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  1. Waves in Seagrass Systems: Review and Technical Recommendations

    DTIC Science & Technology


    T. Terawaki. 1998. Relationship between Zostera marina beds and bottom sediments, wave action offshore in Naruto , southern Japan (original title... Naruto chisaki ni okeru amamo-ba to teishitsu oyobi haro tono kankei). Fisheries Engineering (Japan)/Suisan Kogaku (Japan) 34:299-304. Dean, R. G

  2. The Role of Community Studies in the Makiguchian Pedagogy

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Gebert, Andrew


    This article focuses on two of the earlier works in the Makiguchi corpus, "Kyoju no togo chushin toshiteno kyodoka kenkyu" ("Research into Community Studies as the Integrating Focus of Instruction," 1912/1987; hereafter "Community Studies"), and "Chiri kyoju no hoho oyobi naiyo no kenkyu" ("Research…