Sample records for zakonomernosti raspredeleniya radioaktivnogo

  1. Special astronomical configurations, solar activity and deep degassing as a trigger of natural hazards

    NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)

    Natyaganov, Vladimir; Syvorotkin, Vladimir; Fedorov, Valeriy; Shopin, Sergey


    (May 2003, 400 tornadoes in 20 states and the 2011 Superb Outbreak in April 2011 (580 tornadoes), which corresponds to a third and about a half of the average annual number of tornadoes) - naturally-anthropogenic accidents with gas explosions in diggings and coal mines [4]; - special Moon phases (new moons and full moons); - local intensification of deep hydrogen-methane degassing; - extensive spatial anomalies of total ozone content in the stratosphere; - strong geomagnetic disturbances. The work was financially supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (in accordance with the requirements of the contract No. 14.577.21.0109, project UID RFMEFI57714X0109) References 1. V. M. Fedorov, Gravitational factors and astronomical chronology of geosphere processes [Gravitacionnye faktory i astronomicheskaja hronologija geosfernyh processov]. Moscow State University, Moscow, 2000. 368p. (In Russian) 2. V. L. Natyaganov, A. M. Nechaev, I. V. Stepanov, "Spatio-tempral relations of planet tectonic activity [Prostranstvenno-vremennye zakonomernosti tektonicheskoj aktivnosti planety]", Eurasian Union of Scientists, 2015, No. 3(12), Vol. 8. pp. 120-123. (In Russian) 3. L. N. Doda, V. L. Natyaganov, I. V. Stepanov, "An empirical scheme of short-term earthquake prediction," Doklady Earth Sciences, vol. 453, no.5, pp.551-557, Dec., 2013 4. V. L. Syvorotkin. Deep degassing and global catastrophes. Geoinformcentr. Moscow, 2002, 250 p. (In Russian)