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  1. Physics-10

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Marinciuc, Mihai; Rusu, Spiridon

    The textbook is designated for the 10-th class of real and humanitarian lyceums, according the curriculum of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova for lyceums. It encomprises mechanics in 5 chapters (Kynematics (Trajectory, Relativity of the Motion, Circular Motion and other); Dynamics and the Forces in Nature (The mass and Force, Universal attraction, Elastic Forces, Friction, The motion of the Bodies under the action of many forces, The relativity Principle of Galilei and other); Statics; Mechanical Impuls and its conservation; Mechanical work and Mechanical Energy and its conservation( Mechanical work and Power, Kynetic Energy, The mechanical work of the Elastic Force, The conservation laws) and Molecular Physics and Thermdynamics in 5 chapters (The structure of the Matter; Gases and their properties (Simplest transformations, The molecular-kynetic theory, Real gases) ; Solids and Liquids (The Hook's law, Superficial tension, Dilatation and other); Phase transitions (including sublimation); (Calorimetry; Thermal machines; The second law of thermodynamics and other). The textbook includes also 8 laboratory (experimental) works, a number of questions for control and a number of 300 problems, half of which have answers. Short biographies of about 15 physicists are included. The textbook is illustrated with diagrames, paintings and portrets in black and white.