Dr. Walter L. Warnick
has been the Director of the Department of Energy's (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) since January 1997. In this capacity, he is responsible for DOE's Scientific and Technical Information (STI) program. This year, he received the Department of Energy Information Technology Quality Award for Executive Leadership.

Dr. Warnick joined the Office of Energy Research (now the Office of Science) where he gained knowledge of the research portfolio of the Department as he and his group organized and conducted intensive peer reviews of research projects across DOE.  Concurrent with this activity, he collaborated with other federal agencies of the National Acid Precipitation Assessment Program, where he was an influential member of the interagency teams that cooperatively designed and managed the research program and science assessments.

Since becoming Director of OSTI, Dr. Warnick has championed an aggressive effort to capitalize on technological advances in the Information Age. During his tenure, ground breaking new products such as PubSCIENCE, the PrePRINT Network, the DOE Information Bridge, and EnergyFiles Virtual Library of Energy Science and Technology Information have made information access quicker, cheaper, more convenient and more complete than ever before. In December 2000, PubSCIENCE was recognized by DOE as one of its 100 best scientific and technological accomplishments this century. Under Dr. Warnick's leadership, OSTI is also actively pursuing his vision to build a Physical Sciences Information Infrastructure. 

Dr. Warnick obtained a bachelor's degree in engineering science from The Johns Hopkins University, and MS and PhD degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Maryland.