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  1. Post-communist lavender menace: lesbians in mainstream East European film.


    Moss, Kevin; Simić, Mima


    The article examines four films-Károly Makk's Egymásra nézve (Another Way, Hungary, 1982), Maja Weiss's Varuh meje (Guardian of the Frontier, Slovenia 2002), Dalibor Matanić's Fine mrtve djevojke (Fine Dead Girls, Croatia, 2002), and Dragan Marinković's Diši duboko (Take a Deep Breath, Serbia, 2004)-as post-communist or dissident national allegories. In all of these films by straight directors the lesbians represent a metaphorical threat to the hetero/sexist national order, but they are unfortunately little more than simulacra. They can be emotionally real (and fun for the straight male audience to ogle), but that ultimately works against them, because instead of representing real lesbian communities, they still have to affirm the stereotype of tragic lesbian destiny straight audiences find comforting.

  2. [Monitoring the flux of carbon dioxide gas with tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy].


    Song, Xue-Mei; Liu, Jian-Guo; Zhang, Yu-Jun; Zeng, Zong-Yong; He, Ying; Cui, Yi-Ben; Chen, Yin; Tian, Yong-Zhi; Zhang, Liang


    The greenhouse effect exacerbated by the increase of Carbon-containing gases is the more important causes of the climate change, It is very meaningful to the large-scale flux of carbon dioxide detection for the estimate the contributions of the main greenhouse gases in the atmosphere of various errestrial eco-systems. Tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS) is a highly sensitive, highly selective and fast time response trace gas detection technique. In the present paper, the authors used a DFB laser was used as the light source, and by employing wavelength modulation method, and measuring the second harmonic signal of one absorption line near 1.573 microm of carbon dioxide molecule, the authors built a system for online monitoring of carbon dioxide concentration within the optical path of more than 700 meters at different heights. Combined with Alonzo Mourning -Obukhov length and characteristic velocity detected by large aperture scintillometer, the flux of carbon dioxide gas within one day calculated by the formula is within--1.5-2.5, breaking through the phenomenon of only providing the flux of trace gases near the ground at present, makking the measurement of trace gas fluxes within a large area possible.

  3. Numerical simulation of inter-annual variations in the properties of the upper mixed layer in the Black Sea over the last 34 years

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Shapiro, Georgy I.; Wobus, Fred; Zatsepin, Andrei G.; Akivis, Tatiana M.; Zanacchi, Marcus; Stanichny, Sergey


    calculated using the method by Thomson (1976). It is highly dependent on the meteorological forcing, in particular the wind speed. The correlation between the variations of parameters of UML, the weather patterns, buoyancy fluxes and the kinetic energy of the UML circulation is analysed. This study was supported by EU FP7 PERSEUS and EU FP7 MyOcean2 projects. References BSERP-3. Black Sea Ecosystem Recovery Project. BSERP-3 cruise, May 2004., 2004. Brodeau, L., B. Barnier, A-M. Treguier, T. Penduff, S. Gulev : An ERA40-based atmospheric forcing for global ocean circulation models, Ocean Modelling, 31, (3-4), 88-104, 2010, Meinvielle, M., Brankart, J.-M., Brasseur, P., Barnier, B., Dussin, R., and Verron, J.: Optimal adjustment of the atmospheric forcing parameters of ocean models using sea surface temperature data assimilation, Ocean Sci., 9, 867-883, doi:10.5194/os-9-867-2013, 2013. MODIS-AQUA., 2013. O'Dea, E. J., While, J., Furner, R., Arnold, A., Hyder, P., Storkey, D., Edwards, K.P., Siddorn, J.R., Martin, M.J., Liu, H., Holt, J.T.: An operational ocean forecast system incorporating SST data assimilation for the tidally driven European North-West European shelf. Journal of Operational Oceanography, 5, 3-17, 2012. Piotukh V.B., Zatsepin A.G., Kazmin A.S., Yakubenko V.G.: Impact of the winter cooling on the variability of the thermohaline characteristics of the active layer in the Black Sea. Oceanology, 41, 2, 221-230, 2011 Shapiro, G.I.: Black Sea Circulation. In: Encyclopedia of Ocean Sciences (Second Edition). Eds: J. H. Steele, K. K. Turekian, and S. A. Thorpe. ISBN: 978-0-12-374473-9, P.3519-3532, 2008. Sur, H. I., and Y. P. Ilyin: Evolution of satellite derived mesoscale thermal patterns in the Black Sea, Prog. Oceanogr., 39, 109-151, 1997 Suvorov, A.M., Eremeev, V.N., Belokopytov, V

  4. PREFACE: Dynamics of low-dimensional systems Dynamics of low-dimensional systems

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bernasconi, M.; Miret-Artés, S.; Toennies, J. P.


    vibrational spectra of clusters and carbon-based nanostructures, just to name a few of the low-dimensional systems addressed in this special issue, can be both accurately computed from first principles and measured experimentally. Even less computationally demanding semi-empirical simulations based on tight-binding or continuum models play a crucial role in assessing, for instance, the interplay between morphology, defects and the elastic properties of low-dimensional systems. The impressive amount of work and progress achieved in the past decade within the general theory and spectroscopy of the dynamics of low-dimensional systems is marked by several relevant trends that are exemplified by the contributions gathered together in this special issue. They span a wide spectrum of experimental and theoretical methods applied to the study of the dynamical properties of low-dimensional systems and new emerging phenomena at the nanoscale, such as the peculiar optical properties of ring shaped quantum dots, plasmon dynamics in metallic nanoclusters and the relaxation dynamics of nanomagnets. This issue is dedicated to our esteemed colleague Giorgio Benedek on the occasion of his 70th birthday. It collects together a number of papers written by authors from all over the world with a recognized reputation in the above mentioned fields where Giorgio Benedek has made important and fundamental contributions. Dynamics of low-dimensional systems contents Narratives Giorgio Benedek: an extraordinary universal scientist M Bernasconi, S Miret-Artés and J P Toennies Helium and carbon: two friends for life Giorgio Benedek Special Issue Papers Temperature dependence in atom-surface scattering Eli Pollak and J R Manson Density functional study of the decomposition pathways of SiH3 and GeH3 at the Si(100) and Ge(100) surfaces M Ceriotti, F Montalenti and M Bernasconi Comparative study of vibrations in submonolayer structures of potassium on Pt(111) G G Rusina, S V Eremeev, S D Borisova and E V