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    x 40 alloy
    x centers
    x chromosome
    x codes
    x radiation
    x ray analysis
    x ray fluorescence
    x rays
    x- band radars
    x- irradiated mice
    x- irradiation effects
    x- loge x2
    x- ray beams
    x- ray detector
    x- ray diffraction
    x- ray emission
    x- ray fluorescence
    x- ray irradiation
    x- ray micro-beam
    x- ray sources
    x- ray source
    x- ray therapy
    x-1 advanced radiation
    x-1 cyg x-3
    x-1 electron acceleration
    x-1 giant flares
    x-1 supersonic flight
    x-10 bethel valley
    x-10 reactor
    x-100 inhibits agonist-induced
    x-100 mixed micelles
    x-100 triton x-114
    x-114 phase partitioning
    x-114 phase separation
    x-15 engine test
    x-15 flight profiles
    x-15 program contributed
    x-15 research aircraft
    x-15 research results
    x-15 rocket plane
    x-15 vehicle test
    x-15-1 serial number
    x-15-3 serial number
    x-15a-2 serial number
    x-1700 mesons
    x-1935 mesons
    x-2 ejection canopy
    x-2220 mesons
    x-2220 resonances
    x-23 sv-5 program
    x-231b oil biodegradation
    x-24 lifting-body project
    x-24a lifting body
    x-24a lifting-body project
    x-24b lifting body
    x-25-4-2 final technology
    x-2830 resonances
    x-29 aircraft featuring
    x-29 aircraft flew
    x-29 project consisted
    x-29 successfully demonstrated
    x-29 technology demonstrators
    x-29a advanced technology
    x-3075 mesons
    x-31 achieved controlled
    x-31 aircraft established
    x-31 enhanced fighter
    x-31 flight program
    x-31 flight test
    x-31 program demonstrated
    x-31 program installed
    x-31 successfully executed
    x-33 advanced technology
    x-33 experimental aeroheating
    x-33 linear aerospike
    x-33 reusable launch
    x-33 thermal protection
    x-33 vehicle health
    x-34 main propulsion
    x-34 technology demonstrator
    x-34 technology testbed
    x-36 tailless fighter
    x-37 including drop
    x-38 advanced sublimator
    x-38 crew return
    x-38 electromechanical actuators
    x-38 flight computer
    x-38 landed safely
    x-38 project officials
    x-38 prototype crew
    x-38 research aircraft
    x-38 technology demonstrator
    x-38 test airframes
    x-38 thermal tiles
    x-38 vehicles designated
    x-3b congo red
    x-43a hypersonic research
    x-43a research vehicles
    x-45a unmanned combat
    x-48b blended wing
    x-5 monte carlo
    x-7 organic loop
    x-701b groundwater plume
    x-705 portsmouth gaseous
    x-740 groundwater remedy
    x-8001 aluminum alloy
    x-ads downcomer thermal
    x-and gamma-ray sky
    x-associated primary ovarian
    x-associated tremor ataxia
    x-axis tuning fork
    x-b mode conversion
    x-band accelerating section
    x-band accelerating structures
    x-band accelerating structure
    x-band accelerator structures
    x-band accelerator structure
    x-band capability reduced
    x-band clic power
    x-band dc squid
    x-band dielectric-loaded accelerating
    x-band doppler radar
    x-band electron linear
    x-band electron paramagnetic
    x-band electron spin
    x-band epr measurements
    x-band epr spectra
    x-band epr spectroscopy
    x-band epr spectrum
    x-band fel study
    x-band femtosecond linac
    x-band frequency range
    x-band high power
    x-band klystron development
    x-band linac beam
    x-band linac x-ray
    x-band linear accelerator
    x-band linear colliders
    x-band linear collider
    x-band magnetically insulated
    x-band marine radar
    x-band microwave backscattering
    x-band microwave characterization
    x-band minisar crevasse
    x-band multi-bunch linac
    x-band normal conducting
    x-band phased array
    x-band photoinjector linac
    x-band polarimetric radar
    x-band radar estimated
    x-band radar systems
    x-band radar system
    x-band rf generation
    x-band rf gun
    x-band rf photoinjector
    x-band rf pulse
    x-band rf systems
    x-band rf system
    x-band slotted-iris accelerator
    x-band structure test
    x-band synthetic aperture
    x-band thermionic cathode
    x-band traveling wave
    x-band vertically transmitted
    x-band weather radars
    x-band weather radar
    x-box binding protein-1
    x-box binding protein
    x-chromosome coding exons
    x-chromosome comprising exon
    x-chromosome dna markers
    x-chromosome dosage compensation
    x-chromosome inactivation patterns
    x-chromosome inactivation pattern
    x-chromosome inactivation xci
    x-chromosome short tandem
    x-chromosome snp analyses
    x-chromosome-encoded histone involved
    x-class solar flares
    x-class solar flare
    x-cut lithium niobate
    x-cut near-stoichiometric lithium
    x-fel linear accelerator
    x-fem strategy dedicated
    x-fi titanium fatal1ty
    x-files investigating alien
    x-fluorescence radiation determination
    x-gamma coincidence measurements
    x-hab academic innovation
    x-inactivation center xic
    x-inactivation modifies disease
    x-irradiated cercariae dependent
    x-irradiated cho cells
    x-irradiated differentially radiosensitive
    x-irradiated eimeria acervulina
    x-irradiated hela cells
    x-irradiated human glioma
    x-irradiated human peripheral
    x-irradiated l-alpha-amino-n-butyric acid
    x-irradiated l5178y sublines
    x-irradiated male mice
    x-irradiated mammalian cells
    x-irradiated molt-4 cells
    x-irradiated piglet blood
    x-irradiated plateau-phase bone
    x-irradiated single crystals
    x-irradiated synchronized tetrahymena
    x-irradiated tumor cell
    x-irradiation decreased level
    x-irradiation induced carcinomas
    x-irradiation induced rat
    x-irradiation induces acute
    x-irradiation induces granular
    x-irradiation-induced cell cycle
    x-irradiation-induced neuronal loss
    x-junction trap array
    x-linked adrenal hypoplasia
    x-linked adrenoleukodystrophy ald
    x-linked adrenoleukodystrophy x-ald
    x-linked agammaglobulinemia xla
    x-linked albinism-deafness syndrome
    x-linked alport syndrome
    x-linked amelogenesis imperfecta
    x-linked anhidrotic ectodermal
    x-linked bleeding disorder
    x-linked borderline mental
    x-linked centronuclear myopathy
    x-linked charcot-marie-tooth disease
    x-linked chondrodysplasia punctata
    x-linked chronic granulomatous
    x-linked cleft palate
    x-linked congenital adrenal
    x-linked congenital nystagmus
    x-linked congenital stationary
    x-linked creatine transporter
    x-linked cutaneous amyloidosis
    x-linked dilated cardiomyopathy
    x-linked disorder caused
    x-linked disorder characterized
    x-linked distal hereditary
    x-linked dominant charcot-marie-tooth
    x-linked dominant chondrodysplasia
    x-linked dominant condition
    x-linked dominant cone-rod
    x-linked dominant disorder
    x-linked dominant trait
    x-linked dyskeratosis congenita
    x-linked ectodermal dysplasia
    x-linked emery-dreifuss muscular
    x-linked female-limited epilepsy
    x-linked fmr1 gene
    x-linked gene dosage
    x-linked gene encoding
    x-linked gene expression
    x-linked genetic disease
    x-linked genetic disorder
    x-linked hereditary nephritis
    x-linked hereditary nephropathy
    x-linked hprt locus
    x-linked hydrocephalus hsas
    x-linked hyper igm
    x-linked hyper-igm syndrome
    x-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal
    x-linked hypophosphataemic rickets
    x-linked hypophosphatemia xlh
    x-linked hypophosphatemic rickets
    x-linked iap xiap
    x-linked inborn error
    x-linked infantile spasms
    x-linked infantile spasm
    x-linked inheritance pattern
    x-linked inherited bleeding
    x-linked inherited disorder
    x-linked intellectual disability
    x-linked ipex syndrome
    x-linked joubert syndrome
    x-linked juvenile retinoschisis
    x-linked kallmann syndrome
    x-linked lethal infantile
    x-linked liver glycogenosis
    x-linked lymphoproliferative disease
    x-linked lymphoproliferative griscelli
    x-linked lymphoproliferative syndrome
    x-linked lysosomal disorders
    x-linked lysosomal storage
    x-linked mecp2 gene
    x-linked mental retardation
    x-linked mitochondrial encephalomyopathy
    x-linked modifier loci
    x-linked muscular dystrophy
    x-linked myotubular myopathy
    x-linked nephrogenic diabetes
    x-linked neurodevelopmental disorder
    x-linked ocular albinism
    x-linked primate-specific micro
    x-linked progressive mixed
    x-linked recessive disease
    x-linked recessive disorders
    x-linked recessive disorder
    x-linked recessive form
    x-linked recessive inheritance
    x-linked recessive lysosomal
    x-linked recessive myotubular
    x-linked recessive spastic
    x-linked recessive trait
    x-linked reifenstein syndrome
    x-linked reticulate pigmentary
    x-linked retinitis pigmentosa
    x-linked retinoschisis xlrs
    x-linked sensorineural hearing
    x-linked severe combined
    x-linked sideroblastic anemia
    x-linked snp genotypic
    x-linked spermine synthase
    x-linked spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia
    x-linked transcription factor
    x-linked visual loss
    x-meter glucose monitoring
    x-mini ja logitech
    x-o kjas muskuu
    x-photon correlation spectroscopy
    x-point oscillatory reconnection
    x-press special editions
    x-pro peptide bonds
    x-prolyl dipeptidyl aminopeptidase
    x-radiation diffraction imaging
    x-radiation fields radiodiagnostic
    x-radiation induces non-small-cell
    x-radiation rozwoj detektorow
    x-radiation sensitive human
    x-radiation-induced schwann cell
    x-ray 2-10 kev
    x-ray 20-40 kev
    x-ray 6d system
    x-ray absorbing column
    x-ray absorptiometry analysis
    x-ray absorptiometry applied
    x-ray absorptiometry assessment
    x-ray absorptiometry body
    x-ray absorptiometry bone
    x-ray absorptiometry computed
    x-ray absorptiometry dexa
    x-ray absorptiometry dxa-derived
    x-ray absorptiometry dxa
    x-ray absorptiometry measurements
    x-ray absorptiometry measures
    x-ray absorptiometry precision
    x-ray absorptiometry reference
    x-ray absorptiometry results
    x-ray absorptiometry scanning
    x-ray absorptiometry scans
    x-ray absorptiometry scan
    x-ray absorptiometry serum
    x-ray absorptiometry services
    x-ray absorptiometry spine
    x-ray absorption analysis
    x-ray absorption beamline
    x-ray absorption characteristics
    x-ray absorption characterization
    x-ray absorption coefficients
    x-ray absorption coefficient
    x-ray absorption column
    x-ray absorption contrast
    x-ray absorption cross
    x-ray absorption discontinuities
    x-ray absorption edges
    x-ray absorption edge
    x-ray absorption experiments
    x-ray absorption features
    x-ray absorption fine-structure
    x-ray absorption fine
    x-ray absorption imaging
    x-ray absorption lines
    x-ray absorption line
    x-ray absorption magnetic
    x-ray absorption measurements
    x-ray absorption measurement
    x-ray absorption methods
    x-ray absorption method
    x-ray absorption nature
    x-ray absorption near-edge
    x-ray absorption pre-edge
    x-ray absorption properties
    x-ray absorption results
    x-ray absorption spectral
    x-ray absorption spectra
    x-ray absorption spectrometer
    x-ray absorption spectrometry
    x-ray absorption spectroscopic
    x-ray absorption spectroscopies
    x-ray absorption spectroscopy
    x-ray absorption spectrum
    x-ray absorption studies
    x-ray absorption study
    x-ray absorption techniques
    x-ray absorption technique
    x-ray absorption tomography
    x-ray absorption variability
    x-ray absorption xanes
    x-ray absorption xas
    x-ray active galactic
    x-ray active matrix
    x-ray active phase
    x-ray active stars
    x-ray activity levels
    x-ray adaptative monochromator
    x-ray adsorption fine
    x-ray adsorption spectroscopy
    x-ray afterglow emission
    x-ray afterglow observations
    x-ray agn clustering
    x-ray agn fraction
    x-ray all-sky monitor
    x-ray all-sky survey
    x-ray amorphous materials
    x-ray analyses revealed
    x-ray analyses reveal
    x-ray analyses showed
    x-ray analyses show
    x-ray analysis confirmed
    x-ray analysis confirms
    x-ray analysis crystal
    x-ray analysis demonstrated
    x-ray analysis edax
    x-ray analysis eds
    x-ray analysis edx-analysis
    x-ray analysis edxa
    x-ray analysis electron
    x-ray analysis elemental
    x-ray analysis ftir
    x-ray analysis methods
    x-ray analysis nmr
    x-ray analysis results
    x-ray analysis revealed
    x-ray analysis reveals
    x-ray analysis sem-edx
    x-ray analysis showed
    x-ray analysis shows
    x-ray analysis system
    x-ray analysis techniques
    x-ray analysis technique
    x-ray analysis transmission
    x-ray analysis x-ray
    x-ray analytical technique
    x-ray analyzer edax
    x-ray analyzers based
    x-ray angiographic planar
    x-ray angle-resolved photoemission
    x-ray anomalous diffraction
    x-ray anomalous dispersion
    x-ray anomalous scattering
    x-ray appearance potential
    x-ray area detector
    x-ray array source
    x-ray astronomical satellite
    x-ray astronomy applications
    x-ray astronomy group
    x-ray astronomy instrumentation
    x-ray astronomy missions
    x-ray astronomy mission
    x-ray astronomy satellites
    x-ray astronomy satellite
    x-ray astrophysics facility
    x-ray asukad kohanevad
    x-ray asynchronous optical
    x-ray attenuation coefficients
    x-ray attenuation coefficient
    x-ray attenuation measurements
    x-ray attenuation properties
    x-ray attenuation property
    x-ray attenuation technique
    x-ray attenuation values
    x-ray attosecond pulse
    x-ray background blazars
    x-ray background cxb
    x-ray background emission
    x-ray background flux
    x-ray background heliospheric
    x-ray background model
    x-ray background sxrb
    x-ray background xrb
    x-ray backscatter imaging
    x-ray backscattering diffraction
    x-ray baldwin effect
    x-ray bang time
    x-ray barium swallow
    x-ray based characterization
    x-ray based imaging
    x-ray based methods
    x-ray based techniques
    x-ray beam chopper
    x-ray beam damage
    x-ray beam diagnostics
    x-ray beam dose
    x-ray beam dosimetry
    x-ray beam dynamics
    x-ray beam energy
    x-ray beam filtration
    x-ray beam generated
    x-ray beam incident
    x-ray beam intensity
    x-ray beam lines
    x-ray beam line
    x-ray beam parameters
    x-ray beam passes
    x-ray beam path
    x-ray beam position
    x-ray beam produced
    x-ray beam profile
    x-ray beam qualities
    x-ray beam quality
    x-ray beam size
    x-ray beam spot
    x-ray beam stabilization
    x-ray beam theoretical
    x-ray beamline adress
    x-ray beamline components
    x-ray beamline x13a
    x-ray beams determinacao
    x-ray beams generated
    x-ray beams produced
    x-ray binaries based
    x-ray binaries case
    x-ray binaries cataclysmic
    x-ray binaries consequences
    x-ray binaries hmxbs
    x-ray binaries lmxbs
    x-ray binaries luminosities
    x-ray binaries observational
    x-ray binaries ucxbs
    x-ray binaries xrbs
    x-ray binary 1a
    x-ray binary 1es
    x-ray binary 4u
    x-ray binary analogy
    x-ray binary aquila
    x-ray binary candidate
    x-ray binary circinus
    x-ray binary cygnus
    x-ray binary cyg
    x-ray binary dip
    x-ray binary evolution
    x-ray binary exo
    x-ray binary gx
    x-ray binary hmxb
    x-ray binary igr
    x-ray binary jets
    x-ray binary lmc
    x-ray binary lmxb
    x-ray binary ls
    x-ray binary populations
    x-ray binary population
    x-ray binary pulsars
    x-ray binary pulsar
    x-ray binary sax
    x-ray binary sources
    x-ray binary stars
    x-ray binary star
    x-ray binary systems
    x-ray binary system
    x-ray binary transient
    x-ray binary x1832-330
    x-ray binary xrb
    x-ray binary xte
    x-ray bio-imaging facility
    x-ray bolometric luminosity
    x-ray bone densitometry
    x-ray bone scintigraphy
    x-ray bragg diffraction
    x-ray bragg spectrometry
    x-ray breast imaging
    x-ray bremsstrahlung efficiency
    x-ray bremsstrahlung emission
    x-ray bright bl
    x-ray bright galaxy
    x-ray bright nucleus
    x-ray bright points
    x-ray bright point
    x-ray bright ultraluminous
    x-ray burst model
    x-ray burst monitoring
    x-ray burst oscillations
    x-ray burst sources
    x-ray burst source
    x-ray burst spectrometer
    x-ray burst triplets
    x-ray burster 4u
    x-ray burster gs
    x-ray burster xte
    x-ray bursting neutron
    x-ray bursts effects
    x-ray bursts metallicity
    x-ray bursts observation
    x-ray bursts observed
    x-ray calibration facility
    x-ray calibration laboratory
    x-ray calorimeter array
    x-ray calorimeter spectrometers
    x-ray cargo inspection
    x-ray cataclysmic variables
    x-ray cavity network
    x-ray ccd background
    x-ray ccd cameras
    x-ray ccd camera
    x-ray ccd detector
    x-ray ccd imager
    x-ray cell killing
    x-ray center cambridge
    x-ray center controls
    x-ray center cxc
    x-ray charge coupled
    x-ray charge-coupled devices
    x-ray charge-coupled device
    x-ray chest p-a
    x-ray circular dichroism
    x-ray circular magnetic
    x-ray cluster baryons
    x-ray cluster gas
    x-ray cluster luminosity
    x-ray cluster surveys
    x-ray cluster survey
    x-ray cmt reconstruction
    x-ray co-crystal structures
    x-ray co-crystal structure
    x-ray cocrystal structures
    x-ray cocrystal structure
    x-ray coded aperture
    x-ray coherent diffraction
    x-ray coherent scattering
    x-ray cold fronts
    x-ray collimation system
    x-ray color-color diagram
    x-ray colour imaging
    x-ray column density
    x-ray complex examination
    x-ray compton polarimeter
    x-ray compton scattering
    x-ray computed micro-tomography
    x-ray computed microtomography
    x-ray computed tomographic
    x-ray computed tomography
    x-ray computer tomography
    x-ray computerized microtomography
    x-ray computerized tomography
    x-ray cone beam
    x-ray cone-beam computed
    x-ray contact microscopy
    x-ray contrast agents
    x-ray contrast agent
    x-ray contrast media
    x-ray contrast medium
    x-ray conversion efficiencies
    x-ray conversion efficiency
    x-ray conversion target
    x-ray converter target
    x-ray cool cores
    x-ray cool core
    x-ray cooling rate
    x-ray core-level photoemission
    x-ray coronal spectra
    x-ray coronary angiograms
    x-ray coronary angiography
    x-ray cosmos rosat
    x-ray count rate
    x-ray cross correlation
    x-ray cross sections
    x-ray cross-complementing group
    x-ray crystal analysis
    x-ray crystal coordinates
    x-ray crystal density
    x-ray crystal diffraction
    x-ray crystal imaging
    x-ray crystal optics
    x-ray crystal spectrometer
    x-ray crystal structural
    x-ray crystal structures
    x-ray crystal structure
    x-ray crystal truncation
    x-ray crystal-structure analysis
    x-ray crystallographic analyses
    x-ray crystallographic analysis
    x-ray crystallographic characterization
    x-ray crystallographic evidence
    x-ray crystallographic investigations
    x-ray crystallographic methods
    x-ray crystallographic model
    x-ray crystallographic refinement
    x-ray crystallographic results
    x-ray crystallographic scanning
    x-ray crystallographic snapshots
    x-ray crystallographic structural
    x-ray crystallographic structures
    x-ray crystallographic structure
    x-ray crystallographic studies
    x-ray crystallographic study
    x-ray crystallographic techniques
    x-ray crystallography 1h
    x-ray crystallography analysis
    x-ray crystallography based
    x-ray crystallography characterization
    x-ray crystallography complexes
    x-ray crystallography compounds
    x-ray crystallography compound
    x-ray crystallography confirmed
    x-ray crystallography crystal
    x-ray crystallography cyclic
    x-ray crystallography electronic
    x-ray crystallography electron
    x-ray crystallography elemental
    x-ray crystallography experiments
    x-ray crystallography facility
    x-ray crystallography magnetic
    x-ray crystallography molecular
    x-ray crystallography mx
    x-ray crystallography nmr
    x-ray crystallography nuclear
    x-ray crystallography paramagnetic
    x-ray crystallography probing
    x-ray crystallography remains
    x-ray crystallography results
    x-ray crystallography revealed
    x-ray crystallography revealing
    x-ray crystallography reveals
    x-ray crystallography showed
    x-ray crystallography showing
    x-ray crystallography shows
    x-ray crystallography spectroscopic
    x-ray crystallography structures
    x-ray crystallography studies
    x-ray crystallography synthesized
    x-ray crystallography uv
    x-ray crystallography view
    x-ray crystallography x-ray
    x-ray crystallography xafs
    x-ray crystallography
    x-ray ct analysis
    x-ray ct diagnosis
    x-ray ct dose-response
    x-ray ct evaluation
    x-ray ct high-density
    x-ray ct imagery
    x-ray ct images
    x-ray ct image
    x-ray ct imaging
    x-ray ct inspection
    x-ray ct localization
    x-ray ct mini-system
    x-ray ct mri
    x-ray ct reconstruction
    x-ray ct reveals
    x-ray ct scanners
    x-ray ct scanner
    x-ray ct scanning
    x-ray ct scans
    x-ray ct scan
    x-ray ct study
    x-ray ct system
    x-ray damage rates
    x-ray dark field
    x-ray dark-field imaging
    x-ray dense cellular
    x-ray derived temperature
    x-ray detected agns
    x-ray detected agn
    x-ray detection condicoes
    x-ray detection efficiency
    x-ray detection rate
    x-ray detection system
    x-ray detection
    x-ray detector applications
    x-ray detector arrays
    x-ray detector array
    x-ray detector based
    x-ray detector characteristics
    x-ray detector cix
    x-ray detector dedicated
    x-ray detector hxd
    x-ray detector readout
    x-ray detector sxd
    x-ray detector system
    x-ray detector technology
    x-ray detectors applied
    x-ray detectors based
    x-ray detectors pcxds
    x-ray detectors saturation
    x-ray diagnostic equipment
    x-ray diagnostic examinations
    x-ray diagnostic exams
    x-ray diagnostic generator
    x-ray diagnostic installation
    x-ray diagnostic services
    x-ray diagnostic systems
    x-ray diagnostic techniques
    x-ray differential diagnosis
    x-ray differential phase
    x-ray diffraction 13c
    x-ray diffraction 1h
    x-ray diffraction 31p
    x-ray diffraction adxrd
    x-ray diffraction afm
    x-ray diffraction analyses
    x-ray diffraction analysis
    x-ray diffraction apparatus
    x-ray diffraction application
    x-ray diffraction apxrd
    x-ray diffraction atomic
    x-ray diffraction auger
    x-ray diffraction based
    x-ray diffraction beamline
    x-ray diffraction bet
    x-ray diffraction brunauer-emmett-teller
    x-ray diffraction cell
    x-ray diffraction characteristics
    x-ray diffraction characterizations
    x-ray diffraction characterization
    x-ray diffraction chemical
    x-ray diffraction combined
    x-ray diffraction complexes
    x-ray diffraction complex
    x-ray diffraction compounds
    x-ray diffraction compound
    x-ray diffraction computed
    x-ray diffraction confirmed
    x-ray diffraction confirms
    x-ray diffraction confirm
    x-ray diffraction contrast
    x-ray diffraction coupled
    x-ray diffraction cross-sectional
    x-ray diffraction crystallographic
    x-ray diffraction crystallography
    x-ray diffraction crystal
    x-ray diffraction cuantificacion
    x-ray diffraction curve
    x-ray diffraction cyclic
    x-ray diffraction dc
    x-ray diffraction demonstrated
    x-ray diffraction demonstrates
    x-ray diffraction density
    x-ray diffraction determinacion
    x-ray diffraction determinations
    x-ray diffraction determination
    x-ray diffraction dft
    x-ray diffraction diagrams
    x-ray diffraction differential
    x-ray diffraction dsc
    x-ray diffraction due
    x-ray diffraction dynamic
    x-ray diffraction edxrd
    x-ray diffraction edx
    x-ray diffraction effects
    x-ray diffraction effect
    x-ray diffraction effets
    x-ray diffraction electrical
    x-ray diffraction electron
    x-ray diffraction elemental
    x-ray diffraction energy-dispersive
    x-ray diffraction energy
    x-ray diffraction enhanced
    x-ray diffraction evidence
    x-ray diffraction examination
    x-ray diffraction experimental
    x-ray diffraction experiments
    x-ray diffraction experiment
    x-ray diffraction facility
    x-ray diffraction field-emission
    x-ray diffraction field
    x-ray diffraction film
    x-ray diffraction fluorescence
    x-ray diffraction fourier-transform
    x-ray diffraction fourier
    x-ray diffraction ft-ir
    x-ray diffraction ftir
    x-ray diffraction gaxrd
    x-ray diffraction gi-xrd
    x-ray diffraction gid
    x-ray diffraction gixd
    x-ray diffraction gixrd
    x-ray diffraction gratings
    x-ray diffraction grating
    x-ray diffraction gxrd
    x-ray diffraction hardness
    x-ray diffraction hexrd
    x-ray diffraction high-resolution
    x-ray diffraction highly
    x-ray diffraction high
    x-ray diffraction hr-xrd
    x-ray diffraction hrxrd
    x-ray diffraction ht-xrd
    x-ray diffraction htxrd
    x-ray diffraction identified
    x-ray diffraction images
    x-ray diffraction image
    x-ray diffraction imaging
    x-ray diffraction ina
    x-ray diffraction inductively
    x-ray diffraction infrared
    x-ray diffraction instrument
    x-ray diffraction intensities
    x-ray diffraction intensity
    x-ray diffraction interestingly
    x-ray diffraction investigations
    x-ray diffraction investigation
    x-ray diffraction ir
    x-ray diffraction laser
    x-ray diffraction lines
    x-ray diffraction line
    x-ray diffraction magnetic
    x-ray diffraction magnetization
    x-ray diffraction mapping
    x-ray diffraction mass
    x-ray diffraction measurements
    x-ray diffraction measurement
    x-ray diffraction metallographic
    x-ray diffraction metallography
    x-ray diffraction methods
    x-ray diffraction method
    x-ray diffraction micro-raman
    x-ray diffraction micro-xrd
    x-ray diffraction microprobe
    x-ray diffraction microscope
    x-ray diffraction microscopy
    x-ray diffraction microtomography
    x-ray diffraction mineralogy
    x-ray diffraction moessbauer
    x-ray diffraction molecular
    x-ray diffraction n2
    x-ray diffraction neutron
    x-ray diffraction nitrogen
    x-ray diffraction nmr
    x-ray diffraction nuclear
    x-ray diffraction observations
    x-ray diffraction optical
    x-ray diffraction particle
    x-ray diffraction patterns
    x-ray diffraction pattern
    x-ray diffraction peaks
    x-ray diffraction peak
    x-ray diffraction performed
    x-ray diffraction phase
    x-ray diffraction photographs
    x-ray diffraction photoluminescence
    x-ray diffraction physical
    x-ray diffraction polarized
    x-ray diffraction pole
    x-ray diffraction powder
    x-ray diffraction preliminary
    x-ray diffraction procedures
    x-ray diffraction profiles
    x-ray diffraction profile
    x-ray diffraction project
    x-ray diffraction properties
    x-ray diffraction qxrd
    x-ray diffraction raman
    x-ray diffraction reaction
    x-ray diffraction reciprocal
    x-ray diffraction refinement
    x-ray diffraction reflection
    x-ray diffraction resistivity
    x-ray diffraction results
    x-ray diffraction result
    x-ray diffraction revealed
    x-ray diffraction revealing
    x-ray diffraction reveals
    x-ray diffraction reveal
    x-ray diffraction rietveld
    x-ray diffraction rocking
    x-ray diffraction rutherford
    x-ray diffraction saxd
    x-ray diffraction saxrd
    x-ray diffraction scanning
    x-ray diffraction scans
    x-ray diffraction sem
    x-ray diffraction showed
    x-ray diffraction showing
    x-ray diffraction shows
    x-ray diffraction show
    x-ray diffraction signal
    x-ray diffraction signatures
    x-ray diffraction significant
    x-ray diffraction simulator
    x-ray diffraction single-crystal
    x-ray diffraction single
    x-ray diffraction small-angle
    x-ray diffraction small
    x-ray diffraction solid-state
    x-ray diffraction solid
    x-ray diffraction space
    x-ray diffraction specific
    x-ray diffraction spectra
    x-ray diffraction spectrometry
    x-ray diffraction spectroscopic
    x-ray diffraction spectroscopy
    x-ray diffraction spectrum
    x-ray diffraction spots
    x-ray diffraction sr-xrd
    x-ray diffraction srxrd
    x-ray diffraction stress
    x-ray diffraction structural
    x-ray diffraction structures
    x-ray diffraction structure
    x-ray diffraction studies
    x-ray diffraction study
    x-ray diffraction suggests
    x-ray diffraction suggest
    x-ray diffraction surface
    x-ray diffraction sxrd
    x-ray diffraction system
    x-ray diffraction techniques
    x-ray diffraction technique
    x-ray diffraction temperature
    x-ray diffraction tem
    x-ray diffraction tensile
    x-ray diffraction tests
    x-ray diffraction tf-xrd
    x-ray diffraction thermal
    x-ray diffraction thermogravimetric
    x-ray diffraction thermogravimetry
    x-ray diffraction thin
    x-ray diffraction tomography
    x-ray diffraction topography
    x-ray diffraction tr-xrd
    x-ray diffraction trxrd
    x-ray diffraction ultraviolet-visible
    x-ray diffraction uv-vis-nir
    x-ray diffraction uv-visible
    x-ray diffraction uv-vis
    x-ray diffraction vibrating
    x-ray diffraction vibrational
    x-ray diffraction visible
    x-ray diffraction waxd
    x-ray diffraction waxrd
    x-ray diffraction work
    x-ray diffraction wxrd
    x-ray diffraction x-ray
    x-ray diffraction xps
    x-ray diffraction xrd
    x-ray diffraction xrpd
    x-ray diffractions xrd
    x-ray diffraction
    x-ray diffractive imaging
    x-ray diffractometer configurations
    x-ray diffractometer measurements
    x-ray diffractometer xrd
    x-ray diffractometers
    x-ray diffractometry applications
    x-ray diffractometry auger
    x-ray diffractometry confirmed
    x-ray diffractometry electron
    x-ray diffractometry fourier
    x-ray diffractometry hrxrd
    x-ray diffractometry microprobe
    x-ray diffractometry pxrd
    x-ray diffractometry raman
    x-ray diffractometry revealed
    x-ray diffractometry scanning
    x-ray diffractometry studies
    x-ray diffractometry transmission
    x-ray diffractometry x-ray
    x-ray diffrction study
    x-ray diffuse background
    x-ray diffuse emission
    x-ray diffuse scattering
    x-ray digital camera
    x-ray digital imaging
    x-ray digital radiography
    x-ray digital subtraction
    x-ray digital systems
    x-ray dim isolated
    x-ray diode array
    x-ray dipper 4u
    x-ray dispersive analysis
    x-ray domain --
    x-ray dominated regions
    x-ray dose enhancement
    x-ray dose irradiation
    x-ray dose rate
    x-ray dose reduction
    x-ray dose response
    x-ray dosimetric properties
    x-ray dosimetry studies
    x-ray dosimetry
    x-ray dot mapping
    x-ray double crystal
    x-ray double waveband
    x-ray driven ablation
    x-ray driven chemistry
    x-ray drug delivery
    x-ray dynamic defectoscopy
    x-ray dynamical diffraction
    x-ray eclipse transitions
    x-ray edax analysis
    x-ray edge singularity
    x-ray edx analysis
    x-ray edx microanalysis
    x-ray edx spectra
    x-ray edx spectrometer
    x-ray edx spectroscopy
    x-ray elastic constants
    x-ray electron radiation
    x-ray electron-density maps
    x-ray elemental mapping
    x-ray elemental maps
    x-ray emission accompanying
    x-ray emission analysis
    x-ray emission appears
    x-ray emission applied
    x-ray emission arises
    x-ray emission bands
    x-ray emission based
    x-ray emission characteristics
    x-ray emission characterization
    x-ray emission components
    x-ray emission component
    x-ray emission cross
    x-ray emission detected
    x-ray emission due
    x-ray emission dynamics
    x-ray emission indicating
    x-ray emission induced
    x-ray emission intensities
    x-ray emission intensity
    x-ray emission lines
    x-ray emission line
    x-ray emission measurements
    x-ray emission measure
    x-ray emission mechanisms
    x-ray emission mechanism
    x-ray emission method
    x-ray emission micro-pixe
    x-ray emission models
    x-ray emission observed
    x-ray emission originates
    x-ray emission originating
    x-ray emission peaks
    x-ray emission peak
    x-ray emission pixe
    x-ray emission powered
    x-ray emission processes
    x-ray emission process
    x-ray emission produced
    x-ray emission profiles
    x-ray emission properties
    x-ray emission rate
    x-ray emission region
    x-ray emission results
    x-ray emission shows
    x-ray emission spectra
    x-ray emission spectrometer
    x-ray emission spectrometry
    x-ray emission spectroscopies
    x-ray emission spectroscopy
    x-ray emission spectrum
    x-ray emission srixe
    x-ray emission studies
    x-ray emission study
    x-ray emission suggesting
    x-ray emission suggests
    x-ray emission techniques
    x-ray emission technique
    x-ray emission x-ray
    x-ray emitting ejecta
    x-ray emitting gas
    x-ray emitting ghz-peaked
    x-ray emitting gps
    x-ray emitting hot
    x-ray emitting intracluster
    x-ray emitting material
    x-ray emitting mhd
    x-ray emitting objects
    x-ray emitting plasmas
    x-ray emitting plasma
    x-ray emitting regions
    x-ray emitting region
    x-ray emitting sources
    x-ray emitting stars
    x-ray emitting temperatures
    x-ray emitting white
    x-ray energies ranging
    x-ray energy bands
    x-ray energy band
    x-ray energy conversion
    x-ray energy dependence
    x-ray energy deposition
    x-ray energy dispersion
    x-ray energy dispersive
    x-ray energy flux
    x-ray energy level
    x-ray energy radiated
    x-ray energy range
    x-ray energy region
    x-ray energy resolution
    x-ray energy response
    x-ray energy shifts
    x-ray energy spectra
    x-ray energy spectroscopy
    x-ray energy spectrum
    x-ray energy-dispersive nde
    x-ray energy-dispersive spectrometry
    x-ray energy-dispersive spectroscopy
    x-ray entangled photon
    x-ray equipment emplacement
    x-ray equipment quality
    x-ray equipment
    x-ray error circle
    x-ray estudio bioquimico-molecular
    x-ray event analyzer
    x-ray evolving universe
    x-ray examination showed
    x-ray examinations general
    x-ray excess variance
    x-ray excited auger
    x-ray excited luminescence
    x-ray excited optical
    x-ray exposure chronic
    x-ray exposure dose
    x-ray exposure mask
    x-ray exposure time
    x-ray extended range
    x-ray extended structure
    x-ray extended-range technique
    x-ray fan beam
    x-ray fel based
    x-ray fel design
    x-ray fel facilities
    x-ray fel facility
    x-ray fel operates
    x-ray fel operating
    x-ray fel performance
    x-ray fel pulses
    x-ray fel pulse
    x-ray fiber diffraction
    x-ray fibre diffraction
    x-ray fiducial marker
    x-ray field size
    x-ray fields determinacao
    x-ray fields identified
    x-ray film holder
    x-ray film revealed
    x-ray films showed
    x-ray film
    x-ray filters employed
    x-ray final technical
    x-ray fine structure
    x-ray flare emission
    x-ray flare hazards
    x-ray flare size
    x-ray flares observed
    x-ray flares occurring
    x-ray flaring activity
    x-ray flaring emission
    x-ray flaring stars
    x-ray flash radiography
    x-ray flash xrf
    x-ray flashes xrfs
    x-ray flat panel
    x-ray florescence analysis
    x-ray fluorescence absorption
    x-ray fluorescence analise
    x-ray fluorescence analyses
    x-ray fluorescence analysis
    x-ray fluorescence analytical
    x-ray fluorescence analyzers
    x-ray fluorescence analyzer
    x-ray fluorescence applications
    x-ray fluorescence atomic
    x-ray fluorescence beamline
    x-ray fluorescence computed
    x-ray fluorescence cross-sections
    x-ray fluorescence cross
    x-ray fluorescence detection
    x-ray fluorescence determinacion
    x-ray fluorescence determination
    x-ray fluorescence ed-xrf
    x-ray fluorescence edxrf
    x-ray fluorescence elemental
    x-ray fluorescence emissions
    x-ray fluorescence emission
    x-ray fluorescence excited
    x-ray fluorescence experiments
    x-ray fluorescence experiment
    x-ray fluorescence fpxrf
    x-ray fluorescence holography
    x-ray fluorescence images
    x-ray fluorescence imaging
    x-ray fluorescence induced
    x-ray fluorescence instruments
    x-ray fluorescence instrument
    x-ray fluorescence laboratory
    x-ray fluorescence lines
    x-ray fluorescence logging
    x-ray fluorescence mapping
    x-ray fluorescence maps
    x-ray fluorescence measurements
    x-ray fluorescence measurement
    x-ray fluorescence methodology
    x-ray fluorescence methods
    x-ray fluorescence method
    x-ray fluorescence microanalysis
    x-ray fluorescence microprobes
    x-ray fluorescence microprobe
    x-ray fluorescence microscopy
    x-ray fluorescence microtomography
    x-ray fluorescence neutron
    x-ray fluorescence pxrf
    x-ray fluorescence s-xrf
    x-ray fluorescence sensitivity
    x-ray fluorescence showed
    x-ray fluorescence signals
    x-ray fluorescence signal
    x-ray fluorescence spectra
    x-ray fluorescence spectrometers
    x-ray fluorescence spectrometer
    x-ray fluorescence spectrometric
    x-ray fluorescence spectrometry
    x-ray fluorescence spectromicroscopy
    x-ray fluorescence spectroscopic
    x-ray fluorescence spectroscopies
    x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
    x-ray fluorescence spectrum
    x-ray fluorescence sr-xrf
    x-ray fluorescence srs-xrf
    x-ray fluorescence srxrf
    x-ray fluorescence study
    x-ray fluorescence sxrf
    x-ray fluorescence systems
    x-ray fluorescence system
    x-ray fluorescence techniques
    x-ray fluorescence technique
    x-ray fluorescence technology
    x-ray fluorescence tests
    x-ray fluorescence thin
    x-ray fluorescence tomography
    x-ray fluorescence txrf
    x-ray fluorescence wdxrf
    x-ray fluorescence x-ray
    x-ray fluorescence xrf
    x-ray fluorescence yields
    x-ray fluorescence yield
    x-ray fluorescence-x-ray absorption
    x-ray fluorescent analysis
    x-ray fluorescent analyzer
    x-ray fluorescent material
    x-ray fluorescent scanning
    x-ray fluorescent spectroscopy
    x-ray fluorescent tests
    x-ray fluoroscopic images
    x-ray fluoroscopy images
    x-ray fluoroscopy system
    x-ray flux density
    x-ray flux increased
    x-ray flux measurements
    x-ray flux observed
    x-ray flux ratio
    x-ray flux variations
    x-ray flux-limited hiflugcs
    x-ray flux-limited sample
    x-ray focal plane
    x-ray focal spots
    x-ray focal spot
    x-ray focusing mirrors
    x-ray focusing optics
    x-ray focusing telescopes
    x-ray follow-up observations
    x-ray form factor
    x-ray fourier transform
    x-ray fovea imaging
    x-ray framing cameras
    x-ray framing camera
    x-ray free-electron lasers
    x-ray free-electron laser
    x-ray free-electron-laser pulses
    x-ray full-field microscope
    x-ray fxr accelerator
    x-ray galaxies
    x-ray galaxy clusters
    x-ray galaxy cluster
    x-ray gamma ray
    x-ray gas mass
    x-ray generation high
    x-ray generator based
    x-ray generator consists
    x-ray generator designed
    x-ray generator nestor
    x-ray generator utilizing
    x-ray globular cluster
    x-ray grating interferometer
    x-ray grating interferometry
    x-ray grating spectrometer
    x-ray grating spectrometry
    x-ray grating spectroscopy
    x-ray grazing incidence
    x-ray halo--igm interface
    x-ray hard x-ray
    x-ray hardness ratios
    x-ray hardness ratio
    x-ray harmonic comb
    x-ray heated low-z
    x-ray high state
    x-ray high-resolution imaging
    x-ray holographic imaging
    x-ray holographic microscopy
    x-ray hot spots
    x-ray hot spot
    x-ray hotspot flares
    x-ray hst ultraviolet
    x-ray hxr emission
    x-ray illuminated disks
    x-ray image acquisition
    x-ray image analysis
    x-ray image convertor
    x-ray image detectors
    x-ray image detector
    x-ray image guidance
    x-ray image guided
    x-ray image intensifiers
    x-ray image intensifier
    x-ray image jpg
    x-ray image maxi
    x-ray image mission
    x-ray image processing
    x-ray image quality
    x-ray image sensors
    x-ray image sensor
    x-ray imager hxi
    x-ray imager onboard
    x-ray imager sxi
    x-ray images acquired
    x-ray images based
    x-ray images obtained
    x-ray images showed
    x-ray images show
    x-ray imaging applications
    x-ray imaging arrays
    x-ray imaging based
    x-ray imaging cameras
    x-ray imaging capabilities
    x-ray imaging capability
    x-ray imaging combined
    x-ray imaging conditions
    x-ray imaging crystal
    x-ray imaging cxi
    x-ray imaging detectors
    x-ray imaging detector
    x-ray imaging devices
    x-ray imaging device
    x-ray imaging diagnostics
    x-ray imaging diagnostic
    x-ray imaging dose
    x-ray imaging etude
    x-ray imaging experiments
    x-ray imaging experiment
    x-ray imaging facilities
    x-ray imaging ii
    x-ray imaging instruments
    x-ray imaging instrument
    x-ray imaging methods
    x-ray imaging method
    x-ray imaging microscope
    x-ray imaging mission
    x-ray imaging modality
    x-ray imaging observations
    x-ray imaging observation
    x-ray imaging optics
    x-ray imaging performance
    x-ray imaging properties
    x-ray imaging rocket
    x-ray imaging scintillators
    x-ray imaging scope
    x-ray imaging semiconductor
    x-ray imaging sensors
    x-ray imaging sensor
    x-ray imaging shows
    x-ray imaging spatial
    x-ray imaging spectrometers
    x-ray imaging spectrometer
    x-ray imaging spectroscopy
    x-ray imaging studies
    x-ray imaging survey
    x-ray imaging systems
    x-ray imaging system
    x-ray imaging techniques
    x-ray imaging technique
    x-ray imaging technologies
    x-ray imaging technology
    x-ray imaging telescopes
    x-ray imaging telescope
    x-ray impurity emission
    x-ray in-line phase
    x-ray in-situ residual
    x-ray in-vivo phase-contrast
    x-ray induced acceleration
    x-ray induced activation
    x-ray induced auger
    x-ray induced chemical
    x-ray induced chromosomal
    x-ray induced chromosome
    x-ray induced damage
    x-ray induced decay
    x-ray induced dna
    x-ray induced fluorescence
    x-ray induced mutations
    x-ray induced photoelectron
    x-ray induced rat
    x-ray induced solution
    x-ray induced transient
    x-ray induced translocations
    x-ray industrial ct
    x-ray inelastic scattering
    x-ray initiated polymerization
    x-ray injector modeling
    x-ray insertion device
    x-ray inspection systems
    x-ray inspection system
    x-ray intensifying screens
    x-ray intensifying screen
    x-ray intensity distribution
    x-ray intensity fluctuation
    x-ray intensity interferometer
    x-ray intensity measurements
    x-ray intensity monitors
    x-ray intensity pattern
    x-ray intensity ratios
    x-ray intensity ratio
    x-ray interaction limits
    x-ray intravital microscopy
    x-ray inverse compton
    x-ray inverse-compton emission
    x-ray iron line
    x-ray irradiated 7-valent
    x-ray irradiated mice
    x-ray irradiated mouse
    x-ray irradiated protoplanetary
    x-ray irradiated rats
    x-ray irradiation effects
    x-ray irradiation performed
    x-ray isotope shifts
    x-ray k-edge analysis
    x-ray k-edge measurement
    x-ray key technologies
    x-ray komplikationen der
    x-ray laser applications
    x-ray laser beam
    x-ray laser calscan
    x-ray laser cavity
    x-ray laser development
    x-ray laser experiments
    x-ray laser gain
    x-ray laser illumination
    x-ray laser induced
    x-ray laser interferometer
    x-ray laser interferometry
    x-ray laser line
    x-ray laser medium
    x-ray laser microscope
    x-ray laser operating
    x-ray laser output
    x-ray laser photons
    x-ray laser plasmas
    x-ray laser plasma
    x-ray laser probe
    x-ray laser program
    x-ray laser pulses
    x-ray laser pulse
    x-ray laser pumped
    x-ray laser radiation
    x-ray laser research
    x-ray laser satellites
    x-ray laser schemes
    x-ray laser scheme
    x-ray laser sources
    x-ray laser source
    x-ray laser spectral
    x-ray laser spectra
    x-ray laser spectroscopy
    x-ray laser studies
    x-ray laser sxrl
    x-ray laser system
    x-ray laser targets
    x-ray laser target
    x-ray laser transitions
    x-ray laser transition
    x-ray laser xrl
    x-ray lasers based
    x-ray lasers book
    x-ray lasers held
    x-ray lasers pumped
    x-ray lasers xrls
    x-ray lasers
    x-ray lasing action
    x-ray laue diffraction
    x-ray light curves
    x-ray light curve
    x-ray light sources
    x-ray light source
    x-ray light valve
    x-ray line broadening
    x-ray line emission
    x-ray line energy
    x-ray line intensities
    x-ray line measurements
    x-ray line polarization
    x-ray line profiles
    x-ray line profile
    x-ray line ratios
    x-ray line shape
    x-ray line source
    x-ray line spectra
    x-ray linear attenuation
    x-ray linear dichroism
    x-ray lithography dxrl
    x-ray lithography electroforming
    x-ray lithography fabrication
    x-ray lithography masks
    x-ray lithography process
    x-ray lithography source
    x-ray luminosities lx
    x-ray luminosity --
    x-ray luminosity functions
    x-ray luminosity function
    x-ray luminosity increases
    x-ray luminosity lx
    x-ray luminosity redshift
    x-ray luminosity temperature
    x-ray luminosity-temperature relation
    x-ray luminous central
    x-ray luminous clusters
    x-ray luminous cluster
    x-ray luminous elliptical
    x-ray luminous galaxy
    x-ray luminous narrow-
    x-ray luminous young
    x-ray m-shell spectra
    x-ray machine operator
    x-ray machine sends
    x-ray magnetic circular
    x-ray magnetic dichroism
    x-ray magnetic diffraction
    x-ray magnetic linear
    x-ray magnetic resonance
    x-ray magnetic scattering
    x-ray major instrument
    x-ray mapping combined
    x-ray mapping icp-oes
    x-ray mapping techniques
    x-ray mapping technique
    x-ray mask membrane
    x-ray mask technology
    x-ray mask tool
    x-ray mass absorption
    x-ray mass attenuation
    x-ray mass estimates
    x-ray mbfex source
    x-ray measurement cir-x
    x-ray measurements show
    x-ray medical accelerators
    x-ray medical diagnostic
    x-ray medical imaging
    x-ray micro analysis
    x-ray micro beam
    x-ray micro computed
    x-ray micro diffraction
    x-ray micro pore
    x-ray micro tomography
    x-ray micro-beam induced
    x-ray micro-calorimeter based
    x-ray micro-computed tomography
    x-ray micro-tomography xmt
    x-ray microanalysis confirmed
    x-ray microanalysis edax
    x-ray microanalysis eds
    x-ray microanalysis edx
    x-ray microanalysis epma
    x-ray microanalysis epxma
    x-ray microanalysis low-z
    x-ray microanalysis revealed
    x-ray microanalysis showed
    x-ray microanalysis study
    x-ray microanalysis techniques
    x-ray microanalysis xrma
    x-ray microanalytic studies
    x-ray microanalytical examination
    x-ray microanalytical study
    x-ray microanalytical techniques
    x-ray microbeam diffraction
    x-ray microbeam mapping
    x-ray microbeam track
    x-ray microbeams tumor
    x-ray microcalorimeter arrays
    x-ray microcalorimeter spectrometer
    x-ray microcalorimeters based
    x-ray microchannel plate
    x-ray microcomputed tomography
    x-ray microdiffraction analysis
    x-ray microdiffraction atomic
    x-ray microdiffraction beamline
    x-ray microdiffraction characterization
    x-ray microdiffraction studies
    x-ray microdiffraction technique
    x-ray microfluorescence analysis
    x-ray microfluorescence imaging
    x-ray microfocus computed
    x-ray microplanar beams
    x-ray microprobe analyses
    x-ray microprobe analysis
    x-ray microprobe beam
    x-ray microprobe studies
    x-ray microprobe system
    x-ray microradiology investigation
    x-ray microscope design
    x-ray microscope stxm
    x-ray microscope sxm
    x-ray microscope system
    x-ray microscope txm
    x-ray microscope xm-1
    x-ray microscopic images
    x-ray microscopic techniques
    x-ray microscopic visualization
    x-ray microscopy applications
    x-ray microscopy combined
    x-ray microscopy coupled
    x-ray microscopy resource
    x-ray microscopy studies
    x-ray microscopy study
    x-ray microscopy stxm
    x-ray microscopy system
    x-ray microscopy techniques
    x-ray microscopy technique
    x-ray microscopy txm
    x-ray microscopy-imaging fast
    x-ray microsource based
    x-ray microstrip detectors
    x-ray microtomography caracterizacao
    x-ray microtomography description
    x-ray microtomography electron
    x-ray microtomography images
    x-ray microtomography microct
    x-ray microtomography system
    x-ray microtomography three-dimensional
    x-ray microtomography xmt
    x-ray millisecond pulsars
    x-ray millisecond pulsar
    x-ray mirror assembly
    x-ray mirror design
    x-ray mirror mandrel
    x-ray mirror modules
    x-ray mirror optics
    x-ray mirror system
    x-ray mirrors exposed
    x-ray mission concepts
    x-ray mission operating
    x-ray modulation telescope
    x-ray molecular probe
    x-ray molecular structures
    x-ray molecular structure
    x-ray monitor aboard
    x-ray monitor jem-x
    x-ray monitoring campaign
    x-ray monitoring observations
    x-ray morphology joints
    x-ray morphology thorax
    x-ray multi mirror
    x-ray multi-energy introscopy
    x-ray multi-microbeam irradiation
    x-ray multi-mirror mission
    x-ray multi-mirror xmm
    x-ray multilayer mirrors
    x-ray multilayer mirror
    x-ray multilayer optics
    x-ray multilayer vls
    x-ray multilayers optimized
    x-ray multiple diffraction
    x-ray nanoprobe beamline
    x-ray natural circular
    x-ray ndt system
    x-ray near-edge absorption
    x-ray neutron stars
    x-ray nonlinear optical
    x-ray nova 4u
    x-ray nuclear activity
    x-ray number counts
    x-ray objects shortly
    x-ray obscured seyfert
    x-ray observations performed
    x-ray observations reveal
    x-ray observations show
    x-ray observations yield
    x-ray observatories chandra
    x-ray observatory astronomers
    x-ray observatory center
    x-ray observatory cxo
    x-ray observatory designed
    x-ray observatory hubble
    x-ray observatory image
    x-ray observatory ixo
    x-ray observatory mirror
    x-ray observatory mission
    x-ray observatory observations
    x-ray observatory photos
    x-ray observatory scientists
    x-ray observatory xmm-newton
    x-ray occultation sounding
    x-ray off-specular scattering
    x-ray optical components
    x-ray optical depth
    x-ray optical elements
    x-ray optical memory
    x-ray optical systems
    x-ray optical system
    x-ray optics applications
    x-ray optics design
    x-ray optics fabrication
    x-ray optics research
    x-ray optics sxo
    x-ray optics technology
    x-ray orbital modulation
    x-ray outburst occurred
    x-ray output spectrum
    x-ray pair distribution
    x-ray particle size
    x-ray peak flux
    x-ray peak profile
    x-ray pencil beam
    x-ray pha measurement
    x-ray phase analysis
    x-ray phase contrast
    x-ray phase imaging
    x-ray phase plates
    x-ray phase retrieval
    x-ray phase tomography
    x-ray phase-contrast imaging
    x-ray phase-contrast micro-ct
    x-ray phase-contrast tomography
    x-ray phase-enhanced imaging
    x-ray photo electron
    x-ray photo-electron spectroscopy
    x-ray photodiodes calibrated
    x-ray photoelectric polarimeter
    x-ray photoelectric spectroscopy
    x-ray photoelectron analysis
    x-ray photoelectron diffraction
    x-ray photoelectron distributions
    x-ray photoelectron emission
    x-ray photoelectron microscopy
    x-ray photoelectron spectra
    x-ray photoelectron spectrometer
    x-ray photoelectron spectrometry
    x-ray photoelectron spectroscope
    x-ray photoelectron spectroscopic
    x-ray photoelectron spectroscopies
    x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
    x-ray photoelectron spectrum
    x-ray photoelectron studies
    x-ray photoelectron study
    x-ray photoelectron xps
    x-ray photoelectronic spectroscopy
    x-ray photoemission electron
    x-ray photoemission measurements
    x-ray photoemission spectra
    x-ray photoemission spectromicroscopy
    x-ray photoemission spectroscopy
    x-ray photoemission spectrum
    x-ray photoemission studies
    x-ray photoemission study
    x-ray photoemission xps
    x-ray photoemissionelectron microscope
    x-ray photoionization studies
    x-ray photoionized media
    x-ray photon correlation
    x-ray photon counting
    x-ray photon energies
    x-ray photon energy
    x-ray photon index
    x-ray photon indices
    x-ray photon scattering
    x-ray photon spectroscopy
    x-ray photons emitted
    x-ray picture computer
    x-ray pinhole cameras
    x-ray pinhole camera
    x-ray pinhole images
    x-ray pinhole imaging
    x-ray pinpoint structural
    x-ray piv technique
    x-ray pixel detectors
    x-ray pnccds combined
    x-ray point sources
    x-ray point source
    x-ray polarimeter based
    x-ray polarimeter calibration
    x-ray polarimeter designed
    x-ray polarimeter polar
    x-ray polarimeter sxrp
    x-ray polarimeter x-calibur
    x-ray polarimetry applications
    x-ray polarimetry promises
    x-ray polarization analyser
    x-ray polarization measurements
    x-ray polarization measurement
    x-ray polarization signatures
    x-ray pole figures
    x-ray pole figure
    x-ray position detection
    x-ray positioning system
    x-ray powder analysis
    x-ray powder diffraction
    x-ray powder diffractograms
    x-ray powder diffractometer
    x-ray powder diffractometry
    x-ray powder patterns
    x-ray powder pattern
    x-ray powder structure
    x-ray powder-diffraction pattern
    x-ray power density
    x-ray power diagnostic
    x-ray power diffraction
    x-ray power distribution
    x-ray power generation
    x-ray power law
    x-ray power scaling
    x-ray probe experiments
    x-ray probe laue
    x-ray probe pulses
    x-ray probe pulse
    x-ray probe techniques
    x-ray production cross-sections
    x-ray production cross-section
    x-ray production cross
    x-ray production induced
    x-ray production mechanism
    x-ray production process
    x-ray projection images
    x-ray projection image
    x-ray projection imaging
    x-ray projection lithography
    x-ray protein nanocrystallography
    x-ray pulsar 1e
    x-ray pulsar 1rxs
    x-ray pulsar 4u
    x-ray pulsar atmospheres
    x-ray pulsar axp
    x-ray pulsar cen
    x-ray pulsar cxou
    x-ray pulsar gro
    x-ray pulsar igrj17511-3057
    x-ray pulsar igr
    x-ray pulsar ks
    x-ray pulsar observed
    x-ray pulsar powering
    x-ray pulsar profiles
    x-ray pulsar psr
    x-ray pulsar sax
    x-ray pulsar swift
    x-ray pulsar wind
    x-ray pulsar xte
    x-ray pulsars axps
    x-ray pulsars based
    x-ray pulsating companion
    x-ray pulse compression
    x-ray pulse durations
    x-ray pulse duration
    x-ray pulse generation
    x-ray pulse height
    x-ray pulse length
    x-ray pulse measurement
    x-ray pulse period
    x-ray pulse profiles
    x-ray pulse profile
    x-ray pulse science
    x-ray pulse shape
    x-ray pulse width
    x-ray pulses driven
    x-ray pulses generated
    x-ray pulses produced
    x-ray quality crystals
    x-ray quantum efficiency
    x-ray quantum noise
    x-ray quasi-periodic oscillations
    x-ray radiation coming
    x-ray radiation damage
    x-ray radiation detectors
    x-ray radiation dose
    x-ray radiation dosimeter
    x-ray radiation effects
    x-ray radiation emitted
    x-ray radiation fields
    x-ray radiation field
    x-ray radiation generated
    x-ray radiation mechanisms
    x-ray radiation pxr
    x-ray radiation sources
    x-ray radiation source
    x-ray radiation therapy
    x-ray radiogrammetry dxr
    x-ray radiogrammetry identifies
    x-ray radiogrammetry normative
    x-ray radiogrammetry theoretical
    x-ray radiograph ct
    x-ray radiographic images
    x-ray radiographic imaging
    x-ray radiographic systems
    x-ray radiographs show
    x-ray radiography biomedical
    x-ray radiography system
    x-ray radiography techniques
    x-ray radiography technique
    x-ray radiography
    x-ray radiology apparatus
    x-ray radiometric separation
    x-ray raman scattering
    x-ray raman spectra
    x-ray raman spectroscopy
    x-ray reciprocal space
    x-ray reduction camera
    x-ray refinement application
    x-ray reflected spectra
    x-ray reflection characteristics
    x-ray reflection efficiencies
    x-ray reflection gratings
    x-ray reflectivities theory
    x-ray reflectivity analysis
    x-ray reflectivity characterization
    x-ray reflectivity curves
    x-ray reflectivity experiments
    x-ray reflectivity measurements
    x-ray reflectivity results
    x-ray reflectivity shows
    x-ray reflectivity studies
    x-ray reflectivity study
    x-ray reflectivity system
    x-ray reflectivity techniques
    x-ray reflectivity technique
    x-ray reflectivity x-ray
    x-ray reflectivity xrr
    x-ray reflectivity xr
    x-ray reflectometry measurements
    x-ray reflectometry solid
    x-ray reflectometry tests
    x-ray reflectometry xrr
    x-ray refraction contrast
    x-ray refraction images
    x-ray refractive index
    x-ray refractive lens
    x-ray region 20-75
    x-ray renninger scan
    x-ray repair complementing
    x-ray repair cross-complementing
    x-ray repair cross
    x-ray residual stress
    x-ray resonance magnetic
    x-ray resonant magnetic
    x-ray resonant raman
    x-ray resonant scattering
    x-ray resonant spectra
    x-ray rietveld analysis
    x-ray rocking curves
    x-ray rocking curve
    x-ray rotational angiography
    x-ray rrs spectra
    x-ray sase fels
    x-ray sase fel
    x-ray satellite emission
    x-ray satellite observatory
    x-ray scaling relations
    x-ray scalpel device
    x-ray scanner prototype
    x-ray scanning electron
    x-ray scanning lodox-statscan
    x-ray scanning micro-diffractometry
    x-ray scanning microdiffraction
    x-ray scanning transmission
    x-ray scatter correction
    x-ray scatter imaging
    x-ray scattering analyses
    x-ray scattering analysis
    x-ray scattering approaches
    x-ray scattering asaxs
    x-ray scattering beamline
    x-ray scattering characterization
    x-ray scattering combined
    x-ray scattering contrast
    x-ray scattering cross
    x-ray scattering curves
    x-ray scattering differential
    x-ray scattering diffraction
    x-ray scattering electron
    x-ray scattering experiments
    x-ray scattering experiment
    x-ray scattering fluorescence
    x-ray scattering gisaxs
    x-ray scattering giwaxs
    x-ray scattering gixs
    x-ray scattering halos
    x-ray scattering hexs
    x-ray scattering images
    x-ray scattering instrument
    x-ray scattering intensities
    x-ray scattering intensity
    x-ray scattering investigations
    x-ray scattering investigation
    x-ray scattering ixs
    x-ray scattering laxs
    x-ray scattering measurements
    x-ray scattering measurement
    x-ray scattering methods
    x-ray scattering method
    x-ray scattering nixs
    x-ray scattering nrixs
    x-ray scattering observations
    x-ray scattering patterns
    x-ray scattering pattern
    x-ray scattering profiles
    x-ray scattering profile
    x-ray scattering results
    x-ray scattering revealed
    x-ray scattering reveals
    x-ray scattering reveal
    x-ray scattering review
    x-ray scattering rixs
    x-ray scattering rsxs
    x-ray scattering rxs
    x-ray scattering saxs
    x-ray scattering set-up
    x-ray scattering showed
    x-ray scattering shows
    x-ray scattering show
    x-ray scattering spectra
    x-ray scattering spectroscopy
    x-ray scattering station
    x-ray scattering structural
    x-ray scattering studies
    x-ray scattering study
    x-ray scattering swaxs
    x-ray scattering sxs
    x-ray scattering techniques
    x-ray scattering technique
    x-ray scattering transmission
    x-ray scattering usaxs
    x-ray scattering waxs
    x-ray scattering x-ray
    x-ray science division
    x-ray science facility
    x-ray science lux
    x-ray security scanners
    x-ray selected active
    x-ray selected agns
    x-ray selected agn
    x-ray selected bl
    x-ray selected clusters
    x-ray selected cluster
    x-ray selected galaxy
    x-ray selected groups
    x-ray selected qso
    x-ray selected samples
    x-ray selected sample
    x-ray selected seyfert
    x-ray selected type
    x-ray selected xbl
    x-ray self-amplified spontaneous
    x-ray self-emission images
    x-ray self-emission imaging
    x-ray sem-edx analysis
    x-ray sensitive ccd
    x-ray sensitive film
    x-ray sensitive material
    x-ray sensitive phosphor
    x-ray sensor xrs
    x-ray shadow cast
    x-ray shadow mask
    x-ray shadowing experiments
    x-ray shallow decays
    x-ray significantly reduced
    x-ray simulation tool
    x-ray single crystal
    x-ray single-crystal analyses
    x-ray single-crystal analysis
    x-ray single-crystal diffraction
    x-ray single-crystal structures
    x-ray single-crystal structure
    x-ray sky monitoring
    x-ray sky survey
    x-ray sky x-ray
    x-ray small angle
    x-ray small-angle scattering
    x-ray soft x-ray
    x-ray solar flares
    x-ray solar flare
    x-ray solar imager
    x-ray solar imaging
    x-ray solar monitor
    x-ray solution scattering
    x-ray source 1e
    x-ray source 1rxs
    x-ray source 4u
    x-ray source array
    x-ray source based
    x-ray source brightness
    x-ray source catalogue
    x-ray source coincident
    x-ray source content
    x-ray source correlations
    x-ray source counterparts
    x-ray source counts
    x-ray source cxou
    x-ray source detection
    x-ray source development
    x-ray source discovered
    x-ray source hlx-1
    x-ray source holmberg
    x-ray source igrj17511-3057
    x-ray source imaxs
    x-ray source located
    x-ray source lucx
    x-ray source m82
    x-ray source motion
    x-ray source ngc
    x-ray source operating
    x-ray source polarization
    x-ray source populations
    x-ray source population
    x-ray source produced
    x-ray source rx
    x-ray source size
    x-ray source sss
    x-ray source studies
    x-ray source trajectory
    x-ray source ulx
    x-ray source x-ray
    x-ray source xte
    x-ray sources based
    x-ray sources detected
    x-ray sources discovered
    x-ray sources driven
    x-ray sources due
    x-ray sources forming
    x-ray sources generated
    x-ray sources identified
    x-ray sources including
    x-ray sources novae
    x-ray sources observed
    x-ray sources offer
    x-ray sources ssss
    x-ray sources sss
    x-ray sources ulxs
    x-ray sources x-ray
    x-ray sources
    x-ray space telescopes
    x-ray space telescope
    x-ray spectra chemical
    x-ray spectra emitted
    x-ray spectra induced
    x-ray spectra measured
    x-ray spectra mediciones
    x-ray spectra observed
    x-ray spectra obtained
    x-ray spectra produced
    x-ray spectra radiated
    x-ray spectra reconstructed
    x-ray spectra reconstruction
    x-ray spectra show
    x-ray spectra x-ray
    x-ray spectral analysis
    x-ray spectral characteristics
    x-ray spectral components
    x-ray spectral correlations
    x-ray spectral energy
    x-ray spectral evolution
    x-ray spectral features
    x-ray spectral fitting
    x-ray spectral images
    x-ray spectral imaging
    x-ray spectral index
    x-ray spectral irradiance
    x-ray spectral lines
    x-ray spectral line
    x-ray spectral measurements
    x-ray spectral microanalysis
    x-ray spectral models
    x-ray spectral model
    x-ray spectral observations
    x-ray spectral parameters
    x-ray spectral properties
    x-ray spectral ranges
    x-ray spectral range
    x-ray spectral regions
    x-ray spectral region
    x-ray spectral shape
    x-ray spectral signatures
    x-ray spectral slope
    x-ray spectral study
    x-ray spectral variability
    x-ray spectral variations
    x-ray spectra
    x-ray spectro-temporal analysis
    x-ray spectro-tomography study
    x-ray spectrochemical analysis
    x-ray spectrometer aexs
    x-ray spectrometer apxs
    x-ray spectrometer based
    x-ray spectrometer c1xs
    x-ray spectrometer d-cixs
    x-ray spectrometer eds
    x-ray spectrometer edx
    x-ray spectrometer instrument
    x-ray spectrometer latest
    x-ray spectrometer onboard
    x-ray spectrometer sxs
    x-ray spectrometer xrs
    x-ray spectrometers apxs
    x-ray spectrometers
    x-ray spectrometric analysis
    x-ray spectrometry eds
    x-ray spectrometry edx
    x-ray spectrometry sem-eds
    x-ray spectrometry sem-edx
    x-ray spectrometry techniques
    x-ray spectrometry x-ray
    x-ray spectrometry
    x-ray spectroscope eds
    x-ray spectroscopic analysis
    x-ray spectroscopic characterization
    x-ray spectroscopic experiments
    x-ray spectroscopic explorer
    x-ray spectroscopic fluorescence
    x-ray spectroscopic imaging
    x-ray spectroscopic measurements
    x-ray spectroscopic observations
    x-ray spectroscopic studies
    x-ray spectroscopic study
    x-ray spectroscopic techniques
    x-ray spectroscopic technique
    x-ray spectroscopy analyses
    x-ray spectroscopy analysis
    x-ray spectroscopy atomic
    x-ray spectroscopy beamline
    x-ray spectroscopy confirmed
    x-ray spectroscopy edax
    x-ray spectroscopy edxs
    x-ray spectroscopy electron
    x-ray spectroscopy experiments
    x-ray spectroscopy instrumentation
    x-ray spectroscopy mapping
    x-ray spectroscopy measurements
    x-ray spectroscopy methods
    x-ray spectroscopy microanalysis
    x-ray spectroscopy mission
    x-ray spectroscopy results
    x-ray spectroscopy revealed
    x-ray spectroscopy reveals
    x-ray spectroscopy scanning
    x-ray spectroscopy sem-eds
    x-ray spectroscopy sem-edx
    x-ray spectroscopy showed
    x-ray spectroscopy shows
    x-ray spectroscopy studies
    x-ray spectroscopy study
    x-ray spectroscopy techniques
    x-ray spectroscopy theory
    x-ray spectroscopy transmission
    x-ray spectroscopy undulator
    x-ray spectroscopy x-ray
    x-ray spectroscopy
    x-ray spectrum analysis
    x-ray spectrum consists
    x-ray spectrum eds
    x-ray spectrum emitted
    x-ray spectrum observed
    x-ray spectrum produced
    x-ray spectrum shows
    x-ray spectrum suggests
    x-ray specular reflectivity
    x-ray spot size
    x-ray stacking analyses
    x-ray standing waves
    x-ray standing wave
    x-ray stimulated raman
    x-ray stopping power
    x-ray storage phosphors
    x-ray storage phosphor
    x-ray storage ring
    x-ray streak cameras
    x-ray streak camera
    x-ray stress analysis
    x-ray stress measurement
    x-ray structural analyses
    x-ray structural analysis
    x-ray structural characterization
    x-ray structural determinations
    x-ray structural determination
    x-ray structural information
    x-ray structural investigations
    x-ray structural investigation
    x-ray structural studies
    x-ray structural study
    x-ray structure analyses
    x-ray structure analysis
    x-ray structure determinations
    x-ray structure determination
    x-ray structure factors
    x-ray structure factor
    x-ray structure refinement
    x-ray structure revealed
    x-ray structure shows
    x-ray structures determined
    x-ray structures show
    x-ray structures suggest
    x-ray studies revealed
    x-ray studies reveal
    x-ray studies showed
    x-ray study shows
    x-ray surface brightness
    x-ray surface flux
    x-ray surface scattering
    x-ray surveillance equipment
    x-ray survey telescope
    x-ray survival characteristics
    x-ray swank factor
    x-ray sxr emission
    x-ray synchrotron beam
    x-ray synchrotron diffraction
    x-ray synchrotron emission
    x-ray synchrotron facilities
    x-ray synchrotron micro-beam
    x-ray synchrotron microtomography
    x-ray synchrotron radiation
    x-ray synchrotron sources
    x-ray synchrotron source
    x-ray synchrotron tomography
    x-ray system measurement
    x-ray tails intracluster
    x-ray talbot interferometry
    x-ray talbot-lau interferometer
    x-ray technicians engaging
    x-ray technology students
    x-ray telescope aboard
    x-ray telescope bbxrt
    x-ray telescope built
    x-ray telescope designed
    x-ray telescope design
    x-ray telescope erosita
    x-ray telescope hxt
    x-ray telescope mirrors
    x-ray telescope mirror
    x-ray telescope mission
    x-ray telescope nixt
    x-ray telescope observations
    x-ray telescope operating
    x-ray telescope sxt
    x-ray telescope system
    x-ray telescope x-ray
    x-ray telescope xrt
    x-ray telescopes chandra
    x-ray telescopes sxts
    x-ray temperature distribution
    x-ray temperature function
    x-ray temperature scaling
    x-ray test facility
    x-ray texture analysis
    x-ray texture goniometry
    x-ray therapy imxt
    x-ray therapy
    x-ray thermal diffuse
    x-ray thermal dominant
    x-ray thickness gauge
    x-ray thomson scattering
    x-ray time explorer
    x-ray timing array
    x-ray timing experiment
    x-ray timing explorer
    x-ray timing loft
    x-ray timing measurements
    x-ray timing mission
    x-ray timing observations
    x-ray tomographic findings
    x-ray tomographic flow
    x-ray tomographic guidance
    x-ray tomographic images
    x-ray tomographic image
    x-ray tomographic imaging
    x-ray tomographic microscopy
    x-ray tomographic perfusion
    x-ray tomography 2d
    x-ray tomography ct
    x-ray tomography images
    x-ray tomography imaging
    x-ray tomography investigations
    x-ray tomography system
    x-ray topographic study
    x-ray topography swbxt
    x-ray torso ct
    x-ray total scattering
    x-ray tracking method
    x-ray transient a0620--00
    x-ray transient absorption
    x-ray transient aquila
    x-ray transient ci
    x-ray transient decays
    x-ray transient detected
    x-ray transient gro
    x-ray transient grs
    x-ray transient igr
    x-ray transient maxi
    x-ray transient monitor
    x-ray transient saxj
    x-ray transient sax
    x-ray transient sfxt
    x-ray transient sources
    x-ray transient source
    x-ray transient swift
    x-ray transient v616
    x-ray transient vfxt
    x-ray transient xmmu
    x-ray transient xte
    x-ray transients grs
    x-ray transients observed
    x-ray transients sfxt
    x-ray transients sxts
    x-ray transients xte
    x-ray transition radiation
    x-ray transition-edge sensor
    x-ray transmission electron
    x-ray transmission grating
    x-ray transmission measurements
    x-ray transmission microscope
    x-ray transmission microscopy
    x-ray transmission microtomography
    x-ray transmission scanning
    x-ray transport optics
    x-ray transport phenomena
    x-ray treatment unit
    x-ray triaxial residual
    x-ray tube analyzer
    x-ray tube based
    x-ray tube current
    x-ray tube design
    x-ray tube heat
    x-ray tube imaging
    x-ray tube operated
    x-ray tube output
    x-ray tube potential
    x-ray tube sources
    x-ray tube source
    x-ray tube target
    x-ray tube transmission
    x-ray tube validacao
    x-ray tube voltages
    x-ray tube voltage
    x-ray tubes
    x-ray turbostatic spacing
    x-ray ultraviolet infrared
    x-ray ulx source
    x-ray undulator beamlines
    x-ray undulator beamline
    x-ray undulator beam
    x-ray undulator radiation
    x-ray undulator source
    x-ray units equipment
    x-ray upper limit
    x-ray variability amplitude
    x-ray variability characteristics
    x-ray variability observed
    x-ray variability study
    x-ray variation statistics
    x-ray volume imaging
    x-ray volumetric imaging
    x-ray voxel monte
    x-ray warm absorbers
    x-ray water window
    x-ray wavelength dispersive
    x-ray wavelength range
    x-ray wavelengths generation
    x-ray x-ray diffraction
    x-ray zone plates
    x-ray zone plate
    x-ray-absorption fine structure
    x-ray-absorption fine-structure exafs
    x-ray-absorption fine-structure measurements
    x-ray-absorption fine-structure xafs
    x-ray-absorption near-edge structure
    x-ray-cured carbon-fiber composites
    x-ray-emitting o-ne-mg-rich ejecta
    x-ray-emitting stars identified
    x-ray-induced antitumor cell-mediated
    x-ray-induced cell death
    x-ray-induced cellular recovery
    x-ray-induced chromosomal damage
    x-ray-induced chromosome aberrations
    x-ray-induced dna base
    x-ray-induced dna damage
    x-ray-induced dna double-strand
    x-ray-induced dna double
    x-ray-induced hela cell
    x-ray-induced mammary cancer
    x-ray-induced mammary carcinogenesis
    x-ray-induced single-strand breaks
    x-ray-induced small-bowel adenocarcinoma
    x-ray-induced specific-locus mutations
    x-ray-induced teratogenic damage
    x-ray-irradiated hypercholesterolemic pigs
    x-ray-irradiated pure csi
    x-ray-photoelectron final-state screening
    x-ray-selected active galactic
    x-ray-sensitive mammalian cell
    x-ray-sensitive storage phosphors
    x-ray-source kurzzeit-roentgenbeugung mit
    x-ray-to-optical flux ratio
    x-rayabsorption fine structure
    x-rays absorptiometry bone
    x-rays absorption study
    x-rays alpha particles
    x-rays atmosphere plaquettaire
    x-rays attenuate testicular
    x-rays bidimensional detectors
    x-rays biological effects
    x-rays calibration facility
    x-rays computed tomographic
    x-rays cosmic rays
    x-rays dose enhancement
    x-rays emission probabilities
    x-rays etude structurale
    x-rays experimental irradiation
    x-rays fel sources
    x-rays fluorescence system
    x-rays fluorescence technique
    x-rays gamma rays
    x-rays induce interallelic
    x-rays induces apoptosis
    x-rays magnetic fields
    x-rays magnetic resonance
    x-rays microtomography determinacao
    x-rays multiple refractive
    x-rays promotes peculiar
    x-rays radiation fields
    x-rays studies dosis
    x-rays surveillance du
    x-rays trigger early
    x-rays ultrastructural studies
    x-region genes transduced
    x-related epigenetic element
    x-shape filtered arc
    x-shaped radio galaxies
    x-shaped radio galaxy
    x-shaped radio sources
    x-shaped radio source
    x-shapes off-axis distortions
    x-shooter science verification
    x-shooting ef eridani
    x-sight lung tracking
    x-sn xiv ions
    x-synthetic aperture radar
    x-to-y gene conversion
    x-type magnetic null
    x-type neutral line
    x-type neutral points
    x-type neutral point
    x-uv fields etude
    x-wand hvoc screening
    x-wind accretion disks
    x-window system version
    x-windows graphical user
    x-windows socket widget
    x-y r-theta hexagonal
    x-y robotic spraying
    x-y translation stage
    x-y-z nodal diffusion
    x-y-z r-theta-z triangular-z
    x-z r-theta-z hexagonal-z
    x-zero resonances
    x09 tilc uc-davis
    x09 x09 tilc
    x09 x10 x10
    x094 irradiation experiment
    x1 evaluation status
    x1 x1 x1
    x1 x2 x3
    x10 ac53 thompsonpaak2006
    x10 ac55 thompsonpaak2006
    x10 bili seismic
    x10 burn cape
    x10 chum boulder
    x10 cjtr conical
    x10 csn1 cuyama
    x10 dqua boulder
    x10 flare unshearing
    x10 gtrg yellowstone
    x10 harb harvest
    x10 kapt karangarua
    x10 p176 codetierracn2008
    x10 p190 potrvlyschcn2005
    x10 p191 potrvlyschcn2005
    x10 p203 maacamacrkcn2007
    x10 pabh paine
    x10 pabh pine
    x10 slid smelter
    x10 tilc uc-davis
    x10 tixi seismic
    x10 upsa yellowstone
    x10 x09 x10
    x10 x10 ac15
    x10 x10 ac77
    x10 x10 bili
    x10 x10 burn
    x10 x10 chum
    x10 x10 cjtr
    x10 x10 dqua
    x10 x10 gmrc
    x10 x10 harb
    x10 x10 kapt
    x10 x10 p203
    x10 x10 pabh
    x10 x10 tilc
    x10 x10 upsa
    x10 x10 x09
    x10 x10
    x10crmovnb9-1 prevision des
    x11 desktop environments
    x11 fuel cells
    x13 straight section
    x15 vehicle test
    x17 superconducting wiggler
    x17b2 beamline synchrotron
    x1x2y sex chromosome
    x2000 power system
    x24c-4b axial-flow turbojet
    x24c-4b turbojet engine
    x25 mini-gap undulator
    x2crnimo17-11-2 aisi 316l
    x32crmov33 hot work
    x3d operational visualization
    x4 hiv-1 transmission
    x4 human immunodeficiency
    x4 primate immunodeficiency
    x4 shivsf33a vaginal
    x46cr13 stainless steel
    x5 critical point
    x5 critical symmetry
    x5 nuclei 150nd
    x5 test facility
    x501 minor actinide
    x51v asus p525
    x52 pipeline steel
    x52 simuladas mediante
    x6 cr ni
    x6 force 15b
    x65 estudio comparativo
    x65 pipeline steel
    x70 em contato
    x70 pipeline steels
    x70 pipeline steel
    x70 steel corrosion
    x7b immobilized-cell system
    x80 linepipe steels
    x80 pipeline steels
    x80 pipeline steel
    x80 pipes curvamento
    x80 psl2 processados
    x80 steel pipes
    x80 steel pipe
    x80 steel welded
    x80 usado em
    xa cleavage site
    xa dependent inhibitor
    xa heparin-binding exosite
    xa inhibition compared
    xa inhibitor approved
    xa inhibitor rivaroxaban
    xa inhibitor ym150
    xa inhibitors rivaroxaban
    xa ket hop
    xa plasma levels
    xa rivaroxaban apixaban
    xa stimulates fibroblast
    xa21 confers resistance
    xa21 transgenic plants
    xa21-mediated disease resistance
    xa21-mediated innate immunity
    xa27 confers enhanced
    xaa-pro peptide bond
    xac biofilm formation
    xac dinh 226ra
    xacpnp deletion mutant
    xact sealant system
    xad resin adsorption
    xad-4 sorbent tubes
    xafs x-ray absorption
    xal adoption experience
    xalatan eye drops
    xanes absorption energies
    xanes analyses showed
    xanes analysis revealed
    xanes analysis showed
    xanes extended x-ray
    xanes results show
    xanes spectra collected
    xanes spectra revealed
    xanes spectra reveal
    xanes spectra showed
    xanes spectra show
    xanes spectroscopy confirmed
    xanes spectroscopy showed
    xanes x-ray absorption
    xano presentation 29jan09
    xantana durante os
    xantana para uso
    xantha obtenu par
    xanthan biopolymers synthesized
    xanthan gum guar
    xanthan gum polymer
    xanthan gum production
    xanthan gum solutions
    xanthan gum solution
    xanthan gum viscosity
    xanthan gum xg
    xanthan gum-chromium acetate
    xanthan gum
    xanthene dyes encapsulated
    xanthene food dyes
    xanthic type obtained
    xanthine amine congener
    xanthine dehydrogenase activity
    xanthine dehydrogenase gene
    xanthine dehydrogenase knock
    xanthine dehydrogenase xdh
    xanthine guanine guanosine
    xanthine oxidade responsible
    xanthine oxidase activities
    xanthine oxidase activity
    xanthine oxidase depletion
    xanthine oxidase enzyme
    xanthine oxidase family
    xanthine oxidase inhibition
    xanthine oxidase inhibitors
    xanthine oxidase inhibitory
    xanthine oxidase inhibitor
    xanthine oxidase xod
    xanthine oxidase xo
    xanthine oxidoreductase activity
    xanthine oxidoreductase expression
    xanthine oxidoreductase xor
    xanthine phosphoribosyl transferase
    xanthine-guanine phosphoribosyl transferase
    xanthine-xanthine oxidase system
    xanthinol niacinate
    xanthium cavanillesii asteraceae
    xanthium strumarium seedlings
    xanthobacter autotrophicus gj10
    xanthobacter autotrophicus gz
    xanthobacter sp strain
    xanthobacter strain py2
    xanthobacter xylophilus sp
    xanthocarpum fruit extract
    xanthoceras sorbifolia bunge
    xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis mimicking
    xanthogranulomatous cholecystitis xgc
    xanthogranulomatous intra-abdominal inflammation
    xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis presenting
    xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis xgpn
    xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis xgp
    xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis xpn
    xanthohumol enhances antiviral
    xanthoma cells observed
    xanthoma disseminatum accentuating
    xanthomonads causing bacterial
    xanthomonas albilineans agente
    xanthomonas albilineans ashby
    xanthomonas alfalfae subsp
    xanthomonas arboricola pv
    xanthomonas axonopodis pathovar
    xanthomonas axonopodis pv
    xanthomonas campestris functions
    xanthomonas campestris global
    xanthomonas campestris pathovar
    xanthomonas campestris pv
    xanthomonas campestris strongly
    xanthomonas citri pv
    xanthomonas citri reveals
    xanthomonas citri ssp
    xanthomonas citri subsp
    xanthomonas elicit plant
    xanthomonas fuscans subsp
    xanthomonas genomics conference
    xanthomonas hyacinthi application
    xanthomonas leaf blight
    xanthomonas oryzae pathovar
    xanthomonas oryzae pv
    xanthomonas oryzae requires
    xanthomonas sp strain
    xanthomonas spp strains
    xanthomonas t3s effector
    xanthomonas translucens pv
    xanthomonas type iii
    xanthomonas vesicatoria em
    xanthomonas virulence factors
    xanthophis hemiptera cicadellidae
    xanthophyll cycle activity
    xanthophyll cycle carotenoids
    xanthophyll cycle pigments
    xanthophyll cycle pigment
    xanthophyll cycle pool
    xanthophyll cycle xc
    xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous mutant
    xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous phaffia
    xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous strains
    xanthopyga harter-marques cunha
    xanthoria elegans link
    xanthorrhizol-curcumin exhibits synergistic
    xanthou rodolfo bracci
    xanthum gum
    xanthurenic acid xa
    xanthurus teleostei tissue
    xanthus exhibits social
    xanthus fruiting body
    xanthus-induced carbonate biomineralization
    xantina oxidorreductasa propiedades
    xap5 circadian timekeeper
    xapr reactor
    xaropes contendo cloridrato
    xas analysis showed
    xas results show
    xas x-ray diffraction
    xavante mato grosso
    xaver von zach
    xavier del bac
    xavier university college
    xb 1916-053 xb
    xb advanced dose
    xb quadricuspid aortic
    xb2o3 glasses system
    xbai pfge patterns
    xbai pulsed-field gel
    xbp-1 regulates signal
    xbp-1s expressing cells
    xbp1 governs late
    xbp1 mrna splicing
    xbp1 regulates innate
    xbridge c18 column
    xbrl extensible business
    xc- cystine transporter
    xcel bladeless trocar
    xcel energy territory
    xco2 tsukuba observational
    xcom photon cross-section
    xcom photon cross
    xcombining tilde1a1 state
    xct induces up-regulation
    xct mrna expression
    xct protein expression
    xct-790 arrests a549
    xdb c18 column
    xdr enterobacteriaceae isolates
    xdr mycobacterium tuberculosis
    xdr tuberculosis tb
    xds computers
    xe 4d hole
    xe arc lamp
    xe cerebral blood
    xe cluster plasma
    xe cs sr
    xe discharge lamp
    xe enhanced ct
    xe flash lamp
    xe gas puff
    xe ion bombardment
    xe ion irradiated
    xe ion irradiation
    xe isotopic abundances
    xe isotopic compositions
    xe isotopic composition
    xe kr ar
    xe nanocrystals embedded
    xe partial pressure
    xe-133 clearance method
    xe-2 reactor
    xe-2100 absolute neutrophil
    xe-filled x-ray microstrip
    xe-prime reactor
    xecl avalanche discharge
    xecl dielectric barrier
    xecl excimer laser
    xecl laser radiation
    xef excimer lasers
    xef excimer laser
    xef laser pumped
    xef laser treatment
    xem ton vn
    xen based virtual
    xen cell lines
    xena warrior princess
    xenarthra dasypodidae estimated
    xenarthra glyptodontoidea hoplophorinae
    xenarthra tardigrada biomechanics
    xenbase gene expression
    xenbiotic metabolising enzymes
    xenicid mutant clones
    xeno-free chemically defined
    xeno-free culture method
    xeno-free defined conditions
    xeno-free human embryonic
    xenobiotic biotransformation system
    xenobiotic carboxylic acids
    xenobiotic compound methyl
    xenobiotic compounds including
    xenobiotic defense systems
    xenobiotic detoxification system
    xenobiotic detoxifying enzymes
    xenobiotic efflux transporters
    xenobiotic induced receptor
    xenobiotic metabolising enzymes
    xenobiotic metabolism cell
    xenobiotic metabolism enzymes
    xenobiotic metabolism genes
    xenobiotic metabolism pathways
    xenobiotic metabolizing arylamine
    xenobiotic metabolizing cytochrome
    xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes
    xenobiotic metabolizing enzyme
    xenobiotic metabolizing genes
    xenobiotic organic chemicals
    xenobiotic organic compounds
    xenobiotic reactive metabolite
    xenobiotic receptor pxr
    xenobiotic receptor sxr
    xenobiotic receptors pregnane
    xenobiotic related genes
    xenobiotic response elements
    xenobiotic response element
    xenobiotic responsive elements
    xenobiotic responsive element
    xenobiotic substrate analogue
    xenobiotic transporter multidrug
    xenobiotic-induced hepatocyte proliferation
    xenobiotic-metabolizing cytochrome p450
    xenobiotic-metabolizing enzyme cyp2a5
    xenobiotic-metabolizing enzymes xmes
    xenobiotic-responsive element controlling
    xenobiotics including drugs
    xenobiotique recalcitrant metabolisme
    xenocryst geotherms techniques
    xenoestrogen biomarker responses
    xenoestrogen technical nonylphenol
    xenoestrogens mechanistic insights
    xenogeneic barrier production
    xenogeneic graft-versus-host disease
    xenogeneic immune response
    xenogeneic orthotopic heart
    xenogeneic stromal environment
    xenogenic acellular collagen
    xenogenic egfr dna
    xenogenic mhc class-i
    xenograft affecting tumor
    xenograft animal models
    xenograft animal model
    xenograft bone plate-screw
    xenograft disease model
    xenograft epidermal growth
    xenograft malignant glioma
    xenograft mice model
    xenograft model conclusion
    xenograft model enabled
    xenograft model methods
    xenograft model results
    xenograft model system
    xenograft model treatment
    xenograft model tumor
    xenograft models expressing
    xenograft models including
    xenograft models results
    xenograft models tested
    xenograft mouse model1
    xenograft mouse models
    xenograft mouse model
    xenograft mouse tumor
    xenograft murine models
    xenograft murine model
    xenograft nude mice
    xenograft nude mouse
    xenograft rejection ahxr
    xenograft transplantation model
    xenograft tumor cells
    xenograft tumor formation
    xenograft tumor growth
    xenograft tumor model1
    xenograft tumor models
    xenograft tumor model
    xenograft tumor mouse
    xenograft tumor tissues
    xenograft tumor tissue
    xenograft tumour model
    xenograft-bearing nude mice
    xenografted fetal dorsal
    xenografted human tumours
    xenografted mouse model
    xenografted nude mice
    xenografted scid mice
    xenografted tumor growth
    xenografted tumor models
    xenografted tumor model
    xenografts bearing nude
    xenografts comparing hypoxia-induced
    xenografts early flare
    xenografts enhances survival
    xenografts tumor growth
    xenolith kaalvallei south
    xenolith record betic
    xenoliths hyblean area
    xenon 109
    xenon 110
    xenon 111
    xenon 112
    xenon 113
    xenon 114
    xenon 115
    xenon 116
    xenon 117
    xenon 118
    xenon 119
    xenon 120
    xenon 121
    xenon 122
    xenon 123 target
    xenon 123
    xenon 124 target
    xenon 124
    xenon 125 target
    xenon 125
    xenon 126 target
    xenon 126
    xenon 127 target
    xenon 127
    xenon 128 target
    xenon 128
    xenon 129 beams
    xenon 129 reactions
    xenon 129 target
    xenon 129
    xenon 130 target
    xenon 130
    xenon 131 beams
    xenon 131 target
    xenon 131
    xenon 132 beams
    xenon 132 reactions
    xenon 132 target
    xenon 132
    xenon 133
    xenon 134 reactions
    xenon 134 target
    xenon 134
    xenon 135
    xenon 136 beams
    xenon 136 reactions
    xenon 136 target
    xenon 136
    xenon 137
    xenon 138
    xenon 139
    xenon 140
    xenon 141
    xenon 142
    xenon 143
    xenon 144
    xenon 145
    xenon 146
    xenon 147
    xenon arc lamps
    xenon arc lamp
    xenon arc light
    xenon avalanche detectors
    xenon binding affinity
    xenon biosensor signal
    xenon bromides
    xenon chemical shift
    xenon chloride excimer
    xenon chlorides
    xenon complexes
    xenon compounds
    xenon computed tomography
    xenon crystalline phases
    xenon ct cbf
    xenon ct cerebral
    xenon ct comparative
    xenon dark matter
    xenon detector calibration
    xenon detector development
    xenon dioxide molecule
    xenon effect
    xenon excimer lamp
    xenon feed system
    xenon filled detectors
    xenon fission radionuclides
    xenon flash lamps
    xenon flash lamp
    xenon flash techniques
    xenon flash tubes
    xenon flow rate
    xenon fluorides
    xenon gamma detector
    xenon gamma-ray imaging
    xenon gamma-ray telescope
    xenon gas diffusion
    xenon gas electroluminescent
    xenon gas mixture
    xenon gas proportional
    xenon gas tpc
    xenon hall thruster
    xenon hollow cathode
    xenon hydrides
    xenon imaging telescope
    xenon inhibits excitatory
    xenon interphase exchange
    xenon iodides
    xenon ion beam
    xenon ion engine
    xenon ion propulsion
    xenon ion system
    xenon ion thrusters
    xenon ion thruster
    xenon ionization chamber
    xenon ionization drift
    xenon ions
    xenon isotope detector
    xenon isotope yields
    xenon isotopes
    xenon isotopic signature
    xenon lamp illumination
    xenon lamp irradiation
    xenon light source
    xenon multi-ionico pulsado
    xenon nmr measurements
    xenon noo auger
    xenon nuclear recoils
    xenon nuclear spins
    xenon observatory exo
    xenon oscillation control
    xenon oscillations
    xenon oxides
    xenon partial pressure
    xenon plasma arc
    xenon plasma dynamics
    xenon positive column
    xenon positron emission
    xenon potential application
    xenon radioisotope camera
    xenon radioisotopes progress
    xenon scintillation light
    xenon short-arc discharge
    xenon short-arc lamp
    xenon spatial oscillations
    xenon spherical samples
    xenon time projection
    xenon tpc zur
    xenon transient simulation
    xenon washout part
    xenon z-pinch plasma
    xenon-129 nuclear magnetic
    xenon-133 inhalation method
    xenon-133 inhalation technique
    xenon-133 inhalation tomography
    xenon-133 ventilation study
    xenon-2 cvx-2 solar
    xenon-based molecular sensors
    xenon-enhanced computed tomography
    xenon-enhanced ct cbf
    xenon10 dark matter
    xenon100 dark matter
    xenonio em reatores
    xenonio plasmatica na
    xenophilus azovorans kf46f
    xenopi na antituberkulotika
    xenopi radiometricke urcovani
    xenopus a6 cells
    xenopus animal caps
    xenopus animal cap
    xenopus c-terminal kinesin-like
    xenopus early development
    xenopus early embryogenesis
    xenopus egg extracts
    xenopus egg extract
    xenopus egg fertilization
    xenopus egg jelly
    xenopus embryonic development
    xenopus fcr family
    xenopus kinesin-like protein
    xenopus laevis a6
    xenopus laevis african
    xenopus laevis amphibia
    xenopus laevis brain
    xenopus laevis daudin
    xenopus laevis development
    xenopus laevis eggs
    xenopus laevis egg
    xenopus laevis embryos
    xenopus laevis embryo
    xenopus laevis frogs
    xenopus laevis frog
    xenopus laevis function
    xenopus laevis gastrulation
    xenopus laevis homologue
    xenopus laevis intestine
    xenopus laevis larvae
    xenopus laevis melanophores
    xenopus laevis metamorphosis
    xenopus laevis mitochondrial
    xenopus laevis morphogenetic
    xenopus laevis oocytes
    xenopus laevis oocyte
    xenopus laevis peripheral
    xenopus laevis pnas-4
    xenopus laevis sperm
    xenopus laevis sumo
    xenopus laevis surface
    xenopus laevis tadpoles
    xenopus laevis tadpole
    xenopus laevis trpv2
    xenopus lmp-7 homologues
    xenopus meiotic microtubule-associated
    xenopus nerve fibres
    xenopus oocyte electrophysiology
    xenopus oocyte expression
    xenopus oocyte extracts
    xenopus oocyte maturation
    xenopus oocyte nuclei
    xenopus oocytes expressing
    xenopus oocytes functional
    xenopus oocytes injected
    xenopus oocytes results
    xenopus oocytes showed
    xenopus primary neurons
    xenopus require myosin
    xenopus retinal axon
    xenopus retinotectal system
    xenopus silurana tropicalis
    xenopus spinal neurons
    xenopus tadpoles neuronal
    xenopus tropicalis early
    xenopus tropicalis embryos
    xenopus tropicalis frog
    xenopus tropicalis genome
    xenorhabdus bovienii ss-2004
    xenorhabdus nematophila lrha
    xenorhabdus nematophilus strain
    xenosensor nuclear receptors
    xenosvesparum insecta strepsiptera
    xenotransplantation products intended
    xenotransplante estado actual
    xenotrasplante renal cerdo-hombre
    xenotrasplante renal cerdo
    xenotropic murine leukaemia
    xenotropic murine leukemia-related
    xenotropic murine leukemia
    xenoturbella bocki phylum
    xenovorans encoding abietane
    xenovorans lb400 harbors
    xeon cpu processor
    xeqf spectroscopy
    xeralto rivaroxaban cardiovascular
    xerelete caranx latus
    xeric regimes
    xero-montane open forest
    xeroderma pigmentoso relato
    xeroderma pigmentosum cells
    xeroderma pigmentosum cell
    xeroderma pigmentosum complementation
    xeroderma pigmentosum fibroblasts
    xeroderma pigmentosum group
    xeroderma pigmentosum human
    xeroderma pigmentosum melanomas
    xeroderma pigmentosum patients
    xeroderma pigmentosum patient
    xeroderma pigmentosum revertant
    xeroderma pigmentosum skin
    xeroderma pigmentosum type-b
    xeroderma pigmentosum type
    xeroderma pigmentosum variant
    xeroderma pigmentosum xp
    xeroderma pigmentosum-type neurological
    xeroderma pigmentosum
    xerogels fotolyuminestsentsiya ionov
    xerohalophytic plants inhabiting
    xerophila didelphimorphia didelphidae
    xerophitic mouse opossum
    xerophyta humilis bak
    xerophyte ammopiptanthus mongolicus
    xerostomia dry mouth
    xerostomia increases esophageal
    xerostomia integrated efficacy
    xerostomia patients agglutination
    xerostomia related quality
    xerostomia tumor control
    xerostomia-related quality-of-life scale
    xerox data systems computers
    xerox palo alto
    xesamo code analisis
    xeus high time
    xeus silicon pore
    xf physical copper
    xf robot total
    xf6f vertical tail
    xfaster power spectrum
    xfc technical development
    xfel undulators impact
    xfy-1 vertically rising
    xg blood group
    xgps galactic plane
    xh-hx hydrogen halide
    xhosa-speaking south african
    xi advanced steam
    xi all-union conference
    xi baryons
    xi boo binary
    xi c neutral baryons
    xi c plus baryons
    xi chemical composition
    xi euv emission
    xi forming fe
    xi gene frequencies
    xi inservice inspection
    xi international congress
    xi miedzynarodowej konferencji
    xi minus particles
    xi minus
    xi molodnaja konferencija
    xi mya2 fused
    xi national conference
    xi neutral particles
    xi neutral
    xi nuclear fission
    xi och karl
    xi particle beams
    xi particles
    xi proceedings geothermal
    xi region chile
    xi reserve fund
    xi stabilizing neutron
    xi stroke time
    xi study dose
    xi uv laser
    xi vocal method
    xi-1530 baryons
    xi-1530 resonances
    xi-1690 baryons
    xi-1820 baryons
    xi-1820 resonances
    xi-1930 resonances
    xi-1940 baryons
    xi-1950 baryons
    xi-2030 baryons
    xi-2030 resonances
    xi-2250 baryons
    xi-2500 baryons
    xia binds specifically
    xia catalyzed activation
    xia xie xin
    xiamen bay china
    xiamen city china
    xiangfeng wu yeming
    xiangjiang river southern
    xiangshan uranium deposit
    xiangxin han xiumin
    xiankuang present situation
    xianshuihe fault zone
    xiao ian abikaasaga
    xiao jialun ji
    xiao ling dan
    xiao qing dao
    xiao-chuan cai editors
    xiao-jie xu yun-hua
    xiao-tian liang wei-shuo
    xiaofang zhou yanchun
    xiaofeng meng jianwen
    xiaohui wu sa
    xiaojiang fault zone
    xiaolangdi reservoir region
    xiaolong qin shin
    xiaomi granules non-roman
    xiaoming guo weihua
    xiaonanhai lithic assemblage
    xiap antisense aeg35156
    xiap inhibitors enhance
    xiap protein levels
    xiap x-linked inhibitor
    xibrom ophthalmic solution
    xie xin decoction
    xifaxan rifaximin tablets
    xii common dataset
    xii gene clinical
    xii international symposium
    xii international winterschool
    xii mit der
    xii molodnaja konferencija
    xii motor nucleus
    xii nerve activity
    xii premotor neurons
    xii proceedings geothermal
    xii science research
    xii world congress
    xiii common dataset
    xiii international conference
    xiii international entomophagous
    xiii international symposium
    xiii international winterschool
    xiii multi-component analysis
    xiii rahvusvaheline konverents
    xiii sauron-galex study
    xiiia dermal dendrocytes
    xiiith european conference
    xiiith international conference
    xiiith international congress
    xiith european congress
    xijiang river basin
    xikuangshan antimony mining
    xileno na regiao
    xilenos btx em
    xilenos em urina
    xilin river basin
    xilin river catchment
    xilinx field programmable
    xilinx spartan 3e
    xilinx sram-based fpga
    xilinx virtex fpgas
    xilinx virtex ii
    xilinx virtex-5 fpga
    ximenia americana aqueous
    xin repeat-containing proteins
    xin wang jari
    xin xi exercise
    xin xiu ben
    xincun bay hainan
    xindong wu ramamohanarao
    xing chen tony
    xing zheng yuan
    xinghuo yu editors
    xinghuo yu jian-xin
    xingu brasil central
    xingu national park
    xingu river basin
    xinhua news agency
    xinjiang autonomous region
    xinjiang china approach
    xinjiang chine approche
    xinjiang north-west china
    xinjiang northwest china
    xinjiang northwestern china
    xinjiang nw china
    xinjiang province china
    xinjiang uighur autonomous
    xinjiang uyghur autonomous
    xinjiang uygur autonomous
    xinxiang county henan
    xio treatment planning
    xiphias gladius frente
    xiphias gladius linnaeus
    xiphinema hunaniense population
    xiphinema krugi species
    xiphopenaeus kroyeri heller
    xiphophorus maculatus guentherpisces
    xiphophorus melanoma receptor
    xishuangbanna southwest china
    xishuangbanna sw china
    xishuangbanna yunnan province
    xist reveals species
    xisto retortado na
    xith danube-european conference
    xith international congress
    xith international symposium
    xiu ben cao
    xiu-tao yang xiao-wei
    xiugen fu jian
    xiumin jiang jianguo
    xiumin liu dechang
    xiuzhen li zhigang
    xiv collagen regulates
    xiv eucarpia congress
    xiv international conference
    xiv international congress
    xiv proceedings keeping
    xiv world congress
    xivth international conference
    xix al xxi
    xix ao xx
    xix caminhos desencontrados
    xix hasta mediadidos
    xix leituras da
    xix los casos
    xix personajes principales
    xix principios del
    xixa social kaleidoscope
    xixi national wetland
    xixth international congress
    xl launch vehicle
    xl mass spectrometer
    xl pipeline project
    xlacs fast resonance
    xlacs xlacs-2 programs
    xlmr genes update
    xlpe cable insulation
    xlr-11 rocket engine
    xlr-99 rocket engine
    xm-one transplantation cross
    xm56 yuma proving
    xma-1 reactor
    xmap bead-based suspension
    xmc mediates xctr1-independent
    xmc-839 automatic gain
    xmc-913 power supply
    xmcd experimental station
    xml adoption framework
    xml based architecture
    xml based interoperability
    xml based protocol
    xml based scientific
    xml based web
    xml bespoke xml
    xml configuration files
    xml document markup language
    xml document type
    xml extensible markup
    xml file format
    xml information retrieval
    xml metadata documents
    xml multidimensional modelling
    xml query languages
    xml retrieval inex
    xml rewriting attacks
    xml schema definition
    xml transfer schema
    xml web services
    xml-based message format
    xml-based multi-agent system
    xml-based natural language
    xml-based search system
    xml-based test development
    xml-based test modelling
    xmm cluster survey
    xmm grating spectrometer
    xmm large scale
    xmm space observatory
    xmm-newton archival study
    xmm-newton bright serendipitous
    xmm-newton cluster structure
    xmm-newton deep survey
    xmm-newton distant cluster
    xmm-newton epic cameras
    xmm-newton epic monte
    xmm-newton epic observation
    xmm-newton european photon
    xmm-newton extended survey
    xmm-newton ii x-ray
    xmm-newton iron line
    xmm-newton long-look observation
    xmm-newton observations reveal
    xmm-newton optical monitor
    xmm-newton reflection grating
    xmm-newton remarkable variability
    xmm-newton rgs spectrum
    xmm-newton satellite spectral
    xmm-newton science archive
    xmm-newton serendipitous source
    xmm-newton serendipitous survey
    xmm-newton slew survey
    xmm-newton wide angle
    xmm-newton wide-field survey
    xmm-newton x-ray detection
    xmm-newton x-ray observations
    xmm-newton x-ray observatories
    xmm-newton x-ray observatory
    xmm-newton x-ray parameters
    xmm-newton xte j1817-330
    xmn1 polymorphic site
    xmr cbxmr systems
    xmr imaging-versus computed
    xmrv xenotropic murine
    xn nuclear reactions
    xn0502 induces cell
    xna game studio
    xo em uma
    xo inhibitor allopurinol
    xo inhibitory activity
    xo-3 exoplanetary system
    xo3 thin films
    xoc degrading microorganism
    xochimilco canals mexico
    xochimilco plots mexico
    xoconostle opuntia joconostle
    xoft axxent electronic
    xopn suppresses pamp-triggered
    xor logic gate
    xp cells
    xp complementation groups
    xp complementation group
    xp operating systems
    xp operating system
    xp professional sp3
    xp programming language
    xp pulsed power
    xp service pack
    xp variant cells
    xp11 translocation renal
    xp21 contiguous gene
    xpa suppressed cells
    xpb core structure
    xpbbin nanoceramic composites
    xpc initiation codon
    xpd asp312asn polymorphism
    xpd helicase family
    xpd helicase structures
    xpd lys751gln polymorphism
    xpd regulates cdk7
    xpd sheds light
    xpd unwinds bubble
    xpdrl project improving
    xpeem avec le
    xpert flu assay
    xpert gbs assay
    xpert mrsa assay
    xpert opinion test
    xpf germline variants
    xpf-ercc1 nuclease contributes
    xplora making science
    xplore restrictions apply
    xplzt xpbbin nanoceramic
    xpm-induced nonlinear phase
    xpo-1 supports primary
    xpr1 cell surface
    xpress point-of-care chemistry
    xpress transfer protocol
    xps analyses revealed
    xps analyses showed
    xps analysis confirmed
    xps analysis results
    xps analysis revealed
    xps analysis showed
    xps analysis shows
    xps analysis suggested
    xps atomic force
    xps attenuated total
    xps auger electron
    xps binding energies
    xps binding energy
    xps contact angle
    xps core level
    xps cyclic voltammetry
    xps depth profiles
    xps depth profile
    xps depth profiling
    xps elemental analysis
    xps energy dispersive
    xps energy-dispersive x-ray
    xps field emission
    xps field-emission scanning
    xps fourier transform
    xps high resolution
    xps inductively coupled
    xps infrared spectroscopy
    xps measurements confirmed
    xps measurements confirm
    xps measurements reveal
    xps measurements showed
    xps measurements show
    xps n2 adsorption-desorption
    xps near-edge x-ray
    xps peak structure
    xps raman spectroscopy
    xps results confirmed
    xps results demonstrated
    xps results revealed
    xps results reveal
    xps results showed
    xps results show
    xps results suggested
    xps results suggest
    xps rutherford backscattering
    xps scanning electron
    xps sem tem
    xps spectra revealed
    xps spectra showed
    xps spectra show
    xps studies reveal
    xps studies showed
    xps studies show
    xps study shows
    xps surface analysis
    xps temperature programmed
    xps tg epr
    xps thermogravimetric analysis
    xps time-of-flight secondary
    xps transmission electron
    xps ultraviolet photoelectron
    xps uv-vis diffuse
    xps uv-vis spectroscopy
    xps valence band
    xps x-ray absorption
    xps x-ray diffraction
    xps x-ray photoelectron
    xpt guanine riboswitch
    xray absorption fine
    xray diffraction xrd
    xray photoelectron spectroscopy
    xray volume imaging
    xrcc1 arg194trp arg280his
    xrcc1 arg280his polymorphism
    xrcc1 arg399gln polymorphism
    xrcc1 gene polymorphisms
    xrcc1 xrcc3 apex
    xrcc3 atpase activity
    xrcc3 dna repair
    xrcc3 genes predictive
    xrcc3 impairs recombination
    xrcc3 t241m polymorphism
    xrcc3 thr241met polymorphism
    xrcc3 thr241met variant
    xrcc3-rad51c complex dynamics
    xrcc6 c1310g polymorphism
    xrct radiochromic film
    xrd analyses confirmed
    xrd analyses revealed
    xrd analyses reveal
    xrd analyses showed
    xrd analyses show
    xrd analysis confirmed
    xrd analysis confirms
    xrd analysis demonstrated
    xrd analysis results
    xrd analysis revealed
    xrd analysis reveals
    xrd analysis scanning
    xrd analysis showed
    xrd analysis shows
    xrd analysis show
    xrd atomic force
    xrd auger electron
    xrd bet sem
    xrd bet surface
    xrd brunauer-emmett-teller bet
    xrd cross-sectional transmission
    xrd differential scanning
    xrd differential thermal
    xrd diffraction peaks
    xrd diffuse reflectance
    xrd dynamic light
    xrd edx sem
    xrd electron diffraction
    xrd electron microprobe
    xrd electron probe
    xrd elemental analysis
    xrd energy dispersive
    xrd energy-dispersive x-ray
    xrd extended x-ray
    xrd fesem tem
    xrd field emission-scanning
    xrd field emission
    xrd field-emission scanning
    xrd fourier transformation
    xrd fourier-transform infrared
    xrd fourier-transformed infrared
    xrd ft-ir sem
    xrd ft-ir spectroscopy
    xrd ft-ir tem
    xrd ft-ir tga
    xrd ftir raman
    xrd ftir sem
    xrd ftir tem
    xrd ftir xps
    xrd high resolution
    xrd high-resolution transmission
    xrd hrtem magnetic
    xrd inductively coupled
    xrd infrared absorption
    xrd infrared ir
    xrd infrared spectroscopy
    xrd ir spectroscopy
    xrd line broadening
    xrd magnetic susceptibility
    xrd measurements revealed
    xrd measurements reveal
    xrd measurements showed
    xrd measurements show
    xrd mechanical properties
    xrd micro-raman spectroscopy
    xrd n2 adsorption-desorption
    xrd n2 adsorption
    xrd n2 physical
    xrd nitrogen adsorption-desorption
    xrd nitrogen adsorption
    xrd optical absorption
    xrd optical microscopy
    xrd particle size
    xrd pattern confirmed
    xrd pattern revealed
    xrd pattern reveals
    xrd pattern showed
    xrd pattern shows
    xrd patterns confirmed
    xrd patterns confirm
    xrd patterns revealed
    xrd patterns reveal
    xrd patterns showed
    xrd patterns show
    xrd peak broadening
    xrd peak intensity
    xrd peak shift
    xrd photoluminescence pl
    xrd powder diffraction
    xrd powder xrd
    xrd profile modeling
    xrd raman scattering
    xrd raman spectra
    xrd raman spectroscopy
    xrd result shows
    xrd results confirmed
    xrd results confirm
    xrd results demonstrate
    xrd results revealed
    xrd results reveal
    xrd results showed
    xrd results shows
    xrd results show
    xrd results suggested
    xrd rietveld refinement
    xrd rocking curves
    xrd rocking curve
    xrd rutherford backscattering
    xrd scanning electronic
    xrd scanning electron
    xrd selected area
    xrd sem bet
    xrd sem eds
    xrd sem edx
    xrd sem ft-ir
    xrd sem ftir
    xrd sem hrtem
    xrd sem tem
    xrd sem uv-vis
    xrd sem xps
    xrd small angle
    xrd specific surface
    xrd spectra showed
    xrd spectra show
    xrd studies confirmed
    xrd studies revealed
    xrd studies reveal
    xrd studies showed
    xrd studies show
    xrd study revealed
    xrd study reveals
    xrd study shows
    xrd surface area
    xrd tem eds
    xrd tem ft-ir
    xrd tem hrtem
    xrd tem n2
    xrd tem raman
    xrd tem sem
    xrd tem xps
    xrd temperature programmed
    xrd thermal analysis
    xrd thermogravimetric analysis
    xrd transmission electron
    xrd uv-vis absorption
    xrd uv-vis diffuse
    xrd uv-vis spectroscopy
    xrd uv-visible spectroscopy
    xrd vibrating sample
    xrd x-ray absorption
    xrd x-ray diffraction
    xrd x-ray fluorescence
    xrd x-ray reflectivity
    xrd xps sem
    xrf analyser af-20
    xrf analytical results
    xrf core scanner
    xrf core scanning
    xrf core scan
    xrf detection limits
    xrf elementos traza
    xrf measurement results
    xrf scanning electron
    xrf theory types
    xrf x-ray diffraction
    xrf x-ray fluorescence
    xrfs galactic binary
    xrj43-ma-3 flight-weight ram-jet
    xrn2 expression contribute
    xronos tasks bins
    xrpd differential scanning
    xrpd scanning electron
    xrqa radiochromic film
    xrs astro-e high
    xrs2 fha domain
    xrt ccd camera
    xrt induced xerostomia
    xs inr measurements
    xscan linear detector
    xsd scientific software
    xsdrn multigroup cross-sections
    xsno2-1-xalpha-fe2o3 nanopowders prepared
    xstar photoionization code
    xsub 2bc van
    xt-ads core design
    xt-ads lessons learned
    xt5 systems ddt
    xt5 systems totalview
    xtag respiratory viral
    xtag rvp fast
    xte j1701-407 integral
    xte j1739-302 igr
    xte x-ray spectrometer
    xterra ms c18
    xth gene products
    xth international congress
    xth international workshop
    xtl technologies analysis
    xtreme computed tomographic
    xtreme everest expedition
    xtt reduction assay
    xu seiya ogawa
    xu ying-mei qi
    xu yun-hua ye
    xuan wei china
    xuan wei county
    xuan wei women
    xuanwei china retrospective
    xuanwei lung adenocarcinoma
    xuat cac tinh
    xue hua-qing li
    xue hui zhu
    xue xue bao
    xuefu zhuyu decoction
    xuelong snow dragon
    xuena wang kith
    xul nu bar
    xushen gas field
    xut bia ghi
    xuthus lepidoptera papilionidae
    xuv attosecond pulse
    xuv free-electron laser-based
    xuv free-electron lasers
    xuv free-electron laser
    xuv frequency combs
    xuv frequency comb
    xuv high harmonic
    xuv laser fields
    xuv laser pulses
    xuv pulse interactions
    xuv pulses etude
    xuv spectral range
    xuv spectral region
    xuv transition arrays
    xuv-pulse eines freie-elektronen
    xv biological characteristics
    xv eucarpia congress
    xv european congress
    xv figo world
    xv international conference
    xv international congress
    xv international ecdysone
    xv pan american
    xv phospholipase a2
    xv rcnp osaka
    xv sobre las
    xv-15 flight test
    xv-15 tilt rotor
    xv-15 tilt-rotor aircraft
    xv-15 tiltrotor aircraft
    xvi agency processes
    xvi al xx
    xvi alternative designs
    xvi calorimetric determination
    xvi electrochromatographic separations
    xvi emission lines
    xvi induces formation
    xvi infrared stars
    xvi international conference
    xvi international congress
    xvi international winterschool
    xvi kazimierz meeting
    xvi spie-ieee wilga
    xvii del tratado
    xvii international aids
    xvii phosphorus compoundsas
    xviii 5-arylfuran-2-carboxylic acids
    xviii agricultural research
    xviii operative treatment
    xviith iea world
    xviith international congress
    xvith international conference
    xvth european congress
    xvth international conference
    xvth international congress
    xx animal models
    xx brazilian workshop
    xx em portugal
    xx forestal- maderera
    xx hawt aerodynamics
    xx large xxx
    xx olhares diversos
    xx sajandi pingpongi-diplomaatia
    xx sex reversal
    xx spin chains
    xx true hermaphrodites
    xx true hermaphroditism
    xx xx xx
    xxi analyses division
    xxi annual meeting
    xxi battle command
    xxi century proceedings
    xxi enfoque na
    xxi international conference
    xxi kongress barcelonas
    xxi notas desde
    xxi sajand kaitseknkal
    xxi sobre los
    xxi veka materialy
    xxie siecle beijing
    xxii line ratios
    xxiii phase iii
    xxiii phase ii
    xxiii prnu rahvusvahelist
    xxiiird scientific meeting
    xxiind annual meeting
    xxiv alkali metal
    xxiv international congress
    xxiv polimery perrenatov
    xxiv xxv xxvi
    xxix international congress
    xxt1 xxt2 double
    xxt2 double mutant
    xxth international congress
    xxv aniversario del
    xxv annual day
    xxvi absorption line
    xxvi international cosmic
    xxvi international horticultural
    xxvii international horticultural
    xxviii bk pegasi
    xxvth ieee-spie symposium
    xxx congresso nazionale
    xxx spin chain
    xxx xxx xxx
    xxxi xxxii xxxiii
    xxxiv arcal project
    xxxix part ii
    xxxv special session
    xxxv terrestrial planets
    xxxvi syntaxonomical disposal
    xxxviii stellar radial
    xxxx american chemical
    xxz chain close
    xxz heisenberg chain
    xxz scalar products
    xxz spin chains
    xxz spin chain
    xy germ cells
    xy gonadal dysgenesis
    xy hermaphrodite treated
    xy identificando pacientes
    xy individual caused
    xy nile tilapia
    xy partial gonadal
    xy pure gonadal
    xy sex reversal
    xy spin chains
    xy spin chain
    xy spin glass
    xy spin model
    xy spin systems
    xy spin-chain systems
    xy1y2 sex chromosome
    xyce parallel electronic
    xyce users guide
    xyl1-expressing saccharomyces cerevisiae
    xylan delignification process
    xylan esterase ii
    xylan-based nanoparticles prodrugs
    xylanase 11-a ctx
    xylanase 11-a gene
    xylanase ii xyn2
    xylanase inhibitor protein
    xylanase pectinase alpha-amylase
    xylanase production strain
    xylanase xyn11a contributes
    xylanase-ferulic acid esterase
    xylanilyticus gh-51 arabinofuranosidase
    xylanolytic bacterium isolated
    xylanolytic gene cluster
    xylanolytic-cellulolytic enzyme system
    xylaria sp xylariaceae
    xylariaceae ascomycota including
    xylarioid entonaema species
    xylarioides sensu lato
    xylazine safety stability
    xyleborinus saxesenii ratzeburg
    xyleborus glabratus coleoptera
    xyleborus glabratus eichhoff
    xylella fastidiosa almond
    xylella fastidiosa antioxidant
    xylella fastidiosa avaliacao
    xylella fastidiosa causal
    xylella fastidiosa correlations
    xylella fastidiosa details
    xylella fastidiosa detection
    xylella fastidiosa genes
    xylella fastidiosa gene
    xylella fastidiosa growing
    xylella fastidiosa includes
    xylella fastidiosa infecting
    xylella fastidiosa infection
    xylella fastidiosa isolated
    xylella fastidiosa isolates
    xylella fastidiosa prophage-like
    xylella fastidiosa strains
    xylella fastidiosa subspecies
    xylella fastidiosa subsp
    xylella fastidiosa wells
    xylella fastidiosa xf
    xylem aba concentration
    xylem cell differentiation
    xylem cell types
    xylem cell wall
    xylem development final
    xylem fiber differentiation
    xylem gene sets
    xylem hydraulic conductance
    xylem hydraulic conductivity
    xylem irx mutants
    xylem parenchyma cells
    xylem pressure potentials
    xylem pressure potential
    xylem ray parenchyma
    xylem sap aba
    xylem sap collected
    xylem sap composition
    xylem sap flow
    xylem sap flux
    xylem sap nitrogen
    xylem sap ph
    xylem sap proteins
    xylem sap proteome
    xylem sap retrieval
    xylem transported protein
    xylem vessel differentiation
    xylem vessel element
    xylem vessel occlusion
    xylem vessels
    xylem water content
    xylem water leaf
    xylem water potentials
    xylem water potential
    xylem water transport
    xylem-based chemical conditions
    xylem-limited bacterial pathogen
    xylem-limited bacterium xylella
    xylemanatomyof betulapendula rothsaplings
    xylene btex compounds
    xylene exposed drosophila
    xylene isomers btex
    xylene-induced ear edema
    xylene-induced mouse ear
    xylenes composites present
    xylenol gel chemical
    xylenol gel dosimeter
    xylenol gel dosimetry
    xylenol gel fxg
    xylenol gel measurements
    xylenol orange xo
    xylenol orange-feiii complex
    xylenol orange
    xyli subsp cynodontis
    xyli subsp xyli
    xylidine-polluted groundwater purification
    xylina multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus
    xylinum synthesized microbial
    xylitol chewing gum
    xylitol dehydrogenase activity
    xylitol dehydrogenase ec
    xylitol dehydrogenase gene
    xylitol dehydrogenase xdh
    xylitol dehydrogenase xyl2
    xylitol gum group
    xylitol pediatric topical
    xylitol production rate
    xylitol volumetric productivity
    xylobiose xylotriose xylotetraose
    xylogalacturonan xylosyltransferase involved
    xyloglucan endotransglucosylase xet
    xyloglucan endotransglycosylase 16a
    xyloglucan endotransglycosylase xet
    xyloglucan endotransglycosylases xets
    xyloglucan mobilization-related genes
    xyloglucan-specific carbohydrate binding
    xylophilus nematoda parasitaphelenchidae
    xylopia brasiliensis spreng
    xylopia emarginata annonaceae
    xylopia langsdorffiana annonaceae
    xylosandrus crassiusculus motschulsky
    xylosandrus germanus blandford
    xylose alcoholic fermentation
    xylose consumption rates
    xylose consumption rate
    xylose fermenting insect-inhabitingyeast
    xylose fermenting saccharomyces
    xylose fermenting yeast
    xylose galactose mannose
    xylose isomerase gene
    xylose isomerase pathways
    xylose isomerase pathway
    xylose isomerase xi
    xylose isomerase xyla
    xylose isomerase xylulokinase
    xylose lysine deoxycholate
    xylose lysine desoxycholate
    xylose mannose galactose
    xylose mannose glucose
    xylose metabolic pathway
    xylose mother liquor
    xylose reductase ec
    xylose reductase gene
    xylose reductase helps
    xylose reductase xr
    xylose reductase xyl1
    xylose reductase xylitol
    xylose uptake rate
    xylose utilization gene
    xylose utilization pathway
    xylose-fermenting mutant yeast
    xylose-fermenting saccharomyces cerevisiae
    xylose-fermenting yeast pichia
    xylose-treated soybean meal
    xylose-utilizing saccharomyces cerevisiae
    xylosoxidans copper nitrite
    xylosoxidans subsp denitrificans
    xylostella diamondback moth
    xylostella larvae reveals
    xylostella lepidoptera plutellidae
    xylostella lepidoptera yponomeutidae
    xylostella linnaeuslepidoptera plutellidae
    xylosylphosphotransferase activity discovered
    xylosyltransferase genes results
    xylotrophic mycobacterial community
    xylulokinase improves xylose
    xyrem abuse misuse
    xyrichthys novacula pisces
    xyrichtys novacula labridae
    xyy karyotype
    xyz tristimulus values