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    0-1 cm depth
    0-1 integer linear
    0-1 integer programming
    0-1 optimization problems
    0-10 10-20 20-30
    0-10 cm 10-20
    0-10 cm depth
    0-10 cm layer
    0-10 cm soil
    0-10 numeric rating
    0-10 numerical rating
    0-10 visual analogue
    0-100 cm soil
    0-12 ev electron
    0-14 cervix uteri
    0-15 cm depth
    0-15 cm horizons
    0-15 cm layer
    0-15 cm soil
    0-20 cm depth
    0-20 cm soil
    0-20 ev spectral
    0-3 cm humus
    0-3 ferroelectric composites
    0-30 cm depth
    0-30 cm soil
    0-4 hours age
    0-4 years living
    0-40 cm soil
    0-5 5-10 10-15
    0-5 anos hospitalizadas
    0-5 cm depth
    0-5 cm layer
    0-5 cm soil
    0-5 year age
    0-50 rad range
    0-60 cm soil
    0-70 km altitude
    0-age chinook salmon
    0-atp-synthase aus acetobacterium
    0-group fish survey
    0-tagged quark jets
    00-003 criticality safety
    00-0127 product citrate
    000-person global prospective
    000301c ccd imaging
    001-009 cuba 1980-1999
    001-oriented gaas substrates
    002d 002d 002d
    01-1 introduction cic
    01-nif dedication george
    0103-9741 monografias em
    01lla 01llb k58
    01llb k58 h21
    02-03 4-class gsr
    02-1 introduction cii
    02-98 randomized trial
    02-99-10 d-38 storage
    02139-4307 ph 617-253-5668
    02269-9101 telephone 800-344-3555
    02g09 alexandria va
    03-02-1999 amplicor roche
    03-02-1999 bp950005-4 amplicor
    03-42-01 conditional release
    03-60 underground discharge
    03kh11h10m2t steel welded
    04-0030td technical memorandum
    04-05 estudio observacional
    0450-2958 scantily dressed
    05-19-02 contaminated soil
    05a ice core
    06-04-01 decon pad
    06-05-02 decontamination pond
    06-07-01 decon pad
    06-lw-013 nuclear physics
    06-nif dedication steven
    06511-5966 photographer unknown
    06kh16h15m3b vliyanie sochetaniya
    0704-0188 washington dc
    08-02 bericht zum
    08-03 vorschlag geologischer
    08-05 vorschlag geologischer
    08-06 modellhaftes inventar
    08ch18n10t stainless steel
    08cr16ni11mo3 stainless steel
    08id-1 status update
    08mar00 meeting summary
    09-52 underground discharge
    090902b afterglow observations
    0f aviris imagery
    0f bacterial polysaccharide
    0nubetabeta nuclear matrix
    1 -1 -1
    1 -2 -3
    1 -zsb stuttgart
    1 conceptual design task
    1 middle dot
    1 min -1
    1 mpc scales
    1 power law
    1 ribosomal frameshifting
    1 ribosomal frameshift
    1 sexp -1
    1 year -1
    1 yr -1
    1- 2- 3-dimensional
    1- 2- 3-
    1- 2- 4
    1- 2- 5
    1- 3- 4
    1- 3- 5
    1- 3- 6
    1- 3- 7
    1- 5- 10
    1- ja 3-pevase
    1-0 line emission
    1-0 s1 line
    1-03 sponsors executive
    1-04 proposed summary
    1-05 multi-center randomized
    1-09 package insert
    1-1 1-2 1-3
    1-1 corrective action
    1-1 test methods
    1-10 kev energy
    1-10 kev range
    1-10 mg kg-1
    1-10 nm range
    1-100 road boron
    1-12 condensed final
    1-16 peptide derived
    1-2 affects arabidopsis
    1-2 billion years
    1-2 class periods
    1-2 cm thick
    1-2 gev synchrotron
    1-2 ghz band
    1-2 ghz system
    1-2 km thick
    1-2 km wide
    1-2 million years
    1-2 mm diameter
    1-2 mm thick
    1-2 nm thick
    1-2 outflow complex
    1-2 region near-infrared
    1-2 test methods
    1-2 textbook analysis
    1-2-pyridylazo-2 naphthol method
    1-20 bar pressure
    1-260 finch pruyn
    1-2a multicenter dose-escalation
    1-2m space telescope
    1-2man rho alpha
    1-3 brain metastases
    1-3 brain metastasis
    1-3 composite transducers
    1-3 galactosa antigal
    1-3 ghz probes
    1-3 igg inhibits
    1-3 irs 1-3
    1-3 ja glkoosi
    1-3 km wide
    1-3 perfluorinated fused
    1-3 piezocomposite transducer
    1-3 piezoelectric composite
    1-3 positive axillary
    1-3 positive lymph
    1-3 positive nodes
    1-3 test area
    1-3 thz range
    1-3-c-ethynyl-beta-d-ribo-pentofuranosylcytosine ecyd elicits
    1-3-picolinium-12-triethylammonium-dodecane dibromide tmpd
    1-30 micrograms kg-1
    1-3gal beta 1-4glcnac
    1-4 esinemine valgulisel
    1-4 glut 1-4
    1-4 hydroxymethyl groups
    1-4 hz delta
    1-4 mile resolution
    1-4 mw proton
    1-4 possesses catalytically
    1-4 present detailed
    1-4 times larger
    1-4-alkyloxybenzyl-3-methyl-1h-imidazol-3-ium organic backbone
    1-4-fluorobenzyl-4-2-mercapto-2-methyl-4-azapentyl-4- 2-mercapto-2-methylp ropylamino-piperidine
    1-4-hydroxyiminomethylpyridinium-3-4-carbamoylpyridinium propane dibromide
    1-4-hydroxyiminomethylpyridinium-4-4-carbamoylpyridinium butane dibromide
    1-4fuc alpha 1-3glcnac
    1-4glcnac beta 1-3gal
    1-5 6-10 11-15
    1-5 concrete structural
    1-5 kev x-ray
    1-5 likert scale
    1-5 test area
    1-6 brain metastases
    1-6ign fe-cu 7-12ign
    1-7 cell culture
    1-800 phone number
    1-800-4-cancer livehelp online
    1-98 comparing adjuvant
    1-98 randomised trial
    1-a commercial fusion
    1-a terminal room
    1-a test area
    1-acid glycoprotein agp
    1-acid glycoprotein glycoform
    1-adrenergic receptor densities
    1-adrenergic receptor-mediated phosphoinositide
    1-adreneric receptor antagonist
    1-adrenoceptor agonist ro363
    1-alkoxymethyl-2-methyl-5-hydroxypyridinium chloride homologues
    1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride ionic
    1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium halide solutions
    1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium ionic liquids
    1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium-based ionic liquids
    1-allyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride amimcl
    1-amino cyclo propane-1-carboxylate
    1-amino-cyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid acc
    1-aminocyclohexane carboxylic acid
    1-aminocyclopropane 1-carboxylic acid
    1-aminocyclopropane carboxylic acid
    1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate acc deaminase
    1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate acc synthase
    1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate deaminase activity
    1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate isoforms regulates
    1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase acs
    1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase gene
    1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase leads
    1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid acc
    1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid deaminase
    1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid oxidase
    1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid synthase
    1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid transported
    1-aminocyclopropanecarboxylic acid acc
    1-and serotype 3-specific
    1-anilino-8-naphthalene sulfonate ans
    1-anilinonaphthalene-8-sulfonic acid ans
    1-antichymotrypsin antithrombin iii
    1-antitrypsin therapy induces
    1-ascorbico como electrolito
    1-associated adult t-cell
    1-associated periodic syndrome
    1-azapentadienylmetal chemistry si
    1-based lentiviral vector
    1-bm beamline optics
    1-butanol 2-butanol isobutanol
    1-butene 2-methylpropene trans-2-butene
    1-butene isobutene trans-2-butene
    1-butyl-3-methyl imidazolium hexafluorophosphate
    1-butyl-3-methyl imidazolium room
    1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium bromide bmimbr
    1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride bmimcl
    1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride c4mimcl
    1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride ionic
    1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate bmimpf6
    1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate c4mimpf6
    1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium ionic liquids
    1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium octyl sulfate
    1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate bmimbf4
    1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate c4mimbf4
    1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate ionic
    1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium thiocyanate bmimscn
    1-carbon metabolic pathway
    1-cloro-2-nitrobenzeno uma alternativa
    1-cm path length
    1-d 2-d 3-d
    1-d atmospheric column
    1-d axial x-ray
    1-d chain structure
    1-d cmut array
    1-d coda methodology
    1-d considerando os
    1-d coordination polymers
    1-d coordination polymer
    1-d defect transport
    1-d dipolar unit
    1-d equilibrium discrete
    1-d few-group neutron
    1-d gel electrophoresis
    1-d hidden markov
    1-d homogeneous systems
    1-d hybrid code
    1-d incompressible flow
    1-d integral transport
    1-d ising chain
    1-d isotropic fokker-planck-landau
    1-d kinetics model
    1-d levitation system
    1-d mantle electrical
    1-d mechanical displacement
    1-d model results
    1-d multigroup diffusion
    1-d multigroup time-dependent
    1-d multigroup time-independent
    1-d nanostructured metal-oxides
    1-d neutron diffusion
    1-d neutron transport
    1-d numerical model
    1-d numerical simulations
    1-d particle-in-cell simulation
    1-d photochemical model
    1-d photonic crystal
    1-d ponderomotive trap
    1-d radiative transfer
    1-d reactive transport
    1-d reference model
    1-d self-consistent fluid
    1-d shear wave
    1-d slab geometry
    1-d steady state
    1-d steady-state model
    1-d tank modeled
    1-d time-dependent coupled
    1-d transport code
    1-d transport equations
    1-d transport model
    1-d upconversion submicrocrystals
    1-d van der
    1-d velocity models
    1-d velocity model
    1-d velocity profiles
    1-d velocity structure
    1-d-old broiler chicks
    1-day fzp-withdrawn rats
    1-day training seminar
    1-db compression point
    1-degree digital elevation
    1-deoxy-d-xylulose 5-phosphate dxp
    1-deoxy-d-xylulose 5-phosphate reductoisomerase
    1-deoxy-d-xylulose 5-phosphate synthase
    1-deoxy-d-xylulose-5-phosphate reductoisomerase protein
    1-dependent spindle checkpoint
    1-dimensional calculations
    1-dimensional sierpinski gasket
    1-dodeceno catalizada por
    1-dx 1-d diffusion
    1-ethyl-3-3-dimethylaminopropyl carbodiimide edc
    1-ethyl-3-3-dimethylaminopropyl carbodiimide hydrochloride
    1-ethyl-3-3-dimethylaminopropylcarbodiimide hydrochloride edc
    1-ethyl-3-methyl imidazolium chloride
    1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate c2mimoac
    1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate emimac
    1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium acetate emimoac
    1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium bistrifluoromethylsulfonyl imide
    1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluorobroate emibf4
    1-ethyl-3-methylpyridinium ethylsulfate ionic
    1-ev gainnas solar
    1-foot supersonic wind
    1-furfuryl pyrrole characterization
    1-g model tests
    1-gev electron synchrotron
    1-gev pion physics
    1-gwh diurnal load-leveling
    1-h daily sessions
    1-h plasma glucose
    1-hexadecyl pyridine chloride
    1-hexyl-3-methyl-imidazolium bistrifluoromethyl-sulfonyl imide
    1-hexyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate c6mimpf6
    1-hidroxipireno em amostras
    1-hour intravenous infusion
    1-hour ogtt glucose
    1-hour ozone maintenance
    1-hour ozone naaqs
    1-hour ozone national
    1-hour ozone nonattainment
    1-hour ozone standard
    1-hour time point
    1-hour time resolution
    1-hydroxy-2-methyl-2-e-butenyl 4-diphosphate reductase
    1-hydroxy-5 7-dimethoxy-2-naphthalene-carboxaldehyde hdnc
    1-hydroxyethylidene-1 1-bisphosphonate hebp
    1-hydroxyethylidene-1 1-diphosphonic acid
    1-hz repetition rate
    1-iie automatic system
    1-iie sistema automatico
    1-inch grid pattern
    1-indanones atraves da
    1-independent eukaryotic mismatch
    1-induced cell fusion
    1-infected patients receiving
    1-integrin reverts prostate
    1-isoform iv deficient
    1-khz repetition rate
    1-km avhrr seasonal
    1-km cycling performance
    1-km spatial resolution
    1-kw confocal gyro-traveling-wave
    1-l liquid shipper
    1-leg hop test
    1-light double-hung window
    1-light sash windows
    1-light sash window
    1-like il-1-like factor
    1-liter batch reactor
    1-liter-volume gaseous argon
    1-loop matrix elements
    1-m beam trawl
    1-m diameter telescope
    1-m solar telescope
    1-ma 100-ns rise-time
    1-ma carbonate record
    1-ma cobra generator
    1-ma zebra generator
    1-matrix metalloproteinase mt1-mmp
    1-mcp sob duas
    1-mediated reactive oxygen
    1-meter lightning channel
    1-meter resolution satellite
    1-meter solar telescope
    1-meter swedish solar
    1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium-induced cell death
    1-methylcyclopropene 1-mcp treatment
    1-methylcyclopropene calcium chloride
    1-mev electron irradiation
    1-mev fast neutrons
    1-mev neutron equivalent
    1-micron absorption band
    1-minute grid cells
    1-mm beryllium microspheres
    1-mm beryllium pebbles
    1-mm slice thickness
    1-mm spatial resolution
    1-month follow-up results
    1-month follow-up visit
    1-month washout period
    1-mum backscatter lidar
    1-mw long-pulse spallation
    1-mw proton beam
    1-mw pulsed spallation
    1-mw spallation neutron
    1-mw spallation source
    1-mw wellhead generator
    1-n-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride bmimcl
    1-n-naphthylphthalamic acid npa
    1-naphthalene acetic acid
    1-naphthaleneacetic acid naa
    1-naphthylphthalamic acid npa
    1-nitropyrene 1-np induces
    1-nitropyrene-dna adduct n-deoxyguanosin-8-yl-1-aminopyrene
    1-nj femtosecond laser
    1-norepinephrine induced pathologic
    1-np induces apoptosis
    1-octadeceno con catalizadores
    1-octanol-water partition coefficients
    1-octyl-2-methylpyridinium or1-octyl-4-methylpyridinium cations
    1-octyl-3-methylimidazolium hexafluorophosphate c8mimpf6
    1-oleoyl-2-stearoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphatidylcholine ospc membranes
    1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-phosphatidylcholine popc bilayers
    1-pentanol 2-pentanol 3-pentanol
    1-phosphate lyase modulates
    1-phosphate receptor modulator
    1-phosphate s1p receptors
    1-phosphate s1p receptor
    1-phosphate sn-glycerol 3-phosphate
    1-piece urostomy bags
    1-positive cells reveals
    1-promoting adjuvant activity
    1-propanol 1-butanol 1-pentanol
    1-propanol 2-propanol 1-butanol
    1-propanol aqueous solution
    1-proteinase inhibitor alpha
    1-pyrroline-5-carboxylate synthetase p5cs
    1-related ppz1 phosphatase
    1-related protein kinase
    1-repetition maximum 1-rm
    1-repetition maximum 1rm
    1-responsive gene rtp801
    1-ring ubiquitin ligase
    1-rm bench press
    1-s integration time
    1-sec pp 5-sec
    1-second forced expiratory
    1-semialdehyde aminotransferase gsa-at
    1-sigma-positive potential curve
    1-skull upper limb
    1-specific ctl epitopes
    1-spot overnight urine
    1-stage revision anterior
    1-turn delay feedback
    1-type gauss map
    1-v 90-nm cmos
    1-v law
    1-v power supply
    1-w reactor utr-kinki
    1-wall intrabony defects
    1-week oral administration
    1-week wash-out period
    1-week washout period
    1-year cardiac events
    1-year clinical follow-up
    1-year clinical outcomes
    1-year cumulative incidence
    1-year event-free survival
    1-year extension study
    1-year follow-up analysis
    1-year follow-up assessment
    1-year follow-up compared
    1-year follow-up conclusions
    1-year follow-up conclusion
    1-year follow-up examination
    1-year follow-up period
    1-year follow-up results
    1-year follow-up study
    1-year follow-up visit
    1-year graft survival
    1-year interval mri
    1-year lifestyle intervention
    1-year local control
    1-year longitudinal study
    1-year mortality conclusions
    1-year mortality rates
    1-year mortality rate
    1-year mortality results
    1-year observation period
    1-year open extension
    1-year open-label extension
    1-year open-label study
    1-year os rate
    1-year patient survival
    1-year period results
    1-year point source
    1-year progression-free survival
    1-year proof-of-principle study
    1-year prospective study
    1-year randomized controlled
    1-year repeat mri
    1-year replacement therapy
    1-year retrospective study
    1-year study period
    1-year survival rates
    1-year survival rate
    1-year time horizon
    1-year time limitation
    1-year time period
    1-year treatment period
    1-year vocational training
    1-year-old erythrocebus patas
    10 -11 -12
    10 100 times higher
    10 promoter element
    10- 25- 50
    10- 50- 100
    10-0 nylon sutures
    10-04 phase iii
    10-04 phase iv
    10-04 remedial action
    10-10 cm-2 s-1
    10-10 cm2 s-1
    10-10 cm3 molecule-1
    10-10 m2 s-1
    10-10 mol l-1
    10-100 nm range
    10-100 times higher
    10-11 cm-2 s-1
    10-11 cm2 s-1
    10-11 cm3 molecule-1
    10-11 cm3 s-1
    10-11 erg cm-2
    10-11 mol l-1
    10-11 sv bq-1
    10-11 year olds
    10-12 cm-2 s-1
    10-12 cm2 s-1
    10-12 cm3 molecule-1
    10-12 cm3 s-1
    10-12 erg cm-2
    10-12 erg s-1
    10-12 hz frequency
    10-12 km thick
    10-12 m2 s-1
    10-12 social studies
    10-12-aastaste pilaste muusikappest
    10-120 mm grova
    10-13 cm3 molecule-1
    10-13 erg cm-2
    10-13 m2 s-1
    10-13 mol cm-2
    10-14 cm3 molecule-1
    10-14 cm3 s-1
    10-14 erg cm-2
    10-14 erg s-1
    10-14 level influence
    10-14 m2 s-1
    10-14 year-old girls
    10-15 cm3 molecule-1
    10-15 erg cm-2
    10-15 erg s-1
    10-15 km depth
    10-15 km high
    10-15 km s-1
    10-15 mev energy
    10-16 cm3 molecule-1
    10-16 level accuracy
    10-16 mol m-2
    10-17 erg s-1
    10-18 cm3 molecule-1
    10-18 erg s-1
    10-19 year olds
    10-2 cm2 v-1
    10-2 mol l-1
    10-20 cm depth
    10-20 cm soil
    10-20 km s-1
    10-20 km wide
    10-20 nm diameter
    10-20 nm thick
    10-20 times higher
    10-20 watt module
    10-20 watt unit
    10-20mev energy range
    10-23 dnazyme sensitizing
    10-24 years result
    10-250 ns pulse
    10-3 cm h-1
    10-3 cm s-1
    10-3 cm2 v-1
    10-3 m2 s-1
    10-3 mol l-1
    10-3 omega cm
    10-30 cm soil
    10-30 times greater
    10-34 mev energy
    10-4 cm s-1
    10-4 cm2 v-1
    10-4 m2 s-1
    10-4 mol dm-3
    10-4 mol l-1
    10-40 mev energy
    10-5 cm s-1
    10-5 cm2 s-1
    10-5 cm2 v-1
    10-5 m2 s-1
    10-5 m2 s-3
    10-5 mol l-1
    10-5 msun yr-1
    10-5 odds ratio
    10-50 times higher
    10-6 cm2 s-1
    10-6 degrees c-1
    10-6 m2 s-1
    10-6 m3 kg-1
    10-6 mol l-1
    10-6 refractive index
    10-60 angstrom euv
    10-600 kev energy
    10-7 cm s-1
    10-7 cm2 s-1
    10-7 mol l-1
    10-8 cm2 s-1
    10-8 cm3 s-1
    10-8 m3 kg-1
    10-8 mol l-1
    10-8 mol m-2
    10-8 odds ratio
    10-8 photons cm-2
    10-9 cm2 s-1
    10-9 cm3 s-1
    10-9 m2 s-1
    10-9 mol l-1
    10-acre infill wells
    10-bis 2-naphthyl anthracene
    10-cm diameter crystal
    10-cm diameter frequency-adjusted
    10-cm visual analogue
    10-cm visual analog
    10-d toxicity tests
    10-dab iii baccatin
    10-day sequential regimen
    10-day shipping period
    10-day storage period
    10-day toxicity tests
    10-day washout period
    10-deacetyl baccatin iii
    10-deacetylbaccatin iii 10-dab
    10-deacetylbaccatin iii-10-o-acetyl transferase
    10-degree half-angle wedge
    10-fold cross validation
    10-fold cross-validation accuracy
    10-fold cross-validation approach
    10-fold cross-validation procedure
    10-fold higher affinity
    10-fold higher concentrations
    10-fold higher concentration
    10-fold higher dose
    10-fold higher levels
    10-fold higher potency
    10-fold increased risk
    10-fold molar excess
    10-fold serial dilutions
    10-fold serial dilution
    10-foot high speed
    10-foot supersonic wind
    10-foot wind tunnel
    10-formyl tetrahydrofolate deformylases
    10-formyltetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase fdh
    10-fs time resolution
    10-gy boost radiation
    10-hydroxy-12z-octadecanoic acid pseudomonas
    10-hz repetition rate
    10-hz terawatt class
    10-in tom hpd
    10-item annotated bibliography
    10-item depression scale
    10-kda culture filtrate
    10-kilodalton acyl-coenzyme a-binding
    10-km marathon swim
    10-kw military power
    10-kw solid ozide
    10-m avnir multispectral
    10-m class telescope
    10-m digital elevation
    10-m keck telescope
    10-m walk test
    10-m wind speed
    10-meter diameter target
    10-meter walk test
    10-metilentetrahidrofolato reductasa mthfr
    10-mev neutrons incident
    10-micron silicate feature
    10-min recovery period
    10-minute carbon-14 urea
    10-minute isotope of102
    10-minute temporal resolution
    10-month-old japanese male
    10-mum particles induces
    10-mw pressurized loop
    10-mwe pilot plant
    10-n-nonyl acridine orange
    10-nanosecond time scale
    10-ns molecular dynamics
    10-part video series
    10-point action plan
    10-point likert scale
    10-point pain scale
    10-point rating scale
    10-point visual analogue
    10-point visual analog
    10-ps pulse duration
    10-question multiple-choice test
    10-second step test
    10-specific small interference
    10-stage axial-flow compressor
    10-t superconducting magnet
    10-thz-frequency-spacing raman sidebands
    10-ton scale detector
    10-transportation expenses government
    10-valent pneumococcal conjugate
    10-valent pneumococcal non-typeable
    10-week randomized hypo-energetic
    10-week summer session
    10-wk randomized hypoenergetic
    10-year absolute risk
    10-year actuarial rate
    10-year actuarial survival
    10-year age groups
    10-year age group
    10-year birth cohorts
    10-year cardiovascular disease
    10-year cardiovascular event
    10-year cardiovascular risk
    10-year chd risk
    10-year clinical experience
    10-year cohort study
    10-year comparative follow-up
    10-year coronary heart
    10-year cumulative bibliography
    10-year cumulative incidence
    10-year cvd risk
    10-year danish cohort
    10-year danish population-based
    10-year disease-free survival
    10-year disease-specific survival
    10-year follow-up period
    10-year follow-up study
    10-year four-country nutrition
    10-year fracture probability
    10-year framingham risk
    10-year implementation plan
    10-year institutional experience
    10-year license renewal
    10-year long-term outcome
    10-year longitudinal study
    10-year lrr rate
    10-year moving average
    10-year nationwide study
    10-year os rates
    10-year period 1988-89
    10-year period 1995-2004
    10-year period 1998-2007
    10-year period 2000-2009
    10-year period methods
    10-year period results
    10-year plan 1990-1999
    10-year population based
    10-year population-based study
    10-year progression-free survival
    10-year prospective study
    10-year recurrence intervals
    10-year recurrence interval
    10-year regional population-based
    10-year research program
    10-year retrospective analysis
    10-year retrospective multicenter
    10-year retrospective review
    10-year retrospective study
    10-year return period
    10-year single-center experience
    10-year strategic plan
    10-year study period
    10-year survival rates
    10-year survival rate
    10-year time frame
    10-year time horizon
    10-year time period
    10-year time series
    10-year-old african-american girls
    10-year-old boy presented
    10-year-old child test
    10-year-old children results
    10-year-old diplegic child
    10-year-old jonathan pierce
    10-year-old male patient
    10-year-old paint horse
    10-year-old portuguese children
    10-year-old pwr spent
    10-year-old spayed female
    10-year-recurrence 1-hour-duration rainfall
    10-year-recurrence 30-minute-duration rainfall
    10-yr cumulative incidence
    100 km s-1
    100-1000 times higher
    100-200 ev entwicklung
    100-200 km wide
    100-200 mev region
    100-250 mev proton
    100-2600 mev protons
    100-3500 mev energy
    100-504 agency heads
    100-b burn pit
    100-b-18 184-b powerhouse
    100-b-20 1716-b maintenance
    100-bc-5 operable unit
    100-d area treatability
    100-dr-1 operable unit
    100-f burning pit
    100-f experimental animal
    100-f-20 pacific northwest
    100-f-36 108-f biological
    100-f-42 1904-f spillway
    100-f-43 pnl outfall
    100-f-46 119-f stack
    100-f-50 stormwater runoff
    100-femtosecond mev electron
    100-fold higher concentration
    100-fold higher levels
    100-fold molar excess
    100-fr-3 operable unit
    100-fs laser pulses
    100-g glucose tolerance
    100-hr-3 groundwater final
    100-hr-3 groundwater operable
    100-hr-3 operable unit
    100-j level green
    100-k area fuel-storage
    100-kr-4 operable unit
    100-kr-4 pump-and-treat project
    100-kw wind turbine
    100-kwe nuclear space
    100-kwe-class space reactor
    100-kyr glacial cycle
    100-m effelsberg telescope
    100-m green bank
    100-m meteorological tower
    100-m radio telescope
    100-ma cw proton
    100-man fallout shelter
    100-metre deep underground
    100-mev inverse cerenkov
    100-mile endurance run
    100-ml water samples
    100-mm focal length
    100-mm visual analogue
    100-mm visual analog
    100-mrad cross-linked polyethylene
    100-n area reactor
    100-n area strontium-90
    100-n columbia river
    100-n project cai-816
    100-n sewage lagoon
    100-n technical manual
    100-nr-1 operable units
    100-nr-1 operable unit
    100-nr-2 apatite treatability
    100-ns rise time
    100-percent design equivalent
    100-pixel stj detectors
    100-ps high-power pulses
    100-ps time-resolved x-ray
    100-year flood discharge
    100-year flood elevation
    100-year flood event
    100-year flood plain
    100-year global warming
    100-year institutional control
    100-year peak flow
    100-year recurrence intervals
    100-year recurrence interval
    100-year return periods
    100-year return period
    100-year time horizon
    100-year tool applied
    100-yr global warming
    100-yr time horizon
    1000-3000km earth orbit
    1000-fold molar excess
    1000-hour endurance test
    1000-mwe lmfbr core
    1000-year return period
    1000au scale properties
    1000kw on-site pafc
    1000kw-class mcfc pilot
    100d area hanford
    100hz repetition rate
    100k west in-basin
    100kv transmission line
    100kw class molten
    100kw energy transfer
    100kw nos terminais
    100mev h- cyclotron
    100mo coulomb excitation
    100n area apatite
    100sn shell closure
    100tev gamma-ray northern
    100th annual meeting
    100th congress 1st
    101st annual meeting
    101st congress 2d
    1024x1024 format pixel
    102d annual meeting
    102d congress 1st
    102d congress 2d
    102nd air control
    102nd annual meeting
    102pd 106cd 124xe
    103 -106 -201
    103d congress volume
    103mrh spin-density wave
    103rd annual meeting
    103rh neutron cross-section
    103ru 106ru 141ce
    104th annual meeting
    104th martian day
    105-107 east stratford
    105-528-a -- alteration
    105-b battery acid
    105-dr large sodium
    105-dr reactor facility
    105-f building interim
    105-h reactor interim
    105-k west basin
    105-kw fuel storage
    105-r disassembly basin
    105-r reactor disassembly
    1054-03 star formation
    105rhcl3 pembuatan radioisotop
    105te alpha-decay chain
    105th annual meeting
    106 -201 -202
    106-mile ocean disposal
    106cd 124xe 130ba
    106cdwo4 crystal scintillators
    106ru 141ce 144ce
    106ru cob-type ophthalmic
    106th annual meeting
    107-56 usa patriot
    107th annual meeting
    108-f biological laboratory
    108-f biology laboratory
    108-f radiation crib
    108th annual meeting
    109-118 enhance immunogenicity
    109-year perspective 1898-2006
    109th annual meeting
    10a nuclear auxiliary
    10a program proposal
    10a robotics operations
    10a space nuclear
    10b states analogue
    10b-carrier l-p-boronophenylalanine-fructose complex
    10b7li 9be8be reactions
    10be 230th 231pa
    10be 26al 36cl
    10be concentration measurements
    10be cosmogenic radionuclide
    10be depth profile
    10be exposure ages
    10be exposure age
    10be exposure dating
    10be production rates
    10be surface exposure
    10be terrestrial cosmogenic
    10be-26al surface exposure
    10bn alpha7li irradiation
    10bn alpha7li reaction
    10c beam cluster
    10c quantitative analysis
    10cfr830 safety basis
    10cr-1mo-1w-vnbn steel forging
    10d effective action
    10exp -4 mexp
    10exp -4 sq
    10exp -4 torr
    10exp -5 mexp
    10exp -5 solar
    10exp -5 torr
    10exp -6 cubic
    10exp -6 mmexp
    10exp -6 solar
    10exp -6 torr
    10exp -7 pa
    10exp -7 torr
    10fig 11fig 12fig
    10figure 11figure 12figure
    10g ethernet aiming
    10gb direct circuit
    10gigabit ethernet switch
    10kw high power
    10kw sofc module
    10kw tubular sofc
    10kw wind turbine
    10kwth calcium looping
    10m semi anechoic
    10m special-purpose family
    10mev neutron beam
    10mm ammonium acetate
    10mm ammonium formate
    10mo sd 2y
    10mv unflattened photon
    10q22-q23 implicates neuregulin
    10s50 portable photoionization
    10sup minus11 cmsup
    10th 25th 50th
    10th anniversary edition
    10th anniversary part
    10th anniversary perspective
    10th annual conference
    10th annual european
    10th annual international
    10th annual meeting
    10th annual national
    10th century ad
    10th door problem
    10th edition diagnoses
    10th edition icd-10
    10th european conference
    10th european frequency
    10th european seminar
    10th ewlp stockholm
    10th grade age
    10th grade benchmark
    10th grade biology
    10th grade fcat
    10th grade mathematics
    10th grade reading
    10th grade students
    10th grade youth
    10th ieee international
    10th ifac symposium
    10th international biodeterioration
    10th international clay
    10th international conference
    10th international congress
    10th international fuzzy
    10th international symposium
    10th international workshops
    10th international workshop
    10th japan-korea symposium
    10th monthly status
    10th north american
    10th percentile rank
    10th postoperative day
    10th regular inspection
    10th revision codes
    10th revision code
    10th revision icd-10
    10th scandinavian workshop
    10th solar masses
    10th type iii
    10th united states
    10th world clean
    10th world congress
    10th-grade african american
    10x10 foot wind
    11-1 development --
    11-12 month average
    11-12 month full-time
    11-14 eagle creek
    11-14 year olds
    11-18 year olds
    11-22 gan films
    11-22 semipolar gan
    11-a ctx 11-a
    11-bm high throughput
    11-by 11-foot transonic
    11-cis 4-oh retinal
    11-cis retinal chromophore
    11-cis-retinal a1 decreases
    11-day mission includes
    11-day mission launch
    11-foot transonic wind
    11-ft transonic wind
    11-glutathionyl hepoxilin a3
    11-h simulated flights
    11-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type
    11-inch high speed
    11-kw wind turbine
    11-kw wind-diesel hybrid
    11-m madrid bomb
    11-mercaptoundecanoic acid 11-mua
    11-mercaptoundecanoic acid mua
    11-month study period
    11-nif dedication dianne
    11-per diem expenses
    11-point likert scale
    11-point numeric rating
    11-point numerical rating
    11-species air model
    11-year activity cycle
    11-year field study
    11-year follow-up study
    11-year longitudinal study
    11-year prospective cohort
    11-year retrospective hospital-based
    11-year solar activity
    11-year solar cycle
    11-year study period
    11-year sunspot cycle
    11-year warm cloud
    11-year-old boy presented
    11-year-old caucasian boy
    11-year-old female patient
    11-year-old girl presented
    11-years follow-up study
    11-yr solar cycle
    110-1 problem set
    110-ghz gyrotron oscillator
    110-watt stirling radioisotope
    110-we stirling radioisotope
    1100-em-1 operable unit
    1100delc breast cancers
    110a2 infrastructure requirements
    110gaas quantum wells
    110k-calmodulin complex brush
    110m ag radio-tracer
    111-5 magnetic separator
    111-in dtpa octreotide
    111-indium labelled autologous
    111-labeled human immunoglobulin
    111-labeled platelet kinetic
    111-labeled white blood
    111-lavatory oxygen systems
    111-oriented bfo films
    111-oriented perovskite ferrate
    111-oriented pzt thin
    111111ll ill11 ill11
    111cd probe nuclei
    111in fab fragment
    111in ibritumomab tiuxetan
    111in implanted zno
    111in labeled monoclonal
    111in labeled morab-009
    111in nas ligas
    111in oxine labelled
    111in platelet imaging
    111in-capromab pendetide scan
    111in-capromab pendetide spect-ct
    111in-dtpa-trastuzumab fab fragments
    111in-labeled 7e11 antibodies
    111in-labeled antimelanoma antibody
    111in-labeled cyclic peptide
    111in-labeled galectin-3 binding
    111in-labeled hiv-1 tat
    111in-labeled human mesenchymal
    111in-labeled lactam bridge-cyclized
    111in-labeled monoclonal antibody
    111in-labeled peptide derivative
    111in-labeled tumor-associated antigen
    111in-labelled cholecystokinin-8 cck8
    111indium oxine-labeled sperm
    111ll iiiii iiiii
    112-kilowatt automotive gas-turbine
    113-kilobase linear catabolic
    113cd 149sm 151eu
    113cd nmr spectroscopy
    113mindio em equinos
    113mindium labeled edta
    114-120 pd quasiparticle
    114min-mediated targeting therapy
    114th space shuttle
    115-kilovolt kv transmission
    115-kv transmission lines
    115-kv transmission line
    115kv transmission line
    116-c-3 chemical waste
    116-f-15 108-f radiation
    116-f-16 pnl outfall
    116-f-5 influent pipelines
    116-f-8 1904-f outfall
    116-ke-5 heat recovery
    116sb 118sb 122sb
    116th ncab min-
    1175-5326 print edition
    1178nm yb-doped photonic
    117sn 118sn 122sn
    117th annual convention
    118-b-1 105-b solid
    118-b-1 burial ground
    118-d-1 118-d-2 118-d-3
    118-d-2 118-d-3 118-h-1
    118-d-3 118-h-1 118-h-2
    118-d-3 burial grounds
    118-f-6 burial ground
    118-h-3 burial grounds
    118-h-3 solid waste
    118sb 122sb 124sb
    118sn levels studied
    119-f stack sampling
    119m te atoms
    119sb--a potent auger
    119sn moessbauer spectroscopy
    119sn nmr spectroscopy
    119sn probe atoms
    119sn solid state
    119th annual convention
    11a figure 11b
    11b chemical shifts
    11b magic angle
    11b mas nmr
    11b nmr spectra
    11b nmr spectroscopy
    11b nmr study
    11b nuclear magnetic
    11b solid-state nmr
    11b system differential
    11b-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type
    11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type
    11c 13n 15o
    11c fluence build-up
    11c labeled erlotinib
    11c labelled benzofuran
    11c pittsburgh compound
    11c radiolabeled methanol
    11c ro 64-0802
    11c-5-hydroxytryptophan positron emission
    11c-acetate pet imaging
    11c-choline positron emission
    11c-harmine positron emission
    11c-l-methionine pet tumor
    11c-labelled compound libraries
    11c-labelled pittsburgh compound
    11c-methionine pet uptake
    11c-methionine positron emission
    11c-metomidate positron emission
    11c-pib pet study
    11c-raclopride pet imaging
    11cdasb pet study
    11cmethylated pet tracers
    11craclopride binding potential
    11f-fluorothymidine positron emission
    11fig 12fig 13fig
    11figure 12figure 13figure
    11mo sd 1y
    11n bcsco films
    11p loci status
    11p microdeletion including
    11s globulin-like protein
    11s seed storage
    11th annual aacr
    11th annual conference
    11th annual international
    11th annual meeting
    11th annual symposium
    11th biennial conference
    11th european conference
    11th european symposium
    11th european workshop
    11th five-year plan
    11th floor windows
    11th grade fcat
    11th grade high
    11th grade students
    11th grade youth
    11th high-tech plasma
    11th iaea technical
    11th ieee international
    11th ieee npss
    11th international architecture
    11th international conference
    11th international congress
    11th international coral
    11th international symposium
    11th international workshop
    11th monthly status
    11th north american
    11th office information
    11th portuguese conference
    11th power watt
    11th quality control
    11th regular inspection
    11th review meeting
    11th symposium berlin
    11th terrorist attacks
    11th tokyo metropolitan
    11th us-japan workshop
    11th world congress
    11th wseas international
    12- day mission
    12--24 hours compared
    12-1-05 final dclg
    12-13 ash fall
    12-13 year olds
    12-13-year-old school children
    12-14cr ods ferritic
    12-17 year olds
    12-17-year-old girl volleyballers
    12-18 year olds
    12-18 years participated
    12-231 solid mechanics
    12-232 solid mechanics
    12-25 kev photon
    12-3-adamantan-1-yl-ureido dodecanoic acid
    12-30 ev range
    12-55 mev protons
    12-amino acid peptide
    12-arm radial maze
    12-bit analog-to-digital converter
    12-bit multichannel adc
    12-channel head coil
    12-color flow cytometry
    12-day mission discoverys
    12-digit hydrologic unit
    12-fold photonic quasi-crystal
    12-foot bubble chamber
    12-foot pressure wind
    12-group gamma cross-sections
    12-gy testicular irradiation
    12-h overnight fast
    12-hour night shifts
    12-hour overnight fast
    12-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid 12-hete
    12-inch transonic wind
    12-inch wind tunnel
    12-item annotated bibliography
    12-item general health
    12-item short form
    12-item short-form health
    12-item world health
    12-kilovolt kv overhead
    12-km resolution north
    12-lead 24-hour holter
    12-lead ecg monitoring
    12-lead ecg tracings
    12-lead electrocardiogram ecg
    12-lead electrocardiograms ecgs
    12-lead electrocardiography ecg
    12-lead hf qrs
    12-lead high-frequency electrocardiograms
    12-lead surface ecg
    12-m radio telescope
    12-mer peptide library
    12-mer random peptide
    12-month clinical outcomes
    12-month double-blind placebo-controlled
    12-month follow-up compared
    12-month follow-up conclusions
    12-month follow-up methods
    12-month follow-up participants
    12-month follow-up period
    12-month follow-up points
    12-month follow-up results
    12-month follow-up showed
    12-month follow-up study
    12-month follow-up visits
    12-month follow-up visit
    12-month follow-ups results
    12-month hyperpolarized 3he-mri
    12-month longitudinal study
    12-month moving averages
    12-month observation period
    12-month open-label study
    12-month open-label uncontrolled
    12-month period certified
    12-month period prevalence
    12-month period prior
    12-month period results
    12-month petition finding
    12-month physical activity
    12-month post-index period
    12-month pramlintide treatment
    12-month prevalence comorbidity
    12-month prevalence rates
    12-month prospective cohort
    12-month prospective study
    12-month randomized controlled
    12-month randomized crossover
    12-month randomized double-blind
    12-month study period
    12-month time point
    12-month-old samp8 mice
    12-myristate 13-acetate pma-induced
    12-myristate 13-acetate pma-stimulated
    12-myristate 13-acetate pma
    12-myristate 13-acetate tpa
    12-o-teradecanoyl phorbol-13-acetate exposures
    12-o-tetradecanoyl phorbol-13-acetate tpa
    12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate tpa
    12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate tpa promotion
    12-o-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate-treated mouse skin
    12-oxo-phytodienoate acid reductase
    12-oxo-phytodienoic acid opda
    12-phase ac arc
    12-pound solid steel
    12-samples needle biopsy
    12-step naive treatment
    12-week clinical trial
    12-week double-blind placebo-controlled
    12-week double-blind randomized
    12-week exercise intervention
    12-week exercise program
    12-week exercise training
    12-week feeding trial
    12-week intervention period
    12-week multicenter double-blind
    12-week physical activity
    12-week randomized controlled
    12-week randomized double-blind
    12-week randomized intervention-study
    12-week randomized intervention
    12-week resistance exercise
    12-week school-based obesity
    12-week study period
    12-week tai chi
    12-week training period
    12-week training program
    12-week treatment period
    12-week weight loss
    12-year clinicopathologic follow-up
    12-year follow-up case
    12-year follow-up period
    12-year prospective study
    12-year study period
    12-year-old article linking
    12-year-old boy presented
    12-year-old female patient
    12-year-old girl presented
    12-year-old male patient
    12-year-old school children
    12-yr-old school students
    120-140 mass region
    120-220 nm spectral
    120-b-1 105-b battery
    120-foot wind tunnel
    120-kd surface protein
    120-kg dry mass
    120-kvp ecg-gated 16-slice
    120-subunit helix-rich capsid
    120-to-200 ghz frequency
    1200-kv prototype termination
    1200f dual clutch
    1200r whole-body x-irradiation
    1201-1321 hudson street
    12010-2011 uc san
    120kw dual circulating
    121-foot wing span
    121-group coupled cross-section
    1219-u 1222-u 2082-u
    121ins2 heterozygosity reduced
    121sb nmr study
    122-cm deep endorses
    122nd annual meeting
    122sb 124sb 165er
    123-group neutron cross-section
    123i-bmipp delayed scintigraphic
    123i-bmipp myocardial scintigraphy
    123i-bmipp myocardial spect
    123i-fp-cit spect imaging
    123i-fp-cit spect study
    123i-ibzm simultaneous dopamine
    123i-imp spect follow-up
    123i-labeled hiv-1 tat
    123i-metaiodobenzyl-guanidine mibg cardiac
    123i-metaiodobenzylguanidine mibg imaging
    123i-metaiodobenzylguanidine myocardial scintigraphy
    123i-mibg myocardial scintigraphical
    123i-mibg myocardial scintigraphy
    123i-mibg myocardial spect
    123i-mibg myocardial washout
    123iodine-beta-methyl iodophenyl pentadecanoic
    123rd ncab signed
    124-f-5 waste site
    124-plex snp typing
    124i labeled arg-gly-asp
    124i nuclear medicine
    125-iodine sources transport
    125-lysergic acid diethylamide
    125-mm lbimduga likeketaste
    1254-induced rat liver
    125hr fourier transform
    125i brachytherapy sources
    125i brachytherapy source
    125i growth hormone
    125i interstitial brachytherapy
    125i labeled anti-androgen
    125i permanent implant
    125i plaque brachytherapy
    125i prostate brachytherapy
    125i seed brachytherapy
    125i seed implantation
    125i seed irradiation
    125i seed localization
    125i seeds interstitial
    125i seeds potentiate
    125i tracer experiments
    125i-fibrinogen leg scanning
    125i-galanin binding sites
    125i-labeled botulinum neurotoxins
    125i-labeled bovine serum
    125i-labeled neurotensin binding
    125i-labeled t140 analog
    125i-labelled polyvinyl pyrrolidone
    125i-lsd autoradiographic labeling
    125i-nerve growth factor
    125i-recombinant human thrombopoietin
    125i-sar1 ile8-angiotensin ii
    125i-si ang ii
    125i-triplex forming oligonucleotide
    125iepidermal growth factor
    125iinsulin receptor binding
    125iinsulin-like growth factor
    125imel binding sites
    125iodine seed implantation
    125iodine seeds implantation
    125iodine transperineal brachytherapy
    125teo2p 2n124i reaction
    125th ncab summary
    126-neutron closed shell
    1260-year control integration
    12717-002 northern illinois
    127th fighter wing
    128-b-2 100-b burn
    128-channel asic preamplifier
    128-channel event-related potentials
    128-channel pulse height
    128-channel receive-only cardiac
    128-f-2 100-f burning
    128-slice 4d-perfusion ct
    128-slice dual-source ct
    128-slice multi-detector ct
    128a increases intracellular
    129i 237np 238pu
    129i interlaboratory comparison
    129i moessbauer spectroscopy
    129xe chemical shift
    129xe depolarization transfer
    129xe magnetic resonance
    129xe nmr spectroscopy
    12b distribution code
    12b ln metastases
    12b-6 multi-frequency encoding
    12b-aktivatsionnogo detektirovaniya vzryvchatykh
    12be cluster states
    12c 16o 24mg
    12c 16o 28si
    12c fusion rate
    12c induced reactions
    12c nad 11be
    12c nuclei energetichna
    12c nuclei pruzhne
    12c nucleus rezonansnye
    12c rate uncertainties
    12c resonant scattering
    12c triple-alpha continuum
    12c2h6 positions intensities
    12cgamma 3alpha ehnergeticheskoe
    12cr ferritic steels
    12cr-1mo steel ht-9
    12cr-1movw steels irradiated
    12cr-3w reduced activation
    12cr18ni10ti austenitic steel
    12cr18ni10ti stainless steel
    12d1 impact properties
    12d2 baseline impact
    12d3 fracture properties
    12d4 baseline tensile
    12d5 thermal creep
    12f2 microstructural evolution
    12fig 13fig 14fig
    12figure 13figure 14figure
    12ghz ch3oh masers
    12kh18n10t steam generator
    12kh18n10t steel sheets
    12kh18n10t steel tube
    12kh18n9t obluchennoj nejtronami
    12kh18n9t steel irradiated
    12micron seyfert sample
    12mw horns rev
    12n 12b-activation detection
    12n 12b-aktivatsionnogo detektirovaniya
    12s rdna gene
    12s ribosomal dna
    12s ribosomal rna
    12s rrna 16s
    12s rrna a1555g
    12s rrna a827g
    12s rrna c1494t
    12s rrna genes
    12s rrna gene
    12s-lipoxygenase protein associates
    12th acm conference
    12th annual conference
    12th annual meeting
    12th annual north
    12th biennial conference
    12th cranial nerves
    12th european conference
    12th european symposium
    12th five-year plan
    12th gestational week
    12th grade chemistry
    12th grade k-12
    12th grade levels
    12th grade level
    12th grade preparedness
    12th grade students
    12th grade student
    12th intercostal space
    12th international conference
    12th international congress
    12th international echinoderm
    12th international symposium
    12th international workshop
    12th iupac international
    12th monthly status
    12th north american
    12th rib fat
    12th street sw
    12th thoracic vertebra
    12th world aids
    12th world conference
    12th world congress
    12th-grade high school
    12th-rib fat thickness
    12v-149t diesel engine
    12x fiv pr
    13-023 green island
    13-14 year olds
    13-15 year olds
    13-15-year-old male volleyballers
    13-18 year-old teenagers
    13-1p titles ii
    13-8 mo stainless
    13-93 bioactive glass
    13-acetate pma induced
    13-bit barker code
    13-cis retinoic acid
    13-cis-4-oxo retinoic acid
    13-cis-retinoic acid 13-cis-ra
    13-cis-retinoic acid ra
    13-cis-retinoic acid re-differentiation
    13-day 18-hour 48-minute
    13-hour laboratory school
    13-lined ground squirrels
    13-lined ground squirrel
    13-moment r13 equations
    13-stage dekati low-pressure
    13-valent conjugate vaccine
    13-valent pneumococcal conjugate
    13-week inhalation toxicity
    13-week oral toxicity
    13-week studies doses
    13-year population-based prospective
    13-year single-center experience
    13-year-old boy presented
    13-year-old boy treated
    13-year-old children categorized
    13-year-old male patient
    130-260 ghz fusion-fem
    130-kilobase genomic region
    130-nm commercial cmos
    1300-nm gain obtained
    130ba mass-dependent isotopic
    130nm hybrid pixel
    130te double beta
    131-iodine labeled oc-125
    131-radiolabeled monoclonal antibody
    131-year perspective 1950-2080
    131i 99mtc 67ga
    131i activity concentrations
    131i anti-cd20 monoclonal
    131i ecological transfer
    131i labeled 17-allylamino-17-demethoxygeldanamycin
    131i nadczynnosci tarczycy
    131i radiometabolic therapy
    131i thyroid cancer
    131i whole-body scan
    131i-anti-cd20 rituximab radioimmunotherapy
    131i-crtx internal dosimetry
    131i-iazgp digital autoradiography
    131i-labeled iodo-azomycin galactopyranoside
    131i-labeled monoclonal antibodies
    131i-labeled monoclonal antibody
    131i-labelled monoclonal antibody
    131i-spgp internal dosimetry
    131i-whole body scan
    131ina internal dosimetry
    131itositumomab anti-cd20 radioimmunotherapy
    131mxe 133mxe 133xe
    131st martian day
    131xe nmr spectroscopy
    132-f-1 141-f chronic
    1321n1 astrocytoma cells
    1321n1 human astrocytoma
    1324-n surface impoundment
    1324-na percolation pond
    1325-n liquid waste
    132ce nucleus damping
    132sn ii variation
    132sn mass region
    132sn quadrupole collectivity
    132sn region kernspektroskopische
    133-xenon wash-out technique
    133cs atomic beam
    133cs nuclear magnetic
    133xe clearance curve
    133xe clearance technique
    133xe inhalation method
    133xe washout technique
    134cs bearing soil
    135-kilodalton membrane-associated proteins
    135mm lens note
    1372-element large scale
    13762nf rat mammary
    137cesium affects vitamin
    137cs 40k 210pb
    137cs 40k 232th
    137cs 40k 238pu
    137cs 85sr 133ba
    137cs 90sr 63ni
    137cs activity concentrations
    137cs activity concentration
    137cs baseline levels
    137cs dans les
    137cs dans le
    137cs em cogumelos
    137cs em feijoeiro
    137cs gamma radiation
    137cs gamma rays
    137cs inter-plant concentration
    137cs iz organizma
    137cs radionuclide excretion
    137cs soil profile
    137cs specific activities
    138la-138ce-136ce nuclear cosmochronometer
    139arg alleles confer
    139la nmr studies
    139la nuclear quadrupole
    139lan gamma140la reaction
    13a14 shade-grown tobacco
    13b13 exemption requirements
    13c 15n 17o
    13c 15n doubly-labeled
    13c 15n labeled
    13c 15n labelled
    13c 15n nmr
    13c 1h cosy
    13c 2h-labeled proteins
    13c 31p nmr
    13c abundance solid-state
    13c breath tests
    13c chemical shifts
    13c chemical shift
    13c cp mas
    13c cp-mas nmr
    13c cpmas nmr
    13c cpmas spectra
    13c cpmg nmr
    13c cross polarization
    13c cross-polarization cp
    13c cross-polarization magic-angle-spinning
    13c cross-polarization magic
    13c depleted co2
    13c dept cosy
    13c dept-135 dqf-cosy
    13c dqf-cosy tocsy
    13c em aneis
    13c flux analysis
    13c high-resolution solid-state
    13c hyperfine coupling
    13c hyperfine structure
    13c hyperpolarization studies
    13c isotope analysis
    13c isotope discrimination
    13c isotope effects
    13c isotopic analysis
    13c kinetic isotope
    13c label exchange
    13c label incorporation
    13c labeled antifreeze
    13c labeled glucose
    13c labeled proteins
    13c labeled samples
    13c labeling experiments
    13c labeling patterns
    13c labelled-leaf litter
    13c magic angle
    13c magic-angle spinning
    13c magnetic resonance
    13c mas nmr
    13c metabolic flux
    13c metabolic imaging
    13c na determinacao
    13c na elucidacao
    13c natural abundance
    13c nmr 1h-1h
    13c nmr 1h
    13c nmr 2d
    13c nmr 31p
    13c nmr analyses
    13c nmr analysis
    13c nmr application
    13c nmr applied
    13c nmr assignments
    13c nmr avaliacao
    13c nmr calculos
    13c nmr characterization
    13c nmr chemical
    13c nmr cosy
    13c nmr dept
    13c nmr detection
    13c nmr electronic
    13c nmr elemental
    13c nmr esi-ms
    13c nmr estudo
    13c nmr experiments
    13c nmr ft-ir
    13c nmr ftir
    13c nmr hsqc
    13c nmr investigations
    13c nmr investigation
    13c nmr ir
    13c nmr mass
    13c nmr measurements
    13c nmr method
    13c nmr ms
    13c nmr relaxation
    13c nmr resonances
    13c nmr results
    13c nmr shifts
    13c nmr showed
    13c nmr signals
    13c nmr signal
    13c nmr single
    13c nmr spectral
    13c nmr spectra
    13c nmr spectrometry
    13c nmr spectroscopic
    13c nmr spectroscopies
    13c nmr spectroscopy
    13c nmr spectrum
    13c nmr spin-lattice
    13c nmr structural
    13c nmr studies
    13c nmr study
    13c nmr techniques
    13c nmr uv-visible
    13c nmr uv-vis
    13c nuclear magnetic
    13c nuclear shielding
    13c nuclear spins
    13c nuclear spin
    13c nucleus states
    13c octanoic acid
    13c off-resonance rotating
    13c photo-cidnp mas
    13c relaxation dispersion
    13c resonance assignments
    13c resonance assignment
    13c secondary chemical
    13c shielding constants
    13c solid state
    13c solid-state nmr
    13c solid-state nuclear
    13c solution nmr
    13c spin diffusion
    13c spin relaxation
    13c spin-lattice relaxation
    13c stable isotope
    13c suess effect
    13c t1 relaxation
    13c tracer experiments
    13c urea breath
    13c- 15n-labeled rna
    13c-1h nmr relaxation
    13c-31p spin-echo difference
    13c-aminopyrine demethylation blood
    13c-based metabolic flux
    13c-cpmas nmr spectroscopy
    13c-dic menggunakan spektrometer
    13c-hiolein breath test
    13c-label tracing- phase
    13c-labeled internal standards
    13c-labeled mixed triglyceride
    13c-labeled protein gb1
    13c-labelled arable soils
    13c-metabolic flux analysis
    13c-methacetin breath test
    13c-mixed triglyceride 13c-mtg
    13c-mixed triglyceride breath
    13c-mtg breath test
    13c-nmr chemical shifts
    13c-nmr signal enhancement
    13c-nmr spectral properties
    13c-nuclear magnetic resonance
    13c-octanoic acid breath
    13c-urea breath test
    13c14-decabromodiphenylethane dbdpe characterization
    13calpha chemical shifts
    13cbeta chemical shifts
    13cglucose breath test
    13ch2 relaxation dispersion
    13co c18o hcn
    13co2 breath test
    13co2 excretion tmax
    13co2-1 line width
    13cr martensitic stainless
    13cr stainless steel
    13curea breath test
    13fig 14fig 15fig
    13figure 14figure 15figure
    13j varying temperature
    13th annual conference
    13th annual congress
    13th annual gmp
    13th annual international
    13th annual meeting
    13th annual symposium
    13th biennial conference
    13th century ad
    13th century bc
    13th eu-us transport
    13th european conference
    13th ieee international
    13th international biodeterioration
    13th international conference
    13th international congress
    13th international symposium
    13th international workshop
    13th internatonal conference
    13th isna bergen
    13th night landing
    13th north american
    13th pv science
    13th street preservation
    13th thoracic vertebra
    13th world congress
    13x molecular sieves
    13x molecular sieve
    14-0551 cambridge ma
    14-15 micron two-color
    14-15 year olds
    14-16 year olds
    14-3-3 affinity capture
    14-3-3 binding modulate
    14-3-3 binding motif
    14-3-3 binding proteins
    14-3-3 binding sites
    14-3-3 binding site
    14-3-3 csf proteins
    14-3-3 mediates histone
    14-3-3 protein binding
    14-3-3 protein bmh1
    14-3-3 protein difopein
    14-3-3 protein epsilon
    14-3-3 protein family
    14-3-3 protein levels
    14-3-3 protein mediated
    14-3-3 proteins play
    14-3-3 proteins regulate
    14-3-3 zeta plays
    14-amino acid peptide
    14-bit dynamic range
    14-bp inverted repeat
    14-channel ames airborne
    14-channel nasa ames
    14-crystal germanium array
    14-d saturation dive
    14-day bed rest
    14-day depuration period
    14-day hindlimb unloading
    14-day mortality rate
    14-day range-finding study
    14-day recovery period
    14-day treatment period
    14-day washout period
    14-digit hydrologic unit
    14-fold higher affinity
    14-fr peel-away sheath
    14-gauge automated gun
    14-gauge core biopsy
    14-gauge core needle
    14-gauge needle core
    14-home marketing incentive
    14-inch trisonic wind
    14-item oral health
    14-kda envelope protein
    14-lead small outline
    14-membered octaazamacrocyclic complexes
    14-membered tetraazamacrocyclic transition
    14-mer cuucgg tetraloop
    14-mev fusion neutrons
    14-mev incident neutrons
    14-mev neutron activation
    14-mev neutron fission
    14-mev neutron generator
    14-mev neutron sources
    14-mev neutron source
    14-mev neutron-activation cross
    14-mev neutrons based
    14-mev neutrons generated
    14-mev neutrons produced
    14-month follow-up results
    14-month low-cost maintenance
    14-month-old abyssinian cat
    14-mw triga mtr
    14-mw triga reactor
    14-residue fibrillogenic peptide
    14-ton mild steel
    14-ton thin-wall depleted
    14-w 140-ghz gyrotron
    14-year follow-up study
    14-year study period
    14-year time series
    14-year-old adolescent case
    14-year-old boy presented
    14-year-old children exposed
    14-year-old girl presented
    14-year-old male patient
    14-year-old school children
    140-ghz 1-kw confocal
    140-ghz long-pulsed gyrotron
    140-kv tube voltage
    140-mev cap alpha
    1400-km cleft ion
    140kw pilot plant
    140th streets east
    141ce 144ce dlya
    141ce 144ce fission
    141pr 197au nattl
    142-inch diameter solid
    144-190 moody street
    1448a reveals divergence
    144ce dlya blizhajshej
    144ce fission fragments
    1450-nm diode laser
    146gd region relevant
    146th annual meeting
    147smn alpha144nd reaction
    14b green glasses
    14c 26al 36cl
    14c 32p 35s
    14c 55fe 63ni
    14c 99tc 137cs
    14c accelerator mass
    14c age determinations
    14c ams dates
    14c ams dating
    14c ams graphite
    14c ams measurements
    14c bio-ams preparation
    14c bomb peak
    14c cluster emission
    14c dates obtained
    14c dating beta
    14c dual-labelled samples
    14c information required
    14c isotopic signatures
    14c ka bp
    14c kyr bp
    14c labeled plant
    14c most-probable-number method
    14c radiotracers determination
    14c records 26-50
    14c reservoir ages
    14c reservoir age
    14c reservois effect
    14c source apportionment
    14c triolein breath
    14c urea breath
    14c years bp
    14c years older
    14c yrs bp
    14c-accelerator mass spectrometry
    14c-based source apportionment
    14c-d-xylose breath test
    14c-labeled amino acids
    14c-labeled therapeutic dose
    14c-labelled amino acids
    14c-pbde accumulation biological
    14c-pmma method applied
    14c-urea breath test
    14c2-deoxyglucose autoradiographic method
    14cdeoxyglucose autoradiographic patterns
    14co2 pulse-labelling reveals
    14cr-ods steel elaborated
    14curea breath test
    14fig 15fig 16fig
    14figure 15figure 16figure
    14h-type lpso structure
    14mev neutron cd
    14n nqr spectra
    14n nuclear quadrupole
    14n overtone nmr
    14n quadrupole coupling
    14o radioactive ion
    14r2 tank 241-ay-102
    14th annual conference
    14th annual european
    14th annual ieee
    14th annual international
    14th annual meeting
    14th annual waste
    14th australasian fluid
    14th australian joint
    14th biennial conference
    14th century ad
    14th conference--a joint
    14th congress session
    14th european conference
    14th iavsd symposium
    14th international conference
    14th international congress
    14th international hla
    14th international meeting
    14th international spin
    14th international symposium
    14th international vacuum
    14th international workshop
    14th international work
    14th national passive
    14th north american
    14th postoperative day
    14th room temperature
    14th siduo congress
    14th street marysville
    14th topical conference
    14th world congress
    14th-18th cc skeletal
    14ud pelletron accelerator
    14ume 14ume 14ume
    15 -10 -5
    15- 30- 60
    15- year single
    15-150 kev band
    15-16 year olds
    15-17-year-old endurance training
    15-18 years adolescents
    15-19 age group
    15-19 year olds
    15-24 gev protons
    15-24 year olds
    15-25 km depth
    15-3 ca 15-3
    15-3 ca 19-9
    15-3 como marcador
    15-3 em portadores
    15-30 cm depths
    15-30 cm depth
    15-30 cm horizons
    15-5 ph nitronic
    15-5 ph stainless
    15-50 kev band
    15-50 kev flux
    15-55 kev band
    15-a switching supply
    15-country collaborative study
    15-dimensional markov-chain monte-carlo
    15-foot anechoic wind
    15-foot bubble chamber
    15-foot hydrogen bubble
    15-foot low-speed wind
    15-ft bubble chamber
    15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid 15-hete
    15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase 15-pgdh
    15-hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase transcription
    15-item geriatric depression
    15-k neutron structure
    15-kev iron resonance
    15-lox-1 promoter dna
    15-min recovery period
    15-minute clinical ecgs
    15-minute commercial-free news
    15-month cabg sxscore
    15-p- iodophenyl pentadecanoic
    15-p-iodofenil pentadecanoico marcado
    15-prostaglandin dehydrogenase expression
    15-t pulsed solenoid
    15-week experimental exposure
    15-year cohort study
    15-year follow-up results
    15-year follow-up study
    15-year longitudinal study
    15-year natural aging
    15-year period 1986-2000
    15-year prospective study
    15-year register-based follow-up
    15-year retrospective study
    15-year single center
    15-year study period
    15-year survival rates
    15-year time frame
    15-year time series
    15-year-old boy presented
    15-year-old boys living
    15-year-old estonian adolescents
    15-year-old european children
    15-year-old female patient
    15-year-old female presented
    15-year-old girl presented
    15-year-old male patient
    15-year-old school children
    15-year-old thai children
    150-220 km zone
    150-kd insulin-like growth
    150-mev linac injector
    150kw cw power
    150kw tidal stream
    150kwt cfbc test
    150nd neutrinoless double
    150sm cross sections
    150th anniversary celebrations
    151-hydroxypurpurin-7-lactone dimethyl ester
    151eu nuclear gamma
    152eu gamma ray
    153-sm-edtmp skeletally targeted
    1536-well plate format
    153sm important radionuclides
    154eu single ratios
    154smn gamma sup149
    155eu estudo da
    155mm guns skyline
    1568a rice flour
    156dy und 178os
    157-nm excimer laser
    1576-kg 3456-lb simulated
    1577b bovine liver
    1578-1657 samuel clark
    15827-15876 common crop
    15877-15891 common crop
    158a gev beam
    158a gev lead
    158a gev measured
    1590-1520 ma cachoeirinha
    15c temperature gradient
    15d quantum-dynamical simulation
    15d-pgj2 mediates repression
    15d-pgj2 modulates acute
    15d-pgj2 stimulates ho-1
    15degreec anaerobic wastewater
    15fig 16fig 17fig
    15kh1m1fl ehlektroshlakovogo pereplava
    15kh1m1fl issledovanie ehkspluatatsionnoj
    15n 13c 2h-labeled
    15n 13calpha 13cbeta
    15n 13calpha 13co
    15n 18o 24mg
    15n amino acids
    15n aplicado em
    15n backbone chemical
    15n chemical shifts
    15n chemical shift
    15n cpmas nmr
    15n dilution techniques
    15n doubly-labeled flexible
    15n enriched ammonium
    15n enrichment study
    15n hyperfine structures
    15n isotope dilution
    15n isotope effects
    15n isotope effect
    15n isotope fractionation
    15n isotope marcha
    15n isotopic crop
    15n isotopic dilution
    15n labeled proteins
    15n labeling study
    15n labelled litter
    15n labelled peptides
    15n magnetic shielding
    15n metabolic labeling
    15n natural abundances
    15n natural abundance
    15n nitrogen compounds
    15n nmr assignments
    15n nmr backbone
    15n nmr chemical
    15n nmr experiments
    15n nmr relaxation
    15n nmr resonance
    15n nmr signals
    15n nmr spectra
    15n nmr spectroscopic
    15n nmr spectroscopy
    15n nmr spectrum
    15n nmr studies
    15n nuclear magnetic
    15n photo-cidnp mas
    15n pool dilution
    15n relaxation experiments
    15n relaxation measurements
    15n relaxation rates
    15n resonance assignments
    15n resonance assignment
    15n site preference
    15n solid state
    15n solid-state nmr
    15n spin relaxation
    15n stable isotope
    15n tracer experiments
    15n tracer study
    15n tracer techniques
    15n tracer technique
    15n transverse relaxation
    15n-13co 1hn-13co 13co-13calpha
    15n-1h nmr relaxation
    15n-labed glycine synthesis
    15n-labeled amino acids
    15n-labeled human oncogenic
    15n-labeled rna oligonucleotides
    15n-labelled pea residue
    15n-leu incorporation fidelity
    15o brain pet
    15o positron emission
    15o radioactive ion
    15o-labelled water pet
    15oh2o positron emission
    15owater injection 15ooxygen
    15q overgrowth syndrome
    15q11-q14 deletion expanded
    15q24 deleted patients
    15q24 deletion syndrome
    15q24 microdeletion syndrome
    15q25 gene variant
    15th acm conference
    15th annual conference
    15th annual frederick
    15th annual international
    15th annual meeting
    15th assembly flight
    15th assembly mission
    15th australasian fluid
    15th biennial conference
    15th century ad
    15th century croatia-ottoman
    15th century epidemics
    15th century
    15th congressional district
    15th esact meeting
    15th ieee international
    15th international conference
    15th international congress
    15th international diabetes
    15th international symposium
    15th international workshop
    15th nordic conference
    15th north american
    15th postoperative day
    15th power ev
    15th qtl-mas workshop
    15th siduo congress
    15th stage high-pressure
    15th symposium held
    15th task force
    15th us-japan conference
    15th world congress
    15x2nmfa korpusa reaktora
    15x40 feet scaled
    16- detector row
    16-17 year olds
    16-18 year olds
    16-18-year-old tartu schoolgirls
    16-19 year olds
    16-20 mesh ion
    16-8-2 stainless steel
    16-8-2 weld metal
    16-ary quadrature amplitude
    16-cell stage transition
    16-cm diaphyseal defect
    16-day research mission
    16-day sts-90 mission
    16-detector multi-slice spiral
    16-detector row computed
    16-detector-row computed tomography
    16-doxyl stearic acid
    16-foot transonic tunnel
    16-foot transonic wind
    16-inch shock tunnel
    16-item negative symptom
    16-item quick inventory
    16-mer synthetic peptide
    16-minute suborbital flight
    16-multidetector-row computed tomography
    16-point discrete cosine
    16-qam direct conversion
    16-quadrature amplitude modulation
    16-row ct scanner
    16-row multidetector ct
    16-s4-diol iskhodnyj kompleks
    16-slice computed tomography
    16-slice ct coronary
    16-slice ct protocols
    16-slice ct scanner
    16-slice mdct arthrography
    16-slice multi-detector row
    16-slice multidetector computed
    16-slice multidetector spiral
    16-slice multidetector-row computed
    16-slice multidetector-row ct
    16-slice multidetector-row spiral
    16-slice spiral ct
    16-week recreational football
    16-week study period
    16-week treatment period
    16-year -old insulating
    16-year excess all-cause
    16-year infiltration event
    16-year-old boy presented
    16-year-old female presented
    16-year-old girl presented
    16-year-old male patient
    160-m 450-kg sailcraft
    160-m 450-kg solar
    160-min radial pulsations
    1600- og 1700-tallet
    1607-b2 septic system
    1607-f1 sanitary sewer
    1607-f3 sanitary sewer
    1607-f5 sanitary sewer
    160mev proton linac
    161-kv delivery point
    161sm 160-165eu 163gd
    1625-aa00 safety zone
    1625-aa01 anchorage regulations
    1625-aa08 special local
    1625-aa87 security zone
    16293-2422 small scale
    1636-1642 isbn 978-0-9758400-7-8
    165-ferric hydroxide macroaggregates
    166er mit hilfe
    166ho 149pm 64cu
    1670-1675 mhz band
    16a-methyl corticosteroid compounds
    16b kepler 34b
    16fig 17fig 18fig
    16mnd5 steel influence
    16o induced reactions
    16oc 2c4he reaction
    16ogamma 4alpha reaction
    16q copy number
    16s gene sequences
    16s mtdna lineage
    16s rdna amoa
    16s rdna amplicons
    16s rdna amplicon
    16s rdna amplification
    16s rdna amplified
    16s rdna analyses
    16s rdna analysis
    16s rdna approach
    16s rdna bacterial
    16s rdna based
    16s rdna clones
    16s rdna clone
    16s rdna cloning
    16s rdna copy
    16s rdna dgge
    16s rdna fragments
    16s rdna fragment
    16s rdna genes
    16s rdna gene
    16s rdna glta
    16s rdna libraries
    16s rdna library
    16s rdna markers
    16s rdna obtained
    16s rdna partial
    16s rdna pcr
    16s rdna phylogenetic
    16s rdna polymerase
    16s rdna primers
    16s rdna probes
    16s rdna pyrosequencing
    16s rdna region
    16s rdna restriction
    16s rdna revealed
    16s rdna sequences
    16s rdna sequence
    16s rdna sequencing
    16s rdna showed
    16s rdna similarity
    16s ribosomal dna-based
    16s ribosomal dna-defined
    16s ribosomal dna
    16s ribosomal genes
    16s ribosomal gene
    16s ribosomal ribonucleic
    16s ribosomal rna
    16s ribosomal rrna
    16s rna genes
    16s rna gene
    16s rrna 16s
    16s rrna 23s
    16s rrna adenine
    16s rrna amplicons
    16s rrna amplicon
    16s rrna analyses
    16s rrna analysis
    16s rrna apra
    16s rrna bacterial
    16s rrna based
    16s rrna clones
    16s rrna clone
    16s rrna cloning
    16s rrna coding
    16s rrna coi
    16s rrna copy
    16s rrna diversity
    16s rrna encoding
    16s rrna fragments
    16s rrna gene-based
    16s rrna gene-cloning
    16s rrna gene-sequencing
    16s rrna gene-targeted
    16s rrna genes
    16s rrna genetic
    16s rrna gene
    16s rrna groel
    16s rrna gyrb
    16s rrna hsp65
    16s rrna hybridization
    16s rrna hypervariable
    16s rrna identification
    16s rrna levels
    16s rrna libraries
    16s rrna methylases
    16s rrna methylase
    16s rrna methylation
    16s rrna methyltransferases
    16s rrna methyltransferase
    16s rrna microarray
    16s rrna microbial
    16s rrna molecule
    16s rrna nucleotide
    16s rrna oligonucleotide
    16s rrna pcr
    16s rrna phylochip
    16s rrna phylogenetic
    16s rrna phylogeny
    16s rrna phylotypes
    16s rrna pmoa
    16s rrna polymerase
    16s rrna primers
    16s rrna probes
    16s rrna probe
    16s rrna pyrosequences
    16s rrna pyrosequencing
    16s rrna pyrotag
    16s rrna reca
    16s rrna region
    16s rrna results
    16s rrna revealed
    16s rrna rpob
    16s rrna rrs
    16s rrna segments
    16s rrna sequences
    16s rrna sequence
    16s rrna sequencing
    16s rrna showed
    16s rrna similarity
    16s rrna targeting
    16s rrna target
    16s rrna transcripts
    16s rrna tree
    16s rrna type
    16s rrna v6
    16s rrna-based approaches
    16s rrna-based phylogenetic
    16s rrna-based pyrosequencing
    16s rrna-based sequence
    16s rrna-defined populations
    16s rrna-directed probes
    16s rrna-encoding gene
    16s rrna-encoding reca
    16s rrna-targeted oligonucleotide
    16s rrna-targeted probes
    16s rrna-targeted probe
    16s rrna-targeted whole-cell
    16s-23s intergenic spacer
    16s-23s internal transcribed
    16s-23s rdna intergenic
    16s-23s rdna internal
    16s-23s rdna spacer
    16s-23s ribosomal dna
    16s-23s rrna gene
    16s-23s rrna intergenic
    16s-23s rrna internal
    16s-23s rrna spacer
    16s-like ribosomal rna
    16s-rrna gene sequencing
    16sr vii-b presente
    16th aiaa computational
    16th annual conference
    16th annual energy-sources
    16th annual international
    16th annual meeting
    16th annual north
    16th annual symposium
    16th australasian conference
    16th australasian fluid
    16th australian conference
    16th biennial conference
    16th century megadrought
    16th century onwards
    16th century
    16th esact meeting
    16th european conference
    16th european workshop
    16th heat treating
    16th ifip-tc7 conference
    16th international conference
    16th international symposium
    16th international workshop
    16th national conference
    16th nuclear engineering
    16th taniguchi symposium
    16th world congress
    16th yokohama 21st
    16th-17th-century stone buildings
    16th-18th century prnu
    17-170 van dyke
    17-18 ma thermal
    17-18th century fisheries
    17-25 kev x-rays
    17-4 ph gas
    17-4 ph martensitic
    17-4 ph ss
    17-4 ph stainless
    17-4 ph steel
    17-4 precipitation hardened
    17-4 precipitation hardening
    17-4ph stainless steel
    17-7 ph stainless
    17-a -metil-testosterona nos
    17-a cape canaveral
    17-aag induces cytoplasmic
    17-allylamino-17-demethoxygeldanamycin 17-aag tanespimycin
    17-b cape canaveral
    17-beta estradiol e2
    17-beta estradiol progesterone
    17-day life sciences
    17-hydroxygeranyllinalool diterpene glycosides
    17-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type
    17-item annotated bibliography
    17-item hamilton depression
    17-item hamilton rating
    17-kda antigen gene
    17-kv 15-a switching
    17-mer dna substrate
    17-month children living
    17-story multifunctional residential
    17-year follow-up study
    17-year periodical cicadas
    17-year time series
    17-year-old boy presented
    17-year-old female patient
    17-year-old male patient
    17-year-old pakistani girl
    170-180 mass region
    1710-1755 mhz 2110-2155
    1716-b maintenance garage
    171er 181hf 233pa
    171yb ehlektromagnitnye perekhody
    172hf-172lu generator system
    173-216 state waste
    173-303 dangerous waste
    173-internet gov domain
    1763mhz radiofrequency radiation
    176lu decay constant
    177lu 131i 153sm
    177lu 51cr 153sm
    177lu labeled antibody
    177lu radiochemical separation
    177lu radioisotope separation
    177lu- labeled mov18
    177lu-bombesin analog developed
    177lu-radiolabelled chimeric anti-cd20
    177ta composite nucleus
    177th acs national
    178m2hf decay raspad
    178os durch messung
    1793--1800 early sunspot
    179m2hf photoformation possibility
    17alpha-estradiol arrests cell
    17b-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type
    17beta-estradiol e2 plasmatico
    17beta-estradiol e2 plasmatic
    17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type
    17d vaccine sequences
    17d vaccine strain
    17d vaccine virus
    17d viruses expressing
    17d yellow fever
    17d yf vaccines
    17d-based chimeric vaccines
    17dd vaccine strain
    17dd yellow fever
    17f proton-halo state
    17fig 18fig 19fig
    17figure 18figure 19figure
    17kw downflow laboratory
    17o chemical shifts
    17o mas nmr
    17o mqmas nmr
    17o nmr chemical
    17o nmr measurements
    17o nmr parameters
    17o nmr spectra
    17o nmr spectroscopy
    17o nmr structural
    17o nmr study
    17o nuclear magnetic
    17o nuclear quadrupole
    17o vt mas
    17o8li reaction analysis
    17o8li ta potentsyial
    17p deletion tp53
    17p screeningof candidate
    17p13 deletion syndrome
    17q12 amplicon promotes
    17q21 gene variants
    17q23 q21 translocation
    17s u2 snrnp
    17th annual conference
    17th annual magnet
    17th annual meeting
    17th annual north
    17th annual symposium
    17th asilomar conference
    17th biennial conference
    17th biennial waste
    17th central hardwood
    17th century ad
    17th century english
    17th century painting
    17th century tallinn
    17th century
    17th doe nuclear
    17th european bioenergetics
    17th european symposium
    17th iaea fusion
    17th iavsd symposium
    17th international conference
    17th international congress
    17th international summer
    17th international symposium
    17th international toki
    17th international workshop
    17th nordic semiconductor
    17th san francisco
    17th street canal
    17th world computer
    17th world congress
    17th-19th century danish
    18 -31 -33
    18-01-01 aboveground storage
    18-19 vrbpac meeting
    18-22 months adjusted
    18-23 ghz band
    18-24 year olds
    18-24-month-old dystrophic mdx
    18-8 stainless steel
    18-acre facility consisted
    18-amino acid peptide
    18-carbon fatty acids
    18-crown-6 ether 18c6
    18-electron rule govern
    18-f-fluoro-deoxy-d-glucose positron emission
    18-fdg pet study
    18-fluorideoxyglucose positron emission
    18-fluorine-fluorodihydroxyphenylalanine positron emission
    18-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission
    18-fluorodopa pet study
    18-foot diameter telecommunications
    18-ft diameter concentrator
    18-inch carbon fiber
    18-kda translocator protein
    18-kilodalton chlamydia trachomatis
    18-month follow-up assessment
    18-month follow-up period
    18-month follow-up study
    18-month period results
    18-month prospective study
    18-month study period
    18-month time period
    18-mv intensity-modulated radiation
    18-mv photon beam
    18-residue c-terminal tail
    18-year retrospective analysis
    18-year study period
    18-year-old costa rican
    18-year-old female patient
    18-year-old high school
    18-year-old male patient
    18-year-old male presented
    18-year-old woman presented
    180-day generic exclusivity
    180-day snowmelt streamflows
    1802c warp lecture
    1803c warp studio
    1806-1880 forensic toxicologist
    1806-20 giant flare
    180c program development
    180degree ferroelectric domain
    180mta im kev
    180mta nucleosynthesis puzzle
    180os test der
    180th acs national
    181ta fotovozbuzhdenie mikrosekundnykh
    181ta including complete
    1822-1894 fr die
    1822-1940 salla fernando
    183-dr sedimentation basin
    183-f clearwell mitigation
    183-h basin sludge
    183-h solar evaporation
    183w nmr spectroscopy
    184-b powerhouse debris
    184-inch berkeley cyclotron
    184-inch cyclotron program
    1842676957299765latent class cluster
    1850-1990 mhz 2110-2150
    1850-1990 mhz band
    186 mev calculated
    1869-1932 als knstler
    186re-mag3-conjugated bisphosphonate 186re-mag3-hbp
    186reliposomal doxorubicin doxil
    186wn gamma187w reaction
    1876-1889 boiling house
    1876-1889 three-roll sugar
    187os isotope systematics
    187os-sup 188os method
    1885-1942 una historia
    18850-dcc hints briefs
    1887-1889 thomas heazle
    188re 177lu 51cr
    188re labeled 17a-ethynylestradiol
    188re labeled cationic
    188re labeled herceptin-coated
    188re labelled anti-egfr
    188re labelled nimotuzumab
    188re radioisotope generator
    188re-cd66mab vor stammzelltransplantation
    188re-hedp comparing urine
    188re-labeled vegf189 exon
    188re-loaded lipid nanocapsules
    188w-188re generators desenvolvimento
    189-c 289-f 189-k
    1896-1904 wybor zdjec
    189w decay gamma
    18cr-12ni stainless steel
    18cr-8ni stainless steel
    18cr-9ni austenitic steel
    18cr10niti austenitic steel
    18cycloparaphenylene carbon nanohoop
    18f epoxide derivative
    18f fdg uptake
    18f fdg-pet imaging
    18f fluoride ion
    18f fluorodeoxy glucose
    18f fluorodeoxyglucose fdg
    18f fluorodeoxyglucose positron
    18f labeled benzimidazole
    18f labeled tetraphenylphosphonium
    18f-2-deoxy-2-fluoro-d-glucose positron emission
    18f-2-deoxy-fluoro-d-glucose positron emission
    18f-altanserin pet study
    18f-dopa dans les
    18f-dopa positron emission
    18f-fallypride pet study
    18f-fch cellular uptake
    18f-fdg chez les
    18f-fdg chez une
    18f-fdg coincidence spect
    18f-fdg dans les
    18f-fdg nas regioes
    18f-fdg nuclear medicine
    18f-fdg pet ct
    18f-fdg pet diagnostic
    18f-fdg pet diffuse
    18f-fdg pet findings
    18f-fdg pet genotype-corrected
    18f-fdg pet human
    18f-fdg pet images
    18f-fdg pet imaging
    18f-fdg pet quantitative
    18f-fdg pet scans
    18f-fdg pet scan
    18f-fdg pet showed
    18f-fdg pet studies
    18f-fdg pet study
    18f-fdg pet-ct imaging
    18f-fdg pet-ct scan
    18f-fdg pet-ct simulation
    18f-fdg positron emission
    18f-fdg tep-tdm avec
    18f-fdg uptake observed
    18f-fdg uptake study
    18f-fdg-avid metastatic lymph
    18f-fdg-avid tissue sites
    18f-flt human brain
    18f-fludeoxyglucose positron emission
    18f-fluoride positron emission
    18f-fluorine labeling method
    18f-fluoro-2-deoxy-d-glucose positron emission
    18f-fluoro-2-deoxyglucose 18f-fdg positron
    18f-fluoro-2-deoxyglucose positron emission
    18f-fluoro-deoxy-glucose positron emission
    18f-fluoro-deoxyglucose positron emission
    18f-fluorodeoxyglucose 18f-fdg pet
    18f-fluorodeoxyglucose 18f-fdg positron
    18f-fluorodeoxyglucose 18f-fdg uptake
    18f-fluorodeoxyglucose fdg pet
    18f-fluorodeoxyglucose fdg positron
    18f-fluorodeoxyglucose fdg uptake
    18f-fluorodeoxyglucose pet imaging
    18f-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission
    18f-fluorodeoxyglucose whole-body positron
    18f-fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography
    18f-fluoroethylated benzothiazole derivatives
    18f-labeled choline derivates
    18f-labeled fluoroacetylmorpholino derivative
    18f-labeled rgd dimer
    18f-labelled boronophenylalanine depending
    18f-labelled pyridine-based alkylating
    18f-misonidazole positron emission
    18f-sodium fluoride na18f
    18fdg dans le
    18fdg du statut
    18fdg pet-ct improve
    18fdg positron emission
    18fdg-tep des patients
    18ffallypride dopamine d2
    18ffdg pet images
    18ffdg pet imaging
    18ffdg positron emission
    18ffdg-labeled natural killer
    18ffdg-pet pilot study
    18ffdopa compartmental model
    18fflorbetaben bay 94-9172
    18fflt kinetic parameters
    18fflt-pet molekulare bildgebung
    18ffluoro-2-deoxy-d-glucose improve detection
    18ffluorodeoxyglucose positron emission
    18ffluorodopamine storage capacity
    18ffluoroethyltyrosine- positron emission
    18flbt999 selective dopamine
    18kda translocator protein
    18mv photon beam
    18ne excited states
    18ni maraging steel
    18o 13c 14c
    18o 24mg 44ca
    18o 2h 3h
    18o fractionation effects
    18o fractionation factors
    18o isotope effects
    18o isotopic labeling
    18o stable isotope
    18o yadrami 12c
    18o-assisted 31p nmr
    18o-labeled proteome reference
    18oh2o control valve
    18p deletion syndrome
    18q comparative genomic
    18q deletion syndrome
    18s internal transcribed
    18s rdna 28s
    18s rdna analysis
    18s rdna genes
    18s rdna gene
    18s rdna pcr
    18s rdna probe
    18s rdna sequences
    18s rdna sequence
    18s rdna sequencing
    18s ribosomal dna
    18s ribosomal rna
    18s rrna 18s
    18s rrna 28s
    18s rrna gene-targeted
    18s rrna genes
    18s rrna gene
    18s rrna internal
    18s rrna molecules
    18s rrna phylogeny
    18s rrna primers
    18s rrna processing
    18s rrna sequences
    18s rrna sequence
    18s rrna showed
    18s small subunit
    18s small-subunit ribosomal
    18s small-subunit rrna
    18s small-subunit ssu
    18s ssu rrna
    18th annual conference
    18th annual meeting
    18th annual national
    18th annual north
    18th annual symposium
    18th arrb transport
    18th biennial conference
    18th century ad
    18th century america
    18th century english
    18th century onwards
    18th century
    18th doe nuclear
    18th ed philadelphia
    18th european cystic
    18th european middle
    18th european pv
    18th international conference
    18th international congress
    18th international laser
    18th international parallel
    18th international symposium
    18th international workshop
    18th leeds-lyon symposium
    18th national passive
    18th radiation biology
    18th world computer
    18th world congress
    18th world imacs
    19-23 solar cycles
    19-9 ca 19-9
    19-9 serum levels
    19-9 serum level
    19-aastane age juurikas
    19-centisome region confers
    19-channel magnetic field
    19-dimensional parameter space
    19-electron organometallic radicals
    19-foot pressure tunnel
    19-gauge spring-loaded cutting
    19-iodo cholesterol labelled
    19-iodo cholesterol-125i 3-acetate
    19-iodocolesterol- -125i con
    19-kda c-terminal tryptic
    19-m ice cover
    19-m sodium hydroxide
    19-rod clusters r3
    19-rod simulated lmfbr
    19-year-old caucasian men
    19-year-old female patient
    19-year-old male patient
    19-yodocolesterol marcado con
    1900-2006 testing purchasing
    1903--1980 irish urological
    1903-45 og muslimer
    1904-f outfall structure
    190d10 rabbit mab
    1916-053 xb 1323-619
    1918-1919 influenza pandemic
    1918-1920 influenza pandemic
    191t roverscan ultra
    192-beam nd-glass laser
    192-ir sealed source
    1921-2006 descriptive study
    192ir brachytherapy sources
    192ir brachytherapy source
    192ir hdr brachytherapy
    192ir hdr source
    192ir high dose
    192ir intravascular brachytherapy
    192mw wind farm
    193-nm excimer laser
    1930s dust bowl
    1937-1987 lawrence berkeley
    193ir radiatsionnyj zakhvat
    193nm immersion lithography
    193nm optical lithography
    193nm scanner lithography
    1940s antarctic warmth
    1943--1975 aec health
    1944--1971 hanford environmental
    1945--1972 hanford environmental
    1945-80 visionen om
    1946-1996 50th anniversary
    1949-1974 carbon tetrachloride
    1949-1989 eine kritische
    1949-2009 fra regional
    194ir kodola struktura
    194ir nuclear structure
    194pt yadernye g-faktory
    1952--1983 hanford environmental
    1953-2003 orau follow-up
    1956-2000 um estudo
    1958-1960 cardiovascular project
    1958-2006 precipitation climatology
    195pt nmr spectroscopy
    195pt nmr study
    195th national meeting
    1960s author browne
    1960s civil rights
    1961-1990 national solar
    1961-1990 reference period
    1961-2003 abastecimiento alimentario
    1961-91 forest service
    1962-63 snap 10a
    1965-1967 matsushiro earthquake
    1966--1967 annual progress
    1968-1987 resultados preliminares
    1969--1997 technical progress
    1970--1991 sectoral analysis
    1970-1992 cumulative file
    1970-1998 trends related
    1970s estonian art
    1970s led nasa
    1971-2000 time period
    1972-1976 radiological aspects
    19727-19776 medicare program
    1975-1978 volume iii
    1975-1995 factores naturales
    1975-2000 estudio comparativo
    1975-2001 con especial
    1975-2001 national cancer
    1975-2002 con una
    1975-2003 con una
    1975-2003 national cancer
    1975-2004 featuring cancer
    1975-2004 national cancer
    1975-2005 featuring trends
    1975-2005 national cancer
    1975-2006 featuring trends
    1975-2006 national cancer
    1975-2007 national cancer
    1975-2008 national cancer
    1975-2009 national cancer
    1975-regulation s-k asset-backed
    1975-regulation s-k financial
    1976-1978 radiological characterization
    1976-92 time period
    1977 78 heating season
    1977-1980 lead abstract
    1977-1988 na cidade
    1977-2007 revisited f2-2prognostic
    19777-19826 medicare program
    1978 79 heating season
    1978-79 school year
    1979--1988 executive summary
    1979-1994 incidence clinical
    1979-80 school year
    197hg isomer excitation
    197hg isomers vozbuzhdenie
    1980-1982 geothermal resource
    1980-2004 ajuste estructural
    1980-2004 em um
    1980-2005 apuntes para
    1980-2005 portuguese rural
    1980-81 statewide childhood
    1980-86 lava dome
    1980s video game
    1981-1990 progress annual
    1981-82 academic year
    1981-82 school year
    1982-1984 final project
    1982-1984 national petroleum
    1982-83 school year
    1983-1984 academic year
    1983-1984 progress annual
    1983-84 academic year
    1983-84 school year
    1984-1985 progress annual
    1984-1990 ten-year results
    1984-85 school year
    1985-1986 progress annual
    1985-2000 time period
    1985-86 academic year
    1985-86 school year
    1985-95 incidence des
    1986-1987 progress annual
    1986-2006 controlled interrupted
    1986-2006 years radioaktivnye
    1986-87 school year
    1986j vlbi ii
    1987-1 label improvement
    1987-1988 progress annual
    1987-1996 southern gulf
    1987-1997 project review
    1987-88 academic year
    1987-88 school year
    1987a axion trapping
    1987a focused attention
    1987a sn 1987a
    1988-1989 progress annual
    1988-2006 radiologiczna mapa
    1988-89 academic year
    1988-89 school year
    1989-2003 years obshchie
    1989-90 academic year
    1989-90 school year
    198au x-rays emission
    198hg isotopes yadernye
    198hg supersymmetrie und
    1990 91 heating season
    1990--1991 academic year
    1990--1991 heating season
    1990--1991 research plan
    1990--1991 shore based
    1990-1996 clinical features
    1990-2000 save-odyssee project
    1990-2001 emission inventories
    1990-2002 lessons learned
    1990-2003 emission inventories
    1990-2004 emission inventories
    1990-2004 systematic review
    1990-91 academic year
    1990-91 final evaluation
    1990-91 school year
    1990-96 monitoring programme
    1990s college enrollment
    1990s higher education
    1990s measurement distribution
    1990s population growth
    1991 92 fifteen-month period
    1991--1992 energy information
    1991-1992 school year
    1991-1993 da dinamica
    1991-1998 puerto cabello
    1991-2000 parte primera
    1991-2000 parte segunda
    1991-2000 parte tercera
    1991-2006 participant follow-up
    1991-92 academic year
    1991-92 final evaluation
    1991-92 heating season
    1991-92 school year
    1992 1993 collider run
    1992 93 collider run
    1992-1993 bonneville appliance
    1992-1993 collider run
    1992-1993 school year
    1992-2004 secondary publication
    1992-2008 global sea
    1992-93 academic year
    1992-93 annual survey
    1992-93 collider run
    1992-93 school year
    1993 astm international standards
    1993 cooperative research group
    1993 ims global learning
    1993 interchangeable virtual instruments
    1993-1994 estudio clacyd
    1993-1994 final technical
    1993-1999 para tumores
    1993-94 academic year
    1993-94 school year
    1994--1995 heating season
    1994-1995 collider run
    1994-1997 reti nazionali
    1994-2002 belyst ved
    1994-2002 til arbejdsskadestyrelsen
    1994-2003 retrospective population
    1994-2006 ammassalik island
    1994-2007 china academic
    1994-7 label improvement
    1994-95 academic year
    1994-95 school year
    1994-96 continuing survey
    1995--96 reactor sharing
    1995-1996 annual progress
    1995-1996 school year
    1995-2002 experiencia con
    1995-2005 national survey
    1995-2006 baseline study
    1995-2006 statistical analysis
    1995-2006 time trends
    1995-96 academic years
    1995-96 academic year
    1995-96 national postsecondary
    1995-96 school year
    1996-1997 fixed target
    1996-1997 informazione scientifica
    1996-1997 pesticide market
    1996-1997 school year
    1996-1997 sul tema
    1996-2004 amtslig karkirurgisk
    1996-2007 incidence aetiology
    1996-2013 national psoriasis
    1996-97 academic year
    1996-97 fixed target
    1996-97 school year
    1997 essentials grades 4-8
    1997 foundations grades 1-3
    1997 percentages sum
    1997-1998 chilean outbreak
    1997-1999 melampsora-rost paa
    1997-1999 period examen
    1997-2001 proyecto extremadura
    1997-98 academic year
    1997-98 school year
    1998-1999 nasa connect
    1998-1999 nci tobacco
    1998-1999 oil industry
    1998-1999 pesticide market
    1998-1999 school year
    1998-2000 shadoz southern
    1998-2013 mayo foundation
    1998-99 academic year
    1998-99 school year
    1998bw host galaxy
    1999-04 tesla fel-report
    1999-2000 academic year
    1999-2000 arctic winter
    1999-2000 iii esvcm
    1999-2000 nasa connect
    1999-2000 national health
    1999-2000 school year
    1999-2001 una experiencia
    1999-2002 national health
    1999-2003 continous monitoring
    1999-2004 national health
    1999-2005 clinical outcome
    1999-2007 como fuentes
    199mhg perturbed angular
    199mhg-perturbed angular correlation
    19a streptococcus pneumoniae
    19e congrs mondial
    19f chemical shifts
    19f chemical shift
    19f magic angle
    19f magnetic resonance
    19f mas nmr
    19f mri oximetry
    19f nmr analysis
    19f nmr spectra
    19f nmr spectroscopy
    19f nmr spectrum
    19f nmr studies
    19f nmr study
    19f nuclear magnetic
    19f spin-lattice relaxation
    19f substituent chemical
    19f-labelled boronophenylalanine-fructose complex
    19id undulator beamline
    19ne par diffusion
    19ne states studied
    19q idh1 mutation
    19s proteasome subcomplex
    19s regulatory particle
    19th annual conference
    19th annual general
    19th annual international
    19th annual meeting
    19th biennial conference
    19th century ad
    19th century american
    19th century america
    19th century baltic
    19th century britain
    19th century british
    19th century danish
    19th century english
    19th century eruptions
    19th century european
    19th century europe
    19th century france
    19th century london
    19th century mental
    19th century napoleonic
    19th century novels
    19th century outbursts
    19th century pioneers
    19th century rural
    19th century russian
    19th century science
    19th century social
    19th century syndrome
    19th century visitors
    19th century
    19th conference 1-4
    19th ed philadelphia
    19th european conference
    19th ieee international
    19th international colloquium
    19th international conference
    19th international cosmic
    19th international symposium
    19th leeds-lyon symposium
    19th micromechanics europe
    19th solar cycle
    19th world gas
    19th-century mormon settlement
    1a 1b 1c
    1a 1b 2a
    1a 2a 3a
    1a 5-ht1a receptor
    1a channels fabrication
    1a critical region
    1a dihydroorotate dehydrogenase
    1a disease cmt1a
    1a e1a-like inhibitor
    1a fig 1b
    1a figure 1b
    1a fuel basket
    1a gev regime
    1a glycan determined
    1a interactions regulate
    1a oae 1a
    1a parte calidad
    1a polymers bind
    1a promoter activity
    1a receptor agonist
    1a receptor alters
    1a receptor at1ar
    1a receptor distribution
    1a receptor gene
    1a repeat sequences
    1a strains isolated
    1a1 1a2 1b1
    1a1 1a2 2a6
    1a1 gene regulation
    1a1 ground state
    1a1 ugt1a1 gene
    1a1-mediated perfluorooctanoate transport
    1a2 1b1 2a6
    1a2 1b1 2s1
    1a2 2a6 2b6
    1a2 3a4 2c9
    1a2 cyp1a2 activity
    1a7 1a8 1a9
    1alpha 25-dihydroxyvitamin d3-induced
    1alpha 25-dihydroxyvitamin d3
    1alpha il-1alpha il-1beta
    1alpha inhibits prostaglandin
    1alpha pgc-1alpha mitochondrial
    1b 1c 1d
    1b 1d 1d1
    1b 2a 2b
    1b 5-ht1b receptors
    1b alternative splicing
    1b bis 1d
    1b chronic hepatitis
    1b fig 1c
    1b fig 2a
    1b high performance
    1b inhibitory activity
    1b mediates signaling
    1b metali compounds
    1b preliminary evaluation
    1b prolactin receptor
    1b receptor gene
    1b subgenomic replicon
    1b tumor suppressor
    1b virus particles
    1b volume ii
    1b1 2s1 nrf2
    1balpha guanine nucleotides
    1basub 2cusub 3osub
    1beta tumor necrosis
    1c continuous tests
    1c enzymes implications
    1c involving 5-lipoxygenase
    1c kontinuerte forsoeg
    1c shield design
    1c subunit cacna1c
    1c1 akr1c1 gene
    1cr18ni9 stainless steel
    1cr18ni9ti stainless steel
    1cr18ni9ti weld metal
    1d 1h 13c
    1d 1h nmr
    1d 2-region systems
    1d 2d 3d
    1d 2d nmr
    1d atgesetz rechtsprobleme
    1d bose gases
    1d bose gas
    1d bose liquids
    1d carbon nanotubes
    1d cds nanostructures
    1d chain structures
    1d chain structure
    1d chain synthesis
    1d combustion tube
    1d complex resistivity
    1d compressible flow
    1d coordination polymers
    1d coordination polymer
    1d correlated quantum
    1d deterministic neutron
    1d deterministic transport
    1d discrete spin
    1d double chain
    1d earth models
    1d electron system
    1d gel electrophoresis
    1d granular medium
    1d heat conduction
    1d helical chains
    1d high precision
    1d hubbard model
    1d hybrid simulations
    1d hydrodynamic model
    1d keil special
    1d ladder-shaped structure
    1d lake ecosystem
    1d line plots
    1d locus controlling
    1d magnetic lattice
    1d magnetophotonic crystals
    1d mas nmr
    1d model atmospheres
    1d mott insulators
    1d n-extended supersymmetry
    1d nanophotonic waveguides
    1d nmr 1h
    1d nmr 2d
    1d nmr spectra
    1d no-shock simulation
    1d non-linear simulations
    1d numerical model
    1d optical lattices
    1d optical lattice
    1d photonic crystals
    1d photonic crystal
    1d polymeric chains
    1d quantum spin
    1d radiative transfer
    1d random potential
    1d reactive transport
    1d reactor coolant
    1d relativistic pic
    1d shallow water
    1d sharp interface
    1d shock wave
    1d spectral line
    1d stellar atmosphere
    1d thermal models
    1d thermonuclear model
    1d tio2 nanofibers
    1d transmission line
    1d transport code
    1d turbulence model
    1d two-dimensional 2d
    1d velocity models
    1d velocity model
    1d velocity structure
    1d zigzag chain
    1d zno nanostructures
    1d-mas exchange experiments
    1d1 oatp1d1 mediates
    1e13 msun halos
    1f7 offutt afb
    1fig 3fig 4fig
    1figure 2figure 3figure
    1g hts wire
    1g mutant hbv
    1g shaking table
    1g um caso
    1gev proton incident
    1h 13c 15n
    1h 13c 31p
    1h 13c cosy
    1h 13c dept-135
    1h 13c dept
    1h 13c dqf-cosy
    1h 13c hsqc
    1h 13c nmr
    1h 15n hsqc
    1h 15n shieldings
    1h 1h 2h
    1h 2h 3h
    1h 31p 77se
    1h chemical shifts
    1h chemical shift
    1h como ferramento
    1h cosy nmr
    1h high resolution
    1h high-resolution magic
    1h hr mas
    1h hr-mas nmr
    1h hyperfine coupling
    1h larmor frequency
    1h magic angle
    1h magnetic resonance
    1h mas nmr
    1h mas spectra
    1h multiple quantum
    1h nmr 1d
    1h nmr 31p
    1h nmr analyses
    1h nmr analysis
    1h nmr assignments
    1h nmr based
    1h nmr chemical
    1h nmr conformational
    1h nmr detection
    1h nmr determinacao
    1h nmr determinacion
    1h nmr diffusion
    1h nmr dynamic
    1h nmr electrospray
    1h nmr elemental
    1h nmr esi-ms
    1h nmr esr
    1h nmr experiments
    1h nmr fourier
    1h nmr ft-ir
    1h nmr ftir
    1h nmr gel
    1h nmr investigations
    1h nmr investigation
    1h nmr ir
    1h nmr kinetics
    1h nmr mass
    1h nmr measurements
    1h nmr metabolic
    1h nmr metabolite
    1h nmr metabolomics
    1h nmr methods
    1h nmr method
    1h nmr molecular
    1h nmr ms
    1h nmr nuclear
    1h nmr profiles
    1h nmr qhnmr
    1h nmr relaxation
    1h nmr relaxometry
    1h nmr resonance
    1h nmr results
    1h nmr revealed
    1h nmr saturation
    1h nmr showed
    1h nmr signals
    1h nmr signal
    1h nmr solid
    1h nmr spectral
    1h nmr spectra
    1h nmr spectrometry
    1h nmr spectroscopic
    1h nmr spectroscopies
    1h nmr spectroscopy
    1h nmr spectrum
    1h nmr spin-lattice
    1h nmr studies
    1h nmr study
    1h nmr techniques
    1h nmr technique
    1h nmr tga
    1h nmr titrations
    1h nmr titration
    1h nmr uv-visible
    1h nmr uv-vis
    1h nmr x-ray
    1h nmr-based metabolic
    1h nmr-based metabolomics
    1h nmr-based metabonomics
    1h nmr-based metabonomic
    1h nuclear magnetic
    1h para avaliacao
    1h relaxation dispersion
    1h resonance frequency
    1h solid state
    1h solid-state nmr
    1h spin diffusion
    1h spin-lattice relaxation
    1h t1 relaxation
    1h t1 values
    1h t2 relaxation
    1h transverse relaxation
    1h-13c dipolar couplings
    1h-13c heteronuclear correlation
    1h-14n hsqc technique
    1h-15n dipolar couplings
    1h-15n ghmbc na
    1h-15n ghmbc nmr
    1h-15n heteronuclear correlation
    1h-15n heteronuclear single
    1h-15n hsqc spectra
    1h-15n nmr spectroscopy
    1h-1h cosy 1h-13c
    1h-1h cosy hmqc
    1h-1h cosy hsqc
    1h-1h cosy nmr
    1h-1h coupling constants
    1h-31 cross-polarization edited
    1h-31p heteronuclear correlation
    1h-magnetic resonance spectroscopy
    1h-mr spetroscopic findings
    1h-nmr 13c-nmr ms
    1h-nmr composite signal
    1h-nmr relaxometric study
    1h-nmr reveals differences
    1h-nmr-based metabolic profiling
    1h-nuclear magnetic resonance
    1h-rmn em vinhos
    1hn 15n 13calpha
    1hn chemical shift
    1hn-13calpha dipolar couplings
    1hn-15n 15n-13co 1hn-13co
    1i collagen gene
    1ital dsub 2r
    1jet propulsion laboratory
    1km spatial resolution
    1kmx1km 1h emission
    1kw fel oscillator
    1kw package safety
    1m ammonium acetate
    1m del observatorio
    1m hcl partial
    1m hcl solution
    1m hydrochloric acid
    1m nitric acid
    1maturation inhibitor bevirimat
    1mhz nozzle system
    1microgram rapid acth
    1middle dotminsuperscript -1
    1mm anisotropic hexahedra
    1mo thick walled
    1mohammed atiquzzaman university
    1molow cycle fatigue
    1montana state university
    1mua cw electron
    1mv compact ams
    1mv iter neutral
    1mwe solar tower
    1n hcl solution
    1non-invasive radioiodine imaging
    1o2 quantum yields
    1p 19q deletion
    1p 1d 2s
    1p chromosome importance
    1p loh 19q
    1p36 deletion defines
    1p36 deletion syndrome
    1p6m cmos technology
    1plate 2plate 3plate
    1qcy08 tclp results
    1qcy09 tclp results
    1r---camphorylsulphonyl oxaziridine impregnated
    1r-trans-anti-benzocphenanthrene dna adduct
    1reproductive toxicology division
    1rm bench press
    1s 1p 1d
    1s absorption edge
    1s absorption spectra
    1s binding energy
    1s core ionization
    1s core levels
    1s core level
    1s core lines
    1s core-hole lifetime
    1s core-shell excitons
    1s ground state
    1s hyperfine transitions
    1s ionization energies
    1s lamb shift
    1s photoelectron spectra
    1s photoelectron spectroscopy
    1s photoelectron spectrum
    1s x-ray absorption
    1s x-ray photoemission
    1s xps spectra
    1s-2s transition frequency
    1s0 diproton formation
    1s0 ground state
    1s0 transition probability
    1s0-3p0 optical clock
    1s1 turboshaft engines
    1s2s 3s1 metastable
    1se double excitation
    1sedouble excitation states
    1shot phantom dedicated
    1st 2nd 3rd
    1st 2nd 4th
    1st 3rd 5th
    1st 3rd 6th
    1st 4th 7th
    1st asia pacific
    1st asian-pacific conference
    1st cane ratoon
    1st century ad
    1st century bc
    1st congressional district
    1st czechoslovak experimental
    1st degree relatives
    1st ed philadelphia
    1st electronic packaging
    1st european conference
    1st european congress
    1st european meeting
    1st european symposium
    1st ex-vessel neutron
    1st fiscal year
    1st floor plan
    1st generation leptoquarks
    1st ifac international
    1st instar larvae
    1st international conference
    1st international congress
    1st international feza
    1st international flins
    1st international non-ferrous
    1st international pfc
    1st international symposium
    1st international workshop
    1st isbs summer
    1st italian conference
    1st joint world
    1st lactation milk
    1st language l1
    1st level fpga
    1st line treatment
    1st metatarsophalangeal joint
    1st millennium bc
    1st mtp joint
    1st nci epi
    1st north american
    1st order autocorrelation
    1st order components
    1st order kinetics
    1st order reaction
    1st order structures
    1st part-construction permit
    1st partial licence
    1st partial license
    1st plasma experiment
    1st postoperative day
    1st quarter fiscal
    1st quarter fy08
    1st quarter fy
    1st quarter oct-dec
    1st regular inspection
    1st roman young
    1st scientific meeting
    1st smap applications
    1st source corp
    1st surveillance test
    1st uk purine
    1st web services
    1st week group
    1st year area
    1st year students
    1st year undergraduate
    1st-4th order correlation
    1st-level muon trigger
    1st-year maternal employment
    1us epa ord
    1x mango 1x
    1x1 degree grid
    1x1 km grid
    1y5 canada telephone
    1y9 canada telephone
    2 -3 -4
    2 -3 -5
    2 -3 -7
    2 -3 -9
    2 -4 -5
    2 collide-2 sts-107
    2 dexp -1
    2 dsup -1
    2 log likelihood
    2 sexp -1
    2 standard deviations
    2 yr -1
    2,3-cyclic-nucleotide phosphodiesterases
    2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
    2,5-diaminovaleric acid
    2,5-oligoadenylate synthetase
    2- 14cdeoxyglucose uptake
    2- 3- 4
    2- 3- 5-
    2- 3- 6
    2- 3-dimensional cross
    2- 4- 6
    2- 4- 8
    2- 5- 10
    2- benzoilpiridina semicarbazona
    2- hidroxietilo -co-
    2- hydroxy-3-methoxy benzaldehyde
    2- phenyl-1-hydrazine carboxamide
    2- wet catalytic
    2--150 gev beams
    2--20 kev range
    2--emerging technology conferences
    2-0 perfluorophenyl groups
    2-1 line emission
    2-10 kev band
    2-10 kev emission
    2-10 kev energy
    2-10 kev flux
    2-10 kev luminosities
    2-10 kev luminosity
    2-10 kev x-ray
    2-10 ns pulse
    2-10 times higher
    2-10 year follow-up
    2-11 mev gamma
    2-12 environment compatibility
    2-12 ghz frequency
    2-125iiodomelatonin binding sites
    2-13 project number
    2-16 khz sweep
    2-18 ghz frequency
    2-18f fluoro-2-desoxy-d-glucose tep-fdg
    2-18ff-a-85380-injection initial evaluation
    2-18ffluoro-2-deoxy-d-glucose 18fdg stored
    2-18ffluoro-2-deoxy-d-glucose positron emission
    2-18ffluoro-2-deoxy-galactose positron emission
    2-18ffluoro-2-deoxyglucose positron-emission tomography
    2-20 micron spectral
    2-2127 george washington
    2-3 billion people
    2-3 electronic book
    2-3 fold higher
    2-3 fold increase
    2-3 frequency range
    2-3 illustrated book
    2-3 khz radio
    2-3 km depth
    2-3 km height
    2-3 km thick
    2-3 km wide
    2-3 million years
    2-3 mm thick
    2-3 mum del
    2-3 paredes con
    2-3 preliminary results
    2-3 times faster
    2-3 times greater
    2-3 times higher
    2-3 times larger
    2-3 times longer
    2-3 times weekly
    2-3x st protocol
    2-4 kev band
    2-4 times greater
    2-4 times higher
    2-4 times larger
    2-4 year college
    2-5 aasta prast
    2-5 cm thick
    2-5 times greater
    2-5 times higher
    2-5a synthetase activity
    2-5a synthetase induction
    2-6 compound materials
    2-6 superlattice deposition
    2-7 times higher
    2-acetylpyridine n4-phenyl- thiosemicarbazone
    2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propanesulfonic acid ampsa
    2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propanesulfonic acid amps
    2-acrylamido-2-methylpropane sulfonic acid
    2-activated autologous human
    2-adrenergic receptor antagonist
    2-adrenergic receptor gene
    2-adrenergic receptor sites
    2-adrenergic receptor stimulation
    2-adrenoceptor agonist clonidine
    2-alkylated aliphatic acyclic
    2-alternative forced choice
    2-amidinopropane dihydrochloride aaph
    2-amino-3 hydroxy-4-phenyl thiazolium
    2-amino-4-phosphonobutanoic acid apb
    2-amino-5-fluoro benzoic acid
    2-amino-5-phosphonopentanoic acid ap5
    2-amino-5-phosphonovaleric acid apv
    2-amino-6-mercapto-7-methylpurine ribonucleoside mesg
    2-amino-trimethylimidazopyridine isomers structural
    2-aminobenzoic acid anthranilic
    2-aminoethanesulfonate taurine fermentation
    2-aminoethoxydiphenyl borate 2-apb
    2-aminoethylisothiuronium bromide hydrobromide
    2-aminoimidazole amino acids
    2-aminophenoxazin-3-one-functionalized multiwalled carbon
    2-aminopyridine phosphate nc
    2-aminothiazole organofunctionalized silica
    2-aminothiazole-4-carboxylate derivatives active
    2-aminothiazole-modified silica gel
    2-arachidonoyl glycerol 2-ag
    2-arachidonoylglycerol induces hyperalgesia
    2-arachidonyl glycerol 2-ag
    2-back working memory
    2-bottle preference tests
    2-butanol isobutanol tert-butanol
    2-butenedioic acid e-
    2-c-methyl-d-erythritol 4-phosphate mep
    2-c-methyl-d-erythritol 4-phosphate pathway
    2-c-methyl-d-erythritol-4-phosphate mep pathway
    2-cell mouse embryos
    2-cell stage embryos
    2-centre variational leptonic
    2-chloroethyl ethyl sulfide-induced
    2-chloroethyl ethyl sulfide
    2-chloroethyl vesicants mustard
    2-chloroethyl vinyl ether
    2-chlorophenol employing goethite
    2-cl-phenol durch rhodopseudomonas
    2-cm centrifugal contactor
    2-cm diameter centrifugal
    2-cm thick titanium
    2-component beam consisting
    2-containing protein tyrosine
    2-cys peroxiredoxins prxs
    2-d 3-d multigroup
    2-d 3-d neutron
    2-d acar measurements
    2-d array transducers
    2-d basin modeling
    2-d blood vector
    2-d boundary integral
    2-d cell culture
    2-d cellular networks
    2-d cementation experiment
    2-d code system
    2-d continuous wavelet
    2-d core concrete
    2-d core-concrete interaction
    2-d cross section
    2-d cursor control
    2-d dct architectures
    2-d detection method
    2-d detector array
    2-d device simulation
    2-d diesel fuel
    2-d diffusion heat
    2-d dige analysis
    2-d dige approach
    2-d discrete wavelet
    2-d dna typing
    2-d electrical resistivity
    2-d electrophoresis gel
    2-d electrophoresis protein
    2-d face image
    2-d finite difference
    2-d finite element
    2-d finite-difference time-domain
    2-d flash sequences
    2-d flow cell
    2-d fluid flow
    2-d flux synthesis
    2-d fokker-planck simulations
    2-d fourier transform
    2-d frequency-domain waveform
    2-d gel analysis
    2-d gel electrophoresis
    2-d ground water
    2-d groundwater motion
    2-d heat recovery
    2-d helmholtz equation
    2-d hydraulic models
    2-d hydrodynamic fem
    2-d image code
    2-d image processing
    2-d imaging diagnostics
    2-d isentropic mhd
    2-d laser induced
    2-d lattice boltzmann
    2-d liquid flow
    2-d lmfbr disassembly
    2-d magnetic field
    2-d mhd code
    2-d mhd configurations
    2-d mhd numerical
    2-d mhd simulations
    2-d model investigation
    2-d model test
    2-d monolayer cultures
    2-d morlet wavelet
    2-d multichannel seismic
    2-d multigroup diffusion
    2-d neutron transport
    2-d nmr spectroscopy
    2-d nmr techniques
    2-d nonlinear diffusion
    2-d numerical experiments
    2-d numerical model
    2-d numerical simulations
    2-d numerical simulation
    2-d optical phase
    2-d p-wave velocity
    2-d page analysis
    2-d particle image
    2-d particle-in-cell pic
    2-d path corrections
    2-d pc mirror
    2-d photonic crystals
    2-d photonic crystal
    2-d pic codes
    2-d pinhole image-formation
    2-d plane strain
    2-d potential energy
    2-d projection images
    2-d protein maps
    2-d r-z geometry
    2-d removal diffusion
    2-d resistive mhd
    2-d resistivity model
    2-d resistivity monitoring
    2-d scanning vibrating
    2-d sea level
    2-d seismic profiles
    2-d seismic reflection
    2-d seismic velocity
    2-d shear wave
    2-d silicon microstrip
    2-d spin systems
    2-d spiral column
    2-d temperature imaging
    2-d thermal neutron
    2-d thermal reactor
    2-d time-dependent creep
    2-d traveling-wave patterns
    2-d unstructured mesh
    2-d vector velocities
    2-d vector velocity
    2-d wavelet transform
    2-d x-y r-z
    2-d zo crs
    2-day fzp-withdrawn rats
    2-day meeting beginning
    2-db 2-d multigroup
    2-de protein spots
    2-deoxy-2-18ffluoro-d-glucose positron emission
    2-deoxy-2-chloro-d-glucose impurity analysis
    2-deoxy-2-f-18fluoro-d-glucose-positron emission tomography
    2-deoxy-d-glucose induces cardiac
    2-deoxy-d-glucose regulates dedifferentiation
    2-deoxy-d-glucose-induced metabolic stress
    2-deoxyglucose 2dg uptake
    2-deoxyglucose uptake dissociate
    2-depleted fungal laccase
    2-diabetes sociale relationer
    2-digit sic manufacturing
    2-dimensional calculations
    2-dimensional difference gel
    2-dimensional echocardiography 2de
    2-dimensional electron gas
    2-dimensional electrophoresis 2-de
    2-dimensional finite element
    2-dimensional gas chromatography
    2-dimensional gel electrophoresis
    2-dimensional genome visualization
    2-dimensional gold nanoparticle
    2-dimensional laser sensor
    2-dimensional numerical modeling
    2-dimensional pattern formation
    2-dimensional photonic cluster
    2-dimensional polyacrylamide gel
    2-dimensional premixed flames
    2-dimensional transition metal
    2-dimensional vcsel arrays
    2-dimethylamino ethyl methacrylate
    2-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate dmaema
    2-dof drive mode
    2-dollar triga reactor
    2-edge connected subgraph
    2-electrode voltage clamp
    2-encoded type iii
    2-ethyl hexyl acrylate
    2-ethyl- mixed diesters
    2-ethyl- mixed triesters
    2-ethylhexyl nitrate par
    2-ethylhexyl phosphonic acid
    2-ethylhexyl phthalate arising
    2-ethylhexyl phthalate dehp
    2-ethylhexyl phthalate exposure
    2-ethylhexylphosphonic acid mono-2-ethylhexyl
    2-f-18 fluoro-2-deoxy-d-glucose fdg
    2-f-18-fluoro-2-deoxy-d-glucose positron emission
    2-fluoro-2-deoxyglucose positron emission
    2-fold cross validation
    2-fold higher rate
    2-fold higher risk
    2-fold increase compared
    2-fold increased risk
    2-fold rotational symmetry
    2-foot contour interval
    2-for-1 cruise fares
    2-form gauge theory
    2-french radiofrequency catheter
    2-glucocide reduces micronucleus
    2-go kontura vvehr-1000
    2-group 3-d neutronic
    2-h glucose levels
    2-h glucose level
    2-h group sessions
    2-h oral glucose
    2-h plasma glucose
    2-h post-ogtt plasma
    2-h postprandial glucose
    2-h postprandial plasma
    2-heptanone solvent extraction
    2-his-1-carboxylate facial triad
    2-his-1-glu metal center
    2-hour glucose levels
    2-hour oral glucose
    2-hour plasma glucose
    2-hour postprandial blood
    2-hour prebreathe protocol
    2-hour urokinase regime
    2-hydroxy estradiol induces
    2-hydroxy fatty acid
    2-hydroxy-3-methoxy benzaldehyde thiosemicarbazone
    2-hydroxy-4-methoxy benzoic acid
    2-hydroxyethyl acrylate hea
    2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate hema-based
    2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate hema
    2-hydroxyisobutyric acid 2-hiba
    2-hydroxyoleic acid 2ohoa
    2-hydroxyphytanoyl- coa lyase
    2-hydroxypropyl methacrylate hpma
    2-hydroxypropyl-p-nitrophenyl phosphate hpnp
    2-induced capillary leakage
    2-induced cytoplasmic asparaginyl-trna
    2-induced heterotopic ossification
    2-induced il-13 expression
    2-infected rural villagers
    2-integrin dependent homotypic
    2-keto-3-deoxy-d-glycero-d-galactonononate-9-phosphate phosphatase defines
    2-keto-l-gulonic acid 2-klg
    2-keto-l-gulonic acid production
    2-kidney 1-clip rats
    2-km horizontal grid
    2-knockout mice exposed
    2-level hierarchical linear
    2-long terminal repeat
    2-ltr hiv-1 dna
    2-m air temperatures
    2-m air temperature
    2-m box experiments
    2-macroglobulin alpha 2m
    2-macroglobulin rat alpha
    2-macroglobulin receptor recognition
    2-mass motor drive
    2-mediated ccl2 production
    2-mediated gene delivery
    2-mediated interleukin-8 production
    2-mercapto benzothiazolate ligand
    2-meter air temperature
    2-meter box experiments
    2-methacryloyloxyethyl phosphorylcholine mpc
    2-methacryloyloxyethyl trimethyl ammonium
    2-methacryloyloxyethyltrimethylammonium chloride maetc
    2-methoxy isobutyl isonitrile
    2-methoxyacetic acid maa
    2-methoxyestradiol affect microtubule
    2-methoxyestradiol analogs 2-fluoroethoxyestradiol
    2-methoxyisobutyl isonitrile human
    2-methyl indol c9h9n
    2-methyl- methyl ester
    2-methyl-3-hydroxypyridine-5-carboxylic acid oxygenase
    2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid mcpa
    2-methylbutyryl-coa dehydrogenase deficiency
    2-methylpropane 1-butene 2-methylpropene
    2-methylpropene chemisorbed si1
    2-methylpropene trans-2-butene cis-2-butene
    2-methyltetrols c5-alkene triols
    2-metre straw tracker
    2-mev electron irradiation
    2-mev s-band linac
    2-microglobulin beta 2-m
    2-microglobulin beta 2m
    2-microglobulin transgenic murine
    2-micrometers double-pulsed coherent
    2-micron all-sky survey
    2-micron coherent doppler
    2-micron laser development
    2-micron laser frequency
    2-micron laser technology
    2-micron laser transmitter
    2-micron solid state
    2-micron solid-state laser
    2-min tidal breathing
    2-minute walk test
    2-mm slice thickness
    2-month post-intervention check
    2-mum doppler dial
    2-n-morpholinoethanesulfonic acid mes
    2-n-phthalimido ethyl-palmitate nanoparticles
    2-nd international conference
    2-nitroimidazole hypoxic cell
    2-nitrophenyl octyl ether
    2-nitroso-1-naphthol impregnated mci
    2-node beam elements
    2-norbornene enb-based ethylene
    2-octen-1-ylsuccinylated waxy rice
    2-octil cianoacrilato ao
    2-octyl-3 2h-isothiazolone oit
    2-oxidase efficiently turning
    2-oxidases control semidwarfism
    2-oxo acid decarboxylase
    2-oxo acid dehydrogenase
    2-oxoacid-dependent dioxygenase involved
    2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complex
    2-oxoglutarate transport system
    2-oxoglutarate-dependent dioxygenase ectd
    2-p-iodophenyl-3-p-nitrophenyl-5-phenyl tetrazolium chloride
    2-pentanol 3-pentanol 2-methyl-1-butanol
    2-perfluorooctylethanethiol self-assembled monolayer
    2-phase flow module
    2-phase sprayed coating
    2-phenoxyalkanoic acid ester
    2-phenoxypyridyl dinucleating ligands
    2-phenyl-benzotriazole bidentate ligands
    2-photon calcium imaging
    2-photon laser scanning
    2-point correlation function
    2-propanol 1-butanol 2-butanol
    2-propenoic acid 2-methyl
    2-propenyl ester 9ci
    2-prostaglandin-e prostanoid receptor
    2-pt clustering measurements
    2-pyridinecarboxylic acid
    2-pyrrolidinecarboxylic acid
    2-related factor nrf2
    2-sec-butylphenol-degrading bacterium pseudomonas
    2-site immunoradiometric assay
    2-stage stochastic cancer
    2-step phase-shifting digital
    2-step thermal decomposition
    2-stroke spark-ignition engines
    2-thiobarbituric acid reactive
    2-thiobarbituric acid tba
    2-thiobarbituric acid-reactive substances
    2-thiophenecarboxylic acid derivatives
    2-tissue compartment model
    2-triazole substituted analogues
    2-trifluoroacetyl-cycloalkanones rmn 17o
    2-trillion-degree heat researchers
    2-trimethylammoniumethyl methanethiosulfonate bromide
    2-undecanona presentes em
    2-v 2-ghz lc-vco
    2-way crossover phase
    2-way crossover study
    2-week incubation period
    2-week inhalation exposure
    2-week recovery period
    2-week run-in period
    2-week test-retest reliability
    2-week treatment period
    2-week wash-out period
    2-week washout period
    2-week-old preantral follicles
    2-wk test solutions
    2-wk washout period
    2-year actuarial incidence
    2-year actuarial survival
    2-year androgen suppression
    2-year associate degree
    2-year carcinogenicity studies
    2-year clinical outcomes
    2-year cohort study
    2-year college students
    2-year community colleges
    2-year community college
    2-year cumulative incidence
    2-year disease-free survival
    2-year ethnographic study
    2-year event-free survival
    2-year field experiment
    2-year field investigation
    2-year field study
    2-year follow-up analysis
    2-year follow-up patients
    2-year follow-up period
    2-year follow-up randomized
    2-year follow-up results
    2-year follow-up result
    2-year follow-up study
    2-year life cycle
    2-year local control
    2-year local progression-free
    2-year longitudinal study
    2-year multicentre comparative
    2-year nationwide population-based
    2-year observation period
    2-year observational study
    2-year os rate
    2-year period results
    2-year pfs rates
    2-year pilot project
    2-year pilot study
    2-year progression-free survival
    2-year prospective cohort
    2-year prospective follow-up
    2-year prospective study
    2-year randomised controlled
    2-year randomized controlled
    2-year randomized trial
    2-year recurrence interval
    2-year retrospective chart
    2-year retrospective study
    2-year return period
    2-year school-based daily
    2-year study conducted
    2-year study period
    2-year surgical outcomes
    2-year survival rates
    2-year survival rate
    2-year time frame
    2-year time limitation
    2-year time period
    2-year time series
    2-year vocational training
    2-year-old girl presented
    2-year-recurrence 1-hour-duration rainfall
    2-year-recurrence 30-minute-duration rainfall
    2-yr field study
    20 -15 -10
    20 db bandwidth
    20--100 kilometer kuiper
    20-0952 product ob
    20-110 kv network
    20-170 gev energy
    20-24 year olds
    20-25 km altitude
    20-25 volatile organic
    20-29 30-39 40-49
    20-29 year-old danish
    20-29-year-old danish men
    20-30 km close
    20-30 km wide
    20-30 nm diameter
    20-30 year period
    20-40 kev agn
    20-40 kev energy
    20-40 km depth
    20-40 mev region
    20-500 ev optical
    20-59 year-old korean
    20-amino acid peptide
    20-core prostate biopsy
    20-day shipping period
    20-fold higher concentration
    20-fold molar excess
    20-foot free-spinning tunnel
    20-foot spin tunnel
    20-foot vertical spin
    20-foot wind tunnel
    20-foot-diameter sphere mounted
    20-gauge pars plana
    20-ghz southern sky
    20-h real-time pcr
    20-hete mediates ozone-induced
    20-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid 20-hete
    20-item toronto alexithymia
    20-kda light chain
    20-kda myosin light
    20-kw emerging module
    20-l continuously stirred
    20-m shuttle run
    20-m shuttle-run test
    20-m solar sail
    20-m spatial resolution
    20-mer peptide suppresses
    20-meter solar sail
    20-mev electron beam
    20-mrad crossing angle
    20-percent-scale half-span model
    20-year cohort study
    20-year design life
    20-year follow-up study
    20-year longitudinal study
    20-year period cross-sectional
    20-year prospective cohort
    20-year prospective study
    20-year retrievable storage
    20-year service life
    20-year single center
    20-year single centre
    20-year single-centre experience
    20-year time frame
    20-year time horizon
    20-year time period
    20-year time series
    20-year time span
    20-year-old female patient
    20-year-old healthy individual
    20-year-old male patient
    20-year-old man presented
    20-year-old patient case
    20-year-old swiss men
    200 -200c -300
    200 series airplanes
    200-6700m burial gulf
    200-bp-1 operable unit
    200-bp-1 prototype hanford
    200-bp-5 operable unit
    200-e powerhouse ash
    200-gram pu drums
    200-inch hale telescope
    200-j janus laser
    200-ks chandra extended
    200-m vadose zone
    200-mev proton linac
    200-mile economic zone
    200-mph glide landing
    200-nm-thick zno film
    200-po-1 operable unit
    200-pw-1 operable unit
    200-up-1 groundwater operable
    200-up-1 operable unit
    200-up-2 operable unit
    200-uw-1 waste site
    200-w powerhouse ash
    200-zp-1 groundwater hanford
    200-zp-1 groundwater operable
    200-zp-1 operable unit
    200-zp-1 pump-and-treat system
    2000 -2000 -2000
    2000-01 2001-02 2002-03
    2000-01 school year
    2000-09-25 risk communication
    2000-2001 academic year
    2000-2001 pesticide market
    2000-2001 school year
    2000-2002 asotin creek
    2000-2002 necessidades da
    2000-2006 liikide kaupa
    2000-2006 los proame
    2000-2007 arengukavast 2007-2013
    2000-2050 climate change
    2000-centigray total lymphoid
    2000-hour wear test
    20002 -20007 -25002
    2000s north sea
    2001-02 2002-03 2003-04
    2001-02 school year
    2001-02 season summary
    2001-04 selected intakes
    2001-2002 academic year
    2001-2002 ionising radiation
    2001-2002 national epidemiologic
    2001-2002 national health
    2001-2002 reieluukaela murruga
    2001-2002 school year
    2001-2005 2000-2001 progress
    2001-x draft spray
    2002-03 2003-04 2004-05
    2002-03 academic year
    2002-03 glass doors
    2002-03 school year
    2002-1 issues improving
    2002-2003 academic year
    2002-2003 engineering accomplishments
    2002-2003 school year
    2002-2004 programme energie
    2002-2004 stratospheric balloon
    2002-2006 project completion
    2002-2006 seminar etat
    2002-2007 data-taking period
    2002-2009 patients undergoing
    2002-x draft false
    2002american meteorological society
    2003-04 2004-05 2005-06
    2003-04 academic year
    2003-04 school year
    2003-2004 academic training
    2003-2004 academic year
    2003-2004 national health
    2003-2004 school year
    2003-2004 ubaye seismic
    2003-2006 geres iv
    2003-2006 national health
    2003-4 marine compounds
    2003american meteorological society
    2004-05 2005-06 2006-07
    2004-05 academic year
    2004-05 school year
    2004-2005 academic year
    2004-2005 school year
    2004-2006 analyse des
    2004-2006 increasing incidence
    2004-2007 especial referencia
    2004-2013 prospectives chapter
    2004-5 pelotas rs
    2004-5 southern brazil
    2004american meteorological society
    2004et physical parameters
    2004over viewing seldi
    2005-06 2006-07 2007-08
    2005-06 argus commission
    2005-06 school years
    2005-06 school year
    2005-2006 academic years
    2005-2006 academic year
    2005-2006 annual progress
    2005-2006 national health
    2005-2006 osa andmeid
    2005-2006 school year
    2005-2008 ja nordlis
    2005-2010 world outlook
    2005-2014 tobacco transition
    2005-2015 energieffektive teknologier
    2005-2015 energy efficient
    2006--a population-based cohort
    2006-01-19 helix nebula
    2006-07 2007-08 2008-09
    2006-07 academic year
    2006-07 school year
    2006-2007 academic training
    2006-2007 academic year
    2006-2007 active phase
    2006-2007 annual progress
    2006-2007 balloon flight
    2006-2007 ednap collaborative
    2006-2007 food label
    2006-2007 school years
    2006-2007 school year
    2006-2007 targeted investigation
    2006-2008 national survey
    2006-2011 world outlook
    2006-2012 action plan
    2006-2013 logical images
    2006-2015 plano decenal
    2007- antimicrobials division
    2007-01-1001 fatigue performance
    2007-07-01 true procurement
    2007-08 2008-09 2009-10
    2007-08 academic years
    2007-08 academic year
    2007-08 national postsecondary
    2007-08 part ii
    2007-08 school years
    2007-08 school year
    2007-08 web tables
    2007-09 adjusted appropriation
    2007-2008 academic year
    2007-2008 annual progress
    2007-2008 argus commission
    2007-2008 food price
    2007-2008 international polar
    2007-2008 national health
    2007-2008 red latinoamericana
    2007-2008 school year
    2007-2009 plan national
    2007-2009 systematic review
    2007-2009 teacher professional
    2007-2010 action plan
    2007adverse reactions reported
    2008--ieee international workshop
    2008-09 2009-10 2010-11
    2008-09 academic year
    2008-09 argus commission
    2008-09 school year
    2008-09 toob peo
    2008-2009 academic affairs
    2008-2009 academic year
    2008-2009 influenza season
    2008-2009 professional affairs
    2008-2009 school years
    2008-2009 school year
    2008-2009 standing committee
    2008-2010 catalog department
    2008-2012 usando modelo
    2008-2017 investment forecast
    2008-2017 sur le
    2008-648 reevaluation dosimetrique
    2008-a sustainable world
    2008ax spectral evolution
    2008ha additional constraints
    2009-04-01 true purpose
    2009-07-01 true claims
    2009-07-01 true invitation
    2009-10 academic year
    2009-10 school years
    2009-10 school year
    2009-2010 academic bulletin
    2009-2010 academic year
    2009-2010 behavioral risk
    2009-2010 fieldwork entry
    2009-2010 h1n1 influenza
    2009-2010 h1n1 pandemic
    2009-2010 influenza season
    2009-2010 school years
    2009-2010 school year
    2009-2010 seasonal influenza
    2009-2020 plan indicatif
    2009-4437b 1-03 sponsors
    2009-4437b 1-04 proposed
    2009-4437b 1-05 multi-center
    2009-4437b 1-06 amendment
    2009-4437b 1-09 package
    2009a 2009b 2009c
    2009marriott hotel riyadh
    200a gev au-au
    200c -300 -400
    200e tank farms
    200e waste transfer
    200f -400 -400d
    200kw multi-fuel type
    200x inderscience enterprises
    201 -202 -301
    201-tl production studies
    2010-04-01 2010-04-01 false
    2010-04-01 false audit
    2010-04-01 false exemption
    2010-04-01 false form
    2010-04-01 false information
    2010-04-01 false management
    2010-04-01 false sodium
    2010-10-01 2010-10-01 false
    2010-10-01 false basis
    2010-10-01 false definitions
    2010-10-01 false functions
    2010-10-01 false information
    2010-10-01 false scope
    2010-10-01 false test
    2010-10-01 false welding
    2010-11 academic year
    2010-11 school year
    2010-2011 academic years
    2010-2011 academic year
    2010-2011 enterprise affordable
    2010-2011 enterprise housing
    2010-2011 influenza season
    2010-2011 refuge-specific hunting
    2010-2011 school year
    2010-2011 seasonal influenza
    2010-2011 state-specific summary
    2010-2020 science white
    2010nps alumni survey
    2011-01-01 2011-01-01 false
    2011-04-01 2010-04-01 true
    2011-04-01 2011-04-01 false
    2011-04-01 false advertisement
    2011-04-01 false financial
    2011-04-01 false tax
    2011-04-01 false textile
    2011-04-01 false time
    2011-04-01 true change
    2011-04-01 true trade
    2011-07-01 2007-07-01 true
    2011-07-01 2009-07-01 true
    2011-07-01 2010-07-01 true
    2011-07-01 false adjusted
    2011-07-01 false administration
    2011-07-01 false advertising
    2011-07-01 false appendix
    2011-07-01 false approval
    2011-07-01 false atlantic
    2011-07-01 false automatic
    2011-07-01 false bankruptcy
    2011-07-01 false basic
    2011-07-01 false basis
    2011-07-01 false biochemical
    2011-07-01 false blasting
    2011-07-01 false carbon
    2011-07-01 false chemical
    2011-07-01 false chesapeake
    2011-07-01 false civil
    2011-07-01 false coal
    2011-07-01 false coat
    2011-07-01 false collection
    2011-07-01 false communications
    2011-07-01 false community
    2011-07-01 false competition
    2011-07-01 false compliance
    2011-07-01 false computer
    2011-07-01 false control
    2011-07-01 false death
    2011-07-01 false decision
    2011-07-01 false definitions
    2011-07-01 false definition
    2011-07-01 false determination
    2011-07-01 false display
    2011-07-01 false drill
    2011-07-01 false drug-free
    2011-07-01 false effect
    2011-07-01 false electrical
    2011-07-01 false emission
    2011-07-01 false engine
    2011-07-01 false exemption
    2011-07-01 false exports
    2011-07-01 false export
    2011-07-01 false eye
    2011-07-01 false financial
    2011-07-01 false fire
    2011-07-01 false first-aid
    2011-07-01 false general
    2011-07-01 false great
    2011-07-01 false gulf
    2011-07-01 false high-voltage
    2011-07-01 false housing
    2011-07-01 false hull
    2011-07-01 false job
    2011-07-01 false lake
    2011-07-01 false lead
    2011-07-01 false lights
    2011-07-01 false maintenance
    2011-07-01 false mechanical
    2011-07-01 false mental
    2011-07-01 false microbial
    2011-07-01 false mississippi
    2011-07-01 false motions
    2011-07-01 false motion
    2011-07-01 false national
    2011-07-01 false nature
    2011-07-01 false nonflare
    2011-07-01 false nox
    2011-07-01 false offshore
    2011-07-01 false open
    2011-07-01 false operating
    2011-07-01 false pacific
    2011-07-01 false payment
    2011-07-01 false performance
    2011-07-01 false pesticide
    2011-07-01 false pet
    2011-07-01 false photochemical
    2011-07-01 false process
    2011-07-01 false property
    2011-07-01 false publication
    2011-07-01 false public
    2011-07-01 false reclamation
    2011-07-01 false regulated
    2011-07-01 false relationship
    2011-07-01 false reserved
    2011-07-01 false respirable
    2011-07-01 false revision
    2011-07-01 false rock
    2011-07-01 false royalty
    2011-07-01 false safety
    2011-07-01 false scope
    2011-07-01 false seals
    2011-07-01 false security
    2011-07-01 false separate
    2011-07-01 false sex
    2011-07-01 false smoke
    2011-07-01 false smoking
    2011-07-01 false solid
    2011-07-01 false sound
    2011-07-01 false special
    2011-07-01 false stack
    2011-07-01 false standards
    2011-07-01 false standard
    2011-07-01 false state
    2011-07-01 false summary
    2011-07-01 false supplements
    2011-07-01 false taxation
    2011-07-01 false tests
    2011-07-01 false test
    2011-07-01 false waste
    2011-07-01 false water
    2011-07-01 false welding
    2011-07-01 true pet
    2011-10-01 false accounting
    2011-10-01 false advertising
    2011-10-01 false allowable
    2011-10-01 false antenna
    2011-10-01 false appendix
    2011-10-01 false application
    2011-10-01 false authority
    2011-10-01 false basic
    2011-10-01 false bidding
    2011-10-01 false brand
    2011-10-01 false carbon
    2011-10-01 false cargo
    2011-10-01 false class
    2011-10-01 false communications
    2011-10-01 false competition
    2011-10-01 false competitive
    2011-10-01 false construction
    2011-10-01 false contents
    2011-10-01 false contract
    2011-10-01 false cost
    2011-10-01 false crane
    2011-10-01 false definitions
    2011-10-01 false design
    2011-10-01 false digital
    2011-10-01 false display
    2011-10-01 false effect
    2011-10-01 false electrical
    2011-10-01 false emergency
    2011-10-01 false exhalation
    2011-10-01 false federal
    2011-10-01 false financial
    2011-10-01 false firefighting
    2011-10-01 false fire
    2011-10-01 false fixed
    2011-10-01 false flammable
    2011-10-01 false flood
    2011-10-01 false gas
    2011-10-01 false general
    2011-10-01 false grant
    2011-10-01 false housing
    2011-10-01 false hull
    2011-10-01 false inert
    2011-10-01 false insurance
    2011-10-01 false internal
    2011-10-01 false international
    2011-10-01 false job
    2011-10-01 false lakes
    2011-10-01 false life
    2011-10-01 false loss
    2011-10-01 false mac
    2011-10-01 false marine
    2011-10-01 false marketing
    2011-10-01 false mechanical
    2011-10-01 false medical
    2011-10-01 false mentor
    2011-10-01 false mobile
    2011-10-01 false motions
    2011-10-01 false motion
    2011-10-01 false nasa
    2011-10-01 false nature
    2011-10-01 false non-bulk
    2011-10-01 false nursing
    2011-10-01 false ocean
    2011-10-01 false open
    2011-10-01 false payment
    2011-10-01 false physician
    2011-10-01 false plant
    2011-10-01 false plastic
    2011-10-01 false policy
    2011-10-01 false pollution
    2011-10-01 false portable
    2011-10-01 false project
    2011-10-01 false property
    2011-10-01 false protection
    2011-10-01 false publication
    2011-10-01 false purpose
    2011-10-01 false radar
    2011-10-01 false radio
    2011-10-01 false reclamation
    2011-10-01 false relationship
    2011-10-01 false replacement
    2011-10-01 false rescue
    2011-10-01 false research
    2011-10-01 false reserved
    2011-10-01 false reserve
    2011-10-01 false resolving
    2011-10-01 false revision
    2011-10-01 false rights
    2011-10-01 false safety
    2011-10-01 false scientific
    2011-10-01 false scope
    2011-10-01 false seasons
    2011-10-01 false separate
    2011-10-01 false sex
    2011-10-01 false ship
    2011-10-01 false shop
    2011-10-01 false smoking
    2011-10-01 false soliciting
    2011-10-01 false spring
    2011-10-01 false standard
    2011-10-01 false steller
    2011-10-01 false stowage
    2011-10-01 false survey
    2011-10-01 false tank
    2011-10-01 false train
    2011-10-01 false transmission
    2011-10-01 false transportation
    2011-10-01 false tsa
    2011-10-01 false tv
    2011-10-01 false underwater
    2011-10-01 false valves
    2011-10-01 false vessel
    2011-10-01 false weather
    2011-10-01 false welding
    2011-10-01 false wiring
    2011-10-01 true flood
    2011-10-01 true reclamation
    2011-12 academic year
    2011-12 prospectus2011-12 prospectus
    2011-12 school year
    2011-2012 academic year
    2011-2012 catalog department
    2011-2012 evaluation study
    2011-2012 financial aid
    2011-2012 school year
    2011-2012 state-specific summary
    2011-2012 submarine eruption
    2011-2012 undergraduate bulletin
    2011-2012 undergraduate catalog
    2011-2013 cal poly
    2011nps alumni survey
    2012-01-01 false airplanes
    2012-01-01 false airplane
    2012-01-01 false airworthiness
    2012-01-01 false appendix
    2012-01-01 false basis
    2012-01-01 false books
    2012-01-01 false cheese
    2012-01-01 false conservation
    2012-01-01 false crop
    2012-01-01 false deduction
    2012-01-01 false display
    2012-01-01 false effect
    2012-01-01 false energy
    2012-01-01 false financial
    2012-01-01 false fire
    2012-01-01 false flight
    2012-01-01 false fluid
    2012-01-01 false grant
    2012-01-01 false information
    2012-01-01 false insect
    2012-01-01 false interpretation
    2012-01-01 false landing
    2012-01-01 false launch
    2012-01-01 false magnetic
    2012-01-01 false marketing
    2012-01-01 false market
    2012-01-01 false meaning
    2012-01-01 false milk
    2012-01-01 false motions
    2012-01-01 false nasa
    2012-01-01 false office
    2012-01-01 false oxygen
    2012-01-01 false position
    2012-01-01 false potatoes
    2012-01-01 false producer
    2012-01-01 false public
    2012-01-01 false purpose
    2012-01-01 false real
    2012-01-01 false research
    2012-01-01 false reserved
    2012-01-01 false safety
    2012-01-01 false sex
    2012-01-01 false special
    2012-01-01 false supplemental
    2012-01-01 false tobacco
    2012-01-01 false transfer
    2012-01-01 false uniform
    2012-04-01 2009-04-01 true
    2012-04-01 2011-04-01 true
    2012-04-01 false accounting
    2012-04-01 false administration
    2012-04-01 false aliens
    2012-04-01 false aluminum
    2012-04-01 false appendix
    2012-04-01 false application
    2012-04-01 false basis
    2012-04-01 false bone
    2012-04-01 false change
    2012-04-01 false chromium
    2012-04-01 false copper
    2012-04-01 false dental
    2012-04-01 false effect
    2012-04-01 false electronic
    2012-04-01 false eligible
    2012-04-01 false energy
    2012-04-01 false evaluation
    2012-04-01 false evidence
    2012-04-01 false extension
    2012-04-01 false financial
    2012-04-01 false futures
    2012-04-01 false housing
    2012-04-01 false information
    2012-04-01 false insurance
    2012-04-01 false labeling
    2012-04-01 false lead-based
    2012-04-01 false liability
    2012-04-01 false life
    2012-04-01 false management
    2012-04-01 false manufactured
    2012-04-01 false medical
    2012-04-01 false motions
    2012-04-01 false nature
    2012-04-01 false pasteurized
    2012-04-01 false plasma
    2012-04-01 false project
    2012-04-01 false public
    2012-04-01 false red
    2012-04-01 false relationship
    2012-04-01 false responsibility
    2012-04-01 false retail
    2012-04-01 false separate
    2012-04-01 false smoke
    2012-04-01 false textile
    2012-04-01 false time
    2012-04-01 false words
    2012-04-01 false work
    2012-07-01 2009-07-01 true
    2012-07-01 2011-07-01 true
    2012-07-01 false adjusted
    2012-07-01 false air
    2012-07-01 false annual
    2012-07-01 false appendix
    2012-07-01 false approval
    2012-07-01 false atlantic
    2012-07-01 false automatic
    2012-07-01 false bacillus
    2012-07-01 false ballast
    2012-07-01 false bankruptcy
    2012-07-01 false basic
    2012-07-01 false basis
    2012-07-01 false biochemical
    2012-07-01 false blasting
    2012-07-01 false carbon
    2012-07-01 false chesapeake
    2012-07-01 false civil
    2012-07-01 false coal
    2012-07-01 false coat
    2012-07-01 false computer
    2012-07-01 false connecting
    2012-07-01 false copper
    2012-07-01 false cross-reference
    2012-07-01 false display
    2012-07-01 false drug-free
    2012-07-01 false electrical
    2012-07-01 false emission
    2012-07-01 false engine
    2012-07-01 false eye
    2012-07-01 false financial
    2012-07-01 false fire
    2012-07-01 false general
    2012-07-01 false grant
    2012-07-01 false great
    2012-07-01 false gulf
    2012-07-01 false high-voltage
    2012-07-01 false hull
    2012-07-01 false lake
    2012-07-01 false lead
    2012-07-01 false maintenance
    2012-07-01 false mechanical
    2012-07-01 false medical
    2012-07-01 false mental
    2012-07-01 false microbial
    2012-07-01 false mississippi
    2012-07-01 false motions
    2012-07-01 false national
    2012-07-01 false nature
    2012-07-01 false navy
    2012-07-01 false nox
    2012-07-01 false offshore
    2012-07-01 false open
    2012-07-01 false pacific
    2012-07-01 false patent
    2012-07-01 false performance
    2012-07-01 false pesticide
    2012-07-01 false photochemical
    2012-07-01 false process
    2012-07-01 false procurement
    2012-07-01 false publication
    2012-07-01 false public
    2012-07-01 false reclamation
    2012-07-01 false red
    2012-07-01 false relationship
    2012-07-01 false reserved
    2012-07-01 false respiratory
    2012-07-01 false revision
    2012-07-01 false rock
    2012-07-01 false royalty
    2012-07-01 false safety
    2012-07-01 false scope
    2012-07-01 false seals
    2012-07-01 false security
    2012-07-01 false sex
    2012-07-01 false smoke
    2012-07-01 false smoking
    2012-07-01 false sound
    2012-07-01 false stack
    2012-07-01 false standards
    2012-07-01 false state
    2012-07-01 false tests
    2012-07-01 false test
    2012-07-01 false waste
    2012-07-01 false water
    2012-07-01 false welding
    2012-10-01 2011-10-01 true
    2012-10-01 false accounting
    2012-10-01 false allowable
    2012-10-01 false authority
    2012-10-01 false basic
    2012-10-01 false bidding
    2012-10-01 false brand
    2012-10-01 false carbon
    2012-10-01 false change
    2012-10-01 false class
    2012-10-01 false competitive
    2012-10-01 false construction
    2012-10-01 false cost
    2012-10-01 false crane
    2012-10-01 false dead
    2012-10-01 false definitions
    2012-10-01 false design
    2012-10-01 false digital
    2012-10-01 false display
    2012-10-01 false effect
    2012-10-01 false electrical
    2012-10-01 false emergency
    2012-10-01 false exploration
    2012-10-01 false extent
    2012-10-01 false federal
    2012-10-01 false financial
    2012-10-01 false firefighting
    2012-10-01 false fire
    2012-10-01 false fixed
    2012-10-01 false flammable
    2012-10-01 false general
    2012-10-01 false grant
    2012-10-01 false hull
    2012-10-01 false internal
    2012-10-01 false life
    2012-10-01 false loss
    2012-10-01 false mac
    2012-10-01 false management
    2012-10-01 false marine
    2012-10-01 false mechanical
    2012-10-01 false medical
    2012-10-01 false mentor
    2012-10-01 false mineral
    2012-10-01 false motions
    2012-10-01 false nasa
    2012-10-01 false nature
    2012-10-01 false non-bulk
    2012-10-01 false nursing
    2012-10-01 false ocean
    2012-10-01 false open
    2012-10-01 false payment
    2012-10-01 false physician
    2012-10-01 false plastic
    2012-10-01 false policy
    2012-10-01 false portable
    2012-10-01 false protection
    2012-10-01 false publication
    2012-10-01 false radar
    2012-10-01 false radio
    2012-10-01 false rescue
    2012-10-01 false research
    2012-10-01 false rights
    2012-10-01 false scope
    2012-10-01 false seasons
    2012-10-01 false service
    2012-10-01 false ship
    2012-10-01 false shop
    2012-10-01 false smoking
    2012-10-01 false spring
    2012-10-01 false standard
    2012-10-01 false steller
    2012-10-01 false stowage
    2012-10-01 false surfclam