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  1. Lead Poisoning-Induced Hypertensive Crisis Managed by Prazosin: A Case Report

    PubMed Central

    Dadpour, Bita; Mehrpour, Omid; Etemad, Leila; Moshiri, Mohammad


    Introduction Chronic lead exposure is known to be a risk factor for hypertension (HTN). No specific medication is recommended for the treatment of lead-induced hypertension (LIHTN). Case Presentation Our patient was a male admitted with the chief complaint of chronic abdominal pain. His whole blood lead level was reported to be 1961 µg/L. He also mentioned a previous history of HTN managed by propranolol (10 mg, TDS). He discharged himself by giving written consent and 19 days later, he was re-admitted due to high blood pressure of 220/140 mmHg. His Blood pressure (BP) was decreased to 180/110 mmHg with sublingual captopril; but, in maintenance therapy, higher doses of captopril could not further decrease BP. Amlodipine was tried which was discontinued due to the patient intolerance. Prazosin was then administered in gradual increasing doses up to 1 mg twice a day and captopril was tapered. Conclusions We would like to suggest that LIHTN may better be managed by alpha blockers compared with converting enzyme inhibitors PMID:24349754