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  1. Hydroelectric power provides a cheap source of electricity with few carbon emissions. Yet, reservoirs are not operated sustainably, which we define as meeting societal needs for water and power while protecting long-term health of the river ecosystem. Reservoirs that generate hydropower are typically operated with the goal of maximizing energy reve

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    Jager, Yetta; Smith, Brennan T


    Hydroelectric power provides a cheap source of electricity with few carbon emissions. Yet, reservoirs are not operated sustainably, which we define as meeting societal needs for water and power while protecting long-term health of the river ecosystem. Reservoirs that generate hydropower are typically operated with the goal of maximizing energy revenue, while meeting other legal water requirements. Reservoir optimization schemes used in practice do not seek flow regimes that maximize aquatic ecosystem health. Here, we review optimization studies that considered environmental goals in one of three approaches. The first approach seeks flow regimes that maximize hydropower generation, while satisfying legal requirements, including environmental (or minimum) flows. Solutions from this approach are often used in practice to operate hydropower projects. In the second approach, flow releases from a dam are timed to meet water quality constraints on dissolved oxygen (DO), temperature and nutrients. In the third approach, flow releases are timed to improve the health of fish populations. We conclude by suggesting three steps for bringing multi-objective reservoir operation closer to the goal of ecological sustainability: (1) conduct research to identify which features of flow variation are essential for river health and to quantify these relationships, (2) develop valuation methods to assess the total value of river health and (3) develop optimal control softwares that combine water balance modelling with models that predict ecosystem responses to flow.


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    Membrane use in water treatment has historically focused on desalination. With the development of new membrane materials, attention began to focus on reverse osmosis and pervaporation as alternatives to traditional water treatment processes. This paper addresses the use of reve...

  3. Biological Synthesis of Substituted o-Aminophenols

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    SUBJECT TERMS (Continue on reve:e ;f ne.ezjry an ,der-,y Zq block -.. alnber) FIELD GROUP SUB-GROUP Biology, polymer synthesis, specialty materials , 06...for Neurospora crassa tyrosinase was developed. This procedure simply involves pulverizing the frozen mycelium into a powder, suspension 3 of that...alkalescens, the nitro-reductase seems3to consist essentially of hydrogenase and a ferrodoxin-like material that can be separated from each other by Sephadex G

  4. Determining UV Inactivation of Toxoplasma gondii Oocysts by Using Cell Culture and a Mouse Bioassay

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    The effect of UV exposure on Toxoplasma gondii oocysts has not been completely defined for use in water disinfection. This study evaluated UV irradiated oocysts by three assays: a SCID mouse bioassay, an in vitro T. gondii oocyst plaque assay (TOP-assay), and a quantitative reve...

  5. ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma palmicola’, a novel taxon associated with a lethal yellowing-type disease (LYD) of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) in Mozambique

    Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

    In this study, the taxonomic position and group classification of the phytoplasma associated with a lethal yellowing-type disease (LYD) of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) in Mozambique were addressed. Pairwise sequence similarity values based on alignment of near full-length 16SrRNA genes (1530 bp) reve...

  6. No evidence for translation of pog, a predicted overlapping gene of Solenopsis invicta virus 1

    Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

    An overlapping open reading frame (ORF) with a potential to encode a functional protein has been identified within the 3'-proximal ORF of Solenopsis invicta virus 1 (SINV-1) and three bee viruses. This ORF has been referred to as predicted overlapping gene (pog). Protein motif searches of pog reve...

  7. Calculating the Self-Intersections of Bezier Curves.

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    Bezier Curves,*Spline Curves: Intersection, Self- Intersection 20. A81T RACT (Continue an revee side if necesavy and identify by bleck nmber1...Darmrstadt FRG Wolfgang Schwarz Reinhold Klass Jakob-Stefan-Str. 12 Daimler-Benz AG 6500 Mainz FRG AMht AIDK 0932 Sindelfmngen FRG W. Strasser Diete

  8. Polymer and Surface Science in Europe, Israel, and Egypt: Some Observations,

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    organic-matrix composites colloids tribology elastomers mechanical deformation molecular conformation 20. AUTRACT (Contlnue on revee cide Ii necoemy md...especially his studies of highly oriented polyethylene and other linear polyolefin polymers. After a preliminary discussion of the molecular details...highly fundamental. The principal areas of investigation are polymer crystal structure and molecular conformation. Polymer Science in Spain As was

  9. Taurine in neonatal nutrition - revisited

    Technology Transfer Automated Retrieval System (TEKTRAN)

    Taurine (2-aminoethanesulfonic acid) was isolated from ox (Bos Taurus) bile in 1827 but, until the mid to late 1970, it was thought to be merely a by-product of sulfur amino and metabolism. In 1975, it was noted that taurine deficiency in cats was associated with retinal degeneration which was reve...

  10. Beyond Mere Automation.

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    DTIC ELECTER IS. SUPPLEMENTARY NOTES 19. KEg’ WORDS (Continue an side if necosa and Identify by. block fleobo) 0 AOSTRACT (Continue an rover ...this cycle is driven by the economy, not by scientific altruism or curiosity . That is why the sophistication in the computer-based office equipment and

  11. Integrative network analysis reveals time-dependent molecular events underlying left ventricular remodeling in post-myocardial infarction patients.


    Pinet, Florence; Cuvelliez, Marie; Kelder, Thomas; Amouyel, Philippe; Radonjic, Marijana; Bauters, Christophe


    To elucidate the time-resolved molecular events underlying the LV remodeling (LVR) process, we developed a large-scale network model that integrates the 24 molecular variables (plasma proteins and non-coding RNAs) collected in the REVE-2 study at four time points (baseline, 1month, 3months and 1year) after MI. The REVE-2 network model was built by extending the set of REVE-2 variables with their mechanistic context based on known molecular interactions (1310 nodes and 8639 edges). Changes in the molecular variables between the group of patients with high LVR (>20%) and low LVR (<20%) were used to identify active network modules within the clusters associated with progression of LVR, enabling assessment of time-resolved molecular changes. Although the majority of molecular changes occur at the baseline, two network modules specifically show an increasing number of active molecules throughout the post-MI follow up: one involved in muscle filament sliding, containing the major troponin forms and tropomyosin proteins, and the other associated with extracellular matrix disassembly, including matrix metalloproteinases, tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases and laminin proteins. For the first time, integrative network analysis of molecular variables collected in REVE-2 patients with known molecular interactions allows insight into time-dependent mechanisms associated with LVR following MI, linking specific processes with LV structure alteration. In addition, the REVE-2 network model provides a shortlist of prioritized putative novel biomarker candidates for detection of LVR after MI event associated with a high risk of heart failure and is a valuable resource for further hypothesis generation.

  12. Peacemaking: The Effectiveness of British Strategy in Northern Ireland, 1969-1972

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    change in strategy. CHAlIT’ER 2 LITFR. JRET REVIW Northern heland is much written about. Many books, petiodicals, and scholarly works examine aspects...Lyons’ Ireland since rhe Famine for the t.riod leading to independence; and Tim Pla C(oogan’s Ire land §if.? ihe Riins.-n for modern Ireiand. Some very...tll il 4+Jt+ pil[ * ar -t l. AP V 4[+f l 11 i h Aa+lr tI l k [i al ++ilt l W.. t iR Queen F lizdabeth I began the next plantation in Munster in 1580

  13. Development of Field Methodology and Processes for Task Analysis and Training Feedback

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    RESEARCH NOTE JINAL RE PTt/ICQNTRACTIDAH 19-77-C-IO’ 0 DEVELOPMENIT OFFIELDETHODOLOGY AND PROCESSES FOR TASK ANALYSIS AND TRAINING FEEDBACK , . . =, block numb.r) Training Maintenance Performance Work measurement Information feedback Task Analysis Interface analysis ABSTRACT (Conti ue on reve...side It neceary and Identify by block number) objective of the research effort was to develop a Training Feedback Management Information System. The

  14. Experimental and Seismological Constraints on the Rheology, Evolution, and Alteration of the Lithosphere at Oceanic Spreading Centers

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    granite [Dell’Angelo and Tullis, 1988], diabase [Fredrich and Evans, 1990], and peridotite [Bussod and Christie, 1991]. In addition to preventing the... Diabase , Eos Trans. Fall Meeting Supp., 71, 1750. Fujii, T., and I. Kushiro (1977), Density, viscosity and compressibility of basaltic liquid at high...Tucholke and Lin, 1994), and gabbro and diabase outcrops have been observed on the eastern rift valley wall (Reves-Sohn et al., 2004; Zonenshain et al

  15. Mesophase Behavior in Carbon Fiber Bundles.

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    Mesophase Coal-tar pitch Mesophase bloating Composite fabrication Mesophase wetting Ccmposite micrography Petroleum pitch 20. Atl RACT (Continue on reve...fiber in petroleum pitch were pyrolyzed under three conditions of constraint. The results confirm a recent report that the mesophase transformation...proceeds differently within a fiber bundle than in bulk pitch . In the early stages of transformation, both pitch and mesophase wet the fiber, and the

  16. An Analysis of the President’s Budgetary Proposals for Fiscal Year 2005

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    reimbursement, the alternative minimum tax, tax-free savings plans, treatment of tax shelters, and tax compliance . Permanently Extend Provisions revenue. Change the Treatment of Tax Shelters and Improve Tax Compliance . The President proposes a number of mea- sures to address tax shelters...abusive transactions, and tax compliance . Altogether, the proposals would raise reve- nues by an estimated $31 billion over the 2005-2014 period

  17. Epitaxial Garnets and Hexagonal Ferrites.

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    Iron Garnet Liquid Phase Epitaxy Hexagonal Ferrite microwave Signal Processing Millimeter-Wave 20. ABSTRACT (Continue ani revee arde if necoeermy and...le.’uIfy by block rns.) e objective of this research is to develop new and improved epitauial ferrite materials for use in microwave and millimeter... ferrite films suitable for microwave and millimeter-wave signal processing at frequencies above 1 GHz. The specific tasks are: a. Analyze and develop

  18. MSW Variable Time-Delay Techniques.

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    Phase Measurements Delay Dispersion Angle YIG Epitaxy Microwaves Films 20. ABSTRACT (Coninv. an r..eves side it nocesomr and identUify by Nocak ne...Work performed during the first year of a program to investigate magneto- static wave device techniques for phased arrays and microwave signal...device techniques for phased antenna arrays and microwave signal processing. At the start of this " program, initial experiments on variable delay(1

  19. Axial Compressor Reversed Flow Performance.

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    change which occurs at the stall limit of the compresor , the time-owaged data indicates that another flow mode change occurs in the neighborhood of the...surging compression system Into a small amplitude oscillation about the nonrecoverable stall point. This forced oscillation can then decay Into a system...were heavily dependent upon the model used for defining compressor post- stall performance, both steady state end transient, especially In the reve a

  20. An Archeological Overview and Management Plan for the Redstone Arsenal, Madison County, Alabama.

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    TO Atlanta. Georgia V3030 S7221 (SER- PA ) Mr. Cundiff Cameron Station Building 5 Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Dear Mr. Cundiff: Enclosed is one copy each...appended Unclassified xii + 112 resource locational data . ,ancft cm rm. Pa e . Pte Unclassified Oee ANSi-29.18) Se lnwnmftf on Revee OTIONAt FOAM 272...MISTORIC -CONSERVATION -LAW X-SCIENCE I .- 1 5tq -AGRICULTURE -ECONOMICS -LITERATURE -SCULPTURE 1 &~:o- i ~ ARCHITECTURE EDUCAION MILTARY SOCIAL

  1. New Algorithms for the Detection and Elimination of Sine Waves and Other Narrow-Band Signals in the Presence of Broadband Signals and Noise

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    SUBJECT TERMS (ConinL’e on revE’Se if necessary and tdcntit) b) block number) FIE.D GROI P SuB-GIOut, narrow-band interference removal adaptive...notches, the notches will jump at random between sine waves. This pattern is indicated in the table by the word "Jump". 4. Values of pain and pa., in the

  2. Guidance, navigation & control systems for sounding rockets - flight results, current status and the future

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Ljunge, Lars


    At the 16th ESA Symposium on European Rockets and Balloons, two newly developed guidance and control systems by Saab Ericsson Space were presented: The S19D guidance and control system, which uses DS19 hardware to execute S19 type guidance and control. The GCS/DMARS guidance, navigation and control system, which is a modernisation of the GCS/RIINS. These two and the third recent system, the DS19, were developed as replacements for the analog S19 and the GCS/RIINS, both of which use very old technology. The design drivers or the DS19, the S19D and the GCS/DMARS are: User requirements. New technology with improved performance capability becoming available. Current technology becoming old and replacement parts hard to come by. This paper first lists some guidance related user requirements, and then discusses the performance that has been achieved in the various guidance systems, including the S19, for comparison. This is first done from a theoretical point of view and then by analyzing actual flight data. The ability of the systems to fulfil the user requirements is also discussed and finally, a look is taken into the future.

  3. Quality of Care Indicators in the AMEDD (Army Medical Department)

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    Evaluation, Indicators 6 7rACT (Ceate - re,,vee sfr ,f d ideif y bio\\onb,) Ihis study looked at the feasibility of thev(MEDD)constructing a list of...affect the final list chosen. 7. The list of indicators should not be limited to " failures " or "errors" in medical practice. 6.p, 8. The list of...PATIENTS TRANSFUSED . TH WEIGHT RECORDED 100 1 PIN RNU3 1ED WITH ELECTROLYTE DETERMINATION 00 1 1 WITH INDICATION FOR TRANSFLS ON 100 I 2 2 WiTH ANEMIA EX

  4. Ambient Temperature Rechargeable Lithium Battery.

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    AD-AI O297 EIC LA BS INC NEWTON MA F/6 10/3 AMB IENT TEMPERATURE RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERAU AG(MARHMU)L TI ARI AK IC07 UNCLASSIFIED C-655DEE TB6...036FL -T Research and Development Technical Report -N DELET-TR-81-0378-F AMBIENT TEMPERATURE RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM BATTERY K. M. Abraham D. L. Natwig...WORDS (Cenimne an revee filf Of ~"#amp Pu l41"lfr bg’ 61WA amober) Rechargeable lithium battery, CrO.5VO.5S2 positive electrode, 2Me-THF/LiAsF6, cell

  5. Update of the U.S. Army Research Institute’s Longitudinal Research Data Base of Officers

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    804) 727-4386 ATIN: ATOM- O (Veazey) Fort Monroe, VA 23651-5000 SYSCON HQ Williamsburg, VA 309 McLaws Circle Suite K Williamsburg, VA 23185 (804) 253...M. Simutis, Director August 1992 929 25 063 92-25912 / O ~ o United States Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sclences Approved for...DOCUMENTATION PAGE Fmr N Qjc ,c ~enc ý .’ O c, e’ -c !-% -:e cr :t -cnavc- % e;-aa:.: ýu ae- -eswre mvcoinc tre tj-e tc rev~e~~ rc -s:ý Z:`I: 3 -:f , ýira n

  6. Enterprise Management Network Architecture Distributed Knowledge Base Support

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    34,. and coroseting arc reve-- c In .Iect cr mato Se rrArr nd Commenrts rn~A P ~ O -~ !!mate Or ani tflef asoeCl V? ("Is collcon Ct r rtcm ( wcq q...Su-te 1204. A:, tcn. j. 2,202-4302. and tC C,C O##,:e *t MA-a e’e’i and Swoe! Ptoer-or Reduction Prolec (07C4-0188). ’AasrntItcn. ZC OS0) I. AGENCY USE...sequence 80 Acoe:sioi -c~ r U) TI r -NTIS CRA&I oT:, rAB_ ; . ..................... B y .. . v .’. .. . --- -- --- A~. Kor SDit- al f-i _l ~m m x List

  7. Controlling Botrytis elliptica Leaf Blight on Hybrid Lilies through the Application of Convergent Chemical X-ray Irradiation

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    Hong, Sung-Jun; Koo, Tae-Hoon; Yun, Sung-Chul


    X-ray irradiation with convergent chemicals such as nano-silver particles or sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) has been used to control leaf blight on cut lilies. The oriental hybrid lily cultivars Siberia, Le Reve, and Sorbonne were irradiated five times by 200 Gy of X-rays in 2014. In 2015, Siberia and Sorbonne were irradiated three times by 150 Gy of X-rays. After artificial infection with Botrytis elliptica on the leaves and petals of cut lilies, this study used convergent chemical X-ray irradiation of 200 Gy or 150 Gy. Leaf and petal blight was measured in terms of incidence and severity at 8 days after infection using total 552 cuttings. Results indicate that the treatments of X-ray irradiation and NaDCC in 2014 and 2015 slightly decreased the severity of petal blight on Siberia and Sorbonne. However, the results were not significant and severity did not decrease as NaDCC concentration increased. Vase-life was observed separately after X-ray irradiation of 270 cut lilies in 2014 and 108 cut lilies in 2015. Chlorophyll content was not affected by either 200 Gy or 150 Gy of X-rays. The number of days of fully opened flowers at Siberia of 150 Gy and Le Revu of 200 Gy increased by 1–2 days. In addition, the relative fresh weights of the X-rayed flowers were 10% drier than the non-irradiated controls. Overall, leaf blight control by X-ray was inferior to the control by gamma rays, and petal color was bleached in Sorbonne and Le Reve cvs. by 150 Gy of X-rays. PMID:27147927

  8. Two recently developed guidance and control systems for sounding rockets and similar applications

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Ljunge, Lars


    Saab Ericsson Space has continued its development of digital control systems, based on its previous experiences from the Maxus GCS and DS19. Two new systems now exist: The S19D guidance and control system, which uses DS19 hardware to execute S19 type guidance and control. The GCS/DMARS guidance, navigation and control system, which is a modernisation of the GCS/RIINS. The family of guidance systems provided by Saab Ericsson Space now includes: The analog S19 and the digital S19D for constant attitude guidance during the first part of a sounding rocket's powered flight. The DS19, that controls the attitude throughout the motor burn phase and navigates the vehicle to a pre-set impact point. The (Maxus) GCS with the same function as the DS19, but using thrust vector control via moveable nozzles instead of canard control. The SPINRAC and the RACS, providing exo-atmospheric impact point and attitude control by on-board thrusters.

  9. [Unilateral moyamoya disease associated with acrofacial vitiligo in a 13-year-old patient--case report].


    Vranjesević, D; Jović, N; Milovanović, D; Djukić, A


    Cerebrovascular Moyamoya disease (MMD) is a clinical entity characterized by stenotic or occlusive lesions around the terminal portions of the internal carotid arteries (ICA) and the formation of abnormal vascular networks at the base or convexity. This condition is sporadic, and there are no pathological explanations for this cause. A case with unilateral juvenile MMD is reported. A 13-year-old girl with sudden episode of left limbs weakness, accompanied by transient dysphasia and seizures attack, was admitted to our hospital for further investigation. Computed tomography scanning showed an area of localized brain swelling in the right capsular-thalamic region. Angiographic findings demonstra-ted unilateral involvement. Cerebral panangiography reve-aled a high grade stenosis of the right supraclinoid ICA and a peculiar network (moyamoya phenomenon) formed by dilated basal collateral perforating arteries and produced a cloudy image resembling "a puff of smoke". Left carotid angiogram showed a collateral circulation through the anterior communicant artery and apportioned to the right cerebral hemisphere. The vertebrobasilar system was normal. An ultrasoud Doppler study demonstrated a severely decreased blood flow gradient (0.1 l/min) through the right hypoplastic ICA, while the left common and the left ICA showed remarkable increased blood flow, partly due to abondant collateral vessels. Acquired, non-progressive vitiligo with areas of complete pigment loss appeared on flexor wrists, extensor distal extremities, superior eyelids and especially on joints regions (elbow, knee and small joints of the hands and fret). This association has not been reported previosly.

  10. Data modelling in corpus linguistics: how low may we go?


    van Velzen, Marjolein H; Nanetti, Luca; de Deyn, Peter P


    Corpus linguistics allows researchers to process millions of words. However, the more words we analyse, i.e., the more data we acquire, the more urgent the call for correct data interpretation becomes. In recent years, a number of studies saw the light attempting to profile some prolific authors' linguistic decline, linking this decline to pathological conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease (AD). However, in line with the nature of the (literary) work that was analysed, numbers alone do not suffice to 'tell the story'. The one and only objective of using statistical methods for the analysis of research data is to tell a story--what happened, when, and how. In the present study we describe a computerised but individualised approach to linguistic analysis--we propose a unifying approach, with firm grounds in Information Theory, that, independently from the specific parameter being investigated, guarantees to produce a robust model of the temporal dynamics of an author's linguistic richness over his or her lifetime. We applied this methodology to six renowned authors with an active writing life of four decades or more: Iris Murdoch, Gerard Reve, Hugo Claus, Agatha Christie, P.D. James, and Harry Mulisch. The first three were diagnosed with probable Alzheimer Disease, confirmed post-mortem for Iris Murdoch; this same condition was hypothesized for Agatha Christie. Our analysis reveals different evolutive patterns of lexical richness, in turn plausibly correlated with the authors' different conditions.

  11. Determining Ion-Aerosol Nucleation Rates in the Lower Atmosphere: Thermodynamic and Kinetic Modeling and Data Requirements

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    D'Auria, R.; Turco, R. P.


    needed to build a comprehensive model of ion-aerosol interactions. References: D'Auria, R.: A Study of Ionic Clusters in the Lower Atmosphere and Their Role in Aerosol Formation. PhD Thesis, University of California, Los Angeles, 2005. D'Auria, R., and R. P. Turco: Ionic clusters in the polar winter stratosphere. GRL 28, 3871, 2001a. D'Auria, R., and R. P. Turco: A thermodynamic-kinetic model for ionic cluster formation, growth and nucleation, Proc. Workshop Ion-Aerosol-Cloud Interactions, ed. J. Kirkby, CERN 2001-007, Geneva, 2001b. D'Auria, R., R. P. Turco and K. Houk: Effects of hydration on the properties of protonated-water-nitric acid clusters. JPC-A 108, 3756, 2004. Eichkorn, S., S. Wilhelm; H. Aufmhoff; K. H. Wohlfrom and F. Arnold: Cosmic ray-induced aerosol-formation: First observational evidence from aircraft-based ion mass spectrometer measurements in the upper troposphere. GRL 29, 43-1, 2002. Lee, S.-H., J. M. Revees, J. C. Wilson, D. E. Hunton, A. A. Viggiano, T. M. Miller, J. O. Ballenthin and L. R. Lait: Particle formation by ion nucleation in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere. Science 301, 1886, 2003. Lovejoy, E. R., J. Curtius and K. D. Froyd: Atmospheric ion-induced nucleation of sulfuric acid and water. JGR 109, D08204, 2004. Yu, F., and R. P. Turco: Ultrafine aerosol formation via ion-mediated nucleation. GRL 27, 883, 2000. Yu, F., and R. P. Turco: From molecular clusters to nanoparticles: The role of ambient ionization in tropospheric aerosol formation. JGR 106, 4797, 2001.