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  1. The Role of Community Studies in the Makiguchian Pedagogy

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Gebert, Andrew


    This article focuses on two of the earlier works in the Makiguchi corpus, "Kyoju no togo chushin toshiteno kyodoka kenkyu" ("Research into Community Studies as the Integrating Focus of Instruction," 1912/1987; hereafter "Community Studies"), and "Chiri kyoju no hoho oyobi naiyo no kenkyu" ("Research into the Methods and Content of Geography…

  2. Heteropsis (Nymphalidae: Satyrinae: Satyrini: Mycalesina): 19 new species from Madagascar and interim revision.


    Lees, David C


    .; Heteropsis vanewrighti Lees, sp. nov.; Heteropsis westwoodi Lees, sp. nov., Heteropsis pauliani Lees, sp. nov.; Heteropsis imerina Lees, sp. nov.; in the Ht. subsimilis group, Heteropsis kremenae Lees, sp. nov.; Heteropsis avaratra Lees & Kremen, sp. nov. Heteropsis sogai Lees, sp. nov., and in the Ht. strigula group, Heteropsis tornado Lees, Allaoui & Aduse-Poku, sp. nov., Heteropsis lanyvary Lees, sp. nov.; Heteropsis barbarae Lees & Kremen, sp. nov.; Heteropsis menamenoides Lees, sp. nov.; Heteropsis roussettae Lees & Kremen, sp. nov.; Heteropsis tianae Lees & Kremen, sp. nov.; Heteropsis oberthueri Lees, sp. nov.; Heteropsis borgo Lees, sp. nov. and Heteropsis vertigo Lees & Raharitsimba, sp. nov. Counting the resulting synonymy of Heteropsis difficilis (Mabille, 1880), with Ht. andravahana (Mabille, 1878), this brings the Malagasy Heteropsis fauna to 64 species, about 2/3 of which are here revised. PMID:27395198