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About is an official website of the U.S. government providing ready access to the massive stores of federally funded scientific research results, without needing to know which agency funded the research. Research results include scientific and technical reports, peer-reviewed scholarly publications, digital data, software, conference presentations and proceedings, and other scientific and technical information that federal agencies publish resulting from their research investments.

Originally launched in 2002, searches content from across multiple federal agencies that fund scientific research and provides top-level results from those agencies, where users get the most relevant results for the information they search. Unlike typical web-based search engines that crawl and index web content at unknown frequencies, uses a search technology that retrieves results in real-time. This ensures that the most recent content is available for search and retrieval by

The latest version of is in BETA which means that there are many new website features, but also that certain features are being optimized. Key features include: is overseen by CENDI, an interagency working group of senior scientific and technical information managers representing the majority of the federal R&D budget.

If you would like to provide us feedback or have questions while the site is in BETA, please Contact Us.