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  1. Translations from Kommunist, Number 8, May 1977

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    and place their struggle for the triumph of communism on a planned, scientific basis. Article 7. In accordance with their statutory tasks [zadachi... scientific cadres, and organize the application of the results of scientific research in the national economy and other spheres of life. Article 2...countries. 15 Article T7. Citizens of the USSR shall, in accordance with the aims of communist construction, be guaranteed freedom of scientific

  2. The Army vs. the People: The Opposition of the Soviet Military to Baltic Independence

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    untouched. General Fyodor Kuz’min, the commander of the Baltic Military District became Gorbachev’s de facto "Military Governer", the only powerful and... Sindrome ’, Neustavshchinye i Natsional’noi Aspekte Voinskoi Sluzhby" [Youth Try on Overcoats: on the ’Occupation Syndrome’, Non-Regulation Behavior, and...that despite the 4 V. Sein, "Komu na Ruku ’Antiarmeiskyi Sindrom ’?" [Who is Responsible for the ’Anti-Army Syndrome’?], Sovetskaya Latvia, July 5, 1989