la banda 3 mm basato su amplificatori criogenici a basso rumore (LNA) in tecnologia a semiconduttore MMIC. Nell'ambito del WP1 l'OACa ha in carico il progetto di un OrthomodeTransducer (OMT) in guida d'onda o in tecnologia planare per la banda 72-116 GHz che sia integrabile con amplificatori MMICs ed adatto all'integrazione in un array da installare nel piano focale di un radiotelescopio. Verranno presentati i design preliminari degli OMT per AETHRA, che sono basati su prototipi sviluppati in passato da OACa.

  4. Application of the FADS system on the Re-entry Module

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Zhen, Huang


    The aerodynamic model for Flush Air Data Sensing System (FADS) is built based on the surface pressure distribution obtained through the pressure orifices laid on specific positions of the surface,and the flight parameters,such as angle of attack,angle of side-slip,Mach number,free-stream static pressure and dynamic pressure are inferred from the aerodynamic model.The flush air data sensing system (FADS) has been used on several flight tests of aircraft and re-entry vehicle,such as,X-15,space shuttle,F-14,X-33,X-43A and so on. This paper discusses the application of the FADS on the re-entry module with blunt body to obtain high-precision aerodynamic parameters.First of all,a basic theory and operating principle of the FADS is shown.Then,the applications of the FADS on typical aircrafts and re-entry vehicles are described.Thirdly,the application mode on the re-entry module with blunt body is discussed in detail,including aerodynamic simulation,pressure distribution,trajectory reconstruction and the hardware shoule be used,such as flush air data sensing system(FADS),inertial navigation system (INS),data acquisition system,data storage system.Finally,ablunt module re-entry flight test from low earth orbit (LEO) is planned to obtain aerodynamic parameters and amend the aerodynamic model with this FADS system data.The results show that FADS system can be applied widely in re-entry module with blunt bodies.

  5. Calibrazioni a terra e prestazioni in volo di spettrometri ad immagine nel visibile e nel vicino infrarosso per l'esplorazione planetaria

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Filacchione, Gianrico


    Nel corso dell’ultimo decennio l’esplorazione planetaria ha potuto beneficiare dei dati prodotti dagli spettrometri ad immagine: grazie a questa nuova classe di strumenti, realizzati per l’osservazione in remoto di superfici ed atmosfere planetarie, è possibile acquisire dati iperspettrali con elevati poteri risolutivi spaziali e spettrali. Il principale vantaggio offerto dagli spettrometri ad immagine, rispetto alle camere ed agli spettrometri puntuali, è rappresentato dalla capacità di misurare, identificare e mappare le unità composizionali delle superfici planetarie; queste informazioni permettono di investigare sia l’evoluzione geochimica delle superfici sia la dinamica e la composizione delle atmosfere. Sebbene i primi spettrometri ad immagine siano stati francesi (Phobos/ISM, Imaging Spectrometer for Mars) e statunitensi (Galileo/NIMS, Near Infrared Mapping Spectrometer), il nostro paese nel corso degli ultimi anni è stato in grado di proporre alla com unità spaziale internazionale degli strumenti dalle elevate prestazioni che sono stati infatti accettati come payload scientifici su diverse missioni interplanetarie: dai canali visibili di VIMS (Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer) su Cassini (Nasa, JPL, ESA, ASI) e di OMEGA (Observatoire pour la Minéralogie, l’Eau, les Glacies et l’Activitè de Mars) su MarsExpress (ESA) ai due VIRTIS (Visible and Infrared Thermal Imaging Spectrometer) su Rosetta (ESA) e VenusExpress (ESA) fino a VIR-MS (Visible and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer) su Dawn (Nasa). In questo momento inoltre altri due spettrometri sono in avanzata fase di studio: JIRAM (Jovian InfraRed Auroral Mapper) su Juno (missione New Discovery Nasa) e VIHI (Visible and Infrared Hyperspectral Imager) integrato nel payload italiano di remote sensing SIMBIO-SYS di BepiColombo (missione cornerstone ESA). La realizzazione di uno spettrometro ad immagini da utilizzare su una missione interplanetaria richiede un’accurata analisi in fase

  6. The origin of the Dargom canal in the oasis of Samarkand (Uzbekistan). A new scenario from geoarcheological data

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Marconi, V.; Mantellini, S.; Picotti, V.; Gabbianelli, G.; Tosi, M.


    As the main oases developed in the arid regions of Central Asia, the region of Samarkand is the outcome of large hydraulic works carried out since the past times. The main result of such a great landscape transformation is a complex irrigation network formed by several artificial channels and useful for both urban water supply and irrigation purposes. Within the framework of the Italo-Uzbek Archaeological Project begun in 2001, a specific study was aimed to reconstruct the history of Dargom, the primary canal on the South of the city, and its relationships with the settlement dynamics. According to the most accepted theories, the Dargom was dug during the Achaemenid Age (6th-4th c. BC) as a consequence of a master plan linked to a strong central political power. The new investigations carried out by a joined team of Archaelogists and Geologists from the University Bologna allowed a new hypothesis on the way of digging and the chronology of the Dargom itself. The analyses on the historical settlement patterns seem to suggest a low development of Samarkand's territory during the Achaemenid times, whilst the increasing of sites during the Early Middle Age (5th-8th c.) can be explained throughout the rich trades along the Silk Road as well as the development of irrigated agriculture. The present-day Dargom is a high sinuosity channel deeply incised into the bedrock flowing to the east, strongly resembling a natural channel. It has been excavated for around 70 km along an apron of alluvial fans sourced by a southern mountain range. Its morphology clearly document a natural evolution after excavation: incision and meandering took place, likely due to the increasing gradient related to the headward migration of lowering of the base-level and the decrease of the bed load through time. Field survey around the fortress of Kafir Kala, the main archeological site geographically linked to the Dargom, allowed reconstructing the original bed of the canal, marked by a layer of

  7. Nicolò Paganini's hair lock for Signora Chatterton - morphological hair investigations using digital light microscopy.


    Otte, Andreas; Kijewski, Harald


    The famous violin virtuoso Nicolò Paganini (born on 27 October 1782 in Genoa, died on 27 May 1840 in Nice) left us with many puzzles. An interesting aspect is his hair: In the 19th century, hair given away as a token of friendship or romantic love became very popular, and Paganini also seems to have made use of this fad. In 2009, a lock of hair, purportedly that of Paganini, kept in a locked presentation box together with a bilingual autograph inscription saying: "Alla Signora Chatterton avec les compliments de Nicolò Paganini" was bought at an auction. From this hair lock a sample was taken and was investigated morphologically by using digital light microscopy (digital microscope VHX-100, Keyence) in reflected and transmitted light with and without polarization at different magnifications up to 1:5,000. The sample was then compared with a hair sample from the possession of the Paganini family, which had been microscopically examined in 2012 by the co-author of this paper yielding numerous figures with measurement results that had been stored and could be retrieved for direct comparison. The hair sample consisted of ten strands of hair or hair fragments and was investigated with great effort for the following parameters: exogenous hair damage, especially feeding traces caused by parasites, modeling and angulation of hairs, hair thickness, medulla and pigmentation, curling and mercury load on the trace material. After evaluation of all findings not only a non-exclusion of identity can be determined, but due to the broad match of also rare findings there is no reasonable doubt about their identity. In addition, the findings suggest that the studied hair samples are in fact from Paganini's head. The present case of Nicolò Paganini's hair lock is also an excellent starting point for reflections on the probative value of trace hair investigations. This point is also critically discussed in the paper. Finally, this study shows that said lock of hair had probably

  8. Conscientious Objection to Animal Experimentation in Italian Universities

    PubMed Central

    Baldelli, Ilaria; Massaro, Alma; Penco, Susanna; Bassi, Anna Maria; Patuzzo, Sara; Ciliberti, Rosagemma


    Simple Summary This paper examines the trend of Italian academic faculties in complying with the obligation to inform university students of their right to exercise their conscientious objection to scientific or educational activities involving animals, hereafter written as “animal CO”, as established by Law 413/1993, “Norme sull’obiezione di coscienza alla sperimentazione animale” (“Rules on conscientious objection to animal experimentation”), thereafter “Law 413/1993”. Despite an increasing interest in the principles of animal ethics by the international community, this law is still largely disregarded more than 20 years after its enactment. The Ethics Committees, Animal Welfare Committees, as well as the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research should preside over and monitor the Universities’ compliance with the duty to disclose animal CO. Abstract In Italy, Law 413/1993 states that public and private Italian Institutions, including academic faculties, are obliged to fully inform workers and students about their right to conscientious objection to scientific or educational activities involving animals, hereafter written as “animal CO”. However, little monitoring on the faculties’ compliance with this law has been performed either by the government or other institutional bodies. Based on this premise, the authors have critically reviewed the existing data and compared them with those emerging from their own investigation to discuss limitations and inconsistencies. The results of this investigation revealed that less than half of Italian academic faculties comply with their duty to inform on animal CO. Non-compliance may substantially affect the right of students to make ethical choices in the field of animal ethics and undermines the fundamental right to express their own freedom of thought. The Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, ethics committees and animal welfare bodies should cooperate to make

  9. The ancient harbour system of Terracina (Latium, Italy) obtained by gravity survey.

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    di Nezza, M.; di Filippo, M.


    Historical research has shown that Terracina (Latina, Latium) played a fundamental role in the maritime and land traffic since before the foundation of the colony. The settlement was established where the organized system of maritime, land, coastal, and fluvial transport had the most ideal conditions to constitute an important commercial crossroads, apparently since the beginning of recorded history. In order to reconstruction the buried archaeological structures attributed to the ancient Roman port, traditionally attributed to Traiano, in the current area of the harbour of Terracina, it was carried out a gravity survey, more than 380 gravity stations. This method enables to recognize the cavity and the structures of the buildings underground through the results of variations density in the subsoil. In the residual gravity anomaly map a series of positive anomalies are visible which confirm the round structures and the pier of the buried foundations of the Imperial harbour. Unfortunately, little remains of the functioning facilities of the harbour's activities. The modern construction of the harbour, in fact, has to be developed around the new inhabitable commercial area, know today as Terracina Bassa or Borgo alla Marina. It had to be developed with a modern infrastructure of a harbor area, as in the construction of the rooms for storage of goods, warehouses, as well as for the thermal baths, hotels and amphitheatre. Furthermore, there are always the positive anomalies that characterize the area to the north-east of "Montone" hill where archaeological remains are easily visible near Via Lungolinea Pio VI. A large negative anomaly is situated in correspondence with "Montone". Gravity information shows an average density of the hill approximately 1.10 g/cm3, notably less than the recorded data relative to dry sand, approximately 1.6 g/cm3. The low value founds hits at the possibility of an "emptiness" in the subsoil of "Montone" hill, attribuiting to the possible

  10. Two-Dimensional Combinatorial Screening (2DCS) of a Bacterial rRNA A-site-like Motif Library: Defining Privileged Asymmetric Internal Loops that Bind Aminoglycosides

    PubMed Central

    Tran, Tuan; Disney, Matthew D.


    RNAs have diverse structures that are important for biological function. These structures include bulges and internal loops that can form tertiary contacts or serve as ligand binding sites. The most commonly exploited RNA drug target for small molecule intervention is the bacterial ribosome, more specifically the ribosomal RNA aminoacyl-tRNA site (rRNA A-site) which is a major target for the aminoglycoside class of antibiotics. The bacterial A-site is composed of a 1×1 nucleotide all-U internal loop and a 2×1 nucleotide all-A internal loop separated by a single GC base pair. Therefore, we probed the molecular recognition of a small library of four aminoglycosides for binding a 16384-member bacterial rRNA A-site-like internal loop library using Two-Dimensional Combinatorial Screening (2DCS). 2DCS is a microarray-based method that probes RNA and chemical spaces simultaneously. These studies sought to determine if aminoglycosides select their therapeutic target if given a choice of binding all possible internal loops derived from an A-site-like library. Results show that the bacterial rRNA A-site was not selected by any aminoglycoside. Analyses of selected sequences using the RNA Privileged Space Predictor (RNA-PSP) program show that each aminoglycoside preferentially binds different types of internal loops. For three of the aminoglycosides, 6″-azido-kanamycin A, 5-O-(2-azidoethyl) neamine, and 6″-azido-tobramycin, the selected internal loops bind with ~10-fold higher affinity than the bacterial rRNA A-site. The internal loops selected to bind 5″-azido-neomycin B bind with similar affinity as the therapeutic target. Selected internal loops that are unique for each aminoglycoside have dissociation constants ranging from 25 to 270 nM and are specific for the aminoglycoside they were selected to bind compared to the other arrayed aminoglycosides. These studies further establish a database of RNA motifs that are recognized by small molecules that could be used to

  11. A sputnik IV saga

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Lundquist, Charles A.


    The Sputnik IV launch occurred on May 15, 1960. On May 19, an attempt to deorbit a 'space cabin' failed and the cabin went into a higher orbit. The orbit of the cabin was monitored and Moonwatch volunteer satellite tracking teams were alerted to watch for the vehicle demise. On September 5, 1962, several team members from Milwaukee, Wisconsin made observations starting at 4:49 a.m. of a fireball following the predicted orbit of Sputnik IV. Requests went out to report any objects found under the fireball path. An early morning police patrol in Manitowoc had noticed a metal object on a street and had moved it to the curb. Later the officers recovered the object and had it dropped off at the Milwaukee Journal. The Moonwarch team got the object and reported the situation to Moonwatch Headquarters at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. A team member flew to Cambridge with the object. It was a solid, 9.49 kg piece of steel with a slag-like layer attached to it. Subsequent analyses showed that it contained radioactive nuclei produced by cosmic ray exposure in space. The scientists at the Observatory quickly recognized that measurements of its induced radioactivity could serve as a calibration for similar measurements of recently fallen nickel-iron meteorites. Concurrently, the Observatory directorate informed government agencies that a fragment from Sputnik IV had been recovered. Coincidently, a debate in the UN Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space involved the issue of liability for damage caused by falling satellite fragments. On September 12, the Observatory delivered the bulk of the fragment to the US Delegation to the UN. Two days later, the fragment was used by US Ambassador Francis Plimpton as an exhibit that the time had come to agree on liability for damage from satellite debris. He offered the Sputnik IV fragment to USSR Ambassador P.D. Morozov, who refused the offer. On October 23, Drs. Alla Massevitch and E.K. Federov of the USSR visited the

  12. Characterizing coal beds in western Kentucky with the Al-La-Sc coherent triad

    USGS Publications Warehouse

    Chyi, L.L.; Medlin, J.H.


    Cyclic sedimentation and lateral facies changes make coal bed correlations inconclusive and difficult. This uncertainty can be further complicated if a coal basin has been structurally deformed. Coal macerals can be studied to indicate the nature and degree of coalification. Their use in coal bed correlation, however, is limited. Most of the trace elements and their ratios that have been studied show significant within-bed lateral and stratigraphic variations, and thus are not effective in correlating coal beds regionally. Geochemically coherent groups of elements, such as rare earth elements (REE) and platinum group elements (PGE), appear to be highly differentiated in coal-forming environments. Geochemical coherent elemental triads appear to be useful for coal bed identification or fingerprinting. The best triad which was demonstrated to be effective in coal bed characterization in western Kentucky, is that of Al, La and Sc. These three elements are highly correlated with one another and they can be determined accurately and simultaneously with instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA). The elemental triad Al-La-Sc is used to identify and fingerprint three key coal beds in western Kentucky: the Springfield (western Kentucky No. 9), the Davis (western Kentucky No. 6), and the Mining City and Dawson Springs are both considered to be the No. 4 coal bed in western Kentucky). Four distinct groupings can be recognized by use of the Al-La-Sc triad. The Dawson Springs coals have the highest Al/(La + Sc) ratios, followed by the Springfield, the Davis and the Mining City. The Mining City coal bed generally has the highest La/Sc ratio. However, the Dawson Springs is not correlated with the Mining City using the triad analysis, even though they have reportedly similar stratigraphic positions in the western Kentucky coal basin. The Al-La-Sc triad appears to be effective in discriminating between the Springfield and the Davis coal beds throughout the entire Illinois

  13. Assimilation of multiple river flow data for enhanced operational flood forecasts

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Ercolani, Giulia; Castelli, Fabio


    that is minimized during the variational assimilation procedure.Results show that more significant improvements are obtained in floods events than in false alarms. For instance, error on peak flow reduces respectively of about 30% and 20% (lead time of nearly 20 hours) at the measurement station that is representative of river network outlet (S. Giovanni alla Vena).The best performances correspond to single peak flood events, while in some more complex cases DA does not significantly improve modeled discharges, possibly because of shortcomings in model structure.Forecasts at downstream locations enhance especially when peak flow of the main upstream tributaries is included in the assimilation window. In conclusion, the operational hydrologic forecasting chain can effectively benefits from the developed assimilation system, although in the limit of the model structure.

  14. Landslide hazard prediction in the North-Eastern Apennines (Italy)

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Disperati, L.; Guastaldi, E.; Rindinella, A.


    training dataset of occurrences and a test dataset, a cross validation is made. The valuation both for flows and slides was performed through Prediction Rate Curves (PRC). By utilising the occurrences of the test dataset, PRC derived from the relation between CF trend in the whole area (cumulative percentage), portion of total area and number of landslides. As result, engineering geology can be indicated as the dominant factor for PRC of flows; likewise engineering geology, land use and RBS combination is the more effective combination. On the other side, slope and aspect resulted less determinative in best PRC trend. Moreover, the combination of engineering geology and slope allowed the computation of best PRC for landslide. References CARMIGNANI L. (2001): Realizzazione della cartografia geologica e geotematica e dei relativi supporti informatici alla scala 1/10.000 -- Progetto 1 -- Zona Nord. Progetti strumentali alla funzione di ricostruzione. Interventi strutturali comunitari obiettivo 5b -- Misura 3.1.4 Azioni di ricostruzione e recupero del tessuto urbano infrastrutturale nei territori colpiti dal sisma (Azione 7). Contratto tra la Regione Marche -- Servizio Urbanistica e Cartografia e l'Università degli Studi di Siena. Rapporto Finale. Università degli Studi di Siena, Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra, Dicembre 200 1, pp. 6 I. CHUNG C. J. (1999): Prediction models in spatial data analysis for landslide hazard mapping -- Natural Resources Canada, Geological Survey of Canada-Mineral Resources Division-Spatial Data Analysis Laboratory, CHUNG C. J., FABBRI A.G. (1993): The representation of geoscience information for data integration. Non-renewable Resources, v. 2., n. 3, pp. 1 22-139. CHUNG C. J., FABBRI A.G., VAN WESTEN C.J (1995).- Multivariate regression analysis for landslide hazard zonation. In Carrara, A. and Guzzetti, F., eds.: "Geographical Information Systems in Assessing Natural Hazards

  15. EDITORIAL The 17th Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Man'ko, Margarita A.


    -correlation function for graphs with and without time-reversal symmetry: the open system case Michał Ławniczak, Szymon Bauch, Oleh Hul and Leszek Sirko Independent nonclassical tests for states and measurements in the same experiment Alfredo Luis and Ángel Rivas On the classical capacity of quantum Gaussian channels Cosmo Lupo, Stefano Pirandola, Paolo Aniello and Stefano Mancini Entropic inequalities for center-of-mass tomograms Margarita A Man'ko Semiclassical dynamics for an ion confined within a nonlinear electromagnetic trap Bogdan M Mihalcea Zeno-like phenomena in STIRAP processes B Militello, M Scala, A Messina and N V Vitanov A beam splitter with second-order nonlinearity modeled as a nonlinear coupler V Peřinová, A Lukš and J Křepelka Energy-level shifts of a uniformly accelerated atom between two reflecting plates L Rizzuto and S Spagnolo Cross-Kerr nonlinearities in an optically dressed periodic medium K Słowik, A Raczyński, J Zaremba, S Zielińska-Kaniasty, M Artoni and G C La Rocca An approximate effective beamsplitter interaction between light and atomic ensembles Richard Tatham, David Menzies and Natalia Korolkova Stochastic simulation of long-time nonadiabatic dynamics Daniel A Uken, Alessandro Sergi and Francesco Petruccione

  16. A geochronological study of mafic and acidic lavas from Veneto Volcanic province (North-East Italy)

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Brombin, Valentina; Webb, Laura; Bonadiman, Costanza; Marzoli, Andrea; Coltorti, Massimo


    The Veneto Volcanic Province (VVP), in the North-East of Italy represents one of the most important magmatic province of the Adria Plate. VVP magmatism occurred in a period ranging from late Paleocene to late Oligocene (De Vecchi et al., 1976). Five main volcanic districts can be defined from north-west to south-east: Val d'Adige, Marosticano, Lessini Hills, Berici Hills and Euganean Hills. Most of the volcanic products are relatively undifferentiated lavas, ranging in compostion from mela-nephelinites to quartz-normative tholeiites (Beccaluva et al., 2007). By contrast in the Euganean Hills volcanic and subvolcanic rocks range from subordinate basalts to prevalently acidic types, mostly quartz-trachytes and rhyolites (Milani et al., 1999). Despite of the deep petrological knowledge about this province, the radioisotopic ages of the related volcanic activities for each district are still poorly defined or even totally missing. 40Ar/39Ar ages on 9 samples have been obtained to determine the age range for the VVP. 40Ar/39Ar whole rock step heating analyses yielded ages ranging from 40.7 ± 0.2 Ma to 23.3 ± 1.5 Ma for basanites of Val d'Adige and Marosticano area, respectively. For the Lessinean district, 40Ar/39Ar whole rock analyses for two basanites, one trachybasalt and one alkali basalt close to 40 Ma, while a tholeiite from the same area yielded the youngest age for this district (i.e. 32.9 ± 1.8 Ma). This young age is comparable to 40Ar/39Ar ages obtained for the Euganean Hills intermediate-acidic rocks (Jourdan, pers. comm., 2016), suggesting a time-related shift from more alkaline to Si-saturated magmatism in the whole province. References Barbieri G., Medizza F. (1969). Contributo alla conoscenza geologica della regione di Bolca (Monti Lessini). Memorie dell'Istituto di Geologia e Mineralogia dell'Università di Padova, 27, 1-36. Beccaluva L., Bianchini G., Bonadiman C., Coltorti M., Milani L., Salvini L., Siena F., Tassinari R. (2007). Intraplate

  17. New disposition for pain therapy in Italy, center for headache should be integrated in the network.


    Gensini, Gian Franco


    On March 15th 2010, Italy adopted the Law no. 38 "Disposizioni per garantire l'accesso alle cure palliative e alla terapia del dolore" (Provisions aimed at ensuring access to palliative care and pain therapy). The aim of pain therapy is to enable patients with chronic diseases to achieve pain control. Palliative care, as defined by the World Health Organization, aims at "improving the quality of life of patients and families, who face the problems associated with incurable diseases, through prevention and relief from suffering, achieved through an early identification and treatment of pain by pharmacological medication and other physical, psychosocial and spiritual techniques". The main issues addressed by the law concern the monitoring of pain (the doctors will have to record on the clinical report form every level of pain intensity suffered by the patient, the appropriate therapy administered, and the pain relief achieved. This report must be kept accurately in all settings: hospital, day hospital and in outpatients). The law also suggests the establishment of two kinds of regional networks. One network (including Hospices) ensures the administration of palliative care to terminally ill patients; the other, including clinics and centers of pain therapy, provides assistance to patients with chronic pain. These networks involve general practitioners, hospital specialists and pain therapy specialists in order to ensure the best patient care. Simplification of the prescription of opiate drugs is also included in the law. In the prescription of opiates, the National Health Service medical staff can use the normal prescription form, and opiates will reimbursed by the NHS, like all other drugs. In addition, the technical papers provide precise indications of the appropriate modality of administration. The law allocates (art. 12, paragraph 2) 100 million euros per year and € 2,450,000 in the biennium 2010-2011 to implement experimental regional projects: "hospital

  18. PREFACE: DICE 2006—Quantum Mechanics between Decoherence and Determinism

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Diósi, Lajos; Elze, Hans-Thomas; Vitiello, Giuseppe


    and sponsors generously supported the workshop and their representatives and, in particular, the citizens of Piombino are deeply thanked for the hospitality: G. Anselmi (Sindaco del Comune di Piombino), O. Dell'Omodarme (Assessore alle Culture), A. Tempestini (Assessore alla Pubblica Istruzione), E. Murzi (Assessore al Turismo), A. Falchi (Dirigente dei Servizi Educativi e Culturali), M. Gianfranchi (Responsabile del Servizio Promozione Culturale), T. Ghini (Ufficio Beni Culturali), and L. Grilli, C. Boggero and P. Venturi (Ufficio Cultura), M. Pierulivo (Segreteria del Sindaco), L. Pasquinucci (URP e Comunicazione). Thanks go to Idearte (Cooperativa di Servizi Culturali) and especially to L. Pesce (Vitrium Galleria, Populonia). Funds made available by Universitá di Pisa (Centro Interdisciplinare per lo Studio dei Sistemi Complessi -- CISSC and Domus Galilaeana) and Universitá di Salerno (Dipartimento di Fisica and INFN) are gratefully acknowledged. The research papers presented at the workshop, often incorporating further developments since then, have been edited by L. Diósi, H.-T. Elze and G. Vitiello. They are collected here, essentially following the program of the workshop, however, divided into Invited Lectures and Contributed Papers, respectively. In the name of all participants, we would like to thank G. Douglas (IOP Publishing, Bristol) for his friendly advice and immediate help during the editing process. Lajos Diósi, Hans-Thomas Elze and Giuseppe Vitiello Budapest, Pisa, Salerno, March 2007 1Decoherence and Entropy in Complex Systems ed H-T Elze Lecture Notes in Physics 633 (Berlin: Springer, 2004) 2Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Decoherence, Information, Complexity and Entropy DICE 2004 ed H-T Elze Braz. J. Phys. 35, 2A and 2B (2005) pp 205 529 freely accessible at:

  19. Neoproterozoic tectonic evolution of the Jebel Saghro and Bou Azzer - El Graara inliers, eastern and central Anti-Atlas, Morocco

    USGS Publications Warehouse

    Walsh, Gregory J.; Aleinikoff, John N.; Harrison, Richard W.; Burton, William C.; Quick, James E.; Benziane, Foudad; Yazidi, Abdelaziz; Saadane, Abderrahim


    much of the lower Ouarzazate Supergroup volcanic rocks in the area are probably related to caldera out-flow facies and collapse. Late stage PA3 intrusive rocks include the Bouskour–Sidi Flah and Timijt rhyolitic dike swarms at about 563 Ma, the voluminous pink Isk-n-Alla granite (559 ± 5 Ma), and volumetrically minor gabbro of Tagmout (556 ± 5 Ma). Rhyolite flows from the upper part of the Ouarzazate Supergroup, above a regional angular unconformity, yielded ages of 558 ± 4 and 556 ± 4 Ma. The youngest ages place an upper limit on block faulting and weak folding during latest Pan-African tectonic activity (PA3), coincident with the departure of the Cadomian crustal fragment from the northern margin of the WAC.

  20. The ancient harbour system of Terracina (Latium, Italy) obtained by gravity and seismic surveys.

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    di Nezza, Maria; di Filippo, Michele


    Historical research has shown that Terracina (Latina, Latium) played a fundamental role in the maritime and land traffic since before the foundation of the colony. The settlement was established where the organized system of maritime, land, coastal, and fluvial transport had the most ideal conditions to constitute an important commercial crossroads, apparently since the beginning of recorded history. In order to reconstruction the buried archaeological structures attributed to the ancient Roman port, traditionally attributed to Traiano, in the current area of the harbour of Terracina, it was carried out a gravity survey, more than 380 gravity stations. The gravity method enables to recognize the cavity and the structures of the buildings underground through the results of variations density in the subsoil. Seismic tomography treats the problem of identifying a buried structure as a wave propagation process by inverting the linearized wave equation to compute the spatial distribution of the slowness of the velocity. The purpose of our tomographic study is to further test the method and to guide archaeologists in their future excavations by locating and identifying buried structures. In the residual gravity anomaly map a series of positive anomalies are visible which confirm the round structures and the pier of the buried foundations of the Imperial harbour. Unfortunately, little remains of the functioning facilities of the harbour's activities. The modern construction of the harbour, in fact, has to be developed around the new inhabitable commercial area, know today as Terracina Bassa or Borgo alla Marina. It had to be developed with a modern infrastructure of a harbor area, as in the construction of the rooms for storage of goods, warehouses, as well as for the thermal baths, hotels and amphitheatre. Furthermore, there are always the positive anomalies that characterize the area to the north-east of "Montone" hill where archaeological remains are easily visible

  1. The benefits and harms of intravenous thrombolysis with recombinant tissue plasminogen activator within 6 h of acute ischaemic stroke (the third international stroke trial [IST-3]): a randomised controlled trial.


    Sandercock, Peter; Wardlaw, Joanna M; Lindley, Richard I; Dennis, Martin; Cohen, Geoff; Murray, Gordon; Innes, Karen; Venables, Graham; Czlonkowska, Anna; Kobayashi, Adam; Ricci, Stefano; Murray, Veronica; Berge, Eivind; Slot, Karsten Bruins; Hankey, Graeme J; Correia, Manuel; Peeters, Andre; Matz, Karl; Lyrer, Phillippe; Gubitz, Gord; Phillips, Stephen J; Arauz, Antonio


    improved functional outcome. Benefit did not seem to be diminished in elderly patients. UK Medical Research Council, Health Foundation UK, Stroke Association UK, Research Council of Norway, Arbetsmarknadens Partners Forsakringsbolag (AFA) Insurances Sweden, Swedish Heart Lung Fund, The Foundation of Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg, Polish Ministry of Science and Education, the Australian Heart Foundation, Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), Swiss National Research Foundation, Swiss Heart Foundation, Assessorato alla Sanita, Regione dell'Umbria, Italy, and Danube University. Copyright © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

  2. [Ecological study on the mortality of residents in Manfredonia (Apulia Region, Southern Italy) from 1970 to 2013].


    Gianicolo, Emilio Antonio Luca; Mangia, Cristina; Cervino, Marco; Bruni, Antonella; De Marchi, Bruna; Biggeri, Annibale; Porcu, Rosa; Vigotti, Maria Angela


    OBIETTIVI: valutare lo stato di salute della popolazione residente nel comune di Manfredonia dal 1970 al 2013. DISEGNO: analisi descrittiva dell'andamento temporale della mortalità generale, per gruppi di cause, dal 1970 al 2013. SETTING E PARTECIPANTI: i dati di mortalità e le popolazioni residenti sono di fonte Istat. Sono state esaminate 55 cause di decesso. Le analisi sono disaggregate per sesso e periodo. PRINCIPALI MISURE DI OUTCOME: sono stati elaborati i rapporti standardizzati di mortalità (SMR%), con i rispettivi intervalli di confidenza al 90% (IC90%), e i tassi di mortalità standardizzati col metodo diretto (TSD ). RISULTATI: lo stato di salute misurato dal tasso di mortalità per tutte le cause migliora nel tempo: i TSD passano da 92 x10.000 negli anni 1970-1974 a 52 x10.000 nel biennio 2012-2013 negli uomini, da 70 x10.000 a 39 x10.000 nelle donne. Tuttavia, rispetto alla media regionale Manfredonia perde progressivamente il suo vantaggio, passando da -20% a -10% negli uomini, e da -20% a +1,5% nelle donne. Questo andamento è molto evidente per il complesso delle cause cardiovascolari, mentre i tumori maligni sono in generale nella media regionale. Nell'ultimo periodo disponibile per causa di decesso (2006-2011), la mortalità per infarto miocardico è stata più alta della media regionale (uomini: +35%; donne: +54%). I rapporti standardizzati di mortalità (SMR) mostrano tra gli uomini valori in crescita, in particolar modo rispetto al riferimento provinciale, con un eccesso a cominciare dal periodo 2006-2011 (22 decessi/anno e 19 attesi; SMR%: 117,2; IC90% 101,1-135,2; riferimento: provincia di Foggia). Anche tra le donne gli SMR% superano i riferimenti provinciali negli ultimi periodi esaminati (nel 2012-2013: 7 decessi/ anno e 4,2 attesi; SMR%: 116,4; IC90% 97,0-260,7; riferimento: provincia di Foggia). CONCLUSIONI: la mortalità a Manfredonia è diminuita in misura minore rispetto a quella osservata nei riferimenti provinciali e regionali

  3. Sediment yield estimation in mountain catchments of the Camastra reservoir, southern Italy: a comparison among different empirical methods

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Lazzari, Maurizio; Danese, Maria; Gioia, Dario; Piccarreta, Marco


    using sediment storage in reservoirs provides a good opportunity: i) to test the reliability of the empirical methods used to estimate the sediment yield; ii) to investigate the catchment dynamics and its spatial and temporal evolution in terms of erosion, transport and deposition. References Ciccacci S., Fredi F., Lupia Palmieri E., Pugliese F., 1980. Contributo dell'analisi geomorfica quantitativa alla valutazione dell'entita dell'erosione nei bacini fluviali. Bollettino della Società Geologica Italiana 99: 455-516. Mitasova H, Hofierka J, Zlocha M, Iverson LR. 1996. Modeling topographic potential for erosion and deposition using GIS. International Journal of Geographical Information Systems 10: 629-641. Renard K.G., Foster G.R., Weesies G.A., McCool D.K., Yoder D.C., 1997. Predicting soil erosion by water: a guide to conservation planning with the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE), USDA-ARS, Agricultural Handbook No. 703.

  4. Editorial . Quantum fluctuations and coherence in optical and atomic structures

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Eschner, Jürgen; Gatti, Alessandra; Maître, Agnès; Morigi, Giovanna


    the quantum level leads naturally to the issue of entanglement. This is an exclusive feature of the quantum world, which represents a valuable resource for quantum information processing and for high-precision measurements. The de.nition and criteria for measuring entanglement have been traditionally formulated within the Hilbert-space formalism (the quantum state formalism). However, quantum structures are intrinsically multi-mode systems, for which the Hilbert-space approach is often unpractical and cumbersome. More appealing are the "classical looking" phase space descriptions, where it is hence of great importance to reformulate concepts such as entanglement or Bell inequalities. The paper by Santos addresses the general problem of characterizing the entanglement properties of an electromagnetic field in the language of Q-representation. Entanglement involving the spatial modes of the electromagnetic field carrying orbital angular momentum provides new degrees of freedom and could play an important role in the field of quantum information, since such non-classical states enable the possibility of multichannel communications. The paper by Barbosa discusses quantum states of twin photons produced by parametric down-conversion and entangled in polarization and orbital angular momentum. The issue of entanglement is intrinsically connected to decoherence, and to the transition from the quantum to the classical world. In particular, massive systems are characterized by strong interactions with the environment, and at room temperature they usually exhibit classical behaviour. In this context, the paper by Karlsson discusses the decay of quantum correlations of protons and positive muons in condensed matter, a system characterized by strong coupling to the environment, and proposes experiments where such quantum correlations could be measured. Mancini et al. investigate macroscopic manifestations of quantum features, presenting a proposal for entangling the macroscopic

  5. Psychometric properties of self-report concussion scales and checklists.


    McLeod, Tamara C Valovich; Leach, Candace


    Alla S, Sullivan SJ, Hale L, McCrory P. Self-report scales/checklists for the measurement of concussion symptoms: a systematic review. Br J Sports Med. 2009;43 (suppl 1):i3-i12. Which self-report symptom scales or checklists are psychometrically sound for clinical use to assess sport-related concussion? Articles available in full text, published from the establishment of each database through December 2008, were identified from PubMed, Medline, CINAHL, Scopus, Web of Science, SPORTDiscus, PsycINFO, and AMED. Search terms included brain concussion, signs or symptoms, and athletic injuries, in combination with the AND Boolean operator, and were limited to studies published in English. The authors also hand searched the reference lists of retrieved articles. Additional searches of books, conference proceedings, theses, and Web sites of commercial scales were done to provide additional information about the psychometric properties and development for those scales when needed in articles meeting the inclusion criteria. Articles were included if they identified all the items on the scale and the article was either an original research report describing the use of scales in the evaluation of concussion symptoms or a review article that discussed the use or development of concussion symptom scales. Only articles published in English and available in full text were included. From each study, the following information was extracted by the primary author using a standardized protocol: study design, publication year, participant characteristics, reliability of the scale, and details of the scale or checklist, including name, number of items, time of measurement, format, mode of report, data analysis, scoring, and psychometric properties. A quality assessment of included studies was done using 16 items from the Downs and Black checklist1 and assessed reporting, internal validity, and external validity. The initial database search identified 421 articles. After 131 duplicate

  6. Social vulnerability in the flood-prone anthropogenic landscape of Northern Italy

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Roder, Giulia; Sofia, Giulia; Wu, Zhifeng; Tarolli, Paolo


    alla cartografia. (Italian) The European Parliament and the Council of the European Union. Directive 2007/60/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 23 October 2007 on the assessment and management of flood risks. Off. J. Eur. Union 2007, L288-27

  7. Geomorpho-Landscapes

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Farabollini, Piero; Lugeri, Francesca; Amadio, Vittorio


    value -referring to biodiversity, geodiversity, culture- which can be considered as a special heritage. Starting from the concept of Geomorphosite, a geomorphologic landform with a scientific, cultural and socio-economical value (Panizza 2001), we propose a further definition, useful in the preliminary steps of the landscape analysis: "geomorpho-landscape" as a spatial object or component of a geological landscape, whose geo-morphological evolution, linked to the geological setting, are elements of aesthetical, semiological as well as historical and cultural value. The structure of the landscape is represented by the physical shape and spatial organization, in dynamic way: it is necessary to provide a readout of the landscape components that supplements the geo-morphological, lithological, geodiversity data (Lugeri et alii, 2012). The concept of "geomorpho-landscape" is conceived to address the need to describe by a synthetic approach the geological processes emerging at the landscape scale, allowing to link spatial patterns to geological processes Each geo-form has in itself geological, geo-morphological, landmark, historical and cultural features, of such special relevance, that they can be defined in terms of scientific quality, rarity, aesthetic appeal and educational and cultural value. Reference List AMADIO V. (2003). Analisi di sistemi e progetti di paesaggio. Franco Angeli, Milano, pp 236 AMADIO V, AMADEI M, BAGNAIA R, DI BUCCI D, LAURETI L, LISI A, LUGERI FR, LUGERI N. (2002). The role of Geomorphology in Landscape Ecology: The Landscape Unit Map of Italy', Scale 1: 250,000 ("Carta della Natura" Project). In: Allison RJ (ed) Applied Geomorphology: theory and practice. John Wiley & Sons, London, pp 265-282 APAT (2003). Carta della natura alla scala 1:250,000: metodologie di realizzazione. APAT, Manuali e linee guida 17/2003, Roma, pp 103 LUGERI F.R., FARABOLLINI P., GRAVIANO G. & AMADIO V. (2012). Geoheritage: Nature and culture in a landscape approach. European

  8. 3D modelling of the Austroalpine-Penninic collisional wedge of the NW Alps: dataset management and preliminary results

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Monopoli, Bruno; Bistacchi, Andrea; Bertolo, Davide; Dal Piaz, Giovanni; Gouffon, Yves; Massironi, Matteo; Sartori, Mario; Vittorio Dal Piaz, Giorgio


    considered as a sort of pseudo-stratigraphy, since they are the oldest feature that can be traced continuously at the map scale. For this reason we have developed a set of attributes identifying the tectonic and lithological units (a "legend"), implemented both in the GIS database and in the 3D models, which at the same time is compatible with the data structure of 3D modelling packages like Move and Skua/Gocad, and allows tracing the complex hierarchic classification of the units mapped in the GIS. This allows for the almost automatic and consistent two-way transfer of data between the GIS and geomodelling environments. E.g. results of 3D modelling, which is based on input data originally stored in the GIS, will eventually be transferred back to the GIS. The results of this study, which are preliminarily presented here, will open new opportunities to study the collision- and subduction-related nappe architecture and kinematics with younger deformations removed, and will eventually lead (with additional studies) to a step-by-step retrodeformation supported by modern technologies, following the path traced by Argand at the beginning of the 20th century. Argand E. 1909. L'exploration géologique des Alpes pennines centrales. Bull. Soc. Vaudoise Sci. Nat., 45, 217-276. Argand A. 1911. Les nappes de recouvrement des Alpes pennines et leurs prolongements structuraux. Mat. Carte Géol. Suisse, 31, 25. Argand A. 1916. Sur l'arc des Alpes occidentales. Eclogae Geol. Helv., 14, 145-191. Franchi S., Mattirolo E., Novarese V., Stella A. & Zaccagna D. 1908. Carta geologica delle Alpi Occidentali alla scala 1:400.000. Regio Ufficio Geologico, Roma. Gerlach H. 1869. Die Penninischen Alpen. N. Denkschr. Schweiz. Natf. Ges., 23, 132. Gerlach H. 1871. Das Suedwestliche Wallis. Beitraege Geol. Karte Schweiz, 9, 175. Giordano F. 1869. Sulla orografia e sulla geologica costituzione del Gran Cervino. Atti R. Acc. Sci. Torino, 4, 304-321.

  9. The use of straw in vineyards and orchards to reduce soil and water losses in Eastern Spain.

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Cerdà, Artemi; García-Díaz, Andrés; Rodrigo Comino, Jesús; Pereira, Paulo; Novara, Agata; Jordán, Antonio; Brevik, Eric


    Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant no. 603498 (RECARE Project). J. Rodrigo-Comino, was awarded with a scholar grant (FPU) by Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte de España (Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Spain). References Cerdà, A., González-Pelayo, Ó., Giménez-Morera, A., Jordán, A., Pereira, P., Novara, A., Brevik, E.C., Prosdocimi, M., Mahmoodabadi, M., Keesstra, S., Orenes, F.G., Ritsema, C.J. 2016. Use of barley straw residues to avoid high erosion and runoff rates on persimmon plantations in Eastern Spain under low frequency-high magnitude simulated rainfall events. Soil Research 54, 154-165. Keesstra, S., Pereira, P., Novara, A., Brevik, E.C., Azorin-Molina, C., Parras-Alcántara, L., Jordán, A., Cerdà, A. 2016. Effects of soil management techniques on soil water erosion in apricot orchards. Science of the Total Environment 551-552, 357-366. Mwango, S.B., B.M. Msanya, P. . Mtakwa, D.N. Kimaro, J. Deckers, and J. Poesen. 2016. Effectiveness of Mulching Under Miraba in Controlling Soil Erosion, Fertility Restoration and Crop Yield in the Usambara Mountains, Tanzania. Land Degradation and Development 27 (4): 1266-1275. doi:10.1002/ldr.2332. Novara, A., Gristina, l., Saladino, S.S., Santoto, S., Cerdà, A. 2011. Soil erosion assessment on tillage and alternative soil managements in a Sicilian vineyard. Soil and Tillage Research 117, 140-147. García-Díaz, A., Allas, R.B., Gristina, L., Cerdà, A., Pereira, P., Novara, A. 2016. Carbon input threshold for soil carbon budget optimization in eroding vineyards. Geoderma 271, 144-149. Prosdocimi M., Burguet M., Di Prima S., Sofia G., Terol E., Rodrigo Comino, J., Cerdà A., Tarolli P. 2017. Rainfall simulation and Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry for the analysis of soil water erosion in Mediterranean vineyards. Science of the Total Environment 574, 204-215. Prosdocimi, M., Cerdà, A., Tarolli, P. 2016a. Soil water erosion on Mediterranean vineyards: A review. Catena 141, 1

  10. VIMOS - a Cosmology Machine for the VLT

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)


    bundle can simultaneously observe a continuous sky area measuring no less than 56 x 56 arcsec 2. A dedicated machine, the Mask Manufacturing Unit (MMU) , cuts the slits for the entrance apertures of the spectrograph. The laser is capable of cutting 200 slits in less than 15 minutes. This facility was put into operation at Paranal by the VIRMOS Consortium already in August 2000 and has since been extensively used for observations with the FORS2 instrument; more details are available in ESO PR 19/99. Fast start-up of VIMOS at Paranal ESO PR Photo 09d/02 ESO PR Photo 09d/02 [Preview - JPEG: 473 x 400 pix - 280k] [Normal - JPEG: 946 x 1209 pix - 728k] ESO PR Photo 09e/02 ESO PR Photo 09e/02 [Preview - JPEG: 400 x 438 pix - 176k] [Normal - JPEG: 800 x 876 pix - 664k] Caption : PR Photo 09d/02 : The VIRMOS team in the MELIPAL control room, moments after "First Light" on February 26, 2002. From left to right: Oreste Caputi, Marco Scodeggio, Giovanni Sciarretta , Olivier Le Fevre, Sylvie Brau-Nogue, Christian Lucuix, Bianca Garilli, Markus Kissler-Patig (in front), Xavier Reyes, Michel Saisse, Luc Arnold and Guido Mancini . PR Photo 09e/02 : The spiral galaxy NGC 5364 was the first object to be observed by VIMOS. This false-colour near-infrared, raw "First Light" photo shows the extensive spiral arms. Technical information about this photo is available below. VIMOS was shipped from Observatoire de Haute-Provence (France) at the end of 2001, and reassembled at Paranal during a first period in January 2002. From mid-February, the instrument was made ready for installation on the VLT MELIPAL telescope; this happened on February 24, 2002. VIMOS saw "First Light" just two days later, on February 26, 2000, cf. PR Photo 09e/02 . During the same night, a number of excellent images were obtained of various objects, demonstrating the fine capabilities of the instrument in the "direct imaging"-mode. The first spectra were successfully taken during the night of March 2 - 3, 2002 . The slit

  11. AAS 227: Day 1

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Kohler, Susanna


    Editors Note:This week were at the 227th AAS Meeting in Kissimmee, FL. Along with several fellow authors from, I will bewritingupdates on selectedevents at themeeting and posting at the end of each day. Follow along here or at, or catch ourlive-tweeted updates from the @astrobites Twitter account. The usual posting schedule for AAS Nova will resumenext week.Things kicked off last night at our undergraduate reception booth. Thanks to all of you who stopped by we were delightedto have so many people tell us that they already know about and useastrobites, and we were excited to introduce a new cohort of students at AAS to astrobites for the first time.Tuesday morning was the official start of the meeting. Here are just a few of the talks and workshops astrobiters attended today.Opening Address (by Becky Smethurst)The President of the AAS, aka our fearless leader Meg Urry kicked off the meeting this morning at the purely coffee powered hour of 8am this morning. She spoke about the importance of young astronomers at the meeting (heres looking at you reader!) and also the importance of the new Working Group for Accessibility and Disabilities (aka WGAD pronounced like wicked) at the AAS. The Society has made extra effort this year to make the conference accessible to all,a message which was very well received by everyone in attendance.Kavli Lecture: New Horizons Alan Stern (by Becky Smethurst)We were definitely spoilt with the first Plenary lecture at this years conference Alan Stern gave us a a review of the New Horizons mission of the Pluto Fly By (astrobites covered the mission back in July with this post). We were treated to beautiful images, wonderful results and a foray into geology.Before (Hubble) and after #NewHorizons. #thatisall #science #astro alanstern #aas227 Science News (@topsciencething) January 5, 2016Some awesome facts from the lecture that blew my mind:New Horizons is now 2AU (!) beyond Pluto