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  1. Ragnar Rommetveit's Approach to Everyday Spoken Dialogue from Within.


    Kowal, Sabine; O'Connell, Daniel C


    The following article presents basic concepts and methods of Ragnar Rommetveit's (born 1924) hermeneutic-dialogical approach to everyday spoken dialogue with a focus on both shared consciousness and linguistically mediated meaning. He developed this approach originally in his engagement of mainstream linguistic and psycholinguistic research of the 1960s and 1970s. He criticized this research tradition for its individualistic orientation and its adherence to experimental methodology which did not allow the engagement of interactively established meaning and understanding in everyday spoken dialogue. As a social psychologist influenced by phenomenological philosophy, Rommetveit opted for an alternative conceptualization of such dialogue as a contextualized, partially private world, temporarily co-established by interlocutors on the basis of shared consciousness. He argued that everyday spoken dialogue should be investigated from within, i.e., from the perspectives of the interlocutors and from a psychology of the second person. Hence, he developed his approach with an emphasis on intersubjectivity, perspectivity and perspectival relativity, meaning potential of utterances, and epistemic responsibility of interlocutors. In his methods, he limited himself for the most part to casuistic analyses, i.e., logical analyses of fictitious examples to argue for the plausibility of his approach. After many years of experimental research on language, he pursued his phenomenologically oriented research on dialogue in English-language publications from the late 1980s up to 2003. During that period, he engaged psycholinguistic research on spoken dialogue carried out by Anglo-American colleagues only occasionally. Although his work remained unfinished and open to development, it provides both a challenging alternative and supplement to current Anglo-American research on spoken dialogue and some overlap therewith.

  2. T@lemed: Ehealth applications applied to underserved areas in Latin America

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Sachpazidis, Ilias; Ohl, Roland; Binotto, Alécio Pedro Delazari; Torres, Márcio Soares; Messina, Luiz Ary; Sales, Alexandre; Gomes, Ricardo; Sakas, Georgios


    Access to medical care is sometimes very difficult to be reached from people living in rural and underserved areas. This problem is very well known in rural areas in Brazil. Citizens have no access to health care. They have to travel hundreds of kilometres to receive medical care. In this paper, we will propose a medical network based on state-of-the-art medical imaging application that addresses the problems of providing health care from a distance. Additionally, we are going to show preliminarily results of the first year of the system deployment and utilization in undeserved regions in Brazil. The total number of patients submitted to ultrasound examinations, during the 10 months of projects' medical trials, is 321. The exams have begun with the elderly people (hypertension and diabetes cases) with 90% above 50-years-old. Fifty-four percent were male and 46% were female. From those exams, 67 exams (21%) needed a second medical opinion and were transmitted to Santa Casa hospital in Porto Alegre, Brazil, one of the referral medical centres. From those second opinions of Santa Casa, 12 exams had to be repeated since the acquired images were not sufficient to give a correct diagnosis. The Lagoa Tres Cantos medical doctor performed also preventive exams with patients who had not presented any symptoms (70%).

  3. [Contribution of Aleksander Sapieha (1773-1812) into European galvanization therapy].


    Gorski, P; Goetz, W


    For the development of the therapy using electricity as agent two tracks can be identified. On the one side, the indication for applying this therapy was handled more careful, simultaneously the technical equipment was improved. The Polish noble man Alexander Sapieha (1773-1812), the leading natural scientist of the Granddukedom of Warsaw, cooperated with excellent European scientists in order to improve the galvanic battery technologically. Among these scientists were Alexander Volta (1745-1827), the inventor of the battery, and Johann Bartholomaeus Trommsdorff (1770-1837), who is considered as one of the founders of scientific pharmacy in Europe. A. Sapieha supported the publication of galvanic experiences, e.g. in the case of Alexander of Humboldt (1769-1859) by publishing his paper about electric fishes. Sapiehas connections with the scientific centers in Turin and Bologna, Erfurt, Warszaw and Paris accelerated the exchange of information about galvanism. Later the resulting mini-batteries were employed in diathermie, in defibrillators and pacemakers. Details about these connections are presented in the lecture resp. full paper.

  4. Effect of Skull Resistivity on the Relative Sensitivity Distributions of EEG and MEG Measurements

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Organization Name(s) and Address(es) Tampere University of Technology Ragnar Granit Institute Tampere, Finland Performing Organization Report Number...has been supported by the Ragnar Granit Foundation. REFERENCES [1] J. Malmivuo and R. Plonsey, Bioelectromagnetism - Principles and...SENSITIVITY DISTRIBUTIONS OF EEG AND MEG MEASUREMENTS J. A. Malmivuo1, V. Suihko2 1Ragnar Granit Institute, Tampere University of Technology

  5. Spatial distribution by Canistropsis microps (E. Morren ex Mez) Leme (Bromeliaceae: Bromelioideae) in the Atlantic rain forest in Ilha Grande, Southeastern Brazil.


    Nunes-Freitas, A F; Rocha, C F D


    Canistropsis microps (Bromeliaceae: Bromelioideae) is an endemic species of Atlantic rain forest areas in Rio de Janeiro State, which are very abundant in not very disturbed forests in Ilha Grande, on the southern coast of the State. In this study, we analyzed the vertical and horizontal distribution patterns of the species in an area of rain forest with little evidence of disturbance at Vila Dois Rios, Ilha Grande, relating the patterns to sunlight in the microhabitat. We also identified the types of substrate used by the species and the rate of asexual reproduction. Canistropsis microps had high densities (estimated at 84,425 rosettes/ha), and has an aggregated distribution (Id = 2.86). About 80% of the rosettes were generated by clonal growth, whereas less than 20% were produced from seedlings. Most of the rosettes were found on straight tree trunks (DBH > 50 cm). There was a significant inverse correlation between the incidence of sunlight in the habitat and the abundance of individuals. Rosettes were found up to a maximum height of 9.5 m, but most occured between 1.5 and 5.5 m, where light varied from 25 to 50 micromol x s(-1) x m(-2). We conclude that vertical and horizontal distribution patterns in C. microps may be partially explained by the occurrence of appropriate substrate, an intensity of sunlight favorable to the development of the species and to a high rate of vegetative reproduction.

  6. Effect of Cardiac Phases and Conductivity Inhomogeneities of the Thorax Models on ECG Lead Selection and Reconstruction

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Puurtinen, Pasi Kauppinen, Jari Hyttinen, Jaakko Malmivuo Ragnar Granit Institute, Tampere University of Technology, Tampere Finland abstract - ECG...Program Element Number Author(s) Project Number Task Number Work Unit Number Performing Organization Name(s) and Address(es) Ragnar Granit

  7. Press Clippings of Swedish Scientific and Military Personalities.

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    followed in Sweden . All together the Americans were impressed by our civilian defense, and the report in Life on "Operation Granite " caused -ng RAGNAR NILSSON LFollowing is a translation of a newspaper article in Svenska Dagbladet, Stockholm, November 5, 19587 They Change Our Lives... Ragnar Nilsson, professor of microbiology and from 1943 to August 1 this year director of the College of Agriculture, was born in Varmland in 1905. He

  8. Polish Land Forces of the XXI Century - Reforms in Accordance with Current RMA Trends

    DTIC Science & Technology


    192 Speech by Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski to Polish troops in Lebanon, December 2002 193 Daalder, Ivo, H...signed by President Aleksander Kwasniewski , 08 September 2003, published on , (Accessed 04.05.2004) p.1 214 “Polish National...Defense Strategy”, signed by President Aleksander Kwasniewski , 08 September 2003, published on , (Accessed 04.05.2004) p.2 73

  9. 76 FR 12992 - National Register of Historic Places; Notification of Pending Nominations and Related Actions

    Federal Register 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014


    ..., HC 82 Box 103, Dalton, 11000105 Otoe County Camp Creek Cemetery and Chapel, NE Corner of County Rd P... by Park Ln, Indiantown Rd, and Howson Ln, Wallace, 11000107 TENNESSEE Coffee County Leming, John...

  10. Poland’s Engagement in the Global War on Terrorism: Strategic Level Political and Military Implications

    DTIC Science & Technology


    position to join the anti- terrorism multinational coalition. Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski initiated, and Poland hosted, an international...President Aleksander Kwasniewski declared full support to the US and President Bush. This is the time to say that we commiserate with the families...and military means. Polish diplomacy, with a very active personal engagement of President Kwasniewski , has supported numerous initiatives taken by

  11. Homeless and nonhomeless VA service users likely eligible for Medicaid expansion.


    Tsai, Jack; Rosenheck, Robert A


    Administrative data on the population of Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) service users in 2010 under the age of 65 (n = 3,841,225) were analyzed to identify the number and characteristics of homeless and nonhomeless VA service users who are likely to be eligible for the Medicaid expansion (LEME) option under the Affordable Care Act. Results showed that, estimating conservatively, about 1.2 million (21%) current VA users are LEME if all states implement the expansion. Homeless service users were twice as likely to be eligible than nonhomeless users (64% vs 30%). VA service users who are LEME, regardless of housing status, were physically healthier than those not LEME but were more likely to have substance use disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder. These findings suggest that many VA service users are LEME, particularly those who are homeless and/or have mental health needs. Cross-system use of VA and Medicaid-funded services may be advantageous for veterans with extensive medical and psychiatric needs but also risks fragmented care. Information and education for VA clinicians and their patients about possible implications of the Affordable Care Act may be important.

  12. Extreme Planets Artist Concept

    NASA Image and Video Library


    This artist concept depicts the pulsar planet system discovered by Aleksander Wolszczan in 1992. Wolszczan used the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico to find three planets circling a pulsar called PSR B1257+12.

  13. The Case for Studying Character(s) in the Literature Classroom

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    White, Brian; Haberling, Jennifer


    In response to increased violence, bullying, and anti-social behavior among young people in our schools and on our streets (Akiba, M., LeTendre, G., Baker, D., & Goesling, B., 2002; Leming, 1996; Males, 2001; Pellegrini & Bartini, 2000; Smagorinsky, 2002; Tendero, 2000), advocates of character education have proposed and instituted a…

  14. Where Did Social Studies Go Wrong?

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Leming, James, Ed.; Ellington, Lucien, Ed.; Porter, Kathleen, Ed.

    This book consists of a collection of critiques by educators who fault the teaching methods and curricular ideas of their field and suggest how the field can be reformed. Following a "Foreword" (Chester E. Finn, Jr.) and an "Introduction" (James S. Leming; Lucien Ellington), there are seven articles in the book: (1) "A…

  15. Cheating Incidences, Perceptions of Cheating, and the Moral Development Level of College Students

    ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

    Williams, Leslie K.


    Research indicates that approximately 70% of college students engage in some form of cheating (Austin, Simpson, & Reynen, 2005; Bowers, 1964; Leming; 1978; McCabe & Trevino, 1993, 1996; McCabe, Trevino, & Butterfield, 2001a). College students overwhelmingly agree that cheating is morally wrong; yet, their actions are not reflective of…

  16. A Statistical Approach to Relaxation in Glassy Materials.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Approach to Relaxation in Glassy Materials bya by DTIC Et. ECTE Karina Weron M A. and S "z’ Aleksander Weron ApptovC fcv - " Technical Report No. 82...STATISTICAL APPROACH TO RELAXATION IN GLASSY MATERIALS 12. PERSONAL AUTHOR(S) Karina Weron and Aleksander Weron 13.. TYPE OF REPORT 13b. TIME COVERED 14. DATE...CLASSIFICATION OF THIS PAGE A Statistical Approach to Relaxation in Glassy Materials1 Karina Weron Institute of Physics Technical University of Wroclaw 50-370

  17. Growth and mortality of Cichla spp. (Perciformes, Cichlidae) introduced in Volta Grande Reservoir (Grande River) and in a small artificial lake in Southeastern Brazil.


    Gomiero, L M; Carmassi, A L; Rondineli, G R; Villares Junior, G A; Braga, F M S


    The growth and mortality parameters were estimated through the analysis of length frequency distribution for species of Cichla spp. introduced into a lake in Leme (SP), and in Volta Grande reservoir (SP-MG). In Leme, Cichla kelberi presented larger frequency in the inferior classes of lengths, larger instantaneous rate of natural mortality, and smaller number of cohorts than C. kelberi and C. piquiti in Volta Grande. The values of growth performance obtained for the species were similar, corroborating the validity of the estimated growth and mortality parameters. The increase of the growth rate in small and less diverse environments occurs due to predation. The genus Cichla adapts well in locations in which it is introduced, however this adaptation shows itself to be strongly adjusted to each particular location, determining great plasticity and establishment capacity.

  18. Evolution of the HIV-1 Envelope Glycoprotein Genes and Neutralizing Antibody Response in an Individual with Broadly Cross Neutralizing Antibodies

    DTIC Science & Technology


    was found to be related to SIV gor, a virus recently discovered in wild-living gorillas ( Gorilla gorilla gorilla ) [35]. Human to human transmission...of this virus has not yet been described, but the observation indicates that gorillas are potential sources of immunodeficiency virus transmission to...De Oliveira F, Cordonnier F, Lemee V, Damond F, Robertson DL, Simon F: A new human immunodeficiency virus derived from gorillas . Nat Med2009 , 15:871

  19. Reminding-Based Learning

    DTIC Science & Technology


    categorization. 1b. Interactions among different m csea . The work on selectivity can be viewed in a slightly different way - the generlizatim depends upon...paper on this accepted in Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition (Spalding & Ross, in press) and have presented this work at...the separation of similarity effects. Journal of Expcimentygholog. Leming. Mm=. and Cogntion, 13, 629- 639. Ross, B. H. (1989a). Remindings in learning

  20. Russia’s Military Aviation Industry. Strategy for Survival

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Aleksander Bekker, “Yakov Urinson-Voennaya Reforma Za tronet Vsyu Economiku Rossii,” Se godnya, 17 Octo ber 1996, 3; and Vladislav Kuz’michev...bite lei SU-30MK,” Se godnya, 2 De cem ber 1996, 1. 32. Nikolay Novichkov and Lyubov’ Milo ba nova, “La­ tinskaya Amerika Mozhet Stat’ Perspek tiv

  1. The Turbulent Boundary Layer: An Experimental Study of the Transport of Momentum and Heat with the Effect of Roughness

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Heat Transfer Boundary Layer Rough Surfaces Turbulence Structure Turbulence Roughness UN0 ABSTRACT (C.mIIun.. at-sai Ods01 If...otte stedi4.IIes" F ...SCRTCLASSIPSCATION Of 7555 PARAGEb DIM.o 0.1.101.) SEUIT -1,"ITY CLASSIFICAIOH O F THIS PAGE(W( D-I ff"E,,d) 20. Abstract a smooth wall layer, for example, the sharl... Amparo a Pesquisa do Estado de Sao Paulo (FAPESP); - Mineracao Matheus Leme Ltda; - Escola Politecnica da Universidade de Sao Paulo. The authors also

  2. The Construction of a Pedagogy to Promote Meaningful Learning of Strategies and Tactics for Solving Problems of Elementary Combinatorics.

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  3. Research on the Inverse Problem of Scattering.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    ADDRESS ,Cit.. State and ZIP Code) 7b. ADDRESS fCity. Slate and ZIP Code, Lowell MA 01854 7" .:a-ri-.a-zai & r.a .. . E -nces, B :_ing ...2 .. -- 0332 Be...LEME’JTARY NCTATION 17 COSATI cOES 1S S..,EECT TERMS sContinue on reverse if necesary- and identify bybkc numberji I.. GRU SB Grelfand- Levitan Equatior...Eigenfunctions Associated with the Gel’fand- Levitan Equation’-* J. Math. Phys., 25, i, 108, January 1984. .""Phases of Complex Functions from the

  4. JPRS Report, East Europe

    DTIC Science & Technology


    I know of no attempts by university departments or psychology insti- tutes to develop such tests. Once more I emphasize: there is no doubt that...discussion on Polish cinematography . There was a much more interesting conversation among Stefan Kisielewski, Aleksander Paszynski, Andrzej Wie- lowiejski...toward economic, social, and psychological phenomena, and in the process have discovered intimate corners of consistent relationships, questioned the

  5. Determinants of Defense Budget Process in Post-Communist Poland: From the Warsaw Pact to the 21st Century

    DTIC Science & Technology


    beginning of the year for which it had been passed. Having signed the 2003 Budget Law, President Aleksander Kwasniewski said, The ceremony of signing the...21 days.47 Fortunately, the “legislative power” of the Sejm and the effectiveness of the government increased when Aleksader Kwasniewski won the...jointsessions/paperarchive/copenhagen/ws1/chan.PDF (1 March 2004). 20 The Constitution of 2 April 1997 was signed by President Kwasniewski on 16

  6. Contribution to the Doctrine Governing Hospitalization in Nationwide Defensive Warfare (1). Wartime Military Medical Equipment for Care of the Sick (2). Present-Day Trends in the Development of Chemical Weapons (3). Pharmacological and Toxicological Properties of Present-Day Combat Poisons Which Cause Malaise (CS, CR)

    DTIC Science & Technology


    Lieutenant Colonel SGeneral lvr. KralJ, doctor SFactors exerting an essential effect on the d~biens-JLons, strutcture and ter’ritorial placement of -the...THE SICK Medical Colonel Aleksander lhranilovic, docent and graduate pharmacist, and Medical Colonel Ivan Palmar, docent and doctor The process of...Nedeljko Rosic, doctor , Medical Lieutenant Colonel Radivoje KIusic, docent and ’I doctor , Medical Lieutenant Colonel Bogdan Boskovic, docent and doctor

  7. Stable Measures and Processes in Statistical Physics.

    DTIC Science & Technology


    IN STATISTICAL PHYSICS 0 by Aleksander Weron and Karina Weron Tecnicl Rpor #8Th November 1984) 0 0 85 01 16 099 0 L-SYCLASS1IEA.EDTISAG SfCUAI;V...Stochastic Processes" Department of Statistics J______ University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC 27514 f n -- and , -" ::i 7Codes ot : ’r ; Karina Weron...2 p.-t ,i7i;7, ~Department of Physics and Astronomy Louisiana State University Baton Rouge, LA 70803 Abstract. It is shown how a-stable distributions

  8. [The application of forensic medical knowledge for the reconstruction of historical events].


    Kovalev, A V; Molin, Yu A; Gorshkov, A N; Smolyanitsky, A G; Mazurova, E A; Vorontsov, G A


    The objective of the present study was to summarize the results of many year investigations on the application of forensic medical methods and experience for the reconstruction of historical events including identification of the ancient Russian saints' hallows and statesmen's remains, elucidation of the genuine causes of death of the members of the Russian Imperial House of Romanovs based on the recently discovered archival materials, restoration of the character of the injuries suffered by Aleksander II, M.I. Kutuzov, P. Demidov, G. Gapon., and G. Rasputin, the attribution A.S. Pushkin's memorial belongings based on the biological traces, and the like.

  9. Quantitative assessment of MS plaques and brain atrophy in multiple sclerosis using semiautomatic segmentation method

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Heinonen, Tomi; Dastidar, Prasun; Ryymin, Pertti; Lahtinen, Antti J.; Eskola, Hannu; Malmivuo, Jaakko


    Quantitative magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of the brain is useful in multiple sclerosis (MS) in order to obtain reliable indices of disease progression. The goal of this project was to estimate the total volume of gliotic and non gliotic plaques in chronic progressive multiple sclerosis with the help of a semiautomatic segmentation method developed at the Ragnar Granit Institute. Youth developed program running on a PC based computer provides de displays of the segmented data, in addition to the volumetric analyses. The volumetric accuracy of the program was demonstrated by segmenting MR images of fluid filed syringes. An anatomical atlas is to be incorporated in the segmentation system to estimate the distribution of MS plaques in various neural pathways of the brain. A total package including MS plaque volume estimation, estimation of brain atrophy and ventricular enlargement, distribution of MS plaques in different neural segments of the brain has ben planned for the near future. Our study confirmed that total lesion volumes in chronic MS disease show a poor correlation to EDSS scores but show a positive correlation to neuropsychological scores. Therefore accurate total volume measurements of MS plaques using the developed semiautomatic segmentation technique helped us to evaluate the degree of neuropsychological impairment.

  10. Computational studies of consciousness.


    Aleksander, Igor; Morton, Helen


    In this chapter we present a computational architecture intended to add clarity to the concept of consciousness. We briefly review some of the motivations of work done in this area in various institutes around the world and looks closely at our own work which specifically includes phenomenology, the sense of a self in a perceptual world. This breaks consciousness into five axioms: presence, imagination, attention, volition and emotions. It develops plausible mechanisms of each and how they interact to give a single sensation. An abstract architecture, the kernel architecture, is introduced as a starting point for building computational models. It is shown that through this architecture it is possible to discuss puzzling aspects of consciousness, for example are animals conscious? What happens when we dream? What goes on when we experience an illusion? This paper is intended to elucidate and update some concepts introduced in Aleksander (2005).

  11. [The historical aspects of public health system development in the south Ural region].


    Tiukov, Iu A; Tarasova, I S


    The first physician in the south Ural, the healer Knobloch, appeared in 1775. The next physician in this region was Vasili Grigorievich Jukovsky who worked during more than 50 years in Chelyabinsk. Aleksander Franzevich Beiwel, the physician and city mayor, left good memories too. The first hospital appeared in 1823 and in the beginning of XX century the city health care was represented by three hospitals with 175 beds in total and 5 pharmacies. The first dental surgery room appeared in 1905. In 1924 in Chelyabinsk worked 24 physicians, 9 feldshers, 36 nurses, 4 midwives. There were 355 hospital beds, 7 outpatient clinics, children counseling room, 2 day nurseries. The Chelyabinsk first polyclinic functions from 1925 and in 1927 the first stomatologic polyclinic was opened. Ivan Stepanovich Belostotsky was one of active participants of development of Soviet public health on the territory of Ural. In 1941 the foundation for development of base hospitals in Ural during the Great Patriotic war was made ready.

  12. Determination of Aflatoxins in Peanut Products in the Northeast Region of São Paulo, Brazil

    PubMed Central

    Oliveira, Carlos A. F.; Gonçalves, Natália B.; Rosim, Roice E.; Fernandes, Andrezza M.


    The aim of the present study was to determine aflatoxin levels in peanut products traded in the Northeast region of São Paulo, Brazil. To this end, 240 samples of peanut products traded in the cities of Araras, Leme, Pirassununga and Porto Ferreira were collected from June 2006 to May 2007. The samples were analyzed for aflatoxins (AF) B1, B2, G1 and G2 by high performance liquid chromatography. Results showed 44.2% samples positive for AF at levels of 0.5 to 103.8 μg·kg−1. Nine of the positive samples (3.7% of the analysed samples) had total aflatoxin concentrations (B1+B2+G1+G2) higher than the limit established by Brazilian regulations (20 μg·kg−1). Based on the above data, the probable mean daily intake (PDIM) of aflatoxins from peanut products in the Northeast region of São Paulo was estimated to be 0.23 ng kg b.w. day−1. Although this PDIM value was relatively low, results indicate that aflatoxin contamination of peanut products may be a public health concern in Brazil, when considering the potential exposure of highly susceptible consumers. For example, it should be emphasized that children are potentially exposed to aflatoxins, since they consume large quantities of peanut candies, and these products had the highest number of samples positive for AFB1. PMID:19333440

  13. The polyphenolics and carbohydrates as indicators of botanical and geographical origin of Serbian autochthonous clones of red spice paprika.


    Mudrić, Sanja Ž; Gašić, Uroš M; Dramićanin, Aleksandra M; Ćirić, Ivanka Ž; Milojković-Opsenica, Dušanka M; Popović-Đorđević, Jelena B; Momirović, Nebojša M; Tešić, Živoslav Lj


    Spice peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) var. Lemeška and Lakošnička paprika were investigated to evaluate their polyphenolic and carbohydrate profiles and antioxidant activity. A total of forty-nine polyphenolics were identified using ultrahigh-performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) coupled to LTQ OrbiTrap mass analyzer. Twenty-five of them were quantified using available standards, while the other compounds were confirmed by exact mass search of their deprotonated molecule [M-H](-) and its MS(4) fragmentation. Thirteen carbohydrates were quantified using high-performance anion exchange chromatography (HPAEC) with pulsed amperometric detection (PAD). Radical scavenging activity (RSA) ranged from 17.32 to 48.34mmol TE (Trolox equivalent)/kg DW (dry weight) and total phenolics content (TPC) was ranged between 7.03 and 14.92g GAE (gallic acid equivalents)/kg DW. To our best knowledge, five polyphenolic compounds were for the first time tentatively identified in paprika: 5-O-p-coumaroylquinic acid, luteolin 7-O-(2″-O-pentosyl-4″-O-hexosyl)hexoside, quercetin 3-O-(2″-O-hexosyl)rhamnoside, isorhamnetin 3-O-[6″-O-(5-hydroxyferuloyl)hexoside]-7-O-rhamnoside, and luteolin 7-O-[2″-O-(5'″-O-sinapoyl)pentosyl-6″-O-malonyl]hexoside.

  14. Study of the maximal Abelian gauge in SU(2) Euclidean Yang-Mills theory in the presence of the Gribov horizon

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Capri, M. A. L.; Lemes, V. E. R.; Sobreiro, R. F.; Sorella, S. P.; Thibes, R.


    We pursue the study of SU(2) Euclidean Yang-Mills theory in the maximal Abelian gauge by taking into account the effects of the Gribov horizon. The Gribov approximation, previously introduced in [M. A. L. Capri, V. E. R. Lemes, R. F. Sobreiro, S. P. Sorella, and R. Thibes, Phys. Rev. D 72, 085021 (2005).], is improved through the introduction of the horizon function, which is constructed under the requirements of localizability and renormalizability. By following Zwanziger’s treatment of the horizon function in the Landau gauge, we prove that, when cast in local form, the horizon term of the maximal Abelian gauge leads to a quantized theory which enjoys multiplicative renormalizability, a feature which is established to all orders by means of the algebraic renormalization. Furthermore, it turns out that the horizon term is compatible with the local residual U(1) Ward identity, typical of the maximal Abelian gauge, which is easily derived. As a consequence, the nonrenormalization theorem, ZgZA1/2=1, relating the renormalization factors of the gauge coupling constant Zg and of the diagonal gluon field ZA, still holds in the presence of the Gribov horizon. Finally, we notice that a generalized dimension two gluon operator can be also introduced. It is BRST invariant on-shell, a property which ensures its multiplicative renormalizability. Its anomalous dimension is not an independent parameter of the theory, being obtained from the renormalization factors of the gauge coupling constant and of the diagonal antighost field.

  15. Ultrastructure and pollen morphology of Bromeliaceae species from the Atlantic Rainforest in Southeastern Brazil.


    Silva, Vanessa J D; Ribeiro, Ester M; Luizi-Ponzo, Andrea P; Faria, Ana Paula G


    Pollen grain morphology of Bromeliaceae species collected in areas of the Atlantic Rainforest of southeastern Brazil was studied. The following species were analyzed: Aechmea bambusoides L.B.Sm. & Reitz, A. nudicaulis (L.) Griseb., A. ramosa Mart. ex Schult.f., Ananas bracteatus (Lindl.) Schult.f., Billbergia distachia (Vell.) Mez, B. euphemiae E. Morren, B. horrida Regel, B. zebrina (Herb.) Lindl., Portea petropolitana (Wawra) Mez, Pitcairnia flammea Lindl., Quesnelia indecora Mez, Tillandsia polystachia (L.) L., T. stricta Sol., T. gardneri Lindl., T. geminiflora Brongn. and Vriesea grandiflora Leme. Light and scanning electron microscopy were used and the species were grouped into three pollen types, organized according to aperture characteristics: Type I - pantoporate pollen grains observed in P. petropolitana, Type II - 2-porate pollen grains, observed in the genera Ananas, Aechmea and Quesnelia, and Type III - 1-colpate pollen grains, observed in the genera Billbergia, Pitcairnia, Tillandsia and Vriesea. Pollen data led to the construction of an identification key. The results showed that the species analyzed can be distinguished using mainly aperture features and exine ornamentation, and that these characteristics may assist in taxonomic studies of the family.

  16. Public transport accessibility for wheelchair users: a perspective from macro-ergonomic design.


    Almada, Juan Felipe; Renner, Jacinta Sidegum


    Considering the current experience of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) seeking to join the labor market as well as improve their quality of life, full accessibility is an important tool to enable their integration into society. The primary objective of this study was to identify ergonomics and accessibility issues faced by wheelchair users and persons with mobility alterations when using public transport, from a user perspective. This was an observational, descriptive study, with a quantitative approach to data analysis and discussion. The study sample comprised 30 wheelchair-bound public transport users, and was drawn from the membership of LEME - Associação dos Lesados Medulares de Novo Hamburgo (Novo Hamburgo Spinal Injury Victims' Association). Data were collected by means of an open-ended interview, which guided questionnaire development, and direct field observations conducted during bus rides. Results indicate that the primary issues are the quality of services offered, particularly the schedule and number of accessible vehicles, and the lack of trained employees to aid wheelchair users. The paper also identifies issues related to accessibility and safety, both when accessing vehicles and during transportation.

  17. Linear Models Based on Noisy Data and the Frisch Scheme*

    PubMed Central

    Ning, Lipeng; Georgiou, Tryphon T.; Tannenbaum, Allen; Boyd, Stephen P.


    We address the problem of identifying linear relations among variables based on noisy measurements. This is a central question in the search for structure in large data sets. Often a key assumption is that measurement errors in each variable are independent. This basic formulation has its roots in the work of Charles Spearman in 1904 and of Ragnar Frisch in the 1930s. Various topics such as errors-in-variables, factor analysis, and instrumental variables all refer to alternative viewpoints on this problem and on ways to account for the anticipated way that noise enters the data. In the present paper we begin by describing certain fundamental contributions by the founders of the field and provide alternative modern proofs to certain key results. We then go on to consider a modern viewpoint and novel numerical techniques to the problem. The central theme is expressed by the Frisch–Kalman dictum, which calls for identifying a noise contribution that allows a maximal number of simultaneous linear relations among the noise-free variables—a rank minimization problem. In the years since Frisch’s original formulation, there have been several insights, including trace minimization as a convenient heuristic to replace rank minimization. We discuss convex relaxations and theoretical bounds on the rank that, when met, provide guarantees for global optimality. A complementary point of view to this minimum-rank dictum is presented in which models are sought leading to a uniformly optimal quadratic estimation error for the error-free variables. Points of contact between these formalisms are discussed, and alternative regularization schemes are presented. PMID:27168672

  18. AM 2217-490: A polar ring galaxy under construction

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Freitas-Lemes, P.; Rodrigues, I.; Faúndez-Abans, M.; Dors, O.


    This work is part of a series of case studies of Polar Ring Galaxies (PRGs) (see also Posters GAL-1: 163, GAL-2: 178). A PRG is formed by an early type host galaxy (e.g. lenticular or elliptical), surrounded by a ring of gas and stars orbiting approximately at the polar plane of the host galaxy. AM2217-490 is an interesting case of PRG in formation, with a still asymmetrical ring that surrounds the host galaxy. Apparently, this bluish structure (characteristic of the rings of PRGs), is not yet in equilibrium with the host galaxy. This study is based on spectra on the range 6250-7250 Å obtained with the CTIO 1.5 m telescope - Chile. From them, we measure a heliocentric radial velocity of 9152± 18 km/s. The value of the ionization parameter (log U = -3.5) is similar to that in interacting galaxies (Freitas-Lemes et al. 2013, submitted to MNRAS; and Krabbe et al. 2013, MNRAS Accepted), and lower than that of isolated ones. The electron density shows little variation along the major axis of the host galaxy, and a mean value typical of interacting galaxies. Diagnostic diagrams show that the nuclear region harbors an AGN, following a trend among polar ring galaxies. The low-resolution images of the SDSS show no tails or bridges connecting the galaxy to other objects, however, in a radius of 5 arcmin there are three other galaxies with similar speeds, featuring a group. A plausible hypothesis is that one of these galaxies may have interacted with AM2217-490, donating material to form the ring.

  19. [Remarks on Leon Popielski's manuscript of his review of January Zubrzycki's qualifying thesis for professorship dating from 1915].


    Heimrath, T


    A review written by professor Leon Popielski from Lvov of the qualifying thesis for professorship of January Zubrzycki from Cracow is presented. The manuscript has been kept by professor Popielski's family. Zubrzycki finished his medical studies in Cracow in 1909. While writing his qualifying thesis entitled Placental Albumin Derivatives and their Toxic Properties in 1915 he was an assistant of Aleksander Rosner in the department of maternity and gynaecology of Jagiellonian University. In 1931 as a professor he became the head of the clinic and following the Second World War he was a professor at several faculties of medicine in Poland. He was an outstanding gynaecological surgeon, an author of a five volume atlas of gynaecological surgery. Professor Leon Popielski studied in S. Petersburg. He specialized in physiology. Since 1904 he was the head of the Chair of Pharmacologoy and Pharmacognosy at the Universitiy of Lvov. Popielski's intrest in Zubrzycki's work ensued his research on albumin metabolite effect. His appreciation of the work is expressed by the phrase "I read it with satisfaction". The review was written in 1919, belated by the war.

  20. Extreme Planets

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)


    This artist's concept depicts the pulsar planet system discovered by Aleksander Wolszczan in 1992. Wolszczan used the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico to find three planets - the first of any kind ever found outside our solar system - circling a pulsar called PSR B1257+12. Pulsars are rapidly rotating neutron stars, which are the collapsed cores of exploded massive stars. They spin and pulse with radiation, much like a lighthouse beacon. Here, the pulsar's twisted magnetic fields are highlighted by the blue glow.

    All three pulsar planets are shown in this picture; the farthest two from the pulsar (closest in this view) are about the size of Earth. Radiation from charged pulsar particles would probably rain down on the planets, causing their night skies to light up with auroras similar to our Northern Lights. One such aurora is illustrated on the planet at the bottom of the picture.

    Since this landmark discovery, more than 160 extrasolar planets have been observed around stars that are burning nuclear fuel. The planets spotted by Wolszczan are still the only ones around a dead star. They also might be part of a second generation of planets, the first having been destroyed when their star blew up. The Spitzer Space Telescope's discovery of a dusty disk around a pulsar might represent the beginnings of a similarly 'reborn' planetary system.

  1. Extreme Planets

    NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)


    This artist's concept depicts the pulsar planet system discovered by Aleksander Wolszczan in 1992. Wolszczan used the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico to find three planets - the first of any kind ever found outside our solar system - circling a pulsar called PSR B1257+12. Pulsars are rapidly rotating neutron stars, which are the collapsed cores of exploded massive stars. They spin and pulse with radiation, much like a lighthouse beacon. Here, the pulsar's twisted magnetic fields are highlighted by the blue glow.

    All three pulsar planets are shown in this picture; the farthest two from the pulsar (closest in this view) are about the size of Earth. Radiation from charged pulsar particles would probably rain down on the planets, causing their night skies to light up with auroras similar to our Northern Lights. One such aurora is illustrated on the planet at the bottom of the picture.

    Since this landmark discovery, more than 160 extrasolar planets have been observed around stars that are burning nuclear fuel. The planets spotted by Wolszczan are still the only ones around a dead star. They also might be part of a second generation of planets, the first having been destroyed when their star blew up. The Spitzer Space Telescope's discovery of a dusty disk around a pulsar might represent the beginnings of a similarly 'reborn' planetary system.

  2. [Social and political commitment of Lvov physicians in the first half of the 20th century. Contribution to the characteristics of the Polish medical environment].


    Wojtkiewicz-Rok, W


    Before the First World War Lvov was under the Austrian occupation and this is why there is only a scarce evidence of patriotic commitment of the Polish physicians. Political activities were demonstrated through occasional speeches given at the national ceremonies or during their inauguration of an academic year. One of such ceremonies was the centenary of F. Chopin's birth when a patriotic oration, kept till the present day in the family collection, was made by a representative of the University, Forensic Medicine Professor, Włodzimierz Sieradzki. During the First World War, the battle of Lvov and the war with Bolsheviks, many young physicians or doctors' sons took part in the warfare, displayed bravery and were honored with medals, and many of them were killed. Within the period between the world wars the atmosphere of patriotism was still enthusiastic. Subsequent years are hard to judge as the only material to be used to that end was mainly memoirs issued only in the People's Republic of Poland and these were to a large extent abridge by censorship. This also applies to the period of the Soviet occupation after the outbreak of the Second World War. The memoirs that depicted an open animosity towards the representatives of the Soviet authorities remained as typescripts and only today they are published, for instance the Memoirs of Neurosurgery Professor, Aleksander Domaszewicz.

  3. Dynamical systems theory and applications

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Awrejcewicz, Jan


    The 7th International Conference devoted to "Dynamical Systems-Theory and Applications" hold in 8-11 December, 2003 in Łódź, Poland, and it was organized by the staff of Department of Automatics and Biomechanics of the Technical University of Łódź. It was financially supported by the Rector of the Technical University of Łódź and the Department of Education and Physical Culture of the Łódź City Hall. The members of the International Scientific Committee included: Igor V. Andrianov (Dniepropetrovsk), Jan Awrejcewicz (Łódź), Iliya Blekhman (Sankt Petersburg), Roman Bogacz (Warszawa), Dick van Campen (Eindhoven), Zbigniew Engel (Kraków), Lothar Gaul (Stuttgart), Józef Giergiel (Kraków), Michał Kleiber (Warszawa), Vadim A. Krysko (Saratov), Włodzimierz Kurnik (Warszawa), Claude-Henri Lamarque (Lyon), Leonid I. Manevitch (Moscow), Jan Osiecki (Warszawa), Wiesaw Ostachowicz (Gdańsk), Ladislav Pust (Prague), Giuseppe Rega (Rome), Tsuneo Someya (Tokyo), Zbigniew Starczewski (Warszawa), Eugeniusz Świtoński (Gliwice), Andrzej Tylikowski (Warszawa), Tadeusz Uhl (Kraków), Aleksander F. Vakakis (Illinois), Józef Wojnarowski (Gliwice).

  4. EDITORIAL: International Conference on Finite Fermionic Systems: Nilsson Model 50 Years

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)


    a high standing scientific programme. Finally, we thank the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences through its Nobel Committee for Physics, the Royal Physiographical Society in Lund, the Technical Faculty (LTH) at Lund University, and the Swedish Research Council (VR) for financial support. Sven Aberg, Ragnar Bengtsson, Ingemar Ragnarsson and Stephanie Reimann Department of Mathematical Physics, Lund Institute of Technology, S-22100 Lund, Sweden Joakim Cederkäll, Claes Fahlander and Dirk Rudolph Division of Nuclear Physics, Lund University, S-22100 Lund, Sweden

  5. The flinders sensitive line rat model of depression--25 years and still producing.


    Overstreet, David H; Wegener, Gregers


    Approximately 25 years have passed since the first publication suggesting the Flinders sensitive line (FSL) rat as an animal model of depression. At least 6 years of research on these rats was completed before that seminal paper, and there has been a steady stream of publications (130+) over the years. The present review will focus on several issues not previously covered in earlier reviews, summarize the several lines of ongoing investigations, and propose a novel mechanism that accounts for a number of previously unexplained observations. A key observation in the FSL rat relates to the antidepressant (AD)-like effects of known and putative antidepressants. The FSL rat typically exhibits an AD-like effect in behavioral tests for AD-like activity following chronic (14 days) treatment, although some studies have found AD-like effects after fewer days of treatment. In other observations, exaggerated swim test immobility in the FSL rat has been found to have a maternal influence, as shown by cross-fostering studies and observations of maternal behavior; the implications of this finding are still to be determined. Ongoing or recently completed studies have been performed in the laboratories of Marko Diksic of Canada, Aleksander Mathé of Sweden, Gregers Wegener of Denmark, Brian Harvey of South Africa, Paul Pilowsky and Rod Irvine of Australia, and Gal Yadid of Israel. Jennifer Loftis of Portland, Oregon, and Lynette Daws of San Antonio, Texas, have been working with the FSL rats in the United States. A puzzling feature of the FSL rat is its sensitivity to multiple chemicals, and its greater sensitivity to a variety of drugs with different mechanisms of action. It has been recently shown that each of these drugs feeds through G protein-coupled receptors to potassium-gated channels. Thus, an abnormality in the potassium channel could underlie the depressed-like behavior of the FSL rats.

  6. [The topic of the intelligentsia in the works of Polish sociologists in the inter-war period].


    Górski, Piotr


    The paper deals with the issue of Polish intelligentsia in the inter-war period (1918-1939). In the introduction, the author presents various approaches that can be adopted in investigating this problem, approaches that focus on the analysis of the social awareness of that social stratum and on its transformations form the perspective of social structure. Further on in the paper, the author points to the image of Polish intelligentsia of that period as it emerges from an analysis of the feature writing of the period, i.e. to the image of the intelligentsia's self-awareness, and to the image that is revealed in the writings of historians of the inter-war period. Finally, in the main section of the paper, the author presents the views of four sociologists who lived and worked in the interwar period who dealt with the issue of the Polish intelligentsia: Florian Znaniecki (1882-1958), Aleksander Hertz (1895-1983), Stanisław Rychliński (1903-1944) and Józef Chałasiński (1904-1979). The views of those sociologists are juxtaposed with opinions of journalists and historians, to see how valuable and original such views were. Their views on the intelligentsia are also analysed against the background of the developments in sociology of that period, of the areas or interest of the sociologists involved, and of the theoretical frameworks which they followed. The sociologists' research on the intelligentsia can be seen as part of a wider range of studies on transformations in culture (Znaniecki, Hertz) and social structure (Rychliński, Chałasiński). All four sociologists pointed to the changes that the Polish intelligentsia was subject to and to the problems involved in implementing its leadership role. Apart from Chałasiński, the sociologists appreciated the positive role of the intelligentsia in Polish society and indicated the need to take measures aimed at reconstructing the paths of advancement into the social elite, a great role in which was attributed to

  7. Proliferative and Glycolytic Assessment of the Whole-Body Bone Marrow Compartment.


    Goryawala, Mohammed; Adjoua, Malek; Güleç, Seza


    Amaç: In vivo aktif Kemik İliği’nin (Kİ) kantitatif değerlendirmesi tam olarak tanımlanmış değildir. Bu çalışmadaki amaç 18F-FLT ve 18F FDG görüntüleme yöntemleriyle kemik iliğinin hücresel bölünme aktivitesi ile glikolitik aktivite ile tanımlanan hacimlerinin mukayesesini yapmaktır. Bu spesifik çalışmaya esas olan ana çalışma, pancreas kanserli hastalarda başlatılmış bir faz 1 araştırmasıdır. Yöntem: By faz 1 çalışmaya pancreas kanseri olan yedi hasta dahil edilmiştir, bir hafta içerisinde hem 18F-FLT hem 18F-FDG görüntülemesi yapılmış, kemik dokusunu kortikal ve trabeküler bölgelere ayırmak için BT bazlı bir sınıflama kullanılmıştır. Total Kİ hacmi, trabeküler kemikteki PET aktivitesinin istatiki bir eşikleme metodu uygulanarak belirlenmiştir. Bulgular: 18F-FLT ile elde edilen kırmızı Kİ hacmi (KKİ) 18F-FDG ile saptanadan daha yüksek bulunmuştur (∆=89,21 ml). 18F-FLT ile saptanan KKİ erkeklerde ağırlık (R2=0,61) ve KKİ (R2=0,70) ile yüksek korelasyon göstermektedir. 18F-FLT ile elde edilen kırmızı Kİ fraksiyonu erkekler ve kadınlar arasında anlamlı farklılık göstermekteydi, kadınlarda trabeküler kemik içerisinde daha yüksek kırmızı kemik maddesi bulunmaktaydı (p<0,05). 18F-FLT’nin aksine 18F-FDG Kİ ölçümleri KKİ’nin kadınlar ve erkekler arsında anlamlı farklılık gösterdiği saptandı (p<0,05). Sonuçlar kırmızı Kİ segmentasyonu için spinal aktivite SUV eşiğinin 18F-FLT PET ile 18F-FDG PET arasında anlamlı derecede farklı olduğunu gösterdi (p<0,05). Sonuç: Bu çalışma 18F-FLT-PET ile 18F-FDG-PET’in birleştirilmesinin proliferative ve glikolitik aktivitelerine bağlı olarak in vivo Kİ tahminine önemli katkı sağladığını göstermektedir.

  8. Correlation of Minimum Apparent Diffusion Coefficient and Maximum Standardized Uptake Value of the Primary Tumor with Clinicopathologic Characteristics in Endometrial Cancer.


    Sürer Budak, Evrim; Toptaş, Tayfun; Aydın, Funda; Öner, Ali Ozan; Çevikol, Can; Şimşek, Tayup


    Amaç: Endometrium kanserinde (EK) primer tümörün maksimum standardize tutulum değeri (SUVmaks) ve minimum görünen difüzyon katsayısının (ADCmin) klinikopatolojik özellikler ile olan ilişkisini araştırmak ve bunların öngörü gücünü belirlemektir. Yöntem: 18F-fluorodeoksiglukoz (FDG) pozitron emisyon tomografisi/bilgisayarlı tomografi (PET/BT) ve difüzyon ağırlıklı-manyetik rezonans görüntüleme (DA-MRG) ile preoperatif değerlendirmeyi takiben evreleme cerrahisi yapılan toplamda 45 hasta, planlı veri toplama yapılan prospektif bir olgu serisine dahil edildiler. Çalışma verileri arasındaki ilişkiler çoklu doğrusal regresyon analizi ile araştırıldı. Bulgular: Ortalama ADCmin ve SUVmaks sırasıyla 0,72±0,22 ve 16,54±8,73 olarak bulundu. Tek değişkenli analizde yaş, myometriyal invazyon (Mİ) ve lenfovasküler alan tutulumu (LVAT) ADCmin ile ilişkili potansiyel faktörler olarak bulunurken, yaş, evre, tümör büyüklüğü, LVAT ve metastatik lenf düğümlerinin sayısı SUVmaks ile ilişkili potansiyel değişkenler olarak tespit edildiler. Diğer taraftan, çok değişkenli analizde Mİ, ADCmin (p=0,007) ve SUVmaks (p=0,024) ile ilişkili tek anlamlı değişkendi. Derin Mİ en iyi, ≤0,77’lik [%93,7 duyarlılık, %48,2 özgüllük ve %93,0 negatif öngörü değeri (NPD)] bir ADCmin kesim değeri ve >20,5’lik (%62,5 duyarlılık, %86,2 özgüllük ve %81,0 NPD) bir SUVmaks kesim değeri ile öngörülebiliyordu. Ne var ki, her iki tanısal test birbirlerinden anlamlı şekilde farklı değildi (p=0,266). Sonuç: Klinikopatolojik özelliklerden yalnızca Mİ bağımsız ve anlamlı şekilde SUVmaks ve ADCmin ile ilişkiliydi. Ne var ki, her iki parametrenin ideal olmayan öngörü performansları nedeniyle 18F-FDG PET/BT veya DA-MRG’nin rutin kullanımı şu noktada önerilemez.

  9. Effect of Hereditary Hemochromatosis Gene H63D and C282Y Mutations on Iron Overload in Sickle Cell Disease Patients.


    Terzi, Yunus Kasım; Bulakbaşı Balcı, Tuğçe; Boğa, Can; Koç, Zafer; Yılmaz Çelik, Zerrin; Özdoğu, Hakan; Karakuş, Sema; Şahin, Feride İffet


    Amaç: Hemokromatozis, demir birikiminin önemli nedenlerinden biri olan otozomal resesif bir hastalıktır. Orak hücreli anemi, hemoglobin genindeki homozigot mutasyon sonucu ortaya çıkan bir hemoglobinopatidir. Eritrosit transfüzyonu, bu hastalığın tedavisinde sıklıkla kullanılmaktadır. Transfüzyonun yarattığı demir yükü diğer hemoglobinopatilerde olduğu gibi orak hücreli anemi hastalarının mortalite ve morbiditesinde önem kazanmaktadır. Bu çalışmada hemokromatozis geni (HFE) p.H63D ve p.C282Y mutasyonlarının, homozigot hemoglobin S mutasyonu taşıyan orak hücreli anemi hastalarında, kalp ve karaciğerde transfüzyonla ilişkili demir yüklenmesine olan etkisi araştırılmıştır. Gereç ve Yöntemler: Bu çalışma, homozigot hemoglobin S mutasyonu olan hastalarda 2008-2013 yıllarını kapsayan prospektif, tek merkezli kesitsel bir çalışmadır. Hastalar şelasyon tedavisi alan (n=31) ve almayan (n=13) olarak iki gruba ayrıldı. Hastalarda direk ve endirekt demir yükü sırasıyla manyetik rezonans görüntüleme ve biyokimyasal olarak analiz edildi. HFE geni mutasyon analizi polimeraz zincir reaksiyonu-restriksiyon fragment uzunluk polimorfizmi yöntemleri ile gerçekleştirildi. İstatistik analizi Independent samples t-testi uygulanarak gerçekleştirildi. Bulgular: p.H63D mutasyonu grup A’da 10 hastada (%32,3), grup B’de ise sadece 1 (%7,7) hastada saptandı. Demir birikimi açısından gruplar karşılaştırıldığında karaciğerde demir birikiminin grup B’de istatistiksel olarak anlamlı derecede yüksek olduğu görülmüştür (p<0,05). Grup A’da, mutasyonu olan bireylerde olmayanlara göre karaciğerdeki demir birikiminin istatistiksel olarak anlamlı derecede yüksek olduğu görülmüştür (p=0,05). Sonuç: Bu çalışmanın sonucu HFE genindeki mutasyonların, orak hücreli anemi hastalarında karaciğerde demir birikimi üzerinde etkili olduğunu göstermektedir.

  10. PREFACE: First Latin-American Conference on Bioimpedance (CLABIO 2012)

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Bertemes Filho, Pedro


    . In making this conference possible, we want to acknowledge our deep appreciation for the financial support of FAPESC (Foundation for Research and Innovation of Santa Catarina), CAPES (Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Level -or Education- Personnel) and also express our sincere thanks to the many individuals who contributed their time and diligence to making this conference possible. Our special thanks go to the Santa Catarina State University for contributing time and effort to organizing the conference. We also wish to express our thanks to Professors Ana Watanabe and Fabricio Noveletto for helping with the registration process, the conference desk and the diverse and sundry details that are the part of any event of this kind. We would like also to thank all of the invited speakers and the members of the Program Committee, and wopuld like to express our gratitude to the Technological Institute of Joinville (FITEJ) for their technical co-sponsorship. We very much appreciate Orjan Martinsen, Uwe Pliquett, Fernando Martinez Seoane, Raul Gonzalez Lima, Marcio Nogueira de Souza and Carlos Augusto Gonzalez Correa for delivering keynote talks at the conference. And we would like to extend an enthusiastic round of thanks to all of our conference authors for their excellent contributions; to all the session chairs for their effort and enthusiasm; and to all the International Program Committee members and referees for their time and expertise in the paper review. Particular thanks go to Emiliano Amarante Veiga and other members of the CLABIO2012 Secretariat and organizing team for their time and outstanding work. List of committees General Chair Professor Pedro Bertemes Filho (Santa Catarina State University) Pedro Bertemes Filho Technical Program Chairs Dr Marcio Nogueira de Souza (Rio de Janeiro Federal University) Local Arrangement Chair Professor Aleksander Paterno (Santa Catarina State University) Professor Fabrício Noveletto (Santa Catarina State University

  11. Obituary: William Gordon (1918-2010)

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Terzian, Yervant


    atmospheric section to investigate the changes in the physical parameters of the ionosphere. Bill Gordon, in 1966, moved to Rice University in Houston, Texas, where he was a Distinguished Professor and Senior Administrator (Dean, Provost and Vice President). The Arecibo Ionospheric Observatory in 1970 was designated as 'The National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center' (NAIC), and began to be funded as a National Center by the National Science Foundation. Cornell has remained the managing institution since that time. Early in the 1970s a grant from the NSF made it possible to replace the surface of the telescope with perforated rigid panels allowing it to operate at least up to 5000 MHz. In the 1990s the long imperfect line feeds were replaced by a complex Gregorian system that greatly increased the sensitivity of the telescope. This allowed the radiation to be collected at a focal point rather than via a long line. These and other major improvements have kept the telescope as the most sensitive radio/radar telescope in the world. Observations of pulsars at Arecibo resulted in the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physics to Joseph Taylor and Russell Hulse who indirectly showed that gravitational waves exist, as Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity predicts. In 1990 Aleksander Wolszczan discovered a special pulsar and he was able to show that it was surrounded by earth size planets. The exotic and photogenic giant radar/radio telescope has also been featured in prominent movies such as the James Bond 'Golden Eye' in 1995, and Carl Sagan's 'Contact' in 1997. Bill's many graduate students from Cornell and Rice, simply adored him. One of his students, Dr. Richard A. Behnke, has said 'Simply he was the greatest man I have known'. Bill was married to Elva Freile Gordon for 61 years. Elva died in 2001. Bill later remarried with Elizabeth Bolgiano Gordon. In his career Bill received many awards. He was a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering, and