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  1. 2004-2005 winter observing campaign at Rose-Hulman Institute: results for 1098 Hakone, 1182 Ilona, 1294 Antwerpia, 1450 Raimonda, 2251 Tikhov, and 2365 Interkosmos

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Lecrone, Crystal; Addleman, Don; Butler, Thomas; Hudson, Erin; Mulvihill, Alex; Reichert, Chris; Ross, Ian; Starnes, Harry; Ditteon, Richard


    CCD images recorded in November and December 2004 and January and February 2005 using the Tenagra 32-inch telescope and three telescopes located at Rose-Hulman's Oakley Observatory yielded lightcurves and periods for six asteroids: 1098 Hakone, 7.14±0.01 h, 0.40 mag; 1182 Ilona, 29.8±0.1 h, 1.20 mag; 1294 Antwerpia, 6.63±0.01 h, 0.40 mag; 1450 Raimonda, 12.66±0.02 h, 0.64 mag; 2251 Tikhov, 5.67±0.01 h, 0.40 mag; and 2365 Interkosmos, 5.78±0.01 h, 0.36 mag. In addition to these results, we found little or no lightcurve amplitude, possibly indicative of long periods, for asteroids 1114 Lorraine, 1166 Sakuntala, and 4332 Milton.


    EPA Science Inventory

    Differential Activation of AP-1 in Human Bladder Epithelial Cells by Inorganic and Methylated Arsenicals

    Zuzana Drobna, Ilona Jaspers, David J. Thomas, and Miroslav Styblo


    Epidemiological studies have linked chronic ingestion of drinking water contai...

  3. Impacted tooth


    ... Unerupted tooth References Buttaravoli P, Leffler SM, eds. Dental pain, pericoronitis. Minor Emergencies . 3rd ed. Philadelphia, PA: Elsevier Mosby; 2012:chap 46. Read More Abscess ... Updated by: Ilona Fotek, DMD, MS, Palm Beach Prosthodontics Dental Associates, West Palm Beach, FL. Review provided by ...

  4. TMJ disorders


    ... to other areas, causing a headache, earache, or toothache. Other possible causes of TMJ-related symptoms include ... Mosby; 2010:chap 94. Read More Arthritis Face ... Updated by: Ilona Fotek, DMD, MS, Palm Beach Prosthodontics Dental Associates, West Palm Beach, FL. Review provided by ...

  5. LC, SFE, GC, SFC interfacing

    SciTech Connect

    Davies, I.L.; Raynor, M.W.; Kithinji, J.P.; Bartle, K.D.; Williams, P.T.; Andrews, G.E.


    Liquid chromatography/gas chromatography, supercritical fluid chromatography/gas chromatography, and supercritical fluid extraction/gas chromatography hold great potential for the chromatographic analysis of samples that are too complex to be resolved by a single separation method. Ilona L. Davies and coworkers at the University of Leeds describe the concepts and necessary instrumentation.


    EPA Science Inventory


    Miroslav Styblo1,2,*, Zuzana Drobna1, Felecia S. Walton1, Ilona Jaspers1,2, Shan Lin3,
    Stephen B. Waters3, David J. Thomas4

    1Department of Pediatrics, 2Center for Environmental Medicine an...

  7. Diet History Questionnaire: Canadian Version

    The Diet History Questionnaire (DHQ) and the DHQ nutrient database were modified for use in Canada through the collaborative efforts of Dr. Amy Subar and staff at the Risk Factor Monitoring and Methods Branch, and Dr. Ilona Csizmadi and colleagues in the Division of Population Health and Information at the Alberta Cancer Board in Canada.

  8. Self-Help and Health in Europe. New Approaches in Health Care.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Hatch, Stephen, Ed.; Kickbusch, Ilona, Ed.

    This book brings together 24 contributions (from 13 European countries) about the role of self-help in the overall pattern of health care, dealing with both the practical and the theoretical: (1) "A Reorientation of Health Care?" (Ilona Kickbusch and Stephen Hatch); (2) "Self-help Groups in Primary Health Care" (David Robinson); (3) "Self-care:…

  9. Academic Writing in a Second Language: Essays on Research and Pedagogy.

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Belcher, Diane, Ed.; Braine, George, Ed.

    Essays on research and teaching of academic writing in English as a second language include:"When Practice Doesn't Make Perfect: The Case of a Graduate ESL Student" (Melanie Schneider, Naomi K. Fujishima); "Good Writing: I Know It When I See It" (Ilona Leki); "Redefining the Task: An Ethnographic Examination of Writing and Response in Graduate…

  10. Amelogenesis imperfecta


    ... is low in sugar and practicing very good oral hygiene can reduce the chance of developing cavities. Outlook (Prognosis) Treatment is often successful in protecting the teeth. ... by: Ilona Fotek, DMD, MS, Palm Beach Prosthodontics Dental Associates, West Palm Beach, FL. Review provided by ...


    EPA Science Inventory

    Nitrotyrosination of a-Tubulin Induces Epithelial Transport Dysfunction. Yuh-Chin Huang, Lisa Dailey, Wen-Li Zhang and Ilona Jaspers. ORD, Environmental Protection Agency and CEMLB, University of North Carolina

    a-Tubulin undergoes a cyclic removal and readdition of tyrosin...

  12. Classification of Murine Pulmonary Tumors —

    This WEB site contains a digital atlas of virtual histological slides with representative mouse and human pulmonary proliferative lesions. It complements the paper "Classification of Proliferative Pulmonary Lesions of the Mouse: Recommendations of the Mouse Models of Human Cancers Consortium" by Alexander Yu. Nikitin, Ana Alcaraz, Miriam R. Anver, Roderick T. Bronson, Robert D. Cardiff, Darlene Dixon, Armando E. Fraire, Edward W. Gabrielson, William T. Gunning, Diana C. Haines, Matthew H. Kaufman, R. Ilona Linnoila, Robert R. Maronpot, Alan S. Rabson, Robert L. Reddick, Sabine Rehm, Nora Rozengurt, Hildegard M. Schuller, Elena N. Shmidt, William D. Travis, Jerrold M. Ward and Tyler Jacks published in Cancer Research 64: 2307-2316, 2004

  13. Evidence for the role of organics in aerosol particle formation under atmospheric conditions

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Baltensperger, Urs


    New particle formation in the atmosphere is an important parameter in governing the radiative forcing of atmospheric aerosols. However, detailed nucleation mechanisms remain still ambiguous, as laboratory data have so far not been successful in explaining atmospheric nucleation. We investigated the formation of new particles in a smog chamber simulating the photochemical formation of H2SO4 and organic condensable species. Nucleation occurs at H2SO4 concentrations similar to the ones found in the ambient atmosphere during nucleation events. The measured particle formation rates are proportional to the product of the concentrations of H2SO4 and an organic molecule. This suggests that only one H2SO4 molecule and one organic molecule are involved in the rate limiting step of the observed nucleation process. Parameterizing this process in a global aerosol model results in substantially better agreement with ambient observations compared to control runs. Reference: Axel Metzger, Bart Verheggen, Josef Dommen, Jonathan Duplissy, Andre S. H. Prevot, Ernest Weingartner, Ilona Riipinen, Markku Kulmala, Dominick V. Spracklen, Kenneth S. Carslaw, and Urs Baltensperger, Evidence for the role of organics in aerosol particle formation under atmospheric conditions, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 107 (2010),

  14. Eco-monitoring of highly contaminated areas: historic heavy metal contamination in tree ring records

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Baross, Norbert; Jordán, Győző; Albert, Julianna; Abdaal, Ahmed; Anton, Attila


    This study examines and compares tree rings of trees grown in a mining area highly contaminated with heavy metals. Tree rings offers an excellent opportunity for eco-monitoring polluted areas. Contamination dispersion from the source to the receptors can be studied in time and space. The sampled area is located in the eastern part of the Matra Mts. of the Inner-Carpathian calc-alkaline Volcanic Arc (Hungary) with abundant historical ore (Pb, Zn, Cu, etc.) mining in the area. Dense forests are composed of the most typical association of the Turkey oak (Quercus cerris). Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris), European black pine (Pinus nigra), oak (Quercus robur), beech (Fagus sylvatica), and hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) also occurs in the landscape. Sampled trees are located within a 1km radius of the abandoned historic ore mines. Sample sites were located above the old mines and waste rock heaps, under the waste rock heaps and on the floodplain of the Ilona Creek. The sampled trees were selected by the following criteria: the tree should be healthy, showing no signs of thunderbolt or diseases and having a minimum diameter of 50 cm. Samples were taken with a tree borer at the height of 150 cm. At the same time, soil samples were also taken near the trees in a 25 cm depth. Prior to laboratory analysis, the samples measured and air dried. Every fifth years tree ring was taken from the samples under microscope, working backwards from the most recent outer ring (2012, the year of the sampling). Samples were digested with a mixture of H2SO4 and H2O2m in Teflon vessels in a microwave unit. The samples were analyzed by ICP-OES instrument. The results were evaluated with statistical method. Results revealed a consistent picture showing distinct locations and years of the contamination history in the former mining area. Some elements are built into the trees more efficiently than other elements depending on mobility in the soil solution that is influenced by soil chemical properties