Sample records for malykh doz ioniziruyushchej

  1. Passive seismic tomography application for cave monitoring in DOZ underground mine PT. Freeport Indonesia

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Nurhandoko, Bagus Endar B.; Wely, Woen; Setiadi, Herlan; Riyanto, Erwin


    It is already known that tomography has a great impact for analyzing and mapping unknown objects based on inversion, travel time as well as waveform inversion. Therefore, tomography has used in wide area, not only in medical but also in petroleum as well as mining. Recently, tomography method is being applied in several mining industries. A case study of tomography imaging has been carried out in DOZ ( Deep Ore Zone ) block caving mine, Tembagapura, Papua. Many researchers are undergoing to investigate the properties of DOZ cave not only outside but also inside which is unknown. Tomography takes a part for determining this objective.The sources are natural from the seismic events that caused by mining induced seismicity and rocks deformation activity, therefore it is called as passive seismic. These microseismic travel time data are processed by Simultaneous Iterative Reconstruction Technique (SIRT). The result of the inversion can be used for DOZ cave monitoring. These information must be used for identifying weak zone inside the cave. In addition, these results of tomography can be used to determine DOZ and cave information to support mine activity in PT. Freeport Indonesia.

  2. Passive seismic tomography application for cave monitoring in DOZ underground mine PT. Freeport Indonesia

    SciTech Connect

    Nurhandoko, Bagus Endar B.; Wely, Woen; Setiadi, Herlan; Riyanto, Erwin


    It is already known that tomography has a great impact for analyzing and mapping unknown objects based on inversion, travel time as well as waveform inversion. Therefore, tomography has used in wide area, not only in medical but also in petroleum as well as mining. Recently, tomography method is being applied in several mining industries. A case study of tomography imaging has been carried out in DOZ ( Deep Ore Zone ) block caving mine, Tembagapura, Papua. Many researchers are undergoing to investigate the properties of DOZ cave not only outside but also inside which is unknown. Tomography takes a part for determining this objective.The sources are natural from the seismic events that caused by mining induced seismicity and rocks deformation activity, therefore it is called as passive seismic. These microseismic travel time data are processed by Simultaneous Iterative Reconstruction Technique (SIRT). The result of the inversion can be used for DOZ cave monitoring. These information must be used for identifying weak zone inside the cave. In addition, these results of tomography can be used to determine DOZ and cave information to support mine activity in PT. Freeport Indonesia.

  3. Rapid Semi-Quantitative Surface Mapping of Airborne-Dispersed Chemicals Using Mass Spectrometry

    EPA Science Inventory

    Chemicals can be dispersed accidentally, deliberately, or by weather-related events. Rapid mapping of contaminant distributions is necessary to assess exposure risks and to plan remediation, when needed. Ten pulverized aspirin or NoDozTM tablets containing caffeine wer...

  4. Non-universal bound states of two identical heavy fermions and one light particle

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Safavi, Arghavan; Rittenhouse, Seth; Blume, Dorte; Sadeghpour, Hossein


    We study a system of two identical heavy fermions of mass M and light particle of mass m. The interspecies interaction is modeled using a short-range two-body potential with positive s-wave scattering length. We impose a short-range boundary condition on the logarithmic derivative of the hyperradial wavefunction and show that, in the regime where Efimov states are absent, a non-universal three-body state ``cuts through'' the universal three-body states previously described by Kartavtsev and Malykh [O. I. Kartavtsev and A. V. Malykh, J. Phys. B 40, 1429 (2007)]. We study the effect of the non-universal state on the behavior of the universal states and use a simple quantum defect theory, utilizing hyperspherical coordinates, to explain the existence of the non-universal state. An empirical two-state model is employed to quantify the coupling of the non-universal state to the universal states. This work was supported by NSF through a grant for the Institute for Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics at Harvard University and Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and through grant PHY-1205443.

  5. Problems following hippocampal irradiation in interventional radiologists - doses and potential effects: a Monte Carlo simulation.


    Chumak, V; Morgun, A; Bakhanova, E; Loganovsky, K; Loganovska, T; Marazziti, D


    Metoiu doslidzhennia bulo vyvchyty zakonomirnosti formuvannia doz na gipokamp v umovakh roboty likaria inter ventsiynogo kardiologa u rentgen operatsiyniy metodom Monte Karlo, a takozh vstanovyty Ikhniy zv’iazok z efek tyvnoiu dozoiu (shcho vykorystovuiet'sia u radiatsiynomu zakhysti) ta pokazanniamy indyvidual'nykh dozymetriv, shchob otsinyty ymovirnist' dosiagnennia protiagom kar’iery rivnia dozy, pry iakomu mozhut' sposterigatysia taki radiatsiyni efekty, iak kognityvni porushennia ta inshi nervovo psykhichni rozlady.Materialy i metody: modeliuvannia metodom Monte Karlo doz oprominennia gipokampiv likaria za dopomogoiu gibrydnogo voksel'no matematychnogo fantoma dlia typovykh angiografichnykh proektsiy ta energetychnykh spektriv, vlastyvykh dlia protsedur interventsiynoI kardiologiI.Rezul'taty: pokazano, shcho oprominennia golovy ie syl'no neodnoridnym i zalezhyt' vid rentgenografichnoI pro ektsiI: vidminnist' doz oprominennia livogo ta pravogo gipokampa mozhe stanovyty do dvokh z polovynoiu raziv, za pevnykh umov doza u livomu gipokampi mozhe vdvichi perevyshchuvaty efektyvnu dozu, iaku otsiniuvaly za poshyrenym algorytmom podviynoI dozymetriI.Vysnovky: dozy na gipokamp protiagom stazhu profesiynogo oprominennia mozhut' siagaty velychyn, pry iakykh mo zhut' z’iavytysia kognityvni ta emotsiyno povedinkovi porushennia, tomu glyboke vyvchennia efektiv oprominennia mozku pratsivnykiv interventsiynoI radiologiI ie vkray neobkhidnym.

  6. Effect of fortified complementary food supplementation on child growth in rural Bangladesh: a cluster-randomized trial

    PubMed Central

    Christian, Parul; Shaikh, Saijuddin; Shamim, Abu Ahmed; Mehra, Sucheta; Wu, Lee; Mitra, Maithilee; Ali, Hasmot; Merrill, Rebecca D; Choudhury, Nuzhat; Parveen, Monira; Fuli, Rachel D; Hossain, Md Iqbal; Islam, Md Munirul; Klemm, Rolf; Schulze, Kerry; Labrique, Alain; de Pee, Saskia; Ahmed, Tahmeed; West, Keith P


    Background: Growth faltering in the first 2 years of life is high in South Asia where prevalence of stunting is estimated at 40–50%. Although nutrition counselling has shown modest benefits, few intervention trials of food supplementation exist showing improvements in growth and prevention of stunting. Methods: A cluster-randomized controlled trial was conducted in rural Bangladesh to test the effect of two local, ready-to-use foods (chickpea and rice-lentil based) and a fortified blended food (wheat-soy-blend++, WSB++) compared with Plumpy’doz, all with nutrition counselling vs nutrition counselling alone (control) on outcomes of linear growth (length and length-for-age z-score, LAZ), stunting (LAZ < −2), weight-for-length z-score (WLZ) and wasting (WLZ < −2) in children 6–18 months of age. Children (n = 5536) were enrolled at 6 months of age and, in the food groups, provided with one of the allocated supplements daily for a year. Results: Growth deceleration occurred from 6 to 18 months of age but deceleration in LAZ was lower (by 0.02–0.04/month) in the Plumpy’doz (P = 0.02), rice-lentil (< 0.01), and chickpea (< 0.01) groups relative to control, whereas WLZ decline was lower only in Plumpy’doz and chickpea groups. WSB++ did not impact on these outcomes. The prevalence of stunting was 44% at 18 months in the control group, but lower by 5–6% (P ≤ 0.01) in those receiving Plumpy’doz and chickpea. Mean length and LAZ at 18 months were higher by 0.27–0.30 cm and 0.07–0.10 (all P < 0.05), respectively, in all four food groups relative to the control. Conclusions: In rural Bangladesh, small amounts of daily fortified complementary foods, provided for a year in addition to nutrition counselling, modestly increased linear growth and reduced stunting at 18 months of age. PMID:26275453

  7. Historic Settlement in the Upper Tombigbee Valley.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    pan 2/- .25 2 Toilet Bottles 8/- (ea) 1.00 3 pr. shoes 8/- (ea) 3.00 2 Bots cloves 18t (ea) .36 3 pr. boys’ shoes 80¢ (ea) 2.40 20 Paste-boards 5, (ea...Indigo 12/- (ea) 3.00 4 pr. embroidered gloves 7/- 3.50 1 1/2 lbs. Cloves & nutmegs 5/- .94 1 pr. Lind Braid 12/- 1.50 16 lbs. spice 15c 2.25 10 Doz

  8. Experience of study of the incidence of malignant neoplasms population in small areas of Ukraine, which suffered contamination with radionuclides due to the Chornobyl accident.


    Prysyazhnyuk, A Ye; Fuzik, M M; Gudzenko, N A; Bazyka, D A; Fedorenko, Z P; Ryzhov, A Yu; Sumkina, O V; Trotsyuk, N K; Khukhrianska, O M


    Meta doslidzhennia: otsinyty dynamiku realizatsii ryzykiv vynyknennia zloiakisnykh novoutvoren' na okremykh malykh terytoriiakh Ukrainy v do- ta pisliaavariinyi periody. Materialy ta metody. Doslidzhuvana populiatsiina grupa – naselennia Malyns'kogo raionu Zhytomyrs'koi oblasti. Period sposterezhennia – 1980–2014 rr. Doslidzhuvalas' zakhvoriuvanist' na zloiakisni novoutvorennia v tsilomu ta okremi nozologichni formy (rak shchytovydnoi zalozy, rak molochnoi zalozy, novoutvorennia krovotvornoi ta limfoidnoi systemy). Vykorystovuvalys' metody variatsiinoi statystyky ta deskryptyvnoi epidemiologii.Rezul'taty roboty. Kharakterystyky vplyvu ionizuiuchogo vyprominiuvannia na naselennia Malyns'kogo raionu svidchat' pro potentsiinu mozhlyvist' negatyvnykh efektiv, osoblyvo shchodo patologii shchytovydnoi zalozy. Poriad z tym, shcho seredni sumarni efektyvni dozy oprominennia vs'ogo tila za rakhunok radiotseziiu naselennia Malyns'kogo raionu (5,9 mZv), znakhodiat'sia na rivni serednikh po Zhytomyrs'ksq oblasti i ie znachno nyzhchymy porivniano z analogichnymy pokaznykamy inshykh raioniv pivnichnoi chastyny oblasti, dozy vnutrishn'ogo oprominennia na shchytopodibnu zalozu, a same 236 mGr, znachno perevyshchuiut' oblasni pokaznyky – 81 mGr. Khocha riven' zakhvoriuvanosti naselennia Malyns'kogo raionu na zloiakisni novoutvorennia v tsilomu buv pryblyzno na natsional'nomu rivni 1999–2003 rr., ta nyzhche za n'ogo v 2012–2014 rr., perevyshchuiuchy pry ts'omu pokaznyky Zhytomyrs'koi oblasti, chastota raku shchytovydnoi zalozy v 2012–2014 rr. u Malyns'komu raioni bula u 1,7 raza vyshchoiu porivniano z danymy po Ukraini ta u 1,9 raza vyshchoiu porivniano z danymy po Zhytomyrs'kii oblasti. Iak i v bil'shosti pivnichnykh raioniv, shcho pidpaly pid diiu opadiv radioaktyvnogo iodu, sposterigaiet'sia realizatsiia pidvyshchenogo radiatsiinogo ryzyku raku ts'ogo organu. Chastota raku molochnoi zalozy u zhinochogo naselennia Malyns'kogo raionu ie nainyzhchoiu porivniano z

  9. Reconstruction of national distribution of indoor radon concentration in Russia using results of regional indoor radon measurement programs.


    Yarmoshenko, I; Malinovsky, G; Vasilyev, A; Zhukovsky, M


    The aim of the paper is a reconstruction of the national distribution and estimation of the arithmetic average indoor radon concentration in Russia using the data of official annual 4-DOZ reports. Annual 4-DOZ reports summarize results of radiation measurements in 83 regions of Russian Federation. Information on more than 400,000 indoor radon measurements includes the average indoor radon isotopes equilibrium equivalent concentration (EEC) and number of measurements by regions and by three main types of houses: wooden, one-storey non-wooden, and multi-storey non-wooden houses. To reconstruct the national distribution, all-Russian model sample was generated by integration of sub-samples created using the results of each annual regional program of indoor radon measurements in each type of buildings. According to indoor radon concentration distribution reconstruction, all-Russian average indoor radon concentration is 48 Bq/m(3). Average indoor radon concentration by region ranges from 12 to 207 Bq/m(3). The 95-th percentile of the distribution is reached at indoor radon concentration 160 Bq/m(3).

  10. Anti-self-dual gravitational metrics determined by the modified heavenly equation

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Sheftel, M. B.; Yazıcı, D.


    In paper Doubrov and Ferapontov (2010) on the classification of integrable complex Monge-Ampère equations, the modified heavenly (MH) equation of Dubrov and Ferapontov is one of canonical equations. It is well known that solutions of the first and second heavenly equations of Plebañski (1975) and those of the Husain equation in Husain (1994) provide potentials for anti-self-dual (ASD) Ricci-flat vacuum metrics. For another canonical equation, the general heavenly equation of Dubrov and Ferapontov (2010), we had constructed in Malykh and Sheftel (2011) ASD Ricci-flat metric governed by this equation. Thus, the modified heavenly equation remains the only one in the list of canonical equations in Doubrov and Ferapontov (2010) for which such a metric is missing so far. Our aim here is to construct null tetrad of vector fields, coframe 1-forms and ASD Ricci-flat metric for the latter equation. We study reality conditions and signature for the resulting metric. As an example, we obtain a multi-parameter cubic solution of the MH equation which yields a family of metrics with the above properties. Riemann curvature 2-forms are also explicitly presented for the cubic solution.

  11. Revealing the significance and polyphase tectonothermal evolution of a major metamorphic unit in an orogen: the central Sanandaj-Sirjan zone, Zagros Mts., Iran

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Shakerardakani, Farzaneh; Neubauer, Franz; Genser, Johann; Liu, Xiaoming; Dong, Yunpeng; Monfaredi, Behzad; Benroider, Manfred; Finger, Fritz; Waitzinger, Michael


    The Dorud-Azna region in the central Sanandaj-Sirjan metamorphic belt plays a key role in promoting the tectonic evolution of Zagros orogen, within the frame of the Arabia-Eurasia collision zone. From footwall to hangingwall, structural data combined with the U-Pb zircon and extensive 40Ar-39Ar mineral dating survey demonstrate three metamorphosed tectonic units, which include: (1) The Triassic June complex is metamorphosed within greenschist facies conditions, overlain by (2) the amphibolite-grade metamorphic Galeh-Doz orthogneiss, which is intruded by mafic dykes, and (3) the Amphibolite-Metagabbro unit. To the east, these units were intruded by the Jurassic Darijune gabbro. We present U-Pb detrital zircon ages of a garnet-micaschist from the Amphibolite-Metagabbro unit, which yield six distinctive age groups, including a previously unrecognized Late Grenvillian age population at ~0.93 to 0.99 Ga. We speculate that this unique Late Grenvillian group coupled with biogeographic evidence suggests either relationship with the South China craton or to the "Gondwana superfan". The laser ablation ICP-MS U-Pb zircon ages of 608 ± 18 Ma and 588 ± 41 Ma of the granitic Galeh-Doz orthogneiss reveals a Panafrican basement same as known from the Yazd block of Central Iran. Geochemistry and Sr-Nd isotopes of alkaline and subalkaline mafic dykes within the Galeh-Doz orthogneiss show OIB-type to MORB-type and indicate involvement of both depleted and enriched sources for its genesis. The new 40Ar-39Ar amphibole age of ca. 322.2 ± 3.9 Ma from the alkaline mafic dyke implies Carboniferous cooling age after intrusion. The metagabbros (including the Dare-Hedavand metagabbro with a 206Pb/238U age of 314.6 ± 3.7 Ma) and amphibolites with E-MORB geochemical signature of the Amphibolite-Metagabbro unit represent an Upper Paleozoic rift. The geochemical composition of the Triassic greenschist facies metamorphosed June complex, implying formation in a same, but younger tectonic

  12. Effect of low dose ionising radiation and nitric oxide on the state of animal blood system.


    Rodionova, N; Ganzha, O; Makovetska, L; Druzhyna, M; Muzalov, I; Mikhailenko, V


    Meta: doslidyty tryvalyj vplyv oksydu azotu ta malyh doz ionizujuchoi' radiacii' na stan systemy krovi. Materialy i metody. V eksperymenti vykorystani neinbredni samci-shhury vagoju 120–140 g. Tvaryny zaznavaly dii' riznyh chynnykiv: ingaljacii' oksydom azotu protjagom 30 dib (po 14 godyn na dobu), frakcionovanogo oprominennja malymy dozamy ionizujuchoi' radiacii' v sumarnij dozi 1,0 Gr ta i'h sumisnogo vplyvu. Doslidzhuvaly gematologichni, biohimichni ta biofizychni pokaznyky. Rezul'taty doslidzhennja. Pokazana radiozahysna dija oksydu azotu na morfofunkcional'ni pokaznyky, shho projavljalos' u reakcii' erytroi'dnogo pulu krovotvorennja i limfocytarnoi' lanky, u rivni porushennja okysnogo metabolizmu, znyzhenni vmistu atypovyh limfocytiv u peryferychnij krovi. Vysnovok. Oksyd azotu za sumisnoi' prolongovanoi' dii' z malymy dozamy ionizujuchogo vyprominjuvannja vyjavljaje radiozahysnyj efekt u systemi krovi. Kombinovana dija zaznachenyh chynnykiv, shho harakteryzujut'sja vplyvom na rizni metabolichni shljahy, pryzvodyt' do bil'sh efektyvnoi' adaptacii', nizh i'h okreme zastosuvannja.

  13. [Optimization of accounting for radiation exposure of patients as a basis for assessing the risk of stochastic effects due to medical X-ray diagnostic irradiation].


    Kalinina, M V; Zhukova, T V; Kononenko, N A


    The work is devoted to optimization of the control and accounting for radiation exposure of patients in the X-ray examinations by means of improving existing forms of state statistical survey (form #3-DOZ.). The analysis of the radiation exposure of patients in medical institutions of the Rostov region for the period of 2005-2011 was carried out. It is proposed to exclude the information about the individual patient doses received by calculation; differentiate a group of "adult patients' on age and gender, selecting the reproductive age, discriminate as a separate category of dose-generating, intervention methods of research that will allow to more accurately calculate the risk of the development of stochastic effects of the medical radiation exposure to population.

  14. Testing and validation of methods for dose measuring in anisotropic fields under occupational exposure in interventional cardiology.


    Voloskyi, V N; Chumak, V V; Bakhanova, O V; Morgun, A A


    Metoju roboty bula eksperymental'na perevirka praktychnogo zastosuvannja rozroblenoi' dlja umov AES metodyky ocinky indyvidual'noi' efektyvnoi' dozy za pokazannjamy chotyr'oh dozymetriv v umovah neodnoridnogo zovnishn'ogo gamma-oprominennja z vidomymy kutovymy harakterystykamy polja vyprominjuvannja. Materialy ta metody doslidzhen': provedeno dvi serii' eksperymental'nyh fantomnyh doslidzhen' v umovah rentgen-operacijnoi' na robochyh miscjah likariv intervencijnoi' kardiologii' pid chas provedennja operacij. Rezul'taty ta vysnovky: pokazano, shho dozovi polja v tili medychnogo pracivnyka harakteryzujut'sja znachnymy gradijentamy, pokazannja indyvidual'nyh dozymetriv, zalezhno vid miscja roztashuvannja, mozhut' vidriznjatysja vid 1,5 do 10 raziv, otzhe, vykorystannja odnogo dozymetra ne daje dostatn'oi' informacii' dlja dostovirnoi' ocinky efektyvnoi' dozy. Doslidzhennja pidtverdyly mozhlyvist' zastosuvannja metodyky AES na robochomu misci intervencijnogo kardiologa. Prodemonstrovano neobhidnist' kontrolju doz na kryshtalyk oka.

  15. 10 rules for managing global innovation.


    Wilson, Keeley; Doz, Yves L


    More and more companies recognize that their dispersed, global operations are a treasure trove of ideas and capabilities for innovation. But it's proving harder than expected to unearth those ideas or exploit those capabilities. Part of the problem is that companies manage global innovation the same way they manage traditional, single-location projects. Single-location projects draw on a large reservoir of tacit knowledge, shared context, and trust that global projects lack. The management challenge, therefore, is to replicate the positive aspects of colocation while harnessing the opportunities of dispersion. In this article, Insead's Wilson and Doz draw on research into global strategy and innovation to present a set of guidelines for setting up and managing global innovation. They explore in detail the challenges that make global projects inherently different and show how these can be overcome by applying superior project management skills across teams, fostering a strong collaborative culture, and using a robust array of communications tools.

  16. Peculiarities of internal radiation doses due to ¹³⁷Cs and ⁹⁰Sr intake in population from Zhytomyr oblast in a late period after the Chornobyl NPP accident.


    Vasylenko, V V; Tsigankov, M Y; Nechaev, S Y; Pikta, V O; Zadorozhna, G M; Bilonyk, A B


    Meta doslidzhennja – vyznachennja osoblyvostej formuvannja doz vnutrishn'ogo oprominennja meshkanciv Zhytomyrs'koi' oblasti ta naukove obgruntuvannja zahodiv shhodo zmenshennja doz vnutrishn'ogo oprominennja naselennja radioaktyvno zabrudnenyh terytorij u viddalenyj period avarii' na ChAES. Materialy i metody. Bulo provedeno kompleksnyj radiacijnyj monitoryng u 4 naselenyh punktah Narodyc'kogo rajonu Zhytomyrs'koi' oblasti. Dlja doslidzhen' buly zastosovani metody – dozymetrychni (instrumental'ni ta rozrahunkovi), radiohimichni. Rezul'taty i vysnovky. Provedenyj LVL-monitoryng u 2012 roci u Narodyc'komu rajoni Zhytomyrs'koi' oblasti zarejestruvav znachne u 2–3,5 raza sezonne pidvyshhennja rivniv inkorporacii' 137Cs v organizmi meshkanciv obstezhenyh naselenyh punktiv, jak u doroslyh, tak i u ditej. Majzhe u 5 % osib z chysla obstezhenyh vstanovleno perevyshhennja dozovogo rivnja 1,0 mZv x rik-1. Maksymal'ne znachennja vmistu inkorporovanogo 137Cs, zarejestrovane u cyh naselenyh punktah, stanovyt' 350 kBk, shho formuje richnu dozu vnutrishn'ogo oprominennja 10 mZv x rik-1. Vmist 137Cs u probah moloka v obstezhenyh gospodarstvah vprodovzh roku malo zminyvsja – u 30–50 % prob moloka u smt Narodychi ta s. Selec' zarejestrovano perevyshhennja dopustymogo rivnja vmistu 137Cs – 100 Bk x l-1, u selah Motijky ta Hrystynivka vmist 137Cs u probah moloka ne perevyshhuje dopustymyh rivniv. Vmist 90Sr jak u moloci, tak i v kartopli, znachno nyzhchyj dopustymogo rivnja – 20 Bk x l-1. Vmist 137Cs u kartopli ne perevyshhuje dopustymi rivni. Vstanovleno, shho osnovna chastka dozy vnutrishn'ogo oprominennja meshkanciv obstezhenyh naselenyh punktiv Zhytomyrs'koi' oblasti formujet'sja za rahunok spozhyvannja miscevyh produktiv domashn'ogo gospodarstva - moloka, ta produktiv pryrodnogo, lisovogo pohodzhennja – jagid i grybiv.

  17. Mineralogical discrimination of the pleistocene loess/paleosol sections in Srijem and Baranja, Croatia

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Galović, Lidija; Peh, Zoran


    Previous investigations of the mineralogical composition of loess sections (loess, loess-like sediments, paleosols, alluvial intercalations) in the Carpathian Basin have concluded that the Danube River is the dominant control on the loessitic parent material. These investigations also identify a significant role for the Danube's tributaries in creating local variations. The north-south alignment of these sections forms a transect from the central part of the Carpathian Basin to its southern edge. In this work, the mineral origin of loess sediments was identified by using the multivariate statistical method of discriminant function analysis. Two models were constructed based on the modal composition as the suite of predictor (independent) variables: one is using geographic location as the a priori grouping criterion (SECTION); another employing the difference between the sampling media (LITHOLOGY). Both of the examined discriminant models demonstrate the existence of the mixing zones. The Erdut section is a clear mixture of the mineralogies at the other studied locations, while loesses appear generally intermediate in mineralogy between alluvium and paleosol. The main rationale for the observed difference in modal composition between the Šarengrad and other analyzed sections is the proximity of the Šarengrad section to the Sava River floodplain and Dinaric Ophiolite Zone (DOZ), both important source areas for aeolian sediments in the southern edge of the Carpathian Basin that transport material from the Central Bosnian Mountains unit of DOZ. Chemically, the most resistant heavy minerals together with opaque minerals are exclusively associated with paleosols, being typical products of geochemical pedogenic processes.

  18. Tectonic history of the central Sanandaj-Sirjan zone, Iran: Potentially Permian to Mesozoic polymetamorphism and implications for tectonics of the Sanandaj-Sirjan zone

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Shakerardakani, Farzaneh; Neubauer, Franz; Genser, Johann; Masoudi, Fariborz; Mehrabi, Behzad; Monfaredi, Behzad; Friedl, Gertrude


    The determination of metamorphic conditions and of its age is critical to the understanding of the mountain belt formation as metamorphism is an expression of subduction or plate collision. In this study, we report the metamorphic evolution, preliminary Ar-Ar mineral ages and structures from two amphibolite-grade metamorphic units of the Dorud-Azna region in the central part of Sanandaj-Sirjan metamorphic zone and discuss the tectonic implications. The Sanandaj-Sirjan metamorphic zone is nearly parallel to the Main Zagros Reverse Fault and is located above the Neotethyan ophiolitic suture. Structural studies and our previous U-Pb zircon dating work demonstrated that the area comprise three metamorphosed tectonic units, which are from footwall to hangingwall: (1) The Triassic June complex is metamorphosed within greenschist facies conditions, overlain by (2) the amphibolite-grade metamorphic Panafrican Galeh-Doz orthogneiss, which is intruded by some mafic dykes, and (3) the Amphibolite-Metagabbro unit with Carboniferous metagabbro bodies. To the East, the Darijune gabbro intruded within the Permian Kuh-e-June Marble and the mentioned two other metamorphic units. The granitic Galeh-Doz orthogneiss displays two different P-T conditions. The best average estimates for the magmatic mineral assemblage (plagioclase core + amphibole core + K-feldspar + quartz) range between 675 and 710 °C and 3.7 and 4.2 kbar, whilst the temperature of 530 and 625 °C and pressure of 0.7 to 2.8 kbar is consistent with the first metamorphic mineral assemblage. Ar-Ar amphibole ages from the Galeh-Doz orthogneiss give plateau-like steps between 260 and 270 Ma. We interpret this age as the cooling age after an amphibolite facies-grade metamorphism. An amphibole from relatively well preserved dyke within the Galeh-Doz orthogneiss gives staircase pattern with an age of 261 ± 3 Ma in the first step considered similarly as a metamorphic overprint in metamorphic rocks, whereas plateau-like steps

  19. Treatment of thalassemia-induced osteoporosis with intermittent pamidronate infusions: Two-year follow up.


    Patıroğlu, Türkan; Altuner Torun, Yasemin; Kula, Mustafa; Karakükçü, Musa


    AMAÇ: Bu çalışmanın amacı 7-14 yaşlarında talasemi major tanısı alan 23 hastanın kemik mineral dansitesini ve iki yıllık takip sonrası kemik dansitesindeki değişiklikleri (KMD) değerlendirmektir. YÖNTEM: Lumber vertebra ve femoral boyun Dual enerji X-ray absorbsiyometri (DXA) ile başlangıçta, tedaviden 12 ay ve 2 yıl sonra değerlendirildi. Pamidronat tedavisi (15mg/doz, bir yıl süreyle 3 ayda bir) 23 osteoporotik (Z skoru -2,5 altında) ve osteopenik (Z skoru -1 ile -2,5 arası) hastaya verildi. Tedaviden 12 ay sonra tüm hastalara sadece kalsiyum ve vitamin D verildi. İki yıl sonra lumber vertebra ve femur KMD’si DXA ile ölçüldü.

  20. Zeta potential response of human erythrocyte membranes to the modulators of Gardos channel activity under low rate β-radiation.


    Zhirnov, V V; Iakovenko, I N; Voitsitskiy, V M; Khyzhnyak, S V; Zubrikova-Chugainova, O G; Gorobetz, V A


    Tsel' raboty. Izuchenie reaktsii dzeta potentsiala (DP) membran éritrotsitov cheloveka pri modifikatsii aktivatorami i blokatorami funktsional'nogo sostoianiia Ca2+-zavisimykh kalievykh kanalov v pole radioizotopnogo izlucheniia 90Sr/90Y maloi moshchnosti.Materialy i metody. Éritrotsity poluchali iz donorskoi krovi. DP vychisliali po poluchennomu znacheniiu élektroforeticheskoi podvizhnosti kletok. V kletochnye suspenzii predvaritel'no vnosili issleduemye veshchestva, a zatem alikvoty rastvora 90Sr(NO3)2, chtoby poluchit' konechnuiu kontsentratsiiu 44,4⋅kBk⋅l-1.Rezul'taty. Radioizotopnoe izluchenie 90Sr/90Y (RI, 15 mkGr/ch) povyshaet absoliutnoe znachenie DP (DPab) membran éritrotsitov i ego deistvie iavliaetsia obratimym. Éto ukazyvaet na to, chto éffekt oposreduetsia neioniziruiushchei komponentoi RI. Dibutiril-tsAMF v diapazone kontsentratsii 1–100 mkM dozonezavisimo povyshaet DPab membran éritrotsitov, no RI ne usilivaet ego éffekt. Anaprilin v kontsentratsiiakh 10 i 100 mkM dozonezavisimo povyshaet DPab. Éffekt maksimal'noi kontsentratsii anaprilina (100 mkM) – snizhaetsia RI. Klotrimazol v diapazone kontsentratsii 0,1–10 mkM povyshaet DPab membran éritrotsitov otnositel'no kontrolia, togda kak ego maksimal'naia kontsentratsiia – snizhet, a minimal'naia – dostoverno ne vliiaet na étot pokazatel'. Deistvie klotrimazola na DP pri kontsentratsiiakh 10–100 mkM otmeniaetsia RI, no ne izmeniaetsia pri 0,1–1 mkM. Nitrendipin vo vsem diapazone kontsentratsii dozonezavisimo povyshaet DPab membran éritrotsitov, a RI usilivaet ego deistvie. Vyvody. 1. Dlia ioniziruiushchei komponenty radionuklidnogo izlucheniia sushchestvuet porog biologicheskogo deistviia na kletki, opredeliaemyi éffektivnost'iu ikh antioksidantnoi sistemy.2. Pri moshchnosti doz nizhe porogovoi deistvie radioizotopnogo izlucheniia oposreduetsia ego neioniziruiushchei komponentoi i iavliaetsia obratimym, a poétomu opredeliaetsia tol'ko v pole izlucheniia.

  1. Awareness and use of caffeine by athletes competing at the 2005 Ironman Triathlon World Championships.


    Desbrow, Ben; Leveritt, Michael


    This study assessed the knowledge, prevalence, and quantity of caffeine use by athletes competing at the 2005 Ironman Triathlon World Championships. Caffeine-related questionnaires were self-administered to 140 (105 male and 35 female, 40.3 +/- 10.7 y) athletes representing 16 countries. Fifty of these athletes further consented to immediate post-race blood samples for analysis of plasma caffeine and paraxanthine using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Seventy-two percent of 70 athletes correctly identified caffeine as being an unrestricted substance in triathlon. The majority of athletes [125 (89%)] were planning on using a caffeinated substance immediately prior to or throughout the race. Cola drinks (78%), caffeinated gels (42%), coffee (usually pre-race) (37%), energy drinks (13%), and NoDoz tablets (9%) were the most popular caffeinated choices. Mean +/- standard deviation (and range) post race plasma caffeine and paraxanthine levels were 22.3 +/- 20 micromol/L (1.7 to 98.4) and 9.4 +/- 6 micromol/L (1.8 to 28.9), respectively. Seven athletes (14%) finished with plasma caffeine levels > or = 40 micromol/L. Plasma values from elite athletes did not differ from age group competitors. Despite the prevalence of its consumption and the training experience of this athletic group, over one quarter of athletes remained either confused or uninformed about caffeine's legality. Levels of plasma caffeine taken immediately post race indicated that athletes typically finish with quantities of caffeine that have been shown to improve endurance performance (i.e., approximately 20 micromol/L or a dose of > or = 3 mg/kg body weight).

  2. Postmolt performance of laying hens molted by high dietary zinc, low dietary sodium, and fasting: egg production and eggshell quality.


    Berry, W D; Brake, J


    Single Comb White Leghorn (SCWL) hens, 65 weeks of age, were assigned to one of four dietary treatments: fasting to a body weight loss of 34% (FAST), administration of a diet containing less than or equal to 500 ppm sodium for 42 days (Lo Na), administration of a diet containing 20,000 ppm zinc for 10 days (Hi Zn), and a control (CON) diet. The hens were subjected to two photoperiod treatments, those receiving 17 hr (17-hr) of light per day throughout the 32-week experiment and those restricted to 8 hr of light per day for the first 42 days followed by a .5 hr/day increase until 17 hr was reached. Egg production and mortality were recorded daily. Feed consumption, feed conversion, and livability were determined weekly. Beginning on Day 56, eggs were collected at 28-day intervals for determination of egg weight, egg specific gravity, and shell weight. During the molt phase (1 to 6 weeks), the 17-hr light day significantly increased egg production, feed consumption, and decreased feed conversion (kg/doz) across all groups when compared with the 8-hr light/day treatments, but FAST treatments consumed identical amounts under both light treatments. From 7 to 32 weeks during the postmolt phase, egg production was significantly increased and feed conversion decreased by the FAST and Hi Zn treatments relative to CON, Lo Na treatment was intermediate. Feed consumption was significantly higher for the FAST treatment. Overall, there were not significant effects on egg production, feed consumption, and feed conversion.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)

  3. The Dual Diverse Dynamic Reversible Effects of Ankaferd Blood Stopper on EPCR and PAI-1 Inside Vascular Endothelial Cells With and Without LPS Challenge.


    Karabıyık, Afife; Yılmaz, Erkan; Güleç, Sükrü; Haznedaroğlu, Ibrahim; Akar, Nejat


    Amaç: Ankaferd, Thymus vulgaris, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Vitis vinifera, Alpinia officinarum ve Urtica dioica bitkilerindenoluşan bir karışımdır. Kanamayı durdurucu etkisinden dolayı topikal hemostatik ajan olarak kullanılmaktadır.Hemostatik çalışma mekanizması araştırılmaktadır. Koagülasyon faktörleri II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI ve XII seviyeleriAnkaferd’den etkilenmemektedir. Çalışmamızda Ankaferd’in endotel üzerindeki ve immün yanıttaki etkisini araştırmakamacıyla, İnsan Umbilical Ven Endotel Hücreleri (HUVEC) kullanılarak Endotelyal Protein C Reseptörü (EPCR) vePlazminojen Aktivatör İnhibitör (PAI-1) gen ekspresyonları üzerindeki etkisi araştırılmış ve farklı doz ve zamanlardaoluşturduğu değişikliklerin incelenmesi, lipopolisakkarit (LPS) muamelesinden sonra EPCR ve PAI-1 ekspresyonlarıüzerindeki olası etkisinin gösterilmesi amaçlanmıştır.Gereç ve Yöntemler: HUVEC’lere 10 µl ve 100 µl konsantrasyonlarda Ankaferd 5 dk, 25 dk, 50 dk, 6 saat ve 24saat süreyle uygulanmıştır. Ayrıca immün yanıt üzerindeki etkisinin incelenebilmesi için 10 µg/ml LPS ile 1 saatlikmuamelenin ardından hücreler 10 µl ve 100 µl Ankaferd’le birlikte 5 dk, 25 dk, 50 dk ve 6 saatlik sürelerde maruzbırakılmıştır. HUVEC hücrelerinden RNA izolasyonu yapılmış; EPCR ve PAI-1 gen ekspresyonları incelenmiştir.Bulgular: Yapılan mikroskobik incelemede Ankaferd uygulamasıyla hücrelerin yüzeyden kalkıp toplanarak birbirlerineyapıştıkları ve 24 saatin içerisinde büyüme ve gelişmelerinin normale döndüğü gözlenmiştir. Bu, Ankaferd’in etkisininzamanla azaldığı anlamına gelebilir. Ankaferd muamelesiyle başlangıçta gözlenen EPCR ve PAI-1 ekspresyonundakideğişim zamanla azalmıştır. Ayrıca ekspresyonlardaki hızlı değişim göz önüne alındığında Ankaferd’in artankonsantrasyonlarda etkisini daha da fazla gösterdiği söylenebilir. Böylece Ankaferd’in EPCR ve PAI-1

  4. Vestibular and acustic dysfunctions in clean up workers of Chornobyl accident (30 years of follow up).


    Zabolotnyi, D I; Mishchanchuk, N S


    normal'nomu slukhu svidchat' pro doklinichni gal'mivni protsesy u stovburomozkovykh ta pidkorkovo korkovykh strukturakh akustychnogo analizatora u ranni pisliaavariy̆ni roky. Vyiavleni osoblyvosti klinichnogo perebigu vestybuliarnoï ta akustychnoï dysfunktsiy̆ pry dovgotryvalomu monitoryngu pry korotkochasniy̆ diï ionizuiuchoï radiatsiï u velykykh dozakh v grupi ULNA na ChA ES, iaki perenesly gostru promenevu khvorobu, a pry analogichnykh malykh dozakh u viddaleni roky proiav zmin bil' shyy̆ ta pryskorenyy̆ u chasi pry tryvaliy̆ diï IR, nizh pry vidnosno korotkochasniy̆. V ULNA na ChAES vyiavleno virogidne zrostannia slukhovykh porushen' za typom peredchasnogo vikovogo znyzhennia (rgesbyacuzis precox) u vidpovidnykh vikovykh kategoriiakh, iake ie odnym iz symptomiv peredchasnogo starinnia ïkhn'ogo organizmu.

  5. Foreword

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bodzenta, Jerzy


    The 9th International Workshop on Photoacoustics and Photothermics was held in Szczyrk as a part of the 33rd Winter School on Molecular and Quantum Acoustics. Photoacoustic and Photothermal Workshops have been organized annually since 1996, by the Upper-Silesian Division of Polish Acoustical Society in co-operation with Institute of Physics, Silesian Technical University of Gliwice. Traditionally, the workshops take place in small towns in Beskidy Mountains. They always start on Thursday afternoon and end on Friday evening. The idea of these workshops is to give opportunities for direct contacts of scientists using photoacoustic and photothermal phenomena in their investigations. As a result participants are physicists, chemists and engineers interested in: theoretical backgrounds of photoacoustic and photothermal experiments, development of new measuring techniques, investigation of di?erent physical processes and determination of physical properties of various samples. So the thematic scope of the workshops is wide, but all contributions are connected with generation and propagation of non-stationary temperature fields. The workshop is a place where experienced researchers present review lectures, younger scientists and PhD students show their own, original results, and all of them have possibilities for discussions either during sessions or during informal meetings. These Proceedings contain 17 scientific papers. The most of them are printed versions of contributions presented during the 9th Workshop on Photoacoustics and Photothermics. One paper covers results showed in oral presentation and two posters. A few titles are slightly changed according to referee's suggestions. I would like to thank all participants for preparing manuscripts for these proceedings. Special thanks should be expressed for referees: Prof. Danuta Frackowiak, Prof. Robert E. Imhof, Dr. Kyril L. Muratikov, Prof. Antoni Śliwiński and Priv. Doz. Heinz-Günter Walther for their valuable

  6. Basic Principles and Practices of Integrated Dosimetric Passportization of the Settlements in Ukraine.


    Likhtarov, I A; Kovgan, L M; Masiuk, S V; Ivanova, O M; Chepurny, M I; Boyko, Z N; Gerasymenko, V B


    ) mistsevogo vyrobnytstva (ponad 500 tys. vymiriv); ponad 1,3 mln vymiriv vmistu radiotseziiu v organizmi meshkantsiv NP Ukrainy; blyz'ko 100 tys. otsinok doz oprominennia (okremo zovnishn'ogo i vnutrishn'ogo) zhyteliv NP, iaki roztashovani na radioaktyvno zabrudnenykh terytoriiakh. Rezul'taty dozymetrychnoi pasportyzatsii vykonuvaly rol' odnogo z osnovnykh dozovykh kryteriiv pry uzagal'nenni naslidkiv Chornobyl's'koi avarii, predstavlenykh u Natsional'nykh dopovidiakh za pershi 15, 20 ta 25 rokiv pislia avarii.

  7. The dual-acting H3 receptor antagonist and AChE inhibitor UW-MD-71 dose-dependently enhances memory retrieval and reverses dizocilpine-induced memory impairment in rats.


    Khan, Nadia; Saad, Ali; Nurulain, Syed M; Darras, Fouad H; Decker, Michael; Sadek, Bassem


    Both the histamine H3 receptor (H3R) and acetylcholine esterase (AChE) are involved in the regulation of release and metabolism of acetylcholine and several other central neurotransmitters. Therefore, dual-active H3R antagonists and AChE inhibitors (AChEIs) have shown in several studies to hold promise to treat cognitive disorders like Alzheimer's disease (AD). The novel dual-acting H3R antagonist and AChEI 7-(3-(piperidin-1-yl)propoxy)-1,2,3,9-tetrahydropyrrolo[2,1-b]quinazoline (UW-MD-71) with excellent selectivity profiles over both the three other HRs as well as the AChE's isoenzyme butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) shows high and balanced in vitro affinities at both H3R and AChE with IC50 of 33.9nM and hH3R antagonism with Ki of 76.2nM, respectively. In the present study, the effects of UW-MD-71 (1.25-5mg/kg, i.p.) on acquisition, consolidation, and retrieval in a one-trial inhibitory avoidance task in male rats were investigated applying donepezil (DOZ) and pitolisant (PIT) as reference drugs. Furthermore, the effects of UW-MD-71 on memory deficits induced by the non-competitive N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) antagonist dizocilpine (DIZ) were tested. Our results indicate that administration of UW-MD-71 before the test session dose-dependently increased performance and enhanced procognitive effect on retrieval. However neither pre- nor post-training acute systemic administration of UW-MD-71 facilitated acquisition or consolidation. More importantly, UW-MD-71 (2.5mg/kg, i.p.) ameliorated the DIZ-induced amnesic effects. Furthermore, the procognitive activity of UW-MD-71 in retrieval was completely reversed and partly abrogated in DIZ-induced amnesia when rats were pretreated with the centrally-acting H2R antagonist zolantidine (ZOL), but not with the CNS penetrant H1R antagonist pyrilamine (PYR). These results demonstrate the procognitive effects of UW-MD-71 in two in vivo memory models, and are to our knowledge the first demonstration in vivo that a potent dual

  8. The dual-acting AChE inhibitor and H3 receptor antagonist UW-MD-72 reverses amnesia induced by scopolamine or dizocilpine in passive avoidance paradigm in rats.


    Sadek, Bassem; Khan, Nadia; Darras, Fouad H; Pockes, Steffen; Decker, Michael


    Both the acetylcholine esterase (AChE) and the histamine H3 receptor (H3R) are involved in the metabolism and modulation of acetylcholine release and numerous other centrally acting neurotransmitters. Hence, dual-active AChE inhibitors (AChEIs) and H3R antagonists hold potential to treat cognitive disorders like Alzheimer's disease (AD). The novel dual-acting AChEI and H3R antagonist 7-(3-(piperidin-1-yl)propoxy)-2,3-dihydropyrrolo[2,1-b]quinazolin-9(1H)-one (UW-MD-72) shows excellent selectivity profiles over the AChE's isoenzyme butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) as well as high and balanced in-vitro affinities at both AChE and hH3R with IC50 of 5.4μM on hAChE and hH3R antagonism with Ki of 2.54μM, respectively. In the current study, the effects of UW-MD-72 (1.25, 2.5, and 5mg/kg, i.p.) on memory deficits induced by the muscarinic cholinergic antagonist scopolamine (SCO) and the non-competitive N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) antagonist dizocilpine (DIZ) were investigated in a step-through type passive avoidance paradigm in adult male rats applying donepezil (DOZ) and pitolisant (PIT) as reference drugs. The results observed show that SCO (2mg/kg, i.p.) and DIZ (0.1mg/kg, i.p.) significantly impaired learning and memory in rats. However, acute systemic administration of UW-MD-72 significantly ameliorated the SCO- and DIZ-induced amnesic effects. Furthermore, the ameliorating activity of UW-MD-72 (1.25mg/kg, i.p.) in DIZ-induced amnesia was partly reversed when rats were pretreated with the centrally-acting H2R antagonist zolantidine (ZOL, 10mg/kg, i.p.), but not with the CNS penetrant H1R antagonist pyrilamine (PYR, 10mg/kg, i.p.). Moreover, ameliorative effect of UW-MD-72 (1.25mg/kg, i.p.) in DIZ-induced amnesia was strongly reversed when rats were pretreated with a combination of ZOL (10mg/kg, i.p.) and SCO (1.0mg/kg, i.p.), indicating that these memory enhancing effects were, in addition to other neural circuits, observed through histaminergic H2R as well as