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  1. 76 FR 41602 - Fair Credit Reporting Risk-Based Pricing Regulations

    Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014


    ... ``information overload'' for consumers, and detract from the primary purpose of the credit score information... respective risk-based pricing rules to require disclosure of credit scores and information relating to credit... rules are effective August 15, 2011. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Board: Krista P. Ayoub,...

  2. Using Multi-Angle WorldView-2 Imagery to Determine Ocean Depth Near Oahu, Hawaii

    DTIC Science & Technology


    NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL MONTEREY , CALIFORNIA THESIS Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited USING MULTI-ANGLE...FUNDING NUMBERS 6. AUTHOR(S) Krista R. Lee 7. PERFORMING ORGANIZATION NAME(S) AND ADDRESS(ES) Naval Postgraduate School Monterey , CA multiple angles over shallow water provide analysts with a unique perspective of bathymetry in coastal areas. Observations taken by

  3. CTC Sentinel. Volume 7, Issue 5

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Ansaru is the abbreviated name for Jama`at Ansar al- Muslimin fi Bilad al-Sudan, which in Arabic means Sup- porters of Muslims in the Land of Black...York Times, April 23, 2013; Krista Larson, “In Central African Republic, Diamonds Are Seleka Rebels’ Best Friend,” Associated Press, May 6, 2013. 50

  4. A Decision Tool to Evaluate Budgeting Methodologies for Estimating Facility Recapitalization Requirements

    DTIC Science & Technology


    REQUIREMENTS   THESIS Presented to the Faculty Department of Systems and Engineering Management Graduate School of Engineering and... Management Air Force Institute of Technology Air University Air Education and Training Command In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree...of Master of Science in Engineering Management Krista M. Hickman, BS Captain, USAF March 2008 APPROVED FOR PUBLIC RELEASE; DISTRIBUTION

  5. Overcoming Unintentional Barriers with Intentional Strategies: Educating Faculty about Student Disabilities

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Forrest, Krista D.


    Krista Forrest is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, where she teaches general psychology and life span development as well as advanced courses in adolescent psychology, group dynamics, and psychology and law. A graduate of North Carolina State University with a MS in developmental…

  6. Utopia University: A Faculty Member Reflects on Recommendations for the Future of SoTL

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Forrest, Krista D.


    The author, Krista D. Forrest, Professor of Psychology, University of Nebraska at Kearney, reports on what it would take to create a "Utopian university," a campus of the future where faculty members' scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) has gone on to change departments and as the departments changed, so did the institution.…

  7. Performing the Groundwork: Building a WEC/WAC Writing Program at The College of St. Scholastica

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Bastian, Heather


    This program profile describes the efforts needed to develop a new writing program at a small college. The author explores how she cultivated relations with disciplinary faculty to collaboratively redefine a "problem" into an opportunity by adopting Krista Ratcliffe's technique of rhetorical listening. She then outlines the…

  8. On Being Watched: Teaching the Wisdom of Adulthood

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Heischman, Daniel R.


    In "Speaking of Faith," radio journalist Krista Tippett recalls the time when she began to recognize the hypocrisy and contradictions in the behavior of the people around her. Tippett's experience is not only far from unusual, it is formative. It led her to make some important decisions in her life, including the desire never to live a life of…

  9. The Gap that Will Not Close: Civil-Military Relations and the All-Volunteer Force

    DTIC Science & Technology


    34An unprecedented number of veterans in our civilian community, and particularly their organized spokesmen, produce a military consciousness in spite...John Allen Williams and David R. Segal, Chapter 2 (New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 2000),19-20. 44 Peter D. Feaver, Richard H. Kohn, and...Krista E. Wiegand and David L. Paletz, "The Elite Media and the Military-Civilian Culture Gap," Armed Forces and Society 27, no. 2 (Winter 2001): 189. 48

  10. Assessing Automatic Aid as an Emergency Response Model

    DTIC Science & Technology


    children, Nicholas, Spencer , Kayla, and Krista: I appreciate your patience and understanding. I hope that I am a role model to you, proving that you...noted by all interview subjects and provides for the closest resource “without regard to the name on the door” as noted by Battalion Chief Matt Herbert ...states that he “expects to go to Alexandria or Fairfax everyday,”96 and Herbert expands on the close interaction by noting, “crews have dinner, drill

  11. Flow Rate In Microfluidic Pumps As A Function Of Tension and Pump Motor Head Speed

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Irwin, Anthony; McBride, Krista


    As the use of microfluidic devices has become more common in recent years the need for standardization within the pump systems has grown. The pumps are ball bearing rotor microfluidic pumps and work off the idea of peristalsis. The rapid contraction and relaxation propagating down a tube or a microfluidic channel. The ball bearings compress the tube (occlusion) and move along part of the tube length forcing fluid to move inside of the tube in the same direction of the ball bearings. When the ball bearing rolls off the area occupied by the microfluidic channel, its walls and ceiling undergo restitution and a pocket of low pressure is briefly formed pulling more of the liquid into the pump system. Before looking to standardize the pump systems it must be known how the tension placed by the pumps bearing heads onto the PDMS inserts channels affect the pumps performance (mainly the flow rate produced). The relationship of the speed at which the bearings on the motor head spin and the flow rate must also be established. This research produced calibration curves for flow rate vs. tension and rpm. These calibration curves allow the devices to be set to optimal user settings by simply varying either the motor head tension or the motor head speed. I would like to acknowledge the help and support of Vanderbilt University SyBBURE program, Christina Marasco, Stacy Sherod, Franck Block and Krista McBride.

  12. PREFACE: International Conference on the Applications of the Mössbauer Effect (ICAME 2009)

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Müller, Herbert; Reissner, Michael; Steiner, Walter; Wiesinger, Günter


    . The positive atmosphere, the high attendance in the sessions and the lively discussions made the conference a great success and a memorable event. It was pointed out, that Mössbauer spectroscopy is still an interesting and powerful method with great opportunities in the future. Herbert Müller (Secretary) Michael Reissner (Chairman) This book is dedicated to our colleagues Nicol Malcom, who could not come, because he suddenly died a few weeks in advance to the conference and Hercilio Rechenberg, who died on his way home from Vienna. Conference photograph Conference Organisation Local Organizing Committee Reissner Michael (Chairman)Müller Herbert (Conference Secretary) Amthauer Georg Lottermoser WernerSteiner Walter Bauer Ernst Michor Herwig Vogl Gero Bühler-Paschen Silke Müller Martin Waas Monika Grodzicki Michael Redhammer Günther Wiesinger Günter Grössinger Roland Sassik Herbert Hilscher Gerfried Sepiol Bogdan International Programme Committee Amthauer Georg Gütlich Philipp Steiner Walter Baggio-Saitovich Elisa Litterst Fred Jochen Trautwein Alfred Xaver Berry Frank Long Gary Vogl Gero Felner Israel Nagy Denes Lajos Yoshida Yutaka Greneche Jean-Marc Rüffer Rudolf International Advisory Board Alp E ErcanGénin Jean-Marie Baggio-Saitovitch Elisa Greneche Jean-Marc Miglierini Marcel Balogh Judit Grodzicki Michael Musić Svetozar Bender Koch Christian Gütlich Philipp Nagy Dénes Lajos Berry Frank Häggström Lennart Nishida Tetsuaki Brown Dennis Hanzel Darko Pérez Alcázar German Campbell Stewart Hassaan Mohamed Yousri Rüffer Rudolf Carbucicchio Massimo Jumas Jean-Claude Ryan Dominic H Croci Simonetta Kadyrzhanov Kariat Sanchez Francisco Di Naili Katila Toivo Schünemann Volker Elzain Mohamed Kim Chul Sung Stanek Jan Fabris José Domingos Klingelhöfer Göstar Stevens John Felner Israel Langouche Guido Suzdalev Igor P Fern George R Lyubutin Igor S Szymanski Krzysztof Forder Sue D Marco Jose F Waanders Frans Gajbhiye Nandeo Mašlaň Miroslav Yoshida Yutaka