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  1. Prime Contract Awards Alphabetically by Contractor, by State or Country, and Place, Fiscal Year 1987. Part 14. Okinawa Kankyo-Pultrusions Corporation.

    DTIC Science & Technology


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  2. [Choleretic effects of methanol extracts obtained from various Chinese traditional medicine].


    Sasaki, T; Ohta, S; Kamogawa, A; Shinoda, M


    Choleretic effects of 60 kinds of Chinese traditional medicine frequently used in clinical practice were investigated. Consequently, significant effects of choleretics were found in the methanol extracts of Ko-so-san, Intinko-to, Saiko-seikan-to, Hange-koboku-to, Antyu-san, Syo-kankyo-to, Keisi-syakuyaku-timo-to, Senkan-meimoku-to, Bohu-tusyo-san, Juzen-taiho-to, Jumi-haidoku-to Kami-syoyo-san and Hange-syasin-to. Water extracts of these Chinese traditional medicine had no such effect. Alteration of excretion of various biliary components after administration of the methanol extracts with the choleretic effect was examined, and with all medicines, bile acid excretion decreased and sodium and potassium excretions increased. Therefore, a medicine inducing choleresis involves some selective increases in the bile acid-independent fraction of bile flow. And after administration of methanol extracts of Keisi-syakuyaku-timo-to and Bohu-tusyo-san, lithogenic index, an index of saturation level of cholesterol, decreased significantly. Therefore, with these medicines, a dissolving effect on cholesterol gallstone is expected.

  3. Challenges in the Japan Beyond-Brittle Project (JBBP) for EGS development beyond the brittle-ductile transition

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Asanuma, H.; Muraoka, H.; Tsuchiya, N.; Ito, H.


    isolated from the hydrothermal system. Discussions on exploration/monitoring of the BDT rock mass and JBBP reservoirs, and engineering development have been also made in the workshop. We finally identified scientific/technological challenges for the JBBP and established roadmap and implementation plan. The workshop report is available at Conceptual model of the JBBP