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The following resources provide additional information relevant to topics that were discussed at the April 2001 Workshop on "Strengthening the Public Information Infrastructure for Science."

Workshop Report on a Future Information Infrastructure for the Physical Sciences (the "Trivelpiece Report"), July 2000,*

NSF's NSDL Projects

Digital Libraries: Universal Access to Human Knowledge, Feb. 9, 2001, PITAC Digital Libraries Panel, Download Adobe PDF Reader

"Searching the Deep Web: Directed Query Engine Applications at the Department of Energy," D-Lib Magazine, January 2001,

Dr. Vannevar Bush, "As We May Think" July 1945,

1991 Report of the APS Task Force on Electronic Information Systems ("the Loken report"),

"Information Technology Research: Investing in Our Future," February 1999, President's Information Technology Advisory Committee,

*Also see "History" from May 2000 Workshop at for additional resources]




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